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Well, guys, even though the various boards seem saturated with unfinished and abandoned cyoas, would you guys still be interested in participating in another?

Rather than getting stuck in Gensokyo for no apparent reason, we'll probably begin the story by besieging the Lunar Capital (and possibly sacking and pillaging it if you do things right) in the name of humanity, following which, our reason to enter Gensokyo.

You are human though, and expect to pit your wits, skill, endurance and whatever appropriately destructive weaponry and para-magic humanity can cook up against your deadly? challenges.

What say you, guys?

>> No. 3582
I find this interesting, yet am somewhat saddened that we're starting off on the "wrong" side.

Can we shoot (no pun intended) for Reisen? Some Romeo and Juliet stuff feels like it would be poetic (also no pun intended).
>> No. 3583
Go for it, if it's good you'll know.
>> No. 3585
Is this going to be the sort of story where we shoot off the romance, or is romance to be thrust upon us?

Because I'd prefer the latter.
>> No. 3587
depends on your choices.

Some of the girls may be more aggressive than others and might need a little prompting.
>> No. 3588
Well, I know I'm all for it, whatever this guy's talking about.
>> No. 3589
File 121592749016.jpg - (55.47KB , 1024x768 , fleet.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, I'll get started then.

In the grave distance between the Earth and Lunar Empires, there is, what appears to be a smattering of metallic debris at first glance. On closer examination, or perhaps,on a higher zoom magnification on a ship's visual modules, the metallic debris would appear slightly more intimidating.

Following the disastrous defeat of the Lunarian fleet (for the Lunarians point of view), the path to the Lunar Capital had been laid bare, and for the first time in the Lunar campaign, humanity was on the offensive.

The dense cloud of warships are illuminated from the score hundreds of engine flares and electronic discharges. From the small frigates to the greater battleships and carriers, this fleet is the first of its kind, the combined fleet of the Empire of Humanity and it moves with a grim purpose, towards waiting Luna, still a considerable distance away.

We bring our attention to on of the larger ships in the fleet, a newer vessel, fresh from the orbital dry dock. It hasn't even been christened a name as of yet.

Within the armored hull and reinforced superstructure, a woman makes her way into the heart of the ship, towards the commanding officer's personal quarters.

Once the computer has verified her identity, the door slides open and she enters, and makes her way to the figure asleep at his desk.

A tap on your shoulder awakens you from your slumber.

How does your 2nd in command address you?

[]Captain (normal)
[]Admiral (hard)
[]Prince (insane)
[] You lazy dog. (....need I say more?)

[]what is your name?
---------------------user input =)
>> No. 3595
[ ] You lazy dog.
[ ] Private Rumore Shiyachi

"You lazy dog" is easy mode, right? Becuse I noticed that you go higher in rank as difficulty increases. So, to be called a lazy dog, we must be low in rank, and we must be in easy mode.
>> No. 3596
{X} Admiral (hard)
{ } Arleigh Farragut? lol i dunno ¦:>
>> No. 3597
[x]prince, mwahahaha
bleh ezmodo

[]Luca Blight?
[]Leman Russ?
[]too many to choose!!!!!
>> No. 3598
[x] Admiral (hard)
[x] <Ataisai> last name: Gallowglass
>> No. 3599
[X]Admiral (hard)

[X] Buzz Lightyear
>> No. 3600
[x] Captain (normal)
[x] Harlan Murdoch
>> No. 3602
[X]Admiral (hard)
[X}Admiral Lazarev
>> No. 3607
[X] lol I dunno
[X] Vladimir Ren'uchi
>> No. 3608
[ ] Ramius Arekusu
>> No. 3614
[x] Captain Marko Ramius
>> No. 3615
File 12159452561.jpg - (38.93KB , 280x800 , monkeylol.jpg ) [iqdb]
[]Captain (normal)
[]Captain John "Motherfucking" Sheridan

See picture. Do space battlez justice, anon.
>> No. 3616
{X} Admiral (hard)
{X} Ackbar

...But seriously,

[]Captain (normal)
[]Captain John "Motherfucking" Sheridan
>> No. 3617
[]Prince of Persia (Time Mode)
[] Name: Leman Russ, I wanna grow a cannon on mah forehead
>> No. 3619
File 121595013330.jpg - (251.14KB , 1083x599 , Untitled-1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Admiral it is then.

Note, this introduces two lesser known Touhou characters, two princesses from the moon who were once Erin's students. They make an appearance in Silent Sinner in Blue.

Well, since no one can decide on a name, and I sure can't think of one, we'll keep our protagonist anonymous for now. = )

"Admiral, Sir, its urgent," your second in command says as she shakes you awake. Ignoring your feeble protests, she pinches your cheeks hard.

Now, that got your attention and you sit upright with a yelp.

Groaning, you turn to your second in command.

"What is it"

"Incoming transmission, sir," she replies straightening her glasses. "from the Lunar Capital."

Now, that really gets your attention.

Moving to the bridge of your ship, you watch as the view screen flickers to life. Oddly archaic kanji fills the image before it settles, showing the faces of two women.

Both look remarkably similar with reddish brown hair and almost matching outfits. They could almost be twins but for subtle differences.

The one to your left wears an odd had with a lopsided bow and the other wears a ribbon in her hair.

They speak simultaneously.

"Greetings, our noble foe," they say. The two put up a brave and valiant front, but for a spit second, the one on the left wavers.

"I am Wataski no Toyohime," the one with the hat says, "and I am Watsuki no Yorihime." introducing themselve? How brave.

"We would speak to the commander of your fleet." The say.

You gaze at the images on the screen intently. They are beautiful creatures, but that is to be expected,and obviously of noble blood from their mannerisms. Still, from what you have heard, the nobility of the Lunar Empire are a sheltered lot and the extend of their military service would be the training of the moon rabbits.

For two princesses to contact the invasion fleet directly, it would obviously be of great importance.

As expected the fleet commander's voice booms through the audio modules.

"It's my honor," he says, somewhat dryly, " to have the opportunity to speak directly to ones of Lunarian Noble blood. Last I heard, we humans of the tainted earth, weren't even fit to touch the ground that one of you stands on."

To their credit, the sister Lunarian Princesses took the obvious attack in their stride.

The fleet commander continues.
"Well, so you would treat with us?", his grizzled face appears next to their on the visual module. "Have you come to surrender to us? This war is of your doing, and is is rightful that you should atone for it."

The princesses shake their heads slowly," We come not to surrender but to offer peaceful resolution. We offer you ceasefire, and our aid, to heal the wounds we have inflected upon your Earth and your comrades."

You're mind draws back to that day, three weeks ago, when the Emperor declared the beginning of the massive counter invasion.

"Seek a peaceful resolution if possible." he had said. "Taking the Lunar capital will be our last resort,we will have won the victory should they ask for terms."

That had drawn masses of protests from the assembled officers, until the nature of the Lunar Capital's defenses was revealed.

A young woman introducing herself as "Yukari" and also the Emperor's advisor,who stood at the Emperor' side, had explained the nature of the Lunar capital's concealing barrier, allowing it to exist, hidden in its own obscure dimension. You had questioned her, but she merely smiled at you, and the look in the eyes made you think that sh was far older than she had appeared.

To assault such as fortress would require a huge number of fighting men, to say the least.

And so, now, the Lunarians were offering a ceasefire and a possible peaceful resolution. A part of you screams to accept, another reasons, were the deaths of millions of people in the pointless war all for nothing?

Your musings are cut short when the images of the two princesses flicker and vanish. In their place, the wrinkly old face of a mad man appears.

The Lunar Emperor.

"No terms!!!!!" He screams, frothing at the mouth. "Clash your insignificant fleets and your toy soldiers at my walls if you will, yellow monkeys, bring your armies, bring your fleets and we will break them!"

He sneers and draws his sword and points it at the screen.

"Know this, monkeys, none have ever breached the gates of the Lunar Capital!"

The transmission goes dead.

The fleet commander's voice says gravely," looks like the war goes on then."

You turn and face you bridge crew.

"How much time till we get within range to engage?" You ask.

"Our ETA is half an hour Admiral, Sir," one of the bridge crew replies.

"Best get ready while you can, then." You order.

One of the crew's voice is tinged with hysteria as he speaks shortly. "You heard them sir, you've hear the rumors, their gates can't be breached and their capital seems unassailable, sir, can we win?

You grin.

"Destroy everything -except the gates."

You are almost into engagement range. Orders.

Choose two

[]Check weapon systems
[]Review Strategy
[]Inspire your men and women
[]make jokes at your enemy's expense
[]Speculate on the Emperor's mysterious adviser
[]The moon princesses are beautiful. You have needs and a good memory. Excuse yourself for a while.
[]Get some brown pants
>> No. 3620
Neil Armstrong. The Once and Future Astronaut.
>> No. 3621
[]Review Strategy
[]Inspire your men and women
>> No. 3622
Warmaster Horus.
>> No. 3623
Given anon's above average rate of failure in other threads, Abaddon would be way more fitting.
>> No. 3624
haha, true,

I'd favor Horus though, at least he went out with a bang
>> No. 3625
[x]review strategy
[x]check weapons systems

you can't blow shit up if you don't have any weapons
>> No. 3626
[x]Review Strategy
[x]Inspire your men and women
[x]make jokes at your enemy's expense

Insults are inspiring, right?
>> No. 3627
[x] check weapons
[x] review strategy

Horus gets my vote too. Is it too late to give anon a name?
>> No. 3628
Horus works for me, though I worry about the effect of the name's traitorous history.
>> No. 3629
>[]The moon princesses are beautiful. You have needs and a good memory. Excuse yourself for a while.

.. no, seriously :
[]Review Strategy
[]Inspire your men and women
>> No. 3631
File 121597542996.jpg - (73.85KB , 500x527 , 709_yukari_yakumo.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x]review strategy (wins)
[x]check weapons systems (draw)
[x]inspire your men and women (draw)

Last post for the day =)

You calm yourself as the moon looms closer and closer. Despite your training, no drll or excercise can substitute for actual battle expereince. Taking a deep breath, you run through thegeneal strategy of the operaton through your mind.

You know that to assasil the Lunar capital, it's first and most formidable defences must be breached. The barrier that keeps the capital consealed and invioable and the massive wall that protects and encircles it.

This twofold defense is formdable indeed, since when the barrier is in place, orbital bombardments and direct troop drop entry will be ineffective,and while the massived wall stands,shock assault by footsoldiers and armor can be repelled with ease.

Yukari, the emperor's seemingly advisor, has revelead two fatal weaknesses in the design though. In their pride and folly, the seals that maintain the barrier have been unchanged since they were first put up, and have weakened somwhat over the long gind of centuries. The second, that the Lunar wall is the physical manifestation of the barrier and that if the wall crumbles, so will the concealing barrier.

The plan would be to, by orbital drop, land troops on the dead moon (the lifeless moon that exsists in real space) and launch a lightning assault through the barrier.

Such troops would be ineffective aginast the wall though, and thus, their objective woud be to get within the barrier and weaken in furthuer by means of distabling the theoretical particles which seperate the Lunar captial from real space.

With the barrier weakened and thus, partially manifest in the material realm, a good round of heavy artillary from the ships should shatter it, exposing the Lunar capital.

The plan is a dangerous one, and relies heavily on the valor and true grit of the human spirit of the soldiers sent through the barrier. In fact, the entire operation hangs on their sucess.

There is a soft squeal from your second in command and you look up sharply. Before you, stands a woman who was no there before. You recognise her.

"Yukari-dono," you adress the flamoyantly dressed woman, complete with parasola and frilly dress. "This place is about to become a battlezone, as a civillian, I must ask you to leave the the ship."

She smiles, not maliciosly "And will you leave a poor defencelss woman to die in the depths of space?"

"No. But I don't know how you got here, but I'm sure you can get back to Earth just fine." YOu reply, shakng your head.

"My, my no need to be so cold,young man," she purrs. "I'm just here to ensure your soldiers get across the barrier safely.

"Then shouldn't you be reporting to the fleet commander instead, Yukari-dono? He is overall in charge of this operation after all." you ask, somewhat hesitantly.

"Oh, I dare say, he knows I'm here" she smiles once more. "Since I'm here...what does that do?" she asks, pointing towards a glowing panel.

"Weapons status." you reply

Speakng of weapons, you realy shouldn't go into battle without doing a final check on your guns.

Tapping a few keys, you imput your code and acess the files.

Your warship is eqipped with six turret hardpoints, insterpaced at regular intervals throughout the hull.

Six 150mm turret modules for generaal use.

In addition to this, eighteen smaller missle batteries and three main torpedo tubes provide anti fighter and anti captial capabilities.

Lastly, a weapon to send the Lunar wall crashing down. Specialy built for this operation, it is a massive coilgun, build throughout the length of the entire ship, carrying a single 1000mm solid ferrous alloy projectile. Weighing a thousand tonns, it isn't a shell, but a battering ram of epic perportions.

You're no physicist, but you are sure not much in both the earth and the moon can stop 1000 tonns of solid iron alloy moving at the speed of sound.

Yukari peers over your shoulder curiously,"ah, and I thought an ipod was complicated.: she sighs.

You are about to retort something when a siren goes off.

The flet commander's voice booms out.
"That's it folks, we're almost there and we have company. To all ships, prepare for battle!"

"Sensors!" you yell.

"Incomming fighters sir!" the man yells. "BAttleship!" another yells.

Thats it. It has begun and already, moral is dipping. You intervene.

"Battle stations, everyone!" you yell. "Know this friends," you active the comm module and link to all ships under your command.

"Know this friends, now, we are about to enter, what is the most important battle in this war. THe Lunarians don't think we can win, they think that thisis just a minor setback, that we, "inferior" and "dirty" humans cannot touch them."

You pause and gaze around. The crew is silent, but their backs have stifened at least.

"But guess what? We will beat them, we have beat them. Look at the north pole! Is it not covered with the wrecks of their ships? This is our chance friends, to end this stupid war once and for all, and we will. Oh yes we will. With that said, to ypur posts! Let's show those Lunarians just what we're made off!!!"

Cheers erupt as the warship springs into a frenzy of activity. Turrets swing into motion and soldiers arm themselves.
>> No. 3632
In the midst of the confusion, a quiet voice whispers into your ear.

"Well now, it seems Emperor-dono's interest in you wasn't unfounded after all." she says.

Well now, as interesting as that statmente is, you have bigger fish to fry.

Wing after wing of the Lunarian fighters approach, folowed by frigates, and bringing up the rear are the battlehips.

There is a flash of light and one of the Lunarian battlehips spits out a bolt of light in your ship's direction.

Choose 2 only
Ship's powergrid limits your actions to two
Please use common sense when choosing orders. SOme of them are obviously incompactible with ech other.
[]Evasive manuvers,
[]tactic: maintain formation
[]tactic: order troop ships behind the larger ships.
[]Tactic: order all ships to power to engines,prepare to break through the lines, sacrificing weapons and shields dor speed.
[]Tacic: Overlap shields emitted, increasing protection at cost of speed and weapons
[]tactic: all ships power to weapons, increased weapons effectiveness at cost of speed and shields
[]return fire: 150mm cannons, battlehips
[]return fire: 150mm cannons, frigates
[]return fire: torpedos, battleships
[]return fire: torpedos, frigates
[]return fire: AA missile batteries, fighter craft

[]also, our protagonist is Horus?
>> No. 3633
>Ship's powergrid limits your actions to two
Damn, ship-to-ship communication must take a metric fuck ton of power if sending out two messages means we can't shoot back. Well, anyway:

[x]tactic: order troop ships behind the larger ships.
Troop ships generally aren't made to fight, keeping them toward the rear is a very good thing. Plus, we're going to need all the troops we can get for the upcoming ground battle.

[x]return fire: torpedos, battleships
They're shooting at us, and I'd reckon that the Lunarian commanders would be on board the strongest ships. Take them out and we throw their fleet into chaos. We'll just have to hope that our fleet provides fighter-support for us without us asking.

[Fuck yes]also, our protagonist is Horus?
>> No. 3634
File 121597874870.jpg - (23.78KB , 640x480 , I see what you did there.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Harlan Murdoch
>> No. 3636
[x] tactic, order troop ships behind larger ships
-we'll need them later
[x]return fire, 150mm cannons, battleship
-they'll probably shoot our torpedoes down

Horus? Awesome
>> No. 3642
2 only?
man, we have one of the most advance battleships mankind has made, and we find out its running on energizer AAAs

[]return fire, torpedos, battleships.
[]tactics, order your troop ships behind the larger ships

jus some common sense
>> No. 3689
[]return fire, torpedoes, battleships.
[]tactics, order your troop ships behind the larger ships

give them hell, rawr
>> No. 3696
File 121603552043.jpg - (327.33KB , 1024x747 , Fullview_emperor-horus.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x]return fire, torpedoes, battleships.
[x]tactics, order your troop ships behind the larger ships

Pre Heresy or Post Heresy?
I'm gunning for pre-heresy. Not as ugly as this bugger here.
>> No. 3702
File 121604108576.jpg - (302.59KB , 1280x800 , Yukari congrats.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x]return fire, torpedoes, battleships.
[x]tactics, order your troop ships behind the larger ships

ah.....I always wondered what being a NEET feels like...perhaps I should give it a trial.

School's wrung me out quite badly theses days.
Ah well....


Hurriedly, you give the order for all troop ships under you command to fall behind the larger battle and capital ships, just as the beam of light from the Lunarian battleship strikes your poet bow, causing the great ship to shudder and the equipment to rattle.

"Damage report!" you call out, sweating from the tension.

"Sir! 76% of section 31's armor plate compromised sir! Superstructure hard points exposed in places!"

Taking another hit in the same section would not be recommended. Lunarian weaponry is as potent as always,
that was 40 centimeters reinforced chobham armor, stripped away in an instant.

"Sir!, sensors indicate that a Lunarian battleship's targeting sensors are locking onto our profile! We're jamming it sir!"

That is worrisome, but with your skilled crew doing their best to jam the target lock, you have some time react. You turn and glance at Miss Yukari, standing there unfazed at the Lunarian bombardment. It is as if she has seen worse, and you could probably believe that. She catches you staring and looks strange at you, smiling once more. You turn away sharply. Just who is she? You wonder.

You watch as the troop ships fall into formation skillfully, and as the rest of the fleet enters battle mode.

The wing of thirteen ships under your command is part of the vanguard and will be amongst the first to launch the ground assault, however,
the Lunaian defense prevents that.

Within the few seconds, human fighter craft stream from their Carriers and rapidly accelerate, skirmishing with their Lunarian counterparts,
screening the carriers, including the fleet commander's supercarrier from the Lunarian bomber craft. The carriers slow firing
reverse thrusters, allowing their escort of frigates and battleships to overtake them, turrets groan as the swivel and missile batteries swing open and launch streams of AA missiles at the Lunarian fighters.

"All lead ships," you order "prepare to return fire, pick your targets and transmit targets to your designated partner craft, focus your shots!"

With the affirmative, ringing in your ears from a dozen ships, you give the order to load and arm the torpedoes.

Point defenses open fire as Lunarian strike craft scream past, but you ignore them.
Your target now is the Lunarian battleship that had struck your ship earlier, and you are glad for the fact that electronic warfare is one of
the few areas where humanity have the edge over their foes. It is unable to lock on for a more devastating attack.

"Fire," you order, and moments later, three thumps issued through the deck indicate the explosive exit of the torpedoes violently leaving their tubes and into the cold void of space.

At that that very moment, your two flanking guard ships open fire with their cannons, at your specified target. Powerful 150mm shells tear through space, some impacting unintended targets like smaller ships or stray frigates. But their efforts are not in vain and you are rewarded by the flicker of shields of the Lunarian battleship, as the shells impact and weaken them. For a few tense moments, the glittering sphere holds, then suddenly an explosion impacts the Lunarian vessel's
hull, ripping off a what appears to be part of a sensors array and spraying fragments of twisted alloy in all directions.

Its a hit, but the Lunarian battleship is still in commission.

Your flanking ships have done their job and the torpedoes you launch should finish it. The crew cheers violently as the torpedoes plow straight into the midsection of the hull, two explode on impact but one penetrates the weakened hull and detonates within. A fatal blow, straight to the heart of the ship.

You crew cheers wildly as you take stock of your surroundings and the larger battle enveloping the fleet.

"Nice shot," someone whispers in your ear.

It could only be Miss Yukari. You decide to let her be for now, you are still in a battle zone after all.

You quickly check your formation and position along the rest of the fleet.

All along your line, the ships hold up remarkably well, and at the very center , the command ship itself, the mighty human supercarrier, plows straight through the Lunarian's battleship line with its escorting vessels, launching wave after wave of strike craft and bombers to torture the struggling Lunarian battleships, its apparent retreat minutes earlier merely a distraction.

The Lunarians fight valiantly, however, and you do often see your own vessels torn apart by concussive particle waves, vaporised by concentrated plasma
blasts, or simply swarmed under by the Lunarian light fighters, but soon, the skirmish is over, and the bloodied Lunarians begin to give ground, and pull back, further to the moon.

Ahead of both your wing of ships and the retreating Lunarians, the Lunarian rearguard forms up to cover the retreating vessels, consisting of several battleships along with yet more frigates and more ominously, deployed orbital defenses they had dropped during the confusion of the skirmish.

You consider your options.

Though the Lunarian units are apparently retreating, and the clear course would be to blitz through, full speed ahead sweeping aside the rearguard and the through sheer momentum, it could be a trap, waiting to be sprung.

You can almost feel Miss Yukari's eyes on your back, as if she knows what you are going to say.

Unnerving indeed, even for someone of your calibre.

What is your decision? Though under the authority of the fleet commander, you, as one of the vanguard, have limited authority to take the initiative in this
matter, your first strike could be the edge needed to bring the Lunar capital to its knees, or crush your invasion fleet.

[] Full speed ahead! Smash them like the dogs (or rabbits) they are.
[] Caution, its a trap! (probably)
[] request orders from fleet commander
[]speak to Miss Yukari, it may not be the time, but you have to know just what the hell is going on.
>> No. 3705




>> No. 3706
[x] Full speed ahead! Smash them like the dogs (or rabbits) they are.

We shall crush the Caldari Sta- uh, Lunarian Kingdom
>> No. 3709
[x]Caution, its a trap! (probably)
Its obviously a trap.

>>We shall crush the Caldari Sta- uh, Lunarian Kingdom

o.O, EVE player huh.
>> No. 3711
What's the name of this CYOA?
>> No. 3712
was thinking either the
Crossroads of Concealed Future,
Seals of the Silent Empire
, or simply just the Horus Hear-say.

Currently in the Lunar Siege Arc.

Ah well, I'm off to get some rest then
>> No. 3715
[x]Caution, its a trap! (probably)
>> No. 3733
Looks like we're in a frigate/cruiser/destroyer/something like that.

[X] Caution!
[X] "Weapons Officer, roll full ECM, I don't like this."
[X] "Maximum power to forward hull."

and what refrence material are you using, if any?
>> No. 3734
[x]caution,its a trap
them crafty moon rabbits ain't gonna outsmart mwe
>> No. 3735

Ooh yes, they will. Rabbits are crafty motherfuckers, I should know. Caution can only help you so far.

[X] Caution!
[X] "Weapons Officer, roll full ECM, I don't like this."
[X] "Maximum power to forward hull."

Combo vote is a wise choice.
>> No. 3743
[x]Caution, its a trap! (probably)

ah, but just maybe, you'll be lured into a bigger trap by being trapped by not attacking this seeming trap that is not a trap, but could possibly be a trap.

Or not?
>> No. 3746
[X] Caution!
[X] "Weapons Officer, roll full ECM, I don't like this."
[X] "Maximum power to forward hull."

Better writeins is better
>> No. 3747
[X] Caution!
[X] "Weapons Officer, roll full ECM, I don't like this."
[X] "Maximum power to forward hull."

>> No. 3750
File 121612868780.jpg - (80.38KB , 640x448 , insane.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Caution, its a trap! (Probably)
[X] "Weapons Officer, roll full ECM, I don't like this."
[X] "Maximum power to forward hull."

Please know that sometimes bad choices may actually yield good results, one bad choice won't result in bad ends, rather it is the accumulation of choices over the grand strategy of things which leads to glorious victory, or crushing defeat.

Thanks for sticking with me, and do pardon the picture.

You begin to order an all out assault, but the words die in your mouth as your common sense kicks in, killing the impulse. You have not yet accumulated as much experience at command as yet to have what the senior staff in the Imperial Navy call a “palm tingling instinct,” but you have not gotten as far as you have by mindlessly charging forward either.

Yes, the loss of your troop ships would mean that effectively a tenth of the ground attack force would have eliminated, including several of the experimental “Perception Engines” which would theoretically, weaken the barrier separating the superimposed “dead moon” and the Lunar Empire , by allowing your soldiers to perceive, and thus interact with something which would otherwise be unperceivable, and thus inviolate

This physics babble makes your head hurt though, as you regain command of the situation, but you do suspect that Miss Yukari had something with this breakthrough.

“Stepping forward, you address all thirteen of the ships under your command.

“All ships, decrease forward velocity at once; we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.” A stab of disappointment is felt though; this could have been your chance. A chance to distinguish yourself from the other admirals and staff, a chance to earn the glory you deserve.

But you stop your inner monologue. Such thoughts are unbecoming of one such as you. Your priorities would be first, your men and the people you are defending, then the mission. Personal shouldn’t even come into the equation. If you are deserving of it, you will get it.

Slowly, but surely, all thirteen ships fire their reverse thrusters, slowing their massive bulks, the troop ships wisely keep behind , as the larger combat oriented ships maintain a shield line of sorts.

You gaze warily at the zoomed image of the Lunarian rearguard, as your ships fall back in line with the rest of the human fleet. They don’t do anything, and just float around, as if they are waiting for something.

Suspicious indeed.

“…Electronics Officer, full Electronic Countermeasures, the works. I don’t like this one bit” You order. The young man nods, and gets to work. It is very suspicious indeed. Though the Lunarian’s capability for electronic warfare is limited in comparison the humans, you cannot discount the possibility that with their superior firepower and mystic alchemy, they could spring a nasty surprise. Script fills your screen as every firewall on board goes online.

Sensor modules hum to life as they scan the surroundings for any possibility of an ambush, even a flicker of ionised gas where the immaterial barrier opened slicing what few molecules it caught could mean a full scale counter attack in a place you couldn’t expect.

The fleet as a whole draws closer, having smashed the remaining Lunarian vessels too slow to pull back, but the rearguard does not respond. They drift almost aimlessly and do ot respond to any attempts at communication.

The fleet commander gives his order and a wing of seven assault ships accelerate, along with their escorting fighters. They drive ahead of the combined fleet and approached the rearguard.

As they near the rearguard, Miss Yukari gasps as if sensing something you do not and throws you aside, grabbing your command module. You are stunned for a moment as she opens a channel directly to the fleet commander, and speaks hurriedly.

As you rise to your feet and begin to draw your sword, the feet commander’s eye widen,

“Are you sure?” he asks.

Yukari nods, puffy ribboned hat discarded on the deck in her haste.

“Do it,” the fleet commander orders, and begins addressing all ships. “Pull those assault ships back!” He roars.

The crew of our ship rushes into action, and suddenly, the ship’s humming intensifies and begins to form a sort of symphony of beeps, whistles and hums, which increases in volume until it is almost unbearable.

“Launch torpedos! Detonate them just outside their blast radius!” Yuakari yells.

You are about to grasp her shoulders when she turns and shoves you down once more.


You comply.

The torpedo’s detonate, too close, and the thunderous roar forces you to the ground, along with the blasts of unnatural music, courtesy of the ship’s systems, you almost feel part of your mind caving in.

Then it comes.

Even through the tremendous roar of the torpedoes, and even the electronic fantasy of the systems, something unnatural filters through, the mighty explosion unable to drown it out.

It is a discordant scream, somewhere between a choir of cats and worse, and it rises in intensity, otherworldly, discordant and utterly overpowering everything. The torpedo’s aftershock fades to nothingness, along with the beeps and whistles and the rattleing of the hip as it shakes itself to pieces. Your mind fails you for a second and you see yourself tipping forward into the abyss, but unexpectedly a hand catches you and you are drawn into a gap of nothing.

You awake, a second later, face down, on the deck, with Yukari pressing you down except for the maddened screaming over the communications channels, all is back to normal or so it seems.

You pull yourself up, aware of a trickle of liquid from your ears. They are bleeding, but you ignore that. You pull Yukari up.

“What was that, explain, this isn’t the time to hide it.”

She stared back at you, and nods.

“You know of the Lunarian’s curious ability over wavelengths?”

This time, you nod.

“That was the artefact known to the Lunarians as (泣き味噌な) nakimiso, they had dubbed it, the crybaby, which was rather endearing for a such a weapon.” She says

“That isn’t important. What did it do? I’ve never felt anything like that before…”

”And I’d be surprised if you had.” She mutters. “It’s a powerful bomb of sorts that is strong enough to blast sound waves over thousands of kilometers, even in a vacuum. Trillions of conflicting frequencies designed to drive the unguarded mind insane.” She pauses for effect. “They consider it holy or something since they’re reluctant to use it unless pressed under dire circumstances.”

Her eyes seem faraway, as she remembers some long forgotten time.

The last time they used it was 5000 years ago, when I tried to-“

She is interrupted by the screen flickering to life, apparently someone had established contact and some semblance of order within the fleet. The fleet commander’s face appears, he is sweating and his eyes have a haunted cast to them. You are not too sure what Miss Yukai has done, but it seems like her hurried orders to nullify the enemy’s sound barrage with your own conflicting sound waves have saved your mind from cracking.

”What, in ZUN’s name was that?” he asks weakly. “All ships…status report!”
>> No. 3751
The fleet is shaken, but the various captains and commanders begin reporting in. Surprisingly, the fleet is relatively undamaged, except for minor electronic failures, which is due to the breakdown of sensitive equipment. But the seven assault ships sent out and several of the front most ships do not report.

Eventually, communications is patched through, and view through the screen is less than pleasant. It is the captain of the assault group, and he’s too busy gouging his own eyes out and humming to himself to answer.

Miss Yukari steps up to the command module, and contacts the fleet commander. Some hurried conversation ensues and with the volume controls haywire, the Fleet Commander’s amplified voice drowns out what Miss Yukari is telling him.

”What? Some kind of sonic bomb you say?...how do you know of this?....classified?....you are sure it can only be used once?”

You take the time to get your own wing in order. What manner of sonic bomb could be powerful enough to emit that discordant sound wave in the vacuum of space?

The call comes. “All Admirals, open secure channel to command ship.”

You approach the command module as Miss Yukari steps aside.

You know what is going to happen. The Admirals, your peers are shaken and their bowels are loosened. Some of them, undoubtedly, will want to turn the fleet around and head home, it seems like the fleet commander is undecided, for on one hand, the Lunarians have revealed their trump card and Miss Yukari seems certain they will be unable to pull it off again and that the Lunarians had expected to drive your entire fleet insane in one fell swoop. This is the best time to attack, while their forces are as confused as ours are.

On the other hand, part of you is unwilling to face the terrible might of another one of those. Miss Yukari might be certain that the Lunarians will not be able to fire another “crybaby”, but just how trustworthy is that woman? Perhaps the Lunarians have something even more terrible up their sleeves.

How will you sway the impromptu strategy meeting?
Choose one and write in what you think would be an appropriate speech.

[] This is no time to waste on pointless discussions; we have survived their trap and are poised for victory! Forward and know no fear. Rush in, in tight formation and break the Lunar Capital. Place your trust in Yukari.

[] Advise caution. Spread the fleet out to minimize damage, but press on, and launch multi pronged attacks. You trust Yukari, but this is no time for hot headed stupidity.

[] Pull back, and wait for reinforcements arriving fresh from the orbital dry-docks. You do not exactly trust Yukari, and it would be wiser to wait for fresh troops.

[] Flee! Flee for your lives!

Horus's Commentary Corner
Nakimiso, or the "crybaby" is a Lunarian Super weapon, which is capable of blasting millions of discordant sounds of countless wavelengths, powerful enough to cross a vacuum. The effects include nausea, hallucinations, minor stroke and prolonged deafness and temporary paralysis- if you are very lucky.

The danger of such a weapon is that few expect and are capable of defending against such an attack, though the Human's own wavelength emitting devices served them well, negating part of the blast- through Miss Yukari's intervention of course.

The youkai, 5000 years earlier, however, were not as prepared.
>> No. 3753
oh god, why her of all people?
>> No. 3754
[x] This is no time to waste on pointless discussions; we have survived their trap and are poised for victory! Forward and know no fear. Rush in, in tight formation and break the Lunar Capital. Place your trust in Yukari.

We don't know how long it takes for this 'crybaby' to recharge. We need to go in hot before they are able to unleash it a second time.
>> No. 3755
[X] Advise caution. Spread the fleet out to minimize damage, but press on, and launch multi pronged attacks. You trust Yukari, but this is no time for hot headed stupidity.

Our capacity to implement the accepted strategy has not fundamentally changed. Our shock troops were unaffected by the sonic weapon and we still have the orbital firepower to annihilate the weakened barrier. I trust Yukari that they won't be able to use their trump card again, but that doesn't mean they don't have any surprises left. Having the heart and soul of the operation, the shock troops, crushed in a fel swoop would be disasterous. Spread out the fleet with an equal distribution of battlships/frigates/etc. and troop carriers and proceed with cautious expediency. Furthermore, have one or two of these new divisions withdraw beyond the combat zone for now. These divisions will be used when the shock troops land and will provide backup, support, or help press a successful attack.

...but I'm awful at RTSs, just kicking stuff around I guess.
>> No. 3802
[X] This is no time to waste on pointless discussions; we have survived their trap and are poised for victory! Forward and know no fear. Rush in, in tight formation and break the Lunar Capital. Place your trust in Yukari.

[X]Keep the carriers on the inside of the formation, frigates on the flanks and battleships up front; frigates will cover and watch for traps, while the main guns cut through the defenders.

Break through now, before they can shore up and focus their defenses. If you falter now, you lose valuable energy to the enemy. Probably.
>> No. 3804
[x] This is no time to waste on pointless discussions; we have survived their trap and are poised for victory! Forward and know no fear. Rush in, in tight formation and break the Lunar Capital. Place your trust in Yukari.

ha, caution is fo bhudist monks, cheesecake and vegetarians!!
>> No. 3805
[] This is no time to waste on pointless discussions; we have survived their trap and are poised for victory! Forward and know no fear. Rush in, in tight formation and break the Lunar Capital. Place your trust in Yukari.

Still, I feel that some bits are not clear.

For example, what are the differences between Lnrian and human ships? We do know that from previous posts,Lunarains favor energy beams and sonic attacks, while humans rely on conventional shelling and torpedos. THe human's ships are also depicted to be bulkier but more well armored than hte Lunarian ships, but the Lunarians have greater fire power a la lasers.
You have also said that Humans have superior Electronic Warfare and Electronic Countermeasure capabilities.
Why is this so?
>> No. 3806
>Humans have superior Electronic Warfare and Electronic Countermeasure capabilities.
>Why is this so?

If I had to take a guess at this, I'd say it's either because of overconfidence or ignorance. Perhaps they didn't think humans would be smart enough to exploit holes in their targeting systems, sensors, or whatever else ECM messes with, so they didn't bother to look for any.

Also, Remember that Lunarians haven't gone to war since Yukari attacked 5000 years ago, while humans have been fighting each other the whole time. Lunarian ships are probably technologically superior, while human ships have a better tactical design(layout, weapon placement, etc.). 'Dirty' tactics like electronic warfare would fall well within our domain, the Lunarians might not have even considered such a thing given their inexperience in warfare.
>> No. 3811
[X] "Weapons officer, Blast that assualt group out of the sky. It's all we can do for them now..."

[X] Advise caution. Spread the fleet out to minimize damage, but press on, and launch multi pronged attacks. You trust Yukari, but this is no time for hot headed stupidity.

We need to know what we got left before we do anything.
>> No. 3813

Electronic warfare deals with targeting systems, radar, sensors, etc.

While the Lunarians use magic, Humans have always used techonology, so they know it inside-out, from ways to jam sensors, to cutting communications, to shutting down entire ships. Rather, it's all we know, and we know it well.
>> No. 3824
[x] This is no time to waste on pointless discussions; we have survived their trap and are poised for victory! Forward and know no fear. Rush in, in tight formation and break the Lunar Capital. Place your trust in Yukari.

>>Humans have superior Electronic Warfare and Electronic Countermeasure capabilities.

From my point of view, and from reading silent sinner in blue and the other official novels regarding Kaguya and other Lunarians, I would say that the Lunarians have a very strong "eternity" motif an have a mania about their "purity" and thus their ability to endure through the ages unchanging. Anything from the Earth is impure or so they say, an so they use it as a prison, for exiles such as Kaguya.

In short, they feel that by being "eternal" and thus pure beings, they are perfect,and the transitory creatures on earth are always changing and killing one another, thus impure.

On the flip side, it also means that they probably haven't changed anything over the last 5000 years or so, whereas Humanity is always moving somewhere and doing something.

Sure,the Lunarian's power was enough for Humans to consider them celestial beings but what did they do with it? Retreat to the moon and wallowed in their own glory for 5000 years.

Sure, they beat the youkai invasion back then with their technology, but if such technology has remained unchanged and unimproved for 5000 years, someone will catch up eventually. And the humans have, at least to a state where their technology can compete with the Lunarian brand.

Perhaps the Lunarians represent order, eternity and stagnantation, while Humanity represents, anarchy, chaos and progress?
>> No. 3828
[x] This is no time to waste on pointless discussions; we have survived their trap and are poised for victory! Forward and know no fear. Rush in, in tight formation and break the Lunar Capital. Place your trust in Yukari.


We should know what we have before the fight starts.

The enemy is weak, FINISH HIM!!!!
>> No. 3834
hmm, i think i;ll be starting a new thread, with the proper title and all, since i don't see any method of editing posts =.=
>> No. 3851
File 121623961669.jpg - (46.61KB , 400x400 , 1215399472178.jpg ) [iqdb]
>editing posts

You're from Gaia, aren't you.
>> No. 3852

Probably is. I guess that this is what happens when you let too many CYOAs run; Gaiafags come in and start to do them.
>> No. 3854
I can kinda see why He would want to start a new thread. This thread has no title, and he wasn't posting with a trip when he started it. If someone's just scrolling by then they might not notice it's more than a request thread.

Besides, it's not like anythings getting pushed off the board by a new thread here in /others/.
>> No. 3855
>I guess that this is what happens when you let too many CYOAs run
>when you let too many CYOAs run

Stop right there, totalitarian scum!