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I wanna update but I don't wanna update Nightmare or ACUTE so here's this

Restarting from the beginning. VTAiG rules. I don't care what you vote to do.
You wake up tired one monday after a long night of playing videogames. You find yourself feeling like something awesome is going to happen today. You are in a one-room apartment, cheap because you need money to fuel your nerdy habits.

On the north wall of the room, there is a computer desk with a computer on it. West wall you have a closet with your random junk in it. The south wall of your room has your bed. To the west is the exit.

After putting your pants and shirt on, you rifle through your pockets. Inside you have a 2GB flash drive, a small pocket knife, a Zippo lighter, and your wallet.


>> No. 30245
[X] Skip the intro
>> No. 30246
You decide to skip the intro.

You're suddenly in some large field that you don't recognize, and you've got no idea what the hell just happened.

Better hope someone has meta-knowledge.

>> No. 30247
[X] Go North-West
>> No. 30248
You decide for some reason to walk northwest. It's as good as any direction. Well, it's actually probably better than straight north, since if you walk straight north you'll walk into a lake. After checking your throat, you confirm you don't have any gills, so chances are that wouldn't turn out that great.

You begin walking. Eventually, you reach what looks like a forest. For all you know, though, it's really a subway tunnel and you're trippin.

Oh, and the lake's nearby, too.

>> No. 30249
[X] Explore in the forest
>> No. 30250
Hell, you've got nothing better to do. It's not like you know where the hell you are. It's forest exploring time.

After a bit of walking, it turns out that it's not as fun as it sounded. Not that you expected it to in the first place, though. There's just lots of trees, leaves, doll-sized floating little girls.

You're beginning to think that whatever you took, it's some good shit.

They mostly ignore you. Until they suddenly run away for some reason. Man, this forest sure is dark.

>> No. 30251
[X] Set a tree on fire
>> No. 30252
The obvious solution is to light a tree on fire. That should illuminate quite a distance.

You walk over to a tree and begin gathering some leaves to use to start the fire. You pull out your lighter, and...

Well, the leaves are too wet. Seems like it rained recently or something. All you succeed at doing is creating a bit of smoke.

It seems like it got a little brighter anyway.

>> No. 30253
[X] Wander
>> No. 30254
You decide to wander around for a bit. It starts to get darker again, for some reason.

A lot darker. You can't see shit now.

You hear the sound of a twig snapping nearby.

>> No. 30255
[X] Throw a rock
>> No. 30256
You decide to throw a rock. You bend down to pick it up, and then hurl it as hard as you can in the direction that you think the sound came from.

Something takes off running.

"Huh? What was that?" A childlike female voice in a completely different direction speaks.

>> No. 30257
[X] Throw another rock

Don't miss
>> No. 30258
Oh shit, it's a little girl. Better throw a rock at her!

So you do. And it hits.

"Owww!" She shrieks when the rock connects with...wherever it hit her. "Who's there!?"

You've already picked up your third rock.

>> No. 30259
[X] Aim for the head
>> No. 30260
You aim for the head. However, since you've got no clue where her head is, that means that the head you aim for is your own.


You wake up..some period of time later. You're still in the forest. Your head hurts.

Oh, and you can see now.

>> No. 30261
[X] Wander
>> No. 30262
You decide to wander again.

God, you're lost.

Even the village you come across seems lost.

>> No. 30263
[X] Explore the village
>> No. 30264
You decide to explore the village.

There's a lot of houses, and a lot of other miscellaneous buildings, but no people.

And now you're lost again. You have absolutely no idea how to get back out to the forest. You're in an area that seems like it could be considered a central square or something.

>> No. 30265
[X] Set fire to a house

Surely someone will notice
>> No. 30266
You attempt to set fire to a house, but your lighter runs out of fluid before you manage to do more than turn a bit of it black.

>> No. 30267
[x]Dissect that house.
>> No. 30268
You forgot your scalpel.

>> No. 30269
[x]Disassemble the house
>> No. 30271
[x] Knock on a door
>> No. 30273
You decide to knock on the door.

Knock, knock.

After a few minutes of waiting, you try again. Once again, no response.

So, you revert to plan B: disassembling the house.

You manage to tear out some of the rice-paper siding before a loud meow distracts you.

>> No. 30274
[X] Find the source of the distraction.
>> No. 30275
[X] Find the source of the distraction.
>> No. 30277
[X] "Here kitty kitty!"
>> No. 30280
You attempt to find the source of the distraction. You quickly see two tails sticking up from behind a large ornamental boulder. When you walk towards it, however, the cat runs away at top speed. There's no way you can catch it without cornering it.

Hey, wait. Did that cat have a split tail?

>> No. 30281
[x]Molest Orin.
>> No. 30283
[X] Give chase to the mutant-cat thingie.
>> No. 30288
[x] CAT