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12508 No. 12508
You glance back and fourth between the two corridors, unsure which to take. Both could be dangerous. You rationalize that the smelly path would be best, even though Saguya has now turned around to face you again and looks somewhat ... happier? You can't read dog-person facial expressions, so you try to ignore the twisted mouth, a string of spittle slowly making its way to the floor. The dark corridor must lead deeper into this place, surely the parts closer to the mansion would be the ones to decay slowest? Just to be sure, you fish the skull out of your pocket and ask his opinion. You show him both corridors.
"So what do you think?" You ask.
"I think you need some advice, that's what I think." The skull says, grinning in the way only a skull can.
"Yeah, take it from me, take it from old Murray. I've been around a while."
"Take what from you?" You ask.
"Take it easy."

Ow, shit. You drop the skull and clutch the back of your head as a long, drawn out spike of pain forces it's way through your own skull. Your vision blurs and you feel your knees start to buckle but you catch yourself at the last minute. You instinctively cradle the back of your head, trying to hold back tears of pain. You're pretty sure you let out a moan at some point, because Saguya has taken a step towards you and is peering at your face. Your vision clears, too slowly for your liking, as you shoo the disgusting creature away. You stumble backwards and slide down the wall, sitting for a moment to recover your strength.

By your foot is the skull. It's just a fucking skull. You must have been heavily concussed, but then again you felt like the skull was offering you some pretty good advice.

No no, that is the path to total insanity. You pick the skull up and jam it back in your pocket, closing the top so you can't see the eye sockets. You better return it to its rightful place once you're through this. You gently probe the back of your head, wincing in pain. Maybe if you hadn't spent so long concussed you wouldn't feel like such crap right now. You do feel like you're somewhat back to your senses now.

Saguya is a few paces into the smelly corridor already. You follow as it capers ahead of you. The density of the smell increases as you progress deeper, a stench very much like Saguya's but mixed with rotting excrement and raw sewage. The monster in front of you doesn't seem bothered by it though. You notice that one of the overhead bulbs has gone out, a slightly darker patch on the floor below. As Saguya passes through the dark patch, the sound of the monster's footsteps ceases and it passes through the shadow with such speed you wouldn't have been able to see it if you weren't right behind it. Saguya doesn't seem to notice, carrying on just as before, ambling down the rest of the corridor like a retarded puppy. You stop dead, suddenly very glad you didn't lead it down the dark corridor. Ahead is what looks like an opening into a larger room, also lit. Saguya vanishes through the doorway and then you hear a screech, exactly like the one when you turned the torch on it before, followed by the sound of scurrying feet.

[ ] Wait, stay silent.
[ ] Draw sword.
[ ] Ready whip.
[ ] Into the room, slowly.
[ ] Into the room, fast.
[ ] Peek around the door.

>> No. 12509
[X] Wait, stay silent.
>> No. 12511
[ ] Draw sword.
[ ] Into the room, slowly.
>> No. 12512
[ ] Pull out Murray, put him on your sword, and reach around the corner with your makeshift skull-on-a stick.

[ ] Ask him what he saw.
>> No. 12513
[X] Into the room, slowly.
So, Saguya saw something that scared it, and ran away in a different direction. Presumably the thing will pursue. Wait a few seconds and take advantage of the distraction.
>> No. 12514
[X] Ready whip.
[X] Peek around the door.
Fuck, this is creeping me out!
>> No. 12515
[x] Wait, stay silent.

>"Take what from you?" You ask.
>"Take it easy."

Well played.
>> No. 12516

Knock this shit off.

[x] Into the room, slowly.
>> No. 12517
Here's to hoping the torch doesn't fail us now.
>> No. 12518
[x] Into the room, slowly.
>> No. 12519
[ ] Draw sword.
[ ] Into the room, slowly.
The sword is clearly special since it hasn't even rusted or collected any dust while in the catacombs. Besides, swords are better against things that might be waiting just around the corner
>> No. 12520
[x] Draw sword.
[x] Into the room, slowly.
>> No. 12521
forgot to mention
[X] Ready whip.
>> No. 12522
>"I think you need some advice, that's what I think." The skull says, grinning in the way only a skull can.

Haha, we actually hear it -talk- now. This is fucking awesome.
>> No. 12523
[X] Wait, stay silent.
[X] Ready whip.

Clearly we're at a great disadvantage if there are more things like our pet, and they also are just as fast and silent in the dark.
>> No. 12524
[] Draw sword.
[] Ready whip.
[] Into the room, slowly.

The whip is our special weapon against vampires, but the sword most likely has a power of some kind.
>> No. 12525
[ ] Draw sword.
[ ] CTRL for Sneak.
[ ] Into the room, slowly.
>> No. 12526
The Yakumo Science Enrichment Center would like to remind you that the Weighted Companion Skull cannot speak. In the event the Weighted Companion Skull does speak, the Enrichment Center strongly encourages you to disregard its advice.
>> No. 12527
[x] Wait, stay silent.
[x] Ready whip.

Larger room means we'll be able to use the whip if need be.
>> No. 12528
[x] Wait, stay silent.
[x] Ready whip.

^ makes sense.
>> No. 12529
>> No. 12530
[ ] Wait, stay silent.
[ ] Draw sword.
>> No. 12531
[ ] Ready whip.
[ ] Wait, stay silent.

I have a feeling the sword will only be useful later... like perhaps a FINAL BOSS?
>> No. 12532
File 121303432936.jpg - (59.04KB , 343x179 , togetherwithro8.jpg ) [iqdb]
>You can't read dog-person facial expressions, so you try to ignore the twisted mouth, a string of spittle slowly making its way to the floor.
>dog-person facial expressions

Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
>> No. 12533
[X] Draw sword.

If you're going to fight multiple enemies then a whip just wont do.
>> No. 12534

Huh. That reminds me, is it a longsword or a shortsword? Need to keep in mind our maximum reach.
>> No. 12535
[X] Draw sword.
[X] Into the room, slowly.

We're still a bit too confined to make proper use of the whip. Save that until we're in an area that we know has plenty of room. The sword will do for now, it's clearly got some sort of enchantment - it hasn't rusted, and it repels dust.
>> No. 12536
Back from dinner, writing now.
>> No. 12537
[x] Peek around the door
[x] Toss skull inside, wait, stay silent for any further sound or movement that may occur inside
>> No. 12538
Now that I think about it, the sword and whip both probably fall into the category of "specially prepared and blessed weapons" that Patchouli said were needed to kill a vampire.
>> No. 12539
which is kinda ironic, considering that we found the sword on one of remilias ancestors.
>> No. 12540
Vampires do tend to kill each other. Also, this ancestor was human. Lastly, Remilla did make a comment about it "not being the first time a vampire hunter had fallen for a vampire". Makes sense, doesn't it?
>> No. 12541
An ancestor who appeared human. Remember, earlier she said:

>"But it's okay, this isn't the first time a Vampire Hunter has fallen for his prey, it's happened a couple of times in history before. There's no shame in it."
>> No. 12542
point taken.
>> No. 12543
You put your hand on the whip and then think better of it. If you're fighting in a tight space like this then perhaps the sword would be better. You draw it from your belt and hold it in front of you, point down. You wait for a beat, then start to make your way towards the door. There is another screech, then another overlapping with that one. Two distinct sounds, that means at least Saguya and one other dog-thing. You reach the doorway and then it hits you. It's not a doorway, it's a very low section of tunnel which only extends for a couple of feet.

The room beyond it is vast.

You can't see much of it from here, you seem to be high up a slope and in a corner. As you start to crane your neck around for a better view, there is a chorus of inhuman shrieking and screaming, followed by what sounds like a human voice trying to make some kind of barking sound. Not like an imitation, but like the vocal cords have been twisted to sound like a dog. You edge through the tiny passageway, each pound of your heart sending a pulse of slight pain through the bump on the back of your head. You pray that all that noise is not about you. As you round the far edge of the passage, you realize it is not about you. Not at all.

Saguya is curled up in a ball a few feet away from you at what looks like the top of a gentle slope of grey rock. At the bottom of the slope the floor rises again, in wide, rough steps and flat tiers. The room is huge, easily a hundred feet long perhaps, there are three openings in the back wall, one plain door, one dark passageway and what looks like a stone slab. To your dismay, the wire from the bulbs ends here, pitifully jutting out of the wall above your head, nothing to connect to.

The light in the room is coming from fires.

Lots of fires.

There are dozens of them in here, creatures like the one you named Saguya. Dozens of shrieking, hopping, slithering things. Bones are scattered about the floor, all different sizes, shapes, species. All these creatures seem to be able to do is eat, make fire and shit. The stench is unavoidable now, hitting you in the back of the throat like a metal fist. At the top of the steps at the far end of the room is something else, something huge. It looks vaguely like the rest of them, but much taller, more thickset, larger hands and smaller eyes. Some of the others are tearing each other apart in front of it, blood splattering the ground at the big one's feet.

It looks up, straight at you.

It points and screams something. The other dog-things turn to look at you, the fight stopping mid-strike. Dozens of tiny, beady red little eyes are staring at you. A few of them open their mouths, long streams of saliva looping out.

[ ] Run back the way you came.
[ ] Grab Saguya, hold it hostage.
[ ] Wade in, kill them all.
[ ] Try to get to the doors at the back.
[ ] Try talking to them.
>> No. 12544
[X] Wade in, kill one of them.
If we run now, they will think we are easy prey, go in and show them that we are no easy prey.
>> No. 12545
[X] Try to get to the doors at the back.

Why do all these options seem horrible?
>> No. 12546
[ ] Try talking to them.

if that works then:
[] Try to get to the doors at the back.

If they start attacking us:
[] Wade in, kill them all.
>> No. 12547
[X] Run back the way you came.
[X] stop at the other end of the low section.

If they're all going to be coming at you, you'll need a bottleneck to have any chance of victory.
>> No. 12548
[ ] Run back the way you came and find a narrow passage to create a choke point.

>> No. 12549
[ ] Run back the way you came.
[ ] Stop at the other end of the low section.

Makes sense I guess.
>> No. 12550
[x] Wade in, kill them all.

We could use a fucking berserker pack right about now.
>> No. 12551
[X] Try to get to the doors at the back.

Only viable option. Running back won't work, we'll just be stuck where the light ends, since they can easily outrun us in the dark. We could take them on one by one, there, but they probably won't attack into the light either, so it's a stalling game that we'll lose. It's unlikely Saguya would dissuade them from attacking. Taking them all on in here is foolhardy, as is, likely, talking to them (but I'm sure a sizeable number will vote for that anyhow).
>> No. 12552
[X] Try talking to them.
we've already had a conversation with a skull talking to these things cant be that much harder
>> No. 12553
[X] Try to get to the doors at the back.
>> No. 12554
[X] Wade in, kill them all.
It's berserk time.
>> No. 12555
[x] Kill the boss.
Wipe him out, and the rest'll lose the will to fight.
>> No. 12556
[X] Run back the way you came.
[X] stop at the other end of the low section.
Was going to propose the same thing. But we shouldn't ditch Saguya.
>> No. 12557
So if we kill the big one, might all the others consider us their new leader?
>> No. 12558
Uh... fuck.

[ ] Try talking to them.

These were people once, right? Offer them some of the blood pack, if they seem depressed.
>> No. 12559
[ ] Challenge the Boss to a one on one fight.
It seems intelligent enough to understand us.
>> No. 12560
[ ] Run back the way you came and find a narrow passage to create a choke point.
Should've killed Saguya earlier. But I'm not one to talk, as I voted for letting the skull name him.
>> No. 12561
Tied between doors and choke point, next one takes it.
>> No. 12562
[x] Run back the way you came and find a narrow passage to create a choke point.

Better to fight one at a time than getting surrounded.
>> No. 12563
[X] Die.

Let's face it. This is what all the options result in.
>> No. 12564
Writing now.
>> No. 12565
"...and then they made me their chief."
>> No. 12566
With them as cannon fodder we would've a chance to take out Sakuya.
We shall befriend them all , concentrate our Saguya's and strike them all down from the Tombs.
>> No. 12567

Ghoul King route?
>> No. 12568
You backpedal as fast as you can, not taking your eyes off the creatures staring at you, past the prone form of the one you named, past the opening of the small passage. You stop on the other side. hearing the rumbling shouts of the big one again. If they're going to come for you then you can take them here, one by one, cut them down with your sword as they try to emerge from the passage. They look stupid enough to push and shove each other if they really want to get to you. Hopefully they can push each other right onto your sword.

But they're not coming. You can hear lots of footsteps, but methodical, not rushing towards you. You can hear something else as well, a kind of swishing noise... a ...


It's the sound of flames being smothered.

You risk a glance around the doorway and you're right. They're heaping dirt and shit onto the fires, slowly but surely putting them out. The big one is striding across the room, right towards you, speed of its steps increasing as the room dims. It's grinning, bearing its teeth at you. You hop back so you're standing in the glow of the electric lightbulbs again. One of the smaller creatures screams something at the big one, who then rounds on it and stops inches short of swatting it away. The little one is pointing up, above the doorway you're standing behind. Then you recognize the little one as Saguya.

He's pointing at the end of the wiring.

Oh shit.

The big one nods and turns back to you, still grinning. As the room grows even dimmer, he leaps up and out of your sight. The bulbs above you suddenly jerk on the wire, ripping free and going out. You are plunged into darkness, the only light now coming from the few fires still burning in the large room.

The big one is standing in the middle again. He beckons you forward with a huge, clawed finger.

[ ] Stay where you are.
[ ] Meet the challenge.
>> No. 12569
[ ] Meet the challenge.
>> No. 12570
[X] Meet the challenge.

Whelp. This is it.
>> No. 12571
[ ] Meet the challenge.

Looks like Saguya is as much of a backstabbing bitch as her namesake.
>> No. 12572
[X] Meet the challenge.

GODDAMN IT, Saguya. BAD creature! BAD!
No biscuit!
>> No. 12573
[ ] Meet the challenge.

Fuck. This thing better be slower than the rest...
>> No. 12574
[] Meet the challenge.
I bet our sword can glow or something. That, or we somehow use our inherent timeslow powers, without a catalyst.
>> No. 12575
[X] Try talking to them.
[X] Try to get to the doors at the back.

Time to put those mad Belmont platforming skills to the test, dodging and leaping from the tiniest of footholds to the next. Either way, the big one will likely chase us in one of those Castlevania-style scenes with the giant monsters that chase after you, breaking down walls.

Also, while I doubt Saguya will try anything on us, the rest I'm not so sure about. They have an advantage in numbers here.
>> No. 12576
[X] Meet the challenge.

Chop chop! Time to die!
>> No. 12577
[x] Meet the challenge.
Dam u little creature betrayed us.
>> No. 12578
[x] Meet the challenge.
>> No. 12579
File 121304038085.jpg - (227.08KB , 720x804 , 121139701191.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 12580
[ ] Meet the challenge.

>> No. 12581
[x] Meet the challenge.

We shall kill the king and become their new ruler.
>> No. 12582
[X] Meet the challenge.

It looks like Belmonymous has fallen upon some dark times.
>> No. 12583
We discarded the option to play with the clock. I don't think we can do it now.

[X] Meet the challenge.
If we beat him, will the little guys become our underlings?
>> No. 12584
[ ] Stay where you are.

Clearly it's a trap
>> No. 12585
[X] Meet the challenge.

We're a vampire hunter. Time to prove it.
>> No. 12586

>> No. 12587
[X] Meet the challenge.
Hopefully these things will back if we take out the leader of the pack.
>> No. 12588
[X] Meet the challenge.

If he wants to fight, appearing weak is the last thing we want to do, and running will probably get us into even deeper shit. At least this way this is (probably) a one on one fight. The only thing that concerns me is that whatever they are, they don't seem to like darkness much, judging from how it ran across that patch of shadow on the way there... but if that were true, why would he put out the lights? Maybe they actually get stronger in darkness. This is also supported by how the big one started going faster when the room got dimmer. In that case, we should use our torch thing to keep it in the light... and how the hell did they get electricity down there?
>> No. 12589
Writing now.
>> No. 12590
[X] Meet the challenge.
It is either do or die now, we have nothing to lose. This area is their turf, if we kill their boss we get their respect.
>> No. 12591
[x] Meet the challenge.
Oh, fuck it!
>> No. 12592
[X] Meet the challege

>> No. 12593
>>Clearly it's a trap

I don't think so. As fast as those things move in the darkness, they could likely kill us just as easily in that hallway than in that room. We're horribly outnumbered either way, so there wouldn't be much of a benefit to challenging us as part of some "trap".

No, the big guy seems to want to fight us one-on-one. No chance it will be a fair fight, but it's still probably better to face him head-on than to attempt to flee in total darkness with those things on our heels.
>> No. 12594
[X] Meet the challenge.

>> No. 12595

Did you not notice that when it ran across that darkness it did it ridiculously fast, as opposed to it's slow movements in the light?
That's why Belmonymous is shitting himself. The darkness makes them fast. And hard to see, I suspect.
>> No. 12596
Or, we just get their RAGE. They might have some attachment to their leader.
>> No. 12597
Those creatures don't seem to be very brave. If we get rid of this big one maybe they'll be afraid of us.
>> No. 12598

Well, I was thinking that maybe it ran fast just because it didn't like darkness (after all, why would it have lighting in the first place?) and wanted to be out of it as soon as possible. But yes, now that I think about it, that does sound more likely.
>> No. 12599
Seems more like he reigns with Fear than pupularity.
They follow the strongest who is around, if we kill their leader we are the strongest.
But something tells me that the Saguya's are one of our lesser problems down there.
The real enemies are yet to come.
>> No. 12600
You stride forwards, head held high, staring the big one straight in the eyes. You're going to need a name for this fucker too, if you're going to kill him. The Big Cheese? No. Ghoul King? Nah. Fuckface? Perhaps. Better just call him Big One for now.

You would realize the stupidity of the name under any other circumstances, but your mind is occupied with this distraction to keep itself occupied and free of fear as you walk up to the thing. The others have formed a huge circle around the edge of the room. As you leave the passageway and enter the room they move in front of it, blocking your only retreat. You try to show no fear, only looking at the eyes of the huge, hulking thing in front of you. It's slouching, but it's still easily a whole head and a half taller than you. Its fingers are like a series of cruel meathooks, its teeth like a serrated knife edge. It is clearly in much better health than Saguya, who has already vanished amongst the crowd of creatures surrounding you and what you take to be their leader.

You stop ten paces in front of it. It grunts and gestures to the two remaining fires burning in the room.

Then it laughs. A sound like a crocodile being strangled. You tense as the noise stops and the other creatures start to bark and hoot at the pair of you. The monster drops into an even lower slouch, something approaching a fighting stance. You doubt it needs finesse and skill, it looks like it could just rip you apart with a careless backhand swipe.

[ ] Sword.
[ ] Whip.
[ ] Knife.
[ ] Knuckle duster.
[ ] Fists.
[ ] Other? (specify)


[ ] Press an attack as fast as you can.
[ ] Wait and watch, stay defensive.
>> No. 12601

All the more reason to get the Saguyas on our side...
>> No. 12602

We'll need an army then. Just hope we don't need bugbait to control them.

So, should we go for the eye sockets, and the brain behind them?
>> No. 12603
[ ] Sword
[ ] Electric Torch
[ ] Mixture of attack and defense. Be wary but be agressive as well.
>> No. 12604
[ ] Whip.
[ ] Wait and watch, stay defensive.
>> No. 12605
[ ] Whip.
Distant fight....

[ ] Press an attack as fast as you can

Heck, we choose to fight, end it quickly....
>> No. 12606
[ ] Sword
[ ] Electric Torch
[ ] Evasive attacks, darting in and out of his attack radius. Be wary but be agressive as well.
>> No. 12608
[ ] Whip.
[ ] Wait and watch, stay defensive.
>> No. 12609
[X] Whip. Aim for the eyes.
[X] Electric Torch. drop to the floor.

[X] Search for an opening, or wait until it jumps at you, then attack it.
>> No. 12610
[] Sword
[] Electric Torch
[] Defend, hit it after it attacks. Go for the neck, one clean swipe.

That sounds great. The torch can stun them, and the sword is probably super effective against them.
>> No. 12611
Ready the sword, wait for it to attack, then use the electric torch when it doesn't expect it. It should be surprised enough for us to land a killing blow.

[ ] Sword.

[ ] Other? (torch)

[ ] Wait and watch, stay defensive.
>> No. 12612
[X] Sword
[X] Electric Torch
[X] Press an attack as fast as you can.
Before they put out those two last fires!
>> No. 12613
[x] Sword
[x] Electric Torch
[x] Defend, hit it after it attacks. Go for the neck, one clean swipe.

Sounds good to me
>> No. 12614
[x] Whip.
[x] Wait and watch, stay defensive.

Seeing as how he could probably tear us apart as if we were made of wet tissue paper, it sounds like a good idea to keep as far the fuck away from him as possible and attack him whenever he makes an opening.
>> No. 12615
[X] Other? (Electric torch)
>> No. 12616
[X] Whip.
[X] Electric Torch
[X] Wait and watch, stay defensive.

Observe his movements and find any openings before committing to an attack.
>> No. 12618
[ ] Sword.
[ ] Whip.
[ ] Knife.
[ ] Knuckle duster.
[ ] Fists.
[ ] Other? (headbut)


[ ] Press an attack as fast as you can.

>> No. 12619
[X] Sword
[X] Electric Torch
[X] Press an attack as fast as you can.

This thing is stronger and faster than we are, but we have intelligence and hopefully skill working for us. The thing "looks like it could just rip you apart with a careless backhand swipe" so going defensive is unwise. We need to end this fight as quickly as possible.
>> No. 12620
[X] Sword.
[X] Whip.
[X] Knife.
[X] Knuckle duster.
[X] Fists.
[X] Other? (Skull)
[X] All of them!
>> No. 12621
[X] Whip.
[X] Knuckle duster.
[X] Wait and watch, stay defensive.

The knuckle duster is just in case it gets close enough that we have to knock it back for a moment. We're going to want to keep our distance.

If all else fails?

[X] Electric Torch Item Crush
>> No. 12623
[X] Sword
[X] Electric Torch
[X] Press an attack as fast as you can.
>> No. 12624
[X] Ask the skull for advice.
[X] Let the skull talk to it.
>> No. 12625
[X] Sword
[X] Electric Torch
[X] Press an attack as fast as you can.
>> No. 12626
[X] Try jerking the torch into its mouth.
It's like anti-light so we should, urm, enlighten it!
>> No. 12627
Writing now.
>> No. 12628
[ ] Knife.

>> No. 12629
[X] "I am the bone of my sword.."
>> No. 12630
[ ] Knife.

"Well then, Big One. Let's kill each other."
>> No. 12631
>> No. 12632
Right, nice way to lose a hand. His fingers are practically meathooks, so I somehow doubt he is going to punch us.
>> No. 12633
[x] Activate spellcard.
[x] Anon sign: Ten thousand hug immolation wall.
>> No. 12634
You keep the sword pointed forwards, creating as much of a psychological barrier between you and the creature as you can. Without looking down, you take the torch out of your pocket, but you keep it off, finger over the switch. If you show too early that you can make light then maybe it will adapt, or give up on the challenge and just kill you fast. Better to surprise it.

You take a step back and bring the sword up, watching as the thing steps to the side, rolling its shoulders and sniffing the air. Right now it looks like a cross between a prize boxer and your worst nightmare. You ignore the thought, focusing only on the thing's movements as it steps to the side again. Everything drains away, the noise of the other monsters, the floor beneath your feet, your own heartbeat. Everything but observation.

Then it lunges forwards. You bring the sword up to block the claws and they connect, a metallic clang resounding throughout the room. It jumps back before you can attempt a thrust, but you don't make a mistake by trying to attack anyway. Only observe. It steps to the side and twists, coming at you again, one claw straight at your face, mouth open wide. But you've already seen, this is a feint. The muscles are bunching all wrong. You bring the sword down onto the foot that was about to connect with your stomach, slicing through bone and tendon, following through to make sure the blow matters. The thing howls in pain, hopping back and looking down at its foot, which is now hanging by a few splinters of bone.

It roars and comes at you again, making fists instead of using its claws. You block three blows with your sword, drawing blood from its hands each time. Suddenly you can see an opening, the way it swings when it brings a fist back leaves the neck unprotected, because of the way it's balanced on the injured foot. It winds up for another punch, fetid spittle flying everywhere as it roars with rage.

[ ] Take the opening, sword.
[ ] Take the opening, flashlight.
[ ] Don't attack yet.
[ ] Head-but the creature.
>> No. 12635

[ ] Tell Suika to catch him as soon as he enters the mist, then finish him off
[ ] Dodge
>> No. 12638
[ ] Take the opening, flashlight.
[ ] Cancel with dodge.
[ ] Sword.
>> No. 12639
[X] Take the opening, flashlight.

>> No. 12640
[X] Sword
[X] Electric Torch
[X] Press an attack as fast as you can.


[x] Take out your huge .44 Magnum and show him who's boss.
>> No. 12641
[x] Take the opening, sword.
How the fuck are you going to go for an opening in it's neck with a flashlight?
>> No. 12642
File 121304383757.png - (15.70KB , 240x160 , Castlevania - Harmony Of Dissonance (E) [IRFF]_07.png ) [iqdb]
QUESTION: During Patchi's route, will we be able to combine our items with spellbooks from her library? Or could we have done so during this route as well?

Pic related.
>> No. 12643
[x] Take the opening, sword.

Finish it off, quickly, before the Saguyas gang up on us.
>> No. 12644
[] Take the opening, sword.
We've done well so far. Let's hope it doesn't kill us as it dies.
>> No. 12645
[X] Take the opening, flashlight.
>> No. 12646
[] Take the opening, flashlight.
>> No. 12647
[ ] Take the opening, sword.

The glasgow kiss is rather tempting...
>> No. 12648
[ ] Take the opening, flashlight

then slash.

Opening must be a feint...
>> No. 12649
[X] Take the opening, flashlight.
I am not so sure about it yet, sounds too easy for me.
>> No. 12650
[X] Take the opening, flashlight.
>> No. 12651
Of course we'll attack it after stunning it with light.
Erm, we WILL, won't we? RIGHT, GUYS?
Guys? .__.
>> No. 12652
Uhm, if he's coming with a punch in full momentum, would lighting his neck do anything?
>> No. 12653
[X] Take the opening, flashlight.

For some reason, I'm thinking using the flashlight on it might have some psychological effect on the Big One, which combined with its current state of pain and anger will likely make its movments even more sloppy, and thus more likely to give us an opening for a killing blow.

>>it looks like it could just rip you apart with a careless backhand swipe.

It's still stronger possibly faster than us, even while injured. We should try to set it even more off its game, first.
>> No. 12654

This opening seems too easy, go for the least obvious choice.

Deadly logic?
>> No. 12655

Not lighting his neck, you fucking idiot. The eyes. ALWAYS AIM FOR THE EYES.
>> No. 12656
[x] Take the opening, flashlight


[x] Stab it in the neck
>> No. 12657
I don't exactly disagree with this notion, but it's not like we need an opening in his guard (because that's what it is) to do it. Hence it's not really "taking the opening".

Well, we'll see.
>> No. 12659
You should re-read the post before you go around calling people fucking idiots. Why do you need an opening in his neck to use the flashlight on his eyes?
>> No. 12660

Approach on neck != Attack neck.

You can point a flashlight in different directions than the one you're pointed in. The approach gets you close enough to bring the light to him.
>> No. 12661
Now that's a better point, and does make sense. Thanks.
>> No. 12662
[x] Take the opening, sword.
>> No. 12663
[ ] Head-butt the creature.


No, but seriously:
[X] Take the opening, sword.
>> No. 12664
Writing soon, busy doing something right now.
>> No. 12665
File 121304578754.jpg - (61.02KB , 640x480 , yukaritrain.jpg ) [iqdb]
SWR is addictive, huh!
>> No. 12666
Someone has to take care of those animals.
>> No. 12668
Before the monster's fist comes crashing forward again, you angle your hand upwards, pointing the torch at its eyes. You press the button just as you block with your sword again.

It screams, movements slowing as the light passes over it, flailing wildly.

This is easy.

You bring the sword around in a swift arc, slicing into the thing's neck, severing sinew and shattering vertebrae in a single strike. The sword gets stuck in the middle of the creature's neck and you hold on as it tumbles to the ground, lashing out wildly with its claws, eyes wide, spewing blood from the wound and its mouth. The blood sprays your face but you resist the urge to wipe it away, you have to finish this now. You place one foot on the thing's chest and draw the sword back out, then you ram it back down with all your might, straight through its eye socket. A spasm goes through it, only once, before it stops moving.

You look up to see some of the other, smaller dog-things break and run, most of them pouring through the dark passageway on the far wall. Some of them only run as far as the two remaining fires, heaping shit onto the flames. The rest of them start to advance towards you, slowly, screaming and shouting nonsense, trying to avoid the light from your torch. You bring the sword up again, ready to fight as the light grows even dimmer.

Then there is a crash and a crack. You look up at the source of the noise and see the stone slab on the far wall. There is a crack running down it. Another impact and then another crack appears. The dog-things squeal and a few more of them retreat but the ones by the fire only re-double their efforts. There is another crash and another crack in the stone. The ones coming towards you seem more agitated by this, glancing between you and the door. But as the final flames are smothered, they start to move.

Towards you.

[ ] Fight here, last stand.
[ ] Try to scatter the monsters putting out the last of the flames.
[ ] Get as far away from the stone slab as you can.
[ ] Get as close to the stone slab as you can.
>> No. 12669
I wish, right now I'm playing reset the router every five minutes.
>> No. 12670
[x] Try to scatter the monsters putting out the last of the flames.
>> No. 12671
[X] Try to scatter the monsters putting out the last of the flames.

Little fuckers
>> No. 12672
[x] Try to scatter the monsters putting out the last of the flames.
>> No. 12673
[x] Try to scatter the monsters putting out the last of the flames.
>> No. 12674
[X] Try to scatter the monsters putting out the last of the flames.
>> No. 12675
[x] Get as close to the stone slab as you can.
When the rocks break and what not, they'll fall on those stupid Saguya animal crap things, and we can make our escape!
>> No. 12676

If its a Linksys, newer version. Try changing the router ip.

[ x ] Try to scatter the monsters putting out the last of the flames.

Don't want the flashlight to die, after all it was given to us by Sakuya (right?)
>> No. 12677
[x] Get as close to the stone slab as you can.
Remilia's coming to save us, I know it.
>> No. 12678
[x] Try to scatter the monsters putting out the last of the flames.
[x] Get as close to the stone slab as you can.

oh ho, why not exist in a superposition?
>> No. 12679

Or it may be another giant ass monster who's pissed off because of all the noise.
>> No. 12680
[X] Get as close to the stone slab as you can.
God, let it be Meiling! I have no idea who or what else it could be instead of her. Those shadow freaks really crept me out.
>> No. 12681
[ ] Get as close to the stone slab as you can.
By this, I mean get close to it but not so close that it's going to crush us when it finally gives.
>> No. 12682
It's a BT voyager 2091, thanks for the advice but I think it's the ISP's fault rather than bad hardware this end.
>> No. 12683
You wish. The Saguya's are the least we have to worry about.
The real enemies are about to appear now.
We need the fire to fight against whatever is coming for us. Don't want to be blind down here.

[X] Try to scatter the monsters putting out the last of the flames.
>> No. 12684
[x] Get as far away from the stone slab as you can.
If the creatures are agitated by it, it's probably something big-ass and scary. If it's a monster (and judging by Sakuya's confidence in us dying down here, it probably is), we want to be as far away from it as possible when it makes its appearance. If it turns out to be someone coming to save us, it doesn't matter if we're far away, because they'll just come running to us.
>> No. 12685
[X] Get as close to the stone slab as you can.


I hope.
>> No. 12686
Writing now.

Also it is too hot to sleep here and I'm in the mood for writing, going to go for a bit longer tonight.
>> No. 12687
>going to go for a bit longer tonight
>> No. 12688
Too hot on my end, too. 27° in the room where I'm supposed to sleep. Hooray, don't have anything to do in the morning, so I'll just keep lurking here.
>> No. 12689
It's like 8º C in Buenos Aires, Argentina right now. The Southern Hemisphere is a wacky place, eh?
>> No. 12690
File 121304909820.jpg - (237.90KB , 500x695 , 1205642080403.jpg ) [iqdb]

No, not yet. Sakuya tripfag hasn't posted yet.
>> No. 12691
File 121304936973.jpg - (304.22KB , 900x892 , alicecheer.jpg ) [iqdb]
HY's going into Overtime, and Scorn's writing through the pain!

>> No. 12692
Oh God, how I wish I could be there. I was offered a house larger than mine (and I have a decent sized house) for $110,000 in that area, and didn't take it.
>> No. 12693
Oh you're better off there, trust me. We have the worst politicians in the world.
>> No. 12694
Sakuya~n! <3
>> No. 12695
[ ] Try to scatter the monsters putting out the last of the flames.
>> No. 12697
But.. We have a retarded Texan for a president, and soon a nigger.
>> No. 12698
We have a woman. Beat that.
>> No. 12699

A whitewashed nigger. Which is better compared to a woman.
>> No. 12700
We almost had a woman.
>> No. 12701
You need that light. You can't fight these things in the dark, they move silently and so quick you'll be dead in seconds. Another impact hits the stone slab as you duck to the side to try and reach one of the fires. You make a pass with your sword and shout something inarticulate in an attempt to get the dog-people blocking your way to move or flinch. It works, you slice an arm off somewhere and it flops to the ground with a wet splat. The injured one shrieks and knocks into the one next to it. You slip through the gap but as you do you feel a pair of claws rake down your back.

You stumble forwards, trying to ignore the pain, resisting the urge to feel the damage. Both hands on the sword, you try to focus on both hands on the sword, dropping your torch as you blank out the pain. The torch goes out. You can feel blood sliding down your back but you spin around, trying to push your assailant away. You can't tell where it came from, there are too many of them, all too close. One of them is somehow right in front of you as you take a step back, the light has dimmed too far, too far.

No! You jump backwards and turn, remembering your original plan. You run towards the fire, sword up. One of the things tries to turn to you but you run it through, sword up from the small of its back right out the front of its ribcage. You slide the sword out and it falls.

Right onto the dying flames.

The lights go out.

You hear another impact on the slab, bits of rock shaking free, an agonizing creak as the stone actually bends under the force.

Then there is a claw in your gut. So painful you think you're going to die right there. Another claw down your back, digging into the shoulder blade. They vanish in an instant and you fall backwards, writhing with pain as your head wound bumps against the floor. Your world is nothing but fire and pain.

You feel a claw in your arm, ripping a chunk of flesh away. Hot disgusting breath in your face as you feel yourself slipping away.

[ ] Let yourself go.
[ ] Struggle.
[ ] Pray.
[ ] Call out for Yukari.
[ ] Think of Remilia before you die.
>> No. 12702

At least the leader of your country isn't THE GAME. You're all lucky.
>> No. 12703
[ ] Struggle.
>> No. 12704
File 121304998776.jpg - (509.43KB , 1073x1522 , therules.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 12705
[ ] Let yourself go.
[ ] Think of Remilia as you RIP AND TEAR. You will survive this. For her sake.
>> No. 12706
[x] Call out for Yukari.

>> No. 12707
[ ] Think of Remilia before you die.

Go out thinking of the one you love.
>> No. 12708
[X] Think of Remilia before you die.

>> No. 12709
And Obama will > Bush in every aspect. Both of them. Mark my words.
>> No. 12710
[x] Struggle.
Yukari~n is probably asleep. Damned woman can't help us now.
>> No. 12711
[ ] Think of Remilia before you die.
>> No. 12712
[ ] Struggle.
[ ] Think of Remilia before you die.
>> No. 12713
[ x ] Struggle.

Atleast if its a BAD END, atleast take some of those fuckers out with you.
>> No. 12714


[X] Struggle
>> No. 12715
[X] Struggle.
[X] Call out for Yukari.
>> No. 12716
[x] Struggle.
not dead yet!
>> No. 12717
File 121305029158.png - (37.25KB , 564x525 , 121217464433.png ) [iqdb]
[ x ] Struggle.
[ x ] Think of Remilia.

>> No. 12718
[X] Struggle.
[X] Call out for Yukari.
Here's clutching at straws!
>> No. 12719
[ x ] Struggle.
[ x ] Think of Remilia.

>> No. 12720
>> No. 12721
[X] Struggle.
[X] Think of Remilia.
>> No. 12722
[X] Struggle.
>> No. 12723
[x] Think of Remilia before you die.
>> No. 12724
[x] Call out for VIVIT.
>> No. 12725
[x] Struggle.
[x] Think of Remilia.
>> No. 12726
>> No. 12727
[ ] Struggle.
[ ] Think of Remilia.
>> No. 12728
Writing now.
>> No. 12729
[X] Think of Remilia before you die.
Out of all bad options, this seems least bad.
>> No. 12730
[ ] Call out for Yukari.
[ ] Think of Remilia before you die.
>> No. 12731
File 121305050114.jpg - (152.41KB , 1048x808 , 120978394589.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 12732
[X] Think of Saguya before you die.
>> No. 12733
Turbo-edition. Fuck yeah!
>> No. 12734
I lol'd.
>> No. 12735

How many times are you going to get raged at for this before you realize it's not wanted?
>> No. 12736
[X] Struggle.
[X] Think of Remilia.
>> No. 12737
[X] Struggle.
[X] Think of Remilia.

>> No. 12738
We get the Hobo Ending.
>> No. 12739

Read more before you vote.
>> No. 12740
All this F5ing is killing me, hurry up and BAD END us.
>> No. 12741
Remilia ...

Only Remilia, the only thing that fills your thoughts, for a fraction of a second, is Remilia. Her face, her laugh, the way she smiles. How you met her, turning up here with no clue what to do and thinking you were a vampire hunter. You're no vampire hunter, you're going to die here in the bowels of the earth, ruined and broken and alone. You're no Belmont, you're no Lecarde, you're not even a Morris. You're just another idiot from the outside, easy prey and no more. Remilia will forget you, they'll all forget you. Nobody will ever find your corpse or your bones, so very far from the warm embrace of the woman you love.

No. There is no fire left in you, no fight. The only reason you kick out with your legs and try to knock away the claws coming for your face is pure survival instinct. Pure need to live, animal need. Your fist connects with a claw and deflects it from your face, earning you nothing but a few more seconds of life and a lost finger.

You're dimly aware, somewhere through the haze of pain and darkness, of a huge, resounding crash. Of chunks of stone flying through the air.

Then there is light.

Dark pinky-purple light cast by the spear that slams straight through the monster crouched over you. Light that makes them all scream with terror. Light that lets you see the blur of motion as she appears above you like a vision and decapitates two of them with a single strike. Light that burns your blood and fills your vision.


Remilia is a whirlwind of rage. You hear her scream as she rips the head off another dog-thing that was about to step towards you. She calls the spear back to her hand as the rest of the monsters scatter and run before her. She impales one on the spear, holding it up above her, blood dripping onto her face, before casting it into the backs of the ones running. The impact scatters them like mist, blood spraying everywhere.

You close your eyes only for a split-second, feeling sad, absurdly enough, that you can't watch more of her like this, like a force of nature. Then when you open them again she is right by you, leaning over your face. She's crying. You dumbly reach up and try to brush her tears away, but your arm can't quite make it for some reason. You try to smile and she only sobs harder.
"No." You say, so quiet. "Don't cry, don't cry."
"Here, here." She says, raising her arm up to her mouth and biting down. Suddenly warm liquid hits your face. Her tears and her blood. Remilia brings her arm down to your mouth.
"Drink it." She says, hysterical.
You really want to shut your eyes again.
"Goodnight Remi." You say.
"No! NO!" She shouts, all but forcing her bleeding wrist into your mouth.

[ ] Sleep.
[ ] Drink.
>> No. 12742
He has to write a badass BAD END. Give him the time.
>> No. 12743
[x] Drink.

So Remilia did find out (and if she doesn't know the full story SHE WILL).

Fuck you paddy. Just fuck you.
>> No. 12744
[ ] Drink.
>> No. 12745
[X] Drink.

Don't sleep
>> No. 12746
[X] Drink.
Vampire End.
>> No. 12747
[x] Drink.
>> No. 12748
[X] Sleep.
>> No. 12749
[X] Drink.
>> No. 12750
[ ] Sleep.

He wants us to drink.
>> No. 12751
[X] Drink.
We seem to be in a very bad shape, missing an arm an all.
>> No. 12752
[X] Sleep. ;_;
>> No. 12753
[X] Drink.
>> No. 12754
>He wants us to drink.
>> No. 12755
[X] Drink.

>> No. 12756
[X] Drink.
>> No. 12757
[ ] Drink.
>> No. 12758
There goes our ability to use the whip and our Vampire Hunter skills.
>> No. 12759
[x] Drink.
>> No. 12760
[X] Drink.

We gonna get turned.
>> No. 12761

[x] Use the last of the Belmont blood on self.
>> No. 12762
[ ] Iron Heart Surge
>> No. 12763
[X] Drink.
>> No. 12764
eh, SOTN was cool too
>> No. 12765
[X] Drink.
Vampire end.
>> No. 12766

Then we just drink the remaining Belmont blood to negate the effects. After we heal a bit of course, can't die yet.
>> No. 12767
Funny, "Don't Cry" just started in my playlist when I began reading. Now it's "Ode to Joy", wtf?
We HOPE we gonna get turned.
>> No. 12768
[x] Sleep
>> No. 12769
[] Drink.
>> No. 12770
[ ] Drink.
>> No. 12771
Do we not die if we drink the blood when we are a vampire?
The Fairy did die.
At least if Flandre or Remilia take the blood they die. Should be the same for us if we get made into a Vampire by Remilia.
We should stay a Vampire, an eternity with Remilia sounds like a good deal for me. Then she doesn't have to take a picture of Belmonymous and won't even remember us after 200 years.
>> No. 12772
[X] Ask the skull what to do.
>> No. 12773
Wonder if we could have avoided getting mauled. We didn't go near the stone slab but instead went for the fire places, right?
Hey, HY. Time to reap the despair! Well done, by the way. I'm always having a blast reading.
Is this really already all laid out or are you making things up on the fly from time to time?
>> No. 12774
Writing now.
>> No. 12775

We are not going to be turned into a vampire. I'm sure the blood has regenerative properties and that's why Remilia wants Belmonymous to drink.
>> No. 12776
The fairy turned back to normal, then died of bloodloss. Sakuya didn't die from it, remember?
>> No. 12777
Vampire end reeks of bad end to me
>> No. 12778
A lot of it is laid out, but a lot of it isn't. I have a general framework, planned events, etc. But you people add things or I change my mind and add bits or extra options. Sometimes I throw whole sections of stuff out and re-do it. I've totally re-written the Remilia route flowchart twice since I started all this.
>> No. 12779

You are forgetting about Sakuya. She did use it to save herself, most likely. Course, she is some sort of un-humanly tough. Eh.
>> No. 12780
I bet her blood tastes like strawberries!
>> No. 12781

Depends on how HY writes it. Remilla and Flandre were born as vampires (too lazy to re-read archives) so the drinking the blood of a "true" vampire might result in something totally different as most people would think.
>> No. 12782
I don't see why it'd be horrible to become a vampire unless it means we'd lose our sanity.

But I guess that's the possibility you people are considering.
>> No. 12783
Wow, that's a lot of effort you're putting into this. As expected of a /sdm/-god. Really pays off.
>> No. 12784
Sakuya is insanely tough.

But she could be making us her ghoul, assuming such things exist in this universe.

Remi doesn't have the ability to make vampires remember?
>> No. 12785
The Belmont blood removes the effects of vampirism. I can only assume that it would kill those who have long outlived their natural lifespans. Or just make them really easy to kill. Either way becoming a vampire was actually our goal for a bit, wasn't it? Lord Belnonymous of Scarlet Devil Mansion, right?
>> No. 12786
Well look at the number of threads and pages. HY is fucking nuts.

He'll have a well deserved break once he's done with this route.
>> No. 12787
[X] Drink.
>> No. 12788
For my part, I think that becoming a vampire just doesn't feel right. It's bound to have a slew of bad things coming along concerning balancing, plot progression and interaction.
It's basically iddqd and noclip straight to the level exit.
>> No. 12789
>> No. 12790
We still have to deal with blob-chan up there.
>> No. 12791
[X] Drink.
>> No. 12792

Assuming it actually does transform us, I bet it'll probably be temporary, like the super gravity gun scene in HL2.
>> No. 12793
So now we're already considering giving him a break?
>> No. 12794
The reason the fairy died after she was given the blood was due to the injuries she had recieved while getting vamped. Since the only place the blood now exists is Eientei, we'd be recieving medical treatment at the same time and thus we would still be alive after drinking it.
>> No. 12795
That was way shorter than i expected.
We need to train up or something so that this thing will never happen again. Who knows what will happen more to us in the Future, staying with a Vampire is not really that safe. And always running to Remilia for help is unmanly. Our first action after this should be to go and do like we said and give Sakuya a real spanking she will never forget and take away her wheelchair.
>> No. 12796
Remi's probably so powerful because she's had 500 years to practice and figure out how to fight and properly use all her vampiric and magical stuff. Even if Belmonymous does get turned he will still be pretty weak by comparason.
>> No. 12797
He said he'd not be able to promise when the next route starts after he's done with this one. If he's got a tough job and he still produces this much I say the man deserves a break.

Of course it's entirely up to him, I don't know why I even brought this up.
>> No. 12798
It gives us long life, some weaknesses, and makes us a heck of a lot more resilient. But we are going to have to fight something stronger than Remi, so this is going to be necessary. Or, the blood might not turn us, and just heal us.
>> No. 12799
[x] Sleep.
It's what the skull would have told you to do.
He enjoyed your company.
>> No. 12800
Are the piss monsters Flandre's food source? I don't like that idea.
>> No. 12801
[X] Sleep.
A man chooses, a slave obeys.
>> No. 12802
A lover listens ♥
>> No. 12803
You open your lips and Remilia presses her arm to your mouth. You feel the sticky liquid start to fill you. You taste the metallic tang of blood and you swallow reflexively. You can feel Remilia cradling your head in her other hand and whispering something in your ear.

You take another gulp of blood.

This feels good. Really good. Remilia is right here, right beside you. Where she should be. Your pain is meaningless. You swallow more blood, feeling the fire fill your belly. Then the pain hits you and you feel Remilia squeeze your shoulder. It feels like a thousand wasps are stinging you from the inside, like you're being impaled over and over by a million blades. Like your blood is on fire.

Then there is only the sweet oblivion of unconsciousness.

Somewhere deep inside yourself, you feel at peace. Totally relaxed. You feel surrounded by softness and like you have had just enough sleep to make you wide awake if you so wish but not so much sleep that you'll feel groggy. Your belly feels full, your head clear and your skin clean.

Somewhere though, beyond your field of knowledge, you can hear raised voices.

[ ] Return to unconsciousness.
[ ] Awaken.
>> No. 12804
[X] Drink.

>> No. 12805
Enjoy your eternal sleep.
>> No. 12806
[ ] Awaken.
>> No. 12807
[ ] Awaken.
>> No. 12808
Hey, that thing is still in our pocket, right? Wonder how it reacts to vampire blood.
>> No. 12809
{X} Awaken.
>> No. 12810
[X] Awaken.
>> No. 12811
[ ] Awaken.

Sleep is for the dead. Get up.
>> No. 12812
[ ] Awaken.
>> No. 12813
[X] Sleep.

Too late, but eh. I'd like to see this ending, at least.
>> No. 12814
[X] Awaken.
>> No. 12815
[ ] Awaken.

>> No. 12816
[x] Awaken.
>> No. 12817
[X] Awaken.
>> No. 12818
Seriously need to stop now.

Back tomorrow!
>> No. 12819
Oh mans that's brutal.
>> No. 12820

>> No. 12821
[X] Awaken.

Being unconscious just waste time.
>> No. 12822
[x] Awaken.
>> No. 12823
[x] Return to unconsciousness.
It's a trap.
>> No. 12824
[x] Awaken.
>> No. 12825
[x] Awaken.


>> No. 12826
File 12130543136.jpg - (5.13KB , 140x105 , SkwisgaarSkwigelf.jpg ) [iqdb]
THAT'S brutal.
>> No. 12827
[ x ] Awaken.

Either we get the spanking on, Sakuya just got turned into fresh deli meat, or we are fucking BAD END'd.
>> No. 12828
[X] Awaken.

Next option will be "Talk."
>> No. 12829
[ ] Awaken.

Awaken. Awaken. Take the land that must be taken.
>> No. 12830
File 121305459267.gif - (117.53KB , 327x475 , Cliffhanger.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 12831


>> No. 12832
[] Awaken
>> No. 12833

Moar like shota, really.
>> No. 12834
>> No. 12835
[X] Wake the fuck up.
>> No. 12836
>> No. 12837
[X] Don't drink

You're tougher than this.
>> No. 12838

>> No. 12839
[+] Awaken.

We absolutely have to make sure that Flandre doesn't find out. Remember how she nearly Watanagashi'd Alice when she only -thought- we were hurt? And here's Sakuya, who has actively tried to kill Belmonymous on several occasions... and is currently injured... near defenseless...

Oh Flaaaaaaandre, can we chat in private for a bit...?
>> No. 12840
HY, do you work for Valve? Sure seem like you do.
>> No. 12841
I think drinking the blood was a bad idea. We weren't quite dead yet; Sakuya took a hell of a lot more punishment than we did and she lived through it. Granted, she is a lot more durable than we are. Still, I think we should have taken a chance by not drinking the blood.
>> No. 12842
Nest thing we do, is dragging Sakuya into her room (or Belmonymous's room), punch her square in the face, pin her on the bed and rape her.

Show her who's the boss.
>> No. 12843
We probably lost good end by drinking ;_;

I hope we get the chance to go back and get it.
>> No. 12844
Why? Remillia was trying to give it to us, so I doubt it cause too many problems. Or so I hope, anyway.
>> No. 12845
I think we lost the True End. The Good End is where we drink the blood and live together with her forever and ever and ever.
The True End is where we refuse it and live with her until we die. Blah blah blah, cut in a few hundred years from now, Remilia still visiting our grave, etc.
>> No. 12846

We are NOT going to be turned into a vampire. Remilia isn't capable of turning anyone into a vampire, the blood was used for it's regenerative properties.
>> No. 12847
[X] Awaken.

I am envisioning Belmonymous being like Vampire Hunter D. Its sort of awesome.
>> No. 12848
inb4 vampire end
>> No. 12850

So...so much hax.
>> No. 12851
>She is a light eater. In other words, she can drink only a little blood at a time and must leave the rest behind, so the humans off of whom she feeds become a bit anemic, but usually stay alive. Due to that fact, she is never able to increase the number of her kind.
Canon says she doesn't make vampires because she doesn't drink enough. It makes no comments on anything special about her blood. I doubt she's tried anything like this before either.
>> No. 12852
There was a good end and a normal end available. Most likely, to get the good end, we had to get out of there ourselves. Normal end, Remi saves us and we live on, but we don't really awaken our vampire hunter powers. And perhaps we don't get to beat that thing in the tower.

Just a guess.
>> No. 12853
I very much doubt there is any singular 'Good End' or 'Normal End'. Theres too many variables and choices for that. We can get an ending that could be considered good or normal, but the exact specifics are probobly not set in stone.
>> No. 12854


Either way, Belmontnymous technically failed Sakuya's live or die test...so I doubt we will get a TRUE END.
Maybe it is still not decided. Just speculations people.
>> No. 12855

>> No. 12856
I doubt we've lost the Good End. We only wound up getting wounded because we tried to keep the fires going and fought the creatures, and Remi giving us her blood only happened because we were wounded. Not drinking Remi's blood was liable to kill us considering the condition we were in. I don't think HY's the type to rob of us of our good end for little more than one or two actions, both of which were quite reasonable given the situation.
>> No. 12857

"You're well on the way to one of them, you've made very sure to fulfil all the requirements for it. So sure I suspect you've been cheating! Anyone would cheat for me though, I don't blame you. Now you just have to pull it off at the right moment. What is that moment? Why! That would be telling. If you want me badly enough, you'll know when."

According to >>10066 there may have been key decisions we definitely had to get right.
>> No. 12858

HY also said at the start that getting bitten by Remilia wouldn't necessarily have been bad, and has had to rewrite the Remilia path's flowchart twice. I'd say to just take that with a grain of salt.
>> No. 12859
Fair enough. I'm just throwing speculation around. Time will tell.

I think what we can more or less safely assume though, is that unless we get the chance to have a go and defeat that thing up there, we're gonna have a normal ending rather than a good one.
>> No. 12860

We need to pick our choices carefully. We're on day 6 and HY said it could be our last, but if the right decisions are made it will be stretched to ending on day 7. We should interact with other residents of the mansion on day 6 to build up a better relationship with them, HY said we are going to need their full support for some event.
>> No. 12861
You know what occurs to me? Well, think about all the characters that get introduced in the game EoSD. I mean, sure there's everyone in the actual mansion, but what about her?

Y'all know HY's characterizations are spot on, awesome, or both, so I know you want to see her in one of these threads in the future. Keep this in mind when/if we get to pick the next route.
>> No. 12862

Saguya route GO

We can stare into his beautiful red beady eyes and wipe the drool off his chin. Eventually if we work hard enough, we too can smell like rat piss and shit. In the end we share a passionate kiss while smothering fires with feces.
>> No. 12863
[X] Awaken.

It sounds like the fireworks have already begun. It would be a damn shame to just sleep through it all, now wouldn't it? Especially if Sakuya winds up getting her spanking before we can deliver it to her personally.

I'm not worried about the effect drinking Remi's blood will have. Remember how the pain from getting our head slammed into the wall by Sakuya went away when we got close to Remi afterwards? This is probably just a much stronger extension of whatever caused that effect. It will be interesting to see if we're still missing that finger and chunk of our arm.
Even if we wind up becoming non-human because of it, I don't see why it would be so bad. However "upgraded" we may have been by Yukari, we're obviously not quite up to snuff to handle the worst that the SDM has to offer.

Personally, I'm much more curious about how Remi found out about what happened and how she found us so quickly. Are we connected to her now somehow, and our thinking about her is what brought her to us? Did someone manage to see what happened to us, and tattled on Sakuya? Could Sakuya have suddenly become overcome with guilt and confessed everything herself?

...okay, that last one probably isn't likely at all.
>> No. 12864
A wild speculation here but maybe Remi already knows both Sakuya's and Anon's fate so she intervenes?
>> No. 12865
Meiling might have tattled on Sakuya, assuming she actually did help Sakuya move us. Otherwise Remi does have the whole 'fate hax' thing, which could easily explain how she knows things she shouldn't.
>> No. 12866
I'm wondering if Koakuma couldn't have been tipped off about what happened to us.
With her sensitivity to the emotions of everyone in the household, she's more or less a living status screen.

Considering how we went from sleeping blissfully with Remi to being dumped into the catacombs under the mansion, perhaps she could feel the drastic change in our emotional state and figured something had to be wrong.
>> No. 12867
No need to let Remilia fight our battles.
It's spanking time, we are alive, we got back out of that catacomb and now we have a promise to keep and a wheelchair to hijack.
>> No. 12868
This. Also, after all we've been through, there's no way we're going to lose out on an ending through incorrect guesswork. Sure, some of us thought Remilia was coming to make the save (I was >>12677), but there was nothing in the text to implicitly suggest it, and nothing we could've used to work it out. As for the blood drinking, it seemed pretty clear that the alternative was death. Besides, I trust Remilia by this point.
>> No. 12869
>Besides, I trust Remilia by this point.

Who doesn't?
>> No. 12870
>>12748 >>12750 >>12752 >>12768 etc.
>> No. 12871
But it's not really letting Remi fight our battles for us in this case, though, as she was also going to be affected by Sakuya's little plan and thus is just as entitled to punish the naughty little wheelchair-bound maid as we are. While it might not be quite as bad as being locked in some smelly dungeon and left to die at the claws of some horrific creature, having your dear friend/employee decide to kidnap your lover from your bed and try to kill him while justifying it as being "what's best for you" is still bad enough that Remi has every right to be pissed at Sakuya and go off on her.
>> No. 12872
Yeah, well, they're idiots.

Nevermind not trusting Remilia, who the fuck thinks it's a good idea to fall asleep when you're wounded to the point of missing chunks of your body on top of already having what very likely is a concussion?
>> No. 12873
That blood won't cause anything problem, it just heal you. I don't think Remi's blood would give you eternal life.

>> No. 12874
Nobody, it's quite clear the choice is become vampire/die. Some of us are interested in seeing the result of dying in Remi's arms, particularly with the wording of that particular choice. Surely there would be something more intriguing than "You sleep. Nothing else. Bad end."

But yeah that would cut into HY's writing time and suchforth so whatever.
>> No. 12875
> Dark pinky-purple light cast by the spear that slams straight through the monster crouched over you...
Critical "Heart Break"
>> No. 12876
Flandre would probably just cry because of total confusion and not knowing what to do.
>> No. 12877
Also: how did Sakuya manage to bring you down here? Didn't Remilia notice it? I mean your disappear from her bed.. And I'm curious what's behind the left door. More monsters?

And still I think it would be a bad idea to say the truth about this little advanture of yours.
Remember Belmonyous you promised a spanking, the pleasure must be yours. Don't let Remilia to have it!
>> No. 12878
>>Nobody, it's quite clear the choice is become vampire/die.
Uh... right.
>> No. 12879
Can't wait to see how drinking the blood pans out and what Remi's punishment for Sakuya is going to be. I have a hunch it might sad end us.
Either she gets away with a very determined slap on the wrist and gets grounded so she has time to reconsider her attitude or she gets laid of work forever and kicked out of the mansion so she either loses hope and suicides (Meiling cries) or there's a hobo end in store for her.
>> No. 12880
>> No. 12881
Maybe it's an eye for an eye.
>> No. 12882
Or, realizing that fighting amongst ourselves is a waste of time that would be better spent on figuring out how to get rid of the REAL problem in the mansion, we once again take the high road and offer forgiveness to Sakuya.
It might not seem as satisfying as whipping her ass until it's raw and bleeding, nor as arousing, but it's bound to have a much more profound effect on her.
>> No. 12883
Might be the way to go about it. Maybe we can forgive her after a little spanking.
60% spanking, 40% forgiveness.
>> No. 12884
What forgiving?
Are you Guys insane or just plain stupid?
We saved her once after she threatened to kill us, and then she gone and dropped us in a catacomb to fucking die like a dog. She had no real reason to do this either, if she had a reason, a real good reason to get rid of us, it might be another thing. But she is just delusional. She will probably try to kill us again in no time.
We have to solve this with fighting her and winning or telling Remi that she is mean to us and get her to protect us or kick Sakuya out.

We should go with the spanking, we told her we will do it.
>> No. 12885
File 121309129394.jpg - (15.51KB , 172x126 , jjba_dio_big2.jpg ) [iqdb]
I like where this is going.
>> No. 12886
We alredy kinda know how to make a ZA WARUDO, do we not?
>> No. 12887
File 121309214694.png - (42.65KB , 177x300 , Zapp_Brannigan.png ) [iqdb]
Better make it a bare bottom spanking.
>> No. 12888
>She had no real reason to do this either, if she had a reason, a real good reason to get rid of us, it might be another thing. But she is just delusional.
Lolwut. No reason? Sakuya thinks it'll be better for Remi and Flan if Belmonymous isn't around, because Belmonymous gives Remi courage and Sakuya thinks this will lead to Remi screwing everyone in the SDM over by Remi constantly fighting and losing to The Creature. It's not that she's delusional or has no reasons...it's just that her conclusion is, "lol, let's fix things by killing Belmonymous", and that's over-the-top and won't necessarily fix anything.

Crazy ol' Sakuya. I guess it's like the old saying: when all you have is a knife, every problem looks like something that needs stabbing.
>> No. 12889
I don't trust paddy anymore. Not killing her is one thing, but forgiving? Never.
>> No. 12890
She could've easily bribed us to leave the mansion forever. Killing us is over the line.

After her much deserved spanking, her wheelchair. We'll be taking it!
>> No. 12891
File 121309566879.jpg - (80.75KB , 979x917 , 121260082120.jpg ) [iqdb]

Nevar trust the pad maid. Evar.
>> No. 12892
Bribe Belmonymous into leaving Remi? That's crazy talk.
>> No. 12893
I don't think being punished by Remi is real punishment for Sakuya. It's more like a dream come true and definitely one of her kinks. She might make trying to kill us a habit from there on.
>> No. 12894
Belmonamous was | |<-- this close to chosing her in the beginning.
Belmonamous was | |<--- this close to kissing her.
Belmonamous was |<----- this close to forgiving her.

Face it, when it comes to Sakuya, Belmonamous is easily manipulated. She would've found a way to bribe us out of the mansion.
>> No. 12895
This is what I call a history of failure.
>> No. 12896
Remember, Sakuya has one weakness right now... STAIRS!
>> No. 12897

Not really.

Belmonymous refused to leave, even knowing that he might upset her precious balance, because he loves Remilia. In fact, one of his major motivations throughout the whole story has been to try and make Remi happy. It would be one hell of a task to try and drive him away from her, especially considering that we'd already told Sakuya we don't think her reasoning skills are up to par.
>> No. 12898
>Belmonymous refused to leave..

"This was your only mistake. This is why I hate you so much!"

ALSO: it would be a good idea, not to say anything to Remi. Bring some flowers for Sakuya, and say this:
"Hey hey, you little bitch, don't be a fool, you just can't kill me, don't try it again, or you will be fired!"
>> No. 12899
>>We saved her once after she threatened to kill us, and then she gone and dropped us in a catacomb to fucking die like a dog.

No, technically we saved her after she threatened to kill us twice, and when her attempt to try to fix things WITHOUT killing or driving us out failed, she reverted back to making good on her original threats to us.

And she honestly did try to not have to kill us, you know. It's not her fault that we blabbed her plan to everyone at the Shrine and then Remi, rushed back, and saved her life. She was not only ready to die for her plan, she fully expected to if she failed, and would have if not for our intervention.

Even when she decided to go back to the plan of killing us, she thought enough of our previous actions to not simply kill us while we were unconscious (and really, even in her current state that would not have been difficult at all) but put us in a situation where we at least had SOME chance of survival, however minimal it might be.

Yeah, she's a bitch. Yes, her methods are more than a bit nutty. But, frankly, if that is at all surprising to you at this point, you really haven't been paying much attention. If you decide to deal with someone who expresses an intent to kill you and cover-up your death, and clearly has no qualms about going through with it, it's your own damn fault if you're surprised when they go ahead and actually try to do it.
>> No. 12900
We still need to hit her with the left hook of god, but yeah. She sent us down here to give us a "worthy death." To die fighting rather than get stabbed in bed.
>> No. 12901
File 121310673085.gif - (309.71KB , 350x197 , shmionwhip.gif ) [iqdb]
Belmonamous on the right!
>> No. 12902
And we weren't doing too badly, either. Until those things started mobbing us and we tried in vain to keep those fires going, at least.

Really, it's kind of embarrassing to beat the shit out of the area boss, only to get whupped by his minions afterwards. This could have been a moment of glory for us, where we cut off the Big One's head as a trophy, bring it with us out of that dungeon, and dump it into Sakuya's lap when we got back while telling her brought her a souvenir.
>> No. 12903
..And run into Flandre on the way, who then goes crazy and starts killing people. Not likely, but would be incredibly ironic.
>> No. 12904
I don't agree with killing her, but I don't think we should ever forgive her. If she puts herself in danger, then we'd go and save her life again, because that's the right thing to do when a life is in danger and you can do something about it. But Sakuya, the person, she's as good as dead to me. She was too much of a bitch in this route.

I don't think she'll ask for forgiveness anyway. Though I kinda hope she does, so that we can tell her to fuck off.
>> No. 12905
>She was too much of a bitch in this route.

Yeah, well. HY told us this was coming. I can't see how you're all still shocked.
>> No. 12906
You know, I only just now got why people are saying this.
>> No. 12907
I'm not really shocked, I'm just stating a fact. I don't think Sakuya deserves our forgiveness or trust no matter what happens.
>> No. 12908
We shouldn't have given her watch back.
>> No. 12909
i daresay that HY would have written it so that we would have ended up giving that watch to her anyway.
>> No. 12910
Even if we do somehow forgive her(yeah right), we need to take away her watch at the very least. Probably kick her out too.
>> No. 12911
>>She was too much of a bitch in this route.

Don't worry, you'll love her again in some of the other routes.

Nope. It was entirely possible to keep the watch, taking you into a completely different day 5.

In other news, I have pulled a load of muscles in my hands, so I won't be writing for an hour or so, until I've worked out a way round it.
>> No. 12912
Well, we might not be out of line to revoke her time-stop privileges for now, I don't think we should boot her out of the house, unless it's in the sense that she has to stay in a tiny little doghouse out on the front lawn. That might be funny.

Otherwise, no. If we want to have any hope of killing the thing in the tower, I think we're going to need everyone on-board, even the Megabitch. Without her, we not only lose one powerful fighter, but Meiling likely won't be able to perform at her best, either. Those two alone could make all the difference between everyone walking away injured but alive, or almost nobody walking away at all.
>> No. 12913
Oh I'm well aware. Hence why I said "in this route", or "in this universe of many alternate possibilities".
>> No. 12914
>Don't worry, you'll love her again in some of the other routes.

Love Sakuya in the other routes? INCONCEIVABLE.
>> No. 12915
Well, it would be kind of hard to have a route where you pursue her romantically while you hate her guts.

It'd certainly make for an interesting H-scene, though.
>> No. 12916
>> No. 13642
>>12804 this aint any bioshock nor andrew ryan stuff..........