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55417 No. 55417
I never thought I would be here. No, I thought this would be impossible. Then again, I suppose the past year kinda trained that out of me. Now all I have left is time.

Time. It's so weird. Ever since she threw me in, it seems to come and go. Sometimes it feels like it takes days to blink, others it feels like days passed after I blink.

Well, there's no lack of eyes here, that's for sure.

Opening my eyes, I see the gaze of a thousand, a million, I don't know how many there are. But eyes as far as the – eye – could see. Though oddly, it doesn't creep me out. No, it's almost soothing in a way. It's like she's watching over me.

Even then, I guess it doesn't matter. There's nothing to do but think, and all that leads up to is what lead me here. Shouldn't have let my guard down, shouldn't have listened to them. Could have been able to keep her, to keep them safe.

I wonder how long I've been here. And I wonder if she hates me now. I wonder if that whole thing was just a plan to get rid of me. I've done nothing but distrust her friend. And given what Renko could do, I guess I shouldn't be surprised if she could do the same.

Everything's just so fucked up. A year ago, I'd never think this'd happen. Magic was in fairy tales, where it was supposed to be, and yet after the bomb hit... after it hit, everything went to hell.

= = = = = = = = = =

[] Book
[] Knife

Why hello those who decide to read this story. Call me Forte, and I shall be the one writing this for you. As you can plainly tell, I am fairly new here. I'm honestly not expecting much, but I will give this story a go. It's been something I've wanted to work on for a while.

And why not try a CYOA while I'm at it? It'll be a pleasant challenge to write one of these, that's for sure.
No. 55418
[x] Book.

I wonder how much weight will Merry and Renko have in the plot. I don't remember having the two Outsiders as protagonist in any story here.

And welcome, newfag. Remember the golden rule of writing: above all else, enjoy what you do!
No. 55419
[x] Book

Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay here.

Actually, there have been a number of stories that starred Maribel and Renko. Whether they've been completed or not is a different question entirely...
No. 55420
[x] Knife

Because grimoires are overdone
No. 55422
[X] Book
No. 55423
[x] Book.

Welcome and good luck. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.
No. 55424
No. 55426
File 13819667477.jpg- (270.42KB , 1024x1452 , go with the knife.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Knife.

C'mon people, knives are exciting! They can used for all sorts of things! Like killing people!
No. 55428
[x] Knife.

Can't argue with bladed weaponry.
No. 55429
[x] Knife
No. 55431
Ah, a close call! Simply marvelous! Unfortunately, I will be closing votes here.

And [x] Knife wins at 5-4! How wonderful! I shall begin writing immediately!
No. 55432
File 138199754221.jpg- (154.39KB , 850x749 , One.jpg ) [iqdb]
And here we are. Once again, I am thankful for your participation in this. I am not going to keep you for very long. Do continue on.

= = = = = = = = = =

[x] Knife

= = = = = = = = = =

What is a human doing in here, I wonder?

My sight returns to me at the sound of those words. Everything looks so different. These eyes, they look so much colder than before. They look like they're piercing through my very soul.

So you're awake after all! That saves me so much effort.” This person, this woman sounds happy. What's going on? I can't even move! “Don't panic, I'm just going to look.

Look? What are you doing? Why can't I move, why can't I talk!? Where am I!?

This might hurt a bit.

Wait wh-

The streets are crowded. I'm surprised they're so crowded, considering the situation about to break out in the West. 'The Japanese sure are something.' I think to myself, walking along with the crowd. Is it ignorance? Is it cockiness? Well, I suppose it doesn't matter.

The hand in my left pocket begins to fiddle with a small knife, only stopping as I see a subway station. Sighing, I take my hands out of my pocket and crack em'. Nothing else to do but wait, and boy do I have a while to wait.

I wonder why my brother moved here of all places. Especially now since he decided to call me here, saying it was urgent. He'd better be telling the truth; I spent a lot of money on this trip.

Minutes pass, or is it hours? It's slow enough to be either, but eventually I see his little green car, slowly piddling up the street. Traffic must be clogged behind him. Chuckling at my non-joke, I head out towards the car.

“Hey, bro!” The man inside exclaimed. A chubby man, packing a small beard and long hair he ties up with glasses as thick as plates and sweat shimmering all down his face. “It's been a while. C'mon, get in! Hurry, we've got so much to catch up on!” With a nod, I get in the car and toss my bag in the back.

“Ehehe, sorry 'bout the smell. Just got done jogging, and I had to hurry.” Jogging? Well, lookie here, he's finally decided to do something about his weight. “Man, things've been something since I got here.” He starts back onto the road, an eager smile on his face. “School's been doing great. Mom'd be proud, y'know?”

“That's nice.” He says nothing after that. I thought he'd talk more, but I guess not. Was kind of hoping he would.

A few minutes later, I notice he's heading towards a McDonalds. “Harris, what are you doing?” My bro smiles and parks near the joint.

“Sorry, I'm just starved. You know how it is, right?” He looks at me. “You wanna come in? I'll buy!” Truthfully I'm not hungry and I'm not exactly the best at Japanese, but it's been a while since I've been with him.

= = = = = = = = = =

Choose your path:

[] Go with Harris: The language barrier shouldn't discourage me from going with him. It's been a while since I've hung out with him and it's not like I have to order. What's a few weird looks, anyway?

[] Don't go with Harris: I'd rather not draw even more attention to him. I've been told I stand out in public and I'm not exactly in the mood to get in a confrontation with someone if I can avoid it.

Oh my, a Flashback Arc. I do apologize if this is boring, but this is entirely necessary. And it shall become more interesting soon, I do promise you that.
No. 55433
[X] Go with Harris

Bro teir.
No. 55434
[X] Go with Harris

Don't see why not
No. 55436
[X] Go with Harris.

How weird can we possibly look?

Besides, this is Japan. As far as I'm aware, most people don't go around picking fights with strange foreigners.
No. 55440
[X] Go with Harris
He's family and, aside from that, it'd be kind of rude not to go.
No. 55442
File 138207668242.jpg- (170.36KB , 640x480 , Two.jpg ) [iqdb]
You have spoken and so it shall be!

= = = = = = = = = =

[x] Go with Harris

= = = = = = = = = =

Saying nothing, I pop open the door and step outside. I survived the airport, I can survive this, too. “Oh! Usually you just stay in the car.” Harris stated, obvious surprise in his voice.

“It's been a while.” It's the truth, at least. With a chuckle, Harris walks into the restaurant. Following behind, I look around. Much like in the airport a couple of people look, but most of them are minding their own business.

Harris orders for the both of us. Honestly, standing here and saying nothing just feels awkward, but I'd rather not make him look bad.

“Bro, bro! Line, man. We got our food.” Glancing back, I do see a few people in line. With an awkward smile, I step out. He takes a seat by the window, and I sit across. “Ah man, come to papa!” He reaches into his bag and hands me my fries. As I eat my fries, I see him tear down his burger; eating it so fast I wonder if he can taste it.

“Ho hom is wow dowig” Before I could reply, he holds a finger up and swallows. “Sorry, so how's mom doing? It's been a while since she called.”

“She's doing fine.” Sure, there's a limp in her step, but from what I can tell it's nothing serious. “Bigger question, how have /you/ been? And what'd you call me out here for?” Harris swallows another bite of burger.

“I've been doing great, man! Feels so much different here, for better and worse.” He wipes his mouth with a napkin. “I'll tell ya more later about that. And what I called you out for?” He smiles, rubbing his hands together. “You see, I met these two girls...” Wait...


“Shhhh!” He puts his finger to his mouth. “Not done.” He misses my sigh and continues on like nothing happened. “Well, I listened in on them. I heard them talking things about spirits and the longer I listened, the more convinced I was that I was right.” I rolled my eyes. Harris and his fantasy worlds. “Hey, mock me all you want, but I got a lead from them.”

“Harris, seriously. There's no such thing as a fantasy land. I mean, come on. If there was, where could it even be?” He's kept this up since he was five, and even twenty years later, he's still at it. I love him dearly, but sometimes... argh.

“C'mon. You're already out here, why not check it out with me?” He starts chomping down on his fries. “C'mon, it'll be like a hiking trip! Hell, it's getting late, so we could see it as camping, too!” He holds out his hand. “Whaddya say?” With a sigh, I grab his hand and shake.

“Fine, fine. I won't be looking for your fairy world, though.” If he felt hurt from that, he doesn't show it. Instead, he smiles and pats my shoulder. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice more people looking at us. Well, we haven't been quiet.

“Knew I could count on ya.” He smiles and stands up. I look at his bag and notice it empty. Geez, I wonder if he knows jogging won't help if he eats a lot of junk. Eh, one thing at a time I guess. He starts out, and practically screams. “Next stop, dilapidated shrine!” I cringe, seeing a few people crane their heads, some looking ready to complain. Muttering a silent apology, I get out of there.

Harris is still beaming as he heads down the road. It's so odd, compared to what I'm used to, but I guess that's just how it is. I gaze outside and notice something in the sky. A red twinkle hanging high up there. “Harris, do you see that?”

“Not now, I'm driving.” Looking closer, it doesn't look like it's moving. Eh, probably nothing important. Hell, I might just be tired. As the city disappears, his grin looks more and more excited. “It's gonna be so cool! You and I are gonna be the ones to prove it exists!” I nod absently and yawn.

= = = = = = = = = =

Choose your fate:

[] Ask him more about what the girls said. I'd rather talk about this than fall asleep on him, and besides, I have to hear what got him to convince me to come out here.
[] Take a nap. I've been up for a long time, and jetlag's a bitch. I doubt he'd mind if I fell asleep. He'll just wake me up.
No. 55443
[x] Ask him more about what the girls said. I'd rather talk about this than fall asleep on him, and besides, I have to hear what got him to convince me to come out here.
No. 55444
[X] Ask him more about what the girls said. I'd rather talk about this than fall asleep on him, and besides, I have to hear what got him to convince me to come out here.

Might as well get some info and family-time in before everything inevitably goes to hell.
No. 55445
[X] Take a nap. I've been up for a long time, and jetlag's a bitch. I doubt he'd mind if I fell asleep. He'll just wake me up.

Other choice seems too obvious.
No. 55448
[X] Take a nap. I've been up for a long time, and jetlag's a bitch. I doubt he'd mind if I fell asleep. He'll just wake me up.

Jetlag is indeed a bitch. Best to deal with that before anything else.
No. 55458
[x] Take a nap. I've been up for a long time, and jetlag's a bitch. I doubt he'd mind if I fell asleep. He'll just wake me up.

Couldn't decide, don't feel like holding myself accountable: flipped a coin.
No. 55462
Ah, I see. Very well. I was about to flip a coin of my own to decide myself. The reasoning I was taking so long was due to this tie and Pokemon X.

Vote called: 3-2 in favor of taking a nap.
No. 55471
File 138242388524.jpg- (414.34KB , 774x1032 , Three.jpg ) [iqdb]
Once again. Apologies for the time delay. I shall delay no farther in delivering.

= = = = = = = = = =

[x] Take a nap.

= = = = = = = = = =

I try to stay up as much as I can, but my brother's voice starts to trail off, right when he's telling a joke. Sorry man... just... sleep... tired...

The next thing I know, my brother is shaking me. “Oi, oi, Maxie, it's time to wake up!” I let a groan escape my lips. I don't care how much he shakes, I want sleep.

A second later I feel water hitting my head. Sighing in defeat, I stumble out of the car, and with one final swing, the door shuts. “Geez, bro, if you were so tired, you shoulda told me.” A single glance at Harris made him look away. “Aaaaanyway... according to those two, there's an abandoned shrine nearby! You and I are gonna be looking for it!”

“In the dark?” He looks up, finally noticing the time of day. Nevertheless, his expression was determined. I simply sigh in response. “Do you have a map or something?”

“Dude, I said we'd be looking for it. We got a mountain to check! I got supplies!” He gestures to the backpack he has on his back. “Now c'mon, let's go, go, go!” Before I can say anything, he starts off.

'Why am I out here? Why am I bothering?' Are two questions that fill my mind as we traverse the massive forests surrounding this abandoned shrine. Would it even be worth it? Doubt about its existence spring up the farther we go along.

Up ahead, Harris seems to be springing in his step and I never thought I'd see him this energetic. Maybe his running did help him. “Hey, bro! C'mon! We gotta keep on moving! Can't be out here all night!”

A sigh was my only response to him. I wish I had gotten some more sleep on the plane. That would be nice right now.

“Stop!” I bump into my brother. “There it is!” I blink once or twice before rubbing my eyes. Standing before me is a large shack, with rotting wood planks, holes in the ceiling, a decayed archway and various flora covering it all.

I stare for a second. “This is what we were looking for?” And with the biggest look of excitement I've ever seen, Harris replies.

“It is it is it is it is come on let's go Max!” He grabs my hand and oh god where did he get this strength from?

“O-oi, let go of my hand!” I can't even put up a fight as he drags me along. He skids to a stop under the archway and looks on with the biggest shit-eating grin.

“Here it is, the shrine they were talking about! We're so close! The land I've been dreaming about my whole life!” He practically squees before taking the first step up the stairs.

shfft shfft

My ears perk up at the sound and I turn to see what's coming. It doesn't look like there's anything there.

shfft shfft

It feels like my heart skips a beat, hearing the sound again. However, this time another sound accompanies it and it sounds like gib-Japanese. Two girls speaking Japanese, maybe more.

I glance back only to see my brother having gone into the shrine already. Shit, shit. If these two are the two he got the info from...

= = = = = = = = = =

Choose your destiny!

[] Try to hide in the foliage around. While it's not thick, it is still dark enough to be able to hide decently well.
[] Try to hide in the shrine. It's fairly dark inside, and I can move while they go through different rooms.
[] Act natural. My brother may be inside, but I can at least try to act like a hiker who found this by accident.

And so things are progressing.
No. 55472
Wait, if we are at the bottom of a set of stairs, why can we see the ruins? Why are we even running?

[X] Act natural. My brother may be inside, but I can at least try to act like a hiker who found this by accident.
No. 55474
It was a random picture I found after one second of searching. Perhaps I should take more time, but I tend to be lazy about this sort of thing.
No. 55478
[X] Act natural. My brother may be inside, but I can at least try to act like a hiker who found this by accident.

Haha why are this dude's first thoughts "OMG must hide" when he hears people around? Kinda creepy, just sayin.
No. 55484
[X] Ignore them, continue into the shrine
No. 55493
[x] Act natural.

I'd post the whole choice, but, mobile...
No. 55501
File 13826951061.jpg- (583.28KB , 800x800 , Four.jpg ) [iqdb]
And so your fate is sealed.

= = = = = = = = = =

[x] Act Natural

= = = = = = = = = =

With a deep breath, I go over my options. Hide outside, hide inside or act natural...

Wait, why am I so jumpy? They're normal people, right? Guess I should stay out here. Harris should be okay in there, right? I take one more breath and look to the sky. A bunch of lights, each with varying colors, are sprinkled all along the evening air, with one exception.

A bright star with a harsh red light clashes against the dark backdrop. Looking at it more, my spine tingles. Something about it weirds me out.

A voice calls out. I look down and see two girls, one of them carrying a flashlight. One with long blonde hair and wearing a light blue shirt and a purple skirt, and the other with short brown hair, wearing a white shirt with some color of skirt I can't tell in this light. The brunette talks to me, she was probably the one who said something.

We look at each other for a second. This is kind of awkward, uhh... “H-hello?” Please, please understand english! The blonde turns to the brunette and starts talking. They have a back and forth, but the brunette backs down after a few seconds. The blonde steps up, clears her throat and...

“Hello!” Oh thank god at least one of them knows it! “Sorry for interrupting your stargazing, but we're here to check out the shrine!” She doesn't have to be so loud, though.

“Yo, bro, what's going on outside?” The brunette narrows her eyes at the sound of the second voice. I turn and see Harris walk outside, and he has a look of dejection on his face.

“These two are here to look at the shrine.” I motion to them. The brunette gives a simple nod before turning back to whatever she was looking at, with an expression of near-pure boredom sprinkled with irritation. The blonde, however...

“Yes, but you don't have to go! We'll only be a little bit!” She turns to the brunette and says something, prompting her to look at the two of us. Harris steps forward and starts speaking as well and now I think I know how annoying being out of the loop is.

It takes a couple minutes for them to stop. In the meanwhile, I've been looking back up to that star. Even if it is kind of weird, it's not like I have anything else to do. “Bro!” Harris grabs me and drags me away from the shrine. “These two are looking for their own magical land! Oh man, this is our chance!”

“Our chance for what?” Looking at the two for a second, I see them eying up the shrine, talking to each other.

“Our chance to find it! Maribel said she's good at finding anomalies, and we're gonna be searching together!” He pats my shoulder. “If she finds something here, then you'll see that my fantasy world exists!” I... I can't even find it in myself to say anything. Unfortunately, he starts dragging me along. “Come on, we can't keep em' waiting!”

I sigh in resignation as we head back towards the girls.

- - -

Link established.

- - -

I wake up back in the purple void, my head hurting like a son of a bitch, and there I see that woman again. She's clutching her head in agony. “H-hey! Are you okay!?”

“F-fine...” The woman breathes out, lowering her hand. “Just... big burst of pain...” She takes a couple of breaths and looks back at me, her eyes drooping. “Do you mind if we finish this tomorrow? My head's killing me and I got a futon with my name on it.”

“U-uh...” I blink. I don't even know what to say, but anything's better than staying here. “S-sure... you got a place?”

And before I know it, I'm dumped onto a floor, face-first, and then there was nothing but darkness.

= = = = = = = = = =

Worry not, there is a reason for the cut off. As for the choices...

[] Oranges
[] Bananas
[] Grapes
No. 55502
[x] Grapes
Cold grapes on a hot day, yum.
No. 55503
[X] Grapes
No. 55504
[x] Oranges
No. 55506
[X] Oranges

Delicious citrus flavor.
No. 55507
[x] Dragonfruit

To limit oneself to a few tiny provinces of the vast kingdom of fruit is culinary foolishness!

No. 55508
[X] Bananas
obvious penis joke here
No. 55509

No. 55530
[x] Grapes
While all three are great I love me some grapes. Delicious green grapes. Mmmmmmm.
No. 55594
File 138347485238.png- (363.97KB , 778x708 , Five.png ) [iqdb]
I do enjoy citrus in the morning. Does poor Maxwell?

= = = = = = = = = =

[x] Oranges: 3/5 win.

= = = = = = = = = =

Run. Run. Run. Run. Run. I don't care if it's pointless, I have to run. Have to stay safe. Have to keep Maribel safe. Can't stop.

With a glance back, I see her still with me, and nothing behind. Good. If it's still chasing, we can find a place to hide. Out of the corner of my eye, there's a hotel. A large one. Maybe we can lose it there. “Maribel, the hotel!”

“Are you crazy!?” I look to her and rush towards the hotel. Her footsteps follow me, so she's coming, at least. “I hope you know what you're doing!” I hope I do, too.

With a quick kick, the door is forced open. No time to open it. With a glance around the room, I notice the access way downstairs. Forced open, it looks like. No time to be picky, we gotta go! I quickly head down, waiting for Maribel, before shutting the hatch. Looking through the room, it seems to lead to a large hallway, with a bunch of rooms on the sides.

“It's still coming, we gotta hide fast!” She didn't argue, immediately starting down the hallway, looking for a place to hide. We make it halfway down the hall, when she pulls me into a room and shuts the door.

She ducks under the bed, gesturing for me to follow – I don't hesitate, hell, I practically jump under, engulfing her with a quick hug.




I hear its' steps. It's right above us. I feel Maribel shaking in my arms and hell, I doubt I'm much better. But we gotta keep quiet.




I shift my weight. If it finds us, I'll try to flip the bed. Yeah, flip the bed and stab the hell out of it.

The noise dies down. It's down here. It's down here and it's coming for us. It's coming, it's coming. Don't panic. Don't panic.



Thump. Thump. CRACK.


Thump. Thump. CRUNCH.


Thump. Thump.

Holding Maribel tight, I silently pull out my knife. My heart won't stop. Oh god I'm gonna die. It's right there.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

No. It's walking around. Don't look under here. Don't look under here. Please don't look under here.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Yes... yes... it's walking out... it's leaving... it doesn't notice us. Aaaand... it's gone! I look down at Maribel. She's as white as a ghost, shuddering in my hold. And again, I doubt I'm much better. But at least we're alive...

So long as it doesn't find us.

The sounds die down. The steps of the beast grow faint. I don't know how long after we stay here, together under an old bed, but we dared not move for such a long time.

“S-sa...fe.” Maribel's voice came out cracked. I nod in response.



- - -

“AAAAAAAAH!” I throw myself back into a wall and pull out my knife. I swing and swing, trying to hit it! Can't let it kill me, can't let it kill her.

And that's when I realize... There's no angel here. In fact, this place looks so much different. Looking down, I notice a messy futon atop a tatami floor. The walls are fairly plain, with two lights hanging from the ceiling.

And on the floor is a small spider, skittering away. And there's laughter. Looking towards the sliding doors, I notice a figure on the other side. Quickly, I stand up and open it, and a small girl tumbles into the room. “Wah!” She lands face first on the floor, losing her cap and... are those cat ears?

Scanning her body, I notice two things off. One are those ears, and the other... two tails. What the hell?

“Hey! What'd you do that for!?” She picks herself back up and puts her green cap back on. Looking at her now, she's got brown hair, wears a red dress with white sleeves and she's glaring at me. “I was just coming to wake you up!”

“Didn't know you were leaning on the door.” You're not very polite either. “And why were you laughing?”

“Oh, no reason.” She smiles and looks around for something. “Lady Ran told me to wake you up. You were screaming so loud it was giving me a headache. Uggggh.” She massages her head.

“Er... sorry.” Was... was I really screaming?

“Don't worry about it. I got back.” She takes a step towards me, her eyes darting up and down. “Wonder what Yukari sees in you of all people. You look kinda silly.” She shrugs. “C'mon, follow me.” She steps out of the room. I try to follow, but the door slid shut. Very mature.

“The hell am I?” No windows so I can't look outside. Hell, this room is really plain. Almost barren. Still better than a lot of places so who am I to complain? With a mental shrug, I slide open the door and walk out.

And immediately I see that the girl has disappeared. Charming. All around me I see various passageways going in many different directions. There's hardly any decorations on these walls, though I can see an occasional piece of decorum. Nothing particularly flashy, though.

Now... where the hell did she go?

- - - - - - - - - -

I hope you like citrus, too.

And now for today's question. Or it would be if there were a choice, however, the next update shall continue off of this one. From orange juice to real oranges I should say. Or perhaps to a lemon. Who knows.
No. 55595
Sweet. Lookin forward to it.

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