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39444 No. 39444
[x] Sakuya should be in the kitchen, go see what else you can do.

Sakuya's the head maid around here, so naturally she should be the one that knows what needs to be done. She might have something in mind for you to do as well. You make your way up and out of the library basement, and take a quick trip across almost the entire length of the house to the kitchen, where you hear the sounds of movement before you even enter. When you do, you find yourself presented with a moist rag.

“Just in time!” Sakuya says happily from behind the rag, “it's time for you to do dishes.”

“Do dishes?” you repeat.

“Yep. It seems some mischievous folks came around here and cooked themselves up a breakfast on their own, and left their dishes behind,” Sakuya says, though her tone sounds more oriented towards playfulness than wonder. You're not even going to question whether or not she knows. “It's not hard, I've already filled the sinks you'll need, basically just a wipe down required, but it'll still be a good lesson on responsibilities.”

“I suppose,” you say, taking the rag. You're lead to the sinks where, sure enough, you'd left your dishes earlier. Beneath suds and water, you can see the remains. You'd never had to wash dishes before. In fact, most of the time, what dishes were used among devils were simply scraped off and something else was piled on. It was rarely a concern for you, only the more orderly devils concerned with wealth and prestige kept their implements clean, and they were typically made of precious metals. Regardless, you tend to your new task, picking up one of the plates and rubbing it with the cloth.

“Keep it somewhat submerged in the water,” Sakuya instructs, watching you from the side, “that way you can rinse off any food particles that come off, and keep soap on it.” You do as instructed, swishing around the cloth and soapy water. The plate comes clean fairly easily, which isn't that big of a deal considering the only real mess it had was a few grease spots and a patch of spilled egg yolk. “Now dip it in the clean water,” Sakuya continues her instruction, and you switch to the next sink, dunking the plate and rinsing off all remaining suds, “and now into the rack there,” she finishes, and you do as well, placing the plate into the rack at the end of the bank of sinks. You return to the first sink to repeat the process. It's a fairly short job, with only two plates used for meals, and the other implements used in cooking. Once everything is washed, you look to Sakuya.

“Is that it?” you ask, shaking the water off your hands.

“That's all,” Sakuya says with a bit of pep, “I trust you can clean up after yourself in the future?”

“Sure, though there's one last thing I'd need to learn,” you say, gesturing to the sink, “where do you even get the water and soap from?” Sakuya looks at the sinks, and then takes on an expression of slight surprise, which quickly turns into a smile.

“I suppose that would be handy to know too,” Sakuya says, then walks across the kitchen to one set of cabinets. She opens one of the doors and points to a small clear container filled with a white powder marked with a D, “this is detergent, the soap you'll be using,” Sakuya says, closing the cabinet. She then gestures to a pair of buckets sitting underneath the sinks, “those buckets are used to carry water from the heating room, across from the baths,” Sakuya explains, taking a pause to think, “do you know where the baths are?” You're about to answer no when you recall running into Meiling the night before, apparently leaving a bath. You do remember the area.

“Yeah, I have an idea where they are,” you say.

“Good then, now you know what you need to know to wash the dishes,” Sakuya says, “now then, did you come here for anything else?”

“Actually, I was kind of wondering if there was work for me to do,” you say, smiling a bit, “but of course, there was right off the bat.”

“We're always busy around here, Voile,” Sakuya says, motioning to the kitchen, “it takes me quite a while to do all my cooking, and a lot of focus is required for the various temporal anomalies I have to keep in check for various purposes.”

“I'd imagine it would be kind of hectic,” you say, attempting to sound a little consoling, but frankly you can't even begin to imagine what it would feel like to consciously control pockets of altered time. The notion of doing it non-magically is almost impossible for you to grasp in the first place. Instead, it's Sakuya who looks the most consoling.

“You don't have to pretend to understand, Voile,” Sakuya says, apparently seeing right through you. Not exactly your strongest lie in the first place. “It's not something easily understood. Even Patchouli, for all her magical knowledge, is baffled by my ability.”

“Well, that makes me feel a little better,” you joke, “at least I won't be worrying I'm the only one not getting it.”

“Sometimes I hardly understand it,” Sakuya jokes in return, then issues a sort of throat clearing cough, “anyway! We've drifted off topic, and I, distressingly, do not have time to spare at the moment. You came for work, you said?”

“Yeah, though, you seem like you could use a hand yourself,” you say, offering your assistance. Sakuya smiles and gives a slight bow.

“I appreciate the offer, but I'd prefer not to have anyone in my way in the mornings,” she says apologetically, “they're the busiest time of the day. Fairies come and go throughout the day for snacks and meals, but almost all of them go to sleep and wake up at the same general times. I need to have a lot of food prepared very quickly, and I would rather you have more experience in the kitchen before you jump into this craziness,” Sakuya indicates the kitchen again, “though if you want to watch, and maybe try to pick up some ideas through observation, you could do that. There are also other jobs around the house, as usual. Chores, gate duty, and Remilia would probably appreciate a temporary servant while I'm busy here. Also, it could be a good break to take some time to play with the off shift fairies to help relieve their natural need to not work, but that's not until later in the day.”

Your options are laid out for you.

[] Stay and observe
[] Remilia's assistant
[] Gate duty
[] Some more chores


Shock! ACDL thread starting with a picture of someone other than Koakuma!

>> No. 39445
[x] Stay and observe
>> No. 39447
[X] Remilia's assistant

>ACDL thread starting with a picture of someone other than Koakuma!

Thanks to that, it took me about 3 minutes to realize this was the next thread!
>> No. 39449
[x] Remilia's assistant

Let's let's make fun of the Great Devil.
>> No. 39453
[X] Remilia's assistant

Remember the deal Voile made with Koa. Just try not to get caught.
>> No. 39459
[X] Remilia's assistant

This can only end brilliantly.
>> No. 39461
[X] Gate duty

Eh why not?
>> No. 39465
Deal? Voile never made deal. And even if he did one, he didn't promised, right?
>> No. 39469
[X] Remilia's assistant

Just because Koakuma failed when she was summoned doesn't mean Voile will.
>> No. 39475
[x] Remilia's assistant
>> No. 39493
[x] Remilia's assistant

Oh I don't think we'll be doing any seducing for sure, but getting to know Remilia better. She is after all the mistress of the SDM, and her pride won't allow her to fall so easily to some newbie demon.

Of course it's difficulty pursuits that have nice payoffs.
>> No. 39494
[x] Gate duty

More China.
>> No. 39495
To be honest I'd like to do more gate time, but the way I see it, we should get to know the other residents first before we start focusing.
>> No. 39497

I agree......

Starting from the outside and working our way in.

[x] Gate duty
>> No. 39500
But we've already spent some time there already, and learned a decent deal about Meiling (for one, the usual style won't do at all)
>> No. 39501
[x] Remilia's assistant
I wonder
>> No. 39506
[x] Remilia's assistant

Start from the top.
>> No. 39507
[x] Remilia's assistant

The hardest one to crack...we'll have time for Meiling later I hope.
>> No. 39508
{Stay and observe}

Tide, piss, etc.
>> No. 39511
[] Some more chores

It's obvious it won't win anyways, but I wouldn't mind more time with the fairies. Ah well, there'll be opportunities later, I'm sure Mode will make certain of that. Remilia isn't a bad idea either. Learning to cook is something best done at a time when Sakuya's willing to help. Gate duty just seems stupid since we know Marisa's in no shape to be going out today, meaning Meiling can easily handle it, though I'm sure whenever the next time we go on gate duty will happen to be when Marisa wakes up from her stupor long enough to realize she's lost her book.
>> No. 39514
You imply she didn't intentionally lump in her book with the others. Marisa has been stated to want her grimoire in a library like Patchouli's.
>> No. 39520

Don't worry, man. These faeries are too delicious to let alone for long.
>> No. 39553
...Clever girl.
>> No. 39570
[x] Gate duty
>> No. 39727
[x] Remilia's assistant

“I think I'll try my hand at serving Remilia directly,” you say, recalling your encounter with her earlier in the night.

“Very well, then,” Sakuya says, “she would be in her studio at the moment,” she pauses, then tilts her head slightly, “though I suppose you don't know where that is, do you?”

“Not really, no,” you reply.

“When you exit the kitchen, head back towards the main doors. Where the hall intersects with another larger one, turn left up the large hall into the central chamber. From there, head towards the continuation of the hall opposite the entrance. There will be a doorway just to the right of the next hall,” Sakuya lays out the directions, “within is a staircase that will bring you to the second floor, closest to her rooms. Her studio is a left turn down that hall, the door at the end.”

“Sounds pretty easy to find,” you say, mentally tracing out the path on what little you know of the floorplan. You know the first hallway she said, but past that, you don't really know. The kitchen itself is practically just down the hallway from the library, at opposite ends, though there are two corner bends along the way and a flight of stairs.

“Serve our Lady well,” Sakuya says, bowing to you slightly before returning to her work. You set off from the kitchen, heading back up the hall. You find the intersection soon enough, and then take the direction needed. Compared to the last hall, you notice that the decorations are much higher quality, and more frequent. Obviously for any visitor's benefit, since you could imagine the work that must go into caretaking this hall. You find the large chamber rather soon afterwards, a large dome-shaped red room, with archways around the entire edge of the room. Only a few of the archways seem to serve a purpose though, with the occasional door and hallway branching off from the chamber, the rest are decorative. You cross the chamber, wondering what kind of use this room gets, until you reach the opposite hallway, and veer off to the door Sakuya mentioned. The stairs within are another spiral, but much shorter than the ones you came across that lead to the roof.

At the top of the stairs, you emerge into another hallway as expected, though the decoration is much more exquisite than anything seen yet. No doubt due to being part of Remilia's personal quarters. You take the left turn and spend a bit of time wondering who takes care of cleaning in this part of the house. At the end of the hall, you reach out to the door, and stop. You consider knocking first, and give the door a few raps with your right hand.

“Yes, come in,” Remilia calls from within, and you then open the door. Once again you find yourself surprised, finding a very large room within, filled with all manners of artworks, from vases and busts, to paintings and portraits, and even a few instruments in a far corner, and scraps of many half finished things everywhere. Remilia's towards the far side of the room, standing next to a large stand of some kind, with a half finished painting in front of her. “Ah, Voile,” Remilia says, dabbing her brush on some kind of board on her arm, “what brings you here?”

“I'm filling the role of your servant for a bit,” you say, closing the door as you enter.

“I see,” Remilia says, looking back at her painting, then taking a few dabs at it, “lucky for you as well, since you likely won't have a whole lot to do at the moment.”

“Is that right?” you ask absently, walking across the room, distracted by all the pieces of art laying around. Not even on display, just propped up against walls, or in stacks, or on pedestals and the like. More like the storage room you've seen downstairs. “Are all these yours?” you ask.

“Yes, in both senses of the word,” Remilia replies, not taking her attention off her latest work, “I own them, of course, and they are all my own handiwork.” You are about to comment on the volume of works collected, and how much time it must have taken, but you quickly realize how much time she does have. You're not sure how long Remilia's been a vampire either, for that matter.

“Pretty impressive,” you respond, slowing to a stop a few feet from Remilia, glancing over what she's doing. You can't really tell what she's painting, since she seems to have just started not too long ago. Remilia takes a sip from a cup kept on another table on her other side, and looks aside at you.

“So, what do you think?” Remilia asks. You glance at the painting-in-progress, and Remilia quickly sweeps her brush-hand around in the air. “About everything else, not this yet,” she adds.

“I'm not exactly the best judge of art, really,” you answer, “I didn't really concern myself with it, spending most of my time either on the move, fighting, or training and preparing to fight or move again.” You take a moment to look back around at everything. Even despite your claims though, you can tell that most of the art is very well done. A nearby bust of an unfamiliar woman looks more like the result of a flesh to stone spell than something carved by hand, and several nearby paintings look realistic enough that you could mistake them for being windows overlooking nature if it weren't for them being laid against the ground. “It all looks pretty good, I'd have to say.” Remilia smiles at your comment.

“Shame there's really not much demand for art around here,” Remilia says, tapping the hard end of her brush against the board in her hand, “but then again, I've got a lot of savings anyway, so I don't really need money, especially since I can buy a lot more with much less now.”

“Made a living on art?” you ask, even though you were aware that there were humans that did things like that.

“One of the few things I could still do openly without drawing attention for my... condition,” Remilia says, slipping in a bit of annoyance, though you think it's intended more for her memories and not directed at you, “people's opinions on you change rather dramatically when they discover you're a vampire. Thankfully, more people knew 'The Scarlet Devil' as a vampire than 'Remilia Scarlet', when I did go by my own name, at least.”

“I see,” you respond, looking back to the work in progress in front of her. You watch as she dabs a bit of paint onto the picture, and stops for a moment afterwards, then dabs some more elsewhere. You really can't tell what she's doing yet, though she seems very sure of herself. “So, what are you going to do with all these?” you ask.

“Rotate them, probably,” Remilia says, “put some up in a few of the rooms and small galleries, shift some of the others into storage for a while. Maybe I'll put out some invitations to a viewing, and probably try to sell off a few. If I'm lucky,” she states, mixing up some colours on her board. “Anyway, we've got a bit of an odd situation here. I have a servant on hand with no one that needs serving.”

“Yeah, seems that way,” you respond, rubbing the back of your head a bit. You kind of feel like you wasted time coming up here if this is the situation.

“Well, I suppose you could hang around and clean the brushes I'm not using, though that wouldn't take a whole lot of time to do,” Remilia says, “you could always just relax and watch. We'll be heading downstairs after I finish this, and your assistance would be rather helpful then. Of course, you could always just find something to do until I do have need of you, and have you sent for.”

[] Do what cleaning she needs, then stick around.
[] Clean the brushes and head out, but be on call.
>> No. 39729
[] Clean the brushes and head out, but be on call.

The mistress need clean tools.
>> No. 39730
[x] Do what cleaning she needs, then stick around.
>> No. 39733
[x] Do what cleaning she needs, then stick around.

Getting to Know Remilia~

I wonder if that bust she made was of a Touhou or not.

Who knows, she might need a male model.
>> No. 39735
[x] Do what cleaning she needs, then stick around.


I'm surprised that there is no painting of Flan with the SDM or its residents. It would make a good segue to ask Remilia about her. More patience I guess.
>> No. 39740
[X] Do what cleaning she needs, then stick around.
>> No. 39742
[x] Do what cleaning she needs, then stick around.
>> No. 39752
[x] Do what cleaning she needs, then stick around.
>> No. 39771
[X] Do what cleaning she needs, then stick around.

Hey, sometimes, when you're sitting the alert shift, you get something interesting.
>> No. 39773
[Q] Do what cleaning she needs, then stick around.

Painter Remilia. Wonderful.
>> No. 39823
[c] Do what cleaning she needs, then stick around.

>Painter Remilia.
I wonder if she's an Avant-Garde~
>> No. 39834
[x] Do what cleaning she needs, then stick around.

“I'll stay here with you,” you say, and Remilia nods in response.

“Alright then,” Remilia says, gesturing past her stand area, you notice a jar of other brushes of various sizes sitting on a small platform within the stand, towards the rear. They all seem to have paint still on them, but dried. “Those are the extra brushes. Normally I take better care of my equipment, but sometimes I just can't help but have to answer to a situation personally, and that means dropping everything.”

“So they all got dried up before you got back,” you state, understanding the reasoning. Remilia nods.

“There's an open can of thinner and a bucket in the cabinets towards the far window, and some rags if you need them,” Remilia directs you, “and you can use my water here if you need some.” You head over to the indicated cabinets and open them up, finding a lot of odd supplies within, including one bucket and one bucket-like thing with a loose lid labeled 'paint thinner'. Seems this is what you're looking for.

“So, how do I do this, anyway?” you ask, carrying everything back towards Remilia.

“Pour some thinner into the empty bucket, and just keep swirling the brush around in it,” Remilia answers. You set up everything next to a chair near Remilia, and pour some of the thinner into the second bucket, and get to work. You had never cleaned paint off a brush before, but you expected it would have been a bit easier than you found it. You spend quite some time stirring the brushes around in the thinner, shaking them off and occasionally trying to wipe it down with a rag. Remilia checks on your progress a few times, offering some more little tips to help. It takes quite some time to clean out the brushes, even cleaning several at once. When you're finished, you present the brushes to Remilia to see if they're done right. She seems to approve of the end result. “Not bad for a first time cleaner,” she comments, “though I'll still need to let them sit for a while to clean them out entirely.”

“Well, I did what I could then,” you say, shrugging and walk around behind Remilia. In the time you've taken cleaning the brushes, she's completed more of her painting, and you can now tell that it's another landscape, prominently featuring a large mountain. “Another landscape?”

“Yes,” Remilia replies, dabbing some paint onto a thin brush, “though this is a real location, unlike most of my others, painted on a whim.”

“Oh? Somewhere around here?” you ask.

“Within Gensokyo, at least,” Remilia says, “it's about a forty minute flight southwest from here, it's the Youkai Mountain.” You watch as Remilia continues her painting, and find your way to a seat nearby. You watch Remilia paint for some time, gradually adding colours and details to the picture, and you find yourself actually interested in the process. You'd never have thought you would find interest in something like painting. All your interactions with them prior had been looting them from captured estates and having others sell them off to other devils to help fund your continued war efforts. After some time, Remilia washes out her brushes on hand in another can of thinner and sets them into another of water, turning back to you. She's completed the mountain itself, it seems. It almost looks like a real view of a mountain, if it weren't for the fact the landscape around the base of the mountain fades into white. “That's good enough for today, I'll finish the job some other time,” she says, stretching her arms slightly, “sorry if you were bored.”

“I'm fine, I can deal with having nothing to do for a few hours,” you state, “at least now I'm waiting in comfort, waiting for the call to wash dishes, or sweep a floor, rather than to fight and kill my own kind.” Remilia smiles slightly.

“Yes, I could imagine how that would change things,” she comments, walking past you, “now then, I think the rest of the maids should be up by now, so let's get something started.”

“Something started?” you repeat, wondering what she's getting at.

“It's been quiet lately, with the only event of note being your summoning. So, I was thinking of making something happen today,” Remilia says, walking to the door with you following behind, “and you're going to be the one to help with organizing it.”

“So I'm going to be put to work, huh?” you ask as Remilia leaves the room, even though you already knew the answer to that question.

“Indeed, though...” Remilia trails off, turning around in the hall as you close the door to the studio, “if you have any ideas, I'd be willing to hear what you have to suggest.”

[] Suggest something [Write In]
[] Let Remilia decide
>> No. 39838
[x] Let Remilia decide
boring vote, but it would fit at the moment.
>> No. 39839
[x] Let Remilia decide

She's probably thinking of a party and Remilia is known for planning a good one. Of course there wasn't any clue to what she is thinking.
>> No. 39840
[x] Huge party with more residents from Gensokyo.

It won't be able to happen today, but it will give Viole the chance to see more residents of Gensokyo.
>> No. 39846
[x] Something that would benefit/that Patchouli would be interested in.

But don't say it in so many words. I'll repost if I come up with a more concrete idea.
>> No. 39856
[x] Let Remilia decide
>> No. 39857
[X] Suggestion
- [x] Considering the number of paintings made and amassed, why not have a contest with a painting or two as part of a small cash prize of sort?

Could be an art contest of various categories/subjects as well as a large party in one.

Don't see why not.
>> No. 39860
[x] Let Remilia decide
>> No. 39861

Changing vote to

[X] Suggestion
- [x] Considering the number of paintings made and amassed, why not have a contest with a painting or two as part of a small cash prize of sort?

I think this fits better than just a normal, albeit large, party. I just want to incorporate her art somehow.
>> No. 39862
Guys, guys, guys.



[x] Offer to model for a painting.
-[x] Nude.
>> No. 39863
This is not GH.
>> No. 39864
[X] Suggestion
- [x] Considering the number of paintings made and amassed, why not have a contest with a painting or two as part of a small cash prize of sort?

I think this fits better than just a normal, albeit large, party. I just want to incorporate her art somehow.
Culture, in *my* Gensokyo? Sure. Why not?
>> No. 39865
>>39839 here. Changing vote to this.

[X] Suggestion
- [x] Considering the number of paintings made and amassed, why not have a contest with a painting or two as part of a small cash prize of sort?

But more of a contest and a party.

Also you HAVE to do this even if it's just jokingly (well for a Devil I guess it would only be partly joking huh?)
[x] Offer to model for a painting.
-[x] Nude.
>> No. 39868
Not sure if the Modeling stunt would go so well, I don't think she'd be affected by such a thing so soon.
>> No. 39871
[X] Offer to model for a painting.
-[X] Nude.
[X] No? No, I didn't think it would work either.
[X] "How about some sort of competition? We did it when I was a squadleader to foster brotherhood and instill a friendly competitiveness. It could help motivate some."
>> No. 39874
[x] Offer to model for a painting.
-[x] Nude.

Just to see Remi's face. Of course, she will be furious, but she'll not kill Voile, so it's okay.
Since there's no risk, let's make fun of the Great Devil.
>> No. 39876
[X] Suggestion
-[x] Offer to model for a painting. Nude.
-[x] Considering the number of paintings made and amassed, why not have a contest with a painting or two as part of a small cash prize of sort?

Just combine them.
>> No. 39877

Pffft, this is going to be interesting.

Calling votes, updates later.
>> No. 39879
We are screwed.
>> No. 39892
File 127828083076.jpg - (446.62KB , 536x1629 , 7f4ea17f5aaaad281ba95586839ae5d4.jpg ) [iqdb]
Is it too late to suggest wrestling? Damn, I can't believe I forgot this artit's work.
>> No. 39894
Remi'd see through that all too easily.
>> No. 39895
[x] Suggestion
-[x] Offer to model for a painting. Nude.
-[x] Considering the number of paintings made and amassed, why not have a contest with a painting or two as part of a small cash prize of sort?

“You know, we could always go back in here and get to work on a new painting,” you say, an idea coming to mind, followed by a slight grin. Remilia looks a bit interested.

“Oh? What do you have in mind?” she asks.

“I could model for you,” you exclaim, your grin spreading. “Nude, at that.” Silence, thick in the air for several seconds, as Remilia's expression drops into a stunned surprise. You actually brace yourself slightly in case she lashes out at you, but rather than attack, she let's out a huff.

“I'm afraid I'd run out of paint trying to capture the image of your tremendous balls,” Remilia scoffs, a grin crossing her face too, “in fact, we might have to relocate to the foyer in order to have enough room for that.” Remilia regains her composure slightly, and coughs slightly to clear her throat. “You've got some solid nerve to propose something like that as a servant, to your master. It's only because it's such a sudden and outlandish suggestion that I'm considering as a joke and letting it slide,” Remilia lectures you.

“Well, that would be good then,” you respond, raising your hands defensively, “I was just curious as to how you'd react.”

“Then I hope you got the reaction you were expecting,” Remilia says, still retaining the same amused grin she's had, “you are really something else. However, I hope you show the good sense to know when to make such jokes. Here, in private, I don't mind a few crude exchanges, but I won't be having any of it around others.”

“Right, got it,” you answer, taking a mock-serious tone and exaggerating gestures befitting of a soldier taking orders. Remilia chuckles slightly at your actions.

“So, do you have a genuine suggestion, or was that all you had in you?” Remilia asks.

“Well, I was thinking, actually,” you say, looking back at the studio door, “you've got a lot of art in there gathering dust. I'm sure you would like to be able to get some of it off your hands and spread it around a bit...” you trail off, allowing Remilia to respond if she has anything to say so far.

“That's true. Perhaps a gallery showing of some sort?” she asks.

“Uh, maybe? I don't really know what you mean by that,” you respond, “I was actually thinking some kind of competition, with some paintings and a small money prize as the purse.”

“Hmm... no reason we couldn't combine the two...” Remilia comments, rubbing her chin, “though what kind of competition could we have...” Remilia turns back down the hall and walks in thought, and you stay on her heels while she plans. “Right, right, actually, this isn't a bad idea at all,” Remilia announces when she reaches the door to the staircase, turning back to you, “a nice idea, Voile.”

“Ah, well...” you get out. You don't really know what to say in response, given that your real idea was a competition of some sort, she's tacked on the 'gallery' part on her own.

“We need to start getting things set up for this,” Remilia starts, opening the door to the stairwell, “you spread the word to the other staff, I'm going to go around to the few storerooms on the ground floor and pick out some of the better pieces, then I'll come back up here to sort out what I want to put on display and what to use as a prize.”

“Alright, sounds good,” you say, as the two of you descend the spiral stairs. You reach the bottom soon enough, and re-emerge back into the large red room.

“This room is perfect for a gallery floor as it is, plenty of room to walk, and lots of room to display works,” Remilia says, looking around the room. She's already seeming to be planning locations and layout in her head. “I'll also come up with a competition idea, but we'll worry about that when the time comes.”

“So, should I go start spreading the word?” you ask, and Remilia nods.

“Yes, go to Sakuya first, she should be finishing up in the kitchen for now, tell her what I'm planning. She'll make it much easier to get the information out to the fairies,” Remilia says, “I'll tell who I find on my own,” she finishes, and begins to walk away from you, but stops after a few steps, “Oh, and fetch Meiling as well. With how much activity we'll be having inside, there's no chance an intruder will go undetected, and we could use her help in moving heavier objects.”

“Alright,” you say, breaking away from Remilia to head off to your new tasks. Get Meiling to come in and help, and get Sakuya to spread the task to the other fairies. You'd have to go past the front doors in order to get to the kitchen though, so perhaps getting Meiling first would be best. On the other hand, Remilia did say that Sakuya would be finishing up right around now, so you might have to go looking for her if you go outside first.

[] Go to Sakuya first.
[] Go to Meiling first.




But would she disagree?Probably, yeah.
>> No. 39896
[x] Go to Sakuya first.

Meiling won't be going anywhere.

>“I'm afraid I'd run out of paint trying to capture the image of your tremendous balls,” Remilia scoffs, a grin crossing her face too, “in fact, we might have to relocate to the foyer in order to have enough room for that.”

I literally lol'd.
>> No. 39897
[x] Go to Sakuya first.
>> No. 39898
[x] Go to Sakuya first.
>> No. 39899
[X] Go to Meiling first.
>> No. 39900
File 127829328028.png - (345.82KB , 1129x1600 , goddamnit_reimu.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Go to Sakuya first.

Remilia better have enough sense to make sure it's not a fighting competition; especially with cash involved...

Though it'd be a perfect excuse to toss Voile into the fray to see what he can do
>> No. 39901

Why can't I ever do anything without being plotminded.

Whatever, enjoy yourSNOWBALL FIGHT
>> No. 39902
[x] Go to Sakuya first.

Following orders.
>> No. 39921
[x] Go to Sakuya first.

Yassuh, boss-lady.
>> No. 39924
[X] Go to Sakuya first.

>> No. 39927
[x] Go to Sakuya first.

It's not so much orders, but doing the hard part before it gets hard. (I can't say the same for Voile)
>> No. 39929
Nice. We amused her, got a joking response and only got mildly berated.

[x] Go to Sakuya first.

Sakuya's hard to find, Meiling isn't. And mobilising the whole mansion staff seems more productive than retrieving one heavy-lifter.
>> No. 39932
[x] Go to Sakuya first.
>> No. 39934
[x] Go to Sakuya first.

>> No. 39957
[x] Go to Sakuya first.

>> No. 40010
[x] Go to Sakuya first.
>> No. 40082
[x] Go to Sakuya first.
>> No. 40145
[x] Go to Sakuya first.

You'd rather get the hard part out of the way first, backtracking be damned. You head down the hall towards the kitchen, seeing signs of life in the mansion already as fairies of various sizes buzz around the halls, mostly in the direction of the kitchen. Thankfully, most of them take their movement to the air, leaving the ground level relatively clear. Trying to fly through this would result in a tangled mess of fairy and devil, though that might not be such a bad thing, really. A number of the maids seem surprised to see you, and you realize that your existence isn't exactly widespread news yet.

You pass through the thickest concentration of fairy maids close to the kitchen, and enter the room proper. The entire place is full of wings and skirts, and it takes you a few seconds to scan for Sakuya. Seems that the fairies are all gathering up cartloads of food, seemingly ready to wheel it out. Amid the bustle, you spot Sakuya, just barely a head over a group gathered near the door to the storeroom. You make an effort to squeeze through the crowd working on moving the prepared food out of the room as Sakuya breaks away and starts to head to the side door out of the kitchen.

“Hey, Sakuya,” you call to her as she passes, and she looks over at you with a smile.

“Hello Voile, what brings you down here?” she asks pleasantly.

“Remilia's got some event plan in mind, and wanted me to get you to spread the news,” you say, also catching the attention of a few less busy maids nearby.

“Is that so? Come out here then,” Sakuya says, motioning to the door. You make it to her, and have to wait for a fairy to push a cart through the door before you and Sakuya make your exit from the busy room. “Sorry the kitchen is so loud, but it's part of the mornings around here.”

“Pretty busy around here,” you comment, “a lot of fairies all over. Is this most of the staff?” you ask, and Sakuya responds with a light laugh you can barely hear over the continuing background noise.

“This isn't even half, I'm afraid,” Sakuya admits, “the majority of the maids are either working or waiting in the dining hall, all the ones here are finishing up preparations, or serving what's already done.” You look back at the kitchen, a practical sea of fairies, occasionally spitting out a cart of food to be wheeled down the hall, trailed by several others picking at the plates as they go. “Now, what was it you came for?”

“Remilia's got some event in mind for today, some kind of art gallery with a contest,” you say, “she wants to set it all up in the large red room.”

“Ah, I see,” Sakuya comments, “that sounds like a good idea. I'll give the announcement and see that word gets around to the various Great Fairies, so they can get their groups on task.”

“Alright then,” you say, taking a few steps away, “then I'm going to go get Meiling to help out too and then get back to Remilia.” Sakuya nods to you, then moves back towards the kitchen. You hear her calling out for attention from the fairies as you head back around the corner, finding a number of maids in the hall peeking in through the door to hear. It's easier to get through now, thanks to the large crowd near the door, and you make your way back to the front of the house in a few minutes, noting that there are a number of fairies still floating around tending to the decorations and chores. You reach the doors, the make your way outside into the early morning. You approach the gate, and Meiling looks back through the ornate metal door upon hearing you.

“Good morning, Voile,” she says first, “are you coming out to take a shift on the gates?”

“No, actually, I'm going to be Remilia's assistant for the day, most likely,” you say.

“Ah, trying a bit of everything first, huh?” she asks.

“More or less,” you reply, “though, I did come out here for you.”

“Is that right?” Meiling asks, smiling a bit.

“Remilia's asked for your help in setting up an art gallery event for the day, she's getting everyone involved,” you say.

“Sounds like fun!” Meiling cheers, walking away from the spot she had been standing and opening the gate. “Where's she going to be setting up?”

“The... uh, red room,” you say, starting to realize that it probably has a name, and that you should learn it.

“Oh, yeah, I suppose that would make sense,” Meiling responds, taking the lead, “so, let's go back there.” You catch up to Meiling as she heads back towards the house, and you open the door ahead of her, then make your way back up the hallway towards the large chamber along with Meiling. The two of you reach the room, already starting to fill up with fairies flitting around, cleaning up the fittings, while Remilia paces around with a look of concentration. Meiling stops inside the room, but you keep on going until you hear her call out to you.

“Hold on a second Voile,” Meiling says, causing you to turn around.

“What is it?” you ask.

“If you're going to go talk to Remi, you should wait until she's done,” Meiling says, gesturing towards the girl. You don't see anything in particular about what she's doing that you would be interrupting. Does she mean don't break her concentration at all?

“Alright, I suppose I should wait until it's... safe?” you say, not really sure what the problem would be if you did bother her. “What is she doing anyway?”

“If she's going to be having a gallery, she's probably trying to predict what to put where, and how much attention it will get,” Meiling states, leaving you a little doubtful.

“'Predict' what she's putting out?” you ask, “is she able to see the future or something?”

“In a sense,” Meiling responds, as if it's the most natural thing. “Remilia has pretty good foresight thanks to her power, she can tell if something is going to have a good or bad time depending on circumstances, like where a piece of art is placed depends on how many people can see it.”

“Her power?” you ask, the only question you have for that revelation.

“Oh, I suppose no one's brought it up yet,” Meiling says, sounding pretty casual about it, “Remilia has the ability to predict and control fate.”

“A girl that can control fate, and a maid that can control time. In the same house? Really?” you ask, not entirely believing the explanation, even though you have no reason to doubt it. “Let me guess, you have the ability to control reality, or something.” Meiling chuckles a bit.

“No, sadly, I'm actually powerless,” Meiling remarks, sounding a little embarrassed, “so even though I'm the strongest fighter of the house, I'm the weakest youkai. Though, there is someone like that around, she doesn't live here.”

“Are powers like these normal?” you ask.

“The really high level stuff, no. There are a few strong ladies around with some really unbelievable powers, but a lot of the youkai and people around here are much more mundane, like fairies and their nature powers, or youkai bugs with the ability to lead other insects, and Goddesses and their Domains,” Meiling explains. You take a bit of interest at the last part.

“Goddesses, you said? Here, in this realm?” you question, a little interesting in meeting these Goddesses, to see if there's any reason to be concerned about how they may try to act towards you.

“There's a number of them on the Youkai Mountain,” Meiling states, calling to mind the painting Remilia was working on earlier, “let's see... there's the nature sisters, the curse goddess, and the two and a half at the summit... and I thought there were more,” Meiling pauses, trying to recall if there were any she forgot.

“And a half?” you ask.

“Oh, well, there's the two Goddesses up there, of Sky and Earth, but then there's their shrine maiden, who is a divine descendant, but human. She has godlike powers, but she's not one herself. So half,” Meiling says. Makes sense in a way. Your attention turns back to Remilia, who is still walking around in thought.

“How long is she going to take?” you wonder. Meiling shrugs.

“She could be at this for a while, depends on how large she's planning this and how long she's already been at it,” Meiling says. You could probably be getting something else done rather than wait around for an unknown amount of time.

[] Go take a walk around the house for a bit, see how things are going.
[] See if you can't find some kind of situation you can help with.
[] Search out someone to kill some time with. [Write in option]
[] You might as well just kick back and wait, nothing else to do.


Getting roofing work done can really be a pain in the ass. Hammers pounding on the roof directly on the other side of your wall is a terrible way to wake up. Alongside that, not sleeping well due to heat in the first place doesn't really leave one too rested or creative after 6 hours of troubled sleep punctuated with loud fucking banging next to your head.

Thankfully, roofing work is done now and I got my first good night's sleep in over a week, so I'm feeling a little better than totally awful and actually have the motivation to write again.
>> No. 40146
[X] See if you can't find some kind of situation you can help with.
[X] Let mistress know about the event.

Talk to Patchouli, then be usefull
>> No. 40148
[X] See if you can't find some kind of situation you can help with.
[X] Let mistress know about the event.
>> No. 40149
>not sleeping well due to heat
I feel with you, man. Not everyone has a AC.

[x] Go take a walk around the house for a bit, see how things are going.
>> No. 40152

On particularly hot nights, I ended up abandoning my room and sleeping on the couch. Not only is it typically cooler downstairs, but the ceiling fans are really strong. Of course, comfortable temperatures don't help how uncomfortable a couch is in the first place. I've been considering reinstalling my mini-fridge in my room again, even though the inside of it tends to freeze over, I could keep icepacks and bottles of water in there.
>> No. 40154
[X] See if you can't find some kind of situation you can help with.
[X] Let mistress know about the event.
>> No. 40157
[x] You might as well just kick back and wait, nothing else to do.
This feels like a nice chance to just casually kick it and shoot the shit with Meiling. All is right in the world.
>> No. 40159
[X] See if you can't find some kind of situation you can help with.
[X] Let mistress know about the event.

Just to see how Voile will act to take Patchy away from her books.
Threat? Corruption? Intimidation? Bait?
>> No. 40162
[X] Let mistress know about the event.
[X] See if you can't find some kind of situation you can help with.

I see nothing wrong with this.
>> No. 40163
[X] See if you can't find some kind of situation you can help with.
[X] Let mistress know about the event.
>> No. 40176
File 127892842945.jpg - (31.76KB , 450x600 , beercat.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Search out someone to kill some time with.
-[x] Mistress is very preoccupied with those books...
-[x] Stack various items on Mistress Patchouli without her noticing.

No chance of it catching on but I'll throw it out anyway.
>> No. 40177
[X] See if you can't find some kind of situation you can help with.
[X] Let mistress know about the event.

This will do.
>> No. 40182
[X] See if you can't find some kind of situation you can help with.
[X] Let mistress know about the event.
This works.
>> No. 40232
[X] Search out someone to kill some time with.
- [X] Mistress is very preoccupied with those books...
- [X] Stack various items on Mistress Patchouli without her noticing.

I swear, there was a picture with Patchouli and a tower of stuff on her head.
>> No. 40234
File 12790723452.jpg - (97.64KB , 430x2000 , sample-5804f39c76a9b492831ce9e6351e80fb.jpg ) [iqdb]
I remember it too, but all I could find was this...

Maybe if you turn it upside down you could pretend?
>> No. 40266
[X] Search out someone to kill some time with.
- [X] Mistress is very preoccupied with those books...
- [X] Stack various items on Mistress Patchouli without her noticing.
Why the hell not? We're a devil, let's make with a little devilry.
>> No. 40267
[x] Search out someone to kill some time with.
-[x] Mistress is very preoccupied with those books...
-[x] Stack various items on Mistress Patchouli without her noticing.

>> No. 40270
File 127914291555.png - (380.32KB , 470x1750 , StackedPatchouli.png ) [iqdb]

I'm helping~!
>> No. 40272
File 127914606391.gif - (40.08KB , 500x500 , 1278942474856.gif ) [iqdb]

Thanks bro.
>> No. 40274
it might hurt her, and seduction is more his brand of devilry, not petty little tricks.
>> No. 40312
[x] Search out someone to kill some time with.
-[x] Mistress is very preoccupied with those books...
-[x] Stack various items on Mistress Patchouli without her noticing.
>> No. 40313
[x] Search out someone to kill some time with.
-[x] Mistress is very preoccupied with those books...
-[x] Stack various items on Mistress Patchouli without her noticing.
I like this.
>> No. 40330
You get a cookie.
>> No. 40387
[x] See if you can't find some kind of situation you can help with.
[x] Let mistress know about the event.

There's no particular reason for you to hang around here and wait for the moment. You feel you'd be better off trying to find some other way to pass time rather than sitting around.

“Hey, I'm going to take a quick run to the library, see if there isn't something I can do along the way, and tell Patchouli about this,” you say to Meiling, taking a step towards the hallway back to the front, “send a fairy or something that way to find me.”

“Alright,” Meiling responds, waving you off. You turn from the room and make your way back down the hall, taking the turn towards the library. The place is pretty busy with fairies buzzing around everywhere, doing cleaning along the way. A few of them you overhear talking about the event for the day already. So far though, none of them seem to have anything on their hands that you could help with. A small group of fairies flies overhead, and swoops down to a door ahead, a door you remember Cottonsky coming out of during the night. They open the door and enter as you pass by, allowing you a look inside. Another hallway, lined with doors, and echoing with noise. Servant rooms, it seems. You continue past, and the amount of fairies quickly drops off to nothing the closer you get to the library. Only a small group working on straightening up the hallway are anywhere close to the stairs down.

After your descent, you enter the library to silence. You make your way around the barren shelves to find Patchouli right where you left her, sitting at a table, with a few papers covered in notes in front of her. She's in the process of changing pages, in fact, and notices you approaching.

“Ah, excellent timing Voile,” Patchouli says, sounding a little hurried about it, “I have a task for you.”

“That's good,” you reply, “I was looking for something to do actually. I do have something to tell you first, though,” you state, causing Patchouli to look over at you, “Remilia's having some kind of public art gallery today, and there's going to be some kind of contest for the visitors.”

“Oh, she's putting her work on display?” Patchouli responds, sounding a little surprised. You nod. “Good for her, she's always been proud of her art. Now, are you going to get on with my task?”

“Of course,” you say, straightening yourself out as if at attention.

“I'm almost out of ink, and I'll need a new bottle. There's no more in the library, so you'll have to head to the supply closet at the top of the stairs again. While you're up there, if you could go by the kitchen and get me a cup of tea as well, that would be perfect,” Patchouli says, turning back to her books and notes for a second. You start to turn to leave when she speaks up again, “Ah, and if you could see if Koakuma's going to wake up any time soon as well, I'm sure she could help you with the set up for the event.”

“I'll get onto that first,” you say, walking past Patchouli towards your shared room. You stop at the door and consider knocking again, just to be courteous, but remember exactly who you're walking in on and how little she would probably care if you caught her naked. You open the door and enter to find yourself only partially justified, as Koakuma is getting dressed and thus, only half naked. She's got her skirt on, but a new shirt hangs open over her shoulder, exposing her lacy brassiere, which actually does very little to cover her chest. An untied ribbon hangs over her shoulders too.

“Oh no! I've been seen in my underwear!” Koakuma cries with mock horror, “I'm so embarrassed!”

“I am feeling quite ashamed of myself and my lack of manners,” you retort in bored monotone, trying not to crack a smile. You fail, and Koakuma grins too. “At least this makes it easier for me though, I was told to check if you were waking up by Patchouli.”

“Oh, and here I was thinking you were just coming in to take advantage of my sleeping body,” Koakuma responds, sounding slightly disappointed, and you can't tell if she's joking or serious right now. That's what makes it better.

“Well, you don't have to be asleep,” you remark with a shrug, “it would have just made it easier.”

“Is this a confession of your intent to rape me?” Koakuma jokes.

“A bit, maybe. Though, this kind of situation is something I'd have hoped for back home,” you comment.

“Is that so? Why's that?” Koakuma asks, “Not enough pretty women in your life?”

“More along the lines of catching a Temptress off guard and alone,” you reply, your smirk taking on a more devilish tone, “after all, and unprepared Temptress would be easy prey to an experienced soldier, and against a unit captain...” you trail off, taking a few steps towards Koakuma, who reflexively takes a step back before a smile crosses her face.

“And what would you do if we were back in our own realm under this condition?” Koakuma asks a new question. A good question at that.

[] Tell her exactly what would have been in store for her.
[] Why not simply show her what you'd be doing?
>> No. 40388
[x] Why not simply show her what you'd be doing?
>> No. 40391
[] Why not simply show her what you'd be doing?

>> No. 40392
[x] Why not simply show her what you'd be doing?

Time to show to this female what you are. Bonus point if Patchy butt in pile in the wrong moment.
>> No. 40396
[X] Why not simply show her what you'd be doing?
--[X] Don't assume she doesn't have something prepared/planned herself.
>> No. 40397
[X] Why not simply show her what you'd be doing?
--[X] Don't assume she doesn't have something prepared/planned herself.

always Works for me~!
>> No. 40398
[X] Why not simply show her what you'd be doing?
--[X] Don't assume she doesn't have something prepared/planned herself.

eh but i think it's not what everybody thinks it is... soldier vs temptress, i doubt the soldier would use the temptress' tactics.
unless she overpowers us...
>> No. 40399
[x] Why not simply show her what you'd be doing?

Live up to devil name etc...
>> No. 40401
[x] Tell her exactly what would have been in store for her.

I don't think we have much chance if we're trying to play her game. Tease her more instead until she makes a serious move herself.
Chances are if we push she is just going to keep teasing us even if she is tempted to do something more.
>> No. 40403
Come on, someone will come looking for us soon.

{Draw a fucking diagram of exactly what would have been in store for her.}
>> No. 40405
[X] Subtly cast Dispel Charm/Magic/etc on self.
[X] Why not simply show her what you'd be doing?
--[X] Don't assume she doesn't have something prepared/planned herself.

In b4 we're late to help with the exhibit.
>> No. 40409
[X] Describe what would have been in store for her through the art of interpretive dance.
>> No. 40412
[x] >>40405

I doubt we'd be too late; this isn't Taisa writing you know (He sure did like making those training stops last for 8 hours)
>> No. 40414
File 12794242163.gif - (92.27KB , 519x547 , zeta-main.gif ) [iqdb]
This is fine.

I'm having flashbacks to Makai Kingdom for some reason.

Pic very related
>> No. 40418
[x] Why not simply show her what you'd be doing?
--[x] Don't assume she doesn't have something prepared/planned herself.

“I wouldn't want to bore you with a narration,” you state, mentally preparing yourself for what you're about to do. Of course, normally, you'd have a sword in your right hand, and it's weight is noticeably lacking for you at this moment, but you'll be able to make due. You wouldn't want to actually harm her seriously anyway, and in this confined a space, even with the room to move the two of you have, she could stay out of your threat range for more than a second without magic. Koakuma seems on edge too, since she's already taken to keeping her distance. She has less restrictions on what she can do to you in response, though how far she'll go is the question.

… Only one way to find out.

You lunge forward, propelled by a quick beat of your wings as Koakuma moves to retreat, levitating without use of her wings. The speed difference doesn't do much to help her get away, and you reach out a hand to take her shoulder to simply restrain her. You manage to grab her, but she quickly swats your hand away and begins to circle around you, and starts muttering something and making gestures. So, she will go for her magic. Her old magic, at that, incanted in your devilish tongue rather than the adopted language you speak with everyone else. Her lack of mobility doesn't allow her to get very far, and you're upon her again, this time with a hand aimed at her face and putting more of your strength into it. She doesn't break free this time and is quickly forced to land, as you squeeze her cheeks into her teeth in order to keep her from continuing her incantation long enough to grab her arm. Releasing her face, you turn her hard, kick out one of her legs, and then use the leverage and momentum to force her to the ground. It's already over once she's pressed to the floor, you take both her arms and hold them behind her back with one hand, using your free hand to take the loose ribbon hanging around her neck, and use it to tie together her hands, just to show how well you control the situation, as well as help you continue to make a point.

“Alright now, come on up,” you say, raising back up and picking Koakuma up to her feet as well, then pushing her towards one of the beds. She stumbles back and drops to the bed, laying back on her hands, wings spread out beneath her. Then, she starts to laugh.

“Very impressive, Voile,” Koakuma says, looking down at you from her position on the bed, a smile across her face. You walk over to her, standing at her legs. “So, this is how I would be taken alive, hmm?” she asks.

“If I had a sword, and you were truly an enemy, I'd have severed your wings as well,” you say, then shrug, “though you can apparently fly without them, so it wouldn't really have the same effect.”

“I suppose I'm fortunate that you're only this rough to your friends, then,” Koakuma jokes, kicking you in the leg lightly, “though I could still fight you like this!” You huff at the notion, and proceed to step aside, out of what range of movement she could have without rolling over.

“Of course, in a real battle, I wouldn't try to take you alive unless I was specifically ordered to,” you mention, “and since Temptresses and Seducers get their power through magic and charm, it's too dangerous to try to keep one as a slave unless they're broken. You'd be more likely to have been cut down by me.”

“Your Warlord wasn't very keen on prisoners, was he?” Koakuma asks. You shake your head.

“Revenge is a powerful motivator, especially when battling powerful enemies. It was his belief that it's better to leave no one to oppose him when he was taking a site by force. Non-combatant servants, slaves, thralls, all of them were equal targets compared to soldiers and other combatants. Especially thralls,” you explain.

“They're not very useful to anyone but their master, after all,” Koakuma comments.

“Indeed, but the real threat came from the possibility of one running to an ally of their master's and motivating them to attack, and nothing would be worse than an ambush from invading forces fresh after a battle before we get a chance to learn whatever secret entrances and traps are on the premises,” you remark.

“Ah, yes,” Koakuma replies with a smirk, “not even I knew all the secrets to the fortress I kept in the past.” You nod in response. After a few seconds, Koakuma begins to squirm. “Could you untie me now?” she asks with a slightly amused tone.

[] “Of course, I've given you a taste of what would have happened to you.”
[] “Actually, I think I'll leave you like that for a while. It's a nice sight for me.”


>In b4 we're late to help with the exhibit.

You'd need to fuck up pretty seriously in order to miss that much time for nothing. And I mean 'seriously', as in 'Holy shit I just screwed up a high level, multi-layered spell and blew half the mansion across another plane of existence full of hostile creatures, which are now slowly encroaching on Gensokyo and I am also unconscious in a crater and heavily wounded'.

So yeah. Sure, you might waste a few minutes to an hour here or there on minor things, like idling somewhere, pursuing your own interests or fucking the staff, but several hours? You have to actively try to screw up that badly.
>> No. 40419
[x] “Actually, I think I'll leave you like that for a while. It's a nice sight for me.”

This choice was made for me.
>> No. 40422
[x] “Actually, I think I'll leave you like that for a while. It's a nice sight for me.”

Getting back at the temptress. Brilliant.
>> No. 40423
x] “Actually, I think I'll leave you like that for a while. It's a nice sight for me.”
I am extremely confident Koakuma can get out of this by herself. Lets go brew some goddamn tea.
>> No. 40429
[x] “Actually, I think I'll leave you like that for a while. It's a nice sight for me.”

"Sorry Mistress, seems Koakuma is a bit tied up at the moment."

And various other bad puns.
>> No. 40437
[x] “Of course, I've given you a taste of what would have happened to you.”
All play and no work makes Voile a predictable servant.
>> No. 40438
[] “Of course, I've given you a taste of what would have happened to you.”

I don't really want it, but if Koakuma suddenly decide to get serious, Voile will be screwed.
>> No. 40452
[x] “Of course, I've given you a taste of what would have happened to you.”

She'd be better off helping with the exhibit than being tied up. That and work before pleasure.
>> No. 40455
[X] “Of course, I've given you a taste of what would have happened to you.”
>> No. 40458
[x] “Of course, I've given you a taste of what would have happened to you.”

There will be other times for fooling around.
>> No. 40465
> 'Holy shit I just screwed up a high level, multi-layered spell and blew half the mansion across another plane of existence full of hostile creatures, which are now slowly encroaching on Gensokyo and I am also unconscious in a crater and heavily wounded'.
Yeah, in b4 this happens.

{"I'm sure you'll figure it out."
- {Get back to Miss Patchouli, apologise for Koakuma's absence.}}
>> No. 40468
[x] “Actually, I think I'll leave you like that for a while. It's a nice sight for me.”
>> No. 40469
[x] “Actually, I think I'll leave you like that for a while. It's a nice sight for me.”
>> No. 40475

I'm pretty sure that most readers would be far too wary to vote [x] Haphazardly fuck around with high level dimensional magic you don't understand.

I say 'most', because I feel there might be some that would vote for it simply to see what would happen. I know I would.
>> No. 40476
[X] “Of course, I've given you a taste of what would have happened to you.”

At least until the magic department in our repertiore has improved.
>> No. 40477
[X] “Of course, I've given you a taste of what would have happened to you.”

Tempting to leave her but we might score more Koa points this way.
>> No. 40495
[X] “Of course, I've given you a taste of what would have happened to you.”

We have a jerb to do.

And what would stop a temptress from just using a seduction spell or something to get out of this?
>> No. 40497

Somewhat of a background mechanics spoiler.

Koakuma's, and by extension almost all Devils, magic has both a verbal and somatic component similar to D&D rules. Even though her spells are custom tailored so that most of the somatic portions are disguised as fairly harmless gestures (i.e. a seduction spell facilitated by he running a finger from her collar bone and between her breasts), without use of her hands, she cannot complete the spell reliably.

Of course, this hasn't really had a chance to come up yet because I haven't had a good opportunity to start presenting the alternative magic systems present. There's a lot of background information and other details that will get covered in time, either as things that I feel are worth knowing or I read in comments on the story that people are curious about. The only problem is finding ways to somewhat naturally segue into such exposition.

>> No. 40499
Why don't you write properly instead of making up stupid mechanics nobody cares about?
>> No. 40500
File 127956417120.jpg - (10.29KB , 250x237 , 1279533773392.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 40501
what is this I don't even

Don't worry too much about it. As long as you're consistent with your own rules, it'll be fine. Of course, if there's something relevant to decisions which we don't know but Voile does, like here, it's nice to know.
>> No. 40504
Don't listen to this faggot. I really enjoy your writing and your alternative magic system.
>> No. 40505
oh u
>> No. 40631
File 12799559894.jpg - (16.63KB , 296x320 , 1279929921046.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hey, I found it.
>> No. 40647
[x] "Of course, I've given you a taste of what would have happened to you."
>> No. 40662
A cookie for you, my good sir.
>> No. 40672
[x] “Of course, I've given you a taste of what would have happened to you.”

“I suppose I could,” you say with a smirk, and help Koakuma sit up so you can get to the ribbon on her wrist, “after all, I think you get the idea.”

“I've gotten a few ideas,” Koakuma comments as you remove the ribbon and hand it back over to her.

“Oh? Like what?” you ask.

“New and creative use for ribbons, for one,” Koakuma says with a smirk, “and a few other things you might learn in time.”

“I guess I'll have to wait and see then,” you say, taking a few steps towards the door, “right now, I've got to get going.”

“Busy day?” Koakuma asks, finally getting around to doing up her shirt.

“Remilia's hosting some kind of art gallery thing, and I'm her assistant for the time. Taking a bit of a break while she's busying herself with layout, so I came back here. I've got some ink and tea to bring for Patchouli as well,” you say, Koakuma nodding as she listens.

“Actually, hold on for a second and I'll go with you,” Koakuma says, trying the ribbon at her neck into a little bow, “after all, you're probably going to need someone to show you how to properly make tea.”

“I sort of assumed that there would be someone there that could help,” you admit. Koakuma just laughs. Well okay then. Not more than a few seconds later and Koakuma is fully dressed and walks towards you, and you leave the room ahead of her. The two of you head past Patchouli, who doesn't even look up from her notes as she goes back and forth from the one book she's reading through. This must be what she's really like, opposed to how you've seen her so far.

You and Koakuma leave the library, and head up the stairs to the ground floor in silence.

“Alright,” Koakuma starts, looking aside at you, “you said she needed more ink?”

“Yeah, from a closet at the top of the stairs,” you say, looking over to the right wall. There's definitely a door not to far. Koakuma starts heading towards it first, confirming your suspicions. She opens the door, and within is a large assortment of supplies you don't recognize, along with various other implements. You eventually spot several bottles of ink grouped together on a low shelf, and grab one. Koakuma pushes the door shut and takes a step back.

“You bring that down to Patchouli, I'll go ahead and get the water started,” she states. You nod in response and head back to the stairs to the library as you hear Koakuma start off in the opposite direction. You head back down the stairs, into the library, and back around the shelves to Patchouli's table, where you set the ink down next to the open bottle.

“Thank you,” Patchouli says quietly, pushing the open bottle aside and uncorking the fresh one. You leave her to her work and head back out, taking flight outside the library so you don't have to walk back up the stairs a second time so soon, and continue along with a slow glide past the top of the stairs. You land naturally after a distance and continue towards the kitchen, back into an increasing density of fairies, even in the hallway up to the main intersection. More fairies cleaning and straightening up the decorations, a few are even carrying some new decorative pieces and arranging stands to put them on. You reach the kitchen in time to find that it's mostly empty, aside from Koakuma at the stove, alongside Rainyday and a few other fairies cleaning and putting away dishes. Rainyday sees you first.

“Hey Voile,” Rainyday greets you with a smile, and Koakuma looks back at you.

“Just in time,” Koakuma says, “this is really the only important part you need to learn,” she says, stepping over to a cupboard on the wall next to the far door and removing a small wooden box from within, along with a small cup and a smaller, kettle looking thing. “These boxes here have the tea leaves in them, all ready to be used, no need to measure,” she explains, setting the box on the counter as she takes a kettle of water off the stove and takes it to the counter. You head over to get a better look. Koakuma lifts the lid off the kettle-shaped object, slides the top off the box, and simply dumps the contents of the box into the smaller kettle, then pours the hot water in on top of it. She replaces the lid and then fishes out some kind of metal mesh cup from the drawer in front of her. “That's about it, now just wait,” she says.

“That seems pretty easy,” you say, “I don't think you really needed to come along to show me how to do that.” Koakuma smirks a bit.

“Well that's true, I didn't count on one of the fairies that can actually make decent tea being around the kitchen,” Koakuma says, indicating Rainyday, who looks back over her shoulder with a smile. “Truth is though, pretty much any of the fairies could have told you what to do, I just didn't want to get left behind and stuck playing Patchouli's servant all day when I could be doing something else,” she admits with a grin.

“Is Patchouli that bad when she's working?” you ask. Koakuma shakes her head.

“Not bad, but just boring. At least before with the library intact I could busy myself organizing the shelves by alphabetical order,” Koakuma mentions, though slowly starts to grin, “by whichever 'order' I've decided the alphabet is now in.”

“So, I'm going to be taking this back to her?” you ask, pointing towards the tea container.

“Yep, since you're already working for Remi, Patchouli won't ask you to stick around,” Koakuma says.

“Works out for both of us then,” you say, and Koakuma turns to the tea, setting everything short of the larger kettle onto a tray fetched from another cupboard under the drawers.

“Here, this should be ready for her to drink by the time you reach the library again,” Koakuma says, sliding the tray towards you, and you notice a small bell hanging from one of the handles on the side. You pick it up as the bell rings and head back towards the door. “When you pour the tea, pour it through the strainer here,” Koakuma says, tapping the mesh cup thing, “I'm going to go find something to kill time with,” she finishes as you ready to leave. You're back out in the hall and heading towards the library. You notice that the fairies around you all moving out of your way, no doubt alerted by the bell. Saves you the trouble of having to navigate around a crowd of people while carrying a tray of glass and hot water.

The return trip to the library was somewhat slower with this tray, but you have no particular problems. You find Patchouli as engrossed in the books and notes as ever. You set the tray down on the table next to her, and using the strainer, pour a cup of tea, catching little bits of the leaves that come through the spout. You set the cup back down, and no sooner does it touch the tray than Patchouli takes it. She has a sip, then sets it aside. Not even a thank you this time. Not that you particularly need one, but you do have a feeling you understand why Koakuma would rather be doing anything else than tending to Patchouli when she's deep in her books. One last time, you find yourself leaving the library. It couldn't have taken more than half an hour for all of this, so you're not sure if you should drop by the foyer and see if Remilia's ready to start setting up, or if you still have time to waste.

[] Head back to Remilia. She's got to be ready to get to work by now.
[] Keep wandering around. Someone will look for you eventually.


I don't even remember what the hell happened here. I started writing this like four days ago and stopped halfway through, and I don't even remember why, or why it took me so long to get back to it.
>> No. 40675
{Head back to Remilia. She's got to be ready to get to work by now.}
>> No. 40677
[x] Head back to Remilia. She's got to be ready to get to work by now.
>> No. 40678
[x] Head back to Remilia. She's got to be ready to get to work by now.
Other option sounds emo.
>> No. 40679
[x] Head back to Remilia. She's got to be ready to get to work by now.

Sakuya, China and Koakuma fetch quests completed. Time to report in.
>> No. 40685
[x] Head back to Remilia. She's got to be ready to get to work by now.
>> No. 40687
[x] Head back to Remilia. She's got to be ready to get to work by now.

Mission Accomplished. Back to base.
>> No. 40691

[x] Head back to Remilia. She's got to be ready to get to work by now.
>> No. 40697
[X] Head back to Remilia. She's got to be ready to get to work by now.

[X] Help Koakuma 'keep busy'. If you know what I mean~
- [X] Combat Practice!
>> No. 40698
[x] Head back to Remilia. She's got to be ready to get to work by now.

Works for me~!
>> No. 40708
[x] Keep wandering around. Someone will look for you eventually.
The other option is worded in such a manner as to make me believe Remilia, in fact, wont be ready to continue. And if she is, well, whatever.
>> No. 40875
[x] Head back to Remilia. She's got to be ready to get to work by now.
>> No. 41326
[x] Head back to Remilia. She's got to be ready to get to work by now.

Time to check in on 'the boss'. Something has to be ready to go by now. You resolve to go on foot, simply to allow the extra time it would take to walk back to let Remilia finish whatever appraisal she might still be doing. However, you notice that the closer you get towards the intersection, the denser the maid population gets. It's actually too much to casually walk through, and even the air is filled with fluttering fairies of various sizes. You consider simply pushing your way through the crowd, and taking the opportunity to brush up against a great many young and innocent girls, but you at least want to present a semblance of dedication to your task at hand. There'll be plenty of time to harass the fairies when they're all busy. For now, you propel yourself into the air with your wings, the beats from their movement drawing everyone's attention and causing them to clear out of the way as you fly overhead through a growing tunnel of skirts. You can already hear Remilia as you make your way up the clogged hall by air. She seems to be giving instructions.

“Welcome back, Voile,” Remilia calls to you as you glide in for a landing, “I trust you've wrapped up whatever business called you away?”

“Yep,” you reply simply. You look back at the front of the group of maids that had gathered into the room. You see the familiar faces of Cottonsky, Rainyday and Breezy alongside several other large fairies. Obviously, these lot are the Great Fairies of the staff. Remilia's attention goes back to the fairies as well.

“Now then, you've got your directions, get to them,” Remilia announces, and a unified cry of agreement rises from the Great Fairies and crowd alike as they set off to get to work, with only Cottonsky staying behind as a number of fairies gather near her. “Now, for you,” Remilia says to you, calling your attention, “you get a choice. You can stay here and help with the set up directly, or I can send you to help one of the groups that will be carrying the furniture and art.”

[] You'll stay and help with the set up in here.
[] You would be better suited for carrying.
>> No. 41327
[x] You'll stay and help with the set up in here.
>> No. 41328
[x] You would be better suited for carrying.
We're the only male in the SDM. It's in our job description to move heavy things.
>> No. 41329
True, even though we probably are ranked just 3rd or 4th in brute strength.
[x] You would be better suited for carrying.
>> No. 41330
[X] You would be better suited for carrying.

Voile's not really a fancy-type guy.
>> No. 41331
[x] You'll stay and help with the set up in here.

Opportunity for observations of character, in this case Remilia.

Besides she may end up having Meiling lift specialized heavy pieces. Second pair of eyes wouldn't hurt if said pieces were big enough to block Meiling's view.
>> No. 41334
[x] You'll stay and help with the set up in here.
>> No. 41335
[X] You would be better suited for carrying.

The problem isn't that other people are probably stronger than we are. It's that almost certainly everyone else is more delicate or artful than we are.

Which actually might be even more of a reason to help with set-up. Depends on what is expected of us.
>> No. 41336
[x] You would be better suited for carrying.

The other choice might lead to having to make artistic decisions. That would be painful to see.
>> No. 41343
[x] You would be better suited for carrying.

Girls love muscles, and Voile seems to has a taste for only one kind of art: women.
>> No. 41345
[] You'll stay and help with the set up in here.

More Remilia is needed.
>Cottonsky staying behind as a number of fairies gather near her

And I'd would like to think Cottonsky is staying with the Mistress too.
>> No. 41347
[X] You'll stay and help with the set up in here.

Remi + Great Faries together? Yes please. Plus even if we even end up doing something artistic we can still be a strong devil that is also cultured a bit.
>> No. 41348
[X] You'll stay and help with the set up in here.

What's that? More Cottonsky?

Yes, please.
>> No. 41353
Need a tiebreaker.
>> No. 41355
[†] You'll stay and help with the set up in here.
>> No. 41357
[X] You'll stay and help with the set up in here.
>> No. 41362
That's it then. Updates a-coming.
>> No. 41367
[X] You'll stay and help with the set up in here.

“I think I'd rather stay here,” you say, watching as the room mostly empties aside from Cottonsky's group, who have seemingly all gathered, and begin to disperse around the room.

“Alright,” Remilia says, “then you'll be helping Cottonsky and her underlings organize the decoration and placement of the effects.”

“Sounds pretty simple,” you reply, looking over at Cottonsky. She's looking back at you, and gives you a small wave. You notice another maid at her side, a little taller than she is with hair closer to gray than white. “You have everything planned out already?”

“I do!” Remilia answers happily, “the works I'm going to display are all in storage, so they'll all be brought here and arranged. We're also going to have some snacks and other finger foods available for visitors to eat while enjoying the gallery,” Remilia states, a smile growing on her face, “and as well, I've decided on the contest!”

“Oh?” you press, egging her on.

“It was a fairly simple decision to have a danmaku contest, strictly for display,” Remilia declares, though you're lost in the process.

“Danmaku?” you repeat. A flash of realization comes to Remilia's eyes.

“You haven't been told about the spellcard rules yet?” Remilia asks.

“I've heard about them actually, I just don't know what this 'danmaku' means,” you state.

“Oh, well, danmaku is what the spellcards create,” Remilia says.

“How do you judge a contest like that then?” you ask. Remilia responds with a subdued chuckle.

“Danmaku created from spellcards is special, it reflects the users creativity and artistry in it's complexity and beauty. It's the one type of art everyone in Gensokyo can create,” Remilia explains, “so in the end, it's a contest about art for an art gallery. Clever, right?”

“That is pretty clever,” you admit, to which Remilia grins. You hear footsteps coming up next to you, and look towards them to see Cottonsky approaching with the other girl.

“Are you helping with the set up, Voile?” the fairy asks.

“I am,” you answer. Cottonsky looks pretty happy to hear that.

“That should make it much easier on us then,” she says, “the others get to use carts to wheel out the display stands and pillars, but we have to set them up by hand, and they're all kind of heavy.”

“It would take several fairies just to upright a single display pillar and put a bust on it,” the second fairy states. She's even got a bit of a deeper voice than Cottonsky, and has a much slimmer figure. You look between the two girls for a moment before Cottonsky speaks up.

“Oh, that's right, Voile,” she starts, stepping aside a bit and half-turning to her partner, “this is my Second, Mistyview.” The fairy in question bows slightly.

“She's definitely got a very serious air about her,” you comment.

“Misty is one of the more diligent workers on staff,” Remilia remarks, “it's actually rather surprising to find such an obedient and hard working personality in something as carefree as a fairy.”

“I'm not that hard working,” Mistyview responds, blushing a bit, “it's just everyone else screws around too much in comparison.”

“Everyone enjoys playing around more than their duties,” you say, though you inadvertently remind yourself how much you did enjoy your own duties as a soldier, “well, most everyone.”

“First cart arrived,” a voice calls out from near the entrance to the room, drawing everyone's attention over. It's a fairly large flat cart pulled by a pair of fairies, and even backed up by two more pushing at a handle mounted to the boards, the lot of them seeming like they're having a hard time moving it when all is stacked on it are a few wooden frames and short stone pillars.

“Ah, here we go,” Cottonsky says breaking away first, with Mistyview following up behind her. You look over at Remilia, who nods in the carts direction, indicating for you to get going as well. You catch up to the two fairies as more begin to gather at the cart.

“These are so heavy,” one of the cart pullers complains, dropping the rope she'd been holding in time with her partner.

“Alright, Misty, you want to handle the pillars or the stands,” Cottonsky asks her subordinate.

“I'll take the stands,” she replies. Cottonsky turns to you next, with a small smile.

“Then, are you going to help with the pillars?” she asks.

[] They're stone, so they're probably the heaviest.
[] I think I'll take the stands first. They're just wood.
[] Why do I have to choose? I can do both at once!
>> No. 41368
[x] They're stone, so they're probably the heaviest.

I swear, you folks are too fairy-obsessed at times. Not to say these aren't nice fairies, but they're not the only ones that need 'helping' out.
>> No. 41369
Oh I felt nervous just picking this option...hope the power of a slight write in will prevail.

[x] Why do I have to choose? I can do both at once!
- And without dropping or breaking anything too!
>> No. 41370
[X] They're stone, so they're probably the heaviest.

Don't over do it.
>> No. 41372
[x] They're stone, so they're probably the heaviest.

The fairies can take care of the easier stuff.
>> No. 41374
[x] Why do I have to choose? I can do both at once!
>> No. 41375
[X] They're stone, so they're probably the heaviest.

Works for me~!
>> No. 41376
[X] They're stone, so they're probably the heaviest.

Don't get cocky, kid.
>> No. 41379
[X] They're stone, so they're probably the heaviest.
Maybe not elegant, but we sure are gonna become the perfect butler
>> No. 41380
[x] They're stone, so they're probably the heaviest.

“Sure thing, they seem the heaviest,” you say, circling around to Cottonsky's side. You watch three fairies struggle to move one of the pillars off the cart, and even then they can barely hold it at waist height. You take a turn next, kneeling down to pick one up, and easily heft the pillar over your shoulder with one hand, an action which gets it's fair share of attention from the surrounding fairies, and a quiet chuckle from Remilia, watching in the distance. You can't exactly say they're heavy from your perspective, you barely feel the weight. You pick up a second pillar with your free hand and curl your arm around it, hefting it up and stepping away from the cart. Cottonsky doesn't seem as surprised by your display, though she does take a second to find her tongue.

“You, uh, here,” she says, heading away from the cart. Following behind, she leads you to a spot along the wall of the room, at the edge of one of the many alcoves. “Set the pillars down here, in front of the wall, at the corners.” You follow the placement instructions, slipping the pillars down and placing them where indicated. You step back and start to head back to the cart, noting that the three fairies that took the first pillar are only just getting it into place and tilting the pillar up to stand it.

“Seems that my involvement would save a lot of hard work for the fairies,” you say to Cottonsky as you head back to the cart alongside her.

“Yeah,” she agrees. You note that the stands seem to be moving much quicker, only needing two fairies to move them. There's only one pillar left on the cart by the time you're free to grab another, and by that time, the cart is bare and being wheeled off by the fairies tending to it. There still seems to be a lot of floor space to cover though. No doubt there'll be more carts coming. You carry the one pillar along to a spot past where you were told to set down the first two, and along the way you stop to help struggling fairies right their pillars, then eventually set yours down alone at one of the corners.

“So, that's done there so far,” you say with a grin.

“I'm thankful for your work so far,” Cottonsky says, bowing to you slightly, “I wish I could be even half as strong as you.” You chuckle a bit.

“If that were the case, I wouldn't be as needed,” you reply. By now, a few of the other fairies are starting to gather up near you as well.

“I can't believe how easily you can lift those!” one exclaims.

“Do you even feel them?” another asks. You laugh again from all the attention you're getting as the fairies all seem to be pretty impressed by your brief display. Cottonsky seems pretty pleased as well, standing at your side.

“Second cart!” a fairy calls out, and your small group of admirers breaks away to go unload it. You take up the back, and you note that the cart bears a few busts this time, no doubt for the pillars that have been placed. Mistyview arrives with a group of fairies alongside you and Cottonsky.

“The stands going well?” Cottonsky asks her Second.

“They're fine so far,” Mistyview says, glancing at you, “I noticed you had a fairly easy time with the pillars.”

“Yeah,” Cottonsky says, “we're lucky to have a heavy lifter.” Fairies on both sides soon start unloading items from the cart. Mistyview's side taking the stands, and Cottonsky's working on more pillars. You decide to get started on the busts, since you could probably get them out of the way quicker than the fairies could in the first place.

“I'll take care of these,” grabbing up one of the stone figures. Again, fairly light.

“You'll handle the busts?” Cottonsky asks, a fairly innocent question in itself, but you can't help but process it a little differently.

“I'm rather skilled at handling busts. Quite a number of devils back home would agree,” you comment, a joke that seems to go over most of the fairies heads, including Cottonsky's, but a few others begin giggling. Seems a few of them get it, which causes confusion among the ones that don't. You carry off a pair of the busts as you overhear Cottonsky asking one of the fairies 'in the know' to explain the joke. A few seconds later, as you're placing one of the busts on display, Cottonsky approaches you.

“I can't believe you made a joke like that in front of everyone!” she whispers, trying to come across as cross, but having trouble due to the intensity of her blush.

“It's not a joke,” you state with a grin, which only serves to deepen Cottonsky's blush and cause her to pull her arms up over her chest as a somewhat defensive looking action.

“I-I'd prefer if you didn't make lewd comments so openly,” she stammers, eyes down, lapsing back into the sort of state she was in when you first started teasing her. You then start to realize that you are probably being a little too aggressive. You hadn't been keeping to tight a rein on your impulses.

“You're right,” you say, sighing a little, “I guess it was a bit too much.” Cottonsky looks up at you again, looking a little relieved. “I'm sorry if I embarrassed you.”

“N-no, it's just,” Cottonsky continues stammering a bit, “I'm afraid everyone else will get the wrong ideas about you.”

“I'll try to watch my mouth in public,” you say, stepping away from Cottonsky, “let's get back to work.”

“Yes,” Cottonsky agrees, though she doesn't follow immediately. You hear her sigh behind you, and footsteps a few seconds later. You get back to moving busts, and have time left to spare in order to start moving the last of the pillars. This time, you manage to pick up three, two held under one arm against your body, and another in your other hand, held the same way. It's only slightly more difficult carrying two at once than it is carrying one, and only because their size and shape doesn't make them the easiest to carry side by side. You place the pillars in free spots, and the cart is cleared before you get back to it. As far as the pillar placement is concerned, it seems that little over half the room has been covered so far, with half of that decorated with the busts. There are definitely going to be a lot more stands coming in though, given the placement you can already see in rows, there is a lot of open floor, not even considering how much would be used for standing room, the food tables, and anything else that would be brought out.

The third and fourth cart arrive fairly shortly afterwards, in the time it took you to survey the room. One of the two, loaded almost entirely with pillars and busts, is pulled by Meiling alone, a fact that gets no small amount of attention from the attending fairies. You walk over to her cart first.

“Are you helping with the set up?” you ask Meiling.

“More or less,” she replies, gesturing to the cart, “I was helping with the loading in one of the storage rooms, loading the first two carts coming out here while piling up this one so I could bring it down here and save time and strength on the fairies behalf,” Meiling says, smiling a bit, “and I'm sure you're strong enough to lift these easily, right?” You nod in response. “Yeah, so we should pretty much be able to handle these alone.” You look over at Cottonsky, standing on the sidelines nearby.

“If you and Meiling can take care of this cart, then I'm going to help Misty with the other one,” Cottonsky says.

[] Pair up with Meiling and clear off the heavy load.
[] Meiling would be fine on her own, switch carts.
>> No. 41381
[x] Pair up with Meiling and clear off the heavy load.
>> No. 41383
[x] Pair up with Meiling and clear off the heavy load.
>> No. 41384
[X] Pair up with Meiling and clear off the heavy load.

Double the speed, means half the time to do it, which means the fairies will not be even remotely done by the time Voile and Meiling finish, thus prompting them to help the fairies anyway.
>> No. 41387
[x] Pair up with Meiling and clear off the heavy load.
Like I said, Perfect Butler route.
>> No. 41388
[X] Pair up with Meiling and clear off the heavy load.

Doubt Meiling would be impressed however it ought to feel nice being able to relate to another who's quite capable of handling heavy work as she is.
>> No. 41390
[x] Pair up with Meiling and clear off the heavy load.
That Cottonsky is so innocent. Better let her cool down even more.
>> No. 41396
[X] Pair up with Meiling and clear off the heavy load.
Get the heavy lifting out of the way first.

>“I can't believe you made a joke like that in front of everyone!”
He's a devil, Cottonsky. Double entendres are in his nature.
>> No. 41411
[x] Pair up with Meiling and clear off the heavy load
>> No. 41417
[X] Pair up with Meiling and clear off the heavy load.
>> No. 41424
[X] Pair up with Meiling and clear off the heavy load.

Glorious weight lifting
>> No. 41425
[x] Pair up with Meiling and clear off the heavy load.

Poor, poor Cotton, she doesn't realize that A) that's his true nature, and B) many in addition to him would like to handle her bust.
>> No. 41435
[x] Pair up with Meiling and clear off the heavy load.

With two heavy lifters, you could very easily complete this task faster than if the fairies helped. They don't seem to have too much trouble with the wooden stands anyway. You approach Meiling's cart as she's lifting up two pillars, much the same way you did initially. You heft another two alongside her, and look over at Cottonsky.

“We've got this cart,” you say with a nod. Cottonsky nods as well, and then orders her fairies to move to the other cart. Meiling's already gone off to set up the pillars, so you set off to the other side of the room to put down your pair. It takes several return trips for the two of you, but it still goes faster than having fairies doing heavy lifting. With the final two pillars set up, all the space for them has been filled, and now they only await being topped off with busts. You head back to the empty cart to see Meiling standing around. The cart carrying the stands was also mostly cleared off already, and the fairies remaining could easily handle the rest of the carrying, leaving you nothing to do at the moment.

“You seem to be at least as strong as I am,” she comments, “you didn't have any trouble at all lifting those.”

“I think that should be the other way around,” you quip, “after all, I didn't realize you would be as strong as me.” Meiling laughs a bit.

“It's only natural that we don't really know too much about each other,” Meiling says, “you haven't been around for too long. It makes me wonder though, do you practice any martial arts?”

“Can't say I do,” you respond, “it's always seemed a little trivial to me. If I can hit hard and crush my opponents, why do I need anything else?”

“Ah, that's a fairly common problem among youkai,” Meiling sighs, “they all think the same thing. 'If I'm strong, why bother?' It's good for discipline though, and good for your body.”

“I don't exactly have to be concerned about getting sick,” you mention. Meiling nods in understanding.

“Lucky for you, though that's not what it's all about. It can help you focus your mind as well, something everyone could use from time to time,” she says.

“I imagine that could be helpful with trying to concentrate on magic,” you comment.

“I'd be up for teaching you if you ever wanted to learn,” Meiling says.

“What? Are you impressed by my strength and want me to hang around more?” you joke, getting a short laugh from Meiling.

“No, it's an open invitation to anyone in the house really, though only Remilia has ever shown interest,” Meiling says, looking across the room at the young vampire. She's finishing up directing some other fairies on setting up the stands in the correct fashion it seems. “Anyway, I should bring this cart back and start bringing along the busts.” You're about to make an offer to help her with loading up the cart when you hear Remilia calling out.

“Hey, hold on,” she says, approaching quickly, “I just remembered that I had the family busts moved to the basement, we're going to need those up here.” Meiling takes on a slightly worried expression rather quickly.

“Do you know where they are down there?” she asks.

“They should just be close to the bottom of the stairs, inside one of the old storerooms,” Remilia says, looking at you for a moment, “actually, I suppose you could do it too if you wanted.”

“No, that's okay, I'll do it!” Meiling cuts in before you can answer. You're not feeling that she's doing this solely to be helpful either.

[] Let Meiling handle it, you're not sure you want to bother.
[] How much trouble could it really be? You could do it.
>> No. 41437
[X] How much trouble could it really be? You could do it.

What could possibly-

>Meiling takes on a slightly worried expression rather quickly.

Ruh roh...
>> No. 41445
[x] How much trouble could it really be? You could do it.
>> No. 41448
[x] How much trouble could it really be? You could do it.

The basement? The way this vote is worded so it jinxs us? Awww yeah.
>> No. 41450
[x] How much trouble could it really be? You could do it.
Voile hasn't met Flandre yet, right? It would be out of character for him to shy away from the basement, when he has no clue who's down there.
>> No. 41451
Viole hasn't met Flandre, but he knows about her (not that Remilia knows he knows...) as Cottonsky ended up letting it slip about her being in the basement a while back.
>> No. 41452
File 128176581237.jpg - (140.18KB , 850x695 , ffe089a96f708073f02934606286ea3a.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] How much trouble could it really be? You could do it.

What's the worst that could happen?
>> No. 41456
[x] How much trouble could it really be? You could do it.

“It couldn't be that bad, right?” you say, as Meiling looks over at you. “It's just a basement, right?” Neither girls answers right away.

“Voile, really, it's okay,” Meiling says, still trying to take it onto herself.

“I don't know what you're so worried about,” you remark casually. You do have an idea what the problem would be, what you would see down there, but you hardly think that it could be much of a threat to you.

“Let's go,” Remilia says abruptly, walking past you and Meiling. The guard is hot on her heels, and you catch up to Remilia as well. You make it a fair distance from the entrance hall before Remilia speaks up. “Meiling has a valid reason to be worried,” she says, “after all, it's part of this mansion's secrets.”

“Thought it would be something like that,” you say, a smirk coming to your face, already knowing part of what you're in for. “It's another vampire, isn't it?” you ask, revealing part of what you know, but not the specifics. You catch a bit of a surprised look on Meiling's face in your peripheral vision, but Remilia doesn't even turn to look at you.

“Yes, alongside several ghoul remnants of past servants of the house and our... 'donors',” Remilia replies. She stops at a door and opens it, revealing a smaller hallway, also lined with doors. The three of you take the new path, walking straight across to another door, which exists into a fairly large room. It appears to be a storeroom, given the presence of spare furniture grouped in corners, and boxes stacked around the place, though it's fairly empty for it's size. The room has a very odd feel about it though, you can sense something is not quite as it seems. Remilia walks into the room and stops, turning around. “The only reason I'm considering this is because I have enough reason to believe you can handle the conditions down there,” she says. You look aside at Meiling, who has so far seemed to get over her worry for the most part. “You must know, that to keep both of us fed, we require blood. To not mince words, we do in fact take humans and use them for blood, more often than not killing them in the process,” Remilia continues, clasping her hands over her waist, “on occasion, our feeding results in the creation of a ghoul, an undead monster not unlike zombies. I absolutely refuse to allow these creations to leave the grounds however, as they could quite easily reach and harm other humans on their own, and despite the fact that I kill humans to feed, I don't want to cause unnecessary amounts of trouble. So, when one arises, I seal it in the basement,” she pauses for a moment, “with my sister as their caretaker.”

“Sounds like a piece of cake,” you say, cracking your knuckles, “a basement filled with undead monsters and a vampire girl? I don't see what the problem is.”

“The problem is my sister, Flandre,” Remilia responds, wearing a very serious expression, “she is a very unpredictable girl, mentally unstable and difficult to handle. On top of that, her power exceeds mine, physically and magically.”

“There's something worse than manipulation of fate?” you ask.

“The power of absolute destruction,” Remilia answers, “she is able to destroy anything simply by willing it to break. There is absolutely no counter-measure other than simply hoping she doesn't use it, and that depends entirely on her unstable emotions.” You would never admit it openly, but you feel a slight tinge of dread at the sound of that.

“I see what you mean then,” you say, sobering up a bit. You do have a reason to be concerned if she wields a power like that. “It makes me wonder how she's still imprisoned though if she could just blast her way out.”

“She respects and loves me as her sister,” Remilia states, “she willfully stays in the basement in order to avoid upsetting me, with the only condition being that I grant any requests she have.”

“And letting her have these busts were her last request,” you say. Remilia nods.

“Quite insightful, and this is why I'm willing to believe you can handle this. You're quite clearly intelligent, and obviously strong, so I'm willing to give you a 'trial by fire' in order to test how well you handle the most dangerous area of the mansion,” Remilia says with a small smile, “I'd rather you have found the entrance under my guidance than on your own as well by any means, since otherwise you wouldn't get the most important information to ensure your safety. You must be polite at all times, agree with anything she says, laugh at her jokes. If she makes a request of you, fulfill it if it's something simple, otherwise, apologize profusely and tell her I said you couldn't.” You feel like it would be a terrible blow to your pride to actually have to bend over backwards in such a way, but if Flandre really is that dangerous, you likely couldn't afford to risk it.

“Let's get on with it then, I'm ready for this,” you say, and Remilia turns, heading to the wall opposite the door and simply walking straight through it. The wall vanishes shortly afterwards, as does the odd feeling you had. An illusion. Remilia stands in a small alcove, with a relatively plain door set into it. She turns the handle and pushes it open, revealing a staircase descending into darkness. The first thing to hit you is the definite smell of death. It's actually a little nostalgic. You step forward without another word and enter the staircase. You're hardly a few steps in when the door is closed behind you. Thankfully, you can see fine in the dark, and your descent isn't too impeded. The stench grows worse as you continue down the stairs, eventually reaching a stone floor. There is no light down here at all, and you can hear faint shuffling. You make out a few open arches along the right wall, and a single one on the left before a hallways parts off the current one. You feel a slight bit of tension, knowing that there are potentially hostile ghouls down here. You weren't told you couldn't smash them if you're attacked, so you're going to defer to your own judgment on that. Now that you're down here though, you recall that you didn't ask where the 'old storerooms' are. You might need to do a little exploring.

[] Check the arches on the right.
[] Check the one on the left.
[] Check the hallway on the left.
[] Continue down the current hall.
>> No. 41457
[x] Continue down the current hall.
>take humans and use them for blood
What about the contract?
>> No. 41463
[x] Check the arches on the right.
>> No. 41468
[X] Continue down the current hall.


PMiSS says flat out that the vampires have a contract with other youkai where other youkai will provide them with humans to feed on, and in turn the vampires won't attack humans living in Gensokyo. The footnotes also point out that these sacrificial humans are generally thought to outsiders with no attachments, whose deaths are of little consequence - suicides, and such. Yukari is also known to provide humans to youkai on occasion, so it's not unlikely that she would be providing that service to the Scarlets.

If you want to wonder about canon, wonder about why the zombies Remilia creates are kept instead of just being dumped into the sunlight and evaporated.
>> No. 41470
[x] Check the one on the left.
Right is wrong.
>> No. 41472
[x] Continue down the current hall.
>> No. 41483
>wonder about why the zombies Remilia creates are kept instead of just being dumped into the sunlight and evaporated.

There aren't any. She's doesn't turn anyone into ghouls or anything the like; she's a light eater.
>> No. 41485
Yeah no one dies after her feedings, they're just suffering from slight blood shortage.
>> No. 41490
[x] Continue down the current hall.
Always take the one in front of you.
>> No. 41496


All I'm saying is that, according to PMiSS, zombies created through being drained to death by a vampire are so weak that they simply die the moment the sun rises.

So I guess we have a double dip here: not only would Remilia be unlikely to drain anyone to death in the first place, but even if she did, they would be harmless enough that keeping them locked up would be pointless. And in fact keep them alive longer.

Regardless, let's just chalk it up to artistic license, and roll with it.
>> No. 41559
>>41483 here, I've just read the last update and feel ashamed.

I seriously need to stop posting without reading the story first; bad habits are hard to die, or so they say. All I noticed when glancing through the board (not the thread) was "PMiSS" and "canon".
>> No. 41577
PMiSS is partially accurate canon (Just a matter of taking most things with a grain of salt)

Though Mode plays things his own way in this Such has reducing Meiling's bust one size so who knows?
>> No. 42536
[x] Continue down the current hall.

You decide to head straight, bypassing the open archways and the split hall. You hear more sounds of shuffling, and a zombie stumbles out of one of the arches on the right into your path. It's so old and dessicated that it's hard to believe that it's even still able to move. It seems perfectly content to shamble around, paying you no mind. You step around it and continue on down the hallway. The archways stop after a short distance, and so does the hallway itself a bit beyond that. A pair of doors stand before you, one on the wall ahead, and another on the left wall. You try the door to the left first, and find that the doorknob seems to be stuck. From the feel of the knob itself, it seems rusted. The door in front of you works fine, as you discover, and you open the door to take a look inside.

The stench of rot is the first thing you notice, followed closely by the remains of several corpses left in various implements. Torture devices mainly, it would seem, though there is one body on top of a table that doesn't seem like any conventional torture device. From the way the body is laid, it would seem that it was restrained at one point by what was once some kind of straps. Some rusted implements of some kind lay strewn about the table. Small blades, clamps, and several hooks. You wonder what the story to this room is, though you don't linger for long due to clearly not being the kind of place one would store stone busts.

Back in the 'main' hall, you need to continue your search. You can backtrack to the series of arches, now on your left, or the singular one at the base of the stairs on the right. You could also take the right branching hallway and see where that leads and what else you could find.

[] Head through the series of arches.
[] Go to the lone arch at the stairs.
[] Take the turn to the right.


Don't really have much to say for my absence other than I've been struggling with my emotions. First, all will to write left me and I was finding myself questioning if I really am still enjoying what I do with it. I still don't have an answer yet, but I do still feel like writing, and I do have some work left in what I have on these boards already.

Second, and perhaps the most difficult, is that for the first time in the over four years since his death, I've begun to genuinely mourn and miss my father in the wake of several vivid dreams where I've been able to talk to him again. It's a frustrating feeling to wake up and realize that all of our conversations was likely just my own mind telling me things I should already know.

Anyway, I think it should be mentioned that, while I tend to like to stick close to canon, I do like to include my own little 'internal canon' that persists between my works, for little else than my own preference. Details that mesh with the established canon and fill in spots that can relate to it, or things that aren't explored. The idea of the Hakurei clan mainly living outside the Border and leaving their eldest daughter to run the shrine inside Gensokyo is one example of my own fanon that will persist in pretty much everything I write. Though, it's not like I won't bend or otherwise ignore canon if I think I can make something more interesting out of it. This whole zombie business is one of those bendy parts, though there is reason to it, which will likely be explained in future updates.
>> No. 42537
[x] Head through the series of arches.
Good to see you back. And it seems you are not the only one who has some problems with writing.
>> No. 42538
[c] Head through the series of arches.

It's back. Awesome.
>> No. 42539
[x] Head through the series of arches.

I'm sorry your going through some rough times.
I hope things get better for you.
>> No. 42540

Things have been getting better. I've spent a month dealing with my problems and getting over them. I've been feeling more normal lately, and my desire to write has been slowly coming back. Today, obviously I felt the need to update and followed through with it, compared to the previous days where the thought was there, but no urge to act.
>> No. 42541
I can die now.
Sorry mother.
>> No. 42558
[x] Head through the series of arches.

You backtrack to the set of arches and head through the first one. The lot of them seem to separate the hall from another larger room, though it's fairly barren. You make out some shambling shapes in the darkness, and a few doorways along the walls. The closer you get, you start to realize that they're cells, and that parts of the wall retain dangling shackles. There are no skeletons shackled to the wall, to your surprise, but a few of the cell doors are closed, though the only prisoners are more zombies it seems. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to which cells are used and which aren't, and you can't really rationalize why anyone would bother to jail a zombie in the first place. You get close to one of the cells to get a better look at it's occupant, and as you do, the zombie within rushes against the door, arms outstretched towards you. You suppose that answers why someone would lock up a zombie. This one in particular doesn't seem as rotted as some of the others, though it's by no means fresh. It was a woman, as there's enough remaining shape to her body to make it apparent despite the rather plain, unfamiliar clothes she wears. The age is impossible to guess though.

You head back towards the hallway, since this isn't what you were looking for either. As you return, another zombie approaches you and lunges to attack. It's so slow and frail looking though that you easily redirect it's lunge and it drops to the ground with a crack. Seems it broke one of it's arms in the fall, as it struggles to get back to it's feet. You leave it where it lay, and continue on. Back in the hallway again, you find yourself with only the option between the single archway near the stairs and the hallway branching off. You travel back down the hall to inspect the last arch before continuing on, finding only a smaller room with some old remnants of wooden furniture. Given the prison area right across from it, you imagine this was a guard room of sorts. Of course, there's nothing of interest remaining besides rotting wood, so you head out and back to the hall and up to the split, continuing on.

You pass through an archway with an old portcullis apparently knocked off track and wedged at an angle. Seems it would have separated the 'prison' from whatever area lies beyond. It doesn't take too long after the arch before you find some more doors, one on each side of the hall facing each other. The hallway continues on beyond the range of your darksight, but given that you can hear shuffling movement from up ahead, it seems that it could still go on for some ways.

[] Continue forward.
[] Check the left door.
[] Check the right door.
>> No. 42559
[X] Check the left door.

Seems odd that one of the ghouls was wandering around freely. Did Flandre let it out?
>> No. 42560
[x] Check the left door.

The sinister door should be best for zombies
>> No. 42561
[x] Peek into both rooms and than
-[x] Continue forward.
That would be the most logical thing to do, wouldn't it?
>> No. 42564
[X] Right door

Right makes right?
>> No. 42565
[x] Check the right door.
>> No. 42568
[x] Peek into both rooms and than
-[x] Continue forward.

Let's burn some zombies.
>> No. 42570
Out Goal is getting to Flandre; though we're in a maze, which kinda reeks of "no idea how to write the meeting with Flan, so here's a maze to buy time" I'm not saying that's definitely the case, it just kinda seems like it.
>> No. 42571

It's not a maze, you just don't know the layout of the basement naturally.

Anyway though, a three way tie.
>> No. 42574
[x] Peek into both rooms and than
-[x] Continue forward.
>> No. 42576
[X] Peek into both rooms and then continue forward.

The continue forward part, of course, may not apply if we actually find Flandre in one of said rooms. Hell, if we find her in the first one, then we can probably skip the second room unless we're sent on another fetch quest to actually find the busts. Not to imply that I have a problem with this, I suppose I'm just nitpicking unnecessarily.
>> No. 42577
[X] Check the left door.
Left is right
Right is wrong.
You should be able to figutre this out.
>> No. 42578
Finding Flan should make finding the busts easier... that is unless she'd rather have us inspect hers.
>> No. 42581
[x] Peek into both rooms and than
-[x] Continue forward.

No sense continuing on without checking both doors. You decide to start with the room on the right first, if only because you're closer to the right door than the left. You step over and try the door. It still works fine, if a little stiff, and opens inwards. You can make out the shapes of other furniture in this room beneath sheets. Seems to be a storeroom, so you're at least on the right track, but there's nothing resembling a bust that might be left under a sheet. You take a quick peek under one of the nearby coverings, the furniture covered is a fairly decent quality, if only for still being intact and not rotting. You leave the room and head across the hall to the opposite door. It opens much easier than the door on the right wall, and you find a similar room within, and right away spot two busts sitting on top of an uncovered table against the far wall. You walk up to them to get a better look, and recognize one of the two as Remilia, with the other bearing a resemblance, though with different hair. So, you found two of them, but you were sent for four. Though, this is a bit simpler, as the busts are larger than you had thought. Even though in lifting one you find it's not heavy, they're not easy to carry, you wouldn't have been able to carry four of them at once without something to put them in, especially without damaging them.

You pick up the two stone busts as a dry breeze rolls through the room from the open door, ruffling the sheets hanging over the furniture. You pay it no mind at first, until you reach the door and realize that there'd be a hard way to explain that kind of wind. You assume that Flandre must be somewhere nearby as you exit the room and continue down the hallway towards the jail area. The shuffling sounds of the ghouls wandering around the area is still the same, though one has wandered into the hallway towards the stairs up. It turns towards you as you approach, and takes a step towards you before turning away and stumbling off somewhere else. You approach the stairs, when you notice a pair of shining red eyes in the darkness on your right, from the old guard room.

“Where are you taking me and my sister, intruder?” A female voice asks of you quietly. So, this must be Flandre. You turn to face her, and take a small bow, trying not to risk dropping the busts.

“Good day, Flandre, is it?” you start, waiting for a response of some kind, even though there's no question about it considering her likeness to the bust in your hand. You see Flandre nod slightly. “I'm a new servant here, and Remilia as-” you start to explain, but you're cut off by a giggle. Flandre doesn't say anything after several seconds, so you continue. “Remilia had asked me to fetch the busts from the basement here, for display during an art gallery she's holding today.”

“Art~” Flandre says with a slightly sing-song voice, “is that right? She's having a big gallery-party and wants her sister there in spirit while the body lingers in darkness, and they'll all eat snacks and be happy and laughing...” she continues, with a more normal sounding voice despite what she's saying. You're already unsure how you should respond to that.

“I'm supposed to bring these up to her, and I understand there was another two she wanted,” you continue yourself, and Flandre nods, swinging her hands behind her back.

“Mm-hmm,” Flandre replies, “Mama and Papa, they're waiting in my room.”

“Well, I'm going to have to come back down for them,” you say. Flandre's expression flashes from neutral to an annoyed look, but switches through to a sad expression all in a matter of seconds.

“But then I'll be lonely without Mama and Papa watching me,” Flandre whines, “I want them to see that I'm a good girl that respects her sister.”

“It will only be for a short while, I'm sure you'll be able to have them back after Remilia is done with them,” you say. Flandre giggles again. You're not entirely sure what to make of it. “I'll bring these two upstairs, then I'm going to come back for the other two, okay? Could you show me where they are then?” Flandre doesn't reply, simply stares at you. You wait a few seconds for a response. “Flandre?” you ask, wanting to at least get some kind of response from her.

“I don't want you to take my Mama and Papa away,” Flandre replies, speaking quietly again. You're feeling it's best to not press the situation, since you're not sure what exactly it would take to really set her off. You'll have to defer to Remilia when you get upstairs, see what she has to say.

“I'll just bring these upstairs then,” you say, bowing again slightly and then starting towards the stairs. You can see Flandre's eyes watching you out of the corner of your eye until you reach the stairs and leave her line of sight. You make your way up the stairs, gradually ascending into the light filtering through from the still open door at the top. About halfway up you look back down the stairs behind you, and see Flandre's glowing eyes watching you from the blackness at the bottom of the stairs. You're definitely going to have to get some advice.

You reach the top of the stairs, and find Remilia still waiting by the entrance to the room. She's smirking as you approach.

“So, did you meet my sister?” she asks, and you nod. “She didn't scare you, did she?” Remilia asks next.

“I'm concerned, I could say,” you state, setting down the busts on a table near the door, “I'm not entirely sure how much I can respond to her, what I should say to some of the things she says, if she's even expecting a reply.”

“It's probably better to humour her, even if it's a strange statement,” Remilia says, “what did she say?”

“She mentioned about you wanting her bust up here that you want her at this gallery in spirit, but want her to stay in the basement, or something to that effect,” you ad lib. Remilia nods thoughtfully.

“Well, I can't say it's too off, as much as I'd hate to admit it. I'd would like to be able to have her upstairs with everyone else, but in such large groups with so much going on, she can be very excitable, and that tends to cause problems for all involved,” Remilia says. “Now, you're going back for the other two busts?”

“About that...” you say, looking back at the stairwell, “Flandre said she had them in her room, and she doesn't seem to want to let me take them.”

“Did you tell her I wanted them?” Remilia asks, to which you nod. Remilia hums in concern and folds her arms. “Then there's not a whole lot that can be done.”

“So, give up on them?” you ask, but Remilia shakes her head.

“We'll just need someone to stay down there to keep her company in the meantime,” Remilia says, “I suppose I could send Meiling to do that, she's not particularly important to the set up.”

“But I still have to go get the busts, I'm guessing,” you say. Remilia smirks again.

“So you are scared of her?” Remilia muses. You frown a bit.

“I am a little worried about pissing off an insane vampire with the power to destroy me in an instant, yes,” you admit, though it annoys you greatly to accept the fact that the most threatening creature you've faced in your life is a teenage girl.

“Maybe I should just have you watch after her then,” Remilia says. She's got to be picking on you now, though you wouldn't turn it down if you were told to do it. It's probably for the best that you try to learn how to handle the girl for future encounters. You turn back to the stairs and prepare to head back down for the other two busts. “Ah, do you want me to go get Meiling? She can go down there with you and you can get the busts back up here,” Remilia says from behind you.

[] “Yeah, if you could, it'd probably be for the best.”
[] “I'll bring the busts up, then I'll go down and watch her.”
>> No. 42582
[x] “I'll bring the busts up, then I'll go down and watch her.”
>> No. 42583
[x] “I'll bring the busts up, then I'll go down and watch her.
>> No. 42584
[X] "I'll bring the busts up, then I'll go down and watch her."
>> No. 42585
A challenge is it?

[x] “I'll bring the busts up, then I'll go down and watch her.”
>> No. 42586
[x] “I'll bring the busts up, then I'll go down and watch her.”
Pride 1
Logic 0
>> No. 42587
[X] "I'll bring the busts up, then I'll go down and watch her."
>> No. 42589
[X] "I'll bring the busts up, then I'll go down and watch her."
>> No. 42591
[x] “I'll bring the busts up, then I'll go down and watch her.”
-[x] "Could I get some snacks down here as well?"

Time to get to know the little sister, pretty cute so far.
>> No. 42593
[X] “I'll bring the busts up, then I'll go down and watch her.”

If this means that we'll miss the actual event, that's certainly a shame. It'd be good for us to experience danmaku (we may or may not participate, but I'm saying that even seeing it would probably be good for us), but I just couldn't stand to make Meiling babysit Flandre.
>> No. 42605
[X] “Yeah, if you could, it'd probably be for the best.”

If only to represent the logical thought in this vote.
>> No. 42812
[x] “I'll bring the busts up, then I'll go down and watch her.”

“I'll keep an eye on her myself,” you say, turning back to the stairs, “after I bring up the busts.”

“Oh? Maintaining your pride after all?” Remilia quips as you descend back into the darkness. You're a bit quicker in your descent, since you're hoping that Flandre is still near the bottom of the stairs so she can lead you to the other busts. She doesn't seem like the kind of person that could be patient in one place for too long.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, you spot an odd shape at the edge of darkness on your right. Approaching, you suppose it's Flandre, given the hairstyle and clothes, though you couldn't really see too much of her beyond her face previously. What's got your attention more is what's on her back. Where Remilia has wings, Flandre has... something. You can't tell quite what in the darkness, your darksight allows you to make out shapes and major details at a fair distance, but fine details require you to be practically on top of it. You notice a zombie in front of her as you approach. Flandre looks over her shoulder at you, and then half turns.

“You're going to take them away after all, aren't you?” Flandre asks, still being quiet. The same glow that was in her eyes earlier isn't present.

“I have to, your sister absolutely must have the busts it seems,” you say, trying to be as apologetic as possible. Flandre huffs in frustration.

“It's not as if she needs them!” Flandre states, stamping her foot, “She has plenty of busts she could use! Meiling and Patchouli and Koakuma's busts would all be good centerpieces for a pedestal,” Flandre complains, and while you'd be inclined to agree with the idea, she seems to be confusing terms. You can't bring yourself to correct her, however. “She should just show off her chest if she's got such a fixation on busts.”

“I think you're going off topic now,” you say, smirking a bit.

“I'm sure you love to grab poor girl's breasts too, don't you!? That's why you're down here, to molest me, isn't it?” Flandre asks, getting more agitated now.

“You're definitely going somewhere completely different now,” you say, chuckling a bit. Flandre doesn't seem too amused though, frowning at you. “Though I'm coming down to get the busts of your Mama and Papa, I'll come back down to keep you company in the mean time. Is that alright?” you ask. Flandre seems surprised for a second, then seems to recall she's trying to be mad, and goes back to frowning.

“You just want to take advantage of a young girls heart!” Flandre exclaims, turning away from you. “You want to touch me and feel my body and nibble on my ear, make me feel safe and secure, tell me you'll always be there for me and dream of our future, have me scream your name as you cum inside me and-” Flandre stops suddenly in the middle of her escalating fantasy, seeming to pause in thought as she turns back to look at you. Her eyes start to shine in the darkness again, but she doesn't say anything for several seconds. She does nothing aside from stare absently at you with a faint smile. “Or, you're just down here to fetch Mama and Papa aren't you?”

“... Yeah, the statues,” you say, barely able to refrain from smiling at Flandre's rather specific rant. Whatever problems this girl has, you think you might enjoy them a bit more than you had originally thought. Flandre starts walking out of the room towards the hall, and you follow behind her.

“You're pretty devoted to your work to be so persistent in this,” Flandre says as she leads you down the hall.

“Well, I am a new servant here in the house. I'm hoping to be fairly useful to Remilia, so-” You explain until you're cut off again by another giggle from Flandre. You can't ignore it this time. “Is there a particular reason you laugh when I say Remilia's name?”

“There are two ways men call Remilia's name,” Flandre says, turning in mid stride to face you, without stopping her movement. She's not walking anymore however, simply floating above the ground. “Those that call her formally as 'Lady Remilia', 'Mistress Scarlet', 'My Lady' and all sorts of grand titles, and then there's simply calling her by her name with no embellishments.”

“I don't see the humour,” you say flatly.

“How is she?” Flandre asks, rather than explain.

“Uh... fine, I suppose?” you answer, unsure of what you're being asked about.

“Just 'fine'? That's a fairly below-average response. Typically they're more enthusiastic about it,” Flandre replies, chasing a trail of logic only she's aware of.

“Enthusiastic about...?” you lead, hoping to coax her into an answer.

“Dropping letters in Mr. Stork's mailbox,” Flandre answers, definitely not what you were looking for.

“I don't understand what you're getting at,” you say, and Flandre groans in aggravation.

“Planting seeds in the Garden of Life? Push-ups in Aphrodite's House of Heaven? The Trojan-less horse empties inside the walls? The Seamen embark on a foot race to the hatchery?” Flandre delivers more bizarre phrases before getting tired. “Having sex with Remilia.”

“Oh? Nothing like that is going on, actually,” you state, though Flandre seems apprehensive. “I'm Patchouli's servant, properly at least, though I'm finding myself being put to work in other parts of the house since there's been an incident and Patchouli doesn't exactly require a lot of assistance.”

“Mmmn, well I can't really prove otherwise,” Flandre grumbles, “but I don't know anyone else to call her so plainly that wasn't dipping their groin-finger in her honey pot.”

“I'm not really used to the whole 'household servant' business,” you say, tugging at your collar slightly. “I'm a devil that's accustomed to war and battle under a commander, not making tea and moving furniture.”

“Oh, so you're just a dumbass brute then,” Flandre says with a smile. You nod in response with a grin of your own.

“I'd be much more useful guarding the grounds, or at least training more than a single guard to stand watch,” you admit, “though, the other chores and duties around the house seem so pointlessly simple, I'm basically expected to do nothing difficult, and in exchange I get to see and tease a number of women throughout the house.” Flandre chuckles slightly, a much more pronounced laugh than her bubbly giggle.

“A lost warrior without a war to fight, looking to expand the collection of sheathes his sword has,” Flandre muses.

“More or less,” you comment. Flandre laughs again and turns away, still floating. You've gone a bit past the two storerooms already, and reach another intersection, this time with a four way split. Flandre takes a left, and you take the corner. Right away, you see light further up the hall, flickering from beneath a door. Flandre rushes ahead and opens the door, letting more light out of the room and waits for you to get closer before entering. Inside is a fairly large and surprisingly lavishly decorated bedroom, something similar to what you've seen in holdings of the more wealth-inclined Devils. Candles fill all space not already filled by decorative pieces and other assorted items, burning with variable brightness and stability, filling the room with a fluttering, pulsating kind of light. Against the far wall is what seems to be a makeshift shrine of some sort bearing two more stone busts of unfamiliar faces.

“Mama, Papa, I'm back!” Flandre says, hopping towards the stone heads. “Did you miss me?” she asks, addressing the busts it seems. She waits a few seconds, then tips her head to one side. “Aww, Mama, you don't have to worry so much, I was walking with a new friend of mine,” Flandre continues, as if responding to someone, and swings an arm back towards your direction. “Those old rots can't really hurt me anyway, I'm not afraid of them,” Flandre says suddenly, “even then, most of them probably retain enough memory to remember the beloved younger sister.” She's definitely having a conversation with the busts, it seems. You briefly wonder if it's just an affect of Flandre's madness, or if it might be a genuine gift. Either could be a genuine explanation for why she's so hesitant to part with the figures. She continues for a few more minutes, apparently getting deeper into conversations on increasingly more abstract concepts, apparently referencing events and history outside of anything in your knowledge of this world. You might have to cut this short if you want to get this over and done with.

“I'd hate to interrupt, but...” you cut in during a brief silence. Flandre starts and looks back at you with surprise.

“Oh! Right!” she says, then turns back to the heads. “Sorry, but New Mister Devil is going to take you to see Remilia now,” Flandre says, clasping her hands behind her back. “Yes Papa, I'll be good while you're out,” she says, bowing slightly. “Of course I'll eat my vegetables, though it's so hard to get into the hospital...” Flandre says, once again making a strange turn. “Always nurses walking around and doctors, and if they see me coming they start to scream and then everyone gets panicky. It really ruins the mood of a nice meal, and it spoils my appetite,” Flandre lapses into another giggle, and then a short silence “of course! Now then, you two have fun!” she finally says, then steps aside. “Okay, they're ready to go.” You step forward and collect the two busts. On closer inspection, you can see some similarities between the face of the mother and the two daughters. You off-handedly wonder what happened to the parents, but decide to wait to ask Remilia.

“I'll be back down shortly then,” you say, heading towards the door.

“I'll have a surprise for you when you return,” Flandre says, and you hear the door close behind you. Damn, now that's got you curious. You head back down the hall to the intersection, and take the hall back towards the prison. You're going fairly quickly, both so that you can get these busts delivered, and get some final advice. The return trip is unimpeded, the zombies that were shambling around the prison area have apparently quieted down. You wonder if zombies take breaks from hobbling around as you ascend the stairs. At the top, both Meiling and Remilia are waiting now, with the former standing by a cart, already loaded with the sister's busts.

“Didn't have any problems getting them?” Remilia asks as you approach the cart to set them down.

“She had to say her goodbyes first, I guess,” you state, “she was talking to them like she could hear them.” Remilia nods.

“She does that quite often, and personally I can't really say whether or not it's a genuine gift or just another aspect of her madness,” Remilia admits, “while she it would seem that she's just hearing voices, some of the things she says they tell her aren't things she could know about normally.”

“Is that so?” you say, “I was kind of thinking the same thing when I saw her talking to them.”

“Now, I assume you're still going to go down there and keep my sister company?” Remilia asks.

“Of course,” you say, glancing at Meiling. She doesn't seem quite as concerned anymore, but she does seem to be a little bothered by something.

“Then there are a few more things to know. She can, and likely will, talk a lot, so be attentive and don't interrupt her needlessly. She also has a talent for art, even greater than mine at times, and when she's focused, nothing can break her attention until she's done,” Remilia explains, pausing for a second. She looks to be hesitating over something. “Also, given your gender, she might make certain 'requests' of you. I would prefer it if you didn't get involved with her in such a way, I'm deferring to your own judgment on how to handle such situations, should they arise.”

“She seems to have had that idea already, though it passed I think. She also seemed to have the idea that we had that kind of relationship based on how I addressed you,” you say with a smile. Remilia smirks, her cheeks turning a little red.

“Yes, she tends to be like that from time to time, I can only think it's because her hormones are as mad as she is,” Remilia remarks, apparently she's not going to comment on her own sexual history. “Any last questions?”

[] Nope.
[] Yeah.
-[] What if she/I get hungry?
-[] What if she gets out of control?
-[] How does she prefer to spend time?
-[] Any particular buttons I shouldn't press?
-[] How long will I be down there?


Reposted after correcting a fairly retarded typo I noticed. Maybe I should actually re-read what I write from time to time instead of assuming that I don't need to. I might be a slightly less shitty writer if I did that.

Technically, this is kind of a last second slap-in vote option to force a point to stop. I was going to update yesterday, but hunger and falling asleep kind of interrupted that, and the realization that the update would be near 9 pages or more long without a break, given that this is already nearly 4 pages.
>> No. 42817
[X] Yeah.
-[X] What if she/I get hungry?
-[X] Any particular buttons I shouldn't press?

These are about the only ones of concern to me. Knowing how long it will be will not change the time itself, we better ask Flandre herself about what to do during our stay with her, and if she really goes berserk then our best bet would probably be to just get out fast.

Also sexually crazy Flandre is awesome in my books.
>> No. 42820
[X] Yeah.
-[X] What if she/I get hungry?
-[X] Any particular buttons I shouldn't press?
>> No. 42828
Oh, my, this Flandre is awesome in a way I can't apprehend.

[c] Yeah.
-[c] What if she/I get hungry?
-[c] Any particular buttons I shouldn't press?

I'm so tempted to press Cottonsky's button~
>> No. 42829
[X] Yeah.
-[X] What if she/I get hungry?
-[X] Any particular buttons I shouldn't press?

>> No. 42832
[X] Yeah.
-[X] What if she/I get hungry?
-[X] What if she gets out of control?
-[X] Any particular buttons I shouldn't press?

Second choice added just in case. Who knows, maybe there's something silly that Remilla/her parents always did to calm her down, like a lullaby or something. I'd rather ask just in case. Running would probably make Flandre even angrier, I'd imagine, rather than helping us survive.
>> No. 42834
[x] Yeah.
-[x] What if she/I get hungry?
-[x] How does she prefer to spend time?
-[x] Any particular buttons I shouldn't press?

I added a question as it'd be useful for the time, but the other two are important.

I think the matter of Flan losing control, there can be only 1-2 things.

Pray and/or kissing your butt goodbye.

But this Flan is crazy, awesome, yet cute. I predict some crazy times ahead.
>> No. 42837
[x] Nope.
No questions, we can handle this.
>> No. 42867
[X] Nope.

>> No. 42878
[x] Yeah.
-[x] What if she/I get hungry?
-[x] How does she prefer to spend time?
-[x] Any particular buttons I shouldn't press?

>> No. 42887
So she's been stuck in puberty for 500 years? And spends 99.5% of her time down in the basement?
... I don't think she's so much sex-crazed as she is incredibly sex-deprived. Hell, under those circumstances, I'd probably try to jump Voile as soon as he came back down.
>> No. 42888
[X] Yeah.
-[X] What if she/I get hungry?
-[X] Any particular buttons I shouldn't press?

“Just a few,” you say, “fairly important things I'd think as well. First, what's the plan if either of us gets hungry?” you ask.

“There's a storage room in the basement near Flan's room where some pre-made food is kept for instances like that. It's stocked more for snacks than actual meals though. Sakuya hand delivers meals down three times a day, when everyone else is getting ready to eat as well,” Remilia says, “in fact, Sakuya will likely come down at some point to ask about your meals. If you get hungry before that, just tell Flan, she'll take any excuse to snack.”

“Sounds fine then,” you reply, “the only other real question is what I can do to ensure I don't piss her off or get on her bad side. Any particular buttons I shouldn't push?” you ask your final question. Remilia smiles.

“Well, since you are so concerned with your survival, I suppose I could give you a few pointers,” Remilia teases, “first, don't ever assume she's stupid and try to talk down to her. She's actually quite intelligent, but because of her mental state, she's never been able to get a proper education. Of course, this might be a non-issue in the first place, as I doubt you even have any knowledge of similar subjects.”

“Probably not,” you respond.

“Second, if she does become super focused on something, be it a task, puzzle or book, she hates having her concentration broken. It's best to find something to amuse yourself with in the meantime until she loses focus,” Remilia delivers the second point.

“That's my main tactic,” Meiling chips in, “when I run out of things to talk about with her or she's not interested in practicing Tai Chi Chuan with me, I try to inspire one of her past times.”

“Lastly, don't speak ill of me, or the Scarlet family. This should be common sense, and I doubt that you'd do something so foolish, but it's worth mentioning in case you try to talk bad about me to my little sister,” Remilia adds a third point, “thankfully, if you're stupid enough to do such a thing, you won't waste anyone's time with your death, since there will not be anything to claim.”

“Right, so that's all I need to be concerned about?” you ask, for certainty's sake.

“Aside from the things I've told you before, being respectful and subservient, not resisting her plans for entertainment and generally doing anything to keep her from becoming overly angry or otherwise upset. If she seems to lapse into a bad mood, ask her if it's your fault if you were doing something. She'll usually give you a chance to apologize if it is,” Remilia says, and gestures back towards the door, “now, are you ready?”

“I feel it,” you reply with a nod.

“Alright, have fun and be nice to my sister. I'll want you back up here with me when the gallery proper starts, so I'll send Meiling down to get you when it's time for you to return, otherwise you'd be down there all day,” Remilia says, “now get down there.”

“Right then,” you say, turning back to the stairs and heading down. Once again in the darkness, you make your way to the hall and start your trip back to Flandre's room. Given how noisy the shambling zombies had been earlier with their scraping feet and rasping groans, with the undead apparently in a collective idle state, the entire basement is silent aside from the echo of your shoes on the stone. You actually feel a little tense, as if you're expecting an attack. Having a sword in your hand would probably calm you down a bit, but that would be pointless in a place with no real threats. At least, no threats that would be threatened by a sword. You remember Flandre's claims of a 'surprise' waiting for you when you return, and decide to occupy your mind with that instead. Given how she was talking before, her sexual rantings, you find yourself gravitating towards such ideas. While you'd dismiss the idea as just an idle wish, you can't really discount it either. You're not familiar enough with Flandre to make such calls on her actions in either direction. The most you can do is hope you are right, at the very least, if only for your own pleasure.

You come to the intersection and turn towards the lighted door. Upon reaching it, you pull open the door and see Flandre sitting on the edge of her bed, staring at the ceiling idly.

“I'm back,” you say. Flandre slowly looks down from the ceiling and fixes her eyes on you, then grins a bit.

“Welcome back New Mister Devil,” she says. You look around a bit, a little curious if something's been changed you should be aware of. Since you were obviously wrong about the surprise, you don't know what else to expect. Of course, you don't see anything too unusual, considering you're not exactly wholly sure what is supposed to be normal or not. Flandre seems to be smiling about something though. Suppose there's no harm in asking...

“So, you said something about a surprise?” you ask, taking a step into the room. Flandre's eyes dart to your feet, and you stop, looking down at them yourself. You don't see anything out of place, and when you look up, Flandre is standing not more than a few feet away. She throws her hands out to the side, bends her knees, and you expect to be tackled or pounced on, but she does nothing but hold the position for a second, with a much wider smile than before.

“Nothing,” she says, dropping her arms and standing up straight, “nothing but the surprising amount of tension built up inside of you expecting something you can't predict.” You can only manage to stare dumbfounded for a second. She's made a total fool out of you, and a smile slowly comes to your face as well, followed by a chuckle.

“I suppose you got me with that,” you admit, loosening up a bit. Flandre lets out a short, high-pitched laugh.

“Though, now that's done...” Flandre trails off, “I didn't think of anything to do afterwards.”

“Well, that's a pretty easy problem, really,” you say, “what do you like to do?”

“I like a lot of things,” Flandre says, pepping up a bit, “I like reading, even though that can be a little boring at times and some of the newer books we get are more pictures than words so they don't last all that long, it's still pretty fun at times. I'd like to try writing a book myself sometimes, but I can't even think of something I'd like to write about. I could write a book about vampires, but that would just end up silly, since I am a vampire and I would just be writing about other vampires, but I guess that would be good for realism...” Flandre enters rant mode. She continues on talking about writing ideas, fantasy epics, murder mysteries, cheesy romance, all sorts. In the mean time, you make your way to a chair near her bed, as Flandre sits down on the bed itself. You're trying to keep in mind not to interrupt her needlessly, though after a few minutes of rambling that seems like it could go on forever, you're starting to wonder if she'll ever stop. As it is now, she's detailing another idea, a story about a young man that discovers he's a reincarnation of an ancient evil, and his quest inside a magical castle sealed inside an eclipse. “I don't know if a story like that has ever been written though, but I think if it was, I would have heard about it. I think it would be a great adventure series, but I can't really be sure if people would want to read it. What do you think?” Flandre asks, finally taking a break to ask a question.

“I'm not really much of a reader, I'm afraid,” you respond, “I was more busy killing foes and organizing forces.” Flandre huffs in annoyance.

“I suppose this is what I get for talking about literature with an unread devil,” Flandre complains, “I thought you were Patchouli's servant? You haven't even taken a glimpse at any of the books in the library of hers?” Ah, right, you never explained the whole situation to Flandre.

“Actually, you see, there's a bit of a problem with that,” you say.

“You probably can't read, huh?” Flandre cuts in, and you shake your head. You're just a tiny bit annoyed at the surprised expression on Flandre's face.

“I can read, it's just that Patchouli mad a mistake, and now all her books are locked away in my mind, and only I can access them,” you say. Flandre doesn't react much at first, simply cocking a brow as she seems to process the information.

“But you don't have any idea about books?” she asks.

“I've only read some of the primers on magic and some other basic things. I can access the library in a dreamworld accessible with magic, I'm still trying to learn how to consciously recall information without needing to fall asleep, but it's a pain,” you say.

“I guess that's why you've called yourself Voile, huh?” Flandre asks. You're about to admit she's right when you realize that she shouldn't know that, as you don't recall ever actually telling her what you call yourself. Flandre simply grins at your apparent surprise.

“I'm curious how you knew that name without me telling you,” you admit, but Flandre simply giggles and looks away.

“It's a secret,” she says, and flops on her side with a sigh.

“Well then, what else do you like?” you ask, hoping to get more information out of her to help you formulate a plan. She spent quite a while talking about books and writing, so maybe each interest will pass time.

“I like art too, but Remi's holding a gallery, and if I think about it I'll want to go up there, but I don't want to cause problems,” Flandre says, sounding a little irritated. “I like eating, but I'm not hungry right now. Last time I played doctor, a bunch of angry pitchforks and torches showed up calling for blood. I gave them some, but they got angrier,” she pauses, smiling a bit to herself, “I guess it just wasn't their type.”

“Doctor?” you ask, curious as to what she meant, though you feel you could probably guess. Flandre sits up again.

“Did you see the old room at the end of the hall near the prison?” Flandre asks. She must be talking about the torture chamber looking place. You nod. “I used to take people there and slice them up to see how they worked on the inside, what a living human heart felt like when you squeeze it, things to basically sate my curiosity in my prey. I never got to play too long though, since being cut apart is something that kills humans pretty easily,” Flandre comments with a slight chuckle, “though they were so varied going in there. Some would cry and scream, others would swear revenge and threaten my life, others would just mutter to themselves and pray. I once cut open a pregnant lady to see what a baby looked like, but it was so ugly! I can't believe I looked like that once when I'm so cute now!” she exclaims, taking a moment to cradle her head in her hands. You'd be inclined to agree as well, with a slight smirk.

“I didn't think I'd ever hear someone as close to human as you are speaking so cheerfully about torture and murder,” you remark, and Flandre seems to accept that as praise.

“I'm a curious girl with the passion for science and the lack of manners to never have learned not to play with my food,” she quips, then giggles at her own joke. You actually chuckle a bit too.

“Any other interests?” you ask. Flandre leans back a bit and takes a moment to think.

“I like puzzles sometimes, but they're either way too hard to way way too easy,” she says, thinking some more, “I like music, but my instruments all wore out and they're really hard to replace, plus getting new music to play is even harder.” She pauses. “Sometimes when I'm really bored, I play with myself too.” Now, there's an admission. You can't help yourself from grinning a bit.

“Is that right,” you say, wondering if maybe you could direct her down that path. Flandre nods and sits forward, then closes her eyes. After a second, she seems to blur, and then splits into two forms, and then splits yet again into four. All four open their eyes simultaneously, though only one speaks

“I can do things like this, and then I can entertain myself pretty easily,” a Flandre says, and you realize you're not entirely sure which one is the 'real' one, if there's even a difference.

“Is this magic or something?” you ask, looking between the four identical copies. Two of them smile, one looks off in another direction, and the last one flops back on the bed and rolls off to the side.

“It's kind of like a special technique, not really magic, just something I can do,” one of the two smiling Flandres says, looking at the other.

“It's a bit difficult though,” the other smiler says on her own, “because it splits my mind up too, and I can't really wholly control what they all do.” As if on cue the on staring off into space leaves the bed, wanders over to a small bookshelf and pulls out a thick book.

“Ah, I wanted to read that,” the laying Flandre says quietly, rolling over onto her other side and looking at the reading one taking a seat across the room.

“It's kind of like having three other sisters, except I can see and feel everything they can,” one of the two smilers says.

“Which makes it especially nice when my selves play with themselves,” the other smiler says, sliding over a bit and leaning into the other, wrapping an arm around her 'twin' and placing one hand on her waist, another on her chest. The 'victim' shrinks a bit from the approach, but doesn't try to escape. The other two look up at the pair as well.

“Not right now,” the victim whines a bit, which makes the 'attacker' Flandre giggle slightly, and then run her hand across the victims chest.

“Why not put on a show?” the attacker asks. While you're intrigued by the idea, you're also interested in the unique behaviour between the four. Given how forward Flandre was about sexuality before, seeing one of these 'clones' resist such things from another who is just as forward about it, you're guessing that each of the copies embodies an aspect of Flandre's mind. The 'attacker' does relent however, sitting back up straight to the relief of the victim.

“Seems like a pretty impressive ability,” you say. Flandre grins with pride, and then blurs again. The four forms slide back together, and Flandre is left sitting on her bed, still holding the book another had picked up across the room.

“It's kind of hard to focus on so many things at once though,” Flandre says, “it makes my head hurt if I keep it up too long.” Flandre glances back down at the book in her lap, still open. She seems to get quickly caught back up in reading where she left off. Seems she's managed to start entertaining herself all on her own, which just leaves you needing to fill time.

“Are you going to read that book?” you ask, and Flandre looks up with a bit of surprise.

“Oh, yes, sorry, I just got distracted, because I'd started reading it while I was still talking to you before recombining, it kind of merges everything together,” Flandre apologizes slightly, a bit of a shift from how she was talking before. You imagine that it's due to whatever traits the 'reader personality' has taking the lead.

“Then, I think I'll check out one of these books too, if you don't mind,” you say, standing up from your chair. Flandre's already gone back to the book, and only offers a slight acknowledgment as you walk over to the shelves. You have no idea what these books are in the first place, and the titles don't really explain much. You grab a fairly thin one and take it to the nearby chair, sitting down. You take a shot at reading for once.

As you expected, you have a bit of a hard time getting into it. Reading through page after page of words isn't really all that stimulating, and the story itself doesn't help much. From what you've read, it's dealing with some kind of mystery, but so far the main character just seems to be chasing around information. You look away from the book for a bit to see that Flandre's laid back on her side, facing away from you. She's changing position fairly often, and eventually rolls over onto her other side. She's still focused on the book, though you can see she's caressing her own chest. After a few seconds, she sighs and sets the book aside.

“Having a good time?” you ask, smirking a bit.

“It's so distracting,” Flandre whines, rolling partially onto her back, “I shouldn't have messed around with myself when I split, because now I'm all sensitive. My nipples rub against my clothes when I breathe and it just distracts me more, and on top of it, this book is a romance novel.” Flandre pushes herself up and sits on her knees, smiling now too. “Of course, I could easily solve the problem, but I don't really like being watched,” she admits, and starts squirming a bit, placing her hands on her legs. She seems pretty eager to get at it, so you wonder whether or not you should take a risk to 'help' her. She hasn't exactly asked, and Remilia had made it clear she'd prefer you not to, but it's still on your call.

[] She hasn't directly asked you, so no.
[] You could offer your assistance.
-[] Just a hand is fine.
-[] Give her the whole thing.



Hypersexuality is a noted symptom of some manic disorders.
>> No. 42889
[x] She hasn't directly asked you, so no.
Good things come to those who wait. At her current pace, shes either going to masturbate right in front of him, or shes going to ask for help. Either of those outcomes are good enough for me.
>> No. 42892
[X] She hasn't directly asked you, so no.
- [X] "...should I wait outside for a bit?"

Voile is a gentlemanly devil.
>> No. 42893

[x] She hasn't directly asked you, so no.
>> No. 42894
[X] She hasn't directly asked you, so no.

Do not want to risk the destruction of the original 'Voile' along side his life. Besides it's more enjoyable when you know the other is predictable in regards to moods and mind sets.
>> No. 42895
Which would cause Patchy to go berserk.
Hell, for all we know, it could lead to an SDM tantrum spiral.
>> No. 42896
[X] She hasn't directly asked you, so no.
>> No. 42897
And now we're at autosage it seems.
>> No. 42898
[X] She hasn't directly asked you, so no.
- [X] "...should I wait outside for a bit?"
>> No. 42900
[x] She hasn't directly asked you, so no.
>> No. 42901
File 128555586739.jpg - (74.39KB , 550x750 , caos-soma-cruz3.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] She hasn't directly asked you, so no.

>As it is now, she's detailing another idea, a story about a young man that discovers he's a reincarnation of an ancient evil, and his quest inside a magical castle sealed inside an eclipse. “I don't know if a story like that has ever been written though, but I think if it was, I would have heard about it.
Sorry Flan, it's not a book, it's a video game.
>> No. 42904
[X] She hasn't directly asked you, so no.
- [X] "...should I wait outside for a bit?"

This makes the most sense to me.


>Flandre kills Voile
>Patchouli gets upset over the loss of her library and throws tea in Sakuya's face when served
>Sakuya takes out her stress by harshly scolding/beating Meiling
>Meiling is sent to play with Flandre and sasses her without realizing her bad mood, getting killed in the process
>News of Voile's death finally reaches Koakuma, who commits suicide

It's just not the same when only a small fraction commits suicide, though, now is it?
>> No. 42906
[x] She hasn't directly asked you, so no.
>> No. 42914
she might just force us out, leaving us to hear her moans... and she might yell at us for not offering any help.

It's really hard to tell as with her we can't assume too much.
>> No. 42916
[X] She hasn't directly asked you, so no.
- [X] "...should I wait outside for a bit?"

Gentlemanly devil, indeed.
>> No. 42931
Normally, anything sexual involving Flandre has me frowning greatly, but with this one, it's almost funny. It totally doesn't bother me at all. I mean, I'm not getting hard just reading about it, but rather more sort of "Oh, she's like that, is she?"

I was trying to figure out why that was, why this wasn't making my skin feel all crawly, when I realized that she hasn't really displayed any childlike traits at all. In fact, she was described as a teenager; none of this loli bullshit. She doesn't talk like a child or act like a child, either.

I'm totally okay with this Flandre and the concept of sex. Congratulations, Mode. This is a first.
>> No. 42936
oh, and

[x] She hasn't directly asked you, so no.
- [x] "...should I wait outside for a bit?"

I don't see this as "gentlemanly" so much as being semi-casually asked. Like, he's not bothered by it-- by his own words, he wouldn't mind watching.

...But he can see that she's bothered by his presence, and after all, she is Destruct-O-Girl, so maybe it'd be wise to be aware of her wishes.

That's all. Not gentlemanliness, but simply wise choices and presence of mind.