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Your sentence is up. I hope that your time here has taught you a valuable lesson. Make sure you don’t make the same mistakes again little one.

“Who is she?”

“I’ve never seen her around before… Her face and aura are unfamiliar too.”

“Do you think she was just created?”

“What do you think created her?”

Your hazy mind latches onto the fragments of conversation from nearby, using them as a foothold against the black expanse that has set into it over time.

“I have no idea.”

“Maybe we should just wake her up and find out…”

You feel a small hand grasp your left shoulder and shake you a little. Instantly your mind flares and your senses return to you. You’re sitting up against something, probably a tree from the feeling of bark along your upper back, there is a slight breeze and you can feel the presence of two others next to you.


Without thinking your right hand shoots up from its resting position at your side and grasps the person’s wrist tightly. The girl yelps and try’s to pull away, but she can’t compare to your strength at all as her arm barely moves, her hand still touching your shoulder. You tilt your head up while slitting your eyes open to get a look at her. Just another fairy like yourself. However she’s quivering and struggling against your grip in fear, and her fairy buddy to the side seems paralyzed on the spot.

With a sigh you let go of her arm and stand up slowly as the fairy bolts away leaving her friend with you. You run a hand through your long black hair and take a couple of seconds to steady yourself before turning your gaze to the other fairy. She seems to grow smaller as you stare at her and you’re surprised that she hasn’t bolted away as well.

“Come here,” You say almost majestically, and she takes a few seconds, but eventually obeys. She stops a couple feet from you obviously still scared. Without wasting a second you close the distance and wrap your arms around her so that she can’t escape and rest your chin on her head. She squeaks feebly and stiffens in your arms. You lean your head down to her ear to whisper to her softly.

“It’s okay, I don’t hurt my own, and you have done nothing to deserve it.” You rub her back lightly and she seems to relax into you a little before you pull out of the hug and smile at her. She still seems uneasy, but no longer afraid of you.

“I-It’s just your eyes…” Ah, that’s right. You giggle lightly. Your eyes are a deep crimson color not much unlike those of a vampire’s.

“I get that a lot. Can you tell me where I am?” You take a look at your surroundings and find that you appear to be in a mountainous forest with a high canopy.

“We’re on Youkai Mountain.” Your body and mind seer with fire the moment you hear that, but you keep yourself under control. Youkai. You Hate them, but now is not the time to worry about that.

“I mean what domain am I in, and possibly who it belongs to as well.” The girl seems to be thinking hard.

“Uhm… Well, this place is called Gensokyo, I don’t think it belongs to anyone though.” Interesting. It seems some has changed in the time you were sealed. You’ve never heard of this place before now. You bring your hand to your chin in thought. You had planned to seek out the leader of this area, but it seems that there either isn’t one or that it is contested… or that the fairies information is just inadequate. You honestly don’t doubt that possibility. There’s always something that fairies know about the area they live in though.

“Who are the strongest Fae in the area?” Immediately you receive your answer.

“Cirno is the strongest, but Luna, Star, and Sunny are close to her, and Lily White and her sister Lily Black are both really strong too. I don’t know any others though.”

“Do you know where I could find any of them?”

“I-I think I remember the way to Cirno and the three, but the sisters are wonderers…”


[ ] Have her take you to Cirno

[ ] Have her take you to the three fairies

[ ] Have her go after her friend, you can find your own way

You appearance is nearly that of the pic, except make the dress slightly more frilly, the skin less dead, and no spider lily’s in your hair. Any questions go ahead, and I like constructive criticism so long as you aren’t an asshole even if you’re right. I will remain anon unless the story picks up a little and I feel I need something to distinguish myself. Also if you have a suggestion for a name of the protagonist by all means put it out there with your vote.
[+] Have her take you to Cirno

Find the strongest of the weakest, and work your way up the chain until you find someone that knows something.

Non-airheaded fairy protagonist? Do want. Delicious picture too~

You've got a good solid start so far; I have no complaints. Just waiting to see where it goes from here!
[x] Have her go after her friend, you can find your own way

My Mary Sue alarms are going off.
[x] Have her go after her friend, you can find your own way

It'd be funny if Cirno kicked her ass after this introduction.
[X] Have her take you to Cirno

Are some sort of Fairy Queen or something? OR at least a Greater Fairy?
She isn't, she's just very strong and very smart for a fairy. Her strength is around that of a lesser youkai, although her intelligence is much higher.

I might have to write that just for fun some time now.

Not a "queen" really, but a very high Fae.

Tie breaker, then I'll start writing.
[x] Have her take you to Cirno.
Time to meet the strongest.
'The Strongest' it is then. Writing soon, once Agarest War decides to frustrate me.
“How much more can you tell me about Cirno?” May as well start with the strongest.

“I’ve never really talked to her, but she has this power to make ice from the air and shape it. A lot of my friends don’t like her cuz she’s really bossy though. They say that she likes to be in control of everyone else when others are around and it annoys them, cuz she doesn’t let them do what they want.” You frown deliberately. You may like being a leader of sorts when others are around, but she sounds more like a bully than that. The girl looks down at her feet and locks her hands behind her back.

“They said that she hurts a lot when they play fight to, but you’re not supposed to hurt the others whe-” Finally she looks up and notices your expression. She clamps her mouth shut and stiffens up again. You sigh and shake your head to clear it a little before continuing.

“You know where I can find her though?” The fairy nods vigorously in response. “Good. By the way, what’s your name? I’m tired of just calling you, ‘You’.”

“M-My name? oh right… my name. My name’s Marie, n-nice to meet you Miss.” You giggle again and walk forward to pat the top of her head with your hand. She flinches and blushes more with each pat.

“Nice to meet you too Marie. I’d prefer you call me Selia instead of Miss though. Miss makes me sound old, even though I am. Can you lead the way to Cirno now?” Marie stumbles to find her words for a few seconds.

“C-Can you fly though?” She points to where your wings should be. “You don’t have any wings…” You realize a little late that in fact don’t have your wings out. You close your eyes to concentrate and a few seconds later you feel the familiar light weight of your extra appendages. Marie is staring at them apparently dumbfounded and you turn your head to make sure they are still the same as always. To your delight they are perfectly the same. Four butterfly wings colored black and dark crimson that are nearly big enough to touch the ground. You take great pride in them and are always very careful to not let them be damaged because they take a longer time to grow back than most other fairies.

“So pretty…” Marie is still looking up at them in awe, to which you find yourself blushing a little. You cough to catch her attention and break her from her stupor.

“O-Oh right, t-to Cirno!” She lifts from the ground and fly’s straight up through the canopy of the forest, and you follow suit. The wonderful feeling of being airborne once again makes you almost giddy with joy. It’s been so very long since you felt this way.

You follow close behind Marie, who keeps looking back at your lightly flapping wings, as you watch the ground go by below you. Almost all of what you pass over is forest, with the exception of a river shortly after taking off, and a road near the end of the flight. You touch down on the edge of a large lake, which is covered in a fog on the other side. On an island near center of the lake lies a very large red mansion from which you feel immense magical energy pouring out. You’d like to take a look at that place sometime and figure out why that’s all there. The road from earlier appears to lead to the mansion from somewhere. Everything else around you is forest, although with a much lower canopy and a much higher magic presence. It feels like the trees are literally saturated with raw magical energy. You imagine that this is more than likely where most of the Fae and otherwise in the area live. Marie turns to you nervously, breaking you from your analysis.

“W-Well, this is where she’s supposed to live, but I don’t know exactly where she is…”

“That’s okay Marie. She’s a fairy too, it’s not like she’ll always be in the same place.” You reach over to pat her head again, and she doesn’t flinch this time but still blushes.

“S-So, what now Selia?”

[ ]Look for Cirno of course
-[ ]Punish her when you find her
-[ ]Don’t punish her unless she provokes it
[ ]Check out that mansion
[ ]Wander the forest instead


[ ]Take Marie with you, it’s unlikely she’ll refuse
[ ]Tell Marie to go back to what she was doing before

Her name is spoiler tagged because I gave you the chance to name her, but no one gave any responses to that. With this vote I ask if her current name is okay, or if you have one you would like more, then please state it. If there is a major majority for a certain name, that will be it, but if there are many without a majority I will pick the one I like best.
Those wings. Protagonists aren't allowed to be pretty, don't you know that? All pretty protagonists are Mary Sues.

[x]Look for Cirno of course
-[x]Punish her when you find her
[x]Tell Marie to go back to what she was doing before

Do not want annoyingly nervous fairy retinue.
[x]Look for Cirno of course
-[x]Don’t punish her unless she provokes it

[x]Tell Marie to go back to what she was doing before
[X]Look for Cirno of course
-[X]Don’t punish her unless she provokes it

[X]Tell Marie to go back to what she was doing before

While I'm tempted to name the Greater Fairy Yukari, I'm fine with the current name. Even if it's something that can only be pronounced by the Great Old Ones.
[X]Look for Cirno of course
-[X]Don’t punish her unless she provokes it

[X]Tell Marie to go back to what she was doing before

While I'm tempted to name the Greater Fairy Yukari, I'm fine with the current name. Even if it's something that can only be pronounced by the Great Old Ones.
Why is half of everyone on this site so paranoid about people being Mary Sue's? If you were a Mary Sue how would you have gotten sealed in the first place?

>Great Old Ones
You lost me.
[x]Look for Cirno of course
-[x]Don’t punish her unless she provokes it
[x]Take Marie with you, it’s unlikely she’ll refuse
[ ]Look for Cirno of course
-[x]Punish her when you find her
[x]Take Marie with you, it’s unlikely she’ll refuse

The name is fine. Besides, I'd rather have the default name than picking a new one.

>Agarest War decides to frustrate me.

Do tell more about this game. I'm very frustrated about not finding it in any store I've searched so far.

Even though I have Agarest War Zero, I don't know if I will play it because of my lack of the first AW.
[Q]Take Marie with you, it’s unlikely she’ll refuse
[Q]Look for Cirno of course
-[Q]Don’t punish her unless she provokes it

Pretty fairies~

Also, even if you remain anonymous, please put something to mark the story posts. Makes them easier to distinguish from long-winded readers.

And on a readerly note- If we just got out of fairy!hell, something's pretty off with us. In a potentially good way.
So is this going anywhere, or is it dead?

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