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8766 No. 8766
“Looks like the only way I’ll get any real answers around here is to find them myself.” You mutter, just loud enough for Reisen to hear, as evidenced by the very slight nod she seems to give in reply – it seems she trusts these people about as much as you do. Looking up at Letty you nod, “Yeah,” You say, “I’ll-we’ll play ball. Still, I’m only willing to give as much faith as you’re willing to return, Letty No-Name; if I’m banking my life and the lives of others on this then there’s nothing I can leave to ambiguity.”

“Excellent!” Letty exclaims, all but flopping back into her seat from where she had been sitting on the edge. “Then in that case, let me explain what little we know and what we want to find out.” Leaning back she makes a motion to Marisa, who leaves for a moment and returns bearing a map, which she promptly spreads out on a small coffee table in the centre of the room where everyone could see it. “Well, as you should know this is a map of our city... at least during the normal days anyway. During the Second Days different parts of the city are blocked off from us, in various ways, and one of the things we want to work out is why this even happens.” She sighs, “Of course, that’s not something we can plan ahead very well, as we don’t know what Second Day variation we’re going to have until it actually occurs, and they’re all quite different.”

“Different? Different how?” Reisen asks, only to get a glare from Marisa.

“Didn’t I tell you already?” The blond grumbles, “Sometimes the place is like a forest, sometimes it’s like the whole city was build on a mountain – or in a river or... well... some of the places aren’t very nice to be outside in.” The girl shudders then and looks up at you, a slightly haunted look in her eyes. “You’ll see.” She says, “and you’ll know why we hide inside on those days too.”

“Actually, we stay in because you can’t see a thing without torches – and that makes it difficult, if not impossible, to fight shadows normally, Marisa’s just convinced there are ghosts outside during those times though.” Reimu says, smirking as the blond girl in questions protests loudly for several seconds before being shushed by Letty. “Anyway,” she continues, unpeturbed, “Shadows seem to be interested in a lot of things, new persona users being one of them – that’s how we found you, by the shadows converging on your position.”

“That’s right,” Letty continues, “So we need to keep an eye out in case anyone else shows up like you did, but the things we’re really interested in right now are... well, Shadows have been gathering at some places for a long while now, and we really need to know what they’re up to or, at least, what is there that has them so interested – either discovery could point us in the direction of knowing, basically, what the hell is going on.”

“So... where are these places then?” You ask, and Letty leans forwards to place little tokens on a few places on the map.

“Well, these are just the ones we can reach no matter what the Second Day is like, I figure those would be the easiest ones to deal with first... There’s the local Mall, the Stadium and lastly the Hospital. There are some other places too but... well, I’ve heard some bad things about them from Sakuya – and if she thinks they’re trouble, then I think they’re big trouble. Still, you should at least know where they are – the Park and the Cinema.”

“Since you’re the one we’re imposing on,” Reimu pipes up, “I think you should decide where we’re going to check out first – me and Marisa don’t really care, and I doubt Letty does as long as we’re investigating somewhere.”

[ ] The Stadium
[ ] The Park
[ ] The Hospital
[ ] The Cinema
[ ] The Mall

>> No. 8768
[x] The Park

Nocturne- Yoyogi Park all over again.
>> No. 8769
[x] The Park

>> No. 8773
[ ] The Mall

Discretion is the better part of valor.
Let's not go somewhere that even the bitch Sakuya wouldn't go. At least not until we have a better grasp on using our persona and fighting in general.
>> No. 8774
File 12220946761.jpg - (116.94KB , 355x500 , shitgetsrusty.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] The Hospital

Today's going to be one of THOSE Second Days.
>> No. 8775
[X] The Mall

Not time to try out the riskier stuff just yet. You don't charge into Monad at level 5, after all. Be patient.
>> No. 8777
[x] The Park

Let's Get Dangerous.

>> No. 8783
Changed my mind. Either of these is fine:

[ʢ] The Hospital
[ʢ] The Mall

Better chance for some survival horror action, with terrified Reisen clinging desperately to you in a utility closet.
>> No. 8784
[X] The Mall

Gotta pick up some stuff anyway.
>> No. 8790
[x] The Mall
>> No. 8792
[X] The Mall
If we steal from the Mall in a Second Day, will it be missing in the real day the following morning?
>> No. 8796
The real question is, will there be anything to steal from the mall during the second day?
>> No. 8810
>terrified Reisen clinging desperately to you in a utility closet.

Cue lesbian sideplot.

By the way, am I the only one expecting Reimu to be an Expel user, and Marisa a Death user? As in Death, Witch of?
>> No. 8818
[X] The Mall
>> No. 8827
File 122213836230.jpg - (11.74KB , 500x500 , 31v05xlOf5L._SS500_.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] The Mall

For some reason, I really really want to get Reisen some more equipment. To be more specific :

1) Something along the lines of the Stanley FatMax Xtreme 55-120 FuBar III (see attached picture) which was along the lines of what someone in the first thread suggested. Of course, we'll give a name to it, 'Flan-chan', (Cause it's cute and it smashes things to little itty bitty pieces.)
2) An orange or yellow construction worker's hardhat. Every so often, we'll stick on the gaudiest, most glittery bunny-themed stickers on it, 'cause we're girls and we can get away with doing shit like that.
3) Gloves, etc.

Blue-Collars of the World, unite!
>> No. 8828
File 122213852444.jpg - (354.83KB , 712x712 , 12158822978.jpg ) [iqdb]

That hammer is fuckan' bad ass.
>> No. 8831
[x] Mall

>> No. 8833
So, Reisen is The Tower?

Well, now we have to get on a lesbian love route with her. Clearly she'll need the comfort and stability.
>> No. 8863
“As much as I would like to go see what the park is like…” You begin, causing Letty to frown slightly and the other two girls to look a little nervous. “I don’t think that’s a good idea right now. I don’t exactly trust you three as it is, I don’t want to be borrowing more trouble than I need to on top of that worry.” Marisa glares at you for that, but Reimu merely nods thoughtfully. Letty, however, lets loose a sigh of relief – causing you to mentally frown, you’re sure she knows something she’s not letting on but… Given her reaction you have the feeling that she is at least honest in the fact that whatever it is she knows or thinks is in the park – it’s dangerous.

“So where are we going to go?” Reisen asks, apparently having missed that little slip of Letty’s.

“The mall I think,” you reply, “It’s not too far, I’m sure we all have a fair idea of it’s layout, and the place seems perfect for evasive action if we need it.” At Reisen’s puzzled look you elaborate, “We can use the wider spaces for ambushing shadows, or retreat to more confined areas if there are large or flying shadows – so we can deal with them more easily.” You pause and look at Letty, “That and I’m sure we can raid a store or two for equipment we need if we have to – there’ll be spare weapons all around us more or less.”

“It's it's weapons you want, I can supply quite a bit - though nothing too extravagant I'm afraid.” Letty stated, nodding at your reasoning. “Obviously getting real weaponry is tricky, but some padded sportswear, we find, does reasonably well as simple armor - and we have plenty of that.” She shrugs, “It's not too expensive after all, and before Marisa got the hang of using her persona on command, she tended to wreck hers... so we stocked up a little too much.”

“Armor is good,” You mutter, “All I have are some gloves and shinpads...”

“Shinpads?” Letty ponders for a moment, “Good idea, you can grab some from the mall while you're there. No-one will notice as only you four will be able to do anything in the Second Day anyway.”

[ ] “Sounds good to me,”
[ ] “I'm... not so sure about that.”
[ ] “Stealing is wrong, so no.”
>> No. 8864
[ x ] “Sounds good to me,”
>> No. 8866
[x] “Sounds good to me,”

It's not like we can get caught, right?
>> No. 8867
[x] “Sounds good to me,”

You can whine about theft AFTER you survive.
>> No. 8868
[X] “Sounds good to me, and there was that pair of pants I wanted to pick up from Hot Topic.”
>> No. 8869
Wait, aren't we going for a gardening theme? If there's any reason Yukari is going into a Hot Topic, it's to deface and sabotage everything she sees there.
>> No. 8870
[x] “Sounds good to me,”

You can whine about theft AFTER you survive.

Seconding this.
>> No. 8871
[x] “Sounds good to me,”
>> No. 8872
[ ] “Sounds good to me,”

Hmm, what other garden utensils can we use?
>> No. 8873
Remember that there is more than one type of shovel.
>> No. 8874
File 122222203411.jpg - (42.93KB , 400x519 , 2006-June-8-SpringDressUp-1963.jpg ) [iqdb]

We require... a hat.
>> No. 8875

Electric hedge trimmer?
>> No. 8876
[x] “Fuckin' A.”
>> No. 8877

A chainsaw.
>> No. 8878
You know, kunai were originally gardening implements.

Of course, there's always the ever-popular chainsaw...
>> No. 8879
File 122222326089.jpg - (200.66KB , 927x942 , Clock tower.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 8880
Seems... questionable as a weapon compared to what we already have. Requires two hands at all times to be anything else than an awkward club, the edges are on the inside so you can't swing it and expect it to chop anything, and it won't penetrate nearly as well as the garden fork. However, if you can manage to chop off limbs if you can SOMEHOW get positioned right, and if you can manage to stick it in someone you can do some nastiness by opening them up. Still, you'd be much better off disassembling it to make two makeshift swords.

And the chainsaw would also seem awkward as well.
>> No. 8881
>And the chainsaw would also seem awkward as well.

Eh, I don't know...

>> No. 8882
File 122222618239.jpg - (122.02KB , 2522x1309 , hedgetrimmer.jpg ) [iqdb]
Chainsaw isn't quite gardeny enough.

How about a gas-powered hedge trimmer?
>> No. 8883
File 12222265465.gif - (22.01KB , 600x264 , redmeat.gif ) [iqdb]
How about an electric pine cone trimmer?


This just made me laugh.
>> No. 8886

That was fucking awesome
>> No. 8904
File 122223871527.png - (26.75KB , 400x400 , chensaw.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 8915
“Sounds good to me,” you reply, then wince as a deep throbbing makes itself known inside your skull. There’s a voice too, the same one you had head when your persona had first shown up.

All… the same… the eyes…” The voice is fragmented, muted, you can barely make it out above the throbbing headache you seem to be developing at the same time. Still, whatever it was trying to say you get the sense that it was important somehow – though why you don’t know.

Honestly, this hearing voices thing is starting to get old fast.

“Are you alright?” Letty asks, and you realize you’re holding your head in your hands. Shaking it slightly to clear it you nod at her.

“’jus a headache, nothing serious.” You say, then straighten up. “So… we hit the mall, maybe grab some new stuff while we’re there. And then we try to find out what the hell it is those shadows are so interested in?”

“That’s the plan,” Marisa says, “’course it’ll just be us four, Letty’s gotta stay behind as support… Or at least to make sure nothing comes in after us – not much ‘round here that’ll be any trouble to her.” Letty seems to blush slightly at the compliment, but nods anyway. “We prob’ly have a traesto gem ready too, right?” adds the blond.

“Traesto gem?” Reisen asks, “What’s that?”

“Well, ‘s like… magic – yeah?” Marisa grins as she speaks, “You leave it someplace for a few days, then take it with you and when you break it everything within a yard or two gets teleported back to where you kept it, so it’s a kinda magic escape route.”

“But they are limited,” Reimu points out, “They show up now and then inside shadows, but they’re pretty rare – we’ve only found perhaps three total since I first came here, and that was almost a month ago. That and as Marisa said, you have to leave them somewhere for several days before you can use them properly.”

“You… find stuff inside those things?” Your friend looked a little sick at that, “Isn’t that…”

“Disgusting?” Letty finished for her, “Yes, but Second Days are full of many things which only exist here, traesto gems being one, and the only ways to find them are by getting them out of shadows who found them first, or by simple dumb luck.” She shrugged, “You occasionally see… well, they look like gravestones to be honest, but they’re more like treasure boxes – where they come from is just another mystery of the Second Day phenomenon. Now, we’ve covered armor – and I expect you can find some better weapons in the mall but if there’s anything in particular you want, I can see about putting in an order or something, I can cover the cost well enough. And then… we plan how to get you into the Mall.”

“What options do we have?” You ask.

“Specifics depend on what sort of Second Day it is, but for the most part we can either wait here and set off in the morning – simple, but it means we’ll have a bit of a trek and likely need to fight.” Reimu answers, “Or we could try waiting somewhere nearer – even in the mall itself, which would be difficult since we’d have to hide out all night without getting caught. The last option is to head out early enough, before the Second Day actually hits, and try and get as close as we can while it’s still a normal day. Problem there is that we have no idea what the terrain will become in the Second Day, and that can be pretty dangerous.” Reimu shudders slightly, “If the road you’re on is a chasm during the Second Day? You’ll have a very quick trip with a very sudden stop I think.”

[ ] Wait here until the Second Day occurs.
[ ] Hide out in/around the Mall overnight
[ ] Head out early and get close before Second Day occurs.

Fool Link - Yukari (Anon) - 1 point gain
>> No. 8929
[X] Wait here until the Second Day occurs.

Powerlevel on the way to the mall.
>> No. 8930
[x] Head out early and get close before Second Day occurs.
>> No. 8933
[X] Wait here until the Second Day occurs.

We do not only need leveling, but also farming. We ARE the gardener, are we not?
>> No. 8934
[X] Wait here until the Second Day occurs.

Probably a bad idea to pop up right in the middle of whatever is going on.
>> No. 8935
[X] Wait here until the Second Day occurs.
>> No. 8939
>“You… find stuff inside those things?” Your friend looked a little sick at that, “Isn’t that…”

Getting some 'John Dies at the End' vibes here.

[x] Wait here until the Second Day occurs.
>> No. 8977
[x]Wait here until the second day occurs.

I would've liked hanging at the mall all night for fun and games, but then we have some super bad end waiting for us because we did not prepare. AUGH.
>> No. 8990
>Getting some 'John Dies at the End' vibes here.
What does that have to do with AD implementing a game mechanic in a really shoddy way?
>> No. 8991
Better yet: What the fuck are you talking about?
>> No. 8992
"You" being >>8939 (and not >>8990 ).
>> No. 8993


Start from here :
Part referenced should be obvious a bit later on.
>> No. 9016
“We'll wait here,” You say, your voice firm, “Me and Reisen don't know enough about this crap to risk being outside when it happens, and it means we'll actually get a decent sleep before we set off too.”

“Understandable,” Letty murmurs, “Well, if you don't mind, you can sleep on the beds you were in earlier - they're not much, but most of the guest rooms aren't entirely livable right now... I had to throw most of the old furniture when I bought this place.” She smiles, “I can order something to eat, my treat since we're sort of making you do this for us. But for now, make yourselves at home I guess - and feel free to raid the storerooms for anything you might think would be useful, most of it is junk I want to get rid off anyway.”

The next several hours were spent wandering around the house, the garden out back, and generally sticking your nose into everything that even vaguely interested you. As Letty had said, most of the stuff in her storerooms were junk, but you did find a few large-ish firecrackers stuffed away in an old tin box. Not enough to kill anything, but enough to maybe make a distraction of some kind at least. Eventually the time came to sleep, and sleep you did - only to be woken several hours later by the gentle shaking of Reimu.

“C'mon,” She muttered, “Wake up, we have just over an hour to get ready before the Second Day starts.” You rose, bleary eyed from your bed, stared at the brunette for a few moments, then flopped back down.

“Ugh... fine,” you mumble, “Gimme a minute to remember where my legs are...”

Some time later and the five of you, Letty, Marisa, Reimu, Reisen and yourself, were sitting in the living room, waiting. “Just one minute,” Letty murmured, “Then it begins. You all promise you'll be careful, won't you? As much as we need to know some answers, we need you all back here safe more than that.” The group nods, and you hear Marisa start to count down the last remaining seconds.... three.... two... ones.... and...

The room suddenly dims, and the five of you shudder as a cold feeling washes over you all. Standing up Marisa nods. “It started.” She says, then marches over to the nearest window, flings it open, then swears loudly. “Goddamit!” She curses, “Of all the places to...” She turns to Letty, “Can we cancel this? Please?”

Letty shakes her head. “No, we've put quite a bit of preperation into this, and I don't know how long we can go without having some kind of answers - why, is it...” She pauses, “... that?” Marisa nods glumly.

Curious you head over to the front door of the house and, readying your self just in case, open the door. Outside is a black and white landscape, dimly lit by a fading sun, the ground - grass covered - is gray, lifeless, and a quick step outside revealed it to crunch underfoot as if it were frozen or petrified. Feeling somewhat bolder you step outside completely, only to be struck by a sudden chill... Glancing up you spot a few whispy white shapes floating leisurely through the dark sky - if it wasn't for the fact that they were going in the opposite direction to the wind you could have mistaken them for some odd clouds but... Maybe Marisa hadn't exactly been making up the 'ghosts' she had seen...

A faint tugging on your mind prompts you to walk around to the side of the house and look... down... the...

Oh. Wow.

Some distance away, a good hour's walk maybe, rose a wall. A very big wall, in fact it was a wall so large that the reason for the darkness outside suddenly became clear. It wasn't that the sun in this place was dim... it was just hidden behind that gigantic wall. The darkness here was simply the immense shadow of that construction.

“Impressive, huh?” You gasp in shock and spin to face Reimu, who merely smirks slightly at the fact she had caught you unawares. “We don't know what's on the other side of it though, but we do know it pretty much encircles the entire center of the city - up close it's... flawless. You couldn't climb it if you tried, not even with mountaineering gear. I spent hours trying to chip a piece off so we could work out what it was made of - not luck at all... but then it's not like I had any help, Marisa was cowering in the nearest house because of the 'ghost'.” She smiles and reaches out, catching a low-flying white blob. “Not these things, these are kind of cute... she insists it's a girl, but I think she's just a bit of a wuss. Even if she did see someone it was probably just another Persona user - there are a few others out there who seem to prefer being alone, like Sakuya, so I can't just dismiss that possibility.” The blob passes through her hand and Reimu smiles slightly. Curious you try doing the same yourself - only to find that the sensation of a blob passing through your fingers both tingles and tickles at the same time.

You barely suppress a giggle, then look up. “Lets go,” you say, “It's going to take a while to get to the Mall.”

“That it will,” Reimu agrees, “So, are we simply going to smash our way through, or try and sneak past the guards? There's bound to be a lot of them when we get there, though I can't see our actual journey there being too difficult, even in this gloom, as long as we're careful. It's hard to fight but the shadows can't see us just as we have difficulty seeing them in this.”

[ ] Write in with plan of getting into the mall.

Death Arcana - Reimu - 1 point gain.
>> No. 9026
First of all
[X] Dress for the occasion
Sounds a bit nippy and I'd hate for an errant sneeze to tip the shadows off.
[X] Sneak in - loading dock
It worked in MGS. Maybe bring the firecrackers too, I dunno.
>> No. 9027
[x] "If we're looking for answers or other Persona users, then we can't be afraid to draw attention to ourselves. I say we steal a bus or maybe a fire engine and smash right through the front door."

Everything I know about survival horror I learned from playing Grand Theft Auto.
>> No. 9028
I'd practice both sneaking and ambushing skills. Of course, we'll be practicing fighting as well, but being able to hide and move at the same time can be very useful - not to mention we'll be getting better and better ideas about the observational abilities of our opponents.

On top of what I already suggest re : Reisen's Construction Girl outfit, we might also want to get a few 'training weapons' from whatever we could scronge together. (PVC Pipe, broomsticks, etc) We're going to get alot of practice anyway, but we can still notice holes in each other's defenses when we fight, and see if we can get better techniques/reactions to counter.
>> No. 9030
This mission calls for stealth.

>Death Arcana - Reimu
>> No. 9031
It'll be hard to sneak around once we acquire that gas-powered hedge trimmer, and a high profile fits our stated goal of "reclamation" much better than sneaking around does. As Wriggle uses her fireflies to lure humans, we will lure monsters, so that we may exterminate them. As written, the main character doesn't seem to be the sort of person who will just roll-over and accept that her city has been taken over by this filth--not just trying to survive. The goal at outset is to clear the entire Mall.

[x] "If we're looking for answers or other Persona users, then we can't be afraid to draw attention to ourselves. I say we steal a bus or maybe a fire engine and smash right through the front door."

Heavy grindan gaems
>> No. 9033
Being ALIVE fits the 'reclamation' theme better than being high-profile, and that means knowing how and when to choose your fights. And how are we going to secure territory with only 5 people? Did we forget that there seems to be an intelligence behind all this?
>> No. 9037
>and that means knowing how and when to choose your fights.

How does "with overwhelming power" and "now" suit you? All it takes is one of those fairy things and all your pretensions at stealth are fucked. The idea instead is to attract others that are operating independently or are otherwise on their own through a large show of force. The benefits of acquiring an automobile are so obvious that discussion should be an afterthought; we need weapons, and we can't fight our way through half the city in order to get them. If we bite off more than we can chew, so what? We'll flee, which is something much more easily done by motorcar than on foot.
>> No. 9039
supposing that any of them work on a second day. As I recall, in P3, nothing really works during the dark hour. Also, anyone else curious as to what happens to all the people during the second day? and why there was a fairy in a tree growing inside a car.
>> No. 9041
[x] Dress up.
[x] Sneak.

We're here to get supplies, not run away with our tails between our legs when we draw too much attention to ourselves. If vehicles don't work, that's even worse.
>> No. 9044
>Death Arcana - Reimu - 1 point gain.

Wait, she's the Mudo user? Does that mean Marisa (STARS!!!) is the Hama user?
>> No. 9052
You know, that plan sounds an awful lot like the end of Day of ...the ... Dead.

...aw, fuck.
>> No. 9053
>Does that mean Marisa (STARS!!!) is the Hama user?
Given the kind of Second Day it is?


Also, I'd like to say that this Second Day's nature was totally fucking predictable, what with all that "GOSH I SURE HOPE IT ISN'T A GRAVEYARD SECOND DAY I SURE DO HOPE NOT YESSIREE" that AD shoved on us.
>> No. 9055

Actually, this one was randomly picked. Which is a pain since i wanted it to appear later for something else, still, i decided to do this randomly and i'll do it randomly, even if i'm not 100% happy with what day it is. (not, i admit, that i'll have too much of an impact once you're, y'know, inside a lit mall - my main reason for not wanting this location today.)
>> No. 9059

[X] Fuck it, let's play some board games today.
>> No. 9062

If you are not happy about this, and are not willing to change the day's setup, then let us just do something else in-story like training, securing the vicinity, patrolling for some level-ups, play board games to increase Soul Links or whatever. Nothing that will have much of an effect on the story/game mechanics themselves, but practically some kind of filler. Just make it so that it does not influence the time plan of what happens at what second day.

If you force yourself to write something you do not like, or have randomly given yourself a scenario that is too difficult, then you will just drain yourself out in vain. So either just screw it and take either another random chance in hopes of having a better result or do the above (which basically is to postpone everything until you take another chance).

Only happy writers can write stories to make their readers(e.g. Anonymus) happy.
>> No. 9069

Oh, i'm quite happy for it to go ahead like this, since we're heading to THE MALL and not generally hanging around outside. The Reimu event was sheduled to happen the first time you visited this place anyway, so it's still a plus in my book. Anyway, time to finish the Mall assault plan.
>> No. 9071

>> No. 9088
You're about to answer when the world dims around you. Well, this was getting old fast...
Thou who advances towards the gathering at the end of the path of many choices, know now that this figure of Death is favorable to thee.” Yup. There was the voice - a new one again, this one sounding significantly younger than the one you heard before... Girlish, but still sounding so old...

And the world resumes.

“What's the point in sneaking about?” You ask, “Sooner or later we're going to end up fighting anyway, so we may as well do it on our own terms instead of being caught flatfooted by a shadow catching us by surprise.” Shrugging you look around, “A car or something would be good... but do they even work in this place? I remember Reisen said something about electronics being all messed up...”

Reimu nods. “That's... only sort of true.” She says, “In the Forest, Riverside or Mountain then yeah, electronics don't work at all and neither do most mechanical things. In this place you can get simple mechanics working, same with Underground too... but engines seem to be beyond what's possible here. We've tried.”

“Forest?” You ask, perking up slightly, “Was that where we were before?”

“Pretty much, Riverside is similar - except with less trees and more water. They seem to be the easiest places to deal with, as there are no real dangers aside from the shadows themselves. The other locations are either pretty treacherous or just plain dark like this one is.” Reimu stretches and turns back to the house. “Even if we can't make an engine run, i'm sure there are a few ways to get things moving if we use our Persona creatively. But first we actually have to get going, right?”

A little less than an hour later and your little group of five were heading down the main streets leading to the Mall's front entrance. Mentally you gave thanks to the relative proximity of Letty's house to the area, you didn't exactly feel the urge to have to hike to the other side of the city or anything... Presumably visiting further away areas would require either coming up with a reliable form of transportation, or simply being in the required area when the Second Day hit. Occasionally everyone would duck into an alcove, alley or doorway in order to avoid a vaguely sighted group of wandering shadows - your idea, though you were planning to smash your way into the Mall itself, you wanted to save everyones strength until then.

“Hey,” You begin, something having caught your eye, “You have a tattoo Reisen?”

The girl looks at you, blinks in confusion, then gasps. “Ah!” She exclaims, holding up her left arm, “You mean this!” On her forearm are two wavy lines that wrap around her arm like a ribbon or something, one line a deep green and the other a deep red. Reisen laughs, “This isn't a tattoo,” she says, smiling, “Marisa explained it to me - it's an evoker marking. It's something like... a sign. A sign that we can use Persona - you have one too you know.” She frowns then, “Haven't you seen your reflection at all since the Second Day started? Though... I guess maybe... it is pretty hard to see under your bangs.”

“Eh?” you start, reaching up to feel your forehead. “What's hard to see?” Curious you look into a window and stare hard at the vague reflection in it. Lifting your bangs out the way you gasp at the two black lines sweeping down from somewhere above your hairline to stop perhaps an inch above your eyes where they end in a slightly rounded blob shape. “The hell?”

“They're... Antennae.” Marisa states, glancing around the area somewhat fearfully, “All evoker markings we've seen seem to relate to the users Persona somehow, your Persona had antennae, so I guess that's what they're supposed to represent.”

“Are they always there?” You ask, still rubbing at the tattoo-like marks. “I didn't notice them at all this morning, or yesterday.”

“No,” Letty states, “They are only visible during the Second Day, and then only after someone has actually woken up their persona - a complete new visitor here wouldn't have one at all. That said, this isn't a reliable way of telling if someone is an active user or not yet as they can be anywhere on the body - a lot of them under clothing.”


Several minutes more pass as your group heads down the street and up a reasonable incline until, eventually, you crest the top of this hill and the mall comes into sight straight ahead at the bottom of the other side. More to the point, a metric crap-load of shadows - all in their dormant, fuzzy, forms - comes into view as well. You wince... no way were you going to be simply fighting your way through that, your original plan to drive through it all may have worked - if motor vehicles actually worked here. “Oh dear,” you mutter, “That's... a lot more than I had expected.”

“Well?” Marisa asks, glaring at you, “What now, oh great and amazing leader?”

[ ] Observe them for the moment
[ ] Circle around, find another way in
[ ] Smash your way through
[ ] Distract them in some fashion

Yeah, I know this vote is similar to the write-in before, but we never got a definitive plan of action, so i've given you a solid vote this time, and more info-y stuff. I said I was gonna aim for one post a day on this, lack of votes is not going to stop me.
>> No. 9100
[+] Circle around, find another way in
>> No. 9101
[ ] Observe them for the moment, see if there's any patterns of movement or anything that would be handy to know.
[ ] See if you can make and set a distraction to set in reserve. I can't think much of anything since I doubt that cell phones would work and I don't see any gasoline barrels lying about and I doubt anyone knows that much about making homemade explosives. So maybe instead we make a distraction by setting a building on fire (not the mall, of course) from a safe distance, maybe using the Personas to set them off or SOMETHING.
[ ] Then circle around, find another way in
>> No. 9102
Hold on, the actual act of triggering a building fire can be done by one person, so maybe that person stays behind and does it while the others circle. However, I'm worried about splitting up the group. To be honest, I never really thought that much about distractive arson tactics before. Hm.
>> No. 9105
>“Well?” Marisa asks, glaring at you, “What now, oh great and amazing leader?”

Don't "great-and-amazing-leader" me, you uppity bitch.

[x] Search the nearby area for any sleeping fairies and have the others hide nearby the entrance. You'll draw the monsters out by waking it, and the others will slip in while you give the mob the run-around.
[x] Ask about any nearby bars, garages, or gas stations. To deal with these things in any permanent manner you'll want lure them into a trap--preferably one that utilizes a lot of petrol.

Lure them into a building that you've doused with gasoline and/or alcohol beforehand. Your wind magic will fan the flames--all you need is a match.

You can ask Wriggle if the cinders remind her of fireflies as you make your way down the fire escape.
>> No. 9106
[x] Search the nearby area for any sleeping fairies and have the others hide nearby the entrance. You'll draw the monsters out by waking it, and the others will slip in while you give the mob the run-around.

As of now we probably lack the power to get rid of them through a trap. Plus wasted experience points. :/
>> No. 9108
>top of this hill


[X] Try pushing a car over the hill, momentum ought to take it past the crest and through the crowd. If nothing else, the chaos will at least give you a better chance of sneaking around the group.
>> No. 9109
>As of now we probably lack the power to get rid of them through a trap. Plus wasted experience points.

You're the kind of guy who will never use the Vanish/X-Zone trick, the kind of guy who is afraid to face the final boss without having 200% map completion, the kind of guy who will revert to an earlier save if a member of your party dies, or if you miss the secret treasure, or somehow if you are unable to achieve MAX STAT GAIN PER LEVEL. It's time to put the controller down, Son; time to harness the power of IMAGINATION.


>> No. 9111

I'm not as nearly as serious as your making me out to be but I have to admit... I LOL'D.
>> No. 9115
[X] Distract them in some fashion
Remember those fireworks? This would be a good opportunity to use them, though I will leave the details of that to the more creative anons.

Got me right there.
>> No. 9122

Love the smell of napalm in the morning. It smells like... XP.

Of course, you can try using the wind magic to finely mix the gasoline into the air before igniting it - make your own Fuel-Air Bomb, which can scale up to be as strong as the lowest nuclear weapons.

We should also figure out if we can make a few Molotov Cocktails as well, they shouldn't be too hard.
>> No. 9130

Well, we don't want to go to far and have the building collapse before we escape out the side. Still, if we can whip this into a firestorm and create a vacuum we'll ensure that none of these things make it out alive.
>> No. 9134
>And the world resumes.
>The World
Oh u
>> No. 9142
I think setting a nearby building ablaze is a better signal to any stray Persona users than a fire engine's siren could ever be; the smoke should be visible the city over.

The monsters are too stupid to realize it, but a person who arrives and sees that the entrance of the nearby mall has been cleared is going to make the connection and investigate.
>> No. 9144
“We need a distraction.” You whisper, peering down at the massed shadows in front of the mall. “There's way too many to just smash our way through like I hoped, and even if we go around them there's no guarantee that there will be an unguarded way in.”

“So?” Marisa asks, still with a vaguely sarcastic tone, “Anyone could have told you that - what do you plan on doing about it?”

“I'd piss off one of those pixie things if I could...” You mutter, “But I haven't seen any at all today, and even if I did find one I don't know how the hell i'd set it off and get away before them shadows get there.” Looking around you think hard, you need something that would either draw the shadows to it, or make them scatter. Ideally something you could set off from a safe distance, with a fuse or something...

A fuse huh?

Pulling your satchel off your shoulder, you rummage around in it for a moment before drawing out one of the large firecrackers from earlier. “I think,” you say, staring at it, “I have a plan.”

“Are you sure this is going to work?” Reimu asks, in between panting for breath. For the past while you and the others had been setting up your diversion - a task made more difficult by the occasional scout shadow that was apparently vaguely patrolling the area. “This seems to be more than a little... dangerous?”

“No, it'll be fine - you said it yourself, the shadows can barely see in this dark - the same as us.” You gesture, with your head, over at the mall. “All we have to do is distract 'em by blowing up their sentry, that's what all this petrol and the firecrackers are for.” You say, hefting a small tank of petrol you, along with the others, had siphoned out of some nearby cars. “The sentry comes past, it goes boom and all the others come to investigate - while we hide in the cars and just let them go right past us.”

“And then we just make a run for the Mall?” Reisen questions as she pours some of the gasoline over the floor around the containers as directed by you. “That sounds easy enough, though I bet it won't be quite so easy once we're inside.”

“It's an interesting plan,” Letty murmurs, watching the proceedings, “Perhaps a little on the... worrying side in regards to the part where we hope we don't get seen as they go past, but I think it's a rather workable plan.” She smiles, “You'll make a good field leader I think. Now then, once we're inside we need to find a defenseable room which I'll hold secure as a base of operations for the day. Also, if you get into trouble use the traesto gem I gave you, your safety is more important than the mission - on the other hand, if we run out of time and can't leave, hide in the toilets.”

You blink, “Why the toilets?” you ask curiously.

“Simple,” comes the reply, “This is a mall. If we're hiding in the toilets we can simply walk out of them with no-one the wiser, otherwise it will appear to everyone as if we had just popped up out of thin air, and that would draw far too much attention.”

“Well then,” You say, gesturing for everyone to take their places in the cars nearby as you yourself hefted a firecracker, ready to light it, throw it and run like hell to your hiding place before it ignited the fuel. “Lets do this.”

The plan, it turned out, went off without a hitch. Okay, so the explosion had been much larger than expected, and now more than a few nearby buildings were on fire... but Letty had told you that damage sustained in the Second Day reverted at the end of it, how or why that happened she didn't know, nor did she know why it was still possible to steal things and have it actually stay that way when things went back to normal. There was probably a good reason, but just thinking about it made your head hurt - so you soon gave up on trying to make sense of the twisted logic at work here.

The moment the five of you were all inside the Mall, you pulled the doors shut and, after a quick search, jammed them shut with some broomsticks taken from a nearby janitors closet. A safe room was soon set up inside a small sweetshop, which had only the one entrance for Letty to guard, and eventually you, Marisa, Reimu and Reisen were ready to explore the rest of the mall. Most of the shops were devoted to fashion in some way - such as clothes and jewelry stores - or they were selling books or music. Fortunately you knew there were a few places that might be a little more interesting in ragards to how useful they may be during a Second Day. Your first priority, though, was still to find out what the Shadows found so interesting here.

[ ] Check the Ground floor first
--- Stores of note: Sports Gear, Furniture

[ ] Check the Middle floor first
--- Stores of note: Off License, Chinese Medicine.

[ ] Check the Upper floor first
--- Stores of note: Hardware, Occult Paraphernalia

Probably not quite what everyone was hoping, but i had to balance actual doability with the ideas of anon. Still, you have now officially set the city ablaze - you arsonists you.
>> No. 9145
Hm... I'm tempted to split up. IIRC, Reisen needs some armor, and that would probably require some fitting, so she should probably go to the Sports store first. If you want to give her that hammer-crowbar thing or the hard hat, just try taking it down from the hardware store.

I'm guessing you'd also want stuff from the Medicene store, so either have the others go there or if together, go next? Provided you know what you want and can get it quickly.

Then Upper Floor. Get whatever we like from the Hardware Store, then spend the rest of the time searching Occult.

BTW, is there a paint supply store in here? We need some Iron Oxide and Aluminium Powder for a bit of thermite fun.
>> No. 9146
>Probably not quite what everyone was hoping, but i had to balance actual doability with the ideas of anon. Still, you have now officially set the city ablaze - you arsonists you.

It's our garden, baby. Slash & burn cultivation.

[x] Check the Upper floor first
--- Stores of note: Hardware, Occult Paraphernalia

Definitely this floor first--weapons and the possible root of the problem (e.g., a genuine magical artifact amongst the occultist junk).
>> No. 9147
File 122257298884.png - (40.15KB , 422x303 , fuckyes.png ) [iqdb]
>Still, you have now officially set the city ablaze - you arsonists you.
>> No. 9148
File 122257468054.jpg - (73.31KB , 550x309 , dead-rising11.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Check the Upper floor first
Hardware, fuck year!
>> No. 9150
[x] Check the Upper floor first
--- Stores of note: Hardware, Occult Paraphernalia

What the fuck is "Off License"? Some quaint Britfag term, I'm guessing, but what is it?
>> No. 9151

They have license to sell liquor, but only to be consumed off the premises (as opposed to on the premises, like a bar). Hence, "off-license."

So yeah, this is where you get your Molotov cocktails and dissociative anesthetics. Conveniently located next to the Chinese Traditional Medicine shop, where you can purchase Stimutacs (among other quasi-legal drugs) in the event you feel the need to pull an Ecstasy AKA Darks and stay up all night.
>> No. 9153
Hmmm... glad my 'burn stuff' idea got put in. I have another idea that might be of use in another Second Day.

On a Second Day, steal a bunch of paper (I suggest light pink, for reasons I'll explain later) and a bunch of printers. Put them in the closest home between yourselves you can find. On the following Regular Day, print on them

###-###-#### (Whatever the hell your phone number is)

Put them into at least two boxes, give them to a non-Persona using friend that doesn't ask alot of questions. Perferably have them live in a high-rise apartment building, and maybe see if they can also store in on the roof. (So yeah - doesn't ask alot of questions.)

Next Second Day comes, you throw one box of paper off the roof, hopefully making the sheets of paper fly around like a bunch of sakura petals, hopefully the missing Persona users would be able to see and grab one sheet of paper to contact you when things go normal. The other box you 'steal' and bring along with you. The next Regular day, hopefully the unclaimed sheets of paper will have disappeared. On the roof there will be two 'undamaged' boxes of paper, but now you have another box for a total of three. Give the new box to the same friend and repeat over another Second Day, getting more and more boxes to dump off the roof off the building during Second Days.

Do elevators work on Second Days? Needs a pretty high building...
>> No. 9154
Wait a sec. Did I accidently come up with a way to duplicate items and counterfeit money as well?
>> No. 9155

Too extravagant. Though the image of Marisa yelling "PC Load Letter? The fuck does that mean?" when one of the printers inevitably jams is amusing.

I think a better idea would be to print out a bunch of fliers and spend time stapling them to telephone poles after school during the regular days, which seem to be timeskipped anyway. As city coverage would start small and then increase over time, this could be a vehicle for introducing Touhoes in a controlled and regular fashion.

Our mission statement is not enough. We have to make it intriguing to Persona users, but readily ignorable to everyone else:

"Feeling lost every SECOND DAY? Going through PERSONAlity changes? You can RECLAIM what you've lost."

Then phone number, email, and address of Letty's hideout.
>> No. 9165

Of that, only the PERSONAlity part would make sense to anyone that hasn't met us. And it's not as visible, and has a higher risk of simply attracting random calls.
>> No. 9169
Man, you guys are stuck on stealing things. Didn't letty say that she could get stuff through her connections?
>> No. 9171

Yeah, it's not like we need weapons immediately or anything.
>> No. 9181
“Lets go to the top floor first.” You whisper to the others, “If I remember right there's some kind of freaky occult store up there, crystals and artifacts and crap - most of it's probably fake but...”

“You think they could have something there that's drawing in the shadows?” Reimu asks, then nods in agreement, “It seems like a good place to start at least since we don't exactly have any other leads right now.”

Silently the four of you made you way to one of the staircases, hidden from the main mall by a set of double doors that, at the moment, were wide open. Thankfully there was nothing on the stairs themselves, but as you passed by the middle floor landing, the four of you were forced to move quickly as a trio of shadows made their way past the doors - probably on a lap of the middle floor area. The top floor, like the middle floor, was primarily just one large balcony that circled the outer wall of the area and all the shop entrances sunk into it. A quick peek out revealed that here too were groups of shadows making laps of the floor - though you noticed that none of them were bothering to actually check inside any of the stores themselves yet.

“Looks like the coast is clear,” You whisper, “If we make a dash for the hardware store, we can see if we can find anything useful and hide until their patrol passes, then make a run for the Occult place.”

“Or we could just go straight for the voodoo place,” Marisa argues, “and see if we can get this over with as soon as possi-”

“UWOHAHAHAHAHAHA!” A laugh, a crazy laugh, suddenly echoes around the mall causing all four of your group to stiffen in shock and panic.

“-ble...” Marisa finishes, her face going pale, “What the hell was that!?” she suddenly demands, then winces as another laugh fills the air.

“Hardware store?” Reisen asks, everyone nodding frantically in reply - the sudden increase in creepiness of the place making everyone wish they had a more significant weapon in their hands. The crazed laughter continues as you all make a mad run for the hardware store, your only respite being when you slam the store's door shut behind you to muffle the sound.

“N... No way am I going out there!” Marisa declares once the four of you regain your breath from the sprint. “Not on my own anyway!” You nod in agreement, the laugh had not sounded like any noise the shadows you had met made, even when they laughed it tended to be a more derisive imitation of laughter - what you had just heard was the real thing.

“Do you think... Is someone alive out there?” You ask, gesturing at the door. “Not a shadow I mean,”

“It's unlikely,” Reimu murmurs, and for the first time you feel a little jealous that she can seem to be so calm in this sort of situation. “With this many shadows about, if you didn't have a persona you would have no chance - and even if you did, this is far too many for a normal person to beat. Besides, the shadows have been congregating around the mall for days, that would imply a static source of interest.”

“Or someone who lived in the Mall somehow,” Reisen points out, “But I don't think that would be all that easy to manage to be here every day for as long as you claimed this has been going on.”

“Whatever!” Marisa cries, “I don't want to spend any longer here! So lets grab something better to fight with, and get the hell out - that's what I wanna do!”

Again you nod in agreement with the blond girl, you didn't exactly think it would be wise to hang around in the mall longer than needed either. “Alright girls,” you say, “Lets get ready to kick ass.”

[ ] Write in - suggestions on equipment for yourself and Reisen. (Marisa and Reimu have their own preferred stuff already.)

Limitations: No weapons requiring electricity or fuel to work (Ie: no chainsaws, drills, etc). Pneumatics may be okay depending on item.
All items must be reasonably findable in a generic DIY hardware store. (Ie: you're not likely to see industrial-grade stuff here,)


-- weapons: Garden fork, Knife, Frying pan
-- armor: shinpads, padded vest, work gloves
-- other: satchel: first-aid kit, matches, paper, pens, flask of water.

-- weapons: Large Wrench, kitchen knife.
-- armor: padded vest

-- weapons: Baseball bat.
-- armor: padded vest
-- other: Traesto gem (teleport home when broken)

-- weapons: Iron bar, throwing needles.
-- armor: padded vest
>> No. 9184
File 122263018950.jpg - (306.74KB , 680x1024 , NoCountryForOldMen.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Limitations: No weapons requiring electricity or fuel to work (Ie: no chainsaws, drills, etc).

A blow torch should be fine, right? I mean it's essentially just compressed butane lit on fire (and we have matches).

>Pneumatics may be okay depending on item.

So what about an air-powered captive bolt pistol (aka cattle gun)? I kid. I kid.

[x] Yukari: Acquire blow torch & butane tank, coveralls, and welding mask. Drop frying pan, garden fork, and padded vest.
[x] Reisen: Acquire construction helmet, work gloves, crowbar, segmented ("snap-off") box cutter, pneumatic nail-gun. Drop wrench and kitchen knife.

You'll have to drop most of your weapons, but I think it's worth it, plus an appropriately-sized tank can always be used as a bludgeon or carried strapped to your back. Padded coveralls will give you much more protection than a vest, and with that tank of fuel it's not like you'll be moving quickly anyway.

Compressed-air nail gun has Reisen all over it. Having a ranged weapon Reisen shouldn't wear anything heavier than her vest, so she can stay mobile. The benefit of a segmented box-cutter compared to a kitchen knife is that the broken and dulled blades can just be snapped off.
>> No. 9197

Okay, theoretically such a thing would be allowable since it would actually work - but i don't know of many normal hardware stores which sell them so it's a little iffy.
Something like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxy-gas_torch i would likely refuse on the grounds of not being the kind of thing sold in a DIY hardware store but a more profesisonal industrial one,
but these http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blowtorch i can stretch to, as i have seen these in such stores before.
>> No. 9198
[x] Yukari: Drop Frying Pan. Grab Stanley FatMax Xtreme 55-120 FuBar III(or similar).
[x] Reisen: Grab shin pads, work gloves, something ranged.
>> No. 9199

Further refinement on idea :

Don't bother printing at home, just have an office/copy store do it for you. (Whatever the hell the local equivalent of Kinko's is.) Much more expensive sure, but at the worst you can split it up and pay with the money you're saving by stealing like Carmen Sandiego.

For each sheet, color it neon pink and have them cut up into 3 columns by 10 rows. This increases the pieces of paper you get by a factor of 30, and makes them easier to blow about in the wind, scattering them further. On top of this, you also use the poster campaign as detailed in >>9155 , making said posters the same color as the strips - even if a Persona user misses getting one of the strips during a Second Day, they're much more likely to pay attention to a poster of the same color. Poster campaign by itself is slower and less noticable, but would last indefinately compared to Second-Day Strip Spamming.

One person, with difficulty can carry a box with 5000 sheets of paper. If they're all divided into 30 strips each, that's 150,000 per box. 4 of you carry up 2 boxes a piece, and that's 1.2 million strips to blow around there, more if the cheat I described works. "Give" them away so it's not yours and will be restored when a Normal Day resumes, and place them on the roof of a tall building. Wriggle up a storm with your wind magic at the start of a Second Day, and you can distribute strips all over for the cost of the time needed to go up the building. Repeat every Second Day as desired.
>> No. 9203
>They have license to sell liquor, but only to be consumed off the premises (as opposed to on the premises, like a bar). Hence, "off-license."
Thank you. However, that is one of the worst ways to name something I have ever fucking heard of. But then, from a country that invented "Spotted Dick" and "Cock-a-leeky soup," I can't really expect them to do any better.

No, you just found a plot hole in the Persona universe. But damn, advertising to attract other users is a good idea.

At least until we run into a Syler.

Too extravagant. Though the image of Marisa yelling "PC Load Letter? The fuck does that mean?" when one of the printers inevitably jams is amusing.
I giggled because I can totally see it happening. Although moreso if it was Marisa from Taste.

All we have to do is borrow it for a day. But this is Japan, isn't it? Getting that AND ammunition will be difficult.

>laugh, a crazy laugh, suddenly echoes around the mall
>crazed laughter
>and even if you did, this is far too many for a normal person to beat.
>“Or someone who lived in the Mall somehow,” Reisen points out, “But I don't think that would be all that easy to manage to be here every day for as long as you claimed this has been going on.
Well, since it's not very likely, then it's a 100% chance that's exactly the case. Why?
Judging from that laughter, I don't think they're very normal anymore, and no, it doesn't sound like it's been very easy to manage at all.

Maybe we just met Yuka. At least she'll like our plant-related theme.
>> No. 9220
A minor suggestion to hold in consideration - [x] Get a bunch of nails for Marisa to hammer into her bat. Alternatively, give "Flan-chan" to Marisa, since it seems people are going for a more ranged theme for Reisen. Marisa and Flan-chan... together forever!
>> No. 9248
Need some sort of ranged weapon. . . If there's a toystore here, get a super soaker. One of the ones with the huge backpack tanks. There should be gas, or oil, or various other flammable liqiuids that you can put in there,
Then ducttape a lighter to the end of it. Bingo, instant flame thrower. Just needs a bit of pumping to go!

Either that, or grab a bunch of rags, glass bottles and gas. Moltov coctails! WOO!
>> No. 9249
File 122271495544.jpg - (71.08KB , 650x488 , penciltorch.jpg ) [iqdb]

Actually, that would work.


Duct taping a pencil torch (see left) to the barrel would work better than a lighter. And while the won't have Super Soakers in a hardware store, they will have spray guns (used for pesticide control) in the garden section. The gravity fed ones are hand-held and have a tank on the top or have a backpack reservoir, which you'd fill with liquid fuel. The larger ones that require a pressure source could be fed by a gas propane tank connected by a hose. Liquid fuel will stick to the targets, but it might be worth using gas since it's less dangerous to you and could be fired continuously by just holding the trigger.

Pursuing this, we might want to raid the fire station for some Nomex clothing eventually, especially since we're supposed to be weak against fire.
>> No. 9250
Hmmm... the supersoaker would probably melt before long though. And I'd hate to see what would happen if it gets burned by fire or lightning or whatever. Come to think of it -

Re : Molotovs - You'd want to mix them in with something like oil, egg whites, disintegrated styrofoam to thicken them. And instead of rags, see if you can find storm matches to tape to the sides. Or, if you can some small vials of sulphuric acid to attach to the sides, even better as you don't have to light them beforehand.

If we can make the thermite it would be helpful, we can mix it in with a little clay or Play-doh to make it mouldable. It can be used for some makeshift welding or metal 'cutting' which would be nice in improvising and shutting/opening metal doors on the fly. We may be able to use magnesium sparklers to set them off.

Oh, and I'm voting to

[x] Mostly keep Yukari's current equipment, maybe trade out the frying pan for something else or upgrade the armor. Everyone else upgrades as suggested.
>> No. 9252
File 122271827742.jpg - (5.01KB , 400x400 , spraygun.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Hmmm... the supersoaker would probably melt before long though. And I'd hate to see what would happen if it gets burned by fire or lightning or whatever.

How about something like this then?

This and more in the home & garden section. Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.
>> No. 9254
File 122272740989.jpg - (4.68KB , 200x200 , wall plug.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Keep it simple,” you murmur, “Reisen - go grab a proper hammer or something, see if you can find something with a bit of range too, the further we are from those freaks when we're fighting them the better.” The purple-haired girl nods and turns to move deeper in the store, you watch her rummaging about for a moment before considering the question of your own armament. Your fork was fine, you liked your fork - mainly because it meant you could keep your enemy far away and hopefully keep out of it's reach. The knife you had was also too good to get rid of, hell - you had bought it from a store just like this one in the first place. Makeshift shovel, saw, and a decent blade? No, it was a keeper.

The frying pan... yeah. That one you were happy to get rid of, and after some thought you setting on a hand held blow-lamp, a bit heavy and unwieldy, but it fitted in your satchel - just - and would probably help a lot more than your matches if you wanted to burn something. After staring at the racks for a moment you also grabbed a few torch-sized ones too, maybe you could use 'em to set up booby traps or something like you did outside the mall earlier.

You were just about to check out a spraygun, an evil idea forming in your mind, when Marisa suddenly screamed, making you jump and crash into a display stand. “What the hell was that for!” you yell, only to be beaned on the head by a falling pack of nylon wall plugs. Rubbing the resultant bump you look up to see Marisa pointing at something outside, frowning you follow her arm and gasp yourself as something in the window reacts to it's discovery and flees. Unfortunately the window was frosted, so you couldn't see anything but a silhouette - one that definitely didn't fit the profiles of any of the shadows you had seen before. In fact it seemed... human.

Pulling yourself to your feet, and grabbing your fork, you all but kick the door open to get outside to find... nothing. Moments later Reimu follows, then Marisa. Behind them both is Reisen, kitted out with a yellow construction hat and thick work gloves. In one hand is a large metal hammer... thing... part hammer, part wrench, part crowbar... all fucked up beyond all recognition. In her other is something a little more recognizable, a nailgun.

“Did you see what way it went?” Reisen calls, “Is it what we're after?”

“I... I don't know.” You mutter, glancing at the floor - then recoiling in surprise. “Shit!” Behind you Reimu and Marisa look down too, then recoil themselves. Covering the floor is a set of bloody footprints - human if the evident shoe markings are any indication - that lead off in two directions. One way is where the come from, leading over a bridge in the center of the floor which provides a shortcut to the other side of the mall, the other is the way they head after the maker's discovery - they seem to lead back to the stairs you had come up earlier. Neither of these directions, however, goes anywhere near the occult shop you had intended to check out originally.

[ ] See where the footprints lead
[ ] Find out where the footprints come from
[ ] Stick to the plan, check the occult shop.

In B4 bitching.
PS: Wall plugs are that gray... thing. Screw fixings... i dunno what they're called over there in the 'mericas, but i assume you must have them in some form.
>> No. 9255
[x] See where the footprints lead

This cannot go wrong.
>> No. 9256
Damnit, why didn't I think of this eariler?

We don't want a flamethrower as a replacement for our primary weapon. Alot of our mucking about is going to be in buildings that we don't want to set on fire, there's a chance it will overheat, it would weigh too much to carry around much fuel, it would slow us down, etc etc.

No, what we want is our regular melee weapons, the flamethrower, AND -- a bicycle built for two. Yeah, internal combustion engines don't work - but bicycles should be a-okay! Speed, extra weight allowance, and we mount the flamethrower on the back part of the bike. Front person steers and the person on the rear mans the flamethrower. We use this set-up to rush enemies, speeding alongside them and unleashing a brief burst of hell. (Even better for those of you disappointed in the fact that the Grand Theft Auto proposal eariler was shot down.) If we need to make a hasty getaway the flames keep 'em off our back, and the fact it's a two-seater would allow use to evaucate our wounded easier as well. And all the places we can't get around in on a bike? The same places we wouldn't want to set on fire.

Set up two bikes in this fashion and coordinate together and you can trap and set on fire even larger groups of enemies. Get a third bike, single-seater and you'll have a scout/someone to help lure enemies into pre-arranged traps.
>> No. 9257
[x] Split up. Reimu and Marisa will check out the occult shop. You and Reisen will check where the footprints lead. Letty will check where they came from. You'll meet back inside the hardware store in 20 minutes.
>> No. 9258
>> No. 9259
[x] Find out where the footprints come from

Yes, it might be a trap. However, they're in blood. If there are that many footprints, then the person making the footprints still has quite a bit of life left in them - in other words, there's a high chance that the person making the footprints is NOT the person that is bleeding. In that case, check out the source of the blood first, see if there's someone you could help. If there is no one there, follow the footprints. If the person making the footprints is the injured party, then you can run faster than them to catch up and they're probably in better shape to last a minute or so than the hypothetical 'other victim'.

In either case, not attempting to help would make us hypocritical, remember how we bitched about the others not helping us in the boss fight?
>> No. 9260

Weight isn't much of a problem if we're taking the role of the party tank, but before we seriously consider building that flamethrower, we really should get invest in some flame retardant clothing. On a bicycle you'll have the additional danger of the heat causing the tires to melt or blow out, especially with liquid fuel.

Overheating and accidental fires would be much less of a problem with gas as opposed to liquid fuel, but at the price of reduced efficacy--the fire won't "stick" to it's targets. It is lighter, however.

>In either case, not attempting to help would make us hypocritical, remember how we bitched about the others not helping us in the boss fight?

That is true, but we don't know if the person we're following is injured or if (s)he left someone injured behind. Like >>9257 mentioned the only way to make sure is to check both paths; someone may be bleeding to death in both directions.

[x] Split up:
[x] You and Reisen will check where the footprints lead.
[x] Letty, Reimu, and Marisa will check where the footprints came from. If there are injured persons, Letty should stay behind, while the others should catch up to you and Reisen.
[x] Give Letty your first aid kit.

Letty gets the aid kit because there's a bigger chance someone is injured the way the foot prints came from.
>> No. 9266
Well, in my defense I know less about mounting flamethrowers on bikes than I do about distractive arson tactics.

How about using a long-nozzled whatever, and when spraying, first we drive by shooting liquid, and only at the very end we shoot liquid and flame to set it off? Seems alot more tricky to pull off though.
>> No. 9267

A Molotov cocktail will achieve the same effect in a much more convenient fashion. And you wouldn't want your bike tires to hydroplane on the unlit oil.

Using bicycles for transportation is a good idea, but I think we should hold off on mounting weapons to them.
>> No. 9268
Why... are we just going to ride into unlit oil in the first place? Shoot it at an angle to our own velocity, preferably at 90 degrees or greater.
>> No. 9269

Great, so we just have to stop and turn the bike perpendicular to the monsters that are chasing us?

Your idea is a bad one, and is starting to make my head hurt. Please stop.
>> No. 9270
File 122273893350.png - (1.99KB , 431x421 , headonflaming.png ) [iqdb]

You fail. How the hell would monsters be chasing us from head on anyway? Do you not know what is meant by 'more than 90 degrees'? The oil is only a problem if it's going to be directly on our path.

Here, have a diagram. And learn geometry.
>> No. 9272

If we're moving when we fire the unlit oil, we won't have time to light it unless we had fired it in front of us. And even if we were able to light the oil to our sides, if would be useless against the monsters chasing directly behind us.

You are stupid, and your ideas are stupid; it doesn't take a diagram to see that.
>> No. 9274
File 122274086236.png - (1.28KB , 400x486 , flame-other.png ) [iqdb]
Flareguns or Molotov Cocktails or simply aiming at a little more oblique angle when doing the flame. Problem solved.

Oh, and if one chases us, we can spray at leisure and hit it if it gets too close. If it just doesn't keep up, that's fine as well.

Oh, and another diagram for you. Notice the part on the bottom? That's a "chase". You can tell because the black arrow is heading directly away from the red circle. Notice how the blue arrows (oil) is going in the opposite direction of the black oil. Notice how there's not going to be oil going under the tires at that rate. Pay attention children, there will be a quiz later.
>> No. 9276

Great. Now can you draw us a diagram of the bike itself? Be sure to include the awesome.jpg facial expression on the person riding it.
>> No. 9292
>> No. 9296
Before this CYOA I had never played a Persona game. Thanks to this I went out and bought Persona3 FES. I do not regret this decision.

Thanks for getting me interested in such a fun game.
>> No. 9310
Before this CYOA i never knew that almost every anon knows how to make a workable flamethrower.

Now i do - and now i hope to never leave my house ever again. At least not without flame-retardant clothing.

Anyway, people seem to be on the idea of splitting up, so i'll go with that - though i point out Letty is still on the ground floor in the 'safe room'... you really should keep track of that kind of thing you know.

Calling as: Reimu and Marisa checking where prints came from, You and Reisen going to find who left them.
>> No. 9312
So, we can forget about the idea to make a bitchin' multibarreled spud gun as well?
>> No. 9313
I will make my presence here known.

Yet I'm too overwhelmed by the posts before mine to make any vote decision.
>> No. 9315

>> No. 9320
“We're going to have to split up,” you hiss, causing the other three to stare at you in shock.

“Are... you sure that's a good idea?” Reimu whispers back, the doubt in your plan clearly evident in her voice.

You nod. “We have bloody footprints - human footprints. From what you all told me, the only things that actually bleed red out here are us...” Gesturing at the footprints you point first to where they came from, then where they are heading to. “That means there could be at least two other people here besides us, one victim and one attacker - or one seriously injured one. Hell, with this much blood someone has to be seriously injured at the very least.” Grabbing Reisen you drag her off to one side. “You two have worked together before, so I want you to quickly check where these prints came from - see if there's anyone wounded or some clues or something, me and Reisen will follow them and try and find out who left them. Once you're done, come after us - if the footprints end, we'll follow 'em back and meet you either back here or half-way or something.”

“I don't like this,” Reimu mutters, with Marisa and Reisen both nodding in agreement. “But you're right, we can't simply sit idly by if there is someone injured enough to be bleeding this badly.”

Rummaging in your satchel you pull out your first aid kit, grab a few bandages - still in their sterile paper packets - and toss them to Marisa. “Here, you'll need these if there's anyone there - I don't have many though, but it should be enough to keep them alive for a while...”

“Yeah, an' Reimu c'n always Dia them some to make sure - though if they're this bad I don't know if it'll be enough...” Marisa resplies, her face a little pale, as she pockets the bandages.

“Dia?” you ask.

“Healin' spell. Reimu's the only one of us who has one - 's what we used to fix up your arm, it can heal almost anything but... not very much at a time. Too big an injury and it just won't be able to fix it all in one go, though it'll make the injury less bad.” Reimu nods at Marisa's explanation, then turns, shoots you a look, and heads off in the direction the footprints came from. The blond glances between the two of you, then hustles off after her friend, her weapon - a plain baseball bat - held tightly in her hands.

“Well,” you say, grinning at Reisen. “looks like it's just us now.”

“...” Reisen's mutters, too quiet for you to hear what she said. “I don't like this,” she says somewhat louder, then holds up her new nailgun and flicks a catch on it. “But i'm ready... assuming I can hit anything with this thing, i've never had to shoot something like this before.”

“Oh?” You ask, as the two of you follow the footsteps towards the stairs. “So what do you usually shoot?”

“Pistols mainly, though I'm pretty good with a rifle.” You stop dead at that, then turn and give Reisen a funny look.

“You serious?” You ask, slightly stunned. Your comment had only been meant as a joke, and her replying so matter-of-fact about it was surprising.

She nods, “yeah,” the girl shrugs and gestures at the staircase, and the blood leading upwards. You note the large 'Mall staff only' sign and guess that up there is probably a security office or something, maybe roof access too. “I'm the high school competition shooting champion... well, I was. Came second place in my last contest.” She's about to say more when something falls down behind her on the wrong side of the balcony railing. Moments later you hear a wet thump and the two of you share a shocked glance. “You don't think...” she begins, only for you to move past her and head for the balcony. Looking up you see that there is another balcony above you, a small one rather than a complete floor - probably the security office as you had suspected.

Cautiously you approach the balcony fence and peer over it... Then gag and step back in horror at the mangled pile of red below. A few moments later Reisen comes up behind you and also looks down, then looks at you strangely. “That's... weird.” she says. “Where's the body?”

Frowning at her you take another peek over the edge... then step back in shock. “No way,” you breathe, “I'm sure I saw a body down there...” You look again. On the floor below is a pool of blood, in a definate splatter pattern, but beyond that is nothing except... yes! There are a few footprints leading away from it! You... just can't see where they go, as they seem to head under the floor you're on and out of sight.

[ ] Call out to whoever might be down there,
[ ] Head upstairs to the security office,
[ ] Go back and check on Marisa and Reimu,
[ ] Head downstairs now - maybe you can still catch them.
>> No. 9321
Getting some Twilight Zone vibes here. Well, the entire Second Day thing gives me Twilight Zone vibes, this just enhances it more.

First :

[x] Call out to whoever might be down there

if no response then

[x] Call out to whoever might be down there

If whatever is going on happens to be hostile, then there's a chance we'll need some more firepower. Either we've got some sort of crazy regenerator, it can drag around bodies as if they were nothing, or something even worse.
>> No. 9322
[x] Run downstairs now - maybe you can still catch them.

I don't think it's dragging a corpse; the blood on the ground would be a smear instead of just footprints.

It could be someone with regen h4x, or maybe someone with a blood-themed persona (e.g. Remilia).
>> No. 9323
Death Arcana with Dia?

I never expected that.
>> No. 9325
Someone needed it to heal up you and Reisen earlier, and it fit all the others even worse. (though i suppose i could have given it to letty)

Anyway, since it was brought up... how about Reisen's persona profile? (the others will be brought up only after you've actually seen them)

Persona: Hina - Lvl 1 - Arcana Tower
Strong vs: Lightning, Light
Weak vs: Dark, Wind

Wound Sign - Pain Flow (Version 1)

Bash, Sukunda

Please note, arcana is a little iffy here, since i'm matching the arcana to the person's situation, not the skill set of the Persona. I'm trying to balance all three important relationships (Arcana to Social Link, Persona's relation to User, Persona's skills to fit Persona) which is hard enough, so the persona's arcana kinda gets the shaft somewhat.

PS: YES. I've tried to fit the persona to the user and have it *mean* something. Good luck guessing what it may mean though.
>> No. 9326

Man, fuck allies with double weaknesses. Hina shouldn't be Orpheus. Heck, they recognized that mistake in P4, and the MC's starter Persona Izanagi had a double resistance and only one weakness. The only ones like that should be optional characters, joke characters, and some of the funkier interchangeable Personas.

Having the one healer is clever though, four Dia* and two Recarm* casters was too many.
>> No. 9335
[☠] Run downstairs now—maybe you can still catch them.


It makes sense that Reimu can heal if you remember the dual nature of the Arcana. The domain of XIII. Death includes both the power to end as well as sustain, when drawn reversed. This duality fits her whole yin & yang motif to boot.

>Man, fuck allies with double weaknesses.

>> No. 9340

Try Geodude. He sux against grass.
>> No. 9346

Why are you homosexuals actually playing Pokemon instead of just fapping to Gardevoir?
>> No. 9348
>dual nature of the Arcana.

Silly me, I was only thinking in game terms instead of the actual arcana.
>> No. 9370
“Come on!” You call out, already half-way down the first flight of stairs. “If we hurry we can get there before any shadows come to investigate!” Reisen looks dubious, but follows after you, nailgun at the ready.

The descent is quick, but given the empty store floor that greets you at the bottom, evidently not quick enough. “Shit!” you curse, looking for evidence of more tracks - the ones leading from the blood spatter only went so far before fading away ... a harsh smell assaults your nose, and a quick investigation shows why - some kind of strong alcohol covers the floor here, and a nearby smashed bottle reveals it to be some kind of rum. From what you can gather the bottle must have fallen with the body, then whoever had walked away had then walked through it and washed the blood off their shoes enough for the trail to be un-trackable. A few sniffs at the air lead you a little further from the staircase - whoever fell must have been positively reeking of alcohol for their smell to be this easy to follow - even with the puddle of rum nearby to make it harder.

“Hey!” You look up at the yell to see Marisa practically hanging over the upper floor balcony and looking down at you. “What'cha doin' down there!? I thought you said you'd be coming back!” Then, it seemed, she noticed the blood as she gasps, “What the hell happened down there!?”

“I'll explain in a bit!” you call back, “Did you two find anything?” Marisa shakes her head and you frown. “Nothing?” Another shake of the head. “Holy shit.” you whisper, “Then that would mean...”

Reisen seems to pick up on your thought almost immediately, “How could anything just walk away from a fall like that?”

You glance at her, “How can anything human walk away from that.” The purple haired girl looks at you in shock, “Either we've got something really freaky on our hands, or the shadows can make themselves look and bleed like real humans.”

“Woah!” Marisa yells out, “Incoming!” You glance around and curse again, several shadows have come to investigate the commotion. One of them suddenly reels back to the accompaniment of several bursts of hissing air. When it falls back into place you not several nails - each a good four inches long - sticking out of it, and the occasional hole where some have pierced completely through.

“Nice shot,” you whisper, readying to take a swipe with your fork as soon as a shadow gets in range. “Now back up, slowly, we can hold them off in the stairwell much easier than out here...”

“Or leave it to me!” The two of you glance back to see Marisa leaping down the last few stairs, Reimu following behind at a much more sedate pace. Without even pausing the blond runs forwards until she's in front of you, then takes up a defiant posture - arms crossed, legs apart and a manic grin splitting her face. “Agi!” She yells, “Zio! Bufu!” Above her a sickly seeming girl in a light pink nightgown-like dress fades into view, Marisa's persona - or so you assume. Moments later one of the shadows bursts into flame, another jerks and writhes as it's struck by lightning and a third is practically shredded by a hail of icy blades.

“Wow.” Reisen breathes, and you're forced to agree - Marisa has more or less taken out all the enemy in one go leaving the rest of you to simply mop up what's left of this group, a task that doesn't take long. Still, more are likely going to be on their way now that they're sure you're here and, though you wouldn't admit it, you are a little worried about Letty being on her own even if Marisa and Reimu had both implied she was far stronger than you could imagine.

[ ] Plan of action (Write in)
>> No. 9374

[x] You and Reisen will try to sniff out our alcohol-soaked mystery person, starting with the bathrooms and ending with that security office (s)he apparently fell from.
[x] Reimu and Marisa should sift through the junk in the occult shop.
[x] Successful or otherwise, you'll meet together at the sweet shop in 20 minutes.

I'm fairly confident you'll be able to handle random encounters between the two of you, though we'll definitely want to take on anything large as a group. If you're going to catch this person, you need to move quick before the smell dissipates. If it's a persona-user, a bathroom stall would be the most obvious hiding place.
>> No. 9378
File 122291379525.jpg - (7.26KB , 130x200 , hermit.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Above her a sickly seeming girl in a light pink nightgown-like dress fades into view, Marisa's persona - or so you assume.

It's Patchouli, obviously.

And we have a pretty good idea what her Arcanum is: If Sakuya has The World, then it follows that Patchouli is Hermit Purple.
>> No. 9379
[ ] Sticking together is preferred here.

Especially with Marisa "hit 'em in thier weak point", and Reimu "heal thyself". 'cause whatever's running around is an absolute BEAST. And, as I'm surprised that nobody else has pointed out, may not be friendly towards other people. Hell, as inebreiated as it potentially is, it may not be able to discern between people and enemies. So yeah, sticking together would probabally be our best bet at the moment. The occult shop will be there later, better we find whatever's running around first, then come back to it.
>> No. 9382
[X] Marisa and Reimu retrieve Letty and check out the occult shoppe
Leaving a perfectly capable man/woman alone and un-utilized is unacceptable, especially when the situation is not as planned. The three of them should be able to handle anything nuts in the occult store... I hope. More than anything this entire Second Day is making me excited about Left 4 Dead
[X] You and Reisen will try to sniff out our alcohol-soaked mystery person
Fork in one hand, bunny in the other, finding zombie goasts.
>> No. 9385
If Patchy's Arcana was not Hermit I will quite literally eat a hat.

I hear fedoras have a pleasent taste.

[x] You and Reisen will try to sniff out our alcohol-soaked mystery person, starting with the bathrooms and ending with that security office (s)he apparently fell from.
[x] Reimu and Marisa should sift through the junk in the occult shop.
[x] Successful or otherwise, you'll meet together at the sweet shop in 20 minutes.
>> No. 9386
I'll bet the mall security office had some awesome shit in it, as well as likely some means of tracking down whoever this is.

Too bad we just fucked off and left it.

in before it's Rumia or Yuka.
>> No. 9387

I'm waiting from Mokou to show up as The Hermit. Patches is a closer fit to The Magician given that she seeks magical knowledge over the personal introspection that is associated with The Hermit. And while the reference is cute, Sakuya has nowhere near the sensibility and understanding to be given The World for her arcana.

[X] You and Reisen will try to sniff out our alcohol-soaked mystery person, starting with the bathrooms and ending with that security office (s)he apparently fell from.
[X] Reimu and Marisa should sift through the junk in the occult shop.
[X] Successful or otherwise, you'll meet together at the sweet shop in 20 minutes.
>> No. 9391

I'm leaning toward Suika, what with the alcohol and everything.
>> No. 9405
>I'm waiting from Mokou to show up as The Hermit. Patches is a closer fit to The Magician given that she seeks magical knowledge over the personal introspection that is associated with The Hermit.

The Magician does not represent "magic". The Magician represents action, individualism, energy, determination. It represents masculine, "hot-blooded" characteristics, all of which better represent Mokou. Magician Red is fire-based to boot.

The High Priestess and The Hermit both fit Patchouli much better than The Magician.

>And while the reference is cute, Sakuya has nowhere near the sensibility and understanding to be given The World for her arcana

The World is not sensibility and understanding. The World is consummate satisfaction, completion of duty, wholeness, perfection. Someone who wants for nothing, who accepts and enjoys their lot in life whether they be king or servant, someone like Sakuya, fits XXI. The World. She is the perfect maid.
>> No. 9407

On the other hand it could hold something so nasty that the mystery person was willing to jump three stories to get away from—or maybe he was simply thrown off. That's one of the places we'll look eventually, but we know the person isn't in there now, and it's not like the security cameras are functioning.
>> No. 9425
You sniff at the air a few times, then frown. Now that the shadows are gone you feel a little more confidant about wandering around the floor, letting your nose guide you. “... This way,” you murmur, “I'm sure they went this way.”

“Hm?” Reimu looks at you in confusion, sniffs the air, then wrinkles her nose in disgust. “Alcohol?” She asks, “What does that have to do with anything?”

“Ah, whoever our mystery walking wounded is, they must have been drinking pretty heavily.” Reisen responds for you, as you continue to sniff around. “Though, given how much it smells perhaps they were bathing in it instead?”

You snicker at your friend's attempt at levity, but quickly shake the humor off. “That may be right, but now I think we have two problems - someone is wandering around here who can obviously survive some pretty nasty injuries, or we have something capable of running off with a corpse quicker than me and Reisen could get down the stairs.” You look at your companions, “now, I don't know about you - but I really don't want to be here any longer than we have to be anymore. Especially since problem number two is that the shadows know we're in here now...”

“Shit!” Marisa hisses, obviously realizing the implication of your words. “There were hundreds of them out there! No way in hell can we win if the all barge in at once!”

“Exactly. So I think we have two things we need to do - find out what the shadows are interested in, and find out who or what other thing we're dealing with. Maybe they're the same thing, maybe they're not. Either way though, we have to do it quickly, and the only way we're going to manage that is...” You train off, then grimace, “... to split up again.”

“I take it you want us to look in on the occult store?” Reimu asks, giving you a nasty little glare, “And if we were to actually find something dangerous there?”

“Run like hell?” You suggest, “If you find anything it doesn't matter so much if other shadows catch up, since I'm guessing if we nuke the reason they're all here, most of 'em will probably disperse on their own.” Your shoulders rise in a shrug directed at the brunette, “Besides, we can always grab Letty and traesto away if we have to.”

“... Fine.” Reimu mutters, “But I'm not happy with this.”

A short while later you and Reisen emerge from a store on the second floor, cursing lightly. At first the trail had lead you to a bathroom, where the rather rank smell of fresh vomit caused you to almost lose the contents of your own stomach. It also made you lose track of the original alcohol smell and, given an empty water bottle on the floor, you assumed whoever threw up there must have tried to clean themselves up some.

From there you had spent a few minutes wandering around, smiting the few shadows you didn't manage to avoid, simply looking for the trail again. Soon enough you had found it and followed it up to the second floor and from there to the liquor store... where the trail had promptly become so, so much easier to follow until, eventually, you heard something - hopefully your quarry - from around a nearby corner.

“Eyyyy...” The voice is slurred, drunk, but unmistakably female. “Whut'chu doin' followin' me 'round like this?" It asks, and you can't tell if it's directed at you or not. "Thinkin' yer a fancy schmancy lil' harri... harri... thingie! I know who yer workin' for y'know!”

[ ] Step out,
[ ] Call out,
[ ] Wait,
>> No. 9427
[x] Step out

Suika isn't the kind of person to blast you without at least getting your name, even if she is drunk.
>> No. 9435
[ ] Step out,
>> No. 9444
[x] Step out,

Delicious drunken oni.
>> No. 9447
Why the assumption that it's Suika? Since when has Angry Desu been so forward in the way that he presents this stuff? Another thought, if whoever this person may be is as drunk as they seem to be and they're also human, they're probably not thinking too clearly. Doesn't matter if it's Suika, Remilia, or whoever it might be. As drunk as they are, and given that Desu has given no indication that there's anything but humans and shadows running around, boldly rushing in seems like a bad idea here.

tl;dr- Who says it's suika? And who says it's sober enough to not attack on sight?

[ ] Wait.
>> No. 9448
Hm. Tempted to ask her -

[x] "Hey. You alright? You're bleeding and you sound drunk. Do you need any help?"
>> No. 9449
[x]Step out

And pray you don't die :D
>> No. 9451

I do not have enough facepalm.jpg for this post.
>> No. 9473
And what, preytell, is wrong with it Mysterious Sager who provides no other info than facepalming?
>> No. 9474

Might be onto something--could be Yuugi for all we know.
>> No. 9480

Yeah, who has almost the exact same personality as Suika.
>> No. 9489
[x] Wait
[x] Ask the drunkard to identify herself

>"Thinkin' yer a fancy schmancy lil' harri... harri... thingie! I know who yer workin' for y'know!”

That sounds like enough reason for me to be careful of this... whoever this female is.
>> No. 9492
[x] Call out
[x] "You all right, there? You look like you've been bleeding awful hard."

No Tewi jokes?
I am ashamed of you, Anon. Fucking ashamed.

Also, I don't think the drunk was the same person that was laughing like a goddamn insaniac. Let's not let out guard down.
>> No. 9500
Because, you know, Reimu, Marisa, Letty, and Reisen are perfectly true to character in this. No deviations at all. None what-so-ever! So, obviously you're 100% correct! I bow to your superior knowledge of everything.
>> No. 9507
Taking a deep breath you step out around the corner, then pause in confusion at the sight of a girl apparently having an argument with her own reflection. This part of the mall was something of a food court and as one of the decorations there were several large mirrors stretching from floor to ceiling - it was one of these mirrors that the evidently drunk girl was arguing with. She, the girl, was facing away from you meaning that unless she caught sight of your reflection she probably wouldn't even know you were there... then again, given how drunk she seemed to be even if she did, it was hard to imagine her even realizing it was a reflection. The girl herself appeared to be not that much older than you, though you couldn't see her facial features easily without drawing attention, she had long straight black hair, frayed and evidently badly maintained near the ends. She wore a dirty pink jacket and dark gray jeans that were faded and worn - in a natural way, as if she'd owned them for years... they were also deeply stained with blood, as was the jacket and you could even see clumps of hair shining wetly with the stuff too.

“No' shpeakin' up eh?” The girl yells, before taking a swig from a half-empty bottle of some dark liquor. You shudder slightly, wondering just how the hell this girl is even standing with the amount of alcohol she must have drunk filtering into her bloodstream. Before you can think further on the subject she raises one fist and shakes it at the mirror. “She'sh not gonn' get me!” She declares, “Tha' bitsh ain't gonna grind me down! I c'n get any lower an'way!”

Suddenly she draws her head back and, before you can do anything, smashes her forehead into her reflection with such force that the mirror shatters, vast cracks running away from the point of impact like a dark spiderweb across the silvered surface. The girl pulls back and you gasp at the damage - not just to the mirror but also the wall behind. “Tha'll learn ya!” The girl declares, before promptly collapsing in a heap on the floor. “oooh...” she groans, rolling over and lifting herself to all fours. After a few moments of retching she looks up, to your horror blood is flowing freely down from a gash in her forehead which, even as you watch, seems to close itself up from a bloody hole to little more than a bloody smear across her skin. “mor' tricks?” She yells, catching sight of you, “That fuckin' cheater! Yer not gettin' me! 's not my fault! You tell th' bitch! 's not my fault! 's... 's...” The air above her begins to waver and glow, causing you to back away at the familiar sight of a persona taking shape except it's slow and sluggish, as if it was resisting or perhaps difficult for her to call out - likely due to her drunken state.

[ ] How to react?
>> No. 9508
[x] Nod to Reisen to play along.
[x] "Yeah! Leave her alone!"
[x] Throw something randomly somewhere.
[x] "Running away? Coward!"
>> No. 9509
[x] Attempt to approach her. Try to calm her down.
>> No. 9511
[x] Tackle her to the ground. Attempt to disable or knock her out before she can summon her persona fully.
>> No. 9512
While that might work... we are talking about someone that splattered themselves against the ground and got back up and ran a few moments later. While the mirror breaking may indicate that she can still be slowed down by such, I wouldn't use anything less than lethal force to try to knock her out - repeated lethal force at that. And that still runs the possibility of just pissing off someone with regen hax and unknown Persona powers - after all, if the being splatted and banging your head against the mirror doesn't bring you to your senses, would being attacked do it?

Which is pretty much why I proposed playing along with her delusions just enough that you can take control over them, and 'drive' them away before really approaching her.
>> No. 9513
Acts perfectly like Suika, Eh? looks more like Kaguya from the description.

Cattyness aside, Mayhaps the best option is to wait and see what happens. Agitating the already adgitated and drunk person seems like a bad idea. If they're summoning a persona, with how unstable they seem, makes upsetting them a worse idea.
>> No. 9515
[x] Attempt to approach her. Try to calm her down.
[x]If that fails, get the fuck out.
>> No. 9574
As to calming her down in a straightforward way - she's already attacking mirrors and jumping off balconies. It seems likely that her hallucinations/delusions are already being stuck all over the place. If we take it too slowly, then she might just 'hear' from us whatever her delusions make us say, so that's another reason why I tried to immediately stick us into a role that puts us on her side against whatever her personal demons are.

Furthermore, she seems to be feeling very guilty about something. If her persona has some kind of explosive nature (It would be strange if she had Mokou as a Persona, no?), she might end up 'exploding' where there's a bunch of jagged ceranmics and glass around, taking us out as well. Thus, my second choice would be to get out and take cover. However, IF it's explosive and the mall catches fire, it would ruin our plans, put us in danger and surely kill her when time reverts back to a Normal Day and she's still a pile of ash.
>> No. 9575
File 122315564853.jpg - (568.16KB , 1024x768 , angry-keine.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Hey, hey,” You say, tossing your fork to one side and raising your hands into the air. “I'm not going to hurt you,” This is said with what you hope is a friendly smile plastered across your face. “We're all friends here, right?”

“I di'nt hurt her!” The girl yells suddenly, causing you to take a step back in surprise, “I didn't!”

“Uh, yeah,” you agree, glancing at where Reisen still stood around the corner, just out of the drunken girl's sight. Giving her a slight nod you feel a little relieved to see her getting ready to step in should the proverbial shit hit the fan. “I don't think you hurt anyone!” You say brightly, nodding in agreement with the drunk. “We're all friends here right? And friends don't hurt friends, yeah?”

That, it seems, was the wrong thing to say as the girl screams and seems to collapse in on herself, burying her head in her arms. “I di'nt!” She yells again, “'s not my fault!” The wavering in the air suddenly becomes more pronounced as a female form starts to take shape above the girl. “H-hey!” The girl cries, now looking up in horror at the shape. “Shtop! D-don'! I don' wanna-”

A hand slams down into the floor mere inches away from you, a hand connected to an arm which, in turn was connected to an angry looking green and silver haired girl in a green dress. The drunk's persona was, well, frankly it was huge - at least twice, maybe even three times, the size of your own. Two great horns rose from it's head and it's face was a mask of pure, unbridled fury - it's mouth pulled up in a vicious snarl and it's eyes a terrifying red color. The girl below it seems to be doing her best to...


oh dear.

This persona was out of control, you didn't know if that was possible but it seemed to be the only explanation... The girl seemed to be doing her best to force it into submission but it simply didn't seem to be working... You shudder as the green girl's gaze swings around to look at you and realize that, if nothing else, this persona is powerful and, honestly, way out of your league.

[ ] React! - write in.
>> No. 9576
Huh, so it wasn't Mokou. Would be a bit screwed up if it was. Hm.
>> No. 9577
As to my response, I'll throw out :

[x] "Stop! If YOU die here there will be no way you can atone!"
>> No. 9579
[x] "Oh shit."
>> No. 9580

It's Kaguya. She finally bumped Mokou off and now feels guilty about it

[X] Get out of range fast.
>> No. 9581

Naw. She probably just left her in a burning building or something.
>> No. 9582
Two options. Attempt to cut the persona off at the source, eg: hit kaguya with some sort of physical move from your persona and hope that you can knock her out. Run the fuck away as it seems that Kiene may be too powerful to deal With. Or, well, three options. Third option being, yell for assistance, and try and take down Ex-Kiene yourself. Hum. Four options it seems. If Reimu or Marisa have some sort of status ailment restorer, when they get there have them try and use it on Kaguya. Hell, maybe even dia'd work.

Any of those could potentially work but it depends on what you eventually want to try and do with Kaguya.
>> No. 9583
[x] You'll try to hold it off; tell Reisen to run and get the others.
[x] Summon your Persona.
>> No. 9632
Kaguya has two Personas.
>> No. 9665

That's par for the course in P3 and P4
>> No. 9667
all this blathering and no voting.
[x] You'll try to hold it off; tell Reisen to run and get the others.
[x] Summon your Persona.

This, or some variation on this. Sure, the thing's likely to kick your ass, but some people decided that it'd be best to split up. This ain't scooby doo.
>> No. 9671
Sure, why the hell not.

[x] You'll try to hold it off; tell Reisen to run and get the others.
[x] Summon your Persona, at the same time attempt to talk her down.
>> No. 9676
[x] You'll try to hold it off; tell Reisen to run and get the others.
[x] Summon your Persona, at the same time attempt to talk her down.

On the plus side, if we win against this thing alone, we'll get 5x the XP we would if we were in a full party.
>> No. 9682
File 12232546578.jpg - (331.06KB , 607x700 , Kaguyaaaaa.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Don'!” The black-haired girl wails, “Shtop it Keine! Stop!” The green persona, apparently named Keine, makes no reaction to her users orders to cease it's actions. It looks like you were right with your first guess, this persona was berserk and totally out of control. Thankfully it seemed that the user was starting to sober up given how her speech was slowly sounding less and less slurred as time went on. You suspected that her weird regeneration probably had something to do with how fast she was sobering up but, well, it didn't seem to be making any difference in how little she was able to control her persona.

“Reisen!” you yell, “Get the others!” You smile as the girl nods, turns and runs. “Ah...” You breathe, “At least she'll get away.” Grinning to yourself you look up at the monstrous humanoid persona, it's eyes glowing and lightning crackling between it's horns. Frowning you mentally push upwards with your mind, forcing your persona out of your own body and into the air. The black-haired girl gasps as you do this, then shakes her head several times and stares up at your persona.

“No...” She whispers, “No! It can't... She's... Keine! Stop!” her gaze snaps up to her own persona, “Stop! Keine! Please stop! I'm ordering you to stop Keine!”

Almost like a flash of precognition something prompts you to dive to one side as a line of lightning blasts out from the green persona, a wall of azure energy that rips a path along both the floor and the ceiling as it goes. Had it been any faster and you know you would have been toasted for sure... Glancing up you spot the black-haired girl, her face showing her straining hard to control her persona - perhaps it was due to her that the attack had been much slower than you thought it should have been? Whatever the reason you weren't going to let this tiny bit of good fortune go to waste, you raise your hand, pointing at the girl in pink...

Movement behind her catches your eye and you gasp at a group of shadows leaping out of the gloom. “Garu!” Your wind blast lashes out, barely grazing the girl and slamming into one of the leaping shadows, ripping it into pieces on impact. The girl, seemingly unphased, merely ducks and rolls, smashing her bottle on the floor before coming up and ramming the broken glass into the other shadows face.

She looks at you, then frowns. Only then do you hear the dull scratching of claws on marble flooring that clearly indicates a mass of shadows behind you. The girl raises her arm and points at you. “Keine.” She whispers, all traces of her earlier drunkenness entirely gone from her voice. “Maziodyne.” The large persona glares at you... and then your world explodes in a blast of light and darkness, and pain - can't forget the pain - before fading into a soothing feeling of nothingness...

“Wake up.” The voice is the only thing in your sense-deprived darkness. “I didn't use a Bead just to look at you sleep.” Your eyes open, light flooding into the sweet darkness... and along with it comes every other sense - the cold floor beneath you, the slightly singed smell that seems to pervade the air and... oh, yeah, the pain. Lots of pain at that.

Blinking hard several times to get your eyes to focus, you soon find yourself looking up at the black-haired girl from earlier. “Whu...?”

“You're awake, excellent!” The girl claps, then takes a swig from a bottle of... well, it seems to be water this time instead of alcohol. She looks at it in disgust, then sighs. “This stuff tastes like crap... I want a whiskey dammit!” Sighing again she looks down at you. “Well? Enjoy your death?”

You nod numbly. Death? Did you... what the hell just happened?

“Confused huh? Let me make it simple for your little brain. You died, I killed you. Then I brought you back with a Bead of Life.” The girl holds up a little blue bead then, “Useful little thing, a handy Recarm in a package anyone can use...” She frowns, “... You have no idea what a Recarm is, do you? Hell, I bet you have no idea about anything at all - this little trial has only been going on a few weeks now after all, it's hardly even got out of the beginning stages yet I suspect.”

“Who are...?” You begin, only to be cut off when the girl kicks you in the side.

“Shush. No talking. Your friends will be here soon, and I suppose I should give you something in apology for killing you...” She hums for a few moments in thought, “Now what could I possibly... Ah... I know, if I remember the last time rightly I just bet you're here to find out what the shadows are interested in, aren't you?” You nod dumbly, not having any idea what the hell this girl is up to at all or even what she means to do. “Then let me give you a hint... It's sleeping in a comfortable place. Oh, and do be ready for a fight.”

She stands up then and stares at you for several long seconds. “It's uncanny,” she says at last, “Just how much that it resembles...” she trails off, then shakes her head. “Well, your friends are almost here - and I have a severe thirst for something more substantial than water... and I could really do with getting laid too, so here is where we'll part. I do wish not to see you ever again, but given how things went last time, I'm pretty sure that's too much to ask.” Turning she moves to leave, then pauses, “... If you ever get asked to...” she begins, then pauses, “... no. Nevermind.”

She stalks off and you're only able to follow her so far before your eyes close again, when they next open the girl is gone.

The world seems to dim around you.
ThOU Who ADVAnceS To tHe JUDGemENt aT THe End OF The HiSToRY of ManY CHoicEs, KnOw NOw ThaT ThIs FiGURe of tHE DEVIL iS FavoRAble To Thee.” The voice is distorted, angry, broken... but you can sense a feeling of despair and sorry underneath all this, sorrow for itself and sorrow for another...

The world brightens...

“Dia.” You sit up as a cool sensation washes over you, looking around you see your three - no, four, Letty is there too - companions surrounding you.

“What the hell happened!?” Marisa yells, “This place is a slaughter zone!” Glancing around you have no choice but to agree as, everywhere you look, the place is simply bathed in the black gunk of a good, large, number of dead shadows.

“Are you alright?” Letty asks, kneeling down to look you in the eye. “Something big must have happened here, and someone powerful must have kept you safe - the shadows have gotten in and the place is infested now... thats why we took so long getting here.” She looks away guiltily, “I'm sorry, we... should have been faster.”

[ ] Respond + Plan of action.
>> No. 9684
[x] "Very powerful, yes, but to be fair she was what killed me in the first place, even if she did resurrect me later. Whoever she is, she's not all that friendly."
[x] "She spoke as if she had been through this before—something about a trial—also seemed to recognize my evoker marking somehow."
[x] "Anyway, she knew we were looking for the source of the shadows. She said it was a monster sleeping in a 'comfortable' place, which probably means the furniture store."
>> No. 9686
[X] "It's... all right."
[X] Sigh in relief.
[X] "Honestly... I wasn't expecting to survive that. Beads are interesting things aren't they?
[X] Look around a bit.
[X] "Anyone mind explaining all the weird things Second Days create when we get back?"
[X] Get up and dust yourself off.
[X] "Since this place is infested now, this isn't the time to start looking for whatever's attracting the shadows now is it?"
[X] Get out before there are too many shadows to handle. Unless majority rules otherwise, which I kinda doubt.

Damn, Maziodyne, we shouldn't even be able to handle a Zionga. I wonder who'll cast a Thunder Reign later on.

Your Kaguya is AWESOME.

Hm... not really on the topic of the latest post, but Marisa's weakness should be to status ailments, it'd make perfect sense.
>> No. 9690

While we're on that subject, Kaguya already has eight skills, and one of them's Spring of Life, isn't it?

>Marisa's weakness should be to status ailments

LOL Cielo
>> No. 9697
>and I could really do with getting laid too

I wonder if Kaguya would be into tribbing. Probably is.
>> No. 9700

The Kaguya presented here seems a consummate Epicurean: There probably aren't many sexual practices she wouldn't engage in.

Though I'd assumed she'd be of The Moon or The Lovers arcana, I must admit that XV. The Devil is quite fitting for one who lives so self-indulgent a lifestyle.
>> No. 9703



>LOL Cielo

Now I know he has the same weakness but... I'm relating her weakness to status ailments because of her persona. Patchouli. Though it would be kinda funny if Marisa all of a sudden gets a Jamaican accent when hit with a status effect.
>> No. 9711
File 122328236281.png - (172.53KB , 640x368 , shirou.png ) [iqdb]
>The Lovers

You're going to have to explain this to me. Veeeeeeery carefully.
>> No. 9712

Take it into the context of a wildly tempestuous relationship with Mokou.
>> No. 9714
Okay, now it makes sense.
>> No. 9733
>if Marisa all of a sudden gets a Jamaican accent when hit with a status effect.

Some Shadow will eventually cast Tentarafoo, and then we'll see it, mon. At least P3/P4's version is nerfed, and doesn't do damage along with the status effect.

But if it's Patchouli as her Persona, she should perhaps be weak to one of the three kinds of physical attacks.
>> No. 9738
I vote Strike damage.
>> No. 9744
no voting, lots of discussion.

[ ] "God DAMN that hurt, but I found out why the shadows are here, I think anyways."
[ ] Check The furntature store. Maybe a bed or chair. She did say 'comfortable' after all and sleeping to boot.
[ ] Make a note to grab some alcolol to ply Kaguya with next time.
>> No. 9754
“It's... it's all right.” You moan as Letty helps you to sit up. Then Letty's statements register in your mind. “Yeah, something powerful was here all right - that girl killed me!” The girls around you gasp in shock, while you merely gasp in pain. “Dammit!” You hiss, “That hurt like hell!” Somehow you manage to get to your feet - hurting all over but not too badly... it was as if you'd just been bruised over every open patch of skin, painful but nothing crippling. “She brought me back too, though why I don't know... I think, maybe, I reminded her of something?”

“Are you sure you're okay?” Marisa asks, “You're talking kinda weird, sure you didn't fry your brain or something?”

You laugh lightly, it hurts but at the same time it feels good. “Maybe,” you say with a grin. “I did just get blasted by lightning after all - that stung like hell you know.”

Letty frowns at you, “She brought you back you say? After she killed you? How?”

“Uh... some kind of bead I think,” you reply, “said it was 'Recarm in easy packaging' - whatever that means.”

Reimu glances at Marisa when she hears this, then rummages around in her pockets before producing a chain of light blue beads. “Like this?” She asks, “we found a bunch of these things in a chest up in the voodoo shop.” You inspect them for a moment, then nod. “You're sure?” At this you give her a slightly uncertain smile, you had been half-dead when you had seen the black-haired girl's one after all. “Well... even if you're not, I'm sure we can find some safe way to test these - How I don't know yet, but if these can bring people back to life...”

“Pff. Yeah, right.” Marisa snorts, “Teleportation I can maybe accept since in theory it's possible, but bringing the dead back to life? That's just stupid - nothing could possibly have that sort of power.”

“Well, whatever they do, it can't hurt to hold on to them.” Reimu replies, looking a little hurt as she stuffs the beads back into her pockets. “So, find out anything else?”

You frown, “I think... I think she said we're supposed to go to the furniture store.” You vaguely recalled that the drunk had said something along those lines, about something sleeping somewhere comfortable. “I don't know if it's a good idea to trust her but... well, I don't have any better ideas.”

Your purple haired friend, Reisen, nods her head. “It's on the ground floor,” she says, “And it'll have to be the last place we look, if any more shadows show up then I don't think we can hold them off... besides,” she holds up her nailgun, “I'm running out of ammunition here, and I don't want to risk wasting time going to pick up more right now.”

“Personally,” Letty murmurs, “I wouldn't trust someone who claims to have killed you, but I agree that we don't exactly have any other choices right now - no matter what we do we'll have to make our escape soon, and at least we have some vague lead pointing us towards the furniture store.”

The group nods in agreement, though you note that Marisa doesn't exactly seem to convinced.

The trip to the furniture store was short, but packed with shadows which, for the most part, Marisa blasted before they could get close - on the basis that if there was going to be a big fight later it would be better if only one of the group was fatigued. A good idea, but one you weren't entirely sure was tactically sound... you also noted that Letty had made a point of not engaging anything in any way. Curious, also suspicious.

Soon enough the lot of you had reached the store. Marisa was panting hard but, when you looked at her, she gave you a thumbs up... you couldn't exactly count on her help if there was trouble inside anymore, but she had done more than enough by letting everyone get here without a scratch.

“So... lets go!” You yell, and feeling rather dramatic you kick the door down and rush in.

Then you promptly back out again, “Guys?” you whisper, “I think you should see this.”

Inside is... a table. A very large bed, easily six feet tall, and draped in a vibrantly colored set of sheets and covers. This was a little weird, but that wasn't what freaked you out was the hands and feet that made up it's legs... more specifically hands similar to those that you had fought on your first Second Day, and feet that weren't too different.

Oh, yeah, the fact that it seemed to be reclining against a wall like some kind of messed up teddy bear and sleeping was also pretty creepy - what with the massive mask-like face seemingly bolted to the underside of the bed, roughly where you would expect to see a face on a soft toy. Assuming, of course, that said toy was a giant hunchbacked monstrosity in the vague shape of an article of furniture.

“Oh.” Marisa breaths, pretty much summing things up for everyone.

And then, it awoke.

[ ] Battleplan!
>> No. 9755
Hm. Would like a few other people ripping these ideas apart.

Spread out so that it's forced to split it's attention and so that your group will not be taken out all at once. In addition, you'll have a better chance of being clear for ranged attacks, and you can take cover behind other furniture.

But first, have Reisen get a few quick shots off if it has the possibility of nailing the Boss to the wall.
>> No. 9758
[x] Fan out and keep it surrounded, Letty taking the face. Summon your personas and hammer it with as many different elemental spells as your party can manage; see if you can find out its weaknesses.
>> No. 9761
[x] Fan out and keep it surrounded, Letty taking the face. Summon your personas and hammer it with as many different elemental spells as your party can manage; see if you can find out its weaknesses.

Once you DO find it, spam the hell out of it.
>> No. 9763
[X]Summon your personas and hammer it with as many different elemental and physical skills as your party can manage to find its weakness.

You wouldn't throw a boss with zero weaknesses at us right off the bat, would you?
>> No. 9765
[x] Fan out and keep it surrounded, Letty taking the face. Summon your personas and hammer it with as many different elemental spells as your party can manage; see if you can find out its weaknesses.

But before that :

[x] "Reisen! Nail 'em!"

Only because it's unlikely that we'll be able to use this pun in such an effective manner again.
>> No. 9813
>>9754 Sleeping Table?

[x] Fan out and keep it surrounded, Letty taking the face. Summon your personas and hammer it with as many different elemental spells as your party can manage; see if you can find out its weaknesses.

But if it's really Sleeping Table we're fighting, this tactic would be meaningless. It doesn't have a weakness, in the game at least.

Pray that it really isn't Sleeping Table coz that would mean Megidolaon and instant death.
>> No. 9815
>Sleeping Table
>-Arcana: Magician
>-Null: Strike; Resist: Slash/Pierce/Fire
>-Recommended Level: 44

>Maragidyne (heavy fire, all)
>Megidola (heavy almighty, all)
>Hamaon (instant KO, high hit chance)

I has no weaknesses, and it resists or is immune to all physical damage. Spread out and just hammer it with as many non-fire based spells elemental spells as possible. It deals damage way too fast to bother using healing spells; just use the recarm beads on the fallen.
>> No. 9816

>Maragidyne (heavy fire, all)
>Megidola (heavy almighty, all)
>Hamaon (instant KO, high hit chance)

You forgot Evil Touch and Ghastly fucking Wail.