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You open your eyes and mutter something before looking around. You realize you are in a cave. "What the hell?" You mutter before trying to move.

You look at yourself and realize you have turned into a Yukkuri. "Oh my god!" You gasp in fear. "Yuuu~" You hear a Yukkuri singing outside.

You walk out of the cave to see a Yukkuri Reimu singing gaily as she bounces through the flowers. "I'm taking it easy!" She exclaims.

"I got to get out of here." You mutter and hop off; to find someone that can change you back to normal.

"Wait a minute ze!" A Yukkuri Marisa hops in front of you. "What do you want?" You ask impatiently. "Marisa needs food easy! So, go get me some!"

You frown in frustration and anger. This stupid thing is NOT going to get out of your away until you get her some food. But, maybe there's another way to remove her from your path...

What do you do?

[]Try to use force on the Yukkuri Marisa.
[]Just go find some food for Yukkuri Marisa.
[]Go around her.

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>A Yukkuri's Life

Sounds suspiciously like A Shikigami's Life.


We only need one yukkuri CYOA, thank you very much.
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>We only need one yukkuri CYOA, thank you very much.

The other is either dead or updating at the speed of one update every seven minutes.

[x]Try to use force on the Yukkuri Marisa.

Drop dead easy.
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[X] Use the Force on the yukkurisa.
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[X] Use the Force on the yukkurisa.

/others sure is active these days.
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Boy, sure is QUALITY around here.
Seriously, even I describe things better. That's a bad sign.
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[X] Eat her slowly.
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[X] Use the Force on the yukkurisa.
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[X] Use the Force on the yukkurisa.
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[x] Try to use force on the Yukkuri Marisa

You don't have time for this. You look around for a weapon and find a stone. "This will do," You mumble to yourself. You hurl the stone in the Yukkuri Marisa's face. "AAAH!" The Yukkuri Marisa screams out in pain as she falls to the side.

You dash and jump over her as you run into the forest, hoping to see some life other than these annoying Yukkuris. "How the hell did I become a Yukkuri in the first place?" You wonder. Suddenly, you remember how you were lying on a log and you felt something jump onto your head. That must've been a Yukkuri. You sigh and wander through the woods, hoping to find a way out.

"U~U~U~" Suddenly you hear the sound of flapping wings. You look up to see a Flandre-type Yukkuri, looking hungrily at you. You freeze in fear, wondering what to do.

You see a burrow on the right; that might save you from being eaten by the flying Yukkuri predator.

What do you do?

[]Go into the burrow
[]Try to find somewhere else to hide.
[]Try to make a run for it
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I don't think you know how yukkuri work.

Please stop.
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Well, hiding will obviously get us killed through reverse psychology, looking somewhere else will take to long, and running means risking getting lost, but we dont have a home.

[y]Try to make a run for it
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[~]Try to make a run for it
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[ ]Try to make a run for it
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also, [ ]Try to make a run for it
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gee it sure is cruise control around here
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fuckken saved.
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Yeah, we get it. YOu don't like it.

[x] Try to make a run for it

updates plz
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Oh, we're the idiots when we vote for something that might interest us, while the neverending horde of fans for HLA goes completely unnoticed? Bah. Maybe OP will improve.
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I fucking lol'd.

Sage is obligatory and unrelated to my amusement.
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[x] Try to make a run for it