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[X] Give her a hug and just let her cry for as long as she needs
-[x] Offer to be her friend
You don't know what possessed you to do so, but you wrap your arms around her. In response, her grip on you tightens. Her sobs bring back memories of your mother's funeral.

Mom was well liked by everyone she knew. Your friends liked her and treated her as a second mom. You remember one of your friends being overly distraught at the funeral, partly because she was sad at your mom's passing and partly because she knew that you were going to have to move away. The whole time though, you just sat there without saying a word. But once it was all over and you walked into your house for the final time you simply broke down in your friend's arms.

As you drift off into your memories, Kogasa starts calming down. Though she is no longer hysterical, she is still crying a little. Realizing you have more important things to deal with than a trip down memory lane, you release her and look her in the eyes.

"Why did you stay?" She asks with a hiccup. She still hasn't let go of you.

"I'm not entirely sure." You answer truthfully. "But, I do know what it's like to need a shoulder to cry on." She finally lets go of you and the two of you sit there for a little while longer as she tries to stop crying. When she does stop, you ask, "Feel better?" She nods. "Good, now we should get back to the others."

"Why?" She looks like she's about to cry again.

"Because they're worried about you! Don't you want them to know that you're okay?"

"But, if I get close to someone again," she pauses for a moment, "then I'll just get hurt when they get adopted."

"Hmm, well what if I be your friend?" You say with a smile.

"Huh?!" The look of surprise on her face is quickly replaced with a smile. "You would do that!"

"Of course! I wouldn't offer if I didn't mean it!"

"But, what if you go away like everyone else?" She looks at her feet as she says this.

You put a hand on her chin and tilt her head up, "I may not live here," you say gesturing to the beds, "but I do live nearby. And though I may not be able to visit every day, I can try to come at least once a week. If that's okay with you that is."

She smiles as wide as her little face will allow and yells, "Yes! I want to be your friend, and I'm okay with you visiting only once a week!"

Smiling, you stand up and watch as she bounces around in excitement. You wouldn't think that she had been crying just a few moments ago. "Okay, are you ready to head back to the others?"

"Yeah!" She grabs your hand and starts pulling you along, kind of, she attempts to pull you but you are simply too heavy for her to have any power over you. But you act like she does. She stops suddenly when the two of you come across Unzan. "Ah, Mr. Kumoi!"

"There you are Kogasa! We've been looking everywhere for you!" You hear the relief in his voice.

"I'm sorry I ran off without telling you."

"Don't worry about it; I'm just glad you're safe." Unzan then leads the two of you out to the playground where Ichirin and a couple of the children rush to greet you, or more accurately to greet Kogasa.

After a little encouragement you get Kogasa to let go of your hand and join the rest of the kids that are still waiting for Shou to read a story.

"Where did you find her?" Ichirin asks.

"She was hiding under a bed crying."

Unzan sighs, "She's been here her whole life and keeps seeing other kids get adopted. it's no wonder she's upset."

"I promised her that I'd be her friend. Is it okay if I come by every now and then to play with her?" You don't think that there would be a problem, but it never hurts to ask.

"Of course you can!" Ichirin looks pleased with you.

Shou calls out to you, "Hey Alex! Are you going to join us or not?"

"I'll be right there!" You say back. You look at Unzan who shoos you away.

When you sit down next to Kogasa Shou begins to read. The book Ichirin chose for her is Where the Wild Things Are. While she is reading she does her best to give the monsters a different voice.

You assume that most of them have read or had it read to them before, but the children are very attentive and are hanging on her every word. When she finishes the story, the children clap and cheer.

You look up to the sky and see that the sun is starting to set. The day has gone by fast.

"Okay kids, it's time for you to go inside, so say your goodbyes." Unzan says in an authoritative voice.

A few of the kids groan and voice their disagreement but in the end they all say goodbye. Except Kogasa who is still sitting next to you. As you stand up Kogasa grabs a hold of your shirt, "You will come back, right? Right?"

You help her to her feet and say, "Of course I will. I'll be back at least once a week, maybe more if I can manage it."

"Then I won't say goodbye! I only say goodbye when I won't see someone anymore!" She hugs you and runs off before you can say another word.

Part of you wonders what you just got yourself into, but if you can improve a life, even a little, then whatever happens is worth it.

"Alex, you ready to go?" Shou asks.

"Yeah, let's go."

Unzan has already gone inside but Ichirin is waiting for you. "Alex, can we talk for a moment?" She says as you approach.


"I was wondering what you said to Kogasa when you found her." She has a look of curiosity and concern.

"Well, when I found her she was crying and I just held her until she stopped. She mentioned all of her friends being adopted and that she was alone. So I told her that I would be her friend." It sounds so simple when you say it aloud.

"Hmm," she looks puzzled. "Well I suppose that as long as she's happy it's okay. That's all I wanted to talk about, but please come by anytime."

You and Shou say your goodbyes and start walking home. On the way Shou tells you a little about some of the kids and how she's grown to care for each of them.

"One day," she says after a long pause, "I want to be an elementary school teacher."

"You seem like you would enjoy it." You remark.

"That's exactly why!" She says with a giggle.

When you reach the house you see Byakuren through the kitchen window. As soon as you open the front door you smell smoke.

"There you two are! I hope you're hungry, because I made hamburgers!" Announces Byakuren announces when you walk through the door. You glance at Shou, who doesn't seem particularly thrilled by what she heard. The two of you sit down opposite each other at the table as your aunt cleans the electric grill. When she joins you she sets a plate of black disks in between you and Shou. "Sorry if they're a little burnt, I forgot about them. But they should still be good!"

Byakuren has already set the table so the three of you proceed to eat. You're glad she overcooked them rather than undercooking, at least this way you won't get sick. You hope. Luckily, there are potato chips to go with them so you aren't stuck eating a hockey puck with ketchup. You can't help but wonder if this is what charcoal tastes like though.

After clearing your plate, you excuse yourself and head to your room. Upon entering, you see that your new desk still inside its box. "Right, better put that together now."

Putting the desk together takes the better part of an hour, mostly due to the fact that Byakuren couldn't remember where she last had the screwdrivers that you needed. When you finish, you facepalm when you realize that you didn't get a chair to go with the desk. You immediately go to ask Byakuren if she could pick one up for you tomorrow, which she gladly agrees to do so.

You put another CD in the radio and sit on your bed. You pull your phone out of your pocket and flip it open. You start to dial a number but quickly close the phone. You repeat this process two more times before you set the phone down on the nightstand. "Not tonight," you say. You promised her you'd call when you settled in, but it doesn't feel like the right time.

Instead you start to reread one of your older books. You read until you feel tired, which is when you decide to set the book down and get ready for bed. After using the bathroom and brushing your teeth, you return and change into the shorts you slept in last night. You turn off your radio, kill the lights, and plop down in your bed.

Sleep comes quickly.


You are woken by the incessant buzzing of your alarm clock. You slam your hand on the snooze button and close your eyes once more.

Nine minutes later you hear it again. "Why is it only nine minutes?" You grumble to yourself. This time you turn it off and sit up and stretch. After grabbing your clothes you make your way to the bathroom.

After your shower you head down to the kitchen. Despite the somewhat slow start, you feel oddly refreshed and decide to cook breakfast for everyone. You find pancake mix, eggs, and sausage links. You dislike the idea of plain pancakes, but you don't see any blueberries or chocolate chips so you'll just have to deal with it.

You are just finishing the first plate of food when Shou comes down the stairs. She takes a deep breath in through her nose and says dreamily, "I think I know what heaven smells like."

Chuckling you respond with, "I don't know about that, but if my aunts? cooking is as bad as last night I can understand why you would say that." You hand her a plate with three sausages, two pancakes, and some scrambled eggs. You make a plate for yourself and Byakuren before joining Shou at the table. It seems she was waiting for you as she has yet to take a bite. "What? it's not poisoned." You say with a chuckle as you get a glass of water.

"I figured it would be rude to eat without you." She says with a smile.

You shrug, and the two of you begin to eat. For its simplicity you find it quite enjoyable. You look at Shou's plate to see the pancakes drowned in syrup. "Got enough syrup?"

"Huh?" She looks at her plate and says, "What? I like syrup!" You decide not to comment and just continue eating. When the two of you finish she says, "That was delicious! Thank you Alex!"

"No problem," you say, "I figured we needed to cleanse our taste buds after last night." You and Shou laugh for a little bit before you decide to clean up.

After putting all the dishes in the dishwasher you notice Byakuren come down the stairs. "Good morning!" She says with a wide smile.

"Morning! There's a plate with breakfast on the table for you. It might be cold though."

"Thank you!" She hugs you.

You sit around for a little bit as Shou uses the computer, when she finishes you both walk to school. Upon entering the school you see the black haired girl from yesterday round a corner. You don't expect her to try anything with Shou right there, but you try to hurry to homeroom regardless.

Mima greets you when you enter and you take your seat. You watch as the other students start to file in. Mokou barely makes it before the bell and it looks like she had to sprint to make it.

"Running late?" You ask as she takes her seat.

?I was up on time, but Kaguya and Reisen just didn't want to get out of bed!" She says with a huff.

Something about that sentence didn't seem right to you. "Didn't you say that you were just friends with them? Did you spend the night at their house?"

"it's complicated." She says not making eye contact.

You wonder what she means, but before you can ask Mima starts calling role. When she finishes Shou comes over and starts talking to Mokou, mostly telling her about the trip to the mini golf course yesterday.

You hear a voice coming from your left, "Hey Alex." You turn to look to see Yamame leaning towards you. "You said you played guitar right?" You nod. "Cool! Hey, I'm trying to start a band, and I'm holding auditions for guitarists today in the band room. You should come by if you're interested!"

"I might just do that!" it's been a while since you played but this sounds like fun.

Yamame goes on to tell you how she plays the drums and already has a lead vocalist and someone on the keyboard. She even has a few original songs that she wrote. You are a little surprised by her enthusiasm.

When the bell rings you walk with Mokou to your history class in which you watch the remainder of the video from yesterday. In second period you and Youmu worked together on a worksheet, but she didn't seem like she was all there.

Home Economics was fairly interesting. You were assigned to a new group to make cookies, your partners are Shou and a pink haired girl named Mystia. When she first walked up to you she stared at you with her dull pink eyes, you in turn stared right back. After a minute of that Mystia started to laugh. She has a very soft and lyrical voice.

You, Shou, and Mystia work well and you get the cookie dough ready before most other groups. Mystia wanted to add food coloring to the cookies because they looked too boring, but you and Shou didn't really like the idea. In the end the three of you were one of the first groups to bake your cookies and be done for the day.

After that you head to English class, which is much the same as the day before.

When the bell for lunch rings, you walk to the cafeteria with Shou and Mokou. You decide to try your luck with the pizza they serve instead of a burger. You have to assure Shou it isn't because of last night.

Where do you sit?
[] Choose One Touhou you know by name and have talked to.
Note: This is the last time you will be presented with this particular choice unless there is an important scene that could occur with another character. Alex will alternate sitting with Shou, Marisa and whoever wins this vote (If it's someone new that is).
Okay, second thread! Things will move faster from here on out (Story wise that is).
[x] Youmu

She seemed concerned about something.

we haven't talked to her in a while.
[ ] Byaku

[X] Youmu
Sure, why not.
>?it's complicated." She says not making eye contact.
I'm sure it is.

[x] Mokou
I can't help but want to get to the bottom of this. And it helps that I like this Mokou.
[x] Mokou
When in doubt, default to Mokou.
[x] Mokou
[x] Mokou
All Mokou, all day, everyday.
[X] Mokou
Vote called. Writing begins shortly.
I'm too late.
Naturally; and now to wait about 3-7 days
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"Hey Mokou, is it okay if I sit with you today?" You ask.

Smiling, Mokou responds, "Of course you can!"

She leads you to her table. Two girls are already seated there. One has extremely long black hair and dark brown eyes, while the other has long lilac hair and red eyes. "Alex this is Kaguya," she points to the girl with black hair, you recall seeing her in your gym class. She then points to the girl with purple hair, "And this is Reisen. Reisen and Kaguya, this is Alex."

"Ah, so this is the boy you've been talking about!" Reisen says looking closely at you. "You're right, he is cute!" You notice Mokou's face turn red.

Seemingly ignoring Reisen's comment, Kaguya says, "it's nice to finally have a chance to talk to you."

You take a seat next to Mokou, who seems annoyed with Reisen. "So, were you two able to get to homeroom on time?"

"Barely," says Reisen, "I got there just as the bell rang."

"I made it just fine," Kaguya replies. "Thanks for waking me up by the way."

"No problem!" Mokou says cheerfully.

You are still curious as to what their relation is. "Are you all related or something?" You ask, realizing that the only way for you to get an answer is to be direct.

"Not quite," Reisen says, glancing at the other two.

"Mokou spends the night at our house a lot. Her stepmom is real close to our mom so we try to treat each other as family." Kaguya says after a moment of silence.

"Ah, Mokou said it was complicated, but it doesn't really sound like it is." You say with a nod of understanding.

Mokou shuffles around in her chair before saying, "There's more to it." She pauses for a moment.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to," you say, picking up on her hesitation.

"Okay," she says, and with that the topic is dropped. "So do you have any plans this weekend?"

"Hmm, me? Well on Friday I'm going to hang out at the mall with Tenshi to catch up. Do you want to come with us?"

"Sure! By the way, do you have a cellphone?" You nod. "Cool, here's my number!" She scribbles it down on a napkin which you tuck into your pocket."

"I just got my phone the other day, so I'm not sure what the number is." You say; feeling a little embarrassed that you haven't checked it yet.

"That's okay, just give me a call and that'll solve that problem!" She has a warm smile.

The two of you sit there for a moment before Reisen says, "Okay you two, enough flirting. You're making me sick!" Just to add emphasis she pretends to vomit. If she wasn't smiling you'd assume she was trying to be a jerk.

For the rest of lunch, the four of you chat about how you all spend your free time. Kaguya tends to play video games or go for walks in the park. Reisen will hang out at the mall and play laser tag with her friends. Mokou usually has band practice or is babysitting so she doesn't really have too much free time on her hands, but when she does she tries to spend it painting. According to Reisen, Mokou isn't a very good artist.

When the bells signaling the end of lunch rings you notice that Reisen didn't eat much, but Kaguya at everything on her tray and half of what was on Reisen?s.

"Not hungry?" You ask.

"Not really." She replies with a shrug.

Kaguya puts an arm around Reisen's shoulders, "She's never hungry! I swear she's the only one I know that can go to a buffet and get one plate, and not even finish it!"

You can't help but find that a little strange. But, oh well. You say your goodbyes and head on to your next class.

You manage to finish your math test and check over it before you have to turn it in. Yoshika looks more than a little worried during the whole thing.

Study hall is mildly amusing. Partly due to Mima acting out scenes from different Shakespearean plays. Her acting is horrible, but that adds to the humor. She calls on Remilia to be Juliet when she gets around to Romeo & Juliet. Remilia said she was into acting, but you weren't expecting her to be as good as she is. She comes off as very believable when she is up there, even with Mima's laughable performance.

When the bell rings, you congratulate the two actresses and head off to gym. After getting changed, you wait for class to actually begin.

Once everyone is out of the locker rooms, Yuugi says, "Since it's raining at the moment we'll just play basketball again. Same teams as yesterday, now get in place!" You start to walk over to your spot when Yuugi stops you, "Take it easy today, okay? I don't want you going into another fit."

"Okay," you say. You manage to stay in for a while before your asthma starts acting up again, but you switch out before you start coughing.

Suika is ruthless today, barely giving anyone a chance to get the ball, even her own team. In the end her team won. You don't really hear much cheering from her team, which is understandable as they barely did anything.

After getting changed, you decide to-
-Choose one
[] Walk home with Shou.
[] Ask Mokou if she wants to hang out.
[] Go to the band room and see what kind of people show up to try out for Yamame's band.
() Try out yourself.
[] Go straight home and write that paper you keep procrastinating on.
Sorry it took me a while, considering how short it is. I kept putting it off because I feel like shit right now.
Am I really that predictable?
[x] Go to the band room and see what kind of people show up to try out for Yamame's band.
[x] Ask Mokou if she wants to hang out.

Trends; though you proved me wrong this time. A weekly (more or less) update rate isn't bad at all
[X] Ask Mokou if she wants to hang out.
[X] Go to the band room and see what kind of people show up to try out for Yamame's band.
[x] Go to the band room and see what kind of people show up to try out for Yamame's band.
(x) Try out yourself.

Works for me~!
[X] Go straight home and write that paper you keep procrastinating on.

This is gonna bite us if we don't take care of it.
[X] Ask Mokou if she wants to hang out.
When I said all Mokou, all day, every day, I wasn't kidding.
[X] Go to the band room and see what kind of people show up to try out for Yamame's band.
(X) Try out yourself.

This should be a good way to make more friends.
It always works for you it seems.
Well, it'll get done eventually. On time is another matter.
I'm glad you like her!
Vote will remain open for a few more days.
X] Go to the band room and see what kind of people show up to try out for Yamame's band.
(X) Try out yourself.
[x] Go to the band room and see what kind of people show up to try out for Yamame's band.
(x) Try out yourself.

Maybe we'll get to meet the Prismrivers.
I'm going to call the vote. We're going to try out for Yamame's band, and meet a few other hopefuls. Writing begins now.
File 135994469554.png - (1.34MB, 815x1110 , 204489ac08f459cc74c27efb0997086b.png) [iqdb]
Yamame invited you to try out for her band, so you decide to go to the band room. After a moment, you realize you don't actually know where it is. You pull out the map you got on Monday and realize that it isn't that far from here. When the bell rings you rush over to Shou, "Hey, I'm staying after today. I'll be home later."

"Okay, what?re you staying for?" She asks.

"Yamame invited me to try out for her band." You say nonchalantly.

"Ah, good luck! I'll see you later." She waves and the two of you go your separate ways.

When you approach the band room you see a couple students enter, one of them carrying a guitar case. You quickly follow them in and start inspecting the room. The room has music stands sitting in a corner, chairs stacked up and lined against a wall, and in the back are some of the larger drums.

One of the students you followed in is Yamame, and the other is Mystia who is carrying the guitar. When you close the door Yamame turns around and sees you, "Oh, hi Alex! You're a little early."

"You didn't tell me what time to be here, so I figured I'd just come straight here." You say.

"Well, we still need to wait for a little bit. Hopefully we'll get a bunch of people trying out!" Yamame seems really excited.

Mystia eyes you for a moment, "You don't have a guitar do you?" You shake your head. "Well, you can borrow mine for today."

You're a little embarrassed, "Thanks."

You practice with Mystia's guitar for a little while you wait for everyone to show up. it's an electric guitar, you feel a little jealous when you notice that it's a Les Paul. Your practice consist of simple warm ups and a few complex ones.

You see Lunasa enter carrying both a violin case and a guitar case. A guy with short and messy brown hair comes in and heads to the backroom. You see Aya start to come in, only to be kicked out by Yamame, saying she would only be a distraction. A girl with platinum blonde hair messily styled to look like a pair of cat ears enters the room and takes a seat next to Yamame and Mystia. She's wearing a pair of large purple headphones with an iPod sitting in her shirt pocket.

You wait around for an additional five minutes, in that time the guy with brown hair returns with a guitar of his own. Yamame starts to say something when the doors burst open and in runs the girl who stole your backpack. "I'm not late am I?" She huffs.

"You just barely made it." Says the girl with the headphones, her voice has a bit of harshness to it. "Where's your guitar Nue?"

Satori enters the room next, "I have it. Is that all you needed Nue?"

"Yep, thanks a lot Sats!" Nue says with a grin. Satori's eyes narrow for a moment before she sighs and walks out after handing off the guitar.

"Okay," Yamame says clapping her hands, "now that we're all here, let's begin! We want you to play two songs for us, preferably from different bands."

The girl with the headphones takes them off and hangs them around her neck as she clears her throat. "Yamame, I think we should introduce ourselves first. I don't recognize everyone here." She looks at you as she says this.

"Oh, right! Silly me! Well, I'm Yamame Kurodani." Her excitement is practically overflowing at this point. "It was my idea to start this band, and I'll be playing the drums.

Mystia stands up and says, "I'm Mystia Lorelei, I'm the lead singer."

"I am Miko Toyosatomimi. I'm the pianist." The last girl says. "When you come up say your name and what experience you have with a band, if any."

The guy raises his and asks, "Are we limited to just playing the guitar, or are we allowed to sing too?" He sounds really relaxed and confident.

The three girls huddle for a moment and speak in whispers. When they finish Mystia says, "If you think you can go ahead. If you're any good we'll be able to do different songs that could feature your singing!" Despite her tone, you can tell she isn't thrilled at the idea of sharing the role of singer. "Now who's first?"

"I'll go." Says the guy as he stands up. "I'm James, a senior. I used to belong to a garage band until the singer decided to go to college."

"What'll your first song be?" Yamame asks leaning forward.

"I'll be starting with ?I'm a Believer? by Smash Mouth."
When he finishes, you certainly are a believer. You believe he has no talent. he's a garage band hack that makes more noise than a jet plane. His next song is even worse than the first.

Yamame give a forced smile, "Th-thank you for your time, leave your name and number and we'll get back to you. But if you want to stay you may."

James pulls out a pen and writes his number on a slip of paper Yamame hands him and walks out of the room. The room is quite for a moment before Lunasa stands up, "I am Lunasa Prismriver. I'm part of the school's band. And I have one question before I begin. Is it all right if I play one song on my violin and the other on the guitar?"

"Go right ahead," Miko says.

She starts with her guitar playing a song you never heard of before, unlike the guy before her she chooses not to sing. Her skills with a guitar are mediocre, but as soon as she starts playing the violin you are blown away. Her choice for the violin is ?The Devil Went Down to Georgia? and it was amazing. When she finishes she gives a quick bow before writing her name and number on the paper Yamame hands her.

After Lunasa leaves there is another silence as you and Nue stare at each other. You want to confront her, but now isn't exactly the time. "Next," Miko says with a hint of annoyance.

Nue stands up, "I'll go!" She doesn't seem to be nervous at all. "I'm Nue Houjuu, and I've never been in a band before! But I've been playing since I was a kid! Today I'll play a song from Shiny Toy guns called ?When Did This Storm Begin??."

Her singing is better than her playing, which is the best you've heard today. While she plays she gets really into it, dancing around and smiling. "My next song will be ?Wolf in Sheep's Clothes? by Seven Kingdoms!" She announces and quickly starts playing. When she finishes she's out of breath and has a look of pride and joy.

When she catches her breath she writes down her name and number and takes a seat next to you. "Great job!" You say. She simply smiles in response.

You look around, looks like you're last. You take a deep breath and stand up, "I'm Alex Hijiri, I just moved here the other day. In my old school I was part of the band and I was usually picked to perform for graduation." You take another deep breath, "My first song will be ?Seasons? by Dragonforce."

You preferred the acoustic version, so that's what you play. Quickly you lose yourself in the music and forget that you're being watched as you start to sing. Your fingers move on their own, you don't even think about the notes or the words, they just come to you. When you finish you stand there for a moment to catch your breath. "M-my second song will be ?45? by Shinedown."

You start playing and let yourself drift once more, following not memory, but instinct. You've played it so many times your fingers know just how to move, and your voice doesn't waver as you sing. Finishing the song you smile, feeling proud of your work.

When you write your name on the paper you have to check your phone to see what the number is. "Thanks for coming," Yamame says, "We'll give you a call when we make a decision."

You quietly leave the room followed by Nue. As soon as you are out of the room and the door closes you face her, "Why did you take my stuff yesterday?" This has been bugging you since she showed up.

"Hmm, well I never saw you before. So I just figured I'd give you a warm welcome." She answers innocently.

"By taking my stuff?" You cross your arms.

"Well if you deciphered the note you would of known to meet me on the roof during lunch! I wanted to try and be your friend, but I'm never very good at talking to new people." She bashfully kicks the ground.

"But you're talking to me now," you point out.

"Well, you're Satori's friend, so I know you're a good guy!" You aren't quite sure if you've talked to her enough to be called her friend. "Well anyway, I'll be seeing you around!" With that she runs off.

You decide to head home now. When you step outside you're a little annoyed that it's still raining, pretty hard too. Luckily, your house is right next door. You sprint through the rain and run inside; even though you weren't in the rain that long you're already soaked.

You take your shoes off and see Shou at the computer and Byakuren is sitting in a chair watching TV. Byakuren Looks at you, "Welcome home! I forgot to tell you, but tomorrow is a teacher work day so you get to sleep in!"

"Cool!" You start to head upstairs, "I'll be down in a minute; I want to get changed."


After getting changed you head to the kitchen and start looking around for what you could make for dinner. Boneless chicken, Pork, there's still some ground beef. You decide on chicken with pasta. You get to work cutting up the chicken while the water for the pasta boils. Byakuren tries to help but you respectfully ask her to let you do it.

When the pasta is ready, you drain it and add tomato sauce to it. After the chicken cooks, you add it to the pot as well making sure to mix it up. You set the table and let the others know dinner is ready.

After dinner, you head to your room and read a book until you fall asleep.

You don't have school today, so how do you spend your time?
Choose one for each Time:
-Morning (6-10:59)
[] Sleep in
[] Get up and make everyone breakfast again.
[] Grab yourself a bowl of cereal and head back to your room and read.
[] Write in
-Midday (11-2:59)

[] Hang out with a Friend (You only have Shou and Mokou's number)
[] Write that Damn paper! (Will take away the afternoon choice as well)
[] Go to the mall and see who's there.
[] Visit Kogasa
[] Write in

-Afternoon (3-5:59)
[] Go to/Stay at the mall
[] Visit Kogasa
[] Apply for jobs
() On the internet
() In person

-Dinner (6-6:59/7:59)
[] Make dinner again (Cook what exactly? Be reasonable)
[] Eat out (Takes more time)
[] Be brave and let Byakuren cook

[] Study
[] Call a friend
() Mokou
() An old friend
[] Talk with Shou
[] Go right to sleep
Wow, only two days to do this! I'd recommend thinking carefully about how you want to spend your day.
talk about choice overload.
Hm. Easy.

All Mokou, all day.
[x] Write in
-(x) Grab yourself a bowl of cereal and head back to your room and write that damn paper!
[x] Go to/Stay at the mall
-(x) See if Shou wants to go
[x] Be brave and let Byakuren cook
[x] Call a friend
-(x) Mokou

I figured that tackling the paper in the morning would take up the next time period like it does for the Midday option. Afterward I figured getting out and stretching the legs would be nice and could be a good opportunity to hang out with Shou. Would have went for the Kogasa but, correct me if I'm wrong, did Alex not just meet her the day (or was it two?) before? As for dinner I figure Byakuren has to be capable of cooking something. And, lastly, I've always found having a relaxing chat with a friend a decent way to end a day.
Shit man I dunno. What kind of high schooler sets up a damn schedule for their day off?

[X] Do a bunch if crap that other people are gunna vote for.
[X] Be sure to get the number of the orphanage, that way you can call Kogasa on days you don't visit.

Trying to avoid the "Kogasa hiding in the umbrella with a knife" BAD END here. Seen it happen too many times. It haunts my dreams at night.
[X] >>48265
This seems like a reasonable choice. That said, if we're letting Byakuren cook, do we free up the period of time for other shenanigans? Or will we also be popping in on her from time to time to check if we need to run damage control?
I take it that's a bad thing right?
So you want to find out where she lives, sneak in and make her breakfast too? That's a little creepy.
Yeah, Kogasa was just met yesterday.
Alex isn't planning out his day. I'm just presenting you with all the choices now rather than having a vote for each one. Don't get used to this, I'm getting a feel for how I want to do the choices for his days off. If you don't like how the current vote is structured let me know I'll try to do something different next time. Also Kogasa will not kill you.
It would be more of trying to teach her how to cook.
[x] Write in.
-(x) Grab yourself a bowl of cereal and head back to your room and write that damn paper!
[x] Go to/Stay at the mall
-(x) See if Shou wants to go.
[x] Be brave and let Byakuren cook.
[x] Call a friend.
-(x) An old friend.
[x] Write in.
-(x) Grab yourself a bowl of cereal and head back to your room and write that damn paper!
[x] Go to/Stay at the mall
-(x) See if Shou wants to go.
[x] Be brave and let Byakuren cook.
[x] Call a friend.
-(x) An old friend.
Sounds good.
Are you saying you wouldn't do that for Mokou?
Not that guy, but I do agree with him.
I wouldn't break into her house, but I would make her breakfast in bed.

Anyway, I have to apologize but I will not accept>>48263 and >>48267. Those two aren't what I would consider real votes.
That said, there is currently a tie. If no one votes by the end of the day I will flip a coin. The only difference between the votes is who to call at the end of the day.
As the one who voted >>48263 yeah, it was a joke, real vote coming

[x] Write in.
-(x) Grab yourself a bowl of cereal and head back to your room and write that damn paper!
[x] Go to/Stay at the mall
-(x) See if Shou wants to go.
[x] Be brave and let Byakuren cook.
[x] Call a friend.
-(x) An old friend.
Vote called, writing begins now.
Doing alright?
I'm just procrastinating due to the fact that I feel my writing isn't as good as I had originally believed it was. I had previously thought that it was decent, now I'm starting to view it as shit.

That said, the only way for me to improve is to keep writing. I'll try to have the update out within a week. Also this may be a bad idea, but I am considering writing a second story. I wouldn't drop this one if I did, but I want to write something different to give myself more experience.

If anyone has any advice/criticism please feel free to let me know! I want to improve!

It's pretty rare to see a writer who can do two or more stories at once. Unless you have tons of free time, I'd have to advise against that.

As for motivation, well, you'll never improve if you don't keep writing. Don't put too much pressure on yourself; you're doing this for fun, after all, and there are people who like your story and want it to continue.
If you are planning another story, make sure you don't burn out. Look at Megasen. Rapid updates and 2 stories. Finally he burnt out and left very angry readers behind him. He also continued the curse of High school stories on this site.
File 136201884418.jpg - (150.54KB, 850x642 , sample-d69dc06ab393f0e7ad11066f007426a8.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry that this is taking so long, I've got a fair amount of work to catch back up on for one of my classes. I had almost completely forgotten about it because it is all online and I never check it. So please wait patiently while I try to play catch up and find time to write.

Picture is applicable to how I've been.
What happened to Megasen anyway?
I'm not sure what happened to him, he disappeared before I started reading here. From what I hear he was pretty good and is missed. Hopefully he decides to come back eventually.

But on a more story related note, I have finished my update and sent it along to my proofreader who will hopefully get it back to me by the end of tomorrow. I hope you don't mind waiting just a little longer.
File 136261748448.png - (709.14KB, 600x838 , 986e6f2f24ed44d2916ca38f50e73c8a.png) [iqdb]
When morning comes, you roll out of bed, literately, and grab a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. You then proceed to head to the bathroom to take a shower. The hot water feels refreshing and helps to wake you up. After getting dressed, you head to the kitchen and make yourself a bowl of cereal. You take it back up to your room and set it down at your desk, only to realize that you still don't have a chair.

"Great, now where do I sit?" You mumble to yourself. Your nightstand has some space on it, and your bed is pretty comfortable, so that will have to do.

"I suppose I should actually work on that paper from English class." Sighing heavily, you grab your backpack and toss it onto your bed. "Breakfast first," you say; you don't particularly like soggy cereal.

After eating, you dig out a notebook and the sheet Lily gave you on Monday from your backpack. You stare at the paper, trying to think about what your dreams for the future are. You think about when you were younger and how your mom was in and out of the hospital regularly. As a result, you saw a lot of different sicknesses and diseases. You became fascinated with the different treatments and medicines.

Perhaps you should say you want to be a doctor? Yeah, that'll work. it's just for a paper anyway; it's not like you're setting your lifelong goals in stone just by writing it. And so, you begin writing. It starts slow, but you eventually meet the page requirement through gratuitous use of big words and avoiding contractions like the plague. Unfortunately, your first draft of it isn't all that great, so you rewrite it, with major revisions, a few times.

When you finally are satisfied with it you glance at the clock. it's about two thirty now. "Guess that's what I get for my perfectionism," you say, annoyed with how long it took you. You put your notebook back in your backpack and stand up to stretch. You've been sitting on your bed for far too long, your legs are cramped and it hurts to stand.

Grabbing the bowl from breakfast, you head downstairs to make yourself a sandwich. When you get down the stairs, you see Shou sitting at the computer with a couple textbooks on the floor beside her. She's hunched over on the desk. "Hey, Shou, whatcha up to?" You ask as you walk into the kitchen. No response, "Hey, Shou!" You call.

She sits up suddenly, "Huh, what?" She turns to face you. She has a sleepy look on her face.

"Sorry, did I wake you?" You ask as you make your sandwich.

She yawns and says, "Yeah, I didn't sleep well last night."


"No, I just had trouble falling asleep." You notice she's wearing tiger stripe pajamas.

You finish making your sandwich and start eating as Shou walks into the kitchen with a half-awake look on her face. "Hey, after you wake up some, you want to hang out at the mall?"

"Hmm," Shou rubs her eyes before saying, "Sure, but I want some coffee first. You want some?"

"Sure." You watch as Shou pours water into the coffeemaker and gets it ready.

She looks embarrassed for a moment, "I-I'll be right back. I'm gonna change." She hurries to her room leaving you there with the remainder of your sandwich. By the time she returns you have finished your sandwich and poured yourself a cup of coffee. "Sorry about that, I kind of forgot that you were here so I didn't get dressed."

You shrug, "It didn't bother me. You live here anyway so it's normal."

Shou gets herself a cup of coffee and adds some sugar and creamer while you just drink yours black. Shou notices and raises an eyebrow at you, "You drink yours black?"

"Yeah," you prefer it black. The fact that the bitter taste further helps you to wake up certainly helps.

"You're weird." Shou says after taking a sip.

The two of you finish your coffee and head outside, "About how long will it take to get there?"

"I've never walked there before. I always take the bus." She leads you down the street to the bus stop. Checking the time on her phone, she says, "The bus should be here in about five minutes." The two of you sit in silence while you wait; Shou is busy texting someone and you simply sit on the bench staring up at the clouds. "Alex?" Shou says suddenly catching you by surprise, "do you like it here?"

"Huh? Yeah, I guess. I mean, I'm still trying to get used to it. it's a lot to take in just a week." You wonder why she's asking.

She seems like she's about to ask something else when the bus pulls up. "Ready?" You respond with a nod. "Good!" She hops up and you follow her onto the bus.

The bus is crowded with only a few seats available. Additionally, there is a stench that you can't quite identify. Shou doesn't notice, or if she does she doesn't show it and calmly produces a couple of bus tokens and hands them over to the driver saying that one is for you. The two of you sit in the first available seat, with you pressed up against the window.

Most of the passengers appear to be students, a few of whom you recognize, most notable being Aya and Yoshika. As soon as you and Shou sit down the former comes running up and forces herself onto the seat next to Shou, making her press up against you a little more than necessary.

"Hey you guys!" Aya practically shouts with a grin. "Whatcha up to?"

You have to lean forward to see her, "We're going to the mall." Aya's wearing a pair of black dress pants with matching shoes and a white blouse with a front pocket that currently holds a black and blue pen.

Aya overly exaggerates a pout and says, "Aw, you two get to go have fun like everyone else!" You and look at Shou confused, her response is a simple shrug as if to say she didn't know, or care, what she meant. Aya, picking up on your confusion, says, "I'm interning at the town newspaper! I really enjoy it, but it's so much work!" She shakes her head, "But more importantly," she looks around to see if anyone is watching. When she is satisfied no one is eavesdropping she continues, "Are you two on a date?" There was no hiding the mischief in her voice

Shou begins to stammer protests but doesn't come up with anything coherent, which only causes Aya to laugh loudly. Shou's stammering and beet red face are obviously the reaction Aya was hoping for. Personally, you aren't sure how to respond; part of you wants to tell Aya the truth while the other part wants to play along if only to mess with Shou.

The bus comes to a stop while the two of them calm down. Still laughing Aya says, "This is my stop so I'll be seeing you later!" She jumps up and follows a crowd off the bus.

For the remainder of the bus ride Shou doesn't say a word, though she does glance at you every so often. When the bus stops at the mall her face is still slightly red, Aya must have really gotten to her.

"You okay?" You ask when the bus pulls away.

"No," she says flatly, "Aya's always saying stuff like that! it's like she enjoys teasing me!"

You resist the urge to point out that you were also embarrassed by what Aya said, instead you say, "Just try to ignore her. She was obviously trying to get a reaction from you and it worked. If she doesn't get a rise out of you then she's more likely to stop."

Shou looks you in the eyes, "But she targets me more than anyone else! And we used to be best friends!" You can't tell if she's sad or just angry.

"Maybe she's jealous?" You say in an attempt to calm her down.

Shou puts her hands on her hips and huffs, "Jealous of what?"

Realizing that you can't back up anything you would say you simply shrug, "I don't know; you're more likely to know than me. C'mon maybe walking around the mall will help take your mind off of it."

"Oh, okay," Shou seems to have calmed down but you can still see some tension.

"E-excuse me?" A familiar voice whispers from behind. Turning to look you see Yoshika standing there looking frightened. She's wearing a pair of baggy blue jeans and a white t-shirt that is barely visible under her dark red jacket.

"Yoshika? Are you okay?" You ask, noticing how she seems to be holding her jacket tight.

"Y-yeah," no she isn't you note, she's shaking, "I'm just not good in open places."

"Oh, right!" Shou says suddenly causing Yoshika to jump. "You're agoraphobic!"

Yoshika frowns and tries to get as close to you and Shou as possible. "Kinda, I'm not as bad as some people. I can leave my house, but," she pauses for about a minute, "but there are certain places that make me more nervous than others. Parking lots and roads, for instance," she pauses again, it looks like she is forcing herself to talk at this point.

"C'mon let's get inside, we can talk more once you're comfortable." You say trying to make her feel more at ease.

She nods and immediately grabs your and Shou's hands and hold on tight. You almost recoil in surprise, but you manage to overcome it. Shou on the other hand seems completely unfazed; maybe she's dealt with this before. When you start walking you feel a little resistance from Yoshika but she quickly starts walking, albeit slow and hesitantly.

When the three of you get inside you escort her to a bench where she sits down and takes many deep breaths. She finally says, "Thanks for walking me in. Normally my mom and dad come with me, but they had to work today."

Shou sits down next to her and asks, "Why did you come here today anyway?"

Yoshika looks embarrassed; her normally pale face is now a light pink. "I, uh, well," she frowns, "I wanted to see if I was getting better dealing with the unknown. It doesn't look like it though."

"But you said you normally come here with your parents, doesn't that mean you're used to it here?" You ask feeling like you're missing something.

"I've never rode the bus before?" she says with a small smile, "That was fun, but getting off and being so far back in the parking lot was scary. I'm glad you two were here."

Another question comes to mind, "What are you going to do now?"

"Hmm? Well there's a small arcade here so I was thinking about staying there until my mom gets out of work and then have her pick me up."

Smiling Shou says, "How about we walk you there?"

Yoshika shakes her head, "No, it's okay. I don't want to interrupt your date any more than I already have."

Her comment catches you off guard, but not as much as it did Shou. She doesn't seem to know how to respond so you quickly say, "We're not on a date."

Yoshika looks as though she just ran over a dog, "Oh I'm sorry! I just thought, well you two usually come to school together and you walk home together too."

"That's because we live together," you say, only to realize that it may have been poor word choice on your part. If it was Yoshika doesn't seem to notice.

She looks nervous and starts fidgeting, "Um, well, I'll see you later BYE!" She says the last part quickly and runs off. Then again, maybe she did misinterpret what you said.

After about a minute of sitting around awkwardly Shou sighs, "Why does everyone think we're dating?"

You almost say ?Would it be so bad?" But instead you say, "Not sure."

Shou looks at you like she expected you to have an answer. "Oh well, I guess we'll just have to deal with it." She starts to open her mouth to say more but quickly shuts it and blushes.

For the next few hours the two of you walk around the mall and enter a few different stores. You spent the longest in a music store staring at CD's that you had no money for, while Shou was listening to the sample songs. After that, she dragged you into one of the clothing stores where she tried on countless outfits. In the end, she didn't buy anything but said she would have if she had the money.

Eventually you make your way back to the bus stop. The bus is already there so you just hop on after Shou who hands over two more bus tokens. The bus ride itself is uneventful with Shou complaining that she did too much walking and you staring out the window.

When you get back to the house Byakuren is sitting in a chair in the living room looking at some papers in a binder. Noticing you she says, "Hello there, enjoying your day off?" She doesn't look away from the binder though.

"Yeah," you answer cheerfully as you plop down on the couch. Shou echo's your sentiments as she slouches in the computer chair. "Oh, by the way," you say remembering something important, "can we get a chair for my desk soon?"

This causes Byakuren to look up in surprise, "I completely forgot about that, I'm sorry. I'll do that tomorrow."

"Okay, thanks. One more thing," you pause for a moment even though you know you have her attention, "do you happen to have a picture frame I could have?"

Byakuren puts a finger to her lips while she thinks. After a minute she says, "I think I have a few, about how big is the picture?"

"it's not very big, a small one will do."

"Okay, I'll take a look later, but for now," she smiles brightly as she closes her binder and sets it on a table beside her, "it's time for me to make dinner."

You and Shou exchange glances. Shou's eyes look almost pleading for you to make dinner instead. But before either of you can voice any kind of protest Byakuren is in the kitchen rummaging around the fridge and pantry.

"Would you like some help?" you say sincerely hoping she decides to let you help.

Byakuren just keeps smiling, "No thanks. But thank you for asking!"

Sighing you go to retrieve a book from your room and then head back downstairs. You position yourself on the couch in a way that will allow you to look into kitchen and maybe get an idea of Byakuren's cooking process.

Between reading and watching your aunt cook you start to feel drowsy. Eventually you dose off for a while. Your dreams are a mix of memories and fantasies. Memories of playing with Tenshi in the park while your mom watched. And fantasies of everything being back to the way it was before.

Shou wakes you when dinner is ready. You stand up, stretch, and think about your dream. About the only things you want from the past are your two best friends and your mom. At least one of those can be fixed. You decide that after dinner you'll give her a call, you did promise that once everything settled down you let her know.

You sit down at the table and see a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. It seems her ability to cook burgers isn't indicative of her overall cooking ability. At least that's what you thought. The spaghetti is overcooked and the meatballs are dry and bland. At least it's edible. You and Shou are polite enough to eat everything on your plates before excusing yourselves from the table and making your way to your own rooms.

Once you're lying comfortably on your bed, you take out your cellphone and start dialing. The number has been engraved in your mind. Your heart starts pounding; you start thinking ?What do I say? What if she doesn't answer? What if she doesn't want to talk?"

Suddenly a voice comes on the line, "Hello, Hearn residence." You recognize the voice as your friend Maribel.

"Hi Maribel, its Alex Hijiri." You say nervously.

"Alex? Alex! Oh my God!" She stammers for a moment trying to figure out what to say. Eventually she settles for asking, "How are you?"

"I'm doing pretty well actually. I've made some new friends and met some interesting people."

"That's great! I'm glad you're making friends. Renko and I miss you a lot; she keeps asking if I've heard from you." Maribel sounds so happy. "I wish I could see you again, maybe you can visit someday?"

"Of course, I'd love to see the two of you again!" You say without a second thought. "I miss you guys a lot."

"I miss you too! I'd love to talk more, but, I'm working on my science project that we were working on when you left and it's due tomorrow. I'm just putting the finishing touches on it but I really need to finish."

You are a little disappointed, "Oh, okay. Well I'll call you some other time then."

"Let me know when you get a cellphone, then we can text each other."

"I just got one from my aunt. So you can just text this number."

"Great! I'll text you tomorrow then!"

"Okay, bye."

"Bye Alex." You and Maribel were close, for the two weeks after your mom died you were staying with her and her family. You and her would hang out together, see movies, and go out to lunch. That is before everything went downhill.

You lie there for a while before you turn your alarm clock on and get ready for bed. As you lie in bed, you hear a knock on the door. "Come in!" You call as you sit up.

Byakuren opens the door and walks in. You notice she's holding two small slips of paper. "Alex, I haven't asked yet, but are you going to the dance on Saturday?"

"Uh, I'm not sure," you say with a shrug.

Smiling, Byakuren walks over to you and hands you the two slips of paper, "Well, if you decide to go, here's a couple of tickets. One for you and one for any girl you want to invite." She gives you a wink as she delivers the last part. "Well, good night then. I'll see you tomorrow!"

Byakuren walks out of the room, turns off the lights, and closes the door. You set the tickets down on the nightstand and go to sleep.

When you wake up to your alarm clock, you notice the tickets still lying there.

You kind of want to go, but at the same time you don't want to go alone. Seeing as it's Friday, today is your last chance to decide. Going alone might be a little simpler, or at least a little less awkward. You think about it for a few minutes before deciding to-

-Choose one
[] Go Alone
[] Ask (Choose a girl) to go with you
[] Wait and see if anyone asks you.
[] Don't go
Well, this was a long time in the making. I'm pleased at how it turned out, and I hope you are too!

Also for this vote PLEASE be civil and don't start any kind of heated argument. Discussion is fine and dandy. Also please note that this particular choice WILL NOT route lock you to a character.
[x] Ask Mokou to go with you.

She wanted a partner. Let's show her a good time.
[X] Wait and see if anyone asks you.
[X] Wait and see if anyone asks you.

Civil!" How can I possibly be civil when I just KNOW it's only a matter of time before the Flandre/Rumiafags ruin ANOTHER good high school story. And don't even get me started on those Reisenfags who apparently come out of the woodworks at ever choice for the sole purpose of glorifying their waifu and derailing threads.

On a more serious note, I wanted to ask Parsee, but couldn't come up with a good motive for doing so. Guess i'll just have to cross my fingers and hope she asks us!
[x] Wait and see if anyone asks you.

better play it cool at first though I was tempted to Ask Shou right off the bat.
[X] Wait and see if anyone asks you.
[x] Ask Mokou to go with you.

We've been over this. All Mokou, all the time.
[X] Ask Moukou to go with you.

Don't see why not as she's already admitted to wanting to find some one to with.
[X] Ask Mokou to go with you.

Band wagoning because Mokou.
[x] Ask Mokou to go with you.

Had no preference between choosing Mokou or waiting so I let the good 'ol silver dollar decide.
[x] Wait and see if anyone asks you.

Good thing none of those three you listed have shown up. Also, "coming out of the woodwork" has been completely exhausted as a meaningful phrase. Be more creative.
[x] Wait and see if anyone asks you.

The main reason I'm voting this way is because I want to see how one of the girls asks Alex to go. If no one does we can just ask Moukou then. Otherwise I would have just jumped on the bandwagon.

You already jumped on the bandwagon sir. The beta bandwagon.
Eh, I'd argue, but you are correct in your conclusion. I've been lurking long enough so I do consider finally voting a step forward. But yeah, excuses excuses.

I still stand by my original reasoning though, beta as it may be.
I wouldn't worry about Flandre/Rumia fans, the two aren't viable routes anyway. Figured I'd give you a heads up about that.
Reisen showed up, once. Maybe instead of "coming out of the woodwork" it should be "coming out of the bamboo work"?

Lame jokes aside the vote will remain open for a couple more days.
that isn't beta, just seeing who might be interested enough to step foward (with a decent chance it'd be Mokou)

But yeah it seems there's Mokou fans coming out of the bamboo work with this vote.
[X] Ask Mokou to go with you.

She does want to go
[X] Ask Mokou to go with you.

I am curious as to who would ask Alex, but we already know Mokou is looking for a date.
Vote called for asking Mokou. Writing begins shortly, expect it to be up by Friday/Saturday.
File 13635270369.jpg - (395.93KB, 526x762 , 6bc556bf9a4909c93d18ffebe4a99ecb.jpg) [iqdb]
You decide to ask Mokou to the dance tomorrow. No wait, wasn't it supposed to be Sunday? Last night Byakuren said it was tomorrow, but the announcement on Monday said it was Sunday. You grab one of the tickets to see if it says when it is. The tickets themselves are really just cut up pieces of crafting paper that read, "Fall Ball. October 21, 2012. 7pm-10pm. Formal Clothing Only." If today is the nineteenth then the dance has to be on Sunday. Great, just because Byakuren got the days mixed up you got confused.

Oh, well. You've made up your mind to ask Mokou and you'd rather not wait and give someone else the chance to ask her.

Sighing, you get out of bed and go through your morning routine. You chuckle at how quickly you've adapted to life here. Even though you miss your mom, you're relieved that she's in a better place. But when you think about her, you can't help but feel depressed. Even so, you know that if she were still here, she'd tell you to cheer up and stand strong.

Mom always had a smile on her face, even when she was in pain or was sad. "The best way to forget the pain is to smile." she would tell you. You admit that it does help to pretend nothing is wrong, even though you don't think it's the right way to deal with this particular situation.

You shake your head to clear your mind. Turning your attention back to your cereal that you've been neglecting to eat, you realize that it's soggy. You eat it anyway; it'd be a waste not to.

As you finish your breakfast, Shou comes down the stairs wearing pair of blue jeans and a yellow t-shirt. "Morning Alex!" She calls out to you, stifling a yawn. "Why?re you wearing your school uniform?"

"What do you mean? Why aren't you wearing yours?" When in doubt, turn the question back on the asker.

"it's Friday! Ya know, like Casual Fridays! We get to wear our normal clothes!" She's made her way to the coffee pot at this point. "Go get changed!" Shou practically pushes you towards the stairs as she says this.

You quickly change into a pair of jeans and throw on a t-shirt. Before heading back downstairs, you grab the two tickets and put them in your wallet for safekeeping. When you get back to the kitchen, Shou has poured herself a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee.

"Hey Shou," you say with a little hesitation, "Does Mokou have a date to the dance yet?" It would be embarrassing to ask Mokou only to find out she already has a date.

Shou looks a little surprised at the question, but quickly smiles and laughs, "No, she doesn't. Why, do you want to ask her?"

You feel your face redden. "Yeah," you whisper, causing Shou to laugh louder. "Do you think she'll say yes?"

"I'm not saying~," she practically sings.

You knew that was coming. "Oh, well. No harm in asking."

"Exactly!" Shou races to finish her breakfast. When she's done she jumps up and says, "Come on! If we go now we'll be able to catch her early!"

"I can just ask her during Homeroom," you point out futilely. Shou has already grabbed her books, and tossed yours at you, and is pulling you towards the door. Admittedly, if you were opposed to this you could easily break free.

The morning air is chilly, making you realize that fall will be over in just a few weeks and it'll be winter. Shou looks much less tired now. You think that she's happy you're planning on asking Mokou to the dance. The walk is very quiet, almost deafeningly so.

You break the silence by saying, "Byakuren gave me a couple tickets to the dance last night and she said the dance was tomorrow. You'd think she would be more attentive to the dates of these things."

Shou chuckles a little, "Yeah, but she's had tomorrow on her mind for a while. I'm not sure why though. But it's circled on her calendar."

"Really? Great! Now I want to know what tomorrow is."

For the remainder of the trip the two of you try to guess what's so special about tomorrow. Shou seems to think that your aunt has a date with someone. You insist that it's probably a party of some kind. By the time the two of you have entered the school you agreed that the only way to know is to ask her herself.

When you and Shou enter homeroom you notice that the two of you aren't the first ones here like you usually are. You see Aya scribbling in a notebook, Reimu looks like she's studying, and Hiro and Tyrone from gym are in here too. Strange, you never noticed those two in here before.

You and Shou take your seats. While you wait for Mokou to show up you feel anxious, it doesn't help that you've know her for less than a week. When you think about it, it's a good opportunity to learn more about her. But how are you going to ask her? Maybe it would be best to be straight forward about it. You lean back in your seat, tipping onto its back two legs and stare at the ceiling while you think.

Your musings are cut short by Mokou's voice, "Moring Alex!" This causes you to jump and almost fall backwards out of your chair. Luckily, you manage to catch yourself.

"M-morning," you stammer as you try to regain your composure.

Mokou smiles warmly, "Did I startle you?"

"Yeah, just a little." She sits down in her seat and you turn to face her. You pause for a moment realizing this is the first time you've seen her outside her school uniform. She's wearing a white tank top with horizontal black stripes, an unzipped red and white sports jacket, and a blue denim skirt. "Hey, I've got a question for you."

She tilts her head and gives you her undivided attention, "Oh? What is it?"

"Um, well, I was wondering," it's been a while since you were this nervous, "do y-you want t-to go to the dance with me?" It wasn't intentional but you said the last part pretty fast.

Mokou's face turns a bright red as she stumbles on her words. Most of what she says is mumbled and incoherent. Finally, she takes a deep breath and nods vigorously. You can't hide the smile on your face, and neither can she. "I-I was actually thinking about asking you," she whispers.

She jumps when the bell rings. You smile at her and turn back around while Mima calls role. Afterwards, Shou comes over and asks, "So did ya ask her?" You smile and nod in response. Turning to Mokou she says excitedly, "And you said ?yes?, right?" She mimics your response. "That's great! Tomorrow, we gotta go buy you a dress!"

Mokou gasps, "Tomorrow? But I'm babysitting for Remilia tomorrow!" She looks down for a minute while she thinks. Looking back up she says, "I'll talk to her and see how long I'll be babysitting; maybe it won't be all day."

After that Mokou and Shou start talking about dresses and you start to tune them out. When the bell rings you and Mokou say goodbye to Shou and start walking to history. You notice that Mokou is walking closer to you than normal, and she has a small spring in her step. Not only that, she's still smiling.

Shortly after the two of you get into the classroom and take your seats, Remilia comes in. She's wearing a loose fitting, light pink, full body dress with sleeves that stopped just before the elbow. When she sits down Mokou says, "Hi Remilia."

Remilia responds with a smile, "Hello you two."

"Hey, what time will I be babysitting tomorrow?" Mokou asks.

Remilia pauses for a moment before saying, "From about ten to five." Mokou frowns at this. "Why is something wrong?"

"Well Alex asked me to the dance and I don't have a dress, so Shou wanted to take me out tomorrow to get one." Mokou says as she slumps down in her chair.

"Hmm, is that so? I was going to go shopping for a dress tomorrow as well. Perhaps if we could find someone else to babysit I could go with you." Mokou turns towards you and gives you a pleading look. Remilia follows Mokou's gaze and smiles.

-Choose one
[] Volunteer to babysit. You like to think you're pretty good with kids.
[] You don't like where this is going, excuse yourself somehow.
[] Write in.
I have a feeling I know how this vote is going to go. This was initially going to be much longer but then I realized that there were a few things that had to be addressed before we continue namely this particular scene.

Well anyway, I hope you enjoy.
[X] Volunteer to babysit. You like to think you're pretty good with kids.

Have to help out Mokou. Although I have this weird feeling that Remilia will just say no, because we don't have experience babysitting.
[X] Volunteer to babysit. You like to think you're pretty good with kids.

I'd rather not, but it's only for one day, right? And there'll be Flandre.

This was a good update. Seemed a little more detailed than usual. Keep it up.
[X] Volunteer to babysit. You like to think you're pretty good with kids.
[X] Volunteer to babysit. You like to think you're pretty good with kids.
[X] Volunteer to babysit. You like to think you're pretty good with kids.
[X] Ask if you can bring Kogasa along.

Please don't hate me. It's just I really think Flandre and Kogasa would go great together, but I've never seen an author write them in the same scene.
[X] Volunteer to babysit. You like to think you're pretty good with kids.
-[x] Ask if you can bring Kogasa along.

Assuming Kogasa's even allowed to make a trip outside of the orphanage under Alex's supervision; it may be a good opportunity for Kogasa to make a new friend.
[x] Volunteer to babysit. You like to think you're pretty good with kids.

I'm indifferent to the Kogasa addition.
[x] Volunteer to babysit. You like to think you're pretty good with kids.

You asked her out boy, now deal with the consequences like a man.
Okay, I'm calling the vote now. Writing begins soon-ish.
File 136442715060.jpg - (179.65KB, 850x923 , sample-3af469e206529e409a60289ffa81db89.jpg) [iqdb]
You like to think you're pretty good with kids. "I'll do it." Mokou's pleading look quickly transforms into a smile as she looks at Remilia.

"I had hoped you would say that," Remilia says, nodding her head in satisfaction. "Very well then, since it will be your first time babysitting Flandre, I would like you to be at my house at nine thirty tomorrow morning. I will tell you everything you need to know when you arrive." Smiling, she turns around in her seat.

Mokou is beaming at you, "Thank you so much!"

"it's the least I can do." you say, smiling.

"I don't just mean for this?" she says as her cheeks turn red.

The bell rings and you turn around and prepare for class wearing a smile on your face. All you have to do today is a worksheet. Unfortunately it is front and back and most of the answers require quite a bit of detail. Still, you manage to finish with a few minutes remaining, unlike Mokou and Remilia. Remilia at least gets to the back of the page, while Mokou seems to be a slow writer. If Ms. Kamishirasawa didn't say that it was to be done individually you would offer to help them. Instead you pull out a book and start reading.

You don't get terribly far into it when the bell rings, which doesn't bother you, as you've read it a few times before. It dawns on you that you haven't really read any of your books the whole way through in a while, mostly because you've read them all already. Maybe you'll be allowed to go the library during study hall.

You say goodbye to Mokou and Remilia and head on to your next class. Upon arriving, you see Youmu sitting at the table looking rather depressed. As you talk your seat you say, "Hi, Youmu."

She forces a smile, "Hi Alex."

"You okay?" it's a simple question that hardly ever gets you a simple answer, but you ask it anyway.

Youmu sighs, "No, my mom is being overprotective again."

"How so?"

"She doesn't want me going to the dance with the boy I like!" She says loudly, only to look around embarrassedly. Luckily the only other person in the room is Ms. Knowledge. "She keeps trying to make my choices for me!" She says this quieter, but it's obvious she's quite annoyed. "She keeps telling me what I can and can't do! it's so annoying!"

"I'm sorry. She must have her reasons though," you'd rather not take a side when you don't even know her mom. You have an idea, "Hey, I'm going to hang out with a couple friends after school. Do you want to come with us?"

She looks at you surprised, "Really? Who's going?"

"Tenshi and Mokou, and I'm going to ask Shou later."

She thinks about it for a minute, "Hmm, okay! Where are going?"

"We're just gonna hang out at the mall."

The two of you chat for a little bit longer while waiting for the bell to ring. Once it does, Ms. Knowledge doesn't waste any time writing notes on the board. During class, you glance at Youmu, who seems to be in a better mood now.

Once class is over you agree to meet Youmu in the front hallway after school. You then walk to the home economics room where you are greeted by Tenshi.

"Hi Alex!" She yells in your ear as she gives you a hug.

"Hi, can you let me go please?" She frowns but does as you ask.

Out of the corner of your eye you see Parsee glaring at you. You try to ignore her but it proves to more difficult than you thought.

"Hey Alex?" Tenshi says hesitantly, "Do you want to go to the dance with me on Sunday?"

Crap. You were not prepared for this question even though in you really should have been. Before you can even open your mouth, Parsee says, "He already asked Mokou." No tact with that one.

Tenshi gives you a confused look, "Is that true?"

"Yes." You feel as though saying more might make the situation worse.

Tenshi looks disheartened, "Oh, okay. I guess I shouldn't have expected you to feel the same after two years.? Technically, you do feel the same as you did when you saw her two years ago. She is a good friend that you are happy to have. No more, no less.

"I'm sorry." you say quietly.

"it's okay." she says, "We're still going to hang out after school right?"

"Yeah. I invited Mokou and Youmu as well and I'm going to ask Shou if she wants to come too."

"Ask me what?" Shou says from behind you, nearly causing you to jump.

You spin on your heels to face her, "We're going to the mall later, wanna join us?"

"Sure!" She says with a smile.

Turning back to Tenshi, "We'll meet in the front hallway okay?" She smiles and nods in agreement.

The three of you sit down at a table while you wait for class to begin. Once it does, Iku begins giving a lecture on how other cultures prepare their food. Just hearing about some of the different foods makes your mouth water.

Once class ends, you walk with Shou to English. it's a good thing you wrote that paper yesterday; Lily took them up when the bell rang. You chuckle at how a few students tried to make excuses on why they don't have their paper.

The remainder of class was spent taking notes on various authors, which was hard to do due to Lily's erratic speech and her tendency to go on tangents. A few students don't even bother taking out any notebooks. Either they don't care or they can't keep up. One student looks like he has a tape recorder on his desk.

One of Lily's tangents gets cut short by the bell for lunch. As you start to walk out with Shou and Mokou, you feel a hand on your shoulder. It turns out to be Lily who says, "One moment, gotta talk to you. You aren't in trouble; at least I don't think you are. Maybe with another teacher but not me. Nope not me!"

It takes you a moment to process what she just said. "Okay." you turn to Mokou and Shou, "I'll see you two in a bit."

They wave goodbye as you walk with Lily to her desk. "Glanced over your paper. You lied."

"I'm sorry?" You can't think of what you lied about.

Smiling, Lily says, "You better be! Telling Satori that you haven't thought about the future, then going and writing a paper in one day! Or maybe you copied someone, but I don't think you did. You seem too honest. And squishy. No backbone." She pokes you in the chest for emphasis. "Nah, you wouldn't do that. Still lied though. Why?"

Again you have a little bit of trouble following her, but in the end you realize what she's asking. "To be honest, I hadn't thought about the future. But when I wrote the paper I spent a while thinking about what I wanted to do. So I just wrote about that."

Lily nods, and spins in her chair, "I see. Well no, I don't. Rather I hear. Can't see words. Unless they are written down." She stops suddenly. "Well anyway, you are free to go!" She hops up from her chair, spins you around, and gives you a push toward the door. "And remember, lying is bad!"

With that you head to the cafeteria feeling confused and for some reason insulted. The line is far longer than you would have liked, but you're hungry so you stick it out. After getting some pizza you go to where Mokou sits.

Reisen is the first one to notice you. "Ah there you are!" Kaguya and Mokou turn to face you. Upon seeing you, they both smile and Mokou's face turns a slight red.

You take a seat next between Mokou and Kaguya. "So," Kaguya says with a wry smile, "You seem to be making waves here."

"What do you mean?" You ask as Mokou and Reisen look at her inquisitively.

"it's just that in less than a week you have made quite a few friends, earned Suika's respect, impressed Miko, and you even asked Mokou out to the Fall Ball. Not only that, but Tenshi asked you to it too." Mokou looks at you with a sorry expression. "Just how close are you with Tenshi?" You don't like her tone, it almost sounds as though she's implying something. Wait, why does Mokou look apologetic? What has she told them, or rather what hasn't she told them?

You take a bite of an apple before saying, "Tenshi and I used to go to the same school, until she moved two years ago. I hadn't talked to her at all until Monday, and she's trying to act like everything is the same as before. We dated for a while but I broke up with her." You say it all simply, in part because it's the past.

Kaguya looks surprised, while Reisen drops the carrot she twirling around. The two of them look at you dumbfound for a minute. Reisen finally yells, "Wait, YOU dated Tenshi?! Mokou said you were close, but she didn't mention that!" Her little outburst gets the attention of most of the tables around you.

Mokou looks annoyed, "That's because you two never gave me a chance to!" She then looks at you, "Sorry Alex, I didn't think they would be so?" she pauses for a moment, "well, you know."

Conversation kind of dies at this point, leaving you to silently eat your food. You notice that once again Reisen is barely eating while Kaguya just helps herself to what is within arm's reach. Your food isn't safe so you try to eat it as fast as you can. At one point Kaguya attempts to reach past you to get Mokou's lunch, but her hand is quickly swatted with a plastic spoon.

You take a good look at Kaguya. She seems to be at the perfect weight for someone of her age and height. You wonder how that can be when she eats like this. Reisen on the other hand looks a little too thin. Mokou on the other hand is about the same height and weight as Kaguya, but she eats far less than her.

While you look at them, you can't help but notice that Reisen and Kaguya don't exactly look like they're related. But you decide to let that go for now.

Eventually, the bell rings and the four of you go your separate ways. You sigh as you approach the door to your math class. You aren't bad at math, but you find it so boring. Admittedly, you find most of your classes boring for some reason or another.

With another sigh, you enter the room only to notice that your teacher isn't here. In her place is a middle aged man with short and neat blonde hair and green eyes. You assume him to be a substitute teacher.

You take your seat and wait for the bell to ring. When it does it dawns on you that neither Momiji nor Sanae are here today. While the substitute is busy writing the lesson plan on the board you lean over to Yoshika. "Hey Yoshika, do Momiji and Sanae miss a lot of school?"

"Hmm? Well, Sanae has been actin? kinda funny lately and Momiji is part of the student recreation group, so she can get a free pass out of class every so often. And with the Fall Ball on Sunday she's been busy."

The teacher goes on to introduce himself as ?Mr. Smith?. It feels like you've heard that name a million times. The assignment is due at the end of class but it really isn't that much to do. Some of the students choose not to do the work at all. You pair up with Yoshika to get the work done faster. That was the original plan anyway. In the end, you wind up helping her more than she helps you.

Yoshika seems very unsure of her answers and keeps wanting you to double check her work. It wouldn't be so bad, but she always waits until you've started the next problem, meaning you have to back up your train of thought.

Luckily, the two of you manage to finish up not long before the bell rings. When the bell does ring, she thanks you and rushes off to her next class. You decide to hurry to your next class as well.

When you get near the classroom, you look around the hall for Mima. Surprisingly, you don't see her anywhere. You cautiously approach the door, noticing that it is slightly ajar. You push the door open carefully, expecting a bucket of water to fall on your head if you just walk in. Instead, you hear a small ?thunk? and get blasted with confetti. it's the surprise that knocks you off your feet.

You hear a familiar voice whine, "Aw, you're not Mima. Mima was supposed to trigger it, not you. No, this won't do, not at all. If Byakuren finds out I'll be in so much trouble! I DOn't LIKE TROUBLE!" The speed and fractured way of talking could belong to no other than Lily.

You can hear Mima laughing behind you as you stand up. "Good show Alex! I just knew Lily had something planned for me, but I was expecting a bucket of water to fall! This was quite creative!"

Lily rushes over to you and brushes some of the confetti off of you. "I'm sorry; Students shouldn't get caught in our war. No, casualties of war should be avoided. Please don't tell your aunt!"

"Don't worry, I won't tell her. it's not like I got hurt." Other than your pride you're just fine.

Lily frowns, "I got to go back to my class. Again I'm sorry!" She turns to Mima and gives her a playful smile, "I'll get you back soon enough my pretty!"

Mima puts her hands on her cheeks and says teasingly, "And my little dog too?"

Ignoring them, you walk over to the ?cannon?. it's actually closer to a catapult than it is to a cannon. That would explain why it didn't make too much noise. Mima comes over and takes the contraption, hiding it behind her desk leaving the seat free for you to sit in.

Before you get a chance to sit Mima comes up to you smiling and holding a broom and dustpan. "You made a mess, so now you gotta clean it up mister!"

"But it wasn't my fault!" Your protest goes unnoticed as she forces the broom into your hands. You mumble under your breath as you clean up the confetti. Most of the class comes in while you do so; it seems they too were waiting for someone to trigger the trap and you just happened to be the unlucky fool.

When you finish, you take your seat. Remilia had slipped in without you noticing and is already sitting her usual spot. Cirno and Utsuho come in shortly after and as usual you let Utsuho have your seat and you take the seat behind her. Utsuho and Cirno talk excitedly among themselves about what they will do tomorrow after Utsuho's cast is removed. Remilia is reading a book and taking notes on a sheet of notebook paper. You start reading the book you brought with you. About two minutes before the end of class, you remember that you wanted to go to the library. Oh well, you'll just have to go on Monday.

You put your book away and wait for the bell to ring. After it does, Remilia says she has something that she needs to take care of before going to gym and Cirno and Utsuho tell you to go on ahead. So you walk to the gym alone. Upon entering, you see Momiji. It seems she was just skipping math.

You get changed and step out of the locker room to see Rinnosuke talking with Marisa over by the bleachers. He seems a little flustered, but you can't tell what he's saying from here. Marisa, on the other hand, seems to be overjoyed for some reason; you can't help but wonder if she's teasing him in some way.

You decide that it doesn't really matter and wait for class to formally begin. When it does, Yuugi leads everyone out to the soccer field. "We'll be using the same teams as earlier in the week!" She announces.

You wind up being the goalie, mostly because no one else wants to. It doesn't take long for you to notice Suika grinning. "Please tell me she sucks at soccer," you mumble to yourself as everyone spreads out.

In a matter of moments you are proven wrong. How is it that someone so small is so good at sports? It doesn't seem possible! She manages to score three goals before your team manages to even get one.

Reimu turns things around by scoring two consecutive goals for your team. Shou and Marisa follow up with some fancy teamwork. Cirno attempts to kick the ball only to have it stolen by Rinnosuke, and Suika promptly steals it from him. The look on his face would be comical if it wasn't for the pintsized powerhouse charging at you.

She kicks the ball as hard as she can with no control over where it goes. Sadly, you find out all too well where it's going. You wind up on your backside clutching your nose; you think it's broken. Well, not really, but it hurts like hell! At least your tolerance for pain is above average, so you aren't in tears.

You do start to mildly panic when you feel something dripping out of your nostrils. Crap, your nose is bleeding pretty badly. By the time you come to realize this, most of the class is around you and Yuugi is kneeling beside you.

Yuugi silently asses your injury as the class looks on. Eventually she turns to Satori, "Satori, take him to the nurses office!" Satori nods as Yuugi helps you to your feet. You feel relieved that no one is panicking, at least not outwardly. Though they aren't panicked, a lot of people look quite worried, most notably Shou, Mokou, and Suika. Suika looks apologetic but doesn't say anything.

As Yuugi starts to get everyone focused on the game again Satori leads you back inside. You walk with your head tilted forward because you're pretty sure that's supposed to help. Satori looks back at you calmly, "Pinch your nose closed too." You take her advice, despite the fact that it hurts to even touch your nose. Judging by the time you have spent with her you get the feeling she is one of the more level headed students.

When you arrive at the Nurse's Office, you note that it's right next to the principal's office. That makes sense, if someone got hurt in a fight the principal would want them sent over right when they were done in there. But it makes you feel a little uncomfortable; you'd rather not explain why you have a bloody nose.

Satori enters the office and calls to the nurse, "Erin, are you in here?"

You enter as the nurse stands up behind her desk. She has long silver hair, which reaches her waist, that she is wearing in a braid. She's wearing a tight black skirt, a simple white button up shirt and an equally white lab coat.

The room itself is fairly bland, with white walls, black and white checkered floors, two exam beds separated by a curtain, and cabinets all around the room holding various medical supplies as well as a multitude of different posters promoting healthy habits. In the center of the room is a plain desk with two blue plastic chairs in front of it and a wheeled chair behind it which the nurse is sitting in. There are a few chairs lined up against the wall nearest the door.

Satori doesn't say a word as the nurse looks at you analytically with her dark grey eyes. "Come in and take a seat." she says, not seeming overly concerned. Does she get a lot of students coming in with bloody noses?

You take a seat in front of her desk, feeling a little better. Your nose is still bleeding, but not as much as before. Erin comes over and puts a rubber glove on her left hand and starts feeling your nose. You wince when she presses her fingers against you.

"It isn't broken," she says, her voice doesn't seem particularly full of emotion, "Medi, could you bring me an icepack?"

You are about to ask who Medi is when you hear a soft voice behind you say in surprise, "Yes Ms. Yagokoro!" Behind you, you hear the sound of a freezer door opening and a little bit of rummaging around before it shuts. A short blonde haired girl wearing a red shirt and skirt hands the nurse a gel icepack. "Should I get some paper towels too?" She asks quickly, to which Erin nods. She gets a bundle of paper towels and dampens some in the sink behind the desk. Erin takes the damp paper towels and wipes your nose to clean it while Medi wraps the icepack in the dry towels.

The nurse takes the now wrapped icepack and presses it against your nose, "Hold it here and tilt your head forward like you've been doing." She looks at Satori, "You may head back to class." Satori nods, still straight faced, and walks out of the room. Erin looks at you closely, "I believe this is the first time we've met, I am Erin Yagokoro," she points to the blonde girl, "and this is Maria Melancholy. But everyone calls her Medicine because she knows a lot about it."

The girl in question blushes, "it's nothing really; my dad's a doctor that's all. And I help out here a lot." She is very quiet when she talks.

"Yes, and you are a great help. But you must go to class more often!" Erin says, scolding her, despite the smile on her face. She clears her throat, "But what's your name?"

"I'm Alex Hijiri; it's nice to meet you." You say causing you to wonder how many times you've said something similar since the week began.

"Ah, I thought I saw the family resemblance, but I didn't want to say anything if in case I was wrong." You find that she no longer sounds emotionless, but it is still hard to pick up on. "Tell me, how did you hurt your nose?"

"Playing soccer," you say simply.

Medicine giggles quietly, "Hit in the face?" You nod slightly causing her to laugh a tiny bit louder.

"it's not funny," both you and the nurse say dryly. The latter is glaring her assistant.

Medicine frowns and the room is silent for a few minutes. Eventually Erin has you remove the icepack and she examines your nose. Confident that it's not going to start bleeding again anytime soon, she sends you back to class.

The bell will be ringing in about ten minutes, no sense going back to the soccer field and having to walk back to the gym. So you just go get changed before everyone shows up. You exit the locker room just as the rest of the class is returning. A few people ask if you are okay, while others are too busy with their conversations to notice you. Mokou and Shou wave to you, relieved that you're okay.

After those two get changed, you sit on the bleachers with them. Shou looks at you and says, "Hey Alex, before we go to the mall I want to stop by the house."

"Okay, why?" Admittedly, you assume it's to get changed, but you never know.

"Every other Friday, Byakuren gives me some money as an allowance. She just leaves it on the dining room table for me."

"Okay," you say in understanding. She probably wants to make sure she has money in case you or anyone else decides to go out to eat or something.

After that, the three of you start talking about books and various television shows. Not that you really watch a lot of TV, but you watch enough to know some of the shows their talking about. You contribute a lot more to the part of discussion that pertains to books, seeing how you read during most of your free time.

When the bell rings, the three of you make your way to the front hallway to find that Youmu is already waiting for you. Tenshi shows up shortly after grinning ear to ear. "You all ready to go!?"

"Not quite," says Shou, "I just want to stop by the house to get some money first."

"Okay," everyone says in unison. it's amusing, and a little scary.

"Jinx," you say suddenly causing everyone to start laughing. Tenshi, despite laughing, looks a little defeated. Then you remember that she was always the one who would say it when it was just the two of you. Looks like you stole her shtick.

The five of you walk to your house where you and Shou go in. You head upstairs to toss your backpack on your bed while Shou goes to collect her allowance. When you come down the stairs Shou hands you an envelope. "What's this?"

"I guess you're getting an allowance too," she says with a shrug.

You open the envelope and inside is thirty dollars. You assume Shou gets the same, but if that's true then your aunt will giving you sixty dollars a month. It seems a bit much but you aren't one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

When the two of you step outside, the others are discussing what to do. Apparently, they think that just going to the mall is too ?boring?.

"So what does everyone want to do?" Shou asks. "I'm up for just about anything."

"Well," says Tenshi, "We could go to the new indoor pool at the gym. I haven't been swimming in forever!"
Mokou looks thoughtful for a moment, "I'm not really sure. When I go out with Reisen and Kaguya we usually go sing karaoke, but I'd rather do something else. Maybe laser tag? Reisen says it's a lot of fun."

"Um," Youmu looks embarrassed as she says, "I kinda want to go to an arcade. What about you Alex, what do you want to do?"

-Choose one
[] Pool sounds nice.
[] Sorry Mokou, but Karaoke would be a nice group activity.
[] Laser tag sounds nice.
[] Why not the arcade?
[] Let's just go to the mall. Maybe something there will catch our eye?
[] Suggest something else (Write-in).
-Optional () suggest going out to eat afterwards.
Well, This didn't take me as long as I thought it would. I hope you all enjoy!
[X]Laser tag
Freakin' love laser tag.
[x] Why not the arcade?
I do not feel bad for Youmu. Nope. Not at all.
[x] Pool sounds nice.

This choice calls out to me, though the arcade is fine too.
[x] Why not the arcade?

We make Youmu happy, and we get to go to an arcade. There is no perceivable downside to this.
[X] Why not the arcade?
[x] Pool sounds nice.
(X) suggest going out to eat afterwards.

Because Tenshi. I wouldn't mind the other choices, it's just that I feel like we should reconnect with our childhood friend.
[X] Why not the arcade?
(X) suggest going out to eat afterwards.

I guess I'll go with this. Might be kind of awkward if Alex is the only guy in the group when they go swimming.
[X] Pool sounds nice.

Works for me~!
[x] Why not the arcade?
-(x) Suggest going out to eat afterwards.

Always vote for vidya gaems.
[] Laser tag sounds nice.

Only one other person wants laser tag?

Vote called for going to the Arcade. I hope to have this update done relatively soon. So writing begins immediately.
I'm surprised I was the only one who voted for the pool.
A) You weren't.
B) Not enough Youmu and/or arcade for peoples' tastes.
You know, we've never actually had a Youmu route.

It's always Alice this Ran that. I have nothing against people with different tastes, but seriously now, give someone else a chance for once.
File 136469824638.jpg - (163.04KB, 850x850 , ;_;.jpg) [iqdb]

We're already doing pretty good on that front.
Damn straight we are.
File 136477005774.jpg - (300.63KB, 840x1188 , 1360820274702.jpg) [iqdb]
Might want to recheck that link there buddy.

Mokou's been romanced before though. Not overwhelmingly often, I admit, but more than forever alone Youmu. Hell, about half of all the Touhous haven't gotten any love at all. Youmu is just the most glaring example.
>Mokou's been romanced before though.
Would you be kind enough to have a name/link? I would like to read that.
Pretty sure it was Memoria in Discord

YAF was writing it, though he never finished it. It was pretty weird. Had a sort of time loop/time shift thing going on. It seemed like Keine was the mastermind. As I said, pretty weird but worth a look at least.

There might be other stories featuring Mokou, but I haven't read them.
unfinished stories don't count.

And Youmu has gotten an ending of sorts though just not in recent memory. Kaleidoscope Midnight in /border/; not sure if it'd count for you or not.

Still not many people go for her as far as I recall in border. Mokou? I think she has a few stories though only 1-2 stick out and they're dead.

Now Shou and Tenshi? I don't really remember any attempts at all towards them. Not sure when they'll get a shot due to the awfully high tendency of people going after older games' characters.
File 136534219911.jpg - (187.32KB, 919x867 , afafeff392ef3ca190b0127698ba9083.jpg) [iqdb]
You think for a moment. Tenshi's suggestion to go to the pool is a little tempting but it would feel awkward because you're the only guy in your group. Youmu suggested the arcade and that strikes a chord with you. On the weekends, you would spend hours playing games with friends trying to beat each other's high scores and win prizes. While you aren't very good at videogames, you can't help but find them enjoyable.

"The arcade sounds fun." Youmu smiles when you say this. Mokou and Shou nod in agreement. "Okay, what about you Tenshi? Is it okay with you?"

"Yeah!" Tenshi grins mischievously. Right, she used to beat you in Mario Kart when you would go to her house. "So what are we waiting for? Let's GO!"

Tenshi leads the way with the rest of you trailing a little ways behind. You aren't really used to walking with a group. Normally you would just meet your friends wherever it was you were going. Not that you're complaining about this, it's nice to just be around them but you can't help but feel like you should be saying something.

it's fairly quiet with the only noise being a school bus or car driving by. There aren't many clouds in the sky and there isn't really much of a breeze. A few of your classmates walk by saying a quick hello only to rush off to wherever they're heading.

Eventually the silence is broken by Youmu, "So, what kinds of games do you guys like?"

"Racing," Tenshi says without hesitation.

Mokou says, "I don't really play videogames."

Shou is silent for a moment before saying, "I guess I like fighting games the best." That one is a little unexpected, you had assumed she'd say puzzle games or something like that.

You say, "I prefer RPG?s. Most of them don't really require any skill so their perfect for me." Everyone laughs which doesn't bother you, you kind of suck at videogames.

Once you get into the entertainment district, Youmu takes the lead saying that she knows the way. About halfway there you walk past the mini golf course you went to with Shou and Murasa, which reminds you Shou still owes you a favor. You smile to yourself and wonder if she's forgotten about it yet.

Youmu stops in front of a fairly large building with a large mural on the wall and a sign saying ?GAME KORNER?.

You can't help but ask, "Why is it spelled with a ?K??"

Tenshi responds with, "Why not?"

With that out of the way Youmu leads you in. Immediately upon entering you are assaulted by the sounds of multiple games and the cheers of the victors. On the opposite wall from the entrance are a line of skee-ball machines that look well used. To your immediate left is the ticket counter with a variety of prizes ranging from slinkeys to large stuffed animals. On your right are the video games, you can see a line of racing games, on rail shooters, fighting games, and even father back you can see some air hockey tables and pool tables.

"You'll need to get some tokens to play the games, and each game is only one token!" Youmu says as she walks over to the ticket counter. Behind the counter is a young man about your age with short brown hair and green eyes, he's fairly plain with no real distinctive features. You assume this is also the token exchange. Youmu hands over a five dollar bill and receives a handful of tokens. You see a note pinned to the counter saying that tokens are twenty-five cents. So you walk up and hand the cashier a ten specifying that you only want twenty tokens. He hands you a five dollars and twenty tokens and he repeats the process with the others.

After everyone gets their tokens Tenshi says, "How about we play a quick game of pool?"

"With the five of us?" Mokou asks. "How would that work?"

"Teams of two with one person sitting out?" Shou suggests.

Youmu looks towards the pool tables, "We could do teams of three; I think I see Yoshika back there."

Sure enough, Yoshika is back there. You remember her telling you she likes to spend time playing videogames. Your group walks over to her; she's currently playing by herself. She hasn't noticed you yet. All of her attention is on the table and how she will take her next shot. Despite her focus her hand wavers slightly causing her to merely scratch the cue ball. A quick glance over the table reveals that all the balls are still in play.

She mutters something angrily as she looks up from the table. When she notices the five of you standing there she jumps, "Oh! How long have you been standing there?"

"Not long," you say as you scan the table, "Having an off day?"

She sighs, "I suppose. I'm not really that good anyway."

"Then why are you playing by yourself?" Mokou asks with a raised eyebrow.

Yoshika looks away and says, "My dad thinks it would be a good bonding activity for us to participate in a tournament together." There's a hint of sadness in her voice. The others frown when she says this.

Mokou notices your confusion and whispers in your ear, "Her dad's a firefighter and he got badly hurt a month ago when a restaurant caught fire. he's doing fine now, but he has some pretty bad scarring." Mokou steps back after you nod slightly.

No one says anything; presumably they don't know what to say. Picking up on this you ask, "Want some help practicing?"

"Wha- oh no thanks," she says in surprise, "I'm just gonna go play some other games."

Youmu walks over to her and places a hand on her shoulder, "I'll join you!" Youmu seems about a whole foot shorter than Yoshika. Yoshika smiles and nods and the two of them head over to one of the fighting games.

Shou looks at the pool table, "Well, since the balls are out already, why don't we play a round?"

"Sure," you say as you get the balls back into position. "So, are we doing teams of two or what?"

The four of you quickly pair off into teams. it's you and Tenshi against Mokou and Shou. Tenshi breaks; one ball nearly goes in but it stops right on the edge of the corner pocket. Mokou goes next and knocks in two solids with one shot. Her next shot puts a striped ball in the perfect spot for you, only for you to miss. Luckily, Shou doesn't fare any better on her shot. When Tenshi takes her next shot she knocks in the ball you had missed and attempts to knock in another ball. It stops just short of the hole.

The remainder of the game follows the pattern of you taking a shot and missing, possibly causing the cue ball to go down a hole, followed by Shou getting a shot lined up for someone else, then Tenshi sinking a ball or nearly sinking the eight ball, and Mokou almost always makes the shot she was aiming for. You and Tenshi lose badly in the end, much to her frustration.

After that, Tenshi convinces you to play a racing game, which you lose horribly. After that you watch Shou face off against Mokou in a fighting game, it's a very one-sided fight. You play a couple games with Yoshika and Youmu, only to be beaten by the both of them.

When everyone, sans Yoshika, runs out of tokens you decide to head home. Yoshika says she'll wait around until her mom picks her up. After saying goodbye, the rest of you walk home.

As you walk through the entertainment district Mokou asks, "So how's your nose feeling Alex?"

Tenshi looks at her then at you with concern, "What happened?"

You sigh, "I got hit in the face with a soccer ball in gym." Looking at Mokou you say, "It stings a little, but I'm fine."

When you get to the residential district everyone goes their separate ways. You and Shou walk back home in relative silence and when you get there the sun is setting. Inside the house your aunt is typing on the computer, and you smell pizza. Strange.

"We're back!" Shou says cheerily.

"Oh! I was just about to call you and see where you were!" Byakuren says as she spins around in her chair. "Where were you two?"

"At the arcade with Mokou, Tenshi, and Youmu," you say.

"Okay, well I ordered pizza so go ahead and dig in." You and Shou go into the kitchen to see two boxes of pepperoni pizza on the counter. Shou hands you a plate and you each grab two slices. "By the way," your aunt says, "do either of you have plans tomorrow?"

You would answer but you are currently occupied with chewing so Shou answers instead, "I'm going dress shopping with Mokou and Alex is babysitting for Remilia. Why do you ask?"

"I'm going to be out for most of the day and I wanted to know if the two of you would need me to drive you anywhere before I go."

"Where are you going?" You ask.

"I'm working on something and I should be done tomorrow." She says with a smile.

After you finish eating you head up to your room and notice that there is now a chair at your desk. it's just a simple computer chair but that doesn't really matter, as long as you have something to sit in. You sit down on the bed and empty your pockets when suddenly your phone beeps.

Flipping it open you notice that it's a text message, From Maribel. It reads, "Hi Alex its Maribel. I pretty busy rite now so don't txt me back. I gave Renko your number so expect to hear from her soon. C u l8tr."


You really hate texting lingo. Anyway, at least you have her number now.

You decide to go to bed early and set your alarm for eight. It dawns on you that you don't know where Remilia's house is, you decide to ask Shou in the morning.

Your sleep isn't particularly restful. The dream you had your first night here wakes you, but luckily you don't wake the others. After a few minutes you fall back to sleep.

When your alarm clock goes off you quickly shower and get ready. As you eat breakfast, you are joined by Shou who seems pretty excited. "Hey Shou, where's Remilia's house?"

"Don't worry I'll show you how to get there. She did want us all to meet there anyway."

Once breakfast is over you follow Shou to Remilia's house. Well, house is a bit of an understatement. Mansion would be more accurate. Three floors, a large garden in the back, and a large circular driveway with a fountain in the middle. While you are impressed by the large brick building, you aren't really surprised by the fact that Remilia lives here. It seems to suit her.

You go up to the door and ring the doorbell. it's silent for a moment before you hear the knob rattle and the door swings inward. The one who opened the door is a girl about your age in a blue and white French-maid uniform. She has silver hair and grey eyes, stands about half a foot shorter than you and carries herself with a large amount of self-confidence.

"Excuse me," you say, "my name is Alex; I'm here to see Remilia."

Her eyes glance from you to Shou, "Yes, she is expecting you. Although you are a bit early, it doesn't matter, please come in." When you walk in, you notice that there are a large number of chairs and couches. Each one looks expensive, not to mention comfortable. The walls are white and the carpet is a light red, not quite pink but almost. "Take your shoes off please." her voice is calm, collected, and calculated. Every word she says is said with purpose, not unlike how Remilia talks. "I will go and let Remilia know you are here. In the meantime, please make yourselves comfortable."

She walks off, leaving you in the large foyer. From here, you can see multiple rooms each with a metal plaque identifying the room. Library, Rec Room, Kitchen and Dining Room are the ones you can make out.

Maybe you should have asked before agreeing to do this, but you wonder what Flandre is like. Before long you get your answer when you hear someone running down the hall. A young blonde girl no older than six or seven years old rounds the corner into the room you're waiting in. She's wearing red t-shirt and blue shorts that go past her knees, and her hair is in a side-ponytail. Her eyes are wide as she stares at you with a broad smile.

Shortly after her Remilia rounds the corner followed by the maid. Remilia is wearing a simple black t-shirt and blue jeans, it doesn't really seem to suit her. Smiling she says, "You are a little early. I suppose that is for the best, it gives us more time to talk about what exactly Flandre is allowed to do." She stands behind her sister and places her hands on her shoulders, "This is my little sister Flandre." She points at you with her left hand, "Flan that is Alex. He will be your babysitter today."

Flandre turns around to face her sister, "Oh? Momo won't be coming today?" She has a very cheery voice, if not a little high-pitched.

"I told you last night; Mokou and I would be going shopping for dresses today." Remilia says with a bit of annoyance. Flandre merely slaps her hand against her forehead. "Anyway," Remilia says getting back on track, "you remember Shou. She will be coming with Mokou and me."

Remilia walks over to you and hands you a folded sheet of notebook paper. "What's this?" You ask.

"A list of things Flandre is allowed to do, and what she isn't allowed to do or have." Remilia responds.

You unfold the paper and read the list.

Flandre can't have: soda, anything with caffeine, candy (unless she's been really good), and ice-cream.

She is allowed to: Play video games (No longer than an hour at a time), use the art room, play instruments in the music room, read in the library, and play outside (as long as she doesn't harm the flowers in the garden).

Lastly she is not allowed to: go into any room not mentioned above (With obvious exceptions of bathroom, dining room, and her own room), roughhouse, or use the phone (except in the case of an emergency).

There is even a number to call if you are having trouble with her. You fold the paper back up and slide it into your pocket. "Any questions?" Remilia asks.

You can't help but feel the list left something out.
[] Write in a question
[] I think I'm good.
I encourage you to ask more than one question. Think about what you would need to know when you're babysitting. Ask the right questions and you may be called back to babysit again and get a better pay.

Also please remember that just because you asked Mokou to the dance it doesn't mean you are locked into her route. I'm not saying not to go for it. I'm just reminding you that you can change your mind later.
[X] What does Flandre enjoy/dislikes doing?

[X] Is this list all-inclusive? What if she wants to do something not specified in the "Flandre is allowed to do" section?
[X] Has Flandre eaten diner? Am I to be expected to cook for her? Or perhaps dinner is already prepared?
[X] What if one of her friends show up? Are they to be allowed entry?
[X] Where is your first-aid kit located?
[X] When is bedtime?
[x] Is this list all-inclusive? What if she wants to do something not specified in the "Flandre is allowed to do" section?
[x] Has Flandre eaten diner? Am I to be expected to cook for her? Or perhaps dinner is already prepared?
[x] What if one of her friends show up? Are they to be allowed entry?
[x] Where is your first-aid kit located?
[x] When is bedtime?

[x] Does she have any allergies?
[x] Do you have a fire extinguisher and, if so, where is it?
[x] Alternate emergency number to call?
[x] Does she have any conditions I need to know about?
[x] Does she take any medication I need to know about?

That's all that I can think of right now.

Only thing I can think to add is asking whether Sakuya or anyone else is sticking around to help him or if he's truly flying solo.
We just came over after breakfast, so we should really be asking about lunch.
How long are we babysitting for? A general time frame of when to expect the girls' return would be nice.
[x] Is this list all-inclusive? What if she wants to do something not specified in the "Flandre is allowed to do" section?
[x] What should I do about lunch and what if she wants a snack?
[x] What if one of her friends show up? Are they to be allowed entry?
[x] Where is your first-aid kit located?
[x] When is bedtime?
[x] Does she have any allergies?
[x] Do you have a fire extinguisher and, if so, where is it?
[x] Alternate emergency number to call?
[x] Does she have any conditions I need to know about?
[x] Does she take any medication I need to know about?
>Ten to five
Remilia already said how long she's be out. It doesn't seems we'll have to worry about putting Flandre to bed. And we can assume that Flandre has had breakfast and is allowed two snacks a day. One between breakfast and lunch and one between lunch and dinner.
File 13658969371.png - (1.15MB, 800x1119 , School-of-Touhou-touhou-20857737-800-1119.png) [iqdb]
Okay, it's obvious no one else is going to vote so I'm going to call it for what >>49116 said.

I'm afraid writing will have to wait for a little while though. I have two rough drafts due on Tuesday, the final draft for one of those is due Thursday, and the following Tuesday I have the final draft of the other paper due AND nine mini papers due. The mini papers can be less than one page long, so those can be done fairly easily.

Give me about a two weeks, maybe three. In the meantime feel free to talk about the story and anything you like/dislike about it. I could really use the feed back.

Picture unrelated.
I'm looking forward to our date with Mokou. She's cute. I'd like to get to know some other girls too, though. I guess you're doing alright at having us learn something new each time we see someone.

Big events like the dance help to give the story some direction. It seems more focused now than it did before, even though we're doing other things too. Hopefully, there'll be something else to take the dance's place once it's over.

You're doing better at including details. I knew that feel when we were walking with people and didn't know what to say. You could do even more, though; without details, the world you love won't come alive for us.

Lastly, I'm a bit curious as to how much planning you've done. Do you have an overarching plot set up?
I suppose I could spare some time to review your work, since your take the time to write it for us.

Things I like:

1. All of the characters are sane. That might seem like a weird point to make, but a lot of authors tend to introduce improbable, glaring mental deficiencies into their Touhous in an attempt to characterize/personalize them.

2. How you've managed to introduce background info on some of our friends, as it helps to keep their particular motives and feelings in mind when voting.

3. I really like the myriad Touhou encounters we seem to have on an everyday basis. I feel the phenomenon known as "route locking" diminishes a story.

Things I do not like:

1. The most glaring negative comment I have for you, Mr. Waymaker, is that you always portray the emotions of embarrassment and shyness with a denotative "red face and stuttering". I feel that, as an author focusing on romance and character interactions, you should spend more time in creating more varied/action oriented ways of expressing how your female characters are feeling.

2. Your MC's dialogue is very linear and direct. I feel you could improve how he expresses himself with the addition of; facial expressions; natural pauses for the main character's thoughts and observations(moreso the former, as he does often note his observations of a situation); and making note of the subtle body movements and nuances associated with human conversation.

Additional comments:

1. I feel the addition of more indirect interactions(texting, phone calls, social networking, note passing) could enhance your story.

2. I feel the addition of more non plot-driven conversation (video games, hobbies, school work, childhood memories) could enhance your story.

Please take of of my posted comments with a grain of salt, as your work is very readable and entertaining. These just represent my particular views/opinions.
I beg to differ on the matter of route locking on two counts. One it doesn't exclude friends and second, it more or less decides the love interest as in these stories, it's very unlikely anon will come to a consensus.

Both of those are valid points. The first moreso than the last. That still doesn't mean I like it.
Update is in the hands of my proofreader now. He says I'll have it by tomorrow.
File 136861373228.jpg - (231.65KB, 595x842 , 54cb63930e469c267caea8c3216f0907.jpg) [iqdb]
Okay, first and foremost I'd like to apologize for how long it took me to write this. Secondly I want to thank a couple people for their advice (you know who you are). And Lastly I want to thank Everyone for their patience. Now without further ado, let us begin!
"Well," you say after a minute of silence, "It feels like this list is missing some major details. Like, what if one of her friends comes over are they allowed in? Or what if she wants to do something that isn't on the list like go to the park or something?" More questions come to mind as you speak, "Also, where are your first-aid kits and fire extinguishers? Not that I plan on needing them mind you."

Remilia smiles, "If one of Flandre's friends comes to visit they may come in, usually they call ahead to let us know. As for first-aid kits, we have one in every bathroom, and a fire extinguisher is near the fireplace in the den and in the kitchen. If she wants to do something that is not on the list, use your best judgment.."

You get the feeling that Remilia is testing you by not giving you all of this information. You plan on passing this test. Closing your eyes, you start thinking of what else you would need to know. "Does she have any allergies, or illnesses I should know about? And what about medication if she does?"

"She is allergic to dogs, but you should not have to worry about that. They just give her a runny nose and make her itchy." Remilia takes a seat on the couch and Flandre sits down right next to her and lays her head on Remilia's lap. "She does not take any medication either."

You look at the sisters and feel a little jealous. You've had people who were like a sibling, but nothing like this. Flandre seems so relaxed with her sister and Remilia seems to enjoy Flandre's company.

A few last questions pop into your head while you wonder what it would be like to have a younger sibling. "What should I do about lunch and what if she wants a snack?"

The silver haired maid speaks up, "Don't worry about that. I will prepare lunch and if she wants a snack just let me know."

"Okay, thanks." You say smiling. You turn your attention back to Remilia. "I have one last question." She looks at you expectantly, "In the event you are held up for any reason and you will be back late what time is Flandre to go to bed?"

Remilia laughs for a moment before saying, "I was not expecting that one, but in the event that I will be late her bed time is nine pm." She looks pleased with you. "I think you will do well babysitting Flan, you seem responsible and quick on your feet." She says the last part with a hint of mischief. You frown in response.

Shou giggles at your frown. "Don't worry, Alex, just be yourself and you'll have no problem with her."

Before you get the chance to ask what she means, you hear knocking on the door. The maid quickly moves to open the door, she's faster than she seems. "Ah, good morning Mokou." She says pleasantly.

"Good morning to you too Sakuya!" Mokou says cheerily as she walks in. She's wearing a red t-shirt with a pair of blue jeans.

Hearing this Flandre sits up suddenly and bounds to the door and gives Mokou a tackle hug shouting, "Momo!"

"Heya Flan!" Mokou says as she recovers from shock. You check your watch; it's about 9 o?clock now, right when everyone was supposed to meet. Flandre disengages from Mokou and runs back to the couch and plops down next to Remilia. Mokou comes in and stands next to you giving you a warm smile. "Morning!" Though she was looking at you it was directed to the whole room.

"Good morning Mokou," says Shou as she checks the time on her phone. She smiles and says, "Ready to find a dress?"

"Of course!" Mokou yells with great enthusiasm. There seems to be something different about her. She seems to have more confidence. More? well you aren't quite sure. it's not a bad thing, you kind of like it.

"Well then, Alex we shall see you later, hopefully no later than five." Remilia stands up and gives Flandre a hug, "Behave yourself." As she walks to the door with Shou and Mokou in tow she looks at Sakuya and says, "Sakuya, please change out of that ridiculous outfit." Sakuya merely smiles and walks down the hall.

Shou waves and Mokou says, "Go easy on him Flan. He might have trouble keeping up." Ominous words if there ever was any. Flandre merely nods in response.

You and Flandre wave to the others as they leave. Once the door closes, you left alone with the younger Scarlet. "So," she says innocently, "watcha wanna do?"

Her informal manner of speech is a refreshing break from Remilia. In regards to her question you simply shrug. "I don't know, what do you want to do?" You weren't quite sure what she likes to do. You have an idea thanks to the list you were given, but it's better to see what she says.

Flandre giggles innocently and looks at you with a broad smile. "Well, I want to play outside!" She grabs your wrist and starts to pull. You shouldn't be surprised, but her hands are pretty small and soft. "Come on! Let's go!" She ?pulls? you through the building and out a back door. On the way out you notice quite a few pictures on the walls. You didn't get a good look at any of them. A few of them looked like family portraits.

Once outside you see the large garden. it's full of flowers, some you recognize and many that you don't. In the middle of the garden is a small playground complete with a swing set, slide, and a jungle gym. It all seems fairly new, maybe less than a year old. Flandre releases your wrist, runs to the swing set, and quickly takes a seat.

"Allie! Come push me!" She calls to you in a pleading voice. You start walking with a smile on your face.

Wait. What?

Allie? Is that what she called you? "Why did you call me ?Allie??"

"Oh? Do you not like it?" Flandre frowns as you walk behind her and get ready to push.

You place your hands on her back and say, "I never said that. It just surprised me that's all."

"Oh, goodie!" You give her a one small push. "I give all my friends nicknames." You push her a little higher this time. "Momo, Allie, Remi, Saki, Patchy, Coco," she continues to rattle off names like you would have any idea of who they are. Momo, Allie, and Remi are obvious and you assume Saki to be Sakuya. You notice that most of the nicknames end in an ?oh? or ?e? sound.

You continue to push her higher and higher until you start to worry about her safety. You start to give softer pushes to keep her going at a safe height. Flandre doesn't seem to care too much, she's laughing while trying to remember all the nicknames she has for people. It appears her ability to recall them all went out the window once she started to get some momentum.

Wait, she said she give her ?friends? nicknames. But she just met you. "Hey Flandre," you call out over her laughter, "you said you give your friends nicknames, but we just met. So why do I have one?"

"You're Remi's friend so you're my friend!" She laughs as she says this. Her simple take on friendship is so innocent. You almost wonder why people grow up and lose their innocence.

Soon after Sakuya come out and is wearing a tight black top with blue jeans and sandals. When Flandre sees her she wants to stop. You start slowing her down until she is able to safely hop off the swing. When she hops off she stumbles forward before righting herself and then runs into Sakuya's arms.

Flandre pulls Sakuya back towards the swing set and announces, "I want to play tag now!" You and Sakuya look at each other.

"Before we start," you say, "I've been wondering, why do you need a babysitter if Sakuya is here?"

Sakuya laughs an airy laugh and says, "Most days my duties keep me too busy to properly keep an eye on her. Today I'm making an exception though." She looks at you, almost critically. "it's not that I don't trust you, but I just want to make sure you are capable of looking after her."

You nod as you say, "I understand." You noticed something while she was talking. "Wait, you're talking differently than earlier. Why is that?"

"Oh? You noticed did you?" She rubs the back of her neck sheepishly. "To be honest, I don't like being so formal, but it's what Remi wants when we have guests. When it's just us we lose the formality and even she talks like this!" Your eyes go wide. Remilia talking informally just seems so out of place. Sure you've known her for about a week so you can't really say anything, but you still can't picture it at all. "That French Maid outfit was just a little prank to annoy her." She smiles as she says this.

Flandre pouts a little, "Are we going to play tag or not?"

"Oh, sorry Flandre. Let's play!" You say realizing that you got a little sidetracked. Sakuya nods in agreement.

"GREAT!" Flandre shouts. "I'll be ?it? first! Oh, and Allie! I'm Flan, got it!?"

"Okay, Flan." You feel weird saying it, like you haven't quite earned the right to say it yet. Oh well.

Flandre goes on to count to ten so you and Sakuya can get some distance. When she reaches ten she looks around and her eyes lock on you. You start running in the opposite direction and you can hear her running after you, laughing. Flandre is surprisingly fast as she catches you in no time with a hard slap on your back.

Now you're it and Flandre takes off. You see Sakuya nearby and you run towards her. She runs towards you! Just a few feet from you she turns right suddenly and starts running towards the playground area. You try to catch her but she's just too fast. Out of the corner of your eye you see Flandre nearby so you give up on Sakuya and start giving chase to Flandre.

Flandre leads you deeper into the garden barely evading your hands, until she trips. She would have fallen if not for you catching her by her shoulders. Flandre looks down at her feet for a minute. "Are you okay?" You ask worriedly.

"Yeah," she says solemnly, "I guess I'm it again?"

"Uh, it looks that way." You try to look apologetic.

She sighs heavily and then smiles at you. "Oh well!" She quickly pokes you in the stomach. "You're it!" She yells as she runs off laughing the whole time.

Damn it. She tricked you. You sigh and begin the chase anew.

After about an hour of playing tag with just the three of you, Flandre starts to get bored. Admittedly you've been a little bored and feeling like your lungs are on fire for the past thirty minutes, but Flandre seemed so happy that you didn't want to call it quits. In the end you were only ever able to catch Flandre, and Flandre in turn was barely able to catch Sakuya.

Flandre leads you and Sakuya into the Rec Room saying that she wants to play videogames. You wait around for a while as she decides on what to play. You take a quick glance around the room. There is one TV in an entertainment system on the wall opposite the door, a multitude of games and systems stored neatly in it as well, a large couch facing the TV and a chair in a corner with a tall lamp and bookshelf next to it.

"Do I want to play a game by myself, or do I want to play with Saki and Allie?" She mumbles to herself as she looks through the games. You take a look at the games as well. There seems to be a large variety in games and consoles. The consoles range from the original Nintendo to the Playstation3 and the games include almost every kind of genre.

Eventually she settles on playing ?Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars? figuring that you and Sakuya could use a break. The three of you sit on the couch with you on the left, Flandre in the middle, and Sakuya on the right.

Even though you're no longer running around, you're still wheezing quite a bit. Sakuya seems to notice this as she stands up and gestures for you to do the same. Flandre is wrapped up in her game and doesn't seem to notice.

You walk over to Sakuya who is standing by the door, she looks a little worried. "Are you okay?" She asks.

"Yeah," you say, "I've got asthma so all that running left me out of breath." You cough a little after saying that which only causes Sakuya to look more worried. "Don't worry, I know my limits. I'll be fine!"

Sakuya lets it go and sits down next to Flandre again and you do the same. After an hour Flandre saves the game and turns it off. You quickly check your watch. Oops, she played a little longer then she's allowed to by about thirty minutes. Oh well, no big deal right?

It is now about eleven forty. Oh dear. You still have over five hours until Remilia should be back. You aren't sure if your lungs will survive another game of tag. Luckily, Flandre just wants to go to the Art room and draw for a while.

The Art room is located on the second floor. On the way up though you take a look at some of the pictures on the walls, they are mostly family portraits and pictures of Remilia and her friends. The door to the Art room is very, colorful, to put it mildly. Flandre looks at you proudly and declares, "I painted this! Isn't it pretty!"

You glance at Sakuya quickly. She has a resigned look on her. "it's certainly," you start a little hesitantly, "colorful."

Flandre looks pleased as she opens the door. Almost immediately, your nose is assaulted by the smell of paint and paint thinner. The inside of the room is very different than the rest of the mansion. White walls with paint specks on it, hardwood flooring, and a window overlooking the garden that takes up almost a whole wall. The window might be the only thing in the room without any paint on it. Furniture wise, the room has three easels each with a stool in front of them, a table with a multitude of sketchpads and various mediums. Lastly, there are two chairs in the room, one at the table, and one against the wall nearest to the door.

Flandre parks herself at the table, pulls out a seemingly random sketchpad, and begins drawing on the first blank page she can find. Sakuya sits in the other chair and you sit down on a stool. You look at the garden, it looks like there is a pattern to it, but you can't quite figure it out.

For the next hour and a half Flandre scribbles away glancing at you every so often. You're curious as to what she's drawing, but you get the feeling she doesn't want anyone to see it until it's done. After another thirty or so minutes Flandre lifts the sketchpad into the air and yells, "TADA!"

You look at the picture. It is, well, it's something all right. Most of it was drawn in crayon, with a few places where she used a colored pencil. You can tell what it's supposed to be, or rather who. it's supposed to be you and her. There is no denying that it is quite good for someone her age, but still, you don't really look like that, the nose is all wrong, your eyes are brown not tan and your skin is lighter than the color she used. You see Sakuya in her chair trying not to laugh. "Well, Allie, whatcha think?" Flandre asks you suddenly.

"it's great!" You say. it's probably better to not be nitpicky about it.

Flandre is positively beaming at this. "I knew you'd like it! I'm gonna hang it up with the others on my wall!" Flandre rips the page out of the book and then stops suddenly. Her smile drops suddenly. "Oh no! I forgot I had vocabulary words to do!"

Sakuya says with a sigh, "Flan, I told you to do those last night. But I suppose it isn't that big of a deal, you do still have the rest of today and tomorrow to do them."

"I know," Flandre says dejectedly, "I think I'll do them now! So tomorrow I can play all day!"

"That's a good idea." Sakuya says as she stands up. "Why don't you work in the dining room? I'll make lunch while you do seeing as how it's now almost two."

"-Kay!" Flandre says as she runs off to get her homework.

As soon as Flandre is out of earshot Sakuya sighs. "She's really smart, but very forgetful."

"Not to mention hyper," you say without thinking. Sakuya laughs and nods her head.

Sakuya heads into the kitchen while you wait in the dining room with Flandre who is now starring at her homework. Three sheets of paper, one with the vocab printed on it and two sheets of notebook paper lie on the table in front of her along with a dictionary. From what she said, she has to look up the definitions and then write a sentence for each word. It doesn't sound that hard and shouldn't really take too long.

Or, so you thought. After a couple of minutes Sakuya comes out with three roast beef sandwiches with lettuce on them and Flandre still hasn't opened up the dictionary. "Flan?" Sakuya says. No response. "Flan?" She says again louder. Still no response.

"Flandre!" You say loudly. She jumps and looks at you. You can't hide your relief; you thought something was wrong for a moment there.

"Huh? What's wrong?" She says tilting her head.

"You blanked out there for a minute." You say taking a seat next to her. You just realized you've been standing this whole time. "Are you okay?"

Flandre smiles at you and says, "Yeah, I just got to thinkin?."

"About what?"

"Ya know, stuff! Welp enough thinking and more workin?!" She opens the dictionary and begins looking up the words.

Sakuya silently sets the sandwiches down next to Flandre and hands one to you. She starts to go back to the kitchen but you intercept her first. "Sakuya, does Flandre normally space out like that?"

Sakuya looks away and says, "Yes."

"Should we be worried?"

"The doctors don't think it's anything serious. And Flandre doesn't seem to realize they happen most of the time. it's possible she really was just lost in thought."

Well, she seems fine now. So you guess there isn't anything to worry about. You return to your seat next to Flandre and begin eating. She has already begun eating and is getting bread crumbs on her homework, but she doesn't seem to care.

After a couple of minutes Sakuya returns with a tray of three glasses. One contains strawberry milk, which Flandre greedily grabs, and the other two contain water. Sakuya hands one of the glasses to you and takes a seat next to you.

it's fairly quiet for the next twenty or so minutes while Flandre works on her homework. The silence is broken when you say, "This mansion seems too big to just have one maid."

"You're right," says Sakuya, "but I'm not the only maid. They get weekends off though. Plus, it isn't really that hard to keep everything clean. Since there are four of us here it doesn't require too much cleaning." You looked at her with a puzzled expression. "Oh, didn't Remilia tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"I live here with them as a sort of foster family and while her parents are away our guardian is Patchouli Knowledge. She works at the high school as a chemistry teacher."

"She never mentioned that." So Ms. Knowledge is also Remilia and Flandre's guardian for the time being. You kind of want to ask what their relationship is but that's a question for another time.

Your internal musings are cut short by Flandre shouting, "I'm DONE!" You and Sakuya congratulate her causing her to smile that innocent smile of hers.

Flandre goes and packs away her homework and Sakuya cleans up the dishes. While they do that, you go into the hall and look at a picture of the Scarlet family. Even Sakuya is included in the photo. It appears to be quite old as Remilia looks much younger and her mother, who looks a lot like her only with blonde hair and green eyes, is holding an infant. Mr. Scarlet has short blue hair, clean shaven, and blood red eyes; that must be where Remilia and Flandre get it from.

As you study the picture, the front door opens causing you to jump. In walk Remilia, Shou and Mokou. With a quick glance at your watch, it's almost three PM; they're back earlier than expected. Remilia is carrying a large waterproof bag with a zipper on it, it must be her dress. If that is the case then where is Mokou?s? The three of them are chatting excitedly amongst themselves. Then they notice you as you wave to them.

"Ah, Hello Alex," Remilia says politely. "We found dresses fairly easily so we decided to not waste any time and come back."

it's at this point Flandre comes running down the stairs and practically tackles Remilia. "Hey, hey sis! Can I see your dress?" She says excitedly.

"Maybe later Flan." Remilia says, patting her on the head.

Flandre lets go of Remilia and says, "Okay!" She turns to Mokou and asks, "What about you Momo?"

"Oh, sorry Flan, I dropped it off at my house since it was on the way." Mokou says apologetically. Ah, that explains where hers is.

Remilia walks up to you. "I suppose you will be leaving shortly?"

Jokingly you say, "That depends, are you kicking me out?"

Remilia chuckles. "No, nothing of the sort. I just figured you would want to go back home and rest up after babysitting Flandre." She reaches into her pocket and pulls out forty dollars and hands them to you. "Your payment." She says simply.

Flandre runs up and hugs you. "Come back and play with me again sometime ?kay?"

You pat her on the head. "Of course!" You can't help but smile at her.

"So, you ready to go Alex?" Shou asks.

You pause for a moment, should you mention how Flandre spaced out not too long ago? Nah, Sakuya said they were nothing to worry about. So you nod and say, "Yeah, let's go."

After saying your goodbyes the three of you start heading home.

The walk home is peaceful and quiet. Mokou is walking close to you while Shou is on the other side of her. Mokou looks like she wants to say something.

"Hey, Mokou, what's wrong?" You ask.

"Oh!" She jumps. "Nothing, I was just wondering if you two would like to have dinner at my place."

Shou looks at you. It seems like she wants to.

Choice Time!
[] "Sure I'd love to!"
() But dinner won't be for a few more hours. Mind if we hang out somewhere for a while (Pick a place)?
- {}Offer to help cook. (Optional if yes)
[] "No thanks, I'm pretty wiped from babysitting Flandre."
Okay, you guys know the drill. Let me know anything you like/dislike and all that stuff. Once again I apologize for the delay. I'm out of school again so hopefully I'll be able to pick up the pace and update more regularly.
[X] "Sure I'd love to!."
Liked the characterisation of Flandre and the dynamic in the household. I'm wondering if we'll see Meiling later?
[x] Sure I'd love to!."
- {x} Offer to help cook.

Should always offer. There's almost always some way to contribute.
[x] "Sure I'd love to!?
[x] Sure I'd love to!"
- {x} Offer to help cook.

Haha, time for more Mokou!
[x] Sure I'd love to!."
- {x} Offer to help cook.

Good to see you're back! Liked the update. Flandre has good taste in games, and your Sakuya seems fairly unique. One thing, though:

>and is

This pretty much always sounds awkward. There's almost always a better alternative. Be careful about run-on sentences, too.
File 136873394833.jpg - (101.97KB, 727x1000 , ae94b16392037f70a7bf9df4eb6f6ae6.jpg) [iqdb]
Okay the choice is pretty much unanimous. Also this is entirely my fault, but you were supposed to choose a location to go to as well. I should have put it together with "Sure, I'd love to!". But I know what I want to do so no big deal. I'll be more clear with things like that in later choices.

Writing will begin by the end of the day. In the mean time have a Mokou!
I'd figure it'd mean hanging around her house
File 137005542984.png - (673.85KB, 1024x1536 , 8c0d1fb1638e939d68e1665055745753.png) [iqdb]
You don't really have to think about it. "Sure I'd love to!" Your reasoning is admittedly a little selfish. First of all, you don't want to cook. Second, you'd like to meet Mokou's parents. Lastly it would be rude to refuse.

"Great!" Mokou says excitedly as she jumps forward with and spins around to face you and Shou. "Well, let's go!"

"Eh? Right now?" You ask stupidly.

"Yes, right now! Or is something wrong?" Mokou tilts her head questioningly.

"Well, it's not even three fifteen yet. So I was just wondering if we shouldn't do something to pass the time?" You say the last part as more of question than a statement.

Mokou and Shou look at each other as if they hadn't realized how early it was. "Well," says Shou suddenly, "What did you have in mind?"

"Uh." You hadn't thought about it. "I'm not sure. I just thought it was early for dinner. I hadn't really thought about what we should do though."

"If you can't think of anything, then let's just go to my place!" Mokou says this like it's the only right choice.

She leads you through the residential district and close to the commercial district where an apartment complex is located. You are slightly taken aback by this, having assumed that she lived in an actual house. You didn't pay attention to the name as you entered; it didn't seem too important since it seems to be the only apartment complex in this part of town.

Mokou is fairly silent during this trip while Shou is telling you a little more about the town. Mostly small things like how the school used to be a private boarding school and how there are still some dorm rooms on the grounds. "I overheard Byakuren on the phone a while back, it sounds like the school might go back to being a private school next year. I wonder if it'll actually happen?"

"The dorms aren't in use are they?" You ask the question even though the answer is obvious.

Mokou turns around and responds, "No, all the rooms are locked. I did hear that a girl in our grade managed to swipe the key to the boys? dorm. She apparently skips class with her friends there."

"Do the teachers know?"

"Of course they know!" Shou says obviously annoyed. "Everyone knows who it is, but no one can ever catch her!"

"Who is it?"

"I'd rather not say," she says quietly. "I'll say this though, you do not want to socialize with her!"

That conversation was the highlight of the trek, everything else was either between Mokou and Shou or otherwise unmemorable. Regardless you wind up at apartment 523, building five, floor two, and room number three. You feel like you can remember it.

"Sorry if it's a little messy," says Mokou as she opens the door. She ushers you and Shou in closing the door behind you. "Inviting you two over was spur of the moment so I didn't have time to clean up."

You look around the room. It has hardwood flooring, a blue couch sitting in front of the window facing a TV, a round dining table near the far end of the room with four chairs around it, a kitchen area separated only by a counter, and two doors on the left side of the room. There aren't really that many pictures, bookshelves, or personalized touches to the room. There is a basic analog clock hanging on the wall though. It isn't messy, maybe a little disorganized, but otherwise it's fine.

"It doesn't look messy," you say to her. "When you said ?messy? I was thinking there would be trash on the floor, dishes piled up in the sink, and dust everywhere." All you see are some magazines on the couch, a couple books on the table, Mokou's school bag hanging from a chair, and the TV remote on the floor.

"Maybe messy was a bad word, it's more that I haven't put things away yet." She scratches her cheek when she says this. You wonder if this is what she would really consider to be a mess. "Well, anyway, make yourselves at home!"

it's about three forty now, so it took you roughly half an hour to get here from Remilia's place. You never really noticed how fast time goes by, maybe it's just that you zone out? No matter. "What time will we be eating?" You ask as you sit down on the couch.

Mokou looks at the clock. "We normally eat at about six-thirty. But if you're hungry I can whip something up!"

You shake your head. "No, I was just wondering."

Just then the front door opens and in walks your history teacher Keine Kamishirasawa. She's wearing a simple blue top with black slacks, a light sky-blue jacket, and carrying a small over the shoulder black purse. "Mokou, I'm home!" After she closes the door she looks at you and stops. The two of you share a look of surprise for a moment. "H-hello, Alex. What brings you here?"

Mokou notices your surprise and says, "I invited him and Shou over for dinner. Sorry I didn't let you know!" She bows her head apologetically.

"Oh, it's okay," she says with a nod to Shou. "I wish you would let me know ahead of time though." She quickly retreats into her room to comeback out a moment later sans the jacket and purse. "Mokou, I'll be going out again later tonight, so I'll be making now if that's alright with everyone."

You hear a chuckle from Shou. "Hey, Mokou, I think Alex is still a little confused."

"Oh, right! I haven't told you yet!" Mokou puts her hand in front of her face as if to hide her embarrassment. "Keine is my stepmom!"

"That makes a lot more sense now." You're slightly annoyed that Mokou forgot to tell you and that Shou just decided not to say anything. "Oh, Ms. Kamishirasawa, would you like some help?"

"Huh? Oh, no thanks you just sit back and relax! Thanks for the offer though." You figured that would be her response, but it wouldn't have felt right if you didn't at least offer.

"By the way, Keine, where are you going later?" Mokou asks the teacher who has begun dinner preparations.

"Hmm, I'm going over to check up on Ran. Why?" From the look of things you're going to be having tacos for dinner.

"Just wondering. So, what's up with Ms. Yakumo anyway?"

Keine freezes in place and then looks away. "I," she pauses for what feels like a long time, "don't think it's something I should be talking about."

That doesn't sound good. Glancing at Shou you see the same worried look as when you had that nightmare your first night here. Mokou looks just as worried. You're worried too, but you don't know anything about her so you aren't sure if it's just that she gets sick a lot or if it's something serious.

An awkward silence comes down on the room with the only sound being Keine cooking. Eventually Shou, who had been sitting at the table, jumps up and says, "Oh, you guys won't believe who Marisa is going to the dance with!"

You simply raise an eyebrow while Mokou actually asks, "Who's she going with?"

"Rinnosuke!" Shou laughs as she says this. "The poor guy, Marisa seems to think they're going as friends!" Mokou plops down on the couch with a sigh, but at the same time she has a grin. "Can you believe how oblivious she is to his feelings?"

"Well, she can be a little spacey at times." Mokou says it as though she's trying to defend Marisa, but it doesn't sound like a very good excuse. The overall mood only improves as time goes on, in part to Shou talking about all the strange couples going to the dance. It also helps when Keine announces that dinner is ready, so you and Mokou make your way to the table.

As Keine sets the table, you notice that there isn't a ring on her finger. Does that mean that she's divorced from Mokou's dad? It would be rude to ask, so you'll wait until someone decides to tell you.

The taco meat is seasoned differently than you're used to, but they're still delicious. To go with it is plain white rice. it's a simple meal, but enjoyable all the same.

"Say, Alex, how do you like being in Ms. White's class? She can be a bit of a handful at times." Keine asks as you make yourself your third taco.

"Well," you pause, you aren't really sure yet. "She seems like a nice person, but it's too soon for me to say whether or not I like her as a teacher." You quickly add, "Same goes for the rest of my teachers." Keine chuckles slightly as she takes a bite out of her taco. You got the feeling she was going to ask how you felt about her as a teacher.

The rest of dinner is spent talking about how Shou doesn't like history, and Mokou should be looking for a math tutor.

"I'm not bad at it, I just don't like it!" Shou yelled at you when you implied it was her worst subject. You feel you might be right.

After dinner, you and Shou get ready to leave. Mokou sees the two of you out when you say, "I'll come by at about six-thirty tomorrow, okay?" From your guess it'll take about thirty minutes, give or take, to reach the school from here and since the dance starts at seven you'll arrive on time.

"Six-thirty? Okay, I'll be waiting!" Mokou seems extremely excited, practically bouncing as she talks.

"Okay then, I'll see you tomorrow!"

"Bye Mokou," Shou says as the two of you start to descend the stairs.

"Bye-bye, be careful on your way home!"

Once you reach the main gate of the apartment complex, Shou says, "There are a few errands I need to run. So I'll meet you back at the house okay?"

Checking your watch, it's not even five-fifteen yet. You still have a few hours before dark. "Okay, see you later."

How do you spend the rest of your day?
[] Call Remilia, she did offer to teach you how to dance. You aren't sure of how much you can learn in a few hours, but a little is better than nothing.
[] Visit Kogasa, you can't help but wonder how she's doing.
[] Head into town there maybe something to do (Specify Destination, can be anywhere within reason)
[] On second thought, I'll go with Shou. She might need help with her errands.
[] Eh, you'll just go home and rest. You've got a big day ahead of you tomorrow.
Okay, seriously what is with me lately? I can't seem to get back to my previous level of confidence. Perhaps taking that long break wasn't such a good idea.

Okay well my mini-rant aside I'm definitely going to pick up the pace. And yes I realize that quality is better than quantity, but if I don't write more then I can't improve.

Speaking of Improving. I might be starting a second story soon, a collaboration with one of my best friends. I won't neglect this story any if I do so don't worry.

Okay anyway, I hope you enjoy and will continue to support me in my writing process in the times to come!
[X] Visit Kogasa, you can't help but wonder how she's doing.

totally though some jerk ghost bumped the thread for a second there.
[x] Visit Kogasa, you can't help but wonder how she's doing.

As much as I'd like to go with Shou, I think visiting Kogasa would better.

Be careful of having more than one story and collaborations as they both have their share of potential issues.
[X] Visit Kogasa, you can't help but wonder how she's doing.
-[X] Maybe pay Remilia a visit if there's still time left.
[x] Visit Kogasa, you can't help but wonder how she's doing.

My favorite umbrella~
[x] Call Remilia, she did offer to teach you how to dance. You aren't sure of how much you can learn in a few hours, but a little is better than nothing.

I, for one, want to avoid stomping all over Mokou's toes at the dance tomorrow.
[x] Eh, you'll just go home and rest. You've got a big day ahead of you tomorrow.

Didn't Byakuren have something going on today?
[x] Call Remilia, she did offer to teach you how to dance. You aren't sure of how much you can learn in a few hours, but a little is better than nothing.

This might be a good idea.
[x] Call Remilia, she did offer to teach you how to dance. You aren't sure of how much you can learn in a few hours, but a little is better than nothing.

Not humiliating yourself in front of everyone is a good idea.
Okay, vote is called for visiting Kogasa! Honestly I wasn't expecting this one to win I am quite pleased. Writing will begin in about an hour/hour and a half.

Also for anyone interested my partner and I have posted our story here >>/th/169401.

I've been in a writing mood for the past day or so, so I'll hopefully have the update up soon-ish.
File 13708262644.png - (249.35KB, 800x1000 , 76493e738d15dbec8767913bdc522a5b.png) [iqdb]
You start to walk away from the apartment complex and begin to wonder how you should spend your free time. "Hmm, it's been a couple days since I visited the orphanage. I wonder if Kogasa's doing alright." You decide to go check up on her and hang out there for a little while before going home.

You walk alone through the suburbs. it's a little weird; this is your first time out on your own since you moved here. You also adapted to life here far quicker than you had hoped. "Wait," you say aloud to no one in particular. "Something doesn't feel right." Yeah, something is off. Since you moved here how have you felt? You can't quite tell. Shaking your head you keep walking. Whatever's wrong will probably work itself out on its own.

At least that's what you keep telling yourself. You walk faster and faster as you go over the emotions you think you felt during the week. Monday, when Aya was pushing you for answers you were upset, not at her but at how she was making you remember things you didn't want to remember. Iku telling you it was her idea to keep Tenshi from calling you, that hurt but you just pushed it away shortly after. Tuesday when that girl Nue stole your backpack you were pretty upset, but by the time you saw her again you didn't even care. Wednesday is kind of a blur, nothing really stands out to you other than the band rehearsal. Tuesday was, well you aren't sure. Was it fun or was it just a distraction from your feelings? Same goes for Friday.

You stop suddenly when you realize you are running, and that you almost passed the orphanage. "Right, I was gonna see Kogasa." With a deep breath you regain your composure. First thing Monday you'll talk to Yukari, she did say she was a licensed therapist after all. Besides there is one thing you know you're excited about, and that's your date with Mokou.

You walk into the building shaking your head of those thoughts. Right now you are here to make good on your promise to Kogasa and see if she's doing okay.

Given the time the children are probably out on the playground, so you make your way there. Sure enough they're running around, using the swings, climbing around the jungle gyms, and going down the slides.

As you step out you look for Unzan and Ichirin to let them know you're here. You're surprised when you see them with your aunt at a picnic table. You wave to them but they don't seem to notice so you walk towards them.

"-seems we'll have to wait a little while longer." You can barely hear your aunt as she speaks.

Ichirin nods somberly. "Well, we appreciate it. Everything will work out fine eventually."

Unzan seems to notice you standing there awkwardly and clears his throat. Ichirin and Byakuren turn to face you as Unzan says, "Hello Alex. What brings you here today?"

You rub the back of your neck embarrassedly. "I came to check up on Kogasa. How is she?"

"She's doing well, although she still doesn't play with the others much." He says frowning.

Byakuren stands up and walks over to you. "Unzan told me you and Shou came by the other day. it's nice that you plan on coming here to help out." She sounds proud of you, which only embarrasses you farther. "Volunteer work will look good on a job application as well as when you apply to college."

Out of nowhere you feel a pair of tiny arms wrapping themselves around your waist from behind. "Alex, you came back!" You recognize the voice as Kogasa?s. She lets you go and quickly hops in front of you.

You squat down and put your hands on her shoulders, mostly to steady yourself. "Of course I did. We're friends aren't we?" She smiles ear to ear as she nods her head vigorously.

"You missed story time," she says as she pulls you towards the pavement where a group of kids are playing four-square. You barely get to wave to your aunt as she does so. "Miss Hijiri comes by and reads to us just like Shou! Maybe you could read us a story one day?"

"Maybe, I don't think I'd be as good of a storyteller as Shou though."

"I don't care, I just wanna hear you tell a story!" She practically forces you into the line to be next in four-square.

For the next half-hour you play with four-square while your aunt watches you with a look of satisfaction. You are going easy on the kids, but due to your size you are at quite the advantage. Still, they managed to compensate by teaming up on you.

After a while Unzan announces that it is time to go inside. You hear various complaints but everyone obeys. Kogasa gives you a hug and says, "Come back again, okay?"

"Of course," you say as you pat her on the back. She then rushes in with Ichirin following close behind. You take a step forward and feel something beneath your foot. Moving your foot you see a small locket.

Picking it up you find that the latch is broken, probably because you stepped on it. Inside it is a picture as big as your thumbnail of an infant with blue hair and two different colored eyes being carried by a woman with short green hair. "What do you have there?" Byakuren asks you as she walks up to you with Unzan.

"A locket, I think Kogasa might have dropped." You hold it out to Unzan.

Taking the locket he says, "This is definitely hers. I'll make sure she gets it back."

"Okay, thanks." You and your aunt wave goodbye and head to the main entrance.

"So," Byakuren says as you step outside. "How was your day?"

The two of you get into her car as you tell her about babysitting Flandre and having dinner at Mokou?s. Before you know it you're home. it's not even six thirty yet but you are exhausted so you decide to retire to your room for the night in preparation for tomorrow.
When you wake up it's almost six in the morning. "Wow, I slept for almost twelve hours." You say groggily. "I have most of the day to do whatever I want." Sighing you sit up in bed.

You check your phone, looks like you have three texts that you missed last night. One from Byakuren that reads, "Alex, I plan on going out tomorrow to do some shopping, if you want to come along let me know." One from Remilia, "Hi Alex, Mokou gave me your number. You seemed interested when I offered you dance lessons earlier in the week. The offer is still open if you like." And the third is from an unknown number, "Alex this is Yamame, I'd like to talk to you, could you text me back and maybe we could meet up tomorrow?" All those were received last night.

You close your eyes and lay back down. it's not that you're tired; you just don't feel like getting up yet. Without warning your phone rings violently, the screen lights up to say it's Tenshi.

"Ugh, too early for this."
[] Last minute dance lessons
[] Day out with your aunt
[] What does Yamame want?
[] Why is Tenshi calling me so early?
[] Nope, not dealing with this. Go back to sleep and stay home today until it's time to pick Mokou up.
Okay, that took me longer than I would have liked. Also it feels like all I do lately is complain about how long it takes me...

Anyway, Please enjoy the update and as usual say whatever you want about my writing. Even negative criticism will help me.
[X] Last minute dance lessons
[X] Answer the phone. Nobody would call at 6am unless it was something important.
[X] Text mom and Yamame, find out the time frame of their respective requests for your presence, and see how your accommodating your schedule is.
[X] Last minute dance lessons

This sounds fun
[X] Last minute dance lessons
[X] Answer the phone. Nobody would call at 6am unless it was something important.
[X] Text Yamame and find out what she wanted and see how your accommodating your schedule is.

I like Byakuren but eating up most of the day? There be things to do.
[X] Last minute dance lessons
[X] Answer the phone. Nobody would call at 6am unless it was something important.
[X] Text Yamame and find out what she wanted and see how your accommodating your schedule is.

Multitasking HO!
[X] Last minute dance lessons
[X] Answer the phone. Nobody would call at 6am unless it was something important.
[X] Text Yamame and find out what she wanted and see how your accommodating your schedule is.

Let's see what Tenshi and Yamame want and plan accordingly.
[X] Last minute dance lessons
[X] Answer the phone. Nobody would call at 6am unless it was something important.
[X] Text Yamame and find out what she wanted and see how your accommodating your schedule is.

I am a mindless bandwagoner. Observe as I bandwagon mindlessly.
Vote called for getting dance lessons, answering your phone, and finding out what Yamame wants. This should be done fairly quickly. I'll try for tomorrow, Tuesday at latest.
File 137161427752.jpg - (204.34KB, 1200x1004 , 89ed8e667f3a83b421ee3f26ac54e5d0.jpg) [iqdb]
Tenshi calling at six in the morning can only be bad news. As much as you'd like to ignore her, it might actually be important. You quickly answer the phone. "Hello?"

Her voice comes over the speaker, "Alex? it's Tenshi!" She sounds upset; her words are a little slurred. "Hey, so my mom didn't come home last night and my step-dad is out of town on business. SO I've been home all night waiting for mom to come home and she isn't answering her phone and there was some wine in the house and I've always wanted to try some but mom never let me and I think I might be drunk. Do I sound drunk to you?"

Honestly? She sounds abnormally hyper and her words are slurred, but would that be ?drunk?" ?Yes," you say flatly. Now isn't the time to be disappointed in her. If she really is drunk then she might be emotional and you being upset at her would make things worse. "What do you need me to do?"

She's silent for almost a whole minute. "Find my mommy." You can hear some liquid splashing in the background.

You don't know how to do that but you have to try, but first it's time to be the bad guy. "Tenshi, I'll look for her. But I need you to do something first. You have to stop drinking."

"Huh, why? it's sooo good!"

"Well, I'm going to tell Iku, so you might want to be sober when she goes home to scold you." Okay, if she's like this you can't afford to be nice.

"You wouldn't!" She wails and you hear something drop.

"She'll find out even if I don't tell her." You get out of bed as you say this.

"You're being mean," she whines. It would almost be comical if you weren't so disappointed in her.

"Look do you want my help or not?"

Another long silence follows, during which you get dressed. Finally she says, "Help me."

"Okay, I'll ask my aunt if she knows anything. Get some sleep and I'll call you later after I find your mom."

"Okay, thank you Alex." There's a pause. "I, uh, well bye."

You hear a click and then the dial-tone. Well, this ought to be fun. You leave your room just as Byakuren exits the bathroom. She's already fully dressed in a simple black top and blue jeans. You realize that since you arrived you haven't seen her outside her work clothes.

She sees you and says with a smile, "Good morning Alex!"

You smile back. "Good morning." You should ask her now before it's too late. "Aunt Byakuren, have you heard from Ms. Nagae? Tenshi called me and said she never returned home last night."

"I have not, but she's good friends with Ran so I'll call and ask if she's heard from her." She doesn't seem too worried, but at the same time she's always been good at hiding her concern.

"Thank you, and if you manage to find her can you have her call me? I need to tell her something."

"Okay, and Alex," she says as you start to go into the bathroom, "do you want to come with me today?"

Oh, right, she sent you a text asking if you wanted to go with her. "No thank you, I'm going to get dance lessons from Remilia before it's too late."

She nods smiling. "That would be a good choice."

With that you enter the bathroom to quickly wash your face. You'll shower later. Afterwards, you head downstairs to fix yourself a simple breakfast and text Remilia and Yamame. You tell Remilia that you would appreciate the dance lessons and want to know what time to come over. As for Yamame, you ask her what she wanted to talk about.

By the time you finish your breakfast you receive a text from Remilia saying, "If you would like we could begin at eight and end at two. That should be more than enough time to teach you." You tell her that works for you.

it's slightly after six-thirty now, so you have about an hour before you should leave. After putting the dishes you used in the sink you go sit at the computer. You check the weather forecast for today, looks like it's going to rain tonight. Great, maybe you'll go into the commercial district and buy an umbrella, and maybe a new jacket.

While you use the computer, mostly playing solitaire and FreeCell, Yamame texts you back. It reads, "I was wondering if you could meet me in the park at about three o?clock. I've got a couple questions for you and I'd rather ask in person." You were just planning on going into town anyway so you text back saying you'll be there.

Well, with your day planned you check the time. It is now almost seven-thirty; you spent close to an hour playing games on the computer. Remilia's house is only about ten minutes away, but it doesn't hurt to be early so you leave now.

Stepping outside, you see dark clouds off in the distance. Oh well. You follow a familiar path down to Remilia's house and when you reach the front gate your phone begins to ring. The number is unfamiliar but you answer it anyway. "Hello?"

"Hi, Alex, it's Iku. I heard that you were trying to reach me?" This is a relief. You were a little worried.

"Yeah, Tenshi called me saying that you never went home and she wanted me to try and find you."

"I left a note on the kitchen table and even sent her a text message. How did she miss them both?" She sounds a little annoyed.

You take a deep breath and brace yourself because she is not going like what you have to say. "Iku, about Tenshi," you pause for a moment, "when she called me she said she had been drinking some of your wine and she sounded drunk." You spit it out knowing it's best to just say it rather than beat around the bush.


"What?" All emotion in her voice is gone. You don't think she's able to truly comprehend what you just said so you repeat yourself. "That's what I thought you said. Well, I'm going straight home now. Thank you for being honest with me. I'll talk to you later." She hangs up before you get to say anything else.


Maybe this'll be good for Tenshi? Or more likely Iku will just kill her.

"Oh well." You shrug to yourself and walk to the door. it's cloudy enough to warrant the lights being on inside. You knock on the door three times and wait.

Luckily, you aren't waiting long as Sakuya, wearing a blue t-shirt and a pink pleated skirt, answers the door. "Good morning Alex, Remilia is already waiting for you. If you will follow me I will bring you to her." She closes the door behind you and waits while you take your shoes off before walking down the hall leading you into a room labeled ?Ball Room?. A fitting place to get dance lessons.

Inside the room, there are a few chairs along the walls, but for the most part it's an empty room with wood floors. In the middle of the room is Remilia who is wearing a dress similar to the one she wore on Friday. It almost makes you feel like a slob wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Your feeling must be obvious as Remilia says, "Do not worry Alex. If I had wanted you to dress up for this lesson I would have told you." This makes you feel a little better. She walks up to you and stands less than a foot away. She has to be at least a foot and a half shorter than you. "Shall we begin?"

"Yes please."

With the lessons begin. She only teaches you to slow dance, but you're okay with that. You really just have to move your body with the music, but you never learned to slow dance.

At first, you're pretty clumsy, constantly tripping over yourself due to being nervous at how close Remilia is. It doesn't help that Sakuya and Flandre are in the room watching the two of you giggling at your mistakes. But after about thirty minutes, you start to feel comfortable and start to make fewer mistakes. You're no expert dancer by the end of the first hour, but you aren't tripping over your own feet or stepping on Remilia's toes.

Remilia calls for a fifteen minute break after the first hour. Despite the fact that you stepped on her toes for the better part of an hour, Remilia is oddly composed. She's a pretty good teacher. Once you started to relax you actually started to learn the movements. it's mostly repetitive and is easy once your embarrassment subsides.

"You are a fast learner Alex." Remilia sounds pleased with your progress. "Once you loosened up you were doing just fine." You rub the back of your head embarrassedly in response. "I'm thinking you should practice with Sakuya for a while. She is about the same height as Mokou, so she would be a more suitable partner."

You look at Sakuya quickly. She doesn't seem opposed, in fact she seems amused. "I do not mind, if it is okay with you, Alex."

Great, you just got used to dancing with Remilia. "O-okay, that's fine."

At the end of the fifteen minutes you and Sakuya stand together in the middle of the room with Remilia nearby watching closely. You're a little awkward in the beginning but eventually you calm down and begin doing fine. It doesn't help that Sakuya is purposefully trying to make you nervous by commenting on your looks, your muscles, your hair, and your eyes. You do your best to take the compliments and remain calm.

Eventually she runs out of things to say so she tries to press herself closer to you, which does catch you by surprise. But you adapt quickly and manage to not trip yourself up. You realize that she is doing this to get you used to an actual dance where your partner can say or do something that could distract you.

After an hour of dancing with Sakuya, Remilia announces that it is time for lunch. While you, Remilia, and Flandre wait in the dining room Sakuya prepares lunch.

"You are not a bad dancer," Remilia says suddenly, "but your nerves are holding you back. You should be fine tonight, but you need to relax. If you do not, you will be too worried about the movements and not have any fun. It should come naturally, but you are forcing it." Sitting across from you she smiles. "Maybe you will be more relaxed with Mokou?" You nearly spit out the water you had been drinking which causes her to laugh like she was right.

Flandre had wanted to dance too, but since she's a lot shorter than you it would be awkward, so you respectfully declined. Well, technically you looked to Remilia for help and in her laughter she said she would dance with Flandre later. it's too early to tell, but you think Remilia might enjoy others embarrassment. You shake your head clean of such thoughts, it's not nice to think that when she's teaching you.

Sakuya comes in after a while bringing in lunchmeat sandwiches for everyone. Lunch is fairly quiet, with the exception of Flandre who wants to go to the dance as well and Remilia who is explaining why she can't go. "Why can't I go?"

Remilia responds with, "You are not in high school."


"It is an event for the students of the high school. As an elementary school student you are not allowed to go."

Flandre pouts. "That isn't fair!"

The conversation pretty much ends there with Flandre pouting and Remilia ignoring it. You and Sakuya merely watch the scene in amusement, and trepidation of getting involved.

After lunch Remilia says to you, "There is not much left for you to learn, and I am unable to teach it to you." You look at her questioningly. "You simply need to learn to relax and let your body move naturally. Once you do you will be just fine."

"Well, thank you for the lessons," you say with a small nod of your head.

"You are welcome." She seems to have enjoyed herself today, you're glad that she had fun. "So, what will you be doing until the dance?"

"I was thinking of going into town to get a new jacket and an umbrella. And Yamame wants to talk to me about something so I'll be meeting her in the park at three." You shrug like it's no big deal, and to your knowledge it's not.

"I see," She says simply. "Well then, I shall see you at the dance."

Smiling you say, "Okay, see you later. And thanks again for the lessons!"

She smiles back as you leave and make your way to the road. The sky looks even darker than it did this morning. it's not a good sign.

"Oh well," you sigh. it's almost one so you have two hours before you meet up with Yamame so you set out for the commercial district. You don't feel like taking the bus so it'll probably take a while.

Okay, "a while? was an understatement. It took you an hour, in part because you made a wrong turn and got lost. In your defense, you've only gone into town a few times since you got here so you can be forgiven for not knowing your way around yet. But you still managed to find your way to a Wal-Mart where you bought a decent jacket and a cheap umbrella. It came to about twenty dollars which is only half of what Remilia paid you to babysit plus you still have most of your allowance, so you've got plenty of money right now.

After exiting the store, you put your new jacket on and begin walking to the park. On your way, you see some interesting stores. A coffee shop with a ?Now Hiring? sign in the window, a flower shop that seems oddly busy for this time of year, an antique shop that looks to be an antique itself, and a small restaurant.

You make a mental note to check those places out later, but for now you head to the park. When you arrive it's about two-fifty. Yamame should be here already or will arrive shortly. Well, you don't see her or anyone really. It makes sense as not many people would go to the park when it looks like it'll rain any minute. You decide to wait in a gazebo.

After about five or six minutes you see a familiar figure walk into the park, but it's not Yamame. She sees you and waves before sprinting over to you. When she steps under the roof of the gazebo she tries to fix her disheveled black hair, only to fail and mess it up more. Oh well, even messy it's a good look for her. She's wearing white sundress and white hat with a blue ribbon on it. You can't help but wonder if she's cold dressed like that.

"Hi Alex!" She says enthusiastically.

For a second you can't recall her name, but it comes to you fairly quickly. "Hi, Nue. What are you doing here?"

"Yamame had said she wanted to talk to me. So, here I am!" She seems full of energy right now.

"You too? She said something similar to me too." It is three o?clock now; Yamame should be here any minute now. Speak of the devil; you see her walking up to the two of you now. "Looks like she's here," you say pointing at her.

"Hi you two! Sorry if I made you wait!" She apologizes even though she's right on time.

"Oh, it's no problem," you say.

Nue plops down on a bench and says, "So what didja want to talk to us about?"

Yamame sits down as well and you follow suit. "it's about the band position," she says looking conflicted. "Mystia and Miko, think Alex did a better job." Nue frowns when she hears this. "But Mystia also said that Nue was having more fun and would fit in better." She's talking to each of you like the other isn't there. "I don't know if we should go with the better guitarist or the one who enjoys it more. After all, this is supposed to be something fun for us to do and maybe one day become a big sensation!"

Nue leans closer to Yamame. "I would love to be in your band! Playing the guitar is one of the few things I'm good at, so it would mean a lot to me if you would have me."

Yamame nods and looks at you.

How do you feel?
[] You want to be a part of the band
[] Honestly, you enjoyed the tryouts but you don't see yourself in a band. So you'll let Nue have the position.
ALSO - After giving Yamame your answer you? (Choose One)
[] Go to that caf? and fill out an application
[] Go to the flower shop
() Buy Mokou a flower?
() Just look around, might be too bold to buy her a flower.
[] Go look around the antique shop. There might be something interesting there.
[] Go to the restaurant. You aren't that hungry, but maybe they have something light you could order as a snack.
I actually had this done yesterday, but things came up and my proofreader was preoccupied. Regardless It's up and I'm feeling pretty good about it. Same as usual, let me know if you like/dislike something and enjoy!
[x] Honestly, you enjoyed the tryouts but you don't see yourself in a band. So you'll let Nue have the position.
[x] Go look around the antique shop. There might be something interesting there.

I don't see any reason to basically deny Nue if she enjoys it more.
[x] Honestly, you enjoyed the tryouts but you don't see yourself in a band. So you'll let Nue have the position.
[x] Go to the flower shop
-(x) Buy Mokou a flower?
--(x) Corsage?

Is this the kind of dance a corsage would be appropriate for or is it a more casual thing?
[x] Honestly, you enjoyed the tryouts but you don't see yourself in a band. So you'll let Nue have the position.
[X] Do not make this fact immediately apparent. Try to maneuver Nue into owing you a favor.
[x] Go look around the antique shop. There might be something interesting there.

Oh jewish heritage, why must you betray me in my hour of need?
[x] Honestly, you enjoyed the tryouts but you don't see yourself in a band. So you'll let Nue have the position.
[x] Go to the flower shop.
-(x) Buy Mokou a flower?

I'd rather not have a band taking up our time.
And it'll be cute to see how Mokou reacts to a flower.
[x] Honestly, you enjoyed the tryouts but you don't see yourself in a band. So you'll let Nue have the position.
[x] Go look around the antique shop. There might be something interesting there.

Being on good terms with Nue is nice.
Okay, I'm calling the vote for giving Nue the spot on the band and going to the antique shop.
File 137182998336.png - (669.09KB, 1060x740 , bc42e221c76d3e9313727c0b7ffcb2f8.png) [iqdb]
Okay, I'm getting the vibe of only a few people caring/reading. I ask for advice and feedback a lot but I don't get much as in practically nothing. I'm beginning to wonder if I only have the same 4-5 readers and if anyone even cares at this point.

Basically I'm asking if you guys care if I drop this. I said I'd finish it, but I can't do that if practically no one reads it. If I can get enough people telling me to continue I will. But at the same time if you don't want me to that's fine to, I'll do something else.

If you want to talk to me Personally I'm usually on the IRC #THP going by WayMaker.

So here's a vote for it.
[] Keep writing (Give me a good reason why you like it and want me to keep going)
[] Stop (Also give me reasons why you don't want it to continue)
I haven't read this yet. Seeing your request to know if you should continue, I will be reading this now.

Sage for not voting yet.
[x] Keep writing

It's entertaining and you have regular voters. What more do you want? Come on, just keep going! Not all stories are going to have dozens of votes. That doesn't mean they're bad.

Really, /others/ just flat-out doesn't have the same kind of traffic as other boards, from what I've seen.
Woah nigga. We ain't got that Mokou yet. You can't stop now.

[x] Keep writing
[x] Keep writing

Pretty much >>50663 for reasons. Those and just so easily giving up sets a bad precedent for any future stories you may start. Typical going back on your word repercussions really.
[x] Keep writing.

Dry spells happen. Votes are likely to pick up again if you don't give up.

And it'd be a shame if you quit before we had our date with Mokou.
Right, I just finished reading. I very much enjoyed the characterization and you have me interested in the setting, while I had initially passed on reading this story because of said high-school setting.

The two largest determinants that influence this vote are as follows:

One: Kogasa. I nearly skipped to the end to vote for you to keep writing after reading her first scene.

Two: When I reached the end of the last update, I was disappointed to not see another on the list.

So, I vote thusly:

[x]By Hina, keep writing!
[x] Keep writing.

4-5 good voters is never a bad amount. And if you're consistent, the vote flow should improve.
[X] Keep writing

What. 4-5 readers that also vote is a damn big voting base considering you update on a weekly basis. There are also people that just lurk and read.

Go to /blue to ask advice and more feedback from the writing advice thread. I'm not an expert in writing so I can't really give good feedback.

Damn you to hell if you abandon this. We are going to the end with Mokou
too soon to say that, bro.
[x] Keep writing
I'm an irregular voter that wanted to go to the flower shop but missed out on the deadline. It's not all just the same people. Others is the board that I visit along with th and SDM whenever I come here, your story is one of those that I look forward to seeing updates in. Don't stop writing, I still want a Mokou end!
[x] Keep writing, Damn you!
As others have pointed out /others/ has pretty low traffic even for THP so you actually have a pretty solid reader base.
File 137192682812.jpg - (1.01MB, 1000x1142 , 0349ea0ace6c13f731b55fda9c433138.jpg) [iqdb]
Okay, so I have no idea what the hell came over me yesterday. I mean really? Well, I'm going to keep writing. Partly due to popular demand, and partially because I said to myself, "I am going to finish something I start for once Gods Damn it!" I'm going to try something a little different though, From this point on Updates will be shorter and more frequent. I will update at the very least every other day. To help me accomplish this I'm going to, usually, forsake a proofreader seeing how most of the time it's only one or two things that need to be fixed.

So yeah, I'm sorry about what happened and I hope it won't happen again... at least not any time soon. Oh, hey Did I forget to mention that this is an update? Well it is. ENJOY!

With the two of them staring at you so intently you start to feel uncomfortable. Still, you need to give them a definite answer. You take a deep breath. "I don't think I would be the right fit for your band." Both of their jaws drop.

Silence. Neither of them says anything; instead they look at you incredulously. it's understandable, you tried out and did the best you could but here you are saying that you wouldn't be a good choice.

"E-excuse me? Could you repeat that?" Yamame barely manages to stammer out her question.

"As I said, I don't think I'm the right fit for your band. As you said, Nue enjoyed herself more than I did. It also wouldn't be fair to her for me to accept when I'm not entirely sure of how serious I am about it." You try to be as clear as possible, but they are still trying to figure you out. "I tried out because I thought it would be fun and to meet new people. But I don't think I would take practice as seriously as the rest of you. And the try outs, that was just luck. I hadn't played in months, almost a year. So, I just think Nue would be a better fit for you."

Silence once again. Nue shifts between being overjoyed to confused, while Yamame is trying to process what you just said. Come on say something, you find this way too uncomfortable.

"I," Yamame starts to say something, "think I understand what you're saying. You're basically saying that you wouldn't want to work as hard as the rest of us and that would hold us back, right?" That's one way of putting it so you nod. "O-okay, well, if that's what you want then we'll have to respect your decision." Her voice has a hint of disappointment. As if she flipped a switch she starts smiling as she looks at Nue. "Well, Nue, it looks like you're in the band!"

The two of them begin chatting excitedly. Not wanting to interrupt you quietly wave and walk away. Yamame notices and waves back, but Nue is a little preoccupied to notice.

You still have a couple hours to kill so you decide to check out that antique shop. Antiques don't normally interest you, but every now and then you find something interesting. This particular shop doesn't look like a normal antique shop, at least from the outside. Inside looks more like a collection of junk piled haphazardly on tables, chairs, and whatever else could have stuff on them. One wrong move would probably bring the whole place down.

Standing in the middle of everything is slender woman with blue hair that is styled with two Chinese loops that is seemingly held in place by a fairly large stick, blue eyes, and slightly pale skin. Her eyes are locked on you as you enter. "Oh ho, what's this? A customer perhaps?" Her voice isn't excited, but there is a hint of joy in it. "Are you looking for anything in particular?"

"Ah, no not really. I'm just looking around today." The woman nods and disappears behind a pile of ?antiques?.

You walk around the cramped store with light steps, afraid that one wrong step would cause a nearby pile to collapse. Very few things catch your eye as you look around. Most of it seems like it was bought at a yard sale and the owner is just calling it an antique. Two things stood out more than the others though. The first being an old book, according to the tag it was written over three hundred years ago. The title of the book is in a language you don't recognize too. It is kept in a glass case with nothing else around it and is priced at over two thousand dollars. Even if you had that kind of money you wouldn't buy it as it looks like it will fall apart if anything so much as touches it. And the other thing that caught your eye is a pair of matching lockets. They'd be a nice gift for someone one day and they don't cost too much, fifteen dollars for the both of them.

You decide if you want them later you'll come back. it's not like this place gets many customers, at least that's the impression you're getting. With that in mind you head towards the door where the woman you saw when you entered is waiting. "Did you enjoy your look around my store?" You nod. "Good, good. Well maybe the next time you visit you'll spend some money." She laughs at her little joke. She walks past you before disappearing behind a wall of junk.

After leaving the antique store you start walking home. The sky is a little brighter, but not by much. The streets are pretty empty, the occasional car goes by but for the most part you walk alone.

When you return home Byakuren's car is gone, she must still be out shopping. Entering the house you notice that Shou's shoes are missing too. "I guess she went out too." You look at the clock on the wall, it's nearly five. "Wow, it's that late already? I should probably take a shower and get ready."

And you do just that. You shower, brush your teeth, comb your hair, put on your nicest clothes, and dig a tie out of your suitcase. After all that you glance at the clock again. Five forty, you said you would pick her up at six thirty so if you leave now you will be early. Oh well, being early is a good thing right?

After grabbing the tickets you double check to make sure you have your wallet. As you walk out the door you grab the umbrella you bought earlier and begin walking down the street to where Mokou lives. It takes you roughly thirty minutes to get to her apartment.

After climbing the stairs you stop at her door, take a deep breath, and adjust your tie.

Knock, knock

You hear someone rush to the door followed by the sound of it being unlocked. As the door opens you are greeted by Mokou already in her dress. "Hi, Alex!"

You are at a loss for words. Her dress looks great on her. The strapless gown hugs her body as if to emphasize her curves and stops just above her knees to show off her legs while still being decent. The body is snow white while the bottom is full of reds and orange like a fire. In a word, stunning. "H-hi, Mokou! You look amazing!"

She steps outside and closes the door behind her. "Thank you! You look good too!" She grabs hold of your arm and the two of you begin walking to the school. You have a hard time keeping your eyes off her. You aren't sure if it's the dress, how close she is, or what but her smiling face makes you feel more at ease.

The trip to the school is silent, but peaceful with you merely enjoying each other's company. The silence is a stark contrast to your dates with Tenshi who would talk the entire time and would get upset at you for not saying anything.

You arrive at the school at five to seven because of how slowly the two of you walked. But that doesn't really matter so you just go to the gym where the dance is being held. Of course there are a lot of students arriving at the same time as you, but neither you nor Mokou pay them any heed, instead you follow the sound of the music as it gets progressively louder. At the gym you show the tickets and are let in.

"Wow," you say. There are a lot of people here. While it makes sense for there to be so many people, you had expected less people to be here. You look at Mokou and wonder what to do, a slow song is currently playing and most of the people here are dancing so you could dance with her for a little while. Or you could go look for some of your friends. Maybe grab some punch first?
-Choose One
[] Take the initiative and bring her out to the dance floor.
[] "Let's try to find some of our friends."
[] Get some punch.
[] Obligatory Write-in Option
[x] Take the initiative and bring her out to the dance floor.

Let's start things off with a bang. THEN get punch and look for your friends. Set the mood for the evening, you know?
Haha good to see you got over your self-pity episode in a timely manor bro. Thanks for the update.

[X] Take the initiative and bring her out to the dance floor.

Mostly because this is the only option that focuses solely on our date for the night.
[X] Take the initiative and bring her out to the dance floor.

We took that training just for this. Let's do it
[x] Take the initiative and bring her out to the dance floor.

Hell yeah, time for Mokou dancing!
[x] Take the initiative and bring her out to the dance floor.

Best to get whatever awkwardness out of the way and start relaxing.
[x] Take the initiative and bring her out to the dance floor.

Gotta get this in before the dubstep starts.
Vote called for taking the initiative and getting out on the dance floor! Update later today/early tomorrow morning.
File 13720134376.jpg - (936.90KB, 1000x1200 , 63a62355458dd633ce01ba8bba156ab2.jpg) [iqdb]
Okay, I tried something different this time. I hope it goes over well. I feel it might add a bit to the story by doing it.


You look out onto the dance floor, there aren't that many people actually dancing right now so it would be a good opportunity for you and Mokou to go out there. Well, that and you get the feeling if you don't go out there now you won't have the nerve to do it later. "Shall we milady?" You ask with a gesture to the dance floor and your best British accent, which you have to admit is pretty poor.

Mokou giggles and the two of you begin walking to the center of the room. "I thought you said you didn't know how to dance," she says as you put your right hand on her hip and your left on her shoulder.

"I took some lessons this morning. I didn't think it would be nice of me to step on your toes." She laughs and the two of you begin dancing. At first you feel nervous at how close she is, but you remind yourself that she was just as close when the two of you were on the way here. But, this is different. On the way here you were facing the same direction, but now you're facing each other.

The two of you are so close that you can feel her breath on your neck, smell her perfume, and you barely notice because of how subtle it is but she's wearing lipstick too. The song you two had started to dance to ends abruptly, but the song that replaces it is just as slow so you don't mind.

The song gradually slows and the lights dim providing a more intimate experience. Mokou wraps her arms around your neck and you slip both of yours around her waist. Whatever nervousness you had is gone right now. You find it hard to focus on anything but Mokou. You stop hearing the music, stop seeing the other dancers, and eventually you just feel like it's the two of you. You still aren't sure if it's how beautiful she is right now, or if it's something more. Her soft hands, long elegant hair, red eyes, her svelte body, and the softness of her skin make are almost too much for you.

You never had this feeling with someone before. You're nervous, but not because of how close she is. No, you're nervous because this is a new feeling. When you dated Tenshi you cared about her, but in the end it was closer to a brother/sister kind of thing to you.

Is this love? You can't really tell. You could just be having a lot of fun. it's still too early to tell, you did just meet her Monday after all. But, maybe that stuff about love at first sight isn't all just wishful thinking.

For now, it doesn't matter. You are happy just being here with Mokou, staring into each other's eyes, and that's all that matters.
How long have we been dancing? How many songs have played since we started? I don't really know, but I do know that I don't really care about that stuff. All I care about is the guy I'm dancing with right now. Normally I'd only go up to his chest, but I'm wearing heels right now so I'm closer to his height. I can't help but smile, because he's smiling too.

I used to tell Kaguya that I don't really know what love is, but I would know it when I see it. it's only the first date though. Is this really love? Do I deserve it? Does he feel the same way? All these questions speed through my brain like a train.

No. I need to stop thinking so much. All that matters right now is him, and me. The two of us having fun together is all I care about. Even if he doesn't love me, then I'm okay as long as we stay friends.
Another song ends and the two of you silently agree to leave the dance floor. For now at least. You picked a good time to stop too, the new song is one of those dubstep songs.

"You really are a good dancer Alex," Mokou says still smiling. Why does that of all things embarrass you? "So, what do you want to do next?"

-Choose One
[] Look for your friends! (Choose a Character You Know)
[] Go get punch. (Obligatory party drink)
[] Write in (By all means, give this party more life!)
[x] Look for your friends! (Marisa)

There's bound to be something entertaining nearby.
[x] Go get punch. (Obligatory party drink)

It's tradition.
[X] Pull off some sick dancemoves with dubstep

[X] Go get punch.

You plan on updating at this pace? Just don't get burnt out.
[X] Go get punch.
Not sure I like the perspective-switch. Kind of seems like cheating if we can see inside the girl's head.
Sorry, I was actually thinking about doing that whenever you start a "Romance Route/Character Arc". It would provide you with the knowledge that you have started an some kind of arc. If you guys don't like it then I won't use it. Or if I do I'll just put it in spoilers. I mean, I could just tell you what arcs you have started/when you start a new one. If you want me to that is. I'd rather you get to do as much as possible. Would you like me to update your quest log?

I'm hoping by using shorter updates, albeit more frequently, that I would prevent that. Though if I manage to get a job I may have to slow down, but for now I'm unemployed and have nothing else to do. So why not do something fun AND productive?

SO, I'm going to add this to the vote now.
[] Perspective Switching is Nice. It'd be nice to have when we need help.
[] Perspective Switching is Okay. Only use it to tell us when we've begun a Route or Character Arc.
[] I am Indifferent to Perspective Switching.
[] I don't like it, but if it's done in spoilers then I won't complain.
[] Don't do it. It's cheating and feels like you don't trust us to make good decisions. Seriously, it hurts man. Don't do it.

[x] Perspective Switching is Nice. It'd be nice to have when we need help.

I have no issue with it.
[x] Perspective Switching is Nice. It'd be nice to have when we need help.
[x] Don't do it. It's cheating and feels like you don't trust us to make good decisions. Seriously, it hurts man. Don't do it.

Just doesn't seem necessary to me.
[x] Go get punch. (Obligatory party drink)
[x] I am Indifferent to Perspective Switching.

Just be aware of the scale tipping that might occur as if Mokou winning for the dance didn't do enough. Though if it's going to go the way I think it'll go, it'll prove Mokou can get a route.... only if she's up against a character from a game newer than Mountain of Faith.
[X] I am Indifferent to Perspective Switching.
Vote called for getting the cliche party drink known as punch!

I'd like for you to continue talking about the Perspective switch while you wait though. I did it to see two things, 1) how well it would be received, and 2) try something new. I may be over-thinking it, and I'm still trying to decide on whether or not to actually use it at later points.

Anyway, update later today.
>>50793 Here and when I said scales might be tipped, I was referring to my own. I might end up fully behind Mokou by the time this arc is over.
File 137210486260.jpg - (378.85KB, 800x640 , 8cb46580c9d193dc8828ce75169a98b1.jpg) [iqdb]
Hmm, normally you would say that you would like to find some of your friends. But that isn't really proper for a first date. "How about we get some punch?"

"Okay!" Mokou shouts over the music. Not only is the music louder, but the lights have brightened considerably since the slow songs have ended. You quickly look towards the ceiling and see multiple sets of lights that must have been put up yesterday. Each light is giving off a different color, and some of them are even moving to create a more vibrant atmosphere.

The two of you have to dodge people as they jump on and off the dance floor. You see a few familiar faces rush on to the floor but none of them stop to say ?hi?.

As you approach the refreshments table you see a familiar head of orange/blonde hair that you recognize as Suika. But, wait, is she wearing a suit? "Mokou am I seeing things or is Suika wearing a suit?" You have to yell over the music for her to be able to hear you.

"Yeah, she is! She doesn't like wearing dresses, but this is pretty surprising!" Mokou is also looking at the strange sight. "Uh, Alex," Mokou says sounding worried, "Suika is a known troublemaker and an alcoholic. While she was never caught it's believed she spiked the punch at one of the dances last year."

This doesn't sound good. "So, you think she did it again tonight?"

"it's possible, but I see a lot of teachers around. She would have had a hard time, but I think we should stick to bottled water just in case."

You nod in agreement as you walk past the punch and grab two bottles of water when Suika stops you. "Hey there Alex! I'm surprised to see you here!"

"Why's that?" You ask wondering if she had a reason to stop you, or if she just wanted to talk.

Suika shrugs. "I figured being the new kid you would hide in your room and whine about wanting to move back. Since you're here that means I lost my bet." She sighs loud enough for you to hear her over the music. "Ah, well. See ya ?round!"

You watch her walk off and disappear into the see of dancing teens. Mokou who had been silent speaks up now. "That was, weird." You simply nod and hand her a bottle. Both of you lean up against a wall while you drink. Everyone here seems to be enjoying themselves. "Hey Alex, I was wondering, who taught you how to dance?"

"Eh?" That was an unexpected question. "Remilia taught me. Why do you ask?"

"I was just wondering who to thank. I'd be pretty upset if all you did was step on my feet while we were out there!" Even with that smile you can tell she means it.

"Hey you two!? A voice calls out over the music.

You turn to see Shou walking over to you wearing a dress with tiger print that is tight in the torso, but loose below the waist. "Hi Shou!" You call back and wave.

"Having fun?" She asks. Judging by the smile on her face she's been enjoying herself.

Mokou nods as she says, "Yeah! We danced for a while in the beginning!"

Shou looks at you. "Really? When did you learn to dance?"

"Just this morning, I needed the lessons pretty badly." You chuckle how awkward you were this morning.

"Oh really?" The two of them say at the same time. They start talking about how you are actually a professional dancer who is only disguising himself as an average high school student. Obviously you're not, but you can't help but joke around with them.

After a while you glance at your watch, quarter to nine. "Wow, has it really been that long?"

"Huh, what time is it?" Mokou asks as she forcibly checks your watch. "Wow, time flies when you're having fun!" Shou just looks at the two of you. Right she isn't carrying her purse or her phone.

"Quarter to nine," you say simply.

"Well, we still have about an hour before everything wraps up. So what do you two want to do?" It sounds like she intends to follow you around for the next hour.

[] Find Friends (Choose THREE Characters/Groups and specify what order to see them in)
() Kaguya/Reisen
() Youmu
() Rinnosuke/Marisa/Reimu
() Satori/Nue
() Remilia
() Tenshi
() Murasa
() Nitori
() Aya
() Momiji/Sanae
() Yoshika
[] Get a few more dances in before the night is over
[] Ask Mokou what she wants to do
Okay, I'm going to apologize for the short updates. It's just that there are a lot of things that could happen based on what you choose. Well, that and The shorter updates make it easier for me to update daily despite my short attention span.

Speaking of short attention spans, I was looking for a picture to go with this update and I wound up getting sidetracked by pictures of unrelated characters...
[x] Find Friends
(x) Kaguya/Reisen
(x) Momiji/Sanae
(x) Nitori

Gotta show off to Kaguya and Reisen, for starters. I'm also curious how Sanae's doing, and I just like Nitori.

Seems like seeing Tenshi now would just be awkward.
[x] Find Friends
-(x) Youmu
-(x) Kaguya/Reisen
-(x) Remilia

Did Youmu ever get to come with the guy she likes? Plus we need to thank Remilia, and check in on Mokou's friends.
[x] Find Friends
(x) Kaguya/Reisen
(x) Momiji/Sanae
(x) Remilia
The votes don't really match up so I'm going to ask people who haven't voted to come out and do so. Even if I don't get any votes, I'll still post something later. Probably just a short from Alex's life with his mom. Depends on if there is clear winner later.
[x] Find Friends
-(x) Youmu
-(x) Kaguya/Reisen
-(x) Remilia
[x] Find Friends
-(x) Youmu
-(x) Kaguya/Reisen
-(x) Remilia
I'm going to call the vote now. I'm afraid I might not have this up until some time tomorrow, but we'll see where the night takes me! We will be talking to the following Youmu, Kaguya/Reisen, and Remilia. Expect a longer update than I've been giving.

P.S. Do you prefer more updates or the updates being longer? I'm still trying to figure out which I like better. On one hand smaller but more frequent updates don't take as much time. On the other hand, Longer updates are more fulfilling to write but would require me to use a proofreader again.

P.S.S. These updates were going to be short anyway due to the amount of variables that are influenced by your choices up to this point.
write how you feel like writing as trying to force things doesn't exactly work out. Though you should aim for some sort of consistent timeline.
Short updates seem to be working well right now. I imagine they'd be less practical in other cases, like when we're just going through an unremarkable school day or if there's a big important scene.
File 137246713240.jpg - (81.73KB, 600x707 , 562c412aa3e9d8358313ea67b8e663dd.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry, I ran out of good Mokou pictures for this. And I'm a little too tired to search for one.
"Why don't we look for some of our friends?" You say after a couple minutes of thinking.

Mokou nods. "That's a good idea! I kinda want to see Kaguya and Reisen too."

Shou agrees too and the three of you begin walking around looking for familiar faces. While you see a lot of people you know, they appear to be preoccupied either dancing or already talking to a group of people and you don't want to interrupt. Eventually you see Youmu sitting in a chair looking very upset. She's wearing a flowing, sleeveless green dress that goes down to her ankles.

"Hey, Youmu!" You call out to her after telling the others you wanted to talk to her. She looks up in response. "What's the matter?" You ask walking up to her.

She doesn't look like she's about to cry, but she is still visibly upset. With a long sigh she says, "My date canceled on me, in no small part due to my mother. I wouldn't be surprised if she called him and told him not to come tonight! She is totally insufferable!"

Shou puts a hand on her shoulder. "C'mon, you can have fun without a date! Just look at me! Sure, I was asked out by a couple guys. But I'm just not into them like that so I came alone and I've been having a blast! Just find some friends and have fun!" Huh, you didn't know she had been asked, not only that but she casually says that she turned them down.

"I know, I'm just getting a little tired now. I've been around talking with people and I even danced for a while." She stands up and yawns. "Huh, I wonder if I should go home early. I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open."

"If you're tired you should rest," Mokou says, "but only if you're sure that you want to leave. It would be pretty sad if you left early and regretted it."

"Yeah, I'll give it a little bit more thought." She nods, mostly to herself. "But what about you guys?"

"We'll probably walk around for a while, see who we run into," you say shrugging.

"Well, I'll talk to you later then." She waves as she walks off.

After that Shou decides she's going to get back on the dance floor for a while, leaving you alone with Mokou. Or rather, what counts for alone in a room full of people. After a couple minutes of walking you see Kaguya and Reisen standing near the doors with about four guys standing around them. Kaguya, wearing a long pink dress that gradually turns red the farther down it goes, is smiling and laughing. Reisen, who is wearing a tight navy blue dress that stops about halfway down her thighs, doesn't look too pleased.

When you approach Kaguya says something and the men disperse looking defeated, at which point Reisen sighs heavily. ??Bout time," she says.

"Were you waiting for us?" You ask looking confused.

"Not you, her dates." Reisen sticks her hands out to the side as if to say she gives up.

Kaguya glares at her. "None of them were my date. They simply asked me if I was going and I said yes. it's not my fault they misinterpreted what I said, it also isn't my fault that they worded it poorly." You suddenly feel for those guys, it must have hurt.

"Enough about that though," Reisen says ignoring Kaguya's glare. "Are the two of you enjoying yourselves?"

The two of you smile broadly in response and you say, "We are having a blast!"

Kaguya smiles. "That's great! So, Mokou, what are you doing after this?"

"I plan on going home and getting some sleep. Why?" Mokou responds.

"Ms. Kamishirasawa will be here late cleaning up and we were wondering if you were planning on coming over tonight." Says Kaguya as she leans against the wall. "But if you intend on going home, we'll just see you tomorrow."

"Does that mean we're leaving?" Reisen asks looking a little bored.

"Yes," Kaguya says with a hint of annoyance. "Well, good night Mokou, Alex."

"Night you two. Have fun," Reisen says as she turns towards the door.

"Good night!" You and Mokou call in unison.

With a quick glance at your watch it's almost nine twenty. "So, do you want to walk around for a little bit longer?" You ask.

"Sure!" Mokou says with a smile. Aw, you had hoped she would say she wanted to sit down for a little bit. Your feet are killing you, and Mokou can't be doing much better in those heels. Despite your aching feet you continue walking around for about ten minutes, watching as people leave.

Eventually you come across Remilia and, surprisingly, Sakuya. "Huh, what's Sakuya doing here?" You ask Mokou.

"Oh? You didn't know? Well, Sakuya is the senior class president." Mokou answers simply.

Remilia and Sakuya see you and wave. "Hello Alex and Mokou!" Remilia says cheerily. She's wearing a red sequined dress that flows behind her. You feel it would be more of a prom dress really.

Sakuya is wearing a tight sleeveless blue dress that is perhaps a bit too short. "Hello you two, having fun I take it?"

"Yeah, thanks to your dance lessons this morning!" You say with a laugh.

"He was great! I was worried that he would be all awkward and step on my feet the whole time." Mokou follows up jokingly.

Remilia laughs too. "With how he was this morning I would not be surprised if that were the case." She turns to Sakuya. "I told you he would be fine."

"No, you had said that you were worried that he would break Mokou's toes if he got too nervous." Sakuya says smiling.

"I said no such thing!" Remilia huffs. "I was simply worried that he would forget the lessons when he started dancing with Mokou!"

"I know, but I just had to tease you. Especially after the things you said this morning." Sakuya still hasn't lost her smile.

"What did she say?" Mokou asks, eyes full of curiosity.

Remilia waves her hand to dismiss her. "It is nothing. Hmm, I suppose it is time to go. Flan will be waiting for us to return."

"Very well," Sakuya says politely. She turns to face you and Mokou and says, "Good night you two."

"Yes, good night. I am pleased that I was able to help this morning."

You and Mokou say goodbye and start walking around again. A lot of people have left at this point and they are playing the last song. Unfortunately it sounds like it is almost over.

"Alex, do you want to go?" Mokou asks suddenly.

"Sure," you say. It doesn't seem like there is much to do now. "How about I walk you home?"

Mokou jumps in surprise. "Eh? You don't have to!"

"I know, but I want to," you respond earnestly. "That is, unless you don't want me to."

"NO! I mean, I'd like that." Mokou blushes, but doesn't look away.

Taking her hand you start to walk towards the door when all of a sudden you hear a familiar voice. "Hi Alex! Hi Mokou! Hi me!" You turn to see your English teacher Lily skipping towards you. "What are you two up to? Nothing bad I hope. If you were I'd have to tell your aunt, and she wouldn't be happy. And I like you two and I don't want you to get in trouble. Especially when you look like you're having so much fun! You did have fun right?"

Mokou seems overwhelmed, but you take it all in stride. "We did have fun, but now we're tired. So I was going to walk Mokou home."

"Ah, you are such a gentleman! You take care of her on the way! Also don't do anything bad, but if you do," she pauses, which is rare for her. "Use protection!"

Your jaw drops as she slips away like she said nothing. You and Mokou glance at each other only to quickly look away blushing. You almost let go of her hand, but instead you decide to keep walking.

After leaving the school the awkwardness caused by Lily subsides and the two of you huddle close together to fend off the cold. The ground is wet and every so often you can feel a drop of rain hit your head. Neither of you say anything, mostly because there isn't much to say. When you arrive at her apartment she looks at you with a smile that both warms your heart and hurts. It reminds you of how your mother would smile.

"Thank you so much Alex," she says, still holding your hand. "I had so much fun."

"I did too." You say. To which she responds by hugging you.

After letting go she says, "Well, good night. I'll see you in school tomorrow."

"Good night." She closes the door hesitantly and you start walking home. You don't really pay attention to anything on the way home as your mind is numb after the night.

When you get home you are greeted by Shou who is already in her pajamas. "Alex, we have a problem." She doesn't even say ?hi?.

"What's wrong?" You really hope it isn't something too bad.

"Tenshi is here." She says bluntly. This can't be good, especially after this morning. "And she's drunk." And it just got worse. "I don't know what to do. She's crying about how you don't like her anymore and that her mom is mean and that Mokou stole you from her."

You drop your head into the palm of your hand. "Great, just great."

"I was about to get dressed and walk her home, but she won't listen to me. I think you might have better luck. Not to mention Iku is cleaning up the dance, so I can't get in touch with her, and I'm afraid to tell Byakuren."

-You have a drunken Tenshi to deal with. How do you do it?
[] Have Shou tell you where Tenshi lives and walk her home
() Stay at Tenshi's until Iku shows up.
{} Shou owes you a favor. Keep it a secret from Byakuren.
() Once Tenshi is home and in bed you are leaving.
[] No, Tenshi dug her grave. She stays here
() She sleeps in your bed. You'll just take the couch.
() Screw it, she sleeps on the couch and you in your bed.
Well, three days late, but I still updated! [spoiler]Is it wrong that I'm hoping for a specific choice to win?[/spoiler.]
[x] Have Shou tell you where Tenshi lives and walk her home
(x) Stay at Tenshi's until Iku shows up.
{x} Shou owes you a favor. Keep it a secret from Byakuren.

He sees her as a sister figure and making sure she doesn't aspirate on her own vomit is the sort of thing to do in this situation.
[X] Have Shou tell you where Tenshi lives and walk her home
(X) Stay at Tenshi's until Iku shows up.
(X) Shou owes you a favor. Keep it a secret from Byakuren.

Leaving Tenshi to face Byakuren would be rather cruel.
[x] Have Shou tell you where Tenshi lives and walk her home
(x) Stay at Tenshi's until Iku shows up.
{x} Shou owes you a favor. Keep it a secret from Byakuren.

Yeah, I can get behind this reasoning.
[x] Have Shou tell you where Tenshi lives and walk her home
(x) Stay at Tenshi's until Iku shows up.
{x} Shou owes you a favor. Keep it a secret from Byakuren.

Seems like we just can't get away from Tenshi. Iku seems to have done a poor job disciplining her.
[X] Call the cops. There appears to be an intoxicated female in your domicile who refuses orders to leave.

I'm not really one for visual novel logic.
[x] Have Shou tell you where Tenshi lives and walk her home
(x) Stay at Tenshi's until Iku shows up.
{x} Shou owes you a favor. Keep it a secret from Byakuren.

Damn, Tenshi.
[X] Have Shou tell you where Tenshi lives and walk her home
-[x] Stay at Tenshi's until Iku shows up.

Hold on why keep it a secret when Iku could/most likely would explain just explained to Byakuren what had happened anyways with Shou to provide more info?
Okay calling the vote now. Update by the end of the day.
File 137270467443.jpg - (178.27KB, 830x640 , 9696ce76f3ea36af50665285d6bebc61.jpg) [iqdb]
Okay, so Tenshi is here and drunk. You think about the different ways you could handle this. She could either stay here and sleep on the couch, or in your bed while you take the couch. Or you can walk her home. You'd rather not have your aunt find out about Tenshi right now, or ever really. Despite all this, she's still your friend. You still think of her as a sister and someone you should be there for, and right now she needs you.

"Where does Tenshi live?" You ask having made up your mind. If Byakuren finds out she'll be in even more trouble, and while it could get her to clean up her act it would just as likely make things worse.

"I'll write down her address for you. But, what if the house is locked? She isn't carrying a purse or anything." Shou opens the door and heads in with you following behind. Inside on the couch is Tenshi wearing a sky-blue sleeveless dress that stops before her knees. She's sobbing quietly and doesn't notice you.

As Shou goes to find a piece of paper and a pen, you go over to Tenshi. "Tenshi," you say tentatively, "I'm going to walk you home."

"Alex?" She looks up at you with eyes full of tears. You haven't seen her like this since you broke up with her. She had wanted more out of the relationship and you were having trouble seeing her as anything other than family. "Why are you in my house? Wait, this isn't my house is it?" Great, she's confused too. Maybe this means she's sobering up? You can't really tell as you haven't had much contact with people who have been drinking.

"No Tenshi, this isn't your house. You've been at my house crying to Shou about your mom hating you and other things." Her eyes are bloodshot and her nose is running. "Come on, I'll take you home." You offer her your hand and she just stares at it blankly.

"Why? Why are you being so nice to me?" Her words are slurred and eyes are unfocused, but she seems to be there. ?You broke up with me, and acted like nothing was wrong!" She slaps your hand away, tears flowing once again. "Then you move here and see me for the first time in two years and you act like everything is normal! In less than a week you're dating a new girl and barely give me the time of day!" She's yelling now. "it's like you've forgoden bout me! You don't know what it's like bein? pushed aside and bein? ignored by the people you love!" She's getting hysterical now.

Out of the corner of your eye you see Shou standing there unsure of what to say or do. Tenshi is breathing heavily and is trying to avoid eye contact with you. You need to calm her down, so you do the only thing you can think of.

You wrap your arms around her and say, "Yeah, I'm a horrible friend. I want to everything between us to go back to how it was before we dated, but I just keep making it harder on you by pretending it never happened." She'll probably forget you've said all this, but you need to tell her how you feel. "I still want to be your friend, but I don't want to deal with the awkwardness that would happen if we really started to talk seriously. You're still my sister. Even though we aren't related by blood, we are still family. No one knows me better than you, and no one knows you better than me."

"You don't mean that! You're only saying that to make me feel better!" She doesn't try to break away, nor is there any conviction in her voice.

"Tenshi, I still care. And that's why I'm going to bring you home. If you stay here my aunt will see you and you'll get in more even more trouble." You let go off her and offer your hand one more time. She hesitantly takes your hand and you help her up. "You ready?" She simply nods, still avoiding eye contact.

"Alex," Shou says as she holds out a piece of note book paper, "This is her address, it's just down the street so you shouldn't have a problem finding it."

"Thanks, Shou." You take the paper and look at the address. Right, you should be fine. "Can you do me a favor Shou? If Byakuren gets home before me, tell her I went straight to bed and don't mention Tenshi at all."

Shou raises an eyebrow inquisitively. "You want me to lie to your aunt?"

"I know, it's putting you in a bad spot. But you do still owe me a favor. Remember?"

"Yeah, I remember. I just wish you would have made me do something easier. You do realize when Miss Nagae finds out she'll likely tell her?"

You nod, "I'll deal with that, so don't worry. Oh, and thanks." With Tenshi holding your hand you walk out the door. You'd rather not hear Shou agree or disagree to your plan.

As you walk down the streets you glance at Tenshi periodically. You know she's still there because she hasn't let go of your hand. But every so often you have to pull to get her to start walking again. it's a silent walk, and it doesn't feel very peaceful.

After about ten minutes you arrive at her house. No lights are on, which makes sense, and the door is unlocked. It seems that Tenshi forgot to lock it when she left. You enter the one-story house and turn on the lights.

It takes you a minute to find Tenshi's room, she still hasn't said a word nor is she responding to anything you say. You lead the strangely silent girl into her room. The walls are painted a baby-blue and there are pictures of the two of you with some of your other friends from your old school on the walls. Her bed is a simple twin bed with white sheets and a white blanket.

You tuck Tenshi into bed and start to head out of her room when she says something, "I love you Alex. Even if you don't love me, that's okay. I'll behave from now on."

Unable to think of anything to say you close the door and head out to the living room. White walls, floral pattern furniture, pictures of Iku and Tenshi, a medium sized television, it's a fairly bland room. You sit in a chair and decide to wait for Iku to show up. You had thought about waiting in Tenshi's room in case she vomits in her sleep or something, but it would be incredibly awkward.

it's nearly eleven fifteen right now. Iku should be back any minute now. Just what will you say when she walks through that door? "Hi Iku! Tenshi got drunk again so I walked her home. Don't be too mad at her though." Yeah, that would be one of the worst things to say.

You wind up getting lost in thought trying to think of a way to tell Iku. When the door opens causing you to jump. "Tenshi, I'm home!" You hear Iku's voice. Iku walks in wearing a black evening gown. She looks around for a moment before her eyes stop on you. She almost looks ready to scream when she recognizes you. "Alex? What are you doing here?! Wait, where's Tenshi?"

"She's in bed right now. I had to walk her home." You really don't know what else to say.

Iku calms down some. "What do you mean?"

"I don't know where or when exactly, but Tenshi had been drinking again." Iku looks too calm when you say this. "After the dance I walked Mokou home, and when I got to my house Shou was outside waiting for me. She told me Tenshi was drunk and waiting inside. Apparently she had said something about you hating her, me not liking her, and how Mokou stole me from her." You feel the rest of the conversation shouldn't really matter.

Iku sighs and sits down on the couch across from you. "When I got home earlier, I gave her a stern lecture on how she needs to listen to me more and that if she didn't I would have to ?bring down the hammer? so to speak. She stayed in her room for the rest of the day, and when I left to chaperone the dance, I took her with me to try and keep an eye on her. But she gave me the slip when we got there. I guess she found someone with alcohol and that's how she got drunk this time." She sounds disappointed, but not with Tenshi. More like she is disappointed with herself. "Alex, I think you should know, but today isn't the first day Tenshi has done this." What? Tenshi's done this before? "I don't know what is going on in her head, but she doesn't listen to me. She listens to you just fine, but when I try to tell her something she ignores me."

There is a long silence between the two of you. You break it by saying, "What now?"

Iku looks down the hall towards Tenshi's room. "I don't know. All I know is that she needs someone with a level head to be there for her when she needs it." She's looking at you again. "Like how the two of you were before we moved. I don't know if you still want to be her friend after today, seeing as how you used to say that you didn't want to be friends with people who drink or do drugs."

"I still want to be her friend." You say without hesitation. "I don't know if I'm right, but I think she had chosen to act immature back then because of how mature I was acting. Like she wanted to be childish for me. I feel like I'm partly to blame for how she acts."

Another long silence follows. it's like there isn't anything else to say. Tenshi has screwed up, but she can still stop before it becomes a major problem.

"Alex, it's getting late," Iku says after looking at the clock, it's nearly midnight. "You should get home before Byakuren notices you're missing."

"Alright, but first," you pause for a moment. "Can you not tell my aunt that I was involved? I wasn't sure how she would respond to Tenshi being like this and I asked Shou to lie for me."

"Don't worry; I didn't have any intention of telling her what happened."

After saying goodbye to Iku you run home. Only to find the door is locked, and you don't have a key. You text Shou a few times telling her that you are locked out, and after the fourth time she opens the door looking none too pleased.

"Sorry, I don't have a key," you say.

"I know, but why are you so late?" Sounds like you woke her up.

"I was talking to Iku about Tenshi." Shou nods and closes the door after you walk in.

The two of you head to bed without another word. Once in your room you just drop onto your bed and turn your alarm clock on.
You slept a dreamless sleep and now you wake to the incessant buzzing of the alarm clock. Today marks your second week at your new school. A lot has happened recently and now would be a good time to talk to someone about it all. But at the same time, you felt something with Mokou last night so maybe you should talk to her about going on a date? But what about Tenshi? You feel like she needs you to be there for her.

-Choose one
[] Talk to someone about everything that has happened
() Shou, she's seen the most of you since you moved here
() Satori, she seems like a good listener and could provide some insight as she hasn't been directly involved
() Remilia, maybe she'll give you some good advice that doesn't pertain to dancing
[] You feel like you and Mokou have something act on it before it's too late.
[] Tenshi needs you, be there for your friend!
[] I just don't know. Yukari Yakumo is a licensed therapist and your guidance counselor, maybe by talking to her you'll be able to ease your mind and make a decision.
I'm going to try updating every Monday and Friday. Two times a week should help me keep momentum going. Maybe if I feel really good I'll update three times. It really depends.
[x] Talk to someone about everything that has happened
(x) Shou, she's seen the most of you since you moved here
[x] Talk to someone about everything that has happened
(x) Shou, she's seen the most of you since you moved here

Yeah, Shou's been a real Bro. Sis. Whatever.
Pretty sure 'fembro' it's well enough here.

[x] Talk to someone about everything that has happened
(x) Shou, she's seen the most of you since you moved here

I do think he needs to speak with Yukari at some point.
Fits. Stupid iPad.
[x] I just don't know. Yukari Yakumo is a licensed therapist and your guidance counselor, maybe by talking to her you'll be able to ease your mind and make a decision.

I'd prefer to talk to someone who has no part in all of this. And knows what she's talking about.
[] I just don't know. Yukari Yakumo is a licensed therapist and your guidance counselor, maybe by talking to her you'll be able to ease your mind and make a decision.

Seeing as it's her job, she seems well equipped to help us out.
[X] I just don't know. Yukari Yakumo is a licensed therapist and your guidance counselor, maybe by talking to her you'll be able to ease your mind and make a decision.

Yukari the therapist? Should be interesting.
[x] I just don't know. Yukari Yakumo is a licensed therapist and your guidance counselor, maybe by talking to her you'll be able to ease your mind and make a decision.

Lets break this tie.
Calling the vote for seeking advice from Yukari. Update later today.
File 137305168920.jpg - (137.50KB, 850x1072 , sample-93a961982fc932c40a955dafca13a048.jpg) [iqdb]
My god, I can't seem to post anything properly today...
You really don't know what to do. Maybe you should talk to Yukari? She might be able to offer some insight you wouldn't get otherwise. You sit up in bed and rub your aching forehead, it's not that surprising as you only got a few hours of sleep. A quick shower helps wake you up, but your legs feel sore from all the walking you did yesterday. It wouldn't hurt for you to start exercising more often.

You have a bowl of cereal and orange juice for breakfast. Your watch tells you it's currently six fifty three. it's probably best if you go to the school now and speak to Yukari before you forget. When you reach the door you hesitate as you realize that Shou and Byakuren aren't up yet. Oh well, you aren't their keeper. You do leave a note saying you went in early, just in case they decide to wait for you when they do get up.

Living right next to the school seems pretty handy at times. If you were to sleep in you wouldn't have to run to make it on time, usually that is. Plus on days like today where it looks like it will rain you don't have far to go.

Once inside the building you make your way to the guidance offices. The secretary, Akyuu, greets you, "Hello there! Can I help you with something?" She's wearing a simple purple top and black skirt.

"I was wondering if Ms. Yakumo was in her office." You are still surprised by how close in age she seems to you.

"She's back there in the same room as last time. You do remember which one right?" Is she insulting you? You can't quite tell.

"Yeah, it's the one with her name on it," you reply sarcastically. Akyuu laughs in response and waves you off.

The door is open when you approach and Yukari, who wearing a long and plain purple dress, is sitting at her desk looking at a sheet of paper. She must have seen you out of the corner of her eyes as she says, "Hello Alex, what can I do for you?" She sets the paper face down so you can't see what it was.

"I'd like some advice on a few things, and I thought you would be the best person to talk to."

"Oh? Not your aunt or any of your friends?" She leans forward with her arms resting on the desk. "Should I assume that this is something you don't want Byakuren hearing about?" You nod. "Alright then, please take a seat and tell me what's bothering you."

After sitting in the chair you say, "I'm kind of conflicted right now. One of my friends thinks that I don't care about her anymore and she's doing some pretty stupid things because of it. I want to be there for her, but at the same time she might need her space." You sigh deeply before continuing. "And to make matters worse, there's a girl I like who I think might like me back and my friend is very jealous. I'm afraid that if I try to pursue a relationship with her that I'll just be pushing my friend away even more."

"Would this friend happen to be Tenshi?" Yukari asks. Once again you nod in response. "I've been keeping an eye on her since you moved here. It seems she cares deeply about you, but you seem to be avoiding her. Whether it's intentional or not, I can't say." She's right, you have been avoiding Tenshi. At least you've been trying to not be alone with her. "I'd recommend spending an afternoon or a whole day with her and let her know that you're still her friend." She sits up straight and looks you in the eyes. "As for your feelings for the other girl, I don't know what to tell you. Just don't think that asking her out means that you have to ignore your friends. If she does feel the same way, and is worth the time, she'll let you spend time with your friends without her around."

Yukari picks up the paper once more and says, "By the way, your aunt is crazy. In a good way mind you, but still crazy."

"What do you mean?"

"There's this girl who has been living in foster care her whole life. Most of her families haven't been that kind to her, so Byakuren is looking for a home for her here." She sets the paper down again with a sigh. "She wants everyone to be happy, but she should focus on one person at a time. I guess she doesn't really need to worry about you too much since you're opening up more and more every day. Well, if you don't need anything else you should head to homeroom now."

"Okay, and thank you for the advice," you say as you wave good bye. She seems to be getting lost in thought as you leave.

When you get back out into the hallway you find a large number of students have already arrived and are heading to their respective homerooms. You decide to not waste any time and head to yours.

Inside the classroom there are only two people, Mima and Mokou. Mokou smiles and waves at you causing your heart to skip a beat. You believe Yukari was right, just because you ask her out doesn't mean that you can't still hang out with Tenshi or any of your other friends. But if you do, will she say yes?

-Choose One
[] Only one way to find out. Ask her on a date
[] You should probably take it slow. Rome wasn't built in a day after all.
I know I'm just going to be ignored, but sometimes it's good to take things slow. It's a long story after all.
[x] You should probably take it slow. Rome wasn't built in a day after all.

There's no rush. We have the whole school year ahead of us.
[x] You should probably take it slow. Rome wasn't built in a day after all.

Guy's got all the time in the world to work with. No reason to rush.
[X] You should probably take it slow. Rome wasn't built in a day after all.
[X] You should probably take it slow. Rome wasn't built in a day after all.

Let's have some fun with a few other girls before we commit.
[X] You should probably take it slow. Rome wasn't built in a day after all.

School dance wasn't a major flag my ass! Though with what happened at the dance (and Mokou PoV thing), I don't think I could really go against it.
[X] Only one way to find out. Ask her on a date

A long story it may be, but that's no reason we can't get started on the juicy bits.
Please know that I wasn't telling to NOT ask Mokou out, I was just letting you know that it's a long story and that even if you fuck up at some point you can always fix it. It could pertain to Mokou or Tenshi or something unrelated at the moment. I hope what I said didn't influence the vote any...
I'm going to wait until Friday to truly call the vote. For now I'd like to address a few of my concerns. For starters, are you choosing to wait because it's "natural" or are you having second thoughts about Mokou? Second, did the POV switch a few updates back bother people/make them change their minds any? Or is it that you guys are worried about starting a route so soon and feel like if you do so now, you'll have more time to screw it up possibility" and not a fact. I still haven't mentioned exactly how his mother died. Could be genetic, or it could just be a myriad other issues.

Are you implying that you can't have "fun" with Mokou?

I'm afraid I don't quite follow you there buddy.
>School dance wasn't a major flag my ass!
Yes, that kinda was a route flag. It signaled the possibility to begin her route.
>Though with what happened at the dance (and Mokou PoV thing), I don't think I could really go against it.
Aren't you going against it now with that vote? Or are you meaning something else that I don't quite get?

I do want to say that I'm fine with however you guys choose to vote. If I wasn't I would have just route-locked you when you chose to ask Mokou to the dance, but that isn't the way I want to do this. There is no such thing as a "route-lock" in this story. You can break up with a girl if you start finding yourselves "Bored" or she's not the kind of person you were led to believe in the beginning. That said, I would appreciate it if you tell me your reasoning behind the vote, even if you have already voted.

Un-saged because important, to me at least.

Pretty much "natural". Besides, I don't think we should be going so fast for a serious relationship with Mokou But we are going for it. Don't you dare to drop this!. Also take note that Tenshi just had a emotional breakdown yesterday because of Mokou and us. Getting into a serious relationship with Mokou so soon might cut the ties between Tenshi and Alex. I think we should give her some time to accept the fact that she and Alex are close to each other in a sister-brother way.

[X] You should probably take it slow. Rome wasn't built in a day after all.

I'm ok with the POV thingie as long it doesn't go into "We know everything what girls think about" territory.
I'm starting to like Mokou (particularly due that bit from her PoV) even though a bunch of OTHER people bandwagoned it. That and I voted for going slowly because I think it'd be for the best.

It didn't help the Mokoumania came out of nowhere. Even though I'll likely go along with the Mokoumania, it still distresses me that the site seems too hung up on old characters to give new ones a chance.

My reaction? was due to the fact it wasn't so much points but big leap. That and I'm not a petty routefag that'd rip a girl's heart just so his favorite would have a chance.

I was >>51434

I'm >>51433. Mokou's nice, but we don't have to do her route. I'd rather spend some time with other girls like Shou and Tenshi before we go ahead with Mokou. Maybe they'll be even better.
[X] Only one way to find out. Ask her on a date

Goddamnit, What part of All Mokou, all the time do you guys not get? Forget about the other girls.
[X] You should probably take it slow. Rome wasn't built in a day after all.

Works for me~!
[X] Only one way to find out! Ask her on a date!

If there ever was a tide needing pissed against, this is that one!
[X] Only one way to find out! Ask her on a date!

If this backfires, then it backfires, but better to take a chance than to not try at all.
Vote called and update will be later tonight, hopefully. We'll see where taking it slow takes us.

Also, you've definitely started at least one Character Arc. Would you like to know which one? If not I'll just let you guys figure it out.
File 137366135091.jpg - (1.79MB, 1480x2090 , fbed501654c04cdb4af71085b86bbba8.jpg) [iqdb]
You smile back at Mokou, but you don't think it's the time to ask her out. Patience is a virtue, so it would probably be best to take it slow and make sure you don't screw up. "Morning Mokou," you say as you take your seat and turn around to face her.

"Good morning!" She sounds bright and cheerful; too bad you don't feel the same. She looks at you for a moment before saying, "Are you feeling okay? You don't look too good."

Well, you aren't feeling too hot, both physically and mentally. "Oh, I just did a lot yesterday so I'm pretty tired out now." it's not a lie, but it isn't the whole truth. "I should be fine though, if I really need to I'll just sleep in math or study hall."

"You shouldn't sleep in class," she says sternly.

"I know, I won't actually do it. I'll just go to sleep early tonight." You might actually sleep in one of your classes, but you shouldn't tell her that.

All of a sudden you hear a voice call out to you. "Hey Alex!" You turn around to see Aya rushing towards you. "Hey, can you meet me in the library during lunch?"

"Huh, why?" You ask trying to hide the fact you aren't feeling well. It is bad enough Mokou noticed, you'd rather not have people asking if you're sick.

Aya holds up a camera and says, "For an interview of course! I want to get your feelings on the school after your first week!"

"Do I have to?"

"No, but it would be better if you did. I'm going to write it either way, but you should have some say in it. After all, it's about you!" She doesn't wait for a response before heading to her seat.

You sigh heavily. "There's no getting out of this is there?" Mokou shakes her head solemnly. "Great. I think I'll take a nap for a little while." You hear Mokou sigh, but she doesn't say anything as you lay your head on your desk and slowly drift off to sleep.

"Hey, Alex! Wake up!" A voice wakes you from your slumber. You look up and see Shou and Mokou standing there. "The bell just rang, come on!" Oh, it must have been Shou who woke you. Slowly you stand up and stretch. A couple of your joints pop in response.

You don't feel particularly rested, but it doesn't really matter. "Thanks for waking me up," you thank them, even if you would rather be asleep.

"No problem," Shou says before she runs off to her class.

You barely pay attention as you and Mokou walk to History and during the class. In fact the day passes in a haze as you don't really notice too much around you. You don't recall seeing Tenshi in Home Economics, but Iku said something to you. Something about looking pale. You just dismissed it as being tired or something, you can't quite remember.

Sometime during English class Satori started talking to you. But most of the conversation went over your head. She gives you a slight push. "Hey, are you listening to me?"

You look at her. Her eyes tell you she's concerned about you. "Huh? Sorry, I've been lost in thought most of the day." You've been worried about Tenshi, but Iku didn't say anything. Most of the day was either spent half-asleep or trying to think of ways to reconnect with Tenshi. But that's no excuse for ignoring the people around you. "Sorry, what were you saying?"

"I was trying to talk to you about Nue, but that can wait. I think you should go to the nurse. You don't look well." She calmly adjusts her hairband. Wait, has she always worn that? No, you're focusing on the wrong thing.

"She's right, Alex." Wait when did Lily come over? "If you aren't feeling well you should see the nurse. I'd go see her if I was sick. She's a good nurse too! She can't give you medicine but she can let you rest there or send you home if you're sick. If she gave you medicine she could lose her job."

-Choose one
[] Visit the nurse. You aren't feeling very good, so it wouldn't hurt to see if you have a fever. But what should you do if she insists on sending you home?
() Go home, she's a doctor so you should listen to her.
() Rest there until lunch. You have to talk to Aya and make sure she doesn't write something you don't like.
[] Insist that you are fine. You just have a lot to think about.
() Talk to Aya during Lunch
() You're in no mood to deal with other people. Find someplace quite to rest.
-And I feel I should ask, again I'll shut up after this. But do you want to know what character arcs have been started?
[] No, I can read and figure it out myself
[] Yes, I don't want to miss anything so we should know what we've started so we can finish it.
Sorry, I'm just into it today so it's pretty short. Anyway, even if you chose to ask Mokou out this same scenario would have happened, though you'd have a worried Mokou insisting you go to the nurse instead.
[x] Visit the nurse. You aren't feeling very good, so it wouldn't hurt to see if you have a fever. But what should you do if she insists on sending you home?
(x) Go home, she's a doctor so you should listen to her.

Uh oh.

[x] No, I can read and figure it out myself
[X] Visit the nurse. You aren't feeling very good, so it wouldn't hurt to see if you have a fever. But what should you do if she insists on sending you home?
(X) Rest there until lunch. You have to talk to Aya and make sure she doesn't write something you don't like.

Pre-emptive damage control. No need to let Aya start unnecessary rumours or anything like that.

[X] No, I can read and figure it out myself
[x] Visit the nurse. You aren't feeling very good, so it wouldn't hurt to see if you have a fever. But what should you do if she insists on sending you home?
(x) Rest there until lunch. You have to talk to Aya and make sure she doesn't write something you don't like.

-And I feel I should ask, again I'll shut up after this. But do you want to know what character arcs have been started?
[x] Yes, I don't want to miss anything so we should know what we've started so we can finish it.

I'm voting this because I'm too worried about things getting messed up by another out of nowhere waifu push.
[x] Visit the nurse. You aren't feeling very good, so it wouldn't hurt to see if you have a fever. But what should you do if she insists on sending you home?
(x) Go home, she's a doctor so you should listen to her.
I think we'd be better off not talking to Aya. We can call her out if she lies about something, but not if we say something embarrassing.

[x] No, I can read and figure it out myself
[X] Visit the nurse. You aren't feeling very good, so it wouldn't hurt to see if you have a fever. But what should you do if she insists on sending you home?
-[x] Rest there until lunch. You have to talk to Aya and make sure she doesn't write something you don't like.


[X] No, I can read and figure it out myself

Works for me~!
Okay voting is closed. I'm not sure if I'll get an update out today but I'm going to try.

Also, I'm thinking about only updating once a week unless I get a lot of votes/I really want to write. Once I go back to college I'll only be updating once a week, so I'll see what I can do now before things get hectic.
File 137566641494.jpg - (504.42KB, 600x851 , 4f53179d41021ce8d78a79fdb1250fed.jpg) [iqdb]
So, I apologize for the delay. I'm a lazy bastard and I'll try to keep this story alive. If you want, you can usually find me on the IRC. Give me a kick in the ass some time if I'm taking too long. Seriously, I need that at times.

Anyway, without further ado, the next installment of "Myouren Academy!"
"Well, I suppose It wouldn't hurt to see the nurse," you say. it's fairly obvious that they won't back down unless you give in.

"Good! Satori, walk him to the nurse and make sure he doesn't collapse. It'd be bad if he did. I collapsed once in high school. It wasn't fun, if anything it was the opposite of fun. It was un-fun!" Lily continues in her own weird way.

You stand up, grab your backpack, and walk into the hall with Satori right behind you. "You should take care of yourself," Satori says about halfway down the hall. "You've made some friends, and they worry about you. It hasn't been that long since you moved here and most people know what happened to your mom." Her voice is quiet, yet firm. "Your mental health can greatly impact your physical health."

You sigh heavily, she's right. "I'm trying to deal with everything as best I can. I don't want anyone to worry, but I can handle it on my own."

Satori doesn't say anything, instead she just watches you. The rest of the walk to the nurse's office is quiet. Now and then, you hear the sound of teachers and students as you pass the classrooms. For the most part though, the school seems almost alarmingly silent.

You open the door to the nurse's office and walk in. Eirin is sitting at her desk looking over some papers and Medicine is sitting on a bed with an English textbook on her lap. "Ms. Yagokoro?" Satori calls, getting the attention of the nurse.

"Ah, Satori and Alex. What can I do for you today?" She sets down her papers and looks at the two of you.

"Miss White and I are worried about Alex. He doesn't look well," you were about to say something, but she speaks for you.

Eirin stands up and examines you. "Hmm, he doesn't look very good," she mumbles to herself. To you she says, "I'm going to take your temperature, if you have a fever you're going home. If not, well I'll let you decide." She sits you down in front of her desk and she pulls out a thermometer from her desk draw. After priming it she hands it to you and says, "Hold this under your tongue." You do as she says. "Satori, you may go back to class. If he chooses to go back I'll have Medi walk him back." Satori nods and silently leaves the room. After a brief moment the thermometer beeps, it reads ninety-eight point eight. "No fever," Eirin says as she cleans it and puts it away, "So, what do you want to do Alex? I would recommend going home, but if you want you can rest here for a while. it's your call."

"I should be fine after getting some rest," you say looking at the beds.

"Alright," the nurse says as she nods, "if you fall asleep, I'll wake you up at the end of the period. I can't have you sleeping through lunch, it's not healthy to skip meals." You don't think it would be wise to mention that you don't plan on getting lunch, so you just silently lay down on a bed and close your eyes.
"Alex, wake up," a voice whispers softly in your ear. "it's almost time for lunch."

You lazily open your eyes and see the blonde assistant crouching beside the bed. After a loud yawn you thank her, "Thanks for waking me Maria."

"Ah!" She straightens up in surprise. "P-please, call me Medicine. Everyone else does."

"Well, if you insist," you say, swinging your legs off the bed. Standing up, you see Medicine staring at you. "Is something wrong?"

"Ah, uh," she looks down at her feet, "uh, ah! Right, are you feeling better?" She's fidgeting nervously.

You are feeling better, not one hundred percent, but better all the same. "Yeah, I should be fine now. But what about you? You seem kinda strange right now."

"I-I'm okay! You were just sleeping so peacefully, I didn't want to wake you." She's taken to twiddling her fingers.

You don't see Eirin in here, so she must have stepped out. You yawn loudly as you stretch your arms. The bell rings suddenly and you make your way to the door, but Medicine just stands there. "What's wrong? Aren't you hungry?"

"Ah," she shakes her head, "it's not that, I just eat lunch here. it's quiet here, and it gives me a chance to study seeing as I don't always go to class."

"Why don't you go to class?" you ask, feeling a little confused.

She sits down on the bed and hangs her head. "I don't want to talk about it," she says staring at her feet. "You should just head to the cafeteria, they're probably already out of the good stuff."

Well, okay," you say hesitantly, "I'll see you around then." She waves as you leave the room.

You agreed to see Aya in the library, but you honestly have no clue where it is. Part of you wants to stop and ask someone, but there are very few people in the hall and it would be mildly embarrassing. Luckily you remember the map that Shou had given you on your first day here. Pulling it from you backpack you check to see where it is. it's near the front hallway. Why haven't you noticed it yet then? Shaking your head at your obliviousness you walk to the library.

The inside of the Library is fairly typical. Bookshelves line the walls, and set up in rows throughout the room and divided by fiction and nonfiction. Tables and chairs are in the center of the room. There are eight computers against one wall, near the front desk where the books are checked out. There are only a few people in the room at the moment, Aya, who is sitting at one of the tables writing in a notepad, and two people at the checkout counter.

One of the people there is a girl who looks to be about your age wearing the school uniform. She has red eyes, light red hair and twintails adorned with bells. The other is a young woman, probably mid to late twenties, who has long red hair and is wearing a simple white blouse and black skirt that goes past her knees. Well, you'll probably talk to them if you decide to check out a book so you just head over to Aya.

"Hello, Aya," you say taking a seat across from her.

"Hey there! I was worried you weren't going to show," she says twirling her pen with one hand and flipping to a fresh page in her notepad with the other. "So, are you ready to begin?" You nod. "Good, I'll try to keep it short. First of all, for my article do you or do you not want me to mention why you moved here?"

"I," you start hesitantly, "would rather you leave that detail out." You don't want the whole school knowing about your mom.

"m'kay," she makes a note on her paper. "I'll leave that out. It isn't really anyone else's business anyway. Now, how did you feel before you came to school last Monday?"

You think back to last week and say, "I was, nervous, to say the least. I didn't know if I would like it here and was worried I wouldn't fit in." Aya is busy writing down every word you say. "I'm normally not very good with meeting new people, but everyone seems to be pretty accepting and has welcomed me with open arms."

Once she's done writing Aya says, "Well, you've probably just gotten lucky with who you have to deal with. I know you and I started off on the wrong foot. Anyway, I've heard that in your previous school you knew Tenshi. How did it feel to be reunited with her?"

"I was surprised to see her here. I hadn't talked to her in almost two years, and to find out my best friend lives nearby, it was probably the best news I had gotten in a long time. Things are a little awkward between us now, but I hope things go back to normal soon." Things should be back to normal as long as you make an effort to be there for her.

Aya nods slowly as she transcribes what you said. Once done she says, "I think I understand. My cousin moved here last year and I was her only friend for a while, but now she has more friends than I do!" Aya laughs to herself for a moment. "So, uh, how do you feel now that you've started your second week here?"

"I feel a lot more at ease," you tell her. "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still worried about everything, but I think things will work out fine. Though, I'm still trying to get used to people actually wanting to talk to me."

"Oh? What do you mean by that?"

"Back in my old school, I was usually ignored. Most people didn't talk to me because I was apparently no fun. I had two friends there after Tenshi left, and they were the only ones who bothered to check up on me after mom?" You trail off and sit there looking at your hands, you hadn't meant to say that much.

"If it's all the same, I'll leave that last part out." Aya puts the cap back on her pen and looks at you intently. "Thank you for your time Alex. I'll be sure to write something nice with what you gave me." You look at her questioningly. "Don't worry, it won't be too long. I plan on keeping short and sweet!" She reaches across the table and pats you on the shoulder before leaving the library.

Sighing, you lean back in your chair. it's only been maybe ten to fifteen minutes since lunch started, so you still have about thirty minutes. You consider checking out a book, but at the same time you want to go somewhere quiet to think, the noise from the cafeteria echoes through the halls so it isn't that quiet here.

-Choose one
[] You're still tired, so why not sit around in the Library reading?
[] Nue had mentioned that she eats lunch on the roof. it's probably quiet there.
[] Medicine said the nurse's office is quiet. Why not wait out lunch there?
[] Write-in
[X] Medicine said the nurse's office is quiet. Why not wait out lunch there?

When I was in my senior year of highschool I took my lunch break in the infirmary because it was usually quiet there. It probably broke all kinds of regulations but I knew the nurse there from work together on the rescue squad.

I doubt that our guy has that same kind of experience but hey, it'll be quiet. And maybe he can help someone in the same way as well.
[x] Nue had mentioned that she eats lunch on the roof. it's probably quiet there.

Well, why not?
[] Nue had mentioned that she eats lunch on the roof. it's probably quiet there.

Throughout highschool, I always wanted to try this.
[X] Medicine said the nurse's office is quiet. Why not wait out lunch there?

Alex still seems fairly sick. Some more Medicine would do him some good.
[X] Medicine said the nurse's office is quiet. Why not wait out lunch there?

That's one of the things I liked about school; none of the nurses even question you when you say you're feeling sick and need to chill a bit on one of the beds.
[x] You're still tired, so why not sit around in the Library reading?

Books are nice. Koakuma and Kosuzu are also nice.
[X] Medicine said the nurse's office is quiet. Why not wait out lunch there?
File 137588855645.jpg - (415.33KB, 720x799 , 71ed31fdaad96a9f09debf5756484f72.jpg) [iqdb]
You stand up stretching. You can always check out books later, for now you decide to head back to the nurses office. Medicine did say it was quiet there after all. Hopefully you won't get in any trouble. After grabbing your backpack, you head out of the library. "The halls seem so dead during lunch," you mumble your observation aloud. "I guess not many people need to go anywhere around at this time." it's actually a stark contrast to your old school where people would be in the halls during lunch time. Of course, every class of every grade had lunch at the same time and the cafeteria wasn't large enough to hold everyone. Still, it's actually a nice change to be able to calmly walk around.

When you reach the nurses office you open the door slowly and peer in. Eirin still isn't here and Medicine is sitting cross-legged on a bed. You quickly avert your gaze to prevent yourself from seeing up her skirt and she quickly jumps off the bed. "Alex? What are you doing here?"

"Uh, well," you stammer. You think you might be blushing. "You said that it's quiet in here and I don't do too well with loud places like the cafeteria. So, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind if I stayed here for the last bit of lunch." You rub the back of your head awkwardly as she watches you.

"I, uh, I don't mind," She says, her face getting a little more red. "But, have you eaten?"

You shake your head and say, "No. What about you? Have you eaten?"

"Not yet," she responds as she sits on the edge of the bed. "If you haven't eaten, you should go get something."

"I'm not really hungry though," you admit. "Plus, if I go, I'll be roped into sitting with some of my friends and you'll be here all alone." Medicine gives you a look that is somewhere between a grateful smile and a doctors frown as she hops off the bed and gets on her knees to reach under it. She pulls an old metal lunchbox, it's one of those construction crew lunchboxes, out from under the bed, opens it up and pulls out a sandwich.

She walks over to you, thrusts the sandwich to your chest and says, "Eat."

"But, then what will you eat?" You ask as you reluctantly take the sandwich.

She pulls another sandwich from her lunchbox and plops down on the bed again. "I was going to share with Miss Yagokoro, but she got called into a meeting before you woke up." She unwraps her sandwich and takes a bite before opening a text book that was beside her. You sit down on the bed across from her. "So, why don't you want to sit with your friends?"

You shrug. "Not really sure. I just need some time to get my head on straight after everything that's happened lately. If I sat with them, they wouldn't really give me the chance to think straight." When they are the subject of your thoughts, being around them might not be best.

"Do you want to talk about it?" She asks looking up from her textbook, you think it's a geometry book.

"Nah," you say leaning back into the bed. "I don't want to burden you with my problems. It would make a terrible first impression after all."

She giggles softly and says, "I would think showing up with a bloody nose would be worse."

"Ha, yeah, I forgot about that." Right, being hit by that soccer ball wasn't very fun. You sigh and unwrap the sandwich she gave you. it's just a basic peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

After finishing the sandwich you just lay there on the bed while Medicine does some studying. She seems pretty diligent as she eats while she reads and does practice problems. "Say, Alex," she says after about ten minutes of silence, "Shouldn't you do some studying too?"

"Huh, maybe, but I do pretty well in my classes without studying." You've never been big on studying alone. it's more fun with another person after all.

"You don't study? What are your grades like?" She still hasn't looked up from her book.

"In my old school, I had an ?A/B? average. Why?"

She frowns and says, "I have to work my butt of to get those kinds of grades."

"Well, I can't say that I didn't pay attention. I also did extra credit when it was offered, so that helped. And almost all the tests and quizzes were multiple choices, so that was just process of elimination." You didn't mean to make her feel bad, and you aren't really that smart either. You just have good memory and get lucky on tests.

There is an awkward silence for a while before she says, "Uh, could you help me with something?" She closes her book softly and looks at you.

You sit up in the bed and say, "Well, it depends on what you need help with."

"W-well, I don't have that many friends and I was, well, wondering if you could introduce me to some of yours?" She says with a voice of hesitation and hope. "And maybe, come talk to me sometimes during lunch?"

"I think I can do that," you say smiling. "You're a nice person after all, so I wouldn't mind being friends with you. And I'm sure my friends will like you too."

Before either of you can say anything else the door opens up and Eirin walks through. "Medicine, I'm back," she says closing the door behind her. A look of surprise flashes across her face when she notices you. "Alex, what are you still doing here?"

"I felt bad about leaving Medicine here all alone, so I came back to keep her company," you reply honestly.

"Hmm," Eirin looks thoughtful for a moment. "I suppose that's okay for today, but I can't very well have two students of the opposite gender together in a room with no windows when I'm not here to keep an eye on them." Your face instantly goes red at her words. "Though, I think I can trust you two. But, next time, please go the library or cafeteria if I'm not in here."

"Y-yes ma?am!" Medicine says, her face even more red than yours.

"Anyway, this works out," the nurse says looking at you, "I was just talking to your aunt after our meeting. It seems she has a surprise for you and Shou."

"What kind of surprise?" You ask instinctively. For various reasons, you've never liked surprises, so this doesn't exactly sound appealing to you.

"It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you," she responds with a coy smile. "Maybe you should ask her yourself? I'd hurry up and do it if I were you, the bells about to ring." No reading this one, she's very good at hiding her true feelings and intentions.

-What do you do? (Choose One)
[] Go see your aunt about this surprise; your curiosity must be sated.
[] Stay there for the remainder of lunch; it wouldn't be fair to Shou if you found out before her.
[] Medicine isn't alone here anymore, so you can spend the next few minutes wandering the halls.
So, I woke up this morning wanting to write. I'm hoping it turned out well. I also hope there are more days like this where I wake up and have the uncontrollable urge to write. It will definitely help keep my motivation up.
[X] Medicine isn't alone here anymore, so you can spend the next few minutes wandering the halls.

May as well try to meet some people.
[x] Medicine isn't alone here anymore, so you can spend the next few minutes wandering the halls.
[x] Medicine isn't alone here anymore, so you can spend the next few minutes wandering the halls.
[X] Medicine isn't alone here anymore, so you can spend the next few minutes wandering the halls.

This is an interesting turn.
[x] Go see your aunt about this surprise; your curiosity must be sated.

She's been up to something for a while now. I'm curious to find out what it is.
[x] Go see your aunt about this surprise; your curiosity must be sated.

Hopefully it's another long-lost cousin.
File 137998364025.jpg - (136.96KB, 850x637 , sample-96751cafed0d2b50e98f7d88b3aefd52.jpg) [iqdb]
Bumping this for a good reason. I'm having trouble writing this update and I'm wondering if maybe working on some side material would help.

It isn't that this scene is "hard", but it's just not something I feel like writing. And there are other things for this setting that I want to write and maybe by getting those out there for you it'll renew my passion for this story.

So, what do you say Anon? Shall I do some side-stories?

[] Do it! (Choose one)
-() A mother's death No, you have failed us for the last time!
[X] Do it! (Choose one)
-(X) Dating a hyper blue-haired teen Highlights of Alex's time dating Tenshi

If it helps you write, go for it. Any update is better than no update.
[X] Do it! (Choose one)
-(X) Dating a hyper blue-haired teen Highlights of Alex's time dating Tenshi

Nothing wrong with a bit of digression. I wonder what dating Tenshi would be like, anyway?
[x] Do it! (Choose one)
-(x) Friends like no other Some info on Alex's friendship with Maribel and Renko
[x] Do it! (Choose one)
-(x) Friends like no other Some info on Alex's friendship with Maribel and Renko

Maribel and Renko don't see too much attention.
[x] Do it!
-(x) Friends like no other

I'd like for these two to get more attention, in-story and in general.
[X] Do it! (Choose one)
-(X) Dating a hyper blue-haired teen Highlights of Alex's time dating Tenshi
[x] Do it!
-(x) Friends like no other.

Ghostly Field Club is interesting.
[x] Do it!
-(x) Friends like no other
Calling it for old friends! I'll likely just go ahead and post the shorts over in /shorts/. I'll be sure to link it, but I don't think I should start a new thread when the first and possibly more will be shorts that don't contain choices. I'd like to have this done before tomorrow/tomorrow night, but I'm at AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta). So it's unlikely I'll actually finish anything unless I'm sitting in the car on the way home.
Oh, hey, A thing...


On a related note... I'll have an actual update for you all by the end of Monday. Hopefully...
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>>55514 New thread!

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