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45012 No. 45012
You’re a dead man. But….

If you’re going to die, you might as well go out in a blaze of glory, staying true to your beliefs.

Maintaining the falsetto, you continue, “That is not all. You are all behaving in a manner unfit for members of a noble house. Come with me, so that I may rectify it. The murder can wait, manners come first.”

Dead silence. Then, an indignant snort comes from behind you. “My voice does not sound like that.”

You smile in spite of the peril. “But you’re not denying the content, are you?”

A small hand shoves you aside rather roughly. “Out of the way, you oaf,” says Remilia. “Let me show you how this game is really played. And as your punishment… you get to be the corpse.”

“In real life or the game?”


“Does this mean we’re all going to play?” asks Flandre, eyes shining. She looks delighted.

“Yes,” answers your eldest sister. “And then I’ll properly punish Wallachia. But until then, we’ll all play together.”

Forty-five minutes later, the murderer is revealed. As you had privately guessed, it was Remilia. The revelation was followed by a grand fight where all the remaining residents of the mansion banded together to fight the evil vampiress. And you almost had her, had she not pointed out that Koakuma could be re-summoned. That was embarrassing, but such is life.

“That was fun.” You say to Remilia outside Flandre’s door.

“Yes, it was. How many years has it been since we all played together like that?” she responds.

“…Too many. Far too many.”

“…You’re thinking about something unpleasant again, aren’t you?”

You look at her. “Am I that easy to read?”

She shrugs. “Generally. But if you’re thinking about what I think you’re thinking about, then there’s no point to it. What’s done is done, and you’re here now. And that’s what matters.”

Yuyuko said something along those lines, didn’t she? “I’m surprised. I’d never expect to hear you say something so optimistic.”

Your sister sighs. “I’m not that cynical. And never about family. Family is important,” She smiles slightly, a hint of mischief dancing in her eyes. You gulp. That’s never a good sign. “Prepare yourself, brother.”

“Wha-?” *THWUMP* “Grk!”

Remilia removes her fist from your stomach, and you fall to one knee. “Your punishment for mocking me. You should be glad— you’re getting off lightly.”

In spite of the pain, you smirk. “How kind.”

She laughs a bit. “I am truly overflowing with kindness,” she puts a finger to her lips. ”In fact, I think I’ll go share some of my kindness with Reimu.”

Poor Reimu, you think (but you don’t say so out loud because you are not suicidal). “Have fun, then. Oh, are you taking Sakuya along?”

“Yes, I am. Why?”

“I have something I need to tell her.”

“What is it?” asks Sakuya. From behind you.

After a mild heart attack, you reply, “The kappa will be delivering some materials tomorrow for a project Patchouli and I are working on.”

Remilia’s eyes brighten. “Ah? What is it?”

“I’m teaching her alchemy.”

Your sister deflates. “That’s not interesting at all.”

Sakuya smiles. “Well, thanks for telling me. With that, mistress, shall we be off?”

“Yes, yes, let’s go!”

And off they go. Now would be a good time to check on Patchouli. But you’re also slightly hungry. Maybe you should get something to eat….

[x] Head to the library.
[x] Head to the kitchen.
>> No. 45013
[+]Swing by the library & see if Patchouli or Koakuma are hungry
[+]Obtain eats regardless
[+]Back to el biblioteca para cualquier
>> No. 45014
[x] Head to the kitchen.

Nom nom nom.

>Remilia removes her fist from your stomach, and you fall to one knee.

Playing with Flan made this worth it.

Remilia seems to have calmed down a lot from since Wally lived with her.
>> No. 45015
[X] Head to the kitchen.

Wait, do vampires need food, or is it just a coping mechanism that becomes habit over time?

Either way, one must not deny oneself the pleasures of eating delicious pudding confectioneries or whatever Remilia has stockpiled in the fridge.
>> No. 45016
The way I see it, they don't need to eat as long as they have a stable blood supply, but eating normal food takes care of any hunger they may feel. At least, that's how I'm writing it.
>> No. 45017
[+]Swing by the library & see if Patchouli or Koakuma are hungry
[+]Obtain eats regardless
[+]Back to el biblioteca para cualquier
>> No. 45018
[x] Swing by the library & see if Patchouli or Koakuma are hungry.
[x] Obtain eats regardless.
[x] Back to el biblioteca para cualquier.

This works.
>> No. 45019
>el biblioteca para cualquier

>> No. 45020
It's Spanish for 'the library for whatever'.

Sorry about that. Roommate asked me how to say something and I was typing at the same time so it wound up like that. Hadn't realized what I'd done.
>> No. 45022
Actually it's "the library for any"

You translated literally.

Correct would be "a la biblioteca [por lo que sea/cualquier razón]"

Sage for offtopic. It just caught my eye.
>> No. 45023
[x] Head to the library.

still recovering from wally's oh shit reaction when he figured that remilia's behind him, great stuff and funny
>> No. 45024
>literal translation
And that's why I stopped doing them off-hand & without thought.
>> No. 45025
[x] Head to the library.
>> No. 45026
[x] Head to the library.
>> No. 45028
[x] Head to the library.
>> No. 45029
[┼]Swing by the library & see if Patchouli or Koakuma are hungry
[┼]Obtain eats regardless
[┼]Back to el biblioteca para cualquier
>> No. 45031
[x] Head to the kitchen.
>> No. 45040
I need a few more votes, guys. Two of the options are tied.
>> No. 45041
[x] Head to the kitchen.
>> No. 45044
inb4 we miss a chance with Patchy
>> No. 45045
[X] Head to the kitchen.

A chance for what? Is she about to keel over and die?
>> No. 45049
Head to the kitchen it is.

... But it's going to be a week or two before I have a chance to write-- I have a paper I need to work on. But those usually turn out all right, so it's not going to be much of a delay.
>> No. 45055
Actually, I can fit in a really short update in the next day or two.
>> No. 45059
File 130142394324.jpg- (42.81KB , 300x225 , walk-in-fridge.jpg ) [iqdb]
Patchouli is fine on her own. In that case, it’s food time.

Opening the door to the ‘fridge’, you walk in, taking stock of the inventory. This is amazing— there’s nearly every ingredient imaginable. You could even go all out....

[x] Go all out. (reuben sandwich)
[x] Hold back a bit. (omelet)
[x] Keep it simple. (BLT)

Told you it'd be short. Also, I may be somewhat biased towards some of the options.
>> No. 45060
[X] Keep it simple. (BLT)

Nothing big because Remilia may insist on a proper meal when she gets back.
>> No. 45061
[x] Hold back a bit. (omelet)

Going more by personal preference on this one. I love omelets.
>> No. 45062
[+] Keep it simple. (BLT)
>> No. 45063
[x] Egg

Did you anons forget who once cooked in this mansion that one time?

They were touched by his brilliance, and thus all eggs cooked in this esablishment become the best goddam eggs ever.
>> No. 45064
Wally had eggs last time he ate. Give the man some variety.
>> No. 45065
I forgot, sorry.
>> No. 45066
[x] Go all out. (reuben sandwich)
>> No. 45067
>the best goddam eggs ever.
So you're saying he should meet Utsuho & befriend her via the power of egg?
>> No. 45068
[x] Go all out. (reuben sandwich)
>> No. 45069
[x] Go all out. (reuben sandwich)
>> No. 45076
[x] Go all out. (Dagwood sandwich)

If you're going to "go all out," then go all out.
>> No. 45080
File 130146420429.jpg- (23.22KB , 300x375 , dagwood.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go all out. (Dagwood sandwich)
I was looking at this thinking, that I have no idea what it is. That reuben thing too.
>> No. 45081
A reuben is a hot sandwich consisting of grilled rye, pastrami, sauerkraut, Russian or Thousand Island dressing, and swiss cheese. A well made one is something to cherish.
>> No. 45082
Also, I might not accept the Dagwood option. That thing is almost painful to look at.
>> No. 45086
›No one read the first CYOA to give birth to this site.
there is no image for my dissapointment right now.
>> No. 45090
Some have and think it's stupid to put eggs JUST because "lol it was in WUiG Herp derp".
>> No. 45093
[X] Go all out. (reuben sandwich)

I made a personal oath to never ignore a reuben, including fictional ones.
>> No. 45094
[X] Hold back a bit. (Omelet Du Fromage)

Yes, I went there.
>> No. 45095
[x] Hold back a bit.
>> No. 45109
The paper is nearly done! Give me another week, and I'll whip up a nice, hot, fictional reuben.
>> No. 45110

>> No. 45149
Well, that was odd. Either way, writing begins sometime in the next 2 to 3 days.
>> No. 45173
Ugh... no motivation. Let me get through to Wednesday, and I'll make myself work.
>> No. 45200
You were saying...?
>> No. 45204
File 130340899142.jpg- (254.54KB , 1200x1700 , 1282672313017.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yes, that sounds good. You haven’t had a Reuben in a while, and all the ingredients are here. Selecting what you need, you get to work.

It’s done, but….

You might have gone a bit overboard. That’s a pretty big sandwich, and you’re not that hungry. Hey, maybe Patchouli would like half of it.

The kitchen door opens then, revealing… speak of the devil.

“Sakuya… oh, there you are, Wallace,” says Patchouli, looking faintly confused. “Have you seen Sakuya?”

“Yes, she left a little while ago with Remilia. They’ve gone to visit Reimu.” You get the feeling that what you’re witnessing— Patchouli coming out of the library— is a rarity.

“Oh. I was in the mood for a snack. I wish they’d told me they were heading out.”

“Well,” you say. “I might have a solution to your problem. You see, I’ve made a sandwich, and I don’t think I can finish it alone. Would you like to have half?”

The librarian looks at the sandwich in question. “…It looks good. What is it?”

You smile. “This, my dear, is a Reuben. Grilled rye, hot pastrami, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, and Swiss cheese; all combined into heaven on a plate. It is one of my favorite meals, and one of the few things I’m certain I can cook well.”

The corners of Patchouli’s mouth curl up faintly. “Then I’ll have some.”

Your heart skips a beat. That’s a nice smile. “Thank you. Well then, where should we eat? The dining room, or the library?”

“…Let’s eat in the dining room. I’ll bring up my books.”

“Alright. Ah, do you know where the plates are?”


After a few minutes of searching, you find the plates. A few more minutes, and the two of you are sitting in the dining room, eating and discussing alchemy.

You’re in the middle of describing one of your favorite aspects of the practice, when Patchouli looks over your shoulder. “Flandre?”

You turn. Sure enough, there’s your sister. She looks like she’s about to cry, and you soon notice why; she’s holding some multi-colored shards in her hands, most likely from her… yep, some of her wing crystals are missing or broken. “I’m sorry, Wally. I tripped and fell, and broke them.”

“Well first off, are you okay otherwise?” You ask. She nods. “Then it’s fine. Everything breaks, and I’m surprised that they’ve lasted so long. I’ll make….” You trail off as a thought occurs to you. “Patchouli.”

The librarian blinks. “Yes?”

“You’ve progressed faster than I’ve expected. Either it’s too early for what I’m about to propose, or it’s just the right time,” you smile. “Why don’t you alchemize the crystals?”

Patchouli’s eyes shine slightly. “May I?”

Flandre pouts slightly. “But I want Wally to do it…”

[x] Convince Flandre to let Patchouli do it.
[x] Do it yourself as a demonstration to Patchouli.
>> No. 45205
urrrghh a pouting imouto

how bout do half n half maybe...
>> No. 45206
[X] Convince Flandre to let Patchouli do it.
-[X] Though do half yourself as a demonstration to Patchouli.

Why not both?
>> No. 45207
[X] Convince Flandre to let Patchouli do it.
-[X] Though do half yourself as a demonstration to Patchouli

This seems like it'll work.
>> No. 45208
[x] Convince Flandre to let Patchouli do it.
-[x] Though do half yourself as a demonstration to Patchouli.

This will either fail spectacularly or work quite well.
>> No. 45210
[x] Convince Flandre to let Patchouli do it.
-[x] Though do half yourself as a demonstration to Patchouli.
>> No. 45211
[x] Do it yourself as a demonstration to Patchouli.

Half is pretty dangerous. When doing things that can be dangerous, it is best to make sure all of it is done by the one person.
>> No. 45212
[x] Convince Flandre to let Patchouli do it.
-[x] Remain close at hand in case something goes wrong.
>> No. 45213
[X] Convince Flandre to let Patchouli do it.

She needs the experience, and Wally can take over if she has problems.

Also, I hate write-ins that are blatant attempts to "have your cake and eat it too." Quit being wishy-washy, Anon. Need I remind you of the times it has backfired spectacularly?
>> No. 45214
[x] Do it yourself as a demonstration to Patchouli.
Yeah, let's not take chances here.
>> No. 45215
I don't see why it's so bad in this case and only bad or new writers cause those things to backfire; good ones just say something like "that isn't allowed"

Watching Wally in action would give Patchouli a better idea of what to do, and let's not forget that Patchouli is a experienced magician so I doubt it'd be that hard for her to grasp.
>> No. 45216

There is no indication that Patchouli is someone who can pick up something straight away. In fact, Patchouli seems more like a methodical learner than anything else.

She may be ready to attempt the process on her own, with supervision. But having half the process done by one person and the other half by the other is best done when both people have a lot of experience with the process and know each others work well.
>> No. 45217
[x] Do it yourself as a demonstration to Patchouli.

Not only because I don't like trying to have your cake and eat it too, although I do, but because his sister wants him to do something for her and delegating that to someone else doesn't sit well with me. Even if it isn't a big thing it's not just about having some crystals repaired and there's tons of stuff for Patchy to practice on.
Also a demonstration before you start practicing won't hurt.
>> No. 45218
[x] Do it yourself as a demonstration to Patchouli.
>> No. 45219
[+] Do it yourself as a demonstration to Patchouli.

We can let Patchouli make some spares.
>> No. 45220
[+] Do it yourself as a demonstration to Patchouli.
>> No. 45222
[X] Do it yourself as a demonstration to Patchouli.

First theory, then practical. Patchy is good, but this is something that's important on a personal level to both Flandre and Wally.
>> No. 45226
>>45212 here.

>>45217 has convinced me. Changing to:

[x] Do it yourself as a demonstration to Patchouli.
>> No. 45228
[x] Do it yourself as a demonstration to Patchouli.
>> No. 45230
[x] Do it yourself as a demonstration to Patchouli.
>> No. 45232
[x] Do it with Patchouli as a demostration to yourself
>> No. 45233
Oh, you.
>> No. 45237
Hey I agree with that one.
>> No. 45241

Oh my, (shudders at the thought of Flandre's reaction)
the lol's to be had
>> No. 45242
Sage your post, would you kindly?
>> No. 45243
I'll get to more writing in a day or two.
>> No. 45248

>> No. 45250
I started reading through "The Eldest Scarlet" a couple of days ago and I must say, it's a charming story and I can't wait for the next update. Keep up the good work, System.
>> No. 45254
You: >>45205
and you: >>45241
...are both idiots, and possibly even the same person. Please don't post until you learn how to use actual fucking capitalization and punctuation, as well as how to not sound like a tool.
>> No. 45255
>> No. 45259
Herp, derp. Stuff is piling up. Sorry, but I haven’t found time to write.
>> No. 45275
All right! This Saturday, I will get off of my ass and get some writing done!
>> No. 45284
File 130479905363.png- (219.99KB , 480x640 , 18616247.png ) [iqdb]
“Actually… Patchouli, I’ll do it,” you say. “But I want you to pay attention to the flow of the magic.”

The librarian is silent for a moment, and then nods. “Alright.”

You turn to Flandre. “Flan, would you turn around? I need to take off your broken crystals.” She does so, and you detach the shattered crystals, placing them on the table with their shards. “Okay, then. Are you paying attention, Patchouli?”


“Then here I go.”

The crystals are so simple to create that you don’t need to draw a circle beforehand. Sending your power outwards, you analyze the elemental composition of the trinkets. Mostly earth, with equal parts wind, water, and fire.

Now comes the “hard” part. Forming the necessary patterns with your power, you focus your magic with the intent to “reform”. The materials, filled with your power, acquiesce to your will. They glow, and reshape.

“Wonderful,” says a familiar voice. You blink, and look up. In addition to Flandre and Patchouli, Remilia and Sakuya are there. “That’s the first time I’ve seen you do such interesting magic, Wallachia.”

“That was easy. Also, I’ve done much more impressive feats in your presence— like the memory altering spell I used on the villagers in Romania.”

“Pfft. That? That was boring,” your sister says dismissively. “No lights or runes or anything. Magic should be more flashy and impressive. Like danmaku.”

Out of the corner of your eye, you see Patchouli open her mouth… then sigh and close it. Shooting your sister a dry look, you voice what you’re sure was on the librarian’s mind. “Good magic isn’t supposed to be flashy, Remilia. The mark of a well-executed spell is no mark. Danmaku is a game, not something trying to produce an effect.”

Remilia looks like she’s about to protest, but is interrupted by the door bursting open and slamming shut. A young woman wearing an odd red hat is leaning against the portal.

“Whew, lost her.” She looks up, and scans the room. Once she sees you, she breaks into a rather predatory grin. “And it looks like I’ve hit the jackpot! Today’s my lucky day!” She starts to advance, reaching into her skirt pocket to pull out… nothing.

“Huh?” She looks at her empty hand, and then laughs. “Alright, Izayoi, give it back.”

Sakuya’s now holding what looks like a camera. “I think not. And just how did you get in here?”

The mystery girl laughs again. “I distracted the gatekeeper with a koan. I had opened the front door when she figured out that she had been had. Then she gave chase. She should be giving up any minute now. But that isn’t important! What’s important is—!”


The door behind her blasts off of its hinges as Meiling kicks it into her, knocking her to the ground. “Got you!” she cries as she shoves the door to the side and grabs the girl, pinning her arm behind her back.

“Well done, Meiling,” says Sakuya. “I wish you could have done it without breaking the door, but at least you got her.”

“You can’t silence the press! I have a right to know who this guy is! So spill! Is he a guest? A jilted fiancé? A sex slave? A mysterious merchant from another world? A—“ Meiling pulls her arm a bit. “Ow, ow!” She squawks. “Alright, I’ll shut up!”

“Very good,” says Remilia. “Now—“

“Excuse me,” you interrupt, and all eyes turn to you. “Just what in God’s name is going on here?”

“Ah, this must be rather confusing.” Responds Sakuya.


“Hush. Well, you were bound to meet her eventually. This is—”

“Ah, I’ll do it,” says the woman. “I’m Aya Shameimaru, editor and chief reporter of the Bunbunmaru newspaper. Pleased to meet you, mister…?”

“Scarlet. Wallachia Scarlet. But I prefer Wallace.”

“Scarlet? A relative, then?”

You open your mouth to reply, but Remilia speaks up first. “That’s all you’re going to get until you tell us how you learned of him.”

“Let me up first,” says Aya. “And we have a deal.”

Sakuya nods to Meiling, and she lets go of the tengu, who stands and dusts herself off. “Alright. I’d heard that the dollmaker had gotten a request for her services. So I thought, ‘maybe there’s a story in there’. So I go to her place, but she wasn’t there. But when I looked through her workshop window, I spied some fancy clothes, in the western style. Which wouldn’t be strange, considering she’s done jobs for you, but what struck me was that they were clearly for a man. I put two and two together, and decided to come here to see if there was a scoop. It looks like I was right, so!” She turns to you. “May I have an interview?”

[x] “I guess”
[x] “No.”
>> No. 45285
File 130480154752.jpg- (349.32KB , 1000x1420 , 89ebae5168e35988b0e5ff30ff05a621.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] “No.”
>> No. 45286
[x] “I guess”
Let's try something different for a change
>> No. 45287
[x] “No.”

Who knows when we'll be able to lecture Remilia on the finer points of magic again?

This could lead to some funny misunderstandings too.
>> No. 45290
[x] “I guess.”

What? No "pure and honest" in her self-introduction? I'm surprised. We also don't know whether she's a paparazzi whore or not in this story.
>> No. 45293
[x] "I guess."

I see no harm in telling her a little bit about ourselves. Besides, we've basically told everyone else anyway. How is she any different?
>> No. 45294
Good thinking.

[x] “No.”
We can't silence the press, but we sure can starve it to death.
>> No. 45298
>> No. 45299
[X] “No.”
>> No. 45300
[X] “No.”

Would anyone agree to an interview from some strange woman who has no qualms about bursting uninvited into other peoples' houses?
>> No. 45301
[X] “No.”
>> No. 45302
[x] “I guess”

Better to have things happen on your terms than having her go off on purely her assumptions.
>> No. 45304
[x] “No.”
>> No. 45305

Took the words right out of my mouth.


Course I wouldn't mind later on giving her an interview. That is, only if she does so in a semi polite and respectful way.
>> No. 45307
>A mysterious merchant from another world?

Heh. I wonder what in the world that could be referencing.

[x] “I guess”
>> No. 45308
[x] “No.”

If we can somehow get it through Aya's thick skull that we would be more inclined if she approached us on more polite terms in the future, that would change my vote to yes.
>> No. 45309
>“May I have an interview?”
I think she was being pretty polite about it.

Typical No vote: Oh god it's this bitch again and she wants an interview. Fuck you piss off.

I mean, I can understand where you're coming from since I don't like her very much in general but we don't even know what she's like yet.
>> No. 45310
>I mean, I can understand where you're coming from since I don't like her very much in general but we don't even know what she's like yet.

We know she's been spying on the residents through the windows, duped the gate guard, led a chase through the mansion, only stops talking under threat of force, and Sakuya and Meiling don't seem to like her very much. That's really enough.
>> No. 45311
Anon's super quick to hate Yukari and Aya, ever since the old days.

If people were to let her do normal interviews she wouldn't have to resort to such actions.
>> No. 45313
I know and I'm sick of it already
>> No. 45315
>Anon's super quick to hate Gapbitch and Crowslut, ever since the old days.

Added some rage for you.

>> No. 45318
[x] “No.”

Reporters outside the Border have a bad enough reputation that him refusing shouldn't be surprising.
>> No. 45319
I fail to see why we're supposed to like Aya so far.

After all, she's broken in and escaped the gate guard without asking for entry, reached for her camera without even asking if we'd allow a picture, insulted us with all that intentionally wild guessing about who we are, and basically is rubbing everyone present in the room the wrong way.

Seems like plenty to dislike about her for even a first meeting.
>> No. 45320
>A mysterious merchant from another world?
Oh yo-

Damnit. Beat me to it.
>> No. 45321
[X] “No.”

Wallace has already had way too much to deal with lately, what with his sister making all these passive-aggressive digs and getting refitted. Furthermore, she's already outed herself as "paparazzi hound" by her own admission. No, better to give her the boot and Wallace some time to settle down and put some moves on Patchouli.

I'm actually a fan of Aya's, personally. Just voting for this so we can watch Hilarity Ensue.
>> No. 45324
>implying refusing her would stop her antics rather than making them worse.
>> No. 45331
We don't want to reward her bad behavior. If she thinks breaking in will get her a interview every time, she'll keep doing it.

You know, like Pavlov's dog.
>> No. 45333
She's a crow, not a dog you dumbass.
>> No. 45334

Considering crows are supposed to be smart, that's even worse.
>> No. 45337
The repetition-reinforces-behavior segment of the theory holds for most organisms, not just dogs. I think that's what anon meant; it didn't seem like he was calling Aya a dog.

In short, take it easy.
>> No. 45339

Exactly what I meant, thanks for clarifying.

Despite what the offended anon might think, I don't hate Aya or think she's a "dog". Aya should catch on to her mistake once we say NO, because while she's not necessarily a rocket scientist, she's not stupid or insane either.

Or as Einstein is quoted, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Wait, that describes Anon in most stories...
>> No. 45340
I'm sure she does that because everyone seems hellbent on denying her... sounds familiar. Oh yeah that's Anon, similar to their suicidal impluse to spite Yukari
>> No. 45351
Writing’s coming along rather well.
>> No. 45353
File 130532378799.png- (90.23KB , 300x300 , 129646257342.png ) [iqdb]
“You look in someone’s home, try to enter another by trickery, and expect to be rewarded? I think not.” You say.

Aya laughs a bit. “Aw, come on, pal. Don’t be like that.”

You cross your arms and level her a flat look. “I have every right to ‘be like that’. Outside the barrier, the stunts you pulled would get you put away for a very long time, missy.”

The reporter laughs again, this time a bit strained. “It can’t be that bad.”

“It is that bad. Do you want to be respected? Do you want to be trusted? Because right now, I’ll bet you are neither of those things.”

She’s looking at the ground. “I… uh…”

“What I suggest you do is go to your room, reflect on your tactics, and think long and hard about what you plan to do. You may have your interview once you’ve come to a conclusion.”

Aya nods slightly. “A-alright. I will.” She turns, and leaves the room.

After a moment Remilia turns to you, an incredulous look on her face. “’Go to your room?’ What was that?!”

You blush. “I-I was channeling Mother. It just slipped out.”

The paparazzi walks back in. “Hey, you aren’t my boss! I don’t have to listen to you!”

“My point still stands,” you say, getting back under control. ”I will not give you an interview until you earn it legitimately. Come back once you’ve reformed.”

“…Huh. What do you mean by ‘legitimately’?”

Good, it seems like you’ve gotten to her. “Approach me on my terms. Come here, request an audience, and I get to look over what you write about me.”

“But I’m pure and honest. Why do you need to look over what I write?”

“I’ve heard of your reputation. If you write about me, it needs to be factual, and if it’s slander, I will not just take it sitting down.”

“I see… but, when would be a good time?”

Remilia speaks up. “I will be holding a party in about a week’s time. The day before would be good.”

Aya perks up. “A party? Am I invited?”


“We’re drifting, people. Anyways, come here then, talk to Meiling, and I’ll be much more willing to do an interview.”

“…Alright. If that’s what it takes to get a story, then that’s what I’ll do.”

“I’m surprised,” says Patchouli. “I thought you’d be more stubborn.”

“Hey, I’m not that bad,” replies the reporter. “It’s just… this is the method that I was taught, you know? And I haven’t drastically pissed anyone off, as far as I’m aware. If I was really getting on your nerves, you’d say so, right?”

“Yes, but…”

“If you’d said something, I’d take it into consideration. But no one’s made any major complaints, so I’ve been going at it like I usually do. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, as they say.”

“…How did this turn into a discussion about how you’ve done nothing wrong?” you ask. “That wasn’t the point I was making.”

“Sorry, sorry. Well, I’ll be going. But you’ll bee seeing a new me in a few days, so prepare yourself!”

And off she goes. Sakuya turns to you, with an appraising look on her face. “I have to admit, I’m impressed. I’ve never seen her handled so smoothly.”

“Just to ask, have you ever denied her an interview?”

Remilia shakes her head. “No, I don’t think so.”

“Well,” you say. “There you have it. I’m guessing that no one has ever done that, either. If no one tells her that what she’s doing is wrong, she’ll keep doing it.”

“Was it really as simple as that? We just needed to tell her off?”

“Apparently. Now, Patchouli, where were we….”

Two days go by without much happening until one evening. You’re in the library, going over your teaching notes, when Sakuya appears.

“Alice is here, with your clothes.”

That’s good. “Alright. I’ll come up in a few minutes.”

Remilia and Alice are talking in the foyer, the latter accompanied by a cluster of dolls holding onto a large bag. As you walk over, she turns and bows.

“I’ve finished your clothes, and I’ve brought back the ones you lent me. Would you like them back?”

[x] “Yes, please.”
[x] “You know what, you can keep them.”
>> No. 45355
[x] “Yes, please.”
>> No. 45356
[x] “Yes, please.”

Aya was better about this than I thought she would be.
>> No. 45357
[X] “Yes, please.”

It's nice to see a non-flanderized Aya.
>> No. 45358
Well... Wallace has a point. If her method worked, then she had no reason to change it.

[x] “You know what, you can keep them.”
>> No. 45359
There are only going to be three bad people in this story, and all of them are characters of my creation.
>> No. 45361
[x] “You know what, you can keep them.”
Thank you
>> No. 45363
[x] “You know what, you can keep them.”

Wallace is a nice and generous dude simple as that.
>> No. 45364
[x] “You know what, you can keep them.”
>> No. 45365
[X] “Yes, please.”
>> No. 45366
[x] “Yes, please.”

Agreed. I like the attention he's devoting to fleshing out his characters in general.
>> No. 45369
[x] “You know what, you can keep them.”

If she wants them, that is.
>> No. 45370
[x] “You know what, you can keep them
>> No. 45371
[X] “You know what, you can keep them.”
>> No. 45372
[x] “Yes, please.”
>> No. 45374
Votes called, writing begun.
>> No. 45375

>> No. 45394
Writing is on hold for a day or so, then I’ll go back to it.
>> No. 45403
File 130600447911.jpg- (377.56KB , 550x661 , 1298744190767.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Actually, you can keep them. In return, can you make me a set of casual clothes that I don’t have worry about messing up?”

Remilia makes a face. “What, do you intend to ruin your clothes?”

“No, but the suit that was made is hardly suited for everyday wear. Right, Alice?”

The tailor looks slightly hesitant, and glances at your sister. “Actually… those clothes have some spells against damage woven into them. You could get into a fight in them, and they wouldn’t suffer much stress.”

Oh, that’s why she faltered. You can almost see the smugness wafting off of Remilia.

“Well, that settles it,” says your sister, with the most irritatingly sunny smile you’ve ever seen. “Why don’t you go try on your new clothes, Wallachia?”

Ugh. You look at Alice, and she mouths ‘sorry’. Sighing, you nod. “Fine, I’ll do that.” Taking the bag the dolls hand you, you move off to your room.

Wow, these are really comfy. The shirt and pants are soft, not stiff, the waistcoat you can barely feel, and the blazer is lightweight. There are even some shoes included, and they fit snugly, but not tightly. These are by far the most comfortable clothes you’ve ever worn. Adjusting the tie, you open the door to your room. Alice, Remilia, and Sakuya are waiting outside.

“Very nice,” Sakuya murmurs appreciatively. “Very nice. I might just fall for you, youngster.”

You shoot her a dry look. “Har har. But thanks for the compliment. Remi?”

Your sister is nodding triumphantly. “I was right about this design. You look amazing for once, Brother.”

“I’ll ignore that last part,” you say. “And I’ll focus on the first. What do you mean, ‘you were right’? You didn’t design or make these clothes.”

“But I did select it.”

“So? That doesn’t mean you get to take credit for Alice’s work.”

The two of you glare at each other for a minute or so, until Alice clears her throat.

“If the two of you would stop arguing for a moment, I have something else to show,” she says, as the dolls holding the bag present it to you. “I was struck by inspiration as I was making the suits, and made some different clothes as well. They’re free, if you end up liking them.”

That’s nice of her. “Sure, I’ll try them out.” Accepting the bag, you return to your room.

These ones are on the same level of comfortable as the suit. There’s a pair of boots, partially hidden by crisp white trousers. A purple dress shirt is held in place by a green bow tie, and is covered by a brown cutaway coat with detailed gold embroidery. There’s also a low-slung silver belt and a pair of white gloves. Once more you adjust your tie, and open the door.

“Amazing, Alice,” Remilia says. “You’ve outdone yourself this time. They’re wonderful.”

“…I wonder, though,” is the response. “You don’t seem too pleased, Wallace. You’re frowning a bit.”

Was it that obvious? “First of all, don’t get me wrong— I like these clothes. It’s just… I find them just a bit too fancy.”

Your sister tilts her head, looking confused. “I don’t follow.”

“It’s a matter of personal taste. I prefer a more subtle approach to making an impression. Also, I’m not the type to flaunt my wealth.”

“…I still don’t understand.”

You turn to Alice. “Do you get what I’m trying to say?”

She nods. “The embroidery may have been a tad much. Are you going to return them?”

“…No, I think I’ll keep them— for special occasions.”

“I think you should wear them more often.” Says Remilia.

“We’ll see,” you say. “But I am immensely happy with the suit.”

Alice smiles. “Thank you. I only brought the one set, but I have two more back at my workshop. I’ll go fetch them. If you’d excuse me…” She curtsies to the three of you and moves off. Remilia turns to you.

“Now, it’s time to show off your new clothes to Flan and Patchy! Who shall we visit first?”

Put on the suit and visit…
[x] Flandre
[x] Patchouli

Keep wearing these clothes and visit…
[x] Flandre
[x] Patchouli
>> No. 45405
Put on the suit and visit…
[x] Patchouli

As much as it pains me...
>> No. 45406
Put on the suit and visit…
[X] Flandre

Family first.
>> No. 45407
Put on the suit and visit…
[x] Flandre
>> No. 45408
Put on the suit and visit…
[x] Patchouli

I know we are doing this 'family first' thing, but everytime we get to pick someone we always pick Flandre. I wonder why. Unless we get allot of Patchy later in the story, then I would be alright with it.
>> No. 45409
[x] Patchouli
>> No. 45410
Put on the suit and visit…
[x] Patchouli

Hard to resist being a good brother, but I'd rather Patchy say we look good.
>> No. 45411
Put on the suit and visit…
[x] Patchouli

I don't think Flan would care about outfits.
>> No. 45412
Put on the suit and visit…
[x] Flandre

If her wings are any indication, Flan likes shiny things.
>> No. 45413
Put on the suit and visit…
[x] Patchouli

Would probably appreciate our appearance more, and it might break Wallace if Flandre says he looks ridiculous.
>> No. 45415
Put on the suit and visit…
[x] Flandre
>> No. 45418
Put on the suit and visit…
[X] Flandre
>> No. 45419
Put on the suit and visit...
[x] Flandre
[x] Patchouli
>> No. 45420
She might do that, not out of Malice though.
>> No. 45429
Put on the suit and visit…
[X] Flandre

>A purple dress shirt is held in place by a green bow tie
Ack, my brain. That image burns because those colors don't go well together.
>> No. 45430
There’s a picture of the outfit in question back in the second thread. It’s not actually that bad. At least, I think so.
>> No. 45431
[x] Flandre
Patchy is great, but family needs love and attention, too. Besides, if we keep going to her for everything like this, she might start to feel a bit suffocated.

I'm sure she won't mind being the second one visited, especially if it's second only to family. It's not like we're going out, showing off to Meiling, the fairy maids, Cirno and the Nineball Brigade, and a chance encounter with Marisa before finally getting around to visiting Patchouli. That would be rude.
>> No. 45432
I assume you're talking about >>34146? Because I don't see a green tie, but a blue one. I've got nothing against the outfit, just the idea of green on purple. They clash badly.
>> No. 45433
Huh. On second thought, it does look blue. My sister said it was green.
>> No. 45437
inb4 she doesn't care or makes fun of the outfit innocently.
>> No. 45440
Question; Is there's gonna be a write-in for something to tell Flandre/Patchouli once we show-off the suit to her/then?
>> No. 45441
I don't quite get what you're saying
>> No. 45442
Now may be as good a time as any to warn you guys. About a month from now, my family is going to be taking a three-week vacation to Europe. There is a good chance that I won’t get much writing done during that span, so don’t be worried if no story updates arrive then. Once we’re done with the touring part of our trip, I’ll try to write, and will post to keep you folks from thinking that the story has died. Thanks.
>> No. 45452

Have fun, we'll be waiting warmly for your return.
>> No. 45453
I'm here until mi-jue, though.
>> No. 45454
Mid-june, I mean.
>> No. 45455
Votes called, writing begun.
>> No. 45456
>>45455 hooray!
>> No. 45488
I’m still alive, but it’s going to be a few days before I get any more writing done.
>> No. 45495
Writing begins sometime in the near future.
>> No. 45503
File 130721359821.jpg- (81.06KB , 1686x1200 , 1278320101754.jpg ) [iqdb]
“How about Flan? Hold on, let me put on the suit.”


“Can’t hear you, changing!” And with that, before she can protest, you duck back into your room and lock the door. When you finish changing, you walk back out.

“What took you so long?” your sister asks, with just a touch of heat. “No matter. Let’s go!” She grabs your wrist with probably more force than needed, and pulls you along.

When you reach your youngest sister’s door, Remilia lets go of you and knocks. Wow, that’s quite a grip. “Flan, dear? Can we come in? We need your input on something.”


Remilia opens the door and you walk in. “How do I look?”

Flandre’s eyes light up, and she claps her hands. “You look great, Wally!”

“How kind of you. I was feeling pretty good, but now I feel even better.”

She laughs a bit.

“Ah,” says the middle child. “We need to show her the other outfit. Let’s go back to your room….”

That won’t be necessary. “I can just use an illusion spell to show her. Give me a second….” Picturing the elaborate get-up in your mind, you mutter the words to the spell.

Flandre processes the outfit, and then bites her lip, looking like she’s trying very hard not to laugh. “Pfft!”

Remilia frowns. “Flan, are you laughing?”

The youngest child opens her mouth, closes it, and finally responds by giggling.

This does not please the head of the household. “Flandre Corinne Scarlet, stop laughing!”

This only prompts Flandre to double over, her giggles becoming full-blown guffaws. “I can’t help it!” she chokes out. “It’s just so silly!”

You can’t help it either, and you start to chuckle a bit. “Well, I guess she likes it.”

Remilia sniffs a bit. “I don’t have to listen to this,” she says. “I’ll just wait outside for Alice so I can inform her that the two of you are tasteless savages with no sense of decency.”

You meet your youngest sister’s gaze, and you both break out in renewed laughter. Remilia rolls her eyes and leaves the room. After a moment, still chuckling, you wave goodbye to Flandre and follow your other sister.

Remilia ends up in the foyer, just in time for Alice to walk in. “I’m sorry, Alice,” says your sister. “But the rest of the family just doesn’t appear to appreciate your work.”

The tailor looks faintly bemused. “Do tell.”

“Well, Flan burst out laughing when she saw the second outfit, and Wallachia here did so as well.”

You wince. “I’m sorry about that.”

Alice shakes her head. “It’s alright. More importantly, have you shown Patchouli the clothes?”

“I was planning on it. Any reason why she should see them, in particular?”

At this, the dollmaker smiles, an unreadable expression crossing her face. “It’s good to have multiple opinions, is all.”

Huh, you wonder what that was about. Remilia looks faintly confused as well. “You’re acting oddly, Alice. Is there something you’re not telling us?”

The smile becomes more mysterious. “If you haven’t figured it out, I’m not going to tell you. A woman needs her secrets.”

“But we’re both women, so we should share our secrets.”

You can’t help it. “Remi, if she doesn’t want to tell us, she doesn’t need to tell us.”

Remilia puffs out her cheeks. “But I want to know!”

Five hundred years of maturity, and she’s still a child.

[x] Tell her to drop it.
[x] Let her do what she wants.
>> No. 45504
[x] Tell her to drop it.

I do want to see how everyone reacts if it is what I think it is but...

>Remilia puffs out her cheeks. “But I want to know!”

Time to live up to our family name and face full life consequences by scolding Remilia.
>> No. 45505
[x] Tell her to drop it.

Do'oh... Alice has caught on to the budding romance.
>> No. 45506
[X] Tell her to drop it.
>> No. 45508
Sort of. She hasn’t noticed any attraction between the two, but her inner matchmaker thinks they would make a great couple.
>> No. 45509
[X] Tell her to drop it.
>> No. 45510
[x] Tell her to drop it.

The older scarlet must win his full life family consequences!
Or something like that.
>> No. 45511
[x] Tell her to drop it.
This will be great!
>> No. 45512
Great instincts or behavioural analysis programs?

[X] Tell her to drop it.

Good things come to those who wait. For a while, at least.
>> No. 45513
>> No. 45515
[X] Tell her to drop it.

>Five hundred years of maturity, and she’s still a child.
THIS. Fucking This. The one thing that virtually every other writer tends to ignore. It's the whole freaking reason for the scarlet mist incident and most everybody seems to write Remilia as some kind of Lady Sue whose childlike appearance is entirely aesthetic.
>> No. 45517
I’m trying to reach a balance between “500-year-old spoiled brat” Remilia, and “noble young lady” Remilia. On one hand, she didn’t have her parents to help her mature, and it shows. On the other hand (no thanks to Wallace), she was left with the task of raising Flandre and running the mansion for about 250 years.
>> No. 45519
Remilia has that duality... part vampire noble, and part spoiled brat. The whole "Charisma Break" meme is based around cases where her noble persona breaks revealing the brat.

Though she did throw him out... literally.
>> No. 45521
[x] Tell her to drop it.
>> No. 45524
[x] Tell her to drop it.

Alice is sharper than she lets on.
>> No. 45525
[x] Tell her to drop it.
>> No. 45542
>> No. 45546
Took me a moment, but I got it.
>> No. 45547
Alright, I’ll take another day or two, and then start writing.
>> No. 45571
File 130801615419.jpg- (83.01KB , 500x375 , tumblr_lkfkeaiPWl1qhxhvmo1_500.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Remilia, drop it.”


Trump-card time. “What would Mother say if she saw you behaving like this?”

Your sister looks slightly startled, and then an uncomfortable look crosses her face. “That’s…”

“She’d have that frown on her face— you know the frown— as she prepared to berate you for prying into another persons’ private affairs. She’s not here, so the onus is mine.”

“Again, that’s not—“ She begins, then snorts and crosses her arms in defiance. “Whatever. It was probably a stupid secret, anyways. Who cares? Not me.” With that, she storms off, leaving you and Alice alone in the foyer.

“I’m sorry you had to see that,” you say to the dollmaker. “Sometimes, it’s as though she hasn’t grown a day.”

“It was actually rather interesting,” she replies. “I wasn’t aware that anything could make her back down like that.”

You laugh a bit. “Well, only a few things work, and they only work a few times. Like, reminding her about what our parents would think about her behavior, or Flandre being extra observant and saying the right thing at the right time. Otherwise, she doesn’t change her behavior.”

Alice chuckles for a moment, and then that mysterious smile comes back. “Well, we should see what Patchouli thinks about your new clothes.”

You almost want to ask what she’s smiling about, but that would be hypocritical. “Alright. Shall we?”

As usual, the librarian is in her chair, buried in a book. As you approach her, Alice calls out to her. “Hello, Patchouli.”

She looks up. “Ah, Alice. What brings you here?”

The tailor smiles. “I came to deliver Mr. Scarlet’s new clothes, and we want your opinion.”

“New clothes?” the sorceress looks at you, taking in your attire. Then, she blushes faintly. “You look nice! Very… sophisticated.”

It takes a lot of willpower not to blush back. “Thank you very much, Patchy.”

To your side, you see Alice look between the two of you… and then she smiles a slightly unsettling smile. “Ah!”

You turn to her. “Yes?”

“I just remembered that there’s a book I wanted to borrow… but the problem is, it’s on Shelf 364. It’s a bit of a brazen request, but do you think you could get it for me?”

Alright, you can see when you’re not wanted. “I can do that. If you could tell me the title of the book and the direction it’s in, then…”

“It has no title, but it’s a collection of poems by Anton Pann. It should be that-aways. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” With that, you move off.

You’ve reached the shelf (now that you look, each shelf is in fact numbered), and have begun to search when…

“WHAT!” yells Patchouli.

“Is everything alright over there?” You call out.

“Yes! We’re just having some ‘girl talk’!” comes Alice’s voice.

“Yes, yes! Girl talk! Nothing you need to concern yourself with!” agrees a frantic Patchouli.

[x] Get a bit closer and listen in.
[x] Just find the book and wait a bit. Besides, what would Mother say if she caught you eavesdropping?

And with that, I’m taking a break. If I get some free time during the trip, I’ll write.
>> No. 45572
[x] Get a bit closer and listen in.

Do want exasperated Patchouli.

All's fair in love and war, mom.
>> No. 45573
[x] Get a bit closer and listen in.
Sorry mom
>> No. 45574
[X] Just find the book and wait a bit. Besides, what would Mother say if she caught you eavesdropping?

We are not a hypocrit.
>> No. 45576
[x] Just find the book and wait a bit. Besides, what would Mother say if she caught you eavesdropping?

It's not as if we don't know what they are talking about.
>> No. 45577
[x] Just find the book and wait a bit. Besides, what would Mother say if she caught you eavesdropping?

Remilia for one would use it against Wallace if she found out he was ease dropping. Gotta stand by our words. And if Alice thinks such things are for him, she'll tell him at the right time.
>> No. 45578
[X] Just find the book and wait a bit. Besides, what would Mother say if she caught you eavesdropping?
>> No. 45579
[x] Just find the book and wait a bit. Besides, what would Mother say if she caught you eavesdropping?
>> No. 45580
[x] Get a bit closer and listen in.

We're nothing if not a hypocrit.
>> No. 45581
[x] Just find the book and wait a bit. Besides, what would Mother say if she caught you eavesdropping?

Mwahahahahaha. Let us observe any change in Patchy's behaviour from now on.
>> No. 45582
I wonder if Remilia is suspecting something.
After all, Patchy is famous for living in the library, and Wallace was already a damn bookworm before leaving.
Besides, this Remilia seems quite mischevious.
>> No. 45583
She doesn’t suspect anything.
>> No. 45584
[X] Get a bit closer and listen in.

This & that are two totally different things.
>> No. 45585
[x] Just find the book and wait a bit. Besides, what would Mother say if she caught you eavesdropping?

Preparing my heart for the incoming patchy blush.
>> No. 45586
>Besides, what would Mother say if she caught you eavesdropping?
"If you were practicing better discretion, you wouldn't have been caught!"

[X] Get a bit closer and listen in.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained. (Also, it just wouldn't be as interesting.)
>> No. 45588
I don't think that would be her attitude, not from what was revealed in the story. She'd frown pretty hard upon that.
>> No. 45589
[x] Just find the book and wait a bit. Besides, what would Mother say if she caught you eavesdropping?
>> No. 45590
[x] Get a bit closer and listen in.
But of course.
>> No. 45591
[X] Just find the book and wait a bit. Besides, what would Mother say if she caught you eavesdropping?

Really, Wally's smart, he should be able to put two and two together to figure out what they're talking about. Alice insisting he see Patchouli, Patchouli blushing when she sees the outfit, the outburst and the quick reply of "girl talk". This all adds up to one thing. Or has he not paid any attention to pop culture?
>> No. 45592
Wally is a being of books. I honestly don't expect him to be socially able to figure Patchy's feelings. Even if he noticed that she was watching him closely, and even if he admitted feeling something for her, he's still the bookworm type.

Now, Anon, it is type to break the old stereotype, and make sure that Wally understand what's going on with Patchy!
>> No. 45593
He may be a bookworm but he strikes me as more socially adept than most. He managed to get Reimu and Yukari overlooking his entry into Gensokyo.
>> No. 45594

Yukari may actually know, she's just waiting for the prime moment to troll him.
>> No. 45595
You missed the part where he ends up meeting her and she teases him about it, but the whole thing goes out without a hitch. With Reimu, she was surprised that there was a reasonable scarlet sibling.
>> No. 45596
[x] Get a bit closer and listen in.

Espionage operation is a go. Besides, it's not like we're prying; we'll just happen to be nearby and incidentally hear what's going on.
>> No. 45597
[x] Get a bit closer and listen in.
Not the right think to do, but I wanna know!
>> No. 45598
[x] Just find the book and wait a bit. Besides, what would Mother say if she caught you eavesdropping?
>> No. 45599
[x] Just find the book and wait a bit. Besides, what would Mother say if she caught you eavesdropping?
>> No. 45604
[x] Get a bit closer and listen in.
>> No. 45629
A suggestion: have Patchy clean up and dressed up for a gather sometime. It'll be worth it to see Wally's jaw drop.
>> No. 45631
[x] Get a bit closer and listen in.

Say that we thought she said 354, if we're called on it. A weak excuse, but worth a try.
>> No. 45639
votes called, writing begun.
>> No. 45641
Which vote won?
>> No. 45642

…I should mention, though, there are ways to get… not a Bad End… but an Unpleasant End.

My point is, are you guys sure about your decision?
>> No. 45643
I’ll give you folks another day or so to make up your minds.
>> No. 45644
No. I am not.
Not now at least.
>> No. 45645
[x] Just find the book and wait a bit. Besides, what would Mother say if she caught you eavesdropping?
>> No. 45646
Wally is a man of standards. Anon, however, is not.

[x] Just find the book and wait a bit. Besides, what would Mother say if she caught you eavesdropping?
>> No. 45647
[x] Just find the book and wait a bit. Besides, what would Mother say if she caught you eavesdropping?
>> No. 45649
As of >>45631 it was:
Eavesdrop: 10
Get the book: 11

Just getting the book's up 14-10 now.
>> No. 45650
…They all start to blend together after a while.
>> No. 45652
[x] Just find the book and wait a bit. Besides, what would Mother say if she caught you eavesdropping?
>> No. 45653
Alright, I’ll start re-writing what I have. I can probably fit a short update in on my birthday.
>> No. 45657
Sorry, no update tomorrow. Paris is a busy place.
>> No. 45680
File 130956822641.gif- (33.51KB , 650x500 , 00000007.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 45684
[x] Get a bit closer and listen in.
It's too late isn't it?
>> No. 45685
>> No. 45686
M**h*r***k*rs. Why can't they let us completelly derail Wallace's character!
>> No. 45687
File 130971325767.jpg- (37.17KB , 320x353 , CalvinHobbsCalmDown.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 45688


What? Why? Just write it.
>> No. 45689
>> No. 45710
I’m home! Give me a few days to get myself together, and then I’ll start writing.
>> No. 45711
File 131051188192.jpg- (321.40KB , 864x594 , Glorious.jpg ) [iqdb]
Much rejoicing was had.
>> No. 45712
I’ll start a new thread with my next update, so finish up any discussion in this one.
>> No. 45713
But it's too soon for a new thread as this is at 229-234 with the autosage being 250 ("247 posts omitted")
>> No. 45714
It's close enough to the limit that it shouldn't really matter if a new thread is started.
>> No. 45715
16 posts away is not close and with how slow /sdm/ is, the need for a new thread isn't that urgent.
>> No. 45732
Give me two more days, and I’ll start writing.
>> No. 45733

>> No. 45819
Writing begun.

….This may be a bit of a wait, though. My inspiration isn’t coming.

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