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26212 No. 26212
Picture not all that related.

[X] Be quiet
[X] Avoid eye contact
[X] Fold your hands on your lap and focus your gaze very deliberately on the tablecloth once you're done

No, you don't have anything to say right now. You've made a total mess of your first day here. You'd be better off just shutting up and hoping neither of them take notice of you. Furthermore, you might end up offending Remilia if she normally doesn't talk when eating. You know some higher-class people are like that. That aside, this food looks delicious. You start on the tomato soup.
"So, you like human blood?"
And promptly spit it back out. Sakuya has a small smile on her face, while Remilia doesn't take long to burst out laughing. DAMN IT, REMILIA. You bring the spoon back to your mouth- "No, really." –and return it to the bowl. Ugh. Let's skip the soup. Remilia giggles as you put the bowl to the side and start filling your plate with the main course. There's a bowl of salad, meticulously prepared such that you feel bad for ruining the structure when you pull out your fill. The meat also looks quite good. It's something roasted... Beef, perhaps? You take a slice to your plate and top it with some gravy. It smells great. You slice off a piece of the meat and bring it to your mouth- delicious! It's amazing! It completely melts in your mouth! Words can't even describe how great this meat is! You hurriedly cut another piece and go to eat it, only to stab yourself in the tongue. The meat's gone. Did it fall off your fork? No, it's not on your plate. Then where...? You look over at Sakuya, slowly bringing that piece of meat to her mouth. Damn it, she still hasn't forgiven you. You take another slice of meat, and she does the same. Ugh. The best meat you've ever tasted and she takes it away from you. She definitely let you have that first piece deliberately. Well for now, you eat your salad.

"So, what exactly can you do?"
Remilia breaks the meal's silence with a question.
"You can't cook at a respectable standard, and the time it took you to set this table was totally unacceptable." She puts on a disappointed expression to match her words. "So, what exactly can you do?"
"I..." You don't really have any skills. The reason you worked as a waiter was because you're pretty much just a message and delivery boy. The only skills that required was for you to be pretty and have decent balance. So what are you supposed to tell her?
"I see." Remilia resumes eating. "Shtill, I'd libe you to helb Saguya wib the cleanib."
At least swallow your food before talking, you brat! "Yes, my lady."
"Mm." She nods, and swallows her food before continuing. "Anyway, I think you've done enough for today. You're free for the rest of the night, but don't stay up too late."
"Ah, yes. Thank you."

The rest of the meal goes by without conversation. In the end, Sakuya didn't let you have any more of that meat. Remilia left first, and Sakuya was left to clean up, insisting you just went to your room, and that's what you decided to do. The prospect of sleep is making you realise just how tired you are. It's about 5am. You've been up almost an entire day by now. So, you make your way down the stairs to your room, when you stop. You're in front of Sakuya's door. It's not like you meant to stop here, you just kind of did. You feel like you need to talk to her. If you're going to be working with her, you can't keep things going like this. You need to sort things out, or at least come to an agreement. And you need to make a proper apology for earlier. Even if it wasn't really your fault.
But then, she might not even be in. And you're really tired. If you don't get enough sleep you'll probably do an even worse job tomorrow. So... What should you do...?

[ ] Knock.
[ ] Go to your room and sleep. It's been a long day.

>> No. 26214
{X} Go to your room and sleep. It's been a long day.

>> No. 26216
Very good update. It was worth the wait.

[x] Knock.
>> No. 26217
[x] Knock.
[x] Thank her for her help today, and try to apologize about your earlier intrusion.
>> No. 26218
[x] Go to your room and sleep. It's been a long day.

apologies ain't worth a damn when your mere presence is an eyesore
>> No. 26233
File 123404381735.jpg - (101.99KB , 470x717 , 1230580690469.jpg ) [iqdb]
[!/] Go to your room and sleep. It's been a long day.
>> No. 26234
Those two devious women are probably just betting on who of them is first to lose her temper and kill us. And the wager is something totally stupid like having to call China by her real name for one week which would result in her following you like a happy puppy wagging its tail.
>> No. 26245
[x] Go to your room and sleep. It's been a long day.
>> No. 26256
I probably should have mentioned before, but this was the most important choice so far.
In any case, things are formatted a little differently here. I'm splitting it up so I can attach the image at the right point, then I'm gonna add some sageposts so it doesn't show up on the /sdm/ page. It's 'cause that part's kind of important.

First off, I'd recommend getting this to set the mood: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?x0gm2jmgwzy
Then start listening to it at the line break.
Alrighty, let's go.

[X] Go to your room and sleep. It's been a long day.

...No, you should leave her be for now. Even if she is in, she probably won't want to talk to you. You're better off just going to bed and making sure you don't screw up with whatever you have to do tomorrow.
You move on to the next door: your room. Opening it, you would have gone straight in, but something caught your attention. That piece of paper lying on the ground. Right, you had it in the door's hinge so you'd remember that this was your room. You've got it memorised already, so you don't really need it anymore. Still, when you go back into your room, you slip it into the door. It's a totally irrational move. You're inside the room, so you don't need to know where it is. But somehow... In this unfamiliar place... It makes you feel safe.
The pile of knives and clothes from earlier is gone. Sakuya must have come in at some point and removed them. Well, that's a little comforting. You'd have a little trouble sleeping with a pile of knives by your bed. There's a set of pyjamas folded up on the bed. You're not sure what to do with the clothes you're wearing, so you put them on top of the bedside cabinet and get changed.
There's a lot to think about, but you're so tired you can barely register your situation. You manage to put out the lights in the room before falling into bed, hardly managing to keep your eyes open as you slip under the sheets. Normally you'd have trouble sleeping in an unfamiliar bed, but you're just... so... tired...


Creak. A sound. What sound? A creak? A door. Doors creak. Old doors. Just like the ones in that mansion. But why would a door creak if it's not... moving...?
Your brain screams as it forces your eyes open. Where are you? You can't see. Your vision is fuzzy. This place is unfamiliar. No, you're in the mansion. Right, the Scarlet Devil Mansion. You went to bed, and... something – is – coming – into – your – room. The bed. The door is to the left of the bed. You keep your body as still as possible while your eyes trace objects in the room, trying to find the door. Focus. Focus. You need to see. The curtains of the bed. The ceiling. The candle holders on the wall. The head of the door. The door is ajar. Open. Open only a small amount. Barely enough to fit a hand through. Then... What's there? You follow the line of the door down. A centimetre. Another. An inch. Another. You follow it down.
>> No. 26257
File 123407291973.jpg - (40.90KB , 1100x1685 , nf.jpg ) [iqdb]

The hair. Blonde.

The eye. Blood red.

The teeth. Glowing white.

Fangs. It's not human. It's not human. Monster. It's a monster. It's a monster. A monster is at your door, looking into your room.
You can't breathe. You can't move. You can't blink. It knows you're there. It's waiting. The second you make a move, it will smash that door open and enter. Enter. What will it do then?
No. Don't think. Don't do anything. You can't do anything. You can only feel one thing.




You're going to die.

That monster is going to break into this room, attack you, and you're going to die.


You don't want to die.


The monster drools. Spit rolls out of its mouth and falls down to the floor. You look up. That eye. It stares right at you. It burns that image of itself into your mind. That monster that you have no chance against. It grins.

Creak--- Click.

And the door closes.
You cough. You've been holding your breath for an eternity. It hurts. Your lungs need that air. It hurts so much. But that doesn't matter. Whatever that creature is, it just spared your life. Why? You can tell. You've never seen it before. You don't know what it is. But you can tell with no doubt in your mind. That monster is something that you will never be able to match.
But you can't do anything. You're stuck here. If you leave this room, it will attack. You can't leave. More importantly, you can't even move. You're paralysed. Not physically. Your body refuses to move out of fear.
So, you'll just stay here for now. Still. And hope to Reimu Hakurei that monster doesn't come back.



A knock at the door. Someone's there. When exactly did you fall asleep? It was after...
That. That monster. But... Was it a nightmare, maybe? It seemed like one. So surreal. But your memory is far too vivid.
Then... Was that...?
Again. Someone's still at the door.
"Who is it?" You get out of the bed and start moving. There's a box of matches here somewhere... Here. You strike one up and light the candle on the stand next to the bed, then carry it over to the door.
Hm. They didn't answer. Did they not hear you?
"Who is it?" You ask again.
Knock knock.
Harder this time. Forceful. That's strange. Wouldn't you normally answer?

Then. On the ground, in front of the door. That piece of paper is there. It wasn't a dream. That paper proves it. Then... Who's behind that door...?

[ ] Open the door.
[ ] Escape.
>> No. 26258
Sage post one...
>> No. 26259
Sage post two...
>> No. 26260
And there. Alright, bumping. Updated.
>> No. 26262
[X] Maybe if you don't say anything, it'll go away.
[X] Maybe if you don't say anything, it'll go away.
[X] Maybe if you don't say anything, it'll go away.

[X] The sun will surely shine soon.
[X] The sun will surely shine soon.
[X] The sun will surely shine soon.
[X] The sun will surely shine soon.
[X] The sun will surely shine soon.
>> No. 26263

You just slept through the day.
>> No. 26264
[x] Knock back. 'A shave and a haircut...'
>> No. 26265
So if it's night, that means it'll be day soon, right?
>> No. 26268
File 123408048468.png - (289.47KB , 700x839 , 8437d47329daace052208f66ea4873d8.png ) [iqdb]
[!/] Open the door.
>> No. 26269
[X] Open the door.
>> No. 26270
[x] Open the door.
>> No. 26271
Well, son, I think I'll have to go with [X] Open the door.
>> No. 26272
That was scary as fuck! I even downloaded the mp3.

[x] Flee through the bathroom.
[x] Knock on Sakuya's door. "I just had a scary dream. Ca- can I sleep in your room?"
>> No. 26273
[X] Flee through the bathroom.
[X] Knock on Sakuya's door. "I just had a scary dream. Ca- can I sleep in your room?"

>> No. 26274
[x] Open the door.
>> No. 26275
{X} Flee through the bathroom.
{X} Knock on Sakuya's door. "I just had a scary dream. Ca- can I sleep in your room?"
>> No. 26276
[X] Open the door.

What's the worst that could happen?
>> No. 26277
File 123409262684.gif - (95.99KB , 298x420 , 4_73.gif ) [iqdb]
Someone's knocking at the door
Somebody's ringing the bell
Someone's knocking at the door
Somebody's ringing the bell
Do me a favor
Open the door
And let 'em in
>> No. 26279
File 123409536812.jpg - (411.52KB , 691x1000 , ed2adc2cfd5b6a550a6b75e4e21ffa99.jpg ) [iqdb]
After a little deliberation, I decided this was worth putting to a vote. As such, a short update.

[X] Open the door.

Calm down. You're just being paranoid. There's no way something like that could happen. And that slip of paper could have fallen out for any number of reasons. Hell, it probably fell out when whoever's out there knocked on the door. Yeah, it was probably just a bad dream. Nothing to worry about. You walk over to the door and open it.
"How long were you planning to sleep!?"
It's Remilia. That explains the impatient knocking. She's standing outside your room with her hands on her hips, and seems a bit angry. Hm... What is the time?
"It's already dark!" It's always dark in a house with no windows, Remilia. That doesn't help. "You're supposed to be helping Sakuya clean!"
Oh, right. That was what you were supposed to do today, wasn't it?
"Sorry. I had trouble sleeping." Not entirely a lie.
"I don't care about your excuses!"
...Getting scolded by someone half your height is at the same time comical and shameful.
"...Yes, my lady. Could you tell me where Sakuya is?"
"Find her yourself!" Hey, isn't that kind of detrimental if I'm supposed to be helping? She starts to walk away, but...
"Hold on."
She stops where she is, but doesn't turn around to face you.
"What do you want? You're starting to piss me off."
Should you...?

[ ] Ask about that "monster".
[ ] "...Nothing. Sorry for wasting your time."
>> No. 26280
{X} "...Nothing. Sorry for wasting your time."
>> No. 26281
[X] "...Nothing. Sorry for wasting your time."
>> No. 26282
[x] "Scold me more! <3"

Nuh, picking
[X] "...Nothing. Sorry for wasting your time."
>> No. 26283
[ ] Ask about that "monster".
>> No. 26284
In the end, we didn't even get enough sleep. Everything we do gets thwarted.
>> No. 26285
[X] "...Nothing. Sorry for wasting your time."
>> No. 26288
File 123412151763.jpg - (139.39KB , 566x800 , 3633e2f52be2b216c2040fe9be4f6411.jpg ) [iqdb]
[!/] "...Nothing. Sorry for wasting your time."

I bet her sister is much easier too handle for this jaded protagonist.
>> No. 26290
>She stops where she is, but doesn't turn around to face you.
>"What do you want? You're starting to piss me off."

I bet she's barely managing to keep the laughs in. She must be tickled pink knowing that we were scared shitless.

[x] Ask about that "monster".
>> No. 26291
[x] "...Nothing. Sorry for wasting your time."
>> No. 26293

You got more sleep than you would have if you'd gone to see Sakuya, if you know what I mean.

No, not that.

In any case, I guess it's a good thing I asked, 'cause that's not what I expected.
>> No. 26297

>> No. 26745
[x] "...Nothing. Sorry for wasting your time."

Get to work. Both of you!
>> No. 26776
[x] "...Nothing. Sorry for wasting your time."
>> No. 26802
Should probably have said this some time.
I was pretty sick last week thanks to some really dodgy food. That sucked, seeing as I wanted to write a lot more last week, because I've now started a job and have to try get used to the new schedule.
As such, updates will be a bit slow for a while while I get used to things.
Sorry, guys.
>> No. 26811

don't worry, i'll wait
>> No. 27063
This is turning into a long wait. Everything alright on your end?
>> No. 27064

Work is killing me.
I suspect for most people 40 hours a week is normal, but for me, this is more work than I've ever done. It doesn't help that I'm standing for most of the day, either. I'm tired as hell when I get home, and don't feel like writing. I don't want to force these updates either, because well, pretty much everything from this point needs to be done well, and when I don't concentrate I make inconsistencies.
Shit sucks.

Sage because I don't like bumping without an update.
>> No. 27065

ouch, I hope it gets better soon
>> No. 27066

You know what's really fun? 50 hour work weeks. In a factory. A glass factory. With razor sharp glass. By the time I quit that place all my t-shirts looked like netting from all the slices. I'm surprised I never gutted myself at that place (did slice my arm though).

Oh, I guess my point is: Don't worry, you get used to it. Just try to keep the frame of mind of "it could be worse". Not sure where you are, but where I live (northwestern US) the job market is atrocious. Just be thankful you've got something.
>> No. 27091

Yeah, I'm a faget. I know.
>> No. 27107
Oh, you too? What state?
>> No. 27123
File 12365439137.jpg - (13.69KB , 200x200 , GettinCrazy.jpg ) [iqdb]

ur a faget Anonymaster.
>> No. 27124
Shut up, stop bumping, let him get some rest, wait for good things to come.
>> No. 27125

I don't see how you could have missed that joke reference... Why so serious?
He'll post when he's ready. "Bumping" (since apparently any post that isn't story, a sage, or a vote, is automatically a bump) won't change that. Take a damn pill.
>> No. 27173
Any post that isn't a sage is a bump, moran.
>> No. 27227
File 123716572759.png - (215.31KB , 879x514 , b0d65c78ee25442def2c3884012ef2f3.png ) [iqdb]
Right, back in business. Sorry for the long wait, guys.

[X] "...Nothing. Sorry for wasting your time."

Tch. Why are you even bothering? You already decided it was just a bad dream. Last thing you want is her laughing at you for having a nightmare. Forget it.
"...Nothing. Sorry for wasting your time."
She stands still for a few seconds more- "Hm..." -before nodding and walking away. What was that about? Man, she gets annoyed easily. Then again, she is technically your boss, and you just slept in on your second "day" of work.
You're still in your pyjamas.


Well, that's everything. You're dressed up, and you must say, you're starting to like these clothes. It's a hassle to wear, being a uniform, but it's comfortable, and looks nice. It's kind of like a suit, but with a jacket instead of a vest. Black pants and formal shoes, along with a black vest and the shirt which is white with black stripes. Wanting to give it a personal touch, you grab a pair of armbands and put them over your sleeves, just above the elbow. Practical, and stylish. You take the pocket watch and put it in one of the vest's pockets. Having so many pockets is useful with all the things you need to carry, like the pocket watch, and the notebook. Oh, right. Maybe Sakuya left you a note about where to find her, seeing as she knows you're supposed to be helping her. You open the notebook and-
...You're not going to get much more use out of this. All over the notebook, covering dozens of pages, is the word "PERVERT" hastily scribbled down, apparently rather angrily given that some of the pages are torn up a little.
She really didn't take that bathroom thing well. Sooner or later, you need to apologise to her. For now, you have to find her.


Of course, that doesn't work either. It's been over an hour. Over an hour you've spent looking for Sakuya around the mansion. You've checked the ballroom, and wandered the halls for an age. You're not confident enough to check the library and not get lost, and you don't want to enter Sakuya's kitchen again, especially without permission. And you don't want to knock on Remilia's door only to inform her that you haven't found Sakuya. So effectively all you've done is wander the halls for an hour. In all that time, the only people you've seen is a few of the fairy maids, who like before, ran away as soon as they saw you. It's curious how there can be so many people working here and yet you never see any work getting done. You're about to complete your fifth lap of this floor, when you notice.
"This door..."
You take the map out of your pocket. This is it. The door that's crossed out, as it leads to the basement. There's really nothing to set it apart from the rest of the doors down here. The only thing you would notice is that there's not enough room between the adjacent doors for this to be anything other than a corridor, and even then you'd need to be paying attention.
So, this door is the one that leads to the basement. One of the places you haven't checked. And the basement shouldn't be all that big. So this is a logical place to check, right?
But... There's something more.

Just what's behind this door?

You have a feeling. You have no idea what's behind this door, and down those steps. But you have a feeling it's something you shouldn't know about. Something Remilia doesn't want you to know about. Something you want to know about. Simple childish curiosity. But there's more to it than that. Something you can't describe. Your desire to find out what's behind that door is a feeling almost like lust. It's exciting. So should you...?

[ ] Just open it and look around. Sakuya could be down there, for all you know.
[ ] Forget it. You're not supposed to be there. Look somewhere else.
>> No. 27228
[X] Forget it. You're not supposed to be there. Look somewhere else.

The smart option.
>> No. 27229
[X] Forget it. You're not supposed to be there. Look somewhere else.

Hey look, an obvious important plot point.
Let's ignore it.
>> No. 27230
[X] Just open it and look around. Sakuya could be down there, for all you know.

Per me si va ne la città dolente,
per me si va ne l'etterno dolore,
per me si va tra la perduta gente.
Giustizia mosse il mio alto fattore:
fecemi la divina podestate,
la somma sapienza e 'l primo amore.
Dinanzi a me non fuor cose create
se non etterne, e io etterno duro.
Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate.

>> No. 27231
>All over the notebook, covering dozens of pages, is the word "PERVERT" hastily scribbled down
>In the end, Sakuya didn't let you have any more of that meat.
>All the clothes are pinned to the wall with knives. Looking at the knives, they spell out the word "PERVERT". The V is made up entirely of underwear with the knives directly piercing the crotch area.
This is the least likable Sakuya ever.

For God's sake, it was an accident.
>> No. 27232

Well, we are the irritating flea in Sakuya's hair.
>> No. 27234
[X] Just open it and look around. Sakuya could be down there, for all you know.

I came, I saw, I conquered.
>> No. 27236
File 123717898642.jpg - (157.09KB , 1280x720 , f4bd848bad0d1a22e9a1c37489ebb87a.jpg ) [iqdb]
[!/] Just open it and look around. Sakuya could be down there, for all you know.
>> No. 27237
[x] Forget it. You're not supposed to be there. Look somewhere else.
Flandre is old hat.
>> No. 27239
[X] Forget it. You're not supposed to be there. Look somewhere else.
>> No. 27240
[X] Just open it and look around. Sakuya could be down there, for all you know.

What's another hour in the basement?
>> No. 27243
[X] Just open it and look around. Sakuya could be down there, for all you know.
>> No. 27251
[X] Just open it and look around. Sakuya could be down there, for all you know.

Oh hell, why not? She'll kill us eventually. Might as well get it over with.
>> No. 27254
One accidental nibble shouldn't be enough to produce three solid days of scratching.
>> No. 27255

A perfect maid dog like Sakuya doesn't want any annoying pests though.
>> No. 27261
File 123723503292.jpg - (25.06KB , 500x375 , walter.jpg ) [iqdb]
Forgot to mention.
>Black pants and formal shoes, along with a black vest and the shirt which is white with black stripes. Wanting to give it a personal touch, you grab a pair of armbands and put them over your sleeves, just above the elbow. Practical, and stylish.

>> No. 27263

Yeah, that's pretty much the look I was going for. On the note of inconsistencies, I forgot to mention the tie.

Well, update later today, hopefully.
>> No. 27264
Maestro, il senso lor m’è duro. Besides the risk of impending death, there's nobody in the mansion we don't risk pissing off by going downstairs before we're invited.

[X] Forget it. You're not supposed to be there. Look somewhere else.
>> No. 27268
[x] Forget it. You're not supposed to be there. Look somewhere else.
>> No. 27276
[X] I really did try not to take the job.
[X] Like I promised you I would.
[X] ...Do you hate me?
[X] I'm sorry.
>> No. 27277
[X] Ask about the library
>> No. 27278
[X] Ask about the library
>> No. 27280
[X] Keep the silence.

Good fleas don't bother their hosts.
>> No. 27281
[X] I really did try not to take the job.
[X] Like I promised you I would.
[X] ...Do you hate me?
[X] I'm sorry.

Pitiful moe?
>> No. 27282
[X] Ask about the library
>> No. 27284
[X] I really did try not to take the job.
[X] Like I promised you I would.
[X] ...Do you hate me?
[X] I'm sorry.
>> No. 27285
[x] If she could repaint the mansion in any color what would it be? Blue for you. Blue is a very reliable color; you always know where you stand with blue. 'Blue Devil Mansion' doesn't very threatening, but 'Azure Devil Mansion' sounds pretty cool.
>> No. 27286
[x] If she could repaint the mansion in any color what would it be? Blue for you. Blue is a very reliable color; you always know where you stand with blue. 'Blue Devil Mansion' doesn't very threatening, but 'Azure Devil Mansion' sounds pretty cool.
>> No. 27287
[x] If she could repaint the mansion in any color what would it be? Blue for you. Blue is a very reliable color; you always know where you stand with blue. 'Blue Devil Mansion' doesn't very threatening, but 'Azure Devil Mansion' sounds pretty cool.

This, in case my other write-in doesn't win it.
>> No. 27288
File 12373680536.jpg - (21.37KB , 358x308 , 120829745411.jpg ) [iqdb]

[X] Just open it and look around. Sakuya could be down there, for all you know.

Yes. You want to know. You have to know. And before you realise it your hand is already turning the handle. It creaks as it moves inwards. Stairs lead down into a world of darkness. There's no light there at all. The mansion's halls and rooms are all lit with many candles on the walls and elsewhere, but there's not so much as a torch down there. It's completely black. A void. But that won't stop you. Your eyes will adjust once you're down there. But... No. There's something down there. Light. Seven different colours light up the room at the bottom. It's curious, so your foot lifts off the ground-
"What are you doing?"
Ah, shit. It's Sakuya. If you were going to get caught, you at least weren't expecting it to be so soon. You don't exactly have a good explanation for this, either. "I... uh..."
"This area is off limits. It can be dangerous down there. Please keep that in mind in the future."
"Ah... Right." You awkwardly shut the door and turn around. "Hey, Sakuya."
"So, where have you been? You're two hours late to help me clean."
"Ah... Sorry, Sakuya. I have no excuse." You kind of do, but it's not really going to help.
Sakuya sighs, before turning around and walking away. "Well, come on. You can at least dust things, right?"
"Mm." You follow after her.


The next hour progresses rather peacefully, with you just helping Sakuya clean the various rooms and corridors of the mansion, though little conversation goes on. It's mainly just Sakuya telling you what you're doing wrong. Still, you don't want the silence to continue like this. But, what should you talk about...?
Well, there's really only one thing to say to her right now.
"Sorry, Sakuya."
"Eh?" She stops cleaning and looks towards you, wearing a face of confusion. "What for?"
"Well, everything. To start with, you didn't want me to take this job, and I can kind of see why now. But I did so anyway."
"Those circumstances were beyond your control. I understand that you had no other choice. " She turns her head down.
"Even so. Well, since I've been here, I've been nothing but a bother to you. So... Sorry for getting in your way. And the bathroom thing. Oh, speaking of. I'm gonna need a new notebook."
To that, her head flips up and her cheeks flush a little.
"Ah... Right."
"Well, that's all I really wanted to say." With that, you return to cleaning.
"Why do you apologise to me, when you're..."


The vase you were cleaning shatters on the ground. Shit, you were too focused on what Sakuya was saying. Looking at her, she's just shocked. Not angry, just shocked.
"I... Uh... Sorry. I'll clean this –"
"Please leave."
"Eh?" Sakuya once again has that cold face on.
"Just... Go do something else for a while. I'll take care of this."
"Sakuya, I-"
You can't argue with that expression. Sighing, you lift yourself up and walk away.

>> No. 27289
File 123736818012.jpg - (32.85KB , 400x420 , ade7aa772a8029d7e99bf6cace1a2d5c.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, you don't really have any place to go. There's nothing to do in your room, and the library is still too big to check right now. You should probably talk to Remilia about getting time for that soon. Well, it's been about a day since you've seen the sun. So you decide to go talk with Meiling.
However, upon nearing the mansion's front doors, you hear a voice that you should absolutely not be hearing under any circumstances.
"-oooooon. Why can't I go insiiiiiiiide?"
"Hey, I've told you already! Are you trying to make my job difficult?"
"But Meiliiiiiiiiing!"
You rush towards the door, almost kicking it open before you restrain yourself.
At first, the light is blinding. But then, as your eyes adjust, you see. A girl who should absolutely not be here. Staring in her usual confusion towards you.
You yell each other's names in unison.
"What are you doing here!?"
"What're you doing here!?"
"Hey, I asked you first!"
"No you didn't! I asked you first!"
"You should listen to your elders!"
"I'm older than you, you nitwit!"
"You sure don't act like it!"
"Like you're one to talk!"
"What was that!?"
"You heard me! Baby! Baby!"
"Come here, you-"
You rush towards Cirno, leaping off the ground in a dive tackle towards her, but you're too slow, and your face hits the dirt as she flies into the air.
"Stupid Hayate!" She sticks out her tongue at you. However, she didn't fly quite high enough, so you grab her by the shoe- "Ah, hey!" –and pull her to the ground.
"Get off me! Pervert! Lecher! Sicko! You're gross, Hayate!"
You grab Cirno and put her into a headlock, mercilessly ruffling her hair. "Hey, stop it! It tickles! Hayaaaateeeeeeeeeeeee-!"
You and Cirno both stop to see where that noise came from.
"Ahahahahaha! You two-hahahaha!"
Oh, you totally forgot about Meiling. She's just staring at you, laughing her head off. Come to think of it, you do look rather ridiculous like this. Cirno's hand is pushing into your face, while you have one arm locked around her neck and the other hand pushed into her hair. Being reminded that you're not so alone, you let her go. Meiling continues to giggle in the background.
"A-Anyway... Why are you here?"
"Oh." Cirno hops up off the ground. "I was here to see Meiling! We're friends, you know!"
You look at Meiling, who nods between giggles.
"Anyway, she told me someone new started working here, but she won't let me in to see who it is! Meiling's a meanie!"
"It's her job to not let people in, Cirno. Besides, why did you care who started working here?"
"She said it was a guy! I thought he must be someone special to start working here. Ah, come to think of it, what are you doing here?"
Oh Cirno, you dolt.
"I work here."
Cirno blasts your ears with her yell of surprise. She flutters around you, looking at your clothes. "Hey, stop that."
"Wooooooow. Well, your clothes look cool. But why'd they hire you? You're totally useless." Do you have any concept of boundaries, Cirno!?
"...Remilia asked me to work here. And I accepted."
Cirno thinks for a second. And like usual, it only takes that long before her concentration is broken.
"Oh, oh! Do you think you can get me a job there?"
"You know, as a maid! I've always wanted to try that! Their costumes are so cute!"
"Cirno, I.."
"Come ooooooooooon! Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase?"
She hovers in front of you with pleading eyes.

[ ] "...I'll talk to Remilia about it."
[ ] "No way."


Gender: Masculine

Usage: Japanese

Other Scripts: 颯 (Japanese)
Means "smooth" in Japanese.

>> No. 27290
[X] "...I'll talk to Remilia about it."

Maid Cirno?

>> No. 27291
[X] "No way."

Good useless fleas don't bring more useless fleas.
>> No. 27292
[X] "No way."
>> No. 27293
[X] "No way."

A different world.
A different CYOA.
I still can't bear to risk it again.
No more maido for you, Cirno.
>> No. 27294
[X] "No way."
>> No. 27297
File 123738789932.png - (39.17KB , 314x340 , 1211761049362.png ) [iqdb]

Stop letting other stories influence how you vote in mine.

In that regard, damn it, Owen. I'm apparently ripping you off at every turn and I haven't even read your story.
>> No. 27298
You know, she just wants to wear the costume.

[ ] Find her a spare maid costume

it's not like we have to get her a job to go with it.
>> No. 27300
>>You know, she just wants to wear the costume.

[ ] Find her a spare maid costume.
>> No. 27301
[X] "No way."
>> No. 27303
[x] Find her a spare maid costume

There's bound to be a spare in her size, because of the other fairy maids. Playing up the Cirno-as-friend bit also goes a long way toward amusing Remilia, which is really what's keeping us alive here.
>> No. 27305
{X} Find her a spare maid costume.
>> No. 27306
[X] Find her a spare maid costume.

Maid Cirno is justice.
>> No. 27311
[ ] "...I'll talk to Remilia about it."
>> No. 27312
Oh lawd, I can just imagine Sakuya's spit-take when she realizes just which fairy maid it is she's barking orders at.
>> No. 27314
[X] Find her a spare maid costume.

This works too.
>> No. 27315
[X] "...I'll talk to Remilia about it."
>> No. 27317
[ze] Find her a spare maid costume.
>> No. 27318
Ah, I started writing the update with [X] "No way." winning. So there's not much point in voting more.
Hoping to have it finished today, but The Path and all its fuckawesomeness may delay that a little.
>> No. 27320
1) You're the new butler at a mansion.
2) You are not on good terms with the head maid.
3) The head maid is terribly skilled with a knife.
4) The gate guard is trying to keep a trespasser out.
5) The trespasser in question is a childish, undependable sort.

If you considered all these facts, then concluded that the best choice was to let the trespasser into the mansion, you're an idiot.
>> No. 27323
[X] "...I'll talk to Remilia about it."

Another shot at Cirno maid? Do want. Besides, if we get on Sakuya's nerves already, I can only imagine the shenanigans we and Cirno can come up with.

It will be awesome with a .jpg
>> No. 27324
>> No. 27360
File 123815776671.jpg - (126.11KB , 400x400 , 121798293559.jpg ) [iqdb]
I don't know why this took so long. It was supposed to be a simple update. No excuse this time.
To top it off, this is only half the update. The rest tomorrow.

[X] "No way."

Letting Cirno in here would quite possibly be the worst decision you could make right now. Hell, not right now. The worst decision you could possibly make in your entire life.
"No way."
"Whaaaaaaaat?" Cirno's face darkens and she flutters down to the ground. "How could you be so cold, even after that night we spent together?" Tears are forming in her eyes.
"Don't say things that will cause misunderstandings!"
"You suck, Hayate!" She suddenly rams into you, knocking you over, before flying past you through the doors you left open. "I'll just have to ask by myself, then!" She pokes her tongue out before flying off.
You hadn't even noticed, but while talking to her she'd managed to get through the gate and close to the doors. If it were anyone else, you'd think they'd have planned that. But Cirno... She really is an idiot. An idiot that's about to get you into a lot of trouble.
"Hey, wait! Shit! See you, Meiling!" You yell a goodbye to the rather incompetent but laughing gate guard as you rush back inside the mansion.

Where the hell is she? She doesn't know how the mansion is laid out, so she wouldn't be heading straight to Remilia's room. Unfortunately, that leaves you with absolutely no idea where she might be. Still, you can't risk her getting to Remilia, and the only place you know Remilia might be is her room, so you have to check there first. Just to be safe. And hope she doesn't run into Sakuya in the meantime. And so you run. Run like you've never run before. Because your whole life could depend on this. Maybe you're being melodramatic, but it's probably for the best right now, because the more you're worrying the faster you're moving. Once you're through the entranceway, all you have to deal with is...

Oh, this is so unfair.

God. Damn. Stairs. It's no problem for anyone else in this damn mansion, but you can't fly. So trying to chase someone who can fly up five flights of stairs is totally unfair. But it's not like you have any choice, so you try not to think about how your legs are going to feel in an hour or two and keep running, taking three steps at a time. With one flight, they're starting to ache. With two flights, they're pretty sore. With three flights, they're in great pain. With four flights, the bones are starting to creak in protest. With five flights, they've gone a little numb which kind of helps. Still, you're pretty sure you just set some kind of record. You can't stop to admire your work, though. You've still got half the floor to cover before you reach Remilia's room. You reach the last spare room and turn around the corner and-

Oh no.

Cirno's pushing open the door.
"No! Wait! Stoooooooooop!"
Cirno begins turning her head. You don't really have any plan. So that's probably why you didn't stop and instead just ran straight into her. You both hit the floor, tumbling over each other a few times from the impact.
"Owowowowowowow—" Cirno holds her head and lets out her usual cry of pain. You're not as short, so you didn't hit your head when you crashed into her. As such, you have time to look at your surroundings.
Well, your lack of a plan has completely backfired on you. As much as 'no plan' can backfire, anyway. You just knocked the two of you into Remilia's room. It's huge. You could see from that vague floor plan that it was huge, but being inside just blows away all expectations. It's almost the size of the first floor's ballroom. There's all kinds of things around the room. Coffee tables, couches, huge dressers and cupboards, a "coolno" somewhat smaller than the one in the kitchen, a huge bed even bigger than your room, mirrors, and a lot of empty space. The room has this theme of red all about it. You can't really spot anything in the room that isn't a dark red or brown colour. It's probably to keep the room dark. Remilia could host a party in here if she wanted to. Ah, speaking of Remilia. She's standing in front of the two of you. With a look trying to decide what it should be out of bewildered, shocked and furious. You're going over in your head how to explain this when Cirno notices her. She quickly jumps up, dusts herself off, and bows.
"Please let me work here!"
"Ah... Miss Remilia, this is, I mean, it's like-"
"Are you going to take responsibility for this?"
Her voice is cold and unemotional. Nothing can save you now, so you resign yourself to your fate.
"...Yes. I'll take responsibility."
Remilia smiles.
"That's good, because she'll be staying in your room."
>> No. 27361
>"That's good, because she'll be staying in your room."

yes YES
>> No. 27362
[X] Calmly say "excuse me" walk outside, take a deep breath and scream "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
>> No. 27363
> "That's good, because she'll be staying in your room."
>> No. 27364
[X] Calmly say "excuse me" walk outside, take a deep breath and scream "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
>> No. 27365
Only first half of the update, no point in voting now. I guess.
>> No. 27367
I like how everything goes wrong in this story and the protagonist is miserable and useless.
>> No. 27368

Good idea.

[x] Facepalm.
>> No. 27369
[X] "B-but, Ojou-sama!"

ALSO: You aren't a guest this time, you work here. Cirno isn't your personal meido. Her boss should be no one else but me. Not you! And there is the servant quarter, where she can sleep!
"This is unfair Remilia-sama! You said he will be sleeping with knives, not with ice!"

Oh and Anon be a little braver, Remilia likes, if she can have delicious "word-fights", if you do it enough good, she will just use her fate manipulation skill, and if you are enough awesome, she will suck your blood. AND THAT WOULD BE THE LORDO ENDING!
>> No. 27370
And here's the rest. Image pending.

"Cirno, can you think about my circumstances a little bit, next time?"
And so, here you are, standing in the corner of your room, facing the wall.
"I mean, I don't know why Remilia decided to let you work here. But if she hadn't, I'd have been in a lot of trouble."
"She did, though. So it doesn't really matter, right?"
"Cirno, you're missing the basic issue here..."
That girl is so damn troublesome. She's always been like this. How can someone decades older than you still be so childish?
"Hey, help me put this on."
She's not even listening to you.
"I thought you told me not to look?"
"Don't look."
You sigh.
"Cirno, if I don't look, how am I supposed to help you?"
"I don't know! Just close your eyes and come help me!"
You sigh again, before closing your eyes and trying to make your way over to her, bumping into a chair on the way. If it were anyone else, you'd worry about accidentally grabbing something you're not supposed to, but with Cirno you don't have that worry. It's not like she has anything to-ah. Your hand lands on her shoulder. Cold...
"Right, what do you want?"
"Here." She takes your hands and puts a bit of cloth in each of them. "I need to you tie this up. I can't do it by myself."
"You expect me to tie a knot, with my eyes closed, and when I can't tell where your wings are?" Cirno's wings have always been a bit of a mystery to you. She obviously doesn't use them for flight, and they're not visibly connected to her at all, aside from hovering in the same area behind her. She can move them around a little, but she doesn't like them being touched, though she's never given you a reason as to why.
"Just do it already!"
"Fine, fine."
As best as you can without being able to see, you attempt to tie the pieces of cloth together. You bump her wings a few times, prompting quiet yelps from her, but eventually manage to finish it.
"There, it's done."
"Hm... Alright, I think that's everything. You can open your eyes now!"
Your eyes take a few seconds to adjust after being closed, but the sight before you is a little stunning. Even more so given you've never seen Cirno in any clothes other than her usual blue dress. Before you stands Cirno, directing a curtsy your way in a maid outfit. It's kind of like Sakuya's, but less fancy, and black instead of blue. The ribbon you're so used to seeing in Cirno's hair is no longer present; replaced by the same headband as Sakuya. It's just a black shirt and skirt, along with a white apron. The skirt ends around Cirno's knees, but unlike Sakuya, she's wearing stockings, as far up as you can see. Heels obviously don't suit Cirno, so instead she has a set of small Mary Janes. Like a little Alice in Wonderland.

...Only with none of the manners or elegance.

"By the way, what was this for?"
Cirno sticks her hand out to you, holding a pair of... Frilly underwear.
"Hey, you can't be serious! Have you really not been wearing anything down th-"
"Idiot. Of course I know what this is for. It's a spare." She flicks you in the forehead as she says so.
So cold! The costume change has resulted in a complete change in her personality!
"...So what?"
"How do I look?"
Ah, you hate that question. You have to admit, she looks kind of cute like this, even more so given how she's eagerly anticipating your response. But like hell you'll give her the satisfaction.
"'Eh'!? What is 'eh'!?"
"Eh. It's alright."
"Aaaaaaaaah... You suck, Hayate!"
"Yeah, yeah. Now let's get to work."
"Eh?" Just like you thought would happen, Cirno's face becomes one of confusion.
"You know, work. Like you're supposed to. As you've just been employed here. As a maid. Who works."
"Whaaaaaaaaaat!? I have to work!?"
Cirno, you idiot.
"Right, that's it. You're coming with me, and you're gonna help me clean."
"No way! I don't wanna do housework!"
Ignoring her complaints, you grab Cirno by the waist, hoist her up onto your shoulder, and carry her out of the room. But... Where to start...?

[ ] Go find Sakuya and help her.
[ ] Clean by yourselves.
>> No. 27371
(I can never get post deletion to work.)
Ah, I meant image pending in the sense that there won't be one until at least one person decides to draw Cirno in a maid outfit. I can't find any on Danbooru, and I lack the resolve to try figure out the tags and find one on Pixiv. If anyone does have images of meido Cirno, please, post 'em.

And whoops forgot to reply to this
Yeah. I tried to make it just like real life.
>> No. 27372
[x] Go find Sakuya and help her.

Sakuya could show Cirno the ropes. The sooner, the better.
>> No. 27373
[X] Go find Sakuya and help her.
>> No. 27374
[X] Go find Sakuya and help her.
>> No. 27375
[X] Please Help me!
>> No. 27376
Just help yourself (to... )!

If you know what I mean.
>> No. 27377
[X] Clean by yourselves.
Being near Sakuya at this point is a bad, bad idea.
Comical, but bad.
>> No. 27378
[X] Clean by yourselves.
>> No. 27379

Eh, I'll draw one tomorrow, been a few weeks since I've drawn Cirno.
>> No. 27380
File 123833513486.jpg - (27.52KB , 536x435 , cirno sakuya.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Clean by yourselves.
>> No. 27381
Accurate depiction of what I'm expecting the next update to be about.
>> No. 27383

>>Oh well, there's plenty of other authors here who don't write hopeless and sadistic stories. And I guess Teruyo and Anonymaster could use the company.

Oh u.
>> No. 27390

N-Naked Cirno!?

Anyway, [X] Go find Sakuya and help her. wins. Writing now.
>> No. 27398
File 123837567074.jpg - (107.39KB , 400x400 , 121798313580.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Go find Sakuya and help her.

Well, you'd better go find Sakuya so she can show Cirno the ropes. There's really not all that much to cleaning, but Cirno probably wouldn't even know the basics.
"So, going to run off the second I put you down?"
Cirno thinks for a second.
"No, it's fine."
So, you put her on the ground, and instinctively grab her by the arm as she tries to run away.
"Hey, give me some credit here."
With that, you pull her back and lift her back onto your shoulder, continuing your search for Sakuya.
After a few minutes you manage to find her, now dusting the second floor. You put Cirno down, who this time doesn't run away.
"Hey, Sakuya. We're here to help." She stops dusting to greet you, before her eyes move onto Cirno, and her face becomes white. She springs up a finger in her direction.
"Huh? Didn't Remilia tell you?"
...Apparently not.
"Cirno's your newest employee."
You'd think time has frozen, if not for being able to hear Cirno's breathing. Rather, it seems Sakuya has simply frozen in place, unable to comprehend the situation. ...It's kind of understandable. Then, she hangs her head and drops her arm.
"Give me a break..." Hey, don't say it loud enough for us to hear you! She lets out a loud sigh. Either she's doing this on purpose or she's finally snapped.
She raises her head and- That look. You don't like that look at all. She should not be grinning.
"Ah~ Cirno~ You're coming with me~" ...And that voice is way too cheery.
"Wait, what about me?"
"You're cleaning the library. You can come get lunch when you're done."
"By myself? That's totally impossible!"
"Hey, are you going against your head maid's orders~?" ...What the hell is she plotting, with that devilish grin?
Cirno finally pipes up.
"Don't I get a say in this?"
"Whaaaaaaaaaat? Hayate, don't leave me alone with her!"
You ignore her and keep walking towards the library.
Sorry, Cirno.

Well, it had to happen sometime. You just wish you had a guide or something, because you know you're going to get lost. Pushing open the library doors reveals that huge bookcase from before. The bookcase that almost reaches the ceiling in a room two stories high. And then you have to take into account how the Scarlet Devil Mansion's floors are about two or three times the size of your average village one. And even then, this place is definitely bigger than it should be. It's kind of like the mansion itself. Looking at the mansion from the outside, there's no way it could possibly be as huge as it is. And this library brings that problem even further. You can't even see the ceiling, or the walls to your left or right.
...Hold on a second. How does Sakuya expect you to clean this place!? If you fell from that thing, you would die! This single one would take hours, and she expects you to clean hundreds of them!? Just by turning your head left and right there's more bookcases in this one row than you can count! But come to think of it, they don't look quite as dirty as you'd expect in a library this size.
Well, screw that. There's no way you can clean this place without help. In your first act of defiance since you got here, you start wandering the library in search of that rumoured magician.

And so, within a minute, you're already completely lost. There's nothing to indicate where you are, and if you were to try look for the exit, the gigantic bookcases on every side would completely obscure it. So, you're stuck in a huge library with no idea where you are or how to get out. Brilliant. Hopefully that magician can show you the way out. ...If she even exists in the first place, that is.
So, you're totally lost. You'd assume you're going around in circles, but you're more sure that you're actually in a completely different spot that just happens to look the same. Either way, you're getting kind of worried.
"Why, hello there."
And now you're hearing things. Great.
"Up here."
Hm? You direct your eyes up, and lo and behold, there appears to be someone sitting on top of the bookcase in front of you, but they're so high up you can't make out anything about their features. Then, they start falling. Falling from the top of the bookcase at an ever increasing pace until they reach the ground and- Swoosh -Suddenly you're blasted with a gush of wind. The person flapped their wings before hitting the ground, and now calmly lands her feet there. It's a girl. You can make out her details like this. Well, the first thing that strikes you is her wings. Two sets of them. One is the pair she just used to break her fall, large bat-like wings similar to Remilia's, but bigger and darker, coming from her upper back. The second pair is a small set, visually similar, but apparently coming out of her head above her ears. Which then brings you to her head. Long, long dark red hair, stopping slightly past her waist. Her eyes are also red, and her face is... Beautiful. She's wearing a one piece black dress over a long-sleeved white shirt, along with a red tie disappearing in the dress. Below that are black stockings and shoes, similar to Cirno's. How can you put this...? The dress is... Tight in all the right places. It almost challenges reality in the way it hugs her body, yet fans out at the bottom. Her breasts in particular stand out, far bigger than the rest of the mansion's inhabitants. Just how big are they...? All in all, she's very... Sexy. Oh, shit. How long have you been looking?
The girl grins a devilish smile.
"See something you like?"
Her voice is much deeper than the rest of the mansion's residents. It's... About as sexy as a voice can get. It sends shivers down your spine.
"I, ah... I didn't mean to stare. Sorry."
She laughs a little, before taking some steps towards you, stopping right in front of you, bringing her face towards yours.
"W-What? What is it?"
"You're quite handsome, you know."
She brings her arms up around your neck, eyes looking into yours.
"Hey, how about we go do something fun~?"

[ ] Accept.
[ ] Refuse.
>> No. 27400
[X] Refuse.
[X] Get cleaning you lazy bum, what the fuck is wrong with you
>> No. 27401
File 123837637617.png - (170.05KB , 566x428 , PatchyHat2.png ) [iqdb]
[!/] Refuse.

Instruct the devil to show you her master, so you can clean the dirtiest places first. And get general bearings within the library.
>> No. 27403
[x] Refuse.

Copying. Maybe you can shuffle your way out of there.
>> No. 27405
File 123837887021.jpg - (431.39KB , 567x788 , sexykoa001.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Accept.
[X] But only if she can actually give you an idea of where you would be going. And where you are.

I can never turn down delicious Koa. She cuts through all my defenses.
>> No. 27407
[X] Such as?

Flirt with her; we need some time to determine whether this is no-strings-attached-sex Koakuma or eats-you-once-you-finish Koakuma.
>> No. 27408
[x] Accept.

>> No. 27410
[X] Accept.

My idea of fun is talking to Sakuya. I'm sure Koakuma is interested in the same thing.
>> No. 27414
{X} Refuse.

>> No. 27415
File 123838594837.jpg - (196.14KB , 354x1050 , Maid Ren.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 27416
[x] Refuse.

Besides... this has got to be some sort of trap or test given the way Sakuya was acting earlier. Probably out to prove Hayate is a pervert. Maybe she'll report to Sakuya that we aren't slacking off and we can clean a normal room. There's no way someone this sexy would be hitting on the butler, right?
>> No. 27417
[x] Refuse.
>> No. 27418

Koakuma's cunt, right?
>> No. 27419
[X] Accept.

Oh hell, it's worth the potential bad end.
>> No. 27421
>Besides... this has got to be some sort of trap or test given the way Sakuya was acting earlier. Probably out to prove Hayate is a pervert.

Sakuya is not out to get you that badly. Stop being so damn paranoid.
>> No. 27422

...The hell. I refreshed right before posting and this wasn't there yet.

This is another thing I figure I should point out.
This story won't have any choices that result in an immediate bad end, as I figure that's kind of pointless. After a bit of a downward spiral, maybe, but not just a sudden thing, like now.
>> No. 27423
tl;dr, look forward to the next "[x] Back 52 choices"


How fucking dare you try to shove a learning experience down my throat
>> No. 27425

...I wouldn't do something like that either. I don't really get why you guys think I'm so obsessed with despair.
>> No. 27427
File 123840396724.png - (120.33KB , 310x451 , Son of a bitch.png ) [iqdb]
>before closing your eyes and trying to make your way over to her, bumping into a chair on the way.
>bumping into a chair on the way.
>bumping into a chair
>> No. 27428
[x] Accept.

Take me, oh lovely assistant.
>> No. 27429

Sad, isn't it, Anonymaster?... Getting consistently mentioned in the same breath as Kira or (good God) YAF.

Anon probably has a right to be paranoid in your threads, but I wouldn't compare you to those drama queens.
>> No. 27431
>"Ah~ Cirno~ You're coming with me~"

First Daiyousei, now Cirno. Loved tenderly.
>> No. 27432
[x] Refuse.
>> No. 27433
[X] Such as?

Stall for time a bit.
>> No. 27439
[X] Accept.
>> No. 27441
File 123846792916.jpg - (775.84KB , 1070x1070 , 94b0a9e2131e613c6c51e88fa0ee93eb.jpg ) [iqdb]
The ending of this is a little rushed 'cause it's not that important a scene and I wanted to get the update out before I had to leave rather than wait a day.
Koa image not too fitting for the description, but nice.

[X] Refuse.

This is way too much, and too suspicious. You reach up and remove her arms from your neck.
"Ahahaha, I uh, think I'll refuse, thank you."
She looks quite disappointed at this.
"Awwwww.... That's too bad. Well, if you ever change your mind, my offer's still open~"
And that devilish grin returns. You're not sure what you just got yourself out of, but it's probably for the best.
"So, who are you, anyway?" Probably the most appropriate question to ask right now.
"Oh, that's right. My name's Koakuma. It's nice to meet you, mister..."
"Hayate." You reach your hand out to shake hers, but as she takes your hand, she suddenly leans forwards and kisses you on the cheek.
"So, Hayate, what are you doing in the library?" She pulls back and continues, like it's an ordinary event.
"I, ah..." It's probably not the best idea to say you're supposed to be cleaning. "I was looking for magician who's said to live in this library. But I got lost."
"Oh, Patchouli? I could take you to her, if you like."
Eh, what the hell.
To this, Koakuma steps beside you, and takes your arm in hers. It's-pressing-against-her-breast.
"Let's go then, shall we?" She smiles at you as you start walking.

Then, having barely walked thirty metres and turning around four corners, you're greeted with a strange opening. Man, you were this close and you couldn't even tell.
A square area in the middle of four bookcases. Absolutely covered in stacks of books. There's a large reading chair and a small bed, as well. And in the centre of the area is a desk, where the rumoured magician, Patchouli Knowledge, is sitting. Her attire is... Curious. It immediately strikes you as nightwear. It's a long dress, purple and pink stripes running down it, with a white frill at the bottom around her shins, revealing her pink socks. Over top of that is something of a cloak, wrapping up her sides, arms and back but leaving the front open, also a faint pink colour. The cloak is decorated with several red and blue ribbons, going down in an alternating fashion. A poofy hat that looks something like a shower cap with a crescent moon emblem on it is covering her long purple hair, at the front tied with red and blue ribbons but left free at the back. Her purple eyes are gazing intently into the book she currently has open, flipping pages at an amazing pace.
Koakuma runs over to her, hugging her from behind. Patchouli doesn't even look up.
"What is it, Koakuma? I'm rather busy."
"You have a guest!"
She stops for a second, before placing a marker in the book and closing it, then looks up at you, Koakuma still happily clinging onto her back.
"Oh? I wasn't aware there were any functions on tonight. Weren't you told not to leave the first floor? Koakuma, I hope you didn't do anything to him."
"Ah~ I wanted to, but he refused~"
Patchouli looks up at you with something of a smirk.
"Well, whoever you are, at least you have a strong will."
"Uh... There aren't any events."
She looks puzzled by your answer.
"Then, who are you?"
Man, Remilia really doesn't tell people anything around here.
"My name is Hayate. I'm working here now."
She drops her head and puts her hand to her mouth.
"A man? Remilia, what are you...?"
She realises she's talking out loud and abruptly cuts herself off.
"Well, in any case, what reason do you have to be in here?"
"Ah, Sakuya told me to come clean the library, but it seems like a bit of a ridiculous task."
"Oh? Well, I suggest you think about why she wanted you out of the picture."
"What do you mean?"
"Koakuma and myself keep the library clean. It's not the duty of the mansion's workers. So, she obviously wanted you gone, for whatever reason."
Well, you were cleaning, and... –Cirno!
"Damn, I gotta go!" You turn around to start running, but-
"Hold on."
The last thing you want to do right now is hold on. You have no idea what Sakuya's doing with Cirno.
"Do you intend to get lost again?"
...Tch, she's right. You have no idea how to get out of here. She mutters something under her breath, and suddenly, a line appears on the ground, leading out through the bookcases.
"That will take you back to the entrance. But before you leave..." What now? "When you have some free time, please come back to see me. I'd like to talk to you."
"Alright. Thanks." You give a quick wave before following the line outside the library.

Now you have to find Sakuya and Cirno. You don't know what Sakuya's up to, but it's probably not good if she wanted you away from Cirno. They're nowhere on the second floor, so they must be done with it by now. The third floor, then? You rush up the stairs once again-
To find Sakuya calmly instructing Cirno on how to clean things properly. Of course, given how loudly you were running up the stairs, your entrance doesn't go unnoticed.
"Hayate!" Cirno drops her duster and runs over to you, grabbing your arm and hiding behind you. Sakuya sighs and checks her watch.
"Oh, it's that time already? Please come to the dining room, then." That said, Sakuya disappears.
Huh? You pull out your watch. It's hardly midday, but for the residents of the mansion this must be their lunchtime.
"Hey, Cirno. Did she do anything to you?"
Cirno looks at you, teary eyed. Sakuya, you-
"It was terrible! We were just walking around and cleaning stuff all that time! It was so boring I was falling asleep, but Sakuya hit me whenever I did!"
Oh, Cirno.
"That's called work, Cirno."
"Why would humans do this for a living? It sucks!"
"Cirno, you fairies might be able to live without food or shelter, but humans can't."
She stops to ponder this.
"Being human would suck."
...Thanks, Cirno.

That said, you bring her up to the dining room where an impressive lunch is waiting for you. Sakuya is absent, apparently not wanting to eat with you. Cirno seems overjoyed at the meal, and disregards her cutlery in favour of her hands.
"Hey, if you do that at dinner, Remilia will have your head." Cirno ignores you and keeps eating.
When you've both finished your meals, Sakuya appears again to collect the dishes.
"You've both got an hour of free time, but afterwards you're to meet me at the ballroom."
"Hey, Sakuya."
"Yes, what is it?"
"Why did you separate us?"
"You caught on, did you? It's simple: I just didn't want her slacking off." She motions to Cirno, who doesn't really bother protesting.
"Is that all?"
That said, Sakuya disappears again. Well, you've got an hour of free time now. What to do?

[ ] Go back to the library and talk to Patchouli
[ ] Hang out with Cirno
[ ] Find Remilia and have a proper talk
[ ] Go talk with Meiling
>> No. 27442
[x] Go back to the library and talk to Patchouli

>> No. 27443
Man, I like three of those options.... well, might as well just choose the first one. Cirno and Meiling can wait until another day.

[X] Go back to the library and talk to Patchouli (and have some fun with Koa~)
>> No. 27444
[X] Go back to the library and talk to Patchouli (and have some fun with Koa~)

Cirno is staying with us tonight, so we'll have time for cuddles and ruffles then.

And bathing. Bathing with Cirno. Yes.
>> No. 27445
[x] Go back to the library and talk to Patchouli

Libraries are fun.
>> No. 27446
>And bathing. Bathing with Cirno. Yes.

But it would be cold. Why would you want to take a cold bath?
>> No. 27447
Or it could involve pouring hot water over Cirno.
>> No. 27449
[x] Go back to the library and talk to Patchouli
>> No. 27452
[x] Go back to the library and talk to Patchouli

Requisite warning about Flandre and/or Koakuma.
>> No. 27453
[ze] Go back to the library and talk to Patchouli (and have some fun with Koa~)
>> No. 27454
[X] Go back to the library and talk to Patchouli
>> No. 27455
[x] Go back to the library and talk to Patchouli
>> No. 27457
[x] Hang out with Cirno

Gotta keep her from kicking up a fuss.

Now I feel bad for doubting Sakuya.
>> No. 27460
> "Being human would suck."
>> No. 27461
{X} Go back to the library and talk to Patchouli
>> No. 27468
[x] Go back to the library and talk to Patchouli
>> No. 27471
[X] Go back to the library and talk to Patchouli (and have some fun with Koa~)
>> No. 27473
[X] Go back to the library and talk to Patchouli (and have some fun with Koa~)

I want to have fun with Koa but it's too risky...

Fuck it, Koakuma route!
>> No. 27479
File 12385548368.jpg - (109.68KB , 586x800 , Cirno_the_maid.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry guys, no update today. No real point in refreshing for the next 24 or so hours.
In the meantime, have some maid Cirno, courtesy of Pyg.
>> No. 27480
File 123855494522.png - (232.38KB , 600x800 , meido.png ) [iqdb]
And another from Vod.
>> No. 27487

I'll be adding my own soon as well, I was going to do it before, but then my computer died a terrible, painful death (posting from a friend's house, didn't have the foresight to bring my tablet with me). Hasn't stopped my desire to draw Cirno-maid though.
>> No. 27489

I'm kinda pissed that ASSM didn't receive a Cirno Maid drawing.
>> No. 27490
It's because Owen spent his time writing rather than dicking about in IRC.
>> No. 27491

But Owen did dick about in IRC.
Also fuck you.
>> No. 27498
Work is the bane of all writing. I'm trying to get this done but I need to work tomorrow as well. Thankfully after that I have a few days off.
>> No. 27581
File 123890550320.jpg - (76.24KB , 600x650 , 3e7f80ef85895974a3781b092cf3eb05.jpg ) [iqdb]
Huge update is huge. Splitting this is a pain.

[X] Go back to the library and talk with Patchouli

Well, Patchouli did ask you to come back when you had some free time. Now's as good a time as any, you guess.
"Hey Cirno, I'm going to the library. Want to come?"
As expected.
"I'm gonna go see Meiling. I wanna know what she thinks of my clothes!"
You part ways with Cirno and make your way back to the library.

Upon opening the library doors, that magic line appears along the ground and leads off into the bookcases. Patchouli must have some kind of alarm or something. With no desire to get lost again, you follow the line through the maze of bookcases. Having some idea where you're going this time, you look at the books as you travel. You can't even read most of the titles of these. There's so many different languages. To think that Patchouli can read all these languages... You round yet another corner, when you're suddenly grabbed from behind; vision blocked out.
"Guess who~"
"Hey, Koakuma."
You recognised the voice, but that's not really what gave it away. Rather, it was those things pushing into your back. However, despite your correct guess, she doesn't release you.
"Koakuma?" Were you wrong, perhaps?
"Hey... Have you thought about it?" No, that definitely sounds like her.
"Uh... About what?"
"About doing something fun~"
Oh, this again. Suddenly her grip feels much less comfortable.
"Ah... Fun, what do you mean?"
"You know... The kind of fun you can only have between a man and a woman~"
No way, she can't mean that, can she?
Then you feel her hand moving. From your chest, it slides down to your stomach, and then down to- She does mean that.
You try to push her away, only, you can't move. You're willing your arm to lift up and push her hand away, but it won't move. Your legs won't move, either. You're frozen.
This is bad. This is really bad. You can hear her panting behind you. Her hand leaves your eyes, moving somewhere behind you. You don't know what she's doing, but you can take a guess. Then, you're reminded of where her other hand is as it slips inside your pants.
"Take your hands off of him."
It's Patchouli, standing about ten metres in front of you, looking rather unimpressed. To her, this must look like...
"Patchouli, this is-"
"I know what it is. Koakuma, hands off." She flips open the book she's carrying as she says this, and starts turning pages.
"Why!?" Koakuma protests. "Why can't I have this one!? You know how long it's been!"
"I have matters to discuss with him. You also don't want to explain this to Remilia, do you?"
You still can't move, so you really hope neither of them do anything extreme right now.
Patchouli stops turning pages. "I'm not going to tell you again."
Suddenly, you almost fall to the floor before you correct yourself. You can move again, at least. You turn to face Koakuma, only to see her lifting off the ground and flying over the bookcases.
"Well then, shall we go?" Patchouli closes the book she's carrying and starts walking off, following the line.
"Hey, wait a second!"
She doesn't wait, so you catch up to her and walk beside her.
"What... What was that?"
"Koakuma is... Well, you've made her a little moody."
"I've made her moody? What are you talking about?"
"Well, it's related to the questions I have for you, so we'll get to that later."
"What did you want to ask me, then?"
"Geez, have some patience!"
Ha.... Well, for now you'll just keep quiet.

"Alright, take a seat."
Once you arrive in what you guess must be her living area, you notice that another chair has been added, across from the one you saw before, along with a short coffee table between them. Patchouli sits down and you follow suit.
"Yes, please."
She pours you both cups of tea, and hands you yours.
"Now then... I'd like to know how you came to work here."
"Well, it's not really a great story..."
You recount to her how Remilia visited your restaurant and your initial refusal, but how circumstances left you with no other choice.
"I see..." Patchouli sips her tea.
"Why do you ask?"
"Well, it's very unusual, you see."
"For a man to be working here. You see, you're the only male employee we've had since... Well, since we came to Gensokyo." She keeps looking down while speaking, but you're not sure at what.
Since they came to Gensokyo? Then...
"How long ago was that?"
She pauses to think about it.
"Well, I suppose it must have been about eighty years ago, now. It was a great deal of work bringing the mansion through the border, but that's neither here nor now."
Eighty years? How old are the mansion's residents?
"So I thought there must have been something very special about you, but it appears that I was mistaken."
Were you just insulted?
"I'm not entirely sure why Remilia decided to hire you. I will need time to think about that. Going back to before, however, the lack of males is the reason Koakuma was acting like that."
"I'm sorry, I'm not following..."
"You see, Koakuma is a succubus."
"A succubus? Those monsters that take the forms of beautiful women and feed off men?"
"Something like that, yes. She wouldn't normally be so... pushy, but she's had very little food over the last several decades, you see."
You were supposed to be her food?
"Then, if you hadn't stopped her...?"
"Oh, don't worry, she wouldn't have killed you. Ah, and she only has one set of teeth, so don't worry about that."
...You weren't, until now.
"Even so, it would be... bad for your well-being to sleep with her. So try not to give in, even if she stops you from moving."
Easier said than done, Patchouli.
"Though she is a little eccentric for a succubus. I imagine she'll be a little embarrassed the next time you two meet."
"I see."
Man... What the hell would have happened to you if you accepted her offer...?
>> No. 27582
File 123890558996.jpg - (490.87KB , 1042x1000 , a2fdfd287c36d0f00981533c2c470a2e.jpg ) [iqdb]
"So, do you have any questions?"
"Huh? Was that your only one?"
She nods. "I was hoping to find why Remilia hired you, but coming to a conclusion will take... time. So, is there anything you'd like to know, while you're here?"
"I guess so."
There's a lot you don't know about this place. But where to start? Well, you may as well start at the beginning.
"What was the mansion like before you came to Gensokyo?"
"Before? That's a long time ago... Well, I had only come to the mansion a few years before we moved. But it was obvious that we needed to relocate. Remilia was already a vampire by the time I came to the mansion. She never did tell me her story. I believe it's a personal issue. In any case, I came to the mansion to study, as I'd heard they had an impressive library."
"Weren't you scared?"
"Of what?"
"You were walking into a vampire's mansion. I mean, weren't you worried about what would happen if you were refused?"
"Yes, I was. But for a magician such as myself, it was impossible to resist. It wasn't much back then, but it was still a great discovery. Koakuma was already living here, along with Sakuya and Meiling. With such an odd group, we attracted a great deal of attention. Mostly of the wrong kind. There were frequent attempts on Remilia's life by vampire hunters, all unsuccessful, of course. But it's not something that could be ignored. I offered Remilia a deal: I would help relocate the mansion somewhere we would be able to live peacefully, and she would let me remain here and study in the library. Unfortunately, finding such a place was not easy. In the outside world it was becoming increasingly hard to hide, and few of Remilia's kind still existed. I eventually heard of Gensokyo. A world originally part of ours, but now closed off, home to all sorts of magical creatures. By combining my magic with Sakuya's manipulation of time and space, we were able to bring the mansion through the border, and we've lived here since. It's still the most difficult magic I've ever performed."
"Wait, didn't you say this was eighty years ago? I thought Sakuya was a human? How could she still look so young after eighty years, then, let alone be alive?"
"I'm not sure myself. Even with all my research, I've never come across any ability quite like hers. I don't think it's something you can simply learn. Her watch is either a magical artefact of amazing power, or there's something she's not telling us. But whenever the subject comes up, she insists that she is human. My hypothesis is that she's using her time magic in order to slow or altogether stop her aging. I've seen no difference in her appearance for the last eighty years. Though, it is possible she has become a youkai through Remilia's presence."
"Her presence?"
"Remilia has this... I'm not sure how to describe it. An uncanny ability to change the fate of those around her. Back in the outside world, Meiling and I were still human. The process of becoming a youkai would normally take several decades, but for Meiling it only took a few years before we found she was developing physical abilities far greater than those of a human."
"And yourself?"
"Well, I just continued to study in this library, and perform my experiments. The greater the magic I performed, the less human I felt. By the time I was able to bring the mansion here I may already have become something other than human."
"I see."
"In fact, you seem to already be linked to her by fate. It's possible you could become something other than human, given time."
Should you treat that as a good thing...? Well, you don't really want to think about that possibility.
"Well, I'm afraid that's all I know. If you'd like to know how the others came to the mansion, you would need to ask them personally."

"Why doesn't Remilia hire any men?"
"She won't say."
...That was blunt.
"What, that's it?"
"She's satisfied with the group of us, I assume. Bringing a man into the mansion would only bring trouble, as you've no doubt witnessed."
Ugh, she has you there.
"Though, to hazard a guess, it's could be linked to her becoming a vampire."
"You mean, you think a guy did it?"
"It's simply a theory. Without any information from Remilia it has very little basis, though."
"Then why mention it?"
"The possibility is there. You could ask her yourself, if you'd like to know."
...Let's pass on that.

"So, if you'd been here so long already, why did... That thing with the mist only happen a few years ago?"
"That's..." Patchouli looks strangely troubled by your question.
"Keep in mind that by the time we came to Gensokyo, Remilia was already several hundred years old. With her lifespan, she isn't as impatient as humans. She had a degree of freedom in the outside world, but was still confined to the night. When we came here, she spent many years hardly leaving the mansion. I believe she didn't want to be found out."
She spent almost eighty years hiding in her mansion?
"Of course, she became sick of it. She wanted to be able to leave at her own leisure, and created the mist to cover the sun. I'd have talked to her if I knew she was doing something so rash, but by the time I was aware, the Hakurei maiden was already here to fix things, in her own brutish manner. Remilia was defeated, and the mist was removed from the sky. Of course, I then came up with a simpler tool for her: the parasol she now uses."
"The parasol?"
"It has some slight enchantments, you see. Nothing special, but it's enough to keep her safe should she go outside during the day. Really, she should have talked to me first. She caused us a lot of trouble."
Yeah, that definitely sounds like Remilia.

"So if Remilia's a vampire, what does she do about food?"
"She doesn't attack people, if that's what you're asking."
"No, I didn't mean it like that."
"She has something of a contract with the people of the human village. She doesn't go off and feed on people, and they provide her with blood packs. Remilia's always been something of a light drinker, so she doesn't need much. Sakuya adds it to her meals."
"Wait, why would a contract like that exist? Wouldn't she have done something in order for the people to know she's a vampire?"
"Remilia is not the only vampire in Gensokyo. The contract already existed, and Remilia simply became part of it."
"So what, hasn't she ever drank blood from a person before?"
"You are familiar with the name 'Scarlet Devil', correct?"
"Yeah, Remilia's nickname. It's related, I guess?"
Patchouli nods. "She had that name before she came to Gensokyo. Of course, back then, such a contract didn't exist. So she was required to hunt her prey."
"Then the name came from...?"
"The blood she spilled on herself while eating."
...That's not a mental image you really want. Let's change the subject.
>> No. 27583
"So, seeing as I just started, what can I expect?" May as well try to get some advice.
"What do you do, anyway?"
That's a good question. What the hell do you do?
"I guess... I'm Sakuya's dog. I'm supposed to help her with whatever needs doing."
"The dog's dog? You sound more like a flea."
"...A flea?"
"In comparison to Sakuya, at least."
"Well, that boosts my confidence."
Patchouli starts to laugh, but begins coughing.
"Hey, are you alright?"
"I'm... fine... it's just... my asthma..."
Asthma? The lung disease?
"Is there anything I can do?"
She shakes her head. You don't feel good about it, but you wait for her to start breathing normally again.
"Well, at least you're more useful than the fairy maids."
"Yeah, what's the deal with them, anyway? All the ones I've seen just ran away."
"Sakuya already takes care of the mansion. Remilia started bringing in the maids to help her, but as you can see, they're completely useless. In fact, they've ended up creating more work for her, as she needs to make them food and clean their clothes."
"Why not just fire them, then?"
Patchouli shrugs. "I have no idea. Remilia must be able to see how much trouble they cause, so I don't know what she's thinking."
That girl really is a strange one.
"Well, going back to your question, I suppose the only advice I can give is to follow orders and not cause trouble."
That's not really all that helpful.
"Anyway, all this talking has made me quite tired. I haven't talked this much for some time." She yawns to emphasize her point. "Besides, don't you have somewhere to be?"
Oh, right. Checking your watch, you still have some time, but it would be best to leave now. "Alright." You get up from your chair and stretch.
"Thanks. That was informative." You start to walk away, when-
"Ah, one last thing."
"Your fly's undone."

Man, couldn't she have told you that earlier? You forgot about it during your sudden rescue. On that note, you didn't see Koakuma on the way out. It's probably for the best. You don't know how you're going to talk to her after that. Well, that can wait until later. For now, you're entering the ballroom. That same majestic sight greets you. The gigantic dome, defying the mansion's size, the polished floors, the marble pillars, the candelabras and chandeliers. This time complemented by Sakuya standing there, waiting for you.
"Hey." She checks her watch when she sees you, seemingly content that you're on time. Come to think of it, with this reflective floor, you can almost see up her-
"Is the fairy coming?"
Hm. You weren't with her, so as far as you know, she's still with Meiling.
"I guess so."
There's a time of awkward silence while Sakuya looks at her watch. You take yours out and count down the time along with her. The instant the second hand ticks over to the last minute, Sakuya disappears from your sight. You then hear a bang behind you, from outside the ballroom. Looking out into the corridor, the entrance door has been slammed into the wall, and Sakuya is carrying Cirno through the mansion by her collar. Upon reaching the ballroom, she sets Cirno down next to you, who starts straightening her clothes.
"Now then." Sakuya shuts the ballroom doors. "I've called you here because there's going to be a ball tomorrow, and we need to set up."
"Tomorrow? Isn't that kind of a short notice?"
"Not really. I just need to teach you two how to act towards our guests. The first thing to sort out is that we need one of you to greet people at the door, and one of you to serve drinks and food in here. Hayate, you get to pick."
Why you? Hm... What to choose...

[ ] Greeting
[ ] Serving

On a different note, no comments on Butleranon's name?
>> No. 27586
[ ] Serving
>> No. 27588
[ ] Serving

>On a different note, no comments on Butleranon's name?

Hayate's a fine name. Although, I would have prefered Walter. Hayate is fine too.
>> No. 27594
[ ] Serving
>> No. 27604
>Ah, and she only has one set of teeth, so don't worry about that."

>Hayate, you get to pick."

So, she now calls us by our first name?

[x] Serving

Being greeted by Cirno can be thought of as amusing, having your drink spilt over your dress by Cirno will not.
>> No. 27605

She calls you by your first name now because it wasn't revealed before. Same goes for the rest.
>> No. 27606
You'd have to have a personality to be a good greeter. No matter how good a liar Hayate may be, I don't think the poor bastard can mask all his misery with a smile completely. Hell, the aura of suffering he projects may just ruin the evening of anyone who comes in the door. Huh, so this is what being passive-aggressive feels like?

[x] Greeting

It's sort of nice.
>> No. 27610
[X] Serving
>> No. 27614
[x] Serving

This job
It calls to me
>> No. 27615
>>On a different note, no comments on Butleranon's name?

Hayate is perfect given the sort of luck the poor lad seems to have.

[X] Serving

Hey, we served Remi her food at the restaurant, we might as well serve her guests during the ball.
>> No. 27623
[x] Serving
>> No. 27653
[X] Serving
>> No. 27655
[ze] Serving

Hey. It's what we do.
>> No. 27708
>> No. 27709
These keep getting longer and longer. Have what's done so far. Also god damn character limits.

[X] Serving

Well, serving the customers would pretty much be your old job again. It's not really fun, but it's better than standing outside in the cold all night. Cirno should be able to handle that, right? You learn over and whisper to her.
"Hey Cirno, you don't mind doing the greeting, do you?"
"Nah, I can talk to Meiling while I have nothing to do!"
Such a great attitude. You turn to Sakuya and tell her: "I'll do the serving."
"Right. Well, you already know about how to treat customers, don't you?" You nod in response. "Then, let's get started. Tonight we need to set up the room."

You spend the next several hours following Sakuya's instructions. She shows you a carefully hidden storeroom, the entrance of which looks just like the walls, probably to keep the place looking good. You spend your time lugging out tables and chairs, while Sakuya tells you where to put them and instructs Cirno on how to greet the guests. You're pretty sure Cirno's not listening, though. She looks like she'd rather be helping you move things. Throughout all this you come to find that the room has rather astounding acoustics. Even when on the other side of the room, you can hear plainly what Sakuya's telling Cirno. Eventually Sakuya lets her go, and you work together to finish setting things up. Once the tables and chairs are finally set up, you need to start decorating them with vases and candles. After that's all done, you set up a stage for the event's presentations.
Finally, you're finished. This is the most work you've done since you got here, and you've been sweating for a while. But at least this time you didn't break anything. You inch closer to Cirno to cool down.
"You smell." Cirno says this without restraint and pushes you away.
You look to Sakuya for a second opinion, whose wrinkled nose agrees with Cirno.
"...Well." Sakuya clears her throat. "You'll need to go to bed early today, so we'll have dinner shortly. Please have your bath in the meantime."
You're starting to get used to Sakuya disappearing like that. You head up to the third floor with Cirno.

So, do all the rooms on this floor have bathrooms? You were about to use the one in your room, but remembering yesterday's mishap, stopped outside.
"Hey, why are we waiting? Isn't there a bath in your room?"
"Yeah, but..." You could just try the spare rooms until you find one...
Oh no.
"Hey wait, Cirno-!"
You turn back and dash into your room, but Cirno's already pushing open the bathroom door. "Stop, damn it!"
You rush in after her, only to stop when you see-
Nothing. Oh, thank god. You breathe a sigh of relief, then follow it up by grabbing Cirno's head and turning her to face you.
"This is Sakuya's bathroom. We do not use Sakuya's bathroom. Understand?"
She tries to nod, and you let go of her.
"Really, why don't you ever listen to me?"
This girl is going to be a lot of trouble.

So, as it turns out, most of the rooms on that floor have their own bathrooms, though they're smaller than Sakuya's. You direct Cirno to one before leaving to another for yourself. Cirno got you to help her put her clothes on again, but thankfully this time you could do so with your eyes open. With all this out of the way, you finally make your way up to the dining room.
Once again, Remilia is already seated, waiting for you. Cirno suddenly goes quiet, apparently not sure how to act around her. She's probably blaming Remilia for the work she's done, too. Well, she can sort out her own problem. You stride past Remilia, who's giving you a curious grin. "Four sets this time, right?"
She nods. "So you can learn."
You ignore her snide comment and make your way into the kitchen. Once again you're greeted with a promising smell, but thankfully no knives fly past you this time. Sakuya's at the stove, tending to whatever's in those pots. You head to the drawers, trying to remember exactly what you got last time.
"Smells good, Sakuya. Am I going to be able to eat it this time?"
"Hm~" She smiles a little. For once, you're not feeling intimidated by it. "I suppose you haven't done anything to be punished for today."
Well, that's a relief. As much as you'd deny it, you're really looking forward to tasting one of her meals. Having gotten your four sets, you start making your way back outside. "Oh, hold on."
Sakuya stops you before you leave, and puts some more pieces of cutlery on the plates you're carrying. "You forgot these."
"Ah... Thanks." She quickly goes back to the food.

Back in the dining room, Cirno is awkwardly sitting away from Remilia, and they're not talking, either. You set up the table and sit between Cirno and Remilia, whispering to the former. "What, so even you can become quiet?"
"Of course I can! I don't know what to say to her!"
"You didn't have much trouble barging into her room and asking to work here."
She opens her mouth but quickly shuts it again. You've got her there. Done with her, you turn to Remilia, mischievously watching your conversation.
"So, what's up with this ball tomorrow?"
She shrugs her shoulders. "Oh, just one of our usual functions. We have these about once a month. They're quite popular, you know."
Popular among who...? Suddenly, you're worried about exactly what kind of guests would attend a ball at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Well... It's not like Remilia would let either of you be eaten while under her employment, right? ...Right?
Thankfully, your train of thought is derailed by Sakuya appearing in her seat, along with the meal spread across the table.
"All right!" Forgetting her previous shyness, Cirno hastily starts on her soup.
"So, you like human blood?"
She immediately freezes in place. Heh. You may have fallen for that last night, but seeing Cirno do the same, you can't help but laugh. Remilia must do this to everyone. This gives you an idea, actually.
"Hey, Cirno."
"Eh, what?" She snaps out of it and turns to you. To this, you slowly lift up a spoon of the soup and bring it to your mouth, exaggerating the motions. "Mmm, delicious."
She looks at you in utter horror. Unable to take it anymore, you burst out laughing, with Remilia and even Sakuya joining in. They can have a joke too, you guess. Though, you stop laughing when you remember that Remilia's soup really must be blood.
"Hmph. I won't fall for your tricks!" Cirno starts eating again-
"No, really." –And pushes the bowl away. You laugh quietly to yourself as you finish your own soup.
>> No. 27710
There isn't that much conversation for the rest of the meal. Rather, you spend it savouring the food you finally get to eat. Mixed salad topped with dressing, several different kinds of meat, and various sauces around the table to top them with. The meals here are decidedly western, you think. You don't know much about the outside world, but maybe you should ask Patchouli where they came from next time you see her. Still, this time Sakuya doesn't take away your food. It's delicious. Easily the best meal you've ever eaten. Your old restaurant could never hope to compete with this. Maybe if you get to eat this food every day, this job might not be so bad. ...But that would be a bad way to look at things. You should think with your head, not your stomach.
Cirno's already long since had her full, wolfing down her food. You'd tell her to mind her manners around Remilia, but you know she wouldn't listen. Well, at least she used her cutlery this time. When you're all done, Sakuya begins collecting the dishes, when a thought pops into your head.
"Hey, what happens to the leftovers?"
You and Cirno may have eaten a lot, but there's still plenty of food left. There was a lot left yesterday, too, and you didn't have that today, so you're wondering what happened to it.
"Oh, we give that to Meiling."
Suddenly, you feel bad. You're in here having such a great meal, and Meiling is stuck with the leftovers. It's a shame the Scarlet Devil Mansion is outside of the human village's laws regarding treatment in the workplace. You take back what you said about this place not being so bad. Satisfied that you're not going to ask any more, Sakuya finishes collecting the plates and everything disappears from the table. That done, Remilia lifts herself from her chair.
"Well, please get to bed now. I don't want either of you being late tomorrow."
"Yes, miss Remilia."
Standing yourself, you take Cirno out of the room with you.

Back in your room, getting changed was awkward. You and Cirno are both supposed to be living in this room, now. And Cirno insisted you wait outside while she changes into her pyjamas, despite you already being in yours. Thankfully, Sakuya didn't show up while you were waiting.
"You can come in now."
You quickly rush back inside, shutting the door behind you. Cirno's pyjamas are a light blue, pants and a shirt, reminding you more of her usual appearance than her recent maid clothing. Then, you both look at the bed, and it occurs to the two of you that you're about to share it.
"I... Uh... I'll sleep on the floor." As a man, you couldn't ask Cirno to do that, as little like a girl she may be. But she shakes her head. "Cirno?"
She turns away. "I want..."
Of all people, you'd never expect to see Cirno's face become red.
"I want to share it."

And so here you are, lying in bed with Cirno. The bed was large before, but with another person it just feels that much smaller. This is awkward. Even with your back turned to her, you're still too aware of her presence. And of how quiet she is. That's been bothering you. You've never known Cirno to be so quiet as she was today.
"Hey, are you awake?"
A quiet "Mm" from behind you.
"Is... Something wrong, Cirno?"
She hesitates. It's unlike her.
"I missed you."
"Yeah, I missed you too."
It really has been a long time. How long...? Two years, isn't it?
"I wonder how Rinnosuke's doing? I haven't seen him for a while, either."
"Hey, you know. It was Remilia that brought us together in the first place, wasn't it?"
"Huh? How?"
"Well, you know, the mist. It was her fault."


"Damn it, what the hell is going on?"
You can't see a damn thing. You don't even know if it's still supposed to be daytime. Why the hell did Rinnosuke send you out on a day like this? Looking up, all you can see is blackness. You can barely see a few metres in front of you. How can it be daytime when you need to be careful not to walk into trees!? You're about to put your foot into a puddle of water before you stop yourself. Though, looking out, as far as you can see, there's water. That's not much, but you might be at the misty lake. Not that you could tell it's misty like this, anyway.
You snap around. Is that a youkai? Shit. The last thing you want right now is a youkai coming after you when you can't even see. Shit. This is the worst possible situation. All you have to rely on is your ears, but you don't hear any movement. Rather, you can hear what sounds like laboured breathing. You're really scared right now. But if someone's hurt... You can't just leave them be. Damn it.
"Is someone there?"
No response, but the sound continues. Then, up in the sky. A bright red moon appears amidst the black. It's not a colour you want to see. But at the very least, you have some light. And you see her. A short fairy girl, clinging onto the ground at the side of the lake. Clothes torn, hair matted with blood. You rush over to her and pull her out of the water.
"Hey, are you alright!?"
Her strained face gives you the answer. Damn it... Well, at least you can see now. Her hair seems to be blue, aside from the blood, and she has strange wings that look like ice. Six of them. Her body is cut and bruised in several places. You'd treat her now, but there just isn't enough light.
"Hold on. I'm going to get some wood."
You lay her down far enough from the lake that she won't accidentally fall into it, then rush back into the forest to find some wood.
Once you have enough, you rush back to where you left the girl. She's still there, thankfully. You drop the wood down and manage to start a fire. Maybe those survival classes at school weren't so useless after all.
Now you can treat her. You drop your backpack and pull out the medical case inside it. Then, you notice another thing. In a few parts of the girl's bodies are needles. Not just any kind of needle. The kind of needle that means she just lost a fight with Reimu Hakurei.
"Sorry, this is going to hurt."
You hold her down with one arm, and pull out the needles with the other, each one bringing out a cry of pain from the girl. You feel bad about it, but there's not much else you can do. With them gone, you work on treating her. You rub disinfectant on some of the wounds, and finally bandage her up. She's hurt, but she should be alright. You hope so, at least.

She was unconscious for most of the night. You couldn't just leave her, so you just waited there, making sure nothing happened to her. And nothing did happen, until the sky opened up again. Eventually, you could see the stars again, and shortly after, the sun returned to the sky. Whatever caused that blackout, it's been resolved. It was then that the girl woke up, and you spoke to her the first time.


"See? It was Remilia's fault."
"I... I guess."
"Though I suppose it's also Reimu's fault for beating you up."
More silence. You're not sure how to feel about Reimu. She beat up this girl who became quite precious to you, but at the same time she's the one who restored Gensokyo's natural state.
"But man, after that I just couldn't get rid of you. Rinnosuke wasn't happy about you disrupting my work, you know."
...And then you left. You didn't even get time to talk to Cirno about it. You couldn't keep working at Rinnosuke's forever, especially when you lived in the human village. So you started working in the village, and hadn't seen her since.
"Hey. I'm sorry. For not saying goodbye."
Well... At least you got to meet her again. Even if you feel cold under the covers, you're glad.


(This is it for now.)
>> No. 27715
File 123939954784.jpg - (177.30KB , 400x1196 , cirno sakuya5.jpg ) [iqdb]
>"I missed you."
>"Yeah, I missed you too."

I died a million times over.

>Well... At least you got to meet her again. Even if you feel cold under the covers, you're glad.


Anon approves of this childhood fairy friend.
>> No. 27731
>You're not sure how to feel about Reimu. She beat up this girl who became quite precious to you, but at the same time she's the one who restored Gensokyo's natural state.

Interesting... you never get to hear things from the viewpoint of an average local, often.
>> No. 27778
Now i want Cirno route.

Must caress those wings.
>> No. 27783
File 123983466754.jpg - (713.34KB , 1275x2000 , O HAI CIRNO.jpg ) [iqdb]
Did someone say Cirno route?
>> No. 27784
File 123983980337.jpg - (112.81KB , 850x743 , sample-a2c13f8278fd9382a730b684bbecf16d.jpg ) [iqdb]

Not until YWUiG finishes.
>> No. 27786
File 123985804072.jpg - (84.67KB , 772x600 , 1239138543326.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 27790
I gotta say, after all that, a Cirno route is looking pretty tempting. And this seems like a story where it might actually go well, as opposed to losing an eye and ending in despair.

That "I missed you" really plucked the heartstrings.
>> No. 27796
Excellent. Waiting for the rest of the update.

(We have yet to get on Sakuya's nerves)
>> No. 27797
>Losing a finger.
>> No. 27798
[Insert complaints about work here]

So yeah, it might still be a few days. Sorry guys.
>> No. 27799
>losing both eyes and ending in despair.
>> No. 27971
File 124089633591.png - (95.82KB , 502x501 , FFFFFFFFFFFF.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 27972
File 124094933663.jpg - (163.36KB , 776x448 , updates_where.jpg ) [iqdb]
You don't want Cirno to cry do you?
>> No. 27978
File 124097382127.jpg - (714.59KB , 1401x1185 , cirno sakuya6.jpg ) [iqdb]
The World: Making 7 minutes last forever...
>> No. 27981


Don't worry, it's not dropped or anything. I'm having a lot of trouble trying to figure out the next scene. That and the usual shit with work sucking and all. It'll get done, I just don't know how long it's going to take.
>> No. 27982

Mission accomplished, then.