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Sup all, I've been looking around the different boards for a good place to place this story thread in since it was brought up in a post from a thread of mine in /forest/.

Wanted to give everyone a heads up and maybe get the ball rolling. If you want to ask about the story I can give you a small rundown or you can just get it as it comes. Up to you guys, I just write.

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We always need more Flandre. ALWAYS
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Piss off you fucker, it's enough that you're messing up /forest/ with your shitty grammar and spelling, don't move onto HY's turf.

Sage for trying to shit up the board.
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Nightshade, I'll put this bluntly.

You're a terrible writer.
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I actually like the things on /sdm/. Don't kill that.
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Gotta agree with this.
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Bombs Away!
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Your multi-perspective idea is bad, and you should feel bad.
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Just stick to the one you already started.
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Go away, and take your mangled English with you.
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Lol, I'm going to read the stuff in /forest, lets see...