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Freaking system. All my works is gone...


I'm on a beach.
I'm in peace with the world.
I'm also giggling.
When the lady will see where I passed to get out, she will be impressed.

Jumping from a roof to another roof was a scary idea, but I did it!
I managed to get out from the orphanage!

But, when I was out, I discovered something: I was useless.
I didn't now where I was, and I didn't know where to go.

After all, I'm just a 12 years old girl.
The lady of the orphanage always said that I was nice.
The girls of the orphanage always said that I looked and acted like an old hag.

When I see the stars, I feel good. 'cause I have the feeling that, somewhere, someone is looking at me, someone is interested by me.
But, when I am in this beach, I can't recognize the stars anymore.
They are all changed.
I can't say where is Miss Bear.

I get up.
Perhaps, if I move just a little, stars will be changed even more?
It will be fun to see.
I turn toward the forest. Yes. There is a forest near a beach.
That's bizarro. 'cause it look like, I mean, that those tree were... put here, instead of... grow up normally.

I begin to walk. I like stars, but they always looks more beautiful then I am under trees.
I'll just walk unthil I'm all tired out, and then I'll sit down, and watch the stars once again.

Wow! There is a bright light!
It's lightning all the forest!
Where do this come from?
I turn toward the light.

It's... like a big eye. A silver big eye. Its color's the same than my hairs.
But it's flying... what is it?
-What is that?"
A voice answer to my question.
-This, little girl, is the Moon. The XVIIIe arcanae."
I jump.
-Oh? Did I just startled you?"
It is a man. An adult.
-Who are you, mister?"
He has a bizarro look on his face. And he has hair on his face, too.
-My name? I don't have name."
He answer in a grave tone.
-You're looking like you are sad."
-I'm not sad, little girl."
-Then you are grim."
He stop for a moment. Look like he's talking in his head.
And then, he talk again.
-Do you know what is my job?"
I think for a moment, and I answer.
-The lady of the orphanage said that all man are dakimura."
He look shocked.
-Oooh! Do you know what is a dakimura, little girl?"
I answer no. Then he say:
-Don't use words you don't understand, and you'll be wise."

(That's the...

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Wow new story? New writefag? Good luck...
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(...first strike!)

He look apart for a moment, still looking at the silver orb.
Then, suddenly, he turn back to me, and say:
-Do you want to come with me?"
I think for a moment, and I answer:
-The... the lady at the orphanage says to not follow men. She says that all mens are rabbit..."
He smile, and he says:
-Why did you run from the orphanage?"
-I I d-didn't run!"
He don't say anything. He's not smiling anymore. He's waiting, looking at me in the eyes.
I can't watch him. if he watch me, he'll know, and he'll bring me back, and I won't see the sky!
He wait for a moment.
I'm looking at the ground. It's dirty.
-... I... I just wanted to look at the sky!"
I scream.
-Don't b-bring me back! I-I just want to see the sky!"
He say: "Hush, hush..."
And when I'm not crying, he says:
-I don't want to bring you back."
I look at him:
-When why are you talking to me?"
He says with a bizarro face:
-'cause I though I had to. Little Girls can't live long in this area. D'you even know where you're?"
I move the head in a negi... nageto... in a "no" way.
-He says:
-You're in a island. The Scarlet Devil Island, if you wanna know."
-Scarlet Devil? Eeeh! That's scary!"
He begin to laugh.
-Only at the beginning! But when you know them, they are not anymore scary!"
He laugh for a moment, and suddenly he lean toward me:
-In fact, they are cute. Both of them."

He's really scary.
-But if you stay with, you'll be safe..."
He move his hand, like if he wanted to take mine...
What does he want?
-If you want to come with me, give me your hand."
-You will not lock me?"
-I will not lock you."
-Can you promise?"
-How do you make promise?"
He's smiling, again in a bizarro way. Is he making fun of me?

-I will not tell you! You're mean!"
He get up suddenly.
I try to protect myself, perhaps he will slap me...
-Oh. I'm hurt..."
He said, holding his chest with both hands.
-How can you not believe in me? I'm hurt as if the Gungnir took me heart!"
? I put a finger in my mouth, thinking.
-Mister Grim, what is a Gungnir?"
Suddenly, he look serious.
-Hmmm. A Gungnir is a Gungnir. 'can't say anything else."
-You're silly, Mister Grim."
-Yes I am."
And then, he take my hand, and I go with him. We travel the forest, and we find a big big door, all in wood and metal.
He stop for a moment, searching for something in his pockets, and then, he put a big golden key in the lock.
-Mister, will you lock this door?"
He froze for a moment, and answer:
-I will. But I promise I will open it for you anytime you want."
I'm fine with that.
He let go my hands, and try to push the big door, with both hands.

He try for a moment, and give up. He start to talking himself.
-Then it was Meiling, it seems it was easy..."
And he try again to push the door.

After minutes and minutes, he finally managed to open the big door, but just for few inches.
-Af af... Can you... please pass first?"
It is really a small opening, but I manage to pass. And then I look back.
-Mister, can I help you?"
-I'm afraid you can't."
He's focusing on the door, and after two minutes, he finally can pass too.

-Mister? How will you close the door?"
He smile at me, and says:
-As simply as stealing a sweet to a fairy."
He just put his palm on the door, and press it just a little.
And the door close itself.
-Amazing! How did you do that, Mister?"
Looking tired, he says:
-It's not me... It's the door. Now, watch this."
And he point at something.
And I see.

-That's ... a big big big mansion, Mister..."
-Ouaip. Called Scarlet Devil Mansion. 4 Towers, for the 4 directions."
-What is this big one, in the middle?"
He look, and says in a eerie tone:
-That's the Clock Tower. But she's closed..."


Well, I just wanted to write something short, but I guess it will be longer than I expected. I'm not good at writing, especially in english, but I'll try my best. If you just enjoy the story a little, I will appreciate it.
And if ther is really a lot of peoples to follow this, maybe I'll let you chose with precision what Little Orphan Anon will do.
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Sounds like a deal! Make it as long as you think it should be I guess... First story? Don't worry about the english as long as it's readable it should be fine if the story is good. You'll lear it as you go anyway. Again, good luck. Yeah... same guy as above.
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For the time being, I'll make her enter into tha mansion, and I'll present Grim before to let you choose.


-And why is it closed?"
-Because something happened inside. But I don't wanna talk about it right now."
He turn his face toward me, and ask in a totally different voice!
-Are you hungry?"
I hesitate for a moment, and I answer:
He smile at me, and begin to walk. I follow him.

The red mansion is really big. In fact, the park is small.
Somes bushes here and here, and a big tree here. It's neglected...
I think.
The grass is really tall. It's at my knee level.
It's sad to see a big garden like that so ... alone.

That's it. Alone. The garden definitly look like it's alone.
I ask to Mister Grim.
-Mister Grim? Who take care of the garden."
Without stopping, he answer:
-Nobody, unfortunatly. I have the skills for that, but I don't have the tools. And, please, call me Mister Butler."
-A butler? What is that?"
-It's like a maid, except that a butler is a man."
-What is a maid?"
-A miserable little pile of secrets."
And then, he begin to laugh.
-HA HA HA HA HA! Eeer, excuse me. I'm sure you don't get it. Nevermind. To be short, I'm a domestic in this mansion."

He take another key from his pocket, and then try to find the keyhole on the door, while mumbling to himself.
-No freaking way... I was sure it was here... This keyhole is as non-consistent as Yukari's spirit..."
And finally, the lock is opened.
Butler raise both arms, and shout:
And then, we enter inside the mansion.

It's really bizarro. The garden was dark, abandonned, while the mansion is pretty and beautiful. There are light everywhere, and there's a big fireplace in front of the main door.
The floor is covered with carpet, and it's really confortable under my feet. Even if I'm wearing shoes, I'm feeling the "flufyness?" of the carpet.
Mr Butler close the door, and say:
-Please, listen with all your attention. There is a few rules in the mansion. First, you can't talk anything but english. Second, don't try to enter into closed rooms. Third, don't go, either in the basement, or either in the ClockTower. Understood?"
I look down for a moment. I KNEW there was rules.
-Yes, mister..."
-This is all. You can scream, you can run into the corridors, and you can play pranks on all other slaves... Eeer, I mean domestic."
I look to his face. He's smiling.
-Really, mister?"
-Yes, really. As I told you, there is few rules. Use your common sense, while you still can, to determine if your doing is good or bad."
-My ... common sense?"
-Yes. The "libre-arbitre", if you prefer."

I look around. This is really a beautiful place.
-But, Mister? Who live in this mansion?"
He's still smiling, but this is a different smile. This is a ... ferocious smile.
-There are several peoples in the mansion. But don't bother them, and it should be okay. In the opposite, there is a person you have to avoid at all cost."
I begin to shake.
-How can I recognize this person?"
-Your senses will tell you. Trust me. Or rather, trust them. But, you don't need to worry yet. All the dangerous peoples sleep during night."

He close his mouth for a moment, and ask:
-What do you want?"

I'm hungry... but I also want to visit the mansion... What should I do?


All right, I give it a try. Mmmm. I don't know about rules, so I'll just do that: If there is 3 peoples voting for the same thing, I will write like that.

Here's the options:
[ ] Ask for something to eat.
[ ] Visit the mansion.
[ ] Try to find another domestic.
[ ] Try to go in the basement.
[ ] Ask more question.

Let's give it a try, shall we?
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[x] Visit the mansion.
[x] Ask more questions. (write in here? Or did you already choose some of your own?)

Hmm... for now you should probably just go for the one with the most votes, be it three or not... just check the votes when you feel like writing and go for the one with the most votes, but don't give in to anon pressure and don't go for a stupid vote they(we) made themselves.
>> No. 38786
You have to precise the question.
And I'll follow Anon's vote, except if it's really stupid (something like "Rape Flandre by sticking Leavatein in her ass", for exemple, I'll NEVER write it down.)
>> No. 38787
THP is approaching three-doctor critical mass.

[Q] Ask for something to eat.

I'm wondering, why do you start your quotations with - instead of " ?
>> No. 38789
-Why can't I speak anything but English?
-Why can't I go into the basement? Did
something bad happen there too?
>All the dangerous peoples sleep during night."
I guess you meant day here?
-How come they sleep during the day?

>I'm wondering, why do you start your quotations with - instead of " ?
it's fine isn't it? I like it this way, it's unique.
>> No. 38792
>If there is 3 peoples voting for the same thing, I will write like that.
Haven't heard those words in two years now.
[x] Visit the mansion.
>> No. 38794
It was five votes there though... I read it not long ago and with a bit of luck and lots of hard work, Hartmann here may be able to deliver something just as good. I have high hopes for you lad. Go for it *thumbsup*

Why not the questions? Are we just going to walk around in silence? I don't think 12 year old girls do that...
>> No. 38803
[ ] Ask for something to eat.
[ ] Ask more questions.
-Why can't I speak anything but English?
-Why can't I go into the basement? Did
something bad happen there too?
-How come they sleep during the day?
[ ] Visit the mansion. is fine too.
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Mmm. Just for you to know, "Docteur" and "Docteur Hartmann" are the same, I was just afraid that peoples may try to use my nickname to create theory implying Koishi.

Because it's an habit.
>> No. 38808
What do you mean by that? The best I could think of is that you like Koishi. Not a bad thing. Not at all...
>> No. 38809
What I mean is that I didn't planned AT ALL to put Koishi in this story.
>> No. 38811
Oh heavens no! I'm sure nobody thought you would. This IS /sdm/... Don't worry about it Docteur Hartmann is a good nickname.
>> No. 38818
Oh Docteur, Docteur;
Can't you see I'm burning, burning?

This is going to be nice. It's good to have another writefag on staff. Welcome.
>> No. 38821
Okay. I kept the visit, because it was chosen, and I kept the question too, because they were useful.


[x] Visit the mansion
[x] Ask more questions.
-Why can't I speak anything but English?
-Why can't I go into the basement? Did
something bad happen there too?
-How come they sleep during the day?

-I... I think I wanna see the mansion."
-Fine. I'll be here, if you wanna see me."
He say, while pointing his finger toward a door.

He began to walk toward the door, when suddenly I scream:
-Please, mister Butler!"
He frown instantly, and turn his face to me:
-W-What is it? You scared me out of my skin here..."
-I'm... sorry mister Butler, but I forgot to ask..."
He sigh.
-Just Butler is fine. Then, ask your question."
-Eeer... Why do I have to talk only English? I-I mean, it's not because I don't want, but I'm not very good with foreign languages..."
He smile.
-If it's just that... Well, I don't know myself, but I guess it's because the mansion's mistress must come from England or another country like that. Another question?"
-Where do you come from, Just Butler?"
He get the joke, and giggle just a little. And, he answer, while showing me his tongue.
-That's a secret!"
I smile back. He's funny.

He suddenly become serious once again.
-Another question?"
-Why can't I go into the basement? Is something really really bad happened too?"
He think for a moment, holding his face with his palm, and answer:
-Let's say that: the basement is just … how do you say something which has been left here forever?"
-Yes, that's it. The basement was .. abandoned. Now, the only living things in the basement are spiders."
I repeat, shaking with fear. He smile, and begin to walf slowly toward me, moving his fingers like they were legs.
-Yyeesssss... Biiiig spiderssss. Big mean creatures, with big teeth who shine in the dark, and red eyes..."
He continue to come to me, very slowly, while I begin to get scared.
And, then he was almost touching me, he suddenly stopped.
-Speaking about that, what's your name, Little Girl?"
-The... The lady of the orphanage called us, by using the tool's name we were better at."
-And? Where was your skill?"
I stop shaking, and I look him in the eyes.
-I can sew. I'm good at it."
He stare at me for a moment, and then smile and says:
-That's good to hear! If you have any free time, I'll be more than grateful to give you one or two things to do! I'm a man with lots of skills, but sewing something I'll never be able to do. And I'll call you Sew."
-Just Butler..."
-Why are those hair on your face?"
He look at me with a blank stare.
And suddenly, he jumped back, while shouting:
-Oh that?! That's called a beard, I think. If you don't like it, I think I can shave it."
I don't answer. I just stare him. He begin to look unconfortable, and he's scratching his cheek, while smiling in a funny way.
-W-Well, didn't you said you wanted to visit? H-Have a nice trip!"
And he ran back to the door.
He's really a funny man.

And now, I'm walking.
I wanted to run, but Just Butler said that there was creepy peoples here. I don't want to startle them. I wonder if those creepy peoples are girls like me, or men like Just Butler? I hope I'll can find another girl in this castle. I want to have a friend.

The corridors in this mansion are really impressive. Not big, not tall, but impressive. There is scarlet carpet everywhere, while the walls are in a lighter tone of red. There is curtains at all the windows, and it look like those curtain are done with gold and scarlet.
I begin to run. I want to see if this corridor can end.
I run.
I'm running.
That's right! Just Butler said I have to speak in english all the time now! I try to remind some english class from the orphanage.
-Peter Picked a pick of pickled peppers!"
That was to learn how to speak.
-I'm just a poor boy, nobody love me..."
That was a sing they made us sing.

I stop. I'm all out of my breath. And I still can't see where this corridors end.
-Af... Af... What should I do?"
I'm hungry now. I forgot to ask to Just Butler some food.
I raise my head, and I watch the corridors.
Nothing move. There is no wind. No noise. The corridors is perfectly visible, with all kind of light, but it's kind of … eerie.
It's a beautiful corridor, with shiny yellow and scarlet red. The person who owne this corridor can be happy. 'cause he may be rich.

I … I'm hungry... And I'm tired.
I'll just sit here, and... sleep for a while...

Someone's coming near. He notice me, and he speak:
"Holà, holà, ma chère! You can't sleep here! It's unsuited for you."

(What can be seen...
>> No. 38834
... cannot be unseen)

I wake up in a flash. The room where I am is totally dark.
I lie down again. So, I'm back to the orphanage, hey?
That was just a beautiful dream... Too bad.

Chirp, chirp...
Wait, chirp chirp? What's that? I jump on my feet, and I listen with attention.
Chirp, chirp...
It's coming from the right.
I walk to the right.
I touch something. It's smooth. I try to pull it.

Aaaaah! Too much light!
That was a curtain! Now the room is full of light!
-What is this big shiny thing?"
-This, Sew, is the XIXth. The Sun."
-So that's what they call the sun. It's beautiful."
It is Just Butler.
-Just Butler, is that what we call "day"?"
-Yes it is. The day is when the Sun is out, and the night is when the Moon is out."

After watching the sky for a moment, I notice that I'm still hungry.
I turn my face toward Just Butler, and I say:
-Mister... I'm hungry."
His answer:
-I've been waiting for you. And, please, call me Butler. Not Just Butler, but Butler."

And he lead me to the kitchen. While I was dazing off on a chair, he was preparing food.
-Butler? Yesterday, you said that most of mansion's peoples can be seen only at night."
-Why is that?"
He continue to work for a while, without answering. And then, he put the food on a plate, and give it to me.
-I guess that's just an habit."
That's a short answer. But I'm too busy watching the food to worry myself about that. He made an amazing work, with meat, cut into little part, and some beans.
He explain:
-I don't know where you come from, so I tried to prepare something familiar. For me, at last."
-Thank you!"
And I begin to eat.

Just five minutes later, I've already done.
-That was delicious, Butler."
He smile warmly.

He proceed to wash the plate, while I am watching the room. It look like a kitchen, but it's not the kind of kitchen you'll find anywhere.
Red color is everywhere, but it's lighter than in the corridors... It's paler, if I can say...

-Do you want to visit a peculiar place?"
-I... I don't think I can. I mean, I walked and ran and ran yesterday, and I didn't finished even the first corridor."
He smile, in a silly way.
-Yep. That's the mansion power. But it's also because you have short legs."
-I don't have short legs!"
-Yes you have."
He smiling again.
-Is there differents place in the house?"
I asked.
-Oh yes. There is a library, a big bathroom, some storeplace here and here, and there's a place... Danh, how do you call that? It's on the mansion, but it's outside..."
-A balcony?"
-I'm not sure... Let's say a balcony."

Where should I go?
[ ] The "balcony".
[ ] The library.
[ ] The bathroom.
[ ] Another place (write-in, in the mansion only)
>> No. 38847
[x] The bathroom.

This Butler sounds like a lycan to me, somehow. Anyway, nice story.
>> No. 38848
[x] The bathroom.

I don't know why but I suddenly want to go there. Looks interesting...
You're doing a great job Hart keep it up!
>> No. 38854
[so much fun] The "balcony".

For the view. I really like this one already.
>> No. 38855
[x] The bathroom
This... looks interesting to say the least. Does Butler like little girls?
>> No. 38862
[x] The bathroom.

The grammatical style takes some getting used to, but this is alright so far.
>> No. 38863
File 127636287319.jpg - (113.68KB , 2429x1771 , water.jpg ) [iqdb]
Just a quick note: it's a Butler, not a Pedobear.


[X] The bathroom.

I'm all sticky and dirty. And I always dreamed about a bath.
-Can we go to the bathroom, Butler?"
-All right, let's go."
And then, we walked a long time, following beautiful corridors.

We walked for 20 minutes before my legs get too heavy. After that, the butler took me on his back, and he walked really fast.
-Woh! You're fast, Butler!"
-Training and good food is the way to go."
What sort of food...
-We have reached the destination. Terminus!"

I am disappointed. The door is normal. I mean, it's like all the others doors. Black wood...
-Butler, how do you now it's the bathroom?"
He smile at me, and says:
-'cause it's written here, m'see?"
I stare at the door.
-Where is it written?"
He point something near the door.
A golden plate, with "Bathroom" written on it. I'm sure he's laughing. I'm ashamed.
-Well well, let's enter..."

Wooooaaaaaahhhhh... The bathroom is... I mean, it's not a bathroom! It's more like ... a big swimming pool! With several differents baths! The entire room is clean!
-How's it? Will you be happy, little girl?"
I can't answer... I'm... blinded by how the room is beautiful.
-Well, I have some work to do. I'll bring you some clothes, so, take your time."
And he leave.

For a while, I watch the entire room. It's ... beautiful. I can't say anything else.

After a long time, I finally get back in the real world. I walk in the big room, watching every bath.
-Oooh, this one have some hole here... I wonder what it do?"
And I go see another one.
-It look like a bowl!"
And another one.

And finally, I make my choice.
I'll take my bath in the biggest bath!
It's sooooo big that it's like a swimming pool!
I have an entire swimming pool for me!
I begin to turn the tap.
-Uuuh... The red for hot water, and the blue for cold water..."
I open both of them. I like warm water, but I don't wanna get hurt.

I remove all my clothes, and I throw them randomly, and I jump into the water.
There was not enough water! My bottom hurt like it's in fire!
I walk to the deepest part of the bath. I don't wanna sit on anything! I'll float quietly, and I'll wait that my bottom stop to hurt.
I clench my teeth, and I work hard to not cry.
-It huuuuurts...."

The pain stopped. I take some soap, and I begin to clean myself.
*knock knock*
-It's me! I brought some clothes for you! I'll let them in front of the door!"
Oh... Already. I have to get out of the bath, change myself, and try to find another thing to do.
I walk to the bath's edge, and I began to wipe myself with a towel, when I hear a voice. I listen with attention.
It's coming from the corridors. It's Butler, and someone else.
I listen.
-I'm sorry, Koakuma, but I don't trust you enough to let you alone with an innocent girl."
A female voice is answering in a mocking way.
-Ooh? Should I say to the Mistress that you don't me to take a bath? Do you prefer me dirty?"
-You're just too dirty for me."
-And then? May I enter now?"
-No way in hell."
The female voice begin to get angry.
-Oh? What do you know about Hell, exactly?"
-Just enough to make you understand that I don't want you in this room for now."
A silence. Then, the female voice says in a soft way.
-You're overprotective. I mean, you know me?"

I change myself, and I open the door.
-I'm done!"
There is two peoples in the corridors. There is Butler, and a pretty young lady, with red hairs.
-Oh? So that's the little...?"
-Sew is my new name, Miss."
She smile in a nice way.
-You're polite. But Sew is not a name for a Little Girl."
Butler says:
-If you have a suggestion..."
The lady look at him with a blank stare, and says, while watching me:
-I have a better idea. Why not let you choose?"

What is my name?
[ ]Write-in only.
>> No. 38864
Means princess. No connection whatsoever to her but it kinda suits her in a way
If not:
>> No. 38870
[x] Elanor
I like the name.
>> No. 38882
[x] Elanor
Why not...?
>> No. 38901
Oh crap.

The next update will wait a little.
I didn't save what I wrote, so I'll have to write it all once again.
>> No. 38921
All right. The next update will probably be this evening.
It will contains both the part who was already uploaded (I have to rewrite it), and the next part, where Elanor ask Patchouli about....
About everyone, in fact.

Oh, and when I was saying "evening", I was saying "MY evening".
>> No. 38928
File 127660393190.jpg - (272.75KB , 510x699 , b8dbc316840b568d1a4bf07c5a60e7cf.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Elanor

-E-Elanor will be fine, I guess..."
Hearing that, the red-haired lady happily flap her wings.
Wait, her wings?
-This is a cute name? Where did you hear it?"
-Why do you have wings on your head?"
Hearing that, the red lady immediatly covered her head with her hands.
-Wha? I don't know anything about wings on my head?"
She turned her face toward Butler.
-Did you see wings on my head?"
He answered in a serious tone.
The lady lowered her hands, and pout, saying:
-You're not funny!"

I asked once again:
-Why do you have wings? Are you an human-bat hybrid?"
Both the lady and Butler look at me in a bizarro way. And then, Butler talked:
-This wife..."
The lady bursted in laugh. Butler froze foe a second, though about what he just said, and says:
-Oh damn! I mean, this lady's name is Koakuma. But you can call her Petite, Little Devil, or Garce Manipulatrice."
Hearing that, the winged-lady fell in the floor, laughing and laughing. I think I've missed a joke. Butler continued to talk:
-She's a devil.She can control bats, wolves, and men's heart."
I said:
-Oooh! But why don't you have horns?"
-I mean, all demons have horns! That's in the book the lady read to us!"
Koakuma take a pair of glasses from her jacket, put them, and said:
-You've been lied. Besides, I'm a devil, not a demon."
And then Butler said:
-Anyway! Elanor, let's go to the library. The hopeless bookworm may help you..."
Hearing that, Koakuma went into the bathroom fastly, and I heard a big big laught when we went.

We're walking for a long time, but we're finally at the library. Butler open the door, and show me the inside.
It's big... There is no ceiling, and only few windows, all closed by curtains. There are books everywhere. I can't read any of them.
While we're walking, Butler explain me how's the library's mistress:
-She's an hopeless book-addict. She has no friends, no shame, and no stamina. She spend all her time in a eerie room, surrounded by mean books."
There was a scream coming from the deepest part of the library. But Butler continue:
-Besides, she's ashmatic or anemic or whatever. She have the perfect excuse to spend all her life in a room. I'm trying to make her get out, but it's difficult. You can't imagine how much strengh she can use to grab the desk."
-I tried to put her in my shoulder, and to throw her outside, but she grabbed the desk. I used all my strengh, but she was still attached. I think she's half-desk, half-witch. She'll die in this library, and we won't be able to notice it, until the scent will tell us."
-But since this room already stink like hell, I guess that we really won't be able to notice it. Perhaps she's already dead, and the thing we're talking to is a doll."
And then, all became strange. A big load of clothes suddenly jumped into air, spent some times flying, and threw a fireball to Butler.

Butler received the fireball in the head, and was thrown outside the library. And after that, the doors closed by themselves.
-Afff... Afff... Who are you?"
The pile of clothes was near me, and it was talking to me!
-Aaah! I-I'm Elanor! Please don't burn me!"
-I won't."
And I saw. That was not a pile of clothes, but a pretty girl. She had long purple hairs, but she was barely visible.
-Why did you burned Butler?"
-Butler? Oh. I didn't hut him."
-You threw a fireball to him!"
-This will be just a scratch to him."

After a while, I calmed down. Butler was all right, and he brough me here so I can ask question to ... to Bookworm-lady.
I turned my face to the inexpressive lady.
-Are you Miss BookWorm?"
When she heard that, her face became red.
-Who told you that?"
-It was..."
Wait. I won't cause any trouble to Butler.
-It was... this red haired lady! Koakuma!"
I'm sorry for you, Lady Koakuma, but I don't want to cause trouble for Butler.
-Oh. It's her. Like usual."
-Why are you angry after Butler, but not after Lady Koakuma?"
-'Lady' Koakuma?"
"Nevermind. Why did you came here, with this horrible man?"
-He though I may ask you question."
-All right. But not here."

And then, she flew to her desk. I was stucked for a moment, and I decided to walk.
20 minutes later, I cried ans screamed. She came back, took me, and brough me to her desk.
-Sorry, I didn't realized you couldn't fly."
-T-That's okay."
-What are your question?"

[x] Question about all the mansion's inhabitants, one by one, and about the basement and clocktower's events.

-Who are you, Lady?"
-I am Patchouli Knowledge. I'm a witch, and I seek Knowledge.
-You're a witch?"
-The lady at the orphanage told us that magic was bad if it was used."
-The lady at the orphanage is a stupid drunkard who surely can't even fly."
-Could you teach me how to fly?"
-Sure, but not today."
-Eeeeh? Why?"
-Because you have questions for me."
That's right!"
-Who is Butler?"
-He's the mansion's butler. He's a sorcerer. Not as skilled as me, of course, but he's efficient."
-He's a sorcerer? But I didn't see him using magic!"
-Because he use magic only to fight."
-Oh! Who is the mansion's lord?"
Hearing that, Lady Knowledge giggled a little, and said:
-It's not a lord! It's a mistress."
-So women can own mansion?"
-Yes. Her name is Remilia Scarlet. She's a pacific vampire. She's also a close friend of mine."
-A pacific vampire? What is that?"
-It's a vampire who doesn't kill."
-She's a vampire? She's weak to garlic, and..."
-No. She weakened by sunlight, and running water, but not by garlic, nor by cross or silver. She can control bats and wolves, and she can become fog."
-She's like Lady Koakuma?"
-Butler told me that Lady Koakuma too can control bats and wolves!"
Hearing that, Lady Knowledge removed her glasses, pinched her nose, and said:
-Remi is a vampire. Koa is just a devil. They are not the same thing. Not at all. It's like comparing a dog and a wolf."
-Lady Scarlet is weaker than Lady Koakuma?"
She pinched her nose really really strongly.
-Remi is the wolf, and Koa is the dog. Understood?"
-She's not a vampire, but a wolf?"
-... You'll understand when you'll see her. Next question."
-Who is Koakuma?"
-She's my assistant. Her job is to assure that the books aren't causing some mischief. Interestingly enough, she's awfully weak for a devil, so I think that fight is not her specialty."
-What happened in the basement?"
-Nothing. Flandre is just kept closed."
-Who is Flandre?"
-Flandre is-!"
Suddenly, Lady Knowledge put her both hands on her mouth. After a little time, she removed her hands, and said in a very fast and low tone:
-I was wrong. Nothing happened in the basement. Nothing at all."
-And in the ClockTower?"
She looked me in a bizarro way, and said:
-Nothing else. Any more question?"
-Exit is here. Go, turn right, left, left, right, right, left, right, righ, right, righ, left, and you're out."

Five minutes later.
I am lost again!!

What should I do?

[ ] Try to find a way out.
[ ] Try to clim a shelve.
[ ] Call for help.
>> No. 38929
[x] Call for help.

Climbing is going to resolve in a completely random fell-off-the-damned-thing bad end and we already tried to find our way out. Besides many people other than Patch can come to our aid.

No crab people? For shame! Nice patchy pic. I'm glad evening was minutes away. Also, welcome back!
>> No. 38930
[x] Try to find a way out.
>> No. 38948
[x] Call for help.
>> No. 38950
3 votes rule still stands? This is taking to long (kidding, I just want an update)
>> No. 38951
[x] Call for help.

I'm already lost. I can't go any further, and I can't clim those shelves.
I'm definitly stuck. All I can do is calling for help.
I screaming and crying, but nobody come.
Worse than that, the books are becoming agressives. I can hear them talking, mumbling, whispering, and calling...
I'm screaming again.
The books are really angry now. They begin to move from their shelves, mumbling, whispering, summoning...
I crouch, closing my eyes, and protecting myself with my arms.

-My, my..."
I open my eyes. I'm near the library's entrance. And there is a girl in front of me. I wipe my eyes, and I look at her.
-I heard someone calling for help, but I though it was this idiot butler. If I knew about you, I had myself presented..."
She's as young as me. Perhaps a little older. She's awfully pale, perhaps more than the Lady Patchouli. She's dressed with a pale red dress.
But the only thing you really notice about her is... that you notice her.

I mean, when you see a crowd of differents peoples, you don't notice anyone in the crowd.
But this girl give the feeling that you can notice her everywhere, even in a giant crowd.
I don't have to think about it. It's obvious.
This girl is the vampire. She's the Lady of the Mansion.
-Eeeh. H-Hello, Lady Scarlet!"
I bow, trying to act politely. I don't know why, but this lady give me the feelings that she'll kill me immediatly in many ways I can't imagine.
She looks at me, surprised, then she smirked, and said:
-That's a quite polite presentation. My congratulations. And welcome to the Scarlet Devil Mansion."
-Oooh, Lady Remilia? You woke up quite early today?"
I turn my face. It's Butler. He's talking to Lady Scarlet in a very bizarro way, halk-polite, half-rude.
-By the way, I think you noticed this little cutie here? Her name's Elanor."
She smirks once again.
-So I assume you just invite anybody randomly. I didn't know my mansion was a doghouse."
-Ooh, you're right. I'll try to invite somes fleas later."
Butler is still smiling and talking in a normal way, but something changed in his eyes.
I know!
He don't want me to feel insulted!
-Anyway, whaddya eat, Lady Remilia?"
And Lady Scarlet give her choice to Butler. But I'm not paying any attention.

I was trapped in a library, I spoke with a devil, I ate food made by a wizzard, I talked with a vampire...
That's GREAT!

While Butler and Lady Remilia are talking, I sneak out the library. Where's lots of I want to investigate. I can go to the Basement, or get out, into the Garden, or go back to the bathroom, to talk with Lady Koakuma...

Choose your destination:
[ ] The Basement.
[ ] The Garden.
[ ] The Midnight Well.
[ ] The Bathroom.
Write-in are not accepted. Sorry about that, but honestly, I don't want you to sneak around the Clock Tower.
>> No. 38959
[x] The Garden.
>> No. 38960
[x] The Midnight Well.
>> No. 38966
Oh Docteur, Docteur;
Is this love I'm feeling?

[minuit] The Midnight Well.

I'm curious.
>> No. 38978
[x] The Basement.
Flaaann~ Hey it can't kill us if it's in the choice segment right? Right?
>> No. 38988
It's that thinking that got Reina killed in RiG, you should know better.
>> No. 38995
I know... joke and all. I'd love to see just what kind of Flandre Hartmann has in store for us. That's why my vote stands firm.
By the way I didn't read RiG, wherever it is.
>> No. 39007
All right, all right.
To be honest, I planned to use the Midnight Well in another fanfiction, so I don't really know how Elanor's gonna use it.
That's payback for putting suggestion on a whim, I guess.

I'll play L4D2, and I'll write the update after that.
>> No. 39008
Yesss! Updating ftw! Enjoy.
>> No. 39009
[x] The Basement.
>> No. 39010
Maybe you won't have to write it? Basement just tied the votes.
>> No. 39012
He might have called it already.
>> No. 39013
All right! I decided about what is the Midnight Well. I put a hint about the past event, will you be able to see it? I also put a little reference to U.N.Owen's CYOA, but this one is more obvious.


[x] The Basement
[x] Midnight Well

Lady Patchouli spoke about Flandre, who may be in the basement. I don't know anything about it, but I want to know more about it.
It's decided! I'll go to the basement!
But... Where is it?

I guess I'll just have to walk randomly. Perhaps I'll find the good door...
Behind me, Lady Scarlet and Butler are still talking.
-Perhaps Freedoms Fries with?"
-You want to have French Fries? I guess I can do that too."
-No no, I want Freedom Fries."
I don't know what sort of games they are playing, but I'm pretty sure that Lady Scarlet is making fun of Butler.

I don't even have to think.
I know it's here. The corridors are full of wooden door, and this... is not a wooden door. It's a stair, who go down.
I... I'll take it. I'm taking it.
I guess I'm really in the Basement now. It's dark and scary. It's just a single corridor. A single corridor, with white walls. The basement is so low, so deep, that the light from the mansion don't even reach me.
There is no light in the basement, just... fires here and here.
I hear a voice. I'm listening very carefully. It's a really weak voice. I can hear it, I can't can't listen it. I mean, I can't understand it.
I... I should go back, in the mansion... But... I wanna see who is Flandre.

I move forward, very slowly, very carefully. Each step I'm taking, the voice is louder. I still can't understand it, I don't know why.
And I though I was good in english.
And what if this voice is not speaking in english? Perhaps it's french, since the butler look like he's french.
Anyway, let's continue.

I can listen to it, now. It's saying:
-Whaaaat? Suzzle right now, each shalebo..."
And it's saying that, again and again... I can't understand at all. What sort of language is that?
Thinking about it, it's more a whisper than a speech. The person who's saying that is not speaking for anyone else than itself...
Perhaps it's nonsense? Perhaps it's a song?
I listen once again...
-Mmmmi nameco sisife eshalebo..."
I continue forward.
I hit something! It's ... a big metal door, with a little opening at my eye's level.
-What is that?"
I froze immediatly. The voice! It's the same person who said all this nonsense right now!
I.. I feel strange. Behind that door, there is ... something...
I have to answer to this question. I have to.
-M-My name is Elanor."
What does she mean?
-I-I'm normal..."
-Oooh? So you're human?"
The voice changed. Instead of a violent and impressive tone, it's now a... normal tone.
I hear something's moving behind the door. The person who's inside come in front of the door, and watch me by the opening.
-Hey... I don't know you?"
Those eyes are scarlet red. Very impressive.
-It's good to see someone. You have no idea how it's painful to be closed, without seeing anybody."
I'm not supposed to answer anything to that, did I?
-What are you doing in here? Oh, wait, I'm missing my étiquette."
And, using a very defined way of speaking, she introduce herself.
-My name is Flandre Scarlet. I'm the younger sister of the Mansion's Mistress."
-S-So you're Lady Scarlet's sister?"
-'Lady'? Eeeer, yes."
-But why are you trapped in here?"
-Because it's... you see, when you're thinking, you can... travel very fast... I mean... I guess I'm a little unstable. I mean... I think really fastly, I never hesite..."
-What 'unstable' mean?"
-It mean that I can be very nice, but also completely crazy after. Actually, I'm nice."
-But you can be crazy?"
She lowers her head.
-Oh no. I can't be crazy anymore."
-Uuuuuh? So why are you closed?"
She stares me with her eyes.
-For two reasons: I'm not a light drinker, and Sis is still mad at me!"
There is a short silence.
-What were you saying before I came?"
-Oh that? That was a lullaby. I had fun to sing it reversed."
-You can sing reversed song?"
-Yeah, listen."
She close her eyes, and begin to say lots of nonsense. I can't figure what's it's talking about, I can't even figure if it's a song, or if she's making fun of me.
When it's finish, she open her eyes again, and ask:
-So? Whaddya think?"
-That was strange..."
She smile in a bizarro way, showing her teeth.
-Strange, hey? It's really difficult to sing like that, and all you say is 'it's strange'? Let me show you something really strange!"
She go in a corner of her room, where I can't see her. She make a lot of noise, looking for something.
-Ha! That's it!"
-The Midnight's Door! Allow me to take you in my dreams!"
She throw a little bottle at me. I avoid it, and it crashes against the wall. Stranges vapors came from, and I don't want to breath them, so I try to run away.
-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Did your forgot how vampire are strong? COME BACK!"
I froze.
I... I can't disobey. I... have to... I resist. I resist why all my strenght.
I'm coming back, as slowly as I can. A innocent laugh can be heard from the door.
-You're really funny, Elanor. Soo innocent, so pure."
She talking again in this childish tone.
-But the more innocent a being is, the more good you feel when you're corrupting it!"
And, once again.
I come near the broken bottle, I bent over, and I take a long breath.

The vapor hurt my nose a little. It's like amustard.
My eyes are closing... are closed... are...

I wake up. I'm in a forest. Not the same kind of forest than the one outside the mansion, because this one is magical. I don't know why, but I can feel it. There are ... stranges noises coming from everywhere.
Some clic-clic, some low noise, and a very very low shout. Like a whale.
Wait... What is a whale.
-A whale, is a big fish."
It's Flandre! She's right in front of me!
-Now, now... No need to get worked up. I'm just here to help you."
And she smile. But I don't trust this smile. She's obviously making fun of me!
-Yes I am. My favorite hobby was to lock peoples in dangerous situation, and to see what they are able to do to survive."
I see. I see people who have to hurt themselves to survive...
-Of course you see. You are in my dream. You are me. But I am not you. not yet. Now, raise your eyes, and see!"
I raise my eyes. And I see. I'm in a big forest. On the horizon, I see several building.
The first one is in front of me. It look like the Scarlet Mansion.
The second one is at my left. It look like a giant clock tower, but it look like it will collapse very soon.
The third one is at my right. It look like a pool.

Where should I go? It's a dangerous situation. I should choose carefully.
[ ] The Mansion replica.
[ ] The Clock Tower replica.
[ ] The pool.
>> No. 39015
[x] The Clock Tower replica.
We might learn something new about what happened there. The pool is a tempting option though...

>-Yes I am. My favorite hobby was to lock peoples in dangerous situation, and to see what they are able to do to survive."

I knew it! You did read UN Owen's ASSM! I can see you enjoyed it too. Very good.
>> No. 39017
Hey wait... I remember you! There was a thread somewhere... and some guy "spoiled" ASSM's ending. There was something about spoiling after that, where I failed miserably, arguing that he shouldn't spoil the ending, and then there was this third guy... I don't know either he was still reading it or he finished it in two days. That was you right?
Off topic and probably not only meaningless, but also not something I should ask?
>> No. 39019
Ahahaha. No.
I just discovered U.N.Owen's CYOA 2 weeks ago. And I still didn't finished it. I'm taking my time, I'm reading it slowly, while listening very fitting music.
>> No. 39021
Really now? Enjoy~~ It's really good. Personally, I liked it, but you might not like the ending. It's quite unlike what you'd expect of a CYOA. Or something someone might write in their free time for fun. Or fanfiction.
>> No. 39031
No more votes?
I guess Elanor will go to the Clock Tower, then.
>> No. 39032
[x] The Clock Tower replica.
>> No. 39033
[x]Clock tower
>> No. 39035
It's hard to vote on a scene that has a 66% chance of a bad end.
>> No. 39057
File 127676380298.jpg - (350.62KB , 800x1066 , 3cde9fe7f9ab68eff58e053022aef8ff.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] The Clock Tower replica

Something happened in the Clock Tower, and nobody tell me anything about that. I don't know if this dream-like thing will be accurate about what happened, but I can try.
I begin to walk to the Clock Tower.
-No! Don't go there!"
Lady Flandre shout. I don't know why, but she don't want me in the Clock Tower at all.
-Because it's... when you'll see, you'll be afraid of me."
-I'm already afraid of you. You put me in this strange dream."
-... Yes, but you're not dead! You're just asleep! That's it! It's just a dream!"
-Does that mean I can't be hurt?"
She start fidgeting her fingers. That's very cute.
-Well... You see..."
-I'll go there."
And I walk one again. Lady Flandre look at me for a while, then she sigh, and she fly near me.
It's only now that I notice her wings. She don't have leather wings like Lady Scarlet. She have... well I don't even know if those are really wings.
-Watch out!"
While saying that, she push me against a tree. I stay here, without moving, and I see.

It's a wine creature. It look like it's made of wood, but ... it's not like a wood golem or anything.
It's big, and it make a lot of noise when it move.
When it notice Lady Flandre, it freeze for a moment, and continue to walk as if nothing happened.
-What was that?"
-They are my dreams."
-When I was young, someone read to me a hilarious story about a tailypo. So I though that the creature may be like that."
-So this land is habited by your creatures?"
-You can say it like that. That's why I don't want you to go to the Clock Tower."
-I'm too curious to give up."
She says nothing, but she really looks scared.
I'm scared too. Lady Flandre know lot of product, and she dream of this place.
What can scare her like that?

We're finally out of the forest. Now, the land change. Instead of a starry night, the sky is full of black clouds. I can also hear thunder.
If a lightning strike the Tower, we're done for.
And now that I see it, it really look like it's fragile. It's bent over, and still standing, only because there are metal pillars everywhere.
I-I'll enter...
I see a little door. It's a black wooden door, with a golden knob. The same door than in the mansion.
I open it.

All become white. I can't see anything. But I can hear.
-All right! The door is opened! Let's play!"
It's Flandre's voice.

All become normal. I'm in the Clock Tower's entrance.
Was that... a flashback?
I turn my face to Flandre. She's still.
-If you wanna go in, you'll have to go alone. I'll stay here."
I continue.

I'm in a little room. Really small. should try to find a stairs, or something. The Clock Tower is not really large, but she's big.
Here. I put my foot on, and I begin to climb. I say "climb", because it's more like a wall than a stairs.

After a little time, I'm in another room. This one is well lighted, and it have lots of mechanics here and here. Is it really working all alone?
There are lots of noise.
Once again, all is white.
-I'll go hide in the Clock Tower, so, Sis won't be able to catch me!"
All is normal.
Those flashbacks will tell me what happened. I need to go even higher!
Here! A ladder!

I'm in the third room. It's larger than the last one, with more mechanics.
But nothing happen.
I'll guess I'll go in the fourth-
-Young Mistress! What are you doing here!"
Flandre was hiding in this place when 'Sakuya' found her?
I need to know more. Where are stairs, ladder and all those things?

I search everywhere. And I found a strange square, with a red button near.
I think I know what is it.
I go on the square, and I press the button. The square begin ro rise in the airs.
-An elevator! Amazing!"
The fifth room is even larger than before, and this time, there is a big pendulum, from the ceiling.
"Cloc, cloc"
It make an impressive noise.

Found it! This time, I had to move around the room to trigger the flashback!
-Sakuya?! Will you play with me?"
-Young Mistress, don't use Four of a Kind here, or you-"
-What? What happened? Why the flashback wasn't full? Why was it cut?"
That's unfair!
Let's go find the sixth room!

A door? I searched everywhere, and all I found was a metal door. Like the one in the basement.
Bah. Let's go.

The sixth room is even bigger than the last! The pendulum is soooo big!
-It doesn't matter if your Four of a Kind cut you in four differents peoples! I can't lose, because I'm doing this for my Lady!"
-... So Lady Flandre cut herself in 4 differents peoples? That's interesting. But happened after?"
I see stairs. Let's go.

Seventh room.
It's large like a city. I have the feeling I'm under a dome.
-Mistress! Don't act like a child! I have already beaten three of your Four of a Kind! Please, retire now!"
-NO! KYU!"

I... I'm scared. Flandre was not losing. In fact, she won.
She killed her opponent. She ... If I judge by the sound, she ... made her opponent (this 'Sakuya') e-explode.

It's a metal door. It's big, and there are lots of red on it. Handprints, but also words.
-Help me? I didn't want to do it?"
That's scary, but I can't go back.
I open the door, and I go.

The last room is completly dark.
Except for a little area, in the middle.
In this area, there are two peoples.
Lady Flandre, and a dead woman.
Lady Flandre looks like she's crying.
The dead woman wear a maid uniform, but she don't have a face anymore.
I can only see red.
I don't know how to react. All of that is frozen. Flandre is kneeling, her hands against her face, with tears coming from it. But nobody move.
It's like ... a picture.

I want to see the woman.
I walk to them.
-FLANDRE! What are you... SAKUYA?"
Tears. Scream. Someone is killed by a spear.
-I-I'm sorry, Sakuyaa..."
-T-That's okay, Young Mistress."

So this woman is Sakuya, and she was killed by Flandre?
But how.
-That's enough."

I wake up. I'm standing, in front of the basement door.
-I told you."
Flandre is staring at me with her cold scarlet eyes.
-But... What happened?"
And she explain.
-Here, we fight by using magical attacks, called 'Spellcards'. One of mine allow me to divise myself in 4 differents peoples. But the 'mad' me was... mad."
-And so she killed Sakuya?"
-Yeah. When Sis came, she understood, and she killed the mad me. Since this time, I can't be mad, and I can't use 'Four of a Kind' anymore."
-If you're not mad anymore, when don't your sister let you go?"
She laugh.
-Because SHE'S mad. She's mad at me for killing her cutie little maid. If it was not for the étiquette, she would have killed me instantly. But she know that I hate to be closed, so she decided to close me for all eternity."
-But why is the Clock Tower closed?"
-Uh? It's still closed?"
A silence. She really didn't know about that.
-Well, I'm sorry, but I don't know. You should ask Patchouli."
-Lady Knowledge?"
-Yes. It's Taboo for Sis, but perhaps Patchouli can tell you about that. If it's doesn't work, ask Koakuma."
-Can't I ask Butler, too?"
-I don't know about him. I encountered him long time ago, and he's crazy because of me, but I don't know anything else about him."
-Well, I'll try."
-... Sorry for trying to make you my slave. I'll never use my voice against you. That's my promise."
-I'll try to ask you sister to make you get out of here."
-I don't have any hope, but thank for that."
She smile sadly.
I get out from the basement.

What should I do, now?
[] Write-in only!
>> No. 39058
A Butler that became crazy due to Flandre? I wonder if it's a spiritual sequel to another story here.
>> No. 39059
To be honest, the Butler is the main protagonist from another fanfiction I wrote.
But since the novel is in full french, I didn't have a lot of readers, so the fanfiction is frozen.

I don't know anything about another SDM Butler. Except the one who became a vampire.
>> No. 39062
[x] Go and relax in the garden.

Meditate on what you learned.
>> No. 39070
An amusing character, to be sure.

[x] Go and relax in the garden.
>> No. 39076
[x] Go and relax in the Gardens.

I... I have to think about it carefully. I need a place where I can be alone.
Let's go to the gardens.
I walk randomly in the corridors, and I finally manage to find the entrance door.
I didn't noticed last time, but it's really a big door. Bigger than the basement door, but smaller than the outside door.
I put my hand on the knob, and I try to turn it.
It's locked.
-Have no fear, Eye'm here!"
It's Butler!
Coming from behind me, he use a Golden Key.
"Clic, clac".
-It's opened. I'll let it opened, so tell me when you'll be back, okay?"
-You're pale, are you okay?"
He ask that with a worried face. But I'm scared. Lady Flandre told me that he was half-crazy.
-No... I-I'm fine."
-Is that so?"
And he turn back, returning in the corridors.
I pass the door, and I'm outside.

It shocked me the first time I saw that, but now, it's really obvious. This garden was forgotten.
All the plants are wilds. I don't see any flowers. There's a fountain in the middle of the garden. I walk to it.
I watch my face in the water. It's not a good water, it's all green and rusty. My face seems sick. My hair look like they are green instead of being silver-colored.

So Lady Flandre killed that Sakuya person in the ClockTower, right?
I guess Lady Scarlet must really be mad at her for locking her for so long.
I'm scared when I think at how this person looked like. She was... I mean, with her face being like that, how did she managed to talk?
Thinking about it, I didn't see her face at all.
Was she pretty? Was she ugly?
Perhaps Lady Scarlet was right to keep Lady Flandre in the basement.
And if-
Hey, it's pretty cold all of a sudden. What's happening?
-Ha ha ha! Are you scared of my power?"
Who's talking? Oh. It's a girl, as old as me, with a blue dress and some strange wings.
About wings, I think that Lady Remilia was the only one who have normal wings in this area. I mean, Lady Koakuma have wings on her HEAD, and Lady Flandre... I dunno if you can call 'that' wings.
-Who are you?"
-I'm Cirno! I'm an ice fairy!"
-An ice fairy? What is that?"
-Wha-? It's like a fairy, except that I can use supreme power of ice!"
-I'll show you!"
She fly near me, look at the fountain, watch it for a moment, and then, she rise her hands.
And all the water is froze!
-Waaa! That's great!"
Hearing that, the ice fairy looks happy.
-Of course it's great!"
-Can you give it form?"
-Whaddya mean?"
-I mean, can you make it like- Atchi!"
-Bless you. Perhaps you should go back."
She looks worried for a moment, and suddenly, she looks proud:
-After all, I'm so powerful that humans cannot stay near me too longer!!"
-Y-Yes... Sorry to say that, but you're c-c-cold... See you next time..."
-See ya, little human!"
And I walk back to the mansion. I don't know why, but I'm not filling, I mean, feeling really good. I ... I feel bad, in fact.
I try to walk to the mansion, but I ... I want to sit somewhere, unthil I'm feeling better... I ... I want to sleep...

When I wake up, I'm in a bed. My bed, I guess. I'm feeling really hot. I should have a fever, or something.
-...out of question."
There are peoples talking outside the room. They are more whispering than talking, in fact.
I can hear Lady Scarlet, Butler, and Lady Knowledge.
Butler talk.
-You want me to go ask to this old hag? Never!"
-She's the only doctor of Gensokyo."
Butler and Lady Remilia... They are worrying about me... I feel guilty. I shoudn't have go outside.
-I think it's just a cold. According to this book, quiet and warm are good."
-You THINK? I want more than that."
-My, my, what a doting father you will be. Why don't you want to search for this Yagokoro doctor?"
-Are you kidding me, Scarlet? Didn't you saw Elanor's hair?"
-They are silver. And?"
Look like both Butler and Lady Knowledge are speechless.
-Did I said something wrong?"
-Koa, explain."
Butler talked. A silly voice is talking now.
-Well, Lady, according to our studies, and according to your testimony, only Lunarian peoples can have silver hair."
-Get it? Elanor's lunarian, so if Yagokoro learn about her, there will be some trouble."
-Patchy! What should we do?"
-Are you listening to me?"
-Well, I already told it, but I think that warm drink and some peace will be enough. And if this girl is really lunarian, she will recover from this fastly."
-Let's do that! Okay, now it's fixed, what sort of meal will you prepare?"
-... You know, Scarlet, someday, I'll put celestial's blood into your food, but for the fun of seeing you puke."
-You have weird fetish."
-You have weird fetish."
-You have weird fetish."
-What's that? All the women of this house are against me now? Is that a riot?"
-No, it's a revolution!"
-I'm done for."
I can't remember the rest, because all goes dark.

I can't remember the next days too. They were ... strange, and blurry. I barely remember Butler bringing me food, and Lady Koakuma washing and changing me.
It's benn a week, perhaps too, and I wake up, and I'm feeling good.
I rise from my bed, I change into the clothes I found in the closet, and I get out my room.

What should I do? Going outside is forbidden, and I want to say to everybody that I'm not sick anymore.
[ ] Go to the kitchen, see Butler.
[ ] Go to the library, see Ladies Knowledge and Koakuma.
[ ] Try to find Lady Scarlet's room.
[ ] Go to the basement, and see Lady Flandre.
>> No. 39080
[x] Go to the kitchen, see Butler.
>> No. 39081
[x] Go to the kitchen, see Butler.
Nowhere particular where I'd like to go, so I'll go with a vote that has the shortest update time.
>> No. 39082
[I'm not sick at all. No Sir.] Go to the kitchen, see Butler.

I definitely like the Butler.
>> No. 39084
[x] Go to the library, see Ladies Knowledge and Koakuma.

We still need to ask Patchy about Flandre.
>> No. 39088
File 127682441292.jpg - (12.33KB , 300x266 , vlad.jpg ) [iqdb]
>-Have no fear, Eye'm here!"
>> No. 39090
[x] Go to the library, see Ladies Knowledge and Koakuma.
>> No. 39092
All right. 3 votes for Butler, and 2 for Patchy and Koa.
Let's go see Butler, update is coming soon.
>> No. 39093
File 127686443376.jpg - (127.58KB , 850x850 , sample-dfc7a03c3c5c6c18c01261b33488ff61.jpg ) [iqdb]
A short update, just to make you wait.


[ ] Go to the kitchen, see Butler.

I should go to the kitchen. I'm hungry, and I wanna see Butler first.

I'm lost again. Either this mansion is disgustingly big, either I'm incredibly small. I simply can't figure where I am.
I'm totally lost.

I'm guess I'm not totally lost after all, since I'm hearing Butler's voice.
-What the hell are you doing? It's not the right time for that!"
-It's always the good time for that!"
It's Lady Koakuma's voice!
-W-Well, I guess I'll put it here..."
-Oh yyyyeeesss... Put it here..."
-... You're scaring me."
-Oh really? You weren't so pervert last time."
A silence. Butler talk in a really low tone.
-Sounds like someone want to get raped again..."
-YES! Put it here!"
-All right! I'll do it!"
-I'm waiting!"

What should I do?
[ ] Peek.
[ ] Don't peek, go elsewhere.
>> No. 39094
[x] Peek
We're a 12 year old curious little girl... no explanation needed.
>> No. 39095
[x] Peek.
Do it.
>> No. 39100
File 127687516847.jpg - (47.85KB , 640x480 , Picture0001.jpg ) [iqdb]
Did you really think I was about to write a NSFW story? Not this time, sorry!


[ ] Peek.

I really want to know what kind of thing they are doing. I'll just lean and peek a little, and...
They are just playing Chess. Butler move his queen, and finally shout:
THen, he get up, and begin to point at Lady Koakuma while shouting:
Very calm, she answer:
-You won again. Big deal."
-Oh yeah! I won again! It's just the 35th time you're playing against me, hey? No victory!"
And then, they notice me.
-Hey, look like you're feeling better!"
I answer:
-Yes, I'm really better now."
Lady Koakuma talk:
-I tried another tactic against him. Psychologicals attacks. It worked."
-Pfeu! She's saying nonsense. It didn't worked at all."
-Oh yyyeeeaaahhh? I though it worked, because you blushed..."
-I-I-I didn't blushed! You're saying nonsense!! You demon girl!"
Lady Koakuma is now smiling. It's almost scary.
-A-Anyway, Elanor, I'm happy to see that you're better. Now, you should go see Patchouli at the library."
-Yeah, but I can't reach it."
-I think you can now. Hey, take this."
And he give me a map.
Wonderful! I won't lose anymore in this mansion, now!
-Do you need something else?"
-Well, I'm hungry."
-Eat that."
Hu? He already prepared something?

Well, since it was served and warm, I couldn't refuse, so I ate what he prepared. Meat, beans, and pepper sauce.
But while I'm eating, Butler and Lady Koakuma are playing again to chess. Butler play normally, but Lady Koakuma try to annoy him, by taking her time before moving, and by mumbling strange words each time he try to move something.
-Oh, you send your bishop against a devil? I like that."
-Oh, and you're now sending a knight? I will make him my slave."
-And... Again one stalemate."

I'll let them play, and I'll go to the library.
Well... According to the map, I'm at the south of the mansion, near the front door, and the library is half-buried, in the west wing.
Let's go.

Now that I think about it, why should I see Lady Knowledge? I mean, I have to ask her about what Lady Flandre told me, but why Butler sned me to see her?
... Maybe he know about my visit to the Basement.
I guess I'll know when I'll ask Lady Knowledge about that.

Aaah, I'm finally in the library.
And I'm lost, because the map I have is just a mansion's map, not a library's map.

After 2 hours, I finally managed to get out of the library.
But then, I remembered that my goal was to go INSIDE the library.
-Oh no..."

After 1 hour, I finally found Lady Knowledge. Quietly reading a book, while I was walking around, trying to find a way in. She's still clothed like a lazy bookworm. I wonder if she take off this pajama, sometimes.

-Hello, Lady Knowledge."
-You're late, Elanor."
-I was lost."
-This idiot Butler gave you a mansion's map."
-I was lost in the library."
-Nevermind that."
Change the topic, hu?
-I was told you were sick because of a fairy, mm?"
-Y-Yes. She said her name was Cirno."
-Oh. Yes. That fairy. Well, this man, this butler, asked me to teach you some tricks."
-First, know that here, we fight by using special magical cards. One card is equal to one attack."
-But there is also magic, apart from the Spell Card. Those card allow everything, but you can't use them everyday. Well, I heard that some peoples do that, but it's not our type."
-How's magic working?"
-Very simple. You use magical energy, from the world."
-What do you mean?"
-What do I mean? I mean that the world is a unlimited pool of mana."
-So that mean that, once you can use it, you're invincible?"
-Not exactly. A witch, or a wizard, have to refine the mana, otherwise he can't use it."
-I don't get it."
-Well... Spell are... drawings."
-Yes. And mana is a blank piece of paper. You have to draw on the paper, to turn it into a drawing."
-I get it! So you have to refine mana?"
-It's ... personal. It depend of your point of view."
-For exemple, Alice, who is another witch like me, use colors to change mana into usable energy."
-I, on the other hand, use elements to channel the mana."
-How's that related to point of view?"
-Because the way you're channeling mana depends of how you're imagining the power. For exemple, for me, the world was created by the elements, Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Metal, Wood, Sun, and Moon."
-And for Miss Alice, the power depends of the color?"
-That's it. I knew another witch, who used feelings to channel mana."
-Yeah. Love and all that stuff."
-... Since Butler is a wizzard, he can use magic too?"
-What's his... vision?"
-For him, the power is divised in three things: Wealth, Influence, and Strengh. And all his spells are based on that. He use Strengh spell to attack, Influence spell to summon, and Wealth spell to create magical objects."
-I see... But why are you telling me that?"
-Because this guy has something he want to gave you, and you needed to learn one or two things about magic before that. And I guess it's enought. You can go see him."

What should I do?
[ ] Go back now to see what Butler want to give to me?
[ ] Stay here for a while and ask Lady Knowledge about Flandre?
[ ] Write-in?
>> No. 39101
[x] Stay here for a while and ask Lady Knowledge about Flandre?

Well since we are already here.
Heh. Interesting way to say "checkmate"
You know. I find this grammar format rather adorable, seen how the MC is 12 year old girl.
All the inaccuracies can be explained by her perspective of the world.
>> No. 39104
[I wonder if I should try to fit a poem into one of these boxes.] Stay here for a while and ask Lady Knowledge about Flandre

I can't get enough of this story.
>> No. 39109
[x] Stay here for a while and ask Lady Knowledge about Flandre?

Well... at least you didn't get anything crucial wrong here. Stalemate, checkmate... who cares right? As long as the position is actually legal (unlike in anime, where it's just thrown in for kicks. The positions you see in some of them are ridiculous... like a king standing right next to a king IYKWIM)
>> No. 39111
[Q] Stay here for a while and ask Lady Knowledge about Flandre?

I'm having some trouble with the - instead of " and the foreign grammer still, but on the whole it's nice. Something about it sort of... pulls you in. You think like they do, after a little while.

Now I just need to make sure I don't start suddenly writing again.
>> No. 39114
>Now I just need to make sure I don't start suddenly writing again.
I'm not sure what you mean there... is it a bad thing? Go ahead and do it if you want. I know I want you to.
>> No. 39116
[x] Stay here for a while and ask Lady Knowledge about Flandre?

Sticking around seeing how the library is super easy to get lost in. So since we've found her, we might as well make the most of it.
>> No. 39117
>Now I just need to make sure I don't start suddenly writing again.

And how can it be a bad thing? I mean, as long as you don't write anything like "end wen flendr want and behedad hym", it's fine.
>> No. 39118
There was supposed to be a "like that" in there. I do want to write.
>> No. 39120
Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?
>> No. 39122
Quick I'm not looking! Delete that!
Pretending it never happened
>> No. 39124
File 127689592961.jpg - (119.51KB , 540x370 , 1247070781717.jpg ) [iqdb]
All right, since you escaped successfully to my dead end, I decided to put subtility apart.


[x] Stay here for a while and ask Lady Knowledge about Flandre?

Since I'm here, I guess I can ask one or two questions.
She sigh, and says:
-What now?"
-I don't know where to start..."
-From the beginning, maybe?"
-All right. I went in the Basement, and Lady Flandre told me-"
Her eyes go wide, and she whipers:
While putting her finger in front of her mouth. I don't understand why. I try to look around, and I see.

It's Lady Scarlet, who's coming from the ceiling, flying quietly.
-Hello Patchy. How are you today?"
-Fine as ever."
-Hello Elanor. How are you today?"
-I'm feeling better."
She smile in a bizarro way, and says:
-I can see that. You're healthy."
But Lady Knowledge cut her:
-What bring you here? Do you need something from me?"
-Oh yeah, I wanted to ask you if had a book about blood magic."
-I'll see that, just a moment."
Then, Lady Knowledge rise from her chair, and make a strange move with her hands. The shelves begin to move, opening an way to the exit. After that, she turned her face to me, and says:
-That's for you. If you have more questions, ask Koakuma."
After that, she turned her face toward Lady Scarlet, and then I leaved.
Lady Koakuma, hey? I hope she's still in the kitchen.

I'm finally back to the main entrance. I never thought that walking could be soooo tiring.
I enter in the kitchen, and I go to Lady Koakuma, who's still playing chess with Butler.
-Can I ask you something?"
She answer me quickly, without stopping staring at the game board:
-Yes. Anything. I can even sleep with you if you want."
-What happened in the Clock Tower?"
Hearing that, Lady Koakuma rose suddenly from her chair. The game board was unbalances, and so it fell.
Butler angrily shout. But Lady Koakuma didn't listen to him.
-Why are you interested by the Clock Tower?"
I decided to be sincere.
-Because Lady Flandre told me that Lady Izayoi died in."
Hearing that, both Butler and Lady Koakuma froze, and stare at me with a blank stare.

It's really strange.
After a while, Lady Koakuma opened her mouth, to say:
-It took me 9 months to discover the existence of the Young Mistress. And that child discovered it in... 3 days?"
Then, Butler smirked.
-You're getting old, you devil. The evolution is walking! You are late!"
-What should we do? Tell her everything?"
Why are they doing as if I wasn't here?
-I guess it's better. It's why I brough her here, after all. That, and also the fact that letting a girl outside was a death sentence."
-You planned that? You're more devilish than I!"
-Because I'm human. Human can be more devilish than devil, and more angelic than angel. That's our raison d'être!"
-Well. Let's tell her everything."
Then, Lady Koakuma turned her face to me, and asked:
-What do you already know?"
-Well, I know that the mad Lady Flandre killed Lady Izayoi, and that she was killed by Lady Scarlet, so Lady Flandre isn't mad anymore. I know that Lady Flandre was locked in the basement, and that the Clock Tower was locked too."
-Okay. Let's be clear."
Butler spoke then.
-I'll tell her."
Butler turned his face to me, and says:
-For Remi, Flandre isn't a living being. I don't know how it was before, but Remi always had love for her sister. But when Flandre killed Sakuya, Remi started to hate her sister. Now, it's simple, Flandre doesn't exist anymore for Remi. The only reason that keep Flandre alive, is Remi's proud behavior. She'll try to kill her sister if she see her, but she'll never try to kill her herself."
-Lady Scarlet don't want to kill Lady Flandre, but she want her to suffer?"
-That's it! That's why you should never say Flandre's name near Remi. Understood?"
-Okay. Now, the trouble is, that the whole mansion is dead. I mean, it was already dead before, but since Sakuya's death, nobody never came. And Remi locked herself in her room, never seeing anybody."
-But I saw her several time!"
-Yeah. It's all thanks to Koakuma!"
-You're underestimating you own value. I can't really quit the library. You're the one keeping Lady Remilia's alive. Even if you get on her nerves..."
-Yeah. Well, the trouble is, that I don't have the key to open Remilia's heart. And, I think that as long as her heart is locked, the Clock Tower will be locked too."
I ask:
-But what IS the Clock Tower? I never heard her working!"
Lady Koakuma and Butler looks down. And then, Butler speak:
-I don't know. All those events happened before I get here."
And Lady Koakuma:
-I was bringing the Young Mistress to the basement. When I came back, Lady Patchouli already sealed the door, locking Remilia inside. She told me it was because Remilia wanted to mourn her maid."
-So... The Clock Tower is like a tomb?"
Butler hesitate, and says:
-I think it's more like a museum than a tomb. Sometimes, during the night, Remi goes in, and comes back only at the morning."
Lady Koakuma think for a moment, and ask;
-Did you ask to Ladu Patchouli about that?"
-I-I tried, but when Lady Scarlet came, and she threw me out."
-Mmm. That's prettu unsual from Patchy."
-I hate saying it, but it's true."
-Thinking about it, what if Remi-"
Butler froze at the noise. It was a big clamor. Like 5-6 voices, speaking at the same time. Lady Koakuma clenched her teeth, and says:
-It's again those green vampire hunters!"
-Well. Remi told me to don't have any mercy, so I guess I'll kill one, and try to make the others flee."
He rise from his chair, and walk to the corridors. Lady Koakuma ask him with a worried face:
-Are you sure you gonna be alright? You're not really a fighter..."
-If I need any help, I'll just summon a beast or two. I'm sorry Koa, but if I ask you something, I'm afraid of what sort of things you can ask me in return."
And he exited the kitchen. I turned myself to Lady Koakuma:
-What's happening?"
She answer me with a bored look:
-It's just a bunch of apprentice vampire hunter. The garden's door is supposed keep them from coming in, but since the doorguard left, even a human can open this door. So they came, trying to get the 'Scarlet Devil'. We're trying to not kill them, because it's forbidden, and instead we're making them flee by using illusion and stuff like that."
-You can't kill humans here?"
-It's forbidden. Only a human can kill another human. And since this man, the butler, is considered as a human, he's the only one who can kill them."
-What's his name?"
-I don't know. We're calling him by nickname. The Young Mistress called him Wargrave, the other human called him Talion, and we're calling him Butler."
More noises. Look like it's not going well.

Should I go, to watch the fight? I'm curious to see what magic he's using, but I should be careful.
[ ] Go.
[ ] Don't go.
>> No. 39126
[n] Don't go.
Potential death or getting taken away. No thanks. We want our 12year old loli to stay in the mansion right?
>> No. 39127
Oh but I am a big brother!
>> No. 39128
Me neither, ha ha ha.
>> No. 39129
[x] Don't go.
>> No. 39132
I tried to write it and rewrite it, because I think that a scene like that must be impressive, but I can't be satisfied with this result!
Bah. I'm not writing a best-seller.


[x] Don't go.

I won't put myself in danger. I won't go. I'll stay here, with Lady Koakuma.
The noises are getting louder. Metallic noises, like swords.
And there are somes stranger noise, like beast's scream.
-I think he'll gonna make it. He's not a apprentice, after all."
Lady Koakuma spoke. I answer:
-Perhaps he can't kill someone?"
She answer:
-Mmm. Since he's back, I never saw him using any other magic than invocation. I think he's probably far from the fight, summoning creatures to fight for him."
-What sort of creatures can he call?"
-Mmm... Not good enough to summon devils... I guess it's still golem and wine creatures."
More noise.

An explosion. Lady Koakuma and I jumped.
-It's not good! Those hunters have brough a wizard with them! If he's surprised!"
More noise, and a shout.
Another explosion. But the noise is different. It doesn't sound like an explosion, more like... well, I don't know.
-A Spellcard! He must have been-"
A strong wind throw us against the floor. There are several scream, and then, it's a total silence.
Lady Koakuma run to the main entrance, and I follow her.

What happened after, I don't have lots of memory.
Lady Koakuma screamed, and took me in her arms, for prevent me to see what happened. But it was too late.
Butler was kneeling, dead, with a knife in the chest. He had a SpellCard in his hands, named "Le Pendu - Le Sacrifice Inutile et Nécessaire". There were several other men, all dead as well.
After that, Koakuma brought me back in the library, and explained what happened. Patchouli was horrified, and Remilia was shocked. After that, all is blank.
All I can remember, is that I woke up in the orphanage. I was punished, and I was locked during 5 months for trying to escape.

Several years later, I ended my studies, and I found a job, in the Princess' Castle, as librarian.
I made several research, so I discovered what happened. I thought it was a dream, but now I know it wans't.
For X reason, I was in this world, and for X reason, I wasn't anymore in this world.

And, after some hard research, I found what was Butler's last SpellCard.
It was "The Hanged Man- A Useless and Necessary Sacrifice". The Hanged Man is a martyr, who sacrified himself for other peoples' sakes.

I never discovered the mansion's true secret, but at last, I'm alive.

>> No. 39133
Well that was fast... do we get to go back and follow Butler? I've no idea what we can do to stop this anyway... maybe the hunters will go away if they see him fighting for a little girl or something?
>> No. 39136
All right. Just a little hint, and after that, I go to sleep.

Butler sent Elanor to Patchouli, because he wanted her to learn basics.
But since Elanor changed the topic to Flandre before, Butler still didn't told why he did that.
And, also, the Koa's line to Butler "You're underestimating you own value" is not nothing, if you see what I mean.

Mmm. I won't say anything else. I'll be back tomorrow.
>> No. 39137
Ok have a good night sleep then. Assuming you are going to sleep. So we have to go back even more? Deleting my vote then.
>> No. 39138
[Q] Go

Well, perilous things happen, it seems. Let's not do that again.
>> No. 39140
I think go still kills us in some way, at least according to what Hartmann said. And we can't do much if all we can do is stand around. Must not talk about Flandre.

>What should I do?
>[ ] Go back now to see what Butler want to give to me?
>[ ] Stay here for a while and ask Lady Knowledge about Flandre?
>[ ] Write-in?

-[x]Learn Basics
>> No. 39144
[x] Go

Then the choices should have reflected that with Talk to Patchy About:
>> No. 39155
[x] Go
>> No. 39169
What? Au contraire!

Well anyway, update coming.
Perhaps I wasn't clear, but I consider that Elanor already have the basics (how to channel mana and stuff), so the only things left is what Butler wanted to giver her.

Oh, you'll see.
>> No. 39170
Oh I see... Well then [x]Go
It is
>> No. 39171
File 127694074015.png - (92.77KB , 320x240 , vlcsnap-40085.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Go.

I'm curious to see what kind of magic Butler use. According to what Lady Knowledge said, he used Wealth, Influence, and Strengh.
I walk carefully to the door, and I peek.

It's a strange view.
Butler is standing still, with an arm risen.
There are roots coming from the ground, and the intruders are trying to fight them, their swords aren't string enough to cut those woodsie things.
Still, the roots aren't doing anything. Instead of crushing the intruders, they are just growing and locking them.

-No, you monster!"
One man is... anormal. Hiw sword isn't pale like the others. It's a black sword, and, with it, he cut the roots very easily, and he free his friends.
After that, he turn toward Butler, and charge him.
-You'll die, monster!"
But Butler don't move. He just do a little hand flip, and then another root come from the ground, locking the man's legs, and prevending him for going any further.
After that, Butler use another spell, and I see that the fire from the fireplace, suddenly get out, with a man's form.
-That's a golem."
-Lady Koakuma? Will that be enough?"
-Oh yeah. He can't summon devils, but fire golem, roots and wine creatures will be enough."
Look like it's enough, yeah. The fire golem jump into the battle, and very soon after, one man flee the battle.
Seeing that, the man with the Black Sword says something in japanese, and points his sword as Butler.
A fireball come from his sword. Butler take it in the chest, and fly further in the corridor. Immediatly, all Butler's creature disappear, and one guy throw a knife to Butler.

He take the knife in the chest, and shout:
And he take something from his pocket. It look like a card. But then, Lady Koakuma shout at him:
-Hey! We're here!"
-What the-?"
But already the other men are on him, stabbing him. He take another spellcard, and manage to activate it.
-Oh dear. Elanor, let's take cover."
Lady Koakuma took me in her arms, and brought me back in the kitchen.

A string wind threw us on the floor, and we stayed like that for a while.
-Hey! I'm fighting, and you're sleeping?"
I look. It's Butler. He's horribly wounded, but he's still alive!
-What did you do?"
-I used a SpellCard. It's a powerful attack, with various effect."
Lady Koakuma rise, still holding me.
-If I don't called you, you..."
Butler scratch his head.
-Well, I guess I could die."
-Anyway. Elanor, you wanted you to learn the basics, because I wanted to give you that."
And he give me a card, like the one he held. The one that could kill him.
-What's this?"
It's a beautiful card. It's showing a horned red demon, with a spear.
-It's The Devil. It's a really powerful card, but it's also very dangerous, so use it only when you really need to."
-Uh... Okay."
-Well, I guess I have to clean that mess now."
I scream:
-What? But you're wounded!"
He turn his face to me, and ask with a silly smile:
-Wounded? I'm not even winded!"

... I was pretty sure he was wounded, because he was stabbed and stabbed, and because his clothes are full of blood. But, looking at him more carefully, he seems like he's okay.
Did he recovered all of that in 5 seconds?
Lady Koakuma ask suddenly:
-Please. Don't try to use this card anymore."
Butler want to answer, but when he see Lady Koakuma's serious face, he turn serious too, and simply answer:
And he get out.
Lady Koakuma put me on the floor, and says:
-You should go help him. There are several corpses, it will be hard for him."

And so, I am now dragging corpse and throwing them outside. Some of them are burned, and the others are ... untouched.
While I am dragging corpse, Butler is searching for their loots. But, except this Black Sword, it seems they didn't have anything valuable.
-I don't really like this sword."
-Maybe she's cursed?"
I ask.
-Perhaps. I'll ask Patchy about that."

After 10 minutes, there are no more corpses in the mansion, so Butler begin to use magic to clean the carpet.
-What about the corpses? We can't let them outside like that?"
-Rumia will take care of them."
-Hey? Well, I guess it's okay."
-My, my, what happened?"
It's Lady Scarlet.
-Oh, some bad guys tried to invade us, so I killed them."
-Vampire hunters, hey?"
-And a mage."
-A mage?"
Butler wink at me, and continue to speak with Lady Scarlet.
-Yes. Odd, isn't it?"

What should I do?
[ ] Write-in only.
>> No. 39173
>What should I do?
[a]It is beyond me...collapse
[b]Stand there and watch? Mention Flandre and enjoy the oncoming shitstorm?
[c]Ask what the card does. What it does EXACTLY. Ask Remilia how she manifests magic.
>> No. 39190
[x]Ask what the card does. What it does EXACTLY. Ask Remilia how she manifests magic.

Figured as much... silly Butler, doing stupid things.
>> No. 39211
[x]Ask what the card does. What it does EXACTLY. Ask Remilia how she manifests magic.

Asking a little girl to help out with the corpses? ok...
>> No. 39212
[Q] Ask what the card does. What it does EXACTLY. Ask Remilia how she manifests magic

Knowing precisely how our dangerous weapon works is a good idea. Far better than "give the girl a gun and trust she'll do it right on instinct."
>> No. 39232
Sorry, I wanted to upadte yesterday, but I don't know why, I simply cannot write.
Is that the "blank page" syndrom?
Anyway, you surprised me, because I though that the solution was obvious, so I'm really surprised.

We should not let Kogasa Tatara vote.
This is a short update, sorry about that.


[x]Ask what the card does. What it does EXACTLY. Ask Remilia how she manifests magic.

But I didn't want to go. I wanna know what this card does exactly.
Because if I am in trouble, and if I don't know how to use it, I'll be done for.
-Before that, Butler, how does this card work exactly?"
He look at me with a surprised face, and answer:
-Well, just says its name. It'll trigger its attack, which I believe to be powerful enough to take down a fairy."
Okay, I see.

Oh, but I also wanted to ask to Lady Scarlet about her magic...
-Lady Scarlet, how do you use magic?"
She look at me, with the "what-the-hell-are-you-talking-about?" kind of face. But, before she could talk, Butler stopped her.
-Sorry, Remi, but those wizards are a more troublesome matter than your magic."
He turned his face toward me, and said:
-Don't you have something to ask to Pachouli?"
I opened my mouth to ask, and then I remembered. I wanted to ask what happened in the Clock Tower, but I couldn't because Lady Scarlet came.
-O-Okay, I'll go ask her."
And I began to walk, toward the library, still holding the map in my hand.

Mmmm... According to this map, Butler's room is on this floor, but in the other wing.
Well, for now, I'll just go to the library.
Luckily, Lady Knowledge didn't moved the shelves, so there is still a direct way to her desk.
I have the feelings I'm spending most of my time walking in this mansion!
And, finally, I'm arrived. I'm out of breath, but I'm arrived!
-L-Lady Knowledge?"
-What is it, Elanor?"
-S-S-So, what happened in the Clock Tower?"
Without answering, Lady Knowledge closed her book, and took another one, with a bat drawed on the cover.
-Do you know how vampire reproduce?"
-... Not at all."
-Well, to be short, when a person is killed by a vampire, this person will become a vampire."
-Newborn vampire are almost crazy, since they are always craving for blood."
-After some months, they can get balanced, and start to act smart."
-Well, it mean that it start to choose its target, instead of attacking randomly."
-It's becoming smart, so?"
Lady think deeply about that for a moment, and answer:
-No. It's always clever, except that in the beginning, it just doesn't think. But that's just for normal vampires."
-There are special vampire?"
-Let's say... singularity. A newborn vampire is a human who had his blood drained by a vampire when he was alive. A blood doll is a human slave who drank vampire's blood. A ghoul is a creature who had its blood drained by a vampire when it was dead."
-... And? What's in the Clock Tower?"
After a while, Lady Knowledge answer:
-I told you enough. I promised to Remi that I'll keep her secret. Good bye."

And now, I'm out of the library. Except for those vampire-things, I didn't learned anything.
What should I do, now?
I know! Let's explore the mansion! Since I'm feeling good, I can walk for very long.
Let's go tooooo... Butler's room!

Okay. First thing: the door is different. There are garlic on the knob.
I don't know if it's really supposed to keep vampire from this room, or if it's humor. You know, like put a false spider on your door when you know than an arachna... arachnophobie... a spider-hate person will try to get in your room.
But since Butler is really a wizzard, perhaps he also put magical trap here and here.
I look carefully. Garlic on the knob, cross on the door, and... that's all.
I enter in the room.
Second thing: it's full of light! Totally different from the mansion!
In the mansion, it's impossible to see the outside, since there are curtains everywhere.
In this room, all curtains are opened, and light come freely.
Of course! Vampires are weak to sun!

For the rest...
It's the same room as mine, except that there are papers everywhere. I try to read some of them, but they are full of drawings and maps. Besides, they are in french.
Perhaps it's for his research?
There is a big plan on the wall. It's the mansion's profile.
Mmmm. A blue beam come from Butler's romm -where I am-, and stop in the Clock Tower's door. A green beam comes from upper floor -according to my map, it's Lady Scarlet's room-, and stop in the same door. The last beam come from the basement, and is red.
I don't get it.
-Calm down, think about it carefully."
1) This is obviously magic.
2) Butler's magic is based on... damn, I forgot. But I know there was Influence in.
3) Those beams must mean something. I'm sure they are keeping the Clock Tower locked or something.

I scream of frustration. I have the feeling that this map or something is really important, and I can't get it.
That's... aaaargh!
I can find a paper who explain it, it's obvious. I just have to keep searching, unthil I find it.
I just realised something.
Perhaps it's written on a paper, but how will I read it? All of that is in french, and I can't read only ... only my own language, the lunarian.

I'm missing something really important here.

What should I do?
[ ] Keep searching for something who can explain this picture.
[ ] Keep searching, sor for [write-in].
[ ] Give up and go help in the kitchen.
[ ] Give up and keep exploring the mansion.
>> No. 39238
>Wealth, Influence, and Strengh. And all his spells are based on that. He use Strengh spell to attack, Influence spell to summon, and Wealth spell to create magical objects."

I think the three beams relate to how the clock tower is sealed.
>> No. 39244
>You just lost the game little girl!!!1!
Wait what?
>I'm missing something really important here.
So am I apparently.

Hoping for a good write in or a vote with satisfactory reasoning... I don't feel like thinking what kills us and what does not right now.
>> No. 39252
Okay, so I'll explain just a little.
The title "You just lost the game" was a reference to the fact that Butler was trying to get Remilia's attention on him, so Elanor could go ask Patchouli.

And, no, this choice will not lead you to bad end.
I'm not sadist enough to put Bad End in complicated situation like that.
Just ask yourself about the main priority, and it should go well. Otherwise, you'll have to come back later.
>> No. 39255
[x] Give up and keep exploring the mansion.
-[x]Go see Patchouli
Okay then...
>> No. 39256
[x] Give up and keep exploring the mansion.
-[x]Go see Patchouli
>> No. 39257
>how does this card work exactly?"
We didn't vote for this.
Vote that won had Elanor ask what does card DO. Aka, it's ability (spinning/shooting/etc bullets/stars/etc, or whatever. Not on HOW to activate it.

[x] Give up and keep exploring the mansion.
-[x]Go see Patchouli
>> No. 39258
My bad.
I'll try to correct it during the next update.
>> No. 39261
No problem. Worked out rather fine anyway.
>> No. 39288
All right. I wanted to add an action scene, but I suck in description, and I think that danmaku doesn't suit in stories, so I decide to make Elanor's card a simple and destructive card.
With this, you finally know how card work, and I took advantage of it to present my theory of SpellCard's evolution.
I guess that's what happen when I play Persona.
Anyway, I like this theory, because it allow me to exchange cards between character without having to worry about strengh and mana's cost and all that crap.
Nah, just kidding. SpellCard doesn't consume mana when used. Just when they are created.


[x] Give up and keep exploring the mansion.
-[x]Go see Patchouli

No. It's useless. I can't understand it. Not at all.
I sigh.
-It's really important, isn't it? Why can't I get it?"
Bah. It's useless to stay here.
Besides, Butler may get angry if he learn that I sneaked in his room.
Quietly, I open the door, peek in the corridor, get out, and close the door.
After that, I go to the library. Butler wasn't really that accurate about this SpellCard he gave me.
I need to know more, but I can't ask him, since he's busy talking to Lady Scarlet.

-Hello back, Lady Knowledge."
-Hello again. What's the matter this time?"
-What does this SPellCard do?"
I ask while showing her "The Devil".
She looks it for a second, and return to her book, while saying:
-My guess it that it trigger a big explosion. Of course, you'll not be hurt in the process, but I believe this explosion would be strong enough to take down almost everyone. Except another SpellCard-user opponent."
-... I don't get it."
-Yeess, my Handsome and Favorite Lady?"
-Elanor, point that SpellCard toward Koakuma, and says its name."
As she say, I point my card to Lady Koakuma, who's standing still, without understanding the situation. And then, I says:
-The Devil - Heaven or Hell!"
The library is fading, and it's replaced by a strange scenery.
I try to look around, and I see Lady Koakuma, who's try to protect herself with some protection drawing or painting or whatever.
After a little while, my card begin to glow, and after that... it's all dark.

Someone's calling me. I have to go.
I open my eyes.
-I'm here."
-Thanks god."
It's Lady Koakuma. I'm... down.
-What am I doing on the floor?"
-You don't remember anything?"
-I... I triggered the card, all went strange, and it glowed, and..."
-Calm down. You see, eeer, you understand that Spellcard aren't all mighty."
-What do you mean?"
-Wait. Come on, I'll explain you."
She grab my hand, and put me back on my feet.
-Thank you."
-Just sit down somewhere."
-No, I'm okay."
-If you say it... All right. So. The SpellCard's strengh highly depend of their owner. For exemple, Butler's cards are weaker than Lady Remilia's. Because Butler is weaker then Lady Remilia."
-Yeah, but it wasn't my Card... Butler gave it to me..."
-Yeah, I know. You see, when cards are exchange, their strengh is supposed to go along with their owner's. Because a card who's too strong for you can kill you."
-You.. You're too fast."
-Excuse me. I'm not used to be a teacher. Let's restart."
-Let's say... That Mister X, whose strengh is 50, decide to create a SpellCard. The SpellCard's strengh will be accorded to Mister X's strengh."
-So, 50, hey?"
-Exactly. On the other side, Mister Y, whose strengh is over 9,000, decide to create the same SpellCard. The SpellCard is supposed ti have 50 strengh, but since Y's strengh is over 9,000, the card will evolve, 'til its strengh reach 9,000."
-So, the cards evolve with their owner?"
-In theory, yes. In fact, it's pretty rare for someone to become stronger. Actually, we prefer have more spells, even if they're weak, than have only one, even if it's strong."
-But, why did I fell?"
-Because the card you have is not done for you. It's Y's card, given to X."
-This card is too strong for you, and it might kill you."
-But why? Aren't cards supposed to evolve?"
-Normal cards, yes. But this is not a normal card. It's Jiki's card, and, more than that, it's the Devil."
-I don't get it."
-Just wait a moment."
She fly off, and come back with a big book.
-All right. Those cards are based on Tarot. Devil's meaning is..."
-Found it! Listen up, Elanor. The Devil's signification is the choice. Like Lovers and the Magician, the Devil has to make choice. But, its choice are far more extreme."
-I don't get it."
-This card is done on purpose. It won't evolve to accorde with your power, since its signification is to be too powerful."
-But why?"
-It's a choice. If you use this SpellCard, you'll be unconscious, but you can defeat almost anyone."
-But I didn't even defeat you!"
-Are you kidding me, young lady?"
Now that she say it, her clothes are all torned out.
-Are you alright?"
-Lady Patchouli helped me, so I'm okay, but I'm more worried about you. I don't understand why Butler gave you a dangerous card like this one, but I hope he have a plan."
-Is this card this dangerous?"
Lady Koakuma didn't answer. Instead, she looked away. Well, I guess it's dangerous. I have to change topic.
-W-Where is Lady Knowledge?"
-She's in the basement."
-Seems like one of guy that Butler slaughtered was still alive, so Butler took him to the basement. I think he's ... questioning him."
-I know that Lady Remilia is worried about the fact that one of the invaders was a wizard. And Butler is interested by the Black Sword you two found."

What should I do?
[] Go in the basement and see the interrogation.
[] Stay here and talk with Koakuma.
[] Invade [write-in]'s room.
[] Write-in.
>> No. 39291
[x] Go in the basement and see the interrogation.
I don't know we were supposed to go see Patchouli... are we done here? I like this one but...
>> No. 39300
Note to myself, never go again in the chat.
It's like going back to school, except that everyone talk english.
>> No. 39301
Ooh!~ You were on IRC? And I missed it? Darn! You MUST go again sometimes.
>> No. 39303
[x] Go in the basement and see the interrogation.
>> No. 39304
[x] Go in the basement and see the interrogation.
>> No. 39307
File 127715795136.jpg - (32.00KB , 440x594 , 129189156195047160.jpg ) [iqdb]
Og god dammit, HARRY UP! I uploaded it once, it was wrong, so I erased it and fixed, and the second time, I uploaded it wrong, DAMMIT!
Anyway, the story's back here, so enjoy those Thief's reference.


[] Go in the basement and see the interrogation.

-Is this Black Sword that interesting?"
Lady Koakuma look away for a second, thinly deeply about that, and she answer:
-Just wait a second."
And she fly away.

When she come, she's with a big book. It's in english, so I can't really read it.
She open it, and begin to turn the page very fastly, while muttering:
-Magicals swords... Magicals Swords..."
After a while, she shrieks a little, and shout:
-Found it! See that?"
-... I can't read english..."
-... Oh. Then we'll have to fix that, I guess. Anyway."
She sit, and take the book on her knees.
-Listen that, girl: And so, this Black Sword, who was Woodsie Lord's property, was stolen by a thief, and lost for decades. When it came back, it was far more powerful, able to cast basic magic, based on user's magical strengh, and, if the owner is strong enough, this cursed sword can counter magic."
-I ... guess that's pretty powerful."
-Hmmm. It seems there's a curse on it. But it's not really accurate. I hope this prisoner have more information about it."
-I'll ask him."
Lady Koakuma look at me with a weird face. After a while, she sigh.
-Do as you wish."
And I quit the library.

Okay. According to the map, the basement is... right here!
It never change, I think. Always so... dreadful.
More than that, various scream are coming from it.
It's scary... But I want to know more about it.
I go down.

After a long time, I finally see the end of the stairs.
I thought that the Basement was just a corridor leading to Lady Flandre's room. Where does those scream come from? There's nothing except torchs!
Oh. Of course.
Those torchs aren't really... bright, if you get it. In fact, the corridor is pretty dark.
And, as I see now, there are door hidden between the torchs, in place where it's difficult to see them.
I sneak near the louder one.
I hear Butler's voice.
-Speak! That is an order!"
Some fast speech. Lady Patchouli's voice.
-He's saying you didn't ask him any question."
-Oh yeah, that's true. Soooooo... What was my question again?"
Lady Scarlet's voice.
-You're really useless. Let me ... ask him."
-No,no, I'll do it. That's MY job, Remi."
I lean, to see what's happening.

One of the man Butler fought again is tied to a chair. Butler is near him, asking him various question about the reason of the attacks, while Lady Knowledge is levitating near the door, without seeing me. Lady Scarlet is sitting in a room's corner, watching the whole scenery with a devilish smirk.
-So? Why did you suddenly attacked?"
The tied man answer in japanese, but I don't want to repeat it.
-He's saying that's not your things, and he's asking you to go screw yourself with a broom."
-Bad answer."
Butler punch the man.
-And now? Are your smart, or do I have to play with you more?"
Something so fast I can't understand.
-He's saying that a blond woman suggested them to go clean the island."
-Thank you, Patchy. You're reliable. So, you little clown. You just didn't tried it for a woman's eyes, right?"
... Wow, I don't know japanese have so many insult.
-He's saying that you can go and put this sword in your bottom. He added that you are a lolicon, and he's asking for you to rape us right now."
-Interesting, but I don't want to get killed by Remi."
-.... Wait, what?"
It's Lady Knowledge who asked that. Butler answer:
-Well, since punches and stuff don't work, let's do something else."
He go in a corner, open a closet full of scary stuff, take an hammer and a metal bucket, and come back.
-I'm wondering how you can torture someone with a bucket..."
It's Lady Scarlet who talked.
-Allow me to show you, Remi."
And then... Oh god, I don't want to see it anymore! Butler's an horrible monster!!

He put the bucket on the man's head, covering his whole head. Then, he rise his hammer, and...
Oh god. There was a joke like that in the orphanage. Inside the bucket, the noise is louder, and it's tiring very fastly. After a while, you ear are buzzing, and we heard that you cannot hear anymore if you're getting it for too long.
Butler hit the bucket only once, after that, he ask again.
-So? Why did you tried something that stupid?"
And I thought I knew japanese. Either it's a local language, either I'm bad in all language.
-He's saying that there are lots of treasures here."
-Poor man. He was fooled. There is nothing here."
-What? Is there gold or anything here?"
-Yes! In... No, I won't tell you."
-Damn, you're smarter than I though."
-Yes, I kn... Wait, what?"
-So, who was this wizzard guy?"
... No, it has a to be a local dialect.
-He's saying that you can go bite your donkey's bottom."
-Hey, you joke stealer! That's my line!"
Butler hit the metal bucket several times, causing a big ruckus in all the basement.
-How's your head right now? Like having a wood face, right?"
-... You know, when you drank too much alcohol."
-That's hair of a dog, I think."
-Whatever. So, speak."
-He's saying that the blond lady came with this warlock."
-Wait, so Yakumo worked against us?"
-I think it's just against you."
-Oh. Whatever. What's about this sword?"
-He's saying that the warlock came with this sword. And he's adding he don't know anything else, and he's hoping to get back to his family."
-How nice. Well, I guess that letting him go can be useful."
-What do you mean?"
Lady Scarlet spoke. She doesn't agree with Butler, it's obvious. She wants the man, for... I don't want to know.
-Well, think about it, Remi. A team came to us, and nobody went back. What's the human natural reaction?"
Lady Scarlet speak:
-Being scared?"
Lady Knowledge answer:
-Send another team."
Butler point Lady Knowledge, and says:
-Good. You'll have an 10. So, if another team come, we'll be forced to fight once again. BUT, if we release this man, he will says that everyone got killed, even the almighty wizzard."
-And... And all the human settlement will shake in fear when they'll hear Scarlet's name."
-Oh yeah, that's great."
Butler is obviously manipulating Lady Scarlet. Even I, with my poor experience, I can say it.
-But, what about this sword?"
-I asked Koa to do some research. I think she's still fooling around with this girl, so maybe I should go shake her."

What should I do?
[] Introduce myself, and tell everything I remember about the sword.
[] Sneak out the basement, and go explore [write-in].
>> No. 39308
Okay, it's fine now. Still full of typos, but at last, it's in the good folder.
>> No. 39312
Poor Remi sounds so dumb in this one. I guess this is needed every once in a while. Fun fun~

[x] Introduce myself, and tell everything I remember about the sword.

I think we had enough of doing god knows what sneaking around the house for a while. Story time!
>> No. 39320
[x] Introduce myself, and tell everything I remember about the sword.

I like how that interrogation took a slight turn for the silly.
>> No. 39321
[x] Introduce myself, and tell everything I remember about the sword.

I didn't mind previous updates, they were tolerable.
But this one was painful to read...
Is there a way for you to get a proofreader? It would help tremendously.
>> No. 39329
I don't think I can get one.
I'll try to pay more attention next time.
>> No. 39333
I could proofread it for you if you want. I'll try not to be too harsh. ;)
We could meet up on IRC and exchange emails or something...
>> No. 39343
File 127722596619.jpg - (8.00KB , 160x200 , 1244832533065s.jpg ) [iqdb]
Thanks for the offer, Anon, but I really want to avoid that.
I mean, I'm writing this short story to improve myself in english.
My true goal is to write about Butler. So, if I have to pass by a proofreader, I won't be able to improve myself.

Okay, about the update, I chose to pass all the magical experiments, 'cause I hate writing description. SO, Elanor just got bored, and go ask Flan (which explain also why Remi is so dumb).
Enjoy or puke.


[] Introduce myself, and tell everything I remember about the sword.

If they are talking about that sword, I think I can help. I enter in the room.
-Lady Koakuma told me about that."
-AAAAAAAH! Elanor! Don't just enter like that!!"
Butler jumped when he heard me. That was funny. But Lady Knowledge is not impressed.
-So? What about it?"
-She said that this sword belonged to the "Woodsie Lord", and that it can break and counter magic."
-Oh? Interesting."
-I guess I'll try this out."
And then Butler take the sword, who was in an hidden corner of the room, grab it with both hands, and begin to mutter something.
-Watch out."
Said Lady Knowledge. But I don't move. I wanna see it by myself.

Butler mutter something, but nothing happen. He look disappointed, and then he point the sword toward a torch. Immediatly, the fire begin to move in a strange way.
Everyone get away from it. The fire is... coming down?
-Oh. A fire golem. That's pretty impressive, considering the low amount of mana I put in this sword."
-Just wait."
-Why? It's a golem."
-Let's see how long it'll stay."
-Oh. You're right."
And... nobody move.
It's boring. I guess I'll get off and go talk with Lady Flandre.

-Lady Flandre?"
-Yes? Who is... Oh, it's you."
-Sorry about that."
-What's happening here? I heard screams."
-Oh nothing. Butler was torturing a man."
-... I like your natural tone."
-I'm a lunarian. For me, earthling are not really valuable."
-Interesting view. For me, human are just walking bloods packs."
-Do you consider me as human?"
-... What do you want to hear?"
-... Nothing, in fact."
-Good. And by the way, where did this human came from?"
-Oh. He tried to attack the mansion. With some of his friends."
-What? It's the first time I heard about that."
-And there was a wizzard with them. But I heard it was related to Butler."
-Oh. I'm not really surprised. This guy is a troublesome one. Did you heard how he manipulated Sis?"
-Yeah. That was funny."
-He can do it, but just because it's the day."
-What do you mean?"
-Sis is a vampire. She's used to sleep during the day, and live normally during the night. So, right now, she's extremely sleepy."
-Oh. That explain everything."
An explosion. A big one, whe shake all the basement, and perhaps the whole mansion. Immediatly after, I hear several peoples shouting:
I ask to Lady Flandre:
-What was that?"
-Oh. That's just magic. I guess something went wrong."
-It's the first time I'm hearing Lady Knowledge shouting. She really must be mad."
-Hmmm? Oh yeah. That's unusual for her. Usually, she just spell a powerful fireball against you, just enough to burn your clothes, so I guess she's furious. What are doing now? I hope they are not torturing this man anymore, 'cause he's probably dead."
-Oh no. They are trying to understand how's working a black sword."
-Oh? A new magical weapon for our collection?"
-What do you mean, Lady Flandre."
-Listen, just call me Flandre, okay? What I mean, is that every member of this mansion's using a magical artefact in battle. I'm using Lævateinn, Sis's using Gungnir, Patchouli's using the Philosopher's Stone."
-And Lady Koakuma?"
-She's not a member of this mansion. Anyway, she's using magical books to fight. Hmmm. In fact, I don't think I saw her fighting by herself. Not even a single time."
-And the old-"
What's happening. What was that noise?

All the mansion's silent for a moment, and the strange noise come back. It's... no, I don't have words to describe it.
Lady Knowledge fly fastly to the library, followed by Butler, who's still grabbing this sword.
Oh, sh-shoot! I forgot to tell him that this sword was cursed. I have to tell him!
I run after them, but since they are flying, they're too fast for me.
I have to... go after them.
I don't know what's going on. Perhaps the mansion is attacked once again, or perhaps an incident happened.
I need to predict where Butler will be, to tell him about the Sword's curse.

Where should I go?
[] Write-in only.
>> No. 39350
>>39333 here
>Thanks for the offer, Anon, but I really want to avoid that.
>I mean, I'm writing this short story to improve myself in english.
>My true goal is to write about Butler. So, if I have to pass by a proofreader, I won't be able to improve myself.
Oh no worries. You will be doing a fine job as long as you really try. The amount of effort is far more important if you ask me.
If you ever want one though, you can count on me... if I'll still be around. My offer stands and we can still exchange emails/... in case you change your mind, or want someone to talk to.

>-He can do it, but just because it's the day."
>-What do you mean?"
>-Sis is a vampire. She's used to sleep during >the day, and live normally during the night. >So, right now, she's extremely sleepy."
I LOVED this. Good reasoning... quite clever.

>Lady Knowledge fly fastly to the library, followed by Butler
This maybe?
[x]Go to the Library
We might meet them on their way out if nothing else?
>> No. 39368
[x]Go to the Library

Well its your choice. I would still recommend to get at least someone to help you along.
Especially with little mistakes, such as writing:
>Lady Knowledge fly fastly to the library
instead of
>Lady Knowledge flew into the library.
>> No. 39379
Worse to bad anon worse to bad... I think what he meant there was
that Lady Knowledge flew in the general direction of the library. Something like towards maybe?
>> No. 39418
File 127732165324.jpg - (64.00KB , 492x430 , 129166850360476757.jpg ) [iqdb]
[] Go to the Library.

I... I should go to the library. Lady Knowledge was worried about Lady Koakuma, and I'm worried about her too. I mean, she's no nice and all...
I... I should go.
-I'll come back Flandre!"
-Take care, Elanor."
And so I run.
I run.

I cross the differents corridors, and I reach the library.
But all seems normal. Except maybe the purple-haired lady who's actually worrying for a little devil.
-Koakuma! Are you all right? What happened?"
-Hey Patchy, I don't know asking her when she's almost unconscious may be a good idea."
-What happened?"
-That's what I wanna know."
I get closer of them. I have to tell him, that...
-Wait, what?"
-What's happening?"
-Those bastard are attacking again! And this time, they are using rifles! I'm going to the entrance!"
I call:
-Wait, I wanna..."
But he's already gone. Lady Knowledge, her, is still dumbfounded.
-Rifles? Here?"
I don't know what's going on, but I have tell Butler about the sword.
I have to find the entrance.
I don't have to do anything.
I am doing anything.

I run again. There are more and more of those stranges explosions. Rifles... Does that mean that those noises are gunshots?
They are less impressive than I though.
Wow! Something pierced the curtains, and shattered the glass!
But I can't let myself be distracted.

Finally, I reached the entrance. But, except for Butler and me, there is nobody.
-What are they doing?"
I ask.
-They are hiding in the garden! They are supressing us, and then we'll be unable to move, they'll fire the whole mansion! What a bunch of useless cowards!"
-Oh, about that sword! It's cursed!"
-I know!"
Another gunshot. This time, the bullet wasn't stopped by the curtain, and it crossed the room.
-Take cover, Elanor. Don't stay near the windows!"
-Uh. Okay."
Lady Knowledge and Lady Scarlet arrived too.
Lady Scarlet asked:
-What the hell is happening?"
-Well, it seems that the tactics changed. This time, instead os attacking us openly, they are just waiting for us to move. And, once we'll move, they'll shot us!"
-What are they seeking?"
-I think they plan to burn the mansion, while keeping us inside."
-They can try. The mansion is fireproof." Said Lady Patchouli.
-Oh. Then, all is simpler. We just have to get rid of them."
-Butler, close the door."
Few minutes passed, while gunshots are still heard.
-It's done."
-Longer than usual. And now? How are we supposed to get rid of them? I can't get out, because of this sunlight, and is one of you sorcerer try to get out, you'll be as good as dead."
-So harsh. But so true. What should we do? Do you want me to summon something, or do you want to try something else?"

We should...
[] ...summon something. I wanna see Butler's magic in action one more time. It may be something big this time.
[] ...try to use a different tactic. After all, the garden is inflammable. Let's put them on fire.
[] ... try something else (write-in).


I'm not very good today, so I think I'll take a little while to rest a little. It's so hot!
And, more than that, everyone want me to take a job.
No, that's not true. In fact, I'm bothered by the small amount of votes. Bah. I guess it's better than not having any readers.
>> No. 39424
[] ...summon something. I wanna see Butler's magic in action one more time. It may be something big this time.
>> No. 39426
Worry not! We may be few in numbers but our hearts are strong! We shall not waver! We will persist and stand by your side! *salutes*
Ok seriously now... if we've come this far we ain't quitting now! Well I'm not.

[x] ...summon something. I wanna see Butler's magic in action one more time. It may be something big this time.
Dor simplicity's sake. I might change it though.
>> No. 39429
[x] ...summon something. I wanna see Butler's magic in action one more time. It may be something big this time.
>> No. 39435
I'd vote for the 'burn to the ground' option, but they take good care of their gard- wait...they don't have a gardener anymore do they?

[that's the stuff] ...try to use a different tactic. After all, the garden is inflammable. Let's put them on fire.
>> No. 39437
[x] ...summon something. I wanna see Butler's magic in action one more time. It may be something big this time.

>>39435 but that would destroy the garden.
Also i kinda fail to see how Patchy is vulnerable to bullets. She is supposed to be high level magician.
>> No. 39438
Meiling's the gardener officially.
>> No. 39452
Officially yes, but she is no longer at the mansion.
I just thought that it would already be somewhat dead and awful looking.
>> No. 39454
File 127739452444.jpg - (64.00KB , 450x360 , 129037496354008336.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry about the short update, but I'm missing free time right now, and it's really hot, so I have trouble to focus on it.
About the question with Patchy: of course she can use her magic against attacks, but I think that bullets are too fast to be stopped by a ashmatic bookworm.

Bonus points if you can says what were the video games who shocked Butler. If my description is accurate, you'll have no trouble.


[] ...summon something. I wanna see Butler's magic in action one more time. It may be something big this time.

I interfere in the discussion.
-It's safer to something a creature than burning the whole garden."
Lady Knowledge agree with me, and add:
-Besides, I didn't really understand the difference between Influence and Wealth, so I hope you'll show me."
Butler sigh, and says:
-Influence is using your charisma. You lost nothing when you use Influence. Wealth, mean using something you own to receive something else. It's like alchemy. But I'll show you."
He crawl to the middle of the entrance, still under blind fire from the windows, and he say:
-I'll summon a nightmare. Watch closely, Patchy, because I won't do it twice for your sake."

After that, all went wrong.
Butler took a blank card from his pocket, along with a little knife.
He put the card down, he put his left hand on. After that, with his right hand, he took the knife, and then... he stabbed hiw own hand!
He screamed in pain, and I looked around, because it was disgusting. Lady Scarlet was yawning, not really interested, and Lady Knowledge was biting her lips.
-That's... not enough! Let's go to the step 2!"
I look again. Butler put the knife in his mouth, and...
I wished I didn't looked THAT! Summoning golem and wine was harmless, but it seems that summoning a smart creature is more difficult.
-Why did you did that?"
Hiding his face, he shout:
-BeCauSe thIs ... thInG is OnLy aTtraCted bY pAiN... NoW, cOMe tO Me, NigHtMare!"
And then, Butler spit blood on his wounded hand. Smoke came from the card, and Butler quickly threw it away from him, like it was burning him.

More smokes came from the card, slowly taking form.
The outsiders attackers noticed that, and tried to shoot down that... thing. But it was ... waht's the word? "Intangible"?
-N-Now... Go, kill, but keep one of them safe and sane. Bring him to us, and you'll be free."
Butler's way to speak was... slurred, because of his ... I don't really want to call this a scar, neither a wound. Because it was already healing itself. The skin was put back together, and soon, Butler's face and hand were normal.
But he was still pale.
You can recover for wound, but you can't recover from pain.

The creature answered to him with a strange sound. Very low. Like ... a whale.
Wait. How do I know what is a whale?
So. Was that a nightmare? It was really strange indeed.

It was something really small. With a pyramidal head.
No. Wait. In fact, it was pretty tall, but it was crouching on the floor, like a beast.
Butler then spoke:
-Don't look its face. He's very sensible."
But whatever I was looking, I didn't saw any head. Just this pyramid thing.
After a while, the beast jumped by the windows, while screaming in this horrible way. We heard gunshots and screams for a while, and then nothing.

Something heavy hit the door. Butler opened it, and we saw the corpse of a man. He was still alive. But horribly shocked.
Butler took him by his arm, and begin to walk to the basement, while saying:
-Good night Remi. I'll bring that thing to the basement, I have plenty of questions I want to ask him."
-k'ay. G'night."
-Understood. I'll stay in the library."

And now I'm all alone.
What... what the hell happened? Butler mutilated himself, and he was okay just a second after! And this thing... was not really that scary. Just impressive, but not scary.
Is that magic? 'cause if it's really that, then it suck! Putting a knife in your mouth to summon a monster...
I don't want to know more about it.
And what was that nightmare thing? Crouching all the times, having a pyramid head, making low noise... I don't get it.

Whatever. The mansions's a whole mess now. There are blood in the entrace, probably earthlings corpse in the gardens, and... the sword is still here.
Bah. I won't touch it. After all, it's too heavy for me, and since I don't use magic, I can't use it either.
I think I should go in the Gardens, and try to bring back some rifles.
It may be useful after. I didn't get why, but Butler was afraid of those.
Let's see... The gardens is still a big mess, with wild plants growing everywhere. I don't even know where I put my foot.
Let's give up, return in the mansion, and... I don't know. I'll talk with Flandre once again.
But, then again, there is still this sword here...
Should I try? Just a little...

[] Grab it.
[] Don't grab it.
>> No. 39456
[x] Don't grab it.
Let sleeping... I mean let cursed items nobody likes curse someone else.
>> No. 39458
[x] Don't grab it.

Pyramid Head...Sillet Hill? Thats the only thing coming to mind.

And i guess its debatable of what Patchy can do. I say simply erecting a barrier around yourself can pretty much stop bullets.
After all, danmaku 'bullets' can be much faster than your regular ones.
>> No. 39463
I don't really want to debate about danmaku speed, but my conception of a magical barrier is that there is no passive barrier.
And I really highly doubt that anyone can catch a flying bullet. Without Stand, of course.
>> No. 39473
[x] Grab it.

It's a bigger risk leaving a weapon like this out in the open than trying to take it.
>> No. 39503
Mmmm. Well. There is not a lot of vote, but I guess I'll write anyway.

Let's go for
[x] Don't grab it.
Watch for update probably during the day. I'll writing Gensokyo's Tower in the same time, and it's fairly more difficult, since Galinone Graham is pretty mad.
>> No. 39504
File 12774708506.jpg - (460.66KB , 1600x1200 , 1241566899939.jpg ) [iqdb]
[] Don't grab it.

This sword is undou... certainly magical. Even if I know some basics, I'm still unable to spell a single spell.
I'll let it here.

So... What should I do, now? I'm bored.
Guess I'll just go talk with Flandre.
I cross the differents corridors, and I arrive to the basement's entrance.
But, for some reason, I don't really want to go in.
Those horribles screams may be a good reason.

Let's get back to the library. I can always talk with Lady Knowledge, or even Lady Koakuma.
While walking, I think. I'm not really used to do nothing of my days. I mean... in the orphanage, we didn't worked, not in a strict sense, but... we had classes and stuff likes that, and we had to clean the rooms, and...
I have to do something.

Aaah. The library. It doesn't matter how many time I see it, it's always impressive.
But right now, I don't really want to laze around, I just want to talk to...
I always knew that Lady Knowledge was mean. She moved all the shelves to create another labyrinth.
I feel like tearing up, but I can't do that.
Let's go inside.

After 20 minutes, I finally found a way out. Guess I'm improving in labyrinth-thingy.
Oh? Lady Knowledge is with Butler.
Wasn't he supposed to be in the basement, questioning the captive?
Nevermind. I'll just eavesdrop, just a little. Curiosity is normal.
Butler is talking, probably exposing what he learned from the captive:
-No. He was spanish. Whatever I asked him, he didn't answered."
-What's your conclusion?"
-Well, according to their uniform, and their weapons..."
-They were coming from the 18th century."
-Yes. Well, that mean I'll have to go very soon."
-I'm not quite sure about that. And if you go, we'll be missing you."
-Don't worry about that. I'll train Elanor to replace me."
-She's still young."
-Yes. But if she can cook, it will be enough."
-No. No way. Even if I don't get out the library, I'll still have to bear Remi, and she will be unbearable if her mansion is not perfect."
-That's why you have to summon fairies."
Fairies? Like this ice fairy who made me sick?
-We tried that with Sakuya. In the end, Sakuya had to do 60% of the whole job."
-Yes. Fairies are pretty useless. But still, even if it's just 40%, it's less work for normal workers."
-... You have a point."
-And I'll soon have another."
-Don't summon nature fairies."
Hearing that, Lady Knowledge closed her book, removed her glasses, and stared Butler.
-What do you have in mind?"
-Summon Makai fairies."
When she heard "Makai", Lady Knowledge's eyes opened wide.
-H-How do you know about..."
-More important: is it possible?"
Lady Knowledge stood still for a moment, and then her composure came back, she called Lady Koakuma, who came almost immediatly:
-Koa, bring me the summoning book about other dimension."
-Yes ma'am."
-Elanor, come here please."
Wha? He noticed me since the beginning? Without thinking, I came to him.
-Good thing you heard that. I won't have to explain further. I'll leave my job to you, but Patchy'll summon some fairies to assist you."
-I... Will I be able to do that?"
-Oh, I'm sure. I'll stay long enough to teach you how to cook, and the rest will come naturally."
I'm... I'm nervous.
Because, you see, Butler just told me that I would have to do the same work than an adult. A wizzard, more than that!
That sounds like... a challenge.

During several minutes, I though. About all, about what I'll have to do...
When I came back to my sense, there was several circles on the ground.
Wait, the ground?! Where is the desk, with all those books?!
Oh. Of course, it's magic.
The desk is actually floating over us.
Oh well.

Lady Koakuma is drawing some complicated pattern on the ground, under Lady Knowledge's orders.
Butler and I are standing still, waiting for the summoning.
-Mmm. Patchy, will you be okay with this?"
-It's NOW that you worry about me? Let's finish that first."
-No, I mean... If you are wounded during the invocation, then I'll have to carry you to your bed, and then, I'll have to remove your clothes, before changing you into your pajamas... Actually, nevermind. I'll take care of you."
After a silence, Lady Knowledge open her mouth:
-Koa! If I'm down after the summoning, YOU'll take care of me."
With a devilish smile, Lady Koakuma turn her head toward Lady Knowledge, and answer:
-Offff coursssse, my lady... I look forward to this."
-... Actually, nevermind. I'll take care of myself."
-Oh no! You have two peoples who are burning to do... to help you! Accept our help!"
-I'm not down yet!"
-Not yet."
-Net yet."
Wow. Lady Koakuma and Butler must be close friends. They answered in the same second.
And that was enough to anger Lady Knowledge:
Lady Koakuma finished to draw symbols on the ground, so she stood back.
After that, Lady Knowledge opened a book, and began to recite strange sentences.
I... I can't repeat them. All I know, is that those sentences scared me.
And then... If was like all the dust from the room was gathering in one place. A silhouette made of dust. That was what I was watching.
A silhouette of a girl. Younger than me. With wings.
Finally, colors came, and the girl fell on the ground. Butler went to get her, and pulled her back on her feet. Then, he turned his face toward Lady Knowledge, and said:
-She's okay. And you?"
-I'll probably be able to summon 25-30 like her."
-All right."
And Butler came back near me, still holding the girl by the shoulder.

She was pretty. But she was pale and inexpressive. Her skin was almost entirely white, while her hairs where purple. Like Lady Knowledge's, but a little darker. She was wearing a dark dress. And her wings were... not like Cirno's.
Her wings were... impressive. Like they were made of metal. When I watched it, I have the feeling that those wings could cut everything. They were maybe metallic, or something, and they were purple, with red markings.
And her... She looked everywhere, with a cold face. When her eyes fell on me, I smiled to her, and she smiled in return. But after, she continued to look everywhere.

Lady Knowledge summoned a lot of those creatures before giving up. She ordered Lady Koakuma to erase all the drawings, and she went to sleep.
Then, Butler called the fairies, and he told to them that from now, they were all maids. He explained that they were free to leave whenever they wants, but he also said that they'll have food and bed if they worked here.
After that, he explained how was working the mansion, and then, he separated the fairies in several groups. One group for one floor. The smallest was for the basement, and the other were equally formed.

Then, he told me to go in the kitchen, and to wait for him.
So, I am now, waiting in the kitchen.
He... He have faith in me! He's trusting me! I won't let him down!

But... it's been a while, and he's still isn't here!

What should I do?
[] Just write-in.
>> No. 39505
[x]Wait some more?
-[x] Take some food from the fridge... we must be hungry.
We were told to do that so...
>> No. 39515
[x]Wait some more?
-[x] Take some food from the fridge... we must be hungry.

Try to have more normal choices, those get votes faster.
>> No. 39579
File 127763557579.jpg - (247.68KB , 1024x762 , Truc.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry about the short update, but for some reason, I really had trouble to write. If I can't keep on, I'll go in IRC, ask for hints. Because I really don't want to drop this story. Please, make a good choice, or a good write-in.

And forgive me for the shortest update ever.


[x]Wait some more?
-[x] Take some food from the fridge... we must be hungry

Well. Look like he'll be late.
I just have to do.
That's not big deal.

I'm just hungry. I think I'll eat, just a little snack.
Where is the food stocked? In this white closet?
All right, let's go. Just a little snack...
Just raw food. I'm not hungry enough to eat raw food. Maybe I can find bread somewhere.
All right. I found some bread. I'll just take a slice or two.
Hmmm. Bad taste. I wonder if it's done here, or if they buy elsewhere. Anyway, that's a dark bread. I don't really like the color.

-Oh my, did I am that late, really?"
I jump. It's Butler.
-You scared me!"
-That was not my purpose. Sorry about that."
He walk to the closet, looking tired. I ask:
-Are you all right?"
He look at me with a smile on his face, and answer:
-Don't worry about me. I'll teach you just one or two things, and I'll let the mansion in your care."
-Why do you have to go?"
-Because those guys who attacked, they ... they didn't came just because they wanted to. They were sent by someone. Someone who want me dead. As long as I'm here, the whole mansion will be in danger."
-But who want you dead?"
-The great sage Yukari Yakumo."
Yukari... Did I heard already that name?
-She don't really want to kill me, she just want to remind me that she's still here."
-But... I don't get why..."
-I... It's because... Just... You see... Sorry, I'm a little too tired about that."
-What happened?"
He sighed.
-Do you know what is a Luna Dial?"
-It's ... a tool. It's used to control time. Like all magical tools, its power depends of its owner. But that's not the important point. The fact is: I have it, and I used it. And it's freaking tiring."
-I... I don't get it... Your magic is not tiring or anything..."
-This tool don't work with my magic. It's Izayoi's propertie, so only a Izayoi can use it properly. I can only slow the time, but she was able to completly stop time. For 7 seconds, I think. Maybe more."
-Izayoi... Sakuya Izayoi?"
-Yes. That woman. But I want to avoid talking about that.

What should I do?
[] He's tired. If I push him too much, he can snap. Let's avoid that, and continue normally.
[] Ask him more.
[] Write-in.
>> No. 39596
[x] He's tired. If I push him too much, he can snap. Let's avoid that, and continue normally.

Getting a proofreader never hurts; things just felt awkward in the writing.
>> No. 39608
[x] Ask questions (Is this letting him continue normally?)
-[x]What was that scream in Flandre's room just now?
-[x]What happened to the prisoner? Did he tell you anything?
-[x]You were saying something about teaching me how to take care of the mansion?

Not necessarily in that order. Are you going to update your story in /th/? I'm really looking forward to how things are going to turn out with Rumia. That rape thing was a surprise. Really glad it didn't win.
>> No. 39609
>Are you going to update your story in /th/?
Do take your time and make it good though... no pressure.
>> No. 39610
I'm actually writing the update for the /th/ story. But I think I'll focus on Scarlet Clockwork instead, since it's almost finished.
>> No. 39618
[x] Ask questions (Is this letting him continue normally?)
-[x]What was that scream in Flandre's room just now?
-[x]What happened to the prisoner? Did he tell you anything?
-[x]You were saying something about teaching me how to take care of the mansion?

Almost finished eh? Fast...
>> No. 39671
File 127784224243.png - (150.80KB , 320x240 , vlcsnap-200805.png ) [iqdb]
Sorry, it may seem... uncomplete, but I have more and more trouble to reason like a 12 years old girl.
Maybe I shouldn't have written this. I'm ... really tired. I have trouble too create link between the event, and you can see it in this update.
I can only hope I will be able to write the event inside the Clock Tower properly.
In fact, a conversation will Kelvin pushed me to think about how I was writing. And the result is, that I really have trouble with this story. I can't identify myself with the MC.

But I will not drop it.


[x] Ask questions (Is this letting him continue normally?)
-[x]What was that scream in Flandre's room just now?
-[x]What happened to the prisoner? Did he tell you anything?
-[x]You were saying something about teaching me how to take care of the mansion?

I guess I can try to ask him. He owe me answer, after all.
-What happened in Flandre's room right now?"
He look at me with tired eyes, and answer:
-Oh. Nothing. That was not in Flandre's room. That was just when I tried to question the new captive."
-What happened?"
-Aaaa... A accident of vacuum cleaner. He's dead. Jim. Like the other. When everybody went into the library, Remilia was alone with him. And she killed him."
Oh. I don't get why. Why did she killed him? It's not like it was important for me, but if Lady Scarlet is able to kill on a whim, I wanna know.
-Is she really able to kill like that?"
He don't answer immediatly. Instead, he stare the ceiling for a while.
-She... she's just arrogant. Arrogant peoples are easily understandable. But they are also hard to ... reason. Like Remilia. I though she was okay to let him go, but when I let her, she immediatly killed him."
-Is this why you want me to take care of the mansion?"
-No. It's just that... Remilia is totally unable to live by herself. She need a servant. And so are you. You can't live by yourself either. Don't worry, she won't kill you."
-But you were her servant for a long time!"
-No. I was never a servant. I was just a guest who took care of the mansion. I am not a servant. I command, I lead, but I don't do my own dirty work."
-But why can't you continue?"
He turn his face, and stare me with empty eyes.
-Because those guys aren't after Remilia. All those guys you saw recently are after ME."
-This country, Gensokyo, is protected from the Outside by a powerful creature. And this creature is after me. She won't attack me directly, and she wont' kill me, but she will put in danger all peoples who are near me."
-Is she... Yukari?"
-Yes. It's her. She hate since I told her she was an ugly old hag with incontinence, smelling shit and piss."
What a rude... Hey, wait!
-She's after you just because of that?"
-She's full of grudge. But she won't take any risk. If she fight against me directly, and if I beat her, she'll be finished. But enough talk about me."
-Since I'll go tomorrow, I want you to do something."
-All right. Listen to me. I want you to go in the Clock Tower. Turn on the Clock Tower. I want to hear the bell once again."
-But it's closed! Your seal is-"
-I never activated it. I prepared it, thinking that I would probably be powerful enough to seal the CLock Tower. In fact, the only lock on the Clock Tower's door is locked by Remilia."
-How can I open it?"
-Just take that."
And he give me a key. It's a beautiful golden key, with red paint all over. Wait, red paint?
-I know. Oh, and ask Koakuma and maybe Patchouli for hints before going in."
-IS there something dangerous inside?"
-Honestly? I don't think. But, I'm talking of Remilia's doing, and she's pretty unstable when it's about her maid."
-All right. I'll go immediatly."
-Take also that with you."
And he give me a silver watch. It's really beautiful.
-This is a luna dial. You're not powerful enough to use it, I think, but it may help you."
-That's what you used to be anywhere anytime?"
And he left me. Just like that.

Let's see: I have a useless magical watch, a "devil" spellcard, and a key to the CLock Tower.
Mmm. I think I'll go ask Lady Koakuma. But not Lady Knowledge. She's Lady Scarlet's friend, and she will try to stop me.
Maybe Lady Koakuma's help will be enough?

I'm in the library. Searching for Lady Koakuma.
-Hello there."
There she is. How convenient. I don't have enough time, so I'll be honest.
-I need to go in the Clock Tower. What do I need to know?"
She look shocked for a moment, and after a sigh, she answer:
-Well, except the fact that it's closed, nothing else."
She think for a moment, and she speak again, but for herself:
-But if... Remilia is ... Yeah..."
And she give me a strange pastic bag.
-It's a blood pack. It don't know if you'll use it, but try to take it with you whatever happen. And... come back alive, little girl."
Somehow, I understand that the talk is over.

And I'm right in front of the Clock Tower door.
Things happened so fastly in a little time.
Butler asking me to ring the bell, Lady Koakuma asking me to take this disgusting blood thing, and me, having to go inside that ... tower.

I can only bring two things with me.
I have to choose between the silver watch, the disgusting bag, or the tarot card.
I will bring with me ...
[] The Luna Dial.
[] The Blood Pack.
[] The Devil - Heaven or Hell.

(2 choices, explain why you're taking the objects with you.)
>> No. 39672
One more thing: depending of your choice, you will have three differents ending: the bad ending, the good ending, and the true ending.
>> No. 39673
>trouble to reason like a 12 years old girl
You are definitive in the wrong place here then.
>> No. 39676
[x] The Luna Dial. Even a useless watch can be useful. It holds memories dear to the person we're probably going to face and if that does not work? Use it as danmaku and run the fuck away.
[x] The Blood Pack. We were just given this a moment ago after a careful consideration by a person who knows where we're going and who we might meet there... I'm NOT leaving this. Plus secondary uses.
I'm a bit concerned by leaving the spellcard behind if we face other enemies but I have my reasons and one of them is we faint and Remi can easily withstand it.

One last time in this thread... good luck.
>> No. 39678
[Q] The Luna Dial.
[Q] The Blood Pack.

Blood packs have been useful before. Luna dial is like, the strongest item available. No contest.
>> No. 39683
[x] The Luna Dial. - the MC has a connection to it, and thus it'll serve her well, and other uses.
[x] The Blood Pack. - It was given to us by Koa, who's proven to be our friend.

The problem with that spell card is that it's too high-comsumption for the MC to use.
>> No. 39711
File 127792105633.jpg - (64.00KB , 500x375 , Quebec win.jpg ) [iqdb]
[Q] The Luna Dial.
[Q] The Blood Pack.

The Luna Dial is... I mean, I don't even have to think about it. It's Butler's gift, and it's pretty powerful.
The spellcard is... I can't use it. So it's pretty useless. Since I can use it only one time before collapsing, it's pretty useless. And it don't protect me really well.
So I'll take the blood pack with me. It may be useful, since I'll trespass in Lady Scarlet's land.
I go in my chamber, and I let the card on my bed.
I'll come back fot it.
I promise.

Mmm. All right. According to the plan, the Clock Tower is located to the south.
When I'll be in, I'll... try to find a way to climb the tower, reach the bell, and activate the Clock. I don't know how, but I'll have to find a way.
The Clock Ower's door is different from the others.
It's ... a golden door. Unlike all the other door, who are in wood (except Flandre's door, who's still in full metal), this door is in gold.
Not that kind of cheap gold you have, more the true gold as you see in old house.
A... Anyway, I got to open that door.

I take the golden key from my pocket, and I use it to open the door.
Wow. It make lots of noises. Perhaps someone will hear me? I hope not.
I still have thing to do before ... before ... I don't know what's gonna happen next.
I think I'll just progress as fast as I can.
Let's enter in the Clock Tower.

Okay. The first thing I notice, is that it's pretty dark. And there's a lot of dust.
Like the garden, this area has been forsaken.
If Lady Scarlet is the only one able to go in, I guess she never cleaned this place.
Not her type.
I should've have bring something with me. A light, or a torch, or anything.
No. A torch will be visible.
I have to be as sneaky as I can. After all, the windows still give me enough light to move on, and-
What was that?
I though I heard something, but nothing.
No, there's really nothing here.
All right.

I close the door, and I begin to move. Slowly as I can, since I don't want to have dust all over me.
There are not lots a mechanism here.
I though that, being a Clock Tower, I'll found lots of metallic mechanisms and stuff.
But there's almost nothing. One or two crates here and here.
I have to find a ladder, or anything to keep going.
Ha! Stairs.

Wow. The first floor. Here, the challenge begin.
The floor is in wood, so any step I take make a lot of noise.
I don't really care about the commotion, but I'm afraid that Lady Scarlet can go after me if she's awaken by a ruckus.
I almost fell. What was that? I don't care, let's move to the next floor.

Second floor. It may become an habit. I already did that in Flandre's Midnight Well.
But somehow, this clock tower is very different from Flandre's.
It guess it's because this one is closed. No light, and not a single noise. Except for me.
It's creepy, but I'm not afraid.
I already who lurk in this tower, and she's actually sleeping, so...
There's nobody here. Except me.
So, let's end this fastly and get out from here!

Yeah. I'm crossing the differents floor easily enough.
I'm already in the fifth floor.
But I don't know how many floor there are in this tower.
More than that, I don't know how to start the clock.
I really hope there's a big red button with "Start the clock tower" written on.
The last floor.
The sixth.
No, wait.
In the middle of the room, there's a ladder. A single metallic ladder.
But... there's something... who prevent me to use the ladder.
It look like ... a pile of grey clothes.
I walk to it.
I'm startled now. This thing is alive! When I tried to approach it, it ... cried.
What is it?

Wait... In the Midnight Well, I learned that Lady Izayoi died in that tower.
And Lady Knowledge told me things about ghouls and vampires...
-Lady Izayoi?"
It turned its face toward me, and I saw!
"A ghoul is a creature who had its blood drained by a vampire when it was dead." Lady Knowledge's words are finally making sense!
This thing is a ghoul!
Sakuya Izayoi really died, by the hands of the mad Flandre!
Lady Scarlet brought her back to like, but it was too late!
Koakuma and Butler didn't know about that!
The ghoul is watching me. If I move, it will move too. If it catch me, I'm dead.
I... Thanks you, Lady Koakuma! The blood pack!
I take it from my pocket, and I throw it in a room's corner.
The creature immediatly pounce it, and start to rip it apart, while sucking the blood from.
Without looking anymore, I run to the ladder, and I climb.
I HAVE TO turn on the clock tower. It's my only chance. If Lady Scarlet hear it, she can come save me.
I have to climb faster!
Argh, it's difficult to grab properly a metallic ladder!
Faster, faster, faster.
I won't look down, if I look down, I will be afraid of climbing any higher!
Higher, higher!
Argh, the ladder is shaking!
Something is following me. Come on, come on!

Ah, something up! The last floor!
I managed to reach, and I ...
Wait, is that all? There are lever and stick everywhere, and ...
Dammit, this is a beast who's following me!
Let's just pull the first thing I put my hand on.
The clock start to work. But not the bell.
Isn't there a drawing, or anything, who could tell me what should I pull?
Dang, it's here! Right behind me!
Let's just pull this one, and ...
The bell! It's working!
I look the ghoul once again.
It look ... terrified. It was a pretty woman. Silver hair, and beautiful face.
But her eyes are scarlet. Not the same Scarlet than the two ladies. It's a ... mad and dirty scarlet.
And her skin is grey, while all her teeth are sharp, unlike the two ladies.

It look terrified. It's taking some steps back. It's going to the platform's barrier!
I shout:
-No, watch out!"
It's falling. I can hear it.
It's not screaming. It's not shouting. It's not even crying. The only thing coming from that are... a sigh.
And it reach the floor.
Horrible noise.
Meat against bones.
Bones against wood.
Wood is weaker, so it break.
I can hear the ghould crossing the differents floors, until it reach the ground.
Nothing else.
Just a "splat".
That's ... all? I mean... it just died. And all the noise is just a ... "splat"?
It's... going white all again.

Someone is talking to me.
-Do you know who is Izayoi?"
Izayoi... That was the woman who just died one again.
-No. She was called Sakuya. I'm not asking about Sakuya, but about Izayoi."
I don't understand.
-Perhaps it's too hard for you. Are you ready to become a maid, little girl?"
Well... I don't have any choice. I don't have anywhere to go.
-That's not what I'm asking. Are you ready to work here?"
Now? I ... I can't ... I'm not good enough to work... I can't cook, I can't...
-And if you could?"
If you could be useful?
Yes, of course! I like this mansion!
-All right then."

The world is coming back again.
I understand it well.
Sakuya Izayoi was a perfect maid.
Because she was Sakuya, AND Izayoi at the same time.
Izayoi is not a person. It's a pile of knowledge.
It's ... a memory.
The Scarlet Devil Mansion is a place filled with magic.
Vampire magic, demonic magic...
So, all of the maid who lived here...
Their memories, their knowledge...
Became a big singularity...
It's called Izayoi.
And I melted into it.
I was Elanor.
I'm still Elanor.
But now I'm Elanor Izayoi.
The Luna Dial is in my hand.
Sakuya's before.
Izayoi's now.
Mine too.
Since I'm Izayoi too, this Luna Dial is mine.
And I know how to use it.
I will use it.
Right now.
I change my time.
Taking decade, century.
Making myself older.
Making myself more mature.
Making myself prettier.
A perfect maid has to be pretty.
The time is still stopped.

I quit the Clock Tower. Sakuya's corpse is just a pile of dust now.
I'll give you a proper ceremony.
I go in my room.
I open my closet.
Butler prepared a maid uniform.
He knew everything!
Without changing, I check the SpellCard he gave me.
It's not the Devil anymore.
Devil mean choice. Hard choice, with terribles consequences.
I made the good choices.
It's not the Devil anymore.
It's the World.
The World is the perfect SpellCard.
The World understand everything.
The World know his place.
The World know how's life is working.
The World understand death, and he's not afraid of it.
I'm the World.
I made the good choice, and now, I'm perfect.
I finished to change.
With time still stopped, I go to the kitchen, while fixing my hairstyle.
I make a little breakfast, and I go to Lady Scarlet's room.
I open the door.
I let the time resume.
And I say:
-Lady Scarlet. It's time for your breakfast."
She awake, really slowly.
She look at me with blank eyes.
And she answer:
-Welcome back, Izayoi."

>> No. 39713
Pros: I don't see any.
Cons: Bad plot, a little too irregular, many typos, and a "Gordon Freeman"-like MC.
Conclusion: Next time, I'll watch out for typos, I'll spend more time working out the plot, and I'll give personnality to the MC.

This apart, congratulations to Anon for having unlocked Good Ending.
>> No. 39721
Congratulations on joining the exclusive "finished a CYOA properly" club! On the whole, it wasn't too bad.

Well, the story wasn't. You should definitely find a proofreader. Or just learn how to use english grammer, but it takes native speakers long enough to do that as it is.

The - instead of " still really bothers me, simply because it makes it not look like dialog.

The level of 'knowledge' the character has seems to vary quite a bit. By this I mean that sometimes she seems to have a large vocabulary and uses the proper terms for things, and other times she mangles the names, and her thoughts feel more like an actual 12 year old, or at least someone suitably naive. The point here is to maintain a consistent perspective and level of understanding for the character.

I'd say, good job! While the plot wasn't totally unprecedented, it was enjoyable, and it provided some nice scenes.
>> No. 39732
Question: what would the true and bad/sad ends would have entailed?
>> No. 39734
As Q said. Definitely find a proof reader. I'm always available if you want. You know who I am and where to find me (channel). The ending was unexpectedly good. It turned out quite awesome with the Devil and World spell card thing. If the story was a bit longer, so you'd explain more things and work on the plot a bit more this would have been quite great! I enjoyed it for what it was though. Congratulations on completing your first CYOA and may you complete many many more!
>> No. 39776
Okay, I'll search for a proofreader next time I'll update a story.

Bad end: If you take the The SpellCard and the Bloodpack.
Elanor is attacked by the ghoul Sakuya, and become a ghoul too. The card consume, showing Elanor's fail, and since she don't have the Luna Dial, she can't become Elanor Izayoi.
But Sakuya still die, and Elanor become the next maid.

Good end: You unlocked it. Sakuya die, Elanor become the next Izayoi, alleluia.

True end: If Elanor take the SpellCard and the Luna Dial, Butler appear to fight Sakuya, giving Elanor enough time to activate the Clock Tower.
Sakuya fall to her death, and Butler is lightly vampirized. Not enough to become a ghoul, but enoughto to threaten Elanor.
Elanor become Elanor Izayoi, and Butler is confined with Flandre, until his insanity disappear.

That was the different ends.
It's up to you to decide if Meiling come back to the SDM, and what happen to Butler after that.
Whatever your choice are, Sakuya's death is inavoidable.
>> No. 45350
Also, that was the BGM for the clocktower. And also what inspired me in doing this story: