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File 153687834442.png - (1.95MB , 1514x941 , Setsubun.png ) [iqdb]
66845 No. 66845
A theme fitting for the tale ♫: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tXMk-vk7ns
[Tada Rin Toshite - Starry Sky Logic (Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets)]

Lyrics: http://www.faceorama.com/bluelight/kishidakyoudan/tadarintoshite.html

A story of magic.

Music Collection: https://mega.nz/#F!1BdBzIKZ!bhLzijfM3iyphpueDOKf0g

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>> No. 67367
[X] Wander aimlessly.

The forest can't make you lose your way if you yourself don't know where you're going. Take that!
>> No. 67374
File 154520425266.jpg - (358.10KB , 866x1200 , what.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Wander aimlessly.

As before, the Bamboo Forest was quick to blend together into a disorienting mess of stalks, leaves, and viridian light. Thankfully, this time, that did not matter. As Gen moved through the forest, he moved in search of nothing at all.

“Fighting in here’s gotta be a pain in the ass,” he muttered to no one but himself. “No room.” He gingerly touched his side was: sore and aching... It kept spiking with pain.

That said, he found more than a few wider spaces this time, now that he was walking through with no objective whatsoever. Even during his last visit, he’d actively wanted to find something (bamboo shoots, the exit). Now he had emptied desire from his head. Maybe he’d find Mokou’s house, maybe he wouldn’t. He had time today; it was fine either way.

Of course this attracted youkai. After a wolf leapt at him surrounded by colorful orbs and energy-tendrils, and he’d taken care of it handedly with spell cards, less seemed interested in him as a target. Though he’d bemoaned the lack of space in the forest for dodging, he came to realize this was all becoming very regular to him and so in practice: there had been no issue. He almost understood Marisa and Reimu now... always so ready to fight. He enjoyed a bout, but mainly after he’d spent a great deal of time experimenting and researching. Then—Then he always wished to show off.

Fighting Suika would also probably interest him quite a lot... but being able to do that seriously would take him a great deal of time. Even his Master had trouble with the oni. He felt like this fact would have troubled him this same time yesterday, but now being “worthy” of Suika seemed like a bit of a joke to him. He certainly wanted to match his new partner in strength and skill, but he’d learned well enough that Ibuki Suika did not only admire him for how adept he was at the Art. He, too, did not only like her for her overwhelming power.

... Goodness, was he fond of Ibuki Suika. He wanted her beside him now, grinning over nothing. It would make him smile too... that and it would be far better than wandering the Bamboo Forest alone.

[ ♫: http://listenonrepeat.com/watch/?v=8DEyvUgNStM ]
[月まで届け、不死の煙 - 彩花永月 -さいかえいげつ- (xi-on)]

His cousin Mokou had given him a small speech warning him to the danger of this part of Gensokyo – and he was sure if he relaxed his guard at all some youkai would be at the back of his neck – but the overwhelming feeling enveloping him as he stepped over fresh leaves and marched through verdant brush was, more than fear: tedium.

Without having something to look for, this was turning out to be a monotonous slog. The beauty of the forest really began to be lost when the scenery almost felt more like endlessly walking through a very slightly shifting painting rather than some full-fledged environment. He began to like the rare times something swathed in bloodlust would show itself before him; at least it wasn’t another series of towering, green stalks.

He lost track of time, and began to somewhat frequently check the paper he had connected with Hatate’s in hopes that she would have a question or some such. She never did.

He sighed, and stumbled upon a home in the woods.

“—Hm?? Whuh?” he blabbed on his own, clutching at the chest of his shirt and looking around this clearing he now found himself in.

Was this Mokou’s home? There was a simple cottage kind of place before him, rather small and he suspected perhaps only two rooms large: a bedroom and... he assumed, an “everything else” room. There was a miniscule extension he wagered was for a toilet, and as he stepped to see behind the house he spotted a clear spring which seemed to be flowing out into a dark part of the forest. Near to this spring were a wooden bucket... an axe... and an empty clothesline hung between two poles of bamboo. Turning his eyes downward next, he noted that the earth beneath him was hard, dusty, and largely barren, grass only sprouting up (plentiful, to be fair) around the water source. The building here looked... fine. Not “well”-kept, but not a disaster either. Moss was on the tiles of the roof... some stains were on the walls and sliding doors... He stopped after walking ‘round and inspecting the premises once.

He felt like an intruder rather than a visitor.

He backed away from the house, hid himself behind some bamboo, wore a serious face, and put a hand behind his mouth to shout, “Hey Mokou, sis! This your place!? It’s Gen! The Itou!”

While an answer was, of course, not immediate; he did receive a fairly quick response of, “Gen? Huh... Come on in, if you want.”

... So he did.

Still somewhat baffled that his lack of plan had worked out, he stepped to the immortal’s veranda, stepped on top of it, slid open one of the doors, and slipped reverse at once, swerving his back to the sight he had just, embarrassingly, seen.

What he’d gazed upon unwillingly (it really felt more like it was out the corner of his eye, he had been paying so little attention) was the bare chest and stomach of the eternally young Fujiwara no Mokou.

“M-Miss Mokou!” he stammered, flustered less from shame and most from shock. “Your clothes!”

“Yeah? I’m at home,” she answered behind him.

“A-Aren’t you embarrassed!?” he yelled.

“Eh? It’s fine,” she replied, “we’re family. Or, more like, I really don’t care who or who doesn’t see my chest. Guys go shirtless all the time right?” Eeehh?? “Really, talk to me about it some ages ago; by now I can’t give a shit even if I wanted to.”

Gen’s thoughts were increasingly confused. Even Suika, however old she might be, had a sense of shame. At least from the context he had of common sense, sense that even youkai in this nonsensical world followed, Mokou’s... “freedom” was more than a bit insane, he believed.

He lifted his chin and, with brow furrowed and eyes stern, he took a glance at Mokou over his shoulder.

She had the straps of her overalls down and her pants open at the front while she leaned, legs spread, back against an old-looking wall (papered, but frayed and burned in places). She was waving at the front of her neck with her left hand; her right forearm was on her up-bent knee. The waistband of her bloomers was visible, and of course:

Her breasts.

Mokou’s forever adolescent chest was unabashedly out and open. Their palm-size was right there. Their pink ends were right there. The half-naked appearance that she showed him was something he found undeniably arousing, and her posture and expression telling how she indeed could not be mustered to care did not counteract this impression. If anything, her lax and casual demeanor was exciting... Almost exhibitionist.

Now he blushed.

His first thought as blood rushed through him was that he wished for his woman to be present and take his eyes from this sight. If Suika were here, he’d not feel any guilt actually. That she wasn’t made this seem... terribly illicit.

The greatest problem was that Mokou’s breasts looked soft. Was there a man alive who would see this – the long strands of her hair falling in a few places around them, their shape a bit sloped as affected by gravity – and not have a desire to cup one of them? And gods forbid he linger on such thoughts long, as playing around with them or any tweaking would be—

He winced further, feeling a lustful stirring within him. He closed his eyes slowly, eyebrow twitching, and forced himself to swallow. “Mokou, sis,” he addressed her (and she commented, “Back to ‘sis’, now?”), “please put on something. A bra at least. This isn’t doing well for me.”

He heard her huff with mockery. “You got aroused by me?” He flinched. “You’ve got weird tastes, man.”

Perhaps. Thinking on it, a bit of brusque and boyish behavior had often tended to attract him. Youmu and Suika were neither the most “feminine”, and he’d always liked things like short hair on a girl over long (he wouldn’t tell Suika this—he already loved her bountiful hair too much). Mokou, her hair aside (and, being frank... she didn’t keep it that well), rather epitomized the concept and especially now. Though her manner of speech, at least, was not entirely so: right now this immortal seemed outright mannish. Such mannerisms on a girl did indeed set him off. He inwardly criticized himself.

“Anyway, what’d you come here for? Accident, or were you looking for me?”

Is she decent...?

“... Kind of both, technicall—” he turned fully around and lifted his eyelids while speaking, and saw that Mokou was now taking a white rag and wiping under her arms, breasts, and neck. Water dripped from it, and thus he noted a bucket beside her. She sighed and mentioned that this method of relieving heat felt good. He bared the tips of his teeth in a pained frown. “Please put some clothes on!” he shouted.

Mokou’s lips were slightly pouted, slightly downturned, and her brow was altogether lowered. She wrung out the cloth she was using... onto the tatami mat (which made him jump with surprise—then flinch once more, now in pain as his side stung again), and after dipped it into the nearby bucket. She applied the cold compress to the back of her neck, and told him, “Eh, nah.”

“... Are you alright?” he eventually asked, his face beet red and expression severe.

Mokou left the rag on her neck, spread her legs a bit more, and dropped the arm she’d used to cool herself on the floor. Closing her eyes, she sighed before telling him, “... Well, if I’m being honest everything hurts like hell right now, and I can’t move my legs correctly. That bitch Ka—... a certain bastard really killed me bad last night, and I’m feeling it pretty terribly.”

The way she’d said that...

“What do you mean ‘killed’ you? Is that a figure of speech?” he questioned.

Mokou looked at him, one eyebrow raised. “No? We fought to the death as usual, and she won in the end. I killed her a few times too, but she ultimately got me so bad I had to crawl back home last night after reviving the last time.”

No, no, no—wait.

Gen pushed his fingers into his hair, shoving them under his cap.

That’s not possible in Gensokyo. The only way to become truly immortal is to either ascend to divinity or remove the “worms” inside your body that cause it to die, but when you do that there are still ways to destroy and kill you for good. Mokou doesn’t have that problem, and she’s still... human, on top of that? Even if you destroyed the Mistresses through anything but sunlight, you couldn’t say you “killed” them either. What Mokou is talking about... isn’t she basically The Nameless One!? ... Much nicer to look at, though. She’s not even scarred.

“When you... ‘die’... you revive, Mokou, sis?” he asked.

She nodded. “Yep,” she replied, “and my wounds heal too, but it still hurts. Dying, that hurts the worst. I don’t do it for fun.”

“Hw... How!?”

Now the immortal looked irritated. “Cousin,” she addressed him, frowning, “you keep asking me all these questions, and you only ever basically said you were looking for me. You never said why—tch! Ow...” She put a hand against her ribs.

Gen frowned, still trying to ignore her open chest. Right... he thought, I came here to help her.

He looked around Mokou’s home. Based on what Keine had instructed him to do, the were-hakutaku teacher had not, actually, been going overboard in her concern. Outside, the place looked... yes, definitely fine. Inside, there were problems; and its sole resident was not remedying a single one of them. She was adding.


[] first set about cleaning up.

[] first went to take care of his cousin personally, despite his embarrassment.

[] realized there was a lot of work to do, and asked if a Tengu might come help him out in his coming tasks.
----If you pick this, also pick one of the first two choices in case Mokou agrees or disagrees.
>> No. 67375
[x] first set about cleaning up.

Down, Boy! Bad Gen!
>> No. 67376
[x] first set about cleaning up.
>> No. 67377
[x] first set about cleaning up
>> No. 67378
[X] first went to take care of his cousin personally, despite his embarrassment.
[X] realized there was a lot of work to do, and asked if a Tengu might come help him out in his coming tasks.

If she accepts, it'd be better to have the embarrassing thing taken care of first.
>> No. 67379
[x] first set about cleaning up.
>> No. 67380
[x] first set about cleaning up.
>> No. 67381
[x] first set about cleaning up.

I honestly get the feeling Mokou would be sort of annoyed if we try to help her take care of her body.

Just the impression I have. So right now I feel cleaning up her house is better right now.
>> No. 67383
File 154558189047.jpg - (492.23KB , 580x862 , hair first.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] first set about cleaning up.

[ ♫: http://listenonrepeat.com/watch/?v=VpNhxUIMXug ]
[When the Moon's Reaching Out Stars - Persona 3 (Meguro Shoji)]

“Sorry,” he started by apologizing. He took off his shoes and stepped inside. “I was asked by Miss Kamishirasawa to come take care of you and basically be your maid, because she heard you lost your battle last night.” He looked right, then left, and laid his eyes on her sink. It wasn’t in some exaggerated state, but dishes definitely needed doing.

“Kami... You mean Keine?” she asked as he walked toward his first task, chin in his right hand and elbow in his left. “Right... it was still a full moon last night. Then—she didn’t ‘hear’, you know? She just knew about what happened—eh, what was happening to me.”

He turned his eye back to her, looked at her breasts, then quickly tried to focus and maintain eye contact with her. “... Yes,” he said, and he followed this answer (very, very stiffly) with, “because she is a hakutaku.”

“So you’ve met Keine. You meet her last night?” she asked, not caring where he looked.

Still, he decided not to look. “Yeah,” he said, and he started wondering if there was a way to make cleaning dishware easier with magic. Dishes weren’t exactly “nature”, so... Entering the realm of more strange spellwork.

“Pff. That what has you making a hurt face every other second? She get you with a headbutt?” She laughed.

“Oh right, she did hit me, huh,” he mumbled. For whatever reason, the blow’s effects hadn’t lasted long. Suika’s punch, however, was definitely lingering.

“She gets me with that every once in a while,” Mokou chatted absently. “Dunno. Feels like you couldn’t tell that from getting a look at her, but she’s like fire otherwise.”

“Meeting her while she was green, she definitely felt imposing and threatening at least,” he said with a smile. Hmmm... let’s see... Have you got soap, Mokou, sis?

“How is she, anyway? Doing alright?”

“Angry,” he said, opening his suitcase and extracting a thin, leather-bound booklet. Mokou chuckled.

“Just ‘cause you were there?” she wondered aloud. “Did you do something? She doesn’t really pull out the headbutts unless you do something.”

“... Something was done,” he admitted, but he would not elaborate. Though what he’d done had been in public, it was a personal subject, and he did not know his cousin well. He flipped through the small tome with a now blank and focused expression, going over some of his and his Master’s notes.

“And what about you, Gen? How’ve you been?”

Though he wasn’t looking and so she could not see his face, he smirked at the question. “Excellent,” he said. “My life’s been grand.”

“That’s good,” she told him, and the way she spoke was, he thought, disarmingly genuine. Light, and with an honest emotion making him feel... rather comforted. With his finger on a page and passage in the notebook, he observed Mokou again.

The immortal was gazing out through her open doors, resting on the tatami and against the wall as before. She hadn’t moved. Her face had on a simple, and quietly pleased look: her lips turned up a touch, her eyes half-lid. He made it a point to not avoid viewing her chest. Mokou wasn’t going to change her stance, so it would be best if he got used to her being topless... He wouldn’t, of course—not today. He was, before anything else, a human with base attractions. In fact, he felt it was doubtful he’d ever really “get used to it”, at least at this point. So, he looked at her C cup breasts: the water running down them in rivulets and the beads clinging on top of them, sometimes dripping off. He looked, and tried to feel nothing (he felt something).

He gave his attention back to his book. He couldn’t automatically clean everything in her house, nor could he do magical repairs. These things were possible, but if he wanted to clean every one of her (bamboo, he noted) dishes and utensils, he’d have to enchant each one individually to have them act on their own. He’d also need to enchant her wash rag to scrub away old food, and outline how each and every thing should move—it was all possible, just not in any way simple. He’d need to take things like dimensions and space into account, on top of...

... He became interested in the idea.

Unlike usual dishes that are made of all sorts of different materials, her things are all made of bamboo: so, wood element—simple. If I make it clear that each bamboo item is separate, then... So what I really need isn’t much. She’s got a drying rack; bamboo too—wait, that’s irrelevant. That doesn’t matter. What’s this rag made from...?

“What’re you up to?”

He answered without looking (still rather deep in thought), “I’m seeing how much I can do about cleaning up without having to work manually.”

He went to his suitcase again and took out a pair of scrolls, his ink, and the soap he’d made in the morning. Thinking of the lady Suika again, he felt it was his turn to play Sword in the Stone here.

The process involved taking a quick measurement of the area: something more easily done with certain kappa equipment, but this wouldn’t be difficult. He took hold of the air around them, Mokou breathing out in a bit of fascination as this aspect of nature pulsed under his word, and while he had the space at command he called on light as well to measure it. Inside his suitcase gold began to shine, leaking from his steadfast and reliable Sunlight Book. At a rough estimate of his presumption of a cubic foot out from his position, eight faint and tiny balls of light would fade in and hold, until the entire room (and some of the outside) was lined up and down with even magic light. He would use this to take rough measurements... the units of magic didn’t tend to exactly be precise.

The rest was a simple matter of taking inventory of what was in the sink, enchanting those things and the cotton washcloth, dropping part of his soap into the sink, and running the faucet for a lather. He made clear cut instructions for the washing, cleaning, and being-put-to-drying process on a scroll (and importantly, where this was all to be done), and with some words and a wave of his finger (for flair—this was entirely unnecessary) the process of cleaning was thusly automated. Things floated, dipped themselves in water, and were scrubbed against the rag with bouncing, rather whimsical zeal, and the apprentice was delighted by the scene.

“Hehh, ain’t that really something?” asked Mokou, and he felt tickled in hearing through her voice that she was impressed. “Are you going to enchant my broom, too?”

She has a broom? He looked, saw that she was pointing a thumb to her right, and then looked at her armpit and the effect this motion had on her breast.

He shut his eyes. It’s so... so distracting. And gods; whenever I notice how much I’m looking, it makes me think I must be obsessed. Now, he opened them to a wince, his sight not having shifted. Aaagh, Mokou: I just... can’t... deal with you.

He shook his head, and then turned it to see where she was directing his attention: a pristine bamboo broom similar to Reimu’s (not Marisa’s, which had a frankly unnecessary overabundance of bristles), leaning against the corner, stuck between the wall and a somewhat short counter. It looks fantastic.

... That’s Keine.

He nodded, physically agreeing with his thoughts. Then he determined: This should be even easier. He pulled out another scroll, sat before Mokou’s low tea-time and dinner table and so sat before Mokou herself—trying to ignore her body as he penned information for a sweeping and dusting spell. He’d have to pick up large articles and the result of the broom’s cleaning on his own, but this would be overall much better than working with only his hands and muscle.


He allowed himself self-satisfaction.

Magic was a truly wonderful thing.


The dishes were drying and the floors had been swept.

After taking care of her bathroom and bedroom as well, Gen set about collecting the larger clutter that had been strewn about on Mokou’s floor: a few skewers for yakitori, some books and comics... mostly clothes, however. “Do you not have a hamper?” he asked, after picking up a fourth shirt of hers.

“Keine got me one,” she said, “I don’t use it.”

He frowned at the girl. She had both her legs out in front of her now and was nearly lying down on the mat. Her head was against her hands, the fingers of which were against the wall. She met his eyes, frowning halfly in return. “Hey, I use it when I’m doing laundry. I just mean it’s easier to just drop stuff on the floor when you’re home, you know?”

... You know what, she’s right, he agreed internally. Honestly, I think I can’t judge. Men and women... we’re both guilty of this. I forgot about how often I used to do that; because I’ve been living in the Mansion, I never have to worry about my clothes anymore. He sighed, and went to find this hamper. The enchantments, too, he thought. Those help.

Her hamper was, not surprisingly, a bamboo-grid, and woven base basket. She kept in a small closet in her room that he’d missed before, as his primary concern earlier had been removing her futon and finding the rack outside that she (or, likely, Keine) used to air it out. The closet was kept well, surprisingly. After dusting the space for only a little while, he brought the bin out to her main room and began to throw trousers and tops into it. And, although he’d been subconsciously avoiding them, he soon enough had to collect her first wayward pair of bloomers.

He plucked the white things up by the band, letting their knee-long legs fall, and he squinted down upon them silently. Mokou, to his left at the moment, chimed in. “Oh right,” she spoke, “if you’re gonna do laundry—”

She pulled off her bottoms, underwear and all. Gen threw her bloomers in her face.

“Bwf!” the immortal made a noise. The magician wore a face full of scorn. He hid his eyes behind his hand.

“Just... throw them in the basket,” he said, not bothering with complaints. All he’d seen of Mokou’s unmentionables had been a tuft of hair. He didn’t tarry on the thought, didn’t curiously peek. His appreciation of Mokou’s body would end at the top of her. He felt the basket in his other hand shake and grow a bit heavier as he heard the sound of cloth against cloth. He pulled it back and went to get the rest of her under things.

Cleaning the clothes was as simple as utilizing a basin in Mokou’s yard and improvising a wash cycle within it. He put it under a spell not even requiring a scroll or book—an incantation was all he needed to get the water (and so, the soap) he put within it swishing and turning on its own. While looking at it sloshing around, using spells to replace the dirty water with clean water every few minutes, he thought about what was to come next: bathing Mokou, or explaining to Keine later that scrubbing down a woman was a bridge too far for him.

As the teacher would no doubt know: he was presently only willing to do that voluntarily for Ibuki Suika. Family or not, to Gen Mokou was an attractive, noble stranger. He wouldn’t freely bathe his mother either... not unless it was a matter of very old age and his filial piety. He wouldn’t bathe his Mistress... readily. He’d have concerns. As he ruminated on the scenario of he as a man bathing other women, he concluded that his partner aside he would only have no real qualms washing his Master or... Wakasagihime. Wakasagihime was very cool.


... yeah, how should I go about this?

[] Hands on.

[] Bring her to the spring, tell her to bathe herself. She can use her arms!
>> No. 67384
I'm half tempted that Gen should just do the same thing with her that he just did to the clothes, just increase the water temperature and he's basically got spa jets on command which would really help with sore muscles too. He doesn't have to do anything hands on and this would honestly probably be pretty therapeutic for Mokou who already said is having a pretty hard time moving around.

Imagine enchanting a standing spa with magical water jets? That's 10/10 useful. Only thing that would be hard to do would be to heat it on command but I guess for Mokou that wouldn't really be an issue at all.
>> No. 67385
I was about to hit reply on perfectly accepting this as a write-in, but had some misgivings.

1) I'd be worried about soap getting into her nose, mouth, or eyes in the splashing madness.
2) Though he could charm a separate rag to scrub her clean, making it precise like getting between toes, behind ears, certain crevices would probably require researching her body, getting very precise. Much harder than putting a broom to work over a floor.

But I'm intrigued by the idea. I find it important to see how Genny boy could come to the conclusion, though. Right now thinking about it my present answer is "he'd either rule this out or not think about it", but hey, if I'm convinced and it's in character wouldn't be the first time a third option was invented by a reader.
>> No. 67386
[x] Hands on.
>> No. 67388
[x] Hands on.

how quickly can gen cheat on his woman?
>> No. 67390
[X] Bring her to the spring, tell her to bathe herself. She can use her arms!

There's a limit and this is it-he can contact me shut in in the meantime too
>> No. 67392
[X] Bring her to the spring, tell her to bathe herself. She can use her arms!
>> No. 67394
[X] Bring her to the spring, tell her to bathe herself. She can use her arms!
>> No. 67396
File 154659712385.jpg - (166.65KB , 638x478 , rly.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Bring her to the spring, tell her to bathe herself. She can use her arms!

[ ♫: http://listenonrepeat.com/watch/?v=Bhb3l-9FT4s ]
[Way of Life - Persona 3 Portable (Meguro Shoji)]

After he’d changed the water out what he expected to be a final time, Gen stood up and entered the house again, marching toward his alleged cousin.

“Hm? What?” she spoke, hands on her thigh (as she’d been massaging it). He rounded her (best he could, there being a wall in the way), put his arms under hers, and lifted her while trying not to think about how she felt in his hold. The eternal young immortal only looked confused.

He brought Mokou out of her home, dangling her in front of himself somewhat like a cat—his forearms locked over her chest and his nose, not breathing, pressed to her hair. He dragged her to her bathing area, and placed her into it, tossing a bar of soap her way, which floated before her as she sat baffled.

“Here,” he said. “Clean yourself. I’d do it, and I feel Miss Kamishirasawa would expect me to do it, but blood or no blood I don’t know you that well Mokou, sis.” He turned and threw a glance to the spin cycle he had running on her clothing. “I’ll get a rag,” he told her, “soap up and all that on your own. Your arms are fine, right?”

“Yeah, yeah,” she answered as he moved into her place again in search of a washcloth. “Nmm mm... Hmm mmm...” She started humming. That was nice.

“Here’s one...” he muttered, pulling something out of her closet. He cast his gaze around as he exited again, eye out for any damage he’d need to repair. On cursory evaluation, he didn’t see anything that needed fixing. No damage to the house.

He hopped down to the earth outdoors and threw a sud-covered Mokou the cloth that he’d found. She caught it, wet it, and began washing her face after a “Thanks”.

He sat before the wash basin as it finished the cycle he’d set it to, watching the water turn. Behind him, Mokou spoked up after a splash (against her face, perhaps), “Pwuh! Hm. Gen, is there anything else you’re up to today?”

“Potentially. I’m currently in the middle of a quest...” he answered coolly, smiling at how lame that sounded coming from his mouth. “I might go any number of places after this.”

“Hmmn. You’re not gonna stay and hang with me?”

He turned his ear to her, cocking an eyebrow. “You want my company? You seem to like being alone.”

She chuckled, just once. “I make an exception for the good guys,” she said with a bit of a rasp. It didn’t have the disarming, enthralling tone of his Mistress, but he found he was fond of the somewhat rough, yet obviously pristinely youthful quality that Mokou’s voice bore.

“Well...” he began, returning his head to a neutral position and looking at Mokou’s seemingly spotless laundry, “if you’re willing to tell me about yourself, maybe I’d be willing to stay.” He whispered an incantation and cast the water within the basin out into the stalks. He also drew most of the moisture from the fibers, and was surprised that the seals on her hakama hadn’t gotten wet at all.

Mokou grumbled. “... Maybe... one question, I’ll answer,” she eventually said. Gen thought about that, putting a finger to his lip while he stood to get the clothes from their container.

“... How do I get here, if I want to?” he asked with a smile. He heard the water swish in the little bath she’d made herself.

“Hmm... that’s what you want to know?” she asked. He looked behind at her, appreciated that he could only see her shoulders before the water, and nodded. “Well... there’s this old wooden cart, see: bamboo’s grown right through it. First thing you do when coming in here from the Human Village: you get going to the left and forward a bit and keep walking ‘til you hear the birds playing in it...”


“... and if you’re ever getting confused, best thing to do is look around for signs of fire. That’s probably me.”

“... That’s terribly confusing,” he answered, looking over to the girl from his work at her clothesline.

“Did you write it down?” she asked, grinning. He sighed through his nostrils.

“As you can see: I’m still putting up your laundry.”

“You could’ve forgot about that and got out a pen and paper. That’s your own fault—you asked,” she told him, still looking amused.

“... I like putting laundry up straight away,” he grumbled, clipping up her last pair of bloomers onto the line. He looked over her mentionable and unmentionables with his hands on his hips, thinking, Maybe I should write it down...

“I’m just kidding by the way. Don’t write it down.”

He folded his arms now, facing her completely and looking as she scrubbed between her toes (presumably, given how she was leaning forward). “Why?” he wondered. “Your enemies could find it?”

“Eientei? They already know where I live.” A puff of laughter escaped her nose. “They know everything about the forest. I’m not hiding out in here; it’s just where I live.”

Miss Kamishirasawa didn’t make it sound that way. He revealed his thoughts: “Is Miss Keine just paranoid, then?”

“Huh? Oh hell yeah, not that Ka—not that they’re not annoying as hell. Anyway, don’t bother writing it down ‘cause it’s all about feeling, and if you try to find somewhere specific using directions, the forest will screw with you. Think of those as... tips. Knowing about it vaguely is better than actually ‘knowing’.”

“Fairies do that in the Forest of Magic: screwing with your direction,” he commented.

“You can figure that out though. This forest is like the Lake: they both do shit that doesn’t make any sense.”

He made a small sound of agreement.

“So there’s a ‘Ka’ person you don’t want to tell me about, huh,” he casually mentioned. Then, he sought to confirm: “Because knowing would be a risk to me, right?”

“Ye—hey, I said one question,” she snapped lightly, looking his way while combing her fingers through her hair. “Yeah,” she repeated, “definitely don’t press me about that stuff. Keine knows because I trust her, and trust they won’t mess with her... but the uhh... the Eientei crew: they wouldn’t hesitate if you knew them. Specifically, if you knew the bitch I can’t name, they’d kill you for knowing it, and I’m seriously not joking when I say that, Gen.”

“Alright, alright; I’m not gonna pry. I don’t want to know beyond figuring out more about you, anyway,” he told her. Then he paused for a moment, glanced toward the bamboo and asked, “What about ‘Eirin’?”

Mokou glared at him. He pretended he didn’t notice. “Eirin... It’s fine if you know the name ‘Eirin’, but I won’t give you her family’s name.”


“She’s the one who’d kill you,” said Mokou, frowning a bit. She then said, in a lower voice “... Not that I can really criticize.”

“...” Gen knew not to touch that subject from her tone. At any rate, he figured ‘Eirin’ had been the one who’d fired an arrow at his head. After all, after catching that arrow, his cousin had named who was likely the bowman. So, he knew Mokou’s warnings were serious.

Still, he wondered how these “Eientei” folk would react after killing him when his family at the Mansion came to the forest for blood repayment.

Mokou seems powerful for a supposed human, but is this Eirin as powerful as those I know? Miss Suika, too.

“You’ve got a bad look on your face,” Mokou observed, and he was taken from his thoughts to see her frowning his way. “Listen, Eirin and the folks at Eientei... no matter how tough the pals you’ve made are, they’re seriously way above anything else here in Gensokyo.” She lifted her hand to see the rag within it, squeezing it a few times and draining it of water. “I can only keep up with that girl because she’s no fighter, and frankly, neither was I ever... but Eirin...” She met his eyes again. “Don’t fuck with her, okay?”

He nodded. “Got it.” He could tell those weren’t words to take lightly.

“I mean you’ve gotten caught up with Kazami Yuuka so you might think, ‘hey maybe I can push it’, but that youkai’s a known bully before anything else. Eirin’s just... She’s just cold.”

“I’m not thinking I can push it! Don’t worry!” he insisted. “I only told you the tales of my exploits through Gensokyo; you haven’t seen the ways I’ve grown and matured.” He smiled to himself.

“Cocky bastard, think about what you’re gonna say before you say it. Can’t believe I had to go and hear that.” Mokou complained, shaking her head.

“In all seriousness I’m trying to turn down the recklessness,” he said, looking up to the bit of blue sky he could see. That might be harder with Suika around...

“Well whatever you do, don’t die unless you’re supposed to. Don’t rush toward death... but don’t prolong it forever either, alright?”

“Hm, well... no promises.”

“Anyway I’m done here. Pull me out, alright?”

He flew inside for a second to grab a towel and then went toward her, noting that none of his soap was left. He pulled her from the bath, keeping the towel behind her. He paused halfway through the act, blushed, and brought her into a princess carry: right hand under her knees, the other supporting her upper back.

“Hey, this is more like it,” Mokou commented lightly, patting her front down a bit more with the cloth. He tried to ignore her sensations once more and walked to her porch, where he sat down with her naked in his lap. “What?” she remarked teasingly, “you’re alright with me being nude now?”

“I’m just letting you air-dry and trying to get used to you,” he said, looking straight ahead and remaining very calm. He met her eye with a bit of a pout, “We’ll sit here for a while if that’s fine with you. Sleep if you wish.”

Mokou considered that, then raised her arms over her head, shaking all over with her eyes firmly shut. He frowned, eyes naturally falling on her feminine aspects. He closed his own eyes, then felt her arm over his shoulder, making him open one. She was resting on him, looking toward the bamboo forest.


And for a while, they were quiet.


“... Hmn,” Gen mumbled, shaking his head. He’d nearly dozed off in peace. In his arms, Mokou was taking a nap. He let out a sigh, rotated his shoulders and bounced his heel, then stood on her front step, turning to her bedroom.

He took away the towel for drying later and put her on her futon, then went to her closet for anything like sleepwear. He found bloomers... And one dress shirt. With hard eyes, he took time to dress her in both before putting a thin blanket over the immortal.

With that done he slid the door to her room closed and helped himself to a cup of water. He leaned against her kitchen counter and stared outside, unable to see the laundry or her spring from this vantage point.

... Oh: I forgot to ask her about Hatate, he remembered, and he checked his paper to see if the crow had contacted him.

She had. She wrote: Did you die?

He answered No.

A reply immediately came back of, Are you heading back?

He would, now. He just needed to see if her clothing had dried in the sun and take it down. He’d also put up a little barrier just in case her so-called enemies got bloodthirsty again. Something noisy, to wake her up to intruders.

Next, he thought he’d—

[] go back home.

[] go to the Mountain.

[] go see Reimu.
>> No. 67397
[x] go to the Mountain.
let's go chat up some birds
>> No. 67398
[x] go see Reimu.
Don't forget the shawl.
>> No. 67399
[X] go see Reimu.

We need to bring the shawl with us. And maybe we can give Hatate some info about our quest, to give her some stuff to write about?
>> No. 67400
(X) go back home.

Genny-boy needs to stop molesting girls and get molested himself.
>> No. 67401
[x] go back home.
>> No. 67402
[x] go see Reimu.
>> No. 67403
[X] go see Reimu.
>> No. 67404
[X] go see Reimu.

It's not that late out, is it?
>> No. 67405
like early afternoon or something; maybe 3
>> No. 67406
[x] go back home.

You indicated that staying the night was kind of a big deal so we should just stop making our master worry.
>> No. 67407
File 154711966682.jpg - (724.04KB , 900x1440 , doya.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] go see Reimu.


After finishing up at his cousin’s house, the magician’s apprentice promptly attempted to escape the Forest of the Lost. Mercifully, he finally broke through the grove in half an hour, encountering a field of grass and no discernable path. After spotting the Human Village in the distance, he flew posthaste to the Forest’s entrance.


“Specifically: Gen,” said the human as he touched down beside the forest’s warning sign. The tengu from before was seated on the ground, fiddling with her phone-shaped camera. “Sorry I kept you waiting. And, doubly sorry: I didn’t even ask the person I was visiting if you could see them.”

“Aha... that’s fine,” said Himekaido Hatate, standing now and brushing off the back of her skirt. “Where are you headed now?”

And Gen remembered what their arrangement was, frowning at the thought. “... You intend to follow me everywhere?”

“Yes!” she exclaimed, leaning toward him with her fists balled in excitement, eyes nearly glittering. He winced, and his expression worsened.

”Rejected,” he said flatly. Her wings flared out, her brow went into disarray. “That’s not happening. I’ll let you document me from a distance if I’m out and about, but if you’re right next to me every day I’m eventually going to lose it. I know that.”

Himekaido Hatate was unable to respond.

“Preferably talk to me every so often, like anyone else I know,” he told her, slouching his posture. “And if you want to follow me around, try to be secretive about it. If I feel eyes on me, I’m liable to cast fire at the first sign of danger. Oh and.... don’t watch me at night or the early morning. Privacy, you know?”

She was writing all this down.

“If you raise my affection gauge enough, I might not even mind you tailing me all that much,” he mentioned.

“You have a gauge of some kind...?”

He smiled.

“Yes. Master has maxed it out, Wakasagihime is up there, and... one other is breaking the upper limits.”

“I see...” She wrote that down as well. He was not compelled to explain or clarify. He looked toward the village.

“For now, I’m heading to the Shrine. We can talk some other time. I’ll send you a word if I’m free. Until then, keep back, alright?” He demanded this with a finger pointed at her nose.

Hatate considered this, her face showing frustration at the proposition for a while before she meekly answered, “Alright...”

Her wings spread out behind her.

Before the strange youkai could beat them, Gen told her, “... Sorry for being this standoffish.”

She shook her head, lifting off a foot from the earth with a rush of air. “No,” the bird admitted, “it’s good to learn all these things. These... boundaries. Thanks, human.”

“Alright, shoo.”

He waved her away, and she was gone in that instant.

Now I’ve got two tengu watching me...

At least I know about it, I guess.
With some uneasy nerves, and a little guilt despite himself, the boy looked toward the Hakurei’s hill and thought to himself: Let’s go.
>> No. 67408
File 154711972845.png - (1.22MB , 1667x830 , at the shrine.png ) [iqdb]
What he found past the torii gate lifted his spirits immediately.

“Aah, Gen, Gen! Weren’t you doing other stuff!?”

He opened his arms, and Ibuki Suika leapt into them.

“Eh? It’s been a day and you two are already like that?” With his eyes closed, he heard Reimu’s voice while the oni hugged him and squeezed his ribs. His brow twitched from the pain in his side, but his smile did not change. While she snuggled into his stomach, he opened his eyes.

“Hello, Miss Reimu,” greeted the apprentice.

Reimu was turning to face him, sitting cross-legged in front of an arrangement of candles and, from what he could see, a ceremonial rope. He also spotted some ofuda stuck in the air before her. Is that for exorcising the shawl?

The little red and white girl returned to a standard posture. “You people,” she began, in as curmudgeonly a tone as ever, “can’t you at least leave me alone when I’m actually working?”

“I only came by to check on things for a second and besides, it’s just us two right?”

“Three,” she clarified somewhat darkly.


“Hi Gen!”

Looking past the young shrine maiden, he saw a young witch seated on the Shrine’s porch, stuffing her face with dango. She had looked up from her snacks to wave at him, and now while chewing a candied dumpling stared at him with her eyebrows uneven.

Marisa spoke again. “Gen, you know Suika?” she asked. Putting a thumb to her chin she also observed, “Moreover, you’re that close...?”

He opened his mouth to answer, and Reimu spoke up. “This rag is yours, right?”

Assuming she was addressing him, he answered her. Meanwhile, Suika began to climb her way to his shoulders. “Yeah—” he said, then corrected, “well, no. It’s technically in my position. I guess it’s... Izanagi’s. Izamani’s?”

“Whoever’s it is, if you want it cleared up completely you should come back in five days.” She stretched her arms out over her head, then dropped them, rocking her body for a moment. “Six days,” she updated, “probably. This curse is heavy. Exorcising it feels like draining a bath through a crack,” At that, she cracked her neck, “Like a really small crack, one you wouldn’t even notice.” She looked at him once more. “So? What do you need this for anyway? Once I get rid of the grudge it’ll just be an ordinary cloth.”

With Suika now seated around his neck, his hands securing her by the tops of her thighs, Gen explained, “It’s Master Patchouli’s request that I get her something like... a self-warming blanket. To be honest the request was vague but this seemed suitable, and there may be a way to return its power in a... less destructive capacity. Suika suggested it.” He looked upward; the oni sitting on top of him began slouching forward and sliding back in order to rest her arms on his head while she drank from her gourd. He heard her imbibing, twisted his eyebrows, and smiled. “Anyway that’s fine. I have eleven days to work things out,” he finished, returning his attention to Reimu.

“Hm,” was Reimu’s answer. She went back to her motionless work without another word.

Meanwhile Marisa had come to approach them in the air while sitting sideways on her broom, plate in one hand and skewer in the other. Leaned forward, she looked over the oni and human pair, considering them. “Are you two dating?” she asked.

“Yep,” Suika answered easily. He simply blushed at the blunt question.

“Whoa! That’s crazy!” exclaimed the younger magician, showing a physical reaction in her surprise. She moved a little closer to him, almost teasingly. “An oni, Gen?” she probed.

“Yes, well...” It didn’t seem like something to discuss with a child: his flurry of affection for the little oni. It was... too embarrassing, and perhaps not of another’s interest to gush over his new female friend to explain himself. “Maybe I’ll tell you more about it later.”

“Hmmm...” the little girl chewed noisily. She gulped. “Did you kiss?”

“Yes...” he answered slowly. Above his head, the one he’d kissed had a squirming smile and shut eyes.

“W... Wow! Awesome!” Marisa whispered loudly.

“W-Well, I’m an adult,” said Suika, and he glanced up, unable to see her sharp and slightly nervous look. “That’s only natural.”

“I guess so, but you look like a kid,” said Marisa, with an almost pitying face. Gen’s blush deepened. He felt Suika shrug.

“I look how I look. Looks are only looks. If you knew more oni, you’d know we look like all SORTS of things.”

That right?

“You guys haven’t had your first date yet, right? I mean, Suika’s only been here for a few days. You ain’t had the chance yet, right? Right?” Marisa continued to prod at them. Reimu, not far away, was listening.

A date with Miss Suika... A thought he gladly entertained. “I haven’t officially courted this woman yet,” he replied.

“Tell me all about your first date when you have it!” shouted Marisa, stars clear in her eyes. Out the corner of his eye he saw the Shrine Maiden nod twice.

“... Alright,” he allowed, with a bit of a defeated, but not displeased look. Marisa pumped her fist, Reimu glanced over her shoulder.

Gen tapped Suika twice on her knee and she began to take her voluminous skirt from his body, rattling into the air a bit loudly before he put a hand to the small of her back. The youkai girl bounced at the touch, but relaxed fast, letting her human pull her into his arms. He stepped from the ground into flight, holding her close, her loose clothing, hair, and chains falling like water until they halted at their limits before the stones below. She seemed happy with this, and so he held her a little closer.

“I’m off for now, then. Thank you for everything, Reimu,” he announced.

“It’s my job,” said the Shrine Maiden, moving her gaze back onto the strange seals and ritual materials before her.

“Later, Marisa,” he followed with a nod.

“See ya!” she answered.

He took off to the skies, and felt Suika’s heart beating against his chest. Looking at her, he saw in her knitted brow and fidgeting lips an eagerness she was finding difficult to contain. He gratified her, and thought again how charmed he was by her honesty, her wanting nature.

Quiet, he heard a distant “They kissed!”, and nose to nose the two laughed.

He stared out ahead as they flew.

“Actually, I feel like I’ve kidnapped you, Lady Suika. Humans are kidnapped by oni, right?” commented Gen. “I hope I’m not taking you away from whatever you had planned today.”

Suika was breathing at the front of his shirt now, and looking tired. He crouched a bit into himself at her heat, and lifted a hand to knock her on her head.

“Quit it,” he said, “don’t make me lose focus and drop out of the sky.”

Suika chuckled once, and his cheeks warmed at the scent of sake coming from her. “Nah, I ain’t busy now. Where to?” she asked him.

[] The Mountain to figure things out.

[] The Forest of Magic to speak with Alice about possible alternatives.

[] Home/The Lake to touch base.


image sources:
>> No. 67409
[x] Home/The Lake to touch base.
>> No. 67410
[x] Home/The Lake to touch base.
Lake first?
I wonder how Patchouli will react to their relationship.
>> No. 67411
[x] Home/The Lake to touch base.

Introducing yourself to the in-laws.
>> No. 67412
[x] Home/The Lake to touch base.
The best girl in his life should meet the second place.
>> No. 67413
[x] The Forest of Magic to speak with Alice about possible alternatives.

tide pissing
>> No. 67414
[X] The Forest of Magic to speak with Alice about possible alternatives.

Always have a plan b.
>> No. 67415
[X] The Forest of Magic to speak with Alice about possible alternatives.

Ok, I see what I want.
I want Gen to cheat on Suika with Hatate. Yes, this is my wish.
>> No. 67416
File 154744213895.jpg - (387.45KB , 1000x465 , wakashocka.jpg ) [iqdb]
image source: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2177126


[X] Home/The Lake to touch base.

“First, to the Lake. I’ve been meaning to talk with a friend of mine.”

“The friend you kissed?” she questioned.

“Well... yes,” he acknowledged. “Actually on that subject, I should probably let you know that... How do I even put this?”

Suika cocked her head to the side, and he looked at the tip of her left horn as it neared his face.

“The immortal in the bamboo forest...” he began, carefully, “she claims she’s my cousin. After talking with Miss Kamishirasawa, she bid me to go help the girl out.”

“Uh huh...?”

“I did, but she was... too much a free spirit.”

She kissed you?” Suika ventured and he thought about whether or not that would have been worse than what had actually transpired.

He couldn’t decide. “She would not wear clothes around me, and since she was half-paralyzed I had to carry her naked body around.”

“What the heck!? What the heck are you doing!?” the oni shouted. Not meeting her eye he told her:

“I tried to become accustomed to her nudity, but... that’s impossible, right? And the supposed ‘family’ ties between us are very, very thin. Not that I’d be comfortable around any of my other nearer-in-blood cousins while they were unclothed.” Now he met her eyes, asking, “What do you think, Suika?”

“I think you’ve gotta carry me around naked to make things fair,” she said, her brow lowered in some aggravation.

“It’d just end with that?” he spoke quizzically, lifting an eyebrow with the question. Suika’s face flushed a deep scarlet.

“P-Pervert!” she cried.

“I think I should know your body even more intimately than I already do,” he proposed, closing his eyes and speaking lightly. Looking into her face he asked, “How about it? You know, just to make this fair.”

Ibuki Suika’s blush now went from ear to ear. She pushed out of his arms and took to flying somewhat behind and beside him, childishly batting balled fists down on his head and shoulder. She whined while he smirked through the barrage, one eye closed. “Awww, stop!” she cried. “You're making me remember how crazy I got last night! Stop that!”

“This is about making things right. I am offering recompense with this feeble body of mine. I offer you my hands and fingers.” He kept on, noting: “Especially these fingers, Miss Suika. I have no qualms meeting your preferences.”

“Nnnnnnn, Geeen!!” she growled, and his face showed a jester’s joy. He gave a “whoa!” and dipped under the swinging out of her hand in its attempt to snatch his collar.

“Whatever’s the problem, my lady!? Is there an issue with how much I adore you?” he shouted, flying backward as she glared at him. His hands were in his pockets, and his posture was playful: pushing out his rear and bending his upper body toward her. “I would already kiss you from the hands above our head to the toes at your feet! I find every part of you too adorable to pass up!”

“Aaahh!! Aaaaahh!! Why are you yelling all this out in the damn sky!?” she screamed, and she dove at him for a hold—which he avoided, rather deftly.

“Shut my mouth, then! I think that’s the only way to stop me,” he sang, swaying back from her. He opened his arms wide and said, “Well?”

“Ohhh!? You wanna go, huh? You wanna go!? Then, let’s go, huh!” His lover was riled at once, and was already posed ready to tussle. He began reciting a spell, and in a moment he was fending her off through Gensokyo’s skies, their fighting going on all the way to Misty Lake, and catching more than a few eyes as it did so.

[ ♫: http://listenonrepeat.com/watch/?v=YIGzIY4y8P0 ]
[ゆらら紙芝居 - 東方猫鍵盤3 (豚乙女)]

The Lake was clear at this hour, sunlight breaking across it in innumerable and brilliant fragments. The sky reflected was split and shattered as a raucous pair clashed over the surface. Small, yet sharp waves followed their feet as one chased the other; the aggressor breathing powerful fog and scattering bright magic, the prey speaking in a non-native tongue to gather his own. Contrary to the expressions they’d worn just beneath the clouds, the two now looked full of determination and zeal—the human between them was on the back foot, the oni between them was testing his limits. With a mid-sized tome in hand and shining, Itou Gen spun the waters of Misty Lake to his devices, making serpents and dragons which Suika would either catch in her hand or ride along in whirlwind and majestic routes.

He found that Suika’s danmaku was... certainly difficult to contend with, but it was not, perhaps… perhaps “refined” would be the best word for its missing aspect. His lover seemed to have interpreted the term “bullet curtain” quite literally, and oftentimes he felt that he was meant to try to dodge between the weaves of a carpet. As a contrast, his partner handled every one of his maneuvers and formations effortlessly, which was rather disarming. Not for the awe or despair of seeing someone easily surmount some of his best work (neither factored at all, in fact), but because Suika’s forms throughout dodging kept tugging at him to swoon. Her dance was too captivating in that dress, without sleeves, with those chains, and with that length of hair. Everything just moved so well and fantastic along with her, and he knew he would fall if only because he could not stop thinking of her as gorgeous.

Couldn’t use that as an excuse, though. He attempted to steel himself, and met the oni quite seriously to the end.

In a few minutes, the sands and pebbles of the shore were thrown in the blast of a tumbling body. At the end of this, rather dirty and with pant legs damp, Itou Gen lifted his upper body with his elbows’ leverage, wincing, but exhilarated. Suika’s fist had found his stomach through a bulwark of water and sunlight magics, and her tiny punch had hit him like a truck. He found that he was laughing as he stood on shaking legs. What a punch... he thought, holding his front and sporting a warbling smile. I thought I could keep away with that refraction, but she definitely figured out that I was baiting her...

Just barreled right through it. “Hell with your plan”.

Suika drifted down into the trail his body had left, dust and vapor swirling around her. She was grinning, and when she saw his crumpled shape, she roared with laughter. “Gahahaha!!” Tears were in her eyes, and she pointed at him. “Look at your face! And you thought you were being cool as hell, didn’t you!?”

He breathed in, held that quivering, and exhaled slowly, calmly. “I did think that,” he admitted. He took a survey of their present surroundings. “You were much cooler, though, Suika.” He looked her in the eye, saying, “I can’t stop looking at you. You’re beautiful.”

“Again with that...” with her hands on her hips, she spoke with a touch of irritation, but the wicked-seeming grin she wore seemed to him more pleased than piqued. She marched toward him as he got his bearings once more. “You said that’d shut you up, but you’re just full of it, huh?” she prodded.

“Yeah, my head is full of you,” said Gen, resting his palm between her horns when she’d neared him enough. He couldn’t see her expression, but she wasn’t removing his hand. He sighed. Too cute, he told himself for the fortieth time. The girl was too cute.

He stepped past Suika and moved toward a... less disturbed portion of the shore. He’d determined that this area wasn’t really a danger; perhaps Suika’s excited presence had driven away other youkai—like Yuuka had at Muenzuka the year before. He took from his suitcase the drilled stone “flute” Wakasagihime had given him. He reset its melody, played hers, and held its string to dip it into Misty Lake while Suika watched him enthralled.

Three tones quietly played.

In a minute, the water swelled, and out came a spitting mermaid with curled, teal hair. She wasn’t looking as she breached, thus she was very surprised by the pair she saw that summoned her. Her eyelashes bat, hands went up, and she zoomed away from the sands.

“Wh... What!? Gen—no way, you...!?”

Wakasagihime was terribly flustered.

“Good day, Princess. Um... what’s the matter?” he asked, as he put an arm across Suika’s head and horns to support himself, breathing out again. Suika seemed fascinated, not noticing the boy’s weight and examining all she could of Wakasagihime’s face from a distance. The mermaid was shivering and her shoulders were raised in fear and defense. Gen was confused.

“O-O... O-O-O-Oni! Th-That’s an oni, right!?” asked his friend. He furrowed his brow, and Suika bared all of her teeth in a grin.

While pointing at the fish-girl, his oni companion goaded her. “Ya scared?” she jabbed, next declaring, “Yeah, go ahead and be scared! I’m a real scary youkai!”

“What are you doing?” Gen grumbled, now propping his elbows on her horns and his cheeks on his hands. “Don’t scare her.”

“G... Gen!” shouted Wakasagihime, now perhaps twenty meters away. “Watch out! They like to be friendly, but oni are super dangerous! I don’t know if you’re friends with that one, but be careful!”

“Huhh...” he moaned. Below him, Suika seemed giddy. He addressed her, asking, “Have you met mermaids before, Suika?” She glanced up.

“Yeah, in Cyprus,” she said. “I watched the Lake along with everything else for a while this last month, but it didn’t really hit me. Even when they came to parties—Gensokyo’s got a bunch of new sorts, eh...? How’d they even get here? They swim?”

He considered that. “Hm, I haven’t asked.”

“Gen, are you alright!? Did you fight her!?” The mermaid seemed to have noticed the damage to the shore.

“Princess! Come over here! I insist: it’s fine! I’ll explain, just get closer!” Jeez, he thought, Wakasagihime never really struck me as—

He recalled the day he’d met the Princess. For one thing, she’d said she’d been frightened of his Master and Sakuya simply for assuming them to be youkai. For another, although she’d fought right alongside him against a true monster, that was a matter of life or death—and when presented with fight or flight, her first instinct had been the latter, the former only a tool to achieve it.

So if she knew of oni, who once ruled The Mountain... surely she would be afraid. At the same time, he felt like Wakasagihime’s family had to be many generations old... but perhaps not old enough to remember oni. If they had... Well, regardless, when had oni disappeared from Gensokyo? He couldn’t ask Suika that... She would, perhaps, be enraged by the question. A trick, to get her age? He didn’t care how old she was either, so...

“Ah, you came,” he noted, the water-girl having tread close now. He gave her half a smile. “That was easier than when I got you to say ‘hello’ to Lady Patchouli.”

“Yeah, I don’t know what I’m thinking,” said Wakasagihime, looking up at him with her eyebrows pushing together. Her lips were very much turned down. “When I said ‘hello’, she said ‘hm’, and pulled me out of the water. Why do I trust you?”

“We’re friends,” he told her, removing himself from his lover’s horns. He glanced at her as he stepped to her side, seeing that the oni wanted to push a finger into this friend’s cheek. “Wakasagihime,” he addressed the waterborne youkai, showing his palm toward the child of the earth, “this is Ibuki Suika. I’m courting her.”

Wakasagihime flinched.

“Wasn’t that not official?” teased Suika with her arms folded. Wakasagihime flinched again.

“I meant I haven’t taken you out for a dinner or anything, no romantic evenings or specific ‘date’-like activities... just a gyoza lunch...” he explained, a bit seriously. “We’ve done other things, but I want to treat you...”

Unbeknownst to him, Suika’s heart fluttered. She reached over to pinch his cheek, and tugged his face toward her, at which points she moved her lips to that cheek and began happily kissing it. Gen turned his eyes to his friend and told her, “Well, as you can see... this isn’t meant as a joke.”

Suika continued to kiss him, in spite of the awkward and bent posture this put him in. Wakasagihime, still in the water, seemed to be vibrating. Gen blinked, and then put on a boisterous face, aiming his thumb at his chest. “How’s that!?” he boasted, “Gen got himself a lover!”

“Gen... are you ever going to turn sane...?”

“Not when I’m... no, that’s too obvious,” he told her, refraining from mentioning what he was now “crazy” for. He put his finger to Suika’s forehead and pushed her away from his face, standing to his full height while she moaned in annoyance beside him. “So it’s like that,” he announced. “I wanted to let you know, because I’m very fond of you, Princess.”

“Well... I can’t say I’m happy for you...” she muttered, her eyes drifting toward his new partner. “It’s an oni, Gen.”

“You’re a fish,” said Suika, and Gen spat a laugh from between his lips. Wakasagihime eyeballed the tiny youkai-girl, her lips taut.

“Fish princess...” she mumbled, and at the comment Gen smiled.

“Yer a real princess? For real!?” Suika yelled.

“Wakasagi princess,” the ‘princess’ replied, smirking just a bit lightly.

“Are you from Hokkaido?”

“I’m from Gensokyo.”

“Then, why ‘wakasagi’?”

The mermaid shrugged. “Bad sense of humor?” she offered.

Suika bent down to stand on her toes, now engaged by his friend. He brushed some earth from his shirt, and whispered the rest away from his outfit while watching the two fondly.

”Hey, how long have mermaids been in the Lake?” asked Suika.

“Eight hundred years,” answered Wakasagihime.

“You’re joking,” Suika told her, wearing a smile now. Wakasagihime shook her head.

“No, it’s been eight hundred years.”

“Eight hundred years? Wakasa gi?”

“Oh right! No, no, we don’t live that long! We’re not related to ningyo, either!”

“That explains why you look Grecian... But why do you look Japanese?”

“Maybe it was... a romance between humans and us?” Wakasagihime proposed.

Suika chuckled. “Kahaha! What a fine idea!”

“It sounded like you were opposed to that, Princess,” Gen chimed in. The mermaid gave him a smug look.

We’re friends with humans,” she said, as she always said. Suika’s laughing face immediately became a glaring one.

“Oi! We oni have the strongest bond with humans! Picking a fight? I’ll fish you out with my bare hands!” she growled.

“Some bond...” said Wakasagihime, trying to keep her posture still, her expression mocking, “you’ve been gone since before there was written history in Japan, you know?”

“At least we didn’t crash boats!”

“Hah...!? Are you stupid!? At least we didn’t kidnap people!”

Suika stared the fish-girl down, and Wakasagihime grit her teeth. Meanwhile Gen looked toward the distant mansion.

I should head inside... he thought to himself while the pair of girls fluctuated between banter and bullying, But I’m not sure if I should bring Miss Suika along. Master... Master really doesn’t like oni.

These two seem to be getting along,
he observed, glancing back to see Suika pressing a finger into his friend’s face, his friend holding up her hands and shutting her eyes.

Well... what to do?

[] Leave Suika with Wakasagihime.

[] Bring Suika along to Scarlet Devil Mansion.
>> No. 67417
[X] Leave Suika with Wakasagihime.
Probably a good idea.
>> No. 67418
[x] Bring Suika along to Scarlet Devil Mansion.

I can already hear the TUMBLING DOWN TUMBLING DOWN TUMBLING DOWN faintly in the background. We might as well increase the volume.
>> No. 67419
(X) Bring Suika along to Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Protect the Princess, bully those who can take it. Maybe Remi and Suika can talk about their mutual dissatisfaction with the fried beans market.
>> No. 67420
[x] Bring Suika along to Scarlet Devil Mansion.

No brakes on this train.
>> No. 67421
[x] Leave Suika with Wakasagihime.
>> No. 67422
[X] Leave Suika with Wakasagihime.

I want to see Suika & Waggysaggy continue their argument. It sounds fun. :D

Hmm has anyone told Wakasagihime about the theory that maybe mermaids were a mistaken impression/inspiration of/from dugongs? :D

>> No. 67423
[x] Leave Suika with Wakasagihime.
>> No. 67424
[X] Leave Suika with Wakasagihime.

They're our friends, so we want them to get along. This is the best way.

Besides, Master's 'No oni in the library' order is still in effect. Uh, probably.
>> No. 67425
[x] Leave Suika with Wakasagihime.
>> No. 67426
[x] Leave Suika with Wakasagihime.

Eh, they'll get along.
>> No. 67428
[x] Leave Suika with Wakasagihime.

whats the worst that could happen?
>> No. 67430
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THREAD 6 >>67429

Though it may be a little while until the next update. Current focus is >>/shrine/41060
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