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[x] Hug Sakuya.

She’s sorry right? Being the tsundere that she is, it must take a lot of effort to be so direct. A voice in the back of your mind screams ‘NO!’ but that sad face… red with hours of crying and inner torment. How can you say no to something like that?

“All right. Come on, you crazy maid.”

Her face lights up with those words. A genuine smile spreads across previously quivering lips, and fresh tears slide down red blushing cheeks. Shifting into your outspread arms, Sakuya leans against your chest as her eyelids drift down to the dark circles below them. She must really be exhausted. With one arm squeezing you and the other limp, the platinum haired maid seems like nothing more than a frail woman. Soft cries emanate from below.

“Th-thank you.” Her words cut between choked sobs. “You r-really are a wonderful m-man. The m-mistress was r-right about you.”

The gasps and cries grow stronger.

“I-I’m sorry.”
But the voice sounds different. It’s regretful, yet has a distinct desperation to it. Those words throw you off guard for a moment. It’s a moment of pure defenselessness. A moment is all that’s needed to swing around the knife laying under the covers into your back.

But the moment won’t come.

Instantly you noticed Sakuya’s shifting weight. The right hand which was lying limp moves with tremendous speed, carrying a glint of silver. With all her strength she brings it around in a deadly arc to your exposed back, puncturing your organs.

Or would have. The maid falls back, eyes wide in surpise as she looks from you to her own immobilized hand; the dagger sits comfortably in the space where once was your ring finger. The very thing she took away when she fed you to those beasts.

With all your strength, your grip tightens around her outstretch hand. A look of panic covers Sakuya’s face as she stares at it, unaware of your other hand already in motion. With a loud smack, your free palm crosses her cheek with a might slap.

The shocked woman simply drops the knife and reaches up to feel her swelling cheek. A look of pure shock greets you, giving a sort of odd pleasure. I must have been decades since she was treated like that. All the authority she carried went to her head over the years.

But it doesn’t matter how she feels about it.

Fury pumps through your veins. Absolute anger towards this woman who has repeatedly betrayed your kindness and trust floods your body. Worse yet, she willing tried to take away her mistress’s happiness. Is she really that jealous? Unforgivable.

Simply unforgiveable.

Her body is surprisingly light. It’s barely an effort to lift and throw the petite woman to the floor. With terror Sakuya watches your sword come forth and slide to her throat. On her back she lies, paralyzed at the imminent death she knows she deserves. A thought surges to your mind from the sword. The mountain of sins she’s collected has stained her so much that she actually would welcome a cleansing death. She is a danger to Scarlet Bloodline and she must be taught, it commands.

Oh, she’ll be taught.

As if guided by the sword, your arm sweeps from her neck to feet, cutting the simple kimono away. Not waiting for a reaction, you grab Sakuya by the neck and lift her into the air before returning to the bed. Her robes slip away, revealing pale soft skin and small but perfectly round breasts. Quickly you sit down on the edge of the mattress and throw Sakuya down; her stomach hits your knees with a dull thud. A ragged gasp exits her panting mouth.

Almost ceremonially, you lift your hand high in the air and hurl it down to her bare ass. The loud clap of skin against skin echoes in the silent room. Sakuya’s body jerks as a different gasp escapes her lips. A throbbing sting coats your hand, but it doesn’t matter. Again, you lift your weapon high and bring it down upon her with a righteous blow. She moans softly. Again and again you spank her rear as it grows red and raw, while holding her jaw firmly in your left hand. As she opens her mouth again, you slip in a single finger.

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“Mmm” Sakuya calls out as she immediate begins sucking the finger, rubbing her tongue against it violently. Her hips rub into your legs as she begins to buck them.

“You. Are. Going. To. Pay. For. Your. Behavior.” With every beat you sound off a single word in an angry voice. With each impact she sucks harder, moaning like a whore. Time for the next step.

Grabbing the back of her white hair, you pull Sakuya off your lap and toss her against the side of the bed. Slender arms fall on the top while healthy thighs glisten with precum against the side. Quickly undoing your belt and pants, you undress and kneel down behind her. No more foreplay, it’s time to repent.

“And first you are going to pay with your body.”

Forcefully grabbing the sides of her thighs, you lifting them up and plunge your throbbing manhood into her gaping pussy. Sakuya’s body jerks in surprise as she cries out in pain and pleasure. There is no need for a slow pace and buildup. This is not love or romance. This is pure angry vengeful sex. Reaching out you grab the whore’s hair once again and jerk it back, causing her to moan loudly and grip the covers tight in her hands.

Over and over you pound into the backside of Sakuya as she grinds against you. Her ass is crimson and swollen, but still she shudders as you strike it with your open palm. Reaching her limits, she calls out and squeezes her walls tightly around your dick.


Oh hell no. Remi isn’t here. She needs to learn who else she serves.

Filled with coursing anger once again, you pull out of maid and throw her up and across the bed. Before she is done tumbling you land on top of her and grip that thin neck again. Lost in her own twisted delight, Sakuya looks up to you with eyes filled with pleasure where once was fear.

“Master.” You command in a stern voice.

“Master!” Sakuya’s eyes roll back as she moans the reply.

Wasting no time, you spread her legs and ram in between her inflammed lips once again. She calls out your title.


Holding her thigh against your chest in one hand and squeezing her throat in the other, you push again.

“Apologize,” you order.

Again you forcefully dig into her.

“Ah….ahhh…. I’m….I’m……I’m….sorry. I’m sooOOOrrrryyYYYYyyyyYYYY.” She bellows out as you increase the pace. Over and over you ravage the murderous servant, ripping into her inviting hole.

“Who is your master?”

“You are!” She moans.

“Whom do you serve?”

“You~” Her body shakes in rapture and she cums again. The covers are nearly torn in half under her constant pulling and sharp nails.

“Then drink me in and be my thrall.” Triumphantly you lift up stand over Sakuya as she quickly hops up and kneels before your engorged cock. With a few quick jerks, your anger and frustration shoots forth with your seed as the pleasure hits your brain. It explodes onto Sakuya’s face and closed eyes before she instinctively leans in and wraps her lips around the source. With incredibly fervor she drinks down your juices, never stopping for a breath. Even after nothing is left, she keeps a firm grip seeking more of the bitter nourishment essence.

Finally, Sakuya falls down to your feet. Still blinded with semen, she kisses the licks them repeating her submission.

“Master. Master. Master. Master. Master.”

“Good girl. Now behave yourself, and perhaps both Remi and I will play with you next time.” You coo.

“Yes Master!” Sakuya obediently replies, with the same wonderful phrase which never loses its fun no matter how many times she says it.
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You did not disappoint me Doc, now write the real one we are waiting for.
And apologize to HY for spoiling the story.
>> No. 15266
I regret that I have only one face to palm.
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Cool story brah

now GB2/anontouhouvnproject/
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Bah, there is just no pleasing you people.
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I want to be the one to get punished by Sakuya.
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Is there anything Doc can't do?
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I am most pleased
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I couldn't save Ed's mom. Its ok though, neither could he.
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Requesting the screencap.
>> No. 15288
I really liked this, but I take it this means we're not getting "Punish Me, Mistress Sakuya?"
>> No. 15290
Trying to buy time?
"Punish Me, Mistress Sakuya!" is what we want.
>> No. 15292
This was sort of a "write on the whim" experiment.

Gah, you people really want Sakuya to dominate you. I just don't understand; its not my fetish. But whatever, I'll still write it, but it will be slow.
>> No. 15293
It's my inner fan-girl Youmu. As much as I try to suppress it, it just won't let me be. It won't go away, the only thing that can calm this beast is ONEE-SAMAAAAAA~
>> No. 15294
After this gem, I could do without it. Superior H-scene is superior.
>> No. 15296
Yes now let me fap while i imagine that i will get dominated by Sakuya.
But not until you write it, so make haste.
>> No. 15298
You don't DESERVE to fap. You don't even deserve your dick.
>> No. 15304
My every need got catered. GJ!
>> No. 15306
This is better than whatever these people had in mind.

Write anything about anyone else, I'm fucking tired of Sakuya.
>> No. 15308
Bloody hell.
>> No. 15310
You're too slow, we will now officially nominate Dr. Doujin as the new writefag of this story.
>> No. 15311
How about NO?
>> No. 15313
Ah....is that a good reply or a bad one?

Ha! I will have to politely decline the offer. HY has a terrific story and style, nice reading flow, and is WAY more dependable than I am.

If anything, I'd take over Gensokyo Academy.
>> No. 15314
Good reply. Belmonymous' personality has been shaped towards being a good guy this play-through, so the possible Sakuya-rape has been off the cards for ages now, you're not plotminding me at all.
>> No. 15321
>If anything, I'd take over Gensokyo Academy.

Claiming deeds on abandoned land?
I'd support it.
>> No. 15328
>If anything, I'd take over Gensokyo Academy.

This please.
I can only ask you to do this.
But like you said, you are undependable.

>Belmonymous' personality has been shaped towards being a good guy this play-through

He has a too good personality, i get the urge to vomit from time to time such a nice guy he is.....

>possible Sakuya-rape has been off the cards for ages now

GODDAMN WHY HY, right now after hugging.
Will we get to rape her in the Sakuya route? We need that Q&A session.....
>> No. 15331
Yeah, your plot is pretty brilliant. I doubt I'd be able to cut into it. I simply give the sudden predictable despair Anon secretly craves.
>> No. 15352
>GODDAMN WHY HY, right now after hugging.
Can't rape the unwillingly willing.
>> No. 15410
[x] Call for Tewi.
>> No. 15414
Having Herr Doctor revive Gensokyo Academy would be pretty awesome.
>> No. 15415
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File 121498913661.jpg - (64.15KB , 750x600 , 1214800381970.jpg ) [iqdb]

Dr.Doujin and Kira are probably Germans, if you know what I mean.
>> No. 15432

To have it devolve into sex-filled, incestuous story full of horny touhoes?

As appealing as that sounds, I think I'll pass.
>> No. 15433
>> No. 15434
Hey now, I can write more than just Bad Ends and H scenes.


..stop laughing!
>> No. 15435
Needs to be seen yet. We demand proof.
>> No. 15436
lunatic mode:
rewrite Sakuya!jOmBcI54aU!!WwAwN5BJHjs story.
>> No. 15795
Heck. Given a freedom, even one as lowly as I could turn it into something readable. The plot is a little... meh... though.
>> No. 15809

What plot?