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31151 No. 31151
Chapter 1: Green with envy

The sudden shock of the explosion tears through room like a scream of anguish by reality itself, yet we remain. It is not the first, and certainly won’t be the last. Considering what we do to our patients, hell to world itself, it’s not that bad. Really, it’s not that bad.

My heart rate slowly tapers off from its terrible rapid pounding in my chest. I let out an already too long held breath of anticipation. Every time. Every god dammed time. I swear this project will be the end of me. I’m too young to feel this old. To hell with the doctors, I’ll shave another twenty off if I need to. By the time we’re done I’ll be thirty-one years old going on infinity.

“Transfer successful! All molecules returning to normal phase oscillation. 99.99999% normalcy has been restored to the chamber. No exotic particles detected. We have returned to standard temporal flow.”

Music to my tired ringing ears. Looks like this one wasn’t shooting anything at the time. I’ve swear we’ve busted more containers that way. Why the hell do they shoot lasers? I mean really.

“Who do we have today?” The inquiry itself is routine, though the words are a bit more casual than someone of my station should use. Still, I make the reports who so who cares?

Inside the heavily, and by all means I do mean heavily, reinforced transfer tube lays a gorgeous specimen if I ever saw one. She is all beautiful pale skin and earthly green hair. The clothes never transfer with them, and hell even if I received a direct order from GNOSIS itself I wouldn’t add some ridiculous censorship bars. There are few pleasures in my life, and this is most certainly of the most notable. I mean I’m not even married. Give a guy a little fun why don’t you?

Besides, it’s bad data collecting. “Know your enemy.” Gotta see it all. I don’t care if it’s a washboard chest or a pair of nuclear missiles; I’m going to see what’s under that girl’s dress. So to speak anyways. And something tells me I should be in for the time of my life tonight. Well, lady of the evening, I do hope you can entertain me.

“Report! Who is our lovely guest of the evening, Doctor Klein?”

The body begins to twitch. Hmm, that’s a bit earlier than usual.

The middle aged lab bench jockey trips and stumbles over his own words with all the grace of a paraplegic attempting to figure skate.

“S-sir….oh god how….there’s no way. We weren’t even aiming for that area! Oh god oh god….”

“REPORT! Or do I have to look it up myself?” I bellow in anger. I don’t like this situation. Something isn’t right. This isn’t some fairy we snagged. Not this time.

“Confirming , sir! Based on size and color it appears to be….”

[ ] Yuuka Kazami
[ ] Hina Kagiyama
[ ] Shikieiki Yamaxanadu
[ ] Sanae Kochiya
[ ] Mima
[ ] Wriggle Nightbug

No. 31152
File 129567879477.jpg - (89.73KB , 850x327 , green girls.jpg ) [iqdb]
Author’s note:

Hello faithful THP readers. It’s that old bastard who should be updating RoTS or L4G. It’s been a while, and I’ve been dealing with a lot in my life so please forgive me. Think of this story as shaking off the cobwebs. It will be relatively short anyways. So have fun!
No. 31153
[x] Wriggle Nightbug

Though anyone other than Sanae would be fine too.
No. 31154
[x] Shikieiki Yamaxanadu
No. 31155
File 129567945926.jpg - (177.88KB , 500x706 , True Beauty.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Wriggle Nightbug

My craving for love can be satisfied only by the lovebug.
No. 31157
[x] Shikieiki Yamaxanadu
No. 31158
[x] Mima
No. 31161
[x] Shikieiki Yamaxanadu
No. 31162
[x] Daiyousei

Fuck your choice of green girls, a greater fairy is fine too.
No. 31166
[X] Wriggle Nightbug
No. 31168
[x] Shikieiki Yamaxanadu

Accidently teleported the Judge of the Dead into you're hyper-bolic-teleporting whoza-whats-it chamber? No problem.
No. 31169
[x] Hina Kagiyama

No. 31170
[x] Wriggle Nightbug

I love all of them, but Wriggle doesn't get enough play.
No. 31173
I'm getting the impression that things are going to go sour quick if you guys are picking your favorites. Just judging from the tone...

Eh, this might be a happy fun place for Touhous. I shouldn't be so quick to assume.
No. 31175
[x] Shikieiki Yamaxanadu
No. 31176
[X] Yukari Yakumo

...what? She wanted to try green hair today.
No. 31180
[x] Shikieiki Yamaxanadu

I was sorely tempted to vote for Yuuka, because I love her, but she has no chance of winning. Isn't it sad?
No. 31182
File 129570278043.png - (149.00KB , 350x302 , yukkuri30956.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Shikieiki Yamaxanadu

this should be fun
No. 31186
[x] Shikieiki Yamaxanadu

Now why would the judge be here of all places?


No. 31187
[X] Mima

I can feel in my bones ;_;
No. 31189
[x] Mima
No. 31190
File 129571828070.png - (30.12KB , 600x600 , 60400dbda4fb7aa681dc8e4cdd5c975367261f08.png ) [iqdb]
Oh wow, you guys are going to make me work for it. This should be interesting.

Shikieiki Yamaxanadu it is then. Sorry Wriggle, better luck next time.
No. 31195
>Sorry Wriggle, better luck next time.

Story of her life here, then again the Yama has some hard luck here as well.
No. 31196
File 12957408909.jpg - (893.16KB , 1800x1800 , rejection8064509.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh boy. This is gonna be excellent.
No. 31200
Can't wait. Finally, It's Yama-time!
No. 31201
>Chapter 1: Green with envy
And Parsee isn't even an option? How dare you.
No. 31206
Im jealous. Those that get options make me jealous.
No. 31226
Did the Yama kill you?
No. 31227
The good doctor is known for slack update times. Please wait warmly until the next bit is ready.
No. 31233
That's an understatement. I think I'll try small updates for this and see how it goes.
No. 31234
File 129599639060.jpg - (79.76KB , 384x512 , handprint.jpg ) [iqdb]
“It’s an enma, sir! Oh god it’s an enma. We weren’t even targeting Jikogu or Higan how did we…” Klein continues to ramble on in a panic, but my own thoughts drown out his voice.

There is only one enma mentioned in momento we obtained: Shikieiki, the Yama of Xanadu. The Supreme Judge of Hell herself. My mind races to remember everything that was reported on her. Extremely powerful, normally low threat to humans. Famous for her lecturing of everyone. Something about a lazy assistant.


The sound yanks me back from my thoughts in time to see her hand sliding down against the cold glass. She’s awake? That’s impossible! She should be out like a light for another hour!

“Klein, gas the tube!”

Yet nothing happens.

“KLEIN!” I yell again

“Oh god oh god oh god,” the scientist whispers over and over in a hypnotic mantra as he rocks back in forth in front of the control panel. The body on the screen before him continues to stir and weakly sits up.

Damn it all, Klein. This is not the time for you to lose it! In desperation I dash across the walkway and into the cramped control room. Klein doesn’t break his trance until he hits the floor in a heavy thud after I shove him from the console chair and take it for my own. The control panel flickers chaotically with yellow lights fast enough to take down any photosensitive epileptic. It’s an annoying distraction, but I still manage to find the sealed ‘Emergency 3’ button and mash it down.

Inside the clear cylinder a mild hum and obnoxious hiss confirms that the inhalation anesthetics are indeed being pumped into the chamber. The mixture of specially altered Flouthane with enough potency to knock out even a berserk youkai floods the air around the strange creature. Nervously I watch the screen expecting the girl to slump back down to the floor.

Of course she doesn’t.

Oh hell…

[ ] Increase gas concentration
[ ] Try to talk to her
[ ] Open tube, restrain by force
[ ] ‘Purge’ the chamber
No. 31235
[x] Increase gas concentration

I'm not sure which option is stupidest, but this seems like the most ineffective.
No. 31239
[x] Increase gas concentration
It's a little too late to try and negotiate, and bodily restraining the Yama? Hahahaha.
No. 31242
[X] Increase gas concentration.
[X] After this is over, fire Klein and make sure he's never hired again.

It's so hard to find good help these days.
No. 31244
[x] Try to talk to her

I think there's still a chance for negotiation; this is not Yuuka we're talking about here but the Yama. Better to try this first then something else. That and there's a chance the gas won't affect the yama as she isn't exactly a normal creature and it was not in their plans.
No. 31249
>[ ] Increase gas concentration

No effect. Overpressurization of the tube might lead to rupture.

>[ ] Open tube, restrain by force

The inahalational anesthetic floods out of the open chamber and knocks out whoever attempts to restrain her.

>[ ] ‘Purge’ the chamber

With fire.

>[ ] Try to talk to her

She's likely totally unafraid of you and unphased by your attempt to trap and gas her. This could work.

[x] Try to talk to her

She's going to demand what we're doing and to what end. It's a nice opportunity for exposition.
No. 31250
>[x] Try to talk to her
No. 31252
[x] Try to talk to her
No. 31253
[x] Try to talk to her
No. 31254
File 129601482641.jpg - (226.98KB , 698x514 , it_was_old_man_kleiner_all_along.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>It's so hard to find good help these days.
You have no idea.

Alright Shiki-baby, lets talk this over.
No. 31255

No. 31256
File 129601887566.png - (100.02KB , 450x338 , not_actually_a_portal_gun.png ) [iqdb]
“Oh hell the gas isn’t working. Klein I thought you said this was supposed to incapacitate any nasty we pulled in!”

“Sir, it does! It’s very potent on humans, fairies, and youkai alike,” Dr. Klein pleads as he picks himself up from the hard steel floor. “But she’s a yama, sir! She’s an immortal!”

“Too immortal for this?” My finger hovers over the ’kill-it-kill-it-now thermal decontamination activator.’

Klein goes pale. “Ah! Please don’t sir! It would only enrage her!”

Well that’s just great. With I sigh I reach into a side panel and pull out the trusty contingency case. The strange gun is inside just like I left it, gleaming porcelain white under the fluorescent lights. Just like in training, I quickly run the leads from the device to my chest and back down to the hip holster. A strange heaviness grips my heart like a sense of dread or guilt, but quickly fades once the connection is fully established. Flicking off the safety, a swarm of LEDs light up in an array of colors before turning into a uniform pulsating orange. Orange eh? Heh, I guess I’m more nervous than I thought.


“Turn off the gas, Klein. If we have a problem I don’t want to breathe any of it. Link my headset mic to the speaker in there too.” I hook two fully charged nullifying cartridges onto my belt and head out the door. “I’m going to have a little talk with our new house guest.”

After weaving my way past the countless pipes, capacitors, and data terminals I finally reach the center of the room. The green haired woman stands in the teleportation unit with an indignant look on her face. Her skin is a bit pale, but it certainly wouldn’t say it’s inhuman. It doesn’t make her any less of a monster though. Yet, the way she twists her lithe naked body and covers her breasts and nethers with her arms…and those angry eyes... well I can’t say I dislike feisty women. I’m sure I’ve seen a pin-up model with that pose before.

“Who are you?” She shouts with a voice accustomed to carrying authority. Well she’s obviously lucid enough to confirm that gas had no effect.

“Calm down, Ma’am. Everything is all right. My name is…”

[ ] Choose a name

[ ] Tell a truth: This is a military installation and she will be staying for a bit.
[ ] Tell a half truth: She is here for her protection.
[ ] Tell a lie: You are here to help Gensokyo.
[ ] Tell a ridiculous lie: (write-in)
No. 31257
[X] Professor Mauser
[X] Tell a half truth: She is here for her protection.

Lies by omission are the most successful.
No. 31258
[x] Doctor Gordon Brown
[x] Tell a truth: This is a military installation and she will be staying for a bit.
-[x] Also that her arrival was unplanned.

Last thing we need is for her to get a wrong idea and tell St Peter (or whoever the Yama is for our area) the bad news.
No. 31259
[x] Tell a ridiculous lie: "We meant to transport your clothing as well..."
[x] Tell a half truth: She is here for her protection.
No. 31260
[x] Doctor Gordon Brown
[x] Tell a truth: This is a military installation and she will be staying for a bit.
-[x] Also that her arrival was unplanned.

She'll probably know we're lying.
No. 31262
[x] Doctor Gordon Brown
[x] Tell a truth: This is a military installation and she will be staying for a bit.
-[x] Also that her arrival was unplanned.
No. 31263
[x] Doctor Gordon Brown
[x] Tell a truth: This is a military installation and she will be staying for a bit.
-[x] Also that her arrival was unplanned.
No. 31264
[x] Doctor Gordon Brown
[x] Tell a truth: This is a military installation and she will be staying for a bit.
-[x] Also that her arrival was unplanned.
No. 31271
[x] Doctor Gordon Brown
[x] Tell a truth: This is a military installation and she will be staying for a bit.
-[x] Also that her arrival was unplanned.
No. 31273
[X] Professor Mauser
[x] Tell the truth.
No. 31277
[x] Doctor Gordon Brown
[x] Tell a truth: This is a military installation [S-4 Laboratories, Area-51, MJ-6 PLUTO subproject GATE, with special collaboration of MJ-8 DANCER in xenobiology.] and she will be staying for a bit.
-[x] Also that her arrival was unplanned.

Only one [fictional] government agency has the technology to pull off something like this.
No. 31278
[x] Doctor Gordon Brown
[x] Tell a truth: This is a military installation and she will be staying for a bit.
-[x] Also that her arrival was unplanned.

Let's just hope she doesn't lose her composure and go apeshit on us.
No. 31281
[X] Professor Mauser
[x] Tell the truth.
No. 31283
File 129608527696.jpg - (35.80KB , 420x600 , Gordon Brown will SCIENCE the shit out of you.jpg ) [iqdb]
Lie to a Yama? What could go wrong?

Huh, lots of love for the former Prime Minister in this thread I see.
No. 31302

You better be joking about doing a lie write-in when it's nearly unanimous not to.

Also, when's the next update?
No. 31303
You guys sure are hell-bent on making sure this facility dedicated to screwing over Gensokyo in some unexplained way remains intact.
No. 31304
Not really as ideally we wouldn't have taken in anyone important and if it was Yuuka, it would have been "God Help us all"
No. 31309
No, it would have been "God help us all. Call in the EXCALIBUR anti-matter missiles and the ZEUS X-ray cannon."
No. 31317

Screw X-Ray, go for the ODIN Gamma-Ray Particle Beam.
No. 31339
File 129619373970.jpg - (155.38KB , 475x529 , 1221147846551.jpg ) [iqdb]
What caused all this worry of Yuuka to spout? Its not like I planted any ideas that dealing with any sort of high level or EX boss would be dangerous. I wouldn't want to "petal" out rumors like that.

Another short update incoming.
No. 31340
File 129619481061.jpg - (174.81KB , 572x800 , 1290291022452.jpg ) [iqdb]
“My name is Doctor Gordon Freemmett Brown and I am the Chief Science Officer of this military facility. Now-“

“What am I d-“ she begins, trampling over my sentence. I cut her off to return the kindness.

“Now it’s MY turn for a question, ma’am. Are you-“ but she cuts me off. Again

Her eyes have gone wide in surprise, obviously unaccustomed to being on the receiving end of this sort of exchange. “You dare interrupt me? Do you even realize who I am?!” Her voice turns slightly shrill with resentment. Quite a pompous creature she is.

I keep my tone cool and strong. “You are Shikieiki Yamaxanadu, High Judge of the Dead of the land known as Gensokyo are you not?”

“Yes….yes I am.” She pauses for a moment, as if trying to comprehend why a mere human is treating her this way instead of bowing down and groveling for forgiveness. “What am I doing here?”

Ah, now we get to it. Well seeing as she is a yama I guess it would somehow be bad karma to lie to her; I might as well tell her the truth. It’s not like an unarmed naked woman is any threat to me. Hopefully anyways.

“Well Ms. Yama, you were transported here in an experiment we are performing. I would like to make it clear that you were not the target, and your arrival is somewhat of an accident. As for returning you, well I’m really not certain when that can happen. I suppose that depends on how well you cooperate with us.”

“Are you…saying that I am a prisoner here?” Her words take on a suspiciously dark edge as she narrows her eyes.

“You are an unexpected guest to our most humble lab, ma’am. I’m sure we can answer most of your questions in time, but for now how about we continue this in a more comfortable location. Perhaps one with clothes?”

She face reddens a bit more. I’d like it to be from embarrassment, but in all likelihood she’s just mad I’m getting a show I didn’t even have to pay for. Ha!

“Yes, I would appreciate some clothes Mr. Brown. And I do hope you do not plan to lie to me at any point, for we Yama are very accustomed to ripping out the tongues of the deceitful.”

Oh boy, we are hitting it off so well!

“But of course,” I jeer with a smile a defiant click of my tongue. “Klein, prepare to raise the tube and let out our guest.”

“Y-yes sir,” a shaky voice calls out from the speaker system.

“Oh one more thing, ma’am. Its Doctor Brown and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t try anything foolish. I understand you were rather high ranking where you’re from, but around here…” I pause to dramatically pat the weapon at my side. “Around here I am the law.”

A siren begins to wail from above as yellow warning lights flash. The containment cylinder unseals itself from the floor in a loud *KSSSSSSH* and a faint mist seems to roll out from the bottom as the cool air meets the superconductor heated room.

Well then, time to give her service with a smile.

[ ] Offer her your jacket
[ ] Make her walk naked
[ ] Have Klein get a jacket


[ ] Keep gun in holster
[ ] Keep gun in hand by hip, pointed down
[ ] Keep gun leveled at her
No. 31341
[x] Make her walk naked and
[x] Keep gun in holster

Unsheathing our gun is incredibly blatant, not to mention rude, whereas if we keep her naked, we will subtly be reinforcing the power dynamic here. We don't need a gun to show her that we are the boss. I just want to keep her naked.
No. 31342
[x] Offer her your jacket for the moment
[x] Keep gun in holster

I think we should continue along a benign road as much as possible.
No. 31343
[x] Have Klein give her his jacket
[x] Keep gun in hand by hip, pointed down

Fuck you, Klein. I'm certain that this is somehow all your fault.
No. 31344
[x] Offer her your jacket for the moment
[x] Keep gun in holster

I don't trust Klein to not fuck this up somehow.
No. 31345
[x] Make her walk naked
[x] Keep gun in holster

As >>31341 said, pulling out our gun would be unnecessary and rude. About not giving her the jacket, we need to reinforce that we will not be taking any shit, from anyone, around here.
No. 31346
[x] Have Klein give her his jacket
[x] Keep gun in holster
No. 31347
I don't understand this logic. Let's not be rude by having our gun ready, but let's be an asshole by forcing her to walk naked?

If you really want to keep her naked, the best way to go about it is probably discreetly unholstering the gun while her attention is focused elsewhere. And it will be focused elsewhere. Because she's naked.
No. 31348
Different anon here.

Our gun should not be removed from our holster.

However we also should not offer her our jacket as we need to show her who is in control here.
We should order Klein to give her his jacket.
No. 31349
[x] Offer her your jacket for the moment
[x] Keep gun in holster
-[x] Contact Agent ADAM, aka MJ-1 director Gavin Ross, Delta Green commander.
-[x] Ask for a security team specialized in high level EBEs to guarantee her safety while her return to Gensokyo is arranged.

We're gonna play this Delta Green: New Millennium style. Giving her the jacket will allow her to see our holstered gun and allow her to understand that we have dangerous things in the lab.Watch those containment cells. We cannot know how the EBE specimens not related to Gensokyo will react to Shikieiki. Especially as she's naked. Don't go near the Deep Ones' holding cells.
No. 31350
Good luck moving around a bright orange glowing gun without anyone noticing.
No. 31351
Addendum : [x] Comment that "if getting my tongue ripped out was the worst thing that could happen to me around here, I'd be lucky."

Pointedly ignore the active Mi-Go brainbox in the top right specimen shelve labelled "Abner Ringwood" as you do so.
No. 31352
[x] Offer her your jacket
[x] Keep gun in holster
No. 31354
>Not taking any shit

It's that attitude that'll lead us into trouble. Either soon or after death. We don't want her reserving the spot in hell where there's nothing but tofu food, Bee Gees music 24/7 and huge guys named bubba who think you're pretty.
No. 31355
[X] Have Klein get a jacket
[x] Keep gun in holster
We don't have to be a total jerk.
No. 31358
[x] Offer her your jacket for the moment.
-[X] then have Klein get her a jacket.
[x] Keep gun in holster.

Temporary fix followed by a more permanent solution.
No. 31367
I don't think that'd count as a permament solution; doesn't have pants or anything else, and I doubt she's in much of a mood for any compliments of her body no matter of nice and leggy it is.
No. 31380
[x] Offer her your jacket
[x] Keep gun in holster
No. 31381
File 129626142342.jpg - (39.18KB , 500x283 , a horrible reference.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well aren't you all just the most sporting of gentlemen scientists.
No. 31387
Just because we work for a sorta-amoral government agency/conspiracy (since the 2004 take over and restructuration of Majestic by Delta Green, the lines between agency and conspiracy are even more blurry. Delta Green's officially sanctioned again though), it doesn't mean our mothers raised barbarians!
No. 31392
[ ] Have Klein get a jacket
[ ] Keep gun in holster

Klein should make himself useful.

We already impressed our threats and claims of authority; there's no reason to go waving our pistol around.
No. 31393
File 129627537660.jpg - (131.79KB , 648x906 , shiki angry2.jpg ) [iqdb]
The clear containment tube rise to the top of the tall domed ceiling of the lab, yet its bottom still hangs easily over four meters from the floor. The mist continues to drift lazily down the short ramp from the extraction node where she stands, yet it creates the strangest unreal or unworldly atmosphere. Maybe it’s the way she is covering herself, but for a moment I’m reminding of Botticelli’s “Venus Rising.” I mean if Venus had short green hair…and was in a secret lab. Maybe it’s just been a long day.

The creature that calls itself Shikeiki does not move from the circle of light at the center of the chamber. To be honest I half expected her to bolt immediately after she was free, even if there is no easy way out. I’d be up for a chase, but it looks like that’s not on the menu. She just keeps standing there, staring at me. Hell she hadt even shivered once despite that coolant used being colder than a witch’s tit. I wonder if Yama are immune to the elements. Too bad, the new arrivals always look sort of cute and helpless when they are like that.

“Well, if you’ll come this way Ms. Yama,” I offer and wave my arm like a dining host guiding guests to a table.

Despite her scowling, an eyebrow seems to rise just ever so slightly. “Oh, you are not planning on handcuffing me?”

Well there’s a time and a place for that, lady. I’ll keep it in mind though.

“I’ll behave if you do,” I taunt back with a smile. It doesn’t seem to amuse her.

“If you expect me to go anywhere while completely and unflatteringly nude then you are either an fool or a sadistic pervert. It’s been long taught and is quite clear that the path to nirvana is rooted in the maintaining of decency to the self and others, and when a person tries to…”

Quickly remembering the report explicitly mentioning that her favorite pastime is to lecture the souls of the damned, I decide to save myself a headache by unclipping the security pass from my lab coat and tossing it to her.

“Oh my, how thoughtful of you,” Shikieiki mocks as turns her back to me and wraps the cloth around herself. It’s just a lab coat, but it ends up looking more like a bath robe on her as I am the taller species. However while admiring this I nearly miss her blue eyes quickly darting to my now very exposed hip and gun.

“We aim to please. How, if you’ll just follow this pathway here nice and slow like, I’ll direct you to where we can talk.”

The green haired beauty steps leisurely down from the platform and begins to follow the purple guide line painted along the flooring but stops just as she is about to pass me. Her cold angry eyes bore into me as if she suddenly decided to rip out my soul and lay it on a table to examine. My body tenses up for a moment, but my right hand manages to instinctively slide back to the handle of my only means of defense, which at this moment is pointed at the ground and not at the threat. Oh hell, I knew it would end up like this. The tiny angry woman raises her hand and…brushes off some lint form the coat with a sigh.

“I was wondering if you were either very brave or very stupid, Doctor Brown. It seems I have my answer. But seeing as you have shown me a small token of kindness despite your obviously rude behavior, I will comply with your requests. But do not think for even a moment that I am at your mercy, mortal.” The last word is dark enough to be spoken by death itself. She begins to walk forward again, adding “and you will be referring to me as Lady Shikieiki from now on.”

It takes a few more seconds before I can start breathing again. Oh god, the files weren’t exaggerating about her. This woman, this god thing….is dangerous. She might not be strong like a youkai but there is something about her that….*shudder*

“Doctor Brown, sir? Umm, what are you planning on doing with her?” A meek voice whispers from my hidden earpiece. Good, at least Klein still has enough wits to be discrete when it matters.

Excellent question, Klein. What am I doing to do with this woman?

[ ] Take her to the guest quarters
[ ] Lock her in Containment Block A
[ ] Make a visit to the Energy Extraction and Conversion chamber
No. 31394
[x] Take her to the guest quarters

And right off the bat we have already lost our authority. Stellar job as usual, chaps.
No. 31395
[x] Make a visit to the Energy Extraction and Conversion chamber

There's no way this is going to win.
We lost our authority the moment we picked Shiki. If you guys wanted to bully someone, you should have voted for Wriggle.
No. 31396
[x] Take her to the guest quarters. Remember to say hi to the Yithian currently inhabiting Steve from accounting and see if he's done compiling the research notes for the past month. For a time-travelling alien [spirit/mind], he's a really good analyst.
but first
[x] make a visit to the Energy Extraction and Conversion chamber to consult with Bob, the Elder Thing scientist currently helping out in the facility.
And don't forget that
[x] to get to the guest quarters, you have to pass by [Alien] Containment Block A. Remember to say hi to the security team guarding the Cell Block and check if there's been no incident.

We really should consult with Bob. When in doubt, consult with the Progenitors of all (current) life on Earth who stalemated the Great Old Ones. That he's a really great guy to be around (despite being a starfish-faced, pentagonal bodied plant-animal thing) is just icing on the cake.
No. 31397
[x] Take her to the guest quarters

Better than going to hell, though I could have done things without the rudeness shown, but oh well.

And why are certain people trying to turn this into a cross over with something? sometimes a teleport lab story is just that.
No. 31398


[x] Make a visit to the Energy Extraction and Conversion chamber

This guy probably doesn't deal well with people who usurp his authority.
No. 31399
[x] Make a visit to the Energy Extraction and Conversion chamber.

This. Energy sounds important enough to vote for; maybe we'll neutralize or at least reduce her combat capability.
No. 31403
>why are certain people trying to turn this into a cross over with something?
Cause they are retards.
No. 31404
god damn you English language and my inability to master you.
No. 31406
[X] Make a visit to the Energy Extraction and Conversion chamber.

Mortality has its perks you know.

And why do I sort of get the feeling that this is the SCP Foundation?
No. 31408
[x] Make a visit to the Energy Extraction and Conversion chamber.
No. 31410
[x] Take her to the guest quarters
No. 31412
[x] Take her to the guest quarters
No. 31413
Taking her to the camber A) suggests a lack of trust and B) would really mess up Gensokyo.
No. 31414
If we are in the SPC Foundation, we'd best pray to God Almighty (SPC-343, in case you're wondering) that Shikieiki doesn't hear about SPC-231 and Procedure 110-Montauk.
No. 31416
[X] Take her to the guest quarters
No. 31417
[ ] Make a visit to the Energy Extraction and Conversion chamber
No. 31419
I doubt it though it's people thinking such things that are messing up this story.
No. 31420
[x] Take her to the guest quarters

What the hell is the Energy Extraction and Conversion chamber? Is that supposed to drain her powers or something?

Get a goddamn sense of humor, Wiseman.
No. 31430
[x] Take her to the guest quarters
No. 31443
Repeatedly making idiotic references that few understand does not equal humor.
No. 31450
It's a rape chamber.
No. 31452
This facility is a giant gun powered by the negative energy gathered from raped Touhous.
No. 31461
Yup. We're in the SCP Foundation alright.
No. 31463
[x] Make a visit to the Energy Extraction and Conversion chamber
No. 31469
[X] Take her to the guest quarters
No. 31476
[X] Take her to the guest quarters

Taking her to the chamber sounds like it might potentionally piss her off, so let's not do that.
No. 31491
[X] Take her to the guest quarters.

You all gave up any chance at being on top in this power dynamic the moment you picked Eiki. There's a reason that even Yukari doesn't screw with her. Mind your manners.
No. 31492

Yukari doesn't screw with her because she isn't part of Gensokyo
No. 31496
Technically she is as she's the Yama for the land. And in a little story on a ZUN-made CD, Reimu, Yukari and Yuyuko are talking. Yukari senses Shikieiki coming and tells the others to leave as not even all of them combined could seriously take her on. And this is a woman that trolled the moon sisters without breaking a sweat.
No. 31501

That doesn't mean that Yukari can't troll Shikieiki of course. She is the Youkai Who Trolls In The Gaps And Boundaries afterall.
No. 31502
She can. She just doesn't want to risk the consequences.
No. 31503
File 129653635148.jpg - (75.60KB , 1280x1024 , 1200377081564.jpg ) [iqdb]
Key phrase of all this debate seems to be "in Gensokyo." But we're not in Gensokyo now, are we? What could go wrong?

Looks like Guest Quarters won, but Plot Chamber was very close so I will keep that in mind. Sorry no ETA on update.
No. 31531

No. 31532
>a little story on a ZUN-made CD
link? is this translated on touhouwiki?
No. 31533

I hate you. I'm definitely not doing this because I like you.
No. 31680
No. 31700
File 129714080389.jpg - (28.45KB , 421x427 , DRballsofSTEEL.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry about the delay. Believe or not I've actually been working on the Touhou VN. I know, fucking crazy. Don't ask.

Will try to get you an update tomorrow.
No. 31798

No. 31945
No. 32257
Where is that doctor picture?
No. 32393
Wow, has it really been a month?

I apologize. I should have been updating, but I didn't. Instead I've been working on the VN nearly every night, and between that and my new workout/diet regime I've been pretty exhausted.

Lets try to get this back on track...
No. 32394
File 129930241947.jpg - (206.29KB , 3264x2448 , hallway.jpg ) [iqdb]
She is dangerous. She is very dangerous. She scares me…

The short green haired woman continues to walk confidently in front of me, as if this whole situation were fleeting and did not merit a worry at all.

…but what can she do? This is a secure facility! She is unarmed and at gun point. She doesn’t have super strength or a crazy ability which could help her escape. A yama is a lord of the dead! She doesn’t have any authority out here! She might as well just be some helpless woman! A tiny, weaponless, near naked helpless woman!

So why am I so god damn scared of her?

The heavy steel containment doors of the transport chamber slide open with an audible effort to reveal a long white hallway which has always reminded me too much of a hospital. It’s so well lit and impossibly clean. Well if there is one thing the government cares about more than results, its appearances. The yama appraises it with a strange look of satisfaction before mentioning the she’ll need to be directed where to go.

“Just follow the orange line on the wall and we’ll get where we’re going, ma’am.”

The yama stops immediately to cock her head to glare at me with green daggers which should not be provoked.

Lady Shiki, ma’am” I add quickly. It seems to please her enough to return to following the path to our destination.

”Sir, the spare quarters are that way. Are you sure we should be doing this? We don’t know what this yama is capable of.” Klein’s whispered pleads from behind can barely be hear over the echoed thump and squeak of our boots on the polished flooring . I nod my head slightly in reply. No need to verbalize my decision, its already in action. If we have a monster in our home, we might as well make it think it’s a guest.

The rest of the trip lasts an uneventful 3 minutes. The base may be large, but it’s not exactly huge. Really with its bee hive like setup, it would be strange not to reach somewhere on the same floor without 6 minutes at a casual walk. As the hallways seems to end out of nowhere, a series of doors appear on both sides.

“Ah, here we are, Lady Shiki.” In almost butler like fashion I open one the doors for her, showing a not unpleasant room roughly 5 by 7 meters in size with more luxuries than could ever be necessary for any military base. “Now if you’ll just-“



The green haired judge looks around with confusion and demands an explanation for the situation. Obviously this was not part of either of our plans.

[ ] “It’s nothing. Klein will take care of it.”
[ ] “It seems that I’m needed elsewhere. I’m sure Klein can keep you company until I’m back.”
[ ] “I’m afraid we will need to make a quick detour, Lady Shiki. I said you wanted to know what goes on here. Well you’re about to find out.”
No. 32396
[x] “It seems that I’m needed elsewhere. I’m sure Klein can keep you company until I’m back.”

>continues to walk confidently in front of me
>in front of me
Oh hell no. I still believe we can salvage our ruined authority. This is our facility, and we aren't going to let her mere presence determine our course and actions. She can sit and stew with our underling while we go take care of business. It's in a very heavy-handed manner, but she needs to learn that we are top dog here, or, at the very least, respect our station.
No. 32397
[x] “I’m afraid we will need to make a quick detour, Lady Shiki. I said you wanted to know what goes on here. Well you’re about to find out.”

Unlike some people I think things will go easily if we get her respect; a head of some lab is nothing before a judge of the dead. I'd imagine in ancient times that places like the lab would have gotten some divine wrath for what it's trying to do.
No. 32398
[X] “I’m afraid we will need to make a quick detour, Lady Shiki. I said you wanted to know what goes on here. Well you’re about to find out.”
No. 32400
[x] “It seems that I’m needed elsewhere. I’m sure Klein can keep you company until I’m back.”

This is chance number two, Klein. Don't screw up this time.
No. 32401
> Why am I so god damn scared of her?
> A yama is a lord of the dead!
> Lord of the Dead!

We are having a subconscious reaction, because we know that what we have is a first impression here, and that whatever we do here she will remember, because once we finally die, oh look, guess who's there waiting on the other side! And she doesn't look too happy about seeing you!

That said, my vote:

[X] "I’m afraid we will need to make a quick detour, Lady Shiki. I said you wanted to know what goes on here. Well you’re about to find out."

And because you said so, please update quicker next time.
No. 32406
[x] “I’m afraid we will need to make a quick detour, Lady Shiki. I said you wanted to know what goes on here. Well you’re about to find out.”

Please let this be horrible enough for the Yama to wreck the place.
No. 32409
[x] “It seems that I’m needed elsewhere. I’m sure Klein can keep you company until I’m back.”

She won't like it, and will probably protest, but if this proximity alert isn't awe-inspiring to her, who has no knowledge of the outside world, and we take her with us, then it will just make us lose that much more standing in her eyes due to us having loud alarms for so simple an issue.

On the other hand, if she stays and it turns out to not be much of a problem, then we can exaggerate a little when she inevitably demands to know what the hell that was.
No. 32410
Shouldn't we be OK as long as we don't die in Gensokyo?

Unless the real world doesn't have an afterlife at all.
No. 32411
>And she doesn't look too happy about seeing you!

It's incredibly sad that you think Shiki would be so unprofessional. It doesn't matter how much she does or doesn't like us, she judges in black or white, and is always fair.

However, though it was an accident, she is currently staying in our facility, where we are the law. He even flat out said so. To make concessions for her based solely on the power she wields undermines our authority, and allows her to walk all over us.
No. 32412
[X] “It seems that I’m needed elsewhere. I’m sure Klein can keep you company until I’m back.”

This MC needs time away from Shiki to regain his composure.
No. 32413
[X] "I’m afraid we will need to make a quick detour, Lady Shiki. I said you wanted to know what goes on here. Well you’re about to find out."
No. 32414
Let her walk all over us. Appeasement is the best policy. We shouldn't risk any lives just to feed our desire to feel macho.
No. 32420
depends on area and religion. I'm sure she knows St Peter and other gate keepers. It's also stated that Higan/'hell' covers other areas of the world. If we treat her badly, it will be put on our record.

Do you think a mayor of some dinky little town would ever try to boss around the president/king of a country?
No. 32444
[X] "I’m afraid we will need to make a quick detour, Lady Shiki. I said you wanted to know what goes on here. Well you’re about to find out."
No. 32445
I'm all for taking her with us do to the fact that it doesn't seem worth the risk of leaving her in by herself or worse with Klein who by this point I'm having serious doubts that I would be willing to trust with a rock that I happened to pick up off the side of the road.
No. 32466
[x] “It seems that I’m needed elsewhere. I’m sure Klein can keep you company until I’m back.”

Why aren't there more stories with Eiki in them?
No. 32470
most /border/ stories are dominated by the Yakumos or Yuyuko/Youmu.