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16304 No. 16304
"Does anybody want tea?" You ask.
Youmu looks up at you and nods. "Yes, thank you."
"Reimu?" You ask.
She finally looks up from Genji.
"Hm? Oh, yes." She says.
"Imma come help!" Suika says, falling off the table but managing to find her feet before she hits the floor. Good thing she's so short. She bounds up to you as you head out the door.
"Back in a moment." You say, hearing the girls start talking as you walk off.
"So where's the kitchen here, huh?' Suika asks, stumbling alongside you. "Bet it's big and flashy like the rest of this place!"
"It's ... large, I guess." You say. The Mansion is rather grand, you've just got used to it. Good thing you have, seeing as it's your home now.

When you reach the kitchen Suika starts going through the cupboards, pulling things out and squinting at the labels.
"Woah!" She says as you place some cups on a tray, waiting for the water to boil.
"What is it?" You ask, turning to see Suika rip the top off of an oddly shaped bottle.
"It's whiskey." She says, voice tinted with awe. "Don't get much of it here."
"I suppose not." You shrug. "I think I can remember how it's fermented if you want ..." You trail off as Suika up-ends the bottle over her mouth, drinking a good half of the liquid inside.
"Er ... Suika? That's pretty strong."
She wipes her mouth and grins up at you, letting out a hiccup. "I know."
"It's also not yours." You say, voice taking on a harder edge.
"Awww c'mon." She slurs. "Gotta hav' lots in ya' for good fightin'" She puts her fists up and boxes the air, taking a chunk out of the sideboard.
"Oops." She says, picking up the chunk and trying to fit it back in place. You laugh, but feel thankful Sakuya can't see her kitchen right now.

You boil the water and fill the teapot while Suika sits on the floor. Before you pick up the tray, you turn back to her.
"What you said about needing lot of drink to fight, do you mind if I have a drop more of your Sake?"
She shakes her head. "Course I don' mind. Here." She hands you the gourd and you take a long swig, feeling the sweetness slide down your throat. Maybe she's right, a little might help.

Once you get back to the sitting room, Meiling and Sakuya have joined the gathering. Suika bounces through the door, seemingly oblivious to the sharp increase in tension in the room.
Sakuya is sitting in a chair, still looking a mess. Meiling is standing behind her chair, hands slowly massaging Sakuya's shoulders. Youmu has moved seats and is now sitting much closer to Sakuya, fidgeting with her dress and looking down, chewing her lip. Meiling is eyeing Youmu with what on any other person would be contempt, but Meiling appears to be only capable of mild disapproval and sympathy.
Reimu has fallen asleep, head tipped back. She snores loudly, once.
"Tea!" You say, trying to ignore the situation.
"Oh good." Youmu says. You notice her steal a glance at Sakuya, trying to stop a smile creeping onto her face. Meiling looks up and smiles at you warmly, Sakuya just nods at you slowly, turning red.
You lay the cups out on the table and pour some tea, offering Sakuya the first cup. She takes it silently. Youmu and Meiling each take one as well, thanking you as they do.
"Should I wake up Reimu?" You ask.
Youmu frowns at Reimu, Meiling looks sheepish.
"Wake up!" Suika yells in Reimu's ear, jumping back to avoid Reimu's attempted swipe.
"Uh." Reimu grunts as she sits up. "Ooooh, tea." She says, instantly alert. She pours herself a cup and takes a sip. "Mmmm."
"Want some Suika?" You ask. She shakes her head and raises the gourd, winking at you.
"I take it Remilia is getting everyone else?"
"Have you got a saucer?" Reimu asks, ignoring your question.
"Er ... I don't think so, sorry. What for?"
She points down at Genji.
"Jus' give me a cup m'lady." A slow, grinding voice says.
"Okay." Reimu pours another cup of tea while you look on in astonishment. She lays it in front of Genji and he stretches his head to drink from it carefully.

[ ] Talk to (person) (specify topic).

>> No. 16306
[ ] Talk to (Ganji) (about himself).
Because I'm curious.
>> No. 16307
[x] Talk to Remi about getting Patchi and Flandre involved.

They aren't here and their help is definitely needed for this meeting.

[x] Talk to Reimu about getting Yukari to fight.

A bit overkill with the numbers we already have, but meh.

[x] Inform group on problem and ask for suggestions.

>> No. 16308
Have we talked about how Youmu knows Sakuya in the first place?

If not,

[x]Talk to Youmu about how she met everyone at SDM.
>> No. 16309
How are we supposed to talk to Remi when she hasn't even come back, yet?
>> No. 16310
[x] Talk to Youmu, ask if she can bring her mistress along.

Remember guys? We have knowledge of the characters in gensokyo. Might as well try.
>> No. 16311
I think Remi may handle Yukari and the other two. She said she'd try again later, and she's probably left for a reason.
>> No. 16312
[ ] Talk to (Genji) (How does turtle know what tea is?).
>> No. 16313
[X] Talk to Reimu about what happened to her guest

Am I the only one curious about what happened to the poor knight after our brief encounter at the shrine?
>> No. 16314
[X]Talk to everyone: "How about a gangbang, for luck?"
>> No. 16315
[X] Talk to Genji: "Fuck yes, you are the best talking turtle EVER."
>> No. 16316

oh u
>> No. 16317
[x] Talk to Youmu, ask if she can bring her mistress along.

Everything so far is rather meh and I can't think of anything good either.
>> No. 16318
[ ] Talk to (Ganji) (ask him about himself).

I wonder what he's capable of.
>> No. 16319
[X] Talk to Mima "I know you're there."
>> No. 16320
[ ] Talk to (Ganji) (ask him about himself).
>> No. 16321
[x] Talk to (Genji) (ask him about himself).
>> No. 16322
File 121580760120.jpg - (34.99KB , 250x290 , 250px-Dbcast.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is who I think of every time I envision Genji
>> No. 16323
Except I imagine the scouter blowing up in Bulma's hand rather then reading as 0.0000004
>> No. 16324
[X] Ask Sakuya if she thinks the blood could be helpful against the monster this time around.

If so, we need to dispatch someone to get it from Eientei.

Do we still have Sakuya's watch? We should give that back so she can get herself cleaned up.
>> No. 16325
File 121580892518.jpg - (43.76KB , 640x480 , tag unrelated.jpg ) [iqdb]
>[ ] Talk to (Ganji) (about himself).

[X] Talk to Suika about how her gourd never seems to run out.
>> No. 16327
Business first, gentlemen. HY hasn't given us a wall in a while:

[x] Give Sakuya back the watch.
[x] Ask Sakuya to debrief us on how her fight with the creature played out.
[x] Ask Youmu to go to Eientei and ask Eirin for the cultured Belmont-type blood.
[x] Ask Reimu how her guest is.
[x] Ask if everyone already knows the good news about Patchy & Alice.
>> No. 16328
Sorry for the seven minutes, I fell asleep. Pounding out another update now before I return to bed.
>> No. 16329
If we haven't done it already:
[x] Talk to Youmu about our sword.

I'm interested to hear what a (half-baked) master swordsman would have to say about the sword we have recently acquired.
>> No. 16330
Sorry, I typed that first vote on a bad keyboard, and everyone seems to copypaste it.
>> No. 16331
"Er ... Genji?" You say, not entirely sure what you're doing.
The turtle cranes his head to look up at you.
"Hello." You try.
He just blinks slowly. You're sure you heard him talk just now. Sakuya and Meiling are looking at you like you're doing something very strange, Youmu isn't paying attention, just staring at Sakuya over the top of her cup. Reimu raises her eyebrows at you, mildly surprised.
'C'mon Genji!" Suika calls. "He's cool, you can talk to him."
Genji cocks his head at you.
You clear your throat. "I was just wondering Genji, what kind of abilities do you have? I mean, we're dealing with something pretty dangerous here, I wouldn't want to put anyone in harm's way if they don't want to be."
Suika hops over to you and points excitedly at Genji.
"He's got all kinds of stuff!" She says. "He knows lots because he's really old."
"Stuff like what?" You look between Suika and Genji.
"Stuff like laser eyes!" Suika nearly yells in your face, using her fingers to mime beams shooting from her eyes.
Genji goes back to his tea and Youmu lets out a giggle. You notice Sakuya glance at her in surprise.

"Genji can pull his own weight and he knows when to stay out of the way." Reimu says. "Don't worry."
You nod, not entirely reassured.
"Youmu?" You say, having an idea.
"Yes?" She looks at you, managing to regain her composure again.
"Like I said before, we need all the help we can get. Is there any chance you can get Mistress Yuyuko involved?"
"Ah." Youmu seems to deflate slightly. "She's busy."
"Does she know what's happening?"
"She's busy." Youmu says, voice a little too hard.
Reimu looks at Youmu, raising an eyebrow.

At that moment, the door opens and everyone turns to look. Alice's face appears around the door.
"I assume this is where we're all gathering?" She opens the door fully and steps through, followed by Shanghai and four other dolls carrying a large chest. She flicks her fingers and they set the chest down, off the side. The dolls sit on the chest as Alice takes a set next to Reimu, nodding to everyone in greeting. Shanghai sits on her shoulder and loops a hand around a lock of Alice's hair.
"Hey Alice, having fun in the library?" Reimu asks, smirking.
Alice turns red. "H-how did you know about that?"
Reimu shrugs. "News travels fast." She nudges Alice in the ribs. "Don't worry, good for you."
Alice smiles nervously and looks down.
"What's in the box Alice?" You ask.
"My dolls." She says, pride obvious in her voice.
You pour Alice some tea as she exchanges pleasantries with everyone else in the room. As you hand it to her you almost drop it, the noise of a sharp gust of wind makes you jump in your seat.
"Hm, a full house." Comes Patchouli's bored drawl.
"Hi Patchy, come sit." Alice says, patting the space next to her. "And Hello Miss Eirin."
Eirin steps out from beside Patchouli, carrying a leather doctor's bag in one hand and a long slivery bow in the other. A quiver of arrows is slung at her waist.
"Hello all." She says, glancing around. "Still waiting for our host?"
More greetings are exchanged and Eirin accepts a cup of tea, but only drinks after adding something to it from a bottle produced from inside her bag. Patchouli sits beside Alice, who places her hand on Patchouli's knee.

A moment later, Remilia swishes through the door at full tilt, going up and over the sofa to land in a sitting position right next to you.
"Thank you all for coming." She says, not missing a beat. "You'll all be glad to know that my sister is asleep at the moment."
Alice looks a little disappointed, Youmu and Reimu look relieved.
"To business." Remilia says, glancing at you with a smile. "We've got something to kill."
She spends some time going over the basics, what the monster is and where it is kept, leaving out the painful personal details.
"How strong is it?" Reimu asks.
"Very." Remilia says, glancing at Sakuya. "I ... I need the help you're offering."
"Or services that will be paid for." Eirin adds.
Remilia nods, rolling her eyes. "Or that."
"Do we have a plan?" Reimu asks.
"Not yet." Remilia says.

[ ] Suggest an idea. (Specify).
[ ] Stay quiet, let them plan.
[ ] Ask someone specific for their input.
>> No. 16332
[X] Ask Sakuya for her input.

She's actually fought the damn thing recently, so I'd like to hear from her what she does or doesn't think will work.
>> No. 16333
[X] Ask Sakuya for her input.

Don't know if she'd appreciate being put on the spot, but she surely had some notion of how to go about killing it when she decided to go after it alone. And just because she couldn't quite pull it off herself doesn't mean that whatever plan she had was completely without merit.
>> No. 16334
[X] Ask Sakuya for her input.
>> No. 16335
[X] Ask Sakuya for her input.
Learn from defeat and all that.
>> No. 16336
[X] Ask about Yukari.
[X] Ask Sakuya for her input.
>> No. 16337
[X] Ask Sakuya for her input. Apologise for putting her on the spot.

Can't help but be a little soft.
>> No. 16338
[x] Ask someone specific for their input (Genji).
> "He knows lots because he's really old."
>> No. 16339
[X] Ask Sakuya for her input.
>> No. 16340
And now I return to the blissful oblivion of sleep.

More tomorrow!
>> No. 16341
{X} Stay quiet, let them plan.
>> No. 16342
[X] Ask Sakuya for her input.
>> No. 16344
[X] Ask Sakuya for her input. Apologise for putting her on the spot.

So soft~
>> No. 16345
[X] Ask Sakuya for her input.

Like >>16333 said, she had SOME idea on how to bring it down, unlike Remi who probably just went in with VAMPIRE SMASH! and got hulled out. We knew why she needed the whip, but we never did ask her if she needed the blood for her game plan or in case she failed.

Even if it is Remi's sin, Sakuya's the most knowledgeable on what and what not to do against it at this time.
>> No. 16346
Perhaps it would be a good idea to pick Patchouli's brain as well? Between her knowledge of vampires in general and what she specifically knows about this one in particular, she's bound to know something crucial to bringing that thing down for good.
>> No. 16347
[X] Ask Sakuya for her input.

Moment of truth.
>> No. 16348
[X] Ask Sakuya for her input.
Not to mention she has actual combat experience against it and thus at least a some level of practical knowledge of it's abilities.
>> No. 16349
>"You'll all be glad to know that my sister is asleep at the moment."

Which of the following is safer? Involving Flandre or not involving Flandre which might mean involving Flandre without the chance to control what she's doing.
>> No. 16350
[X] Ask Sakuya for her input.
>> No. 16351
We should definitely ask for Patchouli's input before interjecting our own theories. Sakuya has the most to say though, and she might stay passive throughout the entire discussion unless she's spoken to. HY will almost certainly give us time to ask other people, so we should take Flandre's advice and listen to Sakuya first.
>> No. 16352
I think that's what Remi went to deal with. Hopefully, she didn't sugarcoat it in her normal fashi-.... oh, shit.
>> No. 16353
[X] Ask Sakuya for her input.
>> No. 16354
File 121581549934.jpg - (101.29KB , 860x1032 , Hy-Saguya shaded.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's finally complete!

This is what you wanted right HY? I don't know why you wanted a self-cest pic though
>> No. 16355

Delicious selfcest.
>> No. 16356

>> No. 16357
File 121581569556.png - (45.03KB , 217x304 , suika & yukari - drink.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Ask Sakuya for her input.
[x] "You've fought the damn thing, what can you tell us?"

Anyone else notice us missing our chance to ask Flandre what she knew, as well as what she learned from Sakuya?
I sure as fuck did.

You trail off as Suika up-ends the bottle over her mouth, drinking a good half of the liquid inside.
I couldn't help but think of this picture.

>"Jus' give me a cup m'lady." A slow, grinding voice says.
Genji will now forever sound like an old black guy in my head.
>> No. 16358
[X] Ask Patchouli for her input.
[X] Find a gap and ask Yukari for her input.
>> No. 16359
File 121581865529.jpg - (20.71KB , 588x349 , richboy0.jpg ) [iqdb]
Damn, StG?
>> No. 16360
[x] Ask Sakuya for her input.
>> No. 16361
oh god fapping at the speed of light

[X] Ask Sakuya for her input.
>> No. 16364
>> No. 16365
[X] Ask Sakuya for her pink knife.
>> No. 16368
[X] Ask Sakuya for her pink panties.
>> No. 16369
[x] Ask Patchouli for her input.
>> No. 16370
Do we still have the sword? Regardless of who we ask and what we ask, having the artifact designed to protect the Scarlet bloodline present would probably be a good idea. This is not, however, a recommendation to ask the sword what to do. That's just a plain old cop out; we should be able to solve this.
>> No. 16371

It's seems to always be on our person, sort of like a cursed object. Still since I want to make sure we have the watch and the whip:

[x] Inventory.
>> No. 16372
It's been pretty well established that the sword manages to follow us no matter where we leave it behind, so yeah. It's on us.
>> No. 16373
In all fairness, at some point we pocketed a syringe and morphine when we saved Frisca from vampirization and it blinked out of existence. In my mind, I think we were accidentally injected with the remainder when Sakuya deposited us in the basement catacombs. Being high as a kite (plus a possible concussion) is the only way I can reconcile our conversational banter with Mr. Skull.
>> No. 16375
[x] Ask Sakuya for her input.
[x] Ask Patchouli for her input.
[x] Where's Yukari?
>> No. 16376
[x] Ask Sakuya for her input.
[x] Ask Patchouli for her input.
[x] Where's Yukari?
>> No. 16379
File 121585851442.jpg - (151.18KB , 687x700 , 052b24fcce655ec9bef7db8ae5aad3ff22.jpg ) [iqdb]
Is that so~? Looks like you made a small oversight.
>> No. 16381
[x] Ask Sakuya for her input.
>> No. 16383
[x] Ask Rumia for her input.
>> No. 16384
Alright, I'm finally awake and vaguely alive.

Writing now.
>> No. 16385
[x] Ask Sakuya to put it in.
>> No. 16386
>> No. 16387
>> No. 16388
"I have an idea." You say. All eyes turn to you. "One of us here has already fought it." You gesture to Sakuya, she looks up, hint of pride creeping into her expression.
"Yes." She says. "I tired and I lost."
"And what can you tell us?" You say. Sakuya hesitates, looking from side to side.
"Come on Sakuya, I'm interested in this as well." Remilia says, leaning forward, resting her chin on her hand.
Sakuya looks down for a long moment, then back up, making eye contact with everyone in the room as she talks.
"It's fast, very very fast. It bypassed most of my time-stopping, so I never really even got a good look at it." She says.
"Is it as fast as Remilia? I've beaten her." Reimu asks, winking at Remilia, who sticks her tongue out back at Reimu.
Sakuya shakes her head. "It's an order of magnitude faster than my Mistress, though I don't believe it is capable of flight."
"Biological or magical?" Eirin asks, voice slow and calm.
"It's got no wings." Remilia says.
"Good." Eirin says.
"Sakuya, continue, please." You say. She takes a deep breath.
"I don't really know what else to say. Silver had little effect."
"It wouldn't do." Patchouli says, eyes half-lidded. "Consider Remilia and Flandre. How many weaknesses do they have? How much does sunlight, or running water, or sliver effect them anymore?"
Sakuya nods slowly, everyone is watching Patchouli now.

"So how do we kill it?" You ask Patchouli.
She shrugs slowly. "There is only one thing I can think of."
"It doesn't." Eirin says with a smile.
"Exactly." Patchouli says, smiling back.
Patchouli looks up at the rest of the room. "On top of natural resistance, a vampire that old is usually extremely clever, thus capable of protecting themselves from nearly every conceivable way of being killed." She gestures at Remilia.
Remilia grins. "True."
"We need to attack with something it does not understand how to protect against." Patchouli says. "Huge quantities of magic would be my preferred method."
"I agree." Alice says. "If it's really that fast then attack from a distance is the safest option. Magic allows us all to hang back."
Reimu nods. "I prefer a more up-close approach, but magic gets my vote too."
"Imma' punch it inna face!" Suika pipes up from her seat on the table, jabbing out with a fist lazily before slumping to the table again.
Youmu giggles.
Remilia frowns thoughtfully. "That could work. How strong are you Suika?" She asks.
Suika lets out a loud snore in response. Remilia scowls.
"She could throw it into orbit." Reimu says. "No joke."
"I-I d-don't think anyone should get close enough to throw it anywhere." Meiling says. "W-we don't want anyone getting bitten."

Eirin taps the table with her fingers. "Youkai should be safe from the effects of a vampire's bite." She reaches into her bag and pulls out a large flask of clear liquid. "For those of us who are not so lucky, I have brought this."
"What's that?" Remilia asks as Eirin passes the bottle to you.
"One measure please." Eirin says to you, pointing to your empty teacup. "The effects will last forty-eight hours. It is a blood-harmoniser, for want of a better term."
You pour a little of the liquid into your cup, Eirin holds out hers and you pour her some as well. She points to Reimu's cup and you give her a little.
"You too, your method doesn't work." She says to Sakuya, wagging her finger. You pour some in another cup and offer it to Sakuya.
"Bottoms up." Eirin says, downing her drink. You follow suit, the liquid burning a path to your stomach like a forest fire in your throat. You cough and splutter, Reimu does too.
Eirin smacks her lips. "That bad?"
You nod, Sakuya wipes her tongue in disgust. Remilia laughs at her.

"I-I t-think Suika has a point." Meiling says nervously from behind Sakuya's chair.
"Yes Meiling?" You say, smiling at her encouragingly.
"W-well er ... if I g-got close enough to hit it right, I could probably kill it in one blow."
Patchouli sits up. "No you couldn't." She says.
"Eh?" Meiling turns red.
"Your skills are good, but not that good. At best you could cripple it."
"That's good enough, right?" Reimu says. "Cripple it and then we rip its head off."
Patchouli shakes her head. "Not that simple. It regenerates so fast we wouldn't have a chance."
Remilia just stays silent considering the room with a shrewd expression on her face.
"We have magic on one hand, and physical fighting on the other?" You ask. Everyone nods.
"We also have this." Eirin pulls a large vial out of her bag, then another, and another, and another, placing them all on the table. There are ten, all of them filled with a thick, greenish liquid. Remilia's eyes light up at the sight of them.
"Are those what I think they are?" She asks.
Eirin nods. "Get some of it into the monster's blood-stream and something might happen." She shrugs. "I don't know what."
Remilia holds up a hand for silence. "Magic, fists and poison. Any suggestions?"

[ ] Suggest a plan.
[ ] Stay quiet.
>> No. 16389
>> No. 16390
[X] Suggest a plan.

But I can't think of anything.
>> No. 16391
[] Suggest a plan
Let's see...
We have those with strong magic hang back, possible casting some sort of holding spell. We get a few melee capable fighters to gaurd the magicians, we know from experience that Patchouli is weak at close range. Lastly, we need other melee fighters, such as Remilia and Suika, to attack it and try to hold it down for a bit. Inject it full of the poison when it's held down.
>> No. 16392
[X] Suggest a plan.
[X] Ask if a blade could be coated with the poison. You have the sword, Sakuya has her knives and Eirins arrows could possibly also be coated with the stuff. A pint might not do much to the monster, but if you pump it full of the stuff, it might be enough to kill it.
>> No. 16393
Oh, and then blow open the roof and get Suika to launch it into orbit as a finisher.
>> No. 16394
I'm going to give you a while to mull this one over, so no rush.
>> No. 16395
[X] Stay quiet, see if anyone else has a good plan. If not...
[X] See if Eirin can make some sort of vapor out of the poison, and use that to smoke the creature out. (She surely can't deliver a lethal dose that way, but enough to annoy it into moving will do. It probably won't die just from being poisoned anyway.) Funnel it into a hall (Reimu's sealing borders can help here), where it meets Suika, who keeps it in place hopefully long enough for casters to blast it. If creature fails to die from poison gas + magic, it should at least be stunned, and Suika throws it into the sun.

The downside here is that Suika is probably getting nuked as well, but we're counting on her being physically stronger than it anyway.
>> No. 16396
[X] "Define 'might'." Have Eirin talk it over with Remilia; between the two of them they should have an idea of a few possible effects, and the probability of anything happening or at least a recommended dosage.

After all, Eirin's never seen the thing.

[X] Have Sakuya cook something with the poison in it to feed it with - she's had practice cooking with..."foreign ingredients".

It's been proven already that slipping it poison on the spot ain't gonna happen, and it's too fast to be manageable right now. If anything works with this, it should be a little slower.

[X] Focus the magic-users in such a way that the monster will either be hit or forced into close quarters, then have them provide backup for operation Mongolian with AoE spells that may or may not further inhibit it.

Just because magic and punching it into the sun could work doesn't mean that we can actually catch it, though. Possibly do a dry run of sorts; get some info from the people in charge of feeding it to see if the poison has any noticeable effects, but only if the chances are against us - If so, we're gonna want to use as much as we can get away with.
>> No. 16398
[X] Suggest a plan.
Theres already traps set up outside it's room right? Couldn't we just open the door, wait for it to set them off, and then blow it to hell while it's stunned? Maybe make the traps a bit better, try and incorporate the poison somehow. We might also be able to get Patchy and Alice to make some magical landmines or something like that
>> No. 16399
Not making a plan, but here are a few, safe options for stealth poisoning:

- Scout with Alice's dolls (sans Shanghai; we need her "alive"). To an extent, we could probably use them to extract/inject the poison in the room or in the monster itself
- Have Suike mist into the room and manually inject him. Or rather, mist in and Shoryuken it into the sun.
- Have Patchi (teleport) poison bomb it out of it's confines into the main hall to eat an Omnidirectional Artful Gungnir.
- DSS: Uranus + Manticore! Let our summon deal with it.
- True Belmont fashion: Walk in, huck poison in room, seal exit, ready sword/whip. If we don't come back downstairs with a relic of Dracula, get ready to Colorful Omnidirectional Artful Gungnir Flare it.
- Belmartyrmous: Drink poison, let it bite us, proceed with above plan. (Eirin's drug and Remi's thrall powers should help us survive both poisoning and vampiring)
>> No. 16400
It prefers to stay in its room, and probably won't come out unless actively interacted with.

Another thing we should do is ask Remilia for any more details on its origin. The sword did make us think about killing it, but those could just have been the thoughts that were on our mind anyway. I'm leery of complications if the creature is considered part of the Scarlet bloodline somehow.

Operation Mongol is pretty much a lock for a finishing move. It's tough and can adapt and regenerate, it might survive poison and magic, but if it's not capable of flight it isn't coming back from space. The problem is getting it throwable in some way, without tipping it off too much as to what's going to happen. Unfortunately, after Sakuya's attack, I can't think of anything that's sure to surprise it.

A last ditch plan if someone's feeling suicidal is to poison themselves and then be bitten. Come to think of it, that might be a good thing for Suika to do, if she can survive it.
>> No. 16402

Going with this. I don't care if we die in the process, this is awesome.
>> No. 16403
I think we're forgetting that Suika can do way more things than just punch things into orbit. Shes got manipulation of density! She should be able to fuck him up in several ways that don't even involve touching him. She could make him so dense that he falls to the ground, make the air around him so dense he can't move, make a gravity well directly underneath him, turn his limbs into mist, or maybe just turn his brain into mist, that'd probably end the fight in a big damn hurry.
>> No. 16404
I think the ideal method would be to figure out how to somehow restrain it, and then inject as much of that stuff into it as fast as you can.
Speed is probably the most dangerous thing about it, and as long as it can move relatively freely it will be difficult to hit it with magic, and getting close enough for physical attacks would practically be an act of suicide. Eliminate movement as a factor, at it will be much easier to hit him with whatever you want.
A stationary target is always preferable to a highly-mobile one, always.
Perhaps confuse it with spells long enough for Suika and Meiling to rush in and restrain it from behind. However powerful it might be, I doubt its strength can compare to an oni's.

The other problem is how to go about getting that stuff into the creature's bloodstream. Coating the sword, Sakuya's knives, and Eirin's arrows MIGHT get some into it, but I doubt it would be enough to have any noticeable effect on it, especially with how quickly it regenerates. It would likely require multiple attacks to have the desired effect, and I think that the longer this fight goes on the worse it will be for us.

Converting the stuff into a vapor is a neat idea, but it has one huge flaw that it would require the creature to inhale enough for it to have an effect. This is a problem because, as Remi told us in the bath, vampires DON'T need to breathe.

Best means of delivery, I think, is injection. Preferably through a combination of darts fired from a distance followed up with a big-ass syringe up close as the finisher. The problem is if we even have anything like that. Eirin's bound to have some needles in her bag, but I'm not sure any of them would fit the bill.

Best plan I can think of is to try to slow and/or immobilize it with magic from afar, send in Suika and Meiling to restrain it, and then have anyone else who can't fling spells go in with needles and inject the fucker until he pops.
Of course, I'm sure there's something better that can be done. Hell if I know what it is, though.
>> No. 16405
Those would be excellent plans if we weren't being denied uberhax methods of winning. Got a feeling HY won't let any of that fly.
>> No. 16406
I get what you're saying, but Suika's drunk and can't comprehend orders ATM. She'd more than likely lower the air density in the room, making him way faster than even Youmu. A mistake we really can't afford.

The reason I had that only SHE interacts with it alone or as a minor point in the plan rather than have to depend solely on her.
>> No. 16407
Not really a strategy, but a possible tactic to use in battle: since it can't fly, get Suika to put a gravity well nearby it in midair. If she can quickly hit it with that gravity well when it doesn't have much momentum, it'll be left floating and unable to move. After that, it's target practice.
>> No. 16408
>- Belmartyrmous: Drink poison, let it bite us, proceed with above plan. (Eirin's drug and Remi's thrall powers should help us survive both poisoning and vampiring)
Fucking awesome.
>> No. 16409
>>Belmartyrmous: Drink poison, let it bite us, proceed with above plan. (Eirin's drug and Remi's thrall powers should help us survive both poisoning and vampiring)

Don't think it will work. Whatever is in Remi's vampire blood is what gives us our thrall status. Whatever is in that "poison" is meant to counter/kill whatever is in vampire blood.

Generally speaking, taking things that have completely opposite purposes is generally a very BAD thing to do.

Best case scenario, it would simply nullify Remilia's blood, making us no longer a thrall. Worst case scenario, we wind up with some strange drug interaction that royally fucks us over and renders us even more useless than we are now.

If you're going to do something like that, you may as well just pump that stuff into a couple fairy maids, toss them into the room, and let him drain them.
>> No. 16410
[x] "Sakuya, you never did mention why you needed the whip."
[x] "Remi, what are the limits of enthrallment regeneration? I really don't want to survive being mauled knowing that I'll still lose all my limbs." Waggle the stump of your ring finger at her.
[x] "If all of this fails, I think we should just take off and have Flandre nuke the entire mansion from orbit." Shrug. "It's the only way to be sure."
>> No. 16411
>>16391 Good point.
[X] Suggest a plan.

>>Belmartyrmous: Drink poison, let it bite us, proceed with above plan. (Eirin's drug and Remi's thrall powers should help us survive both poisoning and vampiring) - Nice idea!

But Flandre can help too..
>> No. 16415
>>Belmartyrmous: Drink poison, let it bite us, proceed with above plan. (Eirin's drug and Remi's thrall powers should help us survive both poisoning and vampiring)

Way too many things can go wrong with this. What if the thing just decides to rip and tear us? What if the poison doesn't work? Plus, the drug and thralling don't make us a god damned immortal, even if it doesn't outright kill us there's a good chance we'll get some kind of permanent brain damage from spending time with no blood.

Also, even if it wasn't a phenomenally bad idea there's no way Remilia would let us go through with it. Unless we plan on injecting ourselves with poison and marching up those stairs without telling anyone this plan is a no-go.
>> No. 16416
[x] Counter-vote for the Belmartyrmous plan. That vampire thing'll be like Flandre, it that it'll just blow its potential food away. Letting it bite us sounds like a bloody stupid idea, especially considering the forces we've got lined up.
>> No. 16417

Fucking awesome.

Adding this to my vote:
[x] "If all of this fails, I think we should just take off and have Flandre nuke the entire mansion from orbit." Shrug. "It's the only way to be sure."
>> No. 16418
Keep in mind, the stuff we drank is just to keep us immune from becoming a vampire if bitten.
We are still quite susceptible to dismemberment and bleeding to death.

Sure, being Remi's thrall allowed us to heal up after one near-death experience, but remember that was only after several hours of being immobile and unconscious in bed, and it had an effect on Remilia's own regeneration as well.
>> No. 16419
[X] "Sakuya, you never did mention why you needed the whip."
[X] "Remi, what are the limits of enthrallment regeneration? I really don't want to survive being mauled knowing that I'll still lose all my limbs." Waggle the stump of your ring finger at her.
[X] "If all of this fails, I think we should just take off and have Flandre nuke the entire mansion from orbit." Shrug. "It's the only way to be sure."

Voting on account of whatever we do, no matter how brilliant, it'll probably bring despair.
>> No. 16420
[X] Stay quiet

After reading some of these ideas I think it's best to stay quiet.
>> No. 16421
[x] Coat sword in poison. Prepare for stab-fest.
The sword needs to feature in this somewhere. We could give Sakuya the whip if it'll help her.
>> No. 16422
[x] Get Yukari to help us.
[x] Have her gap it in the sky and have everyone shoot their lazers at it. When it lands, have Suika crush it's skull.

...or you can just have her gap it into the center of the Earth. (Is Easy Mode an option?)
>> No. 16423
[X] Attempt to overwhelm it with a full-power magical bombardment from Patchouli, Alice, and Reimu, supported by poison-tipped arrows and knives from Eirin and Sakuya and spear-throws from Remi. While it's disoriented, have Suika and Meiling move into position to restrain it while Remi Gungnirs the fucker to the floor. Once down and immobilized, quickly move in with Sakuya and Eirin, go NEEDLE TIME on him until every single vial is emptied, and then fall back while the magic users continue to provide covering fire.

Once we're certain it's nearly finished, we have Remi skewer it on her Gungnir one last time before Suika moves in for Operation Mongol and punches the son of a bitch straight to the goddamn sun.
>> No. 16424
I really don't think we're going to be much use in this fight, especially since Sakuya wasn't able to do much. It would take nothing short of a miracle for us to land a hit on that thing. I like the sword too, but this fight is simply out of our league.

The best method I see for deploying the poison is coating Alice's dolls with it. If there's enough of them(there should be, she did bring a whole box), then at least one should be able to land a hit. Plus, the whole poison doll gig seems to work pretty well for Medicine.
>> No. 16425
[X] "If all of this fails, I think we should just take off and have Flandre nuke the entire mansion from orbit." Shrug. "It's the only way to be sure."

>> No. 16426
[X] "Sakuya, you never did mention why you needed the whip."
[x] devise plan, again
>> No. 16427
I think we should ask Genji for his take on the situation. Considering how long he's lived and all the things he must have seen, he must surely have some ideas of how we could effectively deal with the creature.

Also, we could really use some confirmation regarding Yukari. If she's going to help, it would be good to know so, even if it winds up coming "fashionably late".
>> No. 16428
I'm assuming the Flandre orbit-nuke suggestions are just joke posts. Never mind the problems with getting her involved; destroying the entire SDM just like that is freakin' stupid.

If they're serious, consider this a counter-vote.
>> No. 16429
Alright, if you're happy with what you've come up with so far, I will blend it and write. If not, let me know and I will give you more time.
>> No. 16430
Nevermind that such an action would wind up killing all of the fairy maids (while they would resurrect eventually, I doubt they would appreciate it), destroy countless irreplaceable things, and leave Remi, Flan, Patchy, Koakuma, Meiling, Sakuya, and ourselves homeless.

Nevermind that if that thing somehow managed to survive, it would have nothing left to stop it from escaping and running loose in Gensokyo. That would be very, very bad.
>> No. 16431
I say go for it. I'm afraid the more idiotic ideas will be immediately vetoed by everyone else, but it will still be funny to have Remi tell us to shut up and just sit there looking pretty while the grown-ups talk.
>> No. 16432
Do this. We can't involve Flandre, and we can't nuke the mansion.
>> No. 16433
>> No. 16434
[x] "If we can force it to leap, we decrease its mobility since it can't change direction for the duration of its leap. And if we catch it with a magical blast in mid-air, as it falls through the air we can hit it with poisoned strikes, immobilization magic, and/or further blasts that keep it airbound and unable to maneuver.
Initially, we should split up into two groups upon entering the room--the crossfire will increase chances of landing hits. Send streams of projectile magic at ground level to force the creature to leap. On a defensive note, the group that the creature doesn't charge can provide a vertical wave of projectiles that cross in front of the creature's path and blast it away from the attacked group, preventing an effective charge. The key is to keep it jumping and blasted away from solid surfaces--that will seal its movement and allow a killing blow to be set up."

>> No. 16435
Okay then, writing now.
>> No. 16437
I think that the poisoning thing is a long shot and would only work because we have a writer on board. Neither do I think that an instantly crippling/lethal shot is possible without tiring it out first, so the safest plan is:
[ ] Suggest a plan.
Wear it out with long range attacks and traps and protect casters with close combat experts. Even if it can regenerate, surely it doesn't have infinite stamina and it will have to rest at some point, keep the conflict at low intensity, but high duration. Make certain there are area effect (to make sure it doesn't avoid them completely) magic traps set all over the mansion that only the combat group knows the location of.

Also, if Pachery can cast some kind of detection spells around the house to make sure we always know where it is, all the better.

Perhaps position the fairies outside the entrances (flying, to make sure they're out of the thing's reach) and have them lay covering fire should the thing decide to come outside for whatever reason.

The nicest part of this plan is, that it can be also used as a backup plan if some more courageous plan fails.
>> No. 16438
"I have some ideas, but I need to ask something first." You say, turning to Remilia. "We could use Yukari, have you tried her again?"
Remilia raises her eyebrows and looks up at the ceiling. "Yukari?"
No answer. Remilia shrugs. "I would appreciate her help, but I ... I do want to play a part in killing it myself."
You nod, patting Remilia's back with one hand. "You will Remi, you will."
Reimu coughs into her hand. "So, ideas?"
"Well." You say. "A number of things." You turn to Sakuya. "Can you fight?"
She doesn't have time to reply.
"She will. Catch." Remilia says, flicking something across the room to Sakuya.
"My watch." Sakuya murmurs, holding it up to the light.
"Get dressed." Remilia says, her voice a shade harder than usual.
There is a click, a number of missing frames, and Sakuya is dressed in her usual clothes once more, twirling a knife on the end of one finger.
"Big sister ..." You hear Youmu whisper, awed. Sakuya winces, trying to ignore Youmu.
Remilia points at Sakuya. "Don't let yourself feel forgiven. You are still very much in trouble."
Sakuya stops twirling the knife, looking down and gulping.
"Why did you need the whip?" You ask her. "I'm willing to give you it if it will make any difference."
Sakuya shakes her head. "It's not for me." There is a missing frame again and Sakuya is holding a knife between each of her fingers. "These are mine, they are more than enough."
You nod.

"I think we should go for a combined attack." You say. "Magic users in back, stun it, get Meiling and Suika in to hold it down, then somebody injects it with the stuff." You gesture to the vials on the table.
"The basic idea is sound, but you need to co-ordinate a lot of people at once." Alice says. "None of us are used to working in such a large group."
You nod.
"First things first." Patchouli says slowly. "Are we getting it out of it's room or not?"
Remilia shakes her head. "The whole tower is shielded, it stays in there."
"Plus we can bottleneck it at the doorway." Sakuya adds.
"Agreed?" You ask.
Everyone nods.
"Me and Alice can hang back." Patchouli says.
"Me too." Eirin says, running her fingers down her bowstring. "Everyone take one of these, in case." She points at the vials on the table and everyone pockets one each. Eirin shoves the rest back into her bag.
Patchouli points at Meiling. "Suika may not be reliable for this task, so you need to be on bodyguard duty. Don't let it get to us."
Meiling nods, head held high.
"I'm going to assist with that." Youmu says. "Hopefully my speed will help me intercept it."
"Hmm." Eirin turns to Youmu, looking her up and down.
"W-what?" Youmu asks.
She points at a spot above Youmu's head. "There is no etheric connection is there? You're immune to vampirism."
"Oh! Yes, I believe so." Youmu nods.

"I'm taking the first opening." Reimu says.
"No." Remilia says. "I am, you follow me."
Reimu opens her mouth, but shuts it again, nodding to Remilia.
Remilia twitches her hand and a soft pink glow appears in it, stretching out in the blink of an eye to form the shape of her spear. "And before that, we're with Alice and Patchouli."
Reimu nods. "Genji should stay out of the way."
Genji looks up and snorts.
"Sakuya." Remilia says. "I want you on emergency response. Anything goes wrong, you hop in."
Sakuya nods. "Yes Mistress."
"You're all topped up with blood." Remilia grins. "So you should be regenerating pretty fast."
"What about me?" You ask.
Remilia turns to you. "You hang back, I don't want you risking anything."
Reimu laughs and you see Patchouli roll her eyes
"He can fight." Patchouli says, voice heavy.
"He stays back!" Remilia says.
"I can fight!" You insist. "It's not like I'm going to inject myself with this" You wave the vial. " And then let it drain me. I'm not an idiot." You put your hand on the hilt of your sword. "I killed the ghoul-king, whatever the hell it was, underground. I can fight."
Remilia frowns.
"He'ca figh'" Suika says, sitting up. "Look a' 'im!" She points at you. "E's got it all over 'im!"
"Got what all over me?" You ask.
"The ... you'know ... ugh." Suika lies back down again. You turn to Remilia, who is looking at you with a curious expression.
"I can fight."
She just stares at you.
"I can."
She points a finger at you. "You stay by someone at all times, okay?"
You smile, nodding. "Is that the only condition?"
Remilia turns away from you. "No heroics."
You grin, fingers tapping the hilt of your sword.

"Then we're all agreed?" Remilia asks the room.
They are.
"We do this tonight?" Reimu asks.
"Yes." Remilia says. "If nobody is tired?"
Nobody protests.
"Good." She says, standing up. "Why don't we-"

The rest of her words are drowned out by a huge crash, the sound of smashing brick and metal being bent and torn. The walls shake and plaster falls slowly from the ceiling.
Everyone looks up.
"Shit." You say.
"What was that?" Reimu says, standing up.
"Flandre." Sakuya says. "Where is she?"
"She was asleep in her room." Remilia says, panic entering her voice.
There is another crash, lower this time.
Remilia jumps off the sofa and twists around in the air, yanking the door open and heading through it. Sakuya and Meiling are right behind her, followed by Reimu. Youmu simply vanishes from sight. Patchouli drifts into the air and rolls her eyes at you, beckoning to Alice.
"I'm going to get them out." She points at her case of dolls. "Wait for me."
Patchouli nods and heads out of the door.
"The plan is always the first casualty of war." Eirin says, suddenly sounding very tired and very old. The illusion is broken as she strands up and picks up her bow. She walks out the door.
Genji floats lazily by as Alice pops the lid of her case, dolls floating out and forming a ring around her.

[ ] Follow everyone.
[ ] Coat the sword in the anti-vampire solution.
[ ] Try calling for Yukari again.
[ ] Ask Alice if she needs any help.
[ ] Try to wake Suika up.
>> No. 16439
[x] Coat the sword in the anti-vampire solution.
Will almost certainly be useful.
[x] Try to wake Suika up.
We need her. And then:
[x] Follow everyone.
>>"I can fight!" You insist. "It's not like I'm going to inject myself with this" You wave the vial. " And then let it drain me. I'm not an idiot."
I lol'ed.
>> No. 16440
[X] Carry Suika and follow everyone.
>> No. 16442
[x] Coat the sword in the anti-vampire solution.
[X] Ask Alice if she needs any help.
[X] Try to wake Suika up.
[X] Follow everyone.
>> No. 16445
[x] Coat the sword in the anti-vampire solution.
[X] Carry Suika and follow everyone.
>> No. 16446
I'm not so sure that we should be coating the sword in anti-vampire solution, considering that it seems to be designed to awaken our instincts and help us protect Remi. That might just be vampiric magic on it. That aside, who knows what else we'll have to use it to do? We may end up having to stab through someone, or use it to pry something out of someone, and lord knows what that stuff will do to them.
>> No. 16447
[X] Try calling for Yukari again.
[X] Try to wake Suika up.
[X] Follow everyone.

Also, in case I happen to miss it, I need someone to do something for me.
When we fight the thing, and when we're about to kill it, I need someone to vote for me...
[X] "Die monster. You don't belong in this world."
>> No. 16448
I have to be up at 7am, even on Sunday, so that's it for tonight. More tomorrow, hopefully at a better speed!
>> No. 16449
[x] Coat the sword in the anti-vampire solution.
[x] Try to wake Suika up.
[x] Follow everyone.
>> No. 16450
[x] Follow everyone.

It's on now, Thing Upstairs!
>> No. 16451
Looking forward to seeing the execution of the plan for Uncle Wally's assassination.

And I say execution, not "looking forward to hearing the plan" because plan explanations that take place off-camera have been proven to be massively more likely to succeed.
>> No. 16452
You think we're going to stick a sword designed to protect the Scarlets through either Remi or Flan? I'd be surprised, and that's putting it politely.
>> No. 16453
You mean Cousin Wally?
>> No. 16454
Fuck, right.
>> No. 16455
[ ] Try to wake Suika up.
We're going to need her VERY soon.
>> No. 16458
>Remilia points at Sakuya. "Don't let yourself feel forgiven. You are still very much in trouble."
>Sakuya stops twirling the knife, looking down and gulping.

I'd really like to know how Remilia chewed Sakuya out and what she told her after we left them.
>> No. 16459
[x] Don't coat the sword in the anti-vampire solution.
[x] Try to wake Suika up.
[x] Follow everyone.
>> No. 16460
[x] Ask the sword if we should coat it with the anti-vampire solution.

Might sound crazy, but we've have been respectful to the "spirit of the sword" so far. I believe it will tell us if its more useful alone or with the venom.

>The rest of her words are drowned out by a huge crash, the sound of smashing brick and metal being bent and torn. The walls shake and plaster falls slowly from the ceiling.

I figured we were missing someone important. Sup, Marisa!
>> No. 16461

That's not Marisa.
>> No. 16462
[X] Follow everyone.
[X] Ask Alice if she needs any help.
[X] Try to wake Suika up.

It probably isn't a good idea to coat the sword with the anti-vampire solution.
>> No. 16464
[x] Ask the sword if we should coat it with the anti-vampire solution. If we can't sense an answer, don't do it.
[x] Try to wake Suika up.
[x] Follow everyone.
>> No. 16466
[x] Ask the sword if we should coat it with the anti-vampire solution. If we can't sense an answer, don't do it.
[x] Try to wake Suika up.
[x] Follow everyone.
>> No. 16467
So, uh, I know the plan is for someone to inject the thing with the serum. But does it really have to be a 'someone?' How about a 'something,' like Alice's dolls? She brought a great big box of them, right? Might as well load them up with syringes full of the goo right now.

I dunno, I've had a couple drinks, but Alice pulling an 'artful sacrifice' with a squad of dolls jamming a dozen needles full of toxin into the hellspawn sounds like 10 kinds of awesome to me.
>> No. 16468
Since no one else seems like they're going to vote for it...

[X] Try calling for Yukari again.

Not necessarily calling for her to come. Just a sort of "I hope you're watching this" kind of message to her. I would hate to think she would miss out on witnessing one of her good friends finally confronting and defeating one of her personal demons after several centuries.
>> No. 16469
No one in Gensokyo would cause such a ruckus like that but her. Plus, she's known for SPARKing her way into the SDM rather than taking the front door like a normal person.

The monster is in a tower. There's no way they'd hear it being so rowdy, and even so, why would it all of a sudden?
>> No. 16470
>No one in Gensokyo would cause such a ruckus like that but her.
>> No. 16471
If it's Flan, she's showboating. Flan doesn't "miss" when she's not playing around; her ability doesn't work that way.

From Aya's interview:
"What? How did I get close enough to the shooting star to shoot it in the eye? The shooting star's eye is right here. Right in my hand. Speaking of which, the eye of everything is in my right hand. I just do 'kyuu' and it's no problem..."

Not that I wouldn't put it past her, with all the power plays she's been making.
>> No. 16472
[x] Coat the sword in the anti-vampire solution.
[x] Ask Alice if she needs any help.
[x] Carry Suika and follow everyone.

I can't help but think Sakuya is at hinting something here:

>Sakuya shakes her head. "It's not for me."

If we have to fight directly, I think we should utilize both our weapons rather than solely relying on one.

Honestly, unless this sword summons Mr. Skull and a revenant army from the catacombs, I don't see how we could actually add anything to the battle. Then again, Patchouli said we could, and she doesn't seem like she would say such a thing lightly, and everything we have done was through trying.

What I'm saying I guess is if you're too afraid you'll make a fool out of yourself that you can't yell out "Hydro Storm" or "Grand Cross" as your battle-cry, you probably should spend your time preparing dinner instead.
>> No. 16473
[+] Coat the whip in the anti-vampire solution.
Note the change. It is important. The sword is good enough on its own, and that idea might have strange repercussions. The Hunter's Whip, however, could only be improved by this.

Also, semi-bandwagoning.
[+] Ask Alice if she needs any help.
[+] Carry Suika and follow everyone.
>> No. 16474
Maybe we should get Reimu's guest and give it to him.
>> No. 16475
[x] Follow everyone.
[x] Coat the sword in the anti-vampire solution.

Something resembling vampire slayer hax have clicked in for Belmonymous every now and then. Maybe they'll surge up when it counts.
>> No. 16476
Fuck yes, we need Item Crashes
>> No. 16477
Writing now.
>> No. 16478
You half-draw your sword, looking at the gleaming silver for a moment before reaching into your pocket and pulling out the vial.
There is no reaction when you break the end of the vial against the edge of the sword. You let the liquid make it's slow way down the blade, making sure to coat both sides as Alice turns, surrounded by a cloud of dolls now. She twists her fingers around her as she walks through the door, dolls flitting off in front of her.
Leaving the shattered vial on the table, you hold your sword point-down and step over to Suika, giving her shoulder a gentle shake.
"Hey Suika, wake up, I think it's starting."
"Uhhh." She moans and her eyes open a crack. "Wuzzat?"
"Come on, we need your help too."
"Izzit game time?" She asks.
You nod.
"A'right." She hefts herself up and and swings her legs off the table. She takes a couple of deep breaths before dropping the floor beside you.
She doesn't wobble.
"Lead the way." She waves you on, grinning.

Suika follows you out into the corridor, you see Alice just vanishing around the corner, sounds of commotion from the direction of the stairs. You head towards them, pace quick, sword-arm ready but relaxed.
"Hey, the little vampire said for you to stick by someone at all times, right?" Suika asks.
"I thought you were out cold for that?" You ask.
"I was, so?"
You take a glance at Suika. She has a more serious look on her face than you've seen before, she looks totally aware even though she must be full of sake. While you're looking, she takes another swig.
"Er ... never mind." You say.
"So stick by me, for now." Suika says, patting your side.
As you mount the stairs, Suika hops into the air and zips over your head, rounding the top corner long before you get there.
"Hey!" You call. "I thought you said to stick by you."
Suika grins at you as you emerge into the corridor. "Sorry!" She says.

When you make it to the entranceway to the stone tower, Alice, Patchouli and Eirin are waiting outside. A few dolls are floating around Alice, but her eyes are unfocused.
"Where did everyone else go?" You ask. "What happening?"
Eirin shakes her head. "We don't know."
Patchouli, floating in mid-air, points to the stone stairwell. "They're up there, checking."
Alice twists her fingers. "The door is open, there's nothing in there." She mumbles. "They're coming back down."
"It's out?" You ask. "Did it get out on it's own?"
You feel a lump in your throat, mental gears finally turning. Where's Flandre? Why did she leave her metal wand out on her bed? Why was it churning with energy when you found it?
"Is Flandre-" You start, suddenly drowned out by another crash, much closer this time, from the wall behind you.
You step back, hand on your sword. Eirin pulls an arrow from her quiver, but still seems relaxed. Alice twitches her fingers a couple of times and takes a step closer to Patchouli.
A section of wall explodes outwards, plaster and wood flung into the air. You're at the head of the group now and the debris just misses you. You would flinch, but the projectile that made the hole leaves you gaping with shock.
"Flan!" You yell as she hits the other wall, bouncing off and twisting around in mid-air. You hear a surprised gasp from behind you.

Flandre doesn't fall, just hangs in mid-air for a moment before her head snaps back up to look through the hole she made. Her hat is missing and her clothes are torn, a long scratch on her face is already healing as you watch. Her knuckles are white, gripping her wand.
She doesn't even notice you, thrusting her other hand out in front of her.

She's terrifying, you can feel waves of something rolling off of her, buffeting you like wind against the inside of your skull. The sulphuric stench of her wings fills the hallway.

"Flandre!" You hear Patchouli wheeze from behind you. "It doesn't work!"
Flandre doesn't pay any attention, you doubt she can even hear.
She clenches her fist, gritting her teeth in a savage grin, eyes wild.
Her fist opens and closes, twice. She shakes and screams, expression growing even more bestial, but nothing happens.
She raises her wand, red gathering at the tip, you take a step back.
A blur shoots from the hole in the wall, hitting Flandre so fast you barely see her move before she ploughs through the opposite wall with a cry of pain.

The blur doesn't follow her.

A pillar of heat-haze distortion spins on the spot, you hear a hissing in your head, like nails down a blackboard.
Your hold your sword up as one of Alice's dolls gets too close to the blur of motion, reduced to falling shards of wood and cloth in the blink of an eye.

"Stick to the plan." Patchouli says from behind you, voice shaking ever so slightly. Suika puts her fists up and wobbles a little. Eirin steps back, in line with Patchouli and Alice.

[ ] Stay defensive, let them pound it with Magic.
[ ] Tell Suika to stay back for now.
[ ] Charge it.
[ ] Tell Suika to charge.
[ ] Try calling to Flandre, see if she's okay.
[ ] Stand your ground.
[ ] Fall back.
[ ] Run.
>> No. 16479
[+] Stay defensive, let them pound it with Magic.
[+] Tell Suika to stay back for now.
[+] Try calling to Flandre, see if she's okay.
>> No. 16480
[X] Tell Suika to charge.
[X] Fall back.
[X] Try calling to Flandre, see if she's okay.
>> No. 16481
>A section of wall explodes outwards, plaster and wood flung into the air. You're at the head of the group now and the debris just misses you.
Hmmm, we seem a bit close to it, considering its speed.

[x] Fall back.
[x] Stay defensive, let them pound it with Magic.
[x] Tell Suika to stay back for now.
>> No. 16482
[X] Tell Suika to charge.
[X] Let them pound it with magic.
[X] Try calling to Flandre, see if she's okay.
>> No. 16483
[X] Stay defensive, let them pound it with Magic.
[X] Tell Suika to stay back for now.
[X] Try calling to Flandre, see if she's okay.
>> No. 16484
>[X] Tell Suika to charge.
>[X] Let them pound it with magic.
You've got a bit of a contradiction there, unless you WANT to hit Suika with friendly fire.
>> No. 16485
File 121595393119.jpg - (268.69KB , 895x705 , final battle.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Stay defensive, let them pound it with Magic.
[x] Tell Suika to stay back for now.
[x] Try calling to Flandre, see if she's okay.

It's on!
>> No. 16486
Awesome pic!
>> No. 16487
There is too much win in this. Seriously.
[x] Stay defensive, let them pound it with Magic.
First part of the plan: soften it up with magic. If Flandre wasn't in danger, I'd want to fall back until we can regroup with the others, but I guess that's not an option right now.
[x] Tell Suika to be ready to attack.
Need her on high alert to intercept it if it comes rocketing towards us.
[x] Try calling to Flandre, see if she's okay/keep her sane.
Flandre's trying her eye-crush thing, and it's not working for the first time in approx 500 years. She's not going to be taking this well, and if we don't cool her down the repercussions aren't going to be pretty.
>> No. 16488
This is fucking awesome!
>> No. 16489
Okay then, writing now.
>> No. 16490
You raise your sword and feel yourself slip into a fighting stance. Not taking your eyes off the shape in front of you proves harder than it should be, as if your sight can't find a hold on it, your gaze slipping off the sides. The heat-haze impression intensifies as it shifts forward.
Taking a step back, you grab Suika's shoulder.
"Hold off for now, it's too much for us like this."
She nods as a group of Alice's dolls float over your head, bobbing off to the side. You risk as glance back and see Patchouli floating higher as she raises an arm. A pillar of fire erupts from her hand and hits the monster, flames washing around the shape like water around a stone. The dolls spread their arms and a multi-coloured laser fires from each of them, mixing with Patchouli's fire.
The barrage lasts a second.
You hear Patchouli wheezing loudly as she lowers her arm again. You side-step away from Suika, making sure Patchouli and Alice are right behind you.
The blur hasn't changed shape, then it moves.
"Suika!" You yell as it hits the wall beside her. She spins to face it and a claw shoots out, blurring effect lost for a moment.
Suika weaves backwards and the claw only clips her horn. She's thrown off balance and stumbles.
There is a hiss inside your head, scratching at your brain. You can't close the gap fast enough to cover Suika.

Eirin steps beside you. In one swift motion he notches her arrow and draws the bowstring. There is a moment when you can feel tension in the air, static like before a thunderstorm, then she lets the arrow fly, fingers flat against her cheek.
The arrow slams into the wall where the creature was a moment ago, having jumped back to avoid being hit. Suika scrambles backwards and you help her up.
"Again." Patchouli says from behind you, flame shooting over your head and slamming into the wall around the creature. Alice's dolls join in, but one of them drops to the ground, lying lifeless and drained of energy.
You glance over to the hole in the wall. The darkness of the night outside yawns through the gap.
"Shit." You say under your breath. "Flandre!" You yell. "Can you hear me?"
There's no reply.
"She's outside now." Eirin says in your ear. "She'll be fine."
You nod.

Patchouli's fire ends again and this time you notice that the blurred shape has changed colour, darker somehow.

Then it's in front of you in the blink of an eye, a pillar of whirling brown and black rising up and flicking out a limb at you. You hear Eirin gasp with surprise. There is the sound of running feet behind you, a panicked shout.

[ ] Dodge.
[ ] Block.
[ ] Counter-attack.
>> No. 16491
>> No. 16492

[X] Use your reality marble.
>> No. 16493
>> No. 16494
[X] Block.
[X] Counter-attack.
>> No. 16495
It can bust Flan through walls so blocking is out...then, dodge, or counter-attack. Heck, why not both? Best to try and prevent follow up attacks after the dodge, after all.

[x] Dodge.
[x] Counter-attack.
>> No. 16496
>> No. 16497
[X] Block.

I'm not sure this is a good idea, but let's try it anyway.
>> No. 16498
[x] Parry
[x] Dodge
Use the blade to try and deflect the strike while dodging away. Trying to take that monster's strength full on with a block is just asking to get knocked far, far away.
>> No. 16499
Blockfag here. Can we get some clarification as to whether by block you mean deflecting his attack a la Aikido or Ba Gua, or a straight on clash of weapons? Because generally speaking if you're moving at those speeds, just a slight angle can fuck you up hard, and deflecting the attack could leave him open for the split-second we need.
>> No. 16501
[X] Dodge might get the one coming to our rescue into trouble. On the other hand, we have like 1hp, so blocking doesn't seem like a wise choice either.
Oh heck, where did we screw up?
>> No. 16502
[X] Counter-attack.
[X] Trust the sword.

It hits hard, but it also moves fast. Neither blocking nor dodging will work. Do something it doesn't expect.
>> No. 16503
[x] Counter-attack.
[x] Trust the sword.

Fuck it. Changing my vote, LET'S DO THE UNEXPECTED.
>> No. 16504
Its superior speed means that '[ ] Dodge' alone is just asking it to give Belmonymous--at least--an injury from a grazing blow. At worst, a more serious injury.
'[ ] Counterattack'--with nothing else--is asking to get horribly torn up. Trading blows with a stronger, faster, regenerating monster is a bad idea.
'[ ] Block'...well, those problems have been mentioned before.

Some form of deflection seems best.
>> No. 16505

The sword is supposed to protect the scarlet bloodline. There's a chance that this ancient vampire is also a scarlet, which would make "Trust the sword" a very bad idea.
>> No. 16506
[X] Head-butt

Boss Ghoul lucked out, but the thing from the attic is going to taste Belmonymous' true power.
>> No. 16507
What? No. Remi would've mentioned earlier if the sword was useless. See >>13318. The sword made us think about killing the creature, and protecting Flan and Remi.
>> No. 16508
[x] Counter-attack.
[x] Trust the sword.

After this, can we ask Suika if she can make a gravity well somewhere to slow down or restrain the thing's movement?
>> No. 16509
[x] Dodge.
[x] Counter-attack.
>> No. 16510
>> No. 16511
>After this, can we ask Suika if she can make a gravity well somewhere to slow down or restrain the thing's movement?
I don't think Belmonymous knows Suika has those powers. Though we could throw strong hints about magic that could lift the creature away from solid surfaces.
>> No. 16512
Well, we were playing PCB, and we knew Remilia. And I think we recognized both Eirin and Suika, so there's a good chance that we know.
>> No. 16513
Writing now. Rather tired, so it might take a while.

Your concerns about the dangers of blocking have been "taken into consideration".
>> No. 16514
>Your concerns about the dangers of blocking have been "taken into consideration".

>> No. 16515

Maybe when all this is done we should talk to the touhoes about how video games are being made about them.
It would be amusing for the mansion to play EoSD and beat themselves up with Reimu/Marisa.
>> No. 16516
It's so hard nowadays with all the gangsters and rap music. And robots! Why do the scientists even make them?

I mean. um...All these CYOAs going on, everyone forgets who's from where (and when!) and it's just a huge clusterfuck of characterizations. I'm glad someone's here to remind us.
>> No. 16517
Those games would be banned.
>> No. 16518
Ah, right, I forgot about that.
>> No. 16519
You ignore the pounding in your chest and let the adrenaline guide you, bringing your sword up at a right angle towards the claw. You twist your body backwards as you connect, deflecting the limb upwards as you feel the sword bite into flesh and connect with bone.

There is a screech, echoing off the inside of your head and pounding against the back of your eyeballs.

The limb is wrenched back, almost tearing the sword from your hands. You manage to keep your grip strong despite having to shake your head to clear the pressure. You thrust forwards, pressing the attack. You feel the point of your sword connect and you lean forwards, trying to run the creature through. The poison on your blade might make all the difference.

A missing frame cuts through your sight and suddenly the creature is out of your range. A dozen silver knives hit the blur of motion. It slows with each impact, the heat-haze dissipating slightly, revealing a vaguely humanoid form.
"Not again! It's faster than you!" You hear Remilia's voice shout.
A single throwing knife whizzes past you, hitting the creature dead centre.
You back up and glance over your shoulder. As you do, a flash of motion rips past you.
"Mistress!" Sakuya yells. She's standing by Eirin now. Meiling joins her and Reimu zips past Patchouli, a yin-yang ball floating above each hand.
You look back at the monster, another, nearly invisible motion ripping past you.
Remilia's spear fills the hallway with light as she tries to bring it down onto the creature, but it moves to the side so fast she overbalances and has to catch herself in mid-air. You almost start towards her when you see the blur of motion stop dead as Youmu appears as if from thin air and the creature slams sideways into her sword. Another throwing knife flies past you, hitting the creature in the throat, stopping it's motion long enough for you to see it clearly for the first time.

It looks like a man.

Naked but for a scrap of leather around it's loins, completely bald, skin mottled brown and green and grey, covered with liver spots, scorched from Patchouli's fire and with a dozen knife embedded in it's flesh. The eyes are red all through and it's mouth is full of blades when it screams in pain. It still looks like a man and there's something else you can't quite put your finger on.

It hits Youmu square in the chest. You can clearly hear the sound of splintering bone as she flies backwards and hits the wall. She stays standing as it yanks the knife out of it's neck and hurls it at her. She manages to deflect the knife with her sword before slumping to the floor, eyes closed. Remilia rips into it from behind with her spear and it spins around, swiping at her wildly. Her face is wild, eyes wide and teeth bared.

The heat-haze blur is returning again, the monster regaining some of it's former speed. Remilia is moving too fast to follow, but you can see her expression is pure concentration.

"Get her out of the way!" Reimu yells, raising one of her yin-yang balls.
Patchouli raises a hand.
"Wait!" Sakuya says as some more of Alice's dolls float into view.
Eirin notches another arrow.

[ ] Grab Remilia, pull her back.
[ ] Ask someone else to grab Remilia.
[ ] Try to force the creature back, Suika and Meiling with you.
[ ] Ask Suika to throw a gravity well.
[ ] Try to get to Youmu.
[ ] Ask someone else to get to Youmu.
>> No. 16520
[X] Grab Remilia, pull her back.
Hero move!
[X] Ask Suika to throw a gravity well.
[X] Ask someone else to get to Youmu
>> No. 16521
[x] Ask someone else [Sakuya] to grab Remilia.
Time-stop. Grab. Pull back. Commence barrage. Unless this thing's immune to time-freezing, Sakuya has the best chance of succeeding here. Suika's gravity wells might be an option, but they aren't fussy about who they affect.
>> No. 16522
[X] Immobilize it with the whip.

>> No. 16523
[x] Ask Suika to throw a gravity well.

It can't fly. Reimu has immunity to gravity.
>> No. 16525
[x] Ask someone else [Sakuya] to grab Remilia.
The Gravity Well will drag practically everyone (including us) to its location, which is going to make magical bombardment essentially impossible without friendly fire.

Also, time stop.
>> No. 16528
[X] Ask someone else [Sakuya] to grab Remilia.
[X] Ask someone else [Meiling] to get to Youmu.
>> No. 16529
[x] Ask Sakuya to get to Youmu.

She's seriously injured and may not be able to regenerate. She needs immediate attention.
>> No. 16530
[X] Ask Sakuya to grab Remilia and Youmu.

[X] Tell Suika to throw a gravity well behind the creature so that its effect will be greatest on him.

[X] Commence ranged bombardment, the gravity well should guide the projectiles towards the target.

[X]Just for fun, try and make Remilia "slingshot" Gungir by exploiting the gravity well.
>> No. 16532
[x] Ask Suika to throw a gravity well.
>> No. 16533
Mh, one out of three bodyguards down. Maybe we should have Sakuya and Meiling stay put and not involve them now. That thing could be just waiting for a chance to attack our casters.
>> No. 16534
[X] Ask someone else [Sakuya] to grab Remilia.
[X] Ask someone else [Meiling] to get to Youmu.
[X] Ask Suika to throw a gravity well.
>> No. 16536
I like this one. Making one edit, though.

[X] Ask Eirin to see to Youmu.
[X] Ask Sakuya to grab Remilia.
[X] Tell Suika to throw a gravity well behind the creature so that its effect will be greatest on him.
[X] Commence ranged bombardment, the gravity well should guide the projectiles towards the target.
[X]Just for fun, try and make Remilia "slingshot" Gungir by exploiting the gravity well.
>> No. 16537
[x] Ask someone else [Sakuya] to grab Remilia.
Seems we're still too close to properly gravity well it. May as well get Remi out of the line of fire so Reimu, Eirin and crew can let loose another barrage.
>> No. 16538
Behind and above for the gravity well. If it's lifted enough so that its feet can't touch the floor, it's immobile and screwed.
>> No. 16539
[x] Ask Eirin to see to Youmu.
[x] Ask Sakuya to grab Remilia.
[x] Tell Suika to throw a gravity well behind the creature so that its effect will be greatest on him.
[x] Commence ranged bombardment, the gravity well should guide the projectiles towards the target.
[x]Just for fun, try and make Remilia "slingshot" Gungir by exploiting the gravity well.
[x] Tell Genjii to land the finishing blow.
>> No. 16540
[x] Ask Eirin to see to Youmu.
[x] Ask Sakuya to grab Remilia.
[x] Tell Suika to throw a gravity well behind the creature so that its effect will be greatest on him.
[x] Commence ranged bombardment, the gravity well should guide the projectiles towards the target.
[x]Just for fun, try and make Remilia "slingshot" Gungir by exploiting the gravity well.

>[x] Tell Genjii to land the finishing blow.
>> No. 16541
Writing now. Again, might take a while because I'm really tired.
>> No. 16542
[x] Ask Sakuya to grab Remilia.
[x] Ask Suika to throw a gravity well below the creature.
[x] Try to get to Youmu.

In that order. Sakuya can timestop and get Remilia out of the way, while we go see how Youmu is.
>> No. 16543
We're indoors. Is throwing out a gravity well REALLY all that good of an idea?
I don't think those things are exactly selective about what it does or does not suck in, meaning there could be a whole lot of flying debris coming at us from behind.

Not a problem for anyone used to danmaku, I'm sure, but we could very likely wind up knocked unconscious by something smacking us in the back of the head.
>> No. 16544
This vampire thing, it has a connection to the sword, yeah?
>> No. 16545
I'll take getting hit by random debris over getting torn up by that monster. Though if the timing isn't right that speeddemon will just resist the pull, charge us, and throw someone at the gravity well to force Suika to turn it off. Or someone will get KO'd by debris and pulled in with the monster. It'll be a true MiG moment.
>> No. 16546
True, a few bumps on the head are preferable to getting eviscerated, but keep in mind we can't afford to be K.O.ed or otherwise rendered incapable of pulling our own weight in this fight. The second we can no longer defend ourselves, we become a liability to everyone else there, and anyone who winds up having to protect our defenseless ass will likely be the next one to get picked off.
>> No. 16547
>we become a liability to everyone else there, and anyone who winds up having to protect our defenseless ass will likely be the next one to get picked off.

Are you talking about Youmu?
>> No. 16548
afaik, it's less a black hole than it is a spot where shit gets REALLY heavy.
>> No. 16549
File 121597265850.png - (163.64KB , 304x223 , msswan.png ) [iqdb]
>It looks like a man.

>> No. 16550
"Wait!" You hold your hand up. "Sakuya, grab Remi! Suika, chuck a gravity well behind it!"
There is a click and a missing frame. Another, second frame jars against your vision and Sakuya has Remilia by the shoulders but the monster has already rounded on her. It's almost entirely a blur again. You watch as it springs forwards, both claws arcing towards Remilia. She brings up her spear but it's at the wrong angle.
Sakuya cries out, yanking her Mistress back. It's not far enough.

A black dot flies over your head.
"Whee!" Suika shouts, a tiny version of her flying out of her finger and after the singularity, pushing it further as it starts to unfold. The change in gravity makes your stomach turn, you feel like you're going to be sick. The creature falls on it's face also unused to the gravity. Its claws skitter wildly across the floor, missing Remilia completely. Everyone else seems fine, adjusting their positions to compensate. You see Remilia and Sakuya's feet leave the ground by a couple of inches. You dig your feet into the ground and sway backwards.
"Eirin! Check on Youmu." You say, waving her forwards. She springs into action as Patchouli raises her hand again. Sakuya wraps an arm around Remilia, pulling her back a little more. The gravity well comes to a stop behind the monster. It pulls itself to its feet but falls down again, roaring with frustration. The noise doesn't get inside your head this time.
"Again." Patchouli says.
A creaking sound like a thousand trees in motion rips through the air, living wood spiralling from her fingertips and arcing towards the creature. It rolls out of the way, using the pull of the gravity well to twist backwards, beyond the reach of the branches. One of Alice's dolls tires to get close to it, but it's claw tears it in two.
Eirin reaches Youmu and kneels, grabbing her to stop her slipping into the pull of the gravity well. You see her feel for Youmu's pulse but your attention switches to Remilia as she screams, pulling free of Sakuya and hurling her spear at the monster.

You think she's gone wide, so does the creature, grinning with bestial joy and leaping forwards. The spear is caught by the gravity well and curves, slamming through the monster's chest with a wet crunch. It howls and convulses as a yin-yang ball hits it in the face, knocking it backwards

Remilia raises her hand and the spear returns to her, vanishing from the monster's chest. It falls-


It doesn't fall, just looks like it does. It kicks off the ground and past the gravity well, digging it's claws into the wall for support, hauling itself away. Blood pours from it's ruined chest.

[ ] Tell Suika to cancel the gravity well.
[ ] Stop it from getting away.
[ ] Let it go, regroup and check on Youmu.
[ ] Another round of magic, in the back.
>> No. 16552
[X] Tell Suika to power up the gravity well.
[X] Attack it with full force.
>> No. 16553
Well, sonuva crap. I do hope it doesn't have a nigh infinite energy to fuel its regeneration ability. 'Cause otherwise we're one down, and it'll be right as rain in a few minutes. Maybe, if we're lucky, that poison will put a damper on its regeneration.
>> No. 16554
[X] Catch/stop It with the whip.
[X] Tell Suika to power up the gravity well.
[X] Have everyone attack it with full force.
>> No. 16555
[X] Tell Suika to power up the gravity well.
[x] Another round of magic, in the back.
[X] Attack it with full force.
>> No. 16557
[X] Tell Suika to power up the gravity well.
[X] Tell Patchouli and/or Meiling to destroy the walls it's holding onto, so it falls back into the well.
[X] Tell Eirin to continue tending to Youmu.
[X] Attack it full force.
>> No. 16558
[x] Tell Suika to cancel the gravity well.
[x] Stop it from getting away.
[x] Another round of magic, in the back.
>> No. 16559
[x] Counter-vote for powering up the Gravity Well.
[x] Stop if from getting away.
[x] Another round of magic, in the back.
We've damaged it, no sense running otherwise it'll just regenerate. We need to pummell it further, but powering up the Gravity Well is just going to end up dragging other things (i.e. us) into it.
>> No. 16561
[x] Somehow burst a bag of poison inside that chest wound before it seals up again.
>> No. 16562
[X] Tell Suika to power up the gravity well.
[X] Tell Patchouli and/or Meiling to destroy the walls it's holding onto, so it falls back into the well.
[X] Tell Eirin to continue tending to Youmu.
[X] Attack it full force.
>> No. 16564
[X] Tell Suika to fire a second gravity well, ahead of the creature this time.
[X] Another round of magic, in the back (compensating for the well if necessary, of course).

Crazy idea, but if that thing was having such trouble moving with just one well, how much harder would it be if he was sandwiched between the things? Of course, for all I know the two might just wind up cancelling each other out, but we need to cut off its escape somehow.

It's wounded and clearly trying to get away to recover. If that happens it will not only be able to come back at us as strong as before, but it might have had a chance to figure out a way to counter our tactics. Not only that, but unless the maids have heard the commotion and have enough sense to barricade themselves in their quarters again, he could very well wind up biting into a few of them. As much trouble as we've had fighting just this thing, we cannot afford to fight a battle on multiple fronts.
>> No. 16565
[x] Stop it from getting away.
[x] Another round of magic, in the back.

Like hell we'll let it get away now. Youmu would want us to kill it so Sakuya doesn't get hurt again, maybe.
>> No. 16567
It's on the other side of the gravity well. Can't attack the creature without our shots being redirected then, unless we cancel the gravity well. And if we cancel the gravity well, it may just try and run the hell away. Bah.

[x] Tell Suika to cancel the gravity well.
[x] Stop it from getting away.
[x] Another round of magic, in the back.
Can't do anything but keep up the pressure, I guess.
>> No. 16568
[x] Tell the magic team to destroy the part of the wall that the creature is hanging onto.
[x] Tell Suika to power up the gravity well.
[x] Hurl your envenomed sword at the creature and pray it impales him through the heart.
[x] Have everyone(who is not occupied with more important matters, like someone else's safety) attack the creature at full force.

Out with a bang.
>> No. 16569
[X] Stop it from getting away.
[X] Another round of magic, in the back.
>> No. 16570
[X] Tell a close-range righter to destroy the wall it's holding onto, so it falls back into the well.
I like this idea.
>> No. 16571
[X] Catch/stop It with the whip.
If we have the whip. Other wise

[x] Have Sakuya get our whip
[x] Tell Suika to power up the gravity well.
[x] Magic Barrage it at full force

Outside support, Sakuya's about as useless in this fight as us, so her skipping to get our whip isn't a big loss. The well should hold until she's skips back for us to capture it. Then we do that Colorful Omnidirectional Artful Gungnir Flare thing we do.
>> No. 16572
Alright, I feel terrible. I'm going to go take it easy for 7 minutes, but I'll write at least one more update tonight.
>> No. 16573
It's the endgame, but I know we're not going to wrap everything up in the next vote, so no need to rush it. Go ahead and get your rest, dude!
>> No. 16574
Good thing it's the final week of the semester and I'm not taking any regular exams. This means I can wait 7 minutes.
>> No. 16575
I like the idea of taking out the wall it's holding onto, but would it be possible to take it further, and collapse the ceiling as well?
Assuming it wouldn't wind up just making a convenient hole for the creature to escape through, the rubble should be able to block it off from retreating.

Of course, the ideal tactic would be to have some of the faster members quickly cut it off, surround it, and then continue to bombard it with spells, effectively pinning it down in the crossfire.

I wouldn't suggest taking down the gravity well just yet. Between it and the creature's wounds, the thing's speed and mobility have been greatly reduced. Don't let it regain one of its advantages over us so soon after we took it away.
>> No. 16576
Let's just hope that we don't raise a cloud of dust in our final attack. It always means that the enemy fucking survived.
>> No. 16577
No more half measures, they already know we have inside knowledge due to calling for a gravity well, might as well go full bore and tell Reimu to use her trump:

[x] Tell Suika to power up the gravity well.
[x] Tell Reimu to use "Fantasy Heaven" and attack it from within the well.
[x] Tell everyone else to blow the walls and fly to safe distance. Then fill the sky with bullets.
[x] Find Flan. Ask for her best Smaug impersonation.

Without footholds, an invincible Reimu being able to attack from the inside, and your magic users able to attack from the outside from the air at all angles, you should be able to trap it within the well. The closer it gets to the center, the more things will hit it and the less distance it will be able to recover.

Remember Patchouli's advice: Attack it in ways it hasn't been exposed to, since it seems to develop a resistance. If Flan tried to use those huge mana batteries to power something other than "crushing" she might be able to destroy it in one go.
>> No. 16578
You guys do realize that if we power up the gravity well, it's more likely to screw us over? It's on the opposite side, and the well itself will prevent us from hitting it. On top of that, we ourselves are off balance because of the damn thing. If we power it up any more, we won't be able to hit the target, and it will just spend the time regenerating.
>> No. 16579
I think everyone present has enough sense to not let their guard down until they see the thing is dead. I'm more worried about whether or not we'll be following the old tradition of never fighting the final boss just once, and the fucker winds up transforming just when it looks like we had it defeated.
>> No. 16580
Or it could get dragged into the middle of it and we'd have a clear shot. I'm against powering it up as well, but the thing is we just can't tell what'll happen if it's done.
>> No. 16581
I feel better, writing now.
>> No. 16582

Hahaha... I usually don't get behind this sort of thing this late in the vote, but goddamn this will only be a real victor if the last thing that freak hears is "RAWR! I'm a dragon!" before it's trapped in giant ball of rock slag and yin-yang orbs melted together by the immense amount of plasma, magic, and pressure.

[x] Tell Suika to power up the gravity well.
[x] Tell Reimu to use "Fantasy Heaven" and attack it from within the well.
[x] Tell everyone else to blow the walls and fly to safe distance. Then fill the sky with bullets.
[x] Find Flan. Ask for her best Smaug impersonation.

Then Suika just picks up the giant fucking katamari ball and hurls it into the sky at escape velocity. See you space cowboy.
>> No. 16583
>> No. 16584
Hey, HY!
Are other routes likely to be as long as this?
I'm not complaining; quite the opposite.
I'm trying to decide who I'd like to vote for --for the next route-- and if I'm really ready for 45-50 threads of Character X. Granted, it'll be good, but I'm not sure you'll have time to do such a thorough and detailed story for every possible route, so I'm wondering who I should put priority on.
Currently, the two main camps seem to be Koakuma and Meiling.
On one hand, I --and plenty of other people-- have been wanting a Meiling route since WUiG. On the other hand, your Koakuma is a uniquely perfect creation that I would love to see more of.
After deciding between them, though, it's easy: Patchy, Frisca, Sakuya, and no Flandre.
>> No. 16585
>>Remember Patchouli's advice: Attack it in ways it hasn't been exposed to, since it seems to develop a resistance.

I wonder...has the thing ever been exposed to danmaku?

I'm sure some of the spells and such that are being flung at it might qualify, but that's not what I'm talking about. Even if it doesn't understand magic, it sure as hell can comprehend direct attacks intended to wound it. What if we tried for a different approach?

Namely, a full-on LUNATIC MODO danmaku laser light show. Better still, throw out several at once, one from each girl. It probably won't hurt it much, if at all, but perhaps it would be overwhelming enough to disorient the creature. Like a cross between a flash-bang and a fireworks display.

While it's occupied avoiding the endless barrage of BULLETS THAT SHOOT BULLETS JESUS CHRIST, have someone else slip up close and jam a vial or two into his gaping chest cavity.
>> No. 16586
"Don't let it get away!" You yell. "Suika!"
"More gravity!" You shout.
Suika clicks her fingers and you feel the world turn. Meiling grabs your arm to stop you falling towards the gravity well. You nod at her in thanks.
The monster's feet almost lift from the ground, but it starts to agonisingly claw its way along the wall. You can see the hole in its chest starting to close up with a wet sucking noise.
"Destroy the wall!" You point.
"Done." Patchouli says from behind you.
Eirin sweeps Youmu up into her arms, carrying her limp form away from the fight, behind your group. Patchouli raises both arms and the walls erupts with branches, each one sprouting with leaves and then fading, dying and shrivelling in seconds. The wall collapses and the creature falls backwards, twisting on the spot, trying to find something to hold onto.

"Kill it!" Remilia screams, leaping towards it with her spear thrust forwards. You mentally shrug as Meiling heads forwards, raising your sword and following her. A number of Alice's dolls float into position and try to hit the creature with their lasers, but it turns and flips under the gravity well's influence, dodging them all. You start to feel the pull of the gravity as well, letting it carry your sword forwards.

Meiling reaches it first, hammering a yellow-wreathed fist into its already shattered ribcage. The creature shudders.

And grins at her.

It rips a chunk out of Meiling's arm as it shoves her to the side. Suika drops over your head as Remilia brings her spear to bear on the monster. It spins under the gravity and kicks Remilia in the back of the head, sending her sprawling. The spear vanishes into mist as she lets go of it.
The sword twitches in your hand, but Suika is faster. Her first two punches miss, the creature twisting and contorting around them, but the third connects, clipping its shoulder. Its arm snaps out of position as bits of blood and bone go spraying out behind it. Suika pauses for just a moment and as the creature roars with pain, it grabs one of Suika's horns and tosses her through the wall, crashing into the night outside.
It takes a step towards Remilia, who is just turning over to face it. She looks stunned, eyes unfocused.

The sword twitches in your hand and you step forward as there is a missing frame, Sakuya appears holding Remilia with one arm. Her other hand is brandishing a silver dagger at the creature.

It hisses, bringing it's one working claw down.

The sword comes up in your hands.

[ ] Let Sakuya take the hit.
[ ] Tackle the creature.
[ ] Use the sword.
>> No. 16587
I'm not saying for sure, but I think the other routes will be as long, word-count wise, as this one. Some of them take place over shorter or longer periods of game-time, but word count is predicted to be similar.
>> No. 16588
[ ] Use the sword.

HURR DURR. Good to see you're feeling better, HY.
>> No. 16589
[X] Use the sword.

>> No. 16591
[X] Use the sword.

Also I just thought of something. Are you planning to write a sex scene for the Flan route, Youkai?
>> No. 16592
>It hisses, bringing it's one working claw down.

>Bringing it's one working claw down, it hisses. You're unsure, but you swear it hissed out something along the lines of "KATTO"...
>> No. 16593
[x] Use the sword.

>> No. 16594
Well, shit. I think it's safe to assume the gravity well has been rendered relatively useless now, if the creature has figured out how to not only compensate for it, but to use it to aid in its movements and attacks.
>> No. 16595
[x] Use the force .. no .. sword.
>> No. 16596
No, it's keeping it from just running away.
>> No. 16597
[ ] Use the sword.
>> No. 16598
[] Use the sword
>> No. 16599
He can maneuver, but he can't escape it. Now that his down one arm, things just got tougher. Wish Eirin was still around to pin his feet. And WHAT THE HELL IS REIMU DOING!?? Is she just standing idly by while we lose Flan, Youmu, Eirin, China, and now Remi?
>> No. 16600
I'm unsure. There's some stuff on the flowcharts, but it's not what you imagine is. I hope through my physical descriptions I have made it clear that she is not a child, but I'm still not sure.
>> No. 16601
[X] Use the sword.
>> No. 16602
Keeping it from running away, but still capable of fighting back is nowhere near as useful as keeping it from running AND incapable of defending itself.

Not that it isn't good to keep it from escaping, but considering how easily it fended off Alice's dolls, Remi, Meiling, and Suika, the gravity well clearly isn't helping us as much as it was before.
>> No. 16603
Running off = Regenerating

Even if we are "losing" people, we're still wearing it down. It's a lot better than letting it run off, recover, and wipe us all our unprepared.
>> No. 16604
[ ] Let Sakuya take the hit.
[ ] Tackle the creature.
[ ] Use the sword.
[X] Headbutt the creature.


Seriously though, try to run another hole through it.
>> No. 16605
Sakuya saving Remi's ass twice in a row. I'd say that warrants a raise in salary. Or getting a salary at all, because I doubt she's getting paid.
>> No. 16606
Oh, I don't disagree, and if we can manage to take out the other arm with the sword, then so much the better.

My only point is that it's clearly adapting, and that we will have to think up some new tricks to throw at it very soon if we want to keep it off-balance.
And each person knocked out of the fight, no matter how temporarily, is one less option available to use against it.

On that note, what IS Reimu doing right now? She's bound to have something up her armpit-exposing sleeve that a French vampire who has been confined to a tower for the past several centuries would be unable to expect or defend against...
>> No. 16607
It warrants a punishment on our end because we're getting outdone by an injured maid...
>> No. 16608

Maids at the SDM are paid room and board. The head maid's pay is that plus the gratitude of the lady of the house, but Sakuya was recently demoted.
>> No. 16609
Technically, she's not injured anymore. The regenerative abilities resulting from her being made Remi's thrall have made sure of that, remember.

If anything, Sakuya is probably in even better condition than before. She's got time-hax AND regeneration now.
>> No. 16610
>"Big sister ..." You hear Youmu whisper, awed. Sakuya winces, trying to ignore Youmu.
Hey there, fangirl Youmu.
>> No. 16611
[x] Use the sword.
>> No. 16612
File 121598473835.jpg - (23.37KB , 457x403 , youmufangirl1.jpg ) [iqdb]
She's always been here.
>> No. 16613
Writing now.
>> No. 16614
[X] Use the sword.
Shish kebab.
>> No. 16615
Hey, HY. Don't overexert yourself. Those were 5 updates today. Take it easy.
>> No. 16616
On little thing I'm worried about regarding our little friend, the sword.
It's made to protect the Scarlet family, but at what cost?

We are probably needed in order for it to carry out its purpose, and so it would be in the best interest of that purpose to keep us alive and well as long as possible, but what if that changes? What if keeping the wielder (us) alive, for whatever reason, begins to be a hindrance to protecting the Scarlets?

The ancestor who made it was likely willing to lay down his own life to protect the family, so would anyone else chosen by the sword be expected to do the same, should the need arise?
>> No. 16617
You leap forward, putting yourself between Sakuya and the creature, sword coming up to block it's claw. You can feel it's hot, fetid breath on your face as the blow connects, chitin ringing against silver. You struggle to hold on, feet sliding back from the force of the blow. You strain your arms, shaking with effort.

And the world


to white.

The sword is no longer in your hands, the hallway, Sakuya and Remilia, everyone behind you. Everything is gone. You relax and glance around you.
"What the?" You look down, you're still there. You wave a hand in front of your face.
"Remi?" You spin around, starting to panic. "Remi?"
You blindly grope in front of you, but there is only while. You can't focus properly on anything, just this endless white.
"Is that her name?" A clear voice rings out from behind you.
You turn, eyes wide.
A man is standing behind you. You see his feet and mange to gain some kind of perspective on this blank world. There is a floor, you step forwards.
"Who are you? Where am I? Where's Remilia?"
He holds up a hand. "Calm." Now you can stand properly, you take a moment to register how strange he looks. A small, neatly trimmed beard, long lank hair, a tunic and leggings that look at least a couple of hundred years out of date.
"I understand your panic, but no time is passing here."
You nod. "Am I still in the fight?"
He nods. "Was that her name you spoke? Remilia?"
"Whose name?" You ask suspiciously. "Who are you anyway?"
"The name of the vampire, your vampire, I assume."
You nod. "Remilia Scarlet. Who are you?" You demand.
The man bows. "I am the memory of the blade." He looks back up. "It's last user."
"It ... remembers you?"
He shakes his head. "Not exactly. I am merely a spiritual leftover, here to pass on ownership."
You nod. "Why now? I'm in the middle of a fight."
"Precisely." He raises a finger.
"Go on."
"You are protecting her, aren't you?"
You nod.
"And you're about to fail, your strength is about to give out."
"Is it?"
He nods. "I am here to help. I loved a Scarlet, once. I can pass on to you what I created."
"You can help us kill that monster?"
He sighs. "I do not know what you are doing out there in the physical world. I only know that you have need of what I can offer." He holds his hand out to you. "I offer it without condition. Only that you protect her, whoever she is."

There is a soft laugh from behind you. The man frowns. You look up but he speaks.
"Ignore it. Do you accept?"

"I can give you more." A voice comes from behind you. Somehow, you recognise it.

[ ] Take his hand.
[ ] Refuse.
[ ] Turn around, see who is behind you.
>> No. 16619
[x] Take his hand.
>> No. 16620
[ x ] Turn around, see who is behind you.

Time is unpassing, so...might as well attempt to see the other dude.
>> No. 16621
[x] Refuse.

Anon's gone this far on his own. Time to man up!
>> No. 16622
[X] Take his hand.

Whatever's behind us is probably evil.
>> No. 16623
[ x ] Turn around, see who is behind you.

SUDDENLY, Richter Belmont
>> No. 16624
[ ] Turn around, see who is behind you.

>> No. 16625
[X] Turn around, see who is behind you.
In b4 Yukarin.
>> No. 16626
Saguya tripfag, is that you?!

[ x ] Turn around, see who is behind you.
>> No. 16629
Someone rushing for us to take their offer in an time-stalemate is the evil one.
>> No. 16630
[ ] Refuse.

This feels like a trick question.
>> No. 16631
[x] Turn around, see who is behind you.

Of we're going to trust Mr. Skull. But if you don't turn around, you'll never know who this 'other' is.
>> No. 16632
File 121598676632.jpg - (83.01KB , 500x400 , 1215388951548.jpg ) [iqdb]

I'M A SHARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[X] Turn around, see who is behind you.
>> No. 16633
[X] Turn around, see who is behind you.

If there is no time limit, then there shouldn't be any problem with hearing out a counter-offer.
Besides, these choices are always more interesting when there are conflicting options available. A decision has much more meaning to it if you know what you're passing up in making it.
>> No. 16635
[x] Turn around, see who is behind you.
>> No. 16636
[X] Turn around, see who is behind you.

>"I understand your panic, but no time is passing here."

Good enough for me. Let's hear the other person's offer.
>> No. 16637
File 121598687937.jpg - (7.34KB , 200x278 , richter3p.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Take his hand.

I have a feeling that the guy behind us is the memory of the Whip. Turning around means we accept Mr. Whip's offer, and then we become a Belmont-style vampire killer, and then we proceed to carry out our purpose in that order of execution by killing the unnamed vampire, and then Remilia, and then Flandre, and then Patchouli, etc. etc.

>> No. 16638
The first thing I thought when I heard that guy's description was Youki.
>> No. 16639
And you'll have to wait until tomorrow to know who it is, because I'm tired and need sleep before work. I hope you've all been enjoying the fight scene so far.

Back tomorrow!
>> No. 16640
[X] Take his hand.
>> No. 16641
[x] Turn around, see who is behind you.

Might as well hear the other side's offer...
>> No. 16642

G'nite, you evil, magnificent demon!
>> No. 16643
I don't know. I partially agree with you, but him not knowing Remi's name, and none of our hitman instructions not having her name on them leads me to believe this guy's fishy.
>> No. 16644
File 121598728096.jpg - (63.94KB , 489x500 , 1206377168182.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 16645

He's just took you to some parallel dimension, freezing time, is claiming to be the memory of a sword you found and offering you power.
Yet the reason you find him fishy is that he doesn't know Remi's name?
>> No. 16646
Enough faggotry out of you.
>> No. 16647
[x] Turn around, see who is behind you.

The best answer to a trick question is not answering it. We have time, don't let either of them rush you.

They likely will not be able to take back their offers once they've made them: You may in fact be able to take them both.

I mean, why can't you be both a vampire hunter and Remi's protector? After all, we're killing this attic creature precisely for that reason. Furthermore, that order was not only destroyed, it was fabricated; we never accepted any such thing in the first place.
>> No. 16648
[X] Take his hand.

Nuts to counteroffers. Whoever the other voice is, this guy is the one that's down with us protecting Remi.

'sides, the other voice is either Yukari or the whip's memory - but oh wait! Yukari gave us the whip and created its power. So it's her either way.
>> No. 16649
File 12159876025.jpg - (34.13KB , 808x439 , template.jpg ) [iqdb]

Or maybe it is the other way around. Mr.Sword is actually Mr.Whip, hence why Mr.Whip pretending to be Mr.Sword who does not know the name of Remilla. Mr.Whip on the other hand is actually Mr.Sword but is cleverly misunderstood as Mr.Whip due to the context of the speech so far as stated by Mr.Sword who is actually Mr.Whip.
>> No. 16651
>>16643 here
>> No. 16652
Mr. Memory of the Sword said he doesn't know what's going on in the physical world, and unless the fellow who created it could see the future or had one hell of a good sense of foresight, there would be no way for him to know the name of ANY future Scarlet, let alone Remilia's, and so it would be only natural that he would have no clue about her name.

It's a sword created by a human who wanted to protect the Scarlet family, designed to allow a human to protect the Scarlet family, and is now being wielded by another human who wants to protect the Scarlet family. Aside from the specifics of the situation, there isn't really anything else it needs to know to perform its function.
>> No. 16653
[X] Turn around, see who is behind you.

There's no reason not to hear the counter-offer, I believe.
>> No. 16654
[x] Turn around, see who is behind you.
Eh, we need both sides to put forward a case before we can make an informed decision (even though it's pretty clear who we'll be going for). Time's not passing; the blade's previous user isn't going to suddenly vanish before we've made up our mind.
>> No. 16655
[X] Turn around, see who is behind you.

Be a smart buyer, Belmonymous.
>> No. 16656
>I have a feeling that the guy behind us is the memory of the Whip. Turning around means we accept Mr. Whip's offer, and then we become a Belmont-style vampire killer, and then we proceed to carry out our purpose in that order of execution by killing the unnamed vampire, and then Remilia, and then Flandre, and then Patchouli, etc. etc.

Please. The story's not suddenly going to become on-rails because of something like that. First of all, we're enthralled by Remi; if we step out of line, she can control us. Second, we probably can't even really kill any them alone. I mean Sakuya used the whip better than we did, and she's lost to both Remilia and Uncle Wally, and that's with ZA WARUDO, lots of knives, and an already superhuman constitution--and she's already the Richter of the story besides.
>> No. 16657
>>Turning around means we accept Mr. Whip's offer
Really, really no.
>> No. 16658

Which is exactly why the entire fucking argument is absurd.
>> No. 16659
Something I'm wondering, that may or may not be related to this current situation...

Why is it that there's such a difference between the two sisters and the creature? Despite them all being centuries-old vampires, why is it that the girls are so much more civilized while old Wally seems so much more crazed and violent? Why does the creature surpass the girls in some ways, such as in speed and strength, but inferior in others, like the lack of wings or ability to fly? And what is up with those sounds we hear inside our head because of it?

Was the man this creature used to be just incapable of resisting the natural urges once he turned, driving him to commit acts such as killing Remi's mother? Or was there some other driving force behind it?

I'm not so sure it's the whip that's coming up from behind us with that counter-offer...
>> No. 16660
[] Turn around, see who is behind you.
Doesn't mean we take their offer, just that we see who it is.
>> No. 16661
File 121600092687.png - (69.86KB , 325x236 , loli dotn' know.png ) [iqdb]
Maybe vampirism in males causes degenerative insanity?
>> No. 16662
Despite his relative lack of martial ability and experience, Belmonymous organizes and ends up taking active command of a strike force composed of some of the most powerful players in Gensokyo.

I don't feel bad about him missing out on the h4x now.
>> No. 16663
[X] Take his hand.
>> No. 16664
[X] Take his hand.

The guy coming from behind is going to be the man who was staying with Reimu.
>> No. 16665
[x] Turn around, see who is behind you.
>> No. 16666
[X] Turn around, see who is behind you.
>> No. 16667
[x] Take his hand.
>> No. 16668
[X] Turn around, see who is behind you.
>> No. 16669
[x] Take his hand.

It's all or nothing
>> No. 16670
[x] Take his hand.
>> No. 16671
[ ] Turn around, see who is behind you.
>> No. 16672
[X] Take his hand

I get the feeling turning around means a bad end... and that the terrorists win.
>> No. 16673
[X] Turn around, Bright Eyes...
>> No. 16674
[X] Take his hand.
>> No. 16675
[ ] Turn around, see who is behind you.

no rash choices before hearing both sides.
>> No. 16676
And I get the feeling that turning around means a brick-shitting moment, and AWESOME wins.
>> No. 16677
[X] Turn around, see who is behind you.
No sense rushing in without hearing the other side.
>> No. 16679
Every now and then I fall apart.

[X] Take his hand.
>> No. 16680
[X] Turn around, see who is behind you.
We need more data, no doubt about it, too bad if it destroys a chance for a Remi good end but it's a price that I'm willing to pay.
>> No. 16681
[x] Turn around, see who is behind you.

I prefer the alleged Sword Guy so far, but may as well hear the other guy out. Maybe it's the essence of the vampire hunter we're merged with, here to offer his h4x.
>> No. 16683
The Vampire upstairs is Belmonymous.
>> No. 16684
[X] Turn around, see who is behind you.

Caveat emptor
>> No. 16685
File 121603668890.jpg - (29.11KB , 355x349 , anon.jpg ) [iqdb]
"No, Belmonymous. You are the vampire upstairs."
And then Belmonymous was a horrible green monster.
>> No. 16686
After 45 threads, there's no way we're going to lose a Good End just for hearing this other guy out.
>> No. 16687
[X] Take his hand.

We do not need powers. WE NEED REMILIA GOOD END
>> No. 16688
[X] Turn around, see who is behind you.
>> No. 16689
[X] Take his hand.
>> No. 16690

[X] Turn around, see who is behind you.

inb4 brick shitting/getting FUBAR'd
>> No. 16691
Holy fuck things got really awesome all a sudden, although I'm certainly wishing Marisa was in on this cluster fuck. A master spark would feel really good right now, but I doubt Remillia wants anyone stealing her thunder today.

Didn't expect the twist with Flan either, something about it not working? So I take it she can't destroy it. I was kind of hoping the final blow would be Flan trying to bring herself to kill it only to have a sudden "lol moral crisis" which Belnonymous would have to talk her out of. But that sounds more like a flan route thing anyway.

Reimu isn't pulling her weight, literally immune to gravity and she isn't in the thick of it? I know the entire of Gensokyo relies on her for its existance sort of but she could at least tag it with some charms or something.

Shame Youmu fell so early, I thought she'd be the only one able to keep up with it in real terms of speed.

Anyway, how much of the body needs to be destroyed? Could we say, cut it's head off then launch it into the sun? Or does the whole thing need to be destroyed? What happens to dismembered parts? Will a new limb form from the stump?
If the conditions are right, I say we shred it up as much as possible until it's just a bitey head and mongol him on piece at a time. Perhaps setting him on fire or dousing him in acid will retard his regeneration.

Oh yeah,
[X] Turn around, see who is behind you.
>> No. 16694
File 121605133995.jpg - (175.64KB , 750x1004 , Marisa_by_Vixen9.jpg ) [iqdb]
>although I'm certainly wishing Marisa was in on this cluster fuck.

You and me both
>> No. 16695
I hope we get a Deus-es-Marisa who suddenly flies in to save the day, and is quickly bitten by the beast. With no blood harmonizer treatment before hand, she begins to turn into a vampire and so must be killed (right in front of Flan.)

Now that would be some tasty despair.
>> No. 16696
[X] Turn around, see who is behind you
It's you, [Insert Name Here]!
>> No. 16697
No, we have a freakin' CURE for vampirism.
>> No. 16698
I know. Just wishful thinking.
>> No. 16699
>>I'm certainly wishing Marisa was in on this cluster fuck

I really wanted to write some Marisa, but Anon avoided all possible meetings with her and I resisted the urge to shoehorn her into the plot.

New thread within the next couple of hours.
>> No. 16710
>although I'm certainly wishing Marisa was in on this cluster fuck
But pretty much everyone in HY's SDM hates Marisa so yeah!
>> No. 16778
File 121606442060.jpg - (116.04KB , 437x640 , 59.jpg ) [iqdb]
Forgetting about someone?
>> No. 16940
But Flandre wasn't supposed to be awake when we fought it.
>> No. 17019
Flandre being the exception, which is EXACTLY why I said "pretty much everyone."