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File 12855664529.jpg - (155.54KB, 1100x1200, 0da0bb0baa799babc8c20d897f5035cd.jpg) [iqdb]
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[X] She hasn't directly asked you, so no.
- [X] "...should I wait outside for a bit?"

You're not going to make a move on her unless she makes a direct proposition to you, though even in that circumstance you're going to be sure you're not going to cause a problem. You simply close up the book and set it aside, standing from your seat.

“Should I step out for a bit?” you ask, motioning towards the door. Flandre's smile widens as she begins to remove her top.

“If you would be so kind,” she says, running her thumbs into the waistband of her skirt. You make your way to the door as Flandre undresses, making your exit by the time she's already down to just her underwear bottoms. She giggles as you take a final look before you close the door. She's got the same small body type as her sister apparently has, a frame befitting her apparent age, and breasts enough to fit inside the palm of your hand. Not to bad at all. It's a nice mental image to have in mind as you're standing in the dim light outside the room. Some light moaning begins not too long after you've left the room, and you realize that if you stick around, it's just going to cause problems for your own body.

You walk away from the door, heading further into the basement to look around some and pass time while Flandre takes care of her business. You see a corner up ahead, and some more faint light from around the bend. Rounding the corner, you find a few small candles on a table near a door, and another door with light seeping through the cracks farther up ahead on the opposite wall. You decide to take a look at the first room, and reach to the door. As you touch the handle, a Sigil appears on the door, and you pause for a moment trying to process it, but it fades away again quickly. All you were able to determine was that it was some kind of Water and Air effect, judging by the symbols. You open the door anyway, figuring that you'll probably find out what the spell does through seeing whatever effects it has. Inside, the room is unnaturally cold, even compared to the already cool atmosphere of the basement area in the first
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>> No. 46344

>> No. 54738
Safe to assume it's dead now?
>> No. 54787


File 131390620545.jpg - (87.41KB, 772x1193, 7025880.jpg) [iqdb]
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Pain...I could finally feel pain, just like a real person. The large shard of glass piercing my chest produces a warm stinging sensation. At the same time a cold chill started to creep over me and I knew it for what it was, the soothing hand of death. I do not have the strength to thank the kind woman for this gift so the most I can do is use the last of my waning energy to smile. I hope she finds what she is looking for. With that everything fades to black for a time. Suddenly I hear a far off voice and feel the sensation of falling. It ends quickly and surprisingly gently. My vision returned to me and was surprised to find I was not at the castle.

[x] Check self.
[x] Check surroundings.
[x] Check inventory.

This is my first time so please be gentle.
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>> No. 46296
[X] Wake the sleeper
>> No. 46305
[X]: Wake the sleeper.

I wonder if we could defend ourselves were we to be attacked by a lesser Youkai.
>> No. 46339
Since when do you write quick stories? Dohoho.

File 128648230321.png - (377.79KB, 600x600, DerpWarsTitle4.png) [iqdb]
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“There is nothing to derp except derp itself.” – Nobody.

Words cannot describe how much of a faux-pas this façade is.

Thinking outside the box means writing GUNDAM on it and wearing it as a costume.

The fourth wall is the glass ceiling. Little girls are preparing to break it. Please wait warmly.

Now you know what it feels like to be Flandre.
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>> No. 46061
File 131319162240.jpg - (528.50KB, 800x600, Derp Kay 34.jpg) [iqdb]
You have absolutely no idea what you are doing or are planning to do. Truly, the ultimate shenanigan is the one even you don’t expect.

>> No. 46064
Vote for the next character in the new thread: >>46062

Talk about shenanigans past and present wherever you bloody well please.
>> No. 46071
That was disturbingly funny, and yet sickeningly sweet at the same time.

Is this all just one giant shipping fanfic disguised as a quest thread?

File 129607709135.jpg - (547.31KB, 860x860, dc17f7f8684192295facc8d4264456a4.jpg) [iqdb]
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After six months, 99 A4's and 36797 words.
Thread two.
And a new name.


One of your knives is on your table. You reach out and grab it. The polished metal feels cool under your fingers. Well made. The knife, that is. Great balance. Sharp, but not too sharp. It also has this sturdy feeling to it. Given to you by Sakuya. The same person who told you to learn how to protect yourself. Why didn’t she just teach you herself? Hm. She probably didn’t want to force you to spend time with her. Or maybe she wanted you to decide how you want to fight? You decide to ask her to teach you nevertheless.

She wasn’t in her room. Not that you were expecting her to be, but it was worth checking. Probably. The abnormal silence of the Mansion causes you to doubt yourself. Why was it that you even checked her room? Why are you even asking such stupid questions form yourself? Why are you even here? Why are you?

The hell just happened? All you can remember is that you sat down to think about some philosophical question. It must’ve been like, 30 minutes or something. You were about to reach some sort of a conclusion as someone poked you.
“What are you doing?”
Sakuya is right in front of you. You were looking for her when that, whatever it was, happened.
“I’m looking for you, actually.”
The maid raises her eyebrow.
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>> No. 45850
I began writing today, but due to certain circumstances I can write only when:
a) I'm At work
b) There isn't anything else to do.
While it may seem like "never" to some of you, it is actually quite often, since I did two months' worth of work in three weeks, and now my boss can't always come up with anything that I could do. I'm not sure how long this situation will last.

TL;DR: Delays. Please wait warmly.

Anyways, the update will start the third thread. Awesome, isn't it?
>> No. 45884
Thread three:
>> No. 54699
Thread two, because it's not linked in the OP:

File 130083852797.jpg - (122.04KB, 450x307, 206123-bigthumbnail.jpg) [iqdb]
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You’re a dead man. But….

If you’re going to die, you might as well go out in a blaze of glory, staying true to your beliefs.

Maintaining the falsetto, you continue, “That is not all. You are all behaving in a manner unfit for members of a noble house. Come with me, so that I may rectify it. The murder can wait, manners come first.”

Dead silence. Then, an indignant snort comes from behind you. “My voice does not sound like that.”

You smile in spite of the peril. “But you’re not denying the content, are you?”

A small hand shoves you aside rather roughly. “Out of the way, you oaf,” says Remilia. “Let me show you how this game is really played. And as your punishment… you get to be the corpse.”

“In real life or the game?”

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>> No. 45732
Give me two more days, and I’ll start writing.
>> No. 45733

>> No. 45819
Writing begun.

….This may be a bit of a wait, though. My inspiration isn’t coming.

File 125519943846.jpg - (530.34KB, 1217x805, MariKazuki.jpg) [iqdb]
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"You're an idiot." Her sharp tone gets under my skin. Why is she berating me?
"All that ability, all that potential, and you threw it away for what?" Seething, knowing I can't get away makes it so much worse. I just have to sit here and take it.
"Thinking about what? Missing some paltry hobby you lost? About saving a little bit of time?
Or...were you thinking about her?"

What? No, I wasn't--

"You didn't want to take that away from her, is that it? Something as meaningless as a title. Do you love her?" What? No, I don't love--

"Oh, don't look so scandalized, fairy. I saw the look in your eyes." You're wrong. I don't. Not like that.

"It doesn't matter. And now, thanks to what you did, neither do you." Who the hell are you? What are you so angry about?

Where do you get off?

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>> No. 45702
>*everything possible to repay 'Zuki
>> No. 45704
[x] Only name.
[x] Be vague.
[x] Whatever comes to mind.
[x] Right on the lake.
[x] Tell.
[x] Acknowledge - "My wings were blown off."
[x] Yes.
[x] So?
>> No. 45741
Someone pointed out the update notification system, so I'm posting here. I'll try to remember in the future. New thread here: >>45724

This should no longer bump, but sage just in case.

File 130558275698.jpg - (202.11KB, 495x700, f9b3d04f65261e585bc4c72eea0aeb02752036b5.jpg) [iqdb]
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From /jp/
First, Impale her.
Making sure to have heated the spike to branding level of heat.
I will perform this at a slanted angle and pierce her through her vagina then through the womb, I will then purposely, wriggle the spike around as to cause more initial discomfort and pain, until I finally get It through the mouth. I will then hoist her up and leave her outside to roast in the unforgiving rays of the sunlight, I feed her her least favorite blood type, and animal blood, making sure she stays alive yet not powerful, and on occasion mix it with holy water and roast beans as to burn out her insides. I will then pierce her body with various objects making sure to torture her only in phallic places leaving them there so that when she regenerates when I feed her she does not heal fully.

I will burn objects around the spike giving much discomfort and causing her to choke on the fumes of her dead comrades and servants, as I piss on the remains.

On the final day of initial roasting I kick down the pole with her on it and rip off her toenails and finger nails nailing in miniature crosses to the exposed flesh. I then rip out her fangs and crush them, and force feed them to her.

I use the medieval torture item that removes wombs on her, and then finally amputate her legs and arms, placing crosses and other forms of vampire preventive items to her body.
For the finisher I dig a moat round the mansion connect Directly to a stream and say that she is free to leave, such a feat being impossible due to her limitations.

As for Flandre, just blind her and break her hand and she becomes practically harmless, she will kill herself as she would never allow her power to be taken by another, vampire especially one of my caliber.
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>> No. 45451
*Ba Dum Tsss*
>> No. 45498
"That's a hell of an act! What's it called?"

"The Aristocrats."
>> No. 45587
And on that bombshell, it's time to end the thread. Goodnight!

Also, crosses? Remilia isn't weak to those. In fact, she rather likes them, and has incorporated them into several of her spellcards.

File 128433296241.jpg - (189.48KB, 675x1184, TH__Inubashiri_by_KurkoBoltsi.jpg) [iqdb]
42363 No. 42363 hide watch expand quickreply

[Well, we’ve come to DoomHou’s third thread with thirty-one chapter and God knows how many words.

I’d like to thank all you anons out there for reading a voting; you give me to strength to continue when things get sticky.

Apologies for the delay. Computer woes, school woes, surprise pirate attacks all conspired to keep me down.

Also, I would like a New Thread Review for anyone with thoughts. Tell me where I suck, where I own, what struck you and what didn’t. Kick my ass or kick it; it’s all up to you.]

In that moment, the entire world pulls into focus. The birds outside sing. The floor creaks under your steps. You draw close to her, and, in a motion, wrap her up in your arms. She feels warm and tense in your hold; her eyes go wide for a moment and her cheeks go red. She smells sweet and womanly to you, so sweet that you ignore her surprise and kiss her.

When you finally break, Meiling looks disheveled, stunned, but above all else joyous. Her tears still streak down her face as she breaks into a glorious smile.

“I love you, babe.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 45443
File 130627062513.jpg - (64.00KB, 467x700, 1291124835394100071.jpg) [iqdb]
I think the time has come to finally put this story on hiatus.

I do mean to come back one of these days, probably with a huge fuck-off update, but right now life does not like me.

Sorry guys.
>> No. 45444
[x]…synch up with REAL LIFE and CHAERG.
Best way to solve problems. Looking forward to the next update... sometime.
>> No. 45446
Take your time, this doesn't come first, insert obligatory condolences here. Seriously though, once you return, I'll be here. Waiting warmly.

File 130498346489.jpg - (271.86KB, 627x885, 27ad5c63a4c39c40ef75bdc9e93d7592.jpg) [iqdb]
45323 No. 45323 hide watch expand quickreply

Holy shit, it's new thread time. Wow. Perfect time for a revival, I guess.

Hey folks, I started writing this again. Hopefully I can make it to the end of a chapter this time, at least.


[x] Demonology

“Here, first.” You point to the section marked ‘demonology’. Your only knowledge of demons so far is hearsay, so in dealing with the real thing you should get some hard facts. Nothing is more dangerous than a bad assumption.

“O'l med imdoviru telwevdyjri hods dsi bovitdoem dson on dygomk...” Muttering this, the woman snaps her fingers, and the wood panel the two of you are on rises off the floor and drifts out among the labyrinthian shelves.

You gaze at the card-map in fascination as you travel, watching the sketch move and flow from all angles. Eventually, the disembodied floor stops by a group of shelves, and attaches itself, seeming to grow together at the seam.

To describe the feeling of the place as “magical” would give it too much of a positive connotation. The air could only be described as “sinister,” with a hint of “seductive” lingering around the edges. Your guide seems uncomfortable, too.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 45422
[x] Try to pry yourself out of the floor. Hopefully the wood is at least a little bendy.
>> No. 45427
[X] Crack your memory about the book and see if you can figure out what went wrong.

wins. Somehow, I had failed to notice that I had more than two votes in my thread.

Maybe I'm going senile?
>> No. 45436

File 122435509258.jpg - (67.50KB, 500x500, 222e2a830251133e867e9e2887051b0b.jpg) [iqdb]
21602 No. 21602 hide watch expand quickreply
So here's something I've been wanting to do from when all of this started. The idea's changed a little since then, but it's still an /sdm/ story. What makes it a little different is that the emphasis will be more on Sakuya than the other characters. That and write-ins only. I'm not good at coming up with choices, so I hate doing it. I'll leave it up to you guys. You'll be able to tell when it's voting time.
Also, this anon was born and raised in Gensokyo, for those of you who don't pick it up.


"Everything must be perfect. We have some very important guests here tonight. Treat them with the utmost respect."
Your manager has the group of you lined up and is giving one of his typical speeches. Of course, by "very important" he really means "well paying". He wouldn't want such esteemed customers to stop coming to his fine establishment. Still, you're happy with this. If they're as rich as you think, they should tip you quite well. If you don't screw up, that is. Which brings you back to the manager's speech. Anyone making a mistake tonight will undoubtedly have their pay cut, if not outright fired. The pressure is definitely going to have the opposite effect, though. You can only shudder at the thought of how much stress the kitchen staff is under.

Regardless, you're quite looking forward to the night's activities. You've heard rumours of a certain guest attending tonight. The Scarlet Devil herself will be making an appearance. Gossip claims that she is amazingly beautiful, but that her mere presence is strangely frightening. Some people even go so far as to claim that she's a vampire. You'd think it's ridiculous, but you've come to learn throughout your life that in Gensokyo, anything is possible. Stranger things have happened. Like how the Scarlet Devil Mansion suddenly appeared in Gensokyo, for example, or the strange incidents that followed. Even so, you doubt she could be more than an eccentric bat youkai.

"Right, that's all. The guests are about to be seated. Alright... You." He looks your way. Bas
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 45500
>>27972 here

Am I going to have to draw another Cirno maid? Because so help me, I will draw another Cirno maid.
>> No. 45501
Let sleeping dogs lie. At this point, the return of this story is becoming a myth told of in legends.
>> No. 45502
Please draw another Cirno maid

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