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I’ve had this idea brewing in my head for a long time, and I’ve finally worked up the courage to post it. I will be trying to write the story in first person just so you know. The appearances of the character that you choose will be described when you first find yourself in front of a mirror, and yes all the characters are girls. I don’t really want to post this in others because of the current amount of active stories here, but the only other place that it might fit is Gensokyo. Of course, I could have just said fuck it and posted this in forest or border I noticed that they seem to be dying recently , but I decided if I was going to do that it would be after it was decided upon by the all knowing anonymous. I will answer any other questions that you may have as you ask them, and thank you beforehand. Picture probably not going to end up related. Now then, time to get started. Oh yeah, and feel free to change the names of the preset characters if you want to, I know that I’m not the greatest with names.



Character selection loaded.

Please choose a character before proceeding to Prologue Chapter: Diminishing Faith.

[] Theresa, the youkai of water. You can manipulate every form of water from vapors to large oceans, and anything that has water in it. The only things containing water that you cannot directly manipulate are living bodies, because the water inside them will not listen when you call out to it. Your personality stays calm and collected even under the most panic inducing of times. Some of the friends that you used to know sometimes called motherly towards others. You are not quite as smart as some youkai your age, but you make up for it by being able to recall all the knowledge that you do have without effort.

[] Guren, the youkai of fire. You have the power to create fire out of something as little as friction with the air, and then control that movement with simple gestures. However you cannot simply light living things on fire. You can burn them or engulf them with your fire, but you cannot create fire from them. Most people describe you as headstrong, but not reckless. You know better than to jump into the jaws of death, but you wouldn’t hesitate to get close. You are quite forgetful of anything that you deem minor, but anything that you actually take the time to remember you remember forever.

[] Koumai(ko-may), the youkai of air. You can control the winds to make tornadoes or calm breezes, or anything in between. You can use the air as a blade that is strong enough to cut through rock. Your speed is also unmatched by all those you have met. You are excitable and love to laugh and have fun with others. You’re the kind of person that holds together a group of people with good-natured jokes and actions. You will remember things that have caught your interest without difficulty, but if you find it boring you’re not too sure.

[] Laura, the youkai of the earth. You can change the earth with your touch as it molds to your will, and takes whatever form you choose. You are not fast, but you make up for it by being unbelievably strong, and having skin as strong as the hardest of metals. You give a wise aura to those who see you. You always take the time to think things through before taking action. Many of those that you once knew always looked to you for guidance. Your are wise beyond your years, but you have trouble remembering thing from long ago.

[] Reana, youkai of the rift Available after first successful playthrough.

[] Kaoka, youkai of electricity Available after specific in game event.

[] ?????, youkai of the unknown Available after defeating her in game.

[] create your own. Please only choose this if you create a very well thought out female youkai character which includes their powers, personality, intelligence and memory level, and, since it will be your character, your appearance. Please be as detailed as possible if you choose this. I will be very picky about this if you so choose it.

>> No. 28571
[x] Chitose, the youkai of the earth.

>Available after first successful playthrough.
You're either very confident or very naive. I'll wish you the best of luck.
>> No. 28572
I'm neither really, it's just a little something that I threw in there if it ever gets that far. If you mean the successful part then I'll tell you a successful playthrough means that you actually got to the end of the story, not that you didn't get any bad ends. It is almost inevitable that somewhere along the line you will get one, and there's no penalty for it. And thanks for the luck, I think I'll need it.
>> No. 28573
[x] Theresa, the youkai of water.

We will make a Touhou accidently call us mom.

It is our mission.
>> No. 28574
[X] Guren, the youkai of fire.

>> No. 28576
> ?????, youkai of the unknown. Available after defeating her in game.

Hidden True Final Boss that that will be stupidly hard to get to due to all the flags we need to raise?
>> No. 28577
Uhm... no. I will say nothing else on this matter.
>> No. 28578
[x] Theresa, the youkai of water.
Let's give it a try. A youkai of water sounds like a good idea.
>> No. 28579
I was refering to the run ending successfully, something very rare here.
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Here's hoping that I can get to the end of my story without abandoning it halfway through. I could count on my hand the number of finished stories I’ve read on this site, and I plan to become one of them. Also, adding a random trip so that you guys know who I am.

I'll give this another hour or two before I call it and start writing.
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>I could count on my hand the number of finished stories I’ve read on this site

Whoops, that should read, 'I could count on my hand the number of finished stories I’ve read on this site that actually finished'
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For a moment there i thought you were YAF.
>> No. 28584
I am most definitely not YAF. I'll add a name to the trip soon once I come up with one so that no one has that assumption again.

Anyway, vote is called. I shall begin writing immediately.
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[x]Theresa, the youkai of water chosen.

Loading Prologue Chapter: Diminishing Faith…
Loading complete. Please enjoy.

I wave good bye to Roy and his children as they begin the short trek back to the village. He was such a nice man coming out to see me three or four times a week. This time he decided to bring his children along to meet me. The three of them are so cute together, and I can tell that he genuinely cares for them. I’m not sure what happened to his wife, but I’m not one to pry at painful memories. It was nice when he came over. I never got any company, because most of the village was still afraid of my powers even though I’d been around for near eighty years. However, they let me live nearby the small lake in the area. I had a deal with the village now. In exchange for my protection they would provide me with food and other essentials. They even built me a small house a little while back. Everything would be perfect if the others hadn’t started disappearing. I sigh to myself before going back indoors. Soon I will have to say good bye to everyone in the village.

I had already had dinner, but I still felt hungry so I grabbed one of the candies the children had brought for me and started munching. MMMM, how I love milk chocolate! So tasty, oh, whoops. I believe I’m drooling a bit. I should wipe that off real quick. I hope nobody saw that, that would have been embarrassing. I wish some of the other youkai and fairies were still around. They all loved such little treats. I’m the only one left now though. I wish that I knew where they went. They made the best friends, and some of them were still too young to live on their own. I still had so much to teach them. It was so weird how they disappeared too. It was just one day they were there, and the next day they weren’t. And it started with the weakest and youngest, and went to the strongest and oldest. Which means that sooner or later it’ll happen to me too, and I don’t suppose that there’s anything I can do about it? Probably not. Ah well, best to make the most of the time that I still have left to myself. I don’t feel particularly tired, and the sun is just starting to set. I should probably take a bath, because I ended up sweating a bit while playing with the children. My food supply is running slightly low as well, so I should probably go pick up some more from the village. What to do~ What to do~?

[] Whoo, I’m more tired than I thought. I should probably just go to bed.

[] I really do need a bath. I should grab some towels and get going.

[] I don’t really know how long I’m going to be here, so I should keep my food supply up. Plus a little visit to the village was never a bad thing. It’s not like the people there hated you, they were just afraid of your powers.

[] Wait, wasn’t there something else that I was supposed to be doing? (write-in option)
>> No. 28587
[x] I really do need a bath. I should grab some towels and get going.

A bath - universal solution when you are new to the game.
And oh well, water is your element anyway. Might as well enjoy it. Shouldn't she be able to survive with only water?
>> No. 28590
[x] I really do need a bath. I should grab some towels and get going.

Bath + youkai of water = ?
>> No. 28594
You could I guess, but what would the fun be in that. You would have so many less experiences in life.

Vote called.
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[x] I really do need a bath. I should grab some towels and get going.
>> No. 28597
Yes, a bath is much needed. I may be a youkai of water, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll always be clean. I should just grab a few towels from my room before I leave. The other side of the lake should be warmer right now, so I’ll start over there. I sigh again as I look over my now familiar room. It was nothing special really, just a cotton bed in the corner, a dresser, and a small desk. Still however, I hoped that there was some way that I could bring it with me when I go. Even if I decided not to live in it, just to keep it around as a memento of some calmer times. I fold up the two towels I’d chosen along with the change of clothes for easier carrying. A tailor in the village made me this nightgown about twenty years ago. It was a very light blue color and reached down to just above my shins. Under the right light it was a little bit see through, but by the time that I finished bathing night will have fallen. There will be more than enough cloud cover tonight that the moonlight won’t be enough for anyone to get a good look at my more private parts.

I sigh again as I close the door to my house and begin the walk to the other side of the lake. That boy, Kaoru was his name, from the village will probably be watching me again. Although it is a bit weird just letting him watch I do find myself happy that I’ve retained my beauty after all these years of toil. Well, so long as he doesn’t try anything rash I guess that it’s alright. I don’t think that he will, because whenever I see him in the village he always shies away from me cutely when I try to talk to him. Come to think of it he was pretty cute. Such a small and soft spoken boy, easily embarrassed as well. I had actually thought about…. teaching… him a few things a little while ago. That would have caused some problems with his parents though considering that they didn’t particularly me. Well to be frank they despised me for some reason that I just can’t figure out no matter what I do. Well never mind all that, I came here to take a nice relaxing bath and that’s what I plan on doing. I’ll just leave my stuff on this rock here and… Oh, I was right. He’s here over to the right somewhere. He’s very good at hiding, but I could pick out someone’s scent easily if it’s out of place. Might as well just get in now though seeing as I already have my clothes off.

I wash my body just like I normally would, taking the longest portion of time to wash my lengthy hair. It took me years to grow my hair to the way it is now, so I intend to take good care of it. It was a very deep blue near the roots, and the farther that you went down it grew progressively lighter until it was bright white. Now it actually reached to just past my back before curling back up and inward slightly. People have also told me that rather than it just going straight down it liked to fan out from my sides. I can see the moon in the sky now. I had best get going to home now. I dry myself off quickly and put my nightgown on. Well, that boy’s still there though, maybe I should talk to him for a bit before going? Or maybe I could see if he would come and snuggle with me tonight, he is really cute after all. He’s probably lonely too. I wouldn’t do anything like that to him though. I’ve already decided against it. Maybe I should take a walk around the lake for a time before I go to sleep as well? Or maybe I’m thinking too much and I should just go home and get some sleep?

[] I should just go back home, I’m tired

[] Talk to the boy.
-[] What about? Write-in
-[] Do you see if you can get the shota to come and snuggle with you? Yes or No.

[] A walk in the moonlight would be nice.

[] Or maybe something else? Write-in


This choice will affect the rest of the prologue.
>> No. 28599
I like the story so far, nice work nameless writefag.

[ø] Talk to the boy.
-[ø] A walk in the moonlight would be nice. (with Kaoru)

By the way...
>they didn’t particularly me.
you accidentally a verb.
>> No. 28602
I blame Word 2007 for having a crappy grammar check, because I know it was my own fault for not checking it over myself. Like with that last sentence. It’s telling me that myself should be me when it should be myself. It’s telling me that about the first myself in that sentence too. Not the myself in that one though. Now it’s telling me that the order of the words “the” and “myself” in the last sentence are out of order. Alright I’m just going to stop now, because it says that there’s something wrong in that sentence too.

>nameless writefag

I don’t want to be remembered as that. I should probably come up with a name soon.
>> No. 28604
[x] A walk in the moonlight would be nice.
>> No. 28605
[x] Talk to the boy.
-[x] A walk in the moonlight would be nice. (with Kaoru)

c'mere shota
>> No. 28606
File 127859908266.jpg - (14.56KB , 300x206 , Herbert.jpg ) [iqdb]
>c'mere shota
>> No. 28607
I just decided to call you that as there are way too many Blankfags already.

As for Word 07's grammar check capabilities... well, we all know how bad those machine grammar checks are. I'd offer to be an editor/proof-reader, except that my own english isn't exactly top quality.
>> No. 28609
>too many blankfags already.

That is true. I'm still having trouble coming up with a name for myself though, so until then I guess that's what I am. I hate being bad with names.

>I'd offer to be an editor/proof-reader, except that my own english isn't exactly top quality.

You aren't the only one, and thanks for the offer. However I intend to use this story to help my own english. That and the fact that I just want to write a story.

Also, vote called.
>> No. 28610
blindly blundering forth won't really help, and a good proofreader tells you where you screw up, and not just fix things without telling why.
>> No. 28611
You are absolutely correct in that matter. I actually just called my old english tutor to ask if he would do it, and he said yes. Considering he teaches people english on a daily basis I'd say he'll be a good proofreader. I just sent the update to him in an e-mail, so update will be whenever he gets back to me and I learn what I did wrong.
>> No. 28613
>english tutor

I would like to present your english tutor with a brofist.
>> No. 28623
He'd probably give one right back, because he's just awesome like that.


I really probably should get to talking with that boy. Maybe he’ll open up a bit if he has the chance to talk to me alone. How should I go about getting him to come over here without him freaking out and running away now? I sit down on the large rock that I had put my cloths and towels on, and then turn my head up to look at the moon above me before speaking loudly and yet softly at the same time.

“The moon is beautiful tonight. It looks so happy up there with all the stars around it. Wouldn’t you agree Kaoru?” I hear a cute little yelp from the bushes over to my left and a slight rustling. “Come on out Kaoru, I know you’re there. I’m not mad at you; I just want to talk is all.” I hear a bit more rustling and sure enough a few seconds later the little one pops out of the bushes. He waits there at the edges of the forest, his blond bangs covering most of his blushing face and his fingers intertwining with each other. Awwww, he’s so cute! He’s like a little puppy! I hop off the rock and make my way over to where he is still standing. I stop when I’m just in front of him and lean down so that we’re on the same eye level. Now he’s even shivering. Is he really that afraid of me? I didn’t know that I was scary when I wasn’t trying to be? He might just not be used to meeting new people, so he’s afraid that he might do something wrong. Yes that’s the one. His parents never liked him very much, and he had always had trouble talking to people. Well then, I should help remedy that.

“Hey, Kaoru.” I put my hand on his head and ruffle his hair a bit. “There’s no reason to be afraid of me alright. I would never do anything to hurt you.” He looks up at me with surprise in his deep blue eyes. I stand up and offer my hand to him. “Why don’t we take a walk around the lake together? You never answered my other question either. What do you think of the moon?” After a few moments of hesitation he takes my hand and I give it a gentle squeeze before leading him into walking beside me. About a minute or so later I hear his voice.

“I-I think that the moon looks happy too. It has s-so many friends that keep it company every night.” His voice is really cute too, and I like that answer. Now’s the time for the truth though.

“Do you want to have friends to keep you company, just like the moon does?”

“Y-Yes, I do, but my parents always t-told me that there was no point because they wouldn’t listen to me anyway.” Well that’s no good! I should have a talk with them before I go for discouraging such a nice kid.

“Have you ever tried to make friends with anyone before?”

“N-No.” He turns away as he says this. I squeeze his hand again to get him to look at up at me before speaking.

“How are you going to know for yourself if you never even try? I think that you’d make a great friend, and I’d be glad to be your first friend.” I say this with a big smile and a nod.

“Y-You’d really do that for me?!” His voice is a mixture of surprise and excitement. Oh this is going perfectly. I stop suddenly and spin him around so that when I lean over my face comes within inches of his.

“Of course I would, but only on one condition. That you find the confidence to try and make friends with the others in the village.” I take on a very serious look as I say this. He looks really nervous, but after a couple long seconds he nods his head. My expression slowly turns back to a smile as he talks.

“I’ll try my best Miss Theresa, I-I promise!” His eyes look a little different now. I think that I may have just changed his life. A little bit more advice couldn’t hurt right? I should tell him about how much the Murai twins seem to like him. A cute pair of girls around his age may traumatize him a bit at first, but I’m sure they’d make great friends. Plus, I’ve seen the way they look at him. There’s no way that they would ever say no. I put myself back into a standing position and start walking again. We’re almost to my house now too.

“Then I’ve got one last bit of advice before you go back to the village.” He looks up at me expectantly. “The Murai twins are a really nice pair of girls. You may want to start with them.” He gives me possibly the most heart moving smile I’ve ever seen. If he keeps this up I may not be able to hold back anymore.

“I will Miss Theresa! Thank you!” He wraps his arms around my stomach as he says this, and I can’t help but return the gesture. It’s about time that he got home now.

“You better get home now before your stupid parents notice you’re gone and you get in trouble.” He nods vigorously and begins running off back towards the village, waving good bye the whole way. I watch him go with a smile. Even if this is my last day here, at least I did good with it. I sigh contently as I enter my house and go to my bedroom. I put my clothes and towels on top of my dresser and lay down on my bed. I can feel it now. There’s another presence in this room. So I guess this is my last day here after all…

[] Resign yourself to this fate.

[] “Can’t I just have one more day here. You know, to say good bye and all that.”

[] “If there’s any way that I can bring this house with me could I do that?”

[] Other conversation with the presence. Write-in topics.


I hope no one minds that I made my own conversation topic.
>> No. 28624
Note to self: Don't put apostrophes in the name box.
>> No. 28626
[x] “Can’t I just have one more day here. You know, to say good bye and all that.”
[x] “If there’s any way that I can bring this house with me could I do that?”
>> No. 28630
[ø] “If there’s any way that I can bring this house with me could I do that?”
>> No. 28631
[x] Resign yourself to this fate.
>> No. 28642
[x] “If there’s any way that I can bring this house with me could I do that?”
>> No. 28647
Vote called, but I won't start writing until tomorrow. I've been at a DCI show for twelve hours, and I'm way too tired to write.BLUUUUUEEE!I'll be surprised if anyone actually gets that.
>> No. 28656
I'm sorry to delay further, but the RL gets hectic at times and this is one of those times. You can expect an update by monday though.
>> No. 28662

M11 prerelease?
>> No. 28668
Don't know what that means.

Sorry about the expected update not being here, but my tutor hasn't e-mailed me back yet.
>> No. 28669
“If there’s any way that I can bring this house with me could I do that?” I rather like this house, and it may be nice to have wherever I’m going.

“I’m sorry, but I’ve only been contracted to warp you across the border, nothing else.” The voice I hear sounds hollow and underused, although if I listen hard enough I can hear an underlying sadness that might be behind that. ‘warp you across the border’ that makes me feel a little weird. I feel kind of bad for that I can’t bring the house too.

“However, if you seek out one Yukari Yakumo once I’m done you might be able to convince her to get it for you. Do you have any more questions or can I finally finish this contract?” Yukari Yakumo, huh. I remember meeting someone by that name once a very long time ago. I doubt that she remembers it though. All we did after all was talk a bit at an inn. She was very… eccentric might be a good word for it, her and that child kitsune that was following her around. I never got the kitsune’s name, but she was really cute when she was embarrassed. I’m forgetting the situation though.

“Nope I guess I’m ready then.” What else would I have to do, and why should I fight it? I’ve already escaped it longer than everyone else, why should I run?

“Thank you for being less of a hassle than everyone else. I was tired of having to subdue people when they didn’t come with me even though it was for their own good. I’m assuming that you mostly understand the situation or just don’t care enough to want to resist, but either way I’m just delaying further aren’t I. This will inevitably put you to sleep so you might as well make yourself comfortable while I begin the spell.” I can feel the air around me begin to swirl and my body start to relax. It’s becoming a little hard to think now. The presence said that the spell would put me to sleep, so I might as well just go to sleep myself…


Urgh, my head. It feels like that time when all I did for three days party and drink. I don’t even want to open my eyes, or even move at all. Maybe I should just go back to sleep…

[] Sleep time is over now~. I open my eyes to…
-[] bamboo. Lots of bamboo.
-[] a small clearing in a dense forest with a nice looking house on the other side.
-[] a field of red flowers and a river.
-[] a slightly decrepit mansion with an odd ghostly feel to it. Not a bad feeling though.

[] just sleep a little bit longer. (let me decide where you end up.)

Yay update!
>> No. 28670
[x] just sleep a little bit longer. (let me decide where you end up.)
>> No. 28671
[x] Sleep time is over now~. I open my eyes to…
-[x] a field of red flowers and a river.

This story's potential lack of Komachi/Shiki doesn't bode well. Time to fix that.
>> No. 28672
[x] Sleep time is over now~. I open my eyes to…
-[x] a field of red flowers and a river.
Change of scenery.
>> No. 28673
[x] Sleep time is over now~. I open my eyes to…
-[x] a field of red flowers and a river.
>> No. 28674
Vote called. Also, congratulations on making it through the prologue without hitting any of the bad ends I set up. The way that you got through was also the shortest way that you could have gotten through.
>> No. 28675

Was shota-rape a bad end?
>> No. 28676
Bad end minefields aren't something to be proud of.
>> No. 28678
No, but I wasn't going to write that anyway.

It wasn't a minefield. There were actually only three bad ends along a path with twenty-four different ways total to get through it. So long as you weren't complete idiots they were very easy to avoid as well.
>> No. 28744
[Q] just sleep a little bit longer. (let me decide where you end up.)

>No, but I wasn't going to write that anyway
>> No. 28748
I meant that I wasn't going to write that at that point in the story. If the story gets to the point that there is a side story thread that will probably be the first thing in it, or if I'm ever having some trouble writing I'll write that to help me.

Also sorry about the no update, but I’ve been having a lot of problems with my computer for the past couple of days. I didn't want to risk anything, so I just decided to wait until a friend of mine who's in college for his doctrit in programming or something like that could come over and fix it. Well, that and the fact I was at an Iron Maiden concert on Thursday, but can I really be blamed when the tickets were free from a friend who had an extra. Dream Theater was the opening band too which made it even more irresistable for me. He just left about half an hour ago, and everythings been working so now I actually am writing.
>> No. 28755
No, there’s no time to sleep now. I need to figure out where I am, and it might not be safe here to begin with. Plus if there’s some water source around here then I can wash away this pain easily. As I open my eyes I see that I’m lying on my side in a field of strange red flowers. I’ve never seen this kind of flower before now. They’re quite pretty, but they give off an eerie feeling the more that I look at them. I get up slowly to avoid any kind of motion sickness from moving too quickly. From sitting I can see a wide river to my right. I should get over there.

I stand slowly, and immediately slump back to my knees. I’m actually glad that I haven’t eaten in a long time for once. It seems that however I got here must have required a lot of my spiritual energy. If it’s taken this much out of me though, I can’t even imagine what it did to the others that got here the same way. I need to stop thinking about other things right now though and get over there. It’s still very painful, but I start to crawl over to the edge of the river.

It takes me a few minutes, but eventually I do make it. Now there’s another problem though. This water will not respond to my calls. It also seems to have a massive amount of energy flowing through it. There’s no telling what might happen if I were to tamper with this water. I should just leave this river alone. If I find some place to rest for a while it should still allow me to regain my energy, albeit much slower. There’s a tree a little bit to my left, so I’ll lean myself up against that and let myself rest.

“Is she dead?” A young girly voice. Such an odd question to ask.

“No, she’s neither dead nor dying. I think she’s just conserving her energy to help recover it faster.” A lazy sounding older voice, still a bit girly though. Wait a second, that sounds a lot like what I’ve been trying to do.

“Should we help her Miss Onozuka? She doesn’t look to good.” The younger voice again. I think they’re talking about me. I’ll just listen in a bit more before confronting them.

“We’re on the job right now Sei. We need to stay here at least until our shift is almost over, and it’s not like we can bring her to Higan anyway. Well, unless she’s willing to die that is. Seeing as how she’s trying to regain her strength though she probably doesn’t.”

“You keep forgetting that my house is on the far side of this field Miss Onozuka. We could bring her to my house right now and still technically be working.”

“You’re right, I do keep forgetting that. Alright, we’ll help her. You’re staying here to do our job though. It’ll be okay if Siki catches me slacking off, but since you just started a couple of days ago you’d get on hell of a punishment.”

“R-Right. There are guest rooms on the second floor.”

“See you later then!” I feel myself get hefted onto this “Miss Onozuka’s” back, and the wind on my face as we fly through the air. I tried to bring myself to say something, but decided that it might be better just to continue pretending until I was at this “Sei’s” house. A few minutes later I hear the sound of a door being slid open.

“Upstairs she said, where’s the stairca-ah there it is! Now I suppose I just pick a door right? This one looks good.” I here another door slide open.

“Doesn’t look like anyone’s room, so I guess you could call this a guest room. I’m just gonna set you down for a moment while I get a futon out. Hope you don’t mind too much!” I’m placed sitting against a wall for a few moments while I hear another door slide open and some rustling. I feel myself get picked up again and placed down on the futon. The woman pulls the covers up to my shoulders.

“Now that you’re all comfortable I’m gonna go raid Sei’s kitchen.” The woman laughs a bit to herself before walking towards the door. I could stop her now, or I could just wait a little bit longer.

[] Stop the “Miss Onozuka” now before she leaves the room.

[] Wait until she leaves the room, and then search the house for her yourself.
-[] surprise her if you find her? (yes or no)

[] Just wait for her here until she gets back from whatever she’s doing.
-[] surprise her by being up when she comes back? (yes or no)

This too…

[] What questions do you ask the women? I’m making the limit 7.
-[] Who are you?
-[] Where am I?
-[] Write-in. This would be preferable.

[] Whatever else can you think of? Write-in


I hope no one minds that I have original characters set up along with the some Touhou characters. Not that there are many of them.
>> No. 28756
[X] Just wait for her here until she gets back from whatever she’s doing.
-[X] surprise her by being up when she comes back? (no)
[X] What questions do you ask the woman?
-[X] (Introduce yourself, then) Who are you?
-[X] What was that river?
-[X] Inquire about Yukari
[X] Tell her she can leave; you won't cause any problems here and you don't want her getting in trouble on your behalf.

Keeping it brief, kind, and polite. Too many new comers are rabble rousers; time to set ourselves apart. For some reason, Theresa seems like she'd get along pretty well with Letty.
>> No. 28760
Sorry, but I can't count that vote unless you add in the questions part. It is a little important.

Also, does anybody know how old Yukari and Yuyuko are? I can't find it anywhere.
>> No. 28761
Depending on whether you think Saigyou was Yuyu's father or grandfather, Yuyuko is probably somewhere between 848 to 878 years old
>Yuyuko's father passes away beneath the Saigyou Ayakashi
>the historical figure Saigyou lived from 1118 to 3/23/1190 (2/16 old calendar), and entered the priesthood in 1140

Yukari was born in 1993, of course.
>> No. 28763
Thank you very much for that. I can have Yuyuko be around there, and Yukari's going to have two birthdays now.
>> No. 28764
[] Stop the “Miss Onozuka” now before she leaves the room.
[X] What questions do you ask the woman?
-[X] (Introduce yourself, then) Who are you?
-[x] Explain how you got here and find out if this is common
-[X] What was that river?
-[X] Inquire about Yukari
-[x] Is this where various beings have been ending up?
>> No. 28765
>Yukari was born in 1993, of course.
That makes her seventeen.
>> No. 28766
>> No. 28770
[X] Just wait for her here until she gets back from whatever she’s doing.
-[X] surprise her by being up when she comes back? (no)
[X] What questions do you ask the woman?
-[X] (Introduce yourself, then) Who are you?
-[X] What was that river?
-[X] Inquire about Yukari
[X] Tell her she can leave; you won't cause any problems here and you don't want her getting in trouble on your behalf.
>> No. 28771
Called vote and writing now.
>> No. 28772
Awesome, looking forward to it.
>> No. 28785
Why thank you.

I can feel a bit of the mischievousness from when I was very young begin to rise a bit, but I easily quell it. It would be best if I didn’t startle her, and I should probably wait until she gets back. She did say something about a kitchen, so she’s probably just getting something to eat really quick. Hopefully she won’t take too long. I notice that she hasn’t shut the door to the room too, so she must not plan to be away long. Or, she’s just forgetful. I hope it’s the earlier.

It seems like the headache from before isn’t nearly as bad. It is much easier to think straight. The pain in my body seems to have mostly subsided as well; maybe I should try and move around a bit. I force myself into a sitting position with only slight protests. From here I get a better look around the room. There’s actually, well, nothing of note in the room. It’s a traditional Japanese room with two sliding doors, one open, and a window with light green curtains. I guess this Sei isn’t much of an interior decorator. I decide against standing up and getting a better look around because of all the dizziness from last time I tried that. I’ll just wait here until that woman gets back here. Actually, I think I can hear her now.

“What’s up with all these barren walls? I swear Sei; you should get Alice or somebody in here to decorate a bit. I mean it feels nice, but it’s almost like no one even lives here.” Is she talking to herself again? I listen in to her meaningless banter get louder until I see her round the corner. I take a moment to look her over before she can say anything. She’s wearing a blue and white short sleeve dress that goes down to about halfway down her shins. There’s a sash around her waist with a few small brown pouches hanging from it. Her light red hair goes down to about shoulder length, with twintails in the back. Her skin is light and her features look delicate, w-well except for her breasts. They’re a little big, even when compared to my own sizable breasts, and I think I see the edge of a sarashi at her collar entailing that that isn’t even their full size. I have to say that it has been a while since I’ve felt even the slightest bit of jealousy. Shit, stop staring before she can notice Theresa.

“Wow, awake already. That was pretty fast.”

“I wasn’t really unconscious or anything like that, just in a sort of highly meditative state. Anyway, my name’s Theresa nice to meet you. I would get up to hold my hand out, but last time I tried to get up I fell rather unceremoniously back to the ground so I’d prefer to not get up.” It’s the truth, but I extend my hand anyway and she walks over and shakes it firmly while speaking.

“Well, it’s nice to know that at least one of the newcomers has manners. My name’s Komachi Onozuka and it’s nice to meet you too. There have been a lot of newcomers to Gensokyo recently, but none of them quite as… calm as you. Well, at least the ones that ended up around here anyway. I don’t know about any of the others other than that there are a lot of them, and that a couple of the more powerful ones brought large chunks of their domains with them. You didn’t do that too did ya’?” She sits down as she finishes. Not that I know of, and it’s quite obvious considering the whole place isn’t submerged in water.

“If I had brought a large chunk of my domain with me this whole area would have turned into an ocean, so no I don’t think I did.” She seems a little puzzled by this.

“Umm, what kind of Youkai are you exactly?” Oh I thought she would have guessed by now.

“I am the last of the Youkai of water. That I know of at least.” It might not be the truth, so best not to lie.

“That’s pretty interesting. I’ve never met an elemental Youkai before. Anyway, you probably have questions and stuff so ask away. If it’s about food though, I have something cooking right now.” That’s good to know. It’s been a couple of days since I last ate.

“What was that river from before? I know for sure that it’s no normal river.”

“That would be the Sanzu. It’s the barrier that separates this world from Higan. Higan is the place where souls go to be judged on their life when they die. I happen to be a shinigami, or death god to some, one who ferries souls across the Sanzu to their judgment. My job is one of the most important around.” She looks proud of herself as she says this. I probably shouldn’t be holding her here like this then if it’s that important.

“You know, I’ll be okay on my own for now if you want to get back to work. Seeing as how important your job is you probably shouldn’t be taking the time to listen to all my questions.” She smiles wider at this.

“Don’t worry about it too much. I’m the laziest shinigami ever. Plus my new apprentice, Sei, is still out working. She’s good at her job, and it won’t matter much if I get another lecture by Siki. Siki’s my boss by the way. She’s a Yama, the one who decides the fate of a soul after death. She’s pretty strict, but she’s actually a big softy at heart. What else you want to know before we go down to eat?” I should probably learn a bit more about Yukari before anything. I really do want that house.

“What can you tell me about a person named Yukari Yakumo?” Komachi laughs as I finish. It takes a few seconds for her to calm herself before she speaks.

“What, do you have some kind of insane quest for revenge on her too? Half the newcomers have some stupid thing like that going on.”

“No, no. I need to see her about getting my old house here as well. It wasn’t anything fancy, but there are a lot of good memories that go along with it.”

“That would probably be a good idea. Sei will let you bunk here until you’ve recovered, but she gets really paranoid when it’s just her in her house with someone who’s more or less a stranger. There’s not really a whole lot that I can tell you about Yukari though, because of a promise that she made me make about not telling the newcomers that much about her. I’m not about to break a promise with her, sorry.” Well, a promise is a promise.

“It’s alright. It’s good that you wouldn’t break a promise.”

“That’s right! Do you think that you can stand? The food should be ready soon.”

“With a little help I probably could.” With a nod of approval Komachi scoots closer to me and puts her arm around my shoulders for support. I do the same to her with my right arm and let her grab my hand with her other arm. Slowly she helps me up off the futon and we get moving towards the door. The dizziness isn’t nearly as bad as before, but I continue to let her support me just in case. The stairs prove a bit of a problem, but eventually I end up seated a floor cushion eating a very delicious meal. During the meal Komachi explained to me where I was, Gensokyo, and about many note worthy places. She explained that recently a few new areas had appeared as well. Most notably the large swamp near the forest of magic, the tundra that appeared past Youkai Mountain, and a large barren mountain a long ways off from everything. She also told me of how different fighting was done here. I learned the basics of both Danmaku and Spell Melee. She told me that once I had recovered fully that she would give me some blank spell cards to make my own patterns with, and maybe play a few practice rounds with me. Our meal was over now, and Komachi had helped me back upstairs and into the futon from before. She told me that it would be best if I just rested till tomorrow, and I fell asleep quickly after that.


“Hey, wake up Theresa!” Someone’s yelling my name? Why would someone be yelling my name, I thought I lived alo-“Come on breakfast is almost ready!” Oh yeah that’s right. Everything from yesterday is coming back. I should probably respond shouldn’t I?

“I’ll be there soon!” I yell towards the door.

“Hurry up, I’ve called you six times already!” I guess I’d better see if I feel good enough to walk on my own. None of the aching pain from before is still there, and neither is the headache. I move over to the wall before trying to stand up so that I have something to lean on in case it’s still dizzying. There’s still a little bit of dizziness, but only enough to be slightly annoying and I can easily ignore it. Walking doesn’t prove to be much of a problem either as I find my way back to the same cushion I sat in last night. I’m only waiting for a few seconds before Komachi walks out with two plates and puts one in front of me before seating herself across from me.

“Omelets?” Not the kind of breakfast I was expecting. She looks at me like I’m completely insane.

“What? Omelets are the best breakfasts ever.” She eagerly dives into hers as I take my time eating mine. I have to hand it to her; this is probably the best omelet I’ve ever had in my life. After we’re finished she takes the plates back into the kitchen and I wait for her to return. She walks back out of the kitchen and reclaims her seat across from me.

“You’re hostess Sei is on the job right now. I should be too, but Siki let me stay here to take care of you. There’s a change of clothes and a bath waiting for you down that hallway over there. Think of something to do while you’re in there. I’m bored and I’ve got the day off, so whatever you want works. Well, within reason that is.” I give her thanks and head down the hallway that she mentioned. A few moments later I find myself relaxing in a large bathtub. What should I do after this I wonder? I could go someplace that Komachi mentioned, with or without her. I could have her teach me how to make spellcards too or maybe something else entirely.

[] Go somewhere in Gensokyo.
-[] Komachi as a guide. She said she had the day off.
-[] just ask her for directions and head off yourself. Nicely remind her of how important her job is.

[] Have Komachi teach you how to make your own spellcards.

[] Just laze around the house with Komachi.

[] something else?

If you choose to go somewhere, where do you go?

[] Hakurei Shrine
[] Forest of Magic
[] Youkai Mountain
[] Human Village
[] Scarlet Devil Mansion
[] Hakugyokuro
[] Misty Lake
[] Mayohiga If you look for it you won’t find it.
[] Bamboo Forest of the Lost
[] One of those new places Not yet.
[] Somewhere else?
[] Wander aimlessly.

Sorry for taking so long. I had the update written out, but I didn’t like the way it sounded so I deleted it and rewrote it.
>> No. 28786
[X] Go somewhere in Gensokyo.
-[X] Komachi as a guide. She said she had the day off.
-[X] ask for the most important stops.
[X] Have Komachi teach you how to make your own spellcards during a slow time.

Well... that was interesting, such as Theresa having a nice size and envy at that (I think nearly everyone in Gensokyo envies Komachi in that matter)
>> No. 28787
Actually, this gave me an idea. I have Theresa already set up with a mature body, but I could easily change that at this point in the story. I'm going to say that there is a mirror in this bathroom. I want you to pick what Theresa you want. Either way you still have the same hair so that part doesn't matter much, and at this point the size comment could be easily ignored. This vote will affect the all around appearance of your character, and as such will affect some of the reactions to you by other characters. So Anonymous, what would you like?

[] The mature Theresa that I had initially intended.

[] A loli-type Theresa, that I wouldn’t mind writing if you were wondering.

[] Or something in between, please explain what you would like.

[] Any specific traits like wings, or the like.

I hope that no one minds that I'm doing this.
>> No. 28788
[X] The mature Theresa that I had initially intended.
-[X] A bust size second only to Komachi herself.

Why not?

[X]Make passionate love to Komachi
>> No. 28789
You're going to have to earn that unless you intend on becoming evil and raping her.
>> No. 28790
>> No. 28791
I never said I was complaining, just remarking.

[x] The mature Theresa that I had initially intended.

Default is fine with me, and don't forget about the original vote!
>> No. 28792
I didn't think you were. I just thought that it would be a good idea anyway.
>> No. 28794
[水] Just laze around the house with Komachi.
[水] The mature Theresa that I had initially intended.
-[水] A bust size second only to Komachi herself.

I really wanted to make a sketch of Theresa, but I don't have the time at the moment.
Writer tripfriend, do you mind if I post the sketch later, if I do get around to finishing it?
>> No. 28795
[Q] Have Komachi teach you how to make your own spellcards.

Better now that later.

[Q] The mature Theresa that I had initially intended.

While either is good for Shota, mature seems to fit the story.
>> No. 28796
[x] Just laze around the house with Komachi.
[x] The mature Theresa that I had initially intended.

The easiest choice.
>> No. 28797
That would be perfectly fine by me. I'd have no problems with that what-so-ever. In fact, it makes me very happy that someone wanted to, so whenever you have the time to do it is fine by me. Thank you!
>> No. 28798
I just realized, since we're basicly water, we can use water hax to make ourselves more like a loli, or more...voluminous.
>> No. 28799
File 12798605679.jpg - (269.07KB , 806x1200 , Love_Hina_vol03_112[BYAAAH].jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Have Komachi teach you how to make your own spellcards.
[x] The mature Theresa that I had initially intended.
[x] Any specific traits like wings, or the like: a long skirt that just reaches to her ankles

Pic related-ish. She was about the first person that occurred to when reading this for a bit and thinking of Theresa.
>> No. 28800
You can, but because your body isn't made entirely of water it can take a long time to take effect, anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the amount of change. That's only if you wanted to do it effortlessly though. If you took the time to sit down and concentrate on changing your body then you could finish in anywhere from a couple of hours too one or two days. However, you would have to fully concentrate on this for that time without interruption.

By the way, Anon’s of >>28788 and >>28793. I believe you’re forgetting to post your vote for what to do next.

>A bust size second only to Komachi herself.
That was how I had her already.

Rereading my writing so far she is one of the characters that pops up in my head.

>A long skirt that just reaches her ankles.
That vote was more for actual body traits, not clothes. However, you should remember that if you so decide to get your own clothes rather than always borrowing from others.

Also I’ll leave the voting open for a few more hours, because I don’t have the time to write at the moment.
>> No. 28801
[x] Have Komachi teach you how to make your own spellcards.
[x] The mature Theresa that I had initially intended.
-[x] A bust size second only to Komachi herself.
>> No. 28803
Spellcard learan time it is. This will probably be a short update, but I'm not sure yet.
>> No. 28813
I like it very much, and I hope you don't mind me saying a little bit about. It's a little different than what I had in mind, but it's not like you can just read my mind. Or can you but just not over a computer? Hmmm... I'm not too good with fashion, so I'm not going to say anything about the clothes except maybe making them reach down her legs farther than they do. As for the color, I think any color from a cool color scheme would fit best, however you may want to experiment with shades yellow and orange as well. Her hair should go down to about her butt, and with no braids. However I kind of like the idea of braids so if that's what you want to do then I have no problems with it. I used to be a really good artist and would love to collaborate with you, but I broke my hand a while ago and it never healed right so it's really hard for me to draw now.;_; Otherwise I would be happy to help.

>had forgotten how easily the marker bleeds through the paper.
I forgot that all the time; don't worry about it too much.

>spoilerd part
Even though yes they are obvious, I like it too.

This part is for everyone. This would have been an update as well, but my friends decided to throw a party for my birthday even though I explicitly told them not to do so. Now I've got to take all the drunken idiots home, so I'll be writing when I get back. I don't mind it when they drink, but I'd rather them not die or kill someone else in a car crash on the way home.
>> No. 28925
Having Komachi teach me how people fight around here might be a good idea. Even my lowest level spells are powerful enough to knock out most lesser Youkai, and though my strongest required a lot of effort on my part they are strong enough to completely demolish everything within a few miles. I’d rather not ever have to cast one of those again though. Last time that I did it was because I was part of an intense battle with a god who had been deemed too evil. It’s true that there must be a balance between good and evil, especially among gods, because of this god’s high level of corruption she was sentenced to death. However, she didn’t want to die obviously, and an incredibly intense fight ensued. The evil one didn’t care about anything besides living at that point and fought without holding back at all. At the time I was still very powerful, and happened to only be a few miles away when the fighting started. I had immediately rushed over to see what was going on. By the time I got there, the young goddess that had been sent to kill her was almost defeated. I deduced the situation quickly and presented a challenge to the evil goddess before she could deliver a death blow to the other. Just a one-on-one duel to death. I’ll admit that it was a very stupid idea, but I was still trying to find the extent of my powers at the time so I did it anyway. I ended up killing her after a battle that lasted two and a half days. I was awarded ascension to goddess afterwards for repairing the balance and saving the young goddess, but I refused it. I told them that if I was to become a god then I would do it through my power, not have it handed to me. Now that I think about it more though, I already had the power to do that and I proved it by killing a goddess. Oh well, now I’m almost twice as powerful as when that happened, because I decided not to become one. When you become, you get a power limit placed on you so if I had then there was no way I would be this strong now. Anyway, I should probably be getting out of this bath now.

I finish up with my bath and take a look in the large mirror on the wall. I haven’t seen myself in a mirror in quite a while now that I think about it. At the moment I have a very shapely, curvy figure, large breasts, wide hips, and a little skinny in the stomach area. My gradient hair flows down my back clinging to my still wet skin; it complements my blue eyes very well. I notice that my body looks very delicate and a little frail. Not that that’s at all true, but I like the way it looks. Smiling to myself I begin to dry off.

I walk out the door of the bath a few minutes later dressed in something similar to what Komachi was wearing. She had put the clothes just inside the door for me. They’re quite comfortable despite being a bit on the heavy side. I walk down the hallway carrying my clothing with me. As I walk out into the dining room I find Komachi lying down with her hands behind her head whilst staring at the ceiling. She seems to be in some kind of daze.

“Hey Komachi, I’m done in the bath.” She snaps out of it when she hears her name, sitting up and turning to me as she responds.

“You took quite a while in there. Not that I’m complaining much. Did ya decide on what you wanted to do? Oh, and you can just leave your clothes on the table here.” I set down my clothes on the corner of the table and take the same seat as before again.

“I decided that it might be a good idea to learn how to fight around here.”

“Alright. That’s fine by me. Let’s step outside so that I can teach you how to fire Danmaku.” After a brief demonstration and a couple of instructions I find out that this whole thing is very easy. Komachi said that it was supposed to be mentally straining, but I feel the same as before. Komachi and I spend the next few hours teaching me how to shoot lasers, and how to change the type of shot that I’m firing to anything that I want. We go back in and sit down at the table again, and Komachi goes to get some tea for us. She comes back out a few minutes later with the tea, and hands me my cup before sitting down.

“You are probably the fastest person ever to learn how to play Danmaku from scratch. I’m actually kind of afraid of what your spellcards are going to be like. The fact that you’re not even remotely tired even after a couple of hours of almost straight shooting means that you’ll be able to pull off some very powerful and very lengthy cards.” I just smile in response. It may sound a little sadistic, but I like it when I can overpower people. That brings up another question though.

“Can I start making some spellcards right now by any chance? This whole thing sounds really fun.” Komachi nods in response.

“If you’ll wait here for a moment, I can go get some blank cards for you.”

“I don’t mind waiting.”

“Okay then! I’ll be right back.” You watch her leave the room and then listen to her footsteps as the fade out, and then back in. She rounds the corner holding a small pouch which she tosses over to you. You catch it and open it to reveal a deck of around thirty completely white cards. Komachi gives you instructions that pretty much consist of think about what you want then focus on the card.

“You should make around two or three simple cards first and then branch out the difficulty from there. Unless you decide to not make any beforehand and just make on the fly during you’re first few battles. The ones that you make like that are sometimes more powerful, but they are sporadic, unpredictable, and more than likely you’ll never be able to recreate them exactly the same each time. I might let you test them out on me if you want me to too.” Good advice and a generous offer. What should I do for my first spellcards though, and what about Komachi’s offer?

About the spellcards…

[] Make your own beforehand. (Make at least two spellcards. If you have a description for the card in mind then please provide it with the name of the card. If you don’t have a description then just give the name, and I’ll figure it out from there.)

[] Think them up on the fly. (This is essentially letting me make them)

About Komachi’s offer…

[] Accept

[] Decline

[] Write-in some witty response or something?

The Last Remnant is a very addicting and very awesome game.
>> No. 28927
[Q] Accept
but by then, you'll be torn to pieces wrong show.

[Q] Make your own beforehand.

Here's some of the lower-ish level cards:

Flood sign [Aquatic city]

Big shots flow in from each side and leave a trail of small, stationary shots behind them. The stationary bullets disappear after a while, but not until the screen is very full.

Terror sign [Leaking ship]

Small familiars appear and occasionally fire shots, while Theresa herself fires long trails at the opponent. The number of familiars will increase steadily if the opponent doesn’t destroy them.

I've got maybe a half dozen others, but most of them need work.
>> No. 28928
[x] Think them up on the fly. (This is essentially letting me make them)
[x] Accept
>> No. 28930
If you don't mind, which I'm sure that you won't, I think I'm going to use those ideas, but make them just a little bit more powerful.

Flood sign [Aquatic city]

Big shots flow in from each side and leave a trail of small, stationary shots behind them. The stationary bullets disappear after a while, but not until the screen is very full. Some of the big shots flow out of the battle while others move into the battle and then remain stationary at random points to further block movement. These stationary shots don't disappear until the end of the card.

Terror sign [Leaking ship]

Small familiars appear and occasionally fire shots, while Theresa herself fires long trails at the opponent. The number of familiars will increase steadily if the opponent doesn’t destroy them, and the frequency at which they fire steadily increases with the number. About halfway through the card Theresa will also begin to occasionally fire a slow moving wave of medium sized shots along with increasing the speed at which the original trails move.

Are these changes good? I'm thinking that this should be about as weak as here cards are going to be.
>> No. 28931
Correcting my own error.

>I'm thinking that this should be about as weak as here cards are going to be.
>> No. 28933
Such a strange personality! Not that I mind... dohohoho

[ø] Make your own beforehand.
-[ø] Flood sign [Aquatic city]
-[ø] Terror sign [Leaking ship]

-[ø] Drought sign [In Search of Water]
A mix of Yukari's "Boundary [Mesh of Light and Darkness] and Sanae's "Sea Opening [Mose's Miracle]".
>> No. 28934

>Drought sign [In Search of Water]

I-I can't even begin to imagine what that would be like. I'm adding that to the list of overly excessive spell cards that you'll end up making and/or getting. Good, if slightly insane, idea.
>> No. 28935
[x] Wet Season[Steady Downpour]

Not exactly a powerful card, but one that gets trickier as time goes by; fitting of her nature I'd say.
>> No. 28936

Not a problem at all. I thought they might be a tad easy, but I'm not too good at making them stronger on my own.
>> No. 28937
Thanks for the confirmation. I thought that they were very good base ideas, and if you come up with any more I would love to here them. Also, the vote will be left open until I get back from work in 8-9 hours.
>> No. 28938
So, a mix of "Ara ara~" and "I'll enjoy breaking all your bones~" then. A meeting with Yuuka is going to be... interesting.
>> No. 28939
Some of these spell cards sound too vicious to me.
>> No. 28940
Vote called.

If you're talking about the starting ones then I can't say I agree, but if you're talking about ones like that Drought Sign card then I definitely agree. However when you do start getting excessive cards, you'll need them.

Theresa's personality is modeled after my older sister's.
>> No. 28942

I think you meant >>28938 for the second.
However, we have no idea who your sister is like, so for all we know, she could be a human version of Yuka.
>> No. 28944
>Theresa's personality is modeled after my older sister's.
if this were pokemon, meeting with Yuuka would not end safely for Theresa.
>> No. 28948
I don't mean the patterns, but the names; they make her sound like some being that likes drowning people for fun as opposed to a gentle protector.
>> No. 28952
Thinking over it, I think you have a good point, and that some of us carried away with the naming. After all, words such as "motherly" and "calm" are used to describe her personality in the character profile, and she has been the guardian of a village in the outside world.

>Terror sign [Leaking ship]
since this summons familiars, we could change the name to something like "Shikigami [Spirits of Rain]"
>> No. 28954
Yes I did, thank you. My sister absolutely the nicest person I’ve ever met, and she always helps people out when they need it. I think I’ve only ever seen her actually lose her calm once, but I’m not going into details as it is quite personal. However she develops sadistic tendencies when she gets angry or turned-on, which gets very creepy because she keeps her outwardly nice expressions. I think that she just turned yandere for her latest boyfriend too. This'd be the seventh one since the beginning of this year. I feel bad for those brave men; their lives will never be the same. I will not make Theresa yandere unless you want her to be though.

That... is quite true so far, and something should be done about that. I think >>28957 has the right idea, but I wouldn’t use Shikigami Sign as the familiars in this case would be a type of Danmaku extension of Theresa’s will. I’m not exactly sure what else would fit there though.
>> No. 28955
>I feel bad for those brave men; their lives will never be the same.
oh gods... haha
>I will not make Theresa yandere unless you want her to be though.
I'm not sure how that would turn out, but I don't think there has been a CYOA on THP/TH-P featuring a yandere MC, so it could be interesting.

As for the name of the spell card, how about "Water Sprits [Spring Drizzle]

BTW, you can just click on the post number, instead of typing out >>postnumber.
>> No. 28956
Wow, I can't believe that I just did that twice in a row. This just shows that I am very tired and should be going to sleep now. I usually do click the number. That spellcard name sounds good, but I'm going to wait till after I'm done sleeping to comment on anything else.

>I don't think there has been a CYOA on THP/TH-P featuring a yandere MC
Despite my tiredness, I know this to be true. I would remember something like that.
>> No. 28959
Personally I'd rather avoid that without reason, yandere for its own sake is a cheap move.

And Yuuka is your sister?
>> No. 28966

Familiars, in this case, are those little glowing balls that shoot their own bullets. Most of the time, anyway. Most characters use a few in their spellcards, at least. They were everywhere in IN.
>> No. 28969
oh I was thinking more along the lines of how Alice's dolls and Orin's zombie fairies fire bullets in PCB and SA.
>> No. 28978
> She develops sadistic tendencies when she gets angry...

Yup, sounds li-

> ...or turned-on.

>> No. 29008
She's like a combination of Yuuka, Yukari, Ran, and China.

This is just for clarification, but what I mean by sadistic tendencies is not the "I'm going to hurt you 'cause it feels good" kind of sadistic. It's more of a "I derive pleasure from watching you squirm, even though you're not really in pain" kind of sadistic... if that makes any sense what-so-ever.

Anyway, have an update!


I can already think of a couple ideas for spellcards, but I should answer Komachi first.

“If you wouldn’t mind letting me then I’d be glad if you let me try what I make on you. Give me a few minutes to make the cards first though.” Komachi lets her face slide into a confident smirk.

“Alright, and I’ll make sure to go easy on you because it’s your first time. Hell, I won’t even use a spell card, and if you manage to hit me then I owe you one of whatever you want.” She sounds a little bit overconfident doesn’t she? I find myself inwardly laughing at the thought of someone going easy on me and winning. It will certainly be nice having her owe me though. Hah, now I’m overconfident too. Silly me~.

“Okay then, and the same from me if I lose to you.” After accepting the bet I turn my attention back to the cards in front of me. I lay one down on the table and begin coming up with a pattern in my head. I remember how I had once watched a city flood from a hill in the distance. The way the water rushed in leaving everything drowning in its wake before flowing back out of the city. Sometimes there would even be stagnant pools of water where the land was deeper than others. Then I focus on the card with the pattern that I had created in my head. After a brief moment I look down and notice that the card has changed completely. On one side in gold script writing are the words Flood Sign, while on the other side it says the words Aquatic City in the same script and has a detailed picture of the pattern. I set the card down with the side with no picture facing up, as to not let Komachi see it. It doesn’t seem to have mattered either way though, because as you look up you notice that she’s laid down with her hands supporting her head behind her. From her position she couldn’t even see the top of the table.

I forget about her after a few seconds though, and begin to focus on making my next card. Once again I delve into my vast memory to assist me in the making. I find my inspiration when I think a few water spirits that I used to know. How they had helped me have some fun when I little over a decade old. I look down to see the same gold script; this time saying the words Water Spirits. On the other side it says Spring Drizzle, and has another detailed picture of the pattern. This is much easier than I thought, but I think that two will be enough for now. No reason to rush things right off the bat. Time to get that duel underway.

“Komachi, would yo-”

“No Siki, I wasn’t slacking off again! I promise that I…” She bolts up into a sitting position before I can even finish. I stifle a laugh as her face starts to flush red when she realizes I’m not Siki. Awwww, her embarrassed face is sooo cute~! I find I can’t completely stifle the laugh from before.

“U-Uhm. Anyway, Theresa, a-are you ready yet?” And she’s stuttering too~.

“Yep, I’m ready whenever you are.” I resist the urge to reach over and poke her or ruffle her hair. That would be kind of awkward for her. Not that I wouldn’t mind doing so~. She gets up and begins walking towards the door, and I follow suit after putting the cards back inside of the bag. I keep the two made cards in one of the pockets on the skirt I’m wearing and tie the pouch onto the belt. I rush after Komachi as I finish.

The scenery outside hasn’t changed since I last saw it, and I follow Komachi up into the air. The only truly notable thing that I can see from here is what looks to be a large mansion. Other than that it’s just grass with the exception that near the river to my left the ground is covered in red flowers.

“Whenever you’re ready Theresa!” I here Komachi yell from a fair distance away. She said that she won’t be using any spellcards, so there’s no reason to hold back.


[] Hit her with everything you got right now.
[] Start with some normal Danmaku to gauge her reflexes, then go from there.
[] Wait for her to start the duel.
[] Anything else?

Spell card usage.

[] Flood sign first.
[] Water Spirits first.


Okay, buying The Last Remnant, Tales of Vesperia, and Singularity within days of each other is not a good idea if you are easily distracted.
>> No. 29009
[x] Start with some normal Danmaku to gauge her reflexes, then go from there.
[x] Water Spirits first.
>> No. 29010
[x] Start with some normal Danmaku to gauge her reflexes, then go from there.
[x] Water Spirits first.
>> No. 29012
[Q] Start with some normal Danmaku to gauge her reflexes, then go from there.

[Q] Water Spirits first.
>> No. 29013
[X] Start with some normal Danmaku to gauge her reflexes, then go from there.
[X] Water Spirits first.

Seems like a balanced approach.
>> No. 29020
[ø] Start with some normal Danmaku to gauge her reflexes, then go from there.
[ø] Water Spirits first.
>> No. 29023
Vote called, and if I don't get too distracted, update soon.
>> No. 29243
So yeah, I got really distracted for about a day and then was forced on a camping trip with my older sister for two weeks. However, now I am back and will commence writing as soon as I slather all my sunburn with aloe and make myself some real food.
>> No. 29246
>forced on a camping trip with my older sister for two weeks.
what is this I don't even-
Anyways, good to hear that you're back.
>> No. 29247

>However, now I am back and will commence writing as soon as I slather all my sunburn with aloe and make myself some real food.

>> No. 29447
Must be one hell of a meal. 7 minute soup or something?
>> No. 29452
Ever since I said that, I've pretty much devoted all of my free time to practicing to be in an indoor drumline. Not playing for three years then going to play again is not a good idea. You tend to find out that you've lost all the chops that you had before you quit, and then you spend all the time you have getting them back. Now that I know I'm getting in as 1st Tenor though, I have a more free time until practice starts. Update will be soon, 2-3 days, but I wouldn't expect it to be all that good in quality. I have to get back in the groove.
>> No. 29453
Totally pointless post, but holy shit there are a lot of new stories after just a month!
>> No. 29459
I guess due to school resuming alot of newbies are trying their chops as well as some vets trying out new things.
>> No. 29460

And they are awesome.
>> No. 29523
I'm really sorry about lying again about times, but for some reason I'm having a lot of problems writing this scene. I guess spellcard battles really are hard to write.
>> No. 29992
Holy shit I’m slow!


And so begins my first battle with Danmaku. I aid there’s no reason to hold back, but blindly charging straight in is never a good idea. I should start off with something to test her reflexes a bit. I sweep my arm out in front of me and send out a half sphere (we’re on a 3D plane here) of alternating green and blue bullets which I then follow up with another from my other arm, and then to close the attack I send out a wave of randomly placed bullets that fly at different speeds to throw off guard. I watch as she weaves easily through the two half spheres, then slows down a little to discern the third wave, but doges it easily as well.

“Not a bad start Theresa. If that’s normal for you then I really want to see what your spell cards are going to be like.” As she says this she flicks a few coins into the air which then burst out towards me in wide circles. It feels a little weird to dodge, but I manage and fire off a few targeted rows of deep blue bullets at Komachi while I’m dodging. As I come out of the attack I fire three more half spheres and five times as many randomized bullets, however this time I have to dodge while my attack flows. Komachi has begun to fire grey crescent shaped bullets towards me during my attack. They aren’t hard to dodge, but they make it hard to fire off large attacks. I decide to try something new by firing three large spheres and then following up with the random attacks again. Komachi doesn’t seem to keep track of the random bullets very well, so I set aside some of my energy to continuously fire random bullets along with whatever I consciously fire.

“Hey! You’re not too bad at this! Alright, I guess that I can up the ante a little, eh!” After this Komachi begins to fire oblong yellow bullets and changes the patterns of her coins at random intervals. I find that I’m able to keep up my offensive easily despite all of the attacks just barely grazing me. Komachi appears to be having it easy as well, although because her coin attacks require her to move her arms she is having a little worse time than me.

Seeing how we’ve equaled each other, I decide that it might be time to make a raise as well. I hold my first card up and quietly declare. Immediately the card flashes brightly and every shot on the field dissipates to make way for the cards patterns. One familiar appears on my left, and another on my right which both occasionally fire out tri-bursts of bullets while I fire out trails of arrow shaped blue bullets that extend from me to the border of the battle, with small spaces between bullets. This definitely surprised Komachi as she almost gets hit by the first of the trails.

“What the hell Theresa! I know it’s not against the rules to declare cards quietly, but you could at least give me some-FUCK!” Komachi stops talking as the whole card starts to move and attack faster, plus Komachi’s having a hard time dodging because of the fact that the trails don’t disappear. She’s shooting back, but is making the mistake of going for me and not the familiars which I now have 9 of. Plus it’s almost time for the next part of the card to kick in. And kick in it does, and Komachi is getting hard pressed to dodge anything right about now without the help of the gigantic bullets I’m now firing at her. Watching her struggle is just a little bit amusing; however this wave should be the last. She trapped herself in a tight spot where she has no chance of dodging the trail I’m about to fire. Just as it’s about to hit her though, a bright flash emanates from her body, and all the bullets on the field disappear and my spellcard comes to an end. I’m about to keep up my fire despite her bomb when I hear her yelling.

“Alright, alright, I get it! I said I wouldn’t use spellcards, but bombing counts as using a spellcard so I lose. Even though that’s only your first card that’s pretty tough! I wasn’t expecting anything of that caliber. Hell that might even trip up Reimu a little! Good job!” She seems genuinely happy even though she just lost that duel.

“I guess good enough to trip up Reimu is really good from the stories you told me earlier.”

“Reimu’s one of the best Danmaku players around, so yeah that’s pretty good. Oh, and it looks like I owe you of whatever you want now huh? I’d rather get that over with right now if you don’t mind. Having depts to pay isn’t exactly a fun thing to me.”

“Well if you really want me too.”

What do you want from Komachi?

[] write-in

Write-in only. It can be any one thing you want from Komachi. Things from food to clothing to a kiss and everything in between.
>> No. 29993
[x] "I'll make it simple for you! If you promised not to tell me much about Yukari, maybe you could bring me to someone else who can? I would really appreciate it~♥"

Our primary goal is getting our territory back, and we were told the best person to go to for this is Yukari. This should be easy for Komachi with her power over distance, and it doesn't break her promise.

We always have a back-up plan: Causing the Sanzu to flood would bring a lot of negative attention, but after getting our ass whipped comes tea and compromise.
>> No. 29996
Oh wow, you're back!

[ø] "Can I stay at your place until I manage to find a place of my own, or somehow manage to relocate my humble abode?"
>> No. 30000
I said I would complete the story, and I don't lie. Even my sister would tell you that.
>> No. 30011
[x] "Can I stay at your place until I manage to find a place of my own, or somehow manage to relocate my humble abode?"
>Having depts to pay
Debt. Please use a spellchecker, it helps avoiding things like this.
>> No. 30012
My spell checker said that was a word. Whatever, thank you for the correction.
>> No. 30026

Dept as in department.
>> No. 30028
That would make sense wouldn't it. Thank you.