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17642 No. 17642
Hey all.

Anyone up for a story centered around Rumia? I've been planning one for awhile, but I see Mystia's story seems involve her quite a bit, so now may not be the best time for it. So Anon, shall I go ahead with it anyway or should I just wait on it?

>> No. 17643
Just Rumia? Sounds a little boring. Care to elucidate?

Also, if your tripcode is what I think it is, you should consider changing it. You know, before you become the next Melancholy.
>> No. 17644
Well, there are a lot of stories at the moment. However, I don't see a reason not to give you a chance.
However, I don't think that a story centered around Rumia should go in the board for the Scarlet Devil Mansion's inhabitants, but rather another board like /forest/ or /others/.
>> No. 17645
Wait a bit. If Mystia's story doesn't head too much towards Rumia, then sure.
>> No. 17647
My story will only head in a Rumia centric direction if votes go that way.

Anyway, as far as Rumia goes, she technically wanders around the /forest/, but if you planned your setting to be in /SDM/ and/or deal with its residents go right ahead.
>> No. 17648
The story will revolve around Rumia, but she won't be the only one with a route. That's not to say that the story can't take off it in other directions as well. I'm pretty flexible.

I'm not really sure what you mean about my tripcode. Do I need to change my name? I just choose it on a whim. I can change it if it's a problem.

I always felt Rumia belonged in /sdm/ since she was an EoSD character. Also, certain members of the SDM become important to the story later. If you guys want me to move the story elsewhere, I'm cool with that.

That was my thoughts as well, but since I was done preparing I thought I'd ask anyway.
>> No. 17649

>>17643 Means that your tripcode is is easily identifiable. You should consider changing it to something obscure and easily remembered so that people can't impersonate you.
>> No. 17651
Ok then, I will a bit before starting. I just wanted you all to know that I suck YAF's nigger cock all day here in Croatia.

This is what >>17643 meant
>> No. 17653

That's lot's better.

Also, I'm looking forward to what you're going to write.
>> No. 17654
>>17649 >>17651
Alright, changed it. Thanks.

Sorry about that. That was a test post.
>> No. 17680
I fucking love your name.
>> No. 17685
File 12180134965.jpg - (60.38KB , 640x480 , 558d2c0fc490617bcf56ed6cd3da3e2e.jpg ) [iqdb]
I hate that mindless homicidal little monster no matter how ℳℴℯ she looks. If you can't resist it, try imagining her tearing apart the corpse of a girl who was even more adorable. Like maybe Akyu.

But yeah, the story, go for it.
>> No. 17689
>>I hate that mindless homicidal little monster no matter how ℳℴℯ she looks. If you can't resist it, try imagining her tearing apart the corpse of a girl who was even more adorable. Like maybe Akyu.

While I find myself disagreeing with you about her, Rumia gets a bad rep in fanon works where she's either a moe blob or a mindless killer and I reckon she deserves better.

That considered,
>>try imagining her tearing apart the corpse of a girl who was even more adorable. Like maybe Akyu.

May be taken into consideration~
>> No. 17690
>try imagining her tearing apart the corpse of a girl who was even more adorable. Like maybe Akyu.
>May be taken into consideration~

I like this one already.

ALso, I don't think I'd apreciate a Rumia LA.
>> No. 17691

I liked your Rumia, Scorn. That scene with her after arriving with Mystia was pretty fucking intense. Especially that story about the old man.
>> No. 17701
File 12180403737.jpg - (364.11KB , 908x1204 , Higurashi - Happy Couples Always Smile.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'd like a Rumia LA. It could have lots of wacky adventures of her trying to eat Anon, only to be thwarted each time.

It'd be like Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner, only more moe and maybe with a romantic subplot built upon conflict and antagonism, vaguely along the lines of Happy Couples Always Smile.
>> No. 17703
Now that would be interesting, assuming he can write it.
>> No. 17711
A good Rumia story would be horror necessarily, keeping you constantly at death's doorstep--desperate. Rumia should be extremely dangerous but surviving around her for a length of time would advance the plot and give you an extra continue. Waking in the afternoon, you'd spend the daylight to hunt food and prepare, while you stalk her at night.

There should be plenty of danger besides Rumia: Low-level beast youkai. Malicious & thieving fairies. Wolf packs, feral dogs, moose, and warthogs. Spirits that cause hypothermia by touch and spirits that can fuck with your mood by proximity. Cursed & possessed tools. Poisonous plants, fruits & mushrooms. Brigands & highwaymen. Mad Uncle Istvan and his shack lined wall-to-wall with blades. Panicked outsiders. Devious merchants. Sickness and Hunger.

The plot would culminate through the revelations of her past, up to a fight you actually have a chance to "win", and the choice to remove her ribbon-seal or not.

Driving force is not an issue. Maybe she murdered and ate one of your loved ones? Maybe you're coming out of a fugue and as the first "person" you saw afterward, she became imprinted. Maybe she marked you. Maybe you're a schizophrenic. Maybe you've been kicked out of the village. Maybe you're a youkai ethologist performing a comprehensive field study of her. Maybe she took something that you want back. Maybe it's for a bounty. Maybe she had said or done something that you felt was profound. Maybe Eirin wants to experiment on her corpse. Maybe you're a misanthrope who wants to blacken the skies forever.

There's lots of hooks. Doing a single character LA isn't impossible with some imagination.
>> No. 17712

It's having only one character.
>> No. 17713
>The story will revolve around Rumia, but she won't be the only one with a route.

>> No. 17715
This. Fund it.
>> No. 17716
When are you going to start your story?
>> No. 17717
You should probably go ahead with this since Tokiko is where the interest lies now in Mystia Tripfag's story, so I you probably won't be stepping on anyone's toes.

I'll tell you I'm expecting GRIMDARK Rumia, not ruffle~ Rumia
>> No. 17732
File 121813984590.jpg - (51.71KB , 800x500 , darkforest.jpg ) [iqdb]
Alright then, shall we start this?


It's night time. The forest is barely illuminated by the soft glow of the moon. Leaves slap against you rush past them. You are in a hurry to get this task over with so you can go home and get some sleep. It's a shame you can't pull out your lamp out of the bag you have strapped to your back yet. It would make running through the Forest of Magic alot easier. It's safer this way though. The Forest of Magic is said to be home many creatures called "youkai." The youkai who inhabit this forest are said to nocturnal, which is why you never see one during the day. Actually, you've never seen one period. You only know about them through the stories the villagers tell. According to their words, youkai are nearly three meters tall. They have fifteen centimeter long claws and horns that stick out of every part of their bodies. They can kill a human in a instant with one swipe from their massive hands and devour them just as quickly.

"Sounds kinda like bull to me." You think to yourself.

They are probaly just stories adults use to scare small children from venturing out at night. Your school teacher, Keine, especially loves to tell these stories. You wonder what her obsession is with youkai, as a leaf smacks you in the face, reminding you of where you are.

You decide to stop for a bit and look up at the sky. It's a clear night out. The full moon shines brightly in the sky, as do the stars as they twinkle in the sky. You confirm your position with the stars and continue your course towards the Big Tree. "The Big Tree" is what we call this 3000 year old tree in the village. The Big Tree is a Giant Sequoia that measures over 100 meters tall and 20 meters in diameter. It's located roughly five kilometers from the edge of the forest that's the closest to the village. It is this tree that is used as the goal for the Test of Courage.

The Test of Courage is something of a tradition amongst the young men of the village. It involves going into the Forest of Magic at night and carving your initials into The Big Tree. It's a test of bravery and maturity. The ability to overcome your fears and show that you are no longer a child anymore. Recently, Keine and some the village elders have been trying discourage the taking of the test and other such dangerous tasks, as men have been disappearing lately.

"I should be nearing the tree soon." You say quietly to yourself.

You pull the bag off your back and set it down. You open it up and search through the contents of the bag for the lamp you brought. You find the lamp buried underneath the blanket you took with you and pull it out. You reach into your pocket and pull out a match. You strike the match a couple times and a flame appears. You carefully light the lamp and put out the match. You only want to keep this lamp lit long enough for you to find the tree and carve your initials in it. Afterwords, you'll put it out and run back the way you came.

You bring the lamp up to eye level and begin inspecting each tree as you walk by it. The tree should be pretty easy to find.

"There it is!" You say quietly, with a small excitement in your voice.

You reach into your pocket again and pull out the knife you brought. You set down your lamp and run up to The Big Tree. You begin looking for a spot to carve your initials into. There is alot of initials carved on it, as well as various messages. You stop and read some of the messages carved on the tree:

"Elvis is alive!"
"Big Johnson was here."
"For a good time visit Mokou."

"C'mon guys...this is a tree, not a stall in the men's bathroom." You mumble to yourself.

You find some space near one of the messages and jam your knife into the tree and begin carving your name. With four swift slices you produce the "R" for "Roshan" and then pull the knife away from the tree for a moment to look at it. You stop and nod at your excellant carving skills. As you bring your knife up to the tree to carve the second initial, you stop and read the message near your "R."

It reads:

"Run awa-"

There is a sudden crash behind you and the light illuminating The Big Tree vanishes in an instant. You quickly turn around and see a pair of glowing red eyes in the distance staring at you. The glowing eyes slowly getting larger and brighter as the creature approaches you. All the stories of the terrifying youkai and the warnings you did not heed all come rushing back to you. How could you be such a fool?

You hear a quiet giggle coming from the direction of the glowing eyes. The giggle sounds...feminine?

[ ] Greet the eyes.
[ ] Slash at the eyes with your knife.
[ ] Scream like a little girl.
>> No. 17733
{X} Greet the eyes.

>> No. 17737
[x] Scream like a little girl.

Manly option.
>> No. 17739
[ ] Greet the eyes.
>> No. 17740
[ ] Greet the eyes.
>> No. 17741
{X} Greet the eyes.

If I may make a suggestion!

I know it's early in the story, but this is kind of bothering me mostly because I know someone is gonna start complaining eventually and it'll just be more shitstorms and powerlevel faggotry.

Your style seems a little...dry? Everything is very matter-of-fact, you know? Try and get more in detail with the emotions of the main character - this is after all supposed to be an exercise in immersion. At least, I think it is.

Sorry if it's preemptive (Maybe the dialogue excels, fuck if I know), but this is a cool concept and I wanna see it done well!

Self-sage for telling a writefag how to write.
>> No. 17742
He wrote one post, wait until he writes at least 4 parts, then you can judge him.
>> No. 17743
Hence the sorry for preemptiveness. If he's just warming up, it's all good, but it's just something to keep in mind. Besides, he's actually jumping into something relatively important-looking. Those first four posts could be awesome plot points!

More self-sage.
>> No. 17744
[X] Scream like a little girl
[X] Slash at the eyes with your knife.

These choices are definitely not mutually exclusive.
>> No. 17745
[ ] Greet the eyes.
>> No. 17747
[+] Greet the eyes.
[+] Be calm about it, even if you're screaming on the inside.
>> No. 17748
[ ] Scream like a little girl.

This is correct answer
>> No. 17750
File 121815388287.jpg - (11.72KB , 309x275 , unknown2.jpg ) [iqdb]
You're right. It is pretty dry. I'll try to work on what you suggested. Thanks for your input!

[x] Greet the eyes.

"It-it's a nice night out, isn't it?" You say to the pair of eyes with a nervous laugh. A quick reply comes from the direction of the eyes.
"Yes, it is!" The eyes say happily. The voice is distinctly female. Possibly that of a young woman. Her voice sounds similar to the girls in my class. "It's the perfect night for a picnic."
"Aren't those suppose to done the during day?" You reply, growing more nervous by the second.
"Hmm...true...I guess I'll just call you a late-night snack."

That confirms it. You need to get out of here NOW. No one told you these monsters talked or had female voices.What kind of sick joke is that? You take one step back towards the tree. Before your foot hits the ground, the eyes have already closed the distance between you. They are now roughly 30 centimeters from your face.

"Cirno was right" says the voice coming from the eyes. The voice getting deeper as she continues talking "today is my lucky day."

You instinctively lash out at the eyes, trying to strike at them with your knife. Your wrist is caught. You notice that your wrist is not being held by the massive hand of a ferocious monster, but by that of a human. It's cold hand is small and soft. You struggle to free yourself from it's grip, but find yourself unable to move your hand at all. It's strong. You can feel another hand on your captured hand. Your grip is forced open and the knife drops from your hand. You can hear a small thud as the knife hits the ground. You panic. You bring your left arm up to swing at the monster, but it gets caught as well. The monster giggles in amusement. A small, impish laugh.

"What is this thing?" You think to yourself. It has the voice and hands that feel like they belong to a young woman and yet it has the terrorifying strength of a monster? This has to be the most humiliating way to die.

The monster turns you around and pushes you to the ground, not letting go for a moment. It pins your arms above your head. It then pins your legs with it's own. The monster leans closer to your body. It takes a long, satisfying breath and then another. It seems to be enjoying your suffering. You can feel it's razor-sharp teeth against your neck now. It's breath is cold...

[ ] Accept your fate and die.
[ ] NOOOO!!!!
>> No. 17751
[X] NOOOO!!!!

Maybe if you scream loud enough her eardrums will explode.
>> No. 17753
[X] NOOOO!!!!
[X] Headbutt/hip-thrust combo attack.

>> No. 17754
[x] Accept your fate and die.

Do you really think showing her fear would be the best of ideas?
>> No. 17756
[x] Accept your fate and die.
>> No. 17757
[x] Get an erection.

Oh god oh god why did she have to straddle me
>> No. 17761
[X] Get an erection.

Okay, sorry, I like this one the best. Time for awkward.
>> No. 17762
>The monster turns you around and pushes you to the ground, not letting go for a moment. It pins your arms above your head. It then pins your legs with it's own. The monster leans closer to your body. It takes a long, satisfying breath and then another. It seems to be enjoying your suffering. You can feel it's razor-sharp teeth against your neck now. It's breath is cold...

[x] Get an erection.
>> No. 17764
[x] Get an erection.

All the cool kids are doing it.
>> No. 17765
[X] Accept your fate and die
>> No. 17767
[x] Get an erection.

I disregard the two choices presented and vote for the hidden third option!
>> No. 17768
[x] Accept your fate and die.

God dammit, guys.
>> No. 17769
[X] Get an erection.

This can only end well.
>> No. 17770
[x] Get an erection.

>> No. 17772
[x] Get an erection.

Hilarious write in is hilarious.
>> No. 17773
[x] Get an erection.
>> No. 17774
You're about to die, what do you do?

Get an erection

>> No. 17778
[x] Fuck no, I'm not dying like this.

Attempting to counter the sheer waves of hurfdurfery.

The cleverness of this CYOA's name amuses me greatly. Good work.

>According to their words, youkai are nearly three meters tall. They have fifteen centimeter long claws and horns that stick out of every part of their bodies.
But how does a Gensokyan commoner know what metric systems is?
>> No. 17780
[x] Accept your fate and die.

Go back to /eientei/, you faggots.
>> No. 17781
[X] Accept your fate and die.
>> No. 17782
Yes, because the only people who ever try silly writeins come from Teruyo's LA. Faggots. Voting for the erection option to tick you bastards off.

[x] Get an erection.
>> No. 17784

This isn't silly, it's fucking stupid.

[X] Accept your fate and die.
>> No. 17785
Holy crap, the BAWWWWING levels are maximum.

[x] Get an erection.

At least the awkwardness that this could bring has the potential to diffuse the deadliness of the situation and make her run off embarrassed. Giving in to despair and allowing Rumia to tear a chunk out of your neck, on the other hand, I can't see as anything other than a BAD END(unless you're into guro and vore, I guess)
>> No. 17788
[X] Accept your hate and make her die a gory death.
>> No. 17789
but mostly
>Remember when write-ins increased the quality of a story?

>I swear, they really did, at one point. It feels like it was a really long time ago, though.

Remember when Anon had a brain and could rationalize for himself without pointless bickering?

I swear it was five-seconds before you last typed.


On one hand, we think we're going to die. O, the Horror.

Probably a fifty-fifty chance that one option here helps.

On the other hand, a giggling warm-bodied female is currently straddling us, pinning our arms, her mouth on our neck.

What more do you need? Viagra??
>> No. 17791
[X] Get an erection.

A sweet voiced, warm female is on top of us, breathing on our neck and pinning us down. One of the most confusingly arousing dangerous situations ever.

A boner is the natural response.
>> No. 17796
Masochist anon

>> No. 17799
[X] Get an erection.
>> No. 17807

{X} Get an erection.
>> No. 17810
[∑] Get an erection.
>> No. 17812
[X] Get an erection.
>> No. 17815

>> No. 17816
[x] Get an erection.
>> No. 17817
[X] Get an erection.
>> No. 17820
[ze] Get an erection.
>> No. 17822
<☆> Get an erection.
>> No. 17823
[x] Get an erection.

haha oh wow
>> No. 17828
Why so weak~
>> No. 17833

[X] Get an erection.
>> No. 17834
>Accept your fate and die.

Well hello there lake option.

[x] Get an erection.
>> No. 17837
[x] Get an erection.
>> No. 17838
[x] Get an erection.
>> No. 17841
[x] Get an erection.
>> No. 17842
[x] Get an erection.
>> No. 17845
[x] Get an erection.
>> No. 17847
[x] Get an erection.
>> No. 17849
[x] Get an erection.
>> No. 17850
[x] Get an erection.
>> No. 17855
For fuck's sake.

Erection was first to ten anyway.

Just fucking stop already.
>> No. 17856
Wow I didn't expect this kind of response. Since there seems to be quite a dispute on what to do next, I'll do a second poll.

First to ten wins.
[ ] Accept your fate and die.
[ ] Get an erection.

Both posts are written already. The winner will be posted. The other will be logged in an archive.
>> No. 17858
[ ] Get an erection.
>> No. 17859
[x] Get an erection.
Inviting more votespam? Okay.
>> No. 17860
[X] Get an erection.

I'll vote it again. Hilarious, and more entertaining.

Also, second vote-spam spree, I'm calling it right now.
>> No. 17861
[x] Get an erection.

They're both BAD ENDs, aren't they?
>> No. 17868
[x] Get an erection.

vote for your valor
>> No. 17873
[X] Accept your fate and die.

Not that it matters if you're seriously considering the other one.
>> No. 17875
Oh, look, votespam.

Seriously. Incredibly expected. Just go with what reached ten before this bullshit got into full-swing. Which was the erection.
>> No. 17876
just like one guy is spamin "accept yur fate"
>> No. 17883
File 121824299874.gif - (163.36KB , 480x679 , rumia (6).gif ) [iqdb]
From now on, first to ten wins.


[x] Accept your fate and die.

The monster's teeth slide down your adam's apple. You can feel the monster's breath on your neck alot more intensely now. It's breathing suddenly becomes erratic and then stops. A strange pulsing sensation replaces it's breath. The pulse is now moving in a circular motion.

You resign yourself to death. Your life was short and uneventful. Your thoughts go to your family. Your father, the respected merchant whose work keeps him away from the house most of the time. Your mother, who only cares about making your sister into a perfect lady. Your little sister, a tomboy who would rather be outside playing in the fields then learning the piano. Then your thoughts turn to your uncle. The asshole whom you were named after. Just thinking about him and the little "deed" he did three years ago makes you mad.

The monster withdrawls it's fangs from your neck.

"Not afraid?" Says the monster, as it brings it's glowing, red eyes up to your own. "That's a shame. Fear makes you taste better."

The eyes shift to your left and draw closer to you. You can feel it's cold breath against your ear now. "You're going to die anyways," the voice whispers. "Why not do me a favor and scream out in terror?"

[ ] Scream.
[ ] Refuse.
>> No. 17884
What the shit? You rewarded plainly obvious votespam, even in the case of the revote. So we can just go ahead and spam our desired option, and rest assured that we can railroad the story?

>> No. 17885
[ ] Refuse.
>> No. 17887
[ ] Refuse.
>> No. 17888
[X] Refuse.

Better than rewarding LOL ERECTION SO RANDUM.
>> No. 17889
[ ] Refuse.
>> No. 17890

Bullshit. The winning option isn't the problem here, either.

What pisses me off about this is that it gives me no confidence in his ability to discern proper voting. This is a pretty big fucking problem, because if anyone can win just by spamming votes - and in an incredibly obvious manner, at that - then why the hell should I bother? Anyone who wants to railroad the story at a crucial time can just step in and spam votes until they win. Anyone who votes honestly will lose out by default. Hell, he might as well just hand the win to whoever votes first. It sucks the enjoyment right out of the story to know that whatever vote I throw out is practically worthless.
>> No. 17891
Hey CoF, the erection vote clearly win before the votespamming.

Seriously, why reward the blatant votespamming?

[x] Get an erection.

Because seriously, this should have won.
>> No. 17894

[x] "I won't taste better if I fake it."
[x] "And could you get on with it? This life has been rather blasé, so I'd like to get to the next one."
>> No. 17895
[X] Refuse.

I approve of what you did CoF. Don't reward their faggotry.
>> No. 17897

Because GET AN ERECTION LOL wasn't a legitimate vote. What are you? 12 years old?
>> No. 17899
You know what?

Let me prove a fucking point.

[ ] Scream.
>> No. 17900
[ ] Scream.
>> No. 17901
[ ] Scream.
>> No. 17902

Actually, it might surprise her or at least make her laugh.
>> No. 17903
[ ] Scream.
>> No. 17904
[ ] Scream.
>> No. 17905
[ ] Scream.
>> No. 17906
[ ] Scream.
>> No. 17907
[ ] Scream.
>> No. 17908
[ ] Scream.
>> No. 17909
[ ] Scream.
>> No. 17910
Now scream isn't going to win.

Cry more faggot.
>> No. 17911

What are you proving? That you're an immature little faggot?

Take a good look anonymous, these are the type of people who vote for GET AN ERECTION xD
>> No. 17912
Now, see? If that bullshit wins, do you understand why there's a problem?

The accepting death option won in this exact fucking manner during the revote. This is complete bullshit due to the fact that the votespam was completely transparent: a slew of just enough votes to win, all the votes posted exactly identical, and in an incredibly short period of time.

One person seizing control of the story is bullshit. So what if you think Anon is being retarded with his write ins? It's not your fucking call to dismiss the vote, especially when the writer is considering using the write in. If you don't like it, let the story punish Anon; at the very least, if it does BAD END, Anon will feel mostly vindicated and get a good laugh. Rampant BS votespam just serves to embitter us and start people like me complaining, and for good fucking reason.

We need to get this shit sorted out now, before the story really gets going, so that we don't have problems down the road.
>> No. 17913

You assholes just don't get it, do you? I don't care that the option I voted for lost. The stuff I vote for in other threads loses half the time and wins the other half. That's fine. It's part of the game.

Hell, I wouldn't even have minded this much if he had just flat-out refused to write the write in.

What I care about is a writefag who doesn't even attempt to disregard votespam, even when it's blatantly obvious. There's no fucking point in anyone voting if the story can be railroaded this easily. That just encourages people to cheat. I mean, damn, people will do it anyway, but this is just bad form.
>> No. 17915
Votespam:02 or 03

>> No. 17917
Holy damn, this went downhill fast.

The only solution to this is to have people quit votespamming. I'm sure most of you will agree, but it only takes one faggot to fuck it up for everyone.
>> No. 17918
File 121825127813.jpg - (72.22KB , 352x350 , OVER9000.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 17919

Yes, this would be the ideal outcome, now wouldn't it?

That's why we need to get this shit out of the way now. So that it doesn't come up later. Or repeatedly. Set the policy in stone early on, and limit the fallout later.
>> No. 17921
To Cat or Fish?:
As a precautionary measure, please disregard all identical posts that are posted within three minutes of one another.

Either that, or require some form of rationale for why each user is posting that way in order to count their vote.

I would recommend starting this over from back at the vote in >>17750.
>> No. 17923
Alright, I fucked up. I admit it. I wasn't paying attention to the posting times and I ignored the fact that many of the votes were identical. I never thought cheating would be this much of an issue.

New Rules:
1. First to ten wins.
2. If I see two identical posts that are within ten minutes of each other, both posts will be disregarded.

If anyone would like to change or add anything to the rules, then I'm all ears.

Do you guys want a rollback or a story restart? If you want to put this dog down, then we can do that too.
>> No. 17925

Yes I would. Because you're missing my point entirely.

The reason I'm bringing it up now is because I want CoF? to recognize the common pattern of a poorly disguised votespam. If he earnestly doesn't recognize it, it will inevitably arise as an issue again. At that time, someone else will start bitching, and if it's left unaddressed then the problem will repeat itself again.

It's important that CoF? can recognize these patterns, and that he tells us right now how he wants to deal with them. If his plan is to tacitly accept them as valid votes, then people like me who would prefer some semblance of fairness will know well enough to avoid this story and avoid being incensed. Otherwise, he needs to come up with a reasonably solid response to these events. Be it punishments in the story for starting this sort of thing, be it simply ignoring obvious spamming, we need to know how he plans to deal with this if we want the story to proceed smoothly in the future.

tl;dr If obvious problems aren't fixed early, then they will occur again, and you will likely be the one raging at that time.
>> No. 17926

Keep going

If I see two identical posts that are within ten minutes of each other, both posts will be disregarded.

That will not work. We can only hope the major votespam has stopped and that everyone will do things fairly from now on.
>> No. 17927

And the problem is resolved. Like I said. We have policy now.

As previously stated, I don't particularly care how we proceed from here. I'll leave rollback/restart/continue up to the others.
>> No. 17928
[x] No restart.
[x] Start a new thread reposting >>17883; throw out votes in this thread.

I like this 10 minute idea because it encourages thoughtful write-ins.

This thread is embarrassing, and you should've started a new one for the story itself anyway.
>> No. 17932
Nah, you're wrong. Votespam is shitty faggotry even if it's for the option you want to win. I can see someone getting pissed at such faggotry--and the writer going along with it--no matter what option is being spammed.
>> No. 17934
>2. If I see two identical posts that are within ten minutes of each other, both posts will be disregarded.

Seems nazi-ish.
>> No. 17937
Your writing is fine but this thread is an eyesore.
>> No. 17942
What happened to the new thread?
>> No. 17944
I forgot to add something. New thread is up now.