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38490 No. 38490
[x] Visit the gardens. Meiling was the first witness.

"Was it really suicide?" I asked.

Meiling nodded.

"It looks like it. You should see for yourself."

The gate guard slowly led me into the woods. Before I followed, I turned to Elena. The fairy maid gave me a quick nod to show that she understood. I smiled a little, despite myself. She really was at a different tier from the other fairies. Even without words, she knew what I wanted to say.

"I'll be waiting, Master."

Meiling and I walked for several minutes. The woods near the mansion were too quiet. I had a bad feeling about it. Normally, there would be fairies and youkai wandering around. Some would follow travellers and play pranks, while others would be found challenging each other to danmaku duels. For the most part, they were relatively harmless. At least during the day.

As we headed deeper into the woods, I started feeling nervous. We hadn't encountered anyone else, and the silence felt heavy. But I didn't feel anyone watching us from the shadows. In fact, I was sure that we were alone. This place felt empty and abandoned. I glanced at Meiling.

"Don't worry," she said. "We are almost there."

We got to a small clearing a few minutes later. Two things immediately caught my eye. One was a large tree at the center with a long length of rope tied to one of its branches. The rope was tied in the fashion of a hangman's noose. The other was the body. It was laid beside the tree with a white sheet on top. There was something odd about it.

"Can I take a closer look?"

"Go ahead."

Meiling didn't follow as I approached the scene. My hands shaked as I reached out toward the end of the sheet. I swallowed nervously. In one quick movement, I pulled it away. I stepped back in shock. It was a ghastly sight.

There were rope marks around her neck, and it looked like it was twisted badly. I had no doubt that Koakuma was hanging from the nearby tree for quite some time. But that wasn't all. Something was sticking out of her left eye. I felt sick as I recognized the object. It looked exactly like one of the kitchen knives that disappeared from my room.

"No way..."

I turned back to Meiling. She looked just as surprised as I was. It didn't take me long to guess the reason.

"Was the knife there when you first found the body?"

She shook her head.

"Of course not! I only took her down from the tree! I couldn't just leave her like that!"

I stared at her closely. It didn't look like she was lying. The tree? I stood up and glanced up at the rope. Eh? I didn't notice it before, but now that I was standing closer, I recognized it. The rope looked exactly like the one used to bind Cirno. My eyes narrowed. This was too much of a coincidence. I quickly turned back to Meiling.

"Did you feel anything strange about this rope?"

"That rope?" she said. "Ah! Now that I think about it, it did feel a bit odd. Let me check again to be sure."

She hovered a few feet above the ground to hold the rope in her hands. Then, she closed her eyes and started muttering a spell under her breath. It shone brightly for a few seconds before returning to normal. She turned around and nodded.

"I'm sure now. This rope contains powerful anti-magic energies. It can probably seal away the abilities of most magicial beings."

"Like Koakuma?"

Meiling nodded slowly. I knew it. This was the same rope. Or the same type of rope, at least. This was no suicide.

This was a murder.

"Let's head back," I said. "We had better let the others know."

It was almost 6:00 PM when we got back. Meiling said that she was going to report to Sakuya first, so she left me by the front gate of the mansion. I was about to go inside when I noticed another strange thing. I turned around. There wasn't anyone else nearby. Huh?

Where did Elena disappear to?
[ ] Look for Remilia.
[ ] Look for Flandre.
[ ] Look for Patchouli.

>> No. 38492
[ø] Look for Patchouli.
until the last update, I was thinking that it was Koakuma that got devoured by that willy beast, I guess that was a fairy maid.
>> No. 38493
>Where did Elena disappear to?

Well shit.

[x] Look for Flandre.

>> No. 38494
[x] Look for Patchouli.
>> No. 38495
>It was almost 6:00 PM
The time is always especially point out. I hope this will help us in the future.

[x] Look for Flandre.
Patchy is already dead. Team up and plan what to do from there.
>> No. 38498
[X] Look for Flandre.

Though seeking out Remilia might be interesting, too.
Somehow doubt we'll find Patchy (well, in the way that we would want to find her, at least).

>>I stood up and glanced up at the rope. Eh? I didn't notice it before, but now that I was standing closer, I recognized it. The rope looked exactly like the one used to bind Cirno.

>>"I'm sure now. This rope contains powerful anti-magic energies. It can probably seal away the abilities of most magicial beings."

>>[ ] A length of rope. Its price is "Trust".
>> No. 38499

The question is, then, how might this have changed if we'd 'bought' the rope?

It might be a bit early for her, but being on our own seems like a bad idea.
[X] Look for Flandre.
>> No. 38500
[x] Look for Flandre.

Ah, it's useless, it's useless, it's all useless!
>> No. 38501
[Q] Look for Flandre.

Damn you criminal master Cirno!

>"And the last is to have no victim. Like finding the body hanging from a rope by the neck without any chair or stool nearby. As long as you leave some water there, they'll think he jumped off an ice block that had melted! Closed case suicide!"

We also left her with kitchen knives and a rope tied around her... and her wing fragment means she's still alive...
>> No. 38502
>> No. 38504
[x] Look for Remilia.

This story lacks elder Scarlet. Which is odd, her being the one letting us stay and all. Ignoring the person that gave you a home is not a good idea.
>> No. 38505
[x] Look for Remilia.
>> No. 38507
But we didn't get the rope. If we had, would that be our trust, or someone else's? I can easily see it being used as evidence to accuse us of Koakuma's murder had we taken it. It could have also saved her life.

Could Cirno be trusted if we found her and she denied the crime? Could we, still, since we were the one who not only moved Cirno, but also took the knives from the kitchen, thus acquiring the tools used for the crime? Could we be blamed even if we didn't, but instead putting Cirno in a situation to escape and use the instruments that we so carelessly left behind? Could Sakuya, since she originally had the rope? Could we put the blame all on Sakuya for possessing both knives (in general) and the rope? Even so far back has having tied Cirno up in the kitchen?

Interesting situation. What will Flan's detective skills prove in all this? Will the residents start suspecting one another?

I'm betting on a "wake up from your insanity and remember you were the one who killed her" end.
>> No. 38510
[X] Look for Remilia.

We've hardly talked to Remilia yet since our argument. Something tells me that she may know a thing or two about what's going on. How and where was Cirno found? Why was she tied up in the kitchen so conveniently? So far we've gone most up every avenue, and with Patchy trying to drug us, I don't quite trust her at this point. Flan I can hold trust in, so why not visit the choice that has been avoided so far head of the mansion? How can she possibly not know what's going on?

She has motive to mess with us, plus it's common for her to toy with others for her own amusement. With all this going on, she can't miss it.
>> No. 38518

Seems to me like we're nearing a bad end. Sorry for not being suicidal but in this situation, I'd rather have people I trust around me. It truly is puzzling how and why Cirno ended up tied and gagged in the kitchen. Need more info from the person in question. Would be great if we could find her.

[x] Look for Flandre.
Our fairy meido just got kidnapped! Screw this we need protection!

Maybe Patch was devoured by that beast? We haven't seen her for a long time before that and the Patchy we saw after might have been a fake. Drugging us and all...
>> No. 38519
As far as Cirno goes, I'm beginning to wonder just how much we can trust what we think we know about the situation around her.

We know where and in what state we found her in the kitchen, yet we do not know who put her in that state.

We also know that we took her to our room, did a little of this and that, and then left her (still tied up) in the closet.

Finally, we know that approximately eight hours later, Cirno and the rope used to tie her were no longer in the closet.

Knowing what we now know about that rope, it seems unlikely that she would be able to have escaped from her bonds under her own power, doesn't it? This is where things get troubling, though. If we know that Cirno probably couldn't have escaped from our closet on her own, whoever put her in the kitchen should also have known she couldn't have escaped on her own.

So then, if we assume that whoever put Cirno in the state we first found her in the kitchen was someone in the mansion, and they know she went missing from the kitchen, why did no one ask about it? You would think that if you had made a point of securing your hostage in such a way, yet they still disappeared on you, you would probably want to ask the only other people who could have enabled such a disappearance to occur, wouldn't you?

Unless, of course, the reason nobody said anything about a certain hogtied fairy going AWOL was because no one in the mansion knew she was even there to begin with.
>> No. 38520
She escaped from the rope not by magical prowess, but by sheer force, and broke off one of her wings in the process.
>> No. 38521
Random speculation that's not worth much since I haven't paid attention to the little things in this mystery so far. Apologies if I'm the pokiest of slows here.

What if Cirno is the culprit? She'd been going on about her perfect crime, and what better way for there to be no suspects than if she is her own suspect? You're the only one who knows she's there, which makes you the loose end that needs tying for the perfect crime. Maybe she could have staged her disappearance for your benefit to confuse you so you wouldn't suspect her, thereby giving her carte blanche to do what she needs to do before killing you to halt the investigation entirely.

I'm positive that I'm missing key details that make this idea impossible, but hey, food for thought.
>> No. 38522
Even if she had escaped from the ropes under her own power, she was still locked in that room.
The door was locked when we left her, still locked when we returned eight hours later, and there were no apparent signs of anyone forcing their way in or out of that room. In other words, unless the little fairy suddenly became a master of unlocking, someone else would have had to be responsible for her disappearance from the room, be it by intentionally letting her out, or by accident. In the latter case, however, I can't imagine someone seeing an ice fairy fleeing our room and it not getting back to us somehow.

Then again...
>>"The first is to have no entry point. Like a room that has all its windows and doors frozen shut from the inside! There isn't any obvious way that the culprit could use to get in or out! Extra points if you can convince them that the culprit isn't human!"

Of course, all of this is based upon one really big assumption. Namely, regardless of whether she's the culprit or not, that Cirno actually is Cirno.
>> No. 38523

see >>36481
>> No. 38524

Gah missed. Should be: >>36461
>> No. 38532
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>> No. 38537
[x] Look for Flandre.
>> No. 38560

This seems relevant for some reason.
>> No. 38566
File 127581401229.png - (274.75KB , 851x725 , flandre.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Look for Flandre.

The hallways were quiet. I didn't meet any of the mansion staff on the way there. Not a single fairy maid was within sight. It felt like the place had been abandoned. The halls were silent. I could only hear my footsteps and my own breathing. Was it my imagination, or did the atmosphere suddenly feel heavier? The mansion felt a lot larger when I was walking alone, all by myself.

I glanced behind me several times. Somehow, I felt like someone was following me. I couldn't hear their footsteps. It wasn't one of the fairy maids. I couldn't hear their breathing. It didn't feel like Sakuya. I couldn't hear anything behind me. But from the corner of my eye, I could spy its shadow. There was something there.

"Be careful when you walk around alone, alright?"

When I reached the corner, I broke out into a run. I made a mad dash down the stairway leading to the basement. Someone was behind me. Or something. I didn't look back to check. I had the worst feeling that if I did, it would walk right into a dead end. And I didn't feel like dying just yet.

At the bottom of the steps, I paused for a minute to catch my breath. Finally, I took a glance behind me. There was nothing there. I sighed in relief. My imagination or not, I didn't feel like taking any chances under these circumstances. Gensokyo wasn't forgiving to such foolishness. I learned that a long time ago.

I turned around and raised a hand to knock upon the door to Flandre's room. But before I could make a sound, I heard a voice from inside.

"Come inside."

When I stepped into the room, the first thing I saw was Flandre. I stood there, mouth agape. She was standing in front of her closet with a hand on her chin. It seemed like she was picking out something to wear. Oh right. Did I mention that the little sister was wearing nothing but a white nightie?

She still had her hair down, and her evening wear did little to hide her developing curves. Her bare arms and shoulders were exposed, and there was no sign of her injury from this morning. Through the transparent fabric, I could see that she was wearing pink panties. Thankfully, the many frills of the nightie managed to cover her meager chest. My eyes immediately burned the image to long-term memory (fucking saved). Wait a second. What was I doing? This wasn't the time for this shit!

It looked like she just woke up. Flandre yawned before glancing at me. She had a cute, sleepy expression on her face. It seemed like she hadn't fully realized that I had walked in on her.

[ ] Turn around and wait till she is dressed.
[ ] Politely excuse myself and leave.
[ ] A little vampire girl is fi -

"What are you doing?" Flandre asked. "Don't just stand there, you dummy! Close the door behind you."

Huh? In the end, it was the little sister who moved first. I obediently did as she told me and closed the door. It seemed like she had already understood the situation. I glanced at her. A sly smile formed on her lips as she spoke.

"Now face the other way."

She said this very quietly. I turned around as requested. Then, I suddenly heard the rustling of clothes from behind me. Was she changing clothes? But why did I hear more things falling to the floor? I swallowed nervously. No way, she couldn't be thinking of...

"Close your eyes."

She spoke even more softly, and I became fully aware that she was right beside me now. I closed my eyes. Then, I heard her soft footsteps. Flandre must be standing right in front of me.

"Sorry for making you wait,"

Her voice was just a whisper now. And at that moment, I felt something soft and furry touch my lips.


Furry!? Wait, what?

I felt it immediately. Something was very wrong. I opened my eyes. Sure enough, Flandre was standing in front of me, fully clothed and giggling. In her hands was a large teddy bear. I could feel myself turning bright red.

"Knock it off, Flan!"

With those words, she broke out into loud laughter. I took a seat and closed my eyes to calm myself down. It took several minutes for us to recover, Flandre from her amusement and myself from embarrassment. When I was sure that I wasn't blushing anymore I turned around and cleared my throat. Sensing the change in atmosphere, the little sister gave me a quick nod.

"Now, tell me what happened today."
>> No. 38567
I told her everything, from meeting up with Patchouli in the early morning to examining Koakuma's body and the crime scene in the woods. I noted that her eyes narrowed at three key parts of my story. The first was when I mentioned the beast I saw in the clock tower. The second was when I told her Patchouli's last words as I fell unconscious in the library. The third was when I got to the part where Meiling examined the rope hanging from the tree.

"I see," she said.

Flandre closed her eyes as she was thinking. It was odd. This time around, she didn't ask too many questions. For the most part, she was only listening to the details of my story. She didn't even seem surprised when I told her that Koakuma had been killed. Did she already expect such a development? But if she did, why didn't she try to stop it before it happened?

"I'm sorry," she whispered. "This is my fault. I should have figured it out earlier.."

"Flandre? What are you saying?"

"I'm saying that my theory was right. I was just too scared to accept it."

The little sister stared at me with damp eyes. A single tear rolled down her cheek. Without warning, she collapsed into my arms.

"I-I should have made my move this morning.. (hic).. if I did, then maybe... (hic).. I could have saved everyone..."

I patted her back encouragingly.

"It'll be alright," I said. "Please don't cry."

She started sobbing more loudly.

"It's too late..(hic).. it's useless to do anything.. (hic).. it's too late now.."

"Don't say that. It's never too late."

Flandre looked up at me angrily.

"And what proof do you have when you say that?" she cried. "I've already seen how this is going to end! From the information we have, there aren't any options left! Everything is going to fall apart like a tower of cards! What's the damn point, eh?"

I paused for a moment. I didn't understand her 'theory', or how she came up with this conclusion. I had no idea what she meant, but even if she probably was right, I couldn't just give up. I slowly wiped her tears away and gave her a small smile.

"Because we're still alive," I said. "Isn't that enough?"

Her eyes widened in surprise. Slowly, she stepped back from me.

"Still... alive?" she repeated.

Flandre turned away so I couldn't see her face. She didn't say anything for the longest time.

I remembered the first time I met her. This girl was surprised when I spoke to her and asked for her name. I remembered the bewildered expression in her face as she tried to remember. 'Flandre', she said. She let me in her room that day, curious to what I was all about. We talked for a while about this and that. She began to smile, little by little.

On a whim, I asked if she could come upstairs with me. The girl immediately refused, of course. She wasn't allowed to go upstairs. This room in the basement was her proper place. Her sister would get angry if she left. No matter what I did or said, she wouldn't come out. Not until I did something that she didn't expect.

My mind returned to the present. The little sister stood before me, her shoulders heavy with the weight of the world. I walked right up to her. Without another word, I took her by the hand and smiled.

"Would you like to come with me upstairs?"


"I thought you might enjoy some company," I said. "You look like you could use some fresh air."

Flandre lowered her head. She took a moment to wipe the tears off her face. Then, she managed to smile back at me. She tightened her grip on my hand as she spoke.

"I'd like that," she whispered.

With renewed determination, the two of us headed back upstairs.
[ ] Let her lead the way.
[ ] Have her follow you.
[ ] We need to move together.
>> No. 38568
[x] We need to move together.

1. Flan kyus the culprit
2. Comfort Flan
3. Profit!

This can't go wrong!
>> No. 38570
>I remembered the first time I met her. This girl was surprised when I spoke to her and asked for her name. I remembered the bewildered expression in her face as she tried to remember. 'Flandre', she said. She let me in her room that day, curious to what I was all about. We talked for a while about this and that. She began to smile, little by little.
Must protect Flandre at any cost.

[x] We need to move together.
>> No. 38573
[X] We need to move together.

We will, of course, have to remain in the dark about what Flandre's theory was until it was far too late to do anything about it, won't we?
>> No. 38577
[x] We need to move together.
>> No. 38578
[x]Move together

I can't imagine anything strong enough to outkyuu Flandre... this better be good.
>> No. 38582
[Q] We need to move together.

Now, for a total mindfuck, watch as Flandre is the culprit. Or thinks we are.
>> No. 38584
[x] A little vampire girl is fi -

Oh, wait, what? This isn't the real choice?

Well fuck you, I'm voting for it anyway.
>> No. 38585
What if the MC is the culprit. Wasn't he knocked out or asleep while the Touhous vanished or got killed?
>> No. 38594
[x] A little vampire girl is fi -

I'm voting for this also.
>> No. 38596
>>What if the MC is the culprit. Wasn't he knocked out or asleep while the Touhous vanished or got killed?

Not exactly.

Cirno disappeared from the MC's room while he and Flandre were out for the day.
Assuming, of course, that really was Cirno and she really was tied up in his closet, it would have been physically impossible for him to have done anything to make her disappear from his room while he wasn't even in the mansion for most of the day.

As for Koakuma, the exact time of her disappearance is hard to determine, as Patchouli didn't notice her absence until after waking up that morning, however it is likely that she did disappear sometime after the MC had fallen asleep. Also, for some reason, the MC did not lock his door when he went to sleep.
On the other hand, if Koakuma had been missing for long, it certainly didn't sound as if anyone else in the mansion knew about it at the time.
>>When I got to the part where Sakuya came to help, I made sure to mention that the head maid wasn't aware of Koakuma's disappearance.

Which brings us to Patchouli. We do not know when she disappeared, nor if she is dead or alive, but if you've been paying attention you should have noticed something very odd about the situation:

>>"Miss Patchouli had gone missing," she said. "No one had seen her since last night, and none of the mansion staff could find her."

>>Patchouli explained that she couldn't find her at the Voile library after she woke up this morning.

She had not been seen by anyone else in the mansion since last night, yet we (supposedly) saw her twice before we even had breakfast.

Finally, there's Elena, who just disappeared in the time the MC and Meiling were examining Koakuma's corpse.

In short, the MC has alibis for the case of the two fairies, and while he has nothing so concrete regarding Patchouli and Koakuma, factors such as Koakuma's distance from the mansion and the addition of a knife to one of her eyes between the initial discovery of her corpse and the MC's viewing of it (a time period in which the MC was most likely unconscious and under watch in his room) makes it hard to imagine him pulling off something like that.
>> No. 38600
Someone else gave up 'trust' for that rope. Whoever that is is certainly the killer, or at least is one of the killers, probably the result of their paranoia.

Remilia was obviously not pleased with Flandre and the MC's visit to Moriya shrine, while she and Sakuya were visiting the Hakurei shrine. Being frightened is one thing, but she took it almost as a personal attack, and Patchouli was wise to it, as she called the MC a fool afterward.

[x] We need to move together.
>> No. 38604
[x] We need to move together.

"What's the plan?" I asked. "Where are we going first?"

"The clock tower," Flandre said. "Haven't you figured it out yet?"

"Of course not. How the heck am I supposed to guess? You haven't explained your 'theory' at all."

I stopped and turned around. The younger sister just shook her head.

"This isn't the time. I'll tell you everything later. We need to see if Sakuya is still -"

Suddenly, her eyes narrowed. She grabbed me roughly by the collar and threw me to the left. My head slammed hard against the wall. Ugh, that really hurt! What the hell was she doing? My vision was starting to blur, but somehow I managed to look up.

I watched in shock as a great black wolf lunged straight at Flandre. The creature was moving too fast. The little sister cried out in pain as it bit her arm. It lifted up the vampire into the air with its jaws and started to shake her around like a rag doll. After a few seconds, it let go of her arm, throwing her hard against the wall. I felt the ground rumble with the impact.


The little sister slowly stood herself up. In response, the shadow wolf howled loudly and rushed toward her again. But she would have none of that. Without warning, she launched herself high into the air. Then, she dove straight at the creature and grabbed its head with her hands. The wolf yelped on last time before its head was slammed straight into the ground. But, Flandre didn't stop there. She raised the creature's head and slammed it repeatedly against the floor until she was sure that it had stopped moving.

After a moment, she stepped back from the corpse. Immediately, the wolf's form started melding into the shadows. I watched until it had faded completely, like a bad dream. But I knew that this was no dream. Flandre was breathing heavily, and the wound on her arm wasn't healing at all. She turned to me and smiled.

"It's just a scratch," she said. "Don't worry about it."

"A scratch? Damn it, Flan! We need to have that wound checked and -"

I didn't have time to finish my sentence. My eyes widened in horror as another wolf creature appeared right behind Flandre. It rushed straight at her and made a great leap into the air with open jaws. At that moment, she must have noticed the expression on my face. The vampire turned around, but it was already too late -

Or so I had thought.

"Sky Dragon Kick!"

A red and green blur collided with the creature in mid-air, sending it flying across the hallway. It slammed hard against the wall. The newcomer then raised her hand and peppered the wolf with danmaku until its form started to collapse. It, too, faded into the shadows.

"Meiling?" I said.

She turned to me and smiled.

"Sorry, I'm late."

Flandre's eyes lit up almost immediately.

"You're alright!" she cried.

Meiling patted the little gently on the head.

"If it weren't for your hints and this thing you gave me, I'd probably be dead by now."


Hints? What exactly did Flandre do last night? And something she gave her? I glanced at Meiling. The gate guard was holding something in her hand. It looked like a small compass. For some reason, I knew instinctively that this one didn't point north. Noticing my gaze, she smiled.

"So, where are we going next?"

Flandre and I replied in unison.

"The clock tower."

[ ] Have Meiling lead.
[ ] Have Flandre lead.
[ ] Lead the way myself.
>> No. 38605
[x]Have Meiling lead
We're shit tier, Flandre is injured. Plus Meiling has a compass that does god knows what, but kept her alive until now.
>> No. 38609
[x] Have Meiling lead.

Uninjured, can fight, has little time.

>[ ] A small compass. Its price is "Time".
I'm guessing it's something like the compass in Pirates of the Caribbean. It either leads you to your desire, or leads you away from demise. However, I'm worried about the cost, and what it means for Meiling. It could have shortened her life.
>> No. 38611
[x] Have Meiling lead.
Fuck yes Meiling saves the day.
>> No. 38613
[X] Have Meiling lead.

>>However, I'm worried about the cost, and what it means for Meiling. It could have shortened her life.

Actually, I'm not sure if we really have to worry about that. If that candlestick we could have taken really was the same one we had in the previous life, then perhaps the items are things that can already be found in the mansion, and the prices we saw attached to them have more to do with taking them from the meta-world rather than being a side-effect of the item itself? Sort of like paying money to unlock an item in a game and have it from the get-go, rather than investing the time and effort to acquiring it legitimately?

Take the rope, for example. It's price was "trust" and knowing what we do now, it seems likely that loss would be the result of that rope being linked to the murder of one of the mansion's residents.

But what is more likely to be the reason why we would lose someone's trust because of that rope? The fact that we have that rope, period? Or the fact that we have that rope, but no logical explanation of why we have it?

Being in possession of a murder weapon would, of course, be suspicious no matter what. But, I'm pretty sure it less suspicious if you had a concrete explanation of exactly why and how you have it.

If we consider the price of those items to be the cost of taking them from the meta-room rather than finding them in the mansion, then perhaps the cost of "time" on the compass meant that, had we taken it, we would have returned to a point much closer to the time where shit starts going wrong. Or, perhaps it would have meant shit started going wrong much sooner. Either way, we would have less time to gather clues before it became too late to save everyone.

This is, of course, purely speculation.
>> No. 38614
[X] Have Meiling lead.

Go Meiling!
>> No. 38619
[x] Have Meiling lead.
>> No. 38621
[x] Have Flandre lead.

She seems to have a good idea of the situation. Also, more Flan.
>> No. 38626
[x] Have Meiling lead.

She isn't injured, and even if Flan can blow stuff up with no problem, that creature was able to get the jump on her at first. The second one almost got her too, had it not been for the Big Damn Hero(ine) Meiling.

Though we still have to find out why Flan's wounds aren't healing as fast as they would normally.
>> No. 38630
[x] Have Meiling lead.

The gate guard took a moment to check her compass.

"This way!" she cried.

Flandre and I quickly flew after her. The three of us took the oddest route toward the clock tower. We paused at several corners, and we made a number of unexpected turns and detours. I raised an eyebrow at the little sister, but she didn't tell me anything. Instead, she just gave me the strangest smile.

"It's a secret~" said Flandre.

Earlier, Meiling said that she could lead us to the clock tower safely. I had no idea what she meant, but sure enough, we didn't encounter any other strange creatures. In fact, we didn't meet anything else on the way. Or anyone else, for that matter. The mansion almost seemed abandoned. I had a bad feeling about this.

Before I knew it, the three of us reached the rooftop. We fell silent at what we saw. Suddenly, I had the worst feeling. I paused to wipe the dust off my glasses. Maybe I was seeing things? Or at least, I hoped that I was. But when I put them on again, it was still there.

A large circle full of strange symbols was painted upon the main door of the clock tower. Were these magical glyphs? Spell runes, perhaps? I had no idea. But even then, I knew that this was a sign that something had gone terribly wrong. It looked as if the circle was painted using fresh blood.

"Looks like you were right," said Meiling.

"I really wish that I wasn't. But it looks like everything is falling into place according to the scenario."

Flandre sighed sadly.

"Meiling," she said. "Can I ask you to do something for me?"

The gate guard nodded.

"I'll handle it."

"Take care of yourself, Meiling."

The gate guard turned around and started heading back inside the mansion proper. And with that, their conversation was over. I blinked a few times, unsure of what just transpired. Did they just decide on something important? And if so, why didn't they tell me anything? I turned to argue with Flandre, but she was already standing in front of the clock tower entrance. She seemed to be shaking the door's handle with her hands.

"Hey, Flan!" I called. "Is it locked? Maybe we can go back downstairs and look for -"


"Err... nevermind."

Flandre opened the now 'de-locked' door with ease. I couldn't say that she unlocked it, as there was no longer any lock to be seen. In its place was a large, gaping hole. She turned around to face me, a somber expression on her face.

"Wait out here," she whispered.

She tried to hide it, but I saw that her hands were shaking.
[ ] "I refuse. It is dangerous to wait outside."
[ ] "I understand. But I'm going with you anyway."
[ ] "Are you kidding me? You can't go in there alone!"
>> No. 38631
Hmm. Splitting up? I don't like that Meiling's left our party, though she probably has the best survival rate right now.
"You can't go in alone" Sounds like a quick way to get Flandre to laugh in our face about how we'd just get in the way, so:
[X] "I understand. But I'm going with you anyway."

Hmm. This is interesting. Building on the assumption that the other residence can pay to 'unlock' the items in the same way we can, this:

>"If it weren't for your hints and this thing you gave me, I'd probably be dead by now."

Tells us that Flandre would have paid the price of Time, which fit's quite nicely with how she reacted to not acting as soon as she could have.

>"I-I should have made my move this morning.. (hic).. if I did, then maybe... (hic).. I could have saved everyone..."
>> No. 38632
[x] "I understand. But I'm going with you anyway."
No chance.
>> No. 38634
[x] "I understand. But I'm going with you anyway."

The "Can't go in there alone" option is for people with a bit more power than our pitiful little MC. First one is just plain rude. Selfish. And it's probably safe outside if she wants us to stay here.

>A large circle full of strange symbols was painted upon the main door of the clock tower. Were these magical glyphs? Spell runes, perhaps? I had no idea. But even then, I knew that this was a sign that something had gone terribly wrong. It looked as if the circle was painted using fresh blood.
Umineko much?
>> No. 38635
[X] "I understand. But I'm going with you anyway."

>>"I refuse. It is dangerous to wait outside."
>>"Are you kidding me? You can't go in there alone!"

Whether it's suggesting we don't believe what she told us to do is in our best interests, or suggesting we don't believe she can take care of herself in there, both options basically display a lack of trust in her, and say we're not doing what she told us because of that lack of that.
>> No. 38636
[X] "I understand. But I'm going with you anyway."
>> No. 38637
[x] "I understand. But I'm going with you anyway."

At first I thought just ownership played that role, but I figured the same as you after this last update. If this is right, then that means we can pay the price and give our items to others in the mansion as well.

Like a game that requires continuous playthroughs to unlock all items and bonus features, that is what this CYOA is. The more we play, the more items we unlock in the armory, until we can get enough supplies for a good end.

Absolutely fucking brilliant.
>> No. 38638
I'm not sure if using those items are a good idea, and we're thinking a bit too much on the 'costs' affecting everyone.
>> No. 38640
If they just affect the original owner, that kind of narrows down who to worry about, though.

Also, we originally only had three to choose from with rather high prices. The next play-through, we'll have probably unlocked more items, and they'll get cheaper the longer we play. Or the price won't even matter that much. Something like a 'sword' costing us 'patience', or a bottle of 'poison' costing us 'compassion'. Who knows?
>> No. 38641
If anything, using the items comes down to strategics, as in is using the item work the price you pay? But we might have to go through a few loops before we can figure out a plan.
>> No. 38649
[x] "I understand. But I'm going with you anyway."

Flandre opened her mouth to argue, but I was one step ahead of her this time. Before she could speak, I grabbed her hand and pulled her close.

"W-what are you doing, you idio -"

"I know that you are worried," I said. "I'm just an ordinary human. If those things could hurt you, then they could probably rip me apart in an instant. And as long as I'm close by, you can't use your stronger spell cards and attacks. I know that I'm holding you back."

She frowned at me, but she didn't say that I was wrong about any of it. Yes, that was right. There was nothing that the younger sister couldn't defeat on her own. She held back on her attacks because she didn't want to risk me getting hurt. Just like when she was playing danmaku with Sanae.

"But I'm going with you anyway. I know that this isn't the smartest decision right now, and I am well aware of the consequences. Still, I can't let you go off on your own again. Not this time.."

Suddenly, I held her in a tight embrace. Her eyes widened in surprise.

"You aren't alone anymore, Flan!"

I don't remember how long we stood like that. But when I finally pulled myself away, I spied her wiping something from her eyes. She glanced at me and gave me a warm smile. Then, she took my hand as she lead the way inside.

The clock tower was just as I left it. Or so I had first thought. Not one of the cogs were spinning. Not a single gear was turning. None of the mechanical parts were running at all. It felt like someone shut down the very life of the place. A cold shiver ran down my spine.

"Watch yourself," said Flandre.

Her grip steadily tightened as we checked the main chambers. We didn't find anything unusual in the first chamber. It was full of cranks and levers, with a single glass window that gave a view over the machinery below. There were some dust-covered manuals and documents lying around, but the little sister led me out before I could examine them.

The second chamber was some kind of storeroom for spare parts and tools. Flandre walked around for a bit before shaking her head. It seemed like there wasn't anything important in her, either. I swallowed nervously as we entered the third chamber. But we still didn't find anything. This one had a large open space in the center, but it was just as empty.

When we got to the fourth chamber, Flandre paused before the door. This was the last chamber on this side of the clock tower.

"Prepare yourself for the worst," whispered the little sister.

Despite that warning, I could only stare in shock when she opened the door.

The whole chamber was in disarray, as if it had been a battlefield. And in the very center was the bloody remains of someone in a maid uniform. Most of the torso was crushed underneath several giant gears and cogs, and the legs were ripped off from the body. The head, too, was damaged beyond recognition. But those silver braids and the knives she still somehow held in her left hand were unmistakeable.

We had found Sakuya.

Flandre immediately stepped forward to examine the corpse. She was looking for clues, but I saw that she was visibly shaken. I followed after her to help. Then, I noticed it. Eh? That can't be, right! I stepped back nervously. There was another kitchen knife on this body. This time, it was sticking out from her right palm, impaling it to the floor. It looked exactly like the ones in my room and on Koakuma's body. What the hell was going on here?

I turned to the vampire girl. Her eyes were on something else. Near the body was a square engraving on the floor filled with unusual runes. It seemed completely different from the spell circles from before. And from her reaction, Flandre seemed to recognize this one.

"Ah!" said Flandre. "It looks like she was able to finish it!"

"Huh? What does that do?"

"Insurance," she said. "One of her most powerful techniques. A forbidden spell."

The vampire girl turned to me.

"I'm going to end this tonight. Don't follow me, alright?"

Before I could react, she flew off back the way we came. I chased after her, but by the time I reached the mansion proper, she was nowhere in sight.

"Damn it, Flan!"

Where could she have gone?
[ ] My room.
[ ] The library.
[ ] The gardens.
[ ] The basement.
[ ] The dining room.
[ ] The Master's room.
>> No. 38655
>[ ] The library.
>[ ] The Master's room.
These are the only two I can see as being where Flandre might go and really have any significance to what she might do. Anything else is too obvious/stupid. I'm almost positive it's the library (it being a place of magic and where it all started[most of it, at least]), but the question is, should we get Remilia for backup? Or does she play some part in all this, and would be dangerous to be around? She was some piece of the plan, after all. Would she lock us up in our room again? Unless we're suddenly attacked by more monsters, which Flandre and Meiling can fight with ease, I'd rather not risk the elder sister's room and go straight for Flandre.

[x] The library.
>> No. 38656
[X] My room.

...well, not really.

But let's do what she said.
>> No. 38657
[x] The Master's room.

Dammit Beato, killing off Sakuya like that.
>> No. 38658
[X] The Master's room.

Maybe this is where Flandre is headed, and maybe it isn't. Either way, there is someone we've put off seeing for long enough.
>> No. 38662
[x] The Master's room.

The choices with the most potential for drama are this and the library. This could be a Bad End, but a Bad End from another principal is better than a Bad End from a faceless monster, since it tells us something.
>> No. 38665
>"You aren't alone anymore, Flan!"
[x] The Master's room.
>> No. 38666
[x] The Master's room.
Probably the best choice if Remilia is still there. If that's where Flandre is headed then yay for us but in case she is not, we will at least have another loli vampire to protect us from harm or at least explain some of the stuff going on. Maybe. And this story needs more Remi anyway...
>> No. 38668
[x] The Master's room.

Severe lack of the co-culprit Remi is severe.
>> No. 38669
File 127609477197.jpg - (365.60KB , 1000x1000 , mukyu.jpg ) [iqdb]
Unrelated but cute.

Carry on.
>> No. 38671
[X]The Library.

>[ ] A length of rope. Its price is "Trust" Koakuma.

>[ ] A small compass. Its price is "Time" Sakuya.
>[ ] A silver candlestick. Its price is "Calm" Patchouli?
Also had a hunch,
Something was sticking out of her left eye. I felt sick as I recognized the object. It looked exactly like one of the kitchen knives that disappeared from my room.
[x]I See no evil
>> No. 38681
File 127613149141.jpg - (230.78KB , 700x816 , paafukutoer than paafukuto.jpg ) [iqdb]
>The whole chamber was in disarray, as if it had been a battlefield. And in the very center was the bloody remains of someone in a maid uniform. Most of the torso was crushed underneath several giant gears and cogs, and the legs were ripped off from the body. The head, too, was damaged beyond recognition. But those silver braids and the knives she still somehow held in her left hand were unmistakeable.

So much for 'perfect' furniture.
>> No. 38684
File 127614203993.jpg - (159.30KB , 700x829 , sakuya.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] The Master's room.

The Master's room was at the second floor, but it was on the other side of the mansion. That was still some distance from where I stood. I ran as fast as I could down the empty hallways, hoping to catch up to Flandre. And when I reached the corner, I stopped. This waking nightmare just kept getting worse.

"What the hell?" I said aloud.

Suddenly, dead fairies everywhere. Over a dozen corpses littered the hallway. I couldn't really tell the exact number. The bodies look like they were ripped apart by wild beasts. Torn limbs and pieces were scattered left and right. There was blood all over the floor. A truly ghastly sight.

There were some burn marks on the walls. It looked like the fairy maids tried to fight back, but this was the sad result. Those creatures were on a completely level. And there was hardly any warning. This was no accident. What kind of monster could have orchestrated this massacre?

I was nearing the end. This was the last time to turn back. But I continued onward anyway. Should I had run? I was no fool. The thought did cross my mind, for a moment. But even if I returned to the village or to the Outside, what was I going to do? There was nothing for me outside these walls. This was my home, and I couldn't bring myself to abandon the others.

When I reached the corner, I saw a familiar girl standing before the door. In her hands was a strangely shaped metal wand. This was one of the most powerful artifacts of the Scarlet family - the Laevateinn.

"I told you not to come here."

"This was all Remilia's doing, wasn't it?"

"My sister is gone. She was gone a long time ago. I just didn't realize it. I just didn't accept it."

Flandre turned to me, a determined look on her face.

"I am the Master now. And all I can do now, with the time left, is to end this with my own hands. Sorry, but you aren't watching this."

"But.. Flan!"

She shook her head and smiled.

"Forgive me. I'll play one of my last tricks now. She will take you somewhere safe."

The vampire girl nodded to someone standing behind me. Someone standing behind me? I quickly turned around. My eyes widened in complete surprise. My heart almost leapt out from my chest. I felt like I had seen a ghost. But wasn't she.. how did... wait, what?

"Time to leave," Sakuya said.

Without another word, the head maid took my hand and stepped forward. My senses were bombarded with a blur of shapes and colors as she used her ability. In an instant, I found myself standing outside, somewhere in the wilderness.


She gave me a nod and a little smile. It was definitely her. Huh? My head was starting to hurt. I had better collect my thoughts. But first, where was I?
[ ] The lake.
[ ] The woods.
[ ] The main path.
>> No. 38686
[Q] The main path.

Less imminent danger. Hopefully.

We can't die to Rumia twice in a row, right?
>> No. 38687

[x] The lake.

On the path we were Rumia'd last time, and I'm interested in what became of Cirno.
>> No. 38688
[X] The lake.

Goddamn it, Flandre.
>> No. 38689
[ø] The woods.
>My head was starting to hurt
ugh, so is mine, I still can't put everything together.
>> No. 38690
[x] The lake.



>> No. 38691
[X] The lake.

I highly doubt we will jump into it. Unless provoked of course.
>> No. 38693
Who says it'll be by choice?

Inb4 ice fairy barrels into us or a shark jumps out of the water and drags us in.
>> No. 38703
[x] The lake.
Ah, screw this. Meta Remilia here we come.
>> No. 38707
[x] The lake.
>> No. 38719
[X] The lake.

>> No. 38720
[x] The lake.

Lower chance of running into Rumia
>> No. 38727
We are at the second end now. We got the exact same choices right before the first end.


> "When the time comes, do what you must. But please don't hate the other me."

> "My sister is gone. She was gone a long time ago. I just didn't realize it. I just didn't accept it."

I think something took control of or replaced Remilia, and then did something to Sakuya do its bidding to help it kill the SDM cast. Because it easily was able to kill Sakuya, probably because it no longer needed her living, and in the first 'run' it apparently killed Meiling, Flandre, and Remilia in very nasty ways, I think we may have a shape-shifter on our hands here. And no, I'm pretty sure it isn't Nue, she's a prankster, not a psychopath.
>> No. 38728
File 127620921858.jpg - (127.89KB , 767x1000 , f6f26cb8f125e7b5fce579da111be568.jpg ) [iqdb]
There are 7 people on the Island.

Fairies don't count. They are furniture
>> No. 38739
[x] The lake.

My head was spinning violently. Ugh, I hated this feeling. I could never get used to travelling through compressed time-space. It took me a few minutes to reorient myself. Sakuya just smiled as she watched me recover. Yes, I was pretty sure that this was the Sakuya I knew. Only her unique ability could cause such an incredible headache. I had no idea how she ever got used to moving like this.

It seemed like we were standing beside a body of water. I blinked a few times as I recognized this place. The lake was calm and serene. I could see the moon reflect against its surface. It reminded me of something. I closed my eyes. Ah, that was right. I took Flandre out here that evening to watch the stars. It wasn't especially different from any other night. Except for one thing. She said something to me. Something odd.

But I couldn't remember it right now.

"Feeling better?" asked Sakuya.

"A little bit," I managed. "Where are we, anyway?"

"We are near the lake, a good twenty minutes from the mansion. By foot, anyway."

"By foot?"

Sakuya smiled a little wider. I understood immediately.

"I don't suppose that I can ask you to take me back?"

"Sorry, but I must follow Flandre's instructions, now that things have gotten out of hand."

I sighed loudly. Until the very end, I had no idea what the little sister had planned. But it looked like she was prepared for even this possibility. It scared me, how far she would go when she put her mind into something. She may very well be among the most dangerous individuals in Gensokyo.

Damn it, Flan! Your riddles were always impossible to solve. Even now, you left me with another crazy puzzle. I was standing beside someone who I just saw dead not long ago. What was I supposed to think?

"Are you alright?" asked Sakuya. "You've been quiet for some time now."

"Don't worry about it. I was just thinking about some things. Maybe I can figure it all out if I looked back at everything very carefully."

"It might not be proper for me to say this, but don't lose yourself in the past. You still have a long trek back to the mansion, you know?"

"Huh? You aren't going to stop me?"

Sakuya shook her head.

"My purpose is only to delay you," she said.

"I see. What time is it, anyway?"

The head maid took out her pocket watch. Then, her eyes widened in surprise. She quickly hid it from sight, but it was already too late. I just saw something that I shouldn't have.

"Err... sorry," she mumbled. "I can't really see that well in the dark, and -"

"Liar," I whispered.

Now I understood. Elena's instructions. A forbidden spell. And now this. It was starting to make sense. Sakuya opened her mouth to argue, but I was one step ahead of her.

"It's almost 3:00 PM on your pocket watch, isn't it?"

"E-eh? How did you know?"

"Never mind. How much time do you have left before you go back?"

"... about a minute," she whispered.

I sighed with a heavy heart. If my theory was right, there wasn't anything more I could do to help her. It was already too late. But still, I had to say something.

"Sakuya," I said. "Did you hear about that new cake shop in the village?"

"A new cake shop?"

"I heard that it became famous overnight. Why don't we check it out sometime?"

The head maid gave me a warm smile.

"Sure. I'd like that."

Those were her last words before she faded away into the night.

"... thanks a lot, Sakuya."

A single tear rolled down my cheek.

[ ] Head back to the mansion.
>> No. 38740
File 127621927752.jpg - (34.38KB , 540x364 , 7796_540.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 38741
>> No. 38742
Oh, dangit. That was the spell. Sakuya, stop smacking around time like a red-headed step child.
>> No. 38750
[x] Take a swim in the lake
>> No. 38754
[x] Head back to the mansion.

Wonder what the significance of making the MC wait until '3:00' twice, other than Flandre blocking out her time.
>> No. 38761
[x] Head back to the mansion.

Clearly, we will not be able to call our work complete until we've not only ensured that everyone who can possibly survive survives, but we actually take Sakuya out for some damn cake.
>> No. 38764
[X] Run back to the mansion as fast as possible.

We must get back to the mansion as fast as possible! Rumia may be near!
>> No. 38766
We might be safe; the shit has yet to fully hit the fan.
>> No. 38769
File 127625843020.jpg - (174.69KB , 894x2039 , flandre.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Head back to the mansion.

When I got back, the Scarlet Devil Mansion was in complete ruins. Crushed stones and bricks were scattered all over the place. The main building was on fire and had begun to collapse under its own weight. It looked like the remains of a warzone. A reminder of a lost battle.


I ran up to the main gate, but I couldn't pass. It was blocked off with burning embers, and the flames were too hot to approach. I continued walking along the walls. Ah! There was a large crack on the west side. I carefully slipped through it to get within the grounds.

The gardens were not spared from the devastation. The carefully maintained hedges and flowering bushes were now torn apart and crushed by fallen chunks of wall. Trees that had once given shade were now broken and burning. The blaze greedily consumed everything in its path.

I continued onward, searching for survivors. Though even then, I knew of only one person who could have caused this destruction. And I hoped and prayed that she had somehow made it out alive. I called out the girl's name loudly, but no one answered. Despair began to fill my heart.

After circling the mansion ruins the second time, I sat down on the ground and paused to rest. My legs were aching, and my throat was dry and painful due to the smoke. I slowly closed my eyes. Perhaps it was better if I just died here. At least, I wouldn't be left alone.



That wasn't right. I opened my eyes, and sure enough, I saw it. Her silhoutte against the flames was unmistakable. She had survived? I couldn't believe my eyes! I quickly ran up to her, calling out her name. But she didn't turn around. It almost seemed as if she was busy watching the flames. A bit strange, but that didn't matter. She was alive! I put my hand on her shoulder.


She turned around and stared at me with blank eyes. Very slowly, she raised her arms and put her soft small fingers upon my neck. And without warning, her grip tightened with incredible strength. My eyes widened in surprise, but I couldn't scream. Struggling was futile as she lifted me up from the ground. I glanced at her and saw that she remained expressionless. Something was very wrong.

I was going to die right now, wasn't I?

Everything around me was starting to grow dark. I closed my eyes. This was the end, probably.

"I won't let you break him!"

A bright red flash. A loud explosion. Suddenly, the pressure on my neck was gone. I felt myself falling down to the ground. But it was strange. Did it really take that long to fall down? I slowly opened my eyes. A familiar face was looking at me from above.

"Moron! Dummy! Blockhead! I told you to escape to safety! You big idiot.. (hic).. you.. why... (sob)...can't even.. (hic).. stupid.. "

'Ah,' I thought, 'This was the Flandre that I knew'. But something wasn't right. I pulled out my handkerchief and gently wiped her face. Tears didn't fit a girl like her.

"Sorry," I said. "But I just had to come back for you."

"Come back for me? Oh wow. I've seen sweet buns with more common sense than you. But still, I don't understand it. This unreasonable feeling. I really don't get it..."

I slowly stood myself up and turned to her. Huh? She became quiet suddenly. Then, without any warning, she grabbed me in a tight embrace.

"I don't get it," she whispered. "But I feel so happy that you came back."

After a moment, I understood and returned the gesture. We stood together like that for what felt like eternity. But it must have only been a short while. Before I realized it, she pushed me away and stepped out in front of me. And I could see why. Three other figures stepped out of the burning mansion, and they had started approaching us. Each of them looked exactly like Flandre, with the exception of one thing. The other three had blank, empty expressions on their faces. I stepped back as I began to understand.

"I thought this might happen," said the Flandre I knew. "So I prepared a special trick for this kind of scenario."

The little sister muttered a few spell commands. In a moment, the Laevateinn materialized in her hands. Unfortunately, I didn't feel much better. The three other copies muttered the same spell commands, and just like her, they now held a copy of the weapon in their hands.

"That didn't seem to help much," I said.

"Don't worry. This one is the original. And besides, it isn't what you are thinking."

Flandre turned around and put the strangely shaped metal wand into my hands. It felt a bit warm to the touch. I looked up at her, confused.

"Hold on to that for me, will you?"

At those words, she turned around and opened her palm toward the other three. Their reaction was immediate. The three copies screamed in rage as they rushed toward her. But it was too late. The little sister smiled darkly as she grasped at something only she could see.


The three copies exploded violently in mid-air, leaving only ashes behind. As expected of the little sister! She had ended it almost too quickly. I sighed in relief.

"It's over then," I said.


Huh? I turned toward Flandre. She wasn't moving.



Still no answer. I had the worst feeling, so I immediately ran up to her. And sure enough, I barely caught her as she collapsed.

"Flan!" I cried. "Please tell me you're alright!"


I don't remember how long I waited. But it must have been a long time. The sun was starting to rise. I had almost given up hope when I suddenly felt her move. Very slowly, she opened her eyes.


She blinked a few times when I mentioned that name. Then, she cocked her head and gave me a curious look.


[ ] Fruit Parfait
[ ] Chocolate Cake
[ ] Vanilla Ice Cream
>> No. 38772
Well darn it...
>> No. 38777
>When I got back, the Scarlet Devil Mansion was in complete ruins. Crushed stones and bricks were scattered all over the place. The main building was on fire and had begun to collapse under its own weight. It looked like the remains of a warzone. A reminder of a lost battle.

Correction... FUCK! And I only read that part 'til now.

Seems like an "unrelated" vote again so I'll avoid triple posting by just voting now...
[x] Chocolate Cake
I like chocolate...
>> No. 38779
[Q] Chocolate Cake

Not sure why, but this sounds the best.
>> No. 38782
[X] Fruit Parfait
>> No. 38783
Can't decide what to have for dessert? Choco is yummy... eat it.
>> No. 38788
[x] Chocolate Cake
>> No. 38791
>"I thought this might happen," said the Flandre I knew. "So I prepared a special trick for this kind of scenario."
Seems like someone knew of her plan and put it already in the calculation.

[x] Vanilla Ice Cream
>> No. 38793
Did Flandre show a preference for a dessert?
>> No. 38800
[x] Fruit Parfait

It sounds the most like her.
>> No. 38805
>[ ] Fruit Parfait
Colorful, healthy, mixed, innocent. Normal Flan?
>[ ] Chocolate Cake
Dark, rich, desired, elegant. Evil Flan?
>[ ] Vanilla Ice Cream
Plain, white, flavorless. Amnesia Flan?

Cake seems to be Sakuya's thing.

>Flandre already had a spoon in her hand as she started on her 'first dessert'.
>I turned to see that she had just finished her 'third dessert'.


>"Eh? But this sweet stuff is really good! Just like the chestnut youkan this morning!"

I couldn't find anything remotely linked to ice cream in the other threads.
>> No. 38807
[x] Fruit Parfait

This sounds about right.
>> No. 38810
[X] Fruit Parfait
>> No. 38813
Ok one of these HAS to be spam... I mean 1 minute difference and there seemed to be another one in between.
>> No. 38815
Appparently it's the server? Double posted my message too...
>> No. 38816
[x] Fruit Parfait
>> No. 38817
[X] Fruit Parfait
>> No. 38822
[ ] Chocolate Cake
>> No. 38823
[ ] Chocolate Cake
>> No. 38825
[x] Fruit Parfait
>> No. 38826
Stop spamming votes! Does not help!
>> No. 38827

>>38817 here

I deleted my previous vote and changed it to this.
>> No. 38829
It wasn't. Post deleting only got one of the posts. If you really think it is spam get on IRC and get hold of a mod. Maybe the password got changed? Anyway, I have to revote

[x] Fruit Parfait
>> No. 38879
Seriously? Three of those don't even look like spam, one's been accounted for, and another has been deleted. The possibility two different anon posted within one minute of each other is not zero.

Three or four of those might be accidental double posts, but don't call spam just because the votes look one-sided.
>> No. 38881
[ø] Fruit Parfait
>> No. 38905
How is that onesided? The choco cake had 5 votes by then. Too many votes.
>> No. 38907
People change their minds.

Also the guy needs to repost his update due to the site crashing.
>> No. 38911
[x] Fruit Parfait

The guard travelled alone, taking no steed and no armor. The journey was difficult and lonely. But finally, he was at the end. With only his guardsman's blade in hand, he stood before the dragon's cavern.

"Come, dragon!" cried the guard. "I challenge you in the name of the princess!"

The ground rumbled and shook. A deep voice boomed from the darkness.

"Speak," it said. "Why do you challenge me?"

"To serve the kingdom," he cried. "This is an order from the royal family. An order that I cannot refuse."

"Is that so," spoke the voice. "Tell me then, why you cannot refuse this order?"

"The princess herself asked this of me," cried the guard. "She called me to her chamber to give these orders. And no matter what the cost, I will fulfill her final request!"

"Then why do you care for the royalty? They have chosen to sell your kingdom to the most powerful and wicked men of the land."

"I have no interest in wealth or politics," he cried. "But if it is for the princess, I shall risk everything! Even my own life!"

"And why would you risk so much for her?"

"Because she is my friend!" he cried. "And I love her!"

"I see..."

The ground shook violently as the dragon emerged from its cavern. Its gargantuan form towered over the guard, which was but an insect in comparison.

"If that is your answer, then you must prepare yourself."

Without another word, the dragon lowered its neck in front of the guard and closed its eyes.

"You are worthy," it said. "Take your prize, my friend."

The guard then raised his sword and swung it down with all his might.

And he was made king.

I closed the book and put it away. For some reason, this was one of the few items that were recovered from the mansion. Keine brought it here when she visited yesterday. She said that it was left completely untouched by the flames.


Flandre had already fallen asleep. No surprise. The sun was already starting to rise, after all. She was shivering a little bit, so I pulled up the sheets of her futon. Looked like she still wasn't used to the cold mountain air. I sighed sadly. Neither was I.

After making sure that she was comfortable, I stepped outside. Someone was waiting for me. But I already knew that. I pushed up my glasses before I spoke.

"Is it time?" I asked.

'That person' nodded solemnly.
[ ] Sanae
[ ] Kanako
[ ] Suwako
>> No. 38912
Also have no idea of the votes before the site crash so please do vote again.
>> No. 38913
[x] Sanae

Probably the most sympathetic one. Especially to a human that was put in a strange place.
>> No. 38915
>"Is it time?" I asked.

One can only wonder what this refers to, possibly leaving Gensokyo (Suwako mentioned that earlier) or something else?
>> No. 38916
[x] Suwako
>> No. 38917
[x] Suwako
Is there any reason why NOT vote for her? We know the most about her since we talked to her most of the time, she's a freaking god which makes her quite qualified to help us with almost anything AND she likes us. She even asked us to join the Moriya family and she may do so again if we're lucky.(a bit suspicious now that I think about it, since the SDM was wiped and if she invites us over again... something to think about eh?)
>> No. 38918
[x] Sanae
>> No. 38923
[x] Suwako

Goddess, foreshadowing from before, badass hat that I would give up up anything for and the fact the other two I don't think we're close enough to for this.
>> No. 38931
[x] Suwako
>> No. 38944
[x] Suwako
>> No. 38945
[X] Suwako

She'll make it quick and clean, I'm sure.
We have a tea party to attend, after all.
>> No. 38947
[X] Suwako
>> No. 38969
I just realized the dessert choice might have been more for where we go.
>> No. 38972
File 127666400141.jpg - (161.85KB , 945x1750 , suwako.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Suwako

Flandre turned to the side as I watched. She had a small smile on her peaceful sleeping face. Was she having a nice dream? If so, I was sure that it had something to do with sweets, like swimming in a pool of chocolate pudding or climbing a mountain of jelly. When she woke up, she would probably spend a good part of the afternoon telling me all about it. Even now, that part of her hadn't changed. I felt tempted to go back inside to stroke her hair for a bit, but now wasn't the time.

"She reminds me a bit of Sanae," said Suwako. "When the girl was younger, of course."


After glancing at the vampire girl one last time, I closed the door with a heavy sigh. More than a month had passed since the incident. But I still remember it clearly.

The flames had already consumed the mansion and most of the grounds. It even spread to part of the woods. I barely reached the main path as I carried Flandre on my back. And just when I was about to pass out from exhaustion, Keine, Reimu and several others arrived to help. From what I heard afterward, they managed to put out the flames. But it was already too late. Several bodies were found, but they were too badly burnt to identify. And when they searched the area for other survivors, they found none. As I feared, only Flandre and I escaped that cruel fate. And we didn't walk away unharmed, either.

Flandre had lost her memories and suffered from some sort of amnesia. Or at least, that was what I first thought. I only learned of the real damage at Eientei. Dr. Yagokoro, the famous lunarian genius, explained that even she couldn't do anything for her. She told me that the very concept of her past memories had been destroyed when the vampire girl used her ability on herself. There was nothing left to recover. The most she could do was implant new memories into her mind. I refused, of course.

Not long after, I heard that Reimu called a major meeting at the Hakurei Shrine. Several influential groups sent their representatives, including the Saigyouji, Komeiji, and Yakumo groups. It was there that Suwako herself offered to take us in. I didn't understand why, but it turned into quite an argument. Several others also wanted us to stay with them. Keine said that the meeting almost became violent for that reason alone.

Up to now, I had no idea how the mountain goddess convinced them. But in the end, it was the Moriya family that took us in.

"Still thinking about the past?"

I gave Suwako a polite nod. She gave me a small smile.

"Let's take a walk," she said.

The two of us left the shrine grounds and started walking down the mountain path. For the first few minutes, neither of us said anything. A cool breeze blew as we passed. The trees swayed gently above. Despite its reputation, Youkai Mountain was quite peaceful nowadays. At least around the Moriya Shrine, anyway.

"It's a nice day today," said Suwako. "Don't you love days like this?"


"I like peaceful days like this. It almost feels like nothing could go wrong with the world."


"But you and I both know how dangerous it is to think that way. Even now, another incident is about to hit this very place."

".. another incident?"

I stopped in my tracks and turned to her. The mountain goddess sighed sadly.

"The Moriya Shrine is going to be attacked," she said.


"I'm sorry for getting you involved in another mess."

A large iron ring materialized in her hand. Before I could react, she threw it towards me. I blinked in surprise as it got closer. Then suddenly..


She.. missed? No, I definitely heard something crack. But it wasn't my skull. Something behind me? I turned around, and sure enough, a great earthen golem was falling backward. The ground rumbled as it crashed. It seemed like Suwako aimed for the control seal. I see. She had probably -

"Oh damn.."

I didn't have time to warn her. Instead, I muttered a few spell commands. A strangely shaped metal wand materialized in my hand. Without hesitation, I raised it toward her direction and aimed carefully.

"Forbidden Sign, 「No Haven」"

Several bright red lances of fire shot out and impaled the control seal on the second golem's chest. It fell back and shattered into several pieces. Suwako didn't even turn around to check. Instead, she just stared at me quietly. She knew what I was, of course. In fact, she probably knew even before I did.

"Are you certain that you want to do this?"

"I told you that I could handle it," I said.

The goddess shook her head.

"I know you can use it," she said. "But that power comes with a great price for humans. Are you sure of this?"

"I am the new bearer of the Laevateinn," I said. "I wield this weapon now. And in Flandre's place, I will burn away the darkness and everything else that threatens my friends."

"Even if the whole world burns with it?"

I gave her a bitter smile.

"Even if the whole world burns with it."





[ ] Fury
[ ] Rage
[ ] Wrath
>> No. 38973
[X] Rage

Seems good
>> No. 38975
[x] Fury

The most fiery.

What the hell happened to Meiling?
>> No. 38976
[x] Wrath

Wrath is a content-rich anger. It's righteous. It's grandiose. It's directed. Most importantly it implies action, where rage and fury may be impotent.
>> No. 38977
[x] Wrath
>> No. 38980
[x] Wrath

Well it seems we've managed to survive to the end of this timeline... and learned some of the picture... but not without a terrible price.
>> No. 38982
"Do you know what your sin is...?"

"Ah Hell... I'm a fan of all seven. But right now... I'm gonna have to go with wrath."
>> No. 38989
[X] Wrath.
There all the same at first.
Rage is too unstable and chaotic.
Fury is slightly like rage, but with more... passion
Wrath is similiar to fury, unless meaning wrath as in punishment for the consequence of anger.
>> No. 38990
[x] Wrath
>> No. 38996
[x] Rage
Just pissing against the tide... it is exactly because rage is unstable and chaotic, that we should vote for it. We should be freaking mad I mean, sdm just got wiped! And you don't think when you're mad as hell.
Fury kind of does not fit I guess, I'd be furious over small things, things that don't really matter that much. So yeah it's not a strong enough word. And wrath just sounds weak from the get-go. Wrath is usually something a thinking man does, and any kind of plan can be stopped somehow, whilst pure power of rage just wipes everything it finds in it's path.
>> No. 38999
I mean small as in... somebody smashing your car's windshield right in front of you or a bunch of coworkers ganging up and getting you fired while laughing in your face or something insignificant as that.
Wrath- highest amount of reason
Fury- still some reason left in you
Rage- wipe the map
>> No. 39000
I'm still horribly confused, but that was both awesome and moving, so it's all good!

Hmm. I like the justifications for Wrath, but Rage feels like the most powerful and passionate (if least coherent) response, and the magnitude of what happened demands nothing less.
>> No. 39002
[X] Wrath

Pure unbridled rage may work as a double-edged sword. Killing things just because we can. Revenge Wrath is at least directed towards a more defined target with less chance of turning on our allies.


Beautifully written, good sir. Now ON TO PART II!
>> No. 39005
That is indeed so and I've taken that into account when I chose my vote. But still... considering our MC is not exactly a wuss, blind rage is the only logical conclusion.

Against an enemy he knows... yeah I found a fault in my reasoning. Well whatever. I'll stick with my vote. Wrath is winning by a landslide anyway.
>> No. 39006
In before we get told to stop acting like a petulant child by dead-space Remy, regardless of our choice.

Unless we're choosing what we end up facing, in which case wrath could be a very bad thing.
>> No. 39020
[X] Wrath
>> No. 39065
File 127677313724.jpg - (89.13KB , 858x711 , remilia.jpg ) [iqdb]
Remilia Scarlet sat before me, enjoying a sweet treat: a western dessert layered with ice cream, sweet syrup and fresh fruits. I thought that I had seen this before. A fruit parfait, was it? It even had a generous slice of flan on top. The vampire girl smiled as she took another bite.

"Are you not having any?" she asked.


In front of me was a tall serving of the same type of dessert she was having. I did not ask for it, nor did I think it the proper time to enjoy such things. But clearly, the vampire thought otherwise. It seemed like she had it prepared before I had arrived.

"Or perhaps you aren't fond of sweet things?"


We sat at a tea table outside in the gardens. But this place wasn't the Scarlet Devil Mansion. I only had to look up to realize that this place wasn't even in Gensokyo. Instead of clouds and clear skies, there was an inverted ocean of blood and shadow. Hundreds or perhaps even thousands of humanoid silhouettes reached out toward the ground in desperation before being swallowed back into the violent waves. The crimson 'sky' glowed eerily, casting a shade of red light down below. I watched the sight with little interest. This wasn't my first time here. I was sure of that. If it was, then I would have been far more surprised.

"You have been quiet ever since you got back," said Remilia. "Perhaps you are feeling a bit tired? You can rest a bit inside before we talk. I can have the guest room prepared and -"

"Forget about it!" I cried angrily.

I had been here at least once, perhaps even more times. And I didn't like that one bit.

"E-eh? Well, you don't have to be so rude! Here I was, just trying to be polite and you suddenly start shouting.."

"I'm tired of your tricks," I said. "What is this really about?"

Remilia paused for a moment to put down her spoon.

"I already told you before. This place isn't hell. You aren't dead. And we are enjoying a little tea party out in the garden. Or at least, I was until now. In any case, you are going to go back as soon as our business here is finished. Have you already forgotten the rules?"

"Do you think I had time to think about your damned rules? Were you even watching?"

"It isn't that simple," she said. "And these aren't my rules. But don't worry. I can see that you have improved greatly from the last run. We should see if we can revise our strategy and -"

"Don't give me that bullshit! How could you possibly say that it went better?"

The vampire calmly watched me with interest.

"You managed to protect my sister, didn't you?"


"Did that not mean anything to you?"

"... but!"

"Never close your eyes to the miracle in front of you, no matter how small."

At that very moment, I thought I heard someone chuckle from afar. I quickly turned around, but no one was there. Was I hearing things? I had the strangest feeling that we were being watched. But when I looked at Remilia, she gave no sign that she heard anything. She simply continued as if she hadn't been interrupted.

"I mentioned before that there is more than one way to send you back. But this time is a little different. Only one 'gate' is open to you right now. And unless you strengthen your link with the others, you may have no way to go back next time."

I frowned hard at her.

"Is this some kind of game to you?"

She shook her head solemnly.

"This is no game."

I paused for a moment to think.
[ ] Ask for a hint. (Specify the question)
[ ] Visit the Voile Armory.
[ ] Time to go back.

And what about the fruit parfait?
[ ] Don't touch it.
[ ] Take a few bites.
[ ] Finish it before leaving.
>> No. 39067
>At that very moment, I thought I heard someone chuckle from afar.

[x] Take a few bites.
-[x] Ask for a tea to go along with it.

Relaxing a bit while talking to her won't hurt. No need to go back just yet.
>> No. 39069
>> No. 39071
[X] Ask for a hint.
- [x] About these "links". How would she suggest we build upon them, especially with so little time before things start going wrong and we end up spending large quantities of our time unconscious, locked-up, or running for our lives?
- [x] This "strategy" she mentioned.

[X] Finish it before leaving.

>>shapeshifters are involved

Personally, I don't think it's that, but more along the lines of something possessing the residents and anyone/everyone else.

Remember what happened to Flandre?
>>She told me that the very concept of her past memories had been destroyed when the vampire girl used her ability on herself.
When she made those other Flandres go kyu, I don't think those were things that had assumed Flandre's form. I think they were Flandre, or at least parts of her she had split off to either stop or slow whatever had taken over the others when it had begun to try to take over her.
>> No. 39072
[x] Ask for a hint.
-[x] "I've noticed certain objects appearing during the last time, such as the rope and compass. Did anyone else have to pay a price for them to be manifested?"

[x] Finish it before leaving.

I think that parfait holds a bit more meaning than it seems. Best to finish it.
>> No. 39073
[x] Visit the Voile Armory.

Woohoo, time to see what new stuff we've unlocked~

[x] Take a few bites.

It tastes like happiness ;_;
>> No. 39074
That doesn't explain finding what appeared to be a mangled Sakuya corpse then running into the Maid alive and well (When she dumped us outside the mansion).

The point with Flandre was perhaps more correct.
>> No. 39075
[x] Ask for a hint.
-[x] "I've noticed certain objects appearing during the last time, such as the rope and compass. Did anyone else have to pay a price for them to be manfested?"
-[x]Why was Sakuya still alive after she had died? Was that corpse not Sakuya?
-[x]The "strategy"
[x] Visit the Voile Armory.

[x] Finish it before leaving.

God knows how much blood is in it... oh well we should be polite and eat it anyway. Hope it's tasty~
>> No. 39077
>I paused for a moment to think.

[x] Apologize for yelling at her.
[x] Ask for a hint.
-[x] I've noticed certain objects appearing during the last time, such as the rope and compass. Did anyone else have to pay a price for them to be manifested?
-[x] About these "links". How would she suggest we build upon them, especially with so little time before things start going wrong and we end up spending large quantities of our time unconscious, locked-up, or running for our lives?
-[x] This 'strategy' she mentioned.
[x] Visit the Voile Armory.

>And what about the fruit parfait?

[x] Finish it before leaving.

Apology is because you went off on her while she was trying to help you. The situation affects her at least as much as it affects you. You're working toward the same goal, so you shouldn't let volatile emotions get between you.

The first question is very important since what we take will prevent the others for taking it. I'm thinking the right item with a perfect run won't be good enough: Everyone else has to pick the right item for themselves as well.

As for the second I have a pretty good idea the of, but it doesn't hurt to make sure.

The third is something she brought up herself, but we interrupted her.

>"And these aren't my rules. But don't worry. I can see that you have improved greatly from the last run. We should see if we can revise our strategy and -"

Now I'm thinking the parfait choice is a reward for making the right choices and just having a good run overall. Better run = more dessert = more hint time with Remilia. I could be totally wrong about it, but I can't see any other significance it might hold. We'll find out soon enough.
>> No. 39078
[x] Apologize for yelling at her.
[x] Ask for a hint.
-[x] I've noticed certain objects appearing during the last time, such as the rope and compass. Did anyone else have to pay a price for them to be manifested?
-[x] About these "links". How would she suggest we build upon them, especially with so little time before things start going wrong and we end up spending large quantities of our time unconscious, locked-up, or running for our lives?
-[x] This 'strategy' she mentioned.
[x] Visit the Voile Armory.

[x] Finish it before leaving.
>> No. 39083
But can we really trust Remilia, I wonder...
>> No. 39085
[x] >>39078

It'll be hard to make smart decision when there's some that are real mysteries, but it sounds like we should work on the others some... I wonder if focusing on a character penalizes us or if affection carries over to the next 'run' or not.

From what I figured,
-shapeshifters are involved
-something happens on 3pm one day
-Cirno's running around with murder ideas.
-There's a darkness that will affect Gensokyo, most likely the cause of the fall of the mansion both times as well as Cirno and Rumia's unusual behavior. Still unidentified.
>> No. 39086
>There's a little vampire girl serving you fruit parfaits
>You're in an alternate dimension with no one else around
>You're not dead, and you don't think it possible to actually die here, either
>What do you do?

[ ] Stick it in Remilia.
[ ] Don't stick it in Remilia.

>Because even little vampire girls get lonely in places that resemble hell, too
>> No. 39087
>>That doesn't explain finding what appeared to be a mangled Sakuya corpse then running into the Maid alive and well (When she dumped us outside the mansion).

I would have assumed it was some sort of time-hax shenanigans, judging by the way we were sequestered in our room until 3 PM, and that being the exact same time that was on Sakuya's watch when her time ran out.

Basically, time travel. While we were locked up in our room, Sakuya was helping us later in the day in a period of time where she was already dead.

This is, of course, just a theory.
>> No. 39091
[x] Ask for a hint.
[x] Visit the Voile Armory.

A glance was enough for me to notice that there was something different about Remilia. She wasn't smiling at all. The atmosphere was much heavier than before. I still had a number of different questions. So many things remained unclear. But before I could ask her, there was something that I had to do.

"Sorry about earlier," I said.


The vampire girl didn't answer. Instead, she just turned her attention back to her dessert. I lowered my head shamefully. That was really foolish. I felt like banging my head against the table. But I didn't in the fear of spilling the desserts. So I just held my head in my hands. I sighed. Hmm? Oh right, the desserts. Maybe something sweet would help me think. I slowly picked up the spoon to taste a bit of my fruit parfait.

"Hey, this isn't half bad.."

I continued assaulting the dessert with my tongue, greedily savoring the flavor. Distracted by the discovery of this delicious decadence, I almost failed to hear Remilia speak.

"It's good to see you too," she whispered.


"N-never mind," said the vampire. "Anyway, we should get back to business. Did you have any questions for me?"

I quickly swallowed the food in my mouth. Indeed, there was something that had bothered me for a while now.

"I've noticed that the rope and compass appeared last time. Did anyone else pay a price for them?"

Remilia didn't answer right away. She toyed with her dessert for a bit, as if in deep thought.

"I can't tell you the details," she said. "But let me say this: the rules aren't as simple as they seem. Despite what you might think, my position here isn't very powerful. In fact, I only have a view of the pieces on this side of the board."

"I see. Then how about these 'links' you mentioned? What do you suggest I do to build upon them when there is so little time?

This time, the vampire answered immediately.

"Make time!" she said. "That part is far more crucial than you can imagine!"

"A-alright," said I. "In any case, you mentioned a 'strategy'. Do you have something in mind?"

Remilia didn't look me in the eye this time. In fact, if I didn't know any better, I would have thought that she was glancing behind me. Huh? I turned around again, but there was no one there. And when I faced her again, she started talking as if nothing was odd.

"I'll explain that part later," she said. "Yes, I had better tell you right before you leave."

Suddenly, she took my hand. I knew what was coming.

"In a hurry, are we?" I said.

We were instantly transported to the Voile Armory. Though honestly, it would have been more apt to name this place the 'Voile Warehouse'. While there were some items of interest, most of these things seemed like old junk. Remilia gently tugged on my sleeve.

"Do you remember how this works? I'd hate to explain it all again."

"Yeah, I got the gist of it, I guess."

With that, I started walking around. There was an innumerable amount of things in this place. A few interesting weapons caught my eye, but like before, they didn't have any labels. I grinned to myself as I imagined walking out of this place with a crank-operated gatling gun. Yep. There was no doubt about it. That would have been damn awesome. But like many awesome things, the ones on display here weren't on sale.

I sighed loudly. By the time I completed my rounds, I only spotted a couple of new items that had labels. And none of them looked very unusual. Still, I felt that it would be a waste to walk out of here empty-handed.

What shall I take with me?
[ ] A length of rope. Its price is "Trust".
[ ] A crystal vial. Its price is "Restraint".
[ ] A small compass. Its price is "Time".
[ ] A ballpoint pen. Its price is "Accuracy".
[ ] A silver candlestick. Its price is "Calm".
[ ] I don't need any of this junk.
>> No. 39096
[x] A ballpoint pen. Its price is "Accuracy".
Hey if we won't need it to write stuff we can just stab someone in the eye with it...
>> No. 39097
>"It's good to see you too," she whispered.
Did we do or promise something to her. Or is it Flandre?

[x] I don't need any of this junk.
By my own Powers.
>> No. 39098
[X] A crystal vial. Its price is "Restraint".

If it were just the same items as before, I'd be inclined to go without them once again, but now I am just a little curious.
>> No. 39099
[x] A length of rope. Its price is "Trust".

Maybe just having this could save Koakuma.
>> No. 39103
[x] I don't need any of this junk.
-[x] "Thanks; I wanted to see what was available for in the future"

As it is, we can't exactly sacrifice much. And if we didn't leave Cirno alone for so long we'd have avoided that, but no you people had to do just about everything else!
>> No. 39107
This. I voted to go back every time. ž
Change my vote to
[x] I don't need any of this junk.
I only voted that for laughs anyway
>> No. 39110
I think giving up our restraint would be a bad thing, considering how close the MC came to doing some Fairy Raep.

But as it is, we're still trying to find out the bigger picture and ways to build some bonds, getting an item now would hinder that.

Though I wonder how one could even make time to do good enough bond building.

But the whole darkness influencing thing was evident with Cirno (we never did find out what happened with her in that run)
>> No. 39112
>considering how close the MC came to doing some Fairy Raep.
And that is bad...why?
>> No. 39113
[X] A length of rope. Its price is "Trust".
>I felt that it would be a waste to walk out of here empty-handed.

Might as well see what this does.
>> No. 39119
you're aware that less trust=harder time building bonds, right?
>> No. 39123
> You now realize that the rope can be used to render magical touhous helpless
> Debate on Faerie Raep
This cannot end well.
>> No. 39130
>Its price is "Trust".
Do you know what a high price Trust is? The last game was ok because Flandre did trust us and we her. Now imagine what would happen if no one trusts you.
>Fairy Raep.
Yes please. Flandre can hold down the fairy.
>> No. 39142
> Flandre
> Raep

Flan is now helping you capture and restrain each girl in the SDM as you violate them against their will. Preparing special scene where she uses Four of a Kind to hold down Sakuya, Remilia, Patchouli and Koakuma as you have a delicious nine way orgy with them all. Girls do their best now and are preparing. Please watch warmly until it is ready. In seven minutes.
>> No. 39143
[Q] A ballpoint pen. Its price is "Accuracy".

Somehow, I can't resist.
>> No. 39145


[X] A crystal vial. Its price is "Restraint".

>> No. 39146
[x] A crystal vial. Its price is "Restraint".
>> No. 39147
[x] I don't need any of this junk.
>> No. 39148
Just a thought, but do you suppose "restraint" would also factor in on the MC's tendency to accidentally blurt out whatever he's thinking?
>> No. 39151

And his slight (Most likely darkness-caused) tendency of raping fairies.

It's funny how perhaps the biggest obstacle to a good ending isn't anything in the story, but folks hell bent on sexing fairies one way or another.
>> No. 39152
"restraint" is just what it is. When you are angry and hold back in punching someone, or hold back in saying things that can't be taken back.
But it could also mean that if you like someone and can't go all out and confess or in a fight you don't attack and do nothing.

Everything that you would lose is pretty self explaining. Only Time i am not sure about. Maybe you have fewer time in your mission or just leave out some updates and miss things?
>> No. 39153
[x] A crystal vial. Its price is "Restraint".

Inside this vial is a date-rape drug.

I really want to see how this goes down. When confronted with something cute, WE MUST HUG IT.
>> No. 39154
[x] A crystal vial. Its price is "Restraint".
Or rape it depending on what it is.
>> No. 39156
[x] I don't need any of this junk.

People like you are ruining this story for the rest of us.
>> No. 39157
[X] A crystal vial. Its price is "Restraint".

These items can benefit the MC in some way.
>> No. 39158
>Its price is "Restraint".
>When confronted with something cute, WE MUST RAPE IT.
More like this.
>> No. 39159
I see losing restraint more getting us killed early than allowing us to rape something

ie we dont have enough restraint to properly tie her up before we begin

[Q] A ballpoint pen. Its price is "Accuracy".

we will use this in our normal way of staying on target, and things will work out
>> No. 39161

But at a major price, and seeing how some anons seem to think with only their dicks, we don't need any more hindrances.


Staying on target? What if we need to throw a knife at something or need to deduct something. Accuracy can mean more than one thing.

These items are best used when we know enough of the picture to figure out what we can do without, a point we have yet to reach. I don't even think some people here are taking this task seriously; too busy thinking about fairy pussy.

Is this what happens when GH went on Hiatus? If these dickheads are indeed Flandre fans, they shame us all. This is coming from a Flandre fan himself, so it's not a good sign.

Or is it a result of summer, a time where all imageboards seem to take a sizable average IQ hit.
>> No. 39162
Just so long as the compass isn't chosen, I'd think. Considering Remi's comment about how time is important, the fact that that's what the price of it is would likely only hinder.
>> No. 39163
A silver candlestick. Its price is "Calm".
I personally think everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If they don't want to be serious that is their choice. It's called being human but I digress.
Regardless the loss of "calm" may imply that the MC's flight-or-fight reaction would be more effective and being calm at times can also hinder you.
>> No. 39164
To continue what I was saying if people don't get it. A person who's no longer calm generally will continue to search a "empty" room hoping to find something which may uncover more clues.
>> No. 39165
The Compass would be best saved for when direction is more important than time.

>[ ] A length of rope. Its price is "Trust".
useful item, but trust is a major price to pay, considering one of our goals is making bonds. Our relative success last time was due to trust.

>[ ] A crystal vial. Its price is "Restraint".
Dunno what's in it, but it should be good if restraint is our price. It is what's keeping us from going along into the darkness. I think it's this trait that's up there with trust and time.

>[ ] A small compass. Its price is "Time".
Powerful relic, but with a major price.

>[ ] A ballpoint pen. Its price is "Accuracy".
with the zun-vague wording, who knows how badly that'll affect us. Don't have an idea how it'd even be useful at all.

>[ ] A silver candlestick. Its price is "Calm".
I recognized this from the first run, though Calm is very valuable when shit starts going down. Not sure on its use.

Stuff like assuming a writer is 'insert famed writefag here', going against the author's direct, etc. That stuff results in people leaving. Though this author has my condolences for what he has to put up with.
>> No. 39166
[x] A ballpoint pen. Its price is "Accuracy".

I see we'll be writing for Bunbunmaru.
>> No. 39172
[x] A silver candlestick. Its price is "Calm".

-We've had this before.
-We "didn't know" we had it.
-We did not have this last time.
-We should first figure out what the exact function of these items is... like the changes it brings to the game, what the price really is and determining exactly what it is

We should take this again, then maybe change to another item or go without any items again.

I believe this is going to let us figure out what we have to do faster than randomly picking items or being tsundere about it every time.
>> No. 39174
Calling it.
[x] A crystal vial. Its price is "Restraint".

I see what you did there.
>> No. 39176
Calm down. We don't need any of these items being put on a black list just because they're being chosen for the wrong reasons.

Restraint could mean anything, and anything (or nothing) could be in that vial. For all we know it's poison, and might help taking out whoever plans on attacking the mansion, or us. It could also be a cure, should someone else be poisoned. Maybe it's a fucking liquid teleportation spell, or even nitroglycerin goddamn.

Quite frankly, whatever it is, I'd rather not have it in someone else's hands (although our own are pretty bad as well).

It hurt Koakuma, so it might help stave off the beasties that are prowling the mansion, should we run into any more next play through, that is.
>> No. 39177
>>39159 here

changing vote to [X] I don't need any of this junk.
>> No. 39178
File 127696034883.jpg - (74.39KB , 850x680 , remilia.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] A crystal vial. Its price is "Restraint".

"Glad to see that you are taking it a bit more seriously this time."

"I really don't think I'll need it," I said. "But I guess that doing something different won't hurt."

"So what did you pick out?"

I showed Remilia what I had in my hand. It was a small crystal vial. Even if it was empty right now, I felt like this item may be of use. Its price was "Restraint", and that wasn't an easy thing to give up. There must be something special about it. And besides, purchasing a little insurance wasn't against the rules.

"Interesting choice. I wonder what you'll choose to put in it?"

"Eh? Isn't it against the rules to explain what this does?"

"Not if I only give hints," she said. "And here is one you should take to heart: don't break that vial unless you really must. It'll only crash once, after all."


"If you don't get it now, don't worry. You'll understand when the time comes. But for now, it's my turn to play seriously. Follow me."

The vampire led me to the other side of the armory. Wait a second, this place was familiar. I passed here several times before, hoping that something would be labelled. This was the firearms section of the Voile Armory. On display were a number of old guns and cannons. Most of them seemed to be in working condition. But when I checked, there wasn't anything I could take here.

"Umm.. Remilia?"

"Don't disturb me. I'm trying to decide."

She started walking around on her own, examining the different guns. I watched silently until she finally stopped. Something had clearly caught her eye. Remilia nodded to herself and picked up an odd weapon. It flashed bright red as she took it. Then, she put it in my hands.

"That is a sawed-off Winchester M-1894. It can hold five rounds. You should have no trouble using it indoors."

It came with a shoulder holster that I could sling across my shoulder. Next, she handed me a heavy metal box.

"Those are custom-made silver-tipped bullets. They are capable of heavy damage against most types of youkai."

I stared at her with mouth agape.

"You are giving me a weapon?"

Remilia gave me a grim smile.

"This is called strategy," she said. "Besides, it won't do me any good if you die right away."

The gun felt heavy in my hands. I was no expert, but I knew that this was a very dangerous thing to carry.

"Just be careful when aiming that thing. It can hurt vampires too, you know."

"Wait, what?"

"And now that we're done here.."

The vampire stepped forward and took my head. In an instant, we found ourself in the pure white room once more. A familiar door stood a few feet away. I glanced at Remilia. Like last time, she pulled out a large metal key ring from her dress.

"Only one 'gate' is open to you right now, so make the most out of it."

She handed me a small brass key. If I recalled correctly, this goes to the greenhouse.

"Thanks for everything," I said. "Is there anything else you can tell me before I go?"

Remilia paused for a moment.

"Don't give up."

With that, I headed toward the door, key in hand. I turned the handle and stepped forward into Gensokyo once more. Remilia watched until the door closed behind me. And when she was sure that I had left, she sighed to herself and vanished.


Remilia Scarlet reappeared in the gardens. She sat down for a moment and drank a bit of tea to calm herself down. And after she had prepared herself, she stood up and muttered a spell command under her breath. A dangerously sharp spear materialized in her hands. Then, she finally turned to face the unwelcome intruder that had been watching them from the shadows.

[ ] "Heaven's Punishment 「Star of David」"
[ ] "Dark Sign, 「Scarlet Netherworld」"
[ ] "Curse, 「Curse of Vlad Tepes」"
>> No. 39180
[Q] Curse "Curse of Vlad Tepes"

I think this one's the strongest.
>> No. 39181
[X] "Dark Sign, 「Scarlet Netherworld」"

So, yeah. Accuracy.
Probably good that we kept that.
>> No. 39182
[x] "Curse, 「Curse of Vlad Tepes」"
Can't resist.
>> No. 39183
>That is a sawed-off Winchester M-1894
Umineko referance? Good pick...

I'll leave this one to you guys... I don't have a favorite Remi spellcard
>> No. 39185
[x] "Heaven's Punishment 「Star of David」"

>"Not if I only give hints," she said. "And here is one you should take to heart: don't break that vial unless you really must. It'll only crash once, after all."

We can Hydro Storm now? Cool.
>> No. 39188
Oh man oh man. What to choose.

[x] "Dark Sign, 「Scarlet Netherworld」"

It fits the scenery so well.
>> No. 39191
You forgot how some people here seem far more interested in nailing some fairy (That's what EZ Mode's story is for) than getting to the bottom of this. They'd most likely sabotage a run just for a chance.

Look what happened the last run because they were far more interested in going after Flandre; Cirno got out and escalated events.
>> No. 39194
>>Look what happened the last run because they were far more interested in going after Flandre;

Flandre actually survived, and we managed to get an ending that didn't entail the last thing we saw being someone holding our organs in her hands. Not seeing the problem, here.

>>Cirno got out and escalated events.

Assuming that even really was Cirno, whether or not something we did or didn't do resulted in her disappearance is irrelevant. Events were going to escalate no matter what we did, just as they're going to escalate no matter what we do now.

What matters is making the most of what little time we have before the shit hits the fan, and then do what we can to help someone else survive.
>> No. 39195

That was unnecessarily inflammatory, and largely inaccurate. Stop posting such remarks. They're to the detriment of readers and writer alike, and morever add nothing to the story itself. You know better than this. Or should.

[x] "Dark Sign, 「Scarlet Netherworld」"

This feels right to me.
>> No. 39198
>Look what happened the last run because they were far more interested in going after Flandre; Cirno got out and escalated events.

First, the last run went relatively well, and second, we have no evidence that Cirno had anything to do with anything.

[x] "Heaven's Punishment 「Star of David」"

We'll have to trust in the vampire that lack of restraint goes well with vampire-dispatching firearms.
>> No. 39200
[x] "Heaven's Punishment 「Star of David」"
>> No. 39205
[ ] "Dark Sign, 「Scarlet Netherworld」"

A sawed-off Winchester eh? I would have prefered a Evans Repeater if we're sticking to the wild west era.
>> No. 39206
>> No. 39210
I might have missed the mark, but I think if we checked on Cirno sooner we could have saved Koakuma.

But the one thing that's certain is people who are far more interested in the wrong things voting here. Look at the remarks like >>39153 and >>39154 .

I think one of the points is to have some focus but not tunnel vision.
>> No. 39213
You kinda missed the whole point of that post, didn't you?

Whether they want it or not, does not mean they'll necessarily get it. Sure, they may try. I'm saying regardless of whatever the vial does, don't put a ban on it just because of stupid crap like that. You have no idea of it's real use. It could be so far from perversion that whatever plot-twisting paradox it causes could be seen as holy and chaste.

Being the poster of >>39153 I'd like to say that while I have serious intentions, need not post seriously so that people like you can feel better about a damn vote before the story has even begun. Do I always need to have my game-face on? Does this CYOA not come with a pause button so I can go microwave a burrito?

Have a breather; learn to take a joke. Your face will get stuck if you keep scowling like that.
>> No. 39214
I wasn't saying putting a ban, but having a better reason for paying such a price like "restraint" than "Rape" (Lack of restraint could very easily lead to that)

Generally going against the flow of the story never results in good things. Has the past taught us nothing? You'd think /sdm/ of all place would know well seeing what happened with HY's Fairy Maid A few moments of vigilance prevents a week's worth of disaster.

[x] "Heaven's Punishment 「Star of David」"

Sounds like a good way to start out.
>> No. 39215
[X] "Heaven's Punishment 「Star of David」"

I think the golems from before we ended the last run was from the same one(s) who attacked the SDM.

> ???: "It doesn't matter how many times you bring back your pieces back to the board Remilia, We will simply remove them again. Gensokyo. Will. Die."
>> No. 39216
It could lead to that, yes. It could also save our, or someone else's ass from being ripped off.

We'll have to be mildly cautious to make sure we're not going to hurt any of our relationships, but the price is rather small when it comes to having something that could help us receive a better end.

The loss of restraint does not mean the loss of common sense, after all. You may feel the burning desire to hug someone you like, but not force them to have sex with you.
>> No. 39220
But in the last run, the MC had passing thoughts of raping Cirno. Who knows how that'd go sans the restraint. And I think that bit was caused by the latent darkness going around. Common sense is a type of restraint for strong impulses.

All we know about the Vial is that we can crash it once, not much information at all to go on. The potential of a disastrous accidental misuse is HIGH. I wouldn't be worried if the whole voting body was serious about this, but with the easily sidetracked fairyphiles... I do have decent cause to worry.

But on the bright side we do have a gun now, that we do know how to use.
>> No. 39223
Enter Sakuya. And anon wanted to bring her back to our room. Besides, that was more mental torture since she was there to cause mischief. Do you really have cause to worry?

Again, we have no idea what this vial does or if it has anything to do with being a fairy rapist. We're not going to break it on Cirno's head should we even run into her again. The original thought was pouring out what's in it, not breaking it. By the way, it's fucking empty, as Remilia hinted at. Even the perverts know well enough what "one-use" means, and a Bad End here means going back to hell. There's no room for fuck-ups.

But who cares about the fairy if it really is some sort of rape drug? We have an entire mansion full of main characters the fans would just love to fuck. Cirno who? You said delicious Flan, right? Here comes the shitstorm.

Believe me, with the chance of fighting occurring over who we rape, it has nothing to do with rape at all. Unless the writer is actually Taisa and is looking for another dose of reader drama.
>> No. 39236
Calling it.
[x] "Heaven's Punishment 「Star of David」"
>> No. 39240
[x] "Heaven's Punishment 「Star of David」"

Remilia stood up and stared carefully at the grounds. Now that he had safely returned, it was time to face the intruder. A foreign presence had been watching them from the beginning. And even now it remained in this place, violating her territory. The infamous 'Scarlet Devil ' would not stand for this.

"Now, be obedient," she declared. "If you surrender yourself, I'll kill you quickly and only once."

It was only for a moment, but a hooded figure moved behind one of the trees. Ah! So that was where it was hiding. The vampire pulled out a spell card from her dress. She smiled darkly as she prepared the spell. After all, she preferred crushing her opponents with her own power. Especially when they openly mocked her like this.

"Heaven's Punishment 「Star of David」!"

A huge array of red lasers shot out from her hands, slicing the well-kept garden into pieces within seconds. The beams of light bent and swerved, and wherever they intersected, a great explosion of energy was released. Soon, the grounds were in ruins. But she did not stop. The vampire laughed in excitement as she continued her barrage. A few of the lasers even shot out into the inverted ocean above, causing violent waves. The red sky moaned eerily, as if it was in pain. And when her spell card was finally over, everything around her was in complete ruins. Nothing was left standing.

"What a fool to enter the Devil's lair uninvited! But it seems like I went a bit overboard. There isn't even enough left to make hamburgers. How weak and pathetic! Kyahahahahahahaha!"

She didn't even have to use a second spell card. Perhaps she had overestimated her opponent. There was no one who could stand against her within this place, after all. Absolutely no one! She laughed loudly once more, in a less than elegant manner. It was only after she had calmed down that she noticed something wrong.


Remilia checked again. It was gone! She looked around her, but it was nowhere in sight. Her hat had gone missing. How? Did she lose it during the spell card trance? Impossible! But where could it be?

"W-w-what the... where did it.. ah!?"

As if on cue, a strange purple door appeared nearby. 'It was most certainly not there before,' she thought. Then, the handle turned and someone stepped out.

"What a rude greeting," said the stranger. "You could have damaged my robes back there."

Before Remilia stood a man wearing thick grey robes that reached his ankles. He held a long wooden walking stick in his hands, and his face remained hidden by a hood. She felt an unfamiliar power from this person, but immediately recognized him as a high level magician.

"You survived that attack?"

She raised the Gungnir toward the intruder threateningly.

"Perhaps I should use something more powerful this time..."

The man in grey shook his head and gave her a smile.

"No need for such violence. I did not come here to fight."

He raised his hand and snapped his fingers. Suddenly, the ground before him began to turn green with fresh grass. Trees and bushes sprouted from the ground and flowers bloomed. Remilia watched in awe as the stranger completely restored the gardens within seconds.

"You can manipulate the material within my territory? T-that shouldn't be possible!"

"It isn't," replied the man. "What I just demonstrated was nothing short of a miracle."

She couldn't help but take a step back.

"Who are you? Why did you come to this place?"

"Don't worry. I don't intend to interfere. I am only here as an observer."

The stranger giggled at Remilia's unease.

"As for who I am," he said. "It wouldn't matter. You wouldn't recognize my true name even if I told you. It has not yet become relevant to this side of the board. For now, just think of me as a simple traveller in grey."

Without saying another word, the stranger walked up to the tea table and took a seat. With a snap of his fingers, he conjured himself a hot cup of tea.

"Hey wait!" cried Remilia. "W-what the hell are you doing? Don't just invite yourself to my party!"

He turned to the vampire and snapped his fingers once more. And out popped Remilia's hat, landing safely upon her head.

"You can call me Hansel."

[ ] A cheerful song
[ ] A peaceful song
[ ] A romantic song
>> No. 39241
[x] A cheerful song
>You can call me Hansel.
Is that you Father?
>> No. 39242
[x] A romantic song

I'm a sucker for romance, and because that and guns go so well together.
>> No. 39243
[x] A romantic song
>> No. 39248
[x] A peaceful song
>> No. 39250
[x] A romantic song
>> No. 39253
[x] A peaceful song
Peace please. We need no more enemies, whether they're smiling as they try to kill us or just being yandere.
>> No. 39254
[X] A romantic song
>> No. 39271
Calling it early since I have free time.
[x] A romantic song
>> No. 39273

>> No. 39274
File 127709095235.jpg - (99.26KB , 1273x716 , Ange.jpg ) [iqdb]
>There isn't even enough left to make hamburgers.
>> No. 39276
File 127709186037.jpg - (87.72KB , 750x1125 , mystia.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] A romantic song

Two figures flying under moonlight~♪
Human and Youkai, meeting in secret~♪
What stories do they tell at night~♪
Tales that make this girl's chest feel tight~♪

I just want to sing a tender song~♪
Hug me? Hug me? Only if you listen~♪
I just want to sing a tender song~♪
Kiss me? Kiss me? Only if you listen~♪

You can't see beyond this stand~♪
I'm just a night bird, singing in the darkness~♪
Blinded and lost, just hold my hand~♪
Close your eyes, listen as I whisper softly and~♪

I'll be your night bird, only for you~♪
But only if you listen~♪

I clapped politely for Mystia, and the gateguard beside me cheered loudly. The stand owner blushed a little at the applause. The mood was pretty good this evening. Since we were the last customers here, she said she would sing something for us as 'special service'. Well, it wasn't really unusual for her to sing while working, but even I thought that her last song was surprisingly good. Either that or the alcohol was starting to get to me. Still good fun, though.

"You have a great voice, Mystia," I said. "Why don't you perform at the village one of these days? With a voice like that, you could easily become a big hit."

"R-really? But the humans there get angry whenever I sing~"

"Maybe you should stop making them night-blind, then?"

The sparrow girl stuck out her tongue and winked. She was still a youkai at heart.

"Red in the night, kidnap some humans~"

We were interrupted by the loud clatter of a drinking cup.

"One more," cried Meiling. "Give me one more!"

"Eh? Haven't you had enough?" I said. "You already had quite a few and -"

The gate guard narrowed her eyes at me.

"I said that I'm not finished yet," she grumbled.

"Alright, here's another for our favored regular~"

I apologized silently as Mystia poured another drink for Meiling. The sparrow girl was starting to look tired, but she still managed to smile for her customers. 'This was going to be a really long night,' I thought to myself. And sure enough, we stayed there for quite some time. It was only when the gate guard finally passed out that we stopped.

"Are you sure that you can get back safely? I can go with you, if you like~"

"We'll be fine," I said. "You've done more than enough. Thanks, Mystia."

With that, I started going down the path carrying the unconscious gate guard on my back. Truth be told, I was a bit tipsy myself. It didn't help that I was carrying a heavy sawed-off rifle across my shoulder. And Meiling wasn't exactly that light. After a few minutes of walking, I found that I was starting to get pretty tired. Ugh, not good. It looked like I had no choice but find a place where we could stay the night. Someplace close.

Three roads diverged in a wood, and we took the one that led to...
[ ] The Human Village.
[ ] The Antique Store - Kourindou.
[ ] The Bamboo Forest of the Lost.
>> No. 39277
[x] The Human Village.

Always a nice bet. Though I wonder who the heroine of this is; either Sakuya or Meiling.
>> No. 39278
[x] The Human Village.
The door was to the greenhouse where we met Meiling before and we're with her now. Safe bet is that she is the heroine this time. "Endless Silver" does sound Sakuya-ish though.
>> No. 39279
[x] The Bamboo Forest of the Lost.
Just realized he didnt put Eientei. Mokou?
>> No. 39281
Thinking on it, Dragon Princess could have easily gone towards Flan or Meiling, though in reality it refered to the tale the MC was reading Flan.
>> No. 39282
[x] The Bamboo Forest of the Lost.
>> No. 39283
[x] The Bamboo Forest of the Lost.

The village (and Keine) seem like the most logical choice, but I'm genuinely curious to see what this brings about.
>> No. 39285
[x] The Antique Store - Kourindou.
>> No. 39292
[x] The Human Village.
Safety first...
>> No. 39294
[x] The Bamboo Forest of the Lost.
>> No. 39295
[X] The Antique Store - Kourindou.
>> No. 39298
[x] The Human Village.
>> No. 39318
[x] The Bamboo Forest of the Lost.
>> No. 39332
Calling it.
[x] The Bamboo Forest of the Lost.

You took the one less traveled by,
And that might make all the difference.

>> No. 39336
File 127721322190.jpg - (83.15KB , 724x640 , mokou.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] The Bamboo Forest of the Lost.

"This was a really bad idea."

Here I was, exhausted and tired. I had been carrying an unconscious girl on my back, and while it was pleasant for a short while, the novelty soon wore off. I had been walking for what had been almost an hour, and I was well aware that the footpath had vanished several minutes ago. Backtracking was useless. The bamboo forest looked the same from every direction. I couldn't find anything that I could use as a landmark.

"Stupid bamboo forest," I grumbled "How am I supposed to get through this place without getting lost!?"

Oh, right. This place was named the 'Bamboo Forest of the Lost', wasn't it? Now that I thought about it, I hadn't seen any clearings ever since I set foot in this place. To make things worse, the bamboo seemed to grow in strange directions, making it impossible to navigate. Even if I tried heading straight back where I came from, I only ended up making several twists and turns. And that wasn't the worst part.

I was pretty damn sure that we were being followed. It was only for a second, but I saw something move from the side of my eye. No, that wasn't right. I saw several things moving behind us. This couldn't possibly mean anything good. I swallowed nervously as I stepped through the thicket.

"Hey," I whispered. "A little help here?"

"T-that tickles, Sakuya-nyan! Ehehe..."

"Umm, Meiling?"


Ugh, damn. Meiling was completely out of it. I nudged her several more times, but she just continued mumbling stupid things in her sleep. The gate guard was completely unaware of our current predicament. And during the worst time, too. I sighed loudly.

After finding the closest thing to a small clearing, I gently put the gate guard down. She continued sleeping soundly, as if the hard ground was a comfy bed. I tried shaking her and calling out loudly, but it was no use. Meiling must have drank too much. Clearly, I couldn't count on her tonight.


Well, I didn't have the heart to blame this on her. After all, it was my 'brilliant' idea to seek shelter in the Bamboo Forest. Now that I thought about it, I never visited Eientei by foot before. And we were travelling at night time. Yep, this must rank pretty high among the 'Top ways to get yourself killed in Gensokyo'.

Too bad I didn't plan on dying tonight.

Very slowly, I pulled out my rifle from the shoulder holster. Then, I turned around and aimed carefully into the bamboo stalks behind us. It was very faint, but I saw the tiniest glow of red eyes in the distance. 'Good thing I kept this gun loaded,' I thought.


A loud screech echoed in the forest. The silhouette of the creature became clear as it flapped its wings. A giant beast crow? I quickly prepared to take another shot. The creature was soaring straight for my head with its claws.


The fourth shot connected with the creatures head, and it finally fell down and stopped moving. I kept the gun on the crow until I was sure that it was a corpse. Then, I sighed in relief. Looking at it closer, the bird was large enough to swoop down and carry away a full-grown cow from the Human Village. A damn dangerous beast indeed.

"Zzzz... Munya~"


I glanced at Meiling. She managed to sleep through all of that? Unbelievable! This was getting ridiculous. If more of those things came and attacked, we'd be in real trouble -

"Caw! Caw! Caw!"

Like right now, apparently. I looked up to see several giant crows circling us from above. None of them looked any smaller than the one I just killed.

"Ah, shit."

I reloaded the rifle as quickly as I could. And as I raised it up at them, I saw that they were already swooping down at us. There were too many. I knew that at heart. But still, I didn't run. Instead, I aimed at the closest one and fired.


Got one in the wing. It swerved and crashed into the bamboo stalks.


Hit another one in the beak. That looked painful.


And with that, I was out of ammo. There wasn't enough time to reload, so I changed my grip on the rifle to swing it like a club. It was probably a futile effort, but I wasn't going to die here without a fight.

"Damn," I muttered.

Just then, I felt like giving Gensokyo the finger and a big 'fuck you'. Facing a bad end like this without warning? Well, shit! I closed my eyes, tightened my grip on the rifle and rushed forward, hoping that I could club the brains out of one of those things before they tore me apart.

"... wait, what?"

It took me a couple of minutes to realize that something was off. First, I wasn't dead or in extreme pain. Second, I didn't hit anything as I swung the rifle. Third, something smelled like grilled chicken. I slowly opened my eyes.

"You have guts, facing those beast crows like that."

A girl stood before me with fiery red eyes and light violet hair that reached her ankles. She wore a discolored brown shirt and a pair of red overalls that had a number of paper charms on them. Her hair was tied with those same charms. 'Such an odd costume', I thought.

Then, I looked around the area. Several charred crow corpses littered the area. Some bamboo stalks looked burnt as well, though none were on fire. I immediately realized that this girl was very dangerous.

"So then," she said. "Where are you two idiots headed this late at night?"

I frowned at the newcomer.
[ ] "We are heading to Eientei."
[ ] "We need a place to stay."
[ ] "We got lost in the forest."
[ ] "We aren't telling you."
[ ] "We don't need your help."
[ ] "We are here to murder you."
>> No. 39337
[X] "We need a place to stay."
>> No. 39339
[x] "We are here to murder you."
>> No. 39341
[~] "We got lost in the forest."
>> No. 39342
Brilliant... I aplaud you sir.

[x] "We need a place to stay."
[x] "We got lost in the forest."
Only sensible anwser and the first one only applies with OOC knowledge.

>After all, it was my 'brilliant' idea to seek shelter in the Bamboo Forest. Now that I thought about it, I never visited Eientei by foot before. And we were travelling at night time. Yep, this must rank pretty high among the 'Top ways to get yourself killed in Gensokyo'.
Yep... that's what happens when you have a bunch of bird brain anons voting for shit that they know nobody in their life would do because it would get them killed, just because they have OOC knowledge. Pretty fucking stupid and it makes the story boring since we ALL know what's going to happen anyway. You should've just killed us. Lesson yet to be learned here.
>> No. 39346
>[ ] "We are heading to Eientei."
>[ ] "We are here to murder you."

These are all varying degrees of "we need help" to "fuck you". This list is ass-backwards from my perspective, though. Announcing the top would probably get us killed or abandoned and announcing the bottom would score us friend-points. If we're to take into account Mokou's usual thought-process, that is. Friend of the moon bitch, or just a really crazy/brave guy?

[x] "We are here to murder you."

Could we die two choices in? I don't believe so, and I hope I'm right. Either way, it's too interesting to pass up. BALLS OF STEEL.
>> No. 39347
[x] "We are here to murder you."
-[x] "...or die tryin'."

This could work a few different ways: Mokou could call bullshit on us, she could just criticize us for even attempting since she doesn't die when she's killed and end up taking us to Eientei or the Human Village anyway thinking we're delusional, or...she could just kill us right there.

Either way, all choices work out. Getting killed just means we might get the chance to fix what appears to be another of Anon's brilliant voting plans.


>> No. 39348
Canonically she does guide folks to Eientei.
If we get killed now, it'd be game over.

[x] "We need a place to stay."

Seesh I really do feel sorry for the author, first fairyphiles now morons.
>> No. 39351
[x] "We need a place to stay."
[x] "We got lost in the forest."

Really, people? Really? I admit that the BAD ENDs can be amusing, but to deliberately aim for one...
>> No. 39353
It was the same kind of thinking that got Reina bad ended in RiG, resulting in a subconscious trauma that lingers. And they seem to forgot that Remilia said about building bonds being a way back out from the metascape. So if we die this early, there will be no continues.

Also I voted for the village, a sensible choice as opposed to going for a place that people get lost in without a guide.
>> No. 39354
File 127724227913.jpg - (238.76KB , 800x600 , unamused_pumpkin.jpg ) [iqdb]
I...don't think our MC is an emo faggot like that. We pretty much just respawned and some of you WANT to die again? Really?


[x] "We need a place to stay."
[x] "We got lost in the forest."

I think we're supposed to correct the shit that went wrong the first time around, not fuck ourselves up even more. I'm rather disappointed in those Anon who don't seem to get the picture.

Pun unintended
>> No. 39359
They're too used to typical "unlimited continue" stories where they can be dumbasses all they want and not lose much for it. (The same can't be said of the writer who ends up wasting time never progressing in the story due to Anon's stupidity.

There's a group of Anon here that has serious problems focusing on the task at hand, and being more concerned with herp derp Misadventures. "Do the Right Thing" is that kind of story, where you can and are kinda encourage to do stupid shit.

>I think we're supposed to correct the shit that went wrong the first time around, not fuck ourselves up even more.

Exactly, that's our goal as to have this incident end up a purely positive note, not "everyone dies" nor "MC and Flan live, but the latter without her memories"
>> No. 39361
>>I think we're supposed to correct the shit that went wrong the first time around, not fuck ourselves up even more.

I think, rather than trying to correct things, we're still at the phase where all we really can do is survive to the end, bringing as many others as we can with us, and hopefully develop a better idea of the full picture.
>> No. 39362
>>I think, rather than trying to correct things, we're still at the phase where all we really can do is survive to the end, bringing as many others as we can with us, and hopefully develop a better idea of the full picture.

That's rather the sentiment of the last few posts here. Survive, and help others survive. If you're going to dick around, at least keep it within that framework.

At the very least we may not know HOW to fix things, but making them worse in an iteration is just shooting ourselves in the foot in the long run. The more people we save, the more we can find out from them what happened from their perspectives.
>> No. 39363
Still, doing retarded ass shit goes against even that.
>> No. 39364
>You took the one less traveled by, and that might make all the difference.
So the OP says. We haven't had such stupid/obvious death choices up until now, and so soon at that. I really don't think this will kill us.

Not necessarily. We've completed the other play-throughs. Who's to say a normal bad end would send us back?

Deliberately aiming for a bad end has happened many times before.
>> No. 39373
Actually we died the first run, though I'm not sure if that could have been avoided or not, but it's better not to take chances.
>> No. 39399
Calling it.
[x] "We need a place to stay."
>> No. 39401

>> No. 39402
Thank god...at the very least this is probably not going to get us killed...
>> No. 39405

Well to be fair, a lot of people didn't see that one coming. That first death a la Rumia was pretty unexpected. And when you're given the choice of the infamous lake or the forest by yourself...the main path did seem like a better option at the time.
>> No. 39406
I'm pretty sure it couldn't have been avoided. It was the start of the whole thing and we were clueless. We were on a bee-line right for the grave. It turned into a game from there.
>> No. 39410
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