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[x] Go All-In

Patchouli sat across from me. She had a large book open in her hands, as usual. Her eyes showed little emotion, and she hardly spoke when we were together. But I knew that she wasn't being rude. This was just her way of enjoying the afternoon. I had already grown accustomed to the peaceful silence of the Voile library. And I, too, had my own way of enjoying this afternoon.

"How are you enjoying your tea?"

"Acceptable," said Patchouli. She turned the page without concern.

"Hear that? Maybe you should consider a change in career, after all."

"You'll pay for this... damn human!"

I shot a glance to my left. Remilia Scarlet, the dreaded vampire master of this territory, stood there with her arms folded. If this were any other ordinary day, I would have cowered at her powerful red gaze. But this time was different, and she knew it. I smiled gently at the vampire girl and stared at her for a moment.

"Eh? W-Why are you staring at me like that?"

"That's odd," I said. "I didn't think that you'd fit the maid role so well."

"Stupid human. Stop making fun of me, already!"

"But I'm not joking. You really look cute in that outfit, Remilia."

"... eh?"

Our eyes met. Neither of us said a word. Then, the vampire's cheeks began to turn pink. She quickly turned away.

"S-Shut up! Don't say such things with a straight face!"

"Why not? I'm just stating a fact. That uniform really does suit you."

"Y-you big idiot!" she stammered. "Patchouli's right there! A girl like her must be very embarrassed just to hear such a conversation. Isn't that right?"

We both turned to the magician. She didn't even look up at us as she spoke.

"Carry on," she said smoothly. "I don't mind at all."

"W-what the!? Damn it, Patchouli!"

I chuckled to myself as I took a sip of tea. It was surprisingly good. In fact, it really reminded me of the kind of tea that Sakuya usually served during the evening. Huh?


Wait a minute. I shot a quick glance at the magician. Patchouli didn't take her eyes off her book, but she gave me the tiniest nod. Then, I understood immediately. I put down my cup and sighed.

"Remilia," I said sternly. "Did you prepare this tea by yourself?"

"O-of course! A noblewoman such as myself would have no trouble with a simple task like that."

She didn't look me in the eyes as she spoke.
[ ] Play along with Remilia. Seems interesting.
[ ] Forgive Remilia this time. Ask her to take a seat.
[ ] This is unacceptable! Have Remilia bring in a fresh pot of tea.
[ ] Dismiss Remilia with a frown. She is a useless servant, after all.

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Okay, not the last, but..
[ ] Play along with Remilia. Seems interesting.
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[x] Play along with Remilia. Seems interesting.
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[x] Forgive Remilia this time. Ask her to take a seat.
Must be awful enough just having to wear that outfit.

Yay update!
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[x] Teach Remilia how to make tea.
[x] Servants must be properly trained, after all.

"Just like this, see?"
"A-Ah, you're touching my hand"
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[ΓΈ] Play along with Remilia. Seems interesting.
Gahahaha, the maid outfit does suit her well indeed.
Also, welcome back!
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[x] Teach Remilia how to make tea.
[x] Servants must be properly trained, after all.
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[X] Play along with Remilia. Seems interesting.

Remember, 3:00 PM is doomsday, with the apocalypse beginning a few hours before.
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that's assuming this cycle begins on that ill-fated day.
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You seem to forget Mr. 'You-Lose-Because-I'm-Playing' is here as well.
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If we started on that ill fated day, it'd be really unfair, even in context of the story.
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[X] Play along with Remilia. Seems interesting.
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[] play along

Is it just me... Or is something wrong with this picture...

Justa sec, but where is the chief maid anywho? I say we get remilia to reveal that part as quickly as possible...

I think Hansle likes this piece... Which is bad news for us if we don't fix her properly, like we managed to just before her death last round.
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCt2nZF2nLk ?
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Common anon! I've been hooked since the summer. Come off hiatus, or death, or whatever.
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Thanks for getting my hopes up.
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I wish I could hate you to death right now you cruel sonuvabitch.