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File 152880674018.png - (2.19MB , 1000x1414 , Ibuki Suika.png ) [iqdb]
66462 No. 66462
♫: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRj1EfwRnQI

The story of...

THREAD 1 >>65260
THREAD 2 >>65548
THREAD 3 >>65922
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>> No. 66795
[x] Get Gen to research something. Not oni. Enough about oni.

tsundere mode begin
>> No. 66796
[x] Give him a break: send him on an adventure in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.

Give me cute buns please
>> No. 66797
[] Get Gen to research something. Not oni. Enough about oni.
Her jealously is MOE
>> No. 66798
Whoa whoa WHOA I haven't even been gone a day and I miss THREE UPDATES AND A VOTE, HOLY SHIT.

> [] Give him a break: send him on an adventure in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.

Yeah... some break that would be. IN can go suck it.

[x] Get Gen to research something. Not oni. Enough about oni.

Patchouli time best time.
>> No. 66799
File 153650258470.png - (102.35KB , 600x600 , waggy_landed.png ) [iqdb]
(X) Send him away to the Lake to see how the water was affected by the Incident.

Because if anyone is like to offer proactive love advice, it's Wakasagi "Shut Up Or I'll Keep Kissing You" Hime.
>> No. 66800
[x] Give him a break: send him on an adventure in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.
A well deserved rest
>> No. 66801


[X] Send him away to the Lake to see how the water was affected by the Incident.
>> No. 66802
[X] Give him a break: send him on an adventure in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.

If I recall, the Imperishable Night Incident happens in summertime, so I'm kinda curious to see if Gen's gonna bumble onto something here.
>> No. 66803
[x] Get Gen to research something. Not oni. Enough about oni.
I'd prefer laketime, but this seems more likely to win.
>> No. 66804
[X] Give him a break: send him on an adventure in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.

Gen is a good boy who deserves to get bullied by bunnies.
>> No. 66805
File 153653222683.jpg - (203.88KB , 800x800 , 57382672_p32.jpg ) [iqdb]
There's currently a 4/4 split tie for Bamboo or Research.
>> No. 66806
[X] Send him away to the Lake to see how the water was affected by the Incident.
>> No. 66807
[X] Give him a break: send him on an adventure in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.
>> No. 66808
File 15365396775.jpg - (280.51KB , 900x800 , 57382672_p14.jpg ) [iqdb]

to the bamboo forest. Writing!
>> No. 66809
File 153654160111.png - (1.48MB , 998x700 , llllewd.png ) [iqdb]
This was probably one of the few incidents that were resolved without a party at the end.

I guess Patchouli did not appreciate the exercise though, but I bet Flandre was happy to be outside so often. Wish we would've talked to her.
>> No. 66810
File 153658027562.png - (1.04MB , 1860x2631 , tired master.png ) [iqdb]
And so begins the "the only unique pre-battle track in IaMP worth shit is Skygazer, but BOY the shit it WORTH" section of the story.


[X] Give him a break: send him on an adventure in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.

That would be fine. When he came back to the library, that’s what she’d tell him to do. Until then, she’d look into the rumors behind the oni’s alleged weakness, and that ‘Setsubun’ that her student had mentioned...


[ ♫: http://listenonrepeat.com/watch/?v=onRV6K7yFBY ]
[Skypia - mylist/26004736 (いか消し)]

Gen got out of Scarlet Devil Mansion’s absurd bathing room and into the equally large adjacent area where laundry was set aside and drying was done. He’d long become used to the Bath (England)-sized pool of a bathing area, it and its lack of any founts or showers as the Mistresses could not cross any water that flowed. He speculated that its size was in truth for the large amount of maids employed by Remilia, who he had heard, not seen, during their bath times and the chaos that resounded defied his imagination. To speak of them... after Meiling had shooed him into the bath, a troupe of maids that had been stalking the two adults showed up and nicked his pants, hat, and vest once he had gotten undressed and handed his clothing through the door, leading to Meiling giving chase. Sakuya, who had been nearby to witness their tomfoolery, told him she would prepare another outfit while his was being retrieved and eventually washed. Now, the familiar set of clothes awaiting him that she’d chosen gave him much pause, and for a while he stared at them with a towel over his head, considering asking someone to get him something... more appropriate. After hemming as much as hawing, he decided to put them on.

“Master Patchouli? Are you still awake?”

This voice came calling through the library, its source: the librarian’s assistant, who was able to tell that the night before she had not slept. Patchouli was awake, however, and with her weary eyes gazed toward the shelf she expected him to show from. He did, but it was in surprising fashion.

“Those clothes...” she said, lifting herself from the seat of a deep chair, “... you look like an Outsider.”

“I’d respond obviously, but really, right? This is dangerous isn’t it?”

Gen stopped walking and lifted his hands. He was wearing a white T-shirt with an orange number 8 on the front of it. Over this he wore a black, short-sleeved, collared and button shirt, left open. His T-shirt was tucked into his lengthy denim jeans, which fell over his pair of blue and white sneakers. He also had a simple leather and buckle belt. Around his wrist was a black sweatband, and around his neck was his mark of avowal of loyalty and trust to and with Lady Remilia Scarlet.

“What happened to your clothes?” Patchouli asked, hands on the coffee table before her. “Did that oni destroy them?”

“No, fairies got away with them when I went to take a bath.” He rubbed his cheek, looking at the band on his right wrist. “I’ve been so used to wearing them since you gave them to me that I find this... strange,” he admitted.

“Don’t get thoughts about going back home now,” she told him returning to a seated posture and closing her eyes in a moment of rest.

I am home, he did not tell her, for he had suffered enough embarrassments for this entire coming week within just the morning. Walking forward he addressed his Master again, “Could I ask you to protect this, Master? I’m a little worried without it under my warded usual outfit.” He lifted his necklace, mainly showing the vial of blood that hanged from it. While he could charm objects on his own, for something as precious as the vial, he would want the best of defenses shielding it.

Patchouli glanced over at him, then turned her eyes onto a grimoire she had been studying. “Come,” she said.

As he did, she continued talking, “Before even that, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to wear the clothes Sakuya changed you into when you first got here?”

“I figured I’d just stay inside until it was all sorted out, and research today,” he explained as he came to stand beside her.

His Master put down her tome page-down on her lap and lifted the vial of his necklace underhanded. Before she enchanted it, she informed him, “Aren’t you thinking too freely? I had something for you to do today, not in the library.”

“O-Oh! Sorry!” he answered quickly.

While he ruminated on his premature self-made plans, his Master touched his necklace and its “pendant” at several points while whispering, sometimes moving her finger in swirls, triangles, and half-circles. In less than fifteen seconds, she let the vial go, finished.

“Done,” she said, sitting her back against her chair again. “And though you’ll be going out, don’t bother changing; where you’re going today... there may in fact be a use for you to not look like a Magician, I think.”

“If you say so, Master Patchouli,” he replied, and began to apply wards to the clothes he had brought with him to Gensokyo.

“You’ll be going into the Bamboo Forest of the Lost today,” said his Master as she returned to reading.

He finished up his wards before asking, “Hm? ... Really? You want me to go there?”

“It should be fine for you. I don’t have a particular assignment for you either... I want you to go there, see and gather what you will, and begin to return when the Sun starts to fall.”

“You want me to somehow not get lost in the Forest so named?” he asked her, raising an eyebrow and folding his arm while leaning away playfully.

“You will become lost with ninety-eight point four five nine three six percent certainty; I only want you to try to make it back here before darkness falls. Consider it a little break, and a challenge.” She turned her page over and was silent, signifying her directions were completely told.

“Alright, Master. Before I go, do you have the bag I came to Gensokyo with here in the Mansion?”

“You weren’t brought in with a bag,” she answered.

Hm. Fairies or something, he concluded, not minding the loss of his university textbooks. “Well then! I will need some carrying implements! Among other things.”

Patchouli put her thumb between her book’s pages and, while speaking ancient commands, reached for the table before her. When she touched it, a white circle of magic appeared, and she pulled up from it to summon a black suitcase, marked only once with a golden crescent moon on its front side near the bottom. She then took the hand she’d used for this task, flicked her wrist and pointer finger forward, and turned her palm around for a satchel flying toward it. She caught the thing, and set it down behind the suitcase. While pulling away next, she opened the suitcase’s clasps and revealed its contents. Mainly: empty vials and small, bundled scrolls, all securely moored within.

“It’s basic but this should do,” said the youkai magician. “You can use the bag for anything else.” She threw a short look to his waist next and moved her finger like a conductor would a baton. “Have this too,” she said, and a clip appeared upon his belt; for the suitcase, likely. He slung the satchel around his shoulder.

“Thank you, Master Patchouli” he said very happily, closing the case and getting its handle onto the hook.

“Right, get whatever else you need ready on your own and hurry up,” she told him. He answered her right away, speaking with simple care:

“You should sleep first, Master Patchouli.”

And Patchouli answered her student right away, not looking from her book:

“You’ve never seen me in this exact state before, Gen, but when I am truly in the zone of research this is how I become.” She turned her head to him, and he looked at the wrinkled and dark skin beneath her eyes. “I’ve already passed the stage of thinking there are dark things crawling out the corner of my eye, and drowsiness has left me. I no longer need to sleep—uff.”

She made a noise as he put his hand down on her head, over her soft hat. She had been looking happy about boasting those things. He told her, “I’m just worried about you, Master.”

His Master remained still for a little while, before looking back to her book from beneath her hat. “Worry about yourself,” she said, but she did not remove his hand.

“Not only, and not in a million years Master Patchouli,” he swore, showing a smile she did not see, and pulling away as he turned to prepare spell cards for his trip. Before he left for the Forest, he found the Head Maid and asked her to make sure his Master and his Master’s bed reconciled before he returned.
>> No. 66812
File 153664513920.gif - (2.18MB , 600x524 , the other forest.gif ) [iqdb]


[ ♫: http://listenonrepeat.com/watch/?v=HXj6yYA5Ke8 ]
[仰空哀歌 - 東方魂花~The first acceleration~ (STEP×STEP)]

He moved toward the Bamboo Forest, located on the opposite side of the human village, as discreetly as he could, taking preference to open areas where he could see around himself well. He flew short distances here and there, and walked where he felt flying would make him stand out too much. He wasn’t sure which a more tempting target for youkai was: an Outsider walking around, or an Outsider floating in the sky. In either case: a meal. He really did need to be discreet.

Since leaving, he had an extra goal aside from his simple task of exploring the strange and ever-growing grove of bamboo stalks. That was too find “special” shoots to eat and bring them back to the Mansion. The Head Maid had agreed to insist Patchouli go to bed... if he did that much. More importantly, he was still within his final month of servitude in compensation for the Maid; he could not refuse a request, and had not for almost four months since he’d apologized to her for his many foul actions. It hadn’t been particularly bad, to be a butler of Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Now he approached his destination. He had taken a road around the Human Village, uninterested in touring it today (and most days, actually), thus the one entirely human place in Gensokyo that he had never visited now sat a fair distance behind him. Now he stopped to read a large wooden sign beside the dirt road he’d been walking.

To those who aren’t bamboo harvesters, enter at your own risk.

To those who are bamboo harvesters, enter at somewhat less risk.

He blinked, and looked up. Far, far up. Risk it is, I suppose.

The bamboo was the tallest he’d ever seen personally. Here and there in modern Japan he could find bamboo growing either randomly or through deliberate cultivation, but he’d not gone to Kyoto or somewhere for a bamboo forest. He’d gone to Kyoto of course, but not for the forest at least. Temples... the usual.

The emerald sight was more unnerving than breathtaking. Eerily thick stalks rose seemingly higher than he was able to see, leafy and entirely ungroomed. He hadn’t actually seen bamboo with sprouted branches, either. Or rather, he hadn’t seen branches so significant that they reached out from the trunk so brazenly, sometimes a meter or more. He’d also heard the forest had bamboo growing at angles, and that there was regularly dense fog that rolled in. Knowing he’d need to prepare a little more before stepping inside, he brought his eyes down to ground-level.


“Jesus!” Gen yelled and fell back on his right foot, almost falling down but managing to keep steady enough to be ready for fight of flight. In front of him was a short-haired, winged woman. Her hair and feathers were black, her white, short-sleeve shirt had a distinct gold design of red leaves on only one section of it, and that fanciful pattern was shared on a section of her (noticeably short) dark skirt, frilled white below. Importantly, her ears were pointed and her eyes were crimson. More importantly, she stood on one leg and wore strange red shoes that seemed to be hybridized with single-tooth geta. Most importantly, atop her head was a twelve-surfaced box of the same color—a tokin, carrying three large, colorless pom-poms—bonten-fusa on either side by a pair of similarly red strings... certainly: yuigesa. A gust came along delayed, kicking up dust. A tengu had appeared.

Shameimaru Aya, smiling very politely, reminding him of a McDonald’s waitress (perhaps because of the clothes he now wore).

“...” He looked at her silently.

... No, he decided, and he began to walk around her. For her reputation, and that I’m not on the Mountain, she shouldn’t attack me.

Aya appeared before him again, stopping him and looking greatly concerned, hands up. “Hey now, listen here, honored human! Don’t you know it’s dangerous in there?” she insisted. “I simply cannot let you through.”

“Gensokyo is dangerous,” he told her, then fell silent again. Looking at her with irritation, he eventually asked, “... What do you want?”

“Well that makes things easier,” she answered, the concern vanishing from her face immediately. “I just wanted to ask you some questions.”

“I see the camera behind your back,” he said, looking, “I’m not letting you spread pictures of me in my old clothes. Some youkai in Gensokyo still don’t know about my origins.”

“Oh, I already got your picture,” she replied. He looked at her in anger and disbelief, and reached for a book attached to the back of his belt. “Hold on, hold on! It wasn’t of you in what you wear now... Itou Gen, was it?”

“Why take a picture of me at all? Tch... Come on, let me through,” he begged, trying to walk forward again. She tapped a feathered pen to his forehead and smirked lightly.

“I’ll protect you as you go through the forest if you just give me some information,” she offered.

“Forget it,” he refused without waiting for a breath. He was now rather annoyed, especially as it seemed like he would have to enter the forest without having prepared what he needed, if only to get away from the bothersome and dangerous tengu.

He finally walked past her with success, and she spoke up to try to stop him this time. “Did you think I wouldn’t notice?” she asked, her arms folded. “The culprit behind the latest event—I’m calling it the ‘Night Parade of One Hundred Youkai Every Four Days’ Incident—took an interest in a human, and you thought this would just escape my notice?”

His spirit sank, as did his shoulders. He finally, grudgingly, turned to look at her.

“At one time,” she continued, “though you didn’t seem to realize it, one of those parties lasted three entire days. There was no way I was going to ignore it, no matter how much everyone else was, or was compelled to. That the power behind it seemed so familiar... I certainly wouldn’t pass it up... Oh?”

Gen’s face had gone red.

“S-So you saw me... when? Last night? This morning?”

“This morning I saw you, having learned Ibuki no Suika had not only returned, but come to visit those of our newest comers: the Scarlet Devil Mansion.”

“Oh gods... a-and you took a picture...!?” he asked, unable to look at anything but his feet.

“If I am being honest, and I am ever the pure and honest Shameimaru, I took several pictures, as any good photographer ought,” she said both matter-of-factly and proudly.

He became despondent.

“Fine...” he said, “I’ll answer your questions...”

“Delightful! Let’s get right to it!” she exclaimed. She hopped (literally) toward him and readied her words.

“So you have become Ibuki Suika’s lover?” she asked, opening a notepad and lifting her pen.

Gen’s reaction was manga-esque. It was as if the question had blown him back, and his cheeks were almost glowing with heat. He balled a fist and threw out the answer, “Y-You’re mistaken! We’ve become f-f... f-f-f-friends!”

“Close friends?” she asked with a smile, looking up.

“New friends,” he answered, looking to the ground again, his brow in chaos.

“So the oni has made two new friends already. Chummy as ever,” said Aya, writing something down.

She continued.

“How much do you recall of the past Incident overall?”

“Little...” he admitted, calming a little as well. “Mostly, the last month has been a haze of celebratory events.”

Still scribbling, the tengu asked, “You said you met Ibuki Suika last night?”

“I didn’t,” he told her, which was true: he had only implied as much.

“Sorry, you implied that you had?” she asked. He groaned, and said nothing in reply. Taking this as a “yes”, the tengu followed with, “What happened last night?”

“... I just met her,” he relented, “nothing more.”

“That’s quite something. Miss Suika had been very deliberately hiding until she began selectively showing herself to certain individuals,” Aya commented. Writing quite a lot, she told him, “It’s a very exceptional chance meeting, I would say.”

“Sure...” he vaguely agreed.

“Did she ‘show’ herself to you? Was it only happenstance?”

“I stumbled across her by the Lake.”

“I see!”

“You said she showed herself to certain individuals? Who?”

“About everyone who matters right now, so certainly not you,” she answered, not looking from her notepad. He wasn’t sure if he should feel insulted.

Aya kept on, “Now the Head Maid told me to get out when I tried seeing why Miss Suika had not come back out after learning that she entered the Mansion the night before, so I was unable to confirm what transpired. Your Maid is very rude, and does not seem to understand the value of truth.”

“Uh huh,” he answered dully.

“So? What happened?”

“Sui... umm, Miss Suika took me back home when I collapsed from tiredness and drunkenness, but she basically intruded to do that. She was bothering my Master... Lady Patchouli Knowledge, and an altercation started in the Library. I assisted my Master, and eventually ended up suggesting to Miss Suika a game.”

“Really?” said Aya in confirmation, looking serious.

“We played a fairly lawless game of tag, in which Miss Suika was allowed to use whatever she could to win, and I was as well. I’m an apprentice magician, so... I know some things,” he explained. “Ultimately, I won the game, and escorted Miss Suika out of the Mansion.”

“Wait... really?” she asked, suspicious. “You beat an oni at a game? You? An Outsider?”

“Yes, but if you’re writing an article don’t mention I’m an Outsider. I’ll get my Master to make yakitori out of you if you do.”

“Goodness,” answered Aya, not writing that down. “Don’t worry, Itou Gen: I find your existence much more interesting the less people know that you’re from the Outside World.”

“Really?” he asked, somewhat dubious.

“Truly, in fact,” she replied, tilting her head and smiling as ever, “you’ve almost slipped under my radar several times, but I know that you’re not as subtle as you wish to be. I know about your hand in the Spring Snow Incident, for example, and that you were directly involved in why it was able to transpire in the first place. I let that truth remain quiet. Do you know why, Itou Gen?”

He shook his head.

“Once it is known throughout Gensokyo that Patchouli Knowledge’s student is a human, let alone one from the Outside World, it won’t be long before he is killed and his adventures end. That would be troubling, because then an opportunity is wasted,” she explained smoothly, and he found her explanation paralyzing. “You see, I am betting on you, Itou Gen, and if what you said is true—that you won against an oni—then my expectations and predictions for your growth are absolutely correct. You will make for a fantastic subject... once you become a youkai.”

“... Excuse me?”

“‘The Untold Story of Patchouli’s Magician’ will most definitely be a hit if you survive long enough for me to tell it. My, I wish I had been able to photograph your match with Miss Suika. I will have to settle for a confirmation from her, I suppose. But, an oni’s confirmation is very much worthwhile.”

Aya finished taking notes and put her things away, swinging the camera slung around her neck to her front. She did not take a picture; she simply beat her wide wings and was ready to be off. “Thank you for your time,” she said, saluting him, “please do your best to continue to survive.”

She gestured with her salute, and shot into the air, almost instantly becoming a dark and distant shadow in the sky as winds tossed everything around him. Gen looked at her disappearing figure completely motionless, and unsure of what to think about her arrival.

... He decided to ignore her “youkai” comment, and finally begin preparing to enter the forest, opening up his suitcase and taking from it a half-foot scroll.

Due to the Bamboo Forest being known as a place where people would be lost, this was how Gensokyo “rendered” it. Thus, if you yourself were not something or someone that “belonged” to it, you would invariably lose your way... or so was the rumor becoming fact.

He theorized that “belonging” was merely becoming so used to the forest, either by living there or working there, that you could understand its layout in spite of how it regularly changed due to the rapid growth of the bamboo. Rather, he wanted to believe that. If there was a god of this forest, and its faith was based in its ability to make people “lost”, supporting the idea wouldn’t do him any good. Thus, he laid a marker on the earth, inscribed in the scroll, that he would be able to locate with only a little bit of magic. Even if it was moved, he’d still be able to find it from within the forest. It was a simple precaution that he felt may prove invaluable... if nothing strange happened inside. He activated the marker, closed his suitcase, and entered the Bamboo Forest.

Stepping inside, it was oddly both gradual and rapid how the scenery started to blend together. The path he had been walking was lost in a few steps, while he still felt like the exit was only a hop, skip, and a jump away. It had to have been less than two minutes before he realized he had no idea where he was, and had lost his sense of place. Rather than panicking, he began to explore as he’d been instructed, intrigued. He actually thought the shimmering green plant life, showered by the sun, was quite beautiful.

Over time he observed that the bamboo forest was home to many rabbits. They were often white, which surprised him. This did not seem an ideal color given the environment, but aside from a few chestnut-colored bunnies, the ones darting out of his sight were near always shining and pale. They seemed to him to have the run of the place, and as he became more entrenched in the bright forest, he wondered if there were truly any predators in this place at all.

On his way he did find some, however. Abandoned human goods he would occasionally spot seemed to be frequently attractive to youkai and wolves. He made his way carefully, and seemed to be safely avoiding most anything that could attack him.

While he did indeed entirely lose his sense of place shortly after entering the forest, he did not feel as put off by the place inside of it as he had outside. The sun filtered into the forest well and gorgeously, with there never being a solid canopy to block it. With that, it additionally became an easy matter to breathe here, unlike in the Forest of Magic. Also unlike the Forest of Magic, there didn’t seem to be many fairies causing mischief in this area. In fact, if not for the frequent sounds of birds and summer insects, as well as the often-spotted rabbit, he might have even gotten the impression that this place was almost devoid of life.

He eventually found a small pond in a clearing and took a seat on the earth before it, setting some magical traps around himself just in case. The pond looked almost untouched, and the water was startlingly clear. He did not drink, because it made him rather suspicious.

By this point, he had concluded that he enjoyed the Bamboo Forest of the Lost, and he had determined that what beasts and youkai he could find within it were likely not threats at his current degree of mastery over the Art. It was a relaxing and rather pretty area with a level of danger only slightly above that of the Forest of Magic that he could easily, and gladly, get lost in funnily enough. If he could end up “belonging” here, he imagined he might come often, really. He’d not gathered much in the way of useful ingredients (as he had expected, as this forest wasn’t known for “magic” like another in noted forest Gensokyo), but he had relaxed after the whirlwind of experiences he’d had in so few hours before. He’d have to thank his Master again. This said, he hadn’t found what the Maid had requested of him either. He really had no experience whatsoever with finding bamboo shoots, and to spot anything specific in this monotonous (though dazzling) place was a tall order.

He also didn’t want to look at his feet very often when he needed his eyes all around him, just in case.

While thinking about a resolution to this conundrum, he heard distant movement. Unconcerned, he looked to the source, and raised his eyebrows.

“A youkai rabbit...” he muttered absently, “first time I’ve seen one.”

The barefoot youkai moving behind bamboo stalks looked like a young girl with messy hair, and the clearest way to tell she was not human was to look at the large and white, floppy rabbit ears on her head. She didn’t seem to notice him and was only moving through the forest as seemed to be the norm for her, judging by her carriage.

He followed the sight of her light and pink dress, as well as her fluffy-looking tail, and wondered where she might be going.

He didn’t know how much time had passed, but it felt to him now like the afternoon.


He blankly stared at the rabbit.

[] Follow the white rabbit.

[] Go back to thinking about whatever else.


image sources:
>> No. 66813
[x] Go back to thinking about whatever else.

>> No. 66814
Oh nice, I fucked up the .gif so it doesn't loop like it was supposed to. Well, here's the real thing: https://my.mixtape.moe/xhpulj.gif

to be uploaded in a more permanent fashion to sate my madness some other time
>> No. 66815
(X) Go back to thinking about whatever else.

You aren't Neo. DON'T CALL FOR TEWI.
>> No. 66816
[X] Follow the white rabbit
Only one option? Oh well.
>> No. 66817
[x] Go back to thinking about whatever else.

Please leave the wildlife alone and keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times.
>> No. 66818
[x] Go back to thinking about whatever else.

I get the feeling anything else will just lead to a wild wabbit chase...
>> No. 66819
(X) Go back to thinking about whatever else.

It would be a bad idea to follow it
>> No. 66820
[x] Go back to thinking about whatever else.

Yeah, we aint doing this.
>> No. 66821
[x] Go back to thinking about whatever else.

She probably has sharp, pointy teeth! Gen doesn't want to end up like those knights in that weird British movie he probably only half remembers.
>> No. 66822
[X] Follow the white rabbit.

Down the rabbit hole!
>> No. 66823
[X] Follow the white rabbit.

No worries, it's the cute bunny of luck and happiness. Everything will be just fine.
>> No. 66826
[X] Go back to thinking about whatever else.

Go away Tewi, you've got a wolf god to entertain.
>> No. 66827
[x] Go back to thinking about whatever else.

Refreshing to see a closer-to-canon manipulative bitch Aya instead of the flanderized moron fandom seems to love so much.
>> No. 66828
File 153675861969.gif - (2.18MB , 600x524 , fixed.gif ) [iqdb]
Thinking's the win, by the by! Update soon.
>> No. 66829
File 153676494947.jpg - (359.82KB , 900x1160 , the girl living there.jpg ) [iqdb]
Open the image when there is a song.

Where canon is available... I *try* to follow it, at least! Thumbs up


[X] Go back to thinking about whatever else.

“... Monster rabbits are no joke... and I don’t even have any grenades...”

He took off his shoes and socks, laid back and put his hands behind his head, and started lazily swishing and kicking his feet in the cool pond.

It was time to be contemplative.

It had been over a year now since he’d slipped into Gensokyo, and he hadn’t seen a hint of modern Japanese life since. Modern life in general, in fact; at Scarlet Devil Mansion, Lady Remilia had clearly and deliberately decided to cultivate an image of antiquity in her home, leaving its “newest” features to feel a century or two behind. He didn’t have any problems with this, and thought that might make him fairly strange.

He bent his toes and looked at the clouds crawling past this open space.

It came to mind that he should probably feel guilty toward his parents. It looked like, as far as he knew, he would stay in Gensokyo for the rest of his days, and by now they had to have already assumed him dead. Gen wasn’t one to dwell on depressing subjects, however, and thought, I should probably get in contact with them. When he got back, he decided he would talk to his Master about getting a letter to the Outside World.

But really, toward Japan as he knew it he felt almost... nothing. After high school, he hadn’t had any friends outside of bulletin boards online, and hadn’t particularly desired any beyond spots of yearning in his early university days. He loathed to watch television and films, at least produced in Japan. He’d liked games and manga, and the latter was actually something his Mistress and Meiling had in fair supply, but he’d really always been more intrigued by foreign works. Especially once the Internet was an open resource to him, he had truly delighted in researching magic from England, playing games from America, watching movies and reading novels from either, and finding others who shared his tastes on Anonymous channels. This was clearly why coming to Scarlet Devil Mansion had been relatively easy for him. The old Japan aesthetic of Gensokyo was also of interest to him if only because it was different. Different from the cramped streets he’d grown up with. Definitely different in terms of the false people... Gensokyo was honest. He honestly loved that it was honest. That was so much more... freeing.

Although he didn’t mind the idea of leaving new media, foreign or otherwise, behind forever, he also thought he wouldn’t mind seeing something from modern day every once in a while. He still liked some of those things quite a bit after all. What was the place called? Kourindou...?

A bird flew out from the grove, catching his attention.

He saw it for a brief moment before it went into hiding. Turning his head back to rest, he considered falling asleep here. This would be a bad if not worse idea than the time he slept on the outskirts of Youkai Mountain.

But it had been a long night...

And it had been a longer morning.

... He fell asleep anyway.


“... Mom...”

He woke up with his eyes a bit wet. He didn’t know how long he’d napped, but nothing had jostled him, he had merely rested well.

He sat up, squirming his mouth.

He’d had a dream about seeing his family...

“Haaaa... ” he sighed. The clothes were making him too nostalgic.

He looked around him to the glyphs he’d set down to trigger at any trespassing. Thankfully none had gone off, meaning if anything had found him while he had lied consciously defenseless, it had only looked and gone away. Gen began patting dirt from his back, and thinking where to go.

“I guess if I’m going to find bamboo shoots, I have to look to the ground...” he muttered. Reluctantly deciding to follow through on that idea, he stood, erased his traps, and departed. Within twenty steps, he found another clearing, brimming with young bamboo.

“Well, uh... Huh,” he commented.

Many small and dark spikes were sprouting short from the earth, their bark made up of large, scale-like pieces. “Seriously, wow...” he uttered without thought. This was simply very good.

Without delay, he began digging through the earth around each shoot with his knife, extracting the fledgling things with a bit of effort. He hoped this wasn’t somebody’s specifically claimed territory, but there was no signage nearby that indicated so or otherwise.

Over the time he worked (which was a fair bit), he collected eighteen shoots, dumping the plants into his satchel and smacking dirt from his palms and fingers after. His knees were wet from the earth, and he smiled with satisfaction. “Alright,” he said to himself, “this will please Miss Sakuya.”

He lifted his now somewhat heavy bag, and with his only ordinary task complete, he wasn’t sure how to proceed. Maybe the hour was... five?

“I wonder where that bunny went...”

The youkai rabbit was of course long gone, and he still wasn’t interested in following her, but among all the seemingly normal rabbits he’d seen in this forest, that had been the only one that was youkai. That was definitely something worth noting, he thought. Mind wandering, Gen opened his suitcase and extracted a small scroll. He unrolled it to see the simple magic circle scrawled upon it.

In another tongue, he instructed the paper: “Find yourself.”

And nothing happened.

“What...?” he spoke under his breath, commanding the paper again. It remained unresponsive. What it was supposed to do was create a line of magic to its sister seal, visible to anyone holding it. It didn’t even activate. It was acting as only a fancy piece of square paper. Did I draw the circle outside wrong? This one’s fine... he thought, looking at it from all angles. There were two possibilities, and neither did he want to admit.

The first was that somehow he had incorrectly performed magic, something he hadn’t done since November of the previous year, and even at that point it had become an exceptionally rare occurrence.

The second was that the “truth” of the Bamboo Forest of the Lost did not need sarcastic quotation marks flanking it. This place did indeed make people lose their way, and none of his attempts at magical circumvention would prove that.

Furthermore the magic couldn’t have been tampered with directly. Any damage done to the circle placed outside the forest would have been reflected on the scroll he had.

He was irritated now, despite his significant findings. He hadn’t intended to leave the forest yet due to his Master’s instructions, but he had wanted to test if the magic would work. This meant, mysterious influences or not, he would find it extremely difficult to get home. Even flying was allegedly an unuseful thing to do here, as the way the bamboo swayed beneath you severely confused your idea of where you were above it. He imagined he could try flying above the clouds to escape, but not only would that feel like a cheat, it would make him a very obvious sitting duck there. Furthermore, there was a high possibility he could fly to the middle of nowhere and have absolutely no idea how to get back from there. At least right now, he was rather close to the Human Village.... wherever it was. He entered the bamboo again, face vaguely concerned and bothered, and thought that when he eventually had to depart as per his Master’s orders he absolutely intended to find a way out. After all, even if he exited on the opposite side, he’d still be able to round the forest and eventually find safety.

Fog rolled in.

With his guard up and his magic ready, he walked on.

Within smoky haze, the Bamboo Forest was still picturesque, however. rather than unsettling. The fog moved through and around the stalks smooth and darkly enough to suggest to him ink wash paintings, and that was just marvelous: truly marvelous in every sense of the word. Even while the fog actively ruined his every attempt to orient, he was compelled to (and did in fact) stop against a bamboo stalk here and there just to watch it crawl along and settle over the earth below.

Surprisingly, nothing attacked him, and by the time the fog dissipated, he could see from the sky’s orange color that for certain it was now time for him to go. Before he stepped away from the bamboo he’d been leaning against to watch the mists roll out, he noticed something hanging around a branch. Taking a second look at it, he saw that it was a small black pouch.

“The heck is this?” he wondered aloud, and then began checking it magically for anything suspicious, such as an enchantment, or hazardous contents. When his sensory spells were complete, the book on his back waist losing a glow, he determined that touching and in fact opening the thing was probably safe. So, he took it down. It felt heavy.

“Alright, let’s see here...” he softly announced, and he opened the thing up. “...Whuh—whoa! Whoa! Wha, huh?”

A blinding bright object that seemed to be a stone the size of a child’s fist from how he felt it escaped the bag and began to float toward the sky. Gen caught it out the air and contained it back in the pouch.

Eyebrows furrowed he squeezed the object from inside its hold, feeling what was most definitely a stone. This was... strange, obviously. He’d need to take it back and look at it with his Master. Perhaps he’d also have Sakuya ask who it might belong to... but for now, figuring out the object on his and his Master’s own was a naturally exciting prospect.

“Reminds me of those stones I collected last year...”

He was talking to himself quite a lot. He needed to get out of the forest, or at least find somebody else within it.

But as evening came closer and closer, neither possibility seemed high. Fireflies came out, making the forest a new kind of pretty, and he heard more movements throughout the groves... but remained unaccosted. If he had to be perfectly honest, this disappointed him a bit. Without really having to avoid dangers, no dangers had come, and so he felt like he had accomplished hardly anything at all. Although his Master had said for him to consider this a break... this was a bit too simple and easy. He was having a strange juxtaposition... of fortune, he thought. It was unfortunate that he could not use his magic to find a way out of the Bamboo Forest. Everything else, however... had been very obviously fortunate. He thought he might have read something about this, but nothing specific was coming to mind.

As the green woods grew darker and consequently he grew less and less afraid (for nothing seemed to even be stalking him), he had to stop walking and evaluate whether or not he was being as bold as he used to be, or if something was happening in this forest.

... No, something’s fishy, he determined. But... it’s almost like it’s just my imagination,

It was then that he heard the obvious sounds of danmaku. He also saw the many-colored lights of that sort of fight, bursting in the sky and shining off the wood. In fact, the waves of power beating through his body and shaking the leaves around him, the sounds of roaring arcs of magic, and the palpable intensity creating a choking atmosphere reminded him something of very specific danmaku. Memory clutched him again, for poor reasons this time. Like the thing in the water... and like Kazami Yuuka. Dread filled him as he quickly understood whoever was fighting wanted to kill, and very well could.

He looked back behind himself to where the fighting was transpiring and thought, No way in hell I’m going near that. He began marching away from the sounds of bullets and flames, trying to remain hidden. However, those fighting did not seem to care about boundaries.

The forest began to be torn apart by effulgent and pale-colored orbs that ripped everything over his head, and flames that sundered the plants but quickly burnt out. He began hoofing it as he realized the participants were moving, and near. As he stopped before a clearing that would have made him an easy target for whichever youkai were feuding, the two showed themselves, blatant against the dark heavens.

What he saw looked like the spiraling lights of a carnival were chasing a torrent of flame. The torrent stopped, and then exploded so fierce as to reach for and lick the ground. Gen ducked, watching as heat shot off from the back of a burning figure. The lights around the other dulled, and he could hardly make out the sight of pink and flowing clothes before the sweltering opponent they faced. He saw some kind of bright stick in their hand, and the flames around the other one began merging behind it. They spiraled massively, into a vortex that unfolded into grandiosely into a pair of fire wings, They extended almost beyond where he could see, and soon he couldn’t see at all as they began attacking again, and it became too bright to witness.

Clearly he had either found old youkai fighting without regard for the Spell Card Rules, or perhaps a pair of unruly gods. Rage was soaking the whole forest, it felt, and he was completely terrified to feel it. He had had greater powers come after him with what seemed to be all their might, but this was the first time he had seen two of such things on even ground, Meiling having been interrupted before she could lose her control against the sea monster.

[ ♫: http://listenonrepeat.com/watch/?v=mACmRr3MSwQ ]
[守り人は空を仰ぐ - 東方TOO MUCH (石鹸屋)]

Over the sounds of their clashing, he swore he could hear a wrathful voice, but it was hard to decipher anything. The sight was arresting, too, and though he was fearful he forgot his need to flee from the area. He forgot he was there, so caught up in the spectacle, and so did not see what was racing toward his skull.

A loud clap echoed. A hand appeared before his eyes, an arrow caught firm in its grasp.

An intense heat engulfed him, putting him immediately into a flashing sweat. In the hand before him, the arrow’s shaft, fletching, and even its head aimed between his eyes became instantly engulfed in fire, consumed and destroyed piece by piece. He looked down from the wrist, followed the arm, and saw that a girl was in front of him and looked to have fallen/flown here from the way the flames around her trailed toward the sky. As the flame lowered in its intensity, he more clearly saw who had saved him.

White hair reaching past her feet, white skin that looked almost noble, and a white shirt with sleeves that had been burned away by fire. From her back he could see that the girl in front of him wore suspenders, lifting a pair of vibrant red hakama. On the traditional garb were several red and white paper seals that he could not understand (not that he could understand most seals). The same seals were tied into her hair along the outer sides as well as at the ends, and a great one was atop her head, affixed like a bow so that a thick ponytail could be kept in place. The girl was almost moving in slow motion. She finally landed to the dirt with her feet apart, her boots scorching the earth. She stood straight and with fully confident posture, gripping her hand like she wanted to make her palms bleed.

“Eirin...” she said in a boyish, strong voice, not looking toward him at all, “you’d better have known I’d’ve done that, ‘cause if you’re thinking you can just get away with crap like this I’ll start killing you too. Don’t think that I won’t.”

She let go of her hand, ashes falling from it and then burning into nothing too. She looked up, breathing in. The one covered in lights from before had vanished. The fire-girl spoke again, exasperated, irritated.

“Pulling that shit and fucking off... you didn’t even finish the job. You bastard, I’m definitely not letting you off the hook tonight. Sleep if you want, I’ll burn out your damn lungs while you do, just you wait.”

She looked at her empty palm, blacked with the remnants of the arrow, and spoke once more.

“Go and hide, you cowards. I know where Eientei is.”

Finally, she stuffed her hands in her pockets and looked over her shoulder back at him. Her eyes, a deep crimson, looked... disarmingly innocent. The expression on her youthful face was hatred ebbing into calm, but innocence was what marked her face and eyes more. Fire still danced around her and lit the area, like phantoms of anger haunting after a vengeful spirit. She spoke easily, and in a caring voice: “You okay, boy? Sorry.”

He nodded, rather speechless.

“No need to talk, I can tell by looking. I know, it’s scary. Follow me, alright? There’s a village of other humans outside of this forest. Go past there, and there’s a shrine maiden on a hill who can take you back home.”

He blinked. Not waiting for an answer, she turned her head forward as the flames finally all died down. Still maintaining confidence in her posture, she started forward and said, “Let’s go. Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.”

Her presence had been so humongous that only now he realized she was rather short.

Gen had no idea who this person was. Nothing in his research of the Bamboo Forest of the Lost had brought up that a friendly phoenix youkai lived there, along with some kind of very dangerous elements far and beyond the threats of most places in Gensokyo. He then remembered: his Master had told him that his clothing may have had a “use” today. The girl he was now following had known what he was from a glance, and what to do with him. If this is what Master Patchouli had meant, then his Master knew of this girl’s existence and identity.

But as he walked behind her, he felt rather disingenuous. He was, after all, not incapable of protecting himself. Certainly without his rescuer he’d be dead now, but also without his rescuer he suspected he would not have been in the situation to be instantly killed by some sniper in the first place. He felt he should say something, but at the same time... the girl suddenly had a strongly standoffish aura. She likely wouldn’t lash out at him, but he felt she wouldn’t talk to him either. She seemed almost like Reimu now: on a job, and that was it, though she was very reticent. He weighed his chances to get something out of her, and finally decided:

[] to introduce himself.

[] to ask what all that was just now.

[] to ask her name.
>> No. 66830
[X] to ask what all that was just about

It's not worth the effort to introduce herself when the outsider will leave, never to return. By the same token, learning about him is meaningless.
His only chance is to ask about something else. Maybe she'll use the chance to vent.
>> No. 66831
[X] to ask what all that was just about


Reasoning seems sound on all accounts.
>> No. 66832
[X] to ask what all that was just now.

>> No. 66833
[x] to introduce himself.

It generally pays to be as polite as possible with the absurdly powerful freak that just saved your life.
>> No. 66834
[X] to ask what all that was just about

Sounds good to me. Maybe Gen will notice that 'start killing' is a strange phrase choice.
>> No. 66835
[X] to ask what all that was just about

I honestly think that'd be the first thought on my mind after all that. Forget introductions.
>> No. 66836
File 153683455180.jpg - (230.38KB , 1000x1000 , yakitori.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] to ask what all that was just now.

That would be the best first thing to ask.

“Um, excuse me,” he addressed her politely, “what was all that just now? Who was it you were fighting? Who fired an arrow at me?”

The forest guide chuckled. “You speak well,” she said, a smile clear in her voice. Then she took her left hand from her pocket and lifted it above her head, casually dismissing his questions with a half-wave. “Nothing to worry about. I’m just a health maniac who runs a yakitori stand. Customers sometimes, ya know?” She shrugged, chuckled again, and returned her hand to her pocket.

... What? he thought with emphasis, and a much-lifted eyebrow to boot. He was baffled enough to stop walking, especially since she had spoken without even the slightest hesitation. With her piece finished, the girl continued guiding him as if nothing was amiss. He followed, but was still reeling from the blatant lie. There had clearly been bad blood in the air beyond a simple dispute over chicken skewers; it was obvious even without the addition of this strange youkai’s very, very passionate words once things had come to a close.

Well then, I guess she doesn’t want to talk about it, he concluded with a still-incredulous face. He looked at her shoulders. Unchangingly, she moved with a complete lack of tension. But, I really want to know what she was doing. I mean, someone nearly killed me... and since it was a single arrow rather than danmaku... I’m wondering if that’d been a human’s attempt. I haven’t heard of any ‘Eirin’s, though.

Maybe I should...

[] ... really open the floor by talking about myself. She might be used to Outsiders, but I’m far from an ordinary one.

[] ... talk about the forest instead. Maybe I can trick her into talking about something else?

[] ... ask her name; I mean, that seems like a normal step one, right?



I could give a few, actually, but using the story itself: didn't Suika ask something a little strange when she met Gen again in the library?
>> No. 66837
[x] ... ask her name; I mean, that seems like a normal step one, right?
>> No. 66838
>"Itou, Itou... Fujiwara, Itou?”

Wikipedia says:
>The Itō clan (伊東氏 Itō-shi) are a Japanese clan that claimed descent from Fujiwara Korekimi (727–789) and Kudō Ietsugu.

[x] ... ask her name; I mean, that seems like a normal step one, right?

I'd rather not tell Mokou everything yet, but we need to get her to make the family connection. This will probably result in Gen sharing his name as well, which should be enough to get started.
>> No. 66839
[x] ... ask her name; I mean, that seems like a normal step one, right?
>> No. 66840
[x] ... ask her name; I mean, that seems like a normal step one, right?
>> No. 66841
[x] ... ask her name; I mean, that seems like a normal step one, right?
>> No. 66842
[X] ... really open the floor by talking about myself. She might be used to Outsiders, but I’m far from an ordinary one.
This would be the option to tell her our name-when you wanna talk about yourself, what you are named is kind of important.

Besides, even if she doesn't make the connection at first glance (I know I didn't) the exploits of an outsider turned magician should be interesting enough to catch her attention-hopefully.
>> No. 66843

Huh, you're probably right.

>>66839 here, changing my vote to:
[X] ... really open the floor by talking about myself. She might be used to Outsiders, but I’m far from an ordinary one.
>> No. 66844
gonna set up a new thread, post there of course for ya votes so I can be more aware of the existence of new posts
>> No. 66886
File 153728241157.jpg - (315.50KB , 1000x900 , drink.jpg ) [iqdb]
THREAD 5 >>66845

image source: https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=37233109
>> No. 67545
Making this more obvious >>66465
Tracks used:

Title - Album (Circle)

this track's info is 東方萃夢想 - 緋萃のシンフォニック・スイート (Melodic Taste)
and it wasn't in the downloads folder so I had to reupload everything in THREAD 4
Also other credits:
thread 1 >>66526
thread 2 >>66528
thread 3 >>66527
thread 4 >>66524
Histories of Yatsugatake >>/shorts/2189

Fulcrum - Atelier Escha & Logy Alchemist of Dusk Sky
Flash Frost/紫電清霜 - New Atelier Rorona ~ Story Of The Beginning ~ Alchemist Of Arland Original Soundtrack ~Re-Compilation~
Flash Frost/紫電清霜 - Atelier Rorona Arrange Tracks
ultimate_blossom - 東方恋想郷 ~Grazing Heart~ (Seventh Heaven MAXION)
幽雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜 ~ Border of Life - 桜華幻奏 (NEUTRAL)
Ayakashi set 16 ~ Sakura, Sakura/さくらさくら - House set of "Perfect Cherry Blossom" (Kuroneko Lounge)
>> No. 67644
picosong's dead dead dead
Song is in the mega album, but here is the song ASAP
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