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File 151996121478.jpg - (413.91KB, 2000x1404, his warm mistress.jpg) [iqdb]
65922 No. 65922
A theme fitting for the tale ♫: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BooDupEyp84

Winter is here, but Spring will come soon, right?

THREAD 1 >>65260
THREAD 2 >>65548
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>> No. 66375
is it tied?

[x] Be a coward

cause you have not called it yet
>> No. 66376
ya'll blind?

>locked in
>> No. 66385
File 152676684437.png - (139.34KB, 398x510, Gen this is a sneaking mission.png) [iqdb]
Image source: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1200091


[X] Be a coward.


“Hey, Gen?”

“What is it, Miss Youmu?”

On one afternoon after having rapidly completed his tasks for the day, he met with the Netherworld gardener at the sleeping Garden of the Sun once again, and when he went to fetch his notes from within a sack he’d been carrying she addressed him.

“I’m just wondering...” she began whilst cutely, nervously, twiddling her fingers, “how well do you manage to keep it secret you’re helping me?” she asked.

And he grunted “Hm,” in response before saying, “perhaps well?” It had been before Flandre sniffed him out, of course. “Why? Are you worried I’ll accidentally betray you?”

She shook her head, her pretty hair moving silly with the motion, and clarified, “No, I was seeking more advice.”

Having found his notes among bottles and jars, he turned and shrugged saying, “Alright then. What?”

“Well, you see, when I eventually go to take spring,” she casually revealed, “I must do it sneakily. I’ve been worried about whether or not I can do that, basically...”

She admitted it... he noted with a miserable face, having gathered her intentions by this point, but had no full confirmation. Figuring he had already gone this far with aiding in something untoward, he decided to help her with this as well.

“I do suppose you’re more of a samurai than a ninja,” he said after a while.

Youmu put her hands together, holding two fingers and raising another two in a generic and familiar pose, saying “Nin nin”. He blushed.

“Like this, Gen,” she said with a smirk.

“Amazing, Youmu. You’ve gone and disappeared!” he praised in a faked voice, applauding steadily.

Now Youmu blushed, lowering her hands and saying “Sh-Shut up...”

“Whoa!! Miss Youmu! Where were you!?” he exclaimed, slapping his forehead with an open palm. Her blush deepened and her mouth wobbled. A pale face can really get red, he thought. He stood up straight and planted his hands on his hips. “Alright, Miss Youmu, I can certainly teach you some of the art of stealth.”

[ ♫: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hv3gyq2f3Xo]

“R-Really!?” The phantom girl bounced back, fists raised in excitement.

“Not that I’d call myself stealthy,” he admitted, staring off toward the forest, “but I could give you some basics; I’ve had to hide before and succeeded.” This had been before he knew his Mistress discovered his kappa companion.

He expected Youmu wouldn’t retain much of what he taught, and at the time had been worried she would fail immediately and sell his involvement. To his shock, however, no one seemed to know that the long winter was due to the actions of the Netherworld, all the way to this current moment and hour.

Reminiscing on his lessons with Youmu, and knowing meeting with all the kappa here in their environment would be tantamount to suicide, Gen decided he simply... wouldn’t.

He addressed Aomu.

“Aomu, I’ve decided,” he told her.

“On whuff?” she answered, and he lifted his head to see her eating another cucumber. Was she so stressed? He squinted, she frowned (still chewing).

After keeping eye to eye for a moment, Gen sighed, and then stated, “I need your help. First, you have something like that map that can be held in one’s hand, don’t you?”

She gulped and said, “Yeah. When we go looking for where spring’s being taken we’ll use that. The range is much lower, but everything recorded and monitored is more accurate.”

“Am I right in this strong assumption? ‘It can identify the positions of your brother and sister kappa’, no?”

“Yeah!” Aomu exclaimed, lifting her hands in excitement and explaining, “Kako developed it for kappa rescue!” He’d figured.

“Alright. How many handheld maps do you have?” he asked.

“Just one,” she said. “One per kappa.”

“Then trust me and give me that. Tell me how it works, too. I’m going to escape the ravine without being noticed. You’ll help me do that.”

For a little while, the river dwarf looked at him sideways before asking, “You mean you’ll try?”

“If I don’t do it I’m dead, Aomu,” he confirmed with a smile.

She shook her head lightly. “Oh, don’t say that...” she moaned in complaint and worry. He shook his head in return.

“I must take it as the truth,” he answered. “Now, get out there for me, dear partner.”

After some several minutes, he was alone in the Kawaiwaya Cavern, while its master was gone to find a position above the kappas’ haunt for surveying

He had the gray, somewhat unwieldy portable version of “Kako’s” map in his hand: it was the length and width of a brick, the thickness of a small book, and the weight of a stone. Its black screen took up most of one surface, leaving a little space for a pair of knobs. While he waited for confirmation of Aomu’s placement, he observed its monitor to get a sense of his environment.

The map could show various things based on adjustment. Currently, it displayed the valley’s topography and residents. The topography was recorded mostly in standard to what he’d expect from the outside world (being ringed lines, the closer of which indicated steepness) but the way it showed residents slightly astounded him. Kappa in the vicinity were bright dots on the screen, with the brightest of them being the nearest to your position. Those colored white were on your elevation level, the ones colored blue were above you, and the ones colored green were below (he’d spent perhaps too long testing it with Aomu). The intensity of the color indicated depth or height; knowing all that, he knew that the river was brimming with the creatures a fair way below his feet. More interestingly, however, was that quite a few were within the walls. It wasn’t a stream of lights like the river, but more of a tri-colored starscape. Because of the amount of kappa down in the water, it was difficult for him to discern any who might be above it outside. This was why he’d decided to rely on Aomu to be his eyes. Furthermore, she could be helpful to him even if he didn’t attempt escape from outside.

Indeed, he had a pair of options: he could brave the open area that was the frozen ravine and ascend quickly, perhaps hiding himself in snow... or, he could take the caves. Aomu had explained that not only was the river the kappa’s domain, so were its surrounding cliffs. A network of natural and kappa-made tunnels could be found in this place. His borrowed device wouldn’t be able to tell the layout of such cave systems, but those systems promised far less trouble. Alerting the kappa while in the tunnels couldn’t be as bad as a mistake made over the water.

“Gen, Gen, can you hear my voice?”

There was one other device he’d been given. On the side of his head, over his left ear, was a headphone fit for aviation. It was an at once primitive and advanced piece of kappa technology that would allow him to communicate with Aomu across a distance. Most of the thing’s rather large size was dedicated to the things that made voice transmission possible... or so the dwarf had alleged.

Feeling purely giddy, Gen bent to a knee and placed a hand over this little large machine. He answered his friend as coolly as he was able, somewhat emulating a voice he admired. “This is Gen. Yes, Aomu, I can hear you. I’ve found the cave’s exit, but there’s a passworded door of some kind.”

“‘Found’...? You were already there, right?” he heard. “And I gave you the password too, it’s on that paper on the back of the portamap.”

“Paper...” he repeated.

“Hmmm?? Uuuhh— Not... ‘Power’ or anything like ‘god’, Gen. There’s nothing special on the back: just, flat, made-of-trees paper.” Aomu seemed to be worried he was confusing his Japanese.

“You’ll have to forgive me, I’m enjoying myself already here, heh.”

“What’s with that voice? Anyway, the others are definitely mostly underwater.”

“The others?”

The kappa, Gen,” she answered sharply.

“Any armaments?”

“Arma...? What?”

“Gotta know what I’m up against here, Aomu,” he explained.

“What the heck...” he heard her whisper, and he suppressed a chuckle. “Okay, well, most of them look like they’re... just holding stuff to keep them warm. Couldn’t tell you what’s in their pockets or backpacks, though... Yeah, could be anything really. We don’t exactly all work together here.”


Aomu continued, “The ones at the waterfall are still trying to get that frozen experiment out of it. There are some people flying around, but not much.”

“Flying, huh?”

“Is my cave’s ventilation wonky? Is your brain losing oxygen?”

Now he laughed, but recomposed himself shortly to say, “No, really, I’m kind of curious.” He slowly tapped the sequence needed to open the cave’s door on the rock wall. Regardless of his choice he’d need to leave this den in order to either escape through the sky or find a different entrance into the ravine’s cliffs that had more connections. When he was done inputting the right pattern, he turned slightly and addressed Aomu again, “You kappa can’t fly right?”

“You noticed, huh, or more like, ehh...”

“I noticed it looks like you guys can only do it over or near water.”

“Yeah,” he heard a crunch and flinched. This girl... “it’s kin’ of lihke... mmg, hah, a board game. I think that works since... it’s kinda weird, that we’re like this. We’re connected to rivers, so we get some extra powers when we’re near ones that flow strongly enough. Anywhere else, and we’re totally grounded.”

“Fascinating,” he said, and he meant it. “Alright, I’m ready to open the door on your signal. Tell me when you’re sure the coast is clear!”

“Aye aye, captain,” said Aomu, and she ceased communication. There was a fizzle and pop in his ear, and he squinted a bit upon hearing it.

Alright, that’s actually enough fooling around, I think, Gen thought, I need to seriously be on my toes here. An inglorious death just isn’t one I’ll allow.

Alright, before Aomu calls it...

What to do?

[] Try to escape while outside.

[] Use the tunnels to escape
>> No. 66386
[x] Use the tunnels to escape.

Take the back door to save our back door. I'm sorry.
>> No. 66387
[x] Use the tunnels to escape.

>> No. 66388
[x] Try to escape while outside.

If (when) we get caught, we can save our hide by offering to use our magic to break the kappa's experiment out of its icy prison. It's the perfect plan, and the kappa will all see us as a person who can help out.
>> No. 66389
[X] Use the tunnels to escape

Remember Gen, this is a sneaking mission.
>> No. 66390
[X] Use the tunnels to escape

Sneaky-Beaky like.
>> No. 66391
[x] Use the tunnels to escape
Kind of annoyed we couldn't play pretend villain kidnapping a Kappa, but that's how things go I suppose.
Tunnels are the best route, while it's easy to get away by not being close to a body of water it would be a hassle not to get spotted.
>> No. 66392
I wonder if water in reservoirs beneath the mountain matters.

At least above ground we can actually fly and questionably get away but below ground, when water is a questionable distance away...
>> No. 66397
File 152716469276.jpg - (223.76KB, 724x1023, a weapon to surpass hisoutensoku.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Use the tunnels to escape.

For a moment, he thought to himself. Then, with a huff of breath he looked at the stone wall.

Alright, decided.

“Alright, get out now, Gen!” he heard, and he slammed his fist into the area Aomu had told him would open this cave up.

[ ♫: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJz9N3odqGg ]

Cold air spread over him surprisingly gently as the rocks parted (the inside of Aomu’s hideaway hadn’t been terribly warm), and he squinted to the light his eyes had begun to forget while inside. As he’d asked, Aomu had given him a moment to leave while no other kappa could potentially spot him. He slipped out, and looked along the column-marked cliff face. In it were several holes of varying sizes. He picked one which seemed large enough for his body, and flew to it with speed.

“Listen up, Aomu:” he addressed his companion, “keep an eye on the tunnel entrances for your sisters—let me know if I should be worried considering which I’m entering now.”

”Sisters”... he thought, I wonder where are the kappa men?

“The tunnels!?” said Aomu. “Do you even know the way!?”

“I’ll figure one out,” he replied, grabbing the edge of the entrance he had bound for and looking back to where he guessed Aomu might be.

“Do your best, crazy human,” she answered, and with a nod he entered the caves again.

There were no lights within, and he debated grabbing some from outside to bring with him, but thought against it for the potential trouble it could cause. He stepped softly, crouched very low and moving careful through the system. Not long into this tunnel, he had a thought and touched the gloved hand he’d been using to feel his way ahead against his cheek.

Damn it...! he thought, flinching at the sensation and pulling his hand away. Wet! How could I forget!?

He had somewhat known this: that the earth itself contained water, and some might either condense on the walls, or worse, run within them through kappa designs. After all, Aomu had cast some liquid at him from a wall while they were discussing the Incident in her place. He stopped and worried how much could potentially be drawn from them this source, and then worried more on the realization that in a worst case scenario, the kappa could flood the system and drown him with ease. Perhaps this hadn’t been the best choice.

He swallowed, and proceeded, keeping a frequent eye on the mapping device Aomu had given him. He was thinking: if the worst case, or any bad, came to pass, how could he handle it? What magic could he use? Would calling to the earth be its own danger? Could the air be useful at all? And no light in these tunnels... What could he do?

There were few sounds within this passage. Nothing dripped, and there were no echoes. It became pitch dark, and he began to try to hear whatever he could. Cramped, dank, scraping, slow movement defined his trek, and he so far could only move forward.

After a minute, his heart leapt at the feeling of almost falling, and he stopped again. He turned the monitor of his handheld map downward, and with the little bit of illumination it produced saw that this was a drop. He cast the faded light elsewhere, and saw that the path continued one way right and another upward. He looked at the monitor directly, wincing. Below him were two kappa, along the way right was another. There was nothing close above, but...

He put the map aside briefly and tapped the headphone on his ear. “Aomu,” he whispered, “there are three paths ahead of me here. What do you suggest?”

“Go to the right,” she answered promptly, “and then down, and then left. Call me again after that.”

“Right? There’s a kappa that way.”

“Up from there is a dead end. If you go down, there’s another way through, but it’s longer.”

One kappa, or two... he considered, mouth turning around in vexation. He looked at his map again, specifically to the kappa below his position. They’re close... he thought, are they chatting?

He crept closer to the edge and lay flat as he could, ear facing down while he clasped the other. He pulled the communications device from his ear slightly, and simply listened.

... A small scuff, the vague noise of moving water... and a voice, perhaps? Was he just imagining it? He brought his head down the hole a little more, and sure enough: it sounded as though the pair were relaxed by conversation.

“... ope.. ready... en... som... ing.”

He heard something strange and became confused, but quickly realized these broken words were coming from his communications. He pulled the phone back over his ear and begged, “One more time, Aomu?”

“There’s someone coming. Did you already get moving?” she asked.

“I... I’m going down,” he answered.

“Be careful,” she warned.

Getting back onto his feet, he slowly floated his way down the pit, and as he did so he saw a dull glow become clearer and clearer, as did girlish voices come to his ears. He landed in a small chamber before another, somewhat lighted tunnel. He quickly placed himself against a wall beside the way in, and eavesdropped.

“... bend, but would it really when she built it out of iron parts?”

“Something more pliable, huh.”

“That’s what I’d do.”

The human inched his way to where the wall broke, turned his face and eye a little past it, and spied on the kappa.

“You mean you’d make it go spinning, then blow up.”

“Convection’s a good idea, so shut your mouth.”

“Have you gotten anything to not boil over and explode?”


“Then it’s a scary idea.”


The two kappa were sitting in a space he imagined they must have crafted themselves. One had goggles on her forehead and aquamarine hair tied into a pair of braids, the other had hair about as dark as Aomu’s though it was much messier. The two of them were sitting on stones, the dark-haired one not facing him, while the other was somewhat turned to her left. They had the place lit with a number of small lanterns, and he could see a large boulder he could potentially hide behind and try to slip past. He looked up, hoping whichever kappa had followed his path into the tunnels would not come down.

“Aomu,” he addressed, very quietly, “would the lanterns you use here have firelight or something else?”

“Lanterns? As in handheld, portable?”


“We use electricity to brighten a wire we call a filament and light is produced that way.”

“Huh...” The kappa really are something incredible, he commented to himself. Electric light; if this was the case, he didn’t know what words could be invoked to wield it. Furthermore, summoning sun or moonlight here would be a risk. It was an annoyance, but he couldn’t obscure their sight with visual illusions.

So, he whispered to the tunnel air instead.

Gathering it into his hand and swirling it repeatedly, he created a compressed cyclone in his palm. He called for a few others (totaling six), crouched down, and aimed his sight all the way down the darkened tunnel behind the engineers.

In quick succession, he cast two gusts down the way, one setting off in the rest area, and the other setting off in the tunnel’s shadows. The two kappa immediately had their hackles up, and looked where the second wind had erupted. He glided in, and put himself behind the wall-like boulder.

“T-Tengu!?”, the goggled kappa stated, her voice shaking.

“Do they think we’re keeping winter like this!?” the other asked. “We’re not the ones stealing spring!”

The two of them looked at one another, while Gen secretly looked at them. The one with goggles nervously offered the explanation, “Maybe it was just the wind,” and at that the magician tossed another spiral of air, at the entrance of the tunnel he wished to go down. The two kappa leapt at the gust, and so he threw another.


“I-I can’t believe it! Let’s go topside!”


The girls tripped over themselves dashing the way Gen had come, and while they fled he went straight into the hiding shadows of the tunnel which gave progress.

He now had more of a sense of urgency, and his advance was done with less care and more rapidity—even though light soon left the path. He paid the map attention, and kept in mind that the two he’d frightened would likely alert the Ravine of tengu presence, and possibly even come into the tunnels to find and meet with the seemingly angered youkai. There were quite a few of Kappa above him, it seemed. He needed to contact Aomu again.

When he thought this, his covered ear perked up to sound.

“-mu!” he heard.

“What!? What is...” Aomu’s voice faded after a scratching noise; he imagined she must have hid her microphone in surprise.

Eventually he felt his way to another crossroads, leading either right or left. Remembering Aomu’s directions for another path and knowing her to be indisposed, he turned to the right without asking and continued on.

Suddenly, his eyes on the surface shouted “Gen!” into his ear and his head was banged on the tunnel’s roof.

“Oww...” he moaned, “what?”

“There are tengu in the tunnels! Everyone’s freaking out! I said I’d keep lookout, but...”

Gen looked at the map in his hand, noting quite a few kappa seemed to be leaving the caves.

“‘Twas no tengu, I merely cast some winds,” he explained, looking toward his chest where he was keeping a spare two cyclone orbs (not that he could see anything). Ignoring Aomu’s voiced disbelief at this revelation, he next said, “I went right at another split in the tunnels. Do you know where I should go from here?”

“Huh!? I, uh, what!? Uh...” He could imagine her pawing at her face in a flurry of emotions. “K-Keep your hand up and feel for a tunnel upward, fly into it, and stay in the hangar you find.”

“H... what? Hangar?” he briefly dropped his whisper in saying this, and quickly held his mouth.

“Just stay there! Keep an eye on your map! A bunch of us are going to look through the tunnels now!”

He thought to himself, Goodness, I’ve really underestimated how scared the kappa can get.[/]

The magician’s apprentice did as he was instructed, soon enough finding a way up and flying ascent. He approached light again, and found the hangar.

[ ♫: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sO3_dMt0ZSc ]

“... Hello now...” he commented reflexively, standing to his full height. [i]So many machines...

The hangar, or cavern, he now stood in had most of its space dedicated to a large construct of crisscrossing metal in a black, heavy matrix some four or five stories tall by comparison to a building in the outside world. This thing, surrounded and segmented by walkways, held in place what he wagered must have been over two hundred small aircrafts, watercrafts, submersibles, and other brands of vehicles. At its base, he paced ‘round the thing, looking at propeller-devices, what seemed to be rockets, wheeled things and so on. He touched a few in interest, and noticed many hoses and cables snaking their way through the mess of metal, making it all that much more confounding and messy, connecting into the walls. But, fascinating. He looked around the cavern more, and saw ways he thought the machines might be carried out of the underground and into the Ravine: on tracks, it seemed, and through wide circle doors that lined the wall behind him. Above, in the ceiling, was a very large and closed access. He wagered that was where many kappa would come from shortly, and so was why his friend wanted him to stay put and hide.

He took in this place some more, and saw a few nice places to hide. He settled on crawling beneath a worktable, and obscuring himself behind some nearby toolboxes, taking this time he knew himself to be alone to scrape the things along the floor and clatter them carelessly. With this done, he bid attention of his friend again. “So, Aomu, this is where you all keep your vehicular experiments and inventions?”

She was quick to answer with, “Where most of us do. Are you hiding?”


“Everyone going in’s rallying by the rock wall. They’re going to enter soon.”

“How do I get out of here? Through the ceiling access?”

“You could, but I wouldn’t...” she answered in honesty. “You should find the vents and go through those... Just make sure you keep your mouth covered, and after a while you should get outside.”

“Can’t I just go through these vents now?” he asked.

“They’re going to flood the vents,” the girl revealed, to which he responded with:


“They want to make sure nothing is hiding in them. They won’t flood the whole system since that would use too much water, and a lot of it’s frozen today.”

“Well, aren’t I lucky.”

“They’re starting,” said Aomu, “And they’re going in. Don’t get caught or die, okay?”

Gen did not answer. He heard cacophonous rushing and the noise of several blasts, and looked out from under the table for a moment to see flows of water from where the vents of this cavern must have been, far above him. The giant gate began to screech open, and more lights dazzled the room.

Watching the map screen, he saw perhaps a count of twenty five kappa converging on this place, and even more elsewhere within the tunnel system. They voicelessly moved through the hangar, and he remained still.

Cold water reached him, and he held his breath to stop the reflexive noise he would have made on his contact with it. Three kappa splashed down to the floor, and he saw their boots from behind the metal boxes. From the way light dashed along the walls, he figured they must have all donned cave-diving helmets, or at least something similar. While he kept still, he watched as they mercifully decided to not check beneath the table.

The water eventually drained, falling down the hole he’d used to reach here, and many of the kappa in the cavern began making their ways through other tunnels. The hangar now had six of the girls patrolling it.

Gen was thoughtless for a minute or so. For whatever reason, he had expected them all to leave this room, so now with kappa patrolling... he was concerned.

Eventually shaking his head, he decided: he would move.

He could slip past the toolboxes hiding them without any noise unless he flinched. From there, however, he wasn’t sure what to do.

From what he could tell, two of the kappa were stationary: one at the floor, another at the ceiling. Two more were monitoring the walkways, and the final two were rogue elements, moving seemingly without pattern.

Still, he at least knew where they were moving...

He had two winds left to cast, and whispering for any other magic would be too great a risk with them on alert like this.


[] he would make a distraction and escape.
----[] Where would he cast the winds?

[] he would simply sneak.
----[] Where would he go?


Image source: https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=55459777

Feel free to give ideas for how you'd like to go about this.
>> No. 66398
Tools in the toolbox can be thrown for distraction effect, it might be worth doing so.

We don't want to create such a pandemonium in here that everyone reconvenes back to this area.

We could attempt to hide for an extended period inside one of the machines, which could also give us a chance to actually call upon other magic other than air. We should be pretty careful about the water on the ground that splashed in regardless, since that'll be slick.

If we're using air, we probably want to somehow aim it going down the tunnel we originally came in on to get their attention more out of this room, but I also wonder if they're guarding this area because there might be something that they want the Tengu finding they have.
>> No. 66400
[X] he would make a distraction and escape.
----[X] Down the farthest tunnel he could cast them
>> No. 66401
Well, that backfired. I almost changed my vote too.

I was hoping to come up with some kind of plausible excuse for being here, but saying we're lost or something isn't gonna fly now that we're in kappa HQ.

Not sure what to vote for yet other than that I'm leaning toward not putting the wind up the kappa any more than we already have. They get real spooked real fast.
>> No. 66402
[x] He would simply sneak
Yeah the winds are a terribad idea, with how many Kappa there are there is no telling what they'll do if they get spooped.
[x] The Vehicles seem like good Blindspots until you reach the vents.
>> No. 66403
Well, there's a few things to consider here.
First off, what's our casting radius? Can we cast our winds at a place where we don't have line of sight, or do we have to cast it at our location?

If we aren't limited by line of sight, then...
[x] he would make a distraction and escape.
----[x] A small squall coming from the tunnel he came from, a few bends back.

If we can't do that, then...
-[x] he would make a distraction and escape.
----[x] A wrench, tossed with an underhand throw into the far corner.
>> No. 66404
I will remind some of his capability: he can indeed cast things out of sight, and even did so during his first fight with Patchouli. However! That was him setting things off he'd left behind. Sending a spell down a very specific way (like using a Nikita Launcher) would likely be beyond his capabilities.
>> No. 66405
[X] he would simply sneak.
----[X]The vents
Though Gen should probably float a bit/do some water manipulation so he doesn't splish splash around as he goes. I feel like he should avoid distractions because if the winds alone got the kappa this spooked and wound up, anything else is just going to make it harder for him to get out.
>> No. 66406
[x] he would simply sneak.
----[x] the vents.

Seconding the guy above. More wind would just make them lock down even tighter, and we've got flight and water magic so it shouldn't be too risky.
>> No. 66417
I think we're having an issue with this vote (in terms of participation, compartively) because we've moved away from "style" of action instead to "specific" action, and that "specific" action set we're having a hard time framing with reference to the scene.

aka, every action here can be kinda screwed with in ways we can't expect. Most of the story has instead been "path types" like "be sneaky", "be foolhardy", "be friendly" and it plays off generally from there, but in a sneaking mission with a scene we can't fully picture, I think it's a lot harder to come down on specific choices other than, "I hope we get out without getting ruined by the random kappa troops."
>> No. 66425
Yeah, and in consideration to that

well, you'll see in a bit I suppose
>> No. 66427
Looking forward to the end of this part.

I'm glad people are enjoying it, but I'm definitely not one of them. And I'm not looking forward to what this delay means for other, actually important characters during his very first incident.
>> No. 66432
The delay actually is about my own shit. Life's terribly busy at the moment.
>> No. 66433
File 152794628813.png - (1.06MB, 1500x1500, mission complete.png) [iqdb]
[X] he would simply sneak.

With this decided, he brought the winds into his coat and, quietly, carefully, disrupted them, holding the cloth firm so that it would only ripple.

He peered at the floor and tested it with his fingers, looking and feeling for water. By this time it seemed he wouldn’t splash if he moved about, but pressing his cheek to his shoulder he surmised that he might drip. Thankfully many things were now dripping in this room, but he had to admit to himself that this had him a little worried.

He looked up to the iron matrix, and then down to his map. With a thought of Alright... he made his first move.

He was sure there were none that might see him, and with the time he had between them coming and going he crawled slowly out from under the table and past a toolbox. No noise, no one around. Holding back a sigh of relief, he crept toward the nearest machine...


She tossed the last green piece into her mouth, and crushed it to mush.

’Bout now? the kappa thought, standing. It had been around ten minutes since she’d last contacted her human friend, and she hadn’t heard any chaos since then, nor had any silence broken at all. She stepped to the ledge overlooking the ravine, and then stepped off.

She fell half of a meter, but with a wish, and the river’s granting, Aomu bobbed in the air and began to float. While she was of a water race, one might be surprised to know that to the kappa this flight felt natural. Flight elsewhere, however (usually by carriage, vehicle or device), generally gave unexperienced kappa a twisting feeling in their stomachs, while more experienced kappa learned to ignore it. Well, in general, when away from a shore they all tended to be very nervous. The river was much more than the kappa’s home.

Aomu went gently over the way, warily glancing toward her sisters, who were warily checking the exits of the tunnel-caves. I hope I’m not being suspicious... she thought. She was, but the other kappa weren’t paying her attention.

When she reached the other side she lost the river’s blessing and had to land. She began walking then, and threw one more worried and fleeting look over her shoulder before entering the woods.

The outer part of Youkai Mountain, where the Genbu Ravine kept it separate from the Forest of Magic, was quite safe. Not safe enough for Aomu to feel comfortable, of course, but she didn’t worry as much about being attacked here as the climb or the top. To the credit of greater powers, also, there had been much less chaos on the mountain than there had been not long before. That was the key, however: “not long”. It was for that reason that every kappa in the Ravine went into fear at the suspicion of a tengu in their midst. They were reminded.

Aomu trudged through the brush, nearing the Great Youkai Forest but taking care never to step too close; thinking about many things and trembling about a few. She marched quietly to a specific place: to where one could find some of the smoke joining that which could always be seen rising from the mountain.

“Gen...?” the kappa whispered, pulling a branch down and out her path. She walked into a wash of sticky, damp air—somewhat warm, also, and smelling a bit of coal. Feeling relief, she strode with confidence into the manufactured swamp of the kappas’ making.

A satisfying sound came from the stomping of her feet, and she reflexively squinted in expectation of a scatter of flies that would never come. It was still “winter” after all; were the eggs of little creatures even still alive now? The sleeping frogs? Gen had really made a mess of things.

She looked over the brown and white pools of mud and withered grass, opened up in five places for the caverns’ ventilation, and saw this human not. She scanned the piping that was connected here from the Ravine and turned and twisted overhead like cobalt vines, seeing that they were still dripping with floodwater. She huffed and thought, she wouldn’t scold him if he came out of one of those holes alive. She calmed. This place wasn’t quite the river, but at least it was a nice resting spot.

So she sat down in the muck, and waited.

In time, a hand felt its way over the edge of one of the vents, and a shadow-shape peeked above as well. She stared at it, and it lurched more upward, dragging its black form from the pit, and falling to the wet earth after all of it had emerged. It wasn’t a pleasant scene of birth.

“Fuu...” the shadow breathed, turning over and seeming to stand. “Do you... clean these ever, Aomu?”

“Every few years,” she answered.

“Every few years... I see.” The thing shook, and rose into the air. It then spoke a word she didn’t understand, and all the black slipped off of it until the perfect and unaltered figure of Gen was there, floating beneath the pipe-roof and adjusting his gloves.

“You made it,” she told him.

“I did,” he confirmed, and he looked down at her to ask, “Do you want to hear how?”

“Hm, do we have any time for it?” she asked in return.

“I think we don’t,” he admitted, descending in front of her. “Gods... I’ll have to carry you all filthy like that, won’t I?”

“I might be warmer than you now, at least,” she said with a smile, picking herself up. Gen removed the device from his ear and handed it to her, handing her also the other kappa inventor’s map.

“We’re going first toward the Road of Liminality,” he said, “I have to imagine a way to the Netherworld is there.”

“Uhh, can you protect me and fly at the same time?” she asked, her eyebrows saying everything of her instable confidence in him.

“It won’t be easy,” he was honest, “but I can’t afford easy right now.” He extended his hand to his friend, and she took it. “I’ll be sure to protect you,” he affirmed, ending his talk with, “Thank you, Aomu. I mean that sincerely.”

He pulled her into his arms, and while looking to the other side of Youkai Mountain, took flight once again.
>> No. 66434
File 152794637397.jpg - (366.88KB, 495x700, The Nobility of the Devil.jpg) [iqdb]
At the time, the pain in the tip of her wing had been unbearable.

She thought of this now while sitting in the empty library, reading an old and Grecian work under a blanket cover and sighing often. It had honestly, genuinely, hurt so much. She still hoped now that the boy hadn’t noticed.

Itou Gen was somebody she liked. Remilia Scarlet could not say that about many people with the whole of her fragile and corpse heart. She liked many things, certainly, and even people were often wont to amuse her, but she could count those she truly liked on one hand. The whole hand, yes, but still only one of them. He had been lying to her and to his Master, and now he was off to try to return spring. Sakuya, too, was off to do the same without any order. Patchouli was upstairs, and she was in the library. Everything was out of order, and it delighted her.

The eldest Scarlet was a vampire, but more importantly she was a patrician and a patron. She didn’t ever want to say it, but it seemed like all in her house (save for that sister...) understood and complied with what she really wanted out of them. Gen had been keeping secrets, and when she teased one out of him while knowing the other, he had chosen to not disclose that other, worse matter. He had reasoned that wrong had been done, and had gone on to right it himself without acknowledgement or fuss, and she could not be prouder.

Thinking about this, her lips turned up.

She spoke with him often these days, regularly at tea, with a discussion on the old world here, a fondling of his glass amulet there, and game of rock-paper-scissors elsewhere. She couldn’t bother Patchouli very much, so at first when he came to sit with her day after day she’d only thought it a chance to learn more about what her dear friend had been doing lately, cooped up with her books. However, the boy himself was to her like what she imagined sunlight to be for the lesser things out in the world. She was always pleased with his company, and his foolishness.

The maid who loved her and wore an unheld leash, the witch who loved her and did however she liked without word or request, and the apprentice who loved her and enjoyed her hospitality, though he had demanded it without even a penny to return for it: they were all part of a warm presence she would never give up. But if she ever grasped that leash, ever made a bid in the library’s halls, ever told the boy to bow... she knew it: they would not a one of them hesitate to listen to and follow her without question, not out of compulsion, but out of will.

These were the strong residents of Scarlet Devil Mansion, and she was the Mansion’s Master. When she had stood before her foundling outsider and made the mistake of having her wing escape the safety of shadows, the pain had been excruciating, and by her will she showed none of that. The book in her hands ended, Remilia folded those wings over herself under the blanket cloth and looked into the infinite darkness of the ceiling above, thinking happily that she had done well in the best example.

The Master of Fate adored its defiance. Reminded of this, she hugged herself close, and shortly went to sleep.
>> No. 66435
File 152798850233.jpg - (1.01MB, 706x1000, come join the WAAAI!.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ♫: http://www.infinitelooper.com/?v=nmS31bYmZHM&p=n#/0;170 ]

“Not here either!?”

“AAAAAH, GEN!! Stop talking in Japanese! Stop it! NO NIPPON! Not unless you’re casting a spell with it, okay!?”

“But Muenzuka was a bust too? Tch, alright, alright,” he answered in a mumble, thumbing open a flask at his waist. He jerked his head left with force, the Kappa under his arm yelped, and a bullet missed his neck. There were many others, however, and he was thinking this lack of being-hit was entirely to luck so far. The magician’s apprentice let a card slip from his right sleeve, and called to the spirits of air for aid.

The two were above the Forest of Magic, having without thought wandered into a place of many, many fair folk. They were all mad out of their heads, and firing on anything in sight full with joy and power. He hadn’t ever dealt with them like this, and was frankly terrified. The little brats also only seemed to notice him in the sky, rather than his traveling partner, so their shots did not seem to be... far from lethal—not that he really thought 1) they would even care in their very addled state and 2) fairies even had the power of lethality. On the other hand... well, he did not have a good feeling about this.

The cyclone of magic he had summoned began to subside, but he frowned to find that he had only cleared most of the bullets. He’d seen that result before, and was not pleased to know it meant this current bout presented a not-neglectable amount of danger.

“Why the heck are there still bullets!?” the girl under his arm yelled. She was holding on to her hat, had been for thirty minutes, and would not let go.

“The result of pairing with an outsider, sorry to say,” he revealed, quickly glancing at the flask on his waist. I used all of it, too... Damn. He spoke again, saying, “I did swear to you I’d keep you alright, so try not worrying that plated head of yours.”

“I-It’s only caps these days!” she corrected. “Aaahh... I never thought fairies could be scary!”

He brought Aomu into the hold of both of his arms and she squealed again. Pushing himself he began to ascend, hoping to breach the clouds, but the fairies below them weren’t keen on the idea. Blossoming vibrantly like the only flowers in winter, the little creature followed him with excitement and danmaku.

He’d already asked Aomu to help him with all of this, but without a water source or weapon on her, a fight was out of the question. She also had to navigate for him, pointing him toward likely spots where they might find the Netherworld’s portal.

What they had discovered thus far was that the stationary map seemed to have little need for more accuracy, because what it showed was what they saw: along the barrier of Gensokyo, bits of spring were vanishing. There did not seem to be any rhyme or reason to where they slipped away, which had so far been an immense frustration.

While he thought about this, he also incanted a great deal, and when he was finished, the approaching clouds began to swirl. Immense spikes formed from them and dripped down, and from their tips a harsh and patterned rain fell.

“Water from the clouds!” Aomu shouted, and he glanced down at her, seeing her craning her neck to see the results of his spell. “That’s an idea! I wonder if I can do it, too!”

“Focus on the map, kappa. It’s all we’ve got.” He looked behind her back and far below her, sighing with relief as he saw fairy after fairy be struck and drop, each like a too-eager Icarus. Before he could smirk with satisfaction, however, he saw a strangely long woman far below him, but getting closer. Her clothes were long, her hair was long, and her nails, and her sleeves—and oddly, she seemed to glitter. He cursed under his breath at the sight. Youkai.

“Eh? Eh? Hold on!” Aomu began, and while he kept his eyes on the monster below he hoped she, too, hadn’t noticed it, and that she would instead offer some good news. “The Shrine!” she cried. “Now that we’re up here, I can definitely see spring going toward the Shrine!”

A blessing. However...

“The map’s too small to see the Shrine,” he mentioned. “What makes you say that?”

“The direction! It’s the only way that makes sense!”


Too bad the maiden’s probably out. But, the Shrine huh? That’s another way to other places now that I think of it.

“Then let’s go there,” he said with a nod. “Hold tight, we’ll pass through the clouds now.” The kappa braced, and he rushed through white fog, first water droplets, and then crystals; his clothing felt like it was being dragged and torn from his body. He hoped it wasn’t.

Within the frigid sheet, he saw the youkai in pursuit, matching his speed for the fun of it. They both left the clouds, and Aomu finally noticed their new company.

“It’s a Tsurara Onna!” she shouted at once. “H-Hey, we’re on an important mission, so could you just leave us alone?”

The Tsurara Onna ignored her, and spoke to Gen instead.

“A human outsider who flies?” she noted with a smirk and a sniff. “That’s, oh, that’s nifty.”

The woman was a little taller than he was, and much more thin. She wore a pleasant and shimmering robe as well as socks and sandals far too inappropriate for the weather. What little color that could be matched to her seemed pale blue, and he thought her face was certainly pretty, but he knew her kind’s stories. He responded immediately.

“Not in the mood to chat, youkai.”

“Is that a kappa you’ve got there?” she asked, as if she hadn’t heard his question.

Now, he began to cast a spell.

“Not right!” she moaned, and water began to bleed out of her, mainly falling from her eyes and her mouth, but also forming along her arms and body. It all quickly froze, making wicked icicles. “I ain’t even attacked you! Jeez, jeez.”

[ ♫: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXHS_dtRB4Q ]

Aomu pocketed her map and gripped to the front of his vest. He kept her firm in his left arm, and reached for his materials with his right.

“Sorry, human, but you’re trying to stop winter, aren’t you?” the Tsurara Onna asked. “I mean, a flying human already got real mean with my friend today. Hey, I was thinking, we could be friends too, or maybe even better? But, man, if you’re gonna stop winter, eh...”

The icicles on her body fell, and a fire slipped off his tongue.

The Tsurara Onna shook her head. “And you just smell so tasty, ya know?”

The cold air erupted, and by all her effort she tried to keep it chilled, but Gen had no interest in play. Flame rolled out from his place without mercy, razing the sky and burning the clouds, melting away the youkai’s wave of icicle danmaku with too much ease.

“Whoa-ho~!” the woman exclaimed, backing to the edge of his magic with her hands in the air. “I know it’s rude of me, but I can’t get shown up like this.” While saying this, she clapped her hands together, one on top the other, smirking languidly and toothily. When she pulled them apart, a great column of ice, sharp at the end, was formed between them. Gen began to chant again, and she heaved the pillar over her shoulder, staring him down. The youkai promptly chucked it, and Gen let it come. Aomu, who was watching against her better judgement, began to shake him.

“Gen! Gen, are you kidding!? Are you kidding—cast something!!”

Irritated at nearly biting his tongue from her motions, he finished the necessary words, and offered a piece of himself to empower it. When the great icicle was half its way to impale him, fire coalesced before him from nothing, building on itself rapidly. He squinted as it blasted forward.

The youkai, still positioned the way she was after throwing the pillar, offered an expression mixing amusement and surprise as well as an “Eh!? Holy shi—” before being met with a cylinder of orange and red. The ice she had thrown became water, and then vapor, in less than a second.

“Not exactly danmaku...” Gen commented, moving forward, “but I really don’t have time.”

Still, he moved carefully. He already knew by now that pacifying most youkai wasn’t ever simple. Making his way, he heard a regular sound at his left, and looking in that direction saw the youkai lying in the clouds below him (or was she just flying there oddly?), saying “ow”. Her left arm and leg were gone.

The youkai continued. “Ow... ow... Maaan... Seriously?” she complained.

“Will you chase me?” he asked.

Should,” she told him. “Go save the world and leave me alone.”

“Fine,” he answered, and he went off for the Shrine.

“Wow, Gen...” Aomu whispered, eyes on the map monitor, “aren’t you really strong?”

“That was convenience, and look:” he directed her attention ahead, showing her the many winged being emerging from below and spinning above, “this number of fairies won’t be as simple for me as acting on the knowledge that fire beats out ice.”

“There’s more of them...” she commented. “Then, we’re probably going the right way. The closer you get to the source of an Incident, the more fairies there’ll be.”

Alright, Youmu, he thought, preparing more spellwork and shifting Aomu to reach more of his bottles and jars, I hope you’ve not done anything too stupid. Don’t do as I predicted...

With a shout he formed magic, and began to dodge.
>> No. 66436
File 152798857126.png - (903.59KB, 1128x1413, fellow of the mansion.png) [iqdb]
[ ♫: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSqB_eqlqhE ]


“I can’t say I’m comfortable with that. Higher than this?”

“Yes, Gen!”

“Hope my breathing doesn’t go short... Gods, it’s cold.” Gen complained as he rose above the Hakurei Shrine, which had indeed been empty. According to Aomu, a significant number of flower petals were being courted in the skies over and behind the Shrine, and it stood to reason that, perhaps near the barrier here, they could find a way into the Netherworld.

“Where are the fairies?” he asked, observing none.

“They should be here. I guess that means somebody took care of them.”

Reimu? Sakuya? Am I too late? Damn, why’s it so hard to see up here?

The amount of clouds was quite something, and when they eventually came above them again after having checked the ground, it was as if they flew above airborne tundra. It was a very strange sensation, as the sky here was actually almost spring-like in its heat, making them both sigh involuntarily. Undoubtedly they were close.

When they did arrive above, they finally saw evidence of fair folk, blissfully sleeping or dead and at rest on clouds. They would surely repopulate this area soon, and as they hadn’t yet he was sure it meant whoever had done them in remained nearby.

“H-Hey...! You see that?” the kappa under his arm spoke, and he squinted out ahead.

“My...” he uttered. While it was difficult to discern, what seemed to be a closed door, oaken and fit for a giant, was before them. It was also painted in some ways black, and there seemed to be a few symbols emblazoned on it that he had to imagine were part of a seal. He was more confident of this theory as he could see a slowly counter-clockwise turning and rose-colored glyph, larger than the door itself, glowing before it. It was done with a several-pointed star he’d certainly seen in one of his Master’s books. There also seemed to be a stone wall in which the gateway was set, but he couldn’t tell how far it extended. He was certain now: they had made it. When they were even closer, eerie and grand wooden pillars came clear into view, and he slowed to a stop.

“What’s wrong?” Aomu asked. “This is it. This is definitely it.”

He had stopped because he saw a familiar red scarf flowing in the wind, the white-haired woman wearing it tapping a finger on her upper arm. She was flying in front of a triad of oddly-clothed girls (though with the girl being dressed like a maid, perhaps his consideration of them as oddly-clothed rather than her could be judged hypocritical—more so in consideration to his own outfit, in fact). The girls were crowded over one another, and the maid, Izayoi Sakuya, looked up at the door.

“Did she get here first?” he wondered aloud.

“River alive, it’s the maid!” Aomu cried, and he quickly covered her mouth. She spoke through his fingers, “Just drop me; I don’t wanna know how it feels to get stabbed.”

“I’m not dropping you,” he rejected her tersely. Sakuya, eh...?

[] He went to help her.

[] He tried to avoid her, and flew instead to Youmu.
>> No. 66437
[x] He tried to avoid her, and flew instead to Youmu.

Had to put her name there, didn't you? Fine, I'll bite.
>> No. 66438
[X] He went to help her.
>> No. 66439
[x] He went to help her.

>> No. 66440
[x] He tried to avoid her, and flew instead to Youmu.

The reason is simple: we don't want to scare our friend, we know she doesn't need any help and we want to prove ourselves against the instigator.
>> No. 66441
[x] He tried to avoid her, and flew instead to Youmu.

I would vote for helping, but we're a little... in-kappa-citated right now. We'd just slow Sakuya down.
>> No. 66442
[x] He tried to avoid her, and flew instead to Youmu.
Straight to stage 5.
>> No. 66443
[X] He went to help her.

Since we're already out of Magik-Aide, we should allow Sakuya to stay on point.
>> No. 66444
[X] He went to help her.

>> No. 66445
[X] He tried to avoid her, and flew instead to Youmu.
>> No. 66447
[X] He went to help her.

Need more maid time.
>> No. 66448
[X] He tried to avoid her, and flew instead to Youmu.
>> No. 66449
[X] He went to help her.

Thus, Gen shall be the maid's option/shot.
>> No. 66450
[X] He went to help her.
>> No. 66451
[X] He tried to avoid her, and flew instead to Youmu.

Let's not get Aomu stabbed hm?
Jokes aside, Stubbornness demands Gen does this without Sakuya's help.
>> No. 66452

Funny, I took it to be the other way, bringing Aomu forward when they all progress (and eventually catch up) puts her more at risk rather than introducing her to the others at this stage when there isn't any battle going on, because otherwise Aomu becomes one of the individuals at the "end", aka everyone there is automatically culpable when they show up.

We dragged her into danger pretty hardcore here and at least right now is the chance to introduce her as someone trying to help with the incident rather than being beaten up and asked later.
>> No. 66456
File 152860122674.png - (72.08KB, 527x865, Thus Spoke Yuyuko-sama.png) [iqdb]
Alright gang, I still haven't started writing just yet as my laptop is out of commission due to bullshit, meaning I can't write in my free time during the week (at least not efficiently) AND I've been writing up something else in the mean while.

We're at a tie. I have used a computer creature known as Saigyouji Yuyuko to flip a coin, this was the result: Youmu.

However again I still haven't started writing, so if someone else wants to break the tie feel free. For now, when I get on with it, it'll be for Youmu.
>> No. 66459
I dunno, I kinda wanna vote along the lines of
[X] He tried to avoid her, but got roped in anyway.
>> No. 66460
Also I think we hit autosage.
>> No. 66463
File 152880682021.jpg - (155.54KB, 284x576, good friend.jpg) [iqdb]
THREAD 4 >>66462

image source: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1457471
>> No. 66496
>When Master Patchouli was born as a Magician, alongside natural magical prowess she only had the abandonment of food, not the abandonment of temper.
After looking into it, "abandon temper" seems like a really bizarre mistranslation of the magic magicians use to become immortal. It is literally Remove Bug magic, which SEEMS like it relates to the Three Corpses, or the Three Worms that Miko discusses here: https://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Symposium_of_Post-mysticism/Bunbunmaru_Newspaper_8

So consider this "abandonment of worms" instead. The idea is that the magician gets rid of the worms/bugs in the body that cause eventual death in all living things. I am honestly not certain this is what the idea is, but the kanji is read 捨虫 and that (specifically 虫), as far as I know, can in no way be interpreted as temper. It's an interesting idea that I will probably have to talk about more than this offhand mention here. Gen would surely be weirded out that the Taoist idea is something Magicians believe in, and that it's actually "real" as far as he can tell. Let's say that because he's not interested in immortality, he has yet to think of the implications of the magic "捨虫" (remove bug(s)).
>> No. 66527
Tracks used:

Title - Album (Circle)

そして今日も紅魔館の扉は開く - 東方アイリッシュ (Floating Cloud)
BATTLE! Fantasy Maiden - 幻奏演舞 幻想人形演舞MusicCollection (Fantasy Puppet Dance Performance)
Birth of a God - Final Fantasy VII
The Doll Maker of Bucuresti 【classic guitar】 - (Guitaryuya)
Starry Night Flight - Starlight Prelude (hatsunetsumiko's)
響縁 - 東方猫鍵盤3 (BUTAOTOME)
Under the Quiet Moon ~The Girl From Fantasy~ - シンクロニシティ (hatsunetsumiko's)
Dream Express ~ Red / White (thC36) - Concealed the Conclusion
Deceitful Wings (album mix) - Atelier Iris ETERNAL MANA Arranged Tracks
Mystic Oriental Love Consultation (End of Century Ver.) - Hisoutensoku ~ Unthinkable Natural Law
童祭 ~ Innocent Treasures - 闡提宗祀 ~ Offering to The Sukhavati (Demetori)
紅白の影 - Silver Scenery (Hachimitsu-Lemon)
Eternal Dreams of the Lost Forest - (Lowlands Blossom)
紅楼 ~ Eastern Dream - Sinen ni Nozomu ga Gotoshi - 如臨深遠 ~雨縒煙柳~ (Demetori)
妖々夢 ~Snow or Cherry Petal - 幻想郷Reflection (Silent Sphere)
Sakura, Sakura ~ Japanize Dream/さくらさくら - Sinen ni Nozomu ga Gotoshi - 如臨深遠 ~雨縒煙柳~ (Demetori)
白銀が舞い踊る - Carnival! (Floating Cloud)
Warhead Storage - Metal Gear Solid
Intruder 1 - Metal Gear Solid
Rex's Lair - Metal Gear Solid
Ultimate Truth - CHANNEL † NODE (t=NODE)
童祭 ~ Innocent Treasures - 秘密のシンフォニック・スイート (Melodic Taste)
天空に舞う君 - 秋彩 AKIIRO (CarrotWine)
>> No. 66753
File 153608812122.gif - (1.47MB, 700x990, bright-and-happy-battle.gif) [iqdb]
I figured it out!
>> No. 67544
Making this more obvious (also I can't delete my last post doing this) >>65950
Tracks used:

Title - Album (Circle)

そして今日も紅魔館の扉は開く - 東方アイリッシュ (Floating Cloud)
BATTLE! Fantasy Maiden - 幻奏演舞 幻想人形演舞MusicCollection (Fantasy Puppet Dance Performance)
Birth of a God - Final Fantasy VII
The Doll Maker of Bucuresti 【classic guitar】 - (Guitaryuya)
Starry Night Flight - Starlight Prelude (hatsunetsumiko's)
響縁 - 東方猫鍵盤3 (BUTAOTOME)
Under the Quiet Moon ~The Girl From Fantasy~ - シンクロニシティ (hatsunetsumiko's)
Dream Express ~ Red / White (thC36) - Concealed the Conclusion
Deceitful Wings (album mix) - Atelier Iris ETERNAL MANA Arranged Tracks
Mystic Oriental Love Consultation (End of Century Ver.) - Hisoutensoku ~ Unthinkable Natural Law
童祭 ~ Innocent Treasures - 闡提宗祀 ~ Offering to The Sukhavati (Demetori)
紅白の影 - Silver Scenery (Hachimitsu-Lemon)
Eternal Dreams of the Lost Forest - (Lowlands Blossom)
紅楼 ~ Eastern Dream - Sinen ni Nozomu ga Gotoshi - 如臨深遠 ~雨縒煙柳~ (Demetori)
妖々夢 ~Snow or Cherry Petal - 幻想郷Reflection (Silent Sphere)
Sakura, Sakura ~ Japanize Dream/さくらさくら - Sinen ni Nozomu ga Gotoshi - 如臨深遠 ~雨縒煙柳~ (Demetori)
白銀が舞い踊る - Carnival! (Floating Cloud)
Warhead Storage - Metal Gear Solid
Intruder 1 - Metal Gear Solid
Rex's Lair - Metal Gear Solid
Ultimate Truth - CHANNEL † NODE (t=NODE)
童祭 ~ Innocent Treasures - 秘密のシンフォニック・スイート (Melodic Taste)
天空に舞う君 - 秋彩 AKIIRO (CarrotWine)
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