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File 140322664740.jpg - (16.03KB, 460x216, plane-landing.jpg) [iqdb]
You open your eyes from your sleep and yawn, looking out the window of the Airplane. It's been a few hours since you got on. The plane must nearly be there now.

"Turn off your electronics, please; we are about to land," echoes through the plane. You shake your head to clear out your sleepiness, and sit up properly.

The plane shudders as it touches down, and you wait a few minutes until it's finally safe to get off. Then, standing up, you take your backpack and walk into the airport. It's bustling with people of all ages and nationalities, as one would expect from an airport.

As you walk into the airport, you reflect upon your life. You're a transfer student, 15 years old and male, transferring to a Japanese after you've been studying Japanese for quite a few years. The reason you got interested in Japanese culture, however, is fairly different: Touhou.

For some reason, the games always resonated with you, in a strange way. When you first discovered the fandom, you felt a connection to the characters for some reason, and decided to give the game a try.

You managed to beat Lunatic difficulty on first try on a single life run.

Needless to say, you were excited when you managed to get it done. But something about it just... called to you. Then, you began to look through online series and pictures. It had you hooked.

You've been a fan of Touhou since Subterranean Animism came out. Recently, though, you've been having some strange dreams that remind you of the games. The strange thing, though, is that in those dreams you were always a girl. These dreams were...

[] Dreams of caring for a mansion of Scarlet, with the assistance of Fairies.
[] Dreams of a mountain, and performing duties for 2 goddesses.
[] Dreams of a shrine, and being lazy.
[] Dreams of a forest, and mushrooms and theft.
[] Dreams of a void full of eyes, and foxes and cats.
[x] Dreams of a mountain, and performing duties for 2 goddesses.

Need more Moriya love around here.
[x] Dreams of a mountain, and performing duties for 2 goddesses.
[X] Dreams of caring for a mansion of Scarlet, with the assistance of GOBLINS.

Goblins are the best thing.
[x] Dreams of a shrine, and being lazy.

Reimu ftw
Yeah, Goblins.

But mostly fairies, actually, considering the goblins were really recent.
[X] Dreams of caring for a mansion of Scarlet, with the assistance of GOBLINS.
[X] Dreams of a mountain, and performing duties for 2 goddesses.

Huh, should be fun.
[x] Dreams of a shrine, and being lazy.
File 140327051649.jpg - (121.83KB, 787x1014, kiriban__maribel_and_renko_by_uzumakitenma-d63rl8j.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Dreams of a mountain, and performing duties for 2 goddesses.

You remember vaguely that those dreams were something to do with the Moriya shrine. Those dreams were strange, of course; you saw yourself as Sanae for some reason, but's that ridiculous. You're a guy, why would you see yourself as a shrine maiden?

After some seconds of thinking, you look around. The airport's lobby is sprawling, but you know that the person you're living with for the time being is going to be here, holding up a sign. You try looking over the crowd, but the number of tall people stops you. So, standing on your toes, you turn your head around to look for the distinctive sight.

After a few scans, a white square of cardboard catches your eye. It has carefully-written out English on it, saying "Transfer Student, Come Over Here!" The writer was obviously Japanese, you can deduce from the careful strokes.

Weaving through the crowd carefully, you make sure to not run into anyone, gradually getting closer to the sign, noting a clearing near the sign; a circle of sorts that people aren't walking into.

As you step into the clearing, you see the person who you're going to be living with standing there...

A girl who looks about your age and has black hair and brown eyes is standing there, talking with another girl the same age with blonde hair and blue eyes - which is rare in Japan. "He should be here any second n- Oh. Good. You're here," a voice says, ringing out in Japanese.

You stare.

Now, normally, you wouldn't stare at people, because it's rude, but the thing is for some reason, those two girls look suspiciously like a pair of girls you've seen in Touhou fanart before.

And then the girl steps forward and holds out a hand, bowing forward. You hold out a hand back, taking hers in a grip; hard, like your old man taught you.

She shakes your hand. Then, standing up fully, the brown-haired girl steps back, and the blonde approaches. The greeting the brown-haired girl gave you is repeated with her.

Then, she smiles. "Hello. My name is Renko Usami. This is Maribe Yakusame, my friend. Nice to meet you."

[] Break out into giggles.
[] Continue staring.
[X] Nice to meet you. My name is _______

What the heck is up with those weird choices you put there OP?
...Well, I would assume that Anon would be kind of
Whoops, that just cut off there.

Well, I'll add an extra option.

[] Nice to meet you. My name is _______
[X] Nice to meet you. My name is _______

Let's go with a normal introduction.
Oh, also, I need a name vote for Anon. Remember, he wasn't originally Japanese.
[X] Nice to meet you. My name is _______

How about Matthew Perry? Aka named after the guy that opened an unwilling Japan to the West.
kinda diggin Matthew, for what it's worth.
Alright, called for Matthew and politely introducing yourself. Expect update to be in a few hours time.
[X] "Hello, my name is _______
[X] - Matthew.

You shake your head. Nah, it must just be a coincidence - after all, there are probably thousands of people in Japan with that name. Then, you smile. "Hey, I'm Matthew. Nice to meet you."

Although you still can't help but see the similarities, as the girl steps back a bit then begins to talk with her friend. Hell, she's even wearing similar clothes! No hat, though. And her friend...

"Hey! I'm Maribe; nice to meet ya!" You nearly jump as the voice brings you out of your thoughts to see the blond girl leaning uncomfortably close to you and grinning.

You smile awkwardly. "Uh,.. nice to meet you too, Maribe-san," you say, making sure to add the correct honorific to the end of the sentence.

She steps back a bit, still grinning. "Sorry 'bout RenRei; she's a bit rude some of the time." At her last sentence, Renko groans, facepalming.

"Again with that nickname, Maribe?" she mutters. She looks at you, obviously a bit annoyed. "For some reason she always calls me that name. It's because I look like a character from this video game series she likes, but act like another. You probably wouldn't know it."

You blink. "Are you talking about the Touhou Project?"

Now Renko blinks. "You know it? Apparently, it's fairly good, but I don't really like-"

Renko never finishes her sentence, because she's interrupted by Maribe. "You know Touhou? Cool! Who's your favorite? Mine's Yukari, because of..." For a few seconds, Maribe hesitates, before speaking up again. "her powers! Yeah, that's it!" You find it a bit suspicious, but shake your head. No use dwelling on it.

You smile. Nice to meet a fellow Touhou fan. And you suppose it is a coincidence after all! "My favorite is Sanae," you say. "Not because she's a sadist; I think that bit's stupid, you know? No, I like her..." You think of your dreams for a second. "...just because."

"Yeah, that makes sense!" Maribe says, nodding animatedly. The two of you speak of Touhou for several minutes, discussing the characters and games.

Suddenly, Renko sighs, and steps into your conversation.. "We shouldn't be staying here for so long; after all, how will you ever get settled into the city if you
two keep talking?"

You rub the back of your head. "Sorry... It's just the first time in a long time I've gotten to talk about Touhou."

"No problem, but we really should be going soon," Renko says. You nod.

Thinking about things for a second and where you might want to go, you speak up...

[] "Is there an Arcade here? I'd like to try out a Japanese arcade."
[] "Could you tell me if there's a shopping centre in this town? It'd be interesting to see a Japanese one."
[] "Okay; could you just take me to your house?"
This is still here.
I was really hoping this was just going to be a parody.
[X] "Is there an Arcade here? I'd like to try out a Japanese arcade."

Sure, why not.
This seems pretty /th/ tier
Does it? Oh, well, the other characters haven't appeared yet.
1: Favorite/strongest Touhou is a question generally frowned upon by the English Touhou fandom. Almost to the point where an individual who brings up those topics is automatically considered to be trolling.

2: The "generic male meeting up with Renko/Mary" thing is overused. Nobody is going to take you seriously with a cookie cutter into like that.

3. MC sucks. Nobody likes the generic, beta, VN protag archetype.
First off, the question wasn't for the favourite/strongest Touhou. The question was... well, just read the title.

Second off, they're not the same characters that are in the novels. They're completely different.

Lastly, alright, you have a point. Next update I'll try to add some flavour to the character.
How is the "generic male meeting up with Renko/Mary" thing any worse than the "generic male meeting up with *insert Gensokyoan" thing most stories have?
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