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Holy shit, it's new thread time. Wow. Perfect time for a revival, I guess.

Hey folks, I started writing this again. Hopefully I can make it to the end of a chapter this time, at least.


[x] Demonology

“Here, first.” You point to the section marked ‘demonology’. Your only knowledge of demons so far is hearsay, so in dealing with the real thing you should get some hard facts. Nothing is more dangerous than a bad assumption.

“O'l med imdoviru telwevdyjri hods dsi bovitdoem dson on dygomk...” Muttering this, the woman snaps her fingers, and the wood panel the two of you are on rises off the floor and drifts out among the labyrinthian shelves.

You gaze at the card-map in fascination as you travel, watching the sketch move and flow from all angles. Eventually, the disembodied floor stops by a group of shelves, and attaches itself, seeming to grow together at the seam.

To describe the feeling of the place as “magical” would give it too much of a positive connotation. The air could only be described as “sinister,” with a hint of “seductive” lingering around the edges. Your guide seems uncomfortable, too.

After a moment of hesitation, you reach out and pull a rather heavy tome. The letters on the side say, to the best of your knowledge, “The illustrated index of occult beings.” The women groans as you sit cross legged on the ground and pry the stiff book open.

“Zand... zand, nod dsivi ymb bem'd lygi ymu meoni ev watg ymudsomk af, yrvoksd? Nsod, dson on hsu I sydi jiomk y deav kaobi.” She says, pinching the bridge of her nose. You nod absently, not really listening. With a sigh, she snaps her fingers again, and floats off among the bookcases.

The book consumes your attention completely. Most of the words meanings’ have to be deciphered from context, and large passages are written in a variety of foreign languages, but the parts you can read you hungrily commit to memory. There are pictures, too- most of warped, monstrous shapes, or vaguely humanoid figures with the features of animals. Opposite most pictures is an ominous circle, containing stars, words, skulls, and unintelligible symbols. Presumably, some method of summoning? Sealing?

As you turn another page, you come across a strikingly familiar portrait- in fact, you would say it looks almost exactly like the woman who had just left- sans clothing, and with an admittedly larger bust. It is undoubtedly, though, a member of the same species. Curious, you attempt to read the name written under it.


You scowl, and touch your throat.


...Something’s wrong. Your lungs are working, your tongue is moving, but despite that, not a single sound escapes your lips. Feeling a chill, you close the book, and try to stand up- only to discover that while you sat, the floorboards had grown up around your legs, fresh wood binding them to the ground.

1 11 21 1211 111221

Deep breathing. Keep your pulse in check.

312211 13112221 1113213211

Your legs are stuck to the platform. You can’t speak, shout, or otherwise make noise with your mouth. Your belt, pants, and socks are intact, but not your shoes or shirt. Your pockets are empty except for the map card Patchouli gave you. The bookshelves are within reach, as is the book you have been reading.

[ ] Write-in (intention + method)
[ ] {Skip this!}


I sat there wondering "what would he do?" for about a half hour, then realized I could go straight to the source. If this seems like a stupid choice, though, I'll just skip ahead a little bit.
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(what is this story about already? I forgot)

[x] Your leg can't move? Bah. You arms are still fine! Use them! Crawl to the woman, and try to write something on a paper to gain her attention!
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Oh, right:

Obligatory link to first thread: >>42210

Your legs are actually bound to the library platform by the wood itself, and Koakuma has been gone since you started reading the book.

Also, damn, I forgot to put italics on the demon-language. I am getting lazy or forgetful or something!
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Huh... so Koa can use stuff like that without the target actually understanding the words. Interesting to know.


Except that the floor has grown AROUND his legs. It's not that he just can't use them, it's that he's actually restrained.

[X] Try to see if you can make any noise at all to signal for help. Clap your hands, bang on the book, the floor...
-[X] If it works, try to be as loud as you can to get someone to come by.
-[X] If it doesn't work... panic.
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er... minor amendment... no banging on the book. I doubt Koa or Patchy would be all that happy with that...
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I'm not entirely comfortable with the direction this is taking...
Just...just, sit there and don't make noise or fuck anything up, alright? Shit, this is why E(I?) hate being a tour guide.
Either Koa is to blame for some of this, or she knew about the book and didn't bother telling us about it, since we haven't paid her cipher any attention yet. Anyways,

[X] Crack your memory about the book and see if you can figure out what went wrong.

Don't open the book again, just in case it is to blame.
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[x] Grab bookshelf with arms, lift yourself up.

The floorboards have grown around our legs, however, we can visually see our pants and socks. This suggests that our legs are not completely covered at this moment, and we should be able to lift and wriggle ourselves out of this entrapment before we are completely ensealed. If that fails, I suppose we can try and break it away.
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You can see your socks because you are sitting cross legged. It will probably become very uncomfortable after a few hours, should you remain stuck.
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[X] Crack your memory about the book and see if you can figure out what went wrong.
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>>45325 here. Don't want to erase my old post, because... because.

New vote:
[X] Crack your memory about the book and see if you can figure out what went wrong.

Sorry, I kinda missed the problem, officer.
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Deleted out of shame
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Thanks for taking the time to translate that gobbledegook though. It's actually really helpful when you guys do it. You were just a little slow this time.
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[x] Try to pry yourself out of the floor. Hopefully the wood is at least a little bendy.
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[X] Crack your memory about the book and see if you can figure out what went wrong.

wins. Somehow, I had failed to notice that I had more than two votes in my thread.

Maybe I'm going senile?
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