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The Scarlet Devil Mansion, or more precisely, the underground magical library, Voile. Kept and maintained by Magician Patchouli Knowledge and her Devil familiar Koakuma. A dusty, dim place where hundreds upon thousands of magical books and tomes are kept in storage. A goldmine of arcane knowledge, and a very high profile target for one particular local witch. Within it's nearly labyrinthine depths, the caretaker sits at a desk, books spread out on the table in front of her, with several more free floating in the air around her, lit only by the light of a single candle.

“Koa, new candle,” Patchouli mumbles quietly, trying to maintain her train of thought. Dark circles under her eyes telling of her lack of rest as her eyes dart from book to book in the poor lighting. The winged girl collects a spare from a box, lights it with a simple gout of flame from her finger, and then sets it in midair, floating without effort. A mumbled thanks is given by the magician as she dips her pen into her inkwell, tapping off excess ink before returning to the page. She scribbles quickly, while the information is still fresh in her mind. She had finally come to the point where she was ready to learn the next key, advance her own magical power another level, and become the most powerful magician in Gensokyo. To keep herself from losing her shot, she's taken it upon herself to transcribe all the results of her study from the last 34 hours, a process which is quickly drawing to a close. A faint smile on her lips as she slides the full page away, exposing one more fresh page. She sets upon it as well, scratching out her knowledge and- pens dry, dip in ink- record her final steps towards the key. There's an energy in the air as Patchouli quickly scribes, and even Koakuma is growing tense as the words and sentences flow from the pen.

One final scratch, a flurry of strokes, and Patchouli sets the signed page aside, collects the stack of pages and then neatly aligns them, setting them back down... and then silence.

“I've got it,” she says, her smile still present, “I'm ready for the next key.”

“That's wonderful!” Koakuma exclaims, shuffling over to her mistress and laying her hands on he shoulders, gently rubbing them. “Now you can take a nice bath, and then get into bed.”

“Yes, yes,” Patchouli mutters, her head sagging slightly, “a bath, and then- No! No, wait, I'm not done!” Patchouli suddenly bursts, taking up her pen once more as Koakuma steps back with a sigh. “I need to enchant the book. Confound it's contents, keep Marisa from understanding it. I need to seal it into the library, no, to my very body. My mind!”

“Is that really necessary?” Koakuma asks, a little exasperated and slightly worried.

“Absolutely! I can't let her unlock the key, I can't let her match my power,” Patchouli mumbles feverishly as she applies a spell to paper. “I will keep this power to myself!” Silence falls over the library again, with the only noise being the scratching of pen on paper, and the soft sounds of pen in glass.

“After this, you could even summon a second familiar to help with management,” Koakuma speaks up after a few seconds, breaking the silence. Patchouli mumbles slightly in response at first.

“Right, a new pair of hands. Summon a new servant to help maintain the library,” Patchouli mutters as she works on the spell, fighting back the effects of sleep deprivation. Just a few more lines and runes and she's done, now she can seal the... the...

“Patchouli?” Koakuma asks, several seconds after the aforementioned girl stops writing, blinking down at the page in front of her.

“I made a mistake...” Patchouli says, blinking some more, then setting down the pen and wiping her eyes, “I made a mistak-” she repeats, cut off by a sudden burst of light from the page. She falls back in her chair with a cry and Koakuma rushes to her side, collecting her toppled master from the floor.

“Are you alrigh-” Koakuma starts, only to be cut off by Patchouli's cries again.

“No! Wait,” she shouts, attempting and failing to get to her feet, entangled in her own robes, “I screwed up the spell!”

“What?” Koakuma asks, helping Patchouli to her feet. The magician stumbles for the page, only to be repulsed by a bright flash of light that floods the room. Another flash and the light expands out from the page, consuming everything in it's path.

As the light subsides, Patchouli and Koakuma open their eyes, blinking against the spots and streaks in their vision from the light in the dim environment. As their eyes adjust to the darkness once again, a very peculiar sight awaits them. Upon the table lay a single figure, devoid of clothes. The table as well, devoid of anything but this figure. In fact...

The entire Voile library was empty.

“Oh,” Patchouli mutters, shuddering slightly, “Oh no,” she says, taking a step towards the table. Koakuma looks around in confusion at the change. The bookshelves are bare, stacks of books missing from the tables, chairs, and floor. Everything is missing, save for a pen, an inkwell, and a floating candle, pooling wax on the table beneath it.

“Mistress...? What happened?” Koakuma asks, taking a step after Patchouli.

“I... sealed the library,” she says quietly. Koakuma tilts her head slightly.

“Pardon?” Koakuma asks, as the figure on the table starts to stir. The light haired figure starts to mumble itself.

“I wanted to shut away... the knowledge I'd gained... lock it into my mind...” Patchouli speaks in slow, broken sentences, “keep it from being stolen.” The figure shifts, pushing itself up from the table with one arm. A thin black tail raises up form it's limp position, and a pair of small black wings stretch out from a folded position on both head and back.

“A Devil?” Koakuma reacts with a hushed whisper.

“... but...” Patchouli continues. The devil turns its head towards the two girls. A young man, bleary eyed, looks towards them in response to the sound of their voices. “Instead...”

“Hmmn?” the boy groans, rubbing his eyes. “Who're you?” Patchouli is on the table faster than either devil can react, hands on the boys throat, and pushes him down on the surface.

“Give me back my books!” Patchouli shouts, feebly attempting to choke the devil boy with her small hands. “Give me back my library!”

“Wha-! I don- Get off!” the boy struggles, pulling Patchouli's hands off him and holding her arms back. She struggles and flails in return, pulling her hands free and proceeds to beat her fists against the devil's head and chest.

“Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it!” Patchouli shouts during her assault, while the confused boy makes an attempt to deflect her otherwise weak and random blows until Koakuma steps up, grabbing her master by the shoulders.

“Mistress! Please!” Koakuma shouts over Patchouli's ranting, pulling her back and subsequently off the table with a cry, keeping Patchouli from mounting the table again.

“It's all there!” Patchouli shouts, struggling against Koakuma's grip. “In his head! My library! My books! Give them back!!” Patchouli cries, now on the verge of tears out of plain frustration, while both devils, equally confused by proceedings, exchange glances. Eventually, Patchouli's tantrum settles down, as she rapidly loses consciousness, fainting in the arms of her familiar.


“I'm sorry about all of that,” Koakuma says as she returns, bowing slightly to the boy, who is temporarily dressed in spare clothes rummaged up from Koakuma's own stock.

“I still don't even know what's going on. What happened to me? Where am I?” he asks, still all very bewildered by the recent events. Koakuma give a tired smile.

“My best guess is that Miss Patchouli fumbled a spell in her fatigue, ended up combining a spell to seal a book into her memories with a summoning spell, but...” she pauses, looking around the library, “it seems she sealed the entire library...”

“Into me,” the boy says, finishing the sentence. Koakuma nods hesitantly.

“That... seems so,” she says, tapping her fingers together, “I've never heard of something like this happening, I don't know what to do.”

“And for where I am?” the male devil asks next.

“You're in, well, the former magical library Voile, beneath the Scarlet Devil Mansion, in a realm known as Gensokyo,” Koakuma explains, giving a half hearted sweeping gesture to the large, empty library space. “There are all sorts of magical people and creatures in this world, so you'll fit right in... well, as long as you're around.” Koakuma seems to slump a little at the last part, the the boy seems no more pleased at that.

“What'll happen to me?” he asks.

“Honestly? I don't even know,” Koakuma replies sadly, “I hope that the books can be retrieved without incident.” Silence falls between them for a few seconds.

“You're a devil too, right?” the boy asks, looking over Koakuma. She nods in admittance.

“I am!” she says happily, “it's been so long since I saw another Devil, it's kind of nostalgic.”

“And you're here...?” the male leads.

“Miss Patchouli summoned me many years ago as a familiar to tend to the library,” Koakuma says, her tone dropping a little at the end thanks to the current state of said 'library', “she was intending to summon a second one, which would be you, to help, but...”

“Unforgivable!” Patchouli's voice calls out as she stalks towards the pair from the bookshelves.

“Mistress!? Why are you up?” Koakuma asks with concern, rushing towards the girl.

“Like I could die while my library is like this!” Patchouli states, looking worse for wear than before, visibly haggard and disheveled, not to mention stripped down to her underwear and a slip. “I need to expel this Devil and recover my library! Everything I know is in here! I can't let anyone but me have it!”

“With all due respect, Miss, it can wait,” Koakuma says soothingly, only to be met with a frustrated squeal.

Absolutely not!” Patchouli wails, flailing on Koakuma now, who catches the attacks quickly and holds Patchouli back. “I must get started immediately, I have no time to waste on this!”

“Look,” the boy says, walking towards the pair, “I know that I have something important of yours locked away in my head, but have you looked in a mirror lately?” he asks, catching Patchouli's attention. “You look like shit, seriously,” he states, leaning forward slightly to get a better look at her face. He's got a head on her in height, just barely taller than Koakuma herself. “You want to wrinkle your face up over something like this? No man would want someone if they look like a hag before their time.”

Who do you think you're talking to!?” Patchouli screams, struggling harder against Koakuma, as vain as it is. The latter throws a glance back at the young man as he steps back a bit, and catches an unusual sight. His lips are moving, as if he's speaking something. He finishes, and once again Patchouli goes limp in Koakuma's arms, however, the change is instantaneously rather than gradual. Coinciding with the end of whatever the young devil was speaking. Koakuma's eyes widen at the realization.

“You used magic on her?” she asks, and the devil responds by scratching his head.

“I won't deny that there's a lot of new knowledge in my head I didn't have before, but a sleep spell isn't anything special. Most Incubi know one or two,” he says, noticing the new look he's getting from the female devil, “not that I am one, but there's lots of opportunities to learn new tricks, you know?”

“Right, I understand,” Koakuma says while kneeling to pick up Patchouli's slumped form again. “Sorry, I'm going to bring her back to her room,” she adds, hoisting the short girl up and carrying her away.

“Hey,” the guy calls after her, “what's your name?”

“Koakuma,” she replies.

“... Your real name?” he presses, not content with the given name. Koakuma frowns a little.

“I gave up my name when I became a familiar, so it's just 'Koakuma' now. It will be the same for you,” she states. Now it's the boy's turn to frown.

“Give up my name...” he says, “and if I don't?”

“Your name was already stripped from you when you were summoned,” Koakuma replies matter of factly. This elicits a sneer from the new guy.

“No way, I still remember my name,” he says, which gets a disbelieving grin from Koakuma.

“So?” she asks, still smirking. A few seconds pass, and a rather pronounced frown crosses the devils face as he comes to realize the truth of the matter.

“It really was stripped from me, wasn't it,” he grumbles, kicking his foot against the ground.

“A devil's name is their power, after all,” Koakuma says, smiling gently, “it's to keep your power from being misused by others that might seek your strength, and it keeps you from breaking the contract on your own.”

“Guess I need a new name then,” the male sighs, folding his hands behind his head. “What did you say this library was called again?”

“Voile?” Koakuma repeats, only catching onto the intent after the grin spreads across the boys face.

“Then,” he says lowering his hands, “I'm Voile from now on.”


Some time has passed since your arrival, and the revelation of the situation you've found yourself in. Not content to simply sit around in a large empty room, even with your kin keeping you company, you've decided to set out to explore this new location to pass time until that Patchouli woman wakes up from her fevered sleep. Your expedition does not go unnoticed for very long, as you quickly come across several flying girls, chattering and laughing in the halls. They buzz away on their little wings when they spot you, and it's not much longer after until you're confronted by a silver-haired lady.

Minutes later, you're seated in a large parlor, looking across a small table at a girl in her mid-teens, Remilia Scarlet, a cup of tea between the two of you. Even though it had been called tea openly, you can smell the blood in it, and the slightly red stain it leaves behind on the girls lips as she drinks is unmistakable.

“So, let me see if I understand,” she says slowly, setting down her cup. “Patchouli, in a hurried rush, somehow sealed all the books in her library into your head as you were summoned?”

“Seems that way,” you reply with a shrug. It's how you understand the situation as it were. Remilia chuckles slightly, tipping her head to one side.

“Sounds like quite a problem, wouldn't you say so Sakuya?” Remilia asks.

“At least a certain witch will have less reason to intrude on mansion grounds,” the silver-haired woman responds immediately. “Patchouli's health may even improve slightly, getting her out of that stuffy library.” Another chuckle from the vampire.

“Patchouli could never leave the library. The shock of fresh air would put her in a coma,” Remilia muses, adjusting her position slightly, propping her head up on one arm, supported by the chair's arm. “Still, that means we have a new resident. What to do...”

“It would be no trouble for us to accommodate another person, especially if it's another familiar of Patchouli's,” Sakuya states, speaking up at the apparent prompt set forth by her Master. Remilia hums in contemplation.

“That would be fine, I suppose,” Remilia says, “though, Voile,” she pauses to smile at her use of the name, “what are your thoughts on the situation?”

“My thoughts? Like what do you mean?” you ask, for clarifications sake. Remilia straightens her posture again, sitting forward and resting her elbows on the table.

“How do you imagine you'll spend your time living here, in service to Patchouli, under my roof?” she asks.

[] “I'll live up to my end of the contract, serving Patchouli faithfully as needed.”
[] “I'll do what I must, but I don't know about turning my life over entirely to someone.”
[] “This whole situation is a pain, but the contract restricts me, so I guess I don't have a choice.”
[] “I don't give a shit about this 'situation'. It's her mistake, she should live with it. I'm my own man.”


Oh look, I'm starting a fourth concurrent story. Well, whatever, I've been increasingly agitated because of how much I like this idea and the thought of not being able to put it to use any time soon, so I'm crushing myself under even more writing in order to relax, which is probably the complete anti-thesis to the entire concept of 'Taking it easy'.

This is more or less an LA though, and I will state specifically that I will not make any special promises to update this as a constant pace. I will try for at least once a week until something else of mine finishes which would likely be Idyllic Life first.

I actually haven't even finalized an appearance for Voile-kun yet either, so in lieu of a proper mental image, you're welcome to my incredibly uncreative concept of K' with headwings.

>> No. 34830
[x] “I don't give a shit about this 'situation'. It's her mistake, she should live with it. I'm my own man.”
>> No. 34835
[x] “This whole situation is a pain, but the contract restricts me, so I guess I don't have a choice.”

From what I've heard this sounds more like something Voile might say. I would also like to say that this concept is quite interesting, and I look forward to seeing it through.
>> No. 34839
>“At least a certain witch will have less reason to intrude on mansion grounds,” the silver-haired woman responds immediately.

Yeah, right. I expect her to show up twice as often in order to try taking us away using everything from kidnapping to extremely amateurish seduction.

[X] “I'll live up to my end of the contract, serving Patchouli faithfully as needed.”
-[X] "Not that there is any guarantee that we'll be seeing eye to eye on what serving her means, of course."
-[X] "Plus, I wouldn't mind serving some of the other ladies around here, if you catch my drift. Like that coworker of mine, or... you know, you have good taste in girls if those cuties out in the hall were anything to go by. We should get together and collaborate some time."

I get a kick out of the idea of Voile being a somewhat unabashed pervert. It fits well enough - he is a devil, after all.

Plus, it's completely true.
>> No. 34841
>[x] “This whole situation is a pain, but the contract restricts me, so I guess I don't have a choice.”

I would like to change my vote to...

[X] “I'll live up to my end of the contract, serving Patchouli faithfully as needed.”
-[X] "Not that there is any guarantee that we'll be seeing eye to eye on what serving her means, of course."
-[X] "Plus, I wouldn't mind serving some of the other ladies around here, if you catch my drift. Like that coworker of mine, or... you know, you have good taste in girls if those cuties out in the hall were anything to go by. We should get together and collaborate some time."

I like this portrayal of Voile much better, and it will more than likely make the story much more funny and interesting.
>> No. 34842
[X] “I'll live up to my end of the contract, serving Patchouli faithfully as needed.”
-[X] "Not that there is any guarantee that we'll be seeing eye to eye on what serving her means, of course."
-[X] "Plus, I wouldn't mind serving some of the other ladies around here, if you catch my drift. Like that coworker of mine, or... you know, you have good taste in girls if those cuties out in the hall were anything to go by. We should get together and collaborate some time."
>> No. 34845
[x] “This whole situation is a pain, but the contract restricts me, so I guess I don't have a choice.”
He doesn't really have a choice.
>> No. 34848
[x] “This whole situation is a pain, but the contract restricts me, so I guess I don't have a choice.”
>> No. 34851
[X] “I'll live up to my end of the contract, serving Patchouli faithfully as needed.”
-[X] "Not that there is any guarantee that we'll be seeing eye to eye on what serving her means, of course."
-[X] "Plus, I wouldn't mind serving some of the other ladies around here, if you catch my drift. Like that coworker of mine, or... you know, you have good taste in girls if those cuties out in the hall were anything to go by. We should get together and collaborate some time."

“I'll do my duty as a familiar,” you state, idly straightening out the collar of your shirt, “servicing my master as needed.” Remilia offers a small smile and a nod, though you're not quite done with that line of thought yet. A smirk of your own crosses your face. “Of course, we may have different ideas of the definition of service, so there might be a little bit lost in translation. Remilia's smile grows, and the tone shifts from acceptance to surprise and amusement.

“Well, you're certainly a healthy young man at least,” Remilia quips. You offer a quick chuckle as a reply.

“I wouldn't mind spreading my own brand of service to a few other ladies around here either,” you continue, much to Remilia's growing amusement. “That other devil of Patchouli's is quite a morsel, she'd be a nice taste of home to have, but from the cuties I've seen flitting around so far, tasting the local flavour wouldn't be so bad either,” your smile grows, and Remilia's matches. Sakuya seems midway between embarrassment and amused as well as you eye the both of them. “Present company might not be so bad either, we should have dinner sometime.” Remilia quickly bursts into a laugh, but whether it's from your advances or not you're not sure. Once she's recovered, she folds her hands and rests her chin on the back.

“I have a feeling things are going to get quite lively around here,” Remilia says through a wide smile and faint blush, “let's not get ahead of ourselves right now, though. I can't fault you for thinking how you do, Koakuma was much the same when she arrived, but she's settled down since. That aside, however,” Remilia pauses to sip at her bloody tea, “right now, your Master is currently unconscious, and with no library to take care of, Koakuma and yourself are going to be temporarily repurposed.”

“Being recycled already?” you ask, leaning back in your chair as much as your wings can allow.

“Well, it's no good having a couple of idle devils alone in a dark room,” Remilia says through her smile, “having the extra hands around would be a help, and you would be earning your keep.”

“I can't argue that,” you say, “I don't want to spend all my time sitting around doing nothing, after all. I'm an active guy, I don't like sitting still for too long.”

“Then we should get you to work immediately,” Remilia states, sitting up and turning her head toward Sakuya. With a nod, Sakuya approaches the table. “Now then, since you're so eager to get to it, I'm going to let you choose a temporary placement.” At that, Sakuya lists off a short list of various duties required around the house. Once she's finished, you're allowed to make your pick.

[] “Guarding the gate sounds like my kind of thing.”
[] “Household chores seem easy enough.”
[] “I'll take the personal servant position for now.”
[] “I wouldn't mind helping out in the kitchen.”
[] “Playmate? That doesn't sound hard at all.”


Finished writing this before I saw that it tied. I suppose I should have called it, but oh well.
>> No. 34853
[x] “Guarding the gate sounds like my kind of thing.”

I'd think it'd help keep Meiling awake and help improve the general defenses. And I like to see how Meiling reacts to Voile's remarks.

>“let's not get ahead of ourselves right now, though. I can't fault you for thinking how you do, Koakuma was much the same when she arrived, but she's settled down since.

Oh really? Looks like we have to un-settle her then. Since it's akin to expecting a Vampire not to drink blood or an Oni not to drink booze.

I wonder if we'll get to do some of the other things down the line.
>> No. 34854
>Finished writing this before I saw that it tied. I suppose I should have called it, but oh well.

Don't worry about. It looks like one of them changed their vote anyway, so it wasn't really a tie.

[X] “Household chores seem easy enough.”

Greatest chance of interacting with the maid staff, maximizing opportunities for showing off, flirting, and snagging lots of fairy tail.
>> No. 34855
Damn, how could i have missed this.
>“Household chores seem easy enough.”
>“I'll take the personal servant position for now.”
>“I wouldn't mind helping out in the kitchen.
I am just not sure which is which. Don't want to go in the wrong direction.
>> No. 34856

You'll have the chance to change stations fairly often. Basically, you do whatever is needed, or what you want when given the choice.
>> No. 34857
[x] "Playmate? That one sounds interesting. For whom would I be this playmate and what kind of playmate are we talking about?

I want Flan to be direct, but if I were Voile I would definately ask what playmate was before asking about the other options.
>> No. 34858
[X] “Household chores seem easy enough.”

I wouldn't peg Voile to be the cautious type. More likely, he'd go in thinking "Play with a kid? This is a cakewalk." And then run out fifteen minutes later going "Oh Satan, what is wrong with that girl?!"
>> No. 34860

Isn't it sad, Meiling? Even here you're chronically overlooked in favor of maids.
>> No. 34861
More than likely you're right, but it only said playmate, not for whom or why. It was more of just a whim on my part because I almost obsess over Flan.
>> No. 34862
[x] “I wouldn't mind helping out in the kitchen.”
Kitchen Bitch, make the best food in Gensokyo.
>> No. 34863
[x] “Guarding the gate sounds like my kind of thing.”

/sdm/ could use some more Meiling.
>> No. 34864
Spend that energy on GH when it resumes. This is Koakuma's (and perhaps Meiling's) time to shine.
>> No. 34865
Okay then. I wont post any more of my stupid Flan obsession on this thread and would like to change my vote to...

[x] “Guarding the gate sounds like my kind of thing.”
>> No. 34868
File 126842732981.jpg - (675.40KB , 768x1024 , SDM039.jpg ) [iqdb]

You make it sound as though it were remarkable for anyone to lose out to fairies around here. Collectively we love fairies almost to the degree that we love our favorite characters.

And really, who can blame us?
>> No. 34870
[Q] “Guarding the gate sounds like my kind of thing.”

Lets see some Meiling.
>> No. 34872
[x] “Guarding the gate sounds like my kind of thing.”
>> No. 34873
[Q] “Guarding the gate sounds like my kind of thing.”

As much hilarity as flustering Sakuya would be, the distinct lack of Meiling needs to be fixed.
>> No. 34876
Meiling inbound. Please wait.
>> No. 34877
[x] “Guarding the gate sounds like my kind of thing.”

“This place has guards?” you ask, a little more interested in the place now.

“A guard, singular,” Remilia replies quickly, “though she has a bit of trouble keeping some of the more troublesome guests out.”

“I think something needs to be done about that, then,” you say, a new light coming to your face. Remilia looks pleased by your decision and finishes her tea, dabbing away the stain on her lips with a napkin before sliding her chair back.

“Sakuya, take him outside then, introduce him to Meiling,” she says, walking away from the table, “I'm going to go rest in my room.”

“Very well, Miss,” Sakuya says, bowing to Remilia as she passes before heading towards you. You're on your feet and ready to go by then, and Sakuya takes the lead, leaving the room with you in tow.

“So does this place get a lot of trouble?” you ask, probing for information.

“We get some curious folks coming around every now and then, some fairies that live around the lake like to come by and play around as well. The real problems come from one particular witch,” Sakuya explains.

“A witch, huh?” you repeat, slipping your hands into your pockets.

“She's unmistakable. Dresses in black and white, rides a broom, long blonde hair. She comes by occasionally to take books out of the library, more often than not against Patchouli's wishes,” Sakuya's explanation continues.

“She's in for a surprise,” you comment, smirking in the meanwhile.

“Especially with a new guard at the gate,” Sakuya adds on, “you and Meiling should be enough to stop her, I think.” Sakuya seemed a bit off at the end, as if she has doubts. This just inspires you to smile wider.

“You don't sound very confident,” you remark, “that's making me even more excited.”

“You're a little hot-blooded, aren't you?” Sakuya asks with a slight giggle.

“A little?” you reply sarcastically, which elicits another laugh. By now you've reached the doors, and Sakuya opens them. Before you is a large lawn contained behind walls. A large gate stands at the end of a walkway extending away from the door. You can see someone standing on the other side.

“This is the front yard of the mansion,” Sakuya states, sweeping her arm as she exits the building. You follow along behind her, looking around. It's well maintained, a picture perfect landscape. For you in particular, it conjures up memories of tales of a particular plane, a wide landscape that warriors go to after death. The only part of it that doesn't fit with the legends is the large red building behind you, an imposing looking structure. The walk to the gate is brief, and Sakuya calls to the woman on the other side.

“Ah, Sakuya, uh?” the woman says as she turns around, catching sight of you. “Who is this?”

“This is Patchouli's new familiar,” Sakuya says, introducing you. Meiling steps aside to open the gate, then proceeds to shake your hand. She's got a pretty firm grip, a lot stronger than you'd imagine from just looking at her.

“Oh, so you're going to be staying with us then?” she asks excitedly.

“More or less,” you say as Meiling releases your hand.

“So, you just brought him out here to say hi?” Meiling asks, turning her attention to Sakuya. The two of you grin in unison.

“Actually, he will be assisting you for today,” Sakuya states, which seems to shock Meiling.

“Assis- But, wait, he's Patchouli's-”

“Yes, but there's been... an accident,” Sakuya states, and Meiling is even more shocked.

“An accident! Oh no, is Patchouli okay!?” Meiling is practically shouting now. Sakuya sighs lightly.

“Long story short, I am her library,” you interject, getting the story out. Meiling just blinks in response, then scratches the side of her head.

“Uh... huh?” Meiling mutters, clearly confused.

“She made a mistake with a spell of some sort, and sealed her entire library way inside my head during a summoning,” you say, tapping your temple, “so, since I am her new library, I've taken the name Voile for myself.” Even despite the explanation, Meiling doesn't seem any more closer to understanding, but she just smiles.

“Well, whatever!” she says casually, dropping the entire thing from mind apparently. “So why are you going to help guard the gate?”

“With no library to tend to, Patchouli's familiars would have nothing to do. Remilia wanted to put the two of them to work, but Voile seems keen to help anyway,” Sakuya explains this time. Meiling lights up.

“And you wanted to come guard the gate?” she asks, and you nod.

“I figure that it would be a good chance to stretch my legs, see where I'll be living for the next while,” you state calmly, “and of course, being able to beat on and trespassers would be a good way to test my strength in this world.” Both Meiling and Sakuya laugh now, and Sakuya starts to turn back to the house.

“I'll be going back now. Meiling, look after Voile for today,” she calls out as she walks back, before vanishing entirely. Strange, you'll need to figure out how she does that later, could be handy to know. For now, you look back to the red-head you've been left with. Not too bad looking, nice figure, taller than you by a head. She still doesn't look like the kind of person you'd expect to find guarding, but you suppose that for a world with a magic to summon and bind devils, you shouldn't be taking appearances for granted. You should probably be getting to business.

[] Casual flirting is always possible on the job.
[] Business first, pleasure later. You have lots of time.
[] Start asking questions. You're unfamiliar with this world.

Shame the 'fairy maids' option didn't win then. There's always future votes!
>> No. 34878
File 126843565931.jpg - (620.86KB , 540x700 , 5e7fdf623533d813640577f284b25e22.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Casual flirting is always possible on the job.
Meiling it is. Sounds interesting because she always had way too less showtime.
>> No. 34880
[x] Casual flirting is always possible on the job.
-[x] Mix it up with some actual questions.
>> No. 34882
[X] Casual flirting is always possible on the job.
-[X] Mix it up with some actual questions.
>> No. 34885

Don't you worry. I'm sure we'll be voting to fool around with half the maid staff at the first opportunity. I will, anyway.

[X] Casual flirting is always possible on the job.
-[X] Mix it up with some actual questions.
--[X] In particular, let's sneak in some questions about the very fine ladies that fill the house, present company not excluded.

Of course, fooling around with the other ladies in the house is not mutually exclusive to that goal.
>> No. 34886
[X] Casual flirting is always possible on the job.
-[X] Mix it up with some actual questions.
>> No. 34887
[X] Casual flirting is always possible on the job.
-[X] Mix it up with some actual questions.
>> No. 34888
[Q] Casual flirting is always possible on the job.
-[Q] Mix it up with some actual questions.

Seems to be accepted pretty easily.
>> No. 34889
I have no problems with some fun with fairies. If I didn't think it was impossible, I'd aim for a "everyone" end.
>> No. 34893
It's probably not impossible... maybe difficult, but not impossible.

[x] Casual flirting is always possible on the job.
-[x] Mix it up with some actual questions.
>> No. 34896
[X] Casual flirting is always possible on the job.
-[X] Mix it up with some actual questions.
--[X] In particular, let's sneak in some questions about the very fine ladies that fill the house, present company not excluded

Going for the harem end!
>> No. 34900
[X] Casual flirting is always possible on the job.
-[X] Mix it up with some actual questions.

Voile is a walking repisitory of knowledge, correct? Then I think this next option is warranted.
[X] <insert choice about an obscure option for magical defense here>
I mean, if all the knowledge about guns, for instance, was compressed into somone's head, you could figure out novel new ways to fire a bullet, or a new type of ammunition, etc.
>> No. 34902
I think having that library crammed into his head might have boosted his "Lady Servicing" skills to even beyond that expected of a incubus.
>> No. 34903
File 126845860888.jpg - (133.72KB , 600x599 , 97a7d0937e15f47f9d9580aa9201e8ff.jpg ) [iqdb]
>taller than you by a head

[X] Casual flirting is always possible on the job.
-[X] Mix it up with some actual questions.
>> No. 34904
[X] Casual flirting is always possible on the job.
-[X] Mix it up with some actual questions.
>> No. 34907
[x] Casual flirting is always possible on the job.
-[x] Mix it up with some actual questions.

Oh hot damn, this started? All right.
>> No. 34908
[X] Casual flirting is always possible on the job.
-[X] Mix it up with some actual questions.
>> No. 34909
>check thread on a whim at 3:43am
>spit ginger ale everywhere at the number of votes
>suddenly feel wholly justified in starting a new story
>surging inspiration to write
>realize I don't have the time at this point in the morning with my brother visiting
>> No. 34910
[X] Casual flirting is always possible on the job.
-[X] Mix it up with some actual questions.
>> No. 34911
File 126847865568.gif - (85.12KB , 640x680 , 2efa23c5bec44e738df3be32c2f04c473c450552.gif ) [iqdb]
[X] Casual flirting is always possible on the job.

>> No. 34912
[X] Casual flirting is always possible on the job.
-[X] Mix it up with some actual questions.


Why so surprised? This story is using a rarely concept for a premise. Plus it's interesting.

Plus we successfully countered Remilia's charisma with our own, made Sakuya blush, and we've successfully flirted with 4 out of 6 of the SDM's main residents all in the first meeting, a very rare feat.
>> No. 34913
Interesting story that's been updated at a nice speed, of course people are going to vote for it. It'd go the same way for your other stories if you updated them nearly as fast.

But the main question: Is a harem ending possible?
>> No. 34914


Updating in a bit as well.
>> No. 34915
And all of that in only 3 updates. If things go on like that then in two threads....
>> No. 34917
>> No. 34919
[X] Casual flirting is always possible on the job.
-[X] Mix it up with some actual questions.

“So you're the gate guard, huh?” you ask, giving Meiling a visual once-over. “I wouldn't expect someone so pretty to be found defending a door.” Meiling chuckles slightly.

“You're flattering me, uh.. Voile,” she replies, hesitating for a moment, “Wow, it feels so weird to be saying that as a name.”

“I can't go by my own name, after all, part of my contract,” you state, to which Meiling nods.

“I understand, it's okay. I'm just so used to using Voile as the name for a place, but... yeah,” she says. She doesn't seem too flustered by your comment on her appearance. You wonder how far you could take it. “Anyway, guarding the gate is pretty easy really.”

“I would imagine,” you say with a shrug, “stand around outside, watch for suspicious types, kick their ass.”

“That's it!” Meiling cheers, “simple work!” A naturally devilish smile comes to your face.

“I would think that anyone wanting to break in would be too hesitant to attack you,” you state with a slight smile.

“Ahaha, if only that was the case,” Meiling retorts, “we'd have less trouble from bothersome visitors.” You frown a bit. She doesn't seem to be getting it, but you're not going to get too serious with your advances yet. You do wonder how far you could go before she realizes you're flirting.

“What kind of troublesome visitors could you get though?” you ask, starting to wonder since she's proving resistant to flirting.

“Oh, just locals really. Marisa mostly, but there are a few fairies that come around that cause trouble now and then,” Meiling explains. Pretty much what you've already heard.

“Marisa?” you ask, not familiar with the name. Meiling gives a slight gasp.

“Oh, right, I'd forgotten you wouldn't have known her name,” Meiling apologizes, then laughs. “I guess I'm just so used to everyone knowing each other by now.”

“It's no problem,” you say with a smile, inching closer to Meiling a bit more. “I really wouldn't mind getting a chance to get to know you a little better as well, perhaps off duty?”

“That sounds like a good idea!” Meiling exclaims happily. “After all, just because you're not on duty doesn't mean you shouldn't be training!” Again, seems she totally missed the purpose. You're not sure how you feel about this. Both Sakuya and Remilia at least seemed responsive to your suggestions, even if you weren't being serious. Being totally misunderstood though? It might be just a sign of her innocence, or she could just be a little slow on the uptake. In any case, this could be pretty interesting in the long run.

“Where is this anyway? This world,” you ask.

“Oh? No ones told you anything yet?” Meiling asks, sounding surprised. You shake your head.

“I don't really know anything, other than Patchouli is my Contractor, Remilia is the Master of the house, and Sakuya is her maid,” you recite, and Meiling nods.

“Well, this world is Gensokyo. It's located on Earth, in a country called Japan,” Meiling explains, “it's sealed off from the outside world by a magical barrier that keeps everything and everyone safe. Things that no longer have a place in the outside world end up here. Monsters, magic, even maids, it seems.”

“Huh, sounds weird,” you remark. You're somewhat familiar with the concept of pocket dimensions, but not one that takes in refuse from another. “So everything here is from the 'outside'?”

“More or less,” Meiling says, “the Scarlet Devil Mansion ended up here a few years back.” You don't have a whole lot to say on the situation, not knowing much about the new world you've found yourself in. You'll get to learn as time goes on though, so you're not too concerned at the moment. As it is though, you still have the task at hand.

“I still find it a little unusual to see someone like you guarding a gate,” you state. Meiling takes on a confused expression.

“What do you mean?” she asks.

[] Try and see if you can spar her, gauge her strength in battle.
[] See how far you can take your advances before Meiling catches on.
[] Drop the flirting for now, just take position and keep watch.


Took longer than intended to get around to updating. Had to cook, and my brother is visiting for the weekend. On top of it, I had to finish this update through a slight bout of nausea, not fun. I'll have more time to update again tomorrow.
>> No. 34920
[x] See how far you can take your advances before Meiling catches on.Then...
[] Try and see if you can spar her, gauge her strength in battle.
>> No. 34921
Agressive flirting time.

[X] See how far you can take your advances before Meiling catches on.

Oh Meiling, are you really this dense?
>> No. 34922
[x] Try and see if you can spar her, gauge her strength in battle.
>> No. 34923
[x] Try and see if you can spar her, gauge her strength in battle.
>> No. 34925
[X] See how far you can take your advances before Meiling catches on.

Some people live by the sword.

We live by a different kind of sword.
>> No. 34926
[X] See how far you can take your advances before Meiling catches on.

As much as we'd like to get 'up close and personal' with her, we'd need to step up the flirting up a few notches.
>> No. 34927
[X] See how far you can take your advances before Meiling catches on.
>> No. 34928
File 126853218034.jpg - (466.71KB , 709x709 , cdfd054190a9937191a903886f2a086a.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] See how far you can take your advances before Meiling catches on.
This Thread is now about flirting with Meiling.
>> No. 34931
[X] See how far you can take your advances before Meiling catches on.
[X] Try and see if you can spar her, gauge her strength in battle.

I hope Patchy had some martial arts books in that library...


...and the problem with that would be...?

It's impossible to have enough Meiling
>> No. 34933
[X] See how far you can take your advances before Meiling catches on.
[X] Try and see if you can spar her, gauge her strength in battle.
>> No. 34937
[X] See how far you can take your advances before Meiling catches on.

> It's impossible to have enough Meiling

Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.
>> No. 34941
[x] See how far you can take your advances before Meiling catches on.

Flirting games~
>> No. 34942
Would that mean it'll be a while before we reach that point then?
>> No. 34944
[X] See how far you can take your advances before Meiling catches on.

Might as well have some fun at her expense, see how far you can push your advances. She has to get it sooner or later. Sooner, you hope, but it would definitely get funnier the later it runs.

“I mean you look like someone I'd rather find in a bedroom,” you start with a sly smile.

“Well, I do sometimes help with housekeeping when we're short a few hands,” Meiling speaks up, completely missing the point.

“I meant more in the bed itself,” you say, tacking onto your previous statement. Meiling looks a little worried.

“Do I look that tired? I mean, I do feel a I could take a nap, but I think I sleep well,” she says, continuing to be oblivious. You're starting to find it hard to believe she could really be this dense, no one could be this slow on the uptake. You're actually finding yourself a little strained to come up with something apparent but still vague enough to not be direct solicitation.

… Screw it.

“So what do you do off duty?” you ask, setting up the final blow.

“Usually I exercise, eat, maybe read a bit or... I dunno, I find something,” she says happily.

“You ever get lonely?” you continue, carrying along the point. Meiling seems a bit thoughtful.

“Not really that often, though only Remilia is really awake by the time I'm relieved,” she states. It's time.

“You know, I could keep you company during the nights, if you wanted,” you say, delivering the final line. Meiling gives a defeated laugh.

“You finally said it, huh?” she asks. You frown a bit, you were being lead along, weren't you? “Look, I'm flattered you're so persistent, but-”

“Hey, sorry,” you interject, laughing a bit yourself, “actually I was just toying around as well. I was thinking 'there's no way this girl could not be getting this!'. I wanted to see how far I could go before you realized.”

“I had it pegged from the start, really,” Meiling replies, “I thought it was kind of nice towards the start, but then you got more and more obvious and I was just thinking 'Oh boy, some kind of sex fiend'.”

“So you liked it at first, then?” you ask, genuinely interested now.

“Yeah, any girl likes being complimented, and no guys really ever come around to visit, so actually being hit on was kind of nice,” Meiling explains, and you're thrown for a loop. No guys? You'd have imagined otherwise with a house full of women, but... really? “Though as you went on, I was just playing dumb and hoping you'd stop.”

“I'll keep that in mind for the future,” you say, definitely keeping that as a mental note, if you plan to have any further success.

“I won't hold it against you this time,” Meiling says with a friendly smile again, dropping the slightly disappointed expression she's had so far, “I still remember when Koakuma was first summoned, actually. She was a handful too,” Meiling says, ending with a soft laugh. You make an additional note to talk to Koa yourself sometime, see if you can get first hand accounts of these things out of her. You, however, have a gate to guard at the moment.

“So you're not upset?” you ask, and Meiling just smiles.

“Not any more, since you said you were just teasing anyway,” she says, “if you were serious, we might have a problem. Just keep it cool in the future, yeah?”

“Sure thing,” you reply with a smile. You were worried it would get awkward once Meiling revealed she was onto you, but it worked out fairly well, though you were a little serious about your advances. It's only your first day here though, you imagine you'd have plenty to time to chat up the girls. With the air cleared and back on friendly terms, you finally take position at the gate as well.

The duration of your post is fairly laid back. There really are very few visitors, as none come during the several hours you're on post. It's not all that bad, however. You share the occasional small talk with Meiling, some jokes, and just enjoy the scenery. It almost seems too good to be true, being allowed to sit out in the sun and just enjoy the day. At mid day, Sakuya returns to the front gate, her presence only revealed by a few footsteps from nowhere before her voice calls out.

“Meiling, lunch time,” Sakuya calls out, getting the red-heads attention. The gate is opened and Sakuya hands over a small bag from which Meiling recovers some sort of box, and Sakuya turns her attention to you, “as for you, would you like to switch posts, or would you like for me to bring you your lunch as well?” Getting another choice, it seems.

“What have you got in line?” you ask out of curiosity

[] “Giving a hand with lunch preparations.”
[] “There's always chores to be done somewhere in the house.”
[] “You could learn to tend to Ms. Remilia.”
[] Actually, you're fine with the gate.
>> No. 34945
Called it. Oh well.
[x] Actually, you're fine with the gate.
For now.
>> No. 34946
[X] Actually, you're fine with the gate.
>> No. 34947
[x] Actually, you're fine with the gate.

Well... I do think we'll need to play it cool around Meiling for the time being. Well, there's still everyone else.
>> No. 34948
>update in the middle of the night
>still get votes
>I think I love this board
>> No. 34949

Well, so many updates in such a short period of time (on /sdm/, no less) gets attention.

Also, timezones.
>> No. 34950
[x] Actually, you're fine with the gate.
>> No. 34951
[X] “There's always chores to be done somewhere in the house.”

I don't expect much else in the way of activity out at the gates. Besides, we might as well meet the rest of the household today.

Bring on the delectable fairy maid staff!
>> No. 34952
[x] Actually, you're fine with the gate.

This will give us more time with Meiling and possibly an encounter with a certain black and white witch.
>> No. 34953

Aw, come on, don't you want to save meeting Marisa for when she busts into the library? I for one want to be there to see the horror on her face, and the single bright moment in this debacle for Patchouli: the opportunity to gloat over Marisa's inability to steal a single damn thing.
>> No. 34954
Hahaha, now that I think about that would be hilarious. Although I don't doubt that Marisa might actually end up just stealing Voile himself and then probing him somehow. That would probably be one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while.


I would like to change my vote from...
[x] Actually, you're fine with the gate.
[x] “There's always chores to be done somewhere in the house.”
Might as well hype up Sakuya and the fairy's while were waiting.
>> No. 34955
[X] “There's always chores to be done somewhere in the house.”

Our flirting here has failed, better move on.
>> No. 34956
[X] “There's always chores to be done somewhere in the house.”

Might as well try everything once.
>> No. 34957
[X] “There's always chores to be done somewhere in the house.”
>> No. 34958
[x] Actually, you're fine with the gate.
>> No. 34959
File 126857449138.jpg - (39.22KB , 497x436 , asshole.jpg ) [iqdb]
...well played, Meiling. Well played.

[X] “There's always chores to be done somewhere in the house.”
>> No. 34960
[X] “There's always chores to be done somewhere in the house.”
>> No. 34961
But changing on now might come off as a dick move, leaving right after Meiling revealed our failure. I'd figure it'd be better if we stuck around and tried to redeem ourselves.
>> No. 34962

Guy's got a point. It would look pretty shallow on us if we made it look like we opted to do gate guarding for the sole purpose of flirting. And we're trying to leave a good impression here. Meiling may have stonewalled us this time, but who's to say old Voile's charm won't win her over eventually? We've got a whole story to work with here.

Besides, if at first you don't succeed...wait for a moment to play the Big Damn Hero.

>>34959 vote change to...

[x] Actually, you're fine with the gate

We oughta have that sparring match with her as the previous few choices tried to vote for. After all, it is Meiling's forte and we ought to find a better way to get into her good graces since flirting didn't work.
>> No. 34963
Meiling has just proven that she's better than that. She isn't gonna get offended by something as meaningless as that.
>> No. 34964
[X] “There's always chores to be done somewhere in the house.”
>> No. 34965
[x] Actually, you're fine with the gate
>> No. 34966
Yeah that's a sound plan; keep it cool, sparring with her.
>> No. 34967

That's a pretty ridiculous concern, though. Meiling just said outright that she doesn't have a problem with us, and we spent some hours out in front of the gate just chilling with her.

Pretty sure things are cool, brah.
>> No. 34968
[x] “There's always chores to be done somewhere in the house.”
>> No. 34969
File 126860285254.png - (1.56MB , 1400x1130 , 00b47a4557b3b059b4e6ab6da7ab3035.png ) [iqdb]
It's too early for that guys. We don't want to make Mode quit like Taisa did.
>> No. 34970

I guess. But we only got out of that one by saying we were kidding. Maybe it's just the challenge she seemed to set that gets me since she countered us like that.

Then again, a target has not been chosen. And there's still the rest of the mansion to explore.
>> No. 34971
My apologies.

I was concerned about damage control since we over extended our hands. But I'm reminded of "The Eldest Scarlet": Sometimes flowery words are not the best route to a lady's heart, but something akin to knowledge or inner spirit.
>> No. 34973

Which is probably why the sparring match was brought up again. I don't see what harm it could do and it'd pobably be a better way to leave on better graces with Meiling than we are now, even if we are "ok" in her eyes. And it could show the mansion staff just what we're capable of. We haven't had a proper chance to use any magic or anything from our knowledge of Patchy's library aside from that one spell. If we're lucky, we would end up getting our ass kicked by Meiling and being nursed by the staff could put on a little show.

Besides, who wouldn't want Meiling to show them her moves...if you know what I mean.
>> No. 34974
Yeah,I think Meiling'd fall quickest for a someone serious about martial arts. It would be the same for Patchy with knowledge, precisely that which she doesn't have. I doubt she's read all those books, right?

I think if we keep even with Remilia without overstepping our bounds, it'll be a good route.

We haven't really dealt with Sakuya long enough to think of a good gameplan, just that we know she's easily flustered.

Koa is an interesting case, since I think there's a natural attraction, but the main hurtle is having her get into touch with her long suppressed inner devil. The Aftermath should prove to be most fun.

No idea how Mode's going to Flandre in this.
>> No. 34975
[x] Actually, you're fine with the gate.

And this time let's ask more about Gensokyo and the people in it so we don't have to go around not knowing everyone or the things that occur.
>> No. 34982

I don't have a problem with it right now, but I will be sure that if opposing character factions start to get out of hand, I will step in and stop it. Taisa doesn't have the luxury of being able to delete posts, and I won't hesitate to blast shitstorms where they brew in my threads. I write for other people's enjoyment, I don't want it to become a bunch of misery and fan bickering.

I've really had a reawakening from this thread, and I'm going to make an effort to update all four stories at a regular pace. I just need to get the attention fast enough to get votes in rather than waiting half a day for the bare minimum and losing drive.


>No idea how Mode's going to Flandre in this.

Neither do I, really.

>tied votes

Damn. First vote breaks the tie and gets written.
>> No. 34983
Well once you start updating faster, the votes will come in. And make it clear you need a certain number of votes for you to update. I saw Jerl using that to pretty good effect on his stories.
>> No. 34984
Man, I always hate tiebreaks. Such a temptation to just go ahead and cheat.

That aside, just buckle down and write quickly for a little while, and you should get back in the game no problem. Speaking of which, that reminds me of what I should be doing...
>> No. 34985
[x] “There's always chores to be done somewhere in the house.”
>> No. 34986

This it is then. Writing soon.
>> No. 34987
Yay fairies!
>> No. 34988
[x] “There's always chores to be done somewhere in the house.”

“I suppose I wouldn't mind helping out with some chores,” you say, mulling over the concept.

“Very well than, we'll get you lunch inside, and I'll help you find someone to guide you around and show you the ropes,” Sakuya says with a nod. You turn to Meiling and nod to her as well.

“I'll be seeing you later then,” you say, and Meiling stops eating for a moment.

“Good luck with your work Voile,” Meiling says with bright smile, “sorry the gate wasn't more exciting! I was hoping I'd get to put on a show for you!”

“I'll see it next time,” you reply, stepping through the gate as Sakuya retreats from the gate. On the other side, you close the gate and start to walk past Sakuya to the house. “Now then, let's get-” you start, ready to move on and see more of the house. As you speak, Sakuya grabs your shoulder gently, and the world blurs around you. “-goinguh... whoa,” you stammer, a sudden shift in location from the front yard to a large kitchen. What the hell just happened? You look at Sakuya with confusion on your face, only to get a smile in return and a plate of some food.

“Enjoy your meal, but try to eat quickly, if you please,” Sakuya says, bowing slightly before walking off across the room and returning to her cooking. There's a small table nearby you take a seat at, and have a moment to inspect your food. You know a bit about human world things, but you've never really eaten human food. At the very least you recognize some kind of meat, but what are these little white pellets? This pale yellow... substance covering it as well? There's a pair of sticks protruding from the mound, surely you're not meant to eat those too, right? There's so much about it you're unfamiliar with, you can't help but feel a little ashamed at your hesitation to eat. You look up from the bowl.

“Uh, excuse me?” you try to call Sakuya's attention. She notices immediately, and looks back at you.

“Is there something wrong?” she asks. You point at the bowl.

“What... is this?” you ask, feeling slightly embarrassed to be asking this. Your embarrassment is lessened though when Sakuya simply chuckles instead of outright laughing.

“I'm sorry, you must not be too familiar with Japanese food,” Sakuya apologizes, walking towards you, “here, allow me to explain a little,” she says, walking over while wiping her hands. She takes the two sticks out of the bowl and holds them in an odd manner with her fingers. “These are chopsticks,” she says, snapping the tips together like a pincer, “you can use these to eat, and this,” she continues, gently taking the bowl from you. She proceeds to point out the various portions of the meal, the meat, egg, rice, a few condiments and toppings as well, and then sets it on the table for you. After a moment though, she hurries away and returns with a fork, placing it next to your bowl. “Actually, chopsticks might be too hard for you right now, so you'd probably be more comfortable with a fork,” Sakuya says kindly. You nod, looking at the bowl of food again.

“Yeah, I'm not sure I could eat with sticks,” you say, sliding into the chair. Now that you've had an introduction to your meal, you dig in cautiously. Surprisingly, it's not that bad. Sakuya returns to her work as you eat, and you finish off the bowl in a few minutes. In the time you take to eat, Sakuya's left the kitchen, and has returned by the time you finish, almost perfectly in sync.

“Good news, Voile,” she starts, “I've found you some partners!”

“Partners?” you ask, as a girl pokes her head in through the door. Long, deep blue hair hangs long, and aside from her face, all other details are hidden behind the doorframe.

“That him?” the girl asks, to which Sakuya hums a confirmation, then waves you over.

“Come meet your partners!” Sakuya calls, and you get up, leaving your bowl behind. You approach the door as the girl backs out, and outside it you see three girls. The long-haired one that you saw already, a light green haired girl with her hair tied back into two ponytails, and a girl with shoulder length white curls. Each of them has a set of translucent wings as well. “These are some fairies that work here as maids,” Sakuya begins, gesturing towards the blue-haired girl first, “this is Rainyday, she's the oldest,” Sakuya introduces the girl, and moves onto the green-haired girl, “Breezy, the youngest of this group,” Sakuya says, moving onto the last, “and Cottonsky, the 'middle' girl.”

“Middle?” you ask, looking between all the girls. Some kind of ranking, maybe?

“Age placement,” Cottonsky replies, sounding a little nervous, “uh, even though it's not really accurate. Rainy's only older by a year, the gap between us and Breezy is several dozen.”

“You're going to be working with us?” Rainyday asks, sounding more confident than her white-haired friend, “I'd heard that the librarian summoned a new familiar, I didn't think we'd be meeting you any time soon though.”

“Yeah, that's me,” you state proudly, trying to look your best in front of the ladies. Despite being told they're fairies, they don't look the part, especially in hindsight. The smaller, childlike girls you saw earlier were definitely more fairy-like. Rainyday's at least as tall as you, and Cottonsky's shorter by a small amount. Breezy's the smallest, only reaching up to your shoulders, but they all seem to be around the same age. At the very least, they're aged and developed enough to be appealing. You can feel your hormones simmering again already.

“Girls, give Voile a rundown on household maintenance, please,” Sakuya asks, to which the three girls bow.

“We'll do our best!” Cottonsky replies, sounding much less nervous than when she spoke to you. With that, you leave the kitchen, and the girls start to walk away.

“Let's get started now,” Rainyday begins, taking the lead, “we can give you a tour of the house, show you what kind of things there are to do, or we can simply get right to work and you can get your hands dirty,” she states, leaving the option up to you.

[] A tour wouldn't be so bad.
[] Getting right to work is the best.


I've spent a bit of time thinking about the best names I could use for some fairies, and this was the result. I still think they're a bit silly, but I like the way they sound.
>> No. 34989
[x] Getting right to work is the best.
>> No. 34990
[X] Let's get efficient: a tour and work at the same time! As these three fine young ladies show you around the house, tackle whatever needs doing in each place you visit.
-[X] Whistle Flirt while you work.

Three flavors of fairy already? I like. Let's get to know these girls.
>> No. 34991
[x] A tour wouldn't be so bad.

Might as well learn what we can.
>> No. 34992
[x] A tour wouldn't be so bad.
>> No. 34995
>“Sorry the gate wasn't more exciting! I was hoping I'd get to put on a show for you!”


Oh well.

[x] A tour wouldn't be so bad.


May as well. After all, we wouldn't want to get lost and end up in a certain basement, now do we~?

>> No. 34996
[x] Getting right to work is the best.

Names are excellent.
>> No. 34997
[x] A tour wouldn't be so bad.
>> No. 34998
[x] A tour wouldn't be so bad.
>> No. 34999
[x] A tour wouldn't be so bad.
>> No. 35005
[X] A tour wouldn't be so bad.

Recon team, Check in!
>> No. 35008
[x] A tour wouldn't be so bad.

“I'm curious what there is to do around here,” you say, looking around the halls, “this place seems so big, I imagine that there's probably a lot of work to be done.”

“Typically, yes,” Rainyday responds, “there are a lot of fairies working here though, and they do their best to work. Though, most tend to spend most of the time goofing around,” she opens a door as you pass, and gestures inside. It's a large reading room, and inside are several fairies chasing each other with feather dusters. There's a clear discrepancy between the fairies within, with a few child sized and some even smaller, overseen by one at appears to be around the same age as your guides. “As you can see, this is what you can expect from fairies. However, they do get work done from time to time.”

“What about you three?” you ask, curious if they're going to shirk their duties as well. Rainyday smirks and tosses her hair dramatically.

“We are some of the hardest working fairies in all the mansion!” Rainyday exclaims proudly. Cottonsky and Breezy both seem to share that pride. “Lady Remilia had ordered fairies to work in groups overseen by a Great Fairy because alone they tend to do nothing but screw around, but with the new structure, they actually make progress.”

“Lady Remilia came up with it after watching fairies play on their own,” Cottonsky follows up, “fairies tend to congregate to Great Fairies for guidance in the first place. Putting them under a 'leader' for work makes sense.”

“Naturally, all three of us are Great Fairies,” Rainyday perks up, “we all head a subordinate group of our own, but we work together very often due to the synergy of our natures.” The other two nod in agreement with this statement, though you don't really understand yourself.

“Nature?” you ask.

“It's in the names,” Rainyday states, “we pick our own names when needed. Since I'm a fairy with the power of creating rain in cloud, my name was simple. Cottonsky manages condensation and cloud formation, it's only natural for us to work together,” she says, then gestures to Breezy, “she's a fairy of wind, so she's related to our cycle.”

“You know, I'm a bit curious,” you say, interjecting, “so far I haven't heard Breezy say anything. Is she okay?”

“Don't mind it,” Cottonsky responds, patting Breezy on the head, “she's a quiet girl.”

“Surprising for a fairy, actually,” Rainyday adds with a slight chuckle, “of course, I can hardly shut up half the time, but rain is noisy after all, so I guess it's okay.” The three fairies laugh a bit to themselves, and you realize that you've already sidetracked them, as you're standing around in the hall talking rather than being shown the house. Rainyday seems to realize this soon after you. “Ah, but we should get going, we've still got a lot to show you.”

“Right,” you say, and the fairies get on the move again. You're given a brief introduction to the house chores; dusting, cleaning off surfaces, changing flowers, polishing the wood furniture, laundry, washing what few windows there are, changing candles where necessary and cleaning up wax, so on and so forth. By the end of the tour, you find yourself out behind the house, overlooking another section of yard, mostly dominated by decorative plants and other flora.

“This is our favourite place to work,” Cottonsky says, sighing happily as she looks up at the sky.

“Because you're outside, right?” you ask, to which Rainyday chuckles.

“No points for stating the obvious,” Rainyday comments. Even Breezy is humming some kind of tune, and you can't help but be more aware of the slight wind rolling across the grass. You take the time to give the girls a once over, since their attention is distracted for the moment. You'd heard of fairies fairly often before, but you'd always heard they were supposed to be small little things, you're still not wholly able to wrap your head around 'full sized' fairies, particularly when it comes to their proportions. Rainyday's got a fairly slim figure, but the real surprise is Cottonsky, who is quite stacked for her stature and has a much more curvaceous figure. Despite being the shortest of the three, Breezy's not too bad herself, though being as short as she is limits her sizes. They're all quite pleasing to the eye.

“So, is that the rundown on chores?” you ask.

“More or less,” Rainyday answers, looking back at you, “if there's anything in particular you want to work at, just say so and we'll head back. Otherwise, we're going to get to work on the gardening.”

You suppose you should consider your options.

[] Dusting is easy!
[] Wiping down things is fine.
[] Flower detail.
[] Polishing furniture is good.
[] Why not get on laundry?
[] Window washing should be quick.
[] Candle-changing seems the longest.
[] Assist with gardening.
>> No. 35009
[X] Assist with gardening.

Seems fitting for us to work our magic on some tender little flowers. Plus, it ought to take a nice long time.
>> No. 35010
[x] Candle-changing seems the longest.
This has a sound. Changing candles in a Vampire Mansion.
>> No. 35011

Also includes making sure the hearts, coins and occasional weapon are secured tightly behind the candelabra.

Don't want goodies falling out all over the place and making a mess, after all. Pointless sage for terrible joke.

>> No. 35012
[x] Candle-changing seems the longest.

I've been playing too much Castlevania lately to vote for anything else.
>> No. 35013
[x] Candle-changing seems the longest.
>> No. 35015
[x] Candle-changing seems the longest.

I agree, that was downright awful. It still made me laugh.
>> No. 35016
[x] Candle-changing seems the longest.
>> No. 35017
[x] Candle-changing seems the longest.

Sounds like Cottonsky is Cotton soft. I wonder how she stacks up with Meiling, Koakuma, and perhaps Patchouli (that's if she's indeed a curvy Patchouli)
>> No. 35018
[x] Candle-changing seems the longest.
>> No. 35019
[X] Candle-changing seems the longest.

>> No. 35021
[x] A tour wouldn't be so bad.

"Get three chicks in the same bed. Do 'em."

>There's a pair of sticks protruding from the mound
Unless your Sakuya is a Ditzy Sakuya, she would definitely not have jammed chopsticks in.
From what I've heard, Japanese people are supposedly really superstitious about that, and avoid serving rice with chopsticks placed in it. Something to do with that being how they served it to condemned prisoners or something.

Just something I noticed. Might be just an indication of how flustered she is, or something, I suppose.
>> No. 35022
Oh look Yuuka just made her 10th lap around you.

You should pay better attention before posting.
>> No. 35025
File 126871608324.jpg - (66.40KB , 718x713 , slowpoke-sonic.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Candle-changing seems the longest

We can't lose with this.


The research is enlightening, but...pic related.
>> No. 35027

Post content limited by what the author knows.
>> No. 35028
[x] Candle-changing seems the longest.

“How about changing the candles?” you ask, “that seems like it would take the longest.”

“Ugh, yeah, it takes forever,” Rainyday complains, but goes from a scowl to a smirk, “that's why whenever we can, we tend to take over the gardening. It doesn't feel like work then.”

“I don't mind it, much,” Cottonsky says, “but working in the garden is definitely more fun.” Breezy is naturally silent, but her expression clearly reads of boredom.

“That's why we get it out of the way now, and have more time for fun, instead of ruining the fun with the dread of going to do something boring,” you say. The three fairies expressions take on a hint of surprise, and they all nod.

“Actually, that's pretty smart!” Rainyday remarks, “we can get it done, then the most boring part is out of the way.”

“Let's get started then,” you state, rallying the fairies. Their morale has improved a bit, and Rainyday takes the lead again, heading back inside with you and the others in tow. A quick stop at a closet along the way, and you're given a box of red candles and a small chisel.

“Okay,” Rainyday starts, pointing down the long hallway, “we start here. Breezy and I will take one wall, Cotton and Voile are on the other,” she says. You look at Cottonsky, she's carrying an empty box and a pack of some kind of sticks. “Don't try to light a candle before you get it into the holder, you might have trouble getting the used one out, and you don't want to be holding a dripping candle.”

“Right,” you say, looking down the hall. The closest candles you can see are burned pretty far down, and a few have gone out in some places.

“Alright, let's get started,” Rainyday says, and splits away from you and Cottonsky, along with Breezy. You head towards the first pair on your side of the hall and blow out the two stubs remaining, then wiggle them free. Cottonsky holds up her box to you.

“Put the stubs in here, we reuse as much wax as we can salvage,” Cottonsky says. You comply, dropping the candle stubs into the box, and replacing them with fresh candles. You watch as Cottonsky takes one of the sticks from the pack and scratches it along the side until it bursts into flame, then proceeds to light the candles. Seems pretty inconvenient to you, but you continue along. You and Cottonsky are moving at the same time as Rainyday and Breezy, and you both reach the next pair of candles. You pull out the two stubs and toss them into Cottonsky's box, and replace the candles again. This time though, you pinch the wick between your fingers and snap, and the candle lights itself, which causes Cottonsky to gasp audibly.

“What's wrong?” Rainyday asks from across the hall, looking over just in time to see you snap the second candle alight. “Ooh! Handy!”

“Using these little firesticks takes longer than it would for me to just light it myself,” you say, smirking at your own attempts at being cool, “any self-respecting devil can light a small fire like this.”

“Well I know who to call when Lady Remilia needs her fireplace lit,” Rainyday comments, eliciting laughs from the other fairies. You suppose that was a natural comeback. With this convenient ability though, it doesn't take long for you to move on ahead of Rainyday and Breezy. After a long while, you reach a split where the hallway ends, extending down to other halls. You find yourself waiting for the other two to catch up, giving you some time alone with Cottonsky.

“This was pretty quick,” you say.

“It was! We'd still be back around where Rain and Bree are,” Cottonsky says, sounding fairly happy, “it won't take a whole lot longer to do up what's needed.”

“We're not doing the entire house?” you ask, and Cottonsky shakes her head.

“Oh no, that would take the entire day for just four people,” she says, “the workload is divided as best as possible between groups. We cover this T-junction and around the corners a bit, it usually takes us around an hour and a half, but we could be done a lot sooner.”

“How long has it been so far?” you ask, not sure of how long you've been at this.

“For us it took about half an hour, I think. Usually takes 40 to this point,” she explains.

“That's good then, I can speed through this and you fairies can be back out in the garden you love,” you say, and Cottonsky smiles.

“You're doing this for us?” she asks, a mixture of happiness and curiosity. You smile yourself and nod.

“Of course. I find putting a smile on a pretty face to be the best thing a man can strive for,” you remark, and Cottonsky blushes in response.

“Oh, I-I see,” she says quietly, punctuated with a slight laugh, then looking away to try to hide her apparent embarrassment. Quite easily flustered it seems.

“No need to be shy, I'm just speaking my mind,” you say, stepping around Cottonsky slightly to get back into her line of sight. She looks back at you still red in the face.

“It's okay, i-it's fine! I'm just... there's never been any guys living here, so I don't really, um,” she pauses, seemingly trying to collect her thoughts, “I'm not used to- no, uh... I've... no one's ever told me I'm pretty before...”

“That's a shame,” you say, looking her straight in the eyes, “I'm sure you're even more lovely underneath the sun, which is why I'm working so hard.” Cottonsky's blush deepens and she breaks eye contact, looking down at the floor.

“Th-thank you...” she stammers, otherwise at a complete lack of words. You seem to have completely burnt her out with just a little casual flirting, definitely a shy type, and clearly not used to the attention. Truly is a shame. You step aside and leave the fairy alone for now and wait for the others to catch up. Cottonsky is still in completely bashful mode when Rainyday and Breezy approach.

“Oh? What's this?” Rainyday says, smirking when Cottonsky looks up, revealing she's still blushing. Rainyday casts you a glance. “Have you been teasing Cotton?”

“N-no, he just, uh...” Cottonsky tries to speak, but her stamering gets the better of her.

“Just a few kind words, really,” you state with a shrug. Rainyday hums inquisitively.

“Try not to break the maids until they're off duty,” Rainyday states with a playful smirk.

“Don't you mean break in?” you retort, which gets a chuckle out of Rainyday.

“Quite the playful one, aren't you?” she asks.

“I suppose you could say that it's my nature,” you reply with a grin.

“Anyway, now that we're done this part, you want to continue as you were, or switch up partners?” Rainyday asks.

[] Switch partner
-[] Rainyday
-[] Breezy
[] Continue as before.


I wasn't going to update until tomorrow, but looking at how many votes I got so quickly changed my mind.
>> No. 35029
... Cottonsky is delicious.

[X] Continue as before.

She may be flustered from just that light flirting, but keeping her on that little high for a while should really work wonders. We can switch up our partner when we move on to the next task.
>> No. 35030
[x] Switch partner
-[x] Breezy
Let's try all flavors
>> No. 35031
[x] Continue as before.
>> No. 35032
[X] Continue as before.

That and to make up for the blushing cotton soft fairy. Rainyday in contrast, can easily gives as she takes in terms of flirting/remarks.

I can live with these three fairies appearing more.
>> No. 35033
[X] Continue as before.
>> No. 35034
[x] Continue as before.
>> No. 35035
[X] Continue as before.

Hoho, we've found the weak spot. Stay on it.
>> No. 35036
[X] Continue as before.

I rather like these fairies...
>> No. 35039
[X] Continue as before.
>> No. 35041


Fair enough.
>> No. 35042
[x] Switch partner
-[x] Breezy

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that~
>> No. 35045

Knock it off, no need to start anything here.


[X] Continue as before.

Cottonsky seems rather easy to fluster. For the next task after we're done with the candles though, I think partnering up with Breezy may be the best option. I'm sure Voile has a way or two of making her talk..IYKWIM. Rainyday's all right, but we'd probably just end up going back and forth with the flirting.
>> No. 35046
Yeah I was thinking that, since we don't know what Breezy is like while we know Rainyday would keep up. Also, observing the soft fairy in the sun is easier at a distance.

But I wonder when we'll get to talk with Koa and Patchouli again. I think Patchy would the hardest to flirt/seduce.
>> No. 35047
Updates coming soon. Felt sick yesterday, so spent the day in bed. Feel good enough to sit up today, so there's that.
>> No. 35048
>Admonishing people for calling out slowpokes.

You're new here, aren't you?
>> No. 35049
[x] Continue as before.

Might as well keep going while you're on a roll, your grin remaining spread across your face.

“I think I'll stick with Cottonsky for now,” you say, to which Rainyday shrugs.

“Alright then, you two will be heading down that hallway,” Rainyday says, pointing past you, “Cottonsky knows where to stop around the corner, so just follow her lead.”

“I'd be sure to,” you say, taking a slight glance aside at your latest target. She's recovering from your comments by now, so you should be able to get some more response out of her. “Ready to go?” you ask her.

“Yes, let's get started,” she says, pepping up despite her blush. Both Rainyday and Breezy are giving you the same amused smirk as you turn away to get to work. You reach the first pair of candles and get started, with Cottonsky at your side to receive the stubs.

“You know, if I'd have known you'd get so flustered over such casual comments, I think I'd have started a little slower,” you joke, smiling at Cottonsky. She looks away for a second, though she's smiling. You take the time to light the candles you've replaced.

“No, well, it's just that... I've never really... spoken with a man before...” she admits, a fact that catches you off guard.

“What? Really?” you ask, surprised. Cottonsky nods.

“Most fairies are girls, male fairies are very rare,” she explains, “and my place in nature has me high up in the sky a lot of the time, I was never near the surface until I started working here, so... I've always been nervous, but curious, dealing with youkai and...” she pauses, you catch her glancing at your wings, then casting her eyes into the box of used candles, “I... don't even know what you are, actually...”

“I'm a Devil,” you say, stretching out your wings some. Cottonsky's eyes are drawn back to them, and she seems a little intimidated by them.

“So, like Miss Koakuma?” she asks, and you nod.

“Same thing,” you reply, “why? Something wrong?”

“Oh, no, no,” Cottonsky answers quickly, shaking her head, “I don't know that many devils, and I don't really get to talk to Miss Koakuma...”

“If you'd like, we could spend some time together, get to know each other a little better,” you muse, and once again Cottonsky's fading blush hits maximum again.

“I-wel-I, um... I don't really...” she stammers, on the brink of burning out again. You can't help but laugh. You stop and place your free hand on top of her head. She looks up at you with surprise.

“If you're troubled by what I'm saying, I'll stop,” you say gently. To your surprise, she looks more conflicted than relieved.

“No, I'm, I don't know how to respond... is all,” she replies with a diminishing voice, “I mean, I'm happy that I'm being complimented, it makes me feel nice, and I like that I'm talking well... sorta... even though I don't have much experience with men...” she pauses for a moment, fidgeting with her box, “I don't know what to say, or do, or think. It's kind of overwhelming, so I, or, do I compliment you too? I was taught to be polite and mind my manners, so I guess I should say 'Thank you', but...” she trails off, looking back up at you. You put on a warm smile for her sake.

“Just say what you feel is natural,” you say. Cottonsky looks away again for a moment.

“Then... I'd like to be able to talk with you more,” she says, looking back up at you, “I want to learn more about devils, and... learn to be more comfortable with men,” she adds, with a growing pitch of embarrassment. As much as you could play off that one line, you withhold your potential advances, you'd likely do more harm than good.

“I'd be glad to, then,” you reply. A nice smile comes to her face, and you match it. You very quickly realize that you could really get to love her smile, such a fitting expression for such a lovely girl. In your talking though, you've fallen off task, and realize that you've stopped between candelabras. “We should get back to work, though,” you say, and Cottonsky suddenly snaps to attention, looking around for a moment.

“Oh, yes, right,” she says, back to stammering. The job continues in relative silence for a while as you remove stubs and replace them, and with time you reach and turn the corner. You can already see ahead a place where the stubs of candles end before more recently placed candles stand, marking a clear ending point. You change a few more candles, but the silence is starting to get to you. You feel like you should kick up a conversation of some kind.

[] See what you can ask about her.
[] Talk about yourself a little bit.
[] Ask questions about the house.
[] Get opinions on the residents.
[] [Write in]


Felt like I should have more than this given how long it took me to write, but then again I did take a break to clean up a bit on my own, as well as get myself a fresh bottle of ginger ale.

Mouth was so dry, felt like I was sucking on Cotton.
>> No. 35050
>Mouth was so dry, felt like I was sucking on Cotton.
Oh, you.

[X] Talk about yourself a little bit.
[X] See what you can ask about her.
[X] Get opinions on the residents.

In that order.
>> No. 35052
[X] Alternate between:
-[X] Talking about yourself a little bit.
-[X] Seeing what you can ask about her.

>Mouth was so dry, felt like I was sucking on Cotton.

Always one step ahead of your readers, eh?
>> No. 35054
[x] Talk about yourself a little bit.
[x] See what you can ask about her.
[x] Ask questions about the house.
[x] Get opinions on the residents.

This order sounds nice if possible. Hopefully this will get the soft fairy to open up some. Since Voile'll be more than eager to teach her about men.

>Mouth was so dry, felt like I was sucking on Cotton.

>> No. 35055
File 126885770410.png - (1.27MB , 1024x768 , cottonsky.png ) [iqdb]

>> No. 35056
[X] Talk about yourself a little bit.
[X] See what you can ask about her.
[X] Ask questions about the house.
[X] Get opinions on the residents.

Let's make a Great Wall of China Cotton.
>> No. 35057
[x] Talk about yourself a little bit.
[x] See what you can ask about her.
[x] Ask questions about the house.
[x] Get opinions on the residents.
>> No. 35058
[X] See what you can ask about her.
[X] Talk about yourself a little bit.
[X] Ask questions about the house.
[X] Get opinions on the residents.

Time to do some Cotton picking~
>> No. 35059
[x] Talk about yourself a little bit.
[x] See what you can ask about her.
[x] Ask questions about the house.
[x] Get opinions on the residents.
>> No. 35062
[x] Talk about yourself a little bit.
[x] See what you can ask about her.
[x] Get opinions on the residents.
[x] Ask questions about the house.

Oh-ho! Should we be reading into those statistics? Because according to the numbers, Cotton forgot to bathe this morning and Rainy is quite a bit more affected by our presence than she lets on, IYKWIM.
>> No. 35064
>Despite being the shortest of the three, Breezy's not too bad herself, though being as short as she is limits her sizes. They're all quite pleasing to the eye.

I don't know about that, since I seen a few girls despite their short height, had ample curves.
>> No. 35065
[x] Talk about yourself a little bit.
[x] See what you can ask about her.
[x] Get opinions on the residents.
[x] Ask questions about the house.
>> No. 35072
[x] Talk about yourself a little bit.
[x] See what you can ask about her.
[x] Ask questions about the house.
[x] Get opinions on the residents.

>> No. 35076
The picture in >>35055
I just happen to be familiar with the UI of the, um, "game" he made it in.
>> No. 35077
What game is that, comrade? It looks familiar.

[X] See what you can ask about her.
[X] Talk about yourself a little bit.
[X] Ask questions about the house.
>> No. 35078
Artificial Girl 3 + a bunch of mods
>> No. 35079
I think he used something similar when he made up pictures for the characters in Gensou Coil.

That and I think Cotton would be cuter than what that pic suggests.
>> No. 35081
It just comes with the game but all the girls look the same with those slutty bodies. And that obedient look on their face.
>> No. 35082

It works fine for getting a general idea of what they look like, but it's hard to actually pin down the proper look for them. The character's all wind up having similar faces due to the fact that only a certain range of variables end up looking good. In the same way, the animations for the game seem to be built to automatically assume large busts, so small/flat chests end up looking awkward, despite the fact that they're actually a nice size. There's also no height adjustment, so they all end up the same height as well.

Just consider it a basic idea rather than an absolute, it's the best I can do to create a visual rendition short of 1) trying to draw it myself and failing horribly or 2) asking a drawfag to sketch it for me and waiting a month before getting results.

I did use the same thing for Gensou Coil too.


Nope, I just forgot that the stats display in screenshots too.
>> No. 35090
If you need precision, try 3dcg.
It provides for more "fine tuning".
>> No. 35091

>I did use the same thing for Gensou Coil too.

It could use some updates.
>> No. 35092

I have it, but I don't really use it that much. I suppose I should look into some mods for it or something, but I don't know where to start looking.
>> No. 35094
Also, I'll be back to updating regularly tomorrow. The last few days have been annoying, what with odd sleep times and illness. I'll be straightened out and back to normal by tomorrow.
>> No. 35096
[x] Talk about yourself a little bit.
[x] See what you can ask about her.
[x] Get opinions on the residents.
[x] Ask questions about the house.

You should set some groundwork for your eventual extended conversation with Cottonsky about devils and the like, at the very least.

“You know, it's funny,” you start, choosing what you feel would be a fairly casual method of jumping directly into talking about yourself, “I never really imagined that I would end up being summoned. I mean, you hear about it from other devils, but it's more like a myth. One day you hear 'Oh, some guy disappeared the other night', but you don't really put much stock into it, until...”

“You were pulled away from your home?” Cottonsky asks, sounding a little concerned. You shrug.

“I don't think the same terms apply, really,” you continue, “I don't suppose my concept of a 'home' is similar to yours. To devils, their property is whatever they can keep from being stolen or swindled out of, their land is held by power or influence, or both.”

“That sounds kind of sad,” Cottonsky says, her tone matching the emotion of her statement.

“It sounds bad, but it's... well, no it is 'bad' I suppose,” you comment with a slight chuckle, “however, devils are nothing if not proud. I'm bound by a contract to be faithful to my Contractor's wishes, so I'm not going to arbitrarily betray her by trying to overthrow the home owner or stake my own claim on the land.”

“That's good,” Cottonsky says, sounding a little relieved now, “I wouldn't want you to start causing trouble.” You smile slightly at that comment, you can play off that a bit.

“I'm touched that you show concern for me, Cottonsky, even though you just met me not too long ago,” you muse.

“Well, you're a colleague,” she replies hastily, her worried tone returning, “and, you seem like a good worker, and nice. You complimented me, I would be sad if you started making problems for everyone.”

“I wouldn't want to start trouble if it hurt you,” you carry on, making Cottonsky blush slightly again.

“Um, Thank you, I suppose would be the right thing to say?” she says after a few seconds of silence.

“How about you?” you question, turning the situation around to start getting some information out of her. “How did you become a maid here?”

“Rainy and I were playing around one day when we noticed a big house at the lake that wasn't there the day before,” she explains, so she knew Rainyday before she came here. “We were curious, so we came down to take a look, and that's when Remilia gave us an offer.”

“Offer?” you ask, egging her on.

“Work here to maintain the house, for free,” Cottonsky clarifies.

“Wait, you don't get paid for working here?” you ask in surprise. All the maids are working voluntarily?

“We get room and board free, that's what I meant, but... no, we don't get... paid?” she says, sounding a little confused by the word 'paid' itself.

“Why would you take an offer to work as a maid though?” you ask, Cottonsky doesn't seem to have an answer, just an expression that signifies that she never thought to ask herself that question.

“I guess it sounded fun? I don't mind it, I do enjoy my work here,” she says, looking back down into the box of used candles, “plus, there were going to be other fairies. Really, not a lot has changed for us since we took the job, only we live in this big house and have to spend a little time working every day.”

“Eh, sounds fair enough,” you say as you near the end of one side of the hall and need to switch to the other wall to go back to the intersection. “What do you think of the other people here? Remilia, Sakuya, all them?”

“Sakuya is very nice!” Cottonsky says happily “At first I was kind of scared of her because of how quickly she can appear and disappear, but even when I made mistakes or did something wrong she never got mad, she would tell me it was all fine and that I just needed to be more careful.”

“She does sound nice,” you say, noting that Sakuya's mysterious disappearing seems to be something not unique to you. At least you're reassured you're not losing your touch.

“Lady Remilia is nice too, but she's a little... weird at times. She also likes to throw parties fairly often, and hold contests,” Cottonsky continues her explanation, “she's never been really mean, but she does get grumpy sometimes.”

“How about my Contractor, Patchouli? Or Koakuma?” you press on. Cottonsky's enthusiasm seems to deflate a little.

“I don't really know much about Koakuma, or Patchouli. They used to both be in the library all the time, and no fairies were allowed in there. I only talked to Koakuma a few times, and she seems nice enough,” she pauses, “but Patchouli is kind of mean. I went into the library once because I was curious and got lost, she found me and started shooting magic at me and chasing me around. I was chased all the way to the door, I've never been back there.”

“She's really like that?” you ask, both amused and concerned. Amused due to the fact that Patchouli didn't seem like a very threatening woman, but concerned since she's technically your Master now. “What about Meiling?”

“She's fun!” Cottonsky cheers right back up. “She's funny and nice, and she always tries to help out fairies. She's really strong too, maybe the strongest person in all of Gensokyo!” This is news to you. You figured that she'd have to be more than she appeared to be a guard, but the strongest in Gensokyo? Sounds like you might have to pay her another visit. “She always likes to talk too, I really like spending time with her, she always seems to happy to hear what you have to say. She even likes the garden as well! She keeps her own little patch, too, it's all pretty rainbow colours too. All the fairies love it.” She's also popular to boot.

“So, have you been here long?” you ask, proceeding onto the next question on your mind.

“Not really, only a few years,” she answers. Since she said that she'd noticed the house suddenly one day, does that mean it wasn't here before?

“Did this place just... appear from nowhere?” you ask.

“I think so, I'm not really sure. It might have been here and we never saw it...” Cottonsky replies, sounding a little unsure of herself, “I know things from the outside worlds can end up here at random though, so it's likely.”

“Where'd it come from?” you persist in this line of questioning, but Cottonsky just shrugs.

“I... don't know, I'm sorry. I don't know a lot about the outside world, I'm too young to have known about the world before the barrier,” Cottonsky explains. You shrug it off, seems that you'll need to get answers from someone else towards that end, though the entire thing was just a way to pass some time and get to know your cute co-worker a little better. In the time that has passed so far, you've returned to the corner and are proceeding back down the hallway towards the intersection. You return to silence as you replace the candles, but a thought soon occurs to you.

“You know, if you went on ahead and took out all the candles, we would probably save more time on this,” you say, looking down the hallway. Cottonsky blinks a bit, then nods.

“Actually, that sounds like a smart idea,” she says, moving past you, “I'll go collect the used up candles then.”

“I'll be right behind you, replacing them,” you state with a grin, and she rushes on ahead to start, and true to your word you're right behind her, at first. Your pause to light the candles puts you behind more and more, but a gap between you is fine. You shave off a little more time by lighting one candle, then lighting the second with the first flame. Not too much later, Cottonsky returns empty handed.

“I've already put the box of scraps away,” she says, holding out her hands as you approach, “you give me the box of candles, and I can hold them for you, then you can use both hands to place them!”

“An even bigger time saver!” you state, which brings a smile to Cottonsky's face. You hand off the box minus two candles and continue your work, placing candles in the empty holders and snapping the wicks alight. You definitely move faster than doing it single handed, and it shows when you do reach the intersection some time later, only to see Breezy and Rainyday more than halfway down their own respective hallway on their way back. Cottonsky folds up the empty box in her hands and looks over at you with a happy smile, one you return. Once again, you've got some time to kill it seems, though you could just go on ahead without the other two.

[] Wait for the two others.
[] Go on ahead with Cottonsky.
>> No. 35097
[x] Wait for the two others.
Now that was fast.
Wait up for the rest, no one gets left behind.
>> No. 35098
[X] Go on ahead with Cottonsky.
>> No. 35099
[X] Wait for the two others.

No sense in leaving the others out of the fun~
>> No. 35100
[x] Wait for the two others.
Cottonsky sounds kind of russian.
>> No. 35101
[X] Wait for the two others.

We're a team after all.
>> No. 35102
>Cottonsky sounds kind of russian.
So i wasn't the only one.
>> No. 35103
[X] Wait for the two others.
>> No. 35104
>>Cottonsky sounds kind of russian.

>> No. 35105
If you pronounce it "Cot-TON-ski".
>> No. 35106

Ah, I get it now.

Sage for pointless saging of a thread at the top of the page. Why do I even bother saging when it's up here?

Why am I complaining about it but still doing it?

>> No. 35107
writing now?
>> No. 35109
A question: will we find out what kind of figures Sakuya, Koa, and Patchouli have? (I think Meiling and the sisters are obvious)
>> No. 35133
File 126906249763.jpg - (370.70KB , 700x850 , 1f7f7965adcbfc5d5967f2d79e87098f.jpg ) [iqdb]
Patchy has a hot body underneath her robe.
>> No. 35136
She's also the one with the most variable figure (from flat to busty), and while I think I can guess Koa pretty well, I don't want to go out on a limb just to be proven wrong.
>> No. 35147
something something uncertainty principle?
>> No. 35148

Well, there's only one way to really find out, isn't there~?
>> No. 35149

Surprise breast examination.

Downer day today, don't know if there'll be updates.
>> No. 35156
[X] Wait for the two others.

It wouldn't hurt to wait for the other two to finish up, even though they still have roughly more than half the hall left between them and the intersection.

“So, on to the garden after this, huh?” you ask, as if there was really a question about it.

“Of course!” Cottonsky responds happily. You look back at the other two fairies completing their work, and get an idea.

“Let's help them finish,” you say, starting down the other hallway, “you go to them and start taking out the stubs, I'll work from this end.”

“Right!” Cottonsky cheers, then rushes off ahead. You reach the first candelabra and start removing the melted down candles, and make your way towards the others. In a few minutes, you and Cottonsky meet back up, and you deposit your collected stubs into the box she's carrying. She'd taken it from the other two and left them to put up and light the replacements. With the help, the rest of the hallway is finished in only a few more minutes, and the four of you take a moment at the intersection.

“That was fast,” Rainyday says with a grin, “faster than usual actually. I think you'd be a good hand to have around, cutting down time like that.”

“Now we can get on to the garden!” Cottonsky says happily, and the other fairies smile and nod in acknowledgement.

“Just let me put away these stubs and I'll meet up with you three outside,” Rainyday says, collecting the box of used candles and starting back down the hall you first came from. Cottonsky and Breezy take the lead in heading back to the garden, and you follow along with them. The entire way there is spent listening to Cottonsky talk to Breezy, about how quickly they got done, how the other fairies could finish their candle changing even faster, the garden, as well as other fairies in general. Most of it you don't quite get, being unfamiliar with many of the names she uses, though you assume you'll meet your share of people around here in time. It doesn't take long for your group to get back outside, where the early afternoon sun shines down into the garden area.

“Such a nice day,” Cottonsky sighs, looking out over the yard. Not too long after, Rainyday returns.

“Alright! Time for our fun!” she cheers, taking charge and leaving the patio area, heading towards a small building. Cottonsky and Breezy rush ahead too, and you head towards the edge of the patio. The doors are opened by Rainyday, who enters with the other two on her heels, and a few seconds later they emerge with tools. Breezy carrying some large shears, Cottonsky with a watering can and a small scoop of some sort, and Rainyday with much the same.

“So what should I do?” you ask, looking over the three.

“I'm going to be tending to the vegetable garden,” Rainyday announces, “Cottonsky is going to handle the flowers, and Breezy is on hedge trimming. It's up to you to help whoever you want.”

You suppose you should make your choice then.

[] Cottonsky
[] Breezy
[] Rainyday
>> No. 35157
[X] Breezy

Will Voile get her to speak, or will she be a Cute Mute?
>> No. 35158
[] Breezy
>> No. 35159
[X] Breezy

This fairy. She WILL be unmuted.
>> No. 35160
[x] Cottonsky
Obvious Choice.
>> No. 35161
[X] Breezy
>> No. 35162
[x] Breezy

Saving the tricky one for last.
>> No. 35163
[x] Breezy
>> No. 35164
[x] Breezy
>> No. 35165
[x] Breezy
>> No. 35166
I think Breezy would be more tricky than Rainyday, who'd be more considered fun.

[x] Breezy

I think she could stand some attention and Cotton needs some time to cool down.
>> No. 35169
[x] Breezy

“Hedge trimming?” you ask, not really familiar with the term, but seeing the pair of shears Breezy is carrying, you can at least guess what it involves.

“Yep, you just take a pair of shears, and trim the hedges of excess branches and growth to a nice, uniform shape,” Rainyday explains, turning back into the building and taking another pair of shears from inside the door, then tossing them to you. “Here, you'll need this.” You catch the shears and take a few steps towards the fairies.

“Right then, let's get started,” you say, causing Cottonsky and Rainyday to break off in their own directions, and Breezy waits for you to reach her side before continuing. She leads you in silence towards the wall surrounding the property, where a number of small trees stand. Must be the hedges. Many of them are trimmed into various simple shapes, with the occasional one being slightly more complicated looking. Breezy wastes no time getting to work, taking her shears to the edges and clipping away. You decide to watch a bit at first, get an idea for exactly how little or how much you'd need to trim so you don't go accidentally cutting out too much. You can tell she's used to the work, as she quickly works over the large, square shrub in only a few seconds before moving on to a rectangular one with a few bulges where it seems to be growing out. Once again, she makes quick work of the extra growth. Looks like fairly careful work, so you'll definitely need to pay close attention to what you're doing.

Of course, this is just a minor detail in comparison to your overall goal. Breezy's been silent the entire time, you haven't heard much more than a slight giggle here and there from her, and even then she was drowned out by the other fairies. Getting her to talk is your main objective.

“You're pretty good at this, Breezy. You must do this a lot,” you state with an impressed air. Breezy gives a nod, but otherwise doesn't say anything. “How long have you been trimming hedges here?” you ask next, hoping that a more direct question might get a reply. Instead, you get a few moments where Breezy stops to think, then just shrugs. You need something else, something that she can't get away with brushing off with body language, but what? You ponder your options as she moves on to the next bush, quickly snipping away the new growth and restoring it to it's desired shape. The answer you arrive at is simple, straight forward. “Say, Breezy, why don't you talk?” you ask, confident that she'll have to say something to answer. Breezy looks back at you, and smiles. Then, she shrugs. “Give me a break!” you whine, scratching your head, “is it that much trouble?”

“I'm sorry,” Breezy says quietly, throwing you off guard. For the shortest of the three fairies, she has a very mellow, calm voice. You're not sure what you were expecting, honestly, but what you got was something different.

“So you can talk! Here I was thinking you were mute or something,” you joke, and Breezy chuckles slightly, but doesn't say anything more, returning to her usual silence, “aw, is that it? Just 'I'm sorry'?” A smile and a nod are your answer. You're sure you could probably get something more out of her, but how exactly to go about it...

[] [Write In]
[] Just drop it for now.


Intended to update earlier than this, but Metro 2033 has captured my attention.
>> No. 35171
I wonder why she doesn't talk so much? Due to how unusual her voice sounds compared to say other fairies?

Hard to say but I wonder if saying she has a nice voice would help or not.

She does seem cheerful yet silent. I wonder how she'd respond to some moderate flirting.
>> No. 35172
[x] "You have a really nice sounding voice, it's a shame you don't talk more often. But I'm sure you have your reasons."

Not sure if it'll work but at least she'll know that someone finds her voice nice.
>> No. 35173
[x] “Is the reason why you don’t talk much the fact that your voice is different from the others?”
[x] If she says yes or nods again compliment her on her voice.
[x]If she says no or shakes her head ask her if she would like to explain, and if she doesn’t just drop the subject. Tell her in a slightly joking mater that you aren’t giving up yet however.
[x]If she tries to explain listen intently to the story responding accordingly with what she says.

This is my shot at getting her to talk more or at least learn why she doesn’t talk.
>> No. 35174
Hmmm. Not sure how to proceed.
>> No. 35177
Write ins are a killer for me. The choices here are not promising.
The first part is good but the 2nd is bad.
>> No. 35178
I agree, first part on it's own is short and sweet.

[x] "You have a really nice sounding voice, it's a shame you don't talk more often."
>> No. 35179
[X] "If that's the case, you shouldn't have tempted a devil like me with that lovely voice of yours. A devil will stop at nothing to get what he wants, after all. Mark my words: by the end of the day, I'll hear that wonderful music again, and that's all I'm going to say on the matter."
-[X] Wink.
[X] If she doesn't want to talk, then it's time to get physical. When Breezy does well, pat her on the back, or ruffle her hair. If she needs help, get up close and personal with her. If she doesn't crack by the time the two of you have finished with the job, time to break out the big guns: a big hug!

I am willing to stick to this every time that we see Breezy until she cracks. She may be embarrassed, she may roll her eyes, but one way or another she'll be speaking up eventually.
>> No. 35180
[x] Just drop it for now.
Pretty sure she has a good reason.
>> No. 35183
My intent was to assure her that we wouldn't force the issue too badly but if she wanted to she could tell us. I guess I screwed up there.
>> No. 35190

I suppose this is what I'm going with, if nothing else is going to take the lead.
>> No. 35193

But it's so blase. Especially the second half, which as pointed out, is terrible. At least give us a little more time to come up with something good.
>> No. 35194
[X] Ask questions that can't be answered through body language.
-[X] "How did you meet Rainyday and Cottonsky?"
-[X] "What's your opinion of Sakuya?"
--[X] "And Remilia?"
[X] If she's actually spoken after that, complement her voice.

I get the feeling that Breezy's embarrased about her voice, and directly confronting her about that will only clam her up more. It'd help if anyone else comes up with some more questions; these three aren't enough.
>> No. 35195
[X] "So you don't intend to favor me with your lovely voice again?" Sigh dramatically. "What a shame."
[X] Let it drop, but continue to make conversation as best as you can through yes/no questions.

I honestly don't think she's staying quiet because she's embarrassed about her voice, and either way, trying to force her to talk risks just annoying her. If the goal is to get her to talk, let's engage her in nonverbal communication IYKWIM until she wants to talk to us.
>> No. 35196
File 12692796778.jpg - (11.51KB , 300x244 , 1268077344734.jpg ) [iqdb]
>have a write in option
>thirteen replies
>seven votes
>every vote is different
>my face

I think I'll avoid write ins in the future.

Also, I think I might just pick the one vote given so far that will return definite results
>> No. 35197
[x] "You have a really nice sounding voice, it's a shame you don't talk more often."
I already liked this but it is just missing something. Something critical. Should have watched more cheesy Anime to find out.
>> No. 35199
>Also, I think I might just pick the one vote given so far that will return definite results
>>35179, I'm guessing? Go for it. It may be the wrong approach, but at least it's not "HERP DERP U SOUND PRETTY".

>If she's actually spoken after that, complement her voice.
So, what, sing in two-part harmony?
>> No. 35200

Yeah I admit my efforts weren't the best and since it was a weekend update, I think there
should be more of a chance to vote.

Write in only votes are a pain, since most anon aren't good at them (I'm only so-so at pure write in choices) They are also kinda unnecessary when the characters has a innate personality (You could just make a few lines of choices). Such votes reek of discussion whoring, something I doubt you'd ever resort to.
>> No. 35201

>Also, I think I might just pick the one vote given so far that will return definite results

That's what I'd do. But then, I'm a big softy, aren't I?
>> No. 35202

I wouldn't resort to it, but I do like to see it. It gives me a good idea of how I'm writing, seeing what people think and their impressions of characters and what they think is going on. I won't lie either, if I see a good comment from Anon on something that I didn't think of, I'll try to incorporate it in some minor way as a validation.

Anyway, even though >>35197 is technically a vote to win, I'm superceding it to go with results. I actually have quite a tangent cooked up on Breezy's reasoning that I had first intended to put in the last update, but then held off becauseI wanted to get back to playing Metro 2033 and cut the post short. :3c

Anyway, writing in a while. Food, then I have some shit to do.
>> No. 35346

You really meant the "in a while" part, didn't you?
>> No. 35379


Fucking Just Cause 2.
>> No. 35447
[x] “Is the reason why you don’t talk much the fact that your voice is different from the others?”
[x] If she says yes or nods again compliment her on her voice.
[x] If she says no or shakes her head ask her if she would like to explain, and if she doesn’t just drop the subject. Tell her in a slightly joking mater that you aren’t giving up yet however.
[x] If she tries to explain listen intently to the story responding accordingly with what she says.

“I'm going to venture a guess here,” you say, taking on a thoughtful look, “you're hesitant to talk because... you're embarrassed about your voice?” Breezy giggles softly and shakes her head in denial. Well, damn. You suppose you need to think of something else to-

“The wind is a versatile, ever present aspect of nature,” Breezy starts suddenly, in her same quiet tone, “it carries seeds from plants that shed them to new land, carries the scent of predators to it's prey, allowing it to escape and continue living, and a nice wind brings a refreshing feeling to humans and youkai, all without making a sound. Wind also powers human inventions, making their lives easier by harnessing the gentle power wind has. Strong winds however can be dangerous and destructive, tearing up buildings and trees, blowing people and animals away, and it can spread fires that ruin the land, roaring and howling through the trees. For fairies, as a part of nature, we share similarities with our element. I strive to be representative of the beloved breeze that refreshes and soothes by acting in silence, making my presence apparent without interfering with the rest of the environment.” You're a little shocked at the length of the explanation, she's really quite a speaker after all, and her reasoning is fairly understandable.

“I see, I didn't think of that at all,” you reply with a laugh, “that's a good point you made though. Choosing to be silent to be more like the calm winds, I can respect that,” you state with a smile. Breezy nods again with a smile of her own. Guess that's tha-

“Would you like some help learning to trim?” Breezy asks, once again interrupting your personal thoughts. Well, guess she's not done talking yet.

“Actually, I think I get it from watching you,” you say, looking over the hedges and the shears in your hand. Breezy just nods, then gives a thumbs up. Seems she's back to non-verbal, but that's fine with you. You move on to a shrub and try your hand at trimming. It's a fairly simple looking process, particularly with flat edges. You trim away the excess and step aside, checking to see how even it is. Looks well enough. Breezy watches as you work, clipping away the uneven parts. She continues on ahead once you finish, and you move onto another one yourself. Naturally, Breezy is much faster at this than you, but she always stops to watch you finish before she continues. Eventually, you reach a spherical shrub with quite a bit of overgrowth. You're hesitant to give this one a shot, since it seems harder than simple flat edges, but Breezy steps in, and indicates an area on the shrub, then proceeds to neatly trim the area down, doing it slower than she typically works. She must be showing you how it's supposed to be done. She leaves a part for you as she steps back, and you move in to try. You go slow at first, trying to keep from ruining the shape. While you do clip away the majority of the growth, you have to give it a second go, as it's still slightly uneven. After the second pass though, it looks fine, and you continue to finish the job. Afterwards, Breezy claps her hands in response to your performance. You smile at her, and the two of you continue along.

The rest of the trimming continues in silence, and you end up getting pretty handy with the shears, working quicker than you had been at the start. Breezy still gets done first though, simply due to her experience with this. Once the job is complete, you and Breezy head back to the patio, where Cottonsky and Rainyday are already waiting.

“So how'd it go?” Rainyday asks as the two of you approach. Breezy replies with a smile and a hand gesture, and Rainyday seems to understand. “That's good! Now, we don't really have all that much more to do out here, I suppose we should get back to proper work.”

“Will you still be accompanying us, Voile?” Cottonsky asks.

[] Sure, why not? You might as well learn as much about the housework routine as you can.
[] You're done for now. There's more to serving your duty to the house than just doing chores.


God damn, I knew I'd get tied up with Just Cause 2, but I didn't expect it to completely engulf my time. Start playing at 11am, next thing I know it's midnight.

However, at least now I've managed to break it's hold on my soul. I'll be returning to a regular update schedule of at least once a day.

I'll be updating Gensou Coil and Flight later as well, as well as writing up something I got an idea for as I was falling asleep last night. it has to be ready in four days
>> No. 35448
Oh my god, I'm completely torn. I love these fairies so far but I really want to spend time with the others as well. Dammit! That's a very good reason as to why she dosen't talk as well.
>> No. 35450
[x] Sure, why not? You might as well learn as much about the housework routine as you can.

We should try to get to know Rainyday now, sure we have an idea of what she's like but some time wouldn't hurt. Might as well spend a bit of time with all 3 before moving on.
>> No. 35456
True. We can do something else after speaking a little with Rain

[x] Sure, why not? You might as well learn as much about these three fairies' routine as you can.
>> No. 35457
[X] Sure, why not? You might as well learn as much about the housework routine as you can.

Gentlemen, I like these faeries.
>> No. 35458
[x] You're done for now. There's more to serving your duty to the house than just doing chores.
enough playing with the fairies. What about Meiling?
>> No. 35460
it's just day one, and if we're getting to know the main (lovely) fairies of this story, might as well do it right.

But on her voice matter, very good reason; it'll be fun having her moan in ecstasy.
>> No. 35463
[X] Sure, why not? You might as well learn as much about the housework routine as you can.

Finally decided!
>> No. 35465
[x] Sure, why not? You might as well learn as much about the housework routine as you can.
>> No. 35466
[X] Sure, why not? You might as well learn as much about the housework routine as you can.

You should do your best to understand as many aspects of housekeeping as possible if you're going to make the most out of your position here. Of course, it also helps to be in the company of a trio of rather good looking women, though you'll keep that part to yourself for now.

“There's more work to do, right? Let's get moving!” you declare, getting yourself prepared for the next task at hand.

“You're pretty fired up!” Rainyday comments, “good to see strong working spirit! Let's get cleaning then!” The two of you share a cheer before the group moves along, with a stop by a supply closet to grab some kind of stick with feathers.

“Uh... what is this?” you ask, waving the device around.

“A duster,” Rainyday says, “you just use it to sweep up dust and make things look neater.”

“Huh,” you mutter, looking the wand over more. Strange things these humans come up with. The group starts moving again, and the lot of you enter a large room with rather impressive decoration, looks like some kind of art gallery.

“Alright then!” Rainyday starts, stepping ahead of everyone and taking the lead again, “Voile, I suppose you don't know the drill, but this is simple,” she pauses, gesturing with the duster, “you just need to sweep down everything in here that's visibly dusty. Nothing too strenuous.”

“Sounds easy,” you say with a nod, another simple task at hand it seems.

“Of course, we'll be splitting up into groups again, so again, it's your call who you want to work with,” Rainyday says. Better get to it then.

[] Rainyday
[] Cottonsky
[] Breezy
>> No. 35467
[x] Rainyday
>> No. 35468
[X] Rainyday

We need to finish this off with some sort of big, full-group effort.
>> No. 35469
[x] Rainyday

Time to get to know Miss Saucy. I think Sakuya likes her work ethic.
>> No. 35470
[x] Rainyday

On to number 3.
>> No. 35471
[x] Rainyday
>> No. 35473
[x] Rainyday
>> No. 35474
[x] Cottonsky
>> No. 35475
I'll call it for Rainy then, so the votes don't tilt the other way overnight.
>> No. 35527
[x] Rainyday

“I haven't had a chance to work along side you yet, Rainyday,” you say, nodding towards the girl.

“Well then let's get on that!” she replies cheerily, “alright everyone, get started!” The group breaks, and Rainyday heads over to some art pieces near the door with you following.

“So just brush off these things and clean them up, huh?” you ask, reflecting on the task as you watch Rainyday work.

“Yep, it's pretty simple stuff. I don't really mind it, but a number of fairies really dislike having to do a lot of work, which is why there are so many.”

“About that,” you say, taking your eyes off Rainyday's work, “why not just have your own subordinates do the cleaning around here instead of doing it yourself?”

“Oh? They are,” Rainyday says, looking up as well, “just because they're not with us doesn't mean they're not also working, though I suppose they probably aren't anyway. The areas we've been through so far don't make up the entirety of our work section, but we've been here long enough to have figured out some good work distribution.”

“So they're all working on something else at the moment?” you ask, and Rainyday nods.

“The places we handle are on the outskirts of our given area, more or less,” Rainyday explains, “we've subdivided our own personal groups to work in areas of the house and do the chores needed. This allows us to cover more ground, but also means that in the end, us leaders actually have less work to do in the long run as well.”

“Shirking duties?” you muse, but Rainyday quickly snaps an exaggerated gasp in response.

“Why, I'm shocked to hear such an accusation!” Rainyday retorts with a wide smile, “it can't be helped though. We may be somewhat diligent workers, but we are still fairies in the end. Great Fairy or not, I'll still want to play around and goof off until I ascend.”

“Uh, ascend?” you ask, unfamiliar with the term. Rainyday gives you a confused look as well, then is hit by realization.

“Oh, it completely slipped my mind, you probably don't know, right?” she asks, a rhetorical question if you've ever heard one. “Well, fairies don't always have to be fairies forever. The more active they are and the older, they can become Great Fairies, which makes them a sort of community leader, right? I've said this before. So,” she pauses, looking over the bust she's been dusting before nodding and turning back to you, “at that point, a fairy can keep growing, becoming more...” she pauses again, straightening out her uniform a bit, “developed, let's say. Then, they're able to surpass the boundaries of being a fairy, and become a full out spirit.”

“Huh, so, what changes?” you ask, genuinely interested.

“For one, our power matures,” Rainyday says with a grin, “right now, I can create and direct rain from existing clouds, right? Well, I'll probably be able to control water itself at that point. Otherwise, it's just the same as any other youkai.”

“Do all fairies do this?” you ask, and Rainyday just starts laughing, drawing the attention of the other two.

“Oh no, no,” she says once she calms down some, “this is actually a pretty rare occurrence. I'm actually not even sure I'd want to do it. There's too many perks to being a fairy. If I wasn't working here, I wouldn't have to have any responsibilities, and no one expects anything of fairies. We can live forever as a fairy, and even if we are killed, we are regenerated by nature good as new. Living carefree forever... too many fairies enjoy being able to spend all their days playing and having fun to want to become a mortal.”

“I see,” you say, nodding. Rainyday finally moves along, going on to dust something else, and you figure you should probably give it a shot yourself, locating a small sculpture to brush down a few quick sweeps and you look it over... looks alright to you, you suppose. You turn your attention back to Rainyday for now. “I had no idea about all this.”

“It's not really important stuff, really,” Rainyday says, “well, not for anyone that isn't a fairy. I'm surprised you actually listened to me instead of just interrupting to get me to stop.”

“I don't particularly mind listening to you,” you say, “besides, I'd like to learn as much as I can about this world while I'm here. Who knows how long my contract will last,” you pause for a moment, looking back at Rainyday. She's looking at you already, it seems. Might as well play a bit. “Of course, I never mind spending some time with a cute girl,” you say, a grin playing across your face. Rainyday returns the grin.

“Ah ha, that's another thing fairies don't typically have to worry about, people making passes at them,” Rainyday comments, “most people think fairies are too much trouble and too flighty to bother with, and since no one wants the trouble, no one tries to flirt with one.”

“I think you're forgetting a little something, however,” you remark, flicking your tail for emphasis, “I'm not exactly a stranger to trouble myself.”

“So it would seem,” Rainyday replies, chuckling slightly, “so you were teasing Cottonsky like this earlier too?” she asks.

“A little,” you admit, “I didn't realize she was so shy though, never saw someone clam up like that so fast.”

“She's a bit delicate, yeah,” Rainyday says, looking over her shoulder. You look around as well. Cottonsky and Breezy are both across the room, out of earshot of the two of you it seems. “She's only been around other girls, so while I know she's not totally oblivious to the existence and... purpose of guys, she's not entirely sure how she should handle them. We never thought it would be a problem before, but, well...” she trails off, looking back at you, “I suppose things change.”

“Indeed,” you say, “you don't seem to have any problems though,” you comment. Rainyday smirks.

“I'm not exactly clueless about men myself,” she boasts, sounding rather proud. There's an interesting bit of info. Before you can press on it more though, a voice calls out.

“Hey, you two!” Cottonsky calls out, “are you two going to work, or are you just going to talk the entire time?” Rainyday and you exchange glances and a short laugh.

“I suppose we should probably focus on the job for now instead of screwing around, huh?” Rainyday says with a mock tone of guilt.

“Yeah, I suppose we could always take some time later to get acquainted,” you say, with a slight smile. The two of you move on to different parts of the room, and you finally get down to serious work. It's really not difficult, sweeping off the dust collecting on the various art pieces in the room, and it's not too long until you're done. The lot of you gather back at the door.

“Alright then,” Rainyday says, heading up the group, “with this job complete, we have-” Rainyday begins, only to be cut off by the door behind her opening.

“Hello girls, Voile,” Sakuya says, stepping into the room half way, “are you doing your jobs well?”

“We are, Sakuya!” Rainyday instantly turns to address her, “we've just finished dusting the gallery.”

“Very good work, girls,” Sakuya says with a smile, then lands her eyes on you, “and how are you faring, Voile?”

“I'm doing fine,” you say with a shrug, “learning the ins and outs of housework with these fine instructors you've left m with.”

“That's good to hear,” Sakuya says, carrying the same happy tone, “however, I must ask you to come along now. Patchouli's woken up and wants to speak with you.” The three fairies all turn to look at you now.

“I suppose we should get going then,” you say, stepping out of the group and towards the door as Sakuya opens it the rest of the way for you. You stop at the doorway and look back at the three fairies with a smile. “It's been nice working with you girls, I look forward to meeting you all again.”

“Goodbye,” Cottonsky speaks up first bowing slightly.

“See you later then,” Rainyday follows with a slight wave. Breezy sends you off with a silent nod of her own, and you exit the room on Sakuya's heels.

“So, Patchouli wants to speak to me?” you ask, confirming the situation.

“Yes, she's still rather distraught about what happened this morning, and wanted to see you,” Sakuya states, “she wishes to recover her library, and of course she'll need you on hand for that. I don't know what she has in mind however.”

“We'll see what happens then,” you say, and afterwards the rest of the trip proceeds in silence until you reach the doors of the library. With a push, Sakuya opens the two doors, and reveals a still very haggard looking Patchouli, sitting on a chair placed just inside the door, with Koakuma standing behind her, a small table at her side, bearing a single cup of some manner of liquid.

“Hello, Sakuya,” Patchouli says, nodding slightly at her, then setting her eyes on you, her expression grows darker, “... and you.”

“Hello, Patchouli,” you say, finally greeting your 'boss' for once. Patchouli furrows her brows slightly.

“So, have you been productive?” she asks as Sakuya leaves the room in silence, shutting the doors behind her.

“More or less,” you say with a small shrug. Patchouli nods slightly.

“Hard at work meticulously transcribing every last word from the thousands of books locked away in your mind, I presume?” Patchouli asks, her tone very obviously growing more annoyed and hostile.

“Uh, no,” you state flatly, “housework-”

“Oh how nice,” Patchouli interjects, cutting you off. She pauses to take a long drink from her cup. You're finally able to smell a faint odor, a very noticeable scent of alcohol. “Playing with the fairies instead of working to restore my library.”

“It's not like I was instructed to rewrite your entire library,” you say, starting to get a little annoyed yourself, “I was just told that I'd be put to work in other parts of the house.” Patchouli's expression sours even more. She reaches to a spot next to her and pulls up a book of some sort, and tosses it at you. You catch it awkwardly, looking it over. A generic hard cover, no label, and a quick look over reveals that the pages are blank.

“Well, now it's your time to do your work for me,” Patchouli says, “there is a table further into the library with a pen and ink. You will rewrite in it's entirely, all ten volumes of the Fundamentals of Magic. I will supply you with another blank book in two hours.”

“This seems extremely tedious,” you say, and Patchouli darts up out of her chair, with Koakuma circling around to her master's side.

“Oh, I would imagine it would be,” Patchouli barks, “it took me the better part of one hundred years to add the hundreds of books I've written and compiled to this library, all to further my own understanding of magic, and now,” she pauses, walking towards you a few steps only to be stopped by Koakuma. “Now it all means nothing, because everything I've ever done is trapped inside your head.”

“Okay, so?” you ask, your own annoyance showing slightly. Patchouli notices, and very obviously sinks further into anger.

“So,” she pauses for a few seconds, “you are going to record, one by one, every single book, by hand. You are going to rewrite my entire library, and then I am going to break the Contract and send you back to your realm so I don't have to put up with your attitude.”

“Well, maybe if you were a better wizard, you wouldn't have screwed up the summoning and lost your library, now would you?” you snark, and Patchouli visibly loses it. She shakes off Koakuma's hands on her shoulders and lunges at you, throwing a fist towards your head.

Of course, being that you're a full head taller than her in the first place, you're also noticeably physically stronger, as you stop her punch with almost no effort, then with a quick move, hoist her into the air by her underarms. A move that frustrates her to no end and results in her futilely kicking at your chest. There's no doubt about it, she really is physically weak, especially considering how light she is. For the robes she wears, she must be very thin underneath.

“Put me down you devil bastard!” Patchouli shrieks, flailing and kicking.

“Listen to me!” you shout over her, which causes her to fall silent for a second. Patchouli looks down at you from where you're holding her, the contempt obvious in her eyes. How to handle this now.

[] Be sympathetic. You understand her problems and really would like to help.
[] Be a smartass. She's being bratty and you're not going to be blamed for her mistake.
[] Be hostile. She cannot honestly do anything to you until she gets her books back.
>> No. 35528
[x] Be hostile. She cannot honestly do anything to you until she gets her books back.

Pissing Patchouli off just feels so right.
>> No. 35529
[x] Be sympathetic. You understand her problems and really would like to help.

Probably won't work, but it's the smarter choice I think.
>> No. 35533
Cranky Patchy is cranky. I think she needs another nap.

[X] Be sympathetic. You understand her problems and really would like to help.

We're holding all the cards here, but having Patchy pissed off at us is probably not something we want right now, at least, lest she take a bit more drastic measures to extract her library from our head, contract or no.
>> No. 35535
[x] Be sympathetic. You understand her problems and really would like to help.

And if you'll allow me to add on to that...

-[x]"I'd love to help Master but there's just no way I could copy all of this word for word. I mean i could do it, but after a few minutes I would get really bored and the quality of the books would suffer as a result."
>> No. 35536
I think she just can't handle things out of her control as things are at the moment.
>> No. 35540
[x] Be hostile. She cannot honestly do anything to you until she gets her books back.

Be a devil for once.
>> No. 35542
Devils are not necessarily all evil. Plus this would get bad points with Koa for sure.
>> No. 35543
Seeing the latest scene I think it's the first time in a while someone didn't take a yes man approach to Patchy's requests. And ultimately that's the path of being the best servant: Knowing when to refuse your master's orders for his/her greater good. Perhaps if Koakuma was more assertive, this blunder wouldn't have happened in the first place. Having said that, recovering Koa's old personality would be a boon in this regard and not just IYKWIM.

And a current 'difficulty' list:
Patchouli: Ultra Lunatic/Phantasm; Yes I think at the moment she'd be that hard to seduce.
Koakuma: Normal; just due to recovering her old personality.
Sakuya: Easy-Normal; she certainly gotten flustered at his flirting, but she might be defensive about it.
Remilia: Normal-Hard; sure she enjoys the flirting, but I doubt she'd make it easy for him.
Cottonsky: Easy Modo; so easy it's kinda wrong to take full advantage now.
Breezy: Normal; mainly her quietness
Rainyday: Normal; while not easy, flirting back and forth will certainly be fun

Flandre: ????; have yet to meet her let alone see if she's little sister only or not.
>> No. 35544

Mind you, Patchy wants nothing more than to break our head open and extract her library by any means necessary. We should at least try to convince her as calmly as possible yet firmly nonetheless that it's not a good idea. Hence why it seems the sympathetic option I think would state that we understand her plight, but getting pissed about it isn't going to help anyone at all. Voile's in no good mood either, so we're not going to be all apologetic about it either. Being outright hostile is only going to make her want to crack our head open even more and get rid of us ASAP. >>35535 does have the right idea by explaining whjy rewriting everything isn't such a good idea.
>> No. 35545

And Meiling?
>> No. 35546
Thank you, although if someone can come up with a better reason it might be more effective.

I would guess Meiling to be right on the border between normal and hard. She's shown she's not quite so dense, but we haven't done a whole lot with her yet so it's hard to tell.
>> No. 35547
[X] Be a smartass. She's being bratty and you're not going to be blamed for her mistake.

Patchouli is expecting Voile to fix her mistake? No, screw that. If she's not willing to take responsibility, then she doesn't deserve the library. Having to serve Patchy doesn't mean blind obedience to her.

Plus, she's a mean drunk.
>> No. 35548
I knew I forgot something
Meiling: Hard; he'll have to prove himself before she'd fall for him. This may be a kinda long and undoubtedly painful road for him.

[x] Be sympathetic. You understand her problems and really would like to help.
-[x]"I'd love to help Master but there's just no way I could copy all of this word for word. I mean i could do it, but after a few minutes I would get really bored and the quality of the books would suffer as a result."
-[x]"And if I have as much knowledge in my head as you say I do, I'm sure I'd be able to figure out a quicker way of putting that information in a usable form..
we should try to arrange things so there could be a more efficient way than spending hours upon hours writing. With a library in the head, finding such a way should be easy.

That and we should get her to stop flailing before she hurts herself.

In the end such hostility is healthy for no one.

Very true and I dare say this Patchouli might just be a bigger brat than Remilia can be.
>> No. 35549
>Plus, she's a mean drunk.
Where did you learn that from? I've been living at the SDM for 67 years now, and I've never seen Patchy drink anything but tea.
>> No. 35550
[x] Be sympathetic. You understand her problems and really would like to help.
-[x] What books would she need in order to figure out how to restore her library? Those ones should be focused on first, right?
-[x] Is there any way to accelerate or automate the transcription process so that this doesn't take forever?
>> No. 35551
>You're finally able to smell a faint odor, a very noticeable scent of alcohol.
>> No. 35553
[X] Be a smartass. She's being bratty and you're not going to be blamed for her mistake.
>> No. 35554
*sniff**sniff* Holy crap you're right! Why didn't I notice that before?
>> No. 35555
[x] Be sympathetic. You understand her problems and really would like to help.

“I understand that this is a big deal for you,” you start, playing the sympathetic route, “I can get that you're frustrated and angry. Your library was your greatest pride, I get it, and I would really, truly, love to help you restore it,” you say, pausing as you lower Patchouli back to her feet. She's still glowering, but not trying to attack you. You take it a step further by kneeling down, so that you're near eye level with her. “However, a sudden request like this? I can't do it, I'm sorry. There is so much information floating around in my mind I can't even make sense of, how can I even call up specific texts and write them down?” you ask. You take a moment to allow Patchouli to voice any concern she might have, but she remains silent, eyes locked on yours. Suppose you should keep talking. “Now, I'm sorry that I can't do this for you right now, but I'm not giving up entirely. I need some time to get used to all of this, this... library in my head. Once I can make sense of it, I'll be all to glad to help you rebuild your library.” Once again, you pause, and Patchouli lowers her head, then slowly retreats back to her chair.

“I don't know what to do,” Patchouli says, nervously playing with her fingers, “I mean, there's so much I can do, but I don't know what specifically I should do because... I don't really know. I'm always relying on my books for my decisions, making up my mind on what to use for when, how to do it. I tried to hit you because I couldn't make up my mind if I should use Mercury Poison, or Rage Trilithion, or Royal Flare, but even still, I don't think I could do it,” Patchouli breaks, wiping at the corner of her eyes, “I know so much but I don't remember it all, does that even make sense? My library, my books, were the keys to it all. I'm lost without them...”

“All the more reason I should try to understand everything on my own, then,” you say with a gentle smile, “but I can't do it if I'm being pressured to do it, I don't want to make a mistake as well because I'm trying to comprehend so much information at once.”

“... I'm sorry,” Patchouli apologizes, bowing her head, “I'm sorry, I'm just... scared.”

“It's alright,” you say, walking up to the chair and kneeling in front of it, “I'm here for you, and so is Koakuma, and everyone else.” Patchouli doesn't reply, instead opting to dip her head further for a few seconds, then sitting back up and sliding towards the edge of the chair. You stand up and step aside as Patchouli stands as well, looking between you and Koakuma.

“I... I'm going to go outside for a little while...” Patchouli says quietly before hurrying over to the doors and dragging one open before vanishing into the halls. A few seconds later, Koakuma speaks up.

“I was kind of afraid you were going a little to far, there,” she says, walking out in front of you, “but you really came through in the end. I was afraid Patchouli would just lose it and start wildly trying to cast magic.”

“Would that have been bad?” you ask, not entirely sure how magic operates in this world.

“It could blow half the mansion to atoms, or it could just change her hair colour, there's really no way to tell, but still,” Koakuma says. You suppose it's a good thing it didn't go that far. At least the situation has resolved peacefully, but now you're left with nothing to do.

[] Head back out, see what other work you could do.
[] Go after Patchouli, spend some time with her.
[] Stay with Koakuma and get to know her better.
[] Search out someone [Write In]
>> No. 35556
Oh, hey, autosage. I must have missed that part.
>> No. 35558
[x] Go after Patchouli, spend some time with her.
>> No. 35559
[x] Head back out, see what other work you could do.
No thanks.
>> No. 35561
Patchy bomb defused. Good work, gentlemen.

[X] Head back out, see what other work you could do.
-[X] The head maid around here would know the tasks best. Maybe I should pay her a visit...
>> No. 35563
[x] Stay with Koakuma and get to know her better.

I think Patchy would rather be left alone and if Sakuya wants us to do more work she'll find us, Now it's time to get to know our fellow devil.
>> No. 35565
[X] Stay with Koakuma and get to know her better.

I would love more fairy games, but let's get to know one more lady of the house. Patchy... needs some alone time.
>> No. 35566
[X] Stay with Koakuma and get to know her better.

Remember, the goal is to hit on everyone in the mansion, and we've got someone we haven't tried it on right in front of us.
>> No. 35567
Yep and something of an important target. I wonder how much progress we'd make with the (most likely not so) little devil.
>> No. 35569
Yeah... no.
[x] Go after Patchouli, spend some time with her.
>> No. 35570
[X] Stay with Koakuma and get to know her better.
>> No. 35573
[X] Stay with Koakuma and get to know her better.
>> No. 35574
[X] Stay with Koakuma and get to know her better.

We may get some more useful info out of her about Patchy as well. Plus we haven't spent any solid one on one time with her.