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Well, I finally did it! I present to you, the good people of THP, an update!

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If your aunt wanted you to know the secret now, she'd have called you to her office. So, you might as well wait for her to tell you and Shou later. But you wonder for a moment as to what to do now. Lunch is nearly over, so going to the cafeteria is out. Standing up from the bed you stretch and say, "I think I'm going to go on and head to class, the bell should ring by the time I get there."

Medicine looks at you frowning. "You sure? We could still talk for a few minutes."

"Sorry, Medicine," you say sincerely. "I'll come by again sometime, okay?" She nods hesitantly, but manages to force a smile. "Alright, see you later!" You wave as you walk out of the room and the two wave back.

The halls are starting to come alive as students are leaving lunch early to meet with friends in private, or to get to class early to avoid the post-lunch rush. You wind up making a wrong turn and winding up in the English hall, Mima's room is in the science hall. Most of the classrooms are empty at this time, but there are still a few people studying silently or getting help from a teacher. It won't kill you to wander around some more, so you continue down the hall.

You eventually come across a familiar figure. Tyrone from gym is in the middle of the hall talking to a girl who looks a few years younger than you. She's got short brown hair with a piano hairclip. "-ure? I wouldn't mind." You catch the end of his sentence, but aren't sure what he's talking about. Not that it matters. As you start to walk past Tyrone looks at you and calls out, "Hey Alex! Watcha doing?"

"Just walking around, stretching my legs before study hall," you reply with a shrug.

"You looked like hell this morning, you feeling better?" Ah, you had kind of forgotten he's in homeroom with you.

"Pretty much. All I needed was some sleep."

"I bet! Who's class did you sleep through?" He punches you lightly in the shoulder as he laughs. He isn't large, but he's bigger than you are. It becomes more apparent when he's standing next to the girl who looks positively puny compared to him. The girl is just watching the two of you with an amused smile.

"Miss White sent me to the nurse's office and I just slept there for a while."

The brunette clears her throat rather purposefully and looks at Tyrone. "Oh, right," he says, "Alex, meet Lyrica. I think you have a class with her sister, Lunasa."

"Nice to meet you," she says sweetly. "So, you're the new guy here?"

"Yep," you respond. Before you get to say anything else, the bell signaling the end of lunch rings out. "Ah, well, I'll see you later!" You wave to the two of them as you walk off. While you may be feeling better, you would rather not be wrapped up in any big conversations for the remainder of the day.
You let out a sigh as Remilia finishes her rant about how you should take care of yourself and get a good amount of rest. it's nice to know she cares, but she didn't have to talk your ear off! "All right, I'll stay home if I'm sick," you assure her.

"Good," she huffs, "nothing good can come from pushing yourself!" Wow, she's really upset.

"So, my health aside, how has your day been?" You ask not just Remilia but the others around you.

Cirno shrugs, "Pretty boring. But, I guess it could always be worse."

Utsuho, who is now minus one cast, happily announces, "I had a great day! I've been able to walk all on my own and carry my own bags!" Seeing as how she's been in a cast, it doesn't surprise you that she's happy.

"Well, I would have been better if I wasn't worrying that you might have something wrong with you," she says with a teasing smile.

Cirno, who is filling out a job application, asks, "What's todays date again?"

"The twenty-second," Remilia answers promptly.




You hadn't realized it was today! "I can't believe I forgot that was today!" The three around you suddenly turn to you with curious looks.

"What's special about today?" Utsuho asks.

"it's my birthday," you laugh, "I can't believe I almost forgot about it!"

The three of them wish you a happy birthday, but quickly start laughing at how you nearly forgot about it. Still they start talking about what you should do to celebrate. In retrospect, your aunts? surprise might relate to that little detail.
You stretch after sitting on the hard bleachers the entire period. Miss Hoshiguma said that she didn't want you pushing yourself seeing as how you still seemed a little sick.

While everyone is changing Miss Hoshiguma comes over to you. "Hey, Alex, Byakuren wanted me to tell you and Shou to meet her in her office after class. Apparently she's got a surprise for you two!"

"Any idea what it is?" You ask, hoping for any kind of hint.

"I know exactly what it is, but I can't tell you!" She laughs loudly, like she just told a joke.

She walks off without another word, but still laughing. You don't know if that's a good sign or a bad one. When Shou comes out you wave her over. "Hey, so Byakuren has something for us apparently."

"Any idea what it is?" She asks as she tries to smooth down her hair. It got pretty messy as she moved around during dodge-ball.

"It might have to do with my birthday, but I can't be sure."

"Wait, it's your birthday?"

"Yeah, I nearly forgot about it myself." You rub the back of your head embarrassedly.

The two of you sit around for a moment before the bell rings. Most people are still in the locker rooms since the games went on longer than usual, so you don't get a chance to talk to Mokou before you leave. Well, you can always call her later.

After pushing through the tides of students you and Shou find yourselves outside your aunt's office. Almost immediately after knocking on the door you hear her call, "Come in!"

Opening the door you are greeted by a tackling hug from a familiar blue haired girl. "SURPRISE!" She yells as the two of you fall to the ground. Shou jumps back in surprise rather than trying to catch you.

"K-Kogasa!" You are confused beyond words right now. Why is she here?

"I suppose I should have told you both earlier, but I wanted to make sure things panned out first," your aunt says with a bit of a chuckle. "I had decided to adopt Kogasa, but I was having trouble because I would be a single parent."

You manage to sit up once Kogasa lets go of you to hug Shou. "So, the surprise is Kogasa?" You ask Byakuren. After she nods happily you turn to the smiling child.

[] Write-in!
Yup, that's right. A pure Write-in vote!

On story related subjects...
Myouren Academy will be the story I update DAILY in November. For fans of WASTED, to those of you who don't know already I am BarKeep, I apologize. I'll try to update it as well, but I can't say how often they'll come around during that time.

ANYWAY, as always, let me know what you like/dislike and things you wish to see in the future! I love need your opinions to help me improve! Also thanks to Dan for looking over this and giving me some advice, I'll try to incorporate it in the future!
"Well isn't this just terrific. From an unpleasant morning to a happy afternoon." Or at least something to that effect.
[x] "...Really?" Look at Kogasa. "Hey, sis."

I dunno, I cannot brain right now.
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>daily updates
>this new development

Im not sure if this gif accurately conveys how I feel.

[X] Hey sis, sorry I couldn't be there for you at the orphanage, but things are different now. You ever need anything, just give big brother a call.
[x] What a wonderful surprise!
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Hey, guys, I want to start writing tomorrow. I'll need some more votes though. I can work with what I've got I plan on taking most of the write-ins and adapting them into a cohesive response but I would really like some more to work with. And during November you'll need to get your votes in FAST or miss out as I'll be doing the Nanowrimo Challenge, THP style!
[x] That's wonderful news! Congratulations!
[x] Welcome to the family!
[X]"That's wonderful news! Congratulations Kogasa!"
-[x]"... and welcome to the family!"

Works for me~!
[X]"That's wonderful news! Congratulations Kogasa!"
-[x]"... and welcome to the family!"

I like it.
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You look back and forth between Kogasa and your aunt, both of which are smiling. Shou is looking at you, seemingly confused but amused. You wind up chuckling a little before you manage to say anything. "Well, congratulations Kogasa! Welcome to the Family!" You stand up as she rushes over to you. "it's a wonderful surprise and it's really brightened my day!"

"Really?" She asks earnestly as she clings to your arm.

"Of course!" You reassure her with a pat on the head with your free hand. "You know, I always did want a little sister."

Shou laughs at this and says, "And you get one on your birthday! How perfect is that?"

"Happy birthday!" Your new sister says. Well, technically she's your cousin, but you might as well be brother and sister seeing as how Byakuren is now taking the role of your mother figure. "How old are you?"

"Seventeen now," you tell her while you try to pry your arm away unsuccessfully. "I actually completely forgot it was my birthday for most of the day. Just too many things going through my head right now."

"I'm glad you're okay with all of this," your aunt says breaking her silence. "I was worried you'd feel like I was trying to undermine your birthday."

You shrug. "I wouldn't have taken it that way. I mean, you've always wanted a kid of your own so I'm surprised it took you this long!"

She sighs, but keeps a smile on her face. "Believe me, if I could have done it sooner I would have." She stands up from her chair and walks around her desk. "I'd love for us to go out for dinner tonight, so why don't we all meet back at the house at six? That will give you time to help Kogasa settle in at the house and go out for a little while if you want."

"That sounds good," Shou answers quickly. "That work for you Alex? This way you won't have to cook on your birthday."

"Works for me," you tell her. "Want to head back now?" She nods. "Okay, come on then Kogasa! Time to show you your new home!"

"YAY!" She screams as she jumps up and down, all while still grappling your arm. You and Shou just laugh as the three of you say goodbye to your aunt and leave her to her work. The walk home feels a little weird since you have Kogasa with you, but she looks so happy you can't help but feel pretty good too.

You and Shou give her a tour of the house and show her to her room. It was the guest room, but now it's hers and she seems positively ecstatic. Her first order of business is to start jumping on her bed and shout about she has a room all to herself. Once her initial excitement fades the three of you wind up sitting in the living room. Shou is on the computer, Kogasa watching her with a fascinated look, and you attempting to do some homework. You get a text from Maribel while you work wishing you a happy birthday, to which you reply thanking her and asking how she's doing.

"Doin all rite. School isnt the same without u." Ugh, you absolutely hate texts like that. All your instincts tell you to correct them!

"I know what you mean. it's still kind of strange here."

"Ill call u tonite, if u want?"

"I'd like that."

When that's done you go back to the worksheet from math. Ugh, you could have had it done today if you were feeling better during fourth period!

It takes you almost two hours to finish all of your homework. Chemistry was a pain, Math was time consuming, and History was just reading the chapter, or so you hope. You don't know if there was anything for English that you need to do.

As you pack up your phone vibrates. You pick it up to see a text from your aunt. "Alex, I meant to tell you, you can invite a couple friends to dinner with us if you want. Just have them meet at our house and I'll drive everyone to the restaurant. By the way, we are going to the Aki-hut."

You don't recall ever hearing of a restaurant called the Aki-hut. "Hey Shou, what's the Aki-hut?"

"it's a buffet where everything is made right there in the kitchen with only the freshest ingredients! Everyone at school loves it there and it's pretty easy on the wallet too!" She doesn't even turn to face you when she says this. Whatever she's doing on the computer must be impor-

Never mind, you see the screen and it's just a social network thing. You don't really care about those. Ah, she must have switched tabs because it looks like the school's homepage.

Hmm? you can invite a couple friends, but you don't really know if you want to. It would be nice to spend it with just Byakuren, Shou, and Kogasa. But at the same time, you should celebrate with your friends too. You look through the numbers stored in your phone. The only ones you have belong to Byakuren, Mokou, Remilia, Shou, Tenshi, Yamame, Yoshika's you just got today, and Youmu's which you also got today.

Not really that many choices, maybe Shou has more people's numbers? Nah, better to stick with the people who actually gave you theirs.

-Choose one
[] Just go with your ?family?.
[] Invite one friend (Who?)
[] Invite two friends (Which Two?)
[x] Invite two friends
() Tenshi
() Remilia

Inviting Tenshi would probably go a long way toward showing her that we do still want to be her friend. No real reason for picking Remilia, except that I think inviting both Mokou and Tenshi might not end well.
[x] Invite one friend
-[x] Tenshi

Something like this would be good for her I'd think.
[X] Invite two friends
(X) Tenshi
(X) Remilia
[x] Invite one friend
All Mokou all day everyday.
[x] Invite one friend

Because Mokou. That is the extent of my reasoning.
[X] Invite two friends
(X) Tenshi
(X) Remilia

Hopefully, Tenshi can behave herself for once.
Okay, Vote called for inviting Tenshi and Remilia. Update by midnight tonight, my time that is. Screw daily updates using site time, that would never happen!
[x] Invite one friend
-[x] Tenshi

Inviting Remilia seems really random, and this looks to be a good olive branch with Tenshi.
Whoops, didn't see the call. I had several tabs opened at once and was just running through them one by one.
File 138344481516.jpg - (150.80KB, 508x590 , 9cf044777ff3ef63fbc4581c68c7dd64.jpg) [iqdb]
You immediate decide on inviting Tenshi, if she's feeling up to it. She was absent from school today, but you feel you should check up on her anyway. After packing your books up in your bag you stand up and head for the stairs. "I'll be in my room for a little bit."

"Can't focus down here?" Shou asks, actually turning away from the computer this time.

"Nah, I'm done. I just want to make a couple calls. Byakuren said I could invite a some friends out to dinner with us."

"Who do you want to invite?" She asks with a wry little smile.

You shrug for what feels like the thousandth time today. "I was planning on calling Tenshi and seeing how she's doing and if she wants to come with us."

"Well, I wouldn't call Mokou then." You raise an eyebrow questioningly in response. "Think about it, would you really want your ex and someone who may or may not be your girlfriend at dinner together?"

"Fair point," you say as you climb the stairs. Once in your room you toss your backpack onto the floor next to your desk and plop into your chair. Pulling out your phone you quickly dial Tenshi's number and wait for her to answer.

"-Hello?" You hear her voice and WOW does she sound horrible!

"Hey, it's Alex," you hear her mumble something but can't understand it. "How you feeling?"

"Horrible," she answers bluntly. "Mom's worried about me, you probably hate me, and I seem to have a problem with alcohol. And I really ju-"

"Shut up!" You cut her off annoyed. "I don't hate you! If I hated you I wouldn't have called! I'm worried about you and I want things to go back to how they were before we even dated. You were my best friend, and I still want us to be like that." You take a deep breath and sigh. "I'm sorry, I probably sound like a naïve idiot."

There's a silence between you two and you fear she might have hung up. "I should be the one apologizing," she says dismissing your fears, but leaving you with questions. "I was so insensitive about your mom's death. I was so happy to see you again I had focused on you but not what you were going through."

"Honestly, I was a little thankful you weren't bringing that up."


"You helped me put it out of my mind. Hell, that's all I've been trying to do. I haven't really come to terms with it just yet. It feels so surreal." You've been avoiding thinking about it as much as possible. it's not the best solution, but it's working right now.

"Did you mean it? When you said you still want to be my friend?"

"Of course!"

"What if Mokou or some other girl gets jealous?"

You chuckle a little. "Then let them. it's not their place to tell me who my friends can and cannot be!" She chuckles a little too. "So, what do you say, want to try and start over?"

There's another silence between you two, but unlike the last one you know she's still there. You can hear her breathing. "I'd love that! I don't care if you don't love me, I just want to be your friend!"

"And I want to be yours, that's how it should be. So, do you want to go out to dinner with me and my family?"


"-You forgot it's my birthday, didn't you?"

??" She totally forgot your birthday! Of course, you can't be upset with her, you forgot it too but you aren't going to tell her that. "OH CRAP!" You just bust out laughing. "I'm so sorry! I completely forgot! But, yeah I will go with you guys. Is anyone else coming?"

"Yeah," you answer as you try to stop laughing. "I'm going to call Remilia and see if she wants to come."

"Okay, where do we meet up?"

"Just come over to my place and we'll go from there."

"Mmmkay, I'll be over in a bit!" She hangs up without saying goodbye.

After a moment to fully compose yourself you dial Remilia's number. She answer's almost immediately. "Hello?"

"Hi Remilia, it's Alex."

"Hello Alex, what can I do for you?" Even over the phone she has that ?high and mighty? tone you always hear. She's not condescending or really overbearing, but it's like she's trying to sound important and ?in charge?.

"I was just wondering if you wanted to go out with me and my family to celebrate my birthday?"

"Hmm, I think I can, let me check real quick." You hear the phone being set down but nothing after that. You wait for a few minutes for her to come back. "I apologize for making you wait. I would love to celebrate your birthday with you and your family."

"Great! We're leaving at six, if you come over to my house we can all go together!"

"You are the house right next to the school, no?"

"That's the one."

"Okay, I will be over within the hour. Goodbye," she hangs up quickly after saying bye.

Hmm? Tenshi will be over soon and Remilia will be here within the hour. Checking your watch you see that it's currently five thirteen. You decide to rejoin Shou and Kogasa in the living room.

Shou's no longer on the computer, but she's playing a ?go fish? with Kogasa. That game doesn't seem that much fun with only two people.

You lay down on the couch and?

-Choose One
[] Take a quick nap, they'll wake you when someone gets there.
[] You don't really feel like laying down,
() Join Shou and Kogasa
() Read a book
() Looks like Shou left her Facebook page open
[x] You don't really feel like laying down,
(x) Join Shou and Kogasa

Family time!

Also, if Mokou seems disappointed that we didn't invite her out with us, we just say that we wanted to spend that time alone with her! Deferred birthday date with Mokou!
[X] Looks like Shou left her Facebook page open
[X] Post a fake suicide message for the lulz
[X] Close her Facebook and open your own, see if anyone is online. If not, play some Farmville.
[x] You don't really feel like laying down,
(x) Join Shou and Kogasa
[X] You don't really feel like laying down,
--(x) Join Shou and Kogasa

Eh can't just nap before an outing that involves dinner.
[X] You don't really feel like lying down.
--(x) Join Shou and Kogasa.
Vote called for joining Shou and Kogasa. Update sometime today.
File 138353010774.png - (177.47KB, 547x736 , beb1d0828de7997c2a5254e09ac5f949.png) [iqdb]
You lay down on the couch and immediately sit back up. If you lay down now, you'll just fall asleep. "You two have room for one more?" You look over to the girls to see that they're putting the cards away now. "Oh, you're done."

"Sorry, I want to get changed before we go out," Shou apologizes as she stands up. "You should probably get changed too."

"I will in a minute," you tell her as she heads towards the stairs. After you hear her door close you turn to Kogasa, "So, I know it's only been a little while but how do you like it here?"

She smiles cutely and says, "It feels so weird. it's like a dream come true!" She comes over and climbs onto the couch with you. "My room is sooooooo big! I never thought I would be adopted, but her I am!"

"I'm happy for you. Byakuren's a great person and I'm she decided to take you in."

"Hey," she looks at you with questioning eyes, "why don't you call her ?mom??"

"Eh?" You could have sworn you mentioned she was just your aunt. "She's my aunt, not my mom."

"Where's your mom?"



"She isn't around anymore," you don't really know how to answer her other than telling her the truth. "I've only been living here for a week now."

"Where did your mom go?" Her innocence is both a blessing and a curse.

You sigh reluctantly. "I'm not sure.? Technically you're telling her the truth. You don't know where people go after they die. "She's only been gone a for about three weeks now, so it's still pretty strange."

"Do you know why she left?" You nod. "Well, if you don't leave me, I won't leave you!"

You start laughing. It wasn't funny, but you can't help yourself. "Thanks, if you need me, I'll be there for you! That's what family is supposed to do, right?"

"Yeah!" Her cheerful demeanor makes you miss the days when you didn't have any worries.

You wait until Shou gets done changing before you go and change yourself. It doesn't take you as long as Shou because most of your clothes look the same. Back down in the living room Shou and Kogasa are talking about what Kogasa should call your aunt.

"But what if she doesn't want me calling her ?mom??" Kogasa asks, sounding genuinely worried.

"Hmm," Shou puts a finger up to her lips thoughtfully, "What do you think, Alex? You don't really call her Aunt Byakuren."

it's true that you've never really used the ?aunt? prefix, but you've never really seen a reason to. "Well, honestly, I'd just ask her what she wants to be called. But, I'm pretty sure she'd be fine with ?mom?.? You sit down on the couch next to Shou, only for the doorbell to ring. "Of course, it rings now." Standing right back up you say, "I got it." You walk over to the door and open it to reveal Tenshi standing there awkwardly. "Hey there!"

"Hey, happy birthday," she thrusts a small box into your arms. "it's a hand me down, but I thought you might like it."

"Thanks! Well, come on in and take a seat!" You start opening the box. it's just a small cardboard box without wrapping so it was probably last minute which doesn't surprise you at all. Inside is an original Nintendo DS with a copy of Pokemon Heart Gold in it. You start laughing as you remember playing Pokemon Red and Blue with Tenshi as kids.

"I thought we could play together sometime. You know, like when we were younger." She goes over to the couch as she says this but stops in her tracks when she sees Kogasa. "Uh?"

"Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you that my aunt just adopted her." You stand next to Tenshi and say, "Tenshi, meet Kogasa."

"Nice to meet you!" Kogasa shouts with gleefully.

"N-nice to meet you too," Tenshi says before turning to you and whispering, "Your aunt got you a little girl for your birthday?" Her wry smile tells you she's joking, but you can't help but dope slap her. "Hey!"

"You were asking for it," you tell her as you shake your head.

"Why did you hit her?" Kogasa asks. Shou is just shaking her head looking like she's trying not to smile.

"Doesn't really matter," you say as you lean up against the wall next to the door.

Tenshi takes a seat next to Shou and asks, "So who else is coming?"

"We're just waiting on Remilia and my aunt." The doorbell rings almost as if it was replying to you. "Speak of the devil." You open the door to see Remilia waiting patiently.

"That was quite expeditious of you," she notes as she enters the building.

"I figured you'd ring the bell just as I sat down," you flash a quick look at Tenshi who simply flashes an apologetic smile. "So, just go ahead and sit wherever you like. My aunt should be here any minute now." Your watch is telling you it's almost six o?clock.

Remilia starts to walk past the couch but stops when she sees Kogasa. "Oh? Who do we have here?"

"Hi, my names Kogasa! Nice to meet you!" Chirps the little blue haired one.

"Nice to meet you too, my name is Remilia."

"Miss Hijiri just adopted her today," Shou tells her.

Remilia nods as she takes a seat in the recliner. "She has some great role models to follow." You rub the back of your neck bashfully while Shou smiles in response.

Your aunt arrives after a couple minutes and after basic pleasantries are exchanged everyone head to your aunts minivan. "Shotgun," you say running to the front passenger seat. You look back and see Tenshi snap her fingers.

Once everyone is piled into the vehicle and buckled, your aunt starts driving down the road.

-Car conversation time!
[] Talk about School (Write in what about it)
[] Talk about hobbies
[] Talk about (Write-in)
Yay an update! Hope you all enjoy!
[x] Talk about hobbies

Seriously, what do people like to do for fun?
[x] Talk about hobbies
[x] Talk about hobbies

This'll do.
[x]Talk about hobbies
[x] Talk about hobbies

That's a good icebreaker, so long as people actually share some hobbies.
File 138361820976.png - (489.48KB, 700x1610 , 72e4537ab4c1ce3cc6ae0d1c7c936906.png) [iqdb]
You're sitting up front with Kogasa and Shou in the way back and Tenshi and Remilia in the middle. Just to pass the time you decide to ask the others what they like to do in their free time. "I know Tenshi plays games and goes shopping, unless she's changed her habits in the past two years." If she wasn't with you or at the mall, she was playing a video game. "But, what about the rest of you?"

"I usually mess around on the computer," Shou says after a moment. "But aside from that I usually read or hang out with friends." You haven't really seen her go out that much, but you've only been here a week so you don't know if she just hasn't felt like going out or what. "There's also my duties a junior class president. Those keep me pretty busy too. Not to mention all the studying I do just to stay on the honor roll."

"You spend most of your days studying, Shou," Remilia says with a smile. "You should really relax more often."

"H-hey! I do plenty of relaxing!" Shou sounds mildly offended, but doesn't really look it. "Besides, you don't exactly have it easy with all the plays you participate in!"

Remilia chuckles slightly. "I supposes, but I do find being on stage to be quite relaxing."

"Ugh, not me," Tenshi cuts in. "Anytime I have people watching me like that I just freeze up. I could never be on stage like you."

"Try not to sell yourself short, I was a nervous wreck my first time on stage." Remilia says this like it's nothing, but you find it pretty surprising. She doesn't seem like the kind of person to get nervous. "I am usually quite nervous just before a production, but once I get on stage and start saying my lines I feel at ease."

"Other than being in plays, what do you like to do?" You ask, trying to get back to your original question.

She looks thoughtful for a moment before saying, "I drink tea with Flandre. Sakuya as well when she finishes her chores."

She sounds like she's done talking, but you feel like she's cheating you out of an answer with that! Luckily Tenshi voices your opinion for you, "That can't be all you do!"

"I enjoy having polite conversations with my friends and hosting parties. But sadly, I do not really do all that much." Remilia ends with an uncharacteristic sigh.

"Well," Shou says, "What about you Kogasa? What do you like to do?"

"Wha? M-me?" There's a hint of nervousness in her voice.

"You're the only Kogasa here, so of course I mean you!" Shou laughs as she pats the girls head.

"W-well, I like to draw," she whispers, barely loud enough for you to hear.

"What kinds of things do you draw?" Tenshi asks as she tries to turn around in her seat.

"Flowers, trees, clouds," Kogasa just lists off a few things as she twirls her fingers.

You decide to ask, "What about singing? Do you like that?"

"I'm not very good," she says dejectedly.

"That wasn't my question. I want to know if you like to sing, not if you're good at it."

"I do, but I don't like singing around other people."

Tenshi quickly leans forward and says to you, "Why don't you give her singing lessons?" You unsuccessfully stifle a laugh. "What? You're a great singer!"

"Being good at singing is one thing, being able to teach is another! I'd be a terrible teacher!"

Your aunt speaks up for the first time since everyone got in the car, "I wouldn't sell yourself short Alex. You might be better at it than you would expect."

"Maybe," you say, perhaps more dismissively than you intended.

Just a few minutes later you arrive at the restaurant. it's fairly empty looking, which suits you just fine. You don't care much for crowded buffets. The exterior of the building gives a very homey feel to it, and the inside drives the point home! Most of the furnishing is similar to a dining room rather than a restaurant.

As you take in the interior you are approached by a girl roughly the same age as you with short blonde hair. She's wearing a red button up shirt, a red and orange skirt with a leaf pattern on the bottom, and two red leaf hairclips. "Welcome to the Aki-hut!" She greets with a curtsy.

"Hey Shizuha," Shou addresses her familiarly, "looks like you're up front today. I take it Minoriko is in the kitchen?"

Nodding her head the blonde says, "That's right. So, table for six?"

"Please and thank-you," your aunt says smiling.


You plop down on your bed feeling exhausted. After you were seated you and Tenshi proceeded to try and out eat the other. You won, but you really wish you hadn't. Still, between stuffing your face and trying to hide your face as the entire restaurant sang happy-birthday to you, you had fun. Remilia didn't say much, but she didn't have to, you were grateful she was there. Tenshi, however, might have to be kept away from the impressionable Kogasa. By the time you left Kogasa was trying to imitate Tenshi's mannerisms, which don't come across as very ladylike, or appropriate in some cases. You're just glad your aunt was turning a blind eye to some of that.

It doesn't take you long to fall asleep once you close your eyes.


You wake up multiple times during the night courtesy of nightmares. But each time you wake up you can't remember the dream. Finally you wake up to your alarm clock and quickly get ready for school. It doesn't take long for you to get showered and dressed, but you feel so sluggish. Not as bad as yesterday, but still pretty out of it.

When you get downstairs you find that you aren't the only one awake. Shou is sitting at the dining room table with a cup of coffee and some microwave sausage. "Morning," she says as cheerily as she can this early in the morning.

"Morning, there any more coffee?"

"Yeah, I made a full pot."

Sweet coffee, good coffee. You don't even bother adding anything to it, you just drink it black. Shou looks at you like you're weird, which you kind of are, but you pay her no mind. Once you finish your coffee you pour a bowl of cereal and scarf that down.

"What's the hurry?" Shou asks you between bites of her sausage.

"No hurry, I was just hungry."

"How are you hungry after last night?" You shrug. "Of course."

Once the both of you are done you leave for school. When you arrive Shou says that she has something to do as the junior class president and runs off. Not sure of what to do you just head towards homeroom. Or at least, that was the plan before you round a corner and crash right into someone. You're fine, a little surprised, but fine. The one you bumped into falls to the ground though and all their books spill out of their bag.

The strange person just sits there with a blank expression while looking you in the eyes. She has waist long lavender hair that matches her eyes perfectly, is wearing the school uniform, and has a hairclip of the laughing and crying theater masks.

-Choose One
[] Ask if she's okay
[] Help her up
[] Apologize and leave
[] Apologize as you start trying to get her books together
[] Write-in
[x] Help her up
Just one? A bit odd but okay.

[x] Help her up
[X] Apologize as you start trying to get her books together.

[X] Help her up
[X] Help her up
-[x] and apologize.

works for me~!
[X] Apologize as you start trying to get her books together.
Vote called for helping her up. I'll try to work quickly.

Sorry, this is more of a "First order of business" kind of thing. You're doing most of it, it just determines her first impression of you. Aside from the "crash into hello".
Ah, okay. Makes sense enough once explained.
File 138371082737.jpg - (237.99KB, 942x1000 , 4beaaddaf0f470421b37daf670b5070d.jpg) [iqdb]
You instantly stick your hand out towards the girl. "I'm so sorry! Let me help you up!" She keeps her blank expression as she slowly takes your hand. Gently, you help her to her feet. "Are you okay?" She nods as she dusts herself off. "I should be more careful rounding these corners." She doesn't say anything as she starts to gather her books. "Oh, let me help you!" You go after some of the papers that slid out of her binders, most of which are blank. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yes," her tone is very, well, monotone, "I'm fine." Once all her books and papers are accounted for she looks at you, still with that blank face. "Thank you for your help."

"it's the least I could do after knocking you down." You feel more than a little awkward that she's thanking you.

She looks around for a moment before turning back to you. "Do you know where Miss Mima's classroom is?"

"Yeah, she's my homeroom teacher. Are you new here too?"

She nods. "I've been homeschooled my whole life, but my parents think that they've sheltered me too much so they enrolled me here."

"Well, I can show you where her room is so just follow me." You turn to head down the hall but stop when she grabs your hand. "Huh?" You quickly spin to look at her again, her face is still expressionless. "Why'd you grab my hand?"

"So I won't get lost again." She tilts her head slightly as she asks, "Does it bother you?"

Seriously, would it kill her to show some facial expressions? "N-not really," you say awkwardly. Okay, it does kind of bother you, but not to the point you want her to stop. "So, uh, just follow me I guess." She holds your hand tightly with her relatively small hand. You get a few awkward looks from passing students, which makes you grateful for arriving early since you only pass a handful of people. When you get to the class you announce your arrival to her as dramatically as you can, "Here we are, the classroom of the Magnificent Mima!"

"Thank you.? DAMN! You were hoping for some kind of reaction from her! She lets go of your hand and opens the door nonchalantly.

The only person inside is Mima who quickly greets the two of you. "Why hello there Alex! Who's this, your new girlfriend? Or just a stray you picked up?"

"She's not my girlfriend and sh-"

You are cut off by the girl, "Hello Miss Mima, my name is Kokoro Hata. I'm going to be in your homeroom from now on."

"Oh? Well then I, the great and humble Mima of Magical Magnificence, welcome you to my class!" Mima throws her arms out wide trying to look impressive. The new sparkly blue and white cape certainly adds to the effect. But Kokoro doesn't seem impressed. It might Mima's hat though. It looks like a floppy dunce cap with a star pattern and a sun on the tip. Kokoro's lack of response causes Mima to pout. She wraps her arms around your neck and cries, "Alex, she's not even acting impressed! Waaaah!"

"P-please stop choking me," you cough futilely. "If it makes you feel better, I was kind of impressed."

"You were!" YAY!? Why did you have to tell her that? She's squeezing tighter now! She is also practically forcing your face between her breasts. She eventually lets go of you and turns back to the lavender haired teen. And is disappointed at her lack reaction. You hear her snap her fingers before she starts grinning. Suddenly fearing for your innocence you take a few steps back, only for Mima to lunge forward and grapple Kokoro. it's a playful hug, but you are still glad you're not on the receiving end this time. "I WILL get a reaction out of you if it's the last thing I do!"

Kokoro doesn't look like she minds, but she still looks at you and says, "Help?" Well, it's hard to stop Mima when she gets going. That's something you figured out the first day of school.

-Choose one
[] "Sorry Kokoro, this is just how Mima is. You'll learn to live with it." Head to your desk.
[] "Mima, no molesting the new students. You have to wait at least a week before you can do that."
[] "I think I should get an adult?" Attempt to leave the room.
[] "Group hug!?
YES! Got it done on time!

Two choices revolving around Kokoro specifically? This totally isn't because I want you to pursue Kokoro, no sir not at all. I wouldn't complain...

Just kidding, I really don't care who you pursue. I can work with anyone. I wouldn't write a character if I didn't like them or think I could like them.
[c] "Mima, no molesting the new students. You have to wait at least a week before you can do that."
[x] "Mima, no molesting the new students. You have to wait at least a week before you can do that.."

You have to give them time to get settled before you go doing unsettling things.
[X] "Sorry Kokoro, this is just how Mima is. You'll learn to live with it." Head to your desk.

As if Mima waited a week with us.
[] "Mima, no molesting the new students. You have to wait at least a week before you can do that."
[X] "Sorry Kokoro, this is just how Mima is. You'll learn to live with it." Head to your desk.

Maybe we'll meet Miko if we make friends with Kokoro...
[X] "Mima, no molesting the new students. You have to wait at least a week before you can do that."
Vote called for telling Mima that she can't molest the new student. I'm a little sad there weren't any votes for "I should probably get an adult". I really wanted Mima to look creepy and tell Alex, "I am an adult". Oh well, this is just as fun for me anyway.

You forget, Alex has already met Miko. She was a member of Yamame's band. She's also friends sort of with Nue.

Ah, you're right. It's been a while, so I forgot.

Is there any chance you could put up a list of which characters we've met and what they do? Might be helpful further down the line.
Shou, Mokou, Tenshi, Cirno, Satori, Miko, Yamame, Parsee, Marisa, Rinnosuke, Reimu, Nitori, Murasa, Utsuho, Aya, Reisen, Remilia, Sakuya, Nue, Kaguya, Sanae, Momiji, Youmu, Shizuha, Mystia, Lyrica, Lunasa

School Staff:
Keine, Patchouli, Ran, Yukari, Yuugi, Lilly, Mima, Akyuu, Kanako, Byakuren, Iku

Flandre, Kogasa, Ichirin, Unzan, Unnamed Antique Shop Owner

Should be everyone. I need to fix/make changes to my spreadsheet on character relations now. Well, that can wait until after I update today/after NaNoWriMo. The list doesn't include OC's, I figured you only cared about Touhou's anyway.
File 138379089935.jpg - (237.87KB, 600x650 , 319207b9e25d36bb93bc710cb34d49dc.jpg) [iqdb]
"Mima," you say as you tap your green haired teacher on the shoulder, "no molesting the new students. You have to wait at least a week for them to acclimate." She frowns as she slowly lets go of Kokoro and turns to you. "That's a good teach- gah!"

She immediately jumps on you. "Oh, so you're volunteering? How sweet of you~!" Crap, you've been here a week now. Your words have twisted against you! "Since you gave me your permission I'll keep you all to myself!"

"I-I didn't give you permission! You're twisting my words around!"

"So I'm like a lawyer then? Ooh, I like that idea. Sexy lawyer Mima and her Client Alex caught after hours in the court room!" At this point you can only pray she's messing with your head.

"M-Mima, you really shouldn't be saying stuff like that!"

"Are you denying our love?"

"Yes!" Absolutely no hesitation there.

Mima lets you go and pouts once more. "Awwww, I thought we had something special." Her frown quickly turns upside down as she turns to look at Kokoro, who still hasn't changed her expression! Wow, she is really unflappable. With a sigh Mima points to a desk in the back of the room, "That's your seat." Kokoro nods and starts to head back, but is stopped by Mima, "I will get you my pretty! And your little Alex too!" Kokoro doesn't respond at all and just goes to her seat.

Mima slouches in defeat. You pat her on the head, "There, there, it's all right. You just need more practice." She smiles at you and starts to say something, but you follow up with, "Just not on me." She frowns again as you head to your seat. The room fills up quickly after you take your seat. Mokou and Shou just barely get in before the bell. As soon as she sits behind you, you turn to Mokou who is breathing heavily, "Had to wake up Kaguya and Reisen?"

"Yeah, and I had to run back to my place and grab my purse because I forgot it." That explains the heavy breathing.

"Ouch, that sounds rough." She nods before laying her head on the desk. You chuckle a little as you turn around in your seat.

Mima goes through the roll as usual, but has to quiet the class when she calls out Kokoro's name. You glance back at the static teen. She doesn't seem fazed by all the, male, attention she's getting. Once everyone is accounted for Mima calls her up to the front of the room. "Everyone, meet Kokoro Hata! She's been living here her whole life, but she was being homeschooled. I'm not sure why her parents decided to have her enrolled here, but hey, that's their problem! In lieu of asking her questions, you can do that on your own time, I'm going to make her wear my hat!" Mima plops the hat right on Kokoro's head. The hat is a little too big for her, but she adjusts it in a way that works. It looks as ridiculous as one would expect. Still, she doesn't seem to mind.

When she gets back to her seat, acting like the hat isn't even there, Mima lets everyone do as they please. Most of the guys rush to the back, not that you can blame them. A new girl shows up and she's cute, that would get just about any guys attention. "I'm surprised you aren't back there with the rest of the guys," Mokou says with a little smirk.

"Meh," you shrug, "I ran into her on the way here this morning." It is the truth, in more ways than one too but she doesn't need to know that.

"So, you met her before class? What's she like?"

You aren't really sure how to describe her other than, "Weird."

"You're one to talk."

"Hey! That hurts!" You frown to emphasize your point. Mokou just shakes her head. "Well, anyway, she doesn't really react to anything. Mima was trying so hard to get a rise out of her and failed miserably."

"I failed miserably, huh?" Uh-oh. You turn around to face your childish teacher. "I seem to recall making you uncomfortable at least."

"Eh-heh, yeah, I guess you did." For the remainder of homeroom you sat around looking over the chapter for history you read last night. Just to make sure you understood it. Well, that and Mokou said that Keine is giving a pop quiz on it today.


it's now fourth period and you are done. Just done. You think you aced the surprise quiz in history, but Chemistry was another matter. You completely forgot about the homework for that class and you think you did poorly on the quiz you had in there. Home Economics was a nice break. You were grouped with Shou and Parsee. Surprisingly, Parsee was being pretty civil towards you. Not friendly but it's an improvement! Now you're in English and just finished another pop-quiz!

Everyone has passed in their quiz at this point and you have the rest of the period to do as you wish, as long as you stay in your seat. "Gah, I hate quizzes!" You whine to no one in particular.

"Same here," Rinnosuke says as he slaps you on the back. it's actually surprising that he's here today. He seems to be absent pretty often.

"I've had three quizzes today," you whine again.

"Well, it certainly seems like you're feeling better," observes Satori. "You were almost completely out of it yesterday."

"Well, I can't say I'm well rested, but I'm definitely better than yesterday." You are still tired, but not to the point of being unable to function. "I'll probably take a short nap after school though."

"Damn, I was going to see if you wanted to hang out later," Rinnosuke says with a snap of his fingers.

"Well, let's see how I feel later. I might get a second wind by the end of the day."

The bell for lunch rings out shortly after that exchange and everyone starts filing out of the room. Except you, Shou, and Mokou that is. "So, whatcha gonna do for lunch?" Shou asks you as she rocks back and forth on her feet.

[] You promised Medicine you would come see her again and maybe introduce her to some of your friends.
() Eat in the Nurse's Office
() Bring her to the cafeteria and eat with (Pick a character you know)
[] Join Mokou
[] Join Shou
[] Join (Pick another character)
I wish Danbooru had a picture of Kokoro with Mima's hat. That would have made my day! Sadly it doesn't and I will settle for this picture.

Congratulations! You've unlocked the Mima route! Not really. No Mima route for you! I wonder though, was Mima too much or just right? I want her to be trolling Alex, yet be vague in her "flirting".

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy day six of daily updates!
[x] You promised Medicine you would come see her again and maybe introduce her to some of your friends.
(x) Bring her to the cafeteria and eat with (Mokou)
[x] You promised Medicine you would come see her again and maybe introduce her to some of your friends.
(x) Bring her to the cafeteria and eat with (Mokou)

Sounds good to me.
[] You promised Medicine you would come see her again and maybe introduce her to some of your friends.
() Bring her to the cafeteria and eat with (Tenshi)
[x] You promised Medicine you would come see her again and maybe introduce her to some of your friends.
(x) Bring her to the cafeteria and eat with (Remilia)
[X] You promised Medicine you would come see her again and maybe introduce her to some of your friends.
--(x) Bring her to the cafeteria and eat with (Mokou)

Works for me~!
[x] You promised Medicine you would come see her again and maybe introduce her to some of your friends.
(x) Bring her to the cafeteria and eat with (Remilia)
Vote called for dragging Medicine to the cafeteria and introducing her to Mokou and her friends. Writing begins now!

But, before I do that. I must apologize because I mentioned that Alex had math homework in a previous update, yet I neglected to mention his math class at all. Seeing as how Math comes after lunch and before study hall, this is a pretty big screw up on my part. It's not a major issue, but the fact I completely forgot about it fills me with shame. SHAME!!

Again I apologize to anyone who noticed that inconsistency. If no one noticed, then forget everything I said. I was tempted to make some bullshit excuse about it in story, but I'll just pretend that he went if you guys do too.
File 13838830085.jpg - (535.93KB, 805x1137 , 54c79ad6535db912d266b3ae45cffabc.jpg) [iqdb]
"Well," you smile at Mokou, "Do you mind if I eat lunch with you?"

"No, not at all!" She smiles back at you.

"Thanks, but," you pause as you remember Medicine, "do you mind if bring someone else along too?

Both Shou and Mokou look at you with raised eyebrows. "Who do you have in mind?" Mokou asks.

"Do you know the girl who's always in the nurse's office?" They nod. "Well, when I was in there yesterday she asked if I could introduce her to some of my friends, and I kinda agreed."

"That?s, nice of you," Shou says it like you're weird for agreeing to it. "Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. You are related to Miss Hijiri after all."

You look back to Mokou, who seems to be thinking it over. "Well," she says after a moment of thought, "I don't see why not. She seems like a nice girl and you can never have enough friends."

"Okay, I'll go get her and meet you in the cafeteria!" The three of you go your separate ways after leaving the classroom and you hurry to the nurse's office. Going against the flow of people is a little annoying, but you manage.

You open the door to the clinic and are greeted by Eirin. "Hello Alex, I hope you aren't here to complain about not feeling well." Her slight smile tells you she's joking, maybe.

"No, nothing like that," you assure her. "I was just coming to see if Medicine wanted to come with me to lunch."

The nurse looks over to the beds, which you can't see from here, and says, "Did you hear that Medi?"

"I-I heard!" Medicine pokes her head past the curtains that were blocking your view. "I don't really know if I want to go."

"If you don't go, I'm sending you back to class," is the immediate response from the silver haired nurse. "he's offering to sit with you in the cafeteria so you won't be alone here. Am I right Alex?"

"Yeah, that's pretty much what I was thinking. That and I promised I'd introduce her to some of my friends." You step into the room, but leave the door open behind you. "So, what do you say? Want to come with me?"

"S-sure," she disappears behind the curtain, but comes back quickly holding her lunchbox. "L-lets go." After saying goodbye to Eirin, the two of you head towards the cafeteria.

"Ah crap," you mumble as you see the line that has formed. You probably aren't getting any of the good stuff at this point. Might as well find Mokou and get food when the line dies down. It takes a minute in the crowded cafeteria, but you eventually find Mokou and her friends. "Hey there!" You take a seat right next to Mokou and Medicine sits between you and Kaguya. Which is appreciated, maybe she won't try and steal your food this time.

"Hey Alex," Reisen says with a smile. "Mokou told us you were bringing a guest with you." She turns to Medicine now, "So, you're the one who's always hanging out in the nurse's right?" Medi nods. "I bet you know a lot of people then. What's it like helping out in there?"

"I-it's a lot of hard work, but it's very rewarding too." A faint smile works its way onto her face as she talks. "I don't like seeing people in pain or be sick, so helping them feel better makes me feel better about myself."

"That's really sweet of you," Kaguya says with a gentle smile. "You should try not to get sick yourself though."

"I know," Medicine looks a little embarrassed. "Miss Yagokoro keeps telling me the same thing."

Reisen snorts in response, "Yeah, mom is always telling people to take care of themselves. Even though she's terrible at taking care of herself!"

"Wait, your mom is Miss Yagokoro?" You ask in surprise. Kaguya and Reisen nod. "I would never have guessed."

"Well, to be fair, we didn't exactly tell you either," Kaguya says with a hint of teasing in her voice. "Speaking of not telling people things. I heard that yesterday was your birthday and that you went out and didn't invite Mokou." You fight back every urge to hide right now and instead glance at Mokou who, well, doesn't look upset. Shou probably told her when you went to get Medicine.

"Yeah, sorry about that. I had a lot on my mind during the day and I kinda just forgot about it." You pause for a moment as you realize just how silly that sounds. "Well, that just sounds stupid of me."

"A little." Reisen, you're not supposed to agree with someone when they call themselves an idiot! "So, why didn't you invite Mokou?"

Uh-oh, Mokou's looking at you expectantly. What should you tell her? Do you tell her that you wanted to try and patch things up with Tenshi? But, how would you explain why you invited Remilia? What if she's really upset with you for not inviting her and she's just acting calm? You doubt she's the kind of person to feel slighted just because of something so simple.

-How do you respond?
[] Write-in
Ugh, tired and unfocused. But hey, an update! Whelp, time to hope that I don't forget anything from now on.
[x] Tell her the truth.
-(x) You wanted to patch things up with Tenshi and be friends again.
-(x) You invited Remilia on a whim.

It's the truth & that's all inviting Remilia really was anyway. If it comes up about why she wasn't invited instead of Remilia he can point out how bad of an idea it seems to invite someone you used to date and are on uncertain ground with out to eat with the girl you're currently dating.
We're not currently dating Mokou, though. We asked her to the dance, yes, but we have yet to actually ask her on a date.
Tell that to Shou and company.
[X] A wise woman once told me you can never have enough friends.

Bonus points if Alex can pull off a wink as well without seeming like a weirdo.
[X] We wanted to make peace with Tenshi
[X] We wanted to make peace with Tenshi
[x] Just be honest. Tenshi was feeling like crap, and we wanted to patch things up with her, and cheer her up. We were thinking about inviting Mokou too, but someone pointed out that this might make Tenshi hit the roof. Remilia was basically a whim.

Just be honest, and see how Mokou takes it.
[X] Because the other bastard voices in my head don't see your true greatness Mokou.
Calling the vote now. Update before midnight, my time, as is the standard for this month!

Waymaker-kun fighto!
File 138397179168.jpg - (126.98KB, 850x606 , sample-fbccd6ed5d509c7ea2e5045b69ce723c.jpg) [iqdb]
Well, you have nothing to gain by lying. And you don't think you did anything that would upset her. So you go ahead and tell the truth. "Things have been, and still are, a little rough between me and Tenshi and I wanted to try and patch things up."

"Okay, but why'd you invite Remilia along instead of Mokou?" Reisen asks with an impish grin.

"Well, Shou mentioned that it might not be the smartest idea to have your ex and the one you just went on a date with together for any extended period of time." You say it all in a ?matter of fact? tone.

"That makes sense I guess," Mokou says with a sigh. You guess she was a little upset after all, but you can't say for sure. "it's nice that you still want to be friends with her." There's a small smile, so you know it is okay.

Kaguya swipes a carrot stick from Reisen, who actually looks upset at that, and asks you, "Why did you break up with her anyway?"

You slam you head against the table as you cry, "Not this question again!" You slowly raise your now stinging head from the table and calmly say, "She and I dated for a while and she wanted to move faster than I was comfortable with. It doesn't help matters that I wasn't sure of how I really felt about her. So, I broke up with her and she didn't take it well. Despite my efforts, things just weren't the same." You turn to Medicine who has been listening intently this whole time and tell her, "This is pretty much what I put up with on a daily basis."

"Hey! You make it sound like we constantly bother you!" Reisen says as she tosses a ketchup packet at you, which reminds you that you have to get lunch. After excusing yourself you work your way into line.


You spend the remainder of lunch fairly quiet. The only times when you say anything is when you are asked a question or to urge Medicine to talk. Once the bell rings you head out to your math class.

it's weird, you don't even remember coming here yesterday. Just add that to the list of things that your exhaustion caused. Your regular teacher is back today, but seems pretty down. Part of you wonders what happened, but another part is too tired to worry about it. Before you can walk to your seat she calls you over and hands you a slip of paper. Before you can ask what it is she sends you to your seat.

"Alex, come to my office after school.

Looks like your aunt wants you, but the note doesn't say why. Oh well, you'll find out later.


The remainder of the day passes pretty fast as you find yourself sitting on the bleachers after gym class once more. You spent math helping Yoshika and study hall was spent comparing ages between you and your friends. You are older than Remilia by a whole nine days, but younger than Utsuho and Cirno. Of course, Remilia says she's the oldest based on maturity and those two are the youngest. You kind of agree with her there.

The bell rings and you quickly and quietly slip out to your aunt's office. You do stop to greet Akyuu though, just to be polite, but she doesn't respond. She looks busy with her paperwork, so you leave her be and head back.

You knock on Byakuren's door and hear an immediate response, "Come in!" You do as told and quickly take a seat in front of her, rather imposing, desk. This is the second time you've been in here, but the first time you've really looked around.

Large and important looking desk? Check.

Cheesy motivational posters? Check.

File cabinets? The whole wall to the left of the door is lined with them!

Your aunt is sitting there with a smile on her face as she says, "I'd like you to do me a favor before you head home please."

"Okay, what do you need me to do?"

"I want you to pick Kogasa up from the elementary school and take her shopping for some new clothes."

"Eh? Me? Why not Shou? She'd be better at picking out clothes for her than I would anyway."

Byakuren shakes her head and says, "Shou is busy as the junior class president and I have to stay here for a meeting."

"Well, I guess when you put it like that, I don't have a choice." You say it jokingly, but force chuckle just in case she doesn't take it as one.

"Thanks a lot Alex!" She hands you her debit card and waves you out of the room.

You walk down to the elementary school where Kogasa is waiting for you. "Alex!" She runs right into your arms when she sees you.

"Hey there! Did you have fun today?" She nods repeatedly. "Good! Well, let's head home then!" You need to drop your books off before heading out after all.


"Phew," you did a lot of walking today. If it were possible, you think your legs would just pop right off any minute now. Kogasa is currently relaxing on the couch watching TV and you're just finishing putting the groceries away. You recalled being low on a lot so you went ahead and bought what you could think of. You really wish you hadn't since you had to carry everything. Kogasa helped, but there's a limit to how much she can carry effectively.

"Alex? What's for dinner?" Kogasa asks from the living room. Right, it's almost six now.

Sighing you open the fridge again.

-Choose One
[] You don't feel like ?cooking? so just toss something in the microwave.
[] You see some things that go well together and cook fairly fast. Just enough for the two of you too!
[] You should make an actual dinner. Nothing fancy, but enough for everyone. Even if it will take more time?
[] You know what? You feel pretty good, despite the aching, and want to make something special!
Grah! Cutting it close today. Closer than I'd like at least.

Originally, the scene with Byakuren was far different. But, I decided I'd save that for later and erased like 500 words of progress. Gotta love that feeling of "This is too soon" followed by "Oh god, I just erased HALF my update!" Whelp...

Hope you enjoy anyway!
>Cheesy motivational posters

Ouch bro...right in the nostalgia. That was a low blow man.

[X] You know what? You feel pretty good, despite the aching, and want to make something special!
-[X] Be sure to make enough to have three bentous for tomorrow. One for Kogasa, one for you, and one for Mokou as an apology.
[X] You know what? You feel pretty good, despite the aching, and want to make something special!

Make the first dinner made by Alex for Kogasa something special.
[x] You should make an actual dinner. Nothing fancy, but enough for everyone. Even if it will take more time??
[X] You see some things that go well together and cook fairly fast. Just enough for the two of you too!
[] You know what? You feel pretty good, despite the aching, and want to make something special!
[x] You know what? You feel pretty good, despite the aching, and want to make something special!
Okay, we're cooking up something special for Kogasa's first home-cooked meal.
File 138405063235.jpg - (258.89KB, 610x710 , 471c8ec3dbc26b5ee9c239f7e26f1efd.jpg) [iqdb]
After some thought you begin pulling things out of the refrigerator and the freezer. The day is almost over so you can't do anything time consuming, but you've been eyeing the ham that's been in there since your aunt bought it over the weekend! it's been a while since you did anything like this so it'll be interesting to see how it turns out. Ah, but before you continue you call out to Kogasa, "Hey, Kogasa, are you allergic to ham or anything?" It pays to be safe after all.

"No, why are we having ham?" She turns her attention from the TV screen as you pull the five pound hunk of meat from the fridge.

"That's the plan, I just need to decide what to make with it." You scour the pantry for possible side dishes and your search pays of when you find potatoes and corn! Part of you rejoices in the prospect of making mashed potatoes from scratch, but hates the idea of peeling them. The corn is easy enough. You just have to shuck it and toss it in a pot. Hopefully your aunt won't mind you doing this. Just in case, you send her a text of your plans and ask for her permission. Almost immediately she replies letting you know it's fine and that she's looking forward to dinner.

RIGHT! it's time to get everything set up and cooking! The ham will take the longest to cook so you get that in the oven as fast as you can. Once the oven is heated and the ham is in, you focus your attention onto the corn. You only do four things of corn, one for everyone, and put the rest away. The corn is sitting in an empty pot for now, you don't want it sitting out before everything else is done. Now it's time for the hard part. You need to peel them and start mashing.

You feel a little guilty, but you enlist Kogasa's help in peeling the potatoes, but you spend more time fussing over her because you're worried she might cut herself with the peeler. She has fun though, so that helps ease your guilt a little. Once they're peeled get them ready to be mashed. Except, your aunt doesn't seem to own a potato masher! You settle on using a meat tenderizer. "It wouldn't be cooking if I didn't make a mess in some way," you laugh to yourself.


"Nnnnnggghaah!" You yawn as you stretch out on the couch. Potatoes and corn are done, the ham is cooling, and all you need to do is set the table in a minute or two. Kogasa is waiting patiently for you to do that, but you want to wait a minute for Shou and Byakuren to get here.

The door opens almost as soon as you get comfortable. "We're home!" You hear Shou's voice sing out as she comes in. You can hear her sniff around for a moment. "Wow, it smells amazing in here!"

"You had to walk in as I got comfortable," you mumble as you sit up. She looks at you inquisitively but you just shake your head. "Never mind. Help me set the table would you?"

"Sure thing, let me just set my bags in my room!" She runs up the stairs as Byakuren walks through the door. She looks tired, but relaxed. As she walks through the kitchen into the dining room she gives you a warm smile.

Shou comes down almost immediately and the two of you start setting the table. The only thing that needs to be done is the slicing of the ham. You do that before taking it to the table where the others are now waiting. Most of the ham is left intact so you'll cut it as needed.

About halfway through dinner Shou goes and says, "Alex, you'll make some girl very happy one day with all the cooking you do!" The abruptness of her statement causes you to choke on the water you were drinking.

After a bit of coughing you look at her and say, "Don't say things like that when I'm drinking! Or at all for that matter!"

"Oh? Don't like thinking about marriage?" Don't smile like that! Her smile is somewhere between teasing and malicious.

"it's not that I don't think about it, it's just that I don't like talking about it." Well, okay, you don't think about it either. But that's not really the point!

For the rest of dinner Shou teases you about marriage and Mokou while your aunt sits there smiling and Kogasa is practically inhaling her food.


You and Mokou just barely arrive to your history class on time. "Why did Mima single us out? We weren't the only one's talking during her little rant!" Mima had a bucket of glitter dropped on her by Lily this morning and was venting to the class. Plenty of vampire jokes were made and someone compared Kokoro to the actress from the movies. Even though practically the whole class was talking, Mima still made you and Mokou stay after while she ?scolded? the two of you.

In reality it was just her telling the two of you to be respectful towards your elders. She also told you that you need to help her get back at Lily at some point. You assume she's got something planned, but you have no idea what.

You try to focus on the lesson, but find it a little distracting that Mokou keeps glancing over at you. Granted, you wouldn't know that if you weren't sneaking peeks at her.

After the end of the period Remilia stops the two of you before you can leave. "Excuse me you two," she says politely as you stand up. "I was wondering if you would like to attend my Halloween party next week."

"Sure," you say almost instantly. You've never been one to turn down an invitation. Even back in your old school when the parties would mostly involve alcohol, you wouldn't turn it down. You would show up for a little while to gauge how drunk people would get and if things looked iffy you would get out of there.

"I'm in," Mokou tells her.

Remilia smiles warmly at the two of you. "Thank you, I will let you know what time it will be when I decide." With that she walks off without saying goodbye. You and Mokou go your separate ways after leaving the room too.

Once you get to your chemistry class you find yourself one of the first people there, as usual. Youmu and Miss Knowledge are both in here, but for once Youmu seems to be confident in her work! You suppose helping her before class has paid off. "Hey there," you say, taking your seat next to her. "What did you think of the homework last night?"

"It was kinda hard," she says meekly. "But, I think I did okay." Judging from the fact she isn't asking you to look over it, you'd say she did better than she's telling you. "Oh!" She looks like she just remembered something. "You're not part of any clubs or teams yet, are you?"

"Not yet, why?" You haven't actually considered joining any since you don't really know what kinds of clubs are out there.

"Well, would you mind coming down to the track today after school? We're looking for new people to join the track team and I thought you might be interested." She twirls her fingers awkwardly as she awaits your answer.

But you have to think for a moment. You don't have any plans, but you or Shou should pick Kogasa up from the elementary school. Though, you vaguely recall Shou saying she's free for the day.


-Choose one
[] "I make no promises that I'll join, but I'll come down and check it out."
[] "Sorry, I have to pick up my cousin from school."
Well, this is the earliest I've had an update out since this thing began!

Also, why is cooking so much fun to write? I seriously had all the steps written out before I thought to myself, "Wait, they don't care about all this." So I trimmed it down some. Sorry if it still takes up a lot of the update.
[x] "I make no promises that I'll join, but I'll come down and check it out.."

>Also, why is cooking so much fun to write? I seriously had all the steps written out before I thought to myself, "Wait, they don't care about all this." So I trimmed it down some.
Well, do you enjoy cooking? Cause that would probably explain it.
>Sorry if it still takes up a lot of the update.
Bah. It's fine.
[X] "Sorry, I have to pick up my cousin from school.."
Not Mokou, don't care

>Also, why is cooking so much fun to write? I seriously had all the steps written out before I thought to myself, "Wait, they don't care about all this." So I trimmed it down some.
Well, if it's good enough for Nasu, it's good enough for you
[c] "I make no promises that I'll join, but I'll come down and check it out.."

I'm liking this story so far. The characterizations are spot-on, the setting is also quite different from any high school-based stories I've read here and elsewhere, and the interactions between the MC and the girls are very entertaining to read. Keep it up, WayMaker.
[] "I make no promises that I'll join, but I'll come down and check it out."
[X] "I make no promises that I'll join, but I'll come down and check it out."
[X] "I make no promises that I'll join, but I'll come down and check it out."

The alternative is sad Youmu. But seriously, Alex has asthma. He isn't really suited for the track team.

>Also, why is cooking so much fun to write? I seriously had all the steps written out before I thought to myself, "Wait, they don't care about all this." So I trimmed it down some. Sorry if it still takes up a lot of the update.

Having detail is good. This story can be kind of bland sometimes from lack of it.
Okay, unanimous choice is unanimous! Writing begins soon(ish).

I'm mildly ashamed to admit that I have a draft of a Fate/Touhou story on my laptop. It's probably never going to happen though.

Glad you're enjoying it! I'm not the best writer mechanically, or story wise either, but my main goal is to write something at least one other person can enjoy!

>Having detail is good. This story can be kind of bland sometimes from lack of it.

I appreciate you saying that! I often times don't fully flesh out a scene or location because I want you to use your imagination. But, obviously that isn't working so I'll try to be more descriptive. A teacher once told me that less is more when it comes to descriptions of actions or locations.
Hopefully Kogasa won't be too upset.
>I'm mildly ashamed to admit that I have a draft of a Fate/Touhou story on my laptop.
Don't be. It's probably better than you think it is.
>It's probably never going to happen though.
Shame. I'm sure you'd have it turn out pretty well. Don't suppose you'd be willing to share some about it?

>I'm not the best writer mechanically, or story wise either, but my main goal is to write something at least one other person can enjoy!
You can rest easy then since there's at least two people enjoying your work.
File 138414358339.png - (874.69KB, 800x1100 , 30fec6294808144ace854a948e697d90.png) [iqdb]
"I, I make no promises that I'll join your team," you tell her as people start pouring into the classroom. "But, I can come down and sit in on a practice if that's what you want." You don't like making a big deal of your asthma. It was just fine before you moved here and most days during gym it doesn't even bother you! But, you've been getting a lot of people telling you to watch your health so you should probably try and take their advice.

Youmu smiles brightly at your answer and says, "That's all I ask! Oh, when you get down there you should talk to the captain and let her know you're just watching for today."

"Who's the captain?" You ask, tempted to remind her that you're new here and don't know who people are just yet.

"Her name is Kagerou, she'll be the one with really long dark hair and bright red eyes." She says that like you're going to spot her immediately or something! Oh well, it's something to keep an eye out for later.

Class begins as normal, with a couple people trying to sneak in after the bell only to be caught by Miss Knowledge. Today's lesson is actually pretty entertaining since it's about flammable elements and chemicals. She even does a few demonstrations with fire.

Unfortunately you don't get to do anything with the fire yourself. In fact, she warns against burning these materials without any guidance. As a last minute thought before the bell rings Miss Knowledge says, "I would like to let you all know that we are having a science fair coming up. Signup sheets are here on my desk and they must be in by the second week of November. The rest of the information is on the sheet. This is not required, but you will receive extra credit for participating. If any of you win a prize, I will consider giving you even more credit." She doesn't say it, but you feel as though she isn't particularly confident that any of you will win.

As soon as the bell rings Youmu heads towards the desk and grabs a sheet before leaving. You don't pick one up since you feel confident about your grade in here so you just leave the room.

The rest of the day is less remarkable. Home economics had a quick quiz about various recipes you've done in class, after that class you talk Shou into picking up Kogasa from the elementary school, English was spent reading a story out of your textbook and answering questions and you spent lunch with Mokou and her friends. Now you're sitting in study hall with Remilia, Cirno, and Utsuho.

"I can't wait for gym today!" Utsuho declares. "I can't wait to run around outside!"

"You've been restless since you got your cast off! Take it easy. You don't want to hurt yourself again, do you?" Cirno says giving Utsuho a little push.

Come to think of it, you haven't heard how she broke her leg yet. "Hey, how did you break your leg anyway?"

"I fell," she answers simply. She has the same carefree look on her face too.

"Musta been one heck of a fall."

"She fell down some stairs helping me carry a science project," Cirno tells you looking a little downcast. "I told her I could get it on my own, but she insisted on helping."

Remilia, who has been listening quietly, says, "Be glad it was only your leg. You could have hit your head or hurt your back."

"I know, that's why I'm more careful around stairs now!" Utsuho chirps.

"By that," Cirno cuts in, "she means that she takes the elevator whenever possible."

The brunette laughs awkwardly as she rubs the back of her head bashfully. You just smile weakly and shake your head. You're glad it wasn't anything worse, but these two definitely seem to quite the pair.

When study hall ends you walk with them to the gym. Rinnosuke stops you when you enter the locker room, "Hey Alex! I hear you're actually getting friendly with Youmu!"

"Huh? Yeah, what of it?" You have no idea what he's getting at.

"She doesn't normally talk to people outside of the track team and her few friends. So, it's kinda a big deal when she invites some new guy to a practice." he's gotten the attention of a few other students, but they don't seem particularly interested. "I've been trying to get her to talk to me for ages! Man, what do you have that I don't?"

"Good looks?"

"Decent grades?"

"he's not a womanizer?"

You laugh as your classmates give their answers with serious looks on their faces. It doesn't help that Rinnosuke looks positively hurt by their words. "Don't feel bad, maybe she's just offset by your manly charm?" You're amazed you managed to say that without laughing, but you start almost immediately after you finish.

"Oh ha ha," he says turning his back on you.

Eh, he'll get over it. Besides, if what your classmates said, he's a womanizer. So it's not surprising if the girls he talks to ignore him.


As soon as the bell rings signaling the end of the day you head down to the track where you see a young woman with long dark auburn hair and bright red eyes wearing a gym uniform. This must be Kagerou. You notice two things about her. The first being that her shirt is a little tight around the chest, thus drawing attention to her rather large breasts. The second is her well-toned legs. You swear that she's wearing such short shorts to show them off on purpose!

"Hey!" She calls out and rushes towards you. "Who are you?"

"Uh, I-I'm Alex," you say caught off guard. "Youmu wanted me to come down and watch before deciding if I want to join."

"Hmm," she looks you up and down. Her eyes feel almost scrutinizing as she walks around you. "You don't really look like much, but I can't exactly turn you away if you want to join." She stops in front of you and looks you in the eyes, which isn't hard to do given she's just about your height. "You don't seem like the kind of person to be fast and you definitely don't look like you've got endurance! Hell, you seem like the kind of guy who'd rather not do any physical activity!" Okay, she's getting on your nerves! "But, we need the members if we want to compete this year. So go ahead and watch, but if you decide to join, I won't be holding your hand!" She turns away from you and heads to the track to do some stretches.

"What a jerk," you mumble to yourself. Seriously, what about you gives her that kind of impression? You're tempted to challenge her to a race just to prove her wrong! Your grumbling is cut short when you see Youmu coming up to you with a few other familiar faces in tow. Looks like Aya, Sanae, and Momiji are members too.

"Hey Alex!" Youmu rushes towards you. "Glad you remembered!"

"I said I'd be here, so here I am," you say it like it's nothing special, which at this point is true. The others wave to you as the walk by and as Youmu joins them again. They spend a little while stretching and warming up before they start running laps and jumping hurdles. It isn't the most entertaining thing to watch on its own. But, those uniforms draw attention to certain spots, so it is a little more interesting. You don't normally stare at a woman's chest, but you can't really help it right now.

Even while she runs, Kagerou will periodically glare at you. Her look is one of ?you don't belong here?. After she finishes another lap she stops and trots over to you. "Look, if you're just here to stare at us while we run then get lost!" She sounds pissed. "If you're actually interested in joining, then get on the track and show me what you can do!"

Youmu and Momiji break from the track while Aya and Sanae simply stop. "Whoa there Kagerou." Momiji says stepping between you and the captain. "He isn't doing anything wrong. it's perfectly within his rights as a student to observe a practice to decide if he wants to join!"

"Yeah," Youmu agrees, "besides, he's a nice guy so there's no reason to be mad at him!"

The red eyes flicker between Momiji and Youmu before resting back on you. "You've observed enough for one day. If you want to stay, then race me. If not, then you can run along somewhere else."

You stare into her eyes. There's a fire in them that just seems, off. You can't tell what's going through her head, but you remember something Renko had told you once. "The best way to know what a person is thinking is to challenge them to their own game!"

"Fine, I'll?"

-Choose One
[] ??race you!"
[] ??leave you alone."
Well, something tells me people won't like my Kagerou. But oh well. Can't have all the ladies loving on Alex, now can I?

Well, it was pretty much going through a new Grail War. Except all the Heroic Spirits would be Touhou's and various characters from F/SN would make a cameo appearance or two. You'd have your pick of class, but you wouldn't know what character you would get. I don't really want to go into too much detail since it's still kind of on the back burner.
[x] You know what? You feel pretty good, despite the aching, and want to make something special!
Pretty late there, mano.

[x] ??race you!"
I don't expect him to win but I do expect him to not just back down.
[x] ??leave you alone.."

Eh, not really feeling this club.

Also, this update was surprisingly lewd.
[X] "...race you!"
-[X] "Don't expect much, though."
-[X] Request a distance short enough that your asthma shouldn't act up.
[X] ??race you!."

This won't end well, but it should get her off his back at the very least.
[X] ??leave you alone.."

A dude with asthma obviously isn't going to join the track team.
Vote called for accepting her challenge! Update will be later tonight.

>Also, this update was surprisingly lewd.

That was kind of my intent. I've been avoiding descriptions of the different "features" of the girls and while it should ultimately not impact your choices, it's still nice to know. No? I might go ahead and describe some of the other characters and compare them to each other as the story goes on.
It's nice though it might be hard to do that with the already introduced characters without haming it in (though if you put them in a nice outfit), it'd be easier.

Well here's hoping Alex doesn't bad end himself doing this (if voting wasn't close, I'd choose to back out just due to whatever fun his friends have, her being on chronic wolf PMS would offset that quite easily)
File 138422792845.png - (829.58KB, 1000x1414 , ca90a23e76cafbda3a11c351f4aac10c.png) [iqdb]
"Fine, I'll race you!" You accept her challenge. After her talking down to you, you plan on trying to take her down a notch or two! A smile appears on her face, but it isn't a happy smile. it's like one of those a teacher would give you when they wanted to look calm when they really weren't. "I may not be the fastest guy in the world, but I'm not gonna walk away from a challenge!"

Upon hearing your words, Aya rushes to one of the hurdles and starts moving it off the track. After a bit of hesitation Sanae and Youmu help her. Momiji is looking at you with worried eyes. "Are you sure? What about your asthma?" She does have a point, but you already said you'd do it and you have no intention of backing out.

"I'll be fine," you assure her. "I'm pretty good when it comes to just running. it's when I have to run jump and dodge that things start getting bad." You take off your top shirt and toss it onto a bench as you walk to the starting line.

"Good luck," Momiji whispers with a frown.

Kagerou, who was waiting rather impatiently, goes over the rules. "First one around the track four times is the winner. No getting in each other's way intentionally. And no pushing each other either!" You don't know why she's bothering to tell you something you already know, but you guess it's just formality.

Aya stands next to you and gives the two of you a small nod. "On your mark!" She calls out, "Get set!" It feels like it takes an eternity for her to say this. Your heart is already pounding in anticipation and you're ready to spring into action! "GO!"

Without a moment's hesitation you and Kagerou take off! Almost immediately she pulls ahead of you, but she doesn't get any farther than an arm's length away from you. You put all your attention on maintaining your pace. If you pull ahead now, she'll likely pass you and try to increase the gap between you and her. But, if you stay like this you can pass her near the end!

Unfortunately that plan goes out the window as soon as you finish the first lap and she picks up the pace. Just to keep up with her you're forced to push yourself a little more. She's farther ahead by halfway through the second lap, but it's not to the point where you can't beat her if you force yourself. You're doing your best to keep your breathing even, but it's getting harder as you go.

Third lap coming up! You were keeping pace, but she speeds up again! Part of you warns against going any faster, but you know if you don't you'll lose. While you don't mind losing, you'd rather not lose to her by anything less than a couple of seconds so you push yourself even more! The two of you started out running, then went to sprinting, and now you are pushing yourself as much as you can just to catch up and keep yourself there.

By the time you get to the final lap you're panting and your mouth is bone dry. Any control you had over your breathing is gone and it feels like your lungs and heart are about to explode! Every voice in your head is telling you, "GIVE UP!" But you stopped listening to them during the previous lap. You push and push and just keep moving! If you stop or slow now you won't make it! Your breathing has gotten pretty bad at this point but you just feel so confident that you might be able to make it! This isn't about winning anymore! it's about making it over the finish line!

You go around the last turn! it's the home stretch now! All you need to do is keep moving. Kagerou is just ahead of you! Even if you try, you can't go any faster. HELL, you're barely able go as fast as you are now! Your erratic breathing is almost causing you to stop, but determination is one hell of a drug. You try to ignore your asthma as you rush across the finish line mere moments after Kagerou!

You practically screech to a halt once you're over the line. As you try to catch your breath you wind up in a coughing fit. Each cough is more painful than the last and you feel the dizziest you've felt in as long as you can remember. Kagerou is walking slowly up to you with her hands rested on the top of her head. Sweat is pouring dripping off of her like it's the middle of summer, but it doesn't seem to bother her one bit.

Despite your increasingly bad cough and the dizziness, you feel pretty good at finishing what you think is a mile in what is probably your best time! Though your elation is short lived as everyone crowds around you, even Kagerou, with concerned looks on their faces.

You try to take a step back from them so you have some room to breathe, but your feet don't want to cooperate and your sense of balance is messed up. Your foot goes in a weird way and you end up falling to your side, but luckily you're caught by, uh, someone. Things start feeling a little foggy as you're half carried to a bench.

The girls are talking to you but you just can't respond, even as you manage to catch your breath. After what is probably half an hour you sit up from the bench you were laying on and face quite a few unhappy faces. Momiji is the first to do anything. She walks over to you and punches you in the shoulder, rather hard too. "You said you'd be careful! Was that careful?" Ooh, she's not happy. "Miss Yagokoro had to leave already! What would you have done if you couldn't stop coughing?" You resist the urge to be a smart ass say ?die?. Instead, you just look away feeling a little ashamed that you made her, and everyone else, worry.

"Alex," Youmu says meekly, "why didn't you mention that you had asthma?"

You cough lightly a few times before answering, "I kind of figured that I'd be fine if I was just running." You've never really had too much of a problem running before. Then again, you never pushed yourself this hard before either.

"You ?figured??" Aya says, practically glaring at you. "You've got asthma, combine that with the fact that you were really out of it Monday and still didn't look too hot yesterday and we have a recipe for someone who's just asking for trouble!" She winds up sighing and with a faint smile adds, "I guess I can respect you for pushing yourself though. Just don't make us worry next time."

"She's right," Sanae nods in agreement with her black haired companion. "Pushing yourself is okay, you can't improve if you don't. But, you have to know your limits too!"

"I know, I know," you, unintentionally, whine. "I just got caught up in it and near the end when I knew I should have stopped, I just wanted to finish it. I felt like I would have failed if I didn't."

There's a bit of silence as everyone stands around unsure of what to do now. "Alex," Kagerou speaks up for the first time since the race ended. "You're fast, no denying that, but I can't very well have a guy with asthma on our team. I can't be responsible for you if you die coughing up a lung because I pushed you too hard." There seems to be actual concern in her tone! "The team is my family. I don't add like adding to my family, and I sure don't like losing them either. I push them as hard as I do to get them to be the best that they can." She seems so sincere right now. Was her earlier behavior an act to weed out the people who just come to watch? She turns away from you and crosses her arms. "You know what I'm getting at right?"

-Choose one
[] "I think I understand."
[] "Not really?"
Well, the end is actually far different than originally intended. But I like it better this way. Hopefully you like it too.
[x] "I think I understand.."

It's not exactly a leasurely sports team and we did give it a shot.
[x] "You want me to commit ritual suicide to atone for my dishonorable acts?"
[x] "I think I understand.."
It's not exactly rocket science.

>Well, the end is actually far different than originally intended. But I like it better this way. Hopefully you like it too.
I liked it, yeah. Would you mind sharing what you originally intended?
[X] "I think I understand."
[X] "I think I understand."

Better get ready for an ear-ful once word spreads to home.

I know the feeling all too well...
[X] "Not really?"

Two puffs of Albuterol prior to physical exercise combined with a fast acting rescue inhaler is what our docs generally prescribed for asthmatics in the military who don't have waivers for their physical training. All Alex needs is a prescription for those and he could join the team just like any other person if he really wanted to.

It doesn't look like he really wants to though, but all the same; motivation is the only limiting factor in this day and age, not asthma.
[X] "I think I understand."
Vote called for understanding. Update later tonight.

The original plan was an extremely dumb idea, at least it seems that way in comparison to how it turned out like this. Keep in mind that the idea for this scene came before DDC was announced.

Alex would have been invited to the practice by Youmu like normal. The difference is that instead of a competitive race between Alex and Kagerou, it was to be a friendly race between him and Youmu. But with hurdles still on the track. I almost kept that too, but felt it was best to take it out. Oh and near the end, Alex would screw up a jump due to his asthma bothering him and face plant.

So yeah, I prefer this ending.

Precisely why I'm not afraid to give you the choice of joining a team. Of course, most schools have initial try outs and if you don't make it then you can't join later. But this is hardly a normal school.
File 138431756187.jpg - (158.41KB, 620x877 , fd3955c213768546f35d172ef499a30c.jpg) [iqdb]
"I think so," you tell her. "I won't join if you really don't want me to, I'm not really sure if I want to join anyway. But, if you're worried about my asthma I can just dig out my inhaler. My doctor wanted me to use that before exercising, but I just haven't gotten around to unpacking it." You see Momiji close her eyes while pinching the bridge of her nose. You're a little forgetful when it comes to the inhaler, but you're usually fine without it.

"Well, you're fast, and we need the people," Kagerou has turned back to you at this point and looks a little worn. "I need to think about it, talk to the coach and maybe the nurse. Let me know when you make a decision, one way or the other. And," she averts her eyes from yours, "I'm sorry about earlier. You didn't get defensive or mad. If you join, I'll be working you to hell and back. I'll be in your face and yelling at you, forcing you keep going, telling you that you're shit and you should just give up." She's looking you in the eyes again, this time with a gleam in them. "When we're on the track, I am not your friend. I'm your enemy! You either man up and take it, or you get out! That's how I do things here and with how you took it earlier, I think you can handle it under the stress of practice and impending meets.."

"Well," you can't say you're used to that approach, but you've seen it in movies and it seems to work then. Well, that or someone snaps and tries to kill the coach, drill sergeant, or personal trainer. You highly doubt you would do the latter though. "Thanks? I think?"

Kagerou just shakes her head and waves you off. "Go on, get out of here." She looks at the rest of her team and adds, "That goes for the rest of you. We've had enough excitement today. Go home and do whatever." She just pushes past everyone and walks towards the school.

You, on the other hand, just stand there feeling drained and mildly confused. "Well, this was fun," you say with a sigh. "Aside from coughing up a lung and nearly passing out that is." Okay, so your attempt to make light of the situation with humor treats you to a couple glares, courteous of Momiji and Aya. Sanae just shakes her head and Youmu frowns. "Sorry," you say bowing your head.

The four of them say their goodbyes and head to the gym to get changed. With no reason to stick around you retrieve your shirt and your books before heading home. You take it nice and slow, savoring the cool air and the chance to breath. Every so often you cough lightly, but you're feeling better now. Well, mostly better. Your legs are killing you, along with your throat from all the coughing you did.

As soon as you open the door you're greeted by Kogasa and Shou. "Welcome back!" They shout as they jump out from behind the door. Your reflexes cause you to jump right back out the door, slamming it closed in the process. Even through the door and walls you can hear their laughter. Despite your embarrassment, you open the door again.

"Sorry about that," Shou says between breaths.

You shake your head and say, "You should be glad I didn't swing the door open like I did at my old place.."

She chuckles nervously and says, "Haha, yeah, that wouldn't have been good.."

"Hey, Alex!" Kogasa hops in front of you and stares up at your face. "Do you want to go play?"

You pat her on the head and ruffle her hair a little before saying, "Sorry Ko, I'm pretty tired and just want to lie down right now. Maybe tomorrow?"

"Awwww, oookaaaay," she whines, but doesn't really seem upset. it's actually kind of cute.

"Sorry, I promise I'll go and play with you tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay~!" She says singingly.


You wound up taking a nap earlier and only woke up for dinner, almost immediately after you fell back asleep. But now it's four AM and you're wide awake. You don't want to take a shower because you might wake the others up, but anything you do might wake them up. You turn on your light and start reading a book your aunt got you for your birthday. it's about a dark elf who is very different from the rest of his people and dislikes their violent ways. You're maybe halfway through the book at this point.

Not even ten minutes since you started to read your phone lights up. Had you been trying to sleep you probably wouldn't have noticed it. it's a text from an unknown number.

"Hey Alex. Its Kaguya. I got ur number from Mokou and I was wondering if you wanted to come over for a movie night tonight? I probably wont see u 2day because it's a half day and we dont have lunch. I hope I didnt wake u.."

"What time?" Is your reply. You already promised Kogasa that you'd spend some time playing with her today.

Your phone lights up again and her message reads, ?7?.

"I can do that. Is Mokou going to be there?"

"Yes, she can show u where I live.."

"Okay, see you then.."

You wait a few minutes and you don't receive any new messages. So, you have plans for tonight and the day. Well, at least you can't complain about staying home all the time.


The day ended after fourth period. Nothing really happened today. You just watched videos in your classes and chatted with friends. It really didn't feel like a school day.

Right now though, you, Shou, and Mokou are on your way to pick Kogasa up. Mokou decided that she wanted to join you with whatever you decide to do. You found no reason to decline her company, part of you is glad she's with you.

When the three of you get to the elementary school Kogasa is waiting outside for you. "Hi!" She says cheerfully as she runs up to you. She stops short when she sees Mokou though. "Hello!."

"Hi there," Mokou says with a smile. "My name's Mokou, and you must be Kogasa. Am I right?"

"Yup!" Moving quickly Kogasa grabs hold of yours and Shou's hands. "What are we going to do?"

-Choose one
[] Go to the park in the city
[] Go play around at home
[] Ask Mokou
[] Ask Shou
[] Ask Kogasa
Wow, I really wasn't feeling it near the end there. Hopefully it's fine though. I'll have the entire day tomorrow to work on an update. [spoler]Though I'll probably wait until 8-ish to write it like I always do.[/spoiler] Hopefully you don't have an issue with me pushing the "Movie Night" with Kaguya and her friends on you guys. I figured since some of you guys want a Mokou route it wouldn't be a problem.
> it's about a dark elf who is very different from the rest of his people and dislikes their violent ways.
Is it Drizzt? I bet it is.

[x] Ask Kogasa
[x] Go to the park in the city
[X] Ask Mokou

Maybe she'd know of a great place aside from the park>
[x] Ask Kogasa
[X] Ask Kogasa

>your attempt to make light of the situation with humor treats you to a couple glares

I think we all know that feel.
Vote called for Asking Kogasa what she wants to do. Update later today/tonight.
File 138440247736.png - (264.28KB, 480x640 , cd2ec696bbd1b2243ae3f11e3073a05f.png) [iqdb]
Well, if you're going to play with Kogasa, you might ask if she has anything she wants to do. it's not like you're a mind reader or anything. "Well, what do you want to do?" You ask with a smile.

"Well, I want to play monopoly!" If it weren't for her innocent smile, you'd assume that she was trying to mess with you. When you were her age you knew avoided that game like the plague. It took forever and you never went through a game without arguing with someone! You share a look with Shou and Mokou, both of which are wearing the same false smile as you.

"I-I don't think we have a board at home," Shou says apologetically. Now would be a bad time to mention you have an old copy that used to belong to Tenshi. You should probably give that back to her next time she's over. "Why don't we do something else?"

"How about tag?" Great, more running. Your legs still hurt from yesterday!

You decide that it's better to do that at your house rather than at the school. As soon as you get back you and Shou decide to get changed while Kogasa and Mokou wait outside. You're down before Shou, causing you to add another point to the ?women take forever to get ready? stereotype.

You decide to not bother waiting for her and just look at the others, "Wanna just go ahead and get started?" They nod and you immediately say, "Not it!"


Somewhere down the line it became three against one. You being the one. "N-not fair!" You cry. "This isn't even tag anymore!"

"You're right," Shou says with an evil grin. "it's a DOG PILE!" On cue the three of them rush you. Resigning yourself to your fate you just stand there with your arms outstretched. Shou and Mokou grab your arms while Kogasa runs head first into your chest. While anyone of those wouldn't have been enough to topple you, the combination of them sends your back on a date with the ground.

All of you just lie there laughing for a couple minutes. "Hooh, okay, would you guys kindly get off me?" it's starting to feel a little awkward because of how Mokou and Shou have your arms. Your classmates listen to you, but the little one seems content to use your chest as a pillow. "Ko, can you please get up?"

"No," Kogasa says into your chest as she laughs. "I'm comfy!"

"Wouldn't you rather lie down inside where it's warmer?" You ask hopefully.

"Nope, you're warm enough!" She protests. Oh well, you can't say you didn't try. "Gwyaah!" She hollers as you force yourself up. She pouts as she sits up herself. "That wasn't very nice."

"Sorry, I did ask nicely though." You check your watch, it's not even two yet. "So, now what?"


Apparently ?what? is you making a late lunch for everyone and then watching TV with everyone. You're there until about six which is when you and Mokou head over to her place so she can get changed. You're waiting outside her door as she changes. "So, how far away does Kaguya live?" You ask loud enough for her too hear you.

"She's about maybe ten minutes away. We have plenty of time!" She calls back to you. You can hear her rummaging around through her dresser and closet, but it doesn't last long as she's out in just a few minutes wearing a white and red striped shirt and bluejeans. "Ready?" You nod. "Well, let's go then!"

As soon as you step outside you grimace. The day looked so nice this morning, but now it looks like it'll rain any moment now. To avoid getting caught in the rain the two of you run down the sidewalks with her in the lead. You arrive just in time too! It starts raining when you get to the door. The house looks pretty normal from the outside, a light brown paintjob with darker brown shutters.

Kaguya lets you in with a smile. "Hey there! I was expecting you a little later, but I guess it's okay." The first thing you notice about her is her low-cut tank top and sweatpants. If you didn't know better, you'd assume she just got out of bed. But her neatly combed hair helps disprove that theory. "Mom went out with Tewi this morning and won't be back until tomorrow, so we got the house to ourselves!"

As you and Mokou take your shoes off at the door you see Reisen wearing a pair of black gym shorts and a white tee. "Very casual dress here it seems," you note wryly.

"Would you rather us be wearing swimsuits?" You open your mouth to say yes, but Kaguya stops you by saying, "On second thought, don't answer that!"

You spend a moment to look around the house. The door to the house is pretty much on the far left of the house, which you find weird, and you can see just about everything from here. There's an open door leading down to the basement, the kitchen is just past the living room and past that are the bedrooms. They don't have a TV in the living room though, but there are two computers set up in addition to the laptop you can see on the floor next to the lounging Reisen.

"Want me to get the movie set up?" Reisen asks as she hops off the couch.

Kaguya nods as she heads into the kitchen. "Sure, and while you do that I'll make some popcorn. Alex, what kind of soda do you like?"

"What do you have?"

"Root beer Docto-"

"Root beer please." Who wouldn't choose root beer?

"Okay, Mokou, could I get a hand with the drinks?"

"Sure thing!" Mokou hurries into the kitchen and opens the fridge.

Reisen has gone downstairs at this point and you're just standing there feeling a little awkward. "it's okay Alex, go ahead downstairs. We got this!"

"Okay," you nod and head down.




it's like a mini theater down here! There's a huge TV on the wall in the back with stereo speakers hooked up to it, a large segmented couch in front of it and a couple recliners. You see Reisen fiddling with a Blu-ray player. "How did your mom afford all of this?" You ask in astonishment.

"Two divorces and a lot of alimony," Reisen says with a chuckle. That doesn't sound like a joke, but just the way she said it is funny.

"So," you say, unable to think of a way to respond to that, "what movie we watching?"

"You'll see~!" Why do people always do that? Just answer the question!

After about five minutes Mokou and Kaguya come down with two liter bottles of soda, a bag of plastic cups, and a giant mixing bowl of popcorn. "Let's get the show on the road!" Kaguya announces as she raises the popcorn above her head.

Reisen turns the TV on, you kill the lights, Mokou pours the drinks, and Kaguya does one last check of the speakers to make sure they're plugged in properly. From the menu screen you realize that it's a horror film, but you've never heard of this one before.

"Kaguya! You know I don't like horror movies!" Mokou shouts at her.

The brunette just smiles and teases her by saying, "If you get scared, you can just hold Alex. he'll keep you safe!"


She was joking when she said that, but Mokou actually did it at certain point in the movie! Like when the monster ripped someone in half, and especially anytime it jumped out from the shadows! Of course, you aren't complaining. The atmosphere was greatly improved by the storm raging outside too. Heavy rain and thunder, just like in the movie. You honestly think you are the only one not bothered by the movie!

"S-so, I'd feel bad about sending you guys out into the storm," Kaguya says as she unwraps herself from her blanket cocoon. "So, if you're okay with it you just spend the night here!"

You check your watch and see it's after nine thirty! "I already told Keine that I'd be spending the night."

"Mmkay, what about you Alex?" Reisen asks as she stretches. You can't help but note just how skinny she is.

Byakuren is usually in bed before nine so she probably won't answer so you would either have to have Shou wake her up or brave the storm. And judging by the sound, that wouldn't be a wise choice.

[] Tell Shou you're spending the night. Someone needs to know where you are so they don't panic.
[] Ask Shou to wake up Byakuren and have her pick you up.
[] it's not the smartest thing to do, but you're going to walk home.
[]Stay the night and do ?something? with Mokou.
try. Or outsource it to someone else
[x] Tell Shou you're spending the night. Someone needs to know where you are so they don't panic.

If we're going to do "something," we should at least try to get all three girls involved.
[X]Stay the night and do ?something? with Mokou.
All mokou, all day, all night. All the goddamn time.
[X] Stay the night and do ?something? with Mokou.

[X] Ask Shou to wake up Byakuren and have her pick you up.

Mokoufags please. Waymaker will drink of your tears. We aren't in a relationship with Mokou anyway.
[X] Tell Shou you're spending the night. Someone needs to know where you are so they don't panic.

Works for me~!
[X] Stay the night and do ?something? with Mokou.
[x] Tell Shou you're spending the night. Someone needs to know where you are so they don't panic.

Dis'll do.
[X] Tell Shou you're spending the night. Someone needs to know where you are so they don't panic.
[X] Tell Shou you're spending the night. Someone needs to know where you are so they don't panic.

I leave you guys alone for five minutes, and you people try to get us Mokou routed. This is why we can't have nice things.
[X] Tell Shou you're spending the night doing something with Mokou. Someone needs to know where you are so they don't panic.

Nothing could possibly go wrong.
[x] Tell Shou you're spending the night. Someone needs to know where you are so they don't panic.
[x] Tell Shou you're spending the night. Someone needs to know where you are so they don't panic.

And now we can do things with Mokou while Kaguya and Reisen watch with satisfied smiles, offering advice all the while.

...Like playing video games!
Votes are called with only one naysayer to staying the night.

Please, they aren't on the right route for total despair!
Uh, I mean, What are you talking about, there is no despair here. Everything is happy and colorful and full of rainbows!
[x] Tell Shou you're spending the night. Someone needs to know where you are so they don't panic.

Well the first major flag had already been triggered and where the fuck were you guys when the big dance vote came up? Mokou won by a massive landslide and while I wasn't amused by the massive influx of Mokou fans, I like this Mokou and don't want to break her heart.

That and we all know she'd never get a route in /eientei/, the lunarians'd keep on stealing the story.
File 138448701217.jpg - (179.40KB, 850x850 , sample-503aa3bc5a3432e91f469343fc03a651.jpg) [iqdb]
Too lazy to find a more suitable picture. Sorry!
it's raining far too hard to try walking, and you don't really want to risk waking your aunt. This leaves you with only one option, with a sigh of resignation you say, "Okay, thanks." You pull out your phone and get ready to text Shou, "I'm going to let Shou know just so she doesn't cause a panic back home." You mess with your phone for a moment before adding, "And so she can bring my books to school, and my uniform with it so I can change there in case I don't wake up early enough to go home first."

"Well, Mokou can just wear my uniform if she doesn't get up early enough!" Kaguya says as she wraps an arm around the girl in question. "Of course, it'll probably be a little loose in the chest!" Mokou shoves her off and glares in response though it is ruined by her practically glowing blush. "Aw, come on Moko, I was just messing with you!"

"I-I don't care!" Mokou crosses her arms in front of her chest as if to hide it. "Besides, I'm perfectly normal in that department!" Pretty obvious that she's lying. She's not flat but she's not really average either. But, you've never really been one to worry too much about something like that. Though, she does look cute when she's embarrassed. "W-what are you smirking at!?" Her ineffectual glare turns to you. Oops, you were smiling on the inside, but didn't think that it showing on the outside.

"Nothing, nothing at all," you lie. "So, where do I sleep?" You flip your phone closed after sending Shou a text of your plans. Reisen just waves her hand like she's gesturing to the room in general. "So just pick a spot and plop down?"

"Yup!" She gives you a thumbs up before the blanket she had at you. "Well, I'm gonna head to bed now."

"Wait!" Mokou screams at her. "If he's sleeping down here, where do I sleep? I know it's not in your room!"

"Of course not silly!" Kaguya says with a condescending pat on her head. "You know there's no room in there."

"Not unless you decide to clean up your mess," Reisen grumbles.

Kaguya doesn't pay her any mind though. "And you know mom locks her room when she's out." You look at her with a raised eyebrow and she tells you, "She keeps her alcohol in there so we can't get to it."

"Well, what about Tewi's room?"

"No!" The sisters shout simultaneously.

"Eh-hem," Reisen clears her throat, "The last time she found out someone slept in her bed, she refused to sleep in it and mom had to buy her a brand new one. And trust me, she'd find out somehow."

"S-so, you mean," Mokou glances at you and quickly looks away. "You mean, I'll be sleeping in the same room as Alex?"

"Yeah, why is that a problem?" Kaguya says as she leaves the silver haired teens side and sidles up next to you. "I mean, if you don't want to, I could keep him company tonight while you take my bed." You feel more than a little uncomfortable at her wording so you try to take a step away, but it's too late. She already has a hold of your arm.

"N-no!" Mokou shouts, her face sharing the color with a tomato. "I-I mean, I'm f-fine with that!"

Kaguya smirks for a moment before giving the fakest pout you've seen since you and Tenshi were dating. "Aw, I was hoping to have him all to myself~!"

"Please stop talking like I'm an object."

You're completely ignored as Reisen climbs the stairs and Kaguya lets you go. "Well, I guess I'm going to bed too. Good night you two!" She hurries over to the stairs where she stops suddenly and turns back to say, "Oh, Alex, you hurt her and I hurt you. Simple, right?" The genuine smile only makes her words far more unsettling. You just nod silently as a chill runs down your spine. "Good, glad we're clear on that! Well then, good night!" She heads upstairs and you hear the door close behind her.

You turn to Mokou who is trying not to look at you. "Uh, I-I'll let you take the couch and I'll take a recliner. Okay?"

"Y-yeah, that sounds good." She quickly lies down on the couch and covers herself with the blanket Kaguya had used while watching the movie. Entirely covered, from head to toe. You're probably more accustomed to sharing a room with the opposite gender than she is due to all your good friends from your old school being girls. You had a problem the first few times, but after a while you learned a little trick to make it easier. Just don't look at them as girls, or at all, and you don't think about it as much. Of course it's easier said than done in this given situation.

You turn the lights off, plop down onto the recliner where you lean it back as far as it'll go, and then wrap yourself up in the blanket. "Good night, Mokou."

"Good night." She says, head still under the blanket.

--When do you wake up?
[] Early due to unsettling dreams
[] Around the normal time, nothing really happened in your dreams
[] Late, you were having such a good dream too?
--IMPORTANT CHOICE! Begin dating Mokou? CALMLY discuss why or why not we want to do this.
[X] Early due to unsettling dreams.
[X] No!

It's gonna be one of those days, I guess.
[X] Late, you were having such a good dream too?


Where was I? Right here actually >>48536.

[X] Late, you were having such a good dream too?

[x] Early due to unsettling dreams
[x] No!
[x] Early due to unsettling dreams
[x] Yes!
[x] Early due to unsettling dreams
[x] Yes!
[x] Late, you were having such a good dream too?
[x] We need more time to think!

I still want to give the other girls a fair shake.
[x] Early due to unsettling dreams
[x] Yes!

I wonder if the the first choice results in Mokou comforting Alex.
[X] Late, you were having such a good dream too?


We were having a lovely dream about Mokou!

There isn't going to be any real discussion, since Mokou doesn't have any competition. All the other girls seem kinda indifferent towards Alex.

Maybe if you subtly threw is some naughty Kogasa scenes, all the imouto route fans will show up...
While I'd like to update tonight for NaNoWriMo, I decided that I'm going to let this simmer for a little and let some of you think about it a little more or even vote if you haven't.

>>/shorts/1306 is what I put out. So please keep voting! I'll actually update tomorrow. I hope you all don't mind the delay.
there was a focus on Shou at first but things hadn't progressed much before the dance vote occured. That and I think Mokou at the dance won some people over.
[X] Late, you were having such a good dream too?

[X] Early due to unsettling dreams

[X] We need more time to think!

I like Mokou a lot, really I do, but let's not jump into anything juuust yet.
[X] Late, you were having such a good dream too?

File 138465271144.jpg - (1.08MB, 1312x1000 , 4b21dd653c96982df479af78794043d0.jpg) [iqdb]
Vote Called! We are going to try dating Mokou! Due to a tie between waking up early and late, I decided to flip a coin, late won. So, we're waking up late due to a nice dream!

I'd warn against using a name, but I figure I'll only see that here. Or places where Mokou is a prominent character.

Well, all I can do is try to get some other characters to catch your eye now. Funny how at first I wasn't really wanting to write this route, but here I am feeling pretty okay with it. I'm little disappointed that I failed to get you interested in other characters. Like Lily, Medicine, Aya, and Satori Of course, this is all my fault. I saw, most, peoples reaction to Mokou and figured you wanted more of her. You know, over other characters. If I really wanted you to get with another character, I would have made it happen. Before anyone freaks out, I won't railroad you into a route. I may beat you over the head with the train, but I'm not going to force you onto the rails.

But as I said in the subject, I personally would like to write the Lily route. That would be so much fun! And probably one of the few with little to no emotional trauma/baggage

Update later tonight!
File 138466181569.jpg - (88.23KB, 715x1120 , 7721e309e9cb5d32345305ed261fb616.jpg) [iqdb]
Please, if you have not done so already read the short I posted last night! >>/shorts/1306 It's kinda important to the upcoming choice and possibly the next.

You lethargically swat at the air around your nose before turning your head to the side. Sleep, good. Dream, even better.


This time it's your cheek. Ignoring it you try to keep the remnants of your dream going by sheer force of will.

*Poke* *Poke* *Poke*

Aaaaaaannnnd there it goes. Part of you feels like you need a cold shower right now after that dream. The worst thing about sharing a room with a girl, especially one you're attracted to, is that you tend to have erotic dreams about them. You doubt you'll be able to face Mokou without blushing this morning. Hopefully she already left and-

Nope! She's standing over you with a smile. "Morning sleepy head!" She says poking your cheek once more. "We hurry up and get moving! We have, like," she picks up your watch from the ground, "twenty minutes!"

Twenty minutes? She said it takes ten minutes to get here from her place, and this is farther from your house. So, assuming it's a thirty minute walk to her apartment that means you have to do a forty minute walk in less than twenty! Not to mention you have to change when you get there!


Mokou is oddly close right now, and you're still a little, well more than a little, excited from your dream. As a result your face flushes rapidly. "Huh? Are you okay? You're looking pretty red."

"I-I'm fine!" You sit up suddenly, nearly bumping heads with her. The blanket falls to reveal your bare chest. This doesn't bother you one bit, it's her ogling that bothers you. You're not muscular, but you do have a firm body. "Mokou, can you hand me my shirt? It should be by your feet." She does so quickly, along with averting her eyes. "S-sorry, I can't sleep with a shirt on. Too uncomfortable." As soon as you slide the shirt on you get out of the recliner. "How'd you sleep?"

"Pretty good," she says as she takes a couple steps back. You smirk a little when you notice that she is, in fact, wearing one of Kaguya's uniforms. The skirt is a little longer and the blouse looks loose in the chest. "What?"

"She wasn't lying, was she?" You ask with a wry smile as you stretch.

"Sh-shut up! You don't even have a uniform!" Crap, she's got you there. "Anyway, we've wasted enough time! Get a move on!" She starts towards the stairs.

"Wait!" You call to her as she gets to the stairs. "One last thing!" You walk up to her while she looks at you impatiently. it's best to ask her now, while you still have your nerve! "Do you want to go on a date this weekend?"

Her impatience quickly gives way to surprise, which in turn gives way to confusion, followed by happiness. "R-really?" You nod. "I-I thought that, um, you know, that you didn't want to! B-but, yes! I'm busy Sunday, so can we do it Saturday?" She has jumped down the two steps she climbed and into your arms.

"Of course!" You respond with a laugh. "We'll talk more about it later! You were right, we have to get going!" She nods with her smile unwavering.

Up the stairs Kaguya and Reisen are waiting by the door. Your shoes go on quickly and out the door you go! Everyone is running as fast as they can in hopes of making it on time. A glance at your watch tells you that you might make it to the school in time, but you aren't getting to class before you change.

At the school your aunt is waiting at the main entrance. One minute until class starts. Your companions slow down to a brisk walk and only say hello to her as they hurry to homeroom. You, on the other hand, come to a full stop in front of her. Partly because she has your back pack and partly to catch your breath.

While hunched over you say, "Hi mom, sorry I didn't come home last ni-? You stop when you realize you said ?mom?. You cautiously look up to her and see her smile waver. it's still there, but it's a little sad? "S-sorry."

She doesn't say anything as she pulls you in for a hug. The bell rings out while the two of you stand there for a moment. "Alex," she says while still holding you, "how do you feel?"

[] Good
[] Awkward
[] Sad
[] Lonely
[] Other (Write-in)
So, Funny things happen when you review notes and look at past updates and their choices. I realized something interesting, but I'm debating on how to go about it. Well, Hope you enjoy the short, and probably lacking, update. Got started late and was really distracted.
[X] Sad
Not really too sure how we'd respond in this situation,

Guys, guys, guys! Look! I wasn't completely teasing you earlier! Give props to BSD for doing this for us, because god knows what horror would be wrought by my hands if I tried.
[x] Mix of good and sad

I say this because before this little slip, Alex seemed to be feeling pretty good.
[X] I don't know.
[X] Pretty gosh darn good since I got a date this weekend, how bout yourself?

I don't think I understand this choice at all. Don't students accidentally call their teachers mom all the time? Why is this such a big deal?
[x] Good

We can't be down forever. We have to try to move on.
[X] Good

Mokouanon only appears when he is needed.
I understand that this would seem like nothing to most people, but it's important for a few reasons. 1) His mom is dead. 2) He called is aunt "mom". and 3) This is a chance for you to define how Alex is doing. Has he come to terms with it, is he in denial, or is he still bothered. This choice will also affect a choice to come. All the choices have had an impact in some way, shape, or form. I wouldn't go and throw a worthless one at you for any reason. Even if I'm one minute from my deadline, I will make the choice matter.

I've got a few things to do before I can write, so I'll leave the vote open for a little while.
[x] Good.

Hey, we made a bunch of friends and got a date with a girl we liked. I think we're doing pretty well, considering how things were a month ago.
Vote called for "Good". I'll be updating tonight as per usual. I'm a little surprised I'm already more than halfway to the autosage point. I'm not complaining, I'm mildly tempted to continue through December with daily updates. I'll just have to see how things go though.
File 138474999748.jpg - (161.45KB, 600x600 , e83e3a500e6d3e2e16225167ddeb803e.jpg) [iqdb]
"I think I'm good," you tell your aunt. You aren't all better, you likely never will be, but you are coping. You're making friends and they help you forget the pain and it's not like you're out on your own. "With you and everyone else, I think I'll be fine." You give a bittersweet smile. it's also hard to feel down right now when you have a date coming up.

"That's good," she says looking a little relieved. "You and your mom were close. I was worried you were only pretending to be fine."

"I was, for a little while at least." You admit, feeling guilty for it. "But, I'm feeling pretty good right now." You pick up your backpack and ask, "Are my clothes in here?" She nods. "Thanks, could I get a pass to class?"

She smiles warmly and just gives you a slight push down the hall. "I'm afraid if I wrote you a pass, I'd be showing favoritism." You can't say you were expecting her to just write you one, but it'd still be nice. "Now hurry up and get changed."

"Alright. Have a good day!" You say as you wave over your shoulder and rush into a nearby bathroom.

"You too!" She calls after you.

You duck into a bathroom stall and quickly pull your clothes out of the bag so you can get changed. Your shirt is a wrinkled, but you honestly don't care. Once changed you just stuff what you were wearing into the bag and run to class.

"Nice of you to join us, Alex!" Mima greets you with a hug as soon as you open the door. "Don't make me worry about you~! I thought I wasn't going to get to see you!"

You just sigh and resign yourself to your fate. There's no getting away now.


The entire day passes far too quickly for your liking. You're already on your way to pick up Kogasa and it feels like you just woke up! "What a day," you mumble to yourself. You asked Mokou out and she accepted! Mima made you stand next to her all homeroom, Keine was loading everyone up with work, and Iku had you escort someone to the nurses because they cut their finger pretty bad. The rest of the day was pretty normal. Lily was eccentric, you ate lunch with Mokou and her friends, who teased the two of you, and you tried to help Yoshika in math again. Luckily Momiji and Sanae decided to help out too. In study hall, Mima was devising pranks to play on Lily and was asking for your input, which wasn't much, and decided that the best way to strike would be to do something no one would think of. And in gym you just walked around the gym with Mokou, Shou, Rinnosuke, and Marisa chatting about your upcoming date.

"Huh," you sigh. it's been quite the day.

Kogasa is bouncing around happily the whole way home and you find yourself smiling too. When you get to the house you decide that it's time to finish unpacking. "Hey, Kogasa? Wanna help me with something?" Of course she agrees almost instantly.

You've only got two boxes, your old backpack, and the suitcase holding some of your older clothing. You have Kogasa start separating the objects in the larger box into two piles. The first being things she's interested in and the other is things she thinks are important. That box is mostly just old toys that you haven't touched in ages, but haven't had the heart to just throw out. The smaller box is filled with photo albums and books. For the time being, you put them on your desk. A bookshelf would be a godsend at this point.

Once those are done Kogasa starts routing through the old backpack. Anything important is already out, but it doesn't hurt to hold on to your old toiletries, right? Your aunt bought you new ones so you didn't have to dig them out, but still. Besides those, there are a few notebooks and binders, but you don't need those either. Still you stash them in your closet, might save you some money next year.

Your old clothes are still folded neatly in the suitcase and you go ahead and put them in the dresser. Taking out the last shirt causes you to pause. it's the note that you found beside your mom's bed. Still sealed. No one dared open as it was addressed to you and only you. Mister Hearn had said, "it's up to you to open this when you're ready." Part of you thinks that it's time to go ahead and open it, but you don't know if you're quite ready for it just yet.

"Watcha got there?" Kogasa has finished with your bag and has plopped down on the bed next to you.

"A goodbye letter," you tell her, feeling a little chocked. The letter has sat there for almost a month and you nearly forgot about it.

-Choose one
[] Read the letter, it's time for some closure.
() Send Kogasa away, you don't want her to see you upset. Not only that, but you don't want her to know about your mom.
() Keep Kogasa with you while you read it, you might need emotional support. Even if it's from a child
[] You don't need to read it, you've made your peace and you can deal with it.
[] Put it away. Even though you're feeling better, you'd rather not risk going back to how you were because of this letter. This just puts the choice off until later
Okay, sorry it's a short one. I think I know how this is going to go, but who knows? You might surprise me!

On a side note, did you know I can't navigate Pixiv to save my life and Danbooru doesn't have many pictures of Kogasa playing in box forts? A shame.
[X] Put it away. Even though you're feeling better, you'd rather not risk going back to how you were because of this letter.

Not the best time to be a wreck.
[x] Put it away. Even though you're feeling better, you'd rather not risk going back to how you were because of this letter.

Not feeling it right now. Let's wait a while longer.
[X] Read the letter, it's time for some closure.
(X) Keep Kogasa with you while you read it, you might need emotional support. Even if it's from a child

Hey, maybe we should see what's inside. Might as well do it now.
Did you read the short Waymaker made over in /shorts/? That directly points out what the letter is.

[x] Put it away. Even though you're feeling better now, it could be quite an experience so more support would be needed.

Pardon the changing around but I figured it'd be something he'd want: waiting until he had more support around before doing it.
[x] Put it away. Even though you're feeling better now, it could be quite an experience so more support would be needed.
[X] Put it away. Even though you're feeling better, you'd rather not risk going back to how you were because of this letter.

It should be read some day but not when Alex is on his way of getting his life in order just now.

...Then again I'm just getting flashbacks from my previous runs on Corpse Party; those damnable letters...
[x] Put it away. Even though you're feeling better now, it could be quite an experience so more support would be needed.
Yeah, so I'm calling the vote with a coinflip. A friend of mine pointed out that the write-in and the normal version of it are effectively the same thing. But I don't see them that way. I see it as the write-in is you wanting to read it, but with moral support there if you need it. The normal vote is putting it off for an indefinite period of time.

When I write and call the vote, I try to take into account what you say along with the vote. So, especially with write-ins, please try to include your thoughts and reasons behind it.

Also, going to say it again for the hundredth time. I ENCOURAGE write-ins! Within reason of course.

Coin landed on heads, which means I'll be writing the write-in. Update later tonight!
File 138483660577.jpg - (264.18KB, 555x611 , I'm_An_Angel_Now.jpg) [iqdb]
This is my interpretation of the write-in. So, please don't kill me if I took it in the completely wrong direction.
This letter is too much right now. it's not that you don't think you're ready to read it, but you don't want to do it alone. Your alarm is just on the edge of your sight, but you can tell that it's only four. Shou is out with Mokou and Byakuren is still at the school. Not to mention Kogasa. You need to be able to keep an eye on her and if you become emotional after reading it you won't really be watching her. After rationalizing the wait to yourself you set the letter down on your nightstand.

"You're not reading it?" Kogasa looks up to you with a questioning look. "Don't you want to know what it says?"

You muss up her hair with a forced smile. "Of course I do, but I need to make dinner first!" Well, actually, you think Shou mentioned something about cooking but you're sure she won't mind. To distract her curios mind you ask, "Do you want to help me get started?"

"Sure!" She beams as she hops off the bed and rushes out of the room.

"H-hey! Don't run!" You rush out after her to make sure she doesn't slip down the stairs.


Okay, you were wrong. Shou does mind. "I told you I wanted to do the cooking tonight!" Apparently she felt that since you've been doing most of the cooking since you got here, she'd repay you by doing some of it herself. "I wanted to do steak tonight too!"

"Well, I hope you like fish?" You say in an attempt to lighten the mood.

"I do," she concedes after a bit of glaring. "But that is hardly the point! Normal families don't eat dinner at five! They usually eat at six or seven."

You look around the dining room at your ?family?. ?I don't think we're normal. Not by any normal definition of the word at least."

"Now, now you two," your auntie says as she wipes around her mouth with a napkin. "No fighting or I'll have to withhold your allowance." That threat doesn't really bother you, but it does bother Shou. She just quietly bows her head and keeps eating.

You made a breaded salmon filet with homemade potato chips. "Alex, how did you learn to cook so good?" Shou asks after popping a chip into her mouth.

"Well," you say scratching your cheek absentmindedly. "I started helped my mom out in the kitchen a lot when I was younger, but as time went on I started to print off recipes at school. Iku taught me a little and I got some help from my friends parents. Eventually I was cooking on my own and doing pretty well. I don't really experiment as much as I'd like, but I think it might be better this way."

"I was worried you were going to say you were self-taught," Shou says with a sigh. "If you did, I'd have to hit you. You're too good at everything!"

Such a compliment makes you red in the face. "D-don't be silly! You just haven't seen me do something I'm terrible at." You pause for a little bit before adding, "Yet."

The rest of dinner is spent peacefully with you and Shou poking fun at each other back and forth. Around eight o?clock Kogasa goes to bed and you're sitting in the living room with Shou and Byakuren, letter in hand. "Are you sure you want to read that now?" Your aunt asks you. You're sitting on the couch with her and Shou on either side of you.

"No," you admit, "but, I don't want to put it off, I think." Carefully, you start to tear the envelope open. Inside is a simple sheet of notebook paper, the writing is in blue ink which is partially marred by some kind of liquid, most likely tears. With a deep breath you begin to read the neat and fluid writing.

?Dear Alexander Graham Hijiri,
I'm sorry for everything. I put you through Hell with my constant trips to the doctors and making you care for me. There's nothing I'd like more than to give you back the time I took from you, but I'm afraid I can't do that.
You were the most important person in my life after Myouren passed. If there was a way for me to stay and not be a burden to you, I would, but there isn't one. Even if no one told you, you would have figured out that my death was not natural. I-"

You stop for a moment and try to control your breathing. You knew, but you didn't want to believe it. Fighting back tears you return to the page.

"was not natural. I love you, which is why I have to say goodbye.
You're a strong young man and you'll be fine. The pain will always be with you, but I have no doubt you'll use it to make yourself stronger. Your aunt Byakuren will likely take you in. She will take good care of you, of that I have no doubt.
If you're angry, upset, or confused by this, I hope you'll understand that I do it so you can be free. Free from a mother who can't even get to the bathroom on her own, from a mother who makes her child wait on her hand and foot, from a mother who can't take the pain any longer!
I do th-"

Byakuren, who is leaning over to read the note too, places a hand on your back and starts rubbing it soothingly. Shou just takes one of your hands off of the, now slightly crumpled, paper and holds it.

?I do this as much for you as I do myself. The pain is unbearable, even with my medications. The treatment doesn't work and I actually haven't been to the hospital for one in over a month now. I chose to stop the treatment so I wouldn't put you and your aunt into debt with all this. And so I could end it on my terms.
Alex, you are my strong little man, who isn't so little anymore. You've got a strong sense of right and wrong, a good head on your shoulders, a kind and gentle soul, and most importantly, people who love you. Know that I will always love you. I don't know what lies beyond, but know that I am proud of you and I hope that you will understand.
Your loving Mother,
-Sariel Hijiri."

You stare at the paper blankly for what feels like an eternity before you release it. It silently falls to the ground and you feel the warm embrace of your aunt and ?sister?.

-How do you feel?
[] Not good, but you have your closure.
[] Horrible, she thought she was making you miserable!
[] Numb, nothing is really registering right now.
[] Not good, but not bad. it's somewhere in the middle.
[] You kind of assumed most of this already, the confirmation makes you feel at ease though.
[] Write-in
So, similar to what you were expecting? Yes or no? What about Alex's mom, were you surprised to find out who she is, er, was?
File 138483945452.jpg - (134.66KB, 1280x720 , Moving with your auntie in Bel Air.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Everything is proceeding according to plan...
For some reason, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure inexplicably comes to mind right now.

[X] Numb, nothing is really registering right now.
-[X] Did she really think she was making you miserable?
[X] Not good, but you have your closure.

[quote]Sariel Hijiri[/quote]
Well can't I was expecting THAT.
Well that was embarrassing.
[X] Numb, nothing is really registering right now.

Sariel and Myouren. If this kid were in any other story, he'd be a damned demigod.
You mostly just greentext stuff, like this

>-Sariel Hijiri
[X] Numb, nothing is really registering right now.
-[X] Did she really think she was making you miserable?

Can't get that 'Try not to cry' image out of my head now.
[X] Not good, but you have your closure.
-[x] "Mom, I guess we're both guilty of hiding secrets but I'm glad you felt you had a choice in the end; you were never a burden to me though... I hope you know that now where ever you are."

It is never easy to let go loved ones like that; especially in similar circumstances where you could override their wishes easily due to him/her being incapacitated from being able to decide for themselves before hand
[x] Numb, nothing is really registering right now."

So mom was the angel of death?

Kind of ironic, in a way.

[X] Not good, but you have your closure.
File 138490788911.jpg - (640.59KB, 1125x750 , 1bb0b829c6becc44d1b386a328aef7a1.jpg) [iqdb]
I hinted to it in the short, but given the amount of blue haired characters it was still up in the air. Do you mind saying who you expected it to be, if anyone?

>Try not to cry image
I guess I did something right with that then. If it makes you feel better, I had trouble deciding who Alex's mother really was because everyone has so much potential in a setting like this.

Well, you guys hating my guts/experiencing the feels aside, I'm going to call the vote. It's pretty unanimous so I'll have the update out by midnight.

While you wait, why not tell me how you felt about the letter? I didn't want it to be read with no interruptions so I broke it up into three parts. Was the pacing of it good?
I think splitting it up was a good idea, makes it read much easier. Makes it feel like he's actually reading it, not like we're reading it, and my only gripes are the ones that are inevitable in these kinds of stories.

Breaking up the letter was good. It seemed a bit too long to me, though. I understand that it was her mother's last words, but the short made it seem like she wasn't capable of something so verbose.
File 13849193645.jpg - (798.23KB, 1000x1333 , 716abc114877e9f76a3245d7d067924e.jpg) [iqdb]
Why is it I have to do a search each time I want to post an image? I still didn't find the image I wanted too! So, I'll settle for a depressing picture here.


You sit there being hugged on both sides by your aunt and Shou, but you don't really notice. They are obviously right there next to you, but they feel so far away right now. Or maybe it's you who's far away. You know you should feel something, but it's like your mind shut down and it's trying to reboot. it's hard to accept that she thought you were miserable because of her. Not once did you ever express resentment at having to take care of her. You just don't know what to do now.

"Alex?" Byakuren whispers gently. "Please, say something." From her tone you can tell how worried she is, but you can't bring yourself to respond. You sit there for what feels like an eternity before they let go of you. "Alex, please," you can almost hear the desperation in her voice, "talk to me.."

"I," you start. Unsure of what to even say you just tell them that, "I don't know what to say, what to feel, what to do." You can feel the couch shift as Shou stands up and walks to the kitchen as you watch. You turn your focus to the letter lying on the floor. There are small wet spots from the tears you were trying so hard to fight back on it. "I just feel, empty. The thing is, I knew. I knew she did it, but I didn't want to believe it!" You drop your head into your hands and force your eyes shut tight. "I knew this was a suicide note, but I read it anyway. What was I thinking? I was just getting my life back on track, why did I think that reading this would help?" You aren't upset at yourself, you just don't understand what you were thinking.

"I can't tell you what to feel or what you were thinking. I wish I could, but the best I can do is be here for you." Your aunt puts her hand on your shoulder and gives it a gentle squeeze.

You hear the sound of crinkling plastic and you look up to see Shou holding a water bottle out to you. "I'm here too, so, don't think you have to go through it alone." You take the bottle from her and stare at it. "You can't have all the answers, especially in a situation like this. If you knew exactly what to think, or if you were perfectly okay then I'd be worried about you.."

"She's right. I'm still trying to sort out how I feel about this myself. The three of us were always close, and to know that she felt that she had to do this hurts." You feel the couch shift once more as she stands up. "You should try to get some rest dear. Sometimes, sleep is the best thing you can do.."

"R-right," you reach down and timidly pick the letter up from the floor. "I guess I'll see you both in the morning." Your voice is practically monotonous right now.

"Good night Alex, just let me know if you need anything," Shou says as she gives you a hug.

"I hope you sleep well," Byakuren says with a faint, very faint, smile.


it's easy to fall asleep, but much harder to wake. You dreamt that you were in a hospital and were being treated for the same thing as your mother. The doctors didn't want you getting out of bed on your own, even though you felt fine, and they were checking on you constantly. White coats and blue scrubs were the only guests you got during your dream. You tried asking the doctors to see your aunt, but they told you that they couldn't reach her. When you asked for Shou, they said she denied. They refused to contact Mokou because she wasn't family.

In the end, you were alone in a white room.

The dream did not want to end! You swear that you were still dreaming when you tried to get out of bed after your alarm clock went off. You barely had the strength to do turn the buzzer off.

Now, you sit on the edge of your bed looking at your phone with Mokous number on speed dial. You can't hide from reality by staying in your room, but you don't know if you're capable of going out today. You just feel exhausted mentally and physically. Perhaps it would be best to reschedule?

[] Reschedule, she'll understand.
[] No, your mom wouldn't want you wallowing around like this! (Choose two of the following)
() Take her to the antique shop you visited before.
() Take her to the small Caf? that you saw last week.
() Bring her to the park for a picnic.
() Go see a movie.
() Go to the miniature golf course you had gone to with Shou.
() Go to the mall to talk and shop, maybe buy her something nice.
() Write-in

I was tempted to keep writing, but I wanted to let you choose how your date goes. Assuming you don't reschedule that is.
[c] Reschedule, she'll understand.
[X] No, your mom wouldn't want you wallowing around like this! (Choose two of the following)
-(x) Take her to the antique shop you visited before.

Something that allows for some privacy away from the public eye and perhaps give Alex that spark needed to reach out from his despair.
[x] No, your mom wouldn't want you wallowing around like this! (Choose two of the following)
-(x) Take her to the antique shop you visited before.
-(x) Take her to the small Caf? that you saw last week.

I feel it's what his mother wanted and if anyone could help it'd be Mokou.
[X] Reschedule, she'll understand.

As much as I love mokou and REALLY don't want to reschedule, I have to consider that this may not be the best time.
I feel like I should explain my vote more, since it might get interpreted differently.

I believe that having finally read the note, and knowing everything, he should finally get some time to actually grieve. I feel that all too often when choices dealing with loss come up, people vote to hurry and either comfort or distract the character, and that seems counterproductive after a certain point. He hasn't given himself any time since her death to really come to terms with it, or just be sad. An integral part of recovery is coming to terms with what's happened, and to do that, he's going to have to go through his feelings eventually. I believe this is his best chance yet to do it.
[X] Reschedule, she'll understand.
-[x] But at least give her a clue as to why. No need to be completely specific, just let her know there's a good reason.

Going out on a date while internally dead is going to make Mokou think we don't like going out with her. Let's recover first, then give it our all.
[X] Reschedule, she'll understand.
-[x] But at least give her a clue as to why. No need to be completely specific, just let her know there's a good reason.

I think the guys have a point. So long as we don't end up like this all week.
[] No, your mom wouldn't want you wallowing around like this!
() Take her to the small Caf? that you saw last week.
() Go see a movie.
Vote called for rescheduling. Update tonight, like usual.
That's assuming that doesn't lead to someone sinking into a depression.
File 138500681257.png - (324.57KB, 601x1100 , 4d6530cb93255b7d9cbb0ea40b3ecb25.png) [iqdb]
The phone rings a few times before Mokou picks up. "Hello?" She sounds a little sleepy, but you don't think you woke her.

You take a deep breath and say with practically no emotion in your voice, "Hi Mokou." You didn't mean to sound like that, it just happened.

"Alex? Are you okay? You sound kinda," she pauses for what feels like a while before settling on, "bad. Did something happen?"

"I, I found a letter my mom had written before she died." You turn your head slightly to see the object in question resting on your nightstand. Just looking at it bothers you right now you so you tear your eyes away from it. "I don't know what I was thinking reading it last night, but I'm a wreck right now. I'm trying to wrap my head around it right now." You lean forward to the point where you could be resting your head on your knees. You can't help but feel like you should be moving right now, even if it's just a little bit. "I really want to go out with you today, but, I feel like if I did I would just bog you down with my issues. Do you mind if we reschedule?"

"Of course not! Take all the time in the world to sort this out. If you need me, I'll be there. Just let me know, okay?" There's warmth in her voice that helps ease your mind.

"Thanks, it means a lot. I'll let you know if there's anything you can do, but I'm just going to go for now."

"Okay, take care," she sounds both disappointed and worried.

After hanging up you lie back down in bed. It feels like an eternity passes as you stare at the ceiling. The ceiling and walls are white and there is only one window. If it weren't for the furnishings, it would feel just like the hospital room from your dream last night. You don't want to remember it, it felt awful to be alone like that.

Was that how your mother felt? Did she think you were miserable because you had to take care of her? Had she thought that you were doing it because you felt obligated to? Maybe you did, but you didn't think you were miserable.


You spend the entire day in your room, leaving only to use the bathroom on a few occasions. Your meals are brought to you by Byakuren, with whom you talk to for a few minutes before you can't think of anything to say. Both of you avoid the elephant in the room though and just talk about minor things like school and possibly looking for a job. The small things take your mind off of everything for a little while, but you keep finding yourself alone with your thoughts.

Not long before going to bed, you ask yourself, "Would I have done the same thing if I were in her place?" You get your answer just before falling asleep. "Yes, I probably would." She did it out of love, even if it hurt you. Your mom loved you until the end. You understand that, you just wish she found another way.


You're walking the halls of the school during your lunch period rather than being in the cafeteria with your friends. it's not that you don't want to be with them, it's just a little easier than having them watch you like hawks. You feel better than you did Saturday, but still kind of numb to the world. Still, you're not an emotionless wreck now so that's a plus. The downside is you feel pretty miserable when you are alone.

There aren't any students in this area of the school. It makes sense though, this is where the freshmen classrooms are and they share a lunch with the juniors. You round a corner and stand corrected, there are some students here. Rather, just one student. She has medium length black hair with white and red highlights in it.

You were going to just walk on by, but as you get closer to her you see her fumbling with the dial on a locker and you hear some muffled sobbing from her direction. "Shit, shit, shit!" Her voice is a hissing whisper, but doesn't seem to match the sobbing. In fact you could hear it while she was cursing.

"Something wrong?" You ask as you lean up against the lockers next to her.

She jumps straight back and screams in surprise. "Aiieeee!" You feel a little bad for doing that, but she was being suspicious. "Who, who are you!?"

"Alex, and you?"

"None of your business! Just run along!" She stomps up to you and glares up at you. it's times like now you remember just how tall you are compared to others. You can still hear the muffled sobbing. it's coming from a locker behind you?

You stare at the lockers. They seem wide enough to fit someone small in them, but surely that isn't the case. It couldn't be? It would just be too clich?! You've never even heard of that happening in real life! You turn to face the little multi hair colored teen. "You didn't?" She's wearing a very nervous looking smile that reveals her bright white teeth.

She doesn't last long under your death glare. "I didn't mean to lock it! I just wanted to see if she'd fit! She was perfectly okay with it until it decided not to open!"

You face palm and whip around to the locker, "Are you okay in there? Are you hurt?"

The locked one sniffles a little but says, "I'm not hurt, j-just scared!"

What now? You can't just keep walking and pretend that you didn't come across this horribly clich? reenactment of a high school drama. But, you don't want to leave and get help. What if this girl next to you is really bullying the one in the locker? She'd just run off if you went to get help and there don't seem to be any teachers nearby. Sending her to get help would be just as bad.

-What do you do?
[] Go get help yourself
[] Have the ?bully? get help
[] Say ?Nope? and keep walking
[] Write-in
Depression is offset by good friends, and high school cliche's.
[X] Have the ?bully? get help

Having been locked in a locker, it is not fun.
Wait, seriously? That, that actually happens? Wow, I thought I had a crap-sack school, but that still never happened!
[] Have the ?bully? get help
It happens. It's not common, because by highschool it's rare for anyone to be small enough to still fit, but it happens. If you're lucky, you don't get locked in one out in the middle of nowhere, because it's not fun to be locked in one for half a class period before people realize that you're missing.
[c] Have the ?bully? get help
[x] Go get help yourself
-[x] But don't mention the other girl right away.

It's Seija I bet and likely she is the bully as she seems to thrive on chaos/etc in short a natural born trouble maker.

I still think we might have trigger some sort of bad flag in staying home.

Waymaker, please prove me wrong in not resorting to any KEY type bullshit please
Vote Called, update tonight!
File 138509138116.jpg - (182.00KB, 625x575 , 0f9d8bee2ab370846d38cb509768c728.jpg) [iqdb]
it's obvious what you must do. If you leave to go get help, she might run away, so she has to be the one to get help. If you're firm about not leaving this spot then she'll have no choice but to go and come back. In theory anyway. "Hey, you," you get the girls attention, "what's your name?"

"What's it to ya?" She snaps back defensively.

You really aren't in the mood for this right now. "Don't get snippy with me kid, just answer the question."

"Hmmph," she crosses her arms defiantly while turning her head to the side. "Seija."

"Well then Seija, I want you to go to the office and get some help." You do your best to sound calm but commanding.

"Why me?" She almost looks surprised at your suggestion.

You take a step towards her and say, "Because this is your fault! So it's up to you to make it right! I'll be waiting here so if you don't come back, I'll know."

Seija looks uneasy, but agrees anyways, "Fine, fine. I'll do it!" She stomps off slowly, as if to emphasize her feelings on the matter. Before rounding a corner she stops to stick her tongue out at you.

You sigh as you lean against the lockers and slide down to the ground. The girl trapped in the locker is still sniffling and breathing heavily. There isn't much you can do at this point, but try and keep her talking. "Hey, what's your name?"

There's a pause before her chocked reply, "Me?"


"Shinmyoumaru Sukuna," she says after a moment.

"Eeh, that's kinda a mouthful," you tell her. It doesn't seem like something you would be able to say easily anytime soon. "Mind if I just call you Maru for now?"

"I don't mind."

"Well, then Maru, did you really get in there voluntarily?" You feel as though you have to ask, it seems awfully suspicious right now and you aren't one to just take something like this at face value.

"N-no," she admits, "Seija pushes me around and treats me horribly. I know she didn't mean to lock the door though."

"Why do you put up with it?"

There's a long pause as she starts to control her breathing. "What can I do?" You rummage around in your backpack for a pair of scissors. These aren't cheap, but you decide that you can't just sit there any longer. With the tip of the blades you try to unscrew the lock from the rest of the door. "Wha- what are you doing?"

"The best I can in this situation," you tell her. What she doesn't know is that you don't just mean the door. You are also referring to the whole thing with your mom and the letter.

"You're a strong young man and you'll be fine."

You keep working, even though it doesn't want to cooperate, as you remember some of the letter.

"You've got a strong sense of right and wrong, a good head on your shoulders, a kind and gentle soul?"

She'd be cross with you if you didn't try to help this poor girl out. And you'd never forgive yourself for not trying. Given the situation you don't think there is anything you can really do, but damned if you don't try to help!

The screw is turning! You might be able to do it! "Alex? What are you doing?" Ah, looks like you don't have to. Your aunt just got there.

"Ah, hi there," you straighten up and step away from the locker. "I was trying to see if I could get the lock off."

"I'm glad you didn't, it would be a pain to fix if you didn't do it right." She walks up with a key in hand. You don't see Seija anywhere though.

"Uh, where's Seija?" You ask, moderately concerned that she ran off after letting someone know.

Your aunt flashes you a knowing smile and says, "Sitting in Kanako's office with her and the vice principle." She quickly unlocks and opens the door. The girl tumbles out of the locker and falls on her face. "Are you okay?"

"I, I think so," she says as she tries to pick herself up. Despite her, extremely, short stature she has short purple hair and brownish red eyes. She looks to be about the same size as Kogasa, which is kind of amusing to think about.

"Well, I'll walk you to the nurses office just in case." Byakuren turns to you and says, "Lunch will be ending soon, so you should head to class."

-Choose one
[] "Actually, I'd like to go with you. I'm a little worried about her."
[] "Okay, I'll see you at home then."
Sorry, short update is short...

My previous ones have been at least 1,000 words. This one though stops on an even 790. Maybe I'll do more tomorrow to make up for it?
[] "Actually, I'd like to go with you. I'm a little worried about her."
[x] "Actually, I'd like to go with you. I'm a little worried about her."
[x] "Actually, I'd like to go with you. I'm a little worried about her.??
Yeah, I figured there wouldn't be any real opposition here. Update later tonight!

>Implying I've finished one of the Key VNs.
I've played the games, but not really far enough in to hit a "Bad End". I keep meaning to, but every time I get into a VN, it becomes my life and updating gets pushed to the side...

I have played Fate/Stay Night though. Managed to get through that without any "Bad Ends". Of course, I haven't finished the HF route.

But anyway, I won't pull a "You failed to romance the character you really wanted in a school full of women. Too bad, you are forever alone." So no worries there, unless we're near the end anyway.
File 138517908838.jpg - (210.00KB, 600x686 , a36bf38fc200efe7a77e4ee007c4348a.jpg) [iqdb]
"Actually," you say as you put your scissors away, "I'm a little worried about her, so I'd like to go with the two of you." Your aunt looks at you for a moment before nodding. The little girl starts walking beside your aunt and you follow behind.

"What can I do?" Marus question is lingering in your head. Shortly after your mom passed you asked yourself the same thing. You felt helpless and you can only assume that she feels similar. Albeit under different circumstances. Though, you do sympathize with her. You were bullied yourself in your old school. It wasn't as bad as being shoved in a locker and it never got physical, but you were still called names by the ?popular? kids. The teachers never did anything, and you only had a few people stick up for you. Part of you feels determined to help her, even if all you can really do is tell your aunt what she told you. Which isn't much. All you know is that Maru is bullied by Seija and she doesn't stand up for herself. You just don't like leaving people alone when you think you can help them, but you don't know if you can in this situation.

Maru keeps her head down the entire trip, almost like she's hiding her face. Come to think of it, you barely got a look at her face when she tumbled out of the locker. Byakuren is watching her too. You probably didn't have to come, but you feel better like this.

At the nurses office your aunt asks you to wait outside and shortly after she and Maru enter, Medicine comes out. "A-Alex? Are you not feeling well?" She asks in surprise.

"Nah, I just tagged along to keep an eye on Maru." You don't feel the need to go into details since she was sent into the hall to wait with you. "So, do you know her?"

She nods and leans against the wall next to you. "Yeah, she gets bullied a lot for being so short." She looks back at the door and sighs. "Kind of like me."

You look at her curiously. She doesn't look upset, but her tone really sounded like she was. It sounded resigned and depressed. "What do you mean?"

"I get picked on by people because I used to be sick all the time and so they started to avoid me and call me names." You feel a kind of bad for her, to be treated so badly for something she couldn't control. "But, you're my friend so I don't care what they think." Well, you don't know if you can really call yourself her friend, but if it helps her then you don't mind.

"Well, if you need anything then you just have to give me a call." You say as you pull a scrap piece of paper from your bag and scribble your number onto it. "Just send me a text or call so I can get yours, alright?"

Her face lights up as she nods vigorously. The two of you nearly jump when the door opens though. "Maria, you can go back in if you want," your aunt exits the room looking bothered. "Alex, I need to talk to you though." Medicine nods and quickly ducks in the room after giving you a wave.

"What's wrong?" You ask the principle.

"Well, for starters I should be yelling at you for trying to take the lock off the locker." You cringe in response. That may have not been your finest idea. ?But you were trying to help, so I will let it slide today." You breathe a sigh of relief as she continues, "However, when you came to that scene, you should have called me."

"Uh," okay, you have no excuse here. Using your phone completely slipped your mind. "Sorry, I guess I figured that even then using a cellphone is against the rules."

She places a hand on your shoulder and shakes her head. If she wasn't smiling you would be worried. "No, in cases of emergencies, we make an exception to the cellphone policy." Well, that is nice to know. Not that you ever hope to need that information. The bell rings, nearly causing you to jump out of your skin. "Would you look at the time," Byakuren says checking her watch. "You should run to class."

"Alright, I'll see you tonight then!" You wave over your shoulder as you rush to class.

You get to your math class and find a note on the door.

"Class will be in the computer lab today and tomorrow. Please be on time.
-Ran Yakumo?

Uh, where is the computer lab? Luckily for you, Momiji and Sanae show up while you try to dig out your map. "Hey Alex!" Momiji calls to you.

"Hey guys," you say with a polite nod. "Where's the computer lab?"

Sanae, who is usually more reserved around you, answers. "it's over by the library. Come on, we should get moving so we're there on time." She looks the best she has since you first met her. She seems, for lack of a better word, peaceful. Before she looked like she was constantly worried about something.

Momiji on the other hand looks pretty bad on a physical standpoint. She has bruises on her arms and a couple scrapes that you can see. She even has a cut on her cheek. They weren't there when you last saw her, but they don't look like fresh. A day old, two at most.

-Choose one
[] Is Momiji okay?
[] Why is Sanae so happy?
[] Neither of those is any of your business.
Gotta love how you plan one thing, but then cut it out because it looks stupid when you actually write it out. I mean seriously, having Alex grilled by the VP would just have been a stupid scene because the guy did nothing wrong! I also hated the choice that I would have given you with that scene so I changed it and skipped ahead to this choice
[] Is Momiji okay?
[x] Why is Sanae so happy?

Whatever happened to that subplot with her boyfriend?
[x] Is Momiji okay?
Key is infamous for killing off characters with unnamed illinesses for the sake of 'drama'. I'm worried that a wrong flag would trigger "MC gets badly sick and ends up copying his mother" end

[x] Is Momiji okay?

Far more concerned about Momiji.
[x] Is Momiji Okay?
Momiji abuse is not only abuse of people, but animal abuse too.

And Momiji is love.
[x] Why is Sanae so happy?

I have a feeling Momiji took care of that. It would explain things well enough.
I have suspicions of it being related to Sanae's glee.
Calling the vote in favor of Momiji. Writing begins NOW!

Oh, you actually remember that? Well, this is awkward...

Well, I can tell you that there is nothing that will cause/prevent you from that kind of thing, within your control at least.
File 138526859996.jpg - (165.49KB, 850x1156 , Not_As_Bad_As_It_Seems.jpg) [iqdb]
You, Sanae, and Momiji start walking to the computer lab. Sanaes good mood seems a little off, at least compared to your first impression of her. But, your real concern is Momiji. "Hey, Momiji, are you okay?" She stops suddenly with a frown on her face, but quickly gives you a false smile.

"Sanae, you go on ahead," Momiji says solemnly, earning a confused look from Sanae. One look from Momiji is all it takes for her to nod and go on her way. Once she is, presumably, out of earshot Momiji faces you and you get a better look at the cut on her cheek. It looks straight, probably from some kind of blade. "No, I'm not okay." She slumps over and shakes her head. "Sanaes boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend I should say, needed some talking to. He got uppity and said I had no right to tell him what he can and can't do with ?his? girl." She even does airquotes when she says ?his?. ?Well, I told him that he needs to back off before he gets hurt and that if he ever went near Sanae again, he wouldn't be having fun."

"I take it he didn't respond well," you note, taking in the number of visible bruises. "So, what happened? Other than the obvious that is."

"Heh," she chuckles a little, "He got in my face and punched me in the gut, so I returned the favor. Things got out of hand and he eventually pulled out a knife," she gestures to her cheek with her thumb. "The dick even got my face! he's lucky I didn't break his arm for that! I kicked his ass, by the way. Sent him home crying to his momma."

You snicker a little at the image of a big burly jock getting beat up by some as small as Momiji. Well, okay, she isn't small, but she isn't someone you'd expect to win a fight. "So, how did Sanae take it?"

"She didn't," Momiji says dryly. "I haven't told her that I fought with her ex. All she knows is that he'll leave her alone now."

"So, it's a secret?" You ask, feeling a little conflicted. You want to tell Sanae what happened, but it really isn't your place to do so.

Momiji nods and says, "To everyone, got it? I really don't need your aunt finding out about this. If she does, she'll probably call my parents."

"Your parents don't know?" You ask in surprise.

"Nope," she says as she starts down the hall again with you right next to her. "Dad's supposed to stay away because of a restraining order and mom tends to stay over with whatever boyfriend she has at the time." She says the word ?boyfriend? rather bitterly, almost like the idea sickens her. "My brother had wanted to join the army, but decided to wait until I'm old enough to move out. Said he wouldn't feel right leaving me alone with that woman." She looks at you and starts backpedaling, you must have been wearing a grim expression. "D-don't get me wrong! I love my mom, it's just that she isn't that great of a parent. She's better as a friend to talk to when I need it."

"Well, if you need someone to talk to, just let me know. I'm a pretty good listener, or so I've been told." You give her a small nudge with your elbow, taking care to not hit a bruise. Which is easier said than done when you don't have x-ray vision to see under her shirt.


it's probably best you don't have that power. You'd probably never be able to look at a girl the same if you could see through their clothes. Part of you wonders just how some of the girls you know would look. Maybe that power wouldn't be so bad after all? You'd be able to see Mo-

OKAY! Your mind has gone somewhere bad! You force any mental images associated with that train of thought, no matter how pleasant they may be, out of your head. "Hey, Alex," Momiji is looking at you with a raised eyebrow. "What thinking about? You've got a distant look and your face is kinda red."

"N-nothing! Nothing important anyway," you suddenly feel even more awkward. You're reminded of the dangers of having predominantly female friends.

You arrive shortly after at the Computer lab. The bell rings just as the two of you step inside and you take a look at the room. Same linoleum floor as pretty much the rest of the school, there are windows opposite the door looking out to the parking lot, the computers are lined up on folding tables against the walls to the left and right of the door, and there is a metal desk against the windows with a computer of its own.

Ran is sitting in a chair in front of the desk and there are only three other seats available. Two seats closest to the windows, Sanae is near there too, and one next to Yoshika, who doesn't seem to have noticed you yet. You get the feeling Yoshika will need your help, but you kind of want to keep talking with Momiji right now.

[] Sit with Yoshika
[] Sit with Momiji and Sanae
This update was awkward because its MAIN purpose was to remind you of Sanaes boyfriend. And to give you more info on Momiji. Is it wrong that I'm picturing Momiji kicking a football players ass while looking the part of a White Knight?
[X] Sit with Yoshika
[x] Sit with Yoshika?
[x] Sit with Momiji and Sanae
[x] Sit with Momiji and Sanae.

More Bromiji is always a good thing.
[X] Sit with Momiji and Sanae
[x] Sit with Yoshika

If Momiji wants to talk more, she will, it's best not to smother her, that and with Sanae around, she'd be relucant to reveal much.
[x] Sit with Momiji and Sanae
[] Sit with Yoshika
[X] Sit with Yoshika.
Calling it now for sitting with Yoshika! I was going to call it earlier, but there was a tie.

Bromiji is second best miji. Best miji is a romanced one.
File 138535299647.jpg - (123.52KB, 800x800 , 23c46ecd75c1f86a1bc29a771f0a476f.jpg) [iqdb]
You've been helping Yoshika since day one and you get the feeling the only time Momiji would open up is when Sanae's not around. From what you gathered though, she seems like the kind to be very protective of her friends. With the hope that she'd come to your aid if you needed it, you go and sit next to Yoshika. "Hey there Yoshika, any idea what we're doing today?"

"Not. A. Clue," she punctuates each word with a click of the computer mouse. She isn't doing anything in particular, just clicking for the sake of clicking it seems. "If I had to guess, we are going to take some kind of test or quiz online."

"Great," you respond sarcastically. "I hope it's not graded."

After a little bit of time passes before Ran gives everyone a website to go to. it's a simple test prep site. "I want to see your results when you finish. You may help those around you, but stay in your seat!" Well that's some good news, for Yoshika at least. You? Not so much. The majority of the time will be spent helping her. Not that you really mind all that much, it is why you decided to sit here after all.

You spend almost the entire class working together. Part of you considers the prospect of tutoring as a way of getting some cash, but you quickly reject the idea. You've only got the bare understanding of what you're doing and have to recheck your work multiple times before you're certain it's right. Still, with how much you help Yoshika you kind of want to charge her or start racking up favors.

"Phew," Yoshika breathes a sigh of relief when the bell finally rings. "I thought we'd never get out of there!"

"It wasn't that bad," you tell her as you sling your backpack over your shoulder. "At least she wasn't actually grading it. How many did you miss anyway?"

She frowns and mumbles, "Six." Ouch. It was a twenty question test too. Those must have been the ones she didn't ask about. "What about you?"


"You suck," she emphasizes her statement by sticking out her tongue.

"Yeah, I know I do. But hey, I could be giving you the wrong answers." She stops dead in her tracks and looks at you in shock. "Whoa, I wouldn't actually do that!"

The two of you say your goodbyes and you head to study hall. When you get to the room you see Mima standing outside the door looking through the small glass window in it. "Hey Mi-"

"Shhhh!" She hushes you instantly and pushes you against the wall. Her is voice barely above a whisper as she says, "Lily's in there and I know she has something planned!"

"Let me guess," you say reluctantly, "you want someone to go in there and trigger the trap?"

"Nope!" Wait, what? That's a surprise! "I want you to go in there, trigger the trap, and then distract her long enough for me to play my prank!"

"So, how was I wrong again?"

"By not being fully correct of course!" Mima beams at you and pushes you towards the door.

You try to get away, but fail miserably. "Don't I get a say in this?"

?NOPE~!? Mima practically sings as you lay your hand on the doorknob.

With one last sigh you open the door and walk in thinking, "What is the worst that could happen?"

Your vision is quickly blanketed by a waterfall of silver and gold. Apparently glitter is the worst that could happen. Of course. Last time it was confetti, it would only naturally progress to glitter. Up next is tar and feathers!

You see the perpetrator poking her blonde head up from behind Mima's desk. The smile on her face turns to surprise and then back to amusement. You planned to be mad at her, but that smile just makes it impossible! Not to mention that childlike laughter. it's just so endearing.

Out of the corner of your eyes you can see string and pulleys set up. Looking up reveals the bucket that bathed you in sparkles. You think about going to the bathroom to try and shake the glitter off, but you doubt anything shy of washing the clothes and a shower will do anything. "Screw it," you mumble. You just plop right down in your seat, leaving a trail of glitter behind you.

You are so glad you can't actually die of embarrassment. If you could, you'd be dead multiple times over. Not one person entered the room without laughing at you! Even worse is that Mima played her prank on Lily and said it was your idea! How anyone could come up with such an idea is beyond you. You do feel bad for Lily, but at the same time she did deserve it.

Right now though, you are being gawked at by Cirno and Utsuho. "Pfffttppft," Cirno is barely containing her laughter while Utsuho makes no such effort.

"W-well, Alex," Remilia says with barely contained laughter. "Wednesday is Halloween, and my birthday. I know you said you would come, but I was unsure if your aunt had planned for you all to take her trick-or-treating, so I thought it necessary to ask if you are still coming."

"Wait, your birthday is Halloween?" You ask, letting your surprise slip through more than you intended.

"Indeed," she says as she hands you a hairbrush. "Do not feel compelled to get me anything though."

You gratefully accept the brush and start trying to remove the glitter from your hair, but you fear that you may actually be making it worse. Still, she does raise a good point. Since Kogasa is living with you, you might be asked to take her out that night.

-Choose one
[] Byakuren will understand if you have plans. So it should be fine to go.
[] Apologize; you should remain free just in case you need to take her out. If you are free then you'll go.
--ALSO!!!!!!!!!! (I just want to make sure you see this!) Time skip ahead?
[] No, stay at the current pace
[] Yes, skip to?
-() Tuesday morning
-() Tuesday at lunch
-() Tuesday Afternoon
Well, I'm not sure how you guys feel about time skips. Depending on certain outcomes soon, I might go ahead and start skipping entire weeks and giving a brief overview of what occurs. Stopping for important scenes and character interactions/development. Life flashes in a blink of an eye at time, and sometimes it feels like an eternity for one day. I kind of want to portray that in my writing, but I won't if you aren't okay with it.

Also, I'm in a cat mood now. Thanks Keymaster, you keep posting cats and that influenced this mood! I make no promises if I will introduce a certain cat within the next update or two. But it might happen...
[x] Byakuren will understand if you have plans. So it should be fine to go.

[x] I am indescribably neutral about time skips.

>Bromiji is second best miji. Best miji is a romanced one.
My good fellow of African descent.
[x] Apologize; you should remain free just in case you need to take her out. If you are free then you'll go.
--ALSO!!!!!!!!!! (I just want to make sure you see this!) Time skip ahead?
[x] No, stay at the current pace

I'd feel bad about ditching Kogasa to do something else if she wanted to go.
[X] Apologize; you should remain free just in case you need to take her out. If you are free then you'll go.

You should use your own judgement to decide whether a time skip is appropriate at any point. If you think readers will find it draggy, and are finding it hard to write yourself, then go for it.
[X] Apologize; you should remain free just in case you need to take her out. If you are free then you'll go.

Works for me~!
[X] Byakuren will understand if you have plans. So it should be fine to go.
[X] No, stay at the current pace

Fun will do Alex some good, maybe help him get out of this funk he's in.
[x] Apologize; you should remain free just in case you need to take her out. If you are free then you'll go.

One one hand, Kogasa. On the other hand, sexy Halloween costumes.

[x] No, stay at the current pace
If it's Monday now, then a skip doesn't seem worthwhile. But, I have nothing against timeskips in general. You may want to start helping us keep track of the date, though.
[x] Byakuren will understand if you have plans. So it should be fine to go.
[x] No, stay at the current pace

I don't mind timeskips but i also don't really think this is the time for one, but you should just go ahead and do it if you want.
[x] Byakuren will understand if you have plans. So it should be fine to go.

[x] I am indescribably neutral about time skips.

As long as you do it well I don't mind
[x] Byakuren will understand if you have plans. So it should be fine to go.
[x] No, stay at the current pace.

No sense canceling things for what might happen. Just let them know in advance.
[X] Apologize; you should remain free just in case you need to take her out. If you are free then you'll go.
Vote called for partying! We'll be giving Byakuren and Kogasa fair notice that we're going to the party, so we'll be getting to that soon.
You guys are the worst big brothers.


Son of a bitch!

You got your vote in as I was typing... and getting distracted by TV... I hate to be that guy, but I'm not going to count it since I didn't see it when I was going to call it.

How do you feel about me putting the date/day of the week at the top of the update? I'd also include the date whenever it changes. That should help keep things clear I hope.

That sounds good to me.
I really hope that's sarcasm/a bad joke.
[] Byakuren will understand if you have plans. So it should be fine to go.
[] No, stay at the current pace
File 138544028656.jpg - (824.36KB, 1000x1027 , Most_People_Would_Slap_You.jpg) [iqdb]
10/29/2012 ? Monday

There shouldn't be a problem with going. You don't think Byakuren will tell you that you can't go. it's not like she asked you to take Kogasa out trick-or-treating anyway. "Yeah, I think I'm still good to go. My aunt will understand if I've got plans. I mean, you did ask me last week after all." You set the hairbrush she was loaning you down on the desk and shake your head resulting in a shower of glitter around you. That also happens to be the thing that pushes everyone into hysterics. "You guys suck." Oh well, there's no stopping them now so you just go back to brushing your hair.

Once the hyenas quiet down Remilia informs you that it's a costume party. "You do not have to wear one, but you might enjoy it." She shakes her head slightly and closes her eyes as she says, "Sakuya is planning on wearing her ?maid uniform? during the party." Well, you can't say that it's a bad thing. From what you saw when you went to babysit Flandre, it looked pretty good on her.

"Well," Cirno says as she stretches. "I plan on going as a f-"

"Cirno, it ruins the surprise if you tell us now!" Utsuho covers her friends? mouth letting only muffled sounds be heard. The two of them seem quite the pair. They just look like they always have fun together. "Do you promise not to tell anyone?" Cirno mumbles something and Utsuho lets her go.


"Okay, glitter does not come out easily!" You plop down on the couch next to Shou. Throughout the entirety of gym class you were getting mocked and laughed at. After a while you adopted the attitude of ?if you can't beat them, join them? and just laughed along with everyone. Unfortunately Aya got some pictures of you like that. She said they wouldn't wind up in the paper, but you can never trust a journalist.

Kogasa is sitting on the floor playing with a doll Shou gave her right now. "Aww, no more sparkly brother." She moves the doll like it is the one that's supposed to be talking.

"Sorry, Ko," you apologize, even though you don't have to. "I didn't want to get it all over the couch." You really don't want to do your homework, but you need to. With a deep and almost hopeless sigh you pull out your history textbook.


You knew this day was coming, the day when Byakuren would want to cook dinner for everyone. Try as you might, you just couldn't persuade her to let you help. The only thing you could do in that case was warn Kogasa of your aunts cooking. She had asked you to make her something quick after dinner if that was the case.


She actually liked it!

You and Shou only pretended to like it though. Chicken should not be that dry, nor should it be so irresponsibly seasoned! She made a bag of chicken breasts and only about half got seasoned, there was too much seasoning on those ones though. You had to scrap some of it off just to eat it!

At least Kogasa liked it. She even asked for seconds. Maybe she needs her taste buds checked or something?

********** 10/30/2012

"Waaah," you yawn loudly as Mima calls roll, but it's ignored.

Well, except by Parsee who just shakes her head and says, "Idiot."

"How does yawning make me an idiot?" You ask feeling a little hurt.

"Obviously you stayed up all night doing who knows what and now you're sleep deprived." Okay, she's got you there. You did stay up all night working on a history paper. "Hmph, and after everyone keeps telling you to watch your health too."

"Looks like someone is worried about him," Yamame teases her friend with a smile. "I know she's a difficult person who is really rude and sometimes mean, but she's a real nice person deep down."

"I don't know whether I should feel complimented or insulted," Parsee groans as she turns away. Well, at least she's willing to talk to you. You barely got one word out of her last week.


"Great," you mumble as you pat yourself down. You can't find your wallet anywhere. "Just lovely, now what am I going to do?" You left your student ID in it and you can't get lunch without it. Ah well, it's not like you're hungry so it isn't really that big of a deal. For a second you almost head to the cafeteria, but both Shou and Mokou have things to do so they aren't going to be eating in there.

Might as well go hang out with Medicine in the nurses office. You open the door and don't see anyone, but you do hear some rustling behind the curtain. Normally it's open, even just a little, but right now it's pulled tight. You figure that it's just Medicine setting herself up to eat, so you go ahead and pull the curtain open and?



You were not expecting this.

You're standing face to face with Medicine, who is in the process of removing her shirt. You don't really mean to, but you can't help but notice that her bra is a light, almost white, shade of pink. Part of you wonders why she's even bothering to wear one, and the other is intrigued?

Ah! Her face is growing redder by the second and you can feel the blood rushing to your head. This gets you to turn around and tug the curtain closed in the process. You have absolutely no idea what to do or say right now. All you can do is wait for her to say something.

Eventually you hear the curtain rustle and you turn to face her. She's not wearing her uniform right now, instead she's wearing a brown blouse with red trim. Well, she is still wearing the skirt from the uniform, but most people wouldn't really notice that.

"ImsorryIthoughtthedoorwaslockedandIneededtochangebeforemyparentspickedmeup!" Wow, all in one breath too. It takes you a minute to decipher what she said.

"I-I should be the one apologizing! I did walk in on you unannounced!" The only way this could have been worse is if she was completely naked. There is a long, awkward, and embarrassing silence for the next ten or so minutes. "Are you upset?" She shakes her head. "Embarrassed?" She nods. "I'm sorry. Can I make it up to you?"

She's staring at her feet in an attempt to hide her face, but if her ears are any indication she's blushing profusely. "I, uh, well, just forget about it! That's all you need to do!" She rushes out of the room with her backpack in her hands.

You feel like the bad guy right now?

********** 10/31/2012

You are sitting in a doctor's office with your aunt as you have some blood drawn. You were told that they just want to run some tests since you haven't been to a doctor in a while. A while being almost two years. Sure, you've seen plenty of doctors but you haven't been their patient.

Well, at least you're getting out of school for this. "Alex, we'll probably get finished up here after sixth period ends." Your aunt informs you. "I don't see a point taking you to the school for so little time, so I'll just drop you off at the house. Can you pick Kogasa up though?"

"Yeah, no problem!"


Whelp, you just got a text from Remilia letting you know what time her party starts. She said seven or eight, but you're welcome any time.

You have maybe two hours before it should start.

-When do you arrive?
[] Early, you want to try and help set up
[] On time, or as close to on time as possible
[] Late, fashionably late though
Well, the next thing will be a multi-part affair. I hope all goes well...
[X] Late, fashionably late though

We gotta be fashionable.
[x] Early, you want to try and help set up

I wonder if there was any point in what happened with Medi besides making Alex (and us) feel like bastards/possibly creeps.
[x] Early, you want to try and help set up

I'm pretty sure she learned to double check and make sure the door was locked at least.
[x] On time, or as close to on time as possible

Can we invite Shou along?
[x] Early, you want to try and help set up.

Should we be worrying about a costume or no?
If you have any ideas for costume, go ahead and mention them. I was just going to have Alex go as himself. Remilia did say costumes were optional.

A friend wanted me to give you the choice of what costume to wear, but I felt that having an update specifically for that was kinda silly. I really could have included it here, but wasn't thinking.
>ideas for costume
Gandalf the Grey/White
Guy under a sheet pretending to be a ghost
Nearly bald Sasquatch
[x] Early, you want to try and help set up.

Maybe a Samurai costume
Double ghost.

It's like a traditional ghost costume, but you wear two sheets.
[X] Early, you want to try and help set up
-[x] afterwards costume;Vampire

Works for me~!
File 13855134197.jpg - (167.58KB, 752x1062 , 853c11058bbc4f4ff25357dd19bd19c6.jpg) [iqdb]
Calling the vote now. Update later tonight in a new thread.

>New thread

That is not something I'd thought I'd say so soon. I can't believe I've gone 25 days with NaNoWriMo. I feel surprisingly proud of myself.

Since we're going to a new thread, why not fill the remainder of this one up with pictures of Halloween themed Touhous?
File 138551715039.jpg - (470.75KB, 900x1440 , 28ee1a6a10aca1501c72f7700c5155d8.jpg) [iqdb]
>I can't believe I've gone 25 days with NaNoWriMo. I feel surprisingly proud of myself.
You should be. Congrats.

>pictures of Halloween themed Touhous
Since you twisted my arm.
File 138551772216.jpg - (306.22KB, 850x847 , e8bf7469bc42d1e9f44462a132b9d9dc-2.jpg) [iqdb]
File 138551782487.jpg - (298.65KB, 800x672 , f1380c62550eb1cb2ae8f9e0ffd03af7.jpg) [iqdb]
And, lastly, something that should be more related to the posts at hand.
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