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46636 No. 46636
You are Alex Hijiri, an eleventh grade high school student transferring to the Myouren High School. The school is run by your aunt Byakuren, who named it in honor of your deceased father. He died of a rare tropical disease while on a mission trip to Africa.

Your mother had done what she could to raise you, but by the time you turned ten you wound up taking care of her. Two weeks ago her health took a turn for the worst and she passed away, leaving you alone.

Afterward, you stayed with your neighbor until you were packed and ready to move in with your aunt. You had packed all of your clothes, which wasn’t much, books, CD’s, and pictures.

Now, you sit in the passenger seat of a minivan while your aunt drives. Her hair is purple near the base but gradually turns brown, just like your own. She has a strange sounding voice, sweet yet intimidating.

She tells you about her school and students. The school had about five hundred students and enough staff that the classes had about fifteen students each. There is a uniform policy, which is fine by you. The classes are what you would expect from a high school.

Eventually, you doze off. You enjoy peaceful dreams of your mother and friends having a picnic. Your childhood friend Tenshi is there sitting next to you laughing and telling jokes, your mother is smiling and looking healthy. Nice as it is, you know that it isn’t real. Your mother is dead, and Tenshi moved away two years ago.

After a time, you awaken to aunt Byakuren’s voice. “Alex, wake up dear, we’re here.”

Slowly you come to your senses and get out of the car. The sun is rising over the school, a rather beautiful sight. To your left is fairly large two story house, your new home. It’s at least twice as big as your old home.

Byakuren helps you bring your possessions into the house while telling you where everything is. “There are two full baths and four bedrooms. The bedrooms are on the second floor along with one bathroom. The other bathroom is on the ground floor near the kitchen.”

Walking into the house for the first time gives you a strange feeling, like you’ve just finished a chapter of your life.

To the left of the entrance is the kitchen and past that the dinning room, both of which are fairly sizeable. To the right is the living room with large leather furniture and an equally impressive entertainment center with a large HD television, DVD and blue-ray players, and computer. Ahead of you is a set of stairs. The floor is covered in lush red carpeting, with the exception of the kitchen which has a wood floor.

While you look around, a girl wearing a white button up shirt with a blue skirt comes down the stairs and catches your eye. She has short blonde hair with parts of it dyed black like tiger stripes and golden eyes, a stark contrast to your dark brown eyes.

“Oh good, you’re still here!” Your aunt says as she sets what she’s carrying on the floor. “This is my nephew Alex.”

“Nice to meet you Alex, I’m Shou Toramaru. Your aunt has been very kind to let me stay here while I’m a student.” Her voice matches her appearance, which is to say attractive.

Byakuren puts a hand on your shoulder and says, “You can start school today or tomorrow. If you go today, Shou can show you around, or I could take you out shopping to furnish your room. You have a bed, a nightstand and an alarm clock but not much else.”

You wonder what you should do. As much as you’d like to be comfortable your first night here, you should go see the school and meet your new classmates.

-----What do you do?
[] Go to school with Shou
() Ask if you can go shopping after school.
[] Go shopping with your dear aunt.
() Ask to go to school after you finish.
[] Write in
I know two weeks is a short time to grieve, but not everyone grieves the same. Alex is just bottling everything in for the time being. Also this is a western style high school and all the characters are human. Now let's see how this goes!

No. 46637
[X] Go shopping with your dear aunt.

The items Waymaker listed that we brought did not include deorderant, shampoo, soap, a comb or any other toiletries. Unless you guys want to wake up tommarow WITHOUT these things, I would highly advise a shopping trip
No. 46638
[X] Go shopping with your dear aunt.

You make a very good point.
No. 46639
[x] Go shopping with your dear aunt.
High School? You're doomed. Good luck, though, I wish you well.
No. 46640
[X] Go to school with Shou
No. 46642
[X] Go to school with Shou

I hope you're aware of the risks, nothing's more cursed than any story set around a high school.
No. 46643
>Implying there wouldn't be generic toiletries available for use inside TWO FULL BATHROOMS.

[X] Go to school with Shou
(X) Ask if you can go shopping after school.
-(X) With Shou

Me wants a hungry hungry tiger~
No. 46647
You know what they say, fourth time is the charm!
That said, all of those stories were quite enjoyable until they, inevitably, went down in flames.

[x] Go to school with Shou
-(x) Ask if you can go shopping after school.
No. 46648
School time with Shou it is. And I am aware of the high school setting curse, I know I'm not going to necessarily "break" the curse but I am going to at least finish the story. Well anyway I'm going to start writing now and I'll have the next post by the end of the day.
No. 46650
>>She has a strange sounding voice, sweet yet intimidating.

Why did you do that? Now I am reading all of Byakuren's sentences with a yandere "or else!" at the end.

Sage for no vote, waiting warmly for the update.
No. 46654
File 134584687569.jpg - (231.66KB , 1584x1224 , High_School_Floorplan.jpg ) [iqdb]
Finally, you come to a decision, “I think I’ll go to school today, but can we go shopping later?”

“Of course.” says your aunt as she heads up the stairs, “Wait there for a moment. I’ll be right back.”

There is a bit of an awkward silence while you and Shou stand there. Finally she says, “I’m sorry about your mom, are you okay?”

You had been expecting this question, “I-I’m not sure how I’m doing. It just doesn’t feel real, at least, not yet.” For the first time since you found your mom dead you feel tears in your eyes.

Shou picks up on this and puts a hand on your arm, “It’s gonna be alright. Miss Hijiri is here and I’m here.” It was nice of her to say that even if you just met.

“Thanks,” you whisper as you wipe the tears from your eyes, “I needed that.”

As you say that your aunt walks down the stairs holding a backpack. “Here’s a new backpack for you with all of the books and supplies you need.”

“Thanks, but I already have a backpack and stuff.” Admittedly it was nice of her and it saves you time from having to unpack it. “But, thank you.”

“You’re very welcome! Your new uniform is on your bed upstairs. Go and change into it. Take a left when you get up the stairs and your room is the first one on the left.”

You nod and head upstairs.

Your room is, bland, white walls, small twin sized bed, small nightstand with an alarm clock. There is window looking out at the driveway, and a closet to the right of the door. On your bed is your new uniform, a white button up shirt with black pants and a pair of black dress shoes.

After getting dressed and using the bathroom you head downstairs ready to head off to school. “I’m ready.” you say as you walk over to Shou.

“Have a good day you two!” Byakuren calls to you and Shou as you walk to the school.

You take a look at your watch. It’s six thirty. “What time do classes start?”

“They start at seven thirty. I want to make sure you get a good understanding of where everything is. Also I want to talk to you.” Her face reddens.

You wonder, is she blushing, nah just your imagination.

“Okay, what do you wanna talk about?”

“Well, tell me about yourself. What kinds of things do you do for fun and stuff like that?”

Fun? Hmm… you never really thought about it. You spent most of your time taking care of your mother and doing school work. “Well, I never really had much free time, I suppose I like to read and listen to music.”

“Oh? What kind of music?”

“Just about any genre, mostly rock if I had to pick.”

“Me too! What about books what kind do you like?”

“Mystery and fantasy. What about you?”

“I like fantasy books like the Animorphs series.” Animorphs? You don’t think you’ve read those.

“Are those books in the library?”

“No, but I have all the books if you’d like to read them.”

“That would be nice, thanks.” You have reached the main entrance to the school.

Shou pulls a couple folded pieces of paper her shirt pocket and hands them to you, “One of those is your schedule and the other is a map of the school.”

You unfold one of the papers, your schedule. Homeroom with Ms. Mima, first period History with Ms. Kamishirasawa, second is Chemistry with Ms. Knowledge, third is Home Economics (not your choice), with Mrs. Nagae. Nagae, that sounds familiar. Anyway forth period is English with Ms. White, Fifth period is Algebra with Ms. Yakumo, sixth is study hall with Ms. Mima again, and lastly seventh is gym with Ms. Hosiguma.

“We have homeroom, third, forth, and seventh period together.” Shou says while looking over your shoulder. “So where do you want to go first.”

You unfold the map and look at it. Your schedule didn’t list the room numbers, but after looking at the map you feel confident you can find your way around. Still, it didn’t hurt to have someone show you around.

----Choice time, pick the order of classes you wish to visit (You may or may not encounter the teachers when you visit the rooms) or choose not to get a tour and just talk.
If just talking pick a topic. (Up to two)
[] School Sports
[] Clubs
[] Shou (specify what about her you want to talk about)
[] Yourself (give him some more depth and characterization)
[] Student
[] Teachers
[] Books
[] Music
[] Write in
Here we go, hope you all enjoy! Also the map is not entirely accurate but it's still useful as a guideline.
No. 46655
[] Student
[] Teachers

Also, the Animorphs are Sci-Fi, not Fantasy.
No. 46657
Been staring at those choices all day...dunno what to vote for. I guess I'll go with;

[X] Books
[X] Music

That way we meet people with similar interests.
No. 46658
[x] School Sports
[x] Clubs

>Algebra with Ms. Yakumo

I'm guessing that's Yukari, if so that's one of my favorite subjects and favorite Touhou. Of course it's also the one subject that can piss me off, just like Yukari can, how fitting if it is her....
No. 46659
[X] Shou (specify what about her you want to talk about)
[X] Talk while you walk around. Possibilities of random encounters abound.

No. 46662
[X] Clubs
[X] Shou - ask about her family
No. 46665
Could be ran, they are both really good at math.
No. 46666
Could be Chen. Hell, it'd be hilarious if it Adult!Chen.
No. 46670
I was going to call the vote, but it seems there is no clear winner. So I'll wait until later tonight or tomorrow to write.
No. 46677
[X] Shou (specify what about her you want to talk about)
-[X] About each other, so it's not just each others' names they know about
No. 46685
[] Student
[] Teachers

Mmmmmm, I'm more interested in the new school we're about to go to.
No. 46697
Okay I'm gonna start writing and post sometime tomorrow. I'm going to have Alex and Shou talk about the teachers and students, clubs, and have Shou give some more information on herself. I figured the votes were close enough for a compromise.
No. 46701
File 134603349777.jpg - (7.88KB , 130x185 , aya_shameimaru_25352.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Well, How about we just talk?" You ask. "I think I can find my way around fairly easily."

"Sure, what do you want to talk about?" She continues walking.

You follower her, "Tell me about my teachers."

Shou looks thoughtful, "Well... Ms. Mima is, uh, strange. She can be nice one moment but nasty the next. She refuses to wear anything professional, and she is very... eccentric. Ms. Kamishirasawa is really nice, as long as you pay attention. Ms. Knowledge is super smart but very strict. Mrs. Nagae is kinda scary but her heart is in the right place, most people go to her for advice. Ms. White is another strange teacher, pretty lively in the spring, but in the fall and winter she's kinda depressing. Ms. Yakumo is nice, but she has some fairly strange tendencies, you'll see for yourself what I mean. Lastly Ms. Hoshiguma acts like a student most of the time. She participates in the activities she has us do."

"What about the Guidance counselors?"

"Well there's Ms. Yakumo, Yukari Yakumo. Her sister is Ran Yakumo, your math teacher. Yukari is... well... you'll just have to meet her." What was that supposed to mean? "Ms. Yasaka is the one you're sent to see when you're in trouble because she’s the scary one."

"What do you mean by 'the scary one'?" Shou's only response is a smile. "Oh well, I guess I better hope I never have to meet her. What about the students? Anyone noteworthy or that i should avoid?"

"Oh you'll be able to figure that out for yourself. Most people are nice and you'll get along fine with them. Just watch out for Aya."

"Who's...?” Before you even finish you hear a camera click repeatedly. You look around and see a girl with medium length black hair holding a camera.

"Uh-oh... Looks like I've been caught." The girl said with a grin. Her voice gave off an air of curiosity.

"Hi Aya," Shou does not seem happy about Aya taking pictures of you. "I don't suppose you'll be putting those pictures in the newspaper."

"Well of course I will! Imagine the headline! Junior Class President Dating New Kid ” Aya was practically laughing now.

You could feel your face redden at the implication you start to say something when Shou yells, "We are not dating!" Her face is redder then a tomato. "I swear if you put that in the newspaper you will be in so much trouble!" With that she storms off down the hall leaving you with Aya.

Aya was looking at you expectantly, like she wanted you to talk to her, but you kind of want to go after Shou and see if she's okay.

What do you do?

[] Go after Shou.
- () Berate Aya first

[] Stay with Aya

[] Wander around on your own

[] Write in
Shorter than I thought it would be but I feel comfortable with the outcome. Also I didn't talk about the clubs or Shou because they were interrupted by Aya.
No. 46703
[x] Go after Shou.
- (x) Berate Aya first
No. 46705
[x] "We're not dating; she's my cousin."
[x] Wander around on your own.

Ambiguous wording causes to many problems, so this will keep it precise.
No. 46706
[x] Go after Shou.

I really doubt taking the time to be pissed at Aya will have much - if any - impact seeing as she, apparently, has a reputation as far as the paper goes.
No. 46708
Ahh the good ol' Aya takes embarrassing photos of MC plot device. Guess we can cross that one off the touhou cliché checklist.
No. 46709
[x] Go after Shou.
- (x) Berate Aya first
[x] "We're not dating; she's my cousin."

When in doubt, throw everything into a blender and feed it to your hamster.
No. 46711
Technically Shou isn't Alex's cousin. She just lives with Byakuren so I'm not going to accept the choice where it says "[] We're not dating; she's my cousin." Sorry, I should have been clearer on that earlier.
No. 46712
On second thought I will accept that choice, but I will change the wording around and drop the "cousin" part.
No. 46713
She's more like a co-inhabitant that he's attempting to get friendly with. I hope such a remark doesn't come back to haunt him.
No. 46726
Writing time! Going after Shou after yelling at Aya.
No. 46728
>Dropping the 'cousin' wording
Oh good. Just read through the OP, and sure enough:
>“Your aunt has been very kind to let me stay here while I’m a student.”
No. 46739
File 134624924384.png - (332.23KB , 800x600 , Mima.png ) [iqdb]
Aya's carefree smile is too much for you. She just embarrassed you and Shou! You can't hold back, "I can't believe you! Why would you do something like that?"

Aya's response came in the form of laughter as she said, "Shou is just so easy to embarrass. I just couldn't help myself." Aya is looking at her camera, "If it makes you feel better, I won't actually write that article, I just wanted to see her reaction."

"That's your reason? It's one of the worst reasons I have ever heard!" You start to go after Shou.

"Wait!" Aya says, "Can I interview you later?" You simply walk off, unable to understand her audacity.

As you walk down the hall you glance at your watch, 7:12. You find Shou on a bench outside the main office a minute later, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," You sit next to her. She clearly isn’t okay. "Aya can be so frustrating sometimes. She always picks on me, any time I'm even talking to a guy she's there to make fun of me."

"Maybe she's jealous,” You don't know either of them well enough to say that for a fact but it seemed to cheer Shou up a little.

Shou glances at you, "I don't suppose you remember me?"

What was that supposed to mean? "I'm sorry? I don't remember meeting you before." It's possible but highly unlikely, as you tend to remember people.

"Well, it was a few years back. I don't blame you for forgetting, we hadn't even talked that much." She pauses for a moment, "I don't think I had even told you my name then."

"Can you tell me about how we met?" You ask.

She nods her head, "I will later, but right now we better get to class so you can introduce yourself to Ms. Mima." With that the two of you were off.

After a couple minutes of walking in silence you and Shou come to a classroom with a sign on it that says, "Mima's Room: No Trespassing!" Shou opens the door and walks in. After a deep breath, you enter as well. There are a few students around the room, presumably copying each others homework and gossiping.

Then Shou grabs your arm and pulls you towards the teacher. She has long green hair and green eyes, and she's wearing a strange blue and white outfit, and she's carrying a staff that had a crescent moon on it. "H-hi, I'm Alex Hijiri." You stammer.

The teacher grabs you and gives you a hug, practically stuffing your face into her breasts, "So you're the 'Little nephew' we've been hearing about!" She lets you go after a moment and looks at you, "You look just like your father did at your age." She knew your father? That's a surprise. "Well, I'm Mima, don't worry about the 'miss' part of it, it's too formal for me."

"Okay Mima," it feels weird to just call her Mima.

"When I call the role I want you to sit in that seat." She gestures to a seat between two blonde girls, "after role call you can move wherever you want as long as you don't make too much noise."

You realize Shou is still holding on to your arm, "I think I'll sit in my seat until role is called, okay?"

"Okay," she says as she lets go of you. You can't help but wonder what kind of impression you had on her when you first met, as well as how you met.

Dodging a couple paper airplanes that may or may not have been aimed at you, you walk to your seat and set your backpack down next to the seat and sit down.

You look at the girls on either side of you; the one on your right is glaring at you with bright green eyes, while the one on your left is smiling while adjusting a brown bow in her hair.

What should I do you wonder...

[] Talk to the girl on the Right
[] Talk to the girl on the Left
[] Ignore them and doodle on a piece of paper
[] This is awkward...
[] Go to sleep
Any guesses on who the two girls next to him are? I feel it's pretty obvious, but still.
No. 46748
[X] Talk to the girl on the Right
--[X] "Is there something bothering you?"
No. 46750
[] Talk to the girl on the Left
The less awkward conversation is ideal.
No. 46752
File 134630128774.jpg - (564.29KB , 816x1152 , The Spider.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Talk to the girl on the left.

To the right is Parsee, and blond hair + brown bow suggests that the girl on the left is Yamame. Earth spider is love~
No. 46754
[X] Talk to the girl on the Right
-[X] Parsee! Long time no see. You uhh...aren't still mad about that whole "I'm not ready for commitment" thing, are you?
No. 46756
[] This is awkward...

And in case that doesn't win...

[x] Talk to the girl on the left.
No. 46761
[x] Talk to the girl on the left.
No. 46762
Okay vote called for talking to Yama- I mean the girl on the left...
No. 46763
File 134636839455.jpg - (273.71KB , 800x700 , a34c4503d6ca0939b1c3c4bdfc97496171020197.jpg ) [iqdb]
You decide to talk to the girl on your left, as she seems far less hostile. "Hi," you say.

"Hello I'm Yamame," she looks at you for a moment, "When I had heard the principal's nephew was going to be joining us I was worried that you would be kinda stuck up, but you seem nice enough."

"No he doesn't," says the girl on your right.

"Parsee, hush!" Says Yamame, who then looks at you apologetically. "I'm sorry about that, Parsee doesn't trust men, and she dislikes change."

You can understand not liking change but men? "Why does she not like men?"

"None of your damn business!" Yells Parsee.

"Sorry," Yamame says again, "that's kinda a sore subject." You nod your head. Though your curiosity demands an explanation, you let it go for now. Maybe you'll find out one day.

For the next few minutes you talk to Yamame about the same things you talked to Shou about. And you got fairly similar answers, guess you'll have to just meet the teachers to learn about them. She tells you that she plays the drums and hopes to start a band. Parsee laughed saying she'd need a lot more practice, which prompted Yamame to throw a piece of paper at her.

Eventually, the first bell of the day rang, followed by the morning announcements.

"Good morning students!" your aunt was the one giving the announcements in her typical cheery way, "I hope you all had a restful weekend! Announcements will be fairly short this morning. First of all I'd like to remind you all that tickets to the Fall Ball on Sunday are still on sale and will be on sale until Friday. Second, Fridays are now Casual Fridays, so go ahead and wear what you would outside of school, within reason of course. Lastly parent teacher conferences are tonight so be sure to bring your parents in! That's all! Have a great day!"

As the announcements ended Mima began taking role. When your name is called you hear a few murmurs throughout the room.

"Here!" You call, and every eye in the room focuses on you.

Mima coughs, getting everyone's attention again and says, "Mokou?" No response. "Mokou Fujiwara?"

"H-here!" calls a white haired girl sitting right behind you. Mima continues calling the role as you look at the girl, her red eyes focused on a sheet of paper as she chews on the eraser of her pencil. She looks up at you and whispers, "Hi."

You smile at her in response. Role call finishes up and Mima calls you up to the front of the room. "Everyone this is Alex Hijiri, nephew of our dear principal. Does anyone have any questions for our newest addition?"

A few students raised their hands. Hooray for embarrassment. Mima gives you a nudge; you guess you’re supposed to call on them. There are three people with their hands raised. A guy with short silver hair, gold eyes, and glasses. The white haired girl who sits behind you, Mokou. And... Aya.

Pick the order in which you call on them.
[] Silver haired guy
[] Mokou
[] Aya
Fairly short update again. Though I suppose short is better then no update at all right? I'll try to increase the length a little.
No. 46764
[1] Mokou
[2] Mr. Silver hair
[3] Aya

We know Aya already, plus it'll probably be an interview request.
No. 46765
[x] Mokou
[x] Mr. Silver hair
[x] Aya

Looks good.
No. 46766
[α] Mokou
[β] Mr. Silver hair
[γ] Aya

This is acceptable.

Gotta say, your Mokou's already piqued my interest.
No. 46767
[x] Mokou
[x] Aya
[x] Mr. Silver hair

Probably best to minimize the disruption Aya will inevitably cause.
No. 46770
[x] Mr. Silver Hair
[x] Mokou
[x] Aya

Kinda want to see what Mr. Silver hair has to say the most. Aya can wait.
No. 46771
[x] Mokou
[x] Mr. Silver hair
[x] Aya
No. 46772
[x] Mokou
[x] Mr. Silver hair
[x] Aya
No. 46776
Okay I'm going to start writing now, the order is Mokou, followed by Mr. Silver Hair, and lastly Aya.
No. 46780
File 134650628058.jpg - (38.45KB , 800x600 , Kamishirasawa_Keine_full_1222451.jpg ) [iqdb]
You look at your choices. You don't really want to call on Aya. So you point at Mokou, the less talking you do the better.

“What was your old school like?” Her voice was barely above a whisper.

Her question was, in your opinion, a good one. “My old school wasn't very special. It was just a basic public school in a bad neighborhood.” You sigh, “It was pretty hard to stay out of trouble there, even harder to find friends that didn't want you for your money.”

“Did you ever get in any fights there?”

“No I tried to stay pretty invisible, not to say that there weren't people who gave me a hard time. Still, I had good friends who had my back.”

Mokou nodded, “Did you play any sports or anything?”

“Sports aren't exactly my strong suit, as I've got asthma. Though I was part of the concert band.” You see Yamame's face light up as you say that. “Any other questions?” Mokou shakes her head in response.

Next you point at the silver haired guy. “You’re next,” you say.

“What instrument did you play in band?”

“Well, I played the violin, but some friends taught me to play the guitar for certain performances.” Well technically it was one friend and the others just watched and laughed, but they don't need to know that.

“Were you any good?” He seemed really intrigued by your musical past.

“Good enough,” In truth you were the best in the band but that really wasn't saying much. “At last year's graduation ceremony I was asked to play a few songs with a couple other students. Two words, TOTAL DISASTER, the other students never practiced and didn't even bother to show up!” The class busted out in laughter as you say this. You can't help but laugh as well.

Once the laughter subsides the silver haired guy asks, "What made your old school so bad?"

“Oh people doing drugs in the bathrooms on a regular basis, fights, alcohol, and the wild parties on the weekends.” You pause for a moment, “At least they sounded wild, and I was never invited. Probably for the best.”

“Okay, one last question.” He said with a grin, “What kind of girls are you into?”

You feel your face redden, “W-well I like the kind that likes me. I mean I won't date a girl who does drugs and gets into trouble all the time, but other than that I have no real preference.” It's obvious that wasn't the answer he was looking for.

Part of the class was still snickering at his question so you decide to move on, “You’re last,” you say pointing at Aya.

“Aw, you saved the best for last!” She says as she readies her pen, “First of all why did you move here?”

The class quickly quiets down after Aya asks. Your mood drops like a rock, “That's,” you pause, “that's not something I want to talk about.”

“Why not?”

“Because I don't!” you yell. A mix of sadness and anger fills you.

“Okay,” Aya looks a little nervous now, “How about your family? What are they like?”

You didn't think your mood could get worse, but it seems you were wrong. You start to feel tears in your eyes, so you look down at your feet to try and hide them. You stand there for a minute or so with your eyes closed as you hear footsteps and suddenly feel a pair of arms around you. You slowly open your eyes. “Aya?” you whisper.

“I'm sorry,” She says. “Shou tossed me a note saying what happened. If I had known I- well, I wouldn't have asked.” She looked as sincere as her words sounded.

“It's okay,” you whisper, “It's just too fresh of a wound.” Aya lets you go and starts back to her seat. You walk towards your seat. No one says a word about your outburst. Soon, the bell signaling the end of home room rings.

“Okay!” Mima says as she claps her hands together, “Have a good day you kids!”

You grab your books when Mokou says to you, “What class do you have next?”

“Oh, uh,” you think for a moment, “History with Ms. Kamishirasawa.”

“Me too!” She says with a noticeably louder voice. Her face reddens quickly though as she asks, “Do you want to walk with me there?”

“Sure,” she seemed nice, and it couldn't hurt to make new friends.

The walk to the class was short and uneventful, Mokou seemed nervous around you. She didn't talk much.

Walking into the class, Mokou called out to a woman, presumably the teacher, “Keine meet Alex, he's the principals nephew!”

The teacher gave Mokou a stern look, “Mokou I told you, when we're in school you have to call me Ms. Kamishirasawa.” She looked at you for a moment, giving you time to look her over.

She is wearing a simple blue dress. She has long blue hair, and on her head was a strange boxlike hat.

“It's nice to meet you Alex,” She holds out her hand to you and you take it, “Byakuren has told us a lot about you,” She releases your hand and points to a desk in the last row. “That seat by the window is yours.”

You nod in understanding and say, “Thanks, It's nice to meet you too.”

You head to your seat with Mokou following close behind you. As you sit down in your seat, Mokou sits down in the seat to your right.

You have a few minutes before class starts. What do you do?
[] Talk to Mokou (Choose one topic)

- () Keine?

- () Shy?

- () Friends?

- () Other? (Write in topic)

[] Doodle

[] Get ready for class

[] Ask to use the Restroom

No. 46781
[x] Talk to Mokou (Choose one topic)
- (x) Keine?

"Are you guys related or something?"
No. 46782
[x] Talk to Mokou (Choose one topic)
- (x) Shy?

No particular reason for this choice.
No. 46783
[x] Talk to Mokou (Choose one topic)
- (x) Keine?

"Are you guys related or something?"
No. 46785
[x] Talk to Mokou.
-(x) Friends?
No. 46786
[x] Talk to Mokou.
-(x) Friends?

Let's be them.
No. 46787
[x] Talk to Mokou.
-(x) Friends?

She seems like a nice enough person anyway.
No. 46788
>>last row seat by the window to your left

[X] Talk to Mokou (Choose one topic)
- (X) Friends?

Were they friends before with an awkward childhood marriage deal only Mokou remembers?
No. 46789
Okay time to talk to Mokou about Friendship!
Your'e over analyzing things. Mokou is simply shy, though that is a good theory.
No. 46790
Of course I am overanalyzing, Mokou being shy is about as out there to me as Kaguya being an honest working type. Not that I am complaining, I like this fresh take for a change.
Now that I thought of it, please tell me you made/will make Kaguya a studious geek.
No. 46793

>Mokou being shy is about as out there to me as Kaguya being an honest working type

Please leave your personal fanon at home when you visit this site.
No. 46794
[x] Talk to Mokou.
-(x) Friends?
No. 46798
File 134672154093.jpg - (266.30KB , 678x700 , be5b261ec16276d5d1122a38d1f9f1140a75fb96.jpg ) [iqdb]
Mokou seems nice, but also a bit shy. Maybe she would open up to you if you were friends? It is worth a shot, “Mokou, I was wondering,” your words are starting to escape you at this point. “I, uh, well, I don't really know anyone here and I just, well,” you sigh and take a deep breath, “would you like to be friends?” There that wasn't so hard. You realize that you made the question more awkward than it had to be, but you weren't sure how to phrase it.

Mokou smiles in response and says with a large amount of enthusiasm, “Of course I'd like that! I'm surprised though, not many people talk to me.”

“Hmm, why?”

“Well,” she pauses for a moment as if debating whether to tell you or not. “I used to be real mean to people.” She says, “I was afraid to let people in and so I pushed them away. It wasn't until I met Keine that I finally started to trust people, but now people try to avoid me.”

Keine? Why does she keep calling the teacher by her first name? You suppose it doesn't really matter right now. You say to her, “Well, you’re opening up to me so that's a start.” She smiles at you. “So, what kinds of things do you like to do?”

“I mostly stay at home, or walk around the mall with Kaguya and Reisen.”

“Who are Kaguya and Reisen?” You ask.

“Oh they’re just a couple friends,” She says. You can tell she's lying, or at least not telling the whole truth.

Deciding to leave it at that you ask, “Do you do anything else?”

“Sometimes I babysit, but-“

“Hey Mokou!” Interrupts a loud voice filled with arrogance and self importance.

You look at the owner of the voice, a girl with light-blue hair, blood red eyes, and an overall childlike look to her. Mokou address's her and says, “Hi Remilia, nice to see you!”

“I have a favor to ask of you again. Can you babysit Flan again on Saturday?”

“Saturday? Sure, I can do that.”

“Wonderful!” Remilia says as she sets her books down next to the seat in front of you. Looking straight at you she asks, “And who might you be?”

“I'm Alex Hijiri, pleased to meet you.” You say with a small bow of your head.

“I am Remilia Scarlet, and the pleasure is all mine. It's not often we get a new student joining us.” She has now taken her seat.

The bell for the start of the class rang shortly after. Class itself was fairly boring; you had actually finished the current chapter at your old school. Being ahead of everyone has its advantages, for example when Ms. Kamishirasawa passed out a worksheet you were the first student done only having to look in the book for a couple questions. For the students who didn't finish, it became homework.

“Okay class, the bell will be ringing any moment now so go ahead and pack up and I'll see you back here tomorrow!” Announced Ms. Kamishirasawa.

“Hey Alex, what class do you have next?” Mokou asks as she puts her books away.

“Chemistry with Ms. Knowledge,” you reply. You had already packed your books away when you finished the worksheet.

“Cool, I have her sixth period.” Right after she says this the bell rings. “Well I guess I'll see you later, bye!”

“Bye,” you wave and start walking towards the door when you feel someone tap on your shoulder.

“Hey Alex, can I speak to you for a moment?” It was Ms. Kamishirasawa.

“Uh, sure. Is there a problem?”

“No not at all. I'm just wondering if you’re doing okay,”

“I'm not sure, but I think I'll be okay.”

“Well, if you ever want to talk I'll be here for you.”

“Thanks,” It was a nice gesture, maybe you'll take her up on the offer one day.

For now though it is time to head to your next class. It doesn't take long for you to get there and it seems like you’re one of the first people to arrive.

The classroom traded the desks and chairs for nine lab tables each with a pair of stools. Standing at the lab table closest to the door was a young woman with long purple hair, wearing a purple turtleneck sweater and a pair of black dress pants. Next to her was a short silver haired girl with green eyes who was staring at a sheet of paper.

“Thanks Ms. Knowledge, but I don't think I'll ever get this.” She said with a sigh. Her voice was that of someone who just gave up all hope.

“Youmu, I wouldn't be giving you so much attention if I thought you couldn't do it. You just need to study some more.” Ms. Knowledge's voice was scholarly with a hint of compassion. “You have the setup right but you’re doing it out of order.” She turns around and see's you, “Oh, hello there. You must be Alex.” You nod, “You’re seat is right here next to Youmu.”

You proceed to the empty seat next to Youmu, “Hello, nice to meet you.” you say to her.

“N-nice to meet you too.”

She is preoccupied with the sheet in front of her. Glancing at the sheet you recall your chemistry class from your old school. You weren't the best student, but you got decent grades.

-What do you do?
[] Offer to help
[] She’ll be better off on her own
() Speak with Ms. Knowledge
() Doodle
() Study
[] Write in
Okay sorry that took so long. I hope you all enjoy!
No. 46799
[x] Offer to help.

As a chemist who is a paid tutor, this option calls to me! Acids, bases, organometallic reaction mechanisms - truly, chemistry is one of the modern parallels to the magic of old.
No. 46802
[X] Offer to help

I am indeed enjoying this, and I thank you for taking the time to write.
No. 46803
[x] Offer to help.

What kind of bastard wouldn't want to help Youmu out?
No. 46808
[X] Offer to help
I really hope this doesn't backfire, I don't want to make Youmu cry.
No. 46810
[X] Offer to help
But only insofar as it is guiding her on the right track, not just up and telling her the solution.
No. 46816
Vote called for helping the poor girl out.
Glad you like it!
No. 46832
File 134689480475.jpg - (964.78KB , 1600x1200 , konachan-com-47247-2girls-animal_ears-blue_hair-fl.jpg ) [iqdb]
You take another glance at the paper. The problems look fairly similar to the problems you had been solving in your old school, which weren't too hard for you. “Excuse me, but would you like some help?” You say to her.

“I'm not sure if you can,” replies Youmu. “Ms. Knowledge couldn't help me and I-”

“Give him a chance Youmu.” interrupts Ms. Knowledge. “It often helps to hear such things explained by more than one person.”

“Well, okay. If you think it'll help.” She slides the paper closer to you and you see that she only has two questions left unanswered. Judging by the amount of eraser marks though, it’s obvious that she isn't confident in her answers.

Ms. Knowledge was right, the setup was fine. You slowly walk her through the first problem, giving her advice on how to remember the order.

“It feels just like math class when you explain it,” says Youmu.

“The math is very closely linked to science. It's no wonder you feel that way.”

“But every time Ms. Knowledge explained it she made it sound so foreign.”

You laugh at this and say, “Science is a confusing subject sometimes!”

“I know! I'm lucky to be passing right now!”

“Don't worry, if you need help just ask me.”

“Really? You don't mind?”

“Of course not.”

Youmu does the last problem on her own but lets you check it over to make sure she did it right, which she did.

Aya walks in with a few other girls just before the bell rings. Aya gives you a wave as she makes her way to her seat.

As the students settle into their seats Ms. Knowledge announces, “Today we will be doing a lab activity with Bunsen Burners, so please exercise caution.” She gives a typical "in case of emergency" speech as she puts a Bunsen Burner on each table. She demonstrates how to use it and proceeds to give an explanation on what we are to accomplish.

We’re to burn five sticks and determine what element they are based on the color of the flame.

What was supposed to be a simple lab proved far more complicated for certain groups. Meanwhile, others made it look easy. Namely, you and Youmu. The two of you were the first to light the burner and the first to correctly identify the elements provided, leaving you with a couple minutes of free time.

“Thanks for the help earlier.” says Youmu, “I don't think I could have gotten it if it weren't for you.”

“Nah, you would have figured it out on your own eventually. I just gave you a push in the right direction.” Remembering something you were told when you were young you say, “Believing in oneself is the key to everything, you can't succeed if you think you can't”

“I guess you're right!”

For the next few minutes, Youmu asks you about yourself. In that time, she doesn't really talk about herself. When you ask you get a vague answer or none at all.

“Okay class, put out your Bunsen Burners and start packing up!” Ms. Knowledge calls from her desk in the front of the room.

You feel your stomach growl, “Hey Youmu, what time is Lunch?”

“It's after fourth period. Are you hungry or something?”

“Yeah, I haven't eaten since last night.” You say with a sigh. In reality, you haven't eaten since yesterday morning, but she didn't need to know that.

“I'm sorry,” she looks at you apologetically.

“It's not your fault. Besides I'll live until lunch.”

Soon the bell rings and you make your way out of class and to the Home Economics room. The room looks more like a kitchen then a classroom, a fully stocked kitchen with multiple counters and appliances.

“Alex? Is that you?” Says a familiar voice. Turning you see her long blue hair and signature peach hair clip.

“Te-Tenshi!?” You can hardly believe it. You haven't seen her for almost two years, yet here she is, looking the just like you remember her.

Behind her is another familiar figure, “It's good to see you again Alex.”

“Iku? But, wait, I,” wherever you were going with that was lost as Tenshi wraps her arms around you.

Tenshi whispers into your ear, “Alex, I've missed you so much and I'm so sorry I never called.”

You are still dumbstruck when you hear Shou yell, “Tenshi what are you doing!?”

Tenshi lets you go as you turn to face Shou.

What do you do?
[] “It's not what it looks like!”
[] Let Tenshi explain.
[] Explain it yourself “Tenshi is...
() a childhood friend.”
() someone I used to know.”
() my ex-girlfriend.”
Each choice will affect Alex's relationship with these two girls for better or worse. Also, I should have pointed this out in the beginning but, romances can last as long or as short as you want but when you want to break up with a girl you will need a good reason to do so, the girl may be the one to break up with you so try to keep that in mind. Well good luck!
No. 46833
[] Let Tenshi explain.
No. 46834
[x] Let Tenshi explain.

While I was all for going after Shou at first I find myself suddenly, and strangely, neutral about it all now. Huh.
No. 46835
[X] Explain it yourself. Tenshi is...
-[X] A childhood friend.

Leaves the tenshi option open, without potentially commiting to something drastic.
No. 46836
[] Let Tenshi explain.

Tempted to go with ex-girlfriend. That would give her lingering feelings for him, and a bigger chance to receive more Tenshi love.

But I'm curious about this one.
No. 46837
[x] Let Tenshi explain.

this is definitely a gamble.
No. 46838
[x] Explain it yourself “Tenshi is...
-(x) a childhood friend.”
[x] Respond quickly; don't stutter.

Letting someone who just wrapped herself around you after not talking to you for two years is just begging for trouble; there's no way she's going to give the correct answer. Second vote because "Er, well, you see..." never sounds convincing.
No. 46839
[X] Explain it yourself. Tenshi is...
-[X] A childhood friend.

Friend Zone time.
No. 46842
[] Let Tenshi explain.
No. 46843
Instead of deciding purely on our own, why not be diplomatic and consult Tenshi as well?
[X]"Tenshi, this is my new roommate, Shou Toramaru. Shou, this is - ah, Tenshi, would you like to explain or should I?"
And if Tenshi defers to us, then:
-[X]...a childhood friend. (Or whatever option wins out in the end.)
No. 46844
[x] Let Tenshi explain.
No. 46845
[x] Let Tenshi explain.
No. 46889
Tenshi's explanation will be fun to write. On a side note, sorry about taking so long to write, I had a busy weekend. I'll try to have the update up today. Thanks for your patience and continued reading!
No. 46989
File 134778838021.jpg - (250.50KB , 788x1200 , dff201a52c018b5e5fc3ea6d10f42b5c.jpg ) [iqdb]
You still feel dumbfound as you step away from Tenshi.

"Shou," says Tenshi, "Alex, is that guy from my old school I told you about."

"Wait, Alex is your ex?" Shou was looking at Tenshi intently.

That's right you and Tenshi had dated for a few months, but the two of you broke up, deciding it was better to just be friends. Despite this, you always got the feeling Tenshi wasn't quite over you. Sadly, Tenshi moved before the two of you could resolve the remaining tension.

"That's right! Though admittedly, we haven't talked for a couple years."

You feel a hand on your shoulder. Turning to look, you see Iku standing there, "I'd like to talk to you privately for a moment." You nod and follow her to the far side of the room. "I'm sorry. I was the one who wouldn't let Tenshi call."

This hit you like a ton of bricks. "Why?" It was all you could say, Iku had been like a second mother to you.

"Tenshi wasn't entirely over you and I wanted her to try and move on. But, when I heard your mom died, I asked Tenshi to call you but she couldn't recall your number." Iku says all this as she hugs you close.

You couldn't blame her, you had tried to put some distance between Tenshi and yourself when you broke up. "I… I think I understand. Still, it’s nice to see you."

"I thought you'd feel that way, that's why I asked Byakuren to put you in my class." She lets go of you and steps back.

You feel relieved to have them back in your life, yet you can't help but feel sad knowing that there will be a reminder of the past. "Thanks."

"Hey Alex!" Tenshi calls, "Wanna hang out Friday and catch up?"

You turn to face her, "Sure I'd like that." You really would like that but you feel as though being alone with Tenshi may not be the best idea, "Hey Shou, do you want to hang out on Friday too?"

"Friday, well it depends on what you want to do." Shou says looking at you and Tenshi expectantly.

You turn towards Tenshi who says, "I was thinking of maybe going to that new amusement park." Then looking at Iku, "Ya know, if my dear mother gives me the money for it."

Iku sighs, "Only if you promise to behave yourself."

"Don't I always?" She responds with her a smile. The bell signaling the start of class rings shortly after she says this.

Iku puts the class into groups and says, "Today we will be making cake!" She passes out sheets of paper with a basic cake recipe on it. "As always I encourage you to play with this recipe and make it your own. Good luck!"

Your group consists of the girl who sat to your right in homeroom, Parsee, and Tenshi. At least Tenshi will be there to keep things from getting too awkward.

"So what do you two propose?" you ask.

Parsee doesn't even respond, while Tenshi looks like she is seriously thinking about it. "How about you make your peach cake, you know the one you would always make me for my birthday?"

You haven't even thought about making that, mostly because you haven't made it in so long. "I haven't made any in a while, but I could try."

Parsee looks at you and asks, "Peach cake?"

"Yeah, Tenshi loves peaches so I used to make a cake with peaches mixed into it for her birthday."

"I'll get started on the frosting!" says Tenshi enthusiastically as she starts to gather what she'll need.

You quickly retrieve the necessary ingredients for the cake. "Parsee, would you mind cutting the peaches?" You ask a little hesitantly.

"Yes I do mind, but I'll do it anyway." Her voice doesn’t seem as hateful as it did this morning.

As you work on the batter, you can't help but marvel at Parsees' knife work. She peels the fruit with unparalleled efficiency, followed by quick knife strokes to cut the fruit getting as much use out it as possible. It’s like watching a master at work.

Part of you wants to compliment her, but the other part fears her proficiency with a knife.

[] Compliment her
() It's like watching a master at work.
() Where did you learn that?
() Impressive
[] Forget it, you have your own task to focus on
[] What could be taking Tenshi?
[] Check on the other groups
Sorry that took so long, I try to have the updates ready as soon as possible. On a less apologetic note, I would like to encourage discussion about the characters, choices, and overall setting. As always thanks for reading and enjoy!
No. 46993
[x] Compliment her
(x) It's like watching a master at work.

I don't think complimenting Parsee is a bad thing, she could certainly use a few.
No. 46994
[X] Compliment her
(X) Impressive
(X) It's like watching a master at work.
(X) Where did you learn that?

sounds like a good sentence to me.
No. 46995
[x] Check on the other groups.

Gotta be some hijinx around here somewhere.
No. 46996
[x] Check on the other groups.
No. 46998
[x] Compliment her
-(x) It's like watching a master at work.

It was in the narration so we know it's not a lie.
No. 46999
[X] Compliment her
(X) Impressive
(X) It's like watching a master at work.

Asking where she learned to handle a knife is just begging for her to tell a grisly sort-of-but-maybe-not-really-joking tale.
Tempting to vote for the where the hell is Tenshi option, but Parsee is actually there and relevant.
No. 47000
[x] Check on the other groups.
No. 47002
[x] Compliment her
(x) It's like watching a master at work.
No. 47003
[x] Check on the other groups.

When in doubt, don't read the directions. Instead, mimic those around you.
No. 47004
Calling the vote here at 5 for complimenting and 4 for checking with other groups! That is a pretty close vote.
He knows how to make cake he has done it before it has just been a while since he made a peach cake.
No. 47014
File 134810282919.jpg - (157.12KB , 850x1030 , sample-de71d8e668895c51503b4d225fe7f6d0.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Wow Parsee, that’s amazing! It’s like a watching master at work,” you tell her.

You think you see a flicker of a smile, but it disappears when she says, “It would be nice if you actually meant that.”

“But I do mean it.”

“I doubt that. Men are liars, and they’ll say anything to get what they want.” She looks extremely downcast.

“What would I gain from lying to you? Lying would only make you distrust me more.” She gives you a pained expression; as though there is something she wants to say but can’t find the words for it. “I would like to be your friend, if you’ll give me the chance that is.”

“You only want to be my friend in hopes of getting in my pants, just like all the others.” Her expression is a mix of anger and sadness.

“That’s not true at all!” You kind of feel like you aren’t getting anywhere.

There is an awkward pause, followed by a sigh, “Fine, I’ll give you one chance. But I swear, if it even looks like you only want me for my body,” she stops there leaving the rest to your imagination.

You return your focus to the cake batter, wondering what you just got yourself into. Working quietly for a few minutes, you hum idly to yourself. Next, you take the cut peaches and add them to the batter and mix it a little more.

Upon finishing, you sit in silence with Parsee, who is obviously not interested in talking. Rather conveniently, Tenshi returns and breaks the silence, “Hey guys! I’m back with the frosting.” Sure enough, she was holding a bowl of pink frosting.

“Strawberry?” you ask.

She smiles and nods, “Parsee’s favorite.”

“Who did you mooch off of this time?” Parsee asks.


Parsee seems about to say something but is cut short by Iku, “Okay class, make sure everything is covered and put it in the fridge. Don’t forget to clean up your spaces.”

“You heard her Alex! Start cleaning! Parsee and I will put everything away.” With that she and Parsee are off. Classic Tenshi, always running off and doing what she wants without even asking for an opinion. She certainly hasn’t changed in that regard. Oh well, no sense getting worked up about it.

You finish wiping down your work space moments before the bell rings. Time to head on to English class next.

You find the classroom easily enough. When you enter you see a young woman with long blonde hair, wearing a white dress with red zigzag patterns near the edges. She is sitting at the teacher’s desk and is eating a small ice-cream cup.
“E-excuse me,” you say as you approach the desk. No response, you don’t think she has even noticed you enter the room. “Excuse me.” You say again, only louder.

“Oh!” She nearly drops her ice-cream. “I’m sorry I didn’t know anyone had arrived yet.” She clears her throat, “You are Alex, yes?” You nod. “Thought so. Anyway, I am Lily White. Don’t call me Ms. White though; it makes me feel old when I’m called that. Yes, Lily will do.” All of this is said in one breath, between two bites of ice-cream.

Wow she can talk fast. “Okay then, uh, where do I sit?”

“Ah yes, your seat. I suppose I can’t have you stand all class. Wouldn’t be nice. Funny, yes. Nice, no.” She says this as she glances over her seating chart. “Front row closest to the door.”

You take your seat and watch as students file in. You recognize Mokou, Shou, and the silver haired guy from homeroom. Mokou sits two seats to your left, Shou sits in the back corner on the opposite side of the room, and the silver haired guy sits behind you. The seat directly to your left is home to a purple haired girl with a black hairband and purple eyes.

Class doesn’t start for a couple minutes.

[] Talk to Mr. Silver hair
[] Talk to Ms. Purple hair
Regardless of which Choice wins, you will end up talking with both. Who you talk to first will affect the direction of the conversation.

On another note, do you want me to tell you if a character is a possible romance or not? I figure it could be hard to tell at times. I'll leave that up to a vote as well.
No. 47015
[X] Talk to Mr. Silver hair
-[X] Ask WayMaker if this guy is romanceable
No. 47016
[X] Talk to Ms. Purple hair
All women, all the time.
No. 47017
Miss White, in the classroom, with a *shot*

[X] Talk to Ms. Purple hair
No. 47018
[x] Talk to Mr. Silver hair

Well some general guideline would be nice on romancable girls.
No. 47021
[x] Talk to Mr. Silver hair

Please tell me Rinnosuke is Brosuke here.
And yes, it would be nice to know who is romanceable before we get awkwardly friend-zoned.
Shou, Mokou, Youmu, and Tenshi seem like the most obviously viable options so far.
No. 47022
[X] Silver
Because, yeah, we need a bro amidst this sea of estrogen.

Even if he did try to troll us in front of the whole class.
No. 47023
[x] Talk to Mr. Silver hair

For a second I thought Purple Hair meant Mokou (well some say it's purple-ish), but we do need a bro in this school. I'm hoping for his personality to be like Arihiko.

Also I just got off work and I'm dead tired, so I can't figured out who this purple hair + black hairband + purple eyes is. Who is it? It's irritating me not knowing...
No. 47024

Satori I believe.

[X] Talk to Ms. Purple hair
No. 47025
Okay, starting the conversation with Mr. Silver hair. Going to start writing soon.
Sorry, Rinnosuke isn't a viable option.
General guidelines are this: You can date just about any of your female classmates, Two teachers are possible romances, and if the character in question is in middle school or younger they are off limits. Basically you have a lot of freedom, but certain girls will be harder to date than others. Like Parsee.
He can be a bro if you let him.
It is Satori.

As for character arcs, there will be two kinds, Long Term and Short Term. Long Term arcs take months (In story) to complete, where as Short Term arcs can take a couple weeks at most. Character arcs should not be confused with story arcs. They can coincide but they are in fact separate. If you need more information or need me to clarify anything I have said, or will say, just ask and I will answer to the best of my abilities.
No. 47026
[x] Talk to Mr. silver hair.

We need a bro to talk with.
No. 47027

Urgh, I feel like such an idiot for not thinking about her. Could have been a vote changer, but it shouldn't be too much of a difference in the long run. Really interested on how she'll be portrayed, since she doesn't have OMGPSYCHIC powers here.
No. 47028
Crazy pet lady. Seems normal until you visit her house and are assaulted by the smell of cat piss.
No. 47031
Nah that's be more likely in 20 years. She'd be closer to a pet-activist than anything.
No. 47032

Or maybe Waymaker will disregard overused stereotypes and make Satori a serial pet murderer.
No. 47036
There's a creepy scene with her claiming she can hear the thoughts of tortured animals in there somewhere.
No. 47048
Or perhaps Satori Komeiji: Covert Pervert?
No. 47059
You turn around in your seat and face the silver haired guy from this morning. “Why did you ask me what kind of girls I like?”

He chuckled a little at your question, “Simple curiosity is all.” You stare at him blankly. “Oh, fine. If you must know, I wanted to know if you were going to be competition.”

“I assume my answer wasn’t what you were hoping for?”

“Not really. You didn’t exactly give me a straight answer.” He starts to slouch in his seat and closes his eyes. “Here’s a friendly piece of advice: Don’t try to work too many angles.”

“What do you mean?” You ask. Though you think you have an idea as to what he means.

“Don’t try dating more than one girl at a time. They can get kinda clingy.” He’s now practically reclining in his seat.

“What makes you think I would do that?” You give him a half-hearted glare.

“Oh, I don’t think you would. Still, it’s best to warn you just in case.” He gives you an impish smile.

You aren’t quite sure what to make of him. His mature sounding voice is offset by immature mannerisms. Perhaps he acts this way around all new students.

You realize something, “I never caught your name.”

The girl next to you closes a book that you swear she didn’t have a moment ago and says, “His name is Kourin.” She doesn’t even spare either of you a glance as she says this.

“Hey! Only Marisa is allowed to call me that!” He says much louder then he necessary. He clears his throat and says in a more indoor voce, “My name is Rinnosuke.”

“Well then, it’s nice to meet you Rinnosuke,” you say with nod of your head.

You turn to the girl next to you, “I’m Alex. Nice meeting you as well”

“Likewise,” Her voice is cool and hints at maturity beyond her years. She has a rather bored expression. “I am Satori Komeiji.”

“Come on Satori, you’re making a new friend! At least pretend that you’re happy about it!” Rinnosuke says a little whiningly.

As if out of nowhere, Lily appears next to your desk and hands you a paper, “You’ll need this. We are working on that today. Well, most of us are working on it. Others will talk all class, some will sleep. I want to sleep, but can’t, gotta keep an eye on the students.” She continues to mumble as she practically skips to her desk.

“Is she always like that?” You ask with disbelief.

“Yup,” says Rinnosuke, “It’s part of her charm though.”

You take a look at the sheet. It contains the criteria for an essay on hopes and dreams. The instructions are typical enough, but they’re worded the way Lily talks, erratically and full of tangents that seemingly come from nowhere and end in a flash.

The bell rings and the class quiets down, for the most part, and begin working on the assignment. It looks like most of your classmates are nearly finished. Sadly, you aren’t sure of your dreams due to not really thinking that far in advance. So you start by writing down random clichéd dreams and convince yourself you’ll give it more thought later.

As if on cue, the bell rings waking the class from its near catatonic state and nearly gives some students heart attacks.

You start to stand up when Mokou walks over to you, “Hey Alex, you wanna walk to lunch with me?”

“Lunch?” You echo as you feel your stomach growl, “Sure, but do you mind if we wait for Shou?”

“You don’t have to wait! I’m right here.”

You spin around to see Shou right behind you. Sighing you say, “I hate it when people do that.”

With a giggle she says, “Sorry.”

“Come on you two! The lines will be too long if we don’t hurry.” Mokou whines with a playful smile. The three of you walk fairly fast and are there relatively early, in comparison to the other students.

The Cafeteria is a large open space with two serving lines for getting various foods. The black and white checkered floor reminds you of a chess board. All around the room are circular tables with chairs around them. All in all, it’s a fairly plain cafeteria.

“Alex do you have any money for lunch?” Shou asks.

“Uh,” you feel a little stupid, “I left my wallet at the house.”

“Oh well! Guess you’re going hungry.” Shou says with a large grin. You sigh, resigning yourself to your fate. Shou pulls out what looks like a credit card, “Or not, because Ms. Hijiri gave this to me when I bumped into her in the hall.”

“What is it?” Mokou asks in a voice typically heard in advertisements.

“It’s a Student Lunch Pass, good for one main dish, a side of fruit or vegetables, milk or juice, and a dessert.” She and Mokou start laughing when you take it.

“You looked like a lost puppy when Shou said you were going to have to go hungry, and now you’re smiling!” Mokou says between outbursts of laughter.

“Ha-ha, go ahead and laugh at me. Just do it in the lunch line.” It is true though, you are happy to be getting lunch.

You grab a hamburger that you doubt is even made from real meat, a side of fries, an apple, a pint of milk, and an ice-cream cup similar to the one Lily was having earlier.

You reach the end of the line and watch as Shou swipes her card through a scanner. You follow suit when it’s your turn. It’s simple yet effective, until someone forgets their card.

Looking out across the room, you see Aya at a table, but she doesn’t seem to have noticed you yet. Rinnosuke is at another talking with an unfamiliar blonde and a brunette. Yamame and Parsee are at the table next to Rinnosuke’s.

You and Shou wait for Mokou to finish getting her meal. “So Alex, do you have any preference as to who you sit with?” Shou asks.
[] Mokou
[] Rinnosuke
[] Yamame/Parsee
[] Aya
[] Look for Youmu
[]Doesn’t matter to you
The last choice is not a round about way of saying "Let the author choose." Also I would like to ask if anyone knows any proofreaders or is one themselves. I currently have one but he is my best friend and I feel as though I am taking advantage of him. Plus he has his own story that he needs to work on and I don't wish to distract him any farther. So any help would be appreciated, Thanks in advance!
No. 47060
[x] Yamame/Parsee.

I proofread for anyone who asks for it, and do a pretty thorough job most of the time. You can reach me on the site's IRC channel.
No. 47062
[X] Doesn't matter to you
No. 47064
[x] Look for Youmu
No. 47065
[x] Look for Youmu.

I'd be willing to help as well. If I'm not on #THP, just try asking for me there.
No. 47066
[X] Doesn't matter to you
No. 47067
[] Mokou
No. 47068
[X] Doesn't matter to you
But perhaps Should could introduce us to some of her own friends?
No. 47069
[] Mokou

Poor girl needs a friend.
No. 47070
[x] Look for Youmu

We should bring Mokou along anyway.
No. 47072
A tie? Honestly I wasn't expecting it to happen, but I will try to write something that will satisfy both sides. I'll try to have something soon.
No. 47112
File 134928725580.png - (441.10KB , 750x750 , 907f6b87fcc3c799cf4fed34da264363.png ) [iqdb]
“I’m not sure.” you say, “Maybe I’ll just sit with you and whoever you normally sit with.”

Shou glances at Mokou and says, “Really? Okay then. Do you want to sit with us Mokou?”

“Sorry, but Kaguya and Reisen are waiting for me,” she says shaking her head. As she starts to walk away she adds with a smile, “Maybe some other time though!”

You watch, a little disheartened, as she walks away. You were hoping the three of you would sit together, but oh well. “Lead on!” you say with a playful smile as Shou starts walking towards a table near the center of the room. Sitting at the table are two girls, one with short black hair and the other with short blue hair. They seem quite engaged in their conversation, but you only catch what appears to be the tail end of it.

“C’mon Nitori, we’ve gotta get some more people interested in the swim team!” The black haired girl says with a bit of a whine. Her voice has a playful tone to it.

“I know that, but we can’t just force people into joining!” The blue haired girl, who is obviously annoyed, responds.

“Well what do you think we should do? No one is interested in it!”

“Well for starters, we don’t force people to try out, especially people who can’t swim!”

The dark haired girl looks away in embarrassment and whispers something you can’t quite make out.

Shou sits down and you take your seat next to her and Nitori. Both of the arguing girls stop and look at you.
“Uh, hi,” you say after an awkward three-way staring contest.

“Hi,” Nitori says to you and then to Shou, “Are you going to introduce us?”

Shou sighs, “This is Alex, Ms. Hijiri’s nephew. Alex, meet Nitori and Minamitsu.” She waves her hand at them when she says their names.

Minamitsu quickly corrects Shou by saying, “I prefer to be called by my last name, Murasa.”

“Oh come off it Mini!” Says Nitori as she suppresses a laugh.

“Shut up Nitori!” Murasa yells. By doing so she gets the attention of most of the surrounding tables and says in almost a whisper, “Sorry.”

“So…” Shou says after the other students return to their own conversations, “What was that argument about anyway?”

The two girls start talking at the same time only to drown each other out. They stare at each other when Murasa gives Nitori a nod.

“Okay, we were arguing about how Mini tried to force someone who couldn’t swim into joining the team,” Nitori says with obvious disdain.

“That doesn’t sound,” you pause trying to think of the right word finally settling on, “nice.”

“Exactly!” Nitori says happy that someone agrees with her. “She keeps doing things like that! Her ‘efforts’ are scaring away anyone who might be willing to join.”

“Minamitsu, what have I told you about forcing people to join?” Shou says with an almost motherly tone.

“I knooow!” Murasa whines, “It’s just so annoying! No one takes the swim team seriously!”

During this charade, you eat your lunch. It’s surprisingly good, for a school lunch at least. The three of them go back and forth on how to get people interested in the swim team. Murasa’s ideas are generally ignored for being too “inappropriate”. In the end, they decide there isn’t anything that they can do. It’s not like they can really spice it up any.

After you finish your ice-cream cup, you look around and spot a trashcan near the door you had entered from. “Hey Shou, are we allowed to walk the halls during lunch?” The noise of the cafeteria has always bothered you. It’s too loud and chaotic.

“Yeah, why?” She responds with a curios and worried look on her face.

“I just don’t like the noise.” You kind of whisper it, feeling a little embarrassed.

“Oh, do you want some company?” Murasa says mischievously.

“He wants to get away from the noise, not have it follow him Mini,” Nitori says, throwing a balled up napkin at Murasa. “Go on we’ll see you later!”

“Okay, see ya.” with that you go and throw out your trash and head out to the hall.

The halls are fairly empty. A few students here and there are sitting around talking, doing homework, and the like. One or two are even sleeping. You wander around the halls aimlessly, not paying attention to where you’re going. As you turn a corner, someone plows head-on into your chest. You collapse to the ground, the wind knocked out of you.

A familiar voice brings you back to your senses, “A-Alex?! I’m so sorry! I didn’t see you!”

“Youmu?” You groan. “What’s the hurry?”

“Oh I was trying to get to the cafeteria before lunch ends, but I don’t think I’ll make it.” She says this as she stands back up, offering a hand to help you on your feet. “I suppose that’s the price I pay for helping out in the office.”

“What do you-” Your question is cut short by the bell.

“Oh, sorry I’ve got to go. I’ll see you around though!” She takes off down the hall, leaving you standing around looking like an idiot. You can’t help but be amazed at how fast she is.

You take a couple of steps only to feel sharp pain in your right knee. You’re close to the main hallway where the nurses’ office is located; maybe you should make a quick stop just to make sure it’s okay?

What do you do?
[] Better safe than sorry, go visit the nurse.
- () Stop in on your aunt.
[] Push through it, it’s not that bad.
- () Stop at the restroom on your way to class.
I am so sorry this took so long, but I'll try to be better about updating. Also,Fhylen and BSD, when are you generally on the IRC? I had tried to find you on there but you didn't seem to be on when I was. As always thanks for your continued reading and patience!
No. 47113
[x] Push through it, it’s not that bad.
- (x) Stop at the restroom on your way to class.

Casual Restroom Encounters
No. 47115
[x] Push through it, it’s not that bad.
-(x) Stop at the restroom on your way to class.

I'm typically on IRC between 23:00 and 4:00 GMT on the weekdays, and at inconsistent times during the weekends.
No. 47118
[X] Push through it, it’s not that bad.
- (X) Stop at the restroom on your way to class.

We're a man. A good walk will fix this, no problem.
No. 47119
[x] Better safe than sorry, go visit the nurse.

It's better to spend a few minutes to get it checked than to end up missing 10+ minutes due to Alex collapsing due to it.
No. 47123
[x] Push through it, it’s not that bad.
-(x) Stop at the restroom on your way to class.

Bah. I'm sure he can tough it out.
No. 47124
[x] Push through it, it’s not that bad.
- (x) Stop at the restroom on your way to class.

I'll usually in #touhouporn.
No. 47132
[x] Push through it, it’s not that bad.
- (x) Stop at the restroom on your way to class.
What kind of man gets sick on the first day?
No. 47134
I don't think it's illness but a sort of injury.

And last time I checked Alex was a sensible guy who doesn't think with his crotch 99% of the time.
No. 47136
Okay, calling the vote for manning up and using the restroom. Writing begins now!
No. 47207
Two weeks later...
No. 47212
File 135075923663.jpg - (220.40KB , 850x1202 , sample-a713a2c426a4d86969011db88b7c72ad.jpg ) [iqdb]
After a few more steps, you decide that the pain isn’t that bad and you shouldn’t bother the nurse. There probably isn’t anything she can do to help anyway.

It doesn’t take long for the halls to flood with students, making it hard for you to find your class. After an uneventful and mildly painful walk you come across a restroom. Your next class is just down the hall from it, so you decide to make a pit stop.

The stalls are small, and the urinals are, as always, too close together. A thought occurs to you; why is the handicap stall always so far from the door? You enter a stall and close the door, as the openness of a urinal doesn’t sit right with you.

Afterwards while washing your hands you hear two people arguing in the hall. “What were you doing with him?” Says a gruff male voice.

“Nothing! We were just talking!” A girl this time, you catch a hint of fear in her voice.

“You’re cheating on me again aren’t you!?” His tone is unsettling. At this point you have finished drying your hands and walked out of the restroom. This argument has nothing to do with you so you try to ignore it.

“I’m not cheating on you! We are-,” she was cut short by the guy slapping her across the face. Everyone in the hall stopped and stared.

Abuse, you’ve seen it all too many times in your old school. Some of your closest friends were victims of domestic abuse. He shoves her to the ground and a few students rush over to her as you step between the girl and her assailant.

“Who the hell are you?” He asks clenching his fists. He appears to be a good six inches taller than you, short dark brown hair, and a fairly muscular build. From the reactions of the other students he’s not someone to take lightly.

“Alex,” you say with an uncharacteristically malicious voice.

Smirking he says, “Well Alex, why don’t ya just move along? This has nothing to do with you.”

You say nothing and simply glare at him as you take a step closer, causing him to take two steps back. The tension in the hall was so thick you could have cut it with a knife.

“What cat got your tongue?” His voice is shaking.

“People like you make me sick. Picking on people weaker than themselves, it’s despicable.”

“Whatever, I don’t feel like dealing with you right now.” He walks off, mumbling a long stream of curses.

You let your expression soften and turn back to the girl to see if she’s alright. You can hear her crying but her long green hair is obscuring her face. A silver haired girl kneeling next to her with her arms wrapped around her. “Is she okay?”

“I think so,” responds the silver haired girl, “thanks for standing up for her.”

You shake your head, “I hate seeing people get hurt, and I really hate it when no one steps up to help.” That last part comes out a little bitterer than you had intended.

You offer your hands and help the girls up. “Th-thank you,” whispers the green haired girl as she brushes the hair from her face. You can still see tears in her dark green eyes, “My name’s Sanae.”

“I’m Momiji!” Says the other as she sticks her hand out.

You shake her hand, “I’m Alex, nice to meet you. I wish we could have met under better circumstances though.”

Momiji nods her head and says, “Ain’t that the truth.” After an awkward pause she says to Sanae, “Well, we better go to the office and have the nurse check you out.”

Sanae looks at her then back at you and back to Momiji and nods. As the two walk away you catch them both looking back at you.

Taking a deep breath you head to class, now more aware of the pain in your knee then before. It hurts but since you’re able to walk it’s obviously not broken or sprained, you’ll just put some ice on it when you get home.

As soon as you enter the classroom you see an array of Halloween decorations about the room. You had almost forgotten it was October.

You’re one of the last students to arrive. You look around for the teacher who is sitting in a desk in the center of the room. If it wasn’t for the fact she’s helping students with their homework you would have passed her off as a student.

As you approach you start to get a better look at her. She has short blonde hair and yellow eyes and a compassionate smile; she’s wearing a white dress shirt and a simple black skirt. As soon as she spots you she waves and says, “Hello, you must be Alex.” You nod your head, “I’m Ran Yakumo, just call me Ran. You can have this seat in just a moment.” Her voice has a sweet sound to it.

However long a moment is meant to be she exceeded it by a longshot. You were standing there for at least ten minutes after the bell rang. After that the whole class was given a test, and you hadn’t studied this yet. In fact it didn’t even look like algebra.

“I’m sorry everyone,” Ran says, “It appears I made copies of the wrong test. Feel free to just toss those in the recycling.” After a brief cheer from the class she adds, “I want you all to do pages 584 to 585 numbers ten through thirty, evens only.” The class groans at that.
After a few minutes of working on your own assignment, the student next to you drops her pencil and it rolls under your desk. You pick it up and hand it to her. You hadn’t really looked at her when you entered, but now you notice just how pale she is, her grey-blue hair and eyes. She has a sickly appearance to her.

“Thanks,” she says as she takes it, “I’m Yoshika, by the way.” She says with a cheery smile.

“I’m Alex, nice to meet you.” You get the feeling she dropped the pencil on purpose.

“So, how do you like it here so far?”

You think for a moment and say, “It seems a lot calmer than my old school.”

“That’s good, right?” You nod. “Cool, now, uh,” her face reddens, “do you know how to solve number sixteen?” Her question is not what you were expecting at all, and your face must have shown it. “What?”

“N-nothing, I just haven’t gotten there yet.” You’re still on number fourteen.

Class went on with you and Yoshika working together, eventually the two of you finish up.

“Hey Yoshika,” you say, “What kinds of things do you do for fun?”

“Hmm, I play videogames and surf the internet. What about you?”

“I just read and listen to music. I’ve played some videogames, but I don’t actually own any.”

A smile appears on her face, “Hey how about going to the arcade with me sometime?”

“Sure, if I can get some money that is,” you have a few dollars left in your wallet, but that probably wouldn’t get you much of anything.

Yoshika tells you about some of the games she hopes to get soon when you see Ran walking towards you.

“Alex, have you visited the guidance counselors yet?” Ran asks.

“No, not yet.” You say as you shake your head.

“Well, I just got an e-mail asking to see you when you get a moment.”

Yoshika looks at you concerned, “You’re not in trouble are you?”

“No! At least, I don’t think so.” You start to feel a little worried.

Ran chuckles, “No you aren’t in trouble, my sister just wants to meet you is all.” She pauses for a moment and says, “You can leave now if you want.”

“Hmm, might as well.” You say.

“Very well,” she hands you a slip of paper with the time, your destination and her signature on it. “I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

“Bye-bye!” Yoshika says with an overly exaggerated wave.

“See ya!” you say as you wave back and head out of the room. The empty halls are nice and relaxing. You see a few students walking around, presumably heading back to class or to a restroom.

It doesn’t take long for you to get to the main office. As you enter you notice that the floor is no longer tile but carpeting, and an ugly brown carpet at that. In the middle of the room is a desk with papers and folders all neatly organized. Behind the desk is a young woman with purple hair and a flower hair clip. The walls have pictures of students of the honor roll and there are four chairs against one of the walls. Sitting in one of the chairs is Momiji, who waves when she sees you and you wave back.

It wouldn’t hurt to stop and talk to her right?

-Choose One
[] Stop and talk.
[] Head on back to the offices.
[] Check in with the receptionist.
[] Look at who is on the Honor Roll.
Wow that took a while. Sorry about that, I've been unsure of how to phrase certain parts and I can be easily distracted. Hopefully once the first day of school is over I'll be able to update faster and have the story move at a respectable pace. Also if you have any issues with the story, other than the update rate, then please let me know! Enjoy!!
No. 47213
[x] Stop and talk.

Akyuu? Yes please. I have to wonder who that guy is and why he's assuming Sanae's cheating on him.
No. 47215
[x] Check in with the receptionist.

>She hands you a slip of paper with the time, your destination and her signature on it.

This means we're meeting with the guidance counselor later, right? Specifying time and destination makes it seem that "She" refers to Yoshika, though.
No. 47216
[x] Look at who is on the Honor Roll.

The strange, intriguing choice.

Also, the amount of characters you've jammed in here is truly staggering. I'm very interested to see how you manage them all.
No. 47217
[X] Look at who is on the Honor Roll.

Not Yoshika or Youmu, that's for sure. Probably not Tenshi either.
More general information is nice.
No. 47220
>Cheating Sanae
But Sanae is a good girl!
Heck yes.

>[X] Stop and talk.
Ignoring her would be rude.
>[X] Check in with the receptionist later before we enter.
Just walking in is also rude.
No. 47221
[x] Stop and talk.

Pretty sure Ran gave him some sort of hall pass so a faculty member doesn't assume he's just wandering the halls and/or cutting class.
No. 47224
[X] Look at who is on the Honor Roll.
No. 47232
[x] Stop and talk

Works for me~!
No. 47241
[X] Look at who is on the Honor Roll.
Might as well see who the smart kids are.
No. 47258
Okay, going to check out the Honor Roll! Going to start writing at some point today or tomorrow. I won't give a deadline but I'll try not to take too long.
No. 47276
File 135110683766.jpg - (329.28KB , 500x680 , 679899dcdd39d23a48ead5e82ee947ec.jpg ) [iqdb]
The honor roll catches your attention due to only having a total of twenty pictures. They’re laid out in a four by five rectangle. The first row is for the ninth grade students and each row after represents a different grade. It’s sort of odd that there are so few people though. “Why are there only five students in each grade on here?” you wonder aloud.

The receptionist chuckles, “That’s everyone’s first question when they see that.” She has a toothy, yet beautiful, smile, “Momiji, would you like to explain?”

“Sure!” She responds as she hops out of her seat and takes a spot on your right. “The students you see here are the best their grade has to offer! Instead of having a hallway devoted to the honor roll students we just pick those with the best grades and put them up here. Saves ink and time doing it this way.”

“Huh, in my old school we counted anyone with an A/B average on the honor roll.”

Momiji tilts her head inquisitively, “Oh really, were you on it?”

“Not quite, I had a C-plus in Chemistry, so I was kept out due to that. Not that it bothered me or anything.”

Another chuckle from the receptionist, “I doth think the man protests too much.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” You ask, feeling a little embarrassed.

She looks away from you and at a wall with a little smirk, “Nothing.”

Trying to ignore her remarks, you focus back on the pictures, more specifically the eleventh grade pictures. Each picture has a sparkly gold trim of construction paper around them with Silver lettering for their names; you can’t help but feel that’s a little gaudy. Three of the students you recognize, Shou, Sanae, and Satori. The other two though, you don’t think you’ve even seen either of them.

Both of the other students are girls. Cirno Daiyousei has short aqua colored hair with eyes to match. In the picture she’s wearing a blue ribbon in her hair. The other girl is Utsuho Reiuji. She has dark brown hair that almost seems black and a green ribbon. Her eyes are similarly dark.

Momiji nudges you, “So, whatcha come in here for anyway?”

“Oh, I almost forgot!” Enough fooling around you figure, “The guidance counselors wanted to see me.”

“Ah, well Sanae’s in with her mo- I mean Ms. Yasaka, but I think Ms. Yakumo is free.”

“I guess I should head back,” you start to walk away, “thanks for the info on the honor roll!”

“No problem!” She says as she gives you a small shove,

As you walk past the receptionist’s desk she stops you, “Do you even know which office is hers?”

“I would assume it’s the one with her name on the door.” As soon as you say that, you can’t help but feel like a smart ass.

“Normally you’d be right, but today you’re not. Come with me.” She stands up and you get a good look at what she’s wearing, a green vest with a white long sleeved blouse underneath it and a long red skirt with white frills at the bottom. She leads you back to where the offices are and stops in front of a door. Sure enough it says “Yukari Yakumo” on it. “This is her regular office, but there’s some kind of leak so she’s working out of the spare office at the end of the hall.” She points to a door at the far end. “I’m Akyuu, by the way.”

You just realize you haven’t even introduce yourself, “I-I’m Alex, ni-,”

She cuts you off, “I know who you are silly. Ms. Hijiri talks about you nonstop! Now run along, you don’t want to keep Ms. Yakumo waiting do you?” She gives you a pat on the shoulder as she walks back to her desk.

The word “strange” applies to this school more and more every time you meet someone new. Shrugging off the oddity of those you’ve met you walk towards Ms. Yakumo’s temporary office.

You reach the door and take a deep breath and knock. “Come in!” Calls a female voice.

You open the door to see a woman with long blonde hair wearing a white button up shirt, a black skirt that stops just above the knees and a pair of black heels facing away from you and standing in front of a desk. She’s putting some mints in a bowl when you ask, “Are you Ms. Yakumo?”

Turning to face you she says smiling, “One of them, yes. And you are Alex correct?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Ma’am? How formal. Please just call me Yukari.” She reaches out and takes your hand and shakes it. “I’m not sure if you noticed but most of the faculty doesn’t really care for formalities. We see them as a barrier that prevents us from teaching effectively.”

“That makes sense, I guess.”

“Good! Now as to why I had called you here, I want you to take a test.” She says this as she takes a seat in a chair on the opposite side of the desk, her golden eyes focused on you.

“A test?” You’re more than a little curious as to what kind of test it is.

“Yes, you see I’m a trained psychologist and I want to gauge how you are feeling. You know to make sure you aren’t going to do something you’ll regret.” You’re a little hurt she would imply something like that. “Well take a seat!” You look around but don’t see a chair, “Oh right! Wait here one moment.”

She walks out of the room and down to the opposite end of the hall and knocks on the door. After a moment it opens and you can see a woman with blue hair, though you can hear their voices you can’t understand what they are saying. The blue haired lady shakes her head and re-enters the room only to appear a second later with a plastic cafeteria chair.

Yukari takes the chair and begins walking back down the hall. She sets the chair down in front of the desk, “Okay, here you go. She wouldn’t let me have one of her good chairs, but at least she had this!” You have to wonder why she just didn’t take a chair from her regular office.

After you sit down, she asks you, “How are you dealing with your mom’s death?”

You are silent for a few minutes as you think up a response. “I don’t think the reality has entirely caught up with me yet. I keep hoping it’s a dream and that I’ll wake up and she’ll be fine.”

“Understandable, given the circumstances. Now how do you feel about having to move here and leave all your friends behind?”

“I’m actually a little glad that Byakuren has taken me in. I don’t think I’d be able to handle it if I lived with my neighbor.”

“What do you mean?”

Another pause, “If I had to live in that town then I would keep thinking about the things we did together before she got too sick. At least here I won’t walk past a store and remember something we did together.”

“Hmm, have you been eating properly?” With each question she appears to be more concerned.

“Not really. There are days that I don’t eat a thing and others where all I want to do is eat.”

“Okay, last question. How did you feel during the two weeks you were with your neighbor?”

“I felt,” you pause, unsure of how to word it, “I-I felt, well, scared. I tried to block everything out and most of that time is just kinda a blur.”

Yukari is silent for a few minutes. The silence is unnerving and you start to shift in your seat. “I don’t think you need to be watched, but I would recommend talking to someone, preferably someone your own age. You most likely won’t find anyone who’s gone through what you have, but there are plenty of understanding people out there. Try not to dwell on it too much. I can tell you’re a strong guy and you’ll get through this.”

“Thanks, I think once I come to terms with it it’ll get easier. I hope.” You’re touched by her words, but you can’t help but think that this will be something that you’ll have to deal with your whole life.

As if out of nowhere, the bell signaling the end of fifth period rings. “Oh, is it the end of fifth already? Well, I suppose I need to let you go to class now don’t I? I’ll see you around, and don’t forget that I’ll be here if you need to talk.”

“I won’t forget. And thank you again.” You wave as you leave the room. You walk past Akyuu’s desk only to find the room empty. You had hoped Momiji would be out here and that you could talk to her on the way to class. Oh well, no sense worrying about it.

-Choose One
[] Head straight to class.
[] Take the scenic route to class.
Wow this has been my fastest update in a while! I hope you all enjoy!
No. 47284
[X] Take the scenic route to class.

Obligatory comment about random encounters and such.
No. 47285
[x] Take the scenic route to class.

Must find Okuu route.
No. 47296
[x] Head straight to class.

>Cirno Daiyousei has short aqua colored hair
I'm guessing you thought about putting Dai on the honor roll, then swapped her for Cirno to break out of the stereotype?
No. 47298
[x] Head straight to class.

I'd rather see who's in class.
No. 47304
[x] Head straight to class.

Got to keep some consistency for now.
No. 47322
[x] Take the scenic route to class.

We may as well take a good look around whilst we're here.
No. 47323
>Cirno Daiyousei

Figured it was her last name. Actually works pretty well.
No. 47324
[X] Straight to class
We should interact more with our classmates.

>Cirno Daiyousei
So does Dai not exist any more, or is she now Daiyousei Daiyousei? I would have thought Whiterock would have worked for a surname.
No. 47325
File 13513415949.jpg - (277.16KB , 1000x750 , f228e6b2a552e071749a0c0f952ed8a6.jpg ) [iqdb]
Vote is for going straight to class, I'll begin working later possibly tomorrow.
I actually had every intention on putting Cirno on there from the beginning. At least when I decided to actually have her in eleventh grade.
Personally I have never found a Daiyousei that interests me and I feel that it won't be the end of the world if she doesn't appear. Also Cirno Whiterock doesn't have the same ring to it as Cirno Daiyousei does, but maybe that's just me.

As for the the choices themselves, don't feel bad about not taking the scenic route. You would have just met some OC's, all of Alex's friends shouldn't be Touhous. He should have some "normal" friends.

And lastly the picture is related, somewhat, to the update.
No. 47326
File 135163265026.jpg - (261.69KB , 850x1041 , sample-c5ceb34af4949887028ab56e7fcbd501.jpg ) [iqdb]
You head to class at a respectable pace, slow enough to enjoy it but fast enough to not be late. As you approach the door you see Mima standing there with an evil grin and poking people with a meter stick as they pass by.

“She seems a little immature to be a teacher.” You hear a student say after being poked.

“And you’re a little short to be a Stormtrooper!” Mima retorts only to have him stare back with a puzzled look. “It’s a reference to a movie.” She adds as she pokes the guy in the stomach, who then shrugs and walks off. “Kids these days,” Mima mumbles.

You start to walk through the door expertly evading her stick and say, “Star Wars Episode Four: A New Hope.” Out of the corner of your eye you see Mima smile.

Inside the classroom, you see some students standing around talking while others seem to be trying to sleep. You don’t really recognize anyone in the class, so you decide to sit near the door.

Shortly before the bell rings, a familiar face walks through the door. You can’t quite remember her name though. She takes the seat on your right and turns to face you. “We hardly had a chance to talk in History class. Though we do have this whole period to talk if you would like.”

Her formal speech is a little offsetting. “So, what do you want to talk about?”

“I had talked to Mokou and she told me quite a bit about you. Granted, she does not know much about you, but I believe I got the gist of your personality.” She pauses for a moment simply looking at you, like one would look at a used car before purchasing it. “It is odd. You almost look as though you belong here.”

You tilt your head, “What do you mean?”

“I mean that you fit in well and that you are making friends easily. It is as though you have a magnetic personality.” She did have a point; most people you’ve met so far have been real nice to you.

“Well, since you heard about me, how about you tell me about yourself.”

“I suppose that would be fair. I am Remilia Scarlet, as you already know, and I come from a wealthy and well-respected family. My father is an ambassador currently in China along with my mother. Ms. Knowledge currently resides with us and is taking the role of guardian for my sister Flandre and myself.” Her words give off a sense of great self-worth. “In all the theatrical productions this school has put on since my ninth grade year I have been the leading lady.”

“That’s impressive!” When you were a child, your mom would take you to the theater. Granted, by the time you were old enough to truly understand some of them your mom’s health had started to fail. “What kinds of shows have been done here?”

“We put on a large variety of shows, comedies, tragedies, and everything in between.” You get the feeling Remilia could go on for a while about the individual shows if you asked.

You are about to ask her what the next show will be next when the door opens and an aqua haired girl walks in carrying two backpacks. Following her is a much taller dark-haired girl on crutches and a cast on her right leg. You recognize the two from their honor roll pictures, Cirno and Utsuho, but you can’t quite remember which one is which. The two of them pause near your desk and look around for an empty seat.

You stand up and gesture to your seat, “You can sit here if you want.”

“Thank you,” says the dark haired one as she sits down. “I don’t think I’ve seen you before, are you new?” Her voice is soft and sweet.

“Yeah, I’m Alex.”

“How cool, a new student!” The other girl says with a high pitched and energetic voice, “I’m Cirno, and this is my pal Utsuho!”

“We don’t get many students transferring in, or out for that matter.” Utsuho points out.

“How much longer will you have that cast on Utsuho?” Remilia asks changing the subject.

“I’m going to have it taken off on Saturday.”

“So you will be able to attend the dance on Sunday!”

“Yeah and Cirno and I are going out to shop for dresses after school!”

Cirno, who is standing next to you, asks, “Are you going Alex?”

“Uh, well I’m not sure.” You respond looking down to meet her gaze. She has to be at least a foot shorter than you are.

“You should go,” Remilia says with Utsuho nodding in agreement, “you will meet new people and make new friends.”

“Besides,” Cirno says as she slaps you in the back, “if you don’t go you’ll regret it!”

“I’ll think about it, but I don’t know how to dance.”

Remilia smiles and says, “I could teach you if you want.”

You catch a look of surprise on Cirno and Utsuho’s faces. Cirno leans over to Utsuho and says, “Hell must have frozen over.”

“What do you mean?” She asks in response.

“I mean Remilia never dates anyone! And now she’s coming on to the new kid!”

Remilia’s face turns bright red, “I am not ‘coming on to him’! I am merely making a friendly offer for his benefit. It would be horribly embarrassing if he was invited to dance and he lacked the knowledge of finesse.”

“Aw, I was hoping you were finally loosening up there Remilia.” Whines Cirno.

“I thought she was plenty loose Cirno.” Utsuho says with a straight face.

You aren’t quite sure if Utsuho understood the implications of what she just said, and she certainly doesn’t look like she does. Remilia is simply sitting there with her mouth open like she wants to say something but can’t quite find the words and Cirno is looking back and forth between Utsuho and Remilia with a puzzled and worried expression. “Why are you all looking at me like that?”

“Uh, Utsuho you just implied that Remilia is a whore.” Cirno places a hand on her friends shoulder.

“But you said she was loosening up, I thought you were saying she was stiff and she doesn’t look stiff.”

Remilia, who seems to have regained her composure, says, “Utsuho for someone so smart, you take what people say too literally.”

Utsuho frowns, “I’m sorry Remilia, I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“It is quite alright. You didn’t mean it after all.” She reaches over and pats Utsuho’s hand causing her to smile.

You sigh, “I get the feeling this happens often?”

“Yep,” Cirno says. “She’s extremely smart but she doesn’t really have the common sense to deal with people properly and that’s why I’m here to guide her and help her out!”

“Cirno and I have lived next door our whole lives; she’s like a sister to me.” Utsuho proclaims.

That explains how those two met, “How did you meet Remilia?”

“We’ve had at least one class with her every year since eighth grade.” Cirno responds.

You feel a hand on your shoulder and hear Mima’s voice, “Hey, how come I wasn’t invited to this little gathering? You guys seem to be having fun and I want in!”

“But you’re the teacher!” Cirno squeaks.

“I’m the best teacher you mean!” She has now wrapped her arms around your neck, not quite choking you but enough to make you feel uncomfortable. “I am the super awesome and beautiful teacher of justice!”

“Then why are you trying to choke me?” You say in a purposefully raspy voice.

“Because I can!” Her response was childish in both delivery and phrasing.

“That’s not a good reason at all!”

“It is for me!” She lets you go and takes a step back. “You really do seem to fit in well here.”

“You think so?” You get various nods and vocal agreements from the four around you.

After a few minutes of talking about homework and approaching tests Utsuho asks you, “Hey Alex, what class do you have next?”

“I have gym.” You aren’t exactly thrilled over having gym. You never were truly healthy, but it can’t be helped.

“You have it with the three of us! Awesome!”

“That’s a pretty big coincidence.” You observe.

Suddenly the bell rings. Time sure flies when you’re having fun. “You two go on ahead, I’m gonna help Utsuho with her books.”

“Okay, see you soon.” You say with a wave.

Remilia waves as well, “I will let Ms. Hoshiguma know you two will be late.”

You and Remilia walk through the halls in silence, though you are grateful for the companionship. After a minute or two, you arrive at the gymnasium. It is a large room with a basketball court on one half and weights and treadmills on the other. On the court half you see two doors, presumably the locker rooms. Jogging on one of the treadmills is a woman with long blonde hair wearing a white tee-shirt, a pair of black and silver shorts, and a pair of sneakers. She looks over and sees you and slows down and stops. She grabs a gym bag and makes her way over to you.

“You must be Alex. These are your gym clothes, you only get the one set free so don’t lose ‘em.” Her voice has a playful tone to it. “The guy’s locker room is on the right. Now I better not see you in the girl’s locker room I’ll kick your ass.” You aren’t sure what’s worse, the fact she’s smiling while saying that or that she actually said it.

“Don’t worry; I wouldn’t do something like that.”

“I know that! Now run along and get changed.”

You head into the locker room and are surprised at how large it is. The room itself is bland, a few benches, silver lockers, grey walls, and the usual bathroom tiled floors. You change into a uniform similar to what the teacher was wearing. Afterward, you notice Rinnosuke starting to head out the door. “Hey Rinnosuke!” You call.

He turns around to face you, “Oh, hey Alex! Looks like we have gym together. Now I have someone I can actually beat in basketball.”

“Ha-ha, very funny. What’s class like on a daily basis?”

“Well Monday is dodge ball day, Tuesday is basketball, Wednesday we run laps or play Football if the weather is nice, Thursday we play soccer or run laps again, and Friday is a free day to do whatever we want as long as we are up and moving.”

Dodge ball, nothing says “Welcome” like being pelted with foam balls. You and Rinnosuke wait around for the class to actually start; the bell had rung while you were changing. You see Shou, Remilia, Cirno, Mokou, Momiji, Aya, and Satori exit the girl’s locker room during your wait, and over on the bleachers you see Utsuho sitting down.

Once everyone is out of the locker rooms the teacher starts putting people in teams. “Okay, team one will be Shou, Momiji, Alex, Mathew, Ryan, Hiro, James, Reimu, Leon, Rinnosuke, Kaguya, Tyrone, Alexis, Lena, and myself.” The class utters various noises of confusion. “It’s only fair; they have both the new kid and Rinnosuke!” The whole class laughs, with the exception of Rinnosuke. “Team two is everyone left over; now get ready while I go get the balls.”

Your team huddles together to discuss a plan with Momiji acting as the leader, “Alexis and Lena you two are pretty good at catching so you’ll stay up front and pass the balls to Reimu and me. Ryan, James, and Mathew stay near the middle and try to distract them and take a shot when you get a chance. Tyrone and Leon, you two are fast so you’ll be in charge of collecting the balls that wind up near the back. Kaguya and Shou, you do whatever you feel is best.”

Your team voices their agreements, except Rinnosuke, who asks, “What am I supposed to do?”

Momiji responds with, “Stay in the back and out of the way.” Rinnosuke looks downcast but everyone ignores him. “Hey Alex what do you think you should do?”

-Choose One
[] Be in the front, you make a better meat-shield than anything else
[] Be in the middle, you can be a decent distraction
[] Stay in the back, you aren’t that athletic and should stay out of the way
As of this moment how do you all feel about the characters I have introduced? Do you like them, feel they need more characterization (which will happen regardless), or are they just different than you expected? Please talk to me, I want to know how I can improve and provide a better experience for you! Thanks for reading and enjoy!
No. 47327
[x] Be in the middle, you can be a decent distraction

Perhaps spend a bit more time fleshing out OCs
No. 47328
[X] Be in the middle, you can be a decent distraction.

Not being stupidly reckless, and also not pussying out.

Characters are diverse and likable enough, though descriptions could be more detailed.
No. 47329
[x] Be in the middle, you can be a decent distraction.

I don't think anyone's ever introduced this many characters this quickly. It seems like this'll take forever if you develop them all, so I'm expecting a lot of them to fade out once we make some major decisions. Right now, it's just confusing to deal with so many at once, and new ones keep showing up and crowd out the old ones.
No. 47331
[X] Be in the middle; you have a decent throwing arm.

At least I'd assume so, with what's been implied about his old school. Failing that, I'll go with the distraction vote.
No. 47335
[x] Be in the middle, you can be a decent distraction.

I have many a fond memory of roaming between the boundary and the middle line, pulling of amazing dodges from shots in rapid succession. Couldn't throw worth a damn, though.
No. 47337
[X] Be in the middle, you can be a decent distraction

Works for me~!
No. 47340
File 135171192491.png - (0.96MB , 900x1200 , 92ce979d768b9de82a0f5898326fac16.png ) [iqdb]
It seems that the vote is unanimous and would most likely stay that way, so I'm going to call it here for being in the middle.

Part of my reasoning for this is to prevent route-locking before all the choices are presented. I do understand your concern as to how I'm going to handle this but I have been writing out major plot points and minor character details.

On a side note Happy Halloween!
No. 47342
File 135177971865.jpg - (43.46KB , 685x944 , 12892e3a49426447eb79a43e8df23bc4.jpg ) [iqdb]
After a moment of thought, you decide, “I’ll stick to the middle. I have a decent throwing arm and I can be a decent distraction.”

Momiji nods and your team start to take their places. Rinnosuke on his way to the back points to a short childlike girl with long orange-blonde hair. “Watch out for her. She doesn’t look like much but she can really pack a punch.”

The girl in question calls out, “Oi! Yuugi! What the hell is taking so long!?” Her voice doesn’t offset her childish image very well.

Yuugi, who has now returned to court half of the gym carrying a sack of foam balls, says, “Keep your pants on kiddo! You all know the rules, stay on your half of the court or you’re out, get hit and you’re out, catch a ball and the one who threw it is out and you can bring a teammate back into the game.” She pours half the sack onto one side of the half court line and the remainder onto the other.

As soon as Yuugi blows her whistle, pandemonium ensues. Immediately, there’s a mad dash among the more reckless students to grab a dodge-ball. Hanging back turns out to have been wise, seeing as you are the target of the first barrage. Four balls come barreling toward you. The first goes over your head without you even ducking, the second you dodge by leaning to the right, the third is caught by Yuugi, and the fourth barely misses your head. “How nice,” you grumble, “picking on the new kid.”

Yuugi uses the ball she caught to bean Remilia, now bringing the opposing team down two people. Momiji catches a ball and throws it right back, narrowly missing her target. The other girls in the front aren’t slacking either. The brunette, you think her name is Reimu, is taking advantage of Momiji’s reckless aim to pick her targets and take out whoever is distracted and the two girls designated to catching are doing just that. Until the short girl Rinnosuke warned you about sends a ball straight into one of their faces that is.

Afterward, whatever offensive your team had going quickly collapses as the girl sends ball after ball at your teammates. Shou gets hit next, followed by Reimu, Mathew, and James.

Then she sees you, and breaks into a sadistic grin. You steel yourself to dodge the instant she throws. You narrowly manage to dive to the side in time to avoid and watch as the ball flies past and plows into Rinnosuke. You didn’t where he got hit, but considering his sudden change in pitch, you expect he won’t be recovering anytime soon.

“So glad that wasn’t me.” You wheeze out as you turn back to face the other team.

“Suika can be downright vicious in dodge ball!” Tyrone says as he passes you a ball. You suspect Rinnosuke would agree with him, were he able to speak.

Nodding in agreement, you pitch the ball as hard as you can at Suika. The ball keeps flies over her as she attempts to make herself an even smaller target. Cirno has the misfortune of being behind Suika at the time.

Another barrage, this time less directly aimed at you. Tyrone and the dark haired girl in the back are the next to fall. You manage to dodge another Suika-bomb, and no one else gets hit.

Yuugi isn’t taking the terrible losses lying down though; she’s still keeping up a good offensive by knocking Suika’s team out one by one.

Yuugi almost single handedly eliminates all of the remaining opponents. Suika manages to finally pin down and eliminate Momiji.

That leaves it’s just the three of you. You can’t help but respect Suika, considering despite her small stature, she managed to take out almost your entire team. She is still determined to bring you down though, and throws yet another ball at you.

You stand firm, having seen that this particular ball is unavoidable. It hits you dead in the center of your chest. You to stumble back, barely managing to wrap your arms around the ball.

Between your stinging chest, the cheers of the class, and Suika’s dumbstruck look, you aren’t quite sure how to respond. You’re still gasping for breath as your team circles around you and showers you with praise.

“It takes balls to try and catch one of Suika’s throws!” Rinnosuke yells in your ear. He seems to have recovered quickly enough.

“That was amazing!” Momiji says with a gigantic smile.

Yuugi slaps you in the back causing you to drop the ball, “Not bad, that’s the first time a student has actually caught one of Suika’s throws.”

Suika forces her way into the circle around you and holds out her hand, “You got balls newbie.” Her statement seems to have shocked everyone in the room.

Grabbing her hand you say, “That was one heck of a throw.”

She grins. “Let’s see how you handle round two.”

Round two goes a bit more painfully for you. The opposing team targets you for most of the match. Luckily, focusing on you means neglecting to aim for your teammates. Your team’s counter-offensive proceeds to steamroll the opposing team’s weaker members.

Cirno throws a ball at you and you catch it, only to be beaned in the face by Suika. The force of the impact knocks you flat on your back. In the end, your team prevails.

The third match is cut short by Yuugi calling out to the class, “Okay everyone time to get changed. Good job today everyone!”

You walk into the locker room feeling more than a little tired and having a bit of trouble breathing. You sit on one of the benches to catch your breath and get a better look at your teammates from the match.

Tyrone stands at least four inches taller than you and has dark brown skin, an afro, and blue eyes.

Mathew and James look like they could be brothers. They’re about the same height as you with long blonde hair for the former and short and spiked blonde hair the on the latter. Both have green eyes.

Ryan is just a little bit shorter than you, with glasses, short brown hair and hazel eyes.

Leon has Red hair with the tips dyed black, about your height, and blue eyes.

Last is Rinnosuke, though he’s already left the locker room. He’s just an inch or two taller than you, and has that gold-eyed half albino look.

After you finish catching your breath, you get changed and head out to the gym. You see Rinnosuke and Shou sitting on the bleachers with another blonde girl. Rinnosuke waves for you to come over and you do.

“Hey Alex, got any after school plans?” Rinnosuke asks.

“I’m going shopping with my aunt. I need to get some furniture for my room.”

“Your best bet would be to go to the Kirisame Shopping Center.” The blonde says with a whimsical tone. “Before you ask, I’m Marisa Kirisame. My old man owns the shopping center.”

“That’s pretty cool.” you say.

“Nah, not really. He’s kinda stingy and doesn’t really care about anything else.”

“Don’t disrespect him so often. He is your father, after all.” Rinnosuke admonishes. Marisa only shrugs in response.

“Say Alex,” Shou says, “How about you and I go shopping first and meet Byakuren there when she’s done here.”

“Yeah! I could give you a ride!” Rinnosuke says. “I’m already giving Marisa a ride.”

“You drive?”

“Duh, I have a job. I need to drive.”

Shou looks at you questioningly, “So, how about it? Byakuren gave me money in case you wanted to.”

[] Sure, the sooner you get it done the sooner you can rest.
[] Nah, you want some alone time anyway.
Okay, this update is shorter than usual. But you we have now completed the first day of school and things will, hopefully, go smoothly from here on out.

I would also like to thank my proofreader for his help with this scene. The whole project is becoming a cooperative effort that I couldn't do with out him.
No. 47343
[x] Sure, the sooner you get it done the sooner you can rest.
No. 47344
[x] Sure, the sooner you get it done the sooner you can rest.
No. 47345
[X] Sure, the sooner you get it done the sooner you can rest.

Works for me~!
No. 47346
[x] Sure, the sooner you get it done the sooner you can rest.

Yeah. Tanking chest-shots sucks.
No. 47347
[X] Sure, the sooner you get it done the sooner you can rest.

I'm actually curious what the other option will do, but it seems a little out of character for Alex to ditch his mates.
No. 47382
Okay, I'm going to start writing soon, Expect a Fairly long update, so don't expect it today or tomorrow. Please be patient. In the mean time Feel free to ask any questions and I'll do my best to answer.
No. 47412
File 13529504733.jpg - (399.47KB , 500x637 , 1c9a03934ebb47652dd933f6cfbaf554.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Yeah, let’s go shopping. No sense putting it off for later.”

“I figured you’d say something like that.” Shou says.

“Why is that?” Marisa asks.

“From what I know about him it just seems like something he would say.” It’s obvious Byakuren talks about you, but just what does she say exactly?

“Just how well do you two know each other?” Marisa says with an impish smile.

“Most of what I know I hear from Byakuren, but I did meet him once before he moved here.”

That elicits a response from Rinnosuke, “Oh really? When did you meet him?”

Shou looks at you and back to Rinnosuke, “We met at a Halloween party last year.”

You don’t recall seeing her; then again, everyone was in a costume. Your costume was actually pretty common. You were one of twenty-something police officers there. The costume wasn’t your first choice but it worked for such short notice. Now that you think about it, you did spend a fair amount of time with someone dressed as the Batgirl.

“Who’s Halloween party?” Marisa asked.

“Chiyuri’s,” you reply not expecting them to know who she is.

“Wait,” Rinnosuke stops whatever it is Marisa was about to say, “Chiyuri Kitashirakawa?” You nod. “I wondered where she disappeared to.”

“Wow, you sure are out of the loop Kourin,” Marisa emphasizes his nickname by practically singing it.

Rinnosuke opens his mouth to respond when the bell rings and Shou claps her hands together and says, “Okay, now that schools out are you still offering to give us a ride Rinnosuke?”

“Yeah, it’s no problem.” He says as he stands up and stretches.

“Shotgun!” Marisa says as she stands up.

The four of you make your way to the parking lot with Rinnosuke at the head of the group. Shou and Marisa are talking about their classes and guy trouble on Marisa’s part, you aren’t really listening them.

When you get to Rinnosuke’s car you note that it isn’t the most impressive thing you’ve seen. It’s silver two door car that could use a run through a car wash. Cars aren’t your strong suit so you have no idea what the model is. He unlocks the door with a press of a button on his keychain and Shou opens up the passenger door and slides and leans the seat forward and climbs into the back seat and you awkwardly follow suit. Why anyone would choose to sit in the back of these cars is beyond you. It doesn’t help that Rinnosuke has trash all over the seat, which Shou pushed onto the floor, and what wouldn’t go there got pushed against the window. It is still a tight fit with you and Shou practically on each other’s laps barely able to get your seatbelts on.

“Sorry ‘bout the mess back there,” Rinnosuke says as he starts the car, “I keep meaning to clean it out.”

“It’s no problem,” Shou responds. ‘No problem’ really? There is literally no space between the two of you. You sigh, assuming she’s just too nice to complain about it.

You didn’t really notice it this morning, but Shou’s purse has a tiger stripe pattern on it. You only notice now because she has it set partially on your lap. As you look at it, you realize that you don’t have your backpack. You don’t remember having it during study hall either so that must mean you left it in math class. Oh well, nothing you can do about it now.

Rinnosuke turns on the radio and puts in a cd before he starts driving. You recognize the band almost instantly, Shinedown, one of your favorites. You whisper the lyrics along with the songs as Rinnosuke complains about his job and Marisa whines about how unfair her dad is.

At some point your whisper got loud enough for Shou to hear you, “Are you singing?”

“Yeah,” you can feel your face turn red as she looks at you.

“It sounds good.”

“Really?” You’ve never really had other people hear your singing, much less comment on it.

“Yeah.” Smiling you sing a little louder, but not by much.

You reach the shopping center after about twenty minutes. The center is made up of three sections, a large central mall, a strip mall, and restaurants. You lean forward and ask Marisa in disbelief, “Your dad owns all this?”

“Well, he owns the buildings, but obviously not all the stores. Most of his income comes from the money he gets from the stores when they pay their rent.” She says this with very little enthusiasm.

While Rinnosuke tries to find a suitable place to park you stare at the main mall. It has to be at least three, maybe four floors.

Rinnosuke parks relatively close to one of the malls entrances and everyone exits the car. “I’m running a little bit late so I’ll be seeing you guys later!” Rinnosuke says as he locks the doors and walks off.

Marisa looks at you and Shou, “Do you mind if I tag along with you two?”

“Of course not,” Shou says as she stretches. You realize just how tall she is, she seems to be just a few inches shorter than you and a few inches taller than Marisa.

“So where do you recommend we go first?” You ask.

Shou looks thoughtful for a moment before answering, “Well, we don’t have a car to put anything heavy in so how about we go shopping for clothes?”

“My clothes are fine though.”

“I saw what you were wearing when you arrived. If you think having faded shirts and jeans with holes in them are ‘fine’ then we really need to get you new clothes!”

“H-hey! Not all my clothes are like that, those just happen to be the most comfortable!”

“Excuses,” Shou says, crossing her arms and looking at you sternly, “We are getting you new clothes and that’s that!” You sigh as she leads you into the mall with Marisa following behind and giggling. “Besides,” she adds, “you only have the one uniform, we should get you a couple extra shirts and pants.” She did have a point; wearing the same thing day in and day out can get kind of nasty.

“Fine, you win. So where do we start?” You stop for a moment to look around, three stories, and black and white checkered floors with white walls where there wasn’t some kind of advertisement or sign.

Shou remains quiet and continues marching on. At the pace she’s going you barely have time to look around at the different stores. Eventually you come to a stop JCPenney. “So what do you like to wear?” She finally asks.

“Jeans, t-shirts, and long sleeved shirts.” You reply simply.

“Favorite color?” This time it was Marisa who asks.

“Dark blue.”

“Shirt size?” This time it was Shou.

“I prefer to wear an extra-large because it’s more comfortable.”

Shou looks at you for a moment, “You don’t look like a large.”

“It’s because of my height.” Being six feet four inches tends to mean you need long shirts.

“Fair enough, now let’s get shopping!”

For the next half-hour, the three of you pick out a variety of shirts for you to try on. Your favorites were the ones without a pattern and your two companions agreed with you. Pants are simpler; you found a few jeans that fit you nicely. As for school clothes you simply grabbed a few button up shirts and dress pants. Three pairs of blue jeans and six t-shirts, two blue, one red, one green, one white, and one black.

At the checkout line you hear a phone ring. Shou open up her purse and takes out her phone it looks like a smart phone, she looks at it and hands it to you. “It’s Byakuren. Can you answer it while I pay?”

“Sure,” you take the phone from her and answer it, “Hello.”

You hear Byakuren’s voice, “Hi Alex. Where are you guys?”

“We’re at JCPenney right now.”

“Are you almost done there?”

“Yeah, we’re at the checkout now. Are you done at school?”

“Yes, I’m on my way to the mall now. Can you meet me at Furniture Outlet on the first floor?”

“We can do that. See you in a bit, bye.”

“Okay bye.” You hear a click on the phone as she hangs up. Shou has finished in the checkout line now so you make your way over to her and Marisa.

“She wants us to meet her at Furniture Outlet.”

“Okay,” Shou says. She then looks at Marisa, “Are you going to come with us?”

“Nah, I think I’ll go bug Kourin at work. Bye-bye!” She smiles and walks off.

Shou hands you your clothes and asks, “So what exactly do you want for your room?”

“Really I just want a dresser and a desk so I can do my homework.” You say with a shrug.

She nods, “Okay follow me.” She starts walking at her brisk pace until you reach the furniture store. “Let’s go in and start looking around.”

You look at dressers first. You don’t really need a large one so you decide to look at four drawer dressers. You decide on a simple oak dresser with metal knobs for the handles. You start to head over to where the desks are on display when Shou’s phone rings again.

“Hello? Yeah were at Furniture Outlet. We found a dresser he likes. Yeah, we’ll wait right here for you.” She hangs up and says to you, “She wants us to wait here.”

“Okay.” You check your watch, three forty-six, it feels later than that. “Hey Shou, how long have you been living with my aunt?”

She seems a little surprised by your question, “Uh well, it’s been about five years now.”

“Five years?!” You can’t hold back your surprise, you had been under the assumption she has been there for a year at most. “Do you visit or talk to your family?”

“I talk to my dad, but I never met my mom.” She looks upset. “My dad is overseas with the army so I don’t see him much.”

“Must be hard to have a parent you rarely get to see.”

“It is, but Byakuren has been like a mother to me and like I said I still get to talk to him and he comes to visit when he’s on leave.” She perks up a little when you put your hand on her shoulder. “Besides it isn’t like he’s,” she stops right there with an apologetic and embarrassed look.

You know exactly what she was going to say, “It’s okay, I understand.”

For the next few minutes there is an awkward silence between the two of you only to be broken by Byakuren, “There you are! How was your day?”

Shou responds first, “It was fun.”

“I had fun too. I seem to have made quite a few new friends.” You say with a smile.

“That’s great! Were you surprised when you got to third period?” Byakuren asks.

“Yeah, I had no idea they moved here!”

Smiling she says, “I thought so. Now let me see the dresser you like.” You point to it and she examines it, “Looks nice. What else do you want for your room?”

“A desk and chair for me to work on homework would be nice.”

“Okay then let’s go take a look.” The three of you walk over to the section where the desks are located and start looking around.

One desk catches your eye. It is a metal and black plastic desk with four drawers on each side, a long center drawer, and a removable shelf that would otherwise be on top of the desk. “This one looks nice.”

“I agree,” Shou says.

“Are you sure you want this one?” Byakuren asks.

You think for a moment, “Yes, I’m sure.”

Byakuren nods and looks around for an employee, which she spots fairly quickly and goes over to him.

“So Alex, how good of a cook are you?” Shou’s question seems like it came out of nowhere.

“I’m an okay cook. Why?” You only ever cooked for your mom, but she liked it.

“Byakuren will probably want to cook and she isn’t the best cook in the world.”

“And you want me to cook?”

“I’ll help!” She responds a little defensively, like she thought you were upset.

Byakuren comes back, “I’m going to go pay and then I’ll meet you two near the entrance.”

You and Shou agree and head to the entrance of the store and wait for a few minutes. The whole time you keep thinking about what you would want to cook for dinner. “What kinds of food do you like to eat?”

“Hmm…” she pauses. “I eat just about anything.” That doesn’t narrow it down at all.

You are kind of in the mood for pizza maybe that would work. “How about pizza?”

“Yeah, pizza sounds nice. I think we have most of what we need at home.” Pizza it is then.

Byakuren comes from the register and says, “They’ll bring them out to the car, but we’ll have to get them into the house.” Oh joy, heavy lifting. Byakuren must have seen the look on your face, “Don’t worry, I asked Ms. Hoshiguma to help out so she’ll be waiting for us.”

The three of you head outside to the car. It is simple blue minivan that gives off a soccer mom vibe. You fold most of the seats into the floor to make room for the dresser and desk. After a few minutes, a couple employees from the store come out pulling your furnishings on a cart and proceed to load them up into the car. The desk is in a box, “Some assembly required,” you remark, not that you really expected it to come already put together. They leave after you give them your thanks.

You let Shou sit in the front. Other than your purchases the car is remarkably clean, it almost looks new.

“Alex said he’ll cook,” Shou says with a glance back to you.

Byakuren had already started driving at this point, “Oh? That’s nice of you Alex! What do you plan on making?”

“I was thinking of pizza. Shou said we should have most of the ingredients already.”

“That’s right,” she seems to be looking forward to dinner.

The rest of the car ride was spent listening to the radio. When you get home you see a red car similar to Rinnosuke’s in the driveway and Byakuren parks next to it. As you get out of the car you see Ms. Hoshiguma getting out of hers.

Everyone exchanges a quick greeting and gets to work with you and Ms. Hoshiguma carrying the dresser and Shou and Byakuren carrying the desk. The dresser is a lot heavier than it looks and takes you a little bit to get a good grip on it, though the gym teacher seems to have no issue with it. Almost as soon as you get the dresser inside you have to set it down due to your hands hurting. The stairs are your next hurdle; you let your teacher lead the way up the stairs. You don’t have any major issues getting the dresser up there but once again you have to set it down this time due to fatigue.

Shou and Byakuren have gotten the desk into your room and assist you for the remainder of the way and setting it down in the far left corner of your room, opposite of your bed. You take a seat on your bed now that the hard work is over; you weren’t exactly built for heavy lifting. Ms. Hoshiguma on the other hand seems just fine like it was nothing. Byakuren and Shou got off a little easier with the desk.

“Thanks a lot Yuugi!” Byakuren says with a smile.

Smiling back she responds, “Don’t mention it! Always happy to help!”

“Do you want to stay for dinner?” Your aunt offers.

Ms. Hoshiguma shakes her head, “No thanks. I’ve already got plans for tonight so I think I’ll be going now.”

You and Shou say goodbye as she walks out of the room followed by Byakuren and you hear the two of them talk as they walk down the stairs.

Shou takes a seat next to you on your bed. “So,” she pauses for a moment, “when are you gonna make dinner?”

“Ugh, can I rest first? It’s still pretty early!” You whine.

“Of course! I was just wondering.” She says grinning.

You hear the front door close and decide to take a look at your watch, four thirty-two. You decide that you’ll start cooking at five o’clock.

“I’ll be right back, I’m gonna grab some hangers for your shirts.”

You stop her, “Don’t worry about it. I’ll just fold ‘em and put them in the dresser.”

“Oh, okay. Well I’m going to head downstairs then.”

“Bye.” After she leaves you decide that it’s time to unpack. First up is your suitcase, the clothes in it are already folded so you just put them straight into the dresser. Shirts in the first drawer, pants in the second, socks and underwear in the third, and the fourth you can store miscellaneous items in. Next you unpack your duffle bag containing basic toiletries along with a small cd radio and memorabilia like cards and pictures. Your old backpack is stuffed full of cd’s and books which you store on top of your dresser for the time being.

You start looking through your pictures when one in particular catches your attention. It’s a picture of you, your mom, Tenshi, and Iku. This picture was when you were in kindergarten at a school picnic. As you look at the picture your eyes linger on your mom. She always had beautiful brown hair and brown eyes. People always say you have her eyes. A tear flows down your cheek and you set the picture down on the nightstand. You’ll have to ask Byakuren for a frame for it sometime.

“Time to start making some pizza,” you whisper to yourself as you walk out of the room.

The kitchen has a nice feel to it, you aren’t quite sure why. As you start to gather the ingredients Shou comes over from the computer to help and the two of you silently start working. Making the dough was a little more difficult than usual, but after that the rest of the pizza came together nicely. When it was all said and done you had two large pizzas ready to go in the oven, which is tiered so you can put them both in at the same time. You set a timer and let them cook.

Seeing you are a little preoccupied Shou offers to clean up while you rest and you gladly take her up on her offer. You head to your room and put a cd in the radio and lay down on your bed. You don’t really listen to the music, instead using it as mindless noise while you try to clear your head.

You lose track of time and are shocked when Shou walks into your room, perhaps you should have closed it.

“Hey Alex, the pizzas are ready.” She looks at you concernedly.

“Okay,” you say as you slide out of bed.

When you reach the kitchen you notice someone already took the pizzas out of the oven and sliced them. Byakuren is at the dining room table with a whole pizza in the center and plates laid out with glasses of water next to them. Shou takes a seat next to her and you sit across from Shou.

“Before we start,” Byakuren says as you reach for a slice, “I have something for you.” She hands you a small box wrapped up like a present. To your surprise under the wrapping is a brand new cellphone! It isn’t a smart phone but you never owned a cellphone before.

A ginormous smile appears on your face, “Thank you so much!”

Byakuren smiles warmly at you, “I hope you don’t mind but I opened it up already and put the numbers for Shou and myself in it.”

“No I don’t mind at all!”

Dinner is well received. The pizzas are just pepperoni, but you added a few spices and seasonings to the sauce for flavor. After dinner, there is still a whole pizza left over which gets stored in the fridge.

It is still early but you are pretty tired, “I think I’ll go to bed early tonight.”

“Okay, be sure to set your alarm for the morning.” Byakuren says as she finishes putting the plates in the dishwasher.

“Goodnight Alex!” Shou says with a smile.

You strip your clothes and put on a pair of shorts before you lay down. Sleep takes you almost instantly.
You look down and see that you are standing on a cliff. To your left you see your mother falling as if she’s in slow motion. You blink and find yourself staring into a cracked mirror. Each shard shows a scene from your past. The largest shard is when you found your mom dead. You look away and the room spins and fades leaving you in a perpetual darkness. You turn around to see a light.

As you walk towards the light you get a growing sense of uneasiness. When you are within about twenty feet of the source a dark figure walks out of the light and approaches you. It’s about your height and weight but its face appears to be melting. Pieces of the face drip off and vanish. All of a sudden you feel something in your stomach and you look down. You see its hand and blood flowing from your gut. Looking back up you see it open its near liquid mouth and hear it scream causing you to scream as well. The two screams are nearly identical.
You sit up suddenly gasping for breath and in a cold sweat. A nightmare? You hear commotion from the hall and then just outside your door. The door is burst open and Byakuren comes rushing in wearing a purple nightgown and behind her you see Shou covering herself with a blanket.

“Alex are you okay?” Byakuren sounds as scared as she was worried.

“Y-yeah, I think so,” you say, still gasping for breath, “it was just a nightmare.”

“That’s good; you had me scared for a moment there.”

Shou still looks worried, “Do you want to talk about it?”

“I don’t really remember it,” you lie. You look at the alarm clock, three-o-two. You must have screamed pretty loud to wake them both up.

Byakuren hugs you tight. “Will you be okay?”

“Yeah,” you whisper.

Byakuren releases you and start out the door. The whole time Shou still has a worried look on her face and watches you even as Byakuren closes the door. Sleep comes quickly once again.

You are woken up by the familiar sound of an alarm clock. Why did you set it for six again? Right you need to shower and have breakfast.

You grab your clothes and head to the shower. After cleaning up, you get dressed and head downstairs to the kitchen to grab some breakfast. Cereal will do for now. Shou joins you after her shower and also has a bowl of cereal.

You finish eating before Shou does and find you are feeling a little antsy. Maybe you ought to head to school now?
[] Go now
- () Grab your books that you left in Ms. Yakumo’s classroom.
- () See if Yukari is in her “office” you should talk to a professional about that dream.
[] Wait for Shou.
() Ask her to take you to the library.
() Tell her about the dream maybe she could offer some insight.
Longest update so far! I wouldn't get used to it if I were you. I personally feel pretty darn good about this. Feel free to share your opinions and give critics! As always enjoy and have fun!
No. 47413
[x] Go now
- (x) Grab your books that you left in Ms. Yakumo’s classroom.
- [x] Tell shou you're leaving early for your bookbag.
No. 47414
[x] Go now.
- (x) Grab your books that you left in Ms. Yakumo’s classroom.
- (x) See if Yukari is in her “office”. You should talk to a professional about that dream.

If it's not possible to choose both, I'll go with the second one. I get the feeling Yukari will be more helpful than Shou, and this is kind of a serious problem.

If I may raise a point of criticism, it seems to me like the update's unimportant things got a little too much attention. Alex's shopping trip and dinner went on and on, and then his dream, which struck me as much more important in the grand scheme of things, only lasted two paragraphs. I think you could leave out some of the more minor details, like the colors of Alex's shirts, if they don't add anything to the plot.
No. 47416
[X] Go now
- (X) Grab your books that you left in Ms. Yakumo’s classroom.
- [x] Tell Shou you're leaving early for your bookbag.

Shou seems pretty chill and understanding, but Alex did straight-up lie about not remembering the nightmare. She would probably just worry and be unable to help anyway.

On another note, perhaps the peculiar detail levels are relevant after all. The narration seems to lose detail at points where Alex is confronted with his issues and painful memories. Alex is probably trying to seem normal and vastly over-correcting. He seems to need the appearance of stability at least.

Seeing Yukari about the night terrors can wait until we know if they will be recurring. Alex didn't seem to find the nightmare familiar at least.
No. 47417
[X] Go now
- (X) Grab your books that you left in Ms. Yakumo’s classroom.
- [x] Tell Shou you're leaving early for your bookbag.

Always hated leaving my stuff in class like that.
No. 47418
[x] Go now.
-[x] Grab your books that you left in Ms. Yakumo's classroom.
-[x] Tell Shou that you're leaving early for your bookbag.

>He unlocks the door with a press of a button on his keychain and Shou opens up the passenger door and slides and leans the seat forward and climbs into the back seat and you awkwardly follow suit.
>and and and and and
Cool run-on, bro. If your proofreader didn't catch this, among several other things, maybe consider reading through the update after the proofreader has made his/her changes. It helps one prevent mistakes from being made.
No. 47420
[X] Go now
- (X) Grab your books that you left in Ms. Yakumo’s classroom.
- [x] Tell Shou you're leaving early for your bookbag.

Seems to be the best idea.
No. 47459
File 13532741591.jpg - (204.88KB , 850x983 , sample-df00b2775ffad80acdcc1781ad5abe78.jpg ) [iqdb]
Going to call it here and start writing later.

He's right, The level of detail is very relevant. The amount of detail I give will depend on how Alex is feeling at the moment. The better he feels the more description will be given, even if it seems irrelevant, and the lack of detail means he is depressed. As he gets better the amount of detail will become more consistent.

I'll keep an eye out for those pesky run-on sentences among other things.

Lastly enjoy the (relevant?) picture.!
No. 47609
File 135415071070.jpg - (233.47KB , 850x756 , sample-7fbcb379e05b53ac68d79af1f01c99cc.jpg ) [iqdb]
You decide to go and retrieve your books from Ms. Yakumo’s classroom before you forget. As you head out the door, you call back, “Shou, I’m going to head to school now. I left my backpack in math class so I’ll pick it up and meet you in homeroom.”

Shou looks a little disappointed, “Oh, okay. I’ll see you later then.”

You walk out the door feeling a little guilty. Not only did you lie to her last night, you are avoiding her, even if it isn’t intentional. You push those thoughts to the back of your head and focus on the upcoming day.

The walk to the school is uneventful and boring. When you enter the building you are surprised to see a girl with short and messy black hair. She doesn’t seem too tall, maybe a little under average.

She sees you and flashes you a toothy grin before running off down the hall. Whoever she is, you don’t really care at the moment, as your books are a bigger priority. Paying the strange girl no mind, you head to Ms. Yakumo’s room to find the door wide open, with Ms. Yakumo and Ms. Knowledge in there talking.

Ms. Knowledge, the first to notice you, says, “We’ll talk about this later.” She gestures to you, “We have a guest.”

Ms. Yakumo turns to see you. You notice her eyes seem red and have dark circles under them. “Good morning Alex. How can I help you?” Her voice is shaky.

“Uh, I’m sorry; I think I left my backpack here yesterday.” You feel really embarrassed.

Ms. Yakumo walks to her desk and picks up your backpack. “Here you go. Try not to lose it again.” She smiles as you take it from her.

The chemistry teacher walks joins the two of you in the front. “You are here rather early,” she comments.

“Is it really that early?” You ask, checking the clock. Class won’t start for another twenty minutes. “Well, sorry for interrupting you two, I’ll be going now.”

As you leave the room you see the strange black haired girl poking her head out from around a corner. Her head disappears behind the wall when you look at her. Is she following you?

You walk down the hall toward where she was only to turn the corner and not see any trace of her. Chalking it up to weirdness, you shrug and start walking down the hall towards homeroom. The whole while you get the feeling you’re being watched.

The halls progressively get more crowded as you walk and you are purposefully taking the long way to kill time. You turn a corner and see the girl again. She’s in the middle of the hall facing you. She flashes you another grin, walks down the rest of the hall, and takes a left. When you get to the end you take a right towards your homeroom.

As you walk down the hall, you slide your left arm out of its strap, having never really found it comfortable to carry a backpack like that. The black haired girl comes out of nowhere and tackles you. She stands up, snagging your backpack and runs down the hall.

You stand up as fast as you can and give chase. “Stop!” You yell. She’s fast but clumsy. Her repeated collisions with other students allow you to quickly begin closing the gap.

There are still a good four or five feet between the two of you when she barrels through a group of students. Going too fast to stop, you end up falling over the students. Apologizing as you stand back up, you think you’ve lost sight of the girl. Looking around a bit, you notice a door that wasn’t open a minute ago and rush through it.

The door leads to a staircase going up with another open door at the top. You rush up the stairs to find they lead to the roof. Your backpack is in the middle of the roof, but that girl is nowhere to be seen.

“Where did she go?” You wonder aloud as you walk towards your newly re-retrieved possessions. “Huh,” you see an envelope sticking out of the front pocket, “what’s this?”

You open the envelope and read the letter inside, at least you attempt to. It appears to be in some kind of code. You sit there for a while trying to figure it out, it doesn’t really help that it doesn’t even use letters. Instead it uses strange symbols.

You are brought back to your senses by the bell ringing. “Crap!” You have five minutes to get to class before being counted late. You grab your books, rush down the stairs, through the hall and stop in front of the classroom in order to take a moment to compose yourself. You calmly walk through the door only moments before the bell rings and make your way to your desk.

Mokou whispers in your ear, “Are you okay? I saw you running in the hall.”

“Long story short,” you pause for a moment thinking of the best way to phrase it, “someone stole my backpack and I was chasing them.”

“I’m glad you got it back in time!”

“Me too.” You can’t help but wonder who that girl was and why she tried to steal your stuff.

Roll call finishes up and the students move around to be near their friends. Mokou stays near you while Yamame sits on Parsee’s desk and chats with her. Shou is preoccupied with another student; a brunette whom you think was on your team in dodge ball yesterday.

“Hey Mokou,” you wait for her to look you in the eyes before asking…

Choose One
[] What do you make of this? (Show her the letter that was in your backpack)
[] Do you want to hang out after school? (If this, choose one of the following)
() At Alex’s place
() At the mall
() Here at the school (Pick a location, Ex. Library, Gym, Track Field, etc.)
Okay here you go. It's shorter than previous updates but I was having trouble with writers block and a multitude of distractions. Hope it turned out okay. Enjoy!
No. 47611
[x] What do you make of this? (Show her the letter that was in your backpack)
No. 47612
[x] What do you make of this? (Show her the letter that was in your backpack)

Can't be locking down our afternoon this early in the day.
No. 47613
[x] What do you make of this? (Show her the letter that was in your backpack)

Even if she cannot decode the message, she would at least know who is behind it.
No. 47615
You're assuming that Mokou knows the girl and that Alex can give an accurate description of her.
No. 47620
[X] What do you make of this? (Show her the letter that was in your backpack)
Alright, let's see if Mokou can tell us anything
No. 47636
Okay, I'm calling the vote. Unanimous once again. I'll get to work at some point today.

On a side note, are people losing interest or are they just busy with finals coming up? I'd also like some feedback on what I should try to improve on story-wise.
No. 47637
If you're worried about vote counts, it's pretty natural for them to drop sometimes, especially when things look unanimous.

You seem to have found your own writing style and people follow the story, so you'll be alright if you can keep updating. Interest will probably go up once we start fighting over routes.

The romance tends to be the main attraction in stories like these, so I'd say to focus on making your Touhous distinctive and developed. You've been doing that already, so just be sure not to let them stagnate or get stuck with one distinctive character trait.
No. 47638
Part of it may also be people like me, who read intently, but rarely vote.
No. 47640
I don't feel the need to vote if the option I want is clearly winning.
No. 47665
File 135524565522.jpg - (252.81KB , 850x948 , sample-4eb7afd48e860d990e88ca4bb8e8fedd.jpg ) [iqdb]
“What do you make of this?” You hand Mokou the note.

Mokou gives you a confused look for a moment before taking the note. She stares at it intently, she flips it upside-down, tilts it to the side, and even flips it over. “What is this supposed to be?”

“I don’t know,” you say with a shrug, “the girl who stole my backpack put it in the front pouch. Do you have any idea who it was?”

“Sorry, I didn’t see her. What’d she look like?”

You think for a moment. “I didn’t really get a good look at her, but she had short black hair that was kinda messy. She was about your height.”

“Did you see her face?” You shake your head in response. “Oh, well I can’t really help you then. Sorry.” She hands you back the note.

“Thanks anyway. I’ve got a feeling that today won’t be the last I see of her.”

“The last you see of who?” You hear Shou say. You turn and see her standing there.

“Some girl tried to steal my backpack. I have no idea who it is and I didn’t get a good look at her either.” You say quickly.

“I see.” She still seems concerned. “Oh! Byakuren wanted me to make sure you have this!” She pulls your cellphone out of her purse and hands it to you. “She wanted me to tell you to have it with you at all times. You know, in case you make last minute plans and need to tell her.”

“Okay, thanks.” You slide the phone into your pants pocket and check your backpack to make sure nothing was taken. It looks like everything is still there.

“I’m surprised you didn’t have a phone already,” says Mokou.

“I never needed one.” You see a curious look on her face and quickly add, “I hardly went out and when I did someone would have a phone I could borrow.”

You suddenly hear laughter coming from your right. Your first assumption is that it’s Yamame but when you look you’re surprised to see that Parsee is the one laughing. Part of you wonders what Yamame had said, while the other part wants to know why she supposedly hates men.

You spend the rest of homeroom barely listening to Shou and Mokou’s conversation. They are mostly talking about clothes and guys. It sounds like Shou is trying to encourage Mokou to go to the dance this weekend.

“Alex, tell Mokou to go to the dance on Sunday!” Shou whines.

You’re surprised when she suddenly involves you. “Huh, what? She shouldn’t have to go if she doesn’t want to.”

Shou pouts a little, “You’re supposed to agree with me!”

“But it’s Mokou’s choice! We have no right to force her to go!”

“I never said that I wasn’t going.” Mokou says in a voice barely above a whisper. “But I also never said that I was going. I don’t really want to go alone.”

Shou smiles, “You won’t be alone! I’ll be there too!”

Shaking her head Mokou says, “That isn’t what I meant.” Her face starts to turn red.

“Then what do you mean?” You ask this even though you know exactly what she means.

“I want to go with a guy.” Her face is a bright red now. You can’t help but think that she looks cute like this.

“Why don’t you and Alex go together?” Shou says as innocently as she can manage. You had expected this to turn around on you, but it still makes you feel embarrassed.

“H-hey! I’m not sure if I’m going either!” You blurt out.

“And what’s your reason?” Shou leans closer to you.

“Um well, I can’t dance,” you mumble.

“Sorry I couldn’t hear you. What did you say?”

“I said I can’t dance.” You repeat, this time louder.

Shou laughs and says, “That’s it? No one goes to dance! They go to hang out with their friends and have fun!”

“Not everyone,” Mokou says, “some people go because they are dating or on their first date.”

Shou sighs, “A school dance is hardly romantic.”

“I disagree. When you’re dancing with your partner, just being close to them and feeling their arms around you regardless of who is watching it’s very romantic.” Mokou has a wistful expression. “Don’t you agree Alex?”

“Um yeah, I guess.” You can’t help but wonder why they think you have the answer to their questions.

“Told you so!” Mokou sounds like a little kid when she says that.

Shou opens her mouth to respond but is interrupted by the bell. “We’ll continue this later. Bye!”

“Bye.” You and Mokou say in unison.

You and Mokou start to walk to your next class in silence. When you enter you see Remilia sitting in her desk. Her face lights up when she sees you and Mokou enter. Remilia turns around in her seat as you sit down.

“Good morning you two!” She seems really happy this morning.

“Good morning,” you reply.

When the bell rings Ms. Kamishirasawa says, “Pass the work from yesterday to the front of your row.” Good thing you got that done yesterday. After collecting all the papers, she says, “Today we will be watching a short documentary on World War One. But first, I need a volunteer to go to the main office and get the T.V.”

No one seems to be in any hurry to volunteer.

[] Volunteer to do it.
[] Stay there and talk to Remilia and Mokou.
[] Use this opportunity to take a nap, your sleep last night wasn’t particularly restful.
Another short(ish) one. Writers block is a dick. I know what I want to happen but finding the words is kind of a pain right now. As always, enjoy!
No. 47666
[X] Wait a few moments, and volunteer if it really looks like there will be no one else.
-[X] Otherwise, stay there and talk to Remilia and Mokou.

Alex is a nice guy, but I don't know of anyone who isn't willing to slack of if there's already a goody two-shoes in the class.
No. 47667
[X] Wait a few moments, and volunteer if it really looks like there will be no one else.
-[X] Otherwise, stay there and talk to Remilia and Mokou.

Hang in there, writefriend.
No. 47668
[X] Wait a few moments, and volunteer if it really looks like there will be no one else.
-[X] Otherwise, stay there and talk to Remilia and Mokou.

Awesome work writefriend. I would have voted last vote, but a combination of my grandmother's funeral, and exams have left me really busy.
No. 47669
[X] The above write-in
Yeah, sounds about right...let's just make sure we don't volunteer too quickly. I think all of us know how these things work.
No. 47670
[X] Stay there and talk to Remilia and Mokou.

Works for me~!
No. 47671
[X] Wait a few moments, and volunteer if it really looks like there will be no one else.
-[X] Otherwise, stay there and talk to Remilia and Mokou.

Dunno what to tell ya about the writer's block thing, other than the fact that myself and others Anon very much appreciate any time you are willing to spend here writing for us.
No. 47673
[X] Wait a few moments, and volunteer if it really looks like there will be no one else.
-[X] Otherwise, stay there and talk to Remilia and Mokou.
No. 47696
Okay, I'm going to start writing now! I'll try to have the update ready by Sunday. It partially depends on my proofreader.
No. 47703
Most excellent writefag! I rejoice upon hearing this.
No. 47704
File 135562312477.jpg - (135.35KB , 850x501 , sample-58a102183c08769294c2fcd386081a41.jpg ) [iqdb]
You wait for a moment to see if anyone volunteers. A few other students start slowly inching their hands upwards. With an exaggerated sigh, a girl a few seats ahead of you raises her hand and says, “I’ll do it.”

“Thank you, Lunasa.” Ms. Kamishirasawa says as she writes her a pass.

When Lunasa stands up, you note that she isn’t really all that remarkable at first glance. She has short blonde hair and average height and weight. Her gold eyes stand out amongst an otherwise simple look.

After Lunasa leaves the room, the class erupts into conversations. Remilia turns around in her seat to face you and Mokou. “Say, Alex, I heard that you and Tenshi used to date. Is that true?”

You hear a gasp from Mokou and simply respond with, “That’s right.”

“Why did you break up with her?”

“She was really clingy and she wanted to move faster than I would have liked.”

“She was moving too fast for you? I think that may be the first time I have ever heard a man say that!” Remilia has a look of disbelief.

“I wasn’t sure if I loved her or if I just considered her a really good friend. I didn’t want to go that far until I was certain.”

“You are a strange man Alex.” Remilia says with a sigh.

Mokou’s face is slightly red as she says, “I think he made the right choice! You shouldn’t do something like that unless you’re certain that you love the person!”

“I know that!” Remilia responds. “Regardless, how do you feel about her?”

What kind of question is that? “Uh, well I hadn’t seen her in two years so it feels a little awkward around her. Can we change the subject, I feel a little uncomfortable.”

“Okay,” Remilia looks a little disappointed. Maybe she likes gossiping. “Do you plan on joining any clubs?”

Shrugging you say, “I don’t know. I’m not sure what clubs there are anyway.”

Mokou says with a smile, “I’m a member of the band, and Remilia is on the student council. Aya is the president of the Photography club and she runs the school newspaper.”

“If you can call that garbage news,” scoffs Remilia.

Mokou frowns a little. “The stuff Aya prints isn’t very,” she pauses for a moment, “good for one’s reputation. Luckily no one really pays attention to what she writes. Instead they read the stuff Hatate writes!”

Remilia nods, “Hatate is definitely the more professional of the two.”

“Who’s Hatate?” You ask.

“She’s Aya’s cousin. But you would think they’re sisters based on how they act!” Mokou answers.

“Getting back on track,” Remilia says, “If you want to know more about the clubs, I would suggest asking around. Most students are in a club or two.”

“I take it I can’t join the student council?”

“Correct. We are elected at the end of the school year by our peers. This year I am going to run for class president!” You recall hearing that Shou is the current class president, looks like she’ll have some competition if she runs again.

“What about the band?”

“Sorry,” Mokou says, “we have to try out at the beginning of the year. We don’t let people join late.”

The door opens and Lunasa pushes a cart with a TV on it into the room. The TV looks old enough that you doubt it even is in color. When Ms. Kamishirasawa plugs it in and turns it on, you are surprised to discover that it is.

When the movie starts the class gets quiet, except for a few students who continue their conversations in hushed tones. The movie itself is, to put it nicely, boring. The narrator has such a monotone voice that you find you have trouble staying awake.

When the bell finally rings, you nearly jump out of your seat in surprise. You had zoned out a little when it got to the details on the soldiers living conditions in the trenches.

You say a quick good bye to Remilia and Mokou and make your way to Chemistry. Once again, you are one of the first students there. To your surprise Youmu isn’t there yet and she only shows up in a rush moments before the bell rings. She doesn’t look too happy, but before you get a chance to ask if everything is alright Ms. Knowledge starts teaching.
The bell rings and you stretch your arms as you stand up. You are about to ask Youmu if she’s alright but she quickly leaves the room before you can even utter a single sound.

Sighing, you pick up your books and head on to Iku’s class. Tenshi runs up to you when you enter. “Alex! Do you still want to go to the amusement park on Friday!?”

You had almost forgotten about that. You only have a couple of dollars, so you would have to ask your aunt for some money. But if you do go, you don’t want to send the wrong message by being alone with her either.

-Choose one
[] Byakuren would lend you money, so why not?
- () Ask some other people if they want to go too. (Choose up to three)
[] Decline, your aunt is doing more than enough for you and you would hate to ask for money so soon.
- () Offer to hang out somewhere else (Mall, Arcade, Park, etc.)
-{} Ask other people if they want to go as well (Up to three people)
[] Write in
Not only am I satisfied with this update, I beat my deadline! I think I'm getting out of the slump I was in. Thank you everyone for the encouragement!

I am sorry if it feels as though I'm kind of forcing the "dance" on you guys. It's a major plot point that will affect how the story will progress. Also, unless something happens in that class I'm either going to skip it or give a brief description of what he does in it.

As for the current choice, It's going to help set up his current relationship with Tenshi. Not only that but there is a chance for someone you ask to tag along to already have plans or just not want to go.

As always, Enjoy and Thanks for reading!
No. 47705
[x] Decline, your aunt is doing more than enough for you and you would hate to ask for money so soon.
- (x) Offer to hang out at the mall.
-- {x} Invite Utsuho, Mokou, and Youmu, too.

Gonna say this choice is a little too open.

Nothing wrong with the dance, though. It's exactly what this story needs.
No. 47707
[X]Sorry, I've already made plans.
-[X]Invite Mokou and Youmu to the mall to hang out.
-[X]Use the time to find out whats up with Youmu.

>set up his current relationship with Tenshi

No thanks broski. Not seeing the appeal of hanging out with a clingy ex-girlfriend.
No. 47709
[x] Decline, your aunt is doing more than enough for you and you would hate to ask for money so soon.
- (x) Offer to hang out at the mall.
-- {x} Invite Utsuho, Mokou, and Youmu, too.
Sound good, I'll take it.
Ditching Tenshi after a few years, no matter how clingy she may be feels rather wrong.
No. 47710
Tenshi is by far less clingy now than when the two were dating. Plus they are still friends, sort of... They ended it on good terms at least.
No. 47711
[x] Decline, your aunt is doing more than enough for you and you would hate to ask for money so soon.
- (x) Offer to hang out at the mall.
-- {x} Invite Utsuho, Mokou, and Youmu, too.

This works for me.
No. 47713
[x] Decline, your aunt is doing more than enough for you and you would hate to ask for money so soon.
-(x) Offer to hang out at the mall.
--{x} Invite Utsuho, Yamame, and Youmu, too.
No. 47715
[x] Decline, your aunt is doing more than enough for you and you would hate to ask for money so soon.
- (x) Offer to hang out at the mall.
-- {x} Invite Utsuho, Mokou, Shou, and Youmu, too.

Not inviting Shou? A travesty.
No. 47717


>Ask other people if they want to go as well (Up to three people)

That said,

[X] Decline, your aunt is doing more than enough for you and you would hate to ask for money so soon.
-(L) Offer to hang out at the mall.
--{R} Invite Shou, Yamame, and Youmu, too.
No. 47719
Would you believe me if I said I forgot to remove Utsuho when I added Shou? No? Me neither.

Nix the Utsuho there.
No. 47720
[x] Decline, your aunt is doing more than enough for you and you would hate to ask for money so soon.
- (x) Offer to hang out at the mall.
-- {x} Invite Mokou, Shou, and Youmu, too.

Feels sort of bad leaving Okuu out but well...
No. 47721

It may feel sorta bad, but does Alex actually know Okuu personally right now?

[x] Decline, your aunt is doing more than enough for you and you would hate to ask for money so soon.
- () Offer to hang out at... THA MALL
-{} Ask Shou, Yamame and momiji (Yamamae is sure to bring Parsee, so there)
No. 47722
I feel that I should remind you all that Utsuho has a broken leg at the moment so asking her to WALK around the mall with you may not be the best idea, just saying. I'll let the votes go for another day or so before I start writing.
No. 47723
Alright, replace Utsuho with Shou in my vote ->>47709
No. 47724
That makes me feel better, I was sort of implying Alex knew her the least compared to the others.
No. 47730
Okay I'm calling it here! Alex will be asking Youmu, Mokou, and Shou if they want to hang out at the mall. I'm going to admit I had something fun planned for the amusement park, but I suppose that scene can come later. I'll try not to take forever with this one.
No. 47755
File 135656255293.jpg - (37.05KB , 441x659 , 4f523b02744ab9bdfcf9fce8e732e525.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Much as I’d like to Tenshi, ‘m broke and I’d rather not have to ask my aunt for money so soon.” She looks very disappointed so you quickly add, “We can hang out at the mall though.”

She smiles suddenly and says, “Okay that’ll be fine!”

“I’m going to invite a few other people to come with us, okay?”

“Yeah, that’s okay.” She doesn’t look like it is okay. You feel a little bad, but at the same time you don’t want to be alone with her and give off the wrong impression. To you it’s over, but you aren’t convinced she feels the same way.

The class begins shortly and Iku has every one get into their groups and get the cake mixes you made yesterday out of the refrigerator.

Tenshi volunteers to go get a pan, leaving you with Parsee, who seems to be in a good mood today. You are about to comment when Tenshi returns with the pan. You pour the batter into the aforementioned pan and Tenshi takes it to the one of the many ovens that line the far wall.

Parsee pulls a notebook out from her backpack and opens it up to a blank page. You see her write “October 16” at the top. You assume it to be a diary.

When she finishes writing you comment on her apparent good mood. “You seem to be having a good day.”

She shrugs, “Why wouldn’t I be?”

Perhaps you shouldn’t have said anything. “I don’t know.”

“Hmph, if anything, you should be the one having a bad day.”

“What do you mean?”

Grinning she says, “I saw your little chase this morning. It was,” she pauses for a moment, “amusing.”

“Do you know who that girl was?” You ask.

“Maybe, maybe not.” Her grin vanishes. “I don’t really like you so I don’t feel like telling you.” After that she begins writing in her diary again.

The class is boring while you wait for your cake to finish in the oven. Parsee is writing in her diary, and Tenshi is staring at you from the other side of the table. When the cake is done you take it out and bring it back to the table. After it cools, Parsee spreads the frosting on it while you call Iku over to let her know it’s done.

She takes a small piece from the corner and says, “If this is anything like I remember it’ll be delicious.” She takes a bite and smiles, “It’s better than I remember! The three of you work well together it seems.” You see Parsee shrug and Tenshi smile. You simply smile; Iku is a tough critic when it comes to food so having her compliment you makes you feel accomplished.

Iku is called over by another group and the three of you divide the cake into thirds. To carry your piece around you put it on a paper plate and put saran wrap around it. Parsee does the same while Tenshi eats hers, despite your and Parsee’s advice not to.

The bell rings and you head towards your next class. When you get there, you see Lily wearing a black version of the outfit she wore yesterday. You hadn’t noticed in homeroom, but Rinnosuke isn’t here.

Class is similar to yesterday with almost everyone working on their paper, and you staring at a blank sheet of paper. Satori on the other hand appears to have finished it and is sketching what appears to be an incredibly detailed self-portrait.

Satori notices you looking at it and puts it away. Her face is noticeably redder though. “Shouldn’t you be working on your paper?” She asks noticing the blank sheet of notebook paper on your desk.

“I would, but I’ve never really thought about the future. Every day for me has been about the here and now.” It sounds silly when you say it out loud.

“Now is a good time to think about the future. The others don’t realize, but Ms. White is actually trying to get us to think about things we normally wouldn’t or that we take for granted.”

Lily shows up out of nowhere and says in a singsong voice, “Satori’s making a friend!” Satori’s face turns a deep red. “I told you it wouldn’t hurt to make friends! I like having friends, except when they annoy me. I don’t like being annoyed, it’s very annoying! What was I saying? Right, you should try hanging out with people after school!” Satori is about to say something when Lily continues, “And I don’t mean in the art club either. I mean go to the mall or see a movie. Walk around the park too, it’s great exercise!”

Before either you or Satori can respond Lily skips away. For the remainder of class Satori has an irritated and defeated look on her face. When the bell finally rings she is the first one out the door.

You wait for Shou and Mokou at the door when Shou says, “Go on ahead. I need to talk to Ms. White for a little bit.”

“Okay,” you say as you and Mokou start to head to the cafeteria.

About halfway there Mokou says she has to use the restroom and tells you to go on.

The line is still short when you arrive. You get the same food as you did yesterday and try to decide where to sit today.

-Choose One
[] Shou may be late but that doesn’t mean you aren’t welcome to sit with Nitori and Murasa.
[] Wait around for Mokou and meet her friends.
[] Youmu said she volunteers in the office during lunch. Maybe you can share some of your food with her?
[] You see Momiji and Sanae sitting together, they probably wouldn’t mind you sitting there.
[] Marisa seems to be alone; perhaps she could use a little company.
[] Find someplace quiet to eat; you should gather your thoughts.
Yet another short one. Expect the next update to be longer.

When you choose who to sit with be aware that there are a few scenes that you can see now and are wise to see as soon as possible. I'll let you decide which choices will lead to such scenes.
No. 47756
[x] Shou may be late, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t welcome to sit with Nitori and Murasa.

I like them both.
No. 47757
[] You see Momiji and Sanae sitting together, they probably wouldn’t mind you sitting there.

The other option is [ ] Sit with Satori
No. 47760
[x] Youmu said she volunteers in the office during lunch. Maybe you can share some of your food with her?

If there was an Okuu choice, I'd have choosen it.
No. 47763
>there are a few scenes that you can see now and are wise to see as soon as possible

[X] Marisa seems to be alone; perhaps she could use a little company.

This looks like it could be an important scene.
No. 47766
[X] Marisa seems to be alone; perhaps she could use a little company.
Alright, let's see what this does...
No. 47773
[x] Marisa seems to be alone; perhaps she could use a little company.

Marisa alone? A shame. We can probably find out why Rinnosuke is absent while we're at it.
No. 47786
Okay, I'm going to call the vote. I feel slightly disappointed that you guys didn't vote to share your food with Youmu. I had also planned an amusing scene had you chosen to eat somewhere quiet.

I'll get to writing soon. I start college next week, but based on my work ethic (or lack of, as the case may be) I don't think it will majorly affect my update speed/rate.
No. 47787
Having a infamously sociable character like Marisa alone basically comes off as suspicious.
No. 47788

Meh, not too worried about Youmu flags at the moment. If we really wanted to see some Youmu action, all we have to do is ask her out to a private, chemistry study datesession.
No. 47795
Not trying to be rude, but did the possibility of Marisa being alone due to her friends not arriving yet occur to you?
It was mostly my personal bias towards Youmu talking when I said I was disappointed. When I write, I try to leave my opinions about the characters aside and just try to make them likable and/or interesting.
No. 47799
File 135715498461.png - (791.37KB , 627x748 , ea76f07860edd883d59c1b662b2cdc74.png ) [iqdb]
Seeing Marisa alone, you decide that she could use some company. As you approach, she spots you and waves. “Mind if I sit here?” You ask.

“Go ahead!” She says with a carefree smile. Marisa seems to have brought a lunch which consists of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with an apple. “Hey,” she says, “have you seen Kourin?”

You are about to ask who that is when you remember Satori calling Rinnosuke that. “You mean Rinnosuke?” She nods her head, “No, I haven’t.”

Sighing she says, “I bet he’s skipping school again today just to get in a little more overtime.”

“He can do that?”

“Of course not, but it doesn’t stop him!” Her normally calm and carefree look gives way to a look of annoyance and concern. “One day he’s gonna get into trouble!”

“Who’s going to get into trouble?” A voice from behind you asks. As you turn around you see a girl with fairly long brown hair and blue eyes.

“Kourin is!” Marisa says. “One day my dad’s gonna walk in and see him working when he should be in school and have him fired!”

“And if that happens he’ll be upset with you for not trying to stop him.” Says the brunette sarcastically. “I’ve heard it before. If you have a problem with it just tell him.” She takes a seat on the opposite side of the table from you and is staring at you intently.

Marisa sees this and says, “Alex, this is Reimu. You were on her dodge ball team yesterday.”

“Nice to meet you.” You say awkwardly.

“Likewise,” she says with a small smile. Her smile doesn’t last long though, “What do you think of Suika?”

That came from nowhere. “She seems fine.”

“I wouldn’t get too friendly with her if I were you.”

“Why not?” Should you really be asking? You’re new here and don’t really know anyone that well.

Reimu sighs, “Suika has issues, which she proceeds to drown in alcohol. You’re lucky that you only have to deal with her in gym. She’s no longer hung over and is sober, making far easier to deal with.”

Marisa, who had been finishing her sandwich pipes up, “You shouldn’t talk about others like that!” In a quieter voice she adds, “Even if it’s true.”

“I’m just trying to keep him out of trouble. He looks like the kind of person who has trouble saying ‘no’.”

“It depends on what I’m asked to do,” you say.

“Suika can be very persuasive when she’s drunk.”

Marisa changes the subject, “Hey Reimu, what does your dress for the dance look like?”

Reimu shrugs, “It looks like a dress.” Her response causes Marisa to pout a little, “Just wait until Sunday, you’ll see it then.”

“You’re no fun,” Says Marisa.

The rest of lunch is fairly uninteresting. Though you do find out that Marisa is quite popular, at least among the male crowd. Reimu mentioned that at least ten different people have asked Marisa to the dance only to be turned down. Reimu on the other hand hasn’t even been asked once.

When the bell rings you realize you haven’t even touched your apple, so you put it in your backpack for later.

You arrive at class and take your seat. Moments after you notice Sanae and Momiji enter; you didn’t know they had this class too. Momiji smiles at you when she walks by and sits in the seat behind you. Sanae on the other hand acts as if she didn’t see you and continues to the far back of the row. Yoshika shows up and take her seat next to you and immediately puts her head down on her desk and yawns.

Ran passes out the test that you were supposed to take yesterday. The test consists of fifty multiple choice questions. Luckily Ran announces that you have two days to do the test and that she will grade what you have finished after school.

While the test isn’t difficult, it is time consuming. You’re only at number thirty when Ran has everyone pass their papers forward.

“Hey Alex, what number you get to?” Yoshika asks.

“Thirty. And you?”

“Twenty-one and I don’t think I did very well.”

“Why’s that?”

“I’ve never been very good at math for some reason. I just have trouble remembering which formula to use.”

Momiji comments, “That’s because you usually sleep in class!”

Whatever Yoshika says in response gets drowned out by the bell. You depart for study hall after saying goodbye.

Mima is once again standing out in the hall, though today she is giving everyone who enters a hug. While she is busy giving Remilia a hug you sneak into the room, but you get the feeling she saw you anyway. You take a seat in the front like yesterday and you put your backpack in the seat next to you.

Remilia sits behind you and says, “Lucky.”

“Is Mima always like that?”

“Random and crazy? Yes she is.”

Utsuho and Cirno make it before the bell and receive their hugs from Mima. You take your backpack out of the seat and Utsuho sits down with Cirno sitting on her desk.

The bell rings and Mima walks over to you and puts you in a chokehold, “When I’m being nice and giving out free hugs, you don’t ignore me.” She lets you go and you see her smiling, it’s more than a little unsettling.

After a minute you yawn and put your head down on your desk.

You wake up to the sound of the bell ringing. “Morning sleepy head!” Cirno whispers into your ear.

“Huh? I don’t even remember falling asleep,” you mumble.

“Come on! Get up; it’s time for gym class!”

You stretch as you stand up. Utsuho and Remilia are already at the door. Grabbing your backpack you walk over to them with Cirno.

You walk through the hall at a very slow pace so you don’t leave Utsuho behind. Seconds after you walk into the gym the bell rings. Utsuho takes a seat on the bleachers while the rest of you go and get changed.

Rinnosuke had told you that Tuesday is basketball day. Yuugi divides everyone into teams again. Your team is almost the same as yesterday except you have Marisa instead of Rinnosuke. Yuugi is the referee for today.

Suika comes after you as soon as the match starts intent on keeping you on your toes. Anytime you have the ball Suika is nearby ready to snatch it away. Luckily for you, she is quite short.

You aren’t very coordinated and often lose the ball or miss your shots. Though you are a good team player, passing the ball to your teammates and letting them take the shot.

After a while the score is tied at fifteen apiece. Shortly after you start coughing, this catches you off guard. Your asthma had been pretty good for a while; you had assumed it wouldn’t be a problem anymore. It starts small but soon you are having trouble breathing and your chest feels tight.

Noticing this, Yuugi calls for a break, hurrying over to you and says, “Come on Alex, you’re done for the day.” She leads you over to the bleachers and you sit down next to Utsuho. You’re still coughing and having trouble breathing for the next few minutes with Utsuho rubbing your back. It doesn’t help but it’s a nice gesture.

Yuugi swaps Marisa in to take your place and had the game continue; though you can see that the other students on the bench are still watching you to see if you were okay.

When you stop coughing Utsuho asks, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” you whisper, “I’m fine.”

You and Utsuho spend the rest of class watching the game. It looks like Marisa is no better than you are when it comes to making shots. Momiji eventually switches out with Shou. Shou seems to be quite good, judging by how she is the only student to attempt a three pointer and make it. In the end your team won by two points. Suika doesn’t look too happy about losing.

After you get changed you see Shou waiting for you outside the locker rooms. “Hey Alex, wanna hang out today?”

-Choose one
[] Sure, where did you have in mind?
[] Sure, how about we go (Pick a location or action. Ex. Go to the library or go for a walk around town)
[] Not today, I still haven’t started that English paper.
And here we go the end of Day 2! I hope you all enjoy!
No. 47802
That's not the impression we got. things like this tend to influence votes more than you'd like.

[x] Sure, where did you have in mind?
No. 47807
[X] Sure, how about we go to the library and start on that English paper together? Or if you've already started/finished it, maybe you could keep me company while I start on it and we could catch a late film on the way back?

I, for one, refuse to be a procrastinator.
No. 47809
[X] Sure, how about we go to the library.

Less work to worry about the better to handle our personal affairs

if only that made more sense to me back then when it did...
No. 47810
[X] Sure, where did you have in mind?
No. 47811
[x] Sure, where did you have in mind?

Experience has shown me that "writing papers together" is a great way to procrastinate.
No. 47816
[X] Sure, where did you have in mind?
Why work on a paper today, when we can work on it tomorrow?
No. 47838
Writing shall begin at some point tomorrow. I'll try to have it up by Tuesday.
No. 47879
File 135769370076.jpg - (239.17KB , 576x800 , ddbe64e8d7e24c8ccecbc4172ba2dbe3.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Sure, where did you have in mind?” You ask.

Shou smiles, “I was thinking of just walking around town.”

“Okay,” you had hoped that she had something specific she wanted to do.

You and Shou sit on the bleachers while you wait for the bell to ring. From where you are you can see Satori writing, Marisa and Reimu chatting, Aya appears to be pestering Mokou, and Suika and Momiji are glaring at each other.

When the bell rings Shou asks, “Do you mind if we stop by the house real quick so I can change?”

“No, don’t change! I like you just the way you are!” You say this completely seriously, even though you’re just teasing her.

She looks at you for a moment blushing then snaps out of it, “N-next time you say something like that don’t be so serious!”

You smile at her, “Think of it as payback for not just giving me the lunch card yesterday.”

The two of you head back home and get changed. You decide to wear one of your new t-shirts, a blue one, and a pair of your new pants. You make a point of checking that you have your wallet and phone. Pausing at the door, you recall it’s a little chilly out so you go and dig your jacket out of your suitcase.
You head downstairs and wait for Shou at the door. After waiting for about five minutes Shou comes down the stairs. She’s wearing a knee length tiger-striped skirt, a red long sleeved shirt with white sleeves, and a light blue denim jacket.

She smiles at you, “Ready?”

“Yep,” you say, putting on your jacket.

It takes you about ten minutes to get into the main part of town. Shou explains that the town is divided into districts. The Entertainment District is closest to the school. It has arcades, two different movie theaters, a park with playgrounds for little kids, and many other places. The amusement park Tenshi had wanted to go to is located there as well.

The Commercial District has most of the stores and restaurants. Stores range from grocery stores to pawn shops and antique stores. The Kirisame shopping center is there as well.

The Business District is by far the largest, due to including most major businesses and being where the court house and emergency response teams are located.

Finally, there is the Residential District, which is made up of both apartment complexes and houses. Your house is located at the outskirts of the residential district, as well as the high school.

When you enter the Entertainment District, you are a little overwhelmed at the variety. You see an arcade right next to a miniature golf course. You see buildings with signs for karaoke and laser tag. The district has a public pool, though currently, its closed due to the approaching winter. There’s even a skate park full of teens.

After wandering around aimlessly you and Shou wind up in a gazebo at the park. Shou is sitting close to you and looking at you. “So what do you think of the town so far?”

“It’s nice. There seems to be a lot to do around here.” You feel a little uncomfortable with how close she is.

She smiles, “I honestly don’t go out all that much.” You give her a look of surprise. “I tend to spend a lot of my time studying. So when I do go out I never really know what to do.”

You hear a familiar voice, “I know exactly what you should do!” You and Shou look towards the front of the gazebo to see Murasa standing there.

“Minamitsu, how long have you been there?” Shou says, obviously surprised.

Shrugging she says, “Not long. I saw you two as I was walking by and though I should say ‘hi’.”

“So, what should we do?” Shou asks.

“We should all go mini golfing!” Murasa says as she sits down in the space between you and Shou, which wasn’t very much room.

You slide away from her as Shou does the same and say, “That sounds like fun, but I don’t have much money.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll pay for you,” Shou says in response. “But I’m not paying for you Minamitsu, you have money.”

Murasa pouts, “Oh, okay.”

The three of you head towards one of the mini golf courses and pay for one round of all eighteen holes. Shou picks a yellow ball, Murasa chooses teal for her color, and you choose blue.

“How about we make this more interesting?” Murasa asks when you get to the first hole.

“How so?” You ask.

“The loser has to do whatever the winner says! No prize for second place though!” You and Shou look at each other for a moment and agree.

You go first, and get a hole in one. In all fairness it was a simple straight shot with a small hill to cross. Murasa goes next and also gets a hole in one. Shou misses on her first but gets it on her second.

The rest of the holes go by fast, with the only one giving you problems being the cliché windmill hole. Murasa has trouble with it as well, but Shou managed to get her first and only, hole in one on it.

When it comes to the last whole you are winning with twenty-one strokes and Murasa has twenty-four. Shou is losing badly with thirty-one strokes. The last hole is a combination of the windmill hole and water hazards. After the windmill the path becomes narrow and on either side is water.

Murasa goes first this time and gets past the windmill, but the ball falls into the water. You all agree that she can put the ball back on the course next to where it fell in. She gets it on her second try with her ending at twenty-six strokes.

You’re up next. Taking a deep breath you take your shot and close your eyes. You don’t hear the sound of the ball hitting one of the windmill blades. You open your eyes when you hear it fall into the hole.

“YES!” You literately jump with joy upon hearing that noise. Murasa frowns and Shou simply hands you her putter.

“I’ve already lost.” She says.

“You should at least finish.” You say.

Sighing she takes her shot, again and again. Eventually she makes it, after about ten tries.

You return your balls and putters and as you are about to leave Murasa asks, “So, whatcha gonna have Shou do for you?” You had forgotten about that little wager. “I for one think you should have her kiss you!”

“M-Minamitsu!” Shou’s face is a bright red which causes Murasa to laugh.

“Well Alex, what’s it gonna be?”

Choose One
[] What Murasa said (Not really, you just want to see her reaction)
[] What Murasa said (Why not? You find her cute…)
[] Make dinner tonight
[] Don’t make her do anything
[] Write in (Within Reason. Try to use your common sense with this one/think outside the box)
NOTE: If I see a write in that goes against what Alex would say/do then I will not allow it and I will let you know.
Do you guys feel as though I'm rushing things here?
No. 47881
[ ] Have Shou kiss Murasa

[X] She's already paying for you, so you'd feel bad if you make her do anything unreasonable. You'll let her off. This time.
No. 47884
[x] Have her help with homework for a week.
-[x] Then reveal that she doesn't have to; though the company would be nice.

This should satisfy Murasa's hijink craving yet not drag Shou into something. But the kiss is SO tempting.
No. 47885
[x] What Murasa said (Not really, you just want to see her reaction)

Sounds fun. Wanna keep that Shou route simmering.
No. 47892
[x] Take a rain check on it.

You never know when something like this could come in handy. If that's no good, then

[x] Have her help with homework for a week.
-[x] Then reveal that she doesn't have to; though the company would be nice.
No. 47905
Waiting until later to cash it in is acceptable.
No. 47907
[x] Take a rain check on it.
Seems to be the best idea. You never know when it could come in handy.
No. 47920
I'm going to call it and start writing after my first class. It seems that my willingness to write has increased since I started college. Is that normal?
No. 47934
>>47884 Here and the timing of the reveal would be after Murasa left.
No. 48040
File 135844515691.jpg - (432.97KB , 600x600 , da5a40b693adee4885bc5786312a5efb.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Hm, I can’t think of anything right now.” You say with a shrug. Murasa looks disappointed while Shou sighs with relief. “So you’re off the hook, for now.”

Shou looks a little nervous, “What do you mean ‘for now’?”

“I meant that when I think of something I’ll let you know.” You hear Murasa snicker and quickly add, “Don’t worry. I won’t have you do anything bad.”

“Aw, that’s no fun!” Murasa has an obviously fake pout. Checking the time on her phone, she says, “Oh, well. I really have to get home. Let’s do something like this again sometime.”

You and Shou stand around for a little while after Murasa leaves. Eventually, Shou says, “We should get going too.”

On the way home, you pass by a large building in the residential district. You see a sign saying that it’s an elementary school. You stop suddenly upon hearing children’s voices nearby. “Hey Shou, isn’t it awfully late for kids to still be at school.”

Shou looks at you blankly for a moment. “Huh? Oh! Sorry, I’m used to walking by here and hearing the kids. I forgot that you wouldn’t know about it.” You look at her inquisitively. “This school actually serves two purposes. The first is what you would expect, it’s an elementary school. In addition, it’s actually an orphanage.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a school that was also an orphanage.”

Shou grabs your arm, “Why don’t we go say hi to the kids?”

That catches you by surprise, “A-are we allowed to just go in?”

“Yeah! I come by at least once a week to read stories to the kindergarteners.” Without another word, Shou pulls you through the front door and leads you out to the playground.

Immediately upon seeing her, a group of kids run up with smiles on their faces. Shou kneels down and partakes in a group hug. You feel a little awkward just standing there.

In the distance, you see two people. One is a balding, middle aged man with a large grey beard. The other is a young woman with sky blue hair that reaches her shoulders. The man stands up and walks over to you, his companion following closely behind.

You meet them halfway. “Are you a friend of Shou’s?” The man asks with a voice that is kind but rough.

“Yes, my name is Alex Hijiri.” You respond holding out your hand.

He grabs your hand, “Ah, you’re Byakuren’s nephew.” You nod as he lets go. “I am Unzan Kumoi and this is my daughter Ichirin.”

She shakes your hand as well, “It is pleasure to meet you.”

“Likewise.” You glance at Shou, who’s still kneeling as she listens to the kids talk. “Shou said that this school is also an orphanage, is that true?”

Unzan says, “Yes, that’s right. We are one of the few orphanages that still operate in the country. Luckily, we get a lot of donations from the wealthier families that allow us to run it as both a school and an orphanage.” He looks at Shou as well. “We also have people like Shou who come by to play with the kids and volunteer their time here.

Ichirin looks at her father, “Dad, I’m going to go get a book for Shou to read. I’ll be back shortly.” He nods and sends her off.

You walk over to Shou and hear her say, “Ichirin has gone to get us a book, so why don’t we go over to the bench and wait for her to get back?”

With excited faces the children scamper off towards the bench Unzan and Ichirin had been sitting on. You help Shou stand up and make your way to the bench. You notice that there are about five kids who look like they are in kindergarten and off at the jungle gym there are a few kids who are possibly in fourth or fifth grade.

Shou sits down on the bench and you sit down on the ground behind the children. When Ichirin returns she hands Shou a book, but you can’t tell what the title is. Looking worried Unzan walks up to Ichirin and whispers something to her, which causes her to look around with a concerned expression.

“Before we begin, has anyone seen Kogasa?” She asks the children.

One girl says, “I saw her go inside before Shou and her friend got here.”

“Shou, can you keep an eye on the children while we go look for her?” Unzan asks.

“Of course!”

Standing up, you ask, “What does she look like?”

“She’s six years old with turquoise hair and two different color eyes, one blue and the other red.” Says Ichirin.

Ichirin decides to look around the playground for her while you and Unzan look inside the building. Unzan heads towards the entrance while you look farther into the school.

After about a half-hour and dozens of empty classrooms, you come to a room with beds in it. You assume that this is where some of the children sleep.

You don’t see anything looking into the room, but you do hear sobbing. Slowly you enter the room, “Kogasa, are you in here?” You hear a gasp in response. “It’s okay, I’m here with Shou. I came to find you because you came inside without telling anyone.”

You see a head peek out at you from under a bed, medium length turquoise hair with a red eye and a blue eye. It seems like you found her. You kneel down to get a better look at her. She has obviously been crying for some time, as her face is all red and her eyes are puffy and red.

“W-who are you?” She asks with a shaky and reserved voice.

“I’m Alex. And you’re Kogasa right?” She crawls out from under the bed and nods. She’s wearing a white t-shirt that is a couple sizes too big with a pair of blue jeans that seem brand new. “Come on, everyone is worried about you.”

Tears fill her eyes once more as she says, “No they aren’t. They don’t care! No one does!” She is now sobbing once more. “All my friends get adopted, but not me! What’s wrong with me? Why doesn’t anyone want me?” She is now crying uncontrollably into your chest with her arms around your neck.

-How do you respond?
[] Give her a hug and just let her cry for as long as she needs
[] Tell her you know what it feels like to be alone, even if it was just for a few weeks.
[] Call Shou and tell her that you found Kogasa and that she is very upset.
[] Tell her that there is nothing wrong with her and that she will be adopted one day.
[] Try to break away from her hug and get her to follow you to the playground.
OPTIONAL - [] Offer to be her friend.
Surprise! It's little Kogasa!
No. 48041
[x] Tell her that there is nothing wrong with her and that she will be adopted one day.

Tide pissing by omitting the "offer to be her friend" vote. We'd have to drop by daily, or she'd think we lied, and that's too big a hassle. Better to just make it a pleasant surprise when we come by weekly or more often.
No. 48042
Preemptively pissing against the tide?
I like you.
[x] Tell her that there is nothing wrong with her and that she will be adopted one day.
No. 48043
Not really seeing any benefit in associating with a kinder-gardener, other than the obvious Shou route flag.

I'll wait to vote though, wanna see how the rest of Anon feels about this.
No. 48044
What you are proposing is exactly what would happen if you offer to be her friend.
This actually is more important than you think. It isn't really tied into the Shou Route.
No. 48045
[X] Kogasa, why do you want to be adopted so badly? Do you really hate this place so much?
-[X] All your friends left? I'm sorry, but that's something everyone has to deal with your whole life. People come and they go. No one ever stays forever. But you know what you do then? You meet new people. You make new friends. You can't just hide yourself away. I'm sure all the rest of the kids here can't be that bad.

(Response to the inevitable "Then, will you be my friend?")
[X] Aha, what? Someone like me? Surely one of the others here would be better? People come and go, and I can't come here that often either.
-[X] But, if you don't mind that... then I would be glad to be your friend, Kogasa.
No. 48046
[x] Call Shou and tell her that you found Kogasa and that she is very upset.
-[x] Try to console her in the meantime.
-[x] Offer to be her friend.

Shou would know better than us about this, that and It's easy to see why Kogasa is upset as she likely thinks that leaving if normal and not leaving IS NOT.
No. 48047
[X] Give her a hug and just let her cry for as long as she needs
-[x] Offer to be her friend.

Works for me~!
No. 48054
[X] Give her a hug and just let her cry for as long as she needs
[X] Offer to be her friend.
No. 48057
[X] Give her a hug and just let her cry for as long as she needs
-[x] Offer to be her friend.
No. 48058
[X] Give her a hug and just let her cry for as long as she needs
-[x] Offer to be her friend.
No. 48072
Okay, vote is called and writing shall begin shortly. Look for a new thread withing the next couple days.

Is it sad that only a couple of days have passed since the story began and it's already on it's second thread? I feel I should be farther than this.