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When “Afterthought” is done, I will not do a second run through. However, if anyone wants to know what could have been or simply doesn’t understand something that happened, this thread is for those questions. Anything in thread 1 is currently up for questioning.

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You know, at first I thought the thumbnail was someone's butt.
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What would have happened if we chose to remain human?
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You would start with three BOMBS. The story would be the same, but the last scene of the story would be of the man's death, knowing he saved the woman AND her child. Your character would be human and only know you were left by your mother on the doorsteps of the local school. You'd be raised by Keine and taught martial arts by Moukou when she realizes your unnatural talent for it. You'd be plague by a voice that seems to be the source of your talent (assumedly the ghost of the man who died).

Your choises of childhood friends would be:
Meira (Human/Fighter/Samurai)
Rika (Human/Scientist)
Orange (Youkai/Humantype/Baton)

Weapon choices would be the same.
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I so want to see China and Proto-China encounter each other.
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Really stupid question, but I have to get this off my chest.

Was there any significance at all behind the Robot Ninja Pirate Schoolgirls thing, besides the bomb it gave us, or was that all for the hell of it?
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Yes... Yes there is.
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Looks like we're hatching a development to the story.