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Just as the topic says. I love this group and have wanted to write something about them for a while, but with HY being so awesome it didn't seem right. If he's officially giving up now, though... well, it can't hurt to ask.

I'm flexible on format and tone, mainly just want to write *something* about them. Few choices or many? Write ins only? Occasional walls vs frequent short updates? Any particular focus? Post with what you'd like to see.

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HY isn't giving up. He's taking an extended vacation.

First of all, I'd like a sample of your writing.
Few choices. Encourages straightforward votes and better writeins.
Any size of update, so long as it isn't 1-3 sentences and nothing else.
Focus on the SDM, of course.

A horror genre might fit the SDM. Can you write horror?

sage for saying that HY is dead
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Also, please put together some general plot before you start. It would also be nice if you can actually write.
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>First of all, I'd like a sample of your writing.
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You don't need to ask. Just go. If it's good then Anon with vote and comment and you keep going, getting into it. If it's shit, then Anon will ignore or ridicule you until you improve.
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I'd like to second everything in this post.

Except the sage.
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What those Guys said.
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Where's that sample of your writing? Doesn't have to be a part of your story, you know. Just an example of how you write.
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When the world was young I ventured forth to experience it and found something magical. A game requiring concentration and a steady hand that tested the limits of my peripheral vision and foresight. I was enchanted.

It was the beginning of a long journey that eventually led me to a fireplace. In front of which, a man with eyes filled with passion spun a tale so epic that no one in the room would dare speak except to encourage him to continue. But by the time I had found this place, the story was already nearing its end. And though others tried to fill his place, the silence of the room was unbearable, everyone too shy to speak, too afraid that their voice would never carry across the room as his had.

And so I spoke. Tired and weary of the nothingness that filled the air. I spoke.

And that is why I write. SDM was nigh dead when I decided to start writing. Sakuya was the only other one around and his updates at the time were slowing. CatorFish came and HY came back and now you. I now feel unnecessary. But the story I started is not over. And thus I must continue as the journey I started long ago has never truly ended.

And so I ask you to simply have the courage. Not the courage to start the story, but the courage to see it through to the bitter end.

>What those Guys said.
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Holy shit that was epic.
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>And so I ask you to simply have the courage. Not the courage to start the story, but the courage to see it through to the bitter end.

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Whoa. Careful there, Mystia. Don't spend all your writefag stamina outside your CYOA.
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The supply is infinite. The quality just varies; and I don't post what doesn't pass my own standards.
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where the hell have you been
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Not gonna write afterall?
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You scared him away.
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No, you.