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Ugh..its morning. Or at least the fucking birds think so.

Tweet. Tweet. Tweet.

Normaly you sleep though this,but last night has come to bite you. Or rather has infiltarted your skull and is is trying to get out by cracking it. You need..well sleep,but you're not getting that if your head keeps hurting.

Every fucking time a bird tweets it rings in your skull.

Pulling your self out of bed you stare at your reflection in the window. It takes a second for you to place it.

Ishida Tetsuo (石田哲雄),Summoner,representative of the Ishida family. Heir to the Ruby school.

You've spent all night with your father and uncles, "celebrating" that your a man now, and therefore can be sent on suicide missions.

Okay, now its time to plan. There's three months before the "war". Time to start planning.

[ ] Renko
[ ] Red White
[ ] Seiga
[ ] Horai

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Write-ins may be accepted.
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Might I suggest getting a proofreader? You've got a number of mistakes in there. I can list 'em for your reference if you like.

By the way, what are we voting for? Who we're gonna summon for the war?

And which war is this, anyway? The Holy Grail one?
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I have no idea what the fuck is going on.
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The next post had better be damned good or this thread is getting nuked from orbit.
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[X] Finish middle school, then attempt story again
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With the best OP picture ever seen on these boards, who cares?
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[x] Seiga

The fucking fuck is this?
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Where are you, OP? I want to see what the update would look like before I call you shit.
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Okay, I just let me find a proofer, and do some planning, instead of writing as if I was drunk.
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If this post is any indication of the quality of the rest of this "story", don't bother.

[x] Nuke this thread from orbit
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Shut the fuck up. Dude's expressed a desire to improve, put away the torches and pitchforks unless or until he continues to be terrible.
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To be fair he hasn't given himself a name.

That said considering the "evidence" of his desire to improve his writing are as follow,

>I just let me find a proofer, and do some planning

I absolutely have no faith on the guy doing anything more than maybe one or two paragraphs of content on the levels of an elementary student's attempt at prose trying to be serious or even remotely funny; least of all both in some awesome way.

If however he manages to blow my mind as well as amaze me in a good way, I'll gladly and happily eat Ayacrow.

Surprise me OP...
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You came from Spacebattles, didn't you?

[x] Seiga
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Still with the unmotivated hate for anything that's not TH-P or 4chan? We've had >>45565's kind of people way before the hyphen.
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It's only hate for retards. But I understand, you're butthurt because you're "not from 4chan and therefore are a poor and innocent victim picked on by everyone". Poor little lamb.