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55548 No. 55548
Oh dear oh dear oh dear

You had a gut feeling something bad was going to happen on your trip to the facilities but this was just ridiculous. was the lunch today that bad?

Black spots in your vision, that can be explained. More-than-mild chronic pain, you could rationalize that too. The whole world being tinted red? The water out of the faucet freezing in place?

Somethings up, and You are pretty sure if you do nothing in this sort of situation You are going to die.

With that train of thought you run outside and dash through the hallways, looking for someone, Anyone.

Your ears prick. You heard something peculiar coming from the 「Janitor’s Closet」

“Hm… the air here is so clean… You’d almost mistake it for the real thing!”

Whoever you’re hearing seems to be in a good mood in spite of what’s happening. Cautiously, you turn the corner and…

No. 55549
File 138338315876.png- (699.86KB , 491x700 , TheTransferStudentSmallRes.png ) [iqdb]
It’s her.

The Transfer Student 「Watatsuki no Toyohime」. She had introduced herself as royalty from a foreign country. Pleasant and kind to everyone, top of her classes, and pretty easy on the eyes. You believe she had a reputation for spacing out and being eccentric but…

“The attention to detail is superb. It might even be better the world it actually represents. However.” Her posture stiffens “That’s just my opinion, how about you? What do you think?”

In that moment, your heart skips a beat.

Almost immediately, You can feel immense pressure from her direction, Your body temperature rises and if you weren't just at the public conveniences, You’re pretty sure you would leaked a little at this point too.

Now she.. I mean Toyohime turns face you.

The look on her face knows. you’re certain she’s talking to me as if there is no one here but her and I. but that's not true, she’s probably addressing you too

“Greetings, I think this is the first time we've actually had a real conversation”

You don’t feel any sort of malice from her. In fact, her smiling face seems to calm you down. Her grin has the same effect on you as the morning sun, warm and comforting.

Furthermore, her presence seems to invite you in. Like flies to a Honeypot. Your uncomfortable feeling vanishes and you find your mind lulled. All you can think of is doing what she says and the only way to do that is to…

Stop. Somethings not right. It almost feels like she was controlling your thoughts..

“Mmm, I believe the saying is ‘cats has your tongue?’ or something similar to that. In any case, I've had a lot of fun playing school. I've never gotten the opportunity before. It was quite the experience!”

How can she be so calm? The worlds falling apart and all she can think is how fun school was? You open your mouth to interject but she beats you to the punch

“... However. The time for fun has come to an end. A pity. But I did not come here to play as a Student. No matter how enjoyable the detour, we must all eventually return to the appointed path.

For me. The time to do so is now. Farewell”

You can barely make out her last words as she walks into the wall. she actually walked into the janitors closet without opening the door but details

”Actually that’s not right. For reasons I cannot explain, I have this odd feeling we will be seeing each other again, so I believe the correct phrase is ‘See you later’” is more appropriate. I wish you the best of luck.

You’re not sure if the last minute and a half actually happened.

But judging from the increasing amount of red in your vision and the ringing in your eyes, Its best you do something quick.

You open the door and fall.


Hey you

Yeah you behind the screen

Pick a card any card

[ ]Saber The white fencer who wields a sword boldly
[ ]Archer A fairy clad in all black
[ ]Caster locked because it's almost 12 where I live I've got nothing

Author Speaking. This is a bad idea, Bad Execution and I don't think I'll last two days.

I even managed to mess up my tripcode. Wow.

Time to write through the whole month in spite of that

No. 55552
[X]Saber The white fencer who wields a sword boldly
Picked this on account of the spoiled out text.

No need to use a double-length trip.
Is there some kind of gimmick going on with the quote marks「Janitor’s Closet」?
Careful with the spoiler tag. I don't think you meant to black out the whole end.
No. 55553
The trip was actually supposed to look somewhat like this

if this comes out right I'll probably use it from now on. I'll confirm on other trip later if there is a fuss.

Spoilering everything at the bottom was intentional, whether it was a good decision or not is up to debate (probably not).
No. 55554
No. 55556
Hmmm...based after Fate/Extra,huh? Well, since Caster is locked, I guess I'll chose Saber then.

No. 55557
> The white fencer who wields a sword boldly
I'm guessing Youmu, or maybe Yorihime? Of course, this is under the assumption that the Servant would be a Touhou character. Saber doesn't sound like any specific Nasu character, though.

> A fairy clad in all black
Lily Black?


If only to get the ball rolling.
No. 55558
No. 55559
[X] Archer
No. 55562
An adaptation of another story is kind of a good idea. You don't have to bother with the story (too much) you can provide some things to appeal to those who know the story and some twists to throw them off guard. I like it.

No. 55568
Also, consider that you actually get 30k characters to use per post. You don't have to split your posts up like that at all.
No. 55569
[X] Archer

This should be interesting.

Don't worry too much if you mess up, OP. First stories are always sort of a clusterfuck until you get the hang of things.
No. 55573
[X] Archer

Let's get this ball rolling.
No. 55576
File 13834389469.png- (453.63KB , 505x859 , so_we_go_carefully_forward_in_this_way___.png ) [iqdb]
To say it’s extremely dark would be an understatement

It’s black as far as the eyes can see, but in spite of that you can clearly see your body. You’re pretty sure isn't a light source anywhere on your person and you’re not glowing or anything either. The only way you can tell that you’re moving at all is gravity pulling you down harder than hair on your head.

Your thoughts are interrupted by a flash of light accompanied by an odd sound kinda like a lightsaber waved in the air. Strings of numbers fill your vision before they burst, and you begin to see objects render before your eyes.

Orbs, Cubes, Triangles… is that a fish? You’re pretty sure in the corner of your eye you've spotted the skeleton of some colossal far-gone creature as well.

You’re… underwater? That can’t be right, you’re not even drowning, there are air bubbles popping up all over the place but that doesn't explain why you’re dropping like a rock instead of slowl-



Those are all the words that come to mind before your face crashes into what looks like a floor.


> ... Hmph you seem to be lacking as well.

I can hear the sound of a distant voice…

    //You come to, wait what.

> The time has come, with this loss I will consider this round of the preliminaries over.
> --- Farewell, I can only hope you find peace in your annihilation.

    //You take stock in your surroundings, you can see are bodies upon bodies. The color sucked right out of them. The only one who seems to have any sort of color left is right below you and slowly but surely, this one is fading as well. Apart from that, it seems like you’re situated on top of a circular plateau of sorts. Surrounding you are some nice pieces of Stained Glass, but apart from the glow from the floor, everything seems dim.

Suddenly, at the edge of my hazy vision, a number of brown colored lumps rise from the ground.

More accurately, it could just been that I just noticed them right now. They were probably all here from the beginning as far as I could know.

Those lumps are the bodies of my fellow students. An untold amount litters the area around me.

… That guy before me wasn't the only one to fall, all of these people got to this point, just to be slaughtered like pigs, unable to do anything. In a few minutes, It seems I’ll be following them as well…

Maybe I should just close my eyes. I did all that I could, perhaps it better to just let it all end right now.

    //That line pricks your attention, You have no basis to run on but You have a feeling if you let that person die right now you will also die. You try and grab their hand but go right through it, as it was just a hologram or you were some kind of ghost.

[ ] Please it end now
[x] I refuse to give up <

I won’t give up. I try to muster all the strength I have left in an attempt to stand up.

However.. as much as I try all I can do is shudder. For my efforts I’m rewarded with a sharp pain throughout my entire body. Geeze… if that's how it’s going to be… I guess I’ll never know why…. I...

[ ] Please just end it now <
[ ] I refuse to give up

    //no No NO NO. You've got to do something. You yell at them with all the fiber in your being in attempt to snap them from their languor. If this chucklefuck dies now then that means…!

I… what? its faint but I can hear someone yell… they’re trying to tell me something but…


    // This person… you can see the color draining from their face. You are certain you’ve only got time for a sentence at most. What do you tell them?

[ ] You must not give up!
[ ] If you don’t get up now, you’ll never reach the truth
[ ] You’ll die if you don’t get up! Me and you both! Please get up!
[ ] nothing I refuse to stand idly and let myself die
[ ] If you’re just going to give up now, I’ll take your place.
[ ] write-in

it seems I cannot into Custom Tripping, I'll just stick with this one.

not even close

In this particular instance I needed the two separate images, thanks for the character limit per post bit though.

Servant vote called for Saber, I feel really bad about cutting caster but as I read through reference material more and more I don't think I'd be able to be it justice at all.
No. 55577
[X] If you don't get up now, you'll never reach the truth
No. 55582
[x]I refuse to stand idly and let myself die
No. 55583
[x]You’ll die if you don’t get up! Me and you both! Please get up!

Platitudes and threats are both unhelpful here. And who in their position would care for the truth? The truth, here and now, is one of simple suffering. No bigger truth than that.

So the only thing to bolster resolve are pleas. The knowledge that someone is relying on you, to hold on just a little longer.
No. 55586
Three-Way tie

Can we have a breaker?
No. 55587
[x]You’ll die if you don’t get up! Me and you both! Please get up!

Picking this to break the tie.
No. 55588
Called, writing now.
No. 55615
File 138355294015.png- (454.09KB , 652x1088 , 042492495639.png ) [iqdb]

    // You voice your protests. Loudly. You beg the figure laid out on the floor to rise up, screeching out your pleas desperately.

I… whose there?

Someone…. needs me?

1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxUZrcRByM0

My senses go faint.

The pain searing through my body has long passed my ability to endure.
I’ve not much time left in this world.

     -Even so
          Must Stand.

I don’t fear death. On the contrary, All I want is to be at peace. Simply giving in and passing away would be the easiest.

Even the mysteries that lay in my mind, that were so important moments ago.

The number of corpses that lay here.
The reason I was guided here.
Why is the Janitor’s closet so vast?
What was Toyohime doing going into a place like this?
Why did I have to die?
What happened to hungry youkai?

These were not strong enough to pull my resolve together.

... but even so.. with the pleas of this unknown stranger that needs my help..

I cannot muster the strength… ah… there you are.

// “You can see me now?” you give your reply. You’re kinda not liking your odds of making this out alive at the moment.


Alone, I don’t think I have the strength to go on.

But you… yes I think that’ll do it… I don’t know where I’m getting this from but it should do.

Lay down here.

    // w-what.

I alone won’t be able to get up, however…


    // me?


Us // Us


1 I really hope that autohotlinks
No. 55617
File 138355680685.png- (540.86KB , 444x714 , servantsaber.png ) [iqdb]
Suddenly, you’re hurting all over, you don’t think that person was kidding when this was too much to bear. But if you gave up now after that whole ordeal, blowing out your lungs would have been in vain wouldn't it?

You manage to hustle yourself up, feeling a bit lighter than usual, at the very least you feel half a decade younger.

You are now aware of the stench of death that surrounds you, and you’re pretty sure that the source is-

Immediately, you’re floored.

Your veins are screaming at you now, You've got to figure something out, not just for you but for that person as well.

Your turn your gaze upwards and get a view of your enemy.

What comes to mind immediately are those cheap posable dolls that you sometimes saw in stores, advertised to help artists to draw poses. You’re also pretty sure that they were questionable for that purpose as well

In any case, the pose it makes right now is one of aggression, a predator savoring the kill before striking for the vitals.

In someone else’s body, probably injured all over, with something that slaughtered a roomful of people. Your odds are looking pretty bad. If only… there was another factor…!

> Hm.. as a representative of the holy grail I can hardly ignore this.
> Your attachment to life, strong enough to rouse another being into action. You make the effort to analyze for any and all to sustain your life in face of impending death.

> Very well. I expect much from that spirit of yours. Theres a servant left that’ll fit a human like you.


“Left for dead in parts unknown, with but the clothes on your back, and not a clue who you are?
how nostalgic”

Theres the sound of breaking glass, and sudden a burst light from above. I turn my head to the center of the room and something arises from the circle.

It appeared to be a human girl. She wore an ornate white dress and stood with her back towards me. On her also-white gloved hands she carried a rapier, the hilt inlaid with gold and silver. She kicked the ground with brown boots that reached up to her knees and brushed a hand through her golden blonde hair looking pretty annoyed.

She appeared human, but the power that emanated from her presence was clearly something else. As you ponder this, you start to feel power seeping into you. Could the source be.. ?

“*sigh*… and here I was hoping I wouldn't get summoned this time around. It has been quite a while since I've been able to stretch my limbs hasn't it…”

She takes this moment to stretch her limbs, casually ignoring the murderous marionette a few meters away from us.

“Well in any case I believe you could do a lot worse than me for a servant. Ah-”

She turns to face you, Swordhand laid toward the effigy.

“That’s right, formalities. Just to be sure.”

               Are you my「Master」?

[ ] yes
[ ] no
[ ] maybe?

Man fuck the TSA, although that's no excuse for taking so long.

choice spoilers here
Depending on what you went with, you would have either forcefully taken over the body, left them to die, or manifested your own possibly after another vote.

I won't explain what happened just yet, That's going to have to wait for the

BGM carries on to the next update by the way.

Speaking of which, do these boards support hotlinks being displayed as ['Text here'url='link here'] or something like that? Just wondering.
No. 55620
[x] maybe?

Huh, Alice was not somebody I expected as Servant Saber.
No. 55621
[X]“Huh... Ma... ster... ?”
I only repeat back her words
I don't know who she is or what she's talking about.
No. 55624
[x] yes

It's no time to hesitate
No. 55626
[x] yes
No. 55637
File 138362792767.png- (39.09KB , 166x166 , CommandSpell.png ) [iqdb]

You give her your reply.

You’re not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, or so the saying goes.

“Very well. Then that means I’ll be in your care from here on out” She gives you an odd look, as if she’s sizing you up “It’s not like I have a say in the matter.. but its the sentiment that counts. I’ll fight for you until our agreement here ends.”

“Not a very admirable wish, self-preservation. But I suppose I can sympathize with that”

She lends you her hand, and raises you to your feet. Her gloved hand is warm, but you weren't expecting the sharp pain at the back of your hand. Its as if someone gouged it with an ice pick.

You managed to glance at it before the glow fades entirely, and it left some sort of runic tattoo as a souvenir. Confused, you turn to your rescuer before you’re abruptly pushed to the side.

Theres a flash of steel, and your would be assailant’s strike is in a deadlock with the fencer’s foil.

“Ho? looks like we got a tough guy here! Or could it be my master’s reserves are this pitiful?”

Ouch, that hurts, It really does.

Could we get to the part where this thing dies? You could feel a lot better if you didn’t have to worry about the prospect of dying at the moment, pretty sure.

“All I needed to hear, We can judge how fit you are to command later, I’ll take the reins for now..!”

You managed to catch her boot launching into the poor sap’s gut not that it has organs launching it back several meters away. She lowers her stance, then sets off like a bullet. There’s a kick of bright dust(?) where she used to be and within less of a second she closes the gap between her opponent.

You see the puppet spin for the start of a roundhouse but the girl strikes it’s side before it can reach full rotation. Reeling from the blow, it attempts to put up a guard stance but… for it’s effort it’s rewarded with heavy right straight Is that the sound of breaking glass? you could have sworn that hand was glowing.. . The effigy is sent reeling. There are now very conspicuous glowing cracks spreading from it’s chest.

From what you can only recognize as desperation it launches itself, whether this is a last ditch effort to harm your savior or a preprogrammed act of desperation to fulfill its duty… you cannot tell.

“It’s too late! This battle was over the very moment I set foot in this arena! It’s usseeeeeeeelessssssss!

Damn. She sure looks like she’s having fun. Right before her enemy makes contact, a translucent sort of beehive barrier is erected as she makes the stance to guard. The Effigy’s momentum is stopped short and she makes no waste of the moment to thrust forward, striking while it’s vulnerable.

> 3 CHAIN!

The rapier looks like it’s been embedded deep into the doll’s body, leaving it unable to move.
With one quick motion, she pulls her out weapon and lurches into an exaggerated stance, Even deciding to twirl her foil before easing it into a thrusting position.

In a flash, she runs her blade through, It doesn't even look like she’s made contact by the time she’s reached the other side. But nevertheless The Construct tumbles in place, signaling the end of the conflict.

“It’s over.”

No. 55638
File 138363217985.jpg- (73.03KB , 850x674 , lets just pretend those other 2 arent here.jpg ) [iqdb]

The pieces of the effigy laying on the floor lose their glow. Even if it could be put back together, you have a keen feeling that it will no longer be able to function.

“So in the end it was just small fry.. oh well. Your desire for me to expel the threat was enough this time, but you’re going to need to take charge in the future, got it?”

She continues to talk.

You don’t think you’re capable of listening anymore though.

It was possible to ignore the pain while watching the fight, but the energy burning on your right hand is as if you stuck it in a microwave on high for 3 minutes straight.

After that burst of adrenaline has been released, it’s really hard to keep conscious right now.

> The marks that lie on your hand are known as 「Command Seals」. It is proof that you hold dominion over a 「Servant」
> You can use it to give a 「Servant」 3 Orders that cannot be disobeyed. Think of them as disposable strength enhancers.. or if you must, obedience boosters.
> It is also physical proof of your participation in the 「Holy Grail War」. If you lose them for whatever reason, you will die

Your ears prick at the word ‘’die’’. There’s that voice again, gathering your remaining strength you do your best to listen what it has to say.

> I can understand that you must be very confused right now.. but ah before I forget.
> Congratulations. You have endured much to make it here. Now rest for awhile; you have succeeded where many others failed. It will not be the last time you will be put through such trials

You swear you heard some slow clapping with that ‘’Congratulations’’, who does this guy think he is, an American?

> . . . To be honest, it was an incredibly shoddy effort to say the least, but that’s what made it all the more entertaining.
> I've had this job for a long time, but this is the very first time I've seen someone as helpless as you two.
> Nevertheless, be proud in your success. Your quick thinking came as a result of nerves and blind resolve.

… This guy is starting to get really irritating.

Sounds like some thirty-something year old guy, for some reason, you can imagine him wearing a pair of glasses whilst in some shopkeeps’ garb.

> Oh, you are curious about my identity? I am honored, but there is nothing of worth to know about me. I am simply a part of the system
> Just a guide, tasked with given a standard message and given the personality and wit of a soul before your time.
> No more than words, no more than a brick wall you have just broken through, no more than a remnant of the past.

Is that so? so does that mean if I raise any complaints, I won’t receive any answers in return?

> You’re catching on. -Well, there's something you've received a commendation. Something about being “        

… what?

You’re not sure if you got that last part, could you repeat tha-

> Well then, let us finish the paperwork. You have proved yourself worthy of honor...
> Unwilling to let your story end prematurely you tirelessly seeked a way to extend.. *sigh* who writes this tripe.
> In any case your decision to seek progress has earned you the right to exist. However, be careful: The 「Holy Grail War」 has just begun.

You don’t think he’s going to listen to you.

Whats this about a war though? And isn't the right to exist a human right?

> There is an object of great desire with the capability to grant any desire.
> Thought long since gone, they refer to it as the “「Holy Grail」”
> This system- this conflict is a competition in which participants fight endlessly in an attempt to gain possession of it.
> … it wasn't always like this, but with every era, things change.
> Regardless, you are about to step into a conflict where the only exit is victory… or death
> Now go 「Magi」, set forth into the beginning of your journey

Grail that grants wishes…..?

Less answers, and more mysteries. This is all starting to sound very dangerous.
Maybe you should have just stayed in the potty until the whole thing blew over.

> Heh. In war, a weapon is needed. For you, that weapon is your 「Servant」. They are your sword and shield, arms and armor, and so on and so forth.
> Souls whose purpose is to clear your way to the Grail. That is the one who stands at your side.

You glance at the lady in white standing next to you, who was staring into the distance.

This is my servant….

> Alright, shows over. Time for the main event to begin

Your legs buckle over, and suddenly you can’t see anything.

You feel something warm on your side, could it be that you opened a wound.. ? No, perhaps you've been letting blood this whole time and the loss has finally caught up to you.

> No matter what the Era, mankind solves all conflict through battle. It is only the arena that changes.
> 「Magi」 who have been invited here by the moon: Show me your true strength
> Let the 「Holy Grail War」 begin

No. 55640
File 138363379414.png- (262.75KB , 480x640 , who-is-this-man?.png ) [iqdb]

/*hey there*/

/*got some time?*/

/*I must know before the festivities begin: What is your name?*/

Almost immediately you utter the words “Hakuno Kishinami” but you bite your tongue at the last second.

That's not right, You’re pretty sure that's not your name at all in fact…

> Your name?
[ ] Your name was… (Write-In)
[ ] Maybe it really was Hakuno Kishinami?
[ ] Maybe I was called Francis Xavier

Putting that aside…

This might be a dream, but there's the matter of your body, your reach for your lower half and..

> Your Gender?
[ ] Male
-- [ ] with the appearance of a female.
[ ] Female
-- [ ] with the appearance of a male.

> Also
[ ] Looks like nothings changed.
[ ] Oh god, I have a ____ now.

As far as appearances go…

> Hair
[x] Brown
> Eyes

> locked as a result of player actions.

/* Hm… I see. How interesting.*/

/* but how about…*/

> Your Blood Type?
[ ] A
[ ] B
[ ] AB
[ ] O

/* The rest comes later */

/*I have high hopes for you. Young Man // Lady*/


One day the action of parting these not-even long updates just because I desire different pictures is going to bite me in the butt.

If a clear consensus isn't made I think I'll write a short or something tomorrow.
No. 55643
[x] John Jones
[x] Male
[x] Looks like nothing changed
[x] B
No. 55644
[X] Your name was Kaoru Nanami
[X] Male
-[X] with the appearance of a female.
[X] Oh god, I have big tits now.
[X] AB
No. 55648
Kaoru can (rarely) be a surname, but "Nanami" is unambiguously a feminine given name.

[x] Maybe it really was Hakuno Kishinami?
- [x] Even if it wasn't, you'll use that name. It feels too natural to discard.

[x] Female
- [x] of masculine appearance
- [x] Oh god, I have a skirt now. What the fuck, no.

[x] AB
No. 55654
>Nanami (ななみ, ナナミ?) is a popular[1] feminine Japanese given name which is also used as a surname.
No. 55655
[X] Your name was Kaoru Nanami
[X] Male
-[X] with the appearance of a female.
[X] Oh god, I have big tits now.
[X] A
No. 55656
It seems its been misinterpreted so I'll just chime in

the blank space was supposed to be referring to ever-so-scared sex organs (I thought it was more tasteful than Dick // Pussy). Signifying that you've genderswapped from what you used to be (affects future dialogue)

but I dunno some of the things you wrote in looked amusing. I'll do my best to implement depending on what wins?

sage for not an update.
No. 55657
[X] Your name was Kaoru Nanami
[X] Male
-[X] with the appearance of a female.
[X] Oh god, I have big tits now.
[X] AB
No. 55658
Francis Xavier!

No wait, that's not right.

[X] Your name was Kaoru Nanami
[x] Female
- [x] of masculine appearance
- [x] Oh god, I have a skirt now. What the fuck, no.
No. 55659
[x] Maybe it really was Hakuno Kishinami?
- [x] Even if it wasn't, you'll use that name. It feels too natural to discard.

[x] Female
- [x] of masculine appearance
- [x] Oh god, I have a skirt now. What the fuck, no.

[x] O
No. 55660
No preference for name but

[x] Female
- [x] of masculine appearance
- [x] Oh god, I have a skirt now. What the fuck, no.

Too good to pass up.
No. 55661
You weren't misinterpreted; I'm sure we all knew what you meant.

But filling something else in the blank was funnier.

Huh. How about that. (I was going off of WWWJDIC, which reports it otherwise; I hadn't thought to check Wikipedia.)
No. 55665
Fuck the name.

[X] with the appearance of a female.
-[x]Oh god I have big tits now
[X] O
No. 55668
> ties everywhere

I'll let the vote simmer for a bit longer and write a short I guess.
No. 55669
[X] with the appearance of a female.
-[x]Oh god I have big tits now
[X] O

Breakin' ties.
No. 55673
[x] Maybe it really was Hakuno Kishinami?
- [x] Even if it wasn't, you'll use that name. It feels too natural to discard.

[x] Female
- [x] of masculine appearance
- [x] Oh god, I have a skirt now. What the fuck .

Didn't we already have trap and futa protoganists eons ago?
No. 55675
No. 55680
> Still tie
> Now there's even a tie for blood.

OK so it's between.

[ ] Male
-[ ] with the appearance of a female.
[ ] Oh god, I have big tits now.


[ ] Female
- [ ] of masculine appearance
- [ ] Oh god, I have a skirt now. What the fuck .

and also between
[ ] AB type blood
[ ] O type blood

The above all tied with 3 votes.

With name locked into
[X] Your name was Kaoru Nanami 4 votes
with taking Hakuno as the runner up 3 votes

I'll call it when I get back from work in the morning, and in event of another tie I'll probably roll a d20 for odds/even or something.

sage for no update.
No. 55681
[x] Female
- [x] of masculine appearance
- [x] Oh god, I have a skirt now. What the fuck.
[x] O
No. 55682
[X] Male
-[X] with the appearance of a female.
[X] Oh god, I have big tits now.
[x] O
No. 55709
[x] Female
- [x] of masculine appearance
- [x] Oh god, I have a skirt now. What the fuck.
[x] O

This seems promising.
No. 55714
File 13838094909.png- (397.18KB , 467x673 , you cant shake the feeling that shes judging you.png ) [iqdb]
You cheeky fuckers.

Well this result is amusing too so...


Your name is Kaoru, Kaoru Nanami.

Your given name 香 is written with the character for "Perfume", "Fragrances", and "Good Smells".

Your family name 七海 is written with the characters for "Seven" and "Seas"

You're not sure why but the thought of sea-scented perfume comes to mind, and you feel somewhat annoyed.

Was a joke gift of too many people who thought they were clever?

Perhaps you shunned girly things like that in rebellion towards the name you were given?

One things for sure though, Don't remember, and that's a problem.

Ignoring all of that though, whats up with these knockers! Are these things on your chest supposed to be breasts? At this size they might as well be melons! You wonder how it feels to.... well... It doesn't seem like that disembodied voice is here so..

Your place your hand on your newly acquired breasts and squeeze.

/* Who said I was gone? */


You wake up, wet like a dog and completely unamused.

It seems like you're in an infirmary. Like you care, you can describe your surroundings later.

Whose bright idea was it to put water balloons on your chest anyway! All it does is piss off the patient when it inevitably bursts, they'll probably catch a cold, making even MORE work. Furthermore, when it pops the sheets will get wet too, making, guess what? More. Work.

They're not around to get their cheap laughs in, or maybe they are and they're actually secretly losing their sides behind some sort of candid camera or something.


That aside, it seems your chest area at best, seems to be mosquito bites in comparison to what you had in your dream. You're just about certain though: This body is not your own. You don't remember being nearly this petite, and something about this medium length hair seems strange. You can't put your finger on it, but it feels like it should be different, Longer or Shorter you're not certain, but it's certainly odd.

All of these worries are swirling around in your head, not good. hm... you've got something on your mind, so your stick your arm underneath your sheets an-

"Hey, are you finally awake?"

Of course, you get interrupted. Like some parent with a boring chore interrupting a kid during their happy fun time, you're a bit put out.

Whatever, you're going to have to use the bathroom eventually.

You turn your attention to the source of the voice, As if you needed further confirmation of yesterday's events not being some sort of dream, you lock eyes with what is called your 「Servant」

in spite of the picture A young woman wrapped in white, bobbed blond hair that went to her neck with nary a single accessory, and.. most concerning is the fact she's still carrying around that pigsticker she used to skewer that thing last night.

Ain't she afraid of poking out her eye or something? You may not remember anything but you're damn sure your parents taught you not to run around with sharp objects.

"Mmmmmm... by the way you're darting your eyes up and down I suppose you're in good enough condition, Alright. Come on, get out of bed." There's no malice in the girl's voice as she gives me the order.

Deciding not to argue, I throw off the covers and get into a sitting position, huh.

Shorts huh. These legs are completely bare too.

"Seeing as the 「Holy Grail War」 has begun it's in my best interest to make sure my Master is in good health" For second, it looks as if her eyes are glowing but it soon fades "Yeah, nothing unusual, except for the moisture of course. But onto important matters."

You sneeze at that, couldn't she at least get you a towel?


There's the sensation of pain and suddenly your vision is covered by a fuzzy yellow cloth. Couldn't she have tossed instead of pelting it at your face like a pitcher?

"As I was saying... I'd like to get this out of the way right now, You're aware of what the Holy Grail War entails of, Right" She asks with a stern look on her face.

[ ] Holy Grail War? Whats that?
[ ] Of course (Lie)
[ ] I know the basics, can you go over what you know?(truth) locked as a result of player actions
[ ] Write-In

might double updates tonight or tomorrow to pick up the pace.
No. 55715
well shit.

I guess I know the importance of calling votes now.

The gears are shifted but I guess what I wrote won't be contradictory, this vote will be taken into account.
No. 55722
[X] Holy Grail War? Whats that?

I'm firmly of the opinion that it's better to ask and be stupid for five seconds than not ask and be stupid for the rest of your life.
(Which could be a very short life if we remain unaware of our situation.)
No. 55725
[X] Holy Grail War? Whats that?
No. 55726
[X] Holy Grail War? Whats that?

We really should know what we got ourselves into.
No. 55728
[x] What is that

Awww my vote lost. Skirts!

Oh well.
No. 55731
[ ] I know the basics, can you go over what you know?(truth) locked as a result of player actions
what why is this locked

[X] Write-In
-[X] I know some things, but not as much as I'd like.
--[X] Mostly tell the truth, but avoid mentioning that you didn't find out what you know until after you told her you were her master.
No. 55735
If I had to take a guess, I'd say it's about the spoilered option (let me take your place)

The one who asked that is probably someone familiar with this system
No. 55747
calling for holy grail war ignorance.

update in an hour.
No. 55748
File 138387809599.png- (470.19KB , 584x755 , oh-god-are-you-serious.png ) [iqdb]
Not point in avoiding it you figure.

"I've but just heard of it, courtesy of some disembodied voice prior and after the summoning" You give her your honest reply, hoping for the best.

"Are you serious? This would explain that paltry display yesterday but..." looking frustrated, my Servant palms her face with her free hand "No use in giving you trouble over it though, seeing as we're partnered already. Where to begin..."

Alarmingly, she digs her foil into the flooring, leaving it to stand on it's own. By all means it should be bending from that force....

"Lets cut to the point, as implied by the name, 「The Holy Grail War」 is a competition where Magi fight to the death with 「The Holy Grail」 as the prize. How the actual fighting goes down has changed time and time again but there's always one constant."

She purses her lips a bit.

"There can only be one winner of course. Sometimes it's as simple as eliminating all other enemy servants, bloodier variants require even the Masters to be killed and striped of their command seals"

As if to emphasize her point she takes a grab of my wrist and shoves it in front of my face.

The runes glow once more, and I can feel the energy shine on my face like rays from the sun.

"From what I understand; The war you find yourself in right now is a Lethal Single Elimination Tournament. As for it's scope? Beats me, but since they're going to the trouble of matching people up for each round, I doubt we have to worry about getting ambushed by enemies in an alliance."

So... you've gotta ask.

You're going to assume from key words such as "Lethal" and "Killed" that once you're a participant...

"Ignorant but quick to understand, Good Good, that makes this easy." She pulls her Rapier out of the ground and holds in front of her face upright "Correct, the only way out of a Holy Grail War is by winning or dying. Although fighting for preservation alone won't get you too far."

"While we're on the topic, I'm guessing you don't know too much about Servants either do you?"

Well I-

"There's no way someone so ignorant of the War would be savvy to something used primarily in Holy Grail War combat. Right?"

She's got you there.

"Servants are the re-creations of Legendary Souls. Heroes and Villains recorded in 「T.H.P.」 's database. It has recorded events since 1996, but the majority of it's information comes from the Year 2008 and onwards."

2008 and onwards? That's pretty surprising, seeing how it's only the year 20  .

"Just like the original Holy Grail War, Servants are divided into Seven Classes:
Saber, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, and the most infamous, Berserker"
She takes the moment to fiddle with her rapier again before continuing "As you can plainly see, I am of the Saber class."

"Pay close attention to this as well: There exists a great many Servants that share the same name, appearance, and possibly even class. However, our stories of origin differ, so logically, The details that could lead you to identifying one's 「True Name」 may be similar, but they will always be distinct."

There are a lot of terms she's throwing around there. Stories, Origin, True Names.
You're guessing you'll have to figure those out sooner or later, but what concerns you the most is one thing.

"Are you saying that we could be running into multiples of you?"

"eh... I don't think you gotta worry about that." she brushes her bangs for a second and averts her gaze.. is she hiding something? "Not all Souls share a model so to speak, There are actually several distinct ones of all of their own. I'm a bit of a half-case so speak, so don't worry about it"

Is that so?

In that case, do you mind sharing with me your identity?

"There isn't a gain to that right now you know." Dodging the question, figures "I am not! I'm simply maximizing our chances of winning is all, Holy Grail grants one wish for both you know. I've got some incentive to win as well.. although..."

Her eyes narrow for a bit, and then they light up in a flash.

"There you go, incentive. Make it far enough and I'll let you know, remember how I said self-preservation wasn't enough to survive in this war? Perhaps the pursuit of knowledge will make you into a formidable master yet.

The pursuit of knowledge huh....

[ ] Come clean, this ain't your body, and you're not even sure of who you are.
[ ] Half truth, you've lost your memory, but she doesn't need to know about what possibly amounts to bodyjacking.
[ ] She has no need to know at the moment. Are we even sure that this is a secure location to be talking about things like that?
[ ] Write-In

"hm? you've got a worried look on your face. If you're wondering if people could be eavesdropping on us, You're the only one that can hear me right now, although anything you say is fair-game to flies on the wall and whatnot."
No. 55749
File 138387830857.gif- (100.53KB , 800x473 , 1364801082461.gif ) [iqdb]
whoops forgot trip.

smooth post wasting writefag.
No. 55750
[x] Come clean, this ain't your body, and you're not even sure of who you are.

Can't expect trust if we don't trust in return. Not trusting your Servant is a sure path to death.
No. 55753
[x] She has no need to know at the moment. Are we even sure that this is a secure location to be talking about things like that?

I don't want to risk the chance of spilling this secret. We should definitely tell her latter though.
No. 55756
[X] Come clean, this ain't your body, and you're not even sure of who you are.
No. 55770
[x] She has no need to know at the moment. Are we even sure that this is a secure location to be talking about things like that?

Woah, is now really a good time to tell her? I'm fine with telling Saber the truth, but the area we're in right now is no place for a discussion.
No. 55774
[X] She has no need to know at the moment. Are we even sure that this is a secure location to be talking about things like that?
-[X] However, come clean once you're at a location you know is secure.
No. 55776
[x] Come clean, this ain't your body, and you're not even sure of who you are.
No. 55784
[X] Ask if there's somewhere you can talk in private.
No. 55804
[ ] She has no need to know at the moment. Are we even sure that this is a secure location to be talking about things like that?
No. 55805
Called, writing.
No. 55811
File 138398424949.png- (851.30KB , 824x1015 , Your Resident Caretaker AI.png ) [iqdb]

You're about to tell her everything.

Your apparent amnesia, waking up in a body that doesn't belong to you, the whole shebang.

But your tongue refuses to move, you are suddenly hyper-aware of all of the possible security leaks in the room. What rooms are even next to this one? Could there be someone in that air vent? Maybe even someone listening outside from the Tree by the window.

Shit, how do you know that there isn't a monster under your bed at this point?

"Still believing in the boogieman now are we? Well it's not like your worries are unfounded..." Your Servant quips in, breaking your panicky monologue "Information is key to the Grail War, and although one would say Servant info is usually more damning"

At this, you sneeze again

You tried to dry yourself off with that towel but a fat lot it's doing for you right now, these clothes are still all damp, You wonder if there isn't a change of clothes you could borrow in this room.

"Anyways, its customary for Masters to refer their Servants by their class name, but again, don't go it around. If we've got nothing left to discuss, I'll just take my leave for now..."

With that your Servant disapporates into who knows where. You can still feel her presence lingering around though, thankfully.

You get up and start your way over to the closet before you hear a knock on the doors.

"Ah, Kaoru it seems like you're awake."

With that, a new girl enters the room. Wait, you're pretty sure you recognize her.
Wavy pink hair, school uniform, lab coat. Yeah, you're pretty sure it's the School Nurse.

... but seeing how this obviously isn't a regular school now, you're wondering whats up.

"Ah, you seemed to have no lasting injuries, So you can leave whenever you'd like." Not missing a beat, she continues on "In addition, All of your memories have been restored by the T.H.P. so do not worry"

Well that's clearly not right, but before you can raise your concerns she cuts you off.

"Any Magi that seek the Holy Grail have their memories suppressed and given those of a Student. Only those who are able to recover themselves are allowed to enter the tournament. Now that you have regained your memories, Please review them to be sure they are complete"

Her voice is completely devoid of any emotion, the speech sounds pretty practiced though, if you worked for the magical DMV you'd find yourself drained off all emotion too.

- ah

On the subject of memories, you let her know you haven't got jack squat. You can recall your name, and the basics of history, but nothing personal.

To be completely honest, you're taking this all in stride, It beats pushing up daisies if anything.

"Your memory restoration has failed? Sorry. I, Yuyuko Saigyouji, am but just a custodial AI"

Ah, alright, that's too bad then you gues-

Wait wait wait there's something odd there, AI?

"Oh right, and I must give this to you before I forget" and with that She hands over from the inside of her labcoat.

> Obtained Portable Terminal

"As a participant of the Holy Grail War, you should pay attention to any and all messages sent out on your Portable Terminal" Yuyuko continues to explain "At the moment this device is still syncing itself to the database so please do not be alarmed if it seems bare at the moment, by pressing here you can..."

She continues on to list all of it's functions, but you end up drowning her voice out. It seems simple enough. The main function is to receive messages from the T.H.P. system, but you can see that there are applets for a Glossary, Inventory, and most interesting: A Servant dictionary .... although right now it's looking pretty sparse , with but only your own Servant in there.

"... and that is about everything you need to know about the Portable Terminal. if you need further assistance please refer to the student handbook located in the 「Library」. If you wish to inquire about your private quarters or the rules of this particular Holy Grail War, please visit the Proctor AI Rinnosuke in the first floor hallway. Is there anything I can do for you before you leave?"

Yeah could you...

[ ] Get me a change of clothes? I'm about to catch a cold here
[ ] Can you tell me anything about yourself?
[ ] Can you tell me why there was water-balloons strapped to my chest while I was asleep?
[ ] Write-In

  also pick a location

[ ] Hallway
[ ] Library
[ ] Your homeroom
[ ] Rooftop
[ ] Garden
[ ] Front of School
[ ] Janitor's Closet
[ ] Write-In

Time to go through everything listed with 「」 s

Also this is just my selfish request, but can anyone tell me how I'm doing so far? concerns? complaints? criticism? death threats? anything will do

No. 55827
[x] Get me a change of clothes? I'm about to catch a cold here
[x] Can you tell me why there was water-balloons strapped to my chest while I was asleep?

A change of clothes would be handy, so would be knowing how we got so wet.

[x] Rooftop

Maybe we'll meet someone interesting there.


I can say I'm enjoying the story just fine. Also your story made me play Fate/Extra again.
No. 55828
[X] Get me a change of clothes? I'm about to catch a cold here
[X] Can you tell me why there was water-balloons strapped to my chest while I was asleep?
[X] Janitor's Closet

No complaints here.
No. 55846
[X] Get me a change of clothes? I'm about to catch a cold here
[X] Can you tell me why there was water-balloons strapped to my chest while I was asleep?


[x] Rooftop

You're doing fine.
No. 55848
called for going to the rooftop and water and wetness related questions
No. 55852
File 138406913579.png- (89.08KB , 212x225 , The-Hero-of-Our-story.png ) [iqdb]
First order of business.

Can I get a change of clothes? I was pretty drenched a few moments ago but I'll still pretty damp and cold.

"Oh, ok. It is abnormal that you would become wet inside of a building. But personal questions about one's sleeping habits usually cause user distress, so I shall refrain from asking about the specifics."

The nurse starts to go through a cabinet... was that an insult in disguise?

She pulls out a set white button-up, dark brown jacket.... there's even some socks, stockings, and an extra pair of loafers for good measure... wait a second.



You can opt out of that part right?

"But you can't wear the school uniform without the skirt. I apologize, but this Outfit Module default code has the skirt hardcoded in. I cannot stop you if you wish to modify it, but I recommend you do so within your private quarters."

Hardcoded? What does Programming have to do with putting on clothes?

But before your complaints leave your lips, there's that same flash of flight and particles of breaking glass materializing around you same stuff when your servant popped in and out you remember.

Something in your hair... falls out?

Oh god this hair is longer than you thought.

You feel very opposed to these lower garments at the moment.

... Well your other clothes will dry eventually right?

"Negative. Outfit Modules will not air-dry over time if let alone, You must either actively wear the module, repair the file yourself, or find a dryer on the premises"

Again with the programming, you feel as if you're not going to get a straight answer out of someone who refers to themselves as a Custodial AI so you let it slide.

You are going to get yourself out of this outfit by the end of the week christ. A pox on whoever caused the events that lead to your popping of Water Grenades.

Speaking of which.

"Was anyone in this room before me? Was the door unlocked the entire night? Would you happen to know anyone that would strap 2 Water-Balloons underneath the blanket of a sleeping person?" You ask with gusto, fueled with feelings of Vengeance.

Never mind that it's your fault for wanting to feel how they were like in your dreamscape.

Never mind that you didn't even need to ask for a change of clothes in the first place.

In fact, nothing is stopping you from changing into your damp clothes right now at least they won't mold if they won't dry.

But nevertheless, the embarrassment of having to wear a skirt shakes your inner core. Could this be a clue to your true identity? Perhaps you were some john smith who jumped into some girl's body? or a not-very well-endowed Jane Doe who spurned feminine things? It could be either, but you know you're one step closer now.

"Um.... Yes the door was unlocked all last night but there doesn't seem to be records of anyone other magi being in the room... It would be counterproductive for a Custodial AI to put harm unto their patients correct? So it cannot be me. Very strange... the records also say it was not caused by the system itself. A Contradiction of the highest degree, however this is beyond my responsibilities of a Custodial AI, so I may not help you." She explains, her face completely blank.


Not can't?

well alright, you won't pry you guess.

" I'll be on my way then "

No. 55854
File 138407253161.png- (430.38KB , 850x510 , Fake-Sunset-Sure-Is-Beautiful.png ) [iqdb]

Encounter Dice: 16/20 darn

Stepping out the door, it seems that the 「Infirmary」 is on the first floor. Looking to your left it seems there is a door leading outside... you don't seem to remember it from being in this school before. You decide to check it out later during the day.

Looking out the window, it still looks like it's full of cyberspace, matrix numbers, tron lines and everything.

With that you're starting to wonder how the view is up to the rooftop. Goal in mind, you rush off towards the middle of the hallway, where you remember the stairs were during your apparently brief tenure in this School.

You pass a dour man wearing glasses and robes, You think you saw him give you a quizzical look as you ran pass him, extending an arm out to try to call out to you, but deciding it's not worth the effort and letting you speed off anyway.

Didn't Yuyuko mention to meet someone in the first floor hallway...? Well I guess I should make time to See him before the end of the day.

After going up 3 flights of stairs you arrive at the Rooftop. Chained fence still surrounds the area, stopping any students from making a leap of faith or having access to the air-conditioning unit... although if this place is as digital as everything is implying you wonder if that thing isn't just for show.

You realize you aren't alone.

There is someone against the the fence gazing up into the orange gaussian blur sky. How does it even manage to do that when the view from the windows is all blue, is this some kind of trick? like the rooftop is actually some sort of domed area? what the hell.

"I've investigated top to bottom of this whole school and not a single thing out of the ordinary. Could it be that it's not hiding anything...? Jeeze, what a bummer..." The girl mutters to herself, hand on the fence before pulling it back and kicking it hard.

You can feel the vibration in the air coming from the criss-crossed metals, and the sound lingers a bit before fading.

This girl.... you've never personally met but there could be no doubt to her identity. Hakoorei Reimu: Good Grades and a Nice figure, but her pretty face masked a sort of sweet-and-sour personality. She easily climbed the ranks of popularity while the school was at peace... but now...

The school was a battlefield.

To quote that voice ad verbatim, ''The Holy Grail War has just begun''.

And I bet from that stern look on her face she knew it too. It didn't really come to mind before, but we're all enemies now aren't we? Kill or be killed, survival of the strongest. It really hadn't registered in my head before now.

How cruel, that suddenly colleagues and friends would be pit against eachother in a battle royale for survival.

... It's here that you remember that all those school days were a simulation though, but even so...

"Eh? Hey what are you doing over there?" As she turned to me her eyes perk up although upon gaining sight of me they seem to relax a bit "Tch, just an NPC I see, Hey stand still for a bit."

With that she starts to walk towards over towards me, you feel like you've got cement in my shoes at the moment but you're pretty sure its not the affect of any sort of spell or outside source.

"I haven't really had a good look at an NPC yet, let me give you a look over"
before I can respond she starts to give me a pat down, before rubbing her hands against my face "hm.. I see, the skin is so soft and lifelike... and it seems like the body is radiating warmth, although by all means it shouldn't be..." She keeps droning on with her analysis, but suddenly-


Composure DC: 14/20 9/20 20/20

success! 1 crit success!

She's digging her face into your nape, what to do what to do what to do.

Stay calm, Your mind is steel. You're sure this whole affair will be over soon, you're sure once she's satisfied she'll just be on her merry way and you can get back whatever it is you were supposed to be doing.



You won't let the fact that she's patting your back get to you, nor the way she smoothes her hand down to your lower back before gently squeezing your bottom. You're going to ignore the facts feeling up the bottom of your right thigh before doublebacking to your butt and dragging her hand around to your belly.

However, your resolve starts to waver and she lowers her hand from a cursory tummy-rub and starts go downwards

what do!?

[ ] Speak up!
- [ ] No Reimu No!
- [ ] Ahn... please stop
- [ ] Scream
[ ] Steel yourself requires another DC
[ ] Close your eyes and count prime numbers


>**** Terminal Glossary has been updated

I didn't plan this but it just kinda happened while I was writing, what the hell. C-c-could this be the influence of IRC !?
No. 55855
[x] Speak up!
- [x] Ahn... please stop

Reimu is our Rin? Does that mean she's one of two love interests? Fine with me!

That said, this is following eerily close to Extra. As much as I like that game, I hope you aren't going to follow it scene-by-scene.
I'm also curious as to how you'll handle the Arena, but that'll come in due time.
No. 55857

no trip but ill confirm later

this will be on way less rails that f/e but anon has been picking a path very closely to the original despite that.

you also could have ran into either the wakatsukis on a certain bad roll (adding another scene to this update) and possibly a certain other person on the way up. The scene with Yuyuko could have also ended up different depending on your choices, You would have met very different people if you picked another spot but Anon wanted the rooftop so he gets the rooftop scene


I will neither confirm or deny that Reimu is a ''love interest'' but...'

Who said there would only two? there many masters participating in the grail war... with a but a single change in events you could end up facing one or another or stumbling some other battle

tl;dr if you don't want it to be 1:1 to F:E with 2hu you should start picking the options that don't mirror F:E, I'll also honor and non-derpy write-ins Anon can come up with if it comes to that as well.
No. 55858
[X] Speak up!
-[X] Ahn... that feels... good...
No. 55861

I don't expect this option will win, but I can't not vote for this. I imagine Reimu's face would be quite priceless, and the idea of using a servant to defend ourself against perverts is amusing.

Or in other words, I'm a faggot unashamedly voting for what's probably the worst option for no reason other than my own fickle amusement. Depends on how charitable you are, I guess.
No. 55863
Hey man at least you're honest [I can dig that]. No complaining about consequences later though.

Speaking of which,I'm counting that modification of the ahnn vote as a write-in all it's own so its a 3 way tie at the moment for any band-wagoners jumping in

what the hell am I doing browsing this site from my phone I should be asleep
No. 55865
File 138408513289.png- (18.07KB , 400x300 , I totally don't have anything better to do!.png ) [iqdb]

>Hey man at least you're honest [I can dig that].

Well, you know what they say, if all you have is honesty then everyhing begins to look like a...honesty...thing...

...Well, you know what I mean!

>No complaining about consequences later though.

I wouldn't dream of it! Besides what's the worst that can happen? You know, besides giving valuable informaion about our servant to people trying to kill us and possibly getting disqualified and deleted by the system for fucking around with Masters on neutral ground?

>3 way tie

I'm amused by how two of the three options voted for are varying degrees of lulzy and terrible.

>what the hell am I doing browsing this site from my phone I should be asleep

God, I know that feeling. Oh well, I have nothing I need to be doing and sleep is for the weak and the dead anyway. I am in no way biased against sleep because of how painful my dreams are. No siree.

...I should probably stop posting before I get any more incoherent.

...Still not going to sleep though.
No. 55866
[X] Speak up!
-[X] Reimu, please stop. I'm pretty sure you're at least supposed to buy me a drink first.
No fucks given.
No. 55868
[X] Speak up!
-[X] Reimu, please stop. I'm pretty sure you're at least supposed to buy me a drink first.
No. 55869
[X] Speak up!
-[X] Reimu, please stop. I'm pretty sure you're at least supposed to buy me a drink first.
Hey. Buddy. You keep switching between first and second person. Pick one and stick to it.
No. 55872
[X] Speak up!
-[X] Reimu, please stop. I'm pretty sure you're at least supposed to buy me a drink first.

That's a pretty good line, I'll join the bandwagon.
No. 55882
File 138411266086.jpg- (45.56KB , 331x331 , 1365961692484.jpg ) [iqdb]
this is me

Called for asking for drinks, update maybe in the afternoon, for sure by the evening.

> I had more than one slip of 'I' over 'you'
Thanks for the catch.

Who the hell do I think I am? Edgar Allan fucking Poe? I'll have to be a bit more careful at the future regardless of time of writing.
No. 55910
File 138415278331.png- (128.39KB , 244x322 , Well-Someones-Mad.png ) [iqdb]
"They sure went all out on these models, didn't they? I wonder if they even got the parts down there right" The hand is dangerously close to your crotch, You don't think you can take this anymore. You mentioned she was doing this entirely with a seriously look on her face too right? You need to speak up, else you lose the chance entirely.

Still, you've heard legends about Reimu hair-trigger temper.
Even if they were were fabricated memories you think you'll play it safe here. You take a breath in from your nose and put your best straight face on.

"Hey. Reimu."

Her eyes are wide, you're not on the floor yet. So far so good.

"Please stop, I'm pretty sure you're at least supposed to buy me a drink first before giving a thorough examination of my body." you gave this statement with a completely monotone voice to the best of your abilities pretty sure you had to hold back a stutter too

You don't think you've ever seen someone back up so quickly. It was like a running start, but it reverse, and with jumping backwards as opposed to kicking forward at a low posture.

But details.

"What the hell! You should have spoke up earlier dammit! And in the first place it's your fault for having such a generic and blank looking face!" Ah there's the famous anger point. You'd almost think it was charming too if not for the fact you'd have to off each other at some point.

Wait did she just say you were asking for it? Wow, it's like you're really a rape victim now.

"AND YOU. YOU'RE THE LAST PERSON I WANNA BE CALLED A PERVERT BY YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING SERVANT." She's... yelling at the air? Waving some really pointy looking sticks she's holding up too. Where did she even pull those from? Are those acupuncture needles you've been hearing so much about lately?

" You've found yourself some interesting company I see. " Saber's voice is accompanied by that distinct of crack of glass, and lo and behold, she's right at your side " For a second there, I thought you were gonna scream rape and call for me at the top of your lungs. Good self-control, if you did that I'd have to scold you. Though, I wouldn't blame you, I've been in a similar situation before."

No comment, Can we just forget this ever happened and go on. Business as usual.

"Yes, let's." Reimu replied, but you're pretty certain you didn't say that out loud! "The look on your face says it all. My business is done here, so you can stare at the fake sky and waste your time lounging here all you want, Later." She starts to walk past me downstairs. Although you can feel the steam coming out of her ears and nostrils, you've suddenly got an urge to stop her.


[ ] You stop call out to Reimu and...
--[ ] Can you explain some things to me?
----[ ] Cite your Amnesia, she might be more forthcoming.
----[ ] Don't cite your Amnesia, you haven't even told Saber yet.
--[ ] I'm holding you to a favor for that.
--[ ] An Eye for an Eye, I want to feel your body too

  if not

You'll let her on to her business and..

[ ] Get a good look of the view up here, you might notice something.
[ ] Search around, maybe Reimu missed something
[ ] There doesn't seem to be anything of note up here, lets go to...
  [ ] Hallway
  [ ] Library
  [ ] Your homeroom
  [-] Rooftop You're here right now dummy.
  [ ] Garden
  [ ] Front of School
  [ ] Janitor's Closet
  [ ] Write-In

Man this came out a lot worse than what I was pre-writing in my head at morning but whattya gonna do.
No. 55916
[X] Call out to Reimu
-[X] You know, you're pretty cute for a groper. Don't forget, you owe me a drink for that.
No. 55917
[x] You stop call out to Reimu and...
--[x] I'm holding you to a favor for that.
No. 55924
[X] Call out to Reimu
-[X] You know, you're pretty cute for a groper. Don't forget, you owe me a drink for that.
Heh, she owes us and she knows it, no need to make it formal: it might piss her off
No. 55927
[X] Call out to Reimu
-[X] You know, you're pretty cute for a groper. Don't forget, you owe me a drink for that.

>Heh, she owes us and she knows it, no need to make it formal: it might piss her off

Yea, that's a better idea indeed.
No. 55930
[X] Call out to Reimu
-[X] You know, you're pretty cute for a groper. Don't forget, you owe me a drink for that.
No. 55931
[X] Call out to Reimu
-[X] You know, you're pretty cute for a groper. Don't forget, you owe me a drink for that.

Yeah okay, I'm fine with this.
No. 55936
File 138422497782.png- (78.70KB , 416x301 , Take Responsability For Your Actions Anon.png ) [iqdb]
Yeah no way you’re letting her off scot free after that. Unsure if the feeling from embarrassment or anger, or if it just seemed like a good excuse to squeeze out a favor you blurt the first thing that comes out of your head.


Reimu turned around, looking a bit confused.

“You’re.. pretty cute for a groper.” You make the best effort you can to keep eye contact with her. “Don’t forget, you owe me a drink for that” you let her know, you go you. Immediately you feel incredibly satisfied with how you handled that. Going for the casual approach was a pretty good idea if you say so yourself. The stunned look on her face means you did something right.


But suddenly, Reimu disappears from your vision, and you hear the tapping of loafers on concrete. You hypothesize that she may have gotten embarrassed and ran away, but the fact that the tapping is getting louder seems shoot down that theory immediately.

The last thing you see before you’re knocked out cold is the sight of two brown soles directly in your face.


> > > Afternoon

When you come to you've got this really chilly sensation on your forehead. An Ice pack? You open your eyes and it seems like you’re in the Infirmary again.

“Weren't you just discharged this morning?” you turn your head right and Yuyuko’s face is right there.

“uhhhhh yes?” No need to lie.
“I see. In the future, you should be more careful, I believe Miss Hakoorei found you out cold on the rooftop with a large lump on your forehead and a bloodied nose. T.H.P.’s records show that the system was not responsible for this incident. Had a less benevolent enemy master found you I believe we would not be having this conversation right now.” After relaying the situation on me, she removes the coldpack from my head “It seems that the swelling has gone away, Normally procedure would recommend you rest for a bit but It seems you haven’t paid the proctor AI Rinnosuke a visit yet. Failure to do so before the elimination rounds are seeded could result in disqualification, so I will ignore the procedure in the case of this incident. I believe he is still located in the first floor hallway.”

“I see… thank you Yuyuko, I’m guessing you were the one who took care of me as well, do you know where Reimu went?” You’re guessing if she took the consideration to bring you down here after dropkicking you in the face she couldn't be that far.

Your caretaker tilts her head on one side and replies “ Miss Hakoorei left immediately after leaving you in my care. No thanks are necessary for your rehabilitation. I am simply fulfilling my duties as a custodial AI” Stone cold you guess, although you might have seen her cheeks redden for a second… nah it must have been your imagination.

Well, what now?

[ ] Go directly to Rinnosuke; do not pass go, do not collect $200.
[ ] Nah I think instead I’ll go to the...
  [ ] Hallway
  [ ] Library
  [ ] Your homeroom
  [ ] Rooftop again
  [ ] Garden
  [ ] Front of School
  [ ] Janitor's Closet
  [ ] Write-In
  -- [ ]Look for Reimu?
[ ] Write-In

{You sure are a smooth operator}

Shut-Up Saber

I wonder why it feels easier to write on weekdays.

I hope I didn't waste my time with the image-trick.
No. 55937
[x] Go directly to Rinnosuke; do not pass go, do not collect $200.
No. 55951
[x] Go directly to Rinnosuke; do not pass go, do not collect $200.

I didn't vote for it, but if I had, I'd consider it totally worth it.
No. 55952
[X] Go directly to Rinnosuke; do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Oh yeah that was totally worth it.
No. 55953
Damn, shot down hard, huh? Welp, only one thing for it.
[X] Get drunk, complain to anyone who'll listen about how women, they don't make no sense.
No. 56002
File 138432956453.jpg- (150.51KB , 850x897 , Your Resident Proctor and Overseer.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well huh, disqualification in this sort of competition probably means death so hmmmm.

Right, you should probably see this Rinnosuke fellow then. You have no reason to believe that these AIs just stand around all day doing their duties. You’re pretty sure even jobs being ran by a computer system don’t run 24/7. You hop out from under the covers and into your shoes, gotta go fast if you wanna catch him before evening right?

“Ah I had almost forgotten” /*Actually it’s the author that forgot*/ Yuyuko grabs my shoulder before I can open the door “Miss Hakoorei left you this, I have been requested to leave it in your custody after you have awakened.” She then hands me a red/white envelope with a ying-yang sticker acting as the seal. “ She had also requested you be aware that you are to open it somewhere private, so I advise against opening it at this time.” With that she politely bows and scurries back to her desk.

“Ah, thanks Yuyuko.” You stuff the envelope in your「Inventory」. It’ll be nice and safe there.

“Again, I am only doing my duties as a custodial AI, It is unnecessary for you to show gratitude to me”

You step out of the door and turn your heel towards the hallway. You’re not sure if it was your imagination or not, but.

“... but you are welcome.”

You’re sure that you didn’t imagine those words as you step down the hallway.

> Your Inventory has been updated!

Encounter Roll: 12/20, pass.

You didn’t really notice it before but your face sure feels sore. Because of that show of force Reimu put on you’re wondering if she doesn’t actually bat for the other team or not. Man. You’d have the urge to drown your sorrows in drink in the cafeteria but she left you something so it might not be all that bad.

Wait a second.

Cafeteria? That’s right! This school had a 「Cafeteria」 in the basement floor. You make a mental note to check out it later.

> Cafeteria added to list of travelable locations

. . . You know seeing that your memories of school life aren’t all gone it’s kinda worrying the Cafeteria’s existence didn’t occur to you this morning. You could have gotten some breakfast! When was the last time you had eggs and bacon anyway-


Well, your fault for not looking where you’re going, you take the hand of the guy you bumped into [At least you’re pretty sure it’s a guy, these hands are massive] and look up.

Glasses, White Hair, Black and Blue kimono-thing. His face looks a big rugged and tired, but I suppose if you had to meet with a large number of people who had to eventually kill each other all day you’d be tired too. Although…. Now that you’re standing up straight and got a better look at him he’s not that bad actually…. wait is that a huge brown fanny pack hanging above his crotch?
Wow, you’ll definitely be taking that statement back now.

“Are you done staring participant? I do believe time is of the essence for you. It means no difference to me if you are deleted at the end of the day” His words snap me to attention.

Yessir what can you do for me.

“.. Now that I have your attention. Here is your passkey to your 「private room」. This
「private key」 is bounded to your soul. It will only permit you and your servant to access this room. However, although it won’t open for anyone else; You will still be unable to enter without this key, so I do advise against… allowing it to be misplaced. “ He pauses to adjust his glasses, Were they even falling in the first place? “ Now, onto the rules…. hrmph, I suppose I have to do that also before explaining…” He mutters something under his breath, this really is the equivalent of a magical DMV for these AIs isn’t it? He unbuttons his fanny pack and…

takes a piece of paper out?

“. . . Congratulations… you have been deemed worthy to be a participant in the holy grail war.. pause here… I am the proctor AI assigned to supervising the Holy Grail War … Rinnosuke Morichika … smile here … but you can call me Mister Kourin “ . . . didn’t he just say he was an AI? What’s with this nonchalant attitude? “.. bah curse this worthless drivel” He then proceeds to rip his script in front of my eyes and stuffs it somewhere inside his kimono.

“Anyways, you’re now qualified to enter the Arena, alongside all other 127 of you magi running around. As you should know, this war is being ran as a single elimination tournament, with the Grail being given to the last master standing.” He clicks his tongue “ .. To put it bluntly, that means this whole charade will go on until you all kill each other and there’s one man left standing. It’s so easy even a fifth-grade child should be to understand it.” Oh god he’s taking his glasses off.

I bet he’s going to start wiping it with a cloth now while he explains too. Yup. There it is.

“Now unto the rules. After you are seeded with your opponent, both of you are allotted a period of six days to prepare for the elimination battle. Obviously, this means the elimination battle takes place on the seventh day. I’d advise you to make the most of your time, If two participants of even strength battle each other, More often than not the master who has prepared more comes up on top. Moving on: During an elimination battle you and your opponent are placed into an open space and are made to do battle. Once two people enter the ceremonial battleground…. well only one ends up leaving.” It looks like he’s done wiping down his specs. He fiddles with them again before putting them on with one hand.

“And that's all I have to say about the rules of the Holy Grail War. If you’ve got any questions you may ask now. The right to ask about the rules extends to all masters participating in the war…. is what I would say but It seems I’m off duty now. “ What “... don’t look at me like that, It’s not my fault this asinine system programmed me full of bugs like this unlike that Saigyouji girl. AI’s need to maintain themselves as well.” You can’t shirk off your duties like that! This is your job! I demand to see the manager!

“Tch” He even has the gall to tut. “Fine, if you keep quiet I’ll give you this” He rummages through his fanny pack again. Do I even want something that’s been in there? He better not ask me to stick my hand in there I’ve seen this trick bef-

“I assure you I wouldn’t do something as vulgar as that. Here, take it” He hands me about 10 sheets of paper stapled together by the top corner. Is this supposed to be a pamphlet?

‘The Holy Grail War and You!: A Primer’

… Why didn’t he just give this to me in the beginning?

“... T.H.P. would much rather do things the off the system it has been based upon I suppose. Call it sentimentality I suppose. No. Traditionalism. Either way my request to simply hand these at the start of these wars has been vetoed. A damn shame at that. What you hold in your hands is one of the first batch of beta-copies produced” The way he’s explaining it sounds really bitter. Could it be that he put a lot of time and effort into this just to be shot down? That’s kinda….

“Now if you excuse me I’ve got to get going, lest I error out and make a mess of the war before it even begins. Opponents should be seeded tomorrow so be sure to check the Bulletin board by the Second Floor Staircase in the morning.” With that he’s turns around and leaves.

You’re not sure if you like the guy running the show. He must have been doing this for a long time if he’s that disgruntled. Can AIs even quit their jobs? Why would you even program an AI that hates their job? Is this some kind of sick joke by the people behind the curtains?

You shake your head, No need to go down that tangent. It seems like you got a bit of time before Evening, Should you mosy on down to check your room or what?

Look take a look at the key he gave you… It seems like it’s room…

[ ] Write-In
> a-b Where a is any numeral between 1 and 3 and b is any letter between A-G
[ ] Roll for it, I’ll use random.org for it because I don’t really have a 1d3 nor a 1d7

With that knowledge in mind I’ll go to the…
  [ ] My Private Room.
  [ ] Hallway (specify floor, currently F1)
  [ ] Library
  [ ] Your homeroom
  [ ] Rooftop again
  [ ] Garden
  [ ] Front of School
  [ ] Janitor's Closet
  [ ] Cafeteria
  [ ] Write-In
  -- [ ]Look for Reimu?

> Glossary has been updated
> Your Terminal has been updated http://pastebin.com/BdJismrV

I only really get votes enough to update once a day so I might as well take this long to do it. Seeing all the typos in the last couple of posts reallllllly got on my nerves while re-reading.
No. 56003
... for what?
... for what?

[x] Private Room
Training time with Saber.

Also, so many run-on sentences. More punctuation, please.
No. 56004
[X] My Private Room.
No. 56009
> ... for what?

Sorry if it wasn't clear, You're writing or rolling for the Room's location. There might be tables for what kind of decor you get depending on what you pick, maybe

As stated the first part [a] has to be a number between 1 and 3. The part [b] would be any letter from A to G.

> Also, so many run-on sentences. More punctuation, please.

Noted. I'm pretty less-than stellar at this (which has been keeping me from ever starting a story here to begin with), so It's all a learning experience!
No. 56011
>There might be tables for what kind of decor you get depending on what you pick, maybe
How about posting them, so we have some actual reason to choose one over the other?
No. 56013
But that's no fun, although I understand if you guys don't appreciate the illusion of choice here.

If you guys don't really care I'm just going to roll for it, But keep in mind that the floor of your room could mean the difference between having to slip inside your room or having to jump into the Arena. So there IS a reason to pick for it other than interior. I've already decided on floors for the other named Masters that matter as well so neighbor relations is a thing as well.

No. 56014
Yeah when we have to choose a number at random we don't consider it a choice. And the rewards don't matter because it's all random.
Just roll it next time.

Because references are fun.
No. 56022
>I understand if you guys don't appreciate the illusion of choice here
No. There is no illusion of choice here. We have two bland, blind options (room number and next destination) and no information about either with which to make a decision. While you're at it, you might as well roll for both choices, not just the room number; it would be just as meaningful a decision.

On top of that, there's no real feeling of engagement with the protagonist. She doesn't have any personality or history, so we have nothing to ground consensus on in order to play her in-character, which leads to "lulzy and terrible" decisions. It's not just that she's amnesiac: >>/th/174264 shows that an amnesiac character can be done well. It's that she's amnesiac and there's no depth to her thoughts or emotions and you're already determining her reactions based on dice rolls. She's less of a protagonist and more of a pinball, bouncing blindly from unpredictable event to unpredictable event. There's just no there there. (And I partly blame you trying to have your cake and eat it too with the "John Doe? Jane Doe?" bit.)

Finally, the constant grammar and formatting errors and inconsistencies are off-putting. I recognize that your native language is not English, but even that's no excuse for some of these formatting problems.

>I only really get votes enough to update once a day so I might as well take this long to do it.
Welcome to THP. Once-a-day updates are considered fast here.
No. 56035
File 138440972860.png- (148.85KB , 323x325 , cant-escape-the-carry.png ) [iqdb]
It’s Room 3G. Cellphones, huh. You’re pretty sure you had one of those on the outside at least, so the joke is not lost on you.

Truth be told, you’re looking pretty forward a safe haven right about now. You’ve been internalizing it, but the thought of death looming around everywhere this corner has you on edge.

Running to and fro throughout the building avoiding the other masters, You’d like very much to avoid interacting with anything with a sliver of chance to kill you. The rules being explained throws a wrench in this though. You were hoping Saber was wrong about the whole tournament but after the Proctor confirmed it… Yeah it doesn’t look like running and hiding is going to be an option anymore.

On top of that you don’t know if you have any survival skills. Did this person even have any survival skills? Even if you get to remembering your survival skills will this body even be capable of using them? Looking back to that… thing that happened before you summoned saber… What are the chances of that person resurfacing? Are you just going to be booted out or what? If you get booted, what happens to you?

Death scares you to the bone, but the thought of simply existing. Existing without contact. Without anything. It’d be akin to an author penning up a quest for a hero, and in the middle of their character development, simply stopping. Forever left to rot on their lonesome.

I… You… you think you’re going to be sick…..

“*sigh* what a troublesome master… That girl must have hit you pretty hard, we’re not even the second floor yet.” You turn on your side to look at your Servant, it seems she’s kneeling down to talk to you eye-to-eye. When did you get the floor…?

“Let’s not worry about the details” Her cold fingers touch your forehead… before flicking them hard. “Within just 24 hours you’ve managed to pass out twice, aggravated a rival master, and nearly gotten yourself disqualified due to negligence. Let’s not add developing a fever on top of that shall we? Up we go-” And then she scooped me into her arms.

“It stings Saber! My forehead. My Confidence. And now even my pride! Aaaaaaaa just take me to the room on the top left corner of this building, you good for nothing servant.” You hide your face behind your hands. You’re really getting carried like some second-rate princess. You’re glad there’s no one around to see this. Else you’d want to dig yourself into a hole and hide in it.

“You’re actually more like a 5-month old babe than a princess. My good for nothing master~” This Servant of yours..!

No. 56039
[X] Come clean, this ain't your body, and you're not even sure of who you are. 
No. 56040
File 13844212012.png- (1.26MB , 1000x602 , wow-such-room.png ) [iqdb]
When you finally get to your destination she lets you down and helps you stand upright. You’ll have the dignity of at least opening the door standing upright. She’s not too much of a bully I guess. In any case, her teasing took your mind off that.

“I didn’t really mean it when I called you a good for nothing servant alright.” If I’m remembering right… Room 3-G was the computer room. You fiddle with the handle without inserting the key and oddly enough: It opens.

Rows upon rows of desktops, with a huge projector screen in the end of the room. Uh… there doesn’t seem anything special about this room…

“Did you already forget? You’re supposed to insert the key first to gain access to the private part of the room” Saber quips in. “Or perhaps we’ll be adding ‘forgetful of directions’ to your Master-Resume now?”

Of course you knew that. Slamming the door shut you pull the key out of pocket. This private key.. will it really open a different room when you jam it in? Only one way to find out.

As soon as you insert the dang thing it starts to turn on it’s own. Like veins, faint lights start to illuminate the computer lab door. There are dotted LEDs bouncing up around on the surface too.
The keyhole continues to whirl for a couple of moments, like an old workstation trying to fire itself up again.

It stops.

The door shifts to the side like a sliding room door. Actually, it’d be more accurate to describe it like something out of a spaceship. It even made that shhhhhhnk sound they make in the shows…!

But what really amazes you is the fact that all you can see through the door is white. Just bright white light that is somehow not blinding you. Are they expecting your to walk right into this…?

Swallowing your apprehension, you step into the light.

At the back of your head, you ignore how this is might be a euphemism for death.


“Huh, not too shabby. I was expecting a classroom for some reason….” Saber starts to inspect our ramshackle abode. It’s got a bed, a nightstand, some drawers, and a looooot of boxes laying around. It’s about the perfect size for a single person, but you’re pretty sure you’re going to have to be sharing…

“It doesn’t seem like the boxes are empty, but I can’t slice them open.” It seems she’s already rummaging into the contents of our room. “Nightstand and Drawers are empty too, Master.” Is that so, You’d almost be disappointed if you knew anything about your interests and whatnot.

At least the window view is pretty nice… Starry Skies huh? Upon closer inspection those stars are actually asterisks…. really? Your attention turns to the condition of the room. Cracks are all over the floors, ceiling, and walls. You’re pretty sure you spy with your little eye a lone cobweb in the corner. Deciding not to call it to attention the spooky and abandoned motif speaks to you a little You lay yourself onto the bed.

There's a wave of relief going right through your entire body. If you understood everything, this is the one place you'll be completely safe during the war. Don't have to think about blind spots, vantage points, or having to keep your ears pricked for the slightest alarm. In fact, if the security is good as they say it is you'll be able to go to sleep with two eyes closed instead of the usual fare!... it feels like it's been a long time since you've been able to do that. Don't have to worry about anyone getting the jump on you... anyone... Right. You're not alone here. You sit up straight and scan the room for your Servant.

It seems Saber is content to lean on the wall in front of you for now. Her eyes are closed but you can tell she’s not actually napping or anything. She’s waiting for you to say something.

> So Miss Nanami, have you got anything you’d like to say to Saber?
> Write-In


I'll just address this here.

I recognize a bunch of these problems, and am entirely to blame.

> not consulting a proofer.
> taking the not-tie as is. [and the myriad of bad decisions with that]
> deciding to write, as terrible as I am technically.
> just generally fumbling all over with how I'm handling certain parts [see: even rolling to begin with]

I've got really no excuse for typos and general shit writing the whole thread and that's fine if you don't want to go through this drivel. I'd like to thank you for bringing it up to me in-thread though. I can self-doubt and be unsatisfied with things after the fact all I want. But it doesn't really hit you until someone straight up tells you you're shit. In spite of all this, I really want to finish the story though. So I'm just going to keep struggling along and hope I'll reach a quality bump somewhere. I appreciate your time if you're dropping it at this point and even more if you continue to read in spite of everything else.

tl;dr thanks for being a critic, it really helps.

My first language was taglish but I'm still ashamed.

I fucked up so this is actually the first vote
No. 56042
[X] Come clean, this ain't your body, and you're not even sure of who you are.
Not that guy, but I wouldn't say you're shit. You could be better, certainly, but there are far worse writers out there. Many of them are even published!
Could use some more line breaks, though, and you need to watch out for redundant or superfluous statements. If they don't add anything to the story (scene, character, plot etc) then cut them out.
No. 56048
[X] Come clean, this ain't your body, and you're not even sure of who you are.

At least he/she/it has a godo reason for his/her/its confusion
No. 56063
File 138450151525.jpg- (107.30KB , 540x720 , its raining.jpg ) [iqdb]
Right. Now seems like a good time as ever to come to terms with that. You’re not too deeply invested in this Grail War business but…

You feel as if strengthening the bond between Master and Servant will be key to surviving this holy war.

That means you’ve got to try to build a bridge between the both of you. No secrets. She can hold onto hers as long as she likes until the right time. But for you: The right time is now.

“Saber… We’ve got to talk about something” First step is always the hardest, those words are barely crawling out of your mouth.

“Is that so? Do go on then.” She takes the bait quick enough. Excellent. She’s pulling a few boxes over to sit-on as well so she know’s this is going to take a while.

“Righto.. . Anyways, you remember how I said I knew nothing about the Grail War. Back in the Infirmary that is.” Lets lead into this slowly.

“Yes …? I don’t see why you’re bring that up now, I’ve told you all I know, you should be able to go over that document that man gave you if wanted to know more…” She’s cupping her hand with her mouth now, as if trying to guess my angle.

Ok. Bombshell one loading.

“About that. I wouldn’t say the Grail War is the only thing I’m ignorant about. My memories. My identity.. I-”

“Don’t tell me. Amnesia right?” She cuts in. W-w-what, she already knew? “By your reaction I guess I’m right. Left for dead in unknown territory with nothing but knowledge to your name and the general lay of the ‘normal’ land, Do I have it right?”

That’s disturbingly on the mark, how’d you know?

“Well, when a Servant excuses themselves from their Master it’s more accurate to say they’re hiding. Not to say that it is equivalent to presence concealment skill of the assassin class, others will still feel our presence. It’s a bit akin to a leaving a Machine on standby. Invisible. Silent. Ready to go at a moments notice. Other Masters will not see us or hear us unless we are ordered to reveal ourselves. So it’s not as my ears will stop working. You mentioned to the Custodial AI that your… yes your ‘memory restoration has failed’.”

As she explains herself you can’t help but notice the transparent look on her face. It’s the kind of look you see on old people when they see the young repeat the same mistakes as the past. You wonder if she’s had an experience with something like this before.

“Well, I was waiting until you said something yourself to comment on it. Waiting until we’ve got a secure location I see… For all your faults at least I have a level-headed Master” She purses her lips “ Or maybe the paranoia of someone listening in makes you something more cowardly. Hmm”

Ouch, that hurts. You’ve really taken a hit to your non-existant ego. That went well enough though. But.

How will she respond to this one?

“That’s not all though. There is one more thing I must tell you that relates to this. Before you appeared to me the other day.” Maybe it’s the way she cut you off last time eating at you, but all your hesitation has been cut away.

“This body. I’m sure of it. It doesn’t belong to me. It’s not a matter of being assigned a default appearance by the system either. I’m one-hundred percent sure that I’ve somehow stolen someone’s physical shell.” You can’t leave any room for misunderstanding. There’s no turning back now.

For a second, you almost thought you saw her eyes got wide, But only just.

“As such, I’m not sure of anything. Who is Kaoru Nanami anyway? Is that me? Is that her? These feelings and clouded memories. Who do they belong to? Me? Her? The fear of impending death. Is that this body’s habits seeping into me… ? And what of the Future? Whose skills will manifest? Whose memories? Will she take back this body? Even if she does not, What will happen to me? Just by the removal of these memories I’m a different person now, so Kaoru Nanami returns to surface I-”

You’re choking now. There’s an odd wetness going down the side of your face. I’m not crying, I’m not. I’m not I’m not I’m not I’m not I’m not I’m not.

You can’t see anything now. All of sudden you feel very warm.

You’re pretty sure Saber lent you her chest to lay in.

It’s a bit bony and hard... but It’ll have to do.


Second half will come tomorrow, I feel a bit under the weather so turning in for the night. Your talk with Saber isn't over yet.

there's something about this pacing that feels off or too fast but I can't just figure out why...
No. 56070
Alright it's good we get this off our chest before the fight for our life.

But what about his/her/its personality? Should we be bloodthirsty, cowardly or reckless?
No. 56079
>You’re pretty sure Saber lent you her chest to lay in. It’s a bit bony and hard... but It’ll have to do.

...Well at least our servant isn't Satori. Shit be awkward yo.
No. 56108
File 138458783979.jpg- (1.59MB , 1600x1250 , NOT THE RIGHT TYPE OF SWORD BUT CLOSE ENOUGH.jpg ) [iqdb]
Not sure how long that taked.

Saber has gone back to sitting on her makeshift throne of boxes. You think she’s waiting for you to compose yourself completely. She kinda looks like she has something to say...

“Ahh.. Saber-”

“Alright, let me give you a few pieces of information.” She has a stern look on her face, you think you should probably pay attention.

“For an all-out battle royale such as this, conviction is important. As such we doubting your identity is a tantamount to self-destruction in this sort of situation. I’m not just saying this either: This is speaking from experience.” With that, she stands straight up from her seat.

“ 1. For now, take everything about yourself at face-value. You’re a girl right now, so might as well start acting as one. Any skills we jog from your muscle-memory can be catalogued later.

 2. With that in mind, unless it feels distinctly not yours (You’ll definitely know if it’s not). Assume all memories and visions of your past self belong to you. This is actually something I read in a book but… In this situation it’s probably good advice.

 3. There is a very high possibility that neither the you from before nor the person this body belongs to will re-manifest. You are the person you are right now. To chase the mystery of the past is good and all, but you must lay your past selves to rest…. If it comes down to it: I’ll be there during your final moments as you. I owe you that much as a Servant.”

You’re pretty sure you’ve realized it before, but It’s now solidified in your mind that your Servant has earned the title of Heroic Spirit. She said servants were but Legendary Souls from years past, but such a title doesn’t seem fitting. Was she a defender of justice in her own tale?

“ . . . Probably not. We can talk about that on a later date. For now we’ve got to come to a decision on what to do for the remainder of the night. Even with those injuries, You’ve still got Hakoorei’s Letter and that Grail War Pamphlet right? Barring that, you could probably meditate for a bit, You might be able to find something about yourself. Finally, we could always pay a visit to the library or anywhere else in this building.. I’d advise against it though, with less people out there it’s probably quite easy for someone to get the jump on you. As you are right now, we don’t stand a chance to a surprise attack like that.”

Okay, that sounds reasonable. Right now, you’ve got to pave a path to the future. The fool’s journey begins now. But that being said. . . Where to start?

> Pick two

[ ] Might as well get to opening that letter Reimu left you
-- [ ] Carefully go through it deciphering for hidden messages and such

[ ] Leaf through that pamphlet Rinnosuke gave you, by the way he acted you’re sure you have the only copy
-- [ ] Read through it thoroughly and commit it to memory, this could mean life or death on the battlefield.

[ ] Meditate a bit, You might find out something useful. If anything, it’ll further help you steel your nerves.
-- [ ] Devote all your time to meditation, The documents can wait another day.

> Free Action (optional)

[ ] Discuss something with Saber?

Pick 1

[ ] Reimu
[ ] Rinnosuke
[ ] ??????
[ ] ?????
[ ] ??????
[ ] ??? ????
[ ] Saber


After 3 years they finally block THP on my company's firewall. It was good while it lasted.

That's up to you Anon!

Its worth noting if you had picked Archer, The MC would have gotten over their identity crisis pretty quickly but instead their fear of death would have been more pronounced.

No. 56110
[x] Might as well get to opening that letter Reimu left you

[x] Leaf through that pamphlet Rinnosuke gave you, by the way he acted you’re sure you have the only copy

[x] Saber
No. 56125
[X] Might as well get to opening that letter Reimu left you

[X] Leaf through that pamphlet Rinnosuke gave you, by the way he acted you’re sure you have the only copy

[X] Reimu
No. 56128
X] Might as well get to opening that letter Reimu left you

[X] Leaf through that pamphlet Rinnosuke gave you, by the way he acted like you have the only copy

[X] Reimu
Well, this' a start
No. 56132
[x] Might as well get to opening that letter Reimu left you

[x] Leaf through that pamphlet Rinnosuke gave you, by the way he acted you’re sure you have the only copy


Servant bonding~
No. 56135
[x] Leaf through that pamphlet Rinnosuke gave you, by the way he acted you’re sure you have the only copy
-- [x] Read through it thoroughly and commit it to memory, this could mean life or death on the battlefield.

[x] Saber
No. 56173
vote called for going through both the letter and the pamphlet.

spoiler vote called for saber
No. 56178
File 138467332324.png- (21.43KB , 594x416 , c.png ) [iqdb]
The girl who you angered(?) enough to warrant a drop kick to the face.

Hakoorei Reimu… before going into your war study, you decide it’s probably a good idea to give her letter a look over. It’s only at most, one to two pages from the thickness of it.

Shouldn’t take too long right?

Reaching into my Inventory, I take out the letter and carefully unseal it. You never know if she could be one of those crazies that write hidden messages inside the envelope or something.

To her credit, she isn’t. Onto the the letter then:


To whom it may concern

I’m not apologizing. But you sure did surprise me.
Not many are left breathing after being hit by a kick like that you know.

Really though, I can’t risk the T.H.P. penalizing me. So I kept you alive.
Ordinarily, I would have just left you to die to the next person but ugh.

Oh, speaking of which, You wanted to talk shop right? Talking over Drinks.
Masters in this war don’t really have a lot of room for alliances you know.

2ndly, I can’t really discuss anything that could compromise my chances.
But, I’m pretty sure you already realized that. If you’re alright with all of

That, you can meet me in the Cafeteria, You know where that is right?
It’s in the basement floor.
Not really my cup of tea, but there’s not a less conspicuous place to meet
Knowledge is power in a competition like this.
Even more important when the stakes are death.
Remember! Cafeteria, Basement, This offer is good for only a week too.

PS. I’m not going to be waiting for you, Attached in this envelope is a sticker you can slap on any old table down there, In the Morning or the Afternoon I’ll come right on over at my earliest convenience. No less than 5 minutes, no more than half an hour alright? so be patient.


.. .. You can’t put your foot on it, but something seems awfully strange about this letter.

The syntax and spacing is weird. For someone who was considered an honors student back during the preliminaries, you can’t help but think her writing would be better than this..

You can’t really spend the rest of your night diving into the implications if you want to go through Rinnosuke’s pamphlet though. Following the instructions on the letter, you indeed find a rectangular sticker inside the envelope. It’s almost as wide as the folded letter itself. You can’t fathom how you managed to look over it while opening her letter.


you can still take advantage if you figured it out.

heres hoping that formatting doesn't mess up

No. 56180
>heres hoping that formatting doesn't mess up
If you tried to leave whitespace at the start of lines like I assume you did, then yes, it did mess up. You need to use alternative space characters for that.
You could try using pastebin.
No. 56181
No. 56182
File 138467800171.png- (175.46KB , 500x400 , Dont try this at home kids.png ) [iqdb]
Setting aside the letter (and other contents) in your inventory, you pull out the “Grail War Guide”.

Saber has been pretty quiet after that speech she gave you, You vaguely wonder if she’s been giving you the cold shoulder for bringing up some bad memories... until you turn around.

It seems she’s already fallen asleep on the bed. That face of hers seems a whole lot more tender than when she’s up and at ‘em. How cute.

Well you don’t blame for turning in for the night. She must pretty exhausted after lifting you up some stairs and giving you a rousing tirade. But because of that you don’t really feel like falling asleep either.

Which is a good thing. That boxseat of hers is a little uncomfy, whereas those sheets look exactly like the comfy you’re searching for! Can’t risk falling on your back while reading and waking her up. With how twitchy she is while she’s awake, you can only imagine how fast she’d gut you like fish if you woke her up abruptly.

So, with all of that being said: You creep into the sheets as best as you can and lie flat on your tummy. It seems she took the only pillow, but that’s ok. You lift your chest up and lay your elbows down. You turn the book open.



You think you understand why this “draft” was rejected now.

This isn’t a guide. This isn’t a pamphlet. It’s almost a stretch to even call it legible. all of the letters are packed together and the font is small enough to strain your eyes trying to read it.

You’re really starting to not like that fanny-pack-wearing-good-for-nothing-wannabe-megane of a Proctor. You have half a mind to research how to report him to the system. You’re pretty certain you would have done that even if this was helpful. Some things never change you suppose… wait what?


Well, from what you can make out you've learned a bit of the little nuances of the war. Theory of how the combat system and commands given to your servant can be broken down in a sort of weapons triangle system. (A) beats (B) beats (G) beats (A). Actions that are classified as 「Skills」 transcend the triangle system and follow their own rules. 「Noble Phantasms」 are considered the strongest of these skills and apparently; If your enemy servant’s true name is known to you: You will instinctively know when said Noble Phantasm is both ready to be used and is about to be used.

You don’t know what to make of the former theory, but the bit about Noble Phantasms seems like it’ll come in handy. Although... since he put an emphasis on information during your vocal orientation you don’t doubt that this will be common knowledge by the next round. If it isn’t already. How annoying.

During the week, it seems you need to travel into a dungeon of sorts called an 「Arena」 to find 2 「Access Keys」. The Arena will change each week, and is divided into 2 parts. On days 1-3 the first half will be available and on days 4-6 the second half will be available.

Failure to procure these keys leads to not being able to enter the weekly battleground to fight your opponent. And of course, being absent for that means you’ll probably lose. Which means you’ll probably die.

You twitch a little at that. If you’re going to go you’re going to go out while trying to live dammit! Not while twiddling your thumbs while the reaper gets you dirty from the back!

All of this is only on the first page after opening the book, No table of contents, definitely no appendix at the back. It’s just a jumbled, vaguely organized, dense sea of words and letters. Earth Mr. Morichika! Margins and headers exist for a reason!

Your eyes hurt.

Your head hurts.

You just want to go sleep.

You consider, in spite, to use these... notes and you use that term loosely as your pillow for the night but there's a chance of it being far too valuable down the line for you to risk doing so.

You set the stack of bloody papers on your nightstand and duck your head under the covers. You’re taking a gamble for your comfort, fully aware of the consequences if it fails but after all that effort of studying that thing you don’t care.

Just as bony as it was a couple of hours ago.

But it’s less firm than the mattress
No. 56190
File 138468274531.png- (54.26KB , 299x180 , Untitled-5.png ) [iqdb]

There was a girl in the snow.

Rising from the snow, the girl rose to the land of fantasy.

She pulled her blade from under the icy mound, unwilling to travel unarmed.

The forest surrounding her her, so she traveled towards the lake of mist.

Arriving there she gazed upon the scarlet mansion across the bridge.

“Shelter,” she thought.

So she began her trek along the sleeted bridge but alas-

The girl was met with a snowball to her head.

update with choices and responses when I wake-up
No. 56211
Is she from The Idea of Alice?
No. 56213
No. 56246
File 138476951541.png- (222.77KB , 547x736 , Dubious ''Friend''.png ) [iqdb]

5 more minutes.. ..

Not even bothering to open your eyes, you reach out for the source of the noise somewhere beside you.

Seeing as you were sitting on a fold-up chair and not laying comfortably on a double bed: It only stands to reason that would fall out of your seat onto the




… but at least you found out the beeping was coming from your terminal! It seems like it’s a message from the T.H.P.


To all participants of the Xth Holy Grail War,

The seeding for the first round of of Elimination Battles has been completed!

Please be sure to visit the bulletin board located in the Second Floor Hallway at your earliest convenience.

In addition, maintenance to the Arena has been completed. Starting today, by entering the Janitor’s Closet you will be allowed entrance into the available battlefields.

Please do your best, and please disregard any rumors that the System has been tampered with.
The security of T.H.P.’s Grail War server is unmatched in this current era.

T.H.P. Administration.


That’s good to hear at least. Means that the Grail War has practically started. As you picked yourself up from the floor you notice not only were you not in bed: You weren’t even in your private room to begin with.

It’s the same computer lab from before. The unprotected and ordinary contents of Room 3G. Why didn’t Saber wake you up! In the middle of a battlefield, sleeping in the middle of nowhere you would have been easy pickings. You could have died! No. You could have been captured, interrogated for things you don’t even know and would have lead a painful existence until they put you out of your misery!

“I don’t mean to interrupt your little tantrum, but for your information: I was just figuring out how to cut a few boxes in our room just a few minutes ago. It seems like when you wake-up we’re kicked out of the Private Room?” A likely story. Why would the system feel the need to boot you out of your quarters in the morning?

Unable to keep your curiosity in check you bolt out of the room. As soon as Saber followed you out you inserted the key again and the door opened again.

Same shining white light. You poke your head in and it indeed still is your private room. Just wonderful. You really hope this is just a bug, If you could be zapped in the morning while you’re still groggy that’s extremely mean! You pull the strands of your hair. What a cruel world we live in right now. Where you can possibly be assassinated before you can even get out of your pajamas. Could this be the horrors of war you’ve heard so much about in the past?

“You showed so promise yesterday and this is what happens after a day’s rest?” your servant palms her face “We’ve got much to work on.. .. In any case where should we go Master? It’s your call”

She’s right. We’ve got stuff to do. Where should I go? Should I check for my first round opponent right now? Should I meet up with Reimu in the Cafeteria? I doubt it’s worth my time, but I could bother the Proctor AI too. Theres plenty of places on campus you haven’t checked out as well.

[ ] Lets go down to the Caf-

But before your vote options mind can start deciding you’re startled by the sound of a door slamming open.

“Alright Alright I’m getting out already!”


“Jeeze what an annoying Servant. Ain’t I supposed to the Master around here? What kind of two-bit Servant orders her Master around!” The who came out kicks at the floor, obviously Angry. “And what do you mean I shouldn’t make such a ruckus in the morning while there's people around! The only two people standing in this hallway are me and…”

As she turns her head on it’s side her angry grimace quickly turns into a smirk.

Theres only one person in the world who could be so loud in the morning. If you recall right, she was your seat-neighbor back in the Prelims and.. friend acquaintance. Hinanai Chiko. One of the top dogs back during schooltime. Only bested by Reimu and Toyohime in scholastics. A fact you can distinctly recall hearing again and again. In spite of her talent.. her personality is… special.

Oh god she’s walking towards you.

“Well what do you know, look who made it past prelims,” Not unlike a schoolyard bully, she hangs her arm around your shoulder. It’s extremely uncomfortable but you’re sure she’s just trying to be friendly. “How ya’ likin’ the game so far Nanachi? That cut-off sure was something, We’ve went from what, Nearly a thousand people ta one-twenty-eight? Less than a quarter! What a riot! Tahahahahahaha”

You give her a nervous laugh of your own. Don’t wanna get off on the wrong foot at this time of the morning. You’ve got enough on your plate as it is. Soon the laughter dies down, and unexpectedly, Chiko puts on a wary smile.

“ Although, the rules for this are pretty harsh don’cha think? Having to kick aside fostered friendships this early on? I’m probably the strongest Master around here but even I’m hurting a bit on the inside” Gone as soon as it came, she’s back to her shifty grin once more “But thems the breaks ain’t it? You look like you’ve just had to squeak on by, so this turn of events is pretty bad huh?”

Well I..

“I know what you’re thinking” Before I can even say a word she’s already started. ” But even if I was your friend I can’t really help you. From here on out it’s a real no-mans-land. I’ve got my eyes on the prize, and I know you do too. No hard feelings or nothin’, but this could possibly be the last time we can really talk as friends.” At this, she finally lets go of me and starts walking over to the stairs.

“Best of luck to ya Nanachi. Even though I’d win, It’d be nice if you stuck around long enough for us to be matched up. Taha!” As the turns the corner she raises up a hand “Smell ya later~”

You let out a breath you weren’t even know you were holding. What a bother. I guess you won’t have to worry about getting up in the morning with her around though. As much as she tries, she’s as subtle as a hammer. Although.. going off habits in school might not be the best idea.

She could have easily be playing a foo- No. I’m not having this train of thought this early in the morning. You haven’t even done anything yet. You slap your hands on your cheeks.


“What a polite girl you’re friends with. Well I won’t judge, I’ve picked strange bedfellows myself before.” For a second, Saber looked like she remembered something nice. As soon as she notices you staring she straightens up though. “Well, Where to now?”

 [ ] Everything else can wait until I find out who's out to kill me. To the bulletin board!
 [ ] I should meet up with Reimu at the Cafeteria. I can cash in on my free orange juice and get some breakfast!
 [ ] Lets go bother that proctor. He gave you a bum guide!

 [ ] No, I should go Somewhere else.
  [ ] Hallway (specify floor, currently F3)
  [ ] Library
  [ ] Your old homeroom
  [ ] Rooftop
  [ ] Garden
  [ ] Front of School
  [ ] Janitor's Closet
  [ ] Infirmary
  [ ] Write-In

> Your portable terminal has been updated http://pastebin.com/BdJismrV
> Your glossary has been updated http://pastebin.com/Z8BsmxTf
> Your Inventory has been updated http://pastebin.com/ckLe20i3

I will neither confirm or deny this statement
No. 56260
Huh. Tenshi didn't seem to have the same thing happen to her, judging by her rant, so it looks like this is just us. Probably this has to do with us being in somebody else's body. Wonder whether it's that or the mind that results in us getting booted out. Possibly we should booby-trap the computer lab to prevent ganking.

Don't know extra well enough to vote good here, leaving that up to the rest of you guys.
No. 56261
[X] I should meet up with Reimu at the Cafeteria. I can cash in on my free orange juice and get some breakfast!
No. 56271
Extra only provides the setting and even then it's not exactly a 1:1 [a lot of things carry over, but not all]

Don't worry about not knowing extra enough when voting. This means you really only know as much as Kaoru knows, which is immersive in itself now if only my bad writing didn't break said immersing.
No. 56302
 [o] Everything else can wait until I find out who's out to kill me. To the bulletin board!

No. 56303
[x] I should meet up with Reimu at the Cafeteria. I can cash in on my free orange juice and get some breakfast!
No. 56304
No. 56311
File 138491398952.jpg- (125.73KB , 850x850 , have an archer for your time.jpg ) [iqdb]
Can I get a tiebreaker?

Cafeteria or Bulletin board anon?
No. 56312

No. 56326
File 138493529765.png- (158.88KB , 219x352 , munch-munch.png ) [iqdb]
After having to put up with Chiko your stomach is really feeling it. You’re feeling absolutely parched as well.

You know for a fact this campus has no water fountains, and you’ve never been one to drink water out of the bathroom. That whole spiel about the toilet water being cleaner than the faucet water is pretty gross. . .

As your mind wanders you can almost imagine the smell of the pancakes in the air. Toast with eggs and bacon, orange juice, cereal with milk, steak and sausages. You want it. You want it all right now.

Your mind turns into breakfast and before you know it your legs are already running down the stairs. Run past the old bearded man in the green suit, The blonde girl with the bushy tail, Some headphones kid with a cape. You're pretty sure you haven't seen a single one of these people on campus before but the thoughts leave your head as soon as they enter. You cannot falter in the pursuit of nourishment! Your Gourmands Spirit refuses to allow it!

As you past the second floor you entertain the thought of stopping and checking the board. Knowing the person that is out to kill you would be wise wouldn’t it? But that would just spoil the most important meal of the day! No good, definitely no good.

Besides there’s a huge crowd at the moment. With such a crowd formed at the second floor the Cafeteria’s breakfast lunch must be nonexistent..!That means you'll get first picks! including first picks to the free salad bar! SALAAAAAAAAAAD BAR.



One more flight of stairs.

I have arrived at the culinary holy land.


Within the span of thirty minutes I’ve easily eaten enough for 4 people’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Contents of Kaoru’s Stomach:
6 Eggs (2 portions scrambled, 3 boiled, and 1 over-easy)
9 Strips of Bacon
5 Sausages
3 Stacks of Pancakes
Enough Toast and French Toast for a whole loaf of bread.
6 Servings of Waffles
Various Fruits and Syrups as toppings to said cakes, toast, and waffles.(estimated 9 servings of fruit, estimated sugar consumed [REDACTED])
3 Caesar Salads (35 croutons, you’re almost certain you’ve eaten more of those than spinach leaves..)
5 Cups of Soup (2 minestrone, 2 Chicken Noodle, 1 Clam Chowder, 2 of the former soups being in bread bowls).
Water (too many glasses to count)

This is pretty bad, you’re probably gonna gain lots of wait over this. And to top it off you’re still hungry. Although… aren’t you forgetting something? Was it your wallet? No, everything is free in commemoration of the first day of the war, so that won’t be a problem. Did you forget to include Saber? No.. you were sure you say her picking at some the plates you didn’t get to yet (if anyone else had done that you would have stabbed their grimy thieving hands with your fork & knife, but it was a special day).



You came down here to meet with Reimu didn’t you. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you grabbed a few plates while waiting. In fact, you should grab her a plate before even summoning her in the first place. That in mind, you rush off the foodline once more.

”Who would have known my master was such a glutton, Maybe she’s eating for two? ”


> have to delete thrice and re-post due to fuck-ups

That last 5 minutes pressure sure is something sometimes.
No. 56354
[x] Hush, you. I've never eaten before in my life and I am starving.
No. 56372
File 138501139955.png- (140.18KB , 427x206 , 4-hours-to-find-a-picture-of-Ofuda-like-this_-god_.png ) [iqdb]
As I clean my last plate I really don’t know what came over me. Chiko’s influence cannot be underestimated? Did my body take nutrients from my brain after skipping 3 meals? (Not like there's anywhere else to take nutrients from on this stick of a body). You down another glass of water.

Strange, that all the foods would be free of charge, yet the vending machine will still charge you for a box of juice. At least Reimu won’t will still be spending some cash on your account today. It’d be bad to hold off too long on this favor as it is.

You take the letter out of your inventory and reach into the envelope. You just have to put this sticker onto the table and she’ll come right..? As you set it on the table it glows with a harsh light but soon calms down. You get a few looks from the few people lounging around but they go back to their business after a tense moment.

She said about five minutes to a half hour right? You could get some more food, but you haven’t even put the plates from your previous conquest away yet. As more and more people trickle in you’re sure you’d get a nasty look or two if you had the gall to grab more for yourself while you’re all alone.

“Out of things to do Master? Here I thought you’d be stuffing your mouth all morning. You’ve had ‘it’s all free today so I’ll eat to my hearts content!’ written all over your face the whole time we’ve been down here”

Well, you won’t deny that. But even you have limits when it comes to how much you’re willing to burn the house’s profits. You could go for more rounds if you wanted to! honestly!

“But you won’t, because you shouldn’t. Isn’t that right?” something about the way she said that feels like a thinly veiled threat. You hold your tongue and nod, you can’t really get too deep into a conversation with her now lest you accidentally say her name. “In any case, have you committed that letter to memory or copied it down? I remember you mumbling something about it being strange last night while I was under the sheets. I wouldn’t be surprised if she asked for the letter back or asks you to dispose it so you should take advantage of this time before she comes by.”

She brings up a good point. Scooting over near the wall next to your table you open up your terminal and check the messaging function. Even if you can’t send anything you should be able to save a draft right? You copy the message word for word over, unlike the Grail War Guide the writing is actually perfectly legible and spaced rationally.

Satisfied, you throw both things back into your inventory and close your eyes.

‘’From here on out it’s a real no-mans-land.”

“doubting your identity is a tantamount to self-destruction”
“this whole charade will go on until you all kill each other and there’s one man left standing.”

War is started for real now huh? You’ll need to go up to check your opponent first stat after talking with Reimu. Getting some information out of her is all well and good but it’s not going to do you any well if someone decide to go for your head on campus from the get-go. From the way Reimu worded it in her letter it sounds like there would be consequences but.. you can’t really revive someone after the fact.

You’re not sure yet if getting booted out of your room automatically when you wake-up is unique only to you yet, but to ask about that openly would be leaking some important (and damnable) intel about yourself. If it turns out you are the only one that means you’ve ought to set-up some sort of defense system.

From what Saber told you this morning it seems that you were only booted as soon as you were consciously awake though. If that’s the case it would just be wise to have some of system that gets you wide awake as soon as you can.

Then with Chiko this morning, was she being friendly to be a good sport? Was it because she had something to gain from a friendship? .. would it be to instill doubt in me if we were matched up? Perhaps to get me to open up to her in spite of what she said in some weird form of doublespeak? or Perhaps she wanted me to give up my secrets just to stab me in the back later.


Either way, I’m going have to decide whether or not it’s worthwhile to get to know other masters. But, seeing as most people here came in expecting a war and have their memories back.. . I might have no choice but to take that risk in order to match up. In that case the question turns into who to curry favor from. To make friends in this sort of competition would be dangerous for a variety of reasons, but in a formal working relationship through deals we can keep each-other at arms length. IOUs are risky because of how the nature of elimination battles but deals where payment is up front during the trade will be reliable. Get enough of those and depending on their good will you might be able to get some favors free.

You decide you’ll keep this these thoughts in mind when talking to Reimu today. Maybe even Chiko too. AT THE VERY LEAST you’re going to be seeing her everyday for the next week. Kinda a morbid way to look at it but.. eh.

“Hey you, wake-up” There’s a stinging sensation on your forehead.
“It’s rude to wake people up by flicking their heads you know”
“It’s rude to sleep while waiting for an appointment you know”

Well. She’s got you there.
“So. . .” You’re not gonna let her get weasel her way out of this “Juicebox or two from the vending machine? 100% OJ or Pink Lemons, your pick.”

She rolls her eyes at this, but walks over to the source of drinks without complaint. Holds up her end of the deal at least. From the looks of it it seems like there’s a small line there already, so you’ve got a bit more time to think.

“Oi, Servant of mine: What’s your assessment of that girl?” you shoot a question at Saber. You don’t wanna say or do anything that doesn’t sit right with her. You may the be the Master but being as you are right now, this whole war is going to be a group effort through and through.
There’s the topic of that strange dream too.. but that’ll come later.

“Very guarded for one,” She decides to apparate right on the wall next to me. Could have gave me a heart attack! “Those eyes of hers though. There’s a dreadful determination behind them,
It’s almost like she doesn’t have a wish but… No, pay it no mind. If you’re asking about what you should ask her, well. You know the basics of the world do you not? Hitler was bad, 2 added by 2 is four etcetera etcetera”

Right. Her point?

“Can you recall anything of current politics”


“Well, there’s a start then.”

It never occurred to me before now how absurd the concept of a wish-granting device would be.
Countries would kill for a trump card like this. It could be an ailing state’s counterattack, The last blast needed to snuff out a rebellion, or even a way to spearhead straight into a dominant regime.

In any case it seems like Reimu is back!

She even got you both!

“Here’s your orange drink, lemonades for me.” She tosses the 8-ounce juice box without warning and I almost flubb the catch. What a great start. “So, I’m guessing there’s something you want to know? Just letting you know, unless you make a good case my lips are sealed on anything important.”

Her poker face is solid.

But she obviously showed up for a reason, So either she has a sense of honor or is curious enough to find out what kind of person I am.

Or she knows she I have something that could be useful to her. Seems like that is an option here.

[X] Write in
> What do you ask Reimu?


As a warning any come-ons or stupid questions might not be the best idea.
No. 56373
[x] Is there a second basement here?
No. 56378
[o] Is there a second basement here?

I tried to come up with a clever write-in, but absolutely nothing came to me. Maybe next time.
No. 56379
oh right I forgot to specify

all questions written in will be fielded to Reimu so ask almost anything.
No. 56380
[X] So, what's a cute girl like you doing in a war like this?
[X] I was so hungry I forgot to check the bulletin board. I don't suppose you happened to see my name on it?
No. 56414
File 138510772519.png- (100.83KB , 203x285 , What-did-you-do-to-Reimu.png ) [iqdb]
> Is there a second basement here?

Ok, lets get started.

“Is there a second basement down here?”
“Not that I know of? How did you ever come to that conclusion?” That got her attention.

“Just a little baseless speculation. You got out of the.. preliminary round by going through the Janitor’s Closet right?” This should be common knowledge to a ‘regular master’ right?

“Of course. Unless you’re saying you stumbled onto another tunnel to the servant summoning grounds..” Jackpot. “Oi, I saw that flash in your eyes. So how did you end passing the prelims then?”

She’s too sharp, or maybe you’re just too soft for these hard-edge type of conversations.

“Well just like you I entered via the Janitor’s Closet. I didn’t really get welcomed by a hallway or a tunnel or anything but,” You take this moment to shift your eyes around for anyone. “It was more like I walked into a pitfall as soon I stepped in. As for how I ended up in the corpse-house, That’s going to stay classified for now if you don’t mind.”

“So you didn’t just fall into a hole and land into the grounds proper? How interesting.”


Nothing gets past this girl. It’s like she’s reading your mind. Wait a minute.

“Hey are you scrying my mind or anything?” Might as well ask.

Suddenly she convulses into a coughing fit. Actually it’s probably more likely that your question caused her to choke on her drink. It’ll probably be clear to her that you don’t really know anything about magi now.

“You don’t really know anything about Magi do you?” I knew it. Missed opportunity to copy Mister Joestar too, what a shame.

“You could say that, I can’t really lie to you anyway it seems.” But not telling the whole truth seems within my scope at least.

“You damn bet you can’t. Because of that nearly blank face of yours even the smallest change gives away your thoughts.” She takes the moment to wipe around her mouth and a bit on the table as she continues on “Don’t worry too much about it though, I’ve got a thing for feeling out the little things. You should definitely watch yourself around more.. .. political types though”
Did you a bit of venom in the way she said that last part? Perhaps she has something against politicians? I mean who doesn’t but to bring it up here seems pretty random unless they are politicians here. Wait a second.

“Anyways, if you have any questions on magi I guess I can answer them. I’ll only give you out what is common knowledge to everyone here but that should be enough to cover my… hm.. transgressions the other day.”

Oh goody. Speaking of said transgressions...
No. 56419
File 138511603169.png- (153.46KB , 317x313 , Slightly Annoyed and Hungry.png ) [iqdb]

> So, what's a cute girl like you doing in a war like this?

“So, would you mind telling me what a cute girl like you is doing in a war like this?” I ask with complete sincerity.

Yes, if this untrained heart wavers too much to be of use in this sort of political climate, I’ll just need to make the other people as Soft as me!

And the quickest way to doing that is through a young girl’s heart. Right? Right!? You mean, that’s how it always worked out in those sorts of games--


This definitely went in the exact opposite direction you were expecting. This isn’t warm and fluffy at all.

The area surrounding you is slowly growing dark and oppressive. No one else seems to notice a thing either. It’s just you and the young lady across from you who are privy to this, you’re sure. From the glare that is boring a hole in your face you can be certain this is her doing too.

”For the benefit of both of us,I’m just 
going to forget you ever said that, OK?”

Crystal clear.

You’ll never try something like that ever again. You lie through through the skin of your teeth promise.

GOOD.” The dark lighting fades and you release a breath you didn’t even know you were holding. “Now, you had further questions to ask right? For both of our sakes right now I hope it isn’t anything STUPID... but you’re a smart person right?”

There’s something very wrong about that smile. Besides looking really, really forced it’s like she’s holding back a lot of tension. You guess you should be happy she didn’t deck you again right?

Yeah, yeah, sure.

Hey, Master.


There’s a hand on your shoulder. But it’s not being very gentle at the moment, and you don’t dare turn to face it’s owner.

This is a pincer strike. Bad. Very, very bad.

“Please refrain from doing anything that would cause.. undue stress to our informant. If you keep this up not only will you deprive us of intel, but it’s very likely that you won’t be conscious for very much longer. But you already know that, right Master?” Saber squeezes her hand on your shoulder and it buckles.

Cold sweat runs down your cheek. You can feel it dangle on the chin of your chinny-chin-chin.

“Hair. The passage was ‘not on the hair of my chinny-chin-chin.” She’s squeezing even harder!? “Now, please get back into the game. I’ll remind you of some things if you’ve ran out of things to ask.”

With that, she seems to have calmed down. Right, right.

> I was so hungry I forgot to check the bulletin board. I don't suppose you happened to see my name on it?

I just put my foot in my mouth, what’s one more? No.

You perish the thought before it reaches your mouth and strategically reword it.

“I had something I needed to do on the first floor earlier this morning, and I couldn’t check the bulletin board. Did you happen to see my name?” There we go, much better.

“You shouldn't be ashamed of being hungry, With that sort of appetite you were probably starving. Nobody deserves to starve. I’m probably going to spend my whole morning here, myself.” What? How did she come to that conclusion? You’re pretty sure you didn’t even mention that, is she an espe-

“The plates. You never put them away, you know.” She points to the stacks of plates and bowls that rest on the table. “It’s good that you went ahead anyway, had we met up later we’d probably be talking this over while eating. Wouldn’t have gotten anything done there.”

It’s then you hear an extremely distinct rumbling sound. It doesn’t take much deduction to figure it’s coming from Reimu’s stomach.

“... I’d appreciate if we wrapped this one up in a timely matter as well,” The way she closes her eyes and scrunches up her face in embarrassment is just daring you to make some sort of comment.

You’re pretty bad at this whole war thing,but even you figure It’s a bad idea to step on that landmine. You’re not about to get into a war on two fronts now, especially with one of the people you’d be going to war with would be your Servant.

Wait, didn’t Reimu just avoid your question?

“I never got your name before. Sorry. Couldn’t have checked without knowing anyhow.”

Well shucks, can’t believe that never crossed your mind. Before you can introduce yourself, however, Reimu covers your mouth.

“I didn’t ask for your name, I won’t be needing it. I’m certain you’re not my opponent this round anyway, so don’t worry about it too much.” How can she be so sure? “Intuition.”

You’re not sure how to respond to that. If it means she’s not secretly plotting to take your life at the moment, though, then thats fine. You wouldn’t blame her for contingency plans though

There’s a lull in the conversation. Now would be good time to ask a few questions. She seemed a bit impatient though, So if you want to ask a lot you might need to order the topics in a way that she’ll get a bit into it… Thankfully, Saber chimes in to remind you of your priorities.

Lest you trust your addled mind to ask Reimu anymore of those questions. You really don’t know what got into you..

> Select all that apply, ordered by importance. Numbered, if it makes it any easier.
[ ] What can you tell me about the T.H.P. ?
[ ] Just what sets apart a Magi from a regular person?
[ ] Your letter seemed to be a bit strange, was there any reason for this?
[ ] You seemed tense on the topic of politicians, are there any have a hand in this war?
[ ] What is your goal for the grail if you don’t mind me asking?
[ ] How did you spend your days in the prelims?
[ ] Can you tell me anything that’d help me survive this war?

[ ] Write-In


I felt a bit generous on the last question.

Gonna hold off for awhile before asking for another straight write-in, I guess.

I found a proofer, so expect a quality bump, hopefully.
No. 56426
[1] What is your goal for the grail if you don’t mind me asking?
[2] How did you spend your days in the prelims?
[3] What can you tell me about the T.H.P. ?
[4] Can you tell me anything that’d help me survive this war?
[5] You seemed tense on the topic of politicians, are there any have a hand in this war?
[6] Just what sets apart a Magi from a regular person?
No. 56427
Different question in one and different order altogether

[1] Can you tell me anything that’d help me survive this war, besides 'trust no one'?
[2] Just what sets apart a Magi from a regular person?
[3] What can you tell me about the T.H.P. ?
[4] Your letter seemed to be a bit strange, was there any reason for this?
[5] You seemed tense on the topic of politicians, are there any have a hand in this war?
[6] What is your goal for the grail if you don’t mind me asking?
[7] How did you spend your days in the prelims?
No. 56429
[1] Can you tell me anything that’d help me survive this war, besides 'trust no one'?
[2] Just what sets apart a Magi from a regular person?
[3] What can you tell me about the T.H.P. ?
[4] Your letter seemed to be a bit strange, was there any reason for this?
[5] You seemed tense on the topic of politicians, are there any have a hand in this war?
[6] What is your goal for the grail if you don’t mind me asking?
[7] How did you spend your days in the prelims?
No. 56456
File 138519933091.png- (125.20KB , 437x234 , uninvited-guests.png ) [iqdb]
Gleaning over what Saber summed up for you, you decide on the order to ask your questions.

> Can you tell me anything that’d help me survive this war, besides 'trust no one'?

“Lets start off with making my intentions clear I guess. I’m looking to increase my life expectancy here. Anything you know that would help me get out of this alive, besides ‘trust no one’?” She only raises an eyebrow. Not a bad start.

“Win, of course.” She makes that sort of smug grin with her eyes closed that makes you want to punch someone in the face. Lording over your position much? “But anyone can come to that conclusion in a competition where your buy-in is your soul.”

“Soul?” She’s got you reeled in now. Her eyes flash open again, serious.

“We’ll get to that. Besides that I’d recommend paying attention to what I’m about to tell you, and confirming it for yourself. The library has all the information needed for the war… But ultimately it falls on you to decide what is true and what is false.” She crumples her box of lemonade at this. “You’ve just told me that you know how to handle yourself in this environment, at least.”

Did you now? Well, no matter.

> Just what sets apart a Magi from a regular person?

“In that case, what sets apart a Magi from a regular person? Are the terms for Magi, as in Masters in the Grail War, and Magi different?” You hope she understood that one, you can’t really think of any other way to phrase it.

Hmmmmmmm. How should I put it…”

Laying her trash on top of one of your plates, she fiddles with the straw still in her mouth. She might be holding it like a detective would hold a pipe? She must be getting into the informant thing.

“You’re on the right track. Indeed, there is a world of difference between someone who would fall into Grail War by accident and a tried and true Magi. However, one thing all Magis have in common, master or not, is that they are capable of digitizing their Soul.

Digitizing… The Soul…? You don’t think you understand at all.

“Let me put it this way, when you regularly sit in front of a computer you can only process what the computer lets you see, right?”

You nod.

“Well, by digitizing your soul and accessing the computer directly you’re able to process everything you’re capable of processing at once. It’s infinitely faster than accessing it the regular way. Just about everyone affiliated or tasked with monitoring the Deep Web knows how to do it. Crackers, smugglers, freedom fighters, people who just want to be in the know past all the plutocracy propaganda.”

Plutocracy? It looks like she has more to say, so you won’t cut in just yet.

“Of course, that doesn’t mean the plutocracy doesn’t stick its dirty nose in everything it can either. This includes everyone that works under them. Tch.”

You’ll have to remember to bring up the plutocracy later. Don’t wanna crash her train of thought right now.

“Anyways, performing 「Digitization of the Soul」 is the most basic of basic of modern-day magecrafts. A long time ago the word magecraft would have implied the reenactment of a miracle in the world itself but... That age is over now. Similar to that, nowadays, 「Magecraft」 is defined by how you can manipulate the data in the machine you’re currently in.”

You’re not sure if you understand.

“Are you familiar with the concept of 「CRUD」? Creating. Reading. Updating. Deleting. These are the basic concepts behind user interface and persistent storage. In practice, updating is more like modifying, and sometimes instead of reading it instantly you need to go through the process of retrieving it too… but I digress. Never knew why BREAD didn’t catch on. Sounds a lot better than a synonym for crap, that's for sure.”

It’s a bit hard to take this all in at once, but you’re sure if you can’t figure it out later all the answers will be in the library.

“Alright, understood, moving on--”

> What can you tell me about the T.H.P. ?

“--Just what exactly is the T.H.P.?”

As far as you know you moved to a town, enrolled in senior highschool, lived life! Next thing you know you’ve barreled face first into some kind of holy war. No previous memory of anything aside from a school life and what should be the regular world. Nothing, nada, capish. Not a single thing.

You need answers.

She gives you a blank stare. This can’t be good.

“Alright. Don’t freak on me or anything, or I’ll hit you.” Such suspense. “We’re on the Moon.”


.. The Moon?

As in the large white ball in the sky? You lean in close.

“Are you sure?” As expected your face is pushed back by a palm.

“Extremely. The spiritual computer we’re located in is just a part of the 「Moon Cell」 itself. The T.H.P. Is a small part of the gigantic server that is the Moon Cell. After it was discovered by a
「Western European Conglomerate」 , they tried to restrict access to it as much as possible. The most effective policy of which was restricting the development of space travel to the moon. However… The Moon Cell itself established a connection to every machine in the world within 2 seconds of its discovery by mortal man. So basically anyone with an internet connection, and the know-how to get in, has access.”

There’s that loud grumbling noise again.

“That was the short version. If you get the chance, look up the specifics yourself. Are we done yet?” She looks about ready to leave.

“Ah.. just a few more.” You try motioning one hand in an effort to keep her seated. You don’t think it’s working. “It’ll only take a few more minutes, I promise. “ Hopefully.

“Make it quick.”

> Your letter seemed to be a bit strange, was there any reason for this?

“Your letter. It seemed a little strange in the way it was written. Could it be perhaps..” You don’t think there's a way to say this without saying it outright. But, question is, should you? Maybe if you gesture a little and wave your hands a little her ‘intuition’ will kick in.

“I drafted it up really quickly. Didn’t have the time to proof it, obviously. There’s no real deep meaning to it, sorry.” You raise an eyebrow at this.

That’s a pretty specific thing to say. You didn’t say anything about there being any deeper meaning.

Oh well, you’ll drop it for now.

> You seemed tense on the topic of politicians, are there any that have a hand in this war?

“At one point. You mentioned a plutocracy. You seemed to flare up a bit whenever you mentioned them. Just how many entrants are here with political reasons anyway? You’ve mentioned that this Moon Cell connected to every computer in the world, but is it considered public knowledge?”

All of her fidgeting seems to have left her body.

“You… really don’t know then, do you?” Her face is grave. Taking your silence as confirmation she leads on. “The Watatsuki Family owns about 65% of society’s resources at the moment. Almost all of the western half of the world has their name somewhere in the fine print.” She takes a moment to spit at the floor, as if saying the word ‘Watatsuki’ left a bad taste in her mouth.

“Anyways all you have to know about the 「Watatsuki Plutocracy」 is that they’re a gaggle of in-bred tyrannical despots that hate freedom. I could go on all day about--”

“You know, That’s quite humorous to hear from a known terrorist.You know that voice.

Walking over to your table is little miss Watatsuki no Toyohime herself. She radiates the same sort of aura of superiority that she did last time, but it doesn’t feel as unnatural here. She wasn’t kidding when she said she was royalty. Not that you could have doubted her by the way she carries herself.

“That’s freedom fighter to you, despot.” Reimu seems to be glaring daggers at the new arrival. It’s clear to you now that these two fiercely oppose each other.

“I don’t see why you’re so opposed to those blessed with the best capacity to lead being in charge. Seeing as we have another right here, though, I’ll be the bigger girl and stand down. After all, I’m going to need to correct the hubris you’ve been spreading~.”

Despite Reimu’s obvious hatred of her, Toyohime doesn’t seem to bear any malice to her at all. It’s as if she doesn’t have the capacity to hold such contempt or has recognized it as something beneath one of her station.

“Oh my. It’s you. It seems like you’ve both made it past the preliminaries, in your own special way. I wonder…. Well in any case, It is indeed true that we own 65% of society’s resources, we only have humanity’s best interests at heart. For an entirely peaceful world, The Watatsuki Family will stop at nothing to bring forth such a utopia.” She tops all of this off with a heart-melting smile that could make an idol jealous.

“Could such a stagnant world really be called a utopia? I find that laughable from a political party that honestly believes that restricting the use of technology to the wealthy is a good idea. Aren’t you just creating a world where the Watatsukis are firmly the one-percent for as long possible?” Reimu cuts in before you can even respond.

They’re making quite the scene. As you take the time to look around the area, you can see that everyone has their eyes on this table. Ho-ly. Crackers. You feel as if you’re at fault for creating a stage like this.

Wait a minute.

You didn’t notice it before while you were paying attention to Reimu and Toyohime’s debate, you can’t really call it bickering if only one side is angry but you spot a lone figure standing at Toyohime’s side.

You can’t believe you didn’t notice her before. She stands one head taller and is dressed in this whole french maid get-up. The whole works: Apron, headdress, puffed sleeves, …. shorter skirt that looks like it’s meant to show off her legs.

But different from just your ordinary maid is the power that radiates from her. It’s on the same level as Toyohime’s but feels.. darker, more threatening. There’s no doubt about it. She’s definitely a Servant. You can’t tell her class but--

“Oh? How forgetful of me, I had almost forgotten Sakuya was accompanying me.”
She turns to the woman at her side. “Sakuya. Introduce yourself.” As she states her command her Servant steps forward.

“Very well, milady. I am her Servant summoned under the mantle of the Saber class. I am pleased to meet your acquaintance, and hope that you will be a worthy foe.”

With perfect poise and an elegant smile, her Servant greets the two of you. She even bowed a little. It’s as if.. she’s the perfect example of the first thing that would come to mind when you think of the word Servant.

The regular kind, at least.

She bears the same politeness as her Master, although hers has an air of professionalism instead of nobility.

“To parade around with your Servant so openly… why?” The words leave your mouth as soon as you think them. Just what could she have to gain from such a thing?

“Oh? Well, it will be known to everyone eventually, so why bother hiding it? If it’s destined to happen, so be it.” Is her reply.

… This girl. She doesn’t care for subterfuge or tactics at all, does she?

It’s as if she’s fully confident that, no matter what, her victory is assured.
By the time you look across the table Reimu is already out of her seat, and on her way to the food line. Not even bothering to say bye. Figures.

“Well it seems this seat is open… if you don’t mind me of course?” she asks politely, hand laid upon the table “From what I could gather, you were asking Reimu to inform you of things you do not know? An admirable thing of you to do, but one who seeks knowledge should see things from as many angles as they can, should they not? As to not form a biased opinion.”

The stress on bias was subtle, but it’s there.

“I would be happy to inform you of things from my point of view. It is the duty of a Queen to inform her subjects, so I do not mind at all.”

> It seems like it would be a good idea. Should you stay here and find out more from the Watatsuki point of view? You’ve still got to check on your opponent for the week. There are still also plenty of places you haven’t checked on campus, too. Then, to top it all off, there’s the Arena to think about today as well.

> Well?

 [ ] “I’d be glad to spend time with you right now, Toyohime.”
 [ ] Nope, you’ve yet to find out your opponent for the week, so you should get to that.
 [ ] The library would be an alternate source of information as well, would it not?

 [ ] No, you have a different destination in mind right now.
  [ ] Hallway (specify floor, currently B1)
  [ ] Your old homeroom
  [ ] Rooftop
  [ ] Garden
  [ ] Front of the School
  [ ] Janitor's Closet
  [ ] Infirmary
  [ ] Private Room (perhaps to discuss something with Saber privately?)
  [ ] Write-In


You guys did better than I thought with the ordering, Don't worry, the last 2 will come up soon.


There are no good Toyohime and Reimu butting heads pics [even on pixiv], so I had to make due.
No. 56459
[x] “I’d be glad to spend time with your majesty right now.”
No. 56460
[o] “I’d be glad to spend time with you right now, Toyohime.”

I dunno about you, first voter, but I don't wanna indulge her. Moonbitches be bitches.
No. 56463
Moonbitches be hot bitches.
No. 56466
[x] “I’d be glad to spend time with you right now, Toyohime.”

Sure, why not.
No. 56467
Indeed. People dislike them for they Mary Sue status, but there's no denying that their design and elegance are top tier.

[x] I'd be glad to spend time with someone who consider herself perfect despite a sheltered upbringing and nil null life experience
No. 56468
Indeed. People dislike them for they Mary Sue status, but there's no denying that their design and elegance are top tier.

[x] I'd be glad to spend time with someone who consider herself perfect despite a sheltered upbringing and nil null life experience
No. 56482
File 138529036943.png- (676.45KB , 700x700 , Wow - Such Queenliness - Very Elegant - Much Ara A.png ) [iqdb]
You’ve got things to do.

Finding out who's got a hit out on you, visiting the library, in general just re-exploring the campus, and hitting up the Arena…

When Toyohime offers to sit down and chat, though, you can’t help but feel like the decision to spend time with her is the very thing you should be doing. Everything else doesn't matter. It’s the best use of your time at the moment, so you sit down to please your queen like the disgusting peasant you are.

There’s a pain in your left shoulder. Saber, never leaving your side for a second, breaks you out of your trance.

“There’s something strange about that child. Whatever she’s doing isn’t being done consciously, at least. Be on your guard.” Saber has her eyes towards Sakuya, who returns the stare. Going by Saber’s own admission, she should be undetectable in her current state. Yet this servant is still able to lock eyes with her.

Despite her… charm. If she’s really the heiress of the Watatsuki family, you have everything to gain by speaking to her right now. Even if her family is as bad as Reimu said, she seems amiable enough. It’s decided then. You give her your reply.

“I’d be glad to spend time with you right now, Toyohime.”

“Oh, you mustn't be so formal! Just Toyo is fine by me. I believe your name was… Ah, Nanami!
Nanami Kaoru!” She clasps your hands together with hers. “Even if the preliminary round was but a farce, I still cherish the time spent with each and everyone one of you.” Releasing you and plopping herself in the same spot Reimu was earlier, she turns to address Sakuya. “Ah, Sakuya! Please get us some refreshments.”

“Peaches, Milady?”

“Yes, yes! Oh, and please pick up whatever else you feel is appropriate for her.” With Sakuya leaving for the foodline, her attention returns to you. “Now from what little Sakuya has informed me of, I believe you were talking about the… war, the T.H.P, and my family? Hm.. where to begin…?”

Her face glazes over for a few seconds as she collects her thoughts. Is she going to give you the usual propaganda or the real spiel, you wonder. Is she busy thinking right now to remember, or is she taking a moment to weave a web of lies? Soon enough her eyes shine again, and her blank stare returns to usual smile.

“Lets start with the subject of the T.H.P. itself. I believe miss Hakoorei has already informed you of the basics? As she said, I will confirm that, while under the supervision of the Watatsuki family, the Western European Conglomerate had discovered the Moon Cell in the year 1996. After that, for the good of mankind, we restricted access to the moon and acquired all monitoring spacecrafts. It would be horrible if it fell into the wrong hands, right? So, logically, we took action to prevent this from happening. Indeed, the processing power of it far trumps anything we currently have. However, despite our great efforts, it seems we were not thorough enough. Indeed, when I had heard the Moon Cell Automation had been offering the Holy Grail as the prize for the war, I mobilized the entire family. If years of work could be overturned by a single wish, or worse, the Moon Cell fell under the control of a single country, the world would erupt into war once more.”

They have that kind of influence? You find it odd that a family with such an eastern name would be leading a western group of countries.

“Ah, are you thinking about my name? Indeed, you would think that someone who was born and raised in a western country, especially with such a regal bearing as myself, to have something more appropriate, yes? Well a long time ago, according to my family's history, the people from the Moon descended to my country and settled there. According to my father, I’m the very spitting image of the first Toyohime herself!” She crosses her arms over chest, beaming in pride.

From the Moon, huh? Doesn’t that contradict what you know about the Moon Cell itself, though?

“... Yes, it does indeed, does it not? If you want my speculation, my guess is that this is exactly why the council decided to secure it once they discovered its existence. It goes against the very founding origins of my family. Thus, I would think they wanted to conceal it. A shame they did not try harder.” She purses her lips. “Thanks to the efforts of my family and my supervision, we will be able to have the situation under control soon enough. I believe you asked miss Hakurei for the best method of surviving this war? If I understand the rules, should the Holy Grail War be resolved the way it is supposed to, your rate of survival would be zero percent. Eventually I would be victorious, but I’m hoping it doesn’t have to come to that.”

There’s a hint of regret in her eyes as she informs you that you can’t do anything but keel over and die. Even so..

“What do you mean by 'doesn’t have to come to that'?” Obviously, if they control 65% of the world’s resources, they would be looking into ways to ensure they could attain the grail. The way she phrased the last part, however..

“Indeed. While preparations had been made to ensure that we would attain the Grail, I have a side objective of trying to resolve this with as few casualties as possible. Seeing how the preliminaries went, though… I see that I have already failed that task.” Her eyes are downcast, but you can’t feel any sadness behind her words. “ Because we could not be one-hundred percent certain that we could acquire the Grail without participating in this War, most of our resources went into preparing to win. As such, only myself and a small task force of sixty people have researched ways to stop this competition. Our results have been.. inconclusive. But with me and my sister onsite, I’m sure we’ll be able to find something! Anyway, back to you!”

She rests her hands on the table and leans forward a little.

“If you find anything that you think can help, please bring it to my attention! Good men and women have already perished in pursuit of this trinket. If can save even one more person from their final destination, I will do it.” Her eyes shift to the side suddenly. “Ah, Sakuya! Here, here! We’re over here!” She waves her hand towards her servant, who hurries over.

“My apologies, milady. I had not wished to interrupt your conversation with this young girl, so I made myself busy monitoring the other masters in the room.”

She offers her explanation as she effortlessly lays down two trays.

One holds a teapot and cups for two, as well as two bowls of peaches, one cut and the other uncut. On the other tray there are plates containing bread and toast, alongside a few scones.

Without delay, Toyo grabs a peach and bites into it. Sakuya herself seems to be making preparations to serve the tea. After swallowing her bites of the butt-butt fruit she asks you a question.

“Now, I told you what I know. So could I ask you something myself?”

“Sure.” You don’t see a problem, so why not?

“Kaoru. Just how did you manage to commandeer another one’s body for yourself?"

[ ] Lie
[ ] Lie
[ ] Lie
[ ] Lie.
[ ] Lie.
[ ] Avoid the question
[ ] Tell her the truth


Ignore Terrorists & Responsibilities, Acquire Moonhunnies Moon Royalty.

I'm surprised you guys actually went for it.
No. 56490
[X] Don't ask me - I have no idea, what you're talking about.
The pause there is intentional. This isn't a good place to speak freely about more sensitive topics, but perhaps Toyohime is perceptive enough to notice if we're leaving something unsaid.
No. 56493
[X] Lie
No. 56495
[X] Don't ask me - I have no idea, what you're talking about.

I like this option.
No. 56496
[x] Avoid the question
Lying is rude
No. 56497
[ ] Avoid the question
-[ ] By hitting on her
No. 56502
[x] Avoid the question
-[x] By hitting on her

No. 56503
[x] lie
No. 56504
[x] Avoid the question
-[x] By hitting on her
No. 56508
File 138533601539.png- (332.61KB , 512x469 , when is saber going to teach me to tie my hair sho.png ) [iqdb]

Clearly, we should have summoned a different archer than what I had in mind with Kaoru's track record so far.
No. 56522
File 13853559087.png- (780.85KB , 730x730 , critical-hit!.png ) [iqdb]
No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.


It’s happening again. The heavy feeling in the air, the stuffiness of your clothes becoming readily apparent. You’re getting a rumbly in your tummy as well, and not the good one.

You’ve got to get away. But it’s not an option.

You’ve got to attack her. But that’s also not an option.

In the corner of your mind, you can feel that sickeningly sweet urge to tell her the truth of the matter. You resist, which isn't hard to do when your instinct for fight or flight hits you like a metal bat to the face.



You’ve got it!

You can turn this around, without running or fighting! Yes, that option still exists.

Royalty is weak to a direct approach! They spend all their time dancing around the matter in an effort to keep their political options open, after all. The way she speaks reassures you that she hasn't flown too far from that nest.

“Well, you see, the truth is…” Steeling yourself, you take the plunge.

WE BOTH LOVED YOU.Nothing could go wrong.

“E… Excuse me?” She faltered! With that opening you continue the attack.

“Yes, we both harbored a deep, secret love for you, Toyohime!” You take a hold of her hands and look her straight in the eyes. “Strands of your hair, the seeds of peaches you’ve finished... even your used towels!” You’re getting a little ahead of yourself with this ad-libbing. “Indeed, we met one fateful day when scavenging the trash for one of your freshly used pits. On that day, we were rivals! But when we came to realize the truth of the school and the Holy Grail War, by some miracle, we managed to fuse ourselves together!” You really hope she buys this. You’d be a little disturbed if the original owner actually did these things, honestly.

“Eh? Like Dragon Ball?” Somehow, she bought it!

Yes. By some miracle, we did the fusion dance perfectly on the first try!” You’ve got her hooked. Now you just have to reel her in. “With all that said, I must ask: Could we, maybe tonight, talk over dinn-- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHGH”

Your thought process is invaded.


You can’t feel anything besides the pain of forty-five degree celsius liquid scalding your skin.

“It burns ussssssss! It burnsssssssss us!” Even in intense pain, one must have a sense of humor. Could it have been… Her servant?

“Ah. I had thought I heard something vulgar. In my surprise I seem to have dropped the teapot… My deepest apologies.” That certainly didn’t sound like a genuine apology to you! It’s all but confirmed!

In what appears to be genuine concern, Toyo taps some of the water that seems to be puddling around your body. Her delicate fingers prod it, before setting it in for a little and then pulling back out.

“Hm.. this doesn’t seem hot enough to induce first-degree burns. I believe the point for third degree burns on contact is… ah, one-hundred-sixty degrees Fahrenheit! You will be fine, Kaoru, but as for the pain… Sakuya!”

Turning to her servant, she issues a request for some towels soaked in cold water. At least you hope so, since you’ve long since stopped listening.

After what seems to be an eternity, you are revived by the cool feeling of a chilled towel.
@h@ Rubbing it all over you face, you feel absolutely refreshed. By the time you’ve removed the towel from your head, it seems like Toyo has already regained her composure.

When you squint, though, you can see the faintest bit of red on her cheeks.

“Well then… I.. I do not believe I’ll be able to accept your confession at this time. That being, because, well.. that isn’t the right order of doing things, is it? On top of that we're both ladies, aren’t we? I’ve never received such an intense confession before, and from another female as well…” She’s rambling, so it seems that your distraction has worked. “In any case! I believe I must make amends for my servant’s transgressions against you. Is there anything else you would like to know, or do you have somewhere that you need to be going now?”

Honestly? At this moment you’ve really got nothing. It’s nearly afternoon now, so you’re not sure if you should be dilly-dallying at the moment. You still don’t know who you’re going to be fighting, and you still need to visit the Arena today as well.
Even so, if her family really did maximize her chances of winning, it wouldn’t hurt to try and leech some information off her. Getting on her good side would probably be good too, wouldn’t it?

[ ] “I’m sorry, but I’ve really got to go”
- [ ] Find out your opponent for the week, posthaste.
- [ ] Go the Library
- [ ] There’s somewhere in the school you need to check out at the moment (specify)

--- [ ] Invite Toyo along?

[ ] “Yeah, I’ve got a few more questions I guess” (Max 2)
- [ ] "You say you’ve maximized the chances of you winning the war, to what end? Do you have any tips for getting as far as I possibly can?"
- [ ] "What do you think the chances of us ending this war early are? What pieces of the puzzle are you currently missing?"
- [ ] "Why is it that you do not care about revealing your Servant’s identity to others? How can you be so confident?"
- [ ] "Have you met Reimu before? There seemed to be.. sparks flying between you."
- [ ] "Would you like to accompany me to dinner tonight?" You don’t like the look her servant is giving you at the moment.
- [ ] Write-in

> Glossary partially Updated! http://pastebin.com/Z8BsmxTf
> ERROR synchronization with T.H.P Databases has been interrupted, Data may be corrupted or unreadable.


For the write-in guys [choice spoilers obviously]

>[X] Don't ask me - I have no idea, what you're talking about

would have been nearly the same as [x]Avoid the question (vanilla), but instead she would sense your apprehension an ordered Sakuya to do something about it.

The vanilla option would have been amounting to you saying basically the same thing and making an excuse to get the fuck out of dodge.

In lesser news, every single Lie was a different sort of lie based on the formatting.

No. 56525
[o] “I’m sorry, but I’ve really got to go”
- [o] Find out your opponent for the week, posthaste.
--- [o] Invite Toyo along
---- [o] Ask her some questions along the way.
----- [o] "Why is it that you do not care about revealing your Servant’s identity to others? How can you be so confident?"
----- [o] "Have you met Reimu before? There seemed to be.. sparks flying between you."

Damn it, this chick is starting to grow on me.
No. 56551
[o] “I’m sorry, but I’ve really got to go”
- [o] Find out your opponent for the week, posthaste.
--- [o] Don't invite Toyo along

What would have happened if we were a dude anyway?
No. 56557
[o] “I’m sorry, but I’ve really got to go”
- [o] Find out your opponent for the week, posthaste.
--- [o] Don't invite Toyo along
No. 56558
[o] “I’m sorry, but I’ve really got to go”
- [o] Find out your opponent for the week, posthaste.
--- [o] Invite Toyo along
---- [o] Ask her some questions along the way.
----- [o] "Why is it that you do not care about revealing your Servant’s identity to others? How can you be so confident?"
----- [o] "Have you met Reimu before? There seemed to be.. sparks flying between you."
No. 56559
[o] “I’m sorry, but I’ve really got to go”
- [o] Find out your opponent for the week, posthaste.
--- [o] Don't invite Toyo along
No. 56560
[o] “I’m sorry, but I’ve really got to go”
- [o] Find out your opponent for the week, posthaste.
--- [o] Invite Toyo along
---- [o] Ask her some questions along the way.
----- [o] "Why is it that you do not care about revealing your Servant’s identity to others? How can you be so confident?"
----- [o] "Have you met Reimu before? There seemed to be.. sparks flying between you."
No. 56562
[X] “I’m sorry, but I’ve really got to go”
- [X] Find out your opponent for the week, posthaste.

--- [X] Decline to invite Toyo along.
No. 56563
No. 56564
[o] “I’m sorry, but I’ve really got to go”
- [o] Find out your opponent for the week, posthaste.
--- [o] Invite Toyo along
---- [o] Ask her some questions along the way.
----- [o] "Why is it that you do not care about revealing your Servant’s identity to others? How can you be so confident?"
----- [o] "Have you met Reimu before? There seemed to be.. sparks flying between you."
No. 56565
Archer? We should gotten ZERO Lancer.

[ ] “Yeah, I’ve got a few more questions I guess” (Max 2)
- [ ] "You say you’ve maximized the chances of you winning the war, to what end? Do you have any tips for getting as far as I possibly can?"
- [ ] "What do you think the chances of us ending this war early are? What pieces of the puzzle are you currently missing?"
No. 56575
File 138545173987.png- (345.96KB , 425x600 , She'll be waiting for you.png ) [iqdb]
“Sorry, but I oughta check who my opponent is before the post-breakfast traffic kicks in.”

You'd better get going before you push your luck, if Sakuya's glares from behind closed eyes are any indication of what's to come.

“If I could take an IOU on that, it’d mean a lot to me.” A little networking never hurts, right? The worst she could say is no. “I wouldn’t wanna bother you to come with me or anything when you still have breakfast to finish..”

“.. Normally I would have to refuse, but I feel like I can make an exception for you.” She punctuates her response by popping a peach slice into her mouth and grinning. As in the wider glasglowian sort, a bit different from her usual polite simper.

… You really hope what you did back there doesn’t end up backfiring on you later. To begin with, there’s no royal family that you know of that will let that sort of thing fly. Even if they did, wouldn’t you be seen as a gold digger for going for that...? Still... on the surface she’s a nice gal, and you can’t help but think she’d be a nice catch, even if you weren't considering her wealth and station.

This really isn’t a time for thinking about that sort of thing, though. You give her a polite wave as you run up the stairs, which she returns in kind.

No. 56577
File 138545224110.png- (81.53KB , 576x324 , des.png ) [iqdb]
“Finally ready to look up your opponent, Miss Casanova?” On your trek up to the second floor, Saber appears at your side. “By the way, I think the Hakoorei Girl left you a gift in your left pocket.”

Skirts have pockets? Well, what do you know. As you feel around your hips you find a natural opening, and on the inside is a small note:

Don’t really feel like talking around (月) moonbitch.

If you want me to answer those last two questions of yours

meet me up by the roof sometime.

Maybe somewhere else if you’re smart enough to figure it out

Were you this popular out there too? You’ll have to decide whether or not you have the time to meet up with Reimu later. As you turn the corner at the top of the stairs, you run straight into someone’s face. To your credit, you don’t crash into them. You just turned on a dime.

Right into their face.

You can feel this girl (?) breath from her nose.

“Um… excuse me?” Carefully, you take a few steps back to get a better look at her. Bobbed blonde hair and animal ears? Bushy tail? Oh god you hope you didn’t just offend a furfa-

“My apologies. I was trying to navigate this building as efficiently as possible, but it seems that I had not taken other travelers into account. Now if you could excuse me..” With that she quickly walks around you and down the stairs. Probably off to the arena, that one. With those droopy eyes there's no doubt she woke up late.

With that encounter taken care of, you rush over to the bulletin board. (七) Nana… Nana… Nana… There you are.

Nanami Kaoru ||||                     

It seems like your opponent for this round is…

[ ] Hinanai Chiko Cakewalk Mode
[ ] Shoutoku Ouda A Fair Fight
[ ] Yotaro “Dan” Konpakuu Slightly Harder Than Above
[ ] Ran VIII The Odds Are Very Against You


Toyo would already be used to this sort of thing from would-be suitors. She would be a bit more reserved and Sakuya would be a lot less tolerant. She wouldn't want the past repeating itself in front of her of course

There aren't going to be an actual Fate characters in this, probably. Actually, now that I think of it there would be two at best... Wonder why though.
No. 56578
[o] Yotaro “Dan” Konpakuu

Bring it on Youki
No. 56580
[ ] Hinanai Chiko
[ ] Shoutoku Ouda
[ ] Yotaro “Dan” Konpakuu
[ ] Ran VIII

[x] Shoutoku Ouda
No. 56582
>playing on anything other than Lunatic
[X] Ran VIII
Let's do this.
No. 56585
[X] Shoutoku Ouda
No. 56600
File 138549357983.png- (213.03KB , 558x784 , 0ed383d86fabf5d95bc9ec953624ad34.png ) [iqdb]
I'm just going to call it before work so I don't have a repeat of yesterday's fiasco.

Vote called for Shoutoku Ouda.
No. 56631
File 138553831411.png- (658.42KB , 600x848 , Look at this Chuu2.png ) [iqdb]

Your opponent is Shoutoku Ouda.

Battlefield: The first Chimeric Lunar Lake.

…. There’s a joke here you’re not getting. Back to your opponent--

Shoutoku? That sounds like a face you’d see on some old 1950s banknote. Definitely not the kind of person you’d think to see in a war like this. Then again, if the one-percenters of the world are participating (Toyo comes to mind…), something like this can’t be so farfetched.

“What’s this? My opponent is a mere pup?”

Standing far behind you is a young man.. no, a young woman, who can’t be older than twenty. Her hair is golden-brown, and her expression shows total confidence.

Unlike the self-centered arrogance you’d expect from a person like Chiko, it looks like the kind of expression you’d wear while fighting for someone else. Perhaps even a group of someones.

She stands straight and proud as she walks over to you, her long purple cape flowing behind her. Now that you’ve got a better look at her, it seems like she’s wearing a pair of headphones. She’s also got her hair up in some sort of weird double-upwards-spike thing as well. Maybe the headphones are holding it in place?

She clacks her heels together and crosses her arms as she stops at your side. It all looks very… practiced.

She then gives you a look over, before staring at you straight in the eyes.

“Peace of mind, knowledge, comprehension, safety, love, food, strength, encouragement, life, and identity. Not a bad set of desires, child. Don’t look so alarmed, your needs and wants are as plain as the feelings in your expression.”

Just who is this nutcase? You don’t remember asking for the fortune service package when you signed up for all of this. You don't remember the signing up part either, but that’s another issue entirely.

“However, all of your current ambitions are utterly selfish. They might not be of a devious nature, but such nobility will get you nowhere in a land as bloody as this. How could you alone….
Defeat someone who has the desires of the masses at their back? Ponder on that, young one.”

It's with those few words that she turns on her heel and walks off down the hallway. There isn’t any other set of stairs besides the one at your side, so she’s either going to her private room or trying to look cool.

The fact that her cape is flowing behind her despite there not being any wind to do so… implies the latter.

“You didn’t let her get to you, good. She does have a point, though. When it comes to this war, I wouldn’t trust you as far as I could throw you, Master. Not without any help, at least.”

A compliment in one hand and an insult in the other. This Servant of yours.

“Don’t take it too hard, you have ample connections to get some. You’ve got a reason to see the Hakoorei Girl again, you’ve somehow managed to charm the Watatsuki Heiress, and… I suppose you could always try your luck with that Chiko kid if you didn’t want to get in the middle of a catfight.”

Well, when she puts it like that…

Bah, you can’t argue with the facts. Maybe if you’re lucky they might even know who this chuuni is. Maybe they can give you the cards you need to make a full hand. After all, it seems everyone around here is running a stacked deck.


Won’t get anything accomplished just standing around, where to?

> > > Afternoon

[ ] You’ll look for Reimu at the rooftop. You already know what Toyo’s goal is, but what of hers? She seems just as informed, and at least you're assured an up-front assessment of your odds. Brutal honesty be damned.
- [ ] Somewhere else? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Maybe she meant ... -option requires correct answer, someone already pointed it out-

[ ] Best cash in your favor with Toyo now. Besides, Ouda mentioned something about the masses? Who could know more about the masses than someone whose family owns 65% of the globe? It hasn’t been too long, so she’s probably still on the first floor munching on peaches and scones.

[ ] You really don’t wanna get caught up in whatever is going on between those two. Let's just look around for Chiko, you get the feeling she’s probably in her room cooking up something dirty. That’s just the kind of person she is. She said she wouldn’t help you, but you might as well try before picking sides.

[ ] Shoutoku Chuuni is skulking around this floor, waiting for you to go somewhere else before legging it to the Arena. If you go there now, which means getting there first, it only stands to reason that she can’t ambush you. Getting one or both of the Access Keys shouldn’t be as much of an issue, right?

[ ] “Hey, can we talk this over in our Private Room before rushing head first into any decisions I might regret later?” Getting a straight talk with Saber might make your decision clearer, plus you’re getting tired of this one-sided dialogue/can’t really address her by name sort of thing.

[ ] Write-In, Go somewhere else, What do?

> List of Available Locations
Hallway (specify floor, currently F2)
Your old homeroom
Front of School
Janitor's Closet
No. 56635
[X] Visit Reimu in Room 2B
No. 56655
[x]You really don’t wanna get caught up in whatever is going on between those two. Let's just look around for Chiko, you get the feeling she’s probably in her room cooking up something dirty. That’s just the kind of person she is. She said she wouldn’t help you, but you might as well try before picking sides.

As a bonus, our room is right next to hers if we wanna strategize. There are merits to going to arena right now but it's too risky.
No. 56656
[X] Visit Reimu in Room 2B

Chinko will not survive the first round anyway. Or if she does, she will be a free pass later on.
No. 56660
[X] Visit Reimu in Room 2B

Hopefully we can hang out with Tenshi later, too.
No. 56682
File 138562601658.png- (307.18KB , 495x420 , Guerilla Tactics? In My Grail War?.png ) [iqdb]
You entertain thoughts of visiting Chiko, but your mind turns to Reimu’s note.

> Maybe somewhere else if you’re smart enough to figure it out

> if you’re smart enough to figure it out

> if you’re smart

This is a challenge; She's calling you out. You can’t just leave this standing. You have nothing to prove to Reimu, but you can’t take an insult like that in stride. She’s testing you! Right Saber?

“.. I don’t think it was meant to be taken like that, but if you’ve decided what to do already…”

That decided, you take out the letter and open up the copy in your terminal. Now that you actually have it opened in some sort of word processor, it’s obvious that she spaced out the lines for a reason. There has to be a reason for that. The only reason you’d think of is so you can read something down vertically so…

Lo and behold: IN ROOM 2B TINKER!

2-B is on the second floor, the very same floor you’re on right now. Ouda walked down the hall towards rooms E-H, so there won’t be any chance of running into her. Knowing that it's clear, the two of you stroll on over to the room in question.

As you would expect, it’s locked. Is this where the tinkering part comes in? You honestly don’t know where to start. No tools, no experience, not even the strength to bust it open physically.
Damn it. You’ve gotten this far, so you can’t stop now. To stop at a roadblock like this would be completely inexcusable!

“Can you lend me a hand here? I don't have the knowledge or the strength to open this door myself, and you’ve got a level of strength beyond a human's, right?” Hopefully Saber will be in a helpful mood.

“I’m not gonna take the risk of materializing when our opponent is on the same floor, but…” Her eyes start glowing as she says that, as if a flashlight turned on behind her pupils. “This level of difficulty should be within your grasp, just feel around the doo… Wait a minute…”

“Did you notice something odd?” Even trying to scan it with all your might, you just can’t see anything fishy with the door.

“.... You don’t happen to have any utensils from the cafeteria, do you?”

You think you’ve got a spork? Neither a fork nor a spoon, but the eternal fence sitter of disposable cutlery. You don’t see how that helps with getting this door open, though. Aren’t you supposed to use paper clips and such to pick locks, or jostle a credit card in the gap?

“I don’t think either of those are considered cutlery, but I’ll let that pass. Master, I’m going to need you to stick that spork under the door and run.” Wait what does that have to do with unlo-- “Just do it.”

Well, you know better than to argue with a blondie whose eyes glow with an awesome power. The way those eyes burn demand that you follow that order.

Well then.

You take the spork and slide it underneath the door. Oddly enough you find a bit of resistance, but it jams in.






“You fool! RUN ALREADY. I TOLD YOU TO START RUNNING.” Saber’s voice, although it sounds distinctly farther, snaps you out of your trance. Dragging your heels, you start sprinting down the hallway.

Was she trying to kill you, or was this one of those weird things where she would only kill you if you were showing some competence!? What is it with terrorists and explosions anyway!? Did it have to seem like an accident? Wasn’t a drop kick to the face enough?!


Your ears are ringing, and, expecting to be knocked over by by all the debris being kicked up, you drop to the floor and cover your head…. but nothing ever comes kicking. Rolling on your side, you see the area that would have been destroyed is being covered by a sort of teal-blue veil.

“You alright there? I was half-expecting you to be talked into leaking that letter to the Watatsuki. Glad to know you have some common decency.” Standing right behind you is the girl you tried to break into this room for.

She speaks of common decency, yet she’s lacing a rendezvous point with a combustible doorbell. All of this while treating it like it’s no big deal. Is this the kind of people the freedom fighting flag attracts these days?

“I told you to run” Saber says.

“You didn’t tell me something was going to kill me!”

“Like I said," Reimu starts, "I was half expecting you to come up here with Watatsuki. Shame, I might have gotten her too with this. Oh well, I guess I owe you a little explanation for almost ending your life. Again. Come on in--”

>> vanish_border(b)

“-- You first, I have to be the one to close the door.”

As the.. borders(?) disappear you can see that there's no trace of the explosion at all. The only living record lives in your memory. Perhaps if someone nearby was tape-recording or something as well, but a fat lot a recording of BOOM is going to do when there is no physical evidence of said boom.

After two attempts on your life, you’re starting to have second thoughts on the whole "talk to Reimu" thing. If she says she owes you an explanation, though, then you’ll trust her for now. Walking over to the door, you find it’s unlocked. Suspicious, you shoot Reimu a vague look, and she averts her eyes.

“Long story short, the Lock was a bomb. Can we get moving now? I saw the nosy prince walking around this floor, so I’d like it if we got into this room as soon as possible.”

Not bothering to argue with an entirely understandable complaint, you step into the classroom.


continued tomorrow. Questions >>56427 >>56429 are going to be brought again, among other things, feel free to write-in something/more in the meantime.

Also making Turkey Stuffing is suffering.
No. 56724
File 13857239561.jpg- (45.73KB , 600x480 , tag: gendou_pose hakurei_reimu : 0 results.jpg ) [iqdb]
The "Room 2B" you remember was your homeroom, where every day started with Miss Toramaru either tripping or falling. You’d all laugh (or cringe), she'd take attendance, and school would start. Her classes were nice and uplifting in the morning, and the classroom had a positive atmosphere.

[ Shady Place ] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrpdnYSEun4

The windows are shut and covered.

Half the desks are overturned, and have been repurposed into a makeshift bunker.

The lights are dimmed, although upon walking around the desk-bunker you can see there’s a lantern on top of a makeshift coffee table. (Did she really have to saw the legs off…?)

From the corner of your eye you can see piles of blank sheets and a few brushes. Before you can take a look, though, Reimu grabs you by the shoulder and motions for you to sit down.

“So, lets talk shop. For real this time.” For real? Was she lying last time? First things first, though.

WHY is the door laced with explosives?” An obvious question “Were you trying to kill me?”
An even more obvious question, but you’d like her explanation of her treatment of you at the moment. Not like the poisonous friend concept is anything new to you.

“Like I said before, I thought you’d be linking arms with that Moonbitch right about now.” You’ve heard about being green-eyed, but isn’t that taking things a bit too far? “Not jealous. Over you? Please. Get over yourself.”

Ouch. Truly you are shaken to your core. Woe is you, for you will never be able to get over this rejection.


“Can you just start where you left off before Toyo crashed our little breakfast party? I believe we were at the topic of your grail goal, and what you did in the prelims. I’d go even further to ask you anything you left out of the earlier topics too, but I’m really in no position to force the matter.”

The words that come out of her mouth are honest, so why don’t you be honest too? You’ve nearly died for being sassy with her, what’s one more time?

“Tsk, I guess you’re owed that much. If you can resist her ‘oh so natural’ charm then there’s hope for you yet.” She straightens up, slams her hands on her table, and spits off to the side. Ewwwwwww.

“I guess there’s no harm in that since I can trust my own firewall. My win condition is a little different from everyone else here: As long as the Watatsuki Family loses, I win. Of course, the only way to be sure of that is to win it all myself. The added bonus of not dying is nice, too.”
It’s here that Reimu gets into that pose. That thing where you intertwine your fingers, settle your elbows on the table, and cover your lips with your hands. It’s the sign of a schemer. A look that says you're up to no good. Chiko used to try look cool with this, but Reimu can truly pull it off.

There’s a chill down your spine now. “Is this what it means to be a t-..freedom fighter?”

“Exactly, you get it now. The willingness to lay down your life for a good cause…" She sighs. "What a load of shit. It’s better than the alternative though, and, unlike most of my colleagues, I actually get results. That due to the fact that I, y’know, don’t want to die like an idiot?” She closes her eyes, and you can't tell if she’s remembering comrades that died or scoffing at the foolishness of her co-workers.

“Moving on, I figured out the whole farce day 1 of prelims. I’d bet my right kidney that the Moonies did too. You remember everyone ’getting sick with the flu’? Yeah. That was a load of bullshit, since they probably got shanked by the older sister skulking around.”

What…? That's…

“But me? To keep low on the radar I posed myself as an honors student. Got an excuse to shuffle around the higher security parts while ‘helping out’. It might have been worth it, might not have. What source code I could scrounge, though, will probably be useful later on.” Hold on one second.

“Source code? How is that important right now?” You're genuinely curious, is she trying to get into the system?

“Have you been listening? We’re in a computer right now, dipshit. The more I know about the system the better.”

Suddenly, like something out of Tron, teal screens with words appear between you two. From behind you can see reversed text. Reimu just casually runs her fingers down them, as if they were just tablets. Is this… Multi-Screen browsing!?

“If this surprises you, you weren’t kidding about not knowing anything. That'll be the end of you, I swear.” Her smile afterwards could have been anything but nice. “But you couldn’t tell what's a lie if you tried, so don’t bother.”


“She’s right you know, but I’d say it’s one of your good points.” Saber to the rescue! You can almost feel your self-esteem recovering. “It’s going to do nothing but hold us back, but it’s a good trait to have.” There it goes again.

“From your little grimace, I can guess you’ve got a troublesome servant too? That’s two of us at least. Alright so, everything I told you up to this point is true, barring that one point of that letter having no significance in how it was written. I may have been withdrawing details, but that’s what you should generally know. Anything else, you’ve gotta offer me something in return. It’s all give and take. More so in a war like this. But, really, what could you possibly have to offer me?”

She can snicker all she wants, it’s only making you regret this decision more and more. That being said, you’re in no position to turn down a boon from someone in the know. That little booklet you’ve got from Rinnosuke is looking mighty nice right now.. but do you really wanna share it with.. her? There’s also ‘that’. ‘That’ might be of some use to her. Finally… You don’t like it, but she really does hate the Watatsuki Family…

> Let's do business. The further down the line, the more weight it has

[ ] Bring up the truth of how you entered this war.
[ ] Offer the booklet up, maybe she can glaze through it faster than you can.
[ ] Offer to spy on Toyohime for her.
[ ] Write-in

>-- in exchange for what? The further down the line, the more coaxing it’ll take to get

[ ] Further information on T.H.P.
[ ] Have any small documents or anything on spirit hacking?
[ ] Tell me what you know about Shoutoku Ouda
[ ] Got anything juicy on servants?
[ ] Teach me a bit of magecraft.
[ ] Does the name Nanami Kaoru ring a bell?
[ ] Write-in
[ ] Personal question write-in

> No, It’s not worth it. You’ll take your leave now, but to where? You’ve still got time before Evening breaks in… although you haven’t been to the Arena yet...

[ ] Library
[ ] Arena
[ ] Private Room
[ ] What’s Chiko up to? You need to loosen up.
[ ] Toyo option is looking extremely lucrative at this point.
[ ] Other [write-in]


What a horrible thanksgiving.
No. 56727
Whoops forgot to specify.

You can select all that apply in the case of "doing business."
No. 56732
> Let's do business. The further down the line, the more weight it has

[X] Bring up the truth of how you entered this war.
[X] Offer the booklet up, maybe she can glaze through it faster than you can.
[X] Offer to spy on Toyohime for her.

>-- in exchange for what? The further down the line, the more coaxing it’ll take to get
[X] Sexual favours.

Sure, why the hell not? Then, after we load our last save after getting the bad end:

> Let's do business. The further down the line, the more weight it has
[X] Bring up the truth of how you entered this war.
[X] Offer the booklet up, maybe she can glaze through it faster than you can.

>-- in exchange for what? The further down the line, the more coaxing it’ll take to get
[ ] Tell me what you know about Shoutoku Ouda
[ ] Teach me a bit of magecraft.

Kind of concerning that the first spoilered request is so far down the list...
No. 56733
I give:
[x] Bring up the truth of how you entered this war.
[X] Offer the booklet up, maybe she can glaze through it faster than you can.
[x] Offer to share anything interesting that Toyohime shares with you

[x] Teach me a bit of magecraft.
[x] Does the name ****** ***** ring a bell*?
[x] Any documents on spirit hacking?

*I can't spoiler.
No. 56766
File 138579812281.jpg- (227.27KB , 850x856 , YOU COULD HAVE PREVENTED THIS - IT'S HAPPENIN.jpg ) [iqdb]

My name is Hakurei Reimu, and I have been having a stellar day.

Decided to be nice for once after knocking a clueless master flat on their ass, not once, but twice. The first time I had to do this shit I had assumed that she was really that clueless, but seeing that she found my private little hole in the wall without having to consult Ms Moonie’s is quickly proving that wrong.

After finishing her questions off from last time, I figure I’ll just be the bigger person for once in my life if she offers me anything. Nothing too much of course. She still is someone I’ll have to kill in the long run, but what’s the harm in letting her live a little longer? All of this in spite of how she’s been trying to get into my pants since that one accident. Shut the fuck up, ___er

Let’s see, booklet from the proctor? That’s cool, that’s actually probably a little useful. Huh. I might have to hold up to the end of my bargain here…. However the truth of the matter of how this person entered this war is a little concerning. Essentially, this opens the possibility of my target escaping by hiding their genetic memory inside the Victor of the war. How annoying. Guess the only real way to be sure is the win the whole shebang.

Wow, she even offers to play spy for me on the other side. Desperate much? But I will definitely take what I can get in order to get a direct shot at her. Alright bud, whachin’ you want for all of this?



Sexual Favors?


I’ve had up to here with this shit. You say thirds time the charm? More like third time's the charm for being fucked up the ass. You want a sexual favor? Fine, I’ll be paying right now.

I flip the makeshift table from underneath. It slams into the blackboard on the wall behind her, before somehow landing upright, perfect. To her credit she doesn’t scream when I deck her.

As, I thought, no self-defense training. Pinning her down and shoving her against the top of the table is child’s play.

“You think it was funny? You think I was really coming down on you when I tried to do an NPC inspection? Well guess fucking what sweetheart: you just got what you were wishing for

“P-please nooooooooo… stop iiiiiiiiiiiit.”

“You’re trying to back out now? Tough luck, toots.”

She screams after I rip her top off, and when I tear her skirt out. Pulling down on all of her underwear, I slam her back on top the table and shove my long, hard, throbbi


proofer was asleep

Real update tomorrow. you can keep voting
No. 56767
>She screams after I rip her top off, and when I tear her skirt out. Pulling down on all of her underwear, I slam her back on top the table and shove my long, hard, throbbi
You damn tease, why did you stop? This was looking really hot.
No. 56770
Like many things in this story.

it's a homage.

Implying I have the guts to write H-material.
No. 56787
[X] Offer to spy on Toyohime for her.
[X] Have any small documents or anything on spirit hacking?
[X] Toyo option is looking extremely lucrative at this point.
No. 56788
[o] Bring up the truth of how you entered this war.
[o] Offer the booklet up, maybe she can glaze through it faster than you can.

[o] Tell me what you know about Shoutoku Ouda
[o] Teach me a bit of magecraft.

Changed to break the tie. I really don't wanna sell Toyohime out when she's actually kinda tolerable in this story.
No. 56790
called for books and TRUTH in exchange for opponent exposition and magecraft^.
No. 56793
File 138587365556.png- (42.76KB , 157x232 , You're-definetely-uncomfortable.png ) [iqdb]
You entertain thoughts of offering everything you could think of in exchange for sexual favors.

Somehow, you get the feeling that a "just kidding~❤" afterwards isn’t going to help you if she blows her top and proceeds to rape you right then and there. You just know going down that road is going to end in tears and shame. Let's try something else then?

You think you’ve figured out a fair trade. Arranging your thoughts in the right place, you make your offer.


“I haven’t exactly clued you in on how I stumbled into the war have I? This isn’t an attempt on guilt tripping, considering the rules this could easily be a loophole in regards to survival.”

That got her attention. Narrowing her eyes and nodding her head sideways, she’s telling you to get on with it probably. So you do.

“I don’t know how it was for you, but I realized how fake this world is pretty late. It's pretty hard to ignore time stopping. By chance I was able to run into.. Toyohime at the door of the Janitor’s Closet. I.. think I might have been in my original body at the time, but we’ll get to that. ”

She had motioned to interrupt you at that red flag, but you had to stop her short. Indeed, it takes a bit more concentration than you feel comfortable to admit for you to recall these things.

“She entered the Janitor's Closet by walking through the wall. Of course, at the time I was still restrained by common sense. So obviously, I opened the door regularly and stepped in. Not sure if that was a mistake yet or not.” Better pick up the pace, she’s looking pretty impatient.

“When I came to I wasn’t corporeal, that much is certain. I was standing in an area edged with stained glass, surrounded by darkness. Amongst the corpses that littered the room there stood a lone person. As the person struggled I found my life force fretting as well, call it a sixth sense for near-death I suppose.”

This time you couldn’t stop her from cutting in. To be fair, you were talking for a bit of time.

“So you ended up falling into the Servant Summoning Grounds upon entering the doorway. Because you mentioned an original body, and another master… Impossible…” Covering her mouth with her fist now, it seems she realized exactly what this could mean for her mission.

“Yes, the person seemed about ready to give up on living, so I convinced them otherwise. They were.. really on their last legs though. What could have been a whole “girl and her ghost friend” story ended up turning into possession. Beyond names and the preliminary rounds, I know nothing of our pasts.”

“This is the first half of my offer to you.” You’ve both realized, as this is something that cannot be taken back, she’s pretty much forced into a trade now. If she has any intention of holding up her end of the deal, that is.

“The second half is this.” You pull out the spark notes on the war and lay them out on the table.
“As far as I know, I am the only one currently in possession of these. The Proctor penned them up himself. Not sure if they have anything useful or not, but here they are. I’d be willing to let you look through them.”

“So, what do you want in exchange then?” Right to the point, this girl. Well at least this doesn’t complicate anything.

“Tell me what you know about Shoutoku Ouda. Furthermore, I’d like a little lesson on Magecraft. I figure if I have any memories to be dredged up, that might spark them. Even if I don’t, every little thing helps in survival, right?”

There’s an awkward pause in the air for a few moments. It seems like she’s considering the offer… Did you mess up somewhere? Cripes, if you were killed right now, before figuring out anything--

She chops her hand forward, and tosses a teal screen at you.

Almost instinctively, you cover your face with your arms. Before the screen makes contact with you, though, it stops short of your palm.

“Good, so you have the capacity for it. Well, that should be obvious if you stumbled upon this war in the first place, but I digress. Take a look at the document I just shoved in your face while I copy these over, will ya?”

> > Received Shoutoku Ouda file


Picking up where I left off tomorrow.

Happy December everyone! Even now that Nanowrimo is over I'm going to take a daily/bi-daily schedule if I can help it.
No. 56853
File 138604111583.png- (311.36KB , 346x548 , dossier_photo_shoutoku_ouda.png ) [iqdb]
Resistance Bingo Book - Opponents to Know [excerpt]

NAME: Shoutoku, Ouda.
AGE: Young(?)
BIO: The so-called latest resurrection of Prince Shoutoku. Current leader of the centuries old Taoist Immortality Cult. Like all recorded leaders of said cult, high proficiencies in mysteries befitting a Hermit*, with all the charm and divine (?) favor you would expect of a Saint**.
ABILITIES: Uncanny sense for the desires of others, Very strong sense of hearing.
Very good at Eavesdropping. Relatively high-level spirit-hacker.


- Noted to be the latest in a long line of “resurrections” of Prince Shoutoku. There is plenty evidence to the contrary, but followers of the cult will fervently rebuke such accusations.

- It is notable that out of many of Prince Shoutoku’s Vassals, only the families of Soga and Monobe have been reported acting inside the cult. In particular, the Soga often wind up as the Prince’s consorts, while the Monobe act as the enforcers.

- In spite of the resistance given by the cult, Ouda insisted on entering the Grail War alone. How they were informed of the war and the grail has yet to been discovered.

- Despite being the reincarnation of Prince Shoutoku, Ouda is biologically female. Apparently, they view this as a blessing of good luck as well. What’s up with that?

* Antiquated term for eastern magi that set up their workshops in the mountains, where the old prana leylines were strongest.

** Shoutoku-Taishi was revered as a Saint after his death, even more so in this Cult which reveres him for escaping the cycle of death. They seek the path to immortality, but curiously, none of the acolytes have ever reached a level to be rewarded with such knowledge...


… So how is this supposed to help you, again?

Like, the abilities section is kinda nice, but you could have already figured out the first two from your prior conversation with her earlier.

“Don’t look at me like I gave you a bum deal, I’m just getting the general information out of the way so I don’t have to waste my breath. Got it?” While she’s scanning through the sheets of paper you laid out for her, she has the time to yell at you for staring. Someone’s really good at multitasking.

As she finishes, she neatly stacks them up in the same way they were before you pulled them out.

“In any case, you read about how Ouda is in the long line of ‘resurrections’ of Shoutoku Ouda? We have ample reason to believe that’s a load of horseshit. Take my word for it, but the leading theory right now involves loads of ‘selective breeding’ if you catch my drift.”

You really don’t. Could she be a bit more clear?

What I was trying to get at was that there was never any resurrection. Just a lot of light and mirrors and a long line of lucky children being fed the same dogma over and over. However…”

Seemingly satisfied with the way her copy has been arranged, her screens blink out of existence.

“There’s something about Ouda that’s just different from her predecessors, and I’m not just talking about she doesn’t have a dick. Quite the contrary, in her reign she’s had far more balls than any other leader before. Giving the plutocracy the middle finger without allying themselves with us? Going by their numbers, I’m surprised they haven’t been wiped out yet...”


Reimu seems truly puzzled, could this be the clincher?

“I cannot understand why she would insist on entering alone against the wishes of her council. Normally I’d say you have no chance but… She’s not fighting just with you, but herself. That’s what my intuition tells me, and it hasn’t failed me once yet. This is all I can help you with at the moment in terms of your opponent. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.”

Wait how did she know--

“Think about it. Why else would you be asking about Ouda out of the blue? Now I don’t got much time left, So this lesson is going to be quick. Get over here.”

With that she casually starts to pull you over by the wrist. Not wanting to get your arm ripped off, you shift your weight with her movement.

“Now, I’m only gonna REALLY teach you one thing, so out of the goodness of my own heart, I’ll let you pick it. Everything else you’ll just have to feel out on your own. Tossing it aside completely is also option. I couldn’t recognize the last guy who tried to fiddle around without any sort of instruction. Poor guy, we eventually just decided to put him down.”

Was that REALLY necessary?

“Just so you know what you’re getting into. Don’t want you to come crying to me later. Now choose.”

[x] The most basics of basics, but one will be able to realize what other magus are doing with greater clarity.

Pick a spec:

[ ] Creation (Full drill on how to make something from nothing. A Hakoorei Speciality, actually.) The generalist choice, however at a beginner's level it’s pitifully weak in this sort setting.
Maybe it’ll scale better later on?

[ ] Reading (Retrieval of Information. Accessing, Bypassing, and Decrypting. The best choice in gathering information, It won’t do you any favors for Arena survival though

[ ] Updating (The modification of data becomes possible, However, permissions must be granted. Buffs and Restoration, Possibly able to restore broken objects.)

[ ] Deletion (Destruction of data becomes possible. As a bonus, will be drilled in bypassing permissions. Debuffs and other such offensive actions. You get a basic understanding of how to bypass security systems, but I wouldn’t bank on it for anything other than combat


I've got no excuses for being late.
No. 56872
[x] Creation (Full drill on how to make something from nothing. A Hakoorei Speciality, actually.)

Although buffing and repairing seems the most useful right now....

As for debuffing and hacking seems decent now and good in the future (if our hacking actually manages to improve) but I'm betting my ass into all of our high tier enemies being immune to debuffs.
No. 56878
[x] Updating

I get the feeling it's going to be something inconsequential at the moment. Like boosting formalwear casts, but this still has the best synergy with a Saber class in the long run. (Assuming we become the equivalent of a debugger & code maintainer, IE cleric)
No. 56880
[x] Creation (Full drill on how to make something from nothing. A Hakoorei Speciality, actually.)

My first instinct was to go with Updating, but that seems like something that would be easier to come by/look into on our own than Creation would.
No. 56890
[x] Creation
No. 56894
[o] Creation

Sure, I'll hop on the band wagon.
No. 56895
[x] Updating
Trace over edge

We're not Shirou guys, really.
No. 56897
File 138613718427.jpg- (291.61KB , 716x1012 , I wish the theatre only had this amount of people.jpg ) [iqdb]
Exhausted after the Madoka movie 3 premiere and proofer is asleep.

Gonna let the vote simmer for an extra day and call it tomorrow after work.

That's a fair assumption. Out of the pool of people you can run into I don't believe anyone straight up Nulls debuffs though.

Maybe. Depending on what you pick more plot things open up to you though.

You'd be correct.

In a digital environment like this, Gradation Air isn't as actually bumfuck useless as it is in regular fate.

Being able to create firewalls and custom AIs as traps for the enemy isn't out of the question for a regular spirit hacker.

That being said, you're not gonna be able to make a heroic spirit's weapon and trace their battle proficiency ala UBW Shirou/Archer
No. 56912
Wait a minute, aren't there formal wear in this setting? Just asking so that we don't end up learning something we can do with items anyway.

For those who did not play the game:

No. 56913
Formalwear & Master support will be handled a bit differently from the game. Mostly because of medium differences.

That's all I can say on the matter right now.

I'll confirm this w/ trip later
No. 56919
File 138621247340.jpg- (81.02KB , 827x622 , sir(s) not appearing in this story (maybe).jpg ) [iqdb]
Is me

Calling vote for Creation.

I don't need to tell you that you're not gonna become EMIYA, but I bet you folks are going to try anyway aren't you?
No. 56925
It's not like they won't try even at the slightest chance, and now they have a bigger chance
No. 56952
Yes. Yes I will.
No. 57120
Please come back.
No. 57124
File 13877051011.jpg- (297.53KB , 850x1191 , hitotsu~futotsu.jpg ) [iqdb]
Let me tell you two important pieces of information.

One Letting your computer's heat run high in the middle of an update, suggesting to draw straws for the dreaded 6AM Shift. These are things you should not do.

Two. Updates after I talk to my proofer. Writing on a phone is hard I tell you. Almost as hard as writing on paper and transcribing later under bad lighting. Maybe.
No. 57133
File 138779782511.jpg- (115.89KB , 408x304 , 3-hours-of-trying-to-manipulate-th123-ai.jpg ) [iqdb]
“You said creation was your specialty, didn’t you? Lecture me on something you’re already great at, at least.”

You hope her family isn’t one of those types where it comes naturally to them, or else this is going to be an exercise in futility.

Futility will waste time for you both, will it not? You hope she realized that before making the offer.

Reimu herself looked a bit surprised at your answer. In fact, you’d go far to say she’s having second thoughts seeing as she might need to give some family secrets to a no-name of unknown pedigree like yourself. Perhaps you’re overthinking this, though. Aren’t those rebel types supposed to be free with information? She could just be going over what she has to teach you in her head before saying a word.

“... Very well. Shrewd aren’t you? Or foolish. Someone interested in short-term gains would have gone for Updating or Deletion. But you... You went straight for the option that snowballs the best, didn’t you? I wonder if you’ll stick to it enough to make it worth your while. Very well, let’s begin--”


If you had a dime for every time Reimu said ’’Normally, I’d go over this first, but we’re skipping over that’’, you’d have enough to buy pizza by now.

If you had a quarter for every time she’s smacked you for a ‘ ‘ wrong answer ‘ ‘ or talking out of turn you would have enough for a nice dinner right about now.

Still, in the past few hours you’ve been absorbing every single bit of knowledge you could from Reimu’s mix of lectures and practical examples. You’d doubted her teaching ability at first, but it’s clear to you now that she’s done this before, and possibly under worse duress than you are right now.

That’s the conclusion you reached from those 5 minutes of break-time where she reminisced about the last time she had to teach like this. The words “Bomb Shelter” and “Smuggling Den” kinda give that impression!

Now, it seems she’s about to get to the final part. Conveniently, most of creation is really ‘level two’ stuff to begin with. So she didn’t need to skip anything in order to go over it in greater detail later.

“Alright, so last thing before I kick you out. Creation. Remember what I told you about firewalls and how they’ll fry you instantly if you walk into the wrong one?”

You nod profusely. The mental imagery she gave of it was mind-scarring, really.

"So you're aware of the threat then? Good. Time to sink or swim."

Before you can react, you find yourself boxed in by teal walls. This time, you recognize it for what it really is: a firewall.

"Don't even think about calling your servant to help. Else, if I really wanted to, I could have them all cave in right now. But don’t sweat it. You'll figure it out. After all, I’m the one that taught you.”

There's a click, and the walls are moving inward now.

Just great, absolutely what you needed. A little pressure never hurt here or there. This extra stress is doing your life expectancy wonders, you’re sure.

“... After all, if you can’t handle this much: You’ll never make it past the second round.”

You don’t recall asking for her opinion. That's not important right now, though. Judging from the speed they’re closing in, you have about two minutes...

[ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rj6JKnvfVBw ]

Under regular circumstances, you would be panicking right now. That’s not the case now. Could it be one of those things where the meter reaches over its limit and resets to 0? Maybe, maybe...

There’s no doubt about it, there was something familiar about everything she went over. You really can’t explain what, but it is what it is. Instead of falling apart and sputtering all over the floor like a newborn you feel oddly calm.

No. You feel confident.

You’re certain this scenario is something easily survivable, but why?

Even going over from what you learned, you can’t fathom how you could escape this by your own doing. However, with the threat looming over your head calling Saber is all but impossible.

Then why? Why is it that you feel no danger coming from those walls? Unless--

Ah. Maybe it’s that sort of thing then? To test your theory, you undo the scarf on your uniform girly outfit is good for one thing at least and carefully ball-tie it into a tight knot.

Mustering what little strength is needed: you throw.

... And unsurprisingly it doesn’t make it outside. Furthermore, instead of bouncing off like it would on a regular wall it just... faded out. Like how water turns to steam? Something like that.

What you didn’t expect was them to turn yellow. A bad sign. Stopping short, and then vibrating. An equally bad sign. No doubt they were revving up before starting to crush you. It would be certain death.

Even so, you're not afraid.

Which could only mean there was no chance of dying.

But Reimu didn’t seem the sort to coddle her students. There’s no doubt in your mind that if you make contact with those walls.. those barriers.. certainly, you would die.

A contradiction if you’ve ever seen one. The algorithm here would certainly error out if you ran it through.

Which could only mean... that.

“A bit too cliche for my tastes, but it’ll have to do”.


From the perspective of someone on the outside it seems like the barriers had stopped a second time. This false assumption lead to various ladies in the room (and perhaps one gentlemen? It's difficult to confirm.) to react in various ways.

The servant Saber (who had been rearing up to to impale the enemy master once the barriers had made contact) dropped her stance, relieved, and seemingly satisfied that her killing intent had forced Reimu to stop the borders short.

This was false, and speaks leagues of what she currently thinks of her own master, but that is discussion for another time.

The unknown servant of Reimu had merely shrugged over and decided to chide over their master.

“Showing mercy? How unlike you, or do you really think I wouldn’t be able to block her charge right now?”

The servant had thought their master was going soft on their charge. Although they had raised the notion that their master did not believe in them, It did not seem like the servant seriously believed in that, and was most likely just baiting for a reaction.

Regardless of the feelings behind both jabs. These allegations, too, were false. Reimu had fully intended to kill Kaoru should she have failed and she did not think for a second that her servant would fail her. Although the killing intent was strong, she had the utmost faith in her servant's abilities, even if she would not admit it herself.

Reimu herself had prepared for the aftermath of this affair. “Prepared” is a word that which used here means “Having plans and countermeasures for the consequences of killing a Master on what could be considered neutral territory, Preparing to defend against whatever attempt on her life Kaoru’s servant was no doubt planning, and knowing which tea to retrieve once Kaoru had dispelled or otherwise rendered the slow moving firewalls useless if she was in a foul mood afterwards.”

She had modified the color as a courtesy and then raised the values that dictated how fast they would close in. At that speed, No doubt a regular unsuspecting person would be disintegrated, Far before they could evoke their command spells for a saving throw.

That they did not crush her student had meant she filled in the conditional. The else if in which another wall of any strength had come in contact, hers would dissipate.

This statement was True.

So, her intuition had been correct, as it always was.


“So I take it you’ve got it figured out. Am I right?” You can’t see anyone behind all of this yellow, but you’re pretty sure that’s Reimu’s voice, muffled as it is.

“Right. So how do I turn this off again?” You’re a little stumped at this part. The summoning part all just kind of came to you when you were threatened with impending doom, explains why you didn’t really feel a sense of danger you suppose.

It wasn’t really automatic either... it was like.. a reflex?

How curious.

You wonder if Saber can hear you, everything sounds like you’re under 3 sets of comforters.

“Loud and clear master, It’ll take more than a weak novice barrie- er firewall, if I got the terminology correct, to sever our connection.” ... Why you...!

It had to be strong if it stopped Reimu’s attack! Right? You even sensed the killing intent!

“Oi. don’t get any weird ideas in your head about being the chosen one or nothing.” Reimu’s cutting in now, great. “ The only reason that carbon copy, flimsy, beginners firewall blocked mine is because of that clause I wrote in. Not because of its strength. You shouldn't rely on it for anything more than blocking enemy master potshots at your Servant.”

With this kind of company you’ll be brought down to earth every time you make yourself feel better huh..? War truly is hell...

“I’m surprised though, it’s actually pretty.. sturdy.” You can see Reimu’s silhouette behind the yellow walls you erected. Ah, she’s gonna get you out, right? It should be no problem for someone of her caliber, after all, why else would she be laying her hand on the firewal-


You’ll never poke at a fish’s aquarium ever again.

Your beating eardrums emphasize with all the abuse those poor little guppies sitting in pet stores will take. All the five-year old shits begging their mommies for guppies and goldfish and having to settle for betas but still going around poking at every damn thing. Did you mention how loud that was right now?

“It’ll be a real problem if you can’t dispel your own walls, but I guess I can let it slide this time.”

>> vanish_add(a);

You can hear!

You can see!

Oh, well. You- er. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Reimu doesn't look all that happy now that you look at her. There’s a smile but, it doesn't look safe. Turning towards Saber, you see her face is stern and she’s not looking you in the eyes. Did you do something to offend her...?

“Alright. I gave you the lesson you wanted. Now get out.”

> Get out
[ ] Y-yes ma'am
[ ] Can you open the door for me?

> Not getting out
[ ] But you didn't even explain anything about this part yet!
[ ] That’s kind of rude innit? I can see that teapots steaming.. you mind?
[ ] Say... why didn't you kill me anyway?

> Modifiers, unmarked will be left unsaid.
[ ] Have you been to the Arena yet?
[ ] Don’t forget the other part our deal, alright? / Surely you haven’t forgotten about the other part of our deal.
[ ] Write Ins


I would have split this into three but I'm trying to make an effort to pass a certain point before autosage!

This part was kinda hard to write due to various reasons? Hopefully getting over this hump will let everything else smooth out easier.
No. 57134
[x] Thanks for the lesson. See you later.
-[x] Ask your servant about the situation.
It feels like he fucked up and doesn't even know it. It doesn't seem like 'twas because of that 'trying to kill you' thing either.
No. 57137
[x] Thanks for the lesson. See you later.
-[x] Ask your servant about the situation.
-[x] Don’t forget the other part our deal, alright?

Don't push our luck, but protect our investments.

We haven't been the most "respectful" of her in past events if I recall. She seemed pretty willing to let us get killed as collateral if she could have caught Toyohime in the blast.
She doesn't view us as a threat that's for sure.
No. 57138
[x] Thanks for the lesson. See you later.
-[x] Ask your servant about the situation.
Dispelling what we created IS an essential part of the lesson..
No. 57150
[9] Thanks for the lesson. See you later.
-[9] Ask your servant about the situation.
-[9] Don’t forget the other part our deal, alright?

Sounds good to me
No. 57172

Well, the mood certainly took a turn for the worse, didn’t it? Your eardrums are still beating from their earlier abuse, No doubt trying to convince her to let you stick around will probably lead to… more yelling.

Not in the mood. Nope. Not in the mood at all.

Still, business before comfort. That’s how the saying goes, right? Your personal well-being means nothing when weighed against furthering your survival rate.

”Something about that line doesn’t sound right”

You know Saber is probably right this time, but that’s how it feels to you, so you’ll stick by it!

“. . . Alright, thanks for lesson. I’ll see you later then?” Should affirm you’re leaving, for starters.

Reimu gives you a grunt of affirmation and motions to the doorway. Her eyes are on you like a hawk now. After a bit of time as teacher and student she’s able to revert back to handling you like an enemy. Charming.

You suppose that in her mind you’re even. Which leads to the question: Was she only helping you out because she thought she “owed” you for past injuries? That really doesn’t make sense if you’re supposed to be enemies, right? Exactly.

Then let’s see… Door slides open fine, and you step halfway outside.

“Hey, I’d like to know before I go.” You take a brief pause. Nothing? Nothing. You’ll take that silence as confirmation to go on, then. “You’ve had multiple times to do me in today, but for some reason you decided not to kill me. Furthermore, you’ve decided to modify the regular room instead of staying in your private room. I’m certain you wouldn’t modify this place just to meet with me. Please explain, Why?”



You could cut the atmosphere right now with a knife, really. But part of you wants to try to understand. Why? Saber too, has tensed up a bit. You can tell she’s getting ready to defend or otherwise pull you from harm. As for Reimu… you can’t really see her behind the makeshift screen of desks, but…

“There are penalties to killing someone on Sanctuary grounds, you know? But self defense is fine. I’m not afraid of anyone who's willing to kill me before the end of the week, and I’m prepared to defend myself at all times. If they want to take my life underhandedly, they’re welcome to try anytime.”

So it’s bait. She has such confidence in herself, but the funny thing is, you can’t help but believe her when she makes statements like that. It’s not just a load of hot air, like a certain someone you know.

“As for your other question. You’ve made the first chink in that girl’s armor in a long time you know?” .. .. Is she talking about Toyohime? “It’s in my best interest to keep you alive if it’s convenient for me. Nothing more, nothing less. So don’t count on me to bail you out or anything.”

You’ll have to keep that in mind then.

“... Ah, so that means you’ll share, right?” If she says it’s convenient…

“Pardon?” Just straight confusion, no irritation laced in. You’re honestly surprised. H’oh well.

“I mean you’ll share whatever you can find from those spaghetti and chickenscratch notes, right? I mean, you don’t have to, but…” Get ready to dodge.

“.... Fine. I’ll be the one contacting you, though. Now beat it, kid.”

And with that you step out fully from the entrance and it slides shut, You hear a faint hum, no doubt she put up another firewall. Well, that’s that you suppose.


[ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=la1_GkwLxhM ]

“You think I handled that well?”

Not comfortable with speaking out in the halls, you decided to retreat to your room for the time being. The day has matured quite a bit, but it’s not quite evening yet. Plenty of time for your to chit chat a little before deciding to finish off your day.

Hit up the Arena, Library… Explore… Finding someone to bug… Something tells you should get the Arena bit done in a timely manner. Who designed this war, anyway? Forcing you to get these access key things within a limited time while having the audacity of having so much other things to do… isn’t that uh.

What is it again?

Roadraging? Railreading? Ruderailing?

Something like that. Before you can scan your head for the word you’re thinking of, Saber speaks up.

“I'unno, what do you mean by well? If you want my opinion of well, the fact that you stepped in there alive and came out alive and uninjured, with a bit of training and knowledge on the way should constitute as ‘‘well’’ “

Hm, when she puts it that way…

“Unless you were asking me what you did to anger her? Hm… I wonder what indeed.” She’s looks like she’s thinking really hard. Only looks, though. Like hell she’s thinking hard! She’s making fun of you!

“I know I did this and that, but... that. “GET OUT” looked like it completely came out of nowhere! I mean she taught me and everything! And then when I finally got something at the end sh--”

“--Have you considered that the fact that she decided it fit for you be ‘’pushed into the pool’’, so to speak, in order to learn that skill the sense of her frustration?”

Uh, what?

“I’m sorry. But you’ve lost me here. I was picking up the material well enough, wouldn’t that mean it would’ve been easier to just do it the regular way…? Well I guess I could see why she may or may not have wanted to do it the regular way but I’m not getting how that’s the reason she’s mad!”

You huff up a bit. Man, you -just- don’t get it. Why would she get mad over something like that? Pride in her teaching? That could be one reason, or partially a part of it, but it doesn’t seem right from a pragmatist like her. She’d just care for efficiency, right? Why does the method matter? And why would she be irritated over the most efficient method?

Puzzling, absolutely puzzling.

Even girls can’t understand other girls, it seems.

“You said it yourself, you picked up those lessons fast.. .. Don’t you think it’s strange? For someone supposedly an outsider all of this, picking up and understanding those concepts quickly. By all rights, a prodigy falling into the war by accident and decided it fit to ask her for assistance, That’s a stretch of coincidences, don’t you think?”


Is she trying to say-

“Yes, she probably felt she was wasting time teaching you things you already know. Trusting her so called intuition of hers, she placed you in danger to call what’s slumbering out. Sound about right?”

Perfectly. That raises some clues to who you are, right? or who she was, but you’re sure a statement like that would make Saber slap you on the spot.

“And by thinking I was pulling a fast one on her and wasting her valuable time she wanted me out as soon as possible?”

How cold of you, Reimu. That contradicts her willingness to answer your questions at the door, and furthermore agreeing to that extension of your contract.

“Who knows for sure, Master. We have more important matters at hand anyway. After you’ve sorted out what you’ve learned from our frenemy, we should decide where to go from here on out, correct? I’d prefer to check out the Arena if possible, to get the Access Keys out of the way. But no doubt that Prince girl will be waiting for us if we go tonight. But since you’re the Master here, I’ll defer that decision to you”.

Can’t argue with that.


> Skill Get!

> Creation Level 1!

In a pinch, it seems like you can create these solid firewalls of yours, But it can’t do much other than keep things out. You’ve yet to explore or research if you can do anything else.

> Updating Level 0!
> Deletion Level 0!
> Reading Level 0!

You’re aware of the concepts and you should be able to recognize and identify these if you see it now. Knowledge is power on the battlefield!

[ ] No doubt about it, let’s hit up the Arena.
[ ] I want to visit the Library, actually.
[ ] Lets go and see if we can find...
- [ ] Tenshi.
- [ ] Toyohime.
- [ ] That girl we met on the Stairs
- [ ] Yuyuko
- [--] Reimu You think you’ve bothered her enough today…
[ ] Write-In

Modifiers (Pick one or none)
[ ] .... Say, Did we ever look at any of the boxes in here?
[ ] Hey! There was a shop in the Cafeteria! We should check it out first!
[ ] You know, besides our bosom buddy time we haven’t really “talked talked” you know?


Sorry for the wait. Breaking Bad is too strong I suppose.

Also working on something big in the background, but it's not going take precedence over updating.

Glossary Update soon too.
No. 57176
[x] Hit the arena
[x] .... Say, Did we ever look at any of the boxes in here?
No. 57180
[x] No doubt about it, let’s hit up the Arena.
[x] You know, besides our bosom buddy time we haven’t really “talked talked” you know?

Master-Servant bonding time~!
No. 57192
[x] grins the arena
-[x] bonding tiem
No. 57212
[X] No doubt about it, let’s hit up the Arena.
[X] .... Say, Did we ever look at any of the boxes in here?
No. 57220
[o] No doubt about it, let’s hit up the Arena.
[o] You know, besides our bosom buddy time we haven’t really “talked talked” you know?
No. 57221
called for Arena and conversing.

Update tomorrow if things go right.
No. 57319
File 138881418261.jpg- (106.02KB , 529x275 , Saber do you think love can bloom on the battlefie.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Alright, it’s settled then. We’ll go to the Arena.” Standing up, you make a beeline for the door.

-- Only to fall flat on your face. Kicking your feet around, you can’t really feel anything that you could’ve tripped over.

“.. We’ll go today, but it looks like you need to take a short break. If you’re going to be tripping over nothing, I'd rather you get some rest instead of marching us to an early grave. ” Saber gives you that same half-annoyed look she always gives when you make a fool of yourself. You can’t say you blame her though. “ If memory serves, time doesn’t exactly flow the same way in reality marbles. We’ll have ample time to rest up here, and plenty of time to run in the arena.”

Really? That’s a load off your mind then. Moseying on over to one of the makeshift seats, Boxes sure are convenient you park your butt while rubbing the pain out of your face.

You really are a bit out of it after forcing those walls out. Not really exhausted, but that sort of nausea you get after finishing an entire pizza by yourself, running half a mile, and puking your guts up on the sidewalk.

‘Cept you’re stuck at that part before you puke. There’s nothing to puke up either. Sure is annoying.

You’re not gonna stew in this. Saber’s just sitting on the bed like it’s a sort of throne, fiddling with her rapier. Inspecting it for damage? You don’t recall her using it all that much though..

This silence is really annoying.

“Hey Saber. You said all Servants were Legendary Souls, right? Heroes and villains from tales of long past. What kinda hero were you? You don’t really look like the villain type to me…”

She glances over; Looks like you got her attention.

“Not all heroes were really ‘heroes’, you know? I could barely be considered a saint from my own legend… “ Looking sullen, she rests her hands on her blade’s handle “ But I suppose there are some hooligans considered ‘heroes’ just because the narrative has followed them in the first place. Funny how that works out.”

Her gloomy face is replaced by a smug, satisfied looking smirk. It’s actually kinda annoying.

Narrative though? That brings up a good point, but that self-gratifying glow around has gotta go. Storing that at the back of your head you reply.

“ But if you aren’t all that heroic, out of your own admission, wouldn’t you really only be a hero because the narrative followed you? That puts you on the same level of those “hooligans” then, doesn't it? “ That should do it.

Excuse me? I may not have had the best beginnings , poor enough that some sap decided to burn the records of my tale from existence, only to turn around and resurrect it again.. But at least I had a motive pushing me forward with a bit more depth to wanting to get inside some girl’s skirt!”


Looks like you hit that one on the mark. You guess that marks her out from anything lighthearted then.

“Right then. Do you mind telling what’s worth more than getting into a gal’s underparts then? I’d imagine it must be something important! More important than the favor of some cute lass right? Couldn’t possibly imagine what’s more important than that.”

Who are you kidding. Staying on target is the most important thing. You’re not going to say that out loud though.

“.. I do mind actually. It’s none of your concern right now.” There’s that look again, looking like someone just had their pet rabbit ran over. Oh well, you tried. Might as well try turning this around, huh?

“O.K. Then we’ll just assume you were trying to impress some lady, shall we?” That snaps her out of her haze, back to being annoyed with her handful of a master! “But seriously, narrative? You said the.. T.H.P. was recording things since somewhere in the Late 1900s right? Nineteen. . . . ninety. . .six? Yeah, 1996.”

You let it stew in the air for a bit, let her pool together her composure before continuing.

“That means everything is fairly recent, right? No word of mouth tales, no legends like that of the Norse mythos or King Arthur… Everything was written, to speak, recently? Did you mean things of long past were finally put into paper somehow? Or what?”

You hope you didn’t say anything taboo, because all your servant does is give you a neutral stare, as if she’s trying to figure out the best way to break it to you. Is there something you‘re missing?

“Touhou Project. Does that ring any bells for you?”

Well of course it does! Who could last a week on the interwho without running into that series.
Beyond the base shoot-em-ups there’s a large quantity of fanart, fangames, fanzines, fan conventions, and even fan-music!

You even remember all of the chara. . . woah, woah, woah.
That open’s a multitude of other questions another time another place. But she’s not saying…

“Yeah, no. Thankfully not every little story has been pulled from when it comes to this particular war. T.H.P. only pulled from this little corner of the ‘net called THP. Funny, isn’t it?”

. . . She lost you.

“ touhou-project.com to be precise. Not the most creative name, but times were different back then, supposedly. It’ll come back to you eventually. If you’re here you’ve at least been exposed to it once. And if you haven’t… then we really might need to go the library soon it seems.”

So it seems indeed.

Shifting a bit in your seat, you shudder at the thought of having to look through dusty tome after dusty tome. Until you realize where you are that is. Hopefully they’ll have a terminal you can use..?

“. . . Still, why THP of all places? I’m sure pixiv or some other place has plenty of stories worthy of war like this. Not that I’m not grateful for the shot at a wish of this magnitude, not at all. But… It makes me uneasy. Especially with it being a school and all.”

Well, if it wasn’t for that place being picked you would have never met, right? When you put it that way, doesn’t that clear all those feelings of anxiety away?

“Right. I suppose that’s not the only thing making me uneasy. Whatever shall I do with this ‘master’ of mine, I swear…”

With that, the conversation lulled into silence, the sort of quietness where each participant is just sort of enjoying eachother’s company.

And for a short while, you did. Until it was time to go--


“I don’t know if you remember what happened when I went into this door the first time, but you wouldn’t blame me if I felt a little apprehensive about the matter, right?”

Making the effort to get to the entrance while there’s daylight left in the artificial evening, you find yourself standing outside the Janitor’s Closet once again.

Except this time it’s the entrance to the Arena, some sort of mystic labyrinth-esque area where you have to bust your bottom off for some darned keys to fight to the death with some darned rival master and their darned servant.

Not a bunch of padding at all, no siree.

“Quit your whining and open the door already. We can hold hands walking in if you’re really scared. The faster you get over your little trauma the better.”


Ok Kaoru, you can do this. It’s just a door. It’s not gonna bite. It’s not gonna hurt you.

You open the door.

Peer in.


Wait, you don’t remember stepping forward why is it dark where are you going this isn’t---



She would have taken forever if I didn’t push her in I swear...

Dusting her gloves a bit, the servant takes after the master she heartlessly pushed in.

Even if they didn’t get far, being alive for the moment surely beat the alternative.

She would stretch it as long as it could last, a miracle like this wouldn’t repeat itself.


Next update in a new thread. ETA Unavailable but it shouldn't be longer than a week.
No. 57458
Update postponed to something like Monday because writefag has to go out of state for a funeral this weekend.

No. 57620
Uh, which monday exactly where you talking about?
No. 57817
File 139217329259.jpg- (202.11KB , 495x700 , idontevenknowwhattosayordo.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 57819
File 139221879674.jpg- (58.17KB , 625x416 , Trust me I will.jpg ) [iqdb]
"I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for an update, I can tell you I don't have one. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you sage next time, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you."

No, seriously, Sage next time you little shit. I've been waiting forever for Moon to update and you got my hopes up! Moon isn't even on the IRC anymore, so I can't bug her to update for my amusement. Moon, if you're out there, please come back!
No. 57832
Ahaha nice reference.

In all seriousness though, I thought >>57817 was a confession that KW was moon. I guess I was wrong?
No. 57833
File 13923458478.jpg- (405.83KB , 600x755 , sup nerds.jpg ) [iqdb]

Or maybe, y'know, I was just intensely flattered that someone liked my story enough to write a fic starring my daughter protagonist, as the thought of writing something good enough that it inspires someone else to write about it makes me feel all warm and ticklish inside my frozen, coal-black heart.

And, maybe, I'm a narcissistic sociopath incapable of saying "thank you" properly, and I couldn't find Moon on IRC anyway, so instead I just posted a picture of Remilia because let's face it, Remilia is the best touhou.

And, again just maybe, I'm full enough of myself not to expect that somebody might not recognize me, because let's face it, when you're as awesome as I am, people usually recognize my aura of general peerless virtuosity.




Alice's hair is much longer.

No. 62809
I was reminded of this recently. I'm still in IRC if you ever need a proofreader and want to continue this. And if you want to continue it, please do.

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