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44954 2011/03/17 (Thu) 16:39 No. 44954
-Outside the window, I saw the solemn floating, red moon.
-Its complex pelt of shadows begin to creep up to me.
-Even though its as fragile as glass when I touch it,
-It'll depict its round shape before morning breaks through the fragments.
-It was a different sight of people disappearing...
-I now lay here, sleeping by myself.
-We connect our hands together on the path that we were supposed to
walk on. Our footprints continue from far away.
-Weakness and sadness flows into me
-Staining me with the precious need to chase someone.
-Looking back at the day of the moon, I only watch cheerful dreams.
-The clock's needles stop, making that same day repeat itself.
-Even if it lasts as long as long as fate does,
-If that time comes, I'll hit it as hard as I can.
-Sharing the warm kindness is...
-...something that gives me happiness.
-The extremely sweet and sour cranberry sauce is starting to make me see
the past.
-Where lonliness and its extremes are clashing against each other... As I
turn around,
-That precious moment stops me in my tracks.
-I start to dash through the fog, trying to find a conclusion.
-The dazzling moonlight creates an illuminating light...
-That seems like it'll go far away just like blowing at a black tea leaf but,
-It's redness starts to dissolve and becomes even more crimson.


2011/03/17 (Thu) 16:52 No. 44956
I'm not certain of what you are trying to convey here, as your English still isn't the greatest, but the simple fact that you are here brightens my day. Never give up Saguya, we love you.
2011/03/17 (Thu) 17:47 No. 44957
I still remember when you were one of us, before ascending to inmortality as a writer.
2011/03/17 (Thu) 18:52 No. 44959
Suddenly, Saguya.

Haven't seen you around here for a while.
2011/03/17 (Thu) 21:41 No. 44961
Yay, you're back! :>
2011/03/18 (Fri) 01:01 No. 44962
Welcome back, Saguya.
2011/03/18 (Fri) 01:03 No. 44963
Saguya! You're back!
2011/03/18 (Fri) 01:06 No. 44964
Welcome back, my favourite maid.