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3364 No. 3364
You wake up with a yawn, the sun beginning to rise in the sky, the dew sparkling on the leaves of the grass and bushes around you. You shift your weight, 'rolling' out of the small den/nest you had made for yourself over time. You're not sure why you've been like this ever since you can remember, but it's really not that bad. Being a disembodied head has it's perks, what with youkai never bothering you much and never having to deal with anyone else.

Your face breaks into a small smile, rolling farther out of the grass and into the sunlight at the top of the small hill that you've called home for the past few years. Yeah, it's pretty good here. A river a bit of a walk-- err, hop-- away, open space, and an overabundance of fruit trees. You haven't had many youkai come around here either, which is nice, even if they're scared of you.

But... there was that one time, you think with a shiver. A man had wandered around here for a while, he seemed kind of sickly and frail, with balding white hair. He had stayed for a few days before that... that youkai, or whatever it was had come at night. You heard his screams for hours, you weren't sure how he lasted that long.

You shiver again, shaking yourself slightly and sighing. Not a nice way to begin the day, remembering such bad thoughts. Well, no use dwelling any longer, your stomach starts to growl slightly and you wonder if you should eat first, or get a drink.

[ ] Search for some fruit, to the west.
[ ] River, lets have a drink.
[ ] Go back to sleep for a few hours, it's still kind of early.

Also, a friend pointed something out to me. Yukkuri can only remember a few hours, but I'm going to go ahead and retcon that, for the purpose of an easier story to write and read all together. Also assuming Yukkurinymous is a 'first' yukkuri for all intents and purposes of awesome story, so no families or companionship.

Also, another thing to vote for; Yukkurinymous' gender.

[ ] Male
[ ] Female

>> No. 3365
[X] Go back to sleep for a few hours, it's still kind of early.

Easy takan gaems.

[X] Meat bun.
>> No. 3366
[ ] River, lets have a drink.
[ ] Male

Totally want to see how being a male plays out.
>> No. 3367
[X] River, lets have a drink.

[X] Male
[X] Female
>> No. 3368
[X] River, lets have a drink.
[X] Male
>> No. 3369
[ ] River, lets have a drink.

[ ] Female


>> No. 3370
{X} Search for some fruit, to the west.
Drinking anything with an empty stomach is hurt :<
{X} Male
>> No. 3372
[x] River, lets have a drink.
[x] Male
>> No. 3373
[x] Go back to sleep for a few hours, it's still kind of early.
[x] Hermaphrodite, like a snail.

Because Yukkuris are lower life forms so yeah!
>> No. 3374
River and male wins, writan now.
>> No. 3375
You decide to get a drink at the river. Well, it's really more of a stream but it's perfect for bathing and drinking out of. You start hopping down the dirt and grass path you've made on the hill and go to the shallow stream, rolling into it and gulping down a refreshing mouth full of water. You sit there for a bit, lounging in the wonderful water before hopping back out.

Though, maybe you should have a bath before you have breakfast? Considering your small skirt-esque leggings are already wet and so is your hair. Your stomach complains, but it's such a nice day out! It hasn't been this nice for a few months, you think to yourself after glancing up in the sky.

[ ] Take a bath.
[ ] Go and eat, a bath can wait.
>> No. 3376
[ ] Go and eat, a bath can wait.
>> No. 3378
[X] Go and eat, a bath can wait.
>> No. 3379
{X} Go and eat, a bath can wait.
Allergic to water~
>> No. 3380
[ ] Go and eat, a bath can wait.
>> No. 3381
[9] Go and eat, a bath can wait.

Changing to this.
>> No. 3382
Bathing can wait, plus, eating fruit can be dirty, you decide. You begin hopping the other direction, heading for the trees towards the left of the hill. Back when you first found this hill, the fruit hadn't been growing close enough to the ground, and you'd had to live off of the berries and whatever ended up dropping... you sigh.

Thinking such bad thoughts will get you depressed, you decide. Today is too nice of a day for nostalgia, let alone bad nostalgia!

You make it to the trees in a few minutes, hopping around them and seeing what's grown since you last started pulling fruit off the branches. You spot some apples, a few lemons, some unripened bananas, and a plump looking cantelope. You nod to yourself, hopping up and down near the branches and pulling on them with your mouth.

It takes some time, and it's hard work as usual, but you get three of the apples, a lemon, and the nice looking cantelope. You decided to leave the bananas, they'll be nice and perfect in a week or so.

Though, what to eat first..?

[ ] Apples.
[ ] Lemon.
[ ] Cantelope.
>> No. 3383
[X] Lemon.

>> No. 3385
{X} Lemon.
>> No. 3386
[X] Battery acid.

But really, [X] Lemons. They's good.
>> No. 3388
[X] Apples.
I love apples.
>> No. 3390
[ ] Cantelope.
Cantelope is the best fruit ever.
>> No. 3391
This is highly surreal.
[] Cantelope.

Also, have you read this? It might give you more ideas if you haven't.
>> No. 3392
[x] Cantelope.

Yukkuris like sweets.
>> No. 3394
[9] Cantelope.

I hope this changes the flavor of his filling.
>> No. 3395
[X] Lemons
>> No. 3396

Yeah, I read through most of it while making the first post, though I still dunno if I want the beanpaste/filling idea to apply, even if it's a main part of Yukkuris :V
>> No. 3397
[x] Cantelope
>> No. 3398

>> No. 3399
You decide to eat the cantelope. You roll it over to the flattened area of ground next to the trees, grabbing the sharpened piece of wood you use for a knife and cutting open the cantelope, beginning to eat it.

As you eat, you get the strange feeling you usually get after eating; it feels like you're growing a bit, but you've never really been able to tell a difference over the years. Sure, you're obviously bigger than a normal head, but each time you get this feeling it's never a huge burst of anything from what you can tell.

Finishing one part of the cantelope, you burp a bit, then begin on the second. You finish rather fast, then push the remains into a small hole near the trees and then return to where you've gathered the fruit.

You're sated for now, but the apples and lemon look really good... maybe you should have a bit more before you bathe. Hmm..

[ ] Eat an apple.
[ ] Eat the lemon.
[ ] Stash them away, then take a bath.
>> No. 3400
[X] Eat the lemon.
>> No. 3401
[X] Eat an apple.
[X] Eat the lemon.
But this isn't actually taking it easy. Hmm.
>> No. 3402

Taking it easy comes after daily habits~
>> No. 3403
[9] Eat an apple.

We must grow larger.
>> No. 3405
{X} Eat the lemon.
>> No. 3416
You decide to eat the lemon, because you haven't had a ripe one for awhile. You roll it over, cut it into slices, and begin chewing slowly, sucking at the rinds and savoring the sour taste. You lean back against a rock nearby, relaxing while eating the sour food.

You burp after finishing off the lemon, pushing the rest into the small hole also and begin cleaning up the area. You put the apples near the rock, rolling them under it and putting the small wooden knife there too. You yawn a bit, realizing it's been a few hours now, and you've been doing alot of work.

You yawn more, then hop over to the hill's path to the river. You should take a bath, but then again, you are pretty tired...

[ ] Bathe.
[ ] Rest.
>> No. 3417
[X] Rest.

Take it easy.
>> No. 3418
[X] Rest.

Yukkuris dissolve in water.
>> No. 3419

After prolonged exposure, sure.
>> No. 3420
[X] Rest.
>> No. 3421
[X] Rest.
>> No. 3423
[x] Rest

You decide it's better to rest, since you've worked yourself so hard today. You hop up the path, heading into the small clearing in the bushes and settling down for a rest.

Day one end, dead board is dead at this time of night. Writing this is actually pretty fun, so I think I am going to keep doing this. Will probably update tomorrow, since today was so sparse

Also, suggestions and write ins are nice. :V
>> No. 3424

[9] Wake up.

Also, write longer updates, and let us get it on with another yukkuri.
>> No. 3438
Yukkuri VN? Dreams come true! But needs more drama.
[x] Hop further towards the clearing.
>> No. 3440
[ ] Rest.
Time to take it easy.
>> No. 3468
No updates today, my internet is shitting all over me and I can't even talk in IRC due to how laggy it is.
>> No. 3522
File 121588437336.jpg - (6.25KB , 278x153 , oo_.jpg ) [iqdb]
A wild Update appears!

You crack open your eyes, stifling a huge yawn. Ugh, why are you awake at this time of hour? It's barely even dawn, maybe you should go back to sleep...

[ ] Go back to sleep. Dream of a small parasol floating down a lotus-covered river.
[ ] Go back to sleep. Dream of a small, wooden stick in a forest clearing.
[ ] Go back to sleep. Dream of a field of colorful stars.
[ ] Go back to sleep. Dream of <x>, write-ins acceptable.
[ ] Wake up like an idiot and avoid the plot twist.
>> No. 3523
[x] Go back to sleep. Dream of a field of colorful stars ~ze.
>> No. 3524
[ ] Go back to sleep. Dream of a kitchen filled with meat buns.

Brothers, let's start a rebellion. Let us lead a war, where the yukkuris shall fight the touhoes for dominance.
>> No. 3525
[ ] Go back to sleep. Dream of a small parasol floating down a lotus-covered river.
>> No. 3527
[ ] Go back to sleep. Dream of a kitchen filled with meat buns.
>> No. 3528
[X] Go back to sleep. Dream of a kitchen filled with meat buns.

Yukkuremi dreaman gaems.
>> No. 3529
Meat bun vote isn't being written, communism, etc
>> No. 3534

[X] Go back to sleep. Dream of a kitchen filled with meat buns.

I'm still voting for it.
>> No. 3536

>> No. 3539
[X] Go back to sleep. Dream of a kitchen filled with meat buns.

You dream of a kitchen filled with meat buns, the delicious smell entering your nostrils... until you realize, you're one of the meat buns, being cooked to death!

You scream out, despite the fact that you're a meat bun and cannot scream, and wake up then eventually fall back asleep. Hopefully, your next dream won't be so agonizing, but perhaps this was a sign of things to come?


[ ] Dream of a small parasol floating down a lotus-covered river.
[ ] Dream of a small, wooden stick in a forest clearing.
[ ] Dream of a field of colorful stars.
[ ] Dream of <x>, write-ins acceptable.
>> No. 3540
[ ] Dream of a small parasol floating down a lotus-covered river.
>> No. 3541
[x] Dream of listening to Yuukuri's new guitar solo.
>> No. 3543

[X] This.
>> No. 3544

This must happen. You will write it.
>> No. 3545
[x] Go to sleep, dream of a flat world supported by one giant Yukkureimu (But who supports the Yukkureimu? Haha, clever. But not clever enough. It's Yukkureimus all the way down!)
>> No. 3557
In a little while you will be alone in shoreless space, to wander its limitless solitudes without friend or comrade forever--for you will remain a thought, the only existent thought, and by your nature inextinguishable, indestructible. But I, your poor servant, have revealed you to yourself and set you free. Dream other dreams, and better!...You perceive, now, that these things are all impossible except in a dream. You perceive that they are pure and puerile insanities, the silly creations of an imagination that is not conscious of its freaks - in a word, that they are a dream, and you the maker of it. The dream-marks are all present; you should have recognized them earlier. It is true, that which I have revealed to you; there is no God, no universe, no human race, no earthly life, no heaven, no hell. It is all a dream - a grotesque and foolish dream. Nothing exists but you. And you are but a thought - a vagrant thought, a useless thought, a homeless thought, wandering forlorn among the empty eternities!
>> No. 3558
And then Yukkuri was a Touhou.
>> No. 3559
I'm still waiting for votes here, guys. ;_;
>> No. 3560
File 121590924249.jpg - (68.76KB , 631x475 , doitfaggot.jpg ) [iqdb]


As far as I'm concerned, that's 4 votes for the mindfuck dream.
>> No. 3561
[x] Go to sleep, dream of a flat world supported by one giant Yukkureimu (But who supports the Yukkureimu? Haha, clever. But not clever enough. It's Yukkureimus all the way down!)

>> No. 3562
[] Go to sleep, dream of a flat world supported by one giant Yukkureimu (But who supports the Yukkureimu? Haha, clever. But not clever enough. It's Yukkureimus all the way down!)

Funding it.
>> No. 3564
File 121591354184.jpg - (7.40KB , 231x251 , slowpoke.jpg ) [iqdb]
I fucking hate you guys. But hey, this is what I get for writing a story about yukkuris-- a yukkuri.

[x] Go to sleep, dream of a flat world supported by a giant chain of Yukkureimus.

You dream of a strange, flat circular world. It seems you're seeing it from the sky, and there are gigantic... you's, it seems, only with hair and head accessories, supporting this flat world. It seems peaceful, and the residents appear to be happy, and there's a gigantic mountain in the middle of it with a humongous blue-haired head at the top, with yellow light glowing among it. It's smirking, from what you can tell, and is possibly the overlord of this odd dream dimension.

Looking below you, there seems to be hundreds of the same disembodied head, all of them the same size and exactly the same, from what you can tell. They're formed in chains, supporting the world, supporting each other, all sorts of things.

It seems... creepy, and you're not sure if you care for this. As soon as this thought enters your mind, you begin to 'fall' from where you were, tumbling aimlessly through space, until you land on one of the heads, and break into it, finding yourself in a dark squishy space that smells oddly of beans.

You try to scream, but your mouth gets filled with this paste-y bean substance, and you can't breathe. You faint, then find yourself back in your small den, cold sweat across your brow. It seems only a short amount of time has passed since you last woke up, so you try to get back to sleep.

[ ] Dream of <anything, I don't care. This is actually fun to write for once. Yukkuri 40k for all I care now!>
>> No. 3565
[ ] Dream of a witch and a puppeteer visiting a shrine.
>> No. 3567

Oh, and just for reference, this is the last dream sequence this time. Whatever gets voted is what happens.
>> No. 3569
[X] Dream of writing a story on the internet.
>> No. 3570

Well, Yukkuri are naturaly stupid/retarded/both. It should be hard to write long and/or complex actions, long internal monologue or any kind of reflection.

That's not taking it easy.
>> No. 3571
[ ] Dream up the solution to the Riemann Hypothesis.
>> No. 3574

>> No. 3575
[x] Dream of a large, musclebound man with 7 scars on his chest, slaughtering your kin wholesale.

This'll be good.
>> No. 3577
[ ] Dream of absolutely nothing, and then wake up.


You blink your eyes, the sun shining through your planty house, groaning. You didn't sleep well, not at all. And what were with those dreams? You could only recall something about strange meat buns, and giant disembodied heads... ugh, you shouldn't have slept so early, you think to yourself. Not to mention, you smell, since you hadn't bathed at all yesterday.

Shaking your head you roll out of the clearing in the plants, stopping near the side of the hill and glancing up in the sky. You slept in, apparently, the suns high in the sky now. No wonder you feel groggy, you've probably been asleep for almost a whole day. Ugh, you think to yourself, this sucks. First you start remembering horrible memories from the past yesterday, and now you're having strange dreams. Could anything wors-- no, lots of things worse could happen, you think.

You yawn, beginning to hop down the small path down the hill, heading towards the riverside. About halfway down, you hop a little too close to the side, losing your balance and beginning to roll down the hill!

Fuck! FUCK! Not this again! you think, speeding down the hill straight for the river. Closing your eyes, cringing in pain, you tumble down the hill, nearing the river. But before you do, the side of your head gets smashed into a rock, and you choke down a gasp before splashing into the river and losing consciousness.


Ugh, my head... you think, then realize you're soaking wet... then you remember what happened. You groan out loud, cracking open your eyes. You see a blurry figure nearby, but it's hard to tell what it is. You open your eyes a bit more, and see...

[ ] A blonde girl in a maid outfit, with a large hat.
[ ] A game, that you just lost.
[ ] A blonde girl in a light blue dress, with something hovering next to her.
[ ] A red garbed female with black hair.
>> No. 3578
[X] A red garbed female with red hair.
>> No. 3579
{X} A red garbed female with black hair.
>> No. 3580
[ ] A red garbed female with black hair.
>> No. 3584
[ ] A red garbed female with black hair.

Also I lost.
>> No. 3586
[x] A game, that you just lost.

Also, we missed a chance to get our ass kicked by Dream Kenshiro. How lame.
>> No. 3609
[x] A red garbed female with black hair.
>> No. 3610
>[ ] A game, that you just lost.

>> No. 3638
You open your eyes, squinting, and see a black-haired girl in a red and white outfit,

holding a small stick. Then you see she's staring at you. She takes a step towards,

you, kneeling down, and then you realize your head is pounding. And you faint.

Reimu picks you up and carries you to the Hakurei shrine, curious and worried about

you. She puts you into one of the rooms beds, ignoring Suika's questions and

warning her not to bother you for now.

You rest, after waking up after being here for a short time. The room you're in is

nice, the bed is comfortable, and you decide to go back to sleep for now. What with

the whole rolling down a hill and hitting a rock and being tossed down a river for a

mile and then being picked up and flown to the shrine by Reimu thing happening.

As you sleep, you have a dream about two strange blonde girls. Though, not at the

same time. The first one comes to the shrine to talk to Reimu about something, and

it seems she's a witch, considering she rides a broom and has a huge hat. You

can't tell if Reimu particularly likes her, although the girl does seem like a slight

annoyance at times.

Later into the dream, after the witch leaves, another blonde girl flies by to talk to

Reimu. Though, this one is different, and the two of them have a conversation for a

bit. The blonde girl is wearing a blue dress, with white sleeves, and apparently has

some sort of dolls following her around constantly. You think she can control them,

considering there seem to be small strings connecting them to her hands.

You wake up shortly after they finish the conversation and the second girl leaves.

It's apparently night out, and your door is slid open slightly, a crack of moonlight

cutting through the rooms darkness. You blink your eyes, yawning, and notice your

head has a bandage on it. You wince, remembering the accident and reminding

yourself to avoid hitting your head anymore. You roll out of the small bed, hopping

over to the door.

Do you...

[ ] Go back to sleep, it's night out anyway.
[ ] Explore the shrine a bit, go to <x> area.
[ ] Wait in the room until it's light out, you're not tired but not sure if you should leave.

Had to repost, the formatting got way fucked up for some reason.
>> No. 3639
Goddamnit why is this happening, RAGE.
>> No. 3640
[] Explore the shrine a bit, go to courtyard.
>> No. 3641
[x] Explore the shrine a bit, go to courtyard.

lol notepad
>> No. 3646

You're not taking it easy!

[x] Explore the shrine a bit, go to courtyard.
>> No. 3649
{X} Explore the shrine a bit, go to courtyard.
>> No. 3653
[+] Explore the shrine a bit, go to bathing area.
Nobody likes a bad-smelling yukkuri.
>> No. 3742
[ ] Take it easy.
>> No. 3874
Gee, the weeaboo writan faggot sure is taking it easy.
>> No. 3878
[X] Explore the shrine a bit, go to bathing area.

Hot springs + Yukkuri = Boiled Meat Buns
>> No. 4148
I'd like to point out that, according to the Japanese wiki, the yukkuris are hermaprodites. Also, their memory doesn't last only a few hours, it's just that they're incredibly carefree and they don't bother remembering something unless it's very important.