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I was tempted to change the C in ACUTE to Chuunibyou.


Your first thought is to just take a big drink. After all, you have Irish blood, and because of it, as well as your stature, you can handle your alcohol.

However, a more sensible thought stops you. You may have Irish blood, but you have absolutely no idea what she's drinking. If it's everclear, it doesn't matter if you grew up in a bar, you'll be in trouble.

...And you can remember a similar situation in which you tried new and interesting forms of alcohol, and managed to get completely sloshed with ridiculously little effort. That red stuff was really good; hopefully you'll get to have some again someday. It seems like it's not something they drink very often.

Still, it would be impolite to just flat out refuse a free drink. Actually, even if you do, she may force it down your throat anyway like she did with Reimu.

It's best to take the middle ground here. You should ask what it is before imbibing.

"What're we drinking?" You ask.

"Jus' regular ol' sake. Reimu's just a wuss, this is good stuff!"

Well, if it really is just sake, you don't see why not. While sake isn't really your first choice while drinking in a bar, she's offering it to you for free, so you've got no reason to refuse.

"Sure, I'll have a drink."

Reimu stares at you with wide eyes as if she's seen something surprising.

"Uh, John..." She tries to say, but Suika unintentially cuts her off.

"Here ya go! Drink as much as ya like!" She practically yells while pushing the gourd into your hands.

Lifting the gourd to your mouth, you tilt it so that the liquid inside flows into your mouth. You take a big gulp.

...This is not regular old sake.

In fact, you have to hold yourself from coughing it up. It burns as it rolls down your throat, and sets your stomach on fire as it settles.

No, there's no way this is regular old sake. You can taste notes of rice in there somewhere, but it almost seems like this has been distilled several times.

But you're not going to lose to some liquor. You man up and manage to take in two more gulps of the stuff before handing the bottle back to Suika.

"Good stuff, right?" She looks at you expectantly.

"Well, it's strong, that's for sure." Any plans you may have had for waking up in the morning without some level of a hangover just went out the window. You can already feel the alcohol starting to take effect, with a warm sensation spreading through your body and into your fingertips.

"Yep! My own special blend!"

From here, any attempts you could have made to simply enjoy a good conversation with anybody have been thwarted. Suika likes to really enjoy her alcohol, especially in the presence of others. While it's by no means boring, nothing really of note happens, just a loud night drinking with good people.


Before you even realize it, you've stumbled your way into your apartment and fallen face first into your bed. You decided that it was time to give up when Reimu passed out. When you stood up, you unfortunately didn't have the facilities to carry her home properly, but you did get her a cab and make sure she made it from the street below up to her bed without problems. It was your first time seeing her actual bedroom, but you were so drunk that you literally can't remember anything other than setting her down in her bed (hopefully not dropping) and stumbling out of there.

You don't even bother taking off your clothes. The best you're getting here is awkwardly rolling around until it feels like you're surrounded by blanet before passing out.

And then you dream.

[ ] The beautiful full moon, bright in the night sky.
[ ] Crimson blood, staining everything it touches red.
>> No. 48468
[x] Crimson blood, staining everything it touches red.

Remi? Gosh I hope so.
>> No. 48470
[X] Crimson blood, staining everything it touches red.
>> No. 48472
[X] The beautiful full moon, bright in the night sky.

How about trying something that may not result in something traumatic?
>> No. 48473
[X] The beautiful full moon, bright in the night sky.
>> No. 48474
[x] Crimson blood, staining everything it touches red.
>> No. 48476
[x] Crimson blood, staining everything it touches red.

I like red.
>> No. 48492
A black limosine stops in front of the main gate to a deep red mansion. She gracefully steps out of the vehicle and walks towards the gate, surrounded with an air of authority.

"Good afternoon, Meiling." She speaks to the napping gate guard. "It would be a shame to lose such a comfortable job, wouldn't it?" A grin spreads across her face, hidden by her fan.

"MNnn" The guard stirs, and slowly opens her eyes. Seeing the woman standing before her, she panics.
"Uh no I wasn't sleeping I was meditating it helps releive stress and it's also training oh god don't tell Sakuya." She spits out an excuse so quickly that it's a little difficult to understand. This turns the woman's grin into a clandestine smile.

"Oh, is that so? Maybe I shall have you teach me sometime." Manipulating people for fun has always been the woman's greatest pleasure. This is something she shares with the owner of the mansion.

"Y-yes mam." The nervous gate guard does her best to look natural, but fails poorly.

"By the way, is Miss Scarlet in today? I would like to speak with her about some important matters.

"Uh, hold on. Let me check." The gate guard knows full well that Remilia is in fact home. Entrance to the mansion is limited to a select few, however. If you aren't in the list, you don't get past the gate.

"Yes, it appears that she is. Please enter, I will let the head maid know that you have arrived."

"Please do. Thank you, Meiling."

The woman steps through the gate, and walks towards the door. As she grows near, it slowly swings open, revealing a perfectly-kept maid.

"Miss Yakumo, we have been expecting you." The maid bows to the woman. "Come, the mistress has been waiting patiently upstairs for you to arrive."

"Waiting? I thought you had all the time in the world." The woman once again hides a grin behind her fan.

The maid looks confused. "I'm not sure what you mean, Miss Yakumo."

"That's fine. Sorry, I was just making a joke. You will understand someday." hopefully.

"I see. If you would, please follow me. I will bring you to where the mistress has been waiting."

"Please do."

The woman is led up the stairs and through several hallways, and finally out onto a small balcony just large enough to fit a small table with enough room to get into the chairs. The girl (woman? she's far too old to be a child, though) sitting at the table flashes a mischevious grin at the woman.

"Oh, you're finally here. It took you quite long enough." Two can play at this game, though.

"I'm sorry about that. I had some things to take care of involving an employee who recently got hurt on the job."

This causes Remilia to momentarily show an expression of guilt and regret. Perhaps that took it a little too far?

"I'm...Sorry about that. I didn't intend for that to happen. I only wanted to spook him a little, but it looks like it went too far."

"I don't think I'm the one you should apologize to, though."

"...I gues you're right." Remilia stares down at her tea.

The woman wasn't invited here to create dull, depressing atmospheres, though. She moves the discussion away to something else.
"As always, your assistance is much appreciated. I know I've made some unreasonable requests."

"That's fine." Remilia immediately replies. "Without your help, the company would probably be in bad condition right now. I still don't quite get what you're trying to do, but it seems interesting enough."

"In due time, it should all be clear." The woman smiles. "That said, how is the little cause of your misfortunes?"

"She's...I don't know." A hint of worry appears in her expresion. "Most of the time, she's...you know. And when she stops, she just curls up into a ball. I've tried talking to her and even feeding her while she's like this, but she won't even respond to
and it's really starting to make me worry."

"I understand. I assure you, I have my best minds working on finding a way to make her well again."

"Thank you. You don't know how much it means to me.

As the two continue talking your vision begins to get blurry, and their faces are muffled and distorted. Soon, all that remains is a silent black void.



It hurts. It hurts badly.

You try to go back to sleep. You're tired, and you feel like shit, and it hurts. This isn't any time to be waking up.

But it hurts.



You can't sleep like this.

Forcing yourself to pry open your eyes, you look over at the clock. Six thirty, it says.

You also notice that, contrary to your expectations, it actually hurts less to keep your eyes open than to keep them closed. Of course, with the pain gone, the nausea and dizziness hit you.

You should go back to sleep. This isn't any time to be waking up.



No, still not working. By now the only thing you can think of is getting rid of this hangover.

Forcing yourself up into a sitting position, another wave of dizziness assails you. It takes you a moment to get your bearings.

Okay, you're awake. You're neither comfortable nor happy, but you're awake, and it seems like that's the way you're gonna be. Every ounce of your being wants you to just lay back down, but you know that with this headache, doing so would just bring you more suffering in the end.

You need to do something about this.

[ ] Take care of it the normal way. Ibuprofen, shower, and a greasy breakfast.
[ ] Didn't you have another dose of that anti-hangover stuff Eirin gave you somewhere?
>> No. 48493
[x] Take care of it the normal way. Ibuprofen, shower, and a greasy breakfast.
>> No. 48494
[X] Take care of it the normal way. Ibuprofen, shower, and a greasy breakfast.
>> No. 48497
[X] Didn't you have another dose of that anti-hangover stuff Eirin gave you somewhere?

>> No. 48499
[X] Didn't you have another dose of that anti-hangover stuff Eirin gave you somewhere?
>> No. 48501
[x] Didn't you have another dose of that anti-hangover stuff Eirin gave you somewhere?

We still have to report the side effects, don't we?
>> No. 48525
This is horrible.

You were hungover pretty bad at the moon viewing party. That was pretty bad. You were completely smashed then, of course.

But this is a hell of a lot worse. If this is what it means to drink with Suika, you can see why Reimu didn't want to.

What was that stuff? She called it "regular sake", but that can't be right. It had to have been at least 50% alcohol.


You need to do something about this. Preferably the quicker, the better.

The first thing that comes to mind is ibuprofen, followed by a hot shower and a greasy breakfast. You're about to shove an uncounted number of ibuprofen in your mouth when you remember the needle Reisen gave you in the morning before you broke into the mansion. It wasn't worth the needle hole then, so you didn't use it, but right now you need it.

It takes a bit of stumbling around before you remember where it is. When you do, you immediately remove the protective cover from the syringe's needle. As carefully as you can, given your level of control, you push the needle into your skin and slowly push down the plunger, injecting the wonderful drug into your body.

You wait a few minutes.


...Shit. That's right, it still takes a while for this stuff to kick in. You were in such a rush to do away with the hangover that you hadn't thought about it.

Still, you feel a little bit better already. If all you need to do is wait for it to kick in, you can find something to do.

You're not sure how ibuprofen interacts with this, so you'll skip that step and go straight for the shower. It's a little dangerous showering while hungover, but the first order of business should be to at least get yourself properly awake. Once that's happened, you'll be much better able to handle the after effects of last night's drinking.

After you've finished shaving, you take the time to brush your teeth as well. You took your time in the shower, letting the hot water numb some of the pain still in your head, so by the time you get out the drug has already started doing its thing. You're still far from 100%, but you're at least ready to start your day. On a scale from 0 to "I think jumping out the window again would be better than this", you'd rate your current level of feel-like-shit at about 3 hours of sleep.

Well, with that out of the way, you suddenly realize that you are starving. You're so hungry, in fact, that it's making you dizzy. Wait, no, you were already dizzy, but you're goddamn hungry.

...You're starting to think that injecting yourself with that stuff merely added an extra step to the process.

Well, that's not really true. Without it, you'd probably feel too shitty right now to go out and get something proper to eat. While you have the provisions to prepare something suitably greasy in your fridge, that doesn't mean that it'll taste good.

Your stomach growls again. You really need to eat something soon.

...It's kinda nice that the biggest decisions you've had to make recently have been whether and when to eat and drink, though.

[ ] Go out and get something good.
[ ] Just make something yourself.
>> No. 48527
[X] Just make something yourself.
[X] Be sure to check dear Nemo while you're at it. Strange as it is you've grown fond of the plant.
>> No. 48528
[X] Just make something yourself.
[X] Be sure to check dear Nemo while you're at it. Strange as it is you've grown fond of the plant.
>> No. 48529
[X] Just make something yourself.
[X] Be sure to check dear Nemo while you're at it. Strange as it is you've grown fond of the plant.
>> No. 48530
[X] Just make something yourself.
[X] Be sure to check dear Nemo while you're at it. Strange as it is, you've grown fond of her
>> No. 48533
File 136262493951.png- (22.46KB , 138x178 , ss (2013-03-06 at 07_55_02).png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 48554
After a moment of thought, you decide against going out to eat.

Why? Simple. That would be too easy(?). Now that you can think without a flash of pain interrupting you, a little bit of a challenge to keep your mind off of the nausea and dizziness sounds good.

Opening up your fridge, you look around inside for a bit. It isn't really the best-stocked fridge, but you make sure to at least keep the bare basics for a good morning meal. You select some eggs, bacon, sausage, and white bread and bring them over to the counter to start preparation.

This isn't a Japanese meal at all.

But Japanese blood isn't the only blood that runs through your veins. The Irish in you demands a proper breakfast, and you're gonna give yourself just that.

...You're missing the black and white pudding for this to be a full irish breakfast, but that isn't really something you can help. It doesn't really seem worth the hassle to have it shipped all the way from Europe just for this. You're really only doing this to help your hangover, in the first place.


That was pretty delicious. Now that you're full, the nausea has been sated, and the dizziness is only a minor inconvenience.

The next step is checking on Nemo. It's a little bit strange, but you've grown fond of him. Fuck it, let's just embrace it. Nemo is your best bro. There's no sense denying it now.

You give him a little fist-leaf bump.


Well, in any case, you check him for any sort of insects that may have infested him. You have no idea where they might have come from in the middle of the winter, but you aren't an expert on plants in any way, shape or form, and as much as Yuuka would probably be trilled that you're taking the initiative in learning how to take care of plants, you're sure that she'd be just as, if not more, miffed if you woke her up at this hour to ask her about it.

After you're done checking him for anything weird, you make sure to give him a little bit of water.

Now that that's done, it's time to figure out what you're gonna do with your d-


The PDA buzzes to alert you that you've received a new mail, interrupting your thoughts.

New Message: Enpen inc.

Good morning. Sorry to bother you like this, but we need you to run an errand for us. Please come into the office at your earliest convenience.

PS: If you ever need anything imported from anywhere in the world, just ask.

Something about this message strikes you as odd, but you're not quite sure what.

In any case, that pretty much decides for you what you're gonna do today.

Still, the message said to come in at your earliest convenience. You should still have some time to drop in somewhere before leaving.

[ ] See how Letty's doing. It's been a while since you've talked.
[ ] Check up on Reimu. Her hangover has to be worse than yours.
[ ] The sooner you see what they called you in for, the more time you'll have for whatever else you decide to do.
>> No. 48555
[x] See how Letty's doing. It's been a while since you've talked.
>> No. 48556
[X] Letty
>> No. 48557
[X] See how Letty's doing. It's been a while since you've talked.
>> No. 48558
Stopping in to see Letty won't even take any time at all. After all, you're already practically there, you just need to walk a couple meters next door.

Right, Letty it is. Come to think of it, you haven't talked to her in a while. It's not that you don't enjoy talking to her, it's just... You haven't really had anything in specific to see her for. To oversimplify it, you don't want to be a nuisance. Or, to say it more directly, you don't want to seem like a stalker.

That said, now sounds like a good time to do so. You've already started a trend of catching up with people you haven't seen in a while, so no reason to stop now, right?

So you find yourself knocking on her door.

"Coming~!" Letty's energetic voice shouts from inside. After a few seconds (wow, that was quick), she opens the door and greets you.
"Oh, it's John! What a pleasant surprise!"

...Something seems off here, and you can't quite put your finger on it. For some reason, this feeling is very familiar, and you can't figure out why. This is starting to get confusing.

"It's been a while, so I thought I'd drop by and say hello." You give a little bow.

"Indeed! Come in!" No, really something is a off somehow.

You take a seat at the table.

"Just a minute, let me get Cirno. She's doing homework right now, but she should at least get a break if someone comes to visit."


Something's off about that too, but you know exactly what it is this time. You don't want to say anything about it, though.

Letty disappears for a moment, and returns with the young girl following behind.

As soon as she sees you, she grins profusely,
climbs up on the table,
points a finger at you,
and speaks:
"So you're finally here to cha-aaaaah!" Letty picks her up by the arms and sets her down on the ground.

"Cirno, mind your manners. Don't climb on the table!"

"Geh. Fine."

And so the two (three) of you catch up a little bit. Somehow you remembered to bring her pin with you, so you return it. You explain what happened after you called her, and chat about random things for a while.

All good things come to an end, though, unfortunately.

"Oh, look at the time!" Letty frantically looks betwen you and the clock. "I'm sorry, but I should be going to work."

"Work?" You ask.

"Yes. I took a day off recently, so I said I could come in today to cover for it. You'll come visit again, though, right?"

"Of course." She shouldn't even need to ask.

But something's bothering you still.

"But...It's December. I don't think anyone needs their AC system serviced in the middle of the winter."

"Ah, that's just my summer job. I work somewhere else in the winter."

"Oh? What do you do, then?" You're curious.

"That's a sec~ret~!" She smiles before heading out the door. You follow, waving goodbye to Cirno, and make your own leave.

It's only when you look at the time on your phone that you realize what's been bugging you.

It's still pretty early in the morning. Isn't Letty usually nocturnal?

...Well, whatever.

[ ] You should get to work, yourself.
[ ] Do something else first. (specify)
>> No. 48559
[x] You should get to work, yourself.

Might as well go and get the task over with before doing anything else.
>> No. 48568
[X] You should get to work, yourself.
>> No. 48569
[X] You should get to work, yourself.

Yes! I finally caught up.
>> No. 48570
[x] You should get to work, yourself.

So we're moving into PCB?
>> No. 48573
PCB already happened.
>> No. 48582
I wanted to update tonight.

I also wanted to replace my old ceiling fan tonight.


GG old ceiling fan. GG.
>> No. 48593
Shaking that thought from your mind, you decide to head off to work. It was pretty much left up to you when to come in, but that doesn't mean you should keep them waiting. By now the shot has fully kicked in and you're feeling perfectly capable of doing whatever your bosses throw at you. Save perhaps putting weight on that arm. It doesn't really hurt at all right now, but you can't imagine straining it to be comfortable.


Man, you really need to work on getting that car. Walking is fine and all when it's nice out, but when it's cold like this, it's pretty shitty. Unlike yesterday, the cloud cover has come back, and the wind has picked up a bit, so walking isn't very fun at all. And unlike yesterday, you didn't have anyone to keep you company. Thankfully you were able to take a bus most of the way, but still.

This time, there are no catgirls waiting for you in the lobby. You've done this before, though, so you pretty much know the drill. Up to this floor, down this corridor, and through this door. In front of you sits your old boss's desk. You never realized how high Ran's position was in the company until after moving here. Back when you were just a grunt you thought she was just mid-level management. Guess Yukari likes to keep a more direct eye on the lower levels of the company.

After reading a bit closer into your new employment contract, it seems that your position is at more or less the same level as hers now, at least in terms of your importance. You don't have any control or say in how the company operates, though, and you're not really being paid as much as you'd expect someone on the second rung in such a big company to be paid, so all it really means to you is that you now answer directly to Yukari

Her desk is here, but she isn't. It's possible you walked in during her break or something, so you decide to just wait patiently.

After a couple minutes, you realize that even just a few minutes of waiting feels a lot longer than it really is, son you decide to find something to do. You're not really in the mood to play solitaire on your PDA, so instead you quickly scan the room. It isn't really snooping if you're only looking at stuff you'd be able to see while talking to her face-to-face, right?

After a moment of looking around, though, you spot a newspaper sitting on her desk underneath what looks like a completely uninteresting and inaccurate tabloid. Deciding that reading the news is more interesting than looking around aimlessly, you decide to pick it up and read the headlines.

This is actually a newspaper from Tokyo, it turns out. Not a whole lot of the news in Tokyo is relevant here in Gensokyo City, but there's still a couple of interesting articles. You only find a couple of articles that directly relate to Gensokyo City. The first one is simply musings about how quickly the new "culture group" (you can just feel how forced those last eight letters must have been) has been growing. The second one notes that the "border" being erected around the city by Enpen is nearing completion, and contemplates exactly what this will mean for those outside of the city.

After maybe 15 minutes of reading, you hear the door open behind you.

"Oh, John. I must say, your punctuality is something that many of our other employees could learn from." She smiles and walks towards her desk.

"Unfortunately," She speaks while sitting down in her chair, "I don't know the specifics of what Yukari wants you to do this time. I know that you'll be going out of the city to retrieve something, but she wouldn't tell me where you were to go or what you were to bring back." She pulls open one of the desk's drawers and pulls out a manila envelope, handing it to you. "She left this envelope with me to give to you. Presumably, there are more instructions inside, but she wouldn't go into any more detail about it with me."

"Thank you." You take the envelope and thank her.

"No, thank you." She smiles. "Without you, I'd be the one running around doing all these things, on top of managing a large portion of the company and taking care of Chen. You've given me back the ability to get more than a couple hours of sleep every night, so I'm very grateful to you."

"Wow, I didn't realize you were so overworked. You're welcome."

"Well, since you're here already, do you have anything else you'd like to ask me?" She asks.

[ ] Yes. (specify)
[ ] No, you're good.
[ ] Tail feel so good
>> No. 48594
[x] Yes.
-[x] About transportation. Don't have a car at the moment and not too sure if the bus would go to that location.

That's all I can think of for now.
>> No. 48596
It's not like we know what we'll do in details yet.

[x] Yes.
-[x] About transportation. Don't have a car at the moment and not too sure if the bus would go to that location.
>> No. 48598
[x] Yes.
-[x] About transportation. Don't have a car at the moment and not too sure if the bus would go to that location.

Yukari would either set him up with a surprising sweet ride or something absolutely embarrassing. I must see which.
>> No. 48618
Actually, you do have a pretty good question.

"How am I supposed to get there?"

"Hmm. Well, considering I have no idea where it's at, I'm not really sure. If it's somewhere in town, I can have you reimbursed for the price of a taxi. If it's somewhere rural, I can arrange for a scooter for you to use. Without knowing where you're headed, I can't really say."

"I see. Well, I guess I'll head out of here. See you, Ran."

She smiles. "See ya."


Well, now you're back home. Now would be a good time to open that envelope...unless you have something else you'd rather do first.

[ ] Open the envelope.
[ ] Do something else. (Specify)
>> No. 48619
[X] Open the envelope.
>> No. 48620
[X] Open the envelope.
>> No. 48621
[x] Open the envelope.
>> No. 48623
[x] Open the envelope.
>> No. 48624
[x] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oj-gT2kqeEw

... and the envelope.
>> No. 48636
Nope, not in particular. Might as well get this over with. The sooner you look at the contents of the envelope, the more time you have to prepare for whatever it is Yukari wants you to go do.

Pinching the brass fastener together, you open the envelope and reach inside, pulling out the contents.

Inside, you find a map, a pre-paid train fare card, a two-page letter, and a set of documents with a cover sheet that says DO NOT OPEN in large font.

Deciding to heed the warning, you set the documents aside and put your attention on the letter.

"Hello, John. There are two things I acquire your assistance.

Firstly and most importantly, I need you to head to an abandoned shrine and retrieve some documents for me. These documents are needed quite urgently, but I have prior arrangements that are preventing me from retrieving them myself. Unfortunately, since these documents are quite sensitive, only people with high positions in the company may access them. This means that my only choices for who to send are Ran, yourself, or members from the board of directors. Since Ran is quite busy and asking someone from the board of directors to go retrieve documents from an abandoned shrine would be unthinkable, you're the only person who I can ask to retrieve them. This also means that you will unfortunately need to do this alone. The location of the shrine is marked on the map, and the second page of this letter, details how to find

Next, I need you to deliver the attached documents to Miss Houraisan. Once again, I would deliver them myself, but Miss Houraisan specifically requested that you deliver them. I believe this is because Miss Yagokoro has matters to discuss with you.

You may use your judgement on which of these to do first, but please keep in mind that the first task is quite urgent."

As stated on the first page, the second page appears to simply be instructions for where to look for the documents in the shrine. Looking at the map, it points to a location up in the mountains near a city in a different prefecture.

You stuff everything back into the envelope and fasten it closed. No sense in keeping it separate and potentially losing things. It sounds like this information is pretty important to Enpen, too, so it's probably not a good idea to leave it laying around.

Figuring that you've let yourself do quite enough wandering around by now, you once again get ready to head out and start doing what you're being paid for.

[ ] Retrive the documents first. It's better to do the one that will take the longest first.
[ ] You can easily drop by Eintei before heading off to pick up those documents.
>> No. 48637
[x] Retrive the documents first. It's better to do the one that will take the longest first.
>> No. 48638
[x] Retrive the documents first. It's better to do the one that will take the longest first.

If it's urgent we do it
>> No. 48639
[x] Get the documents.
>> No. 48640
[x] Retrive the documents first. It's better to do the one that will take the longest first.
>> No. 48823
Obviously, the thing to do first is the one of most importance. The other one could be completed quickly, but getting the longest task out of the way first just makes more sense.

The first thing you do is pull up a map on your PDA. While the map she gave you will be great for finding the shrine once you get where you're going, you still need to know which train to take and in which direction.

Once you're through with that, you check to make sure you have everything you'll need.

PDA, check.
Keys, check.
Map and the envelope with all of the documents, check.
Marble that you can't seem to bring yourself to leave out of your pocket, check.
Knuckles, check-wait, you're going to be outside of Gensokyo City. Isn't carrying these around still a little scary? Better leave them behind.


After a bit of walking, you find yourself at the train station. It's a little nostalgic. You haven't been here for quite some time. You can still remember arriving here for the first time. Man, a lot's happened since then. At first, you were reluctant about it, but now Gensokyo City feels like home.

Absentmindedly, you head through the terminal, swiping the train fare card you were given, and wait to board the train.

It's a somewhat long train ride. Unfortunately, it seems that the city you're headed to is located quite a distance away from Gensokyo City. Still, it'll be a nice change of pace. Gensokyo City has grown on you, but everyone can use a good trip away from where they live, even if it's only for a short while. You enjoy the train ride, looking out over the scenery as you travel past forests and mountains and cities. For the first time in a while, you remember that there's a place outside of Gensokyo City.

Eventually you arrive in the city nearest the location you're traveling to. You've got enough cash to cover a taxi ride that takes you nearly to the shrine, but unfortunately the road stops about halfway up the mansion and turns into a dirt trail. Looks like you're going to have to walk from here on.

Hiking up a mountain is quite different from walking around in town. Normally you'd be able to walk quite a distance before getting tired, but you're just not used to going up inclines like this. Youkai Mountain is one thing, but having to step around bushes and trees gets tiring. Thankfully, it seems that this trail is used frequently enough by hikers that you can figure out which way you're going.

Eventually, after several breaks, you arrive at the top. What greets you is an old shrine that's obviously seen better days. It seems as though it's just been abandoned for quite some time, maybe even decades. There's signs of people stopping for picnics in the form of discarded litter in various states of decay, but overall it appears as if this shrine has been forgotten to all but the most adventurous of spirits. And, potentially large organizations who decided one day that it would be a great place to hide secrets or something. Seems to you like there would have been better places, but you've given up on trying to figure out Yukari's thought processes.

From here, finding the documents is pretty simple. The directions lead you to the small house behind the shrine, where you find the documents inside of an old drawer.

Interestingly, these documents seem pretty old as well. You can tell even without looking through them based on how much the paper has yellowed, and how much dust has accumulated on them.

After this, the instructions direct you to the main shrine, where it instructs you to remove a paper seal placed inside. You're not sure why Yukari wants you to do this, but there's no harm in it, so you comply.

Seeing as you've done everything that you were asked, you decide to make your way back down the mountain. If it were warmer weather, you might consider staying to appreciate the incredible piece of history that you've been directed to, but it's a little too cold and snowy for that to really be appropriate.

As you're about to start down the trail, you hear a noise way back behind the shrine. It isn't really that loud, but you could faintly hear it over the sound of your feet pressing into the snow. You're not sure exactly what it sounded like, since it was was muffled by your own footsteps.

You're not sure why, but something feels off. It's hard to describe, but there's just something...weird. It's a little unsettling.

[ ] Investigate.
[ ] It isn't getting any brighter.
>> No. 48839
[x] Investigate.

It's not like he'll be jumped by man-eating monsters or anything.
>> No. 48840
File 13645957271.jpg- (29.16KB , 460x602 , what-do-you-call-an-alligator-in-a-vest.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Investigate
>> No. 48979
You decide to investigate the noise. Carefully, you make your way across the shrine grounds once again, and look down where you heard the noise from.

The grade on this side of the mountain is a little less steep, but you're still not sure what the noise was. You don't see any fallen branches or hikers in heed of help. The thought occurs to you that it might have just been in your imagination, but you decide just one minute of looking around can't hurt anything.

You walk downwards for a little bit, looking around for anything that seems off. In comparison to the noise that came from here before, it's incredibly, almost eerily silent.

After finding nothing, you decide to head back up. Turning around, you put your sights on the shrine once again, and start moving.

A sudden gust of wind chills your body and forces you to blink.

When you open your eyes, something feels quite obviously off. It's almost as if the trees you were looking at before you blinked have been replaced with an entire forest of different trees in different places on the same mountain.

Shaking off the feeling, you look back up at your destination, and then stop.

Somehow the shrine looks...different. It looked before as if it had been abandoned for decades, and it still looks like it could use some work, but it now looks as if someone's at least been putting in the effort to make it possible to live inside of.

Well, you never really did look at the shrine from this angle in the first place. It's possible that this is just a trick your mind is playing on you.

The eerie silence filling the air is starting to fill you with dread. You have no idea what's going on, and something in the back of your mind tells you that something terrible will happen if you're not careful here.

[ ] Shake it off. There's no reason to be scared. You just need to calmly make your way back down the mountain.
[ ] You're probably overthinking it, but this still has you spooked. Make your way up to the shrine as fast as you can so you can get out of here.
>> No. 48991
[X] You're probably overthinking it, but this still has you spooked. Make your way up to the shrine as fast as you can so you can get out of here.

Did we just get ported to Gensokyo?
>> No. 49014
[x] You're probably overthinking it, but this still has you spooked. Make your way up to the shrine as fast as you can so you can get out of here.

Well this is interesting. I wonder what Yukari or Ran's reactions would be if told hat happened.
>> No. 49043
[X] Shake it off. There's no reason to be scared. You just need to calmly make your way back down the mountain.

Gotta play it cool yo. Chicks dig the calm and collected type.
>> No. 49052
[x] Shake it off. There's no reason to be scared. You just need to calmly make your way back down the mountain.

>> No. 49136
It seems that this is stuck on a tie. Unfortunately, this means that I can't write an update.

If there is anyone who follows this story who has not voted yet, please do so.
>> No. 49141
[X] Shake it off. There's no reason to be scared. You just need to calmly make your way back down the mountain.

haste makes waste.
>> No. 49216
You decide to shake it off. There's no reason to be scared. Sure, this is a little bit creepy, but you've lived in a town of creepy for quite some time now.

So, you slowly begin progressing towards the shrine

One step at a time, carefully.

No, you're overthinking it. There's nothing wrong here.

You keep going. The leaves on the ground crackle as you walk over them.


Step. Step.

No, don't worry about it, just keep going. Look, it's going to get dark, you at least need to get into town before nightfall.

Step. Step.

The shrine is coming closer. Once you get up there, you can start heading back.


You freeze.

"Ah!" An unfamilliar feminine voice speaks behind you. You attempt to turn to look at her, but your body won't move.

"I found you~"

You hear footsteps approaching from behind, dry leaves crunching underfoot.

"I really need to look into how this keeps happening."

You feel her hand touch your back.

"Hmm...What should I do with you?" She ponders. "You seem to be pretty troublesome, afterall. I don't know how you're doing it, but it's a pain." You don't have any idea what she's talking about. However, your brain gives you no time to think; you feel like you're going to pass out from the adrenaline being pumped into your system. You're screaming at your muscles to just move, but they won't.

"Ah, but killing you would be no fun." Hearing this turns your blood into ice.

You shiver as she presses her lips up against your ear.

"What should I do?" She whispers softly.

Then she steps back.

"Ah. I know. I'll just drop you off outside."


You feel her fingers grip around your wrist, and then a rush as you're pulled upwards into the air.

"Where should I leave you, I wonder~"

Your body dangles limply as the cold wind brushes against your cheeks. Another rush fills your body as you start moving forward.

"Well, I might as well just leave you in Tokyo. You'll realize the situation quickly enough there~"

After a few minutes of flying, you feel something...strange. It feels like you've passed through some sort of barrier, but it's a completely mental thing. As soon as you do, the taste and feel of the air changes. While the air you were breathing tasted fresh, this air tastes like smog and pollution.

As you fly over the scenery in a daze, you lose consciousness.


When you awake, you find yourself in Tokyo. But, it's not the Tokyo you remember.

You feel terrible, but you manage to pull yourself to your feet. After a while of stumbling around, you manage to make your way to a train line.

You ask one of the employees what train to board for Gensokyo city.

"Gensokyo City? What's that?"

It doesn't make sense that someone wouldn't know what Gensokyo City is, but you decide to explain it to him anyway.

"A city established specifically for a religious group? I don't think I've heard of anything like that, at least not in Japan."

He has to be fucking with you, so you get angry and demand that he stop fucking around.

However, a couple of patrolling police officers overhear the commotion and take you in to a police box.

When they ask you about what happened, you explain them how you're from Gensokyo City, and that you just wanted to catch a train back.

The police officers sigh and leave the room, leaving you alone handcuffed to the table.

You hear them talking from the other side of the door.

"I think he's just drunk. We should probably keep him overnight."

"Yeah. But, there's something weird."


"I ran the identification from his wallet, and there were no matches in the database."

"Huh? That's weird. We'll have to talk to him about it."

They keep you overnight.

THe next day, they try several ways to figure out who you are, but there's no trace of you in the system. You tell them to try checking Enpen, inc.'s employee records, but they aren't able to find any Enpen inc.

After nearly a second day in custody, they decide to let you go, since even though they can't find any records of you anywhere, you haven't really done anything that warrants being kept in custody for an extended period, and you're "sober now", as they put it.

And you're thrust out alone into a strange world with nothing but the clothing you're wearing and some cryptic documents that no one can make heads or tails of.

After a couple years of searching, you finally manage to find your way back to Gensokyo City.

You spend all night wandering around an isolated forest between two small mountains.


>> No. 49217

Oh no! It looks like your luck turned bad, and you've stumbled into a Normal End.

But, don't fret! You haven't done anything wrong.

Sometimes, you make a choice that isn't objectively wrong at all, but which proves to be your undoing. Sometimes it's choosing to take the freeway to a job interview, and getting stuck in traffic because of an unforseen accident. Sometimes it's a family on a roadtrip that chooses to take a detour through a small town to view a haunted house, but ultimately crashing their car and being ambushed by a band of outlaws. Maybe it's as innocent as deciding to cross the street when the cross signal says "Go", only to be hit and killed by a drunk driver who didn't stop even though they had a red light.

None of these are bad choices, but you end up screwed in the end. That's just how it is.

However, those are all different from your current situation!

In those three examples, once it's happened, it's done. You can call to reschedule an interview at the last moment, but you may have already lost the job because of it. And, of course, if you die, there's no way to fix it.

However, your situation is a little different. Unlike the man who missed his job interview, or the family that got mugged, or the pedestrian killed by a drunk driver, you can learn from what happened, and avoid it happening again.

However, that alone would be completely unsatisfying. There's no point in a death that couldn't be predicted, other than to frustrate the players. This has been done before, and it's never pretty. However, in this case, you may have just learned something important about the overall story that you might not have learned until much later.

You've tripped over a pebble in the road, but that could just be what saves you from the speeding bus that would have plowed into you if you'd kept walking without paying attention.
>> No. 49218
As you're about to start down the trail, you hear a noise way back behind the shrine. It isn't really that loud, but you could faintly hear it over the sound of your feet pressing into the snow. You're not sure exactly what it sounded like, since it was was muffled by your own footsteps.

You're not sure why, but something feels off. It's hard to describe, but there's just something...weird. It's a little unsettling.

No, it's very unsettling.

You feel like you've heard it before, and it fills you with a sense of dread.


[ ] Investigate.
[ ] You need to go back. Now.
>> No. 49220
[x] You need to go back. Now.

Just what happened? He felt a plane shift and ran into someone who dumped him back in the outside.... there are only two beings who can do that Yukari and Reimu. The closest thing I can imagine is that he shifted into some other land/Gensokyo where that land's Yukari/Reimu found him and dumped him out in our outside.

But to get things back on track, we should head back NOW.

But this raises serious questions about the nature of John's world as there's elements of Gensokyo in his life (such as Yukari being his boss) but it's mostly downplayed. But seeing how he has met Yukari and Reimu, who is this mystery woman and why does she consider John troublesome?
>> No. 49223
[X] You need to go back. Now.
>> No. 49230
[x] Investigate.
If we investigate and then get the hell out of dodge, we should be fine, right?
>> No. 49234
[x] You need to go back. Now.
>> No. 49244
[x] You need to go back. Now.
>> No. 49342

Memories of something you've seen before haunt you from just beyond your reach.

There's something you've forgotten, something terrifying. You remember the sound of leaves underfoot, and the smell of fresh, clean air, and


And you don't remember. As suddenly as they came, the memories vanish, leaving behind nothing but a continuing feeling of dread about the shrine. Of course, you can still remember what you remembered, but now it feels distant, like you're remembering them from watching them on a television.

This is all very unsettling.

You want to put as much distance between yourself and whatever that noise was, so you decide to start heading down the mountain.


By the time you reach the road, the sun is starting to go down. Thankfully, you can see the town from here, and it doesn't look like any more than a few kilometers' walk, so even if you can't get a cab you'll probably be fine.

Speaking of, there's one right there.

You wave it down and climb in the back seat.

"Good evening. Where would you like to go?" He asks, almost overly-polite.

[ ] The train station. You'd like to get home as soon as possible.
[ ] Hotel. It's getting late, and you're tired from climbing the mountain. You just want to sleep.
[ ] His place. no cabbie route isn't even a thing what is this doing here
>> No. 49343
[x] Hotel. It's getting late, and you're tired from climbing the mountain. You just want to sleep.

Yukari is covering the cost right?
>> No. 49345
[x] The train station. You'd like to get home as soon as possible.

Not sure if the Hotel would be safe enough yet.
>> No. 49348
[x] The train station. You'd like to get home as soon as possible.
>> No. 49361
[x] The train station. You'd like to get home as soon as possible.

Just sleep on the train.
>> No. 49362
[x] The train station. You'd like to get home as soon as possible.

Nothing beats sleeping in your own bed.
>> No. 49514
"The train station, please."

"Sure thing." He responds, putting the car into gear.


Traveling home was uneventful. He dropped you off at the train station, you boarded the train, and ended up getting back home to Gensokyo City just before the line stopped running. By this time, you were just exhausted, so you decide to just fall into bed and dream.
>> No. 49515
[x] The beautiful full moon, bright in the night sky.

The girl walks, the beautiful silk of her clothes fluttering in the night breeze. The darkness of night should dull the vibrant pink of her shirt and make her beautiful burgundy skirt dark brown, but it only appears to be even more luminous in the moonlight.

She is the embodiment of beauty.

She slows as she approaches her destination, lifting her beautiful hand to the door and gently giving it a few knocks.

After a few moments, the door is answered, but not by the person she wished to speak with.

"Huh? Uh, good evening Miss Houraisan. How, exactly, did you find this place?" The golden-haired woman asks, arms folded within the sleeves of her dress.

"Now, don't trouble yourself with such matters." The girl calmly states. "I would wish to speak with your mistress, if that would be alright."

"You do know that it's one o'clock in the morning, right?" The woman responds.

"Yes. I am sorry if this is an inconvenience, but it really is an urgent matter, and I would like to speak with Yukari as soon as possible."

"I understand, but... Well, let me go check if she is awake. She's been sleeping an awful lot recently." The blonde woman turns, her tails seeming to twitch as she turns.

"There will be no need for that." An amused voice floats from directly behind the woman, who jumps in surprise.

"Wah!" She exclaims in surprise. "I didn't know you were there."

"Good. It would be no fun if you didn't react at all." She says with a playful smirk that makes the tailed woman show an expression of irritation. However, before she can complain, Yukari addresses the girl standing in the doorway.

"Come, I've been expecting you." She beckons the girl into the house.

The girl gives an elegant bow as she enters.
"Pardon me for intruding," she carefully states as she slips her sandals off before stepping out of the entrance area.

The house is small, but well-kept and decorated. It almost seems too small to be the living space of someone as influential as Yukari, but it is but one of several dozen, a whole town hidden to all but the most thorough explorers not too far from Gensokyo City.

The girl follows the mysterious woman into a room where she is offered, and politely accepts, tea and snacks.

After the girl takes a dainty sip of tea, she speaks.

"You are a difficult woman to find, Yakumo Yukari."

The woman smiles.
"And thanks to my help, you as well are difficult to locate."

"And that is very much appreciated," The girl speaks, "but I am here about a different matter this evening."

"And whatever might that be?" The woman asks, knowing full well what the answer is going to be.

"The documents." The girl responds.

"Which documents?" The woman asks. "I'm afraid I have no idea what you're talking about.

The girl doesn't take the woman's bait.
"When I first hacked Enpen's computer systems, I got a glance of every document that was in the database. I didn't really look too closely at them, since all I wanted to do was to leak the first two lines as a prank." She explains.

"Ah, yes, I remember that. It was quite an amusing stunt. You pulled it off quite well."

The other woman, listening in from the next room over, frowns. She was the one who ended up cleaning up all that mess.

"Thank you. While I was going through them, I saw several documents whose contents seemed quite strange at the time, but I didn't look into it too deeply. After all, I was trying to make a point that even the most influential companies can still be compromised, not steal any of your secrets. However, recent events have pursuaded me to look at them again."

"I see." The woman speaks, folded fan held neatly between her fingertips.

"When I looked at them again and in more detail, I was shocked at the information contained within. While some of these documents were mundane, only notable for the fact that they only contained information that should only be known internally by certain organizations and businesses, others were a bit more unsettling."

"Oh?" The woman asks. "Explain."

"I'm going to be frank." The girl states. "Did Enpen, inc. really start the cult which this city was built for?"

Your vision suddenly cuts out.
>> No. 49516
You wake up in a daze, memories of your dream rapidly fading from your mind as you sit up in bed and stretch.

Despite all the walking you did, you slept quite well, and right now you feel great.

Your clock shows the time as around 9:00 AM. It looks like the alarm didn't go off as it should have, but you're alright with that. While following a proper sleep schedule can be a good thing, it's nice to once in a while ignore it and sleep in. You're glad that you had that opportunity this morning.

[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 49521
[x] Water Nemo, a happy flower means a happy Yuuka. That in turn means a Yuuka that won't horribly kill us.
[x] Then the usual wake up stuff.

How interesting, though it suggests a stronger link between Gensokyo as we know it and Gensokyo city.
>> No. 49534
[X] Water Nemo.
[X] Time to get ready and go deliver those documents.
[X] Wouldn't hurt to take a closer look at them before you do...just to make sure everything's in order.
>> No. 49540
[X] Water Nemo.
[X] Check to see how much Nemo has grown since you got her. It might be time for a new pot.
>> No. 49542
File 136712416693.png- (104.58KB , 341x334 , 31 (2013-04-27 at 10_41_20).png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 50393
Well, it's the morning, and that means it's time for your morning routine.

Of course, the most important part of this routine is making sure that Nemo is nice and happy.

After a little bit of water and a quick check for aphids, you decide that he's pretty much as good as you can get him right now. You're not quite as good at it as Yuuka is, but you think you're pretty good at caring for plants by now.

After you're done, you go through the rest of your morning routine. Bathroom, shave, shower, clothes, and you're ready for your next move.

[ ] Breakfast.
-[ ] Make something yourself.
-[ ] Eat out somewhere (specify)

[ ] Deliver those documents.
-[ ] Take a peek.

[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 50394
Is Mystia's place open now or no?
>> No. 50396
She generally opens it up at night.

You do know where she lives, though.
>> No. 50399
[X] Breakfast.
-[X] Make something yourself.
[X] Deliver those documents after eating.
-[X] Take a peek if they're not sealed or your tampering wouldn't be noticed.
>> No. 50400
[X] Breakfast.
-[X] Make something yourself.

I'd rather not poke around in things we don't need to know, considering what happened in that one non-ending.
>> No. 50406
[X] Breakfast.
-[X] Make something yourself.
[X] Deliver those documents after eating.
-[X] Take a peek if they're not sealed or your tampering wouldn't be noticed
>> No. 53058

don't even know what to say. It was supposed to be an April Fools joke, but it somehow ended up becoming reality...


Despite having gotten plenty of sleep, you still feel a little tired after yesterday. Thinking about how you're going to need to go out again today makes you feel like putting it off as long as you can, which is strange because normally you'd be looking forward to a reason to leave this apartment.

Regardless, this means that you feel like making breakfast for yourself instead of paying someone to do it for you.

You ate a western breakfast yesterday, so you decide to go for something simple. From your fridge, you produce a tupperware container of rice which you had cooked a few days ago. It's been sitting too long to be appetizing by its self, but it's certainly still good, so there's nothing stopping you from using it.

And use it you do. Grabbing some peanut oil, as well as an egg and a couple pieces of bacon leftover from yesterday, some vegetables you find lying around in your fridge, and a little bit of soy sauce, you get to work.

After letting the pan heat up, you put a couple drops of oil in the bottom and spread it around. Next, you dump the rice, stuck together in a block while cold, and start separating it with a spoon. After you've got that done, you add a little bit more oil and mix the rice around, getting a thin coating on each grain.

Now that that's done, while you're waiting for the rice to heat up, you start preparing the vegetables. This basically just involves cutting them into small pieces that will heat up quickly. Of course, you keep the rice moving in the pan well enough through the process.

When you're done, you add the vegetables and bacon together at the same time, as well as a small amount of additional oil, just enough to lightly coat the vegetables.

When the vegetables start to show nice searing, you finally add the egg to keep the rice together. Normally, Japanese rice is extremely sticky and would stay together even if you don't want it to, but when coated with oil it's just the same as any other rice. The egg functions both as a binder to keep the fried rice together, as well as add some flavor.

After you're done eating your delicious fried rice breakfast, you set about preparing to leave.

Since you've already done all of your morning routine, this basically amounts to just making sure you have everything you want to take with you, and ensuring that the documents are in order.



These documents aren't even sealed in an envelope or anything. They're just loose. It's almost as if she's asking you to look through them.


No one's gonna notice if you just fip through them, right? You just need to make sure to put them back in the same order you found them, and not to do something phenomenally stupid like spilling something on them or tearing them.


You can do this.

So, you start flipping through the documents.

As you go through, you can't help but think that they're...boring. Most of them are old memos, too outdated and unimportant to be worth saving.

After a while, though, you start to see a pattern. They're starting to more and more refer to Gensokyo City. At first this isn't very strange, but then you notice the date.

Some of these are dated years before Gensokyo City was founded.

Well, that's okay. You suppose that it isn't very crazy to assume that Yukari got some sort of inside information that someone was going to plan to put a city there. And, of course, if you're a business that, unlike many businesses around, actually embraces the cultists, you would certainly want to move into the city.

For the most part, the documents appear to be in chronological order, but occasionally you find a few that are dated quite some time ago. There's a few from around the time when the company was first founded mixed in. Most of these are even more mundane than the rest of the documents.

But then you stumble upon a document that doesn't really seem like a document. In fact, it reads more like a journal entry or personal letter than anything. It also happens to be undated.

You decide to read it.

>> No. 53059
For a long time I've had a feeling of being lost. For many years, it's felt like something is wrong, but I didn't understand what it was until now.

I remembered. I remembered a different world, full of strange people and fantastic tales. At first I didn't think anything of it; surely, it was all just a figment of my imagination, a product of an overactive imagination triggered by the stress of trying to make the Enpen work.

But then I found out that I wasn't alone. My late close friend since childhood, Saigyouji Yuyuko, one day told me of a dream she'd had. In the dream, she was walking through her estate while the cherry blossoms were in full bloom.
You must understand that her estate is large. However, in her dream, it seemed to stretch on forever. One could walk for days and days without escape from the pink scenery around them. And at the end, there was a gigantic gate. If one were to step through the gate, they would find that it overlooks the land, as if up in the clouds. From the height it was at, one could see a looming mountain in the distance, several large forests, a lake with an island that had what looked like a crimson castle standing guard, and a village off in the far distance.

Of course, to her, it was a completely alien place, a place she had never seen. But to me, it matched my memories exactly. At first I couldn't say anything, out of fear of sounding like a liar or a loon. But as time passed, I became more and more certain that what she had seen was the same place as I had remembered.

Unfortunately, before I could ask her any more, she passed on. But ever since, my life has been devoted to finding a way to return to this world.
>> No. 53062

At the bottom of the document, there is a strange illustration that looks like an eye surrounded in black, with tiny red ribbons on the site. As you examine it, the eye blinks, and the whole illustration disappears.

"AAAAAAAAAA!" You yell, jumping backwards and causing the chair you were sitting on to fall over. You step backwards and end up tripping over the thing, falling backwards and landing flat on your ass.

After a minute of heavy breathing, you pull yourself up to a standing position and walk back over to look at the document. The eyeball illustration seems to still be there, so perhaps you were just seeing things. You do still feel a little tired, after all.

"Whatever." You decide that this is as good a point as any to stop poking in someone else's business. If Yukari feels that this is something you should know, you're sure that she'll tell you.

Putting the pages back in the order you found them in, you head out the door.


It seems like you're the only person out today. It may just be because it's really cold, and it's the time of day when everyone's either at work or school, or comfortably sitting around a heater in their home. Most everybody.

Walking always helps to clear your mind.

As you're walking, you encounter a girl wearing long bunny ears, similar to Reisen's. However, this person is most certainly not Reisen.

She appears to be lost, concentrating on a map similar to the one you were given on your first day here.

[ ] Greet the rabbit. See if you can help her find her way to wherever she's going.
[ ] Leave the rabbit alone. The best way for her to learn the city is to get lost in it.
>> No. 53063
[x] Greet the rabbit. See if you can help her find her way to wherever she's going.
>> No. 53065
[x] Greet the rabbit. See if you can help her find her way to wherever she's going.
>> No. 53068
[x] Greet the rabbit. See if you can help her find her way to wherever she's going.

Damn bro, what's up with the douchebag option?
>> No. 53082
[x] Greet the rabbit. See if you can help her find her way to wherever she's going.

Hey I caught up to your story, but then you stopped so I couldn't vote so I was sad, but then you started again and now I can vote!

Also do you guys think this is a 'Gensokyo but all the inhabitants get taken out out of there story?'Like where Gensokyo really existed in the past, and some force made everyone leave and forget about it all? I mean usually Yukari is the perpetrator, but perhaps it's some new enemy this time?
>> No. 53148
Somehow it feels strange for there to not be some sort of header here.


You might as well give her some instructions. You would hope that someone would do it for you as well if you were lost in an unfamiliar city.

"Hey," you give her a slight wave, "do you need help getting somewhere?" You ask.

"Ah, yes." She gives you a polite bow. "Do you know how I might find my way to Eientei?"

What a coincidence. You figure she must be a relative or friend of Reisen.

"As a matter of fact, I was just on my way there right now. I could walk you there if you'd like."

"Thank you, that would be very helpful."

So, you lead the way to Eientei. The time passes silently; the bunny doesn't seem to have much to say, and you don't really have anything to ask her.

Eventually, you arrive at the mansion's entrance.

"We're here, this is Eientei." You say as you turn around to address the bunny who was following you.

Was following you. She seems to have disappeared.

Oh well. You had been making sure that she didn't lose you while you were walking, and you're sure you saw her behind you as you rounded that last corner. Whatever. She found her way here, so there's no reason to be alarmed.

Now that you're here, though, you should decide what to do next. While the reason you came here was to deliver the documents, the letter also said something about Eirin having something to discuss with you. You see no obvious reason why one should necessarily go before the other, so I guess it's a matter of who you would prefer to see first.

[ ] Deliver to documents to Kaguya.
[ ] Go speak with Eirin.
[ ] Perhaps you should let Reisen know you showed her friend the way here?
>> No. 53153
[x] Deliver to documents to Kaguya.

We should not reveal the fact we looked at it.
>> No. 53179
[x] Deliver to documents to Kaguya.
>> No. 53183
[X] Perhaps you should let Reisen know you showed her friend the way here?

John just led a spy here, didn't he?
>> No. 53188
I get the feeling we'll see the Gensokyo City version of SSiB, making me wonder how its versions of the Moon sisters will be overpowered.
>> No. 53192
[X] Perhaps you should let Reisen know you showed her friend the way here?
>> No. 53208
[X] Perhaps you should let Reisen know you showed her friend the way here?

Uh, I'm not too sure if we did a good thing just then.
>> No. 53412
This ended up so long.

I honestly didn't expect it to be this long at all. I guess it's been building up for a while.

Not to say that this is all I have saved up for you.


On the other hand, it's probably a good idea to let Reisen know that her friend is in town.

So, you begin your search.

The downside of choosing this course of action is that you have no idea where you'll find Reisen. With Kaguya, you can be pretty sure that she'll be in her room, and with Eirin, she's almost always in her lab when she isn't at the hospital. The problem rests with the other inhabitants, though. There are any number of things that Reisen could be doing around the mansion right now. You wouldn't really consider her a maid in the same sense as Sakuya, but she's responsible for a lot around the mansion.

At least you're not trying to find Tewi. You have no idea how long that would take y-

Your line of thought is interrupted by the feeling of flying through the air by what's basically a tackle hug. Only, it isn't a hug, so you could say that it's really just a tackle.

What the hell?

"What are you doing, Tewi?!"

She stands up, putting her hands on her hips in a matter-of-fact manner.
"I greet you after not having seen you for so long, and that's how you respond?"

"It's barely been a week!" You shout in response.

"For someone my age, a week is a long time, you know!" she retorts.

"What happened to being over a thousand years old?!"

She ignores your quip. You take the opportunity to bring yourself back to your feet.

"So, what brings you here this time?" she asks.

"I was asked to deliver something to Kaguya, and I was also told Eirin has something she wants to talk to me about. I also have something to tell Reisen."

"Ehh?!" She responds with a shocked expression in a wounded tone. "You're here to see everyone but me? I'm hurt!" She continues. "You come to see everyone else all the time, but you've not once come to see me! I see how it is!"

You know for certain that she's just messing with you, but for some reason you can't stop yourself from falling for it.

"You almost killed me!"

"It's in the past!" She responds. "Besides, I'm good luck! That alone should give you reason to come see me."

"Right. What would I even do if I came to see you? Say hi?"

"Hmm." She thinks. "We could sneak up on Reisen, and-"

"Like hell!" You interject. You're not going along with her hijinks.

"Oh, too easy for you? I see. We could go to the lab and-"

"Nope. I don't have any interest in playing any pranks on anyone." You cut her off again.

...That isn't entirely truthful. You're certain it would be a lot of fun to pull certain kinds of pranks on any of the people living here, but you're also certain that Tewi wouldn't be willing, or even possibly able, to pull pranks of such a nature. After all, she tends to go way over-the-top.

"Tch." She clicks her tongue in annoyance. "Such a boring guy. Maybe you shouldn't come visit me after all."


She drops the annoying act.

"So, who were you thinking of visiting first?" She asks.

"Well, I was going to go talk to Reisen. I have no idea where she is, though." You answer.

"I see. I guess I could take you to visit her, but it'll cost you."

Now you're suspicious.
"It'll cost me what?" You ask.

"Pay on delivery. You'll find out how much you're being charged after I take you there."

"That isn't what 'pay on delivery' means at all!"

"So do you want my help or not?" She asks, deadpan.

Well, you certainly don't trust her. This sounds incredibly suspicious. She's going to ask for your first-born or something like that when you get there, you just know it.

...On the other hand, you don't like the idea of wandering around the mansion trying to find Reisen. It's pretty easy to get lost. It isn't very difficult to find an outside door and circle around to a place you recognize, but that doesn't make it any easier to actually get to a specific place, all it does is prevent you from starving to death.

Unfortunately, accepting Tewi's offer seems to be the only reasonable course of action.

"...Okay, sure."

"Follow me, then!" She starts walking.


"Here we are!" She states, stopping in front of a door.

"Thank you." You say as you raise your fist to knock on the door.

But if you were to move your fist forward to do so, it would hit nothing but air, because Tewi slams it open with enough force that you swear you could probably have heard it from the main entrance.

"Hey, Reisen-" She shouts.

However, you don't get to hear the rest of what she says.

Inside, you find a certain bunny wearing only her underwear and ears, obviously in the middle of changing.

No, you can't be this character. Your brain kicks into overdrive, propelling your arm forward and to the side with more force than your smash attack.

It then uses the same force to slam the door back shut. You are not getting the shit beaten out of you for being in the wrong place at the wrong time like this. Such cliche developments are above you.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that the world agrees with you, as you can hear Reisen softly running towards the door. She clearly hasn't had enough time to put on some more clothes.

"Tewi!" You can hear her shout as she reaches the door.

You don't have enough time to react.

"I keep telling you not to scare me like that!"

Your body won't move. Unfortunately, you can see that Tewi's can, and she's started to run away.

The door slams open again, and the moon bunny starts to go after the Earth bunny.

But she turns her head.
And she sees you.
And she realizes that she's only clothed in her underwear.

She stops dead in her tracks. Her eyes meet yours for a moment.
...Hopefully that will be a reason for her to believe that you weren't staring at her figure. Because you easily could have been. It wouldn't have been difficult at all, no sir.

Her face immediately turns red. She makes a little surprised gasp, and quickly retreats back into her room, slamming the door shut.

All of this happens in under three seconds.

As soon as the noise stops, you find yourself collapsed down onto your knees, and then into a sitting position. There's probably more adrenaline running through right now than when you got jumped. Maybe not as much as when you stormed the Scarlet Devil Mansion, but it's up there.

A couple minutes pass and you manage to regain your composure and return yourself to a standing position. Eventually, the door slowly slides open, revealing Reisen on the other side. Thankfully, fully dressed.

But just because things calmed down does not mean you're off the hook. There are still things you must do in order to come out of this situation with a win.

This involves dropping back down onto your knees,
putting your hands on the ground in front of you,
and pushing yourself down into the deepest, most sincere bow that a Japanese person can muster.

"I am truly, incredibly sorry, miss Inaba."

"Eh?" She sounds slightly surprised.
"It's- It's fine. Tewi does things like that all the time. It isn't your fault."

Complete success. You have won. Your move, Tewi.

You bring yourself back up to a standing position again. But, you once again give a slight bow.

"No, really, I'm sorry. This wouldn't have happened if I hadn't asked her to bring me here, so-"

She interrupts you.

"No, really, it's fine! Did you need to see me for something then?"

"Ah, yes."

You explain the situation.

She stares at you for a moment.

"Could you repeat that for me, please?"

"Huh? Sure, I guess..."

You explain the situation again.

She blinks.

"Ahhh, damnit." She buries her face in one of her palms.

"Hmm? What's wrong?" You ask.

"That wasn't one of my friends. She was... Well, it's probably best if master explains it to you. Let's go."

And that's how you found yourself following a moon bunny to a doctor's office to receive a lecture on why you shouldn't be nice to people you find lost while walking around the city.

When the two of you reach the door to Eirin's lab, she knocks softly.

"Come in!" You hear Eirin say from the other side.

"Excuse me." Reisen says as she opens the door, in true polite Japanese form.

"Ah, John. Welcome." Eirin greets you when she sees you walk through the door.
"I had a few things to discuss with you."

"Actually," Reisen speaks, "there's something a little more important than that." She looks to you.

"Oh? What might that be?" Eirin looks at you expectantly.

"Well," and you explain the story again.

When you finish, she looks at you for a moment, blinks, and in almost the exact same gesture you saw Reisen use earlier, she buries her forehead in one of her palms.

"So they already found us, huh?" She suddenly sounds very exhausted.
"And everything was going so smoothly." You still have no idea what's going on, though, so you're still slightly confused.

"John, that wasn't one of Reisen's friends." She finally speaks.

"As I was already told." You respond.

"Yes. She was probably-"
She catches herself.
"...Well, this is really a personal matter of Lady Kaguya's. I wouldn't want to go off telling people about her without her permission.

So, you find yourself once again taking a trip through the mansion. On the plus side, it looks like you didn't actually end up getting that lecture you were expecting. On the other hand, you're getting a feeling that deep down, you knew this was going to happen, and that's why you were hesitant to leave your apartment this morning.

When you arrive in front of Kaguya's room, Eirin once again knocks.
However, unlike Reisen, she immediately starts sliding the door open without a response.

"I'm coming in." She states.

"Huh? What is it, Eiri-" She notices you and Reisen.
"...I take it this is pretty important."

So you find yourself explaining the situation a fourth time. You're getting tired of doing this, especially since you still don't know what exactly it is that's so bad about it.

Kaguya gives a deep sigh.
"So it's already happening."

Eirin nods.

Kaguya gives another, much more shallow sigh.
"I guess we may as well tell him what's going on. If we can trust Yukari, we can trust him."

So, they begin explaining the situation to you.

Kaguya, Eirin, and Reisen were part of a religious group (you interpret this as a cult) that worshiped the moon as a pure, perfect place. This group also believes themselves to have originated from the moon. Really, pretty standard fare for strange beliefs in this city.

But they make it very clear that their beliefs are not part of the cult that pervades Gensokyo City. Rather, these Lunarians have been around for quite a bit longer than Gensokyo City's culture group. By several hundred years.

Kaguya is the daughter of someone of high importance to this group. As such, she is generally referred to as a princess.
Unfortunately, they did something that the rest of the Lunarians found to be terrible. Specifically, they attempted to create the Hourai Elixer, an elixir of life that would grant immortality to whoever consumed it. If they had succeeded, they explain, Kaguya and Eirin would certainly have been killed.
Thankfully they did not succeed, so instead they were outcast from the society.
However, after several years past, the Lunarians began to regret their decision. So, they sent someone to try and bring them back.

Unfortunately for the Lunarians, though, Kaguya and Eirin had already found a comfortable life away from the Lunarians. While they still held many of the same beliefs, they did not wish to return to a society that cast them out and may have had them killed.

Tired of constantly being pestered by people sent by the Lunarians to bring them back, they decided to flee to Gensokyo City. They had correctly determined that the Lunarians wouldn't look for them there. While they were there, they even took in a dissenting refugee from Lunarian society, Reisen, who had also fled to Gensokyo City after abandoning the society.

And there is a very good chance that the girl you had led right to their door was sent by the Lunarians to try and bring them all back. How wonderful.

They also explain a bit about the Lunarian society its self. It's grouped into two castes: the Lunarians, for whom the society was named after, and the Lunar Rabbits, a lower class subservient to the Lunarians. An amusing thing to note is that, while it's traditionally just a title, the spread of Gensokyo City's culture group was used as an excuse for most of the Lunar Rabbits to start wearing rabbit ears, like Reisen. After all, people were doing much stranger than that with fair frequency, and there was otherwise very little to visually distinguish members of the two groups apart. Why the lower caste would be the ones to want to distinguish themselves you don't know, but that isn't really much of your concern.

Honestly, this is a lot to take in, but at least it's a bit more concrete than what you'd get if you asked for an explanation of Gensokyo City's culture group.

And so the explanation finishes.

"I know this is a lot to take in, John. I had some things I wished to speak to you about, but those can wait for another time if you would prefer. I can completely understand if you would like some time to think about all of this." Eirin reassures you.

[ ] No, you should just get this all over with now that you're here. Find out what Eirin wanted to talk with you about.
[ ] While you're already here, you should deliver those documents to Kaguya.

[ ] The first thing you want to do is track down Tewi and pay her back for what she tried to pull. Nope, you don't get to choose this one. Sorry.
>> No. 53415
[x] While you're already here, you should deliver those documents to Kaguya.
>> No. 53424
[x] While you're already here, you should deliver those documents to Kaguya.
>> No. 53429
[X] While you're already here, you should deliver those documents to Kaguya.
[X] Also, you should just get this all over with now that you're here. Find out what Eirin wanted to talk with you about.

Delivering the documents takes all of, what? Five, maybe ten seconds?
We have time to hear Eirin out and while this could quite possibly be some major trouble, it's actually BETTER this way.

She was already in Gensokyo City.
She already knew about Eientei.
Meaning it was just a matter of time before she found them anyway. At least this way they get an advance warning. If John hadn't showed her the way, she might just have spied on them from afar and reported in without them ever knowing, before the Lunarians came in force.
>> No. 53477
By the way, the documents you got from the shrine are different from the documents you are delivering. I say this because you may or may not have forgotten.

...I completely forgot that they were different until just now. Thankfully, this conveniently doesn't affect any of the events that have happened so far. I managed to mess up without messing up!

This is why you shouldn't take several months between updates.


Well, first thing's first. You should deliver the documents you've been carrying around.
The ones you looked at earlier.


You suddenly remember that eye. It makes you shiver.

"Something wrong?" Kaguya asks.

"Nah." Well, you were a little spooked, but it was just your mind playing tricks on you. No use worrying about it, and especially no use making someone else worry about it.

"Actually," you decide, "I also had some business with Kaguya." You announce.

"Ah, yes, the documents." Kaguya smiles. "Eirin, Reisen, I would like to discuss this with him in private."

Discuss? You're just delivering something. You can't really think of anything you'd need to discuss. You expected delivering them to take maybe 5 or 10 seconds once you had her in front of you.

"Yes. Reisen, let us return to the labratory for now." Eirin and Reisen bow politely as they leave.

Once you hear the door shut behind them, Kaguya turns her gaze to meet yours.

In response, you produce the envelope you've had zipped up in your jacket this whole time and open it up to remove the documents.

"Well, here they are." you say as you hand them to her.

"Thank you." She sets them down and flips through them.

"So..." She says while skimming pages, "how much of this did you read?"


Wait, there's no way actually knows you read any of this. You need to play it cool.

"I didn't read any of it."

She stops when she reaches the page you stopped on earlier, and slides it towards you.

When you see the eyeball, you freeze.
...The eyeball doesn't do anything.

"So most of it, then? Okay, that makes things easy." She smiles.

...Shit. Totally gave yourself up there. Damnit. And you were doing so well earlier.

"This is the specific document that I had in mind when I asked Yukari for a copy of the documents I leaked." She explains. "All of the other documents were so dry and official that I had to double-take when I found this one. I'm sure you felt the same way as you were going through them, right?"

"...Yes." The only thing you can do at this point is own up to it.

She stares at it for a minute.
"I don't remember this design being here... No matter, it isn't important. Ultiately, unless you're into corporate espionage or want to use the documents as blackmail, they're ultimately meaningless by themselves. However," she touches her finger to the document before you, "this document is sort of like a key."

"So is it some sort of code, then?" You ask.

She giggles.
"No, nothing like that. It isn't a literal key, but it shows you where to look."

"What do you mean?"

"On the surface, Enpen looks just like any other large corporation. However, when you look at the rest of these documents using this one as a lens, you may start to notice a pattern."

"And what might that pattern be?"

"Well, it wouldn't be any fun if I just told you. If you think about it a bit, you might begin to figure it out."

She smiles returning the document you were discussing back to the pile.

"Well, that's all I had to discuss with you. Unless you have something else to talk about."

[ ] Go see what Eirin wanted to discuss with you.
[ ] Then again, there's also the documents that you're supposed to deliver to Yukari.

[ ] Discuss something else with Kaguya.
-.>input topics
>> No. 53507
[x] Go see what Eirin wanted to discuss with you.
>> No. 53531
[x] Then again, there's also the documents that you're supposed to deliver to Yukari.

I'm curious about what she has to say about that.
>> No. 53703
I'm perfectly willing to write on one vote if that's what it comes to, but I can't really do anything if there are only two votes and they disagree.

If you're following this story at all, please vote. I honestly don't care about the number votes I get; I'm not doing this for popularity or fame or anything like that. What I do care about is producing something that I enjoy producing, and that hopefully someone else enjoys reading as well. All that I ask is that someone breaks the tie.

Thank you.
>> No. 53706
It might have gotten buried under other stories, mainly no escape and Theater of Youth, and very few even bother with the watched threads list.

So here's a bump to help exposure.
>> No. 53715
[x] Go see what Eirin wanted to discuss with you.

P.S. Update the TAiG more often.
>> No. 53724
[x] Go see what Eirin wanted to discuss with you.

You rang, OP? As a member of your voter base a while ago, I'll try and keep up with the votes. I still remember the charms of Gensokyo City.
>> No. 53772
[X] Go see what Eirin wanted to discuss with you.

Why leave Eientei if we just have to come back here again right away?
>> No. 53775
I think the Yukari's document choice was more about talking about them as opposed to just leaving.
>> No. 53812

There's no real reason why you would have had to come RIGHT back. Of course you could have, but it would have been possible to come back tomorrow, or some other day completely.

"Nah, not right now. I was thinking I'd go see what Eirin wanted."

"Alright. I'll see you later, John." You nod and get up to leave.

As you're about to go through the door, she speaks to you again.

"Oh, John. Just remember that you're always welcome here. At any time, for any reason." She smiles at you.

"Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. See you, Kaguya." You wave as you start walking down the hallway.


You finally reach the door to Eirin's lab. After determining which of the several rooms she's currently in, you give the door a little knock.

"Come in." You hear Eirin beckon from inside. You comply.

"Welcome, John." Eirin greets you from behind her desk, motioning towards a chair for you to sit in. Scattered on her desk are dozens of documents as well as several tools and vials, as well as a laptop computer and a nice, bright desk lamp.

She politely turns the desk lamp off as you sit down, letting the room instead be lit by the overhead fluorescent lamps.

"May I assume that you're here for what I wanted to talk to you about? Or are you here for some other reason? Another head injury, maybe?" She smiles. You suppose you can see the humor in that by now.

"Nah, I've been head injury free for quite some time now. I did fall on my ass this morning though, if that counts."

"I see. I think I have an injection for that somewhere." She jokingly starts rummaging through the viles on her desk.

"No, I'm quite fine now, thank you."

"Aw, that's too bad." She smiles.

She straightens her posture a bit.

"Actually, what happened earlier makes this first thing I wanted to discuss with you a little easier. It'll probably make a little bit more sense to you as well, since you already understand what's going on."

"I see."

"At first I was just going to ask you to let me know if you run into anyone wearing bunny ears or calling themself a Lunarian and let me know about it. Since you've already done this, we can move on to the next stage."


"I'm going to be blunt. I may need to make use of your connections. I'm not exactly sure what we're going to do from here, but Kaguya and I likely won't be able to do it alone."

"Sure. I'll do whatever I can."
After all, Eirin has saved your life a time or two. And, you may have shortened their timeframe for figuring out what to do by a few days. Eirin's hospital is pretty easy to find, but Eientei doesn't appear on any city maps that you're aware of, and you don't think that many people would know where it is to give directions. They would have probably still found it in a couple days without you leading them right to it, but a couple days can mean everything in a plan. You're acutely aware of this after the last incident.

Eirin sighs.
"Thank you. That will probably make solving this a lot easier."

"The other matter I wished to discuss with you is miss Fujiwara."

Something about Mokou?

"I...want your advice." She explains.


"Yes. As you know, Kaguya still believes that miss Fujiwara is dead."

Oh. Right. Reisen killed Mokou.

Kaguya sent Reisen to murder her.

She got better, but it's still unpleasant to think about.

They didn't run into each other at all during the time you were preparing to launch an attack on the Scarlet Devil Mansion?

That's pretty amazing. You have no idea how much work Eirin must have had to put into making it work out like that, but it must have been incredibly difficult.

"I can't just let her leave. If I do, Kaguya will notice almost immediately. She will be angry, and she will probably do something rash. And she probably won't have Reisen's help this time."

Reisen. Despite how normal she acts in her day to day life, you've seen a completely different side of her. A side of her trained in all aspects of fighting, negotiation, and tactics. You know full well that if it had been someone else who had killed Mokou, they would have gotten caught, and it wouldn't have been possible to bring her back to life. In a way, you think that by killing Mokou, Reisen may have saved her life.

But if Kaguya goes off and does it herself...

Eirin seems to notice what you're thinking, and explains further.

"...BUt, at the same time, I can't just keep hiding here in the mansion." You hear footsteps outside. "No matter what I do, Kaguya will certainly eventually find out."

The footsteps sound like they're approaching lab fairly quickly.

"And when she does,"

You hear the door to the main hallway of the lab area slam open, and the footsteps continue.

Eirin's seems to deflate in defeat over something.

"She will certainly ask what the meaning of all this is."

The door to the office slams open, and Kaguya storms in

"What's the meaning of this?!" She shouts her question angrily as Eirin buries her face in both of her hands.

"Hey, I said let go!" Mokou shouts, flailing her arm. This makes Kaguya to lose her grip.

"Shut up!" Kaguya throws her fist directly at Mokou's face.

"Like hell!" Mokou does the same.

Both fists find their target in a beautiful cross-counter that, had you not known otherwise, you would be convinced was rehearsed and acted out.

Eirin gives you a hesitant look. Taking it as meaning "should we stop them?", you nod to her and stand up.


Eventually the two of you manage to get them calmed down.

"Eirin, why would you LIE to me like that?! Explain!"


Thankfully, you have also moved to a different room, so at least now there is no chance of a vial of chemicals accidentally (or purposefully) being thrown into someone's eyes.

"Well, I needed to test the machine on someone, didn't I? It's not like I can just kill someone for the purpose of testing the machine. That would be unethical."

"Couldn't you have found someone else?! Maybe someone who got in a traffic accidient or something!"

"Now, now, what's happened has happened."

This does not appear to satisfy the raging princess.

"I want her out! Now!"

"Fine, if you want me out so bad, I'll just leave." Mokou stands up to leave.

...But she is stopped by Kaguya grabbing Mokou's wrist. Hard. It looks like it hurts.

"Waaaaiit just a minute! Who the hell said you could leave?!"

Honestly, this is a side you didn't expect from Kaguya. She's normally so calm and kind.

"Let the hell off! I don't like being here any more than you like me being here."

"You aren't going anywhere until I teach you a lesson or two!"

You sigh. This isn't what you signed up for.

"Will the two of you just calm down?!" Eirin finally loses your patience.
"We have more important things to worry about than your perpetual squabble!"

Both of them shut up, and are now staring at her with a shocked expression. You suppose it's probably pretty similar to the one you're staring at her with.

A moment passes in silence.

"Good. Now, let's explain the situation to miss Fujiwara."

Thankfully, this does not result in you having to explain what happened to you yet another time. It also thankfully doesn't require a re-explanation of all the things that had been explained to you before, as she seems to know a lot of what's going on already. It is, thankfully, a very short explanation.

"We have a problem. The Lunarians have found us. This concerns you as well, miss Fujiwara, as even though you aren't affiliated with the Lunarians, they are aware that you have consumed some of the incomplete Hourai elixer. And unlike with the princess, they don't have any sentimental feelings for you."

Mokou slams her fist down on the table.
"Kaguya, this is all your fault!" She shouts.

"My fault? How is it my fault? You're the one that stole the elixer!"

Eirin cuts them off before another argument starts.
"It isn't anyone's fault. It was bound to happen eventually, no matter what we all do. For now, we need to figure out what we're going to do next. And above all, we cannot fight amongst ourselves. Do you two understand what this means?"

"...Yes." They both reluctantly answer.

"Good. For now, I will try and figure out a solution. Kaguya, we need all the information we can. I trust that you'll be able to help with this, yes?"

"...Yes. I'll go see what I can find."

Kaguya stands up and leaves in a bad mood.

After the door is closed, Eirin looks towards you.

"I may need to remember not to discuss potential problems with you. It seems that they all resolve themselves unfavorably before we even get to speak."

"Haha..." You laugh nervously.

"Sorry, I'm not accusing you of anything. Since you didn't know anything about the situation, I can't fault you for giving her directions. In fact, it just shows that you're a good person. I'm just glad that it was you that gave her instructions instead of someone else, because we may have never found out. Thank you."

She then looks over to Mokou.

"Miss Fujiwara, you're more than welcome to continue staying here if you wish, even though I cannot guarantee your safety any longer."

"Nah. Now that she knows I'm alive, there's no point in hiding. I don't want to hang around any longer than I need to."

"I understand. In that case, I must start trying to sort this all out. If you two would give me some privacy..."

Mokou nods and starts to leave.

"See you later, Eirin." And you follow after her.


That was all very interesting.

You think that if anything else happens today, your head will start spinning.

[ ] Invite Mokou out for a drink and something to eat. You could use them, and you're pretty sure she could too.
[ ] Everything else can wait for another day. It's time to head home.
[ ] Go deliver the documents to Yukari.
>> No. 53818
[x] Invite Mokou out for a drink and something to eat. You could use them, and you're pretty sure she could too.

Sounds like good logic to me
>> No. 53824
[x] Invite Mokou out for a drink and something to eat. You could use them, and you're pretty sure she could too.
>> No. 53851
[x] Invite Mokou out for a drink and something to eat. You could use them, and you're pretty sure she could too

Woah Kaguya really doesn't like Mokou.
>> No. 53854
[x] Invite Mokou out for a drink and something to eat. You could use them, and you're pretty sure she could too.

Sooooo since it's not really a secret anymore... Grilled lampreys?
>> No. 53963
Trying to play a pilot in PlanetSide 2 takes a lot of practice. It seems like everyone can hit you, but it's incredibly difficult to hit anybody. I've noticed the same thing in reverse while fighting pilots from the ground, so it can't just be that I suck at flying. ...Right?


"Hey, Mokou." You stop her before she wanders off.

"Yeah?" She turns towards you.

"Do you want to go out for a drink or something? It seems like you could use one after today. I know I could."

"Sure, why not?"

And so the two of you start off on your drinking adventure.

Actually, when you get outside, you realize that quite a bit of time has passed. Between all the explanations and the fighting and everything else, several hours have passed, and it's now mid-afternoon. This is obviously a good thing, as going out for drinks too early sounds fun at first, but towards the end of the night you inevitably start to realize that it wasn't quite as good of an idea as you had thought it would have been. Of course, if you take it slow, drink moderately, that's a different case, but that's not what you're planning on doing.

You're planning on drinking. Not socializing with a couple drinks involved, no. You want a good solid drink right now. No, you need one.

Your first instinct is to head to the bar you visited with Reimu. After all, a bar is normally the place you go when you want to have a drink. However, as you're walking, something crosses your mind.

Well, it isn't quite that immediate. The first thing that happens is that you realize that it is mid-afternoon, and you haven't eaten breakfast since morning. However, that thought immediately led into your realization.

There is someone you know who has been...well, not a wreck. Not outwardly, at least. However, you get a feeling that if the first thing you do after Mokou gains her freedom back is not to take her to visit Mystia, something is wrong with you.

Of course, there isn't actually anything wrong with you, as you had already decided to do so before that thought even crossed your mind.

As you're walking, Mokou speaks up.

"Hey, I don't remember there being any bars or anything around here."

Hmm. Should you tell her where you're taking her? You think not. It should be as big of a surprise for her as it will be for Mystia, otherwise it will be a waste. So, instead, you'll avoid needing to say anything.

"Don't worry, we're headed to a good place."

...You think she'll catch on as you get near, but that's fine.

As you get closer, the aroma of cooking lamprey fills the air. The alure of food tempts you to walk just a little faster, but you hold yourself back. Eventually you turn the corner towards Mystia's stand.

"Hey, isn't this-"


She's going to blow it. You can make it work out so much better than that.

You cover her mouth with your hand and drag her back around the corner.

"What the hell-"

"Mokou, listen. We need to do this right."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"I have a plan." You let go of her and begin to explain. "We need to wait until her back is turned. Then we sneak up, sit down, and order like there's nothing strange going on."

"...Okay, I don't really get it since there really wouldn't be anything strange going on, but I'll play along."

"You'll understand if we manage to pull it off. Trust me."


So you wait.

It doesn't really take very long. Mystia is quite a hard worker, so she takes quite good care of her stand. This means that whenever she isn't seving customers, she's washing dishes, cleaning the stand, or just straightening everything up. This gives you plenty of opportunities to enact your plan.

As soon as you get an opening, you take it.
Moving as silently as you can, thankfully not through snow, you take a seat right behind Mystia.

"I'll have the usual and a bottle of sake, please." You place your order before she's turned around to notice you.

"I'll have the same." Mokout also places her order.

"Sure thing~ I'll have that ready in just a-"

She stops.

No, she freezes.

"Is-" She hesitates.
"Is that..."

She quickly turns around to look at the person who just spoke.

"M-Mokou?!" She shouts.

"Yeah, what's-"

Mokou's response gets interrupted by Mystia reaching over the counter and grabbing Mokou in a very close hug.

"Thank god you're safe~" You can't see her face, but you can tell that she's crying.

"Woah, it's okay, Mystia."

"I was so worried~" She's trembling. Even without seeing her face, you can tell that she's crying.
"I looked everywhere for you~"

"I get it, I get it, now stop crying, okay?" Mokou says as she returns the embrace.

This continues for a few more minutes before they part. The whole time, Mokou wears the happiest smile you've ever seen her with.

Eventually they disengage.

"Where were you? What happened?" Mystia asks.

"We can talk about that later. Right now, I'm starving!"

The three of you chat about this and that as you eat. Despite everything that happened earlier, a winter day has never felt so warm, or sake tasted so sweet.


Even the best of things must come to an end.

Eventually, you and Mokou decide to make your leave, but not until after Mystia makes her promise to tell her the full story sometime later.

Not really sure of what else to do, you decide to head home. You could go visit a bar, but honestly, the buzz you got from bringing Mokou back to Mystia is stronger than anything alcohol could ever give you, and you don't want to drown it out with inebriation.

Before you get very far, though, Mokou stops you.

"Uh, John."


"I'm not sure how to ask this, but..." She hesitates. "Could I crash at your place tonight? Just for tonight. I'm pretty certain that I've been evicted for not being able to pay rent while I was in hiding, and I don't have any cash to rent a room. And I definitely don't want to go back to Eientei."

Well, you can certainly see where she's coming from. You honestly have no real reason to turn her down, so you accept.

"Sure, but my apartment's pretty small."

"That's fine. All I need is a spot on the floor to sleep on. I've done worse before."

When you make it back to your apartment, you don't do much besides catch a little of the news. You're well-fed, tired, and a little drunk. It doesn't take very long for you to decide to go to bed.

And, of course, you dream.

[ ] The clear, beautiful moon.
[ ] Vivid purple
[ ] Crimson red
>> No. 53974
[x] Crimson red
>> No. 53979
And I'll form the head! pick [x] The clear, beautiful moon.
>> No. 54050
Okay, the first choice to get a second vote wins, unless a majority is otherwise decided before I next check.
>> No. 54065
[x] Crimson red

changed my vote to this just to spite >>53979 who thinks he's oh so clever making a three way tie.
>> No. 54080
Her eyes open.

Clear crimson orbs staring up at the dark ceiling.

She's sick, absolutely tired, of waiting. No, not waiting. Waiting implies that it's consensual, that there's something at the end of it all. No, in a way, this is the opposite. It's not consensual, and if she does nothing about it, there won't be anything waiting at the end. All that will be there is this same dark room, filled with the same extravagant, expensive, and completely boring furniture and decorations, and solitude.

She looks over at her computer. Of course, she isn't completely isolated. She does own an equal share of the Scarlet Corporation to her sister, and it wouldn't do to completely cut her out of the decision-making process. Still, the computer doesn't provide much relief. She can weigh in her opinions and give instructions to the workers just fine. She can keep up with all the news, gossip, and entertainment that she wants. However, by now, that has becoming so tedious that you could almost call it meaningless.

It's not like she hasn't tried to socialize using the computer. However, it seems like every time she finds someone who enjoys talking to her, and who she enjoys talking to, they suddenly become cold and distant shortly after, and drift off.

It's almost certainly a result of her sister's meddling. No, it wasn't directly her sister's fault; Remilia wouldn't directly do something so hurtful to her sister. However, Remilia is a very outgoing type of person, and she loves it. You can't be outgoing and spend every minute taking care of your "insane" sister at the same time, no, that doesn't work. So instead she leaves it to other people, like the head maid and the librarian, who in turn leave it to yet other people. You can only get so far down the chain before you run into people who have no reason to care, and who are perfectly happy to just keep pushing a button so long as they keep getting paid for it, regardless of what pushing the button actually means.

She closes her eyes and sighs. If that's all there was to it, it would be fine. However, despite her sister's best efforts, rumors tend to spread. Rumors about how she used to be. How she was so dangerous, that the only thing that could be done is to lock her in the basement. She is not like that anymore, though.

But this clarity of thought only returned recently. In a way, you could say that it was because she remembered something, which thoroughly shook her to her foundations.

Yes, she was quite mentally out there at first. However, she remembered herself from a different time, a different place.

This her wasn't only insane. She wasn't simply dangerous or creepy or scary.

She was a monster.

In a way, remembering this broke her even more. She doesn't even know whether it's true or not, or if it was just the last delusion produced by a broken mind. However, it managed to break her just right so that she became sane.

She hates it. She was perfectly fine before, being locked up in her room. She didn't mind at all, and in fact she didn't even notice that something was wrong. Of course, she had tried to escape several times, but that wasn't out of a sense of confinement. Rather, she was just playing. It was just a game. She can remember the terrified expression that everyone had when she broke out. Remembering it hurts.

Being trapped in this room hurts. Being isolated from any potential socialization hurts. But, what hurts most of all, is remembering herself.

She can't stand it.

She knows what it was, though.

Shortly before her sister's ridiculous plan, she had invited a man over to have tea. This man had apparently saved the librarian's life, and her sister was quite grateful.

She herself, however, was quite ungrateful.

She doesn't know how or why, but the man's pure proximity caused her to start remembering things that she didn't want to remember. At first, her life before being confined to this room, and then her life before this life.

And she absolutely, positively hates the man for it.

She realizes that if she were to directly act on this feeling, it would do her no good. All it would do is reinforce the misconception that she is insane. Instead, she had to do it under the guise of it being for the corporation.

She hadn't expected the Lunarians or that phoenix woman to get involved.

She sits up in her bed.

She's had all that she can take of being locked away.

She doesn't want much. All she wants is for people to realize that she has changed.

But the only way for her to do that is to escape, and doing so would almost certainly guarantee that they would think the opposite.

She's backed into a corner. She knows that if she doesn't do something, she will break down, and she knows that it's unlikely that she'll be able to recover like she has this time. On the other hand, if she does do something, it's almost guaranteed to completely backfire.

She clenches her teeth.

No, she can't hesitate. She can't let herself break again. If there's even a slight chance of her succeeding and finding a way out, she must take it.

She stands up and walks over to her mirror, sitting down in a stool in front of it. The glass is shattered from one of her outbursts before she had recovered, but she can still see her face well enough in the darkness.

She stares into her own dark, deep red eyes as she begins to tie her blonde hair up into a ponytail on the side. She covers her body with a set of bright red clothes, and puts on a pair of crystal wings.

She has certainly never worn any of this in her life. She's owned it for a long time, of course, but this is never a type of clothing she would have worn. She certainly would never have worn these wings. They are so bright and colorful. They are disgusting.

But there are what she wore there, and so they are what she must wear here, even if only to give herself the courage to do what she must.

She walks over to the door. From this side, it looks very pretty. It's decorated to look like an ornate wooden dore of French design, just like the rest of the mansion. But that only hides its true nature. She's seen the door from the other side from the security cameras. It isn't an ornate, beautiful wooden door at all, it's an incredibly thick steel door designed to stop powerful bomb blasts.

She clearly shouldn't be able to do anything to this door. While she certainly isn't weak, she's been locked up in a room for most of her life. There's no way someone like her could even dent this thing. Even the wooden facade should be incredibly difficult for someone of her petite build to damage.

And yet, she knows that she can.
She remembers herself doing so quite reguarly in a different life. Gigantic, heavy steel doors several stories tall and meters thick which should have been able to stop a train bent and tore with her lightest touch.

While that kind of power is certainly beyond her grasp, she can at the very least force this door meant to handle normal bombs.

She touches the door with her hand and takes a breath, taking a moment to gather herself before she takes action.

Her eyes faintly begin to glow.

She begins to push on the door.

At first nothing happens, but the harder she pushes, the brighter her eyes glow, and the harder she can push it still.

The door starts making funny noises. The wooden parts of the facade starts to crack and break under the pressure. Finally, the concrete walls holding the door in place fail, and the door flies forward with a loud, satisfying slamming noise. The air fills with dust from the concrete walls, faintly colored red by the dimming light from her glowing eyes.

She smiles.

>> No. 54081
You wake up feeling refreshed.

The second you open your eyes, you've completely forgotten your dream, but it leaves you with a feeling of liberation, of escape. You get a feeling that you were dreaming of being locked up in a jail cell or something like that, and found a way to escape.

Well, whatever it was, it's unimportant. What matters is that you feel good.

What also matters is that something smells good. Very good. Sitting up from your spot on the floor, you see Mokou taking advantage of your kitchen.

"Ah, you're awake. Good, breakfast is almost done." She goes back to cooking.

Ahh, you had completely forgotten that you had let Mokou stay the night until she can find a place of her own. She only asked for one night, but to be honest, you're willing to let he stay as long as it takes.

She's saved your life several times, after all.

Chances are high that you will be helping her with various things today. While it's almost certain that she's been evicted from her apartment after several months of no payments, there's still a possibility that they've decided to let her stuff be until someone expresses interest in renting an apartment. After all, there's no sense in paying movingmen to come and remove everything if you aren't even sure whether the apartment is going to be used for a while.

...Yeah, that's wishful thinking. It's almost guaranteed that her stuff is long gone, auctioned off to someone or simply thrown to the trash. But, after last night's dream, you can't help but feel hope.

Anyway, with Mokou taking care of breakfast, that decreases the number of things which you need to do.

[ ] Shower, brush your teeth, etc.
[ ] Check on Nemo.
[ ] Just watch television for now while waiting for breakfast. No need to get up and do anything right away.
>> No. 54082
File 137654226953.jpg- (7.99KB , 640x480 , The moon is so----beautiful-----.jpg ) [iqdb]

All your doing is giving me two legs instead~

Just having a little harmless fun. Besides, I would've voted for the moon regardless. Pic related
>> No. 54111
[x] Check on Nemo.
>> No. 54112
[x] Check on Nemo.
>> No. 54129
That point of view... Just how much does it tell about Gensokyo?
>> No. 54188
Obviously, the first thing to do in the morning is to check on your plant.

Honestly, you were a little worried when it started cooling down, but Nemo seems to be taking it with stride. While his blooms haven't really fully opened up for a while now, he makes up for it with a very healthy green glow on his stems, and plenty of growth in terms of leaves.

...Okay, you're making that all up. You really have no idea what counts as a "healthy green glow" or if such a thing really exists, or whether Nemo's rate of leaf growth is any different from what it was during the summer.
It doesn't matter! You're taking care of him.

"What're you doing?"

Mokou's voice snaps you out of it, and you realize that you may have been paying a little too much attention to your plant.

"Uh," You try and think of an excuse. "Just taking care of my plant. I have a neighbor who'd kill me if I didn't."

Well, it's true, but it doesn't really explain what you were doing.

"...Okay. Breakfast is ready."

And you thankfully eat. You were secretly hoping that it was some of her delicious yakitori, but of course you don't have any chicken in your fridge at all. That isn't to say that it isn't good, though. These are probably the best pancakes you've ever eaten outside of a restaurant. Hell, if it weren't for the all-around lacking that your studio apartment kitchen and minimal ingredient selection affords, you're sure she could have pulled off pancakes better than any restauruant's.

"Wow, this is delicious." You complement Mokou on her cooking.

"This is nothing. Wait until you see what I can do with a proper kitchen."

"I look forward to it." You respond.

This is a perfect opportunity to tease her a little.

"You know, you'd make a great w-"

"Finish that sentence and you'll be limping for the rest of the day." She smiles while coolly threatening you.

Damn. That would have worked out so well, too.

Breakfast goes by pleasantly. She asks you a few questions about what's happened in the city while she's been locked up. Of course, she knows the important things from the news, but there's no way to know about the new shops and eateries without walking around or asking someone, and she was kinda locked out of both of those options.

When you're finished eating, you decide to thank her by letting her use the shower first.

"Nah." She refuses without even a second of thought. "Go ahead. I don't have anything to change into anyway, so I was going to wait until you left for work or whatever so I can wash my clothes as well."

Well, that's a perfectly reasonable line of thought, but you don't really have to be anywhere for work. Oh well, you have no real reason to refuse a girl her space. You're sure you can figure out something to do.

So, you take your shower first. You make absolutely certain that you remember to grab everything you'll need before stripping down. That's not an awkward situation that you think you would enjoy very much.

After getting yourself nice and clean and dressed, you decide that it's time to start your day.

"Well, I'll be heading out of here. Feel free to help yourself to anything."

"Kay. See ya."

However, you are unexpectedly stopped in your tracks when you open your door.

There happened to be a girl standing outside, just about to knock.

"Ah. Good morning, John." She steps back and politely bows in greeting to you.

"Uh." This is an unexpected sight. You wouldn't have been very surprised if it was Rin or Reimu. It might have shocked you a little if it had been Remilia or someone from Eientei. However, this came completely out of left field.
"Good morning, Youmu." You respond in kind.

...She doesn't even live in Gensokyo City. In fact, you haven't seen her at all since that time you helped Youmu shortly after moving here.

She reaches into her pocket and pulls out an envelope.

"I was told to give this to you." She says as she holds it out very politely, as if it were a business card. You accept the envelope. Wouldn't be the first time Enpen used some weird roundabout way to send you a message. Happened all the time before you moved here.

"Thank you." You accept the letter. Opening it, you read the contents.

"Good morning, John."

That's a pretty good guess. It so far has been quite a good morning.

"An old friend of mine expressed an interest in visiting Gensokyo City for a while. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a suitable place for her to stay, so until I do, she will be in your care.

Love, Yukari~♥

P.S. Enclosed is some cash for your trouble."

Wait, what.

You read the letter again. When you finish, you think you feel a headache coming on.

You look up at the girl. She meets your eyes and bows.
"I'll be in your care."

...Shit. There's absolutely no way you can say no at this point.

"And I in yours as well." You return the bow.

Now that that's over with...

"Hey, what's going on?" Mokou's voice comes from behind you.

You figure that you might be able to figure out for yourself if you explain it to someone, so you try to do just that.

"Mokou, this is Youmu. Youmu, Mokou. Apparently Youmu's going to be staying here for a while."


"Well, come inside, I guess." You gesture for Youmu to come in. You don't want to leave her out in the cold. Or keep the open any longer.

You decide to just go with the flow for now. You'll figure everything out when you get a moment to think.

That said, you should decide what to do next.

[ ] Head out somewhere.
-[ ] Deliver the documents to Yukari.
-[ ] Visit the shrine.
-[ ] Go for a walk before deciding what to do.

[ ] Write-in
>> No. 54192
[x] Head out somewhere.
-[x] Deliver the documents to Yukari.

John's life is certainly getting complicated.
>> No. 54202
[x] Head out somewhere.
-[x] Deliver the documents to Yukari.
>> No. 54318
[x] Head out somewhere.
-[x] Deliver the documents to Yukari.

At least it's one less thing to worry about, and he can probably think of some way of explaining the situation while delivering the documents. (Thankfully it doesn't really seem like Mokou's kind of humor to cause misunderstandings in a situation like this.)
>> No. 54379
File 137696925668.png- (720.91KB , 980x972 , 282aa2a47bae4485d15a7bc6ad58660f.png ) [iqdb]
And a long weekend at work over. I now have two extra hours of pay and one extra blister that I normally wouldn't have at the end than I normally would have. Fun times.


You think you're starting to understand why you've been so tired. At first it didn't seem like much, but you've been having a lot piled on your plate. Finish one and two more things get piled on. In other words, it's probably just stress. Actually, that explains a few other things as well, like your sudden fear up at the shrine, and what happened when you were reading those documents alone yesterday morning.

...Yeah. If that's the case, then your first priority should be getting your obligations taken care of and off your back. And really, you should take care of those documents before anything else.

"Well, I think I'll head out." You announce.

Mokou nods. "See you."

Youmu, on the other hand, asks a question.
"May I ask where you were going?"

"I just have some documents to deliver to Yukari." You explain.

"Ah. May I come with you, then? I haven't gotten to see her yet."

"Sure." You don't really see any reason why not.

And so the two of you leave.


You arrive at the Enpen building and find it a bit more busy than you had remembered. Ah, right, another batch of employees has moved into Gensokyo City. You're somewhat happy to see that at least a number of them seem to be normal. White shirts and black dress pants aren't something you've seen in large numbers in a while, and it's kinda comforting. A couple of them meet eyes with you and show an expression of relief that not everyone in the city is crazy. You give them a knowing nod.

Getting off the elevator, you make your way to Yukari's private office. After knocking, Ran calls you in. Of course, her position is far from being a simple secretary, but to anyone who didn't know this, that's what it would seem like, with the office separated into two sections, the one with the entrance containing Ran's desk with Yukari's behind a (presumably soundproof) divider.

"Ah, you're here, John. Oh, and Miss Konpaku. Welcome to Gensokyo City! Yukari will be just a minute; she's currently in a videoconference with a member of the board of directors. Feel free to take a seat and help yourselves to some tea as you wait."

You notice a hot water dispenser, as well as several varieties of both bagged and loose-leaf tea. Must be nice to be able to have something this convenient at arm's reach while at work...
Well, technically you do. But then, you're also technically at work wherever you are.

Seeing how cold it was outside, the hot tea is a welcome relief. You selected an interesting-sounding black tea blend. Youmu goes for your regular old standard sencha green tea.
Wow, this is pretty good. Far from what you'd normally expect to see as refreshments in most offices. So this is what it's like to visit the CEO of a large company.

Before you've had much of a chance to talk, Yukari's door swings open, and she steps out, stretching.

"Ahhh, that was such a pain. Those geezers just won't get off my ba-" She notices you.
"Oh, John, Youmu, welcome!" She sees the envelope you're carrying in your hands. "Ah. John and I have something we must discuss in private for a moment. Please excuse us." Youmu nods, and you follow Yukari back into her office, closing the door behind you and taking a seat across the desk from her and giving her the documents.

After leafing through them for a moment, she nods. "Good, everything looks to be in order. Say, did you happen to look through them at all?"

Thankfully, you're capable of telling the truth here.
...But that's because the other documents had you too freaked out before you could even start on these. Damn stress-induced hallucinations.

"I see. Good. They probably would have only bored you. How about the other documents, the ones you delivered to Kaguya? Did you learn anything interesting when you read them?"

"Well, I-"
You hold yourself back for a moment.
She didn't just ask you if you read them. The way she said that implies that she already knows you've read them.

She probably just talked to Kaguya about it. Yeah, that's probably it.

"Well, I didn't really learn anything interesting about the company."
You're not sure you want to just come out and say what you're really thinking.

"Oh? Then you learned something interesting that wasn't about the company?"
God damn it, Yukari.

Well, she's almost bluntly asking you about it. You don't think it would be a good idea to brush her off.
"I may have learned a two or thing about you."

"So you read the letter, then?" She phrases this as a question, but her eyes tell you that it's just a formality. She's known that you've read the letter since before this conversation started.


"So," She says as she sits back in her chair. "What did you think? Do you think I'm crazy? Delusional? Do I have an overactive imagination? Am I just another one of this city's 'cultists' as you would call them, trying desperately to prove her religion? Or,"

She leans forward, staring you straight in the eyes. You think that they seem to have a faint golden glow to them, but that must just be your imagination.

"Do you believe in me?"

[ ] Yes.
[ ] No.

.>input reason(s) and reasoning

Please do include something for the .>input, as it will influence how the next part is written and what will happen in the future.
>> No. 54382
[x] Yes.
-[x] Considering the things I've seen and heard, it's starting to become easy to believe in odd things.

Does John know about Yuuka still being abnormally strong (considering she threw a dumpster at someone)
>> No. 54384
[x] Yes.
-Given that there cannot be definitive proof either disproving or proving your existence (re: Hume's problem of induction meaning there can't be any causational claims based upon empirical evidence), only preference can decide whether or not you exist. I choose to believe in you, even if only because there is no reason not to believe reality couldn't be a bit fantastic every now and then.
>> No. 54441
You think about it for a moment.

"Your eyes were just glowing." You respond.

Her response is a look of surprise.

"The eye illustration on the letter we're talking about blinked at me. I had a sudden sense of dread as I was about to leave the shrine." You continue. "Yeah, considering the things I've seen and heard, it's starting to become easy to believe in odd things."

You honestly don't even know if you believe any of this yourself. Maybe you just need some more sleep. But, well... You might as well just roll with it.

"Yes. There really isn't any conclusive evidence either way. But for now, given what I've seen and felt, I will believe you until I have a reason not to."

You say it so confidently, but inside you really don't have very much confidence at all.

"Oh?" She pulls out her fan and uses it to hide her face.
"So, in other words," She pauses, "You don't really believe it?"


"I just said-"

"Shush, John." She says, folding the fan back up and revealing a smile. "There is a difference between believing and being open to believe. Many people are very open to believe a lot of things, but few actually believe them." She returns the fan to her pocket and stands up.
"That's all I really had to discuss with you, in private at least. Shall we return to the other room?"

"...Yeah." You're honestly not sure how to feel about this whole conversation. You already had a lot on your mind, and this just adds to it.

You follow Yukari back out into Ran's office, where you find Youmu patiently waiting and Ran working.

"Youmu~ It's been too long." She walks over to greet the silver-haired girl.

"Yes, it's been a-"
Yukari wraps her arms around the girl.
"Y-Yukari-sama, what are you doing?"

"Oh, Youmu. There's no need to be so polite. You may have been Yuyuko's servant, but that's no reason why we can't be friends. I'm sure she would say the same thing, too. She asked me to look after you after all!"

"Y-Yes, Yukari-sama."

Yukari responds, playfully, "Now, what did I just say ab-"

But gets interrupted by a stress ball flying into the back of her head.
"Yukari, leave the poor girl alone. You're bothering her." Ran calmly tells Yukari off without even looking at her screen.

This is...Wow. It doesn't even feel like you're in an office right now, but rather inside of someone's home.

"Oh, come on Ran, she's so fun to mess with. Can't I just-"


"Aww." Yukari looks deflated, and your image of her has changed considerably.

She perks back up quickly enough, though.

The two of you find seats so that you may discuss things comfortably.

"Youmu, welcome to Gensokyo City. Is it what you expected?"

Youmu ponders for a moment before answering. "It's a little stranger than I had imagined. Still, it seems to be a wonderful place."

"Good, good." Her expression becomes slightly more serious.
"Actually, I must admit that I wasn't being exactly truthful when I told you of your living arrangements, Youmu."

"Eh?" The girl looks confused.

"Well, I told you that you would be staying with John until I could make further arrangements, yes? That was a straight up lie."

"What?" The two of you ask at the same time.

Yukari once again covers her expression with her fan.
"Actually, your interest in visiting Gensokyo City was quite convenient for me. You see, what I actually had in mind was for you to be John's bodyguard."


"What?" You once again both ask in unison.

"Why do I need a bodyguard?" You ask, completely confused.

"Oh, John, don't be silly. Don't tell me you haven't realized your position here. You're almost as important as the board of directors. It wouldn't do for someone to try and threaten you based on your position. And besides, it's not like you can say your private life has been perfectly safe either."

...Yeah. You remember being nearly killed by Remilia's underlings. Someone could have really gotten hurt if one of those doll girl's bombs got a little too close when they went off. You did manage to piss off the street gangs that hang up around the mountain. And, of course, you were also threatened with a very dangerous-looking sword by the girl who is ironically now apparently your bodyguard.


"So, you'll be living together from now on."




"In the same apartment as I have been?"

"Yes, why?" Yukari asks as though she doesn't know exactly what the problem is.
Her expression doesn't lie, though. She knows exactly what the problem is.

"Yukari?" Ran says as she reaches into a drawer.

"Yes, Ran?" Yukari asks.

"Don't cause problems for other people!" She smacks Yukari right in the back of the head with a paper fan.

The conversation from this point turns a little more normal. Yukari explains a bunch of things about Gensokyo City that you wish had been explained to you when you first moved here, like the basics of the spellcard rules and a rundown of some of the important figures. Overall, it's a very normal conversation, but it's really what you needed. It helps you to get your head back on straight, at least.

By the time you're done, you've managed to clear your head. Despite everything, you once again feel alright. Of course, there's a nagging feeling in the back of your head that even without Yukari's involvement, in Gensokyo City, that's just a sign that something annoying is going to happen pretty soon.

...Oh well. That's fine. An annoying thing or two isn't a big deal. Or, rather, you feel that life here would be pretty boring if nothing happened. Of course, you've made a lot of friends that you can have a good time with even if nothing particularly interesting happened, but really, you probably wouldn't have met them without these things happening. You get a feeling that if you hadn't gotten into any trouble, you'd be living quite alone. Thinking back at your first reaction to the city, you can't help but wonder if you would have barricaded yourself in your apartment, turning it into your personal fortress.

But, the day is too short to just sit and reminisce. You have a decent number of things to do, and a finite amount of time to do it. You kinda want to give Youmu a bit of a tour of the city if she's going to be your bodyguard. Introduce her to everyone and such. But at the same time, if Youmu's going to be living with you, you should at least get another futon for her. The same goes for Mokou; she may have been fine sleeping on the floor, but you'd prefer to avoid that if you can.

...Man, the apartment's going to be pretty crazy now. That's fine.

On that note, though, MOkou could probably use some clothes. It also wouldn't hurt to try and see if you can recover any of the stuff from her apartment.

[ ] Show Youmu around.
-[ ] Specify the first destination to take her to.

[ ] It's time to go shopping.
-[ ] Just go with Youmu for no.
-[ ] Head back to the apartment and pick up Mokou first.

[ ] Or perhaps a clever write-in?
>> No. 54553
The first vote by the next time I check wins unless a majority is otherwise decided.
>> No. 54558
[x] It's time to go shopping.
- [x] Take Mokou with, and go to some eatery aside from Mystia's
>> No. 54615
In the end, though, making sure that everyone can live comfortably comes first. This means that futon shopping comes first. And getting some spare clothes for Mokou so you don't have to be sent out of the apartment while she's cleaning the only set she has.

"Well, Youmu, we should probably go shopping. My apartment currently isn't set up very well to house three people. We at least need to buy a couple of futons, and there's probably a few other things we should pick up as well." You explain your decision ot Youmu.

"Agreed." She nods.

"And while we're at it, we should probably take Mokou with us. I'm sure she has some shopping to do as well." You decide not to get too deep into specifics without her with you.

Once again, Youmu nods.

The walk back to the apartment goes mostly quietly. You enjoy the late morning atmosphere while Youmu takes in the sights of Gensokyo City. It looks as though she still isn't used to seeing this many people dressed like this, even though her own appearance fits in quite well.

After a while you decide to spark up a conversation.

"So what are your feelings on this arrangement?" You get a feeling that being stuffed into a studio apartment with a man she doesn't know isn't exactly what she had in mind when she told Yukari she was interested in visiting Gensokyo City.

"It's...interesting. I'm not sure what to think."

Good to know that you're pretty much on the same page.
"Still, staying with someone you fought with in the past is pretty strange, right?"

Her eyes flash wide and a guilty expression covers her face.
Before you can stop her, she runs up in front of you, turns around, and bows deeply to you.
"I'm sorry for the trouble I caused you two that day."
Her eyes are closed very tightly. Her face shows a very determined, sincere, extremely serious expression.

You might say too serious.

So, you simply reach up and pat her on the head.

"Wha-" She reacts in surprise, so you remove her hand before you get her too flustered.

"It's okay." You reassure her. "I've been involved in worse incidents since then, and in the end, after everything's over, everyone becomes friends."
You pause for a second.
"...Well, the Moriya Shrine still seems to have a bit of a rivalry going on with the Hakurei Shrine, but it's all friendly."

She raises herself back into a normal standing position.
"Ah, the Hakurei Shrine is Reimu's right?" You nod. "And the Moriya Shrine is the one that showed up and tried to force Reimu to shut hers down?"


She pauses for a moment.
"A they insane?" She asks, completely deadpan. "I remember fighting her. I've been training with a sword all my life, and there's just no way..."

"Well, that's how it works here in Gensokyo City." You explain. "If you're really strong, you can expect a lot of challenges from people of all level of skill."

"I see."

"But still, my point is that you don't need to be too worried about that. Let bygones by bygones. I can tell that you don't have any ill intent, and that's good enough for me to forgive you."

"Ah." She once again bows, this time just a short quick one. "Thank you."

You scratch the back of your head. Is she this serious all the time? You think you're starting to see why Yukari likes messing with her...

The two of you resume walking.

"While we're talking about the city, is there anything you'd like to know more about?" You ask her.

"Actually, yes. Yukari said that you're friends with the owner of Yagokoro Pharmaceuticals."

"Yeah, Eirin and I are friends. why?"

"One of the reasons I wanted to visit Gensokyo City was to speak with her. I've been ill with an unknown disease for a while now. I was hoping that Gensokyo City's genius doctor might be able to help."

You stop.
"You're sick?" Well, that was about the bluntest way to put it.

Youmu doesn't seem to mind, though, and just answers normally.
"Yes. I've been ill since before Lady Yuyuko died. Right now I feel fine, but there are weeks when it takes all that I have just to get out of bed. I've visited many doctors from across Japan, and none of them have been able to figure out what it is."

"Wow, I'd never have guessed. But yeah, I'll have to introduce you to Eirin sometime soon."

"It would be very much appreciated." She once again bows.

It's only about a minute more before you arrive at the apartment.
Deciding not to fall into a deadly trap that kills thousands of male protagonists every year, you decide to knock. It's only a one-room apartment after all, and it's possible that Mokou's clothes are still drying.

"Just a minute!" You hear her yell from inside. After a moment, the door opens.

"Oh, you're back." She pauses. "...Why did you knock? It's your apartment."

You give a nervous laugh.
"Nevermind that, we're going shopping for futons, and you could probably use some spare clothes. Don't worry, I can cover you until you get your cart back up and running."

"Cool. Let's get going, then."

So you do.

Shopping goes fairly smoothly and uneventfully.

The first place you go is clothes shopping, since you figure that hauling the futons around while you're shopping wouldn't be the best idea. You decide to let the two girls do their own thing while you went off and browsed clothing for yourself. You don't really particularly need any more clothes, so it's really just something to pass the time, but that's fine.

When you run into the two of them, you find that Mokou has pretty much bought the same type of clothing as she always wears. Youmu seems to have refrained from actually buying anything. Apparently she has a shipment coming from her home with her clothes and other personal effects, so she should be fine, is her excuse.

After you're done, you find a place to eat. Not wanting to get too complex, you find a nice ramen shop. Not exactly high-class, but you've heard good things about the place. They turn out to be true, and Youmu and Mokou seem to agree, so you think it works out just fine.

Next, the futons. Thankfully you remembered seeing a futon shop, so you were able to get a pretty good deal on them. Youmu paid for hers, and despite your insistance that you would like to have a spare futon anyway, Mokou insisted on paying you back eventually for hers as well.

After all that's done, you decide to just head back home. It was enough of a pain carrying around the futons while you were shopping, no need to keep it up for longer than you absolutely need to.

So, you spend the time talking. Thankfully it seems that Mokou and Youmu get along just fine. Along the way, Mokou explains her situation to Youmu, of course leaving out the part about having been murdered. Instead, her excuse was that while she doesn't get along with Kaguya at all, she actually does get along pretty well with everyone else at Eientei, so they gave her a place to stay for a while. Of course, it fell apart when Kaguya found out about it. Close enough to the truth that It'll probably match anything Youmu may hear when you introduce her to Eirin later, but nothing too incriminating.

Of course, you're not exactly certain about the "gets along with everyone else" part. Sure, maybe AFTER she was resurrected, but the fact that it was Reisen, not Kaguya, that killed her can't so easily be forced out of your head. Then again, Mokou seems to be alright with the situation. Perhaps you should heed your own advice that you gave Youmu and not worry about it too much.

Alas, the place you happen to be walking through is Gensokyo City. And it wouldn't be Gensokyo City if you could walk around all day without running into some sort of situation.

"Oh ho, if it isn't the young upstart who foiled my plans."

You and Mokou freeze.

"Is that-" She asks.

"Remilia." You answer turning around.

You find with her hand in front of her mouth in that haughty ojou-sama-esque gesture, Sakuya standing behind her.

And no, that wasn't a quiet greeting. She shouted it loud enought that passersby have ceased to be passersby, and are instead stationary onlookers, staring at both your group and Remilia.

"I simply MUST challenge you to a rematch!" She points at you while smiling playfully.

"What's going on?" Youmu asks, confused.

"Gensokyo City is happening. Mokou explains to her. "I'd suggest trying not to get involved."

"Understood." The two of them retreat.

Wait, what?! Hey, don't just leave me alone out here!

Seeing that you're pretty taken aback, Sakuya explains the situation to you.

"Just play along." She says while smiling. "It'll go a lot smoother that way."

Wait, that wasn't an explanation at all!"


The match ended pretty quickly. Even with your stature, there's no way you could keep up with Remilia's speed. You'd even go as far as to call it unnatural. Not that you didn't see it turning out this way.

"My, it seems that I've taken my revenge!" God damn it Remilia, why does it have to be so much of a spectacle? Of course, you're sure that everyone in the city has heard (some version of) what happened from Aya's newspaper (cheap tabloid people only read for gossip), but shouldn't she be trying to play it down? She's practically playing up the fact that she was essentially a villain!

You're so very tempted to sigh. You hold it back, though, not wanting to give Remilia the satisfaction. You once again suddenly feel exhausted. Your life is a whirlwind. You just want to have ONE peaceful day, is that too much to ask for?

"I suppose then that I should impose a penalty on the loser, then." Remilia states with a grin.
"Let's see, what would a fitting punishment be? Oh dear, such a tough decision." She's acting. She already knows what she's going to have you do. You just wish you did, so you could brace yourself.
"Ah, I know. I'll have you come by the mansion and have a nice cup of tea. You can bring your friends too, if you'd like."


Wait, that isn't a bad thing at all. And here you were worried.
A cup of Sakuya's delicious tea would certainly make up for this.

You glance over at Mokou and Youmu. Mokou nods.

Guess that's been decided.

"Sure." You respond. "It's been a while. Catching up over a cup of tea sounds like a nice idea."

"Good, good. Sakuya, call the carriage over, would you?"

"Certainly." Sakuya pulls out her cellphone and sends off a text message. Moments later, a crimson red limousine pulls up.

Damnit, she had this planned the whole time, didn't she.

Unlike the rest of the travel you've engaged in today, the car ride is quite animated. Despite Remilia's social tendencies, however, the first person to talk is Youmu.

"What, exactly, is going on?" She asks, completley confused.

"Well, you see, dear," Remilia explains, "one day I decided to cause a lot of trouble for the city for my own personal gain." Youmu already looks taken aback. "John here was tasked by his employer to try and find a way to stop me, so a squad of hitmen were sent after him."


"What?" Youmu asks, alarmed.

"Yes. They were simply sent to bring him in so we could have a nice chat, but it looks like they took things a little too far and John almost ended up dead."

Youmu just looks shocked. She probably doesn't know what to say.

"Anyway, John and his friends, Miss Fujiwara here included, decided to take matters into their own hands, so they broke into my mansion and kidnapped my maid."

Youmu looks between Mokou and yourself. Mokou just shrugs.

"Anyway, they demanded that I engage them in a proper spellcard duel before they'd release her, so of course I had to comply. Reimu thoroughly thrashed me, and here we are."

Youmu just looks horrorstruck. The only thing you can tell her is "That's Gensokyo City for you." This doesn't seem to help.

After the conversation continues on to more normal subjects, she seems to calm down, but you still see a hint of confusion on her expression every time you glance at her.

Honestly, you can't blame her. For someone not used to Gensokyo City, that whole story is insane. If you weren't deeply involved in the whole thing, you'd be thoroughly searching the walls of the car for a hidden camera.

Eventually, the car pulls up to the gate of the mansion.

And you wait.

And wait.

"Sakuya, what's wrong?"

"It seems that China is absent." Remilia frowns. "Probably just taking another nap. I'll go wake-"

A loud noise coming from inside the mansion makes everyone in the car jump.

"Sakuya." Remilia states, expression serious.

"Already on it." Sakuya pulls out her phone and dials a number.

After a few rings, the phone gets picked up on the other side. You can hear a lot of noise on the other side.

"Patchouli, is everyth-"

Sakuya gets cut off by the librarian.

"Sakuya, she's escaped." The librarian says in a deadpan. "Meiling and I are inside trying to calm her down, but it doesn't seem to be working."

Sakuya's face fills with an expression of terror. Remilia's, as well, takes on an even more serious expression.

She looks to you and asks a question with more sincerity than you've ever seen her use before.

"I'm going to be blunt." She states. "We probably need all of the help we can get. I understand if you don't want to be involved, but any help you could give me in calming down my sister would be much appreciated. And rewarded."

[ ] Accept. At the very least, it sounds like Patchouli's running around in there. You can't help but imagine it triggering one of her episodes.
[ ] Refuse. You have no idea what's going on, but it even has Remilia spooked, and that idea terrifies you.
>> No. 54625
[x] Accept. At the very least, it sounds like Patchouli's running around in there. You can't help but imagine it triggering one of her episodes.
It's the right thing to do.
>> No. 54634
[x] Accept. At the very least, it sounds like Patchouli's running around in there. You can't help but imagine it triggering one of her episodes.

Well, there's only so much help you're going to be, but together with everyone's help things should be fine. Right?
>> No. 54665
[x] Accept. At the very least, it sounds like Patchouli's running around in there. You can't help but imagine it triggering one of her episodes.
>> No. 54668
[x] Accept. At the very least, it sounds like Patchouli's running around in there. You can't help but imagine it triggering one of her episodes.

Wouldn't want anything happening to dear Patchy now.
>> No. 54669
"I don't have any idea what's going on, but I'll do what I can. At the very least, I'm worried about Patchouli. What if this were to trigger an episode."

Remilia's expression turns very grim.
"...Yes, you're right. that would be absolutely terrible. Thank you, John. You have no idea how much this means to me."

Youmu also speaks up. "I as well can lend-"
And gets cut off by Mokou. "You weren't planning on leaving me out of this, were you?"

Remilia nods. "Thank both of you as well. Now, let us hurry. I hate to think about what's going on inside."


The scene in front of you is unbelievable.

You can tell that they had cleaned up and repaired all of the damage to this entryway area already. You can clearly remember there being a dent at the top of the stairs where Reimu nearly clocked you with one of her orbs, a dent which is now missing.

Instead, there are dozens of new scars on the walls, some of them deeper.

Everyone, Remilia, stares on at the scene dumbstruck.

The girl you recognize from the fight with Remilia as Meiling engages a girl even younger-looking that remilia with full force.

The martial artist is truly a master of her art. In fights where all that matters is the beauty and skill of one's technique, you get the feeling that Meiling would win out over most anyone else in Gensokyo City. She launches at the girl with a dizzying flurry of jabs, carefully and artfully thrown by both her feet and her arms, mixing techniques from many styles together. Additionally, your own training tells you that the pure force behind each attack isn't nothing to sneeze at either; each blow is at least as powerful as your carefully trained smash attack, if not more. The blows fly at a speed so fast that it's hard for your eyes to keep up from a distance.

And yet, the young girl evades or blocks them as if they were nothing. Not even putting up a sweat, or wearing an expression of difficulty.

After an incredible sweeping kick which was simply hopped over as if it were nothing, Meiling throws a feint. Her attack seems to fly exactly the same way as some of the others she was using before did, but it jerks at the last minute, flying to the exact spot where the young girl would dodge to.

The girl raises her hand and stops the blow, which would have certainly broken through cinderblocks.

She doesn't catch it, or block it, she simply stops it. With an open hand stretched out.

With a flick of her wrist, Meiling is sent flying into the far wall.

Your body goes numb. What you've just witnessed is clearly impossible.

The girl turns to look at your group.

"Oh, beloved sister, you're back. And you've brought guests." She speaks emotionlessly with a blank expression while walking towards you.

Remilia glances at you and whispers. "Go help Patchy. I'll take care of my sister."

You nod. Looking off in the distance, you find the librarian lying still on the ground and rush over to help.

"Oh, sister dearest, you shouldn't worry about her. She's just been put to bed for a while." You hear the younger sister state as you rush over.

"Flandre," Remilia responds, "If you don't calm down, I'm going to have to put you into time out again. You don't want that, do you?"

"Time out?" The younger sister laughs emotionlessly. "You say that as if my entire life hasn't just been one big time out."

From what you can tell, Patchouli is more or less fine. At the very least, she seems to be breathing properly, but she's been knocked out cold. She should still certainly see a doctor, but at least it isn't as urgent anymore.

"I'm calling Eirin." Mokou states, pulling a cellphone from her pocket and dialing a number.

"Yeah. For now, we should ask her what the next step should be.

"Come, Flandre. Everything I do is for your own good." Remilia speaks as if talking to a child.

"Yes, my wise older sister, it was for my own good." Now that you've at least ensure that Patchouli isn't liable to die any second, you've returned your focus to the confrontation near the doorway. Remilia appears to be deeply pained, and Sakuya just looks plain terrified, but she's standing strong.

"But not anymore. I have changed. Have you not as well?" She asks, pointing at her sister. "In the past, you wouldn't have been willing to negotate with anyone, even if your dear personal maid's life were at stake. Why, older sister, I wonder what might have caused such a change." Remilia's expression darkens.

"What do you-" Remilia tries to respond, but gets cut off as her sister appears next to her in a flash.

"wha-" Remilia looks gives an astonished expresion at the ridiculous speed with which her sister appeared in front of her, but it quickly gets wiped away as she is effortlessly sent flying. Remilia catches herself and lands gracefully, but she still looks shocked.

"Why are you doing this, Flandre?" She asks.

"Why indeed." Flandre responds. "Perhaps to show you that I need no longer be caged up and hidden from the world like a criminal? Or perhaps to put an end to my own suffering? To be honest, sister, I cannot be sure. All I know is that it was either this, or once again go insane."

"What are you talking about?"

"I wonder. But for now, what I must do is clear."

Remilia's reaction is to launch an offensive of her own. With the same blinding speed she used when fighting Reimu, she closes the distance to her sister.

But it isn't enough. She blocks her sister's attack with one hand.
And then grabs Remilia's wrist.
Her sister's expression falls to pure shock as Flandre pulls back her arm and throws a devastating blow at her sister, sending Remilia flying clear into the wall with enough force to make a loud noise.

Remilia lets out a groan in pain.
"Now, sister dearest, don't try to tell me that you can't simply shrug off so light an attack as that. You do remember that you are the Young Descendent of Tepes, do you not? Or was that a lie, a convenient excuse for a more sinister motive?"

Remilia looks horrified at the implication.

"There's no way-"

"Then prove it to me." Flandre takes a step forward towards her sister.

Remilia struggles to regain her footing.

"I suppose that you can't." She turns.

And begins walking towards you.

"Now, I just have one more thing to take care of."

Her eyes start to glow.
Not the faint glow that seemed that Yukari's eyes gave off, a glow faint enough to make you think it was a hallucination.

[BGM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8ACd6GarPg]

A bright, crimson red glow.

In an instant, she crosses the entire distance of the room to where you're standing.

"..." She doesn't say anything, just stares at you coldly.

Your blood feels like ice.

She takes a step closer.

Youmu's hand immediately shoots to the sword at her side.

Flandre flashes her an irritated expression. Before the girl can react, Flandre's closed the distance between them and sent her flying.

Youmu struggles to feet, drawn sword in hand.

With an uninterested look, Flandre returns her attention to you.

"Because of you, I can now think clearly. So, I must thank you." She flashes a smile filled with malice.
"But, at the same time, you're also responsible for making me remember who I once was. The younger sister of an aristocrat with a history of throwing fits. Before they locked me in the basement, I had already hospitalized several workers and nearly killed a few more. My thoughts were chaotic and disordered. The only thing I could do was to lash out. These are terrible, painful memories which haunt me and will likely continue to do so for the rest of my life."

She pauses and frowns.
"But those memories are nothing compared to what you caused me to remember."

You can't move. Her deep, red crimson eyes staring into your own causes you to freeze.

"I remembered myself from a different world. I remembered being locked up, not in a containment cell, but a bunker. A great, thick steel prison that held me for hundreds of years. I can only remember bits and pieces, but what I do remember is terrible enough to make a person suffer."

Mokou appears uneasy, as if remembering something

The crystals on her wings begin to glow, filling the room with an eerie light.

"I remember screams of anguish from people who were unlucky enough to be sent to my room. Some of them slowly broken until they simply stopped moving. Some of them being reduced to a fine red mist, and some whose fate would be too terrible to mention."

She starts slowly moving towards you.j

"I remember being a monster. And it's all because of you." Her expression turns to one of pure hatred.

You don't have enough time to react before she's reached you.

Youmu prepares to attack with her sword. She is not fast enough.

Mokou move to block her. She is not fast enough.

Even your own body moves in a reflex of self preservation. Your adrenaline-charged reactions are almost frozen compared to the girl's speed.

Her nails, now glowing red, fly straight towards your neck.

You're going to die. This is the only thought that your brain can produce.

Just as your throat is about to be shredded, a bright red spear of light slams into Flandre from the side, throwing her into and through the wall.

[BGM: none]

A furious Remilia stands, her arm extended.

She looks back across the room, where she was barely struggling to stay upright a fraction of a second ago, with shock.

Then she looks to her hands.


The ambulance arrives shortly. Apparently Eirin had caught on to how dangerous the situation was, because Reimu has also shown up.

You're still shaking by the time that they get both Patchouli, who Remilia said was in stable condition, and Flandre, who despite being unconscious somehow looked unscathed after being launched through a solid stone wall, into an ambulance. Thankfully, everyone else, including Meiling, appear to be uninjured, and are treated on location by the nurses who came to help.

After everything that happened, no one had anything to say. Remilia offered to arrange for you a ride home, which you gladly accepted. Both yourself, Youmu, and Mokou wanted nothing else but to go home and sleep.

[ ] The clear, beautiful moon.
[ ] Vivid purple.
[ ] Soft rouge.
>> No. 54670
[x] Soft rouge.
Don't forget to update your other story, Jerl. We will be watching.
>> No. 54671
[x] Soft rouge.
>> No. 54704
[x] Vivid purple.
>> No. 54725
The younger sister groggily awakens to the sound of a sliding door opening. Opening her eyes, she finds her gaze met by a pair of golden eyes.

The blond speaks.
"Good morn-"

"!!" The smaller blonde reacts with a start, backing all the way up to the headboard.

"Oh, did I surprise you? I must apologize." The woman says with a soft smile while reaching over to press a button on the wall.

"Who are you?" The vampire asks in a suspecting tone.

"Me? I'm Yakumo Yukari. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Miss Scarlet."

The girl narrows her eyes. "And what does the owner of Enpen want with me? Or are you just here to examine the crazy younger Scarlet sister like an animal in a zoo?" She asks defensively.

"Now, now, Flandre. We both know that you aren't crazy." Yukari smiles warmly. "Now, how are you feeling?"

"...After taking an attack like that at point blank, how do you think I feel?"

"Fair enough. But I was more referring to how you're feeling emotionally."

"What do you mean?" The girl asks, confused.

"Well, you were under quite a great deal of stress, after all. Do you feel better now that you've let it out?"

"...No." The girl answers with a straight face.

"Not even a little bit?"

"Miss Yakumo-" The girl starts to respond, but the woman stops her.

"Yukari is fine~"

"...Yukari. I. Am. A monster. How could I possibly feel better about that? There's no way I could, right?" She glares coldly at the woman, who continues to smile warmly.

"Now, Flandre. I'll have you know that you're certainly not a monster."

A hint of anger flashes across the girl's face. "And what the hell do you know about-"

"I remember that place too, you know." Yukari's reaction stops Flandre's outburst. "How much do you remember, dear?"

"I remember enough."

"Only bits and pieces then, am I right?"


"As I thought. It isn't a surprise that the first memories to surface are the most painful memories, the ones that made the biggest impact."


"What I remember is quite different. I remember a sweet girl, who, despite her immense power and difficulty handling interactions with others, was doing her best to learn to fit in and be normal." The sound of quickly approaching footsteps can be heard. "That's hardly what I would call a monster."


The girl's speech is interrupted by her door slamming open.

The woman deftly avoids the older sister, who has jumped into the air to engage her younger sister in a tackle hug.

"Wha-" The young girl reacts in surprise.

"Are you okay?!" The older sister asks with a worried tone. "I swear, I didn't mean to- I mean, you were doing something wrong, but-"
She then looks down at her younger sister, whose expression is a mixture of confusion, surprise, and distresse.
She immediately lets go of the frightened girl, face turning red.
"I-I'm sorry!" She repeats, stammering.

"Oh my, this isn't good. My mental image of the older sister is slipping." The woman states playfully while hiding her smile behind a paper fan.

Remilia immediately turns red. She then forcefully composes herself and turns to face the older blonde.

"Oh, I didn't notice that you were there. Was I interrupting something, Miss Yakumo?"

"Remi, Remi, how many times must I tell you? Just Yukari is fine. But no, by all means, the older sister has much more of a right to her than a stranger. But please, just let me watch, as this is quite heartwarming."

The older sister raises an eyebrow, but quickly returns her attention to her younger sister.

"Flan, are you feeling okay?"

"You threw me through a solid wall with a spear of light."

"I'm sorry!" The older sister once again grips the younger sister in a hug.

The younger sister just sighs. She's never seen her older sister act like this. Ever. She thinks that her own mental image of her sister is being broken even worse than that of the woman watching in amusement.

"I'm fine, Remilia."

"Oh, thank goodness." The older sister appears quite relieved. "I was so worried that I couldn't... I'm just so happy that you're okay."

"Remilia." The younger sister interrupts her older sister's smothering level of relief. "You were able to use your spear. Does this mean that you have remembered as well?"

The older sister pauses.
"No. Everything's fuzzy. I can remember how to use the spear, and I have a vague sense that there's much that I have forgotten, but that's it."

The younger sister once again lets out a sign, this time in disappointment.
"Don't worry, though! Your older sister believes in you, Flan!" The older sister flashes a bright smile. As this smile is quite infectious, the younger sister can't help but smile herself.

But it disappears quickly.
"...Then you will believe my story?"

"Of course."

So the younger sister explains what she remembers.

"That's quite a story, Flandre."

The younger sister's face gains a hint of disappointment.
"You said you'd-"

"Don't worry, Flandre. I believe in you."
She pulls her sister into a gentle, warm embrace.
"It doesn't matter who you were, whether that be months ago or centuries ago. All that matters is who you are right now. You aren't a monster, you aren't a dangerous being who would murder at the slight irritation. You are Flandre Scarlet, a proud member of the Scarlet lineage, and above all, my cute, beloved little sister."

"Mm." Flandre can only nod and mumble her affirmment into her sister's chest.

They hold like this for a moment before parting, both appearing to be in a much better mood than they were in before.

After a moment of silence, the woman interrupts.

"You're wrong."

Both pairs of red eyes turn to glare at the woman, once again hiding her expression behind her fan.

"Even if you feel differently, it doesn't matter. Who you are has not changed for either of you. You are still both vampires, descendents of Vlad the Impaler. No matter how much you try to reject this, it will always remain true."

The older sister stands up, furiously glaring at the woman.

"And wh-"

She is interrupted by the door sliding open once again. A young shrinemaiden walks into the room, oblivious to what she's just walked in on.

"Remilia, Eirin said to-"

She catches on pretty quickly, though.

"...Did I interrupt something?"

The woman responds politely,
"No, I was just leaving. Have a good day~!"
And then steps out of the room.

"Uh." The shrinemaiden glances at the older sister questioningly. "What was that all about?"

"Nothing. Do not worry yourself about it, Reimu."

"Is that so? Well, in that case, Eirin said to-"

The voice softly fades to nothing, as your consciousness returns.


You wake up feeling very, very tired.

Looking at the clock, you find that it's six in the morning. It's earlier than you'd normally wake up, but that doesn't change the fact that you've been asleep for over twelve hours.

Thankfully, it isn't as bad as a hangover. It feels as though you didn't sleep well. Something about your dreams didn't sit well with you. You remember something about a slow buildup from sorrow to a relaxed feeling of happiness...which was immediately crushed and tossed out like an empty soda can.

After that, you feel that you couldn't sleep well at all.

A quick glance around the room reveals several things. First, you notice Mokou staring at the wall in deep concentration. Next, you see Youmu silently meditating with a troubled expression. Finally, a soft beep from your phone alerts you that someone has left you a voice message.

Now what?

[ ] Ask Youmu what's wrong.
[ ] Mokou's acting strange, ask her what's up.
[ ] Check your voicemail.
>> No. 54731
[x] Check your voicemail.

Not to be cold towards them but i think it wouldn't be right to interrupt whatever they're doing without good reason.
>> No. 54819
Deciding that it must be fairly important for someone to have called and left a message this early, you pick up your phone and take a look.

Actually, there's two messages here. One from Yukari, and one from Reimu.

You decide to listen to the message from Yukari first, if only because she's the one who actually pays you for your services.

"Good morning, John. An issue has suddenly come up that I'm going to need your help with. I'll explain in more detail later, but for now you can probably get the gist of it by turning on the news. I'm sure that by the time you get this Reimu has left a message as well. I'll be picking you up from your apartment, so I want you to wait until I call you back before you go anywhere.

By the way, I visited the hospital. Flandre and Miss Knowledge are both doing fine, though Flandre still seems to be in a bit of a sour mood. On that note, you should probably talk to Youmu and Miss Fujiwara about what happened. I'm sure that there's something bothering them after last night. Especially Youmu; it wouldn't do for her mind to be elsewhere.

In any case, be ready for my phonecall. Later~"

An issue big enough to make it on the news? And here you were hoping to get a day or two of rest after nearly getting killed.
Thinking about last night makes your head hurt, and gives you a slight feeling of nausea.

After shaking that off, you listen to Reimu's message.

"John, something's come up. Call me back when you get this."

And she left it short and sweet.

There's also en email from city management. Given the line of work you've found yourself dropped into recently, you figured that keeping up with what's going on in the city would probably be a good idea, so you signed up for a periodic newsletter. So far there hasn't really been anything interesting. This one simply lists the initial test dates for the new nuclear reactor. I guess that means you now know when to worry about it melting down and turning Gensokyo City into an irradiated wasteland. Oh well, guess they've gotta give fair warning and all.

[ ] Ask Youmu what's wrong.
[ ] Mokou's acting strange, ask her what's up.
[ ] Check the news.
[ ] Call Reimu back.


I want to know what your opinions on ACUTE's update frequency are.

Personally, I would prefer to try to update every day to prevent inertia from dragging me back down; however, I worry about people missing out on being able to vote because I've updated before they've even had a chance to read the previous update. I know that /others/ is one of the more fringe boards, and especially now that No Escape is finished and Theater of Youth seems to update in bursts, many people probably don't check it daily.
>> No. 54820
[x] Ask Youmu what's wrong.
Update everyday Jerl, keep the story going.
You know what else should be updated every day? I think you do.
>> No. 54822
[x] Ask Youmu what's wrong.

is this an order choice?

Also you should aim for some sort of consistency in updating as I think it' what biting you in the rear now: how you tend to update more "when you feel like it" than any set schedule.
>> No. 54858

Understood. I will try to update every weeknight. My work schedule prevents me from being able to commit to updating on weekends.


You decide to take Yukari's advice and talk to Youmu about yesterday.

Making your way over to where she's sitting, you take a seat across from her.

"Hey, Youmu. What's wrong? You look like something's bothering you."

She opens her eyes and gazes at you.

"Hmm...I'm not sure how to say this, but what that girl was saying yesterday reminded me of something from the past."

Oh? Well, this would be the fourth person by now who's mentioned remembering something unusual from the past. You suppose it wouldn't be too much of a surprise.

...Unfortunately, you're overthinking it. Just a little.

"My late mistress used to speak of seeing such things in her dreams. I never thought anything of it until today, but..." She turns her gaze to the ground. "What that girl said matched one of Lady Yuyuko's dreams exactly. There is no doubt."

She continues to stare at the ground.

Honestly, you're somewhat relieved that she isn't angry with you for getting her involved with yesterday's events, but at the same time, you really do want to try to get her mood up.

After a while she continues speaking.
"I thought I had gotten over her death, but this dragged up some old memories." She sighs, then looks back up at you with a much clearer expression. "Thank you. Talking about it, even if only for a little bit, has helped. I'm sure that it'll still be on my mind for a while, but I feel a little better now." She smiles.

She smiles. You think that a smile from Youmu is a rare, precious thing that should be treasured.

[ ] Continue talking to Youmu.
-[ ] Ask her about her mistress.
-[ ] Tell her about the letter.
-[ ] Write-in.

[ ] Mokou's acting strange, ask her what's up.
[ ] Check the news.
[ ] Call Reimu back.
>> No. 54865
[x] Check the news.

Should check it before it ends, but it looks like due to some reason everyone in Gensokyo got relocated here and memory mucked but for some reason history is repeating itself and some people are awakening their previous selves at different rates (judging by Yuuka's super strength, she might have been the first)

And here's John a mere human in the middle of it all.

Still doesn't answer whom he ran into in the bad end that resulted in things getting so warped.
>> No. 54868
[x] Mokou's acting strange, ask her what's up.
>> No. 54878
First vote to break the tie wins unless a majority is otherwise decided.
>> No. 54889
[x] Mokou's acting strange, ask her what's up.

Finally caught back up. Phew.
>> No. 54925
"Well, Youmu, if you ever want to talk about it any more, just let me know, okay?"

She nods. "Thank you, I will."

You leave her alone to continue meditating, this time much more peacefully.

Taking a seat next to Mokou, you ask her what's wrong.
"Hey, Mokou. What's up? Looks like something's bothering you."

She shoots you a quick glance, then turns back to the wall.

"It's nothing, don't worry about it."

Well, it's clearly not nothing. From what you've seen, Mokou seems like the type to just face her problems head on. If she's brooding over something, it's gotta somewhat important.

"C'mon, spit it out. I can tell that it's bugging you."

She shoots you another glance and sighs before turning back to the wall again.

"No, really, it's probably nothing. It's just, when I was...dead." She pauses. "I vaguely remember dreaming about something. I can't really remember anything clearly, but I do remember an intense feeling of loneliness. I was all alone in some different place. There was no one else around...even though I knew that there was supposed to be. I don't know, I was dead, alright? Anyway, for some reason what that girl said reminded me of it, and...other memories that I can't quite reach."

She sighs again.
"No, don't worry about it. I was dead. For all I know, those memories are just a result of whatever the hell Eirin did to me to bring me back."

She stands up.
"You know what, I'm just going to go take a walk. Maybe clear my head a little."

She turns to leave.
Just before she closes the door, you suddenly remember that you haven't had keys made for either of them yet.

"Hey, Mokou." YOu state, causing her to pause.


"If we aren't here when you get back and the door's locked, Letty next door has a copy."

She nods.
Then she leaves.

You briefly consider whether to check the news or call Reimu back, but the decision gets made for you when your phone starts ringing.

"Hello?" You answer.

Yukari's voice comes through from the other end.
"John, change of plans. I want you to meet us at the Hakurei Shrine. We'll explain when you get here."

The line goes dead before you can respond.

You sigh a deep, meaningful sigh. Youmu seems to notice, as she opens one eye and looks at you inquisitively.

You sigh again.
"Well, Youmu, it looks like something has come up. Again." You raise a hand to rub your temples. "Yukari's apparently just outside the apartment. Like usual, I have no idea what's going on; she said she'd explain in the car."

She tilts her head to the side.

"If she needs me as well, then...Should I bring my sword?"

You sigh again.
"Knowing how these things tend to go down, it honestly couldn't hurt."

She nods. Collecting her sword and strapping it to her back, she stands up ready to go.

...Wow. Even after having risked her life yesterday, she's still this willing to push forward. You think that she may be the most willful person you know.

Yourself, you grab your knuckles. Together, you head out the door.

Outside, you find someone completely unexpected. Leaning against the wall between your door and Letty's, Wriggle stands waiting.

Her eyes almost immediately meet yours.

[ ] Greet her, and be on your way. You apparently have something direly important that you need to be doing.
[ ] Greet her and ask her if she needs help with something. She is a friend of both Mystia and Cirno, after all. It can't hurt to try and help her out.
[ ] The last time you saw her, she seemed pretty interested in the flower you gave to Mystia. Yuuka lives just two doors down; perhaps she was waiting for someone to introduce her?
>> No. 54926
[x] Greet her and ask her if she needs help with something. She is a friend of both Mystia and Cirno, after all. It can't hurt to try and help her out.
>> No. 54927
[x] Greet her and ask her if she needs help with something. She is a friend of both Mystia and Cirno, after all. It can't hurt to try and help her out.
>> No. 54929
[x] Greet her, and be on your way. You apparently have something direly important that you need to be doing.

I'm sure that, whatever she needs, it can wait.
>> No. 54943
Thinking about it, whatever it is that Yukari needs, it can wait for just a minute or two longer. Wriggle clearly looks troubled. The least you can do is try and help her out a bit.

"Oh, hey, Wriggle." You greet the antennaed girl. "Did you need help with something? If you're here for Cirno, then she should be..." You think about what day it is.

...Actually, with all that's been going on the past few days, you've lost your sense of time, forcing you to consciously count how many times you've slept to figure out what day it is.

"...At school, actually." As soon as you finish saying this, you suddenly realize a problem: shouldn't Wriggle be in school as well?

Well, perhaps she needed Letty's help or advice with something. She could also be here to give Yuuka a visit; she looked pretty interested in that flower you gave Mystia. Then again, your gut reaction is still that Yuuka would probably be at work right now.

Either way, you decide not to jump to conclusions, and let her answer.

"Actually, I'm here to see you." She steps forward from the wall and turns to face you.
Once again, her eyes meet yours. However, this time you feel a chill, her glare full of intimidation.
"What the hell did you do to Mystia?"

This question catches you off guard. As far as you're aware, you didn't do anything to Mystia. You saw her just the other night, and in fact she was in probably the best condition that she had been in for months.
...Actually, this makes you worried. If something did happen to Mystia since then, you would certainly like to know.
"What do you mean?"

"Don't play dumb." She takes a step forward threateningly. You are over a third taller than she is.
"Mystia's always been an easygoing person. Strong, dedicated, and loyal to her friends, sure. But then she met you, and suddenly something changed. She tried to hide it, but it's hard not to notice her staring off into space solemnly when she doesn't know you're looking. And then all of a sudden yesterday she starts acting all happy. Acting. I could tell in an instant that she was actually really pissed off at something. And so, once again,"

She takes another step forward, prompting Youmu to reach for the handle of her sword.

"What. The hell. Did you do to Mystia." She glares at you with a piercing gaze full of killing intent. You are fairly certain that if you held something over her head, she would be unable to jump up and grab it from your hand.

You're trying your best to take this situation seriously. You really are. It's just that after being attacked by someone who could cross a dozen meters in the blink of an eye, threats from a middle schooler are difficult to take seriously.

Still, you can tell that she is very serious, and she is very concerned about her friend. Your mutual friend. It would be absolutely terrible of you not to answer her seriously.

"I haven't done anything. I know that she's been worried about something for several months, and that the night before yesterday what she was worried about got resolved. As for why she's angry, it might be because the people involved had to keep her clueless."

A look of rage flashes over her face.
"Don't fuck with me!" She shouts, shooting a fist straight towards your gut.

You calmly reach up to block it, and...
Ow. That acutally hurts.

She hits a lot harder than you'd expect her to at all. Your hand is numb, and you can feel the force from it all the way up to your shoulder.

Youmu starts to draw her sword, but you gesture for her to stop.

"Wriggle, I assure you, I didn't do anything. We were planning on explaining everything to her soon, probably tonight. I'm sure she'll return to normal afterwards."

"Fuck you!" She shouts, throwing a kick straight for your groin.

Once again, you're prepared for it, so it's simple to block it. Reaching up your hands, you catch her foot, and-

Get knocked flat on your ass. The force was distributed, so your hands are fine, if a bit numb, but if that had been a fist or any sort of baton, you're sure that you'd have some broken bones from it.

Before you can stand back up, Wriggle sits down on you, straddling your chest.

"Do you think I'm going to believe such a convenient story? You can't even make up good enough of a lie to give any sort of details!"

She raises a fist to throw directly into your face.

Youmu quickly draws her sword.

Wriggle starts to bring her fist down, and-

"Wriggle, stop!" Mystia's voice melodically flows from near the stairs.

Wriggle turns to look at her in surprise.

"Mystia, wha-"

She's unable to complete the sentence due to Mystia having rushed over at full speed to grab Wriggle's fist as if to stop her from hitting you.

"He's telling the truth! I don't know what it is that you're convinced he's done, but he hasn't done anything for you to be angry at him for! Sure, he kept something important from me for months, but that hardly justifies hurting him!"

"But-" Wriggle starts.

"Wriggle, please!" Mystia pulls her friend into a hug. "I'll explain everything later. For now, please, just let him go."

Wriggle lowers her arm.
"...Okay, fine."

Mystia lets go of her as Wriggle stands up, allowing you to do the same.

Man, your hands still feel numb.

"Wriggle." Mystia states.


"Apologize to him."


"You attacked him with no reason. You should apologize."

Wriggle sighs and turns to you.


And is interrupted by another voice from the direction of the stairs.

"What exactly is going on here?" You look up to find a woman wearing an absolutely ridiculous hat gazing upon the situation with her arms crossed. Along with red eyes (contacts, surely), long silver and blue hair, and a very strangely-designed blue dress, she is probably the most strangely-dressed person you've met yet in this city.
"I hear a girl shouting, and when I come to investigate, I find two of my former students and a third who looks to be about the same age with an older man when they should be in school. Please, do explain why I shouldn't just call the police right now."




Remember that input isn't strictly a vote. While priority will be given to suggestions that are made by multiple people, all suggestions will be considered, and the final outcome will be based on all of them. In other words, feel free to get creative, it can only help.
>> No. 54949
[X] I was being viciously assaulted by a crazy woman. She ran away after hearing Mystia's scream.
-[X] Be ready to answer follow up questions such as; "what did she look like?", and "which way did she run?"

That's my story and i'm sticking to it.
>> No. 54959
.>Because there is a reason for all of this, and we can have others corroborate our story.
>> No. 54972
Where's Mokou? I'm surprised she didn't step in somehow. That and she might help with this.
>> No. 54975
She left to go on a walk RIGHT before we stepped outside, remember? She's somewhere else nearby, but probably not within earshot.
>> No. 55013
No, you're already late. You can't have the police getting involved, even if all it comes to is giving a statement. That would take too long.

You don't have time to think up an elaborate lie. The only thing you can do is tell the truth. Of course, you can't really tell the whole truth. She would probably just laugh at you.

So, you're left with this. You know that the chances of it working are fairly slim, but all in all, it's the only choice you have.

"Because there is a reason for this, and we can have others corroborate our story." You answer vaguely.

"Oh? Pardon me if a vague response like that doesn't convince me." She crosses her arms and takes a step forward. "And who, exactly, are these 'others' who might corroborate your story? You're only making yourself sound more suspicious."


Yep, didn't work. You don't really have a response.

"Mokou~" Mystia answers for you. "Mokou will corroborate our story. Actually, she is the story."

"What are you talking about? She's been missing for months. And how do you even know about her?"

"She's a business associate~"

"What do you mean?"

"She runs her yakitori stand during the day, and I run my lamprey stand at night~ We share customers~"

"So, in other words, you're breaking curfew nightly?"

"No~ I have the proper permits~"

"Well okay then, even still, how is someone who has been missing for so long supposed to corroborate your story?"

You decide that it's your turn to respond.

"Well, a lot of things happened, so she's staying at my place for now."

"Oh? I haven't even heard from her yet, and I'm certain that she-"

"Woah, Keine. What're you doing here?" Mokou's voice comes from towards the stairs, causing Keine to freeze.
"And what the hell you doing here, Mystia? Shouldn't you be in class?" She notices you.
"...Wait, am I interrupting something?"

You and Mystia respond at the exact same time.
"Actually, you might have just saved us."

Keine slowly starts turning around to face Mokou.

"Mokou, is that really..."

Mokou tilts her head to the side.

"What's wrong?"

Before Mokou can react, she's being held in a tight hug.
Really tight.

"Wai- Keine, I can't-"

"I was so worried!"

You've seen this happen already.

"Keine, let go! I can't breathe!"

Keine turns red, and lets the poor girl go.


"Geez, you and Mystia both. It's like I came back from the dead or something."

It's not just like you "came back from the dead or something", you did come back from the dead.
...Well, you're the only person here who knows that, but still.

Keine sighs and turns towards you.
"I guess I'll have to believe you for now. That said, you two need to get to class, or I really will let your teachers know."

"Yes~" Mystia answers. Wriggle nods, and the two of them make their way out of here.

Well, as much as you'd like to watch another heartwarming reuinion (even if this time you only know one side of it), you do kinda have things to do. Excusing yourselves, you and Youmu start on your way to the shrine.


"Woah, if it isn't a pair of suspicious individuals just over there!"


"No, Marisa, I'm sure that they aren't-" Alice tries to correct her, but gets cut off.
Wait, Alice?

"Yo, John! This border shutdown thing is your fault, isn't it?" She accuses you of something ridiculous with a wide grin.

"...Marisa, what the hell are you talking about?" You ask bluntly.
Everything is wrong with her accusation. Everything. The hell does she mean "border shutdown thing?"

"So you're gonna be difficult about it, huh?"


"Marisa, let's just go. We already have a lead. Please stop wasting time by challenging everyone you meet to a duel." Alice sounds exhausted. Honestly, just the idea of running around with Marisa trying to solve something makes you feel tired.

"Nah, everyone must be suspected! Besides, isn't it more fun this way?"

You and Alice respond in kind.

"Aww, neither of you are any fun." She hefts her broom over her shoulder.
Hey, wait, wasn't that thing made out of-

"But I'm serious." She says with a straight face.

Wait, wh- OH FUCK

You barely manage to get out of the way of the broom in time. The burst of air as it flies RIGHT BY YOUR FACE causes your hair to blow.

She swings again, but Youmu moves faster, unsheathing her sword and swinging it straight into the broom, causing a loud clank as the her sword cuts right through the steel core inserted into the bamboo.

Without missing a beat, Youmu whips around and swings the sheath in a wide arc, throwing the witch backwards.

"I would very much prefer it if you could refrain from attacking the person I have been asked to protect." Youmu states flatly.

"Aww, so serious. This is just like last time, isn't it? I think you should learn to lighten up!" Marisa charges forward with her broom, forcing Youmu to jump to the side.

The two continue to fight like this for a moment. You decide to look toward Marisa's less-aggressive friend- then again, your memory of her is the opposite of "non-aggressive."

"What?" She asks.

"Is...Is Marisa always like this?"
Despite her apparently being a pretty good friend of Reimu's, you've somehow managed to avoid running into her that often. In fact, it seems that you usually only run into her when some sort of incident is happening.

Alice sighs.
"Yes. Always. Even before we were able to somewhat get along, she would just keep bugging me about this and that. It's frustrating. All I wanted to do was make dolls, and yet every other day she would burst through my door while I was working with a delicate material and practically force some sort of disgusting mushroom stew down my throat. Blech."

That...Sounds like Marisa.
"So what changed to make it so that you can 'somewhat get along', as you say?"

"Marisa is terrible." She frowns. "She's noisy, pushy, always looking for a fight, and doesn't know how to read a mood. And I swear, something's missing every time she comes to visit. But," she looks over to the witch, "She's an amazing friend when it counts. That's all I really have to say."

Her statement is punctuated by a yelp from Marisa as she gets thrown back onto her back by some sort of counter technique.

"Gah... Youmu, when did ya get this strong?"

"All of my skill comes from practice." The silver-haired girl says as she sheathes her sword, Marisa apparently finding the ground to be comfortable.

Alice sighs once again.
"Marisa, are you quite done? We really should get moving."

"Yeah, I guess." The witch stands up and dusts herself off. "Yeah, it was nice playing with you, Youmu." You think you see Youmu's eye twitch, but it's such a small movement that it's hard to be for sure.

"And you as well, Miss Kirisame." Youmu answers in turn.

"Well, we'll see you guys later! You're probably gonna end up in the same place as us, after all!"

Marisa suddenly grabs Alice's hand and drags her off.

"Wait, Marisa-"


And you FINALLY make it to the shrine.

Somehow you get a feeling that Reimu's gonna be a little bit annoyed with how late you are. If you're lucky. Honestly, you don't think you could read Yukari if you tried, but it's probably the same for her.

Which means that you need to figure out how to explain yourself.

[ ] Tell the truth.
-[ ] Be brief. "People just wouldn't leave me alone."
-[ ] Explain in more detail. "...And then Keine threatened to call the police on me and..."

[ ] Tell a lie.
-.>input Specify.

>> No. 55015
[x] Tell the truth.
-[x] Be brief. "People just wouldn't leave me alone."

Short, to the point, and true. I like it.
>> No. 55021
[x] Tell the truth.
-[x] Be brief. "People just wouldn't leave me alone."
>> No. 55023

So tempted~

[x] Tell the truth.
-[x] Be brief. "People just wouldn't leave me alone."
--[x] Explain in more detail if they ask, or if they get too snippy. "...And then Keine threatened to call the police on me and..."
>> No. 55036
[x] Tell the truth.
-[x] Be brief. "People just wouldn't leave me alone."
--[x] Explain in more detail if they ask, or if they get too snippy. "...And then Keine threatened to call the police on me and..."

The remark Marisa said about Youmu's strength.... I think by sparking her gensokyo memories she may have gotten stronger than before.
>> No. 55041
>The remark Marisa said about Youmu's strength.... I think by sparking her gensokyo memories she may have gotten stronger than before.
Well we all saw what happened with Flandre & Remilia.
>> No. 55042
Really, the only thing you can do is tell the truth.

It probably isn't a good idea to get into the exact details of everything that happened. Just a short, to the point explanation will do, and you'll accept all of their irritation.

Sighing, you knock on the door.

"Come in." Reimu calls from inside, so you do as asked.

Inside, you find Reimu sitting at her kotatsu, sipping some deliciously hot-looking tea (really, being kept for so long outside in this weather, you're practically chilled to the bone) along with your employer.

"Excuse me." Youmu bows politely as she enters, showing a politeness that, from what Reimu's told you, is completely lost on most of her visitors.

Of course, that's not the only cause for the raised eyebrow that Reimu displays upon seeing Youmu enter. Of course, you had the same reaction when she showed up at your door yesterday, so you can't really fault her.

You take a seat across from Reimu, as Youmu takes a seat across from Yukari. As you settle in, you speak up.

"Sorry I'm a bit late. I kept running into people who just wouldn't leave me alone on the way here."

Instead of an irritated look, Reimu gives you a knowing nod. "I know how that feels. Actually, I'm not that surprised. With what happened, and with knowing some of the people in this city, I'd be surprised if you didn't run into some sort of trouble on the way here."

Something that would cause people in this city to act up? It must be something big. Or something completely mundane.

"What exactly happened, then?"

"I guess you didn't get a chance to check the news, then." Yukari responds with a sigh. "Something big has happened."

"That's about the most vague description of something that's happened here ever." You reply.

"Yes, but this is different. All travel in and out of the city is cut off."

It takes you a moment to process this before you can answer.

"...What?" Even after that moment, you still couldn't make any sense of it.
Of course, there are several possibilities that jump into your head right away. The first is that of some sort of terroristic threat or other high-profile crime, where they would need to trap someone within the city. After all, the city is walled in quite well; one cannot just escape into the forest. Amusingly, there are a couple forested sections contained within the walled section, but they are maintained quite well as a nature preserve. You remember reading something about ecologists going into uproar about the idea...only to fully support it after they saw how ridiculously well the people of Gensokyo take care of them. While separated from the outside, the wildlife thrives, and the forests are kept completely free of any sort of trash or pollution. Contaminant extraction devices similar to the ones you were asked to set up at the Moriya Shrine even keep air polution to a minimum within the city. You have no idea how much power it takes to run these systems non-stop like that (after all, the handheld version you used took quite some time to suck in quite a high concentration of the red mist), or where they get it from, but it seems to work. The whole of Gensokyo City is ultimately less polluted than the surrounding cities, and the forested areas are absolutely pristine.

And the motive? After all, the dominant belief system of Gensokyo City is the opposite of accepted outside. That's the reason that Gensokyo City was built, after all; to provide a place for all of these eccentrics to live a life away from the rest of the country without causing problems. On the other hand, though, you can imagine negative reactions as well. Namely, parents whose children started believing in this new...religion? You're hesitant to call it that just yet, but in the end it's the only term you can think of that isn't terribly disrespectful. These parents might blame Gensokyo City for "corrupting" their children, and seek revenge or "justice", at least in their eyes. There are always the crazy people out there.

On the same note, you can also see Gensokyo City being cut off from the outside forcefully by the government. Often lobbyists are the same kind of angry, maybe even crazy, people as those who might flip and set off a bomb. However, since their method of doing so is legal, they are far more prevalent and less hesitant, and overall tend to have a loud voice. Even though you're sure such a containment wouldn't be able to last, you're sure someone could rile up enough people and make them feel threatened enough by Gensokyo City and its inhabitants to do something like that.

In either case, you can fairly say even after what happened yesterday, you certainly do see why this would be urgent enough to drag you off with no warning.

"Did someone set off a bomb or something? Or did enough people spread enough fear about Gensokyo City for them to cut it all off?" You ask, concern showing in your voice.

"No." Yukari destroyes all of your hypotheses.


"No?" You ask.

"No. This was done by a single corporate entity.

Once again, you find yourself asking a far too frequent question.


That simply doesn't make sense. Sure, Gensokyo City is effectively sealed other than its entrances and exits, but you can't see someone actually stopping the trains from going in and out of Gensokyo City. After all, it's not like Gensokyo City is connected separately from the other rail lines; the rail line heads through Gensokyo into another city. There's no way you could just stop that without the Japanese government doing something about it pretty quickly.

"What do you mean, 'single corporation'? That's impossible, isn't it?"

"Normally, you'd think so, yes," Yukari responds, "but the corporate entities in Gensokyo City aren't quite the same as those outside."

"What do you mean?"

"It might not be obvious, but all of the major corporations that have moved their business to Gensokyo City are very heavy hitters with very large influences. My Enpen is large enough to exert influence just by economy. The Scarlet Corporation is very deeply intertwined in backdoor politics, enough to delay the government long enough that we were forced to ask. And... Yagokoro Pharmaceuticals, a drug manufacturing company which exploded from an extremely small scale operation to the largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in Japan within a couple months by introducing many new life-saving medications that other companies couldn't begin to imagine. Of course, keeping someone's children or parents or significant others alive when they would have otherwise been unsavable conjurs a certain level of gratitiude."

It takes a moment for this to sink in.

"Wait...Are you saying...That Eirin did this?" You ask.

"Most likely." She answers.


That doesn't make any-



Your memory snaps back to two days ago. You remember their description of the Lunarians, and how ruthless they could be. You can see how difficult it must be to try and put up a defense from a threat that acts completely in the shadows. If you could just keep them from being able to get in at all, that would certainly be the most effective plan...

But that still doesn't answer one question.

"...How? How exactly does one manage to cut off a city from the outside world?"

"At first, it was very subtle." Yukari explains. "Ticket sales to Gensokyo City suddenly stopped. Trains that would normally stop at Gensokyo City's stations just kept going through. All of the roads leading in and out have suddenly been shut down for "construction repairs"...in the exact wrong season to do it, and on roads some of which haven't even been up for more than a few months. When asked, the local authorities seem to be turning a blind eye, and of course the world outside of Gensokyo City simply doesn't care."


"It might not sound like it," Reimu chimes in, "but this is actually a pretty big problem for Gensokyo City. It isn't just pedestrian traffic that's been stopped. All ways in and out of the city that don't involve a helicopter ride are stopped. Including food and other goods people need to survive."

"I see." Honestly, this is just too ridiculous for you to wrap your mind around right away.

Which is a great reason to ask questions.
"But why Eirin?"

Reimu shrugs. "Ask Yukari, she's the one who came up with it."

So you look over to Yukari.
"You should know better than anyone else that I have my sources, John."

So she's going to be intentionally vague? That's awesome.

"So, what are we going to do about it, then?" You ask, sincerely hoping that it doesn't amount to 'go in, crack skulls, open borders.'

"Well, first we should try to learn as much about what's going on as possible." She states while taking a sip of tea.

You relax at the unexpected lack of planned violence.

"Then we go in, crack skulls, and open borders."


"So, on that note," she continues, "you're the one who knows 'em. Do you know anything about it at all?" She asks.


[ ] Tell them everything you know. Any little detail might be helpful.
[ ] Give a vague, but still informative, explanation. You don't like the idea of walking over Kaguya's privacy.
[ ] Lie. You don't know shit.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 55043
[x] Give a vague, but still informative, explanation. You don't like the idea of walking over Kaguya's privacy.

I see no reason this can't work. Maybe we should consider giving Eirin/whoever a call and trying to talk this out?
>> No. 55044
[x] Tell them everything you know. Any little detail might be helpful.

If we help them find the root (the other moon bunny), things should be resolved easier. I can understand being vague to get back at Yukari, but not when it'd just make things harder for everyone else, Reimu included.
>> No. 55051
[x] Tell them everything you know. Any little detail might be helpful.

This imperishable night is going OFF THE RAILS!
>> No. 55067
That feeling when you've posted an update only to find out a half hour later that you forgot something major.

THIS HAS BEEN REVISED. Thankfully, you do not need to reread the whole thing, just a bit at the end. In my text editor, the start of the changes is showing up as line 193, if that helps.


So you explain the situation, being as detailed as you can. Part of you feels a little bad about telling them things that you were told in confidence, but...well, in the end, you're sure that it'll help them out.

And that Reimu would force it out of them anyway.

As you finish up your explanation, Reimu lets out a groan.

"Uggh, just what I needed. Another cult to deal with." She slumps down onto the kotatsu.

"Now, Reimu, don't you think that's a little rude?" Yukari asks.

"Rude to who? I know that you don't quite fit in with the rest of them either, and John like me doesn't believe at all. And Youmu...Actually, I don't know about Youmu." Reimu tilts her head questioningly towards the girl.

"I suppose you could say that the way I live my life would allow me to fit in with the people of this city, but that's just how I've been raised. To me, their beliefs are..." she rests a finger on her chin in contemplation. "A wonderful fantasy, perhaps? I am skilled with a sword, and perhaps physically stronger than one would expect someone in my condition to be, but that's all from rigorous training, not from me being some sort of youkai.

"Oh?" Reimu asks with a mischievous smirk. "This coming from the girl who tried to make a gigantic sakura tree which has been sealed for centuries bloom to revive her late mistress."

"W-well..." Youmu's face gains a faint pink hue. "About, that, I..." Her eyes quickly dart between you and Reimu a couple times before she regains her composure.

Standing up, she takes a step backwards, and bows deeply.

"I'm deeply sorry for all of the trouble I put you through." She states with complete seriousness.

Reimu doesn't seem to know how to act.

"Well, uh, it all worked out in the end, so..."

"Well, it was really all my fault anyway." Yukari says, waving her hand in dismissal.

Reimu and yourself both ask at the same time.

"Well, I'm the person who put the poor girl up to it. You all just played along with my schemes. In the end, though, you must that it was quite fun, wasn't it?"

Reimu looks at her suspiciously.
"Don't tell me you also put Alice up to attacking me at the hotel, because if you did, we're gonna have a problem."

"Now, Reimu, dear, there's no way I could have done something like that, is there?"

Reimu shoots her another suspicious glance.
"If you say so... Though, given what you've let on about your business, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if you could."

"Oh dear, I haven't been spilling inside information and corporate secrets on accident again have I? I certainly must pay more attention to what I say behind closed doors."

You think you see a vein on the side of Reimu's forehead bulge. "Don't act like you don't carefully calculate every little thing you say, Yukari. Cause we all know that you do." She looks over to you and you nod. She looks over to Youmu, who looks away from Yukari and also nods.

"My, it's nice to see how confident you all are in me, but don't we have more important issues to discuss right now?"

Reimu sighs.
"Yeah, I guess you're right. I can hold off on interrogating you until after we've solved this mess. Though, I don't really think there's really anything to talk about anymore; all there is to do is act." She stands up, walking over to one of the ajoining rooms.

"Now, where did I put those-ah." She returns with a box, which she sets on the table and opens, pulling out several of the solid metal yin-yang orbs, a couple packs of ofuda, bound neatly with similarly enscribed paper bands, and a set of sharp looking needles, quickly tucking them into pockets hidden in her sleves.

So THAT'S where she keeps those.
...There's pockets in those things?

"Well, let's get going, then." She states as she stands up, walking towards the door. "

"Yes, that would be well-advised. Yukari gets up to follow her. You and Youmu follow closely behind.


When Reimu pulls up to the familliar gate leading into Eientei, you are somewhat surprised to find a group of people already waiting.

"Yo, you guys sure took long enough to get here." Marisa greets the four of you as you climb out of the car.

"I'd say," Remilia grins, "I was about to ask Sakuya to serve tea for us while we wait."

"Please don't ask me to do things which are clearly impossible, Milady." Sakuya responds back with a smile.

"What are you doing here?" Reimu asks Remilia quite bluntly.

"Why, do you really think I'd miss out on something so interesting? You disappoint me, Reimu.

Reimu sighs.
"Please, just...Don't get in the way."

"Oh? I could say the same thing, dear Reimu." Remilia taunts her back. "In fact, you may as well not have come; I'll probably have this whole thing taken care of by the time you find your way inside."

You can tell that Reimu's just getting more irritated by the second, but she manages to hold it in.

"As long as you understand."

Her gaze shoots over to Alice.

"And you. Marisa, I'm not too surprised about, but I never pegged you for the type to be bothered with things like this."

Alice shrugs. "As long as entry is blocked, I can't get supplies for dollmaking. Besides, if it convinces Marisa to hold off on making trouble for me, I'm willing to do anything."

"Hey!" Marisa shouts at the accusation.

"I'm with you there." Reimu responds, nodding.

"You too?!" Marisa looks shocked.

"Why, Sakuya, on that note, weren't there a few things missing from the mansion?"

"Indeed. I've been looking all over them to no avail."

Marisa grabs the back of her head in frustration.
"Okay, I get it, I get it! Can we just move on to the part where we go in guns blazing and stuff?"

"She's right. We should enter while the day is still young. The longer we wait, The worse the situation becomes." Yukari states.

"Right. Well, John, you're the person who's been here the most. Lead the way."

Nodding, you walk up and open the gate.

You are met with a pair of feet flying into your face, followed by a pink dress and...white cotton panties. You probably should have tried to avoid that.

"Wow, big crowd tonight, huh?" Tewi states, arms folded, as she looks around at everyone.

"Hey, Tewi, do you mind getting off of me?" You ask. She somehow managed to land on top of you.

"Wh-Oh, John, I didn't even see you there."


She stands up, looking around at the group, nodding as she notes each person.

She then abruptly points her finger out in Marisa's direction.

"You!" She states, skipping over toward the witch, allowing you to return to your feet.

She then looks over at Alice.
"Hmm...And you too, I guess."

"...What?" The puppeteer asks with apprehension.

"Don't you get how these things work? The two of you stop to take care of the first villian that appears, while the rest move on to the next one. Make sense?"

"Oh, I get it!" Marisa enthusaistically states, receiving a slap to the back of the head from Alice in turn.
"Ow, what was that for?!"

"Well, in any case, you two are gonna stay here with me. The rest of you, I dunno, go go somewhere to get lunch? Or continue into the mansion. I don't really care."

You've seen some ridiculous things, but this is just silly.

Glances are shared between the six remaining members of the group, and you all in unison enter through the gate into the mansion.

Tewi looks towards the two girls she singled out.
"Well, let's try to make this fun, kay?"


You're honestly not really sure where to look first. Your first reaction is to search the lab, but this mansion is huge. Remilia's mansion might be about equal if you factor in that hers has several floors, but this mansion has all of that floor space on one single floor. Eirin and Kaguya could literally be anywhere.

...You can only hope that their reaction to confrontation won't be the same as Rewi's was.

You've been trying to cover as much of the mansion in your search as you can, but you've been consciously trying to go towards the lab to start with.
After a while of searching without finding anything, you find yourself at the hallway that the lab is attached to.

Turning the corner, you see movement out of the corner of your eye.

And the bottom of your eye.

Looking down, you see something roll along the ground, but before you can even think about what it might be, your vision is suddenly filled with bright white, and you find that you can't hear anything over the ringing in your ears.

After a second, as your eyes adjust, you take a look around.

Youmu seems to have covered her eyes in the last second, but she still seems disoriented. Reimu and Sakuya are in about the same condition as you are, but Remilia and Yukari look strangely unaffected.

"Why, that wasn't very nice, miss rabbit." Remilia grins.

And disappears, accompanied by the sound of the door to a nearby room slamming open.

"Ehh?" Reisen makes a surprised yelp, and sprints out of the room.

"Hmm." Remilia slowly steps out after her. "Say, Sakuya, is this the one who took such good care of you underground?"

Sakuya frowns.
"Yes, Mistress, but-"

"Excellent. I would like to personally thank her for being so kind."

"Uh, Milady, I don't think that's-"

"Nonsense! You're the proud maid of the Scarlet Devil! It would be unfitting if you didn't return such generosity!"
Remilia looks to the rest of you.
"Oh, the rest of you can go ahead without us. We'll catch up shortly, I'm sure." she waves you off.

Once again, looks are exchanged between yourself, Reimu, Yukari, and Youmu.

Reimu sighs.
"Fine, if everyone's just going to take this completely unseriously, we might as well just move on. Instead of letting this turn ridiculous, let's just split up here. I'm going after Eirin." Everyone nods. "You're coming with me." Reimu demands, grabbing Yukari's wrist and dragging her off towards the lab.

"Ah, wait." She wrests her arm from Reimu's grip.

"What?" Reimu asks impatiently.

Yukari reaches into her jacket and pulls out her fan.

"Here, take this. It might come in handy."

"...Why are you giving me your fan?" You ask, confused. Right now doesn't really seem like the time for giving gifts.

"It's not my fan, silly." As if to prove her point, she pulls her fan out and opens it, covering her face.

"...Okay, but I don't really get it." You accept the fan, opening it.

It's...Beautiful. That's the only thing you can think when you look at it. In fact, you'd almost expect it to be in a museum or an art gallery.

"Isn't that.." Youmu asks, a bit of surprise coming through in her voice.

"Yes, it is indeed Yuyuko's fan." Yukari uses her own fan to cover her expression.

"Okay then, why exactly are you giving me Yuyuko's fan?" You ask, even more confused.

"Enjoy~" She states, completely blowing off your question, returning Reimu, who has been staring at her impatiently the whole time.

Before you can say anything more, they've already left.

You sigh. "Well, I guess that leaves Kaguya, then."


Yeah, I'm pretty sure that I'm not gonna be able to finish this update tonight. Cutting it off here. The rest will follow tomorrow.
>> No. 55076
In case you missed the note at the top of the last post, make sure to reread the last bit of the previous post if you read the un-revised version.


"Hey, stand still!" Marisa complains as her target easily avoids every one of her swings with apparent ease.

"Nah." Tewi taunts. "Though, I did say to try to make this fun. You aren't doing a very good job of that."

Alice sighs as she watches the two girls fight like idiots.

"If all you're gonna do is fight, can I just follow the others inside?" Honestly, this is getting ridiculous. Not that Alice doesn't enjoy a good duel, but by her standards, this could hardly be called such.


Both of the fighting girls answer at the same time, provoking another sigh from the dollmaker.

Frustrated, annoyed, and somewhat bored, the dollmaker decides to find a nice spot on the ground, pull out a light novel, and start reading. As far as she's concerned, Marisa has the situation under control, so as long as she's stuck here with them, she might as well get a little bit further into her reading.

A couple paragraphs in, she sees the little rabbit-eared girl trip and fall.

Marisa stops.

"Uh," she asks, cautiously, "Are you o-",

falling right into Tewi's feint.

The girl launches up from the ground in a seemingly impossible kick, driving both feet straight into the blonde's face.

"Ow!" the witch shouts, taking a few steps backward and covering her face. "That hurt, you know!"

She opens her eyes to find the rabbit girl running away.

Alice notes that the correct response to this situation would be to ignore the girl for now, but just as she predicted, Marisa takes the bait.

She sighs once again.

"Hey, get back here!" Marisa shouts, chasing after her assailant.

Putting away her book, Alice follows after.

"Marisa, wait up!"

She'd already given up all hope of this adventure being executed in a logical and meaningful way long ago.


Reisen Udongein Inaba waited. The lights above her brightly illuminated the room. This was not a mistake; she intended for her targets to notice and follow her inside. Of course, this does not make the situation any less nerve-wracking; she had no idea just how strong Remilia was until she tried fighting her herself. She did have a pretty good idea about her maid's level of skill, though, and to be honest, the fact that she's fighting both of them at the same time is terrifying.

Still, she does have one advantage. Years of tactical experience in the true dark side of the Lunarian organization are truly a boon in this situation. But still, would it be enough? It's almost like she's fighting a monster.

...That flash-bang should have blinded and disoriented her, but it didn't even cause her to flinch. Thinking about it sends a shiver down her spine. And she didn't even see her approach, she was just there.

She quickly hits the magazine release on her handgun and makes sure of her remaining ammunition.

Out of the magazine's total capacity, thirteen remain. With another round in the chamber, that means that she has fourteen shots left. She'd already entirely used up her first magazine. The fact that she didn't even seem to score a hit sends another shiver down her spine.

This is ridiculous.

...Of course, she has no intention of actually either of them. Instead of hollow-point lead bullets, which are what she would normally use, she instead has loaded very low pressure sandbag and rubber bullet rounds, alternating between the two. Normally, firing rounds with this small of a powder load would cause the action to fail to cycle, but she'd replaced the recoil spring with a much weaker one.

She takes a deep breath.

Before she can finish inhaling, the sliding door slides inward. She barely gets out of the way of it falling on her. Sure, it probably wouldn't kill her, but it would be a pretty much immediate loss.

"My, you are good at what you do, miss Inaba." The blue-haired girl taunts. "No wonder you were able to extract sensitive information out of my dear Sakuya."

"Actually, Mistress, I gave it willi-"

"Nonsense! There's no way way you'd do such a thing!"

Of course, Reisen hasn't been standing around waiting for them to finish talking.

She may not be as fast as Remilia, but her training has taught her how to sneak into people's blindspots. Using this advantage, she's snuck her way over to the lightswitch and turned it off. Using a special switch she'd installed in every room with the anticipation of an attack like this from the Lunarians, she also cuts the power to the hallway, leaving the room completely dark.

Normally, fighting in the dark is bad, especially if you don't have cover, and even moreso if you're outmanned and overpowered. However, the people she's fighting clearly don't know any sort of tactics. She knows where they are, they can't see her, and that gives her a perfect opportunity to attack.

So, she makes her move. Silently leaping from where she was standing, she lines up her shot, aimed right at Remilia's stomach, and pulls the trigger.


Thinking about it, you've been to Kaguya's room exactly once.

...Well, that's probably wrong. You vaguely remember finding it on that night you brought Mystia to the moon-viewing party. However, that was so long ago, and you were so flat out wasted that most of your memories from that night are completely fuzzy.

Eventually, after stopping several times to try and force the memory out from wherever it was hiding in your head, you arrive in front of Kaguya's door.

You reach up to slide the door open, but you stop yourself.
No, just because you're here for a confrontation doesn't mean that you should be rude. Rather, it's a good reason why you shouldn't be rude.

Instead, you knock.

"Come in." You hear Kaguya's voice from the other side.
You comply, sliding the door open to reveal Kaguya sitting down at a table in the center of the room.

"John." She smiles. "I've been waiting for you. Come, sit down." She gestures towards the spot across from her at the table. Seeing no reason not to, you take a seat. Youmu takes a seat behind and to the side of you. Instead of at one of the sides of the table. You don't really get it, but you're not going to stop her if that's what she wants to do.

The two of you stare at each other for a minute before Kaguya speaks.
"I imagine that you have something to say to me." She says, still smiling.

[ ] She doesn't need to close access to the city to be safe. You're sure that everyone would be willing to help if she were to tell them what's going on.

[ ] She can't just cut off access to the city like this. If this keeps up, many people's jobs and livelihoods are at stake. Even Eirin's company likely won't last long if they can't export their products.

[ ] Yes, you acknowledge that she's in danger, but suddenly doing something like this will only hurt them in the end. You're sure that if they instead decided to cooperate with everyone, they could have come up with a much better plan.

[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 55077
[x] Yes, you acknowledge that she's in danger, but suddenly doing something like this will only hurt them in the end. You're sure that if they instead decided to cooperate with everyone, they could have come up with a much better plan.

Business mode is go?
>> No. 55081
[x] Yes, you acknowledge that she's in danger, but suddenly doing something like this will only hurt them in the end. You're sure that if they instead decided to cooperate with everyone, they could have come up with a much better plan.
>> No. 55084
[x] Yes, you acknowledge that she's in danger, but suddenly doing something like this will only hurt them in the end. You're sure that if they instead decided to cooperate with everyone, they could have come up with a much better plan.
>> No. 55095
[x] Yes, you acknowledge that she's in danger, but suddenly doing something like this will only hurt them in the end. You're sure that if they instead decided to cooperate with everyone, they could have come up with a much better plan.
>> No. 55097
[ ] Yes, you acknowledge that she's in danger, but suddenly doing something like this will only hurt them in the end. You're sure that if they instead decided to cooperate with everyone, they could have come up with a much better plan.

It MIGHT work for once?
Ahh who am I kidding Gensokyo problems never get fixed by talking.
>> No. 55098
You got me.

"Yes." You speak. "I know that you're in danger. You, Eirin, Reisen, Tewi, and probably myself and Mokou as well. I understand."

You take a breath.

"I've been there, Kaguya. If it weren't for Reisen and Mokou, I would probably be dead. No, it's a miracle that I'm still alive. Which is why I can say that I know how you feel. You're terrified. Ready to jump at anything. I get that."

You look her straight in the eyes.
"And that's why I can tell you that doing something as sudden as this can only hurt you. Think about it: will closing entrance to the city really stop them from coming in? Sure, the city is walled in fairly well, but if Reisen is anything to show for it, I can't imagine that stopping them at all. So, what have you managed to do? Well, you've given yourself protection for a little while. It will probably take them a little bit longer to figure out what's going on and come after you. But what happens when they do? What can you do to protect yourself? At that point, you'll have pissed off a lot of the people who matter, the ones who might have helped you. I mean, I would still help you, but who am I? I might know how to fight a little, but I'm really just an ordinary guy. In reality, doing this has probably only hurt you."

She smiles.


The door slams open. If the woman inside hadn't been expecting, waiting for it, it certainly would have been quite startling.

She greets the two women who have now forcibly entered the room.

"Welcome, Reimu, Miss Yakumo. I assume you have somethi-"

She is forcibly interrupted by the miko.
"Eirin, why didn't you just say something?"

This response leaves her taken aback.
"...What do you mean?" she asks.

"John told us about what's going on. I know that you're in danger. Why didn't you just ask for help?! I mean, without your help, we wouldn't have been able to resolve the red mist incident. Hell, John would be dead right now if it weren't for you! Several times over! So what made you think that we wouldn't be willing to help?!"

Yukari calmly pulls out her fan and uses it to hide her smile.
Actually, this wasn't entirely expected. It's rare for Reimu to put concern for someone before concern for the trouble that they're causing.
Of course, just because it's unexpected does not mean that it's unwelcome. There's a possibility that Reimu might be able to talk her down, and this can be resolved without a fight.

...A very, very small chance, but a chance nevertheless.

Eirin gazes at Reimu in shock over the outburst.
"I...I don't know what to say." She flashes a slight smile.
Her expression quickly turns serious, though.
"...I don't think that asking for help would have worked." She stands up, grasping a bow and a quiver of arrows with very large rubber blunt heads that had been hidden under the desk and stares at the miko with determination.
"Simply put, we can't afford to get anyone else involved."

"Okay, now I'm pissed off." Reimu narrows her eyes at the doctor.
Reaching into her pocket, she pulls out one of the metal orbs.
With a quick movement, it's sent straight towards Eirin's stomach.


"Really, John, you're right." Kaguya replies. "We felt threatened, so we acted. We probably acted a little rashly. It is unfortunate, but you are right."
Her smile wavers.
"...But it has already been done. As you said, we've probably managed to anger a lot of people, and as such we likely won't be able to ask for help. So, the only thing that we can do is accept what we've done and fight. Fight to protect ourselves, and fight to protect those that we care about, even if they disagree with our decisions. Even if it means having to fight them in turn."

She stands up, revealing what at first looks like a rather large maple leaf due to its color, but upon closer inspection is in fact a feather fan.

"Yes, John. We have probably made a mistake. However, we don't have time to worry about that. We don't have time to try and correct that. The only thing that we can do is to force our plan through, as it is the only hope that we have at this point."

She holds up the fan to examine it.

"The Lunarian organization has existed for a long time. There are records that go back for centuries. In this time, they have faced and crushed many opposing organizations, and through them, acquired a large number of artifacts. This fan is one of such artifacts. It was said to have been acquired over a hundred and fifty years ago from a group who fancied themselves the descendents of tengu, or other somesuch nonsense. Luckily, it was one of a few items that Eirin and I were able to acquire and take with us before our exile. The interesting thing is, this fan has a very curious property."

Something deep within you tells you to move.

Kaguya swings the fan. Instead of a very light breeze as one would expect from such a fan, it produces a torrent of air, which you barely manage to avoid by dropping down to the side.

Scrambling to your feet, you find that Youmu has also done the same, and has reached for her sword.

"Unfortunately, it seems that I have already gotten myself into a situation where I cannot afford to lose."


The solid metal ball, thrown with enough force to crack a concrete wall, hurtles towards the Lunarian, who, with incredible speed, nocks a blunt-headed arrow and releases it, sending it flying straight towards the orb. The two collide in mid-air, causing the orb to be shot backwards towards the girl who threw it.

Surely, the amount of skill required to accomplish such a feat is incredible.

However, it isn't the first time one of Reimu's orbs has been turned against her in a fight. Reflexively, an automatic reaction trained into her body from memories of having ribs broken by her own weapon in the past, she swings her gohei at the metal ball. The wood on the outside cracks, and the metal core bends slightly, but the ball is reflected off to the side.

Eirin didn't waste time worrying about whether or not her counterattack had hit. She's already knocked another arrow and released it, this time aimed at the blonde, who easily dodges to the side. She immediately follows this up by throwing a small vial between the two intruders, the contents of which release a gas.

"Did you know that medicine can be used to attack, too? That drug, when exposed to the air, produces a gas which causes mucous membranes to sting and induces coughing. Of course, there are no other side effects, but it's quite effective when your purpose is to weaken an enemy."

Reimu quickly gets away from where the vial landed, but not without being affected.


Youmu acts instantly, rushing forward ready to swing her scabbard. In response, Kaguya lazily waves the fan, which produces a gust of wind which sends the swordgirl flying backward.
Youmu manages to land properly, already in a running stance as she touches the ground, but with another wave of the fan she's pushed back once again through the opposite wall onto her back.

"It's truly unfortunate that it's come to this. I would have preferred to have never needed to fight you." Another wave of the fan sends you flying backwards through one of the paper walls and into the hallway.

Okay, this is problematic. What in the world is that fan? There's no way that sudden gusts of wind like that are possible.

The problem isn't really the attack strength of the fan. The gusts of wind themselves don't really hurt you; it's the landing, and if you can land properly, even that doesn't hurt you.

The real problem is that you can't even get close to her.

...As if to prove you wrong, Youmu takes advantage of the fact that Kaguya has turned your attention to you to quickly close the distance, swinging her scabbard in a clean arc.

Kaguya gracefully dodges the blow with a single step. This doesn't stop Youmu, however; the second that it's clear that her first swing missed, she's started on a second. Kaguya once again takes a step to dodge, this time swinging her fan and blowing Youmu back towards you.

Youmu takes the opportunity to grab your wrist and pull you into the next room.

"This should give us a couple seconds." She states. "Do you have any ideas?"

>> No. 55100
>Ask if Yuyuko's fan has any special properties.

Worth a shot.
>> No. 55103
.>Ask if Yuyuko's fan has any special properties.
>> No. 55115
.>Yes, Yuyuko's fan.

A few seconds, remember. Not sure Youmu will have time to answer. And let's be honest, Yukari probably gave it to us just for this.

And if belief affect power here, better be decisive and sure it will work rather than ask if it will do something.
>> No. 55149
"Does this fan have any special properties?" You ask, going on a hunch.

Or, rather, a desperate bargain.

"Uh... None that I know of. She always just kept it on display in a glass case, though, and I never really asked her about it."

So maybe, but probably no, then.

Well, it's something to go off of. Trying to wave around this fan and accomplishing nothing isn't really any different than trying to rush forward towards her and accomplishing nothing. It's worth a shot, at least.

...You realize how insane that sounds. You ignore this fact. You are currently experiencing something even more insane, and yesterday something even more insane still.

Unfortunately, you aren't given any more time to strategize. A gust of wind tears a hole through the paper wall, knocking both of you down in the process.

As you try to scamble to your feet, another gust of wind picks you up and throws you through the next wall, right on top of a bed containing a now very startled and recently-awoken Flandre.

This doesn't have time to sink in, however. Before you or her can do anything but stare wide-eyed at each other, another gust of wind throws all three of you through another wall.

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. You don't even have time to stand up.

Well, like you decided earlier, waving a fan around like a fool to no effect and getting blown around like a leaf is effectively the same as just standing there and getting blown around like a leaf.

Okay. This next round, you'll act.

Once again, you try to scramble to your feet. As expected, this is met with another gust of wind; however, you use this to your advantage. With a bit of effort, you manage to twist yourself so that you land on your knees facing forward, and grip the fan.

You can see Kaguya, now. While you were being blown around, you didn't have enough time amidst the confusion to see much of anything, but she's still standing there, gracefully waving the fan.




As quickly as you can, you flip the fan open with a flick of your wrist, and quickly wave it in Kaguya's general direction.

At first, it doesn't seem like anything happens, but sparks of pink light appear in front of you, quickly growing into shapes that resemble butterflies before floating off towards your assailant.

The gust of wind smashes into the butterflies, causing them to burst into flashes of light-

and being completely stopped at the same time.

...And at the same moment, your entire body suddenly starts to feel like lead.

You can barely keep kneeling, let alone stand up.

Kaguya stares at you in shock for a moment, before raising her own fan again.

[ ] Swing the fan again.
[ ] Youmu
[ ] Flandre
>> No. 55151
Wow. This seems to take a lot out of us. Are the others two votes about calling someone to exploit the sudden opening?
>> No. 55153
>> No. 55154
[X]John Flawless Nirvana

[X] Youmu
[X] Flandre
[X] Flanking maneuver!
>> No. 55160
[X] Youmu

Flandre for sudden attack... Yeah, not going to end pretty. Youmu's speed should be reliable, however.
>> No. 55169
[x] Youmu

I'd rather not tempt a dead end from, as crazy as it sounds, waving a fan.
>> No. 55176
The anger this provokes is enough to overpower the pain.

Without saying a word, the miko launches another metal ball toward the doctor.

Once again, Eirin sends an arrow straight at it, shooting it back towards the miko.

This was expected. Unlike before, she was waiting for it.

A swift swing of her gohei sends it hurtling straight towards Eirin's leg, forcing her to jump out of the way to dodge.

It isn't alone. Immediately following it are several razor-sharp needles, which embed themselves into the drywall on the opposite wall after Eirin barely manages to avoid them.

Another arrow, this time aimed at Reimu herself.

The arrow is faster than the metal orbs. She doesn't have enough time to block it.


You take a look at the other two behind you.

They look just as stunned as Kaguya did.

...That's no good.
You somehow managed to make an opening, but...

You don't think you can do it again.
No, you're certain that you can't do it again. If this is how you feel after waving that thing once, then a second time...

No. Someone else is going to need to make good of this.

"Youmu!" You shout, snapping her out of her reverie.
She seems to understand what you're trying to say, and immediately rushes towards Kaguya.


She was too slow.
No, you can't blame it on her. It's your fault.
You were too slow.

She barely manage to take a couple steps before another torrent of wind is shot towards her.

That's it, you're finished. You had an opening, and you've blown it by being too slow.

Youmu isn't discouraged, however. She stands strong, and

swings her sword at the air

and just like that, the blast of wind is stopped once again.

Now it's your turn to be dumbfounded.

That's...Not physically possible.

Swinging a sword shouldn't do a damn thing to a gust of wind.

And yet, Youmu is still standing. Still moving forward, even.

Kaguya's expression betrays unease.
She waves the fan again.

Youmu swings her sword again.

Kaguya starts waving the fan wildly in desperation. Gusts of wind go everywhere, blowing out the walls, causing the lights hanging from the cieling to swing precariously.

Every one of them gets stopped by a deft swing of Youmu's sword, the swordgirl still managing to progress forward despite the tempest assaulting her.

Youmu draws nearer and nearer. Kaguya's expression grows more and more terrified.

Finally, Youmu is right on top of her.

Swinging the sheath, bringing it down right on Kaguya's head-

And it's blocked by the fan. Feathers shouldn't be able to stop a wooden scabbard.

But Youmu sees this coming, and already had her sword swinging in the correct direction by the time the two objects collided. The sword slams right into the fan-somehow not cutting it-and sends it flying from Kaguya's hand.

Youmu quickly moves between Kaguya and where the fan fell, throwing a kick right into her abdomen and knocking her down.


Youmu reaches down and picks up the fan.

"Haa." Kaguya sighs. "Just as I had hoped."

"Huh?" Youmu asks, surprised.

"You're strong."

"What do you mean?" Youmu asks.

"You've passed the test." Kaguya slowly sits up, a smile on her face.

Come to think of it, there was someone else.

Turning around, you look towards Flandre, her eyes fixed on the two girls with a look of astonishment.

"...Flandre?" you ask.

She doesn't look away.

"Flandre, are you okay?" You ask, reaching up to touch her shoulder.


She turns her gaze toward you. Deep, dark red eyes stare into yours.
Her features slowly morph into an expression of pure anger.


Her hand reaches up, painfully clamping down on your wrist.

The next thing you remember is landing on your back a few feet past where Kaguya and Youmu are standing.

Both of them freeze.

Sitting up, you see Flandre glaring at you.

And then she just

falls over.


Cutting this off here, as the rest of it doesn't seem to want to come out right. I'll try to write more tomorrow, maybe in the morning. If I manage to get the end of this up in the morning, I'll try to still update tomorrow night if there are enough votes.
>> No. 55193
Disregard this.


Tea is delicious.

Enough so to distract you from the tedium of the discussion you are currently tuning out.

After Flandre passed out, Kaguya immediately called Eirin on her cellphone to let her know that her patient had collapsed. Apparently this prompted Eirin to immediately give up and call Reisen off.

Thankfully, it seems that Flandre was just exhausted, though Eirin did mention having no idea why she would be as exhausted as she was. Apparently being thrown through a wall was only enough to give her some severe bruises, so there's no reason why she would be so exhausted just from throwing you down a hallway. You only realize after you've thought it how insane that thought is, but oh well.

After waving that fan once, you think you have a pretty good idea where her exhaustion came from.

On that note, the caffeine in this tea is truly a godsend.

But yes, the conversation you're tuning out.

Reimu, Yukari, and Youmu already knew more or less the gist of what was going on from your explanation, but Marisa, Alice, Remilia, and Sakuya were less fortunate. So, you're tuning out an explanation of the Lunarians that you've already heard. Of course, there's parts where your memory didn't allow you to give exact details, so there's still enough to keep everyone else's attention. This means that you don't have anyone to talk to.

A quick glance shows Tewi glaring at you.

Right, she knows exactly what's going on, and she's only involved as a third party, just like yourself. Listening to this conversation is probably just as tedius for her as it is for you.

It's too bad that you don't have anyone to talk to.

But you can enjoy your tea.

Eventually, the explanations finish.


Is the word that every single one of the people who were receiving the explanation suddenly said. Except for Yukari.

Not just a confused "what?", not an incredulous "what." No, a completely shocked "what?!"

"This was a what?" Reimu asks.

Wait, did you miss something?

"It's exactly as I said." The Lunarian explains.

Unless they just received a completely different explanation than you did, you have no idea what they're talking about.

You shoot a questioning glance over at Tewi. She ignores it strongly enough that you might think she was doing it on purpose to spite you for something, though you have no idea what.

"Let me make sure I heard you correctly." Reimu states politely, though you can hear the impatience she's holding back. "Blocking off all access to the city was just a ploy to try and size up how well Gensokyo City could stand up to a threat?"

"Yes. Or, more exactly, it was a ploy to see how well we could rely upon you all to protect us."

Reimu throws up her arms.
"You're insane!"

"Maybe so, but we decided that it was our only choice." Eirin grins. "As you said, our best bet really is to rely on friends. However, we didn't want to get anyone involved unless we were sure that they would be able to handle themselves."

Reimu slams her hand down on the table in anger.

Eirin interrupts her.
"I know what you're going to say, Reimu, and I understand your anger. However, how would you feel about your odds in a life-or-death fight with Reisen? Not a minor scuffle like today, but a real fight with live ammunition, and certain death to whoever loses. Are you still so confident?"

Reimu tries to respond again, bets cut off once more.
"Now, imagine you've been attacked by a unit of five operatives, trained to the same extent as Reisen, but who have been actively using and honing their talents rather than working as an EMT and nurse. They will have the element of surprise. How do you feel about your odds of survival?"

Reimu swallows.

"...And that's why we had to test you."


Your reaction has been greatly delayed.


Of course, you don't want it to be clear that you were zoning out the conversation entirely, so you manage to restrain yourself from saying it out loud.

"That said, I would like to tell you all that we are sorry for all of the inconvenience that this has caused. We have already called off everything blocking entrance to the city. That said, if you are still willing to help us after all this, we would love to sit down and work out a plan in detail, but I suspect that it will take us some time to clean up today's mess. We would like to get started on it as soon as possible."

[ ] Leave by yourself.
[ ] Stick with Reimu and Yukari.
[ ] Go with Remilia to check on Flandre.
>> No. 55199
[x] Go with Remilia to check on Flandre.
>> No. 55215
[x] Go with Remilia to check on Flandre.

Maybe we can do something to lesson that anger she's got.
>> No. 55223
After Eirin said this, everyone started to drift off. Reimu and Yukari presumably to the shrine, Marisa and alice to...well, you have no idea where they live or where they might go.

Remilia and Sakuya, on the other hand, seem to have started off towards the center of the mansion.

So, naturally, you follow them.

Since it's such a natural thing for you to do, it's strange when Remilia stops and turns around, giving you a strange look.

"John, what are you doing?"
She asks bluntly.

"Yes, I was going to ask the same thing." Youmu states.

"Isn't it obvious?" You ask. "I'm going with you to visit Flandre."



After managing to convince them that yes, you really do want to visit the girl who tried to kill you yesterday and may have tried to do so again today if she hadn't collapsed first, they lead you to the new room that Flandre has been assigned. It seems that all of the rooms in the area she was at before have become inhabitible for some reason. Something about all of the walls having been demolished.

When you arrive, Remilia knocks softly on the door.

"Flandre, we're coming in."

There's no response, so Remilia slowly slides the door open.

The room inside is pretty normal and bare. Just a regular old tatami mat room with paper walls. The only thing that particularly stands out is the bed, which is the only western thing in the room.

And there's Flandre.

Sleeping calmly, face soft and peaceful. If it weren't for her chest rising and falling ever so slightly as she breathes, you might mistake her for a doll. A stark contrast from the aggressive and violent expressions she's worn in all of your other encounters, it somehow makes you feel very peaceful as well, despite how hectic your life has recently become.

No one wants to disturb her, so everyone simply finds a place to sit (thankfully tatami mat floors provide plenty of these) and waits. After a while, Remilia starts to cut an apple, presumably for Flandre when she wakes up. Sakuya tries to take over for her, but Remilia gestures for her to stop.

Actually, you're not sure where she got the apple or the knife from, but you decide not to worry about it too much.

As she's doing this, Flandre softly stirs. In response, everyone steps over to the bed.

Her eyes slowly open, and she drowsily looks around at the room.

"Flandre, how are you feeling?" You ask.

Her eyes meet yours, drowsiness draining away, and then she punches you right in the eye, causing you to stumble backwards in pai-

No, it doesn't really hurt that badly. That's strange.

Once you've recovered from your slightly embarassing overreaction, you find that she's gotten herself sat up and slid herself to the far side of the bed, gazing at you with the same glare as before she collapsed.

"What do you want." She demands.

"I was just worried about you. You collapsed earlier, after all."

She looks at you like you're stupid.
"You're worried about me. Even though I tried to kill you. Even though I would kill you right here, right now, if I could."



"Well, to start with, I have absolutely no idea why you would feel so strongly towards me." You explain. "I can't think of anything I've done to draw your ire."

means-" She interrupts you.

"You can't think of anything you've done?" She leans towards you threateningly. "You-"

"Flandre, stop." Remilia puts her hand on Flandre's shoulder. The girl relaxes, but you can tell that she hasn't calmed down at all.

"Whatever I've done that I'm not aware of, I'm sorry."

"Being sorry does nothing for me! You-"

"Flandre!" Remilia once again stops her, but you can tell that she's absolutely fuming.

This is probably one of the most frustrating feelings in the world, knowing that you've done something that caused someone to become extremely pissed off at you without even knowing what it is that you've done. Frankly, it's a bad feeling. One of the worst feelings possible. You have to do something about it.

"If there's anything I can do to make up for it, I will."

"..." She stares at you.

"..." You stare back.



"Let me drink your blood."


[ ] Let her.
[ ] Isn't there something else you could do?
[ ] This bitch is crazy.
>> No. 55227
[x] Let her.
>> No. 55228
[X] Let her.
>> No. 55229
[x] Let her.
-[x] NOT straight from the tap.

Because otherwise it's just begging to get John's throat ripped out.
>> No. 55245
Drink your...Blood?



This has to be one of the most shocking propositions you've ever been given.
Or, rather, it's crazy. It's not like you have any diseases that she'd pick up or something, but


your blood.

She wants to drink your blood.

Just thinking about having to swallow even your own blood for whatever reason is enough to make you gag. The thought of drinking someone else's blood is repulsive.

No, that's wrong.

The idea of anyone drinking anyone's blood, for real, in real life, gives you a sinking feeling in your stomach.

Wanting to drink someone's blood is wrong.
There's something wrong with anyone who would want to drink someone else's blood.

Someone who would want to drink someone else's blood is insane.

And yet, she proposed it nonchalantly, the same as she might have said "give me a million yen" or "get on your knees and beg for forgiveness."

That's just...

"Flandre." Remilia sternly addresses her sister. "You can't-"

"Watch me." Flandre responds defiantly.

So, Flandre is insane.

"Now, listen here-" Remilia takes a step toward Flandre, anger clearly showing on her face.

If you don't do something to try and lessen her apparent hatred for you...

"Sister dearest, please shut up."

Remilia raises a hand as if to slap her sister across the face.

She'll do something herself.

"I'll do it." You state.

This causes everyone to immediately shut up. And stare. Stare at you. Because you said something absolutely nuts.

"John, are you...Serious?" Remilia asks reluctantly.


"You heard him, sister." Flandre stares into her sister's eyes.

"Just one thing, though." you state. "You aren't drinking it from my neck."

"Oh? That's fine. Give me your arm, then."

Everyone just

and so you reach out and present her with your left forearm.

Flandre looks into your eyes.

"You're...Really doing this." She asks.


She reluctantly grabs your arm with both of her hands and moves her lips closer.

and moist

Her teeth slide across your skin as she opens her mouth wide.

They press into your skin.
Softly at first, but she slowly bites down harder.

It hurts.
But not very much.

"Flandre." Remilia speaks. "You do realize that you don't really have fangs, right?"

Flandre immediately turns bright red.

"Y-yes, you're right. Sakuya, may I borrow one of your knives?"

"Woah, hold on." you stop her. "I'm not letting you just stab into my arm."

"Fine, you do it then."
Her acceptance of your complaint gives you a little bit of relief.

No, that doesn't make you feel better at all. Now you have to stab yourself in the arm. You're starting to feel a little bit of regret over this.

You internally sigh.
At this point, you really can't back out, can you?

"Sakuya, may I borrow a knife?" You ask politely.

She looks over to Remilia, who just shakes her head. "If that's really what he wants, then let him do it."

"Yes, mistress."

She produces a knife from under her apron and reluctantly hands it to you handle first.

You accept, carefully grasping it around the handle.

Bringing it towards your other arm, you point it at-


You actually have no idea what you're doing.


Okay, there aren't really any arteries or veins visible on the back of your arm. If you're going to go for a vein, you'll have to go for one on the front of your arm...But that's assuming that you want to go for a vein in the first place. You could always just cut the skin.

...But then you might cut too deep. After all, unlike with a vein, there isn't any real indicator for how deep you'll need to cut.


The idea of cutting into a vein is just...
Well, terrifying.

"Uh." You hesitate. "Is there any gauze or anything in here?"

"I think I saw some in a drawer here..." Sakuya says, leaning down to the bottom of the bed and sliding out a drawer that you honestly had no idea was in there. "Ah, yes. Here." She produces a roll of gauze.

"Thank you."

Okay, that makes you feel a little better. If you fuck up, there's something to use to hold pressure until Eirin can get here and properly take care of it.

You look back to your knife, and then back to your arm.

"Okay." You state, trying to calm your own nerves.

Moving the knife forward, you push the tip into one of your veins.

It hurts.

You push a little bit deeper and are rewarded with a slow trickle of blood as the very tip of the knife punctures the vein.

It hurts.

Carefully, you place the knife down, ignoring the blood on the tip.

Once again, you reach out and present your arm to Flandre.


Once again, she moves her lips towards your arm. Just like before, they're soft.

It hurts.

But this time, you also feel her tongue slide across your skin, gathering the blood that managed to seep out before she could get it in her mouth.

It hurts.

Her tongue probes the cut, causing a spark of pain to shoot up your arm. Flexing your muscles, you manage to endure it.

It hurts.

She starts softly sucking. Not enough to hurt, but enough to pull more blood from your arm.

It hurts.
You hold it in. You've felt pain worse than this.

...For some reason, though, even though it isn't the worst pain you've felt, something about it makes it extremely uncomfortable.



Something about this whole thing feels strange.

She's doing something terrible. Something that, if most people saw it, would cause them to scream.
Something that, if someone were to start doing to you, you yourself would probably scream.

And yet, you're letting her.

Something about her lips against her skin makes this feel almost like something embarassingly intimate, and yet it's also causing you to feel anxious, almost disgusted.

With one last lick, she disengages her mouth from your arm. Cutting off a piece of the gauze, you quickly wad it up and hold it against the cut.

She stares into your eyes.

You stare back.

"I think you should leave." She states bluntly.

You're starting to feel the same way.

[ ] Find Eirin. You'd like to get this cut dressed properly.
[ ] Head home. You've got this gauze nice and tight, and you don't want to interrupt Eirin while she's clearly busy. Besides, you need some rest.
[ ] Food. The first thing you should do after losing blood is get something in you to increase your blood sugar.
>> No. 55246
[x] Find Eirin. You'd like to get this cut dressed properly.
>> No. 55250
[x] Find Eiren. You'd like to get this cut dressed properly.
>> No. 55256
Not wanting to make an already awkward situation moreso by staying longer than would be appropriate, you take your leave.

Which brings you to your next course of action.

You've currently got gauze wrapped around a cut in your arm. Nothing has been done to said cut to prevent infection, and in fact you recently had someone sucking blood through it, which you can hardly consider to be sanitary.

Right. Normally you'd probably just let it be, but you think that Eirin would probably be a bit more annoyed with you if you brought her a cut that got infected due to improper treatment than if you brought her the cut in the first place, especially considering that you're currently in her home.

And so, you find yourself making your way to the familiar section of the mansion containing Eirin's lab.

Unfortunately, after walking all the way there, you find that she doesn't happen to be present.

Well, that's inconvenient. Then again, you probably should have seen it coming. After all, you were involved in the creation of the gigantic mess that she is undoubtedly currently overseeing the repairs on.

Sighing, you turn to head towards the familliar section of the mansion containing many walls which you were blasted through by some bizarre mystical fan.

In doing so, you find Tewi standing there.

Staring at you.

[ ] Ignore her. You've got a medical condition to take care of. You also remember that prank she pulled on you a couple days ago.
[ ] Greet her, and move on. You've got a medical condition to take care of. There's no reason to be rude, after all.
[ ] Ask her for help finding Eirin. After all, she does seem to have a pretty good idea where people are in here, even if she walks you into traps.
[ ] Ask her if she needs help with something. Surely the cut can wait for just a few minutes.
[ ] Surprise attack! With your stature, you're sure that a tackle-hug would be adequate payback for walking you in on Reisen changing.
>> No. 55258
[x] Greet her, and move on. You've got a medical condition to take care of. There's no reason to be rude, after all.
>> No. 55283
"Yo." You wave, starting towards your next destination.

"Hi." She states, still staring.

So you continue moving.

You watch her eyes follow you until she's outside your visual range.

And you continue walking.

Step, step.

The sound of your own footsteps.

Step, step.

The sound of Youmu's footsteps, following shortly behind you.

Step, step.

The sound of Tewi's footsteps, trailing behind you by a few meters.

...Normally you might ask what it is that she's after, however right now you have something that you need to do. You could say you're in a little bit of a rush.

This is your excuse. The truth is that you don't really want to deal with Tewi right now. It's taking all of your effort just to keep moving forward, after all. With the blood loss on top of everything that happened...You have a feeling that you're going to go to sleep early again tonight.

So, you just keep walking.


And you finally find signs of your earlier struggle. Continuing forward a little bit more, you hear a muffled voice from inside one of the rooms ahead. Deciding that there's a fair chance that it's Reisen or Eirin, you follow the voice. Reaching the door, you reach up and-

Lowered perception thought check: Right, just barging in isn't the best idea. Even if it's unlikely, this could be a changing room or something.

So, instead, you knock.

"...Huh? Is someone there?" You hear a muffled voice from inside, followed by footsteps, and finally by the door sliding open.

"Oh, John. It's you." Eirin looks you over. "...Why are you holding your arm like that?"

You hadn't noticed, but you guess you're holding it a little tightly. After all, it's probably still bleeding, and it does hurt quite a bit.

You sigh, removing your grip on the wound.

"I think that after all of this, I deserve some sort of break. I'm going to call Yukari up and tell her such." You state, holding your arm out for Eirin to examine.

"Oh! No, John, please put the gauze back on. I'll need to go get some supplies. Just keep your hold on it tight. I'll be right back." You step to the side so that she may leave the room.

She stops.
"Uh, Tewi, what are you doing?"

The answer is that she is staring at you.
The answer that she actually gives, however, is simply a shrug.

Eirin stares at her for a minute.
"Well...I will be right back, then."

And walks off, leaving the three of you alone.


Tewi continues staring.


"Uhh..." You begin the progress of asking what she wants, but you're stopped.

"What's your problem?"


"Huh?" You ask. "What do you mean?"

"I'm just trying to be friendly, but you keep acting like you're avoiding me."

[ ] You got sort of a bad first impression, and she hasn't done much to make up for it.
[ ] To be honest, you find her constant harassment and/or pranking to be tiring, if not simply annoying.
[ ] You're just tired, stressed, and frustrated with how life's been the last few days.
[ ] The truth is, you're actually madly in love with her, but simply don't know how to show it.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 55284
[x] You're just tired, stressed, and sexually frustrated with how life's been the last few days.
>> No. 55286
[X] You're just tired, stressed, and frustrated with how life's been the last few days.
>> No. 55288
[x] You're just tired, stressed, and frustrated with how life's been the last few days.

He could use a nice, relaxing vacation.
>> No. 55291
[X] You're just tired, stressed, and frustrated with how life's been the last few days.
>> No. 55322
You sigh.

"I'm sorry." You answer. "The way my life's been the last few days, I'm tired, stressed, and frustrated. Right now I'm also missing some blood. It isn't your fault, I'm just not in a very good mood."

"Oh." She looks down. "...But if you're going to put it like that, then it has to be at least partially my fault. After all, I was part of everything that happened earlier."

"Nah." You reply. "To be honest, your involvement wasn't a big deal. Actually, occupying Marisa probably took a big of work away from all of us. As for the rest, I only really blame Kaguya and Eirin for getting ahead of themselves, or being too aggressive when assessing everyone's abilities or...whatever it was that they were doing. As far as I'm concerned, you and Reisen were just dragged along."

She looks down even further.

"Yeah, but a lot of it was my idea."


"I own Eientei, after all."


"I have a pretty vested interest in keeping everyone safe, considering that I'm probably the lunarian's biggest non-Lunarian target for taking everyone in."

After what?

"What?" You ask, completely dumbfounded.

She tilts her head and looks at you questioningly.

"They didn't tell you?"


"Well...Okay, then. But yeah, I'm the one who came up with the idea to test everyone's strength, so it's my fault."

"Nope." You answer. "To be honest, the incident its self is a drop in the bucket compared to being thrown around by gusts of wind, being attacked twice by a girl who survived being thrown through a wall with just a few bruises, and being jerked around by Yukari one way or another every day for the past week or so."

She sighs.
"Even if you say that, I still feel guilty. Wait, here-" She starts digging around in a pocket. You didn't realize her dress had pockets.
"Take this." She pulls out...a rabbit foot.

"Uh." You examine it.

"Hmm?" She asks.

"You're supposed to be a rabbit."


"And you're giving me a rabbit foot."


"Doesn't that seem a bit strange to you?"

"No?" She looks at you, confused.
Then a sly grin spreads across her face. "Oh, I could step on you instead if you want. It's still a rabbit's foot, so it should have the same effect."

[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 55323
Hmmm... it IS possible to get a back massage by having a relatively light person step on your back.

Although this is possibly my own sore back speaking here. Ow.
>> No. 55325
[x] Well I accept, thank you.

Honestly it might be something best not dwelled upon.
>> No. 55327
[x] Rain check on the back-walking.
[x] Accept the lucky charm.
-[x] Thank her.

Would have voted earlier but work's been kicking my ass.
>> No. 55330
First vote to break the tie wins.
>> No. 55331
[X] Break the tie.
>> No. 55332
[x] Well I accept, thank you.
>> No. 55333
>>55331 here, sorry couldn't resist.
[X] Thank her.
>> No. 55334
Accept the rabbit's foot, or the stepping on by the rabbit's foot?
>> No. 55335
The rabbits foot. Not the stepping.
>> No. 55336
The inital offer.
>> No. 55337
You are suddenly overwhelmed with an urge to track down Reisen and-



"That's not really what I meant. I'll accept the rabbit's foot gratefully, I just thought it was odd."

"Tch, what a boring response." She answers, handing you the rabbit's foot. "Oh well. I should probably get working on the repairs. Eirin will kill me if she finds me just slacking off."

"...I thought you owned the place."

"And your point?"


"See you, then, John."

And she disappears.


Shortly later, Eirin reappears with some first aid supplies, quickly ushering you into a room where she sits you down in a chair and pulls one up in front of you to work on the wound.

"Okay, let me see it again." She produces a sealed packet of gauze, which she opens and pours some rubbing alcohol on.

"Okay." You carefully lift the gauze. The blood's dried a little bit, so it hurts a little. Feels a little bit like removing a bandage.

...Well, it is removing a bandage, but you get the idea.

Applying the alcohol-soaked gauze to your skin, she gently cleans as much of the blood as she can.
She does it gently, but because of the alcohol, it hurts like flying hell. You let her do as she pleases, however, since you're sure that an amputation would be quite a lot more painful than this.

"And..." She rubs some antibacterial ointment on the surface around the wound, "just about..." She produces another gauze pack, "there." Applying firm pressure, she wraps gauz tape around it, attaching the gauze pad firmly.

"Now," she sits back looking you straight in the eye, "We seem to have gotten past head injuries, so please try not to have this become what replaces it."


"That said...What exactly were you doing? When I was cleaning the wound, I noticed that it looked quite a lot like a stab wound."

"Well, uh." Thinking about it once again makes you tired. "I let Flandre drink some of my blood."

"You what?" She asks, deadpan.

"I let Flandre drink some of my blood. This is the only way I could think of to do it."

Palm meets forehead.
"John, you should know that swallowing blood has some pretty negative affects on the body. To start with, it induces severe nausea, and in a patient who you haven't diagnosed yet, you really don't want to induce more potential symptoms to mess up your differential diagnosis."

"And I completely see where you're coming from, but I didn't really have much of a choice."


"I was more or less put in a situation where my options were either to let her drink my blood, or be forced to watch my back whenever she's nearby. This seemed like the safer and less annoying option."

She sighs.

"John, I think that perhaps you should be a little bit more careful. In fact, I still think you should be careful whenever you're around Flandre, even if you've done somehting that she said would make you even."

"...Yes." You can't argue with her.

"Well, then, with that out of the way, did you have anything else to ask me about?"

[ ] Head home. You need rest. Badly.
[ ] Food. You need blood sugar. Badly.
[ ] Write-in
>> No. 55338
[x] Food. You need blood sugar. Badly.
>> No. 55342
[x] Food. You need blood sugar. Badly.

>> No. 55358
[ ] Food. You need blood sugar. Badly.
>> No. 55359
[x] Doof. Your sugar needs blood badly.

Come to think of it, I wonder if that's what Flandre feels like.
>> No. 55397
"Not at the moment. Then again, right now I don't feel exactly all here. Like I just want to lie down and rest."

Eirin smiles.
"You're welcome to use a room here, if you'd like."

You think about it for a moment, but decline.
"Nah. I think the first thing I should do is get something to eat, get my blood sugar back up. If I went to sleep like this, I'd probably just wake up still feeling like shit."

"True enough. I could probably get Reisen to prepare something for you."

That would certainly simplify things.

[ ] Why not? Accept her offer.
[ ] Decline. They're busy enough as it is cleaning up.
-[ ] But you still need to get food somewhere... (write-in)
>> No. 55398
[ ] Why not? Accept her offer.
>> No. 55400
[x] Why not? Accept her offer.
>> No. 55403
[ ] Decline. They're busy enough as it is cleaning up.
>> No. 55511
[x] Why not? Accept her offer.

Be proud. I consider this one of the most interesting and engaging stories on here. Possibly one of the few I'd actually consider buying if it was a novel. Surprised no one thought of this concept sooner.
>> No. 55535
[X] Why not? Accept her offer.
>> No. 55603
This dead?
>> No. 55712
You don't really want to get in their way, but..

Damn, you really don't want to go wandering around town like this.

"...Yeah, that'd be great."

"Great! Please feel free to wait in here. I'll have her bring it in here when she's ready."


"Miss...Konpaku, was it? Would you be interested in something to eat as well?"

Man, Youmu's been so quiet that you'd practically forgotten she was there.

"Yes, please."
Come to think of it, have either of you eaten yet today at all?

Unless she's been sneaking snack breaks in without you seeing it, the answer is no.


Okay. You're probably going to be sitting here for a while. There has to be something you can do to pass the time. Staring at the wall isn't exactly fun times.

[ ] Talk to Youmu.
-[ ] About?
[ ] Check the news on your PDA.
-[ ] General news.
-[ ] Look up something specific. (specify)
[ ] Phone call. You may choose two.
-[ ] Yukari. You will have your break, even if you need to spend an hour extracting it from her.
-[ ] Ran. She's still technically your handler, isn't she? You'd probably have an easier time convincing her to give you a break than Yukari.
-[ ] Reimu. After today, she owes you.
-[ ] Mokou. You did kinda just leave her alone in your apartment for a few hours.
-[ ] Other. (specify)
>> No. 55713
[x] Phone call. You may choose two.
-[x] Ran. She's still technically your handler, isn't she? You'd probably have an easier time convincing her to give you a break than Yukari.
-[x] Mokou. You did kinda just leave her alone in your apartment for a few hours.
>> No. 55723
[x] Phone call. You may choose two.
-[x] Ran. She's still technically your handler, isn't she? You'd probably have an easier time convincing her to give you a break than Yukari.
-[x] Mokou. You did kinda just leave her alone in your apartment for a few hours.
>> No. 55733
[X] Phone call. You may choose two.
-[X] Ran. She's still technically your handler, isn't she? You'd probably have an easier time convincing her to give you a break than Yukari.
-[X] Mokou. You did kinda just leave her alone in your apartment for a few hours.
>> No. 55737
[x] Phone call. You may choose two.
-[x] Ran. She's still technically your handler, isn't she? You'd probably have an easier time convincing her to give you a break than Yukari.
-[x] Mokou. You did kinda just leave her alone in your apartment for a few hours.
>> No. 55807
Well, you've been gone for a while. You'd like to see how Mokou's been doing.

But first, you'd like to talk to Ran. She's still technically your handler, even though you're also technically at the same rank...you don't want to confuse yourself by thinking too deeply about it, so you'll just leave it at that.

Fortunately, you've gotten to know her quite well during your time under her supervision, and you are quite convinced that asking her first before asking Yukari is more likely to get you some time off.

So, pulling out your PDA, you scroll through your contacts until you find her number, and hit send.

After several rings, she picks up.

"Hello? John? What is it?" She asks.

"Did Yukari tell you anything about what we did today?"

"No, did something happen? She told me she was going out, but she didn't say anything about what she was doing."

So you explain.

"I see..."

"So, the reason I'm calling you is that I would like to request some time off. At least a week."

"Hmm..." She pauses. "I'll see what I can do."

"Thank you, Ran."

"Is there anything else I can do for you? Any problems with your living arrangements?"

"Well, asside from possibly needing to set up some opaque screens for privacy, everything seems to be fine."

"Okay, I'll see what I can do."

Wait, you weren't actually being serious there.
...But you're not gonna complain.

"Thank you."

"I'll talk to you later, then, John. Oh, Chen said to say 'hi'."

"Later, Ran. And tell her to say 'hi' back for me."

And the call ends.

And you sigh.

And you scroll through your contacts once again until you find Mokou's entry, and hit send.

"Yo, what's up?" She answers.

"Hey, is everything going alright? We kinda just left you alone there and disappeared, and it's been a few hours now..."

"Yep. Could probably use a few more channels on the TV, but other than that, everything's cool."

"That's good."
You hold back from sarcstically noting that at least someone's been through a minimum amount of drama today. Your interaction with Tewi earlier highlighted how letting it get to you can cause ill side effects.

"So what's going on, anyway? No, wait, let me guess. Kaguya went and did something ridiculous. Am I close?"

So you explain what happened.

"Haah. I knew it. That sounds justlike something she'd do."

Hearing footsteps in the hallway, you decide to finish up.

"Well, I've gotta go. I'll see you when we get back."

"See you, John."

And you hang up the phone again.

Turning your attention towards the door, you watch it slide open.
You're grateful. No, rather, you're really fucking hungry, so the idea of food being so close is almost enough to make you drool.

Which is why you were disappointed to see Remilia there instead.

She looks at you and frowns.
"...You look disappointed to see me."

"No, not at all."

"That's what I thought. There's no possible way that someone could be disappointed to see me, right?" She grins.

"Perish the thought."

Her expression turns more serious.

And then she


Nope, that can't be right. You're hallucinating from hunger.

"Thank you for earlier."

But the fact that it's now affecting two senses makes it more likely to be a dream.

"I don't know what it is that Flandre has against you, but...I'm sorry. And thank you."

You aren't really sure what to say to that, so you just give a generic response.

"Uh, sure."

She ends her bow and smiles.
"That's all I wanted to say. I'll see you around John."

And she stands there.



"Uh, Remi?"


"Why are you staring at my arm?"

She ends up leaving in a hurry shortly after.

After a few minutes, your food arrives. You're sure that it was absolutely delicious, but to be honest you were so hungry that you barely tasted it going down. It's like you inhaled it, really.

Stomach filled, you find yourself lying on the ground.

A combination of the exhaustion once again catching up with you, blood loss, and a good meal on your stomach makes your eyes start to feel heavy.

Before you can do anything about it, they've closed on their own, despite your objections.

[ ] A slow day in an office building.
[ ] An apartment in the middle of the city.
[ ] A room in an old mansion.
>> No. 55817
[X] A room in an old mansion.
>> No. 55830
[ ] A room in an old mansion.
>> No. 55832
[x] An apartment in the middle of the city.
>> No. 55843
And you dream.

A room in an old mansion which has escaped the influence of time.

A man lay on his back in a deep sleep.

A girl sitting in perfect seiza. If one were to look closely, one would find that she as well has fallen asleep.

And so you dream.


Waking up doesn't really feel like waking up for some reason, but you feel a lot better than you did before you fell asleep.

After pulling yourself up to a sitting position, you find Youmu sitting nearby. After a moment of confusion as to why she hasn't reacted to your waking up at all, you notice that her eyes are closed.

Did she fall asleep?

[ ] It's time to head home.
[ ] You could use a drink.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 55867
[ ] You could use a drink.
>> No. 55892
[x] It's time to head home.
>> No. 55893
[x] It's time to head home.
>> No. 55896
[x]Call Kaguya and see if the key to the documents you gave her was looking through the eye at them.

Also have we seen enough people talk about weird past lives that we can call it a trend yet?
>> No. 55982
Needs a tiebreaker.
>> No. 55993
This is >>55896.

You can treat my vote going home to break the tie. Still think we should see if that's the key though.
>> No. 56020
[X] It's time to head home.
>> No. 56061
You look at the clock on your cellphone.

It reads 19:00.



There's no possible way you've really been sleeping that long.

Since this room conveniently happens to be on an exterior wall, you walk over to the sliding exterior door and are greeted by pitch black outside.


Well, all things considered, actually getting some rest probably isn't the worst way your day could have gone, especially considering how it was going before.

Guess that means it's time to go home.

You gently shake Youmu awake. After looking around the mansion for a bit, you find Reisen and let her know that you'll be leaving, and ask her to let the others know.

The walk back to your apartment is pleasant. It's very, very cold, in the way it only gets when it isn't snowing, but pleasant nonetheless.

When you get back home, you find that Mokou has already gone to sleep. You end up following her example.

You sleep dreamlessly.


You slowly come to realize that you are awake.

You are not, however, awake enough to actually get up and do anything. You're simply awake enough to realize that you are awake.

Which gives you some time to organize your thoughts.

>> No. 56066
.> I wonder what would have happened if I had accepted Tewi's offer to step on me (fantasize about sexy eabbit footjob).
>> No. 56073
.>The situation between Eientei and the Lunarians.
>> No. 56081
>The connection between a supposed mystical land and this city
>> No. 56084
.>I bet you have to look through the eye in that document!
>> No. 56214
.>The connection between a supposed mystical land and this city
>> No. 56247
.>The connection between a supposed mystical land and this city

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