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This is but my second CYOA and the first one on this site. It's gonna be less serious than most but don't expect complete nonsense. This is but an experiment to see how well I play with more obscure characters, so sit back and enjoy the ride. Write-ins welcomed unless otherwise stated.



The soft summer breeze feels so damn good.

Stirring only slightly awake, you bask in the evening sun, merely enjoying yourself. As usual, upon opening your eyes again, the twilit sky greets you. While not hunting for food or refining your strength, you spent your days just soaking up the sun's rays. That's how your days normally went.

Your lazy days seem nigh endless, ever since you emerged in this youkai world. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far... wait, what you rambling about? No, it was only a long time ago. You were but some chump ass demon at the bottom of the food chain somewhere within the strange "dream world" that hung between this world you are now and the underground... no, hell itself. Once you arrived at this world, however, you found the sun to be... relaxing. Soothing. Suddenly, being evil took too much effort. Something, somewhere deep in your heart is still screaming WTF at you, but it's a life you feel too comfortable to give up.

Hear that? That's the sound of that peaceful life of yours coming to an end today.

What sounds like a heavy whistle reaches your ears. You think nothing of it, since those goddamn fairies were always playing jokes and making a ruckus. You're not falling for their bullshit! NOT TODAY.


Okay, maaaaaybe that's not their bullshit. The quaking of the earth from that impact jolts you fully awake. "What the hell..." Definitely not as planned. You hop up and take a look around.

As far as your eyes can see, there's only one relaxing plain. Just the swaying grass and a few fleeing fairies. Nothing that would suggest a fight... wait, fleeing fairies? What the--*KABOOM*

This time you see it. Something collides with the ground, making an awesome explosion. It nearly knocks you off your feet, but you managed to stabilize yourself nonetheless. You assess that it's coming further from the east...

Just then, you see something whistling in the air, dropping down straight towards you. You've got enough time to split if you want, but maybe it's time you tested your powers... been so long since you fought, you don't even remember if you HAVE powers. But enought about that, it's time to dance.

First, pick demononymous's gender:

Then, pick how you're going to deal with this oncoming shell:
[]Bitchslap it out of the way
[]Take it down using your powers.
[]Don't bother, just dodge!

>> No. 8342
[x] Male, changes to Female at the splash of cold water and back with hot.
[x] Heavenly Guardian Defense
>> No. 8343
Is your tripcode #tripcode? You better do something about that. Anyways...

[x] Male, changes to Female at the splash of cold water and back with hot.
[x] Heavenly Guardian Defense

This made me laugh.
>> No. 8344
[x] Male, changes to Female at the splash of cold water and back with hot.
[x] Heavenly Guardian Defense

>> No. 8345
[x] Male, changes to Female at the splash of cold water and back with hot.
[x] Heavenly Guardian Defense

>> No. 8346
[x] Male, changes to Female at the splash of cold water and back with hot.
[x] Heavenly Guardian Defense

Good, a new CYOA I can keep track at.
>> No. 8348
[x] Male, changes to Female at the splash of cold water and back with hot.
[x] Heavenly Guardian Defense

Oh, the capacity for awkward stares is GLORIOUS.
>> No. 8349
[z] Male, changes to Female at the splash of cold water and back with hot.
[z] Heavenly Guardian Defense

Jusenkyo visitin gaems.
>> No. 8352
Well, wasn't expecting free choice for somebody to pull a Ramna, but it looks like it's called.


WARNING: I may liberally interpret your choices. >:D
>> No. 8354
> >:D

Woah there.
Stop that, now.
>> No. 8359
Being aware of one's own stupidity makes one smarter. I thought everybody knew that.

>> No. 8364
On introspect I don't do anything with the gender yet, so I should've saved it for a later date.

[x]Male, reverts to female when hit with cold water and male again with hot water
[x]Heavenly Guardian Defense

Powers? Ahaha, not quite. You yourself don't have powers (other than basic flight/being stronger than a human), but you have influence, motherfucker. Why bother doing this shit yourself when you can summon someone else to do it?

"Come... Heavenly Guardian."

At once, from above, something like a sharp wind plunges down atop the falling shell or whatever the hell it is. It crashes down into the ground, and the resulting explosion merely vents harmlessly on the ground, though you take a step back just to make sure you're outside of that radius. Smoke hisses, and you calmly sidestep again to avoid breathing it, as the wind threatened to blow it in your face again. When said wind and smoke cleared, you found yourself looking at your so called Heavenly Guardian.

She's about the size of the larger fairies you've seen around here. While most of those big fairies carry a flower, she carries a spear. She's all white, down to the dress and flowing hair. Funny how she resembles an angel despite coming from your world, eh?

Ms. Heavenly Guardian smiles at you, apparently satisfied already. Man, did your magic energy get that plentiful since you last summoned her?

"Much thanks," you nod to her. "Now, let's see what the hell is going on here," You sprint towards the source of whatever the hell this is, with your fairy hovering behind you. As you run closer, you begin to notice more sounds of conflict. More heavy *KABOOM*s, the sound of magic being fired off, things like that.

Upon reaching the top of the hill, there you see it. What looks like a massive tank is firing rapidly against a gang of bigger fairies. You note with interest it's surrounded by greenery, and the top half has an ornate ying-yang symbol on it. The main gun on the tank is firing those shells--those same shells that disturbed your evening nap. And now you see why: those shells can't hit those fairies worth a damn at all! Geez, you'd think the tank driver would at least figure this out--


One fairy bites the dust, the others swerve and counter with rapid fire danmaku. So the tank's capable of something else after all. But that note pisses you off even more--if that tank was exterminating fairies, why the hell didn't it use the lasers in the first place?! Ugh, no intelligence in fighting whatsoever.

Suddenly, the top hatch of the tank flies open, and out pops... a girl. Or a young woman, you can't tell exactly how old she is. White shirt, tie, straight brown hair, rather cute face... But that's all you see.

But then she opens her mouth. "You goddamn fairies! Stop messing with my stuff and maybe I won't blast you and your friends to smithereens!"

Ah, so that's the conflict of this situation. Girl in tank is being harassed by faries, she's retaliating the best way she knows how. Unfortunately, that annoying tank DID disturb your sleep and nearly made you a random casualty.

"Master... your orders?" The Heavenly Guardian asked. It's like she bloody knows you. Isn't she just awesome?

[]"Take care of the fairies."
[]"Just back me up. I'm going to teach tank girl not to disturb my sleep."
[]"Why discriminate? War is stupid, we'll trash both sides."
>> No. 8365
Huh. I wonder if Ms. Heavenly Guardian can parry mountains as well?
>> No. 8367
[x]"Why discriminate? War is stupid, we'll trash both sides."

Women and children.
>> No. 8368
[x]"Take care of the fairies."
>> No. 8369
[x]"Take care of the fairies."

Woo, helping out random girls in tanks.
>> No. 8370
[x] "Take care of the fairies. Just get them to disperse if you can, or else do it the hard way."
[x] Go have a chat with tank girl, if she isn't feeling apologetic then she might need a few lessons in proper aiming.

fucking try to blow me up in the morning goddammit shit
>> No. 8371
[x] "Take care of the fairies. Just get them to disperse if you can, or else do it the hard way."
[x] Go have a chat with tank girl, if she isn't feeling apologetic then she might need a few lessons in proper aiming.
>> No. 8372
>>8369 here. Can't delete vote so changing it.

[x] "Take care of the fairies. Just get them to disperse if you can, or else do it the hard way."
[x] Go have a chat with tank girl, if she isn't feeling apologetic then she might need a few lessons in proper aiming.
>> No. 8373
[x] "Take care of the fairies. Just get them to disperse if you can, or else do it the hard way."
[x] Go have a chat with tank girl, if she isn't feeling apologetic then she might need a few lessons in proper aiming.
>> No. 8377
[x]"Why discriminate? War is stupid, we'll trash both sides."

The winner of the voting is obvious, but I still like this more. KILL EVERYTHING IN SIGHT!
>> No. 8388
I really need to get myself some extra faces.

[X] "Why discriminate? Just start killing things until I tell you to stop."
>> No. 8389
[X]"Why discriminate? War is stupid, we'll trash both sides."
>> No. 8390
If this options wins, we should also yell :

>> No. 8395
[x] "Take care of the fairies. Just get them to disperse if you can, or else do it the hard way."
[x] Go have a chat with tank girl, if she isn't feeling apologetic then she might need a few lessons in proper aiming.

Looks like this is the winning choice. Updating later today.
>> No. 8405

Are you Melancholy?
>> No. 8412


>> No. 8420
>> No. 8433
My apologies. Homework. Averting sickness. LOTS OF IT.

Also I fixed my tripcode.

[x] "Take care of the fairies. Just get them to disperse if you can, or else do it the hard way."
[x] Go have a chat with tank girl, if she isn't feeling apologetic then she might need a few lessons in proper aiming.

Deciding that perhaps tank girl just might be misunderstood, you decide it's high time to end this puny war--in her favor. "Take care of the fairies, but hold the violence unless you have to." You look towards the human. "I'm going to have a talk with our tank user."

"Understood," And with that, Heavenly Guardian immediately disappeared. You watch with satisfaction as she plunges down in the direct center of the group of fairies. The nightmarish precision of the attack was enough to convince most of them that she was marking their graves, should they stick around. Smirking, you make your way to the tank as the girl inside pops out, confused at the sudden fairy suprise attack. "Huh? What's going on?"

"Oi!" You say, hopping on top of the cannon, leering down at her. "You interrupted my nap. I sent my fairy to deal with her peers so you'd stop randomly attacking."

You'd think she'd appreciate your help and your badass pose on the tank nozzle, but NOOOOOOOO. "Hey! Get off of there!" She gripes.

"Hahaha, I don't bloody think so," You counter. "Not 'till we talk properly. I nearly got blown up by this damn thing earlier," To emphasize this point, you stamp down on the nozzle again, bending it ever so slightly. Nope, not particularly strong as demons go.

But it was certainly enough for this young girl to panic. "Aiyeee! Don't mess with that! It'll take hours for me to fix that!" She's waving her hands frantically at you, but you just coolly stare back. Not like this stage one boss is a threat even without your familiar right at your side. She finally pouts, crossing her arms and puffing up her cheeks. "I'm sorry, then. Now can you please get off that thing?"

You figure that didn't sound fully earnest, but who cares? You can probably get a more legit one later. Satisfied, you leap off, though you keep your eyes trained on her. Your guardian reappears at your side, whom you acknowledge with a quick nod.

"Wait a minute," the tank girl says. She peers closely at you and then the fairy. "You guys don't look like you're from here."

"What gave you that idea?" You respond. "We've been here for years, probably much longer than you have been alive."

"No, I don't mean that!" She quickly snaps. "I mean you don't look like the type of youkai that were born here. You're more like a demon."

"That's right. Most demons don't hang out outside," You say. "I just found it enjoyable being out here, so I stayed."

She's growing apprehensive. Back when you were a chump and pure evil, you would've love this. Now it's merely slight amusement, bordering on annoyance. "Y-you're not gonna eat me, are you?!" She whirled back, driving the tank backwards until you line up in its line of sight. You quirk your eyebrow at this but make no move otherwise. Heavenly Guardian, on the other hand, drops into a fighting stance.

You sigh and wave off her accusation. "It takes too much effort to eat a subpar meal. Besides, even if I did, you're much too small and dirty."

"What?!" She hops out the tank fully. She's quite short, though that might be attributed to her age more than anything. "Just because you catch me at a bad time doesn't mean I revel in dirtiness!"

"You look mighty imperous up there, short stuff. Can I have a name?" You say. "Maybe later my familiar can test out how good your tanks actually are."

"Rika," She stares down at you, trying to look as intimidating as possible. If looks could kill, you would be struck down with a bad case of moebeetus instead. "Who are you?"

You leer back at her, fighting back the urge to comment on her moeness. "I am..."

[]Write in

I reserve the right to veto stupid choices like "John Freeman" or obvious attempts at Ranma references.
>> No. 8434

>> No. 8438
>I reserve the right to veto stupid choices like "John Freeman"


[x] Shin
>> No. 8439
[x] Ranma. Or Ranko, depending.
>> No. 8440
[x] Sonichu

>> No. 8441
[x] Shin

I guess this will have to do.
>> No. 8442
[x] Shinji

This guy's giving me Shinji vibes.
>> No. 8445
[x] Shin
>> No. 8446
[x] Shin
>> No. 8447
[X] Nero T. Caligula

The "T" is for "Tiberius," of course.

You know it'll be awesome.
>> No. 8450
I almost couldn't unthink that, you son of a bitch.
>> No. 8455
[x] "Munsu."

and Heavenly Guardian can be Sando.
>> No. 8459
[x] "Gig."

Unleash the power.
>> No. 8468
[X] Krzyś (pronounced "Crisis")

It'll be great. Trust me.
>> No. 8473
[x] "Gig."

>> No. 8476
[x] "...Gig, you mongrel!"

Looks like "Soul Nomad: The Early Years" is as close to Gil-sama as we're going to get in a CYOA. At least he knows how it feels to be in both a male and a female body.
>> No. 8477
[x] "Gig."
>> No. 8478
[x] "Gig."
>> No. 8481
[x] "Gig."

Fuck yeah, Soul Nomad.
>> No. 8482
[x] "Gig."
Ya beat me to it m'boy
>> No. 8484


Stop that.

Also, we already have a Gilgamesh... somewhere.
>> No. 8489

LNoG but lord knows if it'll update again
>> No. 8497
Mighty tough, Gig narrowly edges out the victory.

Augh, I wanted to update before AWA but it looks like that won't happen :/

So Gig it is. Girl variant will address herself as Giga, unless you can come up with something better.
>> No. 8499
Hmm... can we give Heaven Guardian a nickname next time she shows up? Maybe use her initials, HG. Or slur it together, to get Hg or Heg or Hug. Hug-chan.

Can we go ahead and call her 'Hug-chan'?
>> No. 8500
File 122184657878.gif - (217.69KB , 653x499 , riderkick.gif ) [iqdb]
Let's call her Rider, since I'm still getting Shinji vibes from this guy.
>> No. 8503
The female variant will still be Gig.
>> No. 8505
File 122185602986.jpg - (314.17KB , 600x786 , Feinne.jpg ) [iqdb]
About naming the guardian, Feinne (or Resilience, same diff).

Any knowledge or power the main character has can be explained in being created by Shinki ex nihilo. Omnipotence is a nice plot device, isn't it?
>> No. 8513
Have it be Revya.
>> No. 8514

Yeah, keep the female variant as Gig.

Also, I'll throw out Athena for our guardian, just because it fits.
>> No. 8515
Yes, I like the Rider idea, but what the hell does she have to do with Shinji?

[x] Gig
[x] Call HG "Rider"
>> No. 8516
File 122186286258.jpg - (99.16KB , 800x600 , Shinjithepimp.jpg ) [iqdb]

Shinji is her master.

Are we thinking about the same Shinji here?
>> No. 8521
More importantly, Gig needs a last name. I motion for it to be 'Gulls'.
>> No. 8522

I see what you did there. And it was bad.
>> No. 8525

You're right, and I'm sorry.

Maybe 'Olo'?
>> No. 8528

>> No. 8545
Gig or Revya is fine. If it's Revya, then a bonus Ranma homage as the hair color changes to red.
>> No. 8552
Short one, leads to an important fork.


"I am... wait, hold it." Dramatic doesn't really suit you.

"Name's Gig. Not like a rock performance, that joke is ass lame," You keep your eyes level on Rika, unfazed by her unintentional effort to annihilate you with her moebeetus attack. "This is my Heavenly Guardian, I call her Feinne. I'm just a demon who produces mad amounts of energy, so I can call any number of youkai to do my bidding."

The fairy bows, but says nothing.

Rika quits the aggressive display of moebeetus and hops back in the tank. "Fine!" She closes the tank, and with a slight start, the tank turns and begins to leave.

Then it stops.

The girl pops out again. "Oh, and thanks."

Before she can close it again, though... "Wait." You hear yourself calling.

Surprisingly, she hears you, pops her head out like a gopher and tilts her head out of confusion.

"Question... why were those fairies attacking you, anyway?"

It's a moment before she answers. "They were messing with my stuff. I work with a lot of strange energy, but up until recently they haven't tried attacking me. I'm not sure what's suddenly got them riled up." She sighs. "Geez, it's back to the drawing board. Big sis is gonna get mad again..." She closes the tank again, and off she goes. It was like you weren't even there for those last two sentences!

By now, the sun is setting, so your cozy sun-soaking napping would be quite useless. Perhaps this incident is worth investigating, though maybe you might need more than one viewpoint. Geez, it looks like you won't be napping for a while, even when the sun comes back up.

So, what to do, what to do?

[]Tail Rika
[]Call up the fairies in the area, see what they know
>> No. 8553
Ah, and one other thing I should mention.

Don't think HG is and will be the only familiar he has.
>> No. 8556
[z] Tail Rika

Rika tailan gaems
>> No. 8557

You have Gig's character down perfectly.

[x]Call up the fairies in the area, see what they know

Let's bust some heads and see what's up. Rika doesn't know what it is, and as she just blew us off there's no reason to follow without additional information. The marks left by those tank treads will be easy to track, if we need to later.
>> No. 8561
[x] Call up the fairies in the area, see what they know

Bancho option.
>> No. 8562
[x] Call up the fairies in the area, see what they know
>> No. 8569
[x] Call up the fairies in the area, see what they know
>> No. 8570
[X] Call up the fairies in the area, see what they know.

I'd Rika's tail. But some other time.
>> No. 8572
Looks like Giganonymous is making some calls. Writing.
>> No. 8574
Oh yeeeeeeah, wrong Shinji.

Damn, perfect. This means we're boning our sister, then?
>> No. 8576
[x] Call up the fairies in the area, see what they know

As much as you'd love to see what Rika's tail is like, that "Big Sis" of hers she mentioned probably wouldn't like you. Instead, you decide to catch the other side of the story--the fairies.

Now you've hung around the creatures long enough to know that fairies rarely prank in large groups--they prefer to solo it or go in small groups of two or three. And if they're actually pulling an offensive, they don't do it out of the blue. There has to be a reason why Rika's technology, or whatever she was working on, caught their interests. As far as fairies go, they're very social and curious creatures so since Feinne, spared at least one, doubtless about half the fairies in Gensokyo might know about this by now. Rika's troubles are far from over, ahahahaha. This is why fey are awesome--they make the best eyes and ears for keeping tabs on what's going on in Gensokyo. Though you never had to move during those numerous worldwide crisis incidents thanks to that shrine maiden, hearing something closer to the truth was always handy when those goddamn tengu came out with yet another tabloid horror newspaper.

The fairies largely owe you nothing, but you do know a few who would likely be awesome enough to spare you the gossip. You gather your energy and send out a pulse. 'My dearest mischevious trio, come say hi to Gig, something new and juicy is kicking up in Gensokyo.' When that's done, you nod to Feinne. "You're dismissed. Hang out or go home at your leisure."

"Fine, Master. I'm always ready to answer your call," And with that, Feinne retreats to the heavens. With that, you're alone again.

And then you wait.

Surprisingly, said wait is not long. It's almost suspicious at how fast you hear the telltale giggling of that jolly trio. You look up to see your three top contacts. Their dresses are thicker and more ornate that most fairies, and they are slightly taller than most, with the exception of that crazy ice fairy you met a few times. You greet each in turn as they slow their hovering until they're level with your face. "'Sup, Sunny Milk, Luna Child, Star Sapphire. How are my most talented troublemakers doing?"

"Good, good!" Sunny Milk smiles back, twirling in emphasis. "You?"

"Ha, I'm feeling quite well," Luna Child adds.

"Same here~" Star Sapphire finishes. However, she's the one who gets down to business. "There must be a reason you called us here, Gig."

"I bet it's got something to do with what we heard about you," Sunny said. "You and your guardian messed up a raid. A fairy gang was raiding some human for some of those delightful doohickeys she always build."

"Oh? I messed up a raid, huh?" You raise an eyebrow at this.

"Yes you did~" Sunny answered. Her cheery face fell a bit. "The fairies are getting agitated. The dream world is opening up again."

Your usual grin disappears, and your mind is thinking one thing: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

Now, the dream world being active isn't a problem. Hell, you go there and back here from time to time. However, when fairies refer to the dream world as 'opening', this means that demons can LEAVE en masse and other things can go IN en masse. And while that in itself isn't much your concern, the fact that this taking place means one thing: something, or somebody POWERFUL is awake, and likely on the move.

Motherfucking Dream World being Motherfucking unstable ever since Shinki's defeat...

"How annoying," you smack your forehead. Gensokyo's not in danger now, but any one of those crazy clowns could be awake (And not just Shinki... Mima, Tyrannosatan, some other demon overlord...)! And if one of those top dogs or their number twos find you... you shudder at the thought! Deciding to assure your summoned charges, you say smoothly, "Hey, don't worry about it. Nobody out here is in any trouble, although being sensitive to that thing must drive you up the wall." You turn to Star Sapphire, who simply nods.

"Don't worry, you say. We'll pass it along," Luna Child says, exchanging looks between her friends. "But I'm afraid we can't convince them to stop raiding."

You laugh. Just as you thought, Rika's going to have fairies in her hair at this rate. But it might mean opportunity at this rate.

[]Dismiss them for now, find something else to do.
[]LAST QUESTIONS: (ask something here you may have forgotten so far)
[]Let them stick around and see if any idle chatter of theirs interests you.
[]Promptly tail Rika and inform her of her coming woes like a good neighbor!
>> No. 8577
[x]Promptly tail Rika and inform her of her coming woes like a good neighbor!
>> No. 8582
[x]Promptly tail Rika and inform her of her coming woes like a good neighbor!
>> No. 8591
[x] Promptly tail Rika and inform her of her coming woes like a good neighbor!

>> No. 8611
[x] Promptly tail Rika and inform her of her coming woes like a good neighbor!
>> No. 8640
[x] Promptly tail Rika and inform her of her coming woes like a good neighbor!
>> No. 8667
>> No. 8691
Hmm, this isn't as wacky as I thought it would be... then again I haven't reached the crossover faggotry by a long shot yet so.

[x]Promptly tail Rika and inform her of her coming woes like a good neighbor!

"Well ladies, thanks for the info," you say, grin on your face. "There's somebody I have to talk to now, so I've gotta split before I lose the trail. Keep your eyes and ears out for me, okay?"

"Of course~" Sunny Milk smiles, twirling like a estatic child. "We're always glad to help---wreak havoc, that is~"

"Thanks, but we have to get back," Luna Child said. "Night's falling, and the moon isn't strong tonight."

"Let's get going then," Star Sapphire concludes, and with that, the flittering of wings alerts you that the fairies are flying off into the disappearing evening sky. "Bye~" You hear Star call out.

"Toodles," You say coolly, before facing down the trail of the windswept valley alone. Calmly, you begin walking along the super obvious tank trail, letting the eveninng walk vigorate you slightly. Who knows how Rika or whoever else she might be living with react to a demon waltzing in their house, so it's best that you be ready to make a plan for anything.

It's not too long of a journey, but finally you arrive at a house--and my, what a small house it is! It looks strangely cozy, with the white picket fence, small trail of smoke coming from the rooftop, and what looks like a tool shed that is roughly three times the size of the house--lolwatewhut. Who the fuck designed this thing? It's huge--enough for a tank to fit in, yes, but you get that feeling that it isn't the only thing that goes in there. Deciding to talk about that matter later, you walk up further... and stop.

Now that you're here, how the hell do you go about this, anyway? Do you try and call Rika out or do you just waltz in?

[]Call out Rika.
[]Knock on the front door.
[]Go investigate that ridiculous tool shed
[]Attract attention some other way (specify how)
>> No. 8693
[x]Go investigate that ridiculous tool shed

Mystery comes first.
>> No. 8698
[x] Go investigate that ridiculous tool shed

Your capricious soul demands it.
>> No. 8700
[x] Go investigate that ridiculous tool shed
>> No. 8704
[x] Go investigate that ridiculous tool shed

I think Catastrophe of Imperious Dreams is a pretty cool guy, eh invades other people's houses and doesn't afraid of anything
>> No. 8710
[+] Knock on the front door.
We can ask Rika directly about the tool shed.
>> No. 8725
>> No. 8729
Hmm, this was gonna be longer but I'd rather see if anon can make the coming pseudo-infodump a bit more interesting.

[x] Go investigate that ridiculous tool shed

Simply enough that huge ass tool shed beckons you. It doesn't matter of the fact that nosing around people's private stuff is rude and evil, you have to figure out why they have a shed three times the size of their own house. Screw the rules, you have charisma!

You walk up to the shed and see that it's closed. However, it's not like it's hard to get in, so wrapping your fingers around the edge, you use your strength and pull the door open. After a bit of force it gives way, sliding open and allowing you to step inside. You gloat... this is too easy. You enter at your own peril, past the vaulted doors into a world where impossible things may happen that the world (or at least you) have never seen before.

The first thing that greets you is a massive eye--no wait, scratch that. It's a machine that looks like a giant eye, staring impassively at you. What isn't the eye itself is a shell that looks so dark purple as to almost be black. You see tiny wings at the upper extreme edges of them. Shining ominously at the center is a gold letter of sorts, the greek letter Sigma. But that's not the only thing here. You see massive amounts of machinery all over the place--some of it you can't even be bothered to recognize. You aren't adverse to technology at all, but sometimes the high tech stuff goes right over your head. So in conclusion, this place could probably be summed up as some sort of wacky workbench gone totally evil.

...not bad.

You trek a bit further, trying to keep your feet from echoing your presence all over the lab. Only a few seconds later do you recognize that it doesn't quite work. "Bold move, walking in here unannounced. But the free tour ends here." You hear a sharp female voice and see a shape land somewhere to your left and hear someone snap their fingers. At once, a barrier shows up around the machinery and the door, barring possible damage--and your escape. "Round Gear!"

You turn to your left to see someone in some white coat point towards you, but before you can focus on her features two green discs shoot out towards you. You don't have enough time to summon anyone, so you're forced to handspring out of harm's way as the green discs shred towards you. Grunting in frustration, you turn to see that the discs have already began to turn around and streak towards you again. Time to test your own strength.

You're no weakling on your own, but many youkai outclass you on strength. Still, this is no time to muse on how you stack up, it's now or never. You swerve under one as it sails past you, this time it's spouting lasers. Using that note, you actually run towards and punch the second one, slowing it down enough for your to grab it. As you see the first come back to fry you again, you toss the second one into it, and both collide, making for a fantastic explosion.

Celebration however, is premature at this point, since now that person you saw earlier is nowhere to be seen--aw shit, she's right behind you. Plus while you were reeling in shock from that, four more of those green discs, plus four orange spiky ones, had surrounded you. How the hell did she do that?! She's got considerable magic power, that's for certain. "You seem to be more more of a thinker than a fighter. All that massive energy and you don't even use it while fighting..."

"Didn't come here to fight," You say simply. "I'm just curious. Plus somebody named Rika lives here, somewhere."

"Oh ho? What do you want with my little sister?" This woman says. Now you can see her--purple hair, a well-kept lab coat, and a yellow tie. She pushes up her glasses as she leers at you. "I don't take kindly to those who bring ill will to my family or waste our time, so it better be good."

Oh... oh shit. You theorized earlier messing with Rika if she didn't deserve it was a bad idea, and now you know why. But you see no reason to lie even if you could fight her, so... "I just found out why her stuff's being harassed by fairies," You shrug. "Thought she might like to know."

"Oh really?" The tension eases up, though her face doesn't change at all. You can tell because the orange discs are now gone. "Do tell. I've been a bit curious myself. I've had a few theories, but Rika needs to learn a bit on her own, so I stepped back from it."

"The general idea is whatever your working with seems to rile the fairies' sensitivites, but..." You're not sure if you want to explain the whole situation in this still somewhat tense atmosphere.

[]Just relax yourself and tell her everything
[]Insist on some introductions
[]Surprise her on your magic with a summon, THEN tell her what she wants to know. Even ground and all that.
>> No. 8737
[x]Just relax yourself and tell her everything
>> No. 8747
[x]Just relax yourself and tell her everything

So, is Sariel and/or Konngara going to appear in the story?
>> No. 8760
>past the vaulted doors into a world where impossible things may happen that the world (or at least you) have never seen before.
In Rika's Laaaaboratooooryyyyy...

[+]Just relax yourself and tell her everything
[+] Insist on some introductions
>> No. 8778
[x]Just relax yourself and tell her everything
[x] Insist on some introductions

Goddammit, Plusfag.
>> No. 8780
[x]Just relax yourself and tell her everything
[x] Insist on some introductions
>> No. 8785
[⓿] Just relax yourself and tell her everything.
[⓿] Ask what the deal is with the Sigma.

Does Gig really care what this broad's name is?
>> No. 8786

Only to the point so he/she can have the pleasure of immediately forgetting it afterwards.
>> No. 8789
File 122210853927.png - (2.72KB , 128x145 , wwcard.png ) [iqdb]
>wacky workbench

What you did there, I see it.

[x]Just relax yourself and tell her everything
[x] Insist on some introductions
>> No. 8803

Oh god gigantic bouncing up like 15 screens at a time make it stop
>> No. 8804

Gig is male.
>> No. 8826
[x]Just relax yourself and tell her everything
[x]Later, Insist on some introductions

On second thought, why do all the work of diplomacy? Take a chill pill and let your munchkin'd charisma stat do its charm. You coolly lie down and rest your head on your shoulders. "So guess what. For somebody as powerful as yourself, you probably already figured out I'm a demon. That's probably why you're still looking at me like you're all Serious Business." She raises an eyebrow, but says nothing. You continue. "Anyway, I'm a demon from the Dream World. I used to live there but Gensokyo's such a nice place, I decided to stay out here--sun's rays are so awesome to soak up and all, and I don't even have to eat that much otherwise." You note her face is giving way to confusion and annoyance--but only ever so slightly. "But anyway, on to the point. Word is the Dream World is opening up. Whatever you're working with has the fey desperate to steal it so all the demons don't come out and eat them."

"Dream World..." The woman mouths. She then speaks up. "You mean the same Dream World that connects this world to Makai, among a few other places?"

"Yep. Quite frankly most of the implications don't concern me, but the world opening up means all the big bosses are stirring, and I'm not interested in meeting them if I can help it." You reflect back to what you said--and for the love of you, you can't even remember why. You know that the Dream World is a dimension capable of expanding depending on the power of the individuals inside it. Thusly, all the strongest ones became rulers of the Dream World. But why you'd rather not meet them is something that evades you at the moment. You mentally snarl at the cliche of memory loss that shades your old life--it only figures this is likely a ploy on someone's behalf.

You don't even remember discussing this out loud, but apparently you did, because then the woman says, "Big bosses awakening, hmm? So in other words, you'd rather run away instead of get involved in what is inevitably going to turn into a turf war, and the fairies think the same."

"Exactly." You say without shame, though you shrug and add, "Though knowing my luck it's likely that I'll get dragged in one way or another."

"So why should I care?" She remarks matter-of-factly. "About you, that is?"

"Why should you? It's not like I'm personally responsible for any of it. I'm just a messenger." You smile. "Name's Gig."

"Rikako Asakura," The imposing woman bows slightly. Not one to forsake manners, you stand up and take a bow as well. "There must be some reason you bothered to tell me all of this." Most of the green discs disappear, you're more or less no longer in any position to get raped savagely, let alone defeated.

You chuckle a bit. "I'm curious as to what you study. I'm wondering why the fairies are raiding your little sister for it."

"Most fairies aren't even smart enough to use most of the things we have," Rikako states bluntly. "If such a large group has been trying to attack my sister, chances are somebody put them up to the task. Not to mention none have even made it here."

Speak of the devil. The vaulted door slides open and Rika steps in, somewhat upset. "Big sis... Where were you? It's no good if you work too long and star--" She rounds the corner and spots you. You just raise an eyebrow and a slight grin. She, on the other hand, is shocked. "It's you! That demon I met earlier today! Mr. Gigolo!"

"It's Gig," You correct with obvious irritation. Obvious joke coming from three hundred miles away and it STILL irritates you.

For the first time, you hear the elder sister laugh. You're somewhat surprised, since she didn't seem like the laughing type. Apparently this caught Rika by surprise as well, as you now see her face turn slightly red, though it's still more shock than embarassment. Amused by all of this, Rikako boldly stated, "It feels like a fitting name for you. And coined by my sister no less."

"Don't even fucking start," you mutter.

"But enough about that," Wow, back to Serious Business like she never laughed at all. "Since you are so curious about what we work with here, I... no, WE, will gladly show you." Well whaddya know.

You walk up to the massive eye you saw upon entering here. Gazing up on it, Rika then speaks, "That... is my greatest achievement ever! I call it the Evil Eye Sigma... the ultimate wonder of science!"

You quietly think to yourself WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE?!

"Believers in science are rare in Gensokyo. It's to the point that the only people we regularly talk with are the kappa," You hear Rikako say. If you listened closely enough, you could hear a note of sadness in that voice. "I believe magic works in a logical fashion that could be explained by science. It is a pursuit both of us have worked on continuously to this day."

You nod, not really having much to say on that matter. Both sisters show off various technological machinery that they worked on. Rika shows off little monsters that she created to guard the lab, discontinued due to their inability to tell friend from foe without her constant input. Rikako shows the various machines she produces with the kappa. Of course, they were mainly weird devices you don't care about, and aside from Rika's dangerous guardian toys, don't seem to be anything the fairies could actually use. Rikako may have been right that somebody ordered them to do the attack.

"Huh, you don't seem impressed," Rikako looks at you, her face surprisingly impartial. "For a demon with that much magic, I can't say that I'm surprised."

"Just not my thing," You answer. "But both of you put a hell of a lot of effort into it, that much I can applaud."

Rika puffs up her cheeks and turns away. "It-it's beyond your puny comprehension how much work we put into it!" You have to hold back the laughter from her by-the-books tsundere reaction.

Rikako smoothly ignores this. "Now that we've shown you what you want, what will you do, Gig?"


[]Write in!
>> No. 8829
File 122213911563.jpg - (122.21KB , 600x800 , cef24af02ee42573d57e5f7c4e9b4337.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "I told you what I wanted to say, and I saw what I wanted to see, so I'm going to make myself scarce. See ya!"

And then we're going to find Yumeko and ram her ass at full force.
>> No. 8834
[x] "I told you what I wanted to say, and I saw what I wanted to see, so I'm going to make myself scarce. See ya!"
>> No. 8853
File 122215512435.jpg - (153.90KB , 348x386 , 1213577687023.jpg ) [iqdb]
>You coolly lie down and rest your head on your shoulders.
>> No. 8857
[x] "I told you what I wanted to say, and I saw what I wanted to see, so I'm going to make myself scarce. See ya!"
>> No. 8859
File 122217767136.png - (10.53KB , 172x291 , hereeygo.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 8885
[x] "I told you what I wanted to say, and I saw what I wanted to see, so I'm going to make myself scarce. See ya!"
>> No. 8896
I know that typo was a screw up. I MEANT to say he leans his head on his hands. And he did so to show off how casual he is. NOW. Time to party.



You deliberate... but only for a moment. The obvious course of action is clear to you.

"I told you what I wanted to say, and I saw what I wanted to see, so I'm going to make myself scarce." And with that, you saunter your way towards the door. "See ya!"

"Hold it."

Knew it couldn't be that easy.

"Do not think this is the last time you'll see it," Rikako says seriously pointing a dramatic finger. "I have much interest in those abilities of yours. We will meet again."

"Haha, yeah, whatever," you say. "Anytime." And before you even catch her reaction, you're out of that mega shed and into the night.

The night is fairly warm, though the breeze is nice. You've been napping in the sun all day to the point where feeling sleepy anytime soon would be nigh pointless. The night is still young, and the starlit sky is fairly pretty to look at. However, it's the pale, pale orb in the sky--the moon-- that takes the most attention. Most nights, the moon is but this half-opened eye gazing down on Gensokyo. Even on full moons you don't really care much about it, but tonight something about it just catches your eye. Unlike most nights, you feel a sort of power flowing from it.

Is that good? You don't know.

You absentmindedly check under your arms and notice it doesn't smell too good under there. "Ouch. Need a bath." So with that, you suddenly burst into a sprint, leaping into the air and flying towards a spot where you know some hot springs are.


"Ahh..." It feels nice soaking in hot water.

It was a while before you found some hot springs, located in a secluded and forested area. Most humans wouldn't bother waltzing in here at night, so the youkai normally take baths here. You of course, have it largely to yourself this night. The only noises you hear are the calm symphony of various night bugs and animal life. So cozy.

You gaze upward into the sky, feeling that power.

An invitation of a crazed moon.

But for all that rambling about the power of the moon, you almost fail to notice the person now bathing opposite of you. You nearly jump with a start when you finally do. There sat a dark-haired woman, calmly bathing herself. Her face was distinctly refined and truly Japanese, though there was a red horn growing from the middle of her forehead. She looks at you with amusement, calmly sipping out of a small red sake cup. You calm down a bit, but only slightly. That is, until she speaks. "Long time, no see, Gig."

That voice. That voice. You can't bloody place it! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

"I know you... I know you! But I can't remember," You sigh and shake your head.

"You don't?" She says, sounding disappointed. "We go way back." She takes another sip from that cup.

"Wait... hang on, I think I got this." You take a moment to relive your memories. Back in the Dream World... flashes of memories you rarely thought about. Your summoning powers, and how you built favor and charisma throughout the Dream World by using your powers to bind powerful creatures into contracts with your massive energy. Back then, though, there was one person who did your job better than you did. While you had charisma, she had charisma AND sword skills--in other words, actual power to back it up.

Her name was Konngara.

And now that woman is staring at you from the other side of the hot springs. "Konngara." You breathe. "So you're out here. What I found out earlier today was true."

"Hmm, your memories aren't as rusty as I thought," Konngara smiles in that mysterious fashion you now remember her for. She looks over your face. "While your outside appearance hasn't changed, you've become far more laid back, huh? Evil streak not work out?"

"Can't say it did," You respond casually. That smile of hers is unnerving; you can't help but feel she's up to something. "Your swordsmanship still any good?"

"Of course." Konngara replies. "The oni were surprised that I kept at it for so long, but eventually they got used to it."

She seems to answer your questions fairly straightforward, so she's not the coy trickster you remember her to be. Time to get down to business. "So, mind telling me what you're doing out here in Gensokyo? The fairies are all panicking because they're thinking there's gonna be a turf war."

"Perhaps there is," She answers. "It reminds me of our old days. Since we seemed to be the social butterflies of our illusory world, we were always fighting for more subjects." There's a sudden grin on her face. "Say, why don't we play like old times?"

"Really?" You ask, raising an eyebrow.

"I should warn you," She lifts a finger into the air and swirls it. A giant block of ice appears nearby you. "I don't play nice."

Is she doing what you think she's doing?! The ice block splashes down nearby, enough to cool the water around you...

...yep, she is. GODDAMMIT KONNGARA.

The sudden cold forces you out of the water, and as well forces you to ignore your dreaded transformation... ever since you were born, whenever your body touched a significant amount of cold water, something happened to your body. You were no longer male, and only bathing in hot water brought you back to your old self. As far as physical appearence goes, your now female form was endowed fairly well, though not as much as the woman standing opposite of you. Your hair grows only slightly, becoming a dark shade of red instead of its normal black. You snarl, unfazed by your slightly lighter voice. "Very funny, Konngara." You snarl.

"Lest we forget... I'm you, except better," Konngara boasts in the nude, though her voice and face are still one of gentle amusement. She obviously thinks this more of a pastime than something serious... argh! That's another thing that pissed you off about her. "Care to compare breast size?"

"No." You deadpan, trying to keep out the RAAAAAAAGE from seeping into your voice.

"Then how about we compare underlings? Loser buys sake," Konngara lifts up her hands to the heavens. "Come forth, Yuugen Magan!"

At first, nothing appears to happen. Then suddenly, five eyes just blink into existence. You don't fucking like this. These eyes gaze at you, assessing you, before deciding to link themselves to each other with a burst of live electricity. Definitely need to stay away from the water with this one! The electricity cackles a bit, and you can now faintly make out the shape of a woman in that lightning if you squint hard enough. It seems to taunt you.

"So, show me how much you've changed after all these years!" Konngara leaps out of the water and grabs her sword, crouching into a fighting stance.

...this can't look good. Time to summon.

[]Go with a classic.
[]Maximum light show!
>> No. 8898

>> No. 8899
File 122223400439.gif - (132.16KB , 185x125 , YOU'RE TOO SLOW.gif ) [iqdb]

>> No. 8902
>> No. 8903
Konngara? Cool.

>> No. 8910
>> No. 8917
>> No. 8919
Oh, and a proposed explanation thereof :

A team of seven immaterial wraith sisters that distract and put layer upon layer of interlocking illusions, distracting the target as you go in for the kill.
>> No. 8924
Or, in this case, they make the other summon attack Konngara. Konngara would be forced to dodge her own summon's attacks, if she tries to attack the Seven Shadows she attacks her own summon, if she dismisses her own summon the Seven Shadows just go attack her.
>> No. 8938
Finally, if the idea that they could make their targets attack their own allies seems too strong, just make it so that their targets attack blindly for a bit. Remember, we're not the ones who think it's a good idea to swing around a long metallic object next to some sort of... lightning monster. Konngura should be forced to disarm, even throw her weapon aside to draw away the electric shocks, and when she dismisses her own monster we run up and grab the sword for ourselves while the Seven Shadows re-direct towards her. We then end the fight by placing her sword against her neck.

Best part of this? She and her summon are totally beaten up, and we did not have to strike a single blow - they did it all to themselves.
>> No. 8961
>> No. 8964

>> No. 8965
What, you don't think "Lest we forget... I'm you, except smarter" wouldn't be a great comeback after it's all said and done?
>> No. 8972
Update coming later.

is winnar

BTW nice suggestions, but I can't promise I can follow them to the T.
>> No. 8975
>Update coming

>> No. 9046
[]"...let me think about it. I'll get back to you."
>> No. 9047

I would have never expected Sonic to emerge into fucking Touhou.

>> No. 9077
[X]"...let me think about it. I'll get back to you."
Not saging becuase everybody has to see this.

>"Give me strength..." You call out, letting your power grow. "Sonic the Hedgehog!"
>"You rang?" Sonic addresses you.
>Sonic the Hedgehog

>Sonic the Hedgehog
>> No. 9078
[X] Kill yourself

This is the only appropriate option at this point.
>> No. 9080
[X] "I'll help you... but not as your underling."

>> No. 9081
[X] Kill yourself.

Sonic the Hedgehog?

...Haha. Wow, that's pretty stupid.
>> No. 9082
I'm sorry anon can't take a blue hedgehog joke, especially since you had plenty fucking warning. I could probably rant about the failure of that fandom, and how a respect for the old days does not equate being a fan of newfaggotry, but that doesn't belong here.

There will be an update, but not anytime soon since school has decided to kick it up a notch.
>> No. 9084



>> No. 9086
[X] Kill yourself.

>> No. 9087
>I'm sorry anon can't take a blue hedgehog joke,
That was not a joke, that was an atrocity.

>you had plenty fucking warning.
Bullshit and a half. I don't particularly recall hearing "Keep this up and I'm having you summon Sonic the Hedgehog" at any fucking point.

>a respect for the old days
Being a fan of the good old days means you have maybe references to it, but jesus fuck, you do not put the whole thing in there.

>does not equate being a fan of newfaggotry,
Crossing over fucking Sonic and Touhou is faggotry no matter how old or new it is.

>> No. 9089
ITT baw sonic
>> No. 9090
[X] Kill yourself

How did it all go so wrong, so fast?
>> No. 9110
File 122249325940.gif - (170.43KB , 650x857 , cc-pennyconan.gif ) [iqdb]
oh I get it now
>> No. 9207
>> No. 9219
Fine, fine. I know you all have either chalked me up as some furfag or whatever, but I find your reactions overblown. I happen to like crossovers, is all, and I have learned, crossovers have no place here.

If you hate blue hedgehogs so much, find a summon in his place, or if you want something faster, wait about five days and you'll never see his face in the story again. It's easy to salvage this story but I'm not in the best of moods for it at the moment.

Self sage because better stories do not deserve this faggotry up top
>> No. 9223

[x] Kuchisake-Onna

Extremely fucking fast, just like You-Know-Who, only instead of being a furry, she's a split-lipped monstrosity that kills people with a pair of bloody shears.
>> No. 9224
Well... speaking as the person who wrote in this past option, as well as the one who suggested both last name puns, suggested naming the HG 'Hug-chan', the Ranma and HGD option, as well as having suggested about a dozen Negima/Touhou crossover ideas way way back when... I don't care that much. Never was really into or against Sonic.

In this case, 'Seven Shadows' is obviously a reference to Seven Shadow Evasion, which is even more powerful than the Heavenly Guardian Defense.
>> No. 9226
Now, look man, I think we could have handled a reference or two. We like those. But, yeah, a full blown crossover? And with Sonic the Hedgehog of all things? You should be able to figure this out.

Well, I'm going to second the Kuchisake-Onna. That thing is terrifying.
>> No. 9244
[x] Kuchisake-Onna
She doesn't slack about when called; she gets moving, chop-chop.

>I know you all have either chalked me up as some furfag or whatever
What? No. Well, I haven't.

>and I have learned crossovers have no place here.
Half-true. Like what >>9226 said, crossovers are not so good. References, however, are fine.
But not to something so comparatively silly and unserious as Sonic. I mean, you wouldn't have us summon Big Bird, or fucking Spongebob, or Doraemon, or Pikachu, or something, would you? Yeah. No Sonic, either.

That dealt with, however, I really like everything else about this story and am looking forward to the next update.

Cheer up, emo writefag!
>> No. 9263
unanimous winner with Kuchisake Onna, probably won't look as horrifying on the outset.

Updating likely sometime later this week.
>> No. 9265

Glad to see this story will survive.
>> No. 9293
As am I. Gig is awesome.
>> No. 9337
Blue hedgehog post sent to the trash can

Now here, have the update anon really wanted. Story's still a bit more serious than I thought it would be, but no helping it at this point.

Also if you think Kuchisake-onna needs a better name, speak now, I won't bother after my next update. Speaking of which, expect slow ass updates for a while.

[x]Screw that, Kuchisake Onna it is!

"Hmph..." Crouching on a giant rock, you coolly meet the amused gaze of Konngara. With Yuugen Magan looming threateningly nearby, it looks like you can't get back into the water anytime soon.

It's time to dance.

Now that you're a female, it's fine to use this summon! "Come forth to me now, child of pragmatic insanity... Kuusano."

The place suddenly fogged up, sheltering you from Konngara's gaze. However, from the depths of that fog a willowy woman appeared, with most of her face covered in a surgical mask. She gazes at you for a moment, her willowy dress billowing in the wind before she disappears in a flash and appears by your side, her hands tightly gripping a large pair of shears. "You summoned me?" She glances over you, seeing your naked form. "It's nice that you are in female form, but you should call me when you are male sometime. That way I can make sure you'll never be male again."

"How about no," You retort, crouching like a frog, though you wonder if it's more to protect yourself from her as it is to prepare for a possible attack.

She feigns dismay. "Why so serious?"

That line, for some reason or another, jars your memory of seeing her without that mask of hers, with a smooth but nasty gash spreading her face into a permanent grotesque smile. "Please don't say that again." You quickly and mentally assess your situation. Both of you are outclassed in pure power, but that's not what you summoned her for. No, you noticed something quite distinct about this situation, and Kuusano had a speed advantage second to none. She was your best bet in taking advantage of a plan that was now formulating in your head.

The hiding party quickly came to an end as a fierce wind blew away all the fog. Konngara stood at the other end, her sword out. "Ah, so you're finally ready? Then we shall play. Yuugen!" She snaps her fingers, and it seems to prepare a lightning spell.

Smirking, you say, "Distract five eyes."

"Of course... just let me know when I can chop her up," The Kuchisake-onna crows, just as a fierce bolt splits you two apart. In a matter of moments, the scarily sane youkai is deftly avoiding the rain of lightning from the strange five-eyed creature.

You, on the other hand, have another concern.

"Hoho, not bad," Konngara compliments as she takes a massive swipe at you again. You handspring out of harm's way and leap left as the Oni Swordswoman gives chase. Seeing her wield such a powerful broadsword like a samurai wields a much lighter blade still gives you the heebie jeebies. Even worse is the fact that her apparent playfulness in her strikes--she's not even trying to kill you. As you leap from a rock-cutting slash, Konngara playfully jibes, "You can't dodge forever."

"Perhaps, but," You step backwards, only to trip on a rock and fall flat on your butt. Oops.

Konngara aims her sword at you. "Ah, you don't quite have it." Both of you gaze up at some swirling clouds--it appears that Yuugen Magan is summoning a massive lightning storm. "And I don't think the kuchisake-onna has it either."

"Au contraire!" You counter, finally letting your JUST AS PLANNED grin escape.

Without warning, Kuusano reappears, her giant shears aimed right at Konngara's neck. "You should stop while you're ahead."

Konngara smoothly falls backwards to avoid the chopping. Seconds later, she reappears above the both of you and crashes down with her sword, nearly blowing both of you away. "Trying to land a surprise feint? And with a bad pun, no less. That won't work." She lifts her sword up to strike again.

"Who says I'm trying to do that?" Kuusano casually answers from behind her. "I'm right here, and considering that a lightning attack is aimed for me..."

The growing powerful lightning blast rained for the heavens. Considering Kuusano was its target, it would hit Konngara, too...

"Trying to hit me with my own familiar's attacks? Nice move, but that won't work either--" The oni swordswoman coolly responded. But at the last possible second, Kuusano disappeared. leaving the lightning bolt to strike the woman directly--on her sword, that is. The sword streaking with lightning actually forced her to loosen her grip, despite her immunity to the magic.

You smile evilly.


"You don't have to tell me twice," Kuusano tipped her surgical mask down, revealing her awful permanent smile. Somehow, even in this female form, you can't help but notice that while that smile is demented, she still looks strangely beautiful.

That is, until she opens her mouth.

It opens wide, inhumanly so, until the entire jawline is visible, and she lets out a chilling roar. Gripping her shears, she runs forward with nightmarish speed, slicing down on all five eyes of the exhausted creature before her almost simutaneously before finally landing down again. The creature falls to the ground, defeated. As an added taunt, Kuusano opens her jaw again and lets her tongue snake out, taking delight in your inevitable wincing over all those disgusting sounds.

You, on the other hand, merely slammed a fist into Konngara's weakened hand, forcing her to drop it. Picking up the sword, albeit with a bit of difficulty, you aim it at her neck. "What you get for wielding a huge metal sword in a lightning storm, even if you yourself can't be hurt by magic lightning. Your nerves probably don't share that immunity. Lest we forget," you add with an ironic smirk. "I'm you. Except smarter."

There was a brief moment of silence. Then Konngara laughed. Something about that doesn't surprise you, considering she was likely toying around with you. "I admit it. I have been outsmarted. But..." She easily ignores the tip of the blade and simply snatches the sword back with raw strength, surprising even you. Now she's glowing with an unsettling aura. "I''m still much stronger." You back up wearily. Oh god, she's gonna go for round two?!

But she's not attacking. Rather, she continues to speak, "If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm now one of the lords of the Dream World. And quite frankly, this inevitable turf war could use a quick and swift end."

You blink, trying to hold back the inevitable wave of irritation that something so obvious had slipped by you. She was testing your strength out, and now... "Goddammit, I KNEW this was a recruitment ploy!" You accuse the woman.

"Recruitment ploy?" Kuusano asks, her face now back to normal. "War is happening again in this day and age?"

"Yes... you're quite powerful, and with a bit of refinement, you can not only help me become victorious, but you can investigate how this came about in the first place." Konngara rests her sword on the ground, looking at you seriously. "I have a feeling someone's messing with all of us Dream Worlders, and even if this is a golden opportunity, I won't stand for it."

"Ugh... how annoying," you mutter.

[]"Fine, I'll join you."
[]"I'll help you... but not as your underling."
[]"...let me think about it. I'll get back to you."
>> No. 9339
[]"I'll help you... but not as your underling."
>> No. 9341
[x]"I'll help you... but not as your underling."

We should totally get a team name. I'm voting for Team "Bad News in Every Scenario".
>> No. 9342
>Without warning, Kuusano reappears, her giant shears aimed right at Konngara's neck. "You should stop while you're ahead."

I can't wait until we summon Ultros.

[x] "I'll help you... but not as your underling."
>> No. 9349
[x]"I'll help you... but not as your underling."
>> No. 9358
[x] "I'll help you... but not as your underling."
>> No. 9390
This update pleased me greatly. You have redeemed yourself.
>> No. 9455
>> No. 9510
>> No. 9514

This coming update is on the short side, so I'll apologize for that now (not sure of the next plan of action, help me out when I post it). Vote fast and I might have a bigger update for you all.

>> No. 9516
[x]"I'll help you... but not as your underling."

Decision time has kicked in. Here, you've got a former archrival of yours basically asking for your help. A brewing turf war of sorts, doubtless a slew of overlords will be either trying to recruit or kill you. You'd rather not be bothered with this mess.

But at the same time, Konngara commanded a respect from you that nobody else could. True, you always treated your summons with respect, but this was different. While you're not picking sides just yet, you figure it was at least worth your time to pay back what she inspired you to do. "I'm not interested in being your underling," you say. "But that doesn't mean I won't help you."

Konngara laughs. She is back in the water, calming herself with more sake. Good god do Onis drink. "I wouldn't have expected anything else from you," she says. What the fuck. It's like she probably exposed those weaknesses of hers in the last battle on purpose! "Very well. I suppose if I need your help, I'll contact you. Until then, if you learn anything, be sure to contact me." She tosses you a gem of sorts. "An old Hakurei relic. If you want to talk to me, use it, and me or one of my underlings will answer. I'll be here for a while, so don't mind me."

"Augh." For some reason, using the hot water to turn back into a male just won't work right now. Kuusano's still out, and even if she weren't Konngara wouldn't hesitate to rape you just for the lulz. "Well, I'm out. I'll keep in touch." You smile and wave before sauntering off, drying yourself and putting on your clothes. As a female, you're a bit thinner, so your clothes are baggy. A minor annoyance, but not one you can't deal with.

Having not dismissed Kuusano yet, the kuchisake-onna continues to follow you smoothly and silently, not making a sound. If it weren't for the fact that you were used to her, she would no doubt creep you out. Even more to the fact that she's a bit more taxing on your magical energy than Feinne is, should you ever grow too weak she would probably be the only summon who would finish you off in a grisly manner--if it were pragmatic to do so. Speak of the devil-- or the devil speaking. "Master, it's been a while since you've last seen the Dream World. If that Oni is correct it could be rapidly changing and hard for you to navigate should you need to go in there.

Truth be told... she has a point. But do you really want to make that journey now?


BTW, I should add Gig's got four summons at his/her disposal, and you've seen three.
>> No. 9519
Haven't we only seen two? Feinne, and K-O?
>> No. 9522
In a roundabout way, the three fairies count... >_>
>> No. 9525
[x] Go back to the HQ of Team SCIENCE! and borrow one of their vehicles.

Indefinitely, of course. Fuck the warnings, we're going to explore the Dream World, and we're going to explore it on FOUR WHEELS OF FURY. Kuusano can operate the turrets.
>> No. 9735
[x] Go back to the HQ of Team SCIENCE! and borrow one of their vehicles.
>> No. 9736
Geez, next time I need better parts for blankvotes.


[x]Go Assault TEAM SCIENCE for some vehicles

As awesome as you are, going it alone or with a summoned buddy just won't cut it (you look wearily over in Kuusano's direction when you think that). You need transportation, and something fortified to go with it. TEAM SCIENCE mentioned they would be crossing paths with you again, so why not deliver?

"I think I want to pay a visit to a new acquaintance of mine..." You say. "They've got toys I want to play with."

"Toys, you say?"

"Don't read into it," You say without skipping a beat. "Anyway I'd rather not waste too much strength until I decide what to do when I get there, so you're dismissed for now."

"As you wish, Master," With that, the fog thickens and she disappears inside it, leaving just you and the night. Sighing, you gather up some speed before taking flight and dashing over to the headquarters of TEAM SCIENCE.


It's a brief but unmemorable trip. You land back down in the windswept valley where the Asakura household lies. The moon, high in the sky at this point, still feels somewhat unsettling after meeting Konngara, but nearly every youkai and their grandmother gets more powerful during moonlight, so that could explain it, too. You briefly consider finding a youkai to pact with to summon during nights like these, but it's not worth it right now--you're at that tool shed again.

Contrary to the expected silence, you now hear the machinations of several machines and a few excited voices.

Huh? ...wait wait what?

It's not unusual for some humans to be active at night, but something seems weird. You recognize two of the voices, but there's a third and fourth voice you don't. Did they have more family members? Did they call up buddies? Is this a SCIENCE PAJAMA SLEEPOVER PARTY? You kinda doubt the last one but you are still intrigued. You listen in for a moment.

"...it's near completion... a gateway to the Dream World!"

Dream world? GATEWAY?!

[]Call the Three Fairies and sneak/listen in
[]Waltz right in and take over
>> No. 9741
[x] Call the Three Fairies and listen in.

You're in your female form and your hair color is different, so Rika and Rikako probably won't even recognize you. If worse comes to worst, you can always mayday Konngara.
>> No. 9745
[x] Call the Three Fairies and listen in.

They better not be forming tightly-knit cliques behind our back.
>> No. 9759
[x] Call the Three Fairies and listen in.
>> No. 9826
>> No. 9975
>> No. 10007
Geez, goddamn, I told you I would be slow!

An update is coming, but I'm dangerously teetering into writer's block territory. Dissecting on what you've learned so far might help, but as far as updating goes, by the beginning of next week is the most I can promise.
>> No. 10277
Wow, fudged up on my promise window, I'm down to the second page, and when I said you heard four voices in an earlier update... I lied. Sorry.

But enough about that, let's kick this into high gear once more.


[x]Call the Three Fairies and sneak/listen in

So now you know something's up... something potentially bad or awesome, but you're not sure which. Unfortunately, you're not a scientist type, so just waltzing in and taking control probably won't be too smart. So what's the best thing to do?


You reflect on the fact that you know just the people to assist you with this. It's time to send out that wonderful awesome aura again and call everyone's favorite three troublemakers again~

'Oi! Sun, Luna, and Star! Come help out a troubled Gig, will ya?' You ring out mentally. With that broadcast, it's only a few minutes before you hear the familiar fluttering of three fairy wings.

"Oh dear~" Sunny Milk yawns descending nearby. "I was about to go to sleep, but I guess if you're calling us, I can't help but answer~"

"Haha, funny. He called us to sneak around, that's why she..." Luna Child hisses, a bit quietly. Unlike the other two, she notices something. Or two somethings. "Wait, she? Oh, she switched it on us." The fairy hovers down to your chest and curiously pokes at your twin hills. Star Sapphire decides the poke the other one, and at that point you fucking SWEAR everyone is gay in Gensokyo.

"Umm... could you stop please? I need to sneak in there and see what's going on, and I need your help." You say, trying to get down to business.

"Oh, errm... right!" The fairies shake themselves out of their childish curiosity. Sunny Milk reflects the light off of you, and Luna Child hides sound. Perfect for stealthin' around. Now that you're finally prepared, you softly open the door and peer inside.

Things are a bit different--the cold clinicalness you remember from your earlier visit is gone. Now the place is shining with whirring electronics, and you can see Rika scurry about towards the back as you walk in further. You and the fairies follow in further, and your eyes fall upon a massive sight.

A giant, metallic archway stood in the center. From the lights and faint magical energy, you reckon that it's a gateway of sorts... you damn well hope that it IS in fact a gateway to the Dream World and not a gateway to the stars. But enough about that--Rikako stands in the center, making one last check before rounding to her left. "It's beautiful, isn't it?" She says. Rika's too busy messing with something on the other side of the lab, so she's not talking to her sister. Is she monologuing like a mad scientist? "I can at last observe the fabled Dream World. I've heard that perhaps, there is a great power hidden beneath its dimensions. I'm normally quite adverse in pulling magic to discover more uses for science, but this is an opportunity I can't really pass up. But I'm still concerned over why you're so afraid of me opening it, Little bird youkai." Oh. She's not monologuing. You peer a bit further left and see a girl dressed in a gothic dark blue and black. Her hands are bound behind her back and her chest and legs are also swathed in rope.

This just got interesting, perhaps.

"Honestly, you don't know what you're doing," The tied-up girl replied evenly. "You know what could happen to the fairies and weaklings like me if those dream-world demons could access this world?"

"In all truth, you may already be too late. I've already met someone from the dream world who resides here," Rikako answers. You consider gloating that you're more the exception than the rule, but like a good show you'd rather just shut up and watch. "And... even if those demons came out to terrorize the masses, I have a failsafe in place. I may be crazy for trying to pull this, but I'm not stupid."

"Hmph," The bondage victim only sighs sadly after that.

"You lost fair and square. Not even your fairy attack subterfuge could stop me, so stand down while I take this gamble," Rikako simply turns her back and walks away from the girl. She's now at a large computer, typing away rapidly on the keyboard. "Rika... is it ready yet?"

"Yep!" Her younger sister gives her a thumbs-up.

"Alright, let's do this." Rikako taps the enter key.

At once, you see a power start to grow. The gateway's reacting and growing with a mixture of magic and lightning. Even though you have no stake in what's about to happen, you can't help but smile in anticipation. Before you can enjoy the opening ceremony fireworks though, Star Sapphire gives your sleeve a tug. "Something's coming... I can hear it!" She whispers to you.

You had a similar feeling... your boss fight senses are tingling.

Before the gate fully opens:

[]Reveal yourself
[]Rescue the girl
[]Keep Hidden
[]Alert Konngara about the gate
>> No. 10335
[x]Rescue the girl
[x]Alert Konngara about the gate
>> No. 10345
[x]Rescue the girl
[x]Alert Konngara about the gate
>> No. 10377
[x]Rescue the girl
[x]Alert Konngara about the gate

>> No. 10459
This week does not look good.

A test, a paper, and motherfucking Castlevania this week. Next weekend looks much better for an update.

BONUS POINTS: convince the namefags that were voting here to vote again--they dropped out even before the blue hedgehog fiasco.

Still not calling it yet.
>> No. 10689
Before anyone starts giving a damn about this RPG again, my schedule's looking even worse, especially since I have different creative outlets to worry about.

ON HIATUS, but by no means over. You may see an update tomorrow or at the end of the year. When exactly lol i dunno

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