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5935 No. 5935
Just throwing out an idea.

The slow, rhythmic rocking of the train and the steady 'clack clack' of the wheels fills your mind with the haze of drowsiness. You exit automatically as the doors open, not caring that your apartment is still three stops away. A cold breeze blows across the platform, causing you to pull your coat a little tighter around you. Setting off into the streets, wandering aimlessly, you stare at the lights reflected on the fresh fallen snow.

What is there left for you? Your future, your career, soon, even your home... everything was taken from you. What reason do you have left to live?

Perhaps that is why you came to this desolate part of the city, you muse. To die.

You laugh to yourself. Would anyone even notice you were gone? Maybe the police, when they began to investigate. But would they even care? You'd just be another missing person, a few scraps of paper stapled together and forgotten in the labyrinth of cabinets and files, neglected in favor of someone more 'important'.

And what made them important? How much money they had? How many people they knew?

Why does this even matter? Why should you even care who and how you will be remembered? You'll be dead.

You hear footsteps behind you.

"Move another inch, and I'll blow your brains out. Don't try to turn around. Sam, get his wallet."

It seems someone has come to save you the trouble of deciding. It doesn't matter anymore, you decide. Turning slowly, you face your assailants. They are both dirty, unwashed and unshaven. 'Sam' jumps back, while the other one points his gun at you, nervously fingering the trigger.

"I said don't move! I'll shoot!"

Ignoring his warnings, you advance advance towards him. Sam retreats behind the man with the gun, who is now shaking violently. Is it really that hard to pull the trigger? Is he that weak-willed?


The men panic. Sam runs off down the street, while his partner cowers, holding the gun out in front of him as though it were a shield. As you continue your advance, the man waves the gun at you, closes his eyes, and pulls the trigger.

You feel like you've been punched in the gut. As the sound of footsteps retreats, the world fades to black.


You are awakened by a repetitive but rhythmless shaking. Small squeaking noises emanate from all around you. It's also incredibly hot. When you try to move, you discover a fresh barrage of sensations. Every muscle and joint in your body aches. You groan involuntarily. Did you fall asleep on the train again? Your transport comes to a sudden stop, and you nearly fly out.

With much effort you manage to open your eyes. The sight that greets you is not exactly a pleasant one. Everything is enshrouded in flames, and even the air itself seems to radiate an unnatural heat. You are currently sitting in a rather large metal wheelbarrow, which, surprisingly, is merely warm, as opposed to hot. The odd, red-haired girl pushing it is leaning over you, a look of concern and confusion on her face.

"...It's not dead?"

The cat ears on her head twitch slightly. Are they... real?


>> No. 5939
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And? Where's the rest?
>> No. 5956
Well...this one going to be a little one post thing. For now, anyway. I hadn't planned out anymore.
>> No. 5957
Though if someone wants, I could think up some more.
>> No. 5982
Please do~
>> No. 5992
Okay. I'll start writing in a little bit, just need to plan out some scenes.

This probably won't develop into a full LA. For now, anyway.
>> No. 5996
>> No. 6005
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Part 2
...This is just too much to handle. One minute, you're on an empty street staring down your would-be muggers, the next you're sitting in a wheelbarrow pushed by a girl with real-live cat-ears through a world of flames.

Wait, didn't that guy shoot you? You look down to your stomach. Sure enough, there is a small hole, surrounded by brownish-red stains. Not believing your eyes, you open your shirt. There it is. A narrow hole, going straight through you, flecks of blood encrusted on the skin around it. Your head starts to hurt. How can you still be alive with a hole in your chest?

Or did you really die, and this is hell? The pain, the fire, the unnatural heat... but the girl just said you weren't dead. She was talking about you, right? And why would there be a pretty girl with cat ears in hell?

Unless she's a demon, you think. That's a rather unsettling thought. She didn't sound like a demon, and she certainly doesn't look like what you'd expect a demon to look like. But, looks can be deceiving, you remind yourself. No matter how cute she is, or how innocent she looks, for all you know she could be a horrible man-eating monster.

You aren't getting anywhere with these thoughts. You slowly massage your forehead, trying to calm down. You've got to be rational. As rational as you can be when there's a hole in your stomach, you think. You decide to attempt turning about in the cart to get a better look at the girl. It's rather difficult, and you almost fall out, but something tells you that you don't want to touch the ground here.

Now that you've got a good view of her, you take note of her clothes. She's wearing a very ornate black dress, with lots of frill and lace, which is also black. Her hair, an unnaturally pure shade of red, is tied into two braids with- what else?- black ribbons. In addition to the cat ears, she has two cat tails emerging from behind her. They wave back and forth in a manner that removes any doubt as to whether or not they are genuine.

All the while you were examining her, she was doing the same to you. She seems particularly interested in your wound, going so far as to poke at it once. You flinch , and she recoils sharply. She seems very alert.

Having deduced all you can from simple observation, the only action left is to ask the girl directly.

"...Where is this?"

"We're below the Palace of the Earth Spirits. I'm supposed to carry corpses into the fire, but... you aren't dead." Her look of confusion deepens.

"How is that possible? I mean, to be in hell and not dead at the same time?"

"Well, this ain't really part of hell anymore, though. It was annexed by Higan or something." She waves her hand in the air and laughs, as if to show that she doesn't get it. She didn't really answer your question, but you assume she doesn't know either.

You sigh. "What exactly is 'Higan'?"

"You don't know... then... you an Outsider?" She looks even more confused than ever.

"Outsider? Outside of what?" you ask, quizzically.

"The border!" She says it as though it were the most obvious thing in the world. You simply stare back at her. "...I guess that means you are. How'd you get here then?"

"That's what I'd like to know! Last thing I remember is getting shot in the middle of the street..."

"But you're not dead," She counters.

"I know. I'd like to know the 'why' on that one too." You're starting to get irritated.

"Hmmm..." She puts one hand on her chin and crosses her arm over her chest, looking thoughtful.
"Well, I don't really know what to do with living people... tell ya what, I'll take you up to the palace, and we'll have Satori figure out what to do."

Before you can ask who Satori is, the cart is moving again, and with great speed. You grab the sides for support, and finally resign yourself to lying down to avoid being thrown out when she goes around corners. Then, just when you think you can't take it anymore, the cart stops. You notice that it's a lot cooler now, and stand up shakily, stepping out onto solid ground. Your entire body is sore, and keeping your balance proves quite difficult.

[ ] Ask the girl for help
[ ] Be a man about it
>> No. 6017
[x] Be a man about it.
>> No. 6029
[x] Be a man about it

And when we collapse she can catch us and nurse us back to consciousness.
>> No. 6031
[X] Be a man about it

Looks like I'm not the only one who came to the assumption that she carries the corpses in that thing, then.
>> No. 6036
She carries corpses, and has a wheelbarrow.
2 + 2 = 4
Voting still open, I'll call it when I get up in the morning.
>> No. 6058
[ ] Be a man about it
>> No. 6087
[+] Be a man about it
>> No. 6106
'be a man about it' wins, writing now.
>> No. 6183
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Third post. Second part comes later, most likely tomorrow.
Seeing no better option, you attempt to walk on your own. With each wavering step, the pain grows less, until it's nothing more than a dull throbbing. You stretch, releasing your joints from the unbearable stiffness. That wheelbarrow is definatly not a comfortable place to sleep. Upon hearing a chorus of squeaks, clunks, and clattering sounds from behind you, you realize the cat-girl has left. A pity, you never got her name.

This place is incredible. The entire area is carved from stone, with torches covering most of the walls, filling the enormous chamber with dazzling light and the faint smell of smoke. Despite the obvious lack of windows, or openings of any kind for that matter, the air isn't stale.

Filing that away for another time, you turn your attention to the massive building in the chamber's center. It dominates the room, it peak nearly touching the ceiling. You can't quite describe it's design, as it appears to be a mishmash of different styles from cultures across the world. Ornate and colorful patterns adorn the outside, precious metals forming an intricate web that weaves across the entirety of the structure and shines in the torchlight. It looks to be quite old, though there is no dust to be seen. Strange indeed.

Vaugely recalling that you had something to do here, you proceed to the massive door. Underneath the dizzying pattern, it appears to be made of solid, heavy wood. Finding a suitable door knocker, you strike it three times.

Thud. Thud. Thud.

The sound echoes throughout the room, dissipating into a hollow rumbling that fills the air and resonates in your chest. If there's anyone here, they certainly heard that. As the sound dies out, you hear footstep coming from the other side of the door. There is a small 'click' and it swings open, revealing a young woman dressed in yet another oddly patterned dress. This one looks quite expensive. Her attire is accented with with several small, gold, hearts, attached to a number of long, gold tubes-like things that run behind her. Connected to the tubes, suspended directly in front of her chest, is an enormous, disembodied eye, complete with eyelids. As you watch, it looks at you and blinks slowly.

Your chest tightens in panic, but you brush it off. Certainly the girl wouldn't have gone through the trouble to bring you here if you were just going to be killed. 'She wouldn't do that,' you repeat to yourself, 'I have to trust her.' Returning your gaze to the womans face, you notice that her hair is a strange pink shade.

"Is it really that strange?" the woman says, in a hurt tone

Well, maybe not that strange, considering what you've seen so far today, but- Wait, how did she...?

"Can you...?" you swallow nervously.

"Read your mind? Yes, to a degree."

Well... you admit the could be handy, but it's still a bit creepy.

"Yes, I suppose it is. As such, we don't get many visitors."

Wait, isn't this part of Hell? In which case, shouldn't there be a lot more people here? Or does she mean here, and it's just that all of them are down in that fiery pit?

"Formerly part of Hell. And yes, the other part was true as well." She clears her throat. "Now may I inquire as to the nature of your visit?"

Oh, that's right, you'd almost forgot. That cat-girl sent you up here to see someone named 'Satori' about how you got here and what to do about it.

"That would be myself. I am Satori Komeiji, master of this house."

Ah, then would you know anything about my condition? Namely, how you're still alive with a hole through your chest?

"Hm? I would assume then that a hole through one's chest is normally fatal to a human, then?"

Yes. Very much so.

"Most interesting. Wouldn't it be more convenient for you to speak normally, though?"

No, this is fine

You aren't lying, either. While addressing your thoughts to someone else was awkward at first, you're starting to get the hang of it.

"Very well then. Oh, do come inside."
>> No. 6208
>"Very well then. Oh, do come inside."
If you know what I mean.
>> No. 6253
[ ] Dream of a locked chest
>> No. 6255
File 122004357453.jpg - (118.05KB , 850x636 , sample-98980f94f926565e00099e25a2a0e293.jpg ) [iqdb]
Urg. ISP went wonky for a bit. Fixing some stuff. >>6253's vote is still counted.

Several hours later, you walk through the long, twisting corridors, contemplating the recent turn of events. Despite 'speaking' with Satori for hours, you couldn't discover anything except that your presence here was in no way normal. That girl's power allows her to take away corpses. How she got someone that wasn't dead, let alone one from the outside world, is unknown. You should probably ask next time you see her.

Wait- what the...

You stop and rub your eyes. There's a vase, laying of the floor in pieces. What makes it strange is the fact that you could swear it was sitting on the table a moment ago, yet you didn't see, or hear, it fall. Your head begins to ache as you try to comprehend what just happened. It feels... distorted, somehow. Unnatural. You shake your head and slowly massage your temples, trying to clear away the confusion. This whole place is unnatural. You really shouldn't be surprised by this type of thing any more.

Shrugging off the odd feelings, you continue down the hallway. Satori said you could pick one of the rooms here but... honestly, you're too tired to care where you sleep, as anything would more comfortable than that wheelbarrow. Choosing a door at random, you open it and go inside. The room is nicely furnished, with a large bed in one of those old frames with the curtains around it. A number of small chairs stand along the sides of the room. A nightstand with a pitcher of water and an empty glass is set next to the bed on the right side, within easy reach.

The room, like the rest of the house, is cleaned spotless, not a speck of dust anywere. As you undress, you wonder who does the cleaning, since you didn't see anyone on your way hear except a few cats and a raven. Perhaps it's done by whatever it was that knocked over that vase? Though it'd be rather odd for a cleaner to break things...

You laugh at your self as you flop down on the bed. You're in what used to be hell, you've met a mind reader, a real cat-girl, possibly encountered a rouge cleaning spirit, oh and lets not forget the fact that you have a hole through your stomach. And you still aren't dead. You think. Well, you really can't be sure, for all you know this could be like Jacob's Ladder, and you're still bleeding on the pavement. In which case, you must have had an unrealized fetish for cat-girls or something. You'd never really had time for that stuff, what with the prospect of a secure future and international fame just around the corner. You frown at the memory. What a fat lot of good that got you into.

You yawn. This has really been an exhausting day. A black cat jumps onto the bed and begins to settle down next to you, purring. It must've followed you in. You scratch its ears as it rubs its head against your hand. Letting out a sigh, you close your eyes and allow your mind to drift into the silent world of dreams.

[ ] Dream of an empty casket
[ ] Dream of a bright star
[ ] Dream of a locked chest
>> No. 6256
[X] Dream of a bright star.

Star = Yuugi?
>> No. 6257
[x] Dream of a bright star

>> No. 6258

Casket = Yuugi

[X] Dream of an empty casket
>> No. 6259

I will tell you right now that one's not right. How did you make that connection?
>> No. 6261
[X] Dream of an empty casket

I'm guessing Orin.
>> No. 6262

Still going to update your /youkai/ story?
>> No. 6263
I plan to, yes, but not for a little while. The flowchart needs to be almost completely re-written, and I need to do a bit more character research.
>> No. 6267
File 122004675642.jpg - (17.90KB , 510x290 , kaiba020.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Dream of a plant that eats memories.

That hole is starting to worry me.
>> No. 6268
Oh, and no write-ins. Maybe later, but not yet.
>> No. 6270
[x] Dream of a locked chest

>> No. 6271
All votes tied at two. Next vote probably wins.
>> No. 6272
[X] Dream of an empty casket

>> No. 6273
>empty casket
Orin. Taking away corpses.

>bright star
Could be Utsuho, due to fusion power.
However, I'm pretty sure it's Yuugi. Her family name is Hoshiguma, written with the kanji for "Star" and "Bear". Star + Bear brings to mind Ursa Major (a.k.a. the Big Dipper), which is commonly used as a guide to spot the North Star. Further, she has a star mark on her horn.

>locked chest
I'm thinking Koishi, but I'm not sure.

[+] Dream of a bright star
>> No. 6274
[s] Dream of a bright star
>> No. 6276
Calling it now. '[X] Dream of a bright star' it is.

Now, to unveil the choices:
[ ] Empty Casket: As some already guessed, this is Orin. She carries off corpses.

[ ] Bright Star: I actually hadn't read up on Yuugi's name, and she probably won't appear in this story, as she doesn't live in the Palace of the Earth Spirits. This was, in fact, Okuu. The connection is both her nuclear fusion powers, and the star patterns on the inside of her cloak.

[ ] Locked Chest: I think everyone got it. This was Koishi, for obvious reasons.

I'll get to writing now.
>> No. 6283
File 122005500624.jpg - (163.92KB , 600x839 , 022926a1135bbb076c9167c0cc36002b.jpg ) [iqdb]

"A brilliant world, filled with the shining light of a hidden sun. The people within are entwined in an eternal dance, splitting, joining, changing partners. Moving in strange circles, endlessly changing, but always together. They are eternal, shining as the stars. Concealed by the haze of light, one figure stands apart. She cannot join their dance, for she is alone. A spot of dark in a sea of light, she too will vanish in time..."


You stir from your sleep, strange patterns echoing through your mind. Content and comfortable, you lie in bed, eyes closed. It's still dark out, so you've got time before work...

That morning was colder than normal. Your ragged old coat gave little protection against the swift breeze, but you didn't care. You felt invigorated. You'd barely been on the job for a week, and you'd already been promoted to a senior management position! It was almost too good to be true. Your financial worries would be a thing of the past. You could finally indulge in your long-neglected hobbies, and possibly rebuild what little social life you had. Maybe even find a nice girl... You shake your head. What are you thinking about at a time like this? You've got work to do!

You stepped onto the train with a spring in your step and a heart filled with dreams.


Panic grips your stomach as you go around the corner. Something isn't right. Why are there all these people outside your office building? Why are they shouting?

You push through the crowd to the building. There's a police officer blocking the entrance, and unsuccessfully trying to calm the people closest to him. You manage to catch his attention.

"What's going on here!?" You shout, trying to be heard above the noise.

The officer looks at you.

"You work here, son?"

"Yes, why? What's all this about?"

"I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to come down to the station and answer some questions."

You sit bolt upright. The unpleasant memories coming flooding back with sickening clarity. That's right... then you got shot, and you woke up in that wheelbarrow...

Slowly easing yourself back into a lying position, you put your hand over your face. What a great way to start a day... Walking over to the window, you draw back the curtains. It looks the same as when you went to bed, causing you to wonder if the people here even have any concept of day and night. As stand there is silence, you see a small figure creeping away from the building, pushing something. Suspicious...

[ ] Tail them. It's too suspicious.
[ ] Ignore it. Start your day.
[ ] Ignore it. Back to bed.

>> No. 6284
[]Tail them. Too suspicious~
>> No. 6299
[x] Tail them. It's too suspicious.

>> No. 6309
[x] Ignore it. Back to bed.

NEET option.
>> No. 6314
[x] Tail them. It's too suspicious.
>> No. 6315
[x] Tail them. It's too suspicious.

Why not?
>> No. 6316
{X} Ignore it. Back to bed.

>> No. 6318
'Tail them' wins. Writing now.
>> No. 6327
Another update. Part two comes a bit later.


Too suspicious. You aren't sure if there's anything valuable enough to steal within the mansion itself, but there are plenty of legends about people breaking into hell to bring back the dead. Clumsily throwing on your clothes, you slip out the window. Unfortunatly, you discover that side of the building doesn't offer nearly as many hand holds as you had been lead to believe, and that you were, in fact, on the third floor, not the second.

You land on your feet, managing a roll to reduce the impact. Pain courses through you legs, and your vision blurs. You let out a muffled cry. You wait for several seconds as the pain recedes before trying to stand up. Thankfully, it seems you didn't break anything. Dusting yourself off, you look for the suspicious person again.

Startled by your fall, she looks around frantically. After several minutes, they begin to move again, cautiously, slowly approaching a gate. It opens slightly, and they slip through. Moving as quickly as possible, you reach the gate yourself, and grip the handle. Ever so carefully, as not to alert whoever is inside, you pull it open. The air that comes out is so hot it's suffocating. Hearing no response, you gingerly creep inside.

Everything, even the ground, seems to be enshrouded in flames. You've only been in here a few seconds, but you're already drenched in sweat. You cough into your sleeve. A heat haze covers everything, blurring everything together into a single, glowing mass. Then, you spot it. Just on the other side of a small hill, a dark spot amid the flame. As you approach, the form becomes more distinct. It's the cat-girl from before!

Relief floods through you as you stumble towards her. She doesn't seem to have noticed you yet, so you tap her on the shoulder to get her attention.


She spins in surprise, knocking you to the ground. A bolt of agony runs up your arm when you touch the ground. FFFFFF-

Leaping up, you press your hand against your shirt, applying pressure, trying to stop the pain. Just what was that? Gradually looking at your arm, you see a large reddish brown spot on the palm of your hand. That's not a good sign...

"You scared me! What are you doing down- Oh god are you okay!? I'm sorry, I just reacted-"

You hold up your hand to stop her.

"I'm alright... mostly anyway."

"What were you doing down here? It's not safe for humans!"

"I saw a suspicious-looking person sneaking down here, and got worried, so I tried to follow them."

"Ah..." Her ears go flat against her head and her tails twitch nervously.

She wouldn't be a very good liar. You let out an exasperated sigh.

"It was you wasn't it?"

"Eh!?" She looks at you sharply, but her gaze falls after a few seconds. She begins figeting with the hem of her dress. "Yea..."

"Why were you sneaking? Don't you work here?"

"...you'll see in a bit. I'll take you back up, but first I've got somewhere to go." She stops for a moment and looks down at your feet. As the smell of burning rubber reaches your nose, you glance down as well.

Holy... Your shoes are melting. Before you can panic, the girl grabs you by the shoulder and drops you heavily into the wheelbarrow. You wince in pain from the impact, but welcome the unnatural coolness of the metal. You remember to brace yourself just in time before she takes off again, rattling, bouncing, creaking across the infernal landscape.

>> No. 6331
Orin needs a motorcycle. With a wheelbarrow sidecar.
>> No. 6335

Generic Drawfag, if you are reading this thread, please draw this.
>> No. 6340
File 12201369044.jpg - (478.21KB , 1200x1200 , 121953180723.jpg ) [iqdb]
Update, part 2

The ride is uncomfortable, to say the least. The bouncing and shaking is worse than your last trip, and adding to that is the fact that you're actually going deeper into the flames this time. You think to complain, but stop when you look at her. The girl doesn't say anything, just keeps pushing the cart straight ahead, an anxious expression on her face. Deciding not to push it, you suffer the ride in silence.

Finally, as the heat is about to become unbearable, she brings the cart to a stop. You cautiously sit up and look around. The area is exactly like everywhere else is this god-forsaken hole, only hotter. You turn to the girl, irritated, but she isn't paying attention. She's looking up, obviously nervous. Slowly you turn to follow her eyes.

What you behold is a sight so brilliant that it will be forever burned into your mind. A girl, with fair skin and pure, black hair. A pair of massive wings stretch from her back, holding aloft a white cape, the inside of which shows and replica of the night sky. Something stirs in the back of your mind, the remnants of a dream...

"...A spot of dark in a sea of light..."

Your reverie is broken as the girl speaks.

"Hm? What is it, Orin?"

The cat-girl jumps slightly.

"N-nothing much... I was j-just seeing how you were doing..."

The winged girl's eyes narrow. "You're still trying to dissuade me, aren't you? It won't work." She raises her right arm is gesture, and you notice something odd. An enourmous metal rod, shaped into an octagon, covers everything past her elbow. You notice, on closer inspection, that it appears to be grafted on. You don't care who it is, this just looks... wrong.

She turns to you with an impassive expression on her face.

"Is he food?" She says flatly, pointing at you with good hand.

"Eh?! No, no! He's still alive!"

Wait, what? So you were dead they'd eat you?

"It's unlike you to get involved with the living, Orin." She thinks for a second. "So long as it doesn't interfere with me, I don't care what you do with it. Now go, I'm busy."


The cat-girl looks down sadly. Turning the cart, she begins to retrace your journey here, though at a far slower pace.

"So... Orin, was it?"

She nods.

You scratch your head in frustration. There's a lot of stuff you want to ask her, but this is most definatly not the time for it. The ride continues in silence until you reach the courtyard again. You climb out, careful not to use your burned hand. Orin notices and starts to apologize again, but you silence her with a wave of your good hand. As you prepare to bid her farewell, something inside makes you hesitate.

[ ] Ask about the bird-girl in the flames
[ ] Say nothing, leave

So far, how is the writing? Story? Characters?
>> No. 6343
Writing's good. I think Orin should be more cheerful and Okuu should be more birdbrained, but it's your story, we've still barely seen any of em.
Plot? Plot's not important. What's important is that Orin's ears wiggle even in her game sprite.

>> No. 6344
[X] Ask if there's anything you can do to help her, and about the bird in the flames.

Forgot my vote. Orin~
>> No. 6346
Okuu only acted bird-brained after she lost her power; before that she was all srs bzns.

[x] Ask about the bird-girl in the flames
>> No. 6355
[x] Ask about the bird-girl in the flames
>> No. 6381
[+] Ask about the bird-girl in the flames
>> No. 6396
Eh, calling it. 'Ask about the bird-girl in the flames' wins. Writing soon.
>> No. 6465
File 122028104913.png - (91.06KB , 1270x561 , ca75a1f7f264eee466ee592d43a511eb.png ) [iqdb]
Update, delayed by a marathon of the live action X-Men movies on TV.

"...Who was she?"

She stops mid turn.

"Who was that? The girl back there."

"..." She stays silent for a moment, thinking hard. "...That was... is... Okuu. I've known her since Satori started taking care of us. Recently, though, she's, changed. She got stronger, but she also started acting different. She became more distant, and she started talking. About taking over the surface." She swallows. "No matter how strong she is, she wouldn't be able to pull it off. The Oni would stop her. Maybe even kill her."

"Shouldn't you let Satori know? Maybe she could do something."

"No! She'd probably do something horrible." Her ears lower. "... You'll keep this a secret, right?"

"I'll try, but..." How can I keep a secret from someone who reads minds?

"You promise?" Oh great, puppy eyes. Or kitty eyes, you suppose.

Sighing, you touch your forehead. "Okay, I promise." It's like a child trying to hide something from their parents.

"Thanks!" She smiles brightly, then turns back to her wheelbarrow.

You wave to her as she goes back down into the flames. How can she stand being down there all the time? Oh well, that's the least of your worries right now. Returning to the palace, you decide to enter through a window rather than the front door. You'd rather not face Satori quite yet, since you aren't sure you'd be able to keep Orin's 'secret' out of your thoughts for a while. Having her find out that quickly would be just plain pathetic.

Finding your old room from the outside proves to be not much trouble, as it was the only one with an open window, but then the problem comes. You'd forgotten how hard it is to climb up the side, and now with only one good hand... Crap. You finally settle for using a first-story window, and trying to find your way back from the inside.

It proves much harder than you'd predicted. This place is just too big. This makes, what, at the fourth time one of your plans has gone wrong since you woke up? It's like god hates you or something. Of course, being in hell should have been a pretty good indicator of that.

"Former hell."

Right, you'd forgotten that part. Wait, who said- You spin around. It's Satori.


"Hm? What's wrong?"

This immediately brings to mind everything that is wrong, which only serves to panic you more. Then, your mind goes blank. What was wrong? Hmm... Well, no matter. You mentally explain how you decided to take a walk around outside. She nods the whole time, smiling when you mention that you didn't use the front door because you didn't want to wake her.

"You shouldn't worry about it. I don't really sleep, anyway."

Really? That's quite interesting.

"No, not really. It's quite common among youkai. Oh, is your hand okay?"

You'd almost forgotten about it.

I tried one of the doors when I was out walking, and burned myself on it.

"Oh dear. Be careful, the hellfires have been much stronger as of late. Goodnight."

You bid her farewell, and go on your way. Ow, your hand is starting to hurt again. You should probably get some ice on it, or at least some cold water. That pitcher of water on the nightstand should do. Experimentally, you glance into one of the nearby rooms. The room is clean, but no water. That's odd. How did they know were you were going to sleep? Maybe... oh crap. You were so engrossed in your train of thought that you completely neglected to notice where you were.

Congratulations, me, you just got lost, again, in a palace that may as well be bigger than a small city.GREAT.

"Your room is the third one on the left, down the hall."

Standing in front of you is a girl, probably in her early teens, with oddly gray hair. She wears one of those hats like you see in old movies a lot, with a yellow ribbon around it. Her hair is cut short, and suspiciously grey. Like Satori, she has an eye in the middle of her chest. Hers is much less complex, with a single tube connecting to each side, making it look rather like a pouch. Unlike Satori's, it is closed. ...Does that mean she can read minds?

Hey! Can you hear my thoughts?

She just stares at you blankly for several seconds.

"...Is something wrong?"

Nothing! I mean...

"Ah, Nothing."

You blink, feeling slightly embarrassed.

Actually, how did she know which room was yours? Before you can ask this, though, she turns and leaves.

"You're welcome for earlier," She calls as she walks down the hall.

'Earlier?' Did you meet her before?

Bombarded by a new set of questions, you simply follow her directions and enter your room. Even though you just woke up a few hours ago, you feel exhausted. Dimly, you remember pouring cold water on your burnt hand before you drift back into blackness of dreamless sleep.

I've got some last minute projects to finish today. Part 2 comes when I get enough time to write it.
>> No. 6570
File 122038979552.jpg - (203.41KB , 500x700 , 623b43732b55e8be6ee4990fa9b2a601.jpg ) [iqdb]
Part 2. Part 3 comes later, maybe today, maybe tommorow.

The tranquile silence that held you in sleep is shattered by a deep, earth-shaking groan. Rays of blindingly white light slowly rake across the room, tearing deep set shadows from their place and sweeping them into the corners. Drowsily, you sit up in bed and blink, slowly. Squinting against the light, you move to the still-open window and draw back the curtains. Shielding your eyes, you behold a truly breathtaking sight. All of the doors leading into the flames are opened wide, visible waves of heat rising from them. As you follow them up with your eyes, your gaze settles on the source of light. The entire cavern ceiling is, with the aid of clockwork and numerous ropes, is slowly opening, like the shutter on some enormous camera. A cool breeze drifts down from above, fluttering your shirt. You turn back inside.

While having a drink of water from the pitcher, you look at your reflection in the mirror. Your tie is still there, loosly hanging about your neck. Unfortunately, your suitcoat is long gone, probably lost in the fires when you first got here. There is a large stain of dried blood, present on both the front and back of your dress shirt, situated about a small hole in your stomach.

The bullet must have gone right through you...

You shudder. One of your sleeves is slightly scorched, probably from your fall earlier. You absentmindedly note that some level of normal feeling has returned to the burned area, though it has begun turning a slight purplish color. Your pants are, for the most part, undamaged, if a little dirty. The goes for your shoes, with the exception of the rubber being worn smooth and being centimeters shorter than they were when you got here.

You sigh as you finish cleaning up. Allowing your hand to soak in the cold water for several seconds, you straighten your tie and fasten your belt. 'Greet the new day,' as it were.

Walking down the halls proves peacful. No mysterious hauntings, no suprise mindreaders, and, remarkably, no animals. Actually, it's starting to get a little creepy. To take your mind off the unnerving unoccupancy, you allow your thoughts to wander over the recent events. So far, you've met four girls, none of which human. You've discovered a doomed plot for global domination, and literally burned in hell, albeit for a very short time. Actually, why is hell, even former hell, filled with only beautiful women? A series of dead hooker jokes come to mind, but you try to ignore them. Facing Satori requires the utmost mental preperation, lest you let anything... unsavory slip through.

Upon reaching the door to the sitting room, you pause for several moments. Breath in, breath out. Calm. Collected. Cool. Unflinching, even in the cold, empty gaze of eternity. Right. Aaaand action!

You open the doors and stride in. Satori and the gray haired girl from last night are sitting at one of the low tables, drinking tea. Before them is set a sort of light brunch, which several ravens have begun to eat. Unbidden, your stomach growls at the sight of food. You flinch slightly as it irritates your wound. How long has it been since you've eaten? Satori and the girl both turn to you.

"A-ah... good m-"

"Afternoon, actually. Not that it really matters."

"What was th-"

"Hmm? That would be the skylight. The fires were getting really hot lately, so we opened it to cool things off a little."

True, it had been pretty hot before, but- wait, where does it lead to?

"We're not entirely sure where it goes. It's always so bright that you can't see anything up there."

"Well, how-"

"My pets are busy opening it right now. Yes, they can do that. You've already met some of them. Orin is one of them, in fact."

All through your 'conversation,' the younger girl hasn't spoken a word, just sitting there, holding her teacup. Satori turns and looks at her briefly. She seems to realize something.

"Oh! You haven't been introduced, have you! This is Koishi, my younger sister. Koishi, this is the one I was telling you about."

"A pleasure to meet you, Koishi."

You extend your hand to the girl. She looks at it blankly for a few moments before giving you a small handshake. She still says nothing, just nods slightly and turns back to her tea. What a strange girl.

Satori speaks up from behind you as your stomach growls again.

"Would you like some breakfast?"

>> No. 6571
Name of the CYOA please.
>> No. 6581
Well... how about 'Dead Voyager'?
>> No. 6582
File 122039781453.jpg - (7.54KB , 448x256 , StarTrekEnterpriseTitle.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Well... how about 'Dead Voyager'?

How about Dead Enterprise?

It's been a long road,
Getting from there to here.
It's been a long road,
But my time is finally near.
And I can feel the change in the wind right now,
Nothing's in my way.
And they're not gonna hold me down no more,
No they're not gonna hold me down.

Cause I've got faith of the heart,
I'm going where my heart will take me.
I've got faith to believe,
I can do anything.
I've got strength of the soul,
And no one's gonna bend or break me.
I can reach any star,
'Cause I've got faith...
Faith of the heart!

>> No. 6584
Haha, Nice. I'll use that when I get to thread 2.
>> No. 6640
Satori & Koishi have an interesting dynamic here, much more enjoyable than either of them alone.
>> No. 6669
File 122046120960.jpg - (145.37KB , 600x500 , Orin6.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6733
Good news and bad news:
Good news: I finished the next update.
Bad news: Said update is on my work computer.

tl;dr, I'll update around lunchtime tomorrow. Sorry for the wait.
>> No. 6811

I save it as "Limited Adventures - Hell", which is kind of funny because I save Dr. Q's other story as "Limited Adventures - Heaven".
>> No. 6816
>> No. 6837
File 122054189825.jpg - (48.82KB , 400x400 , c0d2d8107787d41be34463cff92cd6d2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry for all the delays.


You slowly lean back in your chair. And a nice chair it is, nothing like those cheap things they have in hospital waiting rooms and such. While the surface cloth is smooth and expesnive feeling, it's been well used enough that you sink into it slightly as you sit down. Closing your eyes, you sigh. You always get tired after eating a lot, and you certainly ate a lot. 'Breakfast' was not only incorrect for the time of day, but also the largest understatement you've heard since you got here after Orin described hellfires as 'hot'.

What you got was a feast, with almost every kind of food you could imagine. It was lacking, of course, hamburgers and several other other modern foods, but you concede that it would probably have ruined the atmosphere, and most definatly your health., given the quantities it was served in. You'll need to find out who does the cooking so you can give them a medal. And possibly your soul.

Taking one of the small, ornate teacups from the tray, you carefully pour yourself some, blowing steam off the top. You take a sip and recline again.

This is heaven you think, not caring to process the full irony of the statement.

You look through half closed eyes at the two sisters, making small talk and taking sips of their tea. You frown in thought. If Satori can read minds, why are they both talking out loud? Koishi doesn't seem to able to able to do it, so it makes sense why Satori would talk, but why can't she just read Koishi's mind instead of waiting for her to say something? And why are youstill asking all these questions? It's not like you'll end up in the middle of desolate snow field the moment you don't know exaclty what's going on.

It'd happen a few days later, probably right before you figure everything out, for maximum despair.

You sigh. Chalking it up to some kind of sisterly respect, you content yourself with litening to the bits of their conversation that reach your ears.

"...careful, that's hot..."
"...warm lately..."
"...and then..."
"...you dropped one..."
"...but recently..."
"...our guest...you...bath?"

"Huh?" you blink and sit upright. Without your noticing, Satori had turned to you.

"I said, as our guest, would you like a bath?"

You scowl slightly and sniff at your shirt.

[ ] Take a bath now
[ ] Stay here, chat with Satori & Koishi
>> No. 6838
[ ] Take a bath now

well, perhape the fires of hell made us sweat
>> No. 6839
[x] Take a bath now
>> No. 6840
[ ] Take a bath now
>It's not like you'll end up in the middle of desolate snow field the moment you don't know exaclty what's going on.

>> No. 6850
Okay, three votes is good enough, as it probably represents at least half of the people who read this. Calling the vote, writing soon.

Of course.

Out of curiosity, who's route are people going for? (i.e. whose the target?)

[ ] Orin
[ ] Okuu
[ ] Koishi

No Satori because I have absolutely no idea how a route with her would work.
>> No. 6852
[x] Satori
But since she's apparently not an option:
[x] Orin (probably)
>> No. 6853
>No Satori because I have absolutely no idea how a route with her would work.

At least you can write the sexual tension that develops between her and Anonymous that results when he, as a guy, develops perverted thoughts towards her and the other girls of the palace, right?

[x] Koishi
"Come on! We're close now. Tell me the scope of your powers!"
"I don't think you meant to ask about my powers. Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?"
"Yes. I. Meant. To. Ask. About. Flowers."
"Flowers are pretty, and some of them smell nice. Now be a good boy and leave me alone."
"I'll. Be. Going. Now."
>> No. 6855
>> No. 6858
>It's not like you'll end up in the middle of desolate snow field the moment you don't know exactly what's going on.
>It'd happen a few days later, probably right before you figure everything out, for maximum despair.

I see what you did there Koishi.

>Out of curiosity, who's route are people going for? (i.e. whose the target?)

Satori and Koishi. A relationship with Satori alone would never work, because she'd always know what's on your mind; there's no mystery on your part. But if you add Koishi to the mix, Satori can't tell if what she's reading is really your thoughts or if she's reading thoughts planted by her sister.
>> No. 6859
[X] Orin!

Orin is love. Satori works better as a supporting character, and after Blankfag's story in /sdm/ I just want to stay as far away from Koishi as possible.
>> No. 6865
[X] Orin!
>> No. 6866

Okuu's time to shine will come later. I might write it meself if I ever itch for it, but not now.
>> No. 6888
She might be helping you. Have you noticed anything strange with anon's mind lately?

Anyway, writing part one now.
>> No. 6892
Isn't it kind of early to ask that? We've barely interacted with Koishi or Okuu. I'd vote Satori but she's not an option, so that only leaves one person.

>she'd always know what's on your mind; there's no mystery on your part.
You'd have to be spontaneous and think of things while you're away from her. Bring her presents and stuff. Also, it seems like she can only read your current stream of consciousness, so with enough mental training you might be able to avoid thinking of something you've got planned.

But anyway, that's going to apply to a relationship she has with anyone. She should be trying to deal with the problem as well.
>> No. 6915
File 122057213014.jpg - (124.78KB , 800x569 , 800px-Onsen_in_Nachikatsuura_Japan.jpg ) [iqdb]

Well, people do have favorites to begin with. Most of the time. Anyway, it makes it a little easier to write if I have some idea of what anon wants.

In other news, an update:


Wow. Since when did you smell this bad? And how can the others stand it? You feel yourself turning crimson.

Satori, seeing some private humor in the situation, smiles at you.

"Don't worry about it. I'll have someone wash your clothes while your in there as well. Now where would the nearest bath be..." She crosses her arms and puts one hand on her chin in an almost clichéd thinking posture. "Would it be the one on the sixth floor?"

"You mean on the fifth and a half floor?" Koishi responds without looking.

"Yes yes, that one. It's so hard to remember these things. I suppose that's the trouble with having your house built by tortured sinners."

How does she say these things so casually...?

"Hm? Did you say something."

"No, nothing."

Her third eye turns to look at you as well.

"Oh, don't worry about finding your way." She gestures to one of the ravens, which is currently feasting on a small, buttered biscuit.

"Show him to the bathroom, will you?" She says to it. After several seconds, her expression twitches slightly. "Oh for- Don't worry about your food, I'll get you a fresh one when you get back! Now go, already! Our guest is waiting!"

The raven hops from the table and lands near one of the many corridors leading off into the palace.

"Just follow him, and you'll get to the baths," Satori says.

You turn back to the raven. It flaps its wings impatiently.

I question your virtue, but I trust you shall take me to this fountain of cleansing. Lead on, dark bird of the underworld.

The bird leads you down a series of passageways and twisting corridors, always staying at the edge of your vision. It moves at a brisk pace, so that you have to jog to keep up. Is a fresh biscuit really that important to you, bird?

You're gasping for breath by the time you reach the bath. You hadn't thought you were that out of shape, but when you reached the bathroom door it jumped up and flew back down the hall. Curse you, animal stamina!

You pass through the changing room and leave your clothes in one of the baskets. The bath itself is gigantic, and, in actuality, a hot spring. On the fifth floor. Pardon, on the fifth and a half floor. This just doesn't make any sense.

You press on the bridge of your nose. Just. take. a bath. You slide down into the water, tensing as it reaches your wounds. Relaxing, you sliding in the rest of the way and lean against a large rock near the center.

"Ahhh." This is nice.

You hear a voice from the rock.

"Hey, didn't see you there!"

Dun dun duuuuun. Part two tomorrow.
>> No. 6927
>"You mean on the fifth and a half floor?"

Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich

>"Hey, didn't see you there!"

"...Feels good man."
>> No. 7015
Update forthcoming later. But now, I have news:

Satori route is now possible. Rejoice, anon! And don't worry, you haven't tripped any route flags yet.

I was thinking 'Winchester House', but that works too.
>> No. 7016
>Satori route is now possible.

>> No. 7019
File 122063461889.jpg - (530.60KB , 700x865 , Satori4.jpg ) [iqdb]
Double hooray!
>> No. 7027
> I question your virtue, but I trust you shall take me to this fountain of cleansing. Lead on, dark bird of the underworld.

This made me smile

> Satori route is now possible.

And this evoked a verbal response of approval.
>> No. 7032
Geh. It's late, things are busy. I've got lots of free time tomorrow, so I'll update then.
>> No. 7043
File 122068843075.jpg - (195.63KB , 561x475 , 1478465.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Satori route is now possible
[x] \さとり/

She's been growing on me really quickly, I guess because she's so compassionate, which is why all the animals like her. As long as you aren't trying to keep secrets from her, the mind-reading would just make it easier to avoid misunderstandings. She'd have to put up with the occasional stray thought or impulse, but she'd also be able to tell that's all it was.

With the right personalities involved, being honest and understanding and truly in love, this whole mind-reading deal could work out really nicely. You could gaze into her eyes and lose yourself in her, and she would feel your love more directly and purely than any form of expression could possibly convey. Except for really great sex.

Her sister's pretty cute, t- oh fuck she heard me thinking that didn't she
>> No. 7051
File 122071587618.jpg - (54.34KB , 600x799 , 91510b377d310dd4ed7df363c2067cf1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Orin's accent is just so hard to write!

"How've ya been?"

The speaker claps you on the back heavily. You force a smile, deliberatly ignoring the pain from your wound. You know that voice...

"Hm? Something wrong?" She leans in to look at you, her face filling your field of vision. Red hair, red eyes, hard-to-place accent, cat ears...

"It's nothing. Hi, Orin."

She smiles "You remembered my name!"

"Or course I did. And how have you been?"

"Same as ever."

You turn back and blink, allowing the smile to leave your face as you sink back into the water. Why had you forgotten something like that...

Splashing noises come from the other side of the bath. Someone shouts "Who's their?" in a clearly faked voice. You give Orin a meaningful look, which she returns sheepishly.

"That's Okuu. I was able to convince her come up here for a bath, but she's so paranoid." She looks as though she just remembered something, and calls back over her shoulder, "Just chickens!" A few moments of unsuccessfully attempting to meet your blank stare, she blushes. "It's some kind of code she worked out. That one means there's no threat." When you first saw her, Okuu looked really serious... but this? You can see why Orin isn't worried about the chance of her succeeding. You chuckle, disguising it as a cough as Orin looks up. Several seconds of awkward silence pass between you.

"So..." You begin, but Orin cuts you off.

"How's it been in the palace so far?"

"Fine, fine. Remarkably devoid of people, though."

"It's mostly inhabited by Satori's pets, like me and Okuu. Satori and her sister are the only two non-animals in the palace."

"When you say 'in the palace'..."

"There's lots of other youkai out in the Ancient City. Oni, for the most part, but some of the youkai that were hated above ground came down here."

So, you think, this place is a kind of hell. A place were all the hated people go... Something in your mind clicks, but you pay it no heed, instead trying to focus on not getting excited. That would be the very last thing you need right now.

Silence returns.

[ ] Go over and try to talk to Okuu
[ ] Stay and talk with Orin
[ ] Get out of the bath
>> No. 7053
[x] Go over and try to talk to Okuu
[x] Motion for Orin to follow

Don't really want to surprise Okuu in the bath alone. It could be painful.
>> No. 7054
[x] Stay and talk with Orin
>> No. 7055
[x] Go over and try to talk to Okuu
[x] Motion for Orin to follow
>> No. 7056
Prospects for talking to Rin alone when awkward silence has already set in are poor. Break it by getting her to introduce her friend to you properly.

[x] Go over and try to talk to Okuu
[x] Motion for Orin to follow
>> No. 7060
[x] Go over and try to talk to Okuu
[x] Motion for Orin to follow
>> No. 7061
Calling it. Writing bit later today.
>> No. 7075
File 122073251257.jpg - (99.05KB , 600x848 , f8f19e080e6ae3f78249c197f0729632.jpg ) [iqdb]
Part two. Part three comes later.


You glance around the bath, bored. There isn't much to do, but you really don't feel like getting out yet. As your eyes continues to wander, neatly avoiding anything below Orin's face, they land on something black emerging from behind a rock on the far side. What is- Oh, that's right, Okuu's in here too. You rise from a sitting position, careful to keep below the water line, and wade towards her. Orin opens one eye and and looks at you quizzically. With a wave of your hand, you motion her to follow. You turn away as she stands up, focusing all your attention to walking.

Okuu is sunk low into the water, her eyes closed. Her back is against a rock, and her wings are spread wide in the air.

Is it just me, or is the water hotter here?

Orin lays down on a rock and folds her hands under her chin. You all stand still. Experimentally, Orin begins poking Okuu's cheeks. Is she asleep? You frown. It's awfully hard to converse with sleeping people. That hasn't stopped you before, but... this time is different. You break into a grin. You just thought of the perfect way to wake her up. Cupping your hands over your mouth, you take deep breath. Orin seems to notice something and drops into the water on the other side of the rocks.

"Okuu! Come out!" You shout, doing your best impression of Satori.

The water suddenly becomes scalding, and a brilliant, blinding light fills the air. Squinting against the brightness, you see Okuu, standing upright, the strange rod on her arm pointed straight at you. Judging by the eerie glow it gives off, you decide that you'd generally rather not be on this particular end of it.

"Who are you, and what are you doing?" She says. She might not look it, but you have no doubt that she could end your existence in a second.

"No! He's a friend!"

Orin emerges from behind the rocks, frantically waving her hands. Okuu looks between her and you suspiciously before lowering her arm. The glow dies away, and the water cools off. Much better. You feel your muscles relax as you slide back down into the water. Despite no longer aiming her arm at you, Okuu is still looking at you suspiciously.

"That answers my first question. Now, what are you doing here?"

"I'm taking a bath."

Her eyes narrow.


"Because I was sweaty."

She looks at you critically, then walks over and sniffs at you.

"You don't smell sweaty."

Don't get excited don't get excited don't get excited-

"T-that's because I already washed off..."

She stares at your face, and you attempt to do the same. "Hm. Good enough." She turns and prepares to sit down as you try your best to slow your heart rate. "Wait, that's not what I meant!" She leaps up again, pointing at you with her normal arm. "What are you doing in the Earth Spirit Palace!"

"Um... I'm a guest."

She stands still for a while, expression changing frequently. Finally, she sits down. Finally.

>> No. 7082
I hope they're using heavy water in that bath.
>> No. 7097
So you want to possibly be become sterile and have a messed up body clock?
>> No. 7098
Enjoy your sterile Touhoes, then.
>> No. 7099
Beat me to it.

Feel free to continue writan.
>> No. 7106
Okay, hit a little block. To help me write faster, you can suggest various topics of conversation to have with Okuu/Orin. Please.
>> No. 7107

-Why is Okuu so edgy?
-Why is she spewing radiation all over the place?
>> No. 7108
-What's that thing on your arm?
>> No. 7110

Hey Wikipedia, heavy water poisoning doesn't work that way. Also, it was a joke; sorry you didn't get it.
>> No. 7136
File 122075038923.jpg - (179.74KB , 800x900 , 157e8dcf106e102131a3fce96ebffe6c.jpg ) [iqdb]
Important update.

"How long have you lived here?" You ask.

Orin, still laying on the rock, rolls onto her back.

"We've been here for a long time, back when this used to be hell. When they separated, Satori started taking care of us," she says.

Okuu doesn't look at you, and remains silent. This isn't working!

"Okuu," You begin.

She turns to face you. "What?"

"Why are you so edgy?"

"I'm not edgy!" She says, much louder than needed.

You out a sigh, settling on a simpler question.

"What's that thing on your arm for?"

"This? It allows me to control the power of nuclear fusion."

Nuclear Fusion? Like a hydrogen bomb of something?

"Wait, if that lets you control it, then why is the water so much hotter here than on the other side?"

She frowns. Standing up, she walks to the other side of the bath. You try to keep your gaze from wandering too low, but it's getting harder and harder. After a few minutes, she calls out from across the bath.

"It's the same temperature over here as over there!"

"Of course! Because you're over there, it got hotter!"

Orin giggles.


You finish buttoning up your shirt in the changing room. It's rather hard to do with one hand, and you curse yourself for spending so long in the bath. You'll have to find somewhere with cold water later. A cold shower would be nice too. Finishing your tie, you walk out of the bathroom. A small black cat follows you.

Two tails... ribbons...


The cat meows and bobs it's head, which you assume means 'yes'.

You'd almost rather be alone with your thoughts, but you'd most likely end up horribly lost. Again. A guide is always valuable.

The pace is much slower this time, and Orin, currently being a cat, says nothing. You take this chance and attempt to fix the path in your head. You'd rather not need a guide every time want to take a bath. With the heat, you expect to be taking a lot of them.

So, lets sort through what I know. Satori can read minds. Koishi, for some reason, cannot. Orin is a two tailed cat that can change into a girl who carries off the corpses of the dead. Okuu is a raven-girl who lives deep in the flames, and can control nuclear fusion. All of them live in a place that used to be part of hell. And now I'm here. I'm not dead, I'm not undead, I'm not a demon or youkai. I'm just a normal human, caught up in a bunch of strange events.

What should you do? What can you do? Do you even have a purpose now, and what is it? Where you supposed to die on the streets? These questions bombard your mind as you walk. Your body moves subconsciously, taking random turns, following strange hallways, not stopping.

What would have occurred if I wasn't here? Have I actually changed anything? Have you ever changed anything? Even before, you never took charge, never stood out. You were a cog. It didn't matter who it was, only that the job was done. In the end, your life will have done nothing.

So, this is truly hell, isn't it? Even death holds no escape. It is exactly what I tried to leave behind: A world where I don't matter.

You stop dead in your tracks. It doesn't really matter where you are, does it? You could go anywhere, be anywhere, and it wouldn't change one thing!NOT ONE THING!

Turning sharply, you slam your fist against the wall and grit your teeth against the pain. You sit down heavily, holding your head. What's going on here?

The tension drains out of your muscles, and you drop back, staring at the ceiling. As your eyes close and you drift to sleep, a soft voice cuts through your confusion.

"Where do you wish to go?"

[ ] A world of wind and light
[ ] A world shrouded in flames
[ ] A world of eyes, staring from all sides

His impending mental breakdown has occurred. THis choice is very important.
>> No. 7138
>[ ] A world of wind and light
Moriya Shrine

>[ ] A world shrouded in flames
The burning hell

>[ ] A world of eyes, staring from all sides
Or possibly Satorin~

[x] A world of wind and light
Let's commiserate being forgotten with the gods of Moriya. Suwako needs love.
>> No. 7139
[X] A world of eyes, staring from all sides

Mindreader threesome
>> No. 7141
[X] A world shrouded in flames

>> No. 7143
[x] A world shrouded in flames

Ah, vague cryptic multiple choice questions. Good for an immediate change of scenery that makes just enough sense to avoid that nasty non-sequitur aftertaste, and keeps the illusion of control in the hands of the voters.
>> No. 7145
[x] A world of eyes, staring from all sides

>> No. 7150
Wait, are we going for Orin or Satori route?

DO NOT WANT birdbrain, who would just give us dick-melanoma anyway.
>> No. 7151

I'm going for Satori and/or Koishi.

The fact that both of them are capable of mindfucking us in their own way makes it fun.
>> No. 7152
[x] A world shrouded in flames
>> No. 7153
[x] A world of eyes, staring from all sides

Changing vote. Yukari or Satori, either way it's awesome.
>> No. 7154
>[x] A world of eyes, staring from all sides

[x] A world of eyes, staring from all sides
>> No. 7155
[x] A world of fries, with other dishes on the sides.
>> No. 7156

I on the other hand am willing to test the hypothesis that you indeed can hug with nuclear arms.

This Anonymous will be treating Okuu/Orin and Satori/Koishi as package deals anyway; taking away one member of either pair would cripple their characterization.
>> No. 7157
File 122075475383.jpg - (298.89KB , 571x800 , 1219766380272.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 7159
[x]A world of eyes staring from all sides.

Where did all this art saying "YOU GODDAMN LOLICON" start from?
>> No. 7160
[X] A world shrouded in flames

Makai? Please be Makai.
>> No. 7161

Don't quote me on this, but I think it's a 2chan meme called "Blackbeard-tan"
>> No. 7162
Close. They have seperate routes, but it only changes who you are romantically involved with. I've never been big on threesomes. Always turns out nasty somehow.
>> No. 7163

I was thinking a metastable love triangle rather than a menage. You know, like Betty & Veronica?
>> No. 7172
[x] A world of eyes, staring from all sides
>> No. 7175

Brother, I feel your pain.
>> No. 7177
[x] A world of eyes, staring from all sides
>> No. 7186
File 122077246398.jpg - (109.38KB , 506x700 , Backbeard-tan.jpg ) [iqdb]
Close. It's actually "Backbeard". It's a giant floating black mass of shadowy wisps with one giant eyeball in the middle. 2ch/Futaba users pasted the words "Kono rorikon domome!" ("You damn lolicon!") in a speech bubble next to it, and it became a meme.

Like all things that show up in Japan, someone just had to make it into a cute female 'mascot' version. Thus, cute loli Backbeard-tan. She's often depicted as the original Backbeard's daughter, and spouts her daddy's catch phrase.

Pic very related.
>> No. 7205
'A world of eyes' wins. Writing when I get back, maybe around lunchtime.
>> No. 7222
...or not. Originally, this would have been the first step in route lock, but I realized that was a horrible idea, so now I've got to figure out where everything is going now. Just give me a little while.
>> No. 7224
Yeah, vague dream choices like this should result in a minor point boost for a character, or an alternate set of scenes, at most. Route lock should only happen after we've been forced to choose between people enough times that it's clear who we favor.
>> No. 7287
File 12209073944.jpg - (119.46KB , 635x610 , 4512968be5e9e6ecd8ab7a3eb3f0c228.jpg ) [iqdb]
Here's the ever-elusive update. Didn't turn out quite like I wanted, but it's good enough.


"Heh. Humans are interesting~!"


Eyes. Everywere. There is no ground, no sky, no walls. Only thousands upon thousands of eyes, staring out from the void. You can't feel anything. There is no light, no sound. You can't breath. You can't move. You try to scream, but nothing happens.

"Oh? What do we have here?"

Suddenly, a hand grasps your back. The eye-filled world twists, and you hit the ground with a dull thud. You cough and gasp, trying desperatly to regain your breath. After several minutes, the blurred mass of colors before you focuses into a clear image. A moderatly sized room of Japanese arcitecture, with midday sunlight streaming through the windows. You blink several times and shake your head. What just happened here? Where are you? The last thing you remember is...

Something flashes through your mind.

Red. Fire. Heat. A girl with a wheelbarrow. A pair of eyes, one closed. Stars. Darkness.
Before you can grasp the meaning behind it, however, it fades away, leaving you thourougly confused. You massage your forehead and look down at yourself. Red blood slowly seeps from your stomach, staining your shirt. As if on cue, a sickening pain grips your whole body, causing you to double up in agony. With a shudder, you empty the content of your stomach onto the floor along with a great deal of blood. Your eyes lose focus again, and you slip into a restless sleep.


You awaken some time later. The afternoon has turned to evening, and you find yourself lying on a soft bed. You try to move, and find it excrutiatingly painful. Bandages are wrapped around your stomach to stop the bleeding, however, whoever applied them was overzelous enough that you are currently incapable of bending you back. You attempt to sit up by swinging your legs off the edge, but only succeed in rolling off the bed and onto the floor.


Breath comes in ragged gasps. Carefully, you lift yourself to your feet and sit on the side of th bed. For some reason, you hand tingles, though you can't see anything out of the ordinary. Both your hands are perfectly healthy. But why is your chest bleeding...?


That's right... you were walking. And then those guys came out of the alley and tried to mug you. And one of them shot you. You struggle to your feet and peer out the window. The scenery doesn't look familiar. Was there a place like this nearby? And what was up with earlier?

You put these questions off till another time, as you hear footsteps approaching. Someone knocks on the door.

During this period, it will make things a lot easier on you if you act according to what anon should know/'remember' than metagame knowledge
>> No. 7288
goddammit yukari
>> No. 7298
Fuck that first thing im doing now back is buy a shovel.
>> No. 7305
...What for?
>> No. 7406
To go down.
>> No. 7411
Underground. Do you need a diagram or something?
>> No. 7416
File 122093671137.jpg - (32.52KB , 476x358 , marin_digs_it.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 7417
File 122093672759.jpg - (31.95KB , 476x358 , marin_digs_it2.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 7465
Well, the other option was using the shovel to beat Yukari over the head and then bury the body.
>> No. 7494
File 122099136692.jpg - (438.14KB , 807x1100 , 5880820c9c4b54b3259dc64655ff6714.jpg ) [iqdb]
Took awhile, but it turned out well. I think.

The door opens, and a woman steps through. She's tall, perhaps even taller than you, and wearing a chinese-looking robe. Some kind of bizarre two-pointed cap, adorned with small papers, is perched atop her head. You stare at each other for several seconds. She blinks.

"Ah!" Her eyes widen. "You're already up! I didn't think you'd be lucid for a few more days at least." She walks into the room and sets down the tray of food she'd been carrying. It smells delicious, and an painful rumble from your stomach causes you to wonder how long it's been since you last ate. Bowing low, the woman speaks again.

"I am Yakumo Ran. On behalf of my master, Yakumo Yukari, I welcome you to Gensokyo."

You clear your throat. Speaking in a perfectly calm voice, you ask if you will be held for ransom or sold into slavery.

Ran stands up straight, looking at you. Her eye twitches slightly. "No... most likely not. She would have done it already if she was going to. I think."

You nod sarcastically. Oh, that's very reassuring. Very.

Ran turns to leave, and for the first time, you notice the tails. There are nine of them, made of what appears to be fox fur, all attached to a single point on her rear. Why would she wear something like that? You begin to question the nature of this place, 'Gensokyo', that you seem to be in.

You must admit, however, that this it certainly has good food. You dig in hungerly, finishing in seconds. Unfortunatly, you didn't think to check for sleeping drugs before you ate.

[ ] They drugged you! Try and escape!
[ ] Of course they didn't drug you. Just relax.
[ ] They wouldn't drug you. Explore a bit.
>> No. 7496
[ ] They wouldn't drug you. Probably. Explore a bit.
>> No. 7497
[x] They wouldn't drug you. Explore a bit.
>> No. 7498
[x] They wouldn't drug you. Probably. Explore a bit.

goddammit yukari
>> No. 7501
[x] They wouldn't drug you. Probably. Explore a bit.
>> No. 7535
[x] They wouldn't drug you. Probably. Explore a bit.
>> No. 7603
A heavily delayed, short update. I'm slipping.

You remain in a state of confused anxiety for nearly ten minutes, before deciding that they probably wouldn't drug you. Probably. Gah, that woman's uncertainty is rubbing off on you. You should walk around a bit to clear your head. Rising to your feet and stretching painfully, you examine yourself. Your shirt is missing, replaced by several layers of gauze covering everything below your sholders, though you only see bloodstains around your stomach. Thankfully you are still wearing your pants and socks, though your belt is gone. Satisfied with your appearance, you exit the room.

The hallway outside is almost unrealistic, extending off beyond your vision in both directions. You see no corners, and both walls are lined with doors the whole way. Before venturing off, you manage to wedge a comb into the door, creating a sort of landmark. Choosing at random, you venture down the left corridor, counting the number of doors you pass. Around 1200, your legs give out and you collapse, face first onto the floor.

Slowly, you push against the ground in an attempt to lift yourself from the ground. With great effort, you manage to place your knee against the ground for support. While you lean against a door. It slides open, and a small, dark shape comes out of it.

A black cat.

An unitelligable stream of images and words flicker through your

mind, causing your hand to throb.

fire black cat ribbons red metal cart dead-

[ ] Seize the thougts. Try to make sense of them.
[ ] Dismiss them. Keep trying to get up.
>> No. 7605
[x] Seize the thougts. Try to make sense of them.
Anon sold his soul. And that's just swell. Now he's going straight to--
>> No. 7606
[ ] Seize the thoughts. Try to make sense of them.

Orin! I can't forget you!
>> No. 7614
[x] Seize the thoughts. Try to make sense of them.
>> No. 7617
[+] Seize the thoughts. Try to make sense of them.
Sweet Orin! Moe-moe Chen! Two lovable two-tailed cats! I cannot decide between them - I must have them both!
>> No. 7669
[x] Seize the thoughts. Try to make sense of them.

>> No. 7678
Read the entire topic properly. Heck, even looking at the OP picture would be enough.
>> No. 7680
'[Q] Seize the thoughts. Try to make sense of them.' wins. Congratulations, you avoided bad end. I'll write sometime, most likely today.
>> No. 7694
File 122124011494.jpg - (91.43KB , 640x480 , 1191138902330.jpg ) [iqdb]
i don't think you saw what he did there
>> No. 7697
[x] Seize the thougts. Try to make sense of them.

>> No. 7701
[ ] Seize the thougts. Try to make sense of them.
>> No. 7829
I know I did. Explain what the hell you're on about, please?
>> No. 7837
No you didn't, because I was >>7678 . And I now realise that it was a joke based on his vote.
>> No. 7848
>> No. 7949
Sorry 'bout the lack of updates. Things came up, some things changed, etc. I'll continue working on Dead Enterprise, but Youkai mountain/Heavens LA is now on hold until further notice.
>> No. 7969
Late update is late. I'm struggling here.

You place your hand against your head and screw your eyes shut, trying to make sense of the thoughts. As you focus they become louder, louder, LOUDER, LOUDER-

You cry out in pain and fall back to the floor. Spots dance across your vision, and you see the outline of a woman.


A name. Someone you knew. But from where, and when? You listen for the thoughts again, but they are gone. Releasing the breath you didn't know you were holding, you try to get back up. A hand appears next to you, and you take it.

"Thank you," You mumble.

As the hand withdraws, you struggle to find your balance, and it quickly reappears stop you from falling. You gratefully accept it's help to lean against the wall. As you catch your breath, you take a look at your helper. A young girl, barely in her teenage years, with a pair of cat ears stands in front of you, two tails waving back and forth nervously. The shape burned into your vision breifly overlaps, but fades quickly under the difference in height. You blink once, and turn your attention back to the girl. The 'fur' on her ears is a brown color, matching that or her short hair. From one ear dangles a large gold earring. Lastly, perched atop her head lies a funny green hat that closely resembles a shower cap. Thankfully, it's nowhere near as strange as Ran's hat.

Speaking of which... didn't Ran have tails as well? What kind of place is this?


The nervous voice of the girl wakens you back to reality.


"Um... Who are you?"


"He's our guest, for the time being."

You turn to find the new voice's source, and come face-to-face with yet another strange woman. While she has none of the exotic, animal features of the others, she is dressed in a chinese-style dress, and wears a more unusual version of the cat-girl's shower cap, hers is pink, with a red ribbon tied into a large bow in the front. As your gaze travels downward, you notice her distinct lack of lower body. In fact, she seems to be leaning through some kind of whole in the wall.

Only it's several feet away from the wall.

Your stomache lurches as you realize this, and thousands of eyes peer through the blackness at you. two eyes one closed one open
can mind can't read-


You turn to find the new voice's source, and come face-to-face with yet another strange woman, stepping out of the door behind you, a look of carefull inspection on her face. She seems vaugly familiar.

"I am Yukari Yakumo, owner of this house. I beleive you have already met my shikigami, Ran." Before you can speak, she cuts you off with a wave of her fan. "Don't worry about introducing yourself. I already know you."

That's creepy, is she some kind of... Oh, right! They probably checked you ID when they found you. You move your hand to your back pocket and confirm it's emptiness. Yukari, noticing, informs you that your things will be returned to you when you leave. You decide to trust her for now, especially since it seems the food wasn't drugged after all.

Yukari leads you back down the corridor, arriving at your room after only a few minutes. What in the name of-

"You should rest now. If need anything, just call for Ran."

You can only nod as she walks back down the hall. For several minutes you stand there, holding on to the door frame. What's going on?

A small noise reminds you of the cat girls continued presence. You turn to her.

"What's you name?"

"Chen," She answers, obviously surprised by the question.

You smile at her.

"Well, Chen, thank you for the help earlier."

She smiles back, no longer nervous. With a nod and a small sound of affirmation, she runs off down the hallway. Feeling far less stressed than before, you return to your room and manage to lie down on the bed. The last thing that you see before drifting off to sleep is the color of the sheets...

[ ] Red
[ ] Black
[ ] Pink
[ ] White

If you can't match these to their characters, it's kinda sad.
>> No. 7972
[ ] Red
>> No. 7973
[x] Pink

>> No. 7976
[x] Pink
[x] Gamepad into Port 2.
>> No. 7979
[x] Pink

This seems like a good idea to me.
>> No. 7983
{X} Pink

why not
>> No. 7985
[X] Red
>> No. 7990
[X] Pink
Going with the flow.
>> No. 7992
'[ ] Pink' wins first to five. Writing god-knows-when.
>> No. 8102
Speedy update!

Pink. What kind of color for sheets is pink? Seriously. It makes you feel like your manliness is shrinking already.

As you critically ponder the color of the sheets in your state of half-sleep, it slowly changes. Threads of blue and gold flow in, weaving into patterns. As the patterns pull together, they begin to take shape. Some parts rise, others fall, forming into something else. Gradually, the cloth settles about figure. A woman. A woman you know, from a time yet to come and place you have never been. A red spot forms over her heart, reaching out, growing.

I know her I know this place where is it-

The spot grows. As if suddenly snapping into focus, the edges become clear and the details distinct. A line splits the center, unfolding.

"A third eye."

The woman jumps in surprise as you speak, but all too quickly the scene is replaced by the black void. You throw out your hand to touch the woman, but already you feel yourself moving backwards through the desolate, unchanging realm. The memories play backward through your mind, as if unwinding a reel of film. Soon, you feel the cold, hard surface of the wooden floor surge up to meet you. And then, it all goes dark.
>> No. 8104
goddammit yukari
>> No. 8108
File 12215891057.jpg - (468.80KB , 769x1000 , 6751ebeb0f340702ff56a54b051e0f3f.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yukari settled back into her seat. It was a nice seat, she'd 'aquired' it some years ago from the outside. Good furniture was not among the many things that the outside lacked. Giving an irritated sigh, she folded her hands beneath her chin. He was drifting. She'd made several more borders before he slept, but they had crumbled once he began to dream. Someone was actively drawing him back. Someone, or something perhaps. She bit into a rice cracker and chewed absentmindedly.

"Ran." With a wave of her hand, the fox dropped from one of the ever-open gaps. "I beleive it is time you go wake our guest."

Her shikigami sighed and bowed, still carrying a load of laundry.

"Yes, mistress."

Yukari finished the rice cracker and looked up at the ceiling.

He was too valuable a catch to let go this quickly. Tonight, she would resolve things. She let out a small laugh. This was getting interesting!

>> No. 8320
File 122169116534.jpg - (124.86KB , 850x850 , sample-7be858c732cad59e18ed325b5b0d17ff.jpg ) [iqdb]
Aaand part 3.


You force open your eyes and lean back into a kneeling position. Your back cracks as you do, and the resulting drop in blood pressure forces you to use the bed as a support. Turning your head stiffly to work out the kinks, you stand and stretch. Using one of your nails, you quickly cut through the gauze and unwrap the bandages. A great deal of dried blood coats the front, and some of it is encrusted on your chest, but the wound itself is closed. You take a cleaner part of the bandage, dip it in the water, then wrap it around your burned hand. Someone knocks on the door. Now, time to find out what's going on here.

You turn on heel and pull the door open. Ran stands, shocked, in the midst of reaching for the door. She quickly regains her composure. Setting down her laundry basket, in which you spy your shirt, now clean, on the floor, she bows low and addresses you you.

"I did not expect you to be awake already. Miss Yukari desired that you be awakened for a late breakfast." She glances at your chest. "It is good to see your wound is healing."

"Can I have my shirt now?"

"Yes, of course."

She takes the folded garment from the basket and hands it to you. You quickly slide your arms through the sleeves and begin to button it.

"What about my tie?"

She passes you a very familiar red cloth, which you set across your shoulders as you finish your collar. Ran motions for you to follow as she walks down the hallway. After a good distance, she turns and opens one of the doors. Behind lies a small room, opening out with a raised porch on a grass lawn. It's a bit cilly out, but you don't feel cold. Sitting at a low table, covered with a blanket, is Chen.

Ran motions to the table. "Please have a seat. The food will be ready soon," she says, returning to the hall. Obeying, you take the seat to Chen's left. She perks up, noticing you.

"It's the man from before!"

You smile, though as she points at you, you notice how long her nails are.

"She is dangerous. Be wary."

Who said that? You look around. The only other person in the room is Chen, who is now inspecting you curiously. You pat her head and laugh, rubbing it slightly. She makes a little purring noise and returns sits back down. Anxiously, you drum your fingers on the table to pass the time.

At last, she arrives. Stepping in through the door is Yukari Yakumo. As you rise and move to greet her, she looks up in mock surprise.

"Good morning~"

"Good moring, Yukari Yakumo," You bow deeply "while I am gracious for your hospitality, I feel I must return now." You stand up

Her surprise becomes genuine, then quickly changes to anger. She narrows her eyes. "Why?" she hisses. "What is there left there? Why do you persist in what you know is futile?" She now seems genuinly angry, and you have the sudden feeling that your existance could be erased in an instant, should she will. You simply stare back at her.

[ ] Freewrite


This part is really important.
>> No. 8322
[X] "Even if there's nothing left there, it's still where I belong. Even if I can't do anything, it's human nature to try. I am not one to give up here and now, or anywhere and ever."
[X] "That aside, once one has hit the bottom, there is nowhere to go but up, yes?"

Simple and direct.
>> No. 8333
[X] "Even if there's nothing left there, it's still where I belong. Even if I can't do anything, it's human nature to try. I am not one to give up here and now, or anywhere and ever."
[X] "That aside, once one has hit the bottom, there is nowhere to go but up, yes?"
[x] "And, although I am very appreciative of your hospitality, I have to ask, why do you wish me to stay?"
>> No. 8336
[X] "Even if there's nothing left there, it's still where I belong. Even if I can't do anything, it's human nature to try. I am not one to give up here and now, or anywhere and ever."
[X] "That aside, once one has hit the bottom, there is nowhere to go but up, yes?"
[x] "And, although I am very appreciative of your hospitality, I have to ask, why do you wish me to stay?"

Why Yukarin! Whatever reason do you have for us to remain?
>> No. 8347
[X] "Even if there's nothing left there, it's still where I belong. Even if I can't do anything, it's human nature to try. I am not one to give up here and now, or anywhere and ever."
[X] "That aside, once one has hit the bottom, there is nowhere to go but up, yes?"
[x] "And, although I am very appreciative of your hospitality, I have to ask, why do you wish me to stay?"

The hell are you up to now, Yukarin.
>> No. 8374
>Why do you persist in what you know is futile?"
Oho, why not Kefka ourselves?
>> No. 8402
Voting called, majority wins. Writing soon.
>> No. 8407
File 122176331710.jpg - (77.94KB , 500x484 , a631d3ec61674172f1aadc6d5ed62084.jpg ) [iqdb]
You look her straight in the eye. "Even if there's nothing left there, it's still where I belong. Even if I can't do anything, it's human nature to try. I am not one to give up here and now, or anywhere and ever." Allowing yourself to smile, you continue "That aside, once one has hit the bottom, there is nowhere to go but up, yes?" You laugh quietly at your own joke.

Yukari's expression changes, taking on an air of superiority. "You won't give up~? Hmmm~" She opens a fan, covering the lower half of her face. "Then," her voice has lowered to sly wisper. "How did you wind up getting shot?"

She's right. Despite your pretty words, despite everything, you still gave up. The reason why you'd never made a difference. Because you lacked the will.

You speak in a flat tone. "Yukari. Although I am very appreciative of your hospitality, I must ask why you wish me to stay."

Her eyes narrow again, and she snaps the far shut.

"You don't know? Interesting. You see, you've been resistant. No matter how many borders I've changed, you remain the same. You have power. Potential." Grinning, she lowers her arms. "Ran. Restrain him."

A bolt of adrenaline runs through your body, and you drop to the floor as a gold blur flies over you. Barely touching the ground, it rushes again.

"Don't move."

Your body obeys before you can attempt to respond. As Ran flies towards you, everything seems to get slower, more distinct. You can see Ran's bared teeth, her beast-like eyes. Your entire body shudders, and your hand throbs with pain and heat.

"Now, release it."

With a jerk, your arm goes up, pointing directly at Ran. Agony surges from your wrist, and waves of heat and light scatter in all directions, singing the floorboards. Your vision clear, bits of burnt bandage coiling down through the air. Ran stands on the other end of the room, the edges of her clothing burnt and an expression of uncertainty on her face. Her breathing is erratic, eyes fixed on the enormous black spot where she was a moment ago. The pain in your hand fades to the dull ache of an old scar, but the heat is still there. A sidelong glance at Yukari shows her to be looking between you and the scorched, puzzlment and irritation written clearly on her face.

"Very good. But stay on gaurd."

(To be continued)

>> No. 8458
We can project hellfire? Cool.

Koishi is a nice girl for helping us out so much; we have to remember she can't hear our thoughts and thank her in person.
>> No. 8493
Ran springs. You fire a narrow, coiling burst of flame to parry another of Ran's rushes, flinching as the burn spreads onto your wrist. Ran Narrowly avoids the hellish snake and stops on the opposite wall, already preparing for her next attack. You begin focus the heat into the palm of your hand, shaping it in preparation for another counter.

"You can't win if you just keep defending. Watch her closely for an opening."

You hear the wall shudder as you pushes off.

Closer... closer...

The pattern forms in your mind perfectly. You shape the flame within your palm, forming it like clay.

Closer... NOW!

Your own thoughts and the voice speak in unison as you leap back to the other edge of the room and fire.

[Declare your spellcard!]

Trying a little experiment in combat mechanics.

Spellcard creating rules:
Define the name in the standard sign[name] format. Also include a simple description of it's pattern.

Your power as thus allows you to form and project hellfire. Once fired, the flame will travel on the path you've determined. You cannot control a bullet after it's fired.
>> No. 8495
The 'four explosive homing lasers per circle' is a little excessive. For example, one laser from each circle, and minus the exploding would be more within your ability.
>> No. 8498

Alright I'll change it then.

「Hell Sign」 Burning Ring of Fire

A spiral of grain-shaped bullets emerges around you, fanning out in a ring 3 times, then are expelled outwards towards your opponent. After being formed, 3 magic circles form around you in a triangular pattern spewing out 1 laser from each circle.
>> No. 8502
[x] 「Burn Sign」 Great Balls of Fire - A simple technique in eecution, a giant bursts of hellfire are released from both hands that split into numerous smaller fireballs that spread like a wildfire in a dry forest.
>> No. 8504
「Fire Sign」 Spokes of the wheel

Shoots two columns of fire at each side of the area. The columns divide into segments where they fly into each other while bullets fly from anon's hand.
>> No. 8508
The hook brackets go the other way, guys.

Hell Sign 「Wall of Perdition」

"Large dark red orbs are launched successively at the target. When an orb nears the spot the target was when it was fired, it slows, flashes momentarily, and then explodes into a straight line of fire that extends the width of the screen at an angle perpendicular to the caster, fading after multiple volleys."

This is the kind of spellcard that is really easy when you know the trick, but can be hell if you don't; move around too much, and you'll quickly box yourself in.

Comes in a harder flavor as "Hell Sign 「Cross of Perdition」" which forces you to dodge horizontally instead of just vertically.
>> No. 8510
Hmmm... if it's HELLfire, I'd up the fire, hell, and punishment themes up a bit.

So, maybe a few tweaks on the names. For the Wheel Spellcard, I'd tweak the name slightly to say, Punishment Sign 「Breaking Wheel」. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breaking_wheel) The more recent one I'd turn into Perdition Sign「Wall of Dis」, since it invokes Dante's Divine Comedy. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dis_(Divine_Comedy))
>> No. 8517
>Spokes of the wheel
I see what you did there, and I smiled.
>> No. 8523
This one sounds goods.

Hell Sign 「Wall of Perdition」
>> No. 8529
I've narrowed it down to these four spellcards. Vote for one of these:

[ ] Hell Sign 「Wall of Perdition」 >>8508
[ ] Fire Sign 「Spokes of the wheel」 >>8504
[ ] Burn Sign 「Great Balls of Fire」 >>8502
[ ] Hell Sign 「Burning Ring of Fire」 >>8498

>>8523's vote is noted.
>> No. 8531
I hate you for bringing up that song.

「Burn Sign」 Great Balls of Fire
>> No. 8532
[x] Hell Sign 「Burning Ring of Fire」

>> No. 8534
[x] Hell Sign 「Burning Ring of Fire」

I fell into a burnin' ring of fire --
I went down, down, down
And the flames went higher,
And it burns, burn, burns,
The ring of fir, the ring of fire.
>> No. 8535
[x] Hell Sign 「Wall of Perdition」

Ran is a smart woman, but she won't expect an attack of complexity from us initially, and will start with her previous tactics. Given how she tends to jump back, if she attacks us straight on the first wall will probably seal us off from her physical attacks. She might catch that we're trying to box her in by the second or third wall, but if she starts to move laterally she'll find the walls aren't always parallel to each other and hopefully panic.

More likely, she'll zig-zag in at us which means the bullets will create a number of walls at very oblique angles, hopefully leaving her in total confusion. If she's unable to read a pattern, then she'll probably revert to survival instinct instead of attack and will start dodging widely. That will kill her.
>> No. 8536
[x] Hell Sign 「Wall of Perdition」
>> No. 8537
>>8534 here

Changing vote but can't delete previous one.

[x] Hell Sign 「Wall of Perdition」
>> No. 8541
[z] Hell Sign 「Wall of Perdition」

Ran blockan gaems.
>> No. 8571
[x] Hell Sign 「Wall of Perdition」
>> No. 8583
[x] Hell Sign 「Wall of Perdition」

>> No. 8586
Hell Sign 「Wall of Perdition」 wins. Next post in new thread.