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4139 No. 4139
Well, she asked nicely, and you have imposed on her. While you'd rather rest some more, you figure that wasting any more time getting to the hospital with your leg in this condition would be a bad idea.
"Oh, I see. Thanks for the tea, Alice. Maybe we'll see each other again." you say your goodbies as you head out the door. Once your group steps outside, you are suddenly reminded of the bullet in your leg. You really want to rest just a bit more. But why would you-
Oh. Alice said she had some "things" to do. Part of you can't help but wonder what they are. You could use this curiousity as an excuse to stay for a few more seconds at least, right?
"You guys, wait here for a minute, okay?" Without waiting for their reaction, you sneak around to the other side of the house and sneakily peer through an open window, to see Alice chasing Marisa out through the back door. She then climbs the stairs. There's no way you can watch what she's doing while up there, since unlike everyone else you can't fly. Since there's no more reason to be staring through her windows like a creep, you return to your group, select members of which appear slightly annoyed.
"Well, let's get going, then."

Your traveling the rest of the way to the town is uneventful. When you get there, you find it in a rather high state of security. Armed guards at the gate, hastily thrown together secondary palisade wall surrounding the normal stone wall, upon which you can see two or three archers sitting. As you approach the gate, you're stopped by the guards.

"Hold. Who are you? And why are you bringing youkai into the village?"
Well damn. You didn't want to get held up by a guard at this point.
"We're just passing through on our way to Eientei," Kohaku responds for you.
"Go around then. We're not letting any youkai or unidentified humans through until this incident is cleared up. As you can see, we've quickly raised defenses after both the shrine and the vampiress' mansion got attacked."
"Ahem." Remilia speaks up. "I'm said vampiress."
"So? You're still a youkai, I can't let you through." You can see anger flash in Remilia's eyes. Luckily the incident gets resolved before she starts ripping people apart.
"What's this all about?" a silver-haired girl with a rather strange hat floats over the gate and lands behind the guard, stepping forward.
"These youkai are trying to enter the village."
Keine takes a look over your group.
"Let them in."
"I said let them in."
The guard shrugs then opens the gate, letting your group in. You're followed inside by the hat lady.

"Sorry about that, the villagers are on alert after the attacks." the woman explains.
"I don't believe we've met before. I'm Kamishirasawa Keine, guardian of the village and history teacher at the school. Guessing by the group of people you're with, you're probably the people who fled the shrine as it was getting attacked, and then fled Remilia's mansion as it got attacked. Which probably means you don't have a place to stay. You can stay at my place for the night"
That sounds like a good offer.
"Thank you, Keine." Kohaku politely responds. "A place to stay for the night would be great, it's getting a bit too late to leave for Eientei like we had planned."
"Indeed it is. Well, here's my house."
You hadn't really paid too much attention to where you were walking through the conversation. It doesn't feel like it took that long to get here, but you're already at Keine's house.
"Well, I'm quite busy right now. I'll see you later tonight." She floats off in a hurry, leaving your group at the front of her house. Kohaku opens the door and everyone goes inside. You've got some time until Keine returns, how do you spend it?

[ ] Take a nap.
[ ] Write-in.

>> No. 4140
[X] Play a game
>> No. 4141
>> No. 4142
[x] Bother Wriggle.
>> No. 4144
[+] Bug Wriggle.
Tsunbug must learn to become derebug.
>> No. 4145
{X} Bug Wriggle.
>> No. 4146
[X] Bug Wriggle.

More of a friendly interaction type of bug. We need to get back on her good side.
>> No. 4147
[x] Bother Wriggle.

>> No. 4149
You still don't know if Wriggle's forgiven you for... Whatever you did. Thinking back, you don't really know what you did to anger her as much as you seem to have. You should get that worked out too.
Come to think of it, you and Wriggle have never been on good terms. When you first me, she was trying to eat you. After that, she repeatedly provoked you until you... Right. Might want to apologize for that too.

You step inside the house and find yourself in a small hallway that leads to the other end of the house. Stepping forward, the first door you come to on the left appears to be the living room, and it seems to be where everyone's gathered. Stepping inside, you notice the largeish window in the front of the room. Well, largeish for what you've seen here. In the outside world, it's quite a normal living room window size. But here in Gensokyo, you don't think you've seen one that big.

Glancing around the room, you spot Wriggle and take a seat next to her.
"What do you want." she states, obviously not particularly happy that you chose to sit by here.
"What, am I bugging you?" She stares at you for a moment, then facepalms and turns back to what she was doing, which happens to be reading a book on insects.
"So, uh, how are you?" You don't have any topics to start a conversation with. It probably shows.
"I'm fine." She flatly answers without turning up from her book.
That didn't go so well.
"Um. So, what was it that made you act so coldly to me at the mansion?"
"You were being an idiot, like always." she responds, still not removing her attention from her book. Seems like she doesn't want to tell you the reason. That's not acceptable.
"Wriggle, stop being difficult. Tell me the real reason."
She shuts her book and turns her eyes to you in a glare.
"Leave me alone." she coldly states.
Right as she's finished with this sentence, a man dressed in a bird costume jumps through the living room window, grabs Mystia, and abducts her. It all happens so quickly that you and Wriggle are still stunned by the sudden breaking of the window by the time he's made his way off with your friend.
"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS." wriggle yells before jumping out the window to follow the kidnapper. You follow her on foot, somehow keeping up with her close-to-the-ground flying, probably because she has to keep slow so as not to hit obstacles. You pursue the costumed man, until he finds his way into a croud at what you assume to be the center of town. Wriggle flies over the croud, but lands in front of you saying she couldn't spot anyone with a strange costume from the air.
"So what the hell do we do now?" she asks in an irritated tone. Indeed, what do you do now? It's a definate must that you get Mystia back as soon as possible. But what route do you take to get her back?

[ ] Find a costume shop.
[ ] That guy looked like he was a bird fanatic or something. Find a bird shop.
[ ] Contact the local authorities.
>> No. 4151
Authorities? Not too keen on youkai. They wouldn't help.
Bird shop? With a bug in tow? No.

[+] Find a costume shop.
>> No. 4153
[X] That guy looked like he was a bird fanatic or something. Find a bird shop.

haha what the fuck?
>> No. 4156
[X] Find a costume shop.

Well, certainly didn't expect that. Such a troublesome girl, Mystia.
>> No. 4157
[x] Find a costume shop.
Sounds alright.
>> No. 4159
[X] Find a costume shop.

Not too far from now, Wriggle will get captured by a shady shrine maiden and be forced into a singing and dancing competition. That being the case let's help pick out a costume for her!

Or we can just ask if anyone bought a bird costume lately. How boring.
>> No. 4164
She wouldn't need a costume for a stage performance. She's a firefly. Her ass glows in the dark.
>> No. 4165
For some reason I suspect Kourin. Oh well.

{X} Find a costume shop.
>> No. 4169
First idea that comes to your mind is a costume shop. That costume could just be a ploy to throw you off, or a disguise of sorts. Whether it is or not, you think you can get the best information from a costume shop.
"Lets look for a costume shop, Wriggle."
"What!? Mystia gets kidnapped and you worry about costumes?"
You facepalm, then explain your logic. Wriggle agrees with you and you search around the town for a costume shop. Eventually you find one, and enter it loudly, slamming the door open.
"WHERE'S MY SPARROW." you shoud at the confused and startled owner, grabbing him by the collar as you do. Wriggle just lets you interrogate the man.
"What... Sparrow?"
"You know damn well what sparrow I mean! Give back Mystia NOW."
By now the man is absolutely terrified, what with you barging into his door with a youkai behind you and demanding things from him.
"I honestly have no clue what you're talking about!" he pleads. "I'm just a costume shop owner!"
You release your grip on his collar. The man seems believable. You can still squeeze some information from him.
"Did anyone buy a bird costume from you then." You phrase it as a statement, so that it comes across as a command rather than a question.
"Er, yes. The owner of the bird shop came in and asked for a bird costume a couple years back. Why?"
"Thanks." you're about to leave the door, when Keine slams it open in front of you.
"What the HELL is going on in here?" she asks, seemingly annoyed. However, she's in your way.
"Mystia's been kidnapped. Don't have time to talk." you say as you push past her through the door, Wriggle following.

[ ] Wait, Keine could be helpful. She seems to have authority here.
[ ] Just go to the bird shop, there's no time to lose.
[ ] Give up, wallow in despair for the fact that you couldn't help your friend.
>> No. 4170
[X] Just go to the bird shop, there's no time to lose.
>> No. 4172
[ ] Wait, Keine could be helpful. She seems to have authority here.
>> No. 4174
[+] Just go to the bird shop, there's no time to lose.
[+] Apologize to Keine for the disturbance as you go.
Can't wait; Mystia's already been in the nutjob's hands while we were in the costume shop. However, I'd like to avoid pissing off the nice woman who is offering us her house to rest in.
>> No. 4179
[x] Just go to the bird shop, there's no time to lose.
[x] Apologize to Keine for the disturbance as you go.
>> No. 4180
[x] Just go to the bird shop, there's no time to lose.
[x] Apologize to Keine for the disturbance as you go.
>> No. 4182
You haven't got time to waste by attempting to get Keine's help, which you're not even sure she's going to give you. Time keeps ticking, and the more time wasted, the more the kidnapper can... Do to Mystia. The thought leaves a sour taste in your mouth. But so does just running off without apologizing to Keine and the shopowner, so you apologize to both of them on your rushed way out the door.
Outside you find that it has become quite busy in the streets. It would be a bit early on the outside world, but here in Gensokyo where being out late is dangerous it might be the perfect time for rush hour. You step outside and weave your way around the crowd in the places that it's backed up. It would be dangerous to have this many people in streets in the outside world, where every street is dominated by motor vehicles. It's also quite dangerous now, with you and Wriggle rushing as fast as the two of you are. Your leg, it hurts. It hurts like hell. Especially after the running you did earlier. Instead of running, though, Wriggle's carrying you while flying. Doesn't help your leg too much, though. It's probably started bleeding again. Oh well, that doesn't matter. There's got to be some sort of small clinic in town you can go to if it gets too bad.
In any case, you find your way through the crowded streets. It seems Wriggle doesn't visit the town much, since she seems to know just as much about the layout as you. Eventually you happen upon a birdshop, so you enter again, just as loud as before.
"WHERE'S MY SPARROW" you shout, but your shout falls upon no ears other than your own and the people out on the street. The store seems empty. However, there's a set of stairs leading down to a basement of sorts with a wooden door at the bottom. Seeing no reason NOT to try the door, you descend the steps and push it open. You're hit by a blast of humidity and the smell of bird shit immediately. Stepping inside, you see lots of cages full of exotic birds. Upstairs it was mostly pidgeons, you assume for carrying purposes. Down here there are birds you've not even seen in outside-world petshops you've been in. There are lots and lots of colorful birds, but you ignore most of them.
...Except one cage. This cage catches your interest. Taking a quick look couldn't take too long.

[ ] Take a quick look. Can't hurt anything.
[ ] Ignore it, move on.
[ ] Shoot at the cage.
>> No. 4183
[x] Take a quick look. Can't hurt anything.

It's probably the damn birdman waiting for us to peer inside so he can shoot us with a blowgun, but what the hell.
>> No. 4184
[X] Ignore it, move on.
>> No. 4189
[x] Take a quick look. Can't hurt anything.
>> No. 4192
[x] Shoot at the cage.
>> No. 4195
[X] Take a quick look. Can't hurt anything.

>> No. 4198
File 121707797963.jpg - (113.49KB , 490x700 , 121630700877.jpg ) [iqdb]
+1 continue.
That cage, it's suspicious. You can't let yourself ignore it.
You take a couple steps towards it before you realize it's too high to see into. You follow the chain on the celing to a reel along the wall that's connected to most of the hanging cages. You let the reel down slowly so as not to startle whatever's inside.
You step over and take a peek at the bird inside. It's a parrot. For a second you wonder why it had struck odd.
Then you remember seeing a particular image on the internet.
Your brain fills with contradictory thoughts. You can't think properly. Something about the memory of the image causes your brain to go off at light speed trying to figure out a problem that it can't possibly figure out.
You fall to your knees in pain. This is pain beyond anything you've felt before. Migraines are nothing. The bullet wound in your leg, and all the pain it's caused you, is but a tingling sensation. This pain is overwhelming. The pain of your brain thinking such complex thoughts at such a speed, no normal human could do this. You lose our ability to take the pain, and simply pass out right there.
Your mind destroys its self with the subconscious remainder of the thoughts that brought you to such agony.

(joke) BAD END

Continues left: 3 Nullify
>> No. 4199
Real version.
That cage. You must find out what's inside.
Following the chain that runs up to the celing, you find a reel on the wall connected to all of the cages. You lower them slowly so as not to cause a ruckus and alert the shopowner. Stepping over to the cage, you find it to be empty, except for one curious item. What looks to be a smaller version of the bullets to the strange gun from Kourindou, only in the size of an AAA battery instead of an AA battery. You pocket it.
While you were fucking around, Wriggle made her way towards a door on the opposite side of the room from the stairway and kicked it open loudly, startling all of the birds in the room. Looks like you wasted time lowering the cages slowly. In any case, your route is set. You catch up to Wriggle as she heads down the stairs, wincing every other step from the bullet in your leg. Once you reach the bottom, you find another door. It's locked.
...Fuck the lock. You've not got time for this, you've got to rescue Mystia.
Deciding to take a chance, you grab the bullet and strange gun from their respective pockets and chamber the bullet in it. Oddly, the chamber and barrel of the gun seem to contract to fit the new ammunition type.
Raising the gun to the lock, you pull the trigger. You almost fall over from the recoil, it feels to be twice as bad of recoil as a .44 magnum. Not enough to knock a plane out of the sky by a long shot, but it could at least punch through body armor.
The door swings open, and you find an odd sight. Chained to the wall are three girls. One you immediately recognize as Mystia. The others you can't recognize. One of them is wearing a white shirt and a short black skirt, the other is wearing a long black and blue dress and has a pair of red wings coming out of her back. You take a short look around the room, and find a keyring with three keys on it. There's also another door in the room that's been left slightly ajar.

[ ] Free Mystia only.
[ ] Free all three of them.

[ ] Leave immediately.
[ ] Find the fucker that did this.
[ ] Burn the house down in a fit of insanity.
>> No. 4200
[X] Free all three of them.

[X] Find the fucker that did this.
>> No. 4201
{X} Free all three of them.
{X} Burn the house down in a fit of insanity.
{X} Find the fucker that did this.

lol, fire youkai route.
>> No. 4202
[x] Free all three of them.
[x] Burn the house down in a fit of insanity.
[x] Find the fucker that did this.

>> No. 4203
[x] Free all three of them.
[x] Burn the house down in a fit of insanity.
[x] Find the fucker that did this.

And narrowly escape the building just as it explodes for the money shot!
>> No. 4211
[x] Free all three of them.
[x] Find the fucker that did this.
>> No. 4212
[x] Free the entire store.
[x] Inspirational speech, hopefully with a translation for the birds provided by Mystia.
[x] Use new found army to hunt the fucker that did this down.

Are there any telephone booths in Gensokyo?
>> No. 4215
[x] Free the entire store.
[x] Inspirational speech, hopefully with a translation for the birds provided by Mystia.
[x] Use new found army to hunt the fucker that did this down.

>> No. 4216
[X] Free the entire store.
[X] Inspirational speech, hopefully with a translation for the birds provided by Mystia.
[X] Use new found army to hunt the fucker that did this down.

Best idea ever
>> No. 4217
[x] Free the entire store.
[x] Inspirational speech, hopefully with a translation for the birds provided by Mystia.
[x] Use new found army to hunt the fucker that did this down.

>> No. 4218
[x] Free the entire store.
[x] Inspirational speech, hopefully with a translation for the birds provided by Mystia.
[x] Use new found army to hunt the fucker that did this down.
>> No. 4219
[+] Free all three of them.
[+] Find the fucker that did this.
>> No. 4221
Some credit goes to Nine, Snake, and QWL for the motivational speech. And whoever they copied their bits from. Also, this write-in was AWESOME.
You came here for Mystia, but seeing these other two girls tied up... You can't just leave them here. Who knows what this freak's going to do to them.
You swiftly move to unlock Mystia's chains. She stays quiet the whole time, and when she's free she moves to help you unlock the other two girls. Once they are all unlocked, you climb back up the stairs to the first basement level, with all the cages.
Wait, you can't leave these birds here either. They may not be humanlike, but they still don't deserve whatever may happen to them. You move as quickly as you can, opening cages and letting birds you. Mystia helps you. Upon seeing you begin opening cages, Wriggle begins up the stairway to the street level of the shop. When all of the birds are free down here, you climb back up the stairs. Wriggle steps out the front door and closes it behind her upon seeing that all of the birds seem to be following you. You swiftly uncage all of the birds up here as well.
But wait, you can't leave it at this. The man that did this... Unforgivable. You have to get back at him. The pyromaniac inside of you screams to burn down the house in a fit of insanity, but the rational part of your mind tells you that doing so will give you more grief than good. Instead, you've got to do something horrible to the man without causing a scene.
You're going to turn his birds against him.
"Hey hey hey HEY HEY HEY!! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, LETTING THIS MAN SELL YOU LIKE DEAD TROUT? Are you not birds? Or are you mere fledglings? When someone puts you down, you spread your wings and fly up! Up into your oppresor, pierce him with your beak! You break free from you cage, making an effort to go the extra mile, to soar into the heavens! Now, are you mice? Or are you birds?"
"Oh, my winged bretheren, you have suffered long. Unfed, uncared, underfoot. But today, the dawn shines for you! Today, we cast off the chains of servitude! Today, we crush the pig humans beneath our brazen talons! Today, my brothers, we spread our wings and rightfully take the gilded sky!"
You pause for a moment to let Mystia catch up with her translation.
"Take off every 'BIRD'!! You know what you doing. Move 'BIRD'. For great justice."
Finishing your speech, you stomp back down the stairs, forgetting the pain in your leg, towards that final door. Upon reaching it, you kick it open forcefully. Inside, cowering in a corner, is the costumed man, only without the mask costume's mask.
"Please, I'm sorry! Take them back! Take all you want! Just don't hurt me!" the man begs. Feh. You aren't going to listen to his shit. You step out of the way of the birds, who quickly fill the room and begin pecking at the man. You leave up to the front, where you, Wriggle, Mystia, and the the two other girls you rescued exit the front door. The smaller of said two girls, the one with the black and blue dress, quickly flies off as soon as you reach the street. The other girl, however, doesn't leave quite so quickly.

"Wow, this is going to make a great article. 'Birdshop owner kidnaps bird youkai, young man saves the day' or something like that." She pulls out a pad of paper and a pen and begins writing.
"I'm Shameimaru Aya, writer of the Bunbunmaru newspaper. How about an interview?"
Seeing no reason not to, you let her interview you.
When the interview is over, she thanks you, then takes off into the air at incedible speed.

Well, you've once again got time to kill.

[ ] Head back to the house.
[ ] Wander the town.
-[ ] Take Wriggle.
-[ ] Take Mystia.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 4222
[ ]Burn the town down in a fit of insanity
>> No. 4223
[X]Burn the town down in a fit of insanity

>> No. 4224
[ ]Burn the town down in a fit of insanity

Let's get this over with now
>> No. 4225
[ ]Burn the town down in a fit of insanity

Jerl, you knew this was coming.
>> No. 4226
[x] Wander the town.
-[x] Take Wriggle.
-[x] Take Mystia.
>> No. 4229
[X]Burn the town down in a fit of insanity

Eientei is next.
>> No. 4231
[ ] Wander the town.
-[ ] Take Wriggle.
-[ ] Take Mystia.

I think the villagers would be happier if you iced down the village in a fit of inanity. It's freaking hot lately.
>> No. 4233
[X]Burn the town down in a fit of insanity

I regret nothing
>> No. 4234
[x] Burn the town down in a fit of insanity

Yumou better give us some poontang for this.
>> No. 4236
{X} Wander the town.
 {X} "Take" Wriggle and Mystia.
>> No. 4238
Suddenly that pyromaniac urge from before comes back, this time with a vengeance. You didn't burn that shop down. You should have burned that shop down. YOU HAVE TO BURN THAT FUCKING SHOP DOWN.
You yell out in rage, startling Mystia and Wriggle. But they don't matter any more. You've got to burn down the shop, it's the only way.
You run in the front door in a rage, and attempt to find something to use as an accelerant. You find nothing; no paper, no alcohol, no wood for that matter. The whole shop seems to be made of stone bricks, and they don't light very easily. It seems like burning down this place is hopeless without finding something to light first.
You burst out the front door, off to find something to light the fire. This is going to be grand.
Your mind shifts to the thought of how great it would be to do something like lightin ghte whole town on fire. Yeah, that's what you want to do. You're going to light the town on fire. The whole town, on fire. Fire, burning the whole town. Fire.
Stepping into a side alleyway, you find a cart full of hay. There is no owner nearby. You smile, and offer a short prayer to your diety, the fire god.
Fire for the fire gods!
You run at full speed to the cart, completely ignoring your gunshot wound. It doesn't matter. All that matters is using this hay to light the town on fire.
Grabbing the cart, you pull it on your way back to that creep's house. But you're not even thinking about what he did to Mystia any more. In fact, you could care less about that bird.
Rounding the corner to the shop, you grab some of the hay and place it on the ground in a hidden spot between this building and the next one over, that you'd have to look over in just the right place to see that you were there. Best to start cautiously, right?
Swiftly flicking out your Zippo, you light it. Bringing it to the straw, you prepare to light it.
"Hey, what're you doing?"
A familliar voice from behind you shatters your concentration. Holy shit, you've been caught! Not good.
After quickly closing your Zippo, you kick the straw in such a way that it doens't look like it was piled to start a fire.
"Nothing, nothing." You turn to face Keine, who's wearing an expression of frustration.
"First you barge in to that shop owner's place so rudely, then you suddenly scream in the middle of a busy street and run off. Your friends told me that you went crazy and asked me to find you. Geez, so troublesome."
The weight of your actions falls on you like a bag of bricks. This kind woman, who gave you a place to stay for the night, and you've angered her like this. You're worse than that bird freak.
"In any case, it's time for dinner, so lets head back to my house."
She leads you back to her house, you holding back your despair on the way. Eventually you arrive, and she heads off to the kitchen.
"It'll be done shortly."

You think you feel something inside of you changing.

[ ] Learn Pyromania skill level 1, replacing Panty Stealing skill level 1.
[ ] Keep Panty Stealing skill.

[ ] Find out how Mystia is doing.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 4241
[ ] Keep Panty Stealing
[ ] Find out how Mystia and Wriggle is doing.

Panties are like a trademark of his, I think. Can't just dump it for no good reason.
>> No. 4242
>You think you feel something inside of you changing.
What? Anonymous is evolving!

[+] Keep Panty Stealing
[+] Find out how Mystia and Wriggle is doing.
>> No. 4244
>> No. 4248
[X] Keep Panty Stealing
[X] Find out how Mystia and Wriggle are doing.
>> No. 4251
Don't be boring.

{X} Learn Pyromania skill level 1, replacing Panty Stealing skill level 1.
{X} Find out how Mystia is doing.
>> No. 4252
Fire is a better trademark

[x] Learn Pyromania skill level 1, replacing Panty Stealing skill level 1.
[x] Find out how Mystia is doing.
>> No. 4254
[] Keep Panty Stealing
[] Find out how Mystia and Wriggle are doing.
>> No. 4255
[x] Learn Pyromania skill level 1, replacing Panty Stealing skill level 1.
[x] Find out how Mystia is doing.
>> No. 4256
[x] Learn Pyromania skill level 1, replacing Panty Stealing skill level 1.
[x] Find out how Mystia is doing.
>> No. 4257
[x] Learn Pyromania skill level 1, replacing Panty Stealing skill level 1.
[x] Find out how Mystia is doing.
>> No. 4260
[ ] Keep Panty Stealing
[ ] Find out how Mystia and Wriggle is doing.
>> No. 4262
[x] Learn Pyromania skill level 1, replacing Panty Stealing skill level 1.
[x] Find out how Mystia is doing.
>> No. 4263
[x] Keep Panty Stealing
[x] Find out how Mystia and Wriggle is doing.
>> No. 4266
[x] Upgrade to Panty Stealing Lv. 2
[x] Find out how Mystia and Wriggle is doing.
>> No. 4267
Suddenly that strange feeling goes away. You feel exactly the same as before. Seems like whatever was changing didn't change.
Anyway, you decide to see how Mystia and Wriggle are doing in the short time before dinner. Stepping into the living room, you spot your target. You swiftly move over and sit next to Mystia.
"So, Mystia, how are you doing?"
"I'm alright~ I'm used to things like that happening~"
Huh. Yuyuko must be quite aggressive about getting at her, then.
"I see. That's somewhat unfortunate."
"Don't worry about it~ I'm fine~"
You can't completely stop worrying, but her telling you that she's fine makes it a barely-there worry. Which is a good thing, you really don't like worrying about things.
"Hey." You hear Wriggle's voice come from the other side of Mystia.
"You did good today. Running off to help Mystia like that, even with your wounded leg. Seems like I underestimated you."
Good, she's not factoring in the maddened yell you let out before running off to do something insanely stupid. Good thing Keine stopped you, or else you'd probably be in a bad state right now. The thought of hurting your friends is painful.
Enough with that despair. Wriggle's not being cold to you! That's a first. Better not fuck this up by doing something stupid again.

"Dinner's ready!" you hear Keine shout from the kitchen. Good timing too, the room was about to be filled with your natural enemy: Silence. Everyone present moves to the dining room, where Keine enters with a largeish pot.
"I'm sorry dinner is so plain tonight, but I didn't have any prior notice." she fills bowls for each of the people at the table and distrobutes them. The only people here that aren't eating are Penny and Coco, who still haven't awoken from when you knocked them out earlier.
You take a bite of the stew. Awesome flavor instantly fills your mouth. Whatever Keine said about this being plain was a LIE. This is quite easily one of the best tasting stews you've ever had.
Dinner goes smoothly. You're unable to follow most of the conversations due to lack of knowledge, but it's still better to listen to silence.
In any case, dinner is soon over, and you head back into the living room and take a seat in one of the chairs. Upon sitting down, your body tells you to go to sleep NOW. You've been awake since yesterday, and have lost a considerable amount of blood from the gunshot wound. And beyond that, your body wants to digest the food you just ate. You find it harder and harder to keep consciousness. You slowly drift off into a comfortable sleep...
...But the second you reach it, you're awoken by the sound of Penny's voice.
"Bwah... Where am- EEEEEH!?"
Her sudden exclamation wakes Coco, whose reaction is quite different.
"Argh, is it mo-Oh. Hi." She sits up in her seat.
"What are you so calm for, Coco!? We're tied up in some weirdo's house, and our weapons are gone!"
"It's fine~ Coco, you worry way too much. As long as we're not dead, it's fine~"
Penny quickly turns away from Coco, staring at the wall. She soon notices that the wall isn't the only thing being stared at.
"What are you all looking at?" she shouts at everyone in the room.
She's quite uncalm. While silence is horrible, shouting and screaming is almost as bad. You should calm her down before she causes more distruptions.

[ ] Slap her. This is the only way to calm down someone.
[ ] Spellcard: Affection Sign "Perfect Ruffle". Suits your needs PERFECTLY.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 4268
[X] "Our dinner, it has awaken."

Just to scare them

[X] Spellcard: Affection Sign "Perfect Ruffle". Suits your needs PERFECTLY.
>> No. 4269
[X] "AAAAAAH! AAAAAAAH! How do you like getting yelled at, huh?! Not so fun, is it?! AAAAAAAH!"
>> No. 4270
[x] "Our dinner, it has awakened."
[x] Spellcard: Affection Sign "Perfect Ruffle". Suits your needs PERFECTLY.

Fucking with the fairies.
>> No. 4271
[+] Spellcard: Affection Sign "Perfect Ruffle". Suits your needs PERFECTLY.
>> No. 4272
You people are idiots.

{X} Spellcard: Affection Sign "Perfect Ruffle".
>> No. 4273
The people that vote for this story are idiots? You don't say?

What was your first clue? When we raped Wriggle? Or how 'bout the incident with an unconscious Yukari? When we burnt down the Hakurei shrine? The SDM? When we shot Marisa with a anti-aircraft weapon? Or more recently, when we pulled a fucking Kamina on a bird shop? Yes, it was fucking awesome. But does that make it an intelligent move? No.
The list goes on, but I'll be damned if I can remember all the stupid shit we've done so far.

That said;
[x] Spellcard: Affection Sign "Perfect Ruffle". Suits your needs PERFECTLY.
>> No. 4274
Saying no to fire skills.
>> No. 4275
Haha, that would be humorous. You could attempt to frighten the fairies. Something along the lines of "Our dinner, it has awakened!" Yeah, that would probably scare them.
...But no, that's a bad idea. Your goal is to calm Penny down, not to make both of them panic. In any case, from your past experiences they'll be scared enough at the beginning of what you're going to do anyway.
"Calm down, Penny. Or they might eat you for dinner~" God damn it, Coco, you're not helping. You've got todo something before the room is filled with danmaku. You're not sure how well they'll be able to fire it tied up like they are, but you'd rather not find out.
You reach into your pocket and move closer to Penny, pulling out your spellcard box. You unlock it and pull the cards out from inside it. Upon them, both of them stiffen. As expected. You select the one you intended to use, the first one you found in your posession here in Gensokyo. It suits your needs absolutely perfectly.
It seems that Coco realized what the particular card does, as she relaxes. She really doesn't seem to bothered by this whole business. Which seems much more fairy-like than Penny, who is currently trying her hardest to get away. But she's not strong enough.
"Affection Sign 'Perfect Ruffle'"
Upon activating the card, your body moves automatically to begin ruffling Penny's hair. The ruffling is done perfectly, exactly like a good hair ruffling should go. The only way the effect of the ruffling could be boosted is if you found a way to infuse magic into it to add to the effect. But your skills with magic at the moment aren't good enough. But you can still try..
You gather up all of the magical energy in your body. Who you're ruffling doesn't matter. Nothing matters any more. All that matters is making this spellcard as effective as possible. You amass as much magical energy as your body has, and right as you're about to combine its effects with that of the spellcard... The card times out. You snap out of the transic state brought upon by your concentration on your mana to find that Penny has indeed calmed down. You can't see her staying calm just for that, though, so you add the finishing touch. Reaching into your bag of candy, you push a piece into her mouth before she snaps out of the transic state she slipped into during the ruffling. You quickly move to your seat and sit down. Coco just stares at you. Not in a malicious way, or a mischievous way, or an admiring way, just stares at you.
Meanwhile, Penny falls out of her trance.
"What the-" she begins, but doesn't finish her sentence.
Seems your whole group is staring at you now. Or, rather, the ones that didn't already know about this card.

[ ] Use spellcard again, on (specify).
[ ] Bring up a topic for converstion. (specify)
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 4276
[x] To group: "Works like a charm, doesn't it?"
[x] To Penny: "Take it easy, okay? We're not going to hurt you."
>> No. 4277
[X] To group: "Works like a charm, doesn't it?"
[X] To Penny: "Take it easy, okay? We're not going to hurt you."

>> No. 4278
[X] To group: "Works like a charm, doesn't it?"
[X] To Penny: "Take it easy, okay? We're not going to hurt you."
>> No. 4280
{X} Use spellcard again, on (self).

If we're not getting Pyromania Psychosis, I demand Ruffle Psychosis.
>> No. 4288
[X] To group: "Works like a charm, doesn't it?"
[X] To Penny: "Take it easy, okay? We're not going to hurt you."

>> No. 4306
You turn to your group.
"Works like a charm, doesn't it?"
They don't seem to care too much.
You turn back to Penny.
"Take it easy, okay? We're not going to hurt you." you say as you reach out to ruffle her hair again, this time without the spellcard. Penny bites at your fingers, causing Coco to begin giggling.
That went... Okay. Nothing good nor bad happened. Nothing much happened, even.

[ ] Bring up a CONVERSATION. You know, the kind where both parties exchange words for more than one line. (specify topic)
[ ] Use spellcard again, on (specify)
[ ] You haven't talked to Kohaku much. Go see what she's doing.
>> No. 4307
[X] You haven't talked to Kohaku much. Go see what she's doing.
>> No. 4314
[+] Stuff socks in their mouths.
[+] "If you can't use those for something good, then at least be quiet."
[+] Go back to sleep. You need it.
>> No. 4320
{X} You haven't talked to Kohaku much. Go see what she's doing.
>> No. 4321
[x] You haven't talked to Kohaku much. Go see what she's doing.
Voting for this because Jerl forgot to clearly hint that she's really good at working with spellcards.

>[ ] Bring up a CONVERSATION. You know, the kind where both parties exchange words for more than one line. (specify topic)
I figured the line with Penny would lead into us having a conversation with the fairies and trying to gain their trust. But then, that would require dialogue with nuance and personality.
>> No. 4322
[x] Ask the fairies about Yumou, what her plans of attack are, how big her fairy army is, where her base is, etc.

Interrogatan' gaems.
>> No. 4323
[x] Use spellcard again, on Wriggle
>> No. 4333
You haven't talked to Kohaku much. In fact, she's the member of your group you've interacted with the least, other than Rumia. And Rumia always seems to just be playing games with Cirno and the other members of their subgroup, so it can't be helped. Kohaku, however, has pretty much just been reading. Seeing her left alone like that makes you wonder if she's lonely. So you decide to talk to her.
Standing up from your seat, you move to sit by her.
"Hello." She welcomes you before you begin talking.
"Hi." You respond normally.
Now you've got to figure out a topic to talk about. Not having a topic in a conversation is kinda difficult.
"So, uh, you looked kinda lonely sitting here by yourself."
"Not really." She continues reading from her book.
"Do you really enjoy reading that much?"
Well, if she says so.
"That's kinda sad, though, isn't it?"
"...I guess."
This conversation isn't going anywhere fast. Then again, when you're concentrating on something like reading, you're not that easy to hold a conversation with either.
"...So is there anything else you like doing besides reading?"
"Creating and improving spellcards."
Well, that's useful.
"If you ever get bored, you could take a look at improving mine if you wanted."
She closes her book.
"Really? Most people don't let me mess with their spellcards. They like making and improving them themselves, whether they're good at it or not."
You can kinda understand why, since spellcards are supposed to be a personalized type of thing. However, since neither of your spellcards were made by you, this doesn't quite apply.
But you probably shouldn't give her the Blaze of Life spellcard to work with. You're not sure if she'd mess up the internal battery or not, seeing as even Patchouli was surprised that someone managed to do that. From what you remember reading, spellcards are pretty much just named attacks, and people often enchant the card themselves so they have to think less while casting.
"Then could I have a look at one now? I'm sorta bored with reading right now."
She looks quite eager to do it.

[ ] Give her spellcard: Affection Sign "Perfect Ruffle"
[ ] Give her spellcard: Forbidden Sign "Blaze of Life"
[ ] Don't give her one.

[ ] Conversation, specify, etc.
[ ] Leave the house.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 4335
[X] Give her spellcard: Affection Sign "Perfect Ruffle"

[X] "Does the name Yumou mean anything to anyone?"
>> No. 4338
[x] Give her spellcard: Affection Sign "Perfect Ruffle"
[x] Show her spellcard: Forbidden Sign "Blaze of Life" and ask her if she can tell you anything about it.
>> No. 4342
{X} Give her spellcard: Affection Sign "Perfect Ruffle"
{X} "Does the name Yumou mean anything to anyone?"

>> No. 4346
{X} Give her spellcard: Affection Sign "Perfect Ruffle"
{X} "Does the name Yumou mean anything to anyone?"
>> No. 4347
Yeah, you'd like to see if she could improve your Perfect Ruffle spellcard.
"Yeah, sure."
You pass the card to her, and she eagerly accepts it. She begins examining it thoroughly.
Well, she's busy now. But now the room's basically in silence again. You've got to find a way to end this silence.
A good way would be to find out some information on the person who abducted you.
"Hey, guys. Does the name 'Yumou' mean anything to anyone?"
Kohaku looks up from what she's doing.
"Yumou? She's a good friend of mine. Why?"
...That's interesting.
"I see."
Kohaku turns back down to the spellcard.
You think for a moment about whether you want to say any more. You should probably get as much information as you can, so you decide to continue.
"Well, she's the person who abducted me and locked me in a dungeon. And I think those fairies that attacked the mansion were her doing."
Kohaku looks up again.
"...What? That doesn't sound like her."
"What can you tell me about her?"
"She's normally a very laid back person. She likes reading about history, so she's a better friend of Keine's than I am. Really, abducting you and locking you in a dungeon sounds so far off from how she normally acts. You sure it was her?"
"Well, that's what the note that came with my other spellcard said, so..."
"Hmm, let me take a look at that spellcard then."
If she's only looking, it should be fine. She can't mess anything up by LOOKING, right? So you hand the card to her.
"Hmm..." She examines the card very closely.
"This..." She pauses. "This card was definately made by her."
For the first time in quite a while, you see Kohaku express emotion. Her expression shows a mixture of shock, depression, and anger. You can't blame her for feeling those feelings, you'd feel them too if you just found out that your good friend did such things.
She hands the card back to you.
"Give me an hour or so and I'll improve Perfect Ruffle for you. Please leave me alone until then."
Obeying her request, you stand up to sit somewhere else.

[ ] Sit by Mystia and Wriggle again.
[ ] Sit with Coco and Penny.
[ ] Sit with Remilia and Keine.
[ ] Sit with Cirno, Onric, and Rumia.
>> No. 4352
{X} Sit with Remilia and Keine.

Important people~
>> No. 4356
[X] Sit with Cirno, Onric, and Rumia.

They've been ignored too much.
>> No. 4358
[x] Sit with Remilia and Keine.
>> No. 4362
[X] Sit with Cirno, Onric, and Rumia.

Sure, why not.
>> No. 4366
[X] Sit with Cirno, Onric, and Rumia.
>> No. 4367
{X} Sit with Remilia and Keine.
>> No. 4368
[+] Sit with Cirno, Onric, and Rumia.
Gotta go with this. Rumia has hardly even been mentioned in forever, we probably ought to keep Cirno occupied now and then, and Onric needs levels.
>> No. 4383
You decide to sit with Cirno, Onric, and Rumia. You've interacted with Cirno and Onric a bit recently, but you haven't interacted with Rumia at all since you were at Reimu's. You come to sit down with them.
They all seem to be doing different things. Onric's staring intently at her Zippo once again, while Rumia's eating what looks like delicious ribs. You have no idea where she got them, but they look awesome. It almost makes you hungry again, but the feeling passes.
Cirno, unlike the other two, seems to be very, very bored. She's sitting there doing pretty much nothing.
"Cirno, you bored?"
"Yeaaaaah. There's nothing to do in this house." She says with a voice that emphasizes her boredness. You can understand how someone like her, a fairy used to doing what she wants when she wants, would get bored like this.
Suddenly she sits up and grabs your hand. Before you can react, Cirno pulls you out to the front of the house.
"Lets do something!"
As she shouts this, Rumia and Onric appear out of the front door of the house.
"Yeah! Lets go to a restaurant!" Rumia excitedly shouts.
"Eh? But I want to go prank people!"
The two of them argue for a couple minutes or so before Onric pipes up.
"Uh, why don't you have him decide?" she gestures towards you.
"Hey, which do you want to do?" Cirno almost yells at you.
"Onii-chan wants to go to a restaurant, right?" Rumia asks.

Well, you've got to decide what to do now.
[ ] Restaurant.
[ ] Pranking people.
[ ] Screw this, head back inside.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 4384
{X} Prank people at the restaurant.
>> No. 4385
[X] Pranking people.
>> No. 4386
[Q] Prank people at the restaurant.

>> No. 4387
[X] Prank people at the restaurant.
>> No. 4395
A genius idea comes forth. You can solve this without hurting either girl's feelings.
"How about we go to the restaurant and prank the people there?"
The two girls stare at you for a moment.
"AWESOME!" Cirno shouts, then grabs your hand and lifts into the air, pulling you through the streets. The other two girls follow behind you.
You pass by quite a few restaurants. It seems like these girls have a target in mind already. this is a good thing, though, since it means you don't have to decide on where to go.
Hey, why are they taking you outside of the town? And pulling you towards the bamboo forest...

Eventually you land. They didn't take you very deep into the forest, just a little bit, and it was along a path.
"Her stand was somewhere around here..." Your group continues on foot along the path.
Eventually you happen upon a food stand. Or at least what's left of one. All there is now is a broken grill, some burnt wood, and a black spot on the ground.
"Eh? She didn't burn down her own stand, did she? Such an idiot." Cirno states.
"Cirno, it was probably HER that did it." Rumia responds.
"Eh? Who's 'her'?"
"...Nevermind. When we get to Eientei, I'm going to eat her for destroying the food stand."
"Huh? Who?" Cirno seems confused.
"Whatever. Lets just go eat at some place in town." Rumia grabs you by the wrist and lifts off to fly towards the human village.
"Rumia, let's race there! Last person there has to carry this lump back!"
"Okay!" Rumia shouts her response. The two of them accelerate, flying at a rather high speed towards the human village. You're forced to just hold on as tight as you can as you're pulled away from Rumia by the momentum.
Cirno quickly pulls ahead, Rumia accelerates to catch up. It's not enough, though, as you can tell right now that Cirno's going to win. It's probably at least partially due to the fact that Rumia has to carry you and all of your stuff.
You find yourself back over the human village quickly. These two girls sure aren't taking their time. People on the ground stare as you go zipping past.
Suddenly Cirno stops without warning, almost causing Rumia to slam into her.
"Cirno, what are you sto-"
"DAIYOUSEI!" Cirno almost screams before charging at the ground. She comes to a stop just in front of another fairy, seemingly of Cirno's size with green hair.
"CIRNO!" the fairy shouts a reply. Rumia slowly descends and lands next to the fairy duo.
"It's been so long, Daiyousei!"
"It's only been a few days, Cirno..." the fairy responds.
"Eh? But it felt like weeks!"
"Whatever. Come with me, I've got something to talk to you about."
"Eh? But-"
The two of them stare at each other for a bit.
"...Okay. Lets go." The two of them leave.

"Aren't you going to follow them, Rumia?"
"Then why'd you stop instead of continuing on?"
"The restaurant's right here."
You look up and find that you are indeed in front of a restaurant.

The two of you enter the restaurant, and get seated at a table near the back. You're given menus to order from.

[ ] You just ate. Stop eating, fatty.
[ ] Delicious steak.
[ ] Pork chops.
[ ] Ribs.
>> No. 4396
>> No. 4404
[ ] Eat the menu.
>> No. 4405
[x] Feed the menu to Rumia.
[x] Feed the table to Rumia.
[x] Feed the whole damn restaurant to Rumia.

>> No. 4410
[x] Feed the menu to Rumia.
[x] Feed the table to Rumia.
[x] Feed the whole damn restaurant to Rumia.

Oh god, Pac-Man Fever.
>> No. 4416
>> No. 4417
[x] Alert your server to your monetary situation; ask if having Rumia not eat the other customers & waitstaff would be an acceptable substitution.
>> No. 4421
{X} Feed the menu to Rumia.
{X} Feed the table to Rumia.
{X} Feed the whole damn restaurant to Rumia.
>> No. 4431
You are suddenly filled with despair as you realize that you don't have any money. Or at least none that they would properly be able to use here.
You blurt this line out just loud enough for Rumia to hear, but with all the force as if you'd screamed it at the top of your lungs. Your lack of money is really troubling, especially when it's Rumia you're feeding. You've seen how much she eats, and it can't be a good thing to have her eating without being able to pay for it.
"Eh? You have no money? Then I'll just get this."
She points out something on the menu.
Holy fuck a six pound steak!? Shit's got to be expensive.
"It says that if I eat it all it'll be free!"
...Oh. You don't know whether that extends to hungry youkai though. But if it does, you'll have to remember this place.
As if on cue, the waiter walks up to your table.
"What can I get for you today?" he asks politely.
Immediately Rumia points to the giant steak on the menu. "This!" she excitedly yells.
"E..hh?" Seems the waiter doesn't know that Rumia's a youkai. This could be a good thing. "You sure?"
Rumia glares at him. You see him flinch. "O-Okay then. What'll you have?" He turns to you.
"Eh, I guess I'll just have some green tea."
"And you?" he turns to Onric. She indicates that she doesn't want anything.
"Alright then." he leaves towards the kitchen.
"Eh? Onii-chan's not eating anything?" Rumia asks with a confused expression.
"We just ate, Rumia. I'm a human, I don't have your appetite."
"Oh." She looks a little disappointed.
"So, Rumia. Here's the plan."
"When you've got everyone's attention due to the fact that you managed to eat a six pound steak when you look like such a young girl, Onric and I are going to sneak out so I don't have to pay for my tea."
Ten or so minutes later the food arrives. You don't have much conversation with Rumia, she mostly spends the time looking at other people's food. Eventually the waiter returns with her massive steak and your tea.
Looking at this steak, it's fucking huge. It's got to be two inches thick and a food and a half long. Nevertheless, Rumia cuts in to it and begins eating immediately. You take a sip of your tea. It's a little bit too hot at the moment, but otherwise it's rather good. Not as good as the tea at the mansion or the shrine, but good nonetheless. Time passes without conversation once again, but due to the other people eating here the silence isn't quite as bad.
After about halfway through the steak, your table starts getting more and more attention from the other people in the restaurant. More and more you hear whispering and see pointing. Either Rumia doesn't notice it, or she's ignoring it, since she doesn't once look up from her steak.
Once she finishes the last bite, dozens of gasps are heard. The waiter from before comes and takes her to the front of the restaurant, everyone's eyes following her. You take the chance to sneak out of the restaurant, leaving a few dollars behind as a tip for the waiter. You hope he figures out that he can go to Kourindou to get it exchanged for money that can be used here.

After waiting outside the restaurant for a few minutes, Rumia eventually floats out the front door.
"That was good~" she grabs your wrist as she floats past.
You're quickly back in front of Keine's house. Stepping inside, you find it to be pretty much the way you left it. Cirno and Daiyousei both seem to have returned here. Now you've got to choose what to do again.

[ ] Sit with Cirno and Daiyousei.
[ ] Sit with Keine and Remilia.
[ ] Sit with Mystia and Wriggle.
[ ] Sit with Coco and Penny.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 4432
[X] Sit with Mystia and Wriggle.
>> No. 4433
{X} Sit with Mystia and Wriggle.
>> No. 4434
>>...Oh. You don't know whether that extends to hungry youkai though.
>>extends to hungry youkai
>>Hungry Youkai

What? Writefags don't get discounts?
>> No. 4436
Also, {X} Sit with Mystia and Wriggle.
>> No. 4437
No. They don't.
>> No. 4438
[Q] Sit with Mystia and Wriggle.
>> No. 4444
[x] Sit across from Mystia and Wriggle.
[x] Rub against Wriggle's leg with your foot.
>> No. 4447
[X] Sit with Mystia and Wriggle.
>> No. 4456
After all that's happened to far, you can honestly say you're closest to those two, the sparrow and firefly. However little that firefly likes you, those two are so far your closest friends. The decision of who to sit with is obvious, not a single part of your being protests.
No real conversation happens. The three of you basically just sit there while everyone else converses. You almost think to get up and go sit by someone else, seeing as you might have a chance for conversation, but that wouldn't be very nice to these two. So you just sit there for a while.
After a while of nothing much happening. Cirno and Daiyousei say their goodbyes and leave. This is obviously quite odd to you, seeing as you didn't know Cirno was leaving any time soon.

[ ] Chase after them.
[ ] Eh, it's probably not a good idea to separate friends.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 4457
[X] Chase after them.
>> No. 4458
[ ] Eh, it's probably not a good idea to separate friends.
>> No. 4459
[x] Eh, it's probably not a good idea to separate friends.

I like Cirno, but extraneous characters are extraneous.
>> No. 4475
[x] Eh, it's probably not a good idea to separate friends.

And then when they're recruited by Yumou, that's a good chance for us to knock them out and get some more continues.
>> No. 4484
Eh. Cirno and Daiyousei seem to be pretty good friends, and keeping them separated any longer would be mean. Beyond that, you like her, but your group seems to have a few too many members. That means a few too many mouthes to feed. It's alright when you're crashing at someone else's place and they're feeding you, but when you're out in the wild, gathering food for too many people is dangerous, tiring, and overall not a good thing. So you decide not to do anything about it. No one seems to question your decision, and they all continue with the conversations they were having. Rumia's somehow managed to procure a porkchop and is currently eating it in the form of a porkchop sandwich. Mystia and Wriggle are chatting animatedly about some Gensokyo-related things that you don't understand. Keine and Remilia are quietly conversing about something, you can't tell what because of the other conversations going on. They are both sipping tea. Kohaku's still examining your spellcard quietly in the corner. Onric seems to have taken the duty of watching over the two prisoners, who are conversing with each other about something. Coco seems to be behaving herself better than Penny, who occasionally squirms around enough to warrant a poke to the forehead from Onric.
All in all, everything goes by peacefully. The various conversations continue until it's somewhat late in the night. You all turn in for the night, laying on a bunch of futons Keine seems to have laying around. The fact that she has this many futons strikes you as slightly odd, but she must end up having to take care of people like this a bunch.
After laying in your futon for a few minutes, your consciousness starts to fade. You usually can't just fall asleep on command, but today you seem to be getting drowsy quicker than normal. Before you have enough time to think about this enough to wake yourself, you've fallen into a dead sleep.

You awaken in the living room of Marisa's house. Opening your eyes, you look out the window to find that it's still quite early in the morning. You judge that it's way too early to wake up, given what you've been through lately. Fighting demons is tiring, you deserve some R&R. So you return to your futon and drift back to sleep.

You're awoken by the distant sound of gunfire. You immediately bolt up out of bed and take a look outside. A few villagers with spears run past towards the gunfire. The gunfire quickly stops, and shortly after Keine enters the house from the front door. Seems she left before you woke up.

"Argh, those fairies followed you guys here. Either that or whoever's leading them wants to conquer the city or something." Apparantly your expression shows some concern, as she quickly reassures you. "Everything's been taken care of. It was only a small group of five fairies that attacked when the gate guards threatened them. No one got hurt, I got there before their weapons caused any wounds on the guards. You can go back to sleep now, everything's fine. I'll wake you up if anything that's a real threat attacks, and you can do your vanishing act like you seem to do so well when the place you're staying is under attack."
Well, you don't want to pass up some good sleep. You're still quite tired from waking up at such an hour. You return to your futon, and sleep comes easily.

[ ] Dream about waking up in Marisa's house.
[ ] Dream about waking up in your own bed.
[ ] Don't dream anything.
>> No. 4491
[x] Burn down your dreams in a fit of insanity.
>> No. 4492
[x] Dream about waking up in Marisa's house.

I want to cause a time paradox by having John Stalvarn meet the unnamed protagonist.
>> No. 4493
[X] Dream about waking up in your own bed.
>> No. 4500
[x] Dream about waking up in your own bed.

>you can do your vanishing act like you seem to do so well when the place you're staying is under attack.

>> No. 4503
[♪]Dream about waking up in Marisa's house.
The side story seems interesting, maybe we'll learn a few things from it? Just hoping it isn't too long since it's only supposed to be a dream.

This reminds me so much of Final Fantasy 8 where Squall dreams about Laguna's adventures and such.
>> No. 4509
[x] Dream about waking up in Marisa's house.
>> No. 4513
Holy shit, I just realized that you never got your clothes back. Lets play like Marisa lent you an old set of clothes she stole from Rinnosuke, or something like that.
Consciousness once again forces its self on your mind. You open your eyes and find the room to be quite well lit by the sunlight coming in from the window. It seems it's just the perfect time of day for the most sunlight to permeate the room. It's also quite warm in the room, it seems Marisa doesn't have anything to keep the house cool. Or she's just not using it for whatever reason. It's not like you're not used to heat after fighting your way through hell, though. In any case, you're covered in a fair amount of sweat.
Sitting up in the futon, you stretch. Looking around the room, you find that Marisa's apparantly awoken already as there's an empty teacup sitting on her table. Oh well, it's not like you had any reason to wake up early or anything. It's just as well that you got some good rest anyway, because now you feel the best you've felt in ages. Even a futon on the floor is better than the cots you were stuck sleeping in on Phobos, and it's much better than just sleeping wherever.
You pop your joints as you make your way to the bathroom to take a bath. You took one just last night, but that's no reason not to take one now. You step inside the room and begin to remove the spare set of clothes Marisa gave you. Inside you find that your clothes have been cleaned, folded, and placed on the countertop. You step over to the cabinet underneath and pull out the plain white soap you used last night, ignoring the strawberry stuff again. You step over to the bathtub and run the tap, filling it with hot water. Once it's full, you lower yourself in. The water's quite hot, but not hot enough to burn you. Instead, it helps you relax. You relax almost too much, having to stop yourself from falling asleep. Once you've relaxed for a bit, you wash yourself as well as you can. When you're finished, you open the drain and let the water empty as you towel off and get dressed in your marine armor.
You leave the bathroom and step out into the hallway, taking a deep breath as you do. It might not be very cool out here, but at least there's none of the humidity that was in the bathroom. You turn to head back towards the living room, but stop when your eyes lock with Marisa's.
"There you are. I was beginning to wonder if you'd ever wake up, and then you up and disappear.Oh well, it's training time -ze." she says as she grabs your collar and heads back out to the front of the house.
"Wait, those are your only clothes and I'm not just going to lend you a pair every time you need some -ze. And if we're doing training, I might end up destroying them in a blaze of glory -ze."

[ ] She's right, you need more clothes.
[ ] No, your current ones will do fine. You fought your way through fireball-throwing demons and they're still fine.
>> No. 4514
[X] No, your current ones will do fine. You fought your way through fireball-throwing demons and they're still fine.
>> No. 4515
[x] "Don't you mean 'burning them down in a fit of insanity'?"
[x] No, your current ones will do fine. You fought your way through fireball-throwing demons and they're still fine.
>> No. 4521
[+] "Don't you mean 'burning them down in a fit of insanity'?"
[+] No, your current ones will do fine. You fought your way through fireball-throwing demons and they're still fine.
>> No. 4544
[x] "Don't you mean 'burning them down in a fit of insanity'?"
[x] No, your current ones will do fine. "Anyway, I fought my way through fireball-throwing demons and they're still fine."
>> No. 4551
No, your current attire will do just fine.
"Don't you mean burning them down in a fit of insanity, Marisa?"
She gives you a confused look.
"Nah, Marisa. I'm good for now. I've fought through waves of fireball-throwing demons and haven't even gotten a scratch."
"Eh? Must have been some weak demons. Even I get a couple of near-misses that singe my clothings -ze."
Well, probably best not to ruin her sense of power by telling her about dumptruck-sized cyborgs that barrage you with mini-rockets.
"Lets start then -ze~!" she shouts as she pulls the octagon-shaped object out of a pocket in her dress and points it at you.
"Lets see if you can survive this -ze! Magicannon 'Final Master Spark'!"
The ground begins shaking. Whatever this is, it's big. If it's anything similar to the Master Spark you saw yesterday, you'd better get moving.
The beam fires, narrowly missing you. You barely run fast enough as it quickly expands to be around 30 feet across. When you're just out of its range, you trip on a rock and fall to the ground. Which is a rather good thing, because immediatly after doing so, awaves of those stars flood the place where you were just standing.
You wait for a bit for an opening to open up, then quickly stand up and make your way through the waves of stars, occasionally getting grazed in your extremeties. It dosn't hurt too bad, however; in fact, most imps inflict more pain with their fireballs than this. But you can see how it would hurt if you got hit head on by them, so you do your best to make your occasional collisions just grazes. You find yourself in a temporary safe spot in the barrage and take a moment to assess the situation.
Jillions of star things are shooting out of the witch. Now that you take a half a moment to think about it, she truely is more powerful than any of the demons you fought. If she has even minute trouble with the demons she's fought, you'd hate to get in a fight with them. In fact, you're sure a cyberdemon would hate to get in a fight with them.
As you take a closer look at the witch, you see her struggling to keep control of the massive lazer, and in fact it's wobbling a bit. That must be a horrible thing to be hit with.
Your safe spot becomes unsafe once more and you're forced to weave your way through the barrage of bullets. While it may seem like you've been doing this for a long time, in reality you've been dodging for less than a minute. Fighting with demons has calmed your nerves and raised your reflexes enough for it to feel like you've been fighting for much longer.
The massive beam of light suddenly fades. The stars keep coming, though. You've gotten yourself in a nice rhythm of only moving a tiny bit when stars are passing by, and you have no plans of changing it.
New plan! Marisa aims the octagon at you again and once again the beam fires. You rush off to the side as quick as you can, not caring about the various hits she scores against you with the stars. Rapidly you dislike your decision to stop paying much attention to the stars, as one slams right into your face causing you to go dizzy for a half second. In that time, two more stars hit into you, causing you to grunt in pain. Deciding that you've had enough, you hit the ground and wait for the stars to finish passing over your head. Luckily Marisa has to pay too much attention to keeping the massive beam of energy aimed to notice that her stars are passing dangerlessly over your head.
You wait for her to finish attacking. You had to Stand up quickly and run away when she reaimed it a couple times, but narrowly avoided getting hit by the stars.
Eventually she stops her attack, and you stand up to face her. She seems to be just as worn out as you are. Must be hard work keeping that thing aimed properly.
"You're good at dodging -ze! Maybe you can help me later by being a decoy."
She stands up and heads back inside, where she begins cooking a very simple breakfast of scrambled eggs, oddly enough with mushrooms mixed in as the only other ingredient. You chow down regardless. That workout has made you quite hungry.
When you're both finished, Marisa rushes off to another room. She comes out with her broom and a couple bottles of... something. You can't tell. It's some greenish liquid.
"Here, take these -ze." she offers them to you. You reluctantly take them.
"Magic grenades -ze. Throw them at someone and KABOOM!" she shouts the last word.
Well, it's been a while since you've used a hand grenade. Mostly you've used a rocketlauncher to cause explosive effects, or else detonated barrels of green gloop that seem to be quite volitile. You place the bottles in your pockets, hoping they don't break when you sit down or something.
"So, are you coming with me or not -ze." she directs it to you as a statement more than a question.

[ ] Yeah, why not? She gave you those grenades because she wanted you to help her, not so you can sit around all day doing nothing.
[ ] No, you're a lazy faggot.
>> No. 4553
{X} Yeah, why not? She gave you those grenades because she wanted you to help her, not so you can sit around all day doing nothing.

>> No. 4556
[x] Yeah, why not? She gave you those grenades because she wanted you to help her, not so you can sit around all day doing nothing.
>> No. 4557
[+] Yeah, why not? She gave you those grenades because she wanted you to help her, not so you can sit around all day doing nothing.
>> No. 4561
[x] No, ur a faget
>> No. 4562
When writing this, the image came to mind of the Scarlet Devil Mansion replacing their windows with aircraft-quality impact-resistant glass.
"Lets go then, ze." She grabs your hand and pulls you out of the house, jumping on her broom and forcing it up under her legs with you positioned behind her. If she'd done it a bit harder you probably wouldn't be able to think for a couple minutes. You grip her shoulders so as not to fall off of the broom. Hopefully you won't need to have a better grip than required not to loose your balance.

And indeed you didn't. The flying went smoothly. Well, sort of. She flew rather fast, and it's only the fact that you've done this before that's making you not freak out like last time you did this. Other than that, you didn't even need to grip her shoulders most of the way, you balanced pretty well.
Eventually she landed her broom in front of a large crimson building that looks similar to a castle. You've seen crimson castles recently, so this causes you to suddenly be very, very alert.
"Okay, here's the plan -ze. I run in and grab books. If Patchy attacks us, be my decoy and distract her until I can escape. Otherwise we just leave through a hole in the wall. Okay?"
So she's just going to steal things? Well, that would explain why she has so much junk in her house.
But wait, she's stealing shit. And you might be attacked by someone she has to worry about attacking. This isn't sounding like a good id-
Before you can finish that thought, Marisa takes off again, plowing straight through a glass window.
The two of you land on top of a very tall bookcase. Marisa tells you to just wait there until she returns with the "goods."
Looking down from the book case, you find that the bottom is about ten to fifteen feet down.
You decide to pass the time by laying down on the top of the bookshelf.
As you're laying there, a tiny girl with wings dressed in a maid outfit flutters over your head.
She then stops and turns around, staring at you.
Wait, shit. You just got caught.
Just as you're about to pull your gun to try and scare the thing away from you, it suddenly pops as a green bolt of light smashes into it. Looking to where the light came from, you see Marisa flying at a somewhat hurried pace. She lands in front of you.
"Quick, get on -ze."
You follow her advice and climb on the back of the broom. She accelerates out through the already broken window.

After a few minutes of flying, she slows down from her blistering pace.
"I think they're not following us -ze. So, now you get to make a decision: we can go to Kourindou, the town, or straight back to my place."

[ ] You're currious as to what this "Kourindou" is.
[ ] The town, it calls.
[ ] Nah, just go home.
>> No. 4563
[+] You're currious as to what this "Kourindou" is.
Might have some of our stuff.
>> No. 4565
{X} You're curious as to what this "Kourindou" is.
>> No. 4566
[x] You're currious as to what this "Kourindou" is.

Damn, I was hoping for Marisa to get shot down by an anti-aircraft pistol and an epic gunfight to ensue.
>> No. 4605
File 121817488698.jpg - (144.71KB , 500x375 , 2276321034_b039211042.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh god make it stop
"Lets go to this Korean Dough place then."
"To Kourin's it is then -ze!" she reaims her broom a little bit to the south and takes off like a rocket. Eventually she lands in front of a small shop with some Asian characters on its sign. The sweet aroma of a Korean bakery wafts out of the front doors...
Marisa opens the door and steps inside. You follow her inside, ready to examine all of the various baked goods...
And find a huge pile of junk. What the hell is this? There's enough junk at Marisa's place. Does everyone horde everything? Then again, you don't think that the girl in red and white from before had much hoarded. She must be poor.
Sitting on top of the pile of junk is a very recognizable object, however: a pump-action shotgun. You lift it down and find that it's somewhat similar to the one you had before stepping onto the teleporter pad, minus a few dents the one you had then had in its woodwork. This one looks like it hasn't even been taken out hunting.
Sitting next to it on top of the pile of junk is an old looking backpack. Picking it up, you find that it has a bit of weight to it. Opening it, you find that there are probably fifteen shotgun shells, as well as the thing that makes up for the lack of delicious baked goods: two minirockets that fit your rocketlauncher. You simply can't pass this up, even if you have nothing to use to pay for it. Sighing, you realize that it's useless. You'll just have to hope no one else finds it and buys it. You continue on through the stuff. On a whim, you ask the shop owner if he has any firearms.
"You mean those weird tubes that are supposed to kill things? I had one meant to shoot down giant metal birds a couple months back, but some guy came in and bought it with outside-world money."
What the hell is this guy rambling about? Oh well, doesn't matter. Sounds like doesn't have anything.
"But I do have that 'shotgun' over there." he points towards the shotgun you've already examined. you give him thanks and go over to look at it again so as not to look rude. Marisa finishes up with whatever she was doing and walks over to you.
"What're you lookin' at -ze?" she asks. This "ze" word is beginning to get on your nerves. You'd be fine with it if this were actually an asian bakery.
"It's a gun. Meant to kill things."
"Oh, I see. You gonna take it or not -ze?"
"I don't have any money."
She looks at you as if you're stupid.
"Money? What do you need money for -ze? Just take it! I do it all the time -ze!"

[ ] Just take it.
[ ] Just beat it.
[ ] Run off into the forest.
>> No. 4608
[X] Just beat it.
>> No. 4684
[X] Just beat it.

I'm not sure what this means.
>> No. 4691
[x] Just take it.
>> No. 4692
[x] Just take it.

We're an FPS protagonist. That's what they always do.
They just walk over it and it magically appears in their hands.
>> No. 4708
[x] Just take it.

Screw the rules, I'm associated with the Queen of Thieves.
>> No. 4714
[+] Just take it.
New rule: If we want it, and it's not nailed down, it's ours. If we can pry it up, it wasn't nailed down.
>> No. 4715
Wait, you just got back from stealing books from a giant library. There's no reason for you not to ust steal the stuff. Yeah, she's right. Might as well just take it.
"Yeah, I'm gonna take it." you say as you sling the stuff over your shoulder and begin out the door.
"Lets go then -ze!" she grabs your hand and pulls you outside..
"See you later, Kourin!" What the hell, she just basically told him you're stealing this stuff. You can't really just hide a fullsize shotgubn in your clothing, nor a backpack full of ammunition.
"Hey, wait-"
Before he can voice his complaints, you've already left on your way. Ballancing yourself is significantly harder now that you have this added weight, but you manage. Eventually you make it back to Marisa's house in the forest. The two of you head inside for lunch.
When you're inside the house, you decide to take a bit closer a look at the gun. You sit down at the table in the living room and give it a go-over. You find that it's already loaded, which is surprising. You'd expect someone to unload it before putting it on display, especially if they don't seem to have any weapons of their own on them. Or at least none usable against a shotgun. Everything else seems quite normal, shells cycle through the action properly, the bolt moves properly when the trigger is pulled, etc. You move on to examining the backpack. Inside there are 20 9mm bullets, the same kind your pistol uses; eight shotgun shells; two mini-rockets for the rocket launcher, and what you recognize as- Hey! How'd this get here? The rockets didn't seem too out-of-place since they could have just been bought or stolen here on Earth- this is where they are produced. However, plasma cells are only produced at the UAC bases on Mars, finding one here on Earth is quite odd. You remember this fact for later; right now the plasma cell is rather useless. You replace it in the bag.
Soon after Marisa returns with sandwiches and tea. The two of you begin eating in silence, which is just fine by you. Before waking up here, silence meant something was about to jump out at you. Here it means everything's fine. You like it. You don't know what kind of asshole wouldn't enjoy the peaceful silence you're experiencing now. That kind of person probably has something wrong with their mind, some sort of mental disorder. Such a pyromania. You have no idea why that was the first thing that came to mind, but it doesn't really matter. Everythin's fine.
"Alright, we're going to Alice's now -ze!"
That's that first girl you met here, right?
She pulls you out the door by your collar, neglecting to grab her broom. Must not be that far of a walk.
As you're stepping out the door, someone steps into the clearing around Marisa's house. She's has silver hair and ruby red eyes, and is wearing a black dress with red trimming, and has two of those winged girls flying around her, dressed similarly and carrying what look like AK-47s.

[ ] Let Marisa handle whatever it is they want, obviously they came to talk to her.
[ ] Use the rocketlauncher, best to blow them away with as much power as you have.
[ ] Aim the shotgun at them threateningly, fire if required. They are suspicious.
[ ] Run off into the forest.
>> No. 4742
[ ] Aim the shotgun at them threateningly, fire if required. They are suspicious.

loli dotn know.
>> No. 4758
[ ] Aim the shotgun at them threateningly, fire if required. They are suspicious.
>> No. 4761
[X] Aim the shotgun at them threateningly, fire if required. They are suspicious.
>> No. 4767
[♪] Aim the shotgun at them threateningly, fire if required. They are suspicious.
[♪] Keep Rocket Launcher ready in case there is more of them. The explosion would serve as a good distraction if needed.
You can never be too careful near anything that is armed with an AK-47.
>> No. 4770
These people are suspicious. You remember Marisa blowing a girl like these winged ones away without a second thought, and she was unarmed. And they're flying, too.
You immediately step forward, whipping out the shotgun and chambering a round. You aim it straight at the group of three, before you realize that you'd only be able to hit one of them at a time. So you begin rapidly switching which one you're aiming at. Of course, the two little girls with guns have them pointed at you.
"Ahahahaha, Marisa. You finally got a boyfriend?"
"No, more like moving target -ze. I have to have something to aim my sparks at, don't I?" she exclaims, slapping you on the back pretty hard as she does it.
"You're right. Now tell him to kindly stop aiming that toy at me so I can tell the fairies to stop aiming theirs at him."
Toy? You're somewhat offended by this glorious shotgun that has saved your life countless times being called a toy, but you mainly ignore it.
"It's fine -ze, Yumou stopped being an evil mastermind months ago."
That's... Not really reassuring. But Marisa told you to lower your weapon, so you do.
"Good, you know how to cooperate! Lets go inside now!" she steps forward and opens the door herself, letting herself in. Marisa doesn't object, which means that either there's nothing to worry about, or you should escaping as fast as you can. Well, if she's got more of those "fairies" as she called them, finding you wouldn't be too difficult.
Marisa follows her into the house. You decide to follow her. You, Marisa, and Yumou take seats at the table in the living room.
"I'll go make some tea -ze." Marisa leaves towards the kitchen.
"You're a bit jumpy, aren't you?" this Yumou girl addresses you with a bemused expression. "Not that that's a bad thing here. Still, I can't help but wonder why someone who is obviously from the outside world would be so easy to alarm. And that uniform, it doesn't look like anything I've seen from the outside world before."
Does she not recognize the uniform of the United States Marine Corps? Wait, wasn't this place supposed to have been sealed from the outside world at least a century ago? You decide not to think into it too much. You're not much of a thinking man, except when the thinking is about how to win a fight. Still, this is somewhat confusing.
"But anyway, you're quite a strange one. Suddenly appearing in Gensokyo dressed all funny, like you're some kind of space marine or something, and then choosing Marisa of all people to talk to. But you'll find that she was a good choice of a person to talk to, as we'll need her firepower."
Before you can question her on her statements, Marisa returns with the tea and gives everyone a cup.
"Thank you, Marisa." she takes a sip of the tea. "Now for the reason I came here."
"Eh? You didn't just come to visit -ze?"
"Well, I'm quite busy at the moment. You see, there's been a small incident in the field around my home. Some weird...things popping out of nowhere and frightening the fairies. It's a bit of a bother, so I decided to look into it. I find that some random person from the outside fell through a hole in the border at the same time, and it piques my interest. Especially when I hear the story he tells." It's quite obvious she's referencing you.
"So I follow him around to find out if he's the cause of it all, but instead find that he has absolutely no idea where he is or how he got here. So I decide to ask him for help, in case he accidentally got pulled into here along with the things and might know how to stop it."
Well, if these "things" are demons that somehow fould their way through the gate, the only way to stop them is firepower. Then again, you haven't tried holy water. You'd like to hope that it's some different kind of thing that just happened to appear at the same time as you, though. There's still hope left for this place.
"I dunno, I'd have to see them."
"So you're willing to help? Great! I was half-expecting you to refuse."
Well, you haven't actually said you'd help her yet.

[ ] Tell her you'll help.
[ ] Refuse, it doesn't sound like it's really much of a problem.
[ ] Ask her what she'll give you for helping.
>> No. 4782
[♪]"We'll have to see what it is first. I'm not fighting a suicide battle for someone I just met, although I wonder why must it be me specifically to handle it. I'm sure there are more powerful people who are more than willing to help?"

I was expecting a gun and run scene and now, I'm guessing she's trying to send us om a suicide mission to eliminate the "obstacles" in her plans.
>> No. 4799
{X} Tell her you'll help.

doom maaannn
>> No. 4831
[X] Tell her you'll help.
>> No. 4838
[X] Tell her you'll help.
>> No. 4839
{X} Tell her you'll help, but you want a nice Blue suit of armor in advance. Nothing helps soothe the mind and release one's worries like Blue.
>> No. 4840
Yes, you'll help her. No real reason not to, she seems nice enough.
"Eh, sure. If I find out that it's a suicide mission or anything like that, though, don't expect me not to just up and quit."
"Oh, nothing like that! I just want to know how to make it stop, you'll probably not have to do anything at all."
"Okay then."
"So, shall we get going now or later? I've already eaten lunch, but if you two haven't I don't want to impolitely ask you to go off somewhere and do something if you haven't."
"We've eaten -ze! Lets get going!"
"Alright, lets go then."
The three of you leave the building. You climb onto Marisa's broom, as per standard procedure.
"Follow me!" Yumou shouts as she lifts off the ground, without a broom. Well, it's not really that surprising, after all you've seen and been told lately.
She flies off in a moderate pace. This pace is much more comfortable than Marisa's rocketing around. Eventually you fly near the lake that was to the south of the mansion, and begin heading south into a large field. To the east you see a large desert, but you can't see much past it due to a sandstorm currently occuring. In all of the other directions, there is just forest.
You continue south until you're just at the edge of the field, where there is a largeish clearing of about the size of a city block. Around the border of the clearing is a razorwire fence, with sentries stationed at the corners with large machineguns. Inside and around the area, you see more of the fairies from before, most of them wearing similar dresses but with white trim.
"We're here!" Yumou shouts as she lowers onto the ground in front of a house just sitting in the middle of what looks like a military base. It seems quite out of place right next to a barracks holding fairy soldiers and an armory holding lots and lots of AK-47s and RPGs. The three of you enter the house, the two fairies that were with you staying outside.
"If the problem's in the field, why are we in your house -ze?" Marisa asks the question that was just a bit slower to pop into your mind than hers.
"Ah, well, we captured one of the things and locked it in the dungeon below my house."
Such a normal house as this having a dungeon is somewhat disturbing, but that doesn't really matter right now.
She walks over to some floorboards and pulls them up, revealing a glass screen. This is the first glass you've seen since you woke up in this place you think, and it appears to not only be high-grade but also to be tinted quite heavily on the inside.
"I installed this glass after... Someone escaped so that I can actually watch and find out what's wrong with the security. Luckily this thing is too much of a dumb brute to figure out the way out I set up in case I accidentally lock myself in."
You look in. Inside, you find quite a scene- furniture almost torn to pieces, feathers from a torn up pillow all over the floor, a torn up matress. And the thing that strikes you the most: one of those god damn pinkies. You had really hoped you'd seen the last of these demon bastards, but now it seems like you never will. Like you were destined to fight them for your entire life or something. If that's how it is, you wish you had never been born.
"So, do you recognize this thing?"
"Yes, it's one of those demons."
She sighs.
"Well, I guess that means that I'll have to explain some things to you."
She replaces the floorboards, then excuses herself to go make tea. She is quite shortly back with three cups of boiling water, tea bags just barely added. Ah, some of the conveniences of the modern world. But then, you never did drink much tea before coming here.
"Now, I think I might know how they're coming here. You see, that field, it's a gate that leads to the outside room. Specifically, to the ap- well, that doesn't matter. In any case, you can step through it and end up at a certain place on the other side of the Hakurei Border, or get pulled through from this side and end up in the field, something I've learned how to do. However, it seems these things are coming through from some other place, which obviously seems to be the place you came through from."
'Gates'? That's the same name they used for the ones connecting Phobos and Deimos. And just like seems to be happening here, hell has found a way in and is forcing its self through here. You can only hope they don't end up going through this gate again to the outside world. You explain what little you know about the experiments the UAC were doing with the gates and how it seems to have been what caused the invasion. Once you're done you pause for comments from the two other girls present.
"But there's a problem with that. Humanity hasn't reached Mars yet with anything other than robotic probes. And it doesn't seem like they'll be getting there anytime soon, either."
But, that's... You were just there a few days ago.
"What year is it?" you ask.
2007? But, that was ages ago.
"Well, in any case, we've got to find a way to stop this. If they're the same things that invaded Phobos and Deimos as you said, it wouldn't do any good to let them flood into Gensokyo. It especially will not be good if they go through the gate to the outside world. So, do you have any suggestions on how to stop them?"

[ ] When you went to stop them before, you went through the gates to fight them where they came from.
[ ] You remember that priestess girl from before. Couldn't she do something about the portal to hell?
[ ] You really don't know. It would be great if there was a place you could go to research things like this.
[ ] Decline to help, you've had enough of these demons.
>> No. 4841
[x] You really don't know. It would be great if there was a place you could go to research things like this.

Maybe see if we can benefit from this time discrepency. Buy some stocks, and the like.
>> No. 4842
{X} When you went to stop them before, you went through the gates to fight them where they came from.
{X} You remember that priestess girl from before. Couldn't she do something about the portal to hell?
>> No. 4850
[X] When you went to stop them before, you went through the gates to fight them where they came from.
[X] You remember that priestess girl from before. Couldn't she do something about the portal to hell?
>> No. 4853
{X} When you went to stop them before, you went through the gates to fight them where they came from.
{X} You remember that priestess girl from before. Couldn't she do something about the portal to hell?
>> No. 4854
"Well, when I went to stop them before, I went in after them to fight them where they came from."
"I... See. That's probably not a very good option. From your story, even with Marisa's spark, we'd have quite a bit of trouble killing every demon in hell."
"How about we just seal the gate then? I'm sure that priestess I met with Marisa would know how to seal a portal to hell."
"Hmm... I don't know. If she can, it might seal the gate from going to the outside world too. I can't afford to have that happen. Maybe as a last resort. But in any case, you'd have a hell of a time convincing her anyway. She seems to be quite lazy, she didn't even really do anything when I... Well, that's beyond the point. What matters is that I don't want the gate sealed, and Reimu probably doesn't want to fly all the way over here to do it. So that's probably not an option either."
"Hmm. Well, I guess you're just going to have to kill 'em as they appear, that's the only thing I can think of."
"I see. Well, at least if one or two get out into the wild before we kill them, people here can take care of themselves."

After this conversation finishes, the three of you move on to other subjects. You get a basic layout of the area; as you know, there's the forest to the west, and the further-north section of it is known as the Forest of Magic. That's apparantly where Marisa lives. To the west of that, there's another field that surrounds the Human Village and goes up north to the mountains. To the west of this field is a large bamboo thicket, to the north is the mountains, notably Youkai mountain, where the Tengu and Kappa live, as well as the Moriya Shrine. To the south of the field is the Hakurei Shrine, just on the edge of the border and a bit further south than the house you're currently in.
Beyond the geography lesson, you also learn a bit about some of the notable people that live here. Eventually you find that it's passed into the evening, and that it's probably time to go. Marisa brings this point up.
"Stay as long as you want, I've got enough beds." This is Yumou's response.

[ ] Stay, you don't want to refuse her hospitality.
[ ] Leave, go to Alice's house. You were going to go there before all of this anyway.
[ ] Leave, go straight home.
[ ] Leave, go to (specify)
>> No. 4857
[+] Leave, go to Alice's house. You were going to go there before all of this anyway.
>> No. 4859
[x] Stay, you don't want to refuse her hospitality.

>> No. 4861
[X] Stay, you don't want to refuse her hospitality.
>> No. 4866
[x] Stay, you don't want to refuse her hospitality.
>> No. 4868
Alright, I've decided to split this off of TAiG into its own thread and update on weekends. Both stories are nearing points where too much will happen in one day for them switching off when sleep happens to work.
"Alright, thanks." you respond, not wanting to turn down her hospitality.
"I'll stay too then -ze, it's been a while since I spent the night at someone else's house.
The three of you continue to talk about things, eventually eating dinner served by Yumou. Afterwards, you go to head off to bed. You close your eyes and begin to drift off to sleep.
Right as you're about to lose yourself to tiredness, you hear the unmistakable roar of a Cyberdemon off in the distance.
You scramble to gather your things up, then awaken Yumou and Marisa, who somehow managed to sleep through the loud roar. You tell them what's outside, and they as well scramble out of the house. You see the huge thing off in the distance, already being engaged by fairies, who are making very little progress. Yumou rushes over to the Howitzer and loads a shell. You just continue watching the thing as she aims the artillery cannon and fires. A large explosion of the size you'd expected rips the massive demon apart, causing the rockets stored in wherever-the-hell-he-keeps-them to explode as well. The result is a massive explosion loud enough to leave your ears ringing from a half mile away. The blast also kicks up a fuckton of dust into the air, clouding your sight. What remain of the fairies return to the house. Off in the distance, the dust settles.
You see a couple green flashes off in the distance, which you recognize as being from a teleporter. Then more and more, until the field is swarming with demons.
"FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" you let out a yell of frustration, anger, and hatred. While you're shouting this, Marisa raises her octagon-thing as well as a card.
"Magicannon 'Final master Spark'!" She shouts. THat massive beam of energy erupts from the octagon-thing, tearing through them. Unfortunately, she can't reaim and only hits a relatively small section of the field, and at that range the stars scatter too much to take out much of the rest. Yumou's fairies move in, but are easily outnumbered and outgunned by the various projectile-hurtling demons out there. It seems like there's enough firepower to keep them from running off into the forest, but other than that there's not much you are really capable of doing. You decide against running into the fight at the moment, since you wouldn't stand a chance. If you had something with a little more range than the weapons you have, you'd take pot-shots from here, but you've only got the rocket launcher that you'd be able to hit something at that far with. Sp you just sit here an wait.


"Hey, wake up." A female voice shakes you from your dream. You can't remember what it was, just that it felt way too real to be one. Perhaps it wasn't? Oh well, that doesn't matter. Sitting up in the futon, you open your eyes and look at who caused you to wake up. Wriggle stands in the doorway to the room.
"If you sleep all day, we won't make it to Eientei. Get up, it's time for breakfast." The tone of her voice tells you that she's agitated. Is it really that late?
You look out the window and find that it's still somewhat dark outside. You'd probably place the time at around 6-6:30am, but then again that's based on what time it would be where you lived before appearing in this place.
Grabbing your stuff, you head to the dining room. Kohaku and Remilia are sitting next to each other, flanked on both sides by empty chairs. Rumia is sitting next to Mystia, who is sitting next to Wriggle, leaving one chair on that side open. So, you get to choose a seat.

[ ] Sit next to Kohaku.
[ ] Sit next to Remilia.
[ ] Sit next to Wriggle.
[ ] Where are Penny and Coco?
>> No. 4869
[X] Sit next to Wriggle.
[X] Where are Penny and Coco?
>> No. 4870
{X} Sit next to Wriggle.
>> No. 4874
[x] Sit across from Wriggle.
[x] Rub her leg with your foot.
>> No. 4877
[x] Sit across from Wriggle.
[x] Rub her leg with your foot.
>> No. 4878
[x] Sit across from Wriggle.
[x] Rub her leg with your foot.
>> No. 4880
Status is now 20%.
Wait, what about those two fairies? You're curious as to what they're doing. You step out into the living room and find them sleeping peacefully on the couch. Good, they're still here. As long as they are, you don't have any pressing business with them. So you return to the dining room.
The only seat left unclaimed is the one next to Wriggle, so you take a seat. She doesn't say anything about it, so she's probably not annoyed by it. Still, not much conversation
Eventually Keine exits the kitchen with breakfast. It happens to be an awesome omelette. Not much conversation seems to happen, as everyone is apparantly too hungry to really converse. Everyone, including you, digs in. The omelette is awesomely delicious, and you find yourself satisfyingly full when you're through. It seems not everyone else is finished though, and since there's not really anything to do elsewhere in the house, everyone is remaining in their seat.
Wriggle's sitting next to you. Hmm...
The urge to rub her leg with your foot forces its self into your mind. You can't push it out. It just keeps coming back. So, you gently kick off your shoe, so as not to be noticed by anyone. Slowly, you move your foot over to her leg and touch it for just a moment, so it could come across as being an accident. Other than a slight movement in her leg, she doesn't react. Good. You move your leg to touch her again, and she once again doesn't react. But you don't remove it this time. You begin sliding it up and down her legs. After about one and a half times doing this, she notices and shoots you a glare. You igore her, and continue with your leg-rubbing.
Pain fills your body and you stop thinking about your surroundings for a minute. Beyond the massive surge of pain coming from your testicles, your gunshot wound has suddenly started hurting like a bitch as well. Ah, probably because you fell out of the chair.
It takes a moment for you to regain your ability to stand up, and when you do and return to your seat, you feel like shit. You feel the weight of all the injuries you've recieved lately, and this combines with the slight drowsiness remaining from waking up early to make you feel quite unwell. Wriggle doesn't seem to mind you sitting back down next to her, thankfully, so she probably figured that backhanding you in the balls would be punishment enough for rubbing her leg with your foot. Once everyone's shock from you falling out of your chair is gone, the room is once again left in silence.

[ ] Talk to Kohaku.
[ ] Go lay down.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 4881
[X] Talk to Kohaku.

Need to get that spellcard back.
>> No. 4883
[+] Talk to Kohaku.
Way to go, retards. 1/5 health left, and we still have to go through the Bamboo Forest. Not likely we'll make it.
>> No. 4906
[ ] Push Wriggle out of her chair.

>> No. 4939
[ ] Talk to Kohaku.
>> No. 4948
[♪] Talk to Kohaku.
Better get back the spellcard considering how much times it kind of saved us. Might save us again soon if we start traveling to the Bamboo Forest.
>> No. 4954
Obtained Affection Sign 'Perfect Ruffle ~ Upgrade'. In order to use the enhancements, you'll need to draw mana from somewhere. Probably not a good idea to draw it from the other spellcard. It uses a bit more than you can work with at the moment.
Ugh, it still hurts. In fact, it feels like you'll be feeling it for at least the rest of the day. It's as if you got hit in the nuts by a tennis ball thrown by a jock as hard as they could. Jesus christ. It makes you want to push Wriggle out of her chair for it, but you know that doing so will only put you in more pain, especially if she decides that you're irritating enough to kill in front of a group of people. Yeah, pushing her out of the chair is a bad fucking idea. You'll pass on that.
Instead, you get the idea to talk to Kohaku. She still has both of your spellcards, and you'd like to have them back in case you get attacked by something in the forest.
After a few minutes' time you let pass so that it wouldn't seem awkward, you address her.
"Kohaku, are you finished working on that spellcard?" you ask in as normal of a voice as you can manage after being smacked in the balls.
"Oh, yeah. Here." She hands both of your spellcards back to you.
"I modified the card so that if you have somewhere to draw mana from, you can use it to increase the card's effectiveness. Obviously you need enough mana to do it."
"Awesome, thanks." Sounds quite useful, if you can get enough mana to use it.
"Also, about the other spellcard. It was definately made by Yumou. I... Well, whatever. Next time I see her, I'll just have to beat some sense into her. Wouldn't be the first time she decided to do something stupid, just the first time she's tried something on this scale." She seems to be in quite high spirits for talking about beating sense into a good friend. You ignore this.
Shortly after this exchange, everyone finally finishes eating. You must have been quite hungry, as you seem to have eaten rather quickly compared to some people, especially Keine. The only person who ate faster than you is Rumia, who also seems to have somehow obtained two small roasted chickens and eaten them at the table while everyone else was finishing up their meals.
"Well, let's get going then." KOhaku says while standing up straight and stretching. It is indeed probably a good time to leave, being that it's early enough not to be too hot out. But then, you might be able to find some useful equipment in some of the shops in the village. Now would be the time to make the decision.

[ ] Leave for Eientei now.
[ ] Check a shop in the village (specify type)
[ ] Actually, you have a better destination than Eientei. (specify)
>> No. 4955
[X] Leave for Eientei now.
>> No. 4956
[x] Leave for Eientei now.

We don't even have any money, do we? I dunno if there are any shops that would carry something useful, either. Food, maybe?
>> No. 5032
[x] Leave for Eientei now.

Where's a Megalixir when you need one?
>> No. 5035
Nah, there's nothing in the village worth taking up your time collecting. For some reason, you don't think that any of the local stores carry anything like a minigun that would actually be helpful. Maybe some gauze to replace the mostly used roll left in your medical kit, but you can get more of that where you're going anyway. It's a hospital, right? There's probably an attached pharmacy, too. And a pharmacy would definately carry something to cover wounds, you think that such places have carried such things since before most principles of modern medicine existed.
In any case, you choose to go off on your way immediately.
"Yeah, lets go."
"Alright. Hopefully we'll get there within two hours. It could take much longer, though, especially after what happened. It's extremely easy to get lost inside."

Your group has been walking through the forest for about an hour and a half. Since all of the bamboo looks the same anyway, it's somewhat difficult to tell if you've gotten lost or not. You don't really think you have though. Walking along, other members of your group converse about various subjects. Yourself, you have to deal with walking a long distance with a bullet in your leg. It doesn't hurt as much as it did walking to the town, but you were mostly on somewhat well-used paths for that. This bamboo forest doesn't seem to have many trails leading through it. The few you have seen all seemed to be going the wrong direction. So you've just been traveling through the forest basing your direction on the position of the sun. That will stop working as a compass for some time around noon, though, so you have to hope that you get there before then.
Ah, another path. This one seems to be going in the same direction you're going. This is great. Even though it doesn't seem particularly flat. But it's definately a path, unless there is some natural reason why there would be a somewhat narrow and long strip of ground with absolutely no bamboo shoots growing along it.
After a bit of walking, you begin to see a clearing off in the distance. Perhaps you can stop and rest there? It would be a welcome relief from the constant walking you've been doing.
Coming up to it, you notice something fairy odd. In the middle of the clearing, there is a lone AK-47 laying on the ground. The sight of this causes your group to suddenly halt and silence themselves.
It's just sitting there. You have an urge to step forward and pick it up, since it is quite an odd thing to find. From your current location, you can't see any hidden fairies.

[ ] Go get it, free weaponry is great.
[ ] This is too strange, try and conceal yourself among the bamboo.
[ ] Call for Tewi.
>> No. 5036
[x] Call out for Tewi.

>> No. 5037
[X] Call for Tewi.
How does Anon know what a Tewi is?
>> No. 5038
[x] Call out for Tewi.

Ninjas, etc.
>> No. 5039
[X] Call for Tewi.
>> No. 5074
As you're staring at the AK-47 in the clearing, a bit of forgotten information comes to your mind. Just a short little sentence. You can't remember the significance of it, or even where it came from. But you definately know it is quite important. Something about calling out for someone. "[x] Call out for Tewi." You remember it exactly like that. You don't know why, but your mind urges you to do exactly that.
"TEWIIIIIIIIII!" you shout as loud as you can. Your entire group turns their attention to you with an expression like you just did the stupidest thing in the world. A bit more information remembered tells you that calling out for this Tewi person didn't end too well.
And then you hear gunshots. Definately of the same sort fired from the AK-47s. Shit, it was an ambush. Well, at least you didn't walk right into their aim. They're firing blindly now. You quickly retreat into the thick bamboo surrounding the clearing, hopeful that they can't see you any better than you can see them, and that they don't make a lucky guess and put another hole in you or one of your friends.
After a minute or two of the gunfire, you hear something that definately doesn't sound like a gun. It's quite loud, but it's got a completely different sound. A bit like the sound Wriggle's danmaku made, but a hell of a lot louder. You also hear screaming coming from the direction of the clearing. Shortly after, all of the sound stops.

[ ] Go check the clearing.
[ ] Find a way around.
[ ] Stay put.
>> No. 5075
[X] Go check the clearing.
>> No. 5077
[x] Go check the clearing, stealthily.
>> No. 5078
[+] Go check the clearing.
>> No. 8242
Of course, you've got to settle the argument. What kind of man would you be if you didn't?
Standing up, you move towards the three fairies.
"Girls, girls. There's no reason to be arguing. Tell me what you're arguing about."
Penny puffs out her cheeks, then floats towards you, lowering herself closer to the ground. Eventually she reaches the bottom of your leg and violently kicks you in the shin. It doesn't really hurt, since it's just a fairy kicking you, but it gets the point across.
She quickly flutters back over to where she was just before assaulting you and hides behind Coco, whose only reaction is a bit of giggling.
"Ah~ We were arguing about whether to try and run off or not. Penny is quite insistant on escaping, while I don't see any real reason to. Penny, you're way too serious~"
Ah. If the red trimming on her dress means Coco has a position of authority over the white-trim fairies, it would make sense. She seems quite a bit more intellegant than most fairies you've met so far, but then again so does Penny.
"B-but you said it yourself back at the cow's house, he's just going to eat us for dinner!"
Coco's giggling before turns into full-fledged laughter, and she almost falls out of the air.
"Ahahahahahahahahaha! Penny, you actually thought I was serious? See, this is why I am in red and you're in white."
Your hypothesis must have been correct then.
"He's not going to eat you, he's just going to strap you to a table and disect you to find out what your insides look like~"
Penny predictably screams and makes to fly away, but Coco is way too quick for her, and has her held by wrist while Penny attempts with all her strength to fly away. It seems that Coco is stronger than Penny as well, as Penny eventually stops struggling.
As soon as this happens, Coco swings Penny around in front of her and pushes her towards you. This prompts more futile struggling.
"Oh, come on Penny. Don't be shy~"
As this is happening, you can see tears forming in Penny's eyes.

[ ] Play along.
[ ] Reassure Penny that Coco is lying to her.
[ ] Write-in.