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487 No. 487
You're running. You're being chased. If you don't run you'll be eaten.

"Wait~! I only want a nibble~" You were wandering the night alone, when you ran into Mystia again. "Just a small bite~! SO GET BACK HERE OR I'LL KILL YOU!" She's pissed about what you did last time.

You run as fast as your legs can carry you, but she's gaining on you. You try to run faster, but you trip over yourself and tumble to the ground.

You look back in terror as the bird of prey looms over you with talons ready to sink into your flesh. She prepares to strike when an unexpected voice echoes through the streets. "HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! YOU MONSTER!"

You tilt your head to look behind Mystia. What you see is...

Five shadows! With the light coming in from behind them, you can only make out their figures.

Suddenly, the streets are illuminated by spotlights. You don't know where they come from.

From where the shadows were, now stand...

>> No. 488
File 121021380324.jpg - (222.01KB , 628x700 , meilin.jpg ) [iqdb]
A strong china girl wearing a green dress.

"A grand flower shining like a beautiful rainbow!"

She dances as she slowly steadies herself into a kung-fu pose.

>> No. 489
File 12102138341.jpg - (175.02KB , 800x640 , patchou.jpg ) [iqdb]
A girl, pale as snow, endowed in a sleek nightgown.

"The power of the elements and knowledge of the unknown!"

She opens a book which begins to shine a blinding light.

>> No. 490
File 121021387132.jpg - (241.17KB , 800x846 , sakuya.jpg ) [iqdb]
A woman with a piercing gaze clad in a maid uniform.

"Serving my master without delay!"

She takes a bow, but as she gets up, reveals many knifes in her hands.

>> No. 491
File 121021390716.jpg - (139.37KB , 480x640 , flan.jpg ) [iqdb]
A small blond girl in a small red vest and skirt.

"Exploding with swelling energy!"

She spreads her wings, which twinkle and blink like colourful stars.

>> No. 492
File 12102139707.jpg - (149.89KB , 703x884 , remi.jpg ) [iqdb]
A petit girl in pink dressing and an aura which covers the air in a crimson red.

"The night shall be bathed in your blood!"

She bares her fangs, thirsting for sustenance.

>> No. 493
File 121021402865.jpg - (98.70KB , 400x400 , scarlet.jpg ) [iqdb]
All of them shout in unison.

"Protecting the innocent in the dead of night! SCARLET TASK FORCE...!"

They spin around into a group pose.


Explosions of smoke stream out behind them in each of their respective colours.
>> No. 494
I'm not done, I'll continue after I hear what you think, if I should continue at all.

Like I said in the first thread, this was originally going to be what happened when you met SDM. Flandre would see it on TV and coerce the others into playing with her. But as you can see it's just not... um... well, I get a lot more freedom in a dream sequence.

Do you guys like it? Or should I move on with the main story?
>> No. 495
Fuck yeah! sentai!

It only needs an humongous mecha combination of some smaller ones and it's a SUPER sentai
>> No. 496
>> No. 497
>> No. 498
File 121021466826.jpg - (46.58KB , 514x472 , Pepsi Sentai team.jpg ) [iqdb]
Fuck yes.
>> No. 499
Awesome. Fucking awesome.

>> No. 501
How do you guys come up with these good side stories?

Either way, this looks promising. Proceed.
>> No. 502
Mystia screeches at them. "Damn you, Devirangers! Always foiling our plans! But you can't stop us, we will destroy this city!" Wait, what happened to wanting to eat you?
Meiling protests. "You and your demon buddies will do no such thing! Whenever you cause any trouble, we will be there!"
Mystia chuckles. "No matter! See if you can deal with these!" Mystia waves her hands and an army of fairies appear out of nowhere.
Remilia also chuckles. "Not a problem. Let's get'em team!"

A battle ensues between the Devirangers and the army of fairies.
Not wanting to get in the way, you crawl over to a small fence a few meters to your side. You hide behind it, peeking around the corner to see the action. That's perfectly safe!

Dodging all attacks, Meiling runs up to a fairy and slams her in the chest, blowing it back and knocking down a dozen fairies in a single strike. "HI-YAAH!"

Patchouli points out her hand, a flame flickers on the tip of her finger. The flame turns into multiple flames and spreads itself to a group of fairies. "HAH!"

Oh no! Sakuya is surrounded! She stands there seemingly displeased. Without even moving, the fairies drop to the ground covered in knives. "What a pain...(Yare yare daze...)"

Flandre runs around. Without even touching any of them, all the fairies she passes explode in a sea of sparks. "Hahaha!"

Remilia is swarmed. The most number of fairies charge at her, but she casually brushes them aside. "Hmph!"

Remilia tires of this. "Let's finish this, gang!"
The whole team jumps together in a line and fires off danmaku to defeat the rest of the fairies.
>> No. 503
Mystia is furious. "Grr... If you want a job done, you have to do it yourself!" Mystia begins to sing.

The Devirangers fall to the ground in slow motion as their bodies spark. They struggle to get up, even though they have no visible wounds.
"Her song causes shock waves which will hurt us!" Patchouli explains the situation.
"She's so strong! What do we do?!" Flandre is panicking.
Sakuya speaks as the voice of reason. "Calm down. We'll just combine our powers!"
"OK!" They shout in unison again and jump apart.

Patchouli opens her book and fires a large fireball towards Meiling.

Meiling jumps into the air and roundhouse kicks the fireball towards Sakuya. The fireball shines with the spectrum of a rainbow.

Sakuya stands in the path of the fireball with her arms crossed. You blink for an instant and Sakuya is on the other side of the fireball which now has several knives flying with it.

The fireball and knives continues towards Flandre, who swings a laser that combines the fireball and knives.

Remilia catches the ball in her hands. The heat does nothing to her. She holds it above her head and it turns into a spear.

"Take this! Our combined strength! Deviranger Spear!"

The spear pierces Mystia. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Her body sparks as she slowly falls to the ground and explodes. The Devirangers strike a pose.


I'm gonna need help with the next part.

What vehicles do the Devirangers have?
How do they combine?
What can it do?

I'll write it tomorrow along with day 2 of the main story.
>> No. 504
>What vehicles do the Devirangers have?

Sakuya has a lawnmower, giant vacuum, or other mobile cleaning device.
Flandre has one of those children's toys that looks like a little lawnmower and has the balls bouncing inside it. Anything cute and childish, really.
Meiling has one of those carts that a person pulls with the two rods coming out of the front. Silly China.
Patchouli... I don't know. Maybe something refined and knowledgeable, some form of sleek vehicle.
Remilia. I can picture her with some form of Batmobile. But I don't know much about her, so oh well.
>> No. 506
What vehicles do the Devirangers have? Two robotic horses, one for Sakuya, one for Hong Meiling, that pulls twin carriages carying Remilia and Flandre. A giant flying book for Patchouli.
How do they combine? The horses form the legs and arms, the carriages form the torso, and the book forms into a head. Somehow, this transforms into a giant mechanical Koakuma(because she's not in the Sentai team, unless she's the hidden sixth ranger)
What can it do? Fly, shoot lasers and punch/kick. Giant robots don't need to do anything fancy, right?
>> No. 507

Remi gets some kind of plane, shaped like a bat.

Sakuya gets a steamroller.

China gets one of those Chinese food carts.

Patchouli gets a powered wheelchair of some sort.

Flan gets a trackless train, because having her tug on the chord to blow the horn would be cute.

The plane and train work like they do on GaoGaiGar, the steamroller forms the body and legs, and the food cart and wheelchair combine to form the head somehow.
>> No. 508
Why need personal vehicles? To a more comical effect, I see them all riding in a rickshaw (the Chinese pull carts) with China wearily pulling it into battle, a la Meatwad + Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

If for combining into a mecha, I agree with >>507, especially with Flan and Patchi (in a Hoveround, LOL).
>> No. 509
Devil Red: Devirangers, initiating variable formation!
Devil Green: Gate guardian ready, waiting for confirmation!
Devil Blue: Time servant, ready to serve the master.
Devil Black: knowledge recorder, acknowledging combination command.
Devil Yellow: crystal wings of impure devastation, playtime!
Everybody: Devilknight, activate!!!
>> No. 510
Elsewhere: at the Hakurei Shrine - Location: Unknown

Cirno, the Higher Fairy of Frozen Glaciers. "Mystia! NOOOOOOOOO!"
Alice, the Puppet General. "I told that Night Sparrow not to be so stupid."
Wriggle, the Giant Firefly. "Those Devirangers! I'll show them what happens when they mess with us!"
Rumia, the Pitch-black Darkness. "Wriggle! Wait! I don't want to lose another friend!" Rumia sobs.
Marisa, the Dark Witch. "Those wretched Devirangers are formidable enemies! We can't fulfill our plans with them in the way."
Reimu, the Evil Queen Priestess. "We have to defeat them! In order to have the world bow down to us, we must set an example by destroying Gensoukyo City!"
"Hmm..." Cirno interrupts. "Why don't we destroy a city that the Devirangers aren't in?"
"...Go to your room, Fairy!"
"Yes, Ma'am!" Cirno salutes before marching away.
Reimu sighs. "First we deal with those blasted Devirangers! I can still use that stupid Sparrow of the Night!"
Reimu claps her hands together and chants in a unknown language. "ワキミコ ワキミコ イーオナニ”

Back in Gensoukyo City.

Remilia takes a deep breath after a battle well fought. "Thank goodness that's over with."
Meiling adds. "Hopefully, things will quiet down and we can rest for a nice while."
Behind them, Mystia roars as she grows to epic proportions.
Everyone looks at Meiling. "I-i-it wasn't me!"
Patchouli speaks through magic. "Koakuma! We need the Mega Scarlets!"

The Scarlet Devil Mansion, located on a lake just outside Gensoukyo City.
Koakuma stands ready. "Aye-aye!" She presses a button to launch the vehicles.

Meiling enters a cart that's bigger than any of the others. "Ready!"
Patchouli rides a giant thick book. "Preparations are OK!"
Sakuya jumps to a huge high tech vacuum. "Hmph!"
Flandre drives a large train with a bat-themed design. "Hahahaha!" She toots the horn.
Remilia pilots a bat-shaped jet. "Let's go, team!"

The cart splits apart at the front and stacks together to form feet and legs while the back forms a body.
The giant book attaches to the top of the cart to make a chest plate.
The large train runs along the back of the cart and bends to form shoulders and the right arm. The front end opens to reveal a hand.
The huge vacuum attaches to the back of the train as the left arm.
The giant headless robot, which was lying on the ground, now stands up.
"And I'll form the head!" The jet flies onto the back of the robot. The tip of the jet moves forward and twists into the shape of a bat head.


This is taking a long time to write. More later.
>> No. 511
File 121027631769.gif - (4.69KB , 256x192 , objection.gif ) [iqdb]
Aya: We interrupt "Scarlet Task Force Deviranger" to bring you to the courts of Gensoukyo!

*Bang Bang*
Siki: Court is now in session!
Anon: The defense is ready, your honour!
Reimu: So is prosecution!
Siki: Would the prosecution make their opening statements.
Reimu: Yes, your honour!
Reimu: Last night at 9 PM, a gender-ambiguous clothing store clerk was found murdered.
Reimu: A knife was found at the crime scene covered in the victim's blood.
Reimu: When we examined the knife, the finger prints lead us to this man!
Siki: Does the defendant have anything to say for himself?
Nanaya: ...
Siki: Well?
Nanaya: That ma-- That woma-- That THING! ...was an eyesore!
Nanaya: But I did not murder him!
Reimu: Say all you want! Your knife with your finger prints was found covered with the victim's blood!
Anon: That clearly contradicts this piece evidence!
Siki: ...
Siki: I don't see how it does.
Siki: The defense will receive a penalty for wasting the courts time!
Anon: I thought I was going somewhere with that...
Suika: What do we do, Onii-chan? We're losing pretty bad!
Anon: Don't worry, Suika. We always pull through somehow!
Siki: No whispering in the defense!
Nanaya: You're annoying!
Siki: WHAT?
Nanaya: That gavel/stick thing... I'll be taking it!
???: HOLD IT!
Reimu: What the?
Siki: Who let this lunatic in here?!
Komachi: My apologies, your honour!
Komachi: This man forced his way in here! He was too strong.
Komachi: Many could not hold him back, some became love-struck.
Siki: What is the meaning of this?! Who are you?!
???: I am the Captain of the Herald of Spring!
Captain: I come bearing decisive evidence that will turn the tide of this case!
Captain: BEHOLD!
Siki: What?
Reimu: A rose?!
Anon: Are they blushing?
Captain: Oh, sorry. I don't know where that always comes from...
Captain: BEHOLD!
Siki: What is this?
Anon: A whip?
Reimu: What does this have anything to do with this case?
Man in Long Coat: Hey! That's mine! Why do you have it?
Siki: And where were you last night at 9 PM?
Man in Long Coat: At the Scarlet Devil Mansion. The residents will vouch for me.
Anon: What does any of this mean?!
Man in audience: GODDAMNIT YUKARI!!
Yukari: What did I do?
Upside-down 6: Suddenly, DICKGIRLS!
*Bang bang bang*
Reimu: It seems we're in quite a pickle...
Anon: ...and no one is strong enough to open the jar.
Girl?: You honour! I move that we adjourn court for a 7 minute soup break.
Siki: I agree- er, not about the soup...
Siki: Court is in recess until things can be sorted out.

Aya: We bring you back to your regularly scheduled programing.
>> No. 512
Mystia laughs "Hahaha! You can never defeat me!" She speaks as if singing a song.
Remilia scoffs at her taunt. "Of course we will! You're goin-- Hey, Sakuya, did you clean the windows?"
Patchouli runs a diagnostics support. "This is that bird's power. We will have a hard time fighting her."
"What do we do? We can't see!" Flandre fiddles with the controls.
"Tch! No matter! We can beat her with our eyes closed!"

The Devil Queen moves forward and swings it's arms, it hits nothing.
"Ha-ha! What are you doing? Dancing?" Mystia continues her sing-song taunts.
She swoops down and delivers a barrage of hits.
The Devil Queen is sparking everywhere, inside and out.

Meiling worries. "We're in trouble!"
"Wait! I know just what to do!" Sakuya has an idea. She presses random buttons and the vacuums turns on.
It's loud whiring drowns out Mystia's singing. "Hey! Turn that down!" She tries to say, but no one can hear her.

"We can see again!" Flandre is ecstatic.
Remilia grins. "Great idea, Sakuya! Remind me to give you a raise later!"
"Milady, you do not pay me."
"Oh yeah! It's so great of you to volunteer!"

"OK, Team! It's time for the finisher!"
From out of the end of the vacuum, pops out a sword.
The Devil Queen grabs it with it's right hand and glides towards Mystia.
The Devil Queen swings the sword with all it's might.
Mystia is cleaved in two.
Mystia falls to the ground and explodes.

At the Hakurei Shrine.
Reimu snarls "Grr! Those Devirangers!" She hits Cirno on the head. "I thought I told you to go to your room!"
"Ow! You never gave me a room!"
"GRAH! I'll defeat those blasted Devirangers! If it's the last thing I do!!!"


That's all, folks! I'm taking a break now.
>> No. 513
>> No. 514

Could someone point out which character goes with which story?
>> No. 516

Anon = /other/ Anonymous
Nanaya = /shrine/ Anonymous
Captain = /forest/ Anonymous dreaming he's an airship captain ala Skies of Arcadia.
Man in Long Coat = /sdm/ Belmononymous
Man in audience = /th/ Kira's Anonymous
Upside-down 6 = /border/ Dickgirl Anon
>> No. 517

I'd think "upside down 6" would be the actual /border/ writer, while Girl? would be the dickgirl anon.
>> No. 518
Actually, Girl? was supposed to be GM
>> No. 519

Oh. So some anons appeared, while the writer appeared instead of their anons in some cases. Anyway, was I right about the upside-down 6 being the /border/ writer?
>> No. 520
>> No. 521

I'd get another hooray.jpg ready, but I'm a lazy bastard.
>> No. 522
I'm feeling really lazy tonight, plus I have an appointment tomorrow. Probably won't update till saturday.

Also, I just came up with a much better ending to the court drama. /border/ anon walks in and says "Yukari! There you are. I fucked up again! Can you drop me back in yesterday?"
>> No. 523
Reimu: AHH!~ After a 1,000 years, I'm free! It's time to conquer Gensokyo City

Yukardon: Ran! Reimu's escaped! Summon a team of women with attitude!

>> No. 524
So I go into reading this last night, thinking "Eh, another story. Might as well give it a read"... And then you go and attack my weakspots for massive damage. Not only combining Suika, my second fav loli and fav touhou girl, with Shana, my fav loli, but also making her utter the phrase of ultimate moe...


Now then, keep up the good work
>> No. 525
When do we start day 2?
>> No. 526

>>522 Probably won't update till saturday.
>> No. 527
Yay It's Sahtuhdaayh today. Must catch more Touhous touhous today
>> No. 579
This thread makes me facepalm so hard. But in a good way.
>> No. 595
No Adahnko? ;_;
>> No. 883
Adahnko wasn't being active at the time this was written. She was stuck flying from Kourindou to Nitori's place.