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37745 No. 37745
[x] Flandre
[x] I trust her completely.

"Flandre? May I come in? It's me."

I knocked a few times before pushing the door open. The little sister was on her bed, lying on her stomach. She held a thick book in her hands under a nearby reading lamp. It looked like something she picked out only recently. As I closed the door shut behind me, her wings flapped a bit. The sound of her gems echoed in the room. But she didn't turn around. Instead, she just flipped to the next page.

"Umm, Flan?"

"Give me two and a half minutes," she said.

She didn't even glance at me as she spoke. Well, at least she acknowledged my presence. I approached her and took a seat at the side of her bed. From here, I couldn't see exactly what she was reading, but I could tell from her eyes that she was taking it very seriously. Did she pick up a new book from the Voile library? Hmm. In any case, that wasn't my concern right now. I waited patiently until she finally put down her book. Then, I glanced at my watch. Indeed, exactly two minutes and thirty seconds had passed.

"Sorry about that," she said, turning to me. "This one is a good read. Maybe I'll lend to you after I'm done, ehehe~"

"Is that so? Well, I look forward to it."

Flandre stared at me quietly for a while. She had a smile on her face, but her eyes didn't match it. Seemed like she was carefully examining my face. Did she notice my unease? I cleared my throat nervously. It wasn't like I was going to hide anything from her, but at times like these, I felt like she was reading me like an open book. Yes, I was sure that she had seen something. And she got straight to the point when she finally spoke.

"What's wrong?" she asked. "Your movements are off-beat. Stomach trouble?"

I sighed heavily as I formed the words in my head.

"Well, how do I explain this..."

I told her everything I could recall from when I discovered Cirno in the kitchen up to the time I finally returned to my room this afternoon. Flandre remained quiet for the most part, only asking questions about certain details. She asked things like, 'What time was it when you got to the kitchen?', 'Did you meet anyone besides Sakuya on the way to the library?', and 'When did you put your room key in your pocket?'. Those were the normal questions, anyway. She also asked a few really strange ones, like 'Was her dress damp when you first found her?', 'Did you take the knives from the top going down, or the other way around?', and 'Was the door handle warm to the touch when you got back?'. Of course, I had no idea how to answer those. And by the time I finally finished, I realized that it took almost half an hour describing the case to her.

"I see," she said. "A very strange taste for this season, isn't it?"

"Hey, Flan?"

There was something else that bothered me. I took a moment to clear my throat before I spoke.

"This whole time I've been talking," said I. "Not once did you blame me for acting stupid or perverted. You didn't ask if I might be imagining things or taking strange substances. And neither did you question if I had any evidence, or if I was even telling the truth. Why is that?"

She looked up at me, surprised.

"Are you stupid or something," Flandre said. "Isn't it obvious?"


"I trust you. Why would I need proof? Isn't it normal to believe in your friends?"

She said it all without any hesitation. I wasn't sure how to react to this. But for some reason, I felt something tighten in my chest. Then, she nodded to herself and stood up from the bed.

"This seems interesting, so I'll help," said Flandre. "The next move must be made quickly. This is enough talk for now. You should head back upstairs."

"Eh? Why?"

The little sister turned around and gave me a sly smile.

"'I've already decided," she said. "I'll be joining you at the dinner table tonight."

[ ] "This is a bad idea, Flan."
[ ] "I understand. Be careful, though."
[ ] "A dangerous move. Let's go together."

>> No. 37747
>"'I've already decided," she said. "I'll be joining you at the dinner table tonight."
Flandre has joined as the detective. Incoming awesome.
Damn, i feel like reading Agatha Christie again.

[x] "I understand. Be careful, though."
>I trust you. Why would I need proof?
She trusts us completely so we trust her completely.
>> No. 37748
[ø] "A dangerous move. Let's go together."

Bad internet or not, thanks for the awesome and quick updates.
>> No. 37751
>"I trust you. Why would I need proof? Isn't it normal to believe in your friends?"



[x] "I understand. Be careful, though."
>> No. 37753
[X] "I understand. Be careful, though."

This...this Flan! Oh, dear. It seems I have passed out due to a severe case of diabetes.
>> No. 37756
[X] "A dangerous move. Let's go together."

Is it me, or does bad things happen when we leave someone alone?
>> No. 37757
[X] "A dangerous move. Let's go together."
>> No. 37761
[X] "I understand. Be careful, though."

This seems okay
>> No. 37762
[X] "A dangerous move. Let's go together."
>> No. 37770
[X] "A dangerous move. Let's go together."
>> No. 37771
[x] "I understand. Be careful, though."

Always trust Flan.
>> No. 37772
[X] "A dangerous move. Let's go together."
I trust her even less after this update. I blame seacats.

Sheeps and Wolves man, sheeps and wolves.
>> No. 37773
[X] "I understand. Be careful, though."

If we trust her enough to tell her everything that happened (and almost happened) with Cirno, the least we can do to follow that up is to trust in whatever plan she seems to have already.

Besides, last time the shit didn't hit the fan until after dinner, so things should be relatively safe up to that point.

Just be sure we're not late to the table, okay?
>> No. 37777
>I trust her even less after this update. I blame seacats.
Suddenly Episode 3.
Flandre could pull it off. In this story she is not just some little girl with a split personalities. Just reading her reaction and behavior in the last update makes you shudder.

This Flandre scares me. Not because she is Flandre and can turn you into dust in a split second but because she is dangerously intelligent and could troll you better than Bernkastel or Beatrice could ever do.

Well, i am not saying that she will do these things or something. I am sure we can trust her and only wants our best. But just saying.
>> No. 37779
[x] "I understand. Be careful, though."

Detective Flandre is on the case.

I expect a large magnifying glass in the future.
>> No. 37781
I choose the "go together" choice not so much due to doubt, but due to the chance of something happening to her while we wait.
>> No. 37799
[x] "I understand. Be careful, though."
>> No. 37813
File 127476141166.jpg - (300.87KB , 1024x1280 , small_flan.jpg ) [iqdb]
Update will be delayed due to RL.

No particular hints for now.

Have a Flan.
>> No. 37815
>Update will be delayed due to RL.

Just like old times
>> No. 37817
[x] "I understand. Be careful, though."

WOW I like her... If anyone lives through "that" this time I give my vote to Flan
>> No. 37829
[x] "I understand. Be careful, though."

Once again, I found myself walking aimlessly around the hallways. Flandre told me to wait upstairs until dinner time, and I had a feeling that she wanted to move on her own for a while. One half of me wondered at what the little sister was plotting, while the other half preferred not to know. Perhaps it was safer if I just followed her instructions and waited patiently.

That said, I was currently in one of the lesser used areas of the mansion. Most of the rooms here were sealed, but I found the paintings in this area quite interesting. There were several large portraits here, none of which I recognized. A well-built old man in a regal battle uniform, longsword in hand. A golden-haired maiden wearing an exquisite dress with the Scarlet family crest. A young boy playing with a bunch of glass marbles. A small girl napping peacefully in the grass. It was like walking through a museum, and a large one at that.

I paused before one of the largest paintings. It was a picture of a young man standing beside the Mansion's clock tower. He had a cold expression upon his face, but that wasn't the odd part. The upper left side of his chest was transparent, as if it was made of glass. And in the place where his heart should be was a complex series of mechanical gears and springs, like the inside of a clock.

"A clockwork man," I whispered.

I always felt strange when I passed by this place. It was almost as if I recognized that face from somewhere. But where? Was it in a book from the Voile library? Had this person visited the mansion in the past? Did I meet him at the Human Village? Hmm..

"So this was where you were wandering about."

This voice. I slowly turned around. Sure enough, Sakuya was standing in front of me with her arms folded.

"Will you be joining for dinner?" she asked. "Or will you be skipping this meal, as well?"

I gave her a weak smile.

"Yes, I'll come," I said. "Sorry about the trouble."

The head maid nodded as she held out her hand. I swallowed nervously as I took it. Then, in an instant, we found ourselves standing right in front of the main door to the dining room. Ugh. I could never get used to this method of travel. Immediately, I let go of her hand and leaned myself against a wall. I paused to reorient my senses.

"The others are already here," she said. At those words, Sakuya vanished.

After a couple of minutes, I pushed the doors open. Just as the chief maid said, everyone was already here. Remilia sat at the head of the table, sipping her drink. Sakuya stood silently behind her. Patchouli sat at the right side surrounded by a small hill of books. Koakuma stood by the magician nervously. Flandre sat at the left side, the strangest smile upon her face. Behind her stood one of the senior fairy maids. Well, 'stood' probably wasn't accurate, as her assigned server was practically cowering in fright.

No one said a word as I walked up to my usual seat. Flandre said that she was coming, but I didn't expect Patchouli and her familiar to be here as well. It was very unusual that everyone was here at the same time. Well, everyone except for the gateguard, anyway..

Where was my seat again?
[ ] It was right beside Flandre, on the left.
[ ] It was right beside Patchouli, on the right.
[ ] It was across Remilia, on the other end of the table.
>> No. 37830
[X] It was across Remilia, on the other end of the table
>> No. 37833
[x] It was across Remilia, on the other end of the table.

>> No. 37834
[x] It was across Remilia, on the other end of the table.
>> No. 37839
[] It was across Remilia, on the other end of the table.
We should totally do this since we're awesome...wait... we won't be able to talk to anyone.

I'm voting this instead
[x] It was right beside Flandre, on the left.
Want to know what she cooked up.
>> No. 37840
[Q] It was right beside Flandre, on the left.

Dude, your Flandre is awesome.
>> No. 37841
[x] It was right beside Flandre, on the left.
>> No. 37842
[x] It was right beside Flandre, on the left.
>> No. 37848
[x] It was right beside Patchouli, on the right
>> No. 37849
No love for the librarian?

[x] It was right beside Patchouli, on the right
>> No. 37850
[x] It was right beside Flandre, on the left.
>> No. 37851
We voted to trust Flandre, let us stick with it.

[x] It was right beside Flandre, on the left.
Looks like she is about to tell us who the culprit is.
>> No. 37854
[x] It was across Remilia, on the other end of the table.
Well, we do are the most important person on the mansion, but Remilia, since we are the only ones who can save everyone (but Remilia) from a horrible and gruesome death and/or from losing their only chance at redemption.
Of course the last point is moot if the culprit ends up being someone from outside the mansion (possible) an unredeemable character (;..;) or a Touhou that turned evil 'because' just like 'A Scarlet-Stained Memoir'

I bring this up because that was the worst thing about an otherwise good story and, since this story feels like its spiritual successor, I though I'd remind you of that.
>> No. 37855

I'm betting the culprit is different each time, but that's just the Higarushi sense acting up.
>> No. 37856
[X] It was across Remilia, on the other end of the table.

This just seems right.
>> No. 37857
Some people haven't read that far yet... it'd be nice not to ruin it for them, if you don't mind. It was a great story yes... I had no qualms about the "last boss" either but the ending is a bit sad if you ask me, be it true or not.
>> No. 37860
>a Touhou that turned evil 'because' just like 'A Scarlet-Stained Memoir'
She did not 'just' turn evil, she was always evil. We just never wanted to believe it and trusted in her because of SDM:LA. We were just too stubborn and refused to believe that she evil.
If we would just have believed the guy and not did everything possible to make everything harder it would have turned out entire different. The whole story wouldn't have been as good. Just remember, near the end, when we told him to just get out of here. Owen was "lol wut, screw you, i have no idea what now". Plus, he was paranoid and Higurashi had much influence on his work.

The ending was bitter sweet, but a good and fitting end for the story.
>> No. 37861
>>Some people haven't read that far yet... it'd be nice not to ruin it for them, if you don't mind.

Some people haven't seen The Sixth Sense yet, either, but after a point it becomes simply unreasonable to expect others to keep a lid on the whole "Bruce Willis was dead the whole time" thing.

All well and good if people are still reading ASSM for the first time, but the story has been over and done with for more than a year, now. Just how long of a moratorium on unconcealed spoilers do we really need?
>> No. 37862
[ø] It was right beside Patchouli, on the right.
or we could let Flandre do what she is planning to do, and talk to the magician whom some of us found 'suspicious'.
>> No. 37863
I guess you're right... I thought talking about endings of any kind without spoilers is no go. It's not that much of a problem and it can really ruin someone's fun if he accidentaly lands on one of these spoiler mines. I myself only finished it yesterday evening(Cirno's last stand only minutes ago) and I'm glad I did. The time just before the ending was really fuzzy after all... Great story, altrough decent in my eyes a great and realistic ending(ignoring the fact that THIS IS GENSOKYOO!), but I think we should let it rest in peace for now. Atleast in this thread, since this writefag is doing quite an awesome job entertaining us too.
>> No. 37864
... of being dead?
>> No. 37865
>> No. 37869
File 127482899840.jpg - (203.83KB , 850x1133 , Alucardisattheotherend.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] It was across Remilia, on the other end of the table.
[X] Initiate staring contest with Remilia.

This spot is just perfect.
>> No. 37871
My problem with the ending is how it came about (Lol Higurashi)
>> No. 37877
Tied votes between the Scarlet sisters. I'll leave voting open a bit longer. Feel free to change your previous votes if you like.

Needless to say, choose wisely.
>> No. 37878
[x] It was right beside Flandre, on the left.

I have a bad feeling about this...
>> No. 37879
[X] It was across Remilia, on the other end of the table.

Pick the Mistress's brain and see what she's up to. Is she truly behind all this?
>> No. 37880
[x] It was right beside Flandre, on the left.

Remi-sama is my goddess and all that, but we really should focus on what's important.
>> No. 37884
[X] It was across Remilia, on the other end of the table.

Other than that scene after we died, did we interact with her much?
>> No. 37885
[x] It was across Remilia, on the other end of the table.

We're apparently rivals, so why not?
>> No. 37887
[X] It was right beside Flandre, on the left.
>> No. 37888
[x] It was right beside Flandre, on the left.

Because Flan may know something we don't. For all we know, she probably has a better grasp of the situation than we do. After all, she does catch on to things quick.
>> No. 37890
>Tied votes
>leave voting open a bit longer.
Whenever something like this happens it just feels like people are coming out of the woodworks.
>> No. 37894

It's just a strange coincidence an extra dozen people decide to vote at moments like these.
>> No. 37896

Because they are. Woodworks are very sensitive to ties.
>> No. 37899
File 127484023091.jpg - (34.90KB , 500x386 , DonoM.jpg ) [iqdb]

It does tend to happen quite a bit. Besides, what kind of vote ever ends in a tie?
>> No. 37915
Calling it for the younger sister. Please wait warmly as update is prepared.
>> No. 37921
[x] It was right beside Flandre, on the left.

"Nice of you to join us," said Remilia. "I was wondering if you would grace us with your presence tonight."

Her voice was filled with bitter sarcasm as she spoke. She seemed to be in a bad mood. Flandre glanced at me from the side of her eye, laughing quietly. Patchouli just flipped a page, ignoring us. Sakuya, Koakuma, and the fairy maids stepped back and stood silently. I forced a weak smile as I took my seat. Then, one of the higher ranked fairy maids walked beside me. I recognized her short blonde hair and distinct lack of a head ornament. She was the one Remilia assigned to me shortly after I first arrived.

"Would you like to have some wine?" she asked.

"Not tonight," I said. "But thanks, Elena."

She nodded politely before stepping back. I had better keep my mind clear tonight. There was something dangerous in the atmosphere, though I couldn't put my finger on it. The fact that everyone came to the dinner table already raised a flag. But for now, I decided to stay quiet and listen.

"Now that everyone is here, shall we begin?"

The elder sister took her knife and fork and started on the meal. Flandre already had a spoon in her hand as she started on her 'first dessert'. From the side of my eye, I could see Patchouli bringing small bits of food to her mouth every so often. I turned to my own plate and began eating. Yet, for some reason, I could hardly taste the food. We ate in relative silence for a few minutes. I was surprised at who finally broke the silence.

"So then," said Patchouli, looking up from her book. "How was the meeting at the Hakurei Shrine?"

Remilia paused for a moment to think.

"The attendance was better than usual," she said. "Though most of them were obviously just there as an excuse to laze around. It was Ran who gave us the latest report on the Hakurei border. Seems like there is an increase in unexpected activity at several of its weak points. But she couldn't tell us anything else, and that damn gap demon was absent."

"Unexpected activity," repeated the magician. "Is it related to the Outside?"

Remilia nodded before turning back to her meal. I felt a small surge of guilt. Was that why she wanted me to accompany her this morning? I had thought that she just wanted to spend time with the others to drink tea and tell stories. Before this meal was over, I had better apologize and -

"Mmm!" cried Flandre. "This is really good!"

I turned to see that she had just finished her 'third dessert'. Remilia turned to her sister and frowned.

"You should finish the rest of your food," she said.

"Eh? But this sweet stuff is really good! Just like the chestnut youkan this morning!"

"Chestnut youkan?"

I shot a glance at Flandre. She just gave me the tiniest of winks before smiling back at her sister. What was she thinking? Somehow, this gave me a really bad feeling. And my suspicions were confirmed as soon as the little sister had started on her 'fourth dessert'.

"Yep," she said between mouthfuls. "The folk at the Moriya Shrine are really friendly. I hope we can visit them again some time, ehehe~"

The elder Scarlet turned to me for an explanation. 'You went to the Moriya Shrine?' her eyes asked. I quickly looked down at my food as I spoke.

"Sort of.." I said.

"That's right!" said Flandre. "Since he seemed to be killing time at the library, I decided that he come with me for a short trip outside the mansion. Fresh air is real nice once in a while, don't you think?"

She giggled at Remilia's reaction. Unfortunately, I wasn't in the position to do the same. Right then, Remilia glared at me with such raw fury. I just kept quiet as I finished my meal. Should I apologize? What kind of excuse did I have? How was I supposed to get out of this? Such thoughts started running through my head. Then suddenly, it didn't matter anymore.


Remilia slammed her fist on the table. I couldn't see her face. She had lowered her head as she shuddered. Then, she stood up and stomped out of the room.

"L-Lady Remilia?" called out Sakuya.

"I'm done for tonight," she replied.

Without another word, she slammed the door behind her. I turned to Flandre and just as I was about to start scolding her, I stopped. Upon the little sister's face was shock and surprise. Wait a second.. did it mean that this wasn't part of her plan? Before I could ask, she stood up and went after her sister.

"I'm done too," she called out.

The door closed behind Flandre. And with that, only Patchouli was with me at the table. She took a moment to put her book down before giving me a cold look.

"Fool," she said.

I lowered my head shamefully as I finished my meal. Then, I quickly excused myself and headed back to my room. Somehow, I had just caused another big misunderstanding in the house. 'This must be another one of those bad days', I said silently.

Before I knew it, I had collapsed on my bed. I didn't bother locking the door.

It was the most important, wasn't it?
[ ] Trust
[ ] Romance
[ ] Friendship
>> No. 37922
[x] Trust
The basis of friendship and romance. If you cannot trust, there is nothing.
>> No. 37923
[x] Trust

As much as I want to go with Romance it is probably a better idea to get SDM's trust back.
>> No. 37924
[c] Trust.
>> No. 37925
[X] Trust

This is going to be one of those choices isn't it.
>> No. 37926
[x] Trust

I suspect going with Remilia may bite us in the ass. And Yukari's absence isn't a good sign.
>> No. 37928
[x] Trust
>> No. 37929
[X] Trust

It's better to work with someone you trust than someone you like, I suppose.
>> No. 37930
I think there are no good or bad choices. Just choices. If you choose Flandre someone else is probably pissed off and the others unhappy or if you choose Remilia Flandre is probably pissed and the others unhappy. And so on. Whatever you do, you probably piss someone off and make someone else unhappy. But make one happy.
Maybe that is the way to play this.
>> No. 37932
What is this I don't even suddenly everyone is so mad

Flan, help me!

[X] Trust
>> No. 37934
[X] Trust

What the hell just happened?
>> No. 37936
I also get the feeling the choice of who to sit with wouldn't have mattered much. But the whole "hang out with one person, someone else gets upset" is so terribly cliche.
>> No. 37937
>>But the whole "hang out with one person, someone else gets upset" is so terribly cliche.

To be fair, I can't imagine Remilia would be any less upset to know she was blown off because we were messing around with a bound-and-gagged ice fairy in our room than she is thinking she was blown off because we went out to have fun with her sister.
>> No. 37938
[X] Trust

>> No. 37939
I'd figured she'd be glad her sister left the house, went somewhere and NOT BLOWN the place up. But hey, if this is as based on Higurashi as it seems, then it might be as cliche filled as GH.
>> No. 37940

If whatever Remilia wanted us to accompany her for was something genuinely important and serious, isn't it actually natural for her to be upset that we seemingly blew her off to go and have fun?
>> No. 37951
Good counter point, though that decision was kinda made for us, since generally when something like this pops up, one should get another choice. It's just like Shirou and the cookie.
>> No. 37952
Oh well, we can't really control everything I guess. We'll see how this reflects in the murders.

[x] Trust
What the other people said. Without trust, there can't be a serious relationship. Romantic or otherwise.
>> No. 37957
[x] Trust

"Come, dragon!" cried the prince of the north. "I challenge you this day!"

The ground rumbled and shook. A deep voice boomed from the cavern before him.

"Speak, knight," it said. "Why do you seek -"

"It is here! The cannons! Fire the cannons, you sorry lot! Fire at will!"

At those words, the cave and its surroundings were filled with fire and explosions. His men, who had hidden some distance away, bombarded the dragon's cavern continuously. The prince smiled with the cruelty fitting a conqueror.

"Such a beautiful sight," he said. "I can already smell victory! Gahahahaha!"

His laughter echoed throughout the hills, and not a single person among his men dared speak against it. The prince had used such tactics to emerge victorious against the kingdoms of the eastlands. Why would he hold back against a dragon? This was to be his final conquest on the continent.

A great shadow emerged from the cavern. The dragon roared in anger at the prince of the north.

"You brought guns and cannons?" it said. "You dirty human filth! How dare you defile the prophecy of this land with your treachery!"

The prince smiled back from the bottom of his black heart. As the smoke cleared, he saw that the dragon was greatly injured from the attack. Burns and open wounds were all over its gargantuan form.

"How is it, dragon!" he cried. "Feel the wrath of humanity! This is our power! You creatures of old have no place in my new world!"

"Your world? Does your arrogance have no end?"

"Arrogance? What do you speak of? This is my divine right to take that which I desire!"

The dragon stomped its foot on the ground in anger, shaking the land violently. Some of the men stepped back, but their prince stood boldly before the dragon.

"I am a king," he declared. "And you are just another chapter in the history of my new world!"

"Then this shall be the last chapter," replied the dragon. "Your men shall rest quickly. Their deaths shall be merciful. But you shall suffer long after death, remembered in history as the greatest of fools!"

With those last words, the dragon stepped forward to give the impudent prince his first and last war in the jeweled land.

"Let's end here for today," I said. "It will be morning soon."

"But isn't this interesting? Don't you want to see what happens next, ehehe~"

"You should get some rest," I said. "Besides, you haven't told me anything about your investigation. Did you find anything useful?"

"Not really," she said.

"Then where did you get that scratch on your arm?"


Did she think I would not notice? Even through her clumsy make-shift bandage, I could see tell that she had an injury. I remembered that vampires could regenerate their wounds. What happened to her last night? Why would she need to worry about bleeding? I couldn't hold back my concern any longer.


Flandre didn't reply right away. Her cheerful smile slowly started to vanish. She didn't look me in the eye as she spoke, and there was sadness in her voice.

"Not yet," she said. "I can't answer that yet. I still need to confirm my theory."


The little sister turned to me again, smiling gently.

"Don't worry about it," she said. "You should focus on learning what you can during the day. I shall move during the night. This is for the best, alright?"

"Well, that is..."

She turned to me with eyes full of determination.

"I will find the culprit," she said. "So don't worry about it. You will be safe."


Flandre put the book back into my hands.

"If you really want to help, then can you read this next part to me?"

She lowered her head so I couldn't see her face. Her voice was but a whisper when she spoke again.


[ ] Time for her to rest.
[ ] Continue reading aloud.
[ ] Keep asking her about the injury.
>> No. 37960
[X] Continue reading aloud.

She did say please.
>> No. 37961
[X] Continue reading aloud.
>> No. 37962
[X] Continue reading aloud.
>> No. 37964
File 127488205760.jpg - (85.59KB , 840x630 , cd56d7b595d4dbc6bf0b2236e4753b9f.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Continue reading aloud.

Still trying to figure out what exactly happened back there.
>> No. 37965
[Q] Continue reading aloud.

I must say, the fairy tale parts are some of the most enjoyable writing in here.
>> No. 37968
[x] Continue reading aloud.
Can't say no to a girl asking this nicely.
>> No. 37970
[X] Continue reading aloud.

I'm getting the feeling that the fairy tale parts have more to do with the plot than just a story for Flandre.
>> No. 37972
[x] Continue reading aloud.
>> No. 37977
[x] Continue reading aloud.
>> No. 37978
[x] Continue reading aloud.

>"Not yet," she said. "I can't answer that yet. I still need to confirm my theory."
I don't like where this is going.
>> No. 37983
[x] Continue reading aloud.
>> No. 37987
I finally realized (one reason for) why Remilia got so angry-


She invited you to go to the Hakurei Shrine with her, but you chose not to.

You then proceeded to take her sister and go to the rival shrine- this was also a very slightly dumb move in it's own, but that's probably not at the front of her mind.
>> No. 37990
She can only blame the folks who voted for the Moriya shrine (I voted for going to Marisa's)

But it also serves as a sort of opposite dynamic between the sisters I've noticed in fan art. Remi prefers Sakuya, Patchouli, and Reimu, Flandre prefers Marisa and Meiling. Who to say Flandre wouldn't have opposite tastes in shrines?
>> No. 37993
[x] Continue reading aloud.
>> No. 38018
hence my point why you can only make one happy and someone else is unhappy.
>> No. 38028
Calling it for story time. Please wait warmly, etc.

Also, a little survey that may or may not be related to this tale:
[ ] Hamburger
[ ] Barbeque
[ ] Steak
>> No. 38029
[X] Hamburger

If it's grilled
>> No. 38030
[x] Hamburger

Isnt it sad, Ange?
>> No. 38031
[X] Hamburger

>> No. 38032
[X] Barbeque

>> No. 38033
damn you
[x] Hamburger
>> No. 38034
[x] Hamburger
>> No. 38035
[ ] Hamburger
>Someone gets torn apart

[ ] Barbeque
>Someone gets fried

[ ] Steak
>One of the sisters gets a stake in the heart
>> No. 38036
Maybe the writer's just asking what s/he should have for dinner.
>> No. 38039
Why so bloody? Why can't they be sexual implications?

This is all it is.
>> No. 38040
>>Why so bloody? Why can't they be sexual implications?

Does that mean someone is going to get their meat patties flipped?
That they're going to get a big hunk of beef jammed in between their buns?
That they will be so slathered in our special sauce that when we eat them we'll need a couple dozen wet-naps to clean our hands and face afterward?
>> No. 38041
Okay, I laughed.
>> No. 38047
[x] Continue reading aloud.

"The princess shall see you now," said the head servant.

The guard nodded as he entered the room. This was the first time he had ever entered the princess' private chamber. He swallowed nervously as the head servant shut the door behind her.

"So you came," said the princess. "I am glad."

"Of course, princess."

The guard knelt before her in reverence. She shook her head and ordered him to stand up.

"No need for formalities here, old friend."

"Thank you," said he. "It is an honor to be in your presence."

The princess smiled sadly at the guard.

"Do you know why I called for you?"

The guard paused for a moment.

"How long do you have left?"

"A few months, maybe less. But that isn't why you are here. Listen closely, my friend."

"Of course, princess."

"This is my final order," she said. "You are to travel alone. Bring no steed and no armor. Take only your sword and uniform. Travel to the dragon's cavern. Swing down your blade. And bring back the dragon's head."

Then, she handed him a letter sealed with the royal crest.

"You shall open this once you have completed your task."


The guard stood silent, unsure of what to say.

"Will you grant this final request for me?" asked the princess.

He paused for only a moment.

"Of course, princess," said the guard.

"That's wrong," she said. "That isn't the right answer. Try again, will you?"

He paused again.

"Of course, my friend."

There was a heavy weight upon my shoulder. Flandre had fallen asleep with her head leaning against me. She was clearly exhausted from yesterday. And her injury remained unhealed. She needed rest. Why did she insist on having me read this to her, anyway?

"I don't get her at all," I mumbled. "How am I supposed to understand if she refuses to tell me?"

I closed the book and sighed. It was almost morning. I gently lifted her up and carried her back to her bed. After tucking her in the sheets, I took a moment to watch her peaceful sleeping face. Flandre wore a cute little smile as she slept, as if she was having a pleasant dream.

"A dream, eh?"

Well, that wasn't any of my concern. After one last glance, I quietly left her room. My mind wandered aimlessly as I headed back up. The spiraling staircase back to the first floor was long. I took a glance at my watch. The sun would be rising soon. But it was still early for breakfast, meaning that I had some time to kill.

Or so I thought until I made it to the first floor. There was something out of place along the hallways. It took a few moments for me to recognize it. There was a pink and purple blur moving about. I paused to wipe the dust off my glasses before looking again. Indeed, a familiar magician was walking around the hallways.

Patchouli was alone, and she seemed to be looking for something.
[ ] Ignore the girl.
[ ] Greet her politely.
[ ] Call out cheerfully.
>> No. 38048
[X] Greet her politely.
>> No. 38051
[x] Greet her politely.
>> No. 38052
[x] Greet her politely.
>> No. 38059
[X] Greet her politely.
>> No. 38061
[Q] Call out cheerfully.
>> No. 38066
[X] Greet her politely.
>> No. 38070
[V!] Call out cheerfully.
Happy go lucky guy! We are the heart of our smile. Anon is our body and pissing against the tide our blood...
>> No. 38071
I hope we get to finish reading the story before Everybody Dies, part 2.

[x] Call out cheerfully~

Maybe even two tildes
>> No. 38073
>My friend who would listen to my ramblings and complaints, despite pretending to be busy with her books. My friend who would have Koakuma prepare tea even when I visited unannounced. My friend who tried to teach me magic, even if she knew that I couldn't manage even a spark without matches. My friend who, for the first time, didn't answer when I called out to her.

[X] Call out cheerfully~

Seconding the use of tildes
>> No. 38077
[X] Call out cheerfully~
>> No. 38080
[X] Greet her politely.

>>Why did she insist on having me read this to her, anyway?
>>The sun would be rising soon.

>>"But it might start to get a little dangerous if you aren't careful."
>>"Well, just be careful when you walk around alone, alright?"
>> No. 38082
[X] Call out cheerfully~
>> No. 38087
[X] Call out cheerfully~
>> No. 38088
[X] Greet her politely.
>> No. 38095
Tied votes, etc. You know the drill. Be back after seven minutes.

Having fun yet?
>> No. 38096
[X] Greet her politely.
>> No. 38101
Calling it. Let's do this.
>> No. 38103
[ø] Call out cheerfully~
>> No. 38104

damn it, slow reading etc.
>> No. 38106
[x] Greet her politely.

I walked up to Patchouli and gave her a little wave.

"Good morning," I said.

She turned around and nodded to me. The magician didn't seem at all surprised.

"Visited the little sister again?" she asked.

Patchouli gave me a tiny smile. I laughed uneasily. How did she guess? And, 'again', she had said. Was there anyone in the house that didn't know about my early morning visits? I started to suspect that there was some sort of surveillance system in this place. Either that or my actions had become predictable. It was a troubling thought.

"How is she?"


"The little sister," she said. "How is she?"

I paused for a moment. For some reason, I felt like I shouldn't mention Flandre's injury. Not just yet, anyway.

"She seemed tired. Flan just fell asleep a short while ago."

"I see. Not unexpected. Flandre was moving about all over the mansion last night. Some new game, I suppose."

"Did she tell you anything?" I asked.

Patchouli yawned and shook her head.

"She asked about some books on curses, but nothing unusual. I am not aware of what she did next, as I took a rest for a little bit."

Hmm. What was Flandre looking for? Did she discover something unusual? How did she get an injury in the first place? I thought about asking her more questions, but there was something at the back of my head that was sounding an alarm. Something was out of place. Then, I realized it. Patchouli was alone and she wasn't reading the book in her hand.

"Is anything wrong?" I asked.

The magician averted her eyes and lowered her head. Without an open book to hide her face, I could clearly see that she was worried about something.


"What's wrong, Patchouli? You can tell me."


Silence. It didn't seem like she was going to tell me. I waited a bit longer, but she just stood there without a word. I glanced at my watch. I still had time before breakfast. The morning would be a waste if I stay here any longer. I gave her a small nod to say that I understood, and I began to walk toward the main hallway.

"Please wait."

Someone tugged lightly at the my shirt. I turned around to Patchouli.

"Can you help me?" she asked.

"What's wrong?"

Her voice was but a whisper when she spoke.

"My familiar," she said. "Koakuma is missing."

Patchouli explained that she couldn't find her at the Voile library after she woke up this morning. She had tried locating her with magic, but it was no use. Not wanting to cause an alarm among the mansion staff, she decided to try searching for her on her own.

"I understand. Let me help you find her."

[ ] Search the grounds.
[ ] Search the first floor.
[ ] Search the second floor.
[ ] Search the rooftop area.
>> No. 38107
[c] Search the first floor.
>> No. 38108
[x] Search the rooftop area.

We'll be able to see the grounds.
>> No. 38109
[x] Search the second floor.

The rooftop is where a sacrificial ritual is being held.
>> No. 38110
File 127501345891.png - (1.68MB , 1701x2386 , c1b47dab280c2fe7962bc1846cd5ccc0.png ) [iqdb]
>"My familiar," she said. "Koakuma is missing."
Suddenly, Touhous vanish. Goddamn first twilight!
[x] Search the clock tower.
>> No. 38114
To keep things interesting, I'll be counting votes like: >>38110

I'll let you vote on a more specific location if you wish this time. Do you feel lucky?
>> No. 38116
[x] Search every bathroom in the mansion.
>> No. 38119
>> No. 38120
[x] Search the clock tower.

Hmmm I like this writein for some reason, although the bathroom search is pretty tempting. But don't feel like a BAD END just yet, even if this may play out like Kagetsu Tohya. Actually that might be similiar to Tohno Shiki walking in on Akiha and saying she was as flat as a board still....
>> No. 38121
[x] Search the rooftop area.

No one would ever look there.
>> No. 38123
Don't you judge me.

You, too, would forgo common sense for a chance of Koakuma watersports.
>> No. 38125
[ø] Search the clock tower.
>> No. 38126
[x] Search the rooftop area
>> No. 38127

>You too would forgo common sense for a chance of Koakuma


>You too would forgo common sense for a chance of Koakuma watersports

>watersports of any kind

>> No. 38130
>> No. 38131
[X] Search the rooftop area.
>> No. 38143
Calling it.
>> No. 38144
[x]Search the clock tower
>> No. 38151
[x] Search the rooftop area.

"I can't find Koakuma," Patchouli had said.

Before I knew it, I found myself at the rooftop of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. There was a strong wind up here, and the sky was painted grey with thick clouds. I couldn't see the sun this morning. The clouds blocked it off completely, giving off an ominous sign for rain. Oh right! That would be the worst type of weather for the vampire sisters. Remilia especially hated it when it rained. She would wander about the mansion, complaining about this and that. Her younger sister was no exception. Even Flandre would be found sighing in the library during rainy days.

It didn't look like it would rain yet, but I should probably start taking an umbrella with me when I went out. I wasn't much of a rain-loving person myself. That kind of weather would often fog up my glasses. It was inconvenient, to say the least. I might trip and break these things. There weren't many places in Gensokyo that could properly craft the type of lenses I used. If I ever lost this pair, I would probably have to wait until a similar set finds itself at Kourindou. And even then, Rinnosuke would probably charge an arm and a leg. That crafty bastard...


After walking around the rooftop, it was obvious that I wasn't going to find anyone here. The place was rarely used nowadays. Even the mansion staff only came up here for cleaning. Besides that, practically all of the inhabitants here could fly, so the view from here was of little use. But for an ordinary human like me, this was a useful vantage point to survey the grounds.

From here, I saw Meiling and a few of the fairy maid staff working at the gardens. It looked like they were adding some new shrubs along the main path. Remilia's orders, no doubt. She must have found the old arrangement boring.

Towards the servant's entrance, I saw another set of fairy maids bringing in the laundry. Sakuya must have noticed that it might rain, though there wasn't any sign of the head maid down there. Perhaps she was busy at the kitchen?

In any case, it seemed like I wouldn't find Koakuma here. I had already started heading back when -


I cried out in pain. My head! It felt like a dozen knives being run through my eyes. It felt like something was tearing off my skin, piece by piece. It felt like someone stuck a burning poker through my ears. I crumpled down on the floor, cursing and tearing at my hair. This pain! This torture! Someone! Please! End this! It is too much! End this pain!

Kill me!

Then, it just stopped. I opened my eyes and carefully examined my head. No injuries. What the hell was that? Ugh! Maybe I better sleep earlier, after all. I dusted off my clothes and looked around. And then, I noticed something different.

The main entrance of the clock tower was left open.

That was very strange. The clock tower was part of the 'Old Mansion', as Remilia like to called it. She dismissed such areas as dusty old relics of the past. Most of those places had been locked up and sealed. Including this one, as far as I knew. Why was it suddenly left open like this? Who opened it, and how? There were only two or three keys that could unlock that door.

[ ] Step inside and investigate.
[ ] Head back down and inform Sakuya.
[ ] Return to the library and tell Patchouli.
>> No. 38153
[x] Step inside and investigate.

Onwards, ho!
>> No. 38154
>There were only two or three keys that could unlock that door.
Fuck... How much you wanna bet we'll find Koakuma in there? Steak, grill or hamburger?

[x] Head back down and inform Sakuya.
Bring in reinforcements!
My favorite Call of Duty shout
Since we've already seen dead Patchu, if the next person we find is gonna be dead, I wanna see Sakuya instead just so we have a bit of variety.
>> No. 38155
[x] Step inside and investigate.
>> No. 38157
[X] Step inside and investigate.

I bet that guardian is hanging around in there.
>> No. 38159
[X] Return to the library and tell Patchouli.
>> No. 38160

Still doesn't beat "GRENADE!" "Friendly helicopter on the way!"


[X] Step inside and investigate.
>> No. 38161
[Q] Step inside and investigate.

As time goes on, I become more and more convinced this does have something to do with k_s.
>> No. 38163
File 127507482754.jpg - (73.93KB , 425x331 , grenades.jpg ) [iqdb]
This one? Pic related, text is not.
By the way we are soo gonna die again
>> No. 38166
[x] Step inside and investigate.
Suddenly it all makes sense.
>> No. 38170
[X] Return to the library and tell Patchouli.

Assess the situation accurately before blaring the alarm.

Stop assuming things will go the same way.
>> No. 38171
[x] Head back down and inform Sakuya.
>> No. 38172
Mmm... Koaburger sounds delicious~
>> No. 38175
when I said blar the alarm, I meant notify Sakuya, since she'd most likely consider it a major problem. It'd look bad if she got involved and it turned up nothing.
>> No. 38178
[X] Step inside and investigate.

A human like us going in by ourselves? When this is a Gensokyo with a killer on the loose? Makes sense to me.
>> No. 38182
[x] Step inside and investigate.

We have to get those Bangalores.

Also, epileptic tree time:

>I paused before one of the largest paintings. It was a picture of a young man standing beside the Mansion's clock tower. He had a cold expression upon his face, but that wasn't the odd part. The upper left side of his chest was transparent, as if it was made of glass. And in the place where his heart should be was a complex series of mechanical gears and springs, like the inside of a clock.

>"A clockwork man," I whispered.

>I always felt strange when I passed by this place. It was almost as if I recognized that face from somewhere. But where? Was it in a book from the Voile library? Had this person visited the mansion in the past? Did I meet him at the Human Village? Hmm..

>"So this was where you were wandering about."

I doubt the juxtaposition of Sakuya & her dial, the clockwork person in the portrait, and the clock tower is incidental.

Human beings are imperfect creatures, so to have a perfect maid you'd have to build her yourself.

As for something completely unsubstantiated: Clockwork machines will eventually stop working unless they're rewound. Physical unwinding could be either part of the 'time limit' or it could be an alarm that it is approaching fast.
>> No. 38192
[x] Step inside and investigate.

"Koakuma? Are you in there?"

No answer. I wasn't sure if she was in this place, but I decided to investigate anyway. I slowly pushed open the main door to the clock tower. The hinges creaked loudly as I entered. Like many other rooms in the mansion, the inside of the clock tower was much larger than it seemed from the outside. Still, I didn't at all expect what I found.

The place was filled with giant-sized gears, springs, and countless other mechanical parts. Some of them were turning steadily, while others remained completely stopped. It was like walking inside a clockwork labyrinth. There were several cranks and levers all over the room, but I knew immediately that I had better avoid touching anything. Who knew what all of these mechanisms were used for? I most certainly doubted if they only moved the hands of the clock outside.

As I passed along the main walkway, I noticed another odd thing. There were no cobwebs on the stationary parts (no spiders, either). Not much dust was on the floor. If this place was properly sealed off, then the fairy maid staff didn't clean around this area. Why was it that this place still seem properly maintained? While there were broken parts scattered here and there, those that were spinning had little sign of rust.

I had the worst feeling that I wasn't alone in here.

"Koakuma!" I cried out. "Can you hear me? Are you anywhere in here?"

Again, no answer. I sighed. Perhaps I had better turn back. I should let Sakuya know that this place was left open. She should have the key to lock it again. Plus, this place was starting to give me the creeps. Deep inside, I knew that this place was dangerous. I could feel it in the atmosphere. It seemed like the perfect place for a -


From the side of my eye, I saw one of the doors on my right swing shut. My eyes narrowed. There was someone here! I was sure of it now. I paused to wipe the dust off my glasses before heading off from the main walkway. As I approached that door, I noticed a small sign above it that read, 'Chamber III'. The third chamber, eh?

"Scrrtch... (whine)... scrrtch.."

I stood before the closed door. There were some strange noises coming from inside.

"Scrrtch.. (rip)... scrrtch... (crunch)..."

After swallowing nervously, I pushed open the door. But if I was expecting something, it wasn't this! A cold sweat started to form on my forehead as I took in the scene.

A pair of feral red eyes stared back at me. In the darkness, I couldn't see its exact form, but they seemed to belong to a giant black wolf. The shadows around it moved strangely, as if they were a part of the creature. And scattered around the floor beside it were chunks of torn flesh and blood-stained shards of bone. But that wasn't the part that scared me.

Within its mouth was what seemed to be a chewed up humanoid arm.

"Oh s-shit! You've gotta be kidding me.."

At those words, the shadow wolf beast dropped the arm and growled loudly at me. I quickly shut the door and ran for my life. Within a few seconds, I heard something slam hard against the chamber door. A beast that large could probably knock it off its hinges. I didn't bother turning around to check. My eyes were only focused on one thing: the exit.

As soon as I returned to the rooftop, I shut the main door of the clock tower behind me. I paused for a moment to catch my breath. Then, I remembered those red eyes. I knew immediately that this thing wasn't something you could reason with. This was a vicious wild beast.


The sound came from within the clock tower. Did it already break through the door? Fear and panic renewed the strength in my legs, and I made a mad dash into the mansion proper. I didn't bother closing the door to the rooftop. I just kept running and running. Down to the second floor hallway. No, this wasn't far enough. I quickly ran toward the staircase going to the first floor.


Someone was walking up those stairs. I was running too fast. My eyes barely had time to recognize the person before I crashed right into her.
[ ] Sakuya
[ ] Remilia
[ ] Patchouli
>> No. 38193
[x] Sakuya
>> No. 38194
[x] Flandre.
>> No. 38195
[x] Sakuya
>> No. 38196
[X] Patchouli
>> No. 38197
[x] Remilia
>> No. 38198
File 127514986827.jpg - (47.66KB , 211x189 , hahahahaha.jpg ) [iqdb]
>I doubt the juxtaposition of Sakuya & her dial, the clockwork person in the portrait, and the clock tower is incidental.

Clever, clever indeed. After all, no human is perfect, so a perfect maid could not be human. But even if it's not human, can it somehow be flawless? Isn't the flaw of perfect furniture just that, that they're worthless, unfeeling furniture? Isn't that just pathetic? Isn't that just sad?

Isn't it sad, Ushiromiya Anoooooon~?
>> No. 38200
[X] Sakuya
>> No. 38201
[X] Sakuya
>> No. 38202
[X] Sakuya
>> No. 38204
[x] Patchouli

>implying Sakuya is a perfect maid
>> No. 38205
[ø] Patchouli
>> No. 38206
[Q] Patchouli

Share what we just saw.
>> No. 38207
File 127518010562.jpg - (487.08KB , 1042x800 , mansioncast.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 38208
File 127518227093.jpg - (256.27KB , 2430x495 , dcd6c6378b096629bdc1b2f4512ac16e4ba98bd3.jpg ) [iqdb]

One of these girls is not like the other,
One of these women just doesn't belong.
Can you tell which witch is really the killer,
By the time they finish this song?
>> No. 38209
File 127518233926.jpg - (359.53KB , 800x800 , b9446f085dcfc3d4e14a216b111f78fac8370c0d.jpg ) [iqdb]
Did you guess which girl was not like the others?
Did you find which woman had strung you along?
If you guessed that bitch who's always a bother,
Then you're absolutely wrong!
>> No. 38210

>> No. 38212
[x] Patchouli
>> No. 38214
File 127519221661.png - (249.84KB , 1600x1600 , flanflan.png ) [iqdb]
Tied votes, etc.
>> No. 38215
[x] Patchouli
>> No. 38217
[X] Sakuya
>> No. 38218
[x] Patchouli
>> No. 38219
[X] Sakuya
>> No. 38220
[x] Patchouli
>> No. 38221
[X] Sakuya
>> No. 38222
File 127520436390.png - (33.90KB , 690x656 , 1256771360987.png ) [iqdb]
>Tied votes
>Six votes later still tied

This has to be vote spam, right?
>> No. 38223
[x] Remilia

I'm helping.
>> No. 38224
[X] Sakuya

The tie.....is broken. You are most welcome. Now about my update....
>> No. 38225

Inb4 [x] Patchouli
>> No. 38226
In after.

I'm kidding, [X] Sakuya just in case.
>> No. 38227
File 127521840515.jpg - (268.68KB , 573x850 , sakuya.jpg ) [iqdb]
Calling it.

Pic unrelated (?).
>> No. 38228
That pic on the wall... is that who I think it is?
>> No. 38229
[x] Sakuya

"Oh shi -"

I barely recognized her uniform before Sakuya vanished. Unfortunately, that didn't help me much. By that time, I had already tripped on my feet while trying to stop. I clenched my teeth as I started to crash head first into the bannister. This was really going to hurt. Or so I had thought. It took me a few seconds to realize that I wasn't in pain. And a few more passed before I realized that someone was holding me by the arm.


The head maid sighed as she helped me up.

"Careful. Don't you know that it is dangerous to run in the hallways?"

I took a moment to catch my breath. This was a great chance! If it was Sakuya, then she'd have no trouble with that creature.

"No time to explain," I said. "Trouble at the clock tower."

Sakuya narrowed her eyes at those words.

"The clock tower? Was it open?"

I nodded quickly. Before I could speak again, she took my hand and start flying. I barely had enough time to synchronize. We flew along the hallways and stairs until we were back up at the rooftop. Sakuya gave me a moment to land before she spoke.

"What happened here?" asked the head maid.

"Ugh... give me a second."

My head was starting to ache again, though not as painfully as before. It hurts, but damn it, this wasn't the time for this! I forced myself to point at the main door to the clock tower.

"There is a dangerous creature in there," I said. "Be careful, Sakuya. I think it killed someone!"

"I see," she replied. "Let me investigate."

The chief maid walked up to the main entrance of the clock tower. I watched quietly as she turned the handle. Huh? It looked like she couldn't open it.

"It's locked," said Sakuya. "Give me a moment to find the key."

She pulled out something from her dress. It was a small iron ring full of keys. She picked one out and put it into the lock. A loud click. She turned the handle again, and sure enough, the door opened. The head maid pocketed the keys and turned toward me.

"Give me ten minutes," she said.

I nodded carefully. She then entered the clock tower alone, closing the door behind her.

"Ten minutes, eh?"

If it was any ordinary girl, I would have gone in with her. But this was Sakuya. With her abilities, there shouldn't be any trouble. She would come back soon enough, saying 'I had to clean up some trash again,' as she walked out. The head maid could manipulate time, after all. If I came with her, I would probably just be in the way. It would be best if she could fight without worrying about me.


Three minutes passed. I started feeling a bit anxious. No, there was no need to panic. She just needed more time to sweep the area. Perhaps the beast went into hiding? Well, that would be futile against Sakuya. She would notice its presence easily. Then, she would quickly dispatch the creature with her knives and spells.


Seven minutes passed. I glanced at my watch to double check. No, I shouldn't panic. Sakuya was alright, I think. She was more than capable of taking care of herself. Besides, there wasn't anything I could do by myself. I was just an ordinary human. The best I could do was to head back down to get help. I certainly doubted if Sakuya needed any help. Did she?


Ten minutes passed. I looked back at the door, but no one was coming out. Did something happen to Sakuya? Should I follow inside and look for her? I looked around the rooftop, but there wasn't anything that I could use as a weapon. This was bad. I started toward the stairs. I had better tell the others that -


That sound! Did someone just lock the clock tower? I turned around to check, but no one was outside on the rooftop.

"Sakuya!" I cried out. "Oh damn it all... Sakuya!"

I was about to run up to the door when I suddenly felt a hand upon my shoulder. I slowly turned around.

"Don't shout," said the head maid.

She stood behind me, calm and collected. Ah, she was safe! I sighed in relief. But there was something strange. The head maid had a puzzled expression upon her face.

"Are you feeling alright?" she asked.

"What are you talking about? This isn't the time for that! What happened to the creature?"

Sakuya stared at me for a couple of minutes before speaking.

"There is nothing in there," she said. "Nothing that shouldn't already be in there, anyway."

"Huh? Then how about the bodies? The blood?"

She frowned at me.

"Bodies? There is nothing strange in there. I swept through all seven chambers. I didn't find anything."

From her eyes, I could tell that she (probably) wasn't lying. But what the hell did I see, then?

"Go back to your room and rest," she said. "I'll have breakfast brought upstairs for you."

Sakuya gave me a look of concern.

"And try to relax. You look stressed."

[ ] "Yeah, I'll head back to my room and rest."
[ ] "I'll just pass by the Voile library first."
[ ] "A walk outside will clear my head."
>> No. 38230
[x] "A walk outside will clear my head."
>> No. 38231
[x] "I'll just pass by the Voile library first."

Bedroom is always a bad end, and walking around the grounds alone is always a bad end. At least we've already encountered the Voile bad end, and we need to see if Koakuma was alright, if Patchouli has even found her, yet, anyway.
>> No. 38232
What the hell are you talking about?

[x] "I'll just pass by the Voile library first."

I'm voting this as to see if Patchy has any input on what happened.
>> No. 38233
[x] "I'll just pass by the Voile library first."
>> No. 38234
[x] "I'll just pass by the Voile library first."

Patchouli is going to be her in room, dead, and Remilia is going to call us retards for bad ending the same exact way. Maybe.
>> No. 38236
[X] "I'll just pass by the Voile library first."
>> No. 38237
[X] "Yeah, I'll head back to my room and rest."
>> No. 38241
[x] "A walk outside will clear my head."
Let's get our hearts ripped out a bit sooner this time clear our heads a bit. We tried library last time, I wanna see what happens to Meiling this time.
>> No. 38242
[x] "Yeah, I'll head back to my room and rest."
>> No. 38245
Things will not go exactly the same this time you DOUBLE WISEMAN
>> No. 38261
[ø] "I'll just pass by the Voile library first."

We should relay what has taken place to Patchouli, after all, we were/are looking for her familiar.
>> No. 38263
[x] "I'll just pass by the Voile library first."

After thanking Sakuya for her help, I decided to head to the library. I felt that I had better tell Patchouli about what I saw. It was too real to be a dream or delusion. And if there really was some wild beast running about in the mansion, it had to be stopped. I understood the head maid's doubt, but that was because she didn't know about the other incidents. I felt that if nothing was done, then things would get much worse.

Someone might end up dead.

With those thoughts in mind, I stepped through the doors to the library. And upon my arrival, a small ball of fire appeared in front of me. It bounced around a few times before slowly floating toward the shelves. I immediately recognized it as one of Patchouli's spells.

"She must know that I'm here," I muttered.

I followed after the flame patiently. As I had suspected, it was leading me to one of the magician's many reading areas. This wasn't the one nearest to her room, though. From what I could tell, it was heading to the one closest to the staircase that went down to the lower library. Koakuma had mentioned before that hardly anyone ever went this deep. What would Patchouli being doing all the way back here?

The flame continued leading me deeper until I finally reached a small clearing among the shelves. Sure enough, the pink and purple magician was seated quietly, a book in her hands. Beside her was a small table. I noted that there were two empty chairs nearby. As I approached, the ball of flame vanished. Patchouli didn't look up from her book as she spoke.

"So you came," she said.

I gave her a nod as I took a seat. My eyes immediately noticed a tray on the table. It was full of tea and biscuits. I immediately remembered that I hadn't yet eaten this morning. The magician glanced at me for a moment.

"Go ahead," said Patchouli. "Have some."

"Thanks a lot."

After a few biscuits and a cup of tea, I was finally able to organize my thoughts. I quickly told her everything that I saw when I went to the rooftop. When I got to the part where Sakuya came to help, I made sure to mention that the head maid wasn't aware of Koakuma's disappearance. She only came because I had told her that the clock tower was unlocked and open. Patchouli didn't say a word as I told her my story. I took several glances at her, but I couldn't read the expression on her face. However, the magician stopped flipping pages. I was sure that she was listening. But what was she thinking?


Silence. When I finally finished my story, she didn't react or say anything. Patchouli just kept silent. Was she in shock? Was she in deep thought? Was she concerned at all? I couldn't tell. This was very different from the face she showed me earlier this morning. It almost seemed like she was intentionally hiding her thoughts.


At those words, the magician closed her book and put it down on the table. Then, she stared straight at me.

"You won't find Koakuma. She isn't inside the mansion."

She said those words as if she was telling me the time of the day. I frowned at this.

"Are you sure? How are we supposed to find her, then? Shall we search the nearby woods and lake?"

Patchouli shook her head.

"Not necessary," she said. "I've taken the next steps."

"Next steps? What are you -"

Suddenly, my eyelids started to droop. I felt so sleepy. So damn sleepy...


Oh. It seemed like I had collapsed on the floor. How clumsy of me. I had better apologize later. After I took a little nap. So sleepy now. Both body and mind felt exhausted. It was time to rest. The floor felt unusually comfortable. Wow, I wished that my bed felt this good. I'd sleep all day, if it was.

The last thing I remembered were her final words to me.

"Sorry, but I can't let you interfere."

And then, I blacked out.

[ ] This person wasn't Patchouli.
[ ] Patchouli must be confused.
[ ] She must be the culprit.
>> No. 38264
[Q] This person wasn't Patchouli.
>> No. 38266
She doesn't look confused nor like the culprit. It was her and not someone else. Seems more like she knows who is behind it and will try to stop her herself.

[x] Think back about what happened until now and try to find out what you might have missed.

We are in the dream world now, might as well make the best out of it and come up with some solutions. Create some flashbacks and puzzle things together. We have all the time until we wake up or someone wakes us up and tells us someone got murdered.
>> No. 38267
I'm looking at Patchouli isn't the culprit but this is her right now. Oh well...

[x] This person wasn't Patchouli.

Patch is definitely not the culprit.
>> No. 38270
[x] Patchouli must be confused.
>> No. 38271
[X] Patchouli must be confused.
>> No. 38274
[ø] Patchouli must be confused.
>> No. 38275

Tell me... what's wrong with this picture?
Confused is only going to get us killed. Being naive is not going to help.
>> No. 38276

If that wasn't Patchouli we would already be dead.
>> No. 38278
[x] Patchouli must be confused.

We won't have this option if we trade in trust the next time.
>> No. 38283
[x] Patchouli must be confused.
She's trying to protect us. Naive stupidity is my motto.
>> No. 38304
[x] Patchouli must be confused.

I think she's trying to look out for our own good.
>> No. 38325
[x] This person wasn't Patchouli.

She would never harm us ;_;

How do you know we won't wake up tied down on a sacrificial alter?
>> No. 38326
[X] Think back about what happened until now and try to find out what you might have missed.
>> No. 38327
[x] Patchouli must be confused.
I think it unlikely Patchouli would sacrifice us.
>> No. 38336

That's more the 'cultist' territory, anyway. Proper magicians don't use altars.
>> No. 38345
File 12754182205.png - (111.88KB , 499x480 , perishthethought.png ) [iqdb]
>I think it unlikely Patchouli would sacrifice us.

Indeed. Patchouli would never betray you.
>> No. 38346
Indeed. They use large, phallic objects.
>> No. 38347
No update today. Going to visit a friend in the hospital. Later.
>> No. 38364
[x] Patchouli must be confused.

May as well exhaust all the 'trust' options.

We can be a shifty-eyed, hard-bitten detective type next round.
>> No. 38371
File 127546009862.png - (23.19KB , 646x617 , this is a REAL detective.png ) [iqdb]
>We can be a shifty-eyed, hard-bitten detective type next round.
I'd rather be a hardboiled detective.

Pic related.
>> No. 38374
being like that isn't exactly the best way to build bonds, something meta Remi said was important.
>> No. 38377

We're not building bonds so much as we're exploring the behaviors, dispositions, and to a lesser extent the abilities, of the other residents. Logically going through each separate tendency or item, with a lot of awesome Bad Ende under our belt, we'll be much more disposed to breaking through fate with the power of friendship, do the impossible, et the etcetera.
>> No. 38383
[x] Patchouli must be confused.

I opened my eyes, and a familiar ceiling came into view. This was a place that I knew well. It was where I felt the most at ease. I was at my room. The rest of the mansion was large, complex and unpredictable. But here, I could rest. I closed my eyes again, resting my head against my pillow.

Now that I thought about it, I couldn't remember much about the time I arrived in Gensokyo. Was it a few weeks ago? A few months? And how did I get here in the first place? It felt like so long ago that I wasn't really sure anymore. All I knew was that the Scarlet family had decided to take me in as a resident. I had to endure quite a few of her 'games', several of which were dangerous or outright life-threatening. It was for Remilia's selfish amusement, I was sure. At least, at first.

Patchouli had asked me once before, 'Do you want to return to the Outside?'. It came as a real shock at the time. Not because I didn't think it possible, but because I never thought of returning in the first place. Every time I thought about my parents, my home, and the life I left behind, my mind registered a complete blank. My memory of the Outside was gone, and there were some things that even time or a trip to Eientei couldn't fix. But I supposed that it was for the best.

I never felt like an outsider in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. This place was my home. And these people were the closest I had to a real family. And that was why I couldn't hate Patchouli.


After a few minutes, I became aware that I wasn't alone in the room. I slowly sat myself up as I rubbed my eyes. Seated nearby was one of the fairy maids. One that I knew well.

"Are you feeling better?" she asked.

"I had better days," I replied. "What happened, Elena?"

"Sakuya found you unconscious at the library. She had you brought back here to rest."


That's right. Patchouli probably drugged the tea.

"Are you hungry?" said Elena. "I brought you something to eat. Lady Remilia was worried when you didn't arrive for lunch."

"Lunch? Ah, what time is it?"

I glanced at my watch. It was 1:30 PM. Looked like I was out for several hours. My stomach growled loudly. I hadn't had anything to eat besides tea and a few biscuits. As I looked to my left, I saw a tray with some food and a glass of water.

"Sorry about that," I said. "I didn't mean to trouble you."

Elena gave me a formal bow.

"Please enjoy your meal. This is part of my duties."

After thanking her, I quickly satiated my hunger. Even if it was a leftover, the meals at the Scarlet Devil Mansion were always high class. I had no complaints. Elena glanced a few times at me as I ate, but she said nothing. In a few minutes, I was finished.

"Thanks for the food," I said.


I stood up and started for the door. Then, I realized something strange. Elena was seated right in front of it. It seemed like she had moved her chair to block the way on purpose. I cleared my throat before I spoke.


The fairy haid stared back at me, her eyes firm.

"Forgive me, but I have orders," she said. "I can't let you out of this room until 3:00 PM."

"Orders? What are you talking about?"

"I'm sorry, but I can't tell you yet. Please, just wait quietly."

Elena had been my personal servant ever since I arrived here, but this was the first time that she had acted like this. I could tell that she didn't want to do this, either. This worried me.
[ ] Wait quietly until 3:00 PM. No point in being difficult.
[ ] Keep asking her questions. There must be a good reason.
[ ] Order her to let you pass. She is my personal servant, after all.
>> No. 38385
[†] Keep asking her questions. There must be a good reason.
>> No. 38387
[Q] Keep asking her questions. There must be a good reason.
>> No. 38390
[x] Keep asking her questions. There must be a good reason.
[x] Order her to let you pass. She is my personal servant, after all.
First get more infos on what is going on. Intel is important then try to find out who ordered her to do this. From how high above came the order? Sakuya or Remilia?
>> No. 38393
[x] Keep asking her questions. There must be a good reason.
>> No. 38396
[x] Persuade her to tell you what's going on.

Fairy flirtin' gaems again~
>> No. 38398
[x] Persuade her to tell you what's going on.
>> No. 38399
[x] Keep asking her questions. There must be a good reason.
>> No. 38400
[x] Wait quietly until 3:00 PM. No point in being difficult.

Now now let's not trouble our fairy meido too much... All in due time, patience IS a virtue they say.
>> No. 38401
[x] Keep asking her questions. There must be a good reason.
IF the answer is not satisfactory: ('A secret' 'Orders' etc)
-[x] Order her to let you pass. She is my personal servant, after all.
IF that doesn't work:
--[x] Try and use force.
Usually, I wouldn't mind but locking a 'member' of the Mansion without an explanation just after he was drugged sounds a lil' bit shady. After all, is he a guest or a prisoner? Besides, there are murders to happen and he has to learn what he can.

The thing about the lack of memories was most peculiar. Is he a human, tied to this placed by Remilia's Fate power? A normal guy with amnesia? 'Something else' created in the SDM and given false memories? Who knows?
>> No. 38402
So instead we stare at her for an hour and a half.

Our burning eyes piercing her soft, fairy flesh. She squirms under our scrutinizing gaze, traversing every curve and detail of her small, supple form. Her body tenses, her breathing becomes heavy and frantic, she heats up under the collar. With a final effort to keep her composure, she tries defiantly to lock eyes with ours, only to be met by the ever raging fire of our soul burrowing it's blazing passion into the depths of her own. Eliciting a sharp gasp, she clenches the hem of her uniform before collapsing to the floor from the weight of our presence. We then tie her up to Cirno's wing fragment and put her in our closet for later use.

Good idea.
>> No. 38406
Sounds great bro.
>> No. 38415
[x] Keep asking her questions. There must be a good reason.
>> No. 38416
x] Keep asking her questions. There must be a good reason
>> No. 38426

Yeah. That's about it I guess.
>> No. 38432
Hmm. Seems like Patchouli either wants to keep us out of harms way, or stop us stopping her from doing something dangerous. Either way it's not something we can just let her do.

[X] Keep asking her questions. There must be a good reason.
And if all she can say is "I don't know, that's just my orders." Then try
[X] Order her to let you pass. She is my personal servant, after all.

And if that doesn't work
>> No. 38443
[x] Keep asking her questions. There must be a good reason.

"What's happening out there?" I asked. "Why can't you let me through?"

Elena paused for a moment, not looking at me in the eye.

"It's dangerous," she whispered. "You must stay here. I have my orders."

"Orders? From who? Sakuya? Remilia?"

She said nothing. I couldn't tell what she was thinking.


The moment I mentioned that name, her eyes widened slightly. Something caught her off-guard. Elena quickly shook her head.

"No!" she cried. "I-It wasn't her! Miss Patchouli has been missing since -"

She stopped mid-sentence and clasped her hands over her mouth. Clearly, she said something that she wasn't supposed to say.

"Patchouli is missing?" I asked.


Elena looked away and kept silent. I sighed loudly. It pained me to interrogate her like this, but I had no choice. I had to keeping pushing her for answers.

"Did something happen to her? You have to tell me, Elena."


"Please," I said. "If you can't tell me why I shouldn't leave my room, then at least tell me what happened to my friend. I can't just sit quietly here without knowing anything."


She glanced at me for a moment. I gave her a determined look. Elena sighed before looking away.

"Miss Patchouli had gone missing," she said. "No one had seen her since last night, and none of the mansion staff could find her. Miss Sakuya searched the entire Voile library herself after finding you."

"After finding me?"

"You were found unconscious. She had you brought back here to recover."

"What about Koakuma? Has anyone seen her today."

At the mention of that name, her face turned pale white. She quickly looked away. I had the most horrible feeling in my gut.



The fairy maid lowered her head, her voice but a whisper.

"Koakuma was found."

"And? Where is she now?"

"She wasn't in the mansion, and..."

A thin trickle of tears started rolling down Elena's cheeks. Somehow, I already knew what she meant. But I had to hear it myself.

"What happened?"

The fairy maid looked up at me with damp eyes.

"Miss Meiling found her body in the woods. She hanged herself."

After telling me those words, she started sobbing loudly. But I wasn't much better off. It took a couple of minutes for it to sink in. I sat myself on my bed and covered my face with my hands. My mind was a complete blank. I lost all awareness of my surroundings. 'This was just some bad dream,' I told myself. Just a bad dream.

Someone, please wake me up.
>> No. 38446
File 12755725783.jpg - (135.13KB , 842x1091 , koakuma.jpg ) [iqdb]
Someone was shaking me awake. I slowly opened my eyes. A familiar blonde haired fairy maid was standing over me.

"Please wake up. We should start moving."

"Ugh.. my head aches. What time is it?"

"3:15 PM," she said.

I slowly got up from the bed. This wasn't some dream sequence that I could just shake away. No matter how much I wish that it was.

Elena waited outside while I changed into a fresh set of clothes. I needed to wear something that I could easily move around with. Then, I took my best jacket. I might need those extra pockets. Who knew what we were up against?

Then, I stepped out of my room.

"Are you ready?" she said.

I gave her a quick nod. Elena took a few steps forward and started muttering a summoning spell. In the next instant, a vicious poleaxe materialized in her hands. It looked like something that could easily behead a horse. I was then reminded that this fairy maid was on a different level from the others. The special crest she bore on her uniform wasn't just for show.

"What do you need that for?" I asked.

"I was ordered to keep you safe."

She turned to me, bowing slightly.

"Where shall we go first, Master?"

I shook my head and sighed.

"Don't call me that. Just call me by my name, alright?"

"Yes, Master."

Now to decide the next move...
[ ] Visit the gardens. Meiling was the first witness.
[ ] Visit the basement. I should see if Flandre was awake.
[ ] Visit the Master's bedroom. Remilia must know something.
>> No. 38447
I want to say []Try and find Sakuya. Since she found us, but it feels like she's going around covering things up. So:

[X] Visit the gardens. Meiling was the first witness.
[X] On the way, try and find out why 3pm from Elena.

Koakuma hung herself? In the woods? That doesn't seem very likely, we need to question someone who saw the scene.
>> No. 38448
[x] Visit the gardens. Meiling was the first witness.
Let us hear her story on how she found her. Then we report to Flandre and go from there.
>> No. 38449
[Q] Visit the gardens. Meiling was the first witness.

The poll on "how we die" is now open.

My bet is the giant freaking poleax.
>> No. 38454
[x] Visit the basement. I should see if Flandre was awake.

Shit went horribly wrong.
>> No. 38459
[X] Visit the gardens. Meiling was the first witness.

As Flandre said, it falls upon us to gather whatever intel we can during the day.
>> No. 38464
[X] Visit the gardens. Meiling was the first witness.

We'll visit Flandre later. She'll be fine without us I think.
>> No. 38467
[ø] Visit the gardens. Meiling was the first witness.
[ø] On the way, try and find out why 3pm from Elena.
>> No. 38485
[x] Visit the basement. I should see if Flandre was awake.
>> No. 38488
[x] Visit the gardens. Meiling was the first witness.

'While I interrogate you, pay no attention to the giant axe looming forebodingly in the background.'
>> No. 38491
Next Thread: >>38490