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File 140934850027.jpg - (905.16KB, 1684x1191, Chaos.jpg) [iqdb]
With a groan, you pull and manage to finally get your suitcase to the top of the stairs. One of them, anyway. When you were accepted to Gensokyo Academy for Talented Girls, the brochure stated that you were allowed to bring up to two suitcases worth of clothes plus a school-supplied duffel bag for anything extra you wanted to bring along. Like almost every other girl climbing these stairs, you naturally picked your two biggest suitcases so you could bring a lot of different outfits. Unfortunately, several things stacked up to make your first day somewhat miserable. First, you had to lug both suitcases through the six inches of snow on the ground in order to get anywhere on campus, and second, you had to drag them up the stairs to get to your assigned dorm room.

Luckily, with two problems came two saving graces. The first was that one of your suitcases was an old leather beater with no wheels, so it had to be carried on the rolling suitcase. While that made the rolling suitcase heavier, it meant you wouldn't have to leave one suitcase behind while lugging the other upstairs. The second saving grace was that you only had to pull them up the one flight of stairs. Your room happens to be on the second floor, and once you find your room, you dump your bags onto your bed unceremoniously. You're not even sure you want to bother unpacking, so you instead just plop down onto the bed near your bags and take stock of the room.

Underneath the only window in the room is an extra-wide desk, probably so it can sit both yourself and your roommate simultaneously. There's another bed on the other side of the room, though you can't make out any identifying features of its occupant. Unsurprisingly, since you'd read about them in the brochure, there's a mini-kitchen and a full bathroom, virtually right next to each other. With that in mind, you certainly hope your roommate isn't the type to use up all the hot water early in the morning. You're no stranger to cold showers, but having to take one day after day because of a selfish roommate isn't exactly appealing.

Still, that's besides the point and you continue to look around the room. The beds aren't fancy, but they're obviously comfy. You almost want to just lie down and take a quick nap before unpacking, but you need to get everything set up. With another sigh, you force yourself to stand up, turn around, and open the duffel bag that the school had given you. Before you'd left home, you'd stuffed everything you thought you might need into the bag, including toiletries and stuff for the clubs you wanted to join. Of course, there's one item in particular, the one you pull out first, that's most important to you. You set it down on the desk, next to something of your roommate's.

What is it?
[] A pair of beat up figure skates
[] A pair of brand new ballet shoes
[] A sword and polishing kit
[] A book labeled “Astrology for Dummies”
[] A tea set

What's your roommate's item?
[] A haphazard pile of portable gaming systems
[] A sewing kit
[] A family portrait
[] A personalized first-aid kit
[] A mathematics textbook

Note: These determine who you are and who your roommate is. See if you can't figure out who each item represents!

Ideally, most of the updates for this story will be longer than both this opening post and the "couple-times-a-week" updates for Demoness. To be strictly honest, the only reason this opener is so short is because I ran out of things to put in it without forcing the main character's identity. Ah well. Enjoy!
-What is it?
[x] A tea set
-What's your roommate's item?
[x] A personalized first-aid kit

Tea, an elegant beverage for a more civilized age.
[x] A pair of brand new ballet shoes
[x] A family portrait

Classy young ladies.
[x] A book labeled “Astrology for Dummies”
[x] A mathematics textbook

Wonder who these are.
[X] A pair of beat up figure skates
[X] A haphazard pile of portable gaming systems

Hmm, some of these are really tough.
I'm guessing the first set as Cirno, Hina?, Youmu, Utsuho, Reimu.
For the second, maybe Kaguya, Alice, Aya, Reisen, Ran.

I'm sure half of those are probably wrong, but most make some amount of sense. Getting surprised with an uncommon selection of touhous would certainly be a welcome treat, though.
[O] A pair of brand new ballet shoes
So, dissatisfied with MoTK and FFN, you run here Wolfsbane?

Forgot this:
[O] A haphazard pile of portable gaming systems
[X]A pair of brand new ballet shoes
[X]A haphazard pile of portable gaming systems

Classiness versus geekdom. LET THE BATTLE BEGIN.
>>60012 A few of those are right, a couple are wrong, and one helped me figure out who I was gonna set up for that choice. Not saying who specifically until the votes get called, though.
[X] A pair of brand new ballet shoes
[X] A sewing kit

Complementary hobbies.
[x] A book labeled “Astrology for Dummies”
[x] A mathematics textbook
I should probably mention that regardless of who wins the vote, the ones not chosen will still show up in the story.
[x] A tea set

[x] A haphazard pile of portable gaming systems
[x] A pair of brand new ballet shoes
[x] A mathematics textbook

Almost went with
>[ ] A tea set
>[ ] A family portrait
just to find out who they are, but that's probably not a good reason.

My best guesses:
Us: Cirno _Hina Youmu Marisa Yuuka?
Them: Sanae Alice Flan? Eirin _Ran_
>>60031 A reason is a reason, good or not.

Anyway, since I'm calling the votes, I might as well tell you who each vote represented.
The beat up figure skates: Letty Whiterock
The brand new ballet shoes: Satori Komeiji
The sword and polishing kit: Youmu Konpaku
The "Astrology for Dummies" book: Marisa Kirisame
The tea set: Sakuya Izayoi

For your roommate, they were as follows.
The haphazard pile of portable consoles: Kaguya Houraisan
The sewing kit: Alice Margatroid
The family portrait: Aya Shameimaru
The personalized first-aid kit: Reisen Udongein Inaba
The mathematics textbook: Sanae Kochiya

Feel free to remark on the believability of each one.
Very nearly forgot: you are Satori Komeiji and your roommate is Kaguya Houraisan.
Huh, half my predictions were spot on and the other half were wrong. Other than Satori, whose item was hard to immediately associate with any particular character, they all make enough sense. Marisa and Sakuya feel like they should've been obvious to me.

I'm very interested to see where this goes. Satori is great.

Also Sanae is a NEEERD!
>The mathematics textbook: Sanae Kochiya
Is this a reference to something I'm not familiar with?

Cirno's going to be the math teacher, isn't she.
Well I'm glad my votes didn't win because I was completely wrong about who I was voting for.
>>60035 In a chapter of WaHH, Sanae mentions that she's more a student of the sciences than she is a student of philosophy. And no, she's not.

Now, I hate to do this so soon after starting a new story, but I'm leaving town tomorrow for two weeks, and I don't know if I'll have internet for posting new updates. As a result, the update is going to end up about three pages long, probably more, by the time it finally gets posted. Again, my apologies. This little trip was very short notice.
As long as we're asking where the items came from: why ballet shoes for Satori? They're really not that similar to the fuzzy house slippers she wears in the ZUN art.
>>60038 That option admittedly had more to do with my headcanon for Satori than anything else. I've always envisioned her as a ballet dancer because of her petite stature and her personal grace when not having just been dragged out of bed.
File 141238761891.jpg - (255.21KB, 858x1200, Schoolgirl Satori.jpg) [iqdb]
Okay, I really wanted to update this story and Demoness at the same time, but while we were in CO, my mom had a heart attack, and since then, things have kind of just . . . snowballed. I'm currently travelling with my dad, a trucker, and truck stops are the worst for wifi. Anyway, without further ado, the update.


Gingerly, so as not to wake your roommate, you take your pointe shoes out of your bag and place them on the desk quietly, next to the pile of portable consoles. You've learned from many experiences that they can be the noisiest things in the world, especially for a dancer like yourself. This particular pair is brand new, new enough that not only have you not had a chance to break them in, you haven't sewn the ribbons and elastic on, either. You expect to remedy that tonight. Somehow.
You really have yet to figure out how you're going to do that without waking your roommate. Luckily, though, you don't have to. She wakes herself up. With a stretch, a yawn, and a sigh, the raven-haired girl sits up, turns around, and looks at you. “You must be my new roommate,” she says sleepily. She doesn't seem to have completely woken up yet. “Let's get the formalities out of the way first. I'm Kaguya Houraisan, and you are?”
Ignoring the ridiculous case of bed head, you offer your hand with a smile. “Satori Komeiji, at your service.”
Kaguya politely takes your hand, shakes it once, then yawns again. “I've got a cousin who's a dancer,” she mentions abruptly, pointing at your pointe shoes. “Though she's also more than a little bit haughty. With any luck, you're not like her.”
You smirk and strike a pose, hands on your hips. “Not haughty, just snarky,” you crack, earning a giggling fit from Kaguya.
“That was, that was horrible!” Kaguya laughs, falling backwards on her bed. “No, seriously, where do you come up with that kind of routine?!” You wait for the Noire gamer to stop laughing before explaining.
“It seemed like the thing to say at the time,” you say, sitting down on your own bed, making sure not to sit down on your suitcases or the duffel bag. “The pose was just extra. Something I 'stole' from my sister.”
“You have a sister?” Kaguya repeats. “Funny, you don't seem the sisterly type.” She quickly throws up her hands when you throw one of your pointe shoes at her. “I'm joking, I'm joking!” she says, keeping her hands where they are in case you decide to throw the other shoe. Which you do when Kaguya cracks “I'm sure she's the prettier of the two of you.”
“Joking aside, please,” you say, glaring. “What my little sister doesn't lack is energy. She's always bouncing around, always exploring.” You smile as a memory surfaces. “Funny story, she once wandered off in a shopping mall without anyone noticing. It took two hours for mall security to find her, and can you guess where she was?”
“Hmm, maybe, but let's hear the full story, first,” Kaguya replies, sitting cross-legged and resting her chin in her hands.
“Turns out, she never left the store she wandered off in,” you continue, your smile growing wider. “She'd started playing one of those game demo kiosks, and when the security officers had gone by there, she was in the bathroom. When they went by a second time, she'd buzzed off to the store's food counter for a soda. Security went by three times before they found her, still playing the same game, none the wiser that anyone was looking for her.” You stifle a laugh before continuing your story again. “When I asked her what she'd been doing, she said that she was trying to beat her score from memory.”
Kaguya busts out laughing at your sister's given excuse. “That sounds like something I'd do,” she says in the middle of her laughing fit. “What's your sister's name anyway?”
“Her name's Koishi,” you say, closing your eyes to count off so you can calm down, a habit taken from your mother. “Anyway, changing tracks, what's there to do around this school outside class?”
Kaguya lays back down and raises her fist to start listing things. “Well, during winter, like now, the pond the Rowing Club uses for practice freezes over, and a bunch of girls calling themselves the Skating Club start using it, regardless of any concerns the school might have.” Kaguya raises two fingers then moves on. “There's a Readers And Writers Club that makes their home in the old faculty building. Don't ask me what they do with all that space, though. I have my own club to worry about.” Kaguya raises two more fingers. “Now, I don't like tooting my own horn to a new kid, but I run the Gaming Club. We discuss, and sometimes play games, both tabletop and video. I run the video game sections, and I'm actually the president for the whole club.” Kaguya drops her hand and sits up. “We usually meet in the cafeteria, if you're interested.”
You stay silent for a moment, thinking and measuring your options. You're here on a dance scholarship, which Kaguya probably hasn't picked up on. And anyway, before you can pick a club to join, if any, you have to figure out the schedule of each club to see if they conflict with your dance classes, which happen after the regular classes every Tuesday and Thursday. The so-called “Skating Club” sounds like a fun option, although to be honest, you've never actually been ice skating by virtue of having lived in a small desert town your whole life. The Readers and Writers club sounds straightforward, but they have an entire faculty building for what's possibly a fairly small club, which leaves you wondering just what they do with all that extra space. Kaguya's gaming club definitely sounds interesting, but again, you need to figure out the scheduling, first. The Rowing Club is the only club that's out of the question, and that's only because it's the wrong season.
You're actually about to explain that you need to learn the schedules first when Kaguya says “You don't need to pick tonight, you know. Those aren't the only clubs on campus, just the ones I find the most interesting.” She runs a hand through her extremely long hair and flicks it absently. “Anyway, lights out is in, what, four hours?” The Noire checks her watch. “Yeah, four hours. What should we do in the meantime? Since you're new, I'll let you decide.”

Your decision?
[] Ask Kaguya about her games.
----[] Offer to play a game?
[] Ask about the clubs some more.
[] Finish unpacking while doing one of the above.
[] Explore the campus, figure out what's where.
[] Have Kaguya decide.


Cue routes.
[X] Explore the campus, figure out what's where.

Shit, man. I hope everything turns out okay for you and your family.

On the writing side, could you please double space your posts? Everything being in one big blob is a bit hard to read.
>>60146 I know. I keep forgetting to put in line breaks and the quality is suffering for it.
[X] Explore the campus, figure out what's where.

Well... shit. That sucks.
I was going to give you shit in your other story about it dying/being abandoned, but then I saw this.

Firstly, I'd recommend getting well into one story before starting a second.

Anyway, best of luck with life stuff, and don't feel bad if it gets in the way of writing at times. It's best to give the readers a heads up regarding changes on your schedule. Readers much prefer to know that there won't be updates for a while, rather than be left to wonder during radio silence.
Actually, would you guys prefer it if I just copied the update on this one into a new post so I could slip some line breaks in?
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