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A few notes

-This is the introduction, as such there's no bad ends

-The lead, Johnny Smith, is a brazen sort. So consider all options, especially the reckless ones noted by {}; after the intro these choices can either lead to death or greater results than playing it safe.

-Furthermore, you can only make general decisions, but you will ultimately shape his destiny.

-This is a first 'playthrough' so certain things will be locked

-There are a few sub-routes that you will be able to take. One that is always available is the Little sister Flan one. More will be revealed about the other two in time.

I finished the last of my work as the clock hits five o'clock, marking the end of the work shift. I punch out, and then I quickly go into the hallway towards the exit, where my other co-workers are. I just want to get out of the store and outside. I've spent enough time in the store for one day.

"Hey let's invite him" I overhear one person pointing to me say. Another person goes "Nah, he's boring" as I continue to walk hastily, ignoring the crap.

Isn't my fault that I don't find getting shitfaced drunk and making a monkey out of myself fun at all. Booze is how ugly hags get husbands in the first place. I like my pride very much thank you. I'm certainly not going to cry over it like an emo little bitch.

I'm a rather normal guy with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I say rather normal since I'm fond of dabbling in various things in addition to working out a bit. As for my name, it's John Smith. Yeah I know the joke, but I prefer to be called Johnny or Johnny S. At least that was true the last time I checked.

I work at a department store downtown. Sure, it’s shit work, but it pays nicely enough.


As I walk outside towards the bus stop, I enjoy the late afternoon scenery. The sun has been setting on this autumn day and is far into the horizon. The orange and purple light of the sunset blends well with the changing colors of the autumn leaves, leaving a calming atmosphere. The crisp cool breeze is almost a blessing. I take a few deep breaths to cool myself. Being out here is the complete opposite of what I’d have to deal with at work. The building is quite stuffy and gets rather hot even in these autumn times, along with having to deal with the hectic customers throughout the day makes me appreciate this a little more than I should.

The walk is kind of long but I find the sights on the way to be relaxing after a hard day at work. Yeah, I have weird poetic streak at times, go figure.

As I walk by an alley close to the bus stop, my mellow stroll is interrupted for a moment as I pass by an alley. I begin to hear some small squeaking noises coming from the alley. I don't think mice sound quite like that. As I look into it, it's pretty dark in there due to the rooftops blocking most of the sunlight. Even with the sun setting while facing the alley, some light is getting inside, but it doesn't do much good. As you're looking in, you hear a loud noise from the alley, as if something was knocked over. Immediately after, you hear a muffled cry and then silence. I'm not sure what's going on in there, but it definitely doesn't seem like a bunch of rats running about... unless it was an oversized rat picking on the smaller ones. I hear the bells which toll every hour in town alerting us what time it is. I hear six bells ring loudly through the area, signaling that its 6pm. If I don't hurry at this point, I’m going to miss the bus and will have to wait another 30 minutes for the next one, which will be a pain in my ass. But on the other hand, the noises coming from the alley don't sound natural as I get the feeling something may require my assistance.

[ ] Check out the noises; someone might need help.
[ ] It's nothing, head on home.

>> No. 30872
[JE] Approaching the alley with cautious resignation: check out the noises; someone might need help. Last thing you want is to have bad karma come back to bite you later.
>> No. 30873
[JE] Approaching the alley with cautious resignation: check out the noises; someone might need help. Last thing you want is to have bad karma come back to bite you later.

Do it.
>> No. 30874
If nothing changes by tomorrow when I get home, that choice will be chosen.

I must have mistimed my post, if it's getting this slight of a response...

But after this, it'll be by the basis of 7 votes or 7 hours. That's also the point of the wait as to determine when the best time to post updates are.

While the insistence is flattering, I must count your vote as just one. I would say where I stand on the choices, but that'd risk undue influence.

I will try to not to leave readers hanging in any case, posting a slight update behind any delays.
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[X] Check out the noises; someone might need help.

If you're open to suggestions/criticisms...

Maybe it's just me, but seeing so many, "I's" kinda kills the mood for me. I can see you're going for first person perspective but if you're going to keep saying I, I, I...

I'd be hard pressed to stick around for the rest of this, so far, promising cyoa.

First person narrative is, in my opinion, somewhat difficult but can be very entertaining; not to mention a bit refreshing from the more often used 3rdPN.

Goodluck and don't give up~!
>> No. 30876
[X] Check out the noises; someone might need help.
>> No. 30879

I'll take that into consideration for future updates. The intro should be a nice time the iron out whatever kinks are in my style.

Feel free to offer up other criticisms or suggestions, since it's better to know now than later.
>> No. 30880

I actually wrote a lot of 1st Person fiction before I changed over to 2nd Person for CYOA writing. My advice honestly is try to find a happy balance between Introspection, Observation, and Characterization. As long as you keep dancing between these three key points, you should be able to avoid repetitive sentences / paragraphs in your narrative.
>> No. 30881
Another note and for the sake of elaboration versus brevity:

>I'm a rather normal guy with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I say rather normal since I'm fond of dabbling in various things in addition to working out a bit.


>Just an "average joe" with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, however with the fondness of being the "jack of all trades".

I'm just saying try to avoid lines that resemble.

>see spot. see spot run. run spot run.

Another example:

>The crisp cool breeze is almost a blessing. I take a few deep breaths to cool myself.

>Breathing in the crisp, cool breeze, the fresh air is a true blessing.

Perhaps not the best way of rewording it but it avoids the choppiness of the previous form.

May be nit picking but I say it smooths things out.
>> No. 30883
I'll definitely keep those points in mind in future updates.
>> No. 30888
[X] Check out the noises; someone might need help.
>> No. 30890
Two things:

>I finished the last of my work as the clock hits five o'clock
>"Hey let's invite him" I overhear one person pointing to me say
>Yeah, I have weird poetic streak at times, go figure.
Grammar check, then do it again, then give it to somebody else to read. Bad style makes me grit my teeth, but bad grammar makes me hit Ctrl-W and start reading the next page.

>I'm certainly not going to cry over it like an emo little bitch.
>At least that was true the last time I checked.
I get the feeling that you're aiming for 'witty, disaffected twenty-something' here, but you're missing short and coming up with 'self-important, whiny teenager'. Regardless of your plans for characterization, your protagonist strikes me as pretty annoying so far, which is especially bad for first person fiction.

As a terminal optimist, I will continue reading this, but please do make an effort to improve. GL HF DD, and all that.

[X] Check out the noises; someone might need help.

What the hell is 'cautious resignation'?
>> No. 30891

That's a bit of the point... he's meant to be somewhat unlikable at first.

And I guess you noticed things my grammar checker (a person) overlooked.
>> No. 30892
[JE] Approaching the alley with cautious resignation: check out the noises; someone might need help. Last thing you want is to have bad karma come back to bite you later.

hmmmmmmmm, judging only after 3 updates.
>> No. 30894
Checking out the alleyway it is; I'll start writing today and the update should be up by the ABSOLUTE Latest the end of the weekend, but most likely sooner. And if there's any unseen delays I will post to let you know.

Also something to consider once the story starts in full; there's also the matter of earning friendship points with other characters that you'll meet. Depending on character and route, you'll earn them quickly or slowly.
>> No. 30895
[JE] Approaching the alley with cautious resignation: check out the noises; someone might need help. Last thing you want is to have bad karma come back to bite you later.
>> No. 30896
[X] Check out the noises; someone might need help.
>> No. 30901
File 125021367253.jpg - (120.67KB , 600x800 , summerfestchen.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Check out the noises; someone might need help. (Bits of the written in version were used)

This was too noticeable to be left alone... and if ignored, the guilt and bad karma would haunt me for a long time.

Going down the alley carefully and quietly, my senses were at full alert. This alleyway was no different than most others, from the mediocre road condition to the strange smells. The sounds got louder and clearer during the trek.

Arriving at the scene of the noise, I noticed a brunette girl, no way legal, wearing a strange orange outfit and a green hat. Even stranger was the cat ears she is wearing, one of them pierced. Thinking on it, she's a dead ringer for Chen from Touhou. She was indeed being menaced by a man.

The guy? Looks like an ugly fuck you'd find in a hentai doujin. If a dictionary had a picture for the word pedophile, it would be of this scum bag.

Retreat isn't an option now; I've seen too much to run away now. Dealing with him could go two ways: Try to intimidate him, and then fall back to force if that fails. There’s also the option to screw the talking and just blitz his ass. After all, there's no more deserving target of a beating than him. The element of surprise was my advantage, and could be used either way.

[ ] Let's try to scare him off before resorting to force
[ ] Use the element of surprise and blitz his ass.

7 votes or 7 hours will be the standard procedure.
>> No. 30902
[ ] Use the element of surprise and blitz his ass.
>> No. 30903
File 125021606180.jpg - (34.06KB , 1280x720 , alex-mercer.jpg ) [iqdb]
[JE] Prop up the hood of your (Badass!) black hoodie (hey, you only wore it because it was getting cold out, being autumn and all), making sure the cowl goes forward enough to veil your face in shadow. You would not want Mister Pedo Bear being able to detail your appearance in a police report for assault and battery, right? The best Good Samaritan is an anonymous Good Samaritan, yes-sir. Now, before "taking out the trash", see if you can use something for an improvised weapon, like say, that loose steel lid from the beat up trashcan over there. Lift it as quietly as possible. Nice! Now, we're talking good times, heh: use the element of surprise and blitz his punkass.
>> No. 30904
[JE] Prop up the hood of your (Badass!) black hoodie (hey, you only wore it because it was getting cold out, being autumn and all), making sure the cowl goes forward enough to veil your face in shadow. You would not want Mister Pedo Bear being able to detail your appearance in a police report for assault and battery, right? The best Good Samaritan is an anonymous Good Samaritan, yes-sir. Now, before "taking out the trash", see if you can use something for an improvised weapon, like say, that loose steel lid from the beat up trashcan over there. Lift it as quietly as possible. Nice! Now, we're talking good times, heh: use the element of surprise and blitz his punkass.
>> No. 30905
[] Prop up the hood of your (Badass!) black hoodie (hey, you only wore it because it was getting cold out, being autumn and all), making sure the cowl goes forward enough to veil your face in shadow. You would not want Mister Pedo Bear being able to detail your appearance in a police report for assault and battery, right? The best Good Samaritan is an anonymous Good Samaritan, yes-sir. Now, before "taking out the trash", see if you can use something for an improvised weapon, like say, that loose steel lid from the beat up trashcan over there. Lift it as quietly as possible. Nice! Now, we're talking good times, heh: use the element of surprise and blitz his punkass.
>> No. 30908
[x] Use the element of surprise and blitz his ass.

I fucking hate you
>> No. 30909
[x] Use the element of surprise and blitz his ass.
>> No. 30910
[x] Use the element of surprise and blitz his ass.
>> No. 30911
Blitzing his ass is the winning vote (the only one but oh well)

Write ins are welcome but not always accepted, but I often work in bits of them into my writing.

Update schedule is the same as before, end of the weekend at latest.

And I hope that's a cute enough Chen pic.
>> No. 30921
File 125030112353.jpg - (188.90KB , 850x1070 , chen and cats.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Use the element of surprise and blitz his ass.

I quickly pull the hood of my black hoodie up over my head, taking care to have it cover my face. Being heroic is no good if the guy accuses me of assault and battery. That gives me an idea... not as if he needs money. Quickly scanning the area for a weapon turns up nothing more than plastic garbage can lids. Damn; what I wouldn’t give to have Louie here with me. This isn’t anything a good punch can’t fix with the right target.

The guy didn’t see the throat jab coming until it’s too late. Now that he was off guard holding his neck, a few gut punches are given. Following the standard procedure of dealing with sex fiends, I give him a few knees and kicks to the groin. No way could he have blocked those kicks recovering from the previous blows. Finally, the knockout right hook and BAM! Down he goes. Another kick to the balls follows just to ensure he’s out cold. There’s no way to fake it if someone kicks you in the balls.

Pulling my hood back at last, I asked, “Are you alright? He won’t be a threat anytime in the near future,” giving a cocky ‘nice guy’ smirk.

The girl replied, “Yes, I’m fine. Does kicking a guy down there hurt a lot?”

“You bet; that’s the best place to hit a guy like him. But you should really be getting back to your mother, she must be worried.” I answered. She seems like such a good girl. It’s obvious that her mother was doing her job right.

The girl then asked me with a cute ‘pretty please’ look, “Could I kick him down there a few times?” No way I could refuse; first that cute face and second as a near victim she has every right to get a few kicks in.

She kicks him a couple times with a surprising amount of force, almost as much as I could muster. “Thank you, Um, Mr. Smith!” She said cheerfully as she went off.

Now should I take his money or not; since I’ve assaulted him pretty badly. Not to mention the rumor I heard that hitting people in the throat would count as attempted murder, despite the fact the blow was only enough to stun, not do serious damage.

[X] Take his money, he’s scum of the earth and it’s a fitting reward in addition to that warm fuzzy feeling.
[X] I’m not that broke and it’s too much trouble; time to go home.

Most of what takes time is the grammar fixes and waiting for the grammar guy to get on. Making the actual update isn't that long or hard.
>> No. 30923
[JE] Hold it there, cowboy. You just did a good thing; don't go ruining your good karma by being a classless dickweed. Besides, who knows where those greenbacks have been? So: I’m not that broke and it’s too much trouble; time to go home. ...WAIT A SECOND HERE. How did she know your name? You are pretty sure you didn't say nothing. Damn. She's probably long gone by now. What's going on here? It stinks, like a set up.
>> No. 30926
[x] Hold it there, cowboy. You just did a good thing; don't go ruining your good karma by being a classless dickweed. Besides, who knows where those greenbacks have been? So: I’m not that broke and it’s too much trouble; time to go home. ...WAIT A SECOND HERE. How did she know your name? You are pretty sure you didn't say nothing. Damn. She's probably long gone by now. What's going on here? It stinks, like a set up.

>> No. 30927
I'm going to give everyone more time to vote, considering how long the site was down, so I'll give a whole day from now to do more voting.

I'm kinda surprised everyone's picking that option, but I'm not upset about it, just more stuff to think of.
>> No. 30929
[x] Take his money, he’s scum of the earth and it’s a fitting reward in addition to that warm fuzzy feeling.
>> No. 30932
>waiting for the grammar guy to get on.
Are you not a native English speaker, or do you just not trust your own proofreading? Either way is cool...
>The guy didn’t see the throat jab coming until it’s too late.
...but you need to find a new grammar guy, preferably one that knows how to match verb tenses within the same sentence.

[X] I’m not that broke and it’s too much trouble; time to go home.
[X] Wait... how did that girl know my name?

J^E, why are your write-ins always so damn big?
>> No. 30935

Well that last bit I did after the guy checked it over, and so it's my fault, not his. I'll be sure to notify him of any last minute changes that I'm not sure of.

And I've come to realize that my own thinking is flawed in the grammatical sense. So I decided to enlist the aid of someone good with Grammar. Better safe than sorry, right?

Though that scene was a bit hard to write to avoid I abuse.

The next update either way should be easier, since regardless of choice it's mainly introspective fleshing out of Johnny's character. And finding out what he meant when he refers to "Louie".
>> No. 30936
[X] I’m not that broke and it’s too much trouble; time to go home.
[X] Wait... how did that girl know my name?
>> No. 30937
[x] I’m not that broke and it’s too much trouble; time to go home.
[x] Wait... how did that girl know my name?

Changing vote. I like this better.
>> No. 30939
[x] I’m not that broke and it’s too much trouble; time to go home.
[x] Wait... how did that girl know my name?
>> No. 30943
Stop writing in other peoples threads, go do pump out more updates you lazy nigger.
>> No. 30955
A reminder that since the site was down a nice chunk of friday night and saturday, I've extended the voting time until 13:25 THP time today.

And so far NOT taking the guy's money is in a firm lead.
>> No. 30961
Calling it in early; seeing how there wasn't any more votes I decided to write the update early, all that's left is the corrections. And I will pay more attention in regards to post correction adjustments.

I will say this though: It will be big. Chances are it'll be up tonight or some time tomorrow.
>> No. 30962
File 125045637489.jpg - (109.05KB , 850x570 , RenandMary.jpg ) [iqdb]
Warning: Massive update

[X] I’m not that broke and it’s too much trouble; time to go home. + write in elements

Nah, I’m not taking his money; god knows where it or his hands have been. My wallet isn’t that desperate for money either. Now it’ll be a pure hearted good deed now. I wonder how Ren’d react to that, since she’d assume I’d steal from the guy and try to hit on the girl or her older relative. God damn it! I forgot to ask that girl to introduce me to her mother. Older women are said to be more appreciative of younger guys. There’s nothing more pressing here, I’m going home.

Having picked up some munchies on the way to the bus stop, the wait wasn’t that bad. Wow it came earlier than usual; it must be my lucky day.

Pondering today’s events, thoughts of something greater in the works started building up on my head, despite my common sense saying otherwise. That girl was cute how she said Mr. Smith... WAIT! How the hell did she know that? We didn’t tell our names or anything. It could have been a fluke with how common of a last name Smith is or something’s definitely about with me as the center of interest. Some time home relaxing should fix all that over thinking.

My thinking did the trick for killing time until my stop arrived. After arriving home, I ordered a pizza and changed into more comfortable clothes.

When that was finished, I noticed Louie in the corner. That is my treasured baseball bat that was named “Louie the great communicator” for two reasons: First was that it was a Louisville Slugger and second, it communicated my wishes across to some people... across their faces, backs, kneecaps. One incident where Louie was involved taught me something: Size doesn’t matter if you’re a ballsy mother fucker.

Back in sophomore year in high school, after I joined the baseball team, this senior wanted to pick a fight after baseball practice. I agreed since I wanted to get it out of the way. Big mistake on his part, since I ended up having an advantage over him: Louie. That and it’s hard to fight back after taking hits in the face and knees with a baseball bat. At that moment it was as if Louie was an extension of myself; Zen type stuff. He was so embarrassed; I was able to make him give me some money just to keep my mouth shut. I gladly went along with the plan to act as if I begged him to spare me and make me his slave. Easy since it was all bullshit.

But somehow news of that got out and I was cut from the team, though there were no hard feelings. Coach was a nice guy, he understood what happened, but he had to put the team first. At least he let me keep Louie. And once my reputation as “A crazy motherfucker with a bat” was well known, no one really messed with me. Thank god for juvenile records being sealed, since that’d be problematic if that incident was made to light in terms of getting a job.

I did have some aspirations of being a baseball player; I was certainly talented at hitting the ball. After that, I just decided to live my life my way, and luck was with me when I landed a full time job at that department store. I could easily live a decent life with that pay, sure nothing fancy like HDTVs or PS3s, but I never went hungry, and I always had a bit extra in case something came up. Thanks to this job, dealing with customers became easy for me. Though that’s just a polite as hell way of saying “Terminally retarded pains in the ass”. But they never knew that, to them I was just another smiling employee that they made ridiculous demands to.

Now since tomorrow was a day off, I can fully relax tonight. Either Castlevania or Touhou sounds good to me. There’s also checking in with the peanut gallery in this one Touhou/other games chatroom. By the time midnight comes around, Mary and Ren should be up running their chatroom for their site, “Believers in Gensokyo”.

I may be a touhou fan, but that’s a bit hard to believe that it actually exists. The only reason why those two were known to me was due to catching some of Mary’s Yukari cosplay pics. Scary how near perfect she is at cosplaying her, that is save for the breasts which were more suited for Keine, but hell they’re nicely sized by anyone’s standards that isn’t a goddamned pedophile.

To be honest, their full names are Maribel and Renko, but I just call them Mary and Ren. They’re both roommates at a Japanese university dorm. Mary despite her near appearance to Yukari is generally a nice girl who remarks on seeing Gensokyo in her dreams, thus prompting them to make the website. Then again, considering what occurred with that cosplayer, she might just be on to something. Though she seems to have a bit of a naughty streak, for she once suggested posting lingerie cosplay of Yukari, but Ren and I both disagreed. As hot as that sounds, that’d have resulted in perverted stalkers. We get along well, and we often hear each other out. In time, I ended up the previewer of the various cosplay pics she uses to try to get members. Mary also once mentioned a high school classmate that she calls “The nicest girl ever”. That girl vanished in high school; Mary suspects she’s in Gensokyo, then again she says that about most disappearances in Japan.

Ren in contrast is blunter, dresses more masculine, and generally has me down pat. Though that’s not to say she won’t make snide remarks to me. One time I was telling Mary about a hard day of work, and Ren goes “Boo hoo, he actually had to do work” She often calls me things like “Asshole”; I’d be more upset, but it’s generally deserved. We do share a love martial art films, and often talk about them. Though to this day, my tab is about 23 punches, all of them deserved.

So back to the story; after seeing the pics, I commented on the site... a bit too bluntly since afterwards a reply was sent. Quite a mix since one half was angry, and the other was nice. Nice enough to fill me with guilt and caused me to apologize. That was also when Ren started her running tabs of punches that she’d give me if we ever met. I was fine with that, since chances of that happen were low. At Mary’s insistence, Ren gave me a chance and when my recent viewing of Enter the Dragon was mentioned, Ren just started typing like crazy. And that’s how we know each other.

Damn, time flew by like a tengu, since the pizza guy’s here. What to watch now while I eat? Typing with greasy fingers is always a bad idea. I could watch that Idols show where the English guy insults the hell out of people or I could try watching the eight o’clock news, since I’m curious to see what other strange stuff happened.

Choose one.
[] Watch the Idol show, and watch someone who’s three times the asshole than I could ever hope to be.
[] Watch the news, I’m curious about the current events.

Then decide the order of things.
[] Play Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Like Pizza, classics are good anytime.
-[] While listening to Touhou music, this way I’d cover both bases.
[] Play Touhou EoSD; you never do forget your first Touhou game.
-[] While listening to Castlevania music, it certainly fits the vampire theme.
[] See how the peanut gallery is doing; they’re amusing if a bunch of total geeks. (Can be done at while doing one of the game choices or alone)
[] Tell Mary and Ren about what happened with that girl; they might have insight on what the fuck is going on. (Has to be 2nd or third choice if chosen, but can be done while playing a game or alone)
>> No. 30965

Real funny you guys (you didn't need to put down the music option if you intended to use the original music), but the last bunch of options were mainly which order you'd do them in more or less.

Sorry if I didn't make myself clear, for example one could do

[x] play touhou w/ CV music while chatting with the peanut gallery
[x] talk with Mary and Ren
[x} play Castlevania

which uses up all three time periods; though all that chatting and gaming does is affect both things slightly.

but unless you want to adjust your votes, I'll just count those two as basically

[x] watch Idol
[x] play castlevania
[x] chat with Mary and Ren. (Kinda required for the plot points, that and some laughs)

Again I apologize for not fully informing you, the voters until now.
>> No. 30966
[X] Watch the Idol show, and watch someone who’s three times the asshole than I could ever hope to be.
[X] Play Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Like Pizza, classics are good anytime.
[X] Tell Mary and Ren about what happened with that girl; they might have insight on what the fuck is going on.
[x] See how the peanut gallery is doing; they’re amusing if a bunch of total geeks.

Eh. I guess this works.
>> No. 30967
>[x] chat with Mary and Ren. (Kinda required for the plot points, that and some laughs)

I dont want to chat with them, if i would have wanted i would have voted for it.
>> No. 30968
[X] Watch the Idol show, and watch someone who’s three times the asshole than I could ever hope to be.
[X] Play Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Like Pizza, classics are good anytime.
[x] See how the peanut gallery is doing; they’re amusing if a bunch of total geeks.
>> No. 30969
[X] Watch the Idol show, and watch someone who’s three times the asshole than I could ever hope to be.
[X] Play Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Like Pizza, classics are good anytime.
[X] Tell Mary and Ren about what happened with that girl; they might have insight on what the fuck is going on.
[X] See how the peanut gallery is doing; they’re amusing if a bunch of total geeks.
>> No. 30970

I'm sorry to hear that and that I didn't make things clearer.

But for those who don't care for that part (and the plot information that it'd have) I'll put down "MaryRenChat start" and "MaryRenChat End" as to warn people and for them to skip it by using the browser's find function to find "MaryRenChat End"

And I will try to make things clearer next time when it comes to choices like this.
>> No. 30971
[x] Watch the Idol show, and watch someone who’s three times the asshole than I could ever hope to be.
[x] Play Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Like Pizza, classics are good anytime.
[x] Tell Mary and Ren about what happened with that girl; they might have insight on what the fuck is going on.
[x] See how the peanut gallery is doing; they’re amusing if a bunch of total geeks.
>> No. 30977
[x] Watch the Idol show, and watch someone who’s three times the asshole than I could ever hope to be.
[x] Play Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Like Pizza, classics are good anytime.
[x] Tell Mary and Ren about what happened with that girl; they might have insight on what the fuck is going on.
[x] See how the peanut gallery is doing; they’re amusing if a bunch of total geeks.
>> No. 30982
[x] Watch the Idol show, and watch someone who’s three times the asshole than I could ever hope to be.
[x] Play Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Like Pizza, classics are good anytime.
[x] Tell Mary and Ren about what happened with that girl; they might have insight on what the fuck is going on.
[x] See how the peanut gallery is doing; they’re amusing if a bunch of total geeks.
>> No. 30993
[x] Watch the Idol show, and watch someone who’s three times the asshole than I could ever hope to be.
[x] Play Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Like Pizza, classics are good anytime.
[x] Tell Mary and Ren about what happened with that girl; they might have insight on what the fuck is going on.
[x] See how the peanut gallery is doing; they’re amusing if a bunch of total geeks.

This type of vote wins (past the 7 hour mark, actually way past it, but oh well)

It will be up tonight or tomorrow.
>> No. 31011
Due to site difficulties, the update has been delayed, but the writing has been finished, now to have it checked over.

A question: a part in the update is a dream, do you want
[] See the full dream, though most is action packed fluff
[] Skip to the plot important stuff.
>> No. 31016
File 125198790563.jpg - (138.39KB , 720x960 , Mystiaponytailswimsuit.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Watch the Idol show, and watch someone who’s three times the asshole than I could ever hope to be.
[x] Play Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Like Pizza, classics are good anytime.
[x] Tell Mary and Ren about what happened with that girl; they might have insight on what the fuck is going on.
[x] See how the peanut gallery is doing; they’re amusing if a bunch of total geeks.

After fixing a plate full of pizza and a few cans of cola, I turned on the show, and it was tryouts. If any fan of the show for Simon’s insults knows anything, it’s the tryouts have the best ones. But ever since he came back from a vacation, his standards have risen sharply. This was a good thing for folks like me since it means his insults have taken another level in asshole. He makes me look like a nice guy, that’s how much of an asshole he is. He makes lots of money too.

“The end of the animal trade would leave more time to trap or beat to death pop star wannabes,” came from the British guy on the TV. Amen to that, brother, among many, many other people.

More idiots lined up and bared their souls... just to see Simon crush their hopes as if it was nothing. It’d be a great day if someone considered me half the asshole he is.

Near the end of the show I was finishing the last of the cola, when he said this to a rather ugly contestant. “To be frankly honest, I’ve heard night sparrows sing better than this. That had to be the most ungodly thing I’ve ever seen and heard, almost to the point of striking one night blind! And to say you look like a lamprey would be a total insult to the species!”

Night Sparrow, Night Blindness, and Lampreys... what’s up with those? WAIT A MOMENT, Those were Mystia references! Damn, now I’ve got to talk with Mary and Ren ASAP; they’ll want to hear about this. The notion of Gensokyo actually existing was, thanks to today, sounding more and more possible to me. And to think I sprayed out the cola that was in my mouth after realizing that. Such a thing would be what those two would call a sign.

Nothing’s better to relax than some Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Classics never get old after all. Now let’s see, a replay game while using a normal name.

Ah, the intro... so memorable for so many reasons. That reminds me, I should look into getting a PSP so I can get that Dracula X chronicles. Now for the epic intro that’s so bad it’s good.

“DIE MONSTER! YOU DON’T BELONG IN THIS WORLD!” To me, there is no better line to say to such a being. Alright, time to try to beat Dracula perfectly so Alucard has some great stats. The back flip is useful for dealing with those big fireballs. Oh look his second form, how predictable. HA! Perfect run against him at last. Mental note: make a copy of the save file for future playthroughs.

This would be a great feeling one shotting things, but that fucker death’s going to take my stuff. Oh well I’ll just find even better stuff to rip him new ones with.

I am absorbed into playing until I reach the shop for the first time, pick up a few things and save the game. Talk about a good run so far, I wonder what time it is. Just in time for Mary and Ren; got to talk to them about what’s happening today.

Quickly turning the game off, I start up my computer and start the chat program and set it to #BoG

“Oh look, it’s Johnny! You’re just in time to see the latest pictures!” Mary’s words appeared on the screen as a download link appeared. Clicking on the button, they download quickly.

Looking through them, it dawned on me that Mary finally dragged Ren into cosplay, and GODDAMN, she makes a fine Reimu. She definitely doesn’t lack feminine charm when she’s dressed like this. Nice modest size bust on her too. Those armpits are what guys who like such a thing dream of. Too bad Ren’d beat the shit out of them. “Nice pics, I’m sure it’ll attract more attention. Not sure if it’ll be the right kind. But seriously I had a weird day today...” I then explained everything that happened in this crazy day, even Simon’s fondness for night sparrows and lamprey.

Ren was the first to respond, “I looked up this Simon guy and it turns out he went off on an undisclosed vacation, and when he returned, he was more energized. He also named a boat of his the ‘Misty Lorelei’. I think he ended up in Gensokyo and made contact with Mystia. As far as your incident, that might have been the real Chen for all we know. If that’s the case it means that Yukari has her eye on you. Expect anything now that you’ve made contact with her.”

Mary followed up with, “Renko also mentioned something about those disappearances in the states. It’s a rather big story at the moment, even in the papers here. We may have our share of weird disappearances, but it’s the first time it’s happened in the states. If you end up there, please be careful. In my dreams I saw what happened to one person. It was not pleasant at all to put it in the simplest words.”

They might have a point... “Did the news say anything about signs or anything before disappearing? Did they meet any suspicious young cat girls?” I asked.

Ren’s reply came. “Not really and I did looking around and what few that weren’t fawning over a girl on the internet said the guys that disappeared had normal days before it happened. But they were all nigh-NEET fanboys of the series. So, if that’s the case I wouldn’t bet on them surviving even a day; they have zero common sense, especially in regards to girls. That goes triple for you, Johnny, since if you compliment the wrong girl’s breasts, it’ll be the last thing you ever do. And I don’t want you dying before you pay your tab!” I guess that’s as affectionate as Ren will get towards me.

“Speaking of the news, I noticed in your area a major pedophile was arrested when he was found beaten up in an alleyway. But the latest news was that he died soon after he was in holding. No one knows if it was caused by the beating he got in the alley or in the jailhouse.” Mary’s reply has a link that has a picture of the guy. It’s that guy alright, well good riddance to that peace of shit.

“I wonder how do you feel now that you know you might have caused someone to die?” Ren never wastes time when it comes to things like this.

“I had Louie and didn’t have to worry about breaking a major law; I’d have gone and made sure of it. Scum like that deserves the absolute worse, and they call Youkai monsters.” Thinking as I type, the realization that in some ways humans are worse than youkai. Since it’s easily imagined that even with Yukari’s and Eirin’s infamy, there are lines they wouldn’t cross. This has really gotten to me, since such thoughts are in my head.

“As much as I’d like to yell at you for such thoughts, but you’re right. At least you showed restraint, since you ass’d be in jail otherwise. Shoot! We forgot we have a morning class today! We’ve got to go soon! It’s nice to see at least that you have redeeming traits.” Ren replied. Mary then replied, “Have a nice night, be careful!” as they both logged off.


I decided to check in with the peanut gallery, my name for a bunch of other Touhou fans. They’re all geeks, but they’re mostly good folks. Dunno about this one guy who seems to like lolis a little bit too much. If those guys found out about the cosplay pics I get from Mary and Ren, a big mess would occur, ending with a few dead bodies and Ren moving her tab up from punches to a lead pipe upside my head. This place is also the only reason why words like loli and hentai make any damn sense to me.

Instead, I decide to brag about my prefect run against Dracula in the intro. They were rather impressed. That fish guy remarks on not even his almighty cheat device can do that and applauded. It was obvious that the lolinut wasn’t on. “Where the hell is that pedo? He’s usually on ranting on the wonders about underage flat chest. Did the FBI finally arrest him?”

The fish guy replied, “Nope, he just seemed to vanish one day, made a mess with his childish dreams of a site. I think he might be one of those that vanished.” If he ended up in Gensokyo, he wouldn’t last long, he’d try to have his way with a girl and most likely get himself killed. It’d be the perfect punishment for the guy.”

Just what is it with this guy, Ran and Waffles... damn; I now have a taste for waffles. Tomorrow, first stop will be the local waffle place.

Man, today must have done more of a number than me than I thought, since I’m starting to get tired. That and it’s three am in the morning. I quickly logged off and put my computer into standby as I flopped down on my bed and passed out...

Cool! I somehow got the Castlevania True Chronicles for the PS2. “More playable characters than any other Castlevania game before it!” It says on the box. Starting it up, I press start at the title screen and come to the character select screen for the game.

Choose one:

[] Why not go with Classic Richter? With any luck he'll play like he does in SotN
[] I wonder how Alucard plays in this.
[] Jonathan doesn't sound like a bad idea, too bad there's no Charlotte.

I decided to skip the other choice, figuring on a balance.
>> No. 31019
[x] I wonder how Alucard plays in this.
>> No. 31021
[JE] I wonder how Alucard plays in this.

The only FABULOUSLY!Manly choice.
>> No. 31056
[x] Why not go with Classic Richter? With any luck he'll play like he does in SotN.
>> No. 31061

This is home to a mix of interludes and H-sidestories.

Might lead to possible early spoilers (as in you won't realize they're spoilers until you're past a certain point in the story), and that's if one picks up on the hints.

the H-sidestories are things that will not happen in the main story, but present as a form of fanservice.

For the most part, since I plan on a Komachi one in /border/ or so as a celebration of the site being back up.
>> No. 31069
[x] Why not go with Classic Richter? With any luck he'll play like he does in SotN.

Richter rules!
>> No. 31071
[x] I wonder how Alucard plays in this.
>> No. 31072
Alucard it is, update will be posted in the next day or two barring any delays.
>> No. 31075
Alright, I've been trying to read though this for several days now, and I finally made it through. It’s taken me so long because this is so painful to read.

The writing style is more than a little poor, but that's not the problem here. A lot of people are like that when they start and gradually get better as they write more, and that's fine. Everyone starts somewhere and you can't get better without lots of practice and criticism. Several writers here don’t even speak English as a first language, so you’re really much better than a good portion of the site in that area. Grammar is not what I'm taking issue with here.

Let’s look at the start of the story. We begin with Johnny leaving his job for the day, when he hears some co-workers rather loudly debate about inviting him somewhere. Johnny assumes they mean to go drinking and hurries out of the office. There’s a bit more to this than just that though. Johnny expresses an extreme dislike for alcohol, to the point that it comes off as rather preachy. I mean, look at this:

>Isn't my fault that I don't find getting shitfaced drunk and making a monkey out of myself fun at all. Booze is how ugly hags get husbands in the first place. I like my pride very much thank you. I'm certainly not going to cry over it like an emo little bitch.

That’s four sentences about how much he hates alcohol, which is about 3 more than are actually needed unless his sister got killed while DUI or something. Ironically, his decryments of it make him come off like the “emo little bitch” he claims not to be. He also displays antisocial tendencies right off the bat, attempting to avoid his co-workers rather than risk speaking to them. Now this could all be setting up a sort of flawed and troubled character with mental issues, but it seems more like the author is attempting to use his character as his mouthpiece right from the beginning.

Moving on, Johnny leaves the store and makes his way to the bus stop, where, SURPRISE, some girl is about to be raped in the ally. And not just any girl, Johnny immediately recognizes her as “Chen from Touhou”, and he instantly identifies the man as a horrible pedophile rapist. This white knight fantasy is an absurd cliché that I think most writers would agree is best left in their heads rather than on paper, unless they’re prepared to give the situation the full seriousness it deserves and delve deep into the consequences. It’s also seen so very very often in god-awful self-insert fan fiction all across the internet.

So then Johnny beats up the dude with no problem whatsoever and goes on about his business like this is an everyday occurrence. He displays no real concern as to the well being of the small girl he saw nearly raped a minute ago, and allows her to run off to god knows where while he deliberates on whether or not to steal the guy’s wallet. Now, if this was anon making schizophrenic decisions then I could understand this, but this is pretty much all the author’s doing here.

At this point I really thought you might be trying to do something like what U.N. Owen did over in /others/. That is, I thought you might be creating an absurd parody meant to make fun of all the “edgy” self-insert fan fiction out there. Sadly, this does not seem to be the case (I think, let me know if I just missed the joke or something).

I could keep going on like this through the entire story, but the point I’m trying to make here is that everything you’ve written is juvenile at best and imbecilic at worst. It’s the embodiment all the reasons fan fiction is hated on the internet. I don’t understand how you could possibly read other stories on this site and think it was a good idea to post this.
>> No. 31078
File 125209604892.jpg - (28.87KB , 640x480 , SotN.jpg ) [iqdb]
[] Why not go with Classic Richter? With any luck he'll play like he does in SotN
[X] I wonder how Alucard plays in this.
[] Jonathan doesn't sound like a bad idea, too bad there's no Charlotte.

Despite the large selection, I narrowed it down to three; Richter (classic), Alucard, and Jonathan. On that last note, Alas no Charlotte or other magician with that choice; I ended up imagining Patchy from Touhou in Charlotte’s outfit.

I figured I’d choose Alucard, since there hasn’t been a character that can dominate like he can. I hope he isn’t too gimped like he was in Dawn of Sorrow.

As I start playing, it was a typical village stage with various weak enemies. I decide to check to see if I had a menu, and it’s about straight out of SotN. What the hell!? Level 50!? No wonder it was so easy. Well let me see what I got, I have the standard starting equipment for Alucard in SotN; hopefully no Death to steal it. As far as other weapons, I have a Shield Rod, a Fist of Tukas (or the best knuckle weapon ever). I also some nice defense stuff, but I think the tried and true Alucard Mail and Dragon Helm will suffice.

The level was easy, and that hell hound as the boss? Nothing Holy Water can’t fix. Then came the second level where a bone hit me, but it actually hurt. Sure it didn’t do real damage, but a bone to the head still hurts. This is becoming less of a dream. And it seems I was in the game; luckily I respond in this body as well as when I play the game.

The next few levels were the same tried and true stuff, stuff I knew how to beat. I decide to take it easy and mess around with my abilities and relics. I find out that the fairy and demon familiars were in fact mini-Daiyousei and mini-Koakuma respectively. This is some crazy dream.

I checked out my other familiars to find they were a wacked out Star Dragon Sword from Suidoken, A mini-Yuyuko, and a crow familiar. I decide to stick with Mini-Koa, since demon familiars are pretty good, especially at later levels.

I went through the stages, getting closer to the castle, there’s tougher foes true, but at this point I was unstoppable; had to soul steal a few areas, but oh well.

The Final stage before castlevania itself was no different; with the bosses being that bird monster/flying demon team seen in SotN. They might have been tough in Super Castlevania IV, but up against an lv53 Alucard? Slim pickings.

But the damnest thing happened when I entered the castle; it was quiet and too peaceful. My senses sharpen as I proceed into the castle. So far nothing of note until I got near the keep where I found a room with a table full of food... waffles.

I inspect the note on the table; it reads, “Welcome Mr. Smith. I hope you enjoyed the activities. Just relax as my servant will be with you shortly ~Y.Y. P.S. You had a taste for Waffles due to hearing about her, right?” This is some dream indeed.

I figure, why not? It’s sure to be safe and its waffles! I decide to drink a glass of the tea that was there, no harm since it’s a dre-YEEEEOOOWWW! That’s fucking hot!

“I’m sorry, I should have made sure the tea was cooler, sir.” I hear a woman behind me say as she comes up. First thing I notice is her fox ears and tail. Then I quickly check her out before she notices. Face’s down to earth but very attractive, with yellow eyes. Then there was her figure in some kind of Japanese clothes, forgot what to call it. But whatever she’s wearing shows a very nice figure.

“I should have been more careful. Name’s Johnny, let me guess Ran Yakumo, right?” I said as I resumed eating a bit. “Wow these are the best Waffles I ever had!”

“Correct you are, Johnny. You’re here since Yukari would like to discuss something with you. But in the meanwhile, make yourself at home and if you have any questions, you can ask me. I would also like to thank you personally for helping Chen out.” She says with a smile though near the end is a bit of irritation. If this isn’t a dream, then Yukari put Chen in harm’s way as part of some joke. That actually reminds me of some of the bosses I had. But why the hell does she want to see me? I want to get to the bottom of this, since this seems to be a dream yet it’s not. Damn it’s like that mindfucking shit those geeks are talking about.

What to do now? I could try grilling her for questions. I could just ignore her and eat in silence; it’s just a dream.... dunno about that part now. I just talk about my boss and help her vent, since working in retail, I can tell when someone’s stressed out due to their boss.

[] Do some venting and encourage her to do so as well. She looks stressed, and easing the stress gets her to smile better, and who knows some answers.
[] She did offer to answer questions, so I’ll try to get some answers out. But it might over do it though.
[] just focus on the food; it seems much akin to a dream.
>> No. 31079
[x] She did offer to answer questions, so I’ll try to get some answers out. But it might over do it though.
>> No. 31097
I'll give this a bit more time, since I will say this is a rather big decision, since how you answer might have long lasting benefits, short term or none.
>> No. 31098
[x] Just focus on the food; it seems much akin to a dream.
>> No. 31109
[] She did offer to answer questions, so I’ll try to get some answers out. But it might over do it though.
>> No. 31111
Well well, it's asking questions it is; well I'll just say this choice set was one of the ones that determines if Johnny starts the journey off with an advantage as well as something pertaining to a hidden sub-route. You will run into such a choice once more in this playthough.

You'll find out how you fare in the update.
>> No. 31122
[X] She did offer to answer questions, so I’ll try to get some answers out. But it might over do it though.
[] just focus on the food; it seems much akin to a dream.

She did offer them so I’ll ask them. “What’s going on here? And why does Yukari want to see me? Why is Chen involved? That could have been dangerous to her.” I ask.

She answers, “She needs a particular outsider with character yet audacity. You’ve shown both rather well. As far as Chen, she was the giver of the test of character. Had you not ignored the incident, she would have taken care of the person herself, and Yukari would not think as so fondly of you. Anything else you want to ask? Keep in mind that some questions Yukari can answer better.”

“What does she want me to do anyways? Wouldn’t those geeks be better for the task since they know more? And what about this dreamish state I’m in and this... game? That bone and hot tea HURT!” I ask further. I want to get to the bottom of this.

“That I cannot tell you about that as much as I would. As far a choice for outsiders... they have been lacking in many factors, so someone more moderate and able would be needed. And this is one of her attempts at manipulating the borders of dream and reality.” She answers. I manage to hear her mutter, “And most likely upset Yuuka.”

I pondered it and if it was true, Yukari was responsible for these stunts. “So why did Yukari take those other people? Isn’t she even mindful of the stunts she’s been pulling? Are humans really just play things!?” I loudly ask.

Ran just had a look of stress yet shock. It was then where I realized what I was doing. I was being an asshole of a customer and she was the poor employee. “I’m sorry... I got carried away. You’re just doing your job; but I’d like to ask one final question: Do you work for her out of some kind of respect?” I ask with my head down. Damn I feel like shit, she seems like a nice woman.

“Yes, despite her personality, she watches over Gensokyo, and this time she wants your help in your job. I do understand where you were coming from. And about those waffles; they’re the only thing that gets Yukari up early. Please finish your food, for it won’t be long before it’s time to see her. She’ll be ready to answer your questions then.” She answers.

I do eat, but I pass a plate towards her. “Here, relax yourself. I’ll save the rest of the questions for Yukari. And I must say, you’re doing a good job with Chen. Again I’m sorry for being such a bad guest.” Damn... I guess somehow Mary managed to make a weak spot for nice girls in my wall of assholeness. She eats it as I think about what just happened. Maybe I should have had her vent, oh well; at least I wasn’t a total asshole towards her.

I finished eating, feeling quite refreshed. Part of my mind wonders if this is still really a dream or not; common sense dies hard. “It’s time to see her now, and for your sake, I hope you keep that audacity restrained. Her good mood as of late has its limits” Ran says as she escorts me to what appears to be the throne room. I don’t know what to expect, so I’m on my guard.

“Yukari, Mr. Smith is here.” Ran says as she goes on her way. I walk in, with my senses sharp. I soon notice a comfortable chair and a table, then I heard a voice.

“Go ahead and take a seat, Johnny.” I decide to do so, since I’m not taking chances with Yukari. From what I know of the woman, she could please a man as many ways as she could kill him. In other words, a fucking lot.

I sat down and looked towards the throne, and there was Yukari sitting there. And by Yukari I mean quite possibly god’s gift to men, wearing a black dress that only showed that for one, she had a hot figure. That and she isn’t even wearing a bra. So much for the old hag cracks, since not even 20 year old girls had anything remotely good in overall figure. I focused as to keep my composure; never imagined such a focus trained by dealing with both ugly people and (before now) hot babes. Fat chance of that now; only Ren and Mary’d still compare. If you added 1-2 cup sizes to Mary and gave her a devious look, you’d get Yukari alright.

“How did you enjoy the game, Mr. Smith? I tried my best at replicating it from what material I could read up on.” She asks.

“Yeah it was pretty cool once I got used to it, but everything was weak compared to me” I answered. With the reflexes I had, I was more than a match for them.

“I just wanted to make sure you’d survive it. You do know what they say about dying in a dream. And think of it as a bit of mental training for the task I’m about to ask of you. So far on the little tests you’re doing well, proven your character quite well. But what were you thinking after Chen went on her way?” She asks.

“If you want to know, I thought about taking his money, but decided against it since frankly it wouldn’t be worth it. And what’s this task?” I ask back.

“I’ll tell you when the time comes. Next up is your insight.... not the best I’ve seen. You were really too impatient, yet you recovered rather nicely. But that shows some of your audacity and more of your character. I must say you’ve done a decent job. Yes, I was testing you even now. After what happened with the others, I wanted to ensure you would be suitable for the task.” She says.

It’s a lot to think about, I would just dismiss this as just a dream, but the events are telling me otherwise. I remind myself to focus, since it wouldn’t do to lose my head again. That’s a good way to literally lose it. “Sounds like you put in a lot of trouble for a mere stunt.” I remark.

“This is not a mere stunt, but an actual helpful task. But I’m trying to ask you since just randomly gapping in people does create problems” She says. She means Reimu comes down like the first of an angry broke miko. I’m not that easily distracted by that- FOCUS, MAN! Don’t let her body distract you, no matter how supremely fuckable it is.

“Just WHAT is this task I wonder? Since if I’m about to get mixed up into something, I might as well find out. Why an outsider for the task as opposed to someone in Gensokyo?” I say. I wonder what she’ll say, since I find it absurd how she’s doing all this and this isn’t a dream.

“First, let me say this: Having an Gensokyo insider help out would wound Remilia’s pride badly. That and she don’t know what I’m up to.” She says. Something is amiss about what she’s saying, but what... I think her goal of helping is true, but...

“So I decided on getting something that always changes the status quo, an outsider. I wouldn’t have considered but for one outsider I was aware of a while back. His name was Nemo, and he did many remarkable things, befriended the ever feared Yuuka, and even quelled a major case of what some call the fanboy uprisings, as in ignorant outsiders. If another case of this happened again, it’d be a real disaster considering how much is known now.” Yukari says. I wonder about this Nemo guy, sounds like a true hero, yet she didn’t say what happened to him. Perhaps I’d get a chance to find out.

She continues, “The task is this: Go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and help them with their problems. Though that’d require some detective work, but someone like you should be able to do it” It sounds tempting but it’s just too absurd.

“What’s my reward for doing so, if you don’t mind me asking” I ask, figuring this should be good. What I didn’t expect was Yukari gapping herself close to me.

She proceeds to say, “Rewards? Like what, Money, fame, adoration? Doing the task alone would have its rewards. Haven’t you ever had dreams of something, to be greater than you ever were? Or see things no one else has? To live the full life of a hero, slaying villains, aiding the innocent, and capturing the heart of beautiful maidens? You may be content with your life, but are you really happy?”

As I listened, I noticed how persuasive she was in the whole thing, using body language seductively. If not her words at first, it’d be her seductive charms. But what really broke my resistance was the last sentence. I’ve given up on such childish dreams a long time back, but the possibility of revival... Damn, she really does know how to make her point. She could easily sell shit and people would buy it gladly, at least the guys.

“Well if that isn’t enough to motivate you, then I’ll just say you’ll find out more. But if you succeed in this task sufficiently, you can ask one reward from me. So will you do me this favor?” She asks, pressing herself against me.

I thought about it, sounds pretty interesting and yet very out there. This might be a dream so it wouldn’t do to get my hopes up. I figured my answer would cover both angles. If it was just a dream, I’ll just wake up and go on my way. My Answer to her was this:

“Yeah why the hell not?”

“Good, and judging from your performance, I’ll answer some of your questions, so please ask.” She says. Questions huh? It should be entertaining to have some of them answered.

Choose as many as you can:
[x] “If this is real, then what does ZUN have to do with it?”
[x] “Just how many outsiders know about Gensokyo?”
[x] “Is it really like in the games?”
[x] “Why’d you have Ran in a Japanese getup?”
[x] “Why does Maribel look so much like you?”
[x] Write in

Do remember that chances are, there's some questions she won't answer, but even then she might offer other insight.

Note: The answer unlocked a possible subroute, but things will not fall into place so easily as if you choose the right answer, but at the same time you ultimately got more than if you choose the worse action.
>> No. 31127
[X] "Okay, three questions. One, do I get a hat, two, do I get to use magic, and three..."
[X] "Why waffles?"
>> No. 31129

I'm not the one who posted this, but you really shouldn't hand-wave criticism, if someone is taking the time to express their thoughts, you should consider it, 'cuz it means they still care enough to let you know.

Off-topic sage.
>> No. 31131
How does one reply to criticism like that? It doesn't make any suggestions for improvement (other than "Don't do these things that you've already done"), so you can't say "Thanks for the advice", and all the points it makes are more or less valid, so there's little use trying to defend yourself. All you can do in response is try to get better.
>> No. 31132

If it had more actual criticism, I would dignify it with a response.

But the fact is Johnny isn't the perfect narrator.

And he remarks upon one of the oldest, roughest posts I've made.

Since I'm posting, I might as well have post links to other things related to this story.

>>/th/93328.html General side stories thread, mix of both H and non-H side stories.

>>/border/18974.html Komachi H-side story to celebrate full recovery of the site.
>> No. 31138
[X] "Okay, three questions. One, do I get a hat, two, do I get to use magic, and three..."
[X] "Why waffles?"

You gotta have a hat.
>> No. 31139
[X] "Okay, three questions. One, do I get a hat, two, do I get to use magic, and three..."
[X] "Why waffles?"

I has vote without reading because Wiseman votes in the stories i like... Or something like that.
>> No. 31140
[X]"Okay, three questions: One, do I get a hat, two, can I use magic, and three..."
[X]"Why waffles?"
>> No. 31141
[X] "Okay, three questions. One, do I get a hat, two, do I get to use magic, and three..."
[X] "Why waffles?"
>> No. 31143
>vote without reading
I know the new banner says to vote, but don't do this.
>> No. 31146
No worries, i read everything he wrote to justify my vote.
>> No. 31152
I'll be starting on the update shortly; but I want to ask, is no one else interested in the other questions?

I mainly listed them since they're on the forefront of Johnny's mind.

But with the next update the intro ends and the story begins.

I do hope you don't mind a bit of author's insistence, I'll be using some of those first listed questions, but they'd be abridged and such, and your questions will get a nice lengthy answer.

And I'll be sure to try to make the other answers entertaining.

Thank you for voting.
>> No. 31159
File 125238371815.jpg - (87.27KB , 466x750 , Yukari relaxing.jpg ) [iqdb]
Choose as many as you can:
[x] “If this is real, then what does ZUN have to do with it?”
[x] “Just how many outsiders know about Gensokyo?”
[x] “Is it really like in the games?”
[x] “Why’d you have Ran in a Japanese getup?”
[x] “Why does Maribel look so much like you?”
[X] "Okay, three questions. One, do I get a hat, two, do I get to use magic, and three..."
[X] "Why waffles?"

I decided on the first few, “If this is real, then what does ZUN have to do with it?” I ask, wanting to get the big stuff out of the way.

Yukari gaps a book by me that has on its cover, “An outsider’s guide to Gensokyo; so easy even Cirno can read it” She then says, “He was the first outsider, but I think that book explains it better than I could at the moment. Akyuu was a big help with that. That should also answer many other questions concerning Gensokyo and the outside.”

I guess I’ll get to reading it if it turns out this is real. “Why did you have Ran dress up in a Japanese outfit?” is the next question of mine.

“Simple, she’s a kitsune, a youkai associated with Japan. It was either that or one of Yuyuko’s old outfits” Yukari smirked as she answered. Boy Ran has a lot to put up with working under her.

“Why does Maribel look so much like you?” I said as I wonder what kind of answer Yukari’d have.

“That’d have to wait until Maribel and Renko finally make it here, since they will make it sooner or later. It’s bad to spoil all the mysteries.” Yukari answered. I wonder what might happen then...

I was thinking and realized there are some very important questions. “I got a few more questions; first am I required to wear a hat, and does this mean I’d be able to learn magic, and I don’t mean that weakass Harry Potter bullshit either. And why are waffles so important that you’d wake up for them?” I ask, not realizing the language I said in front of Yukari.

“First it’s not mandatory, but hats are popular; I’d try to find your own style before the hat matter. But some girls do not wear hats, such as Kaguya.” Yukari answers.

She continues “As far as magic, you have the potential to use magic beyond danmaku. You can learn Danmaku from most people you’ve heard of. Actual magic on the other hand, mostly youkai know it. Magicians that excel in it; Either magic youkai or Marisa can teach you more. And I assure you, magic here is anything but weak.” She chuckles as she replies to my question. I wonder what she means by that.

Yukari puts a folding fan by her face as she speaks of the waffles, “That was a stunt by Ran to get me to wake up on time. It worked very well, since those waffles are without peer. I’m sure you could attest to that having tried them yourself”

“Oh yeah, they were something else. I don’t think I could have waffles so good anywhere else.” I say to her as I realize there’s one question I might want to find the answer to: Who’d win in cooking between Sakuya and Ran?

“So is that it for the questions? Since it’s about time for your trip to begin” Yukari asks, face behind the fan.

Well time to see where I end up after this. “Sure, I’m ready” It’d be a real hoot if this was real, if not I can only hope I find waffles that good at the local place.

“Oh, are you now, Johnny? We’ll see about that. We’ll be meeting again, Mr. Smith” Yukari says with a chuckle as I feel the floor go out from under me. Is this how she’s getting me there!?

“DAMMIT YUKARI!” I scream as I fell down the hole as pass out.

I slowly start to wake up as I hear some noise. I will myself wake, I wonder who the hell is in my apartment.

What I find is something completely different. I find myself in a soft bed in a room that comes out of those English mansions, and in the presence of a maid. Not just any maid, that sliver hair, the long legs, and dark blue eyes. It’s Sakuya alright.

“Oh I see you’ve awakened. The Mistress waits for you along with Miss Yakumo’s shikigami. Your clothes have already been moved here, and the bathroom is in that doorway. I would not keep them waiting too long if I were you” She says.

I figured I’d start things off slowly, still a bit out of it from waking up. “I’ll keep that in mind, Sakuya. My name’s Johnny smith, pleased to meet you.”

“I know, Mr. Smith; Ran informed everyone when she came by. I am curious to see what you will do, not everyday where an outsider arrives that has both my mistress and Miss Yakumo having faith in him.” Sakuya says as she leaves the door. Now that’s something you don’t see in the games, her finely shaped ass. It was small yet looked cute and soft.

I take a look around and it seems my stuff is here. Wait so is that book Yukari gave me. What should I do this morning? I could snooze some, take shower or just eat breakfast. I think each option would be about the same I think.

Choice 1: (choose one)
[x] Double check my stuff
[x] Leave the inspection for after things quiet down.

Choice 2: (Choose one)
[] Food! I need food now! of course after some basic straightening up.
[] Shower; best to maximize my first impressions. Food also tastes better after a shower.
[] Snooze a bit more, still a bit tired; It’d help pay attention.
>> No. 31167
[x] Double check my stuff
[] Shower; best to maximize my first impressions. Food also tastes better after a shower.
>> No. 31168
[x] Double check my stuff
[x] Shower; best to maximize my first impressions. Food also tastes better after a shower.
>> No. 31171
[x] Double check my stuff
[x] Shower; best to maximize my first impressions. Food also tastes better after a shower.
>> No. 31178
[x] Double check my stuff
[x] Shower; best to maximize my first impressions. Food also tastes better after a shower.
>> No. 31194
Checking the stuff and shower it is; I'll try to write as quickly as possible.
>> No. 31227
File 12525322542.jpg - (268.21KB , 500x640 , RemiClassy.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry I'd have this up sooner but I kinda crashed last night.

Choice 1: (choose one)
[x] Double check my stuff
[] Leave the inspection for after things quiet down.

Choice 2: (Choose one)
[] Food! I’m hungry again; of course after some basic straightening up.
[x] Shower; best to maximize my first impressions.
[] Snooze a bit more, still a bit tired; It’d help pay attention.

First things first; time to check how much my stuff got carried over here..

General clothes- Just general T-shirts and jeans, normal stuff.

Work Uniformx3- What I have to wear at my job, but can function as rather nice clothes, including the khakis. Though one set should be washed sometime; I did wear that when I met Chen

Old High School PE uniform (currently wearing) - Never have I thought that public schooling would make such comfortable clothes.

Baseball Cap from my old baseball team- With a big red B, it’s rather generic, but it fits nicely.

Hiking Shoes- Part boot, part sneaker, all functional.

Punisher Skull shirt - The Punisher’s my favorite super hero, just because he deals with scum the proper way.

Classic iPod- Something I’ve gotten at a cheap price, and tweaked so I have less hassle, I put- GOD DAMMIT YUKARI! What the hell did you do with it? I guess I’ll have to ask Ran.

I look around some more and find my TV and PS2 been set up among other things, back to double checking.

Nintendo DS - I Got hooked on castlevania, and this was on sale for cheap, so I figured why not? Got some games with it; mainly 2d games.

TV- Basic 24 inch model; I got it for dirt cheap at clearance. It does well enough for shows and games.

Playstation 2- A few years old, mainly got it for the nice mix of games, and Playstation backwards compatibility.

That book that Yukari gave me- Haven’t read it yet, but I should sometime. For all I know, I’d get a good laugh out of it.

Louie, baseball bat- I wonder if Louie has some kind of magic in it or something, since thinking about it, I seem to fight better with it.

My... wait there’s a note? - “I kinda tossed out those magazines, since why settle for less? Instead here’s something out of Miss Shamemaru’s collections. Have fun - Yukarin”

Swimsuit magazine made by Aya, “Silent Sinner in Bikinis”- Whoa nice... seems to have many of the girls in swimsuits. Yukari was right, another must ‘read’.

Army Knife- Something my brother got me, from what I can tell, cuts stuff real good. It’s not really my style though, but I do maintain it since knives should be shiny and sharp.

Enough of the checking, everything seems in place other than the iPod. First order of business is a shower. Of course I decide on my work clothes, since I do want to make a nice impression.

The bathroom seems quite nice, and the showers are halfway modern, but the tub’s quite classically styled. It’s a bit bigger than the bathroom at my place.

Ah that was quite nice, I feel like a new man after that. I toss on my work uniform, keeping in mind not to put on my name tag, going against my habits.

I head downstairs, which wasn’t too hard. Finding my way to the dining room is easy thanks to the smell of one thing: Ran’s waffles. Sly move I must say, I guess I couldn’t have snoozed if I wanted to with those being cooked. I hurry to the source of the smell.

It was one of those big dining rooms you find on those rich and famous shows. I find Ran and Sakuya glaring daggers with Remilia watching amused at the head of the table. “There are you, John. Ran and Sakuya are having a bit of a staring contest. Only Yukari would have a servant that matches my own. Now Sakuya, you can stop now, since its disgraceful behavior towards guests.” She says.

Sakuya backs off and leaves. “At least Yukari wasn’t here; she’d make things worse” Ran remarks as she sits down at the table.

Remilia adds, “I do detest when that happens, since Yukari teases me as well as Sakuya about our figures.”

I ask, “That’s just the way she is... how did you find me? Since last I remember I was dropped into a gap.”

“Sit down and eat while I answer you.” Remilia commands; I do so since I am hungry and on the table is a plate of waffles across from Ran. I proceed to sit down and eat.

As I eat, Remilia explains, “It was early this morning when Meiling reported someone dropping out of a gap a few feet above the ground. I figured the hag had plans for you here. Have any idea what thos plans are?” The last quest

I decide to use the best answer possible “All she did was tell me to assist you and the other residents, nothing else.” To be honest that was the truth, I just felt out certain details.

“I guess if she’s giving me a gift, I might as well use it. But Ran here has a few questions” Remilia says smiling as she points to Ran, who’s sitting across from me.

“I just want to double check to see if this is what you want, since you could always return back from where you came or live in the human village.” Ran speaks.

I answer, “No thanks, I took the offer because it’d be exciting. But I appreciate the concern. How’s Chen been doing? I can’t help but to be a bit worried. Also, did Yukari tell you what she did with my music player?”

Ran answers with a smile, “She’s been doing well; she’s been telling her friends about you. You’re proving to be rather interesting, since for one, she doesn’t usually like humans much. I am here to inform you that I will be your liaison between you and my mistress. Your role in things is much bigger than what it appears. As for that player, Yukari was planning on seeing how the kappa might improve it. I do wish though she’d leave a note instead of doing things like this.”

All eyes on me, eh? I can handle that, good way to forge a new legend. What the hell am I thinking? I can’t be thinking of such things so soon. “Glad to hear, and thanks for more of those waffles. Don’t worry about that music player matter; I can only imagine what improvements those kappas will make to it.” I reply. I did hear Nitori could customize things in awesome ways.

“You’re welcome; I must admit I mainly made those in the case you fell back asleep. Pardon me, but I must be going now for I have other business to attend to. But please keep an eye on Chen when you can; her friends like to play around here and the forest of magic. Farewell... John” Ran speaks as she leaves.

“So what is it that I’ll be doing here, since it seems I’m to be a new servant of yours?” I ask Remilia.

She answers, “First is to show you around and teach you about the specifics here, since your knowledge obtained from those games is flawed. Reading that book we found by you is a good idea. Next would be some basic training, since I can see that you have some potential. But the point is another servant regardless of location would be useful. Any questions so far?”

“Did Yukari move all my stuff here?” I ask.

She merely answers, “I think you just answered your own question, but I think it was Ran doing the bulk of the work. Well then, what is it that you want to see today? Though if you care to meet my little sister today, going along with Meiling or me would have you see her. She’s a sweet girl, if a bit unusual. She does have her bad days, on those it’s best that you stay away that day. ”

Well... either way today won’t be a boring day.

Choose one: (* means you’ll meet Flandre)
[x] Learn the particulars of the SDM from Remilia herself*
[x] Have a tour of most of the mansion from Sakuya most likely.
[x] Have Patchouli show you the library. Wonder if I get to meet Koakuma as well.
[x] Get a tour of the outside and garden from Meiling*

Oh yeah some of Johnny’s traits (Just stuff to keep in mind when making choices in the future; not going to make this gameish)

All-rounder- Able to do many things decently; you’d be surprised what kind of minor things Johnny knows how to do.

Baseball Talent (High) - Excels at many aspects of the game; this also translates to some skills with baseballs and a bat.

Weapon Mastery: Baseball Bat - Johnny and use this as an extension of himself, Louie in particular.

Enemy of choice: Scumbags - When confronted with the lowest scum, Johnny attacks fiercely.

Meta-knowledge: knowledge of various Touhou works, enables limited insight of things. Johnny’s is more tilted towards the earlier games, so he’d gain better insights with the SDM or Netherworld groups than some of the newer ones.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Chaotic Good (Depending on the situation)
>> No. 31229
[JE] Have Patchouli show you the library. Wonder if I get to meet Koakuma as well.

To my best knowledge, there has yet to be a decent Patchouli route around these parts. So let's try that for a change.
>> No. 31231
This is just the introduction to the main players, doesn't really figure into routes just yet. But I would be lying if I said I wasn't hoping for a Meiling or Patchy route to be chosen when the time comes.
>> No. 31234
[x] Have a tour of most of the mansion from Sakuya most likely.

>> No. 31238
[X] "Waffles. It's always waffles..."
[X] Let Remilia show you around the Mansion. Normally, it'd be unfitting for the boss to show the employee around; but getting to see what Flandre's actually like makes this an exception.
>> No. 31249
[x] Have a tour of most of the mansion from Sakuya most likely.
>> No. 31256
Tour with Sakuya it is.

You will get to do all the things; though there might be a random chance that some options won't be available.

Though on these days, you will run into some other characters.
>> No. 31289
File 125268126299.jpg - (154.87KB , 816x970 , Sakuya1.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Have a tour of most of the mansion from Sakuya most likely.

I guess I should get a hang of the basic places before anything else. “The tour it is then; at least of the all the important places.” I answer.

“That leaves the really interesting places for me to cover. Well let me call Sakuya over here so she can do the tour.” Remilia answers as she gears up for a shout.

Covering my ears in time, I still hear Remilia yell, “SAKUYAAA!” as in a split second, Sakuya appears.

“Mistress, could you please be more careful when calling me? It would not do for our newest servant to be struck deaf. What is your wish, my lady?” Sakuya replies.

“I do apologize for that, Johnny. Sakuya will be giving you the tour of the main mansion. I’ll show you the special sights when I tell you more about things around her. But I will leave things to you, Sakuya.” Remilia said as she left us.

“Now... Johnny, since we are close to the dining room and kitchen area, I’ll show you those first” Sakuya says. This isn’t a bad thing, though I’m kinda curious to see what Remilia means by details.

She shows me the kitchen which looks rather modern. “Contrary to popular belief, the mansion has many modern aspects where they are needed. And the fact the electricity is provided by a magestone generation, an invention of Miss Knowledge. I heard it was only recently improved by a mix of kappa, earth, and lunarian technology. I can imagine it would be mostly the other two.” She explains with her tone becoming terse at the mention of lunarian tech. It seems certain there’s bad blood between Sakuya and the lunarians.

“I wonder what are the rules concerning midnight snacks?” I ask, since I might get the munchies late at night.

She answers, “I do not see a problem with that, just don’t eat all the food, since there there’s other people here. Also when I’m in the kitchen, it’s off limits. Next will be the servant’s wing of it; it’s occupied by all the fairy maids”

As she shows me the area, I see a number of them flying by. They’re cute little girls with wings. If I was less restrained in my actions, I’d be hugging them left and right. Ugh... not exactly a very masculine thought to think.

“They’re not of too much use, but everyone likes them around, and it’s better than being target practice by various folks. There was that one time, but nothing really happened since then” Sakuya says while going into a ramble, spacing out. There’s something to be said of the perfect and elegant maid, but there’s also something to be said of the imperfect and cute girl in front of me.

She stares until she snaps out “Oh I’m sorry, now the next floor up is the main residence floor, where the Mistress, you and myself sleep. Even though you will be a servant of this mansion, due to the fact you’re not a fairy, you will remain in your current room, barring anything unusual.”

“Fair enough, please continue, Sakuya.” I say as she leads me to the wing with various rooms.

“This is where many of our other rooms are, from the den, ballroom, to even the recreation room, which the Mistress likes to be in on rainy days. We even have a sparring arena here as you might have seen in some of the fighting games” Sakuya explains.

“You know about the games?” I ask. Interesting...

“We all do, with various reactions. Though I wish that Alpes would think twice about drawing certain things... But that reminds me, today I have a visitor coming over to spar with me. If you would like, I can prepare some food for when she comes over. I’m sure you are aware of Youmu Konpaku, correct?” She asks. Of course I am. This should be interesting....

“Yeah, I know the first two windows games best. That’d be pretty cool, but why would she want to come over? You mainly use knives.” I ask. Since she only used knives in the games.

“I prefer knives these days, but I can use many other bladed weapons in addition to knives. I figured that it’d be best to pass on such skills to someone willing to use them.” She answers with a smile, which is quite cute. She should smile more often.

“Sure, I’d love to watch the sparring. I’ve always enjoyed samurai movies and anything with action in them!” I answer, sitting down on the ground in anticipation.

It wasn’t long at all before Sakuya prepared a small table with water and some small sandwiches. I also notice a few cans of soda around. “I remembered that Americans are fond of such drinks, though I do think drinking those should be in moderation.” She says coming back with a white haired girl that’s shorter than her.

“Sakuya-san, you never said the mansion had a guest. Did Yukari-sama drop him here?” Youmu asks. Oh yeah her master’s friends with Yukari, though I’d be lying to say that Yuyuko wasn’t a babe. No way I’d say that to Youmu’s face, I do not want to end up sushi on my first day here.

“Seems so, his name is John Smith, from America, a country founded shortly before Gensokyo was sealed. He has played the games yet he seems... normal” Sakuya replies, though there was a sense of uneasiness in that last sentence.

“You are correct about that, Sakuya. No offense Smith-san, but you have a particular aura about you... akin to the flower youkai. I hope I’m wrong, but it’s unusual for an outsider to have that aura.” Youmu says.

“None taken, I’m not really quite normal I’ll admit. But that is interesting for sure. Nice meeting you, Youmu. And just call me Johnny, I’m not some big shot yet.” I say, hopefully getting the girl to loosen up a bit. Duty may be nice and all, but there’s times where you just got to cut loose.

“Very well, Johnny, I hope you find the upcoming sparring match to be entertaining and enlightening.” Youmu says as she bows. I never thought Youmu’d be this formal. Even Sakuya lightened up during the tour.

I started eating as I seen Sakuya pull out what appears to be a type of long sword as those two started clashing blades. I’ve never seen Sakuya’s style before, and it’s easily a match for Youmu’s swords style. There weren’t any powers or projectiles, just pure swordplay. I’ll say this though; Sakuya doesn’t look so much a maid as a kind of valkyrie.

I have no idea how much time passed, but it was exciting to see the fight play out. Sakuya sword fighting is a rather amazing sight in itself.

“Bravo, well done, Sakuya.” Remilia says beside me. I wonder how long she’s been there. “Well Johnny, how does it feel to see something unknown to most?” She askes me.

“Pretty amazing, I can only wonder what else I’d find out.” I answer. I’m planning on reading up on that book.

“Well if you have nothing better to do until dinner, I was wondering if I could test you out in the recreation room in a few games. There’s a few things an outsider would be interested in.” Remilia remarks.

Well... I could take her up on the offer, or just read that book.

[] Politely decline, stating I’d rather read up on that book, but that I’d do it some other time.
[] Accept, I can always read it later, like tonight.
>> No. 31290
[] Accept, I can always read it later, like tonight.
>> No. 31294
[x] Accept, I can always read it later, like tonight.
>> No. 31297
[X] Accept, I can always read it later, like tonight.
>> No. 31308
Well folks I'll prepare the next update by sometime tonight.
>> No. 31351
File 125279645391.jpg - (373.47KB , 1000x720 , ArcRemi.jpg ) [iqdb]
My apologies for the delay; yesterday was busier than I thought. But here's the next update.

[x] Accept, I can always read it later, like tonight.

When she’s making such an offer, who could refuse? “Sure I’ll accept your offer; I’m curious to see what counts as entertainment!” I answer. I can always read later tonight before I go to bed.

“Well I must be going, I’m sure Yuyuko-sama’s starting to get hungry. Thank you again, Sakuya-sensei for your lesions” Youmu speaks Sakuya escorts her out.

We go into the room... and what I see surprises me. Sure there are board games, chess, and other things old folks like to do, but what I see in front of me is a massive multi-system set up. “What the... how did you get all this stuff?”

She smirks as she answers, “I did have a lot of money back in the real world, I just ask Yukari to arrange for things to be delivered here. I discovered the fun of video games thanks to Yukari in the first place. I guess they didn’t like my games of armchair detective on rainy days. It serves as a distraction on days where I cannot think of much else to do. If you do not object, I’d like to try out this Senko no Ronde, since from what I heard it’s much akin to a spell card duel.”

Whoa, I’ve only seen that game on youtube. “Sounds great, this way I know I’d last a minute.” I say to her. I decide to get the game set up for her, since it’d be a good idea to start getting into the habit.

“Good boy, maybe your training won’t be so harsh after all.” Remilia replies. Somehow that makes me worried and even more resolved to behave myself.

We sit down and start playing; I choose the main guy and she chooses the girl with a side ponytail. I didn’t bother to learn the names yet. It was a learning experience for the both of us, playing the game. She plays much like I’d expect her to, mainly preferring up close combat, and only using projectiles as cover. I almost wonder if vampires have an advantage in video games or not.

“Not bad, I guess my rainy days will get less boring from now on. I hope you haven’t given up due to all the close defeats you’ve had” She says. She’s right it’s been close, usually in her favor.

“No way, there’s still a chance to beat you!” I reply as we resumed playing again. It was only a few more matches until we both got tired of the game.

“So you just like games with competition in them?” I ask. I have yet to see a RPG or anything else in there.

She answers with a smirk, “What fun is something if you don’t get a chance to prove your superiority? I do say that there’s someone here who likes other games, and it isn’t Patchy. But I’ll leave that as a surprise. But She does hate to be compared with the moon NEET.” That’s true!?

“I thought that was just fanon non-sense!” I replied. I guess I should really read that book later on tonight.

“Oh but this is one of the things that is true. I wouldn’t dare sink to her levels. A proper member of nobility should be ready to receive guests at any time.” She responds as she pulls out another game and puts it in herself.

Melty Blood!? Well from what played messing around with it, I decided on Shiki while she goes for Arcruied. Then it was non stop losses to her Arcuied; she’s just too good at this. “I give up... you’ve definitely proven your superiority” I remark.

“Oh look, just in time for dinner. If I recall correctly, we’re having steak tonight. That fox may make unrivaled waffles, but Sakuya is second to none in terms of main dinner dishes!” She brags as we part ways. I proceed to wash my hands, since today’s going good and I don’t need to be bitched out due to bad manners.

I sit down at the table, which seems to have been shortened. I can imagine her having it long as to put on the whole noble lady appearance. “Milady, Your sister does not wish to come to the table tonight. She mentioned something about something game-related” Sakuya says to Remilia before going back in the kitchen.

Remilia just shrugs her shoulders as she remarks, “I guess you have to be introduced to her before she’d care to come up here for dinner half the time. With the advent of the game system, she’s found new challenges to focus on. You’ll find out more when you meet her.”

Dinner arrives and it’s easily the most appetizing steak I’ve seen in front of my eyes. I heard Sakuya say, “Now if you will excuse me, I must deliver dinner to Patchouli and her guests,” before she leaves.

“So is your country still trying to be an empire in everything but name? No offense, but the last time I saw the country, it was doing just that.” Remilia asks.

I answer honestly, since she’s right, “Yeah, more or less. It’s a pain though, since it gives the notion that America is bigger jerks than they actually are” Sure we’re a country of assholes, but we’re not really super massive assholes.

We ate while we talked about various things, such as some of my tales. “You do seem to have that old spirit that defined the west. Just don’t try to turn Gensokyo into the OK Corral, alright?” She remarked. But I must say this food is really good.

“So you’ve read up on American history, so how is it from a European point of view?” I ask, since I was curious about that.

She answers, “Interesting; but it’s a shame what’s seemingly become of it,” as we finish eating. “Sakuya! It’s time for dessert!” She shouts, this time not so loud as to deafen my ears. Soon she arrives with some plates of cake.

“My apologizes, I was just ensuring that your sister gets one, milady.” Sakuya says before she’s off again.

We ate, and that was also very good. “Does staying here mean I get to eat such good food all the time?” I ask.

“Yes, though don’t expect to get paid much if anything at all. But you don’t have to worry about food, board or entertainment.” Remilia answers. It’s easy to forget the fact that she’s only the size of a 12 year old girl; she can easily come off as a true lady of a fancy mansion... one that could toss a man with ease.

We finish eating as Remilia says to me, “You should get used to your room, and it would be a good idea to set your clock around 9am. I believe Sakuya should have adjusted it already. And unlike most vampires, I do at times sleep at night, so good night, Mr. Smith.” The last sentence was said in a bit of a mocking tone.

I can play at that game “I could say the same to you My Lady” doing a bow as I soon heard her chuckle as we parted ways.

In my room I changed into my old gym clothes, lay down and started reading that book. First chapter was about the history of outsiders in Gensokyo, including the first one: ZUN himself. It states how he traveled around Gensokyo, encountered Suika and beat her in a drinking contest. The incident almost undid the fabric of reality, and as a result of Yukari’s efforts, ZUN gained the power to see Gensokyo’s conflicts, which he tend started making games off of. Such powers enhanced his programming ability and musical talent, but not his artistic talent. It also says that he actually entered in a relationship with a native of Gensokyo, but isn’t named. Sounds like a mystery here, I wonder if it’s really Aya like all the folks that hate her insist. It also says one final note: He doesn’t get everything right.

Next is the rest of the history, with a few mentions of things, including a man named Nemo and that Yuuka is never to be provoked at all. It also says basically about this Nemo: “He was a friend to all of Gensokyo, human and youkai.” Sounds like a real hero to me... wonder what happened to him.

Next is the matter of differences, first meme spamming is highly unadvised. Second refrain from calling Aya a slut or misfortune will fall upon you. There’s a little note from Yukari: “Because it simply isn’t true, you’ll find out the truth eventfully.”

Next part explains the mix between PC-98 and modern games; simply they are connected; though most of the major players of that time frame rarely interact in modern struggles. It also gives an example: Mima over at the Hakurei shrine.

What the? There’s an ad for Rinnosuke’s shop? “I will barter top item for identification assistance. Get a free map of Gensokyo with first identification.” Sounds interesting, I should keep that in mind for the future.

Ack, I’m getting tired, so I check my clock, it’s set to 9am. I then lay back in the bed... damn this is comfortable as I soon fall asleep.

I didn’t really remember my dreams last night, just that I had a nice good sleep. I got up, cleaned up and went downstairs where I smelled omelets. Normally I don’t like eggs much, but this smelled pretty good.

“Good morning, how was your first night here?” Remy asks as she eats her food.

I answer, “It was very good, I don’t see where people go about saying it’s scary at night.” I proceed to try it out... wow this is actually tasty without drowning it in ketchup! “Wow this is good stuff!” I say as I resumed eating.

Remilia replies, “That was only back in earlier days; there’s been some progress made.”

It wasn’t too long before we both finished eating. “Well it seems Marisa’s here to visit Patchy and my sister; I can only presume that means Alice is here as well. This means for the most part you’d end up visiting her regardless of your choice. Patchy’ll show you around the library, I’m still extending my offer of explaining the history of the mansion and some of the more exceptional spots, or have Meiling show you around the garden. Your choice to make,” she says.

Wow that clears things up; I was just guessing before.

[x] Take up Remilia’s offer of the history tour.
[x] I’d like to see the garden instead.
[x] The library; since it’s a chance to meet a lot of people.

Note due to the combination of things, any choice leads to meeting Flan today.
>> No. 31352
[x] The library; since it’s a chance to meet a lot of people.
>> No. 31395
Just a warning that I will start on the next update tonight regardless of votes
>> No. 31411
Well Library it is; It'll be up sometime tomorrow most likely, barring anything big.
>> No. 31463
Sorry seems that it's coming along slower than I thought; I apologize for the wait; I should have it up by tomorrow for nigh-sure.
>> No. 31470
No worries. As long as you update, I will vote.
>> No. 31479
File 12533146007.jpg - (129.26KB , 468x500 , CurvyKoa.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well here's a big update (bigger than I thought); but here it is!


Thanks; knowing that I have at least one fan makes this worthwhile!

[x] The library; since it’s a chance to meet a lot of people.

“The library sounds good today, if you do not mind.” I say. I’m feeling a bit guilty over the matter since I keep on imagining a sad look on her face. Damn my human heart!

She smirks as she replies, “Don’t worry, I can wait; I will just have to bother Reimu perhaps. One warning though; you should control yourself around Koakuma. She has a way of attracting trouble, and I’m not sure if Patchy’d get around to telling you.” She must be talking about Patchouli’s familiar. From the sounds of it she’s a succubus type like those guys were talking about. I’m not worried, I have a exceptional focus born from working in retail!

I reply, “Thanks for the warning” As I head towards those big doors that I’ve seen during the tour. It also helps when there’s a big sign saying “Library; no rats allowed without appointment” I knock on the door, and in a few seconds, someone answers.

The red hair and head wings give it away. “Oh you must be here to see the library; I’ll lead you to the main room. But please don’t touch me, bad things happen” She says in a voice both innocent yet seductive. I can handle this. This changes when I come in and see her in full. Her face is teenage cute while her body is very womanly. Her outfit something an intern would wear, highlighting every curve. Her walking as a sort of unwitting seduction in itself! Time to call upon my focus, at such a time too!

Eventfully after a few minutes we reach the main room where I see three people reading and talking. “Miss Knowledge, the guest is here” Koakuma says before running off. I sighed in relief, she wasn’t bad, but that effect does make trouble with guys.

“So you managed to resist putting your hands on my familiar, perhaps I didn’t give you enough credit. Patchouli Knowledge, seven day wizard, and you are?” Patchouli says in a snarky tone. Never has that sounded so attractive... no wonder those geeks like that... ah yeah Kyonko.

“Johnny Smith, American in Gensokyo, at your possible service” I reply with a smirk. Looking at Patchy, she is pretty cute, though true to from, I have no idea what her figure is like.

Marisa, who looks very much as I expected her to look; tomboyish, slight figured, spoke up next. “I’m Marisa, glad to meet ya, and welcome to Gensokyo, world of wonder, adventure, and things to borrow!” as she extends a hand to shake. Her voice sounds teenage tomboyish as well.

I laughed as I replied, “I wonder how you can be here considering what you do here half the time” as I shook her hand. It’s a bit rough, but still girlish.

Alice then got up and did a bow as she did a bow. “My name is Alice Marigold, John. The reason is that we worked out a deal where a couple days a week, Marisa can visit here after having her stuff held in storage. I regret to know that she hasn’t quite given up. But she has grown fond of the younger sister.”

I decided to return the gesture with a gentlemanly bow. “Same to you, Alice,” I reply. I do have some manners after all.

After that we sat down and talked about a few things, all the while I noticed a particular tension between the three, a love triangle. But I decide not to butt in at this point. I guess I should keep my eyes open for any other problems. “So it seems your country hasn’t given up its attempt at repeating Europe’s mistakes. But your country is an interesting one, and I can tell you’re much like it, Young, reckless, and heedless to anything than your own ideals.” Patchy remarked after I told her about what I knew of history.

“So there’s no real sign of a moon war in your world?” Alice asks. I’ve heard some things about the lunar kingdom. No way could any country I know of try to take them on. Perhaps the US if it wasn’t trying to make an empire in everything but name.

“Nope, countries are way too busy fighting on earth, misuse funds for any kind of real progress, but I know terrible things would happen if some country discovered the moon capital or Gensokyo. The world outside might be a far more savage place than Gensokyo.” I decided to talk about what the outside world is like.

“Really now? Since it seems the other shrine maiden has positive things to say about it.” Patchy responds. Some places are nice like that, some places are not.

I answer, “Most people are basically good at heart if ignorant, but there’s a minority that does crimes so terrible, it would put most youkai to shame. People like that are the true monsters in this world” shocking Marisa and Alice.

“What you mean there’s people that are that terrible?! You sounded like a youkai right now!” Marisa said as Alice glared at her.

Patchy remarks, “You’re not a normal human at all in personality. I cannot tell you more without taking a closer look. And that club... it’s an unusual tool that would require closer study. Don’t get any ideas, Marisa”

Marisa responds, “Nah I got enough unknown weapons lying around the shop. And some great weapons would help you out. That or you’d find something around here, since if both the sisters are packing weapons used by gods of a strange country, then there has to be more around here!”

“Strange only to you, I find many of these Japanese gods far more unusual, including those two on the mountain. I’m no stranger to Norse mythology... and since I discovered what weapons the sisters were using, I’ve been spending time looking into where other such weapons went,” Patchy responds indignantly.

“Like those Viking guys? Somehow I can imagine one of those song-warriors getting along great with Alice.” Marisa remarks, causing me to choke a bit on the tea I was drinking. Hell if I know why, just that I did.

Alice blushes as she yells, “DON’T JOKE LIKE THAT! With your luck, you’d end up with a guy with lacking people skills!” as her and Marisa start arguing.

Patchy remarks, “This is nothing out of the ordinary for these two. I must say it’s almost as if they’re married. But did Remilia tell you what your role here will be?”

“Nope, just that I was going to be a servant. I think if I decided to take up her offer sooner, I’d have found out.” I answer, curious about what she’s saying.

“Simply put you’ll be put under one of the residents as to assist them with their task as well as being another errand runner. Since as of now, Sakuya’s the only one. I thought about using Koakuma for my tasks, but she draws too much of the wrong attention. She sees potential in you, and most likely plans on bragging about how she has an outsider in her power. Regardless of the path you take, I would like for you to come by as to see what Remilia saw.” Patchy speaks.

I just simply answer, “Well, I have no problems with being a trophy... especially when it becomes popular and everyone wants an outsider.” Since it is true, I basically made a deal and do not intend on go back on it.

Patchy simply remarks, “There are not too many outsiders if anything that could do so well. Perhaps you might be a success story.” As the other two finish their little argument. “I guess you want to meet the younger sister then? Marisa will take you to meet her” She adds.

“Yeah I’m always dropping by and playing with her. She’s pretty strong, and I can’t wait to see how big her master spark is.” Marisa says.

“I think we’ll be coming with today, since another familiar face might help,” Patchy remarks.

Alice adds, “I wonder how Hourai’s doing, since I did let Flandre borrow her for a bit, since I thought a change of pace would cheer her up.” as a small winged being landed on her shoulder. “Oh, I forgot to introduce Shanghai, a semi-independent doll. Only problem is that she needs to be by me for her to function.” She adds as the doll gets up and does a little bow.

I go over to take a close look, and it is hard to tell that Shanghai was a mere doll. Before I know, it I’m gently poking her face; I realize what I was doing. “Sorry about that, Alice, I don’t know what came over me. I’m not even a normally a doll nut even,” I say. It’s normally not something a guy normally does; oh hell, she’s smiling at me.

Alice looks at me with an understanding face as she says, “Shanghai gets that reaction from most guys, even the big macho youkai hunters. But tell me, what are you really like? Since it feels you’re holding something back.”

“I’m not used to being nice or polite really.” I say simply keeping it short. No need to go blabbing about things.

Alice responds, “Perhaps here in Gensokyo, you might rediscover something about yourself,” as we went down the stairs. Patchy just floats down them; just as well, since the physical effort of actually going down them might be too much.

Eventfully we reached the basement, and it’s pretty big, almost like its own place. Soon we found a big set of steel doors open as we went in.

And found a somewhat unexpected sight. There was the ever famed Flandre Scarlet sitting down playing video games. “NAPLAM DEATH! DESTROYED!” I hear from the TV. So she likes Guilty Gear, I imagine her as Sol Badguy, damn... that was a mix of moe and awesome that I nearly jazzed my pants. Good thing I have more control than that.

“Wow, lots of company today! And it’s the human sister was talking about! I’m Flan, nice to meet you! I hope you like it here!” Flandre says in a voice as cute as anyone could expect.

“I’m Johnny, and I’m very glad to meet you. I take it you like Guilty Gear?” I respond. I decide to take a look at the screen... and it’s on survival at lv990. Whoa, that’s pretty good.

Flan smiles as she answers, “I like games like this, lots of things to master and work on. I’m trying to beat my old time in the game. I also like beating games like Final fantasy at low levels, and other challenges! Just the other day, I managed to figure out all the false roman cancels for Faust! Could you help me test out how good I am with Potemkin, Please?” whoa... she sure does like to ramble, and frankly with the face she’s making, I can’t refuse.

“Sure thing, hope you three don’t mind” I say to the magicians.

Marisa shrugs her shoulders, “Not at all, she seems happy about it, and I’m not that good at these things anyways. Good luck!” as they took seats behind us.

As I sat down, I decided to stick to a good default choice, Ky; I know well enough that if she gets in close, I lose. I wonder how she is compared to her sister. We start to play and I soon discover...

She is VERY good, if she was allowed in tournaments, she’d demolish them. I decide to give it my all, but she seems to have seen through any possible tactic. “Silly Johnny, everyone knows how to play against Sol and Ky! But you might actually beat my sister in this.” She says as she ends the round with an instant kill. Despite this there is no rage in my heart, no disappointment even, but awe.

I ask, “Is this how you kill time? Becoming so good at things?” stunned.

She smiles as she answers, “Yeah, since I already learned from various books in the library, beating Patchy in various brain games. I don’t want to impose on anyone, so I keep down there and do various things to kill time. And seen in a magazine Sister left down here that there’s this cool new game coming out soon by the Guilty Gear guys. That means even more stuff to master! Marisa, let’s play danmaku now, better yet, how about Alice joining in! I heard so much about that moon incident!” She rambles on.

Marisa replies, “Hey Alice, want to? Since it’d be good practice, and it’d help liven things up.” This is going to be great.

“Isn’t that unfair to Flandre with it being two against one?” Alice asks. That’s actually a decent handicap.

Flan cheerfully responds, “It’s okay, I like challenges. Everyone says I’m really strong. But could I try out what you taught me, Marisa?” I wonder what she- No way... A Flandre spark? I wonder how it’d compare to the twilight spark in that touhou soccer.

“Sorry Flan, I think we’d have to talk your sister into letting you outside, since if you tried that here, you might blow a hole in the mansion. Even with the magicproofed walls in the battle room and the spell card duel made barrier, you’d still wreck the mansion.” Marisa replies.

I decide to ask Flandre something, “I wonder why you don’t try asking Patchouli to join in, and I hope that isn’t going too far.” I’m reminded at how this cute little clever bundle of awesome could easily kill me in infinite ways.

Flan replies, “I would, but she’s always sick. I don’t want to hurt her playing around. But if she got better, it’d be so much fun, since her magic’s cool!” I’m starting to gain a new insight on things already. Flan despite her seeming insanity and cuteness is very insightful on to things. “Oh Johnny, could you go with Patchy to the watching room, since it’s dangerous to be in the battle room, especially for an outsider.” She asks me as I noticed Patchy going somewhere. I nod and follow.

It’s a room that has a window that sees the room. It’s a big room, but the room has a good view. “Sometimes Remilia watches Flandre’s battles. She will want you to play with her more in the future; you do know that, right?” Patchy says to me. That’s not a bad thing; I don’t think that mega-asshole Simon could maintain his attitude around Flan. Either her sad face would get to him, or she’d blow him up.

The battle on the other hand was pretty intense, since at first the two worked separately against Flan as she used her first few spell cards. This is different than in the games since it was more along the lines of trading blows, though I can see it wasn’t easy for those two blocking Flan’s attacks. And by the time it got to “Maze of Love”, they’ve teamed up IN style. I wonder if the MAlice cannon actually exists and not just a bug.

Soon I noticed during... aw fuck I forgot the name of it, the one where she bounces things off the walls, Alice had her dolls surround Flan and start shooting at her. I wondered what the point of that was, and it was Marisa taking advantage of it to fire a master spark. Now this is more like how it should have been in Imperishable night. The battle ends there; I guess due to the fact that no one wanted such an intense battle without good reason. “I wonder what’s the idea behind some of the gameplay of imperishable night?” I ask to no one in particular.

Patchy responds, “A mix of an especially drunk ZUN and Yukari, that’s all that needs to be said. I also consider myself a chronicler of the various incidents, at least better than that Tengu, but considering what’s happened, I cannot be that hard on her.” Wait, something that’s happened to Aya? Well I have yet to get to know the real Gensokyo, so I know I’ll be in for some major surprises one way or another.

We head over to the room where the maid fairies are getting the three some food and drink. “So Johnny, how was seeing your first REAL danmaku battle? I bet it beats anything in the games!” Marisa asks.

“It was awesome, especially with that team up spell card. And it true that everyone knows about the games? It seems unusual” I ask. Since I’d think it’d be unnerving to think I was a character in some game or story.

Alice answers this time. “Most of us do, perhaps save for that Ice Fairy’s group of friends. At first our feelings were mixed, but we got used to it. The fans? Depends on the person and the type of fan they’re dealing with.”

Flan then speaks up “That was fun, you two should do that more often; maybe next time I’ll try something like that!” She then says to me, “Have you met Meiling yet? You really should sometime; she’s really nice unlike stuffy Sakuya. And she’s really strong and likes games too!”

“Can’t say I have yet, but I’m planning on it one of these days.” I answer. Stuffy she says? Then again I suspect Sakuya is a bit TOO perfect in regards to Flan. I definitely have my work cut out for me. I decide to ask about the basement, “Does this have nearly everything down here?”

“Oh yeah there’s all kinds of things, a bathroom with a big tub like Sister’s, a kitchen. I wish it had a pool like the library.” Flan answers. Wait a POOL IN THE LIBRARY!?

Patchy must have noticed the look on my face since she answers, “Yes it’s unusual, but I do use it for exercise. It’s not a commonly known fact since the last time a party had it, a certain Tengu went about taking pictures. I alone managed to escape having photos taken of me.” Damn... but I wonder if Aya put that in that magazine Yukari gave me. Sounds like a good idea tonight.

“Flandre, we must be going now; I still have to show him the most commonly used sections of the library. I hope you do not mind.” Patchy says. I hope she won’t be too upset.

Flan just smiles and says, “It’s okay, there’ll be other days. I think I’ll try survival with Potemkin now. Thanks for the fun, Johnny, Marisa, and Alice! Bye!” I guess she managed to learn Alice’s name. I decide to wave back as we leave. This warm feeling it’s been a while since I felt it. Never fucking mind, I should keep my head focused on the tour, since seeing how Patchy’s rather snarky, asking her would result in her looking at me as if I was dumber than Cirno!

We arrive back at the library as the magicians sit at the table again. “Koakuma, please show him the common sections that he would most likely look at.” Patchy says as the familiar appears to lead me around.

As she shows me some of the sections I focus more on the area than her. It really doesn’t help that her skirt is short and tight. I see a few surprising things, like a strategy guide section. “This was added due to Miss Scarlet’s hobby. And down the hall is the... mature materials section” Koakuma says with a blush. I think it’s better if I resist since for all I know if I tried something I’d end up getting my soul sucked out. I wonder how innocent she is- NO! Stop that!

“I’ll lead you back to the table now. I didn’t think there were outsiders with such strong willpower.” She says as she gets me back to that table. I think she could tell how much I was struggling.

Sakuya was waiting when we got back. “The mistress and her sister request your appearance, Mr. Smith. I am also here to escort the two guests to the gate.” Sakuya says in her very formal voice.

I answer, “Alright, I’ll be there in a few moments; gotta wash my hands,” As I went to the bathroom in my room and did just that. I also splashed some cold water on my face just to get the lingering thoughts out of my head.

I went down to the dinner table to find the two sisters chatting about things. Remy; I figured I’d keep things short in my head, though I wouldn’t say it outloud so soon. She notices me as she says “Bravo, you’ve proven yourself to have exceptional restrain, Johnny. I think it would be best if you stayed away from the library for a few days so you can recover.”

“Yeah... I wonder what tonight’s course is” I say. Poor girl... I figured Patchy would know best about her familiar. Sakuya brought dinner in, and it was Sushi as she left again.

Remy speaks up, “Figured you’d try some Japanese food, since it’s the most common kind of food. But aren’t you disturbed at all knowing that you’re eating with vampires?” Good question... but I have an answer for that.

“It’s not my blood, so it’s not my problem” I answer; true American thinking. She starts laughing a lot.

She replies, “That has to be the most sociopathic answer I’ve heard. I think you’ll fit in quite nicely. So how is it?” I noticed she’s eating her slightly red tinted Sushi while Flan eats rather red Sushi.

I tried some, and while it was a bit unusual, it was good. “Very good! Guess it pays to try new things,” I answer as I continued eating.

I told the girls all about baseball, which they knew of some. And it felt great reliving the glory days. I even mention some of the fights I had, “This guy was getting in my face, talking about how this was wrong and such blah blah blah and didn’t know who I was, so I hit him in the face with Louie. Yeah that shut him up real quick”

“Sounds rather barbaric; we must teach you a more civilized form of combat sometime. Smashing in someone’s head is a perfectly acceptable coupe do grace for a particularly hated enemy. There are a few swords out there with weight balance akin to a club, perhaps that’d be well suited for you.” Remy replies looking mockingly dismayed.

Flan decides to speak up, “Has anyone ever hit the ball to the moon?” The question makes me laugh since I can imagine the ball hitting some moon royal’s window, pissing them off.

I controlled my laughing as I answer, “No... But a few windows have been broken. But I’m sure if you tried you could do it.” I only slightly realize how those Moonies would think it was an act of war, then again so do the people whose windows are broken.

We talked some, but my general exhaustion caught up with me. “Pardon me, would there be a problem if I excused myself?” I asked trying to be polite. Sure it’s not my nature, but frankly it’s a good idea in a place where if you piss someone off, you WILL die.

Remy just responds, “If you want to go, go ahead. I can’t blame you, the couple of outsiders that visited here in the past ended up caving in within minutes. And you should loosen up, you’ll have enough time to be a good boy when you officially start.”

I get up as I say “Good night you two. Flandre, try not to- Oh who am I kidding? I’m in no place to tell anyone not to stay up too late!” getting laughs from the girls as I went on my way.

I decided to take a shower, not really dwelling too much on what happened. That and too tired to really... relieve myself tonight. When I finished I found a plate of cookies and a glass of tea with a note. It read, “Here’s tonight’s dessert; The Mistress figured it’d help you relax. Please don’t make messes that I wouldn’t want to clean up. - Sakuya. P.S. Locking the door would be advised in the case Koakuma got excited by your visit, for you sake” I guess I’ll do that then.

I lock the door then get out that magazine with the swimsuit pics. Let’s see... first is Reimu. She’s wearing a conservative red one piece that doesn’t fail to highlight her natural charms. Next is Marisa in a simple two piece, rather skinny but still very cute. Lets see... I notice some of Cirno’s group in cute little numbers... cute as in a little sister way; not a goddamn pedo. I see the sisters in rather cute numbers, though Remi’s is more something a teenager would wear. Ah now I’m nice and relaxed as I put it away and go to sleep.

I wake up the next morning feeling rather refreshed, as I recall my dream. I was a warrior fighting an army with a long sword that seemed wooden yet strong. Weird dream... but I never though there’s be a weapon that strong yet made of wood. It must be a type of legendary weapon.

I get dressed as I go downstairs, I see Flan and Remy sitting down eating something. “What are those things?” I ask, most likely coming off as an ignorant buffoon.

Remy answers with, “Crepes, strawberry to be exact, it originated in France. Guess you’ll have to be taught culture as well, I’ll just have to make a list of books for you to study in the meanwhile.” Ah well... comes with the territory.

Everyone finished eating when Remy asked, “What is everyone going to do today?”

Flan speaks up first, “Well... I think I’ll replay Odin Sphere on heroic difficulty. Then I’m not sure about next,” the last part with a cute pensive face.

Remy then looks at me and asks “So I guess it’ll be me or Meiling then”

[] Guess it’s time to take up the little lady on her special tour.
[] I’d like to meet Meiling and get some fresh air.
>> No. 31480
[x] Guess it’s time to take up the little lady on her special tour.

Am I the only one? Didn't think people were THAT anal here. But then again ...
>> No. 31486

Well other people do vote. And I'm sure as the story progresses more people will read it. Also it is rather slow on the weekends as of late.

But in general, folks don't assume all days will go so easily, since once the next two days pass there will be more choices in a day.
>> No. 31489
[x] Guess it’s time to take up the little lady on her special tour.

Seriously, you don't choose the gate guard over the lady of the mansion, especially if she implies such a choice herself to begin with. That's just baiting an act of rudeness out of you.
>> No. 31491
[X] Guess it’s time to take up the little lady on her special tour.

So John just relieved himself to a picture of the Scarlets? Would be interesting for them to find out...
>> No. 31492

No he was just checking the magazine until he felt sleepy; he was too worn out to think about doing anything like that. Still he put the magazine away just so no one asks any questions.

And it has pictures of various folks in Gensokyo in swimsuits (save for a couple of characters)

If the direction remains the same by 5pm central time, I'll start the next update.
>> No. 31495

>>I see the sisters in rather cute numbers, though Remi’s is more something a teenager would wear. Ah now I’m nice and relaxed as I put it away and go to sleep.

These two sentences kind of read like he was doing that.
>> No. 31496

Trust me if he was doing that, you would have seen his fantasy.

Ala that scene in Harker's story in /eientei/.

I'll be more careful with my wording in the future. Maybe I should do a Yawn instead.

And I will try to make my choices clear; I'm not Teruyo.
>> No. 31497

I did not read anything by Harker, so I have no idea what scene you mean.
And no complaints from my side, I was just confused and positively amused either way.
>> No. 31506
Vote's called; the update will be up tonight or tomorrow; one of the two.
>> No. 31610
File 125356220792.jpg - (70.78KB , 640x916 , typicalremi.jpg ) [iqdb]
I decide to answer, “I guess I’ll go on the special tour then. I hope you weren’t too offended by my earlier choices” Since I do realize how she might take offense at that.

Remy starts chuckling as she replies, “Were you worried about offending me? If I thought it was that important, I’d have forced you to go with me,” as I heard thunder in the distance. “Oh rain today; nice timing, even though it means I can’t really show you the ledge on the clock tower. Flan, do you want to go with?” She asks.

“Not really, Sister. But think I can show him the basement and all the cool stuff down there? I really want to give one of my own.” Flan answers as she goes on her way.

We then go on our way as Remy asks me, “I’m surprised you’re not afraid of her, since even Marisa seems scared at times.” She must be checking something.

I reply, “Not really as she is now there’s really nothing scary about her, though she’s the last person I want angry.” Being honest, thinking on it, a pissed off Flan would most likely tear Gensokyo apart.

“Good to hear” She says as we talk over to what happens to be the Den. “This mansion has been in my family since the middle ages, but to be honest it’s been in my possession. Part of the reason things here are so rather modern is because we moved to Gensokyo rather recently compared to some others. Also in the Den you can see the trophies from the few vampire hunters foolish enough to challenge me.” She adds pointing to the various weapons on the wall.

She sees the look of curiosity on my face as she continues, “I do a pretty good job of hiding my nature, but a few overconfident fools who thought they could make a name for themselves still tried. Out of the miserable bunch only one made it to Sakuya. Meiling’s quite competent in many regards, but she is ever at a disadvantage against Marisa. Now to show you the famed ballroom the mansion has.” We go over to the room next door to see a ballroom that any snob would love to have.

“Pardon the slight dust; it’s just that in Gensokyo there isn’t much of a need for this room. I think I’ll just use this as a general party room, once I moved some furniture in here.” Remy explains. Also down the hall is arena, though it’s just like the room seen down in the basement. I remember playing arm chair detective during the earthquake incident. I wonder if that brat’s causing this weather; well I’m sure Reimu’ll kick her ass once again.” Remy explains as she takes me around the room. I can easily imagine many parties being held here at one time. As I think, something started to bug me.

I decide to ask something, “What’s the story with Marisa and the mansion, since things were rather peaceful yesterday.” Since the more I think of it, the more of an interesting question it is.

Remy starts laughing as she answers, “It’s rather unusual indeed, she’s pleasant company, and even Sakuya is fond of her. Good luck getting her to admit it though! If the matter was really serious, I’d have stepped in decisively, but it’s something of a training game for those three. And contrary to popular belief, she has been stopped a few times. But we make it a point not to kill her, just take way her tools. But I am concerned about Meiling’s lack of luck against Marisa, for her sake. In a straight up mixed battle, Meiling has better luck; not so much in Danmaku. You’ll find out more about things here as time goes by. But Marisa is charming, is she not?” She asks that question with a smile.

I don’t think there’s any harm in answer, so I do. “Yeah her personality’s the strongest aspect about her. She is pretty cute too” I realize that I should perhaps do a bit of flattery, “But she doesn’t quite have the aura of nobility you do.” I answer.

“Nice to see you still have common sense!” She replies in a teasing fashion. From what I remembered from that magazine, no one could say either sister is ugly at all. And unlike Yukari’s teasing, I can tell she’s being nice about it. “I must say that Tengu does know her photos, especially with that swimsuit magazine, wouldn’t you say, Johnny?” She asks catching me off guard as she starts laughing. “You’re a man, its normal. I’d be more concerned if you didn’t look at such things. And I wouldn’t squander such favor if I were you. It is not easy to win that hag’s favor after all.” She adds. I think she just says that to make fun of Yukari... since there’s no way in hell she’d ever count as a hag. Calm down, there’s no need to pop a boner in front of the lady of the mansion.

We head out of the ballroom to see the clock tower when we hear something knocking against the roof. “That brat’s at it again... she wants pain, she’ll get more than she could ever hope for!” Sakuya came up as Remy speaks, “There’s a problem isn’t there? Since I know it’s not lunch time yet.”

Sakuya spoke up “It’s Nitori she came by in this weather and seems to have fallen ill. I put her in one of the guest bedrooms with some soup and sliced cucumbers. She brought back that controller she repaired.”

We go to the room quickly, and find Nitori in a bed with a bunch of covers around her, I decide to step back so Nitori doesn’t freak out as she’s known to do. “Nitori, you didn’t have to come in this weather with that brat screwing around. And this is Johnny, he’s going to be the newest servant here. Despite his rough looks he’s not that bad of a guy.” Remy says to her, making a remark at my expense. “Sakuya, please show Johnny the Clock Tower. Sorry, but I can’t quite go running around like this.” Remy adds.

I reply, “I’ll be back, don’t worry about it. Friends should stick by one another,” giving a cocky smirk. That always does the job of putting them at ease... at least before finding out that I have a good deal of asshole in me.

Sakuya takes me to the door of the tower as I noticed retractable stairs and lots of gears. “I maintain the clock here when it’s needed. As of late, the Mistress has been talking about adding Medusa heads flying around in here for some reason. If not for the particular weather conditions, you would be shown the patio near the roof of the tower. It is a popular spot to view the stars.”

“Thank you, but mind if I go back to Remilia and Nitori? I have a feeling that she wants to talk tech.” I say to her. I haven’t gotten that into Mountain of Faith, but it did have some cute characters. Nitori is one of them for me.

Sakuya replies, “Not at all, I’m sure she’d like how you show concern. Let me drop you off” as she takes my band... pretty soft even with the calluses. Next thing I know, I’m by the room again with a bit of dizziness. “I apologize, moving someone during a time stop can be unnerving.” Sakuya adds as she leaves.

I go in to find those two still talking. “Ah there you are! I’d have thought that you two would have taken more time.” Remy says with a smirk. She continues speaking, “She’s asleep now, but I explained everything. Funny how some Kappa girl Marisa brought in during the underground incident ended up being a friend of the household. She does repairs of some of the machinery, but I always make sure she has her fill of cucumber-type foods.” She motions me to go back to the den.

There she begins speaking again, “You’re going to be running into Aya shortly. It’d be a good idea to go along with her, since she can be very persistent. Sure she’s overbearing and pushy, but she’s not a bad girl. And there are very few people in Gensokyo that can rival the knowledge she has of the workings of Gensokyo. Even if she wasn’t nice, a wise person knows who to have as allies.” Heh, she’s really a child of those medieval times.

I like Aya, sure she’s been in a lot of games, but she’s a reporter she covers lots of ground unlike some characters who are basically stuck at places. I don’t believe that she’s remotely slutty in the least. But what I do believe is his: she’d be great in bed. “Don’t worry; I’ll do my best to be nice to her. Better a babe than some wrinkly geezer!” I reply.

Remy takes me downstairs as to have lunch and play with her sister. It’s pretty exciting seeing the two sisters play. Interesting to see how Flan does things with a high technical precision while Remy is more methodical in her plans. Sakuya dropped off lunch in the meanwhile as all three of us eat it while playing.

Soon it’s time for dinner, and today Nitori’s sitting at the table with me and Remy. “Are you feeling better now, Nitori?” Remy asks. Today’s meal was authentic Salisbury steak and cucumber salad. As usual, it’s very good; it’s a weird feeling living like this. Not to say it’s a bad weird at all.

“I’m better now; thank you for letting me stay for the night. I’m curious... how is the tech level in your world... um,” Nitori said blushing and fidgeting; out of shyness no doubt.

I reply, “Its Johnny, don’t worry, since hurting you is the last thing I’d ever want to do. As far as your question goes, it’s still similar to how that Sanae most likely talked about, some places more so than others. I think Sanae would still know a bit more than me, since Japan’s ahead of the US in various kinds of technology.”

Remy remarks, “If not for Nitori, I’d have broken all the controllers when I run into something unfairly difficult. And a proper lady always takes care of her guests. Johnny, I’ve had Sakuya make a list of all the games, just to see which ones you might like. I’ll be busy getting Nitori used to having you around; just go and relax, since tomorrow might be hectic.”

So that’s the case? I don’t mind. I could use some time to myself. “Sure I have no problem with that.” I answer as I finished eating and bid my farewells.

I head up to my room as I thought about what I’d do for the rest of the night. And I could certainly go for a... ‘Mediation session’

Choose activities and the order to do them in
[] Read more of the outsider’s guide
[] Check out that swimsuit magazine some more
[] Check to see if your TV and PS2 works plugged in
[] Check out that list
[] ‘Meditate’
About what?
-[] Sakuya in the kitchen
-[] Me and those three magicians; it’s a fantasy so why not?
--[] One or two of the trio.
-[] Ran, in a sexy yet cute scene.
-[] Tukari strip show
-[] Write-in (limitations: Up to MoF only, and no one with a too childish personality)
>> No. 31611
Sorry about the delay; a combination of getting tired and the update dragging for a bit.

and corrected choices.

Choose activities and the order to do them in
[] Read more of the outsider’s guide
[] Check out that swimsuit magazine some more
[] Check to see if your TV and PS2 works plugged in
[] Check out that list
[] ‘Meditate’
About what?
-[] Sakuya in the kitchen
-[] Me and Koakuma in the 'adult' section trying out various things.
-[] Me and those three magicians; it’s a fantasy so why not?
--[] One or two of the trio.
-[] Ran, in a sexy yet cute scene.
-[] Tukari strip show
-[] Write-in (limitations: Up to MoF only, and no one with a too childish personality)

I can't believe I forgot Koakuma.
>> No. 31670
[x] Check out that list
[x] Read more of the outsider’s guide
[x] ‘Meditate’
-[x] Sakuya in the kitchen
-[x] Me and Sakuya in the 'adult' section trying out various things.
-[x] Sakuya, in a sexy yet cute scene.
-[x] Sakuya strip show
-[x] Me and three Sakuyas; it’s a fantasy so why not?
>> No. 31683

Very funny; but I'm still just counting that as "Sakuya in the kitchen"

But let me say this, there may be surprises in his fantasies. The human mind is funny like that.
>> No. 31778
Just a little warning that I will proceed to write tonight regardless of votes.

And I know the last few 'days' seem pretty easy, well it won't last, since it's getting to know the SDM and some character development.

And it goes without saying Tomorrow we meet Meiling and some others.

But another question: should I timeskip the basic training or show it in full?
>> No. 31785
Just as a reminder, you may want to add a maximum number of choices when multiple are allowed/encouraged.

[X] Read more of the outsider’s guide
[X] Check out that swimsuit magazine some more
[X] ‘Meditate’
-[X] Me and those three magicians; it’s a fantasy so why not?

Who cares about games when you are practically the protagonist of one? Better use the time for some "research".
And no option for the sisters? Oh well, a harem is fine too.
>> No. 31786
[X] Read more of the outsider’s guide
[X] Check out that swimsuit magazine some more
[X] ‘Meditate’
-[X] Me and those three magicians; it’s a fantasy so why not?
>> No. 31788
File 125364633387.jpg - (194.45KB , 720x1100 , TTDRemi.jpg ) [iqdb]

Oh you could have tried a write in, and I'd say if it was okay or not.

Johnny's very anti-lolicon, so they wouldn't come up and if anything, only Remi would (He'd rationalize it using her age and her behavior at times)

And that's not taking into account how the fantasy might turn (someone unexpected might pop in it)

And if I intended on a maximum, I would have stated it. (Certain activities wouldn't be the same length.) I will consider that in the future though.

But have some cute Remi (from the Touhou Tag Dream series by Orenji Zeni/Orange Jelly)
>> No. 31809

I thought about doing a write-in, but decided against it since I saw Johnny as a non-lolicon as well.

About the limit: anon likes to wall the writer with things to do in the story when given the chance. I would have almost gone the way of "do all options" myself here, including meditating about everyone. It is difficult to hold back on this for me at least.

...and somehow we are discussing again, this is relieveanon speaking.
>> No. 31815

Hahahaha.... I think for future... 'meditation' sessions I will put "choose one only" (And there will be in the future, even if Anon finds a casual sex partner in the story; yes there's a couple of character that could count as that in this story)

Also the write in could have been used to bring in other characters that Johnny hasn't quite met yet.

But the listed choices are a bit better though, since he's actually met them and such.

Also a correction: Three sub-routes excluding the little sister Flan one.
>> No. 31818
This vote wins

[X] Read more of the outsider’s guide
[X] Check out that swimsuit magazine some more
[X] ‘Meditate’
-[X] Me and those three magicians; it’s a fantasy so why not?

Update up tomorrow most likely if not sooner.
>> No. 31852
File 125381865960.jpg - (475.70KB , 1091x827 , magiciantrio.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Read more of the outsider’s guide
[x] Check out that swimsuit magazine some more
[x] ‘Meditate’
About what?
-[x] Me and those three magicians; it’s a fantasy so why not?

Let’s see what the guide has to say next. Oh yeah memes. “It is a bad idea to go spamming them in front of the related person. Then again I did that enough as it is. It was fun teasing Yuuka about Youkai moe.” Figures Yukari would do something like that. Let’s see what else is next, “True renditions of incidents, written by Patchouli Knowledge” the next chapter said, It goes into how during the Scarlet Mist Incident that Remilia started it because she wanted to liven things up, and the parasol she uses was completed by that time. I wonder if she did that to make her official debut in Gensokyo. That might explain why they didn’t bother during that old vampire incident.

Next would be the Spring incident, which went much like it was in the games, but notes that while Reimu did beat Yukari, by the time anyone noticed Yukari didn’t do a thing, no one cared. Figures as much; since Yukari did sound as if she rather not deal with Reimu in that manner. The oni incident was indeed a case of where Reimu actually lost a battle, but Suika gave up regardless, and there were more parties in general. Then was the Imperishable Night incident which was infamous for the weird rules Yukari put into play. The flowering incident was not any different.

I got to the mountain of faith one, and it revealed that Kanako placed a field which disabled both Reimu and Marisa’s specialty spell cards in something that’s called in the book, “A cheap move by that sagging snake hag.” I heard there was some animosity between Yukari and her... this is major proof. Now for underground incident, partners were used in a difference sense. “Marisa tried to persuade everyone to let her use Flandre as a partner, but was refused due to fear that something would get utterly destroyed in the process, the underground itself included” The passage in the book read. Now it mentions the earthquake incident, it states how Tenshi occasionally causes minor trouble still.

I remember that game, played it some, but last time I checked there wasn’t a lot of stuff on Iku and Tenshi, though I do like the suggestion that Iku has a nice rack under those clothes. Haven’t really gotten a chance to play SA yet; I’ve heard of it some, but my knowledge is lacking compared to the other games. Perhaps I might find out more first hand here.

It Also remarks on how contrary to popular belief, Outsiders do have some potiental, but that the biggest hurtle is the mental blocks placed living by the outside’s rules. What’s this a little handwritten footnote: “Johnny, you don’t have much in the way of that at all, so learning things should be easier. And to think I didn’t need to mess with your boundaries” I really do not know if I should be glad or scared that Yukari’s helping me.

Next in that guide are quick little profiles. I read through those of the Scarlet Manner, and they’re pretty true to what I’ve encountered. Meiling’s talks about how her kindness is remarkable and how she really doesn’t sleep that much. Then I decide to read up others I’ve met (Youmu, Marisa, Alice, Nitori) It does remark on a “Possible Magic Love Triangle”, book’s words, not mine. That and Alice makes her own clothes.

Ah enough reading, time to look through that swimsuit magazine. I resume where I left off, finding a nice spread of Meiling in a rather sexy two piece. I would remark about perfect bodies, but when you’re in a land filled with many many lovely women, each in their own way, it does become redundant. Next I find a shot of Koakuma in a sexy bikini while looking completely innocent. I’m tempted to wonder if Patchy uses Koakuma’s services in that fashion.

Next I come to the next group of gals. First is Alice, looking very nice in a slightly frilly number; I guess Cirno’s group wasn’t invited, and Letty wasn’t there. Back on Alice, sure some might say she’s plain, but she’s also very attractive in a mundane way, and there’s something about a girl in nice clothes she designed herself, I guess the same could be said of her swimsuit. I can see that Alice has rather nice figure herself, I think her breasts are about B/C borderline. Next are the Prismrivers, interesting how the sisters are slightly different, Lunasa has a general petite figure, but with a rather noticeable ass. Merlin’s generally a bit curvier, and Lyrica is normal petite. All three are pretty cute.

Next up are Youmu and Yuyuko; the former in a modest green one piece, and the latter in a light blue number that shows off much of her figure. Youmu’s cute in the shots. Yuyuko is no doubt a woman as opposed to a girl. I think her figure’s akin to Yukari’s but most likely softer due to her being a ghost. Next few pages are of Yukari, Ran and Chen. Chen’s wearing an adorable summer number, but I figure she isn’t that fond of swimming at all. Ran is wearing a simple white bikini... but it’s amazing, her breasts are bigger than Yukari’s, and Yukari’s are pretty big. Cute blush on her face as well. Yukari in contrast wears something that could be barely called a swimsuit, and again I’m reminded that she in no way looks old at all.

And I noticed an envelope dropping out with my name on it. In it was a letter and some more pictures. “Here are a few extras of Me and Ran, though as you could tell, she struggled. - Yukari” the letter read. How typical of her. Now time to see the pics. Whoa, she’s certainly is vain... and I can’t blame her. Ran in these pictures looks so distraught about things. Maybe I should find a way to let her vent. She certainly has a right to after seeing Yukari force her into some undersized clothes. Damn... the whole thing gave me a bitching boner... well time to find inner peace as I’d like to say it.

After preparations, I imagined the scenario. I’m walking into the library, and in the main room I find no one, so I explore a bit until I stumble upon the bedroom, where I finkd Patchy, Marisa and Alice doing something of a lesbian orgy... at least finishing the first part. Well I have a good idea what Alice and Marisa are like naked, but Patchy’s a mystery... so why don’t I assume she has big breasts to balance out Marisa’s very small yet nice chest. It would be quite a sight seeing such curves on an otherwise slim pale frame.

While they recover from their fun, they notice me and my boner, as soon I find myself naked and with all of them touching me. I do some touching back. Marisa’s breasts are the most sensitive as I sent a few moments playing with them. Then I give Alice’s nice handfuls some attention, all while Alice’s using her very skilled hands to give a handjob that would be second to none. As I proceed to gently play with Patchy’s pale melons, she has this cute expression on her face. I soon notice Marisa taking the whole thing into her mouth. It almost makes me wonder what she does with some of the mushrooms she finds. I continue playing with Patchy’s breasts as I notice Alice now fingering her to yet another orgasm.

While Marisa’s mouth is nice and all, I rather see how tight her pussy is, and Alice and Patchy are busy with each other. Next is entering from behind and playing with her breasts, I find it to be a snug fit. Marisa starts moving her hips, doing most of the work down there alone, I reward that by fondling her chest some more. It eventfully moved on where I did some moving as well. I also noticed Alice and Marisa passionately making out. In the fantasy I came in her causing her second orgasm. I realize how I’m still going and haven’t... reached inner peace yet, but I put that to the back of my head, I still got at least two thirds to go yet.

With Marisa and Patchy resting, it was just Alice. Unlike Marisa, she let me do all the work, but she gave a rather nice show in return as she played with her own breasts as I fucked her. Eventfully my hands moved to her breasts as her hands helped my hips slam into her. Sure her pussy’s not as tight as Marisa, but still very nice. I come into Alice. At this point a few things are in my mind, particularly how a guy doing what I’m doing doesn’t make the best storyteller.

Last is Patchy, and first would be gently sucking and playing with those breasts of hers. She squirms and I think I hear a few Mukyus. I have no idea if that’s good or bad, so I’ll assume its good, after all this is a fantasy. Then a titfuck next, of course gently; She’d have an embarrassed face, since she’s not used to having her frail body be seen as sexy. When the time comes, she gladly drinks up my special protein shake. Yeah, that was bad. Finally on the main event, while I notice those two making out I hold Patchy’s slim yet curvy mode closes and at did things at a gentle pace.

But as I finish up Sakuya comes in with some food and drink. I notice the three girls having an idea. I soon found out what it was: Having fun with Sakuya herself. Just like they did me, they stripped Sakuya out of her clothes, even what I guess is a padded bra; doesn’t matter, she has sexy A cups I’d figure. While my hips were going into her, the others were having fun with other parts of Sakuya’s body. I tried to imagine more but I finally reach inner peace.

I clean up quickly and get a drink of water as I start to realize: That was the best session ever. If that’s’ what ‘meditating’ is like here, imagine the actual sex! I get into bed and pass out.

Well here it is after a delay and a few brain farts.

Second part up by the weekend.
>> No. 31884
File 125399581637.jpg - (104.70KB , 850x531 , Meiling and Cirno.jpg ) [iqdb]
Wow, I feel refreshed as I get up from bed. I quickly got ready and headed downstairs to eat breakfast. Down there I see Remy and Nitori eating. “Good Morning, Johnny; ready for the day?” Remy asks.

“As ready as I’ll ever be” I answer in true American fashion. “Is Nitori feeling better now?” I asked as I see her nod her head. Looks like it’ll take a bit more time before she warms up to me.

Today’s breakfast was a variation of biscuits and gravy. Needless to say it was great, from the soft fluffiness of the biscuits, the texture of the gravy and how the sausage was just the right amount of spicy. Remy speaks while I was eating, “Don’t worry about her, she’ll warm up to you. When you visit Meiling, don’t forget to thank her, it was her that carried you up to your room.” She does have a point.

“What are you going to be up to? Still planning on that payback?” I asked her. I do remember how angry she was at the whole thing.

Remy assumes a pouty look as she answers, “Of Course! I plan on literally making her eat dirt. I was planning on shoving Gungnir up a certain place, but I think she’d enjoy that way too much.” Well today won’t be boring if that’s going on.

After we finished eating, Remy says, “I’ll be escorting Nitori to the gate” I figured I’d go with as to meet Meiling. I remember that picture from yesterday, and how her figure was curvy and quite toned. In other words, while attractive, one can tell that Meiling isn’t the type to go begging a man to do manual labor.

We got up to the gate, noting how the weather was lightly cloudy, “Getting up there won’t be so hard then, and once I get her under cloud cover, payback time. Well Johnny, have fun and don’t be surprised if you hear the sound of something making an impact” Remy says as her and Nitori go on their way. I do recall Youkai Mountain being the best way to get to heaven. A vampire going up to heaven... the local priest in my area would have a heart attack at such a notion.

I find Meiling relaxing on her chair. “I’m here for the Tour” I say trying to snap her out of it.

She jumps up, causing a bit of a bounce as I hear her say, “Sorry about that! My Name is Hong Meiling, glad to finally meet you.” She says apologetically.

I smile as I reply, “Don’t worry, Meiling; I’m not going to tell anyone about that. Name’s Johnny Smith, western notation” I remember the different ways of saying one’s name, thanks to the geeks. She only responded by smiling and hugging me. This feels very nice.

“Oh my! I’m sorry!” She says blushing.

I reply, “I had no problems, I wish that happened more often!” Since many girls slapped me more than anything else.

She then showed the garden filled with a hedge maze, a rose garden, and a bunch of other flowers. “I must say I do a good job of maintaining it, and not even Sakuya can doubt that!” Meiling says with a smile. I’m starting to wonder if that infamous dynamic is more than just fanon here. This is a bit of a nice relief from dealing with Koakuma, no offense to her. I can feel rather at ease with Meiling despite her curvy figure.

She leads us back to the gate as she remarks, “It should be any moment that they’d be arriving. I mean Cirno’s group of friends. At first I thought they were annoying but once I got to know them, they’re a nice group of kids, sometimes that cat girl hangs out with them. Cirno’s proven to be a good student, she might mess up, but she never gives up” Meiling says smiling. She must be proud of the group.

I took a look around the island and saw the lake that surrounds it. I see a layer of mist on it as well as a cool breeze. It’s tempting but I have the feeling that the lake is dangerous. The mansion does have a pool that’s safe and warm. But this is the kind of conditions one could take a nap in easily. But there might be more to the story than what I know; its times like this where I’m reminded of the task given to me.

“Yeah it’s quite nice; though too bad the sun isn’t out, it’s a bit too chilly to really take a nap” She says as I look around a bit when I noticed a group flying towards the Island. I try to look closer as I noticed, a cat shape, a blue shape, and a black orb. It turns out it was Cirno, Rumia and Chen.

Chen finds me and a bright smile is on her face. “I told you Mr. Smith was here! Ran-sama’s never wrong!” She says to the other two as they head over.

Rumia merely replies, “Is that so? Sure he’s a human, since he doesn’t smell like one” That might be a good thing since it means she won’t try to eat me. But Cirno is certainly is small, proving fan art wrong in my regards.

I remark, “Just call me Johnny, I’m not that old!” Since while cute, being called Mr. Smith makes me feel old.

“Is it the same as when Yukari-sama hates being called old?” She asks. I can imagine why she’d hate that, especially when she looks so young for her age. I nod my head as I chuckle.

Cirno flies around looking me over. “I guess if two of my underlings vouch for you, this means you have what it takes to be in my army. We could really use someone like you in our group.” She says with an air of a leader. Chances are she needs a human to go somewhere they can’t.

Chen adds, “Yeah since we were banned from the village due to our pranks, and Miss Keine threatened to tell Ran-sama if I did another thing there. But you should give him time to think, since I don’t think he can even fly yet.” Kids can be such trouble, but that’s normal. I guess with Youkai kids, it’s a bit different.

“You should think about it, since there are many benefits to being one of my underlings... but I forgot what they were, but there are benefits. Oh I remember one, it’s half-price from Mystia’s stand.” Cirno remarks; I suspect Wriggle and Mystia are more the brains than the leader is.

“It may be weird at first, but her lampreys are actually very good. I usually order some if I have to guard at night. That happens rarely since most folks know better than to try to invade a vampire’s mansion at night. I think I’ll ask the Mistress if I can take you over there tonight, this way you can meet the rest of the gang.” Meiling says. “Well, the usual time seems to have passed; I guess Marisa isn’t going to try anything today.” She adds.

I ask, “You mean she does her stunts at a scheduled time?” This is getting more and more interesting. And is Marisa that much of blitz master that even with warning Meiling can’t stop her.

She answers, “Yeah, I’ve been trying my best, but it’s not easy. I fight my best in a one on one fight. Purely danmaku battles, and dealing with sneak attacks aren’t my strongest point.” I thought about it as I decide to say my piece on it.

“To be honest, in any fights I’ve been in, I always try to take them by surprise. I’m not the biggest or strongest guy, so I have to take whatever advantage I can. You might want to look into ways to slow her down and get into your prime range.” I answer.

Chen adds, “Like with that guy? How you came out of nowhere, with a WHAM to the neck, a POW to the stomach! I’ve been practicing that so next time someone comes to cause trouble, I’ll win!” with a smile. I hope Ran’s not going to be pissed that I’m influencing her, but it matches her style. But I think she isn’t at Marisa’s level of skill with such surprise attacks.

Cirno smiles as she adds, “I prefer to take on my enemies head on! There’s no better way to prove yourself to others than beating them at their own game!” I wonder how much luck she actually has with that. But it’s quite enviable, that relentless confidence. Sure I’m pretty damn cocky myself, but she takes it to a new level. In this regard, she may very well be “the strongest”.

There’s some small talk as Cirno and Rumia prepare to leave. “Aren’t you coming with, Chen?” Cirno asks.

Chen answers, “I want to hang out with Johnny, and if Ran-sama lets me go out, I’ll hang out tonight at the stand.” She then runs over by me as she asks “Could I please hang out with you? I promise I’ll be good!”

I answer, “I have no problems, but what about you, Meiling? Is there any problems with you?” I should check with her to see if it’s okay.

She answers, “I have no problem, but I was planning on checking in with Flan today. Not sure if she’d want to continue”

Chen replies, “I’ve heard of her some, but I’m not afraid, especially not if Johnny isn’t”

I’m in a spot what to do here...

[x] Insist on hanging out with Chen while Meiling goes and hangs out with Flan.
[x] Tell Chen that another day would be better.
[x] Have her come with, time to have Flan make some new friends!

Note: This is a potentially major choice, think wisely; just in the term of character affinity points.

Yeah this just kinda came up on me as well.

the next update will be smaller since it covers the rest of the day.
>> No. 31887
[x] Have her come with, time to have Flan make some new friends!
>> No. 31894
[x] Have her come with, time to have Flan make some new friends!
Man, this could backfire.
>> No. 31898
It's having the two meet that it is! I'll try to have the update tonight or tomorrow

Now to find a pic with the two of them.
>> No. 31931
[x] Have her come with, time to have Flan make some new friends!

I think the answer is clear here: Have her go with us; it’ll be great to have Flandre meet some friends around her mental age. “Okay Chen, you can come with. Flan’s not a bad girl at all, and I’m sure Meiling will double check to see if everything is alright” I say reassuringly.

Meiling leads us to a small house that’s by the Garden. “I live here so I can easily respond to anything that comes up. Please pardon the slight mess as I go and make lunch for you two and Flan. Feel free to play games” point to the TV with a PS2 and what looks like a Japanese super nintendo hooked up to it. We also noticed various mangas lying around, including a “Lone Wolf and hatchling” by a white wolf. It has on a cover a white haired wolf girl looking badass while a small black haired girl is cling on to her leg. If I didn’t know any better, this was made by Momiji.

Chen notices, “That little girl looks like Aya the reporter. I think I seen Yukari-sama reading something like this. But is this place nice? I’ve never really been here before, Ran visits at times but she has me play outside while she talks adult business.” She asks.

It has been nice if a bit guarded, since if I end up pissing someone off, it’ll be the last thing I’d do. “It has been very nice here so far, but it’s a good idea to remember your manners. And Flandre isn’t a bad girl at all, just prone to having bad days” I answer.

Chen’s face lights up as she replies, “OH! Like Yukari’s bad days where she goes out and lots of people get beat up. Like that peach girl that was causing all the weather.” At that moment we heard a loud crash.

“Oh, sounds like the Mistress found Tenshi.” Meiling says from the small kitchen. I wonder if Remy really did slam Tenshi into the ground from that height. Yeah I think she did, the whole Nitori getting ill a bit must have pissed her off.

Chen nervously asks, “Is Remilia that strong? I heard Ran tell stories of how close the fights with her were when she played armchair detective.” Oh yeah I can imagine Remy giving Yukari a bit of a hard time considering how Yukari’s always holding back.

“She’s quite strong indeed, I would say enough to give Ran a close fight. But, Chen in this land there’s a few others like that. But I wouldn’t worry since everyone is on generally good terms with everyone else. She’s been so far very nice, considering all things” I answer. She has come off as very nice, such as how she attended to Nitori when she was sick. While shrewd, she does seem friendly.

We decide to read some of the mangas, some of them are from the outside. I also noticed despite everything being in Japanese, I can read it perfectly. I guess it’s thanks to Yukari that such a thing is possible. “Wow, this is pretty bloody, but the guy seems cool” Chen says reading what appears to be Fist of the North Star. Wait a moment, there’s those here!? I’ve always wanted to check it out.

“Hey Meiling, does the library have more Fist of the North Star stuff?” I ask, figuring it might have it. From what I remember there were a few surprising sections like guides for games, apparently at Remy’s request.

She answers from the kitchen as some delicious smells come from it. “Sure, the Mistress is a fan of various manga as well. She even tells me about the good ones she’s found. The food should be done in a few minutes.” We resume reading the various books laying around.

Soon Meiling comes in some food boxes, “We’ll be eating in the basement. I hope no body minds Chinese food.” She says carrying the 4 boxes. She walks over to this magic circle. “Oh this is a teleporter made in the case something happens I can respond to it quickly. As far as sheer toughness goes, only the Mistresses surpass me.” She adds as she puts the boxes down as she goes into it. We wait a few minutes as she returns. “Well it’s all clear, and Flan’s looking forward to meeting Chen.” Meiling remarks as she picks up the boxes and we go into it.

We come out by Flan’s room and as we go in we find her playing some kind of game with a guide open as she notices us. She pauses the game as she runs and hugs Meiling. “Johnny’s here too! And she must be Chen! Sister told me about you and Ran.” Flan says as she lets Meiling go and wraps up her game. “Sorry, I was just in the middle of something. Sister and stuffy Sakuya say that manners are important when dealing with new guests.” She adds as Meiling puts down the only red box out of the 4 by her. The food in it most likely had blood added. Meiling quickly goes and gets some cans of soda to drink, most likely out of whatever fridge is down here.

Meiling opens it as she says “I hope you like it, I’ve been trying to work on my cooking for vampires,” as everyone started opening theirs up. It seems to be a basic mix of Egg rolls, fried rice, regular rice, and sweet and sour pork, and there’s a nice amount of it. She notices the look as she adds, “I figured everyone would have large appetites so I made more of everything. Young people, especially guys are very hungry, and I grew up around guys so I’d know” I wonder how she grew up exactly... since her past was never revealed, just that she choose to be the door guard.

We ate and I must say this is very good, I don’t think even the Chinese place by my house has food this good. She smiles as she states, “This is one area I can top Sakuya at; though it was her that helped me perfect it” Sounds like a bit of a rivalry and that Sakuya seemed to help Meiling somehow.

Everyone soon finishes eating. “Miss Meiling? Think I could get a copy of the recipe so Ran-sama can make it?” Chen asks with a very cute expression. Damn it’s hard to say no to that.

Meiling answers happily, “Sure, I love sharing my knowledge, and I’m curious to see how Ran might improve it, though I know that her and Sakuya have a bit of a silly rivalry going on due to our mistresses. She believes rivalries are a good way to occupy the time. There are ones with Lady Yuyuko and Kaguya, there’s the one with Reimu. But it seems some women rub Sakuya the wrong way, especially Eirin.” Though with the last big she sounds more neutral. Figures Remy would have more rivals than most folks know what to do with. But many would agree it’s better than her other stunts when she’s bored.

We find out that Chen and Flan have started talking about various things and seem to be getting along great. “Wow, there’s someone that’s bigger than Meiling? Isn’t that impossible?” Flan asks.

Chen replies, “No really Ran’s bigger up there than even Yukari-sama! She’s so soft from her tails or when she hugs me.” When me and Meiling heard that we kind of blinked in disbelief.

Meiling says to me, “I’ll let them talk, but in the meanwhile, care to play with me? Don’t worry I’m not quite as good as the mistresses. How about we play some Street Fighter? I’ve always preferred the classics to the newer combo heavy stuff”

“Alright, Well here I go” I reply as we started playing. Well I’m having slightly better luck, but not much, it doesn’t help I haven’t played Street Fighter 2 in so long. I won about 4 games out of ten.

Meiling gently pats me on the back as she says “Don’t worry about it, you’ll get better. And you did well, still confined to your outsider limitations. But we’ll take care of that soon, but I will warn you: While quick it will be very painful. But I’m sure everyone will try their best to help you through it.”

Chen says to Meiling “Reimu finally returned all the stuff and she apologized!” with a smile. I remember that from PCB; it’s believed that Reimu took all the stuff and possibly pawned it. Seems she’s making up for her past misdeeds; but I’ll have to wait until I meet her to find out.

“She apologized? She must be serious then, since usually when she goes resolving incidents, she rarely apologizes to those that she runs into. I guess the Yama’s words finally got to her,” Meiling replies.

Flan speaks up, “Let me take you around the basement, since it’s like I have my own house to myself!” as she leads us around to the small kitchen. “That reminds me, Meiling, I’ve been practicing making fried rice like you taught me, I’ll have some ready next time you come by.”

Next was the doorway into the dungeon, “Yeah this came with the mansion too, I sometimes go in there to play with the Saguyas.” Flan explains cheerfully.

“Saguyas? I’m flattered that you’re sticking up, but you might take it too far.” Meiling asks in a concerned tone.

Flan turns to me and Chen and asks “You’ll be nice to Meiling right?” Okay... something’s seriously up here.

Chen nods her head as she says, “Of course, her food’s good and she’s willing to share with Ran-sama.”

“You don’t need to ask that as I’ll try my best. Who knows I might just get to the heart of the matter and solve the problem!” I answer, not quite fully revealing my purpose here. I doubt anyone would like it if it was revealed I was sent here to meddle in things, at least not until I’ve fixed what I can.

Flan smiles, saying, “Thank you so much, you two! But Meiling are you going to play with me? I like that mixed duel!” The last is said to Meiling.

“Don’t worry I know were the observation room is, Patchouli showed me yesterday.” I remark as I led Chen to it as the other two went into the sparring room.

We sat down as we seen Meiling and Flan take their positions and start fighting. “Oh Yukari-sama told me about these types of fights!” Chen says as we watch the fight. I have an idea how Meiling fights like due to seeing her in IaMP, but Flan while having some melee, is more danmaku based. But I get the feeling she’s getting used to this. I thought on it and this might be more of Chen’s fitting than plain danmaku duels. This was pretty close, but I think it was a mix of Flan’s playful attitude and how Meiling does better in these sorts of things.

Soon the battle ended with a tie as Meiling had Flan ride piggy back. We went out to meet them. “I hope it was fun watching us.” Flan said, looking a bit tired.

Chen replied cheerfully, “I want to do that someday, since it looks really fun!” I think she’d do rather well... but if ZUN had his way it might not happen in a game, something against characters from stage 1 or 2.

Flan then has Meiling lead us to a room which seems filled with various items and relics. “This is my awesome stuff room, just like Marisa’s house. I’ve picked up various things from obscure corners of the mansion to the dungeons after I scare off the saguyas. That’s how I found even my wand; I don’t know what most of this stuff is, but it looked cool so I collected it.” She says happily. Marisa must have influenced her strongly... interesting point it seems the two sisters have their favorites; Remy has Sakuya, perhaps Reimu as well. Flan has Marisa and Meiling.

We were about to head back to the teleporter when we heard something. “Weren’t you supposed to be by your post as opposed to having people run around down here?” A voice said in a very cold tone. It turned out it was Sakuya, which seemed to be in a bad mood. “Oh you were showing him around? But I see no reason why she’s here.” She adds seemingly letting up.

I decide to speak up, “It was my idea, I just figured that Flan could do with some new friends. And if anything were to happen, I’d have ensured that Chen would be safe.” I know it’s a crazy thing, but at this rate she’d lash out at something. She seems to be calming down until something happened.

That something is Chen shouting, “No wonder Flan calls you stuff old SAGuya! Maybe you’re just jealous because Meiling and Ran-sama have bigger hearts than you do!” Meiling’s look matched my own... an “OH SHIT!” face.

“She didn’t really mean that, she’s just a kid” Meiling tried to explain getting in front of us. This is getting bad... I know how Sakuya has a fierce temper.

Sakuya coldly smiles as she says, “Meiling, please move out of the way, and take our guest with you after putting the young mistress back in her room. I need to show a poorly trained beast some manners” Seems Flan has fallen asleep on Meiling’s back. And Meiling’s face was quite worried.

“This is bad... she usually calls me China. I’ll try to delay her while you get Flan and Chen out of here. She can sleep on my bed” Meiling says to me, concerned.

I was about to do that when a gap opened up as a voice no other than Yukari’s sounds out. “There’s no need for that; I was coming here to see how you were doing and pick Chen up for Ran.” She said coming out of it. Goddamn... is she trying to kill me!? She’s wearing T-shirt and jeans; the white shirt snug making no effort to hide the fact she’s going bra-less, juding by how I can see her nipples poking through. Her blue jeans are very tight, pointing out the fact she has the ass to go with her tits.

“Now now, Sakuya, she was just being a kid, and generally she’s a good kid that only acts up when something offends her. I will take her home and find out what’s been going on from her side. But if you really insist on being aggressive, I can easily make some time to play with you.” Yukari says pulling a bus sign out of a gap. “And you should really cut back on the frowns; that’s a good way to get wrinkles. You should just relax and take it easy.” She adds.

Sakuya puts her knives away as she says, “Very well, but in the future I’ll just deal with that fox then.” She proceeds to walk back up the stairs. Me and Meiling breath a sigh of relief.

“Now Chen, you really shouldn’t say such things, even if they are true. At least not until you grow up and get stronger. You could have gotten Meiling into trouble, and I wouldn’t know what to do if Ran finds out you got hurt.” Yakari says to Chen as an aunt would.

Chen responds with a few tears, “I’m sorry everyone, but she was just being so mean.” I pat her on the shoulder as to try to calm her down.

“So how have you been doing, Johnny? I hope she hasn’t been that cold to you” Yukari says to me.

I answer, “No, I think things caught her in a bad mood, she’s usually on the nice side.” Since to be honest Sakuya seems to be nice, but it’s mostly formality.

Meiling bows to Yukari as she thanks her “Thank you so much for helping, I thought there was going to be real trouble”

Yukari replies, “It should be the other way around, I’ll leave a good word with Remilia about your selfless actions,” to Meiling who goes about putting Flan back in her room. Chen followed to thank her.

Yukari takes this chance to walk up to me and presses herself against me in an irritatingly arousing way. “Not even a whole week, and you’re making progress; you’re proving yourself to be the right choice. One last thing: try to stay alive until next time, Okay?” she says up close. Damn she’s doing this just to tease me. It’s so tempting just to grab her and have my way with her; but I know way better than to try.

By this time, Chen and Meiling arrive back. “Come on Chen, let’s go back home so you can tell me about your day.” Yukari says as she and Chen enter the gap, but not before Yukari blows me a mock kiss.

While we head to the main room, Meiling says to me, “She’s always prone to teasing people like that.” She blushes as she says it though, which makes me wonder what kind of things does Yukari do. Guess I’ll ask to ask someone who knows her better, like Reimu.

We arrive there to find Remilia with a few scratches and some tears, but in good shape. “What a bold move you did, Johnny, inviting Ran’s shikigami like that. Judging from all that happened was Sakuya being in a bad mood, I must say it must have went well.” Remy says to us.

“Mistress, I was thinking about taking him to Mystia’s stand tonight so he can meet some more people. I’ll take full responsibility for him the whole time!” Meiling says to Remy.

Remy replies, “Go ahead, I’ll have Sakuya make him something anyways in case he gets hungry when he gets back. On that note, Sakuya apologizes for her behavior earlier, and wishes that you do not think ill of her because of it, Johnny.” I guess she regrets some of it at least. Sometimes I think Sakuya is the resident with the shortest temper at times. “Meiling, go ahead and clean up, since I seen you were sparring. Tomorrow’s going to start your basic training; I’m not sure if anyone warned you before hand, but it will be quick and painful. Afterwards you should be strong enough to venture out into general Gensokyo without much fear and it’ll be up to you to get stronger.” Remy says as she hands Meiling some money as Meiling leaves.

I explain the basics of what happened and Remy replies, “Sounds like you definitely have her favor. Her teasing can turn quite terrible if she doesn’t like you. But that mainly applies to the Snake god. I’ll talk more about Sakuya some other time, but try not to take some of her actions too personally.”

I answer, “Pardon my audacity, but it seems Flandre isn’t so fond of Sakuya.” I’m trying to be careful as not to offend her, since I barely survived one pissed off resident.

“You’re pardoned, I’m aware of how her efficient manner on top of how she is with Meiling rubbed her the wrong way. But it might be that we gravitate towards different people. I’ve been trying to talk Sakuya into regarding my sister in a more friendly matter than just a job, like Meiling’s been doing. Well you should head over to the cottage as to wait for her. Have fun, Johnny.” Remy says as I start going back after picking up my hooded jacket, since it does seem chilly tonight.

By this point the sun’s setting; nights are a scary time in Gensokyo, but I think if one excludes any pissed off resident, this is actually one of the safest places to be. I continue walking, trying not to think of Meiling in the shower- DAMN IT! Calm down... be mellow be cool. Man I must still be worked up some from Yukari’s teasing.

I get there and on the door is a note that reads “Johnny, feel free to relax inside while you wait. - Meiling.” She seems to trust me easily enough not to peep. As tempting as it sounds, it’s against my personal code of honor. It’s better if you see a girl naked because she wants you to. I go in, sit on the couch as I look through something called “Super Robot Wars Z perfect guide” If not for whatever Yukari did, it’d be moonspeak to me. Man those geeks would love to get their hands on this. I hope Mary and Ren aren’t too worried about me.

I was reading about the secrets when Meiling interrupted me. “Oh sorry about that, but after a hard day, a good shower feels good. Wouldn’t you agree?” She does have a point, since I remember doing some side jobs for my dad... and damn did the shower feel good afterwards. Taking one with a girl is even better.

“Yeah that’s true, nice jacket” I say remarking on what appears to be a bomber jacket. It’s a weird choice, but really not a bad choice in this cool weather. We got out as I notice Meiling picking me up as she flies. While I might be- Oooh that is soft. I’m definitely not complaining now, not everyday where an attractive busty woman holds you while flying so that your back feels two large soft bumps. I just decide to appreciate the view, which would be the forest of magic I presume.

As I watched it, I had a good idea where Marisa’s house was by seeing the smoke rise from one of her experiments. Soon we arrive at the stand where Rumia, Cirno, a tired Daiyousei, Wriggle and Mystia is running the stand.

“So this is the person that Cirno and Rumia were talking about. You were an outsider, right? Could you tell me anything about this guy?” Mystia says as she shows me a photo of that Simon guy.

“Oh he has you on his mind very much, that much was very clear. Also I heard how he basically named a boat after you.” I answered. She is pretty cute even with the wings and bird ears.

“Thank you, you name is Johnny isn’t it? Hello Meiling, shall I get you two of our specials, since I don’t think he’s tried anything like it before. Well I guess I’ll charge him half price as well. Just for this one time only!” Mystia says as she starts cooking.

Meiling answers, “I’ll pay full price for the both of us; I feel kind of guilty getting half price for being a part of Cirno’s group.” I guess Meiling decided to humor Cirno by joining her. I decided to introduce myself to Wriggle.

She really is cute; I can easily tell she’s a girl. “I’m Johnny, glad to meet you, Miss Wriggle” I say as I bow. I add, “I must say I’m impressed at your talent for kicks” recalling the wriggle kick.

Wriggle smiles “Thanks for actually seeing I’m a girl. Well I think that guy based it on the time where I knocked the witch off her broom while she was scooping up power up items. It was funny until she started shooting this laser. Let me warn you, it REALLY hurts. Meiling’s strong because she gets up the same day after getting hit with it”

There was general small talk with everyone, as we shared our story. I tried the lamprey, and while a bit weird at first, it was really good. “Wow this is good, I never throught grilled eel would be this tasty.” I say to Mystia. If it’s good enough for an outsider, then it’s good enough for anyone I figure.

Eventfully Cirno and Daiyousei went on their way. “Sorry but we’re getting tired. But Mr. John, please call me Dai for short. I’m aware of how some outsiders have trouble. And Please keep an eye on Cirno, since she can get herself into a lot of trouble” Dai says. It seems like she’s the one keeping Cirno in line, like a good older sister.

“Don’t worry; I will try if I’m around. I can’t promise more than that.” I say to the older looking fairy as she and Cirno leave.

Meiling taps me on my shoulder as she says, “We should be going back; tomorrow’s going to be a long day. Being well rested would be a good idea.” She says it in a way that it comes off as concerned. We bit our fare wells, though I notice Meiling having a package. “The Mistress is fond of these as a snack, and I always pick her up some whenever I come here. We don’t tell Sakuya, since she’d be offended at the notion of the Mistress eating cooking like that.” She adds. I get the impression while things may be strained between her and Sakuya, she gets along with Remy very well.

We bid those left a farewell as Meiling picks me up and flies back. I would be more worried but her hold was firm yet gentle. It wasn’t long before we were back by the mansion. We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways as she handed me the box.

Getting back into the mansion, I found Remilia was waiting for me. “Ah she didn’t forget. Dinner’s in the fridge and it can be put in the microwave. Don’t worry I let Sakuya retire early tonight. She can be such a workaholic at times.” I walk towards the kitchen to eat when she remarks, “So I guess the date was good then” while snickering. I stopped when I heard that as I soon hear her say, “I was just joking, no wonder she finds it so fun to tease you; despite your oh so cynical jade façade, a strong woman can still catch you off guard.”

I look in the fridge to find a plate of lasagna with some cheeses. I put it in after putting some cheese on top of it. I decide to pour myself a glass of milk to go with it. It wasn’t too long before it finishes reheating as I go and eat at the table. It was rather quiet since it seems she went to her room to enjoy the lamprey.

I notice how Sakuya managed to store it so when reheated it’s still quite fresh. “I hope it’s to your liking, Johnny. I do hope you’re not just eating out of obligation” I hear a voice say, and it turns out to be Sakuya in a modest nightgown. Can’t tell her figure, but she does look nice in it.

I stopped eating as I replied, “I was still hungry, and with your cooking, it’s pretty easy.” I would have said something else, but with what happened today, I figured I’d keep it to myself. It’s way too soon to try confronting her about anything.

She sits down as she explains, “I’ve realized how I went over the line I was earlier today and how I overreacted to a child’s statement. I should try to conduct myself better in front of the soon to be newest servant.”

“Well you’re forgiven; just keep it in mind for the future.” I reply. I guess it’s not easy being ‘perfect and elegant’.

I ate in silence as she went to her room. I put the dishes in the sink and went to mine. It wasn’t until I got into bed that I found out how tired I was. I soon fall asleep.

Timeskip (mostly) the basic training?
[] Yes
[] No

Man this turned out to be bigger than I thought, but I will say that things went quite well for all involved.

Well a few notes:
A) Yukari's outfit was inspired by R.I.M's story in /shrine/
B) Meiling's bomber jacket was inspired by a picture I found on Danbooru (I'll post it in the near future)
C) The reference with saguyas are pretty obvious.
>> No. 31950
[X] No timeskip

Voting against timeskip, again.
>> No. 31959
[x] No

Basic training is the most interesting kind anyway.
>> No. 31960
File 125426348574.jpg - (252.15KB , 900x700 , Meiling with jacket.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well no timeskip it is, well I'll have it up by tomorrow if not sooner.

I wonder if anyone read the sidestories or not or noticed the bits of things that Johnny's observed, since they are hints to things.

Also the picture inspired my notion of Meiling wearing a jacket on chilly nights.

If you have questions, feel free to ask and I'll answer them in my next post.
>> No. 31969
Personally I am clueless as to any foreshadowing aside from the obvious (Johnny being there to help the SDM somehow), despite having read the sidestories.
Then again I never try to actively sort out any given hints and just enjoy reading stories as I go along, with the occasional feeling of "should have known from that scene before" striking me when the big revelations come.
>> No. 31970

Either way suits me, and I'm glad to hear someone's reading them (I might put more up as the story progresses) And the non-smut ones are canon and hint at certain elements that you might uncover later in the story. In short, food for thought.

But I'm also posting to say due to various things, I won't be able to get the update up tonight.

My estimate: Tomorrow or friday.
>> No. 31986
File 125462098450.jpg - (498.84KB , 949x698 , sarashitrio.jpg ) [iqdb]
Next day I get up clean up and get dressed and when I come downstairs to the dining room table, I find in addition to Remy, Sakuya, Meiling and Patchy sitting there as well.

Remy starts up first, “We’ve devised a way to do the training in only one month, but it will hurt. But before we really start, we will explain the steps.” I wonder how it’d go, but I can stand to boost my tolerance for pain.

Patchy explains, “The first step is a rapid conditioning via a combination of acupuncture, magic, and some potions. This should strengthen you enough to fight off most minor Youkai, and increase your capacity for magic to a level as to use danmaku. Something like this would take from several months to a couple years, but it seems Remilla would want to put you to use sooner than that.” Interesting, I wonder how it’ll be to do that.

I decide to ask something, “So danmaku’s based on magic or whatever Reimu uses?” Since I know Reimu doesn’t quite use magic in that sense... I doubt Sanae does either.

Patchy pauses as she responds, “It’s based off of spiritual energy, either by magic or by a shrine maiden’s. Or even that Ki or Qui that China uses. On the matter of Danmaku lessons, Sakuya will be assisting me since she did have to learn it the hard way as opposed to most of us it wasn’t much of a change.”

Sakuya adds, “That was because I was used to throwing actual knives as opposed to danmaku ones. The Danmaku lessons will include flight lessons, in particular the flight spell used by myself. Once you do learn it there well be a few practice duels as to get you used to it.” I do not know if I should be scared or excited about having a practice duel with Sakuya, she who ruined many 1cc attempts at EoSD. But that would give me some pretty cool dodging skills.

“And I’ll help out with the sword lessons, since while danmaku’s great for dealing with civilized youkai, the feral ones need some more decisive force. But it won’t be anything too fancy, just how to use one without getting yourself killed. And Miss Knowledge, my name’s Meiling!” Meiling adds to the conversation.

Sakuya replies, “I don’t think you have much of a place making such a demand, China. But Johnny, she is rather competent with a sword, if in a different way. Perhaps if you choose to work under me, that I might sharpen such skills. But according to Miss Knowledge, your game of baseball seems to suggest that you might have some talent for blade. I hope she’s right.” Kinda scary how cold she sounded at times, especially when it came to Meiling. No wonder Flan’s unnerved, at the moment her tone is perfect, elegant, and cold. I do like her voice better when it’s isn’t so... “Perfect”.

Patchy starts explaining the first part again. “The first part will take about 10 to 12 days, including days of rest. I’m quite aware of the pain and stress will need recovering from so on the days after session days, which you will be allowed to rest. That also means not doing anything intensive, since you’re not much use to anyone if you get maimed due to your own stupidity. It’d also render you pretty dull to observe. The last bit with a smirk on her face; I guess I must be a likable idiot to her. Then again brainly types and folks like me never have gotten along. They consider us hotheaded morons and we consider them spineless wusses.

I have an idea of what to expect, but at the moment a little detail pops up: What Rumia said to me. “You don’t seem human” is what she said; on one hand this means she won’t try to eat me, but on the other hand... “Patchouli, I have a quick question, someone told me that I wasn’t like a human. Would you have any idea what that remark means?” I ask.

Patchy replies with a curious look, “I think during today’s session I will try to inspect you, since it seems your nature is atypical of that of a human’s. Most would be unnerved to say the least being around beings not human, yet you’re taking things in stride rather well. I’m sure you’re aware of why the sister’s food is tinted red, yet you show no fear. Perhaps your nature is truly that of a Youkai, and being here might fully awaken it. Not all Youkai were animals or magic users at one time; some where normally human until something pushed them out of humanity and into being a youkai. I assure you the examination will be less painful than the sessions” She finished that with a slight cackle; I wonder if she’d wear a nurse’s outfit while doing it. Not sure if I want her to be interested in me... at least not in that way... but if she’s wearing a nurse’s outfit or something that shows off her figure, I can live with it.

Remy then speaks with an amused look, “Now Johnny I realized you might not be aware of the true time difference between Gensokyo and the outside. It’s actually early in the 3rd month of Gensokyo year 124. In so many order words, you’ve skipped a few months. But I wanted to ask, when is your birthday?” Whoa... but this would have affected me a lot more when first got here. That would explain how it was chilly and not many fall leaves.

She speaks again, “Also if you have any questions about your future here, either in the next few weeks or ahead of that, feel free to ask, since it’s rare that we’ve gathered like this. If this wasn’t so strictly business, I would invite Flandre up there.” Questions huh? I should think about this, but I can’t try to investigate anything now.

My Birthday?
[] Spring
[] Summer
[] Fall
[] Winter

Questions? (3 per person)
[x] Ask Remy something (write in)
[x] Ask Sakuya, perhaps what she meant by that offer (Write ins are fine too)
[x] Ask Patchy, perhaps in regards to her interest in me (Write ins are applicable)
[x] Ask Meiling (write in)

A smaller update, and the next few will be smaller since for every couple of days in the story there'll be options.

Again I apologize for the delay since it took me until today to recover from a demoralizing event. And I know that flap fantasy was bad, and I decided to write it off in story.

Marking the pic NSFW just to be safe. (It is rather hot though) Not related to the story though.
>> No. 31988
[X] Winter

[x] Ask Sakuya:
"So you use a lot of edged weapons?"
[x] Ask Patchy, perhaps in regards to her interest in me
[x] Ask Meiling: "So is the China thing an in-joke at this point?"
>> No. 31996
[X] Spring

Because it is true for me.

[X] Ask all of them: "I understand this training will be short and painful, but will it be dangerous too?"
[x] Ask Meiling: "So is the China thing an in-joke at this point?"

No idea for really good questions. The first one could be interesting for Johnny, the second one is just interesting in general.
>> No. 32000
[X] Winter

[x] Ask Sakuya:
"So you use a lot of edged weapons?"
[x] Ask Patchy, perhaps in regards to her interest in me
[x] Ask Meiling: "So is the China thing an in-joke at this point?"
>> No. 32001
Well I'm going to wrap up voting tonight (around 12am central time or so) and start writing.

I'll reveal the point of the birthday question in the next update.

Hope that no one was offended by my choice of picture in the last update; I was just doing a general hot pic, and in the future I'll stick to related pics.
>> No. 32004
Voting called for winter birthday, but all questions will be considered. Will have the update up today or tomorrow one of the two, barring anything unexpected.
>> No. 32016
File 125487873568.jpg - (140.90KB , 1036x756 , SDMouting.jpg ) [iqdb]
Note to the readers and voters:

The point of the birthday? Determines how late in the story the event happens, and depending on how you're doing you'll gain certain benefits.

Also I thank those who voted for the timeskip. I'll tell you it'll be mainly character development for the next several updates. Yes I know I'm going to have to make a wall for the next one. And this is a chance to start doing some basic investigations (don't pry too deep though) into certain social dynamics.

“It’s in the winter” I answer, realizing that due to the time gap or so, I missed my own birthday. I wonder what kind of effect this would have.

Remy frowned a bit as she answered, “Sorry to hear that, But I’ll get you something useful for when you’re done. On the bright side, if you live that long, you’ll get a nice party. 9 months here is so short yet a lot can be done in those nine months.” Nine months from now... I can’t even imagine how things would be then!

I ask, “What are the risks of this training? I figure I’d find out what risks this might have.

“None, we have tested this in the last few days as to ensure there’s no real risk outside of you doing something stupid. I would go into it, but I will say exerting yourself after a session will certainly have very unpleasant consequences.” Patchy replies with a smirk.

I was about to ask something as Remilia adds, “You should be looking forward to half the time, you get to lay around and be pampered by beautiful women on the days off.” She proceeds to start laughing; she does have a nice point. And I guess I should be lucky to be in her good graces.

I resume asking my question, “Patchouli, May I ask why you are interested in me? Is it my dashing roguish smile? I’m quite flattered a cute older lady is interested.” I figured I’d try to catch her off guard. She is honestly cute after all, and I wonder what kind of body is under those robes.

Patchy smirked as she answered, “Because you’re a brash young arrogant young man with a surprising potential and character. Do you know what happens to such young men? They either die ignoble deaths or grow up to become heroes. Unlike a past guest, you do show interest in girls yet have willpower to resist my familiar’s constant seduction aura, interesting mix of traits. To make it short, you will no doubt make things lively for a long time, if your stupidity doesn’t kill you first.” Did she compliment and insult me at the same time? Then again, trying to battle her in wits seems to be a challenging idea.

My thoughts went to Sakuya and her proficiency with various bladed weapons, not just knives. “Sakuya, just how many bladed weapons are you good with? Since from what I seen you’re something of a blademaster” Upon hearing the question, Sakuya smiles warmly.

She replies, “I was taught to be proficient with many bladed weapons in the past. While I have mixed feelings about the lessons, I have developed a fondness for various weapons. I collect the ones I find and maintain them very well. I hope you can let me see that knife you have, since I’ve never seen that model of army knife in person.” I guess I’ll show it to her, if to pay for being able to eat her cooking.

Patchy asks, “May I see that club of yours then? Studying it would prove most interesting.” I thought about it, and I figured since I’d be more or less busy for a while I didn’t see the harm in it, and it’ll give me an excuse to check out the mature materials... hopefully without Koakuma around. I do not need any more nudges towards ravaging the poor girl. Now if she asked me to, that would be a different story.

I answer, “Sure, I’ll bring it by before we start. But what’s the story behind the “China” nickname, Meiling? I thought it was just fanon.” I remember some of the geeks calling her that, but I never did. Meiling’s a fitting name for her.

Everyone had their own reactions, Remy and Meiling had kinda distressed faces, Patchy had a smirk and Sakuya had an obvious neutral face; so obvious that she’s hiding something. “Well it was something I called her after one of her failures guarding the gate, and Miss Knowledge must have picked up on that and started using it. You might be surprised at what bits of fanon are and are not true.” Sakuya responds, her face turning into a warm smile at the end. I guess she’s starting to warm up to me, at least on a friendly level.

“Is that all? Well I’ll leave you four to the tasks. And Johnny, please don’t do anything stupid, or else that hag’s going to yell at me for breaking her present.” Remy remarks as she gets up from the table.

I go to my room to pick up the knife and club. Outside Sakuya’s outside with perhaps one of the most girlish expressions on her face I’ve seen in my stay here. I hand over the knife to her as she unsheathes it. She looks it over with a smile as she says, “You did a good job maintaining this knife. The weight balance is good for either melee or carnival style knife tossing. I hope you don’t mind if I study it.” She gleefully says as she hugs me and goes to her room. It’s not bad at all, but something is off... pads, perhaps? But the rest of the hug felt nice; she must really love blades. Sakuya’s a cute blade nut though.

I take my bat to the library where I find Patchy and Meiling with a table set up. Oddly enough, Patchy’s blushing while Meiling seems normal. “We forgot to tell you that for the main part you have to strip down to your boxers. You don’t have to feel nervous; I’ve done similar treatments on guys.” Meiling says. Makes me wonder about her past, not to remotely imply she’s of the type of girl I used to date, which is to say easily picked up and cast aside.

Patchy, still blushing was stammering, “But drink this first, but brace yourself for the taste!” putting down a bottle and flying off. Can’t be any worse than what passes for drinks in clubs. I decided the chug it, finding it to be rather awful, but still better than the blue shit that I was served once in a club. I drank it all and noticed on a label, “Mana boosting potion, a Marisa Kirisame creation, made with 100% forest of magic mushrooms” I guess I’ll thank her for that next time I run into her.

I decided to start removing my clothes; since if Meiling could be so comfortable with talking about it, I’m sure she’d have no problems with me doing it here. I’m reminded of how I let myself go some after high school. Not to say I’m in terrible shape, but back then I was at my best in both baseball and fighting. I lay down face up. “This will take less work than we thought, but if you want I could use the other days to strengthen you even futher. Miss Knowledge, please come down here! I can’t do it all by myself!” Meiling shouted towards what I think is Patchouli’s room. “Now don’t mind the needles, they don’t hurt that badly, especially not compared to what you’re about to feel. But feel free to hold on to my hand during the process. Don’t worry about my hands; they’re as tough as I am!” She adds with a kind tone as she starts putting the needles in.

By the time Meiling finishes, Patchy comes down, with her usually smug expression. “Ah I see the preparations are complete.” She says as she starts with a sinister expression on her otherwise cute face as she starts impersonating Revolver Ocelot from Metal Gear Solid. “And remember, there are no continues” She says with a particularly evil look. I now start to wonder if I should have regretted this.

But her expression turns to laughter. “You should have seen the look on your face! I didn’t think you could look so terrified, I guess that comic China told me about was pretty good after all. Nice to see that you have some fear and that you’re not that big of an idiot.” She speaks in her normally snarky tone. “Now brace yourself since this is where the real pain starts” She adds in a neutral tone as she proceeds to cast what seems to be a low powered lightin- OH GOD! THE PAIN!

The next few hours as far as I can tell were just painful... I clung on to Meiling’s hand as my mind in its haze flashed back to that damn torture part in Metal Gear Solid. This in turn enabled me to focus easier through the pain. Eventfully it ended, though my body feels like it went through 1000 PE classes. I think I passed out, since it’s all black.

I wake up to find some fairies with a bowl of soup and a couple of sandwiches. One of the fairies had a note from Sakuya that read, “Sorry I couldn’t quite attend to you, but these fairies should help. No moving around now; let the fairies do the feeding and get some rest. And Miss Knowledge is known for her rare but effective pranks. -Sakuya” I guess I’ll let them do it. It is cute how they worked together to do move the spoon around. It didn’t take long to eat the soup and food with help. “Thanks, I’ll tell Sakuya what good job you did.” I say as they blushed, bowed and flew out. Having my stomach full, I end up passing out in my bed.

I wake up later the next day and as I try to get out, I feel some aches. “You shouldn’t do anything too sudden, you’re still recovering.” A female voice said as I turned to look. It was Ran with two plates of food. One of them was waffles, and the other was oatmeal, with obvious signs of Maple syrup at least being mixed in. A sizable glass of milk was also near by. “Yukari sent me here to assist in comforting and nursing you along the way after your screaming woke her up yesterday. As of now you can move about some, but it would be advised that you stay in your room. But if you need my assistance, just ask.” She adds. Seems Yukari must think I need help if she’s sending Ran here. I decide to eat both meals, since I realized I missed lunch yesterday.

“That’s a healthy sign; I’d be concerned if you didn’t have an appetite.” Ran said as I ate. The waffles were as good as always from Ran, chocolate chip kind this time. The oatmeal was made with a texture just right, not too watery nor too clunky, and I could taste brown sugar, maple syrup and some honey in it. I guess Sakuya was trying to outdo Ran... these two are definitely rivals in cooking.

I ask, “Where’s Chen? I hope I didn’t worry her too much.” I guess she ended up being a little sister figure.

Ran answers, “She’s visiting Reimu with Yukari, most likely putting in a few good words for you. But when you meet her, you should show the utmost manners in dealing with her. Reimu will make your life hell if you make her angry. If you desire to talk to someone you can ask me to bring them here.” I thought about it and if I’m basically confined to my room, I guess I’ll use this as a chance to talk some.

Who to talk to? (Note you can talk to one person before lunch, and two more before dinner, 3 sub options max per each person, also select the order you want to talk to them)

[] I should let Remy know I’m alright, if achey
-[] Ask about how Flan’s doing and to reassure her.
-[] Inquire about her dislike of Meiling’s nickname
-[] (Write in)
[] I wonder what Patchy’s uncovered
-[] Ask about what it was like seeing a guy in boxers
-[] Ask about her past pranks.
-[] Ask how Marisa and Alice are doing, and to send Marisa your thanks
-[] (write in)
[] Ask if I can talk to Meiling
-[] See if her hand is alright
-[] Ask how Cirno’s group is doing
-[] Ask about she’s so comfortable being around guys
-[] (write in)
[] See if Sakuya as time to spare, Heh. Need to tell her about the good job they did.
-[] Thank her for the oatmeal
-[] Ask what she found out about the knife
-[] Compliment on how cute she is being herself, not being ‘the elegant perfect maid’
-[] (Write in)
[] I’d rather talk to Ran
-[] Ask her opinion on Chen meeting Flan
-[] Inquire into that whole Suppa Tenko thing if she doesn’t mind
-[] Just general talking, perhaps have her vent some.
-[] (Write in)

[] Ask Ran if she could make something for lunch.
[] See what Sakuya is cooking
[] Both! I’m a growing guy! (No need to escalate the rivalary)

[] I think I can get down to the table if I don’t rush
[] Better play it safe
-[] same options as lunch
>> No. 32017
I meant in the last post SKIPPING the timeskip. I just realized that now; my apologies. I hope no one got the wrong idea.

But here's an example of how a rest day would go
[] Lunch option
[]dinner option.
>> No. 32020
[x] Remi
-[x] Inquire about her dislike of Meiling’s nickname
[x] Meiling
-[x] Ask about she’s so comfortable being around guys
[x] Sakuya
-[x] Compliment on how cute she is being herself, not being ‘the elegant perfect maid’

[x] See what Sakuya is cooking

[x] I think I can get down to the table if I don’t rush
>> No. 32021

Many thanks for voting, but are you sure you just want one per each person? Since you can have 3 max per person.

Just reminding you; though I might go into a random extra topic if it's below three. (And I do mean random, not just another existing option.)

Or should I just limit it to one? Just asking for a suggestion. I never intended this to be hard, just a moment to do some character developing. But I might just reduce it to two sub options max regardless.
>> No. 32022
[X] I’d rather talk to Ran
-[X] Ask her opinion on Chen meeting Flan
-[X] Just general talking, perhaps have her vent some.
[X] See if Sakuya as time to spare, Heh. Need to tell her about the good job they did.
-[X] Ask what she found out about the knife
-[X] Compliment on how cute she is being herself, not being ‘the elegant perfect maid’
[X] I wonder what Patchy’s uncovered
-[X] Ask about what it was like seeing a guy in boxers
-[X] Ask about her past pranks.

[X] Both! I’m a growing guy! (No need to escalate the rivalary)

[x] I think I can get down to the table if I don’t rush
>> No. 32023
Well things with common votes:

Talking to Sakuya and adding the "liking her" matter (but I'd add the other one)


Trying go down to dinner.

I'll wait until some more votes come in.

Also anything not covered this day will can be covered in later days story wise.
>> No. 32030

Personally I suck at those options for smalltalk, since there are currently not any big mysteries for Johnny going on. So I usually prefer to wait for a good write-in or two before voting.

[X] I’d rather talk to Ran.
-[X] Ask her opinion on Chen meeting Flan.
[X] See if Sakuya as time to spare, Heh. Need to tell her about the good job they did.
-[X] Thank her for the oatmeal.
-[X] Ask what she found out about the knife.
[X] I wonder what Patchy’s uncovered.
-[X] Ask about what it was like seeing a guy in boxers.
-[X] Ask about her past pranks.
[X] Both! I’m a growing guy! (No need to escalate the rivalary)
[X] I think I can get down to the table if I don’t rush.
>> No. 32033

Ah well there's a few small ones but at the moment they're not the clearest so I can't blame you.

I figured my small but rather loyal group of readers might be curious about stuff.

I do have enough to update but I'll wait until around 5pm central before I finally call it.

And the way things are looking the next update would be rather enlightening in a few ways.
>> No. 32040
Vote's called, Update will be up tonight at earliest, and sunday at latest.
>> No. 32056
Hey Wiseman i just read through all your posts in one sitting. The people who criticized your grammar were right, its pretty bad. But i love the story so far. Keep the updates coming amigo. As long as your writing ill keep reading.
>> No. 32063
>The people who criticized your grammar were right, its pretty bad.

>As long as your writing ill keep reading.
>> No. 32064

Hey cut me some slack. It was difficult enough not to type writin and readin instead of writing and reading. I tend to type the way i talk, but then im not a writer.
>> No. 32065

I try; and I do admit my structure isn't the strongest, partially as a result of the first person perspective of an American guy.

But I do like to think the spirit of my story holds up.

But it would be nice if you voted as well, since there's a chance even though your type of vote didn't win, I might still use a few things from it.

But let me assure you that I will not inflict despair for the hell of it, only if the voters earned it.

There's enough despair out there in the world, we don't need more in here. Dis Pear on the other hand is pretty tasty and we could use more of them. (Yeah I had to make that bad joke)
>> No. 32067

Oh sorry. I didnt vote because the post right before mine said that the votes were called.
>> No. 32075
File 125530703953.jpg - (305.83KB , 800x600 , chibisdm.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well some stuff happened and my update is delayed a bit, so I'll have it up in a few hours or tomorrow.

But here have some chibis as you wait.
>> No. 32081
File 125538648171.jpg - (151.27KB , 850x850 , NaturalSakuya.jpg ) [iqdb]
I was curious on how things went after that day, so I decide to talk to Ran first. “Well... how are you doing since you dropped by last time? I think it’s rather obvious on my end.” I say, trying to do some small talk at first.

Ran replies, “Things have been going as normal. There hasn’t been any sort of incident as of late, so it’s just general maintenance. I hope she doesn’t give Chen any bad ideas.” She sighs as she says the last bit; I doubt that’s the case, at least not yet. On that matter, I should ask her about that day.

“I hope you aren’t upset at introducing Chen to Flandre. I knew it was risky, but I figured that it would do both some good.” I say.

Ran responds, “Yukari told me all about it; especially the part where you revealed that if something happened, you’d stop at nothing to ensure she would be safe. Flandre was something of a mystery to even Yukari other than one of the few that would make her get serious in stopping if they acted up outside of the rules. And I never knew the Gate Guard’s full set of tasks. Johnny, you’re going to end up digging around into things that not even She knows about.” I guess even Yukari has her limits, but it’s not as if she could read a person’s memory.

I decided to answer back addressing a few points, “I just figured the only one to pay for a man’s foolishness is himself. I know I’m not a saint, but I have my own code of honor. But I’ll try to think more carefully in the future.” Since on that it was really risky regardless. But I do know how things can be rough working for someone. Back in my old job, my boss made a lot of demands on top of the customers.”

Ran chuckles as she remarks, “That might be perhaps one of the reasons she choose you for the task. But I guess I’ll share a tale, for while I do gladly serve Lady Yukari, she can be difficult to deal with. I remember one time we were visiting the Moriya shrine, and she argued with the snake goddess... and it devolved into a most lewd display on the front step of a shrine. That Shrine Maiden tried to stop it, and Yukari ended up tying her up. She did the same thing to Miss Shameimaru when she tried to take pictures of it. I’m just glad Chen was inside playing a game with the frog goddess. It was a good thing no one else was there to see it.” Funny tale and rather hot; Sure Kanako seems to act like a grumpy old lady, but she could easily pass off in her 20’s.

I decide to mention a tale of my own, “That reminds me of the time where the shift supervisor decided to take the rest of the day off and then sticks me with the rest of the work. When the store manager came around, I wasn’t going to be taking the fall for the bum, so I told the manager everything. Next day the supervisor gets fired, and I get rewarded with a change in position. But I think your job is a lot harder than mine ever was.”

Ran smiles as she replies, “Thank you, being a servant in Gensokyo isn’t the easiest thing, and there are times where most think we’re being taken for granted, Sakuya being the only possible exception. Sorry about that, I shouldn’t have said that” as her expression turns more regretful.

“Work’s work’s, even the best job can end up a pain in the ass some days; no shame in venting it out once in a while.” I answer as I heard my stomach grow.

Ran gets up from her seat and asks, “As far as lunch is concerned, you could have whatever Sakuya is making or I could make you something. I do enjoy cooking, just not cleaning up after her. Which would it be?” I thought about it and instead of making a rivalry worse I’ll try to get both. That and I’m especially hungry for their food.

I answer, “Any problem with both? I’m still a growing boy and I can eat both meals!” Ran nodded as she went to get the food. I decide to read the guide, getting it from its place in the nightstand.

Marisa’s infamous screw up, “During the Mountain shrine incident, Marisa made a mistake while making a spell card set. This resulted in a certain power range having much more power than it ever should, after the incident Reimu confiscated and destroyed the particular set so Marisa couldn’t abuse its power. Heh, no one wanted her to use that to force her way through stuff. I flip around until I came to Rinnosuke’s profile, “Sometimes anti-social, always quirky, but deep down he is a nice guy. Any outsider should meet him, since he trades well for whatever knowledge you might have. When he isn’t distracted by his collection, he’s distracted by far off stars as opposed to flowers right by his feet.” What the heck!? I guess Yukari has some sort of history with him.

I’m about to read more when I’m interrupted. “Johnny, lunch’s ready. I almost forgot how guys can get hungry, even despite China saying that half the time.” I look up to find Sakuya with a bowl of beef stew and Ran with some Sushi, with I think crab. “Good choice, Fox; anything less wouldn’t stand a chance against my beef stew.” Sakuya adds in a confident but warm tone.

Ran merely replies, “Try not to forget that we’re caring for Johnny here; Rivalries are nice at times, but it should not get in the way of our duty.” Sakuya does look rather girlish compared to Ran, not in terms of figure but attitude. Not saying that’s a bad thing, that and Ran is easily older than whatever she might be.”

I decided to speak up, “Ran, thanks for company and food, but I’d like to Sakuya some. Go ahead and relax.” Not sure if I overstepped my boundaries or not. I go and take a crab roll and try it out. Figure I’d try it before she leaves. Amazing... so this is real crab; sure I’ve tried out Sushi a bit, mainly prepacked stuff. This and what I tried out a few days back is MUCH better than that. Goddamn, I’m in a rather spoiled position here. I snap myself out of it as I say, “This is very good, Ran!” before she smiles and leaves. Thinking clearly, I know how I’m tempted to think I’m a smooth motherfucker, but I know this: Women here are the cream of the crop, not middle tier ‘non-mint condition’ women. I would not presume things would go so easy.

I decide to eat the stew first, since slightly warmer sushi isn’t as bad as cold stew. She definitely didn’t skimp on the beef. And the veggies in it must have been quite fresh from the taste. “Your face says it all, Johnny. The sisters are also fond of it, particularly the extra meat. It seems you like the extra meat as well.” She adds. I finish the stew quickly, not out of disrespect, but because it was so good. And I definitely felt my stomach being filled some.

I decide to slowly eat the remaining crab rolls while I say to Sakuya, “I guess this means you have time to spare then?” She pauses as she laughs some. “But seriously, I’m amazed at what a good job those fairies did. And I must thank you for the meal yesterday; I wasn’t expecting to find food waiting for me,” I add.

“It’s really no problem, and the mistress wanted you to be taken care of during this time. I used my best fairy squad to cover the task while I was busy. They’re really the best the mansion has, and I entrust actual tasks to them. I believe the leader’s name was Frisca or something similar. I should try to remember her name,” Sakuya responds as it goes into a bit of a ramble.

Interesting, I never knew of an elite fairy squad here, I wonder if I’d run into them again. I realized I forgot about breakfast! I quickly say, “And I must thank you for the oatmeal, it was like being back in one of those perfect childhoods,” I say.

I noticed Sakuya’s face starting to blush, “It is really no problem, I figured it’d be an ideal breakfast for you. And it was the least I could do for letting me see that knife. Want to know what I found out about it?” Sakuya asks.

“Sure, but do you go about collecting various knives and sword magazines as well?” I ask curious about how she knows about modern weapons. She gets very cute when she starts talking about knives.

She gleefully answers, “I try to get my hands on them every chance I get, since the latest knife or sword might get dropped into Gensokyo. And about that knife, whoever handed it to you must have thought highly, since it’s a limited edition issue to members of the 666th squadron. It doesn’t say what they do, but it said it’s an elite unit. About the knife itself, it was constructed out of the latest titanium alloy, laser sharpened, weight balanced for optimum use for melee and throwing.” I guess I owe my brother a lot more than I thought. I’ll tell him that much if we ever meet again. But she was definitely cute when she gets talking about her hobby.

I thought on it and while the ever infamous ‘elegant perfect maid’ persona is popular and has its own charm, but I do think the charm of Sakuya, the imperfect knife nut is greater. “No offense, but I really like it when you’re being yourself and not that cold persona you’re known for. But hey it’s just my opinion. Since you’re very warm and cute when you start talking about knives or when you’re being relaxed.” I say as I notice a smile and a large blush on her face.

She asks “Thanks, but I must get back to my work, but I can get someone else to come up here.” While still blushing; I guess I did do something right, guess I’ll ask Remy about it when I can. I guess I should check back with Patchy about what she found out.

“Could you please get Patchouli up there if she’s willing?” I ask politely as she nods and vanishes. Maybe I overdid it; then again I wonder what she had to deal with in previous guys. I decide to check out the swimsuit magazine, just to mess with Patchy when she gets up there. Let’s see... oh yeah, Imperishable night. Too bad Wriggle and Mystia weren’t included; they’d be cute in swimsuits. First was Keine, and well I wished any of my teachers looked that good, and-

I got interrupted by a voice, “That’s a rude way to greet a lady, Idiot.” I see she’s feeling normal today. I put it away as she continues, “I hope you do have something worth my time talking about. Is it about what I discovered so far?” She asks. I do wonder how she looks in a swimsuit, since I can imagine her sitting somewhere reading a book under the shade.

I proceed to answer, “Yeah, I’m curious about what you found about me and Louie” I almost forgot about that, I hope she actually looked and didn’t just fry me for the hell of it.

She answers, “I did inspect you while you were out cold. And I took a look at your club. It has an unusual amount of faith for a weapon. Perhaps how you named it might be a factor. But the most particular thing is that it seems to be resonating with you. On the matter of you, I have sensed a bit of youkai-type energy. But I must ask, was there an incident where you ever let go of being ‘human’?” When the question hits my ears, I felt my heart tighten. That was something I’ve wanted to forget for a while.

It was back in my first year; back then I was a nice if edgy guy, defender of the little guy, on the baseball fast track. Hell I even found someone who I thought was a nice girl. Yeah, I said thought since what happened later that year, even after smacking that guy around basically set the course for my life.

Nothing starts off well with a goddamn “Dear John” letter, something about finding a more rugged guy supposedly. I went on my life a bit older, slightly wiser, and jaded pretty badly. Then what I heard next just was too much: the guy was smacking her around. Something snapped in me, and it wasn’t any kind of righteous outrage.

As I tracked down the guy with Louie, What I now realize was a seething mass of rage and hatred was boiling inside me. Despite being a foot taller and having about a good 100 pounds on me, He didn’t see the first swing coming. I don’t remember much after that until when I was finished; the guy was basically beaten a few feet from death. And what I felt back then wasn’t shock or disgust, but a fading sense of glee. I walked away as she tried to talk to me; all I said was this, “Go to hell” as I left.

The incident never officially came out lest the guy reveal his own misdeeds so no one spoke of it, but that never applied to the first incident which got out. Funny how dreams can die, and even funnier how dreams can be revived; Ha, perhaps here is where I’ll redeem myself. “Are you alright? It’d be terrible if after lunch you fell over dead” Patchy asked in her manner.

I answer, “Yeah I’m fine, I was just reminded of a few things. And to answer your question I did, and at that moment I used the bat. Perhaps that’s the cause of how we’re similar, since that moment was where I did violence for the sake of it, using the bat as well.” Perhaps as things progress, I might say more details.

Patchy pauses as she then answers, “If you end up doing such actions, especially here, then you and that bat will awaken more and more as Youkai. I’ve never seen such a case before. I would love to find out about your bloodline and history; I know well enough that people do not reveal such secrets easily. You should remember that as well, Johnny. But there’s something else about the ‘bat’ as you call it; I suspect something, but I need to consult some more books. Anything else you would like to talk about?”

I thought about it, and I decide to ask something. “So what was it like seeing a guy in boxers?” I ask, realizing that I shouldn’t press things too far.

She blushes as she answers, “Some foolish outsiders tried some stunts, but I would be lying if I said you weren’t one of the much better examples.” I guess she wasn’t as badly shaken as yesterday.

I decide to play around as I say, “Maybe one of these days you’ll return the favor and let me see you in your undies.” She responds by chuckling some as if she seen it coming.

She then replies, “Who knows, but you certainly can’t expect a girl to do something like that so easily. Perhaps an Oni if they’re drunk and... ‘sexually motivated’, but your problem then would be surviving the sex. But I hope you have no hard feelings about that verbal joke yesterday, since I figured I’d have fun with something I read in a manga that China returned.” Did she just flirt with me in her own way? Well she isn’t quite as cold as she’s said to be.

I ask, “Speaking of jokes, I wonder what some of your past jokes are like.” I was curious to what she’d say.

She smiles as she replies, “It was Koakuma that inspired me with her few not so great attempts. I believe the very first was the time where I got Remilia that tingling shampoo and watched as she thought someone slipped holy water in it. Or the itching powder in China’s clothings; the boys in the area got a nice show that morning. I would tell you of the prank to Sakuya, but there’s a rule about never mentioning a certain subject to those that don’t know. I did use a shampoo to change her hair to what you’d call a green afro for the day.” I was laughing at how well she must have pulled off the pranks. “I believe it’s getting close to dinner. I’ll be going back now if you don’t mind. But this hasn’t been an unpleasant use of my time. In the future, if something happens like that moment, see an expert if not me. Your awakening must be closely monitored, but if you keep calm it shouldn’t progress. It’s your choice on which path to take in life.” She said as she floated out.

I think enough time has passed that I can try going down the stairs myself. I first wash up and get dressed, since I don’t want smell like bedridden guy. I proceed along slowly but surely. Tch this is starting to get to my legs; damn I didn’t think I’d still be in such shape. I won’t be trying this again anytime soon.

I make it to the table, to find Remy and Flan there. “I’d yell at you for your recklessness, but I see you’re learning your lesson” Remy says in a strict tone looking at my wincing face. “But it seems you’ve done a fine job of flattering my maid. I haven’t seen her act so... natural for a while. She does take her work too seriously at times.” She adds while we wait.

Flan then speaks, “Are you feeling okay? I heard you screaming yesterday and I got worried.” It must have sounded bad if both Yukari and Flan got worried.

I give a cocky grin as I reply, “I’m fine, I’ll be even better once this is over. And it sounds worse than it is.” Though my legs’ ache is fading, but a good strong face is important in cases like this. After yesterday, it’s not that hard keeping my self composed with such aches.

Ran and Sakuya came out, Sakuya still blushing some from what happened. “Next time you should really stay in bed, but wanting to move soon isn’t a bad trait. But I’m sure everyone would rest easier if you did.” Ran speaks, in a lecturing yet kind tone. Then I see Sakuya glare at her for a bit.

“Now, Sakuya, she is a guest that decided to help out. It would be ill-mannered not to show respect.” Remy says to her, cutting off the glare. It didn’t take the two long to serve a large meal of both western and Japanese food. I suspect this was a result of the rivalry. Everyone was rather busy eating the various foods.

As we ate, Remy asked, “I wonder what would Yukari and- Never mind” as Yukari and Chen gapped in. That answers that question.

Chen was in her normal clothes and Yukari wearing her newer outfit. “It’s nice to see that you weren’t actually being murdered. But you should go back to bed after this, it’s no fun teasing you in your condition” Yukari said with a coy smirk.

Dinner was lively with Chen and Flan talking about various things while the other talked about small stuff. “Now Chen, you should say that about Sakuya, it’s not as if she’s a frumpy old snake goddess that struggles to look remotely youthful. I must say that shrine maiden should be glad she’s of the frog goddess’ bloodline; otherwise she’d be 16 going on to 60.” Yukari said as her and Remy started to argue about who’s mooching off of who.

It continues as peacefully as anything in Gensokyo can get I presume. The only way this would get nicer is if at the least I had company in my bed. Then again, I’m not in the best shape to enjoy such things, ah well. I wondered how I’d get up to my room, since if going down the stairs caused aches. “I will assist you up the stairs.” Ran said as she came up and flew up the stairs carrying me. I realize I’m being badly spoiled, if not the cooking, it’d be other things such as a very shapely fox lady carrying me like this. At least she’s trying to use it to flirt.

She drops me off by the bed as she says, “Rest well, and I’ll be back the day after tomorrow. And then, try not to do anything reckless, your efforts would be in vain if you injured yourself badly” in a kind voice.

I reply after I get into bed, “I know, I won’t be trying that again anytime soon. I think I’ll end up getting used to it; I hope she has ear plugs for tomorrow.”

“She does, perhaps now she’ll use them. I must be going now, but I am interested in some of your stories about dealing with your job, since it sounds as if you took to your position in an interesting fashion.” She answers as she leaves. I proceed to put my head to the pillow and fall asleep.

My dream seems normal enough when I heard a “Mr. Smith, Mr.Smith!” Sounds like Chen, but different. I wonder what it was when I turn around- OH MY GOD. Chen wasn’t a little girl any more in any regard, more like a teenager, a very healthy one. Not say Ran’s size but nearly Yukari’s size! “Finally now I can tell you I’ve loved you for a very long time!” She says while hugging me in a way that was not innocent at all. Oh god, this feels so right- WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING!? She’s Chen, little cute sister, even if she’s grown up so...

I wake up in a cold sweat; well if I live long enough to see Chen grow up like that, maybe then I’d react better... but if she ended up like that the next day, I’d freak the fuck out. I go into the bathroom had some water, wiped the sweat off my face as I went back to sleep.

I woke up to a day that was very much like the first training day, but Alice was there. It was explained that Alice would help her out, since “Marisa would end up overdoing it and killing you. But her potions are pretty good,” In Alice’s own words. It wasn’t as bad as last time, but it still fucking hurts. And I was greeted with the fairy squad and tomato soup. Hard to make note of a day when you spend most of it in pain.

Ugh, only three more days to go; I sure do hope that the other training isn’t this hellish. I found Marisa over my bed, “So how’s my potion? I figured I’d stop by to see how you were doing. Patchy’s been studying that bat of yours for a while. Well Ran’s not here yet, I wonder what kind of mess Yukari made over the night. I tell you, I wouldn’t want her job, cleaning up after Yukari is never a fun task. I can drag Alice up here if you need to talk, since she found out about your condition and you can ask her about it some.” Marisa says in her usual semi-rambling fashion. Better not try to get out of bed this time.

What to do today?

[] Ask to talk with Remy
-[] I wonder what Flan’s doing at the moment
-[] About her reaction to Meiling being called by her nickname.
-[] How does she deal with Yukari when she’s by.
[] Ask if I can talk to Meiling
-[] See if her hand is alright
-[] Ask how Cirno’s group is doing
-[] Ask about she’s so comfortable being around guys
[] Shit! I forgot to thank Marisa!
-[] Ask about her research
-[] Ask about her past adventures
-[] Tell her what happened with Chen and Flan
[] Alice knows something about the youkai-zation?
-[] Talk about her dolls
-[] I wonder if Alice really does make her own clothes.
[] I wonder what Patchy found out more
-[] Ask if my abs are rockhard yet, just to mess with her.
[] I wonder if Sakuya gotten over yesterday
-[] Ask perhaps about her collection
[] (After Lunch only) I want to talk with Ran some more.
-[] Ask about her job details; since I heard it sounds rough.
-[] Was Yukari behind that Suppa Tenko meme?

Lunch option is locked (Sakuya’s cooking)
[] More of Sakuya’s cooking
[] I wonder if Ran’s cooking anything
[] Both! I admit I’m a greedy bastard!

Same as before, write-ins are allowed.
>> No. 32100
[x] Ask to talk with Remy
-[x] I wonder what Flan’s doing at the moment
-[x] About her reaction to Meiling being called by her nickname.
-[x] How does she deal with Yukari when she’s by.

[x] Ask if I can talk to Meiling
-[x] See if her hand is alright
-[x] Ask how Cirno’s group is doing
-[x] Ask about she’s so comfortable being around guys

[x] Alice knows something about the youkai-zation?
-[x] Talk about her dolls
-[x] I wonder if Alice really does make her own clothes.

[x] I wonder if Ran’s cooking anything
>> No. 32102
[x] Ask to talk with Remy
-[x] I wonder what Flan’s doing at the moment
-[x] About her reaction to Meiling being called by her nickname.
-[x] How does she deal with Yukari when she’s by.

[x] Ask if I can talk to Meiling
-[x] See if her hand is alright
-[x] Ask how Cirno’s group is doing
-[x] Ask about she’s so comfortable being around guys

[x] Alice knows something about the youkai-zation?
-[x] Talk about her dolls
-[x] I wonder if Alice really does make her own clothes.

[x] I wonder if Ran’s cooking anything
>> No. 32103
Well I have enough to update but I'll leave voting open until 7pm central time tomorrow (Wednesday), just to give any last minute voters a chance to put in their votes.
>> No. 32104
[X] Shit! I forgot to thank Marisa!

[x] Ask to talk with Remy
-[x] I wonder what Flan’s doing at the moment
-[x] About her reaction to Meiling being called by her nickname.
-[x] How does she deal with Yukari when she’s by.

[x] Ask if I can talk to Meiling
-[x] See if her hand is alright
-[x] Ask how Cirno’s group is doing
-[x] Ask about she’s so comfortable being around guys

[x] Alice knows something about the youkai-zation?
-[x] Talk about her dolls
-[x] I wonder if Alice really does make her own clothes.

[x] I wonder if Ran’s cooking anything
>> No. 32105
File 125556492557.jpg - (279.60KB , 849x1218 , adultchen.jpg ) [iqdb]
Voting as been called, all for the same thing


Technically you're supposed to do three main options only, but I'll add in the Marisa bit since you didn't add any sub topics and she's right there. I'll start writing tonight or tomorrow, and the update should be up by friday or Saturday most likely (it might be up later tomorrow at quickest)

Pic is up as to show an idea what Chen looked like in Johnny's nightmare (It is one if the lovely girl confessing her feelings is someone you see as a little sister figure, especially if last time you saw her she was a cute girl)
>> No. 32130
File 125581054757.jpg - (132.76KB , 500x543 , MeilingFlanCookingEgg.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well 3 down, and 2 more to go.

And thanks to all that voted.

I was thinking of what to do when I realize I’m about to forget thanking Marisa for the potions. “Thanks for the potions, Alice certainly speaks highly of your skill” I say to her. I’m not sure of how good they’d do, but so far there’s no ill effects.

She replies, “Well, it’s no problem, glad to see that they’re getting used. I’m curious to see what you can do once you’re done; not everyday where folks like Yukari and Remilia go talking about someone’s talent. Even Patchy considers me an innovator in potions, though she calls it ‘reckless messing around’. But I’ve made some leaps and bounds even compared to miss potion master herself!”

“Potion master? You mean Patchy?” I asked, since she didn’t say much about her skills. But I would not be surprised, especially when it comes to her rare pranks.

She answers, “Sure Patchy’s read up on all sorts of things, potion making, alchemy, biology. Remilia can tell you more about them, just that none of them are one trick ponies at all. So, who do you want to talk to first?”

“Could you please get Remilia for me? I’m sure you have your own plans” I answered. I hope she’s not too offended; but I figured she has her own plans. I wonder if I could perhaps ask into what she knows of things here sometime.

She answers as she leaves, “Sure thing” Feeling like this brings me back to memories of PE class and how I had to run miles half time when I mouthed off to the drill instructor reject of a teacher. Well when you’re aching in bed, sometimes the best thing to do is look back and laugh.

I was thinking when I heard Remy coming in clapping as she says “Even mostly bedridden, you still manage to fluster my maid. Try not to do that again while she has work, she’d be upset if she ended up screwing up a task.” I guess she wasn’t upset about that. “So what would be the first topic of discussion? You should be honored that I’m taking time out of my day to talk with you” She says with a playful smirk.

I answer jokingly, “Time out of drinking tea, looking at times and occasionally playing games? But seriously, I’m curious to how Flandre’s keeping herself busy these days.” I’m curious to how she keeps herself busy.

“She’s been busy with those robot games that Meiling play; so far she seems to like them very much. They have this ‘Ex-Hard’ mode that seems to appeal to her fondness of challenges. That and that cat will be playing with her as Meiling supervises. If this keeps up, I might finally let her go outside for a nice length of time. That should make making friends easier.” She answers. I guess Flan’s doing pretty well.

I almost forgot about the face Remy made when Meiling’s nickname was being discussed. “I guess you don’t like that nickname much either, such waste when Meiling’s name is quite pretty as it is.” I remark, hoping to inquire on the subject.

She answers, “It is; Patchy’s never been terribly fond of Meiling, sure they co-exist, but with Marisa’s troubles against Marisa, It only got worse. For Sakuya, it was more of a somewhat recent matter. And to think those two were once good friends; I don’t know what went wrong.” That’s a major clue... I guess the cold feelings are mainly from Sakuya, since from what I remember, Meiling thought highly of the maid. Out of all the things I’ve seen this seems among the worse so far.

Remy then speaks up, “She is a pain isn’t she, especially for you, someone most venerable to her wiles and charms. She’s definitely an equal opportunity sexual harasser. But you enjoy that on some level, don’t you?” Heh, she got me there; as a red blooded young man, a gorgeous devious blonde pressing her shapely body against me isn’t really terrible, just frustrating knowing full well she won’t do more than that.

I answer, “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t, but how do you deal with her when she comes by?”

She answers, “Well she mainly taunts with some harassing, mainly of Sakuya and Patchy. She does get along well with Meiling, and I think once she gave her a gift from Yuyuko, a nice folding fan that she uses during her practice most days. I just endure it, since the last person I’d ever want as an enemy would be Yukari. Again I repeat for your sake, do not make that mistake.” Yeah I do recall Yukari having brains to match both her might and beauty and that in itself makes her scary a strong dumb babe isn’t too scary, but a smart one? You’re screwed; she’d know how to use every advantage she has.

Sakuya comes in with what appears to be a sub. “That’s a good choice for a slightly cool spring day like this. Well it was nice talking Johnny, but I’ll give you two love birds some personal time” Remy says with a smirk.

“Hey, I don’t think it’s like that! I’m not that smooth a player to get her heart so quickly” I answer honestly. After all I might be able to seduce a girl with some lowered expectations, but undoubted beauties require a lot more work to get anywhere with. “You alright there, Sakuya? I didn’t think I’d cause such trouble with a mere compliment.” I add after Remy left the room.

She answers “I’m alright, just been a while since a guest complimented me in that fashion. I would stay but I have things to do, but I can get someone else to talk with in the meanwhile,” As she sets the plate down.

“I’d like to talk to Meiling if it’s no problem.” I answer, hoping not to ruin her good mood.

Sakuya responds, “It’s no problem at all, since Marisa’s here already. Perhaps you might give her some advice on her job” as she quickly leaves. I figured I’d start eating the sub and the glass of milk she left. Wow... she used actual thick slices of ham for this. At this rate I’ll never be able to eat at a fast food joint ever again; after tasting such perfection, everything else would taste like paper.

“Hey Johnny! I’ve brought you some reading material to read while you’re in bed!” Meiling says as she comes in, looking a bit dirty with a sizable pile of manga, Fist of the North Star in fact. She looks around the room and notices my games. She then starts hooking up and plugging in the TV and game systems. “There you go, now you can play in your room. Man it’s been so long since I had Sakuya’s cooking. She’s been a really good mood today.” She adds. Now that I think about it, she never was at dinner any of those days... might this be an extension of Sakuya’s seemingly cold attitude towards Meiling?

I ask, “Is your hand okay? I know I had been squeezing it pretty hard, and I was a bit worried” I really don’t want to end up crushing her hand.

She smiles and answers, “It’s fine, it’ll take a lot more than that to hurt my hands, but I could definitely feel you getting stronger. And if I can help, it’s no problem with having my hand held a bit too tightly. If Sakuya is the sword that protects the mansion, then I’m the shield!” I guess it’s a good thing most enemies aren’t like Marisa. “But let me clear something up, I wasn’t stupidly leading them to the mansion, I was falling back to regroup with my fairies. But it’s hard dealing with both Reimu AND Marisa. Had they teamed up during that moon incident, it would have been over before midnight.” She adds in a serious tone. That would be a fierce combination, Reimu’s wide attacks on one end and Marisa’s powerful ones on another.

I ask her, “How’s Cirno’s group been doing? Hopefully not getting into too much trouble” Since with Cirno in the lead, anything can happen.

Meiling chuckles as she replies, “They heard about this outside world game, and they decided to play a make believe version of it. Wriggle was planning it out, Mystia was the ‘healer’. But Cirno goes running in going “I AM THE STRONGEST!”, waking up Youmu and Yuyuko, and I guess one of them at least must have been in a bad mood, since all them were scared, and Cirno talked about reincarnating once during the whole thing. I think the game they heard about was called World of War or something like that. I don’t pay attention to those kinds of games. I heard Kaguya’s a big fan of it.” Did Cirno do a Leeroy Jenkins!? I guess Meiling doesn’t like PC games much, but I don’t like them much either other than Touhou. I start laughing as I replay the mention scene of Cirno charging in over and over.

I finally stopped laughing as I ask, “Wow that was funny, but mind if I ask why you seem so comfortable around guys?” I don’t think this would be prying too deep with this.

Meiling answers, “Because I grew up with a lot of guys I consider my brothers, even now. I started learning martial arts with them too. So as a result seeing a guy just in his boxers isn’t a big deal. I’d thought Miss Knowledge would be familiar with all those books she has on the human body. I’ve heard of baseball before, never met anyone who actually played it. So what does it take to be a good player?” That’s something I know of.

I answer confidently, “Depends on your position, but if you’re a batter you need skill to go with power to get those home runs. Folks in the pros these days seem to forgotten just how much skill can do in place of power. Take Hank Arron, he wasn’t the biggest or strongest guy, but his batting technique was basically unmatched. Guys these days think you could bulk up using drugs and doing it that way. Me? I a mix of both skill and power; I once had a promising future.” I went on a bit about baseball as she listened.

She stands straight as she says “One of these days we must have all of Gensokyo play baseball! It’ll be more memorable than those times we played Soccer!” Oh yeah Touhou soccer, great stuff. Touhou baseball? Now that’d be cool as hell. I wonder how good I’d end up in it, being one of few token males. “Well I should get going back, since I don’t want to ruin Sakuya’s good mood. But If you want I can get someone else in here to talk.”

I thought about it and knowing what I do, I figured I’d try to talk to Alice, being someone familiar with the nature of things, being rather recent. “I’d like to talk to Alice if she’s not too busy. And thanks for the manga!” I say to Meiling as she waves goodbye. I finish off what was left of my meal and put the plate and glass in order.

I soon find myself getting poked in the head by a doll in red dress. It had a peeved expression, and a blue ribbon. “Hourai, stop pestering him! We’re guests here, and we should behave! Oh Sorry about that, just that Hourai’s my strongest doll, and as you can tell... as a bit of an attitude” Alice said running in.

I wonder why she’d be so peeved... let’s see Alice likes holding back a lot. “So your name is Hourai? Glad to meet a doll after my own heart. I know what it’s like to be benched despite being so much better.” I say to it as her expression lightens up as it- I mean she gives a thumbs up. Hourai’s less formal than Shangahi is.

I say to Alice, “No offense, but I think she’s just upset you don’t use her much despite her power. I wonder if she took after Marisa at all. But I wanted to ask you on the matter of Youkai-zation, since Patchouli informed me of the risk.”

Alice takes a few breaths as she then explains. “There’s been a history of some people turning into youkai due to various factors, including the late hero Nemo. But not everyone changes as calmly as he did; some go literally wild as a result of such a change, often sudden. If you want to embrace that nature, you should do things in steps, none too big. This is in addition to your willpower; those with a strong will handle the change easily. Another alternative is a mix of that and learning magic, since changing to a Magician type youkai is generally a very calm peaceful event. Eating humans is not a requirement, just that ones like Rumia have a taste for it until they grow out of it. One last warning: If you tap into your youkai nature enough and it’ll get to the point where it will be a matter of When instead of If you’ll become one. Any more questions you’d like to ask?” Talk about food for thought; it seems she ran into Nemo himself. I’ll ask her about that another day.

“Are there any other special dolls like Shanghai and Hourai?” I asked, since I was curious. Those two seem like sisters, one ‘good girl’ and one ‘bad girl’. In fact Hourai seems to be sitting next to me being content.

She answers as Shanghai goes and takes a seat next to her sister, “No, they have different goals in mind. Hourai was made for combat most of all, and is unmatched in power and efficiency. Shanghai was created more for peacetime pursuits. In fact, I took Hourai out with me during the moon incident, though the rules assigned to us were quite constricting. I guess I do owe her an apology, but I’ll bring her by in the future. She doesn’t take a liking to many people unlike Shanghai, I think the last person she got along with was Mokou. But as far as my normal ones go, each has various uses from defense, offensive, and so forth. And just due to the fact I have a few dolls explode doesn’t mean I go about putting gunpowder in all of them... just a few.” I doubt she does that to her special dolls. I take a few moments to check out the clothes the ‘sisters’ were wearing as well as Alice’s outfit.

I ask, “Do you make your own clothes or just for your dolls? Since if you were on the outside I think your clothing would be popular with at least normal folk, dunno about those fruits in the industry.” Since it is true, those fudgepackers have lost track of how most people are that buy clothes. And it says a lot when someone like Marisa gets called fat, let alone Yukari whom most normal folks would consider a nigh-perfect picture of beauty. Of course I’m not taking her vexing personality in context.

She replies with a smile, “That is correct, and I thank you for your praise. I make money on the side making dresses for sale in the village, but I’ve been thinking about branching out into combat wear for men, just as a way to refine protection for myself and my dolls. I’m sure you’re aware of my dream of making a fully independent doll, but I do have other goals, such as making light but strong clothing, I admit that’s a doll-related goal as well, since when I do finally make such a doll or enable one of them to be independent fully, I want them to be well protected. I hope you don’t mind but I’ll be heading back to the library. Come on now, Hourai, you know that that I don’t have that wide of a range where you can remain active. I do believe dinner’s soon; would you like for me to send a message about what you would want?” well that sub was rather filling, so I guess I’ll go with what’s cooking.

I answer, “Think you could send a message about having whatever Ran might be cooking?” I’m curious to see what she’s cooking tonight, though I hope Sakuya doesn’t take it too hard.

She replies, “Very well then,” As she leaves with both dolls on her shoulders. I guess Hourai likes rough around the edges type folk. I wonder about Hourai’s specs, since from the sounds of things, Alice would have made her mana efficient for all her power, if anything just to lord it over Marisa. I start reading the manga Meiling left as I waited for Ran or whoever to come up here.

I was on volume 3 when Ran came with some burritos. “I didn’t know you could make Mexican food. I guess you really do cover just about anything.” I remark.

She calmly replies, “When it comes to food, she’s terribly fickle about her tastes unlike Lady Yuyuko who generally content to eat Japanese food.” Lots of it she might mean. She continues, “In fact she’s downstairs helping herself. Would you require anything else?” She asks.

I answer, “Nah, I can manage the rest of the night, you’ve been doing more than enough” Since honestly she’s going the extra 20 miles in terms of help. That and I think some peace and quiet wouldn’t be a bad thing for once.

She bows as she says “It was no problem, but I can understand your desire to have some peace and quiet to yourself. Rest well” She then leaves. I straighten out the dishes. As I proceed to take a shower.

Afterwards I decide to Finish volume three, and looked through that swimsuit magazine. Oh yeah that vs game, well the yama isn’t as short as she is in fan art, but she has a nice slim figure. And Komachi- Wow... she might actually be a bit bigger than Ran and Eirin, and that’s saying a great deal. Dammit, I’m reminded of one of geek’s remarks about pillows; I can easily say why they think that way. Next are the mountain of faith girls, “Shot on location”.

First are the Aki sisters, pretty cute when I think about it, with Minoriko having a nice figure, I guess then she’s the harvest sister, since she has a decent bounty of oranges, heh. Not to say that the leaf sister, Shizuha I think isn’t cute, she is. They were both wearing one pieces with fruits and leaves respectively Next is Hina, lovely woman, nice moderate figure in a ribbony red two-piece swimsuit. HA! Figures Nitori wouldn’t be in this, I doubt she’d be comfortable with guys checking her out. Too bad, she’d be a big draw at least to those who don’t have silly ideas like her being busty.

Now on to the mansion scenes again; wow Momiji’s very cute, I can only guess Aya forced her into that Japanese school swimsuit. I chuckled as I looked at Aya’s section, which took up about 5 pages of her in various poses in a black two piece. One that shows a very nice figure; Tengu must be strong if she can fly so fast with curves like that, but other than her breast and butt, her figure is rather athletic. Yawn, I guess I’m starting to get sleepy, might as well finish this up. Next is Sanae, who’s quite shapely for a Japanese girl, she almost rivals Mary in the figure department; the white bikini is on the conservative side. I see Suwako in the water having fun swimming, even with her hat. Next I see Kanako looking rather youthful herself in a red one piece. I don’t believe it, last past is a shot of Yukari molesting her. Aya certainly knows what the fans want.

Well I think I can fall asleep easily now.

The third day training is rather un-notable save for Marisa causing a fuss running from Lily White.

It was at breakfast when Remy and me heard a nose outside the house. We ran over to a window to see what was the fuss and there was Lily White harassing both Marisa and Meiling while saying “It’s SPRING!” while spraying danmaku everywhere.

We quickly let Marisa and Meiling in as I asked, “Does this mansion have special Danmaku protection?”

Remy answers, “Yeah it can handle her attacks but not a Master Spark” looking at Marisa for the past bit. She then says to me, “Don’t worry she’ll move eventfully, but if she does appear be prepared to run, hide or fight back, since she’s even more stubborn than that Ice Fairy!”

Afterwards it went as normal as I found both soup and last night’s dinner there. I must say I’m starting to get used to things since I don’t feel so much like crap. I‘m able to eat both with some help from the Fairy squad; last night’s dinner was that cordon blue stuff, great even a day old and reheated. I read some more FotNS before falling asleep.

I wake up to noticing a- Oh it’s Reisen. “I guess you’re here about a check up then?” I ask, barely stopping myself from making a sexual remark. She’s not Patchy after all. “Name’s Johnny Smith, pleasure to meet you, Reisen.” I add.

Reisen bows as she answers, “I’m here to check up on you since Remilia called in a favor to double check on your health, and so far other than signs of strenuous working out, you’re doing well. I’d like to welcome you to Gensokyo from Eientei. Ever since the moon incident the two mansions have been in close contact.” I noticed a box of “Rabbit Mochi- strawberry favored” with a plate of fried eggs and ham. “I was told to inform you that Miss Ran would be busy today and won’t be able to arrive. But she would be here in a couple of days. As far as guests, only Marisa is here today. On an additional note, Miss Meiling told me inform you that she’ll be cooking some extra food for you around lunch time if you so wish it.” Wow, I don’t know how useful she really is, but she certainly tries her best. Well I guess this will be even more of a learning experience.

And I must say I’m getting used to this, since I only feel somewhat achy as opposed the last three times. But I’m not pulling another stunt like that until at least tomorrow.

[] Talk with the cute earnest bunny
-[] Ask about the exact dynamics of the two locations
-[] Ask about herself
-[] Talk about Eientei in general.
[] I want to hang out with Marisa.
-[] Ask about her research
-[] Ask about her past adventures
-[] Tell her what happened with Chen and Flan
[] Ask to talk with Remy
[] Ask if I can talk to Meiling
[] I wonder what Patchy found out more
-[] Ask if my abs are rockhard yet, just to mess with her.
[] I wonder if Sakuya gotten over yesterday
-[] Ask perhaps about her collection
[-] Talk with Alice (unavailable today)
-[-] Ask more about Hourai and Shanghai
-[-] Ask about Nemo
[-]I want to talk with Ran. (Unavailable today)
-[-] Ask about her job details; since I heard it sounds rough.
-[-] Was Yukari behind that Suppa Tenko meme?

-[] Can’t go wrong with Sakuya’s cooking
-[] Another chance to try Meiling’s cooking!
-[] Both, I’d think it’d make a nice contrast, and a chance to see how they interact.

[] Sakuya’s cooking please
(Available if not taken at lunch)
[] Chinese food sounds good.
[] Feel like a large dinner.
>> No. 32131
[X] Talk with the cute earnest bunny
-[X] Ask about the exact dynamics of the two locations
-[X] Ask about herself
-[X] Talk about Eientei in general.

[X] I wonder what Patchy found out more
-[X] Ask if my abs are rockhard yet, just to mess with her.

[X] I wonder if Sakuya gotten over yesterday
-[X] Ask perhaps about her collection

-[X] Another chance to try Meiling’s cooking!

-[X] Sakuya’s cooking please.
>> No. 32134
[X] Talk with the cute earnest bunny
-[X] Ask about the exact dynamics of the two locations
-[X] Ask about herself
[X] I wonder what Patchy found out more
-[X] Ask if my abs are rockhard yet, just to mess with her.
[X] I wonder if Sakuya gotten over yesterday
-[X] Ask perhaps about her collection
-[X] Another chance to try Meiling’s cooking!
[X] Sakuya’s cooking please

Would have voted for the large dinner twice, but it seems Sakuya can only cook once today.
>> No. 32135

Not really it's the matter of Meiling mainly cooking only lunch. So if you don't mind reheated stuff, you can wait until dinner to eat what Meiling's cooked along with Sakuya's stuff.

And I'm kinda surprised no one wants to chat with Marisa more. Well there's two more chances after this to talk with her.

And this is mainly character and world development. Since talking with Reisen would in one way or another teach more about Eientei and the exact dynamics.
>> No. 32136
I do have enough votes to do an update, but I'll make the deadline 5pm CST Monday before I call them. (Might change it to a few hours earlier depending on activity, but I'm warning the voters now.)
>> No. 32157
[x] >>32134

Don't know what else to vote, so I'll go with the bandwagon option.
>> No. 32161
Vote's called; will start writing tomorrow most likely (If I didn't have work, I'd do so tonight for sure) I say the latest is about Wednesday or Thursday.

Just to tell you, expect a bit of a surprise in the update (Don't worry, it's nothing like Eirin's hand job)
>> No. 32178
File 125627119067.png - (269.17KB , 498x772 , cutepatchy.png ) [iqdb]
Notes: Yeah it's still Thursday Central time, work usually has me zonked out Tue through Thurs.

Also I will call voting some time after I get two votes matching at least.

Hope you don't mind the small surprise in the day's events.

I decide to speak with her, “I’d like to hear more about yourself, since I seriously doubt you’re as useless as those folks say you are.” I say to her. I think I might want to talk more about her military past, since I know a thing or two about that with my family having a tradition.

She blushes a bit, “Me? Well I’m certainly not useless, I can hold my own in many battles, can handle most non-emergency situations. But I doubt anyone could easily stand a chance in such a two on one battle. Hobbies are gun collecting, marksman training, as well as trying to find out more about earth. Sorry, it’s just a habit of mine when introducing myself. You don’t have to say everything now.” She replies. I can understand that, since it’d be the kind of thing that’s drilled in by the military of any country, earth or moon.

“Don’t worry about it; I understand what it’s like. Well in the future you can ask me about how things are on the outside. But I say as far as that war I heard about, it must be in an alternate earth, since as far as earth’s concerned, they’re too busy fighting each other to attack the moon. Is Eientei much different than what I’ve heard about?” I asked, curious. I started eating the breakfast as she spoke.

She cheerfully replies, “It isn’t much different from what you’ve heard. Even with the rabbits, it’s a nice cheerful place. And we’re always willing to show some hospitality to guests who find their way there. As far as the others, Master while seemingly cold is wise and caring. The Princess is the very perfect picture of a princess, even when she’s playing games on a computer; she always lets people play against her like that firefly girl. Her ‘rival’, Miss Fujiwara is nice in a gruff way; their fights are done in a rather civilized manner, no dirty tricks involved. Beware of Tewi, she likes to prey on unsuspecting guys and blackmailing them or other trickery; I wish she’d use those brains for something more productive than stunts like that.” The last bit she was frowning a bit in a cute fashion.

I answer, “Perhaps she does that to keep herself young, young in mind, young in body.” That could be true in reverse as well; and Yukari also comes to mind, not the most mature woman at times, but she does look very youthful for her age. “And you can think of it as training your senses, since if you can detect her traps then it’ll be nearly impossible for you to be surprised. Sniff out an ambush is good skill even in everyday life” I added; I think my life isn’t quite normal, since most folks didn’t go pissing off people left and right like I did.

“You’re right; perhaps she is training me in her own way. Are you that familiar with battle, even though you have no signs of being in the military?” She asks me. I guess I should tell her.

I reply, “My family has a military tradition, so growing up I picked up a few things. And the way I’ve lived my life outside, combat skill and tactics were important. Guess we’re kind of similar in that regard. I’d have signed up, but there wasn’t anything worth fighting for; I’m not going to go out and die so some bigwig can make money.” I wondered if being here is related to a cause to actually fight for at last. I tried out one of these mochis, and I find it to be pretty good for a strawberry jam filled whatever it is; chances are its rice since it sounds Japanese. “Wow this is good stuff; I guess my first time trying it wasn’t so bad. But mind if I ask about the relationship between the people of the two mansions?”

“Sure! I get along everyone pretty well, Sakuya and Meiling most of all. Meiling knows a lot about ancient Chinese strategies, even more than what even the instructors on the moon know. Sakuya after the moon incident has always been so kind to me, always willing to listen about my hard days under Master.” She answers taking a few breaths. I was finishing the mochis off. “Oh sorry I didn’t tell you this but they had supplements in them as well. It’s a standard feature to promote health” She says while bowing.

“As far as Master goes, she’s not the easiest person to get along with. Miss Knowledge either has nice discussions or arguments with Master. The only other person that really tries to deal with Master is Sakuya; there seems to be an old grudge between them and neither would answer when I asked about it. Miss Remilia is neutral while Meiling is nice. As far as the princess goes, she gets along well with everyone except for perhaps Miss Knowledge. She has a slight rivalry with Remilia in terms of those games and ‘shows of nobility’ as they call it. Tewi doesn’t visit much after Sakuya caught her pulling a prank and nearly ended up rabbit stew. Miss Fujiwara seems to prefer hanging around Meiling and Flan. IT seems the younger sister has a certain charm that works even when she blows up you a few times while play fighting.” She answers. Wow... I guess Mokou doesn’t bother with spell card duels for the most part. “I hope we all can get along, Johnny.” She says afterward, remembering my preference I guess.

I answered with a grin, “I’ll try on my end, but I can’t make any promises.” As my stomach growled, I ask, “Think you could ask Meiling to make that lunch, since I guess even talking builds up an appetite.”

She replies, “Don’t worry I suspect that’s a side effect, that your metabolism is increased, so I think it’s normal. Master always said that Men are beings of large appetites, though I don’t know why she smirked after saying it.” I guess even Eirin knows the true nature of man. But it does seem the bunny is a stranger to men; somehow I doubt Tewi’s likewise. I see her leave as I started reading some of the manga Meiling left the other day. I can’t help but to wonder if Reisen will find a nice guy someday. She is a nice girl, though badly labeled by some stupid fans. Damn this is what counted as Action manga back in the early 80’s? Stuff today is shit compared to this.

“Here’s lunch, and it’s her time trying out real Chinese food.” Meiling says, interrupting my reading and pointing to Reisen who’s working on her own plate. We ate lunch doing various kinds of small talk. “You should have mentioned that sooner, Johnny! Since I’m always interested in hearing about intelligent fighting” Meiling says after Reisen tells her about what we talked about.

I answer, “Sure I may not fight the most honorably, but out on the streets, winning is a matter of self-preservation, and I’m not the biggest guy on the block, so I use tactics and dirty tricks to even the odds.”

“That’s true in war as well, though I never fought in any and I was raised to fight honorably. In my life I did learn out to sniff out such dirty tricks. He’ll be Danmaku training in the near future, Reisen!” Meiling says while finishing her lunch.

Reisen adds, “I might ask to assist in that since I think learning to use your hand to shoot danmaku like a pistol, since when outside a spell card duel, you can fire in such a fashion to be very accurate provided you have the right training.” I wasn’t exactly crazy about guns like the rest of my family was, but they had their uses.

Meiling’s face brightens as she asks “Like in Metal Gear Solid? That’d be pretty cool to do, doing non-lethal headshots to knock people out!” That would be pretty cool, especially if it did work like that. I resumed eating as some more small talk occurred.

After everyone finished eating, Reisen agreed to help Meiling do the dishes. Before they go, I ask, “Think you could get Patchouli up here, since I’d like to talk with her some more” As I start getting an idea: To start flexing right as she comes in, not too hard though, don’t want to rip anything. They agreed.

I take a shower as I put my pants on, and I must say my abs are looking pretty damn good. I’m trying to remember if I’m at my high school prime or not yet. I close the door and wait for her to open it for a surprise flex. I stand up finding that it’s not as bad today as it was a couple days back.

The door opened as I strike a flexing pose. “So Miss Knowledge, are my abs rock hard yet?” I ask as she comes in. Well Marisa’s with her, what a surprise.

Marisa smirks as Patchy blushes as I soon heard a sound from her that amounts to “Mukyu!” She soon composes herself as she starts saying to me, “You overgrown idiot, you shouldn’t surprise me like that, I almost had an attack due that” as she starts hitting me with the book she had.

Marisa steps in taking the book, “Calm down, Patchy; it’s just a guy without his shirt, it’s no big deal. No wonder he did that if you get all blushy about it. I’m used to it since I sometimes catch Kourin chopping wood. Now those are rock hard muscles. Not to say that you’re bad yourself, Johnny, just that it’ll be some time before you’re in his league” she says, sitting in the chair that Meiling brought in.

I wait a few moments for Patchy to calm down before asking, “But on a serious note, I was curious about what you found out about my bat so far. And I just did that to mess with you.” She was still blushing while having her famed poker face.

“So far I’ve narrowed down things to the area around Greenland and Iceland, since in the books I’m reading, it’s been hinted that a famed weapon was indeed lost over in your country. I have yet to find out what it is, but I have an idea what that weapon is: Mistilteinn. From what I gathered it’s a sword that isn’t made of metal, and is famed in Iceland as a powerful weapon, used mainly in killing humanoid enemies, some of them magicians. As a result I suspect it has powers against humanoid youkai. I will need to study more to be sure; I will tell you more when I do. That is provided you stop flexing all over the place, Idiot.” She answers in her usual manner.

I grin as I say, “I guess I’ll find out when I find out.” I put my shirt back on before she notices and gets upset again. “Hey Marisa, is Rinnosuke really that buff?” I ask, seeing if the rumors of a MANnosuke.

She answers, “He is, not sure why he worked out so much, but he’s known as the last guy you want to get into a fight with, he’s that strong. He does hate to do any fighting. I remember one time I got lost in the forest and he saved me from a man-eating plant. He slew it in one blow; while he hates fighting, he’s merciless when he has to fight. You should meet him sometime; he really can use a male friend.”

Patchy replies, “I’m not sure that’s a good idea, next thing we see is Rinnosuke running around in his underwear flexing all over the place.” I’m reminded of some of the more absurd notions of Pervert Rinnosuke in fanon. She adds, “But perhaps they might balance each other out, that would be preferable. From what I heard Marisa, he could use some initiative, and this idiot some tact.”

I was thinking on what to say when the Chen and Flan day comes to mind. “Did you hear about when Flan met Chen, Marisa?” I asked. Patchy seemed interested as well.

Marisa answered, “Not exactly, but Flan did mention meeting a new friend. I’d never think it was Chen. Now this is something I’ve got to hear!” I explained what happened, leaving out certain details like a braless Yukari pressing herself against me. “Way to go Johnny, Flan’s been needing some friends closer to her in mindset. And Yukari must have flirted with you; she always does it whenever she appears though she prefers Reimu. But she’s molested Alice a few times in the past. But I won’t blame ya, she does have everything a guy can ask for, even if he’s a lolicon!” Okay, that last part was a bit creepy, mainly due to how Yukari would turn into a loli just to mess with someone.

Patchy floats up as she says “It’s time to get back to our research, it was certainly an interesting time.” Marisa gets up to follow her.

I quickly ask, “Is there a way to contract Sakuya?” I did want to ask her about her collection.

Marisa answers this time with, “I’ll just bug one of the maids to do it, but I wouldn’t try that flex stunt again if I were you.” They leave as I realize what she meant, that would over fluster Sakuya, and I wouldn’t know how she’d react if pushed too far.

I would have started reading again, but after what felt like a skipped frame, Sakuya appeared. “Are you alright? You seemed pretty flustered yesterday.” I asked.

She answers, “I’m fine, and I apologize for losing my composure like that. And I hope you didn’t mind that I didn’t make any lunch for you.” I guess I didn’t tell her, oh well.

“Don’t worry, it meant less work for you right? And I’m sure dinner will be good.” I reply, hoping to set her at ease. Not as if I’m going to go hungry anytime soon. “I wanted to find out more about your blade collection, since from the sounds of it, you have quite a few works of art in it”

She starts smiling brightly as she starts talking. “I have many things in my collection, Japanese swords, Scottish Claymores, English longswords. That man in the forest has various weapons on sale and when the mistress does pay me I usually go there after taking a day off and try to see if he has anything good in. What’s annoying about that man is that he never sells this exceptional Katana he has. I even try to talk Marisa into convincing him, but neither budges. So far I say my most valued sword would be one of Muramasa’s earlier works. It’s very sharp, but it doesn’t hold up well in clashing with another weapon. I also have various knives from all over the world, some of them throwing, some of them for combat. My reading has been interrupted by whatever studies that Miss Knowledge is doing recently.” Wow that was a mouthful.

I take a moment to ask, “What is most important in a sword to you? I’d figure it’d be function, since the nicest looking sword might as well be a decoration if it sucks for combat.”

She nods as she replies, “I agree completely, but the best swords manage to combine looks and function. Take that Muramasa sword I mentioned earlier, it loks as if it was made from red steel. Those swords of Youmu’s are also masterpieces in every regard; it makes me curious to see who forged them in the first place.”

She ends up discussing the various strengths of swords, from the powerful claymores to the high finesse rapiers. “I’ve got to start on dinner now, I must be going, but I’ll be back with it” She says as she vanishes in her typical style.

I thought more on the matter of a known weapon sleeping inside Louie, sounds impossible. Then again, I said the same thing about Gensokyo being real and look where that got me. I didn’t mention that to Sakuya due the risk of overexcitement. Soon she comes back with dinner. “It’s only 3 more days until this leg is over. I hope you’re not feeling too confined. You’ll be on your feet soon enough.” She says as she leaves.

Dinner was some chicken, some very well made chicken with some mashed potatoes and carrots. It’s yet another nigh-perfect meal made by Sakuya. Afterwards, I started to hear rain as I decide to go to sleep early.

Next day was normal except for it falling on a bad day of Flan’s. Alice took over the duties as Patchy and Meiling double checked the precautions. But things went well and they came back.

I wake up wondering who would greet me. “Hello Oni-chan!” said a young female voice, it’s not Flan. I proceed to sit up and open my eyes to find A blonde young girl sitting on my bed. It wasn’t until I noticed her hair style and eye color that I noticed who it was: Yukari. “Are you a lolicon, Oni-chan?” She added trying to torment me. She then grinned at me in a way no REAL little girl would.

I was worried about that kind of stunt she’d pull when I heard Ran shouting, “Lady Yukari, you shouldn’t disturb him so badly!” Yukari decides to gap out as Ran comes in the room. “I guess she’s gone; I hope she didn’t overdo her teasing.”

I reply, “I’m alright, though no offense, Yukari is easily among both most attractive and scariest women I know” Since it’s true for both.

“That is a rather true statement, and she would find that flattering. As far as folks in the mansion, Marisa is off playing with the younger sister and Chen, Alice is around in the library and Lady Yuyuko informed me that later on in the day, that Youmu would be arriving to spar with Sakuya right after lunch. Again I apologize for her especially outrageous behavior this morning.” She says bowing down at the last part.

Who to talk to today? I am curious about how things are in the netherworld

[] I want to hang out with Marisa. (Unavailable before Lunch)
-[] Ask about her research
-[] Ask about her past adventures
[]I want to talk with Ran.
-[] Ask about her job details; since I heard it sounds rough.
-[] Was Yukari behind that Suppa Tenko meme?
-[] Inquire about any bits of hidden history in Gensokyo that most outsiders wouldn’t know.
[] Talk with Alice
-[] Ask more about Hourai and Shanghai
-[] Ask about Nemo
-[] About the enchanted clothing project...
[] Youmu? I wonder how she’s doing
-[] Ask about herself and Yuyuko
-[] Is the netherworld that much of a carefree place?
[] Ask to talk with Remy (Write in)
[] Ask if I can talk to Meiling (Write in)
[] I wonder what Patchy’s reading today (Write in)
[] I want to talk more with Sakuya (Write in; unavailable right after lunch)

Lunch and Dinner options are the same as the last day Ran was here.
>> No. 32179
[x]I want to talk with Ran.
-[x] Ask about her job details; since I heard it sounds rough.
-[x] Was Yukari behind that Suppa Tenko meme?
-[x] Inquire about any bits of hidden history in Gensokyo that most outsiders wouldn’t know.

If we have time...
[x] Youmu? I wonder how she’s doing
-[x] Ask about herself and Yuyuko
-[x] Is the netherworld that much of a carefree place?
>> No. 32180
[X]I want to talk with Ran.
-[X] Ask about her job details; since I heard it sounds rough.
-[X] Was Yukari behind that Suppa Tenko meme?
-[X] Inquire about any bits of hidden history in Gensokyo that most outsiders wouldn’t know.
[X] Talk with Alice
-[X] Ask more about Hourai and Shanghai
-[X] Ask about Nemo
-[X] About the enchanted clothing project...
[X] Youmu? I wonder how she’s doing
-[X] Ask about herself and Yuyuko
-[X] Is the netherworld that much of a carefree place?
[X] Sakuya
[X] Ran

Even on the off chance that asking about SUPPA TENKO might bad end us.
>> No. 32181

Don't worry Ran isn't that bad tempered that it'd result in that, but let's just say some other characters aren't so even tempered in terms of mimetic sore points.

You should take notes of their general attitudes and personalities when making a choice. For example, Marisa is so easy going, making a remark about "Stealing Precious things" would get a laugh from her.

And a general reminder that the flow goes like this:

Person 1
Person 2
Person 3
>> No. 32183
[X] Talk with Alice
-[X] Ask more about Hourai and Shanghai
-[X] Ask about Nemo
-[X] About the enchanted clothing project...

[X] I want to hang out with Marisa. (Unavailable before Lunch)
-[X] Ask about her research
-[X] Ask about her past adventures

[X] Youmu? I wonder how she’s doing
-[X] Ask about herself and Yuyuko
-[X] Is the netherworld that much of a carefree place?

[X] Sakuya

[X] Ran
>> No. 32184
Well I'm going to call the votes around 1:30pm saturday central time. I have enough to write on now.

I'd go about calling them tomorrow (Saturday) morning but I do have work then.
>> No. 32186
votes called update by Monday if not sooner.


Food options were unanimous
>> No. 32210
Due to various events that I got wrapped up in, the update will be delayed until mid tuesday at the earliest (site's time)

And feel free to discuss bits of the story in the meanwhile, few but loyal readers, since a little speculation never hurt.
>> No. 32221
File 125675944024.jpg - (238.84KB , 593x742 , ChibiWarriorSakuya.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry about the delay folks, but here's an update with normal votes.

Thank you for your patience.

I proceed to ask Ran, “Mind if I talked with you some, that is if you’re not too busy.” I wonder what Yukari’s up to; most likely harassing someone. “Hope the last few days weren’t that rough, with your job being as it is.” I add.

“I’m actually rather glad to talk with you, since it helps me to get to know the person that seems to have gotten both Yukari and Chen’s interests. As far as my job goes, it’s really not that hard at this point. It’s just general maintenance of the boundary, housework and damage control. Damage control is at this point easy after enough times. But it is very nice to hear that someone’s concerned, thank you for that.” Ran responds with a smile.

As I listen, I wonder about a certain meme about her, “I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but is Yukari the root of that Suppa Tenko meme?” I’m a bit worried that this would go badly despite the unlikelihood of it. Ran has shown herself to be a very calm woman, not so much ice cold, but someone who doesn’t let little things affect her.

“I’m not going to lash out due to this. It is indeed a favored stunt of Yukari’s, especially when I’m out in the village. I think that teases me about the fact that in certain... feminine charms, I surpass her. That’s the only reason I can imagine.” She replies.

Nemo’s on my mind as I ask, “Is there any other hidden events in Gensokyo’s history, such as what happened with Nemo the Hero?” I’m curious about what might have been hidden from most.

“Excluding personal histories, Reimu and Marisa have been resolving incidents since the age of around 14, in what are known as PC-98 games. The Makai incident was the last major one of that era, which opened up the door for various smaller incidents in Gensokyo. ZUN changed his preferred medium to celebrate this, I do hear he quickly did some adjusting, causing some confusion among the fans. Of course out of all those that played a role in that small era, only a few are around to interact. As far the Nemo’s quest, he actually met many people even before they were unveiled in the games. Yukari assigned me to be his guide, since back in those days; she did work from the shadows. I wished I’d have kept a better eye on him. You would be surprised at how one reckless action almost got the village obliterated. You should seek out Keine if you want to know more, since she’s actually chronicled his adventures. You could ask others in Gensokyo about him. I do not think Lady Remilia or Patchouli would know much considering how they waited until that died down before their incident.” Ran answered in a long but interesting lecture.

I answer, “Thanks, but what kind of guy was he like? I get the impression he was a great guy.” I wonder what he was like considering how there’s not really any heroes in the outside world.

Ran answers with a serious look, “He was a kind man willing to avoid violence whenever he can, even after his fateful first encounter with Yuuka turned him into a Youkai. It was his insight, understanding, and kindness that got him through his many adventures. But his fatal flaw would be he lacked the raw combat instinct, so what considerable power he did have could not be utilized properly. But from what I heard of you from them, that isn’t a problem with you. If anything, it’s your drive for violence that should be kept in check.

Smirking, I answer, “I’ll try, but some things just gotta be killed thoroughly. I can’t stand scumbugs and other things that harm the innocent. Sure it’s not the pacifistic method, but sometimes the only way to drive your point home is with a sword.” Just like that time seeing scumbugs provokes violent impulses that I’ve been holding back for the most part. Perhaps it was causing my Youkai nature to start acting up.

As I thought about things I notice something behind Ran: Yukari, now normal popping up behind a gap. “This seems like that time again, Ran! You know which time it is” She says causing a blush from Ran. I grab my blanket just in case it is what I think it is. “SUPPA TENKO TIME! Enjoy the show Johnny!” Yukari adds as she vanishes as Ran’s outfit poofs into nothing. Quickly, I throw my blanket over Ran before turning my head.

“That should cover you for now, don’t worry I didn’t peep. A real man wouldn’t need to resort to such a thing” I remark while remembering the swimsuit issue, heck that’s pretty close to getting an eyeful with some girls. “I guess I did some tempting of fate earlier,” I add.

I look to see that Ran put on the blanket as she blushes. She then remarks, “I suppose it was. But I’m sure she would have done that anyways if you haven’t asked.” She smiles as she adds, “Thank you for not taking advantage of the moment. Now if you will excuse me I must find a replacement out”

At that moment, Sakuya appears with a bowl of spaghetti. “No need for that, since I have a mis-measured uniform in my closet that I think should fit you. And here is today’s lunch. I say at the rate things are going, you could get out of bed the day after tomorrow. Now if you’ll pardon me, I will be taking Miss Ran to get the uniform” She says as she takes Ran into the hallway.

I eat the spaghetti quickly, sure I had pasta from Sakuya recently, but it is pretty good. I wonder if Remy felt like it today, which the case is most likely. I think I should stop by Flan’s room if nothing goes wrong. I do my usual routine of taking a shower, figuring it’ll be a decent bit before Sakuya gets back. It goes nicely as I get dressed in the bathroom, seeing how I don’t want to fluster anyone more than I already have at the moment.

I come out to see Sakuya and Ran there, both in maid outfits. Let’s just say it suits Ran very well. “It looks very elegant, Ran. I’m sure there won’t be many people that’ll argue that” I remark, trying not to blurt how the top is snug around her breasts or how the skirt highlights her rather long legs. Despite it being basically like Sakuya’s, On Ran it has a dramatically different effect. She just blushs and nods in response.

“I’m going to check on Chen!” Ran speaks as she runs out the door. I guess the outfit flustered her. But things were rather civil indeed between the two for once. That’s always a good sign in my book.

Sakuya gathers the dishes as she remarks, “I’m getting used to her slowly, and she isn’t a bad woman despite certain things. But if you want, I’ll try informing someone that you want to talk with them. Seems talking with you has become an interesting thing to do judging by how people are eager to talk. I can’t exactly blame them” the last part with smile. I guess I’m getting through to her some. If she’s anything like what I suspect, it won’t be so simple.

I answer, “I’d like to talk to Alice some more and thanks again for the food” I’d feel bad if I didn’t thank her. She smiles as she leaves and quickly comes back with Alice and Marisa.

“I want to see you pick Alice’s head, it’ll be a nice change of pace!” Marisa remarks with a smirk. I see Hourai and Shanghai, the former waves and the latter bows.

“Well hello you two.” I say to the dolls. “I wonder about their abilities. But I hope you two been doing well.” I add to the two magic-users.

“Of course, I keep in good health, and Marisa’s as good at getting out of trouble as she is getting into it. But for your question, both can use danmaku spreads as well as a concentrated laser in addition to their normal abilities. The difference is Hourai, being made for battle specifically has greater strength, magical output and energy efficiency than Shanghai. I guess I must have neglected you badly then. I think next time Flandre wants to play I’ll use you and the other hourai dolls.” Alice responds, the last bit to Hourai who seems to have a happy look on her face.

Marisa remarks, “Yeah she can easily throw around some of the books in the house. Those things are pretty big; I remember a fairy maid arguing with her one time and she kicked the maid off the table. She reminds me of Mokou in her personality”

Alice responds, “I suspect that’s due to it was Hourai I took with me on that trail of guts after seeing Shanghai have some trouble with enemies during the moon incident. But I do blame Yukari’s rigged spell card set, since brute force is rather distasteful. But even before then, her personality was similar to Marisa’s. The more I think on it, the prouder I am of Hourai as one of my finest creations.”

“I’m curious to how you plan on enchanting clothing since I think it would be a breakthrough in defensive options.” I ask, thinking on how nifty a mix of mobility and protection would be. Since I’m not someone who stands in one place and has himself get hit. I move when I’m not on the offensive.

Alice responds with a kind tone, “You’re interested in that? Well my plan is to layer on enhancements ranging for reinforcement, blow soften, and magical resistance so danmaku doesn’t damage it. I feel with these enchantments, even a jacket can be as protective as a steel breast plate. I’ve been studying up on such enchantments here. I do need to refine the magics needed if I’m to make these on a rather frequent basis. This is mainly a personal project than a business one. Metal armor ultimately holds up better than enchanted cloth in constant battle and a matter of artisan’s respect towards the blacksmiths.” Interesting, maybe I should try testing out them for her. I wonder if the Belmonts in those games have similar clothes.

Marisa replies, “Like my experiments, though I haven’t had much luck with them. I did create a magical firebomb.” I wonder if that was intended or not.

“I know Marisa; it’s pretty hard to miss all the sounds of exploding and smoke rising up from your house. I’m amazed that your house is still in one piece.” Alice answers in a rather expected manner.

“That mana boosting potion was the result of many experiments, even if it wasn’t exactly the intended result.” Marisa answers back.

I respond, “That’s progress for ya, filled with various risks and flukes. In history inventions made to change the world fail to do so, yet ones that do never had that intent in the first place” Yeah I can thank cracked.com for those bits of trivia.

I remember Ran’s advice about asking others about Nemo. “I’m curious; did you two ever meet Nemo?” Their faces had a look of shock, Alice more so.

Marisa answers, “I ran into him once, not a bad guy. Those outsiders back then were a pain, hounding me to meet Mima. I was shocked to hear he was associated with Yuuka of all people, since he was so mellow. After he passed on, Reimu was really freaked out for a bit. What happened around that time wasn’t clear, since I moved to the forest soon after.”

Alice adds, “He actually helped me out when I was lost in the forest. He helped me to find a clearing where I could build a house. Talking with him helped me gain an understanding of Gensokyo, one I didn’t have before. I used to have a bit of grudge against everyone in Gensokyo before meeting him. He was definitely a hero indeed. I hope you don’t find this rude but we should be returning to the library.” Did she have a bit of tear there? I could be wrong here.

As she leaves Marisa stops by the door and asks, “Want me to get anyone else, since I think that sword girl’s done, but I wouldn’t make any of THOSE jokes around her. She doesn’t have the best sense of humor.”

“Yeah I’d like to talk to her; I’d like to find out about her part of Gensokyo.” I say to her as she leaves. I think on my first day on my feet and exploring in a short while. Too bad there aren’t some baseballs I could try hitting. I should see about that sometime.

It wasn’t long before Youmu appeared. “Hello... Johnny. I heard you much prefer informality,” She says.

“I’d like to hear more about what you and Yuyuko are really like, since it seems the games are not a perfect source of information. And I thought knowing Sakuya was highly fanon.” I say to her.

She responds very calmly. “Just me calling her Onee-sama, but she is a fellow sword appreciator, though she doesn’t quite share my interest in samurai culture. I like my task as a gardener and Yuyuko-sama has never asked for a sword lesson in a while. But it is not an easy task, but it is a thankful one. Yuyuko-sama is indeed as much as she appears in your world. The only exception would be her appetite. There’s certain cases in which it gets that bad, those of which shall not be revealed. She enjoys many forms of fun, and is generally slow to anger. I admit that I am on the overprotective side in regards to her, but I see it as my duty. So please in the future, do not do anything that would require me to act on it.”

I respond, “I’ll try to remember that, but does that mean the netherworld is as carefree as I heard it is? I heard how people like it visit the cherry trees.”

She responds, “That was portrayed accurately in the various outside works. But you should still stay clear of Saigyou Ayakashi, despite its sealed state it is dangerous to all but the mentally strong at that range. But I’d like to ask about these ‘Cowboys’ that Yukari-sama refers to at times.”

“Well it was during a time where the west was wild, something like that era that’s in samurai warriors. But guns were the main weapons, used by both good guys and bad guys. They were called cowboys because back then managing cows was a major activity for men and the style of garb they used was common. Chances are it wasn’t as great as the stories make it seem. But I’m not that big of a fan of guns myself, I prefer a more personal way of dealing with things, melee style,” I answer. I should look up more about history if folks are asking me about it. And to think I used to have good grades in history. I wonder if Patchy has history books in the library.

She bows as she replies, “Thank you for your explaination of your country’s history. I must be going soon, and it is close to dinner time here. But would you like for me to inform someone that you have a preference? Though I’m certain regardless, Sakuya would make something for you. You’re starting to get into her nice graces, but I would avoid certain topics if you value your life.” I guess she’s trying to help me out, not sure. At least for now I’m watching what I say so it should be good.

I reply, “I’d like what Ran’s cooking and to Tell Sakuya I’d look forward to eating the leftovers in the next few days. Thank you for your time.” With Youmu, I’d figure politeness never hurts. She nods as she leaves the room.

I wonder if Ran’d be wearing the maid outfit, I never realized that she was on the tall side until now. Even blushing she has a certain sense of composure that rivaled even Sakuya’s “perfect maid” mode.

“They’re huge right? Maybe I should talk Sakuya into selling me that outfit so I could at least put Ran in it half the time” I turned around to find Yukari saying that with an open gap. “Perhaps another time I might say something about Ran you might find interesting, but not right now, ta-ta” She adds before leaving through the gap. I’m slowly getting over my fear, but I can see why Reimu might be in a bad mood, since even being friendly, she’s frustrating. At least she didn’t frustrate me in a sexual manner that much I’m thankful for.

I start to wonder if my less pleasant nature might rear its head in the future. It’s been a while since I felt this much at peace. Enough monologue in my head! By the time I snap out of it, Ran comes in, looking her normal composed self despite the sexy maid outfit. “Yukari felt like some cheeseburgers today, she also figured that you might end up home sick.” She says. From what I see it’s more like a double cheeseburger.

I start eating it and notice it has some very American traits, a bit of extra grease, some spices, and mayonnaise. Unusual mix sure, but back home, local places had such quirks. “Wow this is just like eating at a local place, Ran! Good job!” I say in-between bites. Not to say Sakuya’s attempt was terrible, but it was rather by the book. Can’t say which is really superior, nor would I want to.

“Thank you, I see the time spent in various American burger places paid off if a resident approves. Thank you again for your swift actions of that moment. I must be going now. We’ll meet again.” Ran replies as she bows and leaves. I finish the food and drink, which was a glass of milk. I wonder if it was freshly- GET THE HEAD OUT OF THE GUTTER! One should wait a few hours before one starts thinking dirty thoughts.

I finish eating put the plate and glass in its usual spot as I enjoy another night of sleep. That is until I had this fucked up dream of running into Meta Knight in Gensokyo and Loli Alice calling herself Lorris. What the fuck was up with that dream? It didn’t help that it seemed to be an unholy fusion of shitty stuff that not even those geeks would like.

I did manage to sleep well, though the sooner I forgot about that horrible dream, the better. As far as this day went, very normal though Flan seemed to have a slight tantrum today about something. But Remy handled it fine.

The next night I am greeted by a dream of people fighting with lettering, and some nut going on about Masterwork Katanakana. It must be moon related, since even in Gensokyo, there isn’t much of a reason why this would happen. It might be Yukari messing around. Dammit, Yukari.

I get up feeling full of energy, a spring in my step and all those other clichés. I think I’ll take a walk around today, just so perhaps I can catch up with some folks, and perhaps to thank Patchy and the others.

Of course first order of business is a shower then breakfast. After I took my shower I looked at myself in the mirror to find that process did indeed have a noticeable effect. I’m tempted to tease Patchy about it, but I’ll leave that for another day.

I head down to breakfast to see Remy and Flan with some bandages. Ran and Chen were also there. “Chen will be your watcher today, since I’m not exactly sure if you should be up. This will be training for her when she grows up” Ran explains.

Sakuya arrives with some scrambled eggs, as everyone starts to eat. Normally I don’t like eggs of most types, and even with scrambled, I drown the thing in ketchup for it to be edible. Not so here, since it’s actually good.

As I ate I noticed Remy and Flan having some bandages on them, I guess from yesterday, but they were smiling. Breakfast continued well as Flan went back to her room as Ran and Remy started talking about something.

Chen comes up and says “They’re busy talking business so we should leave them alone for the moment. But what are we going to do next?

“Good question...” I respond.

Where to?
[x] To the Library to thank the magicians for their work
[x] Stop the gate as to thank her for her help and return some of her manga.
[x] Try to find Sakuya as to talk some.
[x] Show Chen around the mansion yourself.

(You can only choose one choice here, but the next update should be shorter)

Extra options for those interested

[x] Status (A general look at Johnny's abilities and stats)
[x] Character notes. (Johnny's mental notes on characters he's met and heard of)
>> No. 32222
[x] Show Chen around the mansion yourself.
>> No. 32223
[x] To the Library to thank the magicians for their work
>> No. 32224
[x] To the Library to thank the magicians for their work.
[x] Status (A general look at Johnny's abilities and stats)
>> No. 32225
File 125678012667.png - (4.80KB , 319x197 , sage.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 32227
File 125678418347.jpg - (151.67KB , 777x777 , 1209435490977.jpg ) [iqdb]
Wiseman, why is this so bad?

Did you not attend high school?
Were you raised in a poor country without a public education system?
Do you have a mental condition?
How did you get like this?

It's just so bad.

I don't understand.

Why are you so bad?
>> No. 32228
File 125678923023.jpg - (183.85KB , 744x690 , 121202605941.jpg ) [iqdb]
You're next on the chopping block mate. Can't say you don't deserve it though.

Give up your story and don't post for a few months. Lurk and learn or get out.
>> No. 32229
File 125678982458.png - (70.43KB , 1096x755 , 1256717649560.png ) [iqdb]
You'd better be ready, dumbshit.
We've going in harder and dry.
>> No. 32230
You're an insufferable faggot who tries to explain everything and talks out of your ass on every single matter. Your writing is atrocious, your characters are bland, your narrative is all over the fucking place. This reads like a typical wish fulfillment shitfic. To make matters worse, (A real accomplishment, I assure you!) you hijack well loved characters and insert them to make it "legit".

You have no fucking idea how this place works.
Lurk the fuck more. Learn to write. And get out.

Are those maneaters? That's fuckin' awesome!
>> No. 32231
File 125679097740.jpg - (432.98KB , 800x800 , 07dd9bd3b0a8b64f9256ff1841e9a296.jpg ) [iqdb]
Before you take out your toches and light up this thread in flames, you should find proof as to why he is so bad.
I am not convinced that he should get the same treatment as J to the E.
>> No. 32233

Just for you, buddy.

>> No. 32234
File 125679134942.jpg - (1.03MB , 759x1075 , 9a804923f0db959ee4ceda9d857ff9c2.jpg ) [iqdb]

Seconded, let's try to be civil about it this time around. Can't we all get along?
>> No. 32235
File 125679157890.gif - (716.72KB , 400x225 , howtokillcancer.gif ) [iqdb]

Fuck yes, they are. Posted that on /v/ quite awhile ago.


Fuck apathy.


We must drive our cold steel through this unholy heart.
>> No. 32236

>Can't we all get along?

You can get out too. Fucking hell you have no idea how we work.
>> No. 32237

Why the hell did you use this image? Hasn't Nemo's character been scarred enough in this thread?
>> No. 32238
File 125679274115.jpg - (58.49KB , 684x343 , ku2.jpg ) [iqdb]
That's plenty, thanks.
I don't plan to be civil, i only want to make sure that we don't string up an innocent.

We need Wiseman to stop writing first of all, then we force him to read EVERY story on here. Then he can try to write something again, get some people on IRC to check it and point out the mistakes. Or hell. Best do it here, but only if he is ready to improve and learn from his mistakes.
THP needs a writer improvement program, where good old retired writers, like HY or Tetro, teach new low tier writers how to get better.

I am convinced that we can still save Wiseman and make a halfway decent writer out of him.
>> No. 32239
File 125679310879.jpg - (175.45KB , 750x1000 , 1249278545469.jpg ) [iqdb]

Fuck your plans.

First, we stop him from posting shit.
What happens next is up to him.
How we react is up to his decision.
>> No. 32241
File 125679331828.jpg - (4.60KB , 85x123 , 1238723221756.jpg ) [iqdb]
After the first few updates the writing became 100% exposition and 0% plot. Shitloads of meandering dialogue about pointless details from flat, lifeless characters. Action is narrated dispassionately and methodically as if one had asked an uninteresting person, "what did you do today?"

In short, this is the most boring story on the entire site. How the hell can anyone read this and stay awake long enough to vote?
>> No. 32242
First off, you're wrong. J->E has a better chance of becoming a decent writer someday (in the far, far future) than Wiseman; at least he seems to understand punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

Even if you were right, though, keep in mind that Anon can't ban him, just run him off with his tail between his legs. If he were to magically become a decent writer tomorrow and come back with a different name, nobody would know the difference, and THP would be a better place for it. (He can't do that, though, and he'd better not try it. Hear that, Wiseman? Don't fucking try it.)

Until then, he's built up enough bad impressions from his shit story and lamebrained comments in IRC that his story privileges are revoked. In fact, his write-in and vote discussion privileges are revoked, too; even when he doesn't sign them, his posts are so horrible that it's obvious only he could have written them.

Fucking sage.
>> No. 32243
You know what? This story is officially dead.

I won't try writing again, but I hope you folks realize that not all newbies are bad. Certainly not going to put myself there.

To Kapow, go ahead and strike my stuff from the archives as I'll be deleting the side stuff personally. I know you're reading this and having the time of your life.

Here goes the fastest story in /sdm/ at the moment.

This story and trip may be dead, but I will not be going anywhere.
>> No. 32244
>Here goes the fastest story in /sdm/ at the moment.

Speed does not equal quality.
>> No. 32246
File 125679469170.jpg - (175.82KB , 549x777 , happy_meiling.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 32247
File 125679509162.jpg - (821.69KB , 1134x720 , Party at my stage6.jpg ) [iqdb]