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File 131983952739.gif - (53.46KB, 650x890, 0d03907e2c533867674ae0531771e271.gif) [iqdb]
Continuing from >>25926
Sup dude.
No, that's a horrible idea and you know it. Stop trying to get us killed.
No, it's a great idea and you know it. Stop trying to cockblock us.

Ignoring him, you quickly think up something to say to Koakuma.

"What kinds of magic do you know? Anything you could teach me?"

"Other than shooting bullets at things, everything I know is rather specialized, and I don't think it's the type of magic that Patchouli would like for me to teach someone."

I'm clueless.

I really can't do write ins
[x] Teach me anyway.
yeah I'll go with this.

[x] Teach me anyway.
[x] "Such as?"
-[x] Express no interest towards anything that would get you killed, relegated to a vegetative state, etc.
Damn, I'm no good at this...
Well, alright, let's go with

[x] "Such as?"
-[x] Express no interest towards anything that would get you killed, relegated to a vegetative state, etc.

It has traces of the votes above it, and it also helps keep us safe, so yeah, I think this is a good option.
Well, at least it's only been a month this time.

Now you're interested. Specialized magic? And it's a type that Patchouli wouldn't want you to learn? Interesting indeed.

Indeed very interesting.
I'd sure say so.

Quiet, both of you.

"Such as?" You dismiss her warning. Of course, it could get you killed, you'll drop it right there.

"Well, uh," her expression changes to one of panic "things and...stuff." She speaks nervously, as if trying to find the words to use.

"Like?" You push further. She's trying to hide it from you, so it should be good

"Well, uh..."

You place your hand on her shoulder reassuringly.
"It's okay, I won't tell anyone."

Her face turns red, and you swear you see steam shoot out from her ears.

"...A-anyway, I'm busy! If you don't need help with finding a book, I really must get back to work!" She nervously shouts before flying away.

Darn. Must have been something really good.


Exhausted of ideas for things to do at the mansion, you decide to step outside. The midday sun gently warms you straight to the bones, as a calm breeze drifts in from the lake.

The day's still only just started, though. While lazing around Yumou's house is fun and all, sometimes you just need something to break the monotony. Despite being "paradise", as you've heard Gensokyo referred to in the past, there's really very little to do while there are no incidents going on. At least, for someone like yourself, who doesn't need to work the fields or work a merchant stand in order to make a living. You're starting to see why danmaku is such a popular passtime among the youkai. There really isn't much else exciting to do in the middle of the day.

Of course, it's not like you still can't find a way to pass the time. It might not be particularly exciting, but you could go bug Reimu a bit. She acts like she's still annoyed at you for your part in the incident earlier in the year, but she still serves you tea and talks to you about day-to-day life around the shrine. It may just be that she's happy to have a somewhat normal visitor, compared to the bizarre mix of people who visit her on a normal basis. If it weren't for the fact that you know magic yourself, some of them would scare you away from even visiting the place. Actually, that's probably exactly why Reimu doesn't get that many "normal" visitors in the first place.

Even with that in mind, though, the village also has its appeals. It might be a little early, but it's been a damn long time since you had a decent drink. The problem is that whenever you have any booze at Yumou's house she insists on participating, but then she gets so drunk so fast that she passes out immediately. Most youkai generally have a higher tollerance for alcohol than humans, but Yumou can barely handle a single cup of sake. You're not sure what's up with that, but whatever. You could also go pick another fight with that cat girl who hosts a youkai fighting contest in the city. It always seems to stir up the crowd a lot so she usually gives you something even if you lose.

[ ] Pay a visit to the lonely shrinemaiden
[ ] Head into town.
-[ ] Specify destination (optional)
[ ] Go back across the border for a bit.
-[ ] Specify destination (required)
[ ] Issue a challenege to that tree
[x] Pay a visit to the lonely shrinemaiden
[x] Pay a visit to the lonely shrinemaiden
Okay. Let's see if I can make this work out. I probably can't.


You suppose it's been a while since you last saw Reimu. You decide to go visit the shrine.



Actually, there's a slight problem with that.

After all, the shrine is several miles away. You could walk there, but it'd probably be evening by the time you get there. And there's no way you're walking back home at night.

This would all be very easy if you could fly. Alas, you cannot, so you are forced to rely on others to take you places.

[ ] Ask someone in the mansion for a ride.
[ ] Head back to Yumou's house and get Shouko to take you there.
[ ] Write-in?

Huh, well holy shit I thought some jackass bumped the thread for a 2 year old vote.

I was wrong.

I dunno what the hell to choose though, been so long I kinda forget the whole story. Gonna have to reread or at least skim it to jog the memory.

I kinda forgot the whole thing too.

You probably don't really need to know what's going on. The first main story arc just ended, so right now is sandbox mode time.

Can I really say "just" ended when it was 3 years ago?

Also, there's a decent possibility that certain things that happened will be retconned. Be advised.
[x] Head back to Yumou's house and get Shouko to take you there.
-[x] Make a mental note to get someone to teach you how to fly.

Whoops, forgot about this. I could've sworn I'd already voted though.

Anyway, voting for Shouko because everyone at the mansion is either asleep, busy, insane or Patchouli. Also because everything is better with Shouko.
I fucking hate you

And why is that, Anon? This story can't update unless someone votes. I don't see you voting, so it mustn't matter to you if it updates or not.
>get someone to teach you how to fly

Damn...you guys went seven threads without learning to fly? Y'all are lucky I wasn't around when this was still goin, things would sure be different around here.

Hey! We were kind of busy, what with raping people, everyone trying to kill us and setting Yuuka on fire twice. Besides, we always had someone else to do the flying for us, so it wasn't a priority until now!

Uh huh...right. If I had a nickel for every time I heard the "I was too busy setting Yuuka on fire" excuse, I'd be a rich man.
>get someone to teach you how to fly
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