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2933 No. 2933
Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit.
You can't let her get to Mystia. However, both the spellcard and berserker pack are a waste, and the rest of your offensive choices are too... deadly.
So you settle on a physical attack.
Building as much momentum as you can in such a short distance, you throw yourself at this woman in a full-bodied tackle.

...And fly straight into the wall.
Shit, normal attacks don't affect ghosts! How could you forget something so basic?
The woman continues floating towards the bed as if she didn't even notice what you just did. You just tackled a fucking wall, though, you can't get up in time to stop her. She reaches the bed and begins bending over.

Wriggle starts towards her, but she's too slow. Bending down just as Wriggle plants the full force of a fist where her head is, she reaches under the bed and grabs something. You hear a squeal as Mystia gets pulled out from under the bed.

"Mystia-chan, why are you so cold to me?" the woman asks in a mock hurt voice. "I'm only trying to be your friend." Oddly, you don't sense any malice in her voice, and she sounds sincere. Regardless, Mystia squirms and tries to get free.
"Let me go~" she moans, you can hear distress in her voice.
"Stop struggling~" the woman voices. "I only want to play a bit, why are you being so cold to me? You almost seem as cold as that fairy friend of yours."
Mystia doesn't let off her squirming, however. She seems determined to break free.
"Come on, Mystia, I'm not going to bite~" She says in a pleading tone. "Unless you WANT me to, that is..." she says with a mischievous look in her eyes.

You only now notice it, but it seems that Wriggle had a similar thing happen to her as happened to you. She only now stands up and glares daggers at the woman.
"Let her go, NOW." she says in a more threatening tone than you've ever heard her use.
"No~ Thanks~" the woman coos at her, pulling Mystia into a tight embrace and biting her ear softly. Mystia doesn't appear to be able to move in this position.
"You're not going to ruin our fun, now, are you Wriggle-chan?" she directs at Wriggle with an accusitory tone.
Wriggle's familliar death glare assaults the woman with more force than you've ever seen it. If Wriggle wasn't serious when fighting you, she is now. She's prone to explode at any minute.

What do you do?

[ ] Spellcard.
[ ] Berserker pack.
[ ] Let Wriggle handle it.
[ ] Run into the hallway and yell for help from the fairy maids.

>> No. 2934
[ ] Let Wriggle handle it.
>> No. 2935
[X] Grab Mystia "Mine"
>> No. 2937
Told you guys a bluff would work better.
>> No. 2938
[x] Grab Mystia. Say "Get away from her, you BITCH!"
>> No. 2939
[X] Grab Mystia "No molesting the night sparrow!"
>> No. 2940
[X] Grab Mystia "No molesting the night sparrow!"
>> No. 2943
{X} Grab Mystia. "No molesting the night sparrow!"
>> No. 2944
[X] Grab Mystia "No molesting the night sparrow!"
>> No. 2945
[X] Grab Mystia "No molesting the night sparrow!"
[X] Molest the night sparrow.
>> No. 2950
[x] Grab Mystia. "No no no, you're doing it wrong."
[x] Show her what it truly means to molest a night sparrow.
>> No. 2956
[x] Berserker pack on Wriggle.
>> No. 2957
No, you can't let this person take Mystia that easily. You can't, it just won't do. You've got to stop her.
Swiftly you move over to their position and grab Mystia from the woman's arms. "No molesting the night sparrow!" you yell as she attempts to grab her back. "But it's fun to molest her~" the woman carefreely responds. By this time, Wriggle's moved over and grabbed Mystia from you and started moving towards the window.

They don't make it. Just before they get there, a swarm of danmaku butterflies smash into Wriggle, knocking her over. Wriggle slips up and releases Mystia for a second as this happens. Mystia attempts to fly out the window, But the woman grabs her by the ankle just before she makes it to safety.

"Why do you insist on running from me, Mystia-chan? I'm only here to have some fun with you."
"Let go of me, you glutton!" she yells, shedding her usual carefree voice.
"But why? Don't you like having fun?"
"Not with someone who is going to eat me!" Mystia cries, struggling harder to escape.
"YOUUUUMU! MYSTIA'S BEING MEAN TO ME!" the woman yells out. All movement stops in the room.

A few minutes pass, and nothing happens.
The woman laughs nervously. "Youmu, where are you?" she shouts out. No reply.
"Where is that girl? Well, I guess that means I'll just have to kidnap her by myself." Yuyuko firmly wraps her arms around the struggling Mystia and takes flight straight through the window.

Fuck, this woman's making off with your friend! You've got to do something!
Wriggle apparantly thought the same, because she grabs you by the wrist and flies out the window in persuit of the pair. You're useless at the moment, unless you find a way to attack. Your arm is free, you can freely reach all of the things in your pockets.

[ ] Try the strange pistol.
[ ] Try the silver pistol Remilia gave you.
[ ] Forbidden Sign "Blaze of Life"
[ ] Other (specify)
>> No. 2958
[X] Forbidden Sign "Blaze of Life"

Using the gun while being carried sounds like a horrible idea. Using this while outside sounds like the best idea.
>> No. 2959
[x] Try the silver pistol Remilia gave you.

This is probably the most likely to make Yuyuko drop like a sack of potatoes.
>> No. 2962

Shooting a pistol while being carried doesn't sound like a good idea. What if anon misses and hits Mystia?
>> No. 2963
[ ] Forbidden Sign "Blaze of Life"
>> No. 2971
Then we have a bountiful feast for tonight.
>> No. 2973
[+] Try the silver pistol Remilia gave you.
Silver pistol with silver bullets. This should work.

[+] Aim for her bum.
>> No. 2980
[x] Try the silver pistol Remilia gave you.
>> No. 2981
File 121539747474.jpg - (62.24KB , 584x436 , Reigo_13.jpg ) [iqdb]
>[+] Aim for her bum.
>> No. 2983
You haven't got time to declare a spellcard, you have to free Mystia NOW.
Pulling the .45 out of your pocket, as well as one of the silver bullets, you use some insane h4x to load the silver bullet into the magazine with one hand. You load the magazine into the pistol and chamber a round.
Pulling the gun up to aim it at the kidnapper, you concentrate on keeping good aim. It takes a while to aim the shot right, but you eventually find an aim that you feel to be good for aiming.

Just as you're about to pull the trigger, the gold engravings on the gun glow with blue light. This happens so quickly that you couldn't stop the gun as it fired if you tried.
The gun shoots the normal bullet with normal recoil, but seems to have attached a large danmaku bullet to it, as you see the massive blue contrail coming from the gun.
It hits directly, instantly forcing your target to let go of Mystia and fall out of the air.

Mystia gathers her senses and rights herself in the air after a minimal amount of falling, then starts floating in your direction. She thanks you gratefully, but Wriggle isn't quite as thrilled.

"What the hell did you think you were doing?" she screams in your ear. "You could have hit Mystia! That shot took down Yuyuko, what the hell do you think it would have done to Mystia if your aim were just a little bit off? I ought to just drop you here!" She seems realy pissed.
"It's fine, Wriggle~ He saved my life, that's all that matters~" Mystia sticks up for you. Wriggle doesn't loosen her anger, but she stops scolding you.
"Mystia! What if he hit you!? You'd be dead! What the hell are you thinking!?" she begins scolding Mystia.
"I'm fine~ Stop making a big deal over it~"
"...Fine, if you want to defend him go ahead." Wriggle sounds irritated.

Their bickering is interrupted by a silver haired girl dressed in green flying over towards your group and pointing a sword at you.

"You! What the hell did you do to Yuyuko-sama?" she asks in a disgruntled tone.
"Youmu~ Stop being so uptight." A familliar voice from below sounds. Yuyuko flies up between you and this Youmu.
"I'm fine~ Don't worry about it, Youmu. They beat me fair and square, it's time to make our retreat."
She starts to float off. Youmu reluctantly follows after her, after shooting a glare your way.

Wriggle and Mystia both begin floating back to the mansion. When you touch down back inside the guest room, Wriggle begins to scold you again.
"Seriously, what the hell! First you go and fire off an obviously dangerous weapon in Mystia's direction, then you almost get yourself killed by the results! Are you fucking stupid or something?" she lays into you with an irritated tone.
"Wriggle~ I told you not to worry about it~ We all came out of it unharmed, didn't we?" Wriggle doesn't change her expression.
"Besides, he was just trying to help me. It's not like you to yell at someone for saving my life." Mystia's carefree tone drops for the second time since you met her.
Wriggle loosens her expression.
"...Fine, I guess you're right. Just... Don't do anything stupid like that again. You hear?"
She gives you one last line of scolding before starting towards the door. Just before she gets there, Mystia flashes you a mischievous smile, then turns to Wriggle.

"You were worried about him, weren't you, Wriggle~"
Wriggle freezes, and stands there still for a second. "How could I be worried about an idiot like him?" she yells back, then slams the door behind her.

Mystia flashes you a mischievous smile before flying out the window you just came in.
You're once again left alone in the mansion.

[ ] Library. Book readan gaems.
[ ] Back garden.
[ ] Other (specify)
>> No. 2985
[X] Wonder why you are such an idiot.
[X] Back garden.
>> No. 2986
[+] Library. Book readan gaems.
More magic = better.
>> No. 2987
[ ] Back garden.
>> No. 2988
[ ] Library. Book readan gaems.
>> No. 2991
[x] Back garden.
>> No. 2993
{X} Back garden.
>> No. 3025
That was quite an interesting development. However, you find yourself wanting to go somewhere peaceful for now, enough shit has happened today. However, you don't want to enter the complete silence of the library without cause, so you decide to head out to the mansions back garden.

On the way there, you meet Onric.
"Hello." she states in her usual tone.
"Hello, Onric." you respond.
"Where were you going?" she asks.
"I was going to go take a walk through the back garden to wind down from everything that's happened to me today."
"I see. Do you mind if I come with you?"
"No, not at all."

After this, nothing particularly interesting happens along the way. You almost get knocked over by Flandre again, but she misses you and continues running without seeming to notice you. Isn't she supposed to be asleep right now?

In any case, you find yourself at the back garden. It's somewhat large, though the size of the mansion makes this unsurprising. Down the middle there's a large brick pathway, with trees every 4 meters or so along the side, with benches in the shade. There are many, many flowers of many different types growing in the flowerbeds. There are many trees spread seemingly randomly throughout the large grassy area of the garden. You momentarily ponder how the grass gets cut here, but drop the thought when you remember magic. Heh, people would pay big money for a magic machine that made it so they never had to mow their lawn in the outside world.

You start down the path in the middle of the garden, occasionally passing fairy maids carrying small versions of gardening tools in their hands. Eventually you come across a girl reading a book in one of the benches. She doesn't seem to notice you, even as you take a seat next to her and start reading over her shoulder. You can't make sense of the book she's reading, though, it's in some script you dont' recognize. Which means it's not Japanese, you'd be able to recognize Hiragana and Katakana just fine, even if you wouldn't know what sound each character means without looking at a reference sheet.
This girl seems oblivious to the world outside her book.

[ ] Talk to her.
[ ] Kidnap her.
[ ] Grab the book from her hands.
>> No. 3026
{X} Grab the book from her hands.
>> No. 3027
[X] Kidnap her.
>> No. 3028
[x] Breasts
>> No. 3030
[X] Talk to her.

The boring option.
>> No. 3035
[X] Breasts
>> No. 3036
[X] Talk to her.
>> No. 3037
[X] Talk to her
>> No. 3049
More Pixies references, because no one could decide her name in IRC and I was listening to them at the moment.
Upon closer inspection of the girl, she's wearing a blue dress and has short blonde hair. She appears to be around 8 years old, and two dolls are sitting next to her.
You resume a normal sitting position on the bench.
"Hello." you say nonchalantly. The girl startles.
"Er... H-hi." she responds in a shy voice. She looks quite shy.
"So, what's your name?" you ask, curious about who this person is to be sitting in the garden of a mansion full of vampires.
"I- it's Ana." she responds shyly.
"So what're you doing here at the Scarlet Devil Mansion? You couldn't be here as food for Remilia, could you?" you say jokingly. The girl stiffens.
"T-that's not going to happen!" she says in a worried tone. "Alice won't let her!" Oh jeez, this girl's easily frightened. You decide that teasing here, while maybe fun, would be a bit too mean.
"Well, I'm here as a guest of Remilia's." you state.
"I-I see..." she stares back at her book. You realize how odd it is for a girl this young to be able to read a book that you don't even know the script of. Unless this is the native script of Gensokyo. But beyond that, it looks to be quite a long book. The characters are written rather small, and the book is somewhat thick.
"You still haven't answered my question" you direct at her. She looks up.
"I asked you what brought you here."
"U..Uh, Alice came here, and I was following her, so..." she says while turning the book's page.
"So who's Alice?"
"Eh? You don't know Alice? She frequents the human village, and the library here..."
"I'm not exactly from around here." You don't know how she'd react to being told that you're not from Gensokyo, so you decide not to tell her.
"Oh, I see." she continues reading.
"Once again you've not answered my question." you direct at her, trying to say it in the least antagonizing tone as you can.
"E-eh? She loves dolls, and taught me magic. She's really smart and nice! She lets me follow her places." She seems to lose her shyness whenever you're on the subject of Alice. She must really like this Alice.
"So where is Alice?"
"She's in the library. She told me to wait for her out here."
"I see.

Well, even if she's been told to stay here, it couldn't take too long to go introduce her to everyone. You don't think she'd have been able to meet everyone if she stays in the back garden the whole time she's here.

[ ] Introduce her to everyone.
[ ] Kidnap her.
[ ] Challenge Onric to a fight.
>> No. 3050
[ ] Introduce her to everyone.

Oh Lawd, is dat sum PC-98?
>> No. 3051
[X] Kidnap her.
>> No. 3052
>> No. 3056

Curses! Defeated again!
>> No. 3060
[ ] Introduce her to everyone.
>> No. 3103
[x] Introduce her to everyone.
>> No. 3104
[ ] Introduce her to everyone.
>> No. 3105
[x] Introduce her to everyone.

>> No. 3112
Status: 50%. The inflicted damage can only be healed at a hospital, even if it isn't anything serious.
Yeah, she should meet everyone. Especially the people who live in this house.
"Hey, lets go meet everyone."
"Ehhh? No! I want to stay here and wait for Alice!"
"Denied." Despite her protests, you pick her up off of the bench and sling her over your back. You turn towards the mansion, when you get hit in the face by a danmaku bullet.
"Onric, that's not nice." you direct to the fairy that is responsible.
"Neither is kidnapping people! I won't let you do it!"
Isn't she misunderstanding the situation? She must be, you're just showing this girl around the mansion. Well, you can probably play with this a bit, so...
"So you attacked me, Onric? What if I fight back?"
"I'll fight you to the best of my abilities. You can't use danmaku. You will lose."
You decide not to tell her about the spellcard, and especially decide not to use it. You saw how easily fairies could pop earlier, and you don't want to risk it.
"Alright, Onric. Let's fight a little, then." This could be fun, after all.
Onric nods and reaches into her pocket, pulling out a spellcard.
"Fairy Sign 'Forest Fire'!" she yells out, declaring the spellcard.
Oh fuck.
You get hit by the full force of the spellcard, and get knocked out.

You wake up some time later in your SDM bed. Onric is floating at the foot of the bed, and Patchouli is reading a book in a chair next to the bed.
"Hello." you state. "Hello." Onric responds. You can't detect any emotion in her voice.
"Onric, nice shot." You remember getting hit earlier.
"Thank you." she pauses. "I guess I went a little overboard with that spellcard, didn't I? That's actually the first time I've used it, so..." she says with an apologetic tone.
"It's okay, Onric."
"It's not! You've been knocked out for over an hour, and you're still not in good condition! While you're not going to die or anything from your injuries, they're not going to heal for a while." She seems to be very sorry that she used the spellcard.
"In any case, just rest for a while and heal your injuries." You can't really disagree to that.
"Alright. Onric, give this to Ana as an apology for earlier." You hand Onric a piece of candy. Even if you really weren't trying to kidnap her, trying to say you weren't doesn't seem like it would help you too much. So you'll just apologize like this.

You lay back down and drift into sleep. You dream about...

[ ] Continue last night's dream.
[ ] Absolutely nothing.
>> No. 3116
[X] Absolutely nothing.
>> No. 3126
>"I HAVE MY ORDERS. YOU MUST COMPLY." Despite her protests, you pick her up off of the bench and sling her over your back.
Yeah. That was dumber than /eientei/'s Shirou wasting half a fucking day chasing that blue light around.
>> No. 3132
[x] Continue last night's dream.
>> No. 3143
[+] Continue last night's dream.
>> No. 3165
[x] Continue last night's dream.
>> No. 3172
You awaken staring up at the same red skies you've been finding yourself under for so long now. Only it seems to have gotten a bit darker out. The blood color of the skies has dried, that's a good way to describe the color. You must have been asleep for a good couple hours. You're lucky and thankful that you didn't get ripped apart by something.
You sit up. The grass all around you is covered in blood, probably from the fight earlier. You're covered in blood too. Well, this place seems sealed off anyway. The only way out is a teleporter, and if it's taking you out of the facility it'd have to be the long-range kind that clean you off. Cleaning involves destroying your weapons, a thought you don't quite like. Well, at least there's usually a pistol laying around. Or maybe those don't get destroyed? You have no clue, you're not really a scientist. You were just positioned on the Mars base becuase you assaulted a commanding officer.

You pull yourself fully to your feet. You feel more rested than you have in days. That bit of sleep was definately needed, even if it was one of the most stupid things you could have done. You quickly look around the area for a way out, and find that a door has opened in the large building in the middle of the "arena." The thought of this being an arena gives you a bad taste in your mouth, it would mean that something built this for the express purpose of getting entertainment from murdering humans.
Well, you've seen things more unpleasant than that over the past few days anyway.
Dismissing these thoughts, you walk over to the door. Inside it's dark, but your eyes adapt quickly. They've been having to do this often lately, going from dark corridors where you can't see the hand in front of you to staring at bright light from explosions and fireballs during combat.
Inside the room, there is various equipment that look like computers. You never did like the thought that these demons were using your technology against you, but you never did give it much thought due to the constant combat scenario you've been in since your shuttle touched down on Phobos.
There's also a teleporter, glowing with a faint green light in the center of the room. The light is just right so that you can see it, but not use it to see other things. You ponder for some time whether it's for the best to step into the teleporter and lose your guns, but you've really not got any other direction to go. All around you you're locked in, so you might as well step into the teleporter and leave all of your accomplishments behind.

You step through the teleporter, and feel the familliar feeling of being torn apart at the atomic level. Lovely.

You wake up with bright light shining in your eyes. Opening up, you find yourself staring up at the afternoon sky, a nice blue color that soothes your mind.
...Wait, blue skies?
Sitting up, you find that you're in a field. It's a perfect, mild sunny day, and it feels like it's at the end of spring just before summer starts.
Blue skies! You haven't seen blue skies in ages! You've only had the black emptiness of space or the blood red skies of hell to look at for months. There's a nice breeze blowing on you, and this just adds to the effect. You haven't felt so comfortable in ages, since even before you entered boot camp to join the marines. It's been that long. First it was the sweltering desert, then cold of space, and then the inferno of hell. You've been stuck in extreme temperatures for so long you forgot what a nice breezy spring day felt like.

Looking around your person, you find your pistol laying to your side. Taking a closer look at it, it seems to be the same one you've had since phobos. Maybe the teleporter DOES preserve this particular piece of weaponry. While this gun isn't very useful against most of the demons you've fought until now, it's still gotten you out of plenty of jams. You place it back in your pocket where you've been keeping it since your holster broke.
The sound of it hitting something hard alerts you to there being something in your pocket that wasn't there before. You remove the pistol and shove your hand in your pocket, feeling a small round object. Pulling it out reveals that it's a small blue marble, and by the way light passes through it it could very well be a sapphire. You replace it in your pocket and put the pistol back. Looking out in front of you, there's a dirt path you can follow, so you do.

Eventually you happen upon a blonde-haired girl wearing a blue dress. She looks human.
...Thank god! A real live human! You honestly thought you'd never see one again.
But wait, it could be a cruel trick, played upon you by these evil, evil demons you've been fighting for such a long time. It's best to err on the side of caution in such a situation.
Still, you don't want to frighten her if she IS a real human, she might be your only guide back to civilization.

[ ] Open fire. You can't trust her.
[ ] Call out for help.
[ ] Talk to the girl. You don't want to frighten her.

Also, pick a name.
[ ] Player
[ ] John Stalvarn
[ ] Flynn Taggart
[ ] Other (specify)
>> No. 3173
[ ] Call for Tewi
[ ] John Stalvarn
>> No. 3180
[+] Talk to the girl. You don't want to frighten her.
[+] Player
>> No. 3183
[x] Talk to the girl. You don't want to frighten her.
[x] Flynn Taggart
>> No. 3188
[x] Talk to the girl. You don't want to frighten her.
[x] John Stalvarn

No, John, you are the demons.
>> No. 3198
[x] Talk to the girl. You don't want to frighten her.
[x] John Stalvarn
>> No. 3220
File 121558045985.jpg - (89.45KB , 650x888 , ef937d08c686538704d474c88b4f64ec.jpg ) [iqdb]
No, you can't do anything to frighten her. That would ruin it. This girl... She's the first thing that's not tried to kill you in a LONG time. You can't risk scaring her.
Stepping closer, you see two dolls... floating in the air beside her. Well, at least they're not going to bite you. You think. Otherwise, this girl looks pretty normal from your position. You don't see people wearing clothing like this much nowadays, but you could just be out in the middle of nowhere where people haven't changed with the times.
"Hello." you speak to her. She quickly turns on the spot to face you.
"Hello." she responds with no detectable emotion. "What do you want?"
Well, that reaction was kind of cold. But it's still much more warm than the reactions you've been getting for the past few days.
"Well, uh. It's a long story, but I need to get back to the closest civilization as quickly as possible."
"Oh, I see. The town's that way." she points, then turns and resumes walking in the direction you came from.
"Wait." you say to stop her.
"Yes?" she asks.
"You're the first person I've seen in quite a while."
"I see. Do you need anything else?"
"Well, I wanted to talk to someone for a bit."
"Ah. Hmm." she moves her hand up to look at a wristwatch on her wrist. "...Well, I suppose I've got enough time, if you don't take too long."
"I guess I'll tell you the story of how I got here then."
"As long as it doesn't take too long."
You tell her your story. She doesn't seem particularly interested, but you can't let the chance to talk to another person for the first time in sucha long time pass you up.
"That sounds like a good story, you should have it published." she comments when you finish. "Well, if you hold me up any longer, I'll be late. So I'm leaving."
She once again turns to walk down the path, and you once again stop her.
"Wait, I didn't get your name."
"It's rude to ask someone's name before giving your own. Well, I'll tell you anyway. I'm Alice Margatroid. Now, if you'll excuse me..."
She starts down the path again. You're out of excuses to stop her, so you let her go.

[ ] Continue down the path towards town.
[ ] Follow her.
[ ] Run off into the forest.
>> No. 3225
[X] Continue down the path towards town.
>> No. 3226
[ ] Continue down the path towards town.
>> No. 3236
[+] Continue down the path towards town.
How rude.
>> No. 3250
{X} Continue down the path towards town.
>> No. 3266
It would be rude, and a bit creepy, to follow this girl when she didn't seem to be too interested in you. And your goal was to get back to civilization as quick as possible, was it not?
You continue along the path. Once again you think about how much nicer this is than where you came from. The afternoon sun warms your body in a way you haven't been warmed in a long time, not too hot nor too cold. You occasionally hear rustling in the bushes, but pay no attention to it. That girl back there, she seemed pretty calm. Too calm for there to be a demonic invasion currently happening. There's the possibility you wondered about earlier, about her being a fake, but that doesn't make you any more on guard that you already were.
Occasionally out of the corner of your eye you think you see someone flying through the sky, but you don't trust it. You've not gotten real, proper sleep in ages now, and you might have just gone crazy from your time spent in hell. In any case, you pay no attention to this.
Eventually you make it into the town. On the outskirts, all you encounter is rural farming setups. But that's still a welcome sight, especially since the crops seem to be well taken care of.
You continue on into the village, and find that it doesn't seem to be very modern at all. Most of the buildings are made out of wood, and most of the roads aren't paved. The ones that are are paved in bricks, and don't seem to be made for automobiles to travel on. Not that you have one, but still.
Lots of shops line the streets, shops of all kinds. You don't doubt you'd be able to find whatever you may find yourself needing in these shops. Well, judging by how old this town looks, you might not find EVERYTHING you need, but still.
You continue your walk into the town, until you find yourself in the center. There is a dragon statue in the very middle of the large empty village square. Various merchants and performers have set up around here, and the square seems to be quite lively. You spot a purple-haired girl writing in a book on a bench. You also spot various girls wearing rather.. odd outfits. Well, at least there's human life. You need to talk to someone about getting a way back home, so you should probably choose someone to talk to.

[ ] Talk to the girl on the bench.
[ ] Talk to that weird girl wearing a witch costume.
[ ] Talk to the woman wearing some kind of box on her head.
[ ] Other (specify)
>> No. 3267
[x] Talk to that weird girl wearing a witch costume.

Talking to someone we've met recently while inside somebody else's body? This is going to get trippy.
>> No. 3269
[x] Talk to that weird girl wearing a witch costume.
>> No. 3303
{X} Talk to that weird girl wearing a witch costume.
>> No. 3307
Such an odd costume, to just be wearing it around like this... Either she's a really odd person, or she's going to a party somewhere. Either way, she caught your eye more than anyone else in this town.
As you get closer to her, you realize what she's doing- arguing with a store clerk.
"But I didn't do it -ze!" she yells at the person. Ze? Must be a speaking habit or something.
"Either pay for the merchandise or give it back, miss Kirisame." the store clerk looks annoyed, but cautions. You wonder what about this girl would make him cautious, she doesn't look to be over 17.
"I don't know what you're talking about -ze." she turns and begins walking away from the store clerk, right into you. Being that she's smaller than you, she falls over without you swaying.
"Gah! Watch where you're going -ze!" she say in a threatening tone, before picking herself up off of the ground and dusting herself off.
She seems to notice that you're still dressed in space marine armor.
"You're dressed funny -ze! I bet Kourin would pay you lots of money for those clothes -ze."
She looks you over.
"Wait, you're not from around here, are you?"
She continues looking you over, then nods to herself.
"You look to strange to be from Gensokyo -ze. I'm going to go show you to Reimu."

She grabs your hand, and before you can protest, she's slung you over a broom that seemingly came from nowhere and... Lifted off of the ground. This girl, she is flying on a broom. With you on the back of it.
Before you can much think of the implications of this, your body is hit with a massive adrenaline rush as you rocket through the air out of the town. Quickly gaining altitude, you look down at the ground to see how fast you're going. You immediately regret the decision, seeing as you're moving faster than you'd like to know you are. The adrenaline impairs your ability to think well, so you don't get to think much about what the hell is going on. It's too much of a rush. More than you've had in the entire time fighting demons in hell.

Eventually you land in what looks to be what you remember to be a shinto shrine. The witch girl climbs off of the broom and quickly rushes inside the sliding doors in the front of the shrine. You take a moment to take in your surroundings. To the north is a path leading down the hill from the shrine off into the forest. To all sides of you, the area is surrounded in forest.

[ ] Follow her.
[ ] Leave down the path leading up the hill to the shrine.
[ ] Run off into the forest, this witch girl is creeping you the fuck out.
>> No. 3308
[ ] Follow her.
>> No. 3310
[x] Follow her.

>> No. 3311
[+] Follow her.
>> No. 3332
Might as well follow her. She brought you here for a reason, right?
You walk forward and through the still open sliding door at the front of the "shrine." Inside you immediately find a small room with what you assume to be a table in the center, covered by a blanket. The witch girl, and also a girl wearing clothing that loosely resembles a shrine maiden's, are sitting at the table chatting about various things.
The girl wearing shrinemaiden clothing notices you.
"Who are you?" she asks unexcitedly.
"Oh! This is that guy I was going to show you -ze!" the witch girl responds for you.
"I found him in the human village, wandering around lost -ze. He doesn't seem to be from around here, right?"
You just nod.
"So, I figured he must be from the other side of the border -ze! So I brought him to you."
After a short moment of looking you over, the shrinemaiden responds.
"...I see. Well, there's not really anything I can do. There's something preventing things from going through the border the normal way." she then looks back at you with an annoyed expression. "YOU wouldn't have anything to do with that, would you?" she asks in an accusitory tone.
"I honestly have no clue what you're talking about." you respond, trying to sound as nonthreatening as you can. You don't want to have conflict with one of the first humans you've seen in such a long time.
"Oh really." she responds with that same accusitory tone. Standing up from under the table, she pulls a piece of paper out of her pocket and walks towards you.
Sticking the paper to your arm, she takes a moment to watch for a reaction.
"...Well, I guess you're not a youkai. Still, I'm going to keep my eyes on you." She returns to sitting at the table, and motions for you to do the same. You take up the seat directly across from Marisa.
The two girls resume talking about whatever they were talking about before you entered. They continue this for about an hour, before the witch girl remembers you. Eventually their conversation ends, and the witch girl decides to leave.
"Ah, I never got your name -ze. Mine's Marisa, what's yours?" She asks while standing up
"John? What a strange name -ze. Anyway, I could leave you here with Reimu, drop you off at the village, or take you to my place -ze. Which is it going to be?"

[ ] Stay here with Reimu.
[ ] Have her drop you off at the human village.
[ ] Stay with Marisa.
[ ] Shoot her in the leg under the table.
>> No. 3334
[x] Stay with Marisa.
Because this is the most likely one to result in hijinx.
>> No. 3341
[x] Stay with Marisa.
For reasons stated in >>3334
>> No. 3342
[ ] Shoot her in the leg under the table.
>> No. 3344
[X] Shoot her in the leg under the table.

What coukd possibly go wrong?
>> No. 3347
Are we now playing as the guy that shot us several times in those BAD ENDS from way back when? Awesome.

[x] Stay with Marisa.
>> No. 3348
Also, writing.
>> No. 3352
This girl offered you a place to say. You're not sure about finding one on your own in that village you left from, and you don't think that this shrinemaiden would very well like having you stay at her house. Marisa may be a little weird, but just a while ago (how long ago was it?) you were fighting a giant brain on mechanical spider legs. You can handle a bit of eccentricity.

"I guess I'll stay with you then, Marisa. I don't want to impose on this girl here, and I don't know my way around the town. And besides, I don't have any money to rent a room."
Upon the mention of money, and you not having any, Reimu appears to be slightly annoyed.
"Alright -ze! Lets get going!"

Before you can voice any protest, Marisa grabs your hand and pulls you outside and onto her broom. You briefly think about how strong this girl is to just pull a space marine who fought his way through hell around like that, but that thought ends when you once again shoot off like a rocket. It's a little less bad than last time, but you're going to have to get used to this sometime.
Eventually, after a bit of flying time, you calm down enough to be able to examine your surroundings. You find that you are flying over a large forest. You eventually stop and land in front of a solitary house in the middle of the forest. A brief thought comes to your mind warning you against staying alone with a witch in the middle of the forest, but you dismiss it. After all, you've encountered far worse things. And blew them away with your shotgun.

Oh boy, you're starting to miss having a shotgun. The stopping power, especially at close range, was perfect for the situations you were in. Though you're not so sure it would be effective in the vast open areas that you seem to be in lately.
Well, at least you have your pistol.

You decide to stop standing there looking like an idiot and head inside.
Inside the house, there is lots and lots of junk. You don't even know what most of it is. And judging by the amount of dust on some of it, you wouldn't put it past Marisa not knowing either.

"Welcome home -ze. Make yourself comfortable." she says before leaving the room. You find a spot at a table that managed to survive the tornado and take a seat.
Soon after, Marisa then re-enters the room and sits down opposite you.

"So, tell me your story -ze."
"How you got to Gensokyo." That's what this place is called? You've never heard of it before. Well, might as well tell her the story anyway.

You finish up your story, including the part where Alice blew you off.
"Hahahahahahaha!" she laughs. "Nice story -ze! You should get it published!" What the hell, why does no one believe your story?
...Why do you even have to ask yourself that? You barely believe it yourself.
"If you already know Alice, that'll make introductions easier -ze. In any case, I'm off to the library to check out some books. Don't make a mess!" she says as she leaves through the door. Mess? how could you make a mess in here? It's already a mess.

But you realize you've got nothing to do until Marisa comes back. You could look through all this junk and try to find something interesting, crack open one of the many, many books adding to the clutter around here, or just sit here bored for however long it takes for Marisa to return.

[ ] Look through the junk.
[ ] Read.
[ ] Wait.
[ ] Run off into the forest.
>> No. 3355
[x] Look through the junk.

Maybe Marisa has the Great Communicator.
It'll Communicate our desire to take their guns.
>> No. 3389
[x] Look through the junk.
Naturally, as the lead of an FPS, it's our responsibility to loot every little thing that's even remotely useful.
>> No. 3407
{X} Look through the junk.
>> No. 3408
[ ] Look through the junk.
>> No. 3409
[x] Look through the junk.

Because everything else but waiting might give us a bad end.
>> No. 3414
Well, you call it all junk, but maybe there's something interesting inside.
You begin digging through the stuff, being careful not to "leave a mess" as Marisa warned you not to. Ignoring Necronomicron-looking books (you've had enough zombie encounters), strange glowing crystals, and bottles of god knows what, eventually you find something that IS interesting.
A small clear box, made of what you assume to be glass. Inside is a familliar blue orb with a shocked face on it. You recognize it immediately as a soulsphere. But what's it doing here? The existance of it gives you the creeps. In any case, you set it aside somewhere where you can find it easily, but won't look out of place.
You continue looking through the pile of junk. Old swords, rolls of parchment, pocketwatches on chains. Once you get deep enough into the pile, things seem to have a little bit of order to them. Well, that's not surprising, usually messes go on top of things that are orderly. In any case, you don't find much else of interest.
Then you see it. It speaks out to you, telling you "this isn't supposed to be here." Laying on the very top of the pile is your good friend, the minirocketlauncher. But how did it get here? This is a brand new piece of equipment, just recently developed by the Union Aerospace Corporation during your stay on Mars. How did it get here, to this remote "Gensokyo" place? You can only wonder. You recognize specific scratches on it identifying it as the one you used to fight that brainspider. Since this IS yours, Marisa can't have a problem with you taking it. Can she?
A quick examination of the weapon reveals that it's got a single rocket loaded in the chamber, but you seem to have used the rest of the loaded ones. And you don't happen to have any extras on your person. Oh well. You briefly wonder whether anything else of yours made it to this Gensokyo place.
Slinging the rocketlauncher over your shoulder, you decide to look even closer than before. Searching through the pile reveals almost nothing of interest, and what is interesting isn't worth pissing off Marisa by taking. You return to your seat at the table.

Not a second too soon, as soon as you sit down Marisa slams the door open and comes inside.
"I'm home -ze!" she shouts, as if you're far enough away in the house to warrant shouting. As if the house were big enough.
"Ah, good. You didn't make a mess -ze." she says before entering the room and noticing the rocketlauncher strapped to your back.
"Ah! What are you doing with that!? I had to actually pay Kourin for that staff!"
Staff? She really is a witch, isn't she. You wonder if this place has been isolated from civilization long enough for people not to know these things. It certainly seems that way. Besides the rocketlauncher, you've not seen a single thing in this house that looks like it was designed any newer than a couple centuries ago.
"Marisa, this is mine. It's been mine since before I met you, and it's going to remain mine now."
"Fine, if you want it that bad, take it -ze." she sits down across from you.
"Of course, you're going to have to earn it -ze."

[ ] Let Marisa decide how you should earn it from her.
[ ] Tell her you'll get a job somewhere and pay her back that way.
[ ] Smack her in the face with the butt of the launcher and run like hell into the forest.
[ ] Nevermind, not that important. You probably won't be fighting any demons here in Gensokyo.
>> No. 3422
[ ] Tell her you'll get a job somewhere and pay her back that way.
>> No. 3425
[ ] Let Marisa decide how you should earn it from her.
>> No. 3442
[x] Let Marisa decide how you should earn it from her.

I bet this is going to result in something awesome. Like raiding SDM.
>> No. 3461
[x] Let Marisa decide how you should earn it from her.
>> No. 3462
[ ] Smack her in the face with the butt of the launcher and run like hell into the forest.

>> No. 3487
Letting her decide how to pay her back is probably the best way. After all, you're not even sure she would want money, given as she seemed to be stealing earlier.
"Alright, Marisa. What do you want me to do?"
"Dunno -ze! I've already got enough books from the library for now. There isn't much else you can help me with, except maybe magic practice -ze."
Magic practice huh? Could be interesting. And dangerous. But it's not like you haven't had to fight your way through monsters hurtling balls of magic at you. This girl shouldn't be able to do any worse than a baron.

Man, you wish you didn't jinx yourself earlier before this magic practice started. Where a baron would have one, or maybe two balls of magic coming at you, this girl is assaulting you with too many stars to count. you're capable of evading them pretty well, but you occasionally get hit in the arm or leg by one of them. Well, at least they hurt less. A lot less.
Soon enough the assault ends.
"Alright, time for the finale -ze!" Uh-oh, that can't be good.
The girl pulls a card and an octagonal prism thing out of her pocket and aims them in your direction.
"Love Sign 'Master Spark'!" she shouts. You barely have time to duck before the massive beam of energy passes over your head. If that hit, you've got no doubt you'd be obliterated. Or at least knocked into a tree or something. What the hell IS this girl?
Then you notice the stars. God damn it, more stars. They shoot out from the octagonal thing in all directions. You're forced to weave through these, and find yourself almost stuck when another massive beam passes through where you were just standing. You duck and roll under the stars and find yourself in the relative safety of the ground. You barely get up in time to avoid getting hit by another massive burst of energy. All this exercise has you pretty sore, but mostly not from getting hit by those energy-stars. They weren't too bad. It was the constant sprint for your life to avoid getting hit by this "spark' thing that's getting to you.
Eventually the blast fades away, and the rest of the stars vanish. Marisa walks over to you and puts a hand on your shoulder.
"Good job -ze! I haven't had such a good moving target in ages!" Well, at least you made her happy.
"In fact, it was so good that I've decided that if you want to stay with me, you'll have to help me practice every night -ze!" What. This was tiring. Bootcamp has NOTHING on this. Neither does wrestling a hell knight. You don't want to do this EVERY NIGHT.
...Still, it'd be best to be able to fall back to this place if you don't find a way to get home soon, and can't board up in the village.

[ ] A good marine never stops training. Semper fi.
[ ] Fuck this noise, you can find a place to stay elsewhere.
>> No. 3492
{X} A good marine never stops training. Semper fi.
Gotta get used to danmaku~
>> No. 3493
[ ] "This favor was in return for something, what will you trade me for training next time?"
>> No. 3494
{X} A good marine never stops training. Semper fi.
>> No. 3496
[x] A good marine never stops training. Semper fi.

>> No. 3497
No, you can't leave. This is the best training, and good marines never stop training. Semper fi! In any case, this is both a place to stay and free training, so you can't let yourself pass it up.
"Sounds good, Marisa. I'll do it, for a place to stay until I find my way back home."
"Great -ze! But I don't think you'll be getting back home, Reimu said something was preventing crossing the border."
Crossing the border. Borders are just imaginary lines dividing areas, aren't they? So does that mean there's some sort of army protecting this one? Even if there is, you're a marine. You can get past anything! Ooh-rah! Still, it's best to know what you're up against, so you ask Marisa.
"Do you know what's preventing crossing this border? I can probably just sneak past it, whatever it is. I'm a part of the United States Marine Corps, after all!"
Marisa giggles for a bit before responding.
"It's not like that -ze. Normally you wouldn't be able to sneak past it anyway, without the help of Reimu or that gap youkai. But something's stopping them from doing it, and that means you won't be able to do it yourself."
You...Kai. Wasn't that what they called demons in Japanese mythology? This starts alarms ringing in your head. If the demons followed you through the gate that brought you here...
Marisa seems to notice your concern, and explains.
"Ah, you're not from around here -ze. That's right. Youkai usually aren't a problem if you don't wander around the forests late at night -ze. And this gap youkai, she wouldn't try to kill you unless you majorly pissed you off. Don't worry about it -ze."
Well, that's kinda reassuring. Doesn't sound like the same demons you fought at all. The demons you fought were too stupid to understand not to run straight in to your chainsaw, they definately didn't seem smart enough to stay within their own borders. Though, given what you saw this apparantly human girl do, you're not sure them staying in their borders is much help staying alive.
"If I couldn't cross it without Reimu or this youkai you mentioned BEFORE now, why couldn't I? Some sort of checkpoint that you need the consent of someone with authority in order to pass through?"
She She stares off for a moment in thought.
"It's not that kind of border -ze. It's a magic border that nothing can pass through. It's called the Hakurei Border, and is pretty much the border between fantasy and reality. No one can pass through it unassisted, unless you wanted to travel all the way to Muenzuka. But that's such a long trip from here you'd end up getting eaten by youkai on the way."
You gulp. This means that the youkai ARE dangerous, if you don't know how to handle yourself. Good thing you know how to handle yourself.
In any case, this means you may be here for a while. You might as well get used to this Gensokyo place. Good thing you've secured yourself a place to stay, and some training that may pay off big time if you ever have to fight those.. Things again. Who knows, maybe you can get marisa to teach you magic some time.
While you're thinking this, the two of you make your way into the house. You sit at the table, while Marisa heads to another part of the house to do whatever it is she does. You're left alone once again with nothing to do.

[ ] Read a book.
[ ] Go find whatever Marisa uses to bathe herself in, you haven't had a shower since before Phobos.
[ ] Find Marisa and see what she's doing.
>> No. 3498
[x] Go find whatever Marisa uses to bathe herself in, you haven't had a shower since before Phobos.

And make sure to go out of our way to use the most expensive of her soap and shampoo.
>> No. 3501
[ ] Go find whatever Marisa uses to bathe herself in, you haven't had a shower since before Phobos.
>> No. 3502
[X] Go find whatever Marisa uses to bathe herself in, you haven't had a shower since before Phobos.
>> No. 3503
Man, you haven't taken a shower since before Phobos.
You stand up from the table and open a door leading from the living room. Inside it is a hallway with a few doors in it. You systematically open each one, finding that most of them are filled with junk. There is a locked room too, you assume it to be Marisa's. Across from it, you finally run into the bathroom. Stepping inside, you realize that there are no electric lights. It's rather dark due to the fact that the windows' shutters are closed to keep people from peeking in. Opening the door to get some light, you attempt to find a match or something to light the various candles scattered around the room in order to give light to people inside. Finding one, you light the candles, then close the door behind you, locking it.
Walking over to the bathtub, you find that there is no bar of soap there. Walking back over to the cupboard underneath what seems to be a pump-driven sink. Inside, you find various soaps, discarding all of the scented ones. Especially strawberry. No marine wants to smell like strawberries.
Carrying the least scented one you can find over to the tub, you begin filling it. Once the tub is full, you remove your space marine armor and lower yourself into the water.
You'd forgotten what a bath felt like after years of being in the marines. You've only had showers for the longest time that you couldn't remember what it felt like to relax in a hot tub of water.
And the relaxing is good. After fighting demons for so long without rest, and then finally fighting this insanely strong girl who made you have to work harder to live than a cyberdemon, your muscles have gotten pretty tired. You let yourself soak for a bit, restoring some feeling into your aching muscles. This is vary un-marine-like, but whatever. You just literally fought through hell, you deserve it.
Once you've finished relaxing, you move on to cleaning yourself. You couldn't tell because of the space marine armor, but you had really found yourself covered in sweat and blood. Cleaning yourself off, you find that all of the wounds you had taken before traveling through the gate have healed. As is typical for the gates. You can't remember a single time traveling through a gate and not ending up healed. You wish the teleporter pads would do it too, but that's just not your luck. And there are no teleporter pads around here anyway, or at least that you know.
Standing up from the bath, you realize your mistake.
You have no clothes to change in to. This wouldn't bother you if you were still in hell, you could parade around naked all you want without offending anybody. Here, though, you've got this girl who seems capable of wasting a whole roomful of demons without even giving much effort. Scary.
Well, there's nothing else to do but to wear a towel. Tying it around your waist securely, you go to leave the room. You pause on your way out to flex in front of the mirror, just to see how well fighting demons has toned your muscles. You sure as hell could wressle the toughest Marine on base now.
...Assuming there was a base now. This barrier Marisa told you about could be keeping out the demons. You'd hate to get out of Gensokyo just to find that Earth has been overrun by those demon bastards. Just the thought fills you with rage, and you have to fight the urge to kick open the bathroom door.
Calming yourself down, you step out of the bathroom. It seems timing is on your side, Marisa was just about to walk in front of the door before you stepped out.

"Hello, Marisa. Where can I wash my clothes?"
"Just give them to me -ze. Hmm, you're going to have to buy a spare set of clothes it seems. Anyway, dinner's almost ready -ze, I was just headed to the living room to tell you. I'll have your clothes cleaned before you go to sleep tonight, so don't worry -ze."
Well, that's nice of her. Then again, you worked your ass off to stay here.

Marisa turns to walk back the direction she came from, leaving you in the hallway by yourself.

[ ] Read a book.
[ ] Examine your stuff.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 3504
[ ] Check bathroom for used panties.

Bonus continue.
>> No. 3507
Have to be removed from a person to get the continue.
>> No. 3514
{X} Examine Marisa's stuff.
>> No. 3563
[X] Examine Marisa's stuff.
>> No. 3591
[X] Examine Marisa's stuff.
>> No. 3592
[X] Examine Marisa's stuff.
>> No. 3593

>> No. 3601
You decide that if you're going to be living in this house, you might as well examine everything.
Heading back out into the living room, you take a look around. There's a smallish fireplace, presumably for heating the room in the winter. There's also various bookshelves, tables, and chairs covered in the omnipresent pile of junk filling the entire house. The table you sat at earlier is the only place that's close to being clear, and it's still pretty messy its self, being covered with books and other odds and ends. Scattered around the room there are various candles for lighting. It's not dark enough for them to be lit yet, so they haven't been.
Feeling that you've done a good enough job of examining this room, you step into the hallway. It's pretty clean compared to the rest of the house. There's a rug on the floor, and candles in candleholders along the wall. The hallway isn't really that interesting, just being made of simple wood.
Entering the first room, you find it to be completely filled with junk, as you'd noticed before. Taking a closer look, it seems the junk has all been piled on top of a bed. You guess that this is probably a guest bedroom. Obviously, no one's going to be sleeing here. You wish you would get your own bed for your stay here, but you've gotten used enough to sleeping in harsh conditions from your days in the USMC, so you can't really complain too much.
Exiting the room, you cross to the room across from it. Inside, you find more junk. Unlike the previous room, this room seems to have been designed just to hold Marisa's junk. Finding nothing of interest inside the room, you exit and move on to the next room.
It's in a similar shape to the previous one, only it seems to be there only to hold books. There are stuffed shelves along all of the walls, and books just piled in the center due to the lack of shelf space. There's got to be at least a thousand books in this room.
The next two rooms you come across are the locked room and the bathroom. Deciding you've examined the bathroom enough, you continue to the end of the hall. At said end, there's a door that is slightly ajar. Swinging it open, you find Marisa inside about to lift a pot off of the wood-burning stove she was using to cook dinner. Before she notices you, you take a quick glance around the room.
The stove is set between two lengths of counters, which line the walls of the room. On top of the counter, there are various kitchen tools, including a knife set. One thing that looks out of place is an old-fashioned looking coffeemaker that looks to be older than you are. It doesn't seem to plug into a wall in any way.
To the left of everything else, there's a door that leads outside, where wood has been piled for burning in the stove.
Shortly after that quick glance around the room, Marisa turns and sees you.

"Ah, dinner's ready now -ze. Carry those bowls to the living room." She motions towards two bowls with included spoons laying on the counter. You walk over and pick them up, carrying them out to the living room.

Dinner goes smoothly. Marisa fills you in on the basics of Gensokyo, and gives you a profile of the big players. You find that Gensokyo is located in Japan, but is completely cut off from the outside world seamlessly. Normal people wouldn't even notice the Hakurei Border being there, it seems
After you're done with that, you decide to enquire on your sleeping arrangements, remembering that the guest room is unusable.

"So, Marisa, where will I be sleeping?"
"Well, normally you'd use the guest bedroom -ze, but that's filled with stuff. I guess I'll dig up a futon and you can use that -ze." She stands up and leaves the room, returning after a bit with a rolled-up futon and a pillow.
"Well, I'll be going to sleep now -ze. Good night." Marisa leaves the room.
Looking outside, you notice that it has gotten quite dark. You hadn't noticed, since the candles seem to have lit themselves. Yeah, sleep's probably a good idea. You unroll the futon and lay down, drifting off into well-deserved sleep.

You're awoken by a tiny finger poking your forehead. Opening your eyes, you find Onric floating next to the bed.

"It's time for dinner. A fairy maid just came and notified me."
'Notified' huh? That's a pretty big word for a fairy. Then again, the only other fairy you know is Cirno.

For some reason, you're hungrier than you would normally be given the circumstances. Must have had something to do with your dream, however you can't remember dreaming anything.

[ ] Dinner time.
[ ] Ignore hunger. Do something else (specify)
>> No. 3603
[X] Dinner time.
>> No. 3604
{X} Dinner time.
>> No. 3612
[+] Dinner time.
>> No. 3635
[X] Dinner time.
>> No. 3643
You're hungry. You must satisfy your hunger. This isn't your body clock telling you it's time to eat. This is your stomach eating its self due to hunger. Goddamn you've got to eat.

"FUCK YES DINNER" you exclaim. Onric startles at your sudden outburst, but you don't pay much attention to her. You've got to go eat, now.
You open the door to the room with enough force that the fairy maids passing through the hallway all scatter.
Realizing you don't know the way to the kitchen on your own, you travel through the halls for a bit until you run into one. Grabbing it by the shoulders, and frightening it quite a bit in the process.
"HOW TO GET TO DINING ROOM" you shout. The fairy being held in place by your firm grib flinches.
"I-it's that way." she points with a shaky arm.
You promptly let the fairy go and rush down the hallways in the direction. You soon enough pick up on the scent of food, and use your nose to guide you the rest of the way.
Arriving at the door to the dining room, you calm down. Your hunger has gotten more powerful due to the running around, but you can't appear rude to your hosts.
Swinging the door open, you step inside and take a seat at the dining table.
"Hello." you offer the standard greeting, which gets returned by everyone gathered. You're the second-to-last person to arrive, with Onric trailing a bit behind you. She doesn't seem to have been in as much of a rush to get here as you were. No matter, you are still anxiously waiting for the food, even if your demeanor doesn't reveal it to the rest of the people sitting at the table.

After a few minutes, fairy maids finally bring in the food. You feel like grabbing them all and squeezing them tightly in appreciation, but you hold yourself back because that would look rather odd.
You fill your plate up with AWESOME food. Fuck yes, steaks with onion on top, mashed potatoes, and delicious Baguette bread. Cutting into the steak, you find that it's cooked perfectly to your tastes. Taking a bite, you find that it is the best tasting steak you've ever had. You can't tell if it's because of your massive hunger or if the maids here are just that good at cooking. You hope it's the latter, because that means you can expect such delicious food in the future.

You continue to eat your meal as fast as possible without appearing rude. Once your hunger is sated enough to not be such a bother any more, you take part in the various conversations going around the table, or at least the ones you know enough about to follow.

Dinner eventually comes to a close, and people begin leaving one by one. Eventually you're left alone in the room with Sakuya and Remi.

[ ] It's time to leave. Go visit the library.
[ ] Talk to Remi.
[ ] Mystery option.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 3645
[X] Mystery option.

It calls for me.
>> No. 3647
[x] Mystery option.

The other options are other options, but the mystery option could be anything! It could even be the other options!
>> No. 3648
[x] Mystery option.
>> No. 3650
{X} Mystery option.
>> No. 3657
A great idea comes to your head. No, not just great, you could say it's perfect.
"Remi." you state.
"Oh, yes, I wanted to tal-"
"No." You cut her off. Talking is a waste of time, what you're planning is too important.
"But-" she tries again, but you once again cut her off.
"I have a plan, Remi." you state.
"Wha-" you don't let get a single word in. She frowns at you as you interrupt her again.
"I want you to climb in my shirt and become my second head for a while. It will be fun."
Her and Sakuya look at you like you're dumb.
"Do it." you demand. You don't care if the person you're demanding from is a 500 year old vampire who could kill you in an instant, or that her maid can stop time and stab you a hundred times before you even notice. This is too important.
"Wh-" You cut her off again. Her expression switches to annoyance.
"DO IT." You add a bit of force to your voice, to get the point across.
"...Fine, if you'll let me talk to you."
"I will."
"Okay then." She hops down off of her chair and walks over behind you, floating up into your shirt. She pokes her head through the neck hole behind yours.
"Sakuya, don't bother with him." she states at you begin to leave the room.
Out in the hallways, it's as empty as you imagined.
"So, Remi, what did you want to talk to me about?"
"I wanted to know exactly what happened at the shrine."
You explain what happened, how you suddenly heard an explosion in the shrine's front yard, how you escaped as quickly as you could, how Yukari told you that Yuka did it.
"Yuka, that BITCH. I'm going to have to teach her a lesson about harming my Reimu." You can feel the malice in her voice.
"Who's Yuka?" a voice comes from the door that just burst open beside you. Turning to it, you see Flandre.
"A very bad woman, Flandre." Remilia responds.
"Oh, I see..." Flandre states. "Hey, that looks like fun! Let me in too!"
The expression she gives you when asking... You just can't deny her.
"Okay, Flandre. Go ahead."
"Yay!" she yells, running to you. She almost knocks you over as she jumps up into your shirt and pokes her head through. You're surprised the shirt hasn't torn yet. In any case, you're going to have to find a way to make it unstretch.
You suddenly remember Flandre's sharp metal wings. The crystals on them press against your skin. You make sure to move carefully so as not to lodge one between vertebrae.
You continue walking, but drop the subject of Yuka. You don't want Flandre to blow up on you, with such a dangerous position.

Eventually, all three of you get tired of the position. Stopping in front of the doorway that leads down the stairs to Flan's bedroom, you let her down.
"Lets play again!" she shouts before slamming the door behind her. You hear banging as she makes her way down the stairs.
Remi slips down, landing on her feet.
"Well, this experience was... Interesting. In any case, I will be taking my leave. I imagine you can find something to do to pass the time." She floats off down the hall, leaving you alone in the hallway.

[ ] Library.
[ ] Lobby.
[ ] Go to sleep, even if you just woke up.
[ ] Other (specify)
>> No. 3658
[X] Flandre's room

Lets play~
>> No. 3659
[ ]Burn down the SDM in a fit of insanity
>> No. 3661
[X] Burn down the SDM in a fit of insanity

This is fun.
>> No. 3662
[X] Burn down the SDM in a fit of insanity
>> No. 3663
[ ]Burn down the SDM in a fit of insanity
>> No. 3664
[9]Burn down the SDM in a fit of insanity

We never learn, huh?
>> No. 3665
Burn it easy.

>> No. 3666
[X] Library.

Fuck, Anon. This is why bad shit happens.
>> No. 3667
[X] Burn down the SDM in a fit of insanity
>> No. 3668
[X] Library.
You stupid fuckers. What is this, FUiG?
>> No. 3671
[x] Library.
>> No. 3682
You break out into insane laughter.
Why? You don't know why. Something inside you snapped, though.
The reason you carry the Zippo with you. It's not because you smoke or anything, or becuase you think it will be useful.
No, the real reason is that you're a pyromaniac.

You've carried the thing since you were in highschool. You despaired during the time it took for it to go to the Zippo plant for repairs that one time you broke the lid off. Why? Because you didn't have any adequate fire to watch wherever you were. You tried using disposable Bic lighters, but they just aren't the same. You need the big, hot flame the Zippo brand lighter produces.

But you can't possibly do this alone. No, you need help, or this plan's never going to work. You need someone else who will appreciate the fire as much as you do. Someone small.

You begin calmly walking through the halls. Your face shows no hint of the anticipation you're feeling inside. Are you insane? Probably. Would anyone you happened to walk past be able to tell? Definately not.

Eventually you reach your destination. You hope that the person you want is inside.
You knock on the door three times. Three times is a normal amount of times to knock on a door right? You don't want to seem suspicious. You don't want anyone to figure out what you're doing. No, that would be a bad thing. You can't have that.

The door swings open. You find Wriggle dressed in a nightdress. She's rubbing her eyes.
"What do you want?" she puts forward. Oh shit, she hasn't figured it out, has she? If she has, you're fucked. No, she can't have figured it out. That's right, she's got no reason to suspect that you're about to burn this place down.

"Is Onric inside?" you pose the question as nonchalantly as you can.
"Let me check." she turns around. The door, not being spring loaded, doesn't close on its own. You get a good view of Wriggle's rear. It almost makes you regret what you're about to do. Memories of that night in the woods surge back to you, but you push them out of your mind. They're a distraction. A distraction you can't afford.

Onric floats through the door to face you.
"What is it?" she asks innocently. She has no idea what she's about to help you do. How could she know? There's no way. But you're certain she's the one for the job.
"I want to talk to you about something." You have to separate her from everyone else somehow. You're not actually going to talk to her, but you've got to make it seem like you're going to, so she'll follow you.
"In private, Onric."
"Eh? Okay..." she closes the door behind herself, and floats to the side of you as you walk towards the rear entrance to the mansion.
"What is it you wanted to talk to me about?" she asks. You've got to find an excuse for not conversing.
"...Lets go to the back garden first. I don't want any fairy maids to hear us." That would be bad.
"E-eh? Is it really that serious?"
"Yes, Onric. It is very serious."
She nods and returns her gaze forward.

You step out into the crisp, fresh air in the mansion's large garden. Perfect weather for arson. Dropping your backpack near the entrace, you continue on.
Thankfully, Onric waits for you to say whatever you're going to say.
You start down the garden path. You swear you found some good kindling along the way. You need something to actually start the fire, you're fresh out of accelerants and your Zippo's not exactly good at lighting wood on fire without them.

Ah! Perfect. A hidden pile of grass clippings, and they're dry. This is great. And trimmed tree branches, that just makes it better.
You decide the best way to carry them would be to remove your shirt and heap the grass into it, and have Onric carry that part while you carry a few branches. This plan can't fail, you can't let it fail. It won't fail. Yeah.

"Onric, hold this." you say, handing her your now-filled shirt.
"Eh? What's this for?"
"Onric, just hold it."
"O-okay." She grabs it from you. You pick up a few branches and start heading back towards the mansion.
"Wh-what's all this for?" she asks, with a worried tone to her voice. She's probably going to figure it out, but you can always restrain her if she tries to stop you. She can't use a spellcard if she can't get at it before her arms are tied around her back...

Anyway. You re-enter the SDM and prop the branches against the walls. They're the part of the mansion most likely to ignite like you want them to.
"Onric, give me the grass."
"Eh- What is all this about?" she asks firmly.
"ONRIC. GIVE ME THE FUCKING GRASS NOW." you shout. She flinches, then hands your shirt to you. You dump it all on the branches, then replace your shirt.

Ah! You just remembered what you were doing just before this. That could prove helpful.
"Hey, Onric. Climb into the back of my shirt and poke your head through the neckhole."
She does what she was told without backtalking. You feel saddened for a moment realizing that it was because you scared her earlier, but you return to what you were doing.

Stepping back outside the mansion, you grab your packpack. Pulling the paper amulets out of it, you step back inside and light them with your Zippo, dropping them on the pile of grass. You watch for a moment to make sure the grass catches, and are relieved when it does. You're not sure if you could escape the impending attack if the tenants don't end up in a panic due to the mansion burning down.

You walk out the mansion backwards, not wanting to alert Onric to what you just did. Once you're outside, you sidestep so as not to let onric see what you've done, then turn and head down a path parallel to the main path through the garden.

Eventually you stop at the edge of the forest. You're far enough away to see the whole mansion and watch it's destruction.
You remove Onric from your shirt and resling your backpack. Grabbing her by the arm, you sit down and rest her on your lap so that you'll be able to stop her if she tries to retaliate.
>> No. 3683
File 121602465497.jpg - (164.56KB , 800x600 , fire2.jpg ) [iqdb]
The mansion's burning, just as planned. At first, Onric tries to wriggle her way out of your grip, but once she gets a good look at the flames, she calms down. It seems that fire puts her in a transic state, especially big fires like this. She watches and obediantly just sits there on your lap. You let go of her, certain that she won't retaliate. Indeed, she just sits and watches the show. Realizing you made the right decision on who to help you, you smile. Well, you smile harder than you already were.

After a few minutes of watching the fire, you pick up Onric and begin escaping into the forest. Staying too long would be a stupid idea, even if you want to watch the fire more.
You begin traveling through the forest in silence. You're not afraid of any youkai. No, you're more than a match for anything you might come across. You burned down the Scarlet Devil Mansion, afterall.

Eventually you stop at a clearing. You feel that you're far enough away from the mansion for this to be safe, and it's not like you went straight in one direction to get here. You stop before setting up your tent, you're a bit tired, and you really want to make more fire. So you search the clearing for tinder to start a fire.

Before you can actually find any, you hear a loud bang. It sounds almost like a gunshot.
Then another. From a different position. You must be losing it. You stand up and check, just to be sure.

You almost fall over. It's quite the comical sight, seeing five fairies holding fullsize AK-47 assault rifles in your direction. The rifles are so oversized that you can't help but wonder how the fairies are managing to hold them.
Then you notice their dresses. The same ones as you met in the forest before the SDM, the ones that Wriggle killed. Black dresses with white trim. Except one of the five has red trim, and appears to be the leader.

You realize the situation you're in. Quickly you draw your pistol from your holster and return fire. None of your shots hit, but that's to be expected when you're running to take cover behind a tree.

Soon enough you hear the loud bangs of many, many AK-47s firing. More than the five you saw before. It almost sounds like there's thirty of them. And you're not sure how long the tree will protect you.

"HOLD YOUR FIRE!" you hear a female voice shout. The fairies stop.
"You can come out now, I'm not going to shoot you. That is, if you come out. Expect your death to be long and painful if you remain hiding."
Deciding that the risk is worth it after hearing that, you grab Onric's hand and step out from behind the tree.

"Good, I'm glad to see you comply." A girl with short silver hair and ruby red eyes, wearing a black dress with red trimming directs at you. She's holding an AK-47, like the fairies, has what looks to be a M82A1 sniper rifle strapped to her back. Seeing this, you're glad that you stepped out from behind the tree. You're not sure the tree would be able to stop the large .50BMG round the gun fires.
"Holster your weapon." You comply, seeing as you've got no chance to survive. You can at least make your time this way.

The girl moves on to the introductions.
"I'm Yumou. You no doubt recognize the name from the note attached to the spellcard you acquired during your escape from my holding cell. I hope you've experience of using it at least once by now. In any case, I'm impressed. You managed to burn down the Scarlet Devil Mansion before I even got to fire one mortar round at it. You're always full of surprises. And to think that for the longest time I thought you were a threat to my goal. I've misjudged you. I sincerely apologize for previously trying to kill you. I hope you can accept my apology. Perhaps we can work together now. What do you say?"
As she says this, all of the fairies surrounding you lower their weapons. Now that you're not stressed about them being able to kill you at any second, you take a look at how many there are. There's a good 50 surrounding you, some armed with guns much bigger than the AK-47 that seems standard.
But, you've been given a decision to make. Cooperate with this woman who tried to kill you, or somehow attempt to escape? Can you even trust her?

[ ] Accept her offer.
[ ] Find a way to escape.
[ ] Despair.
>> No. 3684
[ ] Accept her offer.
>> No. 3685
File 121602525660.jpg - (82.32KB , 600x441 , HA HA HA HA.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 3687
[x] Berserker pack
[x] RAPE
>> No. 3688
[+] Accept her offer.
If things turn sour... Well, it wouldn't be the first time this story's anon broke his alliances.
>> No. 3690
[ ] Accept her offer.
>> No. 3697
You don't really have much of a choice but to accept her offer, given the circumstances.
"...Alright. If it means not getting killed, I guess I'm alright with it."
You briefly wonder if this was the right decision to make.

Yumou flags down a fairy with a flamethrower.
"Hey, you! Give that flamethrower to this man!" she shouts. The fairy obediently flies over, lands on the ground, and removes the flamethrower tank from her back.
Fuck yeah, a flamethrower! This is a pyromaniac's weapon.
You pick it up and sling the tank onto your back.

Yumou turns to Onric.
"You're a fire fairy, aren't you?" Onric nods.
"Here, take this." she hands Onric a spellcard. "I'm guessing you don't need a weapon, seeing as you can manipulate fire. When we get back to my place, I'll get you a flamethrower of your own, k?" Yumou smiles at Onric. It's kinda creepy, seeing someone who appears to be so psychotic smiling so warmly. But then, you've seen lots of creepy things lately.
"Lets go, then." she grabs your hand and you slowly ascend into the air, followed by the fairies. Onric has attached herself to your shirt so as not to get lost in the large group of flying fairies. The number of fairies now looks a lot larger than you thought it was.

"We'll be heading back to my place. If the vampire engages us, we'll obviously fight back."
You nod.
Just as predicted, Sakuya and a large group of fairy maids block your path home.

"Where the hell do you think YOU'RE going?" she directs at you.
"HAHAHAAHAHAHA!" Yumou breaks out into psychotic laughter.
"What the hell do you think you can do to stop us, pad?" she shouts at the maid, who scowls.
"Resist and you will be killed."
"Ooh, I'm trembling. The scary padmaid's going to cut me with her knives!" Yumou taunts.
"DIE." she firmly states as she pulls a spellcard out of her pocket and declares it.
"Forbidden Sign 'Blaze of Life ~concentrate~'" You recognize the spellcard name, but it's quite different from yours. Two small, intense beams of light shoot from in front of her, rotating around each other. The beams connect, and Sakuya gets pushed back through the air a good kilometer. You can't really tell from this far.

"Now then, to take care of the smaller maids." She turns her attention to you.
"Light 'em." You don't even hesitate to pull the trigger on the flamethrower, spraying fire at the fairy maids and lighting them on fire. You've gone too far now to stop here.
The fairy maids fall out of the sky one by one onto the grass below.

"Well, I suppose it's time to move on, then." the group of fairies moves south towards the field. Passing by where you first entered the place, you give off a little chuckle.
A bit south of there, you find yourself back at a familliar place. The house you escaped from. Only now it's surrounded by razorwire fences and fairies with heavy machineguns behind sandbag bunkers.

Your group lands in front of the house.


The past week has been eventful. You've been training the five-member group of fairies that Yumou set aside for you. Onric's become quite proficient with her flamethrower, as have you. Occasionally you have to engage small groups of humans from the human village who wander near the fences. They usually turn and flee after hearing the loud warning shot fired from Yumou's M82A1. A couple of times you've had to capture them, slap them around a bit, then run chase them out of the complex towards the human village. It's a bit annoying, but there's not much you can do.

Life here is pretty good. You get to eat meals with Yumou, and find that when she's not trying to conquer Gensokyo she's actually a really nice, carefree person. It's as if there's two sides to her. Oh well.

Just as you finish your training for tonight, Yumou walks out of her house and walks in your direction.
"Suit up. It's time to assault the human village."
"Yes ma'am." you reply, then head towards the makeshift armory building with Onric and your group of fairies. Inside is all of the weapons Yumou has for use. You grab your flamethrower, as well as the weapons you already had before meeting Yumou. No harm in carrying them, right? You're going to be teleporting back anyway, might as well carry your stuff.

But a bit of you doesn't feel right about attacking the human village like this.

[ ] Go through with it anyway.
[ ] Try and talk Yumou out of it.
[ ] Just leave. She won't listen. (Include destination.)
>> No. 3698
[ ] Go through with it anyway.

Chaotic Evi-

No, that's not right.

Chaotic Fucking Awesome.
>> No. 3700
{X} Go through with it anyway.
Burn it easy~
>> No. 3707
[ ] Go through with it anyway.
>> No. 3713
No, such sentiments can't do. You're not the man you were before. Ever since you burned down the Scarlet Devil Mansion, you've been changed. You don't have a reason to feel sorry for the men and women in the human village.
Stepping out of the armory, you yell out to Yumou.
"I'm ready."
"Good~" she responds in a carefree voice. She grabs your hand and carries you into the air. Flying towards the human village, you stop just before the gates.
"Halt." The idiot guards try and stop your progress. They died rolling on the ground on fire. You're not sure if they burned to death or suffocated, but it doesn't matter to you.
Breaking open the gates, you rush inside, where the majority of the town's militia are standing to give a last stand.
No, that's useless.
You proceed to light them up emotionlessly. After all, it's these idiots' fault that they didn't just submit to our command. You haven't got a reason to harm anyone who doesn't try to fight you off. So far, though, no one has given you much of a challenge.f
You yawn. This is kinda boring. You turn to watch the corpses burn, when you're blindsighted by something.
Turning to see what it was, you find that were-hakutaku woman angerly staring at you. She declares a spellcard, but it's useless.
"Arson Sign 'Pyromania'" you declare emotionlessly before any of the bullets fired at you hit. Four balls of fire begin revolving around you. Each one of them shoots out a long stream of fire, which ends up lighting the surrounding buildings on fire. By this point, the city is in pandemonia, people running through the streets screaming. But you pay no attention to them. All you pay attention to is the now badly burned were-hakutaku who, after getting burned, decided to go see the doctors at Eientei. But that won't be good enough. After all, that's the next place your army's going to strike.

In the end, you burned the village to the ground. All of the people in it either resisted your attack and died fueling your pyromania, or escaped to one of the nearby "safe" places that won't do them any good.

After you were finished with the village, you first attacked Eientei, then the Hakurei Shrine, and finally Youkai Mountain. After this, all of the land in between fell to your control. You and Yumou rapidly proceed with your plan to feudalize Gensokyo, just for a bit of fun.
When it's all through, you wonder where your sanity disappeared to. But it's all gone. Same goes for Yumou, what little sanity she had left before all of this is gone now. Perhaps if you'd stopped her before all of this it would have made things better, but that would never happen. No, it's inevitable that this would happen after your sanity snapped that one night. It feels like it was so long ago...

Yumou true end reached.


You wake up in a black void. How you got here remains a mystery, you can't remember anything for the past day or so. However, something about this void seems familliar.
A quick assessment of your surroundings tells you why: Yumou is sitting at a small table off in the distance.
Assuming that this is just some trick Yumou picked up, you stroll over to join her.
"Good morning, Yumou."
She looks up from her tea and responds.
"Good morning."
"So, Yumou, what's all this?" you gesture at your surroundings.
"Well, uh..." She pauses. "You're here because you apparantly fucked up somehow. I don't quite understand why, everything went perfectly according to plan. But I still have to tell you that you fucked up."
Yumou takes a sip of her tea.
"I fucked up, Yumou? What're you talking about?" Fearing that you did something within the time period you can't recall, you attempt to find out what.
"Well, I'm supposed to tell you that burning down the Scarlet Devil Mansion was the stupidest idea you could have had, but I personally think it was brilliant."
Another sip of tea.
"For whatever stupid reason, I now have to tell you that you have to make a choice of how far back to go. Really, I don't see what the problem is, everything went as it should have. In any case, choose an option."

[ ] Back 2 choices.
[ ] Back 3 choices.
[ ] Back 5 choices.
>> No. 3716
[x] Back 2 choices.
[x] Library
>> No. 3717
[x] Back 2 choices.
[x] Library
>> No. 3718
[X] Back 2 choices.

[X] Flandre's room
>> No. 3722
[x] Back 2 choices.
[x] Library

I'm feeling a little yandere for Yumou now.
>> No. 3724
Isn't that 3 choices back?
>> No. 3737
You cut yourself off. You just had a horrible idea, and you felt that you were going to lose control for a second there. How could you ever think of burning this place down? Remilia's been so hospitable, and all of your friends are inside too. You feel like banging your head on a wall for even having such thoughts, but decide not to as it would both look and be quite stupid.

Well, you're quite near the library now. Might as well step in. perhaps reading a book will help get that thought off of your mind.

Making your way to the library and through the labyrinth of bookcases, you find yourself in the main lobby area. She's not present, but you can wait until she gets back. Her assistant could probably help you as well.

After a few minutes of waiting, Patchouli returns to the lobby with a few too many books piled in her arms. You're not sure if she can see where she's going with that many books.
Deciding that it wouldn't be proper to just let her carry them like that, you walk over and relieve her of half of the stack of books. The two of you make your way to the nearest table and set them down. Upon doing this, Patchouli lets out a sigh of relief. It must have been really hard work for someone of her health to move all of these books this far.
"Thanks." she says while whiping sweat from her forehead. She really ought to exercise more.
"How can I help you?" she asks. Well, might as well get down to business. You're pretty much here to begin on the apparantly long, grueling process of learning magic.
"Patchouli, do you have any magic books at my current level to get me started with learning more magic? I might as well start as soon as possible, right?"
"...Yes, that's right. With the speed you learn magic at, it might not take too long for you to get at least good enough to survive in Gensokyo. Maybe a couple weeks."
"I see."
"I do have a few books on your level you can start with. Just so you know, while you'll learn a lot from them, you won't get any better at magic for quite a while."
"I'm fine with that, Patchouli."
"Alright then." she snaps her fingers, and Koakuma floats over a bookcase and lands in front of the two of you.
"Go get these books." Patchouli writes the names of a few books on a slip of paper. Koakuma nods, then buzzes off to retrieve the books.

You and Patchouli sit in silence until she returns. Normally you hate silence, but in a place like a library it can be welcome. It's really calming to only hear the occasional page turning in whatever book Patchouli's reading.

Eventually Koakuma returns with the books, and you start off on them. Cracking open the first one, you begin reading.

After a few hours of reading, the silence of the library starts to get to you. You begin feeling drowsy. You slowly slip off to sleep...

You hear a loud explosion that sounds like it was caused by a howitzer. Jolting awake, you take a look in the the explosion came from.
A large hole has been blown in the roof over the northwest side of the library. The fact that there seems to be a bunch of smoke leads you to believe that this time it wasn't Marisa's doing. And Marisa would probably just break a window rather than blow a chunk out of the roof, right? This is quite disconcerting.

Another explosion. You jump to the floor quicker than you knew you could.
Scrambling to your feet, you find that Patchouli has also stood up and is headed for the library's exit. You follow her, and eventually find yourself traveling through the hallways.
Outside the mansion, you hear lots of smaller explosions.

You make your way to the mansion's main lobby, where you find everyone else assembled.
"What's going on?" you question.
"Something's attacking the mansion."
"I can see that. But WHO?"
"My guess is that it's the same person who attacked Reimu. Quickly, we've got to escape. You're obviously their target, and I'm not going to let them keep you."
Remilia climbs up into your shirt like she did earlier.
"Let's leave through the back." As she says this, Flandre lands in front of you and puts her hands on her hips.
"Onee-chan! Let me handle this!"
"...Okay, just don't break the mansion. I might as well let you have your fun when we're being attacked like this."
"Yaaaaaay!" Flandre shouts. Holding her arm out in front of her, she closes it into a fist. The door holding back whatever is attacking suddenly turns to sawdust and begins falling tho the floor, producing a thick cloud of dust. Flandre bursts through the doorway out into the outside. You hear her laugh manically as hundreds of explosions go off.
"Quickly." Remilia's voice in your ear reminds you to leave. You begin traveling through the mansion to the back, and quickly run the distance off into the woods. Clearing a lot of ground, you eventually stop in a clearing that you feel to be safe enough for a quick rest. You're not going to stop until you're sure you're not being followed by whatever caused that mess back at the mansion.
Before you know it, Onric's chopped some dead limbs off of some trees and gotten a fire going.
You're safe for now, but you've got to decide whether to keep going or stay here.

[ ] Once you've rested for a bit, continue through the forest.
[ ] Set up camp, you should be safe.
[ ] Stay, but remain alert. Be ready to use your rifle at a moment's notice.
>> No. 3738
[ ] Stay, but remain alert. Be ready to use your rifle at a moment's notice.
>> No. 3745
{X} Stay, but remain alert. Be ready to use your rifle at a moment's notice.
>> No. 3748
[X] Stay, but remain alert. Be ready to use your rifle at a moment's notice.
>> No. 3752
Well, this should be safe enough for now. Still, you probably want to be prepared, in case whatever it was that assaulted the mansion followed you.
Unstrapping the Ruger from your back, you check the magazine. Full. You can't remember whether you've fired a shot with it yet or not, but that doesn't concern you now. Instead, you'd rather worry about making sure the weapon's in working order. You check to see if there's a jam, and if the action's working properly. Everything seems to be in working order. You reload the magazine into the gun and chamber a round.
Things go relatively uneventfully. Your decision not to keep going turned out to be a good one, seeing as it's still quite dark out.
It's about this time that you decide that it would be good to eat dinner. Thankfully, Onric was capable of convincing a nearby fairy to bring some fish from the lake. Mystia immediately sets to work cooking it on a circular grill that you found laying around in the clearing. It looks to be something from the outside world. In any case, soon enough you have a breakfast very much like the one you had on your second day in Gensokyo.
Eventually, you and your group finish your meal. Given your offset sleeping schedule, and the fact that you haven't slept since yesterday, you begin to feel drowsy. Just as you're about to unintentionally slip off into sleep, a noise steals your attention. Adrenaline rushes through your veins, making you fully awake. What you heard sounded like rustling of branches, as if something flying brushed against them.

[ ] Investigate the noise.
[ ] Ignore it.
[ ] Motion to your group to leave, silently as possible.
>> No. 3756
{X} Ready your gun and wait.
>> No. 3785
[x] Investigate the noise.

That's how they do it in horror movies!
>> No. 3788
[+] Investigate the noise.
>> No. 3796
[x] Investigate the noise.
>> No. 3812
Credit goes to Teruyo for both of the names of both of the fairies.
That noise, it's suspicious. You can't just let it be. You have to find out what it was.
You stealthily as possible stand up and head towards the source of the noise. Quietly, not making a noise, you make your way through the forest.
Adrenaline. You see one of those fairies you fought in the forest before reaching the SDM, only it's got an AK-47. Luckily it doesn't see you. You quickly hide behind a rather wide tree, so as not to get caught. You overhear a conversation.

"What does Yumou want this guy for? He seems to be just a normal human."
"He has one of her more powerful spellcards, she said. Therefore, he's dangerous and must be killed~"

You don't hear any more voices other than the two. Chances are they're just part of a small scouting team searching the forest for your group.

"But this is boring. I can't even pass the time by playing pranks on people if there's no one to play pranks on!"
"I'm aware, but remember that we're getting paid for this~"
"We're fairies! We've never had to earn money before!"

The fairies continue to quarrel over trivial matters. You decide that they're too distracted by their argument to notice if you look out from behind the tree just a little.
Seeing them out there, they're just floating in place while arguing. Their weapons are held at ready, but it looks like it would be difficult for them not to hold them at ready. One of them is wearing the standard white-trim dress, and the other is wearing a red-trim dress. The one with white trim appears to be the one complaining.

"And what's with these guns? They're heavy! I'd rather just use magic!"
"Oh? Isn't it a good workout? Besides, they're fun to shoot. They make loud noises, and seeing people run from them..."
"I don't care about loud noises! I-"
Your concentration is broken by a black crow landing on a branch next to you. It doesn't seem to notice you there. However, you find it peculiar that it happens to be holding a camera.
You decide to ignore it and return to their conversation, but right as you look down a bright flash erupts from the camera.
"What? What was that?" the fairies ready their weapons and turn in the direction of the tree. The crow's already flown off by now, but you're still there looking. You quickly duck behind the tree. Not fast enough, it seems.

"Over there! I saw him!" the voice you recognize as coming from the white-trim fairy shouts.
"Eh? Where?"
A couple seconds later the fairies burst out from the sides of the tree and aim their weapons at you.

"ICE!" the white one yells.
"It's 'freeze', Penny."
"Eh? But Cirno said..."
"Cirno is an enemy now, Penny."

You decide to take advantage of their argument to escape. Maybe you can get a better gun out of it, too.
Swiftly you maneuver yourself behind "Penny". You easily disarm her and keep hold of her so she can't retaliate.
"Eeeeh! Coco, help!" she shouts in a panic.
The other fairy aims its gun low and shoots you in the leg, making you momentarily flinch. Said flinching causes you to squeeze Penny a bit too hard and she passes out.
"Coco" moves in and points her gun to your head. Your hands close upon the barrel of Penny's gun. You've got to time this right...
Right as Coco blinks, you swing the gun up, knocking Coco in the head fairly hard, knocking her out. Her gun falls to the ground next to you.

[ ] Kill them.
[ ] Leave them here.
[ ] Take them as hostages.
[ ] Any combination of two of those, specifying which is done to which fairy.
>> No. 3817
[ ] Leave Penny, take Coco hostage.

Bargaining chips~
>> No. 3821
[+] Take their panties. Both of them.
[+] Tie them up and take them both hostage.
>> No. 3822
{X} Leave Coco, take Penny hostage.
Sounds like Penny doesn't like this whole deal~
Maybe with some effort we can make her switch sides~
Build our own fairy army eventually. ¦:>
>> No. 3846
[x] Knock them both out.
[x] Take their panties. Both of them.
[x] Tie them up and take them both hostage.

For the continues.
>> No. 3859
[x] Tie them up and take them both hostage.
>> No. 3871
>>3821 here. Couldn't delete. Changing vote to
[+] Knock them both out.
[+] Take their panties. Both of them.
[+] Tie them up and take them both hostage.
>> No. 3872
[x] Knock them both out.
[x] Take their panties. Both of them.
[x] Tie them up and take them both hostage.
>> No. 3879
The adrenaline you recieved from the struggle slowly wears off and you're faced with the pain from the gunshot wound. Deciding that just letting it bleed would be a very stupid idea, you fumble around in your backpack for the first-aid kit. You apply a bit of clotting agent, then firmly apply a bandage made from gauze and cotton to further stop the bleeding. You're going to have to apply a disinfectant later, but for now this will have to do.

You briefly check to see whether the fairies were sufficiently knocked out unconscious initially and find the result to be satisfactory. You begin searching the area for a bit of rope before you realize something.
They're wearing dresses.
That means that their panties are probably easily accessable. Perfect chance.

Moving closer, you carefully, so as not to awaken the unconscious fairy, slide Penny's dress up so as to make her panties easier to access. You almost have them in their grasp.
"Hey, what're you doing?" you year Onric yelling from behind you. Quickly releasing the fairy's dress, you pray that she didn't see what you were doing.

"I was, uh, checking if these fairies weren't going to wake up and stab me or something. They attacked me, I knocked them out."
"Oh, I see." Onric accepts your explanation, seemingly oblivious of what you were actually trying to do.
"Hey, Onric, do you have any rope, or anything similar we can use to tie these two up?" you motion to the would-be fairy assailants.
"No, why?"
"Well, we can at least use them as a bargaining chip of sorts with whoever it was that attacked us. Perhaps we can turn them to our side, too."
"Oh, I see. Uh, I'll go see if anyone back at the camp has any rope."
Onric buzzes off towards your group. You remain there, watching the fairies to make sure they don't escape.

Oh hey, Onric's gone! No more distractions!
You resume where you left off before, attempting to get Penny's panties. Just as you're about to slide them off...

"I'm back." you hear Onric's voice from behind you. You once again swiftly conceal what you were doing.
"No one had any rope, but Kohaku had some string that should be able to hold them." she holds it out to you, and you take it and begin tying the girls up. The string is limited, so you only tie their wrists and ankles together so they can't move or attack. Perhaps if you had more you could...
Unnecessary thoughts. Deciding that it's time to go, you pick up the fairies and hold them around their waists. They're light enough, being only about two and a half feet tall.

Returning to your camp, you find the fire is still going and your group is sitting around it.

[ ] Finish work on the gunshot wound.
[ ] Leave, head to (specify location)
[ ] Set up camp. Surely those were the only fairies searching for you.
>> No. 3880
{X} Finish work on the gunshot wound.
>> No. 3885
[x] Finish work on the gunshot wound.

Before that shit gets infected.
>> No. 3894
[+] Finish work on the gunshot wound.
Do not want death by infection.

Also, didn't get the panties? WTF?
>> No. 3899
Doing anything else can wait, you've got to get this wound taken care of. It could get infected, or you could get lead poisoning or something. You don't know the entirety of what could happen, seeing as you're not a doctor and only really know enough to do basic patching up.
You peel back the bandage. Inside you find that the clotting agent did its job well, however that doesn't help when the dried blood is getting in the way of disinfecting it.
Deciding you can't very well remove the bullet without training and proper equipment, you decide to leave that for the next time you see a doctor.
You open the medical kit and remove a tube of disinfectant.
Looking at its lable, it reads:
"Apply a generous amount to affected area. Cover with bandage."
Sounds good to you. You squeeze a generous amount of the cream out of the tube and apply it to the bullet wound. It stings a little to touch it, but you ignore the pain and continue with the application. You start bleeding again slightly, but you ignore this as well, seeing as it does you no good to stop yourself because it hurts.
When you're all done disinfecting, you finish it up by applying a brand new gauze bandage. Feeling that this is as good as you're going to be patched up without a doctor, you sit and relax. Blood loss has made you a little bit more tired that you already were.

Taking a look around, you find people variously chatting away. The fire's burned out in the time it took for all this to happen.
You notice Onric examining the AK-47 rifles Penny and Coco attacked you with very closely, as if trying to figure out what they are and how they work.
You walk, or rather limp, over to where she is examining them.
"Hello, Onric."
"Hi." she doesn't seem to lift her attention from the gun very much.
"What're you doing?" you ask, curious about what she's so curious about.
"I saw you shoot that smaller one when you were fighting with Yuyuko." Oh? She saw that?
"It made fire. I'm trying to figure out how it does it."
Hmm, probably a good idea to explain to her, then. She does seem to love fire.
"Well, it starts with a spark. When you pull the trigger, a pin moves forward and..."
You continue with a dumbed down explanation of how guns work, or at least how you understand them to work.
"...I see. Where can we get this gunpowder?"
"I dunno. You'd have to ask someone good with chemistry how it's produced."
"I see..."

Now that you've thought about these guns, though, you realize that Something has to be done with them.

[ ] (Decide what to do with them.)
>> No. 3902

Who's with us right now? Who could use these guns the most?
>> No. 3904
The pathetic meatbag with no regeneration/respawn hax. I.E., us.

[x] Keep them. More guns = better. Always.
>> No. 3907
There are two AKs there, remember? Can't dual-wield 'em.

[x] Give one to Onric, keep the other for yourself.
>> No. 3908
Good point. Deleted old vote, changing to
[+] Give one to Onric, keep the other for yourself.
>> No. 3910
[x] Give one to Onric, keep the other for yourself.
>> No. 3916
[x] Give one to Onric, keep the other for yourself.

Go nuts, little firestarter.
>> No. 3917
[x] Give one to Onric, keep the other for yourself.
>> No. 3974
This update has been half-written since Thursday. Didn't get to finish it, though, since yesterday was my birthday. Also, sorry for shortness.
Might as well give them to the weakest members of your party, right? Looking around, you find yourself surrounded by moderately powerful youkai, except three of you. Those three being yourself, Kohaku, and Onric. While you've never seen her use danmaku, you can assume that she's at least stronger than Onric. And she's definately stronger than you are. You've made your decision.

"Onric, you can keep that if you want."
"It looks like it interests you, and you're still a fairy anyway. You're the person that I'm going to give the spare to."
"Oh, thank you!" she gleefully replies.
You examine the other one, the one you're keeping. It seems to be in damn good condition. Which is good. The magazine, upon inspection, is full. That's good, means you shouldn't run out of ammo any time soon.

A while after you finish with the inspection, Remilia addresses you.
"We should get going soon. You got attacked by these two," she motions to Penny and Coco. "And that means that there's probably going to be more fairies looking for us. Especially if those two go missing."
She makes a great point. You should probably get going. You should also probably choose a destination, you don't think wandering randomly around the forest is a bad idea.

[ ] Human village.
[ ] Are there any hospitals around here? You don't like having a bullet stuck in your leg.
[ ] Hakurei Shrine.
[ ] What's on that mountain over there?
>> No. 3976
[x] Are there any hospitals around here? You don't like having a bullet stuck in your leg.

Or we can get Wriggle to suck it out. With her mouth.
>> No. 3977
[X] Are there any hospitals around here? You don't like having a bullet stuck in your leg.
>> No. 3979
[ ] Are there any hospitals around here? You don't like having a bullet stuck in your leg.
>> No. 3984
{X} Are there any hospitals around here? You don't like having a bullet stuck in your leg.
>> No. 4000
Moving around like this with an AK round in your leg? Alright.
>> No. 4043
Yes, getting a move on is a good idea. You don't want to stay stuck out here in the wilderness, especially with a bullet wound in your leg.
"Remi, you're right. We should get going." You say, then proceed to gather up your stuff.
"Do you have a destination planned, then?"
"Well, I don't know my way around Gensokyo too well. But I do know I want to go to a hospital or something for this." you gesture to your leg.
"I see. There's one in the bamboo forest, but that's pretty far from here. We'd have to stop for the night at the human village along the way if we go on foot, and I don't think flying there is a good idea."
"I see. Do they have any hospitals at the human village?"
"None that would be very useful for this."
"I see. Let's get going, then."
So your group begins the long hike from north of the lake to the human village. Nothing much interesting happens along the way, other than occasionally having to avoid some... curious plants during the short period of time you spent traveling through the "Forest of Magic" as your friends call it. Your leg keeps bothering you the entire time, each step taken with it sending a ping of pain to your brain. Eventually you get tired of it. Spotting a house along the way, you consider stopping and knocking on the door.

[ ] Knock.
[ ] Continue moving.
[ ] Burn the house down in a fit of insanity.
>> No. 4044
Whoops, forgot my trip. New computer lacks saved passwords and all.
>> No. 4045
[X] Knock.
>> No. 4047
[X] Knock.
>> No. 4048
[x] Burn the house down in a fit of insanity.

Mission control, do you read? I'm coming home...
>> No. 4049
[x] Knock.
>> No. 4075
You push the urge to burn down the house from your mind and instead decide to knock on the door. Grasping the little metal door-knocker thing, you bang it a couple times before waiting for a response. You hear footsteps on the other side, then hear a sliding sound. The sliding sound repeats its self, and you hear multiple chain locks and deadbolts being unlocked, and the door finally opened slightly, held closed by one remaining chain lock.
"Yes, what do you want?" the girl inside seems somewhat annoyed by your sudden disturbance.
"Right, we were on our way to the human village, saw your house, and decided to take a break."
"'We'..." she looks past you and notices the group of people standing behind you.
"I... See." The door closes momentarily as she unlocks that final chain lock, then opens again as she invites you in.
"Uh, make yourselves at home. I'll go make some tea." She leaves the room quickly, presumably to the kitchen to brew aforementioned tea. You and your group manage to seat yourself in the various chairs, couches, etc. sitting about the living room as you wait silently for the owner of the house to bring that tea she mentioned.

Mentioned owner soon brings a tray full of teacups as well as a teapot and sets them down on a table in the center of the room, then pours herself a cup and sits down in a chair.
"So, how did such an... Interesting group get formed? It's rare to see Remilia without her maid.
You realize that the question is directed at you, so you answer.
"I guess I'm just awesome like that." Your response awards you a blank stare. You decide that telling her a summary of all that's happened so far would be best, so you do just that.
Once you're finished, she sets her teacup back down on the tray.
"I see. Well, that's an interesting story. To think..." She pauses. "Nevermind. Anyway-" she gets cut off by a loud bang at the door.

[ ] Get up and answer it.
[ ] Let Alice answer it.
>> No. 4077
[X] Get up and answer it.
>> No. 4078
[+] Let Alice answer it.
You don't answer someone else's door in their own home unless you're a frequent and welcome visitor. We aren't frequent, and we don't know if we'd be welcome to return just yet.
>> No. 4079
[x] Let Alice answer it.

>> No. 4081
[-v-] Let Alice answer it.
>> No. 4083
Yeah, it would be rude to answer someone else's door, especially when you've just met. And besides, if it ends up being one of those fairies from before, letting her answer it would be best.
Another bang at the door.
"Ahem." She stands up and walks over to the door, then slides open a miniscule eyehole on the inside. She then swiftly locks every lock on the door, then returns to sitting down with the rest of you.
"Right, conti-" she gets cut off once again by the door being knocked from its hinges, followed by Marisa casually strolling in.
"Alice! Did you hear what happened to the Scarlet Devil Ma-" she notices your group. "I guess you did -ze."
Glancing towards Alice, you find that her expression has switched to pure anger.
"MARISA." she shouts forcefully.
"Alice!" Marisa replies back, cheerfully.
"It's no big deal -ze. Anyway! This guy here, he has an awesome spellcard -ze!"
"Don't change the subject! Fix my door and get out!"
They quarrel for a while longer before Alice eventually calms down.
"So, about this guy's spellcard -ze. I broke in to the library to borrow some books, expecting to only have to fight off Patchy to get them, when suddenly I'm knocked out of the air by two small sparks -ze. It was awesome!" she exclaims animatedly. "Let me see that card -ze."
"Don't do it, you'll never get it back." Alice warns you.
"Nonesenze -ze! I always return things!"

[ ] Let Marisa see the card. No harm can come from it, right?
[ ] Alice is right, don't show her the card.
[ ] Make like you're going to show her the card, but when she's about to grab it, activate it, directing it at her.
>> No. 4084
[X] Alice is right, don't show her the card.
>> No. 4086
[] Burn Marisa down in a fit of insanity.

Seriously, though,

[x] Alice is right, don't show her the card.
>> No. 4087
[ ] Make like you're going to show her the card, but when she's about to grab it, activate it, directing it at her.

>> No. 4088
[x] Alice is right, don't show her the card.

As fun as it would be to blast Marisa again, I don't think she'll fall for the same thing twice.
>> No. 4089
[ ] Alice is right, don't show her the card.
>> No. 4090
[x] Breasts
>> No. 4091
"Marisa, you filthy liar."
"Eh? What are you talking about -ze?"
"Why do you think it was that I attacked you with the spellcard in the first place?"
"To show off -ze."
You facepalm. While your face is being covered by your palm, Marisa takes the chance and reaches into your pocket, grabbing both of your spellcards and taking them.
"Oh, you have two spellcards -ze! But what does this one do? I don't feel any magic on it..."
You quickly try and grab the cards out of her hand, but she swiftly avoids and continues examining the card.
"Affection Sign 'Perfect Ruffle'? What kind of spellcard name is that? Sounds stupid -ze."
You continue grabbing for the cards, but Marisa's just too quick for you.
"Give me my cards back, Marisa." you demand.
"Eh? I haven't gotten the chance to try them yet -ze."
"I'm going to try them first before I give them back -ze."
"Maris-" you get interrupted by her suddenly beginning to declare the spellcard.
"Forbidden Sign 'Blaze of Li-"
She can't finish, though, because at this point you slam the butt of the AK-47 into her face and grab your spellcards out of her hands while she's stunned, locking them in your spellcard box.
"Ow! What was that for?" she asks innocently, as if she wasn't just trying to steal something from you. You don't respond, but instead sit back down. Marisa sullenly follows suit.
"...Anyway. I've got some things to do, so would you kindly all leave?"

[ ] She asked nicely. Leave.
[ ] No, you will not leave.
[ ] Exit through the front door, make it look like you left, but stick around and watch through the window to find out what these "things" are.
>> No. 4094
[X] Exit through the front door, make it look like you left, but stick around and watch through the window to find out what these "things" are.

>would you kindly

I see what you did there.
>> No. 4097
[x] You are now mind controlled. Obey.
>> No. 4127
[ ] She asked nicely. Leave.
>> No. 4136
[x] Exit through the front door, make it look like you left, but stick around and watch through the window to find out what these "things" are.

spyin' games
>> No. 4137
[x] Exit through the front door, make it look like you left, but stick around and watch through the window to find out what these "things" are.

This'll be good.