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Twas the night before tomorrow, and all through the house, many creatures were stirring, including a rat...

A black and white rat, to be precise, blasting out of the library once more whilst hurling the usual excuses about borrowing and giving them back when she died and so forth and so on. Almost routine, you think to yourself in amusement as Remilia shifts in your arms.

Almost. But not quite. This time, your wife/soulmate/beloved undead companion's shifting morphs into a struggle, and quickly she is out of your embrace, out of bed and out of the room, yelling something about a gate. ... a gate? The gate. Guard.

Uhoh. Thirty seconds later, you're dressed, downstairs, and at Remi's side as she glares at Hong Meiling. Sakuya and Patchouli stand to the side of the room, and at the sight of the witch you adjust your mental "Uhoh" to "Oh, no..."

"... and this really can't be allowed to continue!" Remi concludes, shaking her finger at the cowering Chinese girl. "I mean it this time! If you can't do your job, then... no, wait... hmmmm!"

At this point, the "Oh, no" escapes your lips, though quietly enough that only Patchouli notices. Her eyes gleam dangerously at you, and your thoughts derail into whether or not she planned this, and what exactly it is.

"... The dungeon! Sakuya!" Snapping her fingers, Remi points to Patchouli. "How often does she come around?"

"Approximately every other day. She rarely has the courage to intrude twice in succession."

"Good. That gives you one day to set up." Remilia nods, and Meiling quakes some more. "We'll have her come through the dungeon. I'll give you ten rooms. Put whoever or whatever you want in them. Sakuya, I'm sure you'll be a dear and help her fetch materials. You WILL stop Marisa from getting into the mansion, or else this time... we'll call it a punishment game."

Sakuya twitches, almost imperceptibly.

"W-whoever? Whatever?" stammers Meiling, shrinking back still further, and Remilia pauses for a second.

"Well, not us, of course. Patchy, myself, and my love will be watching your performance." Remi throws her arm around your waist and grins, you've rarely seen her in this mood and it's always, ah, interesting. "You yourself will be in charge of the whole thing, and if the rat gets through whatever you set up, you will be paying for it. Sakuya's helping you enough already, she'll be very persuasive if you want to recruit someone you think could do your job better. I suppose you could ask Flandre, or the maids, or Koa... if you wanted. Besides that? Whoever you can get. Have fun!"

Cackling, Remilia pecks you on the shoulder and flies out of the room. Sakuya bows and follows her, and Patchouli, sporting the closest thing to a smirk you've seen on her face, heads back towards the library. Leaving you and Meiling staring at each other, in various degrees of aghast.

"But - but I - what will I do?!" she pleads.

Will you help her?

[ ] Yes
[ ] Yes

[X] Yes

"Ten rooms," you mutter. "Good grief."

Well, she could try...

[X] #1:
[X] #2:
[X] #3:
[X] #4:
[X] #5:
[X] #6:
[X] #7:
[X] #8:
[X] #9:
[X] #10:


And here we are, a fun little piece of fluff. Ideas shamelessly ripped from Dungeon Keeper and Adam Cadre. Your objective, should you choose to accept it, is to help Meiling create a dungeon that will stop Marisa from entering the mansion. (I suppose you could also set her up for hilarious failure, but that would be cruel, wouldn't it?) Remilia has given her a linear series of ten rooms to work with, all underground. Sakuya can alter their sizes for you, within reason, and can obtain almost anything or anyone you'd like, also within reason. She can also probably call in favors, bribe, threaten or otherwise obtain the services of anyone you wish to help.

You and Meiling are limited to one challenge per room, which generally means one named character or one trap of some sort. Some combinations of characters may be acceptable as a single obstacle, and if you're not dealing with named characters it's fine to use a horde of fairy maids or Saguya and a bunch of ghouls or a pit filled with water and sharks with frickin laser beams or what have you. Marisa will have to proceed through the rooms in order. You CANNOT put Remilia, Sakuya, Patchouli, yourself, Marisa (obviously) or Meiling herself in the rooms. Meiling will act as the final line of defense should Marisa successfully emerge from the dungeon.

Go nuts, have fun.

>> No. 31181
[X] Sakuya-saaan~
>> No. 31182
Lets' try some brainstorming, then. . .

Hire Tewi and Reisen to create a room full of Tewi-style pitfalls, traps, and Illusions.

Donate to the Red-White's shrine, try and get her to come help.

Nitori in an underwater room?

Koakuma in a decoy library?

Should that last line of defense be breached, we should use a small,close quarters room that forces a Melee engagement with Meiling, let's see if she's better at kung-fu than danmaku.
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File 125244415297.jpg - (392.04KB , 1156x1462 , 1251554278102.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] #1: Nitori's rendition of the TF2 Engineer
[X] #2: Zombie Apocalypse
[X] #3: Alice
[X] #4: Platform jumping and flying Medusa heads
[X] #5: Drink off against ZUN
[X] #6: Phase shifting velociraptors
[X] #7: Explosives laden Alice Yukkuris
[X] #8: [See attached picture]
[X] #9: Cirno and Utsuho's Perfect Icy Inferno
[X] #10: Revenge of futa Alice

Just throwing some stuff out there.
>> No. 31184
>[X] #6: Phase shifting velociraptors

How are those more dangerous than normal velociraptors?
>> No. 31185
>[X] #4: Platform jumping and flying Medusa heads


Gets my vote. Maybe throw in some Flea Men too.
>> No. 31186
One room has to be just Youmu. A Youmu thats convinced/brainwashed that Marisa is trying to steal Sakuya from her.
>> No. 31196
[X] #1: Keine-sensei history lesson. Get a perfect score on the test to pass.
[X] #2: Yukkuri Shitteite ne! Protect a Yukkuri family from the bully yukkuris to open the door!
[X] #3: Platform jumping and flying Medusa heads.
[X] #4: It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by (very fast and flying) grues. Room size: Fucking huge, max height is 2m.
[X] #5: Magic Sealing Giant Invible Labyrinth, if that is possible. If not, just a Giant Invisible Labyrinth. Maximum height: 2 meters. Fastest route is 3km long.
[X] #6: Phase shifting velociraptors and an army of Saguyas riding flying sharks with frickin laser beams.
[X] #7: Portal room. Room desinged by Yukari/Ran. Thousands of gaps open and close at random, sending whoever goes through to the previous room.
[X] #8: Cirno and Utsuho's Perfect Icy Inferno
[X] #9: God's Wrath. The Moriya family is here to show what happens when you anger the gods.
[X] #10: Queen of the Hill. Medium-sized plataform connected by two bridges, one to get in, one to get out. The keys to leave the room are with Suika, who will guard the room. The area below the plataform is full of Alice Yukkuri.
>> No. 31197
>sending whoever goes through to the previous room.
Should be "to one of the previous rooms".
>> No. 31198
[X] #1: Let's get her off her game first. Ask Sakuya to expand the room and make a massive obstacle course she needs to negotiate at high speed on her broom. Put something behind her forcing her to go at full speed. ...A flood of water.
[X] #2: Half the mansion's fairy staff. Bury her in danmaku. Their orders are to try to get around her so she has to contend with fire form all sides.
[X] #3: Meiling battle, part one. Backed up by the OTHER half of the maids.
[X] #4: She must fight whoever Sakuya can drum up--please make sure it's someone clever for this room. A hall of mirrors. Magic mirrors that reflect danmaku. She'll have to pick her shots in here, or risk being hit by her own fire.
[X] #5: oh god bears
[X] #6: Labyrinth, with EX-Keine stalking through.
[X] #7: Guitar Hero versus the Prismrivers.
[X] #8: The room is too cramped to fly through--Marisa must negotiate crawlspaces and sheer climbs. With all the magic she uses maybe she's not very strong.
[X] #9: Now that she's tired out from that, gigantic magical seals that barricade the last room. She'll break through, sure, but it'll cost her energy. On top of that, behind each layer of the seal is another fighter she must contend with, preventing her from resting.
[X] #10: Meiling, part II. Marisa should be tired, both physically and magically. COLORFUL MOUNTAIN BREAKER.
>> No. 31200
[X] #1: Patchouli's books.

The goal is to keep her from the mansion, if she gets what she wants, she'll leave.

>> No. 31201
>You CANNOT put Remilia, Sakuya, Patchouli, yourself, Marisa or Meiling in the rooms
>> No. 31203
[X] #1: High-Speed Obstacle Course
Just what it sounds like. Something like >>31198's #1.
[X] #2: Low-Speed Obstacle Course
An extremely small corridor, practically carved in the shape of her body (almost as though the hole was made for her), that she has to float through. If she touches the sides, a strong gust of wind blows her back to the start. With luck, she'll still be wired from the previous room and mess this one up several times.
[X] #3: Cardiac Ward
Kogasa jumps out and says "Boo!" After the first two rooms, her nerves may be so frazzled that she has a heart attack; if not, it'll be so moe that she has a heart attack anyway.
[X] #4: Hall of Mirrors
Basically #4 from >>31198. Nobody particularly appropriate comes to mind, although Flandre or Mima might be good in terms of character interactions.
[X] #5: Portal Room
Suddenly, gaps! Thousands of them! Only one of them leads to the next room, all the others lead to one of the other gaps in the same room. Oh, and the gaps shuffle their positions every few minutes.
[X] #6: Fan Service Break
A well-appointed boudoir full of as many members of Marisa's harem as can be convinced, promising all manner of innovative sex acts as soon as Marisa leaves the dungeon and comes back to their place.
[X] #7: Jouhari Mirror
Shikieiki's final spell card from Shoot the Bullet. Give her a taste of her own medicine Master Spark.
[X] #8: Fake Library
Complete with Koakuma as adorable fake librarian who tries ineffectually to stop Marisa from stealing. The fake books are imported from the ghost level of Super Mario 64; if she tries to take one, they all grow teeth and come after her.
[X] #9: Cirno and Utsuho's Perfect Icy Inferno
I'm thinking something like Perfect Freeze with Subterranean Sun in the weak spot near the center.
[X] #10: 'Neverending' Passageway
A room as long as Sakuya can make it, with walls and ceiling too narrow to fly in so she has to walk. For the first few minutes, it's completely normal, with a few odd cracks and such in the walls, but after that, the cracks repeat in such as pattern that Marisa thinks she's going in circles. Park Aya and Momiji at the end; If Marisa tries to make a chalk mark or something to reassure herself, Momiji will see it and Aya will reproduce it down the rest of the passageway. Leave her nice and paranoid for her final fight with Meiling.
>> No. 31204
[x] >>31203

This is perfect. Though, I would like to add some Medusa Heads somewhere, just to have a little castlevania in there.
>> No. 31205

This. Make it so. If we need some Medusa heads, put them in somewhere where she should be focusing on other things, like the Gap room.
>> No. 31209
[x] >>31203

This, but with one addition. Room #8 subtly rotates on entry, making it so the only way to proceed to room #9 is to go back the way you came. This is necessary, otherwise Marisa can simply walk into the next room after she figures out that the books are all traps. Someone as stubborn as Marisa will never stop looking for the exit; she'll be trapped in the library forever. Telling Koa about the solution isn't allowed; no risking her spilling it somehow.
>> No. 31211
We may want to change the harem part.

I suggest we remove the harem and move everything after it back one, and add this as the final room: THE HARDEST BOSS FIGHT EVER!

This is what I am referring too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQZuidKexBQ

Well that, or a I Wanna Be The Guy inspired room.
>> No. 31213
File 125248310535.jpg - (724.42KB , 1000x1000 , 49d8598a8eebf3fdf0c92b2f846d049e.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'd like the last room to be a large chapel like room with a Flandre that was told that Marisa was going through a test to see if she was worthy enough to marry into the Scarlet family and that if Marisa made it into the final room they'd marry. If Marisa has enough guts to tell Flandre she only wanted to get some books, one could assume Flandre would become furious and a boss fight would occur.
>> No. 31214
[x] >>31209
>> No. 31216
Will backfire massively when Flandre finds out it's all a test on Meiling's part.
>> No. 31217
How about a doppelganger in the mirror room?
>> No. 31219
I'm gonna go with this, but suggest we make a few modifications.

#1 and #2 sound fine to me, but with the addition of, perhaps, Lilly White in the first room to really make it as crazy as possible. Just stick her in the middle and have her go off every 15-20 seconds.

#3 is kinda lame in my opinion. How about Kogasa and Nue, primed for the scariest thing they can think of between them?

#4 is good. Personally I suggest Reisen in there for double illusion hell.

#5 Very yes. Even have Yukari in the middle, untouchable and constantly taunting Marisa to throw her off.

#6 This needs some modification. I suggest the harem, plus Eirin who has them pumped full of various aphrodisiacs. Much more of an obstacle.

#7 Pffft. Why use Shikieiki when we can have Marisa face the original Master Spark? Room full of flowers, in a complex maze system so that Marisa has to be extreme careful not to damage any. When she does, SUDDENLY YUUKA.

#8 Fake library is good. Can't think of any way to improve on this off the top of my head.

#9 and #10 seem sort of weak to me, so here's some ideas.

- Mima. Drunk. Either she drags Marisa into a huge motherly hug that Marisa ain't getting away from, or a danmaku battle of 'WHY DID YOU LEAVE' will ensue.
- Reimu room. Offer massive donation if she stops Marisa. This will at least give us one very motivated minion down there.
- If Alice is not in the harem room, we could have her in a room by herself, after showing her a (fake, photoshopped) picture of Marisa and Rinnosuke embracing.
- It doesn't say we can't put Flandre in one of the rooms. I think the idea from
would make a perfect last room. Tell Flandre Marisa has been tested to see if she is worthy for marriage. Get Flandre into a wedding dress, have her waiting at the altar.

... Actually that last one is going to end in pain for us whatever Marisa chooses to do. Perhaps not.
- Another final room could be Flandre again, but after getting her excited because "Marisa has been practicing very hard to beat you at danmaku." This isn't a fully formed idea, we could add to this.
>> No. 31220
#10: A dead end.
>> No. 31221
Honestly, I'd suggest combining the mirror maze with Shikieiki. Have Marisa working her way through a maze of reflections, trying to get to the next room while simultaneously her own reflection is trying to stop her. Magically reinforce the mirrors so that shots fired at them will reflect off, making her paranoid and jumpy every time she sees herself.

Fill the new vacant room with a ridiculously tough platforming area that has magically-enforced gravity, and through a bunch of Medusa Heads in there. She'll go mad.
>> No. 31222
The problem with #6 is that there is now viable harem for Marisa. Alice and Patchy are together and Flandre can't be used as per Remi's rules. The only ones left are Nitori and possibly Reimu and I doubt either of them will play along.
>> No. 31223

This is a good one. How do you get Lily White to go off if it's not spring though?

Not so sure about Eirin drugs.
"So, you just want me to wait in this room, and persuade Marisa in any way possible to just come home with me instead of continuing?"
"Yes. And we'll pay you."
". . . What's the catch?"
"You have to let Eirin stick this needle in your arm."

Reimu Room makes a good #9.

I don't think trying to trick Flandre is a good idea. Sure, we'll succeed, but she'll figure it out in the long run.

Mostly, the tweaks make it better.
>> No. 31224
Flandre can be used, she's just scary and unstable. And I don't recall reading that Alice and Patchy are together in this scenario.
Granted, Patchy isn't allowed to be used, as per the rules. . .
So, who all should be recruited for the Fanservice room? Or do we just put up flyers for 'Win a romantic evening with the Black/White witch' all around Gensokyo?
>> No. 31225
>And I don't recall reading that Alice and Patchy are together in this scenario.

This is pretty clearly post-SDMLA, and we managed to get Alice and Patchy to confess to eachother back when it was running.

It was beautiful.
>> No. 31226

I think Patchy/Alice is assumed since this seems kinda based on SDM LA.

But Remilia did say we could use Flandre.
>> No. 31228
Haven't read that story, so I'll take your word for it. Does complicate that room's occupants, though.
>> No. 31230
I like the fanservice, and isn't too hard to stretch Marisa's harem to make up for Alice's unavailability. Nitori and Reimu are a start, and Marisa seems to have a way with Extra bosses (Alice and Flandre), so Koishi (who wishes her third eye was open so she could learn more about her Extra stage opponent) is a possibility too.

>>31221 is good.

>Get Flandre into a wedding dress, have her waiting at the altar.
Not to turn a fun little semi-CYOA into srsbzns, but consider Flandre's emotional reaction to getting all dressed up, marched to an altar, then turned down by Marisa face-to-face (which the sparse info from SDMLA indicates would be the outcome). I think "Marisa has been practicing very hard to beat you at danmaku" is much better.

I'm against the inclusion of a Reimu Room purely on storytelling grounds: Meiling is clearly intended to be the final boss here, and including someone stronger than her in a straight-up fight (that is, without any gimmicks) sort of steals Meiling's thunder.

>Mima. Drunk.
I like this, though.
>> No. 31233
File 12525372492.jpg - (356.77KB , 700x990 , o_O.jpg ) [iqdb]
>hasn't read SDMLA
>> No. 31235
Pic makes me think
"That must be some Godawful tea you have there, Remi."
more than anything else.
>> No. 31236

Dunno I don't think SDM LA touched on Marisa's role much if anything, but it didn't seem to point out any real fondness of Flandre towards Marisa either.


Read it now, some folks do consider it required reading in terms of /sdm/ stories. Most of us have.
>> No. 31237
File 125254225947.png - (50.45KB , 627x620 , 1250866637255.png ) [iqdb]
>hasn't read SDMLA
>> No. 31239
*cannot tell if that's Sakuya or China because they both have those little braid things*
>> No. 31240
[X] #1: Lily White's High-Speed Chase
[X] #2: Nue's Mysterious Medusa Heads
[X] #3: Kogasa's Cardiac Ward
[X] #4: Reisen's Hall of Illusions
[X] #5: Yukari's Enrichment Center
[X] #6: Koishi's Fanservice Boudoir
[X] #7: Shikieiki's Jouhari Mirror
[X] #8: Koakuma's Fake Library
[X] #9: The Reimu Room
[X] #10: Flan-chan's Wedding Chapel

Rough aggregate of the votes so far. Acceptable? (Speak soon or forever be held in pieces)
>> No. 31241
#10 is hilarious failure but I can't think of anything better.
>> No. 31243
>>31230 here. Just to codify what I said there, everything's good, but I vote to replace #9 with The Drunk Mima Room. #10... I assume you have an idea as to how to implement it in a light-hearted way (i.e. no heartbroken Flandre). If that's true, write it, if not, don't.

Incidentally, how and when do you plan to write/post this, one room at a time or all at once?
>> No. 31244
It was brief, but when we mentioned seeing Marisa escaping with books, Flandre said she liked it when Marisa came to visit her, but that she didn't do so very often. Reading a little too far into it, perhaps, but everyone knows she's a bitch-ze.
>> No. 31245
All at once, which is why it's taking so long. This'll be one of those "wall every few days" things. SDMLA is being used as a backdrop because it's convenient and funny, don't read too much into anything.
>> No. 31246
Maybe this is just me being a sadistic bastard... but don't you think at least one room's sole purpose should be to play with Marisa's psyche and get her off balance? Not something so cliche as a "face your worst fears" room... a just a mindfuck or two.

I do like the "Flandre's Chapel" and "Drunken Mima" ideas, though. The "Reimu Room", not so much. I understand that we'd be adding incentive for the red-white, but I thought the point of all this was to avoid a regular danmaku confrontation.
>> No. 31247

Oh you.
>> No. 31248

A Mushihimesama crossover is fine too.
Show Marisa the true meaning of LUNATIC MODO!
>> No. 31250
File 125256654127.jpg - (133.70KB , 850x566 , 2.jpg ) [iqdb]
At lunchtime the next day (well, breakfast for you), you do your best to look casual and enjoy your tea whilst Meiling timidly hands a list to Sakuya. From the corner of your eye, you notice the maid arch her brows.

"And you came up with all this by yourself? How... interesting."

"Yes." Meiling nods. "All by myself."

"Including this last part about Flandre?"

"Eh? What... ah..." Meiling cranes her neck, trying to read the paper in Sakuya's hands. "Um, y-yes, everything that's on there."

"... I see," the maid concludes after a rather awkward pause. "That's very good, since if anyone else had helped you, they would naturally be forced to share in your discipline if you should fail. Thank you, I'll prepare this before nightfall." So saying, she retires, and you note that for some reason your tea suddenly does not taste quite as good as it did a minute ago.

The rest of that night passes in a blur, and before you know it tomorrow has arrived and Remilia has burst in upon you and dragged you down to the sitting room. Patchouli is already there, and has set up an impressive array of crystals floating in midair before the wall and displaying various parts of the mansion in them. As you arrive, she hastily snaps her fingers and shuts most of them off, with the remainder rotating to provide the tea table with an excellent collective view. Or, at least, what you presume will be an excellent view once the action starts, as right now most of the crystals show only a series of drab rooms populated by bored youkai/fairies/humans and Meiling pacing nervously in the stretch of hallway between the dungeon's exit and the library's doors. "She will arrive soon," the witch intones, "less than two minutes barring unforseen circumstances. Make yourselves comfortable. Ah - there."

Sure enough, a familiar black and white figure enters the corner of the furthest display, the one showing the exterior of the mansion. Marisa is actually walking, holding her broom and poking cautiously at this and that. She jumps a few feet into the air and holds up something you can't see when Sakuya appears out of thin air in front of her, but calms down after a second as the duo hold a silent conversation. Sakuya points at something offscreen, Marisa nods firmly and leaves the frame, and a second later Sakuya does the same, reappearing in a seat next to Remilia. You jump a bit at this, cursing your inability to settle your nerves, but Remi barely twitches. She watches the crystals carefully, and you hear rapt excitement in her voice even as she complains "Patchy, I can't hear anything!"

"Outside was not worth the trouble. You will hear shortly, a more elemental picture and sound were used in the primary monitoring array," Patchouli responds. She herself seems preoccupied with watching, and the pit of your stomach drops to new depths as you notice that for the first time since you've met her, the witch has neither a book nor a girlfriend with her. But such thoughts are fortunately cut off by her words once more coming true as the crystals crackle with sound.

"- too easy!" Marisa's voice laughs. "Pfffhahaha, a dungeon? Really? Come on, come out, whoever you are!" The crystals swivel, and there she is, entering the outermost room on her broom. When nothing answers her call after a moment, she pauses again, peers around, and finally notices the small dais just inside the entrance with a beautiful golden statue of a fairy on it. You'd swear the sound coming through Patchouli's magics now was so crisp that you could hear the gears turn inside Marisa's head as she ponders. Finally, she shrugs, reaches out and picks up the gilded Lily... and the instant she does so, a titanic boulder crashes to the ground behind the witch and begins rolling forward. Marisa yelps, hops on her broom and starts flying forward frantically, only to be surprised again as she rushes straight into the obstacle course you Meiling designed.

"It isn't springtime, so the real one was unavailable..." Sakuya quietly apologizes. Remilia all but drowns her out, whooping and clapping as the witch starts diving through holes, past spikes, and pulling R360s to navigate the landscape. Patchouli is more subdued, though, and in a few seconds you can see why for yourself. Difficult though it might be, Marisa's having no trouble whatsoever staying ahead of the boulder and zooming past every loop, wall and pipe in her path. Her maneuvers are quick, daring, and seemingly impossible, but she keeps pulling them off one after another, and the more Remi laughs the more that previous worry begins to itch at your mind again. This was supposed to at least tire Marisa out, and while it still may be doing that... did you underestimate her? Regardless, she quickly moves into the tunnel leading to the second area.

"That was amazing!" crows Remi. "Great introduction, and now we're going to see some action, right?"

"Oh, er, yes, very, I suppose..." you mumble, tugging your collar. The second room is nothing but a long, tight corridor - until the medusa heads kick in, swaying and bobbing across the space, and you breath a silent sigh of relief. Sakuya, on the other hand, nearly fumbles her teacup.

"THOSE..." she hisses, before recovering. "My goodness. Whatever are those. I had no idea that's what the nue's power was when I asked her to join us..."

"It is and is not." Patchouli's eyes don't move from the displays. "Undefined forms of magic, closely associated with the elemental form of moon but lacking in definition. Each observer sees them as something different according to their ideals of what is threatening."

"Hm. What do you see them as, Patchy?" Remi asks, gazing at the crystals wherein Marisa is shown gritting her teeth, then firing a laser down the passage.

"That is a secret."

Patchouli's eyes don't wander, either, not even as Marisa pulls out a spellcard. A series of magical runes begin to glow on her broom's tail, then burst into flame and light, and with a roar of pure destructive power (and a relatively inaudible cry of "Blazing Star!") the witch charges straight through the tunnel. Every medusa head is incinerated the instant it appears, and Marisa blows straight past the startled Nue at the end of the tunnel and into the next room. That's, well, disappointing, but you know what's coming up next, and direct your attention to the following crystal display before Marisa reaches it.

"UrameshiYAAAAAAA?!?" echoes through the room, next to the dopplered roar of Marisa's charge and an unhealthy "WHAM!" The witch's spellcard cuts out abruptly on the collision, leaving her to tumble to the floor, but this is only observed out of the corner of your eye. For a brief yet eternal moment, all attention focuses on what Marisa had collided with: Kogasa Tatara, her umbrella smashed inside out and splayed open wide by the impact, so that you can see all the way up inside the struts.

"Oh. My." Remi manages. No one else says anything at all.

"Augh, owww-aIYEE! NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! D-D-DON'T LOOK!" and copious sobbing are the next things you hear from the display, as Kogasa futilely tries to cover the umbrella with her bruised human body. Marisa just grabs her broom and staggers onward. "Aaaaaaaaaaahhh why, w-why me, *sob* n-n-now I'll always be the first to die in the horror-" Patchouli snaps her fingers, and that particular crystal fades into blackness and silence.

"Stop right there, thief!" comes the much more confidant cry from the next room. You see Marisa stop, catch her breath, and look around. She takes in the giant hall of superreflective mirrors there, carefully designed to be impervious to any danmaku, lasers, stars or general shenanigans fired at them. She then takes in the red-eyed rabbit jumping to attention in its center and waiting for her response, and makes up her mind.


... designed, you think to yourself rather bitterly, to be impervious to anything fired at them, not to lasers spontaneously erupting from the floors and mirrors themselves. Reisen yips and tries to dance around the beams erupting from her feet while sheltering her head from the glass breaking all around her. Her behavior presents a marked contrast to Marisa, who simply ignores the whole mess and leaps through it on foot. Patchouli grunts in disgust as the black-white again proceeds forward, but seems to take some consolation in zooming the view in on Marisa's broom, which seems to have developed a nasty crack and is no longer suitable for flying.

"The next room should be better?" Sakuya ventures to no one in particular. You can't tell which side she's actually on, now, but she should be right. Eagerly, you fix your eyes on...


... Yukari Yakumo, mistress of boundaries, possibly the most powerful being in Gensokyo, sleeping with her head on a plain white pillow, a bit of drool on her cheek, and the rest of her body tucked inside a gap that makes your head hurt to look at. Marisa sighs in quiet relief and tiptoes through the large and otherwise thoroughly empty chamber to its other side. From the looks of things, though, you'd guess the tiptoeing was unnecessary.

"Does she now consider herself above sleeping on the job, that she must get someone else to do it for her?" Patchouli exclaims.

"Hmmm. Maybe. Dear," Remilia suddenly asks, eyeing you, "you've been very quiet. Enjoying the show?"


Okay, I lied, or vastly underestimated the time this would take, your pick. Instead you get half now and half probably tomorrow, with a writein break for popcorn one-liners.
>> No. 31251
>gilded Lily

Sakuya Belmont confirmed for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

>n-n-now I'll always be the first to die in the horror-
Oh, Kogasa. So genre-savvy, and yet only good for your moe appeal.

Well, shit.


Here's hoping we fare better in part two.
>> No. 31252
Goddamnit Yukari... You only had to stay awake for what 30 minutes?!
>> No. 31253
#1: Lily White's High-Speed Chase
Nice Indiana Jones parody
#2: Nue's Mysterious Medusa Heads
#3: Kogasa's Cardiac Ward
And we gave Kogasa mental trauma.
#4: Reisen's Hall of Illusions
Useless rabbit, ect ect.
#5: Yukari's Enrichment Center
and I just got the Portal joke.

I wonder what this punishment game is, since it's not looking so good. . . Especially since we might be sharing it.
>> No. 31254
I'm guessing that the Author is one of those GM's that live just to piss off the PC's.

And we are the PC's.

We have already lost.
I said to use a 'I Wanna Be The Guy' inspired room, but NOOOOOOO, it would be to haaaaard...

>> No. 31255
Have you ever played Dwarf Fortress? It has a motto: "Losing is fun." Whether the end of this is set in stone or not, as long as the author makes it good, I'll be happy. Win, lose, make it entertaining and he's done what he set out to do.
>> No. 31257
Well, there's still 5 rooms left, and we forced Marisa to waste 2-3 spell cards. Poor Kogasa though.
>> No. 31258
Not to mention her broom is busted.
>> No. 31259
File 125261385587.jpg - (50.61KB , 900x600 , NSFW Image.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Enjoying it? Not really," you admit, and immediately kick yourself for being taken off guard. "I thought the, er, Meiling's design would work a bit better than it has so far."

"Yes, her design certainly might have performed better than this." Sakuya sips her tea and avoids looking at you. Remilia tilts her head, but turns back to the crystals a moment later.

The next chamber's view causes you to blink in surprise. Wasn't it a bare stone room when you looked at it before? You could swear those pillows and curtains weren't previously there, and that's not even considering the tall, full-tipped plant stalks and lasciviously inviting scrunched pink ruffles adorning the walls. And you're quite sure that Koishi and the others she'd gathered were wearing a few more articles of clothing minutes ago.

"OooOooh, Marisa!" several of the ladies moan as the witch penetrates their chamber. Nitori Kawashiro, Koishi herself, that Rin girl from underground, the brunette poltergeist whose name you can never keep straight... well, she seems to be having a little trouble keeping straight herself, but that's beside the point at the moment. Or wrapped around the point, suckling on it.

"Ahaha, hey, ladies! You all here to stop me too?" Marisa laughs, eliciting a slew of head and bosom shakes in reply.

"Oh, no," Nitori purrs, slipping Marisa's arm inside the complex array of cords binding the key to her chest. "We want you to keep going. Don't stop!"

"Yes, yes, yes, yes," Koishi adds, looping further blue strands around the witch. "Just look inside yourself and look for what you really want. Or look inside us, if you like. Hey, do you... want to see?"

"Ahhh, what I really want! Yeah, that's right!" Marisa stiffens, lighting up. "I'd like to give you girls what you want, too. Wonder what that is. Maybe something... raw? Squishy 'n juicy 'n tender 'n fleshy? Maybe a little dirty 'n smelly, but sooo good to eat? Yeah, mmm, yeah, that's it, you want to get into the secret places, don'tcha?" As the panting crowd around her nods and moves in, Marisa winks and reaches into her clothing in a way that makes even you blush. Her hand returns to view a second later, slick with juices, and bearing something you definitely didn't expect to see.

"J-just where was she hiding THAT?!" Patchouli gasps in shock.

"It's so... big! Even bigger than yours!" Remilia chokes, looking at you.

"She's slipping them her meat?!" Even Sakuya is unable to keep quiet.

And with that, Koishi's room turns into an abrupt orgy, as every girl dives at once for the huge, thick slab of steak Marisa drops on the ground as she flees. "Good grief," you groan, unsure whether to laugh or cry.

The seventh room presents your best hope for salvation, in the form of Shikieiki tapping her foot with mirror in hand. As soon as Marisa enters, she holds the mirror up, looks at her watch and vanishes, relieved. The witch raises an eyebrow, steps cautiously forward, and then has to dive out of the way of a silent Master Spark from the purple-clad Marisa that appears in the yama's place.

"Ah, is it just me? Boring!" the real one proclaims. She pulls out her hakkero and quickly goes to work producing an intense but brief clash of lasers and stars. Once again, your hopes are dashed as Marisa makes quick work of her clone and runs on ahead.

"Well, I didn't think that was boring... but damn, how strong IS that rat at danmaku? It's like she's not even tired!" Remi exclaims. You privately agree with her, but bite your lip. Mustn't say anything, at least not yet.

Further on, Marisa finally enters the fake library. You were quite proud of this one, though a bit anxious about exposing Koakuma to danger. Despite Meiling's assurances that the little devil is more than capable of fending for herself, you've never actually seen her fight in any capacity other than... ahem, well, that already failed for Koishi's gang. But just as you'd hoped, Marisa pauses, shrugs, and starts grabbing books. She even looks genuinely surprised when the books grow teeth and start growling and chomping into her clothes! Koakuma steps out of the shadows, smiling silently and carrying a white silk garrote, and at last Marisa seems to panic a bit.

"Hmph! Good thing I didn't use this yet!" she grunts, using her free hand to pull a small round object from her apron. Koakuma's smile turns upside down quickly, and she tries to turn and run, but no - "MASTER SPAAAARK!" - t quite fast enough. Even Patchouli winces.

"Two rooms left, and I trust none of those were real tomes," the librarian grumbles. "You will help my assistant recover."

"Ah... me? All right..." you answer, after noticing the icy glares directed at you from the rest of the room. They know, don't they. Two rooms left. You can only pray.

Reimu Hakurei, standing in the ninth room, leaps to her feet as if in answer of your prayer when Marisa comes in. "Fantasy Heaven!"

"Eh? Reimu! Hey hey hey, what're you doin' here?" Marisa asks, edging back towards the entrance quickly. "Not like you to go to effort like this, don't the vampire owe you favors? Wait, I got it, how much is she into ya for?"

"A hundred thousand yen!" Reimu retorts proudly. "Now die!"

Inside, Remilia's head whips around to look at Sakuya - and you. "HOW much did she just say?"

"You really wanna put yourself out here? Hundred and twenty says you go back to the shrine!" calls Marisa, and Remi's eyes swivel back to the crystals, where Reimu's deadly orbs have paused in their orbits.

"She'll make more trouble for me afterwards. A hundred and fifty thousand, at least."

"Hundred and thirty grand, an' I won't nick your tea for a month!" Marisa counteroffers. The shrine maiden sizes her up, looking grim, then...

"Deal, but you better not forget about the tea!" Reimu holds out her hand, Marisa shakes it, and you start thinking about escape routes. Maybe if you could grab Sakuya's stopwatch for a minute again. But no, she's already smirking.

"About that punishment, mistress. Did you have anything in mind?" she asks.

"Oh, yes." Thinking to herself, Remi nods. "I think she'll - WHAT IS FLANDRE DOING WITH MY WEDDING DRESS?" Ah. That's your cue to push your chair back a bit, and maybe say you have to use the restroom. Except that you are suddenly unable to move, as Patchouli glares at you and mumbles an incantation. Sakuya looks at the floor as Remi starts lecturing her, but your eyes are now literally glued to the display.

What Flandre is doing with the dress, in fact, seems to be wearing it. And waiting at an altar. In the last room of the dungeon. In your defense, you reflect, it had seemed like a good idea at the time. Let her get involved, do something silly, and there's no way Marisa would actually make it that far, right? Right? Right. No way. She definitely tripped and knocked herself out between the ninth and tenth rooms, that's definitely not her entering the 'wedding chapel' Meiling had had fun designing, and this is definitely all some sort of bad dream. Right.

"Marisa, you're here! You passed! Let's hurry up and get married!" Throwing her arms up in the air, Flandre bounces towards her 'groom.'

"What the ze?" Marisa replies. "Flan, what are you doing here? Ain't there supposed to be one more obstacle, or you should be trying to stop me, or somethin'?"

"Nope! That was a test to see if you're good enough to marry into the Scarlet family!" Humming that infernal wedding march, Flandre hops into Marisa's arms. The witch chuckles and catches her, but asks:

"Really? Who told you that?"

Close your ears.
Close your ears.
Close your ears.

"An' he's a part of the family, so it's official!" Flandre concludes happily.

"Reeeeaaaaalllllly...." Marisa thinks, and... laughs. You can hear it all too well over the dead silence of the sitting room. "Okay, we'll go with that, so we're married now. That means I'm Marisa Scarlet, and this mansion's my house too, right?"

"Uhhh. Yeah, I guess." Flandre shrugs. "Where do you want to go for our honeymoon?"

"How about the library?"

Patchouli clenches her fist, and the crystals shatter, breaking the scene off there. From somewhere not too far away, you can hear Meiling, clearly afraid for her life, offering the new couple congratulations....

{Marisa and Flan, Together Forever! End}

Some time later, Sakuya Izayoi places a couple of new photos into one of the mansion's albums, then shakes her head, takes out her watch and yanks the hands backwards...
Cackling, Remilia pecks you on the shoulder and flies out of the room. Sakuya bows and follows her, and Patchouli, sporting the closest thing to a smirk you've seen on her face, heads back towards the library. Leaving you and Meiling staring at each other, in various degrees of aghast.

"But - but I - what will I do?!" she pleads.

Will you help her?

[ ] Yes
[ ] Yes

[X] Yes

"Ten rooms," you mutter. "Good grief."

Well, she could try...

[X] #1:
[X] #2:
[X] #3:
[X] #4:
[X] #5:
[X] #6:
[X] #7:
[X] #8:
[X] #9:
[X] #10:
>> No. 31260
File 125261529690.jpg - (37.65KB , 192x256 , CiLRyorihime.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x]#1 Watatsuki no Yorihime.

I don't think we'll need any more.
>> No. 31261

that's if she'd agreed.

But that's going for the throat.
>> No. 31262
File 125261952417.png - (417.07KB , 640x480 , beatroll.png ) [iqdb]
I think I figured out who the OP is, guys.

Seriously, though, this was good, with the exception of the cop-out in #5. Now we need ten more ideas, though. How many times do we have to fail before easy mode activates?
>> No. 31263
Marisa's broom broke, she had to use up spellcards, etc. I think we need to make sure she has to use up everything so by the time of the final room she's got nothing to use.

I saw we reshuffle. Remove the ones that didn't work and try some new stuff.

Also d'aaaaaaw at Flandre in a wedding dress. That was awesome.
>> No. 31264
I wonder is this a 'reload' (as in Flan and Marisa didn't get married?) since if Flan is Marisa's wife, things would get difficult.
>> No. 31265
We should probably get stuff that she can't dungeon bypass with spellcards this time.
>> No. 31266
At this point I should probably give more details on my plans outright.

The idea was for this to be a sort of puzzle. Marisa is quite a skilled thief treasure hunter, and it's unlikely (read: impossible) to stop her with a single challenge on its own. However, her inventory and capabilities are finite and static. From this run alone, for example, you can deduce that she'll always have her broom, Blazing Star, Earth Light Ray, Master Spark, the hakkero, and meat out of nowhere, along with possibly other items and spellcards. Rooms and their effects are also static. If you submit the same room again, it'll contain the same obstacles, but the outcome might be different depending on what's in other rooms. Order matters. (For example, Marisa would have had a much more difficult time here if something like the first room had come up after her broom broke.)

A randomly thrown together dungeon isn't going to stop Marisa, I can pretty well guarantee that, but through some thought, discussion, and repeated iterations you can put together one that will.

Some trial and error is assumed, yes, it'd be kinda boring if a solution was found in only one or two runs. There are a few different paths to victory, but they're all specific enough that you aren't going to luck into them. That's not to say I'm trying to screw you over like >>31254 suggests, though. Have some good faith.

Course, if you want to try totally new things every time to see what will happen, or go for comedy, that's fine too.
>> No. 31267
The story ended with Sakuya rewinding time, so I think the things we tried last time haven't happened.

Outside of letting us Anon try again, in-story I'm not sure why she bothered, since presumably we'll just do the same thing again. Or maybe it's just time-travel confusion.

By the way, the Fake Library probably would have worked if we didn't have vicious attack books that tipped her off to the library being fake. Where can we get large numbers of worthless books for free?

Also, I think that high-speed run was less useful because we didn't have something slow and cerebral to follow it. I think the entire purpose of that originally was to jazz her up and make her mess up in something slow-paced later.
>> No. 31268
And yes, time resets after each failed run.
>> No. 31269

The harem room is a good idea, but that required Marisa to get aroused as well. Since Koishi was already manipulating other hearts as well as her own, I doubt she thought of manipulating Marisa's. Some kind of airborn fast-acting aphrodisiac would have taken care of that.

In fact, I think with a little revision most of the rooms would have worked more effectively.

#1: Gravity Room
Flight magic supression that forces Marisa to stay on the ground except in very specific places to advance so she can't just skip steps. Floating blocks are the only safe ground while any of the room's walls will transport Marisa to a random block in the room, but not within jumping range of the exit. Broken bridges encouraged. Magic barrier on the exit forces Marisa to expend some energy destroying the seal to advance.

#9: EX-Keine room
Again, magic to deny flight. Ex-Keine wanders a maze to track down Marisa. The walkable floor is waist-deep thick mud to hamper movement, and an airborn aphrodisiac weaken's Marisa's mental defenses. Ex-Keine modifies her own history to make her immune to the supressions and airborn material while always knowing where Marisa is. The only way out is blocked by a wall, but it is not in line with all the others and must again be broken through.

That's all I have right now.
>> No. 31270

>The harem room is a good idea, but that required Marisa to get aroused as well. Since Koishi was already manipulating other hearts as well as her own, I doubt she thought of manipulating Marisa's. Some kind of airborn fast-acting aphrodisiac would have taken care of that.

Eirin can probably help with that.
>> No. 31271
Ok, let's try something else now?

These were somewhat successful, so let's try them again:
[x] #1: Nue's Mysterious Medusa Heads
[x] #2: Shikieiki's Jouhari Mirror
[x] #10: Koakuma's Fake Library, this time with rotating exit, or have Yukari set it up in another way

Some stage 6 and extra bosses for regular danmaku:
[x] #4: Ran
[x] #5: Kanako
[x] #3: Mokou, to heat her up a bit
[x] #6: Okuu, to heat her up even more. Fusion!
[x] #7: Yuka, youkai moe room

Let's hope her broom is out of order by now:
[x] #8: Lily White's High-Speed Chase

Place a known working, well hidden trap that drenches Marisa in gravy at the the exit of #8, then:
[x] #9: Yuyuko, no food
>> No. 31272
[x] #3: Mokou, to heat her up a bit
[x] #6: Okuu, to heat her up even more. Fusion!

Combine these. . .

[x] Fusion Pheonix Sign: One Trillion Degrees

Theoretically, working together they can create
an area so hot that Marisa can't even approach it.
>> No. 31273
Hey, nice idea! Maybe add the gravity room from >>31269 in a freed up slot.
>> No. 31275
We could use Medicine Melancholy to set up some kind of gas chamber with some kind of irritating puzzle in it. Maybe one of those Tower of Hanoi things that aren't really complicated but still take awhile to finish.
>> No. 31276
>[x] #9: Yuyuko, no food

Thats too cruel.

I like it.
>> No. 31277
Unless the Author makes her sleep every time we use her, make sure that Yukari is awake for when we need to use her abilities.
>> No. 31278
If we have access to anti-flight magic, we may as well use it in every room.

If we don't, though, putting these two early enough gives us a chance of disabling her broom by burning it up. Also, I suggest:

[X] Fusion Phoenix Sign: "10^32 Kelvin"

which, as the Planck temperature, would presumably be the opposite of Cirno's Minus K.
>> No. 31279
So we have to hope Marisa tries to break in when it isn't the morning, and it isn't winter.

Or we're doomed, because Yukari will be sleeping. Although, I guess only Meiling is doomed.
>> No. 31280
Adjusted version of >>31271.

[x] #1: Nue's Mysterious Medusa Heads
Makes her spend a spellcard.

[x] #2: Gravity Room (>>31269)
General annoyance, introduction.

[x] #3: Ran
[x] #4: Kanako
[x] #5: Yuka, youkai moe room
Wear her down with regular danmaku battles.

[x] #6: Medicine Melancholy's Poison Puzzle
Make her spend time in Medicine's poison cloud, to make her dizzy, or throw her off. Either a puzzle, or maybe a big labyrinth.

[x] #7: Mokou and Okuu: Fusion Phoenix Sign: "10^32 Kelvin"
Danmaku battle and broom targeted destruction. Also cook her in preparation for #9.

[x] #8: Lily White's High-Speed Chase, with gravy trap at the exit
Let's see her do it without a broom.

[x] #9: Yuyuko, no food
[x] #10: Koakuma's Fake Library, this time with rotating exit, or have Yukari set it up in another way
>> No. 31281

I love this setup, except for the series of danmaku duels in rooms 3-4.

We need to put Marisa's jackdaw tenancies of 'borrowing' to work against her somehow.

[Dark Room]
Voice From Darkness: "Did you drop the gold Spell-card, or the Silver one?"
Marisa: "Both. Of course, ze."
Voice From Darkness:"Is that so~"
[Ten ton weight]

Alternatively, just have Shikieiki show up and blast her when she inevitably lies.

And the Yuyuko rooms is going to instantly be foiled by Marisa's odd 'meat from nowhere' power.
>> No. 31282
> And the Yuyuko rooms is going to instantly be foiled by Marisa's odd 'meat from nowhere' power.
Ah, right. That's a problem. If she only had limited amounts of meat, we could have a Rumia feeding room earlier, to make her use it up.
>> No. 31283

Are we sure she just wouldn't blam Rumia rather than trying to feed her?

And if it becomes too obvious that we're trying to wear down her stockpile of gear then she'll cheat and bypass it another way, so Rumia sitting in a cardboard box with 'Feed Youkai to proceed' written on it won't work.
>> No. 31284
I have a way to fix Yukari's enrichment center. Keep it the same as before but have sound traps randomly strewn throughout the room. That way, if Yukari falls asleep again and Marisa triggers a trap, Marisa runs the risk of facing a very grumpy gap-youkai. Add Reisen's illusions and Sakuya's spacial manipulations to make it even harder on Marisa.
>> No. 31285
We should have Rumia-in-a-box in the very beginning to give Marisa a false sense of confidence about what's to come. Plus it would be cute.
>> No. 31286
Okay, seriously guys... some of you are doing it wrong.

Danmaku encounters with slightly tweaked motives and conditions? And maybe a spellcard addition or two? That might be fun to play, were this standard Touhou vidya... but shit like that defies the entire point of the dungeon-- and, by extension, this story. Anything that can be won through power or speed is pointless to bother trying against Marisa. We're not attempting to make another bullet hell; it would be boring to read, and the black white would have minimal trouble (consider her, for all intents and purposes, to be controlled by a top-ranked Touhou player. If someone playing as her has done it in the past, she can do it here.) We need more tricks, traps, mindfucks and puzzles.

I know, I know, I'm criticizing without offering any solutions. It's late, and I'm a bit braindead right now. Tomorrow, I'll help come up with something.
>> No. 31287
The entire 'I Wanna Be The Guy' game in one room. If she can survive that, she wouldn't last too long afterword.
>> No. 31288

And I don't mean like a computer game, I mean a room where everything is trying to kill you. Put a spell on everything so that grazing something will turn you into chunky salsa.
>> No. 31291

I'm not sure that massively fatal stuff is quite in the spirit of this exercise. . .
>> No. 31292

I think our goal is to stop or repel Marisa, not kill.
>> No. 31296
You remember the whole magic-relfecting mirror thing? How about we make an entire room of nothing but those - walls, floor, ceiling - including the area where the exit should be. No visible exit, so she has to break through the walls with pure physical strength - and we know she's not to good at that. That's bound to tire her out some (for bonus points put the exit somewhere other than straight ahead, like just to the side of the entrance)
>> No. 31298
Which room broke marisa's broom? since we should use that before the medusa head room (it'll be harder for her to deal with)
>> No. 31299
>>so she has to break through the walls with pure physical strength - and we know she's not to good at that.

I don't know about that... have you seen her swing that broom?
But the mirror-plated room is an interesting idea.

What if there was a door-opening puzzle that required patience (not Marisa's strong suit) in order to solve, but the walls were magic mirrors? If she tried to simply spark the door, it would bounce off the walls endlessly, and she would have to solve it with the constant threat of being hit with her own stray beam.

Oh, and maybe we'd put a gay little sign in the entry that reads something like "No Master Sparking, please ^.^". Just to be dickish.
>> No. 31300
Meiling will be waiting at the end of all ten rooms, right? Can we arrange something for the final battle as well?

[x]#EX: Final Stage - China's PaRappa Challenge
>> No. 31301
Oh, and, while we're at it:

[x]#<any>: Iku's Disco Dance-Off

This'd be a tough one. Room 10, maybe?

Also, I think something should be cleared up:
>>Patchouli's eyes don't wander, either, not even as Marisa pulls out a spellcard. A series of magical runes begin to glow on her broom's tail, then burst into flame and light, and with a roar of pure destructive power (and a relatively inaudible cry of "Blazing Star!") the witch charges straight through the tunnel. Every medusa head is incinerated the instant it appears, and Marisa blows straight past the startled Nue at the end of the tunnel and into the next room. That's, well, disappointing, but you know what's coming up next, and direct your attention to the following crystal display before Marisa reaches it.

This was grossly misinterpreted. It's not the fact that the Medusa Heads are hard to kill that makes them horrible; they aren't. And this took place in a tunnel? WRONG.

The Medusa Head challenge need to take place in a clocktower-style vertical-ascent deathcourse, complete with mace-like pendulums, rotating gear platforms and spike traps. Flight will be disabled (surely Patchy could conjure an anti-flight magic field or something.)
Of course, it goes without saying that the heads can fly through walls, and will briefly petrify you if one touches you. Which sucks a lot if you're on a conveyor-belt with spikes below.

Any Castlevania vets care to back me up on this?
>> No. 31302
[x]#<any>: MANnosuke's MANservice Catwalk

Marisa enters a room, which them locks itself for no less than ten minutes. A man, whom she initially mistakes for Kourin, is present. Marisa soon learns that she was HORRIBLY WRONG.

May not do much more than throw her off balance for the following room... but it will also likely mentally scar her for life.
This isn't just about winning, after all.
>> No. 31303

But isn't killing her technically repelling her? Plus, with her dead, she won't ever come back.

Besides, if killing Marisa gives us a BAD END, we can still restart.
>> No. 31304

Sounds good, but how about replacing the spikes with something non-fatal yet painful.
>> No. 31306

This is Touhou. The spikes won't injure her any more than getting slashed with Youmu's sword.

...But if it bothers you that much, they could be replaced with electrified panels.
>> No. 31307
[x] Meiling and Machi-machi's Boot Camp for Bigger Boobs
>> No. 31309
[X]Any: mind flayers

There are right ways to fight magicians.
>> No. 31310
If we go that way, let's have a room full of paper with explosive runes on it. Maybe a symbol of insanity on the exit too.
>> No. 31311
...well, damn. I thought that...never mind.

Well, I didn't want to have to pull this idea out...but APPARENTLY Marisa's a cheating...whatever the female version of a bastard is.

The Clock Room:

The room is circular, with a door at each of the hour positions of a clock. Have Sakuya warp the space in the room so that whatever door Marisa goes through, she comes out through the opposite door. (Goes in a 12 o clock, comes out 6, in 1 out 7, in 2 out 8, and so on). This includes the door she comes in, which is oriented to 6 o clock. In the center of the room, place a slab on it with a riddle - Marisa will assume she needs to solve the riddle in order to exit, but she doesn't, because it's completely for show, and does absolutely nothing. After she expresses frustration at being unable to leave the room, have a message piped in that says if she says "I give up, because I'm incompetent," that the she can leave the room through the 4 o clock door. Like the riddle, however, this is another red herring, and DOES NOTHING. If she tries to destroy the room, randomize the entrance-exit patterns.

If this doesn't give her a headache, or cost her a spellcard, I might as well hang up my badge now.

People, remember. THIS IS MARISA. She LIES, CHEATS, and STEALS to get what she wants - do you think she REALLY has 130,000 yen to donate to Reimu? Of course not! But she SAID she did, so she could get past Reimu.

Therefore, since the opponent refuses to play by our rules, we should refuse too as well. If she's going to lie, cheat, and steal, we damn well should too. Fight fire with fire.
>> No. 31312
>whatever the female version of a bastard is.
A bastard. It's not a male insult like bitch is a female one.
>> No. 31313
Gentle reminder time, it'd be nice to have some actual #1-10 lists to work off. And do try to stay away from throwing in conditions like "magical no flight zones," those aren't going to, well, fly. If you want to reduce Marisa's capabilities, you'll need to take them away by force rather than fiat.
>> No. 31314
File 125272332553.jpg - (41.43KB , 400x400 , 1206255345533.jpg ) [iqdb]
so your secret trump card idea is to make a room that magically has no exits and is impossible?
>> No. 31317
New revision of >>31280:

[x] #2: The Clock Room
But since I don't see the actual exit, let's change it a bit? Make it perfectly circular, there should be no way to distinguish where you are. Once Marisa enters, the entry she just stepped through should be the exit. All others make her step out of the original one again. Put the riddle in the middle on a rotating pedestal and randomize the rotation position, whenever she steps through an exit. The only way forward is back. Special enchantment for the walls and floor that makes any items or markings left there disappear, when stepping through an exit.

[x] #3: Shikieiki's Jouhari Mirror
[x] #4: Yuka, youkai moe room
[x] #5: Medicine Melancholy's Poison Puzzle (Labyrinth with poison clouds)
[x] #6: Mokou and Okuu: Fusion Phoenix Sign: "10^32 Kelvin"
[x] #7: Lily White's High-Speed Chase, with gravy trap at the exit
[x] #8: Nue's Mysterious Medusa Heads (as per >>31301)
[x] #10: Koakuma's Fake Library

These, because I don't see anything better and I still like the idea:
[x] #1: Rumia In A Box
[x] #9: Yuyuko, no food
>> No. 31319
>[x] #9: Yuyuko, no food
>the huge, thick slab of steak Marisa drops on the ground as she flees

No one else sees what's wrong here?
>> No. 31320

Well, damn. Brb, rethinking some thing.
>> No. 31321
That's what the Rumia room is for, but yeah. It's not a safe bet.
>> No. 31323
Suggestion towards the harem room: Add Koakuma (She's good at seduction) and have the air filled with a sex drug that Eirin made (like in that doujin)
>> No. 31324
[X] #1: Giant Undestructable Maze.
A giant maze with very high and thick walls. They are made to be very resistant, and as tall as the ceiling allows. Also, saguyas and undead skeletons/zombies (no reimu though) lurks the corridors.
[X] #2: Nue's Mysterious Medusa Heads
[x] #3: Ghost Room.
A room resembling Yuyuko’s mansion. Many traps, fake doors, fake walls, fairies, monsters, lots of disquises for everything. Random objects are possessed and hostile to the living. Of course, not every door or wall is fake, most just leads to more corridors and rooms full of hostile spirits.
[x] #4: Koakuma's Fake Library 2.0. Now with magic-eating books, danmaku/magic/jelly firing books/candeliers, cutting paper, poisoned pages and fake exits.
[X] #7: Kanako’s Pit of Brooms.
Kanako controls the weather, right? SO she can surely make a few tornadoes/cyclones, whatever the correct name is, to stop Marisa from flying and make her fall into a pit full of brooms identical to her broom (but they can’t fly). Since Kanako can become invincible whenever Reimu/Marisa uses a bomb during MoF, spellcards should have at least reduced effects.
[X] #10:Hell of Blazing Flames. Utsuho can finally burn everything.
In case she didn’t lose her broom in the last room. Wooden broom against giant radioactive fireballs? Let’s see her flying skills become ashes.
[x] #5: Shikieiki's Jouhari Mirror
Just to tire her and make her spend spellcards for the next room..
[X] #8: Super Oni Brawl.
An all out fight with Yuugi. The exit door and is so big, thick and heavy, that only an oni can open it.To avoid any ‘accident’ with the door, and a possible scape, after the door there is a corridor, with many similar doors. Also, a deal must be made at the begginig: if Yuugi wins, Marisa leaves the mansion; if Marisa wins, Yuugi opens the door; if the door opens before the fight ends, Marisa must leave her broom or her spellcards with Yuugi. If Marisa refuses, Yuugi simply won’t open the doors, even if she loses.
Of course, Yuugi has instructions of not accepting any different deal, unless Marisa leaves the mansion without ever reaching the library or acquiring any of the books and/or their contents ,be it directly or indirectly. And there is always Sakuya going in to remind Yuugi of what to do, before Marisa comes in, so she shouldn’t fall asleep or forget things.
[X] #6: The Rainforest.
Ever being to the Amazon jungle? Something like that, but with penis tentacle plants (not necessarily penis tentacles), vegetation so deep one can barely walk properly, many predator youkais, wriggle and/or mystia. Also, the exit is locked. Key is somewhere in the jungle, wriggle/mystia may know where, if that’s necessary.
Without her broom, she can’t fly over the jungle. But spellcards…see, tress are living beings, aren’t they? And danmaku isn’t lethal, is it? So, yeah, she can’t destroy the jungle with a spellcard. We can probably have her waste one to discover this, though.
[X] #9: Flandres’s Playground. The room where Flandre can play with Marisa until someone breaks.
She probably spent powerfull spellcards by now, and has possibly lost her broom. So this should be easier for Flandre.

What do you guys think?
>> No. 31325
>harem room

Does Marisa even have a harem in SDM LA?
>> No. 31326
[x] Room 10: Faceless men room.

There's nothing that they can't gangrape, no matter how strong it is.
>> No. 31327
>[x] Room 10: Faceless men room.

How about a Headless men room? Actually, that might be interessing.

[X]#1~6: Rooms filled with pontent aphrodisiacs
[X]#7: Faceless Men Room
[X]#8: Headless Men Room
[X]#9: Tentacles monsters room
[X]#10: Everything together
>> No. 31328

>[x] #4: Koakuma's Fake Library 2.0. Now with magic-eating books, danmaku/magic/jelly firing books/candeliers, cutting paper, poisoned pages and fake exits.

Y'know, the fake library might work if it was. . . Actually fake. Just take the traps out of it. Fill it with 'worthless' books that we can get cheap. The monster books and attacks kind of blow the deception.

>"10^32 Kelvin"
Just nagging, but what's the significance of this name? Is that specific temperature some threshold in thermodynamics? It's less pithy than the original name. . .
>> No. 31333
>Y'know, the fake library might work if it was. . . Actually fake. Just take the traps out of it. Fill it with 'worthless' books that we can get cheap. The monster books and attacks kind of blow the deception.

I doubt that would work as well as you hope it to. Marisa will probably check the books she wants to get, considering the amount of books in the library, not all of them may be desirable for her. That and the lack of both Patchouli and Sakuya would cause Marisa to suspect something is wrong.

Also, she spent her greatest trick, the Master Spark, in the fake library. If we're luky, she will spend it again here, specially if she believes the amoun of traps overwhelm her.
>> No. 31334
Aaah. You have very good points. Making her blow Master Spark isn't to be scoffed at.
>But just as you'd hoped, Marisa pauses, shrugs, and starts grabbing books.

was the line that made me think that just a fake library with Koa taking a dive trying to 'protect it' would actually fool her.
>> No. 31335
So in light of Beato's comments, I realize that our goal here is probably not to outright stop Marisa, but to get her to Meiling with no spell cards, broom, or other OMG HAX items, thus forcing a fair fight that Meiling actually has a chance of winning. Keeping that in mind:

[x] #1: Mokou and Okuu's Fusion Phoenix Sign: "10^32 Kelvin"
Burn that broom. I suspect the reference here is to the Planck temperature, which is ~1.42 x 10^32 K and, under our current understanding of the laws of physics, the hottest temperature possible without strange things happening to spacetime.
[X] #2: Koakuma's Fake Library 2.0.
Putting this early to confuse her. The important thing here is obscuring the exit once the books attack, hopefully frustrating her and making her waste a spell card. I don't think fake books will work, though; presumably Marisa actually does something with what she steals, and can tell a fake book from a real one.
[X] #3: The Clock Room
As per >>31317. Again, frustration is the goal here -- if she's got any other tricks we didn't reveal in the first playthrough, this might hit one.
[X] #4: Medicine's Giant Poison Maze
I don't think Beato will go for "indestructible," so let's meet halfway at "only vulnerable to spell cards" to try to get rid of that Master Spark. Also, yes to Saguyas roaming the corridors.
[X] #5: Shikieiki's Jouhari Hall of Mirrors
Combining doppelganger Marisa with the danmaku-reflecting mirrors as was suggested earlier. She can break the mirrors with Earth Light Ray, and the fake with Master Spark, but two spell cards in one room isn't bad. Besides, this should be an interesting fight if Beato doesn't take a mulligan like with Yukari.
[X] #6: Nue's Mysterious Medusa Heads
Version 2, in a vertical chamber with platforming. Her broom had damn well better be broken by this point.
[X] #7: Yuuka's Rainforest
Throwing in a related Touhou. I'm interested in seeing how the "danmaku isn't lethal" rules-lawyering works out.
[X] #8: Lily White's High-Speed Chase
Hopefully more effective this late in the game.
[X] #9: Koishi's Fanservice Boudoir
...No justification. I just want to see another version of this. Also, I think the 'funny' challenges are more likely to work as we remove Marisa's options for just blasting through them.
[X] #10: Rumia's Dark Room
And one original contribution: another maze, but in complete blackness, so she has to feel her way through. This has the benefit that going from a long period of darkness to COLORFUL MOUNTAIN BREAKER with Meiling may disorient her.
>> No. 31336

I like this one.
>> No. 31337

Yeah, pretty much.


This is a good version of the room...except for the part where there's an EXIT. The rule of the room is simple: you go in, you don't come out. PERIOD.

But, if there HAS to be an exit, then might I propose the following variant. The FIRST time she enters, the exit door is a door other than the one she came through. Every time after that, the exit is the door that she initially entered the room from. This prevents CERTAIN PERSONS from writing "Oh, wait, Marisa thinks she forgot something in the last room," walks through the exit, and completely circumvents the puzzle. Otherwise, the details are fine...especially the magical 'reset button' if she tries to leave any trailmarks behind.
>> No. 31338
>...except for the part where there's an EXIT.
Hey, let's play chess! Only if you put me in check, I get to punch you in the face until you resign!
Of course there has to be an exit, chucklehead. Games are fun because you have to follow the rules to win instead of just doing whatever the fuck you want.
31337 get is oddly appropriate for you, kid.
>> No. 31340

I don't disagree with you there. Games should have rules...

...but who said the rules have to be FAIR?

And keep in mind, most people are treating this like a game. But not Meiling, to her this is SRS BZNSS.

And, may I ask, for what reason is 31337 appropriate? (Yes, I speak the language)
>> No. 31341

Because that's not fun.
>> No. 31342
>No justification. I just want to see another version of this. Also, I think the 'funny' challenges are more likely to work as we remove Marisa's options for just blasting through them.

After all that she must go through tor each this room, the chances of her being in the mood are slim. Also, unless she use/lose the meat before coming here, this room will fail again. Let's hope those feral youkai from the rainforest will eat it first.

Just noticed that I didn't properly number the rooms. The correct order is the order they are shown, not the order they are numbered. But I change my vote to follow >>31335, but with Super Oni Brawl instead of Koishi's Fanservice Boudoir
>> No. 31344
This one's fine with me.
>> No. 31349

This seems good, but replace the Koishi's Fanservice Boudoir with Super Oni Brawl or Hungry Hungry Yuyuko.

A question though: can we get Dracula?
>> No. 31356
Another question:can we get some of the OC's made on this site in the dungeon? Such as Bill Nyen or the viking dude?
>> No. 31359
>the viking dude

You would do well to remember Sigurd's name.
>> No. 31360
Story protagonists? Sure, why not? Dracula? I'm sorry, Remilia already declined. Updates? Well, I should probably have mentioned that I'm moving this weekend, so not for a while. Sorry about that.
>> No. 31368
>>Story protagonists

Can we swing Nanaya in here or is that going too far?
>> No. 31370

So what are we aiming for? Bill Nye's science exam or Sigurd's skaldic poetry contest?

Problem here is that I don't see any non-bullshit way to stop Marisa simply blasting through anyway.
>> No. 31371
Bill's strong suit would be room planning (he's not exactly a power house, but smart enough to do well in room planning)

Most leads are not overwhelmingly powerful in any senses, so we have to use the more resourceful and clever ones.

The main plan is to out trick Marisa in such a way that she can't just default to blasting her way through it.

Take say the Koishi room, it'd work better if it had a shady sex drug from Eirin in the air, increasing the girls' horniness and distracting Marisa more easily.

There's also setting up a trap room with both Medicine and Phobe in it (poison the mind and body)
>> No. 31372
A mechanized monstrosity made of Nintendium. Layers and layers of it. With the key to opening the door leading to the next room somewhere within the monstrosity (Preferably near the center.)

Marisa will have to take quite a while to beat it. Nintendium is nearly indestructible.

And I meant the real Dracula, not Remilia pretending to be Dracula.

So where do you think we should put Belmont?
>> No. 31373

no good; Belmont, Remilia, Patchy, and Sakuya can't be used due to them watching what happens in the dungeon.
>> No. 31374

Who says we're Belmont?
>> No. 31375
It's basically more or less stated that this is based on SDM LA, thus the person's ToV is that of Belmoymous, the lead of the story.

Though Touhou 12.3 has revealed some insight into the workings of things: Remilia's attitude towards Meling is laid back and they talk about manga.

Sigurd could be a challenge if he could summon Loki to duel against Marisa, since in Sigurd's story, Loki proves to be a quite a challenge for Marisa
>> No. 31376

Marisa helped summon Loki
And besides, he may decide to not come at all.
Plus Yukari may not be too happy with that.
>> No. 31404
How about Nobody and his possessing ability? We could also have Mikio, or Hibiki! Fuck yes, Hibiki!

Oh, if we really want to take things to the extreme, how about a Super Oni Brawl with Yuugi, Suika and Hibiki in? We may also discover how they may interact in IPF!
>> No. 31405
Something to do with Meimu?
>> No. 31406

There's a difference between CYOA leads and blatantly bad fan characters.

No fan characters like Meimu allowed; just Touhous and CYOA leads.
>> No. 31410
That's up for the writefag to decide. You shouldn't say what is or isn't allowed in the story, except when you're quoting the author.
>> No. 31423
Speculation is all good, but if no rooms are created it's kinda wasted. That's why I've thought of a few ideas.

Iron NEET: Kaguya challenges Marisa in a grueling triathlon of video games. What games are Kaguya's choice but make sure she picks some real hard ones.

Puppet show of Glory: Alice and Sigurd of GS fame team up in this room. Marisa plays the part of the fierce Grendel and must destroy the mead hall of King Hrothgar and defeat the legendary hero to proceed. Sigurd is naturally cast as the great Beowulf and Alice provides support with her legion of puppets and a choice spell or two.

Big Drunken Oni Brawl: Suika, Yuugi and Hibiki. In a room full of big boulders and a few crates of whisky as provisions. Or why not many crates of whisky? Marisa must either outdrink or outfight the trio to proceed.
>> No. 31424
Please. If you lot are seriously considering putting CYOA protagonists in, then there's an easy instant-win option.

Put David in one of the rooms. With Wriggle. Holding hands. When Marisa shows up, he just has to say that he and Wriggle had just finished dropping by to see if Patchy had Alice over, and that the two of them are on their way out to go visit Alice since she's not here. Have him walk out while agreeing to spend the day alone with Wriggle if they can't find Alice.

Marisa will either be out of there like a rocket, nipping at David's heels and trying to kill-him-but-not-kill-him out of jealous rage, or rendered emotionally unstable enough that she probably won't be able to put up with the rest of the course.
>> No. 31425

But is David suicidal and/or assholish enough to agree to that?
>> No. 31426
I don't think we want an instant win. We want to have fun.
>> No. 31427

He isn't that much of a jerk and I doubt Marisa would be affected by it much (She isn't FLA Marisa)

What about the Komeji sisters, Phobe and Reisen teamed up to basically mega mindfuck Marisa?
>> No. 31428

> mindfuck
> Marisa

>> No. 31429
>Iron NEET
Marisa Master Sparks Kaguya, and moves on. Alternatively, Kaguya gets bored and starts playing the games, gets to a good point, and tells her to move on because she's in the middle of something.
>Puppet show of Glory
Marisa Master Sparks Alice and Sigurd, doesn't slow down.
>Big Drunken Oni Brawl
Marisa Master Sparks the boulders, dodges the Oni, and moves on. Suika will be too drunk to think to use black holes to slow her down.
>> No. 31430

Marisa can pretty much Master Spark her way through any individual room. Unless we know how many Master Sparks she can blast off and plan the room accordingly your objection is meaningless.

The trick is to make a room that's fun and that will at least force her to expend more resources by cheating than by playing fair. Besides, losing in an amusing manner is definitely more fun than coming up with some foolproof plan that stops Marisa with the first room.
>> No. 31431
Maybe we could have a room that's just a giant pile of babies blocking a door. Marisa could try Master Sparking them all at once, but that would just make her feel guilty.
>> No. 31432
[x] #1: Mokou and Okuu's Fusion Phoenix Sign: "10^32 Kelvin"
-Burn the broom as soon as we possibly can.
[x] #2: Cirno's Absolute World
-An original. According to CoLA, Marisa's weak vs. cold, so a room Cirno's completely frozen over might be surprisingly effective (she'll also have a harder time navigating the ice if she's lost her broom). In addition, the sudden drop in temperature will throw her off. Throw in Letty if the season's right.
[x] #3: Medicine and Yamame's Giant Poison Maze
-Adding in the disease spider for extra douche-baggery. Also cold makes you more vulnerable to disease.
[x] #4: Hina's Spinning Clock Room
-As in >>31317 but now with additional bad luck
[x] #5: Koakuma's Fake Library 2.0
-She's probably disoriented at this point, so the fake library might throw her off longer than normal
[x] #6: Shikieiki's Jouhari Hall of Mirrors
-Can doppel-Marisa use Earth Light Ray too?
[X] #7: Lily White's High-Speed Chase
-This'll work much better if she doesn't have her broom...
[x] #8: Nue's Mysterious Medusa Heads
-Let's hope she overruns the first platform after the chase
[x] #9: Yuuka's Rainforest
-This one sounds interesting
[x] #10: Rumia's Dark Room
-As per >>31335
>> No. 31433
[B] this
>> No. 31434
[x] >>31432
>> No. 31435

That'd be too much of a dick move.


Sounds very promising.
>> No. 31436
Perhaps these are too late for the current run, but I'd thought them up the other day while in the middle of a game (Professor Layton for the win), and thought I'd put them down here.

The Three Pitchers Room: In the room, there are 3 pitchers: a 10 quart pitcher, a 7 quart pitcher, and a 3 quart pitcher. The 10 quart is full, and the other two are empty. The pitchers each rest on a pedestal, with a weight sensor under the pitcher. Each time a pitcher is lifted off of the pedestal, a little counting screen nearby ticks off a move. Marisa must have 5 quarts of water in both the 10 quart and 7 quart pitchers in EXACTLY 12 moves. This is not impossible, just very tricky, requires a thorough understanding of the rules, and the ability to think both inside and outside the box. The 10 and 7 pitchers can be filled with 5 quarts each in 9 moves - though, if all goes according to plan, Marisa will think that she has to arrange it so that the victory conditions are achieved on the last move. They don't. She uses 9 moves to achieve the victory conditions, spends 2 moves transferring water between the 10 and 3 (10 to 3, and 3 back to 10), and then for the last move, lifts the 3 pitcher = victory. Like I said, tricky, but frustrating - perhaps not enough to defeat her, but enough to disrupt her concentration.

The Reactor Pedestal Room: In this room, there are only two things, initially: the door Marisa came through, and a pedestal in the center. The pedestal, however, has a Hakkero-shaped indentation in it, and if Marisa places Hakkero into the pedestal, a door at the opposite end of the room opens. If she removes it, however, the door disappears. If she places it back into the pedestal, a different door opens on the same side of the room. There are a total of 5 doors, all lead to the next room, but they open randomly, and only when Hakkero is placed into the pedestal.

This room will, hopefully, deprive Marisa of Hakkero (and Master Spark), but she might use Master Spark to simply destroy the wall - either way, we get something.
>> No. 31437
File 125305935183.jpg - (17.20KB , 300x300 , b3d6a300c0bd3a10cd101209d8e76012.jpg ) [iqdb]
>she might use Master Spark to simply destroy the wall

You know, we'd better have access to some damn master-spark-proof material, or she could theoretically just spark her way through -any- room if she really wanted to.

Frickin' overpowered bitch.
>> No. 31438

Marisa can Master Spark her way through any room? Sure, she can. But she can't use it twice.

>"Hmph! Good thing I didn't use this yet!" she grunts, using her free hand to pull a small round object from her apron. Koakuma's smile turns upside down quickly, and she tries to turn and run, but no - "MASTER SPAAAARK!" - t quite fast enough. Even Patchouli winces.

Master Spark is her trump card. She won't use it unless she has to.
>> No. 31454
I like this one. Yamame might not be inclined to help Medicine out, or willing to unleash diseases more debilitating than a bad cold, but maybe that's not a bad thing.
>> No. 31455
I'll change to this.

How'd the move go, Beato?
>> No. 31461
Wait. This writefag really isn't HY?
>> No. 31469

I suppose it's as how Grue over at /underground/ isn't HY as well.
>> No. 31472
So hows it going?
>> No. 31473
Every Writefag is HY.
>> No. 31474
Hahah! No no, this really, really isn't me. I'd never even heard of Dungeon Keeper before reading this thread.
>> No. 31475
>never even heard of Dungeon Keeper
>> No. 31476
Not only is every writer here is secretly (or not) HY, but everyone here is HY - or rather, all parts of the same fragmented personality that HY is part of.

The reason why we... or rather, I, or maybe me thinks that 'every writer is HY' is caused in part because of the warring nature of fragment against fragment. This is already apparent in the way we have arguments and votes against ourself, but it's also the case the a fragment can swallow and engulf other fragments, retroactively always making the swallowed fragment a part of the swallower. So why does HY swallow so many others - easy, not only did that fragment gain alot of power early on ('votes' from other fragments reinforce the one being voted for), but there's a hint in the name itself 'Hungry Youkai' - the principle of endless consumption.

At this point, there's a few strong fragments that can resist dissolution. Some others escape by remaining nameless, usually a trait of fragments too small to be worth the effort to obtain. However, since the principle of consumption was strong enough to overcome our representation of our superego ("holy") the conclusion is already known - we may not be all HY, but eventually we all WILL be HY. After that? Who knows.

(As an aside, it would be a fair guess that our original, unfragmented persona was male, or considered himself such. Most of the characters in the story look like innocent females, who represent external forces and concepts we are fascinated by. However, almost all of them possess hidden strength and cruelty which may explain the trauma that fragmented us so. Each of us fragments would view each force slightly differently, giving a unique viewpoint on what's clearly the same thing.)
>> No. 31477
E Pluribus HY.
>> No. 31478

We are Anonymous. We are Legion.

We are not one. We are many.
>> No. 31481
>> No. 31482
I am really liking this story so far, but I have one simple request. Please, for the love of god, do not vote for protagonists of other stories. You should all know why it is a bad idea and what will result from it.
>> No. 31483

I am giving my support to this idea.
>> No. 31755

Pretend we don't. Why?
>> No. 31756
I'm going to guess because people would be outraged if their CYOA heroes were beat down or overcome.
>> No. 31759

Then put the all in one room.

Or we could send in the Army of Anon.
>> No. 31771
What about Gengetsu's completely hax attack when you try to time out her last card?
>> No. 31777
File 125362640069.jpg - (20.44KB , 320x240 , 125264638478.jpg ) [iqdb]