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29675 No. 29675
You can't bear it anymore! You are about to reach your limit, the pain! The bones of the skeleton are slowly piercing your stomach. You start beelding. But you can't do anything! Your strenght is not enough to hold the weight of the monster and it slowly crushes you. "Sakuyaaaa!!!" you shout, starting to loose your hope. In response the monster starts to roar louder, but it doesn't move an inch. You are damned! But before you could give up, your only hope speaks to you:
"Master! Master!" she speaks fast. How could you forget about Fionel?
"Fionel! DO SOMETHING!" you shout.
"But what should I do?" she says on a scared voice.
"Lure it away!" you respond.
"I won't be the bait!" she angrily responds.
"Just make it move off from me!" you shout.
"How?" she says. Does she think this is funny?
"Fly before it, or shout at it, or stab it!" you say, thinking about whenever you get out of this pressuring situation, should you kick her ass, or should you focuse on the monster?
But before you could start raging, the monster moves! It roars in pain, and moves a bit, it still stands on the door. But so the monster is loosing its balance, and the pressuring weight from your left hand eases a little, and you can turn the door aside! The monster fells, and you see the scared fairy dropping the knife onto the ground. She cut the monster's leg! Good! But the knife hits ground on the other side of the monster. God, why is she so stupid? Where is the pistol? You can't find it.
"Where is the pistol?" you say.
"I don't know!" the fairy replies as she hides herself behind something. You have no time to search for it.
You kick the skeleton off from yourself, but the skull remains on you:
"Damn you! Even after you are dead, you are still torturing people!" you fret yourself. Then you look at the monster.
It looks like it is a vampire, its skin is pale, it has big fangs, but its greater than you. Much greater! And with his grotesk face it looks like a real monster!
The monster roars at you as it gets up. You shout at it:
"SIT DOWN!" and you throw the skull with full power at its face. The skull breaks into pieces as it hits its destined place. From the impact the monster makes a few step backwards. You act quickly, and you start running towards it. The monter's sound falters as you give a kick into its stomach. It falls onto the ground, giving you enough time to pick up the knife.
Just as it stood up, you appear in front of it and you stab it twice before its strong hand punches you away. The monster is strong, but the same time it's slow as well.
You get up from the floor, and this time you let it to strike first. You easily dodge its first attack. As its fist misses you, you stap upwards, its neck. The monster starts struggling. It grabs its own neck trying to stop the bleeding, but its useless. It doesn't stop. It breathes hard. It must hurt.
But you have a heart, and you finish it off, by stabbing it at his heart. It responds by grabbing your neck. At first it squeezes you hard, but then it starts to loosen up, and it stops breathing..
"Did you won?" Fionel asks you being unsure in your succes.
"Yes, I won." you say realived, breathing fast.
You pull out from its heart the silver knife, and as it left the body, the monster suddenly turns into ashes.
"So it was a vampire.." you say, and you go inside that room, where the monster was..

The room is empty. It doesn't had a window. You see chains. So the monster was chained. And it was just recently let free. You turn back and you:

[ ] Search for the pistol
[ ] Go into an other room
[ ] Go upstairs and meet Dracula
>> No. 29686
>God, why is she so stupid?
Fairies are so useless!

[x] Search for the pistol
[x] Go into an other room
>> No. 29720
>But you have a heart, and you finish it off, by stabbing it at his heart.


[x] Search for the pistol
>> No. 29747
[+] Search for the pistol
[+] Go into an other room

A part of me really wants to just go upstairs right now, since we're only going to find more monsters by wandering around, but...eh, I dunno, it just doesn't seem right.
>> No. 29762
Okay, searching for your pistol and entering to an another room in the mansion have been chosen by you.

Starting to write something about a room now..
>> No. 29771
You leave the room, and you returned to the main hall.
"Fionel!" you call for the fairy. She comes out.
"Master are you alright?" she ask you still frightened.
"Yeah, I'm alright!" you are speaking to her with full of confidence. "Just who the hell do you think I am?" Well to tell the truth it felt really good, that you've killed that monster, that you've won. Even so that you've never imagined, that you could kill anything, not a humen and not even an animal. What you felt that moment? That you have power. Great power! Like nobody could defeat you. You were proud.. But you had wounds as well..
"But you're bleeding!" Fionel says worried. And even that it hurt like hell, you've said:
"Those are just scratches, they will heal soon."
"But this your face looks awfull!" she says looking at you. And she was right. Your jawbone was broken, at least at two place, but this isn't the time to rest, you have to continue searching..
First you will need to get back your pistol, even after it has only two bullets remaining. It should be usefull.
"My face is alright, " you say, feeling the pain as you speak. And after she mentioned it you feel it got worse, but you can't stop now. It's around 4 AM, soon the sun will set up, and you can bet that Dracula will hide somewhere. To a place, where even GOD wouldn't find him. You have to hurry! "Fionel, my pistol fell out of my hand. Do you know where it is?"
"I know!" she says. Flying past you, and she stops before a door."It's here!"
You go after her, and you pick up your pistol. It was easy. And so you again hold the pistol in your left hand and the knife in your right.
As you stand before the door, you feel temped to open it.
"Do you sense anyhing weird?" you ask Fionel.
"I don't know." she says, "I sense the evil in this whole place. But I don't feel anything special here.."
"That wasn't too reassuring." you say, and you open the door. It's a libary. Or at least you see some bookshelves in that few light that Fionel provides. You step in, still being carefull, you move silently, and the fairy follows you.
A few minutes of tensed searching after the unknown danger that could lie in this room. You find nothing.
You put away your weapons and you take a book down from the bookshelf.
"Fionel, come closer!" you say, planning that you will read the book in her light. But as you open the old book, you find nothing. The book was too old, and its pages are turning to dust as you turn them. You search for a book that is in better condition, but you see that all the books got wet several times so it would be impossible to find one that would be readable.
Then you come out of the room and you go into an another one.
This room looks like it was a kitchen in the past. You would look around in it, but the Fionel insist you to leave:
"Miss Sakuya would die, if she would see this mess, let's go! I can't bear to watch this. Please!"
So you check the next door. But again nothing, just a dust covered lounge..

[ ]Go upstairs
[ ]Wait till sunset, then go upstairs
>> No. 29774
[x]Go upstairs

I doubt that stalling the confrontation would do any good. Let's just use those few bullets and litres of blood we have left. But we need a plan, a trick up our sleeve to slay the vampire.
>> No. 29780
>>soon the sun will set up

I considered reading this story.
Then I happened upon that line while skimming.
Then I frowned.

Now I'm not sure.
>> No. 29814
[+]Wait until sunrise is near (an hour or so), then go upstairs.

If we time this right, the two adversaries will be locked in battle just as the sun rises, preventing Vlad from running away to his coffin. And then perhaps the tables will turn.

If you didn't catch it by now, Sakuya-writefag isn't a native English speaker. There's many small mistakes like this. Don't knock the story just for the grammar, though.
>> No. 29815
Fighting him during the day is a good idea, but nightfall has still to come, right? That would mean we would have to wait the entire night during which he should be preying upon us. I don't think we want that.
But maybe we could destroy his coffin when he's not sleeping in it. Don't know whether he needs it to be able to sleep, but it could be wort a try.
>> No. 29818
File 124542737944.jpg- (27.01KB , 374x476 , indifferentsakuya.jpg ) [iqdb]

Still waiting for votes, because they're tied.

Dracula will hide somewhere. To a place, where even GOD WOULDN'T FIND HIM. You have to hurry!
>> No. 29819
Then I figure we should go upstairs.
>> No. 29820
God's shithouse it is. To to the toilet!
>> No. 29822
Come again?
>> No. 29823
[x]Go upstairs

Exploring just got us a bloody nose; here's to hoping that one miserable guy, our beloved maid's kitchen knife and a loyal fairy are enough.
>> No. 29842
okay it is that time!
>> No. 29847
You stand before the stairs that leads upstairs, to the oldest vampire that lives on this earth. You're standing there holding a knife and a pistol om your hands. Thinking about, how should you deal with him. Well the easiest tactic would be, to shoot him, then with the knife stabbing his heart. But you know that it sounds far more easier, than it is. He is probably an excellent fighter. He killed many vampire hunters. What if he bites you? Will you be like that monster? Brainless like a zombie? Your lack of knowledge makes you quite unsure. This isn't your revenge..
"Master, shouldn't we go?" Fionel interupts you thinking and you hesitate a little to answer her question:
"I.. I mean..Yes, let's go!"

You are standing on a corridor, on the first floor. You look around, and you see many doors. They're all closed except for one. That must be the room, where Dracula awaits you.
You enter to this room. It is dark here too. He is here. You can see his dark blue eyes looking at you.
"Maybe I should welcome you, since you're the first vampire hunter in this centurey I met." he says, starting to clap his hands, "I should congratulate you, since you could come this far."
"Thanks!" you say on a cold voice, pointing the pistol at him. "But I'm not here for chattering with you."
"Oh, you're young, we don't have to rush." he says turning back, and he walks to the window. "The rain has been stopped. Good! Isn't it a beuntiful?"
"Who cares about the weather?" you shout. "Tell me why? Why did you bit the Scarlet sisters?"
"The Scarlets?"he asks surprised. "Are they still living?" he turns back to you.
"Yes they are still living! But you've ruined their lives!"
"HAHAHA-" he starts laughing again.
"Do you think this is funny?" you say angrily.
"No young man... They ruined mine! The older sister took away something very-special from me."
"So you don't care that they're trapped in their 10year-old bodies, unable to grow, unable to live normal lives!"
"They can't live like the normal girls? I gave them immortality. The power to live forever! Do you think that's so bad?"
"It is bad!"
"The older one has stolen the ability to create vampires from me! Since I've bitten her, I can create only brainless zombies! Where are they? I should have my revenge, not they!"
"They are far away from here at a safe place, where you can't reach them!" you say.
"So they're there, behind the border." he says and you can see his fangs, as he's smiling. "Oh I know how to get there. I have very good memories about Gensokyo, even so that my vampires have been defeated there.. They're there aren't they?"
"Who knows?" you say, still watching his every little movements.
"So they're there!" he says pulling out his sword, from its sheet..

[ ] Talk more (Write ins)
[ ] Enough chattering, let's end this! attack him:
Sub votes:
[ ] Make an opening by firing at him.
[ ] Forget about your pistol, it's useless.
[ ] Thow the knife at him, then fire, then attack him bare handed.
[ ] Take him outside, and attack him there
>> No. 29848
[x] Enough chattering, let's end this! attack him:
Sub votes:
[x] Forget about your pistol, it's useless.
[x] Get Fionel to distract him, use pistol when he least expects it.
[x] Take him outside, and and try to lose him. (what about the wolves?)

How to fight a losing battle:
Make it look like you're no real threat (what we probably really are), try to cripple his abilities, get away to at least inform the SDM of the looming danger.
>> No. 29873
[+] Enough chattering, let's end this! attack him:
Sub votes:
[+] Forget about your pistol, it's useless.
[+] Get Fionel to distract him, use pistol when he least expects it.
[+] Take him outside, and and try to lose him. (what about the wolves?)

This works.
>> No. 29900
[♫] Enough chattering, let's end this! attack him:
Sub votes:
[♪] Forget about your pistol, it's useless.
[♪] Get Fionel to distract him, use pistol when he least expects it.
[♪] Take him outside, and and try to lose him. (what about the wolves?)
>> No. 29967
Sakuya deserves more voters.
We deserve more updates. ;_;
>> No. 30032
[x] Enough chattering, let's end this! attack him:
Sub votes:
[x] Make an opening by firing at him.
[x] Thow the knife at him, then fire, then attack him bare handed.
>> No. 30071
[~] Enough chattering, let's end this! attack him:
-[z] Make an opening by firing at him.
-[e] Thow the knife at him, then fire, then attack him bare handed
>> No. 30072
[x] Enough chattering, let's end this! attack him:
Sub votes:
[x] Make an opening by firing at him.
[x] Thow the knife at him, then fire, then attack him bare handed.
>> No. 30078
[x]Turn around Bench press the bench press the building (hell, Suika can bench press a mountain, surely you can do a building as a youkai) drop the building then with Dracula disturbed afterwards stab him in the heart.

If you don't like it go get a Wolves Jawbone then beat the shit out of him then stab him in the heart.

Beating his ass down with a jawbone is cooler than with your fists.
>> No. 30227
Saguya, come back. You'll have a field day with the new CYOAs.
>> No. 30273
"So they're there!" he says pulling out his sword, from its sheet.. The odds are againts you, you have very little chance to win this fight, it is nearly hopeless. But you don't hesitate and you rush forward, trying to stab him before he could you. But he dodges it!
"Fionel! Attack him!" you shout. And you start your next attack, as the fairy uses her magic to cast a little fireball, that hits the vampire. Dracula laughs. It didn't hurt him, but at least it distracted him for a moment. Making you a clear opening, to attack him from behind. But before your knife could reach him, he turns back with an amazing speed. He swings his sword, and you barely can stop it with the knife. At this moment you take out your pistol and you pull the trigger. The bullet hits him, but at the same time he punches you in the stomach. The strength of his attack was so strong that it makes you fly. You hit the wall, quite hard, even so that you slowed it down a little with your flying skills.
"HAHAHA!" he laugsh manically again. "You can't win! And after I killed you, by tearing apart every one of your bones, and I will suck you dry, and then I will get back my powers from those bitches!"
And you realize that he has right. You can't win. Even without any of his powers he nearly killed you. With a simple punch! You gather your strenght and you slowly stand up. You gave up..
You jump out by breaking the window. And Fionel follows you.
"What now master?" she asks you in a rush.
"We are falling back! His powers are far more greater than I first expected it!" you shout while you try to fly as fast as you can. But before you could finish your thoughts, a swarm of dark attacks you and Fionel. They are easy to kill, for you and for the fairy as well. But as always the small fry has only one purpose, to slow you down!
You hear Dracula's laughing voice again: "You can't escapee from me, give up and I will make it fast!"
Then you got an idea. What about the wolves? Maybe they can help you. You quickly gaze the horizont, and you find one of them not so far away watching you. You give up slaying the bats and you fly towards the wolf. But it starts running away from you. No. Not from you! They still keep their distance from Dracula! Damn useless wolves are useless!
Then you stop for a moment confused and you start thinking about this hopeless situation. It was a mistake.
You suddenly feel a cold thing in your stomach. You look down, and you see the edge of Dracula's sword. He got you! As he pulls out the sword from you, you feel great pain. As the coldness leaves your body, something warm takes its place. Your blood. The strenght leaves your body, and you fall down to the ground of the forest.
Is this the end? No! It can't be! Sakuya waits for you to return, you can't make her cry, by dying in a miserable place like this. So easily..
You try to open your eyes, you try not to give up, you try to reach the knife with your hands, but its hard even to move one of your fingers. In the meanwhile you hear that the vampire is laughing, and saying something, but even your ears doesn't work properly. Then he kicks you in the stomach, making you rolling a few meters away. You can't do anything...
This is the end...
Everything is dark.
You hear only a deep voice, echoing in the darkness. But you don't understand it. It repeats the same thing over and over.
Soon you start whispering the same thing as the voice. It seemed hours for you..
And suddenly the dakness was piercen by sunlight. You find yourself standing in the same forest where you thought you died. The knife is in your hand, and you find Dracula standing a few meters before you, with his sword pointed at you..
He isn't laughing anymore. He is serious now.
But before you could think over what happened in the last few hours, he starts his attack, by swinging his sword, but you can deflect it all with the knife. He became weak. The sun
"Why couldn't you die?" he says while he's trying to hit you. "Why you human brat?"
"Because, there is somebody waiting for me!" you say.
The vampire freezes for a moment as he stabbed you again, you grab his hand that held the sword, and you took the opportunity to stab him at his heart. Despite the armor that he wore under his cape, the knife easily pierced it trough, and reached the core of his body.
He screamed in pain, and turned to ashes in an instant.
This was the last moment of the great vampire, Vlad Tepes. Dracula died, and you won. But you don't have the power to stand anymore, you collapse. And you fall asleep...
>> No. 30274
>And you fall asleep...

Is this the end? Well, at least we did redeem the Scarlets and our beloved maid. ;_;

ps: good to see you back. How are you?
>> No. 30275
No this is not the end. It will continue, sometimes, but I don't know when..

ps: I feel terrible, my thoughts are full with question. And it seems I can't find the answers for them, despite asking many for their opinions.
But I'm alright, thank you for your kind question! ^___^
>> No. 31877
File 125398276532.jpg- (24.20KB , 374x476 , indifferentsakuya2.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Are you awake?" you hear an old man's voice. You turn over in the bed, and you slowly open your eyes. "A villager found you two days ago in the forest, covered in blood." he continues to speak. Despite there is only a small light in the room, it still hurts your eyes. "He said that he found a dead young man.."
"How long did I slept?" you ask, ignoring the old man's story.
"Really, young ones these days are so impatient." he says on a small voice obviously annoyed by your question. "You were sleeping at least for two weeks."
"Two weeks?" you sit up on the bed and you just notice that you're bounded with chains. You lift up your hands, asking yourself "Why is this for?"
"Just in case.." he starts to say..
"Just in case, what?" you ask quite offended, while you lift up your hands looking at the chains closer. Damn you became imprisoned in a cell.
"We are not sure of your origins." he says with a sigh.
"The whole World is after you." an other man speaks now. He steps forwards so you can see him as well, but not his face. He wears a mask. His clothes are of an ordinary manager of nowdays. Nothing special about it. "We don't know what happened back at your home, but after you killed Dracula, and we aren't interested in it. But!" he pushes this word and turns away from you. "We don't know wheter he bit you or not. And there is also a theory of our specialist, that if somebody kills a vampire it's powers transfers into its killer. Of course it is just a theory, but it would explain, why your wounds are healed."
"I have to correct you, his minor and deadly wounds." a third voice corrects him from the shadows.
"Not only your wounds, but you've slept for two weeks long, without any food." the masked man continues. "What are you?"
You think only for a moment, maybe telling them the truth would be a good idea. "I am a Youkai."
"A what?" the masked man asks it surprised. But then somebody knocks on the door.
"Who is it?" the old man asks it.
"It's me!. a whispering voice answers from the other side of the door. "It's a great problem."
Two of the three man leaves the room. But the third one stays wathing at you.
"Who are you?" you ask, but he stays silent. You ask him again, but it's like he doesn't allowed to speak without the other two.
You stand up, and you look around. It's a dark room, the only lights comes trough a grilled window, so that it lights only your bed. It gives you a really depressed feeling. There is no escape from here! Then you check how long can you go with the chains on you. Two steps from the bed. Not much. Not enough to reach the window or the masked man. You stretch your arms. And you move a little.
The door opens again, and the two other masked men come in.
"I don't know how, but they found out that you're here. We can't hide you."
"But we should be thankfull that you relased our village's grudge."
"We should act fast. So did you really killed your own family?" the closest masked man asks you.

Your answer is:
[ ] "Yes"
[ ] "No"
[ ] "What? My family is dead?"
>> No. 31879
[x] "What? My family is dead?"

Normal response since we don't know what's going on; just that they're mistaking our Hourai regeneration for vampire powers.

I wonder, was that Yukari's goal for dropping us here? Still how are we to get back to Gensokyo.

Welcome back, glad to see this story has some new life. Maybe once it's finished perhaps Meiling or Patchy will get routes of their own.
>> No. 31881
File 125399293969.jpg- (18.09KB , 426x304 , 1253936123132.jpg ) [iqdb]
>But I'm alright, thank you for your kind question! ^___^

>> No. 31882
[ ] "What? My family is dead?"
>> No. 31883
[ ] "What? My family is dead?"
>> No. 31902
File 12540724895.jpg- (47.18KB , 800x600 , perfect writefag.jpg ) [iqdb]
"What? My family is dead?" you ask trying to make it like you were surprised to hear it. "When? How?"
"The news were full with your pictures. Your family was brutally killed. And you went missing. The police found your fathers car or at least what was left of it. It burned out totally. But they didn't found you. And they suspect you to be the murderer."
You fall back to the bed, and you put your hands on your face looking down. "But why?" you say on a low voice.
"We don't know why, but if you say you are innocent, then you can wait, untill they arrive to here. Of course we won't tell them anything about the incidents that happened here."
"Then would you be so kind?" you ask showing your chained hands.
"But we still don't know that he isn't a vampire." the old one says.
"I'm not a vampire! I'm a youkai!" you shout.
"And what is the difference between a youkai and a vampire?"
"Well I don't drink blood, and I can go outside sunbathing." you say not so confident.
"Well since we don't have any blood here, we should check his resistance to the sun then."
"I agree that should do it." the other two agreed.
"Alright, I will now relase you, but if you do anything suspicious, we will shoot you. Do you have any questions?"
"No.." you say still thinking about how to escape from here, but since they have weapons you can't just run away..
"This way!"
You touch the They lead you out from that room into the backyard of an old house.
"Aghhh..." you say falling on your knees, "it burns!" And then you burst out laughing. "It was just a joke!" But they aren't laughing with you:
"You aren't in the position to make jokes." the old man says. "And there is the other question. We can't let you simply run away.."
Running? You can just fly away. Only if they wouldn't have those pistols. All the three of them is watching your every movement. They're far too cautionus. What you need now is a diversion.
"I wouldn't mind if you would let me go," you say, "since I haven't done anything bad."
"Do you really want to take us as fools? How did you do it?"
"I didn't do it! I swear it! Just let me go! OK?" you say. Do they know?
"Don't pretend like you didn't know anything! You burned down the whole house, after beat the shit out of your father! But you burned your own sister alive! Why?" the left one speaks, and he steps closer pointing the gun on your forehead. He is rather nervous. It's like you're in a check! Even if you manage to disarm this man, there are the other two. If you can't come up with something, then you will be rotten in a jail forever, and after they find out that you don't age, you will be just a labrat somewhere deep in a research facility.

[ ] Wait for a miracle.
[ ] Just try to act faster than they. You're a youkai and they are just humans.
>> No. 31903
[x] Wait for a miracle.

Sounds like this Anon has a shady past...

I think we should try to bide our time until something happens.

And I'm not sure if drinking Hourai elixir would make one qualify as a Youkai or not.
>> No. 31904
[x] Wait for a miracle.
>> No. 31905
[x] Wait for a miracle.
>> No. 31908
[x] Wait for HY to write again.
>> No. 31916
File 125414672510.jpg- (50.53KB , 473x314 , 1212047660791.jpg ) [iqdb]
I-I didn't knew that I am HY!!
>> No. 31918
File 125417024556.jpg- (64.12KB , 348x640 , 21f2e4bac9e2139119a43c0f936643ce752de310.jpg ) [iqdb]
What now? It just became obvious for you, that they doesn't want to let you go. Do they know it? You didn't saw anything that stood in the newspapers. Damn it. If only you didn't meet with Flan, your alibi would be perfect. But now, you are only one step away from a check mate. Going againts the three is clearly a mad idea. Only a wrong move, and you're shot. Trying to fly away in your condition would be a stupid idea as well, even if you manage not to shot down, you don't have enough energy reserves to go far.
If only somebody would be here to help you. But your so called friends are just to far away from here and anyway which of them wouldn't shit himself just from seeing a real gun? Then there is your ex-girlfriend. At this moment you start smiling. That bitch would be a good shield againts the bullets. Then there are your new friends as well. Mokou would just burn them, or Sakuya. Aww, that poor girl, she must missing you. Goddamn that Yukari! Why did she sent you back? Why here? Did she know that you became a youkai? But before you could come up with a usefull idea, you hear the sound of syrens.
"How did they manage to get here this fast?" the masked man says on a surprised voice.
"They have men everywhere on the Earth." the old one says.
"We should put away our weapons!"
"Don't!" the old one shouts at him. "They aren't after us!"
"Then I should just pull the trigger, you will wake up eventually anyway. God I'd like to see their faces, when you wake up." the one who's the closest to you says.
"Maybe they're already know it." the old one says. "They knew about the vampire, but they didn't do anything againts it."
"Oh, my! The trigger is soo slippery, it's like its wanting to get pulled!" the closest one starts laughing.
Meanwhile the sirens stops. They are here! You have only a few seconds left or your life is finished forever!
"Do you think you can kill me so easily?" you say on your most evil voice. The closest masked man steps a few steps back, while pointing his gun at you.
"We know that you can't be killed with mere bullets, it only works for few days depending on how serious your wounds are.." the old says. He's clever! He's right, he saw you trough.
The door of the house opens slowly and a fourth masked man comes out:
"They are here!" he says, and he turns away, then disappears in the door. Then two other man comes out.
"I'm agent Smi-! Put down the guns and hand him over!" he says imperiously while he is pointing his gun at one of the three masked man. "We came only for the boy!"
"Be cautiounus! He's rather dangerous!" one of the masked man shouts.
You can feel the tension is growing with each second.. Check mate. It doesn't matter who wins, either the agents or the masked men. You loose. You're too hungry and you don't have enough power to do anything.
They are starting to shout loud at eachother. It's only a matter of time 'till somebody's starts shooting. You fell over to the ground and you close your eyes.. You gave up, you don't care about it anymore. Only a miracle could save you now..
Then your body twitches as you hear the shoots. There were eight of them. Somebody grabs your arm.
"You come with me!"
As you open your eyes you see that they made quite a bloodbath. The three masked men are dead, as one of the agent is as well. The only one who's left is trying to bring you out of here. Then he suddenly drops you, and he shoots twice. You hear a painfull scream from the direction of the house. But then it's silence. After that you see that the agent calls somebody on his cellphone, while he is constantly looking for other enemies.
"This is agent Johnson! We're at the destined place. We encountered a firefight. Agent Smiths is down. I have the suspect with me. How long must I wait untill the helicopter arrives? ... Alright!" then he puts away the cellphone, and looks at you, "Come you little psychotic kid!" he pulls you into the direction of the door. "Allow me to ask a question: just how the fuck did you get this far away?" Before reaching the door he stops. "Well you have the right to remain silent." he says as he punches you in the stomach. You blast is great, but you doesn't really feel it, you just collapse. You can't take it anymore.
"You can stay silent too!" a small voice says. Then you hear the the sound of a shattered tile. It fell onto the head of the agent. He fainted. "Master! Master! Are you alright?"

[ ] Thank Fionel for saving you
[ ] Get food!
[ ] Get in the car.
[ ] Get a gun
>> No. 31919
[x] Thank Fionel for saving you
[x] Get food!
[x] Get a gun
[x] Get in the car.
[x] Think of a way to get back to Gensokyo or at least outta the current area.

I think this is a good order to do things. But I think we should thank the fairy first, since she really did save our ass.
>> No. 31967
File 12543444701.png- (707.50KB , 968x752 , update for ma.png ) [iqdb]
"Master! Master! Are you alright?" Fionel asks you on a worried voice.Your mind is still a bit dizzy but as you open your eyes slowly and take a look around, you see that the fight has come to an end. You sit up on the ground and you look at the little troubled fairy. She saved your life. You've never thought about her to save you. You really thought that she isn't capable of doing anything usefull beside speaking.
"Thank you very much Fionel! You really saved me.." you say on a tired voice.
"Oh, oh.." she says slowly really embraced and blushing, you've got almost the feeling that it was her first praise "that is my job after all, or at least that is what Sakuya.san would say.."
"Sakuya." you say low voiced as you slowly stand up. "Oww!" Your stomach starts hurting. Not just, because you were just punched there moments ago, but the pain of not having any food for weeks.
"Master! Are you really alright?" she asks again being on tiptoe. She clearly doesn't used to situations like this.
"Don't worry, don't worry." you say with clenched teeth, butl you try to curve up your lips into a smile. Judging from the expression of the fairy, you fail, fail quite hard. "Let's go away, I really hate this place." you say at last, but after you enter the house, you smell something delicious. Following this wonderfull smell you easily find its source.
You're standing in the dining room now, and on the desk you see three plate with chicken legs and fries . Your stomach starts to grumbling at the sight of food. Without saying any word you sit down and you start eating. You finish the first plate pretty fast, you eat like a barbarian or like a caveman. Then after you finished with the first one, you look at the fairy's terrified face. You can't help, but you laugh at her. She's trying to hide her face with her tiny hands.
"If you are hungry, then please feel free and eat with me." you say.
"I'm not hungry!" she replies, "maybe it would be better, if I would look around just in case there are still somebody left.."
"Well that is a good idea!" you say cheerfully, "In the end, I have to say that you became quite handfull!"
"Oh, I thank you Sir very much!" she says sheepishly, continually bowing in mid-air to you.
"Do you really don't want to eat anything?" you say, while you're sitting to an other chair. "I could save some of the food for you if you want."
"Oh no. I'm really not hungry!" she insist.
"Really?" you ask, "Oh I get it. Judging from your good figure you must be a vegetarian."
"Well.. i-it is tr-true.. I-I-" she tries to speak, but she's so confused, she even holds her face trying to hide her blushing face. Well maybe it was too much compliment for her.
"So you eat only vegetables and fruits. Am I right?" you say, and you start eating from the second plate, but this time you eat more mannered.
"Y-yes." she says at last, then she quickly leaves the room saying: "well maybe I should look around..."
While you're eating you start thinking about what should you do next.
First of all, you're unarmed. You don't really know whether it is a good or a bad idea to get a gun. Because you can't really hide anything in your pants, that you've got from Mokou. But in the end you make the choice to get one from one of the guys who are currently lieing on the backyard.
Then. After you've finished and got a gun. Where's next? You don't really know, what should be your next destination, and on the top of that you don't know where the hell you are now! Not just the city, but you don't really know anything about this country! But the masked guys said that you're famous. Not in a good way, so if you want to go somewhere, then you need to avoid the publicity, and you should keep a low profie. So you can't just fly away. Maybe at night, but not now. So you need to walk, or maybe you could borrow that car...

[ ] Finish the third dish
[ ] Check on Fionel
[ ] Something something something....
>> No. 31968
[x] Check on Fionel

Not the best idea to overeat, and two plates should hold us for now.
>> No. 31972
[x] Check on Fionel
>> No. 31977
File 125443310958.jpg- (545.93KB , 849x1202 , sssss.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Check on Fionel

Well it is true, that there is two more living creatures beside you there. And the helicopter probably with more agents on its board is on the way to the house.
Yukari's intentions of sending you here: well it is pretty simple. Don't think anything complicated. Did anybody ever mentioned that you became a youkai? Only a few knows it. You can read back if you want..
Oh, and you forgot something something!! Well this option is the write in, but well as I close the votes now, I reveal, what I waited from you. Do you have any money? Yes you should've get a few from the dead people. Then the keys for the car.. But if somebody writes how to start a car without the keys, then yeah you can have that car.. You'll have time 'till tomorrow.
You can ask anything, what happened in the past threads (I'm not going to write a summarize) so be specific!

And yeah I know that I'm still far away from the other writers, partly because my word power is quite low. And I see, that my story isn't flowing so smoothly as the others do..

Tomorrow I'll have a very busy day, so I'm not sure that I can manage to write the update, but I will try my best.

Your Perfect Meido:

Miss Sakuya Izayoi
>> No. 31990
>Because you can't really hide anything in your pants, that you've got from Mokou.

Wait, I thought we are wearing jeans now.
>> No. 31999
You can't really hide a gun in a tight jeans as well. Thank you for reminding me.
>> No. 32419
After you ate the second dish, you start to worry about Fionel. She should've returned by the time. So you stand up and you go out from the room to the garden. In the garden you see Fionel floating above the unconscious agent breathing rapidly, like she just did some great exhausting work.
"Fionel! Fionel!" you shout and you start running to her. "Are you alright?" you ask worriedly.
"Yes Master!" she says.
"Did you beat him?" you ask, but the answer is obvious, she beat him.
"Yes Master!"
"Good job!" you say, "But, I've got the feeling that if we stay here any longer we won't be able to go back. A helicopter, is on its way, we should go now."
She nods, and follows you trough the house to the street. What you wait there is a miracle. A Lada 2100!! Wow! Your family had one back then, when you were little.
"AWESOME!" the only word that you can say as you open its door.
"Master is everything alright?" Fionel asks confused.
"Everything is perfectly fine! Fionel! GET IN THE CAR!"
As you sit in you see that the keys are left in the car. "Good!" You turn it, to start the engine, but instead of starting it, a numeric pad comes out from panel. "What the..?" You've never seen cars with such a security system. And on the top of that in a Lada! The Worlds simpliest car. Like it would worth that much. You start thinking of leaving the car, but well you can't just leave that, at least you try four numbers.
"Wrong answer, maybe this..." you say, hitting the numeric pad randomly. But still nothing.
PI PI PI PI PI pipipipiiiiiiii

The car blows up, you inside it. You feel the unbearable heat only for a moment, the bomb tears your body parts apart, sending them on a random ballistic course around 1km radius.
You died. The media was full with your story for a month. Even after a half year they found out some of your secrets. The boy who killed his family died a horrible death in Transilvania, while he was fighting with the local police. Of course, the media could never find out the whole truth, because of the agents.. But even so you've became a part of the history!
>> No. 32420

This has to be a troll ending, since for one, isn't our lead immortal due to the Hourai elixir? Chances are he'd just be put back together.

So I guess I'll just have to wait until the real update or so then.
>> No. 32421
>> No. 32422
Don't worry I am who I am! I mean same person etc..

It's not the end. It's just a punishment for not replying.
But if you consider that my story never had the quality compared to the other ones, then you see that it doesn't that bad for an update.
>> No. 32423

replying to what?

And just because a story is flawed doesn't give the writer an excuse not to try to improve it.

That and I think what fans are left here might want blood if the story ends with anon returning to Gensokyo too late and find that Sakuya has either moved on or has died.
>> No. 32439
<MissIzayoi>Anon has a car accident after drifting on the road
<Chielsa>I remember reading that
<MissIzayoi>she meets with Flandre
<MissIzayoi>then Reimu wants to have Flandres stone
<MissIzayoi>I mean cristalls
<MissIzayoi>then she freezes you and Flandre
<MissIzayoi>then Sakuya appears
<MissIzayoi>you stab Reimu
<MissIzayoi>then you go to Gensokyo
<MissIzayoi>before Eirin house you collapse,
<MissIzayoi>Eirin cures you but also wants to have you as an experiment
<Chielsa>as always
<MissIzayoi>you escape with Sakuya
<MissIzayoi>during the escape you meet with Mokou and Keine
<MissIzayoi>oh yeah I forgot that after the fight Sakuya lost her memories
<MissIzayoi>so she is very moe
<Chielsa>oh wow, Amnesia Sakuya
<Chielsa>have to write that one down
<MissIzayoi>then you go to Keine's house
<MissIzayoi>you eat there and you get clothes
<MissIzayoi>Mokou's clothes
<Chielsa>Mokou pants~
<MissIzayoi>but in the night Eintei comes
<MissIzayoi>yup ~
<MissIzayoi>to get revenge
<MissIzayoi>the wall was from that time
<MissIzayoi>you barely win
<MissIzayoi>You're being carried. And a little while you can feel the cold raindrops... Oh fuck! What's happening? They let go you. You're falling into the mud. You open your eyes, and you look around. Rabbit soilders are everywhere, Mokou lies beside you, she is pretty well beaten up. Keine just cries above her. And then you look forwards. But in the dark you can see some shadows. Then a lightening...
<MissIzayoi>...comes, and you see scary faces for a moment. All Eintei has come for you!
<MissIzayoi>"Surrender and we let your friends live!" a womanly voice says.
<MissIzayoi>"Shut up, Reisen!" Eirin shouts "First he will pay for what he has done!"
<MissIzayoi>"Hihihi~ Penalty game!" the little shadow says, it must be that little rabbitgirl with the hammer. Now you're in trouble. The knife must be still in the kitchen. You don't have any weapon, and they clearly outnumbered you. But there is still a question that you must ask. That bugs you since Mokou said it:
<MissIzayoi>"Am I immortal?" But at this moment a spear is stabbed trough your left shoulder, and by it your lifted up. You cry out in pain! Your eyesight dims, and you feel something warm is flowing down on your body...
<MissIzayoi>I see the Moon
<MissIzayoi>And the Moon sees me
<MissIzayoi>God bless the Moon
<MissIzayoi>And God bless me~
<MissIzayoi>And you suddenly fell down onto the soft muddy ground. Your eyesight become almost fully clear, as the spear got out of you. You hear screams, and you see knives. The knives are everywhere!
<MissIzayoi>another example
<MissIzayoi>Sakuya remembers again
<MissIzayoi>then you go shopping
<Chielsa>... I guess it beats tea party endings
<MissIzayoi>you meet with Ran Yakumo who bows and tells you that her fucking master did something again wrong (that a boy from the real world got here)
<MissIzayoi>then you go to the mansion
<MissIzayoi>in the mansion Remilia teases Sakuya
<MissIzayoi>but you can't watch it so you slap Remilia
<MissIzayoi>well at this time Anon was very idiot
<MissIzayoi>but Patchy saved his ass after telling something to Remilia
<MissIzayoi>then you go to the libary
<MissIzayoi>you get The how to fly in ten steps book
<MissIzayoi>you have sex with Koakuma
<MissIzayoi>(epic sex scene)
<MissIzayoi>the CHAP CHAP one
<MissIzayoi>I bet you know what I mean ^____^
<Chielsa>link it
<MissIzayoi>then you were bathed together with a fairy maid, but you were lucky because she didn't find out that you aren't an another Fairy ^____^
<MissIzayoi>then you slept together with Sakuya
<MissIzayoi>in the morning you Remilia Sakuya and Reimu had breakfast together
<Chielsa>chap chap chap
<MissIzayoi>[i] that was the time when I found that I can write with italic
<MissIzayoi>so Reimu wanted to bring us back to the real world
<MissIzayoi>but Anon was persistent
<MissIzayoi>so in the end Reimu failed
<MissIzayoi>then you went to the garden
<MissIzayoi>and you've started to read the "how to fly" book
<MissIzayoi>while reading you somehow flew
<MissIzayoi>but you don't know how..
<MissIzayoi>so you flew up to Remilia's balcon
<MissIzayoi>you went in
<MissIzayoi>into the room
<MissIzayoi>it was empty
<MissIzayoi>then you read my christmas special update
<Chielsa>Okay, that chap chap thing was golden
<MissIzayoi>well RanYakumo fag can be awesome sometimes
<MissIzayoi>so in the special update I written about
<MissIzayoi>you read Flandre's diary
<MissIzayoi>and you find out how the two sisters became vampires
<MissIzayoi>a sad story
<MissIzayoi>but then you went after Sakuya to discuss it
<MissIzayoi>Sakuya fed you with delicious sandwiches in the kithcen
<MissIzayoi>then the Yakumos came
<Chielsa>Sakuya sandwiches~
<MissIzayoi>so instead of having sex
<MissIzayoi>she had to go to the gate
<MissIzayoi>to greet them properly like a good meido
<MissIzayoi>meanwhile Yukari gapped to the kithcen
<MissIzayoi>and after a little chat she gapped you back to the real world
<MissIzayoi>into the middle of nowhere
<Chielsa>oh, so that's where we are now
<MissIzayoi>a crazy man shot at you
<MissIzayoi>I think that update was nice
<MissIzayoi>then Mr. Killer the dog chased you
>> No. 32441
What I wanted to say that, you've let it to page 2...

The story won't end here. Anon will get back to Gensokyo, but what awaits him there, an old hag, a dead maid, or the perfect girl?
Her route is locked, Anon will meet her for sure, don't worry.
>> No. 32442
File 125873610144.jpg- (109.35KB , 600x827 , sakuya eagle.jpg ) [iqdb]
A few years after the explosion your body has mostly regenerated from the nothing. You stood on a grassy field naked. But you were more likely a troll or an orc than a human. Let's just say that you were disguisting. But you were able to move. You couldn't regenerate more, because the rays of the sun burned your skin instantly. And without your skin your muscles were burnt by the sun to color black. The constant hurting feeling have made you mad. And it happened that a group of unlucky children that were on a schooltrip met you. You didn't show them any mercy. None of them has survived your rampage. But the searching team that has been sent after the children didn't have greater luck. You've killed them as well. And because you were hungry you ate from the dead. Cannibalism... Well we can say that at that time you were more like an animal, a very wild one.
All the news everywhere in the World wrote about you, a monster that kills people in Transylvania. On the first week of your new life you murdered more than a thousand people.
The goverment didn't take you lightly. The army was sent after you. They've had great losses againts you, but they managed to shoot you many times. You were no match for their machine guns, and you revived for many many times. They couldn't kill you, but your regeneration process didn't proceeded well. And slowly you understood that you've got to hide. One day you've found a nice cave for yourself, it was cold and dark, and on the top of that, nobody knew its existence. You really liked your new home. It had even a small part where a creak was with fishes. You didn't had to worry about anything there.
You didn't left the cave. The army searched for you for a week with no results. And in the end, under the pressure of the media, they've searched for and found a scapegoat, who was later executed, even though that country hasn't got death penalty. The people were happy, and only a very few men knew the truth.
You lived a happy a life in the cave, untill one day..
>> No. 32459
File 125888872785.jpg- (435.83KB , 840x2800 , 66ca7a5b03cb1d656cfe3c9eab2c4e8bf0eb8b69.jpg ) [iqdb]
In your prescious cave you haven't had to worry about anything, and your skin has slowly regenerated itself too. And as the pain was gone, you could think straight again. But those nightmares that you've done, those screaming voices, those faces, you've killed and ate. The smell of the blood. And you knew that you can't bring them back to life. You regret it, but knowing that you can't do anything made you mad. You cried many times, you punched the wall for many times, untill one day...
Untill one day you punched so hard that the way to the underground creak was blocked by a rockfall. You haven't had other choice, but to leave your beloved home.
It was winter. Three years passed since the explosion, but for you it seemed like 100years.
The forest was covered in white. It was beuntifull and blinding at the same time. And it was cold. It hurt your legs to stand in the snow. But flying naked wasn't better either. The breezing wind those endless snowfields. It took two days to find a village.
Basilescu. It had only a few houses. It was a dead village. You couldn't find anyone there. But at least you could find clothes and you could make some fire to warm yourself up.
You moved into the greatest house in the village. It was more like a mansion, a little palace. Its owner must have been quite rich.You lived like a lord there, since the previous owner left there everything that was necessary to you. Food and drinks. The house had even a small libary as well. And because you haven't had any other to do, you've read. You have read all the 1219 books that were there. You've became very knowledgeable. You even called yourself a professor.
But the time has come to leave that palace as well since you've ate everything out from the fridge. You moved on. To the the highest region on earth. To Middle Asia to the north of the Himalayas, to Tibet. Because you read many books about it...

To find a buddhist temple..
>> No. 32460
Not much time until Anon returns to Gensokyo.
>> No. 32461
File 125890645226.png- (333.25KB , 700x525 , saku snow.png ) [iqdb]
It took you a few weeks until you arrived to Tibet. You flew above the beautiful forests of the Balkan, you crossed the Black Sea, you flew over the Caucasus and trough the seemingly endless deserts of the Middle East. And you've even raced with earth to air missiles. But you've always won. They were no match since you become really good with flying. On your way to Tibet you saw many beautiful places, Christian churches and castles, Muslim mosques, oases in the barren desert. But you've seen run-down cities. Deserted ruins. Slums. Oil drilling towers and large luxurious villas, even great skyscrapers, with hundreds of floors.
On the thirty-first night you saw the Himalayan mountains. You had reached the top of the world.
You stopped and landed on the Mount Everest. It was a little after midnight. The air was thin. Its oxygen content was very low. You breathed quickly. You looked at the world down from the top of mountain. And you laughed. Then you took a deep breath, and with all your power you shouted:
"YUKARI YOU BITCH! GET YOUR BIG FAT ASS READY BECAUSE I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!" Your words echoed for minutes between the mountains. And then after your lung was recharged you started to laugh like a maniac for minutes long.
But maybe because Yukari can control the weather, or god knows why, the weather went againts you. Suddenly out of nowhere it began a terrible storm, and you had to retreat. It was a terrible snowstorm. The visual distance was under a meter. The wind was so strong that you couldn't fly straightforward. And the coat that you've had on you were no match againts the fury of the Himalayan weather.
And after a few hours of struggling againts the weather you accidentally found the thing why you've come here.
A Buddhist temple.
You've searched for it's entrance, and you knocked on the great wooden gate. You even shouted:"Let me in! Let me in!"
But it took some time for them to open the gate.
"Welcome Stranger! Come in quickly!" the monk said calmly.
"Thank you!" you said, while you quickly went trough the garden to the inside, not even waiting for the monk to show the way in.
Inside the temple was cold too, but without the wind you've felt quite comfy.
"What brings you here?" the monk asks you smiling...
>> No. 32463
What the fuck!? This shit is horrible!
I demand a rewrite! And let that exploding car thing out!
>> No. 32464

I don't think that's going to happen, I'm just hoping it gets back on track to what made people like the story (Gensokyo and Sakuya). Not some lame "revenge against Yukari" subplot.
>> No. 32476

I second this, minus the rage. A rewrite or retcon or something of the sort would be appreciated, this is getting uncomfortable.
>> No. 32514
Okay then. I know that I am the lowest ranked writefag on the whole touhouproject. Something else came to my mind instead of that lame go to Japan search for the Hakurei shrine and somehow break trough the border of Gensokyo. I've already made a bunch of work with this shit real world part. I regret it. But if you want the whole story then you let me finish this. It will take only one or two more updates. But if you're that desperate, then you can get back now. However:

[ ] Want to learn your curtain of fire. (Better story.)
[ ] Or you don't want to learn it. (Short story)

You can choose.
>> No. 32515
[ ] Want to learn your curtain of fire. (Better story.)
>> No. 32516
[x] Want to learn your curtain of fire. (Better story.)
>> No. 32518
[x] Want to learn your curtain of fire. (Better story.)

We've begun the runabout journey, and we might as well finish it properly.
>> No. 32536
finishing the update in an hour..
>> No. 32537
File 125916184784.jpg- (146.32KB , 650x650 , 8ec505c3f971ee0991623eaa9471e0923ba0fe32.jpg ) [iqdb]
"What brings you here?" the monk asks you smiling.
"I want to forget. I want to forget all those bad things that I've lived trough in the past." you say, while you see the monks mouth is moving the same way as you speak: "I want to hide myself from the World. And I want to learn."
"And I want to learn" he says it with you. What?? Did he knew what you're going to say or was it a trick? You just stand there open-mouthed. And he, after seeing you so confused continues: "You want to clear your mind. That's why people come here."
"Yeah I guess." you answer still confused. You wanted to say exactly the same thing, is he some mind reader, or what?
"But before you could do it you must learn, how to do it." he says, and he started to walk "If you want to learn it then you should follow me, if you don't, then just wait there untill the snow-storm leaves this area, and go."
For a moment you hesitate, but you can't come up with any better idea. You can't just go to Japan to ask every simple human there, hey do you know the road to Gensokyo? For now you want only a little peace you want to think.. And so you decided to follow him..

You were living there for five years. In this five years you've meditated, read the teachings of the Buddha, and you were thought by the monks that lived under the same roof. Later you remembered about this five year as your most useless time of your life. Because you were never able to reach the great Nirvana, the perfect enlightenment. Maybe the time that you've spent there were too short, or the fact that you couldn't forget Sakuya Izayoi, the perfect maid, whose face you nearly forgot, the girl whom you still in love with.

Then on your last day, the master called for you and he asked you a question:
"What are you?"
"A man who tries to achieve Nirvana." you replied. But he slowly shaked his head:
"No, you're different. You didn't aged in the last five year. Your hair has never grew nor have fallen. You didn't changed even a tiny bit. Just what are you?" You couldn't come up with a good answer, so you just said:
"I don't know!"
"I see.. you can go now.." he said..
Your whole existence was against the Budhism, since you couldn't die.. You're like a god from the greek mythology Only that woman knows what you really are. But she's in Gensokyo. And so after thinking for about a minute, you didn't see any reason to stay in the temple, and you decided to travel around the World, like Duncan MacLeod the Highlander..
You've packed a little food that would enough for five days, and you secretly left them...

You've walked only about an hour on the mountain path. And suddenly you've heard gunfires, that echoed for minutes between the mountains of Himalayas.
>> No. 32567
File 125925771835.jpg- (384.30KB , 600x1150 , 98caaf3ccd267dd919657b4d239fcfbb.jpg ) [iqdb]
You've walked only about an hour on the mountain path. And suddenly you've heard gunfires, that echoed for minutes between the mountains of Himalayas.
It must've come from the temple, since there isn't anything in the 50 kilometers radius of the temple. They're in danger! You've turned around and rushed back. On your way you've heard the more gunfires, from submachine guns. Damn you must hurry! But even with your best flying skills you were late. The Chinese soldiers slaughtered almost everyone.
You clenched your hands so hard that it had started to bleed. At the sight of the dead monks, you remembered. You remembered all the bad things that you've thought you had forgot. It all came back all those bad memories. Those cryings. You closed your eyes and you raged in the inside. And then you've cried out with all your power until your lung run out of air.
The mountains have trembled because of your voice.
You've opened your eyes and you losened your hands a little. You became tired. And you've started to fall slowly. As you reached the land, you saw the destruction that you've made. It was terrible. You've just stood there thinking about that feeling that has run trough your veins. That burning sensation, that has stolen your energy. It engraved itself in your head. But there is no time to waste you should search for the survivors. Outside in the garden you didn't find anyone alive. But inside the temple, you've found the Master of the temple. He was injured, but he was consious. You quickly grabbed his arms and you've transported to the capital of Tibet, to a hospital. After you've landed on the top of the hospital, you called for help. After a short time a few doctors came and his life was saved. You were completely tired. Your legs could not stand to have your weight. You collapsed. But while lying on the ground, you were proud, that you could save one. But at the same time you've felt sorry for the other monks...
After lying there for a few hours, you've felt that your powers returned. You stood up. You've lifted up your right hand and you pointed onwards. You closed your eyes, and you tried to remake that feeling that you've felt at that time. You're feeling it! That burning sensation, you quickly open your eyes and you see that a little energy ball or something like that appeared. But as soon as you've felt satisfaction that you've reached your goal faster than you thought, the small light disappeared. You've created this small thing many times. Until by one of this attempt the energy ball didn't disappeared even after you've opened your eyes. Then you tried to move your hand, and you've saw that it followed your fingers movements. Then you tried to throw it. And it worked! You watched it going straight into the wall of a building. The energy ball made a little explosion, and it vanished. It left a little crater in the wall. Good! You were really happy, But you couldn't destroy the whole town, just because you want to learn to use this weapon of yours better. So you flew away into the mountains.
The people who saw you flying were confused, and the news spread quickly that Avalokitesvara the patron saint of Tibet has returned to aid his descendants. And they started to search for you. They even declared you the hero of Tibet. You were their last hope againts the great Chinese army that was about to put an end to the rebel forces in Tibet.
You've stopped by an abandoned place and you started to fire your energy balls, one after the other. After about your 100th shots you've stopped for a little, to eat and to relax a bit. Then after feeling refreshed you've started to increase the intense of that feeling, you tried it more and more harder. And slowly you've managed to create two energy balls at the same time. You've practiced until night. On the next day when you woke up you continued to fire the bullets. On the second day the mountain that you were shooting at was completely destroyed. On the fifth day of your training, you were run out of food. But you've made a great progress as well. You could fire countless energy balls at the same time, and you could controll some of them like after you've relased them...
So after destroying five mountains in the Himalayas, you've returned to the capital, to replenish your supplies. And of course you've visited the monk as well in the hospital. There you found Dalai Lama as well. He spoke to you as the leader of the resistance. He threated you like a king. And you couldn't say to his request no.
And so you became the man, who alone stopped the great Chinese army in only 7 days. And you've won independence for Tibet. You became the Words most famous man. You were celebrated by the people of Tibet. And at least you could enjoy your life for a little time.
But the news got to the ear of someone else as well. One who thougt you were dead long ago..
So on a peacfull day, you've heard a familiar voice:
"I've made a great mistake.."
>> No. 32571
well you can say hello to Miss Yukari if you want..

ALSO sorry for not giving any choices but I didn't have time to finish the update as I wanted..
>> No. 32573
[x] "Why Hello there, Yukari, May I ask what mistake you made?" (tone: dripping with vemon)
[x] "I never thought someone of your power would be at the beck and call of that money-grubbing wench." (Tone: also dripping like vemon, undertone as to mock her taking orders from Reimu)
>> No. 32608
okay writing now, no need for further votes.
I know what I have to do!
>> No. 32612
File 125941619062.jpg- (62.28KB , 800x616 , 584251741aa6b8e9f2b044b8c2091b89.jpg ) [iqdb]
On this peacefull day you were enjoying the warn water of your jacuzzi in your villa. It felt really good. After conquerring half China, the war has ended, Tibet became recognized as a leading nation in the World. You were its weapon. The weapon that was more powerful than a nuclear rocket. You really liked your new position. Your well deserved peace. But on this great day, you've heard a familiar voice.
"Ahh.." you hear her sighing voice, "I've made a mistake..."
You didn't recognized it immediatly, and because of the steam you couldn't see her well.
"Why Hello there," you greeted her, and you've waited for a minute, waiting for her to introduce herself, then suddenly as you leaned forward, you saw her blond hair. It's Yukari! "Yukari,"your cheerfull voice has changed immediatly after recognizing her. " May I ask, what mistake you made?"
"Oh my... Are you angry?" she asks you on a playfull voice. For you it seems, that she clearly underestimates your power.. What should you do? "What if I say sorry? I-I didn't know, what you were back then." she continues.
"I should forgive you?!" you say very disappointed, "After all those things that I went trough? Do you know how much I suffered? Because you did not know."
"Pleaseee!" she says and she puts her hands together. "I won't do it again."
"So you say you regret it. You say, that I should forgive you. But I, can't!" you say while slowly standing up in the bath.
"Your, your"
"What's with me?" you ask.
"Your thingie.. It is exposed. YOU PERVERT!" she shouts at you, while throwing a chair at you. It hit you quite hard, since you've never expected it. And now you're lying on the bath floor naked. She looks away, but you can see that she's still watching you from the corner of her eyes. You slowly get up and wrap a towel around yourself.
"sigh.. we should get on the topic. Why did you visit me? Didn't you send me back because you wanted to get rid of me?"
" khm " she clears her throat a bit, before she starts speaking "Oh you're a clever boy. But you see, I sent you back, because you wanted to return.."
"When did I said that?" you ask starting to loose your controll over your anger.
"My shikigami said that you've accidentaly came to Gensokyo through my gap, so I sent you back, because you didn't belong to Gensokyo, or at least that was what I thought back then. I really didn't cared about you, but Ran was so persistent that I had to do it. Do you know how bad it is, when you can't sleep, because someone doesn't let you?"
"Oh what kind of excuse is that?"
"You don't really know much about woman? So because of her, I went to visit the vampires, and then I said good bye to you, and I've sent you back."
"You sent me back to the hell? I bet you knew about Vlad Tepes, don't you?"
"A kind of, I mean that vampire was my plaything for centuries."
"Whaat?" you say surprised, as the puzzle slowly solves itself in your head. "Were you the one who sent him after the Scarlets?"
"Well how should I say? I was really bored back then, but really!" she says on her innoicent voice. "Do you know how boring was Gensokyo, without any great incidents? However I didn't knew it would turn out so badly."
"So that was your mistake as well."
"But please don't tell the vampires this!" she says, but she's smiling.
"Why shouldn't I? Are you not ashamed?" you ask on a jumpy voice.
"I did what I did. Even I can't turn back the wheel of the time, and anyway in the end it turned out good."
"Realy? Well I see it otherwise. You're evil."
"Am I?" she giggles, "compared to you I'm nothing. But I was quite surprised, when I heard about you, making this great mess here in the World. I really thought that you were dead long ago."
"So you've sent me here to die?"
"Well you know, in Gensokyo you could have die very easily, but I didn't wanted that maid to destroy half Gensokyo, because of you."
But behind the scenes you were already started to think. What is she planning? You're sure that she didn't just came here to have this conversation. Doesn't she afraid of you? Why? Is she this strong? What's with Sakuya?

[ ] "Why did you want me to die?"
[ ] "What's with Sakuya?? What did you do to her?"
[ ] "What did you tell to Sakuya?"
[ ] Beg for bringing you back to Gensokyo
[ ] Test your powers on Yukari
[ ] Quickly grab her head and push it underwater.
>> No. 32617
what? Still no votes?
>> No. 32618
[ ] "Why did you want me to die?"
>> No. 32620
[x] "Why did you want me to die?"
-[x] "By the way I found out that I have a really hard time dying; getting blown up is a bitch."
[x] "What's with Sakuya?? What did you do to her?"
[x] "What did you tell to Sakuya?"
[X] "If you intend to make up for your mistakes, you can start by bringing me back to Gensokyo."
>> No. 32622
Starting to write now
>> No. 32623
File 125943383355.jpg- (119.81KB , 480x640 , c6ab8b361a138b4d75308dfeeb6ba789b3b7cf2e.jpg ) [iqdb]
The started to dissolve a little. You saw Yukari sitting on one of her gap. She was smiling at you, and talked to you like nothing ever happened. You were ready to strike at any moment, but her careless behavior held you back. You don't know what she's capable of.
"Why did you want me to die?" you ask with a very serious voice. She moves her fan up to cover her face, so that you can only see her eyes.
"It has the very simple reason. The outside World should not know about Gensokyo."
"Oh! And did you know that I have died at least hundred times? Do you know how hard to recover after getting blown up?"
"HAHAHA-" she starts laughing "You will get used to it. Maybe if I would train you..."
"It's fucking not funny!" you say putting your hand on your cheeks, unable to controll your temper anymore..
"Oh my" she says "is this how you supposed to speak with a lady? Where are your manners?"
"Are you teasing me? It is my home, I do whatever I want here!"
"Oh what's this?" she asks looking at one statue that stood at the corner in the bathroom. She pokes it with her index finger. And the statue fells. As it reaches the ground it makes a great sound, and it breaks into thousand pieces.
"You bitch what have you done! That was a worth of million dollars!" you shout at her.
"Oh my I'm so sorry. I swear it was an accident!" she says on an innocent voice, but you saw it. She did it on purpose.
"Yeah and the king still lives.."
"Oh by the way do you want to know what's with Sakuya?" she asks you.
"Yes! What's with her?" you ask on exited voice. And as she sees your sudden change she giggles.
"Well I didn't do anything to her. After you've left I told her that you didn't liked her.."
"Oh no I was joking, I simply told her that you've told me that you really like her, but that you doesn't belong to Gensokyo, and you want to leave. That poor girl, she started crying and she tried to stab me."
"Bring me to her!" you order Yukari. Her tone changes as she floates closer to you.
"I can't!" What? it seems her first serious sentence. But you can't believe her.
"Of course you can! Stop teasing me! If you intend to make up for your mistakes, then you could start by bringing me back to her!"
"Well I'm here to bring you back, but if you accept a word of advice, then you don't go in the near that mansion. Good bye!"
And so she disappeared in her gap.
You raged. You throw your remaining three statues to the ground. But soon after you calmed down a little you found yourself on a grassy field...
... in Gensokyo.

[ ] Go back to the SDM, to see your precious Sakuya-san!
[ ] Go to Keine's place, at least they were friendly to you, and maby they can give you some information
>> No. 32625
[x] Go to Keine's place, at least they were friendly to you, and maby they can give you some information

While I'd like to get back there, it'd be a good idea to get some information first before making any big moves.
>> No. 32628
[ℤℯ] Go to Keine's place, at least they were friendly to you, and mabye they can give you some information
>> No. 32647
writing now~
>> No. 32650
File 125951532297.jpg- (37.19KB , 365x434 , 12064592810396.jpg ) [iqdb]
"but if you accept a word of advice, then you don't go in the near that mansion."
This sentence echoed in your head for hours. Why? Did somehting bad happened? Did she blackmailed you? Well it would be good if somebody could tell what happened here in the past few years. So instead of going straight to the mansion, you decided to visit Mokou and Keine.
You were only wearing a single towel, so you had to fly slowly, because you didn't wanted to catch cold.
On your way a fairy joined you. You didn't invited her, but you didn't mind her as well. She had aqua-colored eyes, hair and icicle-shaped wings like an ice fairy. She wore a blue ribbon, light pink blouse and blue one-piece skirt. Sometimes she flew a little bit behind you, but then again she caught up.
Suddenly she started to panic and she yelled at you:
"Hey hey! There is a snake under your skirt!"
"What?" you stopped, and you quickly looked under the towel. But then as you've saw that everything is alright you've let out a realived sigh. "God don't scare me so much!"
"B-but there is a little snake under your skirt. I swear it I'm not joking!" she points at your precious thing. Still shocked.
"Don't worry, it will not bite me. It's a part of me." you say with a smiling face, thinking that at least she didn't say worm or so.
"You're weird." she asks you with a dumb face.
"I'm a man!" you say "And every man has a snake between his legs."
"Really?" she asks.
"Yeah really." you say and you start to move on again.
You look back after a minute, and you see that she remained at the same place. In the same thinking position.
"And I am weird..." you say to yourself low voiced.

It was already evening when you arrived to the house of Keine.
You've landed at the entrance. And you knocked on the door. But nobody answered. Maybe they aren't at home.

[ ] Wait for them...
[ ] Search for them in the surroundings...
[ ] Go inside, and wait for them there...
>> No. 32651
[x] Wait for them...

I don't think a guy with a towel inside her house would help much. (I'd thought we'd get dressed before Yukari'd gap us)
>> No. 32655
[e]Wait for them...

Also, being the grammar Nazi that I am, I was thinking about possibly editing future updates in this thread for correct English to make them more understandable. Would anyone object to this?
>> No. 32659
File 125952247039.jpg- (177.75KB , 490x480 , is that so.jpg ) [iqdb]
is that so~
>> No. 32661

Obviously, you'd have to be okay with it first, but it might make the story more coherent and allow readers to spend less time interpreting the feelings you're trying to convey and more time enjoying the story.

I'll only do it if you say it's fine and the other readers here don't object to it.
>> No. 32662
I would give it a try..
Contact me on IRC.
>> No. 32664
is the easiest way to come there..
>> No. 32668
I'm posting from my PSP right now, so I can't chat in IRC, but if you're still there 10-20 minutes from now, I SHOULD be there.

Also, I thought I'd let you know that we both have an unhealthy obsession over Sakuya.
>> No. 32672
Woops, I gave you the wrong e-mail address, when you get on IRC tomorrow I'll give you the correct one.

And to make sure that we're on the same page, make sure you type your updates in English and send them to me for editing (if you send me something in the language you speak in everyday life, I'll just become pissed at my own stupidity).
>> No. 32680
writing now..
>> No. 32684
>>32672 well because you didn't appear, I will post my update now..
also check #touhouproject I've left a message to you there...
>> No. 32685
File 125960927092.jpg- (548.85KB , 1000x1000 , 53d3cb8c6574cd1f9cf45238bab4bb8b435087b0.jpg ) [iqdb]
You don't want to be seen as a thief, especially wearing only a towel, so you've waited outside. The time was already past eight, and the full moon shone upon you. After walking up and down for an hour, you decided to sit down at the balcony near the entrance. You leaned back and slowly you have fallen asleep.
You've slept only for two or three hours, when somebody tried to wake you up by poking your forehead. But you've resisted. You've tried to hush away that thing away from you.
"Sakuya..please... don't, I wanna sleep more!" you've said on a sleepy voice. But in response:
"WAKE UP!!" she shouted right into your ears.
"What the hell?" you jumped. For the moment you didn't even know that you're a man or a woman. You slowly moved your sight upwards from the grounds. What you saw the beuty of a woman body, but as you sighted her face, you've started screaming. She head horns and her eyes were shining in red. It seemed that your screaming frightened her because she started to scream as well. And God knows who were more frightened at that moment. In the end, Mokou finished your screaming contest by slapping both of you on the face, then you got a hard punch into your stomach as well.
"Who are you?" Mokou shouts at you, but you can't even speak after that horrible punch.
cough, cough
Then she casts some fire on one of her fingers, and she moves it towards your face in order to see it.
"Damn! I know you!" she says, "You were Sakuya's boyfriend! Am I right, Keine?"
"Yeah it seems you're right! But what are you doing here, wearing only a towel?"
"That's cough me.. And it's a long story.. cough, cough But, why did you punched me?" you say looking at Mokou disappointed.
"Oh boy! Don't mind it!" she says happily. Then she goes inside like nothing happened. "Keine what's the menu for tonight?"
"Come in and join us for dinner!" Keine invites you.
When you got in, you saw that nothing changed. Only Keine. She grew horns and she dyed her hair to green. And she even has a tail...
You sit down at the table with Mokou, while Keine starts cooking.
Mokou stares you grinning, and you stare Keine's tail. It's confuses you. Is that some costume or is that real? And those horns.
"Say, what happened to you? We didn't heard about you for years." Keine asks you, while slicing some carrots into the boiling water.
"Well..." you try to speak, but Mokou interrupts you:
"Were the life in the mansion so bad, that you've escaped? Or Sakuya wasn't that kind to you there?"
She's like trying to mock you.
"Mokou! Watch your tongue!" Keine turns to Mokou. "If you speak bad about her you will have bad fortune or even worse you'll be cursed.."
"Don't be so superstitious, you should know that I don't believe in such things." Mokou says and she folds her arms. Then she looks at you. "So kid what happened? I'm rather curious."
"Well, as I remember everything went well. Until Yukari came, and she sent me back to the mansion of that stupid vampire..." and so you started to tell your story, but you left out many parts. Because you didn't know, how they would react hearing that you've killed many many innocent people. "and now I'm here after Yukari came to my house, just when I was sitting in my bath, and she brought me back."
"Well, the dinner is ready." Keine says, as you've made a little pause in your story.
"What a delicious scent! I became so hungry!" Mokou says and she starts to blush a little when her stomach rumbles loudly. You start laughing at the cute embarrassed Mokou.
"Stop it! Or I.." she yells at you.
"Or you?" you lean forward to tease her a little more..
"Or I will burn you alive!" she says and you suddenly some flashing picture comes to your mind, about a certain moment of your past, you stop feeling well.
"That's not funny.." you say. Damn she just ruined your good mood.
"Laughing at a starving woman isn't funny as well.." Keine complains, as she has laid the table.
The soup that Keine made is delicious. But because your mood was ruined and because Mokou obviously didn't forgive you, the dinner passed silently..

After the dinner

[ ] Ask for some new clothes
[ ] Ask them about the mansion
[ ] Ask them about that blue haired fairy
[ ] Ask about Yukari's warning
[ ] Ask about their day
>> No. 32688
[j]Ask them if they know anything about what's happened in the Scarlet Devil Mansion since you left Gensokyo.
-[k]Specifically, ask if they know how Sakuya is doing.


Sorry about that, I work from 7am-3pm EST, which usually gets me home around 4pm. Also, whatever you tried to send me on IRC didn't go through.
>> No. 32689
[x] Ask about their day.
[x] Ask them about that blue haired fairy, she was rather helpful.
[x] Ask them about the mansion in the time since you left.
-[x] Especially Sakuya's welfare
[x] Ask about Yukari's warning if the previous question didn't answer it.
[x] Ask for some new clothes
[x] Thank them for what help they could provide.

It was never said how many was the max, so I'm going with this; I'll change it once I find out the max number of options.
>> No. 32700
[x] Ask about their day.
[x] Ask them about that blue haired fairy, she was rather helpful.
[x] Ask them about the mansion in the time since you left.
-[x] Especially Sakuya's welfare
[x] Ask about Yukari's warning if the previous question didn't answer it.
[x] Ask for some new clothes
[x] Thank them for what help they could provide.
>> No. 32701
starting to write the answers..
>> No. 32705
I ment look at the topic of the room!!
>> No. 32706
File 125969427295.jpg- (79.16KB , 900x636 , 683db6afc8b8a6eaee4312e6622b5a371001f9e5.jpg ) [iqdb]
After the dinner, Keine started to wash the dishes, while you and Mokou still sat by the table.
"Can I help you?" you ask politely from Keine.
"Oh no! You're a guest now, just relax yourself." she says on a kind voice.
You sigh feeling a bit bad, not being able to pay back for the food.
After a few minutes of silent you notice, that Mokou is looking at you.
"What is it, Mokou?" you ask.
"Where did you left my clothes?" she asks you.
"Well, I lost them."
"WHAT?" she stands up shouting at you. Then she hits the table with her iron fist: "I didn't gave you my expensive clothes to just loose them! Search for them!"
"I can't!" you say calmly.
"Why can't you?" she rages.
"Because I left them in the real world."you start to lift up your tone
"Then go back for them! Those were my best clothes!" she says and she hits the table again.
"I'm sorry, but I really can't go back." you start shouting as well.
"I can't accept your appologize. Go back for them or fight with me!" she shouts lighting some fire on her fingertips. In response you stand up as well:
"You wanna fight?"
"THAT'S ENOUGH BOTH OF YOU!" Keine shouts and she bashes both of you on the head.
"She started it." you say, stroking your head, where she hit you.
"What? You've lost my prescious clothes!"
"If you both don't stop, then you'll sleep outside!" Keine says. "So you don't have any clothes now, well if Mokou agrees, then you can get an another set of her clothes. Right Mokou??" she presses her last sentence so that nobody would argue with her.
"Right." she says obedient.
"Thank you, Mokko-chan you're the greatest." you say and you hug Mokou.
"Well don't mention it kid." she says, and as you let her go, you see that her face is red. And as you ask her:
"Is there something wrong?" she starts yells at you:
"Just go and get dressed, before I change my mind.."
Aww Mokou-chan is just a normal girl after all.

Keine gave you a new set of Mokou clothes, and she waited for you in the room, while you were changing behind a screen. So you started a conversation with her:
"Do you know a blue haired fairy? She had icicle-shaped wings, maybe she was an ice-fairy or so... " you ask.
"Oh, you must mean Cirno!" she says " She's my student, however her grades are the worst."
"Poor girl.."
"Yeah, I feel pity for her too, while I have more than a thousand student who graduated under my wings, she still can't pass the final exam."
"How many times did she try it?" you ask.
"Well there were some years when we didn't even see her. And if you ask, yes, she forgot to come to school. But to answer your question, she failed for 99 times already!"
"Oh GOD!" you say surprised. "Is she really that stupid?"
"No, she's beyond your every imagination. But maybe it's my failure." she says, and you feel that she's about to cry.
"Oh don't say that! It isn't your fault. You know that there are natural talents, and nineballs.." you try to cheer her up, but as you hear the first sobbing voice from here you immedietly shows yourself dressed up in Mokou's clothes in before her. "Tadaaam! How is it?"
"It looks good on you. Maybe even better than on Mokou." she says starting to smile.
"Definietly not!" Mokou enters to the room.
"Really?" you ask her on a teasing voice. But then you change to a serious tone. "By the way. Yukari warned me not to go to the mansion. Do you know why?"
"You ask?" Mokou looks at you with a surprised look.
"I told you that I was in the real World. Nobody told me what happened, while I was away."
"He doesn't know." Mokou looks at Keine.
"Well, we should sit down at the table and talk." Keine says.
"What's that I don't know??" you ask with a demanding voice. "Don't tell me that she moved on!"
"No, it's not like that.." Keine starts speaking,
"Kid, she is dead." Mokou says low voiced.
"What?" you ask like you didn't heard her.
"We thought you know.." Keine says "that she died three years ago.." At this moment you feel like your heart has stopped beating.
"It can't be..." you say low voiced. You can't believe it. She was the one, who gave worth for your life. It is because of her that you didn't give up.
"Hey Kid! your face is pale. Are you alright?"

[ ] Pass out
[ ] Start crying
>> No. 32707
[x] Start crying

This way we might find out more details, such as HOW it happened.
>> No. 32710
[x]Start crying.

Eh? They better be trying to play a horrible, horrible joke.
>> No. 32735
The update is ready. It will be posted after Prager edits it..

Please wait warmly~
>> No. 32736
>> No. 32737
File 125979201128.jpg- (180.17KB , 769x550 , 0427803eea5c2f9e8c771daa329183a3a283591c.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Hey kid! Your face is pale, you feeling alright?" Mokou asks, her face a mask of worry. Your eyesight starts to blur as you feel tears beginning to flow from the corners of your eyes.
"Is this some kind of sick joke?" you say, your voice cracking slightly as a sob escapes your lips. Despite the cold, hard knot in your chest, you try to force yourself to smile.
"Unfortunately, no,” Keine says, your heart dropping at the news and the forced smile disappearing from your face. “She was just a human, and, like all humans, her time came,” Keine continues, explaining it with a somber tone. However, her words fall on deaf ears as you shut out the outside world.
Right now, you can’t think about anything. You only feel this terrible, horrible ache building in your heart. You can't bear it. All the horrors and emotions that you’ve experienced in the real world don’t even compare to this feeling. If only you had stayed with her, maybe you could have done something. She only looked to be around sixteen years old or so. You can't believe this. Why and how did she die? Is this because of you? You feel that it is. A voice in the back of your head tells you she died because of you. It's all your fault. Another voice screams at you. You can’t accept this. You have to find out.
Then, suddenly, you snap out of this state, the sights, smells, and sounds of the world returning to you.
You hear a female voice crying. And you feel arms wrapped tightly around your chest in an embrace. It's Keine.
"I..." you whimper, but the knot in your chest makes it difficult to speak now. "I… I have to go now..." You feel that she's slowly releasing you. She sniffles softly.
Her response is a soft whisper, her voice dripping with pity as she steps away. “Go, then. And whatever you’re going to do, good luck.”
“T-t-thank you…” you say in a hushed tone. You lift up your right hand in order to wave it, but the motion that it creates can only be described as lifeless, and it seems to all that you’ve already given up. Looking around, you realize that you've left the house.
Keine is silently standing a short way away from you, staring at the ground, and you get the feeling that Mokou couldn't bear the sight of a crying man, so she left you before you could recover from your trance-like state. After a minute, you turn and walk in the direction of the mansion silently, a wetness touching your chest indicating that you cried fairly heavily.

About a minute before reaching your destination, you meet a fair-haired little girl. Normally her red eyes would creep you out, but in your current (emotionally wrecked) state you feel fearless, all your thoughts and feelings pouring into a single wound. She wears a black vest and skirt, with a white blouse visible underneath the vest and a ruby red ribbon tied to the left side of her hair. She’s also floating in your way…

[ ] Tell her that you're in a hurry, and ignore her.
[ ] Ignore her without telling her anything. If she resists or hinders your advance in any way, defeat her.
[ ] Ask her name. This might be an opportunity to calm yourself before you reach the mansion.
>> No. 32739


[]Fuck you, that was awful. I liked it better when Sakuya TripFag did it.
[]This is nice, do this from now on.
>> No. 32742
[x] Ask her name. This might be an opportunity to calm yourself before you reach the mansion.
-[x] Have her tag along on the trip to the mansion if she wants depending on how things go.

No shame in taking a moment to mellow out, and an potential ally is never a bad idea.

[x]This is nice, do this from now on if possible.
>> No. 32746
Your writing skills are far superior to mine. I mean whoa! It's like I'm reading a book. But it's slightly different than, what I've wanted to write.. It's kind of interesting to read your own story told by an other. But I can't really tell it now because I'm too tired.

Because I've worked today from 5AM till 6PM plus going to the work takes 30 minutes, but going home at the rush-hour took 90 minutes, then I've had to make a plan with my friends on how it will go on Saturday our 'little alcohol trip'.. And it's already 11:30PM now. I hope that tomorrow I will have time to write down my thoughts. And yeah that means no update till Monday. Because on Friday I will work. Then I'll have to prepare for Saturday's banzai. On Saturday I will work as well in the morning, than I will go 'alcoholol', and on Sunday I will regain my lost energies (that means I will sleep), and I hope that I don't have to work too much on Monday.
Well then here's the original to compare, so you can compare the updates as well: ^____^


"Hey Kid! Your face is pale. Are you alright?" Mokou asks with a worried face. Your vision starts to fade, and tears are appearing in your eyes.
"Is this some kind of bad joke?" you say on a crying voice and you try to force yourself to smile.
"She was a human, and her time has come.." Keine starts explaining it on a sad voice, but you can't listen to her. And you shut out the outside world.
At this moment you can't think about anything. You only feel this terrible pain. You can't bear it. All the pain that you've gone trough in the real world is nothing compared to this feeling. If only you would have stayed with her. She was just around 16 years old. You can't believe this. Why and how did she die? Is this because of you? You feel that it is. She died because of you. It's all your fault. But even so can't accept this. You have to find out. You have to witness this with your own eyes..
Then you suddenly snap out of this state.
You hear that somebody is crying. And you feel that somebody is hugging you. It's Keine.
"I..." you start, but you find hard to speak now."I.. I have to go now.." You feel that she's letting go of you.
"Then go... and have good luck, in whatever you're up to now.." she whispers.
"I thank you.." you say low voiced, and you lift up your right hand in order to wave it, but it was a lifeless wave, and from the outside it seemed that you've already given up..
You've left the room. Then the house..
Keine stood there still for minutes so like you've let her there, staring the ground. While Mokou couldn't bear the sight of a crying man, and she left the room long before you snapped out of your thoughts.

Before reaching your destination, you've met with a blond haired little girl. Normally her red eyes would creep you of, but in your current stance you could crush anything. She wore a black vest and skirt, and white blouse. And a red ribbon is tied to the left side of her hair. And she's floating in your way..

[ ] Tell her that you're in a hurry, and ignore her
[ ] Ignore her without telling her anything. If she resists than defeat her.
[ ] Ask her name. Maybe it's a good chance to calm yourself down, before you reach the mansion.
>> No. 32770
[x] Ignore her without telling her anything. If she resists than defeat her.
>> No. 32773
[x] Ignore her without telling her anything. If she resists than defeat her.
>> No. 32786
[x] Ask her name. This might be an opportunity to calm yourself before you reach the mansion.
-{x} Have her tag along on the trip to the mansion if she wants depending on how things go.
>> No. 32791
File 126012934035.png- (268.14KB , 652x700 , 361d90382bc477b9be1cb76978bf80d64d689248.png ) [iqdb]
You were already flying over the lake, but the weather was a bit foggy so you couldn't see far.
"I thought the island with the mansion, was around here... Could it be moving?" you mumble it to yourself. On your way you spot a fair-haired little girl. And she's blocking your way. You try to ignore her. And fly past her, because you don't want to waste any of your prescious time. But she's blocking your way. You try to get past her, but she easily follows your movement. And man! In your current mentally state, her childish laugh is annoying you greatly.

"Who are you?" you ask, thinking that maybe a little discussion can calm you down.
"I AM THE YOUKAI OF DARKNESS, RUMIA!" she yells her own name. And you are starting to feel that something is not right with her. "Can I eat you?"
"Ahaha! You wanna taste me?" you ask smirking.
"Attacking humans is youkai's job." she says spreading her arms wide out, and you see that a small, unusual lump of darkness start to cover her. You raise an eyebrowl, and you stop smiling.. She is preparing to attack you.
"Moon Sign "Moonlight Ray" " she yells. And strange energy balls, like bullets appears around her and she fires them at you with sunburst spreads. After the third wave of her attack, she fires blue colored laserlike things. With those two, she tries to force you to stay in front of her.
You can't just escape, you have to fight back!
But how? You would ask yourself, but there is no time to think. You have to focus on the bullets coming into your direction. You have to avoid to get hit by them. But even so with your greatest abilities some of the bullets graze your legs. After the fifth wave, of her attack (if you count them by the number of her lazer attacks that are being fired after every third waves of her bullet attacks) she stops for a few seconds.
You use this moment to start a counterattack. You take a deep breath, and you unleash your fury. The burning sensation in your veins, you've felt that your veins are at their limit, and you've let them out, putting everything on this one card. And your thousands of your bullets appeared around you, waiting for you to swing your arm into the direction of the enemy.
"Darkness Sign "Demarcation" " she shouted, but she couldn't start her attack. Because your counterattack didn't left her any chance. The wave of your bullets were so dense and so wide, that she could just scream. But her scream fainted. And she was defeated and the darkness that she created disappeared with her as well.
You've won your first spellcard duell. But you knew that this was only small warmup of your forthcoming battles. Since compared to her Remilia is at least thousand times stronger.
You breathed quickly, because this attack nearly required all your power. You quicly searched for a land with your eyes. And you found it. The small island with the mansion. You slowly floated and you've landed on the shore of the island..

[ ] Wait a little to regain your energies
[ ] Don't waste more time..
>> No. 32792
[x] Don't waste more time..

I think we should press onward at this rate.
>> No. 32793
[x] Don't waste more time...
>> No. 32796
[x] Wait a little to regain your energies.

Bit too risky to run around weakened and without a plan, I think.
>> No. 32810
starting to write now..
>> No. 32811
File 126022158038.jpg- (643.12KB , 858x1154 , 275a2dfd1f52ec26d178dcf1191f8598e65f0739.jpg ) [iqdb]
You stood on the shores of the island, facing with the great mansion of the devils, that was not so far ahead.
"Only a few steps.. I came back.." you whispered to yourself.
But after a few steps you fall on your knees. You were too tired, because you really gave your all into that one attack. You sighed.
"I can do it, I can do it! Come on my legs... MOVE!" you said trying to encourage yourself. And with your willpower you stood up again. You walked really slowly, and every step became heavier as you got closer to the mansion.
You arrived to the gate. But the gateguard wasn't there. Then you spotted an old chair on the left side of the closed gate. It was already conquered by the nature. It's like nobody was here for years. Where could that green-clothed Chinese girl be?
"If nobody lets me in, then I will help myself.." You said leaning with your hands againts the gate in order to open it. The rusty gate creaked loudly as it slowly started to move. It wasn't used for years too. What happened here?
As you walked trough the fore-yard, your heart started to beat faster and faster. And as you got to the entrance, your chest started to hurt as well. You lifted up your left hand, and you knocked on the wooden door three times. At the third knocking the door opened. And for your greatest surprise nobody was there.
But you couldn't enter the door. It felt like an invisible wall would block your way.
You were afraid to enter.To witness the truth with your own eyes, which you don't want to believe.
"She lives, she lives.." you whispered repeatedly to yourself, even though you knew that it's a lie.
Then you heard that somebody is rushing down on the stairs. In the dark you couldn't see the person well. But as she got closer to you, you saw that she's wearing a maid outfit.
"Sa..." you start to say, and for a moment you got a warm feeling in your heart, but your voice cracks as you saw, that she isn't Sakuya. This maid had long read hair..
"Good morning Sir!" she greets you. She speaks fast, and it seems to you that she in a hurry. "Whose guest you are?"
"Erm S.." you start, but your voice cracks again..
Maybe it wouldn't be a good idea, to tell her you came to see a dead person.

[ ] I came to see the Mistress
[ ] I'm here to visit Patchy, I hope she's in good health
>> No. 32812
[x] I'm here to visit Patchy, I hope she's in good health.
-[x] "Mind if I inquire to recent events? Since I was once a guest here, and I was curious to how everyone else was doing."
>> No. 32814



You stand on the shore of the island, facing great mansion of the devils only a short way in front of you.
“Just a little more…” you whisper, the knot in your chest tightening as your mouth forms words. “I’ve returned…”
But after a few steps you fall to your knees and lower your head. You’re too tired; you put way too much effort into that attack. You sigh softly. However, a moment later you feel a strange force pushing you on. You make a fist with your right hand and look up, your face a visage of determination.
“I can do it, I can do it!” you say, trying to encourage yourself. “Come on, fucking legs! Move!” A few more seconds of concentration and the pain of your muscles screaming at you pass, and then, at last, you’re standing upright again. You walk slowly, tentatively, each step becoming more and more difficult as you inch closer to your goal: the Mansion, its imposing red façade seeming to mock you with its stature.
At last, you arrive at the gate, only to notice that the gate-guard is missing. Then, out of the corner of your eye, you spot an old chair on the left side of the closed gate. It’s already been overtaken by nature; covered in vines and grass, it seems like nobody has sat in it for years. Where could that Chinese girl clothed in olive-green be?
“If nobody’s gonna let me in, then I guess I gotta help myself,” you grumble, pushing your weight against the bars to open them. The tarnished and rusty gate creaks loudly as it slowly starts to move, hinges that have been un-oiled for years squealing in protest, yet another indication of prolonged disuse. What happened here…?
As you walk through the fore-yard, your heart starts to beat faster and faster. And as you near the entrance, your tightness of your chest intensifies to a dull pain. You lift your left arm into the air warily, and you rap on the heavy wooden door three times. At the third knock the door opens; however, much to your surprise the only entity standing in the doorway is darkness.
And yet, you can’t enter the house. It almost feels like there’s an invisible wall blocking the door.
Your notice that your legs are shaking; you’re afraid to enter. To behold the cruel reality with your own eyes.
“She lives, she lives…” you assure yourself, even though you know deep down that it’s a lie.
Then you hear loud footsteps; someone is rushing down the stairs. In the dark you can't see the unknown person well. But as she draws closer, you realize that she's wearing a maid outfit.
“Sa--” you begin to whisper, and for a brief moment the tightness in your chest dissipates, replaced by a warm feeling of happiness. However, you put a stop to your words as you see that she isn't Sakuya. This maid has long crimson hair.
“Good morning, sir!” she begins, her voice fast and peppy; it seems to you that she is in a hurry. “Erm… who’s guest are you?”
“I, ah, I’m here to see Sa-,” you start, but you catch yourself and abruptly stop talking.
It mightn’t be the best idea to let her know that you’re here to see a dead person… Shit, she’s raising and eyebrow at you, her mouth slightly frowning. Gotta think of something fast.

[ ] I came to see the Mistress.
[ ] I'm here to visit Patchy, I hope she's in good health.
>> No. 32815

>facing great mansion of the devils
>facing great

>> No. 32819
[x] I came to see the Mistress.
>> No. 32821
[x] I'm here to visit Patchy, I hope she's in good health.
-[x] "Mind if I inquire to recent events? Since I was once a guest here, and I was curious to how everyone else was doing."
>> No. 32827
The weather was cold and rainy. And Sakuya was really tired after a long working day. She lied on her bed, tried to write for her beloved voters. She wrote a few sentences, but her mind gave up, and she slowly fall asleep..

UPDATE comes tomorrow
>> No. 32833
writing now...
>> No. 32835
File 126039369539.jpg- (621.17KB , 923x1258 , 38485fc6a1515fe4b5fa36cc47f1deded6771173.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Erm S.." you start, but your voice cracks again..
"S..?" she starts thinking, putting her index finger to her mouth staring the ceiling. "I don't know anyone here the mansion whos name starts with an S. We don't buy anything, thanks!" And she shuts the door, not even leaving you a chance. Then you hear her vexing voice "Oh myyy... I don't time for silly agents.."
Then before you could knock again, the door opens. It's Koakuma!
"Please come in, my Mistress is waiting for you.." she says.
"Hello there." you greet her.
"Good morning!" she says smiling at you. And your frozen soul starts melting a little. And for the first time since you've left the mansion, you feel some happiness.
"Well it was a long time ago since my last visit.." You tell her. And you start blushing, because you have some good memories of her. "So could you show me the way?" you continue. And without saying any word she starts walking to the direction where the library is. You follow her, and soon you find yourself staring her ass. Mmmm you would grab and squeze that delicious ass. But before you can act, you arrive to Patchouli's desk. She sits there reading a book. Does she ever do anything else?
Then you look around. Something wrong with the place. But before you could ask, Patchouli puts down the book, and she starts speaking.
"I knew that someday you would return." she says, then she leans forward in her chair, "I always hoped you didn't forget our deal."
"Yeah, nice to meet you again, Patchouli. But isn't that deal is outdated already, is it?" you say stolidly, still thinking about, what could bother you about the mansion so much.
"Oh, I see." she says then she turns to Koakuma. "Koakuma, could you ask one of those two useless maids to make some tee?"
"Yes, Mistress." she says and she floats outside of your vision.
"Please sit down.." Patchouli says and gestures towards the seat. You don't hesitate much, because your still feel yourself tired. After a few long awkward silent minutes, she sighs. "After those many years. Do you still in love with her?" You don't answer this question. Your heart starts to hurt, like something would squezee it. And because she sees the painful expression on your face. She continues. "Do you remember, what we were talking about back then?"
"Not really.." you reply to her question on a sad voice. But before you could continue the conversation, you suddenly find out what the hell is wrong with the mansion. "Was this place always this big?"
"No it was much greater. But because Sakuya isn't here anymore, the place got its original size again." she says sighing. "Because her space manipulating magic has worn off. I had to transport my books into an alternate space."
"So.. " but she get interupted by Koakuma. Who is rushing back to the desk, with two cups of tee.
"I'm sorry Mistress, but both of the head-maids.." Koakuma starts.
"No need for excuses, I know that one of them is just a useless gateguard, and the other is just a bitch.." she says and her voice tells you that she is really disappointed with those two.
"Thanks!" you say as Koakuma puts down a cup of tee in front of you.
"You're welcome!" she says.
"Even ten head-maid wouldn't be enough to replace Sakuya. But, let's get back to the main topic. You've said that you don't remember what we were talking about.."
"Yes, I do not remember, but maybe I remember something. Didn't you tell me that I am a youkai?"
"Yes I told you that as well. But I thought an other part of our conversation. You told me that you don't believe in heaven or hell, and in such things. Well to tell you the truth, I didn't used to believe in afterlife, but I read an interesting book about the one who were behind the Flower Incident. Shikieiki Yamaxanadu.."
"Who is this Shikieiki Yamaxanadu?" you ask. Afterlife? Heaven and Hell exists? What?
"Well before I would tell you about her more, Why don't you visit the Mistress of the mansion. I'm sure she would be happy to see you.." she says with a pale face. She seems exhausted..

[ ] Insist: Who is this Shikieiki Yamaxanadu?
[ ] Meet with is the Mistress of the mansion.
>> No. 32836
[x] Meet with is the Mistress of the mansion.

It's the polite thing to do, that and alot could have changed indeed.
>> No. 32837
Gah, my brain is officially fried.


“Erm… S…” you stutter, but, once again, your voice cracks before you can finish the thought.
“S…?” Putting her index finger to her mouth and staring upward with a pensive expression, it seems fairly obvious that she’s trying to think of a connection. After about a minute of awkward silence between the two of you, during which she silently mouths words to herself, she finally returns her gaze to you, icy blue eyes meeting yours with an exasperated expression on her face and thinly guised vexation in her voice. “I’m sorry, but I can’t think of anybody living her whose name starts with an “S”. We don’t want anything; have a nice day!” With this she slams the door, not even giving you a chance to explain yourself better. Then, through the thick wood, you hear her once more, not even trying to hide her annoyance this time. “Oh myyy... I don't have time for silly agents!”
Dejectedly, you turn around and sit on the ground, your head in your hands. You sit like this for a good minute, thoughts racing through your head so fast you can’t even comprehend their meaning. Suddenly, a warm, feminine voice speaks from close behind you, startling you.
“Please come in, my Mistress is waiting for you.” it says.
“Gah!” you exclaim, and you shoot into the air and spin so quickly that your legs scream at you in protest. You recognize the beautiful woman that looks like she was borne out of a wanton fantasy belonging to a lustful Greek god as Koakuma.
“Good morning!” she giggles, smiling and cocking her head slightly. At this, your frozen soul seems to thaw a little; for the first time since you've left the mansion, you actually feel something that could be considered close to happiness.
“Well, how thoughtful of you to come get me,” you begin, and her smile widens a little bit. “I guess it’s been a while since my last visit, so…” You begin to blush; you have some good memories of her. “Could you show me the way?” Nodding silently, she gives you a sultry wink before turning and returning to the relative darkness of the mansion. You follow her, and it isn’t long before you find yourself staring at her ass flicking back and forth with each step she takes, its rhythmic motion dulling the pain in your legs to a slight throb. Mmm… You decide you’re going to run up and squeeze that delicious ass. However, before you can act, you suddenly realize that you’ve made it to Patchouli's desk. She’s sitting across from you, reading a book, which makes you wonder if she ever does anything else.
Looking around, you realize that something’s wrong, something’s… different. But before you can ask or place your finger on it, Patchouli puts down the book with a dull thud, places her hands upon it, and begins speaking.
“I knew that you’d return someday,” she says, then leans forward in her chair, which –almost- allows you to see down her top. You swear wordlessly to yourself. “I hope you didn't forget our deal…” Her deadpan expression doesn’t change, but you notice her making small circles on the cover of the book with her left pinky.
“Yeah, it’s nice to see you too, Patchouli. But that deal expired already, didn’t it?” you say stolidly, still trying to figure out what it is that bothers you about the mansion so much.
“Oh… I see.” she says, her face dropping for a split second before regaining its usual composure. She then turns to Koakuma, who raises her eyebrows in expectation. “Koakuma, could you ask one of those two useless maids to make us some tea?”
“Yes, Mistress.” she says, and floats quickly out of your vision.
“Please sit down.” Patchouli says, gesturing towards a seat across from her. You don't hesitate; your limbs still feel like lead. After a long, awkward silence lasting several minutes, she sighs. “After all these years, are you still in love with her?” she asks. You can't answer this question. The knot in your chest, which was driven away when Koakuma surprised you at the door, returns, bringing with it a pain in your heart that feels like someone is trying to crush it. She seems to see the pained expression on your face, and she continues. “Do you remember what we were talking about back then?”
“Not really...” you reply, a somber tone entering your voice. Before you can continue the conversation, something in your mind clicks and you understand what has been bothering you about the mansion. “Was the mansion always this size?”
“No, it was much larger,” she says, and you think you hear a sigh creeping into her voice. “When Sakuya died, her space manipulating magic wore off. Because of that, everything in the mansion returned to its original size; I even had to create a storage realm and transport some of my books there.”
“So…” you begin, but you are cut short by Koakuma, who is floating quickly back to the desk with a cup of tea in each hand.
“I’m sorry about the delay, Mistress, but the head maids--” she begins, her beautiful face darkened by a shadow of worry.
“No need for excuses; I know that one of them is just the useless gate-guard and that the other one is simply a bitch.” she says, an edge in her voice telling you that she is genuinely disappointed with those two. Wait… Two head maids? Maybe you’ll ask about it later.
“Thanks!” you say, as Koakuma sets a cup of tea in front of you.
“You're welcome!” she replies, beaming radiantly and briefly squeezing her eyes shut before turning and setting a cup in front of Patchouli, who nods curtly and continues.
“Even ten head maids wouldn't be enough to replace Sakuya… But I digress. Let's get back to the main point: you've said that you don't remember what we were talking about, correct?”
“Yes, I don’t remember specifics, but I think I can recall something… Ah! Didn't you say something about me being a youkai?”
“Yes, I believe I told you that as well. But I was thinking of another part of our conversation. You told me that you don't believe in heaven and hell or other related things. Well, to tell you the truth, I used to not believe in an afterlife either, but I read an interesting book about the one who was behind a major incident some time ago: Shikieiki Yamaxanadu.”
“Eh? Who’s that?” you ask. Afterlife? Heaven and Hell exist? Lolwut?
Patchouli coughs softly. “Well, before I tell you any more about her, why don't you visit the Mistress of the mansion? I'm sure she’d be happy to see you,” she says, her skin pale. She truly seems exhausted.

[ ] Press the issue: Who is this Shikieiki Yamaxanadu?
[ ] Meet with the Mistress of the mansion.
>> No. 32838
[x] Meet with the Mistress of the mansion.

>> No. 32846
I'm sorry but today I can't write. Because I've worked 15 hours today.
And yeah I hate the time before Xmas it gives me a lot work to do.

But well:
I let you decide this:
Do you want to keep your promise? And you know what I mean.. ^___^

>> No. 32848

Just because editing that would be awesome (and so I could insert "quivering loins" into every other paragraph -- nah, I wouldn't do that):

>> No. 32849

If you mean the 'deal':

[x] Hell Y

We should own up to our own deals, that and we'll be owing her big soon.
>> No. 32854
Okay then. I will post an update tomorrow in the afternoon. Half of it is ready.
>> No. 32855

>> No. 32857
File 126080623753.jpg- (222.18KB , 530x1465 , 9e3f5d571650c52885ec0dfea88d5719ab010a8e.jpg ) [iqdb]
"So.. you've found a way to bring Sakuya back to life, am I right?" you ask looking at Patchouli.
"Yes, theoretically.." she says, "there is a way.. cough cough but.."
"Are you alright?" you ask, while Koakuma steps behind her mistress.
"Mistress you should take a rest now.."
"Well, I guess I should visit the mistress of the mansion now, and leave you some rest.." you say, feeling a bit uneasy about it, since you're sure that she's the one whom you should fear.

You closed the door of the library behind you. Your mind is rather confused now. You feel relief that your hopes were given back. But you are worried about Patchouli's health as well, will she be alright? But Remilia is waiting for you. She probably knows that you are on your way to meet her. Did she forgive you for slapping her? She had such an overwhelming charisma back then. She seemed so proud, and so strong. Then she you saw her childish side as well. But on your way you couldn't find the solution. It was long ago, and you can't recall all your memories about her.
But not much time passed and you've arrived to her door. You slowly open the door feeling a bit fear in your heart. But what you awaits there surprises you greatly.

The room is like a throne room, and the mistress is not Remilia.
"Good afternoon!" you say really surprised.
"Oh it's you!" she says also surprised. And the long blond haired maid that stands beside her throne steps forward.
"Should I kill her, ze~?" she shouts arrogantly at you. So she's the bitch, that Patchouli mentioned.
"NO!" Flandre commands her maid, and she pulls the chain, that is attached to the maids collar, in her hand backwards, causing the maid to fall back. "Marisa! SIT!" Then she looks at you with a wide smile: "Are you ?"
"Yes, I'm Anonymous! It's a pleasure to meet you again." you say bowing to her like an old knight.
"I've always knew that you will visit me!" she says cheerfully. "Say, do you want to play?"
"No, I came here to have a serious discussion with the mistress. By the way, where is Remilia?" you ask on a suspicious voice.
"Oh, sister is in my room!" she says. "She was a very bad girl so I've had to punish her!"
"Yes she was very bad, ze~" Marisa repeats her mistress.
"Shut up!" Flandre shouts at her with a serious face. Then she turns again to you. "So what should we play?"
"I don't want to play right now." you say.
"Then you should die." she says on a disappointed voice. The air is glowing around her and the crystals on her wings are shining so hard that it blinds you. You cover your eyes with one of your hands. A few seconds later, you feel that something is squeezing your neck. You open your eyes and you see that two red eyes are watching you. It's frightening, but you can't escapee, she squeezes your neck too tightly.
"Flandre, please! I'm here to save Sakuya, let me go!" you try to say, but the words that leaves your lips are faint.
"No one can bring back the deads. I've said die!" she says on a sound, that sounds more viciously than the most evil. But you can't give up now.
You let some bullets blindly out. She jumps back in surprise.
"You dare?" she shouts angrily and the mansion starts trembling.
"cough cough fuck" you say on a faint voice, and you grab your own neck to massage it a little, in order to restart the blood flow in it. Then you start shouting." Are you insane? Do you really want to kill me?"
"Why not?" she asks with an evil smile. " Taboo "Lävatein"! "
"Curse you!" you would shout, but the her first attack prevents you to speak. You have to concentrate.
A sword shaped thing appears in Flandre's hands and as she swings it, hundreds of bullets appear.
You can dodge them, and you can even fire on Flandre, but she's good. She's far more better than Rumia was. But you're also desperate. And you manage to land a hit on her.
"I can win!" you encourage yourself.
"No you can't!" she shouts at you like a child. " Taboo "Four of a Kind" !"
"Wha-?" you say surprised as you see four Flandres at the same time, and at this moment as you lost your concentration, you've lost.
The last thing you hear before you pass out: "And then there were none.."

[X] Pass out, wake up in Patchouli's bed~
>> No. 32858
[X] Pass out, wake up in Patchouli's bed~

Well that didn't go as I was expecting.
>> No. 32862

[g]Pass out, wake up in Patchouli's bed.

Too freaked out from the insanity that happened today to edit... Also, I like how you made the choice for us, hehe.
>> No. 32866
I like that picture.
>> No. 32872
I'm at halfway~
>> No. 32873
File 12609965394.jpg- (472.46KB , 848x1200 , 34a0688fd10c47e871f75b2b4abdcd722639f24a.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Sa-saku, Sakuya," you mumble on a barely hear-able voice, then you suddenly opens your eyes and you see Koakuma's cute face, her eyes are staring at you from close range. "Koakuma?" You say on a surprised voice. She giggles.
"My lady, he woke up!" she says smiling at you.
"Patchouli?" you ask as you spot the librarian, as she comes to the bed.
"Okay Koakuma. Then do as I told you!" Patchouli commands the succubi.
"Yes my lady!" she says, as she leans closer, " mmm you still smell so good.."
"Koa-?" the only thing that you manage to say, because the distance disappears between your lips and she kisses you. Then you feel that one of her hands, sneaks under your shirt and she gently starts stroking your chest. You close your eyes, and you enjoy the nice moments.
"Good! That should be enough!" you hear Patchouli's voice, and Koakuma stops the kiss. Then you feel that your pants are pulled down by two soft hands, and you open your eyes to check what's happening down there. You look down and you see a great rod, pulsing in its greatest potential. "So I should grasp the penis..." she mumbles to herself, while she is holding a book in her left hand.
"Just what are you-?" you try to say, but Koakuma puts her index finger on your lips.
" shh Experiments shouldn't talk!" she says biting her lips.
"So this is a penis!" Patchouli says completely ignoring, what you've just asked. She grabs it, and she slowly starts moving her hand upside down.
"Oh, mmm" you enjoy the massage, but you feel that she slowly looses the power from her hand.
"Phu, it is sure hard.." Patchouli says exhausted and she lets your penis go. "According to the book it should be long finished.. Gosh, maybe I'm doing something wrong.."
"No no, you're doing it good." you tell her . "It's just that you should work more on it."
"Oh, I see.. But I can't continue it. I'm tired. Koakuma finish it."
Koakuma doesn't hesitate and she quickly grabs your dick and she starts moving her hands, then a few pull, she opens her mouth wide and gobbles your shaft without hesitation.
"Ohh!!" An amazing sensation from your dick makes you shiver.
"I see.." Patchouli says. Then before you would reach your limit Koakuma stops and she looks at her mistress:
"My Lady, it tastes good. The My Lady should taste it too!" she says and you see that Patchouli's face reddens.
"Ahh.. well, yeah.." she hesitates a little. But she gave in fast, and she leans over, and soon you find them both licking your penis from the both sides from the bottom to its top. The pleasure is unbearable, and you quickly reach the edge.
"...I can't hold on any longer!!" you say and after a moment later you close your eyes, "Ahh!" Your groin tenses up and your concentrated extract rushes through your gun barrel and shoots out onto their face. "Oh god it was awesome!" you say breathing fast. And you open your eyes.
"Oh My Lady!" Koakuma says, and she kisses Patchouli, who doesn't oppose. She's really turned on. And the clothes are quickly getting off from them revealing their beautiful bodies. But it seems that they're planning to leave you out, so you place your hands on their breast, gently stroking them.
" mukyu " you hear Patcouli's surprised voice, while Koakuma's response is an erratic sigh.
"Don't leave me out girls!" you say tell them with a smile and you sit up on the bed. Seeing Patchouli's shyness and her blushing face, you wrap one of your arm around her waist and you pull her closer. Soon the two of you start passionately kissing each other. Then you feel that Koakuma starts working on your dick again with her mouth. Your hand which is around Patchouli's waist, wanders down. First on her ass, stroking and squeezing it, then from behind between her legs you start to give her pussy a massage. She starts moaning in pleasure, and you feel that she's really wet down there. Meanwhile you placed your other hand on Koakuma's head, dictating the right rhythm for her.
After a while you feel that the librarian should be ready for it, so you cease the kiss and you slowly pull her closer to you until you are lying and she sits on the top of you. The little devil stops sucking your dick, and she helps your precious to get inside of the librarian without any problem. Its softness and its warm quickly takes you up high and Patchouli's lets out a loud moan.
"Does it hurt?" you ask the naive question, not knowing what kind of things could she be already tried.
"No.. Please don't stop!" she yells in ecstasy, and she starts moving her waist. First slowly but then she is starting to get faster and faster. Oh no! This way you won't be last for too long, so you grab her ass, and force her to slow down. Meanwhile the little devil can't stand to be left out, so she starts to kissing her mistress while with her hands, she played with Patchouli's nipples.
You see Koakuma's tail elegantly sways and you can't help yourself, you must touch it. You grab it with your hand and you quickly moves your hand on it from one end to the other. Her reaction is a loud moan to it, then she looks back at you with a red face and a satisfied look. Then your hand goes under her pants, and your fingers slips inside of her wet and warm tunnel. As she feels the great pleasure that you are giving her, she slowly start moving her hips.
But then feeling the ecstasy, your mind goes numb and you forget to control Patchouli and so she goes wild. You feel her getting faster, and then you feel her body is shivering from the pleasure, while she moans erratic.
"AHHH" you cry out loudly in pleasure as you shoot your second round inside her. She collapses on you. Breathing fast she hugs you tightly, looking at you with a satisfied smile and sparking eyes.
Not much later Koakuma gets her final thrusts as well. You see that suddenly her tail is straightening up and with a great moan she's finished as well...

[ ] Invite Koakuma to the bed to sleep with you
[ ] Have a little chit-chat after sex
[ ] Maybe Koakuma hungers for more... Another round?
>> No. 32874

>great rod
>concentrated extract

And, to a lesser extent:

Pfft... Ahehe. Editing.
>> No. 32878
[x] Invite Koakuma to the bed to sleep with you
-[x] Unless she's still feeling frisky and you're still in good shape (she is a succubus after all), then do it.
--[x] but not if you're starting to feel tired or such.
>> No. 32879
File 126101117182.jpg- (116.88KB , 800x800 , sample-2e2f971d48ff7fccd9dc59fc7c8bfcb2.jpg ) [iqdb]

FINALLY. That took FOREVER. Sorry if it's crap, it was tough to work with without changing the entirety of the scene. NO EXCUSES

Picture is relevant.

"Sa...Saku...Sakuya," you mumble, your voice barely audible. You slowly open your eyes and see that Koakuma's cute face fills the entirety of your vision; her ruby eyes are staring at yours from only a few inches away. “Eh!? K-Koakuma?” you say with a start, pulling away slightly out of surprise. She giggles softly.
"My Lady, he’s up!" she says, beaming at you and moving her head away from yours, affording you a better view of the room, which is furnished sparsely. It also seems that everything is covered in a light lavender color, including the familiar figure moving closer to the bed you’re on.
"Okay, Koakuma. Do as I’ve told you!" Patchouli orders the succubus, her voice taking on a commanding tone that is oh-so-very-hot. Her pink coat and hat are missing, her clothing consisting only of the striped pajamas pressed tightly against her form, the top of her rather ample bust visible over the low-cut neckline.
"Yes, my Lady!" Koakuma replies, as she leans closer. "Mmm, you still smell so good.."
"Koa--" is the only thing that you manage to blurt out, because the distance separating your lips disappears instantly as she kisses you passionately. You feel that something is slipping under your shirt, and you shiver slightly as a warm, soft hand begins gently brushing your chest. You close your eyes, enjoying the nice moment.
"Good! That should be enough!" Patchouli suddenly cuts in, and Koakuma breaks the kiss. You feel your pants being pulled down gently by another pair of soft hands, and you open your eyes to check what's going on. You look down and see that your penis is fully erect, throbbing slightly with each heavy heartbeat. Well, that was fast... "So, I should first grasp the penis..." she mumbles to herself, while her eyes scan the pages of an open book that seemed to appear from nowhere in her left hand.
"What exactly are you--?" you try to say, but Koakuma puts her index finger on your lips.
"Shh! Experiments shouldn't talk!" she says, biting her lips.
"So, this is a penis!" Patchouli says while observing your cock, as if you hadn’t asked anything. She grabs it, and slowly starts moving her hand up and down, the book suddenly disappearing into thin air as she does so.
"Oh... Mmm..." you moan as a little bit of precum oozes out, enjoying the massage her pale, soft, and warm hand gives, but you can feel her slowly losing strength in her arm as her movements seem to become strained and her breathing picks up.
"Phu, it sure is tough..." Patchouli says, exhausted, and she lets your penis go. "According to the book, it should be long finished... Gosh, maybe I'm doing something wrong..." She pouts cutely as she says this.
"No, no, you're doing it well! Very well, in fact," you reassure her. "It's just that you need to work on it a little more."
"Oh, I see... I’m too tired to continue, though. Koakuma, finish it."
Koakuma doesn't hesitate, quickly grabbing your dick and starting to move her hands; then, with a few, final pulls, she opens her mouth wide and gobbles your shaft without as much as a second’s pause.
"Ohh--!" Her mouth is so warm and wet that a wonderful shock from your dick causes you to shiver uncontrollably for a few seconds.
"I see..." Patchouli remarks, rubbing her chin thoughtfully as the minutes slowly tick away, Koakuma sucking at the tip of your cock while occasionally pumping away at the lower shaft. Then, right before you reach your limit, Koakuma stops and looks at her mistress thoughtfully, a hot buzzing feeling lingering on the head of your penis.
"My Lady, it tastes good! You should taste it, too!" she says, and you see that Patchouli's face reddens almost instantaneously.
"Ahh... Well... Uhm..." she hesitates a little, but she quickly gives in to Koakuma, and she kneels on the bed close to you, opening her mouth and rubbing her tongue up and down your penis, Koakuma joining in from a different angle. With the both licking your cock from all sides, you quickly realize that the pleasure is unbearable, and you reach the edge an instant later, squinting your eyes in focus
"...I-I can't hold on any longer!!!" you cry out, and your eyes snap open with a fierce intensity. "Ahh-h-h!" Your groin tenses up with a wave of pleasure and you feel your load shooting through your dick, splattering onto their faces with a few forceful pulses. "Ohhh--... That... that was awesome!" you pant, breathing fast.
Koakuma leans over and starts kissing Patchouli, who doesn't resist. You can tell that they’re both extremely turned-on, running their hands along each other’s bodies, a different article of clothing flying off each moment. Koakuma (whose milky-white body is like that of a goddess: a beautiful and curvy midsection with a finely crafted ass and long, delicious legs along with large, bouncy breasts that shake and bounce with every movement) bites lightly on the erect nipple of Patchouli’s huge and perky right breast, causing a drawn out moan of pleasure from the latter. With each passing second, it seems more and more that they're planning to leave you out, so you lean forward place a hand on each of their breasts (one on Koakuma, the other on Patchouli).
"mukyu! " yelps Patchouli in surprise, while Koakuma's response is an aroused sigh that hisses softly through her teeth.
"Don't leave me out, girls!" you say with a smile as you sit up on the bed. Seeing Patchouli's blushing face, you remove your right hand from her breast and wrap your arm around her waist, pulling her closer. You kiss her, and she returns it passionately. You feel that Koakuma is starting to work on your still erect dick again with her mouth, kissing and licking your frenulum. Your right hand, still around Patchouli’s waist, wanders down; first to her smooth, round ass, stroking and squeezing it, then, with a final slap of a cheek (which earns you a muffled squeal of delight) you bring your hand back to her front and start to give her pussy a massage. She starts moaning in pleasure, and you feel that she's really wet down there. Meanwhile, you place your other hand on Koakuma's head, dictating the right rhythm for her as she takes your entire penis into her mouth, her head sliding back and forth with a slurping sound.
After a while, you sense that Patchouli should be just about ready, so you end the kiss and slowly pull her closer to you until you are lying down and she sits on top of you. Predicting what was to come next, the little red-headed devil stopped sucking your dick when you broke off the kiss with her mistress, and she now helps you line up your cock with Patchouli’s pussy. The librarian slowly lowers herself onto you, her tightness and warmth quickly bringing you up to Cloud Nine as she lets out a loud gasp.
"Does it hurt?" you ask concernedly, as you do not know what things she may have tried in the past or even whether or not she’s ever been penetrated.
"No! Please don't stop!" she yells in ecstasy, as she starts grinding her waist against your pelvis. She starts out slow, but she quickly builds up speed, rocking faster and faster, the occasional short moan slipping through her lips. The quickly mounting sensation in your penis makes you realize that you can’t last much longer like this, so you grip her ass with both hands, forcing her to slow down to a slower and more even pace. Koakuma can’t stand to be left out; she grabs Patchouli’s head and turns it so that they’re looking right at each other. A brief moment passes before the two of them lock lips in a very passionate kiss, Koakuma keeping up with her mistress’s movements to maintain the connection.
You see Koakuma's tail elegantly swaying from side to side and you can't suppress an urge to touch it, grabbing it with your hand and quickly sliding from one end to the other; she breaks the kiss with Patchouli to moan loudly, looking over to you with a red face and a satisfied countenance. You take your left hand off of Patchouli’s ass and slip your fingers inside her, probing softly until you find a spot that makes her tense up in pleasure, her mouth noiselessly parting slightly as her head tilts backwards a little.
The ecstasy of the moment causes your mind to go numb, and you quickly forget to control Patchouli; she goes wild, her walls tightening as she rocks faster and faster, the two of you shivering uncontrollably with the pleasure.
"Ahh-hhh--!" you both cry as you shoot your second round inside her while she tenses up one final time, collapsing on you and meeting your gaze with a satisfied smile and sparkling eyes, her breathing fast and erratic.
A few seconds later, Koakuma reaches her climax as well, her tail straightening while a loud groan escapes her open mouth...

[ ] Invite Koakuma to the bed to sleep with you
[ ] Have a little chit-chat after sex
[ ] Maybe Koakuma hungers for more... Another round?
>> No. 32883
File 126107242867.jpg- (190.04KB , 850x850 , 496f09c8a6fc5c1ad65ed9fcddfa7dae79b0201c.jpg ) [iqdb]
Okay, counting the votes..
It will be a close one! And yes! The winner is "Invite Koakuma to the bed" !!!

AWESOME!! I bet that bad end was too hard for my readers..

Writing now, even if it feels like I'm writing this whole just for myself..
>> No. 32884
File 12610771817.jpg- (782.45KB , 768x1000 , 173d72056ebc3be35c52556040ff8c5f039498d6.jpg ) [iqdb]
Then finally it is silent. You lie on the bed between the two satisfied girl. The both hangs on you tight.
"I-I enjoyed it!" Patchouli says, while she's trying to catch her breath. On your other side Koakuma purrs, or at least she does some sound effect like that.
All the three of you are naked. And with their bodies they warm you up so a bed cover would be Then finally it is silent. You lie on the bed between the two satisfied girl. The both hangs on you tight.
"I-I enjoyed it!" Patchouli says, while she's trying to catch her breath. On your other side Koakuma purrs, or at least she does some sound effect like that.
All the three of you are naked. And with their bodies they warm you up so a bed cover is unecesary for you, but you're a worry for their health a little. So you, while your arms are used as pillows, with your legs you somehow manage to get covered with the sheet. Soon you start sweating, because of the unendurable heat, but you can't do anything againts it. They fell asleep, and you would never dare to wake them up, and anyways you feel now like you would be the most awesome guy in the zuniverse. And slowly having this nice feeling you fell asleep as well.

On the next day Patchouli wakes you up by turning the pages loudly. You open your eyes, and you see that Koakuma is still sleeping on your arm, while Patchouli is already reading a book at her desk.
"Good morning!" she greats you behind her book.
"Good morning!" you say on a sheepish voice, and you carefully free your right arm. You sit up on the bed. She doesn't wake up, but she mumbles something. You sit up and you gently stroke her head with your hand, and as she feels your care she presses closer to you. You stroke her head with your left hand, because your right arm become dead. You can't feel with it and for a few seconds you can't even move it. Then after a few minutes you feel prickles in it, and slowly the blood circulation is restored in it...

About 30minutes later you get dressed and you walk to Patchouli's desk. She puts down the book and she looks at you. Her hair is quite tangled and her cheeks are red.
"Well, well" she starts, but she's like missing the words. She seems both confused and embarrased.
"So I hope that our deal is successfully completed." you say with a confident smile, while you're pushing back the chair, and you sit down.
"Y-yes..." she says hesitantly and she covers her face with a book.
"So..." you start "about Sakuya..." but you change your mind and you continue "what happened here while I wasn't here? When did Flandre became a mistress and why is Remilia imprisoned in the basement?"
"Soon after a breastmonster girl came to bring Sakuya to the underworld..." Patchouli started to tell you the story of the mansion..
She told you about Remilia tried several times to bring Sakuya back, but she always failed. And for her own sake they decided to imprison her. Then Flandre became the mistress of the mansion, because Patchouli didn't really cared about the things concerning the mansion. Then you heard about the blond haired maid, who's name is Marisa. She's Flandre's dog. Patchouli even told you that once she had feelings for her, but she chose Flandre instead of the libraian, so she hates her now..

[ ] Ask her about a plan, how to save Sakuya.
[ ] Tell her your idea how you should start the holy mission.
>> No. 32885
File 126107769776.jpg- (254.64KB , 500x709 , 1b4aa9f734075276cd37d643400391a1514d4db1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Please vote!
>> No. 32886
[x] Ask her about a plan, how to save Sakuya.

Let's see what she has to say about things before we start thinking.


Somehow I doubt Patchy would use such a term. (Overdeveloped perhaps), but Patchy never strikes me as a girl with figure issues. Especially not this Patchy, who has a nice figure.
>> No. 32899
How can I refuse that look?

[x] Ask her about a plan, how to save Sakuya.
>> No. 32900
B-but only this once.

[x] Ask her about a plan, how to save Sakuya.
>> No. 32932
File 126122441335.jpg- (123.91KB , 850x622 , sample_615054e7c60db7de122b5de5febfe831474fc195.jpg ) [iqdb]
So after she told, how the situation changed in the mansion, you decided. And you told her, that you have to meet with the mistress of the mansion. But in your mind it wasn't Flandre, she's just an impostor. You want to meet with Remilia. And so you stood up and you've left the librarian there at her desk..
You didn't really know, where she is, so you searched for stairs that lead to the basement. On your way, you even met with China, but she was too busy to tell you the way, she just ignored your presence. But then you've met with someone familiar. A fairy.
"Fionel?" you asked with a questioning face.
The fairy turned to you, and quickly she greeted you. "Master!!! Good Morning! I've never thought that we would meet again!" She seemed cheerfull and happy to see you.
"But h-how?" you started your sentence. "I thought that you've died back in that explosion!"
"Yes I died, but if a fairy dies, then she respawns in the forest of magic as a new fairy." she explained you cheerfully.
"Oh I see" you said letting out a realived sigh.
"But Sakuya found me." she continued.
"Sakuya?" you said and again that sorrowfull feeling in your heart.
"Yes, Sakuya brought me back, and Mistress Patchouli did something with me, and now I am able to remember to my previous life." she said.
"So that's happened. I'm glad that I see you again!" you smiled at her.
"Oh I'm sorry I forgot my manners, how are you? Are you well?"
"Yeah, in health I'm fine, but without her I feel that one half of me is missing." you told her.
"Aww.. We miss Sakuya too.." she said looking at the ground with a sad look. After some silent minutes, you broke the silence:
"Say Fionel, can you show me the way to Remilia's room?"
"What?" she looked at you with shocked. "What do you want from the Mistress?"
"I want her to help me. To get Sakuya back!" you said really desperate.
"Sir, have you lost your mind? She will kill you!" she shouted at you.
"Ohoho!" you laughed. "Don't think that I can die that easily as I did that time."
"I hope.. " she started, but she shaked her head. "I guess I have no other choices. This way.."
And you followed her, to downstairs, to the basement..
After countless of turns and corridors, she stopped before an iron door.
"This is it!" she said sighing.

[ ] Open the door and greet her like usuall
[ ] Open the door and have a dramatic entrance
[ ] Don't open the door, just knock on it, and wait for the reply...
>> No. 32936
[x] Don't open the door, just knock on it, and wait for the reply...

This is not the time for gloating or animosity, but of trying to get her help in saving Sakuya. Anon and Remilia might have been on opposite sides, but in the terms of Sakuya I think both are united.
>> No. 32940
[x] Open the door and have a dramatic entrance.

Or this might be a terrible idea.
>> No. 32944
The votes are tied, I know. But you know, I can't wait forever, and I know too, that you don't want to wait, for a story to be updated.

So writing the update now, both votes won..
>> No. 32945
File 126133016625.jpg- (68.34KB , 420x420 , 627e63887f2ac89d518a2b793e54cfcbe5a1a5cf.jpg ) [iqdb]
You were standing before an iron door, that sealed Remilia, the previous mistress of the mansion. You still hadn't forget about your manners, so instead of just barging in into a little girls room, you lifted up your hand and knocked on the door thrice. But no answers came from the other side of the door.
"Miss Remilia!" you called her name trough the door.
"Go away!" you heard a crying voice from the other side of the door.
"I won't!" you tell, and you already started to think about something that might cheer her up a little.
"I don't want to see you!"
"I'm coming in!" you tell and you slowly opened the door and you entered into the dark room. You couldn't see her, it was too dark, and then:
"I'VE SAID GO AWAY!" she shouted and you saw a small red light flashing. Damn that was close. A miniature version of Guignir just missed your head. Only a few inches.. But this is not the time to worry about yourself.
"No I won't go away" you insist" The proud head of the Scarlets doesn't want to be seen like this. I understand. But this isn't the time of crying! Pull yourself together. Because the almighty! The slayer of Dracula and the destroyer of the Chinese Empire stands before you. Here I am! Joseph Joestar." you proudly introduced yourself.
"Don't lie!" she said still crying, but wait, wasn't that a little giggling?
"Then I am Lelouch Lamperouge! No I'm Bruce Wayne! Or maybe my name is Gordon Freeman!" and yes it worked. She stopped crying. And now the room is filled with her laughing voice. "Oh so you still remember me.."
"Of course, how could I forget about you?" she said still laughing. "You were the only one, who dared to slap me."
"Oh yeah that, I'm sorry!" you said on an apologizing voice.
"Don't! You were her guest after all. I shouldn't have gone that far. I only thought you as my entertainment. I only realized it, that you were more than just a bloodbag, after you've disappeared. Do you know how sad she was?"
"I felt the same way." you started to explain, but she got angry.
"You can't even imagine it! I've never seen her so sad! And I couldn't do anything.. I was so useless.."
"I couldn't do anything either. But.."
"No buts! She refused to live! She refused to have my blood! I went againts the whole underworld! I saw her there crying, but I failed. I couldn't save her..." she shouted angrily at you, and then she started to cry again, "I couldn't save her..."
"I came here, because I couldn't believe that Sakuya died." you said.
"I'm here because I thought I can find someone who can tell me, where she is!"
"STOP IT! Don't give me false hope!"
"I WILL SAVE HER!" you shout.
"YOU? What can a mere youkai do? You can't bring her back.."
"I CAN!" you insist.
"She doesn't want to come back!" she said low voiced "I was so mean to her, there is no way that she want to come back.."
"Then you don't know how obsessed she was with you! She admired you, you were more than a friend to her!"
"A friend?" she said, and she stepped into the light. The little vampire was naked, only her wings covered her body. As you sighted her, you instantly looked away, and you took of your shirt.
"Take this on!" you said giving your shirt to her..
"T-thanks!" she said still sobbing.
"We should head back to the library, Patchouli has a plan, how to save her."

[ ] Go back to the library.

And :
[ ] Speak about what happened with you in the real world
[ ] Don't speak.
[ ] or my voters should decide what you want tell Remilia (write in)
>> No. 32946
[x] Go back to the library.
[x] Speak about what happened with you in the real world.

I don't see harm in talking of the tale of discovery. But I think what happened in teh library last night is best left unsaid period.
>> No. 32947
>> No. 32949
I hope my updating pace isn't too fast for you..
>> No. 32951

No, I've just been incredibly lazy and I had a blackout, which is why this one is taking so long.

Saged for work ethic faggotry.
>> No. 32953
Deleted previous post because of a few errors.


You are standing before an iron door sealing off Remilia, the former mistress of the mansion, from the outside world. You haven’t forgotten your manners, so, rather than barging into the little girl’s room, you raise your hand and knock thrice. A pause ensues, during which no answers come from the other side of the door.
"Miss Remilia?" you call.
A crying voice answers you in between audible sobs. “Go away!”
"I won't!" you reply quickly, and you’ve already started to formulate a plan that just might cheer her up a little.
"I don't want to see you!"
"Too bad! I'm coming in!" you yell. You slowly open the door, walking cautiously into the dark room. You can’t see her; your eyes haven’t adjusted to the low light in the room yet.
"I SAID GO AWAY!" she screams, and you glimpse a small crimson light forming a few feet in front of you. With split-second reflexes, you dash quickly to the left, barely dodging a miniature version of Gungnir that whizzes past your ear with a buzz.
"No, I won't go away," you insist. "The proud head of the Scarlet family doesn't want to be seen like this. I understand. But this isn't the time to cry! Pull yourself together! Because the almighty slayer of Dracula and the destroyer of the Chinese Empire stands before you! Here I am! Joseph Joestar!" you proudly announce, striking a dramatic pose by raising your left arm in the air and flexing it, muscles bulging.
"Don't lie!" she says through tears, but you think you hear a little giggle mixed in with the sobs.
"Then I am Lelouch Lamperouge! No, I'm the goddamn Batman! Or maybe I’m Gordon Freeman! How about Chuck Norris?" It works; your cheesy routine makes her stop crying and the room is filled with her laughing voice instead. "So, do you still remember me?"
"Of course, how could I forget about you?" she says, still laughing. "You were the only person who ever had the balls to slap me!"
"Sorry, I meant to apologize about that!" you say with a contrite tone.
"Don't! You were her guest after all, not mine. I shouldn't have gone that far. I only thought of you as my entertainment. I only realized that you were more than just a bloodbag after you had disappeared. Do you have any idea how sad she was?"
"I felt the same way--" you start, but she interrupts you.
"You can't even imagine it! I had never seen her so sad! And I couldn't do anything; it made me feel so useless…"
"I couldn't do anything either, but--"
"No buts! She refused to live! She refused to have my blood! I went against the whole underworld! I saw her there crying, but I failed to save her..." she shouts angrily at you. "I couldn't save her..."
"I came here because when I heard that Sakuya di-" you begin, before you’re cut off yet again, this time by a livid roar.
"I'm here because I thought I might be able to find someone who can tell me where she is, and if there was any chance of bringing her back!"
"STOP IT! Don't give me false hope!"
"I WILL figure out a way to save her!” you shout back.
"YOU? What can a mere youkai do? You can't bring her back!"
"I can!" you insist.
"She doesn't want to come back!" she says, her furious tone suddenly being replaced by a somber and guilty one. "I was so mean to her; there is no way she could possibly want to come back..."
"Then you obviously don't know how obsessed she was with you! She admired you; you were more than just her mistress! You were her friend!"
"A... A friend?" she says, stepping into the light. The little vampire is naked, with only her wings covering up her body. As you sight her, you avert your gaze quickly and remove your shirt. "Here, put this on," you say gently, holding it out to her.
"T-thanks!" she says, still lightly sobbing as she grabs it and pulls it down over herself. It’s way too big for her, so it covers everything from her thighs upwards.
"We should head back to the library, Patchouli has a plan, how to save her."

[x] Go back to the library.

[ ] Speak about your conquests in the real world.
[ ] Don't speak, let her go first.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 32956
[x] Go back to the library.
[x] Speak about what happened with you in the real world.

>> No. 32962
Wait, a blackout? seriously?

That's not good. What the hell happened?
>> No. 32968

Calm down, blackout as in power outage.

Sage for a bad explanation on my part.
>> No. 33039
File 12615026899.jpg- (74.77KB , 1000x800 , ff8226e6eaaef6f344d26f1e10088bcdb5047874.jpg ) [iqdb]
okay I'm starting to write an update now..

ALSO: Sorry for yesterday..
ALSO2: nicely done Prager~
>> No. 33041
File 126151118288.jpg- (33.77KB , 395x392 , remi shirt.jpg ) [iqdb]
"We should head back to the library, Patchouli has a plan, how to save her." you said already standing in the corridor. But she just stared you you raising an eyebrow, and she still stood in the room.
"Does my sister knows about this?" she asked.
"No. I don't think she knows anything about this. But we can't just stay here forever, come!" you insisted, but she didn't come.
"Then that's a problem!" she said shaking her head.
"Why should that be a problem?" you asked with a surprised face. "Aren't you the head of the Scarlet family?"
"I was.." she said looking the ground.
"You were?" you asked on a teasing voice, "Bah! I killed Vlad Tepes! I conquered one half of China! I suffered long enough to just stop, because I didn't tell anything about this to your sister! Come on!" you raged, and you grabbed her tiny hand and dragged her outside.
"You don't know anything about her! Don't stand in her way, don't ever think about displeasing her or else she will crush you." she shouted.
"Oh really? If it's about Sakuya, then not even a god could stop me!" you told her on a bit angry voice, while you dragged her after you. "Fionel!"
"Yes master?" the fairy asked, floating before you.
"Get some clothes for Remilia." you commanded her, but then you added: "But try to make as little commotion as you can. We're meeting in the library."
"Right away!" she said saluting to you.
"And be careful!" you said worrying about her.
The minutes after this passed in silence. Then you spoke again.
"Aren't you at least a bit happy, that I killed Vlad Tepes?" you turned back and you looked at her.
"And, why should I believe this?" she asked it on a bored voice looking away.
"Well.. Yukari teleported me to your homeland. And there was that old mansion with Tepes. I'm hundred percent sure, that she wanted to get rid of me, but she failed."
"Really? The great Yukari failed? Are you sure?" she said with wide eyes.
"Well, I didn't die and I stabbed his heart with a silver knife, and he became dust."
"Oh really.. Don't make me laugh.. The first vampire was always a weakling." she said, and she sounded like she wouldn't be to interested in your story.
"A weakling?" you asked surprised, back then he didn't seem that weak to you..
"He was afraid of us, he gave us too much powers from his own. I believe that this is why he sent us here."
"I've made some research about you two."
"Oh, I'm starting to get interested. How much did you find out?" she asked, interrupting you.
"Not much, if I consider that you've lived for over five hundred years. I know a few things about your family history, and I know, how did the two of you become vampires on Christmas eve." you continued to tell her. "It must have been terrible."
"No." she said.
"What? Then you're happy about becoming a vampire and not being able to live like a normal human life?"
"I'm happy that I was bitten by the first, and not only that... He even got rid of my boring mother."
"How can you say that?" you asked being stunned, but really, how can she be so cold?
"At the time, when I was still a human, I hated everything. My parents never loved me. Father always wanted a boy, that could bring forth our family's name and I'm glad that they've never had any. They sent me to a catholic school, because they couldn't bear my sight at home. I was raised by a maid. But Flandre... They always said, she's such a beautiful girl. But after father died, mother started to go to parties with a man. And despite that man was from the aristocracy, he was poor, because he lost his money on cards.."
"I'm sorry for asking for it." you interrupted her in the middle of her story, because you couldn't bear to hear it anymore.
You didn't talk, until you arrived to the library. And as you stepped in, you saw Fionel already arrived with Remilia's clothes. Patchouli sat on her desk, and behind her there was Koakuma.

[ ] Listen to Patchy's plan
[ ] Ask Remilia about her experience in the underworld
[ ] Ask for tea.
[ ] Ask about Flandre, and that you should tell her it, or no?
>> No. 33044
[x] Listen to Patchy's plan
[x] Ask Remilia about her experience in the underworld
[x] Ask for tea.

In this story perhaps Remilia locking Flan in the basement might be out of jealousy.

But I don't think we should mention a word to Flan about this, since this Flan is especially nutty, and not in a charming way.
>> No. 33055
[x] Listen to Patchy's plan
[x] Ask for tea.
...while you:
[x] Ask Remilia about her experience in the underworld.
>> No. 33095
No update today, because I had to shop for Christmas. I hopefully can manage to write an update tomorrow.
But now I have to go to meet my friends at a special pub. ^___^
So see you tomorrow!
Oh Prager please edit my post if I can ask you.. :>
>> No. 33098

Yup, I'm on the last line already.
>> No. 33099
I had to change quite a bit around for the part that has Remilia talking about her past; as far as I can remember, organized schooling in the form of actual Catholic schools wouldn't have been around during the time period that she was growing up, not to mention that it probably would have been unheard of for them to accept a female student. Also, sorry about the delay, I had to buy last-minute gifts for people yesterday. Traffic + long checkout lines = 7 hours after work utterly wasted.


"We should head back to the library. Patchouli might have an idea about how to save her," you say, already standing in the corridor. But she just stares at you, raising an eyebrow.
"Does my sister know about this?" she asks.
"No, I don't think she knows anything about this. But we can't just stay here forever, right? So c’mon!" you insists, but she still doesn’t budge.
"Well, that’s a problem!" she snaps, shaking her head.
"Why should that be a problem?" you ask, taken aback. "Aren't you the head of the Scarlet family?"
"I was…" she replies, her head drooping slightly as she looks at the ground.
"You were?" you tease. "Bah! I killed Vlad Tepes! I conquered half of China! I suffered way to long to just stop due to not telling your sister about any of this! Come on!" you continue, grabbing her tiny hand and dragging her outside.
"You don't know anything about her! Never stand in her way or think about displeasing her, or she’ll crush you!” Remilia shouts as you drag her after you.
"Oh really? If my goal involves Sakuya, then not even a god could stand in my way!" you tell her, a bit of anger creeping into your voice. "Oi! Fionel!"
"Yes, Master?" the fairy asks, floating before you.
"Get some clothes for Remilia." you command her, before adding, "But try to make as little commotion as you can. When you’re done, meet us in the library."
"Right away!" she says, saluting to you.
"And be careful!" you shout after her.
The next few minutes pass in silence, until you shatter the quiet with the sound of your voice.
"Aren't you at least a little happy that I managed to kill Vlad Tepes?" you say, turning back and looking at her.
"And why should I believe you?" she asks, sounding bored and turning her head away from your gaze.
"Well… Yukari gapped me to your homeland, where there was an old mansion with Tepes inside. I'm one hundred percent sure that she wanted to get rid of me, but she failed."
"Really? The great Yukari failed? Are you sure?" she says, her voice dripping with sarcasm.
"Well, I didn't die and I stabbed him in the heart with a silver knife, which turned him into ash."
"Don't make me laugh! The first vampire was always a weakling." she chuckles. Her attitude makes it seem like she’s not too interested in your little tale.
"A weakling?" you ask, surprised; back then, he didn't seem that weak to you. Not weak at all...
"He was afraid of us; he gave us too much power. I believe that was why he sent us here."
"Huh." You reply. You can’t imagine that he could have possibly been afraid of Remilia and Flandre; on the contrary, his response to you mentioning them made it seem like he was a legitimate threat. Another, slightly related thought pops into your head. "Oh, and that reminds me: I’ve done some research on you and Fla--"
"Ooh, now I'm starting to get interested. What did you find out?" she asks abruptly, interrupting you.
"Not much, considering that you’ve been around for about five hundred years, give or take. I know a thing or two about your family history, and I know that the two of you became vampires on Christmas Eve." you continue to tell her. "That must’ve sucked."
"No." she responds, her voice flat and neutral.
"What? You're happy about becoming a vampire and not being able to live like a normal human?"
"I'm happy that I was bitten by the first, and I owe him other things as well... He even got rid of my boring mother."
"How can you say that?" you ask, stunned How can she be so cold?
"At the time, when I was still a human, I hated everything. My parents never seemed to love me. Father always wanted a boy that could continue our family's name, and I'm glad that they never had any. They buried me under tutors, locking me in my room because they couldn’t bear the sight of me walking around the house. I was raised primarily by a maid. And Flandre? They always said that she was a beautiful girl, and they did not give her the same treatment that they gave me. But after father died, mother started to go to parties with a man. And despite that man being from the aristocracy, he was poor. He managed to squander all of his money on cards. On top of all that--"
"I'm sorry for asking," you interrupt. You can't bear to listen to any more.
You don’t talk until you arrive at the library. As you step in, you see that Fionel has already arrived with Remilia's clothes. Patchouli sits in her desk, and standing behind her is Koakuma.

[ ] Listen to Patchy's plan.
[ ] Ask Remilia about her experience in the underworld.
[ ] Ask for tea.
[ ] Ask about Flandre, and that you should tell her it, or no?
>> No. 33101
>>33099 Oh now I became interested, what do they teach for Americans about Hungary?

But yeah I'm a bit drunk after 5 tequilas and 4 beers, so I'm not sure about that Catholic school thing, but the thing with the female students... well yeah, I think you're right, but still they were rich, and I think you probably know that rich people are able to do whatever they want...
Well maybe tomorrow I can write a better explanation about the topic.

Also: I thank you for your work~
>> No. 33102
>What do they teach for Americans about Hungary?

Hungary was mentioned about once in High School. We never talked about it at all :>
>> No. 33105
lol, so my country was only mentioned once? Hungary that was called Europe's shield. That stopped the Turkish invasion, and it is because of us that Germany is not a Muslim country..
Then the greatest power in Middle-Europe, that was always feared by the others, until they got rid of us in Trianon by creating many new countries..
The country that always fought for its freedom, and always failed, because of the help that was granted for us never came. Yes thank you baguette-eater gays, and thank you rich American bitches.. :>

But returning to the story, Remilia could call the church, where she was sent to learn, a school. Or so..
>> No. 33106
Merry xmas to everyone!

I have already written one half of the update. But, because family things, you have to wait a few moe hours, because dinner and goddamn celebrations..
>> No. 33110
Just a little bitter there, huh?

But to be fair to Hungary, I don't think we learn all that much about any part of Eastern Europe, really.
>> No. 33112
Middle Europe..

Now I'm continuing to write the update..
>> No. 33120
File 126184860857.jpg- (313.57KB , 850x1062 , sample_994b7c5669b7e9b5503df9dbffc63cd02ebe240b.jpg ) [iqdb]
After Remilia changed, she gave your shirt back.
"Here! Take it! I don't know, how could I tell Sakuya, that you've caught cold because of me.." she said with a smile on her face.
"Oh, so you're starting to believe me!" you told her while you buttoned your shirt.
"You gave me the hope again, that I've long lost. But I hope, that you can live up to your words and can bring her back to life." she said, and she sat down left to you by Patchouli's desk.
"I'm happy to see you again Remi.." Patchouli greated her.
"Me too. But where is Flandre?" she asked.
"Does she still worries you?" you asked annoyed..
"You shouldn't worry about her, she's sleeping in her.. I mean in your room now.." the librarian said, then she looked at you and continued to speak."Weren't you defeated by her not long ago? There aren't many people in Gensokyo, who are able to defeat her in danmaku. And you've already seen two of them. One of them is Marisa, you probably saw her. She's now Flandre's dog.."
"Yes I've seen her.." you nodded.
"The other one is Reimu, the miko of Hakurei, but she got old and it seems that she lost most of her powers, so I doubt she could match her.."
"I think that's all Patchouli.."Remilia interrupted her, "we never had many friends in Gensokyo.."
"What about Keine and Mokou? They have told me that they will help me in need." you told.
"Maybe.. But are they thrustworty?" Remilia asked looking at you.
"Yes!" you answered without a doubt.
"Then.. Fairy! Search for Mokou and Keine, and tell them to come here now!" Remilia ordered your Fionel.
"Don't order my Fionel! She works for me!" you said offended.
"Your?" Remilia looked at you with a questioning face, while Fionel looked troubled, she didn't want to go againts the mistress' order.
"Fionel come her and sit down!" you told to the fairy, who was still confused about what to do."Come and sit down!" you repeated yourself.
"Yes, Master!" she saluted and floated to you and then she sat down on your shoulder avoiding to look at Remilia. She seemed to be happy about the situation, but she was also tense, disobeying the mistress' orders, no one of the fairies would dare to do that. Remilia looked at you open mouthed and she raised an eyebrowl.
"What is the meaning of this?" she said being quite offended.
"Fionel is my assistant! Well she's more like an assistant to me, she's my friend. She helped me a lot in the real world.." you said.
"A friend? Don't make me laugh! A fairy?"
"Ye.." you tried to say, but Patchouli stopped you.
"In this way we never get to rescue her." Patchouli said, and both of you nodded.
"But before we start. Can I ask one of your assistants to make some tea? My throat became all dry.." Remilia said looking at you, then at Patchouli.
"That's a good idea, Koakuma!" Patchouli called for her assistant.
"Yes mistress." Koakuma said bowing, and she left the library, then suddenly Fionel stood up, and she followed the succubi.
"She probably doesn't know how to make a good tea for you.." Fionel said and she left the library as well.

About five minutes later they've returned with the tea.
"Mmm.. it is good!" you praised the fairy, after you tasted the tea. "But why is it so red?"
"It's from blood, of course. And I've put sugar in it just as you like.." Fionel said. You looked at her and you frowned.
"I shouldn't have ask it.." you said.
"Haha.." Remilia laughed at you."So you still aren't a man!"
"Oh! I've became much more powerful than I were back then.." you said proudly. "It's just my first time to drink a tea that is made of blood.."
"And yet you're still at China's level.." Patchouli interrupted you, taking out a book.
"You're pathetic!" Remilia said, "I thought you could meet my expectation, but being on China's level, is.."
"That is why we need you, Remilia.. " Patchouli said, trying to end your little fight. "Now we have two options, either we go trough the underground or we follow the breastmonster on the river of death."
"Breastmonster?" Remilia and you asked surprised.
"Here take a look.." Pachouli said and she showed you a picture about a breastmonster, that had one eye, and was really disgusting.
"B-but Patchouli this is a picture book, made for children." Remilia frowned.
"Do you have all your knowledge from that?" you asked.
"W-well yeah.." Pathcouli slightly blushed as she said this. "But.. don't judge a book from it's cover.. So I think that going trough the underground would be harder than following."
"Komachi, the woman with a scythe.." Remilia interrupted the librarian.
"So, in the underground. It is said that a palace was constructed after the underground was separated from Hell, thus many evil spirits remain in what was the former Hell. But a mind-reader took control of this palace and this mind-reader has pets, dealing with them would be really difficult, while I think following this Komachi on the river of death seems much easier."
"So, I've heard that you have some experience, Remilia.." you said, hoping to get some more detail.
"Yes, I were there. But I don't see why should be the river the easier way." Remilia said sighing. "It was like a labyrinth. A dark and dangerous place. And that deadly silent. I felt like being watched by something. But.." but she couldn't finish the story, because the door of the library opened. And Marisa stepped forward and behind her, there was Flandre..
"A child born of human's hate
That Satan himself regrets to create
The object of all human fears
And the ripples of 495 years
A child left alone to cry
Humans wallow in their sin
They must all die.

Come Scarlet rain
May nothing remain
Come a Crimson eclipse
All will end in a final Apocalypse
When all is left to burn but one...
And Then There Where None." Marisa said..

[ ] Run
[ ] Speak
[ ] Write in if you have better idea..
>> No. 33121
[x] Speak
-[x] Try to reason with Flandre, try to perhaps bringing up memories of how you and Sakuya saved her from Reimu. And you were just talking about a way to get Sakuya back as to best serve the mansion.
-[x] Try to arrange a way for everyone to air out their issues after Sakuya is rescued.
--[x] Emphasize the point to Remilia, for this is partially the result of her past actions.

Since I have the feeling that Flandre has a grudge against her sister due to all that's happened.
>> No. 33131
My apologies in advance; I won't be able to edit until January 2nd or so (due to visiting my parents in New York and Boston via very long bus trips), but when I get back I'll do every update that I've missed.

Saged for me being a complete fucktard and not saying this before.
>> No. 33144
[x] Speak
-[x] Try to reason with Flandre, try to perhaps bringing up memories of how you and Sakuya saved her from Reimu. And you were just talking about a way to get Sakuya back as to best serve the mansion.
-[x] Try to arrange a way for everyone to air out their issues after Sakuya is rescued.
--[x] Emphasize the point to Remilia, for this is partially the result of her past actions.

>> No. 33401
oh well yeah..
I haven't abandoned the story don't worry..
I'm working on it slowly and slowly. So don't worry. It's just that after I got recovered from a very serious cold, I ran out of good ideas. But I promise I will get an update in this week for you.
>> No. 34018
File 126425191418.jpg- (308.83KB , 850x1258 , sample_b34cc2d4f0418ac7e730f42bf313c39c03ed69a2.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Shut up! Marisa! You're annoying!" Flandre shouted at her maid. Then she stepped forward, and looked around. She seemed like a real tyran. Nobody liked her, but nobody was brave enough to go againts her will as well.
"Oh no! It's Flandre!" Remilia said looking down. And as you looked at her you could see her shaking from fear.
"Oh no, indeed.. My dear sister, what are you doing outside of your room? I told you not to come out from that hole until I say it otherwise."
"I'm sorry! It will never happen again." Remilia said. Then she stood up and she started to walk towards the door of the library.
"Sorry?" you asked shocked. You never thought that the older sister was so afraid of her. "Remilia! Just what are you-"
"You should be able to know when to stop!" Patchouli tries to put you in your place, but you are a man! And you don't have one critical information.
"Flandre!" you turn to the her. "I just want to bring Sakuya back, and I need your sister to tell me where she is."
"Give up! It is impossible." she says with a cold voice.
"Go south. You should follow that stream, it will connect to that river." Remilia says, and then she runs out of the library crying.
"Remilia!" you shout after her and you're about to go after her, but Flandre appears before you in an instant, and she looks into your eyes.
"You've made her cry!" she says and her eyes are starting to shine in red! She is angry now.
"Me? Don't you remember, when I and Sakuya saved you from Reimu?" you tell her quite offended.
"HaHa!" Marisa laughs "Maybe you saved the World from being destroyed!"
"Didn't I told you to shut up?" Flandre grabs Marisa's neck and she throws her away destroying with her a whole bookshelf. And she did it with only one hand! In a moment you realize why everyone was so afraid of her. You nearly bite your tongue, and you forget everything that you have wanted to say. You quickly look back over Patchouli, maybe for some help or some hint, how to deal with her. But all your hope to get help disappears as you see her frightened face. "The thing that I hate the most is disobedience.." Flandre says and she turns back to you. You swallow.
"Wasn't it better, when Sakuya was here?" you ask her at last.
"How should I know? I was imprisoned, in my room." she says.

That's true. She wasn't allowed to leave that room for centuries. And now she wants to take revenge on her sister. You don't really knows how it happened, just the cause, that Remilia became mad after loosing her precious maid. So the tides has turned. But while Flandre was imprisoned in order to save the world from her devasteting power, Remilia is imprisoned, because of her own sake..
"I understand.” You say sighing.
"You understand nothing!” Flandre shouts angrily at you.
"Nevermind,” you tell low voiced and you start walking towards the exit. "I have no right to judge your actions.”
"Where are you going now? Come back!” she shouts. But you can't stop, even if all of your body parts are shivering from fear, your heart is stronger. And it tells you that you can't turn back.
"I can't..” you say. "Good bye!”
>> No. 34019

Reading this dialogue made me associate this story with sopa operas.

Maybe I should start reading the story.
>> No. 34023

It's not a bad story at all; though unrefined at times (This started near the end of SDM LA), it's a nice little read.

as far as the latest events: And so the lonely quest begins to do the nearly impossible.
>> No. 34506
File 126669544537.jpg- (285.95KB , 737x553 , 723e44148de63cf040094c454ae6e2aa6168aef8.jpg ) [iqdb]
"I can't.. Good bye!" you said and you shut the door so hard behind you that it fell out from its place. You were upset. Really upset. You heard Flandre shouting angrily after you, but you didn't care anymore and luckily she didn't follow you. This house is rotten. Their injuries are too deep to heal. You wanted their help. But they took away your last hope. They are nothing more than selfish women. Little girls who can't think about anything else than their own desire. How pathetic..

Soon you reach the unguarded gate and you looked back for a moment to swear that you will never come back to this place again..
Now you stand before the gate trying to figure out, where this stream is..

"Which way is to south?" you ask yourself. You look up. And you see the night sky. The stars are shining upon you. But soon you have to realize that the stars are fake, probably because the barrier that surrounds Gensokyo..
"Why is it so hard?" you ask yourself again as you sit down on the ground.
"Master! Someone is coming.." Fionel shouts into your right ear and you just realize that she was with you all time. You are not alone, and even if she can't help you in anything, she's at your side.
"Fionel.." you say low voiced as you're standing up. You feel pity for her, because you don't want to danger her in the hell, but leaving her here? In this cruel place? Never! "Fionel, let's go!" you give the order and you start floating.
"But it's only Miss China!" Fionel shouts.
"Hey! Wait for me!!" the maid shouts after you as she fastens her pace. But you simply don't want to talk. You've had enough of this whole mansion.
But in the next moment she suddenly appears before you.
"I told you to wait!" she tells you, breathing fast and she puts something into your hands squeezing them together so you can't see that thing. She looks into your eyes. "This was hers. Use it wisely, because this killed many of its previous owners." Then she turns away, and she shows you the direction to south. "There, in that forest that you can see on the other side of the lake, search on the shore, then you should be able to find the stream.."
"Why do you help me?" you ask her, looking into her sad eyes.
"Because.." she starts and looks away, "because she was the only one.. who cared for me.. please rescue her.." she says and she starts crying. "please!"
"Thank you! I will do my best Meiling!" you tell her and you start to float away from her. Then from a sudden thought you turn back to her, "do you want to come with me?" you ask.
"Sorry I can't!" she replies, while still crying.
"But why? Do you really want to return to them?"
"No.. But my fate chains me to this place." she says with a faint smile on her face.
"Then cut those chains and come with me." you say grabbing her left hand and you're about to stuck her after you, but she doesn't move.
"I told you I can't. And anyway the Mistress wouldn't let me."
"I don't give a damn about those brats!" you shout at her.
"Mistress Flandre crush you.." she says, but her voice cracks as she hears:
"CHIIINAAAA!!!" Flandre shouts and she appears in the front door of the mansion.
"See? She doesn't even know your name.." you tell her.
"That doesn't matter, go now, before she sees you, I will cover for you." she says.
Then Fionel whispers something into your ears. And you start smiling.. You quickly wrap your arms around China, and you doesn't let her go any further.
"Mistress of the Mansion!" you shout.
"Let me go! Let me go!" China struggles and tries to escape, but she can't.
"Give up, because I won't let you to go back." you say to her. You're holding her perfectly, and her efforts are becoming more and more faint.
"Stupid.." she says low voiced, and she gives up.
"Mistress of the mansion!" you shout again, "I am taking this maid with me, as punishment for your bad behavior. Grow up! And don't dare to come after me or else you will regret it for a life!"
"You dare to threat me?!" Flandre shouts angrily. But her reply doesn't stop here.. And you see a little flashing light from the door where she stands. You quickly float with China a few meters aside, to avoid a hit from Guignir's sibling. The spear misses you and lands in the lake. Then a few moments later as the spear hits the bottom of the lake, it explodes. The grumbling voice is great and the explosion's impact even made a little rain..
Then you see that Flandre decided to come to you. A frontal attack?
But even so facing with Flandre, who's more like a great demon than a vampire, the confident smile doesn't disappear from your face.
"What are you up to?" China asks you, "Do you want to die?"
"No.." you tell her calmly.
"Then let me go, I can slow her down!" she says trembling.
"I'm only waiting for a miracle.." you say and you start to back a little, because you started to have doubts.. "Come on.. What are you waiting for?"

And the darkness was pierced trough by the sunlight.. The miracle happened!

"Just in time!" you sighed "GOOD MORNING!!!" you happily shouted after you heard Flandre's cursing voices, she's just a vampire after all, and on the top of that she's blond one, with less resistance to the sun. She fell down. You laugh as you see Marisa with an umbrella in her hands running towards her mistress.
"You will regret this." China says.
"She will regret it, if she comes after me to the hell.." you reply. "Now come, I know a place, where you can stay, until I finish my businesses.."

And with this the three of you left the island, where the two great vampires of Gensokyo lives..
>> No. 34507
I'm back now. After having a great January, came February that exceeded my worst nightmares, so as I have some free time now I continue the story.
The creative crisis is gone. And I will try to write one update per day again, as I did in the old days.

The votes are disabled until I get enough readers who do vote.
>> No. 34508
But if you don't have votes, how can you tell your readers do vote?
>> No. 34509
That's... a really good question.
>> No. 34510
>>34508 But if you don't have votes, how can you tell your readers do vote?

Well that's a good question..
>> No. 34511
Well, he basically assumes that he only has two readers.


Post edited version of most recent update?

I've had it edited for a while now, but I had some things to take care of before I could post it.
>> No. 34512
>> No. 34513
>> No. 34515
"I can't... Goodbye!" you shout, slamming the door behind you so forcefully that its hinges give a short, pained squeal of protest before snapping. Saying that you’re upset would be an understatement. You hear Flandre shouting furiously after you, but, quite frankly, you don’t give a shit. This house is rotten, its injuries too deep to heal. You came to it in search of information and help, only to have your last hope ripped away from you. And its denizens? Nothing more than selfish women, little girls who can't comprehend the desires of anyone else. If you had to search for a single word to describe them, “pathetic” would come to mind.


It isn’t long before you reach the unguarded gate, standing derelict and in disrepair. You cast a single, somber look over your shoulder one final time, telling yourself in your mind that you will never return to this house. This fallen manor, which was once a thing of beauty and elegance, no longer holds anything for you. Looking forward once more, you exhale with a sigh as you begin to look for the stream that Remilia mentioned.

“Hum... which way is South?” you ask yourself, looking up pensively. The dark void is pierced by the pinpricks of light that are the stars, but nary a second or two pass before you come upon the realization that, due to the border, the stars that you see are probably fake. Dismayed, you sink to the ground, asking yourself, “Why is it so hard?”

"Master! Someone is coming!" Fionel's high-pitched voice screeches directly into your right ear, startling you and knocking you on your ass.

"Fionel..." you rumble, rising to your feet slowly and shakily. You feel something akin to pity for her, because you don't want to put her in danger in hell, but leaving her here? In this cruel place? Not gonna happen. "Fionel, let's go!" Your order given, you begin to float.

"But it's only Miss China!" Fionel protests. A third voice rings out behind you; you recognize it as Meiling’s.

"Hey! Wait for me!!" the maid shouts after you, quickening her pace. You don’t stop. You don’t respond. You’re not in the mood to talk. You simply want to get away from this mansion.


However, in the next moment, she is floating around a meter in front of you, forcing you to come to an abrupt stop.

"What the hell!? I... I told you to wait!" she pants, breathing heavily. Below the line of your vision, she presses something metallic into your hand. She looks into your eyes. "This... this was hers. Use it wisely; it’s killed many of its previous owners." She turns away and points, indicating a path completely perpendicular to your own. Good thing she showed up. "There, in the forest on the other side of the lake. Search the shore and you should be able to find the mouth of the stream..."

"Why are you helping me?" you ask her, looking into her gloomy eyes.

"Because..." she begins, looking away. "Because she was the only one... the only one who cared for me... Please rescue her..." she pleads, tears beginning to flow from her eyes. "Please!"

You nod, determination filling your chest. "Don’t worry, I’ll get her back!" Having assured her of this, you begin to float in the direction she indicated, turning away from her. A sudden thought stops you, and you glance over to her. "Do you want to join me?"

"I’m sorry, but I can’t!" she replies through her tears.

"Why not? Do you really want to stay here?"

"No… But my fate chains me to this place." she says, a thin, sorrowful smile appearing on her face.

"Then cut those chains and come with me!" you urge, grabbing her left hand. You try to tug her after you, but she doesn’t even move an angstrom.

"I told you that I cannot. And, in any case, the Mistress wouldn’t let me."

"I don't give a shit about that brat!" you shout at her.

"Mistress Flandre will crush you..." she begins to say, but is interrupted by a tremendous roar from the mansion.

"CHIIINAAAA!!!" Flandre screeches, appearing on the porch.

"See? She doesn't even know your real name!" you say.

"That doesn't matter. Go. Now, before she sees you. I’ll cover you." she replies.

Fionel whispers something into your ear, her little voice causing you to smile mischievously. You wrap your arms around Meiling, not letting her move any further.

"Mistress of the Mansion!" you shout.

"What are you doing!? Let me go!" Meiling struggles and tries to escape, but you merely grip her tighter. You lean your head close to her ear.

"Give up, I’m not letting you go back there." you say to her, your voice barely above a whisper. Your grip on her is perfect, and she is already struggling less and less.

"Stupid..." she sighs, giving up completely.

"Mistress of the mansion!" you shout once more. "I am taking this maid with me, as punishment for your bad behavior. Grow up! And if you come after me, I’ll make sure you regret it for life!"

"You dare threaten me!?" Flandre screams. Her furious rebuttal doesn’t end here; a flash warns you of the oncoming danger. You quickly perform a midair dash to the side, narrowly avoiding a fatal hit from Gungnir’s sibling, Lævateinn. The wand sails past you, its arc taking it into the lake, exploding shortly afterward as it hits the bottom. An impressive rumble accompanies a large pillar of water that bursts from the surface.

Casting your eyes forward, you notice Flandre rocketing towards you. A frontal attack, huh? And yet, even with Flandre shooting towards you, your smile doesn’t drift from your face.

"What are you doing!?" Meiling asks you, nearly in hysterics once more. "Do you want to die!?"

"No." you reply calmly.

"Well, let me go, then! I can slow her down!" she retorts, trembling a little.

"No. I’m counting on a miracle." You start to back up a little, your confidence decreasing a bit as Flandre draws nearer. "Come on..."

Suddenly, a ray of sunlight peaks over the horizon, ripping through the darkness.

"Just in time..." you sigh. You hear a string of curses spew forth from Flandre as she begins to smoke, provoking a wide grin and a boastful shout on your part. "GOOD MORNING, BITCH!" After all, she is a vampire, and a blonde one with less resistance to sunlight on top of that. Plummeting to the ground, you laugh as Marisa, broom in hand, rushes out of the house.

"You’re going to regret this..." China warns as you let her go.

"She’ll be the one regretting it if she follows me to Hell," you reply confidently. "Now c’mon. I know a place where you can stay for a bit."

Meiling demonstrates her assent with a simple nod. With this, the two of you leave the island that was once home to the two greatest vampires in Gensokyo.
>> No. 34516
You know, isn't the lead overreacting since not everyone in the mansion is spoiled or rotten (Did he forget about Patchy or Koakuma that easily?) But one can't blame some of them for cowering before an insane yet powerful brat.
>> No. 34517

Yeah, I was wondering that as I was editing but I felt that it would be better to not change it around too much.
>> No. 34518
>>34516 Those two are in the library and between you and them, there is this insane brat. Correct, you can't just go back for them, and anyway do you think she would come with you? I mean can you give her an another great library? She lives a happy life in the mansion..

But well I've written the first part in three way. Originally you were alone with no help. In the second variant I tried to write some drama that you don't want to speak with China, but she uses the clock and gives it to you before you could escape and she goes back to the mansion.
The final variant came from the idea of Fionel.
Now you will go and visit Keine and Mokou again, because there is something that came to my mind. A dead can not simply walk out from the hell..
>> No. 34519

Yeah but my problem was that the update acted like no one in there gave any assistance. Patchy aided him with some information, and she wasn't exactly one to go charging out into the unknown. The literal border of life and death isn't a place for the frail of health.
>> No. 34521
File 126675883644.png- (225.51KB , 850x637 , sample_8c8099ced3ef13dc8c9d51e2b516e2ade101c8d5.png ) [iqdb]
Sorry my bad.. Kid Youkai thought about the two vampires as selfish little girls. And don't say that Remilia helped you much, because her past sins are far too great to consider her as a good character..

ALSO: There will be an update today..
>> No. 34522
Remilia was wallowing in sadness too much to be of help. But it makes me wonder how things will change by the time this tale ends. Sakuya will most certainly insist on straightening out the mansion.

And Good characters? In this world, there doesn't seem to be many. Closest would be Keine and Mokou; these two have assisted the lead and Sakuya many times. Not sure about Meiling, but I'd think she's fall under neutral at worse.
>> No. 34523
damn I've only wanted to close my eyes for a second at noon, and when I've opened them again it was already 7PM..
>> No. 34524
File 126679310566.jpg- (768.35KB , 616x1434 , 1861adb76f2903077cc122ca57f54416b2edd22b.jpg ) [iqdb]
And with this the three of you left the island, where the two great vampires of Gensokyo lives..
"This is the wrong way." Meiling breaks the silence, as the three of you reach the other side of the lake.
"I know." you reply.
"Where are we going, then?" she asks.
"To visit Keine and Mokou, because I need their help.."
"Oh I see.." she says low voiced. Does she have any doubts, that she left the mansion?
"Do you regret it?" you ask.
"Mmm.. I don't know." she says smiling. "Somehow it feels great, but.."
"But? Are you worried about Flandre?" you ask.
"Yes.." she says sighing. "This freedom only lasts for today.."
"So do you think that she will come after us tonight?" you ask.
"She will.. she will.. " she says on a sad voice "And god save us from her fury!"
"Okay, then I will." you say smiling at her.
"You?" Meiling asks you surprised.
"Well I'm a god. I'm immortal and so.."
"And what ability do you have?" she asks now amused by you.
"Well I can shoot down anyone.."
"Nearly everyone can do that in Gensokyo.."
"I am Avalokitesvara the patron saint of Tibet, well at least they called me so after I conquered half China.."
"Well you see, I'm not a Chinese, I don't really care.. only because of these clothes.." she explains.
"It is obvious that you're not." you tell her.
"How did you know?" she asks with a happy expression on her face.
"Well I've never seen any Chinese with red hair blue eyes before, so I think that you're from Europe."
"Europe? I wonder.." she says. But then suddenly Fionel overtakes you and stops in front of you forcing you to stop as well.
"Master stop!" she says loudly.
"What's the matter Fionel?" you ask quickly looking around, searching for something dangerous that you have missed.
"Master!" she starts, "didn't you say that we're going to Miss Keine?"
"Yes.." you answer, and you just realize, why she stopped you "Damn it!"
"What is it?" China asks you.
"We already passed over their house. We have to turn back! I'm sorry, I didn't notice.." you apologize.
"Ahaha!" China starts laughing. "I now definitely don't regret, that I came with you.."
"Really? That's good to hear." you say to China, then you turn to the little fairy. "And I'm thankful, that you came, I don't know what would have happened with us without you.."
"It is my duty to make my Master to remember about certain things." Fionel says with a blushing face. "I'm happy, that I could be useful."
"We're not to far away, so let's go!" you give out the order, and in a few short minutes you arrive to the house that belongs to the teacher..
>> No. 34548
There's more coming, right?
>> No. 34617
>>34548 right~

But a certain someone seemed to forget something.. Yes Prager I'm waiting..

ALSO: yeah, I should have told you, that I'm in a great crisis situation, as unable to move forward here in my homeland, I told my boss that I will quit, the rest are yours to guess..
I will write an update tomorrow!
>> No. 34618
Aheh, sorry. Had a stressful week, will try to have the edit up by tonight.
>> No. 34620
Well, shit.

Uh... good luck, I guess?
>> No. 34625

"...You know we’re going the wrong way, right?" Meiling asks, shattering the silence as you reach the other side of the lake.


"Well, where're we going?"

"We’re stopping to see Keine and Mokou. I could use their help."

"Ah, I see..." she replies, somewhat quietly. Something prods the back of your mind and gives you the sneaking suspicion that she may be second-guessing her decision to leave the mansion.

After a minute or so of dwelling on the notion, you finally speak up. “Do you regret it?”

"Mmn... I’m not sure," she says, giving a small, slightly sorrowful smile. "I feel like I made the right decision, but..."

"...But what?" you ask, after waiting a few seconds for her to continue. "Are you worried about Flandre might do?"

She takes a moment to ponder your query. "Yes... This freedom will only last until the sun goes down..."

"I take it that means you think she’ll come after us?"

"Oh, I know she will," she replies, her voice almost mournful as she lowers her head. "And may god save us from her fury..."

"Alright, I will." you say, turning and giving her a wide smirk.

"What?" Meiling lifts her head with a start, meeting your gaze with her own slightly confused one.

"Well, I'm a god."
She snickers amusedly, the corners of her mouth turning upwards. "And what ability do you have?"

"I can shoot down anyone."

"Pfft, practically everyone in Gensokyo can do that."

"Well... I’m Avalokitesvara, the patron saint of Tibet. At least, that’s what they called me after I beat the crap out of half of China." You regret the words the instant they pass through your lips; she might not like hearing that you killed a sizable portion of her people.

Meiling seems to understand your expression. "Oh, don’t worry about it. I’m not really Chinese, but I like the clothes and they tend to throw people off," she explains.

"Psh, it’s obvious that you aren’t," you assure her.

"Oh? How did you know?" she asks, her expression pleasantly surprised.

"Well, I don’t know about you, but I've never seen a Chinese person with red hair and blue eyes. If I had to take a guess as to where you’re from, I’d go with Europe.

"Europe? Huh..." She brings her hand to her mouth pensively.

Suddenly, Fionel overtakes you and stops in the air in front of you. Needless to say, you barely avoid crashing into her.

"Master, stop!" she cries.

"Eh? Fionel, what’s wrong?" you ask, whipping your head from side to side to see if you overlooked something dangerous.

"Master," she begins, "didn't you say that we were going to Miss Keine’s house?"

"Yes…" you answer, mildly annoyed. It is just as you’re about to scold her that her reason for stopping you makes itself clear in your mind. "Ah, damn it."

"What is it?" China asks.

"Well, this is embarrassing, but... we already passed over their house. I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention."

Meiling is quiet for a moment, the ends of her mouth twitching up and down erratically. In an instant, she loses all composure, and practically doubles over with laughter. "Ah, hahahaha! Oh, I’m so glad I came with you!"

You can’t help but smile and let loose a single chuckle. "Really? That's... that’s good to hear," you say, before turning to the little fairy. "And I'm thankful that I allowed you to come. I’m not sure what would’ve happened just now if I hadn’t."

Fionel blushes and looks down to the side. "It’s my duty to make sure you remember things... I'm glad I could be useful."

"Aheh... Well, we didn’t go too far out of our way, so we might as well get going." Your order given, the three of you do a midair about-face and, in a few short minutes, you find yourselves landing on the ground in front of the teacher’s house.
>> No. 34638
>>34625 at last! Nice job as ever~

And I am starting to write the update now..
>> No. 34639
File 126729506494.jpg- (442.67KB , 800x1212 , moko update nr109.jpg ) [iqdb]
You knocked on the door several times before they could even response to it. Then about a minute later the door is opening, and you see Mokou there, but she stands in front of you in unbuttoned shirt, scratching her head:
"What is it?" she asks on a sleepy voice with half opened eyes.
"Goo-" you would start, but your voice stucks, as you see her breasts are barely covered by her long hair. Seeing the situation, Fionel takes instant actions:
"MASTER!" she quickly covers your eyes with her tiny hands, as if it would be enough to cover anything at all, you start blushing "you should be ashamed!" she scolds you. "Turn away!"
"Sir.." Meiling starts, and she grabs your hand and she forcefully turns you to look at her, instead of Mokou. "If she would here with you, then you would be long dead!"
You just sigh, really they've stolen a beautiful moment from you, why? Why did you bring them along??
"And Miss Mokou, you should dress up properly if you open the door for somebody." Fionel scolds Mokou, while she fixes Mokou's clothes.
"You can look now.." Meiling says, as she lets go off your hands. You turn back, but without the hope to see a nipple slip or so. But the fairy made an excellent job, her clothes are perfect, but her hair..
"Your hair!" you say, barely able to hold off your laughing.
"What is it, with my hair?" Mokou asks and then she yawns.
"Your hair is soo~" you start, but she interrupts you:
"Is this, why you came to visit me? And laugh at my hair?" she asks offended and she shuts the door.
"Oh no, wait! I'm sorry!" you start to apologize. "Oh great!"
Just moments later, the door opens again. It's Keine!
"Good morning! Why didn't you come in? I thought Moko has let you in.."
"Well.." you start to explain yourself, "she was about to let us in, but I.. I just couldn't help myself, as I saw her morning face, she was so cute.."
"CUTE?" you hear Mokou shouting from inside, "BOY! You should watch your tongue, if you speak!"
"Don't mind her." Keine says low voiced, "she is always like this in the mornings." then she switches back to normal volume, "come in, and have some tea with us."
"Thank you!" you say and you step in, followed by Fionel, but Meiling doesn't follow you..
"You're from the mansion, right?" Keine asks Meiling. "Why don't you come in as well?"
"Can I?" Meiling says looking at you.
"Sure!" you say confused.
"Thank you!" she happily says, and she runs inside..
>> No. 34647

Walking up to the door, you rap on it several times, turning to the left absentmindedly afterwards. A minute passes; it is just as you are about to raise your hand to knock once more that the door slowly opens, a bleary-eyed Mokou standing in the doorway.

"Eh... whaddaya want?" she asks with a tired voice, rubbing her eyes with the sleeve of her unbuttoned shirt.

"Good m--" Wait a second. Unbuttoned shirt...? Well, shit. Your words stick in your throat; if it wasn’t for a few strands of hair covering her breasts, you just might be reduced to nonsensical babble. Fionel seems to guess what’s going through your mind, and she reacts quickly.

"MASTER!" she cries, trying to cover your eyes with her hands. The attempt is utterly futile; her tiny hands don’t do anything other than make you blink slightly because of their close proximity to your eyes. You feel the blood rushing to your cheeks. "You should be ashamed! Look away!"

"Sir..." Meiling starts, grabbing you from behind and turning you to look at her forcefully. "If she was here right now, you’d already be a pincushion!"

All you can do is sigh. They just took a beautiful moment away from you... why did you bring them along, again?

"And Miss Mokou, if somebody comes to the door, you should be properly dressed before you greet them," Fionel scolds, flitting over to Mokou. A moment of silence passes as Fionel buttons the shirt.

"You can look now," Meiling says, releasing you. You turn back, definitely not hoping to see a nipple slip or anything, but the fairy’s job is perfect. There’s only one thing...

"Your hair!" you say, barely able to contain your laughter.

"Eh? What’s wrong with it?" Mokou asks, seeming to become more awake by the second.

"Your hair is so--" you begin, but she interrupts you.

"What, did you come to visit just so you could laugh at my hair?" she roars, slamming the door forcefully.

"Nonono! Hang on!" you call after her, your pleas falling on deaf ears. "Ah, crap!"

Disheartened, you begin to leave, only to stop and whirl around when you hear the door beginning to open again. This time, it is Keine that stands in front of you.

"Good morning!" she cheers with a smile and a tilt of the head. "Why didn’t you come in? I told Mokou to let you in."

"Well," you begin, "she was about to let us in, but I... I just couldn't help myself. When I saw her hair, I just thought she was so... so, well, cute."

"CUTE?" you hear Mokou shout from inside the house. "Watch your mouth, boy!"

"Oh, pay her no mind," Keine chuckles. "She’s always like this in the morning. Anyway, come in and have some tea with us."

"Oh, well thank you!" you reply, stepping in. Fionel is close behind, but Meiling remains outside for some reason.

"Hey, you're from the mansion, right?" Keine asks of Meiling, who nods. "Why don't you join us?"

"May I?" Meiling requests, looking at you.

"Uh... sure?" you say, unable to understand why she felt she needed to ask permission.

"Thank you!" she replies happily as she runs inside.
>> No. 34652
writing now~
>> No. 34655
File 126738935215.jpg- (606.05KB , 1045x1616 , d3f77ad1d89e3ba403c401d51cbc21c5db1774d8.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Thank you!" she replies happily as she runs inside.
"What a strange girl.." you say low voiced, and you take a seat in the kitchen. Moments are passing, and you impatiently knock your fingers on the table, waiting for the two hosts.
"Sir, please calm down." Meiling says putting her hands on your shoulders. You just let out a sigh in response.
"So Boy! I guess you're not here just to make fun of me." Mokou says as she comes trough the kitchen door, with a combing her hair. "You need our help, right?"
"Yeah, but I only have the daytime, so I have to hurry.." you start.
"Only daytime? What will happen to you at night?" Mokou asks and she sits down to the opposite side of the table, she leans forward and she looks at you: "Tell me, I'm listening, what happened in the mansion?"
You lean back on your chair and sigh..
"Well long story short, I got the information, about a road, no about a river, that leads to her, to hell.."
"Oh I see, so you have to get as much help as you can, before you start the invasion of hell. So the deadline is dusk." Mokou leans back delighted, like knowing everything..
"No. You're wrong." you say on a sad voice.
"No?" Mokou asks surprised. But before you could explain, Keine serves the tea for everyone, even Fionel gets a cup of her seize..
"So you made an enemy.." Keine says as she takes a seat.
"Yeah.. Unfortunately, Flandre doesn't want her to be back, and that's why I have to hurry.." you say.
"And what do you want to do now?" Keine asks.
"Well, I just had the idea, that I should bring some medicine with myself.. I mean, it just sounds to easy. To find her, and grab her hand then pulling her back to life."
"Oh so you want to visit Miss Eirin. Is that correct?" Keine asks.
"Yes.." you reply.
"But I think you know. That she did not forget, that you've humiliated her.." Keine says.
"I know, but I don't see any other choice.." you say.
"So Boy, you want to kick Eirin's ass one more time?" Mokou says grinning at you. Then suddenly Meiling stands up.
"If they stand in your way, I will gladly kick their ass!" she shouts, making some punching movement in the air.
"I guess, it can't be helped, since I'm the guardian of Moko.." Keine says.
"Everyone.. I.." you try to say
"Master?" Fionel asks you quite worried.
"I-I thank you!" you say at last. You can't help, but you start to cry.
"Here's my tissue." Keine says smiling at you, and she hands you over a textile tissue.
"Boy! I don't think, that you have time to cry now!" Mokou says still grinning.
"Yeah, you're right.." you say low voiced, as you wipe those tears away from your eyes.
"Then what are we waiting for?" Mokou stands up.
"Let's go!" you give the order, as you stand up as well..

With this order, the party that consisted five of people, you went to the bamboo forest to face Eirin, and the rabbits.

And you felt happiness at last..
>> No. 34674

"What an odd girl," you say quietly to yourself, walking down the hallway to the kitchen. Meiling is already seated, but your two hosts are nowhere to be found. Shrugging, you sit down to the left of Meiling, drumming your fingers on the table anxiously as you wait.

"Please calm down, sir," Meiling says, putting her left hand on your right shoulder. In response, a single sigh escapes your lips and your hands come to rest, folded in front of you.

"So, boy! I guess you ain’t here just to make fun of me, eh?" Mokou enters the kitchen from behind you, running a comb through her hair as she takes a seat across from you. "The way I understand it, you need our help, right?"

"Yes, but we’ve only got until dusk," you reply.

"Huh... By the way, what happened at the mansion?"

You lean back in your chair and let out a deep sigh.

"Well, long story short, I found out about that river that leads to Hell or something, so I figure that I can get her back that way. But--"

"Oh, alright, I get it," Mokou interrupts you. "You’ve gotta get as much help as you can before marching off into Hell, and your deadline is dusk." She leans back in her chair with a smug look on her face, as if she thinks she’s got everything figured out.

"No, that’s not right."

"No?" Mokou asks, surprised. However, before you can explain, Keine enters the room and sets a cup of tea in front of everyone; even Fionel, who, unbeknownst to you, took a seat to your left, gets a tiny cup that’s just about right for her size. Hm. How’d Keine pour tea into something that small...?

"So, I understand you’ve made an enemy," Keine states, taking a seat.

"Yeah. Flandre doesn’t want her to come back, so we have to hurry and get her before nightfall. Otherwise..." Wait, what? What’s going on? Who told her about Flandre!?

Before you can raise the question, Keine speaks again. "So, what are you going to do now?"

Agh, best to drop it. "Well, I thought that we’d make our way into where she is, give her some especially potent medicine or something, and bring her back with us."

"Ah. I’m assuming, then, that you’d like to pay Miss Eirin a visit?"

"Yes." Well, at least someone’s got a good idea of where you’re going with this.

"Just so you know, she didn’t forget the humiliation you caused her."

"Yes, I know. Unfortunately, we don’t have much in the way of choices."

"Ahah, you want to kick Eirin's ass one more time, huh, boy?" Mokou cuts in, grinning at you. As if on cue or something, Meiling shoots out of her chair.

"If she stands in your way, I will gladly kick her ass!" she shouts, making some punching movement in the air. Ooookay, then. Inspiring, but, uh, we’ll forget we saw that little bout of randomness, won’t we?

"Well, if Mokou’s already on the warpath, then I guess I’ll have to join in, too. I am her guardian, after all," Keine says with a slight smile.

You return Keine’s smile with a shallow one of your own. "Well, we should probably get going soon, eh?"

"Yeah! What’re we waiting for!?" Mokou practically leaps out of her chair, pushing it back forcefully as she rises to her feet.

"Good question! Let’s go!" you order, standing up as well.

The rest of the group nods, and, together, you all set out for the bamboo forest.
>> No. 34700
trying to write something now..
>> No. 34708
maybe tomorrow. Sorry I just lost myself, while reading my old posts. Their quality were, ehm bad, but at the same time they were awesome..
I really miss those times. Those comments, those jokes, those critics. I bet thp misses those too.. :<
>> No. 34744
We do, except for the bits involving YAF.
>> No. 34815
Haven't been here in what's probably more than half a year. Just couldn't find the time to check if the downtime is over and eventually I totally forgot about it.
But anyway, just caught up and I have to say that the new stuff kind of grew on me although the first posts after the Lada 2100 Incident had me doubting.

Hi Saguya, it feels good to be back. Hope everyting is working out on your end.
>> No. 35043
Just a little heads-up in case Saguya updates within the next week:

Due to having to put down my dog a few hours ago, if an update appears do not expect an edit for at least a few days so I have time to become less hysterical.

Thanks in advance.
>> No. 35125
Shit, man. I'm sorry to hear that.
>> No. 36090
so deep...
>> No. 36129
File 127263771350.jpg- (1.38MB , 849x1789 , up.jpg ) [iqdb]
The road trough the bamboo forest was easy, though you had to eliminate countless nameless fairy on your way. As you got closer to the hidden castle of Eintei, some nameless rabbit solder stood in your way:
"GO AWAY!" one of them shouted at you, but like a rabbit, he was shaking from fear.
"Who are you to tell me what to do?" Mokou shouted back, grinning at them.
"I-I" the rabbit tried to speak, and he looked around for some back up, but he was all alone. Then Mokou stepped closer, and she lifted up the rabbit by his ears.
"Listen close! Will you?" she told the rabbit, and she pressed the question part.
"Ye-ye-ye-yess!" the rabbit answered. "Just please don't kill me! I have a family!"
"Who cares about your family?" Mokou shouted and she seemed to enjoy herself really well.
"Huh Mokou, please, he will die from the fear.." Keine tried to calm down Mokou.
"Then one rabbit less, who cares? Nobody will find out.." Mokou answered.
"Mokoo! I'm sorry, but we really don't have time for this, just let him go!" you stepped forward and put your hand on her shoulder.
"Alright.." Mokou said with a sad sigh looking at you.
"Thank God!" the rabbit whispered as he swallowed. Mokou turned back to the rabbit
"TELL YOUR EIRIN? THAT THE TEAM OF ULTIMATE BADASSES ARE HERE TO ASK HER A FAVOR!" and throw him away. The rabbit ran away screaming. And Mokou was laughed satisfied.
And so you continued your way to Eintei..

On the way suddenly Fionel asked you:
"Master! Who is this Eirin, and why are we going to visit her?"
"Oh Eirin?" you say with a smile on your face. "That sure brings back some nice memories."
"Like what?"
"Eintei was the first place, that I saw here in Gensokyo. Eirin cured us, I thought that she's a nice person, but.."
"But?" Meiling asks. She seemed to be curious too.
"But, "you continued with a sigh." Eirin is not an ordinary doctor. She's more like a crazy researcher. She wanted to do illegal experiments on me. And she gave me that elixir, that made me a youkai."
"Do you regret it?" Keine asked, and you saw Mokou was eavesdropping too.
"Well.. This is my fate. I must accept it!" you answered.
"Bah! Boy this is the worst answer! At least tell us that you like it or not!" Mokou puffed.
"Okay, then I like it!" you told it on a careless voice, like you've given it up..
And thus the conversation died.

Thirty more minutes passed after the last talk, when Mokou, who lead the group suddenly stopped.
"We're here!" she said.
"I don't see anything.." China said.
"What is this place?" you asked, but you only got Mokou's grin as answer.
But soon the gate of Eintei opened and the beautiful scenery of a Japanese castle lighted by the sunset comes to your sight. Along the sidewalk, that leads to the main entrance of the castle, stood hundreds of armored rabbit solders in rows. And Eirin appeared in the entrance with a wide, but obviously fake smile on her face, she came to greet you:
"Smoke rises from the Mansion of doom, the hour grows late and you come to Eintei seeking my help.."
>> No. 36130
Sorry for not being here!
I was in hospital. My knee-ligament was operated, and I won't have to work for at least five more weeks, because I can't use my right leg.
And for those who constantly says sport is good for your health. HELL FUCKING NO! CORRECT YOURSELVES! SPORT DESTROYS THE BODY, while it is good for your health!

It hurts like shit, I'm living on painkiller, but even though I will try to finish my story, before it will be 2years old!
>> No. 36131
File 127263855286.jpg- (243.56KB , 721x1000 , 2ndentry.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry for not being here!
I was in hospital. My knee-ligament was operated, and I won't have to work for at least five more weeks, because I can't use my right leg.
And for those who constantly says sport is good for your health. HELL FUCKING NO! CORRECT YOURSELVES! SPORT DESTROYS THE BODY, while it is good for your health!

It hurts like shit, I'm living on painkiller, but even though I will try to finish my story, before it will be 2years old!
>> No. 36133
File 127263948052.png- (147.19KB , 500x435 , 734a8d66163d5d7d0434330a94a36ec4.png ) [iqdb]
Welcome back
>> No. 36142
I second this, and I'll tell Prager about this.
>> No. 37126
Just in case anyone wonders/cares, I haven't edited yet because my computer got seriously raped by a virus. As in, Won't-Even-Boot-Up-In-Safe-Mode raped.

So yeah. Don't expect anything anytime soon, at least not until I figure out what the hell I'm going to do about this.
>> No. 38920
File 127659690479.jpg- (124.40KB , 500x620 , d2621642b33a36711d33587fa920cd21579cffba.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Smoke rises from the Mansion of doom, the hour grows late and you come to Eintei seeking my help.." Eirin greeted you, from the top of the stairs.
"I'm here to speak with you, I need something, but this isn't the place to talk about it." you said walking towards her.
"Oh dear, it is you!" Eirin said, with a shocked expression on her face. "Then lick my feet, if you want to talk to me!"
"You crazy bitch!" Mokou stepped forward, but three rabbit soilder with spears blocked her to go further. She looked at them, and without doing anything, the spears were burning. "Begone, nothings!"
"Calm yourself Mokou!" you tried to calm her a little, and then you turned to the others switching to a lower tone: "Look! Mokou, calm yourself! We are not here to destroy Eintei, we just want to have a potion, that can help her and then we have to get out of here as fast as we can, because at least one vampire is after us."
"Flandre is only after you." Mokou corrects you.
"That makes no difference, if we kill Eirin, then I don't believe that we could find that potion ourselves." you continued.
"Alright then, I will try to behave myself..." Mokou sighed.
"But licking her feet is..." Keine started, but you didn't let her to finish:
"That is a very little price to get that potion." you said.
"I don't thrust this woman, I've never did. She came to the mansion many times before..." China said with a worried face.
"I don't have any other chance. I will give it a try!" you closed the discussion, and you walked to Eirin with Fionel on your shoulder. The distance between you and Eirin was less then a feet.
"Master..." Fionel said worriedly..

You looked long into Eirins eyes. She had a delighted smile on her face, but she should know, that she no chance againts you and your crew of ultimate bastards.
"Look, I'm here to get a potion that can bring back the dead alive, nothing else, I don't seek war with Eintei, let's forget about the past." you whispered.
"You come here to get something, that is the most prescious to me, the thing that is one of my greatest works. And you even want it for free! Don't make me laugh!" Eirin replied. Your plan to get the potion peacefully, has failed. But you don't want to go with her games, even if you lick her feet, it could be either a trap, or just timewasting. You must hurry, and you knew that a simple fight would cost to much time...
"I warn you, Eirin! I am the messenger of doom! If you don't give it, then we will take it with force!" you came up with a lie.
"Are you threatening me?" Eirin asks, shocked. The tides have turned. Now you have a confident smile on your face:
"I know that you are more clever, than to start a war, that you can't win... I only have a few hours to return with the potion in my hand, then Mistress Flandre and Mistress Remilia will come here personally to make your decision easier." you said. And after a few seconds of thinking Eirin gave up:
"Come inside, and let's have a tea.." she said at last, and you all went inside to a room which was Eirin's laboratory. She took down a lab coat " Wait here, I will be back in a minute.." she said and she disappeared between the shelves..
After a few minutes she returned with a smal bottle of blue liquid in her hand.
"This is it, but I just heard something that could interest you.." she said, as many rabbit solder came inside the room. Blocking the only exit.
"Give it to me, and I will report to my mistress that you are worthy for an aliance." you told her. But you felt that something is wrong.
"Eirin you bitch!" Mokou shouted in anger.
mistress that you are worthy for an aliance." you told her. But you felt that something is wrong.
"Eirin you bitch!" Mokou shouted in anger. And you heard a familiar laugh after that..
>> No. 38924
That's not good to hear Prager.. Why don't you just reinstall the system?

At last!!!I'm out of the hospital!!! In less than two weeks I can work again..
Then again I got a girlfriend, who is nice looking, big tittet, but no fat on her, 4years older than me, but she's makes me mad everyday..

And HACKED MODO is not far from its end, now I will aim for an update/week. I hope I can keep this promise.
>> No. 38937
Women are supposed to be frustrating for the most part, and a boobymonster? What kind of Sakuya fan are you then? (Just joking)

I'll tell Prager when he gets on, since his computer is working again.

Welcome back!
>> No. 38941

>Sakuya fan

Pads, obviously.
>> No. 38992
File 127668552387.jpg- (431.37KB , 826x1188 , expectant_moon_64.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Hahahaha!!" Marisa stepped forward laughing. "Did you really think that you could escape just like nothing ever happened?"
"Well well my little lab rat! I was about to believe your little story, about the Scarlets starting a war. But luckily I had an another visitor today, who can travel between distances very fast..." Eirin said.
"Eirin you little bitch! I will kill you!" Mokou angrily shouted, and her body started to burst in flames.
"Do it and you will kill everyone here, just look around!" Eirin said with a serious expression on her face.
You quickly looked around, and you saw some barrels with the oil written on it.
Your youkai powers are nearly useless now. You can't shoot, because it would cause an explosion, that would kill everyone here, and even if you wouldn't die, you don't know if the others would survive it, and Flandre could get here too meanwhile you're recovering. And the potion too would be destroyed. You doubt that you can defeat them with your physical strength, their numbers are just too great. You're in check. The only thing, that can save you now is the clock.
You got the pocket watch out of your pocket, and you started to examine it, how it could work, as you opened it a lullaby started to play and a little paper fall out of it. You grabbed it in midair, and took a closer look on it. It was a black and white picture. In the picture you saw yourself sleeping with Sakuya in bed. You smiled for a moment.
"Maybe we can make a fair trade.." Eirin said.
"Why should we thrust you?" you asked looking at her.
"The Luna Dial for the potion." she said.
"Don't thrust her!" Mokou said behind you.
"If you give it to me, I will give you the potion and I let you away."Eirin said.
"Why is it so important to you? What can this Luna Dial do aside stopping the time?" you asked her.
"It can stop time.. True." she started "and it is a sort of anti-hourai elixir. Even immortality can be conquered."
"Hmm.. how can I be sure that you, don't just use it to kill us all after the trade?" you asked.
"I'll give you my word for it!" she said.
"Your word? No Eirin your words are not enough." you said.
"Everyone begone!" she gave out the command, and soon you and and your crew, two rabbit girls, Marisa, Eirin were the only ones in the room.
"The Luna Dial was made by a chance during the research of the hourai elixir. I don't know how Sakuya got hold onto it, but I respected her enough not to take it away from her. I made it, so it is mine!"
"You respected her? You only couldn't get it back because she was stronger than you!" Meiling thundered at Eirin.
"If you speak the truth, then it is the most dangerous weapon in Gensokyo.."
"And don't forget that the Luna Dial killed her." Eirin said. And she convinced you. You feel that you want to destroy this beautiful little pocket watch. The killer of your love!
"Alright." you said holding out the watch in your hand towards her.
"Master behind you!" Fionel shouted, you turned back. but you only heard some faint screaming. "Where are the others?" you asked quite panicked.
"Yukari! I won't let you!" Eirin shouted and shot some arrows aimless in the air.

"Aww Baby Boy." Yukari said wrapping her arms around you.
>> No. 38994
Either they are real, or those are the best pads in the world!
>> No. 39036
Don't check for a few days and hacked modo comes back. Awesome.
>> No. 39044
I think we should be glad for once that Yukari decided to pop up.
>> No. 39068
I wouldn't be so sure...

anyway I'm really really glad that I see replies other than mine in my thread!
>> No. 39217
Fucking. Awesome.
>> No. 40047
Gently waiting for an update.
>> No. 40212
Gently starting to write the very well deserved update..

ALSO: I'm sorry everyone. I'm having very hard times now, mostly because my leg injury, which doesn't allow me to do sports, until an another operation. The second reason is because my girlfriend doesn't know what she wants from me (girls->no brain), and the third problem is that I'm short of money, because I just started to work again, but luckily I have no dept.
So again I'm really really really sorry for not updating, promising things that I can't do.
>> No. 40215
File 127904722665.jpg- (269.64KB , 600x900 , 2bd474dd70c9ffe1856c5c1c8db5e7cf7dcd8ad2.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Aww Baby Boy." Yukari said wrapping her arms around you.
"Oh no, it's you..." you said letting out a sigh.
"Aww is this the way you supposed to greet me after not seeing me for days." she said, on a sad voice. But you pushed away her. "Is there something the matter?"
"Yes, there are plenty of them. First, where are my friends? Then why are you here, I bet you aren't here to help me..." you told her.
"But Baby boy! I.." Yukari said, but she stopped talking, and she turned back to Eirin, who was about to shoot an another arrow at Yukari.
"I don't let you to destroy my deal!" she screamed at Yukari, and she shot again, but the arrow disappeared in a dark gap.
"Oh my Eirin wasn't I clear enough?" Yukari told her on a calm voice, and she swung her hand, that held the fan in it. In the next moment a piano fall on Eirin's head. She screamed from the pain. And she became unconscious. You just looked amazed by Yukari's power. You already knew that Yukari isn't just an ordinary youkai with extreme power. She was more, she stood above them. With this kind of power you already knew that she's far superior to you or any of your friends. And you couldn't see any weaknesses in this teleportating power. And again all your hopes are blown away by this "über-bitch" Yukari. What now?
By the time you snapped out of your thoughts, you saw her looking at you, with an unpleasant smile on her face:
"Now..." she sighed " how should I punish you?" she asked.
"I won't let you, to stand between me and Sakuya!!" you shouted in anger, and you found out.
"What will you do to stop me?" she asked with sly smile, not knowing that you held her life in your hands.
"I'll just kill you!" you said grinning...
You pressed the button on the top of the Luna Dial, and everything stopped. You stepped forward to Yukari, then you lifted up your other hand which had the silver knife in it and you slowly pushed the knife trough her heart and in the end to make it sure the effect will be instantaneous, you even moved the knife in her heart a little. Then you left the knife in her, and you moved past her. You grabbed the glass with the elixir, and you left the place behind you.
You walked about an hour in the bamboo forest, still under the effect of the Luna Dial. But you were exhausted, stopping the time requires a great deal of energy and you fall unconsciously on the ground, and fall asleep...
>> No. 40216
Aww short update, sorry for it, I don't feel this was the best option to continue it, but I don't feel that I would be ready to write again..
>> No. 40257
File 127909089156.jpg- (211.46KB , 654x500 , 4d49cc107404dcbe51a4942807fa555a.jpg ) [iqdb]

Damn old hags. Just leave us alone.
>> No. 40352
>> No. 40353
File 127928886764.jpg- (668.43KB , 833x985 , fe6350bf04e8330bbfccfa23fa40583ae8515937.jpg ) [iqdb]
You slowly opened your eyes, and you stood up. You looked around, but you saw nothing, but bamboos and a..
"What the fuc-?!" you jumped in your surprise, as you saw a bird behind you. It was in the air, but it didn't moved. You slept under the effect of the Luna Dial, the time was still stopped. After you calmed yourself a little bit, you started to walk again. But after about a minute, you found yourself out of breath. It was really tiring to walk under these conditions. So you decided to press the button again, click , and so time started to move again. And you could walk a lot easier now.
You found out that the clock can drain your powers really fast. It made every of your step hard, you felt like you would carry a hundred kgs, but it didn't drain your psychical powers, but it worn you off mentally. So you decided to use it if it is really necessary.

It was already dark, and you started to get bored by the bamboos, and you didn't know, whether you are going on the right way or not, so you decided to risk to fly.
In the air you quickly left the forest behind you, and after a few hours you got back to the lake.
Because you had no idea where south could be, you flew near the shore of the lake, to search for the River of Death.
You found the river easily. It's water was dark. And you could feel the death. Around the river you saw many animal bones. Animals that tried to drink from the dark water and died. As you flew closer to its surface to look it, because it's dark color was really amusing, and you felt like it is calling you. But as you were about to jump in it, a black arm grabbed your right leg and it started to pull you down. After you found out that you can't escape from it, you shot an energy ball on it and the black arm fell back to the water, but then hundreds of other black hands tried to grab your legs, but in the last moment you dodged them by flying much higher.
Then you continued your flight, by following the river. Not much time passed and you found the cave too, but you had to stop there, the height of the cave was to close to the surface. Those arms could quickly end your tour here. So you landed near the river bank, but soon you started to coughing. The air was poisonous. So you went to the only tree that stood in the near and you sat down, on the highest branch of it.
To carefully look again on the river and on the cave, to find out how the hell you could enter without dying. But soon instead of thinking you fell asleep again..

You woke up in the morning, and you saw a little dark point on the river, which was a little bit lighter than the water...
>> No. 40355
File 127929809897.jpg- (87.32KB , 700x700 , 1276820434811.jpg ) [iqdb]
We're a lot closer to death than we realize if Sanzu is actively trying to kill us.
>> No. 40382
So I just ended my relationship with my gf? So be happy because after I feel better again, I will return to write Hacked Modo to update every day..
>> No. 40448

I don't know if I should say hooray or feel sorry for you.
>> No. 44663

This year has most certainly been the worst fucking one of my life, too.

Hi Saguya, poke around some time again, okay?
>> No. 44667
> update every day
> every day

Whoa wait... what?
>> No. 49015

Saguya ;_;

I miss you.
>> No. 50660
HY you promised!
>> No. 50661
You are an unfathomably atrocious being.

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