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File 140444530192.jpg - (130.85KB, 457x672, sweets and more sweets.jpg) [iqdb]
The endless rumba of youth.

Previous thread >>58743
Character blurbs: www.touhou-project.com/others/theater


I didn't feel like getting up. It was way too early. Normal people like me liked to sleep in.

“Wake up please,” the voice resumed. Along with the request came gentle prodding of my sides. How very annoying. I was liable to wake up if that kept up.

I rolled over, protecting my belly and other tender areas from prodding. There was a sigh somewhere. But it didn't dissuade the voice. “This is ridiculous,” it said as I felt the mattress beneath me shift. I waited patiently. If the disturbance was to end I had to act swiftly and precisely. Otherwise the whole of my brain was going to wake up.

“Eeek!” the voice shouted out as I reached out and grabbed it. Without skipping a beat I pulled the person down firmly onto the bed. They laid right across from me. Mission accomplished. I could finally go back to sleep.





Despite the newly found peace and quiet, I was more awake than ever. I straddled the border of consciousness. The presence I felt just a few centimeters from my face was intense. I was getting stared at intently. And that made me uncomfortable. I found myself gulping as my eyes finally opened.

“Good morning,” Marisa said softly, her face close enough for her breath to tickle my nose. So that's what that was. Without pausing, like she wasn't really thinking too much, she added, “you looked so happy sleeping, kind of a shame that I woke you up.”

“This isn't that bad of a start to a day,” I said, already getting over being woken up before my body wanted to. The faint smell of her shampoo inspired feelings of contentment within me. Life was good.

“Oh,” she realized what I meant and smiled, “this is awkward. I guess I'm not sure what to say.”

“Want to sleep in with me?” I asked, tossing the sheet over her as well. Deeds, not words. That was the important bit.

“Yes,” she laughed, “I kind of want to. But we can't, we have to go to school.”

“You're no fun,” I complained and rolled onto my back. “Come on, just five more minutes... it'll be fun. Promise.”

“We need to get going, Marisa,” Alice interrupted our little moment. She stood at my door, arms crossed, looking impatient. She didn't even deign to look at me. I could hazard a guess as to why.

Marisa sat up, looking rather flustered. Remarkable that she hadn't blushed with her face so close to mine. If I had wanted, all it would have taken would have been a slight stretch of my neck to kiss her. “Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to- I mean,” she tried to offer some sort of explanation. Marisa behaved as if she was a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar. There was no convincing argument that she could give and she knew it. Her face was beet red.

“I'll go back outside and wait until you sort yourself out,” Alice said in a flat monotone. Normally, in similar situations, she defaulted to anger or exasperation. At least when she was alone with me. “If you're not out in five minutes I'll start walking by myself.”

“Sorry for making you wait!” Marisa apologized and stood up. “Come on Arc, we have to get going!”

She tugged at my arm, trying to drag me out of bed forcefully. I could blame her for the attempt, given that it was her first time. But I moved at my own pace. I stretched and yawned and scratched myself before getting out of bed. “...what?” I asked.

“Um...” I could tell what she was staring at.

“It's morning, it's normal. Alice is used to it,” I lied. Normally she was too busy browbeating me from my door to stick around and watch me get up and get changed. Marisa couldn't stomach the lie, turning around as I reached for my uniform. “Just wait outside, I'll get dressed right away.”

“Promise?” she asked, not quite believing that I could get myself into gear.

“Yeah, yeah...” I yawned again. “Go wait with Alice, she's liable to be in a crabby mood if she's by herself.”

I got changed quickly and did all the other morning stuff in record time. I was well-trained in the ways of making toast and buttoning up my shirt simultaneously. Alice was just leaving when I finally stepped through the door. She didn't wait up for me.

“Fancy having you wake me up,” I walked alongside Marisa. “Good to see you in uniform again.”

“I feel sorry for Alice if she has to deal with you not getting up every day,” she said with sympathy in her eyes.

“She enjoys it,” I told her, “don't worry. It might seem that she's in a crabby mood whenever I take a long time to get up in the morning but secretly she enjoys spending so much time close to me.”

“That makes sense,” Marisa nodded, not seeing through the obvious lie. “I would love to spend time alone just like that. I forgot that the rest of the world existed for a moment. I'm jealous that Alice gets to spend however long she wants in bed with you in the mornings.”

[] Yes. It's lovely to have Alice lie in bed with me in the mornings. If it happened every day it would be great. Say it loud enough for her to overhear.
[] Admit to pulling her leg. It had been the liveliest and loveliest wake up call in quite some time.
[x] Admit to pulling her leg. It had been the liveliest and loveliest wake up call in quite some time.

Let's fix any misconceptions before they get out of control. I'd rather not go about burning bridges more than we already have.
[X] Yes. It's lovely to have Alice lie in bed with me in the mornings. If it happened every day it would be great. Say it loud enough for her to overhear.

I, too, vote for the option that is most likely to embarass Alice and put her in a sore mood for another whole day by making jokes at her suspense.
[x] Admit to pulling her leg. It had been the liveliest and loveliest wake up call in quite some time

I really don't think we should keep the joke going. Besides, I think the sentiment in this choice is a good compliment to Marisa.
[x] Yes. It's lovely to have Alice lie in bed with me in the mornings. If it happened every day it would be great. Say it loud enough for her to overhear.

I like how you think.
[x] Admit to pulling her leg. It had been the liveliest and loveliest wake up call in quite some time
[X] Admit to pulling her leg. It had been the liveliest and loveliest wake up call in quite some time.

Right, enough joking for now.
[x] Yes. It's lovely to have Alice lie in bed with me in the mornings. If it happened every day it would be great. Say it loud enough for her to overhear.

What a mess, I'm not sure what's what after these last few choices.
Leaving this open for another hour or thereabouts before I get to writing. I'm on a questionable schedule today and want to get at least the one (preferably two) updates out.

Oni and shrine maidens, and idols that can be coaxed into hatesex should always be primary targets. Though a magician orgy is fine too.
[] Yes. It's lovely to have Alice lie in bed with me in the mornings. If it happened every day it would be great. Say it loud enough for her to overhear.

Can't let Alice have any rest.

>marisa in Arc's room

So this is the hatesex option?
[] Yes. It's lovely to have Alice lie in bed with me in the mornings. If it happened every day it would be great. Say it loud enough for her to overhear.

Oh, how disappointing. I thought Arc would pull both girls into bed, not just one.

Anyway, Marisa had her moment to blush, now it's Alice's turn to get red.

...I had not thought of that, but it might be.

In that light, the last few choices make a lot more sense. It's a shame that we didn't follow through completely.
“Mmm... Marisa?” I poked her on the shoulder softly. She was getting way too caught up in my usual inanities.

“Yes?” she turned her head and stared into my eyes. That proved to be a mistake. She almost tripped. I caught her.

“Careful now,” I smiled. Alice noticed the commotion and turned around briefly. She didn't stop however, choosing to carry on after rolling her eyes. That meant she missed the playful little wave I sent her way. “Let's keep up with Alice,” I told Marisa, letting her go. “I just wanted to tell you that I was joking. Most mornings weren't like that.”

“Oh,” she looked at me sheepishly, maybe feeling a little silly.

“That said, it was the best wake up call I've gotten in quite some time. Alice isn't really gentle. A lot of dressing down and calling me a stupid idiot.” With a shrug I added, “so you being all kind and gentle was quite the change.”

“That bad?” she asked, incredulously.

“There's ups and downs,” I said, “I'm not a very reasonable sort in the mornings. So I can't blame her for being so... heavy-handed at times.”

I told her a few stories of how I had been woken up over the years. All in good humor, naturally. Even the stuff that had seemed like cruel and unusual punishment at the time was something of a fond memory. Funny how time worked. Made me appreciate Alice for putting up with me. That time that I had fallen asleep in my closet just to hide from her had been a lot of fun. Or the time that I pretended that I had been murdered and sprayed fake blood all over the sheets (got grief from Auntie when it bled into the other laundry).

“Certainly sounds like you have a lot of fun together,” Marisa observed with a smile. “Truth be told, I'm kind of jealous. I wish I had been around to wake you up in the mornings...”

“Don't worry about that,” I reassured her, “I enjoyed waking up today. It was peaceful. And besides, you know I always appreciate seeing a cute face.”

“Oh stop it!” she hit me lightly on the shoulder. She could see right through me like Alice could. But, unlike Alice, she enjoyed it. Marisa smiled brightly, “It was my pleasure waking you up. It'd be nice if I got a chance to do it more often.”

“I think Alice would let you gladly,” I said, “she's fed up with me.”

“You think?” she flashed that enigmatic smile that I had see once too often on a woman's lips. How vexing. “I think she'd mind very much,” Marisa said. “I wouldn't want to create a rift between you two.”

“If you say so,” I doubted what she said. Alice probably wouldn't care in the least. It'd let her get up in the mornings without worrying about my sorry butt. Win-win situation.

We continued to chat about this and that as we walked to school. Forgot all about my impending doom. For a little while, anyhow.

I found a familiar-looking note in my shoe cupboard Like before, it had the faint scent of perfume on it and was sealed with a heart-shaped sticker. I opened it with a frown. It said it was a little reminder not to forget that our little meeting was at 10 and for me not to run away or that would be inconvenient for all parties involved. The headmistress was looking forward to meeting me and ended the note with “xoxo”.

What a nut.

Our classmates were happy to see Marisa again. As soon as she walked in, everyone's attention turned to her. It was a warm welcome. Good for her. She handled it pretty well too, stating she had been away because her father was sick. That got her a lot of sympathy and almost immediate raised her popularity. A couple of girls volunteered to help her out on the spot if she ever needed anything.

I probably could go off and do my own thing for a bit without anyone missing me.

[] Check in with the girls from the other classes.
[] Tell Alice that her wake up service might be replaced if she's not nicer in the mornings.


Yeah, came down to a coinflip because there were no additional votes after I checked after an hour. So sorry two people. The vote was up for 15 hours - this is why I insist you check more often.

Not sure if I'll manage something else today but I'll try in a couple of hours, votes and my situation permitting.
Calling the vote would probably be helpful.

[x] Tell Alice that her wake up service might be replaced if she's not nicer in the mornings.
>[] Check in with the girls from the other classes.

Next time, do tell people if youa re writing or not. ANd no, IRC doesn't count.
I think there isn't really a need to go to the other classes as of yet. Consolidate with our current friends and strengthen those relationships since they have been the hardest hit.
[x] Tell Alice that her wake up service might be replaced if she's not nicer in the mornings.

Please stop taunting people with promises of sex, trying to maintain the 3 big friendships are hard enough without anon thinking with their dicks.
You had your heads up. Even if I had made a second post, the votes were too late. Sorry but you did have a long time to vote. I generally only bother to announcing that I'm calling votes when it's either been a very short time or there's been a long pause/delay for discussion or revoting. If people want me to announce for every post, let me know. And no, I don't tell people on IRC either unless they specifically ask. They seldom do. All my story-related communication is done via the site. Otherwise it'd be unfair.

Do I count that as a vote, by the way? I'm assuming yes. The quoting makes it ambiguous.

I'm not taunting anyone. I'm being facetious. There's a difference. It's a lighthearted story, don't be so grouchy. Fun is key here. Alice can deal with idiots being idiots, so don't turn this into a weird life or death serious business thing when it isn't. She's dealt with like a decade of Arc in-story, after all. Besides, forgetting that I'm a writer for a moment, I'd totally be trying to tease Alice until she she became a bit more assertive with her feelings. I'd also have groped Rin's butt and made sweet love to Eirin in the missionary position with the lights off but I'm a weirdo like that. In short, don't worry be happy. Things will work out one way or the other. Negativity is a drag.
[x] Tell Alice that her wake up service might be replaced if she's not nicer in the mornings.

This one will do guys. Let us tease her a bit, it is not like he is mean to her. It is their thing etc.
>Do I count that as a vote, by the way? I'm assuming yes. The quoting makes it ambiguous.

Err, yes, it's a vote. Sorry, I sometimes forget this is not /tg/.
>You had your heads up.

13 minutes late. ;_;
That's what elluded me with the previous vote logic. I couldn't put that into words. I blame lack of caffeine and sleep.
Won't probably get to write until at least four hours from now. So open until then. I'll post when it's closed and I'm writing.
[x] Tell Alice that her wake up service might be replaced if she's not nicer in the mornings.

Marisa's implying that Alice likes us more than she's showing. Good to know.
[x] Tell Alice that her wake up service might be replaced if she's not nicer in the mornings.

Yes, I believe we've already gone with the other classes option recently, so I think staying in our own class is a good option this time.
[X] Tell Alice that her wake up service might be replaced if she's not nicer in the mornings.

I agree, Treating Alice like our servant and complaining about it to her is an excellent idea. I feel that we don't make Alice feel like we're ungrateful enough. This should definitely do the trick.

You are all bright people and I am glad I get to share this story with you.
Closed and update as soon as I sober up a little more. Wouldn't want 2k words on touhou's feet instead of an update, I bet. Also, being sarcastic and cynical doesn't suit you people, take it easy.
With everyone's attention turned to Marisa, heading off to the back of the class proved to be no problem. The area around my seat was empty save for myself and Alice.

“I think the customer reviews are pretty damning,” I told Alice, standing by her desk. She was sorting out her notebooks and paperwork and didn't even bother to look up at me. I expected as much. Undaunted, I continued, “having gotten a taste of an actual nice work up service, I'm thinking of switching permanently. Not getting slapped around in the mornings was a welcome change.”

“You're welcome to keep her,” Alice said, not bothering to establish eye contact. She was being short with me. Without being openly hostile, she was being harsh and direct. “How about we go one step further and eliminate the wake up call altogether? You're on your own from now on.”

“How cruel , my own longtime friend and neighbor is spurning me.”

“I'm not going to beg you to let me waste my time trying to wake you up in the mornings,” Alice stated coolly.

“Marisa will do it gladly if I ask.”

“Good for you,” she said as she put in her carefully-organized notebooks inside her desk. There was no doubt that she had decided to deal with me in an aloof manner. How annoying.

“And here I thought you helped me because you believed that no one else was capable of doing the same,” I appealed to her sense of duty. It wasn't yet time to panic.

She rolled her eyes and sat back in her chair. “It seems like you've got someone else that will happily take care of you,” she said, “so therefore there's no need for me to bother anymore. I can even sleep in an extra ten minutes and still make it to class easily.”

“Walking alone is dull.”

“You'll have Marisa.”

“I meant you.”

“I'll survive,” she said.

“Maybe I'll tell your mom how difficult you've been lately. Skipping school, being antisocial and now refusing to help out your best friend in the whole wide world.”

“Do what you feel like,” Alice said, entirely nonchalant. If she was feeling upset she was doing a good job at masking her figures. Her apparent indifference was doing me no favors.

“Fine, don't come crying back to me when all these other girls are spoiling me rotten,” I said with a chuckle. “All your years of effort will have gone to waste.”

“Suit yourself.”

“If you apologize for being so harsh, I might reconsider...” I told her, playing whatever cards I had left. I felt like she calling my bluff. And so, naturally, I wanted to call hers as well. If she thought she could beat me in a show of stubbornness, she was wrong. My pride was under fire.

“You go first and I'll think about it.”



Neither one of us would budge.

[] Blow Marisa a kiss and then go hang out with Kaguya, that'll show the ingrate!
[] Stare at her until she apologizes!
[] Hit on Reimu
[x] Stare at her until she apologizes!

The other choices would just do even more damage.
[x] Hit on Reimu

What else to do but this. But if that is not valid/gets not enough votes I am for

[x] Stare at her until she apologizes!
[] Stare at her until she apologizes!
[x] Stare at her until she apologizes!

[x] Stare at her until she apologizes!

She's kinda jealous... I think sticking with her for now will do the trick
Oh wow, I'm getting Playful flashbacks

[x] Stare at her until she apologizes!

Sorry Teruyo, this bandwagon doesn't look like it's going to stop. Blowing Marisa a kiss and heading off to Kaguya just seem remarkable petty, though I suppose staring is a bit childish too.
[x] Stare at her until she apologizes!

What else to say. The other option rubs me wrong, bandwagon or not.
[x] Blow Marisa a kiss and then go hang out with Kaguya, that'll show the ingrate!

There's absolutely no way she's going to apologize. The best we can do is make the jealousy stronger.
“What do you think you're doing?” Alice asked as I pulled up a chest on the opposite side of her desk. I was in it for the long run, come hell or high water.

I didn't bother to reply, instead staring her down with the full intensity of my eyes. They may not have been a piercing blue and just a normal dull brown but my manly passion and energy was sure to shine through them. My spirit would do the talking for me, basically.

“...” Alice stared back, her dark blue eyes unrelentingly meeting my gaze. She understood that words were pointless. It was a clash of titans, a meeting of stubborn souls. If she thought that she could pierce my defenses so easily, she had another thing coming.

I tried not to blink. And I definitely did not break eye contact at any moment. The outside world was one huge useless distraction. As far as I was concerned, the whole universe was just me and her, eye to eye and soul to soul. My mind emptied of thoughts. There was an almost zen-like tranquility to our duel. Of course, we were motivated not by a desire to reach enlightenment but by spite and a desire to one up each other. She was going to break, she had to break. Any moment. All I had to do was stay the course and believe in my righteousness.

Any moment she would break...


Just a little longer.


She was weakening, I could feel it.


“Hey, you two!” our duel of the fates was interrupted my Mima's lovely mezzo-soprano. “Enough with the making eyes at each other, homeroom's started! You can get a room later.”

Half of the class burst out laughing. There was no way we could keep at it. With a silent narrowing of my eyes, I told her that it wasn't over. Alice didn't seem to care, keeping up her obstinate facade. I got up, scratched my head and made a glib remark to the teacher before finding my seat.

Things went back to normal for most of the morning.

Sometime before break, Yuyuko came into our classroom. She spoke briefly to the teacher and, with some understatement, called Marisa over, “we need to talk about a few things,” she said quietly after walking to her desk. I only overhead it because I was so close. She didn't really look at me that time around, instead taking Marisa and leaving quietly.

As the bell rang signaling the end of the period, Marisa returned. Whatever it was they talked about she, wasn't letting her feelings show much on her face. She smiled at me when she noticed my gaze but quickly turned to another classmate to ask what she had missed. As much as I wanted to chat with her and ask how it went, I wasn't really in a position to linger and take it easy. The second message I had gotten in the morning had been pretty clear. I felt that if I delayed I'd be in for a world of hurt.

I left the classroom without drawing too much attention to myself.

I sat in a waiting room just outside of the headmistresses' office. When I had come in and talked to a secretary, she told me to wait patiently until I was called in. I hated not knowing how long I'd have to wait. Especially when I didn't have much to distract myself with. A pair of couches and a small coffee table were the only real furnishings. Magazines dated at a few years ago were the only real stimulus I had. And flipping through variety magazines got old in about five minutes.

“Good of you to make it,” Big Sis said, coming in with Auntie in tow. Yuyuko wore her same neutral and protected smile, hiding her true feelings and state of mind. Auntie just looked bored, smiling lightly at me but otherwise saying nothing. I could tell that her mind was on the store and all the lost sales from being closed. “We're going to go on ahead, so be a good boy and wait a while longer.”

She opened up the door to the office and let herself in. I caught a glimpse of a lavishly-decorated interior for a few brief moments before the door closed again.

I was bored out of my mind. They took forever. I re-solved the half-done crossword puzzle in one of the magazines and they still hadn't finished their meeting. For a while, I seriously considered just taking a nap to pass the time. So what if they found me sleeping on their couch? It was their own fault for pulling me out of class and then not having the good sense to keep me suitably busy.

“How's it going?” Big Sis reemerged from the office with a carefree smile.

“Bored nearly to the point of death,” I said.

“Hmm, sorry about that,” she apologized. There was a genuine happiness about it. It was infectious. It was annoying. I wasn't supposed to feel happy about being left to rot for the better part of an hour in a small, boring room. “Well, there's actually no real reason for you to come in and talk to us,” she admitted it casually as if it was no big deal. We just have to wrap up a few things and we'll be good to go. The headmistress wants to see you, for whatever reason,” she winked playfully. It was annoying. “That has nothing to do with what we've been discussing, I imagine.”

“So I've wasted my time here, essentially. I could have been hard at work, learning!”

“Come on now, we both know that's not true. You probably would have been up on the roof or napping in class,” she stated with levity. It was still a cruel thing to say. No matter how accurate it may have been. “I'll fetch you when we're done.”

[] Wait like a good little meek boy.
[] Being toyed around with sucks. Barge in to talk to the headmistress!
Votes permitting, faster updates today.
[X] Wait like a good little meek boy.

Let's not do something dumb when all people in the room have the authority to make us regret it, alright?
[x] Being toyed around with sucks. Barge in to talk to the headmistress!

Sooo, it's Yukari, right?
They just got permission from Auntie for Arc's indentured servitude.
[] Being toyed around with sucks. Barge in to talk to the headmistress!

Yukari is go
[X] Being toyed around with sucks. Barge in to talk to the headmistress!

Make Arc sit and wait like that? This will not stand.
[] Wait like a good little meek boy.

If it is indeed Yukari, then it's better to wait for Auntie and Yuyuko to leave. Having some alone time between Arc and her would be good, cause, you know...handjob.

ALso, showing maturity is something she appreciated when we met her in that bar. Let's not ruin the positive image she has of Arc, for now.
[x] Wait like a good little meek boy.

You have a too good point to ignore here.
[x] Wait like a good little meek boy.

Honestly barging it will cause more problems than anything good.
>>59192 Continuing/expanding.

The headmisstress, Yukari or not, is not Yuyuko. Big Sis is someone Arc can play around with, since they already have a thing going on, and she plays with him too, but we got nothing on this other woman.

Yukari appreciated how adult and mature Arc behaved like in the bar. If she is the headmisstress, like we are suspecting her to be, then we should keep that adult image. Not to mention that it will inevitably end bad and embarassing for Arc; Auntie, Yuyuko and [Headmisstress] are all women with power over him, and they won't forgive a show of idiocy and immaturity so easily.
[X] Wait like a good little meek boy.

This time above all others I think we need to be composed. If there was anything concrete to really get angry over it might work, but "you're just wasting my time" isn't a great way to start what could potentially be a very serious conversation.

Besides, we don't even know for sure who it is or why we've been called up. Best check our temper for now.
Ok closing and calling because my arbitrary number of votes in less than 3 hours was 7.
File 140478437013.jpg - (810.38KB, 850x1275, soft sample of soft power.jpg) [iqdb]
Yuyuko closed the door behind me and condemned me to more waiting. It should have gone without saying that she lied. Those few things they had to wrap up easily took up another half hour. It felt like purgatory, just staring up at the unchanging wall for the longest time. I even began to lose a bit of my sense of self, becoming one with the couch and the universe.

“Are we on for next Thursday then?” the door finally opened, rings of laughter following immediately.

“Sure, sounds like a lot of fun,” Auntie said, coming through the door. She turned, gave a little wave and said her goodbyes. “I'll see you at home,” she told me with a smile, otherwise ignoring me on her way out.

Yuyuko came out scurrying next, not bothering to even pay lip service. “She'll see you now,” she said quickly as she followed Auntie out. It was worrying how they were becoming friends fast.

Taking the hint, I got up and knocked on the door.

“Come in,” a level voice answered.

The office was far less fancy than I imagined it. Instead of opulent displays of wealth and power, full of rich tapestries and exotic stuffed animals, it was a sensibly decorated space. There were a few expensive-looking bookshelves full of books with complicated titles and subjects and a few choice rugs but that was about it for luxuries. The main draw of the room was the massive window that overlooked the whole campus and the city off in the distance. It was quite the view, the office was well-positioned to observe the happenings on campus. And, in the middle of it all, there were a pair of modern-looking chairs made of leather and metal in front of a desk that was mostly thick-cut glass. It delivered a clear message: transparent administration.

Behind it all was a shockingly young-looking woman with a sensible choice of outfit. A dark pantsuit with a simple white blouse that contrasted with her long, flowing golden hair and her rather hip purple-rimmed spectacles. In a way she reminded me of Yuyuko, young and beautiful but there was something of an air of sobriety about her that was missing from Big Sis. A grown-up quality that was certainly behind those notes with impeccable calligraphy. The perfectly diplomatic and welcoming smile, however, was much the same.

“And you must be the young man which I've heard so much about,” she said, “please, take a seat.” I did as she asked. Turning to a stack of papers on her desk, she quickly leafed through a few of them before speaking again, “you have quite the colorful record. For generations this institution has prided itself in producing model individuals with a passion for life, curiosity about the world and high leadership quality. Of course, academic pursuits are important as well but it is because of this tradition that we are willing to overlook less-than-stellar performance.”

“I suppose that my record is a bit of a hit and a miss,” I said cheekily. I wasn't about to pretend to be someone else. Not to someone with my whole permanent record in my hand.

She laughed softly. “Yuyu said that you were this sort of fellow and I believed her.”

“And what sort of fellow is that?”

“An interesting fellow,” she answered with a light smile. “Though your teachers may disagree, I believe that you have quite of potential. Even if you ruined my plans on getting the two most distinguished idols and students at that prestigious all-girl's academy to perform.”

“Oh, sorry about that,” I said. I imagined that Big Sis had filled her in on the details or covered for me. At least I hope she did. I didn't really want to get on the headmistress' bad side.

“Indeed you should be sorry. I've yet to decide what your punishment should be”

“I was coerced into helping, you can't hold me responsible. Besides, those girls are better off not-” I began to defend myself.

The headmistress stood up and chuckled, ignoring my pleas. Taking off her glasses and leaving them on her desk, she came a little closer. She adopted a warmer, instantly more familiar tone, “I didn't mean about those two,” she said. The smell of an enticing and instantly recognizable perfume filled my nostrils. Yukari leaned in forward and whispered, her voice like velvet, “you've been a very naughty boy. Going out to drink at night, meeting older women and then,.worst of all, never bothering to come back for more fun. You may have potential but I think you severely lack discipline. And perhaps it's about time I took a direct interest in your education.”

[] Apologize, of course, but she should know best of all that Big Sis had kept me constantly busy.
[] Say nothing, let Yukari do her worst if she must.
[x] Say nothing, let Yukari do her worst if she must.

Bring it on? Sure.
[x] Say nothing, let Yukari do her worst if she must.

I can't not choose not to do that. Submit to her and let her have her way with Arc. YES it must be done, behave like the meek little boy that you are and let the older sexy woman do whatever she wants.
[x] Apologize, of course, but she should know best of all that Big Sis had kept me constantly busy.

I wonder, does she know know about the photo shoot with Yuyuko? Does Yuyuko know about our 'time' with Yukari? Do they gossip about it?

Will they try to out do the other? Will we get a Yuyuko/Arc/Yukari scene?

Hah, like that's ever going to happen.

[x] Apologize, of course, but she should know best of all that Big Sis had kept me constantly busy.
[x] Say nothing, let Yukari do her worst if she must.

I imagine Arc being totally frozen in shock when he gets that she was the lady from the bar. I don't imagine him being able to make a snark response from the get-go.
[] Say nothing, let Yukari do her worst if she must.

I waited too long for this opportunity. I'm not letting slip away.

It is just a pipe dream anon better give it up.
[x] Apologize, of course, but she should know best of all that Big Sis had kept me constantly busy.

Really lay on that subtext. Big Sis is better than some old hag anyway!

It doesn't really matter. Yukari was the first character to ever get...well, the closest to intimacy, she was the first one to do anything lewd with Arc.

Also, Yukari is the way to introduce Chen and Ran to Arc, two characters I've wanted to meet since forever.

Oh, and making friends with the headmisstress ought to help in dealing with Yuyuko. That should be a good incentive to play along.
[x] Say nothing, let Yukari do her worst if she must.

Ah, how I missed thee, Yukari. I was wondering when there would be another chance of another adult escapade with an actual adult.
>help in dealing with Yuyuko.
We need to find out ho well they know each other and maybe get something dirty on Big Sis that we can use later on.
[x] Say nothing, let Yukari do her worst if she must.

A man doesn't make up excuses or tries to run, though not sure how much we could do in whatever case, but teach me Yukari-sensei!
File 140479219439.jpg - (245.43KB, 850x1133, chocolate.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Say nothing, let Yukari do her worst if she must.
As we Latin Americans like to say: 'A silence is a concession' So... bring it on!

That said, there's something I've been meaning to discuss with you people: are we really giving up on the whole Kaguya/Mokou thing? I believe we oughta push it, just to see how it goes. From Mokou's side aggressively and from Kaguya's side delicately, of course.
Why? Because Yuyu gave us this mission and that implies that the girls will be better off for it; that has been the rule so far, at least.

I understand that, due to our friendship with this Kaguya (the best one I've read in the site, I even re read every post with her just now) we may need to give up in the long run, but I want to give it a whirl.
Come on anon, what do you say?

No, we aren't. People are just being pussies and avoiding Mokou because she's not fallen for Arc when they met.
Well, I am with you. We are on good terms with Kaguya but not with Mokou so we first would need to find Mokou and kind of see how to go from there. But that might be hard because we have that whole thing with Alice kind of going on here so it will come down to who wants what.
Ok, I guess calling and writing now.

Follow your dreams.

Follow your dreams harder. Maybe add for good measure, Yuuka and Yuugi for the "Y" alliance.

They're like the same age though.
File 140479512556.jpg - (495.79KB, 1254x1770, cfaf5ec08ce608c73193e2eca84989c8.jpg) [iqdb]
>"Y" alliance.
Yeah you forgot someone I fear.
it's more like finding a good way to do it as Kaguya clearly doesn't want to get near Mokou or Idol stuff again. And the matter of doing it without coming off like a damn liar.
“Cat got your tongue?” Yukari leaned over me, scrutinizing my face carefully. A far cry from her meek and non-threatening appearance, she acted as boldly as the night I had first met her. “It just wouldn't do for the big bad wolf to be ensnared now, don't you think?” she asked quietly, calling back to our first meeting. “Naughty boys like you ought to get their just desserts.

“I have to say, a uniform really does suit you,” she stood back a little, sizing me up from head to toe. “Not that your outfit that night was unimpressive. It was a good choice, suited your suave and charming act. Made it all the more fun watch you become so sedate.” Yukari steered my thoughts to the events of that night. It had been unexpected and it had been sudden. I could still feel the warm sensation as she methodically dealt with me. My body reacted to the memory of the encounter and I could feel the blood pumping around my body quickly. I felt like gulping.

She circled around my chair slowly, deliberately, saying nothing. On her face she wore an almost paradoxical mix of cold interest and cheerful delight. She analyzed and took every bit of me in wordlessly while at the same time looking generally pleased and happy with what she saw. I was unsure what she was doing. My heart beat fast in suspense. It felt like at any given moment she might reach out and act instead of just observe.

“You've been blessed with an agreeable appearance,” she finally said. She began listing my features, “a manly jaw that's not too pronounced, soft eyes with a mischievous light, broad shoulders, shapely legs and a taut buttocks. Not a man of wax exactly, but there is a lot that you can work with. There is a lot of potential.” Yukari approached and ran a hand through my hair. She gently stroked my head, as if I was a puppy. So much for being a fearsome wolf. “Yuyuko was right about all of that too. There is a lot of potential for in you. Personal charisma isn't a problem at all.”

She placed the wandering hand on the armrest and leaned in. “I think I've reached a decision-on how to take care of you.” Her wide grin made me gulp. “Are you ready to accept your fate?”

“...yes,” I managed to reply.

“Alright then,” she took a few steps back to her desk.I didn't expect that. “I'll have to discuss the details with Yuyu first. After you finish with finals we'll meet again.” With a more business-like smile, she added, “you may leave now. Enjoy the cultural festival with your friends.”

“...pardon?” I was completely befuddled by what had happened.

“Now now, we both know you're clever enough to understand what I meant,” Yukari sat behind her desk and put on her glasses again. She looked over a pile of papers and took up a pen and began to write something. “Playing the naïve kid is only charming when done in moderation.”

“I thought that...”

“You thought what?” she smiled suggestively again. It was a brief flash. I got the feeling that it wasn't a smile she showed often. “Whatever may have happened between two individuals late at night out in the big city is best left as a pleasant memory. Don't you think?”

“The thing-”

“Well now dear,” she stood up again, “I see that you're bent on giving your lovely headmistress a big old headache. A problem student like you should know better than to push his luck.” Yukari walked on over to me again and bid me to stand up. When I did, she leaned in closely again and I felt her lips press against my cheek. She stroked my hair quickly, ruffling it all up. “You'll have to let that tide you over for a while,” she whispered, “work is no place for play. But who knows? With a city as big as ours, all sorts of strange encounters may happen. Or perhaps not, since I often work late into the night in this here office. At any rate, an educator and her student should never indulge in that kind of behavior. A man and a woman as equals... well, I'll let you think about that one until we next meet.”

With a final, seductive chuckle, she bid me farewell. “You did a good thing for your friend, and will be rewarded justly,” she told me as I reached the door, “be proud and enjoy the fruits of your labor. After all, you're still quite young.”

I wasn't sure what she meant. Her secretary was waiting by the door and showed me the way out. More people were waiting for her in the reception area. Older men mostly. Fat and distinguished-looking, if only by virtue of their neatly-worn suits. Board members, I imagined.

My mind was a mess after my brief reunion with Yukari. She had made it perfectly clear that she had plans for me. What they were were beyond my capacity for imagination. I wasn't sure if she saw me as a useful pawn, a fun piece of meat or both. It would do me no good to just stand around. She was right about one thing – I probably should try to enjoy the cultural festival. The few morning classes and preparations were over and now things were in full swing.

[] Take a brief look around alone.
[] Meet up with Marisa to figure out what Yukari meant.
[] Take a brief look around alone.

Random encounter is go!
Oh wow. I never wanted to surrender to someone this much before.

I am very, very intrigued, Yukari. Also, we really need to have Arc save some money and go out at night more often now.

[x] Take a brief look around alone.

That said, we don't need to go after Marisa. Certain things are not supposed to be shared, and it most certainly involves her father. It's best to let such personal subjects alone. We can be sure it was something helpful for her, though.
>Certain things are not supposed to be shared,
I certainly can't think of how Arc would tell Marisa about this. He would not tell the whole story but part of it and he would probably need to tell that he has a deal with big Sis and so on. On one hand it would be great that he has someone who could help him and is on his side but on the other I don't know. I will leave it up to you guys to decide this.
[x] Take a brief look around alone.

I agree. How the hell would we explain all this?
Why would Arc have to tell her anything?

How does reward and fruits of labor translate in talking about personal stuff?

The choice is about trying to understand what's happened and to whom. Arc, Marisa and Big Sis are directly involved. And only Marisa is someone you can talk to while being in the festival.
[x] Meet up with Marisa to figure out what Yukari meant.

Changing from >>59224

Let's spend time with Marisa and not forget her again.

Derp, my bad. Misread the choices I guess. Yukari's got me flustered.
[x] Meet up with Marisa to figure out what Yukari meant.

That's a woman alright, poor arc's overwhelmed. Though I'd rather spend time with a good friend than lolrandom encounter.

I wonder if we should have apologized or not, but it's too late to really fret about that now. Back to Good friends
>Why would Arc have to tell her anything?
I figured how would he explain to her what he talked with Yukari about? It would be kind of hard. Either that or I am missing something here.
[] Meet up with Marisa to figure out what Yukari meant.

A friendly face that's not trying to manipulate us would be nice
It's not literally "talk to Marisa and repeat what Yukari said". Yukari alluded to rewards and whatever in the same breath as mentioning Marisa. So there's a reasonable chance that seeing her, talking to her or otherwise being around her will help shed light on the situation. A lot has happened since he's spoken to his friends.
>With a city as big as ours, all sorts of strange encounters may happen.
Go out more often in the evening and maybe visit the school more often late in the evening.

[x] Meet up with Marisa to figure out what Yukari meant.

Let's talk this over with Marisa she might have some good ideas and kind of grew fond of her lately.
[x] Meet up with Marisa to figure out what Yukari meant.
File 140481091033.jpg - (432.74KB, 757x1075, leaning witch.jpg) [iqdb]
Excitement was in the air. That much was undeniable.

Nearly every classroom had been converted into some sort of attraction for the cultural festival. Students came and went, alternating between staffing their own classroom's feature and going off in groups to try out everything that was on offer. The stairways and hallways were full of people coming and going. A constant buzz of voices hung in the air no matter where I went. It was audible even from outside the building.

I headed back to my classroom first. Whatever it was we were doing that year was drawing a crowd. There was a line to get in. I tried to get in through the rear door.

“You were gone an awfully long time!” Marisa remarked with a bright smile. Looked like my timing was good, she was just leaving. Alice stood to her side, scowling. Extra scary.

“Yeah, sorry, I got held up against my will,” I laughed, “I see things are going well here.”

“You betcha!” Marisa exclaimed, “the class press did a really good job. So much that we've been kicked out. They need all the space they can get.” She signaled over to the distance, where there were less people. I took the hint and walked to the end of the hallway with her. “It's really hard to hear anything in here!”

“Yeah, want to go outside for a bit?”

“What!?” she didn't seem to hear me. I made a gesture that I thought symbolized being outside. It seemed to have worked as she nodded and followed my lead. The default location I had was the roof. “Ah~ much better~!” Marisa said as she rubbed her ears. Yeah, it was almost painful to be in the middle of a crowd down there.

“What happened to Alice?” I asked. She hadn't come up with us.

“Dunno,” Marisa looked around, “guess she must have seen something else interesting.” With a grin she added, “you really got to learn to take care of yourself better.”

I didn't get what she meant. “How so?” I asked cautiously.

Taking the end of her sleeve into her hand, she tiptoed and stretched her arm at my face. I didn't get what she was doing until she began to rub a cheek. “You had a little something there,” she said, withdrawing her hand. “You must have made a good impression to get lipstick on your face.”

Ah, so that's what that was. Maybe it explained Alice's reaction as well.

“Older women are terrible,” I said sardonically. They really did whatever it was they pleased without caring how I felt.

“Mmm... how scandalous,” she joked, not seeming to mind it at all. That was one thing I had to hand to Marisa – I could rely on her not to overreact. Suika would have hit me or called me names, Alice... well I knew what happened and the class rep would probably call me a fiend and walk away. “So I'm guessing you're here to talk about all the stuff that went down,” she said a little bit more seriously.

“Yeah, basically.”

“Well, you were right,” Marisa said happily. “Things here seem to have sorted themselves out. With the help of the counselor I get to stay here until I graduate. Even if I can't afford it. She's really nice you know, I get why you like her so much now.”

“That's great news!” I smiled, happy to have one friend less in trouble. “And no,” I added with a chuckle, “I don't really like her that much. She's overbearing and annoying and manipulative.”

“If you say so,” Marisa said, not really believing me. “They've also promised to try to help me with all the other stuff, referring me to clinics and good doctors. The counselor really liked my dad and is going to talk to him to arrange some sort of stay at a sanatarium.”

“Glad it's all working out for you,” I said. Yuyuko really had come through.

“And well...” she started tripping over her own words all of a sudden, “the thing and well you see...”

“What are you trying to say?”

“Mmmm...” she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “Thanks for everything. You really helped me out when I was in a pinch. And I hope to repay you these coming weeks.”

“What do you mean? You don't need to repay me for anything. I helped out because you were a friend in need.”

“We'll have plenty of time to figure it out,” she said ambiguously, forcing an uneasy smile. I couldn't figure what was eating her all of a sudden.

“You may be doing well but I think I'll be under the administration's thumb for quite some time,” I sighed. That was the harsh truth. My easy-going lifestyle was compromised.

“I've got a little something for you,” Marisa spat out abruptly. “I'd like you to have it, that is if you please. It's, uh, not ruby red like what you got earlier but it's cherry-flavored according to the tube. I'm not really the type to wear this gloss normally. It's special for you. I kind of wanted to save it for a more romantic place and time but this is fine too.”


“Don't be dense!” she snapped nervously at me. “It took me forever to convince myself that it was the right thing to do. I don't like competing unfairly with others. I'll, um, come a bit closer if you like and close my eyes. I'll make it quick so we can move on.”

[] Accept her thanks.
[] Save it for a more special occasion.
[x] Save it for a more special occasion.

One seems to be for a quick thanks the other may lead to something more special. That is at least what I read out of this.
Actually, screw it, I don't like either of these two choices. So here is a write-in, even knowing that Teruyo usually doesn't accept write-ins.

[x] No need for any of that. Just did what any good friend would do. If she really wants to repay, though, she could always help in dealing with something again.
[x] Accept her thanks.

On another note, does anyone here still remember Byakuren?
[x] Accept her thanks.

Unless we can make plans (and actually keep them for once without author railroad keeping us on track), it feels like putting anything off until later is a bad idea with our ADD.

Unless you want to give us the option to make some sort of formal plan, Teruyo?
[X] Accept her thanks.

More like, "Does anyone here remember half the cast?"
Well, there are a lot of character and only so much screentime to share.
That was the date that Arc fucked. We went to her temple or whatever and thanks to the people there she got convinced to try a date with him. But that went horrible and I think Marisa just botched up the rest and she just left.

Arc could have salvage it yet, but marisa butted in and fucked things up.
[x] Save it for a more special occasion.

Actually, yeah, save it for another day. This is just awkward.
[x] Accept her thanks.

I feel that delaying it would be insulting her as she's obviously worked up a bunch of courage to do this. That and with how ADHD anon is, putting it off may horribly backfire
[] Accept her thanks.

Never turn a girl down.
[x] Accept her thanks.

Don't hurt her feelings trying to get something better.
No formal plans, sorry. I know it's probably not what you meant but I can't help to get a mental image of Arc opening a tiny appointment book and penciling in Marisa for a 'quick snog' sometime in the next few weeks. Made me smile. I like to keep away from fixed dates and plans that are too concrete as much as possible anyhow, makes it easier to juggle the various storylines and manage pacing.

If Marisa was a factor at all for things with Byakuren going awry, she was the smallest factor by far. Re-read those parts again. If anything, I'd say the weirdly serious choice of conversation subject and choice of date locations/the general flow was probably a bigger factor. Water under the bridge, at any case.

Also writing now.
I gave her a little nod, trying not to complicate things further.

Marisa moved in a little closer, like a tiny bird carefully approaching a breadcrumb at the side of a busy path. It looked like she had half a mind to bolt and run away at any given moment. I couldn't think of anything that would put her more at ease. The situation simply had to play itself out.

“Um,” she fidgeted a few centimeters away from me, her eyes looking unsure of herself. “Close your eyes please, otherwise this is way too hard.”

“Ok,” I agreed. And waited. I heard her shuffle about doing heaven knows what. In my mind I pictured her darting from side to side, trying to look for the optimal angle of approach. I felt like sighing.

“Argh!” she exclaimed and finally mustered up the courage to go ahead. For a brief moment I felt her breath on me and then something soft and slightly moist press against my lips. It wasn't so much a kiss as it was a short peck by a flighty bird. It did, however, taste of cherry.

“Thanks received,” I said with a smile as I opened my eyes. Marisa stood before me awkwardly, not sure how to act around me. I chuckled and gave her a quick hug. She got an 'A' for effort. She tried to avoid looking directly into my eyes and so I didn't bother to push her further, instead returning her quick peck by kissing her on the forehead before letting go.

“Oh gee-” she said, turning around quickly to hide her facial expressions from me, “I'm not a little kid you know.”

“A little kid wouldn't kiss me on the lips I imagine,” I teased her.

“They sure wouldn't,” she laughed nervously, trying to get a hold of herself. I watched her take a few deep breaths and slowly move her neck around as if to release tension before she turned back to face me. Marisa adopted an overly-serious tone, doing a poor job of masking her interior panic. She came off as wooden, “let us go back downstairs. We can enjoy the festival if we walk around. There's no more reason to be up here alone.”

I didn't try to tease her further, unsure if she would be able to handle it well.

The activity downstairs hadn't quieted down in the least. If anything, it was getting more intense as lunchtime neared. A few parents and teachers were visible among the crowd, taking pictures and generally enjoying the show the students were putting on.

We bumped into the class rep walking around with Alice. “Things calm down in our class, I take it?” I asked her with a smile.

“They're under control,” she said with a frown. Her next phrase explained why, “it's my turn to take time off now, everyone else is pitching in.”

The not-so-subtle jab at me failed to land. I ignored the line, instead smiling dumbly like I didn't understand. Reimu shook her head.

“Where are you planning on going?” Marisa asked. “I can't wait to see what everyone else has done.”

“We were just going to walk around a bit and take a general look at the place, nothing too specific,” Reimu said. She got really close to us so that we could hear her properly. Even the lunchroom didn't get as noisy as it was, even with the unruly mob that usually fought for the best sandwiches.

“Oh, mind if we join you?” Marisa asked.

“No problem,” Reimu said, not bothering to make a snarky remark about me. That was progress at least. The thing was, however, I had spotted a certainly lovely someone from another class walking all by herself. It was an opportunity to see what she was up to. And I wondered if she would be happy to see me.

[] Stick with the group.
[] Leave and chase her down.

I wonder who it is?
[x] Stick with the group.

Needs more class rep. Can never have enough class rep.
[x] Stick with the group.

Man I never knew how cute Marisa really is. instead of going after some other girl why not stick with the girls? Sounds kind of better to me.
[] Leave and chase her down.

A certain who? This is like the Mystery Box option, I must choose it!

And I have hopes it's Tenshi. We are in desperate need of more Tenshi.
[x] Leave and chase her down.

Irk, Alice is in a pissy mood, ad Reimu is, well, Reimu. Better escape from this place while Arc still has his youthful personality.

Also, random girl time.
[x] Stick with the group.

Let's hope those two aren't wet towels.
[x] Stick with the group.

I'd rather try to futher mend things up with Alice and maintain things with marisa than to risk it on a mystery girl.
Not random at all. Poor girls from other classes, getting ignored like that.

For the sake of soldiering on, writing now.
File 140486427078.png - (296.67KB, 850x714, girls being girls.png) [iqdb]
I played the amiable gentleman for the moment. Reimu got bored of snide remarks quickly enough as we walked together taking a look at all the things the different classes had put together.

“There's some sort of shooting game with water guns,” Alice remarked as we passed by an empty classroom, “they're doing it outside this year.” That sort of thing was against the rules, probably. But I supposed that their homeroom teacher didn't really care what they did, so long as the class didn't cut into their personal time. I always thought that the point of a cultural festival was to show off cultural stuff. Like have a poetry recital or put on a play. The fact that most classrooms had done something food or pop culture related probably reflected on our generation poorly. Well, I didn't care in the least. It was a day off from regular classes.

Boy there were a lot of cafes. Maid cafes, tsundere maid cafes, swimsuit cafes, haunted cafes even a post-apocalyptic cafe whose menu consisted mostly of military rations and instant coffee. They were all packed with people. Our class probably did something similar, not that I bothered to check.

“All this food everywhere is making me hungry,” Marisa said. Everyone else nodded. Hard not to feel the same way when the air was saturated with the smell of fried foods and cake.

“Bad time to be on a diet,” Reimu stated with a giggle.

“Oh, but you look really great,” Marisa said, “you don't need to diet. I wish I had your shapely arms. Mine are all thin and wiry.”

“Mm, I don't think Reimu could stick to a diet even if she tried,” Alice cut in, “whenever we go out for tea she can't keep to just one slice of cake. All that pastry cream and chocolate goes straight to your thighs you know.”

“Ugh...” Reimu frowned and pinched her sides, “I don't want to get flabby. But it's so hard to find time to exercise with my schedule.”

“I keep telling you to take things a little slower,” Alice chastised her with a laugh, “the school isn't going to collapse if you delegate some work every once in a while. I swear that student council president will be the end of you.”

“That's why you should be there as well,” Reimu argued, “I want you there so you can keep me in check.”

“I like the little freedom I have, long hours aren't for me,” Alice rejected her once again with a light smile.

“And what freedom is that?” Reimu decided to tease Alice a little, “taking care of your special friend here is a 24 hour ordeal from what I see every day.” Alice glared daggers at Reimu. The class rep laughed at her friend's expense. “I guess we've all got our crosses to bear. Being so busy to school suddenly doesn't seem so bad.”

Naturally, I had opted to stay silent through the whole exchange. Didn't really want to get in the middle of girl talk. Especially if they were referencing me. Marisa occasionally stole a look in my direction while the class rep and Alice were at it, lightly smiling whenever I met her eyes. Her mood was better, at the very least.

“Mm, hey,” Marisa interrupted the conversation in front of a first year classroom. Seemed like they were doing a cafe that specialized in sweets. There was a large menu written out in chalk that promised at least a dozen varieties of chocolate cake. How decadent. “Let's go in here, they have a deal where you can try up to ten different types in bite-sized form,” she tugged at Reimu's arm.

“I-I shouldn't,” Reimu resisted. The class rep frowned as she read the menu, probably thinking that she couldn't help herself. She turned to Alice for help.

“Go ahead,” Alice said with a cold smile, “you two have fun. I'm not really hungry right now. I might get something later from somewhere else.”

“Aww, at least come in with us,” Marisa badgered her, “it'll be fun. You can act all smug at watching us lose our self-restraint.”

“Mmm...” Alice thought about it.

[] Go in with the girls. It's fun to watch them together.
[] Grab Alice and take her to the nearby haunted house.
[x] Go in with the girls. It's fun to watch them together.

God bless you Marisa. I really do not wish to break up that group right now and it would be a dick move and make everyone pissed at you. So yeah, just spend a nice moment with the girls here.
[x] Grab Alice and take her to the nearby haunted house.

Hmm, how could this be a bad idea? I'd really like to see more of them together though. Tough decision.

Alice seems to have lightened up a bit, so this might be a good opportunity.
[X] Go in with the girls. It's fun to watch them together.

Marisa's glowing happiness and Reimu's cute fretting versus grumpy killjoy Alice. Not really much of a choice, yeah?
[x] Grab Alice and take her to the nearby haunted house.

Perfect time to make up with our wife - in the middle of an artificial graveyard. That's what the kids are into these days, right?
[x] Grab Alice and take her to the nearby haunted house.

We can't let Alice be all lonely by herself, now can we? Let's try to lighten her mood. Hell, maybe we can get her to actually tell us what she's been up to!
[x] Grab Alice and take her to the nearby haunted house.

Hopefully Alice is clingy when she's scared.
[x] Grab Alice and take her to the nearby haunted house.

hopefully we're not the scared one, but yeah some time with Alice would be nice and a way to possibly fix things.
[] Grab Alice and take her to the nearby haunted house.

Oh she's gonna jump. hehehe
y'ok, guess that's enough time. Writan'.
“Come on~” Marisa insisted, “it'll be fun~”

“I think it's a pass,” I cut in with a stupid grin. All three of them turned to me. Save for Marisa, I think the other two had forgotten that I was even there. “Marisa, Class Rep, go have fun,” I told them, “I'm going to check a few things out and I'll be borrowing Alice for a while.”

“You'll what-?” Alice managed to blurt out before I grabbed her by the arm.

“See you later girls!” I waved cheerfully, tugging at Alice a little forcefully. If I didn't act fast she would get past her initial confusion and stubbornly refuse to come along.

“Okay! See ya later!” Marisa collaborated, tugging at Reimu as well and breaking the group apart. I thanked her silently for being quick on the uptake. It was Alice's own fault for not making up her mind fast enough.

“Oh, let go of me,” Alice complained with a growl. She didn't try to run away though, which was an encouraging side. For all of the posturing and apparent bad blood, she quickly resigned to her fate. “This better not be anything stupid again, you better have a good plan.”

“Oh, but I do, oh grouchy neighbor and childhood friend,” I said as we stopped to the place I had spotted out of the corner of my eye. A bunch of plastic vines and plastic gargoyles decorated the sides of what used to be the classroom's front door. Spiderwebs were applied liberally to a sign written in thick red ink. “House of the damned,” it said in sloppy runny letters that were supposed to look like blood, if I had to guess.

A young girl with a witch's hat stood by the door and smiled as we approached. “Dare you enter this accursed place and risk eternal damnation?” she asked with what she likely thought passed as a wicked smile. It looked goofy which suited the atmosphere of the place in the end.

“We dare,” I replied, turning to Alice, “see? this is going to be great.”

“Really?” she frowned, “you do realize that these are never scary, right?”

“Oh but this is a frightening nightmare not for the weak of spirit,” the girl defended her class' effort, “a frightmare if you will.”

“Oh lord,” Alice groaned. I chuckled. Sounded like my sort of scene. I pressed on, tugging at Alice's arm so that she actually came in.

We found ourselves in fa dark place with a faint source of light in the distance guiding us down a predefined path. Thick smoke came from bubbling cauldrons (full of dry ice if I had to guess) and all sort of crazy graveyard motives adorned the sides and walls. It was plenty impressive for an amateur effort.

“Who dares come into the realm of the damned?” An otherworldly voice echoed in the room. Voice changer plus a lot of reverb, I'd say. Alice stood close to me, and I caught her rolling her eyes. “Know that those who enter are forever changed! For evil lurks everywhere....”

“Like right here!” A voice came from our side as a dark figure jumped out in front of us. “I'm going to devour your souls!” she hissed. Oh, I got it. The cat ears and the freakishly long black tail... she was supposed to be a black cat. Taking a closer look, I saw that she had whiskers pained on her face and wore prosthetic fangs. Pretty cute. “Well then mortals, too scared to say anything?” the black cat of ill-omen asked.

“You could make quite a bit of money if you cosplayed professionally,” I told her.

Alice agreed, “your dress is really nice. The tattered skirt and carefully sown cat accessories are impressive. Keep at it and you can make it far in the cosplay world.”

“Uuuu~ thanks,” the girl said quietly, “but you're supposed to be scared, not admiring my costume.”

“Sorry, cute girls never scare me,” I said with a cocky laugh.

“Nyaa~!” she blurted out, uncomfortable that we weren't taking her seriously. “You may have dispelled me, you fools! But up next is an even scarier fiend!” In a panic, she jumped back into the shadows.

Both me and Alice chuckled. That was fun. Not that she was taking it easy with me. Whenever I looked at her she returned to her same neutral expression. We continued down the dark path, turning when we reached the taped over classroom windows. Creepy music played in the background, a skeletal xylophone intermixed with distant blood-curdling screams. Naturally, satanic statues and ghoulish figures were all around us with the purpose of unnerving us.

“This is so lame,” Alice said with a sigh. Like me, she long expected the many 'scares' they had in store for us. She was more interested in admiring the props than letting her guard down. A particularly massive doll full of creaky joints that made unnatural noises when they moved every few seconds had caught her attention. She was carefully inspecting how the doll was rigged as well as its outfit, with her back turned to me.

[] Walk on ahead silently and meet the next person in costume and collude to create a more convincing scare.
[] Grope her butt. That'll give her a jump!
[] Grope her butt. That'll give her a jump!

She won't be expecting this. Also, make a move on her already, damnit.
[x] Walk on ahead silently and meet the next person in costume and collude to create a more convincing scare.

Curious what class is doing this. But yeah grab ass isn't a good idea now, maybe later.
[x] Grope her butt. That'll give her a jump!

Don't be a pussy. This is the only opportunity Arc will have to do this. If not us, at least.

I want to see her reaction. I know there will be morethan just the typical anger/etc at such things. Who knows, maybe she will play along an tease Arc. Maybe she will take this as a sign of interest, and be more possessive of him.

And if she storms off, there will be a nice topic for them to discuss later.
[x] Walk on ahead silently and meet the next person in costume and collude to create a more convincing scare.

Some Alice butt would be nice but I can't see that choice do anything but royally piss her off and I don't want to be responsible for having her start avoiding Arc.
Yo Teruyo, how would you describe Alice's butt? petite? Apple bottom? Bounce a dime off dat ass? This may or may not influence my decision.
[] Grope her butt. That'll give her a jump!

Can't pick anything else.
[x] Walk on ahead silently and meet the next person in costume and collude to create a more convincing scare.

Do we really need to immediately piss off Alice? I'm don't think she'd laugh off the other choice.
How I'd describe it doesn't really matter. Arc doesn't really think of Alice in that sort of way. So he wouldn't have analyzed her looks carefully. I'm sure he would have a reasonable opinion if he touched it though.

Also because it's taken a while to get votes there probably won't be something until tomorrow/later. Or maybe not if insomnia kicks in and there's still more activity.
[x] Grope her butt. That'll give her a jump!

It's showing your interest.
[X] Walk on ahead silently and meet the next person in costume and collude to create a more convincing scare.

Ehh...not gunna put our relationship at risk over the possibility of nice ass.
[X] Walk on ahead silently and meet the next person in costume and collude to create a more convincing scare.

I don't think we need a slap in the face today.
[X] Walk on ahead silently and meet the next person in costume and collude to create a more convincing scare.

Read the mood

While there isn't really a justification, I could totally see him doing it. Remember Rin?

He doesn't need to though, obviously.
These 'horror houses' , not unlike summer's 'courage tests' were nothing but an excuse to get close to the girl you like; according to my Chinese cartoons, at least.
And, the only way to break the 'just friends' approach that Alice seems to hold so tightly, seems to be to move on and do the first step, as innocent and easily dismissable (a scream in a horror house is hardly suprising) that it may be.

However! With the Marisa incident so close in time, it appears as a risky choice. So what other information we have? Metainformation!

Has this story ever had a 100% good or bad choice? Why yes! Does this heavy-handed approach smells as of one of those? Yes again! Are you going to stop voting for what you'd like because of previous experiences with the author, even when he himself denied those claims and assured you that every option has its benefits? Nope!

[x] Grope her butt. That'll give her a jump!

Sorry for what it seemed to be an invitation to a shitstorm, but I wanted you to see what goes through a random anon's mind when voting, Mr T.
you're overlookin the fact that things are slightly strained at least due to Arc's running around with other girls (either be it Anon being ADHD or being too focused on bis sis' tasks) if not for all that, then the other choice wouldn't be so bad.
I see the logic behind grabbing her butt. This is a childhood friend who may or may not have an unrequited crush on Arc. She wants him to pay more attention to her. What isn't clear is whether or not she has confronted these feelings or not. She may not be honest with herself. The point of the past few choices regarding Alice has been to make her think. Why does it puts her off that Arc is messing around with other girls and not paying enough attention to her.

So, grabbing her butt here would put us into the fast track whereas the other option is more elaborate.
Sorry but due to stuff and things and because of reasons I haven't been able to write today. Realistically speaking, the earliest I could write is several hours from now (ballpark? 5 hours) and that's not looking that solid either. I'll try but no promises. Since I've only managed like a line or two thus far the vote's open but somehow I suspect that things aren't going to shift between now and then.

I deny the claims because no one ever follows up with this sort of accusation. Please point out an instance of a 100% good or bad choice. Or at least explain why this choice could be called that. Or why it's heavy-handed (unless that's supposed to be a pun). I'm interested in critique and I assure you that I always try to have things that are both in-character and potentially interesting either way. I'm serious and I know the internet may make me sound cold and smug but I really do appreciate critique. Neither of us are mind readers and sometimes it's hard to know what we're each thinking.
[x] Grope her butt. That'll give her a jump!


Convinced. Hoping on the train.
[X] Walk on ahead silently and meet the next person in costume and collude to create a more convincing scare.

Can't bother to think of a reason, so I'm just going with what my guts tell me.
Ok, since I don't know how many of you voters are in the IRC channel, I'm going to post here some things discussed about the current choices. Of course, the discussion was focused on the effects of groping Alice's butt, and the reasoning for the other vote seems to be 'do not grope her butt, she will get angry'.

>[] Walk on ahead silently and meet the next person in costume and collude to create a more convincing scare.

Not groping her won't make her mad. Safe option to do and change nothing.

>[] Grope her butt. That'll give her a jump!

Alice will get mad! Ok, yes, she will, but that's only the immediate result. There are other, longer term results, however.

Take a look a the past few opotions regarding Alice. From the morning to now, they were all geared towards making her jealous. Replacing her wake-up service, go talk with someone else while she watches, etc. However, Alice did not get jealous, she grew disgusted and stubborn with Arc. That's because Arc has no real claim to make her jealous, yet. That's why groping her butt is a good idea.

Doing this will have more effects than make her angry for now. It will give her something to think about, something to take her mind off of Arc's recent actions and behaviour. She will begin considering that it's not impossible for them to be closer, and will give her reason to fight for his attention too. Instead of just watching from the side and getting pissed, she will actively pursue him and try to make him focus on her, instead of getting angry at him being distracted with the other girls.

Arc has flirted with Alice before, real flirting. Remember when he said that her eyes were beautiful, when they were alone (a long time go)? That wasn't a play, it was very real, and other instances of flirting happened as the quest moved on. She has flirted with him a bit too, and it's very likely that she has some feelings for him, although they are hidden and buried under the reasoning of friendship. Touching her is a clear sign that exiting the friendzone is possible, and that their relationship can evolve into something more, something where romance for her is a possible thing.

It's a risky option, I know. But Arc not taking risky options is not Arc anymore, and risk was involved a lot in Marisa's mini-arc, with very good results even if it caused her to run away from Arc in the beggining.

So, yeah. Give Alice a new angle for her to see Arc from. One that shows her that she has a chance with him too, and that she just has to try and active.
[x] Grope her butt. That'll give her a jump!

We've gone around hitting on all the girls except poor Alice. It's time that this situation is rectified!
[x] Grope her butt. That'll give her a jump!

Okay guy(s), you convinced me that I should change my vote for this. Your points are just too good to ignore here. Maybe this really is the way to advance their relationship to a new level. Like there being one in the first place.
and watch as it horribly backfires.
The arguments for groping her butt are actually good and too many points were made FOR this to ignore and not try it.
It was a chance too big to pass up. Alice rarely let her guard down, especially not in public. Most of the time I got to see another side of her was through the gap between our homes when our windows were open.

I tensed the fingers on one hand and arched them forwards and downwards. In quick succession, in the relative darkness of the haunted house, I moved them up and down and mimicked the motion of a spider's legs. It fit the atmosphere. A creepy crawly gone rogue was just the kind of thing needed to make an impression.

With her leaning in to inspect the doll so closely, the target was particularly exposed and vulnerable. The spider quickly scurried up her hindquarters, digging in deep in places with its feet in the softest spots that it could find. It enjoyed a few short moments nesting about, mapping the terrain before it. It bit off more than it could chew, however, with the single hand failing to squeeze all that it could have reached.

The end result was a shot of mad lightening up Alice's spine. Instead of a yell, she let out an unexpectedly high-pitched squeak and squirmed around without purpose for a few seconds. As amusing as it was, it only lasted a brief moment before she came back to her senses. “What do you think you're doing?!” she blurted out, turning to face me as she rubbed her bottom with a hand, “that was unnecessarily rough!”

“Oh, so it would have been fine if I did it gently?” I asked facetiously. She couldn't really see the silly grin I had in the dark properly.

“That's not what I meant! What's gotten into you, you moron!?”

“I was trying to startle you,” I explained, “it's no good if you walk away from a haunted house without being surprised.”

“I'm surprised alright,” she snapped, “surprised that you could sink so low! Even for you that's childish. If I was anybody else I would have slapped you several times by now.”

“Lucky for me you're not,” I said antagonistically.

“You could have grabbed a stupid mask from the wall and tried that instead,” Alice regained some of her composure remarkably quickly. “Anything normal like that could have worked,” she said, now sounding more analytic than cross. I didn't get why she was being patient all of a sudden.

I had to say something about that, “you're taking this pretty calmly. I'm not sure I'd forgive myself.”

“Well... it did give me a scare and was completely unexpected,” Alice admitted quietly. “So I could see how in your idiot brain it would make sense for you to try it. Even if it defies conventional wisdom. My heart is racing. Your surprise worked.”

“...you're making me feel bad, stop it,” I told her bashfully. I could deal with anger easily. With understanding, not so much. It was too generous of her. That wouldn't do. I took it up another degree. “I thought your bottom would be all doughy or maybe bony. I never bothered to think about it but it's actually plump but not too soft and not too hard. Funny how I never noticed before.”

“Oh... thanks I guess...” Alice sounded more unsure of herself. It was like neither of us knew what to say at the moment. I kept trying to get her to come at me with merciless putdowns but instead I got... whatever was happening. “You shouldn't do this sort of thing, but I think you know that already,” Alice cleared her throat, clearly feeling as lost as I was. She didn't really think her words through, adding, “you wouldn't like it if someone fondled your caboose, I'll bet.”

“It depends on who it was,” I replied, “I'm rather proud of my butt.”

“It does depend on who it is...” she agreed with a small nod. That wasn't what I was getting at all!

“Um... excuse me,” we were interrupted by the appearance of a small girl with a knife stuck in her heart. For some reason her heart was pinned to the chest on the outside, held in place by a few tubes that wrapped around her body. The tubes were transparent and a blood-like substance mixed with phosphorescent sprinkles circulated around thanks to a small hand pump in the girl's hand. I hadn't even noticed her come up to us; she was so close that practically touching one of my arms. By the looks of it, she was supposed to be some sort of murder victim or violent apparition. “I'm the next person that's supposed to scare you but you're being awfully slow getting to me. There's more people outside waiting to come in and they can't until you leave.”

“Oh, of course,” Alice apologized for the both of us, “sorry we got a little bit distracted by all the props.”

“If you say so,” the girl said, “I hear the seniors are doing a love-themed cafe you might be interested in.”

“We wouldn't be interested in something like that,” I told her with a laugh. “Unless you're offering to come with me.”

“I'd rather not get in the middle of this,” the girl said with a flat voice. “I need to get back to my post,” she excused herself.

Without saying anything else to each other, Alice and I walked to the exit. The sudden return of daylight hurt my eyes. “Could have been worse,” I said, “they did alright for freshmen.”

“I suppose,” Alice agreed absentmindedly.

“No way they're done eating cakes yet, right?” I asked, trying to get her to say more.

“Probably not.”

[] Rejoin the others.
[] Joke about the girl's suggestion. It was a ridiculous idea.
[x] Joke about the girl's suggestion. It was a ridiculous idea.


Considering the momentium we currently have I don't see any problem with this choice. It'd be a waste otherwise.
[] Joke about the girl's suggestion. It was a ridiculous idea.

That was much, much better than I expected. Wow.
[x] Joke about the girl's suggestion. It was a ridiculous idea.

Well that left me kind of confused as Arc was. not sure what else to do but yeah it was good and let'd build up on that momentum.
[x] Joke about the girl's suggestion. It was a ridiculous idea.
Alright, I admit it, I liked the outcome of that choice.
[x] Joke about the girl's suggestion. It was a ridiculous idea.

It's perfect
[x] Joke about the girl's suggestion. It was a ridiculous idea.

It's one of those situations where you bring a topic up to judge your friend's reaction to it. Let's make it weirder.
[x] Joke about the girl's suggestion. It was a ridiculous idea.
[x] Joke about the girl's suggestion. It was a ridiculous idea

If by 'joke' you mean 'imply that it wasn't so ridiculous after all' then yes.

If not, default to the other option
“Those seniors sure are a lively bunch,” I blurted out, in no real hurry to go anywhere else. Loitering came naturally to me. Wasn't really the case with Alice. She looked uncomfortable just standing next to the wall, letting people pass by. “I bet their cafe has a ton of pink and red everywhere with stuffed animals and drawings of hearts on the walls. Maybe the serving staff are all dressed up like cupids or something...”


“Stupid, right?” I asked with a laugh. “We'd look severely out of place if we were to go. Even we were, you know, well... fat chance right?”

“We would be out of place,” she said quietly. Alice was spacing out. I looked at her face and saw a thousand-meter stare. I wasn't really getting through.

“Then again, if they had good tea then maybe it'd be alright. I mean, you're into all of that sort of stuff,” I said, “you have blends of your own making at home.”

“I do.”

“Always impressed me how into that sort of stuff you are. Same with the dolls,” I kind of blathered on, at a loss of what else to say.

“Excuse me,” Alice said softly. She turned and began to walk away.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“If you must know, to the lavatory,” she answered dryly, not bothering to slow down or look at me.

“Oh... ok,” I said. “I guess I'll catch up with you later.”

She didn't bother to reply, disappearing into the crowd before too long.

It took me a full five minutes of idling to realize that she had lied to me. The bathrooms were on the other end of the building, near I-A and the west stairwell. Well, that sucked. Couldn't even trust childhood friends to be honest with me anymore.

“Man, that was some great cake~” Marisa greeted me with a happy smile and a wave of her hand. Reimu, too, seemed to have enjoyed herself, her face telling the tale of how she ate to her heart's content.

“Where's Alice?” Reimu asked, “thought you two were going to stick together after running off like that.”

“She had something she wanted to do by herself,” I answered with a shrug, “all very mysterious to me.”

“Hmm...” Marisa showed a sly and annoying grin, “how mysterious. I guess I'll ask her later all about things.”

“Be my guest,” I rolled my eyes. Girls were mean. A poor guy like me was likely to get ganged up on and bullied if he wasn't careful.

“I should probably get back to class,” Reimu said with a sigh, checking her watch. “Marisa, you should come too. And you,” she talked to me with a raised eyebrow, “should as well. Though I expect you to skip out like you always do. Avoiding responsibility is your specialty.”

“Ouch,” Marisa giggled, likely thinking what I was thinking. There was no rest for the wicked.

[] Help out for once.
[] The festival happened once a year! There's too much left to see.

Bandwagoning is bad. The choices are there for a reason. If you don't think about it you may miss stuff like Marisa and Reimu grilling Alice and teasing her for what happened. Things should never be so black and white and a bit of reflection can go a long way.
To be honest, teruyo, we thought that it was an invitation using flawless reverse psychology, and that it would lead to Arc and Alice eating cake together.

We might have understimated Alice this time, but it might be better to give her some time to think it out and decide to wear body-fitting clothes tomorrow.

[] The festival happened once a year! There's too much left to see.
[x] The festival happened once a year! There's too much left to see.

Let's not loot the room and instead go looking for trouble.
[x] The festival happened once a year! There's to much left to see.

Things like Tenshi, Orin, Mokou and others. We missed a random encounter chance recently, but it turned out well that time. Thia time, however, there shouldn't be much chance for Arc to have fun, if he is made to work, and would be spending time with Reimu again.

I' like to go meet someone else now, please.
[x] Help out for once.

I want Reimu, I like Reimu and I want to spend some more time with her. There are other girls out there but there is only one Reimu that I want to get closer to so that I can dick her.

That alone is reason enough for me to choose to help her out here.
[x] Help out for once.

In my books, you can never have enough class rep.
[X] Help out for once.

It's kinda funny how reimu thinks of us as avoiding responsibility all the time yet every time there's an option involving her we're helping her out somehow.
[x] The festival happened once a year! There's to much left to see.

I can't tell if the result was good or not but given things, I think a change of pace would do about now.
He suggested the idea: that was what we were looking for.

Our MC can't try to get it on with Alice because he himself didn't considered the possibility seriously

[x] Help out for once.

I wanted to fall in Reimu's good graces from the beginning but the choices that won didn't really help my case (the very first one was to ditch school, if I remember correctly)
[x] The festival happened once a year! There's too much left to see.

Would prefer to go roaming.
15 minutes then calling and writing.
[x] The festival happened once a year! There's too much left to see.

Did Alice see someone in the crowd? It seemed that way.
File 140505601985.jpg - (264.55KB, 420x634, hype crow.jpg) [iqdb]
Reimu didn't even pretend to be surprised that I weaseled out of helping them . She just rolled her eyes as I gave her my excuse. Didn't matter if I kinda almost wanted to go along and be useful. Anything else I could have said was going to fall upon deaf ears. So I said my goodbye, with a stupid little smile. Marisa ate it up, waving goodbye and playing dumb when Reimu started to call me all sorts of mean things.

The harsh truth about the cultural festival was that it got old after about an hour. There wasn't a creative idea to be found anywhere. Every year it was the same thing. I didn't understand why we even bothered. There was a talent show at some point, which was a desperate way to keep students from skipping. It didn't really work. At least not with me.

I had a few generic fried dumplings from a stall one of the classes had set up for the festival. It was an okay lunch, not too great but not too shabby. Easy on the wallet too. Things had quieted down a little and a lot of students had gone outside to enjoy lunch under the open air. As expected, she was different. Still hard at work. “Taking a break?” I asked her as she was busy digging around her bag for something. A spare flash bulb by the looks of it.

“Not at all,” Aya said, not bothering to face me. “The photography club is the official record keeper of all school events so I have to make sure to get everything and every one in satisfying detail.”

“Not to mention all of the extracurricular shots that you take on top of that.”

“There's that too,” she grinned looking down her viewfinder at a pair of girls bending slightly forward to take a closer look a display. “Easy money,” she chuckled as she took the shot.

“I'm amazed at how much effort you put into these things. I'm not even sure why you need the money that bad. Isn't your dad some sort of local politician?”

“Hm, kinda,” she said, uninterested in the conversation. “More like a community organizer. A lot of tradition there. Boring rules. Don't care for it. If I did, I'd likely be engaged by now.”

“And then you couldn't have all the fun that you wanted, right?” I asked, making fun of her.

“You betcha, they're pretty big on the whole virginity thing. I mean, guh, modern girls got to have fun you know. Live and learn before they settle down.”

“I'm with the traditionalists. Even hand holding should be limited to the betrothed,” I joked.

“Right, so that's why you're playing hanky panky with someone else besides that Kirisame girl in the fun house. Haunted house, whatever,” she said with another chuckle, taking another very candid shot of a girl who had accidentally spilled water all over her blouse.

“Didn't really happen that way,” I told her, “I wasn't doing anything too weird. How'd you hear about it anyhow?” I was pretty impressed at her resourcefulness.

“Commission system for useful info,” Aya explained. “You offer a percentage to people who give you good leads for rumors and pictures and you begin to hear a lot of thing, fast. Like, you wouldn't believe what two homeroom teachers are in love with the same man-”

“Spare me, please,” I told her with a roll of my eyes.

“Fine, fine,” she crouched her her next shot, somehow timing the action with a rogue gust of wind that flipped up a few skirts. “I love the wind,” she said with a satisfied smirk. Truth was, she was no slouch herself when she came for looks. I bet someone would pay good money to get a few indecent shots of her. With a near miss in reading my thoughts, she added as she got up, “don't fall in love with me now.”

“Seems far-fetched,” I countered.

“It'd be trouble,” she warned. Hanging her camera around her neck, she closed up her bag. Seemed like she was finished wit the current area. “I'd rather not miss a week of school because I'm too busy having fun with you somewhere more private,” she said with a playful wink.

“You make it sound like you're easy,” I wasn't going to let her drive me insane just yet.

“Only for the right guy,” not getting offended in the least, she took a sip of water from a flask she carried around. “At any rate, I think I'd have to worry about it a lot,” she dropped her voice down to a mere whisper. Clearly she intended the next part to be for my ears only. “You've been gone multiple times as a few other girls. That rich girl from II-B and, more recently, your main squeeze and fiancee. Naughty stuff, I imagine.”

“Those were just situations I had to resolve,” I told her, stretching the truth. “It wasn't that sort of thing at all.”

“You mean a sordid and scandalous case of young love taken to the extreme? I kinda wish I had the pictures to prove otherwise but I'll have to take your word that only wholesome things happened during those disappearances.”

“Or what, you'd blackmail me?”

“I'm not really into that sort of thing,” Aya said with a shrug. “Besides, I like you. So at worst I'd sell you back the images at a high price.”

“That's totally blackmail,” I said with a frown.

“You mean a stupendous business opportunity,” she laughed. “Well, don't worry about it. I'm just joking about this sort of stuff. I'm not a creepy voyeur. Just letting you know that you should continue to be discrete in your little escapades in the future.”

“Maybe I'll ask you next time,” I said with a roll of my eyes, “that way you can't blackmail yourself.”

“I'm sure we'd still manage to have fun,” she said checking her watch. “Got to go now, gotta get napping students to fulfill a bounty. They'll all be under the trees at this hour. Bound to be a few seniors throwing water balloons as well. With exams coming up, they're going wild trying to cope with the stress.”

“Good luck,” I waved her goodbye with a
And just like that, I was once again alone.

Man, was I bored of the festival. I'd probably only check out one more thing before cutting and going back home.

[] Check out the senior year homerooms.
[] Head somewhere quiet, like the library.
More random this time? Only partially true.
[x] Check out the senior year homerooms.

I'm curious about the seniors
What a nice Aya but not really high on my priority list I must confess.

[x] Check out the senior year homerooms.

Lots of girls there. I am actually hoping to find a certain someone but do not want to mention it here because it might be used against me.
[x] Head somewhere quiet, like the library.

I wonder who's here. Patchouli's a given but maybe Alice could be here too, trying to make sense of her thoughts in a quiet place.
[x] Head somewhere quiet, like the library.

I want to see if Patchy or Alice is there. Or maybe a brand new mystery Touhou. But mostly the former.
[x] Check out the senior year homerooms.

Damnit Aya, stop stealing screen time from other girls!


[x] Head somewhere quiet, like the library.

Patches? Patches
[] Check out the senior year homerooms.

Hmm, I forgot what seniors Arc knows, i he knows any at all. Well, time to play around with the experienced young ladies.
[x] Check out the senior year homerooms.

To be honest, I don't even remember anyone in the senior classes. Time to scope out the senpai scene.
[X] Check out the senior year homerooms.

Sure, let's do that.
For the most part, things were as I expected them. The hallways were mostly devoid of people. I figured it was half due to not really caring about the occasion and half due to it being lunchtime. It seemed like they had also mostly pooled their resources together and only the first two classes had anything happening in them. A sign placed in the middle of the hallway indicated that there were no more festival activities beyond that point.

The most interesting thing was the love cafe and even that was boring. As I had suspected, there was way too much pink and red everywhere. A quick peek inside showed that it was mostly girls and a few uncomfortable-looking boys that had wandered in. Those poor, foolhardy souls likely thought to hit on girls but soon found that the intimidation factor of the surroundings to be too overwhelming. Amateur mistake.

A girl with angel wings tried to get me to go inside and order something but I was too clever to get caught in her cute trap. It didn't matter if her liberal interpretation of an angel's costume included a low-cut top and a semi-transparent skirt.

With nothing left to do I decided to head on up to the roof for a bit. It was somewhere quiet where I could unwind. The most direct route was through the empty part of the hallway and up the stairwell on the far end.

Something in the second to last classroom made me stop dead in my tracks.

“Mm, that's good,” someone moaned. “You're really going all out, aren't you?”

Even if I wanted to just ignore it the door to the classroom was slightly open, allowing me to see full well what was going on.

“You're really insatiable,” the girl said with soft chuckle. She was pressed up against the wall with her blouse barely clinging on to her lower shoulder. The other student she was with had his head buried in her chest, playing as he pleased with her breasts. He fumbled about, shaking around a small orange necklace with his every move. I didn't recognize either of them, then again, I wasn't good at identifying seniors.

“I can't be patient any longer!” the male senior exclaimed, grabbing her by the waist. She was much smaller than he was and was held up to about eye level, her back pressed up against the blackboard. “It's alright with you, right? We'll be way too busy with exams to do this anytime soon.”

“If it's what you want,” she smiled. I had come a little closer to get a better view, drawn to the scene like a moth to a flame. Standing out in the middle of the hallway was a bad idea, I was partially hidden if I stood by the door. They were both in a profile perspective and so couldn't see me unless they happened to turn and look in my direction. That seemed unlikely since the lucky guy had placed his head on the opposite side of her's as he began thrusting passionately.

The girl wasn't a spectacular beauty. She did, however have a few traits that stood out. Her dark, messy and short hair was her most appealing trait. The way the scene was unfolding, however, made her seem sublimely erotic. The way she had wrapped her arms tightly around her lover's back and held on made it seem like she was having a fair bit of fun. Soft and quick moans escaped every once in a while from her small as she closed her eyes and lost herself to the moment. A pair of plain cotton knickers dangled off the edge of one of her shoes, her legs loosely holding on to her lover's own thighs.

I had seen all that I needed to see and was ready to move on.

Her eyes met mine, rooting me in place. She spoke silently with them, a sly smile forming on her lips. She held on tightly to her lover, crying out with apparent rapturous pleasure even as she never bothered to break eye contact with me. Her waist and hips gyrated faster albeit in a clumsy, limited way given her position. As her lover cried out about being at his limit she dug in her fingers into his back, causing him what appeared to be painful pleasure.

“Tewi, you're the best!” he yelled out, clearly not being rational about the whole thing. As soon as he finished, he collapsed onto his butt. That left the girl on top, straddling him. “Sorry, but it just felt too good...” he said, out of breath as he lay flat on the ground.

“You need to work on that habit of yours,” the girl said with a soft giggle, breaking eye contact with me and getting off of him.. She ignored him and and the left it up to him to remove the condom from his semi-erect member. Straightening out her blouse and pulling up her panties, she threw me a wink before talking to her lover again, “I think we should break up.”

“W-hwat!?” the guy tried to sit up but slumped back down, still clearly exhausted. “You're kidding, right? I mean we just-”

“You're boring,” she said with disinterest. “I like being with interesting people. Plus your little premature problem doesn't help things. Sorry but I think we'll both be better off that way.”

The senior was left in stunned silence. He began to call her nasty names as she left the classroom, probably more due to his wounded pride than anything else if I had to guess.

“See you around, hope you enjoyed yourself,” Tewi said softly as she passed by, a playful smile on her face. Didn't seem like she thought much of what had just happened.

I didn't want to wait around for the poor idiot in the classroom to clean himself up and come chasing after her.

I was done with school for the day. I didn't feel like going into town. So I was headed home.

[] Be a good boy and start revision for upcoming exams.
[] Take it easy and spend time playing galge instead.
That was...uh...unexpected. Though I suppose if you stumble around long enough, you'll find what you're looking for eventually.

[X] Be a good boy and start revision for upcoming exams.

Arc's life is pretty much a galge by now, anyway.
[x] Take it easy and spend time playing galge instead.

Screw studying. I get enough of that. A real champ aces his exams without even going to class.
[] Take it easy and spend time playing galge instead.

Wow. I, I didn't really expect that. Though it should not surprise me. Tits on Tewi? You are the worst, Teruyo.
[x] Take it easy and spend time playing galge instead.

This is a strange twist... as it's going into blatant if not recursive twists.

I don't think Tewi would exactly dump Arc, he's too interesting.
[X] Be a good boy and start revision for upcoming exams.

I've had enough exams in my life to know that last-minute frantic preparations won't save you, unless you have a trap card.
[x] be a good boy and etc

I get that reference!
[x] Take it easy and spend time playing galge instead.

Might as well. Studying is overrated.
[x] Take it easy and spend time playing galge instead.

Time to be a bad boy and do what bad boys do. Playing games and trying to pick up girls. We have both settled already.
Ok, calling it now.
File 14051286743.png - (641.04KB, 520x742, young and the bold.png) [iqdb]
If I was perfectly honest, I didn't feel like doing much. The perfect way to pass the time was, therefore, to play computer games.

I'd gotten a copy of a pretty old galge from Suika some time ago. It was out of print and still in its original packaging. I wondered briefly why Suika would have a male-oriented game in her home briefly, before dispelling the thought with indifference. I'd never be able to understand her, so thinking about it wasn't going to make a difference.

It was a bit of a chore to get it installed and working. Cheery midi music played as the main menu came up. I entered my name and an opening internal monologue explained the scenario. A special school between high school and college which had all the markings of high school. Everyone was 18 and over, even the inevitable lolita character. I set my schedule and enjoyed the random number generated encounters. The childhood friend character was pretty good, so I went after her first.

“I...I'm really happy that you said that!” she said, tears in her eyes at the end of her route. The sun setting in the distance, she finally accepted my feelings. I held her close and the love making scene began in earnest.

I never knew I had a thing for girls with gradient hair until I finished my first route. The time passed quickly and, before I knew it, I was breaking hearts and building up a massive harem. I was working on my tenth, almost getting to her h-scenes. I was sure I tripped all the right flags. And yet...

“I'm sorry, but I love Inoue-kun,” she said sadly. “You're a great guy but my heart... a-and body belongs to him!”

“What the ever-living hell?!” I said to myself, ragequitting. The game threw me a curve ball I didn't know how to handle. I was sure I triggered all the right flag! Maybe I had to get close to another character first? Damn the lack of transparency in the system. It was so convoluted. Blast that Inoue at any rate. That good-for-nothing rich playboy was annoying as hell. He had been trying to steal away my girls all game long. Bah.

“Try buying her the pendant next time.”

“No, that won't work. She's spoiled already so material stuff isn't the answer,” I replied.



I turned around to find Marisa standing there with a smile on her face. To her side was the class rep, rolling her eyes.

“How long have you been standing there?” I looked around and saw that my door was wide open.

“A few minutes now. We knocked and you didn't reply, so we just came in,” Marisa explained. “I didn't know that you were into that sort of thing as well.”

“Of course he is,” Reimu chimed in. “This is exactly what I pictured you did all day at home. Except you had your pants around your ankles. Thank goodness I was wrong about that.”

“I can still show you what's under my pants if you like,” I offered with a bitter smile. Damn them for sneaking up on me. Sure, I was concentrated playing but that didn't give them the right to suddenly barge in...

“Oh, you're pouting,” Marisa pointed out. “I'm sorry if we shouldn't have come in. Don't be upset.”

“I'm not,” I liked. Clearing my throat, I asked, “what brings you to my home anyhow?”

“I came to see Alice about something,” Reimu said. “She hasn't gotten back home yet, however.”

“I, um, live here now,” Marisa said.

“Eh?” both Reimu and I reacted simultaneously.

“One of the things the counselor did was to talk to your Aunt about me. Apparently she offered to let me stay in the spare bedroom you have starting tonight. So, um, I'm your new housemate now.” Bowing her head she added, “I'm in your care now.”

“Wait, I don't understand.” we both said at the same time again.

Reimu didn't know about Marisa's recent difficulties. She succinctly summed up the situation for the class rep. She had run away from home, I had helped her out with the root of her problems and now she was getting to stay in school without worrying about the future. To me, she reminded me that there was a spare room down the hall. It was where we put our old clothes. It was big enough for a bed and had even had a window. I never knew since I never had reason to check it out.

“I'm glad that you've managed to resolve your troubles,” Reimu said in response. “I didn't know you were having such a hard time and I'm sorry I wasn't there for you.”

“Don't sweat it! Arc was there for me!” she said with a bright smile. “I'm like the previous heroine he romanced and rescued from those yakuza.”

Wait, just how long had they been standing there? Could have sworn I did that scenario at least a half hour earlier.

“Still-” Reimu preempted my complaint with one of her own, “a boy and a girl that aren't family shouldn't share the same roof past the age of ten! This is immoral. If you're not careful, you'll be corrupted by his perverted energy.”

“Hey just wait a second...”

“You can stay with me instead. Though we may have to share a room...” Reimu looked unsure of herself. Probably didn't have the room for it, if I had to guess.

“I'll be fine,” Marisa countered. “I've known him a long time and Arc is a perfect gentleman. He rescued me so I owe him my life.”

“I'm not comfortable with this at all,” Reimu disapproved. Her dim view of me was entirely justified. I would probably be upset at me too for not helping out.

“Arc!” Auntie called from downstairs. She was finally home. “Could you come down here, with your friend please!”

Auntie confirmed Marisa's story. She told us how when she heard the story she just knew she had to do something about it. Especially since it was someone I cared about. Both she and Marisa had tears in her eyes by the time she was done telling her that she considered her part of the family. “Welcome home, dear,” she concluded.

Reimu clearly wasn't happy with how things were going. And when Alice arrived a few minutes later, she looked to her for support.

“I already knew about it,” Alice said quietly. “Marisa told me in the morning. I'm okay with it. She's my friend too and I want her to be happy.”

“But what about this idiot over here?” Reimu meant me. How harsh.

“He won't try anything stupid, I think,” Alice said quietly. “I'm going to be next door as always.”

“It's settled then!” Auntie exclaimed, “time to celebrate the newest member of our little family!” She opened up a nearby bag and produced a case of beer from within. “I made dinner plans with someone else tonight.” Big Sis if I had to guess. But I stayed quiet. “And these seem to have gone missing from the shop's storage so I had to write them off as a loss. So they technically don't exist. I'll be back late so don't wait up!”

And just like that, she was gone. Leaving me, my new housemate, my next door neighbor and a prissy class rep with a large amount of alcohol. More than we could reasonably finish and not die. Well, at least there was no school the next day.

[] Have a small, private celebration.
[] Invite a few other classmates and have a proper party.

Prove it and get my everlasting respect.

[x] Invite a few other classmates and have a proper party.

The other option risks leaving out Suika who might be upset about such thing.
[x] Have a small, private celebration.

No way, this is special. Those three have awesome synergy. Inviting anyone else would break that up.
[x] Have a small, private celebration.

I like this setup. It's a perfect chance to corruptimpress the class rep!
[x] Invite a few other classmates and have a proper party.

Suika would like to get on in this. Orin probably as well, considering how much marisa was needed for her situation to be solved. Kaguya would likely be impresses with Arc, once she knows of what happened.

And I hope for Tenshi to be invited as well.
[X] Invite a few other classmates and have a proper party.

Eh, what the hell. While it would be nice to have a small sit-down, in the wake of a festival I think this is as good a reason as any to get everyone in.

Besides, that booze ain't gonna drink itself.
>Blast that Inoue at any rate. That good-for-nothing rich playboy was annoying as hell
Oh you bastard.
Should probably have tried to study here to impress Reimu.

[x] Have a small, private celebration.

Marisa just keeps growing on me I do not know why but she does. I like her best now at the moment and she can be a great wingman when we try to pick up some other touhous.

A party with Alice, Marisa and Reimu and lots of booze? Sign me up for this.
Sooo... because it's Friday and that's the perfect time for a party, I'll be trying to write some more. At 03:00 site time (somewhere in the next half hour I think) I'll call it and get to it. I think that's a reasonable amount of time given the current votes. Let's burn up with youthful energy! You have then to vote and discuss.
[] Have a small, private celebration.

Drunk Alice. Blushing when she remembers the groping. Yes.
'kay writan begins. Hold on to your hats.
So heavy.

So very bloody heavy.

I couldn't move. I couldn't even breathe properly.

Ugh. It hurt.

Someone had stabbed me with an ice pick through the temple. Sharp, pulsating pain shot out into my brain and made me wince. I'd be in better shape if someone had scooped out my eyeballs with a rusty spoon.

“Stop it~” someone complained as I wiggled about, trying to break into freedom. It might have been the big mass next to my face, which blocked most of the view of my surroundings. “Ah, just stop,' she said.

“Izzat you Marisa?” I croaked, my voice raspy and and shaky. I felt like a freight train had hit me with full force.

“Arc, you're awake,” she replied, her voice sounding equally tired. “I can't really move right now.”

“Get off of me please,” I told her. I couldn't even move my hands freely, it was all under constant heat and pressure.

“I'm trying,” she said, wriggling about next to my face. Wait, that was her rear end. Her legs were somewhere above my head. “Why the heck am I wearing a pillow for a hat?” she asked, sitting up. She nearly suffocated me by moving her caboose onto my face. Lucky for me, she noticed quickly enough. “Sorry.”

“Not a bad way to go,” I coughed. “Are you sure you're off of me?”

I am,” she said, looking around the room, wincing. Her head was probably as messed up as mine.

“The hell happened last night?”

“We drank, I think,” she said. “Talked about... school. Then Alice started picking on you and telling embarrassing stories after a few drinks. You retaliated and confessed your love for... her mom I think. Reimu was acting outraged until I asked her if she had a crush on anyone. And then we played a game where we drank every time we had never done a thing that another person thing. That killed us.”

“How did we end up here?” I tried to look around. Felt like my bed. But why couldn't I move around?

“Reimu kept repeating something about you needing to shape up and wanting to... do something about the student council? Sorry, I can't really remember,” Marisa shook her head. “At any rate, she was the first to go and we helped her up to the bed so she could rest up.”

“Where is she now?”

“Sprawled across your legs by the looks of it.”

“Oh.” That would explain why they've gone all numb. “Why is she there?”

“Alice went back up to check on Reimu after a few more drinks,” she explained. “Then I guess a while passed and she didn't come back so we went to check on her. She was asleep. You kinda decided to just lie down for a second and then I guess I must have as well.”

“I'm guessing that's her that I'm feeling on my other side.”

“Yep,” Marisa showed a weak smile. “I guess I'll go ahead and try to fix us breakfast.”

“Bless you,” I groaned with sincere appreciation. I watched her stagger out of bed before I used all of my willpower and strength to free me of the bonds of my heavy classmates. “Hey you two, time to get up,” I shook them both awake.

“We don't have school today,” Alice griped, and tried to keep on sleeping. It wasn't that I didn't appreciate the role reversal but I wanted her off of me.

“You're in my bed and on top of one of my arms,” I told her. I was beginning to imagine that I wasn't the most pleasant person to be around in the mornings. “Come on, otherwise I'm going to start bragging how I woke up with three women in my bed.”

“Of course you'd say that,” she said sleepily, “you got us all liquored up and then I bet you did unspeakable things to us. Always taking advantage of pure maidens... fiend.”

“Hey, you two, keep it down!” Reimu complained loudly, groaning as a result of worsening headache.

It took a lot of coaxing to get them to finally get up. They looked like they had gone through hell; There were bags under Alice's eyes and Reimu looked completely pale. I imagined I was looking none too hot myself.

“Breakfast is ready~!” Marisa called from downstairs cheerfully.

“I can't really stay,” Reimu said as we sat down to eat. Marisa had prepared mostly toast. Clearly she didn't know where most of the food and ingredients were yet and made do with whatever she could find. “I have to get back home as soon as possible. I shouldn't have stayed over.”

“It'll be fine. I'll talk to your old man for you if you want,” I joked. It may have been nothing fancy but the toast was bringing back my will to live with every bite.

“I had an important thing I have to do now,” Reimu staggered up, clearly still very much hung over.

“I'll walk you home,” Marisa offered, taking off the cooking apron. “I'm feeling much better after drinking a lot of water.”

“I'm going to stay if you two don't mind,” Alice stated, “ I think I might go back to bed. I don't feel so good.”

[] Offer to take Reimu back instead.
[] Nurse Alice's hangover.
[] Nurse Alice's hangover.

Oh no, no no, you are not getting away from hangover party.

Also, I am somewhat certain that Alice will mention the buttgrope.
[x] Offer to take Reimu back instead.

This is a golden chance for Reimu and to get closer to her. Do not mess this up and woo the Miko when her guard is down. Maybe you can meet her parents and make a good lasting impression or something. Do not know.
[x] Nurse Alice's hangover.

Alice deserves our TLC.
[x] Offer to take Reimu back instead.

When have we ever had such a perfect time to get the class rep alone?
Granted, I'm sure there was at least one occasion, but you can never have enough.
[x] Nurse Alice's hangover.

the very least we can do is help Alice out. If Alice waasn't involved I'd go for the Reimu choice.
[X] Nurse Alice's hangover.

Poor girl, she doesn't deserve the pain from alcohol. And being alone with Arc is what she needs right now.

And maybe her butt too.
[X] Offer to take Reimu back instead.

Damn you and your coinflip choices!
[x] Offer to take Reimu back instead.

Let's help out Reimu again.
Okay so because of my insomnia burning passion, I'll be doing one more update for the moment. I didn't expect a tie. So if there's anyone else out there who hasn't voted - you have a half hour.

What coinflip?
[x] Nurse Alice's hangover.

Because looking after our childhood friend is a bigger priority.
Cool. Wait warmly insomniacs/people in other timezones.
[x] Nurse Alice's hangover.

Teuryo, you're a beast.
>Prove it and gain my everlasting respect
In one scene of 3ss you have to look out for one of the sisters. If you check one of the third year classrooms, you'll see a couple having sex there.
File 140515120359.jpg - (323.72KB, 898x819, a quiet moment.jpg) [iqdb]
With Marisa and Reimu gone, I escorted Alice home. She kept insisting that I stay home.

“I've experience with hangovers,” I told her firmly.

“That doesn't mean you can fix mine,” she snarled, blocking the door to her home.

“I'm practically fine now,” I insisted, lying through my teeth. Thank goodness she couldn't tell just how much the sun was turning every second outside into an agonizing ordeal. Nor could she hear the construction crew renovating my upper skull. With a very forced and polished smile, I added, “let me help you please.”

“Ugh, fine, whatever,” she relented, wincing. As much as I wanted to chalk that up to my charisma, the sun probably deserved the credit. “I'm kicking you out if you make my head feel worse.

It looked like her mom wasn't home. A shame. I wasted no time doing what little I could. “Make sure to drink a lot of water,” I told her. Alice grumbled something and ignored me. “Ok, go to your room and lay down, I'll be by shortly. I'm just going to help myself to a few things in your kitchen.”

I set a kettle on. Looked around her cupboards for a few key ingredients. Hair of dog, eye of new and all the other good stuff. Well, not really. Though it could have been by going the smell. The cloves gave it a strong, almost unnatural quality. Wasn't too pleasant to drink either. I chucked in the rest of the stuff and poured the hot, dark green liquid into a cup.

“I made something for you,” I opened up Alice's door carrying a tray with the homemade hangover medicine.

“Learn to knock, you idiot,” she grumbled. She was on her bed, finishing up the last button to her pajama top.

“We're like brother and sister,” I told her, “so what if I see you partially nude?”

“I really don't want to have this conversation right now,” she said, rubbing her temples with either hand.

“Here,” I brought her the tray, “drink this.”

She sniffed and wrinkled her nose in disgust. “I'm not going to drink that,” she pushed the tray away.

“It's a homemade hangover recipe. Suika swears by it. It'll clear your head right up and make your stomach settle down.”

“More like it'll make me puke outright.”

“Come on, I'm the bad boy who goes out drinking here, trust me on this one.”

“Okay, fine,” she relented, “if only to make the smell go away.” Alice pinched her nose and picked up the cup. Blowing on it a few times, she cooled it down before gulping down most of it in one go. As soon as she breathed again, she gagged. “It tastes like a sweaty sock!”

“Just give it a few minutes. You'll start feeling better almost right away.”

“I'm going to lie down,” she said.

I looked around. She was in a pile in a corner by Alice's schoolbag. “Here,” I said, handing her over, “have your doll to keep you company.”

“Thanks,” Alice smiled, taking Shanghai from me. She closed her eyes and lay an arm over her eyes to block out the little sunlight that filtered through the drawn curtains.

I took a seat at the chair near her desk and slouched back. I was pretty tired as well. Hangover cure or no, I hadn't slept much and my insides felt absolutely terrible. I closed my eyes for a bit. Either a few minutes passed or a few hours, I honestly couldn't tell.

“Still there Arc?” Alice asked from somewhere far away.

“Yeah. What is it?”

“You're a jerk.”

“I know.”

“Good that you know.”

“Feeling better?”

“A little. I think your dishwater drink worked.”


“You shouldn't act all pissy when I tease you, you know. You tease me all the time.”

“I was just worried about you,” I said. I was afraid of dozing off again but I couldn't get my eyes open. My eyelids were just too heavy.

“Too nosy, that's what you are. I never press you on the things you do late at night.”

“You're a good girl and good girls don't disappear for a whole day,” I said.

“Is that how you see me? Someone good and boring?”

“Well, without you I would probably be a worse person. So a good girl by comparison to me, at least.”

“I don't know if that's a compliment or just really insulting,” Alice said. I could picture the frown on her face. The scrunched-up lips were the main highlight.

“Both maybe. But I mean well. I'd probably be off the deep end if you weren't there all these years,” I admitted.

“I was trying to help Marisa. When I was gone. I went to see her. You didn't seem to want to come with me so I went by myself. I thought she'd have told you.”

“She's pretty discrete when it comes to other people,” I said. I would have sighed but that seemed like almost too much effort. It was too much effort to shift position in the chair and I was uncomfortable.

“Hmm... she'd a nice but odd girl. And I'm a little jealous that she knew you when you were even younger. From what she's told me, you were her knight in shinning armor. Despite claiming to be your fiancee she's not really aggressive in trying to get you to talk to her. I don't know if it's a lot of confidence or a complete lack of it,” Alice said with a sigh.

“I met you only like a year after she left,” I told her. “You've known me for a longer continuous period of time.”

“Hooray,” she said sarcastically, “I got to meet the rebellious, moody and incorrigible Arc. Lucky me.”

“Yay, I love getting put down like that.”

“Eh, deal with it,” she said weakly. “You should go home, I think I'm just going to nap for a bit longer.”

“I couldn't move even if I wanted to. Too tired. Besides, I'm going to be here until you recover.”

“Lucky me.”

“Hey Alice,” I asked her what was weighing heaviest on my mind.

[] Did she really not mind Marisa living with me?
[] What was the real reason she didn't want to join the student council? She'd be good there.
[] Was she bothered by me spending so much time talking to all those other girls and not being the center of attention?
[] Why was her mom the loveliest person ever?

I like you. You get to be alpha nerd for a while. None of the other losers got it.
[x] Was she bothered by me spending so much time talking to all those other girls and not being the center of attention?

This seems like it would be the biggest possible problem out of the options. Best to sort it out early.
[x] What was the real reason she didn't want to join the student council? She'd be good there.

This is the one question that can't be answered with yes or no.
>[] Did she really not mind Marisa living with me?

She just talked abiut marisa, I don't think she has a problem with this.
>[] What was the real reason she didn't want to join the student council? She'd be good there.

This is an interesting question, but I don't see how it is relevant to their relationship, or what part it plays in the story. It could be something related to Arc, though, but I don't think it's a good question for now.

[x] Was she bothered by me spending so much time talking to all those other girls and not being the center of attention?

Ok, this is it. The second part of operation Jealous Alice. we do know that she dislikes how Arc is a womanizer, but that's not the important part of the question, it's the second one.

C'mon Alice, tell us everything and confess you want more attention and be with Arc more. Specially after the being groped, you must be confused as fuck and want to ask Arc what he sees you as.
>[] Did she really not mind Marisa living with me?
Sounds more like asking permission rather than really asking her how she feels, even if that's not what Arc intends.
>[] What was the real reason she didn't want to join the student council? She'd be good there.
Sounds like Arc saying "please leave me alone, go have fun with Reimu."

Both of these almost feel like they could push Alice away if Arc fumbles them.

[x] Was she bothered by me spending so much time talking to all those other girls and not being the center of attention?

This one, however, is so direct that it's hard to fuck up.
[X] Was she bothered by me spending so much time talking to all those other girls and not being the center of attention?

I agree with what people above me said.
[x] Did she really not mind Marisa living with me?

Read the goddamn mood. They're all feelings and stuff and you want to bring in something unrelated?

And it IS asking for her feelings, which is what we should do in this situation.

>Saving that girl from the Yakuza

And again!
[x] What was the real reason she didn't want to join the student council? She'd be good there.

I'm very curious about this while I think the third option might be too direct, but the answer to the Marisa thing is obvious so asking about it would be a bad idea.
[x] What was the real reason she didn't want to join the student council? She'd be good ther

she's okay with marisa. might not give a direct answer to the other question
It is an invitation to talk further about the subject. She's feeling a tingle of jealousy and inquiring why might open her eyes.

Seriously, it should be labeled ALICE ROUTE OPTION (it is not as straightforward, but still)

To open her eyes and Arc's eyes too.
[x] What was the real reason she didn't want to join the student council? She'd be good there.

I'll choose this one based on a gut feeling. It is indirect and not as easily deflected. The answer isn't as apparent as the first choice but not quite as important as the third. It strikes a good balance between the two and also expands the conversation.
[x] What was the real reason she didn't want to join the student council? She'd be good there.

All the reasons for the votes are good but I will go with my gut feeling here because I think that this is the better choice here.
Sorry about not updating. Real life jerking me around and too many uncertainties to deal with. But that's resolved so writing nowish.

Indirect about what? This option is pretty much direct.
“What's the deal with you and the student council anyhow?” I asked, trying not to sound too aggressive about it. “I get the feeling that there's something you're not telling Reimu. I mean, I think you'd do a good job.”

“It's just a lot of work,” she answered.

“There's got to be more to it than that.”
“Maybe...” I heard her sigh. She shuffled around on her bed, the springs creaking loudly in the otherwise silent room.

“I'm not trying to recruit you like Reimu was,” I said quietly. “You should know how I feel about school politics,” I reminded her, “it's a waste of time.”

“Then why would I want to join if it's such a waste of time?”

“Because you'd have fun running things. You have a good head on your shoulders,” I told her, “but if anyone asks – I'll deny that I ever said that.”

“I'll take the secret to my grave,” she said with a yawn. “The thing is-” she paused. “The thing is, well, that I'm not sure if I'd be happy doing it. It's a lot of work without much reward. I sometimes wish that I could just come back home like you do every day without responsibilities.”

“It's not like you're going to be the president,” I told her, “I don't think it'll be that bad. I know you, so I know that you'll be having fun before you know it.”

“Maybe you should join the student council then if it's so easy.”

“I have no skills and I'd be rubbish at it,” I laughed. “Can you imagine me in charge of the student disciplinary committee?”

“To catch truants, you have to think like one.”

“Hey, that's not too nice,” I said with a chuckle.

“It's the truth.”

“Oh well...”

“I'm kind of serious about that though...” she said, trailing off.

“I swear that everyone's always trying to get me to do one thing or another,” I complained. “I guess it wouldn't be bad running the school, doing as I pleased. But sitting through boring meetings and talking to teachers isn't really my strong point. Neither is organizing events. Nor doing anything about the food in the cafeteria. The the club rooms. Or really anything of consequence. So I guess if I got to sit around and do nothing, then yeah, I'd join you in the student council. But fat chance of that.”


“...Alice?” I waited a minute and then called out her name again. There was no reply. I finally managed to get my eyes open. She was asleep. Peacefully turned towards the window, doll in her hand. I decided to let her rest. I got up and, as quietly as I could, left her room.

At home I cleaned myself up and got changed. It wasn't before too long that Marisa got back. She was looking rather tired but was trying not to show it. It was sort of surreal that she would be living with me from that day forward. I spent a good chunk of my time that day showing her where everything was as well as cleaning out her bedroom and helping her bring in her stuff.

Marisa asked me a bunch of questions about the lecture material she had missed and I helped her out with what I could. Some of the printouts she had gotten looked completely alien to me. With exams coming up, however, I decided to at least try to familiarize myself with all the content. So in the end we spent the rest of the weekend revising together.

Back at school, everyone was tense about finals. Even Suika seemed to be on edge. When I asked her if she was nervous she told me that she wasn't in the least. “Just seeing everyone panic is annoying,” she said. I could get that. No one was up for any fun and games. The teachers were encouraging us to for small study groups and review material together so that we didn't get overwhelmed. That way we could spend study week preparing efficiently.

[] Get in a group with people with good grades.
[] Help tutor those who usually do poorly.
[] Forget others. Go it alone at my own pace. .


Fillerish choice kinda. Different characters encountered with the different choices.
[x] Get in a group with people with good grades.

not much I can say about mystery choices, just that I'm hoping this pays off
Every girl of the same year is fair game here. Not just the ones in the same class.

Not a mystery choice at all! You can at least categorize the girls in homeroom easily. The others, well, you can make an educated guess given their preferred activities, personalities and past interactions.
[x] Study with Aunty

Best choice or best choice?
Either way, it's how this story will end.
[x] Get in a group with people with good grades.

Reimu, Patchouli, Alice. Maybe even the elusive Satori~

I'm down.
[x] Help tutor those who usually do poorly.

Well, with that conversation, I'm going to try my hardest to create Arc, Truant Hunter Extraordinaire. So to that end, we must begin by helping our fellow student with their troubles. We actually studied a bit, so we might be able to offer some help.
[x] Forget others. Go it alone at my own pace.

I see this as some kind of lucky chance that no one might consider but which will have an unexpected outcome. Or it could backfire. But my gut tells me that I should try this.
[x] Forget others. Go it alone at my own pace.

Sigh, alright. Let's see if Arc meets another lonely student.
File 140521799263.jpg - (202.64KB, 512x709, idol.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Get in a group with people with good grades.

I'm biased as fuck, obviously.

Besides, maybe we'll get a singed pic or something (joking)
Fine, changing to [x] Forget others. Go it alone at my own pace.
Ok, Two vote lead or half hour until I write. Whichever comes first.
[x] Get in a group with people with good grades.

Idols and Alice, what's not to love?

“Hey, idiot,” Suika called out, poking my ribs roughly. She certainly was in a good mood. “Video game marathon until exams?”

“Not this time,” I shook my head. “I'm going to join a group.”

“Don't even bother asking me,” Suika preempted unnecessarily, “I'm not about to sit down and study when I could be out having fun. I suggest you change your mind and come with me.”


“Going soft on me?” Suika frowned. “Whatever happened to school being a joke?”

“It still is,” I said with a smile, “I'm going to be spending my time with someone nice. I'm working an angle like always.”

“If you say so,” Suika rolled her eyes. Her faith in me was always reassuring. “If you get bored of pretending to be a good little boy and want to go out for beef bowl and to kick ass at the arcade, you've got my number.” Just under her breath, she muttered, “pansy.”

Ignoring her, I weighed my options. Most of the smart people I knew were in my class. Still, I had to think about it some.

Alice was busy talking to Reimu, going over last period's problems on their own. The class rep wasn't at the top of the class as far as I knew, but she did reasonably well enough. I was probably stronger than her in some subjects but she definitely had the advantage in others. She seemed the studious type, however. And well, Alice was Alice. She definitely got higher marks than I did at almost everything. And it wasn't just because I didn't try. She was naturally good at a lot of things.

“Is there something on my face?” Alice asked, noticing that I was staring at her.

“No, not really, I was just sort of spacing out,” I said. Studying with her would be rigorous, probably. No time for slacking off.

Marisa was chatting with another classmate by the window. I didn't really know how good her grades were since she had been missing a lot of the time recently. From what we covered from the printouts, she wasn't particularly bad at anything. She tried hard and put in the hours but still sometimes got a bit frustrated and had to revisit some subjects. Not really a quitter either. If I didn't go out of my way to study with anyone else, I'd likely be comfortable spending some time after school going over problems with her. No real pressure there.

Then there was the idol in our class. She played down her skills modestly last time we spoke but it was clear that she was ahead of the curve when it came to our general education. Her posh school had demanded much more of her than our school had. She was further ahead but still needed someone to help her make sure she hadn't missed anything by chance. So a lot of quick revision there. Maybe a lot of time for tea and sweets in between. Kaguya had said that she wouldn't mind studying with me the last time we ate together. I also felt like Big Sis would pat me on the back for 'helping a new student out' or some such rubbish.

Outside of my class, I didn't really know any exceptional students. Given her general attitude, I would guess that Patchy was not too bad when it came to academics. Probably top of her class. Definitely above Aya and those two friends of hers. She was the surest bet in that class but I wasn't sure if she would be too thrilled to study with me. I got the feeling that she did things at her own pace and wasn't that open to critique. Then again, maybe she'd set up a foolproof and efficient study plan.

Elsewhere, I couldn't think of anyone else who could possibly be academically gifted. Average students all around.

[] Go with Alice.
[] Revise with Kaguya.
[] Study with Patchy.
[] Form a combined study group with Marisa and Reimu.

[] Go with Alice.

More Alice. Show her that Arc can be responsible too. She might also talk about the student council thing, and more.
[x] Go with Alice

I'm in an Alice mood right now.
[x] Form a combined study group with Marisa and Reimu.

What's that? Class rep scenes? Yeah, I'll take some.
[x] Go with Alice
Gotta go with more Alice.
[x] Revise with Kaguya.

come on you guys she totally wanted to study with him before all this.
File 140522308343.jpg - (732.50KB, 800x800, homeeconomicsclass.jpg) [iqdb]
Yesterday, we were allies. Today? We are enemies.

[x] Revise with Kaguya.

Fighting a losing battle, but still.
[x] Go with Alice.

Crap, I forgot about suika being in the range.... well hopefully we can fix that soon. She hasn't gotten much time recently.

As far as this vote? Well it's a chance to show Alice that we're not that flaky
[x] Go with Alice.

[x] Go with Alice.

I just feel like we've been too much of a dick to her.

Same with Suika, really. We need to go commit some misdemeanors with her again soon. Though this time I think we should at least let Alice and Marisa know before we disappear on them for a day.
[X] Form a combined study group with Marisa and Reimu.

Because why not.

Seeing as poor Kaguya is in the minority here, would you two mind lending the Marisa/Reimu crowd your bow and axe?

It'll be fun, I promise.
[x] Revise with Kaguya.

I like the way you think, friend. Let us join arms and go down fighting together.
[x] Revise with Kaguya.

Want to see Kaguya win.
[X] Revise with Kaguya.

Throwing in with the Kaguya crowd. she's just a delight to be around.
[x] Revise with Kaguya.

Moon princess it is.
[x] Revise with Kaguya.

Time to go with Kaguya. She swayed my heart I must say.
What was this about them being the minority again?
(X)Revise with Kaguya

Preferences, you know
File 140528533560.jpg - (349.51KB, 1000x1000, ridden roughshod.jpg) [iqdb]
Whelp, I didn't see that coming. Thought it was going to be an Alice landslide. You casual voters/lurkers should vote more. Writing nowish. New thread and all that jazz. Poor Patches.
New thread >>59459
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