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File 140594629480.jpg - (613.79KB, 800x1000, a924e6220733f53fbb865dcead228381.jpg) [iqdb]
If you told me it was going to be the fairies, I'd have laughed. Fairies? The hell are fairies going to do? Well, individually, not much, of course. So we ignored them, when we weren't using them as maids, practice targets, cannon fodder, what have you.

They were always willing to take up a cause in an incident, willing to take it up and die for it. Of course, 'dying for a cause' is a bit different for a fairy, given that death to them is at most an inconvenience for a couple of hours. So they take up the cause in the name of fun and shooting, and are inevitably shot to pieces by whichever resident troubleshooter is on the case.

So life continued, fairies got involved in incidents in peripheral roles, incidents continued to be solved with force applied in a brute manner, Gensokyo was saved yet again, and the world kept spinning.

I assume the world's still spinning.

This is an assumption, as we're no longer on that world.

The fairies were learning. And waiting.

And now, all that remains of Gensokyo, all that remains of the world perhaps, is me, and the approximately thirty thousand escapees. Hell, I don't even need to approximate it. We took a census. There are thirty thousand and eighty two of us.

You see, the fairies decided one day to create an incident of their own. Not to move under someone else's instruction, or on their own individual whimsy, but as a unified, overwhelming force. Reimu Hakurei, Sanae Kochiya, all the other big names in troubleshooting shot the trouble. And fairies. They shot a lot of fairies. But it wasn't enough, and the waves and waves of fairies broke them. It was a shock that they managed to get out alive at all.

And then there was the fire. The Human Village was only the beginning, torched to the ground. The Hakurei shrine, a crater. The Moriya Shrine was picked up, piece by piece, and thrown in the Misty Lake. The Scarlet Devil Mansion received the same treatment.

All that sounds like a regional, controlled problem, right?

Well, it would have been, if the fairies hadn't broken down the Hakurei Barrier. Shit, nobody knows how they managed that, but they did. And they spilled out on the rest of the world. Who, in all fairness, were perfectly prepared for a war. So they went to war. But the fairies had one advantage: they could take as much punishment as could be doled out.

So, like a boxer from that one Simpsons episode, humanity just punched and punched and punched and exhausted itself. But the fairies just kept coming. Eventually humanity was overwhelmed.

But all that gave us the chance, here in Gensokyo, to make our way out. Turns out the Probability Space Hypervessel wasn't a one-off. There were quite a few smaller vessels, using its same propulsion method, ready to be taken off into space. It's almost as if Yumemi and Chiyuri were planning for this. Or maybe they just liked the first PSH and built a bunch of them.

Given how they act, the latter's probably more likely.

Taking back Earth would be asking way too much. The place is swarming with fairies and is likely to be for... ever, maybe. Hell, taking back Gensokyo would be a pain. But maybe the barrier could be put back up.

We'd have to find Yukari for that, though. She, and the rest of the Yakumo family, have been missing ever since the initial fairy uprising.

A higher priority, though is survival. Sure, we'd love to take back Earth. We'd love to have Gensokyo. But we simply don't have the manpower. And we don't have a place to settle. Finding a place to settle, if only for a short time to recover our strength, would be enough of a problem.

But, oh no. That's not enough.

The fairies have been chasing us.

And now, with an away team inside an old space station we'd discovered and are raiding for supplies, one of the fairy motherships has jumped into range.

As for me, well. I'm...

(Pick one from both groups)

[ ] Admiral
[ ] President
[ ] Admiral President
[ ] Fighter Pilot
[ ] Engineer (on the away team)
[ ] SPESS MUHREEN (also on the away team)
[ ] Write-in

And shit, for the second group, pick a 2hu.

Any 2hu that isn't A: a fairy or B: a Yakumo.

[X] Konngara, Swordsman of a distant star

Finally, an author not afraid to show some pc-98 love.
[ ] Admiral President
[x] Fighter Pilot

[x] Gengetsu
Guys, please, there's only one admiral.

[x]President SHINKI

Gates is best touhou, even if he's a Seihou
Changing my vote to:
[x]President Shinki
You know, I almost decided to make Mugetsu/Gengetsu on the fairies' side due solely to Gengetsu's wings. Didn't, though.

Admiral Double President Gengetsu Beep-Boop
[X] President Shinki

Now, was she popularly elected, or somewhere (say, forty-third) in the line of secession? And by "popularly elected," I mean a significant number of voters were Makaian.

>But, oh no. That's not enough.
>The fairies have been chasing us.
We've got advanced technology. How did fairies into space?
[X] President Shinki

Changed vote to this.

Why didn´t people just set up auto turrets at fairy spawn points? Sometimes you just gotta roll with it.
[x] SPESS MUHREEN Imaizumi Kagerou
Because nobody's written her at all yet. That's just not fair.
File 140611405845.jpg - (168.22KB, 800x800, 5921565c373e4926547edc18b1bc6fe0.jpg) [iqdb]
>Now, was she popularly elected, or somewhere (say, forty-third) in the line of secession?

Hey. Whoa. This ain't Touhoustar Lotusactica. Not at all. Lotus Space Story. Look at the name.

>We've got advanced technology. How did fairies into space?

That's answered the exact same way as 'how did this space station happen?'

They did. They ran out of ammo before the fairies ran out of fairies.

President Shinki, lawfully appointed civilian represen- pffffffthahaha, okay, I can't keep a straight face. I wasn't forty-third in the line of succession, or anything. Gensokyo never actually had a president or a line of succession. Sure, I could've just bullied my way into the office given my prior experience and credentials as God-King and Most Supreme Majesty of Makai, but that doesn't sound very democratic at all.

So we held an election shortly after escaping from Earth.

And by election, I mean that I appointed myself proxy for all of the glorious citizens in the fleet. They were too busy doing things like escaping, so I took their responsibility off of their shoulders, and placed it upon mine, and cast their votes, keeping what they would, of course, want, in mind.

The final result of the election was thirty-thousand and eighty-one votes for me, and one vote for Sekibanki.

I would never be so tacky as to vote for myself, you see. And this conveniently makes Sekibanki the Vice President. I voted for her because I think it's endlessly entertaining how her head rolls off when I smack it.

Speaking of, I need to inform my new Vice President of her title.

It's been almost two days since the escape from Earth, and it's no longer the panicked flight it was. Most people have managed to grab a couple hours of sleep.

I look around me, in the lavish yacht that I commandeered for my escape. Sure, the Probability Space Hypervessel is bigger, faster, and more heavily armed, but it's a warship, first and foremost. This is a much more comfortable vessel, fit for the God-King. President. Need to remember not to title myself God-King.

Sekibanki is sleeping in a heap, draped across one of the plush couches in the small cabin in the back of the yacht. It's the biggest one, of course. And Sekibanki beat me here in the mad rush out, so I couldn't very well kick her out.

Nobody else is in the cabin, and the sliding door's closed. The place is not overly ornate, but it's a large enough room, a couple of plush couches around the edges, a private bathroom and bedroom, which I claimed, and I grabbed one of the chairs from the lounge in the main area of the yacht to serve as my throne. Presidential seat. Right.

I walk over to her to shake her awake, hand reaching out for her shoulder. And then I get a better idea. I pluck her head neatly from her shoulders with both hands, and start shaking it.

“Hey, sleepyhead! Wake up!” She looks at me, bleary-eyed and with the singular hatred of one unwillingly shaken awake. “Get it? Sleepyhead? Ah, I slay myself.”

What,” she grumbles, the single syllable inflected so beautifully with hatred and loathing.

“Congratulations! You're the Vice President!”

“Vice President of what?”

I think for a second. “Of... Gensokyo? Earth? Well... neither of those really work. I'm going to go with 'Space Gensokyo' for now. It's a purely provisional name, you see. Perhaps I'll put the name to a vote.”

“Great. Who's the President?”

I feign a gasp of surprise. “What, you don't know? You voted for me, of course! I'm God-Ki- er, President of Space Gensokyo!”

“I ain't voted for you.”

“Of course you did! You were so busy, though, that I took the weighty responsibility of participation in the democratic process from your overworked shoulders, and cast your vote by proxy, for me! You're welcome, of course. Just another thing your President does for her subjects. Citizens.” I flash a winning smile at her.

“Great. Can I get back to Vice Presidential sleeping?”

I sigh. Deeply and disappointedly. “And shirk your civic duties? We can't have that. Wash up and make yourself presentable, will you?” I toss her head into the bathroom. She curses at me. I give her body a slap on the rump to get her up.

As she's doing that, I open the door to the God-King's Chambers. Presidential Office. Right. This whole 'democracy' thing's going to take some getting used to. I spy one girl, with long brown twintails and a checkered skirt catching some z's on a loveseat. “Hey!” I shout.

She snorts and starts, falling out of her chair gracelessly. Clambering back into it, she glares at me. “Whad'ya want?”

“As President, I appoint you Press Secretary.”

“I ain't voted for you.”

“Ah, but you did. What's your name, loyal subject?”

“Hatate,” she grumbles.

“Well then. Press Secretary Hatate Wonttellmeherfullname, your first order of business is to get the Admiral of this fleet on the horn. Tell them the President wants to speak to them.”

“No,” she says, and closes her eyes. It's a good thing, then, that I'm a very motivating person! I walk out to her, and tip over her chair. She flails about on the floor, stopping to shoot me a hell of a look. I like the feisty ones. Maybe we can have a scandal together. Oooh, maybe they'll suffix it with -gate!

I think I'm coming to like this whole democracy thing.

Anyway, first order of business. Got to talk to Admiral... what was their name again?

[ ] Pick a touhou. That isn't Murasa or one of the main protagonists (like Reimu, Sanae, Marisa, et cetera).

Why do you think she's CAPTAIN Murasa Minamitsu and not Admiral Minamitsu? It's because she's not the Admiral, of course. Duh.

And if you can come up with a better name than 'Space Gensokyo', I want to hear it.
Sooooooooooooo....according to the rules of this vote, we can pick a fairy?
Sure, but it'd end the story when Admiral Toaster Fairy opens up with the main battery on the whole fleet and everybody dies. Upside to this is that there'd be another finished story on THP!
[x] Admiral Houraisan Kaguya

Let's make space Bitch do something for once.



Nah. Admiral is too good for her. How about the position of Space Maid?

[X] Admiral Unzan
[x] Admiral Kaguya
[x] Spacesokyo
[X] Admiral Toramaru

She's the avatar of a war god, so she should be capable of commanding space battles... right?

>This ain't Touhoustar Lotusactica.
You're not very effective at dissuading this notion.

Putting one of the immortals in a relatively safe position is a waste of a renewable resource. Besides, how do we know Kaguya escaped and not a disguised Star Sapphire?
>Besides, how do we know Kaguya escaped and not a disguised Star Sapphire?

[x] Admiral Kaguya
[x] Admiral Toramaru

>Hatate Wonttellmeherfullname
I like that better than her actual name, tbh.
[x] Admiral Kagerou
If I vote for her every time, she's sure to win eventually! ;_;
[x] Admiral Kaguya

War for almost all of recorded history has been one commmanded by the nobility. As one our resident bluebloods, I'm quite sure a princess makes a find admiral.

But then who's the Tigh to her Adama and steely-eyed glare?

[X]Spacesokyo (iunno, shoot me. What's Japanese for "Land of Space"?)
I have a more serious question: what of the Moonies? Are they part of this refugee fleet to? For example what would Yorihime and Toyohime be doing?
[x]Admiral Nazrin.

Tiny Tiny Clever Commander
[x]Admiral Kagerou

We wolf girl now!
[x]Admiral Nazrin.

Sounds promising. Can't see Kaguya as an Admiral.
[x] Admiral Alice

Nepotism? Not in my democracy!
[x] Admiral Mokou

She's the only one who'll be able to counter the awesome might of Admiral Cirno!!
[x] Admiral Reiuji

The 6 to her 9
[x] Admiral Alice
Not only do we get our daughter a nice position, but she is also experienced at commanding multiple constructs
Going to call it for Kaguya.

>Putting one of the immortals in a relatively safe position is a waste of a renewable resource.

Immortality will help when she gets shot in the gut by a sleeper fairy agent

>But then who's the Tigh to her Adama and steely-eyed glare?

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