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46301 No. 46301
[X] Ask for her name
-[x] This isn’t working; we need to leave for now
-[x] Ask her how one can get permission to enter the mountain for next time.

You’re almost tempted to challenge her to a fight, but with the equipment you currently have she’d probably best you in a swordfight and you spell cards are sorely lacking. For now, the best approach would probably be to back off and figure out a better way to get onto the mountain. First things first, though.

“If it’s alright, may I have your name?” You ask the silver-haired girl.

“Momiji Inubashiri.” The girl states as she continues to point her sword. “Now are you leaving, or do I need to get violent?”

“No need for that, I’ll take my leave in a few moments.”

This statement causes Momiji to blink, and she lowers her sword a bit as confusion appears on her face. “Really?” She asks. “You’re not going to fight your way through?”

“…did you want me to?”

“No, it’s just not what I was expecting, considering the types I usually have to go against.” She lowers her guard and a puts on a more calm expression. “I can’t really remember when someone offered to back off peacefully.”

“Um…ok?” Is the status quo around here really so whacked? Something to dwell on later, you suppose. “Before I go, is there any way that I could get permission to come onto the mountain?”

“That’s not for me to decide,” Momiji says. “You’ll have to petition the head of the tengu in order to get permission like that.”

Great, just what you needed, red tape. “Alright, so how do I petition them?”

“Ask one of the crow tengu, they should be able to pass your request higher up.”

“Crow tengu… you mean like Aya?”

“Yes, like her.” Momiji growls. “Is there anything else?”

“No, I think I know what I need to do. Thank you for the information.” With a small bow of your head, you make your way back to the base of the waterfall. As you go, you catch one last glimpse of Momiji who still seems amazed that it was so easy to turn you away.

You land near the base of the waterfall and take a seat. It looks like your ring only has enough energy stored for a few minutes, so you actively channel some more energy into is as you consider your next options.

“What the heck was that?!?” Looking up, you see Aya zoom down towards you, clearly perturbed at you. It only takes you a second or two to realize

“So yeah, thanks for warning me about the watch there, Aya.” You say as the crow girl lands in front of you. “Whatever happened to clearing the way ahead for me?”

Aya seems to flinch a bit at this, but she soon regains her composure. “It’s not like you did me any favors either, Lawrence! What was with all that talking and nonviolence? You were supposed to beat her down and move on! That’s the Gensokyo way?”

“Do you people really use fighting to solve all your problems around here?”

“We’re youkai! What do you expect?” Aya crosses her arms and huffs, clearly annoyed. As it stands, though, you really aren’t in the mood to humor her anymore. While she hasn’t actually been malicious to you in any way, the term “annoying crow” is definitely starting to weigh on your mind. Still, you aren’t willing to shoo her away just yet. With a sigh, you pat the ground next to you, and after a moment Aya sits beside you, still pouting in a somewhat cute way.

“So?” Aya asks, “What do you plan on doing now?”


[ ] You still would like to try to reach the Moriya shrine, if possible. Maybe Aya knows another way onto the mountain?
[ ] The shrine itself isn’t your actual objective here; maybe you can find another way to contact the goddesses who reside there?
[ ] That’s enough of the mountain for one day. Let’s leave Aya with a petition for permission and be on our way.

No. 46303
Items and skills, as per the usual.

Merchandise in dimensional bag:
Nice hat x1
Fireproof Clothes x1
Blank Spell Cards
Doohickey x1
A single stick of dynamite
Herbs and Leaves Tea Set x4
Shawl of Disguise x1
Butterfly Knife x1
Lamp x1
Strange Gem x1
Beginner’s Potion set x1
Tome of Advanced Practical Magic x1
Scotch Tape x1
Wand of Fireball x1
Lava Lamp x1
Wrench Set x1
Mess of Hakurei Charms and Amulets
Mirror of Dreams
Alice’s Doll <Commission>

Outstanding Orders and requests:
Keep an eye out for a manual sewing machine (Alice)
Keep an eye out for medicinal herbs and leaves (Eirin)
“Something of elegance, fashion-wise” (Remilia)
Find a buyer for Alice’s doll, if possible.

Personal items on hand:
Ring of Flight
Toolkit (Screwdriver, flashlight, bottle opener, simple knife (non-combat), campfire starter)
Food Rations
59,300 yen
Map of Gensokyo
Blank Spell Cards

[Seal 1P] Arm Strength
[Seal 2P] Leg Strength
[Seal 3P] Stamina
[Seal 4P] Defense
<Seal 1M> Fire
<Seal 2M> Water
<Seal 3M> Lightning
<Seal 4M> Light

Abilities Unlocked:
LUCK x0 (Put in front of a choice to make our hero more fortunate for the next turn. At least 4 people have to select this for it to activate, but the options selected do not have to be the same)

You can once again gather the latent energy around you and channel it to suit your purposes. Larger endeavors require larger amounts of energy, and the energy you collect must be applied towards a person, object or the environment around you.

Spell Cards:
Spiritual Strike Talisman (System)
Magic Potion (System)
Practice Sign: Simple Laser
Surge Sign – Geyser of the Heavens <Requires Leg, Water and Light Seals Activated>

Known Merchants:
House of Kirisame (General goods)
Kourindou (Antiques, Variety, Basic Identification)
Kappa’s Bazaar (Various goods, mainly technological and literary in nature, food court)
Made by Nitori (Technological goods, technological repairs, located in Kappa’s Bazaar)
Fall’s Bounty (Seasonal Food – Autumn, located in Kappa’s Bazaar)
Kirisame Magic Shop (Junk shop, Marisa-for-hire?)
Fukuda Groceries (Food, produce)
Yagokoro Clinic (Medicine, health services)
Temple of Myoren (Dowsing if Nazrin is present)
Match’s Tavern (Alcohol!)

I think this is up to date, but let me know if you see any discrepancies.
No. 46306
[x] The shrine itself isn’t your actual objective here; maybe you can find another way to contact the goddesses who reside there?

I dunno, maybe we could try praying to them? Gensokyo gods hear prayers, right? It's practically a direct line to them 24/7.

Alternatively, we could go ask Reimu if she could put us in contact with the other miko.
No. 46311
[x] The shrine itself isn’t your actual objective here; maybe you can find another way to contact the goddesses who reside there?
-[x] Pray?

Well, it isn't a bad idea, although I'd really like to see some Sanae and her lust for things that lie beyond the Hakurei border.
No. 46313
[X] The shrine itself isn’t your actual objective here; maybe you can find another way to contact the goddesses who reside there?
-[x] Pray?

Okay this is different regarding making contact strangely enough; more used to direct confrontations or surprised visits.
No. 46314
[x] That’s enough of the mountain for one day. Let’s leave Aya with a petition for permission and be on our way.
-[x] Get that interview over with.

If we just went with the interview, we'd have avoided this screw up.
No. 46317
[x] That’s enough of the mountain for one day. Let’s leave Aya with a petition for permission and be on our way.
-[x] Get that interview over with.

Nice enough place for an interview.
No. 46321
[x] The shrine itself isn’t your actual objective here; maybe you can find another way to contact the goddesses who reside there?
No. 46322
[X] That’s enough of the mountain for one day. Let’s leave Aya with a petition for permission and be on our way.

Aya's a fucking jerk.
No. 46323
-[x] Get that interview over with.

Aya is a nice girl.
No. 46326
Your sense of humor is terrible.
No. 46328
No, seriously. Like Momiji, she's not used to being treated with this much respect.
No. 46336
[x] Get that interview over with.
No. 46341
[x] The shrine itself isn’t your actual objective here; maybe you can find another way to contact the goddesses who reside there?
-[x] Pray?
No. 46353
Attempting to engineer a situation that forces someone into combat merely because you're impatient is not nice in any way.
No. 46355
It was Anon that voted for it and if they went with the interview when they had a chance, that vote wouldn't have come up.
No. 46387
[X] That’s enough of the mountain for one day. Let’s leave Aya with a petition for permission and be on our way.
No. 46528
Sorry for the lack of updates, guys; I just recently lost my job and ended up migrating back home for a couple weeks to plan next steps, and I've only just gotten personal computer access back. I'll see if I can't post something relatively soon.
No. 46576
File 134551632227.png - (475.57KB , 851x1200 , c3f68cbe0fafd9ae865384f2e10f5070.png ) [iqdb]
[X] The shrine itself isn’t your actual objective here; maybe you can find another way to contact the goddesses who reside there?
-[x] Pray?

“…you know, maybe I’m going about this the wrong way.”

“Hm?” Aya crooks her head, her interest perking up once more?

“My ultimate goal here isn’t actually the shrine,” you say, “I just want to talk to the goddesses I met at the bazaar the last time around. I was heading towards the shrine to accomplish that, but maybe I should try doing things the other way around.”

Aya thinks on this for a second. “What, you mean like having them come to you instead of you going to them?”

“Since I can’t seem to get to the shrine that easily, it seems like the best next step.” You pause in your thinking as a complication comes to the front of your mind. “Of course, the next question would be exactly what could we use to attract them.”

“That’s easy,” Aya says, “above all else, goddesses tend to be attracted to faith.”

“Faith?” You ask, somewhat puzzled.

“Yeah, you know, belief. It’s what gives them their power, after all. If they think that there is a new source of faith springing up somewhere, even if it’s only potential, you can bet that they will rush right over.” Aya pauses for a bit before continuing. “At least, that’s what the Moriya goddesses do. I’m not actually sure if it applies to all gods in general.”

“Well that’s interesting and all, but it’s not like I can pull a source of faith out of…” All of a sudden a somewhat silly idea hits you. It’s something that you think might work, but at the same time you decide to double check before you go through with it. “So what exactly might constitute as a source of faith, then?”

Aya’s puzzlement continues, but she gives you an answer. “Umm… I guess things like rituals, acceptance of one of their beliefs, prayer and the like. You know, all that religious junk that you humans tend to do.”

“What, is religion frowned upon in youkai society then?”

“Depends on the religion per say, but yeah, I can’t say that youkai in general tend to garner that much faith. It’s probably why the goddesses of the mountain keep coming up with these weird schemes to get more human worshippers. Also, what in Gensokyo are you doing?”

At this point you have shifted your position so that you are sitting on your knees while clapping your hands in front of you in what you hope is a proper stance of respect. You still have doubts as to whether or not this will work, but Aya seems to think that there is a chance that it will, and it’s not like you have anything to lose over trying this. (Aside from your dignity, but it’s not like you ever had much of that to begin with.)

“Quite for a bit, okay?” you ask Aya, who can only stare as you go back to concentrating on what you’re going to do next. Knowing that she will be watching (and, by association, taking pictures) isn’t going to make this any easier, but you doubt that you could shoo her off now, and in any case you’d rather not waste any more time than you have to. You take a deep breath, and then begin considering the best way to go about this.

“Oh great Kanako!” Excellent, very powerful and classy start right there. “I beseech thee, please grant me an audience with thine humble self! I only wish to bask in your glorious radiance, and perhaps do a little bit of business on the side if you are up to it.”

Is that a bit too much? Oh well, no going back now. “During our last encounter, I was awed by your power and strength, though I will admit that I wasn’t too appreciative of you slamming my head into that sweet potatoes stand. But at this point I hope that we are cool on that point, and can move past the entire incident.”

Hmm, better get back to the praise before she starts to think that you’re asking for an apology. “In any case, I would be very appreciative if you could appear before me, so that we might discuss…”

Ok, this doesn’t seem to be working. More to the point, it seems that Aya can’t hold her laughter back anymore, and is sprawled on the ground behind you. It would seem that she’s not alone in this either, as a second person seems to have appeared while you were trying to attract a goddess. From your perspective she looks like a young blond girl, dressed in a purple dress with white sleeves. White stockings and black shoes cover her feet and legs, and a hat with two eyeballs (???) that seems to have toppled off her head when she fell to the ground in laughter.

“Oh man, Lawrence, keep going,” Aya wheezes out as she fumbles with her camera. “This will be a much better scoop than a fight with Momiji. Can I get you to take that prayer pose again? I need a good picture or no will believe this happened.”

“We’ll see.” You say, though your heart is wishing above all else that her wish for such a picture never comes to fruition. “Before we do that, however, do you know who this is?” You indicate the young girl on the ground, who upon taking another look at you bursts into laughter once more.

Aya seems to be surprised to see her there as well. “Suwako? I didn’t know you were hanging around here today.”

“I was just passing by, but…” she takes a moment to try and recover from her bought of laughter, “but, when I saw the two of you here I got curious and decided to see what you were doing. I never thought that something like this would happen though!” At the thought of your actions, Suwako bursts into laughter once more. “Oh man, Kanako would get a kick out of this if she was around to see it!”

“…so what you’re say is, this isn’t an effective way to get her attention?” You ask as you watch Suwako roll around on the ground.

“Not the way you’re going about it!” Suwako says as she recovers once more. “You have to put some real faith behind your prayers if you want to draw her close; right now, all you’re doing is spouting empty words, as amusing as they are.”

Some real faith, huh? You don’t really consider yourself very religious; would it be worth it to try again? It still wouldn’t hurt if you tried again (aside from the fact that Aya will defiantly be taking pictures this time around), but if Suwako’s words are any indication, you’ll need to focus a bit to ensure the words you are sending out are sincere. As it stands, both Aya and Suwako are looking at you, brimming with anticipation.

[ ] Might as well try again.
-[ ] <Indicate the focus of the next prayer>
[ ] First thing’s first, introductions are in order.
[ ] Write-in
No. 46577
[x] First thing’s first, introductions are in order.

Suwako's here... close enough.
No. 46587
[x] First thing’s first, introductions are in order.
[x] Might as well try again.
-[x] <Suwako>

What better way to perfect prayer technique than with the target goddess standing next to you giving pointers? He needs to know she's a goddess before he can try it, though.
No. 46590
[x] First thing’s first, introductions are in order.
-[x] You will try later. Somewhere far away from Aya,

So we pray for a goddess and five seconds later one appears from nowhere? I think his prayer worked just fine.
No. 46607
[x]introductions are in order

If nothing else, we can deal with Suwako, or ask her to carry a message for us.


[x]Try again with Suwako, jokingly

"Oh mighty Suwako, divine patron of frogs, may your skin never dry out! I ask of you a favor: Would you take a look at my catalog?"

Also, we should look into obtaining artifacts that exude faith. I'm sure there's a world out there where such a thing is stored in an easy-to-carry bauble.
No. 46618
[x]introductions are in order
[x]Try again with Suwako

I'm sure his honest prayers to sell something would be answered, if he truly prayed hard enough. Or maybe not.
No. 46729
File 134620157478.jpg - (351.91KB , 1200x1400 , 1cdd59081f27bacbbc943be3aed21a70.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] First thing’s first, introductions are in order.

“Before anything else,” you say as you attempt to wave off their anticipation a bit, “I believe that introductions are in order. Jean-Luc Lawrence, merchant.”

“Suwako Moriya, goddess.” Suwako stands up straight as she offers you her hand, giving you an enthusiastic handshake as you take it while Aya looks on in perplexity.

A moment later, something clicks inside your head. “Wait, Moriya? As in, the Moriya shrine?”

“Yup, yup!” Suwako puts her hands behind her head as she makes a small one-legged twirl. “I’m glad even an outsider like you has heard of us; it’ll make Kanako happy to know that she made such a good impression on you.”

“She made an impression, all right.” You say as you rub your forehead, remembering the events that occurred when you first met Kanako.

“Ah, that’s right; you were the one who Kanako played with a while back at the bazaar, right?”

“I wouldn’t say ‘played with’, but yeah, she left her mark.”

“I see, I see.” Suwako says with a large grin as she comes closer to chat. “Is that why you were trying to pray to her, to apologize for last time?”

“No, that just ended up in there. In all honesty, I just want to meet with her, but I’m having some problems actually reaching her, so I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to try and bring her to me.”

“With praying like that, it’s pure luck that you attracted the attention of a goddess at all, much less the one you were shooting for.” Her smile fades a bit as she looks up at the waterfall. “But problems, huh? You tengu sure make things difficult for Kanako and Sanae, don’t you?”

“Hey, don’t blame me.” Aya says with a shrug. “I’m not the rule maker here, and unless I get a direct order I’m not the enforcer either.”

“Well, whatever. If this guy wants to do business with the shrine, I’m not about to turn him away. Especially considering what Kanako has been up to lately…” Suwako crosses her arms as she begins mulling things over to herself.

“In any case,” you say, “now that I’ve finally managed to track someone from the shrine down, would you be interested in talking business with me?”

“Nuh-uh.” Suwako says as she turns to you. “Kanako and Sanae are in charge of the business side of things. I just give support when needed.” She takes another look up at the waterfall. “Probably for the best if I take you to them, then. I’m sure that Kanako would be interested in hearing what you want to talk about, at the very least.”

“Wait, really?” You ask. “But what about the tengu? Aren’t they going to be upset with me crossing into their territory?”

“There shouldn’t be any issues if I’m there with you. Right, Aya?” Suwako asks in a sweet voice towards Aya. You can’t help but notice that Aya seems to flinch slightly when she does.

“Ah, yeah.” Aya says, “It probably won’t win you any points with the higher ups, but they probably won’t try to turn you away if Suwako vouches for you.”

Hah, looks like you have a way in! Not bad for your first prayer. (Though at the same time, you silently promise to yourself that you will never pray like that again if you can avoid it.) The question now becomes whether or not it’s worth it to head up.

“Ready to go?” Suwako asks.

[ ] The last time you went against a goddess, you got your head smashed into a sweet potato stand. Let’s just head on up before we lose any more time.
[ ] The tengu still seem to have a large presence on the mountain, and you’d really like to not get on their bad side if possible. Let’s leave the visit on the other time.
[ ] You don’t want to upset the tengu, but at the same time you don’t want to have your morning efforts be for nothing. Isn’t there a more…indirect way to either get to the shrine, or else Kanako’s attention?
No. 46734
[x] The last time you went against a goddess, you got your head smashed into a sweet potato stand. Let’s just head on up before we lose any more time.

It'd be better than revealing what Aya was trying to do
No. 46736
[ ] The last time you went against a goddess, you got your head smashed into a sweet potato stand. Let’s just head on up before we lose any more time.

Let's not abuse our poor head any longer.
No. 46737
[x] You don’t want to upset the tengu, but at the same time you don’t want to have your morning efforts be for nothing. Isn’t there a more…indirect way to either get to the shrine, or else Kanako’s attention?
I want to have my cake, eat it, and then make it drink.
No. 46738
[x] You don’t want to upset the tengu, but at the same time you don’t want to have your morning efforts be for nothing. Isn’t there a more…indirect way to either get to the shrine, or else Kanako’s attention?

Unrelated, but I bet a prayer to Minoriko would work.
No. 46740
[x] The last time you went against a goddess, you got your head smashed into a sweet potato stand. Let’s just head on up before we lose any more time.

With all the red tape preventing him from getting in there normally and with Aya's roundabout methods for trying to get a story/interview basically not helping our case, not taking this chance would probably mean we won't have access to the Moriya Shrine for a long while. Also having Suwako vouch for you now can possible help avoid future issues especially if we have to return here.
No. 46741
[X] You don’t want to upset the tengu, but at the same time you don’t want to have your morning efforts be for nothing. Isn’t there a more…indirect way to either get to the shrine, or else Kanako’s attention?

Huh update sure sneaked up on me.

Why make a potentially large customer base hate you for by passing their seemingly superfluous red tape for a Goddess that could just as likely turn you away for peddling wares she may not care for?

Maybe Sanae would buy something but still don't make potential customers hate you.
No. 46746

The problem here is that going by what Momiji says, we will basically have no way up the Mountain if Suwako doesn't vouch for us basically meaning we won't be able to have the tengu as customers anyway. And getting into the mountain without the tengu's knowledge would probably piss them off far more when they find out (Aya is still here)then just going with the goddess.

Another problem is that Kanako is probably more likely to be annoyed with us for having her come to us then us come to her unless we get her by to her using prayer.

This is a pretty precarious situation and other than maybe having Suwako deliver a message to Kanako or somehow getting Yukari to maybe gap us to the shrine secretly something negative which may impact sales will happen
No. 46800
Calling the vote. It was a tie, so I'm going with the option that made me laugh maniacally. Update should be coming soon.
No. 46804
File 134674128235.jpg - (168.87KB , 850x1169 , sample-171700b1564637987570a4dbb42b04f1.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] You don’t want to upset the tengu, but at the same time you don’t want to have your morning efforts be for nothing. Isn’t there a more…indirect way to either get to the shrine, or else Kanako’s attention?

Despite all the interference that you’ve run into all morning, and despite the fact that Suwako’s offer is basically what you’ve been looking for the entire time, you can’t help but hesitate as the goddess asks for your approval to go.

“Hm? What’s up?” Suwako asks, walking over with a curious look on her face. “You seemed all set, so…”

“Ah, well… I’m just worried about upsetting relations with the tengu. I know that we should get going, but I can’t help but wonder if there is another way to do this that doesn’t end up with souring my business relations with them.”

“Whaaaat?” Suwako’s face takes on a look of annoyance, her lips curling into a small pout of anger. “You can’t please everyone, ya know. Sometimes you just have to choose a side and then pummel the other into submission! Don’t worry about what the others think, just beat them up until they do what you say!”

“That’s what I told him, but he wouldn’t have any of it.” Aya says, carrying the same annoyed pout as Suwako.

“Says the girl who is actively trying to get me to attack one of her comrades,” You say with a sigh. As you think of the white wolf tengu you met, your memory jogs back a bit to something Aya said when you first met. “Hey Aya, didn’t you tell me that tengu have really good hearing in general?”

“Hm? Yeah, that’s right. So?”

“So in theory, Ms. Momiji would still be able to hear us from here, right?”

“Not even in theory, Momiji can defiantly see and hear us from here.”

“And that means she’s more or less heard everything that you’ve been saying about trying to get me to attack her, right?”

Aya just stares at you with a blank gaze before tilting her head to the side in further confusion. “So?”


Up near the top of the waterfall, a certain white-wolf tengu was testing the limits of her willpower, attempting to keep herself from abandoning her post and slaughtering the black-haired girl standing near the waterfall’s base.



“Ah, it sounds like Momiji is having fun up there.” Aya says with a smile as she turns to face the waterfall. “Hi, Momiji!” Aya says as she gives a cheerful wave.

It might be your imagination, but you can’t help but think that you hear a noise that sounds vaguely like someone being strangled from the top of the waterfall. After a few moments of contemplation, you decide that you would probably be better off not thinking about it.

“I’ve got it!” Suwako exclaims, startling both you and Aya back towards her. “Yeah, yeah, this should work! I think I know of a way to get you to the shrine without upsetting the tengu!”

“Wait, really?” You ask, “That’s great!”

“Yeah, and it’s something that I’ve been wanting to try for a while now, so it works for all three of us at the same time! I’ll get started right away!”

“Awesome!” You say. You’re relieved to have a plan that will work to the benefit of everyone, right up until you consider what Suwako just said. “Wait, did you just say that you haven’t tried this yet?”

“Mishi!” Suwako calls out, ignoring you. “Time to come out and play!” Upon hearing those words, an odd look comes across Aya’s face, and she seems to decide to put some distance between herself and Suwako. Seeing the fleeing crow makes feel like you should do the same, but unfortunately you aren’t able to react nearly as quickly as Aya, and as such you are still in the vicinity of the goddess when the ground starts shaking. As the ground cracks and upheaves, you wonder if you should really be surprised at this point by the sight of the giant, white snake (made of what appears to be some sort of stone) slithering up from the ground. Soon enough the figure towers above you as it stares at you with one of its pure red eyes.

“Mishi!” Suwako says as she give the huge snake a huge, distracting it away from you for a bit. You attempt to edge away from the giant stone reptile, but unfortunately for you Suwako seems to have other ideas. “Alright Mishi, just like we planned! Go and get him!”

At Suwako’s prompt, the giant snake turns towards you once more and opens its mouth. It’s somewhat disconcerting to see that the inside of the snake’s mouth seems to be shining with a blood-red glow, but it’s even more disconcerting to see that same mouth hurtling towards you.

As the jaws of the giant snake close around you, the only thing that comes to mind is that, all things considered, it’s somewhat silly that this is the second time something like this has happened to you.


“Ok!” Suwako says with a small bounce as the giant snake dives back under the ground. “I’ve told Mishi to meet us at the shrine, so we should probably head on over now if we want to make it there before then, alright?”

To be fair, this wasn’t the first time that Aya has seen a giant animal gulp down a humanoid, so it was probably to her credit that she only needed about ten seconds or so to get over the shock of what she had just seen.

“Ah…sure.” Aya said as she blinked back into reality. Lifting off the ground, Aya sets the pace as the two girls head towards the Moriya shrine. “Um, is he going to be ok inside of there?”

“Probably.” Suwako says with a smile. “So long as Mishi doesn’t actually swallow him, there shouldn’t be any problems.”

“…and if Mishi does swallow him?”

“Mishi’s a good kid, he wouldn’t do something like that.” Suwako says. After a moment, though, she turns a bit away from Aya, hiding her face. “And if he does… well, I’m sure we’ll figure something out.”

The two of them pass the white-wolf tengu as they head over the top of the waterfall. For some reason, Momiji seemed to be rooted in place, eyes wide open and looking ahead. What startled Aya was that she didn’t react at all when she passed by. Usually, Momiji was a lot more energetic and hostile than this when she passed by.

“Yo, Momiji, is everything ok?” Aya asked as she floated near the wolf-girl, a bit of concern showing on her face. The white-wolf turned slowly to face Aya, startling the crow girl with a face of forced neutrality. Turning past Aya, Momiji’s eyes fell upon Suwako, who seemed a bit confused as to what Momiji was up to. Shifting around a bit, Momiji got onto her knees as she continued to face Suwako, and soon enough the wolf-girl was prostrating herself before the blond-haired goddess.

“Lord Suwako.” Said the white-wolf girl from her prostrated position.

After a few moments, Aya and Suwako looked at each other before, giving one another a shrug as the two of them left Momiji to worship in solitude.


Soon enough, Aya and Suwako touched down in front of the main building of the Moriya shrine. The shrine itself was simple enough, a standard Shinto building constructed of basic materials, standing at the top of a large set of stairs and overlooking the large lake that was transported over alongside the shrine. A stone wall surrounded the shrine’s grounds, and near the top of the shrine two large shimenawa could be seen hanging. In front of the building, two figures were mulling about what looked to be some sort of stand.

“I’m back!” Suwako called out as she approached the other two residents of the shrine. As she approached the building, Kanako and Sanae turned to greet her.

“Yo, welcome back,” Kanako said as she turned to face her godly partner, “Though a little bit later than I expected. Did the tengu need you for something?” She asked, as she spotted Aya walking next to the small goddess.

“Nah. I ran into someone who wanted to get to the shrine, but he was having trouble getting past the tengu guards,” Suwako replied. “I decided to lend him a hand.”

“Oh, a pilgrim! Nice work, then.” Kanako said with a grin, before putting a finger to her lips in contemplation. “But I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen or felt anyone approach the shrine all day. Are you sure you sent him this way.”

“Positive!” Suwako says with a hop and a grin. “Though I’m guessing we may have beaten him here, considering the route Mishi would have had to take to get here.”

“Mishi?” Kanako said in confusion, before a look of slight concern came about her face. “Wait, Suwako, what exactly did you-”

Kanako’s question was interrupted as the shrine’s ground began to rumble, and soon enough the giant white snake burst from the ground, slowly rising towards the sky until it’s head was higher up than the shrine’s roof.

“Good job, Mishi!” Suwako exclaimed. The others could only stare at the giant snake, wondering what would happen next. “Now, spit him out.”

A large rumbling could be heard, and Suwako took on an air of annoyance. “I don’t care what he tastes like, you’ll spit him out right now!”

Another round of rumbling came about, and apparently it wasn’t something that Suwako wanted to hear. Pulling the rim of her hat over her eyes, Suwako began to talk in a slow, even sounding voice. “Mishi, are you trying to make me angry here?”

At this, the snakes entire body seemed to freeze, and for a few moments nothing seemed to happen, but soon enough the large snake suddenly bowed its head towards the small, blonde girl with the ridiculous hat.

“That’s what I thought.” Suwako continued in her even tone. “Now, spit him out this instant.”


The worst part about all this is that your entire surroundings seem to consist of a persistent red glow. If it were simply white all around you, you could probably cope for a little while, but the pervasiveness of all the red around you means that even when you close your eyes, crimson managed to push past your eyelids. The fact that you can’t really keep track of time in here doesn’t really do you any favors either, and to top it all off you seem to be in constant motion while you are inside of here. And to top it all off, simply being in here makes you feel like something is draining away at your strength, making you wonder if you’ll be able to stay conscious for much longer.

At some point, you think you can feel your momentum slow down, and you could swear that you can hear voices coming from somewhere. But by this point, you can’t really make heads or tails of what’s being said. And to be honest, you really couldn’t care less about what they might be saying at this point. It’s getting harder and harder to think; much easier to just lay back and let the crimson around you take you…

Suddenly, you feel yourself to a much faster speed and suddenly you find yourself facing the world from whence you came. You are able to fully appreciate being back for about a quarter of a second, right before you end up meeting the ground with your face.

“Mishi!” You hear an admonishing voice say. “You have to be gentler!”

“Aw geez, is he alright?” you hear another voice say, coming from above you. Unfortunately you aren’t really able to make out from whom the voice originated, as by this point your brain decides that enough is enough and shuts down your conscious mind.


Fortunately, your return to the conscious world seems to be much more relaxing than your exit. As you begin to feel your senses come back to you, you realize that you are in a laying position, with the back of your head positioned on something soft. You can hear some sounds around you, but unfortunately aren’t able to make out what they mean quite yet. As you open your eyes, the first thing you manage to make out is a shade of…

[ ] Green
[ ] Black
[ ] Blue
[ ] Yellow
No. 46811
[x ] Green
No. 46812
[x] Blue

This'll be hilarious
No. 46813
[X] Blue

Works for me~!
No. 46814
[x] Yellow
No. 46815
[x] Blue
No. 46817
[x] Yellow

Stupid Kanako. Suwako superior.
No. 46820
[x] Blue
No. 46822

Well better than having to make a tough decision I guess, and I'm pretty interested how he's going to get off the mountain now.

[x] Yellow
No. 46829
[x] Green
No. 47052
Alright, announcement time.

First off, sorry for lack of updates as per the usual. I'm in the process of moving back home, so there probably isn't going to be a story update for around a week more at least. Sorry for the delay.

Secondly, I think that I'm going to be ending this story soon. I've been trying to plan out where it is going, and I've found that even though there is potential here, the story as is doesn't really feel like it's going anywhere substantially. Not to mention the fact that I'd like to be working on something that I can take more direct control of the setting. Writing about Gensokyo is nice, but even with the vast interpretations that I can take with the characters and places, I feel like I could do more if I weren't constrained by the touhou canon.

However, I am a person who finishes what he starts, so at the very least I'm going to take this story to the end of the current trip, for however long that may take me. After the trip ends, I'll be putting this story into an indefinite hiatus status, so that I can pick it up again if there are enough people asking, or so that someone else can take over if possible.

After I finished with this, I'm planning on jumping right into another story here on the board, so this isn't the last that you'll see of me. I've gotten a good skeleton planned out for it so far, and I'm pretty exited about it. (Of course, being a CYOA story, we'll see how long that lasts.)

Let me here if you have anything to say on this, and I'll take it into consideration. If enough people ask I might end up starting the new story now, and just continuing this one on the side if I get the chance.
No. 47054
how does touhou canon even constrain you? it's so riddled with blind spots, vague spots, etc that one could do a good deal with it and not conflict with canon.
No. 47056
New story would be nice. Slow update rate killed my interest in this one, and if you're not even going to bother getting to the potentially good parts I'd rather see something new.

And if you're going to be doing anything orijinaru offsite, I'd appreciate a link so I can stalk youmaybe read it.

You will break brains if you make Patchouli work at Eientei. If people didn't have preconceived expectations, they wouldn't bat an eye at it.
No. 47057

Last line of >>47056 sums it up, yeah. I'm not saying that the series doesn't have a ton of vague points and unanswered questions that I can easily write around. Because it does. But at the same time there are still enough preconceived notions that I feel like I don't have as much freedom in the story as I could. If that doesn't do it for you, let's just leave it at the idea of me not liking the standard Gensokyo setting.


I won't be going offsite for the next story, so no worries.
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So from the two responses I got, I'm getting the feeling that no major tears will be shed if I shelve this story for a while. For now, I'm putting this story on hiatus while I set things up for my next project. Sorry to any of you who were wondering whose lap our guy woke up. In case you're not sure, he was going to wake up on Kanako's lap based on the votes, so yeah, take that as you will.

I'll begin posting the new story here when it's ready to start, so sit tight for a bit. I still want to set a few things straight with the setting and direction before I begin.
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